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Interview with Sam 07 Questions from Mexican Lukies to Sam Carter in Super Kpop

Fan Mail 05

Birthday wishes from Mexican Lukies


Super Kpop Addiction Disorder Best experiences from the fans at Super Kpop

BDC 22

Beautiful Dark Circles Pics and evidence from fans listening to Super Kpop

FanArts 26 With love to Sam

The journey of a man whose love & passion for music has taught us that you can achieve your dreams & goals by working hard. With whom we would like to walk together this journey full of success and joy by supporting him in every step of the way. He just needs to remember we'll always be there for him.

Samuel Im Gyu Carter was born in England on October 14th, 1987. His middle name was given by his grandfather, which means forest. As a youngster he learned to play the guitar & the violin. He majored in Business Finances and after some time he took one of the biggest decisions of his life... to move alone to Korea to become a singer, even if that implied to leave his family, friends & the country that he lived for so long, he didn't speak korean fluently so that would be a disadvantage for anyone, but not for him because he would reach his goal no matter what. In 2011 Sam auditioned for MBC's audition program "스타 오디션: 위대한 탄생 2" better known in english as "Star Audition: The Great Birth 2". In his audition, The song that he sang was Adele's "Someone like you".

Sam did not only gain popularity with the viewers but he also did with the female contestants, he was part of the show's flower boys "F4" along with Eric Nam. He made it to the TOP 10. The songs he sang were Kim Dong Ryul's 아이처럼 (Like A Child), Rain's I do, Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett's Way Back Into Love, Lee Eun Mi's 애인 있어요 (I Have A Lover), Kim Gun Mo's 미련 (Lingering Affection) and Kim Jong Kook's 한 남자 (One Man). 04

LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

In this show he met his good friends Eric Nam and Punita Bajaj. Later on, he sang as a duet with fellow contestant Megan Lee. The song was "Love Sick" and Sam composed and wrote the lyrics for it. Sam chose Yoon Il Sang as his mentor. After the show he invited Sam to Nega Network and introduced him to producer Jeong SeongHeon, and his actual fellow members Teo and Yun. As a workaholic he's always at the studio working with Teo and Yun to make great music for their fans, that's the reason why every two weeks there's a new cover song in english and even two new songs, the summer single 여우야 and Stardust which he composed. He started to learn spanish to communicate


with his fans but due to so much work he stopped, but now he is learning mandarin too for his overseas promotions and working hard on the new album. This year on april 8th Sam started to work as a DJ at Arirang Radio a program called Super Kpop which is a daily show that has a lot of demand from the fans, not only in Korea but overseas too. Everyday in the program there is a special corner that makes it even more interesting for the listeners along with his sexy british accent. In the program you can interact with him through

the message board on web page or the app. The daily sections at Super KPop are Super KPop Quiz, Sam’s Choice (Sam shares with us his favorite music or the ones he’s been listening lately), I’m A Journalist (the listeners send in any kind of news about their Country or personal life), KPop Connection, Lunafly Shoot, KStar & Live, KPop Rising, Beat & Bounce (with Jinbo) and Talk Talk Talk (with Punita), KPop Legend and Sunday Crossover. Sections that have been removed from the show are: KRock Roots with Jake Chang and Together As One (were Sam learned languages). The program has become so popular that is now transmited from Monday to Friday live in Australia and Hong Kong. Like all talented musicians, he is looking for for new challenges and his new goals are to compose and produce for other artists.

This is the second year Sam is able to celebrate his birthday with lukies and this year malaysian lukies will be able to congratulate him personally at his concert. It is also the first year that we celebrate it with him as iLukie4tumx, we expect it can be the first of many more celebrating this amazing boy as much as all the goals he reaches all along his career & personally, because we shared his joy and happiness too. 06

LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Well, here it is an interview made by Mexican Lukies to Sam... As you can see it's been a long interview because it took some months to make it and several messages too. Maybe it is not as long as we would've wanted to because everyday there are thousands of messages and these have been the ones we've been lucky to be read & answered. Let's start... Hi Sam , How are you? I’m doing fine with lots & lots of work.

course I enjoyed music that was brilliant, sports, biology, a lot of classes... english literature I thought was great so I did enjoy a lot of classes.

Let us know more about - That’s fantastic, I love history too. you. What did you major in college? What kind of car did you own back in the I majored in Business Finances. UK and what's your dream car? I owned a KIA but gave it to my mother What was your favorite when I came to Korea. I have lots of dream class? cars since I'm a big car fan, I'd love to drive I love history, I think is an old mustang and I'm a huge fan of the important to learn from the old mini-coopers. past in order to have a better future so I definitely enjoy - Wow... that was so nice of you... I think a history class at school, of lot of people would love to drive a mustang. 08 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Are you the jealous type of boyfriend? I can be at times but I try not to be. Do you have a favorite poem or poet? I like Thomas Hardy and William Blake. If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Definitely pizza, because there are different flavors *almost had a foodgasm*. One half hawaiian, one half pepperoni and garlic sauce. - That’s a great idea, now I’m hungry. Who’s your favorite villan? Joker from Batman.

All time favorite movie? Can't choose just one but I love Quentin Tarantino's movies. Favorite Lord of the Rings character? It has to be Aragorn! I mean, the long hair, the beard... when he fights it is just very very cool. What superpowers would you like to have? The ability to fly would be great. What's a sound that you really hate and I sound you really love? I can't stand the sound of fingernails on chalkboards and I love the sound of pouring rain. A smell you really like? I love the smell of freshly-cut grass. Recently SKAD was discovered tell us what do you think of SKAD? I don’t know what to do about SKAD but I think it’s a disorder which we can do nothing about.

09 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Some time ago you started to tweet in spanish but all of a sudden you stopped so I’m wondering how is your spanish going? I hope it is improving... My spanish... you know I need to work a bit harder on my spanish, I think I’m not at a stage where I can say too much in spanish. - Well at least you can say the basics. 3 things that come to your mind when I mention Mexico: Fantastic food. Beautiful women I guess would be another one... The film “Once upon a time in Mexico” one of my favorite films.

Well to finish this amazing interview let’s do a speedy quiz, ready? Day or night? Night Sweet or salty? Sweet Beach or City? City Cold or Hot? Cold SKAD or BDC? SKAD Thank you very much for your time we’ve had a pleasant time & hope you did as well. We expect you & the boys to come soon to Mexico so you can check by yourselves the fantastic food, beautiful women, landscapes, love & warmth you can get in our amazing country.

10 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Happy Birthday to the most handsome guy in the world, our prince Sam


Happy Birthday to the best brother in law that I have had. I wish you an awesome day and so much years more full of happiness Monik Today is a beautiful day because 26 years ago a big star was born, a boy down to earth that came to light up this world, fill with warmth our hearts & happiness our lives. Thanks for being yourself, for sharing your talent with us and for always make me feel happy by just hearing your voice. I wish you the best in this world, lots of happiness and love although I know you deserve more than that. I am honored to know you and I'll always support you until I look like a raisin. I love you so much!!! Luz ^.^


Happy Birthday

To An Incredible Man 12 LUKIEě›”ë“œ Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Happy Birthday Dear Sam ^^ ZakariRin

My dear Sam… I'd like to say so many things but first.. I'd like to thank your parents for bringing you to this world & educate you to be the man you've became.

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! I wish you the best a person can get in his life, because you deserve it. You're an admirable young man which I appreciate lots, you have no idea. I know you're gonna get all the amazing things you've imagined because you work so hard you'll get that and more.

I hope you have an amazing birthday even when you’re gonna be working, I’m sure it’s gonna be fun, because it’s what you love. Hope you have a nice party back in Korea with your friends & loved ones. Keep smiling & working on the things you love the most & remember I’ll always cheer you up from far away & support you all the way for as long as I live. Lots of love from this mexican lukie with a severe SKAD ^^ Marendi 13 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Handsome And Sexy DJ

I hope you enjoy this special day with the people that you love.

Happy Birthday

Thanks for being an unique person.

Dear Sam~ 생일 축하해요! May all your dreams and wishes come true and live each day full of blessings, health and happiness. I hope you have a blessed and amazing day in company of the boys and your friends, and even though your family is not there in presence, you sure will feel their love too. I can't do much for you but I hope you feel my sincerity, love and gratitude with this little message.

Hi Sam! I wish you an outstanding and fabulous birthday.

At least you’re not as old as you will be next year! Hahaha Happy Birthday! All the best! Ommy

I'm thankful to God for giving us the opportunity of having in our lives such an amazing, lovely, handsome and extremely talented guy. You probably aren’t fully aware of how big is the impact you have made on all of us, just by listening to your voice cheers us on. I told you already that I’ll be your LUKIE and support you for 1000 years so, keep on shining and flying high, Sam!

Wish you all the best today and always~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A big hug is on its way to you~ ^^ Lots of love always, Zyanya

Happy Birthday To A Multi Talented Man

14 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Happy Birthday

To A Man Full Of Wisdom Hi Sam ^.^ I hope you have an amazing time on your birthday and also every day. I like you very very very very very much... no, it’s not only that I like you, I loooooooove you, ok? Hehehe but my love is a little one just like me. Wish you keep celebrating more & more birthdays. Happy Birthday! Love, Citlaly

Happy Birthday to our dearest Sam Carter I hope you spend an awesome time celebrating. I also wish you are always healthy and able to accomplish your wishes, lukies around the globe send you their appreciation and love, specially Lukies from Mexico (but don't tell anyone!). Eat a lot of cake and always be happy ; ) Carolina Nava

15 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Super Kpop Addiction Disorder It starts just by simply listening for the first time to Sam Carter's voice at Arirang Radio, once you've done that, you just can't avoid to tune in to Super K-Pop everyday, no matter the place you live in, just so you can listen to Super K-Pop and his sexy DJ.

Mouse or Moose? Aki

Hi Sam! I’m Aki, your biggest fan boy and I want to tell you about my Super K-Pop Addiction Disorder. You have answered me a lot of messages and I really appreciate that! The first time that you replied to me, I just couldn’t believe it, but my favorite part was when I accidentally send a message to Punita and wrote “mouse” instead of “moose” XD, the good part was that you could understand it and you said what I was thinking, sorry, but I was so sleepy, you know every time that we Mexicans send you a message we sent it to you at 2:00AM!! So next time if we make a mistake please understand us! I have my Beautiful Dark Circles because of you, but I carry them proudly! Please always think about Mexico because we love you, and we want the best for you and Lunafly. 17 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Every day in Super K-Pop is special, full of new experiences and new memories that we create with you Sam, especially Mondays and Fridays. I have a few memories I cherish the most from Super K-Pop. Here’s a little of my SKAD. 1. The first time you read me was on LUNAFLY Shoot, well, you only said my nameㅋㅋㅋ but the excitement of listening to you say my name was enough (and you said it right! Most of the times people don’t pronounce it right the first time). 2. When I decided to make an introduction thread on the Message Board so all the Lukies could meet and interact with each other, thanks to that I got to know Lukies all over the world and I grew closer to a few of them, specially Syareen from Malaysia and Gabriela from Peru, and lately, I got to know fellow Mexican Lukies, Luz and Marendi. ^^ 3. When me, Syareen and Ann Sofee (also from Malaysia) decided to give something meaningful to Super K-Pop, do you know what it is, Sam? Of course! It was little Suko! The three of us 'found' him and sent it to you for you to take care of him~ (not to lock him in a dark place! ㅋㅋㅋ) this was the first project ever I organized and it was amazing! ^^

As One” words (in 100 different languages), messages and meaningful pictures of the show. Did you see it? I hope you did! ^^ 5. And don’t forget when YOU, TEO AND YUN SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! And the day I won a signed polaroid from you guys! Gosh, all this made me the happiest girl in the whole wide world! SERIOUSLY. ^^ There are a lot more I didn’t mention but thank you so much for all the amazing memories, Sam! Let's keep creating more, okay? ^^

Our Suko

4. When we celebrated 100 days of Super K-Pop, Syareen and me did a little project for you… a booklet! With a lot of “Together

Zyanya 18

LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

I have so many good experiences with Super K-Pop, when you read my message with Punita, my first message you read, when I sent you my "I'm a Journalist" report about BDC & you said you liked it.

Blushing Luz

But come to think about it, I believe my best experience is when you blush reading my messages, because you do & you've said it on air. Thank you for making my brain work at 2 am everyday ^.^

Confession Citlaly

Well I need to confess that I don't tune in Superkpop, but it's not because I don't want to, it's because I'm a students & here it's 2am so I need to go to wake up early morning to go to school at 7am, but I have sent messages with my sister, my best experience was the time you congratulate me on my birthday, since that day I adopted you as my big brother. I'm waiting for you in Mexico, I'm sorry because I can't send you a gift but I can send you all my love. On vacations I'll tune Superkpop with my unnie and then I'll have more experiences to share. From your lost little mexican sister.

19 LUKIEě›”ë“œ Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Wow, there are so many great experiences with Super K-Pop, I can’t just choose one... Every time you read my messages or any message from Mexican Lukies. But the most significant I’d say are the ones that made me feel so close to you, like my friend, because that is the way you make us feel when you answer or read our messages at SK, these are a few of many examples: *When you read my report about SKAD and said it was one of the best you’ve got.

Mexico Marendi

*When you shout “Viva Mexico” on my Independence Day report, I felt so grateful & liked the fact you like history, like me. *When you thanked Luz for throwing a birthday party for me... wow, I was speechless the way you said it, it felt like my big brother was thanking her... *When you say some words in spanish or shoutout what we ask you to, even if you have no idea what it means (of course we never sent bad or nasty messages). *Every single Monday & Friday it’s amazing!!!! So much fun with Punita & the boys. *When you congratulate me on my birthday, and the next Monday, because my friend asked you to tell Yun to sing to me, even if it was late ^^ & I won an Annyong Bada’s CD, it felt like a birthday present xD *When I asked you to sing live at the studio my favorite song “Kisses” and you said you’ll do it next week just for me, haven’t happened but still made me happy and obviously every time you mention my beautiful country & you say you wanna come. It gives me so much hope I’ll meet you personally one day. Thanks to all of the above I've developed a severe SKAD… even if I have to wake up at 2 am every morning just to hear you live ^^ 20

LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Hi Sam! This is my personal experience as a Super Kpop listener. I remember the first day I decided to listen to your program, this was because of a friend, she told me that you have a super cool intonation in english and a beautiful voice, and you know what? It is true.

Beautiful Voice

The most memorable thing was that I didn't expected to have a reply for my message on the board, and when you were reading it live I thought i was going to die of happiness hahaha


Thank you so much Sam, you are an incredible person and you are so kind, that makes you more good looking, more than you are now. Love from Mexico

In the Show Carolina

I think I don't have a "best" experience listening to Super K-Pop, because every time I listen it's wonderful! I do gave to get up at 3AM to listen but, as soon as Sam starts talking, tiredness goes away. I think you’re a very engaging DJ and I'm very grateful for all the times you have read my messages, it makes me feel included in the making of a great show hehe. I hope Super K-Pop and Sam (and the other Lunafly boys) can walk the same path for a long long time! I love Super K-Pop!

21 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Beautiful Dark Circles BDCs are one of the many secondary effects of SKAD. It mostly happens to Lukies in America, because of the different time zones. Usually, when a person suffers from SKAD, they wake up in the middle of the night just to listen to sexy DJ Sam’s voice and when the show finishes, they go back to sleep and a few hours later they start tired but happily their working day.


Mexico City

A few months ago I sent a message on Talk Talk Talk about my problem with dark circles, because I have been sleep deprived for listening to the show (not that I complain), you just laughed and thanked me Sam ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ. I also keep the recordings of all the shows~! ^^


Sonora, Mexico

23 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies


Mexico City

Everynigth I wake up my babies just to listen to you and your sexy voice! They love it!


Mexico City

24 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

Marendi Mexico City

25 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies


Mexico City


Mexico City

27 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies


Sonora, Mexico

28 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies


Mexico City

29 LUKIE월드 Special Edition by Mexican Lukies


Special Edition by Mexican Lukies

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