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landscape architecture + design

Leida V. Declet Maldonado

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U ni ve rs i ty of P ue rto Ri c o BA, Environment al D e s i g n

P o l y t ec hn i c U n iversi ty o f P uerto Ri c o M A, Lan d scap e A rc hi t e ct u re
























01 ECO-QUĂ? A mobile home that provides all basic necessities for living while being sustainable and boasting a small size; a mere 125 square feet. An innovative proposal that incorporates the subject of sustainability. Featuring a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and living area it is autosuficient; it collects rainwater for use in the bathroom and kitchen and it has photovoltaic cells that provide all the needed energy. Its detachment from the necessity of water and power services makes it a good solution for temporary housing in case of natural disasters. The project was designed and constructed entirely by students directed by professor Fernando AbruĂąa as part of the third year design studio.

Side Sect ion

Floor Plan

The front is covered in a panel of wood louvers that opens up to create a covered outdoor area when needed.

Rainwater is captured and reutilized in the kitchen and shower.

Photovoltaic cells on the roof provide for the needed electricity.

02 POINT, LINE, PLANE This project looks to delve into the themes of hierarchy, order, sequence and composition while at the same time identifying elements of spatial definition. The prompt requires the student to design a transitional space to stay and pass by. Such space shall include a minimum of three zones, each composed of two transitions and a hierarchical space. In addition, the constructed space must incorporate four thresholds along the path.

The space is divided into different zones each one containing different elements: -Entrance treshold -Transitions -Hierarchical space -Exit treshold

Sect ions

* The design is kept at a conceptual level, with abstract forms taking the place of real world counterparts. * Each zone varies in height according to it’s importance in the composition. * The hierarchical space is meant to be the prominent leisure space in the path featuring a large landmark-like object.


Located at the waterfront in an important tourist town the project aims to renovatea public space. The site, already in use by tourists and locals alike, is surrounded by food establishments, a local marina, a small dock and other amenities. The project aims for a design solution that will enhance the existing features while highligting and taking advantage of subused oportinuties on the site. The main feature is a continuous strip that travels the entire site transforming itself into different forms according to the necesity. This strip serves as seating, platforms, structures among others.


Floor Plan

Sect ions

04 S T R E A M R E S T O R AT I O N A stream restoration project as part of the Environmental Resources course. The principal objective is the restoration of a previously impacted section of the Margarita stream located in the Guaynabo municipality in order to improve its quality and its surroundings. The site which was once an open space is now surrounded by residential and commercial developments, these conditions compounded with the canalization of a part of the stream have created flood problems along the stream basin. The creation of a bio-filtration swale serves to restore the natural conditions of the site that were lost in addition to providing a landscape area for recreation and public use.

Floor Plan

Cross Sect ion

The species were selected taking into consideration their tolerance and ability to gorw on wet conditions and their capacity to filter pollutants

The canalized portion of the stream is in an actual deteriorated state

Juncus effusus

Crocosmia crocosmiiflora

Cyperus papyrus

Eleocharis olivacea

Sporobolus indicus

Lobelia erinus

Swale Sect ion

05 BETWEEN RIVERS The project encompasses a large region composed of two municipalities geographically located between two rivers, hence the name. The scope of the project asks for a master plan for the region and a focused site plan on a smaller specific location within it. The master plan includes a public transport system coupled with a boardwalk and bicycle trail to provide the needed connectivity between features within the area. The users can experience an existing wetland ecosystem through a series of boardwalks and platforms. The focus of the project became the closed landfill located below the wetland. A system of artificial wetlands was created for the filtration of pollutants and the landfill was phytocapped with native vegetation. Along with a series of pathways and different outdoor uses the landfill is converted into an artificial ‘natural’ landmark.

Master Plan

Landfill Renovation Site Plan


The plant selection for the artificial wetlands and the landfill consists of native species most of them already in existence in the area

06 VEGETATED WALL An exploration into the different green tecnologies available today. This green wall utilizes a vertical growing system contained in a modular system. It consists of a steell vertical structure with horizontal channels in between serving as planters. Utilizing a minimum amount of organic material a variety of plants, both ornamental and utilitarian, can be cultivated. The system can be mounted to an existing wall or exist as a free-standing structure which can be then used as a decorative element.

The modular nature of the object allows for different configurations in avariety of settings.

Elevat ion

Side Section

07 MIRAFLORES Located on a privileged part of the city and boasting an amazing view the Miraflores powder house is nevertheless hidden away and practically forgotten. This project aims to rescue this historic building and its surroundings reclaiming it’s place in the collective memory. By highlighting the rich history of the place, it has had vastly different uses in it’s past, and giving it a new program that complements the current necessities of the area a new life is breathed into the site and places it back into the fabric of the city.


The user is surrounded by an oasis of water and vegetation at all times

[Blow Up]


walkway around the parking lot exposes the users to the raingarden system that collects the runoff from the lot

[Site Plan]




Architecture is only half the fun. Beyond design studio works and projects lies a whole other world of inspiration and surprises. These additional works consist of ideas and ispirations completed in between projects or in spare time as explorations into other forms of art and design.

Luminic Strips

First Year Design Studio project: Luminic Object constructed using only one material.

Christmas Card

Created as part of an in-house Christmas Card competition for the Puerto Rico Polytechnic University Landscape Architecture School


Capturing landscapes, buildings, friends or simply snapingaway after four legged pets, mostly my own enthusiastic pet beagle, taking photos has always been a passion. Freezingmoments in time and capturing memories is as rewarding as it gets.

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landscape architecture + design

Complete Portfolio - Leida Declet  

landscape architecture + design

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