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AIESEC Hungary Reception quality standards a) Trainee has one trainee buddy who is totally responsible for the trainee during the whole internship o Trainee buddy can be a long-term member or even recruited for especially for trainee buddy program. o Buddy must have proper education and have clear expectation concerning the duration and quantity of work and the responsibility itself o Buddy must be accounted by the reception responsible Middle Manager or by VP. o There must be a back office in case that the trainee buddy is not available b) Documents for visa have to be sent within 5 working days o After the selection of the intern all of the documents needed for visa including invitation letter,accommodation certificate and property sheet must be sent to the intern electronically and by poste if it is needed.

c) Accommodation must be fixed till the arrival of the intern with maximum price of 45 000 HUF including every cost and not far than 40 minutes from the working place(in case of GIP interns) o Intern must be informed about the conditions and costs of accommodation in advance o Trainee must be offered at least 3 accommodation options for living o In case that the Host Local Commitee don’t find a proper accommodation for the intern till the arrival, Host LC is obliged to find a temporary place for the interns for free.

d) Payment package must be submitted for the responsible Finance coordinator in 5 working days after the intern’s arrival. o Intern must be informed about the needed documents for getting scholarship o All of the documenst must be submitted which consist of the followings:Statement,application form,school attendance certificate o In case of MC interns(TCS,ABInbev etc) just 2 documents are must be sent which are school attendance certificate and application form. e) Trainees are offered to take part in the AIESEC activites o Interns with deep AIESEC XP must be offered to take part in specific AIESEC activites. f) LC organise at least 2 events during a month

o In case of Bp LC the LC2LC cooperation is highly advised to have common events

Contacts Krisztina Kiss-National ICX Manager Phone:+36 20 8080 180 Skype:luzitan89

Trainee Service address: In case of any questions/problem/feedback feel free to use this addres anytime

AIESEC Hungary reception quality standars  

Quality standards for the reception of the incoming interns