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SELAH 2013 | Vol. 39

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CENTER FOR MUSIC & WORSHIP…...........................................................................8 THEATER...........................................................................................................................9 ONLINE STUDENT HIGHLIGHTS….......................................................................10-11 CINEMATIC ARTS, ZAKI GORDON CENTER....................................................12-13 FALL ACADEMICS….................................................................................................14-15 SPRING ACADEMICS..............................................................................................16-17

CAMPUS HAPPENINGS GIVING BACK..........................................................................................................20-21 FEATURED SPEAKERS........................................................................................22-25 CHRISTMAS COFFEEHOUSE....................................................................…......26-27 SPRING COFFEEHOUSE..................................................................................…28-29 FALL HAPPENINGS…...........................................................................................30-35 SPRING HAPPENINGS…......................................................................................36-39 BRAND UPDATE....................................................................................................40-41 CONSTRUCTION................................................................................................…42-45 YEAR IN REVIEW...…............................................................................................46-47

ATHLETICS FOOTBALL..............................................................................................................50-51 TENNIS…...................................................................................................................52-53 SOCCER…................................................................................................................54-55 MEN’S BASKETBALL........................................................................................…56-57 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL.................................................................................…58-59 FIELD HOCKEY............................................................................................................60 CROSS COUNTRY...........................................................…..........................................61 BASEBALL..............................................................................................................62-63 SOFTBALL...........................................................................................................…64-65 LACROSSE…...........................................................................................................66-67 VOLLEYBALL…......................................................................................................68-69 SWIMMING......................…............................................................................................70 GOLF…..............................................................................................................................71 TRACK & FIELD…....................................................................................................72-73 CLUB SPORTS…......................................................................................................74-79 INTRAMURAL SPORTS….....................................................................................80-81

REFERENCE DIVISION I TEAM PHOTOS...............................................................................84-90 ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS..............................................................................................91 CLUB SPORTS TEAM PHOTOS..........................................................................92-95 MINISTRY TEAM PHOTOS...................................................................................96-97 INDEX.....................................................................................................................…98-101 COMMENCEMENT….............................................................................................102-103 GRADUATE NAMES….........................................................................................104-138 YEARBOOK STAFF.....................................................................................................139 CLOSING….....................................................................................................................140

I N V E S T I N G W I S E LY Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. gazed out into the distance as he reminisced about the days he spent attending the university. “I think my vision for Liberty was developed when I was here as a student,” Falwell said. He explained that in the 1980s, all the buildings on campus had different colored brick. There was no uniformity to the architecture, and according to Falwell, it did not look like a college campus. He imagined a day when the campus would have a unified Jeffersonian architecture. “It’s exciting to be part of seeing that happen, after going to school here and dreaming about that for so many years,” Falwell said. “These buildings are being built to last 100 years, so we won’t have to replace them anytime soon.” The building projects on campus took the school to a whole new level, according to Falwell. He described the C H A N C E L LO R


Hancock Welcome Center as the “front door of the university,” displaying the quality and welcoming atmosphere that the university wanted to convey. “The Hancock Welcome Center is a precursor to what we’re going to see in every new building,” Falwell said. “We want visitors to see a commitment to excellence.” Behind him, on a large wooden table, were blueprints for future campus rebuilding. He explained that he worked closely with the Planning and Construction department on every construction project. “All the buildings that were around when I went to school will be gone. All the old, one-story academic buildings, the one-story residence halls, and the two-story metal buildings — they’ll all be gone,” Falwell said. “I think the campus in the next five years will have the look and feel of a major university.”

According to Falwell, the structures ready to be demolished were meant to be temporary when they were constructed. After 35 years, it was time to replace them with modern buildings containing updated technology and architecture. Administration made plans to construct academic facilities in order to accommodate expanding residential programs. “It’s fun to do the planning and develop programs that will lead to jobs in the future for students,” Falwell said. “We make sure that everything is fresh and new.” Chancellor Falwell said the university was investing in resources that would benefit not only the current student body, but also generations of students to come. In the 2013 summer issue of the Liberty Journal, the university released its newly adopted Master Plan. The plan explained the $400 million rebuilding project that would take place over the next seven years, reaching completion by 2020. Falwell said that construction costs had continued to stay low due to the economy, which made it the perfect time to work on long-awaited building projects. More than 15 construction projects were underway during the year, including new high-rise residence halls on Champion Circle. According to Falwell, most private universities only build one new building every 10 years. “We’re probably growing faster than any other university in the country,” Falwell said. “I don’t know of any other school that’s financially moving ahead like we are, making progress in an economy that’s down.” He continued to describe the university’s flourishing financial situation and the ways in which God had blessed it.

“I predicted at Commencement last year that we would hit $1 billion by the end of 2012,” Falwell said. “I checked at the end of December, and we were at $1.07 billion in net assets and cash reserves ... I think we’re the first Christian school to get to that point.” Liberty’s financial situation reminded Chancellor Falwell of the parable of the servants and the talents. Jesus condemned the servant who buried his talents, but praised the one who invested them wisely.

We’re probably growing faster than any other university in the country “We need to make sure we invest what God has given us back into our mission,” Falwell said. According to Falwell, sending students out into the local community to serve and give back was a major part of the university’s mission to Train Champions for Christ. “The best part of being chancellor is watching these students develop spiritually and become Champions for Christ. It’s great to see them go out into every profession and make a difference,” Falwell said. “There are numerous exciting things that we’re going to be doing in the community in the next few years that will be very rewarding. … It’s a wonderful time to be at Liberty.”

TOP LEFT: CHANCELLOR FALWELL SHOWS DONALD TRUMP A view of campus from the Hancock Welcome Center. Trump praised the chancellor and other university administrators for the tremendous things the university accomplished. MIDDLE LEFT: KIRK CAMERON INTERVIEWS THE CHANCELLOR FOR his show on TBN called “Praise the Lord.” The interview was shown on March 18. BOTTOM LEFT: THE FALWELL FAMILY WATCHES A HOME FOOTBALL game from the Williams Stadium Club Pavilion. The chancellor often invited students to join him and his family in their personal game suite. TOP RIGHT: FALWELL THROWS THE FIRST PITCH IN THE LIBERTY Baseball Stadium at the season’s home opener on Feb. 23. More than 2,500 people attended the game.

ACADEMICS TH E N E W LY CO NS TRUC TED H a n c o c k We l c o m e C e n te r g re e te d s t u d e n t s a s t h ey a r r i ve d f o r t h e 2 0 1 2 - 1 3 s c h o o l ye a r. I t s m o u n t a i n o u s v i ew s , re d b r i c k f i re p l a c e , a n d g re e n l aw n s c re a te d a n i nv i t i n g a t m o s p h e re f o r s t u d y i n g a n d f e l l ow s h i p . A s w i t h eve r y s c h o o l ye a r, t h e re we re n ew f a c i l i t i e s and oppor tunities for both o n l i n e a n d re s i d e n t i a l students . “ Liber ty Online has made it possible for m e to d i s c i p l i n e my s e l f a n d c o m p l e te my p ro g r a m o n l i n e ,” s a i d s e n i o r o n l i n e s t u d e n t K a t hy H a rd y. T h e u n i ve r s i t y ’s o n l i n e p ro g r a m s c o n t i n u e d to g row, re a c h i n g m o re t h a n 80,000 students .



A MUSICAL MERGER The university announced the merger of the Department of Worship and Music Studies with the Department of Music and Humanities in the fall semester. The two departments formed the Liberty University School of Music, making it the nation’s seventh-largest music school. The new school had 700 undergraduate students and nearly 400 graduate students enrolled at its start. Dr. Vernon Whaley was appointed dean. Plans were approved to construct a new music building across from the courtyard of the Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center. The plan included a fine arts auditorium that would host university and community concerts. The faculty trained musicians to go out into the world as both Champions for Christ and musicians for Christ.




The School of Music, although unified under one name, had two individual centers. The Center for Music and the Performing Arts trained musicians to work in secular and academic environments; whereas the Center for Music and Worship trained leaders to serve in the Christian music industry and churches around the world. “I am … very excited for what the merging of the departments will do for the university in the long run. Since both departments bring different things to the table, by merging the two together, the school will have a much larger and diverse School of Music. It will look more attractive to prospective students wanting to pursue a music degree,” junior music education and performance major Kalley Long said.

“I think it is a wonderful idea because we now have unity under the same School of Music. I think it will be awesome to have both departments together to express their musical passion.” -Yhanni Butcher, FR

“I’m really excited about the new School of Music. It gives a certain credibility to the musicality of worship majors, gaining us more respect when applying to master’s programs in music.” -Heather Reed, SO


OVER AIR Skills were put to the test in August when actor Alex Miller and actress Kelli Overmyer performed in “Playhouse of the Airwaves,” the university’s first radio drama, on Victory FM. The opening show, “OCD,” was written by senior Jamie Cloutier and recounted the story of a young married couple struggling with the husband’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The play portrayed humor, love, and struggle — all emotions both actors had to convey using just their voices. “Playhouse of the Airwaves” producer and director David Steele began working with Theatre Department Chair Linda Nell Cooper in January 2012. Steele’s vision was inspired by the children’s series Adventures in Odyssey, and he aspired to create a similar broadcast for adults. Steele hoped to bring back the appeal of radio drama. “I listened to Adventures in Odyssey growing up and other ‘old-timey’ radio shows. I have always been fascinated by the mystery of radio drama and really love theater. This idea popped in my head as a way to do something I am passionate about, while giving these students an opportunity to experience a different side of the stage,” Steele said.

THE TOWER THEATER “It is neat to see Liberty’s Theater Department expand to include radio drama, because it can open doors for people who enjoy aspects of theater, but want to focus more on speech and vocal initiation.” -Erica Randall, FR






N OV E M B E R CAROUSEL “As an actor, radio theater broadens one’s experience and skill set. I think radio theater is fascinating, and definitely has its place in the arts. It is family friendly because you don’t need to go to the show or pay a lot of money — you can just turn on the radio or put in the CD.” -Lauren Groff, FR

Jeff Sundheim Ta a m u Wu ya Ta rz a n

G o r d o n Lewa n ow i c z Ruth Hitchcock All My Sons

2 0 1 2-1 3




Natalie Cleek S h e L ove s M e

L i n d s ey R e g i s t e r Jared Calhoun The Glass Menagerie

J o e l Le d b e t t e r Heather Reed C a ro u s e l


O N L I N E S T U D E N T S ’ G OA L S T





“I am a senior majoring in psychology/ Christian counseling. This degree will help me become more knowledgeable and proficient in the human services field. My goal is to become an entrepreneur and open my own transitional home or community residential home for atrisk youth and adults.”

“I have a bachelor’s degree in religion with a minor in Christian counseling. This will help me in my endeavors to plant a church and return to the reserve service as an army chaplain candidate.”




“I plan to continue to work on a master’s in special education and believe that a base in psychology will give me a deeper understanding of the students I hope to impact. A concentration in emotional and behavior disorders will grant me the ability to understand disorders, which will allow me to help, support, and educate others.”

“I have a bachelor’s degree in education and will graduate in May 2013. I plan to help lift up the least and the lost, particularly children.”



“I will be graduating in August 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology: crisis counseling with a minor in Christian counseling. I want to help families deal with trauma, crisis, and grief, and I hope to use my degree to do missions in Third World countries.”

“I will be graduating in May 2013 with a master’s in human services: executive leadership. This degree will help me reach my goal of running a nonprofit organization, being a successful business woman, and helping those less fortunate.”

“I chose psychology as my major with a minor in sociology and criminal justice. I am passionate about helping children and youth, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. I want to help those from abusive homes. I also want to work with foster parents so they may better understand and help the children in their care.”


“I am working toward a bachelor’s degree in religion with a minor in Christian counseling. This is my first step toward seminary and eventually becoming a pastor. The textbooks I have acquired during these years are ones that I will keep for future use. It is comforting to know that there are biblically sound resources sitting in my little library, ready to be utilized at any moment.”





“I chose to major in theological studies because it was a degree that would allow me to learn more about the Bible, ministry, and God. I plan to use what I have learned in church ministry and in my walk with Christ. It will be important within my personal life, family, career, organization, church, ministry, and evangelism. I look forward to working wherever God calls me.”

C I N E M AT I C ST U D E N TS F I L M A P R O M OT I O N A L V I D E O AT T H E L i b e r t y M o u n t a i n S n ow f l ex C e n t re . T h e L i b e r t y U n i ve r s i t y C i n e m a t i c A r t s , Z a k i G o rd o n C e n te r o p e n e d i n S p r i n g 2 0 1 2 . Ac to r/p ro d u ce r K i r k C a m e ro n p a r t n e re d w i t h t h e u n i ve r s i t y to p ro d u ce a f i l m t h a t d e a l t w i t h l i f e ’s m o s t d i f f i c u l t q u e st i o n s re g a rd i n g h u m a n s u f f e r i n g . S i n ce C a m e ro n a n d t h e u n i ve r s i t y s h a re d t h e s a m e g o a l s , t h e p a r t n e r s h i p wa s a p e r fe c t f i t .


f i l m s c h o o l te a c h e s u s h ow to b e co m e g re a t f i l m m a ke r s fo r C h r i st w h i l e g i v i n g u s re a l - wo r l d ex p e r i e n ce ,” s e n i o r M a r k M i j a re s s a i d . PHOTO BY KEVIN MANGUIOB

While the unemployment rate was not very comforting to most graduates, the university’s aeronautics students had little stress when it came to finding a job. The School of Aeronautics teamed up with ExpressJet Airlines to create an agreement that guaranteed graduates of the program a job upon completion of the prerequisites and required criteria. “This agreement attests to the quality of our program,” said Gen. Dave Young, dean of the School of Aeronautics in an

interview with B.J. Williams. “Potential students and their parents consistently ask, ‘What are the opportunities for my student to be employed upon graduation?’ Now we can answer that if they complete all of the prerequisites and meet the required criteria, they will have a job waiting for them.” Equipping students with more opportunities for internships and jobs was one of the highest priorities of the university. As the quality of the programs increased, the more doors opened.

PROFESSOR WALT REICHARD and junior Elizabeth Hauk complete a lesson in the CRJ 200 Jet simulator. Students were able to master skills through hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment. SOPHOMORE DARELL ROBINSON is excited to put his knowledge into practice in the flight simulator. Instructors Nathan Edwards (front left) and Kevin Martin (back) helped new aviation students learn to use the flight simulator to gain practical experience as pilots.

“I want to fly for an airline transport like American Airlines or US Airways. After that I would try to get into the corporate world and fly private jets. This agreement helps me get my foot in the door. Once I graduate, I will have job security.” -Sean Clayton, SO

“This affects us for two reasons: It gives students defined goals to work toward and it makes the transition to an airline easier because of the classes required in the program. Students learn about the advanced aircraft systems that they will need to be familiar with when working at ExpressJet.” -Jared Yoder, SR



ART TEACHER DESIGNS IPHONE CASES Inspired by nature and the desire to make people smile, Studio and Digital Arts teacher Monique Maloney created three designs for the “Eternality” line produced by the Otterbox studio collection. Otterbox was the number one selling smartphone case in the United States, according to the New Product Development (NPD) Group Retail Tracking Service. They viewed their cases as blank canvases meant for upand-coming artists. Maloney was chosen as one of these artists because of her creative line of stationary for weddings and children’s events found on her website, “I am just so inspired and humbled by God’s creation in nature,” she said in an interview with Drew Menard. “I want to represent what God has given to us in my art. I want people to notice the little details and notice the beauty that is around them and to just take a step back and really appreciate something positive.” Before, her art was featured on local billboards and brochures, but through these designs, people all over the country took notice of her style. In a video on, Maloney said “I think this is a great step to my ultimate goal of just reaching out to people and really making someone’s day just a little bit brighter.”



STUDENTS FROM THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING and Computational Science (SECS) watch as the VEX Competition takes place. Over 40 SECS students volunteered to help run the world championship qualifying event on Feb. 23.

ENGINEERING PROGRAM RECEIVES ABET ACCREDITATION In August of 2012, the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences received notification that its first two engineering programs had been accredited. The Bachelor of Science degree programs in

both Electrical Engineering and Industrial & Systems Engineering were accredited by ABET. ABET is recognized as the worldwide leader in assuring quality and stimulating innovation in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology education. Accreditation is a voluntary, peer-review process that requires programs to undergo comprehensive, periodic evaluations by teams of professionals working within the ABET member societies. ABET accreditation requires programs to demonstrate that they continuously improve the quality of education provided. “Obtaining accreditation is a great accomplishment that culminates a five year effort by faculty and staff. Now that we have reached this milestone, we are ready to move

forward with new and exciting programs,” said David Donahoo, dean of the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences. “The accreditation puts us in direct competition with other well-known engineering programs across the country. While our program is fairly new, we are competing on the same level as other established schools. Furthermore, I feel much more competitive in applying for jobs and internships knowing that my degree is ABET accredited,” junior Aricka Clark said. ABET accreditation marked another milestone achievement for the university because it achieved this recognition at the earliest opportunity for such a young school.


The Liberty University School of Law’s Trial Team received first place in the American Bar Association National Arbitration Competition in Chicago, Ill., on Jan. 26. After a second-place finish in the regional competition in November, the team earned its place as the first university Trial Team to be posted in the national competition. The team that participated in the regional and national tournaments was comprised of 3L Aaron McCurdy, 2L Kacey Martin, 2L Ethan Hargraves, and 2L Colin Campbell. Although McCurdy was a member of the university’s first comprehensive Trial Team, which began last year, the three other members

joined the team in August 2012. The regional arbitration was Martin’s, Hargraves’, and Campbell’s first competition on the Trial Team. “This national victory means that the trial advocacy program has now come to the School of Law, and we are here not only to win, but also to glorify God. It is a testament of what God can do with a young school that is dedicated to glorifying Christ. By this win, the School of Law is continuing to make its mark upon the legal education field. It’s just one of the many examples of the quality of education that can be gained at this school,” said McCurdy.

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW’S TRIAL TEAM after their victory in the American Bar Association National Arbitration Competition. (From left) Kacey Martin, Ethan Hargraves, Pamela Bell (coach), Colin Campbell, and Aaron McCurdy.


SODEXO’S REGISTERED DIETITIAN AT LIBERTY, Robin Quay, and Sodexo executive chef, Peter Jerominek, show students the correct ingredients for a dish. Throughout the year, they showed students how to make a variety of healthy and delicious meals. S P R I N G AC A D E M I C S


The university’s dining services provider, Sodexo, was committed to teaching students healthy eating habits. The Sodexo executive chef, Peter Jeromineck, and Sodexo’s registered dietitian at the university, Robin Quay, teamed up to offer free cooking workshops every fourth Tuesday of the month during the spring semester. These workshops taught students how to find healthy foods in the dining hall, read nutrition labels, and control portion sizes. The instructors answered students’ nutritional questions and provided tips for living a healthy life. Junior Benjamin Motley said, “I enjoy cooking and I love to eat healthy foods, but I hate having salads all the time. This class benefited me by showing other ways to eat healthy, yet delicious, foods.” The university also partnered with the myfitnesspal application for smartphones. Sodexo showed its commitment to providing healthy options for students by placing barcodes at all food stations in the ReberThomas Dining Hall. Students scanned the barcodes with smartphones to look up nutritional information about the available food choices.



As a university, we are just as competitive in academics as we are in athletics. Quiz Bowl, often called the “varsity sport of the mind,” was determined to get the attention it deserved. “I enjoy the label because it really highlights the competitive nature of the event. Quiz Bowl isn’t just an activity; it is a sport — a mental sport, but a sport nonetheless,” said freshman Jon Bateman. The team was undefeated for the thirdstraight year and took home its seventh Big South Conference Championship in eight years on Jan. 26. The team consisted of two returners, captain Jake Rogers and Kaity Shondelmyer, and three first-year members,

Bateman, Doug Stephens, and Greta Hanks. “The most significant element, in my opinion, was how young our team was this year. Of the five team members at the Big South Championship, three of us were freshmen competitors. This means that we have some incredibly intelligent and adaptable team members, and we will continue to get better the longer we compete,” said Bateman. Quiz Bowl was part of the university’s Honors Program and its competitions were similar to those on “Jeopardy.” Questions ranged from literature and government to popular culture and sports.

“There’s a little thrill that comes from nailing a question about a subject I know well. It’s exhilarating when I can correctly answer a question after hearing just a few words. On a broader scale, I love competing against other trivia-minded people, and I enjoy traveling with a group of people that I regard as friends. Representing my Savior at these fairly secular, intellectual events is also a delightful challenge.” -Jake Rogers, SR

The university’s mission to develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact the world resulted in the addition of six elective trade courses that enhanced students’ bachelor’s degrees. Through this formal training, students had the ability to learn tricks of the trade in welding, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), carpentry, and masonry. Students took their courses at Virginia Technical Institute (VTI), where they learned in state-of-the-art training facilities.

“I believe that these classes will benefit me in the future because they will open up many job opportunities. I plan on continuing in the welding program until I have completed all four welding classes. I will then go on to acquire my welding certification.” -Sara Jones, SO

THE QUIZ BOWL TEAM HOLDS UP trophies from past victories. Their 2012 victory marked their seventh title as Big South Champions. CAPTAIN JAKE ROGERS HOLDS THE buzzer in preparation for the next question. Quiz Bowl competitions were very similar to “Jeopardy” and covered a wide range of topics.

CAMPUS HAPPENINGS STUDENTS RANG IN t h e N ew Ye a r a t W i n te r f e s t , t h e u n i ve r s i t y ’s a n n u a l t wo - d ay c e l e b r a t i o n p a c ke d w i t h n o n - s to p action and f un . On opening d ay, S u n d ay, D e c . 3 0 , t h e V i n e s C e n te r w a s f i l l e d w i t h 7, 0 0 0 p e o p l e . H u m b l e T i p , J a m i e G r a c e , To by M a c , R oy a l Ta i l o r, P e te r N e s t l e r, a n d Ku t l e s s p rov i d e d t h e e n te r t a i n m e n t . N o t a b l e C h r i s t i a n s p e a ke r N i c k H a l l a l s o a d d re s s e d t h e c rowd . T h e s e c o n d d ay o f W i n te r f e s t d i d n o t f a l l s h o r t o f t h e ex p e c t a t i o n s s e t t h e p rev i o u s d ay. T h e c rowd we l c o m e d i n t h e N ew Ye a r w i t h p e r f o r m a n c e s f ro m K J - 5 2 , F i re f l i g h t , T h e M u s e u m , B u i l d i n g 42 9 , B ro c k G i l l , a n d R E D . S p e a ke r B o b Le n z to o k t h e s t a g e a n d d e l i ve re d a p owe r f u l m e s s a g e to a t te n d e e s a b o u t t h e i r i d e n t i t y, meaning, and purpose in Christ. The night closed w i t h a p e r f o r m a n c e by C a s t i n g C row n s .






During Global Focus Week in September, Global Media Outreach partnered with the university for a three-day Internet evangelism campaign. People from all over the world were directed to evangelistic websites via keyword searches. The endeavor resulted in more than 1.3 million people viewing Gospel presentations. Of the 1,310,650 people who viewed this message, 178,757 indicated that they had made a decision to follow Christ! “The fact that you get to reach people that you wouldn’t normally get to interact with is the best part of online evangelism. For example, last week I talked to someone from Nigeria,” freshman Katie Barber said. The university also created a website to reach people around the globe.


5-YEAR-OLD’S WISH The spirit of Christmas came to the university a little early thanks to a 5-year-old boy named Nathan Norman, who had brain and spinal cancer. He had only one wish — to celebrate Christmas. After Nathan returned from the hospital in September, his parents Dawn and Robert, both Liberty alumni, asked him what would make his difficult treatments easier. When he made his request known, his parents immediately decorated their home in the Christmas spirit. In early October, the university heard Nathan’s story and decided that the school must do what it could to fulfill this young boy’s wish. They had Nathan come to the top of Liberty Mountain where he lit the annual Christmas tree and received gifts from the athletic teams. In an interview with the Liberty News Office, Nathan’s father said, “This story has touched so many people, it’s crazy. More than I could have imagined.”



The Liberty University Church Online website allowed people everywhere to experience Convocation and Campus Church as it happened, and viewers had the opportunity to participate in a live chat with others. Viewers could also easily access pastors if they were in need of prayer or spiritual guidance. “Liberty Church Online is a great way to stay connected when you are unable to go to Convocation. It also allows students to interact with other online students, while giving them an opportunity to get in touch with a campus pastor if they need to speak to someone,” said online student Dorian Watson.


MARK 12:31

GIVING BACK “I took a group of middle schoolers to a conference in Tennessee. Although working with them was very difficult, it was rewarding to see them understand the concept of having a relationship with Christ.” -Emily Winslow, SO

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is an idea found throughout the Bible. It is so important, in fact, that Jesus called it the second greatest commandment (Mark 12:31). Students were given the opportunity, through Christian/ Community Service (CSER) and other programs, to share the love of Christ with the surrounding community. However, students never lost sight of the ongoing needs of their neighbors, hall mates, and fellow classmates on the university’s campus.

“This fall I had the opportunity to reach out to the Lynchburg community through Campus Serve. We gathered on Saturday mornings with one mission: to bless someone’s day through meeting both physical and spiritual needs.” -Grace Routh, SR

“On a Saturday last fall, a few Liberty students and I went out to minister in one of Lynchburg’s less fortunate neighborhoods. I had the opportunity to reach out to people and experience another side of this world that I did not understand before.” -Ines Furume, SR

“I work with my church in an outreach at a women’s homeless shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the shelter, I give back and help those who really need it. If I let go of my selfishness, I can make a difference one smile at a time.” -Debby Turner, FR, Online “I am currently involved in the United Neigh Program at Brook Hill Farm. United Neigh is a nonprofit horse rescue organization that exists to provide a unique opportunity for personal growth and educational opportunities for local at-risk youth.” -Meghan Jennings, SO, Online

“I participated in an outreach with my church in which we assembled backpacks for local children. I felt very blessed to be able to help children attend school with the needed supplies and share God’s love with them.” -Mark Plummer, SR, Online

On Nov. 5, Andrew Cheatham came to Dr. Wheeler’s Evangelism class to inform the students of a fellow classmate in need. This student was Nathan Bullock, a freshman who was blind and nearly deaf. Cheatham expressed his friend’s desire to own a Bible that he could read and understand. Cheatham asked the student body to donate money so Bullock could have a $650 ESV Braille Bible by Thanksgiving break. Students raised $1,300 — double the amount necessary — and also wrote letters of encouragement. When Bullock learned what the student body had done, he was overwhelmed. “These notes mean so much to me … just to see this amazing outpouring of desire to help me know God and who He is, and for me to be able to touch Scripture for the first time and understand it. You have no idea how blessed I feel,” he said.

Donald Trump

Kirk Cameron




American icon and real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump came to the university on Monday, Sept. 24, to speak to more than 10,000 students in Convocation. The speech was broadcast via satellite at Thomas Road Baptist Church and Towns-Alumni Lecture Hall, as well as online to more than 80,000 students. Trump spoke about foreign relations, the oil crisis, the importance of the upcoming presidential election, and successful business practices. Trump advised students, “Always have passion. You’ve got to have passion for your family, for your life, for your church — whatever it is, you’ve got to have that passion. You’ve got to just love it.” “The great thing about Convocation is that it provides opportunities students would never get anywhere else. Most students would never have the chance to hear Donald Trump, Kirk Cameron, or the numerous other speakers we’ve had over the years. It’s a great opportunity,” said senior Rachel Deas. “I thought it was really cool that someone as big as Donald Trump came to Liberty. Overall, I felt it was a good experience hearing him speak,” junior Kris Seppälä said. Trump graciously waived his speaking fee and said he would like to come to the university again.

On Oct. 5, “Growing Pains” actor Kirk Cameron shared his testimony and his most recent monumental project at Convocation. Cameron was born into an atheist home but became a Christian at 17 years old. “If you would have asked anyone who knew me on the days of “Growing Pains,” they would have told you ‘what a great guy,’ ‘what a nice guy,’ ‘if he died today, he wouldn’t end up in hell’— but God paints a very different picture and says there is only one good…God,” Cameron said. After his conversion, Cameron was inspired to use his talents for God. He participated in numerous films including the number one independent film of 2008, “Fireproof,” and his 2012 release, “Monumental.” His film, “Monumental,” was rooted in a desire to ensure that his kids would grow up in a safe and free environment. He spoke about the fragile state of our country, and the Christian foundation upon which it was established. “While one of our political parties questions whether or not God should be in the platform, according to our forefathers, God is the platform,” he said. Cameron’s passion was evident as he concluded with encouragement and a challenge: “You are the hope of our generation; you are the hope through your faith in Christ, working in partnership with God. Live out your faith and heavenize the earth.”



Louie Giglio

Christmas Convo




Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church, visited from Atlanta, Ga., on Friday, Nov. 2, to speak to students and College For A Weekend visitors. After entertaining the audience with a story about his love and knowledge of Mount Rainier, Giglio tied it in with his main message: you can’t really know something until you see it. “Do you know about Jesus? Talk about Jesus? Or do you see Jesus?” said Giglio. He went on to say that having head knowledge about Christ is not the same as encountering Him. “The thing that impacted me the most was that, while here, you learn so much about God. But, it is also important to continue in your relationship with Him. Learning from the Bible is great, but you also have to have the relationship,” said junior Nancy Whalen. Giglio put it this way: “There must be a time in my life where the Spirit of the living God opens my gaze and the Jesus that I have heard about, known about, read about, and talked about, is now in view.” Students walked away challenged to pursue God personally and passionately.

The Christmas season brought carols, decorations, and of course, the one and only Christmas Convocation. Students piled into the Vines Center on Dec. 6 sporting pajamas and Christmas attire, ready for an hour packed full of laughs and festivities. The program included “Funny Songs with These Guys,” which had Dr. Towns and Dr. Godwin reading the lyrics of popular songs for the soul. Students were treated to an impersonation panel and a video of the “Campus Band Heroes.” The students roared with laughter during the entire show, which was written and produced almost entirely by Worship Pastor Justin Kintzel.

“It’s a really unique experience that sets Liberty apart from other universities. Just the fact that everybody rallies together around Christmas; it’s awesome.” -Ben Kahle, FR

“I always have a good time; this is my second time coming. My favorite part was the skits that impersonated other people; it was hilarious. The video was great also.” -Rachel Krause, SO

“My favorite parts were the panel, Justin’s impersonation of Johnnie Moore, and Towns singing. This was the best Christmas Convo yet!” -Dana Kohn, SO



“I know that we all like to say ‘yes’ to things,” Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee said. However, his address during the Jan. 28 Convocation service was not to encourage students to say ‘yes,’ but rather to say ‘no.’ Huckabee, the host of a No.1-rated weekend television program on the Fox News Channel, hoped that students would understand the power of saying ‘no.’ Referencing the political situations of biblical times, such as those of Daniel, Jeremiah, and even Jesus himself, Huckabee explained that the country was in danger of losing sight of its biblical foundation. He stressed that it was of utmost importance for believers to stand up and say ‘no’ to injustice and sin. “I think that it was important that he created a foundation with the Bible … Christ calls us to stand, and if we are really going to stand up for Christ, we can’t passively let injustices slide,” junior Katie Wood said. “Throughout history, God’s kingdom and its greatness always depended upon people saying ‘no’ to things that might seem harmless,” Huckabee said. “The reason, in many ways, that America is in trouble, is not because the ungodly people have said ‘yes’ to ungodly things; it is that godly people have failed to say ‘no’ to the ungodly things.” Huckabee’s message clearly resonated with students and faculty, as many rose to give him a standing ovation.

“Your job is to be obedient to God and God’s job is to do everything else.” Lysa TerKeurst, founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, spoke in Convocation on Feb. 25 about the power of obedience. On a very ordinary morning, TerKeurst decided to take her three young girls to hear a choir of 12 orphaned teenage boys from Liberia. But little did she know, that seemingly normal day would change her life forever. During the concert, she felt the Lord telling her that two of those boys were hers. Although she tried to ignore the feeling, she decided to give God two minutes to reveal to her if that was what He truly wanted her to do. Less than a minute later, two boys walked up to her, embraced her, and called her “Mom.” She explained how those two boys became a part of her family and shared what God taught her throughout that experience. Whenever she felt overwhelmed, she felt the Lord whisper, “Lysa, I’m not asking you to accomplish this big task. All I’m asking you to do is be obedient to Me and just show up every day. You show up and you bring that tiny bit of willingness you have and it will be enough. You just show up.” TerKeurst’s powerful testimony, humor, and gift of storytelling challenged students to be willing and obedient. Senior Mary McCloskey said, “I thought it was so amazing to hear from a woman in ministry who is also passionate about adoption. Lysa was both funny and poignant in her presentation and her words definitely spoke to my heart. This Convocation was probably one of my favorites of the entire year.”

Mike Huckabee

Lysa TerKeurst



Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist Lecrae came to Convocation on March 22. He shared specific pointers about closing the sacred-secular divide. He used the example of Daniel, who took the “secular ” position as second-in-command in the Babylonian kingdom after interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar ’s dream. Lecrae encouraged the students that one does not need to go into full-time missions to be in involved in ministry. “[Daniel] saw all work as sacred because he looked at the world through a biblical worldview and the lens of Scripture,” Lecrae said. Lecrae told students that they should go into the world and redeem the things that man has destroyed, because God created the world and it is His. He explained that Christians must engage, love, and rehabilitate the people, the culture, and the workplace. Lecrae bridged the sacred-secular divide in his own life as a well-known and respected Christian artist in the mainstream music industry. Johnnie Moore said of Lecrae, “He is easily one of the best people in the entire world at what he does — he is known for that regardless of being a Christian or not.” The university’s mission of Training Champions for Christ in all vocations made Lecrae’s message applicable to every student. “Lecrae’s message was definitely something I needed to hear. He reminded me that I represent the Lord’s character, heart, and mind. There should not be a gap between my faith and my career,” nursing student and junior Liz Hughes said. Lecrae ended the day with a sold-out concert in the Vines Center. He rapped about salvation, surrender, and living life “all saved and all serious.” The pumped up concert exemplified what it meant to bridge the sacred-secular divide by providing an entertaining, God-honoring show.



Before special guest Charles Billingsley was able to conclude his opening song at Convocation on March 8, a roar broke out. Football fans and excited students cheered as devout Christian and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow took the stage. Tebow spoke to a crowd of more than 10,000 people, sharing practical steps on how to transform from a good person to a great person. Tebow spoke highly of his father, whom he claimed taught him three important lessons — have passion, be an example, and be great. He used football analogies to share how those three steps changed his life. Tebow received the Heisman trophy during his sophomore year at the University of Florida, and gained media attention for his faith when he wrote John 3:16 in his eye black for a championship game. He used his professional football career as a platform to openly share his faith and make a difference in the world through the Tim Tebow Foundation. “There are a lot of people who are going to tell you that you can’t, that you shouldn’t, that you couldn’t,” Tebow said. “Most of the time, those are the people that didn’t, that couldn’t, that wouldn’t … But you can, because we serve a big God and your goals should be as big as the God we serve.” Tebow answered questions submitted by students and staff, and concluded by challenging students to use his father ’s three lessons to impact the world around them.

Tim Tebow






THE ASHTRAY ELVES James O’Handly, Cody Burdette, Matthew Landrum, Jedidiah Bayes, Mackenzie Nehring




GAME CONTESTANT and Coffeehouse Host Jake Holland

DOGWOOD & HOLLY Luke Sawyer BANGS & BEARDS Gabe Hernandez, Jane Marczewski


THE PEANUTS GANG Rachel Osterhus, Chelsea Landwerlen, Camryn StahlmanDweyer, Hannah Foster


“I really liked this year’s Christmas Coffeehouse. One of the acts that was most enjoyable to me was the Charlie Brown act. I appreciated them bringing back such a simple tradition and making it new.” -Kristen Courson, SO

“I had no idea what to expect for Coffeehouse. I had heard people say that it was going to be good, and they were right. My favorite act was the group that played Mumford and Sons, but they were all amazing.” -Caitlin Clark, FR

“My favorite video was Dorm Alone, because it was funny and related to our childhood.” -Rebecca Seiler, SO

“I really enjoyed ‘Beards and Bangs’ because I adore anything with Justin Bieber. I liked it because it was just unexpected and out there, it made Coffeehouse a lot more entertaining.” -Elena Howell, FR

“I’ve gone to Coffeehouse for six years now and this was by far one of the most dynamic ones I’ve seen. There were a multitude of acts ranging from music to dance. I believe this one will be hard to top.” -Caleb Frailey, SR

“Christmas Coffeehouse definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. It was really cool to see the student body come together and make up a routine. My favorite was the group that sang the Mumford and Sons version of ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel.’” -Samantha Grimwood, FR


ODYSSEY Jeremiah Essig PHOENIX KIDS Michelle Cianci

GROUP 27-2 CREW Amanda Silver



“I love Coffeehouse because it gives students the opportunity to display their God-given talents. This show was better than every other talent show that I have seen.” -Sidney Carmichael, FR

“I absolutely loved ‘Pitch Imperfect!’ In my three years here, it was one of the best Coffeehouse videos I have seen. Overall, this Coffeehouse included so much talent.” -Lindsay Wethington, SR

“Coffeehouse is a blessing because it gives me the opportunity to showcase what I love to do and have an audience that is willing to listen.” -Rob Estevez, JR

“I’d say my favorite part was the Elmer Tones. I thought their voices were incredible and sounded good together. They did really creative versions of all the songs.” -Jennifer Tenney, JR

“This year’s Coffeehouse was one of the best we’ve ever had! There were so many acts that were really well done. It was definitely one of the most entertaining and hilarious Coffeehouses I have attended.” -David Pearce, SR

“It’s bittersweet that this was my last Coffeehouse as a student; it was by far my favorite. I could see all the hard work that was put into it, from a great cover of the country song ‘Days Go By,’ to the D-TREX dance crew doing the Harlem Shake.” -Mariana Capano, SR


INSINK Daniel Patti

BANGS & BEARDS Gabe Hernandez, Jane Marczewski

PILGRIM Harrison Peaks LIKE A LION Jake Packett

THE ELMER TONES Rakim Jones, Moe Daly, Tone’Ja Knight, Curtis Green, Evelyn Marsh, Jordan Fitzwater

D-TREX Allie Leuci, Chris Carter (alumni), Mele Two’Lua

MELODIES FROM HEAVEN Rebekah Neale, A.J. Moss, John Barrone, Caleb Cross

SUNNY WITH A HIGH OF 75? Students crowded into the LaHaye parking lot despite the menacing sky on Saturday, Aug. 25. For nearly 20 years, Student Activities had put on the Block Party, rain or shine. Various vendors set up tents to sell food to students and faculty. The Student Government Association was one of many

student clubs to set up a table with information about their organization. Students took pictures together, stocked up on giveaways, rode carnival rides, and dove for free T-shirts thrown from the stage as they enjoyed music by House of Heroes and Relient K. Some students attempted to hold umbrellas but finally gave in to

getting soaked with the rest of the student body. The rain continued to pour throughout the entire concert. “I’ve never stood in the rain for that long before, but seeing my all-time favorite band, Relient K, with my best friends was so worth it!” Junior Andrew Todd said. The night ended with an impressive fireworks display. The

year started off with some colds due to the weather, but most would agree that the experience was unforgettable. “Yes, we did stand in the rain for hours, but we stood in that rain to make lifelong memories with our best friends!” Junior Lena Wakim said.

MATTHEW THEISSEN SINGS ONE OF Relient K’s old-school hits to a crowd of devoted fans. Relient K and House of Heroes sang to students as the rain poured down, never dampening the mood of the exciting evening. STUDENTS GATHER AROUND AS A break dancer shows off his skills at the annual Student Activities Block Party. The Block Party was the kick-off to the school year as students said goodbye to summer and hello to a brand new semester. COUPLES OVERLOOK THE MONOGRAM in a break between rainstorms. Student Activities offered everything from carnival rides to Domino’s pizza for the students’ enjoyment. FA L L H A P P E N I N G S



T RA D I T I O N & P R O G R E SS I O N The university held its annual Homecoming weekend on Oct. 5-6. Campus was flooded with one of the largest turnouts of alumni the school had ever seen. By Friday night, more alumni were present than the previous year’s entire attendance. Over the course of the weekend, there were numerous events for visiting alumni, families, and online and residential students. The festivities began Friday with Convocation speaker Kirk Cameron. Cameron’s visit was much anticipated, as he had never before been to the university. A dinner in the Hancock Welcome Center, evening dessert reception, and the annual Homecoming bonfire were also hosted Friday evening. The excitement continued the next day. Saturday morning kicked off with the Deep Hollow Half Marathon and 5k Trail Race at Camp Hydaway, followed by the annual Homecoming Parade. One of the main events that day was the football game. A total of 18,000 fans packed Williams Stadium to cheer on the team as they defeated Gardner-Webb 42-35 in their first Big South Conference clash of the season. Homecoming was a mix of past, present, and future as the Alumni Relations Office honored alumni but also showcased where the school was headed.

“It was fun because I saw my school get into the spirit of Homecoming, and they did a really good job of getting everyone excited for the game.” -Sophia Payne, SO

“It was such an honor to be on the SGA float and, because I am a transfer student, Homecoming really made me feel like I was part of the community.” -Karen Figueroa, SO

“Homecoming was fun because my mom is an alumna, so she came and we tailgated. My mom loves coming back on campus, especially since I go here. I think it makes it extra special because now when she comes on campus, she can see my residence hall, meet my friends, and see what has changed since she attended the university.” -Lindsey Roberts, FR














2012 SCARING FOR FORTY YEARS TO WIN SOULS Scaremare celebrated its 40th anniversary in October, by doing what it did best. The event focused on exposing the harsh realities of a lost world. Student workers contrasted darkness with light by sharing the good news of the Gospel with visitors at the end of the night. Scaremare was featured in The Guardian, a U.K. news service that did a report exploring the university’s unique tradition of sharing the Gospel through haunted houses and enchanted woods. The report featured a glimpse into the FA L L H A P P E N I N G S


three different environments of Scaremare — the woods, the houses, and the “preaching tents” where volunteers presented the Gospel message. “Scaremare was frightening, but not as scary as I anticipated. It was a great bonding experience, and I also realized that the intent of Scaremare was not to scare people into salvation like I originally thought,” freshman Lauren Brahman said. Through the span of four decades, Scaremare equipped the university with a tool to share the love of Christ with more than 300,000 people; 26,000 of whom made decisions to follow Christ. During its 40th year, more than 26,000 people heard the Gospel; 3,000 of those accepted Christ.

“After feeling so scared and being exposed to such creepy things for over an hour, it was nice to be reminded of God’s love for us. The young man who talked to our group did a great job with his presentation.” -Jacki Quinlan, Online, GR



Students entered the Vines Center expecting a spectacular show, and Switchfoot intended to give it to them. During the performance, lead singer Jon Foreman jumped down from the stage into the crowd. As soon as Foreman maneuvered his way into the mass of crazed fans, many of those who had shied away from the more expensive tickets quickly decided the extra cost would have been well worth it. They did not have to regret their decision for long though, because he walked past the floor seats, climbed over the barrier, and stepped into the regular seats. “I was so impressed with how Foreman wasn’t afraid to interact with the audience. He walked through the crowd and sang to them individually.

He allowed them to sing into the microphone, as well,” said sophomore Sarah Heil. The inclusiveness seemed to be the feel for the entire night. “I loved the whole thing, especially when he got into the crowd! It made the concert so much better and more fun,” said freshman Elena Howell. Despite Switchfoot’s success as a Christian band as well as a respected mainstream band, Foreman spoke, sang, and acted as if he was no different than anyone else in the auditorium. The entire night was charged with a contagious energy.


The Student Government Association (SGA) raised awareness for human trafficking Sept. 1721, during Human Trafficking Focus Week. Events included prayer walks, documentary screenings, and stations with statistics and information. The SGA partnered with Freedom 4/24 (a local nonprofit organization), International Justice Mission (a human rights agency), and Exodus Cry (a nonprofit organization based in Missouri). Many students participated in prayer walks around campus and read the startling statistic that 27 million people around the world were enslaved by human trafficking. The documentary

screenings of “Not for Sale” and “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” impacted many students with the grave reality that the sex trafficking industry was thriving — not only internationally, but also within the United States. “‘Nefarious’ was very eye-opening. I really appreciated the perspectives of the psychologists; it showed me how things like abuse and low self-esteem can lead a woman to sell her body,” said junior Carolina Candamil. Students stayed after the screenings to talk with Exodus Cry and Freedom 4/24 representatives about missions trips, raising

awareness, and helping girls escape from the sex trafficking industry. “Watching ‘Nefarious’ was an awakening. I saw how there is not one nation that is exempt from human trafficking, and humans worldwide have a cry for freedom. I gained an understanding of how women and children are seen as price tags or merchandise, rather than flesh and blood. It broke my heart to hear statistics and stories, to see the faces of those who have been oppressed and trapped by human trafficking,” said junior Jessica Skean.



“God moved miraculously that night, and the band’s songs touched my heart. The fact that everyone was in unison with the worship was phenomenal. It was great to see so many people taking time out of their busy schedules to worship.” -Jasmine Thomas, FR

“It was different because there were a lot of people singing and really getting into the worship. I especially liked the smoke machines and the light show because it made it more like a concert.” -Dallas McClain, SR

T H E WATCH The Waiting Awakened to Change History (WATCH) was a prayer group that met every Tuesday evening in the Prayer Chapel. For six years, the WATCH provided students with the opportunity to come together to worship, engage in intercessory prayer, and passionately pursue God. The meeting began each week with raw worship, putting away the microphones and electric guitars, just to use a cajon drum, acoustic guitar, and the voices of students, crying out to their Lord and Savior. “What I most enjoy about the WATCH is that it’s a place where you can truly experience freedom of worship and prayer. I love that there is a deep passion for prayer and for pursuing God as a group,” said junior Melissa Moon. “I started coming to the WATCH as a freshman. It was a gathering where I realized what it meant to be intimate with God … I learned how to pray corporately. Coming here, worshiping, and encountering God has taught me so much.” -Andrew Jones, SR



When students walked into Campus Church on Oct. 17, the excitement and energy grew as they packed the floor and balcony of Thomas Road Baptist Church. The announcer walked on stage and informed the student body that the doors would be shut, phones must be turned off, and above all, they must sing as loud as they possibly could. The live recording of the newest Campus Band CD and DVD was about to start. Campus Band members wrote nine of the fourteen songs, and the entire student body had the opportunity to be a part of the recording. Prior to this CD, Campus Band had released two other CDs entitled “Uncover” and “One.” When the recording began, it was obvious that both a CD and DVD were being recorded. But, as time passed, people forgot that they were being recorded and simply worshiped. “Before the night of the recording, I would get a little nervous because it was live,” said lead female vocalist Lauren Sweeney. “But honestly, that night, the fact that we were recording was the farthest thing from my mind. It was a real time of worship for all of us, and our focus wasn’t on it being recorded. Our focus was on Jesus, and singing His praises.” Even when the recording stopped, the students were not finished. As soon as Worship Pastor Justin Kintzel concluded with the closing prayer, a student yelled out “Happy Day! Happy Day!” Sweeney said, “My hope for the recording of this live album was that God would use these songs for whatever He desired. That they would bring Him glory and really touch the hearts of anyone that hears them.” The new Campus Band CD and DVD were released in April after much anticipation from the student body.


ST R E E T S Hundreds of students crowded in front of the Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center on Monday, Nov. 26, sipping hot cider and snacking on gingerbread cookies. They waited with anticipation as the choir sang Christmas carols on the steps and prepared as Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. walked to the podium to announce the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. The spirit of Christmas arrived on campus as the main 30-foot Christmas tree and all the trees lining University Boulevard lit up with festive lights. Choir member and sophomore Bree Jordan said of the caroling, “It is more relaxed than your average concert. Our conductor even told us, ‘When you are singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” don’t even try to sound good. Just have fun!’”



“I was there for School Counseling Program Development and Evaluation with Dr. Shellenberg and Sue Freyre. I enjoyed the faceto-face interaction with the faculty and students that I normally only interact with online. I met some very nice people that I believe will continue to be part of my life for years to come.” -Calandra Edmond, Online, GR

“My intensive was Foundations for Educational Leaders, taught by James Sweezey. This course was not only useful for the classroom, but also for my life. I have really enjoyed putting my mind back to work, learning new things, writing long essays, and creating lesson plans. The class gave me the understanding I needed to set up an actual classroom and be an excellent teacher.” -Lisa Parrott, Online, SR

“This past fall semester I took Human Sexuality. The opportunity to come to campus and participate in a traditional classroom setting is such a blessing! It has changed the way I view my entire academic experience. I no longer see myself as simply an ‘online student.’ I now feel a true connection to Liberty University.” -Nicole Bauer, Online, GR

“I took Theological Survey I and loved it! The professor, Dr. Etzel, was great at teaching so much material in such a short time. He covered all the important topics and I walked away with a better understanding of the subject.” -Alyssa Clisso, Online, SO



“The thing that hit me the hardest during Spiritual Emphasis Week was that it related to everyone. Girls on my hall were saved, yet it still related to someone like me who has been saved for a majority of my life. Spiritual emphasis week taught me to expect the Lord to do big things, and that God can use everyone where they are at and accomplish great things.” -Rebekah Mlinek, SR



“Spiritual Emphasis Week is always very challenging. This year, the Lord used Clayton to convict and encourage us. The most influential aspect for me, personally, was the worship. It’s great to be reminded of who our God is through worship. Clayton’s message on Joseph had some very applicable points regarding how to stay focused this semester.” -Ben Whittington, SO

“One thing I learned was how the Lord uses every situation that you are in for His glory and for your preparation. Just because you are going through something that isn’t ideal doesn’t mean that God is punishing you; it means He is preparing you.” -Liz Haberman, SR

“Clayton King was really good. I learned a lot of practical skills through studying the life of Joseph. Specifically things like how to get through the trials in my life; discouragement isn’t always a negative thing. God’s plans are always for good.” -Emily Wilson, JR

“Spiritual Emphasis Week really reminded me that if you are being obedient to God and surrendering it all to Him, you can’t fail. Also, seeing a young man get saved right in front of me — the joy and freedom in his voice — truly reminded me of the unfathomable gift of salvation. It truly impacted my walk with Christ.” -Erica DiBartolo, SO

END IT MOVEMENT Thousands of students attended Louie Giglio’s Passion Conference in Atlanta, Ga., in January. Passion focused on freeing victims of sex trafficking through the ‘End It Movement.’ A group of students affected and inspired by Passion decided to bring awareness to the university through its very own ‘End It Movement’ event. They worked with the Student Government Association (SGA) and Campus Church to set up numerous prayer stations for

a prayer walk at Thomas Road Baptist Church on Feb. 13. Dr. Ben Gutierrez spoke to students about ending the injustice. Many videos were shown that exposed, through the eyes of its victims, the harsh realities of sex trafficking. “It was astonishing to see all the things that are going on that aren’t publicized,” senior Hope Woodson said. The service prompted many students to consider how they could get involved and provide hope for victims of sex trafficking.

“It was incredible to see how hard everyone worked. Everyone that was a part of this event has a heart for this cause. I could not be more proud that Liberty has so many people on campus that love these victims who are being abused by traffickers. It is amazing to see God use students for His cause.” -Alex Langley, SO

“The event was very eye-opening. Being in America, we don’t understand the reality that some people are still in slavery.” -Jordan Fulton, SR

STUDENTS TAKE THE PLUNGE The 32-degree day was no match for the students who plunged into the freezing cold water at Camp Hydaway on Feb. 16 for the fifth annual Hill City Polar Plunge. Entrants supported Special Olympics Virginia by raising a minimum of $50 and participating in the “coolest” event of the year. Polar Plunge began in 1993. Since then, more than 33,000 participants have raised over $7.5 million for Special Olympics Virginia. This was the fifth consecutive year that Special Olympics Virginia partnered with the university’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) to use Lake Hydaway as their chilly destination. This year, the 133 participants raised just under $14,000. “The Hill City Polar Plunge was a great

success, especially considering the obstacles going up against us. It was absolutely freezing, and it snowed all day! Even when we plunged at 2 p.m., there was snow coming down all around us and into the lake,” PRSSA member and junior Olivia Witherite said. Participants braved the weather as they enjoyed entertainment provided by three local bands, food from Sodexo and Wal-Mart, drinks from Starbucks, and the warmth of a bonfire. “I support the Polar Plunge because it is a great way to bring people together to support a fantastic organization. So many people from that program have touched my life; this is just one small way I can return the favor!” Junior Lillie Happel said.

“This was my first time participating in the Polar Plunge. I really enjoyed the event and plan on making it an annual thing. It was something I had always wanted to do, and this year I decided to do whatever it took to attend. I love what Special Olympics does!” -Lucas Dutil, SO

“Having the Special Olympics athletes at the Polar Plunge was awesome; we got to hang out and hear some of their stories. These athletes inspired me because they don’t allow intellectual disabilities to stop them from achieving their dreams. They are definitely heroes in my mind.” -Cameron Schieldt, SR












Every month, Student Activities hosted the Campus Artist Series. This event allowed bands and performers of all skill levels and styles to showcase their talent to the student body. Performances varied monthly, from coffeehouse-style acoustic to hard rock. Love was in the air on Feb. 14, as Chasing the Horizon, Color Me Valiant, and Bring the Arsenal took the stage. Although their musical styles were not what one might expect on the day of sweethearts and stuffed animals, students enjoyed the electric guitars, drums, and loud vocals that boomed through the speakers at the Tilley Student Center. The loud music, crowd, and energy created the feeling of a hard rock concert. Despite the nontraditional approach, the goals of these bands were the same: to share the love of Jesus Christ.


“Our goal is unquestionably to spread the gospel. We want to spread the gospel to a harder-rock music scene that, as a whole, sees religion as a vice. Our goal is to reach the young people who feel this way with our biblicallysound, heavy music,” said junior Joshua Rowland, lead singer of Color Me Valiant. Although the bands wrote most of the songs they performed, Chasing the Horizon did a cover of the popular song “Love Story,” by Taylor Swift, in honor of Valentine’s Day. “I like how versatile every band was,” said freshman Brooke Tweddell. “They each had a unique quality that made them different and awesome.” The Campus Artist Series provided students with an opportunity to enjoy a variety of styles of music performed by their friends and classmates.

HILL CITY SCAVENGER HUNT Students arrived at the Tilley Student Center on Saturday, Feb. 9 with car keys in hand, ready for the fourth annual Hill City Scavenger Hunt. Each team consisted of four members who were given a map of Lynchburg, a list of rules, and a sheet with their team number. Each clue was worth a set amount of points and the first group back to the Tilley by the timed deadline was declared the winner. While one person was designated driver, another person was in charge of the phone, as text messages were sent which contained bonus point trivia questions. When the hunt began, chaos ensued. “I ended up being my group’s driver, and I now see being a professional

stunt driver in my future. My whole team was extremely competitive; we were yelling at each other,” said Christiann McNew. Students traveled around Lynchburg searching for clues, and tension was in the air as Student Activities tallied the points. “Even though my team didn’t win the big prizes, we still had so much fun,” said McNew. “I’ll definitely do it again, but my team is going to have to work on strategy next time.” Student Activities hosted many creative events for students to participate in throughout the school year.


B R A N D U P DAT E The immense growth of the university was not only evident to the university’s students and faculty, but to the rest of the nation as well. It was no longer a vision; it was a reality that reached much farther and wider than many people ever imagined. In the 2012-13 school year, it was the world’s largest Christian university and nation’s largest private, nonprofit four-year college. This larger sphere of influence and recognition led the university to refresh the university’s brand. Brand changes included an updated and revised monogram and logo for the Liberty Flames Sports Network, refinements to wordmarks, and a bolder look for the

well-known Flames eagle logo. Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., said in an interview with the Liberty News Service, “As we continue to set the bar high and lead the way in many athletic and academic endeavors, we are confident that this step will ultimately result in greater brand recognition — when people hear of LU, they will think of Liberty University.” The designers ensured that the new marks (logos) were updated to follow modern design trends, without straying far from the classic image of the university. After months of design work and prototypes, the result was a new and improved image with the same purpose — Training Champions for Christ.


Liberty Blue PMS 282



L i b e r t y Re d P M S 1 87











“Our campus is changing and our programs are changing, but our mission to Train Champions for Christ stays the same. … We are implementing a more modern, refined, and refreshed appearance without straying too far from Liberty’s classic look.” -Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.


Light Blue PMS 283

Charcoal G ray PM S Cool G ray I I


TIME LINE 2012-13



AUGUST SCHILLING CENTER RELOCATION Due to construction of the Jerry Falwell Library, the Schilling Center was moved to Green Hall. The original building was demolished the previous year. The new Schilling

CHICK-FIL-A EXPRESS A Chick-fil-A Express opened in the Tilley Student Center for the fall semester. Students were able to use meal points and Flames


as well as official university sports

A rooftop patio on DeMoss Hall

team practices in August.

was accessible to students at the beginning of the fall semester.



Benches, tables, chairs, and lookout


decks allowed students to enjoy the

since 2007 at various locations

beautiful views of campus and the

on campus, including Founder’s

Blue Ridge Mountains.



enjoyed menu

Food Court and the Vines Center Concourse.




Center was home to the only Chick-fil-A on campus that year, although a second location was planned to open in coming years.


students for recreational purposes

cash at the new dining location. fil-A’s


Center was opened to residential



DUNKIN’ DONUTS ON CHAMPION CIRCLE Champion Circle welcomed Dunkin’ Donuts in October. Students lined up out the door to order delicious donuts, coffee, and pastries on opening





replaced the Keyhole Convenience

The Liberty Mountain Intramural

use meal points and Flames Cash.

Complex August

was near

Store but still allowed students to






Road and U.S. 460. Two artificial

The Quality Inn on Odd Fellows

turf fields, a softball field, and two

Road was purchased in October.

beach volleyball courts replaced the

The Quality Inn was used to house

smaller intramural fields adjacent LIBERTY MOUNTAIN

students whose former residence

to East Campus. The new complex SNOWFLEX CENTRE TUBE RUN featured a Navy SEALs-inspired Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

halls were torn down to make room

sand pit called “the Patch” to help added a 525-foot tube run to its train sports teams to use their body facilities in September. This run was


weight as resistance.

for the new high-rise residence halls Champion



halls M01-04 were the first to be

the steepest of three at Snowflex.


Safety rails were added to the

plan for the new towers.




conveyor lift to ensure protection for visitors going to the top of the tube run.

ST U D E N TS’ T H O U G H T S O N C A M P U S CO N ST R U C T I O N “The DeMoss Hall rooftop is a great use of space. You can get a 360-degree view of Lynchburg, campus, and the surrounding area. It’s a nice place to just get fresh air and hang out with friends.” -Amy Fox, SR

“One of my favorite parts of God’s creation is the sunset. I love having a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the top of DeMoss.” -Mary McCloskey, Online, SR

“The demolition of the circle dorms took us by surprise mid-semester. A lot of our unified hall was split up, but one of the positives is that the rooms at the Quality Inn are more spacious. It’s also a little bit more homey.” -Chris Holland, JR

“Chick-fil-A Express in the Tilley has been a benefit for students because Flames Cash is accepted as payment.” -Justin Henderson, Online, JR






held on Nov. 9 for the new Center for Medical and Health Sciences. The

The men’s and women’s basketball

center would be located on Liberty

teams were excited to have a new

Mountain overlooking campus and

place to practice during training

U.S. 460. The College of Osteopathic

seasons. The university showed its

Medicine and School of Health

commitment to the NCAA Division I

Sciences would utilize the new


center upon completion in Fall 2014.

teams by building a practice facility

Current and prospective students,

behind the Vines Center in January.





community were able to enjoy the


state-of-the-art Hancock Welcome


Center on Dec. 14 when it officially

Sears building of the River Ridge

opened for its first public event.

Mall in October. It was acquired to

The center included lounges, a

temporarily house non-academic

banquet hall, innovative technology,

departments while buildings were

counseling rooms, and a patio for


visitors to enjoy views of the Blue






on campus. The school planned to turn the building into a civic center for the city of Lynchburg after construction of departments was finished.



Ridge Mountains.


APRIL LIBERTY BASEBALL STADIUM The first game held in the new baseball





was a 4-1 victory against Penn State.






press box, office facilities, weight

Construction for the Jerry Falwell

room, two suites, a clubroom, and


2,500 seats for spectators. The stadium also boasted major-league inspired dugouts and four indoor batting tunnels. The stadium was completed in June.











2012 Spring



the was


erected behind DeMoss Hall where

The Matthes-Hopkins Track Complex

Jerry Falwell Library, honoring the late

was originally built in 1989. It received

Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., was scheduled to

a $2 million renovation before the

be finished in Spring 2014.

the Schilling Center used to stand. The

spring track season. The outdoor track was located around the soccer field in Osborne Stadium behind Williams Stadium. Liberty hosted the 2013 Big South Outdoor Track and Field Championships on April 18-20 when the new track was unveiled.

ST U D E N TS’ T H O U G H T S O N C A M P U S CO N ST R U C T I O N “I think that the new Center for Medical and Health Services is a great way to expand the university’s professional programs. Liberty has always been known for ministry training, sports, and more, but it’s not as well known for medical training.” -Steve Simkins, Online, SR

“I liked that they used almost every part of the Hancock Welcome Center for the Ladies of Liberty event in the fall. A lot of girls came out and it was awesome! I can see it being used for student activities as well as visitors for years to come.” -Holly Green, JR

“The new baseball stadium is definitely going to attract top-level talent and bring more money into the university. It helps in our attempt to get into a better athletic conference.” -Zacchaeus Carouthers, Online, JR

“I think the construction of the library will most greatly impact students. It will give students more variety in literature and will be yet another place to go and work when dorm life is too distracting.” -Tonya DeCindio, Online, SO












D e a n Ke i t h A n d e r s o n Election Party YEAR IN REVIEW


Ka ra S m i t h E m i l y B u r ke Liberty University took the 2012 presidential election very seriously by providing shuttles to local rallies, hosting speakers from all points on the political spectrum, and asking students to fill out voter registration forms. Residential students turned in 3,000 new voter registration forms during the fall semester. As a result, Lynchburg had a 10 percent increase in registered voters from the previous presidential election in 2008. In total, 3,347 students voted at the Vines Center, the university’s voting precinct, on Nov. 6. “I actually really enjoyed standing in line talking with people and sharing with each other. Seeing the polls so busy made it feel like my community was making a difference,” sophomore Jess Clark said.

Au s t i n Co o m b s Jacob Diehl Liberty students’ votes were split between the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian candidates. Romney received 93 percent of the votes, Obama received more than 4.5 percent, and Gary Johnson received close to 1.5 percent of the votes. “I waited in line to vote at the Vines Center on the morning of Election Day. This was my first major election that I could vote in, and it was well worth waiting to make my voice known,” senior Carissa Bennett said. “While leadership is important, one man is not going to change the nation. God working in the hearts of His people will be the change for the nation. A new president is a new opportunity to show respect and to love those who disagree with us,” junior Andrew Todd said.



“I wanted to go to the March for Life event because I believe that a fetus is a person, and I want the government to be aware of the number of Americans who believe that every person has a right to life. The most powerful moment that day was turning the corner and seeing the Capitol building over the hundreds of thousands of people who braved the cold to stand up for what is right. It made me feel like we could make a difference.” -Michaela Whittaker, FR “I went because I knew that this would be one of those events in life I wouldn’t want to miss, especially because it was the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Reports showed that this was the largest human rights protest in the world, with 650,000 in attendance.” -Chris Monroe, FR “The reason I wanted to go to the March for Life is because people need to stand up for the weak and for those who are being oppressed. The greatest genocide of all of human history is being waged against the unborn. The most powerful moment that I experienced that day was when the snow was falling as we marched. It was so beautiful and pure. It was a reminder that though our sins as a nation are like scarlet, God can make them as white as snow.” -Sean Maguire, SR

“The most powerful moment was when women went on stage and said they regretted having an abortion. I wanted to attend the event because not only am I a leader in a pro-life club, but I am a survivor of an abortion.” -Taylor Farley, FR “The most powerful moment was definitely seeing the line of men and women with signs that said ‘Men Regret Lost Fatherhood’ and ‘I Regret My Abortion’ receiving warm hugs in the bitter cold from marcher after marcher as snow fell around them. The marchers were broken with them – not condemning them, but offering hope.” -Eli McGowan, SO

FLAMES AID HURRICANE SANDY VICTIMS One of the most devastating natural disasters of the school year was Hurricane Sandy. This event hit seven East Coast states in October, causing thousands of people to lose their homes. According to Lori Baker at the university’s registrar, 2,460 resident students and 5,788 online students were affected by the storm. Massive amounts of destruction and heavy victim tallies demanded action, and on Jan. 5-12, the university sent 43 people to answer the call. Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff from the Center for Ministry Training partnered with the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia and the North American Mission Board to help victims in Staten Island, N.Y. They gutted water-damaged houses, set a foundation on which homeowners could begin reconstruction, and prepared and distributed meals. “We had the opportunity to show love in a tangible way to survivors of a terrible disaster,” senior Caleb Serafini said. “It was an honor to represent Christ to these survivors by physically helping to rebuild

their homes and encouraging them emotionally and spiritually.” The members of this team understood what Jesus meant when he said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35). Many other students responded to the call through donations, prayer, and mission trips. “Since I’m in the Midwest, all I got was a thunderstorm. But my church held a collection and sent several bags and boxes of food, toys, and clothes to the East Coast through the Salvation Army,” online student Donna Miller said. The university’s Athletics Department also donated $14,419 to Gleaning for the World through the Flames’ #FillTheBill campaign. Gleaning for the World used the funds to transport $193,000 worth of supplies to the areas that were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. The university took advantage of the opportunity to share the love of Christ by serving those affected by the tragic event.

M i s sy B r ya n t , M a t t C l a r ke, & G ra c i e E r w i n

AT H L E T I C S SPORT S HAVE ALWAYS been something that brought students to g e t h e r. W h e t h e r one par ticipated or watched , ever yone was united by Flames pride. Residential students tailgated, painted themselves , and made signs, while online students traveled from far and wide to experience the energy and excitement that only a football victor y could provide. Online s t u d e n t Te s s R a i s e r, who traveled from N .C ., said , “ We enjoyed the marching band ’s performance, the energy in the stadium, the flames that shot out of the scoreboard at ever y touchdown , and , of course, watching the Flames take the victor y! ”



After receiving its fifth Big South title in six years, the football program also received media attention from the New York Times. In an article entitled “In Virginia’s Hills, a Football Crusade,” author Bill Pennington tells of Liberty’s vision from the beginning — “to do for evangelical Christians in the 21st century what Notre Dame football did for Roman Catholics in the 20th.” With Coach Turner Gill as their leader, the Flames took one more step toward fulfilling that vision while still holding tight to their tradition of being Big South

champions. Liberty finished the season with a 6-5 overall record, a 5-1 mark in Big South play, and its fifth Big South title. Although the season had a rough start, it had a strong conclusion. The team won six of its last seven games against many high caliber teams, including a victory over VMI that resulted in their Big South title. “I think that this season was significant to us because our team realized that it isn’t about how you start a season; it’s about how you finish the season,” said freshman quarterback Josh Woodrum.

“One significant thing about the season was how easily the team and coaching staff molded together. The team chemistry was incredible and such an encouragement. We came as teammates, but we are leaving as forever brothers.” -John Lunsford, FR

9 Pa t Ke l l y Two -ye a r C a p i t a l O n e Ac a d e m i c A l l A m e r i c a n Fo o t b a l l D i v i s i o n I f i r s t t e a m by t h e Co l l e g e S p o r t s Information Directors of America. L i b e r t y 4 2 , G a r d e n e r -We b b 3 5

“Some advice that I would give to my team for future seasons would be this: press toward the mark. Don’t be afraid of achieving whatever goal that you have for yourself and enjoy every moment — because once it’s over, it’s over.” -Aaron Lundy, SR

Students cheering L i b e r t y 2 8 , S to ny B ro o k 1 4 F O OT B A L L


4 5 D ex t e r H e r m a n , 27 J a c o b H a g e n , & 9 9 Co r y F r e e m a n L i b e r t y 2 1 , C o n co r d 1 3

A FRESH START The women’s team welcomed new head coach Jeff Maren in 2012. His expertise and belief in the players’ abilities encouraged them to pursue excellence individually and as a team. “While college tennis is a team sport where each match counts as a point for your team, tennis is very much dependent on the individual,” sophomore Brittany Yang said. “In singles, you are on the court by yourself so you have to learn how to think through situations on your own and be self-motivated. Doubles is similar to typical team sports because the players work together. But tennis differs overall from other sports because there is no time limit on a match — it could last anywhere from one hour to six hours depending on the score.” This pressure and unlimited amount of time required athletes to be both mentally and physically strong.

“At least 90 percent of tennis is from the neck up. It is a mental sport. The slightest amount of negative energy can throw off a player’s timing, rhythm, and focus. Tennis is a precise sport with a small margin for error,” said junior Jessie Boda. Tennis players had to constantly focus on the next point and continue to think positively. This motivation often came from their fellow teammates and most importantly, from their head coach. “We are extremely thankful to have Coach Maren this year, since he provided us with a fresh start. His unwavering belief in our team and the tennis program can only lead to success. He works really well with the girls and is an all-around positive influence in our lives,” said Yang. The new beginning for both the players and the coach provided a solid foundation for future seasons.

“The Lady Flames Tennis team really has come through a lot of adversity. Even though we have won and lost our fair share of matches, this team has an inspiring will to win. No matter how many times we get knocked down, we keep getting up.” -Rebekah Jenkins, JR

“Coach Maren has changed our team’s way of thinking. We have confidence in our game because he knows what he is doing and his knowledge of the game has helped us to compete at a higher level than ever before.” -Valerie Thong, FR

J e s s i e B o d a a n d B r i t t a ny Ya n g L i b e r t y 7, P re s by te r i a n Co l l e g e 0

N i ko l a We l l m a n L i b e r t y Fa l l C l a s s i c TENNIS

Rebekah Jenkins L i b e r t y 7, P re s by te r i a n Co l l e g e 0


S t a n Va u g h a n L i b e r t y 6 , E a s te r n Ke n t u c ky 1

Jorge Azuero L i b e r t y 6 , E a s te r n Ke n t u c ky 1

Te a m P raye r L i b e r t y 7, M o r g a n S t a te 0


Diversity was common among the men’s tennis team; players came from all over the world to become Flames. “Five of the ten players on our roster are from foreign countries,” freshman Egon Samaai said. “I am amazed at how well the players on this team get along, considering our different nationalities, personalities, and cultures.” Samaai was from Paarl, South Africa. His first collegiate season began on a high note when he was named the Big South Men’s Tennis ‘Freshman of the Week’ for his victory against Bluefield State. The Flames swept Bluefield State 7-0 in the season opener. The win set the tone for the rest of the year. It was clear from their perfect match — winning all three doubles matches and each of their six singles contests — that the Flames were prepared for nothing short of a victorious season. “The team chemistry among the guys has never been as good as it is this year,” junior Stan Vaughan said. “We have a group of godly young men that keep one another accountable.” Chemistry formed a strong bond within the men’s team, preparing them for the challenges and matches they faced.

S i i m Tu u s L i b e r t y 7, M o r g a n S t a te 0

9 J o h n ny To r r e s L i b e r t y 3 , Vi r g i n i a Te c h 0

15 Uriah Bentick L i b e r t y 0, G a r d e n e r -We b b 0

3 Ky l e B r e i t m eye r L i b e r t y 1 , A m e r i c a n U n i ve r s i t y 0 “This was a significant year because we saw a lot of young guys step up. They had about a month to mature during preseason and then we threw them in the fire. Also, it was great being under the leadership of our captain, Greg White. He invested so much into every single teammate, which allowed us to grow on and off the field.” -Samuel Chappell, JR

WELL-EARNED RECOGNITION The men’s soccer team concluded their season with an overall record of 8-7-3 and 6-1-3 in Big South play. Two-time captain Greg White received much-deserved recognition after being named the 2012 Big South men’s soccer All-Conference first team for the first time. White started every game of his collegiate soccer career and played every minute during the 2012 season.



Three other players, forward Kyle Breitmeyer, defender Uriah Bentick, and midfielder Richard Nyarko, were named to the Big South second team. Breitmeyer was the team’s leading scorer with seven goals and 15 points, five of which came from Big South play. All of the players were recognized as crucial during the season.

ON A MISSION The Lady Flames had a winning season with an 11-7-3 record and a 5-4-2 in Big South play. The team tied the 2001 team for third highest record in the women’s soccer program. Four girls received Big South honors; defender Lauren Stell was named to the conference’s first team while goalkeeper Karen Blocker was named to the second team and allacademic team honors. Forward Jamie Bouffard and midfielder Brittany Aanderud were both named to the all-freshman team. Blocker said, “Despite us falling in the quarterfinals, I believe this season was a

success. We had some big wins and big games with high level teams. We were recognized on, which published a national article on Liberty’s women’s soccer putting “our faith into practice.” In other words, a secular renowned soccer website reported our Christ-centered mission statement and how we play for our Lord.” Throughout the season, the girls kept their focus on the most important thing: Who they were playing for. Not only did this result in a successful record, but also a successful mission.

“This season was truly unique because of the tremendous unity we experienced as a team. It’s a blessing to be a part of such a strong unit with the unifying factor being Christ. I love knowing that I have 25 sisters that love and support me, soccer or no soccer.” -Lauren Stell, SR

“The most memorable game of the season was our home match against George Washington University (GWU). It was the first game that our team played at East Campus. No one knew exactly how we would manage playing on the large, turf field, and we knew we needed to start off with a win there. We worked hard to preserve a shutout; God blessed us with a 1-0 win and my first collegiate goal.” -Jaime Bouffard, FR

12 Rebekah Page L i b e r t y 5 , P re s by te r i a n C o l l e g e 1

8 M e g a n Wa r n e r L i b e r t y 4 , U S C U p st a te 0

7 B r i t t a ny A a n d e r u d L i b e r t y 2 , S o u t h C a ro l i n a 1

LOOKING FORWARD This season could be described in one word: potential. As a young team, consisting of only two seniors, the Flames learned to utilize the skills of the returning players while developing the abilities of newcomers. Senior Tavares Speaks ended his collegiate athletic career on a high note. He led the team in steals, free throw attempts, free throws made, field goal attempts, and field goals made. He also contributed to the historic trio of 20-point performances in the Campbell defeat (89-72) on Jan. 29. Speaks, junior Davon Marshall, and junior John Caleb Sanders all scored more than 20 points in the same game – the first time in five years that phenomenon had occurred. Sophomore Andrew Smith also had his five minutes of fame in the same game, as his block and fast break layup was featured as

No. 7 on ESPN Sports Center’s Top 10 Plays. The mix of a few older, experienced players with those who were eager to prove themselves created a team that was ready to compete. Their promise as individuals and as a unit was clear in their victories against Southern Virginia, Coastal Carolina, Longwood, Campbell, Radford, and Gardner-Webb among others. Freshman Larry Taylor said, “This team has a huge amount of talent and our players work extremely hard every day – no matter what. The coaching staff does a great job of preparing us each and every day.” The encouragement and hard work mixed to produce a season worth celebrating, as the Flames were Big South Champions and made it into the first round of the NCAA Tournament.


John Caleb Sanders L i b e r t y 8 1 , M i l l i g a n 63

D avo n M a r s h a l l L i b e r t y 6 4 , Co a st a l C a ro l i n a 5 6

“I really enjoy attending the basketball games because there is never a dull moment; the lead could change at any time. I love the constant energy of the game itself.” -Jenny Schiappa, SO

“I attend basketball games because I have school spirit, and I understand how much it affects the players to have excited fans supporting them.” -Daniel Kelly, FR

“I like basketball because it’s a competitive, contact, and aggressive sport. The players on the team, such as Biggs, Marshall, and Speaks are really down to earth. I like to go to the games to show some love and maybe even catch a T-shirt.” -Monteria Peyton, SO

L a r r y Tay l o r L i b e r t y 76 , S o u t h e r n Vi r g i n i a 5 1 M E N ’ S B AS K E T B A L L


JR Coronado L i b e r t y 1 0 4 , U n i o n 67

Lady Flames reach out to community C h i l d re n ’s B a s ke t b a l l C l i n i c



Te a m h u d d l e w i t h l o c a l c h i l d r e n C h i l d re n ’s B a s ke t b a l l C l i n i c


3 0 B r i t t a ny C a m p b e l l L i b e r t y 7 8 , G a r d n e r -We b b 6 1

PURPOSE To the Lady Flames, being on a team meant more than just winning games. Being on a team required every member to give their time and energy, both on and off the court. The team focused on representing Christ in games and everyday life. “We have done several team community service projects. Since I’ve been on the team, we’ve gone to a nursing home to play bingo with the elderly. This year, we have incorporated what we call ‘reading buddies.’ This involves us going to elementary schools and reading with the kids, mentoring them, and helping them with classwork,” said senior Terika Lunsford. These young women knew that they were living for a greater purpose — a purpose that they pursued, unified as a team. Through their actions, they not only represented Christ, but also served Him. As it says in Matthew 25:40,

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Lunsford said, “Community Service has definitely opened up my eyes to see that there is always something that you can be doing to help someone out. I really enjoyed giving back to the community, and I definitely will continue doing so post-graduation.” On the court, the women also used their athletic abilities to be a light for Christ. Their skill and unity as a team led them to an amazing season, as they received their 15th Big South Championship title in the previous 17 years, were the NCAA Division I national leaders in rebound margin for the second consecutive year, and had an overall record of 27-7. The Lady Flames were also ranked No. 16 in the final Women’s Mid-Major Top 25 poll of the season.

FANS SUPPORT THE LADY FLAMES “I love the enthusiastic environment that basketball games provide while being able to spend time with my friends.” -Camille Piccirillo, SR

“I love the fast pace of the game and how it’s back and forth — it keeps you on the edge of your seat.” -Sara Cabell, FR

“I’ve been to probably three-fourths of the home basketball games. I like sitting up top to see all the plays develop. It’s also a fun way to hang out with friends. Gotta support your Liberty Flames!” -Michael Suto, SR

11 Julia Winn L i b e r t y 9 5 , Vi r g i n i a U n i o n 3 9

FIELD HOCKEY The university’s newest Division I sports team, field hockey, quickly earned its place as a respected program. The Flames concluded their second season with an overall record of 16-6-0, more than doubling the number of wins from the previous season. They also earned the NorPac Eastern Division title (7-1-0). Two major contributors to the winning season were freshmen Natalie Barr and Sarah Gipe. Gipe was named to Virginia Sports Information Directors (VaSID) second all-state team, while Barr earned first team all-state honors. Barr became the first field hockey player in the program to earn such a title. She concluded the season with a team best of 16 goals, eight assists, and 40 points. Her finish of two points per game placed her in the number one slot of all Division I freshmen in the nation.

“This season was such a blessing. It is amazing to see where we’ve come since the first field hockey team in 2011. God is doing amazing things through our team; it is cool to see how much we’ve improved in just two years. It is exciting to think about the years to come.” -Abby Batdorf, JR

“I think the most significant thing this season was competing against, and even beating, teams who were ranked higher than us. We are a young team, and we can learn so much by playing teams who are more experienced. Overall, we were delighted with our season, and that our hard work and commitment paid off.” -Natalie Barr, FR

18 Jordan Richardson L i b e r t y 2 , Lo n g wo o d 0

15 Erin Dombach Liberty 3, La Salle 1 FIELD HOCKEY AND C R O S S CO U N T RY


2 0 M e r c e d e s Cox L i b e r t y 4 , D av i d s o n 0

N g e t i c h K i p c h i r c h i r, J e r e m i e B o u r g e t , Z a c h B a r ke r, a n d C a l e b E d m o n d s Vi r g i n i a Te c h A l u m n i I nv i t a t i o n a l


After hundreds of miles and hours of conditioning, the men’s crosscountry team took first place in the Royal Cross-Country Challenge as well as the Big South Cross-Country Championship. The women also took first place in the Big South Cross-Country Championship and second in the Adidas Invitational versus Winthrop. “After winning Big South, we looked back at our regional race when we thought we would be lucky to get in the Top 10, but ended up finishing seventh and beating some very tough competition. Our team overcame many obstacles and we look forward to the 2013 season to hopefully repeat as Big South Champions and make it to the national race for the first time,” said sophomore Nate Jones.

Athletes desired to succeed in order to help their team, but also strove to break personal and school records as individuals. “The most significant race I had was when we went down to Charlotte, N.C. for an 8k … I finished with a personal best of 25 minutes and 10 seconds, which was slightly over a minute faster than my previous best time,” Jones said. Liberty redshirt senior Jennifer Klugh also had a significant season. As the second Lady Flame to compete in the NCAA Division I CrossCountry Championship, Klugh concluded her collegiate career with many accomplishments. She set four school records and won 10 individual Big South titles.

B e t e l Yo s e f, J e s s i c a G a s s , K h r i s t i n a Ka n a g y Vi r g i n i a Te c h A l u m n i I nv i t a t i o n a l

Ka t i e R u s s o Vi r g i n i a Te c h A l u m n i I nv i t a t i o n a l


BALLGAME The Flames ushered in their new season, as well as the new Liberty Baseball Stadium, with three straight victories against Penn State on Feb. 23 and 24. These victories set the stage for the rest of the season, equipping the players with confidence and motivation. The new stadium more than doubled the amount of chairback seats in the previous facility and the AstroTurf field both allowed the university to host more games and required less maintenance. “The new stadium affects us in many ways. It shows us that Liberty truly cares about athletics, particularly baseball. It also gives us motivation to win and show people what Liberty is about,” sophomore Carson Herndon said. “We know what fans, students, and administrators expect out of us and the new stadium gives us a greater opportunity to represent our school.” More than 2,500 fans packed the brand new stadium, cheering on the team as they defeated Penn State in their opening game. The crowd support, brand new playing field, and betweeninning events energized the team and inspired them to give their all during the game. “The crowd is a huge factor in a baseball game. Feeling support and encouragement from fans really pumps us up. It gives us a sense of pride and confidence, knowing people are into the game and rooting for us,” Herndon said. The stadium provided an exciting and professional environment for both the players and the fans, and the energy and adrenaline set the stage for a fantastic season.

3 Josh Richardson L i b e r t y 8 , C h a r l e sto n S o u t h e r n 2

1 9 B r ya n A a n d e r u d L i b e r t y 8 , C h a r l e sto n S o u t h e r n 4

“The three wins during opening weekend were huge. To open the stadium with a sweep is big for history’s sake and also gives us confidence to keep playing well.” -Alex Close, SO

“The new stadium has had many effects on the team. Attendance at games has been very high this year, which brings energy to the team during home games. The stadium brings confidence to the team in a sense that we are becoming a ‘big time’ program. It will also help us to get national recognition, bring in better recruits, and put Flames Baseball on the map.” -Ashton Perritt, SO

1 0 Tr ey W i m m e r L i b e r t y 6 , A r my 4 B AS E B A L L


26 Dalton Britt L i b e r t y 8 , L o n g wo o d 1

B a s e b a l l Te a m P raye r L i b e r t y 4 , P e n n S t a te 1

10 Holly Seiz A s s i s t a n t C o a c h Tu e s d ay Va n E n g e n L i b e r t y 8 , P re s by te r i a n 6

6 S a m m i S h i vo c k L i b e r t y 1 0, H a m p to n 1

1 1 B l a i r L aw r e n c e L i b e r t y 8 . P re s by te r i a n 6 SOFTBALL


A LIGHT 9 Ke l by A l l e n L i b e r t y 7, R a d fo r d 0


The Lady Flames knew that a victorious season would not be possible without unity. They began the year with one common goal and worked toward it with every practice, game, and tournament. “This year we are an extremely young team. Our starting lineup has two returners in it. It has been a challenge, but we are all bonding well as a team and are building each other up in Christ. It’s great to see all the girls work toward one goal,” junior Katie Zavodny said. The team welcomed new members with open arms, developing the foundation for a united team. “Coming onto this team as a freshman walk-on, I did not know what to expect. But this team is unlike any team I have ever played for. The chemistry is the best of any team I have ever been on. We love each other and we look out for one another on and off the field,” freshman Holly Seiz said. This camaraderie constantly reminded the girls that it was only through unity that they would be able to accomplish their goal. They did not just desire victories on the field; they hoped to share the love of Christ with everyone they met. “What makes this year’s team significant is that we are all pushing toward the same goal, which is to bring honor and glory to our Savior,” Seiz said. “We have one goal this year and that is to be a light in the darkness,” Zavodny said.

“As a team, we really focus on showing the love of Christ and giving God the glory, whether we win or lose. On the field, we try to keep things in perspective because it really is just a game. However, it’s a game we love and we want to honor God through it.” -Chandler Ball, SO

“My team is very special to me. We are a very tight-knit group of girls who hang out on and off the field. We push each other to become better athletes and bear one another’s burdens as teammates and sisters in Christ. Our team truly lives out this year’s verses — Romans 12:4-5.” -Jill Stephens, SR

2 3 Ka s s i d y M c C oy L i b e r t y 8 , P re s by te r i a n 6



The Lady Flames Lacrosse team began its fourth year as an NCAA Division I program with 10 new members. “The rookie rush is what happens when freshmen come into college play,” junior Jen Moyer explained. “They have the enthusiasm and excitement that upperclassmen sometimes lose over the years. They have inspired a new attitude on our team — incorporating the passion of a rookie with the skills of a veteran.” These new additions inspired the upperclassmen with a renewed desire to lead. The returning members saw it as their responsibility to lead the team and be examples to the younger players. “Having a young team has been great because it really challenges the upperclassmen. This is my last season to play lacrosse, so I really want to leave a legacy with the team. Although records and individual accomplishments are great, I want to leave an impact on the girls and coaching staff,” senior Chloe McIntosh said. Although the girls had their differences, they were united by a common goal. “We want to stop being just the ‘nice team,’” Moyer said. “Yes, sportsmanship is very important, but we want to be the ‘nice team’ that is going to defeat all of our opponents. Proverbs 27:17 is our team verse and it is our goal to sharpen each other on and off the field — physically, mentally, and spiritually. It means critiquing our faults and being mentally tough enough to become better players and sisters in Christ.”

1 5 N a t a l i e S i l ve r s L i b e r t y 1 2 , Wa g n e r 1 1

“It is important to have goals because it gives our team something to work toward. Goals push us to be the best we can be and make us realize that every sprint, lift, and practice is all worth it.” -Kristen Masullo, JR

“Having a young team has challenged me to be a better example for the underclassmen. This year’s team has enough faith to move mountains. Of my three years being part of the lacrosse program, this year was the smallest in numbers, but the closest in community.” -Nina Dunay, JR

2 1 Ka l l i e B r i t t o n L i b e r t y 1 2 , Wa g n e r 1 1 L AC R O SS E


23 Amber Nichols L i b e r t y 1 6 , P re s by te r i a n 1 0

24 J e n M oye r L i b e r t y 1 6 , P re s by te r i a n 1 0

1 3 J a d e C rayc ra f t , 1 Ke n d l e R o l l i n s , 9 A n s l ey G e b b e n Liberty 3, James Madison 0

2 1 Lo r e n T h o m a s , 1 3 J a d e C rayc ra f t L i b e r t y 3 , U N C A s h ev i l l e 0

Lady Flames huddle with Head Coach Shane Pinder L i b e r t y 3 , G a r d e n e r -We b b 0 VO L L E Y B A L L



CLOSER For the second year in a row, the Lady Flames concluded their season with the title of Big South Champions. This was the program’s seventh title, with a season overall record of 25-8 and 12-2 in Big South play. Although their season came to a close in the first round of the NCAA tournament, the loss not only ended a successful season, it ended a 10-0 winning streak. The team experienced victory after victory, which only fueled their desire to keep the trend going. “We had a very successful season. Our goal every year is to get another chance at the NCAA

tournament and eventually win a first round. We won Big South and competed with Minnesota, one of the top teams in the Big 10. Every year that I have been here, we’ve gotten a little closer,” setter Jade Craycraft said. Craycraft contributed greatly to the team’s successful season. Craycraft claimed her second Top Performer honor from the ‘Collegiate Volleyball Update’ and was voted Big South Tournament MVP. Caroline Douglas also proved to be a strong asset to the team, as she led them in three categories: attacks with 454, points with 491, and kills with 454.

“The most memorable match this season was the Big South Championship against Coastal Carolina. It was full of emotion because everything we had been working for came together at the perfect time during that game.” -Caroline Douglas, FR

“This past season was incredible. The team dynamic changed a lot since seven new freshmen were brought into the mix. We all clicked way better than we could have planned. By the end of the year, we were putting everything we had out on the court for each other.“ -Becca Haraf, JR

4 A l l i e R ey n o l d s , 2 1 Lo r e n T h o m a s , 1 3 J a d e C rayc ra f t , 2 0 B e c c a H a ra f, 12 Lillie Happel L i b e r t y 3 , P re s by te r i a n 0

BREAKING BARRIERS Emily Duff Liberty 164, Duquesne 98

The Lady Flames concluded their spring season by earning second place at the 2013 Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association (CCSA) Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships for the second consecutive year. Their conference record was 9-1, while their overall was 14-2. The Lady Flames set new school records while building unbreakable friendships during year-round training and hours of time spent together. This camaraderie was one thing

that freshman Laura Day immediately recognized when she joined the team. “We’re more of a family than any other team I’ve been on,” Day said. “Prior to coming to Liberty, I hadn’t trained with many people that were motivated to work hard and get better. It’s different here, and that pushes me to improve.” In only three short years as a NCAA Division I program, the swim program established itself as a force to be reckoned with.

“I believe we have grown a lot as individuals. Collectively believing in the vision of this university, our swimming program has taken a huge step toward our goal of becoming one of the top 25 programs in the nation.” -Bethany Wakeley, SR

Rachel Nelson Liberty 119, Marshall 81

“Something significant about this team is that everyone is motivated to do their best. There is very little negativity on our team, which is refreshing. Competing and training at Liberty has taught me that swimming can be a positive, rewarding sport.” -Emilie Kaufman, JR

S a ra h Ke n d r i c k Liberty 164, Duquesne 98 SW I M M I N G A N D G O L F


Niklas Lindstrom

M a x M c Kay

ON THEIR OWN The thrill of the game motivated the men’s golf team toward their goal of competing in nationals. “This season is significant because we have a chance to go to nationals as we did last year, which would be a big accomplishment for our team,” junior Chase Marinell said. “We hope to win the Big South Conference and have a fun, memorable year, by glorifying God through the gift of playing golf.” The men focused on their individual techniques and skills during practice to make their dream of heading to nationals a reality. “Training consists of practicing all facets of the game; this takes many hours of practice,” senior Max McKay said. “The fact that it is only you and the golf ball makes golf different than other sports. A competitor typically influences your next move in most sports, but in golf, you are in complete control of your own game,” junior Niklas Lindstrom said. “When standing over the ball, you know what is expected and

what to do; you can only blame yourself for a bad shot.” The team traveled to 20 invitationals, championships, and conferences across the country on their journey toward nationals, improving with each competition. They hoped to continue their success from the previous season by adding in new players and further developing the skills they had cultivated the year prior. “We are coming off the most successful golf season in our school’s history,” Lindstrom said. “It is always tough to begin the season with high expectations, but I’m positive that this team has what it takes to get back in the same shape we were in last season.” The Flames sought to prove they were top-level competitors by entering into the NCAA Regionals on May 18 as the No. 8 seed and finished the tournament No. 11 out of 14. “I love the competition. There is nothing like playing in a tournament with a chance to win,” junior Jacob Mast said.

Chase Marinell

“Our main goal this year is to make match play in the national championship. From there, anything can happen.” -Max McKay, SR

“Golf requires a lot of patience. By relaxing my body and staying focused on what I can control, I have the best chance to play well. All I can do is focus on one shot at a time, and do my best.” -Jacob Mast, JR

M a t h i e u Fe n a s s e

Jessica Harrison Liberty Quad

Tr evo r H o p e Liberty Quad T R AC K & F I E L D


Jocelyn Williams Liberty Open

FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS Competitors stepped onto the track, ready for a new season — ready to compete. With the guidance of their physically and spiritually-gifted coaches, the team harnessed individual talents to bring the team to victory. “The qualified coaches served as true role models of the Christian faith. Their doors are always open to encourage, rebuke, console, or help in any way that will bring us closer to Jesus. They honestly care about us as people, not just as athletes,” said senior Paul Arslain. This genuine care led the athletes to respect and honor their coaches both on and off the track. Through their example, track student-athletes learned that track is much more than a competition. They saw their meets as mission fields. “Track is second to them; faith is first. They prayed not only for a victory, but also that we would be a light to other teams,” said sophomore Mychelle Cumings. The coaches mentored the athletes during the season. Their desire ran much deeper than simply winning; they coached hoping that the athletes would follow in their footsteps to become men and women of God.

“This team strives to compete at the highest level, but we also look to glorify God while doing so.” -Roderick Spruel, SR

Harrison Allen L i b e r t y K i c ko f f

“I think the most significant thing about this team is that we are becoming closer daily. … We spend more time in prayer than ever before, and a lot of individuals are stepping up on the team, both athletically and spiritually.” -ConRoy Smith, JR

“The coaches are spiritual and athletic mentors. They are more concerned about us becoming like Christ than they are about us succeeding on the track.” -Kevin Reddington, SR


SPORTS A R C H E RY | B E AC H VO L L E Y B A L L | C R E W | D I S C G O L F | G Y M N A S T I C S L AC R O S S E | D1 H O C K E Y | D2 H O C K E Y | D3 H O C K E Y | VO L L E Y B A L L | PA I N T B A L L R ACQ U E T B A L L | S K I & S N OW B OA R D | TA E K WO N D O | T R I AT H L O N U LT I M AT E | W R E S T L I N G | F I G U R E S K AT I N G | S Y N C H R O N I Z E D S K AT I N G The year marked the fifth that Kirk Handy served as the director of Club Sports. During that time, the program increased five-fold. “We started with six teams and 90 athletes,” said Handy, the university’s ACHA DI men’s hockey head coach and senior director of campus recreation. Over the year, more than 500 student-athletes participated in the 31 club sports. Combined, they competed in 328 total events — 191 at away sites and 137 at facilities on campus or in the surrounding area. The program experienced tremendous levels of success wherever they went, with 10 men’s teams and six women’s teams represented at national competitions. At the May 1 Club Sports end-of-the-year banquet, some of those teams and individuals were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Senior 235-pound wrestler Andrew Wilson’s individual championship at the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) tournament in Allen, Texas, helped the Flames repeat their third-place team finish, earning him Club Sports Male Athlete of the Year honors. Senior gymnast Jill Wippermann placed sixth in the all-around at the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs Championships in Minneapolis, Minn., giving her the honor of Female Athlete of the Year. Senior snowboarder Eden Jones received the Outstanding

“What I love about Club Sports is having the opportunity to be part of a family while playing a sport [beach volleyball] that I love. Because it is a club sport, I also have time to get involved in other activities around campus.” -Gabriela Reda, SO



“I love the friends that I have made through Club Sports. It is nice to be able to share a hobby with others while dealing with the demands of college life. It is also enjoyable to be on a team that not only has a passion for synchronized skating, but also a passion for Christ.” -Leah Cowen, FR

Performance of the Year award for her fourth-place showing in slopestyle at the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA) Nationals at Sun Valley, Idaho. The women’s Division I hockey team was selected as Club Sports Team of the Year. Meanwhile, men’s lacrosse head coach Kyle McQuillan was named Club Sports Coach of the Year. He led the university to its first Southeast Lacrosse Conference tournament title and the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) Division I national tournament berth, where the Flames advanced all the way to the semifinals. Three members of the men’s archery club — Alex Blake, Ian Rigney, and Robert Costello — took home the only Club Sports national team trophy of the year. They captured the Men’s Team Compound crown at the Oct. 19-21 United States Collegiate Archery Association 3-D National Championships in Columbia, Mo., with Rigney and Blake also finishing first and third, respectively, in the individual Men’s Compound Division. Meanwhile, graduate student Danielle Thompson claimed a third-place prize in Women’s Bow Hunting for the Lady Flames and teamed with Sam Hatcher of the men’s squad to place second in the Mixed Team competition.

“I balance school and sports [synchronized skating] by writing out a detailed schedule of when I have practice and classes. As a premed student, I have little time for anything other than studying and classes, but I try to set aside time each week to just have fun.” -Jennifer Goette, FR

“Lacrosse is a great game because it is fast, physical, and technical. There is always something exciting going on that keeps the athletes, coaches, and fans tuned into the game, waiting to see what happens next.” -Travis Briggs, JR

“Participating in gymnastics has improved my self-confidence. I have learned to trust myself, as well as God, and improved my ability to focus.” -Selena Bale, FR

“ I ’ m p ro u d to re p re s e n t t h e m e n ’ s L a c ro s s e te a m a t L i b e r t y. I wa s d raw n h e re by t h e g re a t co a c h e s a n d p l aye r s w h o h ave b u i l t t h i s p ro g ra m . We h ave a l l t h e ava i l a b l e a s s e t s to be a championshipc a l i b e r s q u a d n ow a n d i n t h e ye a r s to co m e .”

B e a c h Vo l l ey b a l l


Pa i n t b a l l

Men’s Lacrosse

F i g u r e S ka t i n g



J a m e s M a d i s o n a t E VA to u r n a m e n t M a rc h 2 3 , 2 0 1 3

VOLLEYBALL The Flames exceeded expectations in Division IAAA of the April 4-6 National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF) national championships at the Dallas Convention Center, finishing fifth out of 24 teams in their bracket. The team entered the tournament with a 7-19 record that made them the 20th seed. After going 4-1 in pool play, the Flames lost to top-seeded Iowa State 19-25, 29-27, 15-9 in the single-elimination playoffs. “Our work as a whole for the three days was probably some of the best volleyball we’ve played all year,” said head coach Bryan Rigg, who was encouraged by the Flames’ performance under fire. Liberty won four of its five matches in Thursday’s and Friday’s pool play to advance to the Gold Bracket, or championship flight, before falling to the eventual tournament champion Cyclones in the first round. After reaching the Silver Bracket of the Division IAA tournament in 2012 in Kansas City and the Gold Bracket of Divison IAAA in Texas during 2013, the Flames then focused on competing in the Division IA bracket of the 2014 nationals in Reno, Nev.

P ra c t i ce o n E a s t C a m p u s Fe b . 2 7, 2 0 1 3


SNOWBOARD R a i l J a m Fe b. 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 Six members of the ski and snowboard team traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho, for the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association national championships. Four men’s snowboarders finished fourth as a team in the slopestyle competition and Eden Jones placed fourth out of a field of 52 riders from 18 schools in the women’s event. Junior Tim Steltzer placed 12th out of 40 skiers in the men’s individual slopestyle event after winning the Big Air competition. At the April 27 fourth annual Dew Games hosted by Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, six riders with university connections placed in the top three in various events. Jon Steltzer finished first in the Ski Rail Jam and second in the Ski Big Air contest, while his older brother Tim was second on the rail and third in the air. Ryan Leeds, a graduate student and former club rider at Liberty University, placed third in the Rail Jam. In the women’s competition, Jessica Woody won the snowboarding Big Air event, edging Lauren Longfield, the women’s Rail Jam winner. Jordan Cummings was runner-up to Longfield in the Rail Jam.

R a i l J a m Fe b. 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 C LU B S P O R TS




Vi r g i n i a Te c h A p r i l 2 7, 2 0 1 3

A week after being edged out by Virginia Tech’s men’s varsity four boat by 0.9 seconds at the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association (SIRA) Championship Regatta in Oak Ridge, Tenn., the Flames got a rematch with the Hokies in a dual meet at Ivy Lake and made the most of it, winning two races in a bestof-three contest to help them come out on top in the team competition. This time, led by captain Connor Houston, the team got out to a faster start in the 1,000-meter race, half the distance of typical spring championship regattas, and held on. The team used the same tactics to win the majority of its races against Tech in a rare home regatta that served as a tune-up for the women’s lightweight four and novice four teams that traveled to the Dad Vail Regatta, May 11-12 in Philadelphia, Pa. and the men’s lightweight four and varsity four boats that competed in the American Collegiate Rowing Association national championships, May 25-26 in Gainesville, Ga.

Vi r g i n i a Te c h A p r i l 2 7, 2 0 1 3


Vi r g i n i a Te c h A p r i l 2 7, 2 0 1 3

Vi r g i n i a Te c h A p r i l 2 7, 2 0 1 3

Vi r g i n i a Te c h A p r i l 2 7, 2 0 1 3

CREW A highlight for the Lady Flames came at the Head of the South held Nov. 10 in Augusta, Ga., where they broke program records twice and medaled in two events. In the women’s varsity eight, the team won the silver medal in a six-boat field, shattering the program record with a time of 18:41.19. This was the first varsity medal finish for the university in women’s eight competition. Later in the day, the Lady Flames beat in-state rival Virginia Tech head-to-head in the championship women’s eight division, breaking its record once again with a time of 18:34.07. The Lady Flames won by more than 90 seconds. The women’s novice eight also made program history by claiming its first medal in that division, earning silver against 14 boats after narrowly losing to the University of Georgia by 14 seconds in 20:10. In the women’s championship four division, the Lady Flames split races against Virginia Tech. The team’s novice rowers competed against the Hokies’ top four varsity rowers but still came out on top by 32 seconds in 21:20.


J a m e s M a d i s o n Fe b . 8 , 2 0 1 3

We st Vi r g i n i a U n i ve r s i t y Fe b . 1 5 , 2 0 1 3

HOCKEY The Division I team concluded its season ranked 13th in the American Collegiate Hockey Association DI poll after a 7-4 setback to Ohio in the second round of the national tournament. The Flames experienced a rollercoaster season, winning eight games in a row to open the year, capped by 12-1 and 11-2 routs of Robert Morris at the LaHaye Ice Center, before losing nine of the next 10. Their lone win during that stretch took place on Oct. 27 at LaHaye, when they upset Ohio, then the top-ranked team in ACHA DI, 4-3, ending the Bobcats’ 11-game winning streak. The team started 2013 with a 4-3 shootout loss at No. 1-ranked Arizona State before rallying from behind to sweep Arizona, 7-6 and 7-5. On Feb. 1, it defeated ACHA DI champion host Delaware, 5-2, snapping the Blue Hens’ eight-game streak. It was Liberty’s 12th victory in the previous 15 games. Individually, a highlight for the Flames came in the ACHA DI all-star game, hosted by Ohio on March 16. Senior forward Rick Turner, who finished fourth in ACHA DI with 75 points (43 goals, 32 assists), won the All-Star “Shootout,” placed second in the “fastest skater” competition, and scored a goal for the winning side in a 12-9 triumph.

We st Vi r g i n i a U n i ve r s i t y J a n . 1 2 , 2 0 1 3



S l i p p e r y R o c k U n i ve r s i t y N ov. 3 , 2 0 1 2

The Lady Flames’ DI Hockey team was ranked No. 1 in the American Collegiate Hockey Association Division I national polls for the final two months of the regular season. They advanced to their first national tournament championship game in program history on March 10 before suffering a 2-0 loss to Minnesota, a team they had dominated 6-0 in the third round of pool play. The team (29-3) finished as ACHA DI runner-up, as the Golden Gophers (22-4-1) had in 2012, improving on its previous best fifthplace national tournament showing from the year before. The road to the final took the Lady Flames to Boston, where they edged defending ACHA DI champion Northeastern, 4-3 on Oct. 14. It wound through Wisconsin, where they split two games with Minnesota, and stopped in Chicago, where Liberty split two heated matches with Robert Morris Illinois, the team it survived, 2-1 in double overtime, in the national semifinals. Senior forward Stacey McCombe, the university’s leading scorer, and sophomore goalie Samantha Rupp, who recorded four shutouts and a 1.05 goals-against average, made the ACHA DI first team.

Co l o ra d o S t a te U n i ve r s i t y Fe b. 1 , 2 0 1 3 C LU B S P O R TS



LACROSSE The Flames (18-2) ended their season ranked No. 3 in the nation after advancing to the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) Division II national tournament semifinals. The team, which will move up to MCLA Division I next season, captured its first Southeast Lacrosse Conference (SELC) North West Region regular-season title by rallying from a three-goal deficit to defeat defending champion Elon, 11-10, in their home finale. The team later captured its first SELC Division II tournament crown to secure a bid to the MCLA DII nationals in Greenville, S.C. The Flames trailed by three goals before nipping both North Dakota State, 12-11 in overtime, and No. 12 Grove City, 10-9 in the quarterfinals. They then overcame an 8-4 halftime deficit to take undefeated, defending national champion St. Thomas (Minn.) to overtime before falling, 10-9. Freshman Ryan Miller finished in first place among all MCLA Division II scorers with 105 points. The Flames landed three players on the all-tournament team — senior attack Joe Gargiulo, freshman faceoff specialist Charles Fianko, and junior defender Nathan Lowmaster. Six players received All-American recognition — Miller (first team), freshman Bryce Mrakovich and sophomore Ethan Kamholtz (second team), junior Kurt Tobias (third team), and Lowmaster and senior Mike Zumpano (honorable mention).

Q u a d M e e t Fe b. 1 6 , 2 0 1 3

Q u a d M e e t Fe b. 1 6 , 2 0 1 3

M i d -At l a n t i c C o n fe re n ce M a rc h 2 , 2 0 1 3

Co l l e g e o f C h a r l e sto n 1 2 - 6 Fe b 1 7, 2 0 1 3

Co l l e g e o f C h a r l e sto n 1 2 - 6 Fe b 1 7, 2 0 1 3

WRESTLING Seven All-Americans, including senior 235-pound national champion Andrew Wilson, helped the Flames repeat their third-place performance at the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) championship tournament, March 16 in Allen, Texas. One year after his national runner-up showing at heavyweight (285 pounds), Wilson (24-2), a senior from Anchorage, Alaska, was named the Flames’ Club Sports Male Athlete of the Year after edging LindenwoodBelleville’s Dustin Fullerton, 3-2 in the final. Junior Aaron Thompson, the defending national champion at 197, and 157-pound freshman, Marcus Miller, earned second-place finishes while Royal Brettrager (184) and Bobby Clymer (165) each overcame injuries to place third. At 174, junior Keyshaun Ward took fourth along with Chase Boontjer, who wrestled in the same weight bracket as Miller. The team’s 130.5 points gave them a slight edge over fourth-place Lindenwood-St. Charles (128.5), the team that defeated the Flames in the NCWA National Duals final held Jan. 19 in Dalton, Ga. At that meet, the Flames, the defending champions, rallied to upset top-seeded University of Maryland-Baltimore County in the semifinals before falling to second-seeded Lindenwood-St. Charles in an NCWA National Duals finals rematch, 30-19.



“Since I am from California, I love that I can still play beach volleyball on the courts that we have here. It’s a great outdoor sport that I loved to play in high school.” -Hannah Richards, JR



“The most enjoyable part of intramural soccer is the option to hand pick a cutting-edge, competitive, and skilled team.” -Daniel Niño, SR

“I have participated in intramurals for six semesters. I like intramural sports because they involve running and are fast-paced.” -Michael Cone, SR

“It doesn’t matter what level of competition I am playing, it always brings me joy to win and to give my best.” -David Niño, SR

“Playing on an intramural team is so much fun because it is a way to keep playing the sport [basketball] I grew up with, while still having time to get all my homework done.” -John Stockwell, JR

“The best thing about s o cce r i s t h e d i f f e re n t s t ra te g i e s . E a c h g a m e i s u n i q u e, s o t h e t a c t i c s w i l l a l way s c h a n g e . I a l s o l ove t h e f a c t t h a t eve n t h o u g h o n e te a m m ay l o o k b e t te r o n p a p e r, t h e o t h e r te a m s t i l l h a s a c h a n ce to w i n .”

DA N I E L H A N N A , J R

CO N N E R H I G H , J R


“ I ’ ve p l aye d vo l l ey b a l l fo r e i g h t ye a r s a n d u s u a l l y p l ay s e t te r fo r my co e d b e a c h vo l l ey b a l l te a m . T h e b e s t p a r t o f i n t ra m u ra l s p o r t s i s g e t t i n g to p l ay w i t h f r i e n d s a n d m e e t n ew p e o p l e. I n t h e f a l l s e m e s te r, my te a m m a te s a n d I we re i n t ra m u ra l c h a m p s ! ”

“ I e n j oy t h e te a m a s p e c t o f u l t i m a te. I t is unique because it is re fe re e d by t h e p l aye r s t h e m s e l ve s a cco rd i n g to a co d e o f co n d u c t called ‘the spirit of the g a m e.’ B e c a u s e o f t h i s , u l t i m a te i s a u n i q u e l y p o s i t i ve ex p e r i e n ce fo r t h e p l aye r s , co m p a re d to o t h e r s p o r t s .”

REFERENCE THE UNIVERSITY WAS not blind to the fact that it had been blessed with growth and prosperity over the course of the ye a r. Fa c u l t y, s t af f, and students knew that these blessings were meant to be shared. The Community C a re I n i t i a t i ve (C C I ) was launched at the beginning of the fall s e m e s te r. T h e CC I created “care projects� as opportunities for students to minister to t h o s e i n t h e Ly n c h b u r g area. By the end of F e b r u a r y, m o re t h a n 70 projects were completed, totaling 2, 255 hours of service. Students heeded the call to be Champions for Christ in the Ly n c h b u r g c o m m u n i t y through the CCI.


volleyball (L-R) Front row: Assistant Coach Jennifer Vaden, 5 Kimberlyn Schindler, 25 Rachel Smoltz, 11 Brooke Schneider, 8 Gabrielle Shipe, Head Coach Shane Pinder, 20 Becca Haraf, 4 Allie Reynolds, 9 Ansley Gebben, 22 Haley Jeffcoat, and Assistant Coach Rebecca Rudnick; Back row: Assistant Athletics Communications Director Joe Carmany, Student Equipment Manager Logan Shackleford, 2 Caila Stapleton, 13 Jade Craycraft, 7 Melissa Racz, 1 Kendle Rollins, 21 Loren Thomas, 23 Erica Manor, 12 Lillie Happel, 6 Lauren Bosché, 10 Caroline Douglas, 15 Monica Johnson, Assistant Athletic Trainer Erin Moore, and Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Williams. football (L-R) Front row: 1 Ryan Ayers, 2 D.J. Abnar, 3 Kevin Fogg, 4 Bobby Partilla, Korrey Davis, 6 Josh Woodrum, Head Coach Turner Gill, 7 Kirby Anderson, 8 Brent Vinson, 9 Pat Kelly, 10 Gabe Henderson, 11 Sorie Bayoh, 11 Damarcus Faison, 12 Terrell Hackney; Second row: 13 Darrin Peterson, 14 Javan Shashaty, 14 Kenny Scott, 15 Greg Pratt, 16 Demetrius Ward, 16 Jaquan Glover, 17 Elliott Dutra, 18 Brian Hudson, 19 Walt Aikens, 19 Austin Kaigler, 20 Aldreakis Allen, 21 Randy Spann, 22 Dallas Griffiths, 23 D.J. Edmond; Third row: 24 Sirchauncey Holloway, 26 Desmond Rice, 26 Tyler Rhyne, 27 Jacob Hagen, 28 Dashawn Goodwin, 28 Nico Johnson, 29 Miles Hunter, 30 Scott Hyland, 30 Kendrick Couamin, 31 Andrew Jauch, 32 Chris Mayo, 33 Jimmy O’Grady, 34 Marques Jenkins, 35 Matthew Baptiste, 36 Darec Brooks, 37 Charles Williams; Fourth Row: 38 Brennan Landis, 38 Thomas Nelson, 39 Grant Bowden, 40 Kendall Couamin, 41 Nicky Fualaau, 42 Justin Gunn, 42 Aaron Sassaman, 43 Aaron Dial, 45 Dexter Herman, 45 Nick Sigmon, 46 Francis Bah, 48 Peter Gagliardi, 48 Zachary Schreiber, 49 John Lunsford, 50 Richard Wright, 52 Chima Uzowihe, 53 Zach Erickson; Fifth row: 54 Kevin Widener, 55 Chase Griffiths, 56 Greg Ray, 57 Nick Martin, 58 Greg Schuster, 59 Dylan Lewellyn, 60 Bryant Lewellyn, 61 Gerald Holt, 64 Hunter Steward, 65 Ethan Callison, 66 D.J. Sellman, 67 Trevor Jenkins, 68 Jay Weatherington, 70 Doug Mulhollen, 72 Stan Herring, 73 Mitch Hanson, 74 Andre Mondor, 76 Grant Jones; Sixth row: 77 Malcolm Boyd, 78 Aaron Lundy, 79 Aharown Campbell, 80 Dante Shells, 81 Garrett Long, 82 Brandon Apon, 83 Ryan Ferguson, 84 Ryan McCarter, 85 Branden Francis, 86 Michael Johnson, 87 Christian Griffith, 88 Andrew Cordasco, 89 Canon Smith, 90 Dominique Davis, 91 Dylan Bowman, 92 Nolan Spicer, 94 Toby Onyechi, 95 Matt Stokes, 97 Jibrille Fewell, 98 Max Sommer, 99 Cory Freeman; Seventh row: Assistant AD for Football Operations Paul Rutigliano, Director of Recruiting Adam Godwin, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Bill Gillespie, Athletic Trainer Jesse Cops, Athletic Trainer Barry Finke, Assistant Coach (OL) Dennis Wagner, Assistant Coach (Special Teams) Mike Minter, Defensive Quality Control Josh Bookbinder, Assistant Coach (Def. Coord./S) Robert Wimberly, Offensive Quality Control Adam Morris, Assistant Coach (QB) Joe Dailey, Assistant Coach (RB) Jamaal Fobbs, Assistant Coach (DL) Vantz Singletary, Assistant Coach (Off. Coord./TE and FB), Assistant Coach (LB), Carl Torbush, Assistant Coach (WR) Juan Taylor, Assistant Coach (CB) Marshall Roberts, Football Video Coord. Danny Wenger, Director of Spiritual Development Dr. Ed Gomes, Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Williams, Head Football Equipment Manager Mike Morris; Eighth row: Equipment Manager Shane MacGregor, Equipment Manager Ryan Carr, Equipment Manager Ben Petersheim, Equipment Manager Tom Cirbus, Athletic Trainer Suzy Lipscomb, Athletic Trainer Laura Vencill, Athletic Trainer Joey Lyons, Athletic Trainer Mark Perdew, Athletic Trainer Dan Brandon, Athletic Trainer Erika Pardo, Athletic Trainer Ashley Saunders, Athletic Trainer Tatyana Lopez, Athletic Trainer Cherone O’Dellas, Strength & Conditioning Coach James Whitner, Strength & Conditioning Coach Mark Saeler, Strength & Conditioning Coach Ana Middleton, Strength & Conditioning Coach Andrew Long, Strength & Conditioning Coach Julie Anderson, Strength & Conditioning Coach Donna Barber, Strength & Conditioning Coach Jesse Irizarry, Strength & Conditioning Coach Colin Dugan; Back row: Student Manager Charlie Skalaski, Student Manager Gavin Blake, Student Manager Clay Copeland, Student Manager Heather Bernhardt, Student Manager Will Stevens, Student Manager Tom Bell


kent state

uncg L north carolina central elon

& mary jacksonville columbia ucf saint francis william



marshall L

2-3 3-0 3-0 3-1 3-2 3-1 3-2 3-0



virginia tech L virginia L georgetown

W W james madison W gardner -webb W unc asheville L vcu L radford

3-2 0-3 1-3 2-3 3-1 3-0 3-0 3-0 2-3 0-3


W W charleston southern W coastal carolina L presbyterian college W winthrop W radford W high point W campbell W unc asheville W high point

3-0 3-0 3-2 1-3 3-0 3-0 3-2 3-2 3-0 3-0

women ’s soccer (L-R) Front row: 3 Alex Mack, 12 Rebekah Page, 16 Johanna Kern, 13 Crystal Elmers, 8 Megan Warner, 15 Casey Norris, 23 Dawn Elmers, 18 Jaime Bouffard, and 28 Hannah Myers; Second row: 27 Jordan Custer, 19 Jenna Fraser, 21 Rebeccah Smith, 2 Maddie Boone, 5 Madison Short, 6 Kelly Henion, 22 Lauren Stell, 14 Sarah Robinson, 20 Emily Hoy, 7 Brittany Aanderud, 17 Helena Pereira, and 24 Alanna Dunkle; Back row: Graduate Assistant Trainer Maggie Lindsey, Student Trainer Josh Carapezza, Student Manager Giovanna Arguello, Assistant Coach Tina Murphy, 9 Sarah Winship, 25 Ariana Espinoza, 26 Holly Van Noord, 1 Karen Blocker, 10 Heather Bentley, and 4 Geena Swentik, Head Coach Jessica Hain, Assistant Coach Laura Armstrong, Head Trainer Dan Brown, and Student Trainer Chantell Bennett. men ’s soccer (L-R) Front row: 14 Andrew Jones, 15 Uriah Bentick, 7 Travis Joseph, 20 Rafael Amaya, Assistant Coach AJ Madero, Head Coach Jeff Alder, Assistant Coach Dean Short, 10 Richard Nyarko, 6 Zack Clark, 21 Greg White, and 3 Kyle Breitmeyer; Second row: 25 Ernst Siaw, 12 Sachem Wilson, 24 Greg Terrell, 17 Jamie Foxwell, 22 Austin Wyman, 12 Johnny Torres, 2 Sam Duininck, 8 Juan Niño, 13 Tanner Wilcox, 16 Jacob Seabold; Back row: Assistant Athletic Trainer Dan Preusser, Student Athletic Trainer Kris Johnson, Student Manager Scott McKinney, 23 Tyler Bullock, 19 Tim Harbison, 28 Jeremy Lee, 27 Sam Chappell, 1 Scott Sutarik, 18 Clyde Glassetter,11 Blessing Tahuona, 5 Henry Reyes, Jr., Student Manager Will White, Student Athletic Trainer Logan Spiers, and Graduate Assistant Trainer Nicole Escamilla.

gardner -webb

W W presbyterian college W coastal college W minnesota L charleston southern

3-0 3-0 3-0 3-0 0-3


wake forest L norfolk state L

virginia L

montana L lehigh L gardner -webb

W W concord W coastal carolina L charleston southern W stony brook W vmi W presbyterian college

W W old dominion W pittsburgh L george washington W south carolina state W presbyterian college W unc asheville W coastal carolina L charleston southern L gardner -webb T winthrop W high point L campbell W vmi W radford T longwood L longwood T american

17-20 24-31 14-34 26-28 42-35 56-7 21-13 12-36 26-12 28-14 33-14


drexel L usc upstate


MEN’S SOCCER (8-7-3)

WOMEN’S SOCCER (11-7-3) 1-0 0-1 0-3 4-0 2-0 1-0 0-1 1-0 2-1 5-1 2-0 0-1 2-3 1-1 (2 OT) 2-0 0-1 (OT) 2-1 (OT) 2-0 0-0 (2 OT) 0-1 1-1 (0-3 PK s)

n . c . state L

0-2 W 3-0 marshall L 0-2 george washington L 0-2 howard W 3-2 coastal carolina L 0-3 richmond L 1-2 (2 OT) wofford L 0-3 campbell W 1-0 american W 1-0 presbyterian college W 2-1 vmi W 3-2 (OT) winthrop T 1-1 (2 OT) high point W 2-1 (OT) gardner -webb T 0-0 (2 OT) radford W 2-1 unc asheville T 0-0 (2 OT) winthrop L 1-2 (OT) longwood

ot : overtime pk : penalty kick

women ’s basketball (L-R) Front row: Assistant Coach Andrea Bloodworth, 3 Sadalia Ellis, 30 Brittany Campbell, 1 LaKendra Washington, 22 Tolu Omotola, 40 Devon Brown, 32 Terika Lunsford, 21 Emily Frazier, 11 Julia Winn, and Assistant Coach Heather Stephens; Second row: Head Coach Carey Green, 10 Jaymee Fisher-Davis, 5 Reagan Miller, 24 Jasmine Gardner, 55 Ashley Rininger, 44 Catherine Kearney, 34 Katelyn Adams, 14 Jessi Edmonds, 4 Ellee Rollins, and Assistant Coach Alexis Sherard; Back row: Athletic Training Graduate Assistant Amirah Muhammad, Student Manager Laura Vaughn, Student Manager Josh Brooks, Graduate Assistant Antwaun Stuart, Athletic Trainer Ben Galley, Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Williams, Director of Operations Sarah Boruta, Student Manager Steven Tuan, and Student Manager Carley Cottingham. men ’s basketball (L-R) Front row: Assistant Coach Brian Joyce, 4 Wesley Alcegaire, 15 Ethan Layer, 22 Tavares Speaks, 3 Casey Roberts, Head Coach Dale Layer, 1 Davon Marshall, 33 John Caleb Sanders, 10 Chad Donley, 13 Larry Taylor, Graduate Assistant Bryant Edwards, and Assistant Coach Vince Walden; Back row: Strength Coach E.L. Estes, Athletic Trainer Aaron Schreiner, Graduate Assistant Solomon Tat, 42 Sommy Ogukwe, 12 Tomasz Gielo, 21 Joel Vander Pol, 11 Andrew Smith, 32 J.R. Coronado, 24 Antwan Burrus, Director of Operations Matt Olinger, and Graduate Assistant Steve Tullener.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL (27-7) duquesne L grambling state

W sacred heart W texas a & m L baylor L uncg W radford W james madison W uncw W bluefield state W north carolina a &t L virginia union W vcu W winthrop W presbyterian college L unc asheville W charleston southern W coastal carolina W high point L campbell W longwood W campbell W high point W longwood W



W W unc asheville W gardner -webb W coastal carolina W charleston southern L gardner -webb W campbell W longwood W purdue L radford

46-63 81-50 68-63 55-70 60-92 76-56 67-65 60-48 84-34 82-46 56-60 95-39 76-63 90-57 49-51 75-49 92-33 76-48 63-71 65-58 91-58 78-56 67-59 97-56


69-54 69-60 75-43 55-40 68-31 88-62 78-61 70-56 54-45 43-77

MEN’S BASKETBALL (15-21) richmond L william & mary L georgetown L uc irvine


sam houston state L southern miss L morgan state L georgia state L southern virginia


howard L iona L milligan


42-84 59-71 59-68 46-64 50-64 56-74 62-67 66-67 76-51 53-60 69-87 81-63

union college

W 104-67 W 63-62 unc asheville L 69-83 vmi L 69-82 coastal carolina W 64-56 high point L 77-72 (2 OT) presbyterian college L 60-68 longwood W 74-47 charleston southern W 75-79 campbell W 89-72 winthrop L 56-66 radford W 75-70 gardner -webb L 68-71 campbell W 82-80 high point L 68-73 longwood L 101-102 austin peay W 79-73 (OT) vmi L 66-83 radford W 73-56 coastal carolina W 78-61 high point W 61-60 gardner -webb W 65-62 charleston southern W 87-76 north carolina a &t L 72-73 western carolina

lacrosse (L-R) Front row: 6 Jillian Krick, 28 Nina Dunay, 24 Jenn Moyer, 9 Kelly Garrett, 25 Alyssa Kidder, 17 Tori Schuler, 22 Kelly Belue, 2 Morgan Becker, 1 Chloe McIntosh, and 7 Caroline Milwicz; Back row: Assistant Coach Jacquelyn Duggins, 46 Juliann Elmer, 19 Sam Struss, 13 Kacie Fogle, 11 Meghan Hammond, 15 Natalie Silvers, 33 Kristin Boland, 3 Melanie Via, 21 Kallie Britton, 55 Kristen Masullo, 23 Amber Nichols, 5 Candice Parsons, Head Coach Regan Denham, and Assistant Coach Megan Harkey (Not pictured: 10 Jen Freymond and 4 Lindsey Spence). field hockey (L-R) Front row: 16 Morgan DeMann, 4 Lindsey Hanks, 5 Abby Batdorf, 18 Jordan Richardson, 3 Elly Chipman, 25 Jackie Albert, 19 Natalie Barr, 86 Brooke Morley, 6 Emily Dinsmore, 24 Nicole Simms, 8 Hannah Jones, 10 Megan Johnson, 7 Hannah Goldsborough, 1 Morgan Mummau, and 2 Hannah Doherty; Back row: Head Coach Jodi Murphy, Assistant Coach Tilly Brampton, Assistant Coach Jacki Raithel, 21 Abbey Basom, 26 Alex Hibbs, 20 Mercedes Cox, 11 Helen Doolittle, 72 Mallory Cuccio, 00 Anne Jefferis, 13 Erin Barley, 14 Sarah Gipe, 17 Ashlee Krulock, 15 Erin Dombach, Athletic Trainer Jen Tapken, SID Dwayne Groff, Manager Robert Morris, and Manager Cord Chipman.

LACROSSE (8-10) stetson

coastal carolina


navy L lafayette L delaware state

W W wagner W cincinnati L robert morris L george mason L davidson L campbell W virginia tech L presbyterian college W high point L st. francis

W W 12-11 longwood L davidson L winthrop

16-3 7-15 10-16 21-4 9-5 12-11 3-7 6-9 9-14 5-12 8-6 6-15 16-10 8-15

7-6 (2 OT) 12-19 8-17

FIELD HOCKEY (16-6) saint joseph ’s L

1-2 W 1-0 georgetown W 4-1 william & mary L 0-3 penn L 4-5 radford W 2-1 (2 OT) longwood L 1-3 robert morris W 4-2 lehigh

la salle

W W missouri state W villanova W vcu L radford W longwood W appalachian state W davidson W appalachian state W davidson W pacific W davidson W stanford L saint louis

ot : overtime

3-1 5-0 4-1 2-1 1-2 4-0 2-0 8-1 4-0 3-1 3-2 2-1 (OT) 3-1 0-3

baseball (L-R) Front row: Student Manager Jarret White, 11 Brandon Goodson, 18 Daniel Brown, 2 Brooks Roy, 15 Andrew Maudlin, 19 Bryan Anderud, 8 Nick Lasik, 6 Shawn Clowers, 16 Jared Lyons, and 1 Jake Kimble; Second row: Assistant Athletic Trainer Dan Preusser, Graduate Assistant Trainer Nicole Escamilla, Student Athletic Trainer Lauren Elliott, 36 Kyle McKelvey, Volunteer Assistant Coach Zack Haley, Assistant Coach Jason Murray, Head Coach Jim Toman, Assistant Garrett Quinn, Student Assistant Coach Doug Bream, Director of Baseball Operations Jonathan McMahon, Associate Athletics Communications Director Ryan Bomberger, and Student Manager Dan Forbes; Third row: 4 Austin Bream, 27 Blake Fulghum, 32 Ryan Seiz, 28 Nick Grant, 25 Adam Parks, 21 Nick Paxton, 33 Willi Martin, 7 Sammy Taormina, 5 Dalton Sype, 31 Matt Marsh, 26 Dalton Britt, and 3 Josh Richardson; Back row: 22 Christian Vylonis, 14 Robert Gray, 24 Justin Sizemore, 13 Trey Lambert, 12 Alex Close, 23 Carson Herndon, 34 Kody Young, 55 Patrick Bankemper, 9 Ryan Cordell, 20 Danny Grauer, 10 Trey Wimmer, and 17 Ashton Perritt. softball (L-R) Front row: 3 Alyssa DiMartino, 22 Grace Nordan, 14 Jill Stephens, 1 Marybeth Sciolino, 18 Sydnei Lester, 12 Katie Zavodny, and 6 Sammi Shivock; Second row: 11 Blair Lawrence, 15 Amber Donovan, 21 Jamie Crisp, 5 Megan Robinson, 4 Chandler Ball, 9 Kelby Allen, 2 Hanna Nichols, 24 Alexis Albert; Back row: Assistant Coach Tuesday Van Engen, Volunteer Assistant Coach Keely McMillon, Assistant Athletics Communications Director Joe Carmany, Student Equipment Manager Abbie Seale, 7 Kelsey Wood, 16 Annah Jo Brittingham, 8 Katie Han, 10 Holly Seiz, 17 Kenzie Friesen, 23 Kassidy McCoy, 20 Tara Heatwole, Assistant Athletic Trainer Dan Brown, Assistant Coach Brian Hensley, and Head Coach Paul Wetmore.

BASEBALL (29-26) south carolina L

3-4 7-8/3-2 penn state W 4-1 penn state W/W 12-3/6-1 east carolina W 14- 4 army W 6-4 sienna W 4-0 sienna W 9-0 army W 4-3 (11 inn .) william & mary L 3-5 georgia L 0-12 georgia L 1-3 georgia W 11-8 william & mary W 6-2 virginia L 2-7 charleston southern W 8-2 charleston southern W 8-4 charleston southern W 3-1 virginia tech L 6-16 high point W/L 5-4/3-5 high point L 3-9 james madison L 4-21 longwood W 8-1 longwood L/W 2-6/8-1 virginia L 0-2 south carolina L/W



coastal carolina L

coastal carolina

coastal carolina L


1-5 6-8 coastal carolina L 1-12 james madison W 12-11 (10 inn .) north carolina L 5-7 west virginia L 0-8 west virginia W 9-2 west virginia L 1-2 old dominion W 6-2 winthrop L/W 2-3/4-1 winthrop W 3-1 maryland L 3-5 old dominion W 17-10 vmi W 4-0 vmi W/W 11-6/13-7 maryland L 2-4 duke W 4-3 campbell L 1-2 (13 inn .) campbell L 2-4 campbell L 6-8 james madison L 4-13 radford L 3-6 radford W 3-1 radford W 2-1 radford L 3-6 charleston southern W 2-1 radford W 3-2

W/W 9-8/8-0 W 2-1 clemson W 8-3 south carolina L 3-19 clemson W 3-1 south carolina L 4-3

SOFTBALL (20-37) tennessee tech L eastern kentucky L siu edwardsville L iupui

W W east carolina L notre dame L fairfield L east carolina W hampton L hampton W manhattan W n . c . central W unc wilmington L n . c . central W n . c . central W ucf L fairfield

3-10 (8 inn .) 0-4 3-4 5-2 9-8 (8 inn .) 1-12 (5 inn .) 2-10 (5 inn .) 2-12 5-4 8-10 (8 inn .) 10-1 (5 inn .) 7-0 8-4 1-3 4-1 16-3 (5 inn .) 0-3

swimming (L-R) Front row: Hannah Wakeley, Erin Curry, Cori Gary, Katie Shoemaker, Emily Duff, Sarah Kendrick, Carley Drye, Emilie Kaufman, Bethany Wakeley; Second row: Ranndi Grubbs, Emily Mudd, Mallorie Chambers, Rachel Nelson, Jennifer Garzinski, Laura Day; Back row: Head Coach Jake Shellenberger, Chloe Thomas, Jess Reinhardt, Marley Cripe, Kendall Hough, Meghan Babcock, Brye Ravettine, Margaret Riel, Sarah McCorkle, and Assistant Coach Jessica Barnes. golf (L-R) Front row: Will Bryant, Chase Marinell, Mathieu Fenasse, Michael Hocker, Ian McConnell; Back row: Assistant Coach Jay Calvo, Jacob Mast, B.J. Kuhn, Max McKay, Niklas Lindstrom, Andrew Colvin, Harrison Winger, and Head Coach Jeff Thomas (Not Pictured: David Jeh).

iowa state L

coastal carolina L


1-9 (6 inn .) L 0-5 temple W 6-5 (8 inn .) maine W 4-3 dartmouth W 10-4 radford L 3-6 presbyterian college W 5-4 (9 inn .) presbyterian college W 2-1 presbyterian college W 8-6 campbell L/L 3-4/3-4 campbell L 2-5 radford W/L 7-0/4-12 charleston southern L 4-6 charleston southern L 0-11 (5 inn .) charleston southern W 15-4 longwood W 8-7 uncg L 4-5 uncg L 0-8 (6 inn .) gardner -webb L/W 2-4/3-1 gardner -webb W 13-5 (6 inn .) longwood L/L 6-14/2-9 james madison L 1-5 james madison L 2-12 (6 inn .) winthrop L 3-4 winthrop L 4-6 winthrop L 2-3 (9 inn .) virginia L/L 3-7/6-7

coastal carolina L coastal carolina L virginia tech L virginia tech L longwood


campbell L coastal carolina L

1-5 0-9 (6 inn .) 5-9 1-11 (5 inn .) 2-4 5-3 3-4 1-2

SWIMMING (14-2) c a m p b ell


147-112 2-1 b os to n co lleg e / m a i n e 172-117, 173-110 v i rg i n ia tec h 5th o u t o f 5 te a m s i n v itati o n a l 5th o u t o f 5 te a m s 5th o u t o f 5 te a m s flo r i da g u lf coa s t q ua d m ee t 2-1 d u q u e s n e W 164-98 m a rs h a ll W 119-81 dav i dso n d ua l s 5-0 v i rg i n ia tec h s p r i nt c l a s s i c

cc sa c h a m pi o n s h i p s a n d d iv i n g c h a m pi o n s h i p s

2nd 2nd

out of out of

13 13

te a m s te a m s

GOLF northern intercollegiate

4th out of 11 3 rd out of 11 inverness intercollegiate 6th out of 10 invitational 5th out of 10 rees jones intercollegiate 1 st out of 12 1 st out of 12 rod myers invitational 7th out of 11 4th out of 11 arizona intercollegiate T3 rd out of 15 6th out of 15 gator invitational 4th out of 14 T7th out of 14 the north ranch intercollegiate 4th out of 12 4th out of 12 cleveland golf palmetto T5th out of 18 5th out of 18 linger longer invitational 8 th out of 14 11th out of 14 morris williams invitational 6th out of 12 6th out of 12 big south men ’s golf championship 1 st out of 10 2nd out of 10 2nd out of 10 ncaa men ’s golf regionals T9 th out of 14 12 th out of 14 11th out of 14 inn : inning

men ’s tennis (L-R) Front row: Carson Greve, Stan Vaughan, Guillem Secanell, Sergio Mourelo, and Egon Samaai; Back row: Head Coach Chris Johnson, Jorge Azuero, Dillon Segur, Shea Thomas, Josiah Boda, Siim Tuus, and Assistant Coach Ryan Fitzwilliam. women ’s tennis (L-R) Front row: Rebekah Jenkins and Cameron Richard; Back row: Head Coach Jeff Maren, Brittany Yang, Jessie Boda, Nicola Wellman, Annisha Domenech, Valerie Thong, and Graduate Assistant Giancarlo Lemmi.

MEN’S TENNIS (11-11) bluefield state

W W norfolk W william & mary L morgan state W eastern kentucky W guilford W longwood W unc asheville W byu hawaii W idaho L hawaii L charlotte L winthrop L gardner -webb L presbyterian college W campbell L radford L coastal carolina L james madison L north carolina central W campbell L bridgewater


WOMEN’S TENNIS (11-11) 7-0 7-0 6-1 2-4 7-0 6-1 7-0 7-0 4-3 7-2 2-5 3-4 1-6 3-4 1-6 4-3 3-4 2-5 2-5 2-5 4-0 3-4


appalachian state L charlotte L virginia tech L east tennessee state L longwood

W W campbell L coastal carolina W unc asheville W lipscomb W western kentucky W east carolina L winthrop L gardner -webb W radford W presbyterian college W james madison W marshall L charleston southern L richmond L coastal carolina W winthrop L morgan state

CROSS-COUNTRY 1-6 2-4 1-6 0-4 4-3 4-0 3-4 6-1 4-3 4-3 5-0 3-4 0-7 4-3 6-1 7-0 4-3 1-6 1-6 0-7 4-1 0-4

winthrop/adidas invitational virginia /panorama farms invitational notre dame invitational royal cross- country challenge big south cross- country championships ncaa division i southeast regional championships ncaa division i cross country championship

men :

3 rd 2nd women : 5th

women :

men :

18 th 17 th men : 1 st women : 4th men : 1 st women : 1 st men : 7 th women : 15th

women :

jennifer klugh :

93 rd






MEN’S DIVISION I HOCKEY (Roster) 23 Luke Baumgarten, 96 Steven Bellew, 35 Blair Bennett, 22 Brent Boschman, 33 Clayton Brown, 91 Ryley Egan, 63 Abram Erickson, 18 Kyle Garcia, 12 Christian Garland, 17 Caleb Grow, 14 Paul Ingles, 93 Ryan Kerr, 7 Jackson Kuhn, 16 Lindsay LeBlanc, 74 Danny Logan, 9 Andrew McCombe, 5 Kyle Miller, 8 Scott Morongell, 4 Benjamin Pirus, 11 Matt Sherry, 63 Tyson Street, and 24 Rick Turner; MEN’S DIVISION II HOCKEY (Roster) 17 Caleb Allison, 7 Nathanael Arbour, 22 Jeff Boschman, Eric Burke, 18 Kyle Burman, 19 Robert Cervone, 11 Johnny Cotton, 25 Brandon Cox, 20 Kyle Davis, 31 Nick Devine, 21 D.J. Dinnison, 12 Bradley Docksteader, 4 Lucas Ebel, 5 Anthony Fleming, 1 Justin Gortman, 15 Neal Henderson, 16 Peter Kamzierczak, 29 Trenton MacDonald, 13 Jeremy Martin, Jeremy Miller, Sean Muir, 2 Clinton Nigh, 3 Seth Reed, 26 Aaron Semiao, and 9 Adam Steen.


arizona state L arizona

hampton jr . a whalers

W W atlanta jr . a knights W atlanta jr . a knights W mercyhurst W mercyhurst W robert morris W robert morris W university of oklahoma L minot state university L robert morris (il) L davenport L davenport L ohio L ohio W delaware L delaware L stony brook L stony brook W davenport W oakland W oakland L stony brook W stony brook W hampton jr . a whalers


9-1 9-3 8-4 4-3 (SO) 8-2 5-0 12-1 11-2 5-4 3-1 7-3 6-3 6-5 (SO) 3-2 4-3 2-1 6-3 6-4 6-3 5-3 5-1 7-3 6-1 3-1


W arizona W west virginia W west virginia W virginia tech W arizona L arizona W delaware W delaware L oakland L oakland L west virginia W west virginia W

4-3 (SO) 7-6 7-5 6-1 4-1 5-2 4-2 5-2 5-2 9-3 5-2 9-3 3-2 (SO) 8-3

acha nationals game 1 vs . john carroll u .


game 2 vs . ohio u . L

7-1 7-4

MEN’S DII HOCKEY hampton jr . b whalers

W W atlanta jr . b knights L atlanta jr . b knights L duke W nc state W hampton jr . b whalers

9-1 11-1 7-4 6-2 12-0 9-5

east carolina

W W elon W delaware W university of maryland W virginia tech L virginia tech W temple L u . of maryland (bc) W maryland L st. joseph ’s W rider L georgetown university W psu L west virginia W kennesaw W delaware W cnu W temple W u . of maryland (bc) L east carolina W rowan W virginia tech W nc state

14-2 14-3 8-0 9-6 5-2 5-3 5-3 6-5 (SO) 5-2 4-3 6-1 4-2 6-2 4-3 11-1 4-3 (SO) 8-5 4-2 6-4 5-3 13-2 8-1 5-3

mach playoffs virginia tech L regionals vs . rowan

W regionals vs . maryland L

5-4 5-4 (OT) 6-2

MEN’S DIVISION III HOCKEY (L-R) Front row: 30 Dan Flaherty, 16 Chris Gurreri, Coach Jon Barbour, 1 John Hyland, Head Coach Tristin Chambers, 31 Cary Byron, Coach Caleb Atkins, 15 Mark Lariviere, Ruel Galang; Second row: 40 Ian Dutkus, Adam Townsend, 27 Brett Freeman, 6 Ryan Francis, 23 Donny Wills, 12 Markus Deas, 71 Brandon Cockburn, 22 Nate Atangan, 11 Carl Harter, 37 Chad Docksteader, 5 Josh Lilly, 13 Parker McIntyre, Water Boy Aaron Minguez;
 Back row: 25 Christian Smith, 53 Josh Klakring, 18 Kevin Serapiglia, Marcus Blondon, 2 Austin Wagner, Reed Hernandez, 4 Jordan Dickinson, and 14 Lane Moore; WOMEN’S DIVISION I HOCKEY (L-R) Front row: 1 Chantal Lischynski, 27 Amanda Grainger, 15 Autumn Kucharczyk, 17 Courtney Fischer, 92 Stacey McCombe, 21 Laura Del Monte, 13 Carly Peleshok, 4 Stephanie St. Amand, and 33 Samantha Rupp; Back row: Paul Bloomfield, Bench Assistant Amy Smith, 91 Brittany Hymers, 3 Carrie Jickling, 11 Sarah Stevenson, 9 Nikki McCombe, 30 Kristina Toppazzini, 19 Katy Girnus, 5 Madison Fischer, 14 Catherine Burrell, 97 Sarah Fowler, 7 Keeley Beisinger, 8 Jenny MacArther, Equipment Manager Amy Zimmerman, and Justin Forth.



cnu L vmi

W vcu W loyola W salisbury W virginia military institute W radford W old dominion W virginia commonwealth uni . W george mason W radford W nvcc W maryland W maryland W william & mary W james madison L ga tech W kennesaw L james madison L

5-4 (OT) 4-3 (OT) 15-1 13-4 3-2 4-1 15-2 7-2 10-1 3-1 10-4 4-3 13-2 4-1 5-0 11-0 7-5 5-3 5-1 6-5

brhc tournament game 1 vs . radford

colorado state


W game 2 vs . james madison L

4-3 (SO) 4-3 (OT)

hamilton hawks

W W caha raleigh W vermont W vermont W northeastern W michigan state W michigan state W stevenson uni W massachusetts W massachutsetts W minnesota L minnesota W wisconsin W wisconsin W colorado W colorado W colorado W miami of ohio W miami of ohio W robert morris (chi) W robert morris (chi) L reston raiders W colorado state W caha raleigh

colorado state

5-2 3-2 2-1 3-2 5-0 4-3 1-0 4-2 4-1 5-4 5-3 4-1 3-2 7-1 8-0 2-1 3-0 3-0 5-0 1-0 3-0 1-0 6-1 6-0

raleigh raleigh chatham college chatham college


3-0 8-1 3-0 7-0 4-2 6-3

acha nationals game 1 vs . u . of michigan

W W game 3 vs . u . of minnesota W game 4 vs . robert morris (chi) W game 5 vs . u . of minnesota L game 2 vs . u . of rhode island

3-1 6-0 5-0 2-1 (DOT) 2-0

WOMEN’S DII HOCKEY american uni . L navy L maryland


slippery rock L west chester L villanova L uva L uva L american uni . L navy L cal . penn . L maryland


so: shoot- out ot : overtime dot : double overtime

4-3 3-2 4-0 5-1 9-0 4-1 8-0 9-0 5-0 7-0 6-0 6-0



MEN’S LACROSSE (L-R) Front row: 25 Nick Gadsby, 13 Andrew Anderson, 3 Jake Barsigian, 21 Derek Haywood, 44 Nathan Lowmaster, 17 Mike Zumpano, 24 Kurt Tobias, 2 Ryan Miller, 16 Joe Gargiulo, and Manager Reese Braband; Second row: Assistant Coach Mark McQuillan, 8 Travis Briggs, 5 Daniel Ehrich, 22 Asa Keimig, 48 Sam Thompson, 7 Tom Girani, 9 Michael Strappelli, 28 Chris Armstrong, 20 Bryce Mrakovich, and Head Coach Kyle “Iron Giant” McQuillan; Third row: 1 Miguel Lozada, 6 Skylar Sipe, 23 Brandt Grauss, 11 Trent Lockard, 29 Tommy Rolewicz, 4 Ethan Kamholtz, 26 Hunter Hook, 12 Charles Fianko, 14 Holden Shelton, and 10 Craig Darling; ULTIMATE (Roster) Stephanie Albert, Brooke Anderson, Boone Benson, Lowe Bibby, Sydney Comer, Ashley Condon, Joshua Duffy, Travis Felker, Sandon Fisher, Kathryn Hatch, Matthew Henry, Elizabeth Hughes, Ashton Hutcherson, Kaitlyn Hutchins, Kaitlyn Kane, Luke Laubscher, Josiah Nagel, David Natalie, Brianna Nelson, Taylor Nelson, Matthew Phillips, Joshua Rich, Teddy Seago, Austin Smith, Logan Spiers, Larry Spradley, Matthew Sullivan, Kendall Warr, Alysse White, Charles Wilson, and Brandon Woody.


selc conference championships game 1 vs . palm beach atlantic

lynchburg college

W W charleston W george washington W savannah college W coastal carolina W aquinas W grand valley W indiana W taylor W davidson W tennessee wesleyan W appalachian W richmond L unc charlotte W elon W southern virginia uni .


13-1 18-4 12-6 17-5 14-8 19-6 17-6 15-7 15-11 15-2 23-4 16-8 16-3 13-10 25-1 11-10


game 2 vs . emory game 3 vs . scad


21-17 10-6 9-5

mcla national championships game 1 vs . ndsu

W W game 3 vs . st. thomas L mcla national championship game 2 vs . grove city

12-11 (OT) 10-9 10-9 (OT) 3 rd place

MEN’S ULTIMATE queen city tune up chucktown throwdown cupid’s revenge callahands in the capital river city lights conference championship


win of

5th 1st 11th 4th 8th


WOMEN’S ULTIMATE swarthmore L virginia L duke


george washington L west virginia river city lights

W 8th

10-8 13-1 10-9 11-6 11-8

DISC GOLF (Roster) Tyler Andrick, Brian Brown, Lance Brown, Carson Dortsch, Luke Laubscher, Jared Lebo, Jonathan Iowe, Samuel Pitcher, Jordan Strother, Devin Swartz, and Larry Williams

FIGURE SKATING (Roster) Elizabeth Claire Adams, Lauren Creekmore, Amanda Delphia, Jennifer Goette, Nicole Hofmeister, Brigitte Kodar, Kelly Pollock, Fantasia Remonvil, Kelsey Rieschl, and Katie Scuillia

GYMNASTICS (Roster) Selena Beale, Cassidy Boarman, Sabrina Bunn, Daniel Chapman,

SYNCHRONIZED SKATING (Roster) Claire Adams, Emily Boyles, Leah Cowan, Caileigh

Tiphani Comena, Ashley Ford, Alyssa Frost, Kristen Fry, Christina Grauch, Philomen Greigg, Steve Lucia, Constance McNair, Jennybeth Nicklow, Rhett Roberts, Katherine Ruble, Jennifer Schools, Randa Stallard, Jill Wippermann, and Amber Zeller

Gallagher, Rebecca Iserman, Elise Katonah, Shannon McVeigh, Alyssa Milian, Megan Mutchler, McKenna Orcutt, Kelsey Rieschl, and Katie Scuilla

TAW KWON DO (L-R) Front row: Brian Preiser, April Handog, Leah Deaton, John Lawson,

TRIATHLON (Roster) Joseph Anderson, Hannah Baldino, Allison Beck, Zoie Dobrzanski,

Derek Dolan, C.J. Johnson, Taylor Farley, Faith Smith, and Coach Jesse Wilson; Back row: Stephen Backof, Darrell Richards, Zackery Price, Will Boggs, Christian Booth, Sean Guilliams, James Roy, David Loftis, and Joro Ianouchev.

Trevor Ellingson, Ashley Fouse, Jeannette Larsen, Stephen Magee, Katlin Magera, Scott Miller, Alex Motley, Kathryn Mullaly, Lane Ruchte, Josiah Slaydon, and Christopher Williams



CAMPUS BAND CAMPUS BAND: Tim Riordan, Bryce Rodgers, Lauren Sweeney, Justin Kintzel, Brandon Sharp, Jesse Phillips, and Devin Coogan AWAKEN: Lakresha Chennis, Amy Justice, Jessica Lackey, Julie Anne Osterhus, Elizabeth Myers, Candace Pruitt, and Elizabeth Chan (Not pictured: Nolin Babcock) SEVENTY- ONE: Sidnye Lathan, John-Michael Ritchey, Will Mikkelson, Taylor Knight, Dori Norman, Kenny Zammito, and Zach Norman LIGHT: Rachel Hickling, Clayton Knight, Tom Szoch, John Bisaga, Caleb Brocaille, Ricky Kimball, and Kristian Stevenson EXODUS: Alex Hoffman, Ryky Legg, Daniel Patti, Matthew Ware, Robert Andrews, Ryan Andrews, and Austin Addams


S E V E N T Y- O N E


E XO D U S 96

SOUNDS OF LIBERTY: Jeff Dyke, Tori Miller, Forrest Knight, Christian Hodge, Melissa Jean, Raleigh de los Reyes, Mark LaMontagne, Stephanie Sanchez, Daniel Ethridge, Charlton Combs, Seentae Yi, and Aimee Hammerly (Not pictured: Taylor Knight) CRIMSON FLOOD: Spencer Askew, Kevin Williams, Jed Bayes, Josh Crosby, David Henderson, Nathan Fulks, and Jason Nichols SOAR DUNK : Andrew Willis, Tim Davis, and Brent Fortenberry (Not pictured: Jordan Fulton, Donny Hoff, Robert Ingersoll, Shawn Lewis, and James Marcouillier)




YOUTHQUEST: Katelyn Scott, Nathaniel Grey, Carley Marcouillier, Scott Sheppard, Sarah Corder, Brett Schultz, Dillon Sherlock, Sarah McManus, Erick Vargas, Mikaela Robbins, Tori Brockelman, Taylor Shanton, Nathan Campbell, Dan Quartuccio, Nick Schultz, Dustin Wells, Mallory Evans, Ethan Harris, Jared Rohrer, Kyle Smith, Thomas Myers, Hannah Ruddy, and Landon Church, (Not pictured: Kinshiro Shimochi)



Aeronautics 14


Aanderud, Brittany 55, 85 Aanderud, Bryan 62 Abnar, D. J. 84 Adams, Claire 95 Adams, Elizabeth Claire 95 Adams, Katelyn 86 Adam Townsend 93 Addams, Austin 96 Aikens, Walt 84 Albert, Alexis 88 Albert, Jackie 87 Albert, Stephanie 94 Alcegaire, Wesley 86 Alder, Jeff 85 Allen, Aldreakis 84 Allen, Harrison 73 Allen, Kelby 65, 88 Allison, Caleb 92 Amand, Stephanie St. 93 Amaya, Rafael 85 Anderson, Andrew 94 Anderson, Brooke 94 Anderson, Joseph 95 Anderson, Julie 84 Anderson, Keith 46 Anderson, Kirby 84 Anderud, Bryan 88 Andrew, junior 46 Andrews, Robert 96 Andrews, Ryan 96 Andrick, Tyler 95 Apon, Brandon 84 Arbour, Nathanael 92 Arguello, Giovanna 85 Armstrong, Chris 94 Armstrong, Laura 85 Arslain, Paul 73 Askew, Spencer 97 Atangan, Nate 93 Atkins, Caleb 93 Atkins,Rick 10 Ayers, Ryan 84 Azuero, Jorge 90

Brand Update 40 - 41


Babcock, Meghan 89 Babcock, Nolin 96 Backof, Stephen 95 Bah, Francis 84 Baldino, Hannah 95 Bale, Selena 74 Ball, Chandler 65, 88 Bankemper, Patrick 88 Baptiste, Matthew 84 Barber, Donna 84 Barber, Katie 20 Barbour, Jon 93 Barker, Zach 61 Barley, Erin 87 Barnes, Jessica 89 INDEX


Barr, Natalie 60, 87 Barrone, John 29 Barsigian, Jake 94 Baseball 62- 63 Basom, Abbey 87 Batdorf, Abby 60, 87 Bateman, Jon 17 Bauer, Nicole 35 Baumgarten, Luke 92 Bayes, Jedidiah 26, 97 Bayoh, Sorie 84 Beale, Selena 95 Beck, Allison 95 Becker, Morgan 87 Beisinger, Keeley 93 Bellew, Steven 92 Bell, Pamela 16 Bell, Tom 84 Belue, Kelly 87 Bennett, Blair 92 Bennett, Carissa 46 Bennett, Chantell 85 Benson, Boone 94 Bentick, Uriah 54, 85 Bentley, Heather 85 Bernhardt, Heather 84 Best, Blaina Jo Tallent 11 Bibby, Lowe 94 Billingsley, Charles 25 Bisaga, John 96 Blake, Alex 74 Blake, Gavin 84 Blocker, Karen 55, 85 Blondon, Marcus 93 Bloodworth, Andrea 86 Bloomfield, Paul 93 Boarman, Cassidy 95 Boda, Jessie 90 Boda, Josiah 90 Boggs, Will 95 Boland, Kristin 87 Bomberger, Ryan 88 Bookbinder, Josh 84 Boone, Maddie 85 Boontjer, Chase 79 Booth, Christian 95 Boruta, Sarah 86 BoschĂŠ, Lauren 84 Boschman, Brent 92 Boschman, Jeff 92 Bouffard, Jaime 55, 85 Bourget, Jeremie 61 Bowden, Grant 84 Bowman, Dylan 84 Boyd, Malcolm 84 Boyles, Emily 95 Braband, Reese 94 Brahman, Lauren 32 Brampton, Tilly 87 Brandon, Dan 84 Brand Update 40 - 41 Bream, Doug 88 Breitmeyer, Kyle 54, 85 Brettrager, Royal 79 Briggs, Travis 74, 94 Britt, Dalton 63, 88 Brittingham, Annah Jo 88 Britton, Kallie 66, 87 Brocaille, Caleb 96 Brockelman, Tori 97 Brooks, Darec 84 Brooks, Josh 86 Brown, Brian 95 Brown, Clayton 92 Brown, Dan 85, 88 Brown, Daniel 88 Brown, Devon 86 Brown, Lance 95 Bryant, Missy 47

Bryant, Will 89 Bullock, Nathan 21 Bullock, Tyler 85 Bunn, Sabrina 95 Burdette, Cody 26 Burke, Eric 92 Burman, Kyle 92 Burrell, Catherine 93 Burrus, Antwan 86 Butcher, Yhanni 8 Byron, Cary 93

Christmas Coffeehouse 26-27


Cabell, Sara 59 Calhoun, Jared 9 Callison, Ethan 84 Calvo, Jay 89 Cameron, Kirk 5, 13, 22, 31 Campbell, Aharown 84 Campbell, Brittany 59, 86 Campbell, Colin 16 Campbell, Nathan 97 Candamil, Carolina 33 Capano, Mariana 28 Carapezza, Josh 85 Carmany, Joe 84, 88 Carmichael, Sidney 28 Carouthers, Zacchaeus 45 Carr, Ryan 84 Carter, Chris 29 Center for Music & Worship 8 Cervantes, Jess 10 Cervone, Robert 92 Chambers, Mallorie 89 Chambers, Tristin 93 Chan, Elizabeth 96 Chang, Priscilla 11 Chapman, Daniel 95 Chappell, Samuel 54 Chappell, Scott 85 Cheatham, Andrew 21 Chennis, Lakresha 96 Chipman, Cord 87 Chipman, Elly 87 Church, Landon 97 Cianci, Michelle 28 Cinematic Arts, Zaki Gordon Center 12-13 Cirbus, Tom 84 Clark, Aricka 15 Clark, Caitlin 27 Clark, Jess 46 Clark, Zack 85 Clarke, Matt 47 Clayton, Sean 14 Cleek, Natalie 9 Clisso, Alyssa 35 Close, Alex 62, 88 Closing 140 Cloutier, Jamie 9 Clowers, Shawn 88 Club Sports 74-79 Clymer, Bobby 79 Cockburn, Brandon 93 Colvin, Andrew 89 Combs, Charlton 97 Comena, Tiphani 95 Comer, Sydney 94 Condon, Ashley 94 Cone, Michael 80

Construction Updates 42- 45 Coogan, Devin 96 Cooper, Linda Nell 9 Copeland, Clay 84 Cops, Jesse 84 Cordasco, Andrew 84 Cordell, Ryan 88 Corder, Sarah 97 Coronado, J.R. 86 Costello, Robert 74 Cottingham, Carley 86 Cotton, Johnny 92 Couamin, Kendall 84 Couamin, Kendrick 84 Courson, Kristen 27 Cowan, Leah 95 Cowen, Leah 74 Cox, Brandon 92 Cox, Mercedes 60, 87 Craycraft, Jade 68, 69, 84 Creekmore, Lauren 95 Cripe, Marley 89 Crisp, Jamie 88 Crosby, Josh 97 Cross, Caleb 29 Cross Country 61 Cuccio, Mallory 87 Cumings, Mychelle 73 Cummings, Jordan 76 Curry, Erin 89 Custer, Jordan 85

Dunkin’ Donuts 43


Dailey, Joe 84 Daly, Moe 29 Darling, Craig 94 Davis, Dominique 84 Davis, Korrey 84 Davis, Kyle 92 Davis, Tim 97 Day, Laura 70, 89 Deas, Markus 93 Deas, Rachel 22 Deaton, Leah 95 DeCindio, Tonya 45 Delphia, Amanda 95 DeMann, Morgan 87 Denham, Regan 87 Devine, Nick 92 Dial, Aaron 84 DiBartolo, Erica 36 Dickinson, Jordan 93 DiMartino, Alyssa 88 Dinnison, DJ 92 Dinsmore, Emily 87 Division I Team Photos 84-90 Dobrzanski, Zoie 95 Docksteader, Bradley 92 Docksteader, Chad 93 Doherty, Hannah 87 Dolan, Derek 95 Dombach, Erin 60, 87 Domenech, Annisha 90 Donahoo, David 15 Donley, Chad 86 Donovan, Amber 88 Doolittle, Helen 87 Dortsch, Carson 95 Douglas, Caroline 69, 84 Drye, Carley 89

Duff, Emily 70, 89 Duff y, Joshua 94 Dugan, Colin 84 Duggins, Jacquelyn 87 Duininck, Sam 85 Dunay, Nina 66, 87 Dunkle, Alanna 85 Dutil, Lucas 37 Dutkus, Ian 93 Dutra, Elliott 84 Dyke, Jeff 97

Engineering 15


Ebel, Lucas 92 Edmond, Calandra 35 Edmond, D. J. 84 Edmonds, Caleb 61 Edmonds, Jessi 86 Edwards, Bryant 86 Edwards, Nathan 14 Egan, Ryley 92 Ehrich, Daniel 94 Ellingson, Trevor 95 Elliott, Lauren 88 Ellis, Sadalia 86 Elmer, Juliann 87 Elmers, Crystal 85 Elmers, Dawn 85 Engen, Tuesday Van 88 Erickson, Abram 92 Erickson, Zach 84 Erwin, Gracie 47 Escamilla, Nicole 85, 88 Espinoza, Ariana 85 Essig, Jeremiah 28 Estes, E.L. 86 Estevez, Rob 28 Ethridge, Daniel 97 Evans, Mallory 97

Falwell, Chancellor Jerry 4-5


Faison, Damarcus 84 Fall Academics 14-15 Fall Happenings 30 -35 Falwell, Chancellor 4, 5, 27 Falwell, Becki 27 Fariss, Caitlin 81 Farley, Taylor 47, 95 Featured Speakers 22-25 Felker, Travis 94 Fenasse, Mathieu 7 1, 89 Ferguson, Ryan 84 Fewell, Jibrille 84 Fianko, Charles 79, 94 Field Hockey 60 Figueroa, Karen 31 Finke, Barry 84 Fischer, Courtney 93 Fischer, Madison 93 Fisher-Davis, Jaymee 86 Fisher, Sandon 94 Fitzwater, Jordan 29 Fitzwilliam, Ryan 90 Flaherty, Dan 93 Fleming, Anthony 92 Fobbs, Jamaal 84 Fogg, Kevin 84 Fogle, Kacie 87 Football 50 -51 Forbes, Dan 88

Ford, Ashley 95 Fortenberry, Brent 97 Forth, Justin 93 Foster, Hannah 27 Fouse, Ashley 95 Fowler, Sarah 93 Fox, Amy 43 Foxwell, Jamie 85 Frailey, Caleb 27 Francis, Branden 84 Francis, Ryan 93 Fraser, Jenna 85 Frazier, Emily 86 Freeman, Brett 93 Freeman, Cory 51, 84 Freymond, Jen 87 Friesen, Kenzie 88 Frost, Alyssa 95 Fry, Kristen 95 Fualaau, Nicky 84 Fulghum, Blake 88 Fulks, Nathan 97 Fullerton, Dustin 79 Fulton, Jordan 37, 97 Furume, Ines 21

Graduate names 104-138


Gadsby, Nick 94 Gagliardi, Peter 84 Galang, Ruel 93 Gallagher, Caileigh 95 Galley, Ben 86 Garcia, Kyle 92 Gardner, Jasmine 86 Gargiulo, Joe 79, 94 Garland, Christian 92 Garrett, Kelly 87 Gary, Cori 89 Garzinski, Jennifer 89 Gass, Jessica 61 Gebben, Ansley 68, 84 Gielo, Tomasz 86 Giglio, Louie 23 Gillespie, Bill 84 Gil, Turner 84 Gipe, Sarah 60, 87 Girani, Tom 94 Girnus, Katy 93 Giving Back 20 -21 Glassetter, Clyde 85 Glover, Jaquan 84 Godwin, Adam 84 Goette, Jennifer 74, 95 Goldsborough, Hannah 87 Golf 71 Gomes, Ed 84 Goodson, Brandon 88 Goodwin, Dashawn 84 Gortman, Justin 92 Graduate Names 104-138 Grainger, Amanda 93 Grant, Katelyn 26 Grant, Nick 88 Grauch, Christina 95 Grauer, Danny 88 Grauss, Brandt 94 Gray, Robert 88 Green, Carey 86 Green, Curtis 29 Green, Holly 45 Greigg, Philomen 95 Greve, Carson 90 Grey, Nathaniel 97 Griffith, Christian 84 Griffiths, Chase 84 Griffiths, Dallas 84 Grimwood, Samantha 27 Groff, Dwayne 87 Groff, Lauren 9

Grow, Caleb 92 Grubbs, Ranndi 89 Guilliams, Sean 95 Gunn, Justin 84 Gurreri, Chris 93 Gutierrez, Ben 37 Intramural Sports 80 -81

I Hancock Welcome Center 44


Haberman, Liz 36 Hackney, Terrel 26 Hackney, Terrell 84 Hagen, Jacob 51, 84 Hain, Jessica 85 Haley, Zack 88 Hammerly, Aimee 97 Hammond, Meghan 87 Handog, April 95 Handy, Kirk 74 Han, Katie 88 Hanks, Greta 17 Hanks, Lindsey 87 Hanna, Daniel 81 Hanson, Mitch 84 Happel, Lillie 37, 84 Haraf, Becca 69, 84 Harbison, Tim 85 Hargraves, Ethan 16 Harkey, Megan 87 Harris, Ethan 97 Harrison, Jessica 72 Harter, Carl 93 Hatch, Kathryn 94 Hauk, Elizabeth 14 Haywood, Derek 94 Heatwole, Tara 88 Heil, Sarah 33 Henderson, David 97 Henderson, Gabe 84 Henderson, Justin 43 Henderson, Neal 92 Henion, Kelly 85 Henry, Matthew 94 Hensley, Brian 88 Herman, Dexter 51, 84 Hernandez, Gabe 27, 29 Hernandez, Reed 93 Herndon, Carson 62, 88 Herring, Stan 84 Hibbs, Alex 87 Hickling, Rachel 96 High, Conner 81 Hitchcock, Ruth 9 Hocker, Michael 89 Hodge, Christian 97 Hoff, Donny 97 Hoffman, Alex 96 Hofmeister, Nicole 95 Holland, Chris 43 Holland, Jake 27, 28 Holloway, Sirchauncey 84 Holt, Gerald 84 Hook, Hunter 94 Hope, Trevor 72 Hough, Kendall 89 Houston, Connor 77 Howell, Elena 27, 33 Hoy, Emily 85 Huckabee, Mike 24 Hudson, Brian 84 Hughes, Elizabeth 94 Hughes, Liz 25 Hunter, Miles 84 Hutcherson, Ashton 94 Hutchins, Kaitlyn 94 Hyland, John 93 Hyland, Scott 84 Hymers, Brittany 93

Ianouchev, Joro 95 Ingersoll, Robert 97 Ingles, Paul 92 Intramural Sports 80 -81 Iowe, Jonathan 95 Irizarry, Jesse 84 Iserman, Rebecca 95

Jerry Falwell Library 45


Jauch, Andrew 84 Jean, Melissa 97 Jeffcoat, Haley 84 Jefferis, Anne 87 Jeh, David 89 Jenkins, Marques 84 Jenkins, Rebekah 90 Jenkins, Trevor 84 Jennifer Garzinski 89 Jennings, Meghan 21 Jerominek, Peter 16 Jickling, Carrie 93 Johnson, Chris 90 Johnson, C . J. 95 Johnson, Kris 85 Johnson, Megan 87 Johnson, Michael 84 Johnson, Monica 84 Johnson, Nico 84 Jones, Andrew 34, 85 Jones, Eden 74 Jones, Grant 84 Jones, Hannah 87 Jones, Nate 61 Jones, Rakim 29 Jones, Sara 17 Jordan, Bree 35 Joseph, Travis 85 Joyce, Brian 86 Justice, Amy 96

Kintzel, Justin 23, 34 , 96


Kahle, Ben 23 Kaigler, Austin 84 Kamholtz, Ethan 79, 94 Kamzierczak, Peter 92 Kanagy, Khristina 61 Kane, Kaitlyn 94 Katonah, Elise 95 Kaufman, Emilie 70, 89 Kearney, Catherine 86 Keimig, Asa 94 Kelly, Daniel 56 Kelly, Pat 50, 84 Kendle, Richard 11 Kendrick, Sarah 70, 89 Kern, Johanna 85 Kerr, Ryan 92 Kidder, Alyssa 87 Kimball, Ricky 96 Kimble, Jake 88

Kipchirchir, Ngetich 61 Klakring, Josh 93 Klugh, Jennifer 61 Knight, Clayton 96 Knight, Forrest 97 Knight, Taylor 96 Knight, Tone’Ja 29 Kodar, Brigitte 95 Kohn, Dana 23 Krause, Rachel 23 Krick, Jillian 87 Krulock, Ashlee 87 Kucharczyk, Autumn 93 Kuhn, B. J. 89 Kuhn, Jackson 92

Looking Forward 56


Lackey, Jessica 96 Lacrosse 66- 67 Lambert, Trey 88 LaMontagne, Mark 97 Landis, Brennan 84 Landrum, Matthew 26 Landwerlen, Chelsea 27 Langley, Alex 37 Lariviere, Mark 93 Lasik, Nick 88 Lathan, Sidnye 96 Laubscher, Luke 94, 95 Lawrence, Blair 64, 88 Lawson, John 95 Layer, Dale 86 Layer, Ethan 86 LeBlanc, Lindsay 92 Lebo, Jared 95 Ledbetter, Joel 9 Leeds, Ryan 76 Lee, Jeremy 85 Legg, Ryky 96 Lemmi, iancarlo 90 Lester, Sydnei 88 Leuci, Allie 29 Lewanowicz, Gordon 9 Lewellyn, Bryant 84 Lewellyn, Dylan 84 Lewis, Shawn 97 Lilly, Josh 93 Lindsey, Maggie 85 Lindstrom, Niklas 7 1, 89 Lipscomb, Suzy 84 Lischynski, Chantal 93 Lockard, Trent 75, 94 Loftis, David 95 Logan, Danny 92 Long, Andrew 84 Longfield, Lauren 76 Long, Garrett 84 Long, Kalley 8 Lopez, Tatyana 84 Lowmaster, Nathan 79, 94 Lozada, Miguel 94 Lucia, Steve 95 Lundy, Aaron 50, 84 Lunsford, John 50, 84 Lunsford, Terika 59, 86 Lyons, Jared 88 Lyons, Joey 84

Making Headlines 50


MacArther, Jenny 93 MacDonald, Trenton 92 INDEX


MacGregor, Shane 84 Mack, Alex 85 Madero, AJ 85 Magee, Stephen 95 Magera, Katlin 95 Maguire, Sean 47 Maloney, Monique 14 Manor, Erica 84 Marcouillier, Carley 97 Marcouillier, James 97 Marczewski, Jane 27, 29 Maren, Jeff 90 Marinell, Chase 7 1, 89 Marshall, Davon 56, 86 Marsh, Evelyn 29 Marsh, Matt 88 Martin, Jeremy 92 Martin, Kacey 16 Martin, Kevin 14 Martin, Nick 84 Martin, Willi 88 Mast, Jacob 7 1, 89 Masullo, Kristen 66, 87 Maudlin, Andrew 88 Mayo, Chris 84 McCarter, Ryan 84 McClain, Dallas 34 McCloskey, Mary 24, 43 McCombe, Andrew 92 McCombe, Nikki 93 McCombe, Stacey 78, 93 McConnell, Ian 89 McCorkle, Sarah 89 McCoy, Kassidy 65, 88 McCurdy, Aaron 16 McGowan, Eli 47 McIntosh, Chloe 66, 87 McIntyre, Parker 93 McKay, Max 7 1, 89 McKelvey, Kyle 88 McKinley, Scott 85 McMahon, Jonathan 88 McManus, Sarah 97 McMillon, Keely 88 McNair, Constance 95 McNew, Christiann 39 McQuillan, Kyle 74, 94 McQuillan, Mark 94 McVeigh, Shannon 95 Menard, Drew 14 Men’s Basketball 56-57 Middleton, Ana 84 Mijares, Mark 13 Mikkelson, Will 96 Milian, Alyssa 95 Miller, Donna 47 Miller, Alex 9 Miller, Jeremy 92 Miller, Kyle 92 Miller, Marcus 79 Miller, Reagan 86 Miller, Ryan 79, 94 Miller, Scott 95 Miller, Tori 97 Ministry Team Photos 96-97 Milwicz, Caroline 87 Minguez, Aaron 93 Minter, Mike 84 Mlinek, Rebekah 36 Mondor, Andre 84 Monroe, Chris 47 Monte, Laura Del 93 Moore, Erin 84 Moore, Johnnie 25 Moore, Lane 93 Morales, Edward 11 Morley, Brooke 87 Morongell, Scott 92 Morris, Adam 84 Morris, Mike 84 Morris, Robert 87 Moss, A . J. 29 Motley, Alex 95 Motley, Benjamin 16 Mourelo, Sergio 90 Moyer, Jen 66, 67 Moyer, Jenn 87 Mrakovich, Bryce 79, 94

Mudd, Emily 89 Muhammad, Amirah 86 Muir, Sean 92 Mulhollen, Doug 84 Mullaly, Kathryn 95 Mummau, Morgan 87 Murphy, Jodi 87 Murphy, Tina 85 Murray, Jason 88 Mutchler, Megan 95 Myers, Elizabeth 96 Myers, Hannah 85 Myers, Thomas 97

Night of Worship 34


Nagel, Josiah 94 Natalie, David 94 Neale, Rebekah 29 Neal Henderson 92 Nehring, Mackenzie 26 Nelson, Brianna 94 Nelson, Rachel 70, 89 Nelson, Taylor 94 Nelson, Thomas 84 Nichols, Amber 67, 87 Nichols, Hanna 88 Nichols, Jason 97 Nicklow, Jennybeth 95 Nigh, Clinton 92 Niño, Daniel 80 Niño, David 80 Niño, Juan 85 Noord, Holly Van 85 Nordan, Grace 88 Norman, Dori 96 Norman, Nathan 20 Norman, Zach 96 Norris, Casey 85 Nyarko, Richard 54, 85

Patti, Daniel 29, 96 Paxton, Nick 88 Payne, Sophia 31 Peaks, Harrison 29 Pearce, David 28 Peleshok, Carly 93 Perdew, Mark 84 Pereira, Helena 85 Perritt, Ashton 62, 88 Petersheim, Ben 84 Peterson, Darrin 84 Peyton, Monteria 56 Phillips, Jesse 96 Phillips, Matthew 94 Piccirillo, Camille 59 Pinder, Shane 68, 84 Pinkney- Coleman, Yolanda 10 Pirus, Benjamin 92 Pitcher, Samuel 95 Plummer, Mark 21 Pol, Joel Vander 86 Pollock, Kelly 95 Pratt, Greg 84 Preiser, Brian 95 Preusser, Dan 85, 88 Price, Zackery 95 Pruitt, Candace 96

Quiz Bowl Team 17


Quartuccio, Dan 97 Quay, Robin 16 Quinlan, Jacki 32 Quinn, Garrett 88

Rookie Rush 66

R On Their Own 71


O’Dellas, Cherone 84 O’Grady, Jimmy 84 Ogukwe, Sommy 86 O’Handly, James 26 Olinger, Matt 86 Omotola, Tolu 86 Online Student Highlights 10 -11 Onyechi, Toby 84 Orcutt, McKenna 95 Osterhus, Julie Anne 96 Osterhus, Rachel 27 Overmyer, Kelli 9

Presidential Election 46


Packett, Jake 29 Page, Rebekah 55, 85 Pardo, Erika 84 Parks, Adam 88 Parrott, Lisa 35 Parsons, Candice 87 Partilla, Bobby 84

Racz, Melissa 84 Raiser, Tess 48 Raithel, Jacki 87 Randall, Erica 9 Ravettine, Brye 89 Ray, Greg 84 Reda, Gabriela 74 Reddington, Kevin 73 Reed, Heather 8, 9 Reed, Seth 92 Register, Lindsey 9 Reichard, Walt 14 Reinhardt, Jess 89 Remonvil, Fantasia 95 Reyes, Henry 85 Reyes, Raleigh de los 97 Reynolds, Allie 69, 84 Rhyne, Tyler 84 Rice, Desmond 84 Richard, Cameron 90 Richards, Darrell 95 Richards, Hannah 80 Richardson, Jordan 60, 87 Richardson, Josh 62, 88 Rich, Joshua 94 Riel, Margaret 89 Rieschl, Kelsey 95 Rigney, Ian 74 Rininger, Ashley 86 Riordan, Tim 96 Ritchey, John-Michael 96 Robbins, Mikaela 97 Roberts, Casey 86 Roberts, Lindsey 31 Roberts, Marshall 84

Roberts, Rhett 95 Robinson, Darell 14 Robinson, Megan 88 Robinson, Sarah 85 Rodgers, Bryce 96 Rogers, Jake 17 Rohrer, Jared 97 Rolewicz, Tommy 94 Rollins, Ellee 86 Rollins, Kendle 68, 84 Routh, Grace 21 Rowland, Joshua 39 Roy, Brooks 88 Roy, James 95 Ruble, Katherine 95 Ruchte, Lane 95 Ruddy, Hannah 97 Rudnick, Rebecca 84 Rupp, Samantha 78, 93 Russo, Katie 61 Rutigliano, Paul 84

Scaremare 32


Saeler, Mark 84 Samaai, Egon 90 Sanchez, Stephanie 97 Sanders, John Caleb 56, 86 Sassaman, Aaron 84 Saunders, Ashley 84 Sawyer, Luke 27 Schiappa, Jenny 56 Schieldt, Cameron 37 Schindler, Kimberlyn 84 Schneider, Brooke 84 Schools, Jennifer 95 Schreiber, Zachary 84 Schreiner, Aaron 86 Schuler, Tori 87 Schultz, Brett 97 Schultz, Nick 97 Schuster, Greg 84 Sciolino, Marybeth 88 Scott, Katelyn 97 Scott, Kenny 84 Scuilla, Katie 95 Scuillia, Katie 95 Seabold, Jacob 85 Seago, Teddy 94 Seale, Abbie 88 Secanell, Guillem 90 Segur, Dillon 90 Seiler, Rebecca 27 Seiz, Holly 64, 65, 88 Sellman, D. J. 84 Semiao, Aaron 92 Seppälä, Kris 22 Serafini, Caleb 47 Serapiglia, Kevin 93 Shackleford, Logan 84 Shanton, Taylor 97 Sharp, Brandon 96 Shashaty, Javan 84 Shellenberger, Jake 89 Shells, Dante 84 Shelton, Holden 94 Sheppard, Scott 97 Sherard, Alexis 86 Sherlock, Dillon 97 Sherry, Matt 92 Shimochi, Kinshiro 97 Shipe, Gabrielle 84 Shivock, Sammi 88 Shoemaker, Katie 89 Shondelmyer, Kaity 17 Short, Dean 85 Short, Madison 85 Siaw, Ernst 85 Sigmon, Nick 84 Silver, Amanda 28

Silvers, Natalie 66, 87 Simkins, Steve 45 Simms, Nicole 87 Singletary, Vantz 84 Sipe, Skylar 94 Sizemore, Justin 88 Skalaski, Charlie 84 Skean, Jessica 33 Slaydon, Josiah 95 Sloan, T. J. 26 Smith, Amy 93 Smith, Andrew 56, 86 Smith, Austin 94 Smith, Canon 84 Smith, Christian 93 Smith, ConRoy 73 Smith, Faith 95 Smith, Kyle 97 Smith, Rebecca 85 Smoltz, Rachel 84 Soccer 54-55 Softball 64- 65 Sommer, Max 84 Spann, Randy 84 Speaks, Tavares 56, 86 Spence, Lindsey 87 Spicer, Nolan 84 Spiers, Logan 85, 94 Spradley, Larry 94 Spring Academics 16-17 Spring Coffeehouse 28-29 Spring Happenings 36-39 Spruel, Roderick 73 Stahlman-Dweyer, Camryn 27 Stallard, Randa 95 Stapleton, Caila 84 Steele, David 9 Steen, Adam 92 Stell, Lauren 55, 85 Steltzer, Jon 76 Steltzer, Tim 76 Stephens, Doug 17 Stephens, Heather 86 Stephens, Jill 65, 88 Stevenson, Kristian 96 Stevenson, Sarah 93 Stevens, Will 84 Steward, Hunter 84 Stockwell, John 80 Stokes, Matt 84 Strappelli, Michael 94 Street, Tyson 92 Strother, Jordan 95 Struss, Sam 87 Stuart, Antwaun 86 Sullivan, Matthew 94 Sundheim, Jeff 9 Sutarik, Scott 85 Suto, Michael 59 Swartz, Devin 95 Sweeney, Lauren 34, 96 Swentik, Geena 85 Swimming 70 Sype, Dalton 88 Szoch, Tom 96

Thomas, Chloe 89 Thomas, Jasmine 34 Thomas, Jeff 89 Thomas, Loren 68, 69, 84 Thomas, Shea 90 Thompson, Aaron 79 Thompson, Danielle 74 Thompson, Sam 94 Thong, Valerie 90 Tobias, Kurt 79, 94 Todd, Andrew 30 Toman, Jim 88 Toppazzini, Kristina 93 Torbush, Carl 84 Torres, Johnny 54, 85 Townsend, Adam 93 Track & Field 72-73 Trump, Donald 5, 22 Tuan, Steven 86 Tullener, Steve 86 Turner, Debby 21 Turner, Rick 92 Tuus, Siim 90 Tweddell, Brooke 39 Two’Lua, Mele 29

Ultimate 74


Uzowihe, Chima 84

Whaley, Dr. Vernon 8 White, Alysse 94 White, Greg 85 White, Jarret 88 White, Will 85 Whitner, James 84 Whittaker, Michaela 47 Whittington, Ben 36 Widener, Kevin 84 Wilcox, Tanner 85 Williams, B. J. 14 Williams, Charles 84 Williams, Christopher 95 Williams, Dave 84, 86 Williams, Jocelyn 72 Williams, Kevin 97 Williams, Larry 95 Willis, Andrew 97 Willis, Linda Crowder 10 Wills, Donny 93 Wilson, Andrew 74, 79 Wilson, Charles 94 Wilson, Emily 36 Wilson, Jesse 95 Wilson, Sachem 85 Wimberly, Robert 84 Wimmer, Trey 62, 88 Winger, Harrison 89 Winn, Julia 86 Winship, Sarah 85 Winslow, Emily 21 Wippermann, Jill 74, 95 Witherite, Olivia 37 Women’s Basketball 58-59 Wood, Katie 24 Wood, Kelsey 88 Woodrum, Josh 50, 84 Woodson, Hope 37 Woody, Brandon 94 Woody, Jessica 76 Wright, Richard 84 Wyman, Austin 85

Volleyball 68- 69


Vaden, Jennifer 84 Vanderlee, Clarine 11 Vargas, Erick 97 Vaughan, Stan 90 Vaughn, Laura 86 Vencill, Laura 84 Via, Melanie 87 Vinson, Brent 84 Vylonis, Christian 88

YouthQuest 97


Yang, Brittany 90 Year in Review 46- 47 Yearbook Staff 139 Yi, Seentae 97 Yoder, Jared 14 Yosef, Betel 61 Young, Gen. Dave 14 Young, Kody 88

Winter Intensives 35

W Theater 9


Tahuona, Blessing 85 Taormina, Sammy 88 Tapken, Jen 87 Tat, Solomon 86 Taylor, Juan 84 Taylor, Larry 56, 86 Tebow, Tim 25 Tenney, Jennifer 28 Tennis 52-53 TerKeurst, Lysa 24 Terrell, Greg 85 Theater 9

Wagner, Austin 93 Wagner, Dennis 84 Wakeley, Bethany 70, 89 Wakeley, Hannah 89 Wakim, Lena 30 Walden, Vince 86 Ward, Demetrius 84 Ward, Keyshaun 79 Ware, Matthew 96 Warner, Megan 55, 85 Warr, Kendall 94 Washington, LaKendra 86 Watson, Dorian 20 Weatherington, Jay 84 Wellman, Nicola 90 Wells, Dustin 97 Wenger, Danny 84 Wethington, Lindsay 28 Wetmore, Paul 88 Whalen, Nancy 23

Zacharias, Ravi 102


Zammito, Kenny 96 Zavodny, Katie 65, 88 Zeller, Amber 95 Zimmerman, Amy 93 Zumpano, Mike 79, 94

The majority of the photography for the Selah yearbook is provided by the Liberty University Photography team. Thank you for supplying us with such great photos!


C E R E M O N I E S & G RA D UAT I O N As with every Liberty University Commencement weekend, the excitement and sense of accomplishment was palpable on campus May 10-11. More than 7,000 graduates participated, representing Liberty’s largest graduating class of over 15,000 online and residential students. Baccalaureate featured founder and president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Ravi Zacharias, and for the first time since Liberty’s accreditation in 1980, the Commencement keynote speaker was a Liberty alumna, Fox News Reporter Shannon Bream, from the class of ’93. Bream challenged graduates to carry truth and compassion to the world, boldly and unapologetically. “Now is not the time to stand silently by as your most deeply held beliefs are being questioned in the public square,” Bream said. “Speaking up is rarely easy when the world is actively waiting to discredit and misconstrue what you have to say, but we have Christ as our model.” During the ceremony, the 2013 senior class presented Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. a $25,000 check for the Liberty Godparent Home. The Godparent Home is a pro-life, faithbased outreach to women dealing with unplanned pregnancies. The support of this ministry by the graduating class was an example of the compassion and dedication instilled in Liberty students as they train to become Champions for Christ.



More than OVER 3,000 graduated


Over 7,000


with high academic honors

studied online (average age of 35)

850 with a perfect 4.0 GPA Liberty University School of Law

participated in 7,000 awarded master’s degrees the ceremonies

graduates 4,171 military graduates; 268 awarded doctoral degrees, 80 percent 800 on active duty including nearly 100 graduates from

L I B E R TY U N I V E R S I T Y D O CT O R A L D E G R E E S SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES Doctor of Philosophy Bonnie Ann Bassett Kelly D. Bonebright Michael John Byrne David Caldwell Dixon Connie Carter Gardner Andrew James Graham Ann Marie Kerlin Gregory Scott Mears Mark Joseph Myers Jin Uk Park Tamra Weatherford Rasberry Brigitte Margaret Ritchey Valerie A. Waruszewski

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Doctor of Education Patricia Bolton Allanson Casandra Carlene Alldred Ebony Kenyatta Allen Lezley Barker Anderson Floralba Arbelo Marrero Jill Mayes Arnold David Gilmer Barber Tammy M. Barger Cherri Sue Barker Mishka Veira Barnes Shanda Reddick Beadles Vicki Donna Bealman Anne Hadley Behrend Christopher Jason Bell MaryKay Buchko Berry Suzy F. Besson-Martilotta Catherine Danielle Blake Joshua Robert Boyd Michael Murray Boyd Julia Elizabeth Solaneck Britt Sharon Christian Brobst Eric Von Brubaker Benjamin Dale Butcher Charles R. Cadle Patricia O. Canada Betty Roberts Cardinale Dolores Jackson Carr Christopher Clark Johnnie Hugh Coats Meredith Baxter Cooler Robin M. Dabney Jack Carlton Dale, Jr. Christopher A. Daniel Janice Marie Darnell Olga Noemi De Jesus Cynthia Isner Dean Robin Faulk Donaldson

Jason Scott Douma Michael W. M. Dube Brandy Kinlaw Duff Melanie Gail Dunn Terri Lynn Ferguson Virginia Elaine Fick Melinda Bailey Fonteboa Matthew Mitchell Forrester Jaunine Fouché Emad N. Francis Susan Lynn Galler Janelle Freeman Garner Sharon Marie Gerst Shellie R. Fink Glass Olga Grebneva Glymph Ryan Nicholas Goodman Tiffany Nicole Graves James Patrick Gregory Amity Christa Hardegree Michael Steven Hardegree, Jr. Heather Michele Burton Heap Stephanie Diamond Hicks J. Timothy Hixson Kathy Hood Aisha Joi House Stephanie Renee Hunter-Brown Nancy Hutchison Glenda Lee Hyer Andrea Stewart Irvin Carla Shevon Jackman Earl A. Jones L. Paulette Jordan Christy Rae Lowery-Carter Frank Lake Martin III C. Wayne Mayhall Valarie Mechell McCaskill-Davis Shanna Kaye McComb-Beverage Danielle Denise Miller Mark Alan Moore Jan Shelton Nichols Jeffery Edward Noe Paul William Perkins John Power Leigh Ann Putman Angelica Maria Ramsey Joseph Anthony Rapposelli Victoria Sue Ratliff Paul Russell Rickert Susan Rubino Robinson Elizabeth Dawn Rockholt William Alan Royal Holly Holt Saint Dina Lee Samora Deborah Albright Santiago Melissa P. Seals Dana Boling Simmons

Katie Elizabeth Rusch Smith William David Sroufe Deanna M. Stokes Paige Colwell Swartz Amber Cole Thompson Amy Melissa Valadez Jeffrey Todd Vogel Deborah Lee Walker Driesel Chad Preston Wallace Stephanie Stuart Weber Casey L. Wells Jillian Leigh Wendt Kara Morgan White Carmen Wiggins John Wallace Wilborn Brenda Kay Williams Kimberly Gail Williams Robert Warren Williams Erica J. Woods-Warrior Bernadette Marie Wyman

SCHOOL OF LAW Juris Doctor David Abaskharon Gregory Alkire Susan Lea Alkire Maria Kristin Arvik Lindsey Caroline Ashley Gizelle Genevieve Babik Brent Lavelle Barbour John Mark Becton Lisa Beharry Micah Elijah Black Mark Giles Bold Brian Charles Bosché Jordan Scott Bray Jeffrey L. Brown Michael Elliott Brown Brandon Keith Butler Ellen Milacci Centore Megan Lynn Chapman Hannah Erin Collier Garrett Edward Messemaker Cutler William J. Dennis Rachel Kamini Devamithran Mark B. Dow Kristen Dowling-Pettibone Robert Gregory Earl III Christian Andrew Fraser Kevin W. Fritz Dustin Tyler Gaines Caroline Badal Gallagher Donna Marie Gallagher William Brandon Gardner Brian Robert Giaquinto Timothy P. Gibson, Jr. Douglas Blake Godwin

Stephanie Elizabeth Goodbar Mark D. Granger Trina Lou Gregory Russell A. Hart Catherine Renee Hecker Rick J. Hecker Amber Joy Henry Garrett Franklin Jagtiani Andrew Charles James Jacqueline Rose Johnson James Alan Johnson Kendra Nicole Johnson Whitaker Rustel Johnston James Edward Eugene Kimmey David S. Kregenow Erik Jordan Krueger Minh Thieng Thi Le Hilary Jane Leitch James Daniel Mann Caleb Stephen Mast Joshua Kenneth Mast Robert Edward McCamey, Jr. Aaron Tero McCurdy Lowell Dustin Merritt Matthew Lee Mihelic Joel Severin Nelson Evelyn Raeann Osborne Jonathan Ross Peak Caitlin Ann Pennell Aaron Robinson Pike Michael Reuben Plummer Darren Richard Redshaw Yasha Renner Christopher William Roop Jonathan David Sater Andrew Thomas Schoonhoven Elyse Kathleen Scofield Justin Lee Scott Don Henry Slagle James Kelly Somers Tony Stone Stimson Charity Faith Stotmeister Samantha Tyree Stratton Jacob Michael Stump Jeffrey Sumey Singaram Stearns Sundaramurthy Chelesea Leigh Surprenant Aubree Christina Thomas James Aaron Thomas Barbara Ann Topinka Joshua Behner Twiggs M. Duffey Valentine Christopher Venters John Thomas Walker Petrina C. Williams Kristal Darchele Willoughby

Thomas Middleton Wilson Kristen Marie Yurkowski

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Doctor of Ministry Hojin Bae Kang Eun Bae Ralph Baeza Carla Marie Barry Wendell Lee Bishop, Jr. Rodney Michael Briles Mark Richard Brown Rick Alan Buck Anthony Lynn Conner Shirley Ann Craven Steven Curtis Ronald Foster John Timothy Frank Keith Randall Gardner Cornelius Scott Golden Jerry Michael Grimes II Russell Arlie Hale Donald Lynn Hardaway Clifford Todd Hartley Timothy W. Harville Allen Sherman Hendricks Richard Eugene Hertless Samuel Holdbrook-Smith Roger L. Holliman Rickey Lane Houston Geun Bae Hwang Jang Whan Jeoung Seung Hun Kang Benjamin A. Karner Dong-Sik Kim Kwanghyun Lee Younchan Lee Erroyl McGinty, Jr. MaryBeth Meltzer Gary John Moritz Rand Michael Muender Philip Kipngeno Barar Ngasura Victor Adewale Ogundiran Seong Ill Park Douglas Edward Robinson Bridgelal Mahase Seenath Karl Alan Stelzer Joshua Jennings Turner Scott H. Vail Reginald Dean Weems Steven Douglas Weems Gwendolyn West Jason Ray Whitehurst Timothy Warren Yates Seung Hyun Yoon

L I B E R TY U N I V E R S I T Y P O ST- M A ST E R ’ S D E G R E E S SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Education Specialist Diane DeMarco Acker Shanna Whatley Akers Maria C. Albuquerque Chanel Jovan Alford-Campbell Amy Mirchel Allen Veronica Evettea Allen Dava Nicole Allen-Miller Trina L. Almeda Jennifer Eileen Alvis Bailey Patricia Anderson Emily Rose Anderson Erin Elizabeth Anderson Sheri E. Anderson Tameka D. Anderson Lola M. Andrade Felicia LaDonne Anthony Ria Theresa Archibald Miranda Lynn Arnold William Glaster Artis, Jr. Jamar E. Arvin Deanna Yvonne Joy Ashe Gracie Michelle Austin G R A D UAT E N A M E S

Katie Baldwin McRackan Enoch Baldwin Codrington Banda Cynthia Barnes Sonia Rose Barnett Lora Beth Bellamy Sheila Jackson Benton Renell Nicole Berry-Harris Edwina Omega Berryman Sheri Lynn Beshir Esther Bonita Birge Michaelia Renée Black Victoria Lee Blood Anastasia S. Bollinger Mark Hilton Bonilla Allison Rose Booth Jennifer Anne Bourns Jeffrey Alan Bradshaw Brad Maurice Brantley Christopher Loyd Brantley Jessica Shea Brasher Barbara J. Braun Cecelia R. Brewer Karen Ann Brogan Kari T. Brooks


Kraig Allan Brown Natasha Brown Renee B. Brown Wendy C. Brown Benjamin Thomas Brown, Jr. Tyler H. Bui Julia Katherine Bull Matthew David Burch Diane E. Burdick Jan Alexie O. Calinisan Banita Crews Callaham Walter Clay Carlyle Stephanie Redden Carr Hashim I. Carroll Howard D. Cary, Jr. Jesse Castro Terry A. Chaney Charlene King Chapman Anne Suze Charlestin Shakera Teneshlia Chennis Jocelyn Devone Jenkins Cherry Cassie M. Chisholm Raymond Christian Samantha Cantrell Citty Demetria Meschelle Clark

Tara T. Cleckley Heather Renee Coates Dolores Twilight Codispoti Joshua John Coldren Catherine Collins Katherine Monique Collins Wendy Harris Collins Tonya J. Colston Jerry Brandon Combs Micah Daniel Conlon Alexander Francis Constas Kalessia LaShae Cooperwood Christopher Craig Corkery Cristina Angelica Cottom Cheri Canode Crook David Kemp Cross, Jr. Wesley Crow Daniel Michael Cullen Christina Kay Cumbest Gregory Scott Cummings Ty Curry Doris Smith Daniels Tami Daniels Dione LeAnne David Alisha Ann Davis

LeVetta M. Davis Wendy Fore Davis Alan Stephen Daws Renee Lavinia DeAbreu Melinda Genice Dennis-Gilbert Robert J. Donaldson, Jr. Donna Ruth Donohue Jennifer Lynn Dooley Elizabeth Marie Dougherty Wilbert O’Neal Draft Bryce D. DuChein, Jr. Page Elaine Durham Andrew Michael Dwyer Robin Renee Dye Rembert Alan Edwards Holly Diane Eimer Renee Deann Elderkin Heidi B. Elias James Louis Eller Sharhonda Lattree Elmore-Rivers Dannette Taylor Estes Christon Macara Evans Johnetta Marie Evans Mary Evans-Broughton Jennifer Bolin Fanning

Lori Ozvold Favela Joy Mitchell Fielding Mahogany Nicole Fisher John Russell Fisk Jennifer Stiles Fitzgerald Sharon Flücker Jody Mac Foreman Jeana Sue Fowler Sylvia Cooper Frank David William Freberg Terrisita Edwards Freeman Jeffrey A. Frey Laura LeAnn Fritz Steven Al-Jamil Funderburk Susan Iroler Funk Krysta Scott Gary Charmere Nicole Gatson Paul C. Gerton Stephanie Hand Giddens Christine Rose Giusto-Weibl Angela Nelson Givhan Janice Jefferson Glass Camille Locklear Goins Devaki Allen Gordon Derrik Kenny Graham Sonia Grate Lucheia Antoinette Graves Vickie Lyne Grays Diana Shirese Gray-Williams Cynthia Wilkins Gregson Alexander Randolph Grey Jason Dell Gribbins Nikkia Harris Griffin Treina Renae Griffin Veronica Sue Griffin Terry-Ann T. Griffin Richard R. Grimm Jason Scott Haas Lakeysha Hallmon Anne Elaine Meade Ham Nathan Churchell Hamblin Kealia A. Hamilton Tecia Hardin Michele Daphne Harrell Brittney Shayvonia Harris Gretchen N. Harris Odessa Chyrissee Harris Shawia Holdbrooks Harris Austin Harris, Jr. Jerry Harvey Corbett Ray Hawks Alisa Haynes Lavinia Elise Haynes TaKeshia La Juan Turner Head Heather Lee Heatherly Shawn Dwayne Henderson Howard B. Hendren, Jr. Charonne Camille Hightower Amy Tyson Hill Elissa Kinard-Hill Jametta Arcrena Hodges-Stewart Thomas Edward Hoffman Erick Williams Hofstetter James N. Hollingsworth Deborah Lynn Hollis Dana Lynne Horne Emily D. Horsley Beverly Brunson Horton Juanita L. Hosch-Martin Brenda L. Hout Tracy Michelle Howard Carolyn Howell Laura Hudson Erin Kathleen Hughes Jennifer Paige Hughes Angela Joyce Hundley Chasma Hurst Allison Leigh Hurston John Mitchell Hurston Nicholas James Hutchins

Veronda R. Hutchinson Stephanie Ferree Hyatt Emmanuel Ikerionwu Jeanne Marie Iorio Anna Marie Irwin Amy Marie Jackson Furga LaJuana James Elizabeth A. Jerrolds Susan Annette Johns Clinton Norris Johnson Kenton H. Johnson NaTunya Davis Johnson Tabitha LeEsther Johnson Toya Nicole Johnson Tomeko Rene Johnson-Smith Johanna Ward Jones Mary Anne Jones Mary J. Jones Tony Lanelle Jones Sherica Denise Jones-Lewis Bryan P. Kelley Christopher Bobby Kennedy Lauren Meredith Kilgore James Willis Knickrehm Lauren Carol Knudsen Douglas Farrell Lamb Nicole Fuller Lancaster Tara Nicole LaPorte Betty Jean Lee Betty Townsend Lee Kathleen Lehmann Debra Bailey Lester Clinton Jermaine Lewis Courtney Quinzel Lilliston Alicia Lippert Orlando Lobaina Geneva Lockhart-Browne Connie O. Locklear Albert R. Loma, Jr. Jeremy David Long Charles Edward Love, Jr. Angie Maria Lovings Mesha Renee Lowe Chance H. Mace Crystal Rae Madison Dana Cary Madison Thomas W. MaKinster Sharon D. Marble-Smith Jamar Terry Marks Jennifer Ann Markward Lisxamaly Reyes Martinez Corey Mitchell Mattern Carlitha Bavera Matthews Kismet Kimberly Matthews Constance Dione Maxwell Susie N. McCoy Rebekah Suzanne McCullers Katherine T. McDowell Drema Walker McGrady James R. McMahan, Jr. Shandrika Shinee’ McNair Floye Renee McNeal Tokitha P. McWain-Ferguson Carolyn Meadors Richard J. Merschen Tamara K. Miley Carlotta Ruth Miller Deborah Cecilia Mitchell Michael J. Moffett Amy Mollett Sterling Charles Montgomery Angela Moody Joseph Heard Moon Amy R. Moore Dionne Mashia Moore Traye M. Moore Ginger Kay Morgan Regina Martz Moschitta Daniel Lee Murphy Cindy Copelan Mustoe

Keron W. Myles Leigh B. Nichols Timothy Noah Nichols Brian Joseph Nixon Kristine Elise Norris Mildred Eleanor Norris Melissa Adams Novotny Alicia Michelle Nutall Hozell Odom III Michael V. Oliver Pamela Rose Overbey-Walker Anthony Joseph Padavan Katherine Shaver Pankey Louis Martin Papet, Jr. Kevin DeVon Parker Mallori Harden Patisaul Kayla Brooke Patterson Kathryn C. Paxton Shronda Aisha Peake Morris Pearson Mary Lowe Perron Jacqueline L. Phelps Felicia Gladys Phillips Patricia Marie Phillips Elyse Catherine Pinkie Brittany L. Pitner Shanitha Pittman Jaquia Caprice Porter Kandice LaShay Porter Audrea Renae Potter Stephen William Pray C. Joe Preece Frances Callahan Price Joyce Pulliam Debra Pyles Melissa Quackenbush Angelica Maria Ramsey Christian Hairston Randleman Jason L. Reece Brandelyn Reed Jenny Elizabeth Reese Cheryl A. Register Sara Margaret Reichard Porcia Richardson-Spears Jennifer Ramey Ricks Jael Rivas Brian C. Roberson Anna Robinson William Alex Robinson Courtney Sunseri Rogers David Clark Rogers Amanda Hope-Wolkowich Ross Latonya Ross Bobby Gene Rowe Nichole K. Sanders Daveta Jacquistia Saunders Lewis Scott Schnake Michael Wayne Schulz Sharie Diane Scott Sharron Scott Yvonne Bell Sellars Bryan Michael Sellers Brandy Katrell Sermons Robin Dee Settle Kia Nat’e Settles Linda Jeannette Shirley Rebecca Lynne Shisler Matthew C. Shockley Ashley Brooke Sibert Dana Simmons Emily Elise Simmons Stephanie Simmons Paulette Simpson Nadira Indra Singh Sondra Shively Singleton Dorothy Emma Skoland Stephanie Bassett Slaughter Anne Denise Smith Karen Jalon Smith Mia Mable Smith

Phyllis H. Smith Richard L. Smith Amber Smith-Sims Adam Justin Sparks Rebeca Stam Lisa Lee Steed Felencia Renee’ Stewart Mary Anna Stokes Jessica Stone Kevin Daniel Struble LaDonna Lynne Sutton Samuel A. Swope Kelli S. Swords Nenell DeRosa Sydnor Jessica Joy Tammaro Richard W. Tarbox Brian Curtis Tarr Loretta Jackson Tatum Christopher Paul Taylor Hatina Terras LaShawn Terrell Chiquita Teal Thebaud David Alan Thomas Dorothy Denise Thompson Melyssa Thompson Everlene Lena Thrower-Johnson Maureen Graciela Torres-Warner Brian Keith Triplett Barbara Trotter-Idlette Jacquelyn Trotter-Thomas Carrie Elizabeth TurlingtonProvensen Don Amechee Turner Benjamin Anthony Valdez Tabatha Lee VanDyke Misty Dawn Vaughn Janie Lynn Vickers Marjorie Claire Vizethann Elton E. Vrede, Jr. Elizabeth Camp Wade Latesha Wade-Jenkins Cassandra Antoinette Walker Helen Walker Phyllis Victoria Walker Michelle Walthers Ester Warren George Stanton Warren Stacy Renea Weatherspoon Jami S. Weidmann Joel Charles Weir Virginia Mae Wells Rhonda Blackwell-Whelchel Lanequa Summer White Natitia Denise White Ryan Shane Wilburn Redge Denmark Williams Shannon Michelle Williams Timothy Lamar Williams Uvonda Marie Willis Christopher Paul Winters Sarah Elaine Wittcop Craig Riley Womack Maida E. Wood-Davis Ingemar Lloyd Woods Penny R. Woods Michele L. Woodson LaKenya Milledge Wright Jonathan David Wyman Eritrea Sudan Yamini Chiyanna Shantice Young Mary Grace Young Ellen Ruth Ziegler Kelly Marie Zukosky


Mark Ward Woods

Master of Theology Jaehak Ahn Koan Seok An Joonhyun Bae Namju Bae Changhyun Baek Seung Hun Baek Morris Daniel Bannister Howard Jared Bumpers Jun Ho Cho Sangwoon Cho Guisung Choi Jeong Il Choi Joungho Choi Seung Do Choi Ilhyung Chung Terren L. Dames Jason R. Hill Kyun Heang Huh Su Young Jang Robert Burnell Jarman Sin Soo Jeon Jong Gyu Jeong Ik Jae Jin Marquis RaShawn Jones Stephen Scott Jordan Seongjin Ju Chung Sik Jung Myung Sik Kang David W. Kelley Euikwon Kim Eun Taik Kim Hyun Gi Kim Jonghun Kim Keeyoung Kim Sang Jun Kim Yong Il Kim Jeongmin Kwak Soontae Kwon Chang Seok Lee Dong Hyun Lee Dooho Lee Eunsung Lee Gi Woong Lee Jaegil Lee Jungwook Lee Kwanghoon Lee Phillip Lee Sungkwan Lee Jang Soon Lim Katrina Jaffee’ Lynch Hyun Soo Moon Steven Douglas Morningstar Francisco L. Muñiz Scott Osattin Dong Jin Park Donggi Park Dongjin Park Hyun Il Park Je-Ju Park Jong Sub Park Sung-Shin Park Michele Fletcher Richardson Charles Henry Ross, Jr. Dochol Shin Hyun Bin Daniel Shin Paul Markus Simpson Jonathan Glenn Smith David Andrew Spatz Christopher Brandon Stieg Jermaine M. Thomas Jae K. Yu

Master of Sacred Theology Leon Davis Chad William Graham


Nathan Edero Amiri Ruth Iona Foley John Charles Hawkins Molly Jane Jensen Lovely Mathews Koshy Kristen C. Libka

L. David J. Madsen Ryan Lawrence Masters Veronica Jo Olson Rebekah Grace Overbey Stephen Trevor Parish Kyle Robert Saunders

Kayla Snow Wesley James VanDenBos Elizabeth Monet Yerke

HISTORY Benjamin Jay Barlowe

Daniel Ray Bazan Jonathan Michael Davis Steven Hunter Deyerle Jessica Marie Edwards Matthew Charles Exline Samantha Erin Futrell

Amanda Liebig Justin Wade Mason Cooper Allen Pasque David Lee Reed

PHILOSOPHICAL STUDIES Max Lewis Edward Andrews Joshua Jacob Jennings Covert Michael James Muniz Lloyd G. Pemberton III Kegan James Shaw Nathan Jeffery Snow Jacob Daniel Webb

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Master of Arts in Management and Leadership Olusesan Abegunde Gabriel Maylee Abney Carlos J. Acosta-Rivera Ransford McCarroll Addo Adekunle Omowunmi Adeniyi Randi S. Akers David M. Akins Courtney Joyce Alexander Aisha Alston Nancy Alvarez Benjamin Michael Andera Orlanda Jarrell Armour Gladys P. Attin Angela Lee Autry Edita Kolpakova Bailey Lauren Alexander Bailey Felicia Ann Baldwin Samantha Jo Baldwin Brittany Marie Barclay Ryan Christopher Barker Wesley Allen Barrow John Martin Barry Tina Louise Barton Krystal Racqel Battle Todd James Bayley Lauren Danielle Bell Grant Alexander Bellak John Michael Benavidez Frank Bentley Keidy Berroa-Coplin Tammy Salene Berry Jesse James Bickel Theresa D. Blackledge Brittany Nicole Blackwell Bradley Dean Blank Ronald James Blaze John Camerling Bolin Tereka Nettie Boone Thomas Andrew Brashears James H. Breeding, Jr. Brandi Akia Brewster John H. Brindle Serina A. Britton Lauren Ashley Brooks Ryan Lee Brooks Sanquenetta Brooks Richard Larry Brooks II Anthony Lee Brown Rebecca Louise Brown Charles Elbert Brown III Michael Bryant Jordan Andrew Brye Timothy John Buell Bullock Yvonne Jean Burgess Leigh Anne Byers Natalie Musser Byrd Gabriel Andrew Cardwell Christopher Brett Carpenter John David Carpenter Edward Duane Carpenter II Cheryl C. Carter Winfred A. Cartwright Stephen Michael Castlen Duncan Ray Catlett Bonnet Charles Christina Marie Chavez Kevin L. Clark Andre Devon Cleveland Dawn Marie Closson Kiera Renee Coaxum Christopher Wilson Coker Jonathan Colaco Michael Kelly Cole Allen Keith Collins Areisha M. Collins Cherbrie S. Collins G R A D UAT E N A M E S

Leon Connell Gregory Allen Conner Sharon Gonzal Cooke Chad Michael Coston Rebecca Lynn Cottingham Cory John Alexander Cousins Tommy A. Cox, Jr. Yosheatia Monique Cozart Christopher Toby Crawford Christopher Thomas Crigler Rachel Lynn Croyle Patricia Denise Cruz Tori A. Curley Katherine C. Dalegowski David William Dalton Kenneth Wayne Dalton LaTay Daniels Lynn Marie Daniels Jarrett Davis Janelle Rochelle Dawkins Wade E. Dean Erica Monique Delgado Andrea Tiffany DeMelo Denese Depeza Joshua Aaron DePriest Tawanda Latasha Diaz Helen M. Dicken Devon L. Dickerson Stephanie L. Dix Lareeka Shannon Dixon Bose Jennifer Djere Christopher Dorman Abdul Jabbar Doss Alicia Charmion Dover Micah Paul Dowdy Chelsea Renee Eatmon Justin M. Ebersole DiOnna Chantel Edmond Peyton Kendall Edwards Daniel Lee Elfguinn Jessica Ann Elysee Jeffrey Michael Emonds Takia Tasheen Epps Gordon D. Everett Jennifer Lynn Fadeley Sandrah Louise Fager Carolyn Faines Dieu-Merci Falaise II Sharla Fanous Garett Rusk Fay Megan Marie Feltz Larry Eugene Ferebee Jeffrey Lawrence Ferrell Jared Lacar Fisher Kimberly Lavonne Fleming-McBeth Dana M. Flyte La Shanda Lynn Ford Shelton Jarnard Foreman Lawson Lorenzo Fortune Paula J. Fouts Johanna Fowler Jonathan Charles Fox Timothy D. Fox Thomas Anthony Frank Collins Reed Friddle Rebecca George Friddle Jennifer Rebekah Fripp Thomas L. Gainey Dennis Wayne Gardner Taylor Lee Gauldin Erika M. Genty Edith Valarie Ghant Amy Dawn Gilason Delicia Shirel Gillard Nicholas Adrian Ginn Monica Terry Glass Shauna Javasia Goff Michelle Irene Gollegly Douglas Michael Gonzalez David Matthew Goodman Kathy Grant Sandra Lee Gray Becky J. Greenawalt Charles Darren Greene Michael Weldon Greer Nathaniel Eugene Griggs Ricky H. Grimes Joseph Grey Grimison Bryn Vladymyr Grover William J. Gugelman Curtis Nathaniel Halsey Stephanie Jean Hamilton


Richard Howard Hammond Murray Andrew Hansen Jonathan Lane Harrington, Sr. Charles W. Harris Crystal G. Harris DaJuan Keith Harris Michael Cornelius Harris Hilda Danielle Harri-Phillips Warren Ivan Harris, Jr. Jason Ryan Harvey Sir James Christopher H. L. Harvey Lorie Elizabeth Harward Eric Hash Ashley Michelle Hecker Richard Byrd Hefty, Jr. Shaunta N. Henderson Anthony A. Hendley Daniel Wade Henry Darren Henry Richard Craig Herrington Kimberly Alicia Hibbler Hillary Prior Hicks Joey O’Neal Higgins Tesha Hill Wannise E. Hird Paul Joel Hizon Mark William Holstein Michele Darlene Holt Steve Troy Hopingardner Ashley Dawn Horsley Brian R. Horton Jadan Peter Ellis Horyn Mayaj Hossain Bruce Allen Hrabak, Jr. Charles Earl Hudson Robert C. Hudson DeVaughn Renard Huff Michael Anthony Hunt Laura J. Hunter Christopher Erik Hutcherson Shiela Marie Hutsenpiller Daniel Raymond Ingram Caleb Brent Ingrum Annie Jane Jackson Karen A. Jacobs Natoshia Vondrell James Shauna Denee James Otis James II Denise Kim Jobes-Brown Robert Ryan Johns Scotty John Johns Alexis Renee Johnson Ashley Danielle Johnson Cheryl Alaine Johnson Kristen Emily Johnson Monique Alisha Johnson Rachel K. Johnson Timothy Eugene Johnson Toni Johnson Andrea Jones Eddward Llewelyn Jones Jeffery Scott Jones Kenneth Collier Jones Kimberly Ezell Jones Melanie L. Jones Kenneth Anthony Kamholtz Jeanne M. Kennedy Phillip R. Kilbourne Timothy Kim Delois Juanita King LaTavia Katrina King Michael Dane King William M. Kirby Roddena Irene Kirksey Jonathon M. Kirschke Joel Alexander Kotanko Jon Eric Kovalovich Erich R. Kreiter Alice Marie Kugler Timothy John Kugler Jose Antonio Lamberty LaToya Renae Lansdowne Joseph E. Lawrence Ladd Kenneth Leimer, Jr. Cassandra Cala Lervik Jill Rebecca Lesh Yeta Yvette Lett-Cook Jennifer Ann Lewis Shirese Laquette Lewis Floyd Britten Lewis, Jr. Tamra Lanelle Lillie Bradley Carter Linger

Joseph Patrick Lister Nichell R. Little Edwin Dwight Lockley, Jr. Lauren Anne Loman Kristi Lynne Loper Thomas Jefferson Lott, Jr. Michael Patrick Lynch Sherman F. Maddie, Jr. Manuel George Maddox III Amy Joy Makeeff Charisse Tamara Manley Shannon Elizabeth Mann Andrew Owen Mansfield Clinton A. Marion Ashley Lynn Marshall Britani A. Martinez Leigh Anne Martino Misty Lynn Mash Scott Carl Matheny La Tonya Tyette Matthews Eric David Mattinson April Lynn Corpus Mauricio Larry Douglas McClain Medina McCrae Valerie E. McDowell Andrew James McFee Beverly LuShun McGlown Tre’na Cassundra McIntyre Dorothy McKinley Danelle L. Mckinnon Brenden Ashley McLean Phillip David McMinn Jacob P. McWilliams, Sr. Steven Ronald Metcalf Kuana Kerry-Ann Miles Chelsea Jade Milks Regan Edward Miller Kimberly Larnell Milligan Norman Elmer Milligan III Jonathan Austin Mills Carissa B. Mitchell Ryan K. Mitchell Chris Xavier Moore Colin L. Moore James Richard Moore Steven K. Moore Wendy Annette Moore Benjamin Philip Moran Bryan A. Morgan Jason Shawn Morris Steven L. Morris, Jr. Eric Levon Mosby Earl Moss Kelly Layne Mullins Lisa Michelle Murray Renee Suzanne Messier Myatt Emmanuel Georges Nakhle Ariana Elisabeth Nelson Joshua Ryan Nelson Gregory Tyrone Newton Michael James Noel Hattie R. Norris Alaba Banke Ogunleye Tevis L. O’Mahony Michael Jay Orr Renita Overton Toni L. Owens Kimberly Hewlett Paige Anthony Palmer Jin Hyuk Park Richard W. Parker Rachel E. Patrick Heather Renee Patterson Leroy Payton, Jr. Cotina M. Pearson Kevin A. Pearson Christopher Sean Penney Eugenio Perez Patrick Peterson James Robert Pfeiffer Matthew Heinz Pierce Mark Lyman Plummer Richard L. Polley Faye E. Powell Clinton W. Presley Tiffany Price Velma Elaine Priester Gary R. Probst Scott E. Prochniak Bruce Pufahl, Jr. Joseph David Purvis, Jr. Chonda Lyn Ralston

Samuel Gray Ramsey Amy Jean Raybould Anthony Jay Raymond Chelsey Danielle Reams Marlo Thomas Reese Kelley Reid Ronda S. Reid Jonathan Blake Repine Kimberly Ann Rice Meca Monique Rich Damion Richardson Daniel Edward Rittler Christian David Rizzo Jedediah Roberts Thaddeus C. Roberts, Jr. Frederick A. Robertson, Jr. Denis M. Robinson Inez Natalie Rodriguez Marivel Rodriguez James David Rollings Gary W. Rollins II Leopoldo Aaron Romo Phillip Bailey Marvin Jermaine Ross Rebecca L. Rossman Inpong Rouppasong Nicole Michelle Rux Dyeshia Dominique Sampson Carrie Kendon Sanders Johnny Sasu Lanard Terrell Jones Saunders Carl Henry Schinner III Joshua Eleazar Schlotterbeck Shannon Long Schoeman Renate J. Schuler Russell Schuler Paul Douglas Schulle Beverly Lawson Scott Jason Scott Krystal S. Scott Phillip Andrew Scott Randy D. Scott Heather Sealover Gerald Patrick Searles Rachael Aileen Sears Jordan Scott Alexander Seibert Aprile Candace Serry-Brown Travles Sessoms David Clyde Sexton Michael Lee Sharp Desiree Rebecca Anne Sheely Michelle Denise Shipp Jeronica Sledge Christopher Benjamin Smith Cynthia Gayle Smith Parks Alexander Smith Tamela Gilbert Smith Tammy L. Smith David Mark Snyder Marquis R. Solomon Aaron Michael Sonneborn Patricia D. Sowles Andy Lorenzo Sparks, Jr. Courtney Capri Spruce Robert Blair Stacy Sarah Stanaland Amber Dawn Stark Mandy Stark Donald Keith Stephens Orissa Michelle Stewart Dana Patrick Stockton Christopher S. Story Josette Lolla Sutherland Leslie Ann Swann Christopher David Swope Raymond Claret Tauro Timothy Fiske Tenneriello Lisa Marie Terry Matthew David Thomas Monica Rene Thomas Tamika LaShaun Thomas Vanessa Thomas Amanda Elaine Thomas-Wilson Alanna S. Thompson Angela R. Thompson Miacko Veronica Thompson Monique Chantel Thompson James Stephen Tibbetts Tamara A. Toles Tony A. Townsend Daniel Edward Triplett Robert John Troast

Elisa Clotta Tyson Christopher Dale Underwood Michelle Oswald Underwood James F. Urban Timothy David Van Prooyen Ralph B. VanOverberghe Eva Shuman Vernon Adam James Visbeen Megan Samantha Von Deesten Charles William Wade Angela Marie Wagner Wendy Lee Walker Gladys Arely Walker-Ramirez Eric James Walsh Deanita Darlene Ward Jessica Lynn Wark Marquis Keith Warren Alvin Sylvester Washington Dorothy Ann Watkins Tanya Stubbs White Kevin Christopher Wilborn Antonio V. Williams Kathleen Elizabeth Williams Michael Glenn Williams Torrance C. Williams Adrienne M. Williams Rose Marie Willis Justin Daniel Wilson Frank H. Wilson, Jr. Deborah Lillian Witcher-White Brian L. Wood Brandon Quanah Wallace Woodard Larissa Mebane Woods Melissa Suzanne Wright Richard Ash Wright Stephen Paul Wright Markeith Terez Wylie Christina Yelverton-Collier James E. York Christopher Allen Yount Sarally Yoyo Patrick Zebrowski Eric Casey Zellner

Master of Business Administration James Robert Achenbach Sean LaVan Adams Sheri Adams Nana Elyon Adjepong Jennifer Nicole Adkins Sheneka A. Adkins Jamie Leigh Akers Nathan Stewart Alba Jon Ryan Alexander Alrica Renee Alford Ali Ahmed Ali Al-Hada Ashleigh S. Ali Justin Robert Allen Jacob Bryan Allred Kerri Cochran Ambrosi Heather Marie Amburgy Claudiu Apahidean Ibro Arapovic Perry Michael Armstrong Jarrett Arnold Kara Lynn Arslain Brittany Nichole Athey Joshua Burke Austin Angela Denise Backmon Jonathan James Bailie James Edward Banks Tabitha Bridgett Bare Amber Alandria Barksdale Douglas E. Barnes Stephanie Vaughn Barringer David Chadwick Baucom Jonathan David Bauer Zachary Harrison Bauman Jessica Cheryl Bentley Grace Anne Bergen Joel Anthony Berthet Demetrius Beverly Joshua K. Beyer Jordan Michael Birt Nathan William Bixler Lori Beth Blevins Mark Robert Blonski Adam Richard Bolick JoAnna Tracie Bolin-Sherman Jo Ann Bowden David Ross Bowers Tysen Curtis Bowling

Rebecca Erin Boyd Venita Boykin Jeffrey Braaten Diana Karas Bradfield Kris Bradley Timothy Mark Bragg Daniel Matthew Breedlove Jeffrey Robert Bridwell Racheal Michelle Brooks Wesley Daniel Brothers Dawn M. Brown Stephanie Sawyer Brown Tyson Thomas Brown Daniel Davis Brown II Vivia Maria Brown-Cormier Margarite Parham Bruce Linda Gail Bruhnsen Travis Allan Bryan I Felicia Julia Burke Rebecca Sue Burstein Sharonda R. S. Burton Shelton Joseph Bwondara Jonathan McMahon Byard Joy S. Byer Amanda Rose Byrd-Payne Taisha J. Calloway Jenna Kaitbenski Campbell Kimberly Lynn Henry Carson Joseph Anthony Castorina, Jr. Gregory Dale Caudle Lauren Keturah Chaffee Andrew Owen Chamberlin Sanford DeShay Chancellor Joyce Ann Chandler Patrick James Chapman Maurice Alyn Cheeks Jerry Chetram Andrew Stephen Christie Christopher Michael Church Cherelle P. Claiborne Christy Lyn Clark Daniel Clark Diane Jacqueline Clarke Robert A. Clements Paul R. Cobb Shanna Eaves Cohen Samantha Lee Colantoni Michael Wayne Coleman Sophia Shell Coleman Daniel Patrick Colleran Jarrett A. Collins Chelsea Ann Collop Micah Dante Colvin Parker Lee Comfort Ryan A. Conjar Cory Jason Conklin Devin Charles Coogan Brandon W. Corbin Kerrie Smith Cornett Hannah Leigh Cottrill Courtney Hight Cox Jason Kenji Cox Stephanie Cox Joseph Arthur Crain Jack Roland Crandall Larry Crenshaw Emily Rebekah Crider Herman Eugene Crosson James Dailey Crowe Michael Raymond Crowe Kimberly Pauline Crunk Cleveland Bernard Davis Jonathan Drew Davis Marcie Lynn Davis Seth Michael Davis Julia Catarina De Llanos Steven Louis Deaderick William Everett Deane Bethany Jerrine DeHart Eric Michael DeHaven Thomas Christopher DeLarge Jose Angel Diaz Eric Joseph Diemer Jamie Dillard Sara Annette Dillman Jonathan Dinges Matthew Frederick Ditson Doreen Ophelia Dixon Cheryl Doherty Matthew Ryan Donovan Christopher Keith Dorman Teresa Rae Dover

Joshua Luke Duggan Bethany Lauren Dunmoyer Caleb Jordan Efird Roderick Sinclair Ellis John Anthony Enriquez Jonathan David Ericsson David C. Eveland Megan Masitto Fackel Anna Farberova Suprena Dawn Fay Ethan James Feig Sarah Elizabeth Ferguson Annie Marie Fields Kathy doCarmo Finholm Anitra L. Fitzgerald-Monroe Kaitlyn Janelle Fleury Whitney Leigh Flippo Ryan Joseph French Patrick David Frie William Tye Frost James Robert Gaiser Jamie L. Gambardella Joshua E. Gantomasso Danxiong Gao Jie Gao Raymond M. Garcia Turusma Hakeem Garner Cameron Lee Garvin Matthew Christopher Gee Joseph Mario Giordano Dominique Durell Gonzales Adrienne Page Grant Frederic Alexander Gray Robert W. Gray Travis Andrew Graydon Brooks Alan Green Eric James Greene Willard Gunzelman III Shad Bryson Hail Donna Michelle Hall Edward Hall Paul Halstead Miriam Hamid Gina M. Hamilton David M. Hamlet Sara Ellen Handy Michael D. Hansen Lori Ann Spruill Hardy Sharon Lynnette Hardy Stephanie N. Harper Adam David Harris Lashunda Ceritha Harris Marvin Harris, Jr. David Stephen Hassen Autumn Gamble Hatfield Fredrick Haug Laura Louise Heckman Charles Keesee Hendricksen Michael Phillip Henry Cara Mae-Eileen Hern Ryan Thomas Hewitt Bruce William Hewlett Antonina Allegra Hill Bobby Donald Hill Tanesha Nicole Hill Sandie Royette Hilton Montie J. Hodge Brian Joseph Hoffman Ryan J. Hoffmann Gerald Lamont Holland Joshua Alan Holland April Kerensa Holt James Brian Holzer Anjanette Willard Horton Jeffrey Allan Horvath Michael Roland Houde William Tyler Howe Michael J. Howell Tamara Lea Hudspeth Mark Kevin Hudzik Michael Ryan Hue Christin Hundley Timothy Mark Hunt Joann Hunter Shawn Andrew Hurley Alice Marie Hutton Nathaniel P. Ingram Adrienne Nicole James Phillip L. James, Sr. Cynthia H. Jernigan Paul Gordon Jesse Jeremiah Joseph Jessel

Sarah Johnsamson Andrew Ronald Johnson Andrew Livingston Blackwell Johnson Cory Sentel Johnson Noravonne Shirrel Johnson Jamie Scott Johnston Kathleen Y. Johnston Broderick Artimus Jones Darrick Jones James W. Jones James Matthew Jones Leah Danielle Jones Natasha S. Jones Ryan Anthony Jones Leslie Tomlinson Jordan Anastasia Hope Josephs Philip Anderson Justice Landon A. Kane Donna K. Kauffman Jennifer Therese Kearns Andrew Paul Keith Doreen Godliving Kessy James Brian Key Troy Fabien Kinchen Brandon John Kindall Brian A. King Erica Rennea King Rosewinter Kodzwa Jeremiah Todd Koester Daniel Scott Kompelien Joshua Karl Kondratowski Rhonda Yarbrough Kopetz Kurtis Matthew Korwan Elizabeth Thomas Koss Martha Iliff Kostas Brian Joseph Kotowski Jeremy J. Kral Spencer C. Krantz Ditmar Theobald Krein Eliott Bartel Krieger Travis Ray Kurtz Garen Frederick Lafser Scott Alan Lambert Kevin Oliver Lane Scott Christman Lanham Neil Clark Lanzendorf III Joshua John Larson John A. Lassiter Kenneth W. Lawson Pauline Ann Lazor Kevin Paul LeCompte Casey James Lee John Christopher Lemire Lonzo Lester Jennifer Elise Letouzey Allicia Lewis Erica Lynn Liller Edward Wesley Lim Christine Marie Linehan Sheila Renee Locklear Alleen Loiseau Joe Lomas II Paul Gregory Long Lori Ann Longstreth James Christopher Loomis Nathan Hansen Lord Raymond Andrew Luebbert Iman Gabrielle Lyons Lynne Theresa MacAllister Roxanna June Maddah Robert Thomas Madison, Jr. Christopher J. Mann Jason Brinsley Manotti Sean Mantell Ryan Andrew Maple Kristina Anne Martin Rebecca Rhea Marvin Ashley Nicole Mateo Drew Ross Maulsby Faith Mwelu Maweu Mitzi L. Mayes Shaun Alexander McAfee Pamela Wells McClinton David R. McCulloch Lucinda Sue McDonald Kermit Dale McGregor, Jr. Stacy Ann McKinney Autonnette L. McLaughlin Jordan Scott McLaughlin Chad Lee McMahan John Upton McManus III

Jennifer L. Meadows Matthew Meadows John Michael Mendola Cesar David Mendoza, Jr. Roy Steven Michael Callie Boyd Miller Jennifer Lea Miller Keishourd E. Miller Cesar Miguel Miyasato Ryan E. Monroe Joshua D. Moore Patricia Moore Robert Jason Moore Rebecca Elizabeth Moreland Chase Morgan Matthew Coburn Moulton James Edwards Mullenaux Rachel M. Murray Rose-Ann Leola Marie Navarro Emanuel T. Neely Brandy Hobbs Newcomb Stephen Newman Leigh Ann Newsome Ayda Maria Nichols Hector Manuel Nunez Brett Thomas Nylander Kayla Michelle Nylander Travis Vernon O’Berry Robert Jeffrey Oliver Sherry Ann Olsen Landon Mark O’Neal Heather Ashley Page Holly Michelle Palacio Michael J. Paquette Eric Donell Parker Michael Wray Parrish Sheena Reneé Patrick Tia Anshonette Peeks Charles Norwood Peele LaSandra Michelle Peggins Natasha Pendergrass Andrew Tyler Pendleton John Mark Pennington Luke Elliott Perdew Rebeca Ann Perez Bryan Jason Petak Charles H. Phelps Jonathan Mark Phelps David Christopher Phillips Robert Alan Phlegar Lanelle Pickett James L. Pierce Margaret Jean Pinto Paul R. Pirkle Tessa Tysinger Pittman Moise Plancher Katie Anne Plante Jonmichael Pollock Sarah Marie Porter Lyza Kristyn Poulin Michelle Antoinette Powell Jason M. Pratt Alysia Peddle Price Walter Grayson Price Katee Ann Puterbaugh Kristopher David Putnam Jong Bin Pyon Maria Elizabeth Brooks Quinn Ashley Elizabeth Rabe Daniel James Rabe Joanna Beth Rampal Ericka Landon Ramsey Joseph Benjamin Randall Michelle A. Rank Stephanie Nicole Rathburn Justin Lee Rauschenberg Samuel Walton Reamer Nadra Ayanna Redding Michelle D. Reeve Matthew P. Renodin Shane Leone Rexius Eric Evans Reynolds Matthew Otis Reynolds Samantha Corinne Rice ShaQuana Sharisse Richardson Christopher Marco Ridolfi Matthew Albert Ritchie Matthew Benjamin Robbe Margit Roberts Merry Carol Roberts Nicole Rodriguez Juan F. Romero

Peggy A. Rowe Kelley Elyse Rucker Frederick Michael Ruiz II Raymond Vincent Rutledge Nathan Richard Safron Kevin Sanaghan Rachel Lauren Sandlin Tasheka L. Saunders Christopher Glenn Sawyer Ashley Ramona Schenk Timothy Eric Schoener Justine Rosa Schwindel Rebekah Susan Scondras Donna Jean Scott K. Marie Scott Bradley J. Shaw Jennifer Clark Sheaves Linda M. Shepherd Sharon Lynn Sheppard Christopher Matthew Shockley Amber Marie Short Belva Anne Short Katerina Darlene Silcox Rikkei Zenise Simms John Kristoffer Skold Michael T. Smith Miranda Dae Snavely Jonathan Stratton Snyder Benjamin Edward Somerville, Jr. Adam Michael Spaulding Darvin Frederick Springfield Kristin Elizabeth Stafford Lee Arthur Standridge Wesley Howard Stanley John Gregory Stauffer Cherlette Louise Stay Mickey Kyle Steppe Nicholas Todd Stevens Kerri Hancock Stevenson Mattie Mae Stevenson LaToya Dyshan Stiff Charles LaMare Stotz Andy Straczek Samone Amorita Suluai Matthew Allan Swanson Mark Antney Swanson, Jr. Daniel Robert Swift Sara Swisher Ndeye Coumba Sylla Tracy Sheron Tabb Tiffany Deeanne Taylor Carrie Ann Taylor John Marvin Tempski Pamela C. Tempski Gregory Eugene Thomas Kimberly Joiner Thomas Lori Ellis Thomas M. Matthew Thomas Colin Ty Thompson Lara Christine Thompson Amber Nichole Thornton Tana Fletcher Tiller Nicole Christina Travis Christopher Tribble Juana Trotter Nathan Drew Tuckey Matthew Anthony Tumminia James L. Tussey Shantel A. Twiggs Morgan Burks Tyree Thomas Daniel Udo Abby Elizabeth Uglum Thomas Edward Untiedt Carrie C. Utt Catherine Vachris Ulrich Arsel Vouama Diana Christine Wade Nicholas Andrew Wade Seth Adam Wade L. David Walker Jocelyn Staci Walters Latoya Monik Wanser Sedrick Jermand Ware Luke W. Wascovich LaTisha J. Waters Janis Anita Watkins Phillip Lee Watkins Deneen L. Watkins-Spinner Michael Andrew Weiser Nathanael J. Welsh Jennifer R. White Karen White G R A D UAT E N A M E S

Stanley King White Lamar Lance Whitehead Pamela Braxton Whitley Monica Evette Wicker-Ramsay Joshua L. Wiley Jason Randolph Wilkinson Murray J. Williams Jennifer Leigh Williamson Jeffrey T. Willis Matthew Paul Wilson Lance A. Winters Kenneth Truman Wise Daryl Austin Witt Bronson Alexander Witting Anthony Keith Wolverton Amanda Cooke Wood Jonathan David Woods Wade E. Woodworth Ashley Nicole Wootton Daniel Scott Worley Kelli M. Worsham Burlinda G. Wright Charrissa Christy Wright Megan Elizabeth Wright Paul Yoon Andrew Emerson Young Matthew Carlton Young

Master of Science ACCOUNTING Zachary Thomas Agee Alfred LaDon Allen Randy E. Allison Cami Brae Amick Tonia Yvette Andrews David Leon Argabright Erick Ivan Aroche Julie Marie Atkinson Lindsay Jane Aviles Angela Roberson Bailey Brandon Lee Baines Kylie M. Bechtold Yashica T. Belcher Paul Wiley Bell Lynn G. Bennett Christina Marie Bergeron Kathrine N. Bingman Travis Roy Bishop Luis Raymond Bispo Roger William Biver III Brittney Michelle Boeser Amanda Sue Boonstra Amy Lynn Boothe Sandra Kay Boyer Matthew Thomas Boyes Amanda Tucker Brady Andrew Joshua Brinkman Stephen Randolph Britt Abby-Gayle Lacroix Brooks Jeremiah Brown Jennifer Jo Buckner Cheryl Vess Burgess Christopher Earl Byrd Elizabeth Foote Caldwell Maria Crittenden Calloway Trina Bathe Canning Dexter Lee Carnot Alice Marie Champeau MarJean Marie Christiansen Susan Nicole Chumley Tiffany Danelle Clarke Solomon Cogdell Stephen Joshua Colsson Joy Marie Courson Michael Dale Coy Courteney M. Cromp Andrea S. Crouther Malissa Curran Michael Christopher Davis Jana Lenae Deal Thomas John DeFabrizio Gabrielle McKleny Deloatch Jennifer Brown Denny David Wayne DeRusso, Jr. Oneida A. Dinapoli Brittany Michelle Dodson Michael Kenneth Eiban Bianca M. Ellis Samantha Lee Everest Matthew James Farnsworth Cherry RenĂŠ Fiske Rhonda Felicia Florence


David Charles Foote Jennifer Lynn Frey Stephen Allan Gahr Gregory Tyler Geren Sherry Phillips Gibson Willie Lee Gibson Gregory Girard James Jagrup Gobin, Jr. Samira Aisha Grayton Boyce Jackson Greene Bradley Paul Griffith Denise T. Guest Aaron Dale Hall Craig William Hammond Scott Hanna Shree Nicole Harrell Domonique Harris Sarah Elizabeth Harrisberger Adrienne Marie Hart Christina Hartley LaRhonda Wynne Harvey William Robert Hess III Jordan Thomas Hevener Cheri L. Hewlett James Darryl Hicks Felicia Martin Hilliard Jonathan Wayne Hirschy Kevin B. Hoffman Anita Joy Hostetler Nicholas Andrew Hullender Rex Edwin Hunter Kaylee Janelle Hutchinson Christopher M. Hutto Jordan Thomas Inabnit Deborah R. Jackson Vladimir Jean Toussaint Donald James Jemison Laurie Anne Johnson Ronald Keith Johnson, Jr. Timothy Paul Kearney Laura Michelle Kemp Jeanne Kerr Elizabeth Claire Key Debra Lydia King Robert Richard Kling III David John Kosor Jamie Lynn Kuhlman Andrea Michelle Lane Angela Gail Lane Jason Michael Layman Matthew Lewis Amber Linn Lopez Emil C. Lopez TaNesha Jeanett Loyd David M. Lucas DeAnn Antoinette Lumpkin Kayla Marie Luther Benjamin MacMoyle Joanna Lynn Maddox Meredith Thrift Malpass Caveka Shumea Manns Audrey Marshall Tony Lee Martin Thanea A. Martin Kelly Lindsay Rogers Maxwell Ryan L. Mayfield Michele Belden Mays Lanisha Renee McLendon Samantha McPherson Kimberly Myrick Medlin Georgia Ann-Marie Melendez Mikalyn Shepherd Mellby Stephanie Mercer Bryan Onyx Metz Kimberly Ayn Morey Yashekica Kennedy Morgan Auguste Ndaziboneye Muhoza Justin Dean Mummey Matthew David Muto Manuel Naya, Jr. Leslie Jane Nichols Deon Michael Norris Christopher Alan Oakley Mark Orenzow Nathan Scot Orndorff Matthew Robert Padfield Randal Palmer Deborah A. Pancoast Nisha Paul Maegan Marie Pearce Kathryn Townley Pehl Dylan Robert Pella

Esbelia L. Perez Nakisha L. Perkins Jorge Alberto Pimentel Frometa Mariel A. Porter Kenneth Price Sonya Marie Ramsey Stephanie Ann Reed David Wayne Reeves Alicia Leigh Rice Susan Richardson Wayne F. Riemer Jason J. Robertazzi Gloria Anne RobinsonMcCormick Melinda Bryant Rose Mary Beth Rousseau Nathaniel Isaac Russell Abdoul Aziz Sall Margaret Ruth Sanders Robin Teresa Schoppe Kerry E. Schrock Jordan Andrew Schwartz Suyanti Susanto Schweitzer Shelly Marie Sclater Erika Latrice Scott Ryan David Sealy Carla Alexis Sebro Adam Taliaferro Shaw Phillip Louis Shehdan III Ashley Duffell Shinn Tyler David Shipp Matthew Small David Christopher Smith Karen Lee Smith Jessica Lynn Stallworth Katrice Elizabeth Stewart Linda A. Stortz Joshua Streithof Daniel Strong Ramesh Subedi Christine M. Sullivan Krystal Gail Taylor Steven Wayne Tennison Jennifer Leigh Thomas Paul Thompson Tara Nicole Thompson Seth Thomas Thueson Michelle M. Tice Bryan Eugene Tiller Damon Matthew Titus Nimoy Tomlinson Kyle Raymond Troyer Nicole VanDyke Jeremy P. Veenema Raymond Paul Virgilio Johnathan Marcus Walker Bridget L. Watson Sean Phillip Watts Jeromy Way Robbyn Marie Webster Beatrice Wesley Kayla Ann Wesner Marion Zachary White Benjamin Ken Whitford Clint Andrew Williamson Sarah Jocelyn Wilson Adam Christopher Wittcop Rianner Baker Woodard Ashley Nicole Wooden Leon Brent Worth Meghann Lee Wyatt Roger William Yoder Danica C. Young Judith Ann Young

MANAGEMENT Russell Brockett Cromley Carol A. Fleming Richard Dale Frank Robert Thomas Kean Gary Mike Loftin Travis Richard White

SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION Master of Arts COMMUNICATION STUDIES Elizabeth Marie Baldwin Katherine Ann Beich-Forkner Jonathan Dwight Bobby Matthew Aaron Byrd Paul Raymond Davis Constance Alicia Falconer

Patricia Claire Foreman Sarah Ann Funderburke Emily Ann Grigg Casey Glenn Guise Benjamin Hagwood Briana L. Kauffman Kerah M. Kemmerer Hilary Sutton Lagares Joseph Charles Marcus Janet Walker Moore Jacob Eli Overbey Meagan Elizabeth Roper Sara Edith Svendsen Melissa Emily Ann Whalen

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Master of Arts in Teaching Zulema Abastillas Van Adrian Adams Carla Addison Harmon Franklin Scott Akin Amanda Leigh Altice-Taylor Kathy Jo Amburgey Robin Jacobs Anderson Alexandra Roxana Andrews Abigail Stephanie Ardis Stephanie Crutchfield Arrington John Kudjo Awere Hannah Elizabeth Bademian Karen Ann Baechle Ashley Anita Bailey Kelli Nicole Bane Deborah Diane Bannister Darianella Alexandra Baret Julie Elizabeth Barker Amanda Elizabeth Barnhart Jamie Lynn Barr Al Barton Kari Layne Barton Jessica Tyann Bauer Aimee Leigh Belt Amanda Benson Kristan Ashley Bergman Karen Janette Berkenkemper Catharine Rhea Bishop Emily Palmer Bixler Stephanie Anne Black Vickie Sue VanMeter Blankenship Falando Ramon Boone Maggie Borders Ginger Bowles Alison Stutts Bowman Sarah Elizabeth Brasher Delores Ann Breeding Joy Rachelle Brookes Laura Jordan Brooks Shelby Ellen Brooks Charlene Browne Amber Louvenia Bryant Brandon Dewayne Burgett Tara Lynn Burkhead Brittany Tess Butler Danni L. Buttermore Nicole Robertson Cain John J. Camiolo Heather Lynne Carlyle Jamie Marie Casias Sandra Elaine Cato Larry Robert Cauley Jennifer Huneycutt Cauthen Shannon Elizabeth Chesterman Neale Chinn Danielle LaJoie Chinnock Emily Briel Waite Cima Amy Cogan Clay Diana Bennett Clements Crystal Gayle Cooke Lori Foster Cooper Whitney Skii Copeland Shawn Patrick Crow Belinda Dawn Curtis Angela Josie Cuti Meghan Spigner Dalton Kimberly S. Davis Patricia Nee DeLuca Kandice Diane Denmark Beth P. Dickman Joseph Maurice DiPeri Andrele Kelly Doe Stacey Blankenship Donald Jenny Donoghue Christy Blackman Dorman

Thomas Alan Dorss Jonathan Wesley Dove Sarah Ulmer Driscoll Hannah Juliet DuBoff Beverley LaPrade Dudley Charles Edward Dudley II Elicia Grace Dunk Christopher William Edmiston Deborah Lynne Ehrhardt Karen K. Ellis Coleen Patricia Evans Clarissa Raye Brown Fagge Shari Lyn Farrell Joel C. Feig Zachary John Feig Felicia Ann Figgins John Wesley Fishburn Matthew Powers Flagler Rhonalee Russell Flockhart Kathleen Elizabeth Forbes Tierra Ashley Ford Pamela Leigh Forsythe Deborah Ann Franklin Leona G. Freeman Joy Danielle Gaines Jonathan Adam Gale Jodi W. Gannon Jennifer Lynn Gardner Ashley Faith Garland Todd A. Gemelli Coleen George Samuel Brian Gesford Christopher Birdsall Gilbert Wendolyn Ann Gildehaus Amber W. Gillespie Rebecca Leigh Goff Jamie Nicole Goss Jill Rene Graffeo Jennifer Cady Griffin Julie Christine Griffin Morgan Nicole Griffin Kelly Estes Griffis Michaela Anne Grunert Wendy Archer Guill Alicia Michelle Guridy Stephanie Brianne Hagy Amanda Jane Hall Jennifer Leigh Hall Krystal D. Hall Brianna Elizabeth Haltom Angela Hansen Tammy Hardesty Charles Lambdin Hardy III Latonya A. Hash Rebecca Hayes Kisha Mecole Heard Jennifer Lauren Heglar George Kodell Highsmith Glen Alden Hiler Jessica Johnson Hilles Rachel Lynn Hird Christy Marie Hisada Rana Leigh Hockman Ashley Susan Hodges Erin Kathleen Hogan Tamara Woodford Holyfield Beth Ann Honnold Andria Denise Hood Marianne Teresa Hood Lynn G. Horn Marc Dale Hudson Lori Huizenga Karen Ann Hutchinson Carol Margaret Hylden Katelyn Elizabeth Jackson Leah Jackson Michelle Anesta Jackson Jennifer Lynn Jarrells Nicha Mignon Tockicia Jean Kenya Jefferson Brenda Jenkins Elizabeth Jennings Joshua L. Johnke Kelly Lynn Johnson Robert Lee Johnson II Louise Fields Jones Andrew Shawn Jordan Christine Lee Keays Ronald Joshua Keefe Casey King Whitney N. King Amanda Kish

Whitney Rae Bowden Kling Jennifer Michelle Klugh Katie Elizabeth Knight Teresa V. Koon Kristina Lynn Kroon Susan Anne Kyger Kristi Allene Laslo Sarah Catherine Leach Michelle McKeag Lee Holly Legg Erinn Lennon Nicholas Blaine Leonard Melinda Lewis Vanessa Howard Lewis Heather Danielle Lomax Dayna Elizabeth Lovins Falzone Pamela Macasa Rae Jael Macey Candace Joy Maiden Julia Dees Majewski Debra Jones Maningding Cynthia L. Martin Kendall Lacey Martin Stephanie Jean Martin Megan D. Mason Ruth Ann Matheny Rachel Abigayle Matthews Angela Mauldin Sarah Emily Mays Anthony John Mazur Beth Hanlon McCoy Stacy Nowlin McCoy Katherine Elizabeth McDowell Rhonda Pegram McFalls Kari Lynn McGrady Paul Mark McIntyre David William McLean Casandra Lee McNeil-Mack Sakeena Alexandra McSwain Meriwether Page Melson Brandy Hickerson Merchant Bridgett Ann Miller Dawn Milton Tyler G. Mitchell Tara Momon Cari Ann Mullinax Katherine Dyan Mullins Jeannie Adams Myers Britney Nicole Naughton Stephen G. Nazeck Jena Sofia Nielsen Jill Bayman Ochs Marie Whitfield O’Connor Charles L. Olander Christie Sherrill O’Malley Kimberly Nichole Orlando Clayton Heath Osborne Ashley Pack Jessica Leigh Pack Kevin Wayne Panas Jennifer Lynn Paone Jennifer Lynn Parker Pamela Joy Parsons Meghan Christine Patterson Mary Deborah Pavlischek Brittany Garrison Penn Mario O. Perez Joan Michele Peters Faith Renee Peterson Robert Anthony Peterson III Aaron Kyle Phillips Christopher Kirk Pickral Ashley Marie Plume Nevine Popat-Powell Stefanie Nicole Price Cole Tucker Puterbaugh Michelle Elizabeth Quarantotto Amanda Randolph Carol Ann Redman Kristin Nicole Reed Anna Gabrielle Reeves Nicholas Ki Reitenour Salena Susanne Restivo Lauren Fowler Reynolds Raymonda Antinese Rhoades Jessica Konsler Rhodes Shannon Renee Rice Jessica Janine Roberson Brad Lee Robertson Carla J. Rodman Starlah Rogers Melanie LaTrice Ross

Justin Roy Chela Justine Rue Brandon Scot Maxwell Russell Heather Payne Sacra Laura Elizabeth Schlaf Lindsey Marie Schmidt Suzanne R. Schmoyer Gabrielle Schoenrock Caitlen McCall Schools Gina Bishop Schweitzer Todd Scolnick Karah Anne Scott Lisa Long Seward Brian L. Shannon Jessica Romayne Shannon Chanelle Marie Sheets Jilian Marie Shipman Ashley Nicole Short John A. Sipple Danel Julian Slaydon Glaysen Ardeen Small, Jr. Brittany Nichole Smith Della Ruth Smithey Denise Ann Snow Kellie Lynn Snuffer Eun Chong Son Alecia Beth Starks Dennison Marie Steele Amber Lynn Stephens Zachary Shea Stephenson Catherine Sue Stewart Michele Marie Stolle Brittany Marie Struble Bradley Wayne Stump Sarah Michelle Stuurmans Jennifer Lawrence Sumner Stephen A. Sviatko III Carol Jane Tatlow Bridgette Schmidt Taul Chemise E. Taylor Cindy Mathews Thomas Patricia Curry Thomas Monica Yvette Thomas-Moore Karrie-Anne Thorne Evan Kent Thrift Angelique Michelle Tomlinson Aaron Akers Tuck Amanda Evangeline Turnbull Cyndi Marie Turner Ashley Jewelann Turntine Kaitlyn Christine Tylus Ryan Michael Umbenhaur Judith Michelle Venable Tiffany Hall Venton Lynda Renee Vines Heather Diana Waggoner Angela Marie Waldron Abigail Walsh Heather Lynn Walton Dallas James Washburn Almecia Monique Watkins Fred Augustus Watkins III Jerry James Welker Cynthia Diane Ludwick Whetzell Charles Douglas White, Jr. Samantha Willey Kerri Williams Kirsten Joy Wilson Mary Ann Wilson Megan Shakespeare Wingfield Tyronda Michelle Graves Hope Nicholle Wittig Kimberly Jones Wood Noel Iskandar Wyttenbach Lemuel Yirmeyah Elizabeth Elaine Zamora

Master of Education Samantha Carol Aaron Tina Louise Aaron Rachel Michelle Adams Gloria Ann Allison Kathryn Lynn Andersen Kayne Denecia Brown Anderson Jill Rae Anderson Timothy Joseph Anderson Beth Ann Andrews Misty Talley Attaway Amy Christine Ayers Cecelia Denise Baggott John Alan Baggott, Sr. Joanne Elizabeth Bailey Patricia Anne Baker

Heather Michelle Ballinger Mallory Ferguson Barbone George L. Barg Trudy Zella Barker Kyle Frederick Barnette Matthew Charles Baroch Andrea Jeanne Bassett Jennifer Leigh Batchelor Jonathan Gregory Bates Betty Pond Beale Marie Morris Belcher Stephanie Nicole Belotte Malarie Benfield Robin Lee Bennett Sarah Jeanne Bennie Sarah Ashby Bernard Allison Lyn Bertholf Shawn Raymond Bertholf Ruth Anne Beveridge Kelly Bickel Jason Gregory Biech Shelia R. Billingsley Barry Davis Birmingham Tamara Birrell Beth Ann Bittner Benjamin Robert Lowrie Black Carla S. Blake Jessica Marie Blankenship Stacey Nicole Blevins Kimberly Jessica Body Ylonda Bogan April Marie Bolt Ethan R. Bosch Laquea Lashana Bradley Lakia Monique Brandon Carissa L. Brant Ami S. Brown Emily Katherine Brown Melissa A. Brown Ruby Bryant Toni R. Buchanan Videla Rexhepi Budhu Zaire Bella Hill Bullock Megan Brooke Burden Christie Lynne Burdick Adam Holcombe Burgess Sydnee Danielle Burrus Kristy Lynn Butler LaQuita L. Butler Sarah Martin Calhoun Riza Eva Trias Calinisan Kathleen May Callahan Lisa Kay Campbell Michelle McBride Campbell Michele W. Carr Jon Henri Carrington Kimberly Henry Carroll Kimberly Joe Anne Carter Anthony William Carty Matthew Paul Cassidy Dawn Marie Cater Robert A. Chadwick Angela B. Chambers Emilee Elisabeth Chambers Guerda Charles Erica Leigh Chavez Ralph Ernest Chew, Jr. Peyton Wright Chitty Dyvese L. Christian Lisa Morris Christopher Laura Nicole Von Colln Church Megan Elizabeth Claggett Jerome William Clark II Cameron Austin Clark Rodish Wilmarie Clark-Aviles Bunnie L. Claxton Emily B. Clegg Lindsey Michelle Cloninger Harold Alan Cochran Misty Dawn Cochran Elizabeth A. Collins Lisa Collins Katherine Joyce Colombo Melissa Conley Rheanne Donielle Cooley Ryan Clay Cosson Fabian Cotten Sandra Marie Coughenour Brittany Anne Coursey Donna Mechtel Cox Lucretia Yvette Cox Amanda Renee Crabtree

Angela Denise Craighead Charlotte Lynn Crary Corrine Michelle Cravens Candace Faith Crawford Christian Cross Helen Frances Culpepper Justin Donald Culver Jonathan Mark Cummins Stephanie Bacon Currin Stephanie Monique Custis Amanda M. Davies James A. Davies Dominic Jamal Davis Leslie Diane Davis Teresa K. Davis Lesley Christine Day Michelle Ann Camacho De Guzman Derrick De Jong William Jerome Dean Dana Louise Deems Tiffany Rae DeHaven Amanda Joy Del Rosario Angel Delgado James Albert Demery Kami Elizabeth Denton Brandy Leigh DeShazo Deborah Price Detrick Tara Baker Dew Michelle Karen Dixon Sarah Kristen Dohme Donald Grey Dougherty Amber Janiece Douse Rachel Erin Drummond Wanda Dee DuBoise Melinda Joy Duncan-Skarren Meridith Dunk Angelle Aimee Dunn Ashley Sue Eastlake Lauren Minite Eckert Anne Marie Edelen Stephanie Ediare Dwayne Blake Edwards Allison Christy Egbert Lisa Ann Ehrman Rime El Assaad Maria Azul Emede Michael Robert Entrekin Deborah Leedom Epperson Jessica Rachelle Epperson Amy Jane Erickson Grace Abigail Estacio Nikki Eubanks Alicia Jennae Evans Whitney Blake Eye Elizabeth Falcone Nicole Leigh Ferrara Alexis I. Fifis Heather Elizabeth Fletcher Sarah Ann Foit Tawanna Fonville Randall Curtis Forehand Tiffany F. Forti Brandy Elizabeth Frampton Christy Marie Freeman Leah French Patricia Louise Friederichsen Allison Ruth Frye Joshua Fuqua Julianne Elizabeth Gaillard Jose Guadalupe Garcia Esther Eunice Gardner Debra Anne Garman Morgan Elizabeth Gibson Sarah M. Gibson Darrance Devon Gillion Rhonda Gilmore Dea Newman Gist Qushanna Brown Glass Russell Bryan Goode Lenore Hatchell Gooden Melisa J. Goodman Ricky Kent Goodman Antoine Lamar Gordon Angela F. Graham Adrian Jerome Grandy Peggy Charlene Graves Mark Andrew Green Joe Nathan Green, Jr. Joshua Lee Griffith Marcia Tai Wanna Hairston Holly Nora Elizabeth Hall

Justin Andrew Hall Geoffrey Martin Hampson Yvaal Marie Hampton Emily Grace Hancock Kathy Veronica Hardy Amanda Nicole Harpster Christine Harrell Jeffrey Thomas Harris Julie Howell Harrison Thomas Andrew Harvey Marcia K. Haug Arianne Elisia Haydel Shannon Nicholle Haynes Elvie Woodard Hebert Katherine Nicole Heintzelman Stephene Renee Heiple Peggy Hemphill Ryann Ashley Hendricks Shannon Marie Herbest-Mason S. Mitchell Hewitt Dale James Hicks Holly Lavada Hill Jowanda Diaonne Hill Denise D. Himes Sharron Dean Hines Faith Fortner Hixson Bethany Anne Hodges Kristopher Thomas Hoffman Doris Gafford Holden Kimberly Renee Holley Charles Travis Holt Christine Lynne Hood Terry Cornelius Hopkins Christina Linn Hopper Eric F. Hosler Phyllis E. Houghton Michelle Dana Housman-Harrison Jacqueline Annette Howard Jennice Shampine Howell Courtney Elizabeth Hudson Susanne Jon Huizing Amanda Charlene Hulsey Dennise Joyce Hundley Amber Nichole Hunt Kelvin Octavius Hutcheson Jennifer Leigh Hutchinson Steven Travis Inkrott Elena Iuliana Ionescu Denton Ireson Kathy Lynn Ivill Christy Ann Jackson Jennifer Mary Jaffe Keith Aaron James Sherry Nicole Jarvis Pelina Monique Jessie Pamela L. Jimison Seraphine A. John Blake Tonya M. Johns Melissa Norman Johnson Nakita Monique Johnson Nicole Johnson Rebekah Lea Johnson Lori Anne Johnston Carolyn Clark Jolly Abenlemah Jones Christilena Crittenden Jones Cory A. Jones Jennifer C. Jones Nadia Lynn Randolph Jones Nichole Y. Jones Otis R. Jones Kavonda Jordan-Dean Athaliah Kuupuaainahau Kaikala-Gilbreath Charissa Joy Hixson Karr Kaicen Nivens Kawakami Kamalin D. Kazmar-Grice Valerie Nicole Keenan Kourtney Yvette Kelly Martin G. Kelly Edmond Kelly, Jr. Heather Kathleen Kennedy Melissa Ann Kennedy Sharrika Marie Kent Sherri Lynne Kent Thomas Lee Kilcrease Keyvonne Lakeisha King Sarah Michele King Machelle Renee Kingsley Jennifer Gail Ellison Kline Megan Valerie Klopp Brad Koewler G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Connie Paj Huam Tsav Kong Patricia J. Kruse Elizabeth Puckett Kubba Stephanie Jane Kuss Sarah Elizabeth Labuda Brian Timothy Lake Juliene Jones Lancto Ashley Christine Landes Melissa Mantho Lane Natalie J. LaRoe Alexandra Monika Laser Jason Lee Laser Betty Mcrae Lawrence Lucas Tanner Leopold Dyan Effler Lester Lisa Diane Letcher Cassandra Deon Lewis Charmelle Rene Lewis Ishma T. Lewis Marcell Alonzo Lindsey Barry LaMonté Lipscomb Brittany Kay Lishia Karen Elizabeth Lockerman Anne Elizabeth Lounsbury Melody Chantay Lucas Laura M. Lucia Wendy Luck Zachary Mark Ludvigson Kelly Luznar Christopher Lyons Jennifer Ann Lyons Phillip Mark Mace Leigh Ann Macklin Chrisantha Marie Maddox Paul Milton Manrique Cala Lauren Markovcic Julie Marie Duke Marrs Cynthia Maria Marshall Karrie Greeson Martin Louisa Martin Sharla Henderson Martin Samantha Elizabeth Martinez Michelle R. Martin-Miklinski Steven Lee Massey Joni Amanda Massie Cox Gabriela Esther Matos Kemberli Levy Mayo Carla Ivonne McCain Catherine Lee McCarrick Collin Carey McConaghy Michelle B. McCully Scott McCurdy Regan Elizabeth McDonald Sylviette Delphine McGill Samantha Rollette McKensie Meredith Jeffrey McKenzie Kimberly Elizabeth McKinney Brittany Anne Means Amy L. Melville Kelma Tamara Mendez Leigh Ann Merrick Ryan E. Meyer Benjamin Allen Miller Deborah Joanne Miller Sarah Beth Miller DeAnna A. Miller-Wooden Melody Beecher Mills Millette Freeze Mills Heather Marie Mohrmann DaShawn M. Mondy-Gause Rebeca Mercedes Montero Brittney Carole Montgomery Heather Karen Moraes Vonda Morga Inez B. Morris Jacqueline Waters Morrisey Anjennette Moses Holleigh Rae Mowbray Jessica L. Muncy Denise Mutz Jeraleen Gibson Nading Amanda Beth Nagy Heidi Cross Nanny Tiffani Ayanna Nash Rachel Christine Nations Elizabeth Joy Naylor Elizabeth Anne Neill Danielle Renee Newman Sarah Noble Mary Norris Erika Nicole Oden-Cottingham Nathan Hagen Ogle

Heather Marie O’Hara Meredith Anne O’Hara Kristina Leigh Olsen Clara Jayne Olson Courtney Brook O’Rourke Angela Dale Ouzts Christy Lee Owens Kelly Fisk Owens Isangidien Inessa Owulette-Miller Matthew Oswald Ozolnieks Jessica LaTanya Palmer Kristina Marie Palmer Janet Lee Pargeter Stacey Lynn Park Andrea Elizabeth Parker Donald A. Patrick Kimberly Shanks Payne Madison Nicole Payne Katherine Becker Pennington Elizabeth Grace Perin Matthew Bryan Phillips Rita Phillips Kimberly Watson Phipps Caitlyn Ann Pichette Mary Alice Pierce Shana Melisa Pink Krystal M. Pister Donda Thompson Plyler Kofi Gyamfi Poku Jacqueline Elizabeth Poli Jonette Williard Poole Iyana M. Porter Jaclyn Power Keri Kaitlin Powers Pye Mark James Prieur Brian Keith Purcell Chelsea M. Quick Jacquinlan Annette Quinlan Paola Quintero Natasha J. Rabideau Jennifer M. Rahn Courtney Lynn Ramsey Gemini Ann Randolph Terresa Marie Raser Jeremy Wayne Ratliff Krystal Michelle Rawlings Robert Jeffrey Register Demario Montrelle Reid Erica Mattice Reid Sarah Emerson Griffin Renquist Tangela D. Rey Lisa Clidence Rhem Katie E. Ridenour Timothy A. Ridenour, Jr. Andrew S. Riggs Arabella Maria Rios Garzon Kayren Ann Rippe John Allen Ritchie John Kevin Rivers Heather M. Roberts Robin Lynn Roberts David Wesley Robertson Priscilla Rodriguez Shasta Renee Rodriguez Diane Marie Roseberger Rebekah Lee Rosie-Hall Andrew Stephen Ross Lashunder Evette Ross Stephanie Lynn Rowland Christopher Matthew Rudolph Erika Cooper Ruffin Laverne Russell Stephanie Williams Ruth Penny Pouneh Sadri-Ryan Patricia Gail Sammons Derek Michael Sams Crystal Lynn Sanders Vonetta Darlene Sanders Janeth Birvany Santiesteban Veronica Nicole Santillo Latasha Sasfrass-Coburn Courtney S. Sauder Eugenia Williamson Scales Virginia Rose Schad Rebecca Lynn Schaefer Wanda Lee Schemehorn Brittaney Claire Schwartz Daniel Douglas Scott Pamela Denise Scott Cheryl Seagle Scroggs Melissa Ann Seal Melodie Lyn Segrest

Stephanie Eileen Seibert Shondolyn Kaye Sellers-Truman Bridget Marie Serone Lindsey R. Sever Christina B. Sharkey Steven William Shelton-Pullen Amanda D. Sherman Brenda Elizabeth Shields Meghan Alyse Shortt Kaleigh Sidwell Eloise Veneta Silston-Hughes Ashley Mae Sims Wendy E. Sirmons Dawn Gordon Smith Joshua Kekoa Smith Kimberly Elise Smith Latonya D. Smith Sonja Smith Christina Nicole Smith-Galloway Patricia A. Soemer Jessica Souleyrette Cynthia Eden Hayes Southard Andrea D. Sowell Angela Marie Spangler Dawn Spangler Lindsey Marguerite Sparks Julie Ann Sparrow Sichel Angelique Spiess Angela Michelle Spoon Lindsay Christine St. Gelais Cornelia Stahlhut Alani Price Staples Kalea Mozell Staton Ryan Terry Stein Daniel Kerry Stevens Megan Raines Stevens Rebecca Jean-Quinn Stevens Jill Scott Stewart Lisa Addington Sturgill Laura Eley Sullivan Margaret Ann Sutherland Brooke Shiree Taylor Jahkari H. Taylor Karen Patrice Taylor Molly M. Taylor Rebecca Elizabeth Taylor Patricia Ann Thacker Elizabeth LeConte Thackston Kathryn Anne Thamer Nachelle Thomas Brenda Lynn Thompson Julie Lynn Thompson Maria Latasha Thompson Miacko Veronica Thompson Rhonda Marie Tisdel Sarah Kay Tisinger Tara Tonkel Lisa Gay Toquothty Tony Marvel Townsend Jalie Ruth Trowbridge Nucci Oyiza Tucci Jeffrey Scott Turner Carrie Marie Cordell Twine Dwayne Anthony Tyler Cherice Suzanne Ullrich Alicia Ann Valladao Regina Marie Vallery Whitney Cameron Vaughn Robert Patrick Venton Lauren Michelle Vetsch Stacey Michelle Vinson Dwayne Andrew Waddey John Blair Waggett Emily Laine Walker Cherita Holland Watson Angela Kay Watts LeeAnn Weathersby Jodie Leah Webb Thomas Wayne Webb, Jr. LaTrice Nicole Webster Shannon P. Weigel Mindy Lynn Welty Clarissa Wheeler David A. White Elizabeth Calvert White Helen Patricia White Kendra Gayle White Lorisa Cripe Wiedenheft Alyce Nicole Williams Grace Anne Williams Jessica Marie Williams Shaniqua Denise Williams

Tonya D. Williams Jennifer Marie Williams Adkins David Lane Williams, Jr. Brian William Wilson Katherine Ann Wilson Lucretia Renee Wilson Morgan Marie Wilson Louise Craig Winckler Jennifer K. Winkler Joshua Jon Witting Christina Nicole Woodward Michele Sutton Worley Joshua Wells Worthy Julie Ann Worthy Kevin William Yaiko Sarah Elizabeth Yancey Ashley Lynn Yelland William Henry Yelland V. Melonie Latishia Yielding Elena Young Lindsey Griffin Young

Master of Science SPORT MANAGEMENT Stephen William Henry Atkinson Georgette Josephine Baeza Ryan O. Bell Heather Dawn Bentley Ryan Richard Bigelow Benjamin John Billman Sara Elizabeth Bollinger Reese A. Braband Tilly Greta Brampton Amanda Louise Brindle Michael J. Brown Marcos Bugarin Cameron Alberto Burrell Erin Nichole Campbell Jamie Aileen Carpenter Brandon Kenichi Claggett Brian R.H. Clark Dominic Lymont Cornett Mancino Anton Craighead Shara Crow Daniel Steven Degler John Unitas Dryden Dwayne Keith Ellis, Jr. Michael Allen Farris Vernon L. Finley Travis James Forrest James B. Forthman, Jr. Robert Andrew Garlock Emily Grace Gibbs Joshua Manuel Gomes Daniel Joseph Griffin Matthew Vaden Grow Meghan Andrea Harkey Scott Michael Hearn John Willie Hines Antonio L. Holmes Mario Emoni Huffman Paige Andrew Hurley Shamika Jackson Stephanie A. Jackson Katelyn Marie Jacobs John H. Johnson IV James Logan Jones Robin Marie Kantin Portia F. Knight David L. Lee Wally T. Luckeydoo Micheall A. Lyons Andrew Jay Madero LaPrecious Adicia Mathis Zachary Cabell Mccall Chloe McIntosh Keely Jo McMillon Clint Allen Miller Scott David Moore Seth William Mullen Jason Daniel Myers Timothy M. Olson Kevin M. Park Kenneth Alan Peer Katie Ann Pepe Santino Edward Reynolds Christopher Stephen Rill Amber Lynn Roberts Diego Rodriguez Michelle Leigh Shelly DeCole LeKisha Shoemate Daniel A. Smith

Leah Marie Staats Mark Alexander Stadler Arielle Raye Stout Donald Franklin Taylor Ashley Grace Teer Christopher Wayne Ulrich Chaseton Robert Vaden Brian Christopher VanWagoner Scott David Walker Joshua Mark Westermann Dustin Lane Wheelock Angela M. White James Whitener III Wayne Andrew Williams II Chad Everette Wilson Michelle Lee Wilson Matthias Wrede Derek Paul Young

SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT Master of Arts in Public Policy Tijuanna Yvonne Adetunji William Jason Betterton Tania Sue Blackburn Charles Vernon Bland Samantha VanNess Cox Anna Catherine Cribb Nykia Georgiana Douglas James E. Fager Keri Lynn Firth Katherine Marie Flannagan Kevin Lee Noe Katherine Mae Okello Christopher Daniel Phillips Hannah Elizabeth Ray Michelle R. Richardson Douglas Robert Sachtleben Karen Samuels King Robert Patton Sullivan III Monique Jasmine Tanon Cynthia Lindsey Temple Michele Gwen Waddell Roy Joseph Ward Susan Eileen Willard

SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES Master of Arts PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING Christine Denise Adams Erin Marie Adelman Yesenia Castro Adent Gladys Ann Adiku Brian Paul Ahlquist Beverly Ann Aikens Linda Darlene Akers Felix E. Alexander Pamela D. Allen Benjamin Rex Allison Jason Michael Apple Ilsa Lynn Araki Mark Edward Arena Jerell L. Armstrong Maria Antoinette Armstrong Crystal Telease Ash Yolanda Maraneg Ashton Arion Dominique Ashwood Suzi Sobhy Atalla Doneshia Gail Ates Kelley Aungst Damian Reynaldo Ayala Lourdes Maria Ayala Sunday A. Ayodeji Carole S. Bailey Christopher Garret Bailey Troy A. Bailey Shellie Ann Bangs Tara Banks Juliana Lynn Barlowe Sarah Michelle Bascom Monica Kay Bashore Tiffany Ann Batacao Juditha Francine Beard Melonie Diane Beavers Brenton Ryan Beckley Jason Tyler Belcourt Ernest LaCosta Bell Rebecca Lynn Bell Michelle Smith Beverly Regina Karen Birdwell

Jennifer Lee Blackburn Denita Mcnee Blake Africa Marie Blanton Courtney Blodgett Robin D. Bonner Hillary Anne Boone Tasha Perry Boone Paul R. Boothroyd Sharon Leigh Borst Rebekah Elizabeth Bostic Chandra Kaye Boudreaux Chanel Coleman Bowen Jennifer Renae Bowers Teressa Valorie Bowman Kelly Carpenter Bozard Kimberly Sharmaine Bozeman Linda Baldwin Bradley Patricia Young Bramlett Jacquelin Carter Branche Melinda Susan Brecht-Clark Crystal Renee Breedlove Dana R. Bridges Lane Rodney Briggs Stephanie Nichol Briscoe Sharon Joyce Britt Ella Parker Broady Dawn Elizabeth Brock Alexis Kelley Brown Allison Brown Holley Rena Brown Jarel Rashod Brown Marcie Kim Brown Reginald Alonzo Brown Stacey Lee Brown Ashley Combs Bryant Brittney Elaine Bunch Darcelle Burandt Jessica Niccole Burnette Tasha Latil Burnette Beverly Burns Janet Lynn Burton-Cravens Kyle House Calhoun Daniel John Callahan Miho Torikoe Camarata Tabatha Neighbors Camden Jordon L’Shea Campbell Brandon M. Canter Dorel Captari Terry J. Carlson Stephanie Carney William Gregory Carroll Stacie E. Casler LaToya Thyaise Chambers Shirley T. Chambers LaToya M. Chancey Jacqueline Lashun Chaney Sarah Anne Chappell Shannon Ponds Chavez Priscilla Ngum Cheng Stevie L. Cherry Paul R. Chipman II Kimberly Diane Christian Peaches Pearl Clacken Anna Maria Vencenza Clark Courtney Denise Clark Katelyn Diann Clarkson Natalie TeKeisha Clavon Robert Dewane Clements II Lynda B. Coccia Amy Lynn Cockerham Jennifer Ashley Codding Joanne Lorraine Coddington Cathy Gayle Cole Virginia Ann Compton April Mae Cook Gregory Alan Cooney Habakkuk Cooper Nicole Marie Corbitt Sabrina Marie Cowan Elissa Ann Crawford Navarrete Julie Mills Crocker Kandice Lynn Cross Sonja Joy Cullum Mindy Curtis-Murray Tiffany Cutrone-Scales Alina R. Dagraca-Taylor Amandia M. Daigneault Cynthia D. Dailey Brittany Diane Dalton Shanaya Nicole Dantzler K. LeAnn Dapper Chayse Cameron Davis

Edward Townsend Hager Davis Gwendolyn Grier Davis Richard Lee Davis John Avery Davis III Kristi Susanna Daw Joanne Baker Deal Ruth Ellen Deal Danielle M. DeAngelo Larzetta P. DeBord Robert Joseph Define Brianne L. Deis Deborah Kathleen Delaney Ashleigh Reneé Dennis-Silas Christopher Lee Denzler Joanna Orillion Dickinson Christiane Lovelace Dieckman John Paul DiLorenzo Robert Samuel Dixon Geremy John Dolan Jodi Michelle Doss Christopher Eric Dougherty LaSharon Leah Duckett Launa Ashley Duffy Rebecca S. Dufrene Valerie Lynn Dunbar Michelle Lee Dunham Thomas K. Dunne Brandon Robert Dyer Anna Phipps Eakes Angela L. Edgerton Shawn Marie Edgington Gloria Edwards Sarah Elizabeth Ellen Duane F. Ellis Mary Rachel Ellis Taryn Shernette Ellis Catherine Clayton Erickson Charlotte Marie Eure Cynthia Ann Eure Sarah Beth Eutsey Erin Kristyne Evans Laura Anne Evans Hillary Nicole Evert Cassandra K. Faire Asia Natashia Fairley Rebecca Fitzwater Elaine Fleetwood Luz N. Florio Stephanie Dunay Flynn Gailtricia Brenlyn Thomas Fogg Rasheeka Anita Fogg Eric Nehemiah Fondren Kelly Lynn Ford Derek William Forrester Laura Elizabeth Foster Theresa M. Fowler G. Diane French Marc Kevin Fulson Shonda Fulton Julianna Mae Funk Emmitt Maxwell Furner II Dawn Louise Gallagher Alicia Marie Gardner Elizabeth Brooke Gardner Brent JonChristopher Garrard Joann Ezra Gavalda Alyssa Marie Gavulic Rogea V. Gaymon Gary Curtis George Nichole Shaunte Gladney Tanya Renee Glanzman Kindall Glover Emilsa Gomez Kyla Jo Goodlin Judith E. Gordon Sonja Lee Goyco-Rivera Amber Lynn Green Grace L. Greenan David James Grenn Cynthia Huggins Griffin Douglas S. Griffith Leslie Ann Groome Laurie Lynn Guay Timothy Francis Hadley Matthew Hahn Melinda Michelle Halford Asia Tarlyn Hall Marilyn Slay Hall Peggy Hallman Rebecca Anne Halloran Tanya Marie Hamilton Brandon M. Hampton

Katherine Patricia Hand Karen Frances Hanley Cheryl Ann Hansen Lauren Knipmeyer Harcourt Herschel C. Harden III Amelia Louise Fraser Christina Cerita Harris Lakisha Marie Harris Mary Crumpler Harris Tensis Coretta Harris Nathan Harrup Melva L. Hartzog David Mark Hashimoto Ann Marie Haug Rosheen Marguerite Haumann Shannon Rose Hautala Stephanie Jones Headen Shawn Heaney Andrea B. Henderson Don M. Henderson Stormie Hendrickson Stephen D. Hendrix Lynn Marie Horton Jose Esteban Hernandez II Tammy M. Herschel Stephanie Michelle Hewitt Angela D. Hewlett Cheryl L. Hickman Ronald Vincent Hicks Sherrie Kay Hickson Kheia Danielle Hilton Timothy Wesley Hirschman Danielle Shamika Hodge Lynnette Eleanor Hodgkins Laurie K. Hoffman Stephanie Ann Hoover Amie Stella Hopper Cindy Jeanne Hornbaker Latoya Hospedales Elizabeth A. Houst Anissa L. Howerton Lee J. Hudson Heather Michelle Hunt Ravainell D. Hunt Gloria Jean Hunter Robert L. Hurt Nathaline Ignacio-Cole Dr. Angela Michelle Isom Jana Pittman Ivey Alexandrea Jay Jackson Kami Nicole Jackson Katie Michelle Jackson Emily Cooper Jeffries Christina Marie Jenkins Kala Jenkins Mallory Lynn Jessee Walter Jimenez David Wayne Jimmerson Jennifer Rebecca Johns Annie Burnette Johnson Crystal Ann Callahan Johnson Deborah Johnson Hannah Ruth Ann Johnson Orville Johnson Paula Johnson Timothy Lee Johnson Stephanie L. Johnston Deidre Dawn Jones DeLisa J. Jones Dina L. Jones Mallory Jones Mila Jean Jones Monica Jenel Jones Sheila Renee Jones Katrina Lekeshia Jones-Lewis Beth Ann Jordan Christy Jordan Jacqueline Erica Jordan Katie Justice Michael Jay Kalous Melissa Kauffman Edythe S. Kaye-Brown Ashley Nicole Kelly Megan Elizabeth Kelton Monica J. Kennedy Stephanye Ann Kenyear Amy R. Kim Wha-Shu Kim Lynn Ellen Kimball Sharmen Elaine Kimbrough Charlene Virginia King Lisa Lynn Kirkner

Jennifer Kittredge Andrew Klement Jessica Louise Klika Kali C. Klubertanz Kelli Carter Knapp Jada Lynn Kouba Mark D. Krynski Kevin Ray Kurtz John R. Lakvold Samuel Landa Vivian Yvonne Lane Valerie Ruth Lang Danielle Rene LaPointe Wendy Wilkerson Laursen Jamie Crosby LeBoeuf Debra Browner Lee Coleen Ann Lehigh James Boone Leigh Amber Cochran Lemoine Jessica Lynn Lewallen Lisa Ann Lewis Eve Liebermann Rebecca T. Lindsey Tabatha Lee Lipscomb Jaime Farrell Lobb Genevieve C. LoCicero Ashton Marie Long Laura Kaye Long Tracy Lorah Jeremy Allen Lormis Teena Alane Lovern Jerry Reginald Lovorn Jessi L. Lowe Stafford Archibald Lowe Patrick Ernest Lowman Katie Marie Lowry Douglas Richard Loy II Christopher Lucas Stephanie Denise Muncy-Lucas Tammy Lavette Mackins-Hill Calita James Madry Angela M. Mains Nicole Lynn Maki-Rydland Sherille Antranette Manns Phillip Wayne Marsh Margaret Martens Andrew Douglas Martin Letitia Dawn Martin Laura Elisabeth Matera Summer Dawn Matics Denise Michelle Matis Cynthia Letrice Matthews-McCrary James Mark McClamrock Terrence Anthony McCray, Sr. Joy Michelle McCullough James E. McGee II Tammy Marie McGhee Brooke Jacqueline McIntyre Dana McKenzie Kristy Anne McLaughlin Kristen Aurea McLean Adrienne Therese McMahan Lana Lee McNair Jamie Renee McWade Jeffrey Wade Meade Ashley Renee Melton Samantha Leslie Melvin Elisa Mencer Wilson Gina Latrelle Mency Meredith Mullens Meurer Matthew P. Mewhorter Pamela Rae Meyer Cynthia D. Midgett Lee Solomon Mikell Dana Marie Miller Donna L. Miller Edward DuBois Miller Elaine Noton Miller Elysée Virginia Miller Patricia Ann Miller Natasha Rose Milligan Abby Mills Porsha H. Mills Lydia Emmons Minear Sarah Jeanne Mines Edmund Manuel Miranda Kimberly Mitchell George Brenton Mock Shannon Antoinette Moffit Marissa Lauren Monger Nancy Jo Montier Angela Henegar Moore

Zachary Schierberl John Robert Schmoll Emily Anne Schott Amy Christine Scott Maxwell Sears Jennifer Adrienne Sedam Deborah Lea Seelinger Claribel Severson Vanessa Sharif-Brown Mary Joy Ashley Sharp Joanne Ellen Shaver Amanda Elizabeth Shelton Lindsey Kyle Shelton Tricia Danielle Sherlin Jessica Leigh Sifford Carol Vanessa Silva Paul Trevor Simon Carrie Ellen Simpson Miranda Slater James R. Slaughter, Jr. Erika Malaisha Sledge Andrea Marie Smith Donisha Lavon Smith Elaine Carol Smith Esther Marie Smith Jessica Plemmons Smith Joshua De’Von Smith Kimberly Meeker Smith Tim Paul Smith Yvette Y. Smith Suzanne Renae Sneed Melinda Kay Snyder Christopher Z. Sommerlad Bridgett D. Speegle Emily Spence Charmonica Tamu Spivey Patrick Robert Lee Sprague Paulette Stamper Amanda Joy Standridge Courtney Ann Williams Stanley Clint William Starks Douglas Seward Stell III Terrelle Nichole Stewart Michael Wayne Stidham Jessica Jade Stone-Lamb Anita P. Stoudmire Terry Allen Strong Emily Emigh Stubblefield Elizabeth Caffey Svetlik Christina Maloch Swafford Christopher W. Tabb III Christina Lynn Tarrall Christina C. Tatum Amy Lynn Taylor Erica Lowery Taylor Jarrett Keith Taylor Kathy L. Tesch Aaron Patrick Thomas Amy Lynn Thomas Kimberly Denise Thomas Kimberly June Thomason Shauna Alicia Thompson Heather Martin Thornberry Hollie Rene’ Thornton Julie Thorpe Richard E. Tindall Jeanine Allaire Tobolski Trina Michelle Tolbert Ashley Tabor Trotter Natalie Jean True Joseph Augustes Turner, Jr. Janice E. Turner-Boswell James Edward Urban Mattie Elizabeth Caton Urban Tammy A. Usher Angeleina T. Valentine Michael Casey Van Camp Elvira Aleman Vaughan Melissa A. Vaughn Alison Marie Veazey Leslie Joan Vermaat Ketia T. Viault Leslie Carol Vorrasi Tara Annette Waddell Tamika Yolanda Waddy Rita K. Wade Brandon Paul Waggoner Christyn Joy Walker Hannah Sluss Walker Kasey Walker Lisa A. Walker Stephanie Latoya Walker

Keisha McCleese Moore Kiara S. Moore Anthony Richard Morgan Eleanor Nicole Moss Joshua Edward Muchmore Peggy L. Mull Frank David Mullins Deborah Stevens Murfin Barbara Mustakas Hillary Rose Myers Michael Joseph Navarro Kristi Lynn Negron Kattie Ann Nelson Julie Louise Nesbitt Elizabeth N. Newton Gary Alan Nicholl Katherine Brooks Nihart Nicole Anne Nottingham Rebekah Joy Nougaret Derek Oberlander Dawn J. O’Byrne Tracy Lynn Ofenloch Melissa Lynn Omans William W. Orange Susan Marie Skolfield Orr Rosalinda Orta Peter Joseph Oslin Suzanne H. Ostling Mary Beth Overstreet Amy Michelle Parker Kathy Smith Parker Holly M. Patterson Clyde H. Paul III Tracey Leone Pauls Kevin Anton Paulsen Joseph Scott Pennington Brandy Nicole Perkins Grace Logan Perkins Quaneice A. Perry Vorice Ramon Perryman Faye Gardner Peterson Robert Terry Phillips Ronald Keith Phillips Stacy Lynn Phillips Jennifer Alissa Pickett Sheena Quinn Pickett Arika Wright Pickle Dessie Lorraine Pierce Aileen T. Playter Rochelle Ann Poerio Daniel Pollard Sarah Kathryn Poprik Jennifer Louise Porter Wakela Clayton Porter Julie Pressley Potts Karen Burroughs Price Stephanie Amber Puckett John Sink Pulliam, Jr. Brittany Michelle Purdie Gene Robert Purdie, Jr. Bruce Quinlan Austin Thomas Rackley Kylah Wanece Ramsey Natasha Marie Ramsey Gale Lorraine Randolph Misty Lela Rangel Kathryn Mari Rauch Denise Dianne Raup Mark Anton Recker Richie N. Reece Judith Kathleen Reed Mary I. Reimer Krysta Elizabeth Reyes Tina Fields Reyes Tatyana Shilshtut Rice Trina Maria Davis Rios Chloe Ayn Riss Robert Mark Robbins Jennifer Nicole Roberts Sandy H. Robinson Dawn Renee Rodgers Janaé Colleen Rodriguez Nathaly Correia Rogers Monica Denise Roles Kia Marie Roquemore-Bammes Jonathan A. Rozema Jennie S. Russell Milagros Rivera Russell Terry D. Samuels Adam Paul Sandlin Teresa Kay Satterfield Cristy Houk Saunders G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Jennifer Walker-Darden Bonnie Lovin Wallace Heather L. Walsh Karen E. Wassom Hammond Patricia Denise Watson David A. Weichbrodt Emily Rachel Wenger Sharon Denise West-Rogers Kathryn Laura Whitaker Carmen Jalea White Eric D. White John B. White Tymeka Yvette Whiteside Julie Carol Wilcutt Leslie Brodie Wilder Candase Barnette Wilkins Catherine Laura Wilkins Daniel Kalib Wilkinson Aaron Matthew Williams Alnita Terese Williams Barbara Williams-Gray Jessica Willis Rebecca S. Willse Linda Kay Willson Ashlee Louise Widener Wilson Benjamin R. Wilson Carol Rendleman Wilson Shantia Marie Wilson Rachel Faith Wilt Sunshine Meredith Windsor Nicole Sherry Winks Brenda Gail Wise Kendra J. Witherspoon Terry Ann Wolstencroft Melissa Tracy Wooden-Watlington Catherine Chaney Wright Renay Ashley Yarbrough Karen Robinson Yaw Laura Jeanne Yockey Ashley Marie Young Christianne Allyson Young Karen Selma Young Darlene Callands Younger Debra Elaine Younger Denise Lynn Zabel

HUMAN SERVICES Romalyn Seriosa Aaron Karen Nicole Abad La Toya Ja’Nay Abram-Payton Alyson Caroline Adams Christine Wardlaw Adams Marilyn Kay Adams Rachelle Antoinette Adams Charles Adegboyega Bayo Adejuwon Stacie Leigh Albright Kirsten Janae Albritton Kristina Joi Albritton Brenda Francine Alexander Jasmin Moné Alexander Jessica Frances Louise Alexander Lora Coleman Alexander Kigen Kipkoech Allan Bernard Campbell Allen Crystal P. Allen Katherine Rebecca Allen Robin Antonette Guynn Allen Samantha Eliza Allen Sherika M. Allen Travis D. Allen Kimberly Lynn Allison Josephinette Maurya Soriano Alon Regina Walden Alston Sonja Alston Tomar Tracy Alston Veronica Mireya Alvarado Gail Amado Lourdes Amaro Amanda Elizabeth Anderson Rickey Anderson Tomaseina Anderson Vashti Pamela Anderson Angelee Michelle Andoe Bennett Bowden Andrews Diana Michelle Anthony Julianne Renee Apodaca Bridgette Arnold-Jones Melissa Arnzen Jaquisa Renee Arrington Angelika Maria Arroyo Jessica Courtney Ashley Sheliea Joanne Athey

Jacqueline Lynette Atkinson Sandra Auguste Donna Augustono Angela Hicklen Austin Patricia Jones Austin Charletta Foye Avery Quinetta Lashay Avery Starr C. Ayers Bonnie Ayotte Jodi Bacskay Kenneth Lloyd Bailey Michael Anthony Bailey Theresa Bain Mery Christy Baird-Rhymer Adrienne Ricks Baker Lawanna Baker Alisha Angel Baker-Stanley Joseph David Balart Gerald H. Baldwin Charlie Edward Baldwin, Jr. Wilma L. Baltrip Ashley Lenise-NiCole Banks Lanesha Katrice Barber Cassius Levan Barclay Jennie Wenona Barclay Eddie Lee Barnes Shannon Marie Barr Lynnette Rosie Barrett Calvin Arthur Barron Teri Grace Bartus Brooke M. Basford Stephanie Margaret Bass Ashley Lauren Batchelor Lillian Jane Bateman Aaron Bazile Lesley Turnea-Camille Beasley Larry G. Beheler Unity S. Bekoe Ferdumi Swen Belcher Joy Cooper Belk Kimarie Monique Bell Andrea Nicole Bellamy Tracey Dooley Bennett Regenia S. M. Benson Blaina Jo Tallent Best LuAnn Michelle Billett Bruce Bishop Amanda Michelle Blackburn Robin C. Blake Yolanda Simpson Blenman Courtney Chappelear Blevins Linton Boatright Elizabeth Rachele Bobbitt Helenia Rene Bocook David Perry Bolton Tiffany Bonaparte-Hampton Iva Janiece Bonner Taryn D. Boone Tonya M. Boone Tairra Booth Stephen Michael Bosch Altavise Boulden-Ba Melanie Dawn Bounds Alisha Diane Boyd Kendall Claire Boyle Joseph Gabriel Brandon, Jr. Danyelle LaKeya Brannen Yvette Marie Breckenridge Judy Kay Brewster Tiffany Lynette Bride Andrea Olivia Bridgewater James Bright, Jr. Corey Antione Brooks Jennifer Jay Brooks Marcus Montrell Brooks LaKenya M. Browder Cassandra LaVette Brown Corinthian Altovese Brown Deborah Sue Brown Deryck Antonio Brown Dwightette D. Brown James Milroy Brown Jenae Chanti Brown Kimberly Brown LaJene’ Toniece Brown Laketha Moneque Brown Samone Ja-Kee Brown Sandra Lois Brown Sharon Ann Brown Tiffani Chanel Brown Keith V. Browning Christy Nicole Bryant

Tracey Sloan Bryson Laura Lynn Buchanan Priscilla Ann Buckhalter Vanita Venee Buckley Carolyn Renee Buckner Brittany Noelle McLaurin Bumgarner Gloria Jean Burgess Tina Michelle Burgess Darlene E. Burke Phyllis Harrison Burkett William Ben Burley, Jr. Jessica Marie Burnett Carol Renee Butler Christine E. Butler Melanie Ashton Butler LaTonya Butts Suzanne Greer Byars Katrice Lachelle Byrd Nicole Byrd Debbie Theresa Byrd-Kennedy Stephanie Nicole Caldwell Melissa Calloway Sharon Irene Calvert Laquita Jordan Cameron Marie Cammock-Payne Brittnee Vann’El Camp Connie Allen Campbell Kathryn Player Campbell Lorrie Ann Campbell Yolanda Deatrice Campbell Angela Camps Jeffrey Alan Canfield Devon Ashley Cappiello Jonathan Daniel Carman Stacey L. Carpenter Valencia Denise Carpenter Melanie Renee Carr Shinece Natae Carr Sylvia M. Carr Carriel Lavaughn Carter Sarah Montgomery Carter Denise Lashon Carter-Hamilton Tiffany Rhoshaun Carthins Evan Patrick Cater Arena Mariette Chambers Timothy E. Chambers Marcia Ann Chidester Tammy Lynn Childers Salita Eve Childs Serena E. H. Chisholm Chancee C. Christian Deborah Arlene Clark Erica Maria Clark Pamela Wynne Clark Jacqueline Clarke Dodd Jennifer Frances Clayton Carol Clemens Sarah Ann Cline John-Morgan Coffey Jameela Kristan Colden Placida Elena Collins Maureen Veronica Colt Jackie L. Como Holly Rachele Conner Katharine M. Connors Mary Beth Conrad Dinah Jane Barco Cook Latoya Ann Cook Lindsay Marie Cook Robert Nathaniel Cooke, Jr. Alberta Ratliff Cooper Gwendolyn Cooper Tamika S. Cooper-Greenwood Alvina Nicole Copeland LaVerne W. Copeland Deanne Renee Cordek Kenneth Rudolph Cornelius Javier Alfonso Cortez Jennifer Seaton Costea Ja’Mese Nicole Coty Sherrece Daniell Cousar Chelsea Rae Cowan Kevin Chad Cowan Rose Renae Cox Dalton Michael William Cravin Joel Eugene Creasman Annie L. Cribbs Whitney Nicole Crosby Kesha Crumblin Juan David Cruz Otero Natasha Samantha Cummings

Karen Melissa Cummins Julie Cunnagin Jason Ronald Cunningham Rachel Joy Curley Aundrea Renae Curry Schetovia Curry Melody Lashae Cypress Charlene Daly-Jones Paul Wayne Damron Hannah Dancy-Dunbar Michael Duane Dangerfield John E. Daniel Crystal Marie Daniels Pamela S. Daniels Vanessa Daniels Bobby L. Daniels, Jr. Victoria Darby-Davis Kiran Sharmila Datt Matthew Michael Davey Lace Dewaii Davidson Danette Marion Davis Erica Lynne Davis Keith Edward Davis Taffe H. Davis Vaché Davis-Johnson Amie Michele Dawson Charles Anthony Dawson Sarah Yvonne Dawson Jathan Noell Day Therese Jean Day Greshun De Bouse Connie J. Deemer Santosha U. Deen Justin Francis Deitrick Jessica Leigh Del Cid Victoria Lauren DeLaRosa Kathryn Elizabeth DeMasi Julie L. DeMasseo Norma Jeanette Demby Richard Ralph Deming Reta Kae Denning Aimee Jill Dent Amanda Gail DesMarais Sarah Lynn DeWeese Melissa Mae DiDiana Camille Lynn Diggs Marisa DiTommaso Maryanna Dixon Caroline Marie Dobay Sheila J. Dockter Gwene Downing Tiffany Tashanna Downing Korrie Andre Omar Drakes Christina Maria Draper Aubrey Barham Draughn Tiffany Shanese Drayton Sarah Drum Saundra Louise Dryer Melissa Joy Drzycimski Karen P. Duberstein Courtney R. DuBose Ryan Onassis Duncan Marc K. Dunham Latasha Shavonne Dunnavant Adriana Duran Danielle Deshawn Durr Lois Regina Durrah Dariah Janice Dyson Brandy Mischelle Earheart Carlos Ector Yolanda Deonne Ector Brittany Ann Eddy Lauren E. Edgington Etasha L. Bonsu Marcel Alicia Edwards Zachary Bryan Edwards April M. Egan Erica Lynn Elfguinn LaKisha LaRonda Embery David Brian English Nicole Murray Escamilla John Ryan Estes Tanya Eubanks Alise Reneé Evans Kerri L. Evans Marquita Mack Evans Yvonne H. Evans Takesha Victoria Everett Jessica R. Fabling Michele Lynn Faircloth Konnie Jones Farmer Kimberly Sue Farmer Kelly

Sheila Marie Farr Dwayne Anthony Faulkner Lori M. Faye-Thomas Tamiko Felder-Bovain Schquita Ferges Angela LaShon Fields Terrassa LaTrice Fields LaKesha Lovette Finley Erich J. Fiser Amy Catherine Fisher Jessica Ann Fisher Tyroshia J. Fisher Bethany June Fitch Jocelyn L. Fitzpatrick Stephanie Mechelle FitzpatrickWallace Teresa L. Flagg Anna Nicole Flamm Evelyn Roxana Flores Vanessa K. Flowers Tammie Sue Fobert Sherrie Nicole Fogg Sonya Denise Fontenot Brittany Capers Footman Justin Paul Murray Forth Ally Berlin Foster Jessica Mae Foster Richard Fernandez Foster Michael D. Fowler Colette Foxx Krystal Joy Frailey Henrietta Davis Francis Joseph Michael Franze Carla Miller Frazier Jamel D. Frazier Cheryl Clarke Freeman Pamela Maher Freeman Lachelle Marie Freshour Ricky Fritch Erika Leah Furbeck Chadwick Aaron Gable Shane Gadd Audra Marie Gaddis Ashley Barinda Gaines Juan Miguel Galvan Jon Garett Gamble Andrea Marie Gannaway Adina Venaly Garcia Lorel Marie Garcia Wanda Gardner Eduvijes Cruz Garza Heather Angel Gassner Shervanne Evelyn Gatson Christina Gaudard Angela Denise Gay Kimberly Marie Gazaryan Roza Gebremariam-Baraki Alison M. Gentry Anne Rachel Gentry Jerita E. George Christine Leigh Gerhart Lynette M. Gibson Ashleen Marie Gies Jenna Rose Gilbert Janet Gill Adriane Gilstrap Tannisha Glaspie Leah Marie Glass Lauren Miree Glaze David N. Gleason Coretta Singleton Glover Miranda Kyleen Goeb Kym Madlyn Gomes Joel D. Gomez Bossio Kyndal W. Gonzalez Bianka Holman Goodman Margaret Teresa Gopaul Tischia Marie Gordon Kendra Lynn Gould Sherry A. Grainger Thelma Grannison LaTonya Scott Grant Terry Vincent Grant Lacrisha Gravely Dave Edward Gravis Benjamin William Gray Kimberly D. Gray Danilo Mossman Green David Craig Green Lindsay Anne Green Jennine Meri Greenwell Nancy Patricia Griego

Jennifer Onalee Griffin Brittney Brooke Grimshaw Kirsten Gross Jazmin Alexis Gross Owens Seth Michael Grove Shauna Guillen Cheri Lynn Guire Valerie Blackwell Gwynn Robin LeAnn Hackler William T. Hackley Keena Nicole Hadley Stacey Lorraine Hale Amanda Faye Haley Julie Noelle Haley Charity Dawn Hall Dorothy Michelle Hall Danelle Marie Hallenbeck Michael Hamblin Philencia Hamilton Nicole Aristine Hamlin Tammie Lynn Hammack Mark T. Hancock Tonya Marie Handford Autumn Hannagan Samantha Lynn Hansen Lindsay Nicole Hargrove Christy L. Harmon Megan Ruth Harms Dennis Eugene Harper Ashley Marie Harrell Kimberly Kay Harris LaTonya Terrell Smith Harris Mia Diamond Harris Sylvia Rena Harris Marsena G. Harris-Barber Jennifer Elizabeth Harrison DesiRe Ziva Hart Jonathan Wayne Hart Andrew Donald Hartz Camellia B. Hasan Wendy Hassler Patricia Ann Hatchett Alicia Christine Hatfield Mildrianne Nicole Hatten Chelsie Lehuanani Haunga Hilda Juanita Hawkins Yolanda Annette Hayes Cynthia J. Haynes Sandra Lynn Haynes Artimease Lynette Hazelwood Shelia M. Hdhili Minna Maria Healy Lindsey Grace Hecht Amy J. Heiss Joan Carol Henderson Julie Maybry Henderson Carol Denise Hendricks Karen Lynette Henry Rachel Leia Wilkerson Gloria Selina Herndon Allisha Danielle Hicks Jessica Kaye Hicks Sharon Scott Hicks Timeka Norma-Rae Hicks James Michael Hieb Annette D. Higdon Victoria Lynn Hight Denise LaVon Hightower-Aguilar Aprelle Davette Hill Derrick B. Hill Margarita Antonette Hill Patricia L. Hill Bartley Dale Hillis Heather Danos Hiner April Renee Hines Otto Hines Stephanie Ann Hinkle Johnna Marie Hinton Devron Demont Hobbs Ty Hobson-Powell Beth Hairston Hodge Jacqueline Michele Hodges Laverne Patrice HofflerDuckworth Robert Morrissey Hoffman Perry D. Hogan, Jr. Amanda Pilley Holbrook Vivian Garcia Hollar Stephanie Faye Holloway Tina Holmes Cezanne L. Hood Rosalyn Marie Hooper

Matthew Robert Hopely Elizabeth Stewart Hopkins Joy Lynn Hopper Simon Lawrence Horn Cherelle Horne Delores Horton Linda Disney Houghton Tadea Houston Nichole Houy Alice Howard-Nichols Laranda Brown Howard Allyson L. Howarth Carmen A. Hudson Holli Jo Hudson Jennifer Kathleen Hudson Emily Kate Huffman Sarah Lewis Huggins Stephanie Leigh Hughes Rebekka Lynn Hughes-Murphy Morgan Elaine Humphrey Jayme Marie Hunsinger Daniel Onesimus Hunt Debra Denise Hutcheson Kevin Wayne Hutchins Hyun Hwang Kimberly Michelle Ingram Rodney James Inman Cadidra Isaac Ana Jackson Damion B. Jackson Delores Ann Jackson Jeannette Francisco Jackson Kimiko Jackson La-Reiphia Shell Jackson Julie F. Jacobs Iteisha R. James Sarah Caitlin Jarrad Vasquez Jean-Jacques Kebrah Berneice Jefferson Kimberly J. Jeffries Sha’Raye De’Ann Jeffries Natalie S. Woods Jenkins Andre Lutero Jennings Caressa E. Jennings James LaMont Jennings Kelly Ann Jennings Rashanda Letitia Joe Christopher Lee Johnson Jahsid Ras Sunman Johnson Jamie Denise Johnson Kathy Lavonne Johnson Latricia Camille Johnson Natalie Jean Johnson Vernon Richard Johnson Christina Bradley Johnston Anthony L. Jones Arsheia L. Jones Belisa Fasha Jones Charlene Jones Chelsey Linn Jones June Marie Jones Karyna Lynnette Jones Kathy Vanessa Jones Kimberly Jones La’Kisha M. Jones LeSheka Trenae Jones Lillian J. Jones Lillie Mae Jones Melinda Sue Jones Nicolya Shanee Jones Sarah Crowe Jones Sherri Annette Jones Tara Jones Vincent Jesse Jones Anthony Douglas Jones, Sr. LaToya Earleisha Jordan Christen Mae Jumper Paige Lloyd Kappler Robert Thomas Kean Carol Keen Ellie Michelle Keith Laketa Schnette Kelley Heather Michelle Kemly Yard Debra Dennise Kemp-Williams Julianne Rose Kennedy Charles Arthur Kennett Mary J. Kent Amirah Cheriese Key Kelley Kidder Jim L. Kieffaber Patricia Elizabeth Kiewel Jun Seok Kim

Barbara J. Kincaid James Morgan Kirwan Mathew S. Kline Barbara Elizabeth Knapp Sadie Louise Knight Maria Renee Koerner Kevin Anthony Kollock Heather L. Konkle Evia La Juatta Kosman Anita Kotrlik Sara Ellen Koziel Heather Marie Kramer Betty Ann Kramp Patricia Bateman Krentel Diana Lynn Krise John Andrew Krumholz Bobbie Lee Kruse Roshani Parthivkumar Kundaria Tabitha Kaye Kurzer Paul Daniel Kuzma Kathleen Lynn Lacy Saundra O. Laidlaw Elia Antonina Lake Mary Elizabeth Parrow Lambert Donna Lamothe La Shavona Lance Stephanie R. Land Vivian Juanita Laney-Dobbin Angelique Renee Langan Dora Lee Langley Mary Dulcie Lantz Stephen Carl Larson Theresa Lauren Larson Kametra Shante Lassiter Tiffiany Lassiter Linda Hope LaStarza Shawn Irvin Latula Linda Kay Mullinax Laughter Christopher David Lauver Ludger Laventure Carmar Walker Law Yvonne LaSha Lawler Gretchen Elizabeth Lazor Lisa Michele League Kaitlin Tucker Lee Min Kyong Lee Sheree Shaavon Lee Donnis Lemon Susan Frances Lentini Carolyn Lepore-Duke Chamayne S. Lewis Leah Marcelle Lewis Leslene Lewis Miranda Valencia Lewis Nancy Anne Lewis Sheila Lewis Christina Lynette Light Dalila M. Lilly Sara Marie Lindsey Shawn L. Lindsey Holly Jean Line Dayona MeChelle Turner Alvin Reginald Litman Cynthia Wall Little Rebecca Jan Little Jessica Everhart Lloyd Tarasha A. Lloyd Shands Christopher Raynard Lockett Gloria Othelia Lockett Patricia Ann Lockhart Kevin Ray Locklear Angela Wall Loftin Amanda Marie Logan Maria Levin Logan Robert Patrick Long Keshunia Charlene Long-Pierce Jeremy Steven Loomis Sheila Ann Lowe-Howard Kimberly A. Lucas Katrina Marie Ludwigsen Isaac Luany Luk Imani Y. Lumumba James Michael Luttkus Samantha Rae Lynn Nekia Lyons Camille Dawn Lytle LeKishja L. Mabry MaShonda K. Macklin Jennifer Nicole Maddox Verneen Markecha Madry Erin Ruth Maguire Matthew Marshall Mahar

Andrea Lynn Mahone Kassandra Charlotte Mailhot Shanita Michelle MaloneFreeman Brandie N. Manigault Timothy Vaughn Manigault Jason Matthew Manley Marsha Ann Mann Felicia Manning Tina Louise Marsh Amanda Lee Marshall Dieadra Nicole Gentry Marshall Maggie M. Marston Alexis Martin Michelle Carla Martin Sherry Mae Martin Tamitha Spring Martin-Davis Richard D. Martino Clara I. Marts Morales Yolanda DeShawn Mason Amanda Michelle Massey Rolanda Denise Massey Lynnette Mathews Cody Marie Mathis Tammy Denise Mathis Melissa Maria Matos-Smile Michelle Lorraine Matson Victorie Dawn Mattei Milana Felisa May Rhonda Monet’ Thompkins Mayfield Omar Moreno Mays Gwendolyn Stainback McBride Katherine Lillian McCarron Alexis Alon McClendon Felicia Allen McClinton Adam B. McCloud Hope Elain McCloud Cameron Davis McClure Jaren Louise McCombs Deloria Michelle McCorkle Stacy Ann-Marie McCreary Denise Mayo McCurdy Kayla Jean McDaniel Alberteen McFadden Barbara Letrell McFadden LaTonya Denise McGauley James Francis McGee Gretchen Nicole McIntyre Valerie Arlene McKenzie Meredith McLaughlin Jamesia Danielle McLean Robin Barr McMillian Orlando McMurry Shannon Adkins Meade Dawn Meadows LeTherese Denise Meadows Heather L. Meadwell Felecia Danielle Mebane Anitra Medina Jacob E. Meetze, Jr. Kristina Marie Mencarini Angela Elizabeth Mendel Steven Michael Merritt James Stanley Miazga, Jr. Margaret McGuirk Middendorf Cathleen Renee Middlestetter Stephen James Milacci Arctavia B. Miller Donna Gribble Miller Jennifer Irene Miller Luke Thomas Miller Sheranda Dena Millner Princess Love Mills Jamee Marcene Millsap Heather R. Milton Colbretta Q. Minter Joann Hampton Minter Robbin Marie Mister Allison Brooke Mitchell Beverly Yvonne Mitchell Donna Scott Mitchell Marcia Valeria Mitchell Mary Sue Mitchell Rhonda Michelle Montrose Sascha Douglas Moody Alane Marie Moore Diane Margaret Moore G R A D UAT E N A M E S

Larry Darnell Moore Myra Denise Moore Sara Lynn Moore Settra Lynn Moore Tonya Moore Natisha M. Moore-Wright Katrina Marie Morgan Michelle S. Morris Billy Tanner Morris, Jr. Austin Tyler Morse Erin Kathleen Mortensen Rita Lillian Odom-Moseley Erin Elizabeth Mosley Shalanda Y. Mosley John A. Motichka Joshua Ryan Mouser Scott Edward Moyer Enid Joy MpumwireMachayo Patrice Muhirwa Walter Mullen Denise Mullins Markeisha Leonna Munn Cheylaine Banner Murchison Mallaria Lindsey Murphy Rebecca Ann Murphy Gloria Jean Murray Victoria Faith Myers Judith Lois Nduta Shareen P. Neale-Lang Carla Elizabeth Nealy Christy R. Nemeth Indrek Neville David Paul Newman Esmeralda Newman Jennifer Newman Gloria Jean Newsome Sandra Meadows Newton Rachel Lyn Niccum Jordan Lee Nichols Michelle Lynn Nichols Melakee Lynnette Nicholson Scott Anthony Nivens Sarah Danielle Nold Wendy V. Norris Derek Laine Norton Colette S. Nosal Mary Beth Novak Blessing Maryclaver Nwulu-Njoku Sondra Gail Oates Reuben Karare Obadiah Helen Danielle Odell Talena Odell Camella Patrice Odom Mary Dean Odom Stacie Maria Oglesby Maduawuchukwu Casimir Ohanenye Barnabas Mayowa Olaniru Sheila Oliver Luke Paul Oman Adedamola Oluseye Onafowokan Michelle Charmayne Onafowokan Tonya La’Nette O’Neal Lance Alan O’Neil GJafreone A. N. Onidas Patricia Sulph Ortiz Pedro Burgate Ortiz Allison Noel OsborneTomasek Jocelyn Joy Povich Ostoich Ivette O’Sullivan Susana Otero-Wilson James S. Owens Melissa Dawn Owens Nyisha Owens Deborah Kay Padron Dominic Paige Blanca Jauregui Palma Kurt Nathan Palmer Chelsey Marie Parker Ellen Rose Parker Kim Lynetta Parker Robyn M. Parker Jessica Marie Parrent Melanie M. Parrish Ashton Blaire Parsley Ugunda Brown Parson


Lindell Louis Russell Pascall Latoya Trinette Paschall Susan Elizabeth Wynn Pascoe James Earl Pate, Jr. Christie Renee Patterson Carol Jean Pawlaczyk Roger Carter Pearce Jennifer Ann Pearson Vontrice M. Pearson Brianna Kay Penfold Angela K. Penn Migdalia Perez Shavonne Perry Melvin Peterson Brittany Ida Petty Tonnia Michelle Phelps Kristina Marie Phillips Trissi McKinley Philmon Diana Tracy Pierre Devan Devoné Piggee Rubi Enmanuel Pimentel Charissa Yuvette Pipes Deborah Joyce Plybon Priscilla C. Poirier Aullelines Carmen Polanco Annora Lynn Potter Anthony Dane Potts Charity Grevon Potts Mauree Coronel Powell Lisa Pownall Natica Ti’Shae Prailow Jamie Ann Preuss Emilee Chavvah Price Merea Logon Price Roger Lee Price Luisa Eugenia Prince Dianne Prokos Sonia Boyd Puckett Ava C. Pupuhi Sharon Kershaw Purcell Alicia D. Pursel Libia D. Quintero Lisa Rochelle Quiroz Sakiyna Mozell Ragland Joy Ann Raines Trumanda Jeanene Raines Chancey LaSonya Rainey Lakeisha Nicole Rainey Bahir Zaddik Ben Ramos Yisrael Sara Harper Ramseur Tania R. RanaldsonCarmona Sharmaine Fontelle Randle Brent Randolph Jason Joshua Randoo Jenece L. Y. Ranger Susan Renea Ray Shelley Renee Rayburn Kimberly Charteece Rayford Lillian Reaves Derek Matthew Vincent Reece Charles J. Reed MaDana Brittany Reed Devane Retreage Joyce E. Reynolds Angel Jenean Rhodes Justin Paul Rhodes Elizabeth Paige Rhyne Karana J. Rice Heather Starr Richards Diana Douglas Richardson Eric Jacob Richardson Tehphna R. Richardson Charlotte Ann Purdy Irhonda Rachelle Ricks Pauline Minor Riddick Alfrea Tiese Riley Tamala Ynette Rivers Kathryn Elizabeth Roberson Leslie Deshun Roberson Lindsay Diane Robert Cerise Michele RobertsChappelle Aaron Timothy Robinson Amanda Alexis Robinson As’ya Robinson Carli Lynn Robinson Melissa Ann Robinson Natalie Robinson

Shirley Ann Robinson Stephanie Nicole Robinson Wendy Lynn Robinson Washington Vernessa F. Robinson-Ducre Julia L. Robinson-Harris Tammy Noel Rochelle Angelia Forby Rodriguez Eddie Rodriguez Jonathan Manuel Rodriguez Lopez Enid M. Rodriguez Morales Renae Ann Roehrs Carla Turner Rogers Janet Nicole Rogers Racquel Dontoria Rogers Hannah Joyce Rone Carla Andrea Roney Terri Lee Ronk Melody Esther Rosa Marjorie Susan Rosinski Latoya Rochelle Ross Ivan D. Rouse Angelia Marie Rovell Tonya Irene Rowe Irma Jean Royster James N. Ruble Colleen Mary Rueb Mamta Ruecker Latricia Evetta RussellWilkerson Tameika S. Rutherford Angela Marie Rutledge Hannah Ruth Rutter Mark Timothy Sackett Sarah Ann Saenz Luis Saldierna, Jr. Angela Marie Sanchez Deseree D. Sanders Melissa Shena Sanders Navneet Sandhu Treena Lucille Sather-Head Kristen Carroll Satterfield Brooke Saunders James Andrew Saunders Kim Taylor Saunders Emily Grace Savage Justin Salvatore Savini Cassaundra Lee Sawyers Charlotte Saylor Tiffany Saylor Diana Forrester Scharnus Grant J. Scholl Lindsay Marie Schraf April Dawn Scott Deborah Denise Scott Erika Dennene Scott Naomi A. Scott Nefray A. Searight Toni Dean Seaton Daniel A. Seedor John J. Seeley Tania Michelle Segers Jennifer R. Senne Veronica Respass Shaul Karen D. Shaver Landon Peter Sheriff Sherry Brazell Shoars Peggy Ann Shoebrooks Rebecca Ann Short Kari Allison Newberry Shortridge Heather M. Shy Nakia O. Shy Tonya Renee Siekbert Connie G. Silva Jessica Lynn Silva Valerie Lee Silver Benita Carlene Simmons Berita Javette Simmons Stacey Beth Simon Traci Lynn Simone Aisha Singletary Sheila Riné Singleton Sherikia Cierra Singleton Sarah Jeanette Skotcher Gwendolyn Slade Kevin R. Slaughter, Jr. Skylar Dorothy Smallwood Andrea Smith Zadeh Ashley Ann Sellen Smith Benjamin Michael Smith

Felicia J. Smith Iffat Jahan-Wasi Smith Joy Denise Smith Latreable Natasha Smith Lilly Mae Smith Linnea Rose Smith Mary Selena Smith Michelle Antoinette Smith Phillip D. Smith Queen Kumfa Smith Rashetta Denise Smith Steven Walter Smith Yatina Smith Penny Louise Smith-Potts Kenya Tyia Smoke Donna Hullinger Soliday Roling Kaitlin Christine Soltow Carrie Sowdon Angela Marie Spangler Genita Clifton Spencer Tanisha Nicole Spencer Julie Sponaugle-Williams Delores Christina Springs Kristina Amanda-Ruth Sprouse Pradelyne Pierre Michel St. Hilaire Dana Suzanne Staker Teresa S. Stallings Nathan Robert Staples LeighAnn Nicole Stapp Shamika Sonia Starke Teresa Stasiuk Danielle Lynn Stasko Janette S. Stephan Carolyn Reneé Stevens Candace Cullars Stevenson Carmen Alesia Steward Ashley Houpe-King Stewart Gloria Idalene Stewart Heather C. Stewart Laura Y. Stone Brittany L. Stoner Andrew Charles Straubel Damian T. Streetz, Sr. Cynthia Rose Stuckey Marshall Willis Stukes III Tamikca Styles Kimber-lee M. Suiter Charlotte Lopez Surgick Vicky Sykes Daniel Talbert Naomi Kristene Talty Lisa Tanner Tina Tatnall Lacy Danielle Tatum Gregory Rashaun Tedder Megan Elizabeth Teegarden Trisha Leslie Telezinski Larisa L. Terwilliger Anna Teter Latanya Thigpen Audrey K. Thomas Brenda Thomas Eudene E. Thomas Jessica Shenea Thomas LaToya Thomas Luchiana Nékesha Thomas Monica Tracy Thomas Pamela Olivia Thomas Rebecca Elizabeth Thomas Stephanie Ann Thomas Nicholas Royce Thomason Amy Matthews Thomaston Eleanor E. Thompson John Sirdré Thompson Keith Navarro Thompson Stacee Christine Thornton Holly D. Tieffel Wallace Mary Kathryn Tiller Rose Ngozi Timothy Nancy Tollinchi Ashlee Lynn Toon Kristina Marie Torr Eloise Townsend Sara Christina Tremonti Jose Luis Trevino, Sr. James Atiba Troupe Briana JaMay Trujillo Erika Rae Trujillo

Pamela Leigh TuckerRoberts Mary Tuggle Bruce Edward Turner Carlos Lamon Turner Crystal Tenita Turner Jasmine Kyunna Turner Katherine Augusta Turner Quintell Price Turner Tammy Marie Turner Chijioke Oragwu Ugochukwu Erin Haley Uminn Kristina Grace Ussery Katalina Andrea Valdes Jeanette Malloy Valentine Lori M. Van Dyken Michelle Renee Van Hook Leah Jane Van Walbeek Kevin Vance Deborah Carol Vaughan Judith Anne Vaughan Paula Annette VaughanBurroughs Shannon C. Veasey Kathryn Louise Vechik Anthony Tyrone Vereen Debra J. Vereen Amanda Jo Verlander Casey LaShaun Vickers Lydia Villarreal Brentley Alex Vinson Perry P. Waddell Sarah Mae Wade Patrick David Wakefield Courtney Elizabeth Walker Mia Tierra Walker Sylvia Sutton Walker Victoria L. Walker Stephanie Nicole Wallace Classic Lavonne Waller John D. Walter Loice Wahu Wanjai Alyssa Rochelle Ward Gabrielle Leola Ward Georgette Ward Lawrence Ward Sonya Renita Ward Chelsie Marie Ware Amanda May Washburn Lilye Waters Tiffany Patricia Watkins Bethany Ann Watson Ebony Lorraine Watson Ebony Tamara Webb Kelly Lynn Weist Anna Mary Welch Michael Brian Welch Joshua Micah Wells Michele Langham Wentworth Stella-Marie K. Wesley Delores Gwaltney West Kristen Lynn West Robin Caprice West Kimberly Michelle Westbrook Joanna Ruth Wetherald Dana Marie Wheeler Shannon Leigh Whelan Arlinda Mae White Tanisha Nicole White Tracey Denise White Lisa Marie White-Reece Sarah Elizabeth Whiteford Jennifer Martin Whitley Laura Danielle Whitmer Jenelle Leigh Whittaker Danielle Lynette Whitted Constance L. Whittington Yolanda Rochelle Wideman Lisa Wiehe Nikki Dominique Wilder Nakia Shanté Wilder-Avery Jamie Marie Wilkerson Marichelle May Wilkinson William Leroy Willen, Jr. Amy D. Williams Annetta Maria Williams Audrea Dionne Williams Benjamin Christopher Williams

Bethanie Paige Williams Bettina Monique Williams Daniel J. Williams Douglas L. Williams Ella G. Williams Katherine Washington Williams Mary C. Williams Rodney Lee Williams Torrence Ryan Williams Tramaine Michelle Williams Vincent Edward Williams Jeremeku Rinette Williamson Holly L. Willingham Mary A. Willis Rebecca A. Willis Daphne Williams Wilson Kena Marie Wilson Lindsey Jane Wilson Robert Joel Wilson Tocarra Mashell Wilson-Bailey DeAnda Wilson-Glass Vanessa Lynn Windsor Megan McKenzie Wingard Krystal E. Winkelman Dionne Symone Winn Roberta Wirth Gerry Ann Wise Juliet Saroughian Wiseman Cynthia J. Witwer Kimberly Dawn Womack Tamecka Lachelle Womack Benjamin Morris Wood Teresa M. Wood Claudette M. Woodburn-Grooms Anna L. Wooden Darryll Woodson Robin Ann Woodward Suzanne Lambert Woodward Scott Preston Woody John Carlos Wray Carolyn Vanessa Wright Cheryl Lynn Wright James Aaron Wright Sandra Jacqueline Wright Shana Marie Wright D’Errico Montaze Wylie Alyssa Denise Young Andrea Marie Young Dana La’Ann Young Jordan Leigh Zachman Amanda A. Zachrison Tilnise Sonja Zelee-Brewer Meklit Mitiku Zeleke Eltonia Nicole Zeller Peter James Zettel Crystal Lee Zumbrum

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY Jason LaMon Adams-Brown Ruth Agbolosoo Stephanie Joy Avila Hope Anita Ayers-Gray Ron Bankson Regina Annette Barbour Cynthia Diane Bauman Brooke Elizabeth Bickert JoLynn Bitler Jamesa Shaunté Bitting Elisabeth Anne Booth Sandra Clemons Braschler Pamela Renea Brown Aaron Bunker Melissa Lynn Caldwell Ebony Campbell Michael Lynn Campbell Laura Hung H. Chiu Vanessa C. Connolly Christi Cross Gary Leonard Dietz Tashima Ann Dukes Amanda Nicole Dye Patricia Lynette Eisele Jackie Ann Ernst James William Eubanks Taylor Pashley Ferguson Nicole A. Fisher Denitra Lenae Gaines Elizabeth Darlene Gearhart Adriana Gorski Rebecca Vann Gregory Vicki Lynne Halchak Kelley Anne Hall

Alicia Ann Marie Hamlin Amanda Shea Harmon Andrea L. Harris Lauren Ashley Harris Christine Diane Helton Garlena Louise Hines Crystal Summer Hooper Tierra Nicole Johnson Jackson Faith Gabrielle Joyner Keith Kenneth LaFountain Suzanne Nicole Ledford Stephen Jasper Littleton John W. Lord Alessia Fontenette Madkins Leon Alphonzo Martin Leigh Oakley Mayers Michael B. McGuire Charlene McIntosh Lamaya Desha Middleton Jason L. Miller Laura Denise Miller Lisa Hall Miller Maria E. Moore Carole Susan Morris Melissa Wells Murphy Andrea Renee Horn Perkins Shannon Mercer Pugh Kim Marie Quelle Cassandra M. Raymond Victor Rodriguez, Jr. Roberta Dee Rouse-Wilson Jo Lynne Schwalm Kendra Joelle Shaw Michelle Ann Siwik Ethan Allen Smith Suzanne J. L. Sparks Erica Azuridee St. Bernard Rebecca Anne Stanley Joseph Enrico Taroli Sheryl Scarbel Umstead Tysha Ushry Douglas James Valot Maricela Hernandez Villanueva Gena Marie Voit Gary Phillip Wardlaw, Jr. Teresa Michelle Roach White Timothy Allen Winberg Amanda Faye Winebarger Amanda Woodbury Glen Byron Zelenak

Master of Public Health Catharine Elizabeth Ball Aimee Loreda Chapman Cara Rose Ferris Anne Morgan Guthrie Allyson Nicole Hudson Marvin Ohara Jenkins Rakiyah Tobias Jones Laura Renee Lamie Octavia Denise Marsh Madison Whitney Robertson Crystal Lynn Taylor Meagan Johanna Van Engen

Master of Science in Nursing Lisa Renee Adkins Irene Akande Angela Allen Deanna Lynne Allison Deanna Lynn Andel Dorey Elizabeth Anderson Sherri Louise Andrews Latonya Rebecca Armstrong Terri Felicia Arthur Esther L. H. Bage Amy Marie Baggett Christina Ann Bajorek Amy Baker Faye Stokes Baker Elizabeth Anne Barnes Dorothy Louise Bateman Laura Ann Baxley Carol L. Beckett Christa A. Berthiaume Shelley Layne Blackwood Pamela C. Boling Virginia Parsons Borders Rachel Beth Osterman Borich Brittany Noel Breen Jennifer Michelle Brewer Takaya Lashun Brown Barbara Maia Bunagan Cabanag Joseph P. Cagliostro

Lisa Barbour Carr Frankie Charlene Cate Laurie Anne Chandler Catherine Farlow Coggins Sarah Rachel Coleman Lori J. Compton Suzanne Elizabeth Connatser Sarah Conner Elizabeth May Cooper Jeffrey D. Coulson Karon B. Curtis Beckye SuEllen Dalton Karen Davis Shelley Lenker Davis Lauren Raquel Diggs Desiree DiMichele Jeffrey E. Doucette Jennifer Dreher Marisol Rivera Dullavin Melinda A. Dunavant Judith Ann Edouard Donna Marie Edwards Karen Ann Ellis Leo Clifford Ermatinger, Jr. Keith Brian Evans Kimberley Dawn Fairchild Peter Foltz Katherina Juinio Fontanilla Jeanna Ann Ford Angela M. Fox Linda Rae Freed Susanne Marie Gaines Rebecca Jane Garnett Rani Mathew George Inita M. Griffin Sarah L. Griffith Me’Sheal Reneé Gurst Cheryl Lockhart Hall Tammy Lisa Hannon Christina Hay Judy Marie Hayes Michael John Helfman Carrie Ann Herrington Kenya Pleabra Hester Darlene Hicks Robin Renee Hicks Rebecca L. Holland Hilda Woolwine Hollar Ellen Terese Holm Leslie August Homan Marian M. Hood Kimberly Lynne Huffman Davida F. Hughes Nicole Renee Hullender Janelle Lee Humbert Heather Maddox Humphreys Satin Lutrice Ibrahim Robin R. Jackson Teresa Gulick Jackson Jayne Nicole Jaramillo Kerrin Lurae Jarrell Victoria Marie Johnston Sharon B. Jones Trynequa Shaquan Jones Chanta Nichole Jones-Samuel Judith L. Kaizer Ann Biju Kappen LeAnne Sitari Kerr Johnny King III Claire Lynnette Kirkbride Dora A. Krauss Susan Kay Lawmaster Netrica Sydnor Lipscomb Leslie Morgan London Tiffany Noel Lord Marcia Diana Louza Aimee Elizabeth Lowes A. Bree Maddray Tina Marie Malec Amy H. Manigo Sarah Elizabeth Marks Dawn Marie Martin Felisha Dawn Mason Tammie W. May Robin Austin McAlpin Jennifer Montaque McCrickard Patricia Ann McKnight Monica Carter Menschner Wendolyn S. Merrigan Manuel Monge Lesia H. Mooney LeeAntoinette G. Moore

Maria Annette Morales Leslie Ann Morin Nataliya Anatolya Moshkovsky Brittany Leigh Murnane Josephine Mutombo Nattasha Neher Angela Silling Nichols Saunders Trusty Noel Karl Kipling Norwood Anita M. Nutter Tara Leigh Odom Michele Lynn Ott Tiffany JoAnn Overfelt Cheryl Anne Patterson Amanda Steele Phaup Karen Gertrud Phillips Malia R. Poole Loren Pope Estacy Porter Jamie Elizabeth Powell Lilley Kirsten Lisa Preusse Iris Ellen Pridemore April Hedgecock Pugh LaVondra Lynette Pye Kristel Danette Ramsay Kawana Antoinette Rawls Penelope Rhone Pamela C. Rice Tamra Richardson Riddle Debbi Rimi Bunny Lee Ritz Katherine Ann Rivera Mary Louise Rivera Judy Robertson Sheri Robertson Mary Elizabeth Rollins Keondra Martinique Rustan Stacy Bowers Sabol Maria Jill Saric Tanja R. Saunders Pamela A. Schleusner Cheryle Jean Schultz Sherry Lynn Schultz Meagen Elaine Schumacher Vera Alexey Sekula Lavare Bradley Seltun Kimberly Dawn Shumate Dolly Tan Shun Jose Silva Holly Nicole Simmons Kristina Cherise Simpson Helen Machelle Skinner Betty Jo Smith Jessica Smith Teresa L. Smith Lauren Carol Stanley E. Ruchelle Steele Julie Anne Steele Cherie Stevenson Gail Peterson Stewart Carrie Dean Stroup Rachel Lee Surryhne Lori Anne Traugott Sutton Pamela Swan Lorraine Ann Swedo Linda M. Tajima Edgardo Ocampo Tanedo Haleigh Jade Tate Leonie Bionson Thompson Toni Cheryl Thompson Jimmy Lee Thompson, Jr. Christine Louise Tolliver Holly Michelle Toone Moriah Diane Borders Tucker Susan C. Velasco Keith Raymond Vogan Shushma Lael Vohra Amy Michele Wadsworth Lauren Ashley Walker Tameka Andrea Walker Maxine Wardlow Engrid Elaine Washington Patricia Watson Alexis M. White Philip Scott White Elizabeth Garner Whorley Jane Catherine Wilson Andrea Mae Wojtowicz Rhonda Chism Wormser Tania Ann Zaffino-Dana Homeira Zarghamnia

SCHOOL OF MUSIC Master of Arts ETHNOMUSICOLOGY Lisa Eileen Andrews Walter John Brath Frieda Francis Craft Eakins Kimberly Anne Martin

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Master of Arts Andrew Ronald Abbott Dominica Adamo Clifton Brant Adams Lawrence Lee Adams Seth Andrew Adams Steven Edward Adams Lambert Friday Agama Vivian-Louise Golden Agama Alayna L. Aiken Willis A. Alayon B Gabriel Aldana Gabriel Almeyda Angel Lynn Alvarado Daniel L. Anderson John Alan Anderson Jonathan David Anderson Lee Thomas Anderson Matthew Bradley Anderson William Perry Anderson Cari Su Andreani Jonathan Stanley Andrejczyk Juan Moises Arango Linda Renee Archie Eric Arii David Armstrong Juanna Denise Armstrong Michael F. Arnold Catisha R. Asbury Lucas Austin Ashley Hänsel Federico Asmar Serret Brian Joshua Atkins Steven Michael Atzhorn Juanita Aviles Jose A. Ayala David Gregory Aynejian Keith W. Babb III Yolanda Y. Baber Robert William Baber II Seungeon Bae Allan Miller Bailey David Glenn Bailey Bobby R. Bailey, Jr. Amber Dawn Baker Daniel Paul Baker Joy Michelle Baker Angela Colleen Baldwin Brian Keith Baldwin Mark Steven Ballard Jennifer Renee Barber Gabriel Lighe Barbly Donald Francis Barnhart Jason Andrew Barr Vilma Esmeralda Barrera Marcos Antonio Barrios Allen Don Barry Ishmal Stewart Bartley Anne Gunn Basden William S. Basham Michael David Baum Herbert Willie Beard Elkanah John Bearden, Sr. Joseph Gregory Benfield Christian Brett Best Patsy Anne Billingsley Matthew H. Bishop Christopher Black Daniel Black Daryl Leeric Black Scott Blasingame Dorothy Mae Blue Mark Stephen Bohm Andrew Thomas Booth Kim Marie Bordisso Jennifer Erin Bortel Brian James Bosler Marc Daniel Boucher Bryan Jeffrey Bouma Michael Arthur Bourcier Cleo Mark Boyd

Eric Shaun Bradley Darnell Armon Brantley Stanley J. Breeden Marquita Brooks Brad Wayne Brown Debra Christine Brown G. Scott Brown Joshua Michael Brown Larry Brown Will Jonathan Brown Earnest Lee Brown, Jr. Jason G. Brunson Joshua McKinley Bryant Barbara Jean Buchanan Gregory Lee Buck Andrew M. Buehner Kaira Janeen Bullock Berleaner Holmes Bunch Joshua Timothy Burford Leslie Wan Burns Barbara Grann Burrell Keith W. Burt Daniel Busse Ryan Butler Sydney Renee Butler Felix E. Cabrera John Ray Caldwell Damion David Campbell Kevin Louis Campbell Renee Marie Campbell Shaun Thomas Campbell Phillip Edward Campbell, Jr. Marcie Anita Cantrell Brianna Kelly Capre Toby Carpenter Billy C. Carruth James H. Carson Frederick Lajuane Carter Christopher Cassagnol Christopher Michael Castlebury Toi Lynn Chalker Joseph Overlin Chapa José Javier Chico Matos Yun Jung Choi Tiffany Yvette Christian David Shane Christopher Julie Danielle Christopher Steven David Christopher David Chun Patricia Ann Clarke-Anderson Howard J. Closs Kristi Lynn Cobb Justin Charles Cofer Irving Robert Cohoon, Jr. Kymbrelli Annette Coker Brian K. Cole Charles Alan Cole Jonathan Ryan Cole Dawn D. Collins Jacque S. Collins Jareb Matthew Collins William J. Collins Andrew Lee Collins, Jr. John L. Combs Jeffrey Jay Conner Kennie L. Cook, Jr. Vernon Keith Corley Richard Mark Cornwell Ebonie D. Cosbert Wayne Andrew Coughran Megan Elizabeth Walker Coutee Jason Lee Cox Jacob Aubrey Crawford Benjamin Riley Creger Russell L. Cress Jacob Neil Cribbs Novella Crudup Angela Shenise Daniel De Munoz Kevin Lawrence Darnell Jillian Nichole Davenport Michael Francis Davidson Jonathan Ray Davis Kimberly Renee Davis Monique Cherie Davis Noah S. Davis George Love Davis II Douglas M. Day Robert Charles Day II Debbi Tolliver Daye Cendoria Yvonne Dean William Dustin Dean Daniel Casey Deaton G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Brett Alan DeCatur Ella L. DeDeaux Kari Lippert DeLoach Joel Andrew Demerchant Santino DiAngelo Belinda Butler Dickerson Ralph Dillard Elwood MacArthur Dodson, Jr. Michael Donaldson Jacqueline Y. Dooley John D. Doss Matt Brandon Dover Dustin Ray Driggers Aaron Edgar Dripps Raymond Arthur Dues Randall Jason Dunbar Jeffrey David Duncan Michael Paul Dunyak Pierre M. Eade Zachary Richard-Lynn Eagle Abby Russell Edwards Michael Edwards, Jr. Jeremy Mark Einem Justen Mitchell Ellis Damien David Omar Ellison John Ely Rachel Ann Empey Matthew Bryce Ervin Stephen Andrew Esterline Versie Lee Estes Gwen M. Esty Brenda Lynn Etzel Curtis Leroy Everett, Jr. Magnus Okwudili Ezeani Brett David Faber Brian Allen Faught Diedra Sarrae Faulkner Naomi Carolyn Faull Christopher R. Featherstone Lisa Gayle Fells Dustin Duane Fenison S. Yeury Ferreira Michael Steven Fister Theresa M. Flood Adrian Florian Jonathan Daniel Ford Bryan Lee Fordham William Randolph Forrest Zackery Fortenberry Vincent E. Fox Brad David Francis Theresa Fraser Jason Keith Frazier Wendell C. Frazier, Jr. Duane T. Frederick Michael Robert Free Brian Joseph Friberg Matthew C. Friend Louis Wellington Fritz V Wanda D. Fuller John C. Fulper II Jasper Davis Furniss David Kalim Furst Jorel Jamar Gaines Gail Frances Gardner James F. Gardner Lee C. Garner Nathan Alan Gast Twila June Gavin Robert Joseph Geislinger Alonso Maurice Gentry Varghese Bethel George Lawrence Samuel Georgiana Daunte Simone Gibbs Pamela Tiffini Gibson-Moore Rodney Wayne Gilchrist Adam Christopher Gildner John Adrian Gilliam Joy Gilmore Dennis Allen Gittens, Jr. Calvin Glass Sophia Lynne Goddard Jamie Joseph Godeaux Thomas Garvon Golden Kevin Ray Goldsmith Beverly Ann Golladay Jonathan Arvid Gordh Alba I. Granada-Hernandez Joshua Lane Gravitt Roderick Brian Green Tad Alan Greer Jared Michael Gregor

John Patrick Griffith Kelsey Erin Grover Jack Cono Guerra Elijah Scott Guiltner Darrell R. Gull Muna Neweiser Haddad Brian Matthew Hagerman Richard L. Halfmann Joseph Scott Hamby Beverlin M. Hammett-Ko Hua Mei Han Chad Michael Haneman John Francis Haney Bridget Riggin Hanna Phillip Lloyd Hare Jamillah Kareema Harris Joshua Trent Harris R. Jeanine Harris Craig G. Hartburg Joshua James Harty David L. Hawkins, Jr. Cameron Heath Hayes Christopher Shawn Headley Richard Charles Helein Matthew Bruce Hellier Paul Dillon Helton Jarod Damon Hendry Steve M. Henley Cameron Maison Henrion Marvin Hensley, Jr. Louis Carlisle Herbert Jason Robert Herbig Jose A. Hernandez William Hernandez Ovidio Hernandez-Guardado Jeremy Herr Joaquin Herrera Jerchah Heurh Jonathan T. Hewett Beau Michael Heyman R. Kivett Hicks Justin William Hight Justin James Hinrichs Marta Hirsch Kristy Lois Hodson Randall James Hoffbeck Jaclyn Jewell Hoffman Mark Hoffman John Phillip Holland, Jr. Andrew Jordan Holley DeLois Clausell Hollinger Charles Michael Homer Tammy Mims Hopkins Joe Riley Hopson Jarad Benjamin Houser Cheryl Yolanda Howard Stephanie Renee Howard William Daniel Howard Ryan Michael Howell William Russell Hudson Carrie Stafford Huff Jeremy Dale Huff Richard D. Huffstetler Brandon Alan Hughes Craig Alexander Hughes Darren Wayne Hughes Jody Hughes Junius Rasner Hughes, Jr. Joshua Martin Huisman Deanna Lynn Hunter Michaela Hunter Keith Paul Hurlbut Dawnette Gantt Hurley Curtiss N. Hutsell Samuel Jason Ingle Andi Leigh Ingram Jeremy Christopher Isaacs Gregory Scott Jackson John Robert Jackson Leeanna Jackson Randall Lee Jackson Clarence E. James Crystal Elizabeth James Samuel Lamont Jerideau Panjah Of Jesus Harold Johnson Jeremy D. Johnson Jesse Lee Johnson John P. Johnson Kraig Kyle Johnson Leslee Michelle Johnson Rodney Stephen Johnson

Ronald Johnson Odell Joiner Angela Roberts Jones Christopher Ryan Jones Erika Caprice Jones Jason Lee Jones Lee Andrew Jones Sheila Jones Sue Ann Jones Marshall Lee Jones, Jr. Pil Mo Kang Cody Clifford Karst James Joseph Kasten Hillary Allison Kaudse Scott J. Kelleher Jeffrey Michael Kellogg Johnny L. Kelly Kathryn C. Kelly Michael Joseph Keltz Steve Michael Kennedy Artie Franklin Kilgore Changsook Kim Eunkyung Kim Insun Kim Gregory Alan Kincaid Jairus King Leslie Rae King III Jason Kinney Ricky E. Kirk II Desiree Ann Kirkland Mikal Emerald Kissick Frederick Alan Kline Charles Koomson Linda F. Koonce Ronald P. Koons Jeffery Matthew Koss Douglas Michael Kowieski Jeffrey S. Krause Hershel Leland Kreis, Jr. Ricky Dean Krietemeyer Vincent Michael Krivda Cathy Elizabeth Kubec Dong Hyun Kwon Anh Hoang Lam Adam Henry Landkrohn Corinne E. Lange Baumeister Tor Jacob Langehaug Joshua Britton Latocki Dana Leake McKayla Ruth Leber John David LeBlanc Abbigail Lea Ledford J. Chance Ledford Brian Douglass Lee Jeffrey Warren Lee Koeun Lee Kyuhyuk Lee Se G. Lee Seung Hee Lee Jonathan Alexander LeMaire Jeanna Irene Lesausky Charlotte Alma Levette Derwin Earl Lewis James Lewis Clive Mortimer Lindo Joshua Caleb Locke Eric Scott Lockwood Jason Christopher Logan Stephen Mark Long I Cindy Lynn Longoria Troy Douglas Luckey Thibisay Deyanira Lugo Joshua Henry Lunsford Troy A. Luster, Jr. Jason D. Lykins Desiree S. Lyon Lucas Lorenzo Mabry Lisa MacDonald Dana Lynn MacMillan Tracy Walker Maddy Cristin L’Esperance Marposon Alfred Joseph Marshall Debra Lynn Matasci Tina Sealey Matthews Daniel James Mattison David Mauldin Donna May Maxfield Brittany Christin May Stuart May Bradley Robert Mayes Brett Franklin Mayes Emmanuel Masanja Mbaaga

Nicole Cheyenne McClanahan William Donald McClelland Irick Hunter McClure Jeni Joyce McCreary Larry Brett McCune David Brian McCurry Brandon Jerrell McDaniel Bonnie Shue McDonald Kimberly Mae McDonough Matthew John McElravy Caleb Steven McGee Bryan Thomas McGuire Westley Daniel McKinney Taylor Chase McKneely Christopher George McKnight Brandon Chase McManus David Brian McNeill Randall Scott Means David W. Melander Ismael Melendez Matthew David Mendenhall Jose Reinaldo Menendez Tony Merritt, Jr. Christopher Merz Donald Jay Messerer Michelle Renée Meyer Russell Langdon Meyers Howard Middlebrooks Paul Miles Cherie Elizabeth Miller Jay Miller Michael Christopher Miller Peter Clinton Miller Isaac Manewar Mitchell Philip E. Mitchell Earl Thomas Moize, Jr. Melody Dawn Monroe Autumn Danielle Montgomery Danny Earl Montgomery Edward Morales Ronna Moran Lacretia Dawn Moree Roosevelt Morgan Bradley Joseph Morris Michael Wayne Morris Sharon Denise Morris-Addison William John Morvay Krystie Michele Moss Pawel Marcin Mrozik Nicholas Paul Alexander Muckerman Brian David Mull Michael Mwatu Musembi Lori Joyce Nance William Chandler Nation Allison Lorraine Navarro Francisco Javier Negrón Alex Rene Neree Janicka E. Newbill Stephen C. Newman Jerome A. Newman, Sr. David Watson Newsome Timothy Wayne Nicholson Juliet Ann Nickels Meagan Elisabeth Nicolet Matthew R. Nix Amanda Nicole Nunn Thomas Lee Nylander Janice H. Obrecht Francine M. O’Brien Jose Luis Ocasio Tifany L. Offutt-Wilson Paul Alan Ogle Joshua M. Olds Carlos Eduardo P. de Oliveira Douglas Quincy Omo Ogiefo Eric Davis Omundson Miguel Antonio Ortiz Adalis Taina Ortiz Vega Brian Kieth Ostertag Daniel Bruce Owen, Jr. Charles Scott Pahlman Gregory Palmer Courtney Rebecca Pantalena Joseph Panteloglous Gwendolyn Gean Parker Matthew D. Parker Michael S. Parker William Eugene Partington Charles Wayne Partridge Jason Pate Christopher Blaine Patterson

Shirley A. Patterson Dickens Paulection Rodney W. Pavie Mark Jeffrey Peacock Andrew L. Pearce Willie Albert Pearman, Jr. Juan Ariel Peña Sanchez Semaj Haith Pennix Ann Margaret Penso Tara Lorraine Perkins James Douglas Perry Morine Nicole Perry Crystal L. Petway James A. Phelps Denise Norma Pieper Edward G. Pierson Joseph Ralph Pine IV David Andrew Pinkham Sandra Agnes Pinto Larry Dale Pittman Erik Hans Pluemer Kristina Ann Plunkett Michael T. Poelzer Logan G. Pooler Christopher Justin Pope Henrietta Denise Porter Melissa S. Powell Richard John Powell Brandon Price Timothy Scott Priest James Pugner Ronnette Marie Purdie Eric Putman John Ramey Steven S. Ramey Kamaljit Singh Randhawa Natacha Raymond-Policarpe Timothy Philip Rebert Sandra Deloatch Reddish Cheryl Denise Reed Samuel Curtis Reed Rico Lamar Reese Marcus William Reese, Sr. Stephanie Coleson Reid Benjamin Wright Rhodes J. Mitchell Richardson LaSonja Chanta Richardson Stephen Taylor Richardson Thomas Eric Richardson Charles L. Richmond Jason Lee Rierson Delwyn Faye Ringle David L. Ritter Deon Darnell Robertson Drew Christopher Robertson Eddie Anthony Robinson Perrico Jerrell Robinson Steven Robinson Tracy Dawn Robinson John Aaron Rodgers Veronica Muriel Rodgers Bunch John D. Rogeberg Octavious L. Rogers David Romano Jill S. Romines Brandi Lynn Rooker Joshua Owen Ross LaDonna Lynn Ross Tawana Lorean Ross Frederick Lee Rowles Matthew Patrick Rowley Deborah Dianne Rule Brian Edward Russell Timothy C. Ryan Matthew Jeremy Ryba Kyle Timothy Ryun Daniel Saavedra Claude Saint Jean Jerardy Sanchez Billy Ray Sanders Tara Jean Barone Sanders Todd Roosevelt Sanders Stuart B. Sasser Lindsey Anne Savola Charles Adrian Scalf Jeremy Edwin Scarbrough Matthew Hodgkins Schallmo Christopher Marshall Schlensker, Sr. Kevin Thomas Schmidt Russell Joseph Schmidt Joseph Clarence Schrader Carrianna Mollyneaux Scott

Frederick Charles Scriven, Jr. Heath Sechrist Setnick Tito Sene William Henry Sezna John Patrick Sheffield Douglas Perry Shelley Joshua Michael Shimko Angela Grace Shirley Johnnie James Sides II Courtney Kincel Silberman Norma E. Silvera Arnold Dale Simon Roger M. Simpson III Aaronia Shaw-Sims Haniel Singh Patti Lynn Siwula Christopher E. Skeens Gabriel John Skypala Stephen A. Smarowsky Clarence Edward Smith Dwayne Abraham Smith Gregory M. Smith Jamie Allen Smith Marilyn Smith Matthew Daniel Smith Philip Chemjong Smith Richard Christopher Smith Sandra G. Smith Ryan John Snyder Santiago Y. Solano Amador Joshua Salomon Solheim Emma Soy Suzan Joanna Spence Saunders Christopher Todd Spradlin Greg Spring Bobby E. Stapleton, Jr. John Glenn Stegemerten, Jr. Denise Q. Sterud Emmanuel A. Stevens Christopher Luke Stewart Curtis Dean Stewart Benjamin Joseph Still Travis Lynn Stockton Jodi Beth Stokes David Benjamin Stone John A. Stone Timothy Scott Stone Lewis Corven Strand, Jr. George Lorpokollie Suah Jorge Luis Suarez John E. Sullivan Howard Mark Summers Joanna Michelle Syroteuk Siu-Hung Tam Walter Pablo Tapia Terrance Patrick Tarleton Jennifer Lynn Tate Stephen C. Tate Brant D. Taylor Brian E. Taylor M. Carol Taylor Cheryl Lynne Taylor Todd Andrew Tenaglia Jordan Lance Tharel Christopher Ryan Thomas Marshall V. Thomas Shalanda L. Thomas Carl W. Thomas, Jr. Cullen Thompson Johnathan Allen Thompson Justin S. Thompson Lamont Christopher Thompson Larry Delmont Thompson Philip Morgan Thompson Jeff Thomson Paul James Thrash Sis. Karen Denise Threats Jay A. Tigner Regan Lee Tillman James Hampton Tippins Ryan Christopher Tirona Melinda Joy Tomei-Luchun Tiffany E. Tomlin Patrick Alan Tompkins Allen Lillington Transou Wendy L. Tranter Matthew Ryan Trawick Denise Marie Trio Christopher J. Tsotsoros Chanh Tu Joey Tucker Ryan David Tucker

Derrick Eason Turrentine Johnnita Kaye Tyler-Tillery Rhiannon Lee Uhrich James Lynn Underwood II Gideon Arinzechukwu Uzomechina Santiago Valentin, Jr. José Miguel Valle Peter Van Brussel Charles Augustus Van Deursen Leigh Elizabeth Van Horn Alfred Vargas George E. Vastine Anthony Nicholas Vaughn Michael W. Vaughn Jose Enrique Vega Espinola Richard Martin Viele, Jr. Ryan Rand Visconti Jackson Voltaire Arnold Walter Wagner Nicholas Blaine Walburn Regina Kay Wall Nathanael R. Wallace Lludloo Charles Walton Alvic Ward Carrie M. Ward Steven James Warner Richard William Warren Tasha N. Washington Christopher Watkins Jeff Watkins Dorian Marie Watson Jared Darwyn Webb Raymond Earl Webb James Robert Webber Shannon L. Wehrendt Richard Stanley Weigman Adam David Weis Kevin Shane Welborn William David Weldon William Paul Weldon Christopher F. Wells Donna Lee Patrick Wells James G. Wheatley Daniel F. Wheeler Brandon L. White David Bradford White Victoria Cheri White Elaine Whitmore Wilson Michael S. Wiggins Melinda Joy Wight Michael Elliot Wilder Nicholas Lathan Wilder Desirée Guinevere Wilkinson Danaz Williams Jami Elise Williams Patricia Ann Williamson Blake Joseph Wilson Christopher Jordan Wilson Curtis Lee Wilson Monte Clark Wilson Kelleyton J. Wilson, Sr. Michael Jay Winberry Joe Louis Winbush Ervin Winston, Sr. Daniel W. Wisby Brian Michael Wise Ronnie Lee Wise Tenney Woo Eunice Ann Wood Louis B. Woolley Charles Jeffrey Wortman Preciosa Velasco Wright-Gross Donna A. Yarmosh Bonghyun Yoo Issa Jack Zarzar

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Alain Alfonso Del Aguila Benjamin Allen Anspach Craig Powell Baker Shelby Lee Madison Barker Randy Michael Barrett William Derek Bartlett Phillip Michael Bell Rose Marie Brockstedt Curtis William Carter Jason Donald Cheek Jay A. Clason Mark Anthony Clayborne Guillermo Luis Covarrubias Rickey Eugene Cowart

Tania Nicole Davis Heather Lauren Dew Irolda Cleopatra Douglas Don Edmiston LaVona DeTrae Gaston-Lewis Sharon Jones Grant Judith Wanja Guchu Kathleen Ann Guidry Denya C. Hankerson Anthony Dean Hanna Richard David Hood Christopher James Houston Sue Ann L. Jarvis Michael Jay Johnson Stephen David Johnson Bruce Alan Jolly, Jr. Terry Meeks Jordan Jose M. Lara Andrew Richard Lee Haengjin Lee Joshua Aaron Littler Jacob Anthony Macias Abel Martinez Charlene Louise Martinez Elizabeth M. Mason Patrick Kevin Massey Gloria Neal McCall James Robert McLean Nicholas Mark Miller James E. Moore Lauren Marie Morris Dutch Nelson Jason Clifford Nigh Daniel Christopher Phillips, Jr. Samuel Powell, Jr. Izabia LaTesee Primous John R. Ptak Gregory Kyle Reno Elizabeth K. Ritz Bryan Keith Schwing Hyunduek Shin Lisa Susanne William Russell Threet Douglas Ely Townshend II Timothy John Voogd Dennis R. Ward Jonathan Luke Washburn Raquel D. Watkins Matthew Wehrly Jason Marshal Wisdom

Master of Arts in Global Studies Okera G. Anyabwile Kayla Jean Bradley Kameish S. Johnson Christopher Paul Leininger Michelle Leatrice King Raven Kayla Aleece Wilson

Master of Arts in Religion Jeremy J. Abernathy Jeffery C. Allen Lisa Ann Allen Rob C. Allison Frank Jay Ammerman Rachel Lynn Anders Benjamin Aaron Andree Pete Andrianakos Heather Ellayn Allen Robert Jon Arthur Ryan B. Atchison, Sr. David Chih-Wei Ay Glen Michael Bailey Monica Monizale Bailey Spencer John Ball Mark Steven Ballard Donald Lee Banton, Jr. James D. Barnes, Jr. James Lovell Barnett Jeff Tracy Barnett Sheila Beasinger David L. Beauregard Douglas Martin Beckman Matthew Michael Beeman Jerry K. Bennett John Aaron Bennett Rebecca Ann Benston Autumn Ruth Berliner Stephen Daniel Besson Christopher Scott Binion Kereyne A. Bishop Daniel Robert Bote David Joseph Bousquet

Andrew Hamilton Boutell Jason Holt Bowman Jeremy Keith Brackett William James Breazeale Dennis Wayne Briley, Jr. Darrin L. Brooks Anthony Marcell Brown Nathan J. Brown Phyllis Denise Browner Betty Bell Brown-Wells Bryan Burt Michael L. Bussell Lindsay A. Calloway Michael Wayne Cannon John Michael Cariker Jayme D. Carter Philip Waancdouc Chao Sydney Lauren Charlton Vincent John Charron Jenna Lynne Chatfield John David Chatfield Leonard M. Church Adam Daniel Clark James LaMar Clark Mary Roebuck Claytor Christine Ann Clem Jason Gregory Coache Jeremy Andrew Cobb Matthew Justin Cochran Benjamin Wood Collins James Woodford Collison III Kevin Marquel Cooley, Sr. Marcus Fleming Cooper III Byron Craig Cothran Eric Byron Couch T. Shane Couch Jordan Lee Cox Richard Justin Crisp Stephanie Marie Cross Andrew Thomas Crowder Jeffery Shawn Cully Niesha Antoinette Cumberbatch Kevin Hurst Curington Minnie Cutler Arcadia Dale Kate Anna Daley Joshua Shane Davies Jerome Davis Patricia Zenobia Davis Spencer Steven Davis Rodney W. Dellis Christopher David Denning Mark David DeVaney Christopher James Devlin Charles Benjamin Dishner Dalmer Lee Drake, Jr. John Henry DuPont III Andrew Mark Earley Harold W. Edwards II Mollyna Ellerbe-Harris Michael Francis England Neil Louis Erickson Paul Ray Etterling II Daniel Allen Evans Aaron Gregory Everhart Erica Dejia Farmer Robert Frederick Fischer Demetrius Juan Ford Jonathan Edward Fortune Matthew Charles Foster William Austin Foster Andrew Jacob Frisbie Tyler Jay Fullbright Hayley Drew Gallagher Cody Michael Gallatin Brandi Kathleen Garner Rebecca C. Garner Luke R. Garvey Gaines Lloyd Wesley Gentry Liconya S. Gilbert Marshall Ray Girtman Debra Jean Gohn Christopher J. Gordon Damion Patrique Gordon Kevin Eric Grant Paul Henry Grau, Jr. Annette L. Gray James Greenwell Rebecca Lynne Griffin Michael Verne Grigsby Barbara Guarnera Amy Lynn Guartuche

Jon-Michael Wayne Hager Jeremy Allan Hall Jeffrey Keith Halstead Timothy Hammett Hwa Lih Han Alicia Brooke Hardiman Holly Faith Harrington Andrew Lloyd Harris Matthew Joel Hastings Julian Laurent Hawes Lee Hawkins Bryan Marcus Haynes Julie M. J. Hedlund Christopher Hefner Melanie Dawn Henderson David E. Heydasch Robb Alvin Hibbard James Earl Higgins Hugh Hilliard Keith Douglas Hinton William Hite Patrick B. Hoffer Keith Holland Anthony James Holt Vernon N. Holt Jeramiah Patrick Hood Thomas Jay Houser Victor Lee Hudson David Alan Huld Andrew D. Hunsley Emily G. Hunt Otey Rodgers Hutton III Colleen Iglody-Keen Margaret Vanessa Jackson Sophie Jackson Steven Michael Jackson Timothy Lee James Eric C. Johnson Jennifer Louise Johnson Scott R. Johnson Jacqueline Marie Jones Kim Lynch Jones Rosetta Hawkins Jones Stacy Kageff Ryan Kappel Angela Kenlow Christine Haju Kim Jonathan David Kirk Shannon Wesley Kirkpatrick Clifton E. Kosier Theodore Michael Kostich, Sr. Paul Raymond Laborde Vernon Louis Langley Brian Alan Lashley Philip Leon Latch, Jr. Chenene Layne Bradley Glenn Lee Timothy Lester Lee John Vernon Lewis, Sr. Lee Edward Lewis, Jr. Keisha Dawn Mooe Linebarrier Luke J. Litchfield Adam Taylor Long Justin Timothy Long Rebecca Lynn Long Colleen Elizabeth Loving Shari Ann Luebbert Geary Christopher Lutz James Robert Lynch Thomas E. Lynn Patrick Brendan Lysaght Ian T. MacIntyre Lakeisha Nicole Madison-Hemphill Paris M. Marshall-Cole Kevin James Martin Robert Bruce Martin Ted Alan Marvin Eureka Monise Mason Billy J. Mathis Evangeline D. Matthews Christopher Blake Maxwell Drew Mazanec Vida Joy Mazyck Matthew McCauley Nicole Janeica McClendon Glenda Sheral McCoy Lydia Edrienné McGill Keith Donald McGrew, Jr. Charl McRae Arnette Devorn McSwain Scott David Melton Paul C. Mihalak G R A D UAT E N A M E S


David E. Miller Elliott Bernard Miller Kathren Elizabeth Miller Nathan Edward Miller Rhonda Marie Miller Ian Minielly Joshua E. Minnick Mitchell Brandon Minson Gwendolyn Denise Mitchell Michael Lee Mitchell John Michael Mohney Roel R. Montes Garrett Keith Moore Robert J. Moore Esperanza Morales Randall Craig Morehead Eric Michael Moreno William E. Morgan II Robert Brian Moubray II Scott Mumper Ashley Nicole Munguia Andrew Lee Musser Bryan Thomas Myers Kenneth Reginald Nelson Benjamin W. Nobles Michael Robert Noffsinger Cortney Rae Norris Glenn Edward Norris Beatrice Ocholla Cynthia Surges O’Donnell Robert Allen O’Neal, Jr. Mark Ronald Overbeek William Donald Painter James David Patterson Kimbraly Jeanne Patterson Eddie Pearson Michael Anthony Peluyera Jean Marie Peterson Phillip T. Peterson Gregory Allen Phillips Jewell Phillips Lisa Michelle Phillips Terry L. Pierce Kersha Rochelle Poindexter Michael Kenneth Porter Gregory Dean Pratt James Michael Pruch Bryan Carson Pruett Micah Wayne Puckett Pamela Ann Reed-White Bernice Reeves Achieng’ Reggy Debbie Lynn Reynolds Roger David Rich William N. Ritter Adam William Roberson Franklin David Robertson Ryan Andrew Robertson Jody Ann Rodgers Jeffrey Rodia Robert Paul Rogers Ricky Aaron Rohrig, Sr. John-Thomas Roseberry Nichole Rose-Turner John Gordon Ruane Jeffrey Ryan Samplaski Robert Waygon Sanders Jessica Sanz Drew Arthur Sartorius Diego Diaz Sausa, Jr. Tamela Mae Schaeffer Jeffery C. Schlitzkus Michael Lee Schmidt Gregory Lawrence Segda April Lynne Self Veidre La Shawn Self Jacob Scott Selley Jonathan Christopher Shea Jack Barnett Shelton Katherine Loretta Shelton Jason Carl Shields Steven Lane Shipley Sandra Sau Mei Simmons Derek Lee Simonsen Joseph M. Slawter Scott Timothy Slone Aaron R. Smith David Brian Smith Franklin A. Smith Richmond W. Smith Robert Eugene Smith Shameka Henderson Smith

S. Daniel Smith Taninya Shalon Smith Timothy Edward Smith Larry Matthew Spencer Sarahn Elizabeth Ross Spillman Claudel Urbain St. Jean Timothy Staples Albert Holmes Stegall William Kenneth Stephens Ronald Louis Stern Michael Joseph Stevens Robert C. Stilwell, Jr. Corey Dion Sturdivant Matthew A. Swenson Brian R. Swope Isaac Tanner Donald S. Thaden Christine Thomas Keith Alan Thomas Milcah Mussa Thomas Marcus Allen Tinsley Ron E. Tisdal Linda W. Traylor Toni Sara Troxell Steven Leonard Tuck Joshua Wayne Turnage Martez A. Turner Shelly J. Ulmer Steven Edward Urspringer Joseph Ramon Vacanti Amy Louise Varson Lourdes Villanueva-Cruz Tiffany Michele Walter Jerry Seth Walters Franklin Alexander Watkins Timothy Wayne Weihrauch Erick Anthony Welborn Charles Anthony Alexander Wells, Jr. Margaret H. Wesley Christopher Edward West Lindsey Sarvis Wester Lucas Edward Weston Tanisha Nicole Wilcox David Wilder Jason Brian Williams Edward Louis Williams Gregory LarVelle Williams Veverly Monet Williams Autumn-Joi Talaya Wilson Bryce Michael Woerner Allan Wood Leslie A. Wood Bruce Wayne Wrenn Todd A. Yoder Walter Allen York Ji Yun Dennis Lee Zinchuck Benjamin Kyle Zook

Master of Arts in Theological Studies Mandy JoDon Adams Gregory William Adkins Brandon Keith Armstrong Micah Israel Baker Joseph Jon Ballard Garrett Taylor Bartee Mardochee Bellerice Grant Thomas Bowden Christopher Deal Brown Darrell C. Brown Brad Brownlee Claudette Marjorie Bryan Bryan Lee Buchanan G. Ryan Buschmeyer Marcus Thomas Campbell Melissa Dawn Campbell Elizabeth J. Ciccarella James Lynell Clark Christopher Alan Clay Gary Michael Clements Jared A. Clifton Vecente L. Coatney II Rosemarie Carol Coleman Clyde Leroy Conerly William Murphy Cravens IV Jeffrey David Crawford David Tyler Crum Christine Michelle Cuendet Lyle David Daniels Zachary D. Darrah Jeffrey Kenneth Darville

James Matthew Davidson Mark V. Davis, Sr. Marc Benjamin Dewberry Michael S. Dilione Justin Thomas Doherty Kelly Collins Duke Talibah S. Durham Curtis Vincent Erskine Roger Dale Estes Andrea Delores Everett Dwayne Fazande Christopher Joel Fedorcek Stewart Harold Fenters Scott Fillmer Paul Benjamin Fitzsimmons Patrice Marie Franklin Randall Stephen Friberg Jeremy Wade Gannon Karen Alice Godfrey Benjamin Coby Goins Larry Keith Goins II Robert Eastland Gray Jennifer Alyssa Greger Chelsea Faye Gregoire Ulysses Leanders Griffin Amy Sanzotta Hallett Desmond O’ron Harris Michael Jerome Harris, Sr. Christopher Matthew Harty Jason G. Heckert Trilogy Resin Williams Hendley Torise L. Hiller Patrick Ronald Hillman Tony O’Neal Hinton James Brandon Hollen Megan Leigh House Tonia Rita Houston Kyun Heang Huh Sandra Dee Johnson Thomas Jack Joy Michael Amoah Sekyi Kelvin Carl Korber Kleinholz Jonathan Carl Lauver Brandon Robert Lemois Jackie Tyderral Lewis Wayne Lee Lewis Aaron Christopher Lewis Esther Anell Lucas-Robinson Donna Maria Maddox Cory Stephens Maurer Mitchell D. Maybury Yhenpu Boayue McCauley David Alphonso McClenney Jordan Medas Mark Alan Meyers Brandon Randall Milks Anthony Perry Miller David Allen Moore Ira Orazio Moore Jason Robert Morford Michael Brent Nelson Caleb Lee Nichols Terrence J. Nichols Rindy Nong Malachi Aaron O’Brien Juan Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux Sean Wilson Odell Joe Anthony Perez Michael G. Perez Jaime Eduardo Perez Martinez Billy Matt Perkins John Westley Pipkin Dion Eric Price, Sr. Ronald Edwin Pringle Bryan Wayne Ratliff Melinda Louise Raymond William Ryan Rebold William Matthew Rice William Edward Rose Lisa Carol Rudisill Wade J. Rumley Robbie Glenn Ruppe Geisha D. Samples Joel Santiago Elise T. Saulsberry Michael Allen Scott Allen James Shuler, Jr. David Troy Singleton Jimmy Smallwood Daniel Leon Smith David Farrell Smith Drayton Leon Smith

Joshua David Sorber H. Dwayne Spearman Larry Thomas Spears Jonathan Blake Spencer William Stanfield Brian Lee Stephens Phillip Ray Stephens Jay R. Stigdon Mark Edward Tabar Morgan Christopher Talley Robin Keith Thomas Matthew Stephen Thrower Aaron M. Titko Barbara J. Tolbert Lisa Shené Turner Timothy Wayne Umphlett, Sr. Chad Jonathan Vincent Travis W. Wagner Elliott Tyrone Washington Ronnie L. Watlington, Sr. Rev. Joy Elaine Weathers Joshua Paul Wilken Janice Ketcham Williams Matthew Williams Courtney Duane Williams, Sr.

Master of Divinity Jesse M. Adams Peter Bradford Adams Sandy Dale Adams Oluwatosin Joseph Adeola Pamelar Denise Agnew Fortune Isaiah Aisabokhae Michael E. Alford Cedric Scott Allen James David Allen Lance Alsup Jeremy Garrison Anderson Jessie Bates Anderson, Jr. Edward D. Andrews James Rudolph Andrews II Samuel Chinatu Anyanwu George Arredondo Tosha Lamaine Arrington Lori Ann Atkinson Per’Sina Spicer Atkinson Timothy E. Atkinson Dorothy Jean Averhart Taejun Bang LaWanda A. Banks Lisa Thibodeaux Bannister David Shane Barnett Gene Bartolome Philip Roy Bassham David Wade Bateman Jason Edward Beasley Wesley A. Belcher Eugene Ray Belmain Richard Allen Benda Bienvenido M. Bernardo Todd R. Berner Kirk Beshore Ravinder Damarapu Bhaskar Peter Joseph Bianchini, Jr. Brent Lee Biddle Dustin Mitchell Biggers James Adam Bishop Danny Ray Black James Gordon Blanchard Adam Daniel Bloch Nathan James Borrett Staci Jo Borton Vernice Bradley Amy Dolena Breslow Mark Leslie Breton Isaac Jacob Brohinsky Dustin Brown Justin Elisha Brown Kevin R. Brown Michael Dalton Brown Patryse Jyna Brown Timothy Gabriel Brown Zackery Lon Browning Zachary Lee Brueningsen Jeremy Bryan Matthew Cogle Bryant Melisa Harrington Bryant Monique S. Budd Josiah Burns Stacy LaShae Burnside Michael Leroy Butler Scott W. Byerly Myron Christopher Byles

Duane Adrian Calvin Eduardo Calzada Ortiz Deborah Ann Campbell Valerie Campbell Sandra Lynn Cantrell Steven Anthony Carleo James R. Carter Ricky D. Carter Ben Willie Carter, Jr. Kimberly Ann Cartwright Felix A. Castro Jaime Jaaval Shaune Cato Cynthia Laverne Cavett Junyong Cha Brad C. Chahoy Jeffrey David Chamberlain Matthew Lee Chamberlin Vaden J. Chandler Morris Anthony Chemell, Jr. John Scott Chronister Yohan Chung Paul Christopher Ciotta Dale Richard Clancy Adam Daniel Clark Bruce Lowell Clark Calvin Bruce Coblentz Paul Ross Cocklin Olufolahanmi Ayoola Omotayo Coker Luis Emilio Colon-Marquez Joey Brandon Cook Harold Cooper Jamie Mel Corson Frances W. Cox Tyler Lamar Cox Bruce W. Crain Xavier LeJuan Creekmur Nathan Dale Crissman Adam Joseph Crowder Guy Robert Crubaugh Samuel W. Cruce Daniel Keith Crumley Sheila Robinson Darden James Matthew Davis Ronald E. Davis Tommy R. Davis James Thomas Davis, Jr. Scott Andrew Dean Tarray Montele Deaver Charles Manuel DeCuir Christopher Mack Deitsch Kyle Dean Dellevoet Jeffrey Lawrance Dennis Thomas Nelson Detamore, Jr. Ronnie G. Dettmer Randall Daniel Dick Jeffrey Ryan Dickson Michelle Jessica Dieters Robert J. Doleshal Todd A. Doolittle Floyd Eugene Dorsey Christopher Dale Dortch Michael Scott Dove Katie Dow Sean Patrick Doyle Dustin R. DuBose Rebekah Leah Duchesneau Michelle Denise Dvorak Martin Dwyer Clinton Richard Echols Catherine Grace Eldringhoff Karen Veach Eller Christopher Wayne Ellis Mark Evan Ellis Angela Erickson Beverly Ann Eugene Harold Kent Evans Star Cherine Evers Stacy Williams Fairley Michael Andrew Farren Jerry Edward Fennell Aaron Thomas Scott Fenner Richard Allan Ferguson Aaron D. Fillmore Norman Donald Fistler III John Patrick Fitzgerald Eric J. Flint Diana Lynne Flores Demetric Rennard Ford Henry Jefferson Fosheé John Marco Franich Derek Robert Franklin

Jeffrey Don Franklin Angela Latisha Frazier Christopher Marcus Freeman Louis Wellington Fritz V Michael Fritz, Jr. Jacob Fronczak Allen Galindez Kate Alliston Galop LaCroix Daniel Keith Gann Karl Andrew Garber Jason Victor Garlock Stephen R. Garnecki, Jr. Torrey Mark Garrison Maxon Gaspard Stefan Spencer Daval GervilleReache Gregory Vincent Giaquinto Joel David Gilbert Kristopher Gilbert Robert Daniel Gill Damien Gipson Mack Gipson John Robert Goldsworthy Gayle Ann Gonzales Aaron Justin Gonzalez Dorothy W. Gooding Heath Lamar Granthum Michelle Reneé Gregory Sherry Grace Grello Corey Lewayne Griffin Raymond Joseph Grignon II Justin Alexander Grove Charles Howard Gruver Andrew M. Guarriello, Jr. Daniel Frank Guiffreda Hunter Wayne Hamilton Daniel Edward Hamman Benjamin James Hammond Blake Michael Harcup Cory D. Hardy Mark David Harris Mark Patrick Harris Pleshette Yvonne Harris Mark L. Hart John Richard Hatfield William Thomas Hatten David Scott Haynes Clyde David Headley Everett Neil Headley Matthew Daniel Hearn Donald A. Heichel II Eric Daniel Helton Yvette Lenoir Henderson Jaeseok Heo Alicia Hernaiz James Dale Higginson Todd Hine Tanisha Nekia Hines-Johnson Joseph S. Hoffman Terry Brian Hoffman, Jr. Kerry Alan Hogan Charles Kevin Holland Zachary Field Hooey Kim Denise Crawford E. Carl Howard Sherlene M. Hubbard James R. Hughes David Louis Humphrey, Jr. William David Hunt Robert Keith Hunter II Dawn Dickow Israel Richard Keith Ivey Ogbonna John Iwuamadi Dereck S. Jackson Mary Ellen Jackson Robert Jackson, Jr. Carole L. Jacobs Frank James, Jr. Martin Theodore Jansma David Wayne Johns Christopher Alan Johnson Kortney Austin Jones Earl L. Jones, Jr. James Joyce Michael Lee Jubin Jin Eun Jung Stephanie Just Aaron Michael Justice Diane Gale Kammerer Jimu Kang Rose Kennedy Jamil Ahmad Khan

Jason Eric Kidd Mi - Jung Kim Mun Seong Kim Peter Kim Stephen Ira King James A. Kneale Derek E. Lacy Rosa Beatrice Landers Michael A. Lanz Randall Clark LaRoche Matthew Michael Laun Beau Moran Lawrence Robert Lynn Lawrence Joshua Michael Layfield Earl A. Layne, Sr. David Christopher Leaumont Carter Andrew LeBlanc Kwangseok Lee Brian Carl Legg Alan Garrigan Leigh Philip Richard Leineweber Daniel Ronald Leiter Nathaniel A. Leonard Daniel Sean Michael Leslie David Reid Lewis Rocky Dwayne Lindley James Matthew Link James Allen Little Jason John Locke Clyde Milton Lockett, Sr. Leroy C. Lockwood, Jr. Daniel Thomas Londeree Howard Keith Long Ryan William Luchau Eddie Madrigal Vantrel Andrano Mainor Brett Tannon Malott Jed Daniel Manders Philip E. Mark Aaron Marks Timothy James Marrero Valerie L. K. Martin Aaron Lee Marvel Andrea Gilliam Mathis Brian Hunter Mathis Woodson Peek Mathis George A. Matthews Glorious J. McCall Bradley Austin McCandless Quentin Wade McCart Edward Ansell McClure Rodney Lycurgus McCorkle Bradley M. McDaniel David Courtland McDonnough Michael Steven McGee Todd D. McGill Laurence James McKeon, Jr. Niesha Tacory McLeod Michael McMeniman Jerry L. McMillan, Jr. John William McMorris Michael Joseph McMurray Sylvia Dilworth Medley Dalisia D. Mendoza Courtney Jon Merchant Bernadette Meredith Rashelle Marie Metcalf John Tuggey Miller Mark A. Miller Edson Millien Patricia Lenore Minietta Corey Trey Mitchell Brian Henry Mize Glenn Leonard Mohney III Willa Dean Montgomery Justin David Moody Donald Alexander Mooney Kyndalin Lynette Mooney Mark Alvin Morgan A. Nerue Morguarge Edward Cole Morris Steven Alphonso Morrow Jonathan Dale Morton James Andrew Moser Mathew Enoch Mount Jeffrey Joseph Moyer Shane George Moyer Cliff P. Mullen Robert Lee Mullins II Liam Micheal Shawn Mungovan Timothy Dean Murdoch Carolynda Gayle Strang

Chase Howard Musick Brian K. Nagy Nicholas John Nagy Gail Nanez Lauren Judy Neal Shelly Marie Neal Jon Conrad Nelsen Major Alexander Newkirk, Jr. John E. Newsom, Jr. Victoria Phi Nguyen William Lekunze Nkea Gesner Noel Kyle Aaron Noffsinger Brian Mitchell Norris Regis Chizobam Nwosu Michael Olaseni Obanla Ryan Matthew Ofenloch Stephanie Rocky Okolo Joseph Francis Okpe Omotayo Richard Olajide Betty Jean O’Maker Benjamin Thomas O’Neal Alvin D. Owens Charles Bernard Page Larry Maurice Paige Ki Yong Park Sung Cooc Park Michael Dean Parrott Andrew James Paterson Cedric E. Patterson, Jr. Thomas John Paukovitz Ryan Clark Pearse Craig Jerome Peeples Noel Perez Edna Mae Lee Perkins Vivette Bryant Perry Phillip Thomas Persing Phillip Todd Peterson Damien Andrew Pettitt Christopher Gerard Poluikis Jeffrey N. Povolish Andrew David Powell Sefra Kali Powell Walter L. Powell, Sr. Adrienne Nicole Price Brian Todd Pursley Jacob Niles Rahrig Luke Rainbow Eric Emory Randall Joel Aaron Ready Michael Tyran Reed Trevor Alexander Reid Laura Ann Rennert Danny Florentino Resendiz Alfred Reynolds Shawn David Richeson William Zachery Riley Godfrey Gaylord Ritter, Jr. Karen Moon Robinson William John Robinson III Kenneth Robert Rosenbalm Michael D. Rouleau David John Rowland Bryan Marc Roy Leslie Demonies Royall Jason William Royston Demetrius Andre Russell O’Neil Kirkpatrick Russell Steven Samuel Saenz Ryan Edward Samples Elliot Sanchez Donald Lee Sanders Gregory James Sarchet Duane Monroe Saunders, Sr. Nathaniel Scates, Jr. Darren Richard Schwartz Andrew J. Schwenk Marilyn R. Scott Nicholas Tyler Scott Paul Jason Seger Joseph Wayne Self Aaron James Seney Ki Won Seo Scott Eliot Shaffer Henry Hyungkyun Shin Beverly Ann Shirley Erik Everett Sietsema John Howard Silvey Diego Quintin Small Frederick Smalls Azella Virginia Smith Bradford William Smith

Lance Smith Ronald E. Smith Tobby Eric Smith Ronald Edward Snyder Gerald Donald Sorrow Wilfred Soto Larry Matthew Spencer Matthew Ray Stacey Jeremiah Lee Stallman Erik William Stanley Kevin T. Stanley Abram Robert Staten Timothy Lee Steele Albany Layne Stephens Daniel Wayne Stephens Jamie Stiffler Maurice E. Stonecypher Eric David Morgan Stuepfert Brian Keith Stuttler James Edward Summers Thomas Britton Swindol Terence Maurice Sykes Artis Taylor Brian Allen Taylor Jeremy James Taylor Alfred Nii Sai Torto-Doku Samuel Forest Thigpen Ricardo Lionel Thomas Stephen Allen Thompson Timothy Lawrence Thorn Brian Thornton Joseph Michael Thrower Lisa Marie Timmons Jason Jacob Tolstikov Antonette Andelisa Tom Joey Neil Tomlinson Samuel David Tootle III Andy Lynn Townsend Randall Allen Townsend Deanne Michelle Townshend Michael Austin Trammell Kip Anthony Troeger Jarl R. Turner Michael Anthony Turner Shaunie Verdell Turner Marcus Tuttle Chad Underwood Gary Alan Utterback Mary-Ahn Luciano Villarreal-Lopez Leslie E. Wade III Christopher Jason Wadge Nicholas Blaine Walburn Michael Charles Walk Asa Neil Walker Timothy Graham Walker Mark A. Wandel Daniel Wilcox Ward Bruce Michael Wareing Braden Wayne Warren Daniel Wayne Warren Michael Scott Watkins Denise Yvette Watson-Smith Andrew Thomas White Lyndol R. White Oscar Timothy White Daniel White III Gary A. Whitney Woodrow H. Whitt Charlie Martin Williams Gerald Williams Leon Williams Paul Jeffry Williams Kenneth Edward Williamson Brian Wayne Wilson Tyler David Wilson Michael Bradley Wingler Etta Ruth Wolfe Jeffrey J. Wooden John P. Wren Michael Steven Wright Craig Randall Yates Dave Yauk Brian S. York Melody Peters Young Ricardo Zapata Ryan Lee Zimmerman Matthew Edward Zodrow

MASTER OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Michael Gene Aldridge Nancy Olson Angulo John D. Arnold, Jr.

Robi Roy Hess James Edward Holiday Ki Ja Hong Norman Everett Howell Joseph Lynwood Irving Mary L. Jackson Brian Jones James Michael Jones Hoon Jung Seungeui Kang Robert E. Keiderling Heather Lea Kendall Koeun Lee Deelynn Kenyette Leigh

Marie-Lynn Ayars Kenny L. Baggett Dave Anthony Blake Donald Ray Burnau, Sr. Jeffrey Paul Busse Kerri Leigh Butler Robert Conrad Cookman Katelin Ann Downing Rebecca Sue Friend Kavara Gabriel Gee, Sr. Edwin Lee Hannah Naa Ayana Harper Nick Donnelly Hawkins Angela Hazel

Jacqueline J. Little Roosevelt Loveless, Jr. Christopher Aaron Joshua Mailliard Wessylyne Kaye Mitchell Albert Moreno Joshua Paul Moyers Michelle Lee Munger Shawn T. Newberry Philip Neyland Joel Immanuel Nichols Scott E. Noyes Timothy W. Perkins Luke Mason Phillips Paulette D. Powell

Clare Rochelle Pretlove Rosetta Naddine Reed Donna Russell Renfro Aric Michael Royce Michael Scholes Andrew Wayne Sexton Nathan A. Sharpe Kihye Shin Andrea Sipes John Benroe Skelton II Michael Edward Skillman Casey Braden Smith Deborah Annette Smith Gloria Asper Smith

James Elliott Donald Stargel Viktoria L. Taylor-Richardson Curtis David Thomas Dustin Ray Thompson Danielle Rae Ulmer Brenda Woodliff Walker Matthew Wardell Jason Todd West Terrence Williams Cyle C. Young

L I B E R TY U N I V E R S I T Y U N D E R G R A D U AT E D E G R E E S CENTER FOR ACADEMIC SUPPORT AND ADVISING SERVICES Associate of Arts GENERAL STUDIES Cindy F. Adams R. Fletcher Adams Rachel Ahmed McKenzie Barrow Craig M. Breter Briscoe Brown George Lee Butler Jr. Frederick Jacob Cohen Alan W. Dillon Sain-R Edwards Jr. Felicia Loren Elston David Evenson Nikki Andra Facio Nick Leo Figueroa Brelyn Mya Freeman Aaron Jerome George Antonio Lashawn Hairston Kelsey Rae Hooke Gordon William Hunter, Jr. Kristin Ingle Ronald Alexander James Steven Joseph Johnston Deborah Kay Jones Travis Andrew Kase Bethany Ruth Kish Alexandra Thomas Larson Kimberly Losier Nichole D. Marshall Brandon Douglas Maseth Barbara Ann Miller Jose David Moreno Velez Dianne D. Morgan Danielle Hylton Outland Teresa Bissette Owens Audrina Arlene Pardoe Angelica J. Patterson Desmond Emmanuel Peacock Celina Ramirez Hollie A. Ricks Kimone Vannessa Romans Daniel Rosario Patty Burchett Sayers April Teresa Scott Patrick Michael Smith Caylin Spiro Najee Alan Staton James Lee Taylor Kimberly Natania Thompson Jacob Troup Omar Antonio Ulloa David J. Van Der Werf John Rudy Vandeberg Christopher Allan Wasserman

INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Lourdes Janette Adorno-Gonzalez Eduardo Aguirre Rahsaun Lindell Akridge Retha Mae Alford Joseph F. Alonso David Alexander Ames Angela Jean Archer Kelly Elizabeth Arrowood Ashley Rae Baker Kaci Elaine Ballard Jessica Dawn Bennett G R A D UAT E N A M E S

Beverly Berry-Dildy Chelsea Nicole Beverage Antoinette Laverne Bivins Brian Alan Boase Megan Elizabeth Bolz Serena Fanay Bostick Morgan Elizabeth Bowling Christian Levertise Bradford Meghan Renea Bradshaw Brittany Alexandra Bragg Abigail Kimberly Brown Michael Pierre Brown Rebecca Kaye Brown Brittany Nicole Buckner Zachary T. Bullock Christina Marie Buonomo Lyndsey Erskine Butler Frederick Juan Caldwell III Amanda Lindley Carentz Shannon Michelle Carroll Barbara Jeanine Carter Billy Joe Chappel Rebekah Jane Chappuis Michael Charge Sherri J. Chasse James Richard Cianciolo Maria Citelli Yvette Maria Coleman Niculina Elena Coltea Robert E. Conquest Kristopher Considder Shumonte Cooper Roger Dale Crawford Clifton Dubois Davis Ebony Mechelle Davis Matthew K. Dean Annette DePalma James L. Dial Cynthia Susan Dietrich Lance Ronal Dixon Sean David Dugan Alvin Dukes Jeffrey E. Dunagan Alan Layne Dye Vinette Credle Edge Lauren Paige Edwards Guadalupe G. Espaillat Natalie C. Evans Daniel Charles Ezell Ashley Nicole Finney Cinthya J. Flores Terryann Bethel Floyd Kwame Francois Baron Latré Franklin Benjamin Robert Frederick Darren Michael Frye Frances Gaillard Darin Gaines Katarina Lindsay Patterson Ronald Gamber Esquella Tenique Gibbs Tyyon M. Gibson Sierra Madenna Gipson Anna Isabel Gonzalez Reginald R. Gooden Jennifer Lynn Goodman Adrianne Nicole Goodrum Valerie Angela Goodrum Lacey Kay Goolsby Ashley Cheron Gore Amy Lee Granback Janna Michelle Green Jessica Diane Grimes


Kimberly L. Griner John Gregory Hall Joseph Albert Hardy Jeffrey M. Harrington Melissa Dawn Harwick Shannon Headley Anna B. Heard Annie Heaston Robert Lee Henderson, Jr. Keisha Chyronna Hendricks Michael David Henebry Christian Pratt Hercyk Wesley Brian Herring John Scott Hersey Aaron Ray Hinkle Denise M. Hiott Corrie Lyn Ignatowski Jaymorle L. Ingram Erica Y. Irvin Joseph Ryan Johnson Shondra DeVette Jordan Emily Mae Jumes Amber Ashley Kelley Lakisha R. Kelley Mark E. Kieffer Marvin Jay King Damond Wade Kirk Kalah W. Kitching Jessica Marie Kittrell Jenae Lyn Knauss Jason Krogh Ben Lang Zachary Adam Lawrie David Christopher Leard Elizabeth Marie Lett Billy J. Lewis, Jr. Aimee Brielle Litz Jason Robert Long Lori Ann Lowe-Fleming T’Challa Rayshaunn Luter Michael Joseph Mahler James Rocco Manzi Abigael Leah Manzoni Catina Green Martin Joshua Andrew Matias Pamela J. Mayfield Matthew Ross McCaslin Teresa McCoy Stacy J. McKinley Rami Temporalis Meyer Seth Daniel Mitchell Erin Elizabeth Moore Michelle Price Moore Brittney Chane’l Mosher Tara M. Moss Marie Nichole Nelson Allison Elizabeth Nipp Misty Amber Nowell James Edward Nowell, Jr. Ethan Shane Nutt Joann Otero Krishund S. Parrish William Philip Parrish Danielle Marie Patrick Chester K. Patterson Nicole Danielle Paul Adam Christopher Pickeral Maegan Amanda Pinnegar Serita Marcina Polinaire Mihai Vasile Psederski Lydia Jacqueline Purvis Jacob Andrew Radtke Katelyn Lavoie Rasmussen

Denise Raynor Susan P. Reau Matthew Lasean Reed Sara Tally Reeves Scott E. Remington Daniel Morgan Rickard Enrique Rivera James Andrew Rodger Mark D. Rose Oneal D. Ross, Jr. Willie Rogers Ross, Jr. Justin William Salem Kevin Phillip Seiler Joshua Zoe Senbertrand William Louis Silvey Jessica Rachelle Slatinsky Larry Jennings Smith, Jr. Robin Annette Smith Lonny R. Snodgrass Stephen Howard Spraberry Elizabeth Belle Sutherland Johnny R. Tallon Eric L. Taylor James David Taylor Patrick A. Taylor Karmen Leigh Teague Harris Loel Roberts Thompson Kirsten Marie VanderJagt Nikita Michelle Vaughan Shelley Renee Walker Michael Warren Ward Joseph N. Webster Benjamin Harris West Kevin Wayne Whitaker William Kareen Wilkins Sherre Richardson Williams Latanya Denise Winfree Kimberly Renee Winn Kassie Moran Wiseman Karla C. Wood Mindy Kay Wood Montgomery Dean Woodley I Robert Lee Woodson III Salina Danielle Zabala Jessica Marie Zamora

Bachelor of Arts INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Anders William Bengtson Justin Andrew Smith

Bachelor of Science GENERAL STUDIES Taylor Kathryn Edds Dustin James Foster Matthew Stephen Garnier Katherine Leigh Hensley Stacy Lee Jaynes Angela Saunders Christian Wilson

INDIVIDUALIZED STUDIES Tara Lynn Bender Amanda Nicole Bradley Corbin Douglas Clark Sara Grace Elliott Meagan Gerberich Paul Malhotra Carla Rae Maples Justine Middleton Alyssa Emily Milian Erika Kallan Ritter Morgan Brittany Wall

INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Guy Thomas Abborino Teresa LaQuey Ackerman Caleb Alexander Adkins Elizabeth Marie Adler-Everett Aarron S. Alexander Rose M. Allen-Bass Adam Michael Allison Wesley Owen Allison Jenae Nicole Almas Rafael E. Amaya Kyle Matthew Anderson Rhan Anderson Summer Lynn Anthony Kim Farokhpour Armstrong Joshua Wayne Arnold Leanne Michele Arrington Josue Abner Arroyo Hernandez Justin Roger Ausburn Kerry Lane Austin Richard McNeal Austin, Jr. Janet Ayers Sylvia Achieng Ayieko Justin Patrick Neil Bagley Jennifer Elizabeth Baker Michael Wade Bannister Ryan Daniel Barnhart Joan Natalie Barylski Derek Batsel Shawn Glenn Baublitz Robin Michelle Bavin Charles Joseph Beland Christopher Ryan Belcher Denea Rae Bertles Carmelita Denise Black Eric Christopher Blais Rebekah Ann Blake John David Boggess Robert Richard Bohn, Jr. Ray Joshua Bohon Jacqueline Alexandra Bontemps Monique Borden Daniel Brian Boughton Paul James Boyd Derek Thomas Boyle John Christopher Bracker Shanna Patrice Brookins Brian C. Brown Joshua Eugene Brown Katherine Leigh Brown Renard Harrison Brown Roy L. Brown Steven Michael Brown Thomas Branch Brown Gregory Strawder Brown, Jr. Joel Stephen Bryan Amanda Kelley Bryant Tracie D. Bryant-McCarthy Jeffrey Dyronne Bullock Jacqueline Denise Bunch Katie Jean Bundy Jason Carl Burger James Gregory Burke Dennis John Burns M. Pierre Burruss Cameron Bryce Butler Stephen Russell Byrne William N. Callister Brian M. Cameron Alison Michelle Campbell Kendall Shannon Campbell Wilberto F. Campbell

Dorian Michele Cangro-Morrell Johnny Franklin Carawan Lars Edward Carlson Danielle Jean Carmikle Jameisha S. Carter Michalah Marie Casciani George Franklin Case III David J. Caslow Laken Michee Cass Anna Elise Castellano A. Marie Ebrada Celeste Kelly P. Chamberlain Jonathan Randall Chambers Jason L. Chan Ryan William Chancellor Cecilia Danielle Charles Franco Antonio Charmoli Renee Lavonne China Hyun Samuel Cho Kayla Joy Christophel Lindsey Ann Churchill Eunise Ruth Civil Richard Eugene Clark Angelica Michelle Clarke Michael Lee Clawson Thomas Wayne Clifford Theodore Lee Cline Austin Cochran Nathan Richard Cody Michael Allen Cole Tyese Gabriel Coleman Laramie Franklin Combs Lance Commins April Nicole Compton Danielle Patricia Considder Jason Robert Cook Laura Coombes Kristen Lynne Corbett Christopher David Cordle Brittaney Nicole Cordon Jonathan Cormack Braulio Cortes Sharon Kaye Cosner-Pachar Christopher John Cox John M. Cox Julia F. Craft Jack Walter Crews, Jr. Tatyana Maria Crow Justin W. Cullen Glenn L. Cullison Mary L. Dalton Lauren Elizabeth Daly Heather Joy Daniel Dominick Lee Daniels Melanie L. Darden Edmond Jones Daugherty IV Carla Renee Davis Justin Russell Davis Odies Delander Davis Jenna Elizabeth Dawson Jodi Elisabeth de Jong Timothy Marvin Deans Steven Anthony Decker Donika Del Rio Lance Enoch DeLong Renita G. DeRado Jason M. Dick Erick W. Dickens, Jr. Wendy Renee Dinges MaLinda Jean DiTonno Christy Cedelia Dixon Jason Lamar Dixon Antonio Dorsett Doby Melissa M. Donovan David R. Dowda Mark Elliot Dowhy Richard Draper Brooke Nicole Drew Jonathan Ramey Drum Dallas Wade DuCasse Brittany Alyse Durnil Daniel Lee Dwyer Nathan Isaac Ecelbarger Matthew Bryan Echols Willie Walter Edwards Hannah Lois Eller Michael John Elliott Courtney Marie Ellis Mark A. Emery Christine Boyd Evans Reginald William Evans Temika R. Ewell

Jamie Ewing James Thomas Fagg III Woodly Fenelus Gabrielle Fequiere Sarah Ruth Ferdinand Alexis Fifelski Ashlin H. Files Shane Benson Fisher Angela Mary Fitzgerald Ramona Cheryl Flinchum Jennifer L. Fluegge Ashley Nicole Folston Carlos Clarence Forde Matthew James Fort Kenneth Eugene Foster Willie James Fountain Joshua William Fox Cayla Noelle Fraley John David Frank James Edward Franklin Emily Kathryn Frazier Whitney Nicole Fromm Leah Angel Fuaga Chelsea Brianne Fugitt Joseph E. Funk Joseph Robert Futch Kenneth Eugene Gaither Joseph Bradley Gammon Anthony K. Gantt Annie Garner Joshua Anthony Gaskin Sheri Lynn Geer Damon Richard Gibson Bradford C. Gilley Melissa Dawn Goebel Patricia Wade Goings Reginald R. Gooden Kenneth E. Gordon James Gordon III Scott Andrew Graham Ronald Gary Graupner, Jr. Darren W. Gray Danny William Gray, Jr. Dorsaun D. Greene James L. Griffin II Bryan Griswold Arturo P. Guerrero Denise Gunn YuBin Guo Nathan David Habecker David George Hall Valorie M. Hall Angela L. Hall-Otis Brent George Halvorsen Donna Gay Hamblin Gary McLeroy Hamilton Bethany Sue Hamm Aaron Ray Haney Gregory Alan Hansel Laura B. Harmon Brandy Nicole Harrell Marquita Latrice Harris Patrick Clay Harris Howard Melvin Harris, Jr. Tanaya Harris-Horne Samantha Ann Harrison Joshua Jefferson Hartman Kimberly Dawn Hartman Adrese Harvey Andrew Glen Harvey Reed Harvey Otway Pearson Binns Harwood II Jenny Haugh Vickie Valencia Haynes-Burks Chantelle LaRee Hedgepeth Brian David Heffernan Molly Amber Hein Tamar Katheryn Hela Angelio Marquis Henderson Christopher R. Herbst Heather Gail Hernandez Laura Constance Herrera Rory Allen Herriman Scott David Hill Shanell Marie Hill Aaron R. Hinkle Michael James Hiskey Kelly Raymond Hitzeman Aaron Dannie Holt Lawrence Denton Holt II Barbara Landrum Honaker Cindy Lynn Hope

Wendy Michelle Horner Shawndell Shurie Horstman Patricia M. Horton Israel House Susie Sherelle Hubbard Joseph M. Hudson Otis Eugene Hudson, Jr. Wayne Lamar Hughes Tiera Q. Hunter LaTanya Michelle Hutchinson Tiffany Alexandria Ingle Franzetta L. Ivy Pamela Ann Jackson Roger L. Jackson, Jr. Sabrina Carvassa Jackson Toni Lynette Jackson Redmon Gurson Jackson III Tracey Delmarr James Forbes Robert Joseph Janis Tasia Kyrie Jennings Travis Wayne Jett Darlene Marie Johnson Gerald Kenric Johnson Matthew Paul Johnson Thressa Dellinger Johnson Abbey Gail Johnston Ronald Anthony Jones Michael Daniel Joslin Joseph Robinson Joyce Natalie Joy Juhan Mariam N. Kagaso Audrey Luise Kast Paul Garth Kauffman Sara Elizabeth Kauffman Virginia Lee Keel Edward Lee Keener Brandon Alexander Kennedy Kurt Valentine Kessler Katrina Holly Kiemle Dong Min Kim Charles Eugene King Julie Campbell King Shari Kirby Lonnie G. Kluttz III Fred G. Knighton Andrew James Knollenberg Cody Ray Kokinda Adam Kenneth Kraus Gary M. Kruzich Daniel William Kuykendall Sophia Renee Kyle Candace Jael Lafon Daniel Paul Landsgaard Bruce Andrew LaPorte Veronica Lyn LaRock Adam Ray Lashley Joel Robert Lashway Tracie M. Lawson Justin M. Layne Michael D. Lee Mina Lee Teaserlene Elsa LeGrand Jason Lee Leighton Susana L. Leon Andrea E. Leveto Peter Adam Lewis Barry Gene Liestman Jason Robert Long Marshalle Lorenzo Ruth Lucas Scott Johannas Lund Heather Marie Luttrell Jorge Jaime Magana John William Maier Miranda Marshall Manderson Shelton Dewayne Markham Marti Lee Martin Lesa Martin-Bridges Stephen M. Martins James Mathew Mashburn David Joseph Miller Maw Caleb Aron Mayer Melissa Pack Mays Amanda M. McCann Brooke Amber Mcclintock Angela Rochelle McCorkle Robert Anthony McGowan Scott William McGuire James Nolan McKee, Jr. Peter Daniel McMillen William Charles McPherson, Jr. Katelyn Elizabeth Melz

Justin C. Merrick Sonja Meulens Senta G. Johnson Mickle Pandora E. Mikell Karis Olivia Milacci Michele Miller Shanee Layne Miller Franklin B. Mingo Joshua Scott Mitchell Mouldavea Moca Mitchell Nizamuddin Mohammed Kevin Patrick Monahan Porscha Jeneé Moore Raven R. Moore Edward Lee Moreno Stephanie Marie Morris David Lee Morrison, Jr. Henry Allen Motley Janese Patdonya Mott Letetia Elizabeth Mullenix James Bryan Mullinax Raymond Oliver Mullins Keenya Josetta Murray Gregory Lee Murrell Jason W. Myers Yong Ho Nam Steven Pat Navas Laquinta A. Neal Nata Fayera Negari Edgar Eberto Negrete Daniel Negroni Paige Elizabeth Nessmith Morrison Marshall Kaohu Nishimura Matthew Thomas Noble Phillip M. Norman Ethan Shane Nutt Ashley Victoria Nyser Marya Bailey Odham Letisha Odum Van Wayne Offard Nathaniel J. Olson Robert William Orr, Jr. Levi Aaron Ouimet Matthew David Overbey William Bryan Owens Angelica Destinee Parker Lewis E. Parker, Jr. Shelly Denise Parson Katelynn Nicole Patz Kasey Carroll Peikert Travis Scott Penna Cynthia Jean Peters Roy Albert Peters Glenn R. Petty, Jr. Thresia Phillips Heidi Kristin Pickens Thomas Andrew Pinckard Wilfredo Piñero Vonna Marie Pitchford Kameron Devaughn Poindexter Serita Marcina Polinaire Jessica Lynn Pollock Tiffany Marie Pope Jennifer Lauren Porter Gary Scott Postma Shannon Marie Powell Denielle Jerusha Prescott Seth Andrew Puskarenko Luke Quimby Angela Anne Rabel Joslyn Renae Ramey Robert Craig Ramsey Shaun Ray Randolph Rebekah Ashley Razzano Anna Christina Reed Courtney Lynne Rehman Christopher Reid Lorrie Anne Remington Nelson David Renno Anthony Troy Restivo Jonathan David Rhew Courtney Elizabeth Richards Jessica Elizabeth Ridge Danny R. Rife II Teresa Blanca Rivera Eurana Cathlyne Robinson Gerenda Inell Robinson Esteban Robles Denise Marie Rodriguez Whitney Ratcliff Rogers Carrie Rogers-Scarborough Melissa Thurland Rosario

Dakota Leeanne Russell Anthony Curtis Rutherford Marian A. Salinas Nicole Sanders Luz B. Santiago Abigayle Maria Sasser Stacey Lynn Scarborough Ryan J. Scharps Steven Anthony Schuitema Jean Luree Scott Stacey Seal Joshua David Shaddox Alice J. Sherrard Casey Elaine Shumway Anthony Wade Simmons Curtis Gordon Simmons Wanda Beck Simmons Melanie Elizabeth Sims Olivia DeVictor Sing Shannon Mae Singell Deanna Mia Sinha Meena Sirivastava Jason Scott Skeens Andrea Dawn Skelly Timothy Douglas Sloan Anthony Ryan Smith Dianne M. Smith Kelly Beth Smith Matthew Adam Smith Jeannie Marie Snow Katherine Solivan David Patrick Sollee Marc Sosa Sarah Sowards David Allen Speigner Kristen Sponring Lane St. John Kathryn Lynne Starr Heather R. Stempka Eric Ryan Stewart Maureen A. Stockton James Mathew Storms Karen Gae Stowers Robert Jacob Street Dana Haston Talbert Jinger Raquel Tanner Tosha Dawn Tanquary Mark Raymond Tarver Sharreen Sitara Sham Taylor Olga Tchuvaeva Margaret Olivia Thigpen Cj J. Thomas Yolanda Thomas Jones Stephanie Cassandra Thompson Kenneth M. Thrasher Donald A. Tillotson Toyee Tyiesha Tinsley Earl David Todd Lindsay Marie Tome Tonya Valetta Tootoo Justin Marshal Trigg Mary Christine Troy Steven Eric Tulleners Joseph R. Tullis III Laura Yolanda Turner Michette Fitzgerald Turner Augustus Osei Tutu Dawn Marie Van Drunen Ana Melisa Vangarde Hunter Meade Vencill O’Brian T. Vera, Sr. Crystal Dawn Vincent Janet Saia Vosburg Jessie Waddell Delicia Y’vette Walker Frederick Von Walker Brenda Faye Walker Lowery Timothy Ford Wallace Matthew Paul Wallmow Eddie R. Ward, Jr. Melissa Lynn Waters Mark Steven Watson, Sr. Krystal Nicole Watts Brian Samuel Webb Benjamin Tyler Wells Franklin Wells Ashley Suzanne Weyand Joshua Scott Wheeler Carol Sandra Whitman Ralph Wayne Wilder Kara Elizabeth Wilkerson Deszerelle P. Wilkinson

Aaron Scott Williams Curtis I. Williams Kathryn Foster Williams Michael Roy Williams Zina Elizabeth Williams Deirdra M. Wilson Sean Avery Wilson Bobbie A. Windle Elizabeth Coleman Wingo Darren Lee Wingo Sharon F. Winters Emmanuel Uzo Woko Matthew Ryan Wommack Caleb J. Wood Jessica Zata Woods Angela Elizabeth Woosley Pamela Boyd Wright Richard Marshall Wright Tammy Lynn Wright Trampas Berell Wright Christopher Andrew Wurst Bethany Joy Wurzburg Kristi Lynne Yeatman Jordan Andrew Young Kimberly S. Young Peter Andrew Young Saudi Young John Oliver Young VI George Andrew Zoller

MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Jo Sanders Aaron Anthony Lee Abbitt Melodye McHone Aben Edwina Nyarkoa Aikins-Udoh Michael William Thomas Alexander Tina M. Anderson Armenio G. Anjos Ramiro Aranda Jess Leano Argarin Michele Cecile Artese Lester Hart Ashley Ashton Leigh Atkins Hudson Edward Babler Molly Grace Babler Craig Aaron Baker Kristen Ashley Baldwin-Green Jeannette Balthaser Noah Jack Banister Deborah Parker Banks Paul Michael Barksdale William Earl Barnes, Jr. Natalie Bassett Sheila Elaine Battle Bethany N. Becker Baldemar Benavidez Kathleen Ann Bishay Kenneth Edward Blake Rebecca S. Blake Michael James Bogenschutz Linda J. Bolander Nicholas McKin Boles Simon D. Boone Joshua Scott Bowen Jennifer R. Boyd Dominique Bradley Leah Tamar Brandel Darnell Armon Brantley Renee Ann Breen Walter Jay Brink II Paula Denise Briski Brittany N. Brock-Stoffel Naverro Brown Benjamin Buckenmeyer Sonia Fay Burford Danielle Renee Burns Devan James Burris Michael L. Burriss Cortina Jenelle Caldwell Jared Andrew Calhoun Jennifer Linn Callinan Christopher Alonzo Capers John Michael Carpenter Nicholas Alan Carrier David Robert Carrig Zech Carson Wayne W. Carswell Charles Patrick Cartwright Rolinda J. Cary Luis A. Chamorro Pacheco Seth David Christensen David Lee Clark G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Stephen Allen Clark Joshua Scott Clements Christine Frances Clymer Tina Osborne Cole Jacqueline Faye Palmer Ryan David Cox Shannon Michael Crapps Christopher Lee Crichton Richard A. Crocker David Alan Crump John H. Daniels Steven Wayne Darbyshire Darla G. Davis David Leslie Davis Sarah Margaret Deaton Daniel Robert Demars, Jr. Randy Michael Dickman Jeremy L. Dixon Lance Dixon Rose Marie Dobbins Robert Michael Donner Ryan Joseph Dowling Barnabas Charles Duberry Tandi E. Dubnik Corinna Deann Dunn John Alexander Dykes Jamin Paul Eastman Kenneth Gregory Easton, Jr. Patricia Linda Ederhy Ashley Edwards Jason Ryan Ehlinger Katrina Elaine Elbert Don E. Elliott, Jr. Evan Ellis Paul Junior Ellis Cenise Ellison Connie Worley Epps Sonna Lynn Evans Tiffany Michelle Feek Kenia Cristina Felix Kristin Marie Finley Timothy Fisher Alexa Grace Fitting Dennis W. Forbus Abbie Gail Moore Ford Jimmie Lee Forge Joshua James Forgie Akiesha M. Foster Lakeisha M. Freeman Elizabeth Rachael Gardner Andre Garner Conjetta Lanielle Garrett Jose Luis Garza Adam C. Geerts Sharon J. Gele Andraei Gillies Aleah Jean Ginos Patricia Lynn Gladney Russell Joseph Goff Viola E. Goins Alfreda Nevolyn Golden James Nathan Goodman Henry Jordan Gottwald Robert Joseph Gourley Courtney Lane Graber Rebecca Earl Graham Michelle L. Gray Chelce Toreco Green Erika M. Green Amanda Danielle Griffiths Lauren Alexandra Grogan James A. Groom, Jr. Jonathan Matthew Harbord Kristen Mae Harper Williestine Johnson Harriel Sherry Gail Hartsfield-Bell Jennifer Smith Hawkins Marc A. Heitter Nwannedima (Dima) Hendricks Joel Michael Herbert Enoc Hernandez Timothy Hewitt David Eugene Hill Brenda Kaye Hines Lisa M. Hodge Mary Gretchen Phoenix Hoggatt Toni R. Holliday Eric Robert Houppert Elizabeth Ellen Hubbard Summer RaiDeane Humbracht Jose Antonio Ilarraza Rivera John Scott Ingram

Vern Alan Jensen, Jr. April Susanne Johnson Joann Johnson Justin P. Johnson Latrice O. Johnson Matthew Fletcher Johnson Maurice A. Johnson Michele Johnson Nathan T. Johnson April Laverne Jones Bonnie R. D. Jones Cassey Chartrese Jones Christina Jane Jones Daniel James Jones LaTash King Chantal Carmen Kinney Michele L. Kinnie Melissa M. Kirkland Rochelle D. Knox Scott Joseph Komorowski Christina Ellen Korkow Nicholas John Kovach Stephanie Lynn Krop Theodore Glenn Kuhn James Bryan Lacey Jude J. Landry Brandon Jeremy Larson Sherry L. Larson Antonio Lassiter Jeffrey M. Laughter Kevin Andrew Lawrence Marjorie Elizabeth Ledbetter Gary Taylor Lee Jillian Leone William Litteral Christopher R. Logas Larry Lee Lovell Christopher R. Lovrien Daniel Thomas Lyle Robert Wesley Lyons Nicholas Joseph Lyster Edward E. MacDonald Glen Stewart MacDonald Greg Allen Majewski Jonnell Majors Robert Joel Manes Truman V. Marlowe, Jr. James Wellington Martin Charity M. Mathara Roderick Lamorn Maupin Tisha Lena Yvonne Maxwell Cassandra Michelle McCoy Timothy G. McDonald Julie McDowell Michael Gerard McGlynn Teresa Gail McGuffey Cory Sidney McLeod Robert Louis McMurray George Ronald Meadows, Jr. Mary Elizabeth L. Mickens Amy Stewart Miller Donna Michelle Miller Jamie Sylvin Mitchell Jonathan Christian Moor Brian Mitchell Moore Marie Bernadette Moore Sebastian Morman Keith Douglas Morrison Alisha Beth Mulder Donald George Myers Amy Nagel Andrew B. Nelson Danielle Janet Nelson Desroy Samuel Nevins Carol Jean Newton Kelly Lynn Nielson John Joseph Nock Larry G. Norman, Jr. Melinda Joy Nye Michael Vernon Oughton Gail Lynne Owen Marvin Patrick Owen Jonathan Paul Owens James Robert Oxley II Ellen Kay Pardee Crystal L. Parker Nathanael Wayne Parker Desrael A. Parks Latonia Monique Parks Raymond A. Pate, Jr. Benjamin Curtis Patton Seun Femi Peters

Phillip Robert Pettet Jonathan Levi Phillips Kineta Lashon Phillips Tazwell Steven Phoenix Barbara E. Pianko Olivia L. Pierce Iain Michael Pilch Jamie B. Pirkle Douglas Carl Pitts James Booker Polk, Jr. Michael Regis Pollard Michael Ray Posey Pamela Anne Posey Robert Michael Powell Joshua Shane Pressley Corey M. Pritchett Kelly Denise Pruitt Patricia Ann Pryor Shirley H. Quinn Charles John Ransom, Jr. Les Ratliff Eleonore Ottilie Rayburn Shannon Moore Redmon Beverly Ann Reed Kevin Anthony Reed Sharon Daniels Rich Marcia Claudette Richardson Marcus Benjamin Riddle David R. Rineer Patricia N. Robbins Ben Christopher Roberts Malesha Lee Roberts Niya Marie Robertson Amy Joy Rohlf Benjamin Steven Rowland Penny Lea Ruth Jonathan Patrick Ryan John Stewart Saunders Gina P. Sawyer Kristen Nicole Schaeffer Terri J. Schrews Melissa Ann Seidel Janet Rose Sellers Harrell Joy L. Senecal Ricky Serrano, Sr. Debra Jean McClure Shipp Kristin Lane Shorter Jessica Yvette Sills Katelyn Michelle Sipes Frank Ernest Sipps III Karen Renee Slayton Christopher Columbus Smalls II Janet M. Smith Jennifer Monique Soberal-Combs Anthony Soignoli Sean Micheal Sowles Sandra Cogdell Spriggs Courtney Danielle Srock Dexter Richard Stacy Iesha M. Stanley Alan Stapp Terri Lynn Steele Ashley Mims Stensland Sara Jean Stevens Mary Ann Stewart Christian W. Stier Trudy Storch Jason Eric Stroud Jennifer Lee Stubbs Dextra Lamont Suggs Kenneth Jewel Swan Ryan David Swink Crystal Harden Swinton Ian Bruce Taylor David L. Teall Anna Garrett Terrell Charles Thomas Terry, Jr. Jacob Thomas Jared Everett Thomas Kathleen Thomas Patrice Yvette Thomas Ronwick Basail Thomas Melvin J. Thomas, Sr. Demetria LeVonna Thompson Adam Nathaniel Thornton Jessica Kaye Tinney Heather Nicole Tober Jeremy Michael Todd James Tobin Tomerlin Dea Louise Tovar Timothy Christopher Tsutsumi Stephen James Tucker

Michael Anthony Tunstall John Charles Turner II Donald Franklin Tyree II Jason Paul Underwood Sheri Lyn Urey Gilberto Vargas B. Diane Viers Philip Viesca Joe D. Villarreal Yanithe Lisa M. Vincent Michael John Volz Kathryn Ena Wagner Michael John Waits Chanity Chantel Walker Ephraim Nathaniel Walker Richard D. Wallace Crystal Letitia Waters Elizabeth LeAnne Waters Emily Kish Waters Leslie Orlando Weeks, Jr. Christopher James Welch Debra Ann Whipple Arthur G. White Jana Fay White Jennifer Marie Wielicki Jeffrey A. Wilkerson Heather J. Will Bettina Monique Williams Chermese Williams Gilbert S. Williams James Williams Darrell Lee Wilson Gale Phillips Wilson, Jr. Sharon Amanda Cooke Wolfgang Joshua Woolley James Allen Worley Morgan Brittany Wright Vanessa Yates


AVIATION MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Sylvia Achieng Ayieko David Allan Borland Dustin David Fetzer Luke McDaniel Hamer Tracy Alicia Hamer Caleb Bryan Rainey

Bachelor of Science AERONAUTICS Troy Lee Anderson Daniel Robert Arganbright Eric William Bell Josiah M. Bell David L. Benning Perry Lee Benshoof Craig J. Buehl Joshua Benjamin Burchman Elijah Aamad Burton Matthew David Coker R. Douglass Dailey Esther Nisink Dii Kevin Scott Done Keith Charles Dunn Jessica M. Dyer Eldar Gafarov Arturo P. Guerrero Luke M. Hamer Tracy Alicia Hamer Anthony Lee Hamernick Jonathan P. Harless Erin Elizabeth Hensche Timothy Daniel Horton Kelvin Howard Timothy Kirk Hurd Ruth Hurley Bryan Stephen Ingram Jonathan Johns Brandon Dale Johnson Taylor Hamilton Jones Gary Duane Joyce Daniel Allen King Elsa Rebecca Klarich Trenton McKim Macdonald Samuel Christopher Mahaney, Jr. Stephen David Malkemes

Jayson Scott Minix Joshua W. Moerman Jason Thomas Murtha Daniel S. Newman Brian Patrick O’Toole Adam Samuel Oleyar Silvanous Alexander Parchment, Jr. Nathan Frank Richard Robert Dezmond Roane Benjamin Nathaniel Walker Rohrer Tyler Jacob Ryan Malcolm Adler Sales Anthony David Sanchez Aaron Timothy Setzer Jeffery Scott Setzer II Julius Kenneth Smith II James Albert Snyder Peter Alan Snyder Amanda Michelle Spence Brian M. Staples Matthew Thomas Sylvester David Raymond Tabor Matthew Winfield Thurber Peter Christian Weber Jared Michael Weiss Thomas Gordon Whalen Daniel Scott Wickham Matthew D. Williams Nathaniel Josiah Anderson Williams Charles E. Wincelowicz, Jr. Daniel Patrick Yeckley

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Bachelor of Arts ENGLISH Joseph Wade Alderson David Kyle Bachelder Janna Elizabeth Barber Brittany Jeanne Bonelli Keegan John Bradford Christine Loraine Chichester Alexandra Laine Cline Tyler Nicole Crawford Elizabeth Kidder Cunningham Tessanna Curtis Jonathan Michael Devin Kristen Ann Disney Amanda Beth Falwell Sarah Ashley Feild Jocelyn Amber Finfrock Stephanie Michelle Fisher Brandon Pierre Fleming Jonathan David Fountain Samantha Leigh Fowler Jonathan Lloyd Friedel Maria Gabrielle Galeone Randi Love Garrett Sabrina Nicole Hardy Amy Jo Harless Samuel Nathan Harris Sarah Elizabeth Hawkins Katie Lynn Hoffmeyer Ann Marie Hopler Jessica Starr Johnson Darrell Edward Jones Grace Ellen Kuenzi Laura Lynn Lauta Lauren Kate Longenecker Zachary Michael Lotspeich Courteny A. M. Lowe Megan Renee Luick Heidi Amber McDonough Lydia Rebecca Minkarious Katherine Rose Murray Carley Beth Myers Elainé Nadine Olkonen Tasha Leigh Panasci Lauren Kathleen Peacock Gabriella Angela Peguero Emily Jane Laura Albertsdotter Pye Sarah Diane Quinn David Christian Ricksecker Kimberly Marie Ritchey Lydia Grace Rollins Christina Elizabeth Sanderson Jonathan Michael Schneider Harold E. Smith, Jr. Adam Whittaker Snavely Whitney Gale Spencer

Kate Elizabeth Stevens Kristen N. Strain Lauren L. Umstead Nina Williams Catherine Ariel Wilson Elizabeth Monet Yerke Stephanie Danielle Young Ngun Sui Zing

HISTORY Chloe C. Downs Zachary David Grafman Zachary David Hurt Ashley Marie Jones Jessica Erin Lear Adam Jonathan Lintner Nicolas David Velilla

PHILOSOPHY Christopher S. Arledge I Blair Joseph Cook Mark Andrew Dickson Joseph Emerson Gibson Ryan Michael Jones Jonathan David LaLone Robert Joseph Lollar Thomas Sebastian Myers

SPANISH Rachel Anne Beel Kristin Ann Carmickle Jennifer Christine Lawrence Hilary Ann Oberhelman Todd Christian Shackelford Vaughn Melissa Weeks Paige Morgan Zappitella

TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE Kristin Alexis Bandy Rachel Anne Beel Heather Michelle Bradford Catherine Elizabeth Bragg Allison Rose Buchiere Sarah Elizabeth Conolly Laura Danae Crawford Colin P. Dunn Jennifer Grace Felder Stefani Ann Felker Brittany Foose Caralynn Rose Hercyk Julia Rose Higbee Kaley Marie Houdek Robert Earl Ingersoll Jennifer Jones Elyse Margaret Klink Megan Brittany Moyers Jaimie Leanne Neece Michael Benjamin Newhall Tsz Fan (Oscar) Ng Hunter Andrew Pardue Hanna Park James Michael Shaver Shannon Christina Sockwell Angela Christina Stevens Kyrstin Stockholm Gillian Strong Jessica Faith Tippett Rachel Ann Walten Josiah Philip Wegner Sungyoon Youm Marissa Alisabeth Zeleny

Bachelor of Science ENGLISH Shane M. Lewis

FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES Svetlana Rebecca Adamson Carrie Ann Allen Sarah Beth Baker Audrey Kendall Bew Brandie Evon Bishop-Stacker Victoria Paige Blanton Britanny Lyn Boucher Nina Bianca Brancaleone Kaitlin Danielle Call Christina Reneé Campbell Bethany J. Casper Victoria Jane Chambers Samantha Lynn Clark Lorraine Natalie Clason Joelle F. Cole Erin Louise Cumbia

Constance Deverly Davis Emily Lynne Dawson Gina Maria Dawson Alyssa Deissler Anna Michelle Diehr Stephanie DeAnna Disbro Carolyn Jewell Dix Brittany Renae Dorton Rachel Maria Dunn Heather Gail Marie Etheridge Fedeline Fenelus Kelsey Emma Fitzgerald Carmen Elisabeth Francis Courtney Amaris Francis Hannah Elizabeth Freeman Amber Rae Gering Elizabeth Nanda Giaritelli Lilian Elisa Gonzalez Pena Emily Patricia Gordon George Robert Gough Hyesoo Ha Laura Olivia Hagey Savannah R. Hague Amy Elisabeth Halbach Emily Hendren Meagan Brianne Henry Katherine Rachel Hufhand Michelle Adeleen Japs Victoria Layne Jewell Xiaochen Jiang Angela Catherine Johnson Stefanie Michele Kalbach Tricia Kancianic Lindsay Brooke Killian Laura Ashley King Sylvia Kathryn King Kristen Lynne Kingsley Amy Elizabeth Kitts Jillian Michele Krick Erin Landis Christine Marie Larsen Jenna Louise Lawson Jessica Marie Lawson Kyuhee Lee Victoria Elizabeth Lee Shelby Lynn Leistner Emily Kate Lietzan Sophie Michelle Lovell Hannah Kathryn Lynch Kimberly Anne Mason Sarah Nicole Maxey Devon Margaret McHale Liana Joy Melnichuk Sarah Ashleigh Mitchell Victoriya Mone’t Mitchell Shayla Nicole Morgan TeNeka ReNell Nibblett Michelle Helen Orange Alyssa D. Otto Bolam Julie Park Kaul Isabell Parkhurst Susanna Lois Parkinson Veronica Elizabeth Percival Erica Caitlin Persson Morgan Elizabeth Pressley Karen Anne Riley Rebecca JoCarole Rogers Kayla Alexandria Sarachik Brittany Marie Satterwhite Sarah Schneider Cori Ashlyn Shick Sushanne Lorann Sinclair Cierra Delores Small Emily Faith Spivey Breanna Danielle Stanley Lauren Renee Staples Lauren Marie Stephens Meredith Hope Stone Christina Paige Tackett Anna Christine Tello Emily Joan Thaler Katelynn Maria Thomas Katrina Dawn Thompson Kimberly Rezen Tompkins Dana Tweed Abigail VanCuren Tiffany C. Walton Hope Laine Warriner Kelli Harris Weeks Taylor Ruth Weimer Elizabeth Wheeler Kara Lorell Wheeler

Avery Wilson Jennifer Leigh Winick Charity Lea Yates Anna Marie Young

HISTORY Alexandra Azra Abedzadeh Jonathan William Bock Daniel Joel Cordes Andrew William Dodson Kaitlin Nicole Dougherty Michael Christopher Gilliam Douglass H. Gyatt David N. Kinzer Yosub Lee Zachary Stephen May Jon Mitchell William Thomas Owsley II Dylan Jeremiah Perry Kyle Michael Phillips Jeremiah David Potter Stuart Andrew Shaffer James A. Singley Andrew Ford Thigpen Rebecca J. Velker Brandi Michelle Westfall Marc Brandon Williams

MATHEMATICS Katherine Elizabeth Berry Anthony Steven Boardwine Karen Suzanne DenDulk Jessie Elsaesser Anna Claire Grigas Joshua Allyn Hoornik Derek Michael Lenzen Winston Spencer Leslie Micah Thomas Maddox Chadwick McClure Rachel Lanae Morgan Andrew William Napierkowski Rachael Beth Newsom Jeremy Brent Peterson Jesse T. Ronda Sarah Seaman Timothy Andrew Shafer Elizabeth Van Norman Sarah Elizabeth Wallace

SOCIAL SCIENCES Lauren Diane Averette Benjamin Gordon Bailey Matthew David Bell Joseph Cowell Michelle J. Dunn Matthew Ryan Evans Stephen Andrew Fenlason Kevin Filiberto Nathan Philip Herzog Christopher William Heverly Christopher Evan Hutchinson Jermaine D. Johnson Andrew Nathaniel Moore Hunter Thomas Nash Lauren Alyse Ottinger Jonathan David Perkins Jessica Marie Probst David Lawrence Ramey Mark Clayton Riley Timothy Ryan Smith Andrew Richard Stenholm Matthew Scott Sutton Samantha Nicole Thompson Angelique Rochell Tyler

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Associate of Arts ACCOUNTING Jonathan Oliver Strasburg Bachert Carol Michelle Blake-Gillespie John Franklin Bonar Takia Nicole Braddy Lynne C. Brigante Nicholas B. Caputo Michael K. Carr Keith Wallace Clark III Sandy B. Corbett Michael David Craft Ethan James Crooks Natalie J. Everts Christine Lynn Ferris Douglas Robert Gouin Diana Hadley-Patillo Bobbie Jo Hales

Angelina Hall Helena H. Hewitt Pamela Yvonne Hibner Mary Elizabeth Kane Kristina D. Mace Bree Martin Kim E. McAfee Lanisha Renee McLendon Tiara L. Mcphatter Carol J. Miller Shardell M. Moffat Heather Lynne Otis Ashley Pace Uhura Natasha Parks Vickie Irene Pettus Gregory Wayne Pruitt Robert S. Rood Suzan Arlene Russo Amber Nicole Sabina Fay Marie Sanchez Jason K. Saunders Jessica Ann Scheufler Lorna Ruth Semple Ashley Nicole Sheehan Agustriani Sitohang Elizabeth Ashley Slabaugh Georgia Ann Smith Anita A. Stanley Margaret Starkey Angela Sweigart Linda Thao Marguerite Erin Tilton Brandon Scott Tyson Genia Duanne Waller Janel Yeaw

BUSINESS Nelson Acosta Rendal Gideon Allen Sheila Benita Arenas Kelli Artis Alexandra Kathleen Berry Natalie Lynn Bird Carol Michelle Blake-Gillespie Jonathan David Brouhard Brandi Wimer Boksa Jennifer A. Bolden Anne Elizabeth Brown Catrina Brown Brittany Anne Byler Jovie P. Caballero Ryan Matthew Carlson Michael Kenneth Cassius Sandra Kireta Chilcote Matthew B. Closs Katherine L. Collins Antonio Crawford Kenneth K. Cross Chad E. A. Davidson Sandra Jean DeShong Cherika La’shelle Dumas Carlos Esteban Duran Matthew Echols Michael Andrew Escalera Cheryl Ann Farrer Erica Michelle Feazelle Daniel R. Ferrell Samantha Ann Fountain Grant Gaddis Alejandra Carolina Gonzalez Anita Gregoire Allen Ray Grimes, Jr. Richard P. Grooms Amy Hardyman Jennifer Sue Hart Alisha D. Hatch Kelley Robert Hembree George Christopher Russell Hennen Melvin R. Hicks Angela Marie Hill-Hodges Kimberly Marie Hinze Christopher Michael Hlavac Julie Michelle Holt Israel G. House Toni Lynn Howe LaTorya Janelle Hoyle Mary Sue Hunt Joseph Ray Ingle Karmela Sharohn Israel Thomas Arthur James Kristi Marie Johnson Lindsay Marie Keith

Colleen Pearl Johnston Betsy Lynn Lawrie James Alexander Lopez Stephanie Ann Madison Latisha B. Manning Tammy Lynn Matyger Erica Marie Minicozzi Monique S. Mitchell Charlene D. Neese Peretta Blount Norman Jerome Oates Marya B. Odham Jamaal Terrell Palmore Tamera Jean Peek Wesley Burns Phipps Adam Christopher Pickeral Tanya Poole Judith Quintero Angela Horn Radford Kenyetta V. Rumph Philip Thomas Shadrick Karen Janet Shaw Deborah Sisco Stacy W. Smith Thomas Michael Smrt Ephriam Spraggins Suellen Pontes Stretch Shedrikka Crystal Sumpter Lisa Edith Syner Jonathan Edward Temple Melanie F. Bell Thompson Austin Alden Unruh Jennifer L. Vaughn Mary E. Vega Ann Marie Theresa Vroegindewey Sarah Frances Walker Tiffany Ann Wallace George Edward Walton Justin Lane Watson Mark Anthony Williams Jonah B. Worstell Blair Mayumi Zabie

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Dylan Shayne Frankart Dana Marie Galloway Annette Denise Harris Juanita Jaso Jason Paul Loan Hayden D. Martz Daniel William McNulty Scott Walter Raettig Nat G. Reynolds Keith Thomas David K. Vaught Charles Jason Williams

Bachelor of Science ACCOUNTING Diana J. Adams Tinsley Anne Adams Alexander Agnoletto James David Albert Heather J. Ales Terry Louise Alston Mariely Alvarez Julie J. Anders Elizabeth Kate Andrusko Ebenezer Afari Apenteng Connie L. Ashley Stephanie Anne Crane Atienza Erica Lynn Atkins Jennifer Lacroix Bachelder Amanda Z. Bailey Kristyn Ann Bane Calan Dale Baucom Isabella Rose Beck Beau R. Bell Jennifer Morgan Black John Marc Blais Kimberly L. Booth Sharron J. Bradley Jessica Looper Brock Stacy Jean Broell Heather Ann Brown Rebecca Brusewitz-King Kayla Rose Burns Stephen Wesley Burrill Arielle Seline Byrd Anthony Bruce Campbell William E. Campbell Tiffany L. Card G R A D UAT E N A M E S

1 24

Daniel James Castagna Rebekah Ruth Chapman Alonna Hope Cherry Jae Im Chun Thomas M. Cirbus Carolyn Elisapeta Civale Ricardo Clermond William Bradley Congdon Cassandra Lynn Conklin Megan Christine Coury Patrick K. Currie Lillian M. Dady Jesse Ryan Darrow Christopher Michael Davis Teresa Elaine Davis Tonda Hines Davis Sheryll Lynn De Haven Stephen E. Denison Brian Christopher Deveney Wesley Doble Rhonda Kay Dotson Fleisher Ashley Nicole Drudge Jessica Stiller Dunkley Eric Orin Evans Joseph Todd Fahrubel Christy A. Fernandez Jared Alan Fodor Denise Irene Fraga Heather Fogner Freeman Taryn Siobhan Gardner Ross Michael Garrett Brent Daniel Garrison Trina Sue Given Celene Good Lauren Maria Goodman Rupert P. Gordon Audrey King Grant Lateisha J. Grant Nicole Kathryn Graves Michael Casey Greene Matthew Wayne Grubb Gregory Allan Hales, Jr. Aubrey Jean Hamann Deirdre Christine Hart Amber Dawn Hartsook Katherine Cain Hayes Thomas Lewis Helms Felicia Faye Helton David Steven Hempel Maina Her Richard Jason Hewitt Mandi Hodgeson Sara C. Hofmann Sheleea Nicole Holland Michelle M. Homman Tonya Reeder Honeycutt Emily Briann Hoy Heather Huber Oballa Todd Preston Huffstutler Barbara Irwin Hurdman Tiffany Tonchella Hurts Heather Jenkins Catherine A. Jordan Mark Andrew Jumes Jake S. Justice Amelia C. Kibler Rebecca Miller Klein Christine Maria Klima Jonathan Andrew Kolhagen Tara L. Kravitz Olena V. Kulbachna Robert Andrew LaRoche, Jr. Briana Hope Lashkevich Manette V. Lawson Nicholas Charles Leonard Justin Timothy Lile Crystal Nicole Lloyd Angela Carol Lovejoy Ted William Lyle Bohdana Madlova Bonny J. Majchrzak Ezekiel Daniel Martinez Aaron William Marxen Glenda C. Mason Julia Lynette Mather Justin J. McClure Jeremy Lane McMillan Joshua Timothy McVey Heather Lynndell Melin Thomas Henry Millan Jonathan Allen Miller Joshua Michael Miller

Dennis C. Mills Kathryn Emily Mills Terri Ann Minarovich Lisa Michelle Moix Shannon Michelle Moreno Harmonie Morris Robert Allan Mullis Douglas Musser Richard Michael Myers Patricia Compton Neal Luke John Newman Matthew Daniel Parker Kelsey Brooke Parks Angelique C. Patterson Lenore Angeline Pausig Randy James Peace Jessica Renea Perry Cody James Petersen Timothy Michael Player Deana D. Potts Sydney Price Jaime Smith Pritchett Michelle Tiffany Proto Justine Nicole Pyeatt Keri Ann Rayford Michael Joseph Reith Jennifer Plucinik Reynolds Kevin Matthew Reynolds Kimberly M. Reynolds Krista M. Riegel Christine Jeannine Riffey Terri Lea Robertson Robert E. Rock Cheryl Darleen Rogers William Garrett Rygh Christina Jean Sale Lance William Sampson Elias Sanchez Joel Santiago Ellen V. Schneider Carolyn Schofield Blair Scott Talethia Markita Shareef Kathleen Shevrovich Brian Lee Smith Cheryl Ann Smith Cheryle Love Smoot Laura M. Sokolowski Cynthia Wilson Soles Tammy L. Spradlin Pamela Peavey Starr Malia Shultz Steele Angelina Stepanova James Boyd Sterrett Cheryl M. Stewart Derrick B. Stiller Leon E. Stout, Jr. Shelly Kay Strother Tamera Marie Taylor Anthony J. Tether Adam Craig Thomas Debra Ann Thompson LaTasha Marie Thompson Beverly Ann Thornburg Kristin Nicole Tillotson Terralea Marie Tilton Tiffany Ruth Towne Jim W. Trader Charles Nathan Trivette Charity Rose Ulrich Patricia S. Vaughan Denis Verkhovtsev Benjamin Daniel David Ward Dawit Zewde Watchamo Joseph Blake Watts Andrew Stephen Gardner Webb Jessica Lynn Webb Dierdre H. White Anne Elizabeth Whitehurst Raymond Lee Wickham Frances Jeanette Williams Jeanne M. Williams Ranada O. Williams Rhonda Lynn Williams Jennifer Womack Kayla Nicole Woodson Lisa Barbour Young Meredith Paige Elizabeth Young Andre Zambrano

BUSINESS Brent Alan Abrams Khalid M. AbuHassan

Nelson Keoni Acosta Robin Glenn Adams Clifton Freeman Adams III Robert G. Adams III James Edward Adams, Jr. Rachel Theresa Adams-Kelly Jana Rachel Addington Elizabeth Gail Addison Arthur A. Akeley Cynthia Rose Akin Jennifer Nicole Allen Rendal Gideon Allen Melanie Allerdings Kizzy N. Alston Lisa Kay Alvarado George Armand Amedore III Chelsea Marie Anderson Valerie Jayne Anderson Benjamin Anenson Michael John Angelilli Michelle Marie Aquino Joshua P. Arms Sarah Arnold Connie L. Ashley Stephanie Lynn Ashworth Rebecca Emily Aucott Karen Sue Babb Desta D. Bailey Jessica Lynn Bailey Joshua Ian Bailey Thomas L. Bailey Katherine Ann Baker Chenona K. Baldwin Paul Andrew Banman Timothy D. Barbir Ashley Nichole Barnes-Jones Corissa Marie Barreiro Malinda Barrickman Robert Allen Bartlett, Jr. Brent Barton Craig Britton Batts Rebecca Star Batts Stacey Leigh Baumgardner Demetre Gloria Bazemore Ashley Nicole Beach Amanda Lynne Beaman John Paul Beasley Kaycie Lynn Beattie Joshua Edmond Beaty Kristie F. Beckett Ashleigh Arona Beckles David Stuart Belcher Claude Bennett J. Michael Bergeron Jessica-Lynn Nicole Bernal Christopher Douglas Bernard Jennifer May Berry James T. Bettys Brandon Wayne Bickham Lauren Nicole Billie Derrick Wayne Black Carol Michelle Blake-Gillespie Blair Mayumi Blazek Sonya Lucille Bloodworth Andrew David Blumer Perry Andrew Bobbitt Brandon McKay Boicelli Jennifer A. Bolden Lukas A. Bondy Eric David Bortz Justin Gregory Boucher Brenna Elizabeth Bouma Venesia Bowden DeAnn Bowdle Taylor Anne Bowles Amber Rae Bowling Kerri Michelle Boyd Abbey R. Bradley Beulah Ann Bragdon David Addison Brandt Travis Louis Brasfield Steven Cole Braswell Sterling J. Breunig Ashley Brewer David Thomas Brewitz Steven Ray Brondyke, Jr. Rhett Alan Brooks Domonique Sade Brown Henry Levan Brown Javis Brown Jeremy Pierce Brown Michael Lynn Brown

Brent Justin Brownell Nathan Tyler Bruins Garrett Quinn Brusewitz Cleveon Russell Bryant Mallory Danielle Buch Krishawna Joy Bullard Brendon MacIain Buntain Matthew Travis Burden Emily Kate Burke Timothy Byron Burke Michelle M. Burks Thomas Burnette Kelsey Nicole Butler Arthur Lee Byrd, Sr. Patricia Dodson Caldwell Evan R. Camilleri Christopher Alan Campbell Chenggang Cao Ariel Benjamin Capellan Christopher Carignan Joshua Mark Carman Brian Carter Joshua Ryan Caruso Jonathan Richard Casbohm Demetra Cates Nathan Daniel Cawthern Timothy Scott Channell Kenneth A. Chappell Stephen Chase S. Tony Chaverri Abelardo Chavez, Jr. Paul Kenneth Cheek Marybeth Eileen Chelanga Audra L. Cherbonnier Priscilla Chinnadurai Lorie Chirafisi Jeff Henry Christmas Michael Paul Cilmi Thomas M. Cirbus Corbin Douglas Clark Kevin Robert Clark Tiffany Lynne Clay Elizabeth Ren茅 Clayton Christopher Click Shannon Pittman Cobb Whitney Dawn Coleman Clarence J. Collins Rachel Nicole Colombo Rafael Elias Col贸n Andrew Laurent Colvin Cort Vaughn Comfort Lenore Compton-Sigler Jordan Foster Connell Brittany Rose Conner Erika Perkins Conner Samuel James Conner Timothy William Conway Lequinche Chantel Cosby Jason Patrick Covert Jeffrey Brian Covington Brittany Marie Cox Christopher Justin Cox James Raymond Cox Katherine Denise Cox Matthew Rhian Cox Todd F. Cox Joshua Valeriy Craft Alexis A. Craig Rebecca Dara Craighead Zachary Eugene Crawford Jodi C. Crews Anamae Irene Crockett Malinda Beth Crosby Davis Alan Cross Robert David Cross Dorothy Deane Crow Matthew Earl Crowder Jonathan Chandler Curtis Kristi Graham Dalton Elizabeth Erin W. Daly Nicholas Charles Danz Larry Tyler Daugherty Allison Leigh Davidson John Samuel Davidson Amanda S. Davis Janice Marie Davis Cherie Marie Davis-Rudat Lakeesha Shanae Davis-Wilson Trevor Orry Deacon Justin Wayne Dean Joshua C. Deel Anna Rinske Dekker

Brad Allen Dennis Cayla Nicole Denver Araceli Marie Deras Matthew B. DeRemer Sandra Jean DeShong Cassandra G. DeWitt Jill Anne Diblin Patrice L. Dixon-Schofield Bradley Randall Docksteader David Doherty Jeremy Charles Done Micah Patrick Dougherty Kellie Nicole Douglas Alston Tamara Althea Douglas-Carroll Shayne Alexander Douglass Janice Lynn Downey Adam Nathaniel Dubbe Kim Duncan Tymica Anderson Dunn Richard Matthew Durflinger Gregory Colin Dyer Stephanie Andrews Early Kody Gray Easter Erin Michaelle Eastham Matthew Bryan Echols Jeni Marie Eddings Cynthia Adel Edmundson Rachael L. Edwards Wilbert James Edwards, Jr. Deborah Eggleston Rylie Eisbrenner Angela Marie Elder Clinton R. Eller Bailey Dawn Ellert Andrew Lamont Ellis Carson Shane Ellis Mary Elise Engel William August Ephraim Holly Eyvette Ervin Robin S. Essler Andrew David Evans Robert Bryce Evans James E. Evans III Matthew Alan Fairel Marisha Ann Fairfax Kristina Marie Falwell Xueru Gloria Fang Courtney Lea Fariss Nancy Roberts Fariss Michael Sean Farrell Steven Edward Fawcett Tamara Fenwick Brent Ferguson Jennifer Jo Ferguson Daniel R. Ferrell Laurie Lynne Fewless Marianne Joyce Fisher Damein D. Fitzgerald Chase M. Fitzpatrick Kimberly Jean Flinchum Elizabeth Christine Flowers Andrew Scott Focht Derek Fontaine Brittney Nicole Forero Jessica Colleen Freeman Steven T. Freeman Andrew Scott Frie Tyler McCall Friedrich Danielle Elizabeth Fry Penny Sue Fry Tomekia Marie Gaines-Goodman Robert E. Gallup Cinthya Rosaura Galo Salgado Joshua J. Garland Kellie Bell Garnes Brittany T. Garrett Coralee A. Garro Godfrey Kabue Gathuo David Joseph Gaul Kristian Nichole Gibson Shane Boyan Gibson Kimberly Lorraine Giles Cara Denise Gill Valerie Denise Gillcrese Rachel Briana Gillespie Kerry Anne Gilmurray Michelle B. Glass Ajawan Nyambia Glover Tammy A. Glover Justin Gonzalez Christina Marie Goodman Amy Dooley Gordon

Sherry Graham David A. Granda Brandon Anthony Grant Makyba Rynell Grant Narda Grant Kathy S. Gravely Sharon Gravely Eric J. Green Rebekah E. Greenland Thomas Christopher Griffith Rebecca Elissa Groenow Norman W. Groff Bridgette Leigh Gromlich Jessica M. Guinn Lauren Marie Gunn Melinda Laurene Gute Ronald Guthrie, Jr. Julie Marie Gutierrez Denise Nicole Hall Justin Michael Hall Garrett C. Hamlin Alyssa Christine Hammond Pamela Kay Hampton Derek Nathaniel Harden John Gregory Hardy Angelina Harless Jessica Scott Harlow Amy Beth Harman Britany DeShawn Harris James David Harris Madison Noel Hartley Bryan M. Hartnett April Renea Harvell Michael Eldon Harvey Stephanie Dawn Hathaway Richard Hawkins David MacKinnon Hayes Kaylah Gwyn Hays Ethan Edward Hearle Pamela Suzanne Heatherly Terry Ronel Hebert, Jr. Jeremy C. Heller Melissa D. Heller-Rector Courtney Lynne Helsel Christopher Dean Henault Ida Alexandra Henderson Amber Heydeman Junius Lamont Hicks William D. Higginbotham Kimberly O’Kelley Hightower Stephen M. Hill Robert A. Hilt Nathan Hitchcock Ronald Danté Hobby Tracy S. Hodges Dawn Linkenhoker Hogan Lindsey Renee Hogue Melissa J. Holcombe Brandon L. Holmes Brianna Yvonne Holmes Crystal Erin Holt Kristin Dawn Horn Dwayna CaShala Horton Brittany Danielle Hotinger Jason House Rex A. Howard, Jr. Barry Jason Howell Thomas Lee Howell III Yingying Hu Christy Aldin Hudgins Jacob Lyndon Huggins Savannah Victoria Hughes Clarence Edward Hughes, Jr. Yvonne Annette Hurt Christina Amy Hussack Levon T. Husser Cynthia Ann Ingram Vanessa Ireland-Flowers Mohammad Irfan Christina Rae Irvine Milton Lamar Ivey, Jr. Brian A. Jackson Eric Latroy Jackson Kevin William James Heather Jarratt John William Jenkins Aaron Xavier Johnson Brennon Madison Johnson Brian Anthony Johnson Christopher Ervin Johnson Dewayne Kevin Johnson Erik David Johnson

Katelyn René Johnson Kayla Rae Johnson Kayla Johnson LaNeika R. Johnson Michael Johnson Re’Neicia Ne’Ciole Johnson Valerie Agatha Johnson Amanda Beth Jones Mark E. Jordan Monica Fay Jorge Travis Joseph Bethany Joy Jozwiak Ana Lilia Juarez Marcus Danee Jubilee Lindsay Renee Kahl Richard Andrew Kaiser Jeremiah Everett Kappler Robert Stefan Karlsson Joan Elizabeth Keesey Christopher Scott Kelk Kennie R. Kelly Jacob Thomas Kemmerer Kimberly G. Kennedy Kylie R. Kennedy Shanee Kettell Joseph Thomas Kilburn Donald Lee Kincaid Anthony James King John Kevin King Katelyn Elizabeth King David Raymon King, Jr. Megan Ann Kinne Alicia Kirksey Heather Lynne Klein Lacy J. Kleive Alexander Emmanuel Knight Kevin James Knight Katharine Michaela Knox Peter K. Koech Brenda Clark Koshada Rita Elizabeth Kosin-Rohler Jacqueline A. Kovacs Traci Lyn Kutzke Celina Sisson Lamb Jessica Nicole Lambach Jeffrey Scott Lancaster Austin Guppy Landavere Erin Landis Kester J. Langhorne Jonathan E. Lantz Patricia A. Lanzo Mark Francis Lariviere, Jr. Briana Hope Lashkevich Mark Shawn Lavinder Brandon Todd Lawrence April Laine Lawson Sarah Jane Lawson Leah Theresa Laxton Ana Irene Lazaro-Duarte Anthony Donnell Leathers Bryant McKenzie Lee Jae Whan Lee Jessica Jessee Lee Kelly Calder Lee Rebecca Kennedy Lee Ye Lim Lee Daniel B. Leonard Lindsay Margaret Lett Apryl Vannette Lewis Christina Ann Lewis Michael Raymond Lewis Ryan W. Lewis Jamie Rene Lieb Dong Sun Lim Ji Chen Lim Catherine Elizabeth Lischke David Michael Litchford Karen Marie Littenberg LaToya Marché Lockhart Morgan Lennon Long James A. Lopez Rebecca Trees Losh Rachel Lynn Loveless Lytonia Wright Lovinggood Noah J. Lowder Christopher Michael Lynch James Kevin Lynch Laura Elizabeth Lynn Sherrie Lynn MacAllister Chad Michael Macumber Amy Marie Madrigal Edward Earl Magee

Gina Catherine Maggio Nickala Major Jill Elaine Malmgren Jeremy Mann Dustin Manness Nana Abena Manu Elisabeth A. Mapleybrittle Jasmine Leigh Marciniak Mark William Marstin Douglas Grahm Martens Justin H. Martin Melissa Ann Martin Nicholas Allen Martin Terry Glenn Martin Berenice Martinez Gutierrez Edmund Joseph Masi Patrick Ernest Massenburg Ryan Joseph Matis Jose Matos Delsia Marie Maximo-Priest Christian Everette Mayes Bobby Brent Mays Tammy Lavon Mays Kevin James McAlpin Joshua Dean McCaherty Addison McCarty Addison Keith McCarty Kali Theresa McCarty Christina Marie McClintock Kelly Marie McCright Joshua A. McCune Thomas J. McDermott Anna Paige McDonald Heather Marie McElroy Moses McFadden, Jr. Katharine Virostek McGhee Jesica Halie McGough Erin Elizabeth McGowan Jordan I. Mcguire Christina Hogge McLamb Karen Elizabeth McLaughlin David Michael McMahon Tiffany Cherrie McMurray Amber Lovelle McNeal Gary Duane McNutt, Jr. Deana K. Meadows Rebecca Damaris Meekma William John Mehl Gary Paul Meinecke Dana Lee Melton Linda Kay Melton Ryan Mark Mentzer Timothy Ervin Merritt Chase Michael Merscher Joseph C. Mertens Michael James Meservy Jodi Alaine Meyers Ashley Brooke Michael Joel Richard Michael Sherry Denise Middlebrooks Eric Keith Middleton Mark Fulton Middleton Derek Scott Miiller Alexis Nicole Miller Brian Frederick Miller Craig Jordan Miller James Arthur Miller Michael S. Miller Theadosha A. Q. Miller Britt Cameron Mills Josef S. Milunic Kevin John Mimande, Jr. Roydonna Javon Minnis Andrew Mitchell Tommie Randel Mitton Shelley Suzanne Modisette Anna Alisa Monds Ryan G. Monteleone Chase Christopher Montney Christina Marie Moore Melissa Louise Moore Todd Moore Zaria Nilovna Morales Katherine Morgan Scott Joseph Morongell David Brent Morris Rebecca Lin Morrison Desmond Rashad Mosby Susan Schroeder Mosher Shanika Kaydian Moss Sherika Moss Rebecca A. Moughton

Jennifer Julius Mshamma Ceeprian Boropa Mumpfield Chase E. Munos Grant Murphy Jonathan Martin Murphy Aaron Paul Murray Trevin Kenneth Muse Manatsawani Mutasa Rachel Lee Myers Tonja Marie Myers Katherine Joan-Marie Nannen Kurt J. Nanney Rachel Lauren Nappi Ryan Hunter Narron Travis Richard Nation Joseph Kiboi Ndungu Lita Necaise David Alan Nelson Joel Patrick Nelson Laura Nelson Lynn D. Nemiccolo Masima Magomedgadjiyevna Newman Melissa Mae Newton Tai Man Ng Grace Meade Nichols Paw F. Nielsen Daniel Niño Aguirre Campis David Niño Aguirre Campis Sean J. Nock Naomi Marie Nogueira Kristen Marie Noonan Jeffrey R. Norton Victor Manuel Nunez Richard Nyarko John B. O’Toole David William Ogden Edgar Francisco Onate Jerome J. Ostermyer II Angel Jose Otero Richard Paul Otero Emily Jane Owen Joshua Wells Pace Laura Anne Padgett Kelsey Irene Paige Steven Francis Pallaria, Jr. Charles James Palmer III Robert Wilson Palmore Shahil Shreyas Panchigar Joseph Michael Pantaleo Valerie Parada Kari Anne Parido Kristin H. Parker Brandon Michael Parnell Kelly Ann Parry Courtney Ariel Paskanik Daniel Pastor Elvis Aaron Presley Patterson Ginger Pierce Patterson Meera Chirayil Paul Jeffrey M. Payne Jennifer Michelle Payne Juarez Leanne M. Peck Lindsey Kathryn Pegram Brian Elmo Penrod Richard Michael Perdue, Jr. Jonathan Julio Perez John J. Perpall William Kenneth Petersen, Jr. Viktor Pfeifer Matthew David Pigliavento David Piland Emma Grace Pilgrim Jason Pitcock Amanda Jean Pitts Alexis Eve Pogwizd Julian Shavon Poindexter Jeffrey Michael Popp Shane Edward Potter Alicea Rae Potts Chandler McClain Potts William Nedlik Price Rochel E. Priddy Tahmina Proulx Yasmine Nikita Pugh Amy Michele Pundt Cindy Denise Purdy Daniel Albert Quarmout Brian K. Reagle Cason Abigail Reasner Brittanie Nichole Reed James Douglas Reed

Miesha Snoe-Osbey Celestia Soetoyo Pamela Davida Soloway Keith Dewayne Soltes, Jr. Carlos A. Sousa Barbara Adams Spain Heather Lavonne Sparks Rebecca Lynn Sparks Jamal Edwin Spears Linda R. Spellman James E. Spencer III Jordan Michael Spicer Rachel Dawn Spoon James Allan Spruill Paige Christian St. Ores Lauran Rae Stainback Joshua Ryan Standeven David Lee Stanley Zachary Michael Stark Tristan James Wallace Stayt Cynthia Burleigh Steele Danielle Renee’ Stewart Margaret Yolanda Stinson Travis James Stoltenburg Brandon Stone Melody Joy Stone Christina Marie Storey Charles Andrew Strickland Whitney Cherrae Sullivan Bradley Summey Luke Jason Sutton Ryan Carl Sweat Matthew Steven Sweet Crystal Lynn Takacs Victoria Elaine Talton Holley LaBarron Tate April Christine Taylor Benjamin Thomas Taylor Caitlin Ann Taylor Jason Eric Taylor Justin Chase Taylor Larry T. Taylor Michael Russell Taylor Jonathan Edward Temple Victoria Leigh Terry Arthur Albert Tesdall Bayebegn Zewdie Tewlatu Amy Burke Thomas Dorothy Lee Thomas Cassandra Thompson Iris Elaine Thompson Stephen Michael Thompson Steven Michael Thompson Carleshia Thornton Robert Craig Timmins Daniel Patrick Tisinger Donda D. Toney Alexandra Marie Torres Sean Christian Tortorano Risharddi Luwasa Townes Patrick Michael Trainor Adam Steven Troyer Brittany Alese Truax Zachery James Truex Elizabeth Alexandria Tsamisis Daniel Robert Tureman Toiyriah Lakibah Turner Siim Tuus Jeremy Paul Tyler Briana Joy Tyson Stylianos Tzoutzis Linda Ung John Richard Upton Kevin Lavant Utterback Fernando Valber Benjamin Federico Valenzuela Neil Deon Van Niekerk Bridget Ann Vanover Ana Beatriz Vargas Orskan Elkin Vargas James Cameron Varnell Charles Marshall Varner Denise Gail Vaughan Colin Grant Villarino John Michael Vrbanac Jonathan R. Wafford Julia Allison Wagner Donald Gene Wagnon Joshua Thomas Walker Meggan Elizabeth Wallander Andrea Marie Walls Kelly Kreis Walter

Michael Thomas Reeder Diane Cheryl Reis Matthew Bruce Reiter Joseph Chad Restle Jason Ray Reynolds Brad Rhame Kevin D. Rhodes Jordan Chase Rice Tiffany Marie Rice Mandisa Richardson Evan James Richvalsky Trudie N. Rickman Krista M. Riegel Steven Douglas Riggleman Andrew Scott Rigler John V. Rissler Philip Good Rissler II Leonides Rivera Richard Wayne Collin Roberts Tamarssa Nicole Roberts Dawn E. Robinson Victor Kalor Robinson II James Ross Robinson III Rennie Rodriguez Stephanie Ann Rossiter Mitchell Ray Roth Jarren Lewis Rucker Brian Christopher Runk William John Runk Joel Matthew Rusk Michael Anthony Russey James Kyle Rutland Brett Lee Ryan Katie Jo Ryan Matthew David Salsberry Andrew John Samaj III Beverly Rosalynn Sanchez John Caleb Sanders Melanie K. Sanders Jason Reed Sanderson Rick N. Santos Cliff Saunders Patricia Charleen Sawchuck Kimberly Schaltegger Wendy Jane Scheller Kyle Brandon Schlarman Brian L. Schleusner Jordan Michael Schmidt Ethan Mackenzie Schronce Jordan Delray Schultz Gregory Leo Schuster Tyler Jordan Schweigert Jamie Leigh Sears Scruggs Chad Seales Hanul Seo Caleb Joseph Serafini Michele Lynn Shanholtz Ian Michael Shannon Rachel Mary Sharp Timothy John Sheahan Ashley Nicole Sheehan Brian Thomas Sheehan Emily Jacqueline Sheffield Demetra Latoya Tubbs Sherer Kathryn Suzanne Shickel Joshua B. Shifflett Thomas Dean Shipman III Christopher J. Shipp Ernest W. Shreck Kolby Amber Shroyer Ryan James Shugars Samantha Shuster Aaron Daniel Siegrist Stephen P. Simpson Michael Burrell Singletary Denise Lorraine Siv Jaime Leanne Skilling Joseph Harold Skinner IV Andrew Webb Sledge Scott V. Small Christopher Patrick Smith Damian Shaun Smith Emily Kay Smith Glenn Bradley Smith Hannah Smith Holly Kay Smith Jonathan C. Smith Teresa Joy Smith Dustin Kurt Snead Nicholas L. Snellings Kevin B. Snider Jonathan David Snively G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Nathanael David Walton David L. Wampler Brett Charles Wanamaker Troy Michael Warber Nickelle Ward Francesca L. Warnock Michael Reid Warren Laura Ann Washburn Matthew Philip Waterman Cody Lee Watlington James Anthony Watson David Solomon Watts Ross David Webb Tara S. Webb Rickey Dillard Wedgeworth, Jr. Dustin Michael Welker Chavaleh Weller Joseph Martin Wells Michael G. Wells Serah Usenge Were Robert Kenneth Werner Jonathan Kyle Weston John William Thompson Wheatley Alexander S. Wheeler Charles E. Whetzel, Jr. Nolyn Whitaker Darius L. White Derrick Von White Myra Stacey White William B. White II Melissa Caulk Whitman Stephanie Grace Elizabeth Whyte Kimberly Seagle Widmayer Erica Carlene Williams Brandon Robert Wilson Mart Andrew Wilson Mary B. Wilson Amanda Nicole Wimbush Latanya Denise Winfree Larry Winkler Jared Christopher Wolfe Catherine Page Wood Bettina Laurell Woodall Roger Lee Woodcock, Jr. Melody Sessions Woodworth William L. Wooley Hannah Paige Worley Hillary Alice Worley Marquis Leymoyne Wynne Ging Loen Yeung Zhongyi Yin Zhongzheng Yin Bethany Rose Yorio Timothy Michael Young Dmitriy Zavyalov Amber Lynn Zeller Jessica Meghan Zepeda Shen Guang Zhou Winston Frederick Ziama Charles R. Zuhlke

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Amos Olugbenga Adebayo Timothy D. Barbir William R. Beckett Denise Gail Drinkard Michael Alan Emerson, Jr. James Richard Clark Gaston Richard Korvah Guwoe Christopher Jordan Hall John Charles Hambleton IV Michael Ray Horst Michael Stephen Kellogg Rachel Elisabeth Lovell Joshua William McDill Joshua Stephen Nicol Taylor Scott Owensby Roderick Alan Spruel Grace Varghese Tyler Ned Wilhoit

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS David Andrew Ackerman Brandon Collier Ash Jeremy Craig Barnes Sean Alexander Brady Donna Kirby Brown Jason Adam Brown Mark G. Carpenter, Jr.

Daniel P. Carter, Jr. S. Tony Chaverri Soo Jin Choe Dennis Lee Coats Ryan Allen Cochran Edward Scott Connell Daniel James Curtis Deborah Dianne Davis Angela Felicia Eason Chad Wayne Edson LaDonna A. Everett Joel Aaron Fisher Nicholas Steven Furini Joan M. Gallagher Barry Gibbs Michael Paul Glendenning II Juan D. Glover Patrick Goins Alan Dwight Gough Mary Catherine Grassell Robert A. Green Gail Elaine Hall Chadwick Tyson Hambright Kenneth Duane Hamilton Keith Lyle Hancock Jeffrey Larrel Harris, Jr. Sheridan Lee Haskell Richard W. Jenkins, Jr. George F. King, Jr. Michael E. Knorps Michael J. Landry Aaron P. Lavinder Yun Li Jill Cameron Lipscomb Randall Lloyd Loope Guy Lowry Jerome Patrick Lyles Kevin Lynch Jeffrey A. Mason Ronald Maurice Edward James McClaran Antony Daniel McFalls Kimberly Ann McIntyre Joshua Lee McKeever Carl F. McLane Tracy A. McLane Tiffany Nichole Mead Philip Mark Miller Michael Lee Millner Jonathan David Noonan Miranda Doris Nwadeyi Anthony Tunde-Abiodun Ogunware Michael Junior Pettus Monica Mechelle Phillips Benjamin Carlysle Pigsley Ryan Proudfit David Hamilton Ray Kevin Maurice Robertson Samuel Corban Rock John Salvia Geannie Kanyann Sanders Ryan James Sells Brian Keith Senecal David Junghoon Shin Aquarius Danté Smith Ashlee P. Smith David Lee Stewart, Jr. L. Quintal Stitt Christopher Warren Thomas Edward Dillon Timmons Kevin Stuart Tolley Matthew David Tryon Jessica Paige VanderHaar Franklin Eugene Viar, Jr. Larkin Walker III Jonathan A. Ward Daniel Joseph Watkins Robin G. Wheale David I. White Samuel Lee White William James Willoughby Nancy Cunningham Winn Frank S. Wolf Patricia Goodman Wood Tia Nicole Young

SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION Bachelor of Arts THEATRE ARTS Zachary Alexander Battiste

Kyle Ross Blanchard Katherine Michelle Bryant Carson Graham Burkett Rachel Elizabeth Day Natasha Marie Goetz Brittany Danielle Heck Barbara Ruth Hitchcock Erica Jo Mini Heather Kathleen Oswald Zachary Thomas Scott Sarah Haley Seaman Jeffrey Thomas Sundheim Katherine Anne Taylor Tyler Carlton Williams Melissa Anne Yowell

Bachelor of Science COMMUNICATION STUDIES Angela Margarita Acosta Kendra Renee Alleyne Rebecca Jeannette Alvarado Leah Cathrine Andrews Courtney Lynn Aube Stephen H. Baird Daniel R. Bartlett Emily Meagan Bass Lindsay Jill Bechtold Jesse Stanley Beeghley Daila Devon Benson Laura Elizabeth Benson Armstrong Lindsey Suzanne Birchfield Alexandra Faith Black Charles Walter Blalock Samantha Brooke Boontjer Joshua D. Brandenstein Janique Latonya Byrd Fernando Caballero III Callie Lynne Cagwin Tabitha Lynn Cassidy Katrina Paige Chase Camille Antoinette Chuks Kirstin Julia Clayton Hayley Elaine Cook Taylor Steven Courtney Shannon A. Craig Catherine Anne Crandall Amanda Kelley Crawford Brandon Joseph Crisp Kelsey Lee Crockett Alexis Catherine Dache Troy Anthony Dauksys Timothy Allen Davis Sarah Lynn Day Edward Simeon de los Reyes Donald Richard Deakyne II Rachel Elizabeth Deas Jordan Richard Delay Galyn Marie Dobler Colin Patrick Dowd Tyler Pierce Eacho Isaac A. Eder Tiffany Nicole Fath David Ian Feliciano John Hugh Ford Chelsea Laine Francis Richa Frank Paul Andrew Frazier Geoffrey Richard Friesner Kelsi Elizabeth Gabriel Roxanne Elise Garrett Devin Levon Gatling Anna Kathleen Gaudio Jessica Gilbert Pedersen Julie Nicole Gonzalez Erika June Gorman Kailey Elyse Green Bridgette Leigh Gromlich Jinjoo Gwon Raquel Alicia Harmon Timothy Hartke Jeremiah Jordan Hartman Kyle Brendan Harvey Shereena Jenise Harvey Cody Ryan Hawley Rebecca Ann Hellman Ciara D. Hibbard Kathryn Schad-Vassar Hiskey Erick Lee Hodge, Jr. Jennifer May House Rebecca Ruth Hsu Dallace Renee Hubbell Sarah Elizabeth Huffines Danielle Patrice Humphries

Mindy Blaine Insley Danielle Thais Jackson Annessa Breanna Jamison Cherie Nichole Jamison Jonathan Joseph Jensen Jody Garret Johnston Nathan Robert Jurgensen Amy Elizabeth Justice Kathryn Brooke Kelliher Jonathan David Krick Jung Soo Lee Youngbin Lee Job Lim David Steven Listor Neil Charles Lloyd Seth Nesbitt Lockhart Ashley Malone Jane Kristen Marczewski Austin S. Marsh Carissa Kimberly Marsh Timothy Michael Mattingly Gaetane Michelle Maurice Michael-Chase McCain Charles Randall McCroskey, Jr. Joshua Charles McGhee Carrie Victoria McHale Jennifer Nicole Mellinger Christopher Daniel Messick Matthew Patrick Miller David Bryce Carlton Morris Lauren Bridgette Mosley Nawona Joy Nhekairo Jordan C. Nickerson Julie Amanda Ochoa Yewon Park Joseph Aaron Patrick John Harrison Peaks Victoria Kristen Pearce Ryan Keith Perry Victoria Margaret Petrocelli Jonathan Ryan Pfenninger Lewis Carl Plush Lynn Elizabeth Plymale Amy Evelyn Price Kayla Rae Rawls Krysalee Reyes Lindsey Kay Robbins Jacob Roberts Christina Marie Rodriguez Renee Lynn Jun Rose Alyson E. Russell Krystina Santos Caylen Michelle Sarrett Cameron Lee Schieldt Brittany Paige Schneider Matthew C. Sciola Taylor Brooke Sexton Matthew Grey Simpson Carmen A. Singh Yoon Won Sir Janessa Quiana Smith Justin Marshall Smith Meredith Anne Smith Michelle Smith Claudia Daniela Soria-Galvarro Morgan Cathleen Stevens Joshua Scott Stewart Caz Jordan Stone Steven Joseph Sullivan Nina Marie Swigert Jillian Nicole Swyers Kyle Michael TerMarsch Ashley Elizabeth Thomas Karin Marion Thompson Andrew Marshall Tilley Kourtney Dawn Trivett Stephanie Joyce Valentin Jamie Anne Venning Demetrius Andrew Ward Brent Scott Washburn Dylan R. Watson Reed Parker Webb Jeffery Todd White Kimberley Madison White Meagan Kathleen Whitman Nathan Angelo Wilber Jonathan David Williams Bradley Woodworth Andrew Lloyd Woolfolk Kendra Nichole Wright Jessica Nicole Young Lisa Michele Youngerman

STUDIO AND DIGITAL ARTS Benjamin Durham Whitlock

VISUAL COMMUNICATION ARTS Donna Jeanetta Ange Giancarlo Beltrami Kaylin Joy Blakeman Isabel Moore Bodrog Lauren Kelly Bosché Devin Michael Bridgett Andrea Bryant Aric Lee Burkert Laura Kathleen Burt Cheryl Faye Church James Clemonts III Joel Robert Coleman Andrew John Conklin Sean Michael Cooney Kevin B. Cox, Jr. Donald Taylor Douglas Crain Mark Harold Cupp Ian Michael Deibert Matthew Garrett Deike Jacob Scott Diehl Benjamin Sean Domschine Shelby Anne Downer Maria Angelina Eakin Richard Jesse Eaton, Jr. Noah Grayson Edwards Esther Eileen Elmore Juan Benjamin Erazo Pineda Madoline Jean Essex Amy Damaris Fox Ian Tucker Francis Christina Lynn Fuselli Yael Galiley Laura Rebekah Galinato Thomas Joseph Gigliotti Cecilia Gonzales Kristopher Mark Grover Paurav Gupta Jonathan Curt Hammitt Nicholas Jordan Harris Jordan E. Harvey Salem Ann Hicks Lauren Michelle Hill Morgan Michelle Hoffman Jacob Lee Holland Po Hang Hui Cory David Hunter Ryan Anthony Jacques Brooke Elizabeth Jarman Christine Elizabeth Kidd Kyle David Kochanek Rheannon Thay Mack Nathan Matthew Madsen Aaron Mallet-Prevost Luke R. Mathisen Rachel Elizabeth McQuigg Abner R. Melara Lindsey Nicole Merrill Cooper Scott Miller Rebekah Ruth Mlinek Kelsey Blair Morgan Elliot Scott Mosher Lauren Rose Mosset Kayla Marie Munson Jasmine Danielle Myers Kelsey Nicole Naess Shawna Lynn Oberst David Edward Oester Benjamin Thomas Palmatier David Preston Pearce Catherine A. Perseo Samuel Jeffrey Pierce Clarence Antonio Powell Robert Franklin Puffenburger Lauren Nicole Pyles Robert Dawson Reaves Luke Wesley Rieke Benjamin Allen Ritter Jacob Roberts Nathan Benjamin Rohrer Grace Pressley Routh Joy Elizabeth Sanders Mishael Thomas Santos Abigail Joy Sargent Alexander Taylor Sattler Bethany Lynn LeWallen Saunders Lauren Marie Schaeffer

Katlyn Rose Sheppard David Grayson Shinkle Jacob Lawrence Siner Taylor Nichole Snead Lauren Paige Stell Kyla Lillian Strenge Andrea Grace Terracciano Kelly McKenzie Teufel Kelsey Renee Thompson Elizabeth Ann Tucker Adam Kendrick Underwood Victoria Marie Mikahala Vazquez Lakendra Victoria Washington Ashleigh Nicole Weniger Cara Michelle Williams Abigail M. Wilson Dennis Joshua Wilson Michelle Christine Winberry Kristen Jen Wirtz Hope Marie Woodson

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Associate of Arts EDUCATION Julie Christine Allen Logan J. Anderson Julie Elisabeth Atkins Katherine Barrow Hanna Lane Barton Priscilla Jennifer Bell Michael Stephen Brooks Amanda Darlene Brown Darnisha Quinette La’Shun Brown Endreah Irene Burnham Crystal Ann Bussey Jennifer Lynn Byrne Jocelyn Wylinda Carter-Calhoun Sarah Harrison Chadwick Janessa Lynn Cheeks Theresa Diane Collie Erin Davanzo Renee Dolton Michelle Donato Sherry Shavonne East Kasey L. Edsall Danielle K. Frank Gwendolyn Doss Garrett Lucia Michelle Gathman Heather Michele Grandstaff Stephanie Gauldin Gray Heather Marie Greene Angelia Griffith Daniel Warren Groves Kate Lynne Groves Morgan Claire Lee Haas Dorothy Ann Hall Jamie-lynne Hertzog Heather Beth Hodnett Lindsey Taylor Humphrey Chrissy Michelle Ingram Angela Catherine Knight Angela Lewis Ericka J. Limspears Joanne Locke Rautio Brenda K. Lyles Tiffany Mahan Ashley Marie Maines Jinon McCormick Leanne Monto Misty Marquise Morgan Casey J. Peters Lovely Jean Pope Kimberly Jayne Rauscher Erica L. Rearich Brinda Alston Robinson Crusita Rodriguez Katie Brooke Singleton Dana Stevenson Maureen Stonehocker Tracy N. Valdes Rochelle Lynne Wassom Rita Ann Perez Welton Stephanie Dianne Whitney Dianne McIntyre Williams Shanta Wilson Phyllis A. Witt

Bachelor of Science EDUCATION Teresa Jo Aagaard Leah M. Adams Tara Brooke Airhart

Lottie Womack Akers Heather Rochelle Allen Rosalind C. Allen Edrica Nayeutha Alsobrook Roxana Nunez Ambrosini Kristin L. Atwell LaDonna Ausby Catherine Anne Austefjord Jesse Ray Aycock Alexander Matthew Azevedo Eric Jason Bajorek Naomi Leigh Baldiga Christina Barley Fiorella Antonella Barnes Brandi Lewis Barrow Kimberly Dodson Bartley Shannon Lynne Basham Ramon Antonio Batista Samantha S. Baugher Dusti Lynn Bennett Mitchell A. Bentley Janice Susan Berkland Marie Joyce Centeno Bishop Rebecca Jo Blodgett Marcene Kendall Bolick Ashlee N. Boone-Haynes Shawn Michael Bowe Adrienne L. Bowling Jenelle Rae Boyd James Lamont Brackett Zachary Michael Brady Erica Lynn Brandt Danisha L. Braxton Cheryl Denise Brewer Amber Longgrear Brown Brittany Elizabeth Brown Jennifer Moseley Brown Joshua Alan Brown Teri Ledford Brown James A. Brown III Brenda Shepherd Bryant Kendra Brooke Burch Jennifer Lynn Burgess Antoinetta Watkins Burnett Suzanne Kathryn Burns LaShone Denise Butler Brandi Shannon Butler-Natale Rodney T. Byrd Tanya Michelle Caiafa Kyle B. Carmikle Summer Renae Carpenter Grant Phillip Chalmers, Jr. Lynn Ellen Chandler Melanie Anne Chavez Lisa Chedalal Christina Lynn Clark Tiaon D. Clark Astrid Claypoole Karolina Clevenger Christie Marie Coleman Jennifer Cooke Ree Lynn Coombs Brittany Sadé Council Michelle Couvillion Darnell Lamont Covil Evelyn Marie Covington Nicole Marie Cox Winter Bostic Crance Tonya Wyanette Crittenden Cluck Brittany R. Crowe Loralie Kay Culley Jessica Marston Curling Tami Jo Dahm Christinia Delphia Denise David Carol K. Davis Edna Rochelle DeJesus Chelsea Elisabeth DeVoe Michelle Andrea DiCianni Sarah Elizabeth Dinelli Elisha Marie DiPaolo Dinnaray Lynn Disse Te’Arra Dache’ Donner Lynn Dray Yolanda D. Drennon Amanda Marie Dull Chrislyn Nicole Durham Laura Ward Easter Addam Michael Edwards Cicely P. Edwards Jessica D. Edwards Robin D. Elam Mary Hope Elington

Cynthia Walters Elkins Heather Nicole Elliott Alyson Clara Ellis Tina Ann English David Newton Ethridge Christina Rene Fenner Theresa Regal Fiege Ashley Nicole Finney Joshua Daniel Foreman Elisha L. Foster Benjamin Joel Fox Jeff M. Gallagher Michelle Nicole Garber Carolyn Jeanette Garcia Nichole Danielle Garhart Gwen Doss Garrett Tyisha Gaskin Jason Claude Giambrone Fauna Suzann Gidzinski Deanne F. Gigante Crystal Ruby Givens Tynette Nicole Goff Tracy Blankenship Goode Krystn Ann Goulet Jon Gowin Heather Marie Greene Connie L. Griffin Michelle Lyn Grover Lacey Groves Laura E. Guardia Deborah Jean Gunter Morgan Claire Lee Haas Joshua Wayne Hadden Vanna Tranicé Hairston Mistie S. Hale Amilia Blair Hall Jeramiah Daniel Hamilton Temekia Inez Harris Whitney Erin Harris-DuBois Sandy Harter Allison Nicole Hartzler Sherry Lea Harvath Amy Hebert Jayda Artease Henry Tandylyn Rochelle Hester Stephanie Dianne Hicks Vicki Lynn Hill Denise Marie Hiott Michele Cothern Hockema Rachel Hoffman Lenna M. Hokanson Jill Gentry Holder Jennifer L. Horne Christina Louise Hubbard Heather Nicole Cason Huff Jennifer J. Hunt Erin Darby Hurst Angela M. Hypes Asma Riad Innab Angenette Denise Jackson Michell A. Jackson Lamar Jackson, Jr. Mallorie Jenkins Amanda Nichole Jernigan Edwin Gladden Johnson Kenay Rashawn Johnson Paula Lynn Johnson Theresa Johnson Bradley Temple Johnson II Sharlunda Renee Johnson-Holmes Brittani Nicole Jones June Marie Jones Lauren Michelle Jones Camden Michelle Jordan Ellisa Michelle Josephs Tracy Ann Joyner Mindy Marquette June-Houston Kathryn Louise Kail Silva Ray Kee Matthew Bryan Keller Jamila L. Kidd John Thomas King Nadia Kottler Adrienne Benson Lambert Charity Joy Lambeth Erica Leak Land Natasha D. Lass Samantha Lyn Lauterbach Walter Franklin Layton, Jr. Angel Cassandra Lee Andrew Michael Legg Rhonda Rena Lester

Lisa Page Lewis Jeanette Christine Little Shannon Lee Lloyd Janet Katherine Locker Elsie Long Crystal Dawn Lowe Rachel Ann Lowe Katie Suzanne Knox Lowery Johann Galbraith Lue William Mandel Andrew Kermit Marsh, Jr. Lora D. Marshall Kristen Mazy Fullmer Florence L. McClure Pamela Gayle McDaniel Vivien G. McMahan Amy Elizabeth McNees Stacy Meade Candace Leah Merix Shelly A. Middlebrook Denise Rebekah Miller Susanna Miller Jonathan D. Mills Jeremiah Scott Minor Christian Patrick Mirus Jackie Lee Mobley Le’Anne Monto Kindra Danielle Moore Tanya Lenae Nazario Holly Diane Nelson Pat Tan Nguyen Karon Lynette Nichols Ashley Anne Nolette Kelli Jay O’Toole Jeffrey Anthony Offutt Betzaida Ortiz Kemberly Dawn Padgett Richard Eugene Palmer, Jr. Teri Joy Pardue Teresa C. Paul Lindsay Rosalind Peek Christine Marie Pelletier Deborah Lee Penor Nelida Perez Autumn J. Perry Candace Ruby Perry Ella M. Peterson Brityni Delorin Pettigrew Lindy Renee Phillips Todd Thomas Pittinger, Jr. Sandra Elaine Poore Emily C. Prater Derek John Prescott Terri Lee Provencher Esther Marie Puckett Jessica P. Rafoss Keri Spangler Gunn Rahi Marcia Miles Ramsey Ovel Marie Rankin Kristyn Nicole Rau Carla Marie Raudebaugh Mary Dawn Raught Amber Diane Rawson David Dewayne Redwine Matthew Daniel Reisinger Julie Dyan Rex Mary Elizabeth Lewis Richardson Brinda Alston Robinson Marilyn Ann Rose Jessica Rothe Kimberly Reneé Bailey Royer Kezia Grace Rumley Ryan Aull Russell Sheryl K. Rutledge Lauren Elizabeth Satterwhite Tammy Lorraine Saxton Chastin Marie Schmeichel Karl Wilhelm Schmitke Tina R. Schuj Kathy Harris Scott Tauna Scott Johnny M. Seay III Julie Kay Sellers Renee Lynette Settles Courtney Jean Sheetenhelm Sarah Maellen Sieg Fayth Ryann Silveus Jeremy Simmons Cope Andrea Dawn Skaggs Ashlie Lena Ann Skaurud John Steven Slay Kara Elise Smith G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Bethany Marie Snyder Anisha N. Solomon Erika Topping Speight Jason Michael Spencer Danielle Maureen Springall Jodi Elizabeth Stagner Suzanne Elizabeth Stahlman Shazz Jontue Steele Christina N. Stephens Dedra Harrison Stephens Danielle Reneé Stewart Matthew Mark Stiles Rosemarie Caecilie Stone Deana Jon Stonecipher-Smith Tracy Ann Stratton Kara Nicole Stroud Jennifer Jean Suche Stacey-Ann Kerlene Tackoorsingh Melanie Moore Taylor Lisa Lee Thompson Gail Parent Tinsley Stephanie Rebecca Tokarick Lindsey Gayle Tolley James Edward Trent Tricia Holmquist Tucker Lindsay Gayle Cart Turner Loretta Anarita Tyler Katherine Nicole Ullery Jonathan Venable Heidi Victorino Tammy Sue Vierra Sheri Kay Vinson Brandi Leigh Wagner Jennifer Elizabeth Walker Monica Linnette Walker Nakeisha Diatra Walker Andrea Michelle Wallace Mandy Rose Washington Allison Chadwick Waters Brittany Michelle Weathington D’Ann Renee Webb Michael A. Wehn Bellicia Michelle West Wyngwenette Weston Aston Kentrail Williams Robin Lyn Williams Shabaka Abdiel Williams Stevey Lovell Williams Kaja DuBose Williamson Linda Crowder Willis Joshua H. Wilson Renée Michelle Wood Fransisca Mellissa Woods Jennifer Woodson Jordan Michelle King Wooldridge Julie Williams Wray Bettye Wright Towanda Young-Wilkins Sara Ann Zebolsky

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Krista Baldwin Albright Chelsea Lynn Amert Adrian Winterson Auten Shanté Mason Beeson Katelyn Alicia Bell Brittany Faith Benkovics Alyson Danae Birkl Marilyn Marie Black Gary Salvatore Bonaccorso Kelsey Elizabeth Bovitz Terran Elizabeth Bowling Melbrace Boykins Jacqueline Elizabeth Bradley Laurel Kate Bradley Lauren Michelle Bradley Stephanie J. Bryant Amanda Ruth Buck Jessica Marie Butler Richard John Butler Hillary Ryan Cabe LeRhonda Janell Carranza Amber Michelle Clarke Lindsay Maria Clemo Blair Nicole Cofflin Charlene Ann Conrad Morgan Elizabeth Crockett Kellie Michelle Cruickshank Julia Carol Cummings Audrey Darlene Dalton Caitlyn Marie Danko

Erin Laurel DeCourcy Jamie Lynn DeEugenio Stephanie Brooke Dicesare Richard John DiMauro Emily Claire Dinsmore Laura Lynn Doss Megan Leigh Drake Breanne Blair Duffy Julie Barbara Eckels Stephanie Michelle Edwards Kathryn Elmer Amelia Rose Essig Sarah Ann Evans LaWanda Renae Findley Sarah Emily Galer Megan Alice Gee Brooke Caitlin Gillis Tiffany Shaneé Gordon Brittany Gerrell Gray Fille Marie Guillaume Victoria Leigh Halvorson Kimberly Jane Harlan Sarah Elizabeth Harper Jessica Louise Harris Bethany Jo Hershberger Amber Lynne Higby Jessica Horton Amanda Lynn Hubbard Hillary Danielle Humphries Ryan Michael Hyland Carla Renee Jenkins Cody James Jensen Ashley Faye Johnson Shelly Sommers Katto Hannah Marie Kelly Amanda Dawn King Ruby Jane King Jin Seong Lee Stacey Irene Leitch Ashley Liddell Alyson Rhea Little Rex Allen Lloyd Melissa Lowell Alyssa Corinne Mackey Taylor S. Maynard Corey Bruce McCarrick Laura Rebecca McCormick Amber Rose Middleton Hannah Elizabeth Mierley Tayler Michelle Milton Kristen M. Miner Julia Danielle Mockabee Sydney Stitzer Muller Megan Elizabeth Neff Kimberly Sage Nentwich Kathryn Elizabeth Newhall Kathryn Lynn Ott Barbara Leigh Ottino Demeca Michelle Parker Elise Ann Peer Stephanie Marie Pruett Noah Jared Radtke Rachel Valerie Ratner Jourdan Taylor Redden Jordan Ashley Reid Dorothy Rhoads Kendle Ann Rollins Elizabeth Anna Ruba Madison B. Short Abigail Marie Shover Jenny Rhea Sisemore Oldham Jessica Linnell Smith Kara Sneed Ashleigh Elizabeth Stearns Johannah Marie Strohman Juli Ann Sullivan Jordan Cole Swineford Eric Charles Tibbs Jaclyn Lee Trout Jarrid C. Vernoy Susanna Warren Rachel Lee Wigfield Erica Lawren Wilson Rhyan Wi-yan Wong Lisa Marie Yanov Alexandra Lynn Yurkowski

SPECIAL EDUCATION Imesia L’acole Aimable Sara Renita Allen Kacie Janae Bass Raymond La’Shawn Bass Chelsea Nicole Bauerle

Carissa Marie Bennett Chelsea Lee Bentson Megan Marie Braam Kristen Brittany Call Nicholas Cantatore III Catherine Grace Cashen Jessica Ruth Chapman Emily Jo Charles Mackenzie Leigh Cole Nicole L. Connell Dallas Suzanne Dalton Ruth Joy Davis-Leonard Anastasia L. Demetros Mary Kathleen Dietrich Pete Windsor Drey Taylor Nicole Duff Kayla Gabrielle East Ashley Alyse Finch Beverly Jean Fleming Tammie Thomason Garmon Nicole Danielle Gray Molly J. Haskin Elizabeth Anne Hawksford Denise Reynolds Haymore Jodi Marie Heidorn Leah Alexandra Holloman Katlyn Grace Hopple Brooke Elise Hutton Dustin Blake Jones Deanna Marie Langevin Kristin Sonya Lock Elizabeth Erin Lyon Ashley Maines Angela Suzanne McAllester Jessica Ann Meisinger Bianca Mercedes Morales Kelly Ann Ogden Grace Marie Pallaria Richard Donald Perkins Jessica Nicole Rankin Susan Katherine Rhodes Renee Ella Ringel Amber Rebekah Rogers Caroline Paige Schaefer Ashley Nichole Shifflett Hannah Drew Stegall Rebekah Lynn Symons Courtney Renee Taylor Bethany Grace Thigpen Jennae Finnette Tuzzolo Kaylee Vargo Heather Nicole Ware Heather Marie West Jason Luke Wilkinson Jessica Rebecca Wingfield Randi Lyndsey Wood Melanie J. Yoder

SPORT MANAGEMENT John Christopher Aertker Thomas Vernon Allen Sorie Ahmed Bayoh Uriah David Bentick Brent Christopher Boschman Devon Lynette Brown Joshua Julian Burchfield Alisha Louise Clark William Holden Coghill Cory Collea Michael David Cone Clayton Glenn Copeland Jordan Justin Copeland Britannie Lea Cure Kevin Bradley Darden Ian Michael Davis Korrey L. Davis Elliott James Dutra Stephen Patrick Eckelbarger II Eric Alan Fath Zachary Robert Fiori Kenneth Paul Genaway Joshua Joel Green Matthew McDermott Hagen Donald Timothy Hamlette Jesse Lee Hathaway Justin Lewis Hayden Adam David Hayes Eric D. Hegreness Brian Scott Hicks Christopher Ryan Hiner Sirchauncey Jerome Holloway Joshua David Honeycutt Cory Russell Howarth

Levi Allen Howe Jessica Mishae Incorminias Amanda Claire Irvin Kirk A. Jewell Aaron Ware Johnson Kenneth C. Judkins II Matthew R. Klein Donovan Blaine Lam Rena Suzanne Leone Terika Renee Lunsford Mark Daniel Manley Matthew Thomas Manson Garfield John McCubbin III Andrew Sherman McFadden Audra Joy Menez Andrell Morrison Nkosana Junior Moyo Hope Elisabeth Napier Candice Sue Parsons Colin Patrick Robbie Derick Robinson David Cleveland Rocco Daniel Alejandro Rodriguez Kenneth Anderson Rowley Elijah Davis Saint Blancard Samuel Wayne Seaborn Sheldon Dwight Sellman, Jr. Matthew Seth Shearin Morgan Noelle Skillman Dallas Christopher Slater Douglas Leon Smith James Michael Stedjan Aubrey James Thomas Jennifer Michelle Thomas Shih-Shuan Steven Tuan Bethany Ruth Wakeley Lucas Walker Harold Lawrence Walker, Jr. Lucas Charles Warren Kyle Lewis Watson Jacob Wilson

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES Bachelor of Science COMPUTER SCIENCE Thomas L. Bump II David M. Burton Ryan Marshall Heathcote Ho Peter Troy Holidaya Andrew Lake Kevin Michael Lavender Jonathan H. Lowery Benjamin Frederick Manns Michael Francis Pascoe David Harold Sherret Jared Scott Wilson

ENGINEERING Danial Al Naimat Tenille Catrina Brathwaite Daniel Creighton Bruce Ryan Keith Clarke Ana Rita Domingues James Thomas Foit Drew Marshall Jackson Leonord Joseph Ye-Eun Jung Luke Varner Ligon Joshua Mark Masonheimer Christopher Edward McCormick Benjamin Andrew Mikkelson Derek Ryan Miller Joshua Neil Peterson Cesar Robinson James Carlyle Rogers Jonathan Howell Ruck Taylor Scott Rymer Eric Reginald Tanner, Jr. Timothy Norton Vernon

INFORMATION SYSTEMS Addison Andrew Eshleman Erin Ashley Gosliga Sabina Hojakuliyeva Lawrence Andrew Malchuk Gracesella Chantey Pinder Oliver Andy Wei


HELMS SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT Associate of Arts CRIMINAL JUSTICE Chad Michael Atchison Jonathan L. Baker Justin Lee Bedell Dawn Marie Bisson Angela Pope Bowers John M. Brantly, Jr. Kara Jan Bremer Chandell Butler Ryan J. Butts Charles Edward Carnes Angela Marie Davis Courtney Huff Delaney Angela Diefenderfer Schenita Kennette Dillard Jerry Joseph Duke Haley Noelle Duncan Chakeista Malendez Ellis Kevin Andrew Garrison Jonathan Alexander George Jacqueline Green Adam Wesley Gruener Sheila Renee Hall Jennifer Hernandez John Robert Holt Jerry Horvath Bradley Hoyt Christopher Eugene Jones Diana Marie Kral Daniel Leonard Craig Michael Meltzer Truman Ross Moore, Jr. Scott Joseph Morongell Raven Nicole Mosley Natashdra Anntoya Mouton Dustan Matthew Murphy Katrina Thompson Newsome Elin Patterson Charmaine Perez David Richard Powers, Jr. Federico Rascon Leviticus C. Ryan Kaleah Marie Smith Sherri Vania Spruel Gregory Brian Stevens Valarie Alisha Swaringer Melinda Felice Talley Joe D. Vandertulip Heather Anne VanHouten Abraham Wallie Melissa Mae Waters Robert Karl Williamson Elizabeth Friend Wilson Robert Lewis Wright Gina Christine Young

GOVERNMENT Stephanie Michelle Fisher Jonathan D. Kinker

Bachelor of Arts GOVERNMENT Andre Craig, Jr. Tucker R. Schroth

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Jacob Remi Acres Olubunmi Adekemi Atewologun David Ernesto Carrera John Robert Carter Anna Vladimirovna Chekashkina Kelsey Lee Czajkowski Alyson Claire Daum Isaac David Goodin Andrew Grabau Patrick Andrew Gragan Todd Joseph Hollenbach Hayung Kim Robert Taylor Kirk James Matthew Martin Kyla Miliano Christiana Joy Moos Morgan Lee Anne Murray Prescilia Elielie Ornelia Ndjana Andrew Roland Neber Lukas Newman Gabriel Owen Nieman Whitney Ruth Noyes Katherine M. Okello

Chelsea Christina Patterson Caroline Valerie Marie-Francoise Perricaudet Bethany Grace Pico Joshua Tyler Puccio Kirsten Patricia Riley Katelin Alissa Robinson Arielle P. Ross Rachel Rose Russo Jared Randolph Scott Nathan Dwight Shelby Matthew Aaron Stvan Andrew Michael Trimble Lauren L. Umstead Micah Thomas Uveges Han Sam Yim

Bachelor of Science CRIMINAL JUSTICE Jeremy Adams Christopher J. Adkins Danny J. Agan, Jr. Amanda Lynn Aguirre Caryl Anne Allen Elise Ann Marie Allen Mark Anderson Mike D. Apilado Jacob Arisman Jesse Lawson Armstrong Daniel Scott Ashwood Shari Lynn Ater Richard Thomas Atkins Chad Aaron Avery Joshua Stewart Avery William Robert Balderson Jeremy Marc Bangs Lauren Nicole Barnes Steven Vincent Barock Derric Bartholomew Kevy Dillon Bass Chad Nathan Bates BreeAnna Batrouny-George Stacy Beaver Harold Lee Bees Joni Denise Belfield Alexa Rae Bell Heather Jordan Bernhardt Bobbie Hill Bethea Kevin Randall Bickford Robert J. Billings Jason Allen Black Kenneth Wayne Blevins, Jr. Matthew William Brady Matthew Brandt Timothy Robert Brandt Justin H. Brazell Alexander Mandel Brewer Joshua Bentley Brewer Christina Ebony Brown Garth Stephen Brown Shani Brown Benjamin Nathaniel Browne Amber Nicole Bryan Christina Rosalie Bryan Benjamin A. Bryner Donna K. Burcham Daniel Ryan Burrows Antwan KeRon Burrus Erica Renee Burton Jean A. Campanella Roger Shane Campbell Rodney Jerome Campbell, Jr. Christopher Michael Cannon Belinda Lee Carpenter Nicholas Fabian Carroll James Brian Casto Matthew A. Cerrato Gabriel White Chadwick Jonathon Daniel Chilcott Lydia Marsha Chiles Brittny J. Cimino Jerry Winslow Clark, Jr. Reginald Dwayne Coffey II Dustin Schain Colson Timothy Wayne Compton Joshua Michael Cook Christopher Scott Coombs Jason Howard Copenhaver Jarad Scott Corbett Walter Andrew Corbett Andrew Javier Couto Stacy Dawn Cox

Steven Ned Creasey Angela Renee Crunk Zachary Cundiff Cassandra Anquinette Dark Marcus R. Davee Aaron Mark Davis Mark Edward Davis Mark Warren Davis Candace Elizabeth Respicio de Guzman Jeffrey Haden Deibler Daniel Kenneth Desmond Bryan Lee DeYoung Prurince Travaris Dice Crystal Dicken Mary Paula Dodoo Andrew E. Dolan Phillip Bernard Dougherty Adriana Duran Christopher Gene Dyal Benjamin Andrew Easterly Latosha Lynn Echelberry Naheem Benjamin Edwards Brandon Lee Elswick Christopher Brian Entsminger Jonathan David Eubank Anthony J. Evans Zachary David Evans David James Fantin Derek Jason Farman Melvin L. Farmer, Jr. Seth Daniel Feathers Fedelin Fenelus Danny Joe Fisher II David Andrew Flagg Melvin Thomas Fletcher Gerli Antonio Flores Tanya Ivette Flores Jennifer Lynn Floyd Thomas George Fox Richard Lewis Frazer Beth-Anee Fretz Tareh Jo Fultz Ashley Renae Gallant Neil D. Gardner Robert Walter Gartner Roza Gebremariam-Baraki John Ryan Gibbons Abbey Nicole Gilbert Stacey Marie Gordon Kyle Christopher Gorey Melissa Joy Gorman Amanda Rae Gough Joseph M. Graham Craig Green Jerome Lynn Green, Sr. Joey Michael Griffin Melissa Gayle Grim Christiana J. Guinard Kenton Jacob Guiseppe Zachary William Haley Jamie Denetia Hall Steven John Hammar Daniel Hardison Lauren Michelle Harmony Dennis Charles Harris Melissa Marie Hartwig Adrian Deshawn Hatcher Hunter Nathaniel Hatter Shemia Hayden Tina Kaye Hearne Billy Edward Hefner III Cory David Held Shannon M. Heller Kenneth Scott Henderson Timothy Raymond Hepburn Pablo A. Hernandez, Sr. Kneni Daché Herron Brian Russell Hicks Bethany Yvonne Hill Ronald Lee Hill Andrew L. Holland Ashley Nicole Hollon Mary LeAnn Hornbeck John David House Jupiter Sinan Howard Zachary Evan Howell Melinda Anne Hughbanks Gates Richard Lee Hughes Heather Marie Hull Robert G. Hutchins John Thomas Hyland

Immanuel D. Ikeakanam Andrew Anthony Isaacs David Scott Isbell Cynthia M. Jackson-Wyche Angela James-Flemister Nicholas Scott Javins Audrey Anne Jensen Brad Termaine Jeter Ashley Oetta Johnson Joanna M. Johnson Landon Kyle Johnson Jesse Alexander Jones Hannah Rebekah Jordan Gary Duane Joyce Al Kearney Zachary Kendrick Ashlyn-Elise Keikilani Kessler Jonathan A. Kia Sue Ellen King Jonathan D. Kinker William Joseph Kirby Robert Taylor Kirk Denise Kizzie-Arrington Joshua Klakring Robert Kasey Kniffin Joshua Talmadge Kohlrieser Lauren Ann Kroll Tammy Jean Kruger Mark Arthur Laramie Aubrey Leigh Lattimer John Jeffrey Law Christopher Michael Layton Joseph Proctor Leech Brian Kris Leonhardt Sky Steven Lesh Myra Shiree Lewis Rochelle Nadean Lewis Lucas Oliver Libby Andrew Robert Lightner Melissa Ann Litchford Lisa Daniel Logan Eric Graham Long Kevin Nathan Long Walter Loucks Steven Bryant Lowery Guy Lowry Jean Wilbert Luma Aaron Wesely Lundy Cynthia Catron Malsom Anthony David Maness Katelyn Nicole Mann Henry Daniel Manriquez Ellyse Renae Marchand Donna Schwab Marshall Ethan Marsico Jeniffer Marie Marti Michael George Anthony May Brian Moore Mayfield Jarrod Robinson McCarthy Michael James McLamb Nathaniel Gregory McMurray Stephanie Marie Mead Yamila Allison Medina Ruth Melendez Matthew Mendez Armond Paul Merillat Joseph C. Mertens Christopher Paul Mize Kit Allen Moles Katherine Marie Moore Steven Ray Moore Demetrius Jennifer Morrison Tina Linsey Terry Eugene Myers, Jr. Brock William Nardozzi Ndinga Muindi Ndinga Kris Ford Nelson Kristin Elizabeth Nelson Thomas Christopher Nelson Crystal L. Newkirk Qadriyyah Kamisha NuMan Nathan Ray O’Donnell Alan O’Neil Scott J. Oak Connie Jean Oberman Kyle James Parliament John Michael Parrish Jeremy Scott Parthemore Teresa Anne Pate Chantal Patino Jason Michael Patty Joshua Stephen Payne

Tyler James Payne Clarence Peace, Jr. Gabriel Charles Percival Stephen Perry Stephen R. Phillips Zachary D. Phillips Melissa Pipkin Marshall Matthew Piskorik Ethan Poppell Luis Enrique Potes Steven Michael Pratt Jason Kyle Price Richard Joseph Proctor Christopher Michael Quinn Allison Niccole Quinones Ariel D. Rada Brian Adam Ramsey Federico Rascon Benjamin Rathsam Bryeanne Lynne Ravettine Cory Kenan Ray Seth Colby Reed Kristan Reith Cory Demone Reynolds Eric Benjamin Reynolds Trey Michael Richardson Jonathan David Richey Patrice Celeste Roberts Travis McCoy Robinson Travis Duncan Rogers Angela Sharee Rooks Andrew Charles Rose Justin Wayne Rose Jamice Dillard Rudd Ariel A. Ruffin Kevin C. Ruhnau Robert Raymond Rusnak Jessie Lee Russell Allen Robert Russell, Jr. Vera Lynn Sadler Brian Neal Sammis Courtney Majors Sartelle Shané Eunique Scott Andrew Joshua Serrato Kenneth Edward Shackelford Robert Andrew Sharp Shane Philip Sheets Hayley Marietta Sherman Travis Joseph Shirkman Shannon Anderson Shorter Bethany Alberta Silvey Jason Michael Sloan Brandon Darrell Slone Erica Rochell Smith Timothy Allen Smith Tavares Antwon Speaks Danzell Shermain Spencer Katie Susanna Spriggs Sherri V. Spruel William Chip Squires Andrew DeVane Stallings Dalton Stalter III Lisa Lynn Stanley Michael Edward Staples Laird Jonathan Michael Steel Kevin James Steele Elexis Danielle Stephenson Monica Siomara Stephenson Elizabeth Anne Stewart Sharon Ann Stringer Brent Matthew Studer Carolyn C. Swanson Erik Swartzwelder Crystal Tarvin Ethan Bryce Taylor Travis Lee Taylor Josiah Anthony Theobald Rendell Dion Thomas Sharon Rose Thomas Bryce Kenneth Richard Thompson Kolena Marie Tolentino Nicholas Christopher Torres Jennifer Lee Townsend Brian Anthony Toyloy Jeremy Andrew Trost Alicia P. Tuck Blaine A. Tyson Paula Jane Uhas Darrick Carl Unterwagner Jocelyn Joy Van Den Bos Joseph Harold Van Voorhis Robert G. Vandagriff, Jr.

Mary E. Vega Dwight Wagaman Seth Shelby Waggoner Melissa Russell Wagner LeeAnn Shelton Walker Jennifer Lynn Walljasper Timothy Walraven Cassandra Marie Walters Lindsey Marie Ward Pshone Deshannon Ward Sara Ellen Warren Delmar Junior Wash Andre Azzeon Washington Jonathan Watters Ellen Wheeler Watts Victoria Bernice Weaver, Jr. Thomas Lee Webb, Jr. Joshua Wayne Webster Jason Andrew Welch Antonette Latrece White Rachel Lorraine Wilke Kara Wilson Mark David Wilson Jesse W. Wilson III Traci Elizabeth Winters Bethany Therese Witte William F. Woolston Kathryn Alexis Youngblood Brianna D. Zotto

GOVERNMENT Roland Al Achtau Rebekah Jayne Alford Caleb Ryan Allison Breanna Michelle Anderson Chad Michael Atchison Scott J. Blakeman Sean Brandon Boden Joseph Chase Bond Maria Elaine Brady Mark Busse Andrew Mark Butler Hui Tang Ching Amy Elizabeth Clemenson Stephen Joseph Crampton Jasmine Kierra Dawkins Candice Meghan DiLavore Jasmine Danielle Dunn Caleb Brent Elliott Kaitlyn Elizabeth Evans Caroline Badal Gallagher Gina Marie Genovese Tilden Brent Gladding Seth Harrison Hall Kristin Blair Handy Gabriel Lee Homer Cassandra Gayle Houk Marcus Hurlbert Caleb Aaron Ivill Amber Gail Johnson Andrew Thomas Landrum Safari Helena Little Sean Timothy Maguire Lydia Patricia Magyar Eduardo Marquez Olivia Ayana Martin Sirena McDowell Christopher Thomas Moore Tahirah A. Moore Donna Marie Moss Bryant James Nardozzi Mark Steven Osborne II Adam Douglas Perry Kevin Christopher Reddington Brent C. Robertson Vanessa Annelise Romas Christina Anne Ruiz Paul S. Sapperstein William King Scott Rachael Bethany Shane Tomas Algirdas Siaulys Terrence Marvell Sloan, Jr. Grayson James Smith Kishea Kimmoly Smith Savanah Nickole Snyder Kendra Nicole Stark David Michael Stenberg Zachary Steven Stirparo Meagan Michelle Stroud Thomas A. Toth III Micah White



SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES Associate of Arts PSYCHOLOGY Kaitlyn Churchman Abadia Carol A. Andrews Mark K. Armstrong John Howell Ashley Eddie Lydell Avery Vershelle R. Baldwin James Robert Banton Jaime Lynn Barney Daniela Barroso Chelsi Rae Bates Turrender Meshell Bates Delores Beamon Sarah J. R. Belanger Molly Bennett Carolyn Faye Bentley Eric Dean Bivens Bridgette D. Black Dala L. Boyd Benita Bradley Stacy Louise Brand Ann Brown Brittany Christine Brown Sarah Joy Buisch Cynthia Pruitt Bumpus Scott E. Burnell Marcella Marie Burns Christy Lynn Byrd Sarah Anne Casamassa Angela Marie Caufield Stephanie Cristtina Cerna Shane Adrain Christian Brandy Alice Clark Tonia Christine Clemens Rebecca Dawn Clune-Davis Theresa Diane Collie Deborah Scott Crutcher Ebony Mechelle Davis Jennifer Michelle Dawson Marlene Brown Dixon Rachel Claiborne Dodson Kelvin Dunston Sabrina Latrice English Connie Evans Ruben M. Fister Angel Lowery Ford Betty Elizabeth Frierson Kristen R. Fritsche Gail Audrey Fugle Tonya Charmaine Fulgham Michelle Glover-Scott Tonya Elizabeth Goff Lorraine Michelle Goodridge Kimberly K. Green Moriah Haefner Stephanie Renee Hager Irma Hall Gambrell Wendy Smith Harden Vanessa Harmon Shawna Renea Hart Jonathan Brian Hartzell Amy Lynn Hauch Melonie Heard Patricia Denise Henderson Jennifer Renee Hickey Betty A. Holley Joellie M. Irwin Carmen Jackson Lytasha Antionette James Michelle Campbell Jeffcoat Jennifer M. Johnson Keidrea Janon Johnson Tamika Lynn Johnson Keith Jordan Cheryl Lyn Jorgensen Leigh Ann Elizabeth Karetas Ryan Daniel Kilgore Nicomi A. Kloempken Mary Maxine Kooiker Jeralynn P. Kozak Trevor Alan Kroemer Lori Ann Lahr Janelle LaMontagne-Park Meagan Lantz Lauren J. Lechowicz Carolyn Kay Letellier


Carolyn Diane Lewis Melissa Ann Litchford Catherine Marina Lowrie Amanda R. Luciani Patricia M. Lyles April F. Manley Debra Ann Marshall-Batiste Kevin S. Matlock Osiris Le’jon McClough Patricia Ann McCutcheon Rami Temporalis Meyer Pandora E. Mikell Jessica Nicole Miller Lori Stacy Miller Denise Milton-Runnels Sherrie Minor Maritza Molis Janet Lea Morgan Ashiqah Shereen Mumin Christopher J. Neely Sarah Frances Nehme Glenda Kay Nicholson Nicole Isabell Palacios Larry Parks Tasha Gail Parrish Leah Jane Dagante Paruch Tekla Passi Christina Lynn Pepper Lisa Campbell Perkins Tameeka C. Phills Patricia A. Pierce Serita Marcina Polinaire Kyle Chapman Prichard Sarah Elizabeth Pugh Alexandra Marie Raber Phyllistine Bellamy Rahman Amanda S. Reed Amanda Christine Reuter Melissa E. Robbins Yolanda A. Rogers Herbert B. Rouson, Sr. Keisha La Rue Ruff Brandon J. Schak Heather W. Sharp Dashaun Jamal Shelton Emil Evan Simmons LaTonya Griffin Smith Opal Penn Smith Sherri Ann Smith Ashlei Dyane Sobol Kandy Lynn Southworth Cindy A. Spoo Clarice Starks Vicki L. Stevens Anthony Sutton Anthony Marcell Sutton April Christine Taylor James A. Thomas Cynthia Diane Tobar Jodi Todd Rachael Ann Travis Amy Katherine Troyer Rebecca Turner Kerry Anne Vina Jeremy Seth Vrablic Elizabeth M. Wallace Nancy Walters Tracie Melissa Walters Jessica Michelle Ward Nadika A. Warner Brittany Nicole Washington McKinzie Weiss Tonya Wesley Margaret Estella White Theresa Renae White Tina Marie White Richard A. Whitney, Sr. Marcel Clarissa Windley Lisa Ann Wood Melanie Robbin Wood Stacey Ann Wood William Timothy Woodgeard Cherie Louise Zack

Bachelor of Science ATHLETIC TRAINING Shirley P. Alleyne Benjamin Edward Bailey Joshua John Carapezza Lauren Christine Elliott Chadley Joseph Foster Nathan Michael Gagnon Micah Ronee Johnson

Kristopher Mark Hotai Johnston Ryan Michael Knight Tatyana Lopez Mary-Ashtin Michelle Nichols Kyle Andrew Swanson Marcus Keith Woodburn

BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Jerald Wayne Garrett, Jr. Brett Nathaniel Hemric

BIOLOGY Brittany Gabbriel Assanah Gabriel Babinsky Brina Renae Baker Paul Alexander Blake IV Ashleigh Jean Brooks Parker Allen Brown Rachel Lynae Brownell Lawrence A. Brundidge Amber Rae Buck Michael William Canfarotta Amanda Isabel Che Aaron David Clampitt Vanessa Nichole Collins Jason Michael Conrad Ana Lucia Cortez Heather Jane Cox Joshua Aaron Cuoco Melissa Jo de Nijs Karen Suzanne DenDulk Drew Daniel Dickson Priscilla Lynn Duncan Dana Michelle Espenscheid Dunn Dane Macdonald Edwards Jessica Brooke Eubanks Callie Aileen Evans Christina Marie Fantasia Emily Catherine Foster Cody Warren Joseph Fridgen Nicholas David Gerardi George Albert Godsey II Matthew Clayton Grandey Alex David Hamilton Sarah Catheran Hankey Hilary Leann Hawkins Nathan Ryan Hill Andrew Landon Hodges Theresa Anne Houze Latoya May Jackson Amy Lynn Jenness Rebecca Kathleen Jones Zachariah I. Jones Jessie Marie Kane Jeremiah James Keck Shayna Lynee Kendle Hannah Renee Kilpatrick Catherine Elizabeth Kirby Laura Ashley Lawhorn Matthew William Lawrence Christian Thayer Lund Maresa Joanna McDowell Kelly Cady McMullen Mark Hamilton Mellette Stephen Daniel Mull Matthew L. Phillips Kiersten Marie Pikarsky Alexcia Brooks Ramsdell Zachary Robert Rhodenizer Sarah Alice Robinson Joshua Rotruck Jorge Luis Ruiz Samantha Paige Seiler Caleb Martin Smith Sammye Ann Spillar Jillian Kaye Stephens Kieran Ray Strickland Noor Mahmood Taher Anna Davis Towne Matthew H.H. VanTil Mark Steven Walker, Jr. Vaughn Melissa Weeks Daniel Joseph Wisor


EXERCISE SCIENCE AND FITNESS Madison Allgood Cassandra Mariah Bernhart Daniel Stephen Botta Jordan Ashleigh Boyer Rayna Michelle Brandt

Allison Marie Briggs Colton Andrew Brooks William Davis James Brown Matthew Fitzgerald Campbell Kirsten Joy Cihak Stephanie Maria DeCeglie Jonathan David DeLange Craig J. Delucca Morgan Lea Dodson Jonathan James Eaton Edward Lewis Estes John Ryan Ferguson Sadie Fraley Jennifer Michelle Freymond Lance Gregory Howe Samantha Ann Jones Bridgette M. Kelly Anella Irma King Justin Damon Kopanko Aaron Matthew Kronawetter Chang Hyun Kwon Courtney Marie Law Jacob Montgomery Lease Cody Allan Leeworthy Kaleigh Lemire Nancy Letushko Zachary Asa Martin Joshua Estill Mullen Michelle Melissa Munguia Britta Christine Nelson Dana Rae Nichols John Thomas Niggli Rachel K. Ostrom Shelley Lynne Parker Erica Lynn Picking Lindsay Elizabeth Quigg Zachary David Quigg Matthew Richard Roach Mark Saeler Nathanael Eric Schultz Sarah Elizabeth Singer Parker James Spencer Joshua Daniel Steele Jeanne Elizabeth Stillwagon Morgan Alyssa Sumpter Jeffrey A. Thompson Mackenzie Thornton Charles Ryan Umphlette Jacob Samuel Weatherington Melvin Leonard Wimmer III

HEALTH PROMOTION Christine Nicole Anasco Christina Elizabeth Alberino Valencia Lavae Amos Maxwell Asante Brianna Joy Axon Sola Akins Ayegbusi Joshua Milas Brackeen Douglas Mitchell Bream Brittany D. Buckwalter Sally Anne Campbell Kasie Chrystine Chapman Erica Chinboukas Rachael Anne Chronister Sylvia Grace Cleare Clement McClean Ashford Coleman Katie Robin Cubbage Lauren Reese DallaVilla Holly Lyn Daniels Allison Christina Dishman Angelina Dufie Derrick D. Edmond II Connie Renee Edwards Lyndi Michelle Fielitz Rebekah Janette Gibbs April Monique Giles Ashley Nicole Glover Jessica Moriah Graham Kimberly Rose Graves Jason Bennett Heckman Chung Sok Hedrick Stephanie LeeAnn Hinrichs Monica Lynette Hitchens Amanda Nicole Hofmeister Brian Michael Hudson Jennifer Louise Hudson Ashley Miryea Hunt Uzo C. Ikejiofor Marena Lynn Jim Khristina Marie Kanagy Casey Lee Knight

Kelli Lynn Krecker Amber Shaye Kuhn Chelsey Michelle Lacks Jeannette Elaine Larsen Courtney Allison Lee Yuijun Lee Lauren Elaine Lombardi Meseret Merkine Mamo Nicole Rae Manalo Erica Renae Manor Caitlyn Elizabeth McIlhenny Amy Corinn McLaughlin Daniel Gregory Mercer Thomas Whittington Miller Adam Heath Minter Bliselda M. Miranda Nicholas Gabriel Moody Martika Tiana Morgan Rebecca Barrett Moschler Elizabeth Mukutu Nzuki Kaitlyn Olivia Patterson Parmina Chowdhury Payel Lauren Elizabeth Pinkham Erica Lynn Propps Estefania Ramos Nieves Jenessa Marie Sabanos Abigail Jean Seale Lauren See Jessica Simpson Lauren Elizabeth Smith Nicole Michelle Smith YeJi Son Elisabeth Ann Stump Rasheika Megan Swain Amy L. Takano David H. Tapp Magdalene Sunok Thomas Elizabeth Latane Toone Denise Marie Troyer Caroline Tanner Venters Dariska Jerica Edella Walker Samantha Ann Wells Kayla Rose Weston Rachel Laxamana Williams Chelsea Rae Wood Kimberly Danielle Wooldridge Seung In Yang

KINESIOLOGY Andrew Thomas Barbeau Adrian Lee Bradley Benjamin David Brewer Daniel Jacob Bridges Alydia Rose Bryant David Jonathan Cecchini Jarrett Devin Chambers Michael Jonathan Chambers Jason Daniel Ching David Edward Clingenpeel Nathaniel Christopher Cook Ryan Cox Kristin Maria Crowley Kimberly DeAnna Dahl Laura Lynn Del Monte Kayla Whitney Dunevant Ariana Espinoza Aguilar Courtney L. Foy David Scott Fritz David Hunter Goins Rochelle Carolanne Goodman Jordan W. Grow Thomas Russell Hale James Allen Hayes Neal Paul Henderson James Parker Henson Meghan Lynne Holland Victoria Lee Hutto Michael Louis Jacobson Brandon Clay Klacynski Bryant D. Lewellyn Steven Richard Lucia Jordan Stephen Marshall Reginald Matthew McIlwain Christina Dianna Mitchell Timothy Norman Andrew Hyun-Min Park Carly Samantha Peleshok Kathryn Campbell Proffitt Marissa Bowman Puckett Daniel O’Neill Quartuccio Kimberly Nicole Ray Kelsey Elise Reichard Kyle Braden Riggs

Miguel Enrique Rodriguez Bryce William Ryan Kara Michelle Schmidt Molly Elizabeth Sneed Hayley Elizabeth Sutton Sean Anthony Washington Michael Vincent Zumpano


PSYCHOLOGY Krista Elizabeth Acevedo Christopher D. Ackerman Brittany Elaine Adams Linda Lee Adams Teresa M. Adams Vanessa Adams Christopher Lee Adkins Dana Sims Adkins Kwasi Adu-Gyamfi Stephen Louis Aita Heather M. Akridge Sally Lynn Alander Camille Roché Alexander Jannette Essie Alexander Lucretia Diane Alexander Sharon Kay Alexander Deborah Doreen Allen Vanessa Celeste Allen Heather Hlynn Allison Susan Elaine Almaliki Andrea Aracely Amaya Kathy Karen Amick Donna Kay Anacker Audrey Elizabeth Anderson August Anderson Patricia Smith Anderson Elizabeth A. Annunzio Greta J. Ansell Ivana Maria Apicella Courtney Michelle Archer Donna Speeks Armstrong Evelyn Lucille Arp Condalette Artero Emmaline W. Artis Susan Elaine Artzer Joelle Lynn Auble Jaime Aybar Heather Marie Bachman Jane Marie Baddoo Renee Crawford Bailey Whitney Claire Bailey Brook Lynne Baker Derek G. Baker Jesse Abraham Baker Sharon Baker Samantha-Kelly Bala-Ndimal Cheryl Jane Bales Claudia Patricia Ballen-Alaimo Nadiath Eyitayo Baloubi Oyindamola Iretioluwa Bankole Deborah Bonita Banks Lynette Marie Banks Martha Rose Banks Amberly Hope Bannister Jacquilyn Rose Banta Dorothea Barber Stephanie Barber Jonathan David Barnett Deborah Darlene Dixon Barney Sharon Debra Barnhill-Pajaro Karen Herndon Barrett Stuart S. Barrett Benton H. Barron, Jr. Rachel Yvette Bartasavich Celeste K. Battle Berlina Marquis Baudin Stacy L. Baumgardner Coby Celeste Baylor Elizabeth Agravante Bazan Mark Alan Beach Joseph L. Beach, Sr. Rebecca Beal-Cloyd Christena L. Becker Rackell Nicola Beckwith Candice Hays Beland Sarah J. R. Belanger Christy L. Bell Faith Marie Bell Daniel Brian Benedict Heather Ann Bergen Cassandra Elizabeth Berggren

David William Beroset Rebecca Lynn Bertram Tabitha Ann Best Keston Paige Beverley Kenneth Wayne Biernot, Jr. Elizabeth Grace Bigelow Bethany Grace Bingham-Sim Wade Scott Bisaillon Stacy Elaine Bishop Lauren J. Bixler Keith Quinton Bizzle Tangela Renee Black Angela Nicole Blahnik Willene Blair Ashley Nicole Blake Mark Edwin Blake Timothy Allen Blumberg Phyllis Ann Blunkall Sandra Boehr Deborah Theresa Bogan Annette S. Bogard Genevieve Mary Bogusky April L. Bohlman Stefani Renae Bon Tina-Marie Genovese Bonadies John Franklin Bonar Christine F. L. Bostwick Robin Marie Boucher Abigail Joy Bourque Tracy Lee Bowens Jonathan J. Bowerman Zipporrha Vanessa Ann Bowie Rachel Marie Bowman Juanita Renee Bowser Laura Elizabeth Brackett Jacquelyn A. Bradford Viola L. Bradley Amber Rose Bragg Kayla Michelle Bramnick Amanda Doreen Bratcher Kenneth Lee Brazell Wanda Thorpe Breedlove Carol Louise Breiling Peggy Hopkins Briggs Laurinda Michelle Bright Billie Lee Bright II Robert S. Brindle, Jr. Melanie Leigh Arthur Brinson Kristina Irene Broadway Samantha Joyce Brooks G. Kenton Brookshire April Brown Barbara A. Brown Cheryl Brown Christina E. Brown Ian Matthew Brown Jodi Nicole Brown Michelle Lee Brown Simone A. Brown Stephanie Nichole Brown Keri Jane Bruce Christina Virginia Bryant Lana Bryant Jacquelyn L. Buck Chelsie Kay Bunch Jennifer Lynn Burgess Alicia René Burke Nora Naomi Burkhard Brandy Burnham Heather M. Burns Melissa Michelle Burwell Lauren Ashley Bury LaShone Denise Butler Tammy Reneeq Bynum Sara Elizabeth Cain Claudia Andrea Caldwell Curtis D. Caldwell Alan M. Calhoun Randall Paul Callaway Courtney Leigh Campagna Kara Tiffany Cannon Marissa LaSha Canty Mariana Crystal Capano Knox Marcus Capre Alma Vanessa Carlo Jason R. Carman Heather Sue Carnes LaKerria Monique Carouthers Jacquelin Ann Carr Laverne Tucker Carr Charles Matthew Carroll Raquel Nichole Carroll

Deborah M. Carter Kelly Marie Carter KuWana B. Carter Shannon Marie Cash Roxsane Casias Janet Cason Tabitha Lynn Cassidy Tiffany M. Castens Nicole Marie Celestino Jessica Diane Cervantez Bethann Marie Cestrone Gavin Buffington Chadwell Brandy Shenelle Chamberlain Lillian Claire Chandler April Marie Charland Barbara K. Chase Beth Ann Chase Latisha Shorter Chase Drema Ann Cheshire Robert John Chiappardi Kena Kim Childers Daniel Kenneth Chmielewski DaRu Cho Lillian Saerom Choi Elizabeth McClelland Christian Michelle Chumbley Billie Jo Clark Michael Lynn Clark Kathryn Hudson Clarke Rebekah Marie Clemens Krista Lee Clifton Erica Leigh Cofer Eric Cole Rose Marie Colella Dale Ray Colford Katelyn Leigh Collins Melinda Carol Collins Elizabeth A. Colsey Joseph Edward Connors Erica Y. Contreras Sebastian Contreras Calderon Justin Tyler Cook Tana M. Cook Daniel Cooke Hillaire Michele Cooke Mandi L. Cooper Christian Sweeney Copeland Carrie Lynn Coppini Gabrielle Christine Corbin Mariah Cordery LaShawnda Sherrie CormierAdegbile David Matthew Coronado Michael David Cotter Kenyetta Michelle Cottle Jasmina Rae Cotton Casey M. Couch Nicole Lauren Courtney Kathryn Ann Cowles Ebony Keeveá Cox Elijah Charles Craft Ashley Michelle Craig Kathryn Joy Craig Daniel Kyle Cravey Lea Ann Crawford Andrea Melia Crawley Jennifer Sue Crews Sherry Lynn Crews Erin Leigh Crinklaw Daniel Isaac Critser Jennifer Lynn Crockett Courtney Elise Crone I’Esha Richardson Crowder Helen Delores Crudup Jessica H. Crume Maria Elizabeth Cruz Kevin Joseph Culley Bryce D. Cunningham Kevin David Cunningham Rebecca Elizabeth Daigle Sharon E. Dancer Ellis Matthew Daniel Amazing Grace Lois Danso Andrea Lynn Darnall Melrose Adeshola Davies Amelia Danielle Davis Bridgette Charnell Davis Karen Montgomery Davis Lisa Ann Davis Rena Salone Davis Shemika Danielle Davis Shona L. Davis

Taneshia Michelle Davis Hannah Michelle Day Kelly Michelle De CervantesMonteith Ashley Morgan de Mik Robert Dale Deason Deanna Leigh Deaton Michelle Meisel Deavenport Natalie Marie DeLaPorte Rocio N. Delvalle Baudille Kenneth Adrian Deneault Rebecca Irene Dennison Durwin Thomas Denny Danielle Kimberly Lynn DeRoche Adneris Diaz Mikyhla J’nae Dice Jacob Colby Dickens Cynthia Lynn Dickey Mary Blair Dietrick Marti Dill Edwina Jo Dixon Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs Teresa Lynn Domenick Lorrie Harris Domin Natalie Nicole Donnell Timothy James Donnelly Dustin Paul Dooley Jared Todd Dooley David P. Dosser Scharnette Dotson-Wright Stephanie L. Douglas Donna N. Doyle David John Dressler Christine Michelle Drinkard Janice Lynn Driskell Anna Lisa Driver Melanie Cheryl Ann Dryburgh William E. Duesler, Jr. Amy Kathleen Duncan Tammy Lee Dussia Natalya Christina Renee Dyhouse Denise Estelle Easton Christopher Jake Echols Angela Michelle Eckert Ashleigh Christen Edahl Raymond Max Eddy Robin Edlin Jennifer Edmondson-Boyden Janae Nicole Eimer James Richard Eldridge Naomi Ruth Elliott Lauren Michele Ellis David Andrew Emch Natalie Kennedy Emory Linda Renea English Rio Antoinette English Sarah Nicole English Tina Ann English Tasha Christine Eskridge Michael David Ethridge Lindsay Michelle Evans Marissa Kaye Everitt Louis Theodore Fabrizi Truman Wendell Faeh Connie Maylene Fahey Sherry Kaye Faidley Alicia Fairclough Wei Fan Charles J. Fanelli, Jr. Christina Dawn Farries Mary Patricia Faulk Melissa Renee Faulk Heather Marie Favazza Amanda Danielle Fedor Hannah Feinberg Sarah Catherine Fendt Jessica Reneé Ferebee Teyeonia Chauntaye Ferrell Phylicia Fields Daniel Warren Fink Michaela Irene Finn Jacqueline Jo Fleck Holly Anne Fleshman Melinda Joy Florea-Vollan Melissa D. Flores Stephen H. Flournoy Tosha Marie Foley Freeman Ford Carolyn Christine Foreman Kathryn Lyn Fort Ashley Sue Foster Kimberly Foth

Adam J. Foutz Nycole Britney Fox Caleb Joseph Frailey Dena L. Francis Rebecca Overton Frango Baron Latré Franklin Sheila Marie Frantzen Tiffany Nicole Frazer Jamel D. Frazier Kimberly E. Freed Deloris Reneé Freeman Serena J. Freiberg Yolanda French Julie Lauren Frey Amy Christine Fridley Sarah Gardner Fridley Betty Elizabeth Frierson Gary Grayson Frisby II Sonya Sofya Jean Frye-Thornton Olga M. Fuentes Amaya Gail Audrey Fugle Joy Fuller Kelly Lee Fuller Lynda K. Fuller Melony Fultz Samantha Grace Gage Bernadine Cassandra Gaines Bernice Costinia Gaines Kyauta Musa Gajere Deborah Ann Gallagher Elizabeth Jane Gallimore-Davis Brenda Katherine Galvez Teressa Diann Gamble Kellee Sue Gangemi Ann Marie Garcia Aubrey Anne Garcia Carolyn Jeanette Garcia Rosa E. Garcia Vera Lynn Garcia LaToya SeVanna Garland Sarah Jean Garner Cecilia A. Garrett Miranda Lynn Garrett Tonia Garrett Cheshan LaNae Gary Xaviera Yvonne Garza Brandie Lee Gaudet Kelly Kristina Geiskopf Julianne L. Geivett Rachael Evangeline George Raquel Noemi Geraldino Kimberly Joy Gerhart Angela Christine Gerics Tamara Marie Gerogiannis Anna Pierce Giannini Bryan Richard Giannini Emily Giasson Michael Allen Gibson Sunee Lynn Gibson Joseph W. Giebel Misty Nicole Gilliland Kimberly Ann Gilman Ronald David Gilman Corinne Laurel Giobbie Jenna Rae Gladfelter Tannisha Glaspie Joe Fred Glass Amy Melissa Glenn Chanise Jessica Glover Melissa Marie Godbee Haley Loren Goldman Charity Ann Goldsboro Amanda Lynn Golike Lisa K. Gomez-Osborn Travis Harmon Goodson Margaret Teresa Gopaul Lisa Marie Gordon Shannon Marie Gordon Paige Marie Goss Daniel Ray Grace Heather M. Graham Meagan Elise Graham Kaylani Christine Gray Courtney Estelle Green Doira Virginia Guerrios Green Faith Elisabeth Green Kaydie Michelle Green Meghan Elizabeth Green Tara Green Tracy Yvette Green Jerome Lynn Green, Jr. Angela Gregory G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Sherri Lynn Greifzu Carrie Lynn Gretz Colleen Catherine Gribben Lauren Nicole Griffin Sarah Gail Griffiths Tisa Denise Grimes William A. Grimes, Jr. Natasha Nicol Grishkowsky Linda Jean Grove Christina Mae Grubb Dana Frances Guebara Timothy Alan Gulley Sara Lindsey Gurth Camillia Marquette Haddix Jamie Hagen-Rockwell Kelli Marie Masha Haines Ashleigh Nicole Hall Jeffrey S. Hall Ramona Joiner Hall Travis S. Hall Brittany Elgin Hallman Jason Nathaniel Hallman Tamara Fay Hamill Jason Lee Hamill Sandra Yvette Hamlett Phinecia Eleanor Hamm James William Hammack Erica Eloise Hammett Jessica Jean Hanna Connie F. Hanten Bredget Hardison Jeana Marguerite Hardy Melanie Renee Harmon Jennifer Lorraine Harralson Dena Simone Harris John A. Harris Ledena M. Harris Tamara Lynnae Harris Joseph Richard Harrison Jason Andrew Harrop April Gibson Hart Ladesha P. Hart Carleen Michelle Hartman Melinda Kay Hasson Kathryn Marie Hatch Darshan Nicole Hawkes Jordan Tyler Hawkins Richard Robert Hefty Stephanie Lynn Helms Joy Elizabeth Hemingway Cheryl L. Henderson Danita Lynn Henderson Jacqueline Henderson Alerice S. Hendfield-Duncanson Bethany Mari Henley Patricia Lauren Henry Aaron Martez Henson, Sr. Rosemary Hernandez Gonzalez Megan Nicole Herndon Kathryn Elaine Herrmann Stephanie Lynn Hersh Fayellyn M. Heshelman Kristin Ann Hess Margaret M. Hess Mary Jewellean Hess Jacquelyn Lee Hidalgo Crystal L. Higginbotham Elise Renee High Aimee Highley Alberta D. Hill Maggie D. Hill Felecia I. Hilton Hayden Sawyer Hinchman James F. Hinder Anthony Douglas Hines Kevin Hinkle Denise Marie Hiott Barbara Ruth Hitchcock Stefanie L. Hobbs Shawn Marie Hodgson Holly Ann Hoff James Anthony Hoffman, Jr. Amber Elizabeth Holbin Adam Michael Holcomb Mitzi P. Hollins Nicolle Denise Homer Ruth Lee Hong Hugh Rico Hopson, Sr. Rebecca L. Hosfeld Veronica Elizabeth Houston Abigail Grace Howard Tanner Keais Hoyt

Laura Nicole Hrabak Kenneth Duane Hubbell Elizabeth Anne Hudson Sarah Ashley Hudspeth Mary Frances Hughlett Sandra Nolan Hunt Valerie Reneé Hunt Wendy Rae Hunt Jenna Hunter Rachel Leann Hunter Danielle Nicole Huntsman Megan Elizabeth Hurst Paulette Anne Hurst Virginia Louise Hutcherson Michael Dewayne Hutchison Tiffani L. Hutton Adebimpe Olajumoke Idowu Keith Marrell Ingram Tiffany Nicole Irons William Carl Irwin Judith Isles Tamela Denise Ivens Kiti Jackson Shawné Jackson Lezle Ann Jacobs Charvon Eevette James Pamela R. James Alissa Brooke Jansen Stephanie Renee Janusz Jennifer Jean Hill Jarvis Tammy Lynn Jaudon Berline Jean-Baptiste Franco M. Jeanpierre Michelle Campbell Jeffcoat Angela Hiatt Jenkins Debra Ann Jenkins Jill Weslea Jenkins Tammy Reneé Jenkins Jodie Smith Jensen Debra A. Jett Aracely Jimenes-Hendricks Lisa J. Jimenez Ailleen B. Jimenez-Cobbs Lindsay Erin Jobe Ashlyn John Brittany Kymbeli Alexis Johnson Desiree Rebecca Johnson Forrest Shane Johnson Jamie Renee Johnson Kendria Eden Johnson Kyeisha Ranada Johnson Landon Kyle Johnson Magdalene Amy Johnson Mandy Michelle Johnson Sheryl Ann Johnson Kathleen Blair Johnston Rebecca Johnston Casey Lee Jones James L. Jones Jennifer Rose Jones Monique Annette Jones Jennifer Jones-Kroffe Crystal Yvonne Jordan Shannon Rea Jordan Terria Ann Jordan Johnie Preston Joyce II Kimberly Anne Joyner Grace Eun-hae Ju Kimberly Michelle Jude James Juliano Sydney Cole Kapustinski Ashlee Nicole Karasch Ronald Christopher Katz Sarah L. Keesee April Nicole Keeton Meneika Chandler Keith Meredith Elaine Keith Angelina Kelly Dreama Marie (Evans) Kelly Sonya Frost Kendall Leslie Renee Kennedy Rebecca E. Kennedy Martha Ann Kent Nicolette Amber Kerns Kimberly Fletcher Kerr Kellie Anne Kersey Jennifer Lynn Key Jenna Lynn Kidd Elizabeth S. Kiess Patricia Elizabeth Kiewel Medina Cheree King Amanda Porter Kirby

Crystal Whitesides Kirkland Jennie Lee Kiser Jennifer L. Kjeseth Linda Marie Klieber Robby L. Knight, Jr. Max R. Knop Angelo M. Knox Lindsay Michelle Knox Phyllis Anne Knudsen Carrie Beth Koncar Timothy Randall Korr Stephanie Anne Kovaly Jonathan D. Krauter Jessica L. Kreigline Charlene Kujanpaa Loren Michelle Kuske Phillis M. Lackey Tina A. Lackey Jeany Lally Taryn Jean LaMier Cynthia Lamon Patricia Lancaster Kerry Lance Chelsey Kay Landwerlen Jennifer Dannielle Lane Karen Lisa Laney Venus Dawn Laney Kelsey Ann Langendorf Deanna Marie Langevin Jessica Claire Lapp Julia Ann Lara Harvey David Large Charles Larry Julie Ann Larsen Jill Kristen LaScola Caleb Shepard Lauber Timothy Paul Lavigne Tina Louise Lawhorn Tina Michele Lawrence Sammie L. Lawrence III Joy Kristine Laws Consuelo Layne Tracey Erin Lazzell Jonathan Le Jennifer Elaine LeBlanc-Dear Carla Covey LeDane Cynthia R. Ledbetter Jared Roy Lee Min Jin Lee Stephanie Wren Lee Taeheon Lee Michelle Lynne Leight Paul Michael Lennan Karen Jean Joyce Leonard Penny Gayle Leuzinger Joyce L. Levell Brittany Rachelle Lewis Jessica Lynn Lewis Tiffany Nicole Lewis Bonnie F. Lilly Christina Lilya Ellen CoRetta Limous Deshanda Monique Lincoln Hannah Jo Lindberg John Hunter Lindsey Loma Marie Lipscombe Tamara Humphreys Littlejohn Stephanie Nicole Livengood Monique D. Lochan Hope Christine Lockery Vickie Elaine Lockley Sylvia Logan Brian Eugene Long Hunter Dixon Long Sarai Monet Long Terri Lee Lopes Yalexa Lopez Shekinah-Esther Lorcy Richard E. Lowden II David Daniel Lucas Jamila Kai Lucas Guadalupe Luera Wilfredo Lugo, Jr. Zachary Michael Lumpkin Timothy Paul Robert Lundstrom Jennifer Moore Lunsford Alana-Eden Lykins David Antonio Lynn Anna Marie Lyons Charity E. Maashe-Mengueme Cortney L. MacDonald Wendy Wheeler Mace

Livinus Uchenna Maduka Elizabeth A. Magill Karalayne Lee Maglinte Carissa Loren Magras Tabitha Dawn Mallinson Alexandra Soo-Yun Mannerino Kort Blaine Marley Ashley Ann Marroquin Alicia K. Marsh Edward Preston Marsh Laura Jean Ruth Marshall Sopfia J. Martel Guzman Charles Edward Martin David Christian Martin Holly Marie Martin Lacie R. Martin Nicole Lynn Martin Joyce M. Martin-Jones Kayce Dale Masaniai Kevin D. Mason Danielle Michelle Massie Earon Nickol Massie Nicole Marie Massie Simmone T. Matherson Bethanie Faith Matheson Kelsey Shea Mathias Randi Sue Matics Christi Glover Maude Natalie Noelle Maxwell Anna D.S. May Kathy Marie Mayer Katie Elizabeth Mayes Michael Lawrence McCabe Kaitlin Marie McCaffrey Tina Carter McCain Chelsea LeAnne McCall Kayla Victoria McCollam Brittany Hudson McComas Starla Hope McCormick Mary Carol McCoy Michael Bruce McCoy Sue Ann McCray Mary Ellen McCune Ashley Nichole McDaniel Gregory William McFarland Juli Joanna Mcfarland Kristine Lea McFarlin Michael Damion McFetridge Kevin Michael Mcgrew Michael Lee McGuire Caroline Ellen McHenry Daniel Joe McIntosh Amanda Michele McKenzie Kayla Williams McLaughlin Cassandra Ellise McMinn Brittany N. McMurray Adrian Nathaniel McPherson Elizabeth Ellen Meade Carisa Joy Meadows Chelsea Marie Meadows Orien Ray Medley Rachel Lynn Meibauer C. Kevin Melady Julie Kay Mendenhall Lisa Dawn Mercer Wheat Julie Anne Merchant Amanda Michael Mewhorter Kaitlyn Chanel Midgett Jeffrey Dean Mildenstein Tamara Shanice Miles Alma C. Miller Amanda Christine Miller Andre N. Miller Lori Stacy Miller Tammy Sue Miller Kathy Christina Miller-Strobel Victoria Marie Millman Richard Edward George Milstead Victoria Sue Mininger Rance Jay Minner Ana C. Miranda Bianca G. Miranda Marie Lisa Mitchell Sarah Ashleigh Mitchell Rachel Christine Moberley Karah D. Moccio Sarah Lorenne Mona Kelly Marie Montgomery Denah Michelle Moon Dilek R. Moon Brittany Diane Moore Christopher Michael Moore

Jessica Emma Moore LaTania Moore Laura H. Moore Michelle Price Moore Shannon Michelle Moore Sirconda J. Moore Yadira E. Morales Mary E. Morin Roshane N. Morrison John Aquila Morton Dana Scott Moser Kenda Lea Moss Lisa Cardenas Moutawakil Elizabeth Ann Mulder Alini D. Muller Rachel Deanne Munson Tammy Michelle Murfree Karen Dawn Mutnansky Veronica A. Myers Vickie Jeanniene Najera-Smith Dianne Elizabeth Nank Clover Lee Negles Christal De-Anna Nelson Julia A. Nelson Roy Curtis Nelson Noreen Michelle Newberry Patricia Loudermilk Nguyen Amina Renee Nichols Laura Elizabeth Nicklas Misti L. Nixon Sandra Dena Noble David Michael Noll Melinda Christine Noll Jaqueline Noriega Anais Dorian Norman Katie Elizabeth Novak Kitt O’Keefe Heather N. Ocegueda Ahnna Odell Ruby Amelia Odum Kinsey Rae Oglesby Arlene Copino Oledan Lynn Marie Oquendo Crystal Renee Ortega Kristine Desirea Otero Susanne Hope Ovcharenko Danita Lee Ann Owen Nicholas Chad Owens Reyna Calderas-Medellin Owens Brenda Joyce Ozen Sandra Paulette Pace Adrienne Zereda Packer Tameka Tashi Yap Page Laurie S. Palicki Jessica Pannasch Kleinschmidt Tunya Bolden Pannell Katherine E. Panza Lisa Copenhaver Papiernik Carol Rogers Parker James A. Parker Nina Alisa Parker Tawaii Trene Parker Megan Kelley Parks Sondra Lee Parks Amanda Kaye Parnell Shana Marie Parrish Allison Joelle Parson Charlie Parson IV Valerie R. Parsons Ronald Russell Parsons, Jr. Joseph Parton Erika Michelle Passanita Chi Patrick Lauren Taylor Patterson Kevin Patty Diana Paulino Lauren Lynne Renee Paxton Lisa Christine Marie Paxton Michelle Kathryn Pearson-Rubio Brooke Ana Peitzman Carmen Angelica Pellicer Aaron Jeffrey Perkins Brandy B. Perrow Jenna A. Perry Rochelle M. Petermann Peggy Paula Peters Stephanie Denise Peterson Timothy Ray Peterson Katina Caprice Pettiford Kristen Pettigrew Wynima Petty Bonnie Morris Phillips

Karen Ann Phillips Eden Renee Phipps Camille Elyse Piccirillo Emily Ruth Pierce April Gail Pilgrim Javier A. Pimentel Elena Lynn Pinkham Yolanda Monique PinkneyColeman Jeanne Marie Piper Deborah Shores Pitts Stathi A. Platanos Robin R. Plater Victor LaTron Plump Tara Marie Pohlkotte Serita Marcina Polinaire Tricia Ponce LaVonne Maria Poole-Benyard Kyersten Diane Portis Carolyn Ann Potts Kathryn S. Potts Hannah Joy Poucher Danielle Marie Powell Derek John Prescott Lynn Pressley Kathleen Elizabeth Preston Erica Anna Pretto-Hansen Andrea Moore Price Joshua Blair Price Sharon Louise Price Zachary J. Priddy Julieta Soledad Prieto Melissa Ann Primiano Carolee Ann Pritchard Casey Megan Proffitt Christa J. Puckett Emilee Kristine Puckett Roy Sheldon Quesenberry Jorge Luis Quinones Sharlene Garcia Quinones Kathleen Jocile Rabb Carey Ann Rabon Malena Rachelle-Covill Laura Elizabeth Rackley Jessica Elizabeth Raczka Brian Lee Ramirez Migdalia Evelyn Ramos Lisa Lou Ramsey Christy Marie Ray Victoria Jo Ray James William Ray, Jr. Angela Faye Reason Shannan J. Rebold Jennifer Jenkins Redman Kimberly Denise Reeves Rachel Reeves Sandra Kay Reiling Sara L. Reily Scott Joseph Reineke Peter J. Reinschmidt Rebecca Lynn Reisig Angelina Rennells Alayna Nicole Renwick Gabriel Adolfo Reyes Kristina Michelle Rheingans Yvonne Rheinschmidt Andrea Kristal Ribeiro Ashley N. Rice Sara M. Rice Althea Michelle Richardson Benjamin Michael Richardson Janice A. Ricketts Lisa Sue Riggleman Jane D. Ritchie Shelley Renee Robbins Kevin Lee Roberson Jacob Logan Roberts Karin Denise Shaffer Robertson Sheryl Robertson Carolyn Jill Robinson Janice Lynn Robinson Kyrie Eleison Susan Robinson Mikeva L. Robinson Seals Erinne LaTrice Rodgers Kimberly Lynne Rodriguez Melissa Lynn Rodriguez Megan Helen Rody Rachel Nicole Roget Griselda Rosado Rodrigo A. Rosado Velasco Amanda Marie Rose Debra Kidd Rose

Elise Marie Rose Jennifer Jean Rosewall Glenn Allen Rowe Brittany Leigh Ruggeri Willie Ruiz Julie A. Rushing Angela Veronica Russell Crystin Leeanne Rutherford Laura Beth Rutledge Miranda Ryan Holly Sablich Sandra Jean Salsbury Bonn Reyes San Diego Angel Luis Sanchez Jennifer Lynn Sanders Robert Lamar Sanders Carlos Santiago Brandi Nicole Sarnowski Michael Blake Sarvis Rebecca D. Sawan Charlotte Ann Schafer Sarah Irene Schankat Mary Elisabeth Schiotis Emily Childers Schrum Christina M. Schuetz Aaron Michael Emery Schultz Kizuku Atrayu Scott Melissa Sue Scott Lauren Renee Seamon Kaitlyn Rose Searcy Sheila Dawn Sedgwick Christine Renee Seeley Chelsea Ann Seibold Lori Rene Selders Mysha Selders Eric N. Self Amanda M. Settle Amanda Jayne Shackleford Jenifer Knight Shadrick Stephen Robert Shaffer Steven Wade Shandor Lori Megan Sharp Linda Renee Sharpe Maggie Michelle Shaw Samantha Marie Shaw Melisa Kay Sheehan Jason Brian Sheetz Andrew E. Sherman Lavina Louise Shields Yerim Shin LaNette Lords Shipley Elizabeth Shoemaker Stephanie Corinne Shun Molly Elizabeth Lynn Sieburg Jill A. Silva Amanda Erin Silver Carla Ruth Simmons Latisha Ann Simon Kathy A. Simpson Tameka M. Sims Dorothy Louise Singleton Amber Michelle Sirstad Lynn Turner Sivels Anna Michelle Slaydon Amy M. Piercy Slone Laura Jennings Smetanick Adrianne Suzanne Smith Arlene Smith Carla K. Smith Catherine Ruth Smith Daniel Alan Smith Danyelle Charlotte Smith Earl Marion Smith Jamie Lynn Smith Justin Tyrone Smith Megan Denee Smith Rebecca Joy Lynn Smith Reesa K. Smith Sarah Lynn Smith Russell L. Smyre, Sr. Callee L. Snell Cameron Lee Snell Wendy Coleman Snider Jennifer Rose Snow Stephanie Lynn Snyder Linda Lea Southall Sophronia V. Southerland Kristen Mary Sowa Jenelle Marie Spaeth Jennifer Elaine Spangler Jordan Daniel Sparks Vanessa Speights Greene

Sabrina D. Spellman Cindy Spoo Hannah Diane Sprague Jessica Mary Ellen Sprunger Sheila Therese Spurgeon Albert Agustav Staley Awna M. Stark Rebekah RenĂŠ Stearns Amanda Rae Steele Kelley Jean Blas Brandy Leanne Stefan Jeffrey Lee Steffen Edward Jay Steinhauer II Dana Stenerson Lisa Renee Stevens Melissa Dawn Stevens Vera J. Stevens Bailee Anderson Stewart Mari Cassie Stewart Kimberly L. Stilwell Teresa A. Stinnett Arlena Nohea Nunes Stock Sandra Lynn Stockslager Sara Frances Stokes Kimberly Sharnaye Stone Suzanne Arnn Stowe Shane O. Streets Penny Lorraine Stribling Ashley Jean Stritesky Lance Stumbaugh Casey Jeanne Sumner Brandi Lynn Swinderman William David Swindler Terry Lee Sykes James Mahan Oshawna A. Tackett Christine M. Taimanglo Tara Marie Talerico Melinda Felice Talley Sarah Masako Tanaka Glenda Byrd Tant Thomas Aaron Tascone Christy A. Taylor Jacqueline Hughes Taylor John H. Taylor Kelsey Ann Taylor Marshelle Denise Taylor Melissa Karen Taylor Rachael Nicole Taylor Gerald Robert Taylor Charlotte Virginia Tchividjian Allycia Anne Tedeschi Kenneth Teed Audrey Lauren Terkelsen Crystal Yvonne Terry Randy Heith Terry Raechelle Antionette Terry-Davis Natha Janeen Thacker Sarah-Jane Theobald Sarah M. Thogode Christina Louise Thomas Elizabeth A. Thomas Holly Thomas Latoya N. Carter-Thomas Lauren Gayle Thomas Loren Danielle Thomas Mendel W. Thomas Quinnetta Lashun Thomas Sharon Roshell Thomas Holli Nicole Thompson Jodi Dyan Thompson Kari Lynne Thompson Mary Catherine Thompson Melanie F. Bell Thompson Naomi Ruth Thompson Debra Sue Thoms Melissa K. Thornhill-Jay Emily Suzanne Tibbs Nancy Ann Tiffany Denise Lea Tillmannshofer Sandra Marie Timmer Gaileanne Rana Timmins Sandra Marie Timulak Angelia Gail Tinker Derek J. Tippit Kim Dawn Tippit Nichole Brown Todd Robertta Todd Selena Marie Torres Janelle Kate Towarak Alex Trinchet Jessica Elizabeth Tubaugh

Ashleigh Nicole Tucker Brian Steven Tucker Erika Denise Tucker Lisa M. Tunsil Anna Kate Turner Mary Christen Turner Trevis Elaine Turner Susan Ashley Tyree Ruth A.M. Uhl Eric Allen Uhlir Cassandra Alicia Ulm Jacqua Ushry Tori Lynn Utley James Michael Vaccaro Angelica R. Van Norman David Jesse Van Nostrand Amanda Louise Van Ormer Laurie VanBuren Dawn Elizabeth VanBuskirk Kaleb Lee VanDePerre Joel Allen VanderPol Clinton Leon VanHook Megan Vaughan Denise Alejandra Vega Sara C. Vega Claresa C. L. Venson Lori Elizabeth Veorse Lisa Annette Garrison Colleen Joy Vooys Jonathan O. Wade Justin Walak Sandee Lea Waldo Turner Sherri Michelle Waldrop Mary Faith Waldvogel Jenny Walker Julie Cox Walker Loida Maria Walker Frederick Douglas Wall, Jr. Antonio B. Walls Donald Walton Melissa Ward Brittany Nicole Fuller Derek Van Washington Stephanie Renee Washington Daniel Waters Tiffany Patricia Waters Tamara L. Watford Latrece A. Watson Pamela Annette Weaver Jessica Emma Weber Ashley Cramer Webster Paulett M. E. Webster Denise Elizabeth Wedington Melissa Kaye Weedman Jennifer R. Weeks Mary Millicent Weiss David Richard Wells Susan M. Wells Angelina Wencke Joanna Werschner-Archie Angela Marie Wheeler Janet Elise Wheeler Jessica Lauren Whipkey Lauren Blair Whitcraft Alee Nichole White Heather Marie White James Cletus White Kristin Rebecca White Marsha Caitlin White Montrell L. White Reginald White Rose N. White Tina Marie White Lorraine Jones-Whitfield Elizabeth Ann Whitney Tyann Marie Whitworth Dawn Ellen Whyrick Rahsaan Wigfall Ashley Elizabeth Wiktorek Elizabeth A. Wilkie Ashley S. Wilkinson Matthew Ervin Yoshi Wilkinson Kelsye Brook Willey Elizabeth Ann Williams Brittany Renee Williams Kathleen Claire Williams Kenneth T. Williams Lisa Mills Williams Kristen Williams Kelly M. Williams-Hobbs Dawn Antoinette Williamson Sandra Dorminy Williamson

Garry Willie Kimberly Willis Carissa Nicole Willmington Laura Gail Willoughby Nicole Amanda Wilson Sally Ann Walpole Timothy Wayne Wilson Tomeca Shanta Wilson Leah Alexandra Wine Cassondra R. Winfrey Tammie Nicole Winsler Brently Mark Winstead Kelli Jo Wolfcale Sarah Michele Wood Teddy Joe Wood Emily Elizabeth Works Kyle Logan Wray George Wrightam Alicia Meredith Wrigley Tyler R. Wyss Betel Yosef Michelle Bernadine Young Patricia Young Sonali S. Young Rachel Smiley Zeller Nancy Ziemkowsky Sarah Paige Zimmerman

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Martine G. Abraham Christina Ann Adams Juliet Effa Addo Nosakhare Omosedeh Adu Misty Gail Aguilar Cynthia Noel Albury Nicole L. Alexander Debra Rachel Allen Sara Ann Alsop Kristin Amerman Brooke Michelle Anderson Hannah Lillian Anderson Amy Elizabeth Ankrom Rachael Elizabeth Antone Magan Sheerah Archer Elizabeth Mary Ariemma Adam Jeffrey Arnold Tammy Lee Arotzarena Stefanie Marie Arteche Belinda Asante-Mensah Nicole Marie Askren Bradley James Bailey Elizabeth Rachael Baker Crystal Brooke Baldwin Christopher George Barnes George H. Bartley, Jr. Andrea Mae Basto Demetria Shawnte Bates Angela Grace Battaglia Katherine Bauer Thea Ann Beaty Carol Ann Belleau Heather Ann Bergen Sandra Elaine Bethea Andrea Alyson Bier Laurie Jeanne Bisila John Michael Blankenship Nancy Samantha Blount Carmen Cassandra Borges Deborah Bousseau Jacquelyn Yvette Boyd Laura Jean Brantman-Johnson Elizabeth Harris Brooks Michele Marie Brooks Alexandra Michelle Brown William Aric Bryant Cynthia Renae Burton Eppley Casey Augustus Llewellyn Cagle Elizabeth Sarah Cambo Laura Arrington Campbell Jennifer Shelton Cantrell Sarah D. Canty-Preston Shannon Melissa Carbaugh Jade Allison Carey Kelly Hunter Carmody Shannon Ladonne Carter Abigail Lynne Cartledge Heather Bailey Catron Elise Christine Cernilli Mark Travis Chaney Jamie L. Chapman Kendra Ann Chapman Jilleen Kaye Charette G R A D UAT E N A M E S

Gabriela Morovan Chirila Katie Lea Christensen Mary Hannah Christenson Christin Elledge Clark Jacquelyn Elizabeth Clark Nicholas Edward Clark Brittany Alyssa Clemmons Danielle Marie Clevenger Jaimeson Bridget Parris Clowney Maureen P. Coddington Debra Toombs Collins Heather Renee Collins Fernando Antonio Conde Delana Michelle Connors Lauren Victoria Cook Roxanne Leigh Cooley Deborah Hamilton Copeland Angela Ruth Corbett Cynthia Dodge Corbett Pamela G. Cornell James Cote Helena Marie Cox Robin Lynette Bonner Cox Rhonda Crawford Taylor Jean Crossman Megan Lindsey Cullinan Melanie Dawn Cunningham Mary Ann Curd Jill Nicole Curry Marisa Sue Dabo Aimee VanVleek Dalton Cheryl Denise Daniels Pearson-Clark Brenda Joyce Davis Latrice Rochelle Davis Mardi Jacquelyn Davis Penny Linnea Davis Jennifer De Maria Lindsay Danielle Demshar Lorien Ruth Denny Blair Victoria DeRossett Danielle Marie Dilella Judeth Delahoussaye Dillon Tara N. Dinsmore Megan Nicole Douglas Rebecca Campbell Dudley Nicole Duell Joy S. Duke Halee Montana Dula Carolyn Eberhardt Jennifer Leigh Egland Kristin Ruth Elder Jarrod L. Elsass Clay Brandon Elsey Walettra C. Enoch Radu Eremia Teresa Mae Evans Josephine Nkechinyere Ezemobi Kathy Diane Faircloth Olufesola Motunrayo Fasakin Jessica Anne Fehsenfeld Cynthia Powell Felton Judith Fernandez Amy J. Fillers Tara Elizabeth Foraker Deborah Darlene Foran Tiffany Hope Ford Kristi Lynne Forland Stephenie Grace Fortier Lesha Tanya Foshee Jennifer Marie Fox Melissa Anne Fox Phala Hairston Fuller Margaret Catherine Furnari Abby Lynn Gary Ariel Ashley Gaudet Eleleta Gezahegn Nancy R. Gibson Matthew C. Gilbert Meredith Rose Gilbert Bethany Dawn Giles Kristen Joy Gill Monica Nicole Elder Gill Nicole Anne Goodall Jessika Denise Gore Hannah Laura Gorin Tilahun Mekonnen Goshu Christina Joy Louise Grauch Caitlin Elizabeth Green Cristina Suzanne Green Vernon Elmer Grier, Jr. Cynthia Marie Grizzell


Alicia Nicole Groh Lori Robin Grossman Lisa Michelle Groves Sajana Gurung-Johnson Catherine Gyamfi Alyssa Haegerich Donna L. Hammond Kayla Renee Hanson Leighanne Shelbie Harper Christie Smart Harrell David Bently Harris, Jr. Karissa Leigh Hartman Tracy Lynn Hartsock Karen Karlene Hawkins Loretta Hayes Richardson Emily Renee Hayes-Jones Sharon Snider Hazelwood Akira Lashawn Hazer Kendra Noelle Head Jennifer Anne Headley Lauren Elizabeth Hedrick Amber Helms Amanda Rose Herring Jenna Marie Hershberger Crystal Burgess Hicks Leslaine J. Hightower Elizabeth Eve Kark Hinkley Heidi Maureen Hixson Veronica Lee Hoffman Elizabeth A. Houser Cathy Linn Howard Jennifer L. Hyland Cynthia Irby Tiffany Gilliam Jackson Donna Anderson James Rhondalyn Barnhill Japarks April Denise Jarrell Lori Ann Johannsen Beth Johnson Keri Lee Johnson Rebecca R. Johnston Shannon Green Johnston Breyanna Marie Jones Jordan Marie Josefczyk Jean Jun Hilda Kaetu-Smith Abigail Anna Kappler Chandra Kala Kattel Kafley Patrice Helen Kearney Michele Lee Keesling Joyce Kennison Valerie Lyn Keppley-Hood Kristy Ann Kerner Laurie J. Kerschner Jennifer Kelley Kershner Faustina Kessler Karis Lynne Kessler Amy Beth Kimball Dustin R. King Heather Ann Kiser Anna Catherine Koo Jessica Grace Kuhn Manisha Kunwar Joshua Lee Landis Julia Rupert Lange Rachel Leanna Larcom Courtney Melissa LeBlanc Jessica Joy Lee Melissa Lees Anita Marie Lentz Mary Lewis Janelle Lincoln Kelly Linder Rachel Catherine Little Sandra Dianna Lockhart Katrina Yvette Logan Sarah Corinne Logan Megan Elizabeth Loukinas Havilah Katherine Luce Megan Shelby Maddox Lawrence A. Malinowski Kaitlyn Margaret Mallon Wendy Elizabeth Mallory Jennifer Malone Renee Wilson Mann Rose Wanjiru Marang’a Julie Hartless Martin Allison Brett Mason Amy Lynn Matthews Lindsey Kay May Melissa Mary May Brianna Sarah Maye

Angelique Walsh McCabe Courtney Rae McCloskey Allison Paige McConnell Rikki Ann Damron McConnell Jessica Lynn McCracken Sonya Dawn McGill Lisa Marie Hannah McIntosh Stephany Kolhoff McPeck Lisa Nkadi Medoh Erika Diane Meibauer Elizabeth Marzela Mejia Maria Harber Meyer Bernadette Meyers Dianna Christine Michael Nichole Marie Michener Emilia Mihai Adam Joseph Millard Amy Dianne Miller Kaitlin Elaine Miller Teresa Renee Millican Kalista Marie Ming Bridget Michelle Montour Elizabeth Oluwafunmilola Morafa Holly Jean Morgan Beverly Poore Morris Sigourney Ciera Morris Dorothy W. Muhoro Jerioth W. Ndirangu Amanda L. Newell Angela Sheryl Louise Newman Katie Gardner Norwood Vivian Ogechi Igbokidi O’Habor April Ochelli Oluwakemi Damilola Ogunseye Brittney Nichole Oprea Angela Marie Orange Katherine Salazar Ordonez Edith Osei Jennifer Anna Oskam Corazon Pol Palle Bethany C. Panasci Katherine S. Pantana Jennifer Lacey Pantoja Kristen Dawn Parham Kimberly Fuller Parr Jessica Pate Jacquelyn Anne Patton Michael Ransom Peavyhouse Kerry Boyer Perry Emily Johnson Peters Danae Marie Pfau Mary J. Pflugradt Aimee E. Phillips Makia Samona Pierson Rebecca Ann Place Catherine Poss Shanell Peele Price Caitlin Sarah Rauscher Allison Danielle Rego Joseph Russell Reiling Lisa Renee Rescigno Emily Rettig Kelsi Jo Rhymer Sara Lee Riggs Marjorie Covington Riner Amber Michelle Robbins Kimberly A. Roberts Tara Dawne-Oliver Robertson Bonnie Denise Robinson Jatori Lii Robinson Kelly Lorraine Robinson Tristyn Leigh Roe Janice Elisa Rogers Hannah Olivia Roller Sandra Marie Rollins Colleen Ruiz Sarah Elizabeth Salsberry Olinca Santana Yulanda R. Santiago Trina Lyn Schafer Alyssa Lee Schall Christina Nicole Scruggs Wendy M. Seay Madeline Marie Sechrist Dorothy Walker Serralles Jessica Brooke Sessoms Nicole Denise Settles Sarah Marie Shepard Adam Christain Shick Heather Shaye Shotwell Jennifer Lynn Shumate Christine Lynn Sieler

Cedilia Silva Demaris Ayers Silva Cammie Eulene Smith Celina De Los Santos Smith Kathryn Joy Smith Kristy Harrod Smith Muriel Yvette Smith Heather Pippin Snyder Valerie P. Snyder Julie Ann Spicer Rebecca Ielleine Srodulski Adrienne Marie Stewart Sara Doreen Stewart Rhonda Moore Stith Chanda Dione Street Arthur Strothman, Jr. Kristina M. Sullivan Robin Sullivan Melanie Ann Swanson Amanda Szabo Cynthia Lynn Tabaian Richard J. Tangredi Alexandra Nicole Tarantino William F. Tars Erin Lea Tate Ashley Elizabeth Taylor Whitney Claire Taylor Aleah Evelyn Teer Teri Tench Linda Ann Thompson Donna Kathleen Thorsteinson Dayna Elizabeth Tidd Brian D. Timmerman Stela Chebet Tirop-Middleton Kaitlyn Sue Tolley Katherine Michelle Totten Stephanie Denise Trevorrow Tasha Marie Troendly Angel Smith Tucker Erin Grace Van Kampen Jordan A. Vance Ana Maria Vergara Rachael Ann Verghese Sally Marie Volstad Mark Steven Walker, Jr. Lauren Elizabeth Wallace Miriam Renee Walters Nakisha Lavon Watson Shereen Breanna Weaver Sarah Merlene Webber Chelsea Nicole Weeks Kaitlyn Nicole Weichmann Emily Suzanne Wells Tonika Westmoreland Dawn L. Weyh Amy Alvis White Misty Renae White Lisa Doyle Whitehead Lisa Diane Whitney Alicia Cecelia Williams Thomasine X. Williams Alanna Kathryn Willis Jill Anna Wippermann Rebecca Wood Lisa Marie Woodfin Jordan Elizabeth Woosley Dawn Marie Workman Donna F. Wright Eva Marina Montanez Zemp Hayley Elizabeth Ziegenhorn

SCHOOL OF LAW Associate of Arts PARALEGAL STUDIES Angela Lee Castaneda Jeremy D. Cronin Sherri Lynn DeBarge-Smith Rebecca Dechir Alex David Fisher Jill A. Grant Cynthia Younts Harris Peggy D. Hayden Brittany Gean Hays Dustin J. Keylor Monica Logan-Lanier Marie Ann Miller Ashley Rae Rivers Kendall Taylor Rose Jay Joseph Schmitz Alicia Marie Shepherd

Bachelor of Science PARALEGAL STUDIES Katie Belonga Katherine Anne Benjamin Jennifer Bienkowski Kenneth Marvin Bothuel Lydia Michelle Bowlin Christine Ann Marie Carpenter Kelly Ann Digby Rachael Roberts Eagerton Cynthia Figueroa-Lugaro Ursula Rene Johnson Stacy Keaton Donald Leroy Kinney III Shannon Michelina Menzies Stephanie Yvonne Moore Erin M. O’Neill Belinda Anne Perez Stacey E. Pope Leviticus Christopher Ryan Marianne E. Schat Katherine Denise Shipman Lisa Lynn Stanley Craig Alan Storrs, Jr. Clark Robert Thurston, Jr. Jun Mazelle Tinsley Savannah Ashley West Minni Jean Westbrook Lezlie Elizabeth Whatley

SCHOOL OF MUSIC Bachelor of Music Elizabeth Ann Albaugh Veronica Camille Callahan Rebecca Fui Ann Chin Jonathan Micaiah Dunn Eli Joseph Elliott Andrew Lane Ellis Keila Alysha Figueroa-Diaz Ashley Elizabeth Grigg Trevor McKinley Hicks Luann Mae Hodges Kristin Leigh Kemmerer Matthew Douglas Landrum Ellissa Paige Lawrence Rachel Leeann Lupo Heidi Denae Madsen Christie Lynn Massey Kathleen Lynn Mimande Mackenzie F. Nehring Becki René Pochon Holly Jane Raiche Josiah Micah Raiche Elise Aldea Schempp Taylor Lee Simpson Auburn Smith Jonathan David Twining Rebecca J. Urban Sarah Elizabeth Vitullo Chelsea Jayne Wetherill Melissa Anne Yowell

Bachelor of Science WORSHIP AND MUSIC STUDIES Elizabeth Nolin Babcock Kyle Charles Bailey Stephanie Kathryn Bettcher Shelby Raquet Burton Sydney Elizabeth Caldwell Elizabeth Rebecca Chan Hyun Choi Mahapawn Chukiatiwongul Jason Albert Clarke Freddie Collins III Taylor Richard Courtney Sarah Jean Cramer Maame Afriyie Danso Jessica Blair Davis Jeffrey Ethan Dyke Joshua Alan Frerichs Kelly Raquel Funez Philip Andrew Godley Kelly Marie Gordon Jared James Singor Groenewegen Ester Ji Eun Ha Monishka Colleen Hall Bradley Taylor Hart Bennett Taylor Helms Gabriel Hernandez Nicholaus Michael Huber

Justen Matthew Hyland Matthias Jäger Evan Thomas Jessup Esther Marcia Joseph Clayton Matthew Knight Wesley Benjamin Koontz, Jr. Jordan D. Ledbetter Thomas James Madison Colin Ross Mukri Julie Anne Osterhus Robert Peloso III Johnson James Phetxumphou Kathryn Campbell Proffitt Justin Alan Reid Trey Michael Richardson Cecilia Marie Sanchez Stephanie Ann Sanchez Katelyn Michele Scott Steven Dylan Simkins Ashley Marie Smith Clay D. Sprecher Ariana Joy Stowe Rebecca Paige Strider Jordan D. Tate Luke Daniel Twombly Derek C. Walker Maleah Nicole Waynick Kevin Michael Williams Kevin Charles Winebarger Malissa Marie Wolfe Michael Phillip Wright Kenneth Barry Zammito

SCHOOL OF RELIGION Associate of Arts RELIGION Adam Abate Joshua Blake Alderman Susan Elaine Almaliki Jonathan Aton Nakeia Ayers Stephen Paul Bare Benjamin G. Beaver Ada Elizabeth Best Tiffany C. Blackwell Michael Blodgett Imogene Bolf Michael Pierre Brown Brad Evan Camidge Jeremy Carroll Carden Matthew Carpenter Michael Chase Carrier Charita V. Chandler Donovan Robert Chandler John Patrick Clair Aretha Clark Richard Anthony Cleary Laura Sue Coleman Harold Lynn Cooke Kelly D. Cornwell Danielle Cowan-Warren Devon Lee Cunningham Chad Anthony Danyels Christina Erin Davis James Dean Davis Tiffany S. Davis Tremain Davis Ronnie Deshazor Christopher G. Dion Steven Ray Dowdle Kristie Lynn Drawdy Katherine G. Eastridge Billy Edwards Eduardio Ebenezer Edwards Annie Mabel Ewell Margie I. Faulkner Michael T. Figgins Judes Francois Sarah Elizabeth Belle George Jonathan Robert Goolsby Frederick Allen Gordon John David Greene Dianna Lynn Griggs-Pollard Delzora P. Hagans William M. Hanvey Michelle Dawn Harp Pedro Angel Hernandez Rodriguez Larry Ray Holbrook Douglas Leon Holloway, Sr. Myron Phillip Ice Canes Iclophat Sylvia Keene Irby

Brenda Miller Jackson Reginald James Arthur Joseph Jefferson Bridget D. Jones Travis Lavell Jones Kaelynn Dawn Judd Spencer Christopher Judd Brenton Dale Langford Corey Matthew LaRue Billy Don Lawson Blondell Louise Lee-Nicholas Trudy Mae Leis Robert Gayle Marshall John Michael McFadden Eric Christopher McMahon Rami Temporalis Meyer LeRoy Ronnie Middleton Ronald Eugene Mongold, Jr. Kyle Christopher Montgomery, Sr. Jacob Matthew Morgan Christopher Shane Morris James Bryan Mullinax Tanya Myers Cheryl Lynn Myles Robert Nery Edward Neves Joseph Merlin Nichter Benjamin P. Nieman Katie Elizabeth Gardner Robert Ortiz, Jr. Noah Pinto Andrew Leray Pogue Serita Marcina Polinaire Stanley Denorris Ponder Joshua M. Prebynski Darril Leon Prout, Jr. Rusty Lee Rabine Bruce Rabon, Jr. Timothy Redden Harrison Roderick Roberts Dwayne Robinson Sheila Marie Rogers Linda Rorie Debra Lynn Ross Dupré Demille Rouse Willis J. Russell James Daniel Sadler Sandy Hope Sanchez Redondo Alyssa Michelle Sclafani Cellestine Scott Jerry Richard Shaw Nicholas Quam Sherman Deborah Bearden Showalter Christopher B. Simms Christina Monique Smith Janice Elaine Smith Edwin Soto Cody Patrick Sparks Benjamin D. Stallard John David Sundeen George Gregory Thomas Jerome Tripp, Jr. John Francis Trull Thomas Ned Turner, Jr. Sheri L. Urey Christopher Jamal Urgent Lisa Vaughn Rose Marie Waaser Jonathan Martin Walden Jessica Lynn Walters Cynthia Ann Belanger-Ward Eric F. Warren Dawn Gentry Washington Karen Diane Washington Kristopher R. Waters Barbara R. Watson Tracey Lee Webb Jimmy Raynonal Weems J. Adam Wesley Rachel Laxamana Williams Sarah Elizabeth Willis Kristen Woodyard Pettaway Leon Edmund Zimmermann, Jr.

Bachelor of Arts PASTORAL LEADERSHIP AND BIBLICAL EXPOSITION David M. Calhoun, Jr. Shawn Wesley Furman Brian David Horrell Garrett Martin Kurtis Keith Meador II

Dennis Loubriel Rivera David Nathaniel Shields John Taylor Smart Zachary Shane Smith Joshua Nicholas Swiney Eric Aaron Thomas G. Tyler Warner

PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Stephen Rogers Copeland Mark Andrew Dickson Neil Key-hoon Kim David Joseph Nickerson Barnabas Preetam Ravindranath

Bachelor of Science GLOBAL STUDIES Kathryn Ellen Brundage Melanee Alexis Carlson Adam Holt Chesson Jonathan Qing Hua Dougherty Joshua Thomas Foust Matthew Jordan Henry Faith Lanae Kinzer Erica Renee Lewis Megan Renee Melton Joshua Leith Rainey Kaleigh Angelica Rank C. Cody Smith Alicia Carroll St. Clair Christopher Blake Williams

RELIGION David Max Abbott Samuel R. Abelseth Stanley J. Abrahams Anthony Leon Adams Tijuanna Yvonne Adetunji Phillip Joe Agee Matthew Shongjin Ahn Ronnie Akers, Jr. Patsy Jean Akridge James Parrish Albright Aaron David Albritton Bradley Kenneth Alger Amanda Jewel Allen Ashley Suzanne Allen Jonathan Gregory Allen Ronald Patrick Allen Philip Michael Allison Anthony Lorenzo Almodovar Edward Matthew Alsip Jarryd Keith Alsup Eric Daniel Alvarez Christopher James Anastasi Steven James Anderson Patrick William Annette Mallory Jo Anthony Taylor John Antone William Bradley Armes, Sr. Marni Elin Arnold Stephen Michael Arrington David L. Arthur Joshua David Ashburn Douglas Everett Ashby Trey Spencer Ashworth Kristie Ann Askew Rickey Dwayne Atkins, Jr. Aaron Russell Atkinson Joannie Audain Traci Lynell Authement Jaime A. Azuaje Trillshun Jermain Bacon, Sr. Joshua James Bailey Curtis Robert Bain Roger Tamar Bain Gregory Lee Baize, Sr. James Allen Baker John Michael Baker Matthew Evan Baker John Wayne Baldwin Nathan Bancroft Douglas Scott Banker Philip Raymond Baquie Tracy Barber Robert Barger Amanda Barrett Broderick Levi Barrett Joel Barrutia Raymond Earle Bartholomew Del Joseph Barton David Anthony Basham Daniel Mason Bass Bradley D. Bates

Richard Timothy Bates II Joel Frederick Bath Jason Kirk Baziotis Jessica Lynne Beale Erik Beam Benjamin Felix Bean, Sr. Julie Lynne Behal Michael Anthony Belfor Caroleigh Elizabeth Belford Tommy D. Bell, Jr. Alex Preston Benningfield Tiffany Joy Benson Megan R. Bergstrom William J. Betson Brenton Clark Beverley Timothy Shane Bice Gary Gene Biggers, Jr. Cheryl Diane Billingsley Brett Allen Birchard Lindsey Noelle Bissell Richard George Blackburn Michael Allen Blackie Ryan Blackwell Barry Branden Blankenship Leola Barbara-Ann Blie-Green Joseph Ricky Blinson Amanda Bonae Bliss Michael K. Blodgett Wyatt Lloyd Bloom Gregry Allan Blount Joshua Logan Bolt George F. Bond Curtis Michael Bonner II Samuel Sherwood Boorse IV Victoria Lynn Boorum Jerry Dale Borden Terry Lee Boshart Tony Edward Bowden Tod Roy Bowman William R. Bowyer Betty Drayton Bracey Wilbert L. Bracey William Christopher Bradshaw Caitlin Danielle Bradt Jennifer Lesley Brake Jennifer Brandes Katrina Cherie Brandhagen Ryan Kendale Brannan Gregory Lynn Brasher Amanda Doreen Bratcher Garrick Bridgeforth, Sr. Jacob Daniel Brimm William K. Britton, Jr. John D. Brooks Marcelo Augusto Melo Brooks Beady Brooks-Bryant David Mitchell Broughton Brenda Joyce Squire Brown Daniel L. Brown Jacob Charles Thurman Brown Kelvin Ratheal Brown Randy Edward Brown Ricardo E. Brown Troy H. Brown Eugene Clarence Brown, Jr. Robert Lewis Brown, Jr. Elizabeth Marie Bryant Jody Aaron Bryant Nelson T. Buchanan Everett William Buddenberg Beth Buhler-Bailey Christopher Shawn Bunch Mary Catherine Burbrink Timothy Edward Burge Ashley Faye Burks Jodi Leigh Burress Dustyn J. Burwell Robert Allen Butler Albert Seymour Bynoe, Jr. Roger Bynog, Jr. Patricia Marie Byrd Kenneth Lee Cadenhead, Jr. Robert Preston Caine Stephen Andrew Caldwell Wilson Benjamin Caldwell David Calhoun Arthur Lee Campbell IV J. Tyler Campbell Johnny Lee Campbell Deanna Marie Cannon Joshua Andrew Cannon

Randy Schoen Dobson Trevor Dodson Hezekiah Elijah Domowski Glenn Donohoe Carolyn Lofton Dorsey William Noble Downie III Nicholas J. Downin Willie R. Dowtin, Jr. Vivian Stuckey Drakeford Joshua Stephen Driggers Otis Charles Drummer Joshua Lee DuBois Sean David Dugan Kristin Erin Duke Jennifer Marie Dunn Timothy Edwin Dunn, Jr. Shunjie Gisele Durham Leo Placide Dutil James Daniel Dynarski Damean Lamar Easter Amy Marissa Easterlin Kelly Marie Eckert Jacob Stephen Eddleman Kevin Michael Edman Alexandra Jayne Edwards Daniel Thomas Edwards Gary L. Edwards Janice Edwards Tanya Marie Ekmark George Eleazer David Aaron Ellenburg Humphrey Ellington Sam Elliott Edward L. Ellis Kevin Fitzgerald Elmore Andrew Gabriel Elrod Daniel I. Elrod Timothy E. Elrod Kenneth Roy Elsey Amanda Epley-Kinney Ryen Anders Erikson Richard Todd Erlewine Jonathan Flint Esterman Anthony Lee Etheridge James Wesley Etheridge Lauren Nicole Etheridge Eric Scott Ethridge Aaron Jeffery Evans Joshua Ryan Evans Nathan James Evans Jimmie H. Evans III Jared Anthony-Howard Farley Amy Elizabeth Farrington Louis John Faustino Joseph Allen Ferris Michael Allen Fewless Danial Paul Ficek Dale Andrew Fields Megan Alicia Fifer Veronica C. Fillingame Joshua Allen Fisher Wesley Fisher Todd William Fletcher Ronald J. Flowers Brandon Edward Flynn Jessica Brittany Forbes Nicholas Dalton Forehand Michael Paul Foster Eric James Fournier Nathaniel Drew Fox Aaron Michael Francis Josue Franco Novella L. Franich Douglas Franklin Cory Daniel Freeman Greg Allen Freeman Brennon Garrett Fry Andrew Stephen Fuller Nicole Leanne Fuller Masato Funakoshi Christina Lynn Fuselli Josh R. Fyffe Jeffrey H. Gala John Kelly Gannaway Juan J. Garcia Albert Arnold Garcia, Jr. Robert Garlington Frantz Gaudard Jennifer Lynn Gelinas Elizabeth SarahAnne Gell Patricia Anne General Paula K. Gentry

Chase Anthony Cantrell J. Adam Cantrell Nathaniel Alejandro Cantu Richard Alan Capps Anthony M. Carmosino Mark Richard Carpender Austin Taylor Carr Carlotta F. Carr Jacob Cole Carr Robert C. Carr Nicholas Ryan Carruthers Jacob Noah Carter Johnny J. Carter Victor Ryan Castro Brandon Scott Catron Eric Allen Catron Robert Joseph Caum Karen Alane Cauthen Trinity Caver Kimberly Anne Chaffin Amy Lovejoy Chandler James Charles Chandler Casey Raymond Chapman Rebekah Joy Chapman Robert Chapman David Shawn Chappell Adam Wayne Cheney John Paul Chestnut, Jr. Stephen Wayne Christman Landon Keith Church Tony W. Cicenas Corey Alan Clair Brian Patrick Clarke Charles Clint Claypoole Megan Nicole Clayton Carl Cornell Clement Robert Scott Cobb Jodi Lorraine Cofer Matthew Blake Coleman Steven Brent Collier William Zacharies Collier Claybon Collins, Jr. Donald E. Conley Richard Conley John Tyler Connell Daniel James Conner Kevin Andrew Connors Caroline Elizabeth Conway Garnet Ellsworth Cook III Justin Cordery Allison Lynn Cossaboom Rodney Mitchell Courson Jeremy Allen Courtois Kortia Joseph Cousin Amy Lynn Cowgill Ashleigh Peyton Craig Chelsea Morgan Craig Jacquelyn Janiece Craig Jeffrey Stephen Craig Shannon A. Craig Preston Cravey, Jr. James J. Creel Colby Chay Culver Brent Andrew Cummings Bryce D. Cunningham Shonda Monique Curb Vincent James Curcio Meredith Greene Curtis Scott Robert Cyre Jordan Matthew Danaher Matthew J. Danberry Jordyn Rene Daniel Troy Michael Davidson Shanna Marie Davies Amelia Danielle Davis Christopher Paul Davis Christopher William Davis Jonathan P. Davis Kevin Thomas Davis Richard Edward Davis Richard Ezral Davis Elizabeth Jean Decastro Kristopher E. Deese Maison Tanner Delancey Chase Anthony Delperdang Loren Scott Denard Sean David Dennerlein Anne Jeanette Derby Jennifer Lee DeShazo Zachary S. Diamanti Jeremy Joseph DiBartolo Terrance Tyrell Dixon G R A D UAT E N A M E S


Marvin L. George Bryan Gerner Joseph W. Giebel Anthony E. Gilliland, Sr. Dorothy Beatrice Gillium Benjamin R. Gilmore Unzo T. Givens Peggie McCants Goins Matthew Richard Goldman Leslie Antonio Gomez Lisa K. Gomez-Osborn Melissa C. Gonzales Eric Gonzalez Torrence Eugene Goodwin Daniel Lowell Gordon Rachel Ann Gordon Sean Nathanael Gosnell Todd David Goulet Justin Lee Gragg Brian Elton Gramling Femeca Ferrell Grant Thaddeus L. Grant, Sr. Jonathan D. Gray Linda Ann Gray Richard Lawrence Gray Renee Greene Jammie Greenless Alma Yvette Griffin Michael J. Grunewald Anthony Rismo Gualtieri Raymond Andrew Guensch Steve R. Guerrette Rondi V. Guess Elizabeth Ainslie Guion Crystal E. Gull James Robert Guzzo Anthony Joseph Haefs James Hutchins Haines Johnny Ray Hairgrove, Jr. Gregory Scott Haisley Kevin Eugene Hale Kimberly D. Hall Matthew Geoffrey Hall William Cody Hamblin Christopher Lee Hamilton David Alexander Hamilton George William Hamilton Brandon Scott Hamlin Kevin Thomas Hammell Anthony Torrard Hampton Tyler Stephen Hamrick Andrew Scott Hansen Joshua Harbison Alyssa Nicole Harder Angela M. Hargraves Gregory Dale Harper Jeffery Alton Harper David Joseph Harrington Christain Harris Dawn Marie Harris Ethan Maxwell Harris Eva Elaine Harris Isaac Leighton Harris Kevin Douglas Harris Roman D. Harris Sean David Haugan Ebony Antoinise Hawes Kelly Matthew Hawkins Jeremy Chad Hayes Sonja L. Hayes Kenneth Allen Hayman Erik Michael Haynes Michael Eustace Haynes Sammie Edward Haynes Jadrian John Haywood Vvonaka Richardson Heard James Christopher Heffernan Audrey Ann Heinz Rachel Catherine Helton Joshua Randall Henderson Myron Antwan Henderson Wesley Ray Henderson Nicholas Luke Hendren Deborah Lynn Hendricks Ryan Carlton Hendricks Brendan Kyle Henkel Donald Alonzo Henley Erica Ann Henning Ricky Carlton Hensley Benjamin Ross Hepler Eduardo Isrrael Herrera DĂ­az Darryl Hersey

Melody Joy Hicks Seth Michael Hicks Steven Chad Hill John Aaron Hilton Harry Dwayne Hines Shonretia Zenovia Hines Andrew Vernon Hipes Dwayne M. Hobbs Tonya Michelle Hodgin John David Hoelscher Marsha Ann Hofer Sarah Christine Hoffmann Timothy Scott Holcombe Anita Beatrice Holley Ricardo Lorenzo Holloway Tameka Williams Holmes Gregory Holt Korie Lynn Honaker Kerrick Dwayne Hooks Dustin L. Hoover Justin Andrew Hoover Nathan Lawrence Hopkins Fred Rudolf Hornberger Erica Paige Horton Timothy Joshua Hoss Jonathan U. Houser Janelle Charise Houston Karl Henry Hoyer Paul Hoyt Virginia L. Hubbard Jonathan Daniel Hudgins Donald Alan Hudson Cody Lynn Hudspeth Paul Huey III Madison Lindsey Huffman Lynn Hufft Brianna Michelle Huggins Carol M. Hughley Michael A. Hughson Larry L. Humphrey Christopher Peter Hungerford Kari Farmer Hunsley Nicole Hutchins Gavin Teaff Hutchison Timothy Frank Hylemon Melinda Ickes Mark Edward Ingram Christopher Aloysius Ireland Jeremiah Winston Lamont Irvin Christina Jachens Israel Jackson Johnnie M. Jackson Johnny B. Jackson Marilyn M. Jackson Tiffany D. Jackson Mark V. James John Michael Jamison Alissa Brooke Jansen Webb Jay IV Kathy I. Jean-Louis Deron Jerrell Jefferson Brittany Kay Jenkins Jonathan Lee Jenkins Julia H. Johnson Luke Edward Johnson Matthew Tyler Johnson Sertorius-Quintus Avantte Johnson Vincent D. Johnson William Donald Johnson, Jr. George Daniel Johnston II Andrew Trent Jones Bonita Evangeline Jones Christina Lenora Jones Glenn F. Jones Jamison Reid Jones Kincherlow Jones Manning Jason Jones Paul Anthony Jones Wanda Kathleena Jones William James Jones Donald Steven Jones, Jr. Jennifer Pamela Jones-Clark Helen D. Jones-Hurst Diane Jones-Tomlin Nicholas Hyunwoo Joo George Michael Jordan Mark Jordan Pamela Michelle Jordan Ramoane Eric Jordan Thomas L. Kacensky Brandon Paul Kamakaris

Brent Allen Kamphues Joshua Miles Kary Joshua Albert Von Kaufmann Derek Wayne Keith Jonathan Andrew Keith Timothy R. Kelly Richard James Kendle Tonya Lee Kennedy Kara Lisa Kent Candi L. Kersey Jozua Keurentjes Emma Key Dustin John Keylor Jonathan Edward Kidd Kaitlin Patrice Jennings Michael G. Kilbride Joshua Kun Kim Sin Kyu Kim World Bosuk Kim Stephanie Elizabeth Kimble Elaina Pauline Kimsey Caleb Stephen King Jay T. King Katrina Michele King Kevin Levi King Phillip Anthony Kingry, Jr. Jerry Glenn Kirby David Phillip Klass Rick N. Kloos Jordan Lee Kness Donald Eugene Knotts Abdue Lamar Knox Thomas Raymond Kodel David Allen Kotter Melody Nicole Kotter Angela Marie Kramer John F. Krismanits Jeffrey David Krodel Patricia S. Krohn Amy Kuehl Erin Suzanne Lacey Susan Eileen Robinson Ryan Russell James Lambert Caleb Jack Landis Charlie A. Landis Jonathan Jay Lane Joey Francis Langlinais Daniel Ray Langston Kendall W. Lankford Jordan Lorene Lantzsch Julie Ann Larsen Lisha P. Lassiter Brent M. Lawson Daniel Joseph Lay Brian Daniel Layton Daniel Patrick Leach Michael Paul Leavitt Afton Ann Elizabeth Lee Russell Wesley Lee Tabitha L. Lee Tamela Nicole Lee Yvonne Francine Lee Edgar David Lee II Jessica Nicole Leeper Warren Elliot Leigh Winston Craig Leonard Richard W. Lerner Belinda J. LeTulle Joshua Michael Lewis Howard Leroy Lewis, Jr. Julia Elizabeth Libby Jeremy Robert Lindeman Janice LaFaye Lindsey Matthew Thomas Lindsey Enoch Stuart Lineberger Stephen M. Lipka Joy Betty Lippard David Alan Little Sherry E. Livingston Kevin Michael Llanos Kyle Estan Lloyd Alexander Charles Loizos Meredith Kendall Longsworth William J. Lorne Nicholas Loschaivo Adam Stuart Love Michael Noah Lovitt Jonathan Owen Lowder Valerie Jean Lucious Joshua Newton Lumpkin Elizabeth Ann Lundgren Timothy Paul Robert Lundstrom

Ariana Meliza Lyth Eric Michael Maguire Cory Lane Majors Richard Lee Maldonado Benjamin Tyler Martin Catina Green Martin Dominique De’Shun Martin Kenyon Dion Martin Tyler Charles Marzett Stewart Wesley Mashburn Rachel Kathleen Mason Sarah Mateer Jeffrey E. Mathews Christina M. Matlock Michael George Matott Stephen D. Matthews Kent Micah Maupin Steven Robert Maust Brooke Christine May Theodore Samuel May Anthony James Maynard Leanna Ruth Maynard Louis R. McCarthy Shawn Matthew McCartney Matthew R. McCaslin Scott Franklin McClenton Aaron Charles McColough Brynn Mallory McCormick Clemonteen McCummings Tina L. McCutcheon Scott D. McDorman Joshua David McDowell Shawn William Thomas McGowan Jason Ryan McIlwain Hal Price McKinley, Jr. Lee McKinney Tony Derrick McLaurin Anthony Michael McMillian William Joseph McMurray, Jr. Benjamin L. McNeill Paul David McNulty Andrew David McPheron Frank T. McQueen James Michael Mead IV Nancy Lee Meager John Wesley Medford Joshua Randy Meetre Sara Anne Meetre Armando Mendoza Kelly Colleen Mendoza Carly Lynn Meraz Joseph Christopher Meraz Rami Temporalis Meyer Jordan Michaud William Might II Loy R. Milam Jared Edward Miles Patricia Diane Miles Daniel J. Miller Michael David Miller Sanford Miller Heidi Lynn Mills Joseph Brandon Mills John Raymond Mink, Jr. Salvatore Anthony Minnella, Jr. Benjamin Michael Minter Jordan B. Mirk Jacob Aaron Mitchell Mark Andrew Mitchell James Wilson Mitchell III Brooke Smith Mize Bradley T. Moak Gary Wayne Moats Michael Anthony Mobley Gershon Mohamed Milton Theodore Mohr Brian Allen Moisant Elisabeth Ann Molina Garry Lee Mooney, Jr. Brandon Otis Moore Jeffrey Walter Moore Steven Matthew Moore Gilbert Alfred Morales Erma Arador Moreno Ashlee Lynn Morgan Kevin Russell Morgan Richard L. Morgan II James L. Morgan, Jr. Brian Todd Morris Gregory Derrick Morris Jonathan David Morrison Stephen Davis Morrison III

Bruce Morrow Christine A. Morse Delbert G. Mosher Astrid Carolina Mota Valerie Renee Mote Richard Moxley Matthew Mulder Alfreda Bernice Muldrow Lynna Marie Mull Andrew Steven Murfin Cassie Ann Murman Andre W. Murphy Aaron Paul Murray Matthew Ryan Murray Shane Vincent Muszall James Stuart Myer Jon Jeffrey Myers Keith E. Myrick Corina P. Naphy Teresa Handsel Nardozzi Jordan Ronald Neace Thomas Lee Neeley Travis Walter Neely Robert Anthony Neiss Nathan Laverne Nelson Jeffrey D. Nettles Derrick Bryon Newburn Kimberly R. Newport Theresa Reese Nicholson Joseph Nimoh Daniel William Noell Dale R. Nolan, Jr. Jonathan Weldon Norman Cynthia Beth Northwood Dennis Kevin Norton Matthew Alan Novitsky Robert Edward Nuccio Nahum Michael O’Brien Robert George Cavalieri O’Hagan Joshua Timothy Odell Brittany Askew Odom James Jason Odum Jin Sup Oh Carol Bethine Olcott Robert Steven Oliver, Jr. Tammy Tarrell Oliver-Willis Seth Ryan Oprea Gwendolyn Orndorff Brandon Michael Orr Juan Ortiz III Melvin Lee Osborne, Jr. Eric James Ostroot Charis Joy Overholser David W. Palmer David Sung Park Liz Emma Park Thomas Daniel Parke, Jr. David Eldon Parker Jeffery Grant Parker Marcus Scott Parker Amy L. Parousis Philip Edward Parrott Andrew D. Paulus Andrew Tanner Payne Douglas Nathan Pelfrey Larry A. Penn Zachary Skye Pennington Joshua Martin Peoples Shawn A. Perdue John T. Peters Sean Michael Peters Gerald D. Peterson Nicholas Michael Petronella Jordan Laci Petrovich Philip Andrew Peyton Rebecca M. Phaneuf Giselle Simone Phillips John Michael Phillips Samuel Ernest Phipps III Malcolm Jarod Pickard Dayne Anthony Pickett Daniel McGrath Pierce II Benisse Pierre Barbara Jean Pierson Hope Elizabeth Piirto Jordan Casey Pilcher Scott C. Plath James Mitchell Plyler Chris Philip Pomerleau Harold Wayne Poore Chad Michael Porell David Lawrence Porter

Patsy Anne Poteat Jandi Lynn Potts Jason Frederick Pouliot Wayne Powell Belinda Jeanette Prescott Madeleine-Camille Preuninger Sarah Ann Price Kimberley Dawn Prince Courtney Michelle Pruitt Karla Prudence Prunty Tracey Renee Pugh Miles Christian Quebedeaux Stephen Ryan Rabon Melissa Dyan Rafferty Valeria Rainey Mary Eileen Ralston Joshua Les Rambo Kelly Lynn Randall Dante Fitzgerald Randolph Thomas Jefferson Randolph VIII Gregory Trent Rankin Bryan Scott Raszinski Leonard Rautio Timothy H. Ray Richard Myron Reaves Jonathan Adam Rector Sherman Redden Keith W. Reed, Jr. Ryan Christopher Reid Robert Renner William Keith Resor, Jr. Johnny Reviere Albert Jesse Reyes Rosa Linda Reyes Jason Dean Reynolds Amber Louise Richards Paula Martin Richards Christopher E. Richardson Lonnie Joe Richardson David K. Richardson, Jr. Steven Rideout Anthony Christopher Rife Shane Cody Rife Daniel William Rigney Peggy Lea Rivera Marlon Iván Ríos Reuben James Roach Adriane Alexis Roberts Priscilla A. Robertson Gregory John Robotti Ronald Joseph Rodgers Max Curtis Rodgers, Jr. Dollie Rogers James William Rogers Katrina Marie Rogers Kevin Marcellus Rogers Randy Rohner Mark Thomas Rohrbach Matthew Rohrbach Andrew K. Rollo Jason Michael Ronda Bryan Patrick Petri-Rose Veeta Devonne Rose Sonya Lynn Rost William Christopher Rucker Derrick Linn Rude James Adrien Ruel Quinton Leon Runyon Christian Blake Rutherford Shawn Mitchell Rutherford Jonathan Andrew Rutkowski Patrick James Ryan Paul Vincent Ryan Tricia Ann Sachs Nathan P. Sala Richard Matt Salazar, Jr. Jose Luis Sanchez Mark Andrew Sanders Ronald Troy Sanders, Jr. Christine Elizabeth Sanderson Frank Santiago Arthur Vincent Sawyer Angela Hope Scalf Jackie G. Scantlin Caroline Kathryn Schafer Nathan Dee Schaidt Francesco Joseph Schillaci Jonathan Matthew Schlieper Jacob Alan Schneiderhan Patricia A. Schoening Nicholas Anthony Schoenmann Torin Patrick Schonta

Scott Vinton Schroeder Tina Marie Schuenke Aaron Michael Emery Schultz James Lee Schwerdtfeger Amy Lauren Scoggin Michael Shayne Scott Jake K. Sells Wendy Carol Seward Adam Joshua Shafer Charles Lee Shafer David F. Sheeley Joseph Colin Shepherd Scott Thomas Sheppard Ronald Roy Sherlin Sarah Rachael Shiflett Christina Lee Shoemaker Lee Tyler Shore Adam James Shortley Taylor Allen Shuler Sarah Maellen Sieg William James Siegrist Jared Kenneth Silva Alfred Alphonso Simmons Heather Elizabeth Simmons Derek Simons Kaleb Sherwood Simpson Eric Wayne Singleton Jeffery D. Sisco Barry Skinner Jonathan Christopher Slider Shadonna Le-Shawn Small Jeremy Lee Smathers Amy Marie Smissen Abner Smith Autumn Brooke Smith Calvin A. Smith Cameron Jeffrey Smith Darick J. Smith Deylan Michael Smith Gerri Sue Smith Jacob Donald Smith Jeremy Allen Smith Joshua Michael Smith Laura Alyssa-Hannah Smith Marna Jean Smith Mitchell Todd Smith Nathan Addison Smith Richard Charles Smith Shawn Michael Smith Tyler Michael John Smith David Smith Lionell DeMarkus Smith, Sr. Wallace Boyd Smith III Joanna R. Snow Jenna Renee Sole Kimberly Souter Jonathan Spann Kimberly Michelle Sparks Byron Spear Lisa Maria Speights Kara Nicole Spence Joshua S. Spinks Benjamin Scott Spivey Richard Alexander Spivey, Jr. Holly Noel Staats Karen L. Staley Paul Michael Stanton William M. Stark Jessica Anne Stearns Jessica Linn Steen Christian David Stephenson Glenn Newton Stepp Carolyn Stevens Ivan George Stiffler Tucker D. Stipe Shawn Patrice Stoicu Ben David Stokes Cassandra Stone Foy Cullen Stone Joshua Steven Stoneman Che Michael Stow Chad William Strausbaugh Shawn Patrick Stretch Kristopher Lee Stribling Evadne Alicia Stryffeler William David Stubblefield Matthew Daniel Stuffel Selena D. Sundy Jordan Lee Surratt Christopher Ray Swanson Megan Elizabeth Sweeney Cassie Marie Sweetra

Elizabeth Torrey Tan Derrick L. Tanyhill Joshua Larry Olguin Tarpley Danny Sheroy Tate Billy Jack Tatum Ashley Scott Taylor Daniel A. Taylor Samuel Joseph Taylor Zachary Lance Taylor Neil L. Tellier Taylor Edward Terzek Aragorn Thacker Corey Adam Thacker Lauren Elizabeth Thomas Talmadge Thomas Timothy James Thomas Jacqueline Thomas-Bass Derrick Demeatrius Thompson Lajuna Kay Thompson Mark Joseph Thompson Sheli Thompson-Gauthier Rickey Edward Thorne Cassandra B. Thornton Bex Thornton Steven Wayne Thrasher II Jonathan Tilt Jeremy Michael Timm Eugen Natan Tira Barbara D. Todd R. E. Todd Daniel Ray Tolliver Jill Breana Toodle John Patrick Toomey Chadwick Barton Torrison Mitsuki Toyoda Traci Michelle Triplett Brandon Wayne Tucker Jonathan S. Tucker Kerwin Dawayne Tucker Teresa Nushun Tucker Thomas Daniel Tucker Jake Pope Turlington Eugene R. Turner Julian Rashad Turner Kent Lawrence Turner Shelby Rae Turner David Joseph Tyson Evan David Uibel Cynthia Jo Umstadt Sadia Upright David M. Upton, Jr. Luke Nathanael Urbani Leonard John Van Essendelft Julie A. Vance Jordan Emmet VandeBogart Marc Richard VanderArk Heather Lee Vanderford Ryan Jon Vangsnes Shona L. Van’t Land Kelly Ann Vaughan Ronald E. Vega Damian Solomon Velarde Frank Velasquez Robert J. Velez Kelly Jean Venturini Michael Kenneth Verdonk Christopher L. Verser Brandon Joseph Vieth Keri Elizabeth Villescas Joan Paula Vincent Joseph Edward Voight James Richard Waddell Rachel Haughton Wagner Timothy Alan Walden Gwendolyn Marie Walker Janie D. Walker Jimmy DeShavius Walker Linda Dianne Walker Denise Christina Wall Emily Fay Wall Matthew Ryan Wallace Henry L. Wallace, Jr. Tyler Walston Joseph Wames Justin Waples Adam Matthew Ward Stephen Michael Waring Joseph Samuel Washington Loutrecia Shedrelle Washington Bruce Wasson Jennifer Kathleen Watkins

Felix Benjamin Watson Lorne David Watson Parker Marshal Watson Wesley Jake Weathington Kristina Mae Weaver Michaela Joelle Webb Laura Donivant Webster Brian Chase Weeks Rachel Williamson Wells Robert Mitchell Wells Douglas Raymond Wenger Shawn Wenzel J. Adam Wesley Leotra Lorel West Ann Marie Whicker Leroy Donnell Whitaker Sheila Joy Whitcomb Kristopher Carl White Matthew Scott White Ryan Joseph White Sue Lynn White Johnnie Mae White-Gant Christopher Ryan Whitlock Aundrea Nicole Whitmire Ora Whitted Lawrence Ray Wiggins III Jason David Wilgus Andrew James Williams Dalton Ray Williams Edra Renee Williams Gregory H. Williams Kenneth O’Neal Williams Lance E. Williams Laura Williams Wayne C. Williams Samson Benjamin Alonzo Williams II Matthew Williamson Ethan Guy Willis Emily Ruth Wilson Matthew D. Wilson Michael Wilson Nathaniel Allen Wilson Tyler Blaine Wilson David Wilson, Jr. William Thomas Wingate Bradley Joseph Winsler Andrew John Eric Winter Matthew Richard Wisser Joshua David Earl Wolfe Katherine Lee Wood Jessica Jane Woody Daniel Tyler Woolridge Courtney Elizabeth Workman Steven Britt Wright William David Wright Philip Dale Wyatt Autumn Claire Yebernetsky Jennifer Lauren Young Rachel Elizabeth Young Taylor Madison Young


William A. Young James Yount Nathan Ziemkowsky Jennifer Lynn Ziolkowski Jesse J. Ziolkowski Magda Zwierzchowski

WILLMINGTON SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE Graduate of Theology Nathanael Thompson Ammons Christina Antoinette Anderson Ronnie Carthen Anderson Pedro Arnaez, Jr. Debbie Rains Baker Keith Arnold Barnett Betty Barr Helen W. Beasley Scott Beck W. David Bell Georgia Ann Breathitt Troy Brown Dennis J. Burns Burnice Gregory Coghill Sargon Davoodi Mary R. Dean David Paul Dolson Adrienne D. Durgin Carolyn Jean Easton Doris Jean Eremenchuk Gerald Roy Faulkner Lisa Rae Fraser Desert Hugh Freeman Denise Y. Garretson Kent G. Garver Earlie M. Givens II Michael N. Gjonaj Anthony Gene Green Joseph Thomas Guinn Carol Trudy Henderson Cheryl Yvette Henry Richard Hillyard Daniel Raymond Hinst Bernia Jackson Jeffery Landon Patricia Ann Leath Geraldine Freeman Lundy Joshua Aaron Macklin Lisa Manning Kevin Paul McCarthy Selene Shaw McNairy David A. Mealancon Jeffery A. Mills Dwayne Christopher Morris Janice Mosley Shara Ann Nelson Keith A. Owen Sherry L. Plott James O’Keefe Ragsdale Ina Faye Riveras April Robere


Kevin W. Roberts Robert Thomas Shawhan Robert Sheppard Edward A. Smart Marie Hathaway Smook Jill Caroline Southgate Kenneth Spratt Barbara Pamela Sterling Alicia Joy Suarez Christopher Culin Sydes Patricia Taylor Christopher Bruce Thomas Jeffrey Adam Thomas Tammie B. Thornton Mary M. Ude Dawn Oakley Underwood Eric F. Warren Marvin Scott Wilhite Chelsea Lynne Witt

LIBERTY HOME BIBLE INSTITUTE Bible Diploma Kay Adams-Bernstein Milton Aldridge Yvrose Belony Robert Bender Philistin Brumaire Joe Celenza James DePirro Jeffery W. Hale Kitty Hale Andre Harper William Hoage Gretna Jackson James Key Matthew Key Wanda Elaine Kinard Mardi Medawar Kyongmi Odell Betty Parker Norman Parker Charlotte Powell Ernie Powell Vanessa Robinson Dean Elaine Slade David Spindle Vermel Tucker Hannah Joy Utz Theresa L. Utz Barbara J. Washington Ronald Williams, Sr. Ankeste A. Worke

INSTITUTE OF BIBLICAL STUDIES Bible Certificate Charles D. Humphries Eileen Ng Barbara G. Payne

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY ONLINE ACADEMY High School Diploma Jordan Almony Aubrie Anderson Marijane Beck Briana Blunt Rebecca Bodron Elizabeth Boyette Joel Brenny Victoria Britt Jonathan Brown Miranda Bucci Sara Burton Benjamin Caldwell Natalie Cameron Anthony Carter Daniel Cervera Heather Clark Justin Cook Anne Corbitt Sarah Cozzens Kaylee Criss Kyle Davis Andrew Dawson Katie Day Laura Dubberke William Eden Abigail Edwards Jenae Ernest Caleb Farmer Wasil Farooqui Taylor Ferrara Jessica Flores Landon Foster Genesis Gallegos Rebekah Gibson Doyle Greener Jonathan Groves Angela Guillermo Kristen Gully Avery Hall Mackenzie Hall Caroline Hamblen Sarah Honeycutt Kylee Hook Karina Housley Amanda Hunter Hannah Hunter Lauren Hunter Kiti Jackson Torell Jackson Isaiah Jankovsky Victoria Jenkins Frankie Johnson Haylie Johnson Laura Johnson Wesley Johnson Samantha Kinnett Andrew Kuenzi

Bryana Lihou Rachel Liu Amanda Long Ashley Long Madison Marmen Cameron Austin Marshall Marvin Trace Marshall Madison McCutcheon Lauren McGrath Haley McLean Megan Medeiros Wyatt Messmaker Cutler Amanda Moore Madison Nasser Troy Nicely Hayley Nielson Luke Orth Banks Osborne Kinsey Owens Angela Patton Tori Piccoli-Wong Jeb Pickford Rebeccah Plate Kristina Porras Arianna Preiser Mindi Pugh Trevor Rakes Rebecca Rider Nathaniel Rosenberg Christine Scanlan Hannah Schmalfeldt Samantha Shamie Joan Sheridan Tabytha Smith Joshua Stanton Christopher Stayton Mark Stillwagon Taylor Stocks Katarina Strong Joshua Swope Alexander Taylor Rachel Taylor Austin Thomas Catrina Thomas Harrison Varner Stephen Vaughn Damaris Virts Caleb Waldrop Cheyenne Ward Nathan White Christy Woughter Jeremy Wrigh











SELAH: A MEANING BEHIND THE NAME When deciding the book’s theme, it was difficult to focus on just one thing. Amidst the growth, construction, and excitement that came with daily life, there was no single theme that accurately described the year. We decided that the university’s overwhelming progress and change would be the source of our theme. There was so much — sometimes too much — to take in each day. Selah. Pause. Be Still. Remember. Our goal when creating this book was to inspire students, faculty, and alumni to reflect on

the past and anticipate an exciting future for the university as well as their individual lives. As we daily passed the cranes and caution tape on a campus referred to by Johnnie Moore as a “construction site with a campus, rather than a campus with a construction site,” we were reminded to consider the significance of the developments that surrounded us. The university moved ahead in immense ways in the 2012-13 school year. Many buildings were constructed, to replace the ones that were built when the late Jerry Falwell, Sr. established

the school. In the face of such monumental expansion, it was essential to look back in amazement and ahead with excitement, while pausing in the present to give thanks. David used the word “Selah” in the Psalms to denote important thoughts or ideas that needed to be pondered. When you look through this book, we hope you will truly pause, be still, and as it says in Psalm 103:2, “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all His benefits.”


Aanderud, Brittany Aanderud, Bryan Abara, Chinalu J Abbe, Lauren Abbey, Philip Abbott, David Abbott, Joy E Abbott, Steven

Abbott, Timothy Abdallah, Paul J Abebe, Samuel M Abedzadeh, Alexandra A Abedzadeh, Isaac D Abee, Matthew K Abel, Emily A Abel, Lauren K

Abnar, Derrington D Aboagye, Michael Aboraah, Keith Nana Abraham, Betsy Abraham, Susanna Abrahamsen, Peder A Abrahamsen, Tory Abrams, Baili

Abrams, DaMeka L Abramson, Weston T Acell, Kelsey H Acheampong, Jessica D Achtau, Roland Ackerman, Daniel K Ackerman, Joel Acosta, Christopher

Acosta, Joshua Acosta Guzman, Angela Acree, Ethan Acree, Mark Acree, Mary K Acree, Stephen Acres, Jake R Acres, Jaylyn M

Adam, Derek Adam, Roland Adams, Abigail Adams, Amanda L Adams, Andrew W Adams, Angela A Adams, Aquina Adams, Bradleigh

Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams,

Brittany Caleb M Chad Christopher J Cory Courtney R Daniel H Danielle

Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams, Adams,

Dylan R Elizabeth C Jacob J Jamie S Jeremy John N Joshua Katelyn R


Adams, Matthew D Adams, Melissa N Adams, Omar Adams, Royce Adams, Samuel C Adams, Seth H Adams, Stacie R Adams, Tinsley A

Adams, Tyler G Adams, Zachary A Adamson, AnneMaria Adamson, Svetlana Adamson-Olaotan, R Adcock, Jordan T Addams, Austin Addington, Ashley N

Addo, Juliet E Addy, Benjamin K Adebayo, Amos Adebayo, J Adebowale, Adetoun Adejinle, Gregory A Adejinle, Victoria Adelman, Curran A

Adkins, Arey Adkins, Hannah Adkins, Kristin G Adkins, Morgan Adler, Joshua R Adounkpe, Ariel K Adriance, Jeanette Adriance, Lauren M

Aertker, John C Aggrey, Beulah Aggrey, Isaac Aggrey, Princess Ruth Agnoletto, Alexander Agnoletto, Samantha L Agyemang, Alberta AHarrah, Wesley

Ahn, Da Sol Aikens, Walter B Aimo, Jane C Air, Nicole P Airo, Jazmin Aita, Stephen Akerele, Kayode O Akers, Benjamin C

Akers, Daniel Akers, Kaylee Akers, Sarah E Akers, Timothy S Al Naimat, Danial Albaugh, Elizabeth A Alberino, Christina Albert, Alexis E

Albert, Jacqueline Albert, Ryan Albert, Stephanie H Albright, James P Albright, Krista B Albury, Catherine Albury, Cierra M Albury, Cynthia

Alcegaire, Wesley Alderson, Joseph W Aldrich, Alexander Alexander, Corey J Alexander, Jordan Alexandre, Latoya L Alford, Rebekah J Alford, Taylor M

Ali, Rachel M Ali, Simeon Alioth, Jourdan M Allard, Adam D Allbrook, Brittany A Allen, Aldreakis T Allen, Amber G Allen, Ashley

Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen,

Carrie A Debra M Diamond R Haley Harrison Jacqueline Jennifer N Katherine

Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen,

Kelby B Kristi M Lara L Lizzie H Matthew C Olivia R Rebecca B Richard J

Allen, Sarah E Allen, Sarah E Allen, Tevin Allen, Thomas V Allen, William B Allen-Window, Curtshawn M Allerdings, Melanie Alley, Danielle J

Alley, Joshua D Alley, Kathryn R Alleyne, K Alleyne, Kendra R Alleyne, Shirley P Allgood, Madison Allison, Caleb Allison, Christopher D

Allison, David Allison, Luke W Allison, Madeline M Allocco, Charles Allsep, Anna E Alquiros, Arison Alsip, Edward M Alsop, Katherine C

Alsop, Sara A Alston, Malcolm Altis, Ashley N Alvarado, Ashlee R Alvarado, Noelia Alvarado, Rebecca J Alvarenga, Cesia R Alvarez, Benjamin


Alvarez, Elizabeth J Alvarez, Mario Amaning, Theodora Amann, Felicity J Amato, Colton Amaya, Andrea A Amaya, Manuel A Amaya, Rafael

Amberg, Heather A Amburgey, Stephen T Amedore, Anthony N Amedore, George Amert, Chelsea L Ames, Elizabeth Ames Leong, Timothy K Ametam, Joseph

Amiri, Nicholas B Amiri, Timothy J Amofah, Emmanuel Amos, Valencia L Amos, William R An, Jinkyung Anasco, Christine Anconetani, Angela

Andersen, Cody Anderson, Alicia Anderson, Andrew G Anderson, Arden Anderson, Audrey E Anderson, Breanna M Anderson, Brooke Anderson, Chelsea

Anderson, Colby B Anderson, Gordon E Anderson, Hannah Anderson, Heather L Anderson, Jacob M Anderson, Jamie D Anderson, Jason S Anderson, Jessica L

Anderson, Joanna Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Joshua Anderson, Kelsey J Anderson, Kirby M Anderson, Kristi N Anderson, Lauryn Anderson, Michael D

Anderson, Nicole E Anderson, Omar A Anderson, Savannah Anderson, Spencer Anderson, Sydney Anderson, Taylor Anderson, Whitney S Anderson, William D

Andoh-Kesson, John Andres, Noelle Andrews, Chelsea Andrews, Leah C Andrews, Paul D Andrews, Philip N Andrews, Robert Andrews, Ryan N

Andrews, Seth P Andrick, Tyler Anduray, Daniel Aney, Timothy M Ange, Daniel J Ange, Donna Angel, Donald P Angione, Jeremy

Angle, Staton Angy, Cheyne Anim, Angela Aniol, Joellyne N Annable, Andrew C Annette, Patrick Anquandah, Joshua E Ansell, Richard F

Anspach, Jacob S Antezana, Justin D Anthony, Heather N Anthony, Holly A Anthony, Jessica Antone, Rachael E Antone, Taylor Antonini, Derek

Antonio, Stephen Antonucci, Thomas Antoury, Amina S Anyan, Rhoda Apa, Henrietta Apolinario, Jessica Apon, Christie A Apon, Isaac

Apon, Robert B Apprey, Aaron P Apthorp, Alan R Arana, Annika L Arbaiza, Eli Arbour, Nathanael Arce, Eunice Lois Arce, Rick

Archer, Camilla M Archer, Magan S Archer, Page K Archinal, Stephanie Archulet, Ashley S Arcuri, Brendon Ardon Jones, Vanessa Arguello, Giovanna M

Argyropoulos, Alexander P Arias, Isaac Arisman, Jacob Arledge, Christopher S Arlequin, Manuel Armbrust, Micah Armbuster, Lee D Armstrong, Ashley L

Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong,

Christopher M Cody Denae Emily Jesse L John Joshua Parker C


Arndt, Kristin L Arnold, Tyler Aron, Michelle Arp-Barnett, Zack Arpin, Ryan Arrington, Andrew K Arrington, Charity C Arrington, Kaleigh

Arrington, Phillip Arriola, Vicky T Arruti, Alexis Arslain, Paul Artale, Michael P Artavia, Ashley E Arthur, Daniel Arthur, Dominique T

Arthur, Kara L Arvey, Christopher M Arza, John Asante, Kwadwo N Asante, Maxwell Asante-Mensah, Belinda Asbury, Brian K Asbury, Candace B

Ashbaugh, Julianne E Ashby, Olivia C Ashby, Samantha L Ashe Batista, Brooke D Ashe Batista, Jennifer L Ashley, Katlin L Ashmore, Matthew Ashong, Veneranda

Ashton, John A Ashwood, Daniel S Ashworth, Trey S Asihene, Alvin Asihene, Darryl Askew, Spencer R Askren, Nicole M Askren, Travis

Assam, Abigail Atangan, Nathaniel Atchison, Brett Atchison, Chad Atchison, Meagan E Atchley, Morgan K Aten, Kody Atewologun, Olubunmi

Athanasiou, Alexandra Atkins, Matthew Atkins, Richard Atkinson, Aaron Atkinson, Colin Atkinson, Marcellus D Atwood, Ashton N Atwood, Laurel B

Atwood, Ryan Au, Chi-Hang B Au, Ming Yan Au, Ming-Yee A Aube, Courtney L Aubin, Jason J Aucott, Rebecca E Aughenbaugh, Catherine G

Auguste, Natalie G Auguste, Valerie G Augustin, Jean Climaque Augustus, Teresia M Aung, Van Tint Austin, Christopher Austin, David O Austin, Desell Josiah

Austin, Erika N Austin, Hannah Avant, Christopher Averette, Lauren Axon, Brianna Ayala, Dominica L Ayegbusi, Sola A Ayers, David F

Ayers, Joseph R Ayers, Kathryn E Ayieko, Sylvia A Ayodeji, Savon O Azais, Brandi Aznavorian, Kaylyn C Azubuike, Chizoba Azuero Tejada, Jorge A

Baafi, Jacqueline Babb, Lydia F Babb, Sarah E Babbitt, Jesse L Babbitt, Yana J Babcock, Elizabeth N Babcock, Meghan P Babcock, Michael T

Baber, Kristen L Babij, Joshua Babinsky, Gabriel Bachelder, Bryan G Bachelder, David K Bachmann, Hannah K Backof, Stephen D Baczewski, Monica

Bae, Chris J Bae, Geu Rim Bae, Hei Jin Bae, Hyewon Bae, Young Min Baek, Joseph Baez, Audrey Bageant, Caleb B

Baggarly, Kara M Baggarly, Kelsey D Baggerly, Robert B Bagley, Elizabeth E Bah, Francis Bahhur, Brice E Bai, Jiabin Bailey, Alicia A

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey,

Andrew Benjamin E Bradley C Brooke Jason Jennifer B Jonathan W Joseph R


Bailey, Joshua W Bailey, Joshua Bailey, Kimberly Bailey, Kyle C Bailey, Mallory A Bailey, Robert P Bailey, Taylor G Bailiff, Amber

Bain, Norshanti N Baine, Ashley D Baines, Gregory Baines, Jonathan E Baines, Krystal S Baines, Sarah L Baird, Stephen Bak, Yulhuem

Bakaitis, Zachary D Bakalian, Brian Baker, Alyona Baker, Anna V Baker, Arthur S Baker, Ashli Baker, Brina Baker, Catherine L

Baker, Dianna L Baker, Jesse A Baker, Justin Baker, Keshia D Baker, Mary A Baker, Matthew Baker, Morgan Baker, Owen A

Baker, Ryan M Baker, Sandra J Baker, Sarah B Baker, Sophie Baker, Stephanie R Baker, Tracy A Baker Fick, Joshua Bakker, Cameron

Balcom, Aleeza B Baldacci, Tyler Baldino, Hannah Baldwin, Amanda L Baldwin, Crystal B Bales, Anna K Bales, Brock K Balken, Lauren N

Ball, Chandler V Ball, Jeremy R Ballard, Daniel Ballentine, Kathryn A Ballew, Jaime Ballou, James Balsam, Breanna M Balsam, Tyler N

Balser, Sarah Balser, Zachariah S Baltierra, Jacob Bamford, Audrey B Bancer, Elisha Banda, Chimwemwe Bandari, Nissy Bandeaux, Kasey N

Bandy, Kristin A Bane, Carrie Bane, Joshua Bankemper, Patrick H Banks, Gerrell Banks, Imani Banks, Jasmine A Banks, Savannah B

Bannister, De'Angelo M Bannon, Patrick M Banter, Collin Banton, Dakota W Bapst, Lauren Baptiste, Matthew A Baquero Fierro, Lina MarĂ­a Barahona, Reina I

Barahona Murillo, G Barbeau, Andrew T Barbeau, Michael S Barbee, Cody L Barber, Christopher Barber, Janna Barber, Jared Barber, Katherine R

Barber, Marisa Barbir, Joshua Barbir, Nicolas J Barbir, Timothy D Barbosa, Anna K Bardy, Amanda L Barefoot, Caleb Barela, Adam C

Bargar, Brandy Barger, Kimberly A Barger, Kristina L Barham, Mackenzie S Barker, Abigail Barker, Abigail Barker, Alexandru B Barker, Brian L

Barker, Zachary T Barnes, Chelsea Barnes, Holly Barnes, Kawin A Barnes, Kimberly R Barnes, Lindsay Barnes, Rachel E Barnett, Alexander S

Barnett, Jordan M Barnoski, Kathryn Barock, Steven Barr, Natalie S Barr, Shannon P Barrans, Christopher P Barre, David Barrett, Breanna G

Barrett, Broderick L Barrows, John J Barry, Marie Barry, Shannon Barsigian, Jacob Barstead, Ashley D Bartell, Ashleigh Bartels, Allison M


Bartleman, Brandon C Bartlett, Caleb S Bartlett, Daniel R Bartlett, Jacob Bartley, Erin Bartlow, Brent C Bartlow, Jenae C Barton, Nicholas C

Barton, Tyler R Barun, Shelsea A Basel, Charles A Baseme, David B Basham, John Basinger, Hope E Basom, Abigail Bass, Brandon S

Bass, Daniel M Bass, Emily M Bass, Hunter B Bass, Jonathan Bassett, Brady J Bassie, Mark S Basto, Andrea M Basye, Samuel W

Batdorf, Abigail E Bateman, Christopher Bateman, Jon C Bates, Joel D Bates, Jordan S Bates, Kerri Bath, David A Bath, Rachel B

Batol, Timothy Batson, Jeffrey M Batson, Meghan J Battaglia, Angela Battillo, Allison R Battillo, Kari Battiste, Karen L Battiste, Zachary A

Battle, Celeste Battle, Derrick Battley, James Z Bauer, Alexandra N Bauer, Rachel S Bauerle, Chelsea N Bauerle, Garrett Baugniet, Lauren M

Bauguess, Jeremy T Baumbach, Matthew Baumgardner, Kristin Baumgardner, Rachel E Baumgarten, Luke Baus, Lisa Baxley, Carey E Bayes, Jedidiah T

Bayoh, Sorie Bazil, Jovannie Bazzoli, Keenan D Beach, Andrew L Beachley, Amy Beachy, Krista Beale, Jeremy Beale, Selena

Beall, Anna M Beals, Hannah G Beam, Erik M Beam, Nathaniel G Beam, Sean M Beaman, Heather Bean, Haylea Bean, Leslie L

Beans, Joshua Beard, Joshua M Beard, Miranda Beard, Stephen Beard, Steven P Bearinger, Brooke M Beasley, Hillary J Beasley, Jacob

Beasley, John P Beaston, Tyler Beaton, Samuel E Beatty, Blaine S Beatty, Elizabeth Beaty, Christopher W Beaty, James S Beaty, Thea

Beaulieu, Michael Beaumont, Timothy D Beaver, Stacy Beavers, Benjamin L Beavon, Kyle Bebbington, Kathryn Bechtel, Benjamin R Bechtold, Lindsay J

Beck, Allison N Beck, Benjamin B Beck, Emily A Beck, Paige Becker, Abigail E Becker, Daniel Becker, Emily C Becker, Hannah

Becker, Morgan T Beckett, Mark A Beckett, Matthew Beckett, William R Beckles, Andre E Beckles, Ashleigh Beckman, Brandon A Beckner, Benjamin

Beckner, Candace Beckner, Katie L Beckner, Kayla S Bedard, Ryan J Bedell, Corinn Bedingfield, Caleb Bedrosian, Austin C Bedwell, Allison P

Bee, Robert S Beecher, Austin R Beeghley, Jesse S Beel, Rachel Beel, Stephanie Beeman, Alena N Beerel, Jake Beerman, Luke A


Beesley, Jonathan A Beeson, Shante M Beikert, Brennan C Beimel, Ronald Beisinger, Keeley Beitler, Kristie Bekele, Dagmawi F Bekele, Mathias

Belay, Eleni Tamerat Belcher, Brandon K Belcher, Hailey E Bele, Christopher Belisle, Gregory J Belkofer, Laura Bell, Andria Bell, Casey E

Bell, Eric W Bell, Ethan T Bell, Jordan C Bell, Josiah M Bell, Katelyn A Bell, Lydia K Bell, Mariah Bell, Matthew D

Bell, Meghan Bell, Sarah E Bell, Terrence Bell, Thomas W Bellamy, Mason Bellew, Christine Bellew, Rachel Bellew, Steven

Belotte, Maggie E Beltrami, David Beltz, Brandi Belue, Kelly A Benavidez, Taylor Bender, Tara L Bender, Zachariah Bendle, Rebekah

Benedetto, Cory Benedict, Daniel Benet, Natalie R Bengtson, Anders W Benham, Kristina Benjamin, Emily Benjamin, Ryan A Benkovics, Brittany F

Bennett, Audrey Bennett, Blair D Bennett, Blair Bennett, Caleb J Bennett, Carissa Bennett, Chantell C Bennett, Mary E Bennett, Paige

Bennett, Tristan Benninger, Kent S Benson, Boone Benson, Bowman Benson, Daila Benson, David T Benson, Denisha D Benson, Jeffrey W

Benson, Laura E Benson, Matthew G Benson, Tiffany J Bentick, Uriah Bentley, Christopher Bentley, Lauren E Bentley, Rebekah Benton, George

Benton, Lindsay Bentson, Chelsea L Benzinger, Phillip D Berdeau, Alexander Bergen, Heather Bergen, Valerie Berger, Ali G Berger, Emily

Berger, Robert A Berger, Taylor L Bergey, Jade A Berguson, Jon E Berkland, Anna L Berkley, Alaina M Berlin, Joshua A Bernard, Christopher D

Bernard, Wesley T Bernas, Michael Bernhardt, Heather J Bernhardt, Kaitlyn M Bernhart, Cassandra M Bernhart, Joy A Bernritter, Hilary Berrios, Christian G

Berrios, Solianna Berry, Connor D Berry, Jennifer Berry, Katherine Berry, Kayla M Berry, Megan Berry, Stephen E Berthiaume, Kyler D

Bertone, Dana Bertsch, Maxwell Best, Amanda B Best, Kathryn C Bester, Brandon A Betancourt, Amarilis Betar, Rebekah Bethel, Lauren

Bethell, Kerri A Bett, Dennis K Bettcher, Nathaniel M Bettcher, Stephanie Betterly, Mason A Beuerle, Anouk Marie Bevacqua, Nicole Beverage, Stephanie

Beverley, Brenton C Beverley, Keston P Beverly, Aaron C Beverly, Lisa L Bew, Audrey K Bhatia, Tanveer S Bialk, Wesley T Bibby, Lowe H


Bibby, Ruth N Bibler, Shannon Bice, Travis Bicket, William A Biddington, David A Bieber, Anthony J Bielicki, Arielle C Biereder, Jennifer

Bieri, Nathaniel C Biernacki, Amber Bigelow, Mark N Biggers, Taylor A Bilby, Kristen P Bilek, Brennan R Billie, Lauren Billings, Lance L

Billings, Stephen Billiot, Brianna N Billow, Alyssa Bingham, Brittany L Bingham, Cody R Bingham, Matthew E Birchard, Brett A Birchfield, Lindsey S

Bird, Gabriel Birdsall, Abbey L Birnbaum, Kevin Birriel, Stephanie Bisaga, John A Bishop, Altha B Bishop, Bianca Bishop, Brandie

Bishop, Colby S Bishop, Jennifer L Bishop, Nicole T Bishop, Taylor A Bivens, Lauren Bixby, Jaclyn M Bize, Sarah Black, Alexandra F

Black, Breann E Black, Cassandra E Black, Corvette S Black, James Black, Johanna Black, Marilyn M Black, Matthew Z Black, Olivia

Blackburn, Nicholas Blackstad, Meagan N Blackwell, Christopher S Blain, Jordan M Blaine, Aaron T Blair, Caleb O Blair, Selby A Blais, Eric C

Blais, John M Blake, Alyssa J Blake, Emily J Blake, Gavin R Blake, Meredith Blake, Paul A Blake, Rebekah Blakeman, Kaylin

Blakeman, Scott Blakey, Moses I Blakey, Randesha M Blalock, Charles Blalock, Hank Blalock, Luther James B Blanchard, Kyle R Blanchard, Megan N

Blanchard, Shane J Bland, Antone M Bland, Maryssa Blanding, Robert Blankenship, Courtney L Blankenship, Sarah Blanton, David Blanton, Victoria P

Blaskewicz, Jacob C Blatt, Jane M Blattner, Rachel M Blease, Anna E Bliesner, Caleb Blizzard, Demarisse Blondon, Marcus Blosenski, Anthony

Blosser, Bethany Blount, Danielle R Blount, Gregry Blount, Nancy S Blue, Cayla O Blue, Samantha Blue, Yuri Blum, Abby K

Blum, Emily A Blume, Mark Blumer, Andrew D Blumer, Kristin Boaitey, George Boardwine, Anthony Boarman, Cassidy M Boas, Aubrey W

Boateng, Janet Bobakov, Timofey Bobbitt, Mary L Bobbitt, Perry A Bocek, Jillian Bock, Abigail L Bock, Jonathan Bockelkamp, Cody

Bocock, Cody A Boda, Jessie Boda, Josiah Bodanza, Marissa R Bodanza, Matthew R Bode, Anna R Boden, Sean Boderck, Sarah J

Bodie, Grace Bodrog, Isabel Bodway, Tyler B Bogan, Rebekah Bogdan, Ian J Boggs, William L Bogier, Kenya D Boham, Andrew


Bohlmann, Elizabeth Bohrer, Peter J Bojaciuk, James C Boland, Kristin N Bolden, Rashad E Boley, Angela N Bolinger, Rachel L Bolio, Allison F

Bollman, Drew Bolt, Candice L Bolt, Jason Bolt, Jordan Bolt, Joshua Bolton, Daniel J Bolton, Ethan M Bolton, Trotter H

Bolton, Zachary Bonaguide, Aaron M Bonamo, Grace L Bond, Jason Bond, Jessi D Bond, Joseph C Bond, Michaela Bone, John E

Bonek, Kelsea A Bonelli, Brittany J Bonferraro, Matthew C Bonilla, Eimy Bonilla, Monica Bonner, Robrean J Booker, Paul Booker, Ronald

Boone, Madeline L Boone, Melissa Boontjer, Edward C Boontjer, Samantha B Boorom, Sarah E Boorum, Julia F Boorum, Victoria L Booth, Britney

Booth, Brittane M Booth, Christian Boothe, Adam Bordelon, Rachel C Borders, Andrew Borders, Elizabeth A Borem, Jacob A Borgia, Scott T

Borland, David A Bornarth, Garrett R Borne, Michelle Borneisen, Timothy W Bornhorst, Tara M Bortz, Eric D Bos, Curtis W Bosche, Lauren K

Boschman, Brent C Boschman, Jeffrey S Bosco, Angela Bosco, Patrizia M Bosiger, Jordan A Bosma, Andrew Bosso-Hamernick, Anthony Bost, Katherine J

Botello, Eric Botero Antia, Laura S Botta, Daniel S Bottoms, Robert L Botts, Ethan C Boucher, Britanny L Boucher, Katherine R Boucher, Trever D

Bouchez, Brittany L Bouchez, Lauren A Bouffard, Jaime P Bouldin, Tyler A Boulware, Rebecca Bourget, Jeremie Bourne, Christopher K Bourne, Elizabeth A

Bourret, Sophie M Bouton, Victoria Bova, Christopher R Bovard, Matthew Bovitz, Kelsey E Bowden, Daniel Bowe, Dustin L Bowen, Nathan

Bower, Aaron Bower, Kelsey Bower, Malissa Bower, Sarah Bowers, Daniel A Bowers, Jacqueline Bowers, Kendra Bowers, Kyle S

Bowers, Lyndsey N Bowers, William Bowie, Natalie N Bowler, Steven J Bowles, Meghan Bowlin, Kati J Bowling, Ronald G Bowling, Terran

Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman, Bowman,

Andrea Brietta N Cody A Dylan J Jacob W Jonathan Luke N Marissa

Bowman, Mark Bowman, Melanie F Bowman, Timothy Bowns, Carter Boyce, Aaron Boyd, Chelsea L Boyd, Christopher P Boyd, Courtney M

Boyd, Darren Boyd, Kristin M Boyd, Malcolm D Boyd, Moses J Boyd, Rodney Boyd, Zachary Boye, Natasha Boyer, Gregory A


Boyer, Jeremiah W Boyer, Jordan Boyer, Joshua M Boyer, Michael-Robert T Boyette, Blair W Boyette, Emily L Boyette, Lydia A Boyette, Sarah

Boykin, Alexandria M Boykin, Ian Boykin, Taylor K Boykins, Tazjanique D Boyles, Emily E Braam, Megan Bracken, Joshua T Brackett, Kathryn E

Bradford, Heather M Bradford, Nathan Bradley, Adrian Bradley, Amanda N Bradley, Johnathan T Bradley, Jonathan R Bradley, Laurel Bradley, Lauren

Bradley, Rachael Bradley, Viola L Bradner, Patrick Bradon, Taylorann Bradsher, Lori Bradt, Caitlin D Brady, Maria Brady, Sullivan J

Bragg, Amber R Bragg, Andrew Braham, Austin Brainard, Jeffrey A Brancaleone, Giovanni V Brancaleone, Nina B Branch, Linda N Brandenstein, Joshua

Brandon, Cole Brandon, Daniel Brandon, Riley E Brandon, Shawn Brandt, David A Brandt, Jeremiah S Brandt, Rayna M Brangman, Alana R

Branham, Justin E Branham, Lauren M Brannen, Ashley Branner, Leanna Branov, Gorgi Branson, Tyler K Brantley, Joshua M Brantner, Shirah N

Braswell, Justin Brathwaite, Tenille Bratton, Austin Braughton, Hannah Braun, Allison J Braun, Craig Braun, Stacy N Braxton, Chelsey

Bray, Joshua D Brazas, Jonathan Bream, Austin L Bream, Douglas M Bredeman, Angela C Bredemeier, Katie A Bredemeier, Stephen D Bredin, Michael J

Brefo-Kesse, Winnifred Breidenbach, Kaitlyn B Breitmeyer, Kyle Breland, Arne Brenan, Connor J Brennan, Michael D Brennan, Tyler C Brenny, Rebekah

Brent, Sarah L Breton, Elizabeth Brettrager, Royal A Breunig, Cody P Breunig, Kaylee K Breunig, Sterling Brewer, Alexander Brewer, Austin J

Brewer, Benjamin Brewer, Joshua B Brice, Nicole A Bricker, Ryan Brickner, Ronald Bridges, Daniel J Bridges, Hayden A Bridges, Kiara D

Bridges, Lindsey M Bridgett, Devin M Bridwell, Caleb J Briggs, Allison M Briggs, Alyssa Briggs, Michael G Briggs, Travis Briggs, Trevor R

Brighoff, John R Bright, Jordan W Bright, Zachary S Brightbill, Dylan Brighton, Miriam Briley, Zachary H Brindley, Victoria I Brinkley, Aaron G

Brinkley, Jacob S Brinson, Makenzie L Brister, Darius Britt, Dalton Britt, Haleigh R Brittingham, Annah J Britton, Christopher M Britton, Kallie L

Brizendine, Adam C Broadway, Kristina I Brocaille, Caleb A Brocious, Emily J Brock, Victoria Brockelman, Olivia V Brockway, Nicholas Brondyke, Steven R


Brookman, Daniel R Brooks, Ashleigh Brooks, Colton A Brooks, Darec R Brooks, Dominic Brooks, Earl T Brooks, Jeremy T Brooks, Joseph

Brooks, Joshua W Brooks, Justin A Brooks, Kelsey N Brooks, Kevin J Brooks, Raina S Brooks, Regan P Brooks, Rhett Brooks, Samuel J

Brooks, Sarah J Broomell, Brooke T Broughton, Mary C Brouhard, Jonathan Brouse, Michael C Brousseau, Emma L Browe, Graham C Brower, Cara L

Brown, Aaron M Brown, Abby Brown, Alexander L Brown, Alexandra M Brown, Allison E Brown, Alyssa S Brown, Alyssa Brown, Antonio

Brown, April Brown, Ashley J Brown, Brandon Brown, Brandon Brown, Brittany M Brown, Byron Brown, Chelsie R Brown, Christa

Brown, Christina E Brown, Christine R Brown, Clayton L Brown, Corbin A Brown, Daniel E Brown, Daniel H Brown, David J Brown, Devon

Brown, Domonique Brown, Drew Brown, Emily J Brown, Emily R Brown, Gabrielle M Brown, Haley Brown, Halla Brown, Harley S

Brown, Heather J Brown, Jeremiah D Brown, Jessica E Brown, Jevon P Brown, Jolene D Brown, Joseph D Brown, Kenneth M Brown, Kraig R

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Lance Lindsey J Makenzie Mary E Mary-Kaitlyn Megan Meghan L Melissa D

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Nicole A Olivia Rachel A Rachel E Richard T Sarah E Sarah J Shayla R

Brown, Timothy Brown, Tyler P Brown, William D Brown Ruffin, Brandon D Brownd, Elizabeth Browne, Benjamin Browne, Kathryn Brubaker, Abigail

Bruce, Daniel C Bruce, Kenneth Bruckmann, Rachel M Brueckner, Paul Bruffy, Hollie E Bruins, Nathan Brumbaugh, Coryna J Brumble, Laura B

Brummitt, Kirsten D Brunco, Brett A Brundage, Kathryn Brundidge, Lawrence A Brungard, Mark E Brungard, Rebecca R Brusletten, David M Bry, Ashleigh A

Bryan, Roger Bryan, Wesley R Bryant, Alydia R Bryant, Amadi K Bryant, Andrea Bryant, Ashley E Bryant, Courtney Bryant, Jon Q

Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant,

Katherine Kaylee K Kenzie L Melissa L Miranda E Rebecca William A William C

Buadu, Josephine O Buah, Leona H Buchanan, Elisa N Buchanan, Jason M Buchanan, Nathaniel T Buchiere, Allison R Buck, Amanda R Buck, Amber R


Buck, Samuel Buck, Sarah E Buckhalt, Joel D Buckhalt, Johnathan M Buckland, Bradley Buckley, Jillian B Buckmaster, Ian Buckner, Kaitlin

Buckner, Raymond L Buckwalter, Brittany D Buda, Stephanie T Buechner, Emily Buechner, Joshua M Buffa, Todd Bulles, Jeremy T Bulles, Joshua

Bullman, Kelsey J Bullock, Ashley Bullock, Emily S Bullock, Nathan A Bullock, Stephen C Bullock, Tyler Bump, Thomas Bundy, Emily

Bundy, Wesley E Bunn, Sabrina L Bunner, Ashley B Bunque, Jomer Mac De Vera Bunyea, Sarah Bunzey, Tyler Buonanno, Jessica R Buracker, Ava N

Burbrink, Mary Burchfield, Jessica E Burchman, Joshua Burdeaux, Amanda N Burdette, Cody E Burdette, Hunter Burgess, Evan Burgess, Isaiah M

Burgess, Jonathan Burggraf, Meghan C Burggraf, Samuel E Burgos, Steven A Burhoe, Taelor B Burkart, Shelton K Burke, Emily K Burke, Erik

Burke, Hannah Burke, Joshua Burke, Karyn N Burke, Rachel Burke, Samantha L Burkert, Aric L Burkett, Carson Burkhard, Nora

Burkhart, Aaron M Burkhart, Daniel L Burkholder, Kevin M Burkholder, Matthew R Burklin, Katherine Burks, Ashley F Burks, Douglas Burks, Elizabeth M

Burks, Karesse N Burleson, Jeremiah J Burlin, Michael Burling, Austin W Burling, Preston N Burman, Kyle M Burnell, Caitlyn J Burnett, Lukas C

Burnette, Amy L Burnette, Anna R Burnette, Lindsay A Burnham, Emma D Burnham, Grant M Burns, Brock Burns, Lindsay Burns, Noah

Burns, Ryan Burns, Zachary T Burrell, Catharine A Burrell, Shaanan J Burrill, Matthew A Burrill, Stephen W Burroughs, Christopher A Burrow, Nathaniel

Burrow, Trevor Burrus, Antwan K Burt, Kirsten L Burt, Laura K Burt, Matthew Burton, Bethany G Burton, Courtney Burton, David M

Burton, Elijah Burton, Jessica Burton, Jordyn C Burton, Kelsey R Burton, Shelby Burtt, Ryan J Buscher, Jacob Buschmann, Brooke D

Bushnell, Ashley N Buss, Joseph N Buss, Sarah Busse, Mark Bussert, Seth Butcher, Hannah M Butcher, Yhanni Butkiewicz, Nora J

Butler, Andrew M Butler, Elizabeth Butler, Jessica M Butterfield, Lee Ann Butterworth, Devan C Buttner, Alex Buwalda, Joshua R Byeon, Jongmoo

Byers, Benjamin Byers, Casey Byers, Hannah Byers, Helen Byers, Katelyn Byers, Kelly A Byman, Brenden Byrd, Arielle


Byrd, Darius S Byrd, Felina D Byrd, Jacob T Byrd, Janique L Byrd, Justen Byrd, Stephanie Byrd, Victoria A Byrnes, Kyle W

Byrnside, Erica M Byron, Cary J Byrum, Brittany L Byrum, Joshua Byrum, Rebekah D Caballero, Fernando Cabato, Jordan M Cabe, Hillary R

Cabell, Sara Cabrera, Amanda V Cacioppo, MaCauly L Cado, Ross P Caffo, Caprice Cagle, Casey A Cagle, Merry A Cagwin, Callie L

Cairns, Sterling S Caldwell, Joshua J Caldwell, Michael Harold Caldwell, Nia Caldwell, Pierce L Caldwell, Sydney Caldwell, Wilson B Calhoun, Benjamin

Calhoun, David M Calhoun, Jared M Calhoun, Samuel D Caliendo, Alexander P Calizo, Ana Calkins, Michael F Call, Hannah E Call, Kaitlin D

Call, Kristen B Callaham, Amy C Callahan, Cody J Callahan, Heather M Callahan, Maura L Callahan, Veronica Callejas, Lilian Callihan, Kara

Callison, Ethan L Calloway, Joshua Calloway, Rachael L Calmes, Caitrin Calo, Ryan Calvert, Ethan Calzada, Caleb Camarota, Rachel K

Camera, Nathan Cameron, Janique C Cameron, Jaquayla C Cameron, Rebecca J Cameron, Spencer Camilleri, Evan R Campagna, Courtney L Campagna, Timothy

Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell,

Aharown G Allison Andrea K Andrew Ashley E Benjamin D Christina Christopher J

Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell,

Dana A Danielle David Elisabeth Elizabeth A Elizabeth L Heather E James C

Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell,

James T Jeffrey P John M Jordan E Joshua Justin E Kareem Matthew F

Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell,

Nathan B Rodney Ryan Sally A Sam Sarah A Sarah Victoria L

Campbell, Victoria Campbell Brunson, C Campos, Barbara Miranda Campos, Cynthia A Canada, Zanathan M Canale, Nicole R Candamil, Carolina Canegata, Andre

Canfarotta, Michael Canfield, Emily Cannada, Courtney Cannon, Ashley W Cannon, Christopher Cannon, Elizabeth C Cannon, Elizabeth Cannon, Sydney N

Cantatore, Nicholas Canter, Amanda Cantu, Nathaniel A Canup, Renee Canute, Heather D Cao, Chenggang Capano, Mariana C Caple, Amelia S

Capo, Brandon L Caprio, Cary C Carapezza, Joshua J Carasella, Christopher J Card, Hannah E Carden, Jeremy C Carden, Kristen B Cardinale, Carolyn E


Cardinale, Jennifer F Cardinali, Thomas G Cardoso, Jeremias Carey, Dakota Carey, Jade Carl, Ryan T Carlberg, Jennifer R Carley, Rebekah E

Carlo, Alma Carlson, Breton A Carlson, Hannah Carlson, Kessley D Carlson, Melanee A Carlson, Rebecca Carlton, Morgan Carlyle, Leah A

Carman, Jason R Carmichael, Sidney Carmickle, Kristin A Carneal, Christina L Carney, Bradley W Carney, Erin G Carns, Matthew A Carothers, Timothy

Carouthers, Lakerria M Carouthers, Zacchaeus G Carpenter, Caleb Carpenter, Katelynn G Carpenter, Rebecca A Carpenter, Taylor L Carper, Andrea Carr, Brittyn M

Carr, Bryson Carr, Daniel J Carr, Lisa Carraher, Brian Carrier, Megan H Carriker, Morgan N Carrilho, Noah J Carroll, Devin C

Carroll, Kelli D Carroll, Lindsey M Carroll, Robert C Carroll, Sarah Carroll, Shayne Carroll, Wesley E Carron, Desiree Carson, Eric

Carson, Kaitlyn A Carson, Kenneth L Carson, Kristen A Carson, Michael P Carson, Zachary B Carter, Brittany D Carter, Cassie A Carter, Chelsea

Carter, Grace S Carter, Jacob N Carter, John R Carter, John Carter, Joshua M Carter, Joshua Carter, Lauren B Carter, Linzi R

Carter, Matthew Carter, Strom Carter, Taylor E Carthew, Melissa R Carthran, Chalese A Cartledge, Abigail L Cartmell, Colleen E Carty, Dale

Carty, Ezra Caruso, Kaylyn E Carver, Clayton T Carver, Joanna Cascio, Veronica Casdorph, Heather Rachel Case, Matthew T Casey, Megan

Casey, Sean M Cash, Kinzi J Cashen, Anna Cashen, Catherine G Cassa, Nathanael J Cassel, Jonathan R Cassell, Bryan J Cassidy, Samuel P

Cassidy, Tabitha Casteen, Corbett Castel, Gregory Castello, Robert C Castelow, Jessica L Castillo, Daniela Castillo, Nicholas Castillo, Olga M

Castilon, Joseph P Castle, Lindsey Castro, Kevin T Castro, Sarah E Castro Davila, R Caswell, Callahan T Caswell, Joshua W Cata, Christopher

Cater, Jonathan Cathcart, Nathan Caudill, Lauren M Caudle, Alyssa Caun, Joseph A Cavalcanti, Carla Cawthern, Nathan D Cazer, Kendall A

Cazer, Tyler J Cecchini, David Cedeno, Leslie M Cella, Jack Centeno, Korinn I Cernilli, Elise C Cerrato, Brett A Cerrato, Matthew A

Cervone, Robert E Chace, Jaclyn Chacha, Alexander I Chacon, Max Chadwick, Elizabeth R Chae, Hyun-Jun Chalflinch, Seth E Chalmers, Crystal E


Chamberlain, Kayla Chamberland, Ashley A Chambers, Dimitri L Chambers, Jarrett D Chambers, Logan S Chambers, Mallorie C Chambers, Michael J Chambers, Montrice L

Champagne, Josue Chan, Alexander C Chan, Dianne J Chan, Elizabeth Chanda, Chisanga Joshua Chandler, Andrew Chandler, Cherish Chandler, Klarice N

Chandler, Lillian C Chandler, Wilbert J Chaney, Grace-Anna S Chang, Hakyung Channita, Kasey Chapman, Casey R Chapman, Daniel R Chapman, Demetrius

Chapman, Kasie C Chapman, Rebekah J Chapman, Samantha A Chappell, David S Chappell, Samuel D Charapich, Breckenridge C Charles, Emily J Charneski, Erica

Charte, Christopher Charuhas, Anna M Chase, Cassandra L Chase, Colby Chase, Katrina P Chase, LaToya Chastain, Emily C Chausse, Brian A

Chauvette, Andrew Chaverri, Timothy Chavez Salgado, A Che, Alexandra Che, Amanda I Cheatham, Kristina E Chekashkina, Anna V Chen, Hillary R

Chen, Meng Chen, Xieyao Chen, Xieyuan Chen, Yujun Chenault, Tyler Chennis, Lakresha Cherian, Shawn Cherry, Alonna

Chervin, Deborah R Chesser, Eric L Chestnut, Avery C Chew, Cassandra Mae Chuin Chew, Janelle Chewning, Amanda R Chichester, Corinne E Chijioke, Michael

Chilcott, Andrew T Chilcott, Jonathon Childers, Caleb Childers, Laura E Childress, Crystal M Childress, Kyle Childrey, Dylan M Childs, Jordan H

Childs, Tyler Chiles, Emily F Chiles, Lydia Chiles, Marvin T Chilton, DeVonda N Chilton, Hailey Chimere Dan, Sharon Chioma Chimere Dan, Uchenna David

Chin, Rebecca F Chin Kim Kui, Deryl Chinboukas, Erica Ching, Hui T Ching, Jason D Chipman, Cord Chipman, Elly M Chiri, Vida

Chiricosta, Andrew Chiricosta, Emily N Chisley, Traneisha J Cho, Benjamin Cho, Dae Yeon Cho, Daru Cho, Eunna Cho, Jeong

Cho, Minsu Cho, Minyoung Cho, Seokjin Cho, Stephanie Choe, Jihyae Choi, Hye In Choi, Hyun Choi, Jae Min

Choo, Seong Hyun Chow, David J Chown, Barbara Christensen, Christopher Christensen, Kristi L Christensen, Natalia F Christenson, Mary H Christian, Dustin

Christian, Shane A Christiansen, Jacyda Christophel, Kayla J Christopherson, Bethany F Christopherson, Kristen M Christy, Elizabeth Chua, Luis A Chukiatiwongul, Mahapawn

Chukiatiwongul, Manapawn Chuks, Camille A Chun, Jae Im Chung, Christopher Chung, Joshua Chung, Miho Chung, Yujin Church, Cheryl F


Church, Landon K Ciaccio, Bethanne M Cianci, Michelle Cihak, Anton W Cihak, Kirsten J Cirbus, Thomas Cissell, Michael A Ciulla, Thomas

Clack, Ashley Clampitt, Aaron D Clark, Alisha L Clark, Anna R Clark, Aricka Clark, Benjamin E Clark, Brendon J Clark, Brittany E

Clark, Bryan Clark, Caitlin A Clark, Caleb R Clark, Cassandra S Clark, Corbin D Clark, Demetria A Clark, Eric Clark, Jacquelyn E

Clark, James W Clark, Jared N Clark, Jeremiah Clark, Jessica K Clark, John R Clark, Joshua Clark, Kristen M Clark, Marcela C

Clark, Marica Clark, Nicholas E Clark, Rebecca J Clark, Samantha L Clark, Samara T Clark, Sarah R Clark, Shiona R Clark, Tyler J

Clark, Zackary Clarke, Allen T Clarke, Amy Clarke, Bradley Clarke, Clifford Clarke, Erica M Clarke, Jason Clarke, Matthew J

Clarke, Ryan K Claros, Dominique R Clary, MacKenzie M Clason, Lorraine N Clatterbuck, Eric Clawson, Jordan T Clay, Hannah J Clay, Nadine

Clay, Victoria A Clay, Zachary C Claybaugh, Michael Clayton, Kirstin J Clayton, Meagan L Clayton, Megan N Clayton, Sean C Cleare, Sylvia G

Clearwater, Sierra C Cleek, Natalie A Clemenson, Amy E Clement, Emily Clement, Neal R Clements, Jessica M Clemmons, Brittany Clemmons, Steven N

Clemo, Lindsay M Clemons, Brandon Clerkin, Michael Clermond, Ricardo Cleveland, Amber Cleveland, Ross M Clevenger, Danielle M Clifford, Brynne E

Clifton, Krista Cline, Alexandra L Clinton, Ashlee R Clinton, Megan A Clonch, Sierra Cloos, Danielle Close, Alexander D Clouse, David

Clowers, Shawn M Clubb, Jason T Clugston, Stephen M Clyburn, Jamie E Clyburn, Jeremy Clyde, Connor R Coates, Rachel L Coates, Theresa M

Cobb, RoseMarie Coburn, Kayla Coccaro, Elizabeth J Cocco, Nicole M Coceano, Elizabeth Cochrane, Robert J Cocilo, Anthony Cockburn, Brandon J

Cockman, Skye E Cockrell, Aaron J Cockrell, Abby L Cockrell, Joel L Cockrell, Marah L Cockrum, Emily Codario, Elizabeth Codington, Emily M

Cofer, Erica Cofer, Landon D Coffey, Allison B Coffey, Nathan A Coffield, Daniel Cofflin, Blair N Coffman, Alexa N Coffman, Felicia E

Coffman, Megan Coggan, Corianne Coggin, Jonathan Coggin, Lydia J Coggins, Rachel Coghill, W. Holden Coker, Alex M Colas, Davidson


Colboch, Bethany K Colborn, Jenna N Cole, Casey M Cole, Joelle Cole, Jonathan A Cole, Joshua A Cole, Mackenzie Cole, Mary C

Cole, Mary Cole, Mollie J Cole, Pierson E Cole, Seth W Cole, Travis J Cole, Tyler P Colella, Joseph L Colella, Rose

Coleman, Abigail Coleman, Alexandria M Coleman, Austin R Coleman, Brianna Coleman, Christy Coleman, Clement Coleman, Cristen A Coleman, Dakota M

Coleman, Gregory A Coleman, Joel R Coleman, Mary Coleman, Nicklaus P Coleman, Thomas L Coleman, Whitney Coleman-Thomas, M Coles, Brittany F

Coles, Jerel P Colfer, Shawn Collea, Cory Collet, Alyssa D Collier, Erica N Collier, Jamie E Collier, William Collins, Clarence J

Collins, Freddie Collins, Jenna Collins, Jessica Collins, Joseph M Collins, Joshua L Collins, Katelyn Collins, Lindsay K Collins, Peter E

Collins, Rachel J Collins, Sarah E Collins, Vanessa N Colombo, Joseph R Colon, Alexander D Colon, Elijah Colonna, Daniel J Colonna, David C

Colsey, Elizabeth A Colvin, Andrew L Colvin, Jennifer Combs, Austin C Combs, Marissa A Comena, Jamhar D Comena, Tiphani L Comer, Sydney A

Comfort, Cort V Compton, Matthew D Compton, Sarah L Comstock, Mackenzie Comyns, James M Concha, Michael B Condon, Ashley N Condon, David M

Cone, Melissa G Cone, Michael Coneby, Jacob Conerly, Shaniqua Conetto, Yennhi Conger, Luke D Conklin, Alexandra L Conklin, Andrew

Conklin, Caleb Conley, David Conley, Erika P Conn, Abbey R Connell, Christy Connell, Jonathan P Connell, Jordan Connell, McKenzie L

Connell, Nicole L Connelly, Kit M Conner, Calab J Conner, Samuel Connolly, Michael P Connor, Joshua C Connors, Glenn W Connors, Lauren A

Conolly, Sarah Conord, Sarah Conord, Zachary H Conrad, Amy C Conrad, Jason M Conrad, Joel Conrad, Soren Conrad, Timothy M

Conrado, Patrick Conti, Janessa R Contreras, Sara L Contreras Calderon, S Cook, Blair J Cook, Haley C Cook, Hayley E Cook, Justin T

Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook,

Kaitlin Kevin Lauren V Lauren Matthew B Michael J Nathaniel Riley

Cook, Shaquille E Cook, Sheachashaq Cook, Stephanie J Cook, Tyler Cook, Whitney Cook, Zach Cook, Zachary Cooke, Brittnie L


Cooley, Kristen Coombs, Brianna C Coon, Emilee Cooney, Sean M Cooper, Daniel C Cooper, Jessica A Cooper, Jordan G Cooper, Keyto A

Cooper, Mary C Cooper, Rachel Cooper, Sarafina M Cooper, Todd V Cooter, Jannah L Copeland, Clayton G Copeland, Jordan Copeland, Robert B

Copeland, Samuel Copeland, Stephen Copenhaver, Victoria H Copley, Jennifer E Copper, Jordan Corbett, Cynthia Corbin, Audrey D Corbin, Gabrielle

Corbin, Noelle K Cord, Abigail Cordani, Robert Cordasco, Andrew Cordell, Ryan T Corder, Sarah J Corkill, Breken L Corkill, Brice

Corlett, Daniel P Cornelius, Bryan J Cornelius, Christina Cornell, Donald L Cornett, Hannah Cornett, Lauren P Cornfield, Carolyn A Cornfield, Jarred L

Cornwell, Benjamin D Cornwell, Joshua D Coronado Turkalj, J Coronato, Matthew Corpe, Mallory A Corr, Nathan Corral, Xavier Correia, Emmanuel G

Corriveau, Kayla L Corson, Laura E Cortez, Ana L Corwin, Rebecca D Cosner, Troy E Coss, Jennifer Costa, David N Costa, Derrick A

Costello, Allegrah Costello, William D Cote, Elizabeth A Cote, James Cothran, Sean P Cotrufo, Nicholas Cottingham, Carley Cotton, Brianna

Cotton, Holly Cotton, John Couamin, Kendall D Couamin, Kendrick B Couch, Casey M Couch, Elizabeth C Couch, Rachel L Couillard, Rachel M

Coulbourn, Hugh C Courchesne, Christina M Courson, Kristen M Courson, Rose E Courtley, Sarah M Courtney, Matthew J Courtney, Taylor Courtney, Taylor

Courtright, Amber Couto, Andrew Couvillon, Kevin Covil, Rachel Covington, Amanda L Covington, Kyler M Cowan, Leah M Cowart, Matthew D

Cowden, Shawn L Cowell, Joseph Cowgill, Jordan A Cox, Abigail K Cox, Alexander D Cox, Anna J Cox, Benjamin J Cox, Brandon

Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox,

Brittany Brittany Caleb J Carly Catherine G Charissa L Emily V Heather J

Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox,

Jeremy P Joshua Kari L Kevin B Kevin M Matthew R Mercedes Olivia

Cox, Ryan Coy, Joseph S Coyle, Abigail Cozart, Jacob L Crabtree, Cari D Craft, Joshua V Craig, Andre Craig, Ashleigh P

Craig, Bridget N Craig, Chelsea M Craig, Justin D Craig, Samuel T Craig, Sarah L Craig, Shannon Craig, Tyler Crain, Donald T


Cramer, Sarah J Crampton, Stephen Crandall, Giles H Crandall, Jacob Brian Crane, Glenn E Crane, Jordan T Crane, Leonora L Crapse, Harold M

Crapse, Sara L Craven, Jesse Crawford, Andrea M Crawford, Carlee R Crawford, David W Crawford, Emily Crawford, Laura Crawford, Lindsay R

Crawford, Mason Crawford, Matthew R Crawford, Michael J Crawford, Peter D Crawford, Tyler J Crawford, Tyler Crawley, Brendon Craycraft, Jade M

Creager, Joshua M Creasey, Jessica L Creech, Brianna Creech, Charles C Creech, Stephanie Creekmore, Lauren Crenshaw, Joel Crenshaw, Saquan M

Cressley, Corban B Cribb, Leah Crickenberger, Hannah Crider, Trent Cripe, Marley Crisante, Filippe C Crisante, Meredith A Crisp, Jamie

Crist, Brianne G Crist, Jaylen Crist, Sarah E Crittenden, Brittany C Crivelli, Lucy Crockett, Kelsey L Croke, Hannah Cromley, Benjamin R

Cromley, Joshua A Cromwell, Joshua R Crone, Courtney Cronshaw, Kelsay K Crook, Paige Crooke, Shaun P Crookshank, Nathan Croom, Mia V

Crosby, Jessica E Crosby, Joshua Crosley, Peter E Croson, Bryan A Croson, Curtis Cross, Caleb W Cross, Davis A Cross, Levi J

Cross, Robert D Crossley, Austin J Crossley, Colton R Crossman, Taylor Croteau, Allison Croteau, Brenden J Crouch, Christian Crouch, Jeremy

Crouch, Logan Crouse, Justin D Crouse, Richard Croushorn, James W Crouthamel, Kathryn C Crouthamel, Luke D Crowder, Rachel R Crowder, Rachel

Crowell, David Crowell, Joseph B Crowley, Kristin M Cruickshank, Kellie Cruickshank, Sarah N Crume, Evan A Crump, Garrett A Crumpler, Caroline

Crumpler, Martha E Crutchfield, Amanda J Crutchfield, Hannah Cruver, Aaron Cruz, Alexis Cruz, Diana M Cruz, Diandra Cruz, Elizabeth N

Cruz, Joel Cruz, Kristina M Cruz, Maria Cruz Diaz, David Antonio Cruz Garcia, Rafael O Cryan, Sean Cubbage, Katie R Cucci, Gioia M

Cucciardo, Morgan A Cuccio, Mallory Cuff, Jerald R Cullen, Trevor T Cullinan, Megan L Cullum, Lauren A Culpepper, Kaleb Culver, Matthew W

Cumberland, Bethany M Cumbia, Erin L Cumings, Patricia M Cummings, Ashley L Cummings, Brent A Cummings, Chelsea K Cummings, Julia Cummings, Kiersten

Cummings, Mary J Cummings, Patrick Cummings, Sarah J Cundiff, Allison N Cundiff, Ross Cunliffe, David Cunningham, Clarence T Cunningham, Elizabeth


Cunningham, Jamie Cunningham, Jordan M Cunningham, Matthew Cuoco, Joshua Cupp, Mark H Current, Jonathan L Curry, Erin M Curry, James P

Curry, Michael Curtis, Brian Curtis, Emma Curtis, Ethan Curtis, Tessanna Custer, Jordan E Czajkowski, Kelsey L D'Bene, Lee

Dabi, Bezawit M Dabney, Khadijah S Dabo, Marisa S Dabrowski, Joseph E Dache, Alexis C Dacruz, Jeremy P Dahl, Kimberly D Dahlke, Daniel

Dale, Danika A Dale, Zachary K Daley, Ryan D Daley, Tess Dalger, Sasha Dalien, Tsadok Dallas, Devony J DallaVilla, Lauren R

Dallenbach, Katie L Dalrymple, Amy C Dalton, Audrey D Dalton, Dallas S Dalton, Kendra Dalton, Matthew R Dalton, Rachel E Dalton, Sydney A

Daly, Maurice F Daly, Shawn Dammon, John Damon, Joshua D Danaher, Justin Danaher, Katherine N Dang, Mai T Dangro, Lauren

Daniel, Allison Daniel, Ashley B Daniel, Jacqueline L Daniel, Jeremy W Daniel, Joseph W Daniel, Louis Daniel, Nicholas P Daniel, Nicole

Daniel, Rachel Daniels, Chelsea Daniels, David J Daniels, Holly L Daniels, Tyler G Dankert, Kathryn L Dankert, Stephen C Danko, Caitlyn M

Danko, Kelsey Danles, Alexandra Danso, Amazing Grace L Danso, Maame A Danso, Prince A DAntuono, Matthew Daratony, Natalie B Darby, Shaina

Darden, Kevin B Darius, Benjamin Darius, Brian Darko, Jeffery Darling, Craig Darling, David Darling, Gerald L Darling, Heidi

Dartt, Rachel Dartt, Taylor D Darville, Audra A Darville, Jeffrey B DaSilva, Jefferson Daugherty, Caitlynne C Daugherty, Larry Daugherty, William

Dauksys, Troy A Daum, Alyson Davenport, Aaron P Davenport, Mary E Davey, Jessica L David, Elias M Davidson, Carissa D Davidson, Chelsea L

Davidson, Conner Davidson, John S Davidson, Jordan Davidson, Nicole M Davidson, Taylor M Davies, Alexander M Davies, Anikeh C Davies, Robert

Davies, Tyler Davis, Amanda B Davis, Amber G Davis, Andrew R Davis, Anna M Davis, Asia Davis, Audrey Davis, Bradee K

Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,

Brandon N Chad W Chrishonda S Christopher Cidney M Constance D Crystal J Daniel C

Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis,

Dominique Emily L Gequetta N Henry Ian M James Jason W Jessica B


Davis, Jonathan T Davis, Kathryn M Davis, Kevin J Davis, Korrey L Davis, Kyle L Davis, Kyle Davis, Larry A Davis, Mark

Davis, Megan Davis, Melanie E Davis, Micah I Davis, Micah Davis, Morgan C Davis, Nathaniel R Davis, Nicole A Davis, Olivia G

Davis, Rachel Davis, Rebekah R Davis, Robert Davis, Tessa M Davis, Timothy A Davis, Timothy W Davis, Timothy Davis, Torrye R

Davis, Tyrale D Davis-Leonard, Ruth Davisson, Joshua R Davy, John Davy, Mary G Dawe, Maira A Dawkins, Jasmine Dawson, Alisa M

Dawson, Ariel Dawson, Bethany P Dawson, Dorothy M Dawson, Emily L Dawson, Gina M Dawson, Rachel L Day, Hannah M Day, Laura

Day, Rachel Day, Sarah Daycock, Whitney O Days, Tykwan De Blank, Christopher B De Gastyne, Aaron D De la Hoz, Natalie De La Serna, Foster R

De los Reyes, Raleigh de Mik, Ashley M de Mik, Garrett S De Nijs, Melissa Deacon, Trevor O Deah, Caleb Deakyne, Donald R Deakyne, Jessica

Dean, Richard J Dean, Stephen P Deas, Markus Deas, Rachel E Deaton, Leah Deaver, Jadrian M Deaver, Seth M Debernardi, Romain G

DeBord, Adam C Debreus, Darby Burdley DeBruhl, Hayleigh A Debruler, Audrey D DeCambra, Daniel G Decarlo, Michelle J DeCeglie, Stephanie M DeChamplain, Tiffany N

Decker, Bradford C Decker, Brianna G Decker, Megan E Decker, Richard A Decourcy, Erin L DeCourcy, Kendyl B Dedrick, Kaleb Deel, Hannah

DeFosse, Brittany L Degazio, Alexis M Degie, Anteneh S Degraves, Seth T Dehnert, Jacqueline Deibert, Ian M Deibler, Jeffrey H Deissler, Alyssa

Dekker, Anna R Del Monte, Laura Del Priore, Anthony Delabruere, Alison R DeLaCruz, Katie M DeLange, Jonathan Delange, Jordan Delano, Brandon

Delay, Jordan R Delcamp, Holly J Delello, Jared D Delevante, Amanda J Delfino, Nicholas A deLivron, Amanda J Delong, Courtney L DeLorenz, Kristin

Delphia, Amanda L Delphia, Laura E DeMann, Morgan E Demarco, Ethan J DeMaria, Jennifer DeMaria, Jonathan DeMeo, Elizabeth Demetros, Anastasia L

Dempsey, Andrew P Dempsey, Joshua S Dempsey, Sarah Denardo, Brooke A Denbleyker, Megan M DenDulk, Karen S Deneault, Christian P Deng, Jiahuan

Dennerlein, Sean Denney, Joel Dennis, Deana Dennis, Maia Denny, Joshua T Dennys, Lindsay P Densmore, Cameron B Densmore, Christopher W


Deoliveira Wyrick, B A Depledge, Hannah Deppen, Sarah C Deppen, Stephanie M Deramo, Alexis A Deramo, Christopher Derby, Anne Derby, Elizabeth B

Derosa, Ashley A Derrick, Jenna DeSaix, Alain Desir, Wilson Desmond, Amber J Desmond, Daniel Desouza, Kathleen Dessources, Erwin K

Destine, Erline Detar, Allison L Detweiler, Brittney S Detweiler, Heath Detweiler, Timothy Detwiler, Joshua M Detzel, Amy Deus, Dana

DeValve, Jacob C DeVault, Jennifer DeVault, Launcelot A DeVeau, Phillip Deveney, Brian C Devin, Jonathan M Devine, Nicholas C Devoe, Ryan R

DeVore, Jonathan Devries, Jeremy S Dewald, Krystina R DeWeerdt, Megan Dewenter, Jacklyn D Dewitt, Kathleen E DeWitt, Lindsey A Dewolf, Chelsea M

Dewulf, Lana Dexter, Sarah A Dey, Lauren Dial, Aaron N Dias, Danielle A Diaz, Adam J Diaz, Cynthia J Diaz, Erin J

Diaz, Marvin A Diaz Roman, Mizraim DiBartolo, Erica M Dibble, Elizabeth Diblin, Jill A DiCarlo, Vito Dice, Taylor R Dicesare, Stephanie B

Dick, Johnathan E Dickens, Charles S Dickens, Jacob Dickerson, Gregory Dickey, Justin C Dickinson, Andrew D Dickinson, Jordan A Dickson, Cole C

Dickson, Drew Dickson, Jeffrey D Dickson, Mark Diehl, Casey L Diehl, Jacob S Diehl, Jason Diehl, Katelyn Diehl, Kensley A

Diehl, Sabrina Diehr, Anna M Diel, Mikaela L Diesel, Louis R Dieudonne, Mitchell DiFelice, Nicole D Difernando, Ryan DiGeronimo, Cristina

Digiacomo, Kerry L Dii, Esther N Dilavore, Candice M Dilella, Danielle Dilg, Taylor E Dill, Renee Victoria Dill, Thomas A Dillard, Joseph R

Diller, Amanda J Dilworth, Chad DiMaggio, Jared M DiMartino, Alyssa Dimauro, Richard J Dina, Andrew J DiNatali, Dustin Dinges, Marybeth K

Dingus, Gregory L Dinnison, David Dinsbeer, Lauren G Dinsmore, Emily Dinsmore, Ryan D DiSalvo, Jeremy Disalvo, Michael Disher, Lydia N

Dishman, Allison Dishman, Amanda N Dishner, Megan P Disney, Kristen Distefano, Richard A Distler, Jonathan Dittmeier, Christian Dittmeier, Kasey

Dittmeier, Kelsey D Divers, Eric T Dix, Carolyn J Dixon, Glenn W Dixon, Hannah G Dixon, Hannah J Dixon, Justin Dixon, Michael D

Dixon, Rebecca P Dixon, Robert Dixon, Shomari Djukic, Mario Doane, Audrey Doble, Wesley Dobrzanski, Zoie B Docherty, Richard


Docksteader, Bradley R Docksteader, Chad R Dodge, William H Dodoo, Mary Paula Dodson, Andrew W Dodson, Jaqwan Dodson, Jared C Dodson, Morgan L

Dodson, Richmond C Dodson, Tiffany L Dodwell, Brittane A Doehne, Alyson Doerfler, Nigel Doerstling, Mackenzie A Dogbatse, Devine Doherty, David

Doherty, Drew A Doherty, Hannah Doherty, Kaitlin Doherty, Megan Dolan, Andrew Dolan, Bobbi Dolan, Derek A Dollanarte Acevedo, Brian

Dollarhite, Lucas C Dombach, Erin N Domenech, Annisha C Domingo, Joseph P Domingues, Ana A Dominguez, Gabriela Domowski, Hezekiah E Domschine, Benjamin S

Donahoo, Brandon M Donahue, Breanna Donatelli, Halyna Donato, Matt D Dong, Qiao Donigan, Patrick L Donigan, Sheldon E Donley, Chad W

Donovan, Amber M Donovan, Catriana R Donovan, Sara K Doody, Isabelle L Doolittle, Helen Doomy, John C Doomy, Kristina Doomy, Lynaya J

Doore, Christopher Doremus, Shawn M Dorholt, Megan A Dorman, Rachel M Dorner, Mason Doron, Carrie C Doronila, Rolando Dorr, Lauren

Dorr, Philip Dortch, Carson A Dorton, Brittany Dotson, Zachary R Doty, Kevin M Doub, Alexander W Doucett, Samantha R Dougherty, Jonathan Q

Dougherty, Kaitlin Dougherty, Lindsey B Dougherty, Tyee E Doughty, Brittany A Doughty, Sarah Douglas, Caroline B Douglas, Lydia Douglas, Rachel K

Douglas, Vicshauna Douyon, Sebastien A Dove, Gentry M Dovel, Abigail Dow, Jeremy R Dowd, Colin P Dowlearn, Melody L Downer, Shelby

Downey, Ashley Downey, Nathaniel Downie, Nia Downie, William N Downs, Chloe C Downs, Christina K Downs, Rachel C Doyle, Kelly

Doyle, Mary Dozeman, Melissa Drabick, Holly B Drablos, Katherine Dragiff, Katherine Drake, Megan L Drane, Genevieve A Drawbaugh, Cheyenne N

Drawbond, Mason G Dreyer, Callie L Dreyer, Cole Dreyer, Grace R Drinkard, Christine M Driscoll, Kelly Driskill, Ethan S Drobot, Anatolii

Drolet, Jacquelyn G Drown, Hannah J Drudge, Ashley Drum, Dara Drum, Seth H Drumgold-Seward, D A Drumheller, Leah E Drumm, Joshua M

Drumm, Sammuel Drye, Carley A Du Bose, Giovanni Dubbe, Adam N Dubrow, Cheryl F Duck, Sarah Duckett, Lauren A Duckworth, Celene M

Duckworth, David N Duckworth, Elizabeth M Dudiak, Taylor Dudley, Robert Dudley, Timothy M Duff, Emily Duff, Taylor N Duffek, William


Duffy, Breanne B Duffy, Bryan P Dufie, Angelina Dugard, Joel W Duggan, Kevin Duininck, Samuel M Dukate, Evan P DuKate, Ryan J

Duke, Hannah Duke, Hillary A Dukes, Clay Dukes, Molly Dula, Halee M Duley, Amanda D Dumenu, Selase K Dunay, Nina

Duncan, Amy K Duncan, Ashley Duncan, Chaselyn A Duncan, Dalton Duncan, Hillary L Duncan, Jessica L Duncan, Michael Duncan, Phillip D

Duncan, Priscilla Duncan, Taylor G Duncan, Tyler C Dunevant, Kayla Dunivan, Christina N Dunivin, Ashton M Dunivin, Jeremiah Dunkle, Alanna M

Dunkum, Tabitha Dunn, Andrew L Dunn, Anna M Dunn, Colin Dunn, Dana M Dunn, Heather E Dunn, Jackson L Dunn, Jami

Dunn, Jasmine D Dunn, Jonathan Dunn, Lauren A Dunn, Michael J Dunn, Michelle Dunn, Rachel Dunnavant, Lauren Dunne, Brittany K

Dunning, Andy C Dunscomb, Kyle Dupras, Joseph Duque, Javier D Duran, Armando Duran, Sandra Durden, Jonathan W Durden, Nathanael A

Durgan, LaShae Durham, Leah E Durnil, Brittany A Durrett, Lyndsay D Durst, Katelyn J Dussault, Benjamin Dutil, Leo P Dutil, Lucas P

Dutkus, Ian Dutra, Elliott Dutton, Kelli Dutton, Miles M Duvall, Sharin J Dwelley, Andrew T Dye, Hannah E Dye, Robert S

Dyer, Catherine Dyer, David Dyer, Katie L Dyhouse, Natalya C Dyke, Jeffrey E Dykstra, Sarah E Dyson, Keverly L Dyson, Skyler

Eacho, Tyler P Eades, Brooke D Eads, Micah Eagan, Christopher M Eagle, Dylan T Eakin, Maria A Eames, Michael S Eanes, Jamie N

Earhart, Robert S Earle, Julie Earle, Samuel T Earley, Kala C Earley, Travis S Early, LeeAnna R Earwicker, Emily M Eason, Hannah M

East, Andrew East, Elizabeth East, Kayla G East, Sarah L Easter, Kody G Easter, Lauren Eastman, Keenan J Eastman, Kyle

Eastman, Kyle Eastridge, Katherine Eaton, Jonathan Ebel, Lucas A Eberhardt, Carolyn Ebersole, Bradley Ebrahim, Daniel Ebrahim, James

Ebrahim, John Ebron, Michael J Eby, Daniel M Eccles, Jordan M Echavarria, Selinna Echeverria, Danielle F Echols, Mary Eckart, Everett N

Eckelbarger, Stephen Eckels, Daniel Eckels, Julie Ecker, Alexander Eckert, Shea Eckhardt, Connor R Eckhoff, Andrew Eddins, Elizabeth N


Edds, Lauren E Edds, Taylor K Eddy, Christopher M Eddy, Travis J Eden, James P Edenfield, Mena Eder, Isaac A Edgar, Abigail I

Edgar, Kirk T Edgell, Truett D Edgin, Stephen Edgren, Jennifer Ediger, Cheree Edinger, Nathan D Edma, Fabine Edmond, Liguinson

Edmond, Paul W Edmonds, Caleb Edmonds, Christopher Edmonds, Jessica D Edmonds, Peter Edmonds, Rebecca M Edney, Christina J Edrington, Rachel M

Edwards, Austin M Edwards, Brent Edwards, Caleb L Edwards, Dane M Edwards, Grace E Edwards, Grayson A Edwards, Jae L Edwards, Kenneth M

Edwards, Meagan E Edwards, Melinda Edwards, Noah Edwards, Sally A Edwards, Stephanie M Edwards, Tasha J Edwards, Thomas W Edwards, Tremayne

Edwards, Zoe Edworthy, Jacob Effah, Constance A Effinger, Holly Efird, Amanda J Efird, Joel Efird, Leah Egan, Ryley

Egan, William R Egbewole, Yemisi Eggeman, Lindsey Egland, Aaron C Egwa, Ene Ehlert, Johnna Ehrenberg, David M Ehret, Brittany R

Ehrhorn, Madeline E Ehrich, Daniel T Ehrich, Kristina M Eichel, Jonathan D Eicher, Henry N Eicher, Kristen Eifert, David B Eilers, Frederick J

Eiras, Jordan T Eisbrenner, Rylie Eisbrenner, Samuel Eisentrout, Rebecca L Ektrakul, Panya Elder, Angela M Elder, Landis R Elder, Lisa K

Eldridge, James R Eldridge, Kelly E Eleutheriou, Peter J Elfers, Sean M Elielie-Ndjana, P O Elkins, Brittany N Ellenburg, Sarah N Eller, Hannah L

Eller, Rebekah M Ellingson, Trevor Elliott, Eli J Elliott, Hannah L Elliott, Jeremy D Elliott, Jordan Elliott, Lauren C Elliott, Laurin B

Elliott, Rachel D Elliott, Sam Elliott, Sara G Elliott, Seneca D Ellis, Aaron M Ellis, Andrew Ellis, Daniel Ellis, Sadalia A

Elliston, Logan A Ellsworth, Michael Ellwanger, Tracy N Ellwein, Tyler J Ellzey, Laura Elmer, Juliann B Elmers, Crystal Elmers, Dawn

Elmore, Esther Elswick, Brandon Ely, Jon M Elyard, Amanda D Embler, Carl Embry, Raymond Emerson, Michael A Emo, Sean A

Emo, Tyler Emrich, Isaac Endres, Preston Engel, Anna J Engel, Mary E Engel, Matthew H Engelbrecht, Jean Jaques England, Lacey A

England, Mary A England, William P Engle, Hannah M English, Peggy J Entriken, Loren S Epperson, Eric A Eppler, Caleb J Erickson, Abram M


Erickson, Zachary T Eriksen, Kelvin J Erikson, Kyle D Erisman, Ellen M Ernewein, Jordan E Ernst, Hannah E Errico, Rebecca M Ertsos, Joseph A

Erwin, Destiny M Erwin, Elizabeth G Esbenshade, Samuel Escano, Anthony Esden, Grace E Eshleman, Addison A Eshleman, Keith A Eskridge, Sreedevi

Espinoza, Ariana Espinoza Aguilar, Monica Esposito, Joshua S Essex, Madoline Essig, Amelia Essig, Jeremiah J Estabrook, Joshua L Estell, Georgianna

Estep, Marissa L Esterline, Brooke L Estes, Diana Estes, Genevieve Estevez, Robert M Estira, Ricardo Estrada, Kara Etheridge, Heather

Etheridge, Kristen R Ethridge, Daniel J Etienne, Nehemie L Eto, Jessica M Eto, Joshua P Eubank, Jonathan D Eubank, Stephanie N Eubank, William

Eubanks, Jessica B Evans, Alexis M Evans, Annie M Evans, Autumn M Evans, Benton K Evans, Bradley C Evans, Brittany N Evans, Brooke

Evans, Callie A Evans, Danell J Evans, Daniel Evans, Jackson C Evans, Jake E Evans, Jesse C Evans, Jordan C Evans, Joshua H

Evans, Joshua R Evans, Kaitlyn E Evans, Klaire M Evans, Lindsay M Evans, Mallory R Evans, Marshall Evans, Matthew R Evans, Molly B

Evans, Nathan Evans, Nikyra Evans, Robert B Evans, Ryan Evans, Sarah A Everett, Ashley Everett, Rebekah L Everett, Timothy J

Everhart, Sarah J Evick, Victoria R Ewton, Bradley N Ezeigbo, Chidiebele M Faber, William L Fabian, Ryan T Fabling, Tara K Facchiano, Jessica

Facemire, Laura K Faddis, Elizabeth L Fahrenbruch, Sarah T Fahy, Erin L Fahy, Owen Fail, Rebecca Fail, Richard Faillace, Matthew

Fairall, Ann Faircloth, Kathy Fairclough, Alicia Fairfield, Brianna L Faison, Damarcus A Faison, Rebekah L Falconer, Jordan Falls, Mary G

Falwell, Amanda B Fan, Wei Fan, Zhengrong Fang, Xueru Fantasia, Christina Fantin, David Faraj Castaneda, R Faraj Sierra, Felipe A

Faraldi, Kara E Fariss, Caitlin V Fariss, Courtney L Farkas, Brandon Farley, Taylor R Farmer, Ashtan S Farmer, Kristen A Farmer, Lucas

Farnes, Gregory L Farnham, Joshua Farnham, Kelcey Farnsworth, Samuel Farnsworth, Tessa L Farr, Jonathan Farrell, Anna G Farrell, Mark

Farries, Christina D Farrington, Sheldon Farris, Toni Fath, Eric Faucette, Kathryn E Faughnan, Brianna H Fawcett, Steven Fayette, Wanick


Feagans, Christopher Fearney, Michael T Febrizio, Mark Fechter, James A Feeney, Hannah Fehsenfeld, Jessica Feild, Daniel Feild, Sarah

Feister, Jared Feister, Steven Felder, Jennifer G Feliciano, David Felker, Morgan Felker, Stefani A Felker, Travis Fellon, John C

Felty, Erika R Fenasse, Mathieu Fendley, George W Fendt, Sarah C Fenelus, Fedeline Fenelus, Jocelyn Fenlason, Stephen Fenson, Kristen

Fequiere, Gabrielle Fereg, Mark Ferguson, Casey Ferguson, John R Ferguson, Jonathan A Ferguson, Kelly A Ferguson, Kyle B Ferguson, Michael

Ferguson, Mitchelle L Ferguson, Preston Albert Ferguson, Raymond M Ferguson, Robert M Ferguson, Sarah G Ferguson, Zachary Ferlise, Elizabeth M Fernandez, Yvonne P

Fernando, Joel Joseph Fero, Rebekah J Fero, Sarah M Ferrantino, Matthew Ferrario Tweeten, Danielle Ferrin, Ronell Ferris, John W Fetterhoff, Erin A

Fetty, Shane A Fetzer, Madison Fevry, Jean-Homere O Fewell, Jibrille Fianko, Charles Ficco, Samantha M Field, Geoffrey E Fields, Corey

Fields, Kathryn Fielitz, Lyndi M Fifelski, Alexis N Fifelski, Nicholas Fifer, Megan A Figgers, Caleb Figliola, Pilar N Figueroa, John

Figueroa, Karen Figueroa-Diaz, Keila Filan, John Filan, Laura A Filegar, Jacob F Files, Kathryn Filiberto, Kevin Finch, Ashley

Finch, Shiloh P Finegan, Patrick M Finfrock, Jocelyn Fink, Chase A Fink, Michael J Fink, Timothy Finkle, Joshua Finley, Brandon D

Fiordelise, Carrie Fiordelise, Mary Fiori, Zachary R Firestone, Arianna N Firooznia, Brandon Fischer, Courtney B Fischer, Lia F Fischer, Madison A

Fiseha, Jonatan L Fish, Caleb Fish, Joshua R Fishburne, Allison L Fisher, Christina Fisher, Emily L Fisher, Gideon E Fisher, Jason T

Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher,

Joel A Michael T Richard L Rusty Ryan C Sarah R Stephanie M Stephen R

Fisher, Wesley S Fisher Davis, Jaymee M Fishkind, David Fitch, Elizabeth F Fitch, Robert Fite, Angela G Fitzgerald, Adrianna M Fitzgerald, Andrew J

Fitzgerald, Brandon W Fitzgerald, Erin Fitzgerald, Jonathan Fitzgerald, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Ricky J Fitzwater, Raymond Flagg, Caleb Flaherty, Abigail

Flaherty, Daniel Flanders, Ben Fleagle, Karissa M Fleck, Jacqueline Fleischer, Jennifer L Fleming, Anthony C Fleming, Brandon P Fleming, Joshua M


Fleming, Krista N Fleming, Rayshun Fletcher, Danielle N Fletcher, James Fletcher, Kameron D Fletcher, Katelyn Fletcher, Kinsey B Fletcher, Kristin L

Fletcher, Kyle D Fletcher, Lance Fletcher, Melissa Flickinger, Michael Flinchum, Jeremiah R Flinchum, Jodi L Flint, Amanda M Flood, Kevin M

Flores, Gerli A Flores, Tanya I Flores, Ulises Floros, Rebecca J Florvil, Skania Floto, Zachary D Flournoy, Jacqueline R Flower, Abigail J

Flower, Kate E Flowers, Cassidy Flowers, Eugene Flowers, Heather L Flowers, Lucas L Flowers, Stormi Floyd, Damian T Floyd, Jillian L

Floyd, Pamela M Fluty, Jennifer Flynn, Tyler Fobbs, Brooke Fogg, Kevin Foggie, Malcolm Fogle, Kacie M Fogleman, Caleb A

Fogleman, Stephen Foglio, Alexis L Fohner, Andrew T Foit, James T Foley, Kelsey Foley, Lindsay E Foley, Maria F Foley, Quinn

Folk, Cheyenne Fonner, Robert F Fontaine, Caitlin A Fontaine, Denver B Fontes, Alysa Lyn Foody, Kevin Foose, Brittany Foose, Michael H

Foote, Daniel Foote, Thomas Forbes, Daniel Forbes, Jessica B Forbus, Megan Ford, Ashley J Ford, Brandon M Ford, Cameron

Ford, Carson B Ford, Christopher D Ford, Joanna Ford, John H Ford, Miraj O Ford, Olivia Ford, Tiffany Fore, Taylour L

Forehand, Nicholas D Forero, Brittney N Forest, Callie Forkey, Jacob M Forland, Kristi L Forner, Emilee C Forren, Abigail Forslund, Brandon

Forslund, Michael B Forst, Joshua T Forsyth, Corey Fort, Kathryn Fortier, Kevin W Fortier, Stephenie Fortner, Amanda Fortner, Jessica

Forton, Violet Foss, Amanda Foster, Ashley S Foster, Benjamin S Foster, Cassie E Foster, Chadley J Foster, Christian D Foster, Dustin J

Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster, Foster,

Emily C Hannah D Jessica N Joanne Jonas Josh Nathanael Samantha A

Foster, Zachary L Fouche, Bailey N Fournier, Amanda H Fouse, Ashley Foust, Benjamin D Foust, Glenn C Foust, Sarah A Foust, Spencer A

Fowle, Ryan Fowler, Christian A Fowler, Jeremiah Fowler, Joseph D Fowler, Joshua Fowler, Lindsay R Fowler, Melanie A Fowler, Nathaniel

Fowler, Samantha L Fowler, Sarah Fowler, Zachary D Fox, Adriana Fox, Amy D Fox, Autumn Fox, Bethany G Fox, Caitlyn M


Fox, Candice L Fox, Ciara C Fox, Courtney Fox, Heather G Fox, Holly N Fox, James M Fox, Jennifer Fox, Katie M

Fox, Kelsea M Fox, Mallory L Fox, Melissa Fox, Micah Fox, Nathaniel D Fox, William T Foxwell, Jamie P Foxx, Shane

Foy, Courtney L Frackleton, Colleen C Frady, Amy L Frailey, Caleb Frais, Esdras Frais, Janide Fraley, Chandler Fraley, Sadie

Fralin, Jessica L Francis, Branden T Francis, Carmen E Francis, Chaylah Francis, Ian T Francis, Jessica A Francis, Ryan D Francis, Sarah M

Francisco, Claire N Franco, Adam Frangos, Britney Frania, Jillian R Frank, Richa Frank, Tyler B Franklin, Kameryn L Franklin, Shannon

Franks, Heather Frantz, Justin Fraser, Ellie M Fraser, Jenna Fraser, Stephen P Fraser, Timothy C Frayser, Ryan Frazier, Emily

Frazier, James E Frazier, Kristen J Frazier, Megan Frazier, Neale Frazier, Paul Frazier, Taylor V Frechette, Emily E Freel, Michael A

Freeman, Aaron Freeman, Brett Freeman, Callie C Freeman, Hannah Freeman, KyLisa Freese, Andrew C Freier, Nathan Freitas, Manuel

Frejd, Robert W French, Aric Frenz, Kegan C Frerichs, Joshua Freshour, Lauren A Freston, Christina Frett, Lindsey Frey, Geza P

Freymond, Jennifer M Freyre, Rachel M Friberg, Dylan W Friberg, Jessica Friday, Robin Fridgen, Cody Fridley, Jacob T Friedel, Jonathan

Friederichsen, Chloe W Friend, Alicia Friesen, Kenzie Friesner, Geoffrey R Frimpong Konadu, Jemima Frisby, Gary G Fritz, David S Fritzemeier, Lyndee R

Fritzinger, April D Frohlich, Stacey M Frohne, Amanda E Fronte, Brandy A Frost, Alyssa Frost, Michael Fry, Danielle Fry, Elizabeth

Fry, Kristen O Fry, Rebecca Frye, Cassandra Frye, Daniel Frye, Nikolas A Frye, Terrence H Fualaau, Nicholas Fucello, Christina M

Fucello, Sarah R Fugitt, Chelsea B Fulcher, Taylor Fulcher, Tiffany A Fulde, Audra L Fulgham, Philip L Fulghum, Blake Fulks, Nathan

Fuller, Emily Fuller, Ericka L Fuller, Gabriella Fuller, Kelly L Fullerton, Travis R Fulton, Jordan Fulton, Stephanie R Funderburke, Brian P

Funez, Kelly Funk, Brandon Funk, Deborah Furman, Charles R Furman, Lindsey Furman, Shawn Fuselli, Christina Fussell, Sara Grace


Gabbard, Melanie Gabert, Sarah Gabriel, Kelsi Gadd, Amanda J Gadsby, Nicholas R Gage, Samantha G Gage, Sara C Gagliardi, Peter

Gagne, Amy A Gagnon, Nathan Gaines, Jerrell C Galang, Ruel C Galarza, Federico Gale, Danielle A Gale, Mikeelie R Galeone, Maria G

Galer, Sarah Galiley, Yael Galinato, Laura R Gallagher, Caileigh Gallagher, Randall Gallardo, Sierra T Galletta, Morgan E Galli, Matteo L

Galloway, Kennedy N Galloway, Matthew S Gallozzi, Nicholas B Gallup, Robert E Galo Salgado, Cinthya R Galvan, Christine Galvez, Brenda Galvez, Linda M

Galvin, Suzanna L Galyon, Allison R Gamble, Nicholas Gammons, Amanda Gandy, Kevin Gangi, Elizabeth Ganse, Jeremy T Garber, Austin

Garber, Christopher P Garber, Cori A Garber, Kelly E Garcia, Jennifer Garcia, Joanna M Garcia, Kyle Garcia, Travis G Gardenhour, Justin

Gardner, Jasmine E Gardner, Samantha R Gardner, Sarah C Gardner, Stacy R Gardner, Timothy A Gardow, Dane Garland, Christian Garman, Natalie F

Garner, Lauren Garnier, Matthew S Garrett, Courtney P Garrett, Jerald W Garrett, Kelly N Garrett, Lorren B Garrett, Randa N Garrett, Randi L

Garrett, Roxanne Garrigan, Sharanda Garris, Jeffery Garrison, Dillon E Garrison, Heather N Garrison, MarQuise L Garrison, Matthew Garrity, Lydia A

Gartner, Mark Gartner, Robert W Gary, Abby Gary, Coralynn G Gary, James F Garzinski, Jennifer N Garzon, Mary M Gaskins, James H

Gass, Jessica M Gaston, James R Gaston, Joshua D Gaters, Morgan Gates, Jordan Gates, Laurel C Gathuo, Godfrey K Gatling, Demetre

Gatling, Devin Gatrell, Morgan Gatz, Chelsea M Gaudet, Ariel A Gaudet, Matthew D Gaudet, Nathan R Gaudet De Lestard, Aristea Gaudio, Anna K

Gaugler, Stacy A Gaunt, Elliot Gaver, Austin Gaver, Justin Gavin, Jessica Gay, Matthew C Gayle, Kaden Gearhart, Gabrielle

Gearhart, Jacob Gearhart, Jennifer K Gearner, Kent Gebben, Ansley P Gederberg, Blake W Gee, Amber Gee, Brandon Gee, Madison J

Gee, Megan Geesey, John Gehman, Hunter K Geiser, Matthew D Gelles, Chelsea Genaway, Kenneth P Gendrue, Joseph C Geng, Han

Geniesse, Alexander D Genovese, Gina M Gensler, Benjamin D Gentilella, Joshua D Gentry, Kaylan M Gentry, Nicole Gentry, Victoria C George, Cameron E


George, Casey C George, Rachael E George, Rebekah Geppert, Benjamin E Geraldino, Raquel Gerardi, Nicholas Gerberich, Meagan Gerhart, Courtney P

Gering, Amber Germain, Joshua Gery, Matthew T Gerz, Marshall Getsee, Kathryn E Giannini, Anthony V Giaritelli, Elizabeth N Giarratana, Tyler P

Gibbs, Benjamin J Gibbs, Jessica Gibbs, Kelsy L Gibby, Melissa F Giberson, Kevin Gibson, Amy Gibson, Brooke V Gibson, D'Anna

Gibson, Dana M Gibson, Dwayne P Gibson, Emily E Gibson, Hannah G Gibson, Isaac E Gibson, Jenna L Gibson, Jessica T Gibson, Joseph

Gibson, Julian G Gibson, Kirk T Gibson, Kyle Gibson, Leah M Gibson, Neal Gibson, Shane B Gibson, Zachary Gibson-Faber, Justin A

Gielo, Tomasz Gigliotti, Thomas J Gil, Charissa A Gil, Peter J Gilbert, Brittany L Gilbert, David Gilbert, Halley Gilbert, Jessica E

Gilbert, John L Gilbert, Laura Gilbert, Matthew C Gilbert, Meredith R Gilbertsen, Morgan D Gilchrist, Brian A Gilcrease, Matteson L Giles, April

Giles, Bethany D Giles, Seveda L Gill, Jack T Gill, Kyle Gill, Margaux Gillan, Ian T Gillen, Jayne Gillespie, Brittany N

Gillespie, Rachel Gillette, Sadie M Gilliam, Michael C Gilliland, Jonathan Gillis, Brooke C Gillispie, Leslie J Gilmartin, Kevin R Gilmer, Sarah E

Gilmore, Ian M Gilpin, Taylor Gimson, Douglas B Gingues, Steven Ginn, Joshua J Ginsburg, Kyle M Gintner, Jennifer A Giobbie, Corinne

Giovanetto, Andrea Y Giovanetto, Dylan Giovannucci, Samuel Gipe, Sarah E Girani, Thomas J Girnus, Kathryn Girnus, Peter Githuka, Eric M

Givens, Christian A Givens, Jessica J Givens, Teschia Glackin, Christian M Gladd, Tyler Gladding, Tilden Gladfelter, Jenna R Glahn, Stephanie

Glascoe, Shannon M Glasoe, Bethany C Glass, Chadwick Glass, Jamie L Glastetter, Clyde M Glaze, Jason M Glaze, Melissa S Gleaves, Darrell E

Glenn, Amy E Glenn, Connor T Glidden, Kierra G Glidewell, Emilie D Gliedman, Hart Gliganic, Kimberly Glodfelter, Cody Glodfelter, Emily A

Glossner, Lauren B Glover, Alexandra Glover, Ashley Glover, Callie M Glover, Chanise J Glover, Davis W Glover, James Glover, Jaquan

Glover, Lindsey J Glynn, Kellie T Gnalega, M G Gnanakan, Alethea E Gobar, Chadwick H Gochenaur, Autumn Gochenouer, Cody Godart, Marie


Goddard, Rachel E Godden, James Godfrey, Meghan E Godfrey, Meredith R Godheim, Emily Godheim, Sarah Godley, Philip A Godsey, George

Godsil, Andrea Godwin, Kathleen G Goebel, Caleb C Goette, Jennifer H Goetz, Natasha Goff, Ashley L Goff, Rachel R Goforth, Abby G

Gogerty, Sarah E Goins, David H Goins, Rachelle Goins-Phillips, D. Tre' Golden, Kale E Golden, Meghan E Golden, Sara E Goldman, Matthew R

Goldsborough, Hannah R Goldsmith, Anna R Goldson, Rachael Goldspring, Sarah J Golike, Alyssa Gomes, Amanda P Gomez, Adam Gomez, Christie M

Gomez, Eduardo Gomez-Palazzo, Elaina C Goncalves, Fernando Gonce, Jonathan Gong, Yue Gonzales, Cecilia Gonzales, Thomas Gonzalez, Daniel A

Gonzalez, Gladis J Gonzalez, Julie N Gonzalez, Justin Gonzalez, Mason Gonzalez, Richard A Gonzalez Bardales, A Gonzalez Pena, Lilian E Gonzalez Pena, Ruben D

Gonzalez-Flores, Dennis J Gooch, Andrew Good, Kenton Good, Kyle E Good, Kyle E Good, Seth Goodacre, Michelle Goodall, Nicholas R

Goodall, Nicole Goode, Anna Goode, Christopher L Gooden, Kaleb Gooden, Katelyn Goodenough, Aaron Goodin, Allison Goodin, Isaac D

Goodman, Aaron Z Goodman, Rochelle Goodrich, Kristen M Goodrich, Lauren Goodsell, Ashley Goodson, Brandon K Goodwin, Dashawn Goodwin, Frank D

Goodwin, Joshua A Goolsby, Andrew Goon, Hunter C Goon, Rachel L Gooss, Rachel L Gordon, Casey Gordon, Chelsea A Gordon, DAndrea L

Gordon, Emily R Gordon, Emily Gordon, Jacob Gordon, Joshua C Gordon, Kelly Gordon, Laura Gordon, Rebecca S Gordon-Tate, Valerie

Gordy, Danielle Gore, Jessika Gorgui, Sylvana A Gorin, Hannah L Gorman, Hanna L Gormley, Danielle S Gorsuch, Kristen Gortman, Justin L

Gorton, Kyle Goshorn, Daniel Goshorn, Marie I Goshu, Tilahun Gosliga, Erin A Gosnell, Joseph M Goss, Rachel Goss, Sarah C

Gosse, Sarah Gossett, Seth W Gough, George R Gough, Katelyn Gourlay, Andrew J Governale, Jeremy Goyzueta, Peter Grabau, Andrew

Grafman, Daniel Grafman, Zachary Gragan, Patrick A Gragg, Dakota Graham, Allyson T Graham, Emily R Graham, Emma E Graham, Jessica M

Graham, Sarah J Graham, Troy Grainger, Amanda N Grainger, Melissa A Graling, Kelsey A Granahan, Amber D Granda, David A Grandey, Matthew C


Grandstaff, David K Grant, Bailey Grant, Brandon A Grant, Katelyn V Grant, Nicholas R Granville, Matthew Granville, Sarah M Grasser, Keith W

Grauch, Christina J Grauer, Daniel Grauss, Brandt V Gravatt, Christian M Gravely, Nicholas Gravely, Spencer M Graven, Tyler Graves, Brandon

Graves, Jack T Graves, John C Graves, Johnny Graves, Katherine Graves, Kimberly R Graves, Mary J Graves, Tipree D Gravette, Devon M

Gravley, Jonathan T Gray, Elizabeth V Gray, Jonathan Gray, Katelyn Gray, Leslie A Gray, Lorin E Gray, Luke Gray, Matthew

Gray, Melanie Gray, Nathaniel Gray, Nicole D Gray, Rayon Gray, Robert C Greats, Bryant Greek, Emily Green, Ashley E

Green, Bethany R Green, Caitlin Green, Chase Green, Courtney Green, Curtis Green, Dominique G Green, Elizabeth M Green, Holly

Green, Jenna G Green, Kailey E Green, Laura E Green, Meghan E Green, Michael R Green, Morgan H Green, Peter Green, Samantha R

Green, Thomas Green, William M Greenberg, David M Greene, Benjamin A Greene, Christina L Greene, David Greene, Haley Greene, Rachael

Greene, Santara L Greene, Taylor D Greenfield, Abbie Gregg, Holley M Gregg, Katherine A Gregg, Ryan J Gregoire, Jacqueline Gregoire, Jonathan D

Gregory, Christopher H Gregory, James W Gregory, Janelle L Gregory, Jonathan Gregory, Leah R Gregory, Richard T Gregory, Sarah G Greigg, Philomen

Gresham, Miranda A Greve, Carson Grief, Amanda Grier, Brandon Griffie, Ty H Griffin, Erica Griffin, Jordan J Griffin, Kyle A

Griffin, Kyle M Griffith, Bradford P Griffith, Christian Griffiths, Charles D Griffiths, Robert C Grigas, Anna C Grigg, Ashley Grigsby, Gary

Grilley, Christopher D Grim, Jonathan M Grimes, Sarah E Grimm, Josiah D Grimwood, Samantha K Grindeland, Nicholas Grindstaff, Garrett D Grishkowsky, Natasha

Grissom, Jordan Griswold, Abigail E Griswold, Isaac D Griswold, Josiah Griswold, Kameron Groat, Jacquelyn Groeneveld, Kaylee Groff, Amber

Groff, Lauren K Groh, Alicia N Grolimund, Jennifer Gromlich, Bridgette Groski, Abigail S Groski, Benjamin Gross, Quinton J Gross, Rachel

Grosso, Kevin Grove, Travis M Grover, Kristopher M Groves, Emilie A Grow, Caleb B Grow, Jordan W Grubbs, Ranndi C Gruff, Sierra


Grupp, Megan Gruver, Kayla Gryder, Kaitlyn Gu, Yang Guensch, Matthew Guensch, Megan A Guensch, Raymond Guenther, Sara

Guercia, Matthew D Guerrero, Jendriel Guertin, Rachelle Guffey, Grayson Guglietti, Kaitlyn Guilbride Dos Santos, S Guillaume, Fille Guilliams, Claire J

Guilliams, Sean D Guimaraes Nasser, Nathalia Guimond, Aaron M Gula, John A Gulick, Jonathan Gum, Samantha Gummo, Joshua T Gunderson, Emily

Gunn, Justin Gunter, Allison A Gunter, Haley Gunter, Hallie E Gunther, Scott Guo, Victoria T Gupta, Paurav Gupton, Joshua L

Gurak, Christine R Gurklis, Emily Gurley, Ashton B Gurnavage, Rachel E Gurreri, Christopher N Gustafson, Andrew Gute, Melinda L Guthrie, Grant

Guthrie, Nathaniel T Guthrie, Sarah H Guwoe, Richard K Guy, Adriane L Guy, Julie Guzman, Maria C Guzman, Sopfia J Gwon, Jinjoo

Gyatt, Ashleigh E Gyatt, Douglass H Gyawu, Truddy Ha, Ester Ha, Hyesoo Haag, Heather L Haas, Amy R Haas, Max S

Habecker, Kelly Haberman, Elizabeth M Habuda, Matthew Hacker, Paul D Hackney, Kaylan Hackney, Terey Hackney, Terrell Haddock, Kierstin

Hadley, Amanda A Hadley, Brady S Hadley, Davin S Hadley, Emily R Hagar, Colton Hagen, Jacob D Hagen, Matthew M Hager, Chelsea

Hagerman, Aaron W Hagerty, Alesha M Hagey, Laura O Haggerty, Robert J Hagopian, Alexis Hagos, Merkeb Hague, Savannah Hagy, Holly N

Hahn, George A Hahn, Peter Hahn, Sophia K Hailey, Mitchell A Hairston, India A Hairston, Princess P Halbach, Amy E Halbach, Bethany R

Halbrooks, Grace A Haldeman, Ann C Haldeman, Rachel Haldren, Harold A Hale, Alyssa M Hale, Christina E Hale, Kayla Hale, Rachel

Hale, Sarah B Halfinger, Laura Hall, Brandon E Hall, Brett A Hall, Caleb R Hall, Cassidy L Hall, Christopher J Hall, Colby T

Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall,

Douglas S Eric T Kristen N Meagan E Millicent E Monishka C Robert L Roberta D

Hall, Sarah M Hall, Seth H Hall, Tyler L Hall, Zachary Halladay, Jacquelyn Haller, Matthew S Hallman, Alexandria Hallman, John

Hallman, Matthew R Hallmark, Jana H Halsey, Katie M Halstead, Haley Halstead, Justice L Halteman, Jessica Halvorsen, Brent Halvorson, Victoria L


Halyard, Jacqueline Hamel, Chad A Hamer, Luke M Hamid, Micaela L Hamilton, Alex D Hamilton, Andrea M Hamilton, Ashley Hamilton, Caleb

Hamilton, Christian Hamilton, Jacen D Hamilton, Kandice D Hamilton, Kelly L Hamilton, Perry Hamilton, Rebecca J Hamilton, Sarah E Hamilton-Gray, Nickie

Hamlette, Donald T Hamlette, Miranda T Hammack, James W Hammans, Kathleen A Hammell, Kevin T Hammerberg, Justin M Hammerly, Aimee R Hammerly, Joseph L

Hammett, Erica Hammitt, Jonathan C Hammond, Alyssa C Hammond, Andrew Hammond, Christina Hammond, Logan S Hammond, Michael Hampton, Jawaun R

Hampton, Jessica A Hamrick, Austin Hamrick, Shelby A Hamrick, Sydney G Hamrick, Taylor N Hamrick, Tyler Han, Chao Han, Ha Yeon

Han, Kate A Han, Xu Han, Young Shin Han, Zhen Tao Hancock, Anne-Marie R Hancock, Ashley R Hancock, Christopher D Hancock, Erin F

Hancock, James W Hancock, Victoria Handal Villatoro, K Handog, April L Handy, Kristin Handy, Melanie L Handzlik, Zachary Hanes, Timothy M

Haney, Bradley N Haney, Michelle R Hanger, Rachel J Hankey, Paul Hankey, Sarah Hankins, Timothy Hanks, Brett Hanks, Greta E

Hanks, Lindsey Hanna, Daniel B Hanna, Rickie E Hannabass, Sierra L Hannah, Serenity Hansen, Andrew S Hansford, Emily E Hanson, Kayla R

Hanson, Mitchell A Hanson, Paige Hanson, Samuel W Happel, Lillie C Haraf, Rebecca Haraseviat, Candace Harbeson, Hunter Harbison, Columbus

Harbison, Timothy K Harbour, Ashlee Harder, Brian Hardin, Glen S Hardin, Taylor Harding, Brittany L Harding, Rachel Hardwick, Bradley R

Hardy, Adam E Hardy, John G Hardy, Sabrina N Hare, John R Hare, Rebekah Hargett, Caitlin N Hargett, Paige M Hargrave, Conner

Harkins, Katie M Harlan, Kimberly Harless, Amy J Harley, Dora T Harman, Hannah Harmon, Dillon Harmon, Jeremiah Harmon, Neil P

Harmon, Raquel A Harmon, Raymond L Harmony, Lauren M Harold, Brandon Harper, Angelica Harper, Joshua A Harper, Leighanne S Harper, Sarah E

Harre, Lindsey G Harrell, Anna L Harrell, Elizabeth G Harrell, Kayla V Harrell, Paul Harrell, Tenisha A Harrigan, Patricia E Harrington, Jordan M

Harrington, Megan I Harris, Amanda Harris, Amy E Harris, Douglas O Harris, Dustin L Harris, Janelle L Harris, Kelia M Harris, Kelsey


Harris, Kenneth C Harris, Kevin D Harris, Kiara J Harris, Marilyn O Harris, Marly K Harris, Nicholas J Harris, Ryheem Harris, Samuel

Harris, Steven N Harris, Victoria E Harrison, Andrew Harrison, Christopher Harrison, Deanna J Harrison, Jessica N Harrison, Kylian E Harrison, Ruth

Harrison, Sterling Harro, Timothy Hart, Clinton T Hart, Joy K Hart, Justin Hart, Stephen T Hartburg, Lauren M Harter, Carl

Hartke, Timothy Hartley, Brittany Q Hartley, Madison N Hartley, Maggie L Hartley, Noah Hartley, Taylor W Hartman, Alyssa Hartman, Amber A

Hartman, Daniel S Hartman, Jeremiah J Hartman, Lucas M Hartman, Zachariah Hartnett, Bryan M Hartranft, Glenn D Hartsock, Elizabeth Hartwell, Brooke N

Harvell, Michelle R Harvey, Andrea Harvey, Caitlin Harvey, Elizabeth M Harvey, Kyle Harvey, Rebecca Harvey, Shereena Haschig, Drew W

Haschig, Emily I Haseman, Kelly K Haskin, Molly J Hassell, Jana Hassenpflug, Madeline R Hassett, Aaron Hassler, Andrew R Hastie, Ashten R

Hasty, Tyler Hatch, Christi Hatch, Kathryn M Hatcher, Dane L Hatcher, David A Hatcher, Mary Leigh L Hatcher, Samuel M Hathaway, Elizabeth G

Hathaway, Jesse Hatt, Johanna K Hatter, Hunter N Hatter, Nerissa K Hatton, Melissa Hauger, Wendy M Haughton, David M Hauk, Elizabeth

Hauk, Gabrielle Hausheer, Emily R Haven, Jaykeb Havens, Katherine M Hawkes, Shaneqa C Hawkins, Camille A Hawkins, Carmen A Hawkins, Elsworth

Hawkins, George W Hawkins, Hilary L Hawkins, Jade E Hawkins, Jordan T Hawkins, Nathan H Hawkins, Sarah E Hawkins, Stephen D Hawks, Brandon R

Hawks, Kathleen R Hawksford, Elizabeth A Hawley, Alexander J Hawley, Cody R Hawthorne, Erin E Hawthorne, Shabris A Hayden, Andrea K Hayden, Daniel

Hayden, Jaclyn P Hayden, Joshua Hayden, Justin L Hayden, Shannon M Hayden, Victoria E Hayes, Adam D Hayes, Carlie Hayes, Corey L

Hayes, David M Hayes, David Hayes, James A Hayes, Ronald Hayes, William E Hayhoe, Brian T Haymaker, Adam Haynes, Erik M

Haynes, Michael E Haynes, Shelby L Haynes, Spencer D Haynes, Zachary A Hays, Alexander D Hays, Kaylah Haywood, Derek C Haywood, Nathaniel A

Hazelwood, Alysha M Hazlett, Kaylie Hazy, Amanda D Head, Sarah M Headley, Jennifer Headley, Laura E Healey, Joshua Healy, Michael L


Heaphy, Deirdre E Hearle, Ethan Hearne, Tracie Heath, Marquis C Heath, McKall B Heathcote, Ryan M Heatwole, Allyson J Heatwole, Tara L

Heberling, Kelsey L Heck, Brittany D Heckard, Jeremiah T Heckman, Jason B Heckman, Kristin Hedrick, Blake L Hedrick, Brittannie Hedrick, Chung S

Hedrick, Lauren E Hedrick, Meghan Hedrick, Samantha M Heermance, Stephen T Hefner, Hannah R Hefner, Robert Hege, Jessica A Heidorn, Jacob M

Heidorn, Jodi M Heidt, Jessica Heil, Sarah K Heim, Heather J Heim, Rachel Heinecke, James R Heinke, Robert Heinrich, Ross E

Heins, Mary Heisinger, Colby W Heiskill, Tyevon J Heisler, Andrew R Heizer, Brittany Helbert, Hannah E Helbig, Faith Helfer, Janelle

Hellman, Rebecca Hellmuth, Mary R Helm, Jonathan Helm, Spencer C Helms, Amber Helms, Bennett T Helmuth, Austin Helring, Erin E

Helsabeck, Candace F Helt, Phoebe Helt, Sarah A Helton, Brent M Helton, John A Helton, Lora Hembekides, Maria Hemric, Brett N

Henderson, Adam Henderson, Christopher N Henderson, David Henderson, Emily L Henderson, Gabriel A Henderson, Jordan L Henderson, Josiah O Henderson, Justin T

Henderson, Keiona V Henderson, Keyona P Henderson, Neal P Henderson, Porchia B Henderson, Ramonda Henderson, Travis Henderson, Wesley Hendren, Emily

Hendren, Nick L Hendrick, Weston Hendricks, Joshua B Hendricks, Kelsie Hendricks, Kimberly J Hendricks, Ryan C Hendricks, Tyler L Hendrickson, Daniel L

Hendrix, Nathan B Hendron, Laken F Heng, A Hengst, Bradley D Henion, Kelly M Henkel, Brendan K Henley, Melissa Henley- Hope, Katrina

Henning, Carrie M Hennrich, Jonathan D Hennrich, Tobias Henriquez, Sylvia Henry, Anthony L Henry, Brianna E Henry, Ethan S Henry, Hannah M

Henry, Matthew J Henry, Matthew S Henry, Matthew T Henry, Meagan B Henry, Michael Henry, Patricia Hensel, Virginia Hensler, Louis

Hensley, Ariel E Hensley, Courtney N Hensley, Darlene Hensley, Katherine L Hensley, Lauren D Hensley, Zachary Henson, Cara Henson, James P

Henson, Samuel J Hepburn, Timothy R Hepler, Nathan Hepler, Ryan A Herber, Emily Herbert, Alec N Herbert, Kaitlyn G Herbert, Krista B

Hercyk, Caralynn R Herman, Dexter Hermening, Kaitlyn J Hernandez, Andrea Hernandez, Candy A Hernandez, Gabriel Hernandez, Jose G Hernandez, Reed C


Hernandez, Sebastian S Hernandez Mejia, Milagro Herndon, Alexandria Herndon, Carson R Herndon, Megan N Herrera, Emma Herrera-Flores, Ashley Herrero, Austin

Herring, Amanda R Herring, Mariah E Hershberger, Bethany J Hershberger, Jenna M Hertzler, Caleb D Hertzler, Michael T Hertzler, Nicholas J Hertzler, Olivia R

Herzog, Nathan Herzog, Ryan P Hess, Margaret Hess, Patricia Hess, Samantha G Hesson, Jessica Hester, Adam Hester, Tyler K

Hetrick, Hannah Heuck, Emily C Heuck, Rebecca Heuisler, Amber R Heverly, Christopher Hewel, Janelle E Hewitt, Esther C Hewitt, Jonathan M

Hewitt, Julie R Heydeman, Amber Hiatt, Taylor M Hibbard, Austin Hibbard, Ciara D Hibbs, Alexandra M Hibbs, Anneliese Hibbs, Garlyn C

Hibbs, Samuel Hibbs, Taylor C Hickling, Rachel L Hickman, Anna Hickman, Sharon Hicks, Brian Hicks, Brittany Hicks, Brittney M

Hicks, Haley J Hicks, Joseph D Hicks, Matthew Hicks, Megan C Hicks, Melody J Hicks, Peter Hicks, Salem A Hicks, Seth M

Hicks, Shadrach Hicks, Trevor M Hickson, Kasey M Hiddema, Aubrey Higby, Amber L Higdon, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Crystal L Higginbotham, Michael J

Higgins, Elisabeth G Higgins, Kimberly Higgs, Chrisellyn High, Clayton High, Connor High, Elise R Hight, Kiera L Hight, Timothy G

Highton, Nigel A Hightower, Spencer L Higinbotham, Mark J Hileman, Nicole A Hiler, James D Hill, Allyson T Hill, Alyssa Hill, Chloe Ray

Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill,

Emily M Lauren M Mark Mathew Nathan R Rebekah E Samantha Shane W

Hill, Shelbie L Hill, Stephenie Hillegas, Kelsey Hilliard, Hannah G Hillis, Alexander Hilt, Jacob Hindman, Leslie A Hineline, Tara

Hiner, Christopher R Hiner, Olivia R Hinerman, Katie Hines, Cecilia Hines, Kristen A Hines, Rachel Hinkle, Ethan Hinkle, Jacob

Hinkle, Terrance Hinman, Joshua P Hinrichs, Stephanie Hinson, Peyton C Hinton, Andrew Hinton, Michael R Hippe, Jessica L Hippenmeyer, Kelly

Hirschman, Carly Hise, David B Hise, Sarah L Hitch, Molly J Hitchcock, Andrew Hitchcock, Barbara Hitchcock, Nathan Hitchens, Marie A

Hitchens, Monica L Hne, Dwedeh E Hoang, Christina Hobbs, Gareth T Hobbs, Karina S Hobbs, Megan Hobbs, Rebecca A Hobby, Ronald


Hochstettler, Andrew L Hock, Lisa Hocker, Michael B Hockman, Erin Hockman, John P Hodge, Amanda M Hodge, Christian D Hodge, Hannah N

Hodge, Melyssa A Hodges, Andrew L Hodges, Chelsea N Hodges, Logen L Hodges, Luann M Hodgson, Alex Hodgson, Benjamin C Hodgson, Cameron

Hodnett, Lisha G Hoehman, Matthew T Hoenshell, McKayla J Hoeritz, Morgan Hofer, Dylan Hoff, Donald S Hoff, Jessica Hoff, Kevin

Hoff, Matthew J Hoff, Oswald L Hoffman, Alexander J Hoffman, Benjamin J Hoffman, Darla M Hoffman, Emily Hoffman, Jeremiah Hoffman, Jonathan H

Hoffman, Morgan M Hoffman, Robert J Hoffman, Stacey R Hoffmeier, Stephanie H Hoffmeyer, Katie Hofmeister, Amanda N Hofmeister, Kyle D Hogan, Anthony G

Hogan, Kevin A Hogan, Lauren Hogge, Sarah E Hoglen, Anika Hogue, Jonathan T Hogue, Lindsey Hogue, Robert Hoilman, Ryan A

Hoisington, Benjamin A Hojakuliyeva, Sabina Hoke, Danielle N Holbrook, Jeffrey Holcombe, Timothy S Holden, Hobie Holden, Patricia M Holder, John C

Holecek, Chelsea Holguin, Alex Holidaya, Ho Peter Troy Holland, Andrew L Holland, Jacob L Holland, Jonathan M Holland, Julia A Holland, Justin R

Holland, Marshall Holland, Meghan Holland, Micheal C Holland, Sharon R Hollander, Brian J Hollar, Sarah E Hollen, Izabella Hollenbach, Todd J

Holley, Jacob H Hollifield, Robert Hollister, Nathan Holloman, Leah A Holloman, Sarah Holloway, Benjamin T Holloway, Olivia F Holloway, Sirchauncey

Holloway, Todd W Holm, Gregory Holm, Landon M Holman, Jenna E Holmes, Brandon L Holmes, Brett Holmes, Charles Holmes, James

Holmes, Jonathan C Holmes, Melodie Holmes, Tawney Holmes-Randolph, Trenton C Holmgaard, Emory Holmquist, Carissa J Holston, Dylan T Holt, Amanda C

Holt, Daniel Holt, Gerald W Holt, Jacob W Holt, Paige L Holt, Paul H Holyfield, Grace Homem, Steven Homer, Nicolle D

Hommes, Jacob K Homolash, Danielle N Honaker, Korie L Honeycutt, Cole Honeycutt, Heather N Honeycutt, Joshua D Hong, David Hong, Petros

Hong, Seunggee Hong, Xiaolu Hons, Jordan L Hood, Adrienna L Hood, Jacob S Hood, Jesse Hood, Teresa J Hook, Hunter J

Hooker, Michelangelo Hooker, Sarah W Hooper, Jessica B Hoopes, Asher Hoornik, Jewel Hoornik, Joshua Hoosier, Emily A Hoover, Emily S


Hoover, Justin A Hopchak, William Hope, Trevor Hopkins, Brennan Hopkins, Brittany D Hopkins, Elizabeth Hopkins, Jonathan M Hopkins, Kimberly A

Hoppe, Kyle R Hopper, Jeffrey D Hopper, Leslie A Hoppes, Matthew B Hoppis, Rachel M Hopple, Katlyn Hopson, Kaylen Horgan, Patrick

Hormann, Alexa Hornbaker, Hope L Hornberger, Fred R Horne, Madison M Horning, Peter Hornsby, Matthew J Hornung, Mikaela Horrell, Brian D

Horsley, Devyn J Horst, Michael Horton, Abigail M Horton, Kristin Hosse, Elijah Hosterman, Geoffrey Hostetter, Courtney Hostetter, Katie F

Hostetter, Travis Hotchkiss, Kyle Hotelling, Darek E Houck, Jonathan Houdek, Kaley Hough, Kendall R Houk, Cassandra G Houlihan, Brett

Hounsell, Joshua A Houppert, Robert J House, Chad House, Jennifer M House, Jon J House, Nathan D Houser, Elizabeth A Houser, William S

Houston, Alicia R Houston, Brittney L Houston, Connor A Houston, Janelle Houston, Natalie B Houston, Robert Houston, Trevor Houts, Mikayla R

Houze, Theresa Howard, Abigail Howard, Alexis V Howard, Denia S Howard, Elizabeth Howard, Emily A Howard, Florence Howard, Jamie M

Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard,

Jonathan D Karmen M Kelvin Megan N Michael W Rachel E Samuel J Scott W

Howarth, Cory R Howat, Sean T Howe, Lance G Howe, Levi Howell, Carla Howell, Elena A Howell, Taylor D Howerton, Dominique

Howes, Ethan R Howett, Austin R Howington, Jacquelyn Hoy, Emily B Hoyle, Allison K Hoyle, Rachel E Hoyt, Bradley Hrabosky, Zachary G

Hrit, Ceilia R Hsu, Rebecca R Hu, Chengyuan Hu, Yingying Hu, Yuchen Huang, Daiwei Huang, Qi Huang, Ximan

Hubach, Amelia Huband, Donald W Hubbard, Aaron N Hubbard, Amanda L Hubbard, Jovan D Hubbard, Robert C Hubbard, Saddraid Hubbell, Dallace

Hubbell, Kenneth Huber, Nicholaus M Hubler, Joshua Huck, Christian Huddleston, Jared G Hudson, Adrienne C Hudson, Amber N Hudson, Brian M

Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson,

Carolyn R Carylynne Cody T Elizabeth A Elizabeth Felicia P Jennifer L Robert M

Hudson, Sarah Hudson, Staci N Huebner, Paul T Huertas Landero, Joy J Huffines, Joshua A Huffines, Sarah E Huffman, Taylor Hufhand, Christianne


Hufhand, Katherine R Hufstetler, Jesse Hugen, Bryan Hugen, Jessica C Huggins, Jacob L Huggins, Sarah M Hughes, Amber D Hughes, Bruce W

Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Erik T Hughes, Kyleigh N Hughes, Savannah V Hughes, Tara Hughey, Briana Hughey, Matthew Hughlett, Mary

Hui, Po Hang Huizenga, Savannah N Hulbert, Alec B Hull, Jonathan Hull, Mary Hulse, Jessica Hulskotter, Zachary C Hultstrand, Aaron J

Hummel, Benjamin Hummel, Luke E Humphrey, Liana M Humphreys, Kayla N Humphreys, Matthew D Humphries, Danielle Humphries, Hillary D Hungerford, Caleb S

Hungerford, Christopher Hunt, Ashley M Hunt, Davis M Hunt, Grant R Hunt, Keri N Hunt, Meredith Hunt, Michael T Hunt, Starr

Hunt, Valerie Hunter, Austin P Hunter, Cory D Hunter, Jacob L Hunter, Kameron Hunter, Kathryn M Hunter, Miles D Hunter, Rachel L

Hunter, Rebekah Hunter, Shelby M Hunter, Stephen Hupal, Michael Hupe, Jeffrey Hurd, Katie E Hurlbert, Marcus Hurley, Forrest S

Hurley, Jennifer L Hurley, Ruth Hurst, Kali J Hurst, Sarah A Hurt, Elizabeth R Hurt, Jared W Hurt, Samantha Hurt, Zachary

Hurtak, Jeffrey M Huschilt, Tirzah A Husovich, Chelsea M Huss, Jared Hussack, Christina A Hustead, Sarah M Hutchens, Allison Hutcherson, Ashton N

Hutcherson, Kayla D Hutchings, Robin Hutchins, Kaitlyn M Hutchins, Shalonda Hutchinson, Christopher Hutchinson, Daniel W Hutchinson, Daniel Hutchinson, Madison

Hutchinson, Melanche Hutchison, Garrett M Hutchison, Gavin T Hutchison, Randi L Hutson, Catie B Hutto, Victoria L Hutton, Brooke Hutton, James I

Hutton, Tiffani L Hutton, William Hwang, Caleb S Hwang, Jihyun Hwang, Jisang Hwang, Ki Up Hwang, Sechan Hwang, Younghyun

Hydock, Natalie J Hyland, John T Hyland, Justen Hyland, Ryan Hyland, Scott S Hylton, Joshua M Hylton, William B Hymers, Brittany A

Hysmith, Ashley Iannaco, Steven W Ianno, Jeffrey R Ianouchev, Joro B Ice, Alexandria Idiake, Obehiaghe Ikeakanam, Immanuel D Ikeakanam, Nonye P

Ikejiofor, Uzo C Ilo, N Imbriano, Joshua I Impellizzeri, J'Anna N Incorminias, Jessica Indyk, Devyn N Ingersoll, Jakob R Ingersoll, Robert E

Ingle, Cody D Ingles, Paul A Inglett, Angela Inglett, Joseph N Inglett, Michael Ingram, Bryan Ingram, Jayme B Inman, Daniel J


Inman, Karra M Inman, Maria Inman, Rebecca L Inman, Theodore S Insley, Mindy B Irby, Mary C Ireland, David J Irish, Amanda

Irizarry, Hermes Irvan, Tyler R Irvin, Amanda C Irvin, Heather Irvin, Jasmine Irving, Robert Irwin, Alicia H Isaacs, Benjamin K

Isaacs, Laura E Isaacs, Rachel L Isaacson, Joshua D Isaacson, Lauren Isacson, Alicia A Iserman, Rebecca Isherwood, Anthony Isidro, Amanda

Isimeme, Joel Isles, Mitey M Isom, Taylor Isreal, Stephen J Ivanova, Natalia O Iversen, James Jackola, Nathan M Jackson, Amber L

Jackson, Brandi C Jackson, Caleb Jackson, Carly Jackson, Christian Jackson, Christopher R Jackson, Danielle T Jackson, Drew M Jackson, Edward A

Jackson, Elaine A Jackson, Erika Jackson, Faith Jackson, Isaiah Jackson, Israel O Jackson, Jessica M Jackson, Jonathan T Jackson, Joshua J

Jackson, Kristen B Jackson, Latoya Jackson, Lauren Y Jackson, Marc Jackson, Matthew B Jackson, Matthew Jackson, Maurice P Jackson, Olivia G

Jackson, Tanner J Jacob, Jodi A Jacob, Victoria L Jacobs, Dwight I Jacobs, Marissa A Jacobs, Mark H Jacobsen, Charles Jacobsen, Stephen R

Jacobsen, Timothy D Jacobson, Michael Jacobson, William Jacques, Ryan A Jacquez, Adam Jacquez, Parri L Jager, Matthias Jagielski, Charlotte M

Jagst, Rochelle Jakob, Joshua Jambai, Ishmael Jamerson, Shannon N James, Brittany L James, Corey L James, Dylan G James, Jordan A

James, Kevin W James, Lauren R James, Miklhail Jamison, Annessa Jamison, Cherie N Jamison, Joylanda Jamison, Kimberly A Jang, Seeun

Janiec, Allison E Janiec, Lauren Janney, Josh D Janus, Sarah Japs, Michelle A Jaramillo Azcarate, A J Jarman, Brooke E Jarratt, Lindsey G

Jarrett, Chad W Jarrett, Rebecca P Jarvis, Cody M Jauch, Andrew J Javins, Nicholas S Jaye, Tyler Je, Nakyoung Jean, Blondine

Jean, Melissa Jean, Rebecca Jean Noel, Maxini Jean Paul, P Jeavons, Joel Jeffcoat, Haley C Jefferis, Ann E Jeffers, Eric

Jeffers, Jared S Jeffers, Jessie C Jeffers, Karen R Jeffers, Rebecca A Jefferson, Brett Jefferson, Jeremy Jefferson, Justin L Jefferson, Latasha A

Jefferson, Marvin G Jefferson, TaQuania D Jeffery, Jonathan G Jeffrey, Lauren R Jeffries, Kaitlin R Jemmoua, Sofia Jenisch, Christi Jenkins, Abbey


Jenkins, Bethany A Jenkins, Brandy L Jenkins, Erin L Jenkins, Kaitlynn P Jenkins, Kelsey Jenkins, Rebekah Jenkins, Shaari J Jenks, Tristen

Jenness, Amy Jennings, Curtis W Jennings, Grant E Jennings, Kaitlin P Jennings, Meghan E Jennings, Timothy Jensen, Adara Jensen, Audrey A

Jensen, Jonathan J Jensen, Merrick E Jensen, Nicholas B Jeon, Heungjin Jeong, Dahye Jeoung, Eean A Jesalva, Cameron M Jessee, Jared G

Jessup, Evan Jeter, Deondra M Jettmar, Jacob Jeu De Vine, Jorden E Jewell, Andrew J Jewell, Victoria Jia, Chen Jia, Ru

Jiang, Mengmeng Jiang, Xiaochen Jickling, Carrie J Jillson, Emily Jim, Marena L Jimenez, Aljin Jimenez, Ethan Jin, Haitao

Jin, Zhecun Jin, Zhenyu Jo, Sunghyun Jochmann, Wesley A Johann, Brenden F Johansen, Arianna Johansson, Alexander John, Dawood

John, Joemon John, Meerab John Baptiste, Peter Johnson, Aaron W Johnson, Aaron X Johnson, Alayna Johnson, Alicia Johnson, Amber R

Johnson, Andrea Johnson, Andrew P Johnson, Andrew W Johnson, Ashley F Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Brandie L Johnson, Brandon A Johnson, Brandon

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Brianna N Brittany Bryce A Caleb Cammie Carissa Carolyn Carolyn

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Casey D Chelsey N Christine T Christopher S Christopher Clayton J Daniel W Darius Q

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

David L Elissa Erik D Grace E Holly L James G Jasmine O Jermaine

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Jessica S Joelle Joshua D Josiah D Kaitlyn R Kaitlyn Katelyn R Katie B

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Kayla M Kayla R Kayla Kendria E Keri Krista Kristi R Kyeisha R

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Lea A LeAnna R Matthew D Matthew P Matthew T Matthew Megan Melanie R

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Melissa Micah Micah Michael D Michael T Michael Monica Nico

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Nicole K Peter G Renae E Richard Riley E Roderick C Ronald D Savanna


Johnson, Sidney Johnson, Thomas C Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Van A Johnson, Victor K Johnson, Victoria Johnson, Whitney N Johnston, Bria E

Johnston, Chantel Johnston, Chelsey J Johnston, Colleen Johnston, Jody Johnston, Kristopher M Johnston, Sarah Johnstone, Courtney E Johnstone, Richard B

Jolley, Sidney L Jonas, Geoffrey Jonasson, Joshua P Jones, Aaron N Jones, Alexandria N Jones, Amanda Jones, Andrew S Jones, Andrew T

Jones, Andrew Jones, Antonee Jones, Ashley M Jones, Austin Jones, Brandon Jones, Brendan L Jones, Breyanna M Jones, Brittany L

Jones, Brittany Jones, Cameron Jones, Danyiel D Jones, Darrell E Jones, Donald S Jones, Eden J Jones, Grant H Jones, Haley M

Jones, Hannah Jones, Jacqueline Jones, Jaimee A Jones, Jamison Jones, Janae A Jones, Janssen R Jones, Jared W Jones, Jennifer

Jones, Kaleb Jones, Kayla L Jones, Keith K Jones, Kristen Jones, Leah D Jones, Marques P Jones, Matthew L Jones, Michael R

Jones, Molly Jones, Monique A Jones, Morgan N Jones, Morgan Jones, Nathan R Jones, Nathaniel R Jones, Paige Y Jones, Portia

Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones,

Rachael E Rachel E Rakim Raymond A Reba Rebecca K Ryan M Samantha A

Jones, Sara E Jones, Stephanie Jones, Sydney C Jones, Tia Jones, Tracey Jones, Zachariah I Jones, Zachary R Jones-Weston, Jared

Jonsson, Joshua P Joo, Nicholas H Jordan, Bonnie L Jordan, Brittany L Jordan, Casey T Jordan, Chelsey Jordan, Hannah L Jordan, Jessica M

Jordan, Kali R Jorge, Daniela Jorge, Jose D Jorge, Marisa L Josefczyk, Jordan Josefczyk, Megan E Joseph, Brandon O Joseph, Emily M

Joseph, Esther M Joseph, Leonord Joseph, Nicholas Joseph, Sherry E Joseph, Travis Josephs, Daniella Joyce, Annie L Joyner, Emilie S

Joyner, Zachary R Jubilee, Marcus D Judd, David J Jude, Kimberly Judkins, Kenneth Jugar, Kelly T Jules, Jeffrey Julian, Wesley A

Jun, Jean Jung, Joohyun Jung, Joshua T Jung, Philip Jung, Woong Jo Jung, Ye-Eun Jurentkuff, Nichole Jurgensen, Nathan R

Jurgensen, Stephen Justice, Amy E Justice, Johnathan W Justice, Victoria Justmann, Natasha C Kabeya, Moise Kacensky, Thomas L Kacere, Alexander


Kacinski, David Kadjeski, Steffen P Kaetu-Smith, Hilda Kahl, Lindsay Kahle, Benjamin Kaigler, Barry A Kaiser, Joel Kalbach, Christopher

Kalbach, Stefanie Kalender, Andrew O Kalin, Daniel K Kalin, Melanie L Kalleberg, Michele Kamau, Catherine N Kamau, Rahab W Kamin, Brandon M

Kaminski, Caroline A Kaminski, Ryan M Kamugisha, Joan Kemigisha Kanagy, Christopher Kanagy, Khristina M Kancianic, Tricia Kane, Brian J Kane, Holly

Kane, Jessie M Kane, Kaitlyn Kane, Rosalie Kang, Byunggu Kang, Hana Kang, Ki Hun Kang, Min Hye Kangogo, Raymond K

Kanjiravilyil, Jessica Kanode, Kody L Kapke, Danielle Kapke, Jordan Kappler, Abigail A Kappler, Daniel W Kardos, Tyler J Karel, Jameson L

Kargbo, Daniel W Karley, Leayotta Karpenko, Natalie Kastuk, Sara K Katonah, Elise W Katsoulis, James Katz, Cassandra N Kauffman, Allyssa J

Kauffman, Jordan Kauffman, Nathan R Kaufman, Emilie Kauzlarich, Madison Kay, Andrew Kay, David L Kay, Evan G Kazmierczak, Peter

Kearney, Catherine G Kearney, Hannah L Kearney, Patrice H Kearns, Connor Kearns, Ellen Kearns, Jackson J Kearns, Tierney C Keating, Andrew S

Keating, Christopher D Keating, Elizabeth R Keating, Katie L Keaton, Catherine E Keaton, Corey S Keavney, Jessica Kebede, Fikre Keck, Jeremiah J

Keef, Daniel J Keegan, Thomas Keeler, Reade A Keen, Hannah Keen, Sarah A Keen, Seana F Keen, Shannon L Keene, Kaitlin M

Keene, Michal Keene, Wesley B Keeney, Christi D Kees, Zachary R Keeton, Theresa Keffer, Anni Kehr, Jordan N Keim, Elainna T

Keimig, Asa Keiter, Zachary L Keith, Jonathan Keith, Meredith E Kelch, Kendra N Keller, David M Keller, Kristen L Kelley, Brandon

Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Kelley,

Frederick Gene S Jessica Josiah KC Laura E Meredith Sarah

Kelliher, Kathryn Kellogg, Kelsi L Kellogg, Michael Kelly, Angelina Kelly, Anna M Kelly, Bridgette M Kelly, Bryce Kelly, Charisa J

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,

Daniel P James A Jared R Jeffrey Jon Kacey Kaitlyn M Matthew

Kelly, Patrick T Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Sean D Kelly, Tariq Stuart Kelso, Monroe O Kemmerer, Elizabeth M Kemmerer, Jacob T Kemmerer, Kristin L


Kenchel, Curtis A Kendall, Mary A Kendle, Shayna Kendrick, Sarah A Kenna, Moriah Kennard, Deidre A Kennedy, Austin J Kennedy, Jessica R

Kennedy, Katie E Kennedy, Kyle Kennedy, Monica L Kennedy, Scott A Kenney, Michael Kennon, Aaron M Kenny, Carter L Kenny, Eli M

Keo, Pov Keo, Sach Kerig, Jacob T Kerkhof, Annamieka V Kerkhof, Emily R Kerl, Jacob Kern, Joshua O Kerns, Ethan L

Kerns, Nicolette A Kerongo, Melyzedeck N Kerr, Allison C Kerr, Christopher R Kerr, Michael R Kerr, Ryan J Kerr, Samuel A Kerr, Taran

Kerrigan, Keith P Kerrin, Adam Q Kerry, Aaryn Kersey, Caroline A Kessell, Travis Kessler, Karis L Kessler, Kirsten A Kessler, Kyle

Kessler, Nicole M Kessler, Stephan Kessy, Naomi G Kessy, Neema G Ketcham, Molly A Ketner, Cory Ketron, William B Keyser, Bryan L

Keyton, Jesse S Keyton, Krystal M Khaja, Ayesha Khamla, Manel Khan, Noman D Khanal, Shiksha Khosrofian, Joshua D Khosrofian, Michael P

Khoury, Heidi Khuri, Alfred Khyuz, Natalia Kia, Jonathan A Kick, Cory B Kidd, Christine E Kidd, Jenna L Kidd, Taylor D

Kidder, Alyssa M Kiefer, Jill A Kienitz, Damon M Kijawski, Tyler Kilburn, Joseph T Kilduff, Jonathan P Kiley, Michael Kilgore-Parker, Robert

Killian, Bryan Killian, Lindsay Killian, Thomas Killough, Gabrielle N Kilpatrick, Hannah Kilpatrick, Stephen Kim, A Reum Kim, Andrew D

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,

David Eun-Chong Hayung Hyang Eun Hyojeong Hyoyoung Hyun Ja Yun

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,

Ji Young Jinwoong Kang R Kang Kyeonghui Min Ho Neil K Nohgyeom

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,

Oue Chan Pyunggang Sara Sarah Seowoo Stephanie Ye Eun Yeongwon

Kim, Yeseul Kim, Young Sam Kimball, Ricki E Kimball, Sarah Kimble, Jacob M Kime, Curtis G Kime, Natalie Kimmel, Brittany

Kimmel, Stephanie L Kinas, Caleb M Kindt, Kyle E King, Amanda D King, Amanda L King, Anella I King, Angela M King, Chancey

King, King, King, King, King, King, King, King,

Christopher David E Dennis F Dustin James M Jessica R Jonathan C Jordan M


King, Joshua B King, Julie R King, Kaitlin King, Katelyn King, Katlyn King, Katrina M King, Laura A King, Leah A

King, Lindsay N King, Matthew C King, Michael A King, Ruby J King, Sylvia K Kingery, Robyn E Kingsbury, Sonny Kingseed, Kelly

Kingsley, Erik Kingsley, Kristen Kinker, Jonathan D Kinker, Kristen D Kinne, Brendan A Kinne, Megan A Kinney, Evan J Kinsey, Hanna G

Kinsley, Isaac R Kintzel, Brittany Kinzer, Arielei S Kinzer, David N Kinzer, Faith L Kinzie, Kendall T Kipchirchir, Ngetich Kirby, Andrew W

Kirby, Catherine E Kirby, Colin P Kirchner, Kendal Kirk, Jonathan F Kirk, Robert T Kirkland, Ian Kirkland, Lindsey P Kirks, Jonathan B

Kirse, Hannah Kirst, Rebecca L Kiser, Heather V Kiser, Nick A Kish, Bryan A Kison, Tyler P Kistler, Victoria L Kitts, Amy E

Kjellman, Timothy R Klacynski, Brandon C Klakring, Joshua Klarich, Elsa R Klase, Daniel Klein, Johanna F Klein, Matthew R Klein, Maygan A

Klein, Tamara Kleinhans, Kelsey A Kleyn, Cortni J Klimkowski, Elizabeth Kline, Jacqueline Kline, Laura Kline, Riley Kline, Robert

Kline, William R Klinect, Bethany K Kling, Taylor L Klingensmith, Alyssa G Klingler, Andrew Klingler, Johnathan Klink, Elyse M Klischer, Julie H

Kmett'Pendry, Casey Knapp, Brett D Knapp, Corey Knapp, Kaitlyn M Knapp, Meghan Knaus, Rachel Knauss, Samuel J Knef, Corey M

Knick-Bradberry, Sierra M Kniffin, Robert K Knight, Alexander Knight, Ariana M Knight, Bradley D Knight, Brandon S Knight, Casey L Knight, Casey R

Knight, Knight, Knight, Knight, Knight, Knight, Knight, Knight,

Christopher R Clayton Coty R Forrest A Kevin J Kylie R Ryan M Ryan

Knight, Taylor Knight, Todd D Knight, ToneJah Knights, Moorea K Knobeloch, Maeve Knoess, Brandon Knoll, William T Knowles, Kelsie L

Knowles, McKenna Knowles, Nicholas Knox, Emily C Knox, Katharine M Knudsen, Zachary S Knuppel, Matthew Knuppel, Ryan Knutson, Isaac

Ko, Yealim Kobinah, Ashley Kobinah, Steven Kobischen, Jennifer Koch, Carissa Kochanek, Jonathan A Kochanek, Kyle D Kodel, Thomas R

Koerth, Melinda M Koh, Seung Hun Kohle, Katie A Kohler, Meghan R Kohn, Dana L Kokinda, Cody R Kokufuda, Hannah Kolar, Jason M


Kollman, Margo L Kometer, Maria G Koning, Micah J Koo, Anna C Koo, Ja Woong Koon, Zachary C Koontz, Wesley Kooy, Lauren

Kopanko, Justin Kopfstein, Blair M Korang, Desmond Korangy, Arianna G Kordus, Avery J Korkor, Alain KorKoya, Hassallen Korn, Jessica

Kornelsen, Diane R Korr, Timothy Korson, Megan Kosloff, Titus M Kosoko, Oluwatomiwa Koukol, Aubrey J Kourkounakis, Abigail E Koury, Chandler

Kovaly, Stephanie Kovar, Brigitte Kozak, Kristopher F Kozikowski, Kaitlyn J Kozuch, Christine Kpadeh, Solieh Kraft, Josette Kramer, Jessica

Kratochvil, Andrew Kratt, Daniel J Krause, Rachel A Krauss, Jessica Krauter, Emily M Krauter, Jonathan D Krautter, Daniel Krecker, Kelli L

Kreidler, Tyler Kreis, Kelly Kreisel, Brandon G Kreitzinger, Jordan M Krick, Jillian M Krick, Jonathan Kriner, Stephanie M Kriske, Joseph R

Krna, Kaitlyn E Krna, Stefan A Kromidas, Daniel G Kronawetter, Aaron M Kronzer, Jay Kroskie, Jessica A Krouse, Rachael L Krug, Chelsea L

Krulock, Ashlee A Krulock, John D Krumich, Erica Kruse, Megan V Kryza, Karly Kuadey, Christian S Kucharczyk, Autumn J Kuda, Julia M

Kuenzi, Grace Kuhn, Jackson B Kuhn, William C Kuhns, Sara Kuiper, Danielle P Kujawski, Jennifer Kulp, Taylor R Kunda, John

Kuntz, Carleigh S Kunwar, Manisha Kunz, Jonathan Kuro, Jessica R Kurosaki, Naoya Kurtz, Allison Kuske, Loren M Kuster, Lindsey M

Kuzmik, Ashley E Kuzmik, Daniel Kwon, Chang Hyun Kwon, Ki Beom Kwon, Saeng Su Kwon, Stephen Kwon Hwang, Ji Hae Kyle, Alex P

Kyles, Ricky V Kytle, Lyndsey Labrada, Jennifer Lacayo Cibrian, V Lachapell, Rafael Lachniet, Amber Lacik, Nickolas S Lackey, Ariel N

Lackey, Brittany Lackey, Diana C Lackey, Jessica Lackey, Shannon K Lacks, Chelsey Lacks, Erin N Lacombe, Kelly M Lacroix, David M

Lacy, Katelyn M Lafayette, Cassandra Lafferty, Jenna M LaFleur, Nicole LaFollette, Tara E LaFortune, Gilbert Lafountain, Stephen A Lagerquist, Carly

Laginestra, Ashley M Laidlow, Leata L Laing, Corlene Laird, Meganne S Laird, Rebekah Lairson, Trista K Lajoy, Annah Lake, Aaron

Lake, Andrew Lake, Susan E Lally, Jeany M Lally, Sean Lalonde, Daniel J Lalone, Jonathan Lam, Donovan B Lam, Janessa


Lam, Jordan E Lam, Tak Sing Lamartina, Drew G LaMartina, Gabriel W Lambach, David G Lambert, John C Lambert, Joshua R Lambert, Samuel C

Lamberton, Kelsey E Lambeth, Joshua M Lamers, Leeanna Lamm, Katie P Lamm, Timothy I Lammert, Victoria R Lamontagne, Mark Lamothe, Zachary L

Lancaster, Cassidie Lancaster, Christina B Lancaster, Jeffrey Lancaster, Joshua T Lancenese, Michael Landavere, Alexis Landavere, Austin G Landes, Tyler T

Landis, Brennan Landis, Erika S Landis, Erin Landis, Joshua Landis, Kaylee M Landis, Mark F Landis, Tyler Landolfi, Jamie R

Landrum, Andrew T Landrum, Matthew D Landrum, Sara Landry, Brian Landry, Meredith Landwerlen, Chelsey K Landwerlen, Kyley Lane, Christine

Lane, Corey B Lane, Joseph M Lane, Kelsey Lane, Stuart W Lane, Sydney Langdon, Katelyn D Langford, Christine Langham, Ryan D

Langley, Kathryn A Langley, Michael D Lanham, Peter J Lanman, William Lanning, Kayleigh M Lanning, Ryan E Lanouette, Rachel Lanowitz, Morgan L

Lantz, Mark K Lantz, Zachery Lantzsch, Jordan Lanz, Jason Lanzaro, Christian A Lapp, Joshua A Lardy, Zachary Laredo Neto, Jose

Laremore, Micah J Largen, Christopher E Lariccia, Dawn C Larison, Lauren N Larison, Thomas A Lariviere, Mark F Larkin, Tanner G Larkins, Deshon

Larrabee, Samuel E Larrimore, Jacob Larsen, Christine M Larsen, Jeannette Larson, David T LaSasso, Matthew L Lashkevich, Briana H Lashkevich, Jonathan B

Laskowski, Justin R Lassen, Sarah Lassiter, Lauren Lassiter, MarQuis A Lathan, Sidnye C Latka, Hannah M Laton, Hailey E Latshaw, James

Lattimer, Aubrey L Lau, Adriel Zhenrong Lau, Kenny O Laubscher, Luke A Laughlin, Charles Laukaitis, Joshua Lauritsch, Bryan D Lauta, Laura L

Lavender, Kevin Law, Courtney M Law, Maegan L Lawhorn, Brittney Lawhorn, Laura A Lawing, Diamond E Lawless, Logan Lawlor, Emily P

Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence,

Aaron B Adam Austin Blair Brandon David Dwayne A Ellissa P

Lawrence, Jasmin M Lawrence, Jennifer C Lawrence, Mary Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Tyler A Laws, Austin M Laws, Jonathan Lawson, Caleb

Lawson, Carrie Lawson, Donald Lawson, Erick R Lawson, Jenna L Lawson, Jessica M Lawson, John Lawson, Tiffany Lawton, Thomas


Lawyer, Kimberly D Laya, Danikka V Layer, David E Layfield, Kaitlyn Layne, Erika S Layne, Hunter T Layton, Joseph B Lazar, Hannah J

Lazo, Natalie Leach, Cody Leach, Elizabeth Leach, Stephen Leahy, Darrell Leahy, Kyle Leaptrott, Anna F Lear, Bobby R

Lear, Jessica E Lease, Jacob Leasure, Gregory Leatherman, Jeremy D Leathersich, Timothy Leatherwood, Maria E Lebien, Lauren N Leblanc, Courtney

LeBlanc, Lindsay Leblanc, Shannon R Lebo, Jared M Lebo, Lindsey R Ledbetter, Joel A Ledbetter, Jordan Lederer, Kathryn M Lee, Beung Eun

Lee, Changmin Lee, Chi Wai Lee, Choonsuck Lee, Chung Moo Lee, Corey Lee, Courtney Lee, Daniel J Lee, Danny L

Lee, Dave Lee, David M Lee, Dillon E Lee, Dokyung Lee, Esther H Lee, Jennifer J Lee, Jeremy C Lee, Jeremy T

Lee, Jessica J Lee, Jin Seong Lee, Jonathan Lee, Joo Eun Lee, Karis J Lee, Kyuhee Lee, Lydia Lee, Min Jin

Lee, Nathan Lee, Peter Lee, Po Chun Lee, Rachel M Lee, Robert Lee, Ronald J Lee, Soohui Lee, Soon Wook

Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee,

Stephanie W Subin Tae Hee H Taeheon Victoria E William D Ye Lim Youngbin

Lee, Yuijun Leeds, Spencer S Leepa, Matthew Leeper, Morgan Leers, Ashley Leers, Kiara A Lees, John B Lees, Matthew B

Leeworthy, Cody A LeFave, Nathan Lefczik, Katherine R Lefferts, Jeffrey Leffew, Brandon S Leffew, Robert M Legar, Cody Legg, Caitlyn

Legg, Richard W Lehman, Christopher A Lehman, Gregory M Lehman, Katherine Lehr, Marissa C Leibbrandt, Katrina Leighton, Chelsey Leininger, Rachel R

Leistner, Shelby L Leitch, Fiona K Leitch, Stacey Leite, David A Leitz, Shae M Leland, Caroline E Lemeneh, Afnin Lemeneh, Elshedai

LeMieur, Kiersten E Lemire, Kaleigh Lemmon, Tara Lemon, Eric Lenehan, Caleb T Lenkerd, Tyler J Lennon, Daniel A Lennon, Marina C

Lensch, Brittany N Lent, Dakota Lentz, Emily F Lenz, Abigail J Lenz, Karl K Lenzen, Derek M Leonard, Brittany G Leonard, Jakob

Leonard, Jennifer A Leonard, Joshua D Leonard, Julie M Leonard, Leslie E Leow, Hung Hui Lescault, Elizabeth Lesh, Bethany L Lesh, Jamilynn J


Lesh, Sky Leslie, Winston S Lesniak, Justin T Lessig, Jewell R Lester, Kaitlyn E Lester, Kellen Lester, Sydnei L Leuci, Alexandra R

Levandovska, Liliya Levasseur, Ashley M Levesque, Brittany Levesque, Elizabeth A Levesque, Mary C Levesque, Sarah L Lewallen, David B Lewallen, Laura

Lewanowicz, Andrew G Lewellyn, Bryant Lewellyn, Dylan P Lewellyn, Joshua Lewellyn, Keren L Lewellyn, Keziah Lewers, John D Lewis, Amanda M

Lewis, Austin Lewis, Brandon A Lewis, Brittany R Lewis, Cameron Lewis, Cara Lewis, Chelsea D Lewis, Devante Lewis, Edward S

Lewis, Elizabeth J Lewis, Erica Lewis, Gina M Lewis, Halei J Lewis, Jeremy K Lewis, Jimmy R Lewis, Joshua M Lewis, Julie Y

Lewis, Kalah Lewis, Kalynn M Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Krista Lewis, Kristen M Lewis, Lindsay S Lewis, Matthew Lewis, Michael R

Lewis, Ryan Lewis, Sage Lewis, Sarah E Lewis, Shawn M Lewis, Talia Lewis, Tamira I Lewis, Tazhji M Lewis, TeChandra

Lewis, Zachary N Lewis-Allen, Kourtney Ley, Kelli M Leybold, Emily J Leyva, Tessa Li, Chengsi Li, Duo Li, Junyi

Li, Laura Li, Olivia Li, Qimin Li, Trisha Li, Yuanhua Liakos, Brendan Libby, Lucas O Libreros, Melissa

Liddell, Ashley L LiDrazzah, Jordan Lieb, Jennifer M Lieb, Lora N Liedstrand, Krista M Lietzan, Emily Lightner, Andrew Lightner, Autumn M

Ligon, Luke Ligowski, Ariel Lile, Christine Lile, Justin Liles, Jordan L Lillo, Brennyn J Lilly, Joshua S Lilly, Rebecca A

Lilly, Taylor Lim, Chanelle Chia Shin Lim, Dong Sun Lim, Hwan Lim, Ji Chen Lim, Luke Y Lim, Vincent C Lin, Benjamin C

Lin, I-Chun Lin, Shoshana R Lin, Tzu Chao Linch, Casey Lincoln, Matt Lind, Rachel Lind, Victoria R Lindemulder, Stephen C

Lindenbaum, Matthew J Lindsey, Abigail Lindsey, David Lindsey, John H Lindsey, Joshua W Lindstrom, Niklas A Lingerfelt, Dylan D Lingle, Sarah

Linke, Brean Linnemann, Erica Lintner, Adam Linton, Bonita S Lippy, Casondra C Lipscomb, Donovan L Lipscomb, Hannah J Lisa, Justine

Lisa, Michael A Lisbeth, David J Lischynski, Chantal D Liscio, Anna S List, Garrett M Lister, Mitchell L Listor, David Litaker, Wesley


Litevich, Aaron K Little, Alyson Little, Cammille Little, David A Little, Emily Little, Rachel C Little, Safari H Littlejohn, Nathan

Littleton, Alexander Litton, Lorrie K Litzenberg, Thomas W Liu, Can Liu, Siyi Liu, Xingyu Liu, Zhao Llanes, Louis

Lloyd, Cameron G Lloyd, Daniel R Lloyd, Kyle E Lloyd, Nathanial Lloyd, Neil Lobato, Kelsey Lock, Kristin S Lockard, Trent D

Lockhart, Seth Locklear, Philip C Locklear, Shelby J Lockwood, Evan Loeblein, Joy E Loerop, Matthew A Loftis, David R Logan, Daniel C

Logan, Patrick W Logan, Richard J Logan, Sarah Logel, Sarah Logwood, Clinton D Lohr, Janet R Loizos, Alexander Lollar, Robert J

Lomax, Katherine Lombardi, Lauren E Lombardi, Nicole R Loncar, Elizabeth C Loncar, Wesley Long, Alexis N Long, Allison B Long, Ariel

Long, Eric G Long, Garrett Long, Jacob Long, Jennifer E Long, Kalley Long, Meredith Long, Morgan L Long, Rebekah A

Long, Samantha J Long, Tyler R Longenecker, Allison F Longenecker, Lauren K Longley, Natasha Ambrosine Longmire, Jonathan Longnecker, Dylan M Longsworth, Meredith K

Lonsdale, Marissa Look, Ryan Lopez, Asten D Lopez, Cecilia L Lopez, Tatyana Lopez, Tiana M Lopiccolo, Dominique S Lorcy, Shekinah

Lorenz, Julie Lotspeich, Zachary M Loughney, Kaitlyn Loughridge, Anne E Louissaint, Esther Louissaint, Patrick P Loukinas, Megan Love, Ashton A

Love, Parker E Love, Victoria A Lovekamp, Lauren Lovelace, Aaron G Lovelace, Jared G Lovelace, Medley E Loveland, Kevin T Lover, Hunter

Loving, Charles Loving, Lillian Lovitt, Joseph D Lovitt, Michael Low, Cameron Lowder, Jessica Lowe, Ashley A Lowe, Clint W

Lowe, Courteny A Lowe, Daniel E Lowe, Jonathan Lowe, Nathan D Lowe, Ryan M Lowell, Melissa Lowery, Brian V Lowery, Jonathan H

Lowry, Chad A Lozada, Miguel A Lozuk, Nathan Lu, Pei Lu, Qingchuan Lu, Sangying Lu, Yang Luan, Jingwen

Lubeshkoff, Eric M Lubonski, Alyssa Lucado, Tabitha D Lucas, Brooke Lucas, Tyler Luccia, Grace Luce, Havilah K Luce, Rachel

Lucia, Hanna L Lucia, Steven R Ludwick, Hannah M Ludwick, Payden Ludwig, Nathaniel B Ludwig, Paul G Luff, Shae Lugasi, Ross


Luger, Matthew D Lugo, Ariel Luhrsen, Benjamin Luick, Megan R Lukacs, Brittany A Lukaszewski, Diana M Lukaszewski, Sarah Lumpkin, Tiffany

Luna, Jeanette R Lund, Christian Lund, Hannah E Lundie, Kristen M Lundquist, Ashley M Lundy, Aaron W Lunsford, Jason E Lunsford, John D

Lunsford, Laurie Lunsford, Terika Lupton, Devon S Lusignea, Kevin M Lust, Elizabeth Lust, Erica Luster, Catherine E Lustig, Joseph

Luther, Christopher B Lutyk, Noura Lutz, Brian Lutz, Mariah J Lutz, Zachery D Lyle, Ted W Lyles, Michael D Lynam, Nicole C

Lynch, Adriana M Lynch, Austin Lynch, Brian C Lynch, Chelsea Lynch, Hannah K Lynch, John Lynch, Katherine J Lynch, Noah A

Lynch, Vanessa N Lynn, Carlie Lyon, Elisa Lyon, Elizabeth E Lyon, Taylor D Lyon, Zachary Lyons, Arielle R Lyons, Hannah P

Lyons, Jared S Lyons, Joseph Lyons, Thomas N Mabes, Christopher Mabry, Demi N MacArthur, Jennifer MacBean, Andrea Macdonald, Jami L

MacDonald, Joshua A Macdonald, Trenton M MacDougall, Heather L MacDowall, Alexsa B MacEwen, Thomas MacGilvary, Nate Macgregor, Shane D Macinnis, Jordan L

MacIntyre, Kelsey Macintyre, Kevin Mack, Aaron M Mack, Alexandra Mack, Avani Mack, Grayson A Mackay, Kaleigh M MacKenzie, Amber K

Mackey, Alyssa C Mackey, Evan P Mackey, Hilary J Mackey, Sean A Mackie, Scott A Macklin, Corey MacLeod, Zachary A MacMaster, Mary K

Macolino, Brent J Macpherson, Alexis MacPherson, Rachel MacQueen, Aubrey E Macy, Elizabeth Mad-Bondo, Rebecca E Madden, Christopher A Maddox, Annyce R

Maddox, James Maddox, Megan S Maddox, Micah T Maddox, Nicholas B Madera, Noemi Maderer, Olivia D Madigan, Jessica Q Madison, David P

Madison, Joel T Madison, Michael J Madison, Thomas J Madrid, Katherine Madsen, Heidi Madsen, Nathan M Magann, John T Magee, Stephen

Magera, Katlin E Maghamez, Jessica N Magill, Elizabeth A Maginnis, Samuel Magliaro, Samantha E Maguire, Sean T Magyar, Lydia P Mahaney, Samuel C

Maharaj, David W Mahle, Rachel A Major, Gerald H Major, Jessica R Majuk, Robert Makullah, M Makullah, Mgayya R Makullah, Mwanze R

Malaspino, Ashlee Malbuff, Aaron J Malcolm, Skylar A Maldonado, Eduardo Maldonado, Richard Maldonato, Gabrielle M Male, Susanne R Malhotra, Paul N


Malinda, Timothy W Malkemes, Stephen Mallebranche, Julien Mallet-Prevost, Aaron Mallette, Ellie R Mallinson, Tabitha D Mallon, Kaitlyn M Mallory, Andrew C

Mallory, Justin Mallow, Jessica L Malnati, Eric D Malnati, Kenneth Malone, Ashley Malone, Lindsay Malott, Joseph T Mamo, Meseret

Man, Nathan L Manalo, Nicole Manaytay, Myrrh Mance, Emily J Mancuso, Amanda E Mancuso, Emmalee Maner, Joshua A Mang, Willis J

Manicone, Darren M Manicone, Hailey A Manion, Paige E Manis, Randi L Mank, Adam Manley, Hannah M Manley, Jordan E Manley, Joshua S

Manley, Sara Mann, Jeremy Mann, Katelyn N Mann, Katie L Mann, Monica Mann, Philip Mannerino, Alexandra S Manning, Alexis P

Manning, Andrew C Manning, Byron L Manning, Katherine B Manning, Olivia K Manning, Rebecca L Manns, Benjamin F Manoj, Sheryll A Manor, Erica R

Manotas, Veronica Mansfield, Brigette Manson, Matthew T Mansour, Naser K Manu, Nana A Manuel, Allison R Manuel, Heather J Maples, Carla R

Marable, Jeshad Maraj, Boydie A Maravilla, Charlene D March, Ashton L Marchand, Ellyse R Marcouillier, Carley Marcouillier, James Marczewski, Jane K

Marienski, Glenn Marilla, Richard J Marinell, Chase M Marino, Justin Marinos, Dimitrius P Marker, Cecily M Market, Jordan Markham, Dominick

Markides, John M Markle, Emily D Markle, Zachary S Marlin, Anna Marmet, Robert Marple, Thomas Marquis, Lauren L Marr, Ashley M

Marrero, Ashley M Marrero, Jessica Marrero, Kyle J Marroquin, Amanda Marroquin, Cassandra Marrotte, Michael R Marrs, Victoria J Marselus, Joel D

Marselus, Rebekah Marsh, Austin Marsh, Billy Marsh, Evelyn R Marshall, Davon Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall, Jordan S Marshall, Joshua S

Marshall, Margaret V Marshall, Maribeth Marshall, Michael Marshall, Olivia D Marshall, Patrick T Marsico, Ethan Marstell, Julia R Marstin, Mark W

Marston, Brandon W Martell, Nathan Martens, Douglas G Martin, Asia D Martin, Benjamin T Martin, Benjamin Martin, Beth A Martin, Caleb M

Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin,

Celeste N Christopher J Christopher R Claire A David J Dominique Emily H Eric

Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin,

Ethan Garrett Jairus James M Jasmine Jennifer C Jeremy Justin H


Martin, Kristen L Martin, Morgan T Martin, Nicholas A Martin, Nicole L Martin, Olivia A Martin, Paris R Martin, Roy E Martin, Samuel T

Martin, Sarah E Martin, Stacey Martin, Stephanie A Martin, Tachae' Martin, Taleysha Martin, Victoria A Martin, Weston S Martin, William N

Martin, Zachary A Martinez, Altairis Martinez, Billieann Martinez, Carlos M Martinez, Josephine Martinez, Kelsie Martinez, Mario Martinez, Sharon A

Martsolf, Emily Martz, Mitchell R Marusich, Emily A Maryland, Angela M Mascara, Brittany A Masciotra, Nicholas J Masich, Emily Maslanik, Evan D

Mason, Allison B Mason, Andrew H Mason, Charleta Mason, Eric D Mason, Justin Mason, Katie Mason, Kimberly A Mason, Laura M

Mason, Meredyth A Mason, Morgan Mason, Rebekah Mason, Rene Masonheimer, Joshua M Massaquoi, Sawolakabee Massary, Abbigail J Massengill, Alan W

Massengill, Lori M Masseth, Daniel Massey, Christie L Massie, Danielle Massie, David W Massimilla, Julia A Mast, Jacob B Mast, Kailee N

Mastrangelo, Regina Masullo, Kristen Mather, Jeffrey W Mather, Spencer Matherlee, Allie M Matherlee, Joshua D Matherlee, Stephen D Matherly, Courtney A

Matheson, Victoria K Mathew, Jason Mathew, Joel Mathews, Rachel A Mathews, Rielly C Mathews, Victoria P Mathis, Cody S Mathis, Robert

Mathis, Taylor A Matis, Ryan Matos, Brittany C Matthews, Ezekiel D Matthews, Graham Matthews, Lavar Matthews, Robert S Matthews, Shelby N

Matthews, Victoria Matthews, William C Mattson, Jeremy Matula, Caroline S Matula, Paul Matz, Jared Matzdorff, Jeffrey S Matzker, Justin

Maudsley, Kayla M Mauldin, Andrew M Mauldin, Brian C Mauldin, Kelly Maurhoff, Charles B Maurice, Gaetane M Mavinga, Guy Mavunga, Faith K

Mawyer, Andrea L Mawyer, Jasmine L Maxey, Emily A Maxey, Sarah N Maximo, Nicole Maxwell, Bridgitte Maxwell, Nathan May, Brooke

May, Ellyn May, Jordan S May, Lindsey K May, Melissa M May, Michael G May, Seth May, Zachary Mayberry, Kenneth C

Mayberry, Rachel L Maye, Brianna Mayer, Margaret Mayers, Rhoda R Mayersky, Andrew Mayersky, Dianny Mayes, Christian E Mayes, Katie

Mayfield, Brian M Mayhew, Jordan J Mayhorn, Doug Maynard, Jennifer L Maynard, Mallory G Maynard, Matthew S Maynard, Michael S Maynard, Olivia P


Maynard, Taylor Mayne, Thomas B Mayo, Chris Mayo, Julian Mays, Ashley Mays, Caley L Mays, Krystalin R Mays, Spencer

Mazonde, Goroma M Mazza, Justin W Mazzei, Sarah McAllester, Angela S Mcallister, Joseph McAllister, Kevin McAllister, Lauren McAlpin, Kevin

McAndrew, Aaron M McAuliffe, Daniel J McBride, Andrew McBride, David McBride, Rachel McBroom, Lee M McCabe, Michelle McCain, Michael-Chase

McCain, Nathan McCall, Cassandra F McCall, Chelsea L McCall, Katelyn McCalla, Joseph A McCallman, Taylor G McCann, Heather M McCann, Rebekah

McCargo, Lakercia N McCarl, Jordan E McCarl, Taylor O McCarrick, Corey McCarter, Ryan J McCarthy, Patrick S McCay, Kate S McClain, Dallas

McClain, Larissa L McClelland, Asya McClemmy, Laura E McClintock, Christina M McClinton, Kyle C McCloskey, Courtney R McCloskey, Mary McClure, Grant A

McClure, Lauren E McComas, Brittany McCombe, Andrew J McCombe, Nicole J McConnaughey, Alison K McConnel, Cameron J McConnell, Allison McConnell, Gavin R

McConnell, Ian P McCorkle, Sarah McCormick, Christopher E McCormick, Elaine M McCormick, Ethan McCormick, Rachel McCosker, Michael J McCoy, Jodie L

McCoy, Kassidy McCoy, Kristen E McCoy, Taylor E McCracken, Jessica McCracken, Kathryn V McCracken, Megan L McCrary, Magdalyne G McCray, Amy

McCray, Frederick McCray, Tyrone McCrea, Maria A McCready, Caitlyn E McCrickard, Jessica McCroskey, Charles McCroskey, Robert V McCubbin, Garfield

McCue, Katherine S McCune, Brandon M McDade, Sean McDade, Timothy McDaniel, Brittany R McDaniel, Jordan M McDill, Joshua McDonald, Anna

McDonald, Ashley N McDonald, Megan McDonald, Rebecca C McDonald, Taylor K McDonnell, Christopher R McDonough, Heidi McDouall, Evan M McDowell, Maresa J

McFadden, Brittany S McFadden, Pamela R McFerren, Kyle A McGaha, Connor T McGann, Bethany R McGann, Ethan K Mcgann, Gabriel McGarvey, Sean J

McGee, Alexandra L Mcgettrick, Rachel McGhee, Hunter McGhee, Joshua C McGlynn, Dwight McGlynn, Lydia S McGlynn, Trevor McGouldrick, Milan L

McGowan, Joseph McGowan, Seamus P McGrane, Sean McGrath, James T McGreevy, Patrick McGuire, Candace L Mcguire, Casey W Mcguire, Jordan I

McGuire, Katherine J McGuire, Seth H McGuire, Thomas G McGunigale, Melissa K McHale, Carrie V Mchale, Devon McHenry, Caroline E McHugh, Alec J


McHugh, Evan McIlhenny, Caitlyn McIlwain, Reginald M McIntire, Timothy Mcintosh, Abigail McIntosh, Jacob McIntosh, Richard A McInturff, Emily E

McIntyre, Bradley McIntyre, Jessica McIntyre, Kaitlyn E McIntyre, Michael C McIntyre, Parker A McIver, Tirrell K Mckay, Caleb T McKee, Christian D

McKelvey, Kyle D Mckenzie, James H McKenzie, Katherine E Mckenzie, Monika McKeown, Sarah E McKinley, Kyle P McKinney, Caryn N McKinney, Erin R

McKinney, Joshua D McKinney, Laura B McKinney, Scott W McKisic, Micayla B McLain, Joshua McLane, Courtney Mclaren, Eric McLaughlin, Amy C

McLaughlin, Emily J McLaughlin, Karen McLaurin, LeeQuan McLean, Hillary G Mclean, Stephen D McLemore, Jeremy McLendon, James McLeod, Erika T

McMahon, Christopher McMahon, David McMahon, Jonathan McMahon, Katrina R McManaway, Kristin R McMannen, Caitlin L McMichael, Kylie K McMillan, Bryan P

McMillan, Courtney McMillan, Joshua W McMillan, Matthew R McMinn, Cassandra McMinn, Luke McMullen, Kelly McMullin, Joshua J McMurray, Nathaniel

McNair, Constance McNaney, Kristopher McNeil, Courtney A Mcneil, Jessica R McNew, Benjamen R McNew, Christiann E McNulty, Paul McPeck, Stephany K

McPhee, Katherine A McPheron, Allison McPheron, Andrew D McPherson, Meredith McQuary, Kelli A McQueen, Charae McQuigg, Rachel McQuigg, Rebekah A

Mcquinn, Jeremy R McRae, Jordan D McSpadden, Luci McTavish, Kathryn McTier, Hannah McTigue, Caitlin M McVeigh, Shannon R McVey, Alexander

McWaters, Abigail McWilliams, James D Meachum, Joseph C Mead, Bobby R Mead, Stephanie M Meade, Carroll M Meade, Patrick J Meador, Kurtis K

Meadows, Briette N Meadows, Chanelle J Meadows, Chelsea M Meadows, Jack C Means, Ryan M Mears, Dustin T Meckley, Donald P Medena, Marie Y

Medina, Cutberto Medina, Elisa J Medina, Lilian Medina, Tyler R Medina, Yamila A Medrano, Dennys A Meekins, Joshua Meekma, Rebecca D

Meeks, Samantha L Meers, Danielle Meetre, Hannah F Meetre, Joshua R Meetre, Sara A Megginson, Nicole M Megredy, Shawn A Mehltretter, Jewel C

Mei, Jinwen Meibauer, Erika D Meinke, Ellyn L Meisinger, Steven Mejia, Daniel Mejia, Elizabeth Melara, Abner Melgoza, Madison L

Melillo, Abby Melillo, Anna Melin, Heather Melkamu, Beteal Mellette, Mark H Mellinger, Jennifer N Mello, Caitlyn Ann Mello, Devan


Melnichuk, Liana J Melton, Lucas Melton, Madison R Melton, Mary E Melton, Megan R Melton, Tyler Melvin, Eli P Melvin, Matthew

Melvin, Michael W Melvin, Zachary Melz, Katelyn Mendez, Antonio R Mendillo, Jamie Mendoza, David Mendoza, Ivet C Menez, Audra

Menhart, Sarah E Mensah, Doreen Mensah, Terance Mentzer, Jack D Mercado, Mia Mercer, Dana E Mercer, Daniel G Mercer, Kaylin

Mercer, Makenzie Mercer, Todd D Mercier, Danielle E Mercier, Makayla J Meritt, Travis A Merrick, Stephanie D Merrill, Christopher D Merrill, Lindsey

Merrill, Michael D Merritt, Andrew W Merritt, Josiah C Merritt, Katrina A Merritt, Kevin Merritt, Timothy E Merry, Matthew Merryman, Rachel

Meservy, Michael J Mesite, Joseph Messarge, Joshua P Messenger, Lucas Messer, Michaela D Messick, Brian J Messick, Christopher Messina, Andrew M

Metayer, Vilsene Metayer, Walcene Metelus, Marc A Metzger, James C Metzger, Kyle Metzing, Rachael Mewha, Jack A Mewha, Jonathan D

Meyer, Christopher Meyer, Matthew J Meyerhoeffer, Benjamin Meyers, Mark A Mezzano, Emily Mial, Colby Mibaraka, Amen Miceli, Amanda B

Miceli, Megan B Michael, Amber L Michael, Andrew S Michel, Elizabeth A Michener, Nichole M Michon, David Michos, Andrew S Mickel, Alexandria

Mickel, George Micklem, Franklin Middleton, Amber Middleton, Justine Middleton, William Midgett, Daniel R Mieden, Tricia R Mierley, Hannah E

Mihai, Emilia Mijares, Mark P Mikkelson, Benjamin Mikkelson, William Mildenstein, Jeffrey Miles, Andrew Miles, Desnee L Miles, Evanda

Miles, Jared E Miles, Jordan D Miles, Lauren Miles, Shannon Milian, Alyssa E Miliano, Kyla Millard, Adam Miller, Adam S

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Alison K Amanda C Amy Benjamin P Brittney Brooke Bryce Cooper S

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

David M Derek R Evan Hannah M Ian D Jacob Jason D Jeremy

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

John Julia M Julian E Julie M Kaitlyn M Kathleen Kayla L Krista M

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Kristin M Kyle T Marcus I Matthew Melissa J Melissa N Melissa R Melody


Miller, Michael D Miller, Reagan N Miller, Rick A Miller, Ryan C Miller, Ryan Miller, Scott Miller, Stephanie C Miller, Stephanie H

Miller, Stephen L Miller, Thomas Miller, Victoria C Millican, Geoffrey Milligan, Kyle Milligan, Lauren R Millman, Victoria Millner, Shekinah J

Mills, Allison F Mills, Jacob Mills, Jacob Mills, John Mills, McKenzie K Mills, Steven Mills, Timothy A Mills, Tyler P

Milton, Tayler M Milton, Tyler Milwicz, Caroline E Mimbs, Gregory Min, Stella J Minden, Amber Minder, Kyle M Miner, Evan B

Miner, Kristen M Mingle, Heather Minguez, Aaron Mini, Erica J Mini, Nicholas W Minielly, Gregory D Mink, Stephen Minkarious, Lydia R

Minner, Rance J Minner, Zachary D Minnis, Devin D Minor, Phillip D Minter, Adam H Minter, Bari Minter, Brandon T Mintle, Kaitlyn E

Miorelli, Olivia A Miracle, Constance Miranda, Bianca Miranda, Bliselda M Miroshnichenko, Nancy Miserendino, Danielle Mishreki, Mary Grace Miskevish, Alexis

Mistretta, Meredith J Mitchell, Ashley Mitchell, Bradford N Mitchell, Chelsea Mitchell, Christina D Mitchell, Cody A Mitchell, David E Mitchell, Emily

Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell,

Ginny M Jacob A James W Jon Jonathan K Kaitlin E Kyle Luther M

Mitchell, Ryan C Mitchell, Sarah A Mitchell, Sarah K Mitchell, Victoriya Mitcheltree, Cassie Mliakoff, Sophia Mlinek, Rebekah R Moberg, Breanna N

Mock, Whitney C Mockabee, Julia D Modling, Christopher B Moerman, Joshua Mohr, Evan Mohr, Joshua Mohr, Justin T Moise, Taheshah

Molina, Eliana Molinari, John B Moline, David I Molison, Emily M Mollenhauer, Aleiyah J Molnar, Leigh Anne M Mombrun, Dina Monacelli, Marisa

Monahan, Robert Monari, Cameron Monasterio, Morgan Mondor, Andre C Moneymaker, Brenton S Monroe, Caitlin D Monroe, Christopher P Monroe, JoAnna

Montague, Louis Montalto, Dayna M Montalvo, Andrew Montalvo, Ryan N Montalvo, Samuel J Monterroza, Katherine A Montgomery, Adrianne Montgomery, Colton

Montgomery, Samuel M Montgomery, Seth T Montney, Tyler Montour, Bridget M Moodie, Sarah Moody, Nicholas G Moody, Sararose E Mook, Jessica J

Mook, Jordan M Moon, Charles Moon, Melissa Mooney, Ashley N Moore, Alexandra Moore, Andrew N Moore, Anna T Moore, Anne


Moore, Ashley M Moore, Audrey Moore, Carlie E Moore, Chadwick M Moore, Christopher L Moore, Christopher T Moore, Daniel T Moore, David

Moore, Emma G Moore, Hayden Moore, Isaac Moore, John Moore, Joshua Moore, Julie B Moore, Kiara M Moore, Kurt A

Moore, Kyle Moore, Lane Moore, Lucas A Moore, Luke R Moore, Michael Moore, Nathan Moore, Rashida S Moore, Robert

Moore, Ryan Moore, Sarah A Moore, Spencer A Moore, Tahirah Moore, Tamara Moore, Thomas W Moore, Troy Moore, William J

Moorefield, Daniel K Moorin, Leeann P Mora, Colleen B Morales, Joseph E Moran, Meredith Moran, Samantha Moranha, Dennis Morann, William L

Morash, Christopher Moreau, David J Morel, Michaela Morelli, Jessica N Moreno, Jonathan J Morey, Addison T Morgan, Alexandra T Morgan, Ashlee L

Morgan, Austin H Morgan, Courtney N Morgan, Courtney Morgan, Heidi N Morgan, Jazmine L Morgan, Katherine Morgan, Kelsey B Morgan, Rachel L

Morgan, Sarah Morgan, Shelby L Morgan, Trent J Morgante, Brandi R Morgante, Robert D Morgart, Sarah K Morhardt, Gregory Mori Ramos, Keyla D

Morimizu, Christi H Morin, Caitlyn D Morin, Christopher R Morin, Daniel J Morley, Brooke N Morongell, Scott J Morris, Alex B Morris, Amanda C

Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris,

Brittany N Coral David B Edward Gage Hannah G Heather Jacob T

Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris,

Jessica Kathryn Laura L Lorell D Nicholas L Robert D Sarah E Sarah K

Morris, Sarah Morris, Shelby J Morris, Sigourney C Morris, Tanner L Morrisey, Matthew Morrison, Andrell Morrison, Danielle L Morrison, Jessica

Morrison, John C Morrison, Laura Morrison, Natalie A Morrison, Roshane N Morrison, Samuel A Morrissey, Jeremy Morrow, Jordan Morse, Elizabeth

Morse, Samuel R Morse, Sarah E Morton, Deidre L Mortorff, Maleah Moschler, Rebecca Moscoso, Juan J Moser, Lauren Moser, Matthew O

Moser, Rebecca Moses, Martha A Mosher, Elliot Moskalski, Dorothy Mosley, Jessica M Mosley, Lauren Mosley, Macklyn D Mosquera, Kyla L

Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss,

Ajani Alexandra L Angel M Betty F Julie Lauren Monique L Shanika


Moss, Sherika Moss, Zachary Mosset, Lauren R Mosteller, Drew A Moszumanski, Steven Motley, Aaron A Motley, Benjamin D Motley, Jacob P

Motta, Kayo R Moulton, Frederick T Mourelo Ferrandez, Sergio Moutoux, Jessica Mouzon, Patience M Mower, Ruth Mowery, Allyson Moxley, Richard

Moye, Karlyn V Moye, Rebekah Moyer, James Moyer, Jennifer T Moyer, Joseph C Moyer, Mitchell Moyer, Molly Moyers, Jesse

Moyers, Megan B Mozingo, Haylee Mozingo, Mallory R Mrakovich, Bryce M Mshama, Juliana Julius Mshamma, Jacqueline J Mshamma, Jennifer J Mudd, Emily

Mueller, Mckenzy A Muffett, Lauren Mugwanja, Rahab W Muhoro, Emily N Muhs, Somer R Muir, Sean A Mukenschnabl, Caleb M Mukri, Colin R

Mulcahy, Kelly Mulchi, Andrew R Mulero, Andrea S Mulhollen, Douglas D Mull, Stephen D Mullaly, Kathryn B Mullen, Amelia Mullen, Annie E

Mullen, Joshua E Mullenix, Eric Muller, Dana L Muller, Tara Mullican, Tanner Mulligan, Christopher M Mullins, Benjamin R Mullins, Casey R

Mullins, Nathaniel K Mulugeta, Elnatan Melaku Mulwa, Diana M Mulyangote, Enguma Y Mummau, Morgan R Mumme, Laura E Munaires, Marcos A Mundy, Katie A

Mungai, Bryan M Munguia, Michelle M Munoz, Lee A Munoz-Leon, Bryan A Munson, Hannah Munson, Kayla M Muntz, Abigail L Muolo, Hannah

Muomah, Onyinye M Murdaugh, Emily Murday, Sabrina M Murdock, Glen E Murdock, Justin M Murfin, Aaron Murphree, Andrew Murphy, Andrew C

Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy,

Clint Holly M Jeffrey Jonathan M Karen Kelly Robert Ryan

Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray,

Alexandra C Allyson P Alyssa K Chelsi L Judah Julia Katherine R Lindsey

Murray, Morgan Murray, Nicole Murray, Tamryne Muse, Courtney Musick, Benjamin Musick, Will Musselman, Matthew T Musser, Douglas

Musser, Erin A Musser, Keith Mutchler, Megan N Mutonono, Tinotenda H Mwambazi, Mulota Mwasha, Edith Solomon Mwasha, Neema Myers, Carley B

Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers,

Claire T Dominique Elizabeth Hannah G Jasmine D Jesse M Jesse Justin A

Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers,

Kendra Leigh A Michael E Nathan Rachel C Richard M Thomas Zachary


Myerski, Paul Myhren, David C Myrick, Amberly Myrick, Jessica Na, Chang Wan Nable, Darielle Nace, Darick Nace, Dylan

Nadeau, Marissa G Nader, Anthony Naff, Logan P Nagel, Josiah Nance, Bryanna M Nance, Caroline W Nance, Lindsey F Nance, Whitney S

Nanton, Robert T Napier, Aaron Napier, Alexa Napier, Hope Napierkowski, Andrew W Nappi, Joseph Nappi, Rachel Nardozzi, Bryant

Narron, Ryan H Nash, Erica M Nash, Hunter T Nash, Rachel N Natalie, David Natzke, Brian P Naude, Ian Navarre, Forrest D

Navarre, Kiefer Navisky, Lester Nawyn, Meghan R Ndukwe, Fyne C Neal, Brittany N Neal, Derrick H Neal, Jetts Neal, Melvin T

Neal, Travis Neale, Rebekah A Neblett, Jack W Nedimyer, Bethany Neece, Jaimie L Neeley, Mary K Neeley, Zachary J Neely, Rachael

Neese, Kaitlyn V Neff, Alexandra M Neff, Caleb M Neff, Megan Neff, Tyler Nehring, Mackenzie Neill, Joanna R Nelson, Alexandra

Nelson, Brianna Nelson, Britta Nelson, Caleb D Nelson, Charles J Nelson, Connor Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Erik Nelson, Frederic

Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson,

Janeil Kaitlyn M Kelly R Kristin E Luke Nathan L Rachel Taylor A

Nelson, Terrence Nelson, Thomas Nemec, Micah Neptune, Aaron Nero, Tierra K Nesemeier, Michelle W Nester, Evan C Nester, Janae N

Nester, Jesse Nestor, Joshua R Nettekoven, Bethany G Neufeld, Ryan Nevard, Micah B New, Avalon D Newcomb, Roolchane M Newhall, Kathryn E

Newhall, Michael Newman, Daniel Newman, Lukas Newman, Mark T Newman, Robert B Newsom, Chelsea N Newsom, Rachael B Newton, Ryan D

Newton, Steven M Ng, Jennifer E Ng, Jeremy Jia Le Ng, Tai Kwok Ng, Tai Man Ng, Tsz Fan Ng Ming Ai, Esperanza Ngume, Marvin Waithaka

Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen, Nguyen,

Brooke Dung Hue Minh L My T Namthu Nathan Sarah N

Nguyen, Sherry A Nhekairo, Nawona J Ni, Beibei Nibblett, Teneka R Niblett, Tyler Niceforo, Philip N Nicholas, Lauren A Nicholls, Wesley

Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, Nichols, Nichols,

Amber R Amina R Brittanie M Dana R Hanna P Jason Lamonte L Laura E


Nichols, Randi D Nicholson, Chase S Nicholson, Devin Nicholson, Jennifer Nicholson, Kathryn J Nicholson, Miranda C Nickell, Erik K Nickens, Rebecca L

Nickerson, David J Nickerson, Jordan C Nickerson, Melissa C Nicklow, Jennifer B Nicodemus, Samantha C Nicol, Caleb Nicol, Joshua S Niehaus, Kaila N

Nieman, Gabriel O Nieto Ossa, Jonatan Niggli, John Nigh, Clinton G Nihart, Micah E Nino, Juan Nishimoto, Hope Nissen, Brianna N

Nitschke, Robert D Nivens, Colton S Njoroge, David M Nnaji, Ujunwa J No, Geon Woo Nobilini, Andrew Noble, Dawson D Noble, Rebecca J

Noel, Katelyn D Noell, Daniel Nolan, Laura E Nolen, Allison L Noll, Cynthia M Norberg, Alana N Nordan, Grace M Nordland, Joshua J

Norman, Anais D Norman, Deborah L Norman, Timothy Norman, Zachary Norris, Casey J Norris, Charles L Norris, Chelsea N Norris, Christian

Norris, Jacklyn D Norris, Mary H Norris, Matthew M North, Levi North, Priscilla A North, Victoria A Northrup, Michael F Norton, Jeffrey R

Norton, John Norton, Melissa Norville, Hailey Norwood, Katie G Notarbartolo, Daniel Notaro, Brooke Noteboom, Autumn Nott, William S

Novak, Danielle R Novalis, Joshua Novitsky, Matthew Nowell, Joseph Nowlin, Roderick W Noyes, Jordan Ntibonera, Nshokano Ntumy, Vanessa L

Nuce, Amanda Null, Forrest Nunez, Christine E Nunez, Israel M Nungester, Charlotte R Nunley, Micah Nunn, Benjamin P Nunnally, Collin

Nusbaum, Anna Nusbaum, Emily Nutter, Sarah K Nuziale, Joseph Nyarko, Richard Nyinaku, Angela Nyinaku, Eunice A Nylander, Jack

Nzuki, Elizabeth M O Brian, James O Donnell, Christopher O'Berry, Kelsey J O'Brien, Jared A O'Brien, Jeffrey O'Brien, Joshua M O'Brien, Mahala

O'Brien, Meghan E O'Brien, Rachael M O'Dell, Jerusha O'Dell, Jill O'Dell, Nathanael O'Donnell, Amy L O'Donnell, Matthew O'Grady, James C

O'Hara, Patrick O'Keeffe, Adam T O'Malley, Kathleen J O'Neal, Christy O'Neil, Savannah O'Neill, Scott O'Toole, Brian P Oakes, Landon M

Obenchain, John B Obenchain, Justin T Oberg, Chelsea L Oberg-Porter, Ashleigh E Oberholzer, Eric M Oberst, Shawna Obert, Jacob Obiri Mainoo, Ama

OBrien, Sean P Ocampo, Aaron Ocealis, Charissa D Ochoa, Julie Ochs, Stephanie F Odell, Joshua T Odellas, Cherone Odhiambo, J


Odom, Brandon Odom, Jonathon J Odongo, Florence A Oelrich, Melanie Oertly, Brittany R Oester, David Oesterheld, Stephen Oesterling, Christin L

Oesterling, Jarrod D Offill, Joshua S Offord, Charis Ofori, Brenda Ogbonnewo, Ifeoluwa O Ogden, David Ogden, Kelly Ogle, Andrew M

Ogle, Valerie M Ogukwe, Somto E Ogunseye, F Oh, Kyungmin OHandly, James Ohene, Priscilla Ohman, Isaac N Ohnmeiss, Daniel

Ohren, Kelsey Ohrt, Kyle Ojiaku, Uchenna C Ojoibukun, T OKeefe, Megan Okuley, Christopher R Olayide, Priscilla Oldham, Lauren E

Oleyar, Adam S Olinghouse, Jordan L Oliveira, Stephanie Oliver, Alyssa S Oliver, Alyssa Oliver, John Oliver, Taylor N Olivieri, Dylan C

Olkonen, Elaine Olmedo, Devin Olmstead, Jonathan E Olokodana, Oluwabukunmi A Olsen, Ariel E Olsen, Brent R Olsen, Cameron Olsen, Ian A

Olsen, Justin T Olson, Daniel Olson, John C Olson, Kaleigh A Olson, Sarah K Olugbemi, Olamide Oma, Juliana M Omatiga, Mary E

Ommundsen, Jakob A Ommundsen, Joseph Ommundsen, Kirsten Omotola, Toluwani ONeal, Brianna P Onifer, Jacob Onyechi, Tobenna P Ooi, Chien L

Opoku, Abena Oppel, Garrett T Oppel, Katrina P Orange, Michelle H Orantes, Mariam Orcutt, McKenna M Ordway, Jessica D Orlandi, Joseph

Orona, Shem Orr, Joshua N Ortega, Deidra Ortega Lopez, Debora R Ortega Lopez, Estefany Luz Orth, Renee A Ortiz, Elizabeth H Ortiz, Julio A

Ortu, Tracy E Osborn, Heather Osborne, Charles Osborne, Laura K Osborne, Mark Osei, Devon Osei-Mensah, Abigail Osei-Tutu, Nana

Osgood, Brandon R Oskam, Jennifer Ossler, Tara Oster, Sarah E Osterhus, Christie Osterhus, Julie Anne Osterhus, Rachel Osterkamp, Benjamin

Ostrom, Rachel Osuala, Sophia Oswald, Heather K Otchere-Alhassan, Ivy Ott, Carlie C Ott, Kathryn L Ottaway, Alek C Ottaway, Patrick

Ottinger, Lauren A Ottino, Andrew J Ottino, Barbara L Otto, Alyssa Ouellette, Michael Outlaw, Margaret H Overbey, Bethany Overby, Emma K

Overholser, Charis J Overholser, Kirsten L Overholt, Andrew Overmyer, Kelli M Overstreet, Christina J Overstreet, Jacob A Overstreet, Riley G Overton, Julia

Overton, Meredith Oware, Jessica A Owen, Catherine R Owen, Daniel E Owen, Eric C Owen, Jared H Owen, Madison C Owen, Mary Grace


Owens, Adele Owens, Kaitlyn D Owens, Sandi B Owens, Serena C Owensby, Carrie Owensby, Jordan Owensby, Taylor Owsley, William T

Owuor, John Vincent Owusu, Robert Owusu Ansah, Michael Owusu-Attakora, Stacey Owusu-Attakora, Tracey Pace, Kayla D Pace, Montgomery Packett, Jacob A

Paddock, Joseph Padgett, Isabelle H Padilla, Rebekah B Pagan, Katherine L Pagan, Michelle Page, Austin D Page, Benjamin Page, Brianna M

Page, Chelsea Page, Denise Page, Julius Page, Rebekah F Page, Stephen Pagliuso, Brittany Paik, Sung Eun Palencia, Benjamin

Palicas, Nicolle Palko, Shelley Pallaria, Grace M Pallaria, Steven F Palma, Jacob I Palma, Yzela E Palmatier, Benjamin T Palmer, Bailee

Palmer, Katelyn N Palmer, Maddison A Palmer, T Palmisano, Grace L Palmman, Victoria Palumbo, Jordon C Panasci, Aaron Panasci, Bethany

Panasci, Rachel A Panchigar, Shahil Panchigar, Shalin Pandorf, Timothy Panettiere, Lauren E Panida, Scott Pannell, Durrell M Pannell, Harry

Pannell, Whitney R Pantana, John Pantana, Kacie C Pantoja, Jennifer L Paone, Amanda Papanu, David Papet, Lindsay E Pappano, Chloe M

Parchment, Silvanous Pardo, Erika O Pardue, Hunter A Pardue, Orlando Parent, Christopher D Parfitt, Andrew Parillo, Alexandria F Parisen, Jessica M

Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park,

Andrew H Bolam J Hanna Ji Young Jiyoun Keyoung Kyung H Semi

Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park,

Sungeun Sungyoon Vanessa E Wonjun Woo Hyun Yewon Young Ho Younhee

Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker,

Alexander C Allison M Austin Brandon Breana N Chelsea M David S Joel A

Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker,

Katie M Krista L Kyler R Megan E Michael R Pamela Robert Sarah E

Parker, Shelley Parkes, Rachel M Parkhurst, Kaul I Parkinson, Susanna Parks, Adam J Parks, Amber D Parks, Taylor F Parks, Zachary

Parliament, Kyle Parnell, Emily H Parnell, Hannah Parr, Taylor Parris, Caroline A Parris, Seth G Parrish, Joshua E Parsons, Anne E

Parsons, Candice Parsons, Joseph F Parsons, Samuel R Partilla, Robert S Partridge, Elizabeth Parvis, Joshua Pascale, Joseph D Pascoe, Peter


Pascual, Stephen D Pasquale, Nicholas Passaglia, Andrea M Passmore, Erin B Pasto, Christian A Pate, Esther Pate, Kelsey Patel, Chandani A

Patel, Sharon N Patkos, Lindsey M Patrick, Joseph Patrie, Timothy Patten, Justin Patterson, Chelsea Patterson, James Patterson, Kaitlyn O

Patterson, Kristen Patterson, Michael Patterson, Patrick A Patterson, Rika Patti, Brianna Patti, Christopher A Patti, Daniel T Patton, Logan

Paul, Laura J Paulding, Alexis N Paulson, Tori Paultre, Gregory E Paultre, Thierry R Paulus, Kate C Pausch, Jesse T Pawlowski, Jennifer

Paxton, Joshua A Paxton, Nick Payel, Parmina C Payne, Alexander M Payne, Alexandra Payne, Bradley D Payne, Robert G Payne, Sharon

Payne, Sophia E Payne, Stuart L Payne, Taylor D Payton, Lacy D Peachey, Julia M Peacock, Lauren K Peake, Rachel Peaks, John H

Pearce, David P Pearce, Jacob A Pearce, Jennafer L Pearce, Lauren N Pearce, Olivia Pearce, Victoria Pearson, Andrew C Pearson, Chad H

Pearson, Griffin A Pearson, Jesse Pearson, Sarah M Peavyhouse, Michael Peck, Elizabeth Peck, Miranda D Peckman, Leslie Pedersen, Matthew S

Pederson, Kelsey Peed, Taylor L Peege, Miranda E Peele, Mallory M Peelen, Heather Peeler, Donna J Peer, Elise A Peer, Leanne K

Peerson, Jaret A Peery, Sara L Peguero, Gabriella Peiffer, Erika L Peleshok, Carly S Pelesky, Chelsea R Pelletier, Evan Peloso, Robert

Pemberton, Emily G Pemberton, Rebekah B Pena, Laura K Pena, Wesley D Pendell, Megan Penha, Robert Penley, Donald L Penley, Joshua

Penn, Candice N Penn, Jonathan D Penn, Kaitlyn I Penner, Linden Pennington, James T Pennington, Olivia M Pennisi, Mark A Pennix, Cheryl

Penrod, Logan Penrod, Tyler G Pentoney, Emily Penturff, Jacob R Peper, Brandon Peper, Emily L Pepin, Chadwick Peralta, Abraham S

Percival, Gabriel C Percival, Veronica E Perdew, Jacob Perdew, Mark Perdomo, Karina S Pereira, Helena Pereyra Ramirez, Ricardo I Perez, Angel A

Perez, Azucena Perez, David I Perez, Joy Perez-Gaitan, Montserrat Perin, Caleb M Perkins, Allen Perkins, Charlotte A Perkins, Jonathan D

Perkins, Rachel Perkins, Stephen P Perkins, Trenton K Perminov, Maxim A Perpete, Rebecca S Perpete, Tessa L Perrell, Kyle D Perricaudet, Caroline V


Perrin, Yvette Perritt, Ashton T Perron, Alexandra Perry, Adam D Perry, Calvin Perry, Deante' Perry, Dominique K Perry, Dylan J

Perry, Genevieve A Perry, Jamie L Perry, Michael R Perry, Mitchel R Perry, Perrsha Perry, Ryan Perry, Samantha R Perry, Stephen

Perryman, Brittney Perseo, Catherine Persinger, Cody Person, Jennifer N Person, Stephanie L Persons, Gordon Persson, Erica C Persson, Jeremiah

Peterman, Arthur W Peters, Brandon Peters, Emily K Peters, Erica Peters, Erin Peters, Kara Peters, Nicholas T Peters, Olivia

Peters, Ryan Petersen, Cody J Peterson, Andrea Peterson, Andrew S Peterson, Blake R Peterson, Daniel F Peterson, Darrin D Peterson, Devaul M

Peterson, Grace M Peterson, Jeremy Peterson, Joshua N Peterson, Keith D Peterson, Kelsey Peterson, Kylie J Peterson, Melody B Peterson, Seth C

Petit, Nicole L Petriccione, Alyssa M Petro, Darek J Petro, Luke Petrocelli, Victoria M Petroff, Emily Petroff, Nicholas Petrovich, Jordan L

Pettus, Dana M Pettus, Jerod Petty, Keshana E Petty, Tanner E Peyton, Monteria Peyton, Philip Pfau, Danae M Pfeifer, Christopher

Pfeiffer, Kevin J Pfenninger, Jonathan R Phan, CamVy V Phanor, Milady Phelan, Tarrah Phelps, Christa E Phenicie, Benjamin F Philbrook, Loren L

Philemon, Holden B Philipps, Joshua S Phillips, Aimee Phillips, Andrew S Phillips, Andrew Phillips, Ashley E Phillips, Benjamin D Phillips, Brooke N

Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips,

Brooke Cabot B Christina M Cole T Curtis Hudson C James T Jeremy D

Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips,

Joan A Kyle Matthew C Matthew Neal D Rebekah R Samantha Taylor M

Phillips, Wiley B Philpott, Mary K Philpott, Ria J Phipps, Christian Phipps, Seth E Phoebus, Caitlin M Piacentino, Anthony Piacentino, Nicole R

Piazza, Joseph Piccioni, Christina M Piccioni, Matt Piccirillo, Camille E Pickard, Cheston Pickeral, Caitlin T Pickett, Danielle L Picking, Erica

Picking, Rachel Pickinpaugh, Amy M Pico, Bethany G Piekarski, Ethan S Pieper, Emmett Pierce, Andrew Pierce, Christina A Pierce, David G

Pierce, Emily Pierce, Matthew Pierce, Rachel Pierce, Samuel Pierce, Timothy Pierce Diehl, Ciara R Piergallini, Francesca M Piering, Eric


Pierre, Nathan E Pigliavento, Christopher M Pigliavento, Matthew D Pigliavento, Michael J Piirto, Hope E Pikarsky, Kiersten Piland, David Pilgreen, Blake A

Pilgrim, Emma G Pilipauskas, Greg Pinckney, Isaac Pinder, Gracesella Pineda, Benjamin Pineda, Ismael Pinel, Bradley O Pinelli, Lisa

Ping, Jennifer Ping, Tian Pingilley, Britney J Pinkerton, Joshua A Pinkerton, Karissa L Pinkham, Lauren E Pinkleton, Nichole E Pinkston, Zachary

Piper, Jordan Pirus, Benjamin Piskorik, Marshall Pitcher, Samuel Pittman, Courtney N Pittman, James T Pittman, Karla B Pittman, Kelly

Pittman, Meredith Pittman, Michael J Pitts, Allen K Planchard, Julie A Plasterer, Sadie E Player, Timothy M Plegge, Derek Pless, Avery C

Pless, Emily D Pless, Kathryn L Plum, Hannah Plummer, Alex M Plunkett, David W Plush, Lewis C Plymale, Lynn Poapst, Jacquelyn A

Pochon, Becki R Poff, Jenna F Poff, Samuel M Pogue, Brandon M Pohlmann, Andrew Poindexter, Joshua M Poindexter, Julian Poindexter, Whitney O

Poit, Margaret B Poitras, Rebekah A Polachek, Ryan Polca, Selena M Poli, Jared C Poling, Lindsay C Politowicz, Kayla Polk, Kevin D

Pollack, Kelly C Pollak, Brooke Pollard, Lauren M Poller, Brandon V Pollock, Kelly M Pomales, Jesse Pomeroy, Colton G Pond, Amy D

Ponder, Abigail M Ponder, Ryan P Ponseti, Ryan J Pontes, Dillon Ponton, Charles W Poole, Alyssa A Poole, Courtney Poole, Emily

Poole, Henry C Poole, Megan Pope, James Pope, Jessica Pope, William M Porell, Chad Port, Tessa Porter, Bailie H

Porter, Marshall Porter, Matthew F Porter, Matthew T Porter, Sarah R Porter, Tanner Portillo, Cesia S Portillo, Erik Portillo Carcamo, D

Posey, Seth Poss, Catherine Postell, Jessica L Potter, Andrew W Potter, Christal Potter, Jeremiah Potter, Joshua H Potter, Justin

Potter, Katrina M Potter, Kyla L Potter, Mitchell W Potts, Alicea R Potts, Cameron J Potts, Chandler Potts, Jandi Potts, Lora B

Potts, Rebecca M Poucher, Hannah J Poulos, Bethany J Pound, Erika F Povirk, Lisa J Powell, Colin C Powell, Haleigh E Powell, Karyn

Powell, Katherine J Powell, Megan J Powell, Nicholas J Powell, Shelby E Powers, Emily Powley, Kaitlyn N Pradenas, Danielle N Prater, Amanda M


Prater, Charles W Prater, Zachary A Pratt, Gregg A Pratt, Margaret R Preachers, Melody Preble, Christina R Preiser, Brian T Prellwitz, Courtney

Prescott, Denielle Prescott, Jacob A Prescott, Justin Prescott, Trevor N Presson, Benjamin P Preston, Kathleen E Preston, Lane E Prewett, Garrett T

Price, Amy E Price, Brandon Price, Clifton Price, Daniel P Price, Earl Price, Emily Price, Jonathan Price, Joshua B

Price, Katherine A Price, Leesha D Price, Mackenzie A Price, Paige Price, Ryon C Price, Stephen W Price, William N Price, Zackery T

Priest, Laura B Prieto, Spencer D Prillaman, Heather L Pringle, Ian Prinsloo, Quinton Prinsloo, Ryno Pritchard, Meghan N Pritt, Chase

Privett, Ashley E Probst, Hannah Probst, Jessica M Prochniak, Paige E Proctor, Kristen E Proctor, Richard J Proffitt, Casey M Proffitt, Kathryn C

Proffitt, Lindsay A Promnitz, David H Propps, Erica L Prosper, Joshua D Prosser, Ciji O Protic, Michael Protic, Victoria C Proto, Michelle T

Prousalis, Mark Prowant, Ashley E Pruett, Sarah E Pruett, Stephanie Pruitt, Braxton H Pruitt, Candace D Pruitt, Ciara Pruitt, Hannah N

Pruitt, Martin Pryor, Seth K Przybycien, Justin Psolka, Lindsay Psolka, Robert Puccino, Joshua Puccio, Joshua T Puckett, Adam

Puckett, Haengsoon K Puetsch, Blair Puffenburger, Robert Pugh, Joshua D Pugh, Zachary Puhala, Kimberly R Pujol Rooks, Christine M Pullen, Devin J

Pulliam, Andrew Pulliam, Nathen Pulliam, Samantha L Pullin, Cynthia Pullin, Jacob C Punch, Le'Ambre V Purcell, Hannah Purdy, Christine

Purdy, Francis J Purvis, Megan L Pusey, William A Putiyon, Joseph A Pye, Emily J Pyeatt, Austin M Pyeatt, Justine N Pyles, Lauren N

Pyles, Leslie A Pyles, Timothy Pyzik, Craig J Qin, Jiaying Quackenbos, David C Quade, Kayla N Quandt, Ryan P Quansah, Ernest K

Quanstrom, Karis Quaranta, Elena E Quarles, Collin Quarmout, Daniel A Quarmout, Joy A Quarmout, Sana A Quartuccio, Daniel Quaynor, Jazmin A

Quebedeaux, Miles C Queen, Brittany N Queen, Lindsey B Quesenberry, Kyle Quesenberry, Stuart J Quesinberry, Kaitlyn Quezada, Samantha Quigg, Sarah E

Quigg, Zachary D Quinn, Danielle G Quinn, James A Quinn, Sarah D Quinones, DiAnna V Quint, Kristin Quintanilla, Sarahi Quintrell, Carla J


Quirion, William Rabickow, Veronica N Rabon, Stephen R Rack, Michael W Racz, Melissa R Raczelowski, Alesia Radcliff, Jacob Radcliffe, Michelle E

Radka, Erik R Radka, Kaitlyn J Radke, Rachel L Radke, Sara N Rady, Amanda M Rafsky, Anthony Ragsdale, Thomas L Ragsdale, Tyler

Ragusa, Jenna P Rahn, Addison T Rahn, Austin T Raiche, Josiah Raidiger, Angela C Raiford, Brittany Rainey, Joshua L Raj, Stephanie A

Ralon, Audrey M Ralston, Dathan Ramberger, Micaela M Ramey, David L Ramos, Damairam S Ramos, Edisson G Ramos, Elaine S Ramos, Elizabeth S

Ramos, Elliot H Ramos, Estefania Ramos, Joseph E Ramos, Michelle A Ramos, Migdalia Ramos, Victoria L Rampersad, Thaleigha Ramsdell, Alexcia B

Ramsdell, Lyndsie C Ramsey, Brandon M Ramsey, Joshua H Ramsey, Meri G Ramsey, Richard Ramzy, Devon Ranallo, John T Randall, Erica L

Randall, Laura E Randolph, Andrew P Randolph, Archibald C Randolph, Barry L Randolph, Morgan Randolph, Sarah E Randolph, Thomas J Rank, Kaleigh

Ransom, Sarah A Rapp, Rachel Rasmussen, Kent J Rasmussen, Shawnae S Rasmussen, Troy Raszinski, Brett Raszinski, Bryan Rathsam, Benjamin

Ratliff, Heather Ratliff, Holly E Ratner, Rachel Raub, Amanda P Raudenbush, Amanda Raudenbush, Michelle Rauscher, Bethany B Rauscher, Caitlin S

Raveendran, Samuel Ravettine, Bryeanne Ravindranath, Barnabas P Ravindranath, Jeremiah C Rawls, Jacob W Rawls, Kayla R Rawn, Mary Rawn, Rachel B

Rawsthorne, Ashley K Ray, Andrew Ray, Brandon M Ray, Gregory A Ray, Kimberly N Raybould, Katie L Read, Sarah E Reade, Brooke N

Reagan, Jessica Reagan, Victoria E Reale, Jade Reames, Walter G Rear, Amanda Reasner, Cason Reasor, Lindsey Reaves, Robert

Reavis, Adrienne D Rebolledo, Lenore Reda, Gabriela Redd, Andrew Redden, Jourdan T Redding, Cassia Reddington, Kevin Redman, Stephan

Redmond, Rachel Redmond, Taylor M Reed, Cory Reed, Heather N Reed, Kendall A Reed, Seth C Reed, Wesley W Reeder, Allison J

Reeder, Michael T Reedy, Molly Reeise, Sean Rees, Andrew Reese, Aaron Reese, Brian Reese, Deanna K Reese, Sarah E

Rega, Daniel M Reggiardo, Priscila Register, Jared L Register, Lindsey A Regnaert, Gabrielle Regnaert, Hilary R Rehrer, Lydia R Reichard, Dustin S


Reichard, Jacob Reichard, Kacey S Reichard, Kelsey E Reichard, Matthew A Reid, Jordan Reid, Thomas A Reidy, Erin E Reiher, Daniel

Reilly, Jennie E Reiman, Mikala L Reinhardt, Jessica Leigh Reinhart, Hillary E Reist, Janelle Reist, Leah Remillard, Daniel J Remonvil, Fantasia L

Ren, Mengci Rendinaro, Christopher Renfroe, David Renfrow, Hannah E Renikuntla, Amit Renney, Christina Rere, Joyce C Rerick, John

Rettig, Emily Revely, Christopher J Revely, Jessica L Reyes, Henry Reyes, Isaias Reyes, Natalie G Reyle, Jonathan Reynolds, Allyn

Reynolds, Amber M Reynolds, Brandy M Reynolds, Casey L Reynolds, Christopher E Reynolds, Crystal Reynolds, Jonathan Reynolds, Kamryn B Reynolds, Melissa B

Reynolds, Rebekah M Rezen, Kimberly Rhebergen, Katie J Rhee, Dimode Rhoads, Dorothy Rhoads, Natalie C Rhodaberger, Bethany Rhodenizer, Zachary R

Rhodes, Ashley A Rhodes, Cameron Rhodes, Christopher Rhodes, Kelsie Rhodes, Susan K Rhone, Rasheen Rhymer, Kelsi J Rhyne, Robert L

Rhyne, Tyler Ricci, McKenzie Rice, Ashley N Rice, Camila M Rice, Desmond L Rice, Emily M Rice, Erin N Rice, John G

Rice, Jordan Rice, Katelynn R Rice, Leah R Rice, Tiffany M Rich, Joshua A Richard, Brittany Richard, Cameron L Richard, Christina

Richard, Jessy Richard, Lauren N Richard, Lawrence J Richard, Tyler J Richards, Adam Richards, Courtney E Richards, Danika L Richards, Darrell O

Richards, Edward D Richards, Hannah J Richards, Jill Richards, Lee Richards, Nicholas I Richardson, Crystal A Richardson, DeAngelo X Richardson, Emberado

Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Richardson,

Jackson Jordan Joshua Justin P Lauren Noah Thomas E Trey M

Richburg, Dominique Richey, Heather Richey, Jonathan D Rickert, Sarah A Rickett, Brittany Rickett, Casey M Ricksecker, David C Riddell, Steven

Ridenhour, Tyler G Ridge, Patrick Riebel, Natalie H Rieke, Luke Riel, Margaret V Rieschl, Kelsey H Riggins, Hannah M Riggins, Heather M

Riggins, Rayvon L Riggle, Elizabeth Riggleman, Landon Riggs, Chelsie R Riggs, David T Riggs, Kyle Rigler, Andrew S Rigney, Ian J

Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley,

Carly Henry Karen A Kirsten P Madeline J Mark C Rebekah Taylor G


Riley, Zachary P Rimbey, Alex Riner, Marjorie Ring, Megan C Ringel, Renee E Rininger, Ashley M Riordan, Timothy W Rios, Franco M

Ripperger, Ashley Risley, Bethany M Riss, Drew Ritch, Christopher Ritchey, John-Michael Ritchey, Kenneth W Ritchey, Kimberly Ritchie, Amanda M

Ritchie, Chad S Ritchie, James C Rittenhouse, Trevor Ritter, Erika K Ritter, Laura J Ritter, Shannon M Ritz, Robert N Rivera, Adam G

Rivera, Anastasia K Rivera, Dennis L Rivera, Donna M Rivera, Esmeralda M Rivera, Jaimie R Rivera, Paola Rivera, Ramon C Rivera, Timothy

Rivera, Xavier R Rivers, Ashley N Roach, Matthew Roam, Alexis V Roane, Robert Robbie, Colin P Robbins, Amber M Robbins, Jacqualine N

Robbins, Leonard Robbins, Lindsey Robbins, Matthew A Robbins, Mikaela L Robbins, Rachel Roberson, Angela Roberson, Leslie Roberson, Nancy

Roberson, Parker A Roberson, Seth Roberts, Adriane A Roberts, Andrew Roberts, Ashley N Roberts, Casey Roberts, Hannah L Roberts, Jacob

Roberts, Jared S Roberts, Joseph Roberts, Kate Roberts, Kerianne C Roberts, Lara J Roberts, Lindsey M Roberts, Luke K Roberts, Nathan D

Roberts, Rebecca B Roberts, Rhett Robertson, Rachael Robertson, Thomas H Robertson, Timothy J Robichaud, Alexander M Robinette, Kathryn Robinette, Spencer D

Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson,

Angela C Angelina D Antonio Arabella Asher Cesar Christopher Colby B

Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson,

Darrell D Derick Gregory Jahmyl O Jernelle Joshua Katelin Kelly L

Robinson, Kyrie Robinson, Megan Robinson, Rebecca A Robinson, Sarah A Robitaille, Kaela J Robling, Zachary D Robson, Arielle Rocco, David C

Rockey, Jasmine Rockson, Akindele A Rodebeck, Emily Roden, Cydney M Rodgers, Andrew Rodgers, Bridget E Rodgers, Bryce A Rodgers, Matthew

Rodgers, Rebecca Rodgers, Zachary W Rodriguez, Alexander J Rodriguez, Ana Rodriguez, Ananias Rodriguez, Cecile N Rodriguez, Christina M Rodriguez, Daniel

Rodriguez, Gloria P Rodriguez, Jonathon M Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez, Sara A Rody, Megan H Roe, Carolyn J Roe, Tristyn Roebuck, Daniel

Roeglin, Alexander C Roehm, Brandon T Roeseler, Christian A Rogers, Amber R Rogers, Austin J Rogers, Cody A Rogers, Devin O Rogers, Emily


Rogers, Hannah Rogers, Heath Rogers, James C Rogers, Jill E Rogers, Joshua B Rogers, Lori M Rogers, Mallory C Rogers, Rebecca J

Rogers, Rebekah Roget, Rachel Roggensack, Emily C Rohrer, Adam T Rohrer, Benjamin N Rohrer, Jared Rohrer, Nathan B Rohring, Julie M

Rohwer, Melissa S Roland, Erica C Rolewicz, Joseph T Rolfe, Brooke E Rolle, Travier M Roller, Hannah Rollins, Elizabeth L Rollins, Kendle A

Rollins, Lydia G Rollins, Sandra M Rollo, Andrew Roman, Eric R Roman, Jonathen P Roman, Melissa S Romano, Gabrielle Romanov, Rita I

Romas, Vanessa A Romero, Brittni V Romero, Tyler Romero, Veronica M Rominger, Ryan Ronda, Jesse Rong, Dabin Ronning, Jonathan

Roop, Emily Roop, Ryan D Root, Ashley Root, Michael Ropka, Zachary T Rorie, Briana D Rosa, Wilson R Rosario, Samuel

Rosasco, Joseph Rose, Alexander Rose, Andrew C Rose, Brittani M Rose, Brittany J Rose, Kimberly M Rose, Rebecca L Rose, Renee L

Rose, Sean Roselle, Elisabeth D Rosen, Crystal Rosenberger, Amanda B Rosewell, Chantel E Roshetko, Katelyn C Ross, Arielle Ross, Chase J

Ross, Cody T Ross, Eric P Ross, James Ross, Rontoya Ross, Timothy Rosser, Victoria B Rossignol, Andrew Rosson, Stephanie A

Roth, Kristen M Roth, Marlin Roth, Mitchell R Rothwell, William H Rotruck, Joshua Rottier, Sandrielle Rotz, Benjamin D Rouse, Sam

Rousseau, Courtney M Rousselo, Erin M Routh, David M Routh, Grace A Rowe, Laura J Rowe, Matthew Rowe, Rachel M Rowe, Robert T

Rowe, Ryan C Rowland, Joseph Rowland, Joshua D Rowley, Joshua M Rowley, Sarah A Roy, Brooks A Roy, Jacquelyn G Roy, James

Roy, Jemimah Roy, Kristin N Royall, Amy Ruane, Thomas P Ruba, Elizabeth Ruba, Zack Ruble, Katherine Rubley, Joshua

Ruchte, Lane K Rucinski, Nicole E Ruck, David T Ruck, Jonathan H Rucker, Simond J Ruckner, Taylor Rudd, Claire Rudd, Kelsey

Rudisill, Bryce A Rudy, Hannah M Rueckher, Lauren M Ruff, Christine M Rufo, Matthew Ruggeri, Brittany L Ruggles, Katherine M Ruhland, Emily A

Ruiz, Christina A Ruiz, Christopher A Ruiz, Dekota E Ruiz, Jorge L Rundlett, Mattison Rundlett, Michael Runion, Adam Runk, Brian C


Runnels, William Runyan, Christopher E Rupp, Samantha M Rupprecht, Nicholas C Rush, Ryley A Rushing, Bradley Rusk, Ryan Rusnak, Robert R

Russell, Aaron C Russell, Alyson E Russell, Ashley H Russell, Jessica Russell, Jordan W Russell, Katelyn B Russell, Stephen Russo, Courtney

Russo, Joshua T Russo, Katie J Rusterholz, Copeland A Ruth, Rebekah H Rutherford, Ashley E Rutherford, Christian Rutherford, Whitney A Rutigliano, Amanda J

Rutland, James K Rutledge, Katy S Rutter, Patricia Ryan, Brett L Ryan, Bryce W Ryan, James R Ryan, Jeremy T Ryan, Kathryn P

Ryan, Katie J Ryan, Kim Mai Ryan, Matthew D Ryan, Patrick J Ryan, Sean Ryan, Tyler J Ryckman, Jonathan Rygh, Nathan L

Rygh, William G Rygh, Zachary D Rymer, Taylor S Saavedra, Julia M Sabanos, Jenessa Sabella, Brien C Sabella, Joseph Sabo, Alyssa

Sabulsky, Kathryn Saburro, Jacob J Saccocio, Michael Sackett, Alec Z Saeler, Mark Safo Kantanka, Daniel Sagarino, Taylor Sage, Jonathan C

Sailsbury, Hannah Sala, Elizabeth Salamanca, Brian A Saldana, Sara Y Salerno, Tabitha Saliba, Rani B Salinas-Bacher, Erica E Sallee, Mark R

Salmons, Victoria Salomon, Emily Salsberry, Matthew Salsberry, Sarah E Salsman, Kelcy L Samaai, Egon Y Sammis, Brian Samms, Danae L

Sample, Xavier Sampson, Kali N Sampson, Lance W Sams, Brandi Sams, Jessika Samuel, Benjamin Samuels, Tiffany K San Andres, Victoria

Sanchez, Cecilia M Sanchez, Gilber H Sanchez, Isha J Sanchez, Jessica L Sanchez, Stephanie Sanders, Andrew Sanders, Ashley R Sanders, Donald

Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders,

John Joshua Joy E Justin Kara Kirstyn Richard Robert C

Sanderson, Christina Sandison, Candace Sandoval, Dustin Sandy, Ryan S Sanford, Terence M Sangeorge, Amy Sanning, David L Santana, Janitza

Santana, Melissa Santana, Olinca Santimaw, Jacob M Santoro, Matthew L Santos, Alexandria L Santos, Cass J Santos, Krystina Santos, Mishael T

Santos, Rick N Sapperstein, Paul Sarachik, Kayla Sarbo, Danielle Sarchet, Lucas Sargent, Abigail J Sargent, Elijah M Sargese, Jessie

Saric, William H Sarokhanian, Armond Sarrett, Caylen M Sartelle, Courtney Sarvis, Amanda Sassaman, Aaron J Satterfield, Erica Satterwhite, Brittany M


Sattler, Alexander Sauers, Brett Sauerwein, Weslie Saul, Dustin M Saunders, Ashley Saunders, Benjamin D Saunders, Erin A Saunders, Joshua

Saunders, Michelle Saunders, Raven Saunders, Stephen Savacool, Marc Savage, Cary L Savage, Kayla C Savakinas, Nicole Savich, Deanna

Savoy, Brandyce E Sawusch, Andrew Sawusch, Kimberly R Sawusch, Kyle Sawyer, Eric Sawyer, Jeffrey A Sawyer, Justin Sawyer, Lucas C

Sawyer, Ryan Saxman, Jonathan Saxton, Faith Saxton, Nicholas Sayer, Shelby Saylor, Hunter P Sayre, Timothy Scala, Laura C

Scales, Kaitlyn Scalf, Philip Scalzo, Gina M Scalzo, Marissa A Scanlon, Ryan Scannell, Jason Scarborough, Caleb J Scarce, Caitlyn D

Scarper, Richard W Schaefer, Benjamin T Schaefer, Caroline Schaefer, Casie N Schaeffer, Erin Schaeffer, Lauren Schaff, Haley M Schall, Alyssa L

Schankat, Sarah Schaub, Chad Schauble, David M Schea, Isaac H Scheideman, Samantha Schell, Zachary Schellenberg, Anna C Schempp, Elise

Scherbenske, Hannah Scheule, Jessica M Schiappa, Jenny Schieldt, Cameron Schieldt, Murry Schies, Kyle Schiess, Kaitlyn N Schiferl, Tiana M

Schiller, Hannah Schindler, Kimberlyn S Schirmer, James A Schirmer, Paul Schisel, Justin Schissler, Mark O Schlarman, Kyle B Schlaudt, Jeffrey A

Schlenker, Jennifer A Schley, Timothy M Schmell, Derek Schmideler, Reid Schmidt, Allison M Schmidt, Andrew M Schmidt, Eric R Schmidt, Heather L

Schmidt, Jared Schmidt, Jonathan Schmidt, Jordan Schmidt, Luke S Schmidt, Paul Schmitz, Benjamin Schmitz, Samuel Schneider, Brittany P

Schneider, Brooke Schneider, Jonathan M Schneider, Matthew Schneider, Melissa Schneider, Sarah Schoch, Alyssa M Schoch, Kathryn M Schofield, Daniel S

Schomer, Benjamin J Schoniwitz, Aaron Schonta, Connor Schools, Caitlin E Schools, Jennifer A Schools, Tyler Schott, Allie L Schram, Mark E

Schreiber, Kathleen M Schreiber, Zachary J Schrider, Paige Schroeder, Brandon M Schroeder, Magdalena Schrom, Jordan Schronce, Ethan Schronce, Hunter

Schroth, Tucker R Schuler, Emily Schuler, Victoria E Schultes, Stephen P Schultz, Asa Schultz, Brett D Schultz, Christin R Schultz, Jordan D

Schultz, Matthew A Schultz, Nathanael E Schultz, Nicholas B Schultz, Walter Schumacher, Stephen L Schumaker, Trinity L Schumske, Sarah Schuster, Gregory L


Schuster, Jacob B Schwanger, Tyler Schwartz, Joshua C Schwartz, Patrick J Schwarz, Rebekah Schweigert, Tyler Sciola, Matthew C Sciolino, Marybeth R

Scotch, Delia Scott, Bianca Scott, Jacob Scott, Jared R Scott, Jessica L Scott, Juliana Scott, Kara N Scott, Katelyn M

Scott, Kendrick O Scott, Kizuku A Scott, Lacy M Scott, Mackenzie G Scott, Nicholas J Scott, Rachel L Scott, Rebekah L Scott, Shane' E

Scott, Shawn Scott, Taylor E Scott, Taylor Scott, William K Scott Preston, Xavier Scouten, David L Scribner, Meagan Scruggs, Charles P

Scruggs, Christina N Scruggs, Jasmine Scruggs, Nicholas Scuilla, Mary C Seaborn, Edward Seaborn, Heather J Seaborn, Luke Seaborn, Samuel

Seagears, Robert P Seager, Sydney L Seago, Ted Seal, Lester M Seale, Abigail J Seale, Eli J Sealey, Darian T Sealy, Sean B

Seamon, Lauren R Searcy, Nathan Sears, Alysha M Sears, Victoria Seavers, Cullen M Seay, Mamie Sebastian, Rachael A Sebok, Rebecca

Sebold, Jacob E Secanell Riu, Guillem Sechrist, Adam Sechrist, Kiersten Sechrist, Madeline M Sechrist, Mindy R Sedgeman, Hilary See, Lauren

Seelinger, Zachary Seetaram, Robert R Segur, Dillon Seiler, Hayley G Seiler, Rebecca L Seiler, Samantha P Seiz, Holly C Seiz, Ryan S

Sejas-Ortiz, Janet Sell, Brodie J Sell, Samantha J Sellman, Sheldon D Sells, Brandon Semere, Almaze T Semiao, Aaron Sempsrott, Marc A

Sengpiehl, Trevyn Seo, Hang Seo, Hanul Seppala, Kristofer Serafin, Andrew Serafini, Caleb J Serapiglia, Kevin Serapiglia, Lia

Serrato, Andrew J Sessoms, Jessica B Sessoms, Klaire K Setterlind, Carl Setterlind, Jordan T Settje, Anthony K Setzer, Amy E Sexe, Alissa D

Seymour, Corey Seymour, Holli R Sgandurra, Joseph W Shackelford, Hannah G Shackelford, Logan Shadle, Daniel J Shadrach, Daniel B Shaeffer, Bethany

Shafer, Adam J Shafer, Timothy A Shaffer, Andrew R Shaffer, Brandon E Shaffer, Corey A Shaffer, Rebekah Shaffer, Stephen R Shaffer, Stuart

Shaffer, Taylor P Shakro, Rosemary J Shanahan, Brandon P Shane, Rachael Shank, Marshall S Shannon, Elisa Shanton, Taylor Sharick, Erin

Sharp, Brandon Sharp, Courtney E Sharp, Hannah M Sharp, Rachel Sharp, Rekhail Sharp, Sarah K Sharpe, Charity G Sharpe, Meghan N


Sharron, Zachary Shartzer, Jordan Shashaty, Javan J Shattuck, Dillon Shaughnessy, Ellen Shaver, James Shaw, D'Ante Shaw, Matthew C

Shaw, Meredith E Shawver, James A Shbeeb, David S Shbeeb, Jonathan Shea, Jessica Sheaffer, Kaitlyn S Shearin, Brittany N Shearin, Matthew S

Sheehan, Melisa Sheeran, Alexandra M Sheffield, Parker Shelby, Nathan Sheldon, Dylan Sheldon, Jared M Sheldon, Sarah A Shelley, Brandon W

Shellman, Megan Shells, Dante B Shelstad, Mackinzey Shelton, Holden M Shelton, Leanne Shelton, Myrle A Shemeth, Leanne Shepard, Sarah

Shepard, Yasmin B Shepherd, Camille Shepherd, Joseph C Shepherd, Rebecca L Shepherd, Ryan A Sheppard, Ian D Sheppard, Katlyn R Sheppard, Scott T

Sheridan, Gabrielle N Sheridan, Keren G Sherland, Katelyn Sherlin, Kelsey R Sherlock, Dillon J Sherman, Hayley M Sherman, Patrick G Sherman, Taylor

Sherrell, Miranda Sherret, David H Sherret, John Sherrill, Jensen A Sherrill, Kara E Sherry, Matthew Shertzer, Lizabeth Shevel, Daniel A

Shick, Douglas Shickel, Hannah Shickel, Kathryn Shidler, Amanda H Shields, Julia M Shields, Lauren Shields, Rachel M Shields, Scott

Shier, Lauren A Shiffer, Zachary Shifflett, Patricia Shimizu, Kazuyo Shimochi, Kinshiro Shin, Bakbum Shin, Bo Young Shin, David

Shin, Doo See Shin, Eun Seock Shin, So Young Shinn, William Shinsky, Matthew D Shipe, Gabrielle Shipman, Bethany M Shipman, Thomas

Shipp, Quintaz A Shipps, Brooke Shira, Christopher L Shirey, John C Shirk, Ella J Shirkman, Travis J Shiveler, David Shively, Katelyn J

Shivock, Samantha M Shoaf, Adam Shockley, Jason E Shoemaker, Elizabeth R Shoemaker, Katherine Shokralla, Mollar Shondelmyer, Alena P Shondelmyer, Kaitlyn A

Shope, James A Shore, Lee T Shorey, Brady Shorey, Esther Short, Ashton Short, Christian T Short, Kasey Short, Madison B

Short, Murphy Short, Shayne Shorter, Christa A Shorts, Patrick J Shotwell, Brandi Shover, Abigail M Shover, Jared Showalter, John H

Showalter, Nathaniel L Shreve, Haley Shuart, Elana Shubina, Yuliya Shue, Garrett S Shuffield, Kaley J Shulda, Brian T Shuler, Ebony K

Shuler, Meredith A Shull, Christian A Shull, Jeremy Shultz, Jared Shultz, Jordan Shumake, Drewcilla M Shumate, Emily Shumate, Richard M


Shupe, Chris M Shuster, Samantha Siaulys, Kayleigh M Siaulys, Tomas Siaw, Ernest Kwabena Sibcy, Jacob Sibley, Gregory Siddiqui, Asima

Sidey, Douglas Sieg, Amy Siegrist, Aaron D Siegrist, Aric Sigler, Timothy J Sigman, Sarah E Sigmon, Nicholas D Sikes, Kyle

Sikes, Morgan K Sikora, John A Silva, Klayton R Silver, Amanda E Silver, Hannah L Silver, Molly Silvers, Natalie J Silverthorn, Jason W

Siman, Victoria M Simatupang, J Simatupang, J Simerly, Danielle M Simkins, Steven D Simmers, Carter L Simmonds, Michael Simmons, Chaniece

Simmons, Daniel Simmons, Elizabeth A Simmons, Jacob Simmons, Nicholas A Simmons, Reuben Simms, Nicole M Simone, Ariel G Simonetti, Anthony

Simonsen, Rachel M Simonton, Allison D Simpson, Abigail E Simpson, Cody T Simpson, Derick J Simpson, Ivana L Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Joshua

Simpson, Mark S Simpson, Matthew Simpson, Taylor Sims, Brittany A Sims, Charles E Sims, Megan Sims, Sarah Sims, Valorie D

Sinclair, Isaac Sinclair, Sushanne L Siner, Jacob Siner, Molly M Singer, Sarah E Singh, Carmen A Singh, Joban Singleton, Bethany A

Singleton, Janel D Singley, James A Sink, Richard Sinnema, Sarah A Sinnett, Cheylene Sinquefield, Kelsey H Sipe, Cody M Sipe, Jacob T

Sipe, Skylar M Sir, Yoon Won Sirocco, Jacob Sivarajah, Rukshan Sizemore, Justin Sizemore, Lauren K Sizemore, Michelle Sjogren, Christian A

Sjolinder, Niklas K Sjolinder, Sophia J Skaggs, Nathan C Skalaski, Charles W Skean, Jessica L Skeffrey, Aaron Skilling, Jaime Skillman, Morgan N

Skinner, Joseph Skinner, Melissa J Skovira, Rebecca A Slabbekoorn, Brooke A Slagle, Breanna K Slagter, Peggy C Slater, Dallas C Slaydon, Josiah M

Sledge, Andrew Sligh, Maxcey L Sloan, Andrea N Sloan, Ashley M Sloan, Cameron A Sloan, Emanuell Sloan, Hannah M Sloan, Matthew S

Sloan, TaQuoya S Sloan, Terrence Slone, Brandon D Small, Cierra D Small, Lawrence Small, Scott Smalls, Dominique Smallwood, Damani

Smallwood, David A Smallwood, Jessica Smalt, William C Smart, Brianna Smart, John Smejkal, Jacob Smejkal, Luke J Smejkal, Samuel

Smirnov, Ivan Smissen, Amy M Smissen, Lucas A Smissen, Richard M Smith, Abby Smith, Abigail C Smith, Abigail L Smith, Alyson M


Smith, Amanda D Smith, Amber N Smith, Ambur L Smith, Amy J Smith, Andelyn G Smith, Andrew D Smith, Andrew G Smith, Anwar J

Smith, April M Smith, Ariel S Smith, Ashleigh Smith, Ashley C Smith, Ashley M Smith, Auburn Smith, Austin D Smith, Austin

Smith, Autumn B Smith, Bethany N Smith, Bradley Smith, Brendan Smith, Brielle Smith, Brittany R Smith, Bryan P Smith, Caleb M

Smith, Candace Smith, Canon Smith, Carissa A Smith, Carly Smith, Charles Smith, Chase H Smith, Christian G Smith, Christian

Smith, Christopher E Smith, Christopher J Smith, Christopher P Smith, Claire K Smith, ConRoy Smith, Creighton A Smith, Demitri Smith, Deylan

Smith, Douglas Smith, Dustin F Smith, Elayne M Smith, Elijah M Smith, Elizabeth J Smith, Emily E Smith, Emily Smith, Eric

Smith, Ethan P Smith, Ethan S Smith, Evan D Smith, Faith Smith, Glenn Smith, Grant W Smith, Harold E Smith, Hayden G

Smith, Jacob M Smith, Jadon Smith, Jaleesa R Smith, Janessa Smith, Jared Smith, Jason Smith, Jay Smith, Jeremy R

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Jessica John Jonathan Jonathon A Jordan W Joshua J Joshua P Joshua T

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Julia Julius K Justin A Justin M Justin T Justin T Justin T Justin

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Kara A Kelvin Kendra A Kyle V Kyle Latricia A Laura A Lauren A

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Lauren E Leah M Leah R Leigh E Lindsey J Lindsey M Lindsey Lucas

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Luke S Matthew D Matthew J Matthew J Meredith Michael Miguel Morgan E

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Morgan J Patrick T Rebecca E Rebecca L Rebeccah M Ryan Sarah L Shawn

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Sierra L Stephanie J Stephanie O Stephen Tabitha D Taylor M Thomas E Timothy R

Smith, William A Smith, William C Smith, Zachary B Smith, Zachary H Smith, Zachary S Smitthimedhin, Sarida Smoltz, Rachel E Smoot, Rachel W


Smothers, Carolyn A Smothers, Joseph A Smyth, Alexandra J Smythers, Cody D Snader, Kevin D Snapp, Ben Snapp, Steven Snavely, Adam W

Snead, Taylor N Snead, Timothy L Sneed, Heidi K Sneed, Kara Sneed, Macey M Sneed, Molly Snell, Callee L Snelling, Megan E

Snellings, Charles L Snow, Jessica D Snow, Kenlyn B Snyder, Anna J Snyder, Benjamin M Snyder, Charles E Snyder, Chris Snyder, David

Snyder, Heather P Snyder, James Snyder, Jeremiah J Snyder, Jeremy Snyder, Michael J Snyder, Nadine J Snyder, Peter Snyder, Sarah E

Snyder, Savanah N Snyder, Stephanie L Sober, Corrie K Sockwell, Shannon C Soderquist, Katie Soetoyo, Celestia Sole, Jenna R Solem, Hannah L

Solenberger, Jacqueline A Solomon, Brandi L Soluri, Rebekah Somerville, Amanda B Sommariva, Paulina M Sommer, Maximilian Sommers, Jonathan Son, Byeong Jun

Son, Jaeyoon Son, Myung Jin Son, Sangrak Son, YeJi Sooklal, Sarah Sopkiw, Brandon Sorce, Marissa Sorensen, Christine

Soria-Galvarro, Claudia D Sorie, Andrea Soroka, Dana A Sorrells, Rebecca H Sorrels, Thomas Sotereanos, Stella E Soto, Rebecca Soule, Zachary

Sousa, Adriano J Souther, Keri Southern, Tyler L Southers, Aaron D Souza, Alexander Sowa, Kristen M Soward, Keilah N Soward, Kimberly

Sowards, Garrett Sowers, Matthew Soyars, Hannah Spader, Phoebe N Spadino, Jeshua P Spalding, John L Spalding, Scott Spangler, Brittney J

Spangler, Jordan D Spangler, Robert Spann, Durant L Spannbauer, Hannah Sparnroft, Jared M Speaks, Joseph M Speaks, Tavares Spearman, Dane A

Spears, Jamal E Spector, Claire C Speicher, Jordan A Speight, Patrick Speirs, Philip Spelman, Hailey Spence, Amanda M Spence, Hannah M

Spence, Lindsey L Spencer, Brittany A Spencer, Brooke M Spencer, Daniel J Spencer, James Spencer, Jeffery W Spencer, Laura N Spencer, Patrick E

Spencer, Rebecca Spencer, Sarah M Spencer, Trent D Spencer, Whitney G Spicer, Chelsea N Spicer, Jordan M Spicer, Nathan D Spicer, Nolan P

Spiering, Ryan Spiers, Logan R Spigle, Sydney Spinks, Caitlin Spinner, Loreal Spivey, Emily F Spoon, Rachel D Spradley, Larry H

Spradlin, Jesse A Spradlin, Naomi Sprague, Felicia Spratley, Jason M Sprecher, Camille E Sprecher, Clay D Sprecher, Jessica N Spriggs, Katie S


Springer, Danielle S Springer, Jillian E Sprouse, Taylor Spruel, Roderick Spruel, Rodwin E Spruel, Sherri Squire, James Srodulski, Rebecca

St Amand, Stephanie L St Clair, Alicia C St Clair, Felicia St Fort, David St Gelais, Tyler J St Ores, Paige C St. John, Luke C Staats, Rebecca R

Stackhouse, Dustin E Staffiero, Paul J Stafford, Jonathan C Stafford, Justin Stahler, Robert J Stahlman-Dwyer, Camryn Stainback, Lauran Stalcup, Adam J

Stallard, Randa L Stallings, Andrew Stalnaker, Leslie A Stamm, Logan T Stamoulis, Vittoria Stamper, Hamilton Stamper, Madalyn Standeven, Joshua R

Stanfield, James Stanhope, Lurah S Stanley, Ashley T Stanley, Breanna D Stanley, Chafer Stanley, Clarissa J Stanley, Heather E Stanley, Kari N

Stansell, Cameron Stanton, Erin O Stanton, Paul M Stanzione, Sandra Staples, Koddie W Staples, Lauren R Stapleton, Caila R Stapp, Sarah F

Starbird, Moriah C Stargel, Diane Stark, Erica Stark, Kendra N Starling, Adrianna J Starling, Nicholas E Starr, Jordan Starr, Stephen C

Statham, Kyle C Staton, Erica M Staton, Stephen E Stauch, Thomas Stauffer, Julia Steadman, Hunter R Stearns, Ashleigh E Stearns, Courtney E

Stearns, Jessica Stearns, Kimberly Stedjan, James Steel, Jonathan Steele, Bethany M Steele, Joshua D Steele, Michael Steele, Susannah G

Steelman, Victoria J Steen, Adam J Steenburgh, Nicole K Steffens, Ashley M Stegall, Elizabeth M Stegall, Hannah D Stegall, Rebecca Stehle, Jonathan

Steiger, Alena J Steiger, Bradley R Stein, Kristina J Steindel, Breanne Steinhauer, Edward Stell, Lauren P Stellabotte, Chad P Steltz, David

Steltzer, Timothy Stemann, Joshua R Stenberg, David M Stenholm, Andrew R Stephens, Caitlyn Stephens, Douglas Stephens, Jacob Stephens, Jillian

Stephens, Lauren Stephens, Sally J Stephens, Sarah Stephens, Shari M Stephenson, Cayla Stepp, Zachariah N Stergar, John G Sterling, Aaron J

Stertz, Benjamin B Stertz, Chelsey Stevanus, Dimitri R Stevens, Alyssa Stevens, Branden R Stevens, Brandon D Stevens, Chase H Stevens, Justin

Stevens, Kate E Stevens, Katrina M Stevens, Kayla Stevens, Morgan C Stevens, Nicole A Stevens, William C Stevenson, Kristian A Stevenson, Sarah L

Steward, Hunter T Stewart, Abigail E Stewart, Abigail Stewart, Adrienne M Stewart, Bailee A Stewart, David Stewart, Elizabeth A Stewart, Erica


Stewart, Erik C Stewart, Jordan M Stewart, Joshua S Stewart, Rachel Stewart, Valerie R Stickney, Kiley Stiffler, Christopher Stillman, Seth M

Stillwagon, Jeanne Stillwell, Amy Stine, Dylan J Stine, Esther Stinnett-Perry, Rajon A Stinnette, Christopher B Stinnette, Leeza M Stinson, Brandon T

Stirparo, Zachary S Stites, Rebekah A Stock, Megan Stockholm, Kyrstin Stockslager, Breanne A Stockslager, Sandra L Stockwell, Brittani J Stockwell, John

Stoeltzing, David B Stokes, Jamie Stokes, Jessica S Stokes, Matthew R Stokes, Sadie A Stokes, Sara F Stokes, Tiarra L Stolar, McKennah E

Stollings, Allie K Stoltzfus, Reuben Stone, Cassandra S Stone, Caz J Stone, Foy C Stone, Megan F Stone, Melody Stone, Meredith

Stone, Rachel V Stone, Sarah G Stoneman, Cody Stoner, Grace Stonkus, Alyssa M Storey, Joseph Story, Jennifer Stosic, Milos

Stotmeister, Grace Stotz, Allison L Stoudnour, Allison Stout, Denny Stovall, Brittany L Stowe, Ariana Stracke, Janae Strader, Alexandria

Strain, Kristen N Stram, Matthew F Strappelli, Michael Straub, Bobby Straw, Lyndsey M Street, Nathaniel Street, Tyson J Streeter, Devin C

Streets, Rebecca D Strickland, Aaron M Strickland, Chase Strickland, Kelly N Strickland, Kenneth W Strickland, Kieran Strickland, Tanner A Stricklen, Tabitha R

Strider, Rebecca P Striffler, Jillian Stringfellow, Emily N Stringfield, Anna Stritesky, Ashley J Strobel, Michael W Strohman, Elizabeth Strohman, Johannah

Strole, Karin Strom, Lindsay Strong, Gillian Strong, Joseph E Strother, Jordan S Stroud, Brittney Stroud, Elizabeth Struhar, Autumn M

Struss, Samantha A Stuart, Adrianna J Stuart, Catherine L Stuart, Laura R Stuart, Nicolas D Stubbs, Dylan M Stuber, Jeffrey Stucki, Hannah A

Stull, Jennifer Stump, Elisabeth A Stump, Haylee N Stump, Theodore J Stuppiello, Amy Sturgill, Joshua S Sturgill, Meaghan R Sturtevant, Rebekah G

Stvan, Matthew A Styron, Brooke L Suarez, Taina Suarez Boscan, Diego A Suddreth, Caleb E Suders, Reagan B Suh, Dong H Suh, Dong Ju

Suitt, Canaan M Sullivan, Aaron Sullivan, Alexander Sullivan, Brendan Sullivan, Elijah Sullivan, Jenna I Sullivan, Juli A Sullivan, Matthew

Sullivan, Sarah E Sullivan, Sierra E Sullivan, Steve Sullivan, William T Sum, Timothy Summerlin, Lucas Summers, Kaitlyn Summers, Kristin R


Summers, Leah Summers, Sierra Sumpter, Julius C Sumpter, Morgan A Sun, Hanqing Sun, Yang Sun, Youngbum Sun, Yuchen

Sundheim, Catherine Sundheim, Jeffrey T Sung, Sui Suplita, Brent M Supp, Timothy P Supper, Dawn Suptela, John K Surles, Christopher L

Surratt, Jordan L Susman, Jonathan Susman, Nathanael Sutarik, Scott E Sutherland, Lee Sutherland, Stephen J Suto, Michael D Sutter, Jordan N

Sutter, Ryan T Sutton, Garrett Sutton, Hayley Sutton, Kyle P Sutton, Lara L Sutton, Matthew S Sutton, Timothy J Svendsen, Shariah

Swafford, Hannah Swails, Kaitlyn B Swain, Rasheika M Swank, Ethan C Swann, Brittany Swanner, Joseph T Swanson, Christopher R Swanson, Cori A

Swanson, David Swanson, Kyle Swanson, Luke P Swanson, Thomas Swarn, Shaquita Swarr, Joshua Swart, Breanne Swartz, Mark J

Swartzwelder, Erik Swathwood, Todd C Sweat, Charles J Sweat, Whitney Sweeney, Lauren E Sweeney, Samantha L Sweet, Aaron J Sweet, Jessica J

Sweet, Matthew S Sweeting, Ashley Sweetra, Cassie M Swentik, Geena Swierenga, Abigail Swift, David F Swigert, Nina M Swilley, Patrick L

Swindall, Allison Swineford, Jordan Swiney, Joshua N Swinson, Angela J Swinson, Mathew J Swogger, Joshua Swoope, Chloe N Swortzel, Ashton

Swortzel, Meagan S Swyers, Jillian Sylvester, Kaitlin B Sylvester, Matthew T Symeonides, Oshua S Symonette, Kenth Symons, Bethany J Symons, Rebekah L

Sype, Dalton H Szoch, Thomas Szymanik, Matthew D Tabler, Victoria Tabor, Kayla B Tabor, Scarlette Tackett, Christina Taher, Noor M

Tahuona, Blessing Tait, Austin J Tait, Crissey Tait, Mark Takano, Amy L Talbert, Janelle I Talbott, Jenna M Talkington, Patrick

Tallent, Davinity L Talley, Anthony Talley, Brandon Tallman, Allison M Tallman, David Tamiso, Allissa Tan, Pui Yu P Tan, Tai Chuan

Tan, York Nee Tang, Wai Tangsirisatian, Suphitporn Tanguay, Haley L Tanis, Heather Tankard, Angela F Tanner, Eric R Taormina, Samuel M

Taplin, Charles D Tapp, David Tar, Ticha Tarantino, Alexandra N Tare, Marjun Tare, Marson Tari, Jennifer Tari, Kiana

Tarlton, Jodi A Tarpley, Josh Tarr, Daniel B Tarr, Rachel Tarrant, Alvonta K Tasker, Alex Tassone, Brandon Tatagiri, Issac


Tatanish, Peter Tate, Adam Tate, Daniel Tate, Emily M Tate, Erin L Tate, Matthew T Tatro, Devin J Tatro, Jordan

Tatum, Billy J Tatum, Whitney D Tawney, Christopher Tawney, Jordyn Taylor, Alexander Taylor, Alison Taylor, Alonzo C Taylor, Amanda C

Taylor, Ashley E Taylor, Benjamin T Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, Brandon Z Taylor, Brittany M Taylor, Caitlin A Taylor, Caleb E Taylor, Christopher M

Taylor, Courtney R Taylor, Emily Taylor, Ethan Taylor, Hannah E Taylor, Isaac C Taylor, Isaac Taylor, James B Taylor, Jayne M

Taylor, Jessica M Taylor, Jessica R Taylor, John T Taylor, Jonathan H Taylor, Katherine Taylor, Kelbi C Taylor, Kelsey A Taylor, Kristin D

Taylor, Kristin N Taylor, Kyla N Taylor, Kyle A Taylor, Larry T Taylor, Michael R Taylor, Naomi Taylor, Rachel A Taylor, Ronald

Taylor, Ryan T Taylor, Shawn Taylor, Talya K Taylor, Thomas A Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Whitney C Taylor, Zachary Tchah, Laon

Tchividjian, Charlotte Teachout, Andrea J Teague, Joy Tedeschi, Allycia Tee, Lien Chen Teeple, Kelsey M Teer, Aleah Teer, Anthony

Tejo, Kimberly Teklu, Hewan Negash Telfer, Breena Tellers, Jacob Tello, Anna C Temple, Janay S Templeton, Jacquelyn R Templeton, Lexi A

Templeton, William A Tenney, Jennifer L Tenpas, Todd Tereda, Robel H Terkelsen, Audrey TerMarsch, Kyle M Terpay, Alexander J Terracciano, Andrea

Terrell, Essence M Terrien, Noah S Terry, Joseph K Terry, Melissa D Terry, Trey D Terzek, Taylor Teschon, Brendan Teschon, Megan C

Teschon, Tyler B Tester, Bryanna R Tetford, Brittany M Tetley, James Tetmeyer, Hannah Tettelbach, Richard F Teufel, Kelly M Thacker, Cameron W

Thacker, Jordan A Thai, Michael Thaler, Emily J Thayer, Elisa G Theobald, Josiah A Theobald, Sarah-Jane Theodore, Holly A Theribe, Therson

Therrien, Peter G Thigpen, Andrew F Thigpen, Bethany Thigpen, Margaret O Thoman, Lydia Thomas, Abigail R Thomas, Ashleigh E Thomas, Ashley P

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas,

Ashley Aubrey Austin B Brittany L Catherine Chloe M Christina Christopher M

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas,

Corey T Cori M Daniel Emily C Emily Emily Eric A Heather M


Thomas, James P Thomas, Jasmine I Thomas, Jennifer M Thomas, Jessica D Thomas, Jessica L Thomas, Jillian E Thomas, Jonathan Thomas, Joshua

Thomas, Julie E Thomas, Justin G Thomas, Kaley M Thomas, Katelynn M Thomas, Kayla Thomas, Lauren D Thomas, Lauren E Thomas, Loren D

Thomas, Magdalene Thomas, Marcus Q Thomas, Marcus Thomas, Myasha Thomas, Rogae K Thomas, Sarah E Thomas, Sarah L Thomas, Savannah B

Thomas, Shea Thomas, Sophie M Thomas, Steven A Thomas, Tia Thomas, Timothy J Thomas, Travis A Thomas, Trevor Thomason, Paul M

Thomassian, Ty Thompson, Aaron Thompson, Allen Thompson, Austin Thompson, Britney J Thompson, Charissa A Thompson, Chevon W Thompson, David

Thompson, Douglas G Thompson, Eileen Thompson, Emily K Thompson, Gavin Thompson, Gregory Thompson, Hannah R Thompson, Jeffrey A Thompson, Jon T

Thompson, Joshua A Thompson, Karin M Thompson, Katrina D Thompson, Kelsey R Thompson, Keytov A Thompson, Kristen A Thompson, Leah K Thompson, Lindsay N

Thompson, Marissa R Thompson, Mark J Thompson, Mark Thompson, Matthew C Thompson, Meighan N Thompson, Melissa N Thompson, Quincy Thompson, Raquel

Thompson, Samuel B Thompson, Steven M Thompson, Tiera Thompson, Whitley Thong, Valerie E Thorkildsen, Katherine G Thorkildsen, Kristen E Thornhill, Jake J

Thornley, Luke D Thornley, Paige Thornton, Adair Thornton, Blake Thornton, Mackenzie Thornton, Rebecca Throop, Steven Thurber, Matthew

Thurston, Russell H Tian, Dexiang Tibbs, Eric Tice, Heather Tice, Kristian N Tichenor, Alexander L Tichenor, Kathryn Tidd, Dayna

Tiegs, Emily L Tighe, David Tilghman, Ashley E Tiller, Victoria Tillery, Marisa Tilley, Amanda K Tilley, Andrew Tilley, Joseph

Tilley, Savannah J Tillinghast, Nicole M Tillman, Joseph E Tillman, Justin Tillotson, Sawyer Timbrook, Fredrick D Timmer, John D Timmerman, Amber

Timmerman, Jennifer Timmerman, Taylor E Tippett, Jessica Tippett, Kyeneil C Tiprigan, Christine Tiprigan, Joshua A Tisdale, Kenneth T Titus, Brittany M

Tobias, Kevin C Tobias, Kurtis C Toczko, Andrea M Todd, Andrew M Toews, Christopher I Toews, Jaclyn L Tofte, Kenton R Toh, Joel P

Tokgozoglu, Lydia Toll, Victor P Tolley, Christopher P Tolley, Emily F Tolsma, Brandon Tolsma, Mackenzie Tolson, Jeffrey D Tolson, Paige A


Toman, Ashley M Tomlin, Gavin E Tomlin, Kelly J Tomlin, Molleigh B Tomlin, Walter R Tomlinson, Jordon M Tompkins, William K Tomson, Katherine S

Toney, Crystal A Tonkin, Angela Tonkins, Jennifer L Toone, Elizabeth L Toppazzini, Kristina Toresco, Carly A Torres, Jonatan Torres, Sarah

Torres, Stefan Torrie, Samantha M Torrison, Abigail R Torruella, Heriberto I Tose, Madison N Tosi, Nicholas L Tosi, Vincent D Toth, Christina M

Toth, Evan Z Toth, Megan Toth, Thomas A Toth, Weston Toto Furume, Ines Totten, Katherine Totty, Kyle G Toussaint, Irene

Tovar, Laura Towarak, Aaron Towarak, Janelle K Towne, Tiffany R Towns, Caleb Towns, Ira J Towns, Kimberly T Townsend, Adam C

Toyoda, Mitsuki Tra, Trung Tracy, Amelia S Trad, Rebekah F Tran, Angie Tran, Britton L Tran, Thomas T Tratnack, Geoffrey D

Travers, Brian Travers, Joshua Travis, Nicole M Travis, Rebekah A Travis, Sarah E Travis, Sarah Trazinski, Eric D Treese, Anna V

Treese, Nathan D Treme, Titus A Trent, Abigail Trent, Ryan E Trent, Skylar L Trepanier, Mara Trevithick, Catherine Trevorrow, Spencer

Trevorrow, Stephanie Trible, Charles Trimble, Andrew Trimmer, Benjamin Trine, Tiffany R Trinkle, Leslie V Triola, Andrew Triolo, Tess L

Triplett, Traci L Tripp, Daniel J Tripp, Joseph B Trivett, Kourtney D Trossen, Hope D Trost, Jeremy A Trost, Kaitlyn J Trout, Jaclyn L

Trout, Lauren C Troyer, Adam Troyer, Amanda R Troyer, Ashtyn Troyer, Denise M Troyer, Herbert T Troyer, Jessica R Truax, Brittany

True, Rebecca Truex, Marianne Truhn, Andrew Truitt, Brooke E Trujillo, Aaron Tsamisis, Elizabeth A Tschantz, Courtney A Tschantz, Stephanie

Tschetter, Lauren G Tschirhart, Emily K Tseng, Shu Wei Tuan, Shih-Shuan S Tuck, James E Tucker, Alicia M Tucker, Andrea Tucker, Ashleigh N

Tucker, Brandon W Tucker, Elizabeth A Tucker, Lindsey Tucker, Meghan N Tucker, Robert E Tulloch, Robert Tulua, Mele F Tuma, Jason

Tumas, Judson M Tumminello, Grace E Tunu, Renae A Tureman, Daniel R Turgeau, Tyler M Turlington, Darren C Turlington, Jake Turner, Aaron M

Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner,

Austin L Brandon L Briley J Brittanie A Corbin M Dana C Emily E Jennifer E


Turner, Jonathan R Turner, Kara G Turner, Logan M Turner, Mary C Turner, Megan N Turner, Rebecca Turner, Rebecca Turner, Rebekah F

Turner, Richard A Tuthill, Emerald N Tuthill, Lacey Tuttle, Allison N Tuus, Siim Twark, Emilee C Tweddell, Brooke A Tweed, Dana

Tweeten, Yvette Twigg, Joshua M Twining, Jeremy Twining, Jonathan D Twombly, Luke Tyler, Andrew A Tyler, Angelique Tyre, Chelcey A

Tyree, Courtney N Tyree, James Tyree, Kyle A Tyree, Susan A Tyree, Zachary Tyson, Andrea J Tyson, BreAnna Tyson, Briana J

Ugron, Raymond J Uhler, Christopher J Uhler, Nathan A Uhrin, Danielle J Ukwuani, Tim Ulferts, Cassandra Ullery, Lauren Ulm, Cassandra A

Ulmer, Brandon H Ulmer, Gabriel A Ulmer, Jarrett Umphlette, Charles R Underhill, Hannah G Underman, Thomas R Underwood, Adam Underwood, Cody B

Underwood, Patrick E Undseth, Sophia M Upchurch, Lauren Updike, Natalie A Upton, Brooke Upton, John R Urban, DeAnna Urban, Rebecca

Urbani, Luke N Urbani, Michaela C Urbanik, Elizabeth M Urbina, Lauren E Ursulescu, Calin Utter, Claire R Utz, Brooke R Uva, Amanda

Uveges, Micah Uvodich, Hannah Uzowihe, Chima B Vagueiro, Joshua Valadez, Yasmine Valdes, Claudia M Valdes, Jessica Valdettaro, Gino R

Valente, Anthony R Valentin, Devon Valentin, Stephanie Valentine, Joshua Valle, Reinaldo C Valleau, Brieanne Valleau, Paige Van Althuis, Kerry

Van Andel, Audra Van Den Akker, Maria Van Den Bos, Jocelyn J van der Linden, Jane Van Doren, Jonathan H Van Dyk, David Van Dyken, Charlotte C Van Eaton, Jonathan

Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van

Eerden, Richard S Fossen, Samuel R Kampen, Erin G Name, Brooke N Ness, Haley A Noord, Holly A Norman, Elizabeth Ormer, Amanda L

Van Prooyen, Tyler VanAernam, Ethan W Vanaman, Adam H VanBuren, Laurie Vance, Caleb Vance, Cydney M Vance, Jordan A Vance, Jordan M

Vance, Morgan C Vance, Roger Vancuren, Abigail Vandenbosch, Paul R Vander Pluym, David Vanderbleek, Jacqueline B Vanderbleek, Jamie L Vanderford, Heather L

Vanderlee, Pleuni C Vandermey, Alexander J Vanderpol, Joel A Vanderpool, Krystin L VanDesande, Christina VanDeventer, Kristin Vanfossen, Tyler J Vanhouten, Heather A

Vaningan, Daniel VanMeter, Justin T Vanosdall, Katharine Vanover, Anna J VanTil, Matthew Vantongeren, Kevin Vargas, Ana Vargas, Erick


Varghese, Grace Varghese, Jaise Vargo, Kaylee Vargo, Peter Varnell, Stephen C Varney, Timothy Vasilescu, Johanna Vass, Luke R

Vassar, Kathryn Vasser, Trevor S Vasu, Alisha L Vaughan, Alexandra L Vaughan, Heather N Vaughan, Juwante Vaughan, Mary L Vaughan, Megan

Vaughan, Shelby K Vaughn, Laura E Vaught, Jennie L Vazquez, Victoria M Vega, Gisselle Vegh, Antal F Velastegui, Jessica M Velek, Philip J

Velez, Amanda Velez, Michael D Veliky, Savannah L Velilla, Nicolas D Velker, Rebecca J Vellinger, Morgan Vencill, Laura E Venning, Allison R

Venning, Jamie A Venson, Claresa C Venters, Caroline Veorse, Lori E Vera, Brittany A Veras Alba, Manuel A Verdone, Beth Verghese, Rachael

Verjinski, Sarah Vernon, Elizabeth Vernon, Hannah G Vernon, Timothy Verville, Austin M Vest, Jamie L Via, Joseph Via, Melanie C

Vial, Kaylyn Viars, Kelsey A Vick, Nikayla M Vickrey, Jordy Vieth, Brandon J Villalba, Kevin C Villalba, Michael A Villar, Clement

Vincent, Brendan Vincent, Madison K Vincent, Veronica Vindivich, Nick G Vining, Dylan Vinson, Jared Vipperman, Stephanie E Viriato, William S

Visscher, Alissa M Vitale, Cassandra D Vitale, Joshua E Vitullo, Maria Vitullo, Sarah E Vlandis, Bethany R Vogel, Alexander P Vogelsang, Maggie M

Vogtsberger, Justin D Vohden, Grace C Vohringer, Ryan Voisin, Shekinah Z Volcansek, Corinne Volk, Alyssa L Volpe, Lindsey Volstad, Sally M

Voltaire, Cynthia Volzke, Joshua Vonada, Donnie Vonada, Robert E Vorberger, James Vos, Rachel C Vylonis, Christian L Wada, Hannah L

Wade, Dakota W Wade, Danae C Wagaman, Dwight Waggoner, Olivia C Wagler, John A Wagner, Austin M Wagner, Brent Wagner, Carson R

Wagner, Christian M Wagner, Julia A Wagner, Kari L Wagner, Paige Wagner, Rachel N Wagner, Sarah K Wagner, Thomas R Wahl, Katie

Wailes, Ellen L Wakefield, Laura Wakeley, Bethany R Wakeley, Hannah E Wakim, Lena Wakin, Christopher J Waldo, Rachel C Waldrop, Sherri M

Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker,

Benjamin D Chelsea Christiana D Dariska J Forest D Hannah L Hannah Harold

Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker,

John E Katie Kayla Kristen Lucas Mallory Mark S Rachael E


Walker, Rachel E Walker, Ryan Walker, Shayna K Walker, Wesley Walker, Zachary S Wall, Dylan J Wall, Emily F Wall, Ethan F

Wall, Morgan B Wall, Onnalee J Wall, Priscilla Wall, Ryan D Wallace, Jaclyn S Wallace, Julie Wallace, Lauren E Wallace, Meagan

Wallace, Morgan G Wallace, Sarah Wallach, Alyssa Waller, Alyson Waller, Collin S Waller, Preston A Walley, Mercy Wallin, Jacob F

Walls, Alana A Walls, Andrea M Walls, Ashlyn Walls, Rebecca M Walls, Sarah S Walls, Zachary Walsh, David M Walsh, Eileen B

Walsh, Liliia L Walsh, Sean M Walsh, Stephen G Walsh, Tobi D Walston, Tyler Walter, Cassandra Walters, Benjamin Walters, Monet N

Walters, Rachel M Walther, Erin Waltmire, Jacquelyn Walton, Mitchell S Walton, Shelley W Walton, Tiffany Wampler, David Wanamaker, Brett C

Wanamaker, Christa L Wands, Philip S Wang, Chengchen Wang, Shisi Wang, Wei Wang, Yazhuo Wang, Yi Ward, Cameron B

Ward, D'Nard A Ward, Demetrius A Ward, Keyshaun Ward, Lucas R Ward, Nickelle A Ward, Samantha J Ward, Spencer Warden, Hannah F

Warden, Heather N Warden, Joshua W Ware, Adam Ware, Andrew Ware, Anthony Ware, Elizabeth Ware, Haven E Ware, Matthew T

Ware, Spencer Wareing, Shaina L Wariner, Cortnie R Warner, Guy T Warner, Joshua A Warner, Megan N Warner, Michael K Warner, Stephanie D

Warner, Timothy C Warner, Whitney A Warner, William Warr, Kendall Warren, Chas R Warren, Courtney L Warren, Lucas C Warren, Madison

Warren, Susanna J Warrender, Sara E Warriner, Hope Warriner, Jennifer Washburn, Brent Washburn, Laura A Washington, Andre Washington, Erica

Washington, Jacquelyne Washington, Kelvin Washington, Lakendra A Washington, Lakendra V Washington, Rebekah S Washington, Sean A Washok, Nicholas Waskiewicz, Holly

Waterman, Dylan Waterman, Kimberly Waterman, Matthew P Waters, Caroline Waters, Charles Waters, Natalie M Waters, Ruthellen Waters, Tiffany P

Watford, Quentin Watford, Tamara Watkins, Christian Watkins, Lekiara N Watson, Amaris O Watson, Amy L Watson, Andrew Watson, Autumn I

Watson, Carley R Watson, Dylan R Watson, Emanuel Watson, Erin Watson, Gregory D Watson, Jeremy P Watson, Kyle Watt, Tamera


Watts, Andrea Watts, Duncan L Watts, Taylor Watts, Tiona Wayne, Dominique Y Waynick, Maleah Weadon, Zachary R Wearda, Melanie

Weatherholtz, Jacob R Weatherington, Hannah K Weatherington, Jacob S Weatherly, Taylor N Weaver, Gregory Weaver, Hannah C Weaver, Jacob Weaver, Jamie E

Weaver, Janie K Weaver, Kristin H Weaver, Marlin R Weaver, Sarah M Weaver, Shereen B Weaver, Victoria R Webb, Alexa Webb, Anthony C

Webb, Cameron J Webb, David W Webb, Joseph G Webb, Lucas D Webb, Reed P Webb, Robert B Webb, Ronald L Webb, Stuart

Webber, Samuel E Webber, Sarah Weber, Troy A Webley, Brittney Webster, Abigail Webster, Emily Webster, Lauren M Webster, Rebecca E

Weckbacher, Rachel Weedon, Alicia Weekley, Daniel Weekley, Luke Weeks, Alysha Weeks, Chelsea Weeks, Jackson K Weeks, Josiah D

Weeks, Kelli Weeks, Rachel T Weeks, Rebekah H Weeks, Vaughn Wegner, Josiah Wehberg, Andrew Wehberg, Jeffrey D Wehmeyer, Sarah

Wei, Oliver A Weichmann, Kaitlyn Weidler, Michael Weigandt, Tyler A Weimer, Taylor Weimert, Christopher Weir, Kevin H Weise, Hannah L

Weise, Nathaniel M Weiss, Jared Welborn, Whitney Welch, Arland Christine E Welch, Daniel Welch, Jacob W Welch, Katelyn Welch, Micah

Weld, Tyler Weller, Ross T Wellman, Nicola G Wells, Amber Wells, Dustin L Wells, Emily S Wells, Jonathan Wells, Jordan N

Wells, Melody M Wells, Samantha Wells, Sarah E Wells, Terry Wells, Timothy J Wells, Travis Welsch, Stephen D Wenberg, Danielle R

Wendland, Isaac M Wendler, Bryce G Wendling, Kerri A Wendt, Emma Weniger, Ashleigh Weniger, Brooke A Weniger, Gregory Wenrich, Ryan M

Wensley, Rachel Wenster, Ashley N Wentworth, Jonathan D Wentz, Joseph Wentz, Laura E Were, Serah Werner, Mikayla N Wernig, Daniel P

Werthmann, Haley Wertman, Jenna L Wertsbaugh, Colton Werzinger, Sarah Wescoat, Aaron J Wessel, Jacob C West, Alaric West, Destiny

West, Jordan R West, Mark West, Matthew Westafer, Aaron Westbrook, Arthur Westcott, Alexandra A Westcott, Matthew S Westfall, Jaclyn

Westgate, Andrew Westling, Mary Weston, Griffin J Weston, Kayla Weston, Logan Weston, Mercedes M Westover, Nathanael J Wetherill, Chelsea


Wethington, Lindsay Wettstein, Zachary Wetzel, Rachel Weyant, Richard M Weymouth, Jordan Wezenaar, Pierce J Whalen, Nancy C Whalen, Thomas G

Wharton, Brooke C Wharton, Daisy B Wheeler, Alexander S Wheeler, Alyssa S Wheeler, Ashley N Wheeler, Benjamin L Wheeler, Desiree Wheeler, Elizabeth

Wheeler, Haley A Wheeler, Jonathan R Wheeler, Kara Wheeler, Kevin M Wheeler, Kyle Wheeler, Megan M Wheeler, Silas G Wheelock, Darren

Whelchel, Stephanie J Whetzel, Brooke M Whicker, Holly Whitaker, Paige E Whitbeck, Lindsey E Whitcomb, Sheila Whitcomb, Taylor G White, Alee

White, Alexandra White, Alysse D White, Annette P White, Christopher White, Corey S White, Courtney R White, Dallas White, Daniel R

White, Elijah White, Hannah M White, Hannah R White, Jaret N White, Jeffery T White, Jonathan R White, Joshua White, Julie M

White, Kimberley White, Kolton D White, Kristen White, Lacey D White, Leslie D White, Macy A White, Marlenea R White, Marsha

White, Micah White, Rose N White, Thomas White, William H White, William R Whitebread, Joshua C Whitehair, Alexxus B Whitehead, Christa M

Whitehead, Hannah J Whitehead, Heather L Whitehurst, Anne E Whitehurst, Jordan P Whiteman, Katlyn Whiteside, Jonathan Whitfield, Emily A Whitley, Tucker

Whitlock, Benjamin D Whitman, Meagan Whitmore, Aaron T Whitney, Katlyn E Whitt, Jenee E Whittaker, Michaela N Whitted, Richard Whittemore, Dylan

Whitten, Darryl Whittington, Benjamin T Whittington, Hali N Whittington, James E Whitworth, Cory E Whitworth, Matthew J Whritenour, Kurtis J Wi, Michelle

Wichman, Connor Wick, Luis Wickham, Christopher Wickham, Daniel Widener, Kevin P Wiechmann, Cody Wieczorek, Jocelyn Y Wieland, Summer B

Wiencek, Sarah Wigfield, Rachel L Wigfield, Ryan P Wiggins, Emily G Wiktorek, Ashley E Wilber, Nathan A Wilcox, Ian Wilcox, Tanner

Wilcoxson, William D Wilde, Destiny E Wilgus, Madeleine Wilke, Rachel L Wilkerson, Braedon Wilkerson, Holly A Wilkerson, Travis G Wilkie, Pamela L

Wilkins, Erika Wilkinson, Aaron Wilkinson, Joseph D Wilkinson, Matthew E Wilkinson, Rachel B Willard, Amy E Willard, Katie R Willats, Kole M

Willeford, Kristen E Willett, John-Claude Willett, Joshua Willett, Tasha Williams, Alexander A Williams, Amber Williams, Ashley J Williams, Austin C


Williams, Benjamin Williams, Bethany Williams, Brandon S Williams, Brittany N Williams, Brittany Williams, Casi M Williams, Chanel Williams, Charles C

Williams, Charles G Williams, Christopher B Williams, Christopher Williams, Dabrious Williams, Digory M Williams, Dominic L Williams, Erin S Williams, Evan F

Williams, Graham A Williams, Harrison L Williams, Jamie J Williams, Janae Williams, Jared W Williams, Javaz V Williams, Jeremiah Williams, Jeremy

Williams, Joanna Williams, Jocelyn A Williams, Joel A Williams, Jonathan Williams, Jordan L Williams, Joshua Williams, Josiah Williams, Keandre M

Williams, Kendall J Williams, Kevin M Williams, Kristine M Williams, Larry D Williams, Lenisha Williams, Marc B Williams, Marshall R Williams, Matthew R

Williams, Megan Williams, Michael B Williams, Michael W Williams, Nathanael M Williams, Nathaniel J Williams, Nicole B Williams, Phillip J Williams, Rachel L

Williams, Rachel Williams, Sarah Williams, Sean Williams, Shakira B Williams, Shane M Williams, Tarell Williams, Taylor G Williams, Terence

Williams, Todd C Williams, Travis J Williams, Tyler Williamson, Aaron J Williamson, Amber Williamson, Brian Williamson, David Williamson, Dawn

Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson,

Joseph Leah Maegan A Rachel L Reid D Seth M Stephanie A Timothy J

Williamson, Tobias A Williar, Calvin D Willie, Emily R Willis, Alanna K Willis, Andrew Willis, Anna H Willis, Ashley D Willis, Jonathan M

Willis, Matthew R Willmington, Carissa N Wills, Donald Wills, Nate Wills, Sarina Wilmot, Emily Wilmouth, Adam S Wilson, Abigail M

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Alexander Alexandra R Avery Brian K Brittney J Cairstiona J Caleb E Catherine A

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Charles E Christian Courtney L David W Dennis J Donald E Emily Erica L

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Glenn Hilari M Jacob Jared S Josiah J Justin B Justin L Kamry

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Kara L Khadijah R Kurtis S Mark D Mart A Matthew D Maxwell Megan

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Nicole Nolan Rebecca E Sarah E Shaun M Sherelle Theodore Travis W


Wilson, Tyler A Wilson, Tyler Wimbush, Amanda N Wimmer, Melvin L Winberry, Brian R Winberry, Christopher J Winberry, Michelle C Windley, Allison

Windsor, Lacie N Wine, Amanda L Wine, Leah A Winebarger, Kevin C Winger, Douglas Winger, Harrison P Wingert, Bethany A Wingrove, Wanda M

Winick, Jennifer L Winiecki, Samantha Winkler, Wesley Winks, Lindsay M Winn, Christopher M Winn, Elise Winn, Julia Winn, Victoria L

Winne, David B Winneroski, Lindsey A Winnicki, Brittany Winokurzew, Natalie Winship, Sarah I Winslow, Emily C Winson, Jennifer R Winstead, Brently M

Winters, Sarah L Wippermann, Jill A Wirth, Brandon Wirtz, Kristen J Wise, Alyssa C Wise, Chelsea L Wise, Kylika L Wise, Rebecca

Wiskow, Bethany Wisnewski, Ross Wisor, Daniel Wisterman, Sarah Witcher, Ashton P Witherite, Olivia G Withers, Elizabeth M Witherspoon, Sean D

Withrow, Hillary E Witt, Alyssa G Witt, Angela N Witt, Cody Witt, John M Witt, Kimberly B Witt, Sarah D Witter, Emily E

Wohlers, Mallorie W Wojtcuk, Alexis N Wolderich, Alyssa J Wolf, Amanda L Wolf, Ashley D Wolf, Chelsey D Wolf, Erika A Wolf, William

Wolfcale, Kelli J Wolfe, Alexa Wolfe, Aschalew L Wolfe, Ethan J Wolfe, Genet Wolfe, Lance S Wolfe, Malissa M Wolfenbarger, Corey

Wolford, Logan Womack, Skyler B Womble, Emily F Womble, Mary E Wonderley, Michael T Wong, Haley Wong, Kendall N Wong, Rhyan W

Wong, Stephen J Wood, Aaron J Wood, Autumn R Wood, Chelsea R Wood, Jackelyn Wood, Katherine M Wood, Kelsey L Wood, Laurence J

Wood, Randi Wood, Rebecca Wood, Ryan Wood, Scott T Wood, Victoria Woodall, Abigail Woodard, Eric J Woodard, Molly J

Woodard, Stephan Woodard, Timothy C Woodburn, Marcus K Woodbury, Joshua E Woodley, Andrew L Woodrum, Joshua A Woods, David Woods, Emily

Woods, Korre Woods, Nicholas H Woods, Rachel L Woods, Timothy W Woods, Tyler A Woodson, Hope Woodson, Kayla N Woodson, Taylor B

Woodward, Wesley K Woody, Brookley Woody, Jessica Woody, Russell T Woolard, Brett M Wooldridge, Kimberly D Woolfolk, Andrew L Woolfolk, Chelsea M

Woolfolk, Courtney Woolford, Alexis D Woolsey, Isaac B Woolson, Cooper R Woolson, Raymond B Woosley, Jackson Woosley, Jordan Woosley, Joseph S


Woosley, Micah Wooten, Matthew C Workman, Courtney E Worley, Austin A Worley, Hannah P Worley, Hillary A Worley, John M Worley, Kristin

Worley, Morgan Worley, Paige D Worrell, Richard Worthington, Benjamin E Worthington, Connor C Wose, Caitlynn B Woughter, Melissa S Woytsek, Teresa

Wozniak, Jordan Woznica, Daniel R Woznica, Katherine Woznica, Rebekah J Woznica, Tom C Wray, Brittany A Wray, Ethan D Wray, Kyle L

Wrenn, Byron E Wrenn, Kristen M Wright, Aaron K Wright, Alexander J Wright, Alfred Wright, Bailey A Wright, Brandon D Wright, David P

Wright, Hannah Wright, Hillary Wright, India Wright, Jacob N Wright, Joseph Wright, Joshua D Wright, Joshua R Wright, Kaleb S

Wright, Kendra N Wright, Megan Wright, Michael P Wright, Richard M Wright, Tyler L Wright, Walter G Wrigley, Paige F Wriston, Joseph D

Wullschleger, Austin A Wuokko, Brittany Wuya, Taamu Wyand, Andrew S Wyatt, Celestyn L Wyatt, Cooper J Wyatt, Mackenzie Wymer, Adam C

Wynn, Cindy F Wyrick, Alisha B Xiao, Zhengchao Xie, Yahui Xing, Linhao Xu, Shanshan Xuxi, Stiljan Yahne, Tyler A

Yakaboski, Jennifer L Yaklin, Jacob Yamaguchi, Kota Yan, Sili Yancey, Alexandria Yang, Brittany Yang, Seung I Yanov, Lisa

Yao, Linbo Yapp, Jia Hong Yarber, Jonathan M Yates, Andrew J Yates, Charity L Yates, Chelsea Yates, David Yates, Erin R

Yates, Kallie Yeatman, Kristi L Yebernetsky, Autumn C Yeboah, Jackson Yee, Daniel Hsiang Khoon Yellets, Bethany Yeomans, Kristen Yerby, Brandon E

Yerkes, Michael C Yi, Seentae Yim, Han Sam Yim, Moses Yin, Zhongyi Yin, Zhongzheng Yingling, Allen Yizazew, Rebekah M

Yngsdal, Mariah Yntema, Elizabeth Yoast, Joshua I Yoda, Joshua Yoda, Julia C Yoder, Caitlin R Yoder, Devon R Yoder, Jared

Yoder, Kaylee J Yoder, Melanie J Yoder, Serena Yoder, Valerie Yohannan, Axa Yohe, Paul S Yoo, Thomas Yoon, Ba R

Yoon, Hye Ri Yopp, Bethany M Yopp, Ellen L Yorio, Bethany R York, Aaron York, Michael H York, Nathan York, Spencer W

Yosef, Betel Yost, Rebekah P You, Shiyang Youn, Ha Eun Young, Amy J Young, Anna M Young, Ashley L Young, Clayton


Young, Cristopher M Young, Elizabeth Young, James H Young, Jessica Young, Joshua R Young, Kaitlyn A Young, Kody Cy Young, Matthew P

Young, Meghan Young, Meredith Young, Myles A Young, Robert B Young, Ryan C Young, Saudi Young, Stephanie Young, Taylor M

Young, Timothy R Youngblood, Kathryn A Youngdale, Megan M Youngerman, Lisa M Youstra, Ronald Youtz, Evan C Yowell, Melissa Yu, Paulina P

Yu, Rachel Yu, Yu Yuen, Michael Yupanqui Tovar, Bruno M Yurkowski, Alexandra Zagar, Bret V Zammito, Kenneth B Zanders, Robert

Zappitella, Addison Zappitella, Paige M Zarova, Yeva V Zathang, Rosie B Zavodny, Kathryn J Zawasky, Leah D Zeitler, Elisabeth G Zeleke, Nardos

Zeleny, Marissa A Zeller, Amber Zemmel, Jennifer M Zeng, Hui Zentmeyer, Tinsley A Zentz, Heather Zhang, Bailu Zhang, Bovey

Zhang, Chen Zhang, Hao Zhang, Luya Zhao, Guohuan Zhao, Liyang Zheng, Ye Mu Zhou, Shen Guang Zhu, Caikai

Ziegenhorn, Hayley E Ziemkowsky, Nathan Ziesel, Timothy Zigan, Joseph Zilverberg, Daniel J Zimmer, Sarah A Zimmerman, Amber E Zimmerman, Amy

Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman,

Caitlin J Christina M Drew Elisabeth G Jon M Matthew T Rachel J Sarah B

Zimmerman, Sarah P Zimmerman, Sydney A Zimmermann, Amanda L Zins, Sarah E Zirkle, Adam Zolnowski, Lianna S Zucchero, Maria K Zuckero, Olivia

Zumpano, Michael V Zurn, Melody J Zurn, Stephanie A Zywczok, Isaac E



Abbitt, Anthony Abbitt, Brianne Abelseth, Cameron Abildness, Derek Ablett, Kristina A Acree, Deborah L Acree, Meredith N Adams, Bonita Z

Adams, Brionna Adams, Cara Adams, James Adams, Marina Adams, Matthew T Adams, Tracey M Adams-hudson, Paris Addison, Linda

Adkins, Katie N Adsit, Stephen Agard, Sarah Agoe Larbie, Claus Agyemang, Jeffery Ahn, Matthew S Ahtipis-Grest, Anna D Alba, Victoria

Albert, James D Alburquerque, Jacqueline Alcaide, Yourdy Alderman, George Aldrich, Vincent A Alenda, Sharon N Alexander, Amy D Allen, Ashley S

Allen, Caleb S Allen, Heather Allen, Janet Allen, Jodi Allen, Lauren A Allen, Vanessa Allgood, Riley Allgood, SeLa

Allison, Philip M Almas, Jenae Alsina, Valentin Alston, Chantese Alston, Eugene Alvarado, Myrna Alvarez, Ervin Ambrose, Sharon

Ambrosino, Fortuna Ames, Jamesha Amos, Daniel Amos, Kayleigh L Amos, Syteria M Anderson, Donald W Anderson, Jennifer C Anderson, Maurice O

Andrews, Jennifer C Andrews, Luke E Andrews, Wardell Anenson, Benjamin Ange, Patricia Angles, Kirk L Angles, Nathan Anglin, Olivia L


Antar, Sophia Anthony, Summer Anton, Wade Anyaoha, Stephanie Appling, Anna L Arango, Andrew Arango, Nishma R Arango, Robert K

Archacki, Aundrea M Arelt, Brian C Arelt, Donald J Arenas, Sheila B Armendariz, Beth Arnett, Christina L Arnold, Katrina E Arnold, Malik S

Arnold, Paloma Arrington, David Arrington, Leanne M Arrington, Savannah L Arrington, Timothy E Artero, Condalette Artese, Michele C Ash, Robert W

Ashby, Shenik T Askew, Jennings B Astaiza, Javier Atkins, Rickey D Atnip, Trevor Atwood, Uriah S Aucoin, Kervin Augustine, Thor

Ausburn, Justin R Austin, Beverli Austin, David A Austin, Mary E Avery, Joshua S Aycock, Jesse R Ayembillah, Abass Ayers, Mark D

Azuaje, Jaime Babcock, Katelyn Bachert, Jonathan O Bacon, Melissa L Baez, Jessica M Bailess, Karen Bailey, Andrew Bailey, Barrett C

Bailey, Daniel Bailey, Ebony Bailey, John E Bailey, Lewis Bailey, Meagan E Bailey, Priscilla Bailey, Vernicia Bailey, Whitney C

Bajorek, Eric Baker, Ashley R Baker, Corrine Baker, James Baker, Marjorie Baker, Samantha L Baker, Shamond Baker, Wendy S

Balderston, Kelly Ball, Cory A Ballagh, Amber Ballard, Kaci E Bandara, Ashley Banducci, Taylor Banks, Angela Barbee, Tyrone

Barber, Kelly Barber, Lauren K Barber, Travis Barbosa, Jeremy Barker, Kevin Barker, Michelle Barker, Shelton Barksdale, Geraldine J

Barnes, Misty R Barnett, Jonathan D Barra, Katheryn S Barrera, Ramiro Barrino, Ronn Barry, Stephanie A Bartasavich, Barry R Bartasavich, Rachel

Bartholomew, Derric Bartlett, Aaron B Barylski, Joan N Bass, Peter R Bauer, Abigail L Baugher, Thomas Baxter, Michael Baxter, Robert

Baylor, Holly N Beale, Jessica Beaman, William S Beaner, Kisha Bechtold, Cameron R Bechtold, Clayton M Becknell, Jamison Becton, Lee K

Bees, Harold L Behal, Julie Behnke, Emily E Beight, Stephen Belanger, Sarah Belfor, Michael A Bell, Eric D Bell, Faith M

Bell, Keith Bell, Michael Bell, Ronald Bell, Shannon K Bell, Tommy Bell, Yonrico D Bellanca, Shannon Benjamin, Chanell L

Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett,

Brian Cornelle Elizabeth K Erica Kathy M Ryan E Sandra J Sara E


Bentley, Heather N Benton, Damien Benton, Sammy Berchtold, Sarah V Berger, Aaron S Bergey, Leanne Berkland, Janice S Berry, Warren R

Besse, Raymond Betson, William J Betteridge, Tara Beverage, Chelsea N Biedron, Rebekah Bilger, Brock D Bingham, Ashley Birch, Jennifer

Birdsall, Cassandra Birge, Stephen Birkl, Alyson D Birotte, Wendy Bivins, Michelle L Black, Carmelita Black, Jenna Black, Sharon

Black, Sheffey A Bladen, Scott E Blair, Stephanie L Blake, Rudy R Blake-Gillespie, Carol M Blankenship, Brandy M Blankenship, John M Blanks, Sarah

Bledsoe, Andrew S Bledsoe, Matthew T Blizzard, Jamiel N Bloom, Justin L Boatwright, Jennifer Bocanegra, Dawn Boettcher, Kimberly Bolen, Abigail E

Bolick, Marcene K Bon, Shannon E Bond, William Bonds, Regina K Booker, Kassie E Boothe, Lawrence Bopp, Christopher J Boring, Robyn B

Bosnyak, Jessica Bossert, Lisa A Bostic, Jennifer Bostic, Karen Boston, Deshawn Boswell, Shakeya T Boucher, Catrina Bourne, Emmett W

Bourne, Jennifer Bova, Nicholas Bowen, Deborah Bowers, Stephen R Bowler, Cora B Bowles, Marcia Bowles, Taylor A Bowling, Amber R

Bowman, Ashantee' Bowman, Helen C Bowman, J T Bowman, James A Boyce, Travis J Boyd, Bryan Boyd, Vanessa Boyer, Robert E

Boyer, Tisha R Boyle, Taylor C Boyles, Elliece N Bozzo, Mike Bradd, Jacob D Bradford, Mary H Bradley, Joseph Bradley, Savannah N

Bradshaw, Blair M Bradshaw, Jeffrey D Brady, Matthew W Bragdon, Beulah A Bragg, Daniel C Brainard, Tracy Branch, Julie C Brannan, Jean M

Bream, Tyler Breaux, Melissa Breeden, Tyler R Breeding, David Brewer, Cheryl Brewer, Jonathan Brezinski, Kathryn Brice, Garry D

Bricker, Jamie E Bright, Teresa L Brim, Sarah Brinkley, Zamora T Brinson, Damien Briscoe, Perry A Bristol, Nancy Brittain, Andrew T

Brodie, Ryan Brooks, Charles W Brooks, Cheryl D Brooks, Elizabeth H Brooks, Joshua Brooks, Vanessa Broom, Jessica Brosseau, Carl G

Brower, Michele Brown, Abigail K Brown, Amber Brown, Antione L Brown, Donald H Brown, Ezekiel Brown, Garth Brown, Heather A

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Jarrett Jason A Jenna L Jerry Karter R Kathrine B Kristina M Kyle A


Brown, Matthew L Brown, Monique Brown, Patrice Brown, Rashae Brown, Sharon Brown, Teri Brownell, Brent J Browning, Lauren E

Bruffy, Elizabeth Brumbelow, Raymond Brumfield, Courtney S Brunkhardt, Sarah E Brunt, Christopher Bryant, Elizabeth M Bryant, Martin Bryant, Todd

Bryant, Tony Buckles, Elizabeth Buckmaster, Seth J Buckwald, Tyler Buening, Rachel N Buggs, Kyle Bukolt, Zachary R Bullock, Marie D

Bullock, Zachary T Bundrick, Brian S Buntain, Michal Ann Bunts, Rebecca L Burden, Matthew T Burger, Jason C Burger, Jonathan Burghardt, Caleb D

Burgos, Iliana M Burke, Timothy B Burkholder, James Burleigh, Amber B Burnett, Nicole A Burnett, Walter J Burns, Amber Burns, Heather M

Burns, Sidney Burns, Whitney Burpee, Kaleb Burris, Devan Burton, Jai E Burton, Judy Burton, Sean D Burwell, Aisha D

Burwell, Mary Busk, Christina M Butler, Kelsey N Butler, Richard J Buzzell, Jordan Byers, Angela M Bynum, Quaitra Byrd, Brandie

Cabral, Angela Cain, Adam Cain, Laura Calcei, Nicholas L Caldwell, Alexander Caldwell, Patricia D Caldwell, Phillip Cali, Philip J

Callison, Alyssa Camp, Brandon Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Clyde Campbell, Joseph B Canady-Toussaint, Lakisha Canales, Leah B Canegata, Shenneth

Canfield, Zachariah Cangialosi, Carissa Cannon, Kara T Cannon, Monti Capers, Emerald Caporuscio, Jena M Carico, Jeffrey C Carlson, Marybeth E

Carlson, Ryan M Carlton, Catherine N Carnell, Daniel Carr, Austin T Carr, Bobby Carr, Doris Carr, Leslie N Carr, Stephen A

Carrasquillo, Elianna Carrera, Michelle R Carrillo, Erin O Carroll, Matthew Carson, Bethany Carson, Stella L Carter, Andrew Carter, Barbara

Carter, Brian Carter, Jameisha S Carter, Regina Carver, Holly-Mae G Carvlin, Andrea L Carwile, Shane D Casey, Cameron Casey, Kristie C

Cass, Laken M Cassius, Michael Castellane, Brianna N Castillo, Ericka Cato, Lisa Catron, Brandon S Catron, Eric Catt, Megan R

Caudill, Charles Celeste, Asian Marie Chadrick, Adam Chadwick, Allison B Chambers, Cody E Chambers, Daniel W Chambers, Patricia M Chambliss, Jared A

Chang, Peter H Chapman, Benjamin C Chapman, Gabriel Chappell, Kenneth A Charron, Andrew Chase, Dorothy I Chase, Ethan M Chastain, Rachael A


Chaverri, Tony Chavez, Samantha Cheatham, David R Cheatham, Demetria Cheatham, Rashid Cheatham, Tammy Chenelle, Elizabeth A Cheshire, Drema A

Chiappardi, Robert Chiarizia, Thomas Chisholm, Joshua Chitty, Christina R Chmielewski, Daniel Christensen, Jamie Christian, Sonya L Christman, Harlee

Civil, Eunise Claircius, Woodly Clampet, John Clampet, Nichole Clark, Chase Clark, Connie G Clark, Denise M Clark, Jonathan B

Clark, Matt Clark, Richard Clark, Robert Clark, Sarah A Clarke, Brian P Clarke, Heather L Clarke, Nathan J Clauson, Michael

Clay, Christopher Clay, Shirley A Clem, Butch Clemens, Travis Clementson, Anna Clinger, Laurie Clugston, Mary Clyburn, Roxann E

Clymer, Christine Clymer, Robert Coffee, David M Coffey, Reginald Coffey, Stephen Coggin, Dustin Cogley, Zach Coke, Diamond D

Colburn, Adam H Cole, Becky A Cole, Constance Cole, Genesis F Cole, Joshua G Cole, Ryan Coleman, Destiny K Coleman, Krishna J

Coleman, Wendy D Coles, Sharice M Coles, Terrill Coll, Peter W Collins, Aaron M Collins, Brittney L Collins, Heather R Collins, Ian

Columbus, Bryan Combs, Laramie Combs, Leigh Ann M Combs, Neil Comyns, James Concepcion, Arnaldo Conklin, JohnMark Conley, Amy C

Conn, Thomas Connell, Theresia Conner, Clint Conner, Mariann Connolly, Bonnie L Conrad, Josh Conrad, Joshua Considder, Danielle

Considder, Kristopher J Contreras, Erica Y Cook, Christina H Cook, Patricia Cooke, Allen L Cooks, Tidwona Coombs, Ronald L Cooter, Jordan D

Copeland, Amarie Copeland, Daquan Copp, Emily E Coppock, Robert C Corbett, Kenneth D Corby, Theodore Cordery, Justin Cornett, Olivia

Corrigan, Daniel Cortes, Braulio Corvin, Melissa Cosby, Lisa Cosom, Denise A Costabile, Alison Costabile, Holly A Costen, Amara P

Cottle, Kenyetta Council, Christol Courtley, Rachel E Courtney, Alicia Courtney, Nicole Courville, Jeremy N Covington, Jeffrey B Cowgill, Daniel T

Cox, Brittany M Cox, Zachary T Crabtree, Susan L Craft, Elijah Craft, Timothy Craig, Leanne E Crain, Andrew L Crane, Jennifer

Crawford, Chris Crawford, Jacob D Crawford, Teri C Creager, Timothy Creasey, Rianne E Crego, Johnathan Crews, Jack Crews, Wakeshia L


Crews, Yvonne Crews-Mixon, Melissa Crisante, Elizabeth Crnkic, Jasmina Crockett, Blayde M Crockett, Morgan E Crofton, Kelly B Crouch, Debra A

Crouch, Thomas J Crowder, Jasmine Cruise, Richard A Crume, Jessica H Cruthis, Christy E Cruz, Daniel Cullen, Justin W Cullum, Deon

Culp, Michael Cummings, Reid S Cummings, Shaina Cundiff, Zachary Cunningham, Ashley Cuotto, Jonas A Curd, Mary A Curran, Jeffrey K

Curtis, Micah Custer, Rebecca Cuthbertson, Treandous D'Amato, Paulina Dahl, Victoria Dahlby, Andy P Dale, Heather A Dalton, Kristi G

Dalton, Kyle Daly, Lauren E Dancy, Helaine S Daniel, Heather Daniel, Jordyn Daniel, Matthew Daniels, John H Daniels, Kerilynn M

Dasher, Karen Dass, Babar Dates, Willie Daul, Amelia Davenport, Owen Davenport, Quanda Davidson, Ali Davidson, Charles N

Davies, Shanna M Davila, Ernesto Davis, Appache M Davis, Bethany Davis, Carol K Davis, Chandler Davis, Christina E Davis, Darlene S

Davis, Ebony D Davis, John'ae N Davis, Joshua A Davis, Joyce V Davis, Kelly M Davis, Lindsey Davis, Manee Davis, Mark W

Davis, MeArne Davis, Megan Davis, Michael A Davis, Nathaniel Davis, Taneshia M Dawley, Lynn Dawson, CeNiqua D Day, Christina J

Day, Mary C Day, Robert E De Guzman, C R De Haven, Sheryll De Shaw, Jennifer T De Souza, Thiago Deal, Steven Deal, Whitney

Dean, Travis A Dearborn, Matthew D Dearing, Pamela J Dearth, Robert Deaton, Sarah Deatrick, James O Decastro, Elizabeth J DeCindio, Tonya J

Deck, Nathan T Deckard, Daniel S Decker, Alexis Deegan, Allison N Deel, Joshua C Deem, Patrick DeGracia, Raymond Dellinger, Amanda M

Deluca, James DeLuca, Tara DeMarchis, Blake I Demoret, Laura K Dempsey, Ariel N Dempsey, Lauren Denaro, Jared C Dennis, Tameshia

Denson, Sandra Deras, Araceli DeRemer, Matthew Derry, Josiah Deshazor, Ronnie Dewan, Kathleen M Dews, Rondell Dey, Ashley

Di Francisco, Geraldina P Dicken, Crystal Dickens, Laura C Dickerson, Lakisha Dickinson, Courtney M Dickson, Casey L Diefenderfer, Angela M Dilger, Dean

Dill, Mackenzie L Dillion, Ronald C Dillon, Chelsea Dimanche, Jonathan Dinwiddie, Mary E Dion, Christopher G Dishman, Joseph L Dix, Cory


Dix, Samantha C Dixon, Frank E Dobbins, Tammy Dobzynski, Kari J Doll, David R Donahue, John C Donald, Martha C Donaruma, Joseph D

Doner, Annette Dong, Jing Doratio, Guy A Doremus, Adam Dorival, Barbara Dose, Jarrod Dose, Neal P Doss, Denise R

Doss, Laura L Dougherty, Elizabeth M Dougherty, Phillip Douglas, Jerry M Douthit, Marlon Dowdy, Joshua J Dowdy, Joshua M Dowe, Angela H

Dowell, Matthew Downey, Catherine Drake, Sharayah Drake, Solomon J Driggs, Corey D Drinkwater, Mark Drummond, Shaikiya K DuCasse, Dallas

Dudley, Marsha Duenas, Ricardo Duke, Jerry Dula, Zebulan Duley, Meredith R Dull, Vestal Dumond, Chretien Dunagan, Jeffrey C

Dunagan, Jeffrey E Duncan, Antionetta Duncan, Brittany N Duncan, Haley Dunlap, Juanita Dunn, Angela R Dunn, Sarah Dupre, Kyle R

Dupree, Petcha Duran, Phylicia D Durant, Dwane J Durdin, Jordan S Durham, Saisha Dwojewski, Michelle Dye, Alan Dye, Suzyen M

Dyer, Jessica M Eagle, Tamra Eanes, Sonya F Easter, Laura A Easterlin, Amy M Eaton, Kelly A Eberhart, Matthew Echols, Christopher J

Eckel, Dustin K Eckert, Ambur Ecklebarger, Robert Edgar, Carrie F Edinger, Kathleen D Edmond, Michael Edwards, Ashley Q Edwards, Janice

Edwards, Jason Edwards, Lauren P Edwards, Paul S Edwards, Sain-R K Edworthy, Lisa Effinger, Micah J Egland, Jennifer Egli, Kaitlin G

Eimer, Janae Elder, Karis Elder, Laquia Elder, Mary Elder, Ramona Eley, Danielle Elizalde, Annette M Ellars, James R

Ellenburg, David Ellia, Scott Ellington, Lyndetta Elliott, Jerry P Elliott, Shantee Ellis, Andrew L Ellis, Brittany Ellis, Chestener

Ellis, David E Ellis, Joel Ellis, Josh R Ellison, Alyssa Ellison, Roger L Ellsworth, Daniel Emahiser, Michael J Endel, Austin R

Ennis, Elizabeth Entsminger, C B Ephraim, William Epperson, Brian K Epperson, Sarah M Epps, Allen Erie, Christine Ertl, Vernon

Ertman, Jordan Ervin, Melinda Escalera, Michael Eslinger, Eric Espenscheid, Dustin M Espinoza, Jose A Esposito, Nickolas S Espy, Jonathan L

Esterman, Jonathan F Etemadi, Edrys W Etheridge, Anthony L Etheridge, Lauren N Ethridge, Zachary W Eubanks, Tracy O Evans, Aaron J Evans, Andrea W


Evans, Ayelet D Evans, Charles Evans, David L Evans, Derek Evans, Gregory Evans, Lindsay M Evans, Mickey F Evans, Tracey L

Eveland, Abigail R Everett, Elizabeth M Everett, Nathan Everhart, Tawanda Ewell, Temika R Ezell, Reginald B Fabien, Kathleen T Fairchild, Cynthia M

Faix, Timothy Falls, Carroll D Falwell, Kristina M Falwell, Scott B Fanfan, Edvige Fann, Cynthia Fanning, Jacqueline N Faraj Kawas, Amira

Fariss, Donna Farman, Derek Farmer, Laura Farris, Rebecca A Faughn, John E Faulk, Kim Fay, Ricky Ferdinand, Sarah R

Ferguson, David B Ferguson, Fred Ferguson, Mary Ferrara, Hunter B Ferrell, Andre Figueroa, Jorge Fike, Susan M File, Steven

Finchum, Brenda Finley, Jonathan E Finley, Kylie B Finney, Ashley Fischer, Raymond F Fishburn, April L Fisher, Carolyn Fisher, Cynthia A

Fisher, Magdiel Fitzgerald, Emily Flag, Jamel J Flanagan, Heather Flanary, Aleithea D Flanders, Kelsey Fleshman, Holly A Fletcher, Lisa N

Flinchum, Ramona C Flint, Samantha B Flint, Sonny W Flippo, Elizabeth Flowers, Angela Floyd, Darrelle Fogelstrom, Lori Fogle, Aaron M

Foley, Raven N Folsom, Charles Forbes, Christopher M Forbes, Tammy Ford, Archine Ford, James Ford, Rebecca Fore, Kelvie G

Foreman, Linda Formo, Jonathan L Forquer, Benjamin Forstner, Cassandra E Foster, David M Foster, Deborah H Foster, Nicole Foster, Terrell R

Foultz, Rebekah D Fournier, Eric J Fouse, Melinda Foust, James O Fowler, David Fowler, Joshua D Fox, Nycole B Fragoso, David

Fraiser, Melissa D Francis, Tara L Francois, James Francois, Larissa J Frank, Anthony A Frankart, Dylan Franklin, Baron Franklin, Heather M

Franklin, John Frasher, Elaine Frazer, Jenna L Frazier, Jacqueline Fredericks, Esther Freeman, Ashley Freeman, David Freeman, William T

Freitas, Luciano Frejosky, Joshua E Fretz, Beth-Anee Fretz, Derrick M Frey, Andrew Freyre, David F Friedrich, Tyler M Frodigh, Roland N

Frohnheiser, Chelsea L Fulcher, Angela D Fuller, John Fultz, Rebecca Funderburg, Karl Furlough, Melanie Gabel, Matthew W Gado, Murna N

Gaglia, Michelle Gaines, Darin Gaines, Marquise R Gala, Jacqueline Gallant, Ashley Gallaugher, Joseph A Gallian, Aimee J Galluccio, Joseph D


Gammons, Amanda Garcia, Alain Garcia, Albert A Garcia, Danielle N Garcia, Emanuella M Garcia, Martha Garcia, Rosa E Gardner, Brady L

Gardner, Tamara Garman, Virginia M Garner, Alex Garza, Taylor B Gaskin, Joshua Gastardi, Christopher L Gastardi, Heather M Gathman, Lucia

Gatlin, Danyelle L Gaul, David Gauthier, Stephen Gay, Cicley Gay, Dane Gentapanan, Jeong S Gentry, Ashley M Gephart, Kaitlyn

Germain, Taina Gerner, Bryan G Gerrald, Ashley M Getz, David Giambrone, Jason C Gianopulos, Benjamin H Gibbons, John R Giese, Tiffany

Giese, Tracy Gilbert, Michael J Gilbreath, Deborah J Gilchrist, Dorothy L Giles, Kimberly Gillespie, Tawanda Gilley, Amber D Gilmartin, Wanda

Ginn, Anna E Givens, Linda R Glass, Linda B Glauner, Deanna L Glenister-Powell, Keisha L Glidewell, Daniel Glover, Julie Glover, Victor L

Golliday, Geneviene Gomes, Christopher C Gomez, Nancy Gomez, Priscilla Gonzalez, Ami N Gonzalez, Belkis J Gonzalez, Victor Good, Tonya F

Goodwin, Allison M Gordon, Alex R Gordon, Amy D Gordon, Rupert Gordon, Shaunta Gott, Zachrey W Goughnour, Lindyn J Grace, Amy B

Grace, Nathaniel Graham, Candace Graham, Heather Graham, Joseph Graham, Richard Granger, Jennifer L Grant, Brandon L Gravely, Brandon M

Graves, Tuwana M Gray, Curtis L Gray, Elissa N Gray, Hillary A Gray, Katie Gray, Kaylani C Gray, La'Tana Gray, Stephanie

Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green,

Adam B Anja Antonio Eric J Erika M Freddie Jacquelyn Jeanne M

Green, Kristen A Green, Penae' Green, Robert A Green, Sabrina D Greene, Danielle Greene, Shaun Greenfield, Eric E Gregor, Christina

Gregory, James B Gregory, Kenisha Gregory, Stacye Griffin, Alma Y Griffith, Zach Grigat, Jonathan Griggs, Amy H Grinstead, Brian

Grogan, Lauren A Groneveldt, Danielle Grooms, Terry Groover, Rachel Gross, Lindsey A Grubb, Matthew W Grubbs, Erika Guardia, Laura E

Guenoune, Malory Guenther, Grant Guenthner, Chelsey Guerrant, Shandi N Guild, Rebecca G Guiseppe, Kenton J Gullatt, Ashley N Guo, ChunYing

Guo, YuBin Gusler, Theresa Gust, Christina Guthrie, Rachel L Guthrie, Stephen D Gwynn, Darren L Haas, Daniel M Habecker, Nathan D


Habermas, Kevin Hacker, Alexander Hager, Mark D Hahn, Steve Haines, Roland Hair, Kimberly A Hairston, Antonio J Hairston, Christopher

Hairston, Kimoni L Hales, Gregory A Hall, Adrian Hall, Ashleigh N Hall, Cari A Hall, Cortessa Hall, Evan R Hall, Matthew L

Hall, Tamara E Halsey, Benjamin D Halsey, Billiejo Halsey, David Hamilton, Leah G Hamilton, Lisa M Hamilton, Mary E Hamlette, Christopher W

Hamlette, Rena Hamlette, Tiffany Hamlin, Brandon Hamm, Johnavon Hammond, Jason R Hancock, Joshua Hanks, Jessica Hannah, Gregory

Hannan, Ashley G Hanney, Brittany E Hannon, John C Hanson, David Harbaugh, Kimberly R Hardin, Christy Hare, Emily Hargraves, Alanna A

Harlee, Angela Y Harlow, Justin W Harper, Brooke A Harper, Jeffery Harrelson, Addison D Harrington, Betty Harrington, David Harrington, Lisa M

Harrington, Nikki Harris, Andre Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Isaac L Harris, Jacqueline N Harris, Jasmine M Harris, Jeffrey Harris, Jessica L

Harris, Samantha E Harris, Tameka M Harrison, Joseph P Harrison, Katelyn A Harrison, Samantha A Harrop, Jason A Hart, Emily Hart, Misty M

Hart, Seth A Hartman, Joshua Hartshorn, Keith W Hartwig, Melissa M Harvey, Jenna Harvey, Justin W Harvey, Kendra Harvey, Michael E

Harwood, Otway P Hasty, Jennifer M Hatmaker, David C Hatmaker, Sarah J Hatton, Matthew R Haug, Wayne E Hauge, Doug Haupfear, William B

Haupt, Julie A Hayden, Shemia Hayes, Catherine B Hayman, Kenneth A Hays, Brittany G Hays, Matthew Haywood, Te'Arra Heading, Michael

Heady, Marybeth Hebert, Amy Hecker, Gregory M Hedrick, Michael Heffner, Mallory H Hefner, Nicole Heidlebaugh, Rachelle Hein, Molly

Heller, Kayla L Helm, Rachel Helmich, Alex J Helmick, Casey Helmick, Sandra Helms, Jennifer Helton, Bryndon Helton, Rachel

Henderson, Kenneth S Hendricks, Leslie C Hendricks, Royal Henning, Erica A Henry, Daniel F Hensley, Adam T Hensley, Brian S Herbst, Christopher

Hercyk, Christian P Hernandez, Lluberke Hernandez, Tina Herndon, Dewayne Herndon, Kyle Herr, Kenneth J Herriman, Rory A Herring, Amanda D

Hertzog, Jamie-Lynne Hertzog, Nathaniel D Hewitt, Eric D Heyer, Leslie Hicks, Caleb E Hicks, Kristin N Hicks, LaToya D Hicks, Tamala


Hicks, Wendy Hildreth, Ariel M Hildreth, Michael A Hileman, Richard Hill, Derrick Hill, Michael Hill, Natalie Hill, Sherrie

Hillman, Major L Hinchman, Hayden S Hinckle, Olivia Hinderliter, Robert S Hines, Amanda Hinkley, Elizabeth Hinkley, Pamela Hinton, Bethany

Hiskey, Michael J Hissey, Lysinda Hissey, Paul Hitchcock, Jennifer Hobbs, Payton Hobson, Kyia Hockinson, Rick Hodge, Dana

Hoegh, Travis L Hoffhaus, Jeffrey Hoffman, Ashley N Hoffman, David Hoffman, Nancy Hogan, Dawn Hogan, Katie L Hogston, Chester

Hoilman, Delores Hokoana, Kameona Hokrein, Emily E Holbrook, Larry Holcomb, Adam Holcomb, Alexandra Holcomb, Jonathan M Holcomb, William

Holden, Kelly Holden, Skyler Holdren, Kallie R Holland, Daniel Holliday, Toi Hollis, Tara A Holloway, Alice Holmes, Brianna Y

Holmes, Edward W Holmes, Keith Holmes, Michael S Holmes, Valerie R Holter, Leslie holtwick, lori Hoogeveen, John Hooke, Kelsey R

Hooker, Bryan D Hopewell, Rebekah E Hopkins, Kaitlyn Hopper, Steven A Hopson, Constance Horne, Ryan G Horner, Wendy Horrigan, Jared M

Horton, Carrie Horton, Jasmine Horvath, Kasey A Hosfeld, Loretta L Hosfeld, Rebecca Hough, Harrison Hough, Holton Houk, Alexandria

Houppert, Eric House, Daniel P House, Marie G Houser, Jonathan Houston, Veronica Houtz, Ashley Howard, Abigail L Howard, Danielle A

Howard, Jadrien Howell, Christian Howell, Robert Hoy, Douglas J Hsia, Chu-Hsuan Hubbard, Ahmard C Hubbard, Latisa Huckstep, Katie L

Hudson, Jesika N Hudson, Kimberlie Hudson, Pamela R Huff, Zachary Huffman, Lydia Huffman, Madison L Hughes, Allyson Hughes, Anthony L

Hughes, Christel M Huitt, Jessica L Hull, Mark Humphries, Peter Hunsley, Kari F Hunt, Danielle R Hunter, Donald Hunter, Ericka

Hunter, Jenna Hunter, Nathasa Hunter-Pone, Roshika Huntly, Richard Hunton, Benjamin Hurd, TammyJo Hurt, Yvonne A Huskins, Kevin D

Huston, Sarah Hutson, Morgan B Hutton, Aaron Hyde, Martha H Hyden, Jordan Hydock, Benjamin R Hylton, Danielle M Ichenberg, Jordon

Ingaharro, Walter Ingle, Tonya Iqbal, Deborah B Irizarry, Elaine Irvin, Laqueon Irwin, Drew J Isaacs, Andrew Isgar, Erin


Jack, David Jackson, Aleshia Jackson, Benjamin A Jackson, Joe Jackson, LaJuana Jackson, LaQuisha L Jackson, Mustafa Jackson, Rebbecca

Jackson, Redmon Jackson, Shedezwa Jackson, Sidney D Jackson, Tina G Jackson, Tina Jackson, William T Jacob, Rachel Jacobs, Daniel C

James, Ashley James, Deborah K James, Demi M James, Harvey M James, Jonathan D James, Matthew C James, Shannon D Jarvis, Jennifer

Jasperson, Samantha A Jaworski, Karen Jaworski, Nathan A Jay, Webb Jean, Miriam Jean-Charles, Elisabeth K Jeannot, Hughes Jefferson, Deneen

Jefferson, Deron J Jefferson, Latoya Jeffreys, Maureen Jenkins, Brittany K Jenkins, Gary Jenkins, James H Jenkins, Nellie Jenkins, Robert S

Jenkins, Rosemary J Jennelle, Heather M Jennings, Eric C Jensen, Esra Jensen, Stefani Jeong, Hanbyeol Jessee, Jessica L Jeter, Alicia M

Jett, Travis W Jewell, Eddie L Jimenez, Milan O Jividen, Brittany M John, Ashlyn Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Amber N Johnson, Aricka

Johnson, Ashley O Johnson, Brennon Johnson, Brittani R Johnson, Casey Johnson, Darlene M Johnson, David Johnson, Denise M Johnson, Dianna

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Dirk Elijah E Elizabeth C Heather A Katherine Katie L Landon Myles D

Johnson, Nathan T Johnson, Nikki M Johnson, Suzanne R Johnson, Taran Johnson, Tavares Johnson, Timothy L Johnson, Yolonda Johnston, Kathleen

Johnston, Philip B Johnston, Robert Johnston, Sandrae D Jonathan, Marci J Jones, Alicia A Jones, Amy F Jones, Aubrey Jones, Breanna

Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones,

Carol A Gerney Hayley L Hunter Jasmine L Jerome A Laura B Marcie

Jones, Marilynn Jones, Rebekah A Jones, Shannon Jones, Sherlonzo D Jones, Stephanie Jordan, Camden M Jordan, Jason S Jordan, Kaitlyn E

Jordan, Melissa Joslin, Michael D Joswick, Brandon T Judd, Floyd L Judkins, Jennifer Judson, David R Julia, Jennifer R Julian, Rachel L

Justiniano, Roxana M Kacinski, Alicia M Kaijala, Jared M Kamholtz, Ethan Kang, Hyunjung Kang, Samuel Kanode, Robert L Kaplanges, Joanna C

Karetas, Leigh ann Kasey, Ashlea G Kasper, Kiani Kast, Audrey Kater, Kelley Kaufmann, Joshua A Kavalieratos, Dimitrios Kearns, Eric


Kee, Silva Keel, Virginia Keesey, Joan Keeton, Chelsea M Kefle Seyoum, Natinael Keiper, Melissa J Keiser, Chris D Keith, Joanna

Keith, Robin M Kellam, Mark Keller, Michael D Kelley, Edward F Kelley, James Kelliher, Ian Kenna, Chris Kennedy, Kylie

Kennedy, Shawn T Kennedy, Timothy Kennon, Justin Kepner, Tamara Kerelejza, Donna J Kerry, Mary Kessel, Jessica Kessler, Kurt V

Kessler, Leah N Kettenring, Jenna Kiess, Elizabeth Kiesznowski, Joseph C Kight, Kenneth E Kilpatrick, Thomas Kim, Dong Sung Kim, Jae-Eun

Kimmons, Rhonda L Kimpel, Kevin Kinard, Keynan King, Angela M King, Cortney L King, Daniel King, Elizabeth N King, Jenna

King, Ladora King, Rachel M King, Tanisha Kinne, Devin Kinney, Nathan S Kinsley, Lisa A Kinzie, Michael Kirk, Lauren E

Kirkland, Crystal W Kirkland, Joshua Kirkland, LaToya Kirkland, Melissa M Kitchens, Alonzo A Klimovitz, Emily Kling, Nathaniel K Klous, Kevin J

Klughart, Charles Knapp, Mary Knauss, Jenae L Knecht, Jordan Knecht, Luke A Knight, Miyah P Kniseley, Heidi Knollenberg, Andrew J

Knop, Max R Knopp, Tyler K Knowles, Kody D Knox, Lindsay M Knudsen, Sarah O Kobischen, Justin Koebernik, Jamie R Kolba, Caitlin

Kolman, Nicole C Kontur, Grace E Kovaluk, Kyle M Kozic, Ashley N Kratz, Carol Kraujalis, Karen Krauter, Jennifer Kregenow, Daniel

Kreidler, David Krieger, Leah R krol, alina Kruger, Nathalie Krzykalski, Cierra L Kuzniar, Joy L Kysia, Lisa Lacy, Kendria M

Ladd, Janna S Ladd, Paul R Laffoon, Sue A Lagos Choquecahua, Ronald Lajoie, Dawn H Lakes, Jeremy Lamb, Noelle Lambert, Lance W

Lambert, Stephanie F Lambert, Tarah A Lambeth, Charity LaMier, Taryn J Lamons, Lattany Landes, Kourtney Landis, Whitney Lane, Phillip R

Langford, Donald D Langford, Michael A Lapalme, William Laporte, Michael Laskowski, Joseph J Laubscher, Mark T Laughter, Jeffrey Lauta, Anna

Lavette, Yashica Lavinder, Aaron Lawhorne, Chase W Lawless, Calvin Lawrie, Betsy L Lawrie, Zachary A Lawson, Heather N Layer, Timothy

Layne, Kenneth Layson, Alfred Leavitt, Michael LeCroy, James R Lecubet, Marina Ledford, Justin H Lee, Doretta Lee, Erin


Lee, Karen A Lee, Latonya F Lee, Mina Lee, Russell W Lee, Yeiji Lemmon, Taylor R Lemon, Deborah L Lemons, Teresa

Lentz, Jonathan Lett, Lindsay M Levenglick, Kim Lewis, Antoinette Lewis, Apryl Lewis, Daniel M Lewis, George D Lewis, Jamie

Lewis, Lori Lewis, Mary E Lewis, Meghan C Lewis, Michelle Lewis, Nicole R Lewis, Nigel N Li, Yun Lightfoot, James

Lightner, Marc Ligon, Lori Lillard, Vonda Lima, Ashly Linares, Josh M Lindblad, Jenifer Lining, Donald Lippard, Joy

Lipscomb, Dean Lipscomb, Jill C Lipscomb, Sonya A Lipscombe, Loma M Lipsitz, Christiana E Lischke, Catherine Little, Tiffany A Litz, Aimee B

Livengood, Stephanie Ljunghammar, Tyler J Lloyd, Jonathan Lockett, Tanisha E Lockhart, Brandi A Lofgren, LaTesse S Logan, Mary Cathrine Logue, Jerrod F

Logue, Shannen Lombardo, Amy R Long, Jenine N Long, Kevin N Long, Laramie Lopez Colman, Jose D Lorencki, Kelley M Louidort, Mucilia

Louther, Kevin J Love, Donna Love, Kimberly E Lovejoy, Kimberly D Lovell, Rachel E Lovett, Karen Lowder, Jonathan Lowder, Noah J

Lowery, Erin Lowmaster, Nathan Lowry, Anne S Loy, Joshua Lucas, Kayla M Lucca Lima, Helga Ivonne Lucia, Josh Lugar, Jennifer I

Luiz, Regina M Lumia, Tessa Lumley, Sydney Lumpkin, Zachary Lunger, Robert Lunsford, Victoria A Lupton, Cara Lupton, Paul M

Lutyk, Christopher Lyles, Pearl Maashe-Mengueme, Charity E MacClennan, Robert Mace, Wendy Mackin, Ronnesia MacLean, Rupert E Madaffari, Carrie

Maddox, Eric W Maddox, Latarsha M Maddox, Travis Mahle, Corey W Mahle, Darrell W Mahr, Kayla Maier, Casey Malachowski, Jose

Malasquez, Kristlee Maldonado, Matthew J Mallory, Caleb D Malott, Alison Manno, Jessica Manns, Gene Manuel, Meghan A Manuel, Rose

Maravolo, Douglas Marcy, JennaLee K Marenna, Melanie J Marica, Valerie L Marinkovich, Sarah Markham, Talaya M Markiewicz, Angela K Markle, Kaitlyn

Markle, Sabrina W Marks, Jennifer Marquez, Edgar A Marsh, Andrew J Marsh, Trevor Marsh, Wallace Marshall, Christine Marshall, Madeline M

Marshall, Nichole D Martin, Ariane L Martin, Bennie Martin, Brandy L Martin, Christine Martin, Cynthia Martin, Daniel S Martin, Ellen R


Martin, Emily A Martin, Heather L Martin, Jacob R Martin, Jesse Martin, Joy C Martin, Julie M Martin, Lawrence E Martin, Michael E

Martin, Phillip Martin, Shanise Martin, Terry G Martinez, David Martinez, Luis Omar Martinez, Melissa J Martinez, Stephen Maryott, Jarad

Masesie, Michael Mashburn, Jacob J Masi, Lisa Mason, Chad Mason, Darius Q Mason, Jasmine C Mason, Rachel Mason, Teresa

Masters, Marta A Mathews, Brandon J Mathia, Addison B Mathias, Catherine Mathwig, Johanna C Matsukura, Maiko Mauceri, Ferdinando G Maupin, Candace C

Maurice, Ronald Maweu, Doreen May, Anna D May, David R Mayberry, Sandra Mayberry, William R Mayor, William C McAllister, Bethany M

McAllister, Leroy Mcarthur, Rosa McBride, Casey C McCamey, Linda McCann, Crystal A McCarty, Kali T McCaslin, Rosalva H McClinton, Tyler S

McCloud, Rebecca A Mcclure, Justin McCollum, Brian McConkey, Christopher C McCue, Taylor E McCurry, Ronald McCutchen, Lindsay R McCutcheon, Tina L

McDaniel, Jerad W McDonald, Jean A McDonald, Timothy G McDougal, Victoria G McFarland, Melissa A McFarlin, Amanda McGill, Courtney R McGowan, Erin

McGowan, Robert McGraw, John A McIntyre, Clarence McKinley, Mickel McKinney, Katlyn E McLean, Saralyn McLeod, Amber L Mcmahon, Jeff

McManis, Thomas L McManus, Sarah McMickin, Alanna McMillen, Jeff McMillen, Sara McNair, Duane S McNamara, Amanda Mcneil, William K

McPhearson, David McPherson, William McQuarrie, Scott McQuigg, Rachel V McSherry, David Mead, Bobby J Mebane, Felecia Medlin, Rex D

Medlin-Gibbs, Wendy H Meeks, Rachel M Megginson, Thelma Mejean, Terry Mello, Rebecca L Melroy, Kyle M Mendez, Matthew Mercado, Sarah M

Merced, Felix Merix, George Mertz, Shawn Messenger, Jeffrey E Messer, Bethany Metschke, Matthew T Meyer, Douglas Meyeres, Nicole M

Meziere, Nicholas Middleton, Shelia M Mielnicki, Matthew C Milacci, Karis Milla, Jose C Millan, Thomas Miller, Andre N Miller, Angelique

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Cedric S Craig J David Donnie Ethan N Glenda Haivon C Horace

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Jacob Kristina R Lori S Michael P Michele Nolan R Shanee Shantay J


Miller, Takisha Miller, Wayne Mills, Britt C Mills, Chelsey Mills, Daniel Mills, Gina Mills, Heidi Mills, Jason

Mills, Jonathan D Mills, Mindy Mills, Siegfried Milton, Oriana Milton, Romayne Milton, Stacie Mininger, Victoria S Mink, John R

Minney, Nicholas A Minniear, Stacy Minor, Shannon Minter, Benjamin M Miser, Molly Mitchell, Christina Mitton, Hannah R Mitton, Tommie

Mona, Sarah Mondesir, Melissa Mondy, Keylon J Monninger, Alyssa L Monroe, Thomas W Montgomery, Catrina Montney, Chase Moon, Whitney A

Moore, Amanda L Moore, Barry Moore, Gail L Moore, Jeramy M Moore, Jocelyn M Moore, Lorie Moore, Mark W Moore, Tammy

Moore, Tyrone Moore-Hyson, Olivia M Morales, Adam L Morales, Bianca M Morales, Mariely Morales, Zaria Morgan, Brian Morgan, Jeremiah A

Morgan, Matthew Morgan, Savannah L Morice, Christina A Morley, James Morrill, Robert A Morris, Bradley C Morris, Shannon Morris, Tarah C

Morrow, Heather Morton, Jonathan Morton, Vanessa Mosby, Desmond R Moscati, Derek R Moses, Cyndi Mosley, Raven Moten, Lindsay E

Motley, Henry A Moton, Lillie Moughton, Rebecca A Mucher, Brian D Muffett, Joshua Muhammad, Roshella D Mulder, Matthew Muldoon, Janice

Muldoon, Scarlett Mulkey, Paul J Mullen, Susan Mullenix, Letetia Mullins, Jennifer Mumin, Ashiqah Mumpower, Sara E Munos, Chase E

Munoz, Vincent L Munoz Lopez, Brenda Murkli, Meggan Murnane, Anna L Murphy, Mark Murphy, William C Murr, Alexander S Muse, Nanyamka

Muse, Trevin Mustafa, Mohamed Muszall, Shane V Myers, Kevin S Myers, Landon Myers, Rachel L Myers, Samuel D Myers, Stephen G

Myers, Terry Myles, Dominique Nance, Douglas Nance-Geiser, Sumer Nardozzi, Brock W Nash, Regina Nastoupil, Brandon W Natale, Joseph A

Nauss, Amy Neal, Jordan Neely, William Negroni, Daniel Neighbors, Heather Neill, John Nelbach, Josh Nelms, Natalie

Nelms, Samuel L Nelson, Christal D Nelson, Diana Nelson, Eric J Nelson, Jamari Nelson, Marie Nelson, Roy Nelson, Stephen

Nelson, Tinsea Newbill, Adrian A Newcomb, Mark B Newcomb, Tammy L Newell, Aubree M Newman, Allaina Newsome, Jeffrey Newson, Curtis


Nichols, Amy N Nichols, Brian J Nichols, Scott Nicholson, Christina Nickens, Amy Nickerson, Bret M Nie, Jamie Nielson, Christina

Nissly, Merrianne E Noel, Jeremy Nolen, Joshua L Noll, David Noll, Marsha D Noonan, Jonathan D Noonan, Kristen M Nopwasky, Ashley P

Norman, Cody L North, Jonathan Nosal, Joan M Noseworthy, Denise Notarbartolo, Ana Notter, Lindsay R Nowell, Misty Nowlin, Leslie P

Nowlin, Machelle N Nowlin, Nicholas J Ntui, Collins O'Cain, Anthony O'Connor, Scott O'Dell, Michael R O'Donal, Perry E O'Neal, Erin L

O'Neil, Alan O'Neill, Erin O'Prandy, Tara N O'Rourke, Brendan P Odell, Brandi Ohl, Beniliz Ohl, Randall Okello, Javan H

Oldham, Jenny R Oliver, Chakira Oliver, Michael Olko, Tadeusz J Olmstead, Yetta A Olsen, Tracy Olson, Nathaniel J Oney, Ryan

Oprea, Seth R Orn, Derek I Orr, Brooke T Orsini, Lauren N Ortiz, Lisa Osborne, Aleksandra J Osborne, Corey Osbourn, Michelle G

Osei, Leatrice Otero, Angel J Otero Franco, Marielyn J Ott, Daniel Ouimet, Levi A Overbay, Courtney Overstreet, Julie Overstreet, Ryan A

Owens, Fred Oxley, James Pacchioli, Jesse Pace, Joshua W Pace, Sandra P Pacella, Joshua J Padilla, Yessica L Pagan, Gonzalo

Pagatpatan, Patricia Paige, Colleen J Painter, Jennifer Painter, Tara B Palmer, Jacqueline M Palmer, Nathan E Pannell, Tunya Paparo, John

Parada, Kevin D Pardoe, Audrina A Parham, Linda Parido, Kari A Park, Robert Parke, Janice B Parker, Christopher Parker, Crystal L

Parker, Lonnie J Parker, Lydia Parker, Melissa R Parker, Rodney Parker, Samantha Parkhurst, Austin P Parks, Robert Parrott, Alexander

Parry, Timothy J Parsons, Hayley B Passanita, Erika M Patch, Kyle Patino, Chantal Patrick, Jessica I Patrick, Shane Patterson, Amanda L

Patterson, Arthur Patterson, Ashley Patterson, Ginger Patterson, Jully Patterson, Tamatha R Patz, Katelynn N Paul, Amanda Paul, Jillian E

Paul, Joseph Paul, Nicole Paxton, Lauren Paxton, Lisa Payne, Matthew S Pearson, Jonathan W Pearson, Rees M Pechaver, Louis J

Peele, Justin L Pellerito, Amanda Peniche, Joseph Pennifield, Joshua Pennington, Blake A Peoples, Erica Pereschuk, Jacob J Peresich, Deborah


Perez, Brian J Perez, Elsy M Perez, Maribel G Perez, Rebekah Perrin, Angelia Perriott-Ordonez, Tamara Perrow, Brandy B Perry, Donna

Perry, Melissa M Perry, Stephen C Person, John R Pete, Whitney Peters, Charles Peters, Kevin M Peters, Melanie Peterson, Ginny

Petties, Brittney N Pettit, Justin M Pettus, Vickie I Philipp, Stephanie Phillips, James B Phillips, Sloane Pickard, Malcolm Pickett, Dayne A

Pierce, Ben Pierre, Jonathon M Pierre, Michelle L Pierre, Weetchell Pierson, Anna K Pierson, Cameron J Piescik, Paul Pietras-Stoddard, Nicole

Pina, Iris Pina, Korinne L Pinero, Wilfredo Ping, Robyn Pinkney-Coleman, Yolanda Pinto, Noah Piotrowski, Michael D Pippin, Christina E

Pittman, Darrell G Pittman, Rebecca Pitts, Amanda J Pitts, Kristofer G Plett, Steven Plumley, Philip T Poe, Christopher Poe, Kacey

Poje, Sergio Polinaire, Serita M Polinski, Meghan R Polk, James B Polk, Towana Pond, Sarah Poole, Jacob R Poore, Sandra

Pope, April Pope, Timothy Popp, Jeffrey M Portal, Cat Porter, Amy R Porter, Andrea Porter, David L Portis, Kyersten

Poullath, Nicole Powell, Chris Powell, Danielle M Powell, Mark Powell, Walita J Powers, Daniel Powers, Donald Powers, John

Prange, Krista K Pratt, Deborah Preas, Brant A Prebynski, Joshua M Presley, Katelin Preston, Brittany L Pretty, Erin N Price, Amanda

Price, Lori E Price, Sarah E Price, Sharon Priddy, Zach Primiano, Melissa A Pritt, Tyler W Prosser, Joshua Proulx, Holly M

Pruitt, Anice R Pugh, Yasmine N Pullen, Lauren E Purificato, Dean R Purtell, Seth Puskarenko, Seth A Quade, Chelsea J Quesenberry, Roy S

Quick, Myleka C Quillin, George Quinlan, Sean Quinn-Woods, Derek Quinones, Alvan Quintana, Steven E Quintero, Judith Rackley, Bethanie T

Rackley, Laura E Rackley, Samuel E Rada, Ariel D Radt, Laura Radtke, Jacob A Radtke, Noah J Raines, Casey E Ramey, Juanita

Ramey, Lori N Ramey, Luke A Ramirez, Olivia Ramos, Diego Ramsey, Richard K Randolph, Angel T Randolph, Jakeishia Ransom, Charles

Rash, Melissa S Rashad, Katie J Rasmussen, Ashley M Ratterree, Aliza Ray, April N Ray, Cory Ray, Jacob R Ray, Jacob


Readette, Paul Reddick, Sharikea Reed, Alan S Reed, Keith W Reese, Trena J Reeves, Kelly Register, James C Reichard, Tracey E

Reichert, Scott R Reitenbach, Hannah Reneau, Megan K Renwick, Jordan M Retzlaff, Abby Reusser, Shana K Rey, Ellie Rey, Jose

Reyes, Jose L Reynolds, Allen Reynolds, Andrew J Reynolds, Brock A Reynolds, Eric B Reynolds, Tyler Rhew, Jonathan D Rhodes, Shevonne

Rice, Chasity R Rice, Jennipher Rice, Michael Rice, Vanessa Rich, Vatell Richards, Moses J Richardson, Andre Richardson, Sean A

Richie, Evangeline Richie, Kaycee A Rickman, Trudie N Rickner, Jared A Rideout, Kathy Rideout, Steven Rider, Melissa R Rife, Anthony C

Riggle, Tabitha Riggs, Taryn N Rigsby, Terri Riley, Christopher Rindoks, Trenton Rinkin, Amy M Rioux, Jade E Rippeon, Joshua L

Rivenbark, Joshua E Rivera, Angelique Rivera, Teresa Rivera, Victor Rivers, Keith C Rivers, Stephen Robbins, Alicia Robbins, Billy

Robbins, Harley Roberson, Mitchell G Roberson, Nichole A Roberts, Adam M Roberts, Christopher D Roberts, John A Robertson, Amanda Robertson, Bianca

Robertson, Heath A Robinson, Alexandria Robinson, Cassie Robinson, Dawn E Robinson, Derek J Robinson, Dillon M Robinson, Doris Robinson, Latisha R

Robinson, Ryan Rochelle, Kristopher Rock, Bianca Rock, Nathaniel J Rodgers, Steven M Rodish, Frank Rodriguez, Joe Rodriguez, Jose

Rodriguez, Pedro Rodriguez Ramirez, W Rogers, Evangelina Rogers, Kevin B Rolling, Adrian T Rollison, Kristen L Romano, Daniel F Rommel, William N

Ronda, Mark R Rosa-Dejesus, Betsy Rose, Ann W Rosel, Maira A Ross, Anita D Ross, Lavar W Ross-Couloute, Melissa Y Rossiter, Stephanie

Routon, Tyler Rowe, Savannah Rowland, Christopher J Rowlett, Kenneth Roy, Robert Royal, Ladara L Rozier, Rafequi Rucker, Olivia

Ruffner, Ashley Ruiz, Abigail Rumbold, Amanda K Rumph, Kortnee Runnels, Richard Rush, Nathanael E Rusinyak, Daniel D Russell, Dakota L

Russell, Ellen Russell, Ivory R Russell, Kayla M Russell, Kevin B Russell, Kristen E Russell, Ryan J Rutledge, Patrick W Rutter, Kenneth

Ryan, Charlie Ryder, Deborah Sablich, Holly Saint-Cyr, Ruth Salaam, Adeelah Sale, Bethany Y Salmon, O'Neil Salsman, Caleb L


Salvia, John Sanabria, Harry E Sanchez, Anthony Sanchez, Danielle J Sanchez, Felisa L Sanchez, Lisette Sanchez, Primo F Sanders, Christian

Sanders, Joshua S Sanderson, Christine E Sandidge, Kimberly S Santana, Moises Santana, Raudy J Santiago, Bethany Santiago, Jose L Santiago, Kathleen

Santos, Ibis S Sapp, Stephanie Sartorelli, Anne-Regina Saunders, Ashley G Sauter, Katie Savage, Sumayya Sawchuck, Patricia C Scalise, Matthew

Scarborough, Brian P Schaefer, Scott Schaeffer, Elizabeth Schafer, Caroline Schafer, Corinne K Schat, Marianne E Schellenger, Bryan Schemeley, William

Schettler, Ashley Schlademan, Chelsea B Schlademan, Lauren T Schmidt, Brandon Schmidt, Jordan Schneiderhan, Jacob Schroder, Nora Schuetz, Christina M

Schultz, Jocelyn A Schultz, Lucinda Schumacher, Michelle Schwalm, Lakeshia Scofield, Margeret Scott, Antoinette C Scott, Brandy Scott, Eugene K

Scott, Hal M Scott, Iesha S Scott, Kayla Scott, Kimberly Scott, Melissa S Scott, Morrissa M Scott, Ryan Scott, Veronica

Scoville, Tracy Scubelek, Elizabeth G Sealy, Cassandra A Seamster, Robert Searcy, Kaitlyn Sears, Ashley L Seavers, Cameron Seetaram, Shara

Seidel, Teresa Ann Self, Rachel E Selph, Jeff Sesay, Ibrahim Settje, DeAnna D Severns, Kimberly Sewell, KaTina Seyfang, Hannah

Shackleford, Waverleigh Shafer, Shawna K Shannon, Ian M Sharp, Chelsea Sharp, Katharine E Sharpe, Amy Shaver, Harmony A Shaver, Tabitha

Shaw, Heather Shaw, Jared A Shaw, Karen J Shaw, Margaret Shaw, William A Sheaffer, Daniel R Shearin, Linda D Shearin, Sean

Sheffield, Emily J Sheffield, Franklin M Shelton, Lenzee A Sheriff, Nathalie Shields, Mabel Shiffer, Michael D Shifflett, Tony Shiflett, Robert A

Shipman, Mitchell S Shoaf, Kelly Shoemaker, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Jason Showalter, Deborah B Showers, Cara Shroyer, Kolby A Shuford, Jennifer M

Shultz, Robbie R Siedlecki, Varah Sierra, Julieth N Sigman, John Sigmon, Jonathan D Silcox, Wilhelm C Silva, Kadie L Silva, Kandice R

Silva, Wendy Silvey, Shayne R Simmons, Curtis G Simmons, Darlene Simmons, DeJuan L Simmons, Erynd Simmons, Karen L Simmons, Virginia

Simpson, Amber L Simpson, Charles Simpson, Denae Simpson, Krysta Simpson, Nichole Simpson, Shane Simpson, Stephen Sims, Brenten J


Sims, Melanie Sims, Tameka M Sinclair, Kyle Sinclair, Nathan J Singletary, Daniel R Singleton, Carol Singleton, Lynette L Sipes, Lauren

Sirivastava, Meena Sites, Taylor N Siv, Denise Skeens, Jon Sloan, Timothy D Smagala, Stanley J Smiley, Grace Smith, Adrienne

Smith, Anna Smith, April D Smith, Cassey A Smith, Charity E Smith, Christina L Smith, Courtney R Smith, Damian Smith, Danielle

Smith, Deborah E Smith, Georgia Smith, Hudson E Smith, Ian D Smith, Jessica A Smith, Joseph J Smith, Julia Smith, Kimberly

Smith, Lauralene L Smith, Luke Smith, Megan Smith, Prestin B Smith, Reginald A Smith, Robert L Smith, Ryan M Smith, Samantha N

Smith, Samuel Smith, Sascha B Smith, Sharon Smith, Sharriskaa Smith, Tisah Smith, Troy Smith, Yvette Smoker, Josiah S

Smoot, Cheryle Smotherman, Cutter Smyth, Joshua R Snead, Dustin K Snipes, Scott Snow, Joanna R Soares, Kirsten Solenberger, Jaime L

Solivan, Katherine B Solomon, Anisha N Somasundaram, Erik Somerville, Rivy Sondeno, Olin M Sosin, Timothy A Soto, Daniel South, William A

Soward, Brittany Spangler, Olivia S Sparks, Matthew Sparks, Tameka L Sparrow, Tameka Spaulding, Brittany M Speakman, Mathew Spears, Scott

Spector, Susan C Spence, Gerald N Spencer, Dennis G Spencer, Frederick S Spencer, Genova T Spencer, Jacqueline Spencer, Joshua P Spencer, Keira

Spencer, Star Spicer, Noelle D Spivey, Latanya A Spivey, Naquan A Spivey, Richard A Splinter, Elizabeth J Spradlin, Frederick L Spradlin, Landon I

Spradlin, Tammy Spradlin, Tonya Sprouse, Kevin St Hilaire, Yvelande St Onge, Michael Staats, Holly N Stafford, Joel Stahnke, Julia S

Staiger, Kylee M Staley, Karen L Stallard, Benjamin D Stallman, Margaret A Stamm, Dawn E Stanley, Charles E Stanley, Daniel W Stanley, Kayla

Starr, Miranda J Statson, Scott Stauffer, Andrew J Stauffer, Christina Stauffer, Robert StClair, Asheley Stearns, Sarah R Steele, Shazz

Steigerwald, Jaclyn Stein, John Steinhauer, Courtney Stelly, Michelle Steltzer, Jonathan Stepan, Kristen J Stephens, Dedra Stephens, John

Sterlin, Jessica Stern, DeeDee R Stevens, LaToya Stevens, Lauran E Stevens, Mark N Stevens, Matthew Stevens, Melissa D Stevens, Sarah L


Stevens, Tammy L Stevenson, Amanda Stevenson, John Stewart, Andrew J Stewart, Marcus D Stewart, Tanya S Stiles, Benjamin Stillman, Preston E

Stoddard, Elizabeth A Stoicu, Shawn Stokes, Ben Stokes, Nicole L Stone, Latrice S Stone, Niesha L Stone, Rosemarie C Stork, Kyle

Storrs, Craig Stout, Abra Strano, Melissa Strausbaugh, Chad W Strauser, T M Streit, Jacqueline J Strickland, Manning J Stringer, Bryce K

Stripling, Seth M Stroka, Brian Strong, Amanda Strong, Kelly Stroud, Jordan Strunk, Kyle Stubblefield, Jerry L Studer, Brent M

Stump, Tiffany Styles, Kristie Suggs, Keja Suleski, Rachel A Sullivan, Pennie M Sullivan, Shannon Sumpter, Vassar Suozzo, Annamarie K

Suprenard, Frank Sutherland, Brian S Sutherland, Jessica J Sutherland, Matthew Sutton, Phillip T Swaim, Darcy Swain, Dominick A Swango, Heather A

Sweat, Ryan C Sweeney, Megan E Sweet, Julia Swezey, Jessica A Swierenga, James A Sydnor, Jennifer E Syktich, Marchelle P Sylvester, Tracie J

Tadgerson, Scott A Takacs, Crystal Talerico, Tara Tallant, Julius A Tate, Kiera Tate, Seth P Tavenner, Zachary Taylor, Andrew

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor,

Christian B Christy David Dishon Evan Jessica D Manda M Melvin R

Taylor, Steven Taylor, Tamera Taylor, Travis L Teague Harris, Karmen L Teasley, Ansley Teeter, Jonathan Temple, Alyssa K Teng, Sambo

Tenpas, Austin Terrell, Cilene Terrell, Logan Terry, Joi Terry, Victoria Teutla, Sarah Thacker, Aragorn Thacker, Corey A

Thacker, Ernest Thibodeaux, Theodore Thomas, Chadhil K Thomas, Deborah L Thomas, Hollie Thomas, Lynette O Thomas, Michelle Thomas, Rosalind

Thomas, Shannon K Thomas, Shawnikki Thomasson, Melody B Thompson, Bridget S Thompson, Carolyn C Thompson, Elena Thompson, Jane Y Thompson, Jimmy

Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson,

Johnny Lakeidra J Lakysha Lyndsie Oliver C Sherry A Sonia Stephen

Thorn, Andrew P Thorn, Benjamin A Thornton, Carleshia Tibbs, Emily S Tighe, Haleigh D Tillman, Eric Tillotson, Kalee R Timley, Kenneth J

Tinker, Gwenelda Tjo, Sashanna A Tober, Heather N Tobias, Paulina E Todd, Robertta Todd, Ronald C Toews, Jocelyn E Tokarick, Stephanie R


Tolley, Lindsey G Tolley, Travis T Tolver, Willie Tomei, Candace P Tomlin, Jonathan Tomlin, Scott A Tomlinson, Cobie L Tomlinson, Crystal B

Tooker, Sarah Toole, Amy Toombs, Brandon H Toombs, Sharise Torrence, Nathan Torres, Selena Torrison, Chadwick B Toulantis, Elizabeth J

Townsend, Jeffrey Toyloy, Brian A Trammell, Melissa A Trautloff, Emaleigh Tremblay, Kathryn L Trent, James E Trent, Leslie Trexler, Micah J

Trexler, Timothy M Trinkle, Katie Trinkle, Kelsea A Tsutsumi, Timothy C Tubbs, Bryan M Tucker, Bonnie Tucker, Frances D Tucker, Keith A

Tucker, Kyle Tucker, Monica Tucker, Robert M Tucker, Stephen J Tudela, Natalia L Tuggle, Barbara Tulleners, Steve Tumas, Nathan

Turley, Stephanie L Turner, Laura Y Turner, Michelle R Turner, Taisha M Turner, Thomas N Tuten, Micah Tyler, Jeremy P Tyler, Ryan

Tyrcha, Michelle Tyree, Joy Tysinger, James K Tyson, Blaine A Tyson, David J Ullom, Jennifer Underwood, Linda C Ung, Linda

Updike, Anita I Vaccaro, James M Valber, Fernando Valdes Lopez, Juan C Valenzuela, Benjamin Valines, Antonio Van Aken, David A Van Dyke, Aaron

Van Fossen, Hayley Van Wynsberg, Melanie A Vance, Ciekda Vancol, Mathew VandeBogart, Jordan E VanDePerre, Kaleb L Vandeventer, David Vangarde, Ana

VanHook, Clinton VanLeeve, April VanSice, Susan L VanSoest, Michael V Varney, Edsel S Vaughan, Charmaine M Vaughan, Denise Vaughan, Jeffrey T

Vaughan, Stanislav Vaughn, Kathy R Vaughn, Kristen R Vega, Sara Velarde, Damian S Venable, Jonathan Venable, Marco Venden, Dewi

Vereen, Morris Vernoy, Jarrid C Vershel, Steven Vestal, Benjamin R Via, Cynthia B Via, Timothy Vines, Alisha Vinsky, Heather C

Vinston, Kenneth R Vitelli, Steven A Vitoritt, Brian M Vlad, Timotei F Volz, Michael Vongvirath, Manininh Vooys, Colleen J Vorce, Catherine G

Voss, Matthew C Vowell, Constance Wagner, Robert Wagner, Tara Waits, Jonathan A Waldo, Callie M Waldo, Robert A Walker, Adam

Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker,

Gwendolyn Jordan M Jovannah LeeAnn S Rashell Sarah Travis J Vanity

Walker DeArman, Ashley Wall, Denise C Wallace, Akelea Wallace, Elizabeth M Wallace, Kayla Wallace, Matt R Wallace, Nathan Waller, Jacob T


Walsh, Lindsay J Walsh, Sierra M Walters, Charles H Walters, James Walton, Isaac Walton, Nathanael Walton, Sarah Wang, Rei Hou

Ward, Jonathan W Ware, Abbot K Warfield, Jill Warner, Benjamin Warner, Kimberly M Warner, Ryan Warren, Chase Warren, Michael

Washington, Jerry L Washington, Keithen Washington, Nicole R Wasson, Bruce Watkins, Amy Watson, Daniel B Watson, Daniel Watson, Melissa

Watson, Victoria Watts, Rebecca A Weatherford, Ashley M Weatherford, Brandon J Weaver, Emily K Weaver, Jason Weaver, Joshua Weaver, Matthew B

Webb, Andrew J Webb, Andrew Webb, Debra L Webb, Michaela J Webb, Ross Webber, Erin Webber, Jennifer Webster, David D

Webster, Ilva A Webster, Stacie Wedgeworth, Rickey D Weight, Lauren E Weldon, Tyler Wells, Nathanael D Werner, Rachel M Wertz, Michael

Wesley, Tonya West, Ellen C West, Matthew L Westin, Christopher L Weyand, Ashley S Wharton, Melissa Whatley, Lezlie Wheeler, Kelsie

Wheeler, Lindsay Wheeler, Ryan L Whipkey, Jessica Whitaker, Joel Whitaker, Joseph White, Kristin R White, Kristopher C White, Roosevelt

White, Ryan J White, Thais White, Tiffany White, Tyshawn R White, Zachary D White-Ramirez, Anesa Whitener, Justin D Whiteside, Marcus

Whiteside, Quinton Whitfield, Lorraine Whitley, Kristin M Whitlock, Benjamin T Whitson, Anna M Whittaker, Kimberly L Whorley, Direck Whorley, Jeremy C

Wieder, Angela M Wiersma, Marcus Wigman, Katlynn M Wilborn, Robert Wilde, Diane L Wilde, Timothy N Wiley, Rob J Wilkerson, Lisa

Wilkins, Christine Wilkins, Darrell A Wilkins, Kristen Wilkins, Pierina Wilkins, Shannon Wilkinson, Carrie Willhite, Kelly J Williams, Airlea

Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams,

Alosina Angella Daniel L Deena Deshawna Dustin Hezekiah Ian

Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams,

James James Jonathan A Katrina Keshia Spencer G Stacy Terry

Williams, Tonya L Williams, Traci S Williams, Tyrell Williams, Vincent Williamson, Carl Willie, Garry Wills, Devon Wilson, Abby

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Airieal N Brad M Codey S Daniel L Danny R Emily R Erika Jason


Wilson, Jesse Wilson, Judith Y Wilson, Justin Wilson, Melissa Wilson, Michael Wilson, Shamieka W Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Victoria L

Wines, Jared H Winfield, Paul R Wingate, William Wingfield, Jessica R Winn, Kimberly R Winship, Eric C Wirth, Hanna J Wise, Rachel A

Wistrom, Donald Witcher, Danielle Witt, Kelly Witt, Veronica Wnuk, Rachel J Wolcott, Victoria R Wood, Amanda Wood, Catherine P

Wood, Erika Wood, Sarah M Woodcock, Roger Woods, Clarice D Woods, Martin T Woodson, Terry Woody, Jordan O Wooldridge, Jeremy T

Wooldridge, Jordan M Woolridge, Daniel Woosley, Angela E Woosley, Samantha E Wooten, Jamie Worek, Jason Works, Emily E Worley, Leslie

Wormuth, Tiffany Wortman, Angela M Woughter, Jared Wrenn, Jasey Wright, Bryon Wright, Jermaine Wright, Jonathan Wright, Joyce

Wright, Kevin B Wright, Linda Wright, Morgan B Wright, Pamela B Wright, Stephanie Wright, Steven Wrigley, Alicia M Wyatt, Philip

Wylie, Meghan E Wymer, Jonathan C Wynne, Kathleen R Yao, Binhang Yarbrough, Christina Yarger, Jonathan Yeatts, Joshua Yeatts, Shannon

Yi, Sean Yoder, Katrina Young, Grant Young, Katie Young, Kyle N Young, Michelle Yzbick, Vance Zaccone, Allison B

Zambuto, Michelle Zarrelli, Janelle M Zartman, Jessica Zaryczny, Didi Zdyb, Leo Zellner, I'Eschia S Ziama, Winston F Ziegenhorn, Luke

Zimmerman, Marc D Zolnowski, Lisa Zufelt, Buster Zuniga, Andrew J Zuniga, Carlos Zwierzchowski, Magda



Abaskharon, David Abotsi, Anita Abuhamdia, Hisham Acolatse, Wendy W Adams, James R Adams, William J Afrakomah, Maame A Agbana, Abiodun O

Aitcheson, Erin M Alb, Adam R Aldridge, Michael G Alexander, Jessica F Alexander, Selena S Alexandre, Jonathan Ali, Ezra L Alkire, Gregory

Alkire, Susan Allan, Kigen Kipkoech Allen, Cedric S Allen, Ian K Alvarado, Angel Amaro, Lourdes Amato, Julia Ames, Shawn F

Amiri, Nathan E An, Myung Su An, Ran Anderson, Andrew R Andrews, Max L Anim-Asamoah, Annabelle Ankrah, Rhodalyn Anspach, Benjamin A

Arvik, Maria K Asamoah, Nicholas Y Ashley, Lindsey C Assarandarban, Mostafa Aughenbaugh, Amy L Augustin, Kalebe Augustin, Kerlo Austin, Kelly M

Autry, Joseph B Ayendi, Ukong-Ikwen C Ayodeji, Sunday Babik, Gizelle Bacon, Ian S Bacon, Karyl E Bae, Dong Bae, Ji Yeon

Bae, Joonhyun Bae, Namju Bae, Seungeon Baek, Chang Hyun Baek, Seung Hun Baeza, Jonathan L Baidya, Prasanna Baird-Rhymer, Mery C

Baker, Brandon Baker, Bronwyn C Baker, Caleb L Baldwin, Elizabeth M Ballard, Randolph Bang, Deokjong Barber, Jacob Barber, Jonathan


Barbour, Brent Barker, David Barlowe, Benjamin J Barr, Sean R Barry, Ibrahima Baseme, Rachel E Basham, Takisha Bashore, Monica K

Bass, Ryan K Bass, Wesley Batuer Jappar, Bibinuer Baum, Brittanny Baum, Michael D Baynton, Benjamin H Bays, Russell A Bazan, Daniel R

Beauregard, David L Beck, Amber J Becker, Miranda K Becker, Suzanne M Beckles, Robyn E Becton, John M Beharry, Lisa N Beigle, Jonathan M

Beisel, Nathan W Beistline, Holly A Bennett, Erin L Berchie, Brenda S Berliner, Autumn R Berry, Jessica L Bista, Prayas Black, Micah

Blevins, Mary K Boardman, John E Boateng, Petra N Bobby, Jonathan D Bold, Mark G Boley, Rayanne J Bollinger, Ashley K Bonferraro, Nicole K

Boorman, Michael W Booterbaugh, Brittany L Bosche, Brian Botero Romero, P Bothmann, Alexandra S Bowden, Edward A Bowden, Grant T Bowie, Hannah

Bowles, Tinisha L Boyet, Jennifer Bozarth, Rebecca J Braband, Reese A Bradford, Keegan J Bradley, John D Bradley, Randall S Brado, Lucy A

Bramnick, Kayla M Brampton, Tilly G Brandon, Timothy L Bray, Jordan Breiholz, Chelsea M Brentner, Abigail R Brewer, Melinda D Bridges, Erica L

Brooks, Amanda Brooks, Christopher H Brooks, Nicole L Brown, Alexander D Brown, Andrew M Brown, Claire F Brown, Diandrea K Brown, Gordon S

Brown, Jeffrey L Brown, John Brown, Joseph S Brown, Michael E Brown, Richard S Bryant, Joshua Bryant, Olena Bryant, Stephen C

Bugyei, Agnes Bunch, Brittney E Burns, Daniel C Butler, Brandon Bwondara, Shelton J Byers, Jesse A Byrd, Briannan K Byrd, Caleb N

Byrd, Matthew A Cage, Angela R Caldwell, Melanie C Calohan, Marsha Calzada Ortiz, Eduardo Cameron, Matthew S Campbell, Brittany L Campbell, Colin A

Captari, Dorel Carela, Pedro O Carrasquillo, Daniel R Castor, Rod' Esther Centore, Ellen M Cervantes, Juan Cha, Junyong Chapman, Megan L

Charnuski, Olivia H Cheatham, Andrew P Chemell, Morris A Chen, Wangxiao Chengula, Herieth S Chichester, John B Cho, Dong Ho Cho, Donghwan

Cho, Minyoung Cho, Sangwoon Cho, Sunghee Cho, Yongpyo Chodzin, Timothy Choe, Moonjong Choi, Chang Hwan Choi, Hyo Sil

Choi, Jeong Il Choi, Joungho Choi, Seongsu Choi, Seung DO Choi, Yongsuck Choi, Yun Jung Choo, Kumrye Chun, Jong T


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Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,

Hyun Gi Hyun Woong Jinju JiSeong Jonghun Jun S Junghwan Mi Jung

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,

Minyoung Mun Seong Ohhwan Sangwoo Seong Yoon Seung Kee Sung Jin Sungsu


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Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson,

Denecia Elizabeth R Keith R Kenneth J Lezley Malisa M Pia Rosalyn

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Benjamin G Bonita Brenton Carrie Chris Desiree Frank S Jamie

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey,

Jason T Joanne La Keesha M Leslie M Michael A Monica M Phillip G Sabrina L

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Borst, Sharon Boruta, Sarah E Bosch, Ethan Boucher, Marc D Bourgoin, Tracey M Bouyer, Pamela Bove, Sarah Bowe, Shawn

Bowen, Chanel Bowen, Eleanor Bowen, Gary Bowers, Adam L Bowers, Angela E Bowers, David R Bowers, Jennifer R Bowers, Sharon

Bowie, Sarah E Bowling, Tysen C Bowman, Anita B Bowman, Julie Bowman, Kimberly S Bowman, Rebecca Boyd, Christopher P Boyd, Jenelle

Boyd, Laconda Boyd, William H Boyer, Delia Boyer, Hilda D Boyer, Nancy F Bracey, Tina Brackeen, Joshua Braddock, Freda

Bradford, Kristen Bradley, Alexander S Bradley, Kayla J Bradley, Linda Bradley, Nicole Bradshaw, Jeffrey A Brady, Jon W Branch, Jeshua B

Branch, Kanitra Branch, Katheryn C Branch, Marneicia D Branche, Jacquelin Brandon, Joseph G Brandon, Lakia M Branscome, Rachael M Branstetter, Melissa J


Brant, Carissa Brantley, Chris Brasher, Sarah E Braswell, Kathryn L Braun, Barbara J Braxton, Annette Braxton, Elyse M Braxton, Tessia

Breault, Tammy Breeding, James H Breedlove, Crystal R Breitrick, Rebecca R Brelsford, Joshua Brennan, Monica S Breton, Mark L Brewer, Cassandra L

Brewer, Robert Brice, La'Nia M Brice, Tequita C Bridge, Dennis Bridge, Diane C Bridges, Dana Bridges, Marcus Brigman, Craig C

Brindley, Andrea R Brinly, Whitney C Brinson, Sharon Briscoe, Stephanie Brisson, Emily K Brister, Joshua J Britt, Sharon J Broadright, Trisha

Broadus, Brittney Broadwater, April L Broadway, Christina Broda, Kelly L Broda, William K Brodd, Kaitlin R Brodd, Scott C Brom, Michael

Bromley, Nahemah Bronson, Jaclyn A Brookes, Joy R Brooks, Christopher J Brooks, Dominique T Brooks, Jonathan D Brooks, Kevin H Brooks, Laura J

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Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Darryl David Denise K Dustin M Dwaine L Gregory H Holley Jammie D

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Jared R Jarel R Jeremy P Jerry Jessica M Jessica S Justin E Kimberly

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Larry V Lorett Monica Natasha Nicholas T Pamela R Renee B Robert

Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown,

Robert Samone J Sidnetta Stephanie N Timothy L Tinola M Tisha M Twanya D

Brown, Veda M Brown, Wendy Brown-Mc Knight, La Shanda Brown-Warrens, Traniece A Browne, Charlene Brownlow, Ryan Broyles, Wendy G Brubaker, Eric V

Bruce, Katie R Bruecken, Karen Bruffy, Amber N Bruinsma, Casey A Brumfield, Jennifer R Brummel, Joel Bruno, Jonathan Bruns, Henry

Brunson, Joseph Brunson, LaMoyne A Brunson, Shade Bryan, Travis A Bryant, Amy Bryant, Eric W Bryant, Janice Bryant, John

Bryant, Kaylah D Bryant, Kristy Bryant, Kyle Bryant, Lauren B Bryant, Matthew C Bryant, Melisa H Bryant, Monique Bucci, Charles D


Buchanan, Tia Buckley, Taylor A Buckner, Lauren B Buelvas-Perez, Virginia Buggie, Tarshe A Bui, Tyler Buist, Kirsten L Bull, Natesha E

Bullard, Haleigh N Bullman, Kenneth S Bullock, Timothy Bunce, Kara E Bunker, Aaron Buntain, Brendon M Bunting, Michelle S Burden, Megan

Burdick, Timothy Burgess, Adam Burgess, Taylor Burgess, Yvonne Burgett, Brandon D Burkett, Timothy E Burkhart, Crystal G Burleson, Teresa

Burley, Brandon W Burn, Shaun H Burnette, Jessica N Burney, Donna L Burns, Alyssa Burns, Beverly Burns, Wykita D Burrell, Amber

Burris, Brian Burriss, Christopher A Burriss, Mary Elizabeth J Burrow, Thomas D Burrows, Shalie I Burrus, Courtney L Burt, Laura M Burton, Bethany

Burton, Frances E Burton, Jolanda J Burton, Megan H Burton, Yolanda Burtzlaff, Sharon L Burwell, Arthur Bush, Reosha Bussiere, Ashley L

Bussiere, James T Butler, Brittany T Butler, Cameron Butler, Jessica Butler, Joseph E Butler, Laquita Butler, Melissa Butler-May, Kristy L

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Camp, Kelly Campbell, Abby C Campbell, Ammon Campbell, Arthur L Campbell, Beverly D Campbell, Christopher E Campbell, Deborah A Campbell, Ebony

Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell,

Jordon L Lorrie A Michael Michelle Ronnie P Sheranek L Sheryl Stacey L

Campos, Sarah J Campudoni, Luis A Cannon, LaVerne Canter, Brandon M Cantrell, Rebekah R Capenos, Steven R Capparucci, Edmund M Captari, Laura E

Carbaugh, Richard L Carboneau, Ryan A Card, Simon P Cardinal, Ginger Carelock, Joyce Cargin, Jeanne M Carlyle, Heather Carmody, Duane D

Carney, Teri L Carpenter, Erin E Carpenter-Ware, K B Carr, Dolores Carr, Melanie Carr, Ryan M Carrera, David E Carrilho, Marlene


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Clayton, Stephen J Clemans, Rachel L Clemente Rivera, Eliel Clements, Patrick Cleveland, Kacee L Clift, Laura Cline, Steven Clingenpeel, David E

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Collins, Jarrett Collins, Kristie L Collins, Martha Collins, Placida E Collins, Rodney Collurafici, Whitney L Colon, Abraham Colvin, Madeline N

Combs, Justin D Combs, Nada E Comfort, Parker Compton, Julia K Compton, Virginia A Confer, Natalie Conley, Dana Conley, Donald

Connell, Donna Connell, Jeffrey S Connelly, Sarah C Conner, Dorothy A Conner, Earl Conner, Kevin W Conner, Rachel M Connolly, Amanda D

Connolly, Rose Connolly, William J Connors, Kris Connors, Michael Conrad, Matthew E Conway, Francis Conyers, Kendra L Coogan, Katelyn

Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook,

Amber N April M Dinah Heidi A Joey B John Melody Michael J

Cook, Michael Cook, Thomas S Cooke, Misty Coolberth, Philip Coombe, Matthew J Coombs, Austin M Cooney, Gregory A Cooper, Carl

Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper,

Courtney E Emily G Habakkuk Haley Jonetta L Meredith Pamela D Rachel

Cooper, Stephaney Cooper, Teawanna Copeland, David I Copeland, John M Coppock, Ronalee Cops, Jesse G Copsey, Jenny Corbett, Sequilla B

Corbin, Barney Corcoran, Sean Cordell, Wade M Cordes, Megan Cornelius, Kenneth W Cornwall, Rhonda Correa, Brandyn A Cortez, Lauren

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Cribb, Anna C Crickenberger, Megan L Crider, Emily R Crissman, Sherry Crockett, James H Crockett, Lori L Croft, Diane M Croft, Randy A

Cronin, Christine H Cross, Shontray Crouterfield, Joshua L Crowder, William J Crowe, James D Crowther, Sueann Crumblin, Kesha Crumby, Kana S

Crump, Cedric Crump, Thomas Crumpler, Mary S Crutcher, Anita B Crutcher, Kimberley M Crutcher, Rachel D Crutchfield, Bryan O Crutchfield, Krystal N

Cruthis, Jarod L Cruz, Julia B Cruz-Rodriguez, Estefania Cucci, Giuseppe D Cuellar, Kathryn J Culberth, Frank Culbertson, Justin J Culkin, C. Ryan

Cullison, Kristi M Cully, Jeffery S Culpepper, Jan Culver, Colby Culver, Justin Culver, Terica T Cummings, Cimberly Cummings, Gregory S

Currie, Katrina L Currie-Hunsucker, Dionne M Curry, Asha Curtin, Adolph Curtis, Jay Cushing, Amanda M Cushing, Joshua C Custis, Stephanie

Cuti, Angela H Cutting, Rahna S Cypress, Melody L Dabney, Monica Dachille, Lori Dade, Jessica A Daggett, Christopher R Dahlby, Kindal H

Dahlin, Peter Daigneault, Amandia Dailey, Joseph J Dale, Jack Daley, Carl Dalrymple, Jack F Dalton, Brittany D Dames, Jamise

Damon, Douglas R Danberry, Mary Dandridge, Airial W Daniel, Herbert L Daniel, Holly Daniel, Josely Daniel, Kristin H Daniels, David M

Daniels, Syllanda Daniels, Wilanne G Daniluk, Jason M Dantzler, Shanaya Darby, Crystal J Darien, Jay A Darling, Aaron S Darling, Anneke E

Darnell, Summer M Darnell, Tracy Darnell, Wendy D Darner, Lora Daubert, Mark L Daugbjerg, Kerri David, Eric S Davidson, Christopher S

Davies, Jaslyn Davies, Joshua S Davis, Anne Marie Davis, Curtis Davis, Darius G Davis, Dominic J Davis, Edward T Davis, Jack S


Davis, Jakia Davis, James K Davis, Jenna L Davis, Joanne L Davis, John A Davis, John Davis, Jordan N Davis, Judith A

Davis, Katrina Davis, Kelly Davis, Kimberly Davis, Lakarolyn Davis, Leon Davis, Leslie D Davis, Levetta M Davis, Psiyina

Davis, Rebecca H Davis, Richard R Davis, Robin M Davis, Ryan M Davis, Sadaria N Davis, Shaquana Davis, Tabatha O Davis, Walter

Davis, Wilhelmina A Davis-Campbell, Chayse Davis-Dunn, Erica L Dawes, Megan Dawkins, Tammy P Dawson, Charles Day, Amy De Guzman, Michelle A

Deabreu, Renee Deacon, Todd E Deal, Angela Deal, Ruth E Dean, Mellissa Dean, Stephanie K Dean-Moore, Angel DeAngelo, Danielle

Dearfield, Nathan DeBerry, John Deboer, Heather Debord, Jessica K Debord, Larzetta DeCamp, David DeCuir, Charles M Deel, Lena

Deemer, Connie Deems, Dana L Deese, Julie R Defillo, Stephanie Define, Robert J Degeus, Kenneth DeHaven, Tiffany Dejesus, Olga N

Dekkers, Amy Del Cid, Jessica L Del Rosario, Amanda Delaney, Deborah K Delaney, John Delaney, Larquetta Deleon, Gwendolen K Delgado-Bartlett, Brenda

Dellahoussaye, Tina Deloriea, Renee DeLozier, Cynthia K Demos, Jennifer L Demos, Joel Dennis, Jimmy D Dennis-Silas, Ashleigh R Denny, Jennifer

DeRosso, Rachael Derr, Sheila DeShazo, Brandy Desmarais, Amanda G Desmond, Ryan P Dever, Steve F DeVolld, Blake D Dew, Heather L

Dewalt, Krystal T Deweese, Sarah L DiCesare, Michael R Dick, Deanna Dickens, Jordan T Dickey, Belinda Dickson, Sharon Dieckman, Christi

Dietz, Gary Dieujuste, Dieufort Diggs, Crystal Diggs, Ottie N DiGia, Brian W DiGia, Chelsea Dilbeck, Brittany Dillabaugh, James J

Dillard, Raymond Dingane, Terra J Dinwiddie, Amanda Dinwiddie, Elaine K DiPeri, Joseph Dix, Danielle Dixon, Jessica Dixon, Michelle

Dixon, Quiana Dixon, Tonya A Dobler, Taylor Dodd, Tiffany D Dodson, Caleb Dodson, Nicholas Dofflemeyer, Sasha T Dohme, Charles P

Dohme, Sarah K Dolan, Erin-Anne Doles, Carol A Doles, Vermonica Dolin, Alexander Dollarhite, Amber N Dolloff, Samantha Donahue, Sherri J

Donnelly, Bethany J Donnelly, Timothy J Donoghue, Jenny Donovan, Sundi L Dooley, Lauren R Dormay, Wislaine R Dorner, Tami Dotter, Corinna R


Doucette, Travis R Dougherty, Christopher Dougherty, Donald G Dougherty, Micah P Douglas, Danielle L Dove, Kimberly B Dowdy-Pribble, Maria V Dowell, Darryll G

Downey, Amy Downey, Lynne Downing, James Downing, Nikki Downs, Noel K Doyle, Shaun Drabick, Anthony P Drablos, David L

Drellack, Angela Driver, Heather Driver, Linda Dryer, Saundra Duchein, Bryce D Duchesneau, Rebekah Dudek, Sebastian Duenas, Jason

Duff, Nathan A Duffey, Gerald T Duffy, Darin F Duffy, Julie Duffy, Mary Duffy, Richard K Dufrene, Rebecca Dugan, Colin B

Dugan, Joshua R Dugger, Cory Duggins, Tina Duke, Zachary K Dukes, Tashima Dull, Amanda Dumesle, Joel Dunahee, Jennifer

Dunay, Stephanie Duncan, Brandi Duncan, Caleb A Duncan, Donna Duncan, Yolanda Dunham, Clint L Dunham, Michelle L Dunkle, John T

Dunn, Angelle A Dunn, Catherine M Dunn, Craigory L Dunnavant, Latasha Dunnwald, Melinda Dupere, Adam J DuPont, Summer D Durgin, Denise

Durham, Page Durham, Shunjie Durso-Finley, Jeffrey D Dusthimer, Nancy Duvivier, Bernard Dvorak, Michelle D Dwyer, Jennifer Dwyer, Kaitlin

Dye, Amanda N Dye, Sherritta Eakins, Frieda Easley, Brinton J Easley, Joanna Eastman, Christie Ebeling, Scott Ebert, Doug

Echevarria-Garcia, Lisette Echikwa, Christie Eckel, Matthew Eckert, Todd Edgington, Shawn Edinger, Lesha Edlin, Christopher R Edmiston, Christopher

Edmond, Calandra Edmond, Derrick D Edmonds, LaTina Edmondson, Kristen N Edwards, Alexandra J Edwards, Angela Edwards, Deryl M Edwards, Dwayne B

Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards,

Felecia Gloria Jesse Jessica M Karen R Naheem B Nathan S Rembert A

Edwards Barnes, S Efird, Caleb J Egbert, Allison C Egesionu, Chukwudera A Eggers, Heather C Eggink, Jill A Ehler, Carole L Eiban, Michael K

Eide, Steven Eisele, Patricia L Ekwotafia, Efe O Elder, Thomas O Eldridge, Dorothy C Elkins, Rebecca Eller, Caleb D Eller, Nathan

Ellingsen, Kari Elliott, David S Elliott, Jessica L Elliott, Justin M Elliott, Stephanie Elliott, Thomas J Elliott, Yvette A Ellis, Anglea M

Ellis, Dwayne K Ellis, Karen Ellis, Karen Ellis, Sheri Ellison, Robert E Ellison, Sharon M Elliston, Julie Elmore, Annamarie R


Eloy-Bell, Marie P Elvington, John C Ely, Cherie W Emel, Matthew B Emerick, Tina D Emerson, Andrea Enchautegui, Samantha Endress, Jessica R

English, Marian M Englund, Kimberly A Ennis, Traci Enns, Luke D Enold, Janine A Entrekin, Michael R Eppler, Margaret Eppling, David S

Ericsson, Jonathan D Eriksen, Ashley N Erlenbach, Emily J Erolin, Christa Errico, Stacie Ervin, Cassandra F Esau, Lateshia Escamilla, Nicole

Espigh, Amanda L Espinoza, Shannon Estacio, Grace Estes, Edward L Estevez, Sara E Estrella, Marisa Estruch, Marcie Etsitty, Venus

Eubank, Glenn Eubank, Terri Eubanks, James W Eubanks, Nikki Eure, Charlotte Evans, Alicia Evans, Anita D Evans, Erin K

Evans, Harold K Evans, Janice Evans, Melanie A Evans, Shanika Evans, Troy R Eveland, Jeremy L Everett, Beverly Evers, Cherine

Eversole, Jessica K Evert, Hillary N Evjen, Logan Ewing, Jennifer S Fabian, Sichel Faellaci, Julia Fahringer, Alden D Fair, Joshua

Fairchild, Brian Faire, Cassandra Fairley, Asia N Falke, Amanda Falling, Jill E Falzone, Dayna Fana, Joe Fanjoy, Tawnya

Fanusi, Amy D Farfan, John Farkas, Dave Farmer, Charles J Farrell, Shari Farris, Dale W Farris, Michael Farrow, Frenzelor E

Fatur, Vanessa Feasel, Debra Federico, Joy M Feijoo, Maria D Felesena, Martin D Feliciano, Tiffany Felipe, Moises Feliz, Ivelisse

Felton, Colby E Felton, Tameka Fenison, Dustin D Ferguson, Adam Ferguson, Carla Ferguson, Taylor Ferguson, Vivolyn Feroli, Martin R

Ferrara, Nicole Ferrell, Michael L Ferrin, Ronisha L Fetterman, Jonathan E Fetters, Mary A Field, Hannah Fields, Daniel R Fields, Jeanie

Fields, Rachael R Figgins, Felicia Figueroa, Edgar Figueroa, Raquel Fillyaw, Kathy Finley, Camille A Finley, Sheila Finnegan, Patricia

Finney, Betty M Fiock, Lawnda F Fishbaugh, Stephanie M Fisher, Craig Fitch, William D Fitchett, Laverne M Fitten, Charity Fitten, Keva

Fitzgerald, Angela M Fitzgerald, Anitra Fitzgerald-White, Cherel L Flake, Natalie Fledderman, Erin M Fleetwood, Elaine Fleishman, Chassie A Fleming, Tricia

Fletcher, Sally A Fletcher, Susan Flockhart, Rhonalee Flores, Angel G Flores, Claudia Flores, Deanna Flores-Tester, Jane L Floro, Jordan H


Flowers, Annette Flowers, Elizabeth C Floyd, Leah C Floyd, Marcus Floyd, Mitchell Flucker, Sharon Flynt, Jacqueline Fogal, James

Fogg, Gailtricia Foit, James H Foit, Sarah A Fong, Hoiwah B Foote, Joseph R Ford, Christine S Ford, David S Ford, Demetric

Ford, Mary E Ford, Meochia D Ford, Tierra Forde, Janelle Foreman, Paul D Forman, Belinda Forrest, Benjamin K Forrest, Lerisa M

Forrester, Derek Forsyth, Sherry Fortune, Jonathan Fortune, Navine P Foss, Lisa J Foss, Stephanie J Foster, Ally Foster, Cassandre D

Foster, Devon H Foster, Elizabeth E Foster, Jordan E Foster, Laura Foster, Matthew C Foudriat, Jennifer Foulkes, Deborah Fournier, Tracey

Fowler, Theresa M Fowler, Timothy J Fox, Sarah Frable, Jessica L Frable, Laura A Frable, Tyler W Francis, Hugh A Francis, Jessica L

Frankel, Kristin Franklin, Deborah A Franzelas, Amy N Fraser, David E Fraser, John Fraser, Lisa R Frazier, Carla M Frazier, Cordia M

Frazier, Joshua K Frazier, Kissena Freberg, David Frederick, Duane T Fredericq, Rachel M Freeman, Ginger N Freeman, Joshua Freitas, Kimberly D

Frejd, Ashley G French, Leah Friberg, Brian Friddle, Collins R Fridley, Joshua T Frie, Andrew S Friederichsen, Kelsie Friederichsen, Patricia L

Frierson, William Fritts, Monty Frye, Bryan S Fuell, Kiera Fukuhara, Joan Fulcher, Michael J Fuller, David P Fuller, Shemeika

Fulson, Marc Funk, Julianna M Fuqua, Joshua Fuqua, Michelle W Furman, Rachael M Furner, Emmitt M Furr, Jennifer Furtak, Debra C

Futch, Karon W Futch, Penny Futrell, Audrey A Gadson, Thomas Gafford, Beth A Gahagan, Kevin E Gahagan, Kyle Gaillard, Julianne E

Gaines, Denitra L Gaines, Hazel-Ann A Gaines, Joy D Gale, Jonathan A Galeone, Kiersten Gallagher, Patricia Galler, Susan Gallimore, Yelitza V

Gamble, Robert Gamble, Romeo A Gannon, Jeremy W Gannon, Jodi W Garcia, Aaron S Garcia, Adina V Garcia, Anika Garcia, Lorel

Gardin, Tyson Gardiner, Walter Gardner, Alicia Gardner, Alysha D Gardner, April Gardner, Keith R Gardner, Linda Gargiulo, Joseph A

Garland, Michelle Garlick, Katie P Garman, Richard W Garner, Alisheia Garner, Joseph P Garner, Katherine A Garner, Michael Garrett, Ashley M


Garrett, Isaiah M Garrett, Rhonda W Garrison, Dexter Garrison, Diane Garrison, Torrey Garthwait, Stanley Gary, Shanna N Garza, David R

Gasperini, Joseph H Gass, Brandy L Gaston, Elaine D Gatoura, Shawne Gatson, Charmere N Gatson, Shervanne Gatton, Jerry Gau, Claire K

Gauger, John M Gause, DaShawn M Gautier, Nicole L Gavulic, Alyssa Gay, Kerbie Gazaway, Spencer Gebremariam-Baraki, Roza Geer, Kristin M

Geffken, Daniel J Geiss, Stefanie Genova, Christy L Gensinger, Leslee R Gentry, Alison George, Amber George, Andrew M George, Coleen

George, Forest N George, Shawn M Gerner, Rebecca L Gibbons, Christy Gibbs, Charlon Gibson, Grace B Gibson, Morgan Gibson, Rebekah R

Gifford, David S Gigliette, Linda Gilbert, Christopher B Gilbert, Jeremy P Gilbert, Joel D Gilbert, Nathan D Gill, Amanda L Gill, Janet

Gilleand, Tim Gilley, Brett A Gilliam, John A Gillin, Stacy Gilmore, Charlotte Gilpin, Mackenzie L Gilyard-Tooley, Johanna E Gipson, Damien

Gittens, Dennis A Glanzman, Tanya Glass, Adrianne Glass, Anthony J Glass, Crystal Glass, Dexter Glass, Richard J Glover, Dashay

Goble, Daniel J Godlewski, Krista L Goff, Amanda N Goff, Rebecca Goh, Sally Goin, Chelsey L Goins, Camille L Goins, Erin M

Goins, Joseph Golden, LaMont Gomes, Joshua M Gonda, Troy C Gonzales, Christine Gonzales, Mary E Gonzalez, Daniel Gonzalez, Jonathan

Good, Gloria J Good, Sarah S Gooden, Rona L Goodman, David Goodman, Joshua F Goodson, Rebecca S Goodwyn, Zack C Gordon, Caleb

Gordon, Elaine S Gordon, Ira D Gordon, Judith Gordon, Kimberly N Gordon, Leslie E Gordon, Melissa Gordon, Robin A Gore, Sharon

Goshorn, Emma Goss, Charles S Goss, Jamie Gossett, Jason Gould, Evan C Gould, Kendra L Graham, Andrew J Graham, Christopher M

Graham, Mark P Graham, Michael D Graham, Tracey L Graham-Bailey, Kathy Grana, Allison Granda, Martin A Grant, Tabitha Grant, Thomas

Grant, Timothy Graves, Bobby R Graves, Kwanda Gray, Ed K Grays, Lynn Green, Anthony Green, Aquanda Green, Betsy

Green, Danilo Green, Darlene B Green, Micah Green, Steven A Greenan, Grace L Greene, Angelina E Greene, Boyce J Greene, Jonathan D


Greene, Laurice L Greene, Rachel Greene, Vernetta Greenwald, Marc J Greer, Paul B Greger, Jennifer A Gregoire, Chelsea Gregory, Cheryl L

Gregory, David A Gregory, Jim Gregory, Luxtracia Y Gregory, Rebecca V Gresh, Amanda M Gresh, Brianna R Grey, Alexander R Grey, Miranda

Grier, Darryl Griffin, Cindy Griffin, Dana M Griffin, Jennifer O Griffin, Jennifer Griffin, Kenya Griffin, Morgan Griffin, Nichole

Griffin, Taeyung R Griffin, Timothy Griffith, Billie Griffith, Bradley Griffith, Darries Griffith, Jessica Griffith, John P Griffith, Latoria

Grigg, Kelly Grignon, Meagann Grimm, John D Groh, Amy M Groome, Leslie Grubb, Chase Grubbs, John R Gruber, Karissa C

Gruner, Melanie K Grunert, Michaela A Gruver, Charles Guajardo, Ruben Guard, Ivette Guardia, Sergio R Guchu, Judith Guerra, Amanda L

Guerra, Willie Guess, Rondi Guice, Krystal Guidry, Kathleen Guiffreda, Daniel F Guill, Wendy A Guillen, Marylin C Guimond, Julie

Gunter, Lauren Gunter, Sarah Gurganus, Micki Guridy, Alicia M Gurung-Johnson, Sajana Gutierrez, Rafael Gutowski, Steven Guy, Sheila R

Gvardijan, Kathy Gwaltney, Keith W Gwynn, Valerie B Gyimah, Kwesi Ha, Seung-Yong Haberly, Timothy Haberman, Sarah Hache, Jason

Haddad, Lana J Hadley, Christina M Hadley, Timothy F Hagelberger, Milton Hager, Lindsey Hagler, Jeremiah Hagler, Laura B Hahn, Brian

Hahnenkamp, Deborah Hain, Frank Haire, Amber C Hairston, Marcia T Hairston, Teressa Hakam, Haamid A Halchak, Vicki Hale, Julie M

Haley, Allison Haley, Zachary Hall, Darnette L Hall, Holly Hall, Janet Hall, Jennifer L Hall, Kelley A Hall, Marilyn

Hall, Rolanda Hall, Sherita D Hall, Starr Y Hall, Susan M Hall, Valencia L Hall-Johnson, Jilan Hallam, Jeannette Hallisey, Michael

Halloran, Rebecca Halsey, Curtis N Haltom, Brianna E Halverson, Dove Halvorson, Stephanie M Ham, Kenneth A Hamblin, Nathan C Hamel, Mark

Hamilton, Betty Hamilton, Hunter Hamilton, Marisa Hammac, William A Hammack, Julie B Hammett, Ronnie Hammond, Audrey G Hammond, Craig W

Hammond, Donisa Hammond, Kevin P Hammond, Vaughn M Hammonds, Carlos Hampton, Brandon M Hampton, LeKisha C Han, Choong Gi Han, Hwalih


Han, Laura Hancock, Emily G Hancock, Michael E Hancock, Michael R Hand, Brennan F Hand, Katherine Hanley, Karen F Hanson, Adrianne

Hara, Craig K Harbour, Brian W Harbour, Dawn M Harbuck, Henry R Harbuck, Michael A Harcup, Blake M Harden, Herschel C Harder, Alyssa N

Hardiman, William V Hardin, Christy Hardin, Oceanous T Harding, Tiffany Hardy, Charles Hardy, Kathy Hardy, Sharon Hare, Phillip L

Harkey, Meghan Harless, Jon T Harm, Benjamin J Harmon, Carla Harmon, Joe L Harms, Daniel R Harpe, Jennifer L Harper, Catherine L

Harper, Laura K Harper, Scott A Harper, Theresa L Harpootlian, Sarah L Harrell, Christine Harrelson, Mike Harrichand, John Harrid, Richard

Harriel, Williestine Harris, Adam D Harris, Adrienne Harris, Amber E Harris, Andrew L Harris, Avone Harris, Charles Harris, Christina C

Harris, Gordon D Harris, Heide K Harris, Jonathan E Harris, Lakisha M Harris, Mary C Harris, Mathew L Harris, Mia D Harris, Nathan W

Harris, Pamela Harris, Patrice Harris, Renell N Harris, Starr D Harris, Tensis Harris, Tyler J Harrison, Jenny W Harrison, Kenya M

Harrison, Louis R Harrison, Mary Harrison, Michelle M Harrison, Sherwood M Harrypaul, Daniel Malcolm Hart, Bradley T Hart, Jasmine Y Hart, Philip D

Hartburg, Craig Hartman, Cassandra A Hartmann, Jennifer Hartzog, Melva Harvey, Carol A Harvey, Crayman Harvey, Gerald D Harvey, Jerry

Harvey, Jordan E Harvey, Larhonda W Harvey, Renee A Harville, Timothy W Harwell, Kenneth L Hasty, Jeremy W Hatchell, Ronji H Hatfield, Megan M

Hatten, William T Haug, Marcia K Haumann, Rosheen Hauswirth, Kristin Havens, Jennifer R Havens, Nathan R Hawbaker, Lindsay Hawkins, Ashley L

Hawkins, Kelley E Hawkins, Keyanna Hawkins, Susan T Hawks, Corbett Hayes, Ashante L Hayes, Brittany Hayes, Cindy Hayes, Heather A

Hayes, Rebecca Haygood, Ashley E Haymaker, Dustin J Haynes, Joy Haynes, Krissandra Haynes, Shannon N Haywood, Dionne M Hazel, Gretha

Hazelwood, Artimease L Headen, Stephanie Heaney, Shawn Heap, Heather Heard, Lauren Hearn, Crystal Heath, Mary Heaton, Byron

Heckert, Jason G Heckman-Sauer, Barbara Hedrick, Mary K Hegel, Eileen E Heidig, Rayella Heil, Steph Heilker, Eric Heintzelman, Katherine N


Heiple, Stephene Helein, Richard Helmintoller, Angela L Helms, Danielle Heltzel, Nathan Helvig, Ryan C Hemphill, Vickie Henderson, Angela

Henderson, Don M Hendley, Neodesha Hendricks, Amy Hendricks, Kema D Hendrickson, Carol Hendsbee, Lynn M Henry, Kellie Hentnik, Eric R

Hentschel, Amber M Hernandez, Enuel Hernandez, Jose E Herndon, Tiffany Herr, Christina A Herridge, Kristen Herring, Angela Herron, Joshua

Herron, Tonia Herschel, Tammy M Hershberger, Carissa J Hertzer, Darren J Hesseling, Stephania L Hester, Daniel S Hester, Linton Heston, Sarah

Hewitt, Michele D Hewitt, Timothy Hewlett, Angela D Hewlett, Cheri L Heyer, Tarah Hibbard, Robb A Hibbard, Tabitha J Hibbett, Kristin

Hickman, Laurie G Hicks, Bellmon D Hicks, Chassidy N Hicks, Hilary L Hicks, Patrick J Hicks, R K Hicks, Rachel M Hicks, Wesley

Hickson, Meesha N Hickson, Robert S Higginbottom, Meredith Higgins, Stacey M Highsmith, George K Hight, Stephanie Hiler, Glen Hiles, Larry P

Hill, Annette E Hill, David J Hill, Gwendolyn W Hill, Jamon D Hill, Keith D Hill, Lashunda Hill, Marshawna Hill, Natalyn P

Hill, Paula T Hill, Steven K Hillis, Bartley Hine, Emily N Hiner, Margaret Hines, Carlos M Hines, Labonne Hines, Matthew A

Hines, Paige H Hinkley, Felicia B Hinkley, Thomas P Hinson, Dexter A Hipp, Jim Hitchcock, Kathrin Hite, Jason R Hite, Jessica M

Hixson, Faith Ho, Yun Hobbs, Devron Hobbs, Miquela D Hobbs, Robert E Hobbs, Stefanie Hockensmith, Matthew J Hockman, Rana

Hodge, Danielle S Hodges, Bethany A Hodges, David Hoffman, Brian J Hoffman, Jeff Hoffmann, Kathryn M Hogan, Thomas Hogsten, William A

Hogue, Tametra Hoilman, Courtney C Holderfield, Kristin N Holland, Dennis Holland, Erica L Holland, John P Holland, Tammy M Hollingsworth, Tracy

Holloway, Ashley Holloway, Chambers R Holloway, Daniel J Holmes, Joseph Holmes, LaDonna P Holmes, LaToya M Holmes, Laura A Holt, Anthony J

Holzer, James B Homan, Leslie A Hong, Ki Ja Hong, Seog Hyun Hong, Sungsoo Honnold, Beth Hood, Cezanne Hood, Christine L

Hood, Cordell M Hooks, Lisa Hooper, Brian P Hooper, Crystal S Hooper, Jonah Hoover, Mark Hope, Tygress Hopely, Mark R


Hopely, Matthew R Hopkins, Ernest Hopkins, Nathan L Hopkins, Nicole M Hopkins, Terry Hopper, Amie S Hornbaker, Cindy J Horne, Corenzo

Horne, Dana L Horne, James A Horne, Sarah E Horrocks, Sarah Horsley, Latoya L Horton, Audra Horyn, Jadan Hosch-Martin, Juanita

Hosler, Eric F Houck, Elizabeth House, Ryan Houston, Rickey L Hout, Brenda L Howard, Ardretta Howard, Melanie R Howell, Lacey

Howell, Leo Hoyt, Tanner K Hubach, Anne G Hubbard, Dominique A Hubbard, Gary P Huddleston, Alex J Huddleston, Claudia A Hudmon, Dean

Hudnall, Hannah N Hudson, Allyson N Hudson, Cynthia W Hudson, Jared Hudson, Jennifer K Hudson, Katie L Hudson, Laura Hudson, Lee J

Hudson, Maladean Hudson, Marc Huff, Charles R Huffman, Amy D Huffman, Courtney M Huggett, Larrisa K Hughes, Caleb D Hughes, Davida F

Hughes, Jessica Hughes, Stephanie L Hughes, Tanya Huie, Timothy E Human, Matthew Humphrey, Aliya Humphrey, Morgan E Humphreys, Heather

Hundley, Dennise J Hunsley, Bryan D Hunt, Brittany Hunt, Hannah R Hunt, Heather M Hunt, Michael A Hunt, Stephanie Hunter, Gloria

Hunter, Gregg G Hunter-Brown, Stephanie R Hurd, Joseph A Hurston, Allison Hurt, Robert Huseby, Josh Hutcheson, Kelvin Hutchins, Jessica N

Hutchins, Lex Hutchins, Nicholas Hutchison, Amanda Hutsenpiller, Shiela Hutson, Phil Hutto, Pamela N Hutton, Ryan Hwang, Geun Bae

Hyatt, Stephanie Hyde, Mark Hyden, Cory M Hylland, Julie Hyman, Carolyn R Hyska, Kimberly A Icard, Kimberly Ickes, Amy J

Ifill-Fraser, Nicola S Igbinoba, Lucky Ikeakanam, Derby-Nuel Ilarraza Rivera, Jose A Ingram, Daniel R Inman, Anna-Marie H Interial, Nathan J Iredia, Jasmine

Ireland, Jerry Irons, Tiffany N Irvin, Andrea Isaac, Carrie Isbell, Bradley L Isbell, Malinda Isom, Angela Ivey, Jana D

Ivory, Shelia Jabbour, Michelle Jackson, Alexandrea J Jackson, Charlene Jackson, Christopher J Jackson, Darin S Jackson, Jerilyn Jackson, Kami

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson,

LaTonya Lorenzo O Marisa Michelle A Rachel A Robert Shalonda Shawn

Jackson, Skye Jackson, Terronda L Jackson, Tierra Jackson, Tori S Jackson, Tynesia D Jackson, Wanda Jacky, Robert Jacobs, Fred


Jacobs, Tricia A Jacques, Dayana Jaecks, Lora Jaggars, Ashley D James, Adrienne James, Crystal E James, Denise James, Johna L

James, Kari B James, Kelly James, Phillip L James, Samantha E Jansen, Nicholas Jardines, Albert Jarrad, Sarah Jarvis, Bobbie H

Jeffcoat, Wilber Jeffers, Charles R Jefferson, Kenya Jelinek, Rebekah Jemmott, Deshawn N Jemmott, Jessica C Jenkins, Kendra J Jenkins, Marques A

Jenkins, Natalie Jenkins, Percy Jenkins, Ricky D Jenkins, Ruby C Jenkins, Thomas Jennings, Elizabeth Jennings, Kristina D Jenny, Chasity

Jensen, Jacklyn Jeon, Gean Guk Jeon, Sin Soo Jeoung, Jang W Jernigan, Donna Jernigan, Joseph W Jervis, Lacey Jesse, Paul G

Jessee, Crystal K Jewell, Jonathan B Jewell, Ken Jimmerson, David Jin, Ik Jae Joachim, Stephanie L Joe, Rashanda Johnekins, Alethea F

Johnke, Joshua L Johnke, Tiffany N Johns, David W Johns, Jennifer Johns, Paul A Johns, Robert Johnson, Angela C Johnson, Anthony L

Johnson, Brittany J Johnson, Carla S Johnson, Christen A Johnson, Debra Johnson, Eric M Johnson, Ethel Johnson, George A Johnson, Gordon B

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Jahsid Jasmin Javaughn C Jessica Joannah Joseph F Kathy-Ann G Kimberly L

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Kristen Leslee M Marcela Matthew Michele Nakita Nichole Pamela

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson,

Pamela Randall K Rebecca Rebekah Sarah R Sharon K Tanisha Tarnisha R

Johnson, Teresa Johnson, Timothy L Johnson, William Johnston, Jamie Johnston, Kendra L Johnston, Laura A Johnston, Matthew K Johnston, Vickie

Jolie-Boaz, Noelle Jolley, Lyndsey Jones, Abenlemah B Jones, Amber H Jones, Andreton J Jones, Andrew Jones, Charlene Jones, Ciera J

Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones,

Claire K Cory A Delisa J Dina L Donna Felisha James M Jeff

Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones,

Kari Karyna L Kathie A Kellen P Kevin C Kim Lakisha Laura E

Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones,

Lisa Mary Michelle Monica Raynelle J Sara B Sheila R Tandra


Jones-Gensel, Deborah Jones-Lewis, Sherica D Jordan, Andrew S Jordan, Beth A Jordan, Christy Jordan, Daniel Jordan, Latoya E Joseph, Dave C

Joseph, Jorshe A Josephs, Anastasia H Josephs, Faith A Josephs, Jonathan M Joy, Kristina Joyce, Mary Joyner, Peter W Joyner, Tameshia D

Ju, Grace E Jubin, Michael Juettner, Andrew V Jun, Jea Soung Jung, John Justice, Greg P Justice, Katie Justice, Philip A

Kacan, Rachel Kahler, Alyssa Kahn, William A Kaikala-Gilbreath, A Kain, William H Kaker, Ronald Kaleli, Jones M Kalina, Sarah

Kane, Morgan B Kang, Dong Hyun Kang, Hyung Jun Kang, Jaewook Kang, Jungil Kang, Seung Hun Kang, Seungeui Kanne, Lisa

Kappler, Paige M Karnavas, Zachary G Karner, Benjamin A Karon, Kelsey L Kassinger, Samuel Kastroll, Emily H Kastroll, Herman C Katzenmaier, Jennifer

Kauffman, Angie Kauffman, Kurt A Kauffman, Melissa J Kaur, Amandeep Kay, Chris Kaye, Jimmy W Kayne, Kathryn Kearns, Lauren M

Keaton, Phyllis F Keeler, Bonnie H Keene, Kristin T Keeney, Christen E Kees, Erin E Keimig, Sarah I Keiser, Colleen Keister, Elizabeth M

Keith, Alissa R Keith, Andrew P Keith, Justin M Keller, Andrew P Kelley, Lisa Kelley, Rebecca Kellogg, Joshua J Kelly, Ashley N

Kelly, Bretta D Kelly, Edmond Kelly, Ellen Kelly, Jeanette Kelly, Kimberly S Kelly-Reid, Janice E Kemp, Christopher Kempker, Rachel

Kempner, Ana G Kendrick, Clayton T Kennedy, Christopher B Kennedy, James M Kennedy, Monica Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, Yvette M Kennemer, Marisa L

Kennerly, Carol Kent, Courtney N Kent, Sharrika M Kerns, Steven R Kerr, Lauren C Kessler, Patricia R Key, Tangie N Keyes, Perry S

Keys, Jamie L Khakinah, Bildad Kidd, Matt Kidman, Yvette Kierpiec, Jamie Kilbourn, Aaron G Kilbourne, Brianne F Kilcrease, Thomas L

Kilgore, Allison L Kilgore, Brianna L Kilgore, Lisa Killen, Hannah J Kim, Amy Kim, Faith Kim, Gun Young Kim, Hyo Seop

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,

Hyong Joo Insun Ji Soo Jinchul Jinse John Joon-Mo Keeyoung

Kim, Sang Jun Kim, Sonia H Kim, Sung Hoon Kim, Tae Sun Kim, Yuneun Kimball, Lynn Kime, Bethany S Kincaid, Gregory A


Kincaid, Lynn W Kindley, Paige E King, Amanda L King, Karyn King, Kyle P King, Marian L King, Matthew M King, Oper

King, Whitney Kirby, Matthew T Kirk, Bruce M Kirk, Christina P Kirk, Jonathan Kirkland, Pernell Kirkley, Amanda N Kirkpatrick, Christine

Kirkpatrick, Ryan Kirschnick, Kim Kirwan, James Kiser, Shannon O Kisseloff, Paul Kitchell, Laura D Kitchens, Leonard K Klieber, Linda

Klika, Jessica Klinetop, David Klingmeyer, Kevin M Klopp, Megan Klose, Arthur Klugh, Jennifer M Knapp, Adam R Knapp, Misty M

Knef, Andrew Knight, Angela G Knight, Glenda Knight, James C Knight, Katie E Knight, Shannon Koch, Christine A Koehler, Wanda

Koester, Jeremiah T Koester, Rachel E Koewler, Brad Koewler, Erin Kohler, Patricia L Kolars, Ben Kolb, Rachel L Kongpetch, Panida

Kook, Jeongung Koon, Terry Koonce, Nelson R Koss, Elizabeth T Kotsko, Jay Kowalczyk, Nicole Kramer, Alan Z Kramer, David

Kraus, Debra Krein, Ditmar Kreis, Hershel L Krieger, Cody R Krimmel, Melissa R Krop, Justin A Krug, Adam J Kruger, Tammy J

Kruidenier, Jennifer L Kruse, Bobbie L Kruse, Patricia J Krynski, Mark Kuhn, Evie Kuhns, Lynn Kujanpaa, Charlene Kumnji, Nicole

Kurtz, Kevin Kurtz, Travis R Kuss, Stephanie H Kwak, Tae Hee Kyle, Ian K Lacey, Isaac T Lademann, Bradley Ladnier, Vanessa C

Lafser, Garen Lagares, Juan Carlos Lai, Chinh Laidlaw, Saundra O Laidlow, Conrad Lake, Elia A Lakey, Shane Lakvold, John

Lam, Aron Lamar, Angela Lamb, Larry Lambert, Ryan R Lambert, Trent Lamey, Jack H Lanata, Kelly N Lance, Justin

Lance, Kerry Land, Steven C Landes, Ashley Landrum, Edwanda Lane, Benjamin C Lane, Cynthia D Lane, Melissa Lang, Larene

Langlais, Amanda G Langteau, James Langworthy, Paul Lantz, Mary D Lanum, James Lapointe, Danielle R Larkin, Matthew W Larry, Triaka

Larsen, Karen S Larson, Bill R Lasher, Patrick T Lassiter, Kametra S Lassiter, Travis J Lau, Marcus Lau, Yat-Por Law, Jennifer

Law, Kenneth C Lawhorn, Amanda Lawler, Aaron Lawless, Timothy C Lawrence, Betty A Lawrence, Kyle Lawrence, Michael Lawton, Ashlee


Layer, Jessica L Layne, Debbie Y Le, Jonathan Leach, Rebekah M Leach, Terresa League, Lisa Leandre, Jean M Lear, Danielle N

Lear, Helen Learue, Rachal Leblanc, Laurine LeClair, Ashley Ledesma, Francisca Ledford, Suzanne Lee, Allen A Lee, Byron

Lee, Byung Ri Lee, Chang Seok Lee, Changha Lee, Dooho Lee, Eun Ho Lee, Gi Woong Lee, Ho Jung Lee, Hyuk

Lee, Kaitlin T Lee, Kang H Lee, Kang Kuk Lee, Mary A Lee, Michael A Lee, Phillip Lee, Rachel N Lee, Scott

Lee, Tim A Lee, Timothy D Lee, Woo Shik Lee, Youn Sik Leeds, Ryan M Leenman, James J Leffew, Kathryn J Legg, Holly

Lehigh, Coleen Lehman, Mark Lehmann, Kathleen O Leigh, Deelynn Leigh, Louis S Leinart, Jared D Leineweber, Philip R Leitzinger, Lori

LeJune, Bethany Lemmi, Giancarlo P Lemmon, Eric Lemon, Paul R Lemon, Tara L Lenington, Jeffrey S Lennon, LaToya S Lenore, Quintrel S

Leonard, Nicholas B Leone, Rena S Leopard, Jessica Leopold, Lucas T Lesesne, Leah C LeShea, Andrea Lester, Debra Lester, Jonathan B

Levie, Steven Lewald, Scott L Lewellyn, Casey J Lewis, Brandon R Lewis, Denise Lewis, Derwin Lewis, John V Lewis, Michelle N

Lewis, Nickolas Lewis, Rose M Lewis, Stefan B Lewis, Terrilyn Li, Benjamin Liberty, Dawn Lickey, Adam Lightner, Joseph A

Lillard, Sara Q Lilly, Roscoe J Lim, Jang Soon Lim, Scott N Lindsay, Karen Lindsey, Andrea M Lindsey, Marcell Lineweaver, Darrin L

Link, Barry J Linville, Elizabeth Linza, Keegan Lipscomb, Barbara A Lipscomb, Barry Lipscomb, Bonnie J Lipscomb, Tabatha Lipscombe, Leela

Liscum, Steven Littler, Josh Littleton, Christie Llossas, Sherrie Lloyd, Jeannie M Lloyd, Jessica E Lobaina, Erin L Lobaina, Orlando

Lobb, Jaime Locklear, Connie Locklin, Bert Logan, Karen Loht, Monica L Loman, Lauren A London, Amy London, Leslie M

Lones, Monica R Long, Ashton Long, Hunter D Long, Jacob Long, Justin T Long, Laura Long, Randy L Long, Russell

Longmore, Matthew Loose, Carrie Lopez, Anthony F Lopez, Jessica Lopez, Vincente Lopez, Vincente Lorah, Tracy Lord, John W


Lormis, Jeremy A Loth, Rebecca Louis, Samara S Love, Charles E Love, Holly D Love, Kenneth D Lovelace, Rachael Loveland, Larry

Loverton, Fidel Lovitt, Kory Lowe, Glen A Lowman, Dianne K Lowman, Keri Lowman, Patrick Lowrey, Brett Loy, Douglas R

Loyd, Mackenzie Lucas, Amy J Lucas, Stephanie Lucchini, Athos Luck, Wendy Luckey, Matthew A Ludd, Tameka C Ludwick, Olivia

Luebbert, Shari Lully, Zerbraw Lunde, Rebecca M Lundstrom, Timothy P Lunsford, Amanda Lunsford, Lynne M Luper, William Lupo, Brandon J

Lupo, Rachel L Lusk, Marcus Luthman, Nicholas Lybarger, Joelle Lykes, Carl D Lyles, Sharon B Lymberopoulos, Jennifer L Lynch, Tanza

Lynn, Jeffrey H Lynn, Mercy J Lyons, Anna Lyons, Christopher Lyons, Emily D Lyons, Jennifer Lyons, Myron Ma, Doyeong

Macasa, Michael J Macasa, Pamela MacDonald, Diane Macdonald, Loretta L Macey, Rae J Macinnis, Josie M MacIntyre, Ian T Mack, Elise

Mack, Teresa A MacKenzie, Julia Mackins, Tammy L MacLeod, Alicia K MacMoyle, Benjamin Madara, Shannon A Maddah, Roxanna J Madding, Brooke A

Maddox, Manuel G Madero, Andrew J Madibo, Kenetra Madison-Hemphill, Lakeisha Madkins, Alessia F Madrigal, Eddie Madry, Calita J Magnuson, Sarah

Mahan, Rebecca E Mahan, Theresa A Mahle, Rebecca E Maiden, Candace Maier, John Maimone-Cruz, Nina Mains, Angela Maki-Rydland, Nicole L

Makin, Kristi Malan, Stephenie A Malcolm, Brock H Mallalieu, Sara A Mallo, Brittany N Malloy, Devin C Malone, Anna Malone, Brenda

Maloy, Karen Malozzi, Craig M Malpass, Meredith Mamula, Kayla Maner, Misty Maness, Shannon Mangan, Cynthia Mangrum, Rick

Maningding, Debra J Manion, Buford M Manning, Felicia Manning, Matthew Manns, Sherille A Mansfield, Laura J Manuel, Ashlie N Mapp, Shanik

Marble-Smith, Sharon D Marcotte, Christine Marcus, Noel A Marin, Anastacio B Marinos, Meghan M Markham, Tonya Marquardt, Todd Marroquin, Victoria E

Marselus, John E Marsh, Hannah M Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall, Emily Marshall, Marvin P Marsico, Maria A Marston, Maggie Martens, Cindy L

Martens, Margaret Martens, Mark W Martin, Aaron C Martin, Aaron Martin, Abbie N Martin, Alison Martin, Andrew D Martin, Claude


Martin, David R Martin, Derrick F Martin, Garrett A Martin, Kendall Martin, Kimberly A Martin, Lantz Martin, Laura Martin, Leon

Martin, Nathaniel L Martin, Owen Martin, Ryan Martin, Sharla H Martin, Takeshia Martin, Timothy P Martin, Vance Martin-Flowers, Shirley A

Martin-Miklinski, M R Martinez, Ezekiel D Martinez, Melissa S Martinez, Miguel Martinez, Odalys Martinez, Stephanie T Marvel, Aaron L Mash, Misty

Mashburn, James M Mason, Douglas C Mason, Keyana J Mason, Richard Mason, Stephen A Mason, Thomas Mason, Tiffany D Mass, Kedric

Massey, Glenna Massie, Dierre A Mast, Sara Matera, Laura E Mathew, Abraham Mathews, Nichole Mathia, Rebecca L Mathia, Timothy E

Matis, Denise M Matthews, Cynthia L Matthews, Kismet K Mattingly, Rebecca D Mattson, Roy Matz, Robert Mauldin-Bell, Jan Mavunga, Albert T

Maweu, Faith M Maxwell, Christopher Maxwell, Constance D Maxwell, Nicole S Maybury, Mitchell D Maye, Joshua I Mayer, Jason A Mayers, Leigh

Mayfield, Justin Mayfield, Ryan L Mayfield, Wyndie S Mayhall, C W Mayhand, Elizabeth C Maylum, Rebecca Maynard, Jennifer M Mayo, Alma M

Mayo, Jay N Mayo, Jodi L Mays, DeMia Mays, Krystal D Mays, Omar M Mayson, Anthony Mc Allister, Calyna Mc Allister, Christopher R

McAmis, Tommy J McBride, Kylie Mcbride, Melissa McBride, Yolanda K Mccallum, Andrew McCallum, Patricia M McCard, John F McCarty, Addison K

McCarty, Morgan E McCaslin, Chris McCauley, David R McClain, Joshua D McClanahan, Daniel G McClarty, Jennings McClenney, Alishia McCloskey, Corrin L

McClure, Jennifer McCombe, Stacey McCord, Kristy A McCormick, Brynn M McCoy, Beth McCrary, Megan McCraw, Sydney P McCroskey-Friend, Melita

McCuiston, Josie D McCusker, Amanda L Mcdonald, Bonnie McDonald, Daniel L McDonald, Monica McDonough, Kimberly M McDowell, Lorrie D McFadden, Dennis

McFarland, Rafael J McFarland, Timothy B McGee, Caleb S McGee, James E McGee, James Mcghee, Anthony McGinnis, Valerie N McGouldrick, Jason J

McGrath, Lauren H McGuire, Christopher McGuire, Kelly A McGuire, Michael McGuirk Middendorf, M Mcinnis, Jaquanna McIntosh, Timothy A McIntyre, Gretchen N

McIntyre, Paul McIntyre, Tanya McKay, James M McKee, Brooke A McKelphin, Keith McKenzie, Jeff McKenzie, Valerie A McKinley, John R


McKinney, Scott Mckoy, Rick L McLaren, Susan Mclaughlin, Erik McLaughlin, Jordan S McLaughlin, Justin McLaughlin, Kristy A McLaughlin, Lisa

McLaughlin, Robert McLaughlin, Timothy M Mclaurin, Josh McLendon, Robert McMahan, Adrienne T McMillian, MyiShanka A McMinn, James M McMullin, Anaisabel

McNair, Lana Mcneal, Nancy L McNeill, Sharon McPeek, Kristine McPherson, Alistair McSwain, Sakeena A McSweeney, Krista G Mcwain-Ferguson, Tokitha P

Mead, Cameo Meade, Jeffrey W Meadors, Carolyn Meadows, Kristina A Meany, Aaron R Mears, Gregory S Meckley, Ashley E Medina, Anitra

Medley, Ruth J Medlin, Lindsey N Mehl, Jessie Melara, Elisa R Melendez, Julie Melkioty, Elaine Mellas, Marina Mello, Brianna M

Melton, Tammy Melville, Amy Melvin-Lewis, Tynisha Mendez, Ayla V Mendez, Gwen A Mendez, Jonathan A Menjivar, Maria Merchant, Brandy

Mercier, Johnny Meredith, Courtney Meredith, Scott M Meringolo, Mary Merrick, Justin C Merrick, Verity R Merrill, Nathan C Merry, Joshua

Merschen, Richard Mertz, Brian C Merwin, Carmen Merwin, Oliver J Merz, Christopher Meservy, Matthew D Messarge, Robert J Messerer, Donald J

Metcalf, Brett Mewhorter, Matthew Michaels, Shawn P Micheal, Dwight B Michel, Alex Middleton, Brittany Middleton, Debra W Middleton, Joseph C

Midgett, Kaitlyn Miear, Kristina L Mikell, Lee S Mikkelsen, Kathleen Milacci, Sarah L Milam, Renea N Milanowski, Ivy Jo-Wei Milks, Bradley A

Milks, Brandon R Milks, Chelsea J Miller, Alexander V Miller, Amanda B Miller, Callie Miller, Carlotta R Miller, Christina Miller, Christopher J

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Clint Connie Crystal S Dale W Dana M David E Deborah Donna

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Dustin J Edward D Edwin W Elliot R Heather L Joseph D Joshua L Kathren E

Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller,

Kathryn M Kelly S Ken D Laura Lindsay N Nikia C Peter J Rebecca

Miller, Ryan D Miller, Scott A Miller, William E Miller-Wooden, DeAnna Mills, Carolyn H Mills, David Mills, John Mills, Jonathan A

Mills, Melissa Mills, Melody B Millwood, Courtney E Milo, Lindsay Milton, Dawn Milton, Kevin L Mimande, Kathleen L Mimande, Kevin J


Mims, Diana L Minite, Lauren Minter, Chad Miranda, Edmund M Misiano, Mark D Miskelly, Francis T Mitchell, Chad Mitchell, Curtis

Mitchell, Deborah C Mitchell, Kailee Mitchell, Lee C Mitchell, Michael M Mitchell, Philip Mitchell, Stephen Mitchell, Tyler Mobley, Aaron W

Mobley, Terry Moebs, Michael Moffit, Shannon Mohammed, Trudy A Mohr, Shelli R Mohrmann, Heather M Moisan, Daniel R Moitinho, Denise D

Monger, Marissa L Monroe, Russell R Monroe, Sarah E Monserrate, Veressa Monson, Matthew J Montague, Jacqueline Montgomery, Karen E Montier, Nancy J

Montney, Ashley R Moon, Brandi Moon, Dilek R Moon, Eric A Moore, Anethia Moore, Angela Moore, Barbara M Moore, Brandon D

Moore, Cederick Moore, Charity Moore, Chris Moore, David Moore, Jennifer A Moore, Katherine Moore, Kathryn M Moore, Keisha M

Moore, La'Tisha D Moore, Mark Moore, Monique Moore, Phebe Moore, Ramsey H Moore, Raquel J Moore, Rhonda Moore, Savannah R

Moore, Terry L Moore, Travis Moore, Vance R Moore, Whitney Moore-Parker, Lynette Morales, Edward Morales, Elizabeth D Moreno, Arquisha

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan,

Brooke Jacob B Monica G Peter J Robert Shayla N Tiffany Willie J

Morgenlander, Michael Morin, Gregory S Moritz, Gary J Moroz, Timothy G Morris, Benjamin B Morris, Bobbie Morris, Bradley Morris, Brion

Morris, Carole S Morris, James Morris, Janelle Morris, Jessica Morris, Kaitlyn C Morris, Samantha Morrison, Michael L Morrison, Sarah B

Morrison, Shawn M Morse, Austin Morton, Carl W Morton, John Moser, Erin Moses, Anjennette Moshkowski, Melody Mosley, Patrina P

Mosley, Shalottie Mosley, Steven D Moss, Eleanor N Mostella, Donnisha Motte, Kristy A Motture, Rachel A Moubray, Robert B Moughton, Katherine E

Mounto Ehade, Aline C Mowbray, Holleigh Moyer, Scott Moyer, Sylvan A Moyo, Abiot M Mozdzanowski, Sandra Mozingo, John C Muise, Cherie

Mularski, Gordon Mulberry, Aubrey S Mull, Brian D Mull, Peggy L Mullinax, Cari Mullinax, Hillary Mullings, James Mullins, Ricky D

Mullins, Sara B Mullis, Blessing R Muniz, Francisco L Muniz, Jennifer Munlin, Cornell Munro, Cheryl Munson, Rachel Murfin, Deborah


Muriithi, Nikole Murnane, Brittany L Murph, Andrew J Murphy, Daniel L Murphy, Erin E Murphy, Jodi L Murphy, Latoya Murphy-Fields, Rosemarie

Murray, Kevin Murray, Mindy Murray, Sharinetta N Murtha, Rebecca E Muscanero, Jeremy M Musselman, Debra L Musselman, Jessica L Musselman, Joshua P

Musselwhite, Chuck Musser, Andrew L Muszall, Alexis M Mwema, Kazembe F Myers, Brian E Myers, Deneisia Myers, Jeannie A Myers, Joshua M

Myers, Katherine E Myers, Mark J Myers, Sharon L Myrick, Candace Myrick, Kenneth R Nakahara, Gina Naquin, Glenn L Nash, Tiffani A

Nations, Rachel Naugle, Jeremy L Navarrete, Elissa A Naylor, Elizabeth J Nazeck, Stephen Neal, Adam Neal, Darren Neeley, Marcia

Neely, Kevin Neild, Melissa D Nelms, Magen R Nelms, Monecia M Nelson, Andrew Nelson, Courtney Nelson, Dutch Nelson, Jacqueline

Nelson, Jennifer L Nelson, Monique A Nelson, Nyisha Nelson, Timothy R Nelson-Brown, Sabrina Nemeth, Holly E Nemitz, David D Nesbitt, Julie L

Neuenschwander, Anne E Neuer, Joshua Neumann, Mandi M Nevius, Matthew Newman, Emily Newsom, Letesha N Newsom, Staci Newton, Abigail J

Newton, Matthew W Nezirovic, Alen Ngasura, P Nhira, Edwell N Nice, Lynette Nicely, Amanda L Nicely, Ashley Nichols, Leigh

Nicholson, Katherine Nickerson, Matthew W Nigh, Helen P Nimoh, Joseph Nino, Sarah-Lynn Nishimura, Marshall K Nivens, Scott Nix, April

Nix, Jason Nix, Matthew R Nix, Paul D Noble, Liza Noble, Sarah Noblett, Donald H Noel, Domingo Noel, Douglas A

Noel, Gesner Noel, Michael J Noffsinger, Michael Noland, Allyson Nolen, Emily Nolton, Christina Noonan Fitzgerald, Terry M Norris, John M

Norris, Lacey-Ann S Norton, Jessica Norvell, Leighton M Nottingham, Nicole A Novack, Joanna J Novell, Andrew D Nowell, Ashley N Nowell, Travis L

Nwankwo, Tiffany N Nylander, Thomas L O' Berry, Gregory L O'Berry, Travis V O'Brien, Nahum M O'Hara, Heather M O'Malley, Christie S O'Malley, Sharon L

O'Neal, Robert A O'Neal, Vanita Obadiah, Reuben K Oberlin, Timothy M Oberry, Cameron S Obichere, Lamika Ochs, Jill Odell, Brittany A

Odell, Helen D Odell, Matthew S Odell, Sean Odom, Mary A Ofenloch, Ryan M Ogden, Jordan Ogundiran, Victor Ohanenye, Madu


Ohemeng-Dapaah, Michael Ojuola, Folarinwa Okello, Katherine M Oliver, Amanda F Ollis, Darin E Olson, Christen E Olufotebi, Emmanuel O Olusegun, Olubusola O

Oman, Luke Omo Ogiefo, Douglas Ondrea, David L ONeal, Benjamin T Oney, Sarah Ore, Khateeta Orellana, Rubenia M Orfan, Constantine

Orges, David Orr, Susan M Orsag, Deana Orta, Rosalinda Ortiz, John R Ortiz, Pedro B Osakwe, Emmanuel N Osterhus, Craig

Ostling, Suzanne Ouzts, Angela D Overbaugh, Nicholas Overstreet, Lee E Overstreet, Mary B Owen, Brian K Owen, Christine M Owens, Amy

Owens, Benjamin T Owens, Earl Reese Owens, Julie Owens, Kelli Owens, Tina D Owusu, Mercy Pacheco, Claudia Padgett, Carla T

Padilla, Felix Paetz, Michael C Page, Lacie Page, Matthew S Page, Terri M Paglia, Alicia Paige, Kimberly H Palama, Dawn

Palkovics, Nancy M Palladino, Cailer L Palmer, Caron Palmer, Harvey R Palmer, Jessica Panasci, Tasha L Panida, Molly L Pannell, John

Pannone, Sarah J Panos, Catherine Paone, Jennifer L Papet, Louis M Pappas, William Pardner, Kyle M Parham, Chalonda Parisi, Nicholas J

Park, Dongjin Park, Huijae Park, Je-Ju Park, Jun Pil Park, Philip N Parker, Andrea E Parker, Christopher J Parker, Derek

Parker, Jessica K Parker, Jonathan M Parker, Kathy S Parker, Michelle D Parker, Monroe R Parks, Richard Parks, Victoria Parlos, Frederick R

Parnell, Christina L Parrish, Bryan C Parrish, Michael W Partridge, Charles Pasquale, Christopher Pasquito, Darielle H Passaglia, Peter J Pastor, Jessica

Pate, Beatrice Patrick, Donald Patrick, Rachel Patterson, Cheryl Patterson, Darrell J Patterson, Elizabeth J Patterson, Heather R Patterson, Sarah B

Patterson, Sherron M Patti, Matthew R Patton, Brandon M Patton, Wayne A Paul, Clyde H Paul, Elizabeth Paul, Roger A Paulauskas, Michelle V

Paultre, Yamilee Paxton, Kathryn C Payan, Carlos Payne, Christopher R Payne, Jennifer L Payne, Madison Payne, Rhemma Payton, Leroy

Payton, Marty W Peach, Fred Peacock, Kenneth A Peak, Juli A Pearce, Kelly Pearse, Ryan C Pearson, Krystle Pearson, Morris

Peavy, Daniel Peay, Carol Peck, Amy J Peckham, Renee R Pecore, Johnna Pecunia, Melissa A Pedroza, Dwayne P Peer, Kenneth A


Peery, Aaron W Peery, Tracy Pelham, Lindsay Pelot, Darren Pena, Kristen M Pendleton, Tammy T Penfold, Brianna K Penna, Tiffany D

Pepe, Katie Pepe, Steve Percival, Amanda Perdew, Luke Perez, Dennis Perez, Katrina A Perez, Mario O Perez, Rafael

Perin, Elizabeth G Perkins, Brandy N Perla, Caleb Perrin, Robert A Perry, Dierre A Perry, Douglas L Perry, Jeffrey M Perry, Nicholas S

Perry, Trecia Perry, William J Person, Stella Persons, Amanda C Pete, Nerine M Peters, Kenneth Peters, Kristin Peters, Ryan M

Peterson, Amanda L Peterson, Ashley V Peterson, Brad Peterson, Erika D Peterson, Faye Peterson, Felicia D Peterson, Jared D Peterson, Lindsey A

Peterson, Melvin Peterson, Robert A Peterson, Steven D Peterson-Fant, Liza Pettiford, Anika J Pfeffer, Renee Pfeiffer, Jessica L Pfenninger, Arlen L

Phelps, Jacqueline Phelps, Jonathan M Phelps, Kristen C Phelps, Ryan K Phelts, Lindsey C Philip, Alexandr Phillips, Aaron K Phillips, Chasity M

Phillips, Chester K Phillips, Christine Phillips, Cynthia A Phillips, Jesse Phillips, John Phillips, Patricia M Phillips, Robert T Phillips, Stacy

Phillips Rouse, Beverly Phillips-Markham, Tinka S Philmon, Trissi Philogene, Valissa Pickett, Sheena Pickle, Arika W Pierce, Christina R Pierce, Dessie

Pierce, Donita C Pignataro, Angela Pigott, Laura A Pigsley, Samantha Pikarsky, Matthew Pilant, Robert M Pilch, Iain M Pillow, Julia M

Pillow, Samantha R Piluso, Paul Pina, Elvia D Pineo, Helen Pines, Bridgett L Pinette, William S Ping, Geoffrey Pink, Shana

Pinkham, David A Pinkie, Elyse Piper, Kristen Pipkin, Rhonda Piquette, Cheryl D Pitter, Candace G Pittman, Rosa Pizzo, Erin

Plasterer, Sarah J Ploeg, Adam Plume, Ashley Plumlee, Martha M Plyler, Donda Poch, Amanda L Poe, Douglas G Poindexter, Beryle J

Poku, Kofi G Polhemus, Sherri Poling, Jeremy S Pollak, Nicholas Poluikis, Christopher G Poluikis, Peggie M Pomeroy, Jenny L Ponce, Maureen

Poprik, Sarah Porter, Ashley M Porter, Iyana Porter, Jason S Porter, Jennifer L Porter, Justin R Porter, Mariel A Porter, Sarah M

Potter, Audrea Potter, Travis L Potts, Julie Potts, William Powell, Benita H Powell, Clarence A Powell, Jason T Power, Vincent T


Prater, Ronald K Pratt, Mark Pratt, Stephanie Prayer, John Preece, Clifford J Pretlow, Bernice Preu, Ryan Preusser, Daniel

Price, Bruce T Price, Craig Price, Emilee C Price, Florence Price, Scott F Price, Stefanie N Prichard, Chad Pride, Melanie A

Prieto, Nicholas E Primas, Saffroun Primous, Izabia Pritchett, Natasha Privott, Jaleesa Prokop, John S Prosser, Marie Provost, Lawrence A

Prow, Ernest Pruett, Erin M Pruett-Ware, Tammy Pruitt, LaNekia Puckett, Elizabeth P Puckett, Micah W Puig, John R Pullen, Sara C

Purdie, Gene R Purdy, Charlotte Putnam, Wendy L Pye, Keri K Quartuccio, Benjamin J Quesenberry, Devin M Quilty, Shannon S Quinlan, Jacquinlan A

Quino, Cheeryl Quinones, Jorge L Quinones, Karla Quintero, Paola Rachael, Devin M Rackley, Austin T Rackley, Kevin M Radcliff, Eric B

Ragan, Sarah P Rager, Sandra E Ragland, Laurel A Rahn, Jennifer M Raines, Kristin M Raithel, Jacqueline R Rajpat, Lydia G Rakes, Melissa S

Ramirez, Kirk Ramirez, Krystal Ramos, Alexander I Ramsdell, Ronald D Ramsey, Bonnie Anne S Ramsey, Elizabeth Ramsey, Lucas W Ramsey, Natasha M

Ramsey, Robbie D Randall, Anthony M Randle, Ezra Randle, Sharmaine Randlett, Jennifer L Randlett, Paul H Randolph, Brent Rangel, Misty

Ranger, Darnell R Ransom, Rebekah L Rasberry, Lisa J Rasberry, Tamra L Rathkamp, Angela Rau, Karin Ravan, Joseph W Ravert, Margaret A

Rawlings, Krystal Rawson, Heather Ray, Hannah E Ray, LaToya V Ray, Maryanna L Ray, Michael Raybould, Amy J Rayburn, Eleonore

Raymer, Brittany N Raymond, Cassandra M Read, Don Reading, Bonnie Reamer, Sam W Rebert, Timothy P Rector, John Redd, Gregory

Reddick, Tiara A Reddish, Sandra Reece, Jason L Reece, Richie N Reed, Amanda L Reed, Christopher A Reed, Judith Reed, Kristin N

Reed, Latoya Reed, Samuel J Reed, Ty Rees, Timothy E Reese, Derrick Reese, Rico L Reeves, Anna Reeves, Michael

Reeves, Wendy Dawn Reeves-Denton, Megan A Reger, James W Register, Denise A Regner, Wendy Reich, Ashley A Reid, Cynthia Reid, Robert T

Reimer, Mary Reinarz, Vanessa C Reitenour, Nick Rendles, Monique Renquist, Sarah E Resleff, Carol Rexius, Shane L Reyes, Alexandro F


Reyes, Krysta E Reyes, Laura Reynolds, Alfred Reynolds, Danielle E Reynolds, Jennifer Reynolds, Lauren F Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds, Raeann E

Reynolds, Victor D Reynolds-Meade, Patricia Rhea, Ryan D Rhee, Semy Rheel, Dustin T Rhodenizer, Donna J Rhodes, Benjamin W Rhodes, Colt A

Rhodes, Jessica B Rhone, Penelope Rice, Dwight C Rice, Lydia M Rice, Samantha C Rich, Lyndsey A Richard, Kevin M Richards, Marie C

Richards, Teryn K Richardson, Diana Richardson, Lasonja Richardson, Stephen T Richardson-Spears, Porcia Richcreek, Alicia Rickenbacker, Tiffany Rickert, Eric

Rickert, Paul R Riddle, Wesley P Ridenour, Katie Ridenour, Tim A Ridges, Mae L Rife, Lori D Rigby, Samantha Rigsby, Enrique D

Riley, Patrick D Ring, Sara R Rios, Arabella Rios, Trina Riss, Chloe A Risulme, Francis W Ritchason, Alyssa M Ritchey, Brigitte M

Ritchey, Kristin Ritchie, Stephen Ritz, Bunny Ritz, Elizabeth K Rivera, Katherine A Rivera, Regenna D Rivera, Theodore F Rixon, Joseph R

Roach, Susan Robbins, Christopher D Robbins, Jeremy R Robbins, Robert M Roberson, Brian Roberson, Diane S Roberson, Jessica Roberson, Michael R

Robert, Lindsay D Roberts, Margit Roberts, Natalie Roberts, Shanon K Robertson, Anthony Robertson, Brad L Robertson, Brandi Robertson, Deon D

Robertson, Madison W Robertson, Michael Robertson, Ryan A Robinson, Atiba Robinson, Carole E Robinson, Christopher Robinson, Jeffrey M Robinson, Meredith

Robinson, Michael D Robinson, Nizhoni Robinson, Otis Robinson, Sara G Robinson, Saundra H Robinson, Seth L Robinson, Tasha Robinson-Yaw, Karen R

Rockinson-Szapkiw, A J Rodgers, Dawn R Rodgers, Penny Rodish, Cameron Rodriguez, Christian F Rodriguez, Jennifer Rodriguez, Nicole Rodriguez, Oscar A

Rodriguez, Priscilla Rodriguez-Lopez, J M Roe, Julie L Roeber, Rick Roebuck, Donald L Rogers, Alyse Rogers, Cortney Rogers, Craig J

Rogers, Linda M Rogers, Robert P Rogers, Sharon Rogers, Sharonda S Rogers, Starlah Roh, Kay S Roh, Paul Rolan, James E

Roland, Troy Rolkowski, Ashlee A Rolkowski, Eric Rollins, Christopher D Romain, Zachary Romeo, Laura Romero, Thomas B Romo, Karyn

Rook, Jessie L Roper, Antonio D Rosas, Bibiana Rosati, Sara Marie Rose, Calleen R Rose, Crystal C Rose, Karen Ross, Andrew S


Ross, Latoya R Ross, Melanie L Ross, Tammera D Rosser, Patrice M Roth, Bryon K Roth, Jessica I Roth, Jonathan Roth, Tamara M

Rouleau, Michael D Rountree, Melvin Rouse-Wilson, Roberta D Rovell, Angelia Rowe, David Rowe, Peggy Rowell, Rebekah G Roy, Justin

Royal, Brent P Royster, Debra Royster, Reba M Rucker, Kelley Rudolph, Christopher M Rueb, Colleen Ruecker, Mamta Ruffin, Ariel A

Ruiz, Lorraine Ruiz, Michele Rumble, Joseph Rumley, Tyler Runner, Jennifer M Rupe, Heather Rusk, Christopher J Russ, Megan

Russell, Abby E Russell, Brandon E Russell, Kristy R Russell, Laverne T Russell, Mylina Russell, Nathaniel I Russell, O'Neil K Rustchak-Meade, Tasha L

Ruth, Stephanie Ryan, Angelica T Ryan, Donna Sachtleben, Doug Sackey, Joseph Sales, Eric Sales, Leigh Salley, Sakinah

Salmeron, Amanda R Salmon, Gregory Samarakone, Denise Samora, Dina L Sampson, Michael S Sams, Derek M Sams, Rebecca Samson, Kristopher

Samuels, Terry D Sanborn, Molly Sanchez, Angela Marie Sanchez, Christine M Sanchez, Jose Luis Sandel, Christopher R Sanders, Adia H Sanders, Christian L

Sanders, Christy P Sanders, Heather Sanders, Mark A Sanders, Michael P Sanders, Nichole Sanders, Possia Sanders, Vonetta Sanders Frangoulis, Erica

Sandison, Holly S Sands, Dallace Sands, Shanika Santana, Yettel Santiesteban, Janeth B Santoro, Samantha J Sanzo, David Sapp, Christopher S

Sargeant, Douglas E Sargent, Carter K Sargent, Sarah A Sarinana, Tressa A Sarrell, Daphne M Sarvis, Shannon L Satterthwaite, Richard Sauder, Courtney S

Saunders, Brandon A Saunders, Douglas A Saunders, Joranna M Saunders, Suzanne Savini, Justin S Savini, Leslie J Saye, Kalley Sayres, Melissa R

Scales, Dallas Scalise, Brian T Scaturro, Jerome Schaefer, Rebecca L Schaeffer, Mary B Schafer, Justin P Schafer, Nicholas Schallmo, Matthew H

Schaner, Lee Ann K Schantz, Michael L Schemehorn, Wanda L Schemeley, Ashley M Schenk, Ashley R Scheren, William J Scherling, Sarah Schierberl, Zachary

Schirle, Janae D Schlenz, Jeffrey D Schmidt, Misty M Schmitt, James Schmoll, John Schnake, Lewis Schneider, Carly R Schneider, Floyd

Schoenrock, Gabrielle Schraf, Lindsay M Schroeder, Johannes Schulte, Jeffrey M Schultz, Donald G Schulze, Amanda Schwab, Vania P Schwecke, Benjamin


Schwedt, Rachel E Schweitzer, Gina B Schwendinger, Richard Schwenk, Nathan A Schwinn, Amy N Scolnick, Todd Scott, Bethany M Scott, Catherine A

Scott, Jason C Scott, Jason N Scott, Joseph A Scott, Karah A Scott, Kenneth Scott, Malissa D Scott, Phillip A Scott, Rachel A

Scott, Susan M Scott, Tim Scovell, Jonathan Scriven, Jamel L Scroggs, Weston Sears, Emery L Sears, Jennifer K Sears, Maxwell

Sears, Morgan Seay, Martin Sebastian, Ryan Sechelski, Haley Seckinger, Michael Sedam, Jennifer Seebalack, Michelle Seelinger, Debbie

Segebartt, Matthew P Seibert, Elizabeth M Seibert, Torrie C Seitz, Kelly T Self, Mallory A Self, Sally R Sellers, Edwina Semerano, Tiffany

Senecal, Joy L Seo, Minsung Sermons, Brandi K Serrano, Juan E Setliff, Erika L Setliff, Ryan M Setzer, Jeff Sever, Lindsey

Sewell, Dolores Sewell, Michael S Sexton, Cynthia L Sexton, David Seymore, Amanda Shackleford, Jeanne Y Shackleford, Wesley Shackleton, Tiffany K

Shadel, Conrad L Shaffer, Ashley Shaffer, Rachel Shaffner, Amber Shakour, James Shanklin, Jenece L Shanks, Dawn K Shannon, Brian L

Shannon, Erin E Shannon, Orlando L Sharkey, Patrick Sharpe, Joseph C Sharpe, Traci Shaver, Joanne Shaw, Amber Shaw, Michael J

Shealer, Andrea M Shelley, Amy Shelor, Robert E Shelton, Charity D Shelton, Christi S Shelton, Margaret T Shelton-Pullen, Steven W Shenkle, Michael T

Shenkle, Nina M Shepard, Edward J Shepherd, Chelsea Shepherd, Todd K Sherfield, Jacqueline Shetler, Thomas S Shields, Allyson Shields, Wendy J

Shin, Eun Joo Shin, Jueon Shipman, Jilian M Shipton, Ashley B Shisler, Rebecca L Shoemake, Angela R Shoemaker, Traci Sholes, Ruth K

Sholley, Sara W Shore, Miranda N Short, Amber M Short, Matthew R Short, Rebecca A Shortlidge, James T Shuler, Shanda D Shull, William

Shultz, Breanne L Siaji, Steven Sibert, Ashley B Sickler, Benjamin M Sieff, Catherine E Sieg, Samuel R Sifford, Jessica L Sightler, Natalie

Sihn, Dong Hoon Silcox, Katerina Siler, Betty Silver, Jamie Silverman, Howard Silvey, Lynda L Simmons, Alicia Simmons, DeOndra

Simmons, Gentry Simmons, Janelle Simmons, Yolanda T Simms, Jeff A Simon, Paul T Simone, Traci L Simonson, Amanda Simpkins, Ashley N


Simpkins, Welvin L Simpson, Chad E Simpson, Emily H Sims, Dejernet Sims, Taneshia V Singh, Haniel Singletary, Jan R Singleton, Michelle

Singleton, Rufus Sintayehu, Lilyana B Sipple, John A Sipple, Laura M Sirmons, Wendy Siwak, Christine Sizemore, Elizabeth Sizemore, Melody M

Skarren, Melinda J Skillman, Michael E Skotcher, Sarah J Skrine, Karen Skutt, Wayne Slabinski, Anthony Slade, Gwendolyn Slagle, Roy L

Slagter, Michael Slater, Miranda Slaughter, James R Slaydon, Danel J Sledge, Erika Sleighter-Furey, Nicole L Sloan, Natalie B Small, Glaysen A

Small, Melissa J Smalling, Hopeton Smalls, Latrice Smallwood, Jeffrey A Smallwood, Jimmy Smallwood, Seth A Smart, Stephanie S Smeltzer, Travis A

Smile, Melissa Smith, Adrianne S Smith, Amanda N Smith, Antonia D Smith, Ashley F Smith, Autumn R Smith, Barbara S Smith, Brittany N

Smith, Brittany Smith, Camille J Smith, Cassandra D Smith, Celeste Smith, Chelsi L Smith, Christopher D Smith, Dalesha Smith, Dana

Smith, Daniel A Smith, Daniel Smith, David M Smith, Dennis S Smith, Donald L Smith, Ernest A Smith, Esther G Smith, Ethan

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Faison H Felicia Gary A Grayson Gregory A Hannah Jason T Jessica

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Julian Katina LaToya Laverne Y Marco W Michael A Nicole B Pamela

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith,

Patrick D Richard S Robin Ryan Savai Shawn M Sonja Tiffany Y

Smith, Tim Smith, Torresy Smith, Trey Smith, Trina Smith, Victoria Smith, Yvette Y Smith-Heslop, Dana C Smith-Sims, Amber

Smyre, Patricia R Snead, Andrew Sneed, Bobby L Snell, Cameron Snoe, Stephen J Snoots, Nancy G Snovelle, Samantha R Snyder, Clarajean

Snyder, George M Snyder, Jonathan Snyder, Melinda Sobers, Terrence L Sobiesiak, Michael Soemer, Patricia Soistmann, Brian E Solarin, Danielle M

Sole, Cody D Solomon, Kermit Somerville, Benjamin E Son, Eun Chong Song, Byonghun Song, Yul E Sorgi, Kevin Soria, Kaylee L

Sotelo, Anthony D South, Robin Southall, Candace Southall, Justin Southard, Angela N Sowalla, Jason P Spalding, Travis Spangler, Dawn


Sparks, Adam J Sparks, Andy Sparks, Lindsey Sparks, Sarah H Sparrow, Julie Spear, David B Speas, Ruth M Speed, Yolanda

Spence, Emily Spencer, Bobby J Spencer, Lauren G Spencer, Parker J Spencer, Rohan K Sperry, Trisha A Spetter, Troy Spillar, Sarah E

Spinks, Revondia E Spivey, Kirstin E Sponsler, Jessica Spoon, Timothy L Sprague, Joseph Sprowls, Emily Spruce, Courtney C Squires, Lauren H

St Bernard, Erica St. Cloud, Anastasia E St.Clair, Sherrie Staats, Leah M Stacy, Barbara Stadler, Mark Stafford, Art Stafford, Max R

Stahl, Sarah E Stahlhut, Cornelia Stahre, Sara Stalder, Jeanne Stallings, Lindsay M Stallworth, Chericia Stam, Rebeca Stamper, Edmund J

Stanley, Rebecca Stanton, Timothy E Staples, Alani N Stapp, Leigh Ann N Starchia, Thomas A Stark, Mandy Starkey, Monterey A Starks, Alecia

Starks, Clint Starnes, Joshua W Startup, Lauren Statler, Laura Staton, Kalea M Staton, Nathaniel J Stavrianos, Aris A Stayton, Sarah

Steele, Amanda R Steele, Dennison M Steele, Pat Steenburg, Terry M Steenburgh, Erin L Stefani, George Steffes, Cory Stehman, Gregory T

Stein, Richard B Steinberg, Paul Stejanko, Martha M Stell, Douglas S Stelzer, Karl A Stephen, Pradeep E Stephens, Daniel W Stephens, Dawn R

Stephens, De'Lara K Stephens, Janet R Stephens, Quiandra D Stephens, Viola S Stephenson, Surprize M Steppe, Charles L Sterling, Darial Stermer, Jennifer L

Sterner, Jillian Stevens, Bonnie Stevens, Ilissa M Stevens, Kristina E Stevens, Matthew S Stevens, Matthew T Stevens, Phillip H Stevens, Rebecca

Stevens, Tricia G Steward, Shakiya Stewart, Ashley Stewart, Christopher L Stewart, Donald Stewart, Heather C Stewart, Jeanette Stewart, Jill

Stewart, Terrelle N Stieg, Christopher B Stienbarger, Gregory A Stinnette, Abbey R Stipp, Lisa Stivers, Wendy Stockwell, Craig S Stockwell, Kimberly

Stokes, Antenette Stokes, Christopher J Stokes, Deanna M Stone-Lamb, Jessica J Story, Kristen V Stotler, Adam W Strachan, Michelle N Straw, Wesley M

Streetman, Rebecca Streets, Rashad Strickland, Jill Strickland, Teresa V Strickland, William Strong, Terry Stroud, Jason E Stroud, Meagan M

Strout, Jennifer L Struble, Brittany M Struble, Kevin D Stuart, Antwaun L Stuart, Sarah Stubblefield, Emily E Stukes, Valencia Stull, Anastasia


Stultz, Jennifer L Sturgill, Lisa Stuttler, Brian K Stutts, Anna Stuurmans, Sarah Styles, Frederick D Suarez, Jorge L Suarez-Morgenlander, N

Suder, Emil R Suders, Sheila S Suggs, Laura Sullivan, Robert P Sullivan, Stacy Summers, Amber Summers, Becky Summers, Rebecca

Summerset, Angelique R Summy, Michael S Sumner, Jennifer L Sumpter, Tina M Suri, Jenifer M Sutton, Demetria Sutton, Renee Suzano, Luska

Suzelis, Blake Swank, Thomas R Swanner, Joseph Swanner, Vanessa Swanson, Hannah E Swanson, Harry Swanson, Mark A Swanson, Matthew A

Swars, Chris Swartz, Morgan L Swayne, Harry V Sweatt, Apryle N Sweeney, Elizabeth A Sweet, Tina M Sweigart, Candace M Swift, Janet C

Switzer, Stephen Swyers, Brenton Sykes, Vicky Sylvia, Adam J Sypert, John Tabb, Chris Tabor, Courtney Tacy, Cheryl

Tait, Kenneth Takacs, Michael S Taliaferro, Tamara Tallafuss, Colby S Talley, Stephen E Tankard, Jennifer G Tannian, Michael J Tardy, Ashley H

Tassone, Alicia C Tat, Solomon Tate, Courtney L Tate, Joshua S Tatum, Julia L Tatum, Loretta Taybron, Kimberly Taylor, Ashley

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor,

Brian A Brian Brooke K Brooke Cleveland Crystal D Doug George E

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor,

Janelle D Jennifer R Jessica N Karen Katrina Kenneth Kimberly W Krystal G

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor,

Leslie Lisa A Matthew L Michael C Rebecca E Taj M Takiya Wakiita

Tedder, Brandon Teer, Ashley G Teeter, Bryan Teets, Joseph F Tenney, Jill A Terenyi, James M Terrell, Jordan Terrill, Laura A

Terry, Dacia Terry, Isaac L Terry, Mary Tesch, Kathy L Tesenair, Eric M Teter, Anna Teufel, Kenley A Thamer, Kathryn

Thebaud, Chiquita T Thebaud, Sheila Thibault, Jennifer Thomas, Aaron P Thomas, April Thomas, Bryan L Thomas, Duane C Thomas, Edward L

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas,

Elizabeth Iva Jimmy Kim Kimberly A Krista J Lisa M Luchiana N

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas,

Patricia Raymond B Ryan Shawn M Theresa M Timothy W Tomaudrie B Venessa K


Thomas-Moore, Monica Y Thomasson, Elizabeth Thompson, Aaron D Thompson, Anthony B Thompson, Ben Thompson, Billy Thompson, Brande Thompson, Caroline

Thompson, John A Thompson, Julie Thompson, Kimberly D Thompson, Latasha M Thompson, Lucius E Thompson, Maria L Thompson, Michael C Thompson, Samantha

Thompson, Shenell Thompson, Stephen Thompson, Willie A Thomsen, Melissa J Thomsson, Lindsey B Thorn, Timothy L Thorne, Karrie-Anne Thornhill, Anthony C

Thornsbury, Barry W Thornton, Candice Thornton, David M Thorpe, Julie Thorpe, Matthew Thrasher, Andrew W Threet, William R Thrush, Susan

Thurman, Deborah E Thweatt, Ria Tickal, Clara J Tickle, Amanda B Tiemeyer, Rachel M Tillman, Mildred Tindall, Richard E Tinsley, Mark A

Tinsley, Philip N Tippins, James H Tipton, Andrew Tipton, Miles H Tisch, Colin Tisdale, Dontrell Tisdel, Rhonda M Tittle, Donald E

Tobin, Emily Tobolski, Jeanine Todd, Katherine L Todd, Lucy A Tolbert, Trina M Tolley, Luke J Tolliver, Denise Tolliver, Edward E

Tomlinson, Billie Tone, Laurie A Toney, Javon Tordoff, Sandra L Toriello, Tammy L Torres, Edgard Torres, Sarah M Totty, Shamera

Tountasakis, Michael A Touprong, Simon Tovar, Jessica Townes, Rosa M Townley, Phillip R Townsend, Andy L Townshend, Deanne M Townshend, Douglas E

Trader, Joey Trainum, Cynthia Travillian, John Tremblay, Paul Tremble-Hamer, Ashley S Trembley, Tammy Trengove, Sarah Trexler, Michael T

Trezzo, Steven Trice, Alicia Trick, Kristin P Trill, Matthew A Tripp, Helen E Tripp, Kaycee E Troupe, Kelli D Trout, LeeAnn

Trowbridge, Andrew D Trowbridge, Jalie R Truax, Heather Trujillo, Melissa M Truman, Jeremy Tu, Hai Tubbs, David K Tucci, Nucci

Tuck, Aaron Tuck, Alicia Tucker, Brittany L Tucker, Jennifer Tucker, Justin M Tuckey, Nathan D Tunnell, Sarah Turbeville, Christopher A

Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner,

Beverly A Carlos Janice C John H Joshua J Rachel Richard H Tracey M

Turner-Boswell, Janice E Turntine, Ashley J Turpin, Preston A Turri, Paige Tuttle, Leland W Tuttle, Sarah K Tutty, Jeremy Tweedy, Jean M

Twine, Saudia Tyler, Loretta A Tyler, Nicole L Tylus, Kaitlyn Tysor, Dale H Uchefuna, Victory I Udobong, Edna C Ueltschy, Zachery B


Uhles, Graciela E Umbenhaur, Ryan M Underwood, Renee G Underwood, Renee S Ungaro, Cassandra J Urban, James Urban, Mattie E Urban-Limon, Catherine M

Usewicz, Heather A Usewicz, Thomas Usher, David Usry, Jennifer N Uzomechina, Gideon Vaden, Chaseton R Vaders-Collins, Julie E Vail, Scott H

Valdez, Benjamin A Valentine, Angeleina Valentine, Jeanette Valenzuela, Jacquelyn Valenzuela, Silvia Valladao, Alicia A Vallery, Regina Van Deursen, Charles

Van Dyk, Jonathan G Van Epps, Isaac A Van Hoven, Ryan Van Pelt, Genifer L Van Pelt, Ryan Van Prooyen, Timothy D Van Wynsberg, Kevin P VanAmburg, Mark

Vance, Monique Vancil, Brandy L Vandagriff, Bobby Vandivier, Frank Vang, Xong Vargas, Fermin J Varghese, Vicky Varnado, Melody L

Varney, Lorraine E Vasquez, Edgar Vasquez, Martin Vassell, Oronde A Vaughan, Elvira Vaughn, Enchanta Vaughn, Jessica Vaughn, Melissa A

Vazquez, April J Vega, Alyssa Vega, Anita Velasquez, Agueda Velastegui, Jaime A Ventimiglia-Brooks, M L Verlander, Amanda J Vernon, C'Celia B

Vernon, Susan Vernoy, Sheila R Verser, Isis Vester, Joycelin Vester, Tyrone A Vetsch, Lauren M Via, Michelle C Vial, Brittany L

Vicioso-Harris, Lucy E Vickers, Ashlynn Vickers, Casey L Vickers-Cox, Latasha Vicks, Fabion Victor, Jenah Villanueva, Miguelina Vinaja, Elizabeth A

Vinaja, Sean S Viner, Alyssa J Vinersar, Daniel Vinersar, Erin L Vines, Lynda Vingwon, Jatanee Vinson, Brentley A Visbeen, Adam J

Vitcavich, Michael F Vogel, Sarah Voltmer, Jacqueline E Voogd, Tim J Vorberger, Melanie Vorrasi, Leslie C Vowell, Patricia Vredeveld, Kaitlin

Vriesema, Beverly Vriesema, Darrell Waddell, Michele G Waddell, Tara A Waddy, Stewart A Waddy, Tamika Wade, Jessica Wade, Joshua K

Wade, Sarah M Wadsworth, Richard Waggoner, Brandon P Waggoner, Heather D Wagner, John M Wagner, Michael R Wagner, Travis Waithaka, Abel G

Walburn, Nicholas B Walker, Carmen R Walker, Courtney E Walker, Emily Walker, Finley W Walker, Harold G Walker, James R Walker, Kristyn A

Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker,

Lauren A Lisa A Pamela Patricia J Sherri Stephanie L Tashon W Tatyana

Walker, Thomas Walker, Tiffany Wallace, Bonnie Wallace, Sandra B Wallace, Terri L Wallach, H Michele Walser, Brian Walsh, Abigail


Walsh, Heather Walski, Naomi J Walter, Jeffrey D Walter, John Walter, Tiffany M Walters, Hillary L Walters, Jonathan T Walthall, Alia D

Waltman, Joshua C Walton, Edith M Walton, Heather Wamsley, Carrie E Wamsley, Dawn R Wanjai, Loice W Waples, Gena M Waples, Justin

Ward, Bernadette Ward, Cassie Ward, Chrissy Ward, Daniel W Ward, Melissa J Ward, Roy J Ward, Shemecka Ward, William D

Ward-Redman, Carol Wardlow, Maxine Ware, Kristin Warford, Tara Wargo, Kristen E Warner, Pamela P Warren, Chalinda L Warren, Ester J

Warren, Jayson M Warren, Junius O Warren, Kenneth G Warren, Steve E Warren, Xavbryelle A Washington, Ashley C Washington, Chantel S Washington, Felecia L

Washington, Lesley M Washington, Marlo Washington, Renita J Washington, Shanta C Washington, Wendy L Waskey, Alma Wasson, Krista Joy Waters, Merriah L

Watkins, Almecia M Watkins, Emily Watkins, Jacquelyn Watkins, Latonia D Watson, Al Watson, Patricia Watters, Nathan Weatherspoon, Stacy R

Weaver, Angela R Weaver, Jacqueline L Webb, Whitney M Webster, Ernest D Weeden, Harold Weems, Reginald D Wegmann, Chris Wegner, Celeste

Wehry, Kim Weidler, Jesse M Weidmann, Jami S Weir, Lesley Welch, Michael B Welch, Michelle L Welch, Robert D Weldon, Brandi L

Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells,

Alfonso Brandon P Casey L Danielle Edward L Elizabeth M Elizabeth Rashod C

Wells, Tina Welsh, Nathanael Wendland, Elizabeth L Wendling, Angela Wendt, Jillian L Wenger, Daniel R Werner, Mary R West, Chris

West, Gertrude West, Kimberly A West, Kyle P West, Maryann West, Melissa A West, Nathaniel D Westa, Erik J Westbrook, Tabitha

Westmoreland, Tullie M Weygandt, Joshua S Whaley, Hansel E Wheatley, Sean Wheaton, Jawaun Wheeler, Benjamin W Wheeler, Frances L Wheeler, James W

Wheeler, Kimberly W Wheeler, Nathan Wheeler, Robert White, Carmen J White, Carol Ann White, Craig H White, Deborah White, Derek

White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White,

Emily A Eric James L Joshua C Laurie Lonnie Nancy L Philip C

White, Sandra P White, Stellania Whiteford, Sarah Whitehead, Lamar L Whitehurst, Jason R Whiteside, Camille Whitley, Jennifer M Whitman, Jacob S


Whitman, Justin K Whitman, Mary L Whitman, Timothy A Whitmer, Chad L Whiton, John C Whitt, Jenny Whittle, Dustin C Whorley, Ashley N

Whorley, Elizabeth G Wicks, Carolyn Wicks, James Wiedenheft, Lorisa C Wiegand, Joseph M Wieland, Sean M Wiernik, Stephanie E Wiest, Rebecca J

Wietholter, Jeffrey N Wikander, Danielle M Wikander, Noah S Wilborn, John Wilcutt, Julie Wildey, Tony T Wilhoit, Tyler N Wilkens, Nancy L

Wilkerson, Lucia C Wilkerson, Tamika Wilkins, Trina J Wilkinson, Jason R Willard, Jordon Willems, Pierre D Williams, Austin C Williams, Brianna A

Williams, Brooke Williams, Connie E Williams, David Williams, Debra D Williams, Donald W Williams, Eloise Williams, Garika Williams, Hadya

Williams, India Williams, Jennifer R Williams, Joshua Williams, Kathleen A Williams, Kathleen E Williams, Katrina Williams, Kimberly Williams, Kirk W

Williams, Linda Williams, Luke A Williams, Melody Williams, Nancy Williams, Osanne M Williams, Patrick W Williams, Phillip L Williams, Renata

Williams, Ruth N Williams, Shaniqua D Williams, Shannon C Williams, Shannon Williams, Tanya S Williams, Tiera Williams, Timothy L Williams, Timothy L


Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson,

Eric John S Kelly Kenneth D Lauren G Morgan Selene Vertina

Willingham, Marlon Willingham, Timothy J Willis, Mary A Willis, Robert Wills, Aaron J Willson, Linda Wilmath, Karen Wilson, Amanda

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Ashlee Ben Carol Casey L Chad E Colleen M Derek J Dewey W

Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson,

Elisa M Elizabeth R Katherine A Kelleyton Kirsten J Lauren E Michelle Phyllis V

Wilson, Shantia Wilson, Shemeika M Wilson, Stacy R Wilson, Tiffany L Wilson, Timothy E Wilson, Tyler D Wilson-Snow, Stacy A Windham, Adrienne W

Windham, Jarrica L Windsor, Deborah A Windsor, Neil E Windsor, Vanessa L Wineka, Rebecca J Winks, Nicole S Winn, Dionne S Winn, Heather G

Winn, Nancy C Winston, Annelisa Winton, Shawn Wirt, Michelle L Wisby, Daniel W Wisdom, Jeff Wise, Kenneth Wiseman, Jamie C

Witcher, Tyronda G Witherspoon, Kendra Witmyer, Brandon A Wittcop, Adam C Wittcop, Sarah E Witting, Joshua Wittman, Derek Woerner, Bryce M


Wohlfeil, Jake R Wolford, Jeffrey Wolhfert, John Wong, Shonet Woo, Jeffrey S Wood, Amanda C Wood, Jason P Wood, Kelsey

Wood, Kendra A Wood, Kimberly J Wood, Vreeland Woodall, Amanda M Woodbury, Amanda Wooden, Joyce Woodley, Valesha Woodruff, Chelsea M

Woods, Cynthia R Woods, Emaurie D Woods, Ingemar Woods, James R Woods, Jeffrey M Woods, Jennifer L Woods, Jonathan D Woods, Mary A

Woods, Megan Woods, Sheree T Woods-Warrior, Erica Woodson, Brittany Woodson, Michele Woodward, Ashley Woody, Alexander C Woody, Brandy

Woody, Scott P Woolard, Zachary Wooldridge, Polly R Wooley, Steffani M Woosley, John Woosley, Stephen Worley, Michele S Wrede, Matthias

Wright, Ashley F Wright, Christine Wright, Corey A Wright, Gregory C Wright, Michael A Wright, Mollie Wright, Odessa H Wright, Sarah L

Wright, Valerie Wright, Velma Wright-Finley, Cinnamon D Wu, Darren C Wunsch, Meredith Wyatt, Tammy Wyatt, Terrence Wycuff, Lauren

Wydra, Ryan Wynn, Arthur Yager, Jessica Yang, Ju Seob Yarbrough, Renay A Yeboah, Andrew Yeboah, Jessica Yeoman, Joshua S


Yeon, Kyu Hong Yezbick, Erin Yielding, Melonie L Yockey, Laura J Yoder, Mary C Yoo, Ingyu Yoo, Young I Yoon, Jihoon

Yoon, Seung Hyun Yoon, Yeongkwang Yorde, Jeri D York, Christina J York, Leroy D York, Taylor F Young, Cheryl Young, Claudius

Young, David Young, Elena Young, Jeremiah Young, Karen S Young, Steven C Younger, Christy L Younger, Darlene Younger, Emma H

Yudowitch, Dustin A Zack, Brenda A Zaepfel, Ashley Zanko, Ashley Zelaya, Kelly Zellner, Tim W Zettel, Brandee Zettel, Peter

Ziegler, Ellen R Zimmerman, Harry Zimmermann, Amanda L Zimmon, Michael Zodrow, Matthew E Zook, Dakota L Zulfa, Michael Zunz, David

Zurakowski, Jennifer B Zuver, Brianna









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