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Descriptive Essay Question 1. Observations of places, ideas, and objects 2. Describing patient reports and outputs without personal opinion 3. Yes 4. Objective- present factual records, free of personal interpretations. Subjective-

emphasizes writer’s opinions. 5. Novels and journals 6. Blending subjective elements into objective reporting. 7. Concrete because they communicate more information 8. Abstract: motor vehicle, individual, protective headgear. Concrete: pickup truck, boy,

helmet. 9. Young and inexperienced; traditional and old fashioned; brave and reckless.

In Dalton there is not much to do but if you enjoy riding on country road, we’ve got them. Our main source of work comes from carpet industries such as Mohawk, Shaw, and Beaulieu. Most people refer to Dalton as being the Bible belt, which is true, around every corner is a church we also have a good bit of schools but it seems like we don’t have many well educated people.

11 - Descriptive essay  
11 - Descriptive essay