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I am, - Shophisticated - Innovative - Creative & - Stylish Need I say more?

Profile: Lucia van Dijk Einsteinstraat 69 5283 JD Boxtel The Netherlands Details: Date of birth: 26 May 1992 Tel: 0411684883 Mobile: 0657561450 Email:



Software knowledge: Microsoft Office 2007 Adobe CS5 premium Photoshop Adobe CS5 premium Illustrator Adobe CS5 premium Indesign Wordpress Facebook

2011- recent Fontys ACI Communication- International Event, Music & Entertainment 2008-2011 Koning Willem 1 College 2004-2008 Baanderherencollege

Co- creation Creativity Organization

Work experience:

Languages: Dutch English German



Secondary vocational education Internships: Sept.2009- Secretary febr. 2010 Febr. 2011- Secretary July 2011

University of applied sciences Secondary vocational education Lower vocational education

Jumbo schellenkens, Boxtel Brabant Water, Den Bosch Libema,

Den Bosch

Dear Fontys International, Who am I you ask? My name is Lucia van Dijk, second year student CO-IEMES. From the moment that I am familiar with this abbreviation am I very excited about this program. An International Event, Music and Entertainment study is the education that suits me. There is a lot to learn and I can express my creativity in many ways. “I” that stands for internationally is also important for me. I am an eager and inquisitive person and want to delve me into the international part of the education. Particularly because it could have a lot of advantages in the future. Therefore I am very excited that there is an ability to follow a minor abroad. For the moment it became clear what a minor meant, I started thinking what would be interesting and amusing to me. After many hours of research I found the school where I will follow my minor. Namely the KEA Copenhagen. The minor Multimedia design and communications has my interest and I think that I can learn a lot there. Furthermore I was very curious and was looking for more information, so I have approaches a student namely: Britte van de Heuvel (Third-year student IEMES). Britte is following this course at the KEA. Through facebook I approached her to ask how she is thinking about the course and how the program fits together. As well she told me that the emphasis is being on one specific subject just like creating websites. Also she told me about the city Copenhagen and sends me a bunch of photographs for more impression whereby I became more enthusiastic. The school and the city look nice, cozy and great and the minor seems pretty awesome! But why exactly? Like I was telling in the beginning, I’d like to be creative. And in this minor I can express my creativity. Also there are lectures ‘Media Design’ and ‘Visuals and Concepting’, that I’m attending at IEMES, my favorites. I control the basic of the graphic programs that I need for this education. But I’d like to learn more about these programs wherefore I can separate myself and make better graphic designs. The experience that I can use very wisely in the future. Another important part for me is that I can improve my english language skills in this foreign minor. I understand the language but I would like to improve my grammar. I did not pass my first degree of college. The result of that exam was a 5.3, that’s 0.2 to low. My main goal is to improve this. To achieve this goal I’ve this moment some tutoring for the next exam. Also I’ve started reading english books to develop my vocabulary, so I am really positive that I will achieve this goal. The last 2 years of my education all my books will be written in english and the lecture’s are in english too, that’s why it’s important for me that I get accepted for this foreign minor. After six months I feel more confident with the languages and that is also an import reason to get accepted for this foreign minor.

Why am I the suitable student for this minor?: I am an outgoing, energetic student with a successful record of embracing new challenges in creative concepts and design. Working hard for my career and have excellent listening skills and a positive mindset. Perseverance is one strength, specify doesn’t exist. Furthermore you see a creative person that worked always with structure and perfectionism. Expressing creativity by inviting new concepts make better results by using design, structure and perfectionism. I am a hard working student, but as I mentioned earlier, I have not been reached my foundation course yet. For the end of this year I have to retake one exam. My study results are good from the beginning of year 1 and it’s still the same. My study advice is always been a B advice. This means that you failed for one or two exams but that you have one chance to retake. Financial affairs: I have an additional job as cashier at the supermarket Jumbo. From my salary I save, since September 2012, monthly € 150. So I have already save a considerable amount. If I may not have enough money to finance my minor I can always borrow money from my parents. My parents accept my choice to follow a minor at the KEA Copenhagen. They think that this opportunity is good for me, and that I can learn a lot there in the field of different subjects. We both think that I am going to gain considerable experience and I will be a lot more independent. If you have any questions about me or my study results you can contact my study coach Wendalin v/d Giessen. Her email address is I hope its all clear for you, if you have any questions please send me an email. My email adress is: You also can visit my portfolio to learn more about the things that I’ve created during my CO-IEMES study at Fontys: Yours faithfully, Lucia van Dijk Student CO- IEMES

‘‘Enjoy, there is much more to explore’’


KEA copenhagen