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Luz Arely Rivas Mrs. Russell English 1101 12/6/12 Out of My Dreams Reflection, yes that’s what I thought I was seeing. I just watched my internal self while listening to the steady beat marked by the monitor by my bedside. My reflection was lying before me. I was lying on a long table almost dead. I watched as the surgeon was reaching for unrecognizable equipment from the table. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I began shivering of terror as I slowly drifted further and further away from my body. My mind immediately wondered if this is what ‘dead’ felt like. My head swirled and twirled as if I was floating off into the galaxy. The world spun faster and faster as I fought to stop. I shouted and hollered as loud as I could for someone to hear me. Suddenly, I sat up and took the loudest lifesaver gasp I had never thought I was going to take. I opened my eyes and fortunately, I realized it was all a big nightmare. This experience is almost never experienced, but when it is it can be the one that takes your last breath away. As any other person, no one ever thinks about the risks they run when they undergo surgery. Most patients may go into the operation room saying, “The surgeons are the smartest people in the world, they don’t make mistakes.” Unfortunately, this is not the case; surgeons are like any other human being and often make mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is letting the patient drift off while they are under anesthesia. This is the most lucid and

frightening experience ever. Often, some of these patients may become so shocked that they could develop some unimaginable complications. This reality was so enduring, that it urged Pebbles of 28 years old to cry out her story. Pebbles’ latest statement was, “I was emotionally dead inside, but not dead enough to where I wouldn't cry for other survivors, and say a prayer every time I went passed a hospital or surgical center than no one else was enduring that h*ll!’’ (Pebbles1982) The thought of floating in a ‘middle world’ to any patient, is so achingly factual and could result, in most cases, in suicide. According to Woerlee, “Out of body experiences have been reported for at least five millennia of human history...Many people think that such separation of soul and body only occurs at death, but most out of body experiences also occur during situations where people are very much alive: usually in people who suffer no diseases, or physical disorders whatsoever”. (Woerlee) In fact, almost all the known cases of OBE’s have happened to extremely healthy people. That is not to say that you need to be sick to avoid going through this. OBE’s have really progressed as well as the technology to avoid them. Cambridge university has investigated enough to come up with the conclusion that “It seems that the mind is in fact equivalent to the brain. If this is so, then the mind cannot by definition become displaced from its physical location. Instead, we have come to recognize out of body experiences as derangements in perception, in which the location of ‘self’ has been mapped or processed incorrectly. So what mechanism underlies our perception of self? Furthermore, what causes it to malfunction?” ("Bluesci Cambridge University Science") The Out of body experience is now recognized as an Out of your Dreams experience.

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