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Grammar Girls and Grammar Guys Presentation Introduction - Our presentation began with a prezi presentation. Gloria was at the awards table and Servio was helping out with the presentation. Our presentation was mainly about Punctuations and Quotations. Thesis - Punctuations and Quotations may seem tricky sometimes but remembering all the rules will always get you through it. Content - Our Presentations was based on book and video content. To present, we utilized prezi presentation and at the end we used some other websites and links to allow us to continue. The websites were simple and easy like and Our presentation began as a presentation and slowly drifted into a youtube video and finally with a link to a game to play as a class. Points - Our team member’s cooperation was equal. All three of us did equal work without any exceptions.

Conclusion – Our presentation conclusion was done with the class assessment task. People who answered correctly got a prize that was awarded by Gloria. Assessment - Our assessment task was a simple game that all the class could participate in. It was easy enough to follow along with if they paid any attention. The class was divided into 2 groups and each group had a spokesperson to answer the question correctly or incorrectly. The person who provided the answer for the spokesperson, was awarded a prize. The group totaled up points as well and when the game was over, the group with the highest points was allowed to claim another prize if they desired. Reflective paragraph – Gloria and Se`rvio were great people to work with. I had a great time staying up trying to finish our presentation and finding a game for the class to play. Thankfully, Gloria was able to supply the prizes for the game. All three of us learned stuff about Punctuations and Quotations that we did not

know. Our class was a little too quite but it may seem that they could have learned at least a little bit about punctuations and quotations. This group work is definitely something I would love to do more often because of the equal cooperation and the attention we all paid to this presentation. And maybe we were tired the day we presented it but at least we felt like we accomplished every part of it

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15 - Grammar Girls and Grammar Guys Presentation  
15 - Grammar Girls and Grammar Guys Presentation