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Table of contents Productivity and development Methods Technology Organizations Test: Are you organized? Teaching Zone o Teach Future Tenses to Teenagers.  Spanish Zone o Planificación o Planes  Anual  Bimestral      

PRODUCTIVITY AND DEVELOPMENT On these days many people in the town are changing their way of producing something that are creating more money for the community in some other that are creating more earnings for the town. And if we start analyzing the Jalpatagua, Jalapa. This litter town is increasing very fast, they are creating a lot of things and at the same time they are exporting all of this stuff, and creating more travels in Guatemala, this is good point for the economy that nowadays Guatemala is having. The travelers are sharing all the things that Guatemala has and creating a new method to produce different food or well crafts that are modifying some things of the others cultures. The societies are creating a little space for Guatemala, and with all of this the population of the country is becoming in a better condition. “Guatemala can improve…”

Our society has lot of good things, but also we need to improve so many things. Quality of life in La Democracia, Escuintla is still with lower percent. We have to remember that quality of life is not equal to standard of living. We as teachers have to motivate our children to improve and take care of the environment. Make many activities where children can make good use of their time. Children have to be sure about their thoughts. They have to develop their own opinion, because no one can decide or even think the same thing at you. There are your ideas and you must tell it. Teachers are the most responsible to develop this kind of things. Palencia has people who always have negative opinion about the environmental, so we have to change because otherwise the town is not going to forward. I can said that Palencia doesn´t have educated citizenry. Why? Because they cannot be free. They work a lot and don´t pay attention to the people that are around us. Is important remaining our students that family is the most important in our society and doesn´t matter if they have to work together but share time with their family.

TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR HANDS You know that the technology have been improving a lot in many different ways. It can be improving to make easier our lives, to make that you can be more accessible to the things, person an also a place, to find interesting information that may be you are not going to find in a old book. The books are an excellent resource, of course they are! But the problem is that they aren’t actualize the information that they have, and you has a teacher has to actualize you because the education is in constantly changing.

As I have already said the technology gives us the accessibility to be in a place and you can apply this tool in your classes. How? Have you ever have to teach a place or a another country, and you want to go there with your students, so in this way they can be more interested to learn the place? It will be awesome, but you couldn’t, there are many factors which prevent this, like the students' security, money, transport and others factors. Whatever, there is an activity that you can use. Nowadays the internet allows us to travel or to know places without we make a large trip; you can go online in the internet to the place that you are teaching and you can meet it from your class. For example one day in the class of Art's history a teacher was teaching the history of an old church and all her students started to say that they want to go there if they can make an excursion, but they couldn’t, so teacher went online and looked for this church and all her students were very amazed. The internet is very useful!

Do you know for what other thing the internet can help you? Well, if you are reading this magazine is because you are a teacher and a teacher has a very busy life, don’t you? And sometimes you want to be involved in activities to improve your knowledge, but the time doesn’t let you to go and learn other things. For example you want to learn a third language or another language but can’t go to a place and receive classes to learn the language so what you can do is… GO ONLINE, there you will find course, like the famous courses of "". This a course that people who can’t learn English receiving courses in a place they go online and there they take his courses from the comfort of their house. You will not only going to find course to learn other language, also you can learn online courses about how to play an instrument, if you have difficulty with the cooking you would find cooking classes, or sewing classes, classes about how you can makeup yourself, how to do origami. Wow! You are going to find a lot of things that you can learn, only go only and take advantage of the technology

I hope get ideas about how you can travel without leave the class and how you can learn more things from the comfort of your house. Talk to you in my other article

The world was once full of vegetation; it was full of nature, clean water and many animals. The world didn’t have pollution. But then everything started to change. Now a day we have lost many natural resources and we have lost many species of animals. The humans had been asking to themselves what they could do to protect the nature from pollution. And as an answer groups of people had created many organizations to protect and save all the privileges that the world had. Today we have millions of associations whose intension is conserving nature. Some of them are Amazon Watch, Ocean Planet, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Recycler’s World. In Guatemala one of the most successful Organizations is Rescue Association, which was created by the initiative of a group of friends, who decided to establish an organization which would have as its main objective the promotion of community development programs in Guatemala. With the purpose of facilitating the presentation of projects on behalf of the village committees, and expediting their participation in community development, provides the necessary training and counseling as part of its educational projection.

Rescue Association has a lot of achievements: • Construction and equipping of the dental clinic with three operatory, air and suction. • Construction y equipping of the school in the village of Puntarenas. • Obtaining the financing and coordinating the construction of the pier and walkway into the village of Puntarenas • Promoting the construction of dry latrines, coordinating the acquisition of the materials through the municipal government, coordinating the transportation of these materials to the four remote villages and following through the program until its conclusion. • Promoting and financing the construction of large water well and reservoir for the village of Puntarenas. • The installation of “piped water” to the sinks placed close by the latrines in the school of Puntarenas so the kids can wash their hands after using the facilities... • The installation of “Maya type” hand water pumps to facilitate the pumping of the water from shallow wells dug in strategic places in and around the villages. • Installation of a gasoline motor driven water pump for the school of Puntarenas.

1. Do you put your clothes in colors? a. Yes, why not? b. Never c. Sometimes 2. Do you tend to lose your keys? a. No. b. Always c. Just a few times. 3. How is your room like? a. A disaster b. Peaceful c. A little bit disorganized 4. How many times do you organize your room in a month? a. Every day. b. Never c. On weekends. 5. Do you have time to do all the things you have to do? a. Yes b. My days are c. Well, sometimes. the shortest. More A: Relax enjoy your life. But keep being organized. More B: You really need to organize your complete life. More C: That is what I call ECXELLENT! Keep being organized but remember to enjoy those crazy moments.

Just as will is used to express voluntary actions, or things you are willing to do, its negative form won’t is used to express something you are not willing to do, or even refuse to do: I'm tired of trying to talk to Sarah. I won't call her again. Ask students to give you examples of things they refuse to do. Model questions with will: T: Will you help me with this? S: Yes/Sure! T: Will you go to tonight's concert? S: Yes/No. Ask students to ask each other questions with will that are either requests for help or assistance, or about the future in general. Model all types of questions first, with what, where, when, etc‌

Activity Tell students to write a schedule with the activities that they will do on the weekends. Using WILL and

Productividad y Desarrollo

Esta material en general nos ayudará a la formación integral del ser humano que esta le permite participar activamente en todos los procesos que son necesarios tanto en lo económico como en lo social. ¿Qué es el acceso equitativo? Significa que todos tenemos derecho a participar y no hacer de menos a nadie, incluso los maestros debemos de promover el trabajo en grupo. Equidad es aquella igualdad tanto en lo social como en el género. Esta nos motiva al respeto de la diversidad tanto dentro de Guatemala como del extranjero. Nos ayudará a que mejoremos la actitud de los alumnos y sean proactivos en todos los proyectos que quieran realizar.

Componente Manejo de Información Nosotros como maestros debemos de darles las herramientas necesarias a los alumnos para que ellos puedan desarrollar la búsqueda de la información partiendo de la investigación y de la observación. Pero, ¿Por qué es importante que sepan darle un buen uso a la información? Es importante ya que esta los ayudará en el transcurro del año, no solo en cierto momento de la vida, los estudiantes serán capaces de tener juicio crítico sobre lo que leen y escuchan. Estos nuevos conocimientos los ayudarán a crear nuevas actitudes y nuevas opiniones de lo que se sabía previamente. Esta también ayudará a los estudiantes a desarrollarse más fácilmente con los demás.

Componente de Calidad Todo va con el fin de desarrollar la actitud integral del estudiante, incluyendo condiciones físicas, intelectuales y emocionales. Estos tres elementos son importantes para el estudiante para que tenga un desarrollo normal dentro de la clase y estos buscan la excelencia en ellos mismos. Este propicia a seguir normas y reglas para relacionarse con características de la vida cotidiana. Se centra en el desarrollo de la conciencia que promueve el mejoramiento de todos los ámbitos de la vida.

 Componente de Tecnología Son todas las herramientas que se le proporcionará al estudiante para que el proceso enseñanza- aprendizaje. Aquí incluye todos los materiales que se utilizarán dentro y fuera del aula. El estudiante será capaz de descubrir nuevos métodos y estrategias para aplicarlas en su vida cotidiana. Y este ayudará a encontrar respuestas a cada una de las necesidades de la familia y sociedad. 

Componente de Trabajo y Comunidad Este establece un vínculo práctico entre la propuesta curricular y el desarrollo de la comunidad. Desarrollará la reflexión sobre cada uno de los factores de la comunidad, como influye en nuestra sociedad cada uno de las acciones que nosotros realizamos. Integra a familia, estudiantes, maestros y demás organizaciones que ayudan a la comunidad a salir adelante. Contribuye al desarrollo de capacidades sociolaborales en la escuela y comunidad.

 Componente de Desarrollo Sustentable Verifica toda actividad humana dentro de una sociedad. Aquí se puede ser uso de la nueva y vieja tecnología. Como maestros debemos estar al tanto de todas las actividades que no dañen a la integridad de la sociedad y menos de las familias. Toda actividad debe realizarse a beneficio de otras personas y a futuras generaciones. Aquí los estudiantes pueden enfrentar los desafíos que garanticen acciones dirigidas a ser un mejor ciudadano y mejorar nuestro país.

“un plan no es nada, pero la planificación lo es todo” (Dwight D. Eisenhower)


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