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c. ume 27 • liberty University • Lynchburg, VA www.liberty.eclu

This yearbook is a culmination of our past and our vision for the future. The year 2000 is a marking point of a new millenium. Not only do w e need to

Viom sieze the day but we need to remember the past and hope for the future. The past has taught us our strengths and weaknesses, and that is w h y w e need to take another

look back into the .,

millennium. Selah 2000 : Volume 27 Liberty University Lynchburg, V A 24.M)(>

Seize the Day '*<0



I D O : Ryan Geiger and Jessica Culley became engaged at the Peaks of Otter. COOL AS ICE: Kenny Queen, Seth Huber and Joee Lee enjoyed the refreshing snow cones during the annual Block Party. STRIKE A POSE: Josh Browning, Jimmy Foster, Phil Vander Ploeg and Russell Darnell gathered on top of the trash can.

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timo, and thon Vanishoth aWay H U M A N P Y R A M I D : Gophers of God (residents of Dorm 15) displayed their teamwork. SNOW DAY: Trisha Mark enjoyed the snow by sledding at the football stadium with friends.

Seize the Day 7 ' /

I thank uvon oVofy rlwuwofcno

THE ORIGINAL GANG: Victoria Bagby, Lauren Paquin, Krista Hagerm a n , Caryn Farley, Katherine Kirshberger and Mai Fukuda from 293 have m a d e lasting friendships at Liberty.

THE 3 MUSKETEERS: Jamal Saba, Phil Vander Ploeg and James Mills spread their joy to everyone around them!

A TOUCH OF DIVERSITY: International students Priscilla John and Alisha Manandhar enjoyed a moment together away from campus.



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Z Y : Cherie Taylor, A m a n d a Moler and Angie Lapina showed their true Flames spirit during a football game.

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B E G I N S : RAs in training, Davin Benavides, Kyle Firth, Greg Alexander, Matt Shamblin, Israel Akpadiaha, Blake Maurice, Jay Fitz, Don Edwards, Ernie Banks, and Albert Massaquoi spent time building their friendships before the semester began at Eagle Eyrie.

Seize the Day

STEP OF OBEDIENCE: Campus Pastor Dwayne Carson baptized Chad Howell during the fall Spiritual Emphasis Week. ENJOYING GOD'S CREATION: SLDs Shannon Nehring, Debbie Smith and A m y Holmes fellowshipped with one another during the SLD Banquet. BIBLE BEATER? No! That's Danny Lovett, LU's liveliest evangelism professor.

Capture the

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DORM 30 SENIOR MOM E N T : Six Senior girls bonded ready to love this world to Jesus. HALLELUJAH! The Super Conference Choir sang praises to God.


Seize the Day V^clLJLLllC LUC •••

To oVotjthing ihofb is a soason, and a timo to oVory purpose? undor tjrto hoai?om


kjrTA SPECIAL PLACE: Many students came here to the R.C. Worley Prayer Chapel to spend time alone with God. SNOW FIGHT: Jesse Connors enjoyed "Liberty's Day Off" from classes. FALL COLORS: Katie Bunkers, Cara Thacker, Alison Thacker, Rachael Kreh and Didi Davis escaped from campus to enjoy the fall of the year in Boonsboro. g



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is b * . * LET'S G O C A M P I N G : Tiffany Lam, Alena Brown, Andrea Patterson, Jackie Samson and Sara Snapp took some time off from schoolwork to experience the beauty of nature.

JERRY'S KIDS: Dr. Falwell took time to have som fun in the snow with the students! Ofonor 9


A Q U I E T P L A C E : Deeshunna Ragland studied faithfully for an upcoming test in the Library. PIZZA-PIZZA-PIZZA: Jeremy. Josh and Melissa took a quick study break in the Hanger.

St^y to show thysofj approVod, a Workman that noobotjn not t째 v째 ashamod, tho Word Oj trutk S T U D Y I N G C A N H A P P E N A N Y W H E R E : Katie Meisder found a nice, quiet place in Science Hall to organize her research and type a paper. READING IS FUN: Nick Barela took advantage of the many resources in the Library. LATE NIGHT STUDYING: Andy Gregory and Emily Russac worked hard to find current information on the internet. 3 ROOMIES: Annie Marshall, Erika Jordan and Erika Zinnert took time out of their busy schedule to spend quality time studying together.

Seize the D a y Capture the ... (; (ItnOf* l haVo fought a good fight I haVo finishod nry couTso, I haVo kopt tho faith, noncoforth thoro is oTmo a crdWn oj rightoous

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v 4:7-8

B U M P , SET, SPIKE: Tom Miller served one over the net during an intramural volleyball f *Ji game at David's Place. AIR DULONG: Delawn Grandison lept for the dunk.



LOYAL FANS: Liberty University students cheered for the Flames at Williams Stadium.

DRIBBLE, DRIBBLE, DRIBBLE .... S C O R E ! Breanna Jacinto carried the ball all the way down the court. PEP TALK: The Liberty University tennis team prepared for victory.

Seize the Day A LONG WAY FROM HOME: The Korean Campus Crusade for Christ enjoyed times of fellowship with one another. LEARNING CROSS-CULTURA L L Y : Kostja Penner from Germany, Olya Chouraleva from Russia and Evgueni Martchouk from Belarus' proudly represented their countries. INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: Christel Reaves traveled with the Liberty University S u m m e r Spanish Institute to Guatemala where she made a new friend.



Capture the $oyo thoroforo, and toach all nations,







O R P H A N : Annie Clawson.Tom Miller and Heather Howlett brought Christmas to orphans in India along with many other students on the Light team. PEEK-A-BOO: Joanna Elam gave one of the orphans a bath on top of the Team India House. OpcmC'i'


In Memory of; 1 Corinthians 51-52

"Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all s but w e shall be changed - in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and w e shall be changed." We are forever grateful how you have changed the lives of those you touched:

A m a n d a Hablnen - Student and daughter of Faculty Amy Parker - Student and daughter of Faculty Russ Kopis - Faculty Taryn Kelly - Student Darrin Wenger - Student


Seize the day Capture the

spirit "J^byp the JEord is that spirit; and where the spirit of the J?ord is, there is liberty.' 2 Qorintbians 3:1j


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Seize the Day Capture the ...

Changes "<ÂŁet all things be done decently and in order 1 ÂŁorintbian$ 3:40



Seize the Day Capture the

J^un "zA merry heart mafytb a cheerful countenance.' c

Pro"perbs 15.13a



Seize the Day Capture the ...

^hCusic "^hta^e a joyful noise unto the J2ord, all the lands.' 'Psalm 66:1



Seize the Day Capture the ...

ÂŁd)>e "zAnd now abidetb faith, hope, lol>e; these three; but the greatest of these is lol>e.' 1 Corinthians 13.13




pi ritual


W O R D S O F W I S D O M : Dr. Falwell encouraged students during the first academic convocation by saying, "Put your hand to the plow, and don't ever give up." SHOUT TO THE LORD: Eric Lovettand Eternal Praise frequently led the student body in some of their favorite praise and worship songs.

HILLBILLIE C H R I S T M A S : Danny Lovett, dressed as Santa Claus, entertained the study body during Christmas convocation. PREPARING HEARTS: Students were challenged by many speakers throughout the year.

32 Cmumcadan &^ Tvlim&try. Chapel

'Tor y& mer& 64wtetime&> darkness, hutium ar&y&...

iiv tfv& lard" Tpfie&ian& 5:8

Convocation eLDTTLci IVTinistry CZhapel C t/J"ach Monday, Wednesday and Friday brought about the gathering of all Liberty Zlâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; University students in the Vines Center for Convocation, a.k.a., Convo. Convo offered a few moments during the students' busy week to focus on the Lord. Beginning with a time of worship led by Eric Lovett and Eternal Praise and Bruce Fenters and Revive, students prepared their hearts for the message. This special music gave L U ministry teams, faculty and students an opportunity to use their Godgiven talents to minister to others. The speakers provided relevant, timely messages that encouraged their listeners. Convocation proved to be a time of both renewal and exhortation.

T h a n k s to Dr. Danny Lovett, L U students had an option to attend a service with a ministry emphasis instead of regular convocation on Fridays. This service was designed to encourage and challenge students planning on going into the minis-

try. Ministry chapel also functioned as a welcome service for prospective students. Some of the guest speakers included: Dave Adams, Jim Law, David Ford, Jerry Wells,

Randy Spencer, Doug Randlett, and Dr. Charles Fuller. Dr. Jerry Falwell and Dr. Lov

have also taken the time to address the students. Ministry chapel was an exciting t of worship time and time again. -Written by Jen Maul -Spiritual Life section designed by Annie Marshall

Spiritual Life 33

cuvd ham dauMi ". ..letuA kneelbefore the^ lardtourmakei", c ar lÂŁe i& ourQod" T&alm 95:6-7

asis W e eks



his year's fall Spiritual Emphasis W e e k was held on Septem ber 5-8, and was led by Rev. Tony Noland, minister of single

adults and young singles at First Baptist Church Woodstock, Ga. Nolan was a powerful speaker with an incredible ability to communicate and relate with young adults. The band Brother's Keeper, consisting of former Liberty students, also blessed the students with hits such as "Rain O n " and "What Would Jesus Do?" According to the Spiritual Life Office, more than 100 people received Christ and nearly 2000 people attended the event on a nightly basis. Also more than 50 people were baptized on Wednes day, while nearly 40 students surrendered to full-time vocational ministry. Daniel Henderson was the speaker for the Spring Spiritual Emphasis W e e k with Luke Garrett as the special musical guest. A graduate of both Liberty University and the Liberty Baptist Theo-

logical Seminary, Henderson is the pastor of Arcadia Baptist Church! in Sacramento, California. Henderson sparked up yet another INSPIRING M E S S A G E : Tony Nolan inspired the students with his powerful message.

Spiritual 'Empftasis. IVeek

spiritual revival here at Liberty.

A P P L Y I N G T H E W O R D : Dave Henderson addressed many issues of the heart that hit home for many students.

Spiritual Life 35

B E A U T I F U L M E L O D I E S : The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Singers had a wonderful musical message to bring to all who attended Super Conference CHALLENGING WORDS: Dr. Paige Patterson spurred many pastors to action during Super Conference. MINISTRY-MINDED: Dr. John Rawlings returned for another memorable message.

36 Super Conference


prai&e, ff& i&^our Qad,

. ..t^ one ai^Ma& done m^ffy miraclesyou y&iur&efae& fiawe seen" T>eiUeronomy 10:21




This year's Super Conference, "Third Millenium Ministry" was the most successful one in history. The conference featured the preaching of m a n y powerful speakers including Dr. John Rawlings, Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. Bailey Smith, Dr. Jerry Vines, and Dr. Paige Patterson. Dr. Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, along with his wife Carol, director of the g r a m m y award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, blessed m a n y with their presence at this event. M a n y workshop sessions were also included, such as children's ministry, counselling sessions, the n e w age movement, and m u c h more. A women's conference with speakers such as Bev Lowry, Gloria Gaither and Joyce Rogers was also held during this week.

M O T I V A T I O N A L S P E A K E R : Dr. Bailey Smith spoke to many guests wanting to become more like Christ.

Spiritual Life 37

"ISeingy confidentof:t$i& mry tMmj/, tMatffe c&fia Mas begun a mark inymi mill complete it...

until th& dvt\f, yy

of J&5U& Ciiri&t...

'lznnian& 1:6

Friday ^^^Tight W i t n e s s i n g <&: Tidal ^Wa^s^e T u e s d a y rP* hepherd's Ministries Friday Night Witnessing program is just one of many opportunity^ ties at Liberty to reach the world for Christ. The program, which has been in effect for several years, allows students to reach out to the Lynchburg community by sharing the gospel and handing out tracts to residents. According to the director of Shepherd's Ministries, Eric Marston, the idea behind the program is to share by "caring, not confrontational evangelism." The evening begins about 6:45 p.m. each Friday, as students gather in D e M o s s Hall. Marston breaks them into small groups led by previously appointed leaders. Before the group heads out, Marston gives them a few words of encouragement and gives everyone a stack of tracts. The groups then disperse into smaller groups of two or three around Lynchburg in various locations. Hot spots have included the Plaza, Movies 10 and downtown Lynchburg.

T i d a l Wave Tuesday served as an opportunity for students to get excited about revival at Liberty University. The program, developed by students in D o r m 10, m a d e its appearance for the first time this year. The meetings were held every Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. It was a time of worship through testimony, song and hearing of the Word. O n e thing that m a d e Tidal Wave so unique is that it was entirely student led. S o m e of the student speakers that have shared this year include Zach Sims, Todd M c G r o v y k and Brian Davidson. Zach Sims, one of the founders of the program said, "Tidal W a v e is a time to come together and enjoy God. W e want to see His glory and w e do that through worship." 38

Triday^ 'Nigftt 'Witnessing. &i Tidal IVaae Tuesday

J E S U S F R E A K S : Jon Shubert, Mike Ainsly and Justin Adair prepared themselves near a local McDonalds for another night of sharing the Gospel. Spiritual Life 39

''Tiber 6znce T heard aheurtyour intne^t£e£ordJe6u&, T forymr..


>ic Leaders &z


r~7/~) ersonal discipleship of each student begins with prayer leaders. Small groups II

of students meet all over campus on Thursday evenings, called prayer

groups, for a time of fellowship, worship, instruction and encouragement. Each group is led by a faithful individual w h o loves and cares for every group member. Prayer groups foster a unity that is hard to find elsewhere. Liberty University senior Jimmy Foster, prayer leader in D o r m 4, says, "I like being around people w h o encourage m e and help m e grow (in Christ)." The unity within his prayer group and his influence in the lives of the guys he has been entrusted with, are what Foster considers to be the two greatest aspects of being a prayer leader. Prayer leaders are on the front lines w h e n it comes to discipleship on campus. <T> piritual Life Directors (SLDs) play a significant role in leading Liberty University <J£> students on their spiritual journey. A n SLD's first and foremost responsibility is to equip the prayer leaders to serve their prayer groups most effectively. They provide accountability, instruction and encouragement to the prayer leaders. According to Liberty senior Nitza Ramero, S L D in D o r m 33-2, the S L D is in charge of "making sure their prayer leaders are walking with God, seeing that everyone on the hall is being prayed for and ministering to the girls on the hall." S L D s also serve as counselors, and Christ-like examples to others on their hall. Ramero says, "An S L D is the coach/pastor of the hall." Ramero likes building relationships with other Christians w h o share her passion and desire for ministry. A s a leader, she says that seeing sgirls on her hall come to k n o w Christ and grow, is the biggest highlight in the ministry. 40 Trayer Leaders <8r_ SLT)&

In Other


RANDY SIMPSON & MATT MERCER Spiritual Life Directors in Dorm 11 "True knowledge for God is seen through your love for others."

ERIKA ZINNERT Prayer Leader in Dorm 25-3

K N E E L I N G B E F O R E G O D : Prayer leaders often met one-on-one with group members for prayer and accountability. S A Y C H E E S E : Shannon Nehring and Jenni Morrison, both SLDs, take a moment during a meeting with Dwayne to pose. P R A Y E R W A R R I O R S : SLDs spent many hours a week praying together for many imporatant issues.

"I praise the Lord that prayer leaders not only hold others accountable, but they are accountable as well; and although we're the ones mentoring others, I a m constantly being mentored, too."

Spiritual Life 41

ISle&sed is; tfi& fncvrv , wfw; does not walk in tfie

delist is in tfie lam qftM&£ord


T_Pp> C l o s e &z P e r s o n a l W^ith C a m p u s I^astors


"Trust in th& Lard witfb all tfdn& fieart; an lean not untu tfrrine awn understandings. alltfity wtxy& a£knawledg£y ffim, andffe sfiall direct tk^patfiSs." - 1Pra&erh& 3:5^6 Testimony:

I was saved w h e n I was 5 years old

At Liberty because:

C a m e to L U as a married student looking for a place to train for the ministry. This was the best place that allowed m e to keep m y family as m y first priority.


Wife, T a m m y ; Daughters, Beth and Jessica; Son, Ryan

Favorite food:


Hobbies and Interests:

Racquetball, w o n the 1997 State Championship, hunting, and riding motorcycles with his wife.

Most memorable event:

Seeing the "light come on" in students w h e n they realize what the real stuff of life is about with regard to God's purpose.

Funniest moment:

The funniest m o m e n t was w h e n our office played a trick on Ed G o m e s . H e m a d e a public com-

ment about Eric and girls. The office got together and had Eric write a formal letter explaining that he was extremely offended by the comment, w h e n he really wasn't. E d proceeded to spend 15 minutes groveling to Eric before Eric could no longer keep the laughter in. The whole office was listening at the door while Ed was apologizing. W h a t Liberty has meant: L U has been a dream job and the best job. I get paid to do what w e as Christians are commanded to do. It has been the best place to raise m y children. To the Students:

Don't settle for the fools gold of life. The more w e m a k e Christ the center of our life, w e find out what life is really about. So choose Christ.

42 Vlp Chase-«%; Tersonal ~WM Canapus Tasters

lDamun& CCW&QTV "Tar ta rn&, ta lime i& Cfirist, and ta dies i& gain." -lftfrilippian& 1:21 Testimony:

Saved February 15,1983 at Criswell Bible College.

At Liberty because:

Heard that "Liberty can Change the World" and wanted to be involved in changing the world.


A n awesome wife and four incredible children.

Favorite food:

A good steak, lobster, or salmon.

Hobbies and Interests:


Most memorable event:

Nights of prayer were the most memorable. I was blessed to be able to pray with so many students and to watch h o w God works in their lives through the years.

Funniest moment:

During the "99 Israel trip, I was baptizing a lady. W h e n I brought her out of the water, I saw her wig floating down the river. I quickly snatched the wig out of the water without even cracking a smile. Later on, everyone w h o had seen this, including me, couldn't stop laughing about it.

What Liberty has meant:

Liberty has given m e the opportunity to invest m y life in people w h o I believe will be used to change the world for the cause of Christ. This work is such a privilege.


"Therefore, myhelmed kretfieren, he steadfast, in rrumahle, always abounding in the mark aftheLard, krwzwngs that your lahar w> not in main in the Lard." -1 Corinthians, 15:58 Testimony:

Accepted Christ in 1989 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at youthcamp.

At Liberty because:

I w a s leading music occasionally and w h e n another pastor left, they asked m e to take the job


A "fanatic for Jesus" dad, a quiet but humble m o m , and 14-year-old sister Mary, and 11-year-old sister Stephanie.

Favorite food:

Kyotos and Osakas.

Hobbies and Interests:

Weight lifting and motorcycling.

Most memorable event:

W h e n 2000 students met every Wednesday night church service and w e were able to prepare them to meet with G o d .

Funniest moment:

All those times with Super Praise M a n and w h e n he kidnapped m e .

What Liberty has meant:

Liberty is a place where young m e n and w o m e n can c o m e to be around other like-minded people, pursuing something that G o d wants them to do.

Spiritual Life 4

Building bridges Through faith

In sports 4,

The object is not always to win, but t build A B R I D G E on and off the fiel

• .****









Opening with prayer is customary for the Men's Basketball team. Coach Mel Hankinson leads in prayer. H e has been National Coach of the year seven times. H e has taken the Program from 315 to receiving a Top 24 vote last year for thefirsttime in school history. G o d has blessed his efforts.

Girl's soccer team Head Coach James Price states his position as "we are not trying to be a one season wonder but rather w e are trying to b U I L D something for the future. Before The game the team joined with opponents to pray for guidance and protection.


Other schools look at us differently because we are CHRISTIANS. PLAYING soccer keeps m e accountable to SPIRITUAL growth, as other P L A Y E R S from the other T E A M are watching m y performance. It also Opens doors to witness. Ben Strawbridge, Center Defender.

God has given us the T A L E N T , it is our responsibility to U S E that talent for H I M The spiritual growth is giving H i m the G L O R Y for what H e has given us. Dana Giani. right defender, Girls' Soccer




-#35 1










Brf. Sportman-like conduct is a byproduct of spiritual growth. Players congratulate each other for a good performance.

Both on and off the field football players take time to thank the Lord for His blessings and ask for His protection.


Changed Lives "Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17 M a n y students give their testimonies and follow in obedience in baptism as a sign that they n o w experience a changed life in Christ.

Capture the SPIRIT





0 ^


Die Fledermaus

• • • I


P*â&#x201A;ŹA<fMN6 AWAV: The sole purpose of ScareMare was the witnessing tent, where LU students shared the Gospel to guests.

K H O O L XH00TIN6S: Striking an all too familiar nerve in the guests, the room depicted the horror of kids who were shot in school. IN THâ&#x201A;Ź FORfiST: Guests had to walk through the forest of the "living dead" in order to reach the house.


ScarcftWe #^fc erhaps one of the most anticipated fall events that takes place at Liberty is J


Hosted by YouthQuest, this annual production has

proven to be an i D C f e t J i b i e ministry. Every year, h t i O C V e u S of people make decisions for Jesus Christ. This amazing event displayed many dramatic scenes of death. Some of the dramas this year hit close to home in many


The memories of the V O i t i f P b i O C shootings were brought to life as well as a tragic automobile accident. A s the onlookers walked through the black, narrow corridors, and heard SuYkSKS

from both actors and spectators, their imagination took off.

Reality hit when they entered the last room where Jesus is hanging on the Cr*0SS, beaten and battered. The participants are then led to the preaching to hear a clear presenta-

I ^i^9 H ^ 9

~ iA JH

tion of the U T Q S p e ) message. The Lord has used this ministry time and time again to cfoaifjqe people's lives.


/MM 1

W>~4*^m ;-JPVNH V71

^B'WJ 1 F*\ . 1


I 1

^r*. » ^ -


{•Ha J W^3 ,

4i m


'fc2L*l ^k^P^bl




&QM& <RAZV: Students acted insane in this room of the house.

^ • : mfm




L'Fe 55


.SUPERSTAR. In hopes of finding a date, Jenny Selah impressed the audience with her charm. VALENTINES PROPOSAL Dan Tauble, the shocked his girlfriend with a ring after a long piano serenade.




/•^f 4jmw

>wJFs Jt

% J

CALIFORNIA DREAMII* This foursome demonstrated their musical abilities during the Christmas Coffee House.


CoFFee HojSe

:•£•"* "V t *O t >.


WITH GUITAR: Shae Whitne sang "It C a m e Upon a Midnight Clear." £jROO*/IN': The famous LU rappers Don P. and Curtis once again rocked da house. LOOK OOP Guys watch out, she's coming to get you!


fjoFFee ANjJ°N ? aiting in line for up to an hour, Liberty University students eagerly anticipated an entertaining night at C°rree

HoJse Set up with tables and candles, the Shilling's center was transformed into a cafe/theater. JJ'NS'NJJ, drama, and playing 'NStrUNleNtS are only a few of the talents that Liberty University students displayed at Coffee House. This year attendees heard from various styles of campus bands, from classic rock and the blues to T3p and alternative. There have been S'LLVj, entertaining, and just plain hilarious oK'to. Perhaps one of the most memorable acts was not an act at all. The Cr°Wa watched, on the edge of their Se3tS, waiting in suspense as one brave student proposed to his girlfriend. She said J)eS as the onlookers cheered in celebration. This is just one example of the many |V|e|VJopieS made at Coffee House. Overall, Coffee House has proven to be an exciting time of eNl»er»3'NP'leN» and fun.

BACKSTREET tOH$ Scott Windham, Justin Carter, Caleb Luther, Jack Leahy, and Andrew Maddoc captivated the audience with the hit "I want in that way".

^tUdeNt L'Fe 57

*)i St banquet


B E A T L E B O Y S : Hope one of them is wearing a bullet proof vest!


ARRIVING IN STYLE: Being the S G A President had its perks and Chris Stewart and Ashley Lyon were not complaining.

PURE ENTERTAINMENT: Christian comedian Ken Davis made sure the audience was full of laughs. REAL FOOD: Students enjoyed a night out away from Marriott.

5+1: Narcalepsy is no laughing matter as shown here by Shirley Laplate. April Conner, Clark Jones, Melissa Newby, Jen Miller and Tristan Boyd.

^tUdeNt L'Fe 59




FREE AT LAST: After the slave was set free in Big River, Huck Finn and friends sang out in excitement. POOR JOSEPH: Joseph's brothers showed their love for him by selling him to Egypt. BLUSH AND BASHFUL: In Steel Magnolias, Shelby tells the girls about her "blush and bashful wedding," while Enell attemps to fix Malin's hair.

62 Liberty Theater

Liberty Theater Liberty University's academic SCiTOOl year was filled with much drama — theatrical drama that is. The Fine Arts Department flooded the stage with talent during its performances of Opera Gala, Big River: The Adventures of Huckl6D6rry Flflil, Steel Magnolias, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Big River, which was performed in late September, is the story of Huck Finn, an abused O r p h a n seeking something more in life. In his search for "the Light," Huck embarks upon an enormous adventure. The M l U S i c a l contained gospel-like numbers in the Tony Award-winning score, including "Free at Last" and "Waiting for the Light to Shine." The p l a y had a strong religious background and lighthearted acting that made for an uplifting performance. The Fine Arts Department's N OV£fFlD£r production, the Opera Gala, featured portions of 11 operas from such popular shows as The Magic Flute, Hansel and Gretel and Cdrmen. Since some of the operas were in other Ittfig Ufl(J £S. a display with subtitles was used so that the audience could interpret the foreign words. This play was e n t e r t a i n i n g and inspiring and it familiarized students and the audience with a wide variety of operas. The performance of playwright Rober Harling's Steel Magnolias in early February, brought a fresh, new flavor of acting to Liberty's t h e a t e r . The play was set in Truvy's B e a u t y S a l o n , an unofficial hub of a small town in Louisiana. Here, six w o m e n find seemingly endless time and energy to g O S S i p Beneath chatty, southern simplicity, these w o m e n bind together in amusement and tears. The all female cast honored the International Month of W o m e n . O f course the F i n e A r t s D e p a r t m e n t had to finish the semester with their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The play was S O Id O U t every night. This play recaptures the Biblical account of J o s e p h and retells the story of h o w Joseph was sold into S la Very. Joseph brought out emotions of the Bible characters that w e grew up learning about in Sunday School. The play appealed to those that were looking to be entertained, provoked to think or just to have a good laugh.

itUdeNt L'Fe


B E A U T Y TIME: In Steel Magnolias, Clairie talked over Shelby's situation with her, while Truvy touched up her nails and Weezer and Enell showed their support. SHAPE UP: Huck's aunt and the concerned friends let him know of his destiny if he wouldn't shape up his act in Big River.

Liberty Theater R E U N I T E D : Joseph is reunited with his father in Egypt after becoming ruler. RULER: Joseph's dreams were explained and now all bow down to him.

64 Liberty Theater

THE D R E A M C O A T : Joseph's brothers fianally accepted him after he rescued them in Egypt.

TIME T O CELEBRATE: This scene from Steel Magnolias showed Truvy congratulating Enell on her new job working in the salon.

.StUdeNt L'Fe


Hanging Out...

There is always something to do and someone to do it with.... be it mischief, study or fun. Somewhere along the way friendships that last a lifetime are formed.


<3krUtvwa=> "^Uvw: R.A. Ashley Lyon showed her decorative skills and holiday spirit to help decorate Dorm 26-3. C^u. 'WXx,! Rebekah Meadows and Jennifer Maul stared in amazement at the wonders of the fact that textbooks really do have useful information in them. S k o w i > v , ike Jl^ox/e: Nick Bennett, Jay Sholes, Josh Lawhorne, Bill Ford, Brian Lambert, Luke Steele, Justin Drake, Andrea Dorsey and' Ashley Neeley showed brotherly and sisterly love at open dorms. X^et Ike Sw=>~ f^^di; During the snow day, dorm students gathered to have fun in the snow by snowball fights, sled riding and building snowmen. t=^««kL=w Sk.™ During Valentines Day hall meeting, Dorm 25-3 dressed up each prayer group leader in a different color.

68 -D=


cfe ^^^^^


^k ^ ^


hether on the hill or the CCVCie, dorm life at Liberty University is a new,


• exciting challenge to tackle every year. It is a rude awakening for most


students — sharing a room, c l e a w i w q it, not having your own private

bathroom, washing clothes, etc. While it is a challenge, it is where you meet most of your r r i e w d s , where you are S M p p o s e a to study, and a place where you l e e n r w more about yourself than any other. In the dorm, so many decisions are made — big and small - as simple as what to do this weekend or as c e v w p e x as changing your major. Your dorm room becomes your k o v w e for a year — where you eat, sleep, bathe but also where you laugh, cry make memories, learn from mistakes and seek God's face everyday. To quote ^ • »^lvircg— H w e e L W

^"^ S e w l c t v v s , "One of my friends told me once that life is made of

many memories. It's so true. And living in the dorm is the place to make so many wonderful v w e v w o n e s

I have loved my life in the dorm and I know I will miss it when I'm gone."

_StUdeNt L'Fe 69

Living Christmas Tree 2000


^OST O F F ^ \





•:'• •

- --"*


': .. IS 7 <*r-^

****** <*** ?



... >* >-'

* s


,- |



INTRAJMURAL SPORTS O t u d e n t s are involved in intramural sports, which also is a big part of student life. These sports offer the students a chance to be active and participate in their favorite sport. ;

s '<>

'W-0:m m


tui â&#x20AC;˘










ALL W R A P P E D UP: Dorm 13 showed their appreciation for toilet paper as a way of showing school spirit.

LEADING THE WAY: The Spirit of the Mountain marching band proudly displayed their talent in the H o m e c o m ing Parade.

REDNECK WEDDING Dorms 17-2 and 26-3 showed everything from dinner to a cousin's wedding.



ON BENDED KNEES: Players Gavin Kralick and Walter Heilg kneeled to show their excitement after scoring another touchdown.

NUMBER ONE: The dominating women's soccer team was fired up during the parade.


THE WINNERS: The winning float 'In His Kingdom' proudly presented the beautiful princesses of dorm 27-1.

Bonfires. Tailgate parties. Parades. Alumni banquet. Football. This describes Liberty's H o m e coming weekend. This year, Homecoming began with the alumni banquet. About 400 faculty, staff and alumni came together to fellowship and see the accomplishments taking place at Liberty. The bonfire, sponsored by S G A , featured Vroom as well as rappers, Don P and C Z Smooth. As Saturday arrived, the Homecoming parade brought the creativity on campus. Floats ranged from princesses to sports teams to weddings. Liberty alumnus, Bill Ford said, "I really enjoyed the parade because it seemed as though the whole university was involved." Ford, was a member of the "Redneck Wedding" float, and he liked having time to relax and relieve stress. Homecoming closed with the football team's 38-2 victory over Johnson C. Smith. Freshman, Heidi Seltzer thought the g a m e was awesome. She replied, "Everyone was in such high spirits." By Janet Ballos


Sam Rutigliano It was January 13, 2000 when Coach S a m Rutigliano announced that he would assume the position has head football coach of the L U flames. In 1989 "coach S a m " accepted the position with eagerness. Throughout his years in Lynchburg, H e proclaimed that God had brought him to Liberty for a purpose. As Liberty's head coach he will be most notably remembered for the lawsuit that Liberty w o n against the N C A A on the issue of praying in the end-zone Coach S a m compiled a record of 67-53 during his 11 years as head coach before resigning in January.He came to Liberty after being a color commentary for E S P N and N B C . Before his broadcasting job he spent seven years as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, in witch he was twice named the A F C Coach of The Year as well as the N F L Coach of The Year in 1980. H e also coached for the Denver Broncos, N e w England Patriots, N e w Orleans Saints, and N e w York Jets. Coach S a m was inducted into the Lynchburg Area Sports Hall of Fame in 2000. Though Coach S a m has left the position as LU's football coach, his legacy will be remembered.

Ken Karcher

Coach Karcher states" Since m y arrival in March of 2000, G o d has made it very clear as H e directs m y steps that H e has called m e to Liberty. W e want to build a foundation. We're all very realistic in what could happen on the field this year. You have a team that has to adapt to a new philosophy system. But we've got guys that believe in what w e are trying to accomplish." Coach Karcher was tagged as the sixth head coach in the program's history on February 18, 2000. His goals are to help the team understand w h o they are in Christ, graduate with excellence, become the best football players they can become, and strive for a national championship. W e wlcome Coach Karcher.

FIRED *Jf» wzY/z school spirit Behind every athletic team, one will find its heart and soul - the fans. Faces and clothing of red, white and blue were burned into the background of University. Banners, every g a m e at Liberty be spotted from afar. posters and signs could encouragement could Chants and cheers of megaphones and loud be heard through Whether it is watching projecting voices. ball or basketball a football, soccer, baseout for one reason to game, the fans c a m e they love. LU students support the teams that and took pride in being thrived on crowd spirit and most colorful the loudest, craziest school. They were not concerned about being put down; they just focused on supporting the team ~ rain or shine, loss or win. By Jen Maul



GETTING INTO THE GAME: Students really got !• ^^f^B involved when in came to winning.

1 yV*B

WE'RE PLAYING WHOM? Opponents didn't have a chance with LU fans.






••. ,1

i??<Br j

B B > ^ J t l Bflfl



B i^BLiaMMkBl


rkvr nrrr»

STARVING F O R ATTENTION: Fans used all measures to be noticed by others.

THE FOOTBALL FANS: Through rain or shine, LU fans poured out their hearts to support their team.

D R E S S E D IN RED: Fans went all out in showing school spirit.

|ohn Kshn

A FAMILIAR F A C E : Gary Householder is LU's #1 fan.






First Down Football 2000 Anderson, Tony, Jr. Armstrong, Jason Attia, Paul Barela, Nick Barkley, Rayshawd Biggins, Tyler Billingsley, Chad Bradley, Brandon Burgess, Jackie Burgess, Tavi Burns, Tracey Burns, Travis Burton, Tyrus Butler, Broc Cassidy, Josh Cherry, Daryl Choice, Sammie Cline, Jay Commock, Jarees Conner, Mike Darby, Justin Davis, Walter Deberry, Aaron Dixon, Lorenzo Donato, Mario Elmquist, Brian Feagin, Joey Felder, Kareem Floyd, Josh Ford, Randy Foy, Peter Gooden, Sean Hajth, Williams Hall, Adrian Hewett, Devin Howard,Kendrick Howard, Jeff Ingram, Richard

Jennings, Princeton Jerry, Andre Jordan, D.J. Jordan, Joe Keeler, Jeremiah Kelley, Jay Knopping, Chris Kralik, Gavin Lang, Greg Laravie, Marc Leatherwood, Al Linkenauger, Mont Long, Anthony Lucy, Alex Matthews, L.J. Mays, Matt Miller, Trey Namynanik, Jacob Parson, Biff Perkins, Aundre Perren, Timothy' Rapp, Jacob Rogers, Ben Seamster, Darrin Slagle, Nick Sottile, Derek State, Randall Stocks, Nick Sundheim, David Sykes, Aaron Threat, Jason Turner, Danya Turner, Dashan Vaughn, Nick Watts, Jerrell Wells, Jason Wicker, Jerome Wilson, James

— E


Heading for the Net Soccer

i 86

Team members: Patrick Heery, Dean Short, Brook Biddy, Derek Avilez, Ben Strawbridge, Chris Verdi, Austin Carty, Kian Browniee, Pavel Cancura, Steve Mitchell, Jason Streets,Collin Mascagni, Chase Perry, Kevin Hay, Jose Gomez, Brentley Kellum, Mart McKosky, A d a m Gill, Armando Corrales. Head Coach: Bill Bell, Assistant Coach: Jeff Alder.


Just for Kicks: Women's Soccer

Team Members: Katie Woodrow, Breanna Jactinto, A m y Moxley, Jemmi Blesch, Alicia Dacis, Rachael London, Jamie Price, Kim Althouse, Nancy Davis, Dana Giani, Michelle Small, Cheryl Jones, Shara Hoff, Makaela Gibson, Rob Weaver, Nina Aveliz, Jenny Davis, Emily Shubin, Julie Gabrielli, Kacey Wade, Sara Foster.

' V';**. ; , MB» 1 ,.


al IBB ' ^MBi

vSSSws ^BA

^ f

vmiMt *



In the HOOP

* Men's Basketball 2000-2001 Basketball Roster Head Coach - Mel Hankinson Assistant Coaches - Chad Hankinson, Ty Nichols, Mike Doig, Administrative Assistant - Ryan Dowley, Office Manager - Aimee Blanks Team Members Rob Attaway, Louvon Sneed, David Watson, Glyn Turner, Philip Ward, Nathaniel Nicholas, Mark Manley, Eric Johnson, Nathan Day, Beau Wallace, Maurice Watkins, Kenneth Anaebonam, Chris Caldwell, Vincent Okotie


Hooping it up


Women's Basketball

Team Members: Britton Bennett, Becky Blesch, Meribeth Feenstra, Michelle Frickle, Susan Foreid, Agne Jasinkaite, Monique Leonard, Krisitna Palaimaite, Crystal Peace, Laura Rollyson, Irene Sloof, Ana Sousa, Rachal Young. Head Coach: Carey Green, Assistant Coaches: Autumn Sam. Dana Puckett, Graduate Assistant: Komelija Kairyte.

kr~n. A


SrV4vvr^"W 1 BW#fi"S



' I ra^ BMBIft'«^'93

BIG SOUTH... Champions again.. For the fifth straight year!!!

Congratulations Women's Basketball team and Coaches on your hard work and games won. Seize the VICT O R Y and the MEMORIES.



O V E R the net: Volleyball

Team Members: Crystal Carey, Summer Elmquuist, Jennifer Graham, Rachel Harnack, Michelle Howland, Jeanette Krupp, Erin McKeown, Ashley Milear, Theresa Passamani, Tatiana Tkachuk, Simone Turner, Jessica Wilson. Head Coach: Chris Phillips, Assistant Coaches: John Pierce, Shane Pinder; Manager: Neftalie Danier; Trainer: Luke Hensel



Match Point Tennis

Head Coach: Larry Hubbard, Assistant Coach: Anthony Fleming Men's Tennis Team: Luke Burden, Josh Campbell, Bruno Coelho, Andrei Cotuna, Ernesto Malagrino, Joel Moylan, Matt Scott (captain), Ricardo Shinozaki (Captain). Women's Tennis Team: Bethany Allen, Alison Cho, Brooke Garman (Captain), Emilie Green, April Herrmann, Kelly Kim, Myriam Martin, Kera Walker. 2000 Rookie of the Year: Ricardo Shinozaki



Men's Track and Field:

N. Anderson, E. Beck, T. Biggins, J. Brewer, S. B T. Cahill, G. Christolin, J. Crawford, J. DeBogory, M. Decker, B. Duncan, G. Gaddy, C. Gore, J. Graves, A. Groeper, W. Heilig, B. Hunt, L. Johnson, T. Key, B. Kite, J. Kirk, C. Leaver, E. Lemiso, M. Lunde, S. Meier, R. Moore, L. Nodal, R. Nyambura, J. Prichard, D. Rabe, B. Rose, T. Sangutei, J. Sharpe, P. Smith, D. Taylor, J. Wagner, B. Waker, M. Waugh, A. Williams, C. Wilson, N. Young, J. Zealand.

Women's Track and Field:

B. Bennett, C. Burleson, K. Butler, D .DeKrey, C Filmore, T .Greene, R. Greene, K. Helman, T. Hoare, C. Jones, L. LeBaron, M. Mulkey, C. Nollmeyer, D. Parks, R. Parsons, S .Pettit, K. Pollard, M .Randall, A. Riley, E. Robertson, H. Rutherford, H. Sagan, C. Schlesinger, P .Seymour, R. Shepler, J. Shifter, C. Strohecker, T. Sturgill, A. Teer, K. Wallace, V. Westphal, S. Wiggins, A. Wildrick, R. Williams

Covering All Bases: Baseball


Team Members: Darren Adams, Steve Baker, John Bona, Josh Brey, Chad Bryan, Keith Butler, Eric Cloninger, Alex Dooley, Matt Hagen, Jeff Haines, Steve Horstman, Jason Jones, Kelly Knouse, Jeff Lever, Marcus Maringola, Ryan Marsland, Steven McRae, Shane Miller, Trey Miller, Joey Monahan, Israel Noble, Nat Ogborne, Joel Partick, Anthony Pennix, Tim Perren, Angel Ramos, Josh Rupe, Graham Sikes, Matt Stewart, Dan Valentin, Larry York. Head Coach: Dave Pastors, Assistant Coaches: Terry Weaver, Randy Tomlim, Brock Van Faussein, Managers: Rayn Eddy Jeff Jordan.


Diamond in the Rough Softball

Team members: Patty Arguello, Lindsay Schwind, AN Thompson, Tiffany Carp, Amber Searcy, Meredith Hollyfield, A m y Csider, Carie VanArtsdalen, Cheryl Wyrick, Shannon Seeley, Lauren Hahn, Lisa Jones, Cheryl Everly, Kim Johnson, Sarah Hartley, Armanda Goc, Allison Terry, Lindsay Shelton. Head Coach: Paul Wetmore, Assistant Coach: Andy Lott, Managers: Jodi Emanuele, Leah Schmidt.



Fire on Ice Flames successful season The ice hockey team hosted the second annual game, established a new alumni association and finished with a winning season.


Players: J.T. Turner, Roger Turner, Matt Bruland, Jeff Lowes, Brad Olin, Rubin Todd, Dave Cross, Jon Schubert, Miles Gelatt, Chris Lowes, Duke Cuneo, Michael Gusella, Jim Bellew, Josh Smith, Ben Wilson, Coaches: Paul Bloomfield, Kirk Handy.


Hole-in-one Golf

wMr^ BB^G


|||JK IjJM

I ill •6

1 108


Team members: Paul Carey, Ryan Ferguson, Allen Hill, Yong Joo, Rob McClellan, Josh Mullins, Randall Tipmore, James Yoo. Head Coach Frank Landrey


Soaring High

Raising the Roof Members of the Marching Band: MariAnn Altona, J. Anders, A. Brooks, C. Brooks, L. Bryan, D. Byng, J. Carter, J. Colson, A. Cooper, J. Corbin, G. Davis, F. De Almeida, Nl. DeCarlo, N. Dibble, J. Ellsworth, J. Fawcett, C. Fortson, A. Freitag, L. Freitag, C. Friese, T. Fus, R. Gardner, E. Gates, G. Gifford, J. Gove, J. Hagen, R. Houck, J. Rang, D. Kline, R. Knapp, A. Koerber, C. Koerber, C. Krieger, A. Lake, T. Lawhome, E. Lockwood, N. Lynch, A. Marks, D. Marshall, A. Matthews, P. McCafferly, P. Mendoza, M. Messner, T. Middaugh, L. Meter, D. Niles, E. Noe, C. Paris, H. Quigley, J. Rakes, H. Ransom, A. Reames, D. Reid, T. Renner, J. Resh, J. Reynolds, W . Rickenbach, A. Rigney, J. Riley IV, C. Rucker, J. Ruiz, A. Russell, M. Ryder, E. Sanders, J. Scruggs, C. Shaffer, L. Shriver, J. Silvey, K. Skaggs, K. Smith, W . Smith, R. Soils, K. Stephens, W . Stephens, K. Terrell, A. Toothman, E. Vance, S. Walker, D. Williams, C. Wilson, T. Wilson, J. Witcher, S. Womack, S. Woods, L. Yates.


Capture the GAME:



• j%


i \



Duane Aagaard Rachael Abbott Brian A d a m s Darren A d a m s Benyam Adenew Rediate Adenew Sheria Akins

Israel Akpadiaha Anthonial Akapama Elizabeth Aleshire Greg Alexander Addy Allen Bethany Allen Daniel Allen

Sarah Allen T a m m y Allison Kimberly Althouse Alissa Amico Kenneth Anaeboam Bruno Andrade Justin Anderson

Karen Anderson Stacey Anderson Angela Andrews Patrick Andrews Lucas Anthony Andre Archibald Mark Armstrong

Richard Armstrong Monica Arriola A m a n d a Arruda John Arsenault Emily Artino Paul Atkinson Rob Attaway

Paul Attia Oswald Attin Beth Austin Derek Avilez Bethany Badger Erica Baily Chrissy Baker

Melotie Baker Stever Baker Brian Ballard Dan Banister Joel Banks Nick Barela Rashawd Barkley


SMllES,S».iles, SI^l'l£Sr everywhere/ One of the greafesf t^'"3s t^at 004 blesses etfery

Wtball fws Cathy Welch and her friends gather together at a football g a m e to s h o w school spirit and their smiles. Stroma Their Sfttfe Becky Scott, Diane Costelli Tracy M o u s s e a u were definitely having a great time at the Nursing Christmas Banquet at Eagle Eyrie.

st^ent at Liberty with is t^e ability t° smile though t*ej°y and frials of being a Chr iSf i'3h and going t° college/ to who knows uihat j°y each has by counting it all j°y 1



in their Lord Jesus Christ/ The Lord has blessed each of us with Qrien^S t° encourage

| ||,ifr %

us. The memories we make with them will last a liCeff'M'je.


** ^r

**] SgflBBBB


*M • ;


AY\e< ,Vne'-


118 Smiles

isn'f LKe Gretf? Jamal Saba w a s never seen without a smile on his face during his years at LU.


Ear to Ear A m y Pearce, Sarah Cooper, Rebekah Meadows and T a m m y Lawhorne had on their ear to ear smiles to demonstrate the wonderful times they had in the dorm.


Road Trip While on atrip to Baltimore Myrinda Park, A m y Miskell, Oksana Sinchenko, S o m m e r T h o m e and Mary Nix showed the excitement in their faces of what was to come.


< * > > * > • ,



< >

"% %





•» - * B^-j^^Mj

• I •^ '



H •*« *I Si---'- i5*A * »




'^BB """^^m^^n


jif Best Friends: Chad Johnaton and Erika Zinnert are truely best friends and there is always a smile when they are together.






Cheers: During open dorms Eric Gurierrez, Jen Bonwa Carrie Crabb, Carl Jones, Roy Simmons, Jen Pettograsso and Nichole Berube shared a few laughs and drank their eggnog. People 119


Ragan Bolick Jon Bona Alan Bond Scott Booker Shantala Boss Chad Bowers Kimberly Bowen

Melissa Bowen Paula Bowen Nick Braden Andrea Bradley Tim Bragg Anne Brewer Katie Brewer

Josh Brey Jonathan Brindle Kaesha Britt Jeremy Broggi Jennifer Brotzman Celeste Brown Keith Brown

Kimberly Brown Kian Brownless Phyllis Bruno Danielle Brunson Sam Brunt Chad Bryan Candis Bryant

Stefanie Bryant Akilah Bumpass Julie Bunce Alison Buracker Carol Burger Jackie Burgess Tavi Burgess

Lindsay Burkhardt Rachel Burke Kira Burns Tracy Burns Travis Burns Kendria Burrows Mark Butcher, Jr.

Broc Butler Katie Butler Keith Butler Jeff Byler Laura Cain Joshua Campbell Jeremiah Camarata

Karen Carmichael A m y Cannelongo T a m m y Carp Debra Carr Matthew Carroll Abraham Carter David Carter

cAUGHTSMoocHW: Seniors Chris Wilson, Dorothy Stokes and Becky Scott smooch pigs with pretzels at a show provided by a blind Amish m a n in Pennsylvania. cAUGHTROLLED UP: Liberty girls were forced to get creative with their wardrobe.

cAUGHT HAPPWG: Like many other students, Rebecca W e m p l e tried to catch up on her sleep anywhere she could. cAUGHT WGGWG: Senior Dorothy Stokes helped dig a post-hole for the orphanage in Guatemala.

122 caugivf in Ac-fi°«

cAUGHTAU.STRUMGUP: Chris Edwards showed off his fun side during this year's block party. cAUGHTcAHoEWG: Three mystery men were shocked when discovered in the fountain late at night.


cAUGHT SKIPPWG CLASS: Girls of dorm 25-3 always tried to make the most out of snow days.

People 123

Maretta Colangione Rachel Coleman William Collins, Jr. Jarees Commock Sarah Compton April Conner Eric Conner

Mary Noelle Connors Kelly Conver A m y Cooper Nathan Cooper Wess Copeland Ismael Corrales Michelle Cortes Anna Courtney

Jeane Crawford Jordan Crawford Kelly Crueger A m y Csider David Cummings Eddie Cylc

A m y Dalton Renee Dalleske Nefty Danier Gaither Danner Matt Daubert Brian Davenport Elizabeth David

David Davis Gaven Davis Jud Davis Larry Davis Stacie Davis Walter Davis Crystal Dawson

Nathan Day Cherly Dayton Jared Dean Jon Debogory Michael Decker Aaron Deberry Danelle DeKrey

Shanna Delabruere Dina DeLaCruz Mark Denton Julie DeSantis Mike Detmer Deana Dickerson Angela Diel

Marcus Dillon Megan Dinsmore Aaron Dise Tyrone Dixon Mariol Donato Thomas Donovan Alex Dooley

Jonathan Erdman Samuel Espinoga Jennfier Eury Bryan Evans Danna Evans Sarah Evans Cheryl Everly

Rachel Ewald A m a n d a Farley Sarah Farley Patrick Fay Abimbola Fayomi Maribeth Feinstra Kareem Felder

Ryan Ferguson A m y Fernandez Nirodha Fernando Cynthia Finocchiaro Scott Fischer Paul Flannery Anthony Flemming

Heidi Flemming Eric Fontenot Sarah Forbes Randy Ford Chris Foster Joy Foster Peter Foy

Sarah Frankson Leah Frazier Michelle Fricke Jeremy Fryer Dorothy Fuchs Tami Fullerton Melissa Fuquay

Grover Gaddy Christine Gagnon Laura Gall Desiree Gamage Debbie Garcia Raquel Garcia Janis Garel

Kristen Garman Anna Garrett Warren Garrison Paula Gauger Luke Gentala Joy George Leigh Germy

Dana Giani James Gibbs Makala Gibson Matt Gibson Russell Gibson Kevin Giedd A d a m Gill


Friends ars

128 Friends


Friends Rebecca, Kim, Jen, id John get close on the

Faur .n:.;;.; * a ladwbu^: Julie Kok Jennifer Lee, Kristi Rice, Michelle Hopkins and Jessica Sterling dressed up for the Brother/Sister Halloween Coffee House.


People 129

Serge Guillot Natalie Hagan Jeanna Hagen Matt Hagen Jeff Haines William Haith Ben Hale

Christina Hall Katie Hall Quincy Hall Tina Hall Levi Halley Jeremiah Hambrick Terrance Hamlett

Amie Hammerlund Cheryl Handwerker Kristi Hanna Christan Hannabass Sarah Hanson Rich Harrell Christine Harris

Graham Harrison Marion Harrison Misty Harrisson Gary Harcum Duncan Harman Deborah Hart Nicole Hart

Sarah Hartley Kara Hastings Tina Hatcher Bryan Hayes Sarah Hayward Shanta Hector Megan Hedstrom

Mark Heil Walter Heilig Tim Helman Chelethia Helmes Jason Henery Victoria Hennebery Chantel Henry

Jeremy Henry Luke Hensel Shane Hensley Carisa Henson Riyad Hermas Phil HenErin Hey

Brian Hicks D o n Hicks James Hicks Paul Hicks Tishauna Higgs Kristen High

Allen Hill


Tracy Hoare Melissa Hodge Jennfier Hodges Robert Hodges Brian Holbrook Mary Holcomb Sarah Holcomb

Cynthia Holland Ericka Holland Stephanie Holland Meredith Hollyfield Christien Hoggard Becky Hogge Rachel Hornack

Chris Howard Jeff Howard Chad Howell Ken Howell Michelle Howland Dustin Hoyle Kendra Huckaby

Brian Hudkins Robert Hull Richard Humphrey Todd Humrichouser Robert Hunt Kari Hupman Jewell Hurlburt


Lois Hurst Janice Ibrahim Jennifer Ibrahim Chibuzo Ilo Leslie Inge Rich Ingram Ena Inoshita

Jennie Jacobs Yuri Jacuk Caleb Jagaba Stephanie James Joe Jauch Felicia Jennings Princeton Jennings

Andre Jerry Linda Jeune Anna Johnson Eric Johnson James Johnson Keyshia Johnson Kimberly Johnson

K i m Johnson Lawerence Johnson Thomas Johnson Chad Johnston A m y Jones Chester Jones Clark Jones

Dezmond Jones Josh Jones Lisa Jones Rebecca Jones Young Joo Darrell Jordan Joe Jordan

Jonathan Jordan Edes Joseph Alissa Juarez Tarant Judge Charity Jurisch Mike Kabat Gretchen Kale

Rebecca Kanzler John Kearns Jeremiah Keeler Nathan Keib Sonja Keith Doug Keiper Jay Kelley

Laura Kenzler Jacob Kepple Ron Kessler Miranda Kettering Ted Key John Khan Jun Kim

132 I


Biology Lab On Lab day in Dr. Gene Sartier's class students are ready and waiting to show off their cutting skills. Today's mission is to dissect a Carp. It's a fishy job, but this band of jolly souls is up to the challenge. B y any means, this is no small task, however these guys and gals are willing to smell formaldehyde all day they can surely accomplish this feat.

The students are ready to do their work

Charlie Minucie cuts on his victom


Kelia Ayala kissing her loved one.

This is what thefishlooked like before they were cut.

Thor Larson Dara Lawerence Joe Leary Jeff Leahy Al Leatherwood Chris Leaver Sarah Lee

Ivan Leon Kara Letourneau Perm Leu Jennifer Lewis Julie Leyenaar Don Liburd A m y Liddell

Brian Lilly Hyung Lim Roger Littlepage Kenji Livingston Meredith Loggins Tamikka Long Tabitha Luce

Gina Lucente David Ludlum Mike Lunde Vincent Luwighi Brian Macey Scott Mackintosh Kim Madison

Clementina Maduforo Mihalla Maeksh Allan Malina Alisha Manandhar Mark Manley Roxanne Margeson Kathrina Marshall

Allison Marston Anthony Martelli Brian Martin Chapel Martin Christine Martin Darin Martin Jeremy Martin

Lauren Martin Monty Martin Carly Mason Sommer Matheny Mary Mathias Jennifer Maul Jacqueline Mavinga

Megan Mayek Micah Mayell Angie Mayer Matthew Mays Melissa McAvinney Tim McClain Rob McClellan


Paul Miller Trey Miller Zenzi Miller Jamie Mills Emily Mills Jeremy Milligan Joe Monohan

Chrissy Montemurro Michelle Mola Kyeng Moon Joseph Moore Ramsey Moore Vance Moore Memori Moorse

Jennifer Morrison Chrystal Moyer Joe Mueller Marianne Mulkey Kimberly Mullins Michael Mullins Darren Mullins

James Murphy Sam Murphy Tracy Murray Steve Muttai Melissa Najura Brian Nash Kumbulam Ndiovu

Sarah Neff Angela Nelson Bren Nelson Michael Nelson Shirl Nelson Melissa Newly Ted Neuman

Christian Newsome Nathaniel Nicholas A m y Nichols Jeremy Nicholson Donna Nix Stacy Nobles Luis Nodal

Brayn Norris Lathena Nuckols Danny Nunez Shannon O'donnell Enoch Ojukwu Eric O'Leary Jon Paul Olson

D a m m y Onafowokan Johnson Oni Kim Oosterkamp Dan Orr Julieanna Outten Matthew Ousdahl Tim Overstreet


Bobby O w e n Jeania Pace Sharon Pack Carlos Padilla Aaron Palermo Richard Palma Philip Pantana

Frank Papandrea Allison Park Myrinda Park Newlin Parker Robert Parker Stephanie Lynn Parker Devon Parks

Biff Parsons Rebecca Parsons Clint Paterson Joel Patrick Kimberly Paul Anna Pawlowski Crystal Payne

Procrastination is Chris Carrol enjoys a short snooze. There is nothing like an afternoon nap.

Sleep, Movies, and Messy Rooms

TV, Computer's, and Video Games Bradford Garrigves, plays everyone's favorite N-64 game, Bond 007.

How many hours a day do you spend playing video games? 1% , 5 vl 1% 2% Sat 4 3 2% 2% 2 3% 5%

7% 5%


1 0

3% 4%



Andre Perkins Jarvis Perkins Timothy Perren A m a n d a Perrin Denver Peschken Etza Peters Rebecca Peterson

Sara Pettit Aimee Phillips Josh Phillips Tyler Phillips Alexandra Pinedra A m y Plimpton Ruth Poling

Kodi Polland Chris Poluikis Bonnie Pond Miroslava Popova Derek Porter Joe Portnoy Caroline Powers

Mischal Pradham Jennifer Price Trevor Price Jeremy Pritchard Kenny Queen Heather Quinet Marisol Quintero

Heather Ragle Anthony Rago Kevin Railey Candyce Railing Esmeralda Ramirez Josh Ranes Jacob Rapp

Isaac Rattin Katherine Raube Kevin Rawls Daniel Read Kurt Reese Alpheaus Reeves Kimmie Reeves

Jonathan Regner Jaquay Reid Rob Reid Joshua Daniel Renes Jon Renner Jacquelyn Resh Shunnah Respass

Laura Revell Reggie Reynolds Shannon Rhodades Shevonne Rhoades Michelle Riabkoff Kathleen Rich Candace Richards

Laine Sauteben Janell Sawyer Kimberly Schenck Christina Schlesinger Rany Schmitz Charles Schmitz D a n Schoepflin

Jonathan Schubert Heidi Schwartz Stephen Schwerckart Becky Scott Sarah Scott Scottie Scott Jason Scroggins

Billy Seals Lewis Seals Leroy Sears Joseph Secu Shannon Seeley Karen Setliff Panthera Seymour

Doris Shambora Crystal Sharp Carrie Shelley Becky Shepler Chris Shepphard Athena Sherwood Daryl Shetterly

Janelle Shiffer Ricardo Shinozki Monique Sholes Dean Short Lusungu Sibande Graham Sikes Christina Sikkelee

Cherise Sillaman Leo Simkins Santosh Simon Devalon Skaggs W e n d y Skinner Josh Skipper Irene Sloof

Michelle Small Phyllis Smark April Smart Cory Smith Jerica Smith Kristy Smith Kirsten Snead

Louvon Sneed David Sottile Derrek Sottile Jill Sorenson Randall State Melissa Steinmetz Dave Sterrett


The Question is.... Who's Connected "I hate computers, so the only time I get on the net is to check m y e-mail once every t w o ,55

Meredith Haddock

The Computer Lab(ITRC) stays open until 2:00AM every night

The Campus Motorization fee was $150.00 per semester during the 2000-2001 school year.

3 Q 146 Group work is always fun in the Lab

Students can now print from their dorms to the I T R C , and File and Print Share. If you forgot a disk, you can save the file to your computer in the dorm from the lab or print from the lab to your printer in the dorm.

In the Future computer's m a y be mandatory for students, in some Colleges and Universities they already are

I took the I N F T classes, and I didn't know any more about computers when I finished.

Computers are one of the best things that happened to technology.

Computers are very helpful, yet they make things more complicated.

do m>\x think^tbout commute

I like computers because I can keep in contact with friends and family

H o w many hours to do you spend a day on the internet?

Looks like another late night at the computer lab!

lhour 10% 2 hours


3 hours 4 hours 5 +hours

15% 50% 15% 147

Brenda Thienes Bojuiana Thomas T'Lea Thomas Laori Thompson Sommer Thorne Jason Threat Jerod Tilley

Randy Tipmore April Tollison Rachel Tolsma Josh Tompkins Rashan Travis James Trent Nicholas Tripp

Kathy Turkington Dashan Turner Dayna Turner Greg Turner Barbra Tyler Cindy Tyson Carlos Uribe

John Uwajumoau Dan Valentin Heidi VandeHoef Michael Vandeventer Amber Vanderslice Heather VanDuser Samuel Vargas

Pavel Vasioutovitch Stephon Veldhuis Chris Verdi Sarah Vielleux Myriam Voltaire Craig Waddle Bobby Walker

Matthew Walker Shannon Walker Tina Walker Beau Wallace Keri Wallace Olivia Walsh Phillip Ward

Michelle Wamer Desmound Washington Sharita Washington Niki Waters Maurice Watkins David Watson Katie Watson

Rebecca Watters Jerrell Watts Dave Weaver Rob Weaver Tammy Weaver Terry Weaver George Webster



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r: :\



Wesley Weigle John Welborn Cathy Welch Windle Scott Weller Courtney Wells Jason Wells Randy Wenger

Jennifer West Marvin Wharton Amber Wheeler John White Jennifer White-Torres Jerome Wicker Christine Wiggington

Shunta Wiggins Abigail Wilcox James Wilheim Sharon Wilkerson Holly Willard A d a m Willis Carl Williams

Cheryl Williams Cy Williams Danny Williams Dennis Williams Edonna Williams Jonathan Williams Mariel Williams


Michele Williams Robin Williams Susanne Williams Angela Williams Casey Wilson Chad Wilson

Jessica Wilson Tiffany Wilson Timothy Wilson Rachel Wingfield Christopher Winkler Jennifer Wohlfarth

Joseph Wojciechowski Janell Wolcott Jennifer Woodruff Amanda Woody Sharod Woodyard Mark Woof

Kimberly Wright Mark Wright Travis Wright Cheryl Wyrick Yulia Yakusheva Selah Yavuz

Michael Yeager Saba Yohnnes James Yoo A m y York Larry York Gary Young

Rachel Young Slphanarith Yuth Tito Zavala Clark Zealand Josh Zealand Sarah Zeien

Bianca Ziacoma



Members of the team got to spend a lot of time with the children of El Salvador as they visited churches and schools in the country.

Excited children watch as songs and skits are performed. The team was able present their Gospelfilled program for children in public and private schools.

A group of 22 people, including students and staff, spent over 2 weeks in El Salvador presenting the Gospel to churches, schools and on the street.


El Salvador A Family of Faith A group of 22 people from Liberty University had the opportunity to travel to Santa Ana, El Salvador during the summer of 2000. The team from Light Ministries worked with a small evangelical church named L a Familia de La Fe, which means "The Family of the Faith". This church was planted in early 1997 by L U alumnus Dr. Hal Large. The team held 2 programs with drama, music, testimonies, tract distribution and a strong presentation of the Gospel through preaching. These programs were held in public and private schools, on a military base, on street corners and in the church. The team's encouragement to the church and their perseverance to spread the Gospel brought about many decisions for Christ in auidren ^h w have this R o m a n Catholic nation. the picture taken by members of the team from Light Ministries.



India Christmas 1999 Vxhristmas brings times of good cheer, joy, giving, and celebration. Light Ministries took a trip to Kota, India to spread the cheer and good news with the children in an orphanage. There were many different activities; from directing vacation Bible school to helping at a dental and medical clinic. T e a m members collected McDonald's happy meal toys that served as Christmas gifts. "The children were very happy to receive them" stated Kara Ramano.


KENYA Spring Break 1999

Light Singers share the reason for the season with a Christmas concert in Saint Andrew's Church.


"Within the Walls" They were stopped at the gate. After going through

Seeing prisoners

metal detectors and passing the inspection of K-9 dogs, the group was allowed into the prison where they would

receive the love

meet a room full of inmates. The group from Light Ministries spent two weeks in

of Christ

England during the Christmas holiday, presenting Christm a s concerts and sharing the reason for the season in

seemed to offer

British prisons. Liberty's soccer coach, Bill Bell and his wife Mary, invited the group to work with their ministry

them such hope

called "Within the Walls". The team visited nine different prisons and juvenile

and real

halls, ministering behind bars to m e n and w o m e n of all ages.

freedom, even

Dr. R o b Jackson shared a message of grace and forgiveness with the prisoners and team members were able

though they

to talk one-on-one with inmates w h o had never before heard about the gift of salvation.

were behind

M a n y decisions for Christ were m a d e and Coach Bell and his wife were able to establish relationships with


m a n y of the inmates for future accountability.

Written by Carrie Dunbar

Carrie Dunbar

Light Singers ministered in nine prisons, singing and sharing the Gospel with British inmates.

Light Singers sightsee and then sing Christmas carols in York Minster.


The Light Singers and band performed an open-air concert in downtown Sydney, Australia, as part of an evangelistic outreach to the community.


The Outback A s soon as school was out in M a y 2001, a group of 24 students and staff members packed their bags and headed for the Outback â&#x20AC;&#x201D; no, not the restaurant, but the land d o w n under. A group from Light Ministries spent two weeks in Australia, performing conceits and incorporating drama into a presentation of the Gospel. Fourteen concerts were presented in churches and one school in the city and suburbs of Sydney, Australia. While their focus was directed toward churches, the group also held several evangelistic open-air concerts. They were able to pass out tracts and witness to people just passing by

'Sharing Christ

on the streets of Sydney. O n their w a y back, the group stopped in Hawaii for two

with the land

days of sightseeing and relaxation. The Light Singers remained in Hawaii for 10 days, as the rest of the group headed back. Light Ministries Director, Fitu Tafaoa, led the group to his h o m e church in S a m o a and the singers performed five more concerts in local churches on the island. A s the group traveled through the Outback and the islands of Hawaii, they were able to take in the sights of different cultures, taking an example of Christ's love with them.

Written by Carrie Dunbar


down under"

Students take in the sights of the land d o w n under as they visit Sydney Harbor while on a two-week mission trip to Australia. A group of 24 students and staff members spent two weeks in the outback ministering in local churches and bringing an evangelistic message to downtown Sydney, Australia.

In Sydney The Light Singers pause briefly to pose before another concert at a local church in Sydney.

Light members pose with Chief Sielu, a World Champion Fire-eater. The group stopped in Hawaii to minister in churches and take in the culture before heading back.


Terrific Teams

Kenny and Ann Rowlette

Liberty's Husband and Wife D U o s Liberty University enjoys the privilege of professors w h o strive to impact the lives of their students, both intellectually and spiritually. S o m e of these professors enjoy the privilege of sharing their w o r k with their spouses.


School of Communication and Information Technology Department The Rowlettes said that seeing each other at work as well as at h o m e is one of the advantages of working together. "If something comes up, w e can talk to each other about it and its quick. Whereas before, it was late at night before w e could tell each other anything." Mrs. Rowlette said.

Drs. John and Pauline Donaldson History Department & College of General Studies The Donaldson's have been teaching in the same school even before coming to Liberty. The couple team-taught fourth grade in a public school in Michigan. "I taught the math and science and he taught English and social studies," Mrs. Donaldson said. She added that her favorite part about her job is helping students. "I went to a one-room school house and the teacher, trying to teach kindergarten through sixth grades, couldn't reach everybody all the time. A lot of the time sixth graders got to go help the kindergartners or listen to the first graders read. That's when I decided I wanted to teach because I enjoyed doing that."

Monty and Phyllis Kester Department of Mathematics Mrs. Kester finds it "delightful" working with her spouse each day and Mr. Kester adds that it's "nice to talk through the day at unexpected moments".

Drs. Leonard and Karen Parker

College of General Studies and School of Education While they both work at Liberty, they don't often see each other on campus, but they make the most of the time they do. " W e enjoy sitting together in convocation and occasionally for lunch." Karen said.

School of Business and Goverment & Department of Mathematics

Stephen and Patricia Witham

llila 164

The Withams feel that working together is one of the best part of their jobs. " W e can share a c o m m o n mission in our marriage and ministry," said Mr. Witham. Mrs. Witham added, " W e are mankful that the Lord has led us both to be able to work as a ministry team.'

Drs. Lloyd and Sandra Matches

Department of Mathematics & Department of Fine Arts

Dr. Matures enjoys working with his spouse and says, "I think it is the greatest thing in the world to share our teaching ministry." His most memorable moment at Liberty was having the track named for him â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the Matthew-Hopkins Track.

Dr. Lovett says his most memorable moment was becoming dean of his o w n alma mater and being able to work with his wife as a team. Mrs. Lovett says her most memorable time at Liberty was serenading her husband in his o w n class with the song "I Will B e Here". She added that she loves working with her husband and considers it "another extension of their life and ministry".

Dr. Danny and Susan Lovett Spiritual Life and Family and Consumer Sciences


Maurice and Virginia Zaffke Administration and School of Business Mr. Zaffke is currently an associate professor of business and the executive director of Liberty University's Information systems. Virginia is also an associate professor of business. Maurice states it is "perfect" working with his spouse and being able to talk about issues and be understood.

Dr. Jim and Sterling O'Neill Center for World Missions Dr. Jim O'Neill graduated from Liberty and returned to serve as a missions professor and director of the Center for World Missions. Sterling is also involved with the Center. A s a student at Liberty her fondest memories centered around missions.

Capturing hearts and minds




MR. STEPHEN PERRY Anatomy and Physics. "He's an awesome teacher. He's always encouraging the students and available for help." Natasha Telusca

MRS. BARBARA SHERMAN Education. She' a very encouraging teacher and helpful in reminding us why w e want to be teachers. Kristin Spangler DR. H I N K S O N "Not only is he brilliant but he is a super person." Emily Russac 168


'• sk •'^•spinj

m fl I •




Health Department. H e makes class interesting and keeps Dur attention through his humor. Annie Clawson

Department of History. "He is such a cute man." Monica Arriola

DR. WOODARD "He is a genius." Steven Turchin MRS. NUTTER "She is m y friend." Brandy Brumble MRS. JEAN ST. CLAIR DR. A L L I S O N School of nursing. "She helps to alleviate stress in "He has helped m e the nursing program. She so much inside and reminds us w h y w e want to become nurses through her outside the classintelligence and passion for this ministry." room." Lina Remigio Jana Aurand


-What's Cooking ..^j



Ellen Richards is your heroine. You have tasted Limburger cheese You examine the stitches in your clothes. You can balance your checkbook. W h i p up a three course meal out of mashed potatoes and meatloaf. People consult you for fashion advice. You ask for a child's developmental stage rather than their age. you have seen every Gary Smalley's video. The H o m e Depot and Joanne's Fabrics are your favorite stores. You are always explaining your major.


F A M I L Y and

offers a variety of hands-on courses. They have incorporated nutrition cooking, interior decorating, clothing, design, and child care in this field of study. M a n y of these areas c o m e in handy later in life.

J 170



I chose to be a F A C S ^ 5 major because the things ^ J I've learned will be a ÂŁ V A L U A B L E asset in the ^ H O M E as well asBJ MINISTRY in a church." J ? states Julia Manley ?


MUSIC ON THE Marching Band The marching band is an important asset to any college or university. The school's pride and spirit often lie behind the members of a marching band. The liberty University Marching band A K A , the spirit of the mountain is not only entertaining, but also captures the essence of what talent is. M a n y people come together and learn h o w to play and march with each other. It is hard work to bring all of these people, and there are some that have never marched with a band before. O f course one very important m e m b e r of the band is the field conductor, Kristine Terrell, w h o is always keeping the beat. O f course the band would be nothing without Mr. Kerr, the director. The color guard also adds their unique dance talents to put the final touches on the band. Liberty can be very proud of the job that the Spirit of the Mountain always does, because they are the true spirit of the Liberty Mountain. by Jen Maul


T H E T U B A S : The tuba section played their hearts out during the games.

IN PRACTICE: Darrell Ford and Mike Capozzi frequently practiced their music while on the road.

M A K I N G NOISE: Crowds were entertained through the musical talents of band members.

Ted Newman



Wb ' ^Kjdf


13'' ••'jjJaKgxF''- ' Jm


mm' if''-MPw"



and Places


What's Up with DeMoss? A s students wait with anticipation to see the finished product, construction crews work day and night to complete the n e w D e M o s s Learning Center. Towering cranes and bulldozers have taken over campus to give the building a facelift. T h e growing pains will soon be over and students, faculty and staff will begin to m o v e into their n e w learning center within the year.


Does your Major matter? "I did not come to Liberty University to be a teacher. I came here so that students could work with m e while I show them what I know," stated Dr. Steven Troxel. M a n y professors influence the students to fulfill their calling by their lives and wisdom.

"I a m going to teach in Hawaii. Each part of m y education is going to help m e in m y future." Jennifer Hall, General Education




Sieze the D a y — Capture the present, see the changes in the year 2000 on campus . The w o m e n cause a racket with a new ten nisteam . DeMoss gets a facelift . Dorms get webbed, wired for the web, that is , . Happy faces of guys that are not TIEd down. . Ken Karcher is the new football coach. . Danny Lovett becomes Campus Pastor. . N e w Meal Plan!!! . Students register on LffiERTYNET . R O T C returns to campus. . Lahay Lounge built, donated by t Lahay's. . These are just a few of the major changes, new faculty and staff, new programs are a way of life here at Liberty.


Block Party


Sieze the day Capture the Final Act "F JL or I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29: M a y your future be filled with hope as you your eyes on Jesus Christ.



Graduation 2000


Graduation 2001





"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 W e look to your future with great anticipation of the wonderful things God will do in and for you. W e thank the Lord for the great privilege for being your family Love M o m , Dad, Brooke & Andrew

Roy Simmons - S G A President A commitment to excellence ... "I a m not proposing a slogan, but instead a vision." Thank you for a job well done.


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