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\\)\\; s• Hi?I•'H!I?;JTO'TULncledl U p o n A-t|t|Hi;




JT ounded Upon A Rock (Introduction) ZJherefore whosoever heareth these SauinaS of mine,


doeth them, ^t will liken him unto a wise man,

uuhxich built

his house upon, a rock: s^tnd the rain desceitded, ana flooxCls came,



the winds

bleu/, ana

beat upon

house; ana

it fell not: for it

uuas founded, upon


a rock.

7¥}^tt. 7:24,25




Christ t Life)


M y Soul Upon God (Academics)

Flee As A Bird To Your Mountain (Atfhletics)

_• C^ome, vet us sina unto the

ZJrulu mu Soul waiteth upon

_y«. the <=*Lord ^r put mu

spiritual drink: for thetg

tJLord: let us make

C^od: front ^Jdim

trust: how


notSe to the rock of our

salvation^d^re onlu is mu.

6a ivation. oLet us come bef-ore

rock and

^Atnd did all drink the same

of that spiritual f<ock

t.hat followed



that f<Cock was C^hrist. _ y K^orinthxianS fO:4

his presence with •and make him


a fouful

salvation; ^Jde

be areatlu


Piatms 3 1:2

psalms. 95:




e; ^!^ shall not


a ioufulnoise




Sou ue to

Soul, to uour




1 1: 1

— 2(H)


pon the solid rock of Chris

stories, our memories. Wither

e build our lives, our

either Is There Any Rock Like O u r God (Closing)

foundation, our todays ZJhere is none holu as the oLord: for the

and yesterdays sit on shifting sand, crumbling inL


less oblivion. It rained; floods came; winds blew. Tests and

is none beside thee; neither is there anu rock like our K-jod. _y -S)amuel 2:2

trials visited every doorstep in 1995. Yet, with every storm came trance that our house would stand upon His mountain. For if we are wise, and are founded upon a rock, then our times will be recorded in the furtherance of His kingdom and counted as

1<M) ILead M e To The Rock (Index)

^jrtHjm. the end of the etzrth wicl-2r cru unto

glory to His name. May Selah, a reflective pause, find your

thee, when mu heart is overwhelmed: lead

house foun

me to the rock (1ml is hiaher than ^y.

<n a rock, the rock of salvation through Christ. —



± M y Feet \ Rock

e Shall Serve God Upon This Mgtantain (Organizcmhns) ^Afnake said certainty ~Jr willbe with -Jkee: and this shall be a token unto Jhee. t/iat -J* have Sent ZJhee: when Zjhou hast brought forth the people out of <Lgypt, ye shallserve C fix/ nf.'ti this mountain. <C.mdus 3: 12



1/74 * or Thy Name d Me, Gui (S&

^Jde brxtuaht me up also out of an

tZ$ow dawn thine ear to me; deliver me

horrible pit, out of the miry ctau, and

Speeditu: be thou mu strona rock, for an

Set mu feet upon a rock, and established

house of defense to save me

mu aoinas.

• aif rock and mu fortress; flu * <•/.•<. for

psalm 40:2

Iluj name s sake lead me, and auide me. I sains 3 1:2,3

^jror thou art


^Jherefo whosoever heareth these SauinaS of ine, and doeth

them, ~_y him unto a wide man, which built Carrie Wiser

his house upon a roch: struct the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a roch.

Watt. 7:24.2:1

Liberty University • Lynchburg, Virginia • Volume 22 • 1995


y \

; M

. <



Net Profit: Michael Sadzinski calls a time-out from "Bouncy Volleyball" to enjoy the company of Cindy Cephas and Carol Svacha at LU's Third Semi-Annual Block Party in August. A Peculiar People: Zealous fans from dorm 16 show all their true colors and take Titus 2:14 a little too seriously before a night of Flames football.








Mar/,. s mtth

Sam Lupulescu. A ^ ^ P _ |


Bloomin' Buds: As students rely on umbrellas, courtyard blooms rely on the seemingly endless reign of droplets.

Dunkin' Dowell: Dean Greg Dowell anticipates icy depths of the Block Party dunking booth as students aim for the bullseye. Soccer Spirit: Putting their hands to good use, the men's soccer team cheers on teammates from the sidelines. Sports Information



J (/ t lap (/our hands, all t/e /'coffe: ->/Âť"Âť/ unto (joil uilli <an cthe o

No, It's Not O I K O S : Selah's spirited artwork barely had time to dry before me usual graffiti of dorm 2 took its place. Over The River: Running away with the Cross Country team, Tabitha Kemerling takes the scenic route.

preSS toward I he mark for the prize ol the high culling of \JOCI.


Crash Test C r e w : Speed bumps and seatbelts don't mean much to this close knit bunch, maybe security should give them a ticket?

...forgetting lho.Se things which are behind

and reaching forth.

Swoosh? Another cliffhanger in the Flames basketball season, as forward Barry Taylor goes for the points against JMU.

AAHGGGHHH! Who is that masked bandit driving this mattress? Snow blind students enjoyed the brief sledding season using a vast variety of vehicles. â&#x20AC;˘bam Luputescu

T h e Quiet Jungle: Though Virginia's landscape does not resemble Africa, Valerie Beckford finds artistic inspiration in painting a jungle scene from Disney's "The Lion King" by the senior dorms.

f foal there are diversities of \gvjh;, out the Same ^>niri

Stop T h e Stress: Taking advantage of the courtyard's peaceful setting, Renate Argabright allows a few minutes to read the new newspaper, Jerry Falwell's National Liberty Journal. A Night Of Stars: Their characters may be looking at stars, but audiences recognized the stars on stage as Scott Grimm and Jennifer Kelly performing in "A Night at the Opera".


ffW Sam LupuLescu

\y "W •>*>


Sports Information

Friends of a Feather: *

Perhaps known as the two biggest Flames fans, our Chancellor and mascot frequent the Vines Center to support our basketball teams.


Go Into All The World:



Dana Benton, warming-up to a new friend during one of several Light Ministries' campaigns, dons native Nigerian dress. Light Ministries


xr ''


• / i

' ' '


' " -. j

o>c.<7 nour (it/lit So shine hefore men,., and Anoria your lather'^dkSMl.ii ; ,/



i - "*'***<• ir*?^'- •

t S,

i l l




^srnd did all



drinh th e Same

^ ^


Spiritual drinh:

lor theu. drank

of- that Spiritual

r^och that

lollou/ed them:

d that r^Coch an

was Christ.


~Jr Corinthians JO:4

, J






indful of the heart Laura Sipple

Revival swept through the c a m p u s as record crowds attended Spiritual Emphasis Week. Randy Hogue was featured in the Fall and Rodney Gage in the Spring, addressing audiences of 2,000 students and harvesting 196 salvations, 136 rededications, and 21 surrenders to full-time ministry. As a result of the Holy Spirit's guidance and dynamic preaching, lives were changed and a distinct difference was seen on campus. Students accepted the challenges put forth by the evangelists to live the Christian life in a new way. A theme for this year's spiritual growth might be Psalm 125:5-6: "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him."

O l d Time Gospel Hour regular and convocation guest, Doug Oldham recently had his faith tested when he lost Answering the call: Thousands of the majority of his vision in both decisions were made during the Spiritual Emphasis Week services as eyes going almost blind. students were convicted and sensitiveGod used prayer and medical to God's leading. Prayer leaders. attention to restore his sight. Spiritual Life Directors, and Resident Assistants were ready to counsel and Through this miracle, Oldham pray with those who went forward. had his faith renewed.

B__ •: • '-'^_B

Q ustin Bruno felt God /T had previously called him into Christian Education, but was unsure of the specifics. His impatience allowed Satan to question his worth to God. During Convocation God Laura Gaydos used Thaddeus Lot and the example of Dr. Elmer Towns to call him to become an administrator. Justin's faith was renewed that day. Spiritual Life

/^orrinne Negley dedi1 ! cated her life to ''fe^, ' _KtA ^ B 1 Jesus in Convocation. __E_B_P. ~ • Going to church all her j vt \:•••-> life, she walked the fence, % >,-**»• and lived for herself. Jm f Trials showed her that m... " God is the answer. Photo&ArtCenl "I found the true fulfillment I searched for everywhere," she said, "And this joy and peace will last m e until I meet Jesus."



s ,.,„.







taura Sipple

/Clifton Glenn was . C_- Christian but was not living the Christian life. He and his stepfather argued bitterly. During Convocation the Lord IS /f spoke to him. Clifton \t*S%\ii IS IS _ / rededicated his life to Samuel Lupuescu Christ, and as an extra blessing, his relationship with his family has improved. "God's been teaching m e what it means to be a Christian," he said.

^^tacy Jackson ac— J cepted Christ during a convocation service after realizing she was not saved. "In Mark 1:31 Jesus heals a woman and afterwards she served Him," Stacey shared. "Too many Christians are focusing on their 'sickness' instead of the Healer. He was faithful to us, we must be faithful to Him." Decisions

\^an t put out hrld













Just as I am: Students respond to the Ho Spirit by going forward during a Spiri Emphasis service.



What does it take to make you quit? You are only as great as what it takes to make you quit

Wants are always changing but the need is always the same: the need to fill a void in U

Jerry Falwell


our lives. O.S. Hawkins

Spiritual Life

L^et Jesus put the sword in your hand and the fire in your heart. Cecil Paisley

When all is said and done, God's opinion o your life is the only one that matters. Don't 99

blow it! Jerry Sutton

the fire Ljod darted ona L aao

oLcwnelle ^H~a

T J ^ mphasizing the Spirit Justin Tollman

Each semester Spiritual Em- time to attend these meetings and phasis Week came to the Vines capacity crowds showed up in Center and into open hearts. record numbers There is always an emphasis on "Entire dorms were fasting," spiritual things on campus, but Dwayne Carson, Campus Pastor, this is a special time for students said, "Over 1,000 students came to rededicate themselves and out for a voluntary prayer renew their commitment to the meeting. I know of at least ten Lord and His work. salvations and 350 other decisions Students sacrificed their own made during these weeks."

Rodney Gage

Randy Hogue

Heather Pan-

Laura Sipple

Twenty nine year old Renowned evangelist Randy evangelist Rodney Gage Hogue captivated the student shared his vision of reaching audience as he spoke concerning the world with the Gospel. evangelism and building a Gage, a 1989 graduate of renewed commitment to the Lord. Liberty, has preached to over Hogue grew up in a wealthy 1,000,000 young people, home but became involved in addressing such topics as drugs. His life changed the alcohol abuse, AIDS, and he heard Freddie Gage and Most recently, Gage accepted Christ as his Savior. authored Let's Talk about AIDS and Sex, educating You're on! Rodney Gage presented a readers of both Christian and challenge to renew the vision that gave to all during the Spring Spiri secular professions. Emphasis Week.


i^et my heart be broken with the things that break the heart 99

of God. Vernon Brewer

You don't tithe to get to heaven; you tithe because you are going to heaven. Jerry Falwell

You can have \JTod never uses all the dreams in 'somebodies, 'ju the world, but if 'nobodies' full you do not act Jesus. on them, they Bill Stafford will never come 99

to pass. Bill Blaze

Spiritual Emphasis Week

cnn on meoLord wit

uper Conference week "Revival In the Land" Justin Bruno

Thomas Road Baptist Church on different aspects of ministry. (TRBC) assembled some of the A m o n g the workshops were greatest preachers of all time to music, education, finance, and visit Lynchburg during Super administration and new ministry Conference XIII, with the theme development. "Revival in the Land". In addition to the Pastor's This year's conference featured Conference, there was a Ladies' Mr. John Whitehead, founder of Conference featuring the guest The Rutherford Institute; Dr. O.S. speakers' wives. They spoke on Hawkins of the First Baptist family topics, concentrating on Church of Dallas; Atlanta marriage issues. evangelist, Dr. Bailey Smith; Vines Center resonated with Dr. Rick Warren of Saddleback the sound of special musical Community Church of San guests The Cathedrals quartet Jacinto, California; and Dr. Ed w h o shared their talents by Young of the Second Baptist entertaining the audiences each Church of Houston. night. Other music guests Thousands of pastors, students, leading worship included Sounds T J R B C members, and Lynchburg of Liberty, Kendra Cook, Shari visitors joined in the day seminars Falwell, Mike and Faye Speck with and nightly Vines Center gather- Jeanie Cameron, Paul Lynch, and ings. The seminars concentrated Doug Oldham.

pi J jJlOTuUfl Siij) Champion

Ed Young

Spiritual Life


£\ \

Bailey Smith

our power...

f\achel f\achet

Impacting nations

"The Highest Call" Heather Parr

In September 1994, World Impact Conference was hosted by Liberty Missions. The theme, "The Highest Call", placed a strong emphasis on challenging students to increase their understanding of worldwide Christian missions. Guest speakers included missionaries Howard Brant, William Commons, Dan and Cindy Gelatt, and Armando and Debbie Guzman. Over forty missionaries came to minister to classes and spoke in services held that week. After the final service Sunday, over ninety students came forward to make personal commitments and to dedicate themselves to full time Christian service, in accordance with Matthew 5:14: "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid."

Light Missions

White unto harvest: An Africa Inland Missions representative in DeMoss Hall waits to answer questions about the mission field. That old time religion: The Cathedrals quartet led the crowd in good old .Southern Gospel singing. Samuel Lapulescu

World Impact Conference

S^nall we aatker at the river... toaetke

aily praise & worship Justin Bruno

A n assembly to promote c a m p u s unity and provide information, convocation spirtually challenged audiences throughout the year. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday well known guests and professors preached, encouraging students to impact the world for Christ. Special prayer requests are announced to the student body. Student Government brought news, skits, and election speeches, as well as the annual wacky rendition of the "Twelve Days of Christmas". Every Wednesday Chancellor Jerry Falwell addressed the students sending the charge to be "champions for Christ". Record numbers attended Ministry Chapel in DeMoss 161 on Fridays led by Dr. Danny Lovett.

/ /arold Willmington, â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-Ar is k n o w n as "Mr. Bible" author, lecturer, educator, and administrator. With Libertyformore than twenty years, he has preached on numerous tiipies in convocation. His outline preaching style condenses a wealth of infor* mation so that new Christians and Bible intellectuals alike are stimulated.


Spiritual Life

C~7im Lee lost ^d both limbs during his Marine tour in Vietnam. H e related his story, preaching patriotism and righteous living in convocation. He said with the Lord's help what seems impossible is not and showed how to walk with God in a wheelchair.

Jason Ctuistof

ter$ o oue... '%e wa The Champion

Songs of joy: The Grammy nominated African Childrens' Choir performed at convocation and TRBC. Jason Christqfi

i^7est~selling CLJ author and national director of Concerned W o m e n for America, the well-known Beverly LaHaye challenged the student body with the need for more Christian involvement in society.

y^ary Small \Jj writer and speaker on family relations, encouraged students in convocation and conducted the seminar "Love is a Decision" at TRBC. His seminars and book focus on passing on the blessing of unconditional love and enriching all relationships.


1 he closer you get to God, the closer you get to your Bible." Jerry Falwell


Vv hatever 99

isn't faith is sin. Beverly LaHaye

"A d\ person is not prepared to live until they are prepared to die. Dwayne Carson


1 here are ten nit-pickers for every


with a dream or 99

a vision. Jerry Falwell


{Jnward (^kridtiai '% Jo er$ Justin Bruno

Spiritual bootcamp: Dwayne Carson Lift your eyes: One of many meets with Spiritual Life Directors.inspiring views of the Prayer Chapel.


piritual Leadership

Polishingofthe armor,meetings planning once the strategy The strongholds spiritual a week. Chad Bulloch leadership are not only found with Groups of between three and professors and administrative six students meet to take leaders, but are traced back to prayer requests, fellowship, Resident Assistants, Spiritual Life praise the Lord through singing, Feeling the Spirit: Paul Ross, with seeing-eye dog Pierre, Directors and Prayer Leaders. and to share lessons on relevant reads the braille Bible. Campus Pastor Dwayne Carson topics such as devotions and met weekly with servanthood. "Every student on Prayer Leaders and The main purpose this campus is to be Spiritual Life Direcof the meetings is to tors and Prayer loved, prayed with, encourage and get to Leaders. Carson prayed for, and know each person on the stresses, "Every discipled." hall better. Through student on this these meetings not only Dwayne Carson c a m p u s is to be have hall relationships loved, prayed with, prayed for, andgrown closer together, but discipled". relationships with God have grown Every hall also has leadership stronger as well. Mike Nelson Spiritual Life

rau for me and

^y It;


Yo bro! Brother-sister dorms meet in the prayer chapel for fellow ship.

owerful Prayer


Marybeth Wildasin

This year more than 500 prayer leaders focused their attention on small groups, having devotions with them and upholding them in daily prayer. Heather Lamberth, a first year prayer leader said, "Being a prayer leader gave m e the opportunity to grow spiritually and m a d e m e more aware of the needs of those around me." Prayer groups also provided a core group for fellowship and socializing. Activities and end-ofthe semester get-togethers gave consistant m e m b e r s a chance to enjoy each other away from the dorm setting. To the n e w homesick student, as well as to the struggling senior, these groups offered encouragement and a chance to get and give advice. Peer insights based on Biblical principles coupled with prayer, provided year-long support.

Orod wants to give you a heart transplant that will never fail Rodney Gage

Samuel Lupulescu

Effectual prayer: Groups met each week calling upon the Lord to encourage one another. Circle of Prayer: Students pray before witnessing in Lynchburg.

He is a God of 99

direction. Brian Buckley

aquariums... be fishers of men. Berry Shetiel

men and women of Christ stand.

Prayer Groups

Ulou ve aot tke toue of tke c^Lord; it J ti Samuel Lupulescu

preading the Word Laura Sipple Students put the Great Commission into action by participating in many outreach activities throughout Lynchburg. Visiting nursing homes, county jails, shopping malls, the inner city, and going door-to-door throughout Lynchburg, students went each week with one goal in mind: to share the love of God with whomever they meet. Melissa Kiker shared the impact she has seen on the elderly in the Camelot Nursing Home, "Some are so lonely. W e are the only family they see and to watch their faces light up when we visit makes it all worthwhile." One group visited the mall, leading 140 people to the Lord. Group leader Mike Sadzinski said, "In the last four Fridays we had twenty five salvation decisions. It's just incredible what the Lord has done."

X esterday is gone; tomorrow may never be. Today is the most important day you have. Mike Haley


Spiritual Life


God's got an army: Students gatherLoving thy neighbor: Melissa Kiker for prayer before Friday night shares her time and a puppy with Maud witnessing in downtown Lynchburg.Bolton at the Camelot Nursing Home.

laturity is the ability to act on fact, rather than feeling or assumption. Pierre Guillerman


1 he heart of the problem is the problem in .


your heart. Wayne McCross

Afe is consta decision making and then makinc those decisions 99

work. Jerry Falwell

we uour

Scaremare: Youth Quest's House of Death leads hundreds to Christ during the Halloween season.

Storming the town: Students locate assigned destinations, hitting the streets to witness on Harvest Day. Becky Reinhardt


I he Great Commission is not an option to be considered, but rather a command to be obeyed.

Samuel Lupulescu

We must be a

It's better to light, not only for raise a youngster this generation, than to repair an but for future adult. generations. Sam Rutigliano 4-Him

If you don't throw off the hindrances in your life, you wi become a hindrance. E. Glenn Wagner

Vernon Brewer

Service and Activities

KJur KJod id i an awesome

Rich WJi

Heather Ealy



VERLASTING Full house: "Jesus is Awesome " rallies found students excited about their walk with Christ.


etting excited Having a spell Sean Turchin

"Jesus is Awesome" was a rally held each semester led by professor Danny Lovett. It was a chance for students to express how awesome they think Jesus is and h o w He has dramatically Heather Ealy changed and worked in their lives. Danny Lovett The first rally, held October 5, was packed to overflowing. More said, "We had large amounts of than 1,200 people "My prayer is that students that made comcrowded into DeMoss the Lord will al-mitments to let God use 160 and 161, with low the spirit ofthem in any way H e some perching on the revival to con-wants." steps and in the door- tinue on cam"My prayer is that the ways. Lord will allow the spirit pus." The featured speaker Danny Lovett of revival to continue on of the Fall rally was campus," Lovett continPhil Hoskins. ued, "I believe Jesus is Awesome' "I believe he is one of the most rallies are vital." dynamic preachers today," Lovett Spiritual Life





', make em wonder wkat ua aot... ua Ui

I lewsbt

tudent Shine


Being the example Scott Harrison

Jason Christofi


up: A packed


160-161 service.

L o v e in every language: Deaf students let their light "shine" :!•<".. i •••••• in Convocation with American Sign Language.

Student Shine was a praise and worship service organized by students for students on Tuesday mornings. From its beginning, these services attracted large interactive groups. Rob Jackson, Vice President for Spiritual Affairs explained, "Students met with each other and organized Student Shine. They wanted to initiate a completely "student" generated time of worship." The purpose of Student Shine w a s to offer a place w h e r e students could go, sharing fears and victories, making a joyful noise, to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. Meeting throughout the year, Student Shine inspired students to take their walk with Christ seriously. The large number of students attending had a lasting impact on the student body's view of the spiritual climate on campus.

Samuel Lupulescu


I he Christian life is a marathon, not a 100 99

meter dash! E. Glenn Wagner

Be a prophet, not a preacher; a preacher has to say something, but a prophet has something



1 he Lord does not raise anything 99

that wasn't dead Bishop Wellington Boone

God-given abili to see the unseen. However, vision worthless without courage. Ed Young

Student Shine

ole vaulting prayers

Mike Nelson

Raising petitions at "See Y o u at the Pole" Heather Pan-

With an estimated two million students of all ages from around the world, more than 200 Liberty students gathered around the flagpole on September 19, 1994 to pray for revival. '"See You at the Pole' is one of the largest prayer happenings in the country, and possibly the world," said Matt Willmington, YouthQuest advisor.

Flags were set up in the courtyard representing each of the states, encouraging students to pray for their friends, family, churches, and government leaders in their h o m e state. Many lifted up burdens for their high schools, while others shared concerns for missionaries. Pole position: Barely awake, students metfor the sunrise "See You at the Pole".

aster Day of Prayer Vigil reflects spirit of fellowship and praise Corrinne Negley

The air was warm, and a gentle The chapel was filled with a Spring breeze skipped through the sense of genuine searching. trees. From 10:00 p.m. Sunday Those not finding a pew inside April 9, until 8:00 a.m. Monday gathered around outside the April 10, hundreds of students chapel and mansion lawn praying, gathered at the W.C. Worley Prayer singing, and fellowshipping. Chapel to worship and pray for the Humble yourself: Courtyard benches provided "altars" for prayers. Easter Day of Prayer. Mike Nelson

Zack Kronenberger

Where two are gathered together: Edyaris Colon and Zaylimara Ramon united in prayer on Easter Sunday.

Our Father who art in Heaven: Easter Day of Prayer brought floods of students and petitions, crowding the small chapel so that many students used the surrounding mansion lawn. Samuel Lupulescu

Spiritual Life

eep my mind on kiaker tk\

frlarqaret l/Seclu

M e n heed Gods wake up call â&#x20AC;˘

Sean Turchin

Thousands of men gathered to make lifetime commitments to God through the message of Promise Keepers. In a movement sweeping the country, men came to the Vines Center from all walks of life, geographic areas, and denominations to become better leaders, husbands, fathers, and servants for God. Speakers such as Bishop Wellington Boone and Adrian Rogers, with musical guest 4-Him, invited m e n to put Christ first, family second, the church third. Messages set God's Word as the top priority, encouraging men to make a difference with it in their homes, churches, communities, and the world. Samuel Lupulescu

Eating out: Some 10,000 men Keeping the promise: Bishop Wellingto remember the joys brown-baggin' it. Boone was one of many to lead the char Kevin Dibert

Samuel Lupulescu

ounded on the Word of God Student-led Bible studies grow Chad Bulloch

Small prayer groups began to each other, sang praises to the form after Spiritual Emphasis Lord and shared what He had Week in February, creating a true done for them. The time they spent together commitment for revival. One group in particular grew will never be forgotten and could from 4 to 15 members. The group never be replaced. "We all have grown closer to gathered Monday through Thursday in the Religion Hall, a few God and through that we have hours before curfew. Holding one grown closer together", claimed another accountable was their junior Youth Ministries major main purpose. They prayed for Mark Yoder.

Going to the chapel: Students gathered together in the Prayel Chapel throug the week to study the Word and worshi in song and prayer.

Promise Keepers

anna tell tke world we re Sendin oui our

To Russia with love: A Light Ministries student team trave to Moscow, Russia during Spring Break.

From shore to shore: From Florida to Russia, Spnng Bre saw seeds of faith planted i several different soils, (bel beach survey. Laura Sipple

ringing Christ to Russia Proclaiming His intercultural love Laura Sipple While s o m e students spent their Spring Break o n the beaches of Florida, ten traveled to minister in M o s c o w , Russia. T h e s e s t u d e n t s traveled in conjunction with the World Help O r g a n i z a t i o n to o r p h a n a g e s , hospitals, schools, a n d churches performing musical concerts a n d

presenting d r a m a to m o r e than 1,300 people. T h e y distributed Bibles, tracts, a n d power b a n d s to the Russian people in order to s h o w t h e m God's love. T h e t e a m impacted m a n y lives, with m o r e than 2 0 0 recorded decisions m a d e for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Laura Sipple

All together now: Planned activities s as tug-ofwar and volleyball opened oppportunities for teams to get pers and witness to other collegians.

# \ learwater Beach Alive in the Son and surf Taking up the cross and following Him Ben Whitt


The 1995 Clearwater Beach Christ as Lord and Savior. Alive team of eighty students, the Truly a life-changing time of largest ever, stormed Florida's fellowship and ministry, students beaches during Spring Break. witnessed mostly to college "CBA" was a Christ-centered vacationers by using various missions trip sponsored by Youth surveys. Surveys provided a Quest, that saw many people from casual approach to sharing the all walks of life come to know plan of salvation. Spiritual Life

The trip not only brought a harvest to His throne, but it also dispelled some stereotypes that label Christians, which may hinder "Generation X" from accepting Christ. They reflected a lifestyle of abundant joy only found through Jesus Christ.

xeans on a mission of love...

—J\atlui —Jn

amaica for Jesus Performing service Marybeth Wildasin During Spring Break, a group of nine students traveled to Jamaica with Light Ministries to share Jesus Christ in public elementary and high schools. Chris D o w d , one of those traveling said, "It was one of the best experiences of m y life." Cindy Hesson added, "I definitely plan to go on the next missions trip to Jamaica."

yi iding Albania l-\ through love _^_i


Laura Sipple

During Christmas Break, nursing students traveled to Albania with World Help Organization. They distributed a half ton of medical supplies and clothing to hospitals and orphanages. The nursing students gave free physical examinations to children and encouraged and ministered to the long-term missionaries already serving in Albania as well.

School's in: (Top) The Light Missions team to Jamaica ministered in area schools. Dramatics: (Above) Heidi Schantz, Jennifer Bowen, and Mission of mercy: Nikki Chandler shows the love of Stefan Forcey portray Christ's love in a skit. Jesus Christ to orphan children in Albania



We gain inspiration from others to run the race, but we 99 imitate Christ E. GlennWagner

\nlhat are we doing about our world which is dying and going to hell?" Lew A. Weider

I don't care if you want to call the Rapture the Happy Hop from here to Hallelujah! It's going to take place. Harold Willmington

KJod is not looking at what you have gone through, but how you have gone through it. Bishop Wellington gion Boone

Spring Break Missions

K^y y^-ome, let us sina. to tlte e^Lorct: un tet us maize a iouj-ut noise to tlie roch ofour SCLCuation. cJLet us come before


presence u/itn tnxCLnhsaivina., XCLHO.


<x ioulut noise unto trim u/itn pSxCLtmS.

psalm 95: 1-2

Kevin Dibert









!r *^ Background: Dennis Sulivan





Let's Take This Outside Eating out, literally, was never so m u c h fun, as Marriott hosted an outdoor version of its cafeteria spread. Though dinner was served outside the same lines applied. Seating was strictly picnic style !•'in the courtyard, Multipurpose clearing, and just about anywhere in the shade. Some daring people gathered together and got "wet and wild," which was the theme of the cookout. T-shirt

clad munchers cooled down from the w a r m Fall semester temperatures with water balloons and water guns. The outdoor eating alternative provided students with a breath of fresh air from the dining room. Students usually prefer off campus cooking, but with ID card in hand, the cookout saved a few food dollars and served up fun as well. Lisa McMonigle Jason Cinristqfi

Chip off the 01' Block Party "Relax, have fun, and loosen up" was the unofficial theme of the third semi-annual LU Block Party held in the DeMoss parking lot a few days before Fall semester classes began. More than 3,000 hyperactive LU students


turned out August 23 for "big bounce" volleyball, ping-pong,two-man gyro rides, and bouts of bouncy boxing. Dean Greg Dowell and Professor David Beck m a d e quite a splash demonstrating their good sportsmanship at the


H_fl _«_






"What scares me the most is when m y dinner talks to me." Stacu Ann Parker \


i^2& t&TZ-

.—j "I eat things that smell, taste, and look like something I've seen before and the quality of the food could be more diverse, and less pro-coronary." Brent J. Cole

L(ine) U(p): Students eagerly wait to pass through the Marriott gates to sample anything from waffles, sandwiches, pasta, salads, or the famous mystery meat.

"Joey Bailey lost at 'paper rock scissors' and had to take up 11 trays plus plates, cups, and utensils, not to mention uneaten food. He did it all in one trip and w e applauded." Danielle Kathryn Wilcox




"I battle with the dilemma of ^ eating at Marriott and risking m y health or dying from malnutrition." Leslie J. Gordon "I pray over m y food so it doesn't kill me!" Heather Wilson "I can count endless times w h e n I've narrowly missed being run down by Marriott carts pushed around. Only once did I really get hit by one." Courtyard cuisine: The Courtyard GrilL in its first year, Miye Robb McCullough provides .hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, and convenient snacks for a relaxing lunch by the fountain or a break "Marriott may not do wonders between a busy class routine. for the stomach, but it does & work miracles for your diet!" Fiesta time!!! (Center) Marriott's mexifest mixes it up Andrea J. Kapicka during Block Party festivities with a hot and spicy buffet of "make your own" nachos, tacos, and enchiladas.

dunking booth! W h o says there is no revenge? Fellowship with old friends and the chance I "That liquid cheese scares to meet new ones was Volleyball served u p right: (Far Left) Students enjoy m e — I would never eat perhaps the highlight of g playing "big bounce" volleyball in the giant blow-up anything that could grow skin ' - arena, as only one of the many well-planned activities> in twenty minutes!" all the fun-filled Block \ at the Block Party. Heather Hamlin Party events.


Tom Weaver


» J; „ V i _ Roughin It

I _-


Background: Dennis Sullivan

Samuel Lupulescu

NIGHT Up all Night It's Friday night and the weekend lies ahead posing the question, Jesse Barsugli "What is there to do in Lynchburg?" The Office of Student Life comes to the rescue with a host of late night activities. Throughout the year, hundreds of students attended late night skating, bowling, and putt-putt golf. Other activities included oncampus movies such as No more training wheels; Speed limits aside, Walt Disney's Aladdin Marge Alawi demonstrates her new found and The Lion King, freedom on the track. Round and round: Adam Farran dazzles the late night crowd with wheeling antics.


Monday Night football parties, and floor hockey tournaments. James Beck, Student Director of Activities, said late night activities provide an opportunity for the university to link with local businesses. Students not only enjoyed fellowship with friends, but the extended curfew until two a.m. has always added extra appeal. Laura Sipple Jmnijer Vaughn

Pucker up: 1 Riled hockey f players sport winning smiles. | Hollywood huddle: (MidRight) From the .)m0" big game to the big screen, late nighters anticipate the David's Place premiere of The Lion King.

S Mill i*aÂťcl

H o w d y Pardners; (Above) David's Place goes West as 4h students have some good 'ol western style fun and game M at the Country Western Party.

Coffee Break; (Right) Leonard & The Slo-Mo's show off t â&#x20AC;˘acting abilities and comedic presence during one of t I Coffee House shows sponsored by the Student Life offi ÂŤ.

1 **REg


Background: Dennis Sulivan

I &£

Band Stan From the Sounds of With campus stati Liberty to DC-Talk to W W M C (C-91) support, Mark Lowry, Liberty Reality Check's "Step to has produced a multi- the Mike" got concert tiide of musical talent. promotion and air timet That trend and Kerygma Child won for variety continued as best lyrics in Lynchstudent groups got burg's competition, together to fulfil their Battle of the Bands. The Upper R o o m , dream. From acapella to alternative, rap to Drowsy Poet, and Flood reggae, worship to Zone of Richmond audience wack-o, the musical provided range covered all tastes. exposure to new groups. The goal of each While the bands played musician is to showcase at these coffee house their talent and glorify style stages, Unity the Lord in the process. entertained the largest Yet some have had a crowds in convocation. Dennis Sullivan small taste of fame.

(A Kerygma Chi Child: (. lance Smith JoshSampsott strummin' up some raucous rock n' roll in an Upper Room weekend concert Zook: (Right) Bill Briers, Earl Pavao, Scott Pineau, and Larry Cornell bathin' in the tunes.




«. i* Aaron Leslie

: ** *T -HT

*. #

*er. Douc Muckef, Chris Btaney, and Nathan Barlowe rap it up as the fave rap group. (not shown) Stan Tadeja


2) Lynette Davis, (Row 3) Felicia DodsofaBMRegina MacFarland win chapel crowds, (not shown) Cynthia Tatu

Dave Taylor & the Friendlies: Chad Sundin, Ramey Harder, Dave Taylor, Tommy Hilerget inspiredfor their next dis wacky project.

\ _H_^H^_^_B_^_^_^_B_ We're A Band

II •

Background: Tom Weaver

Anticipating the title Crowning Miss Liberty, a Homecoming tradition, brought spectators to attention as court hopefuls stood in suspense. A chilled breeze greeted parents, family, and other out of town guests as they arrived to Williams' Stadium. The electric atmosphere warmed the crowds and marching band brass serenaded the ladies in waiting, creating a field runway. A drumroll... A hush... A stillness... Miss Liberty 1995... Kristen Hogg.

Drum, roll please: (Right) Macel Falwell and Louanne Guillermin crown Miss Liberty 1995, Kristen Hogg, during Homecoming half-time. Top 5: (Below) Sarah Abbas, Sharon Fulcher, Kristen Hogg, WendiGibbs, and Ginger Asimos smile as they are named.

Pursuit of the Crown Those who aspire to the coveted crown possess a potpourri of academic excellence, testimony, and inner beauty. Senior w o m e n with a G.P.A of 2.75 qualify for the initial list of possible contestants. Staff, students, and faculty cast their votes and the competition begins with twenty senior women. Following interviews and convocation addresses, and Miss Liberty is selected and crowned during Homecoming's half-time. Dawn Tuttle

Kristen Hogg's poise, magnetic personality, and dynamic witness are the elements which captured the title of Miss Liberty 1995. Her father was a proud escort. Kristen says, "The biggest blessing since receiving the crown is the people I have come in contact with since then; the display of support and love from friends has not only been moving but a real encouragement to me." Following graduation Kristen will pursue a graduate degree in Speech Pathology. Dawn Tuttle

The Top 20: (Row 1) Terra Schock, Tiffany Grayson, Curry Ellenburg, Kristen Hogg, Joline Day, Lori Slippy, Holly Ross, (Row 2 Staci Tauton, Jodi Smith, Jennifer Roberts, Stephani Black. Sarah Obey, Ginger Vertican. (Row 3) Ginger Asimos, Heidi Schantz. Sarah Abbas. WendiGibbs. Cynthia Henefield. and Jayne Sargeant.

Miss Liberty.

Background: Dennis Sulivan

HOMECOM _ ^ _ l _i



lames Fly During Homecoming 1994 Though the air was the crowd blazing. )ld, a thrill of excitement Saturday night exirned throughout the ploded when the Flames campus during Home- took their heated huddle coming weekend 1994. against Delaware State. The Flames got fired up The marching band and during Friday night's cheerleaders ignited Homecoming bonfire sparks of excitement with a spirited rally in throughout the crowd. front of David's Place. Although Liberty sufTemperatures reached fered a loss, it is evident the boiling point when the Flames will never be Liberty Noise, a five extinguished. member student band, took the stage and sent Tasha Braddock an on the run: (Above) Lawrence Worthington evades a Delaware State tackier, though the Hornets managed to slip by the Flames 2%-l 7. Those spirited sidelines: Cheerleaders catch their breath and look on as the Eagle's crazy antics entertain the rowdy student section of Williams Stadium.

Student Life

IING /Z>&4>a>

to beat the band: Liberty's drumline struts their stuff.

Snap, crackle, & pop: tehool spirit soars high as flames lick the sky at the Friday night bonfire and spirit rally be the big game Saturday.

A nest of chicks: The ever-so-friendly Eagle mingles wit few female fans to cheer on the Flames. Samuel Lupulescu



Around Town Arriving in Lynchburg* find Billy Joe's Ice Cream students must adapt to Parlor packed with Liblimited nightlife on a erty students. Old-time shoe-sting budget. Even rock n' roll, carved tables, Wal-Mart can become an and gobbs of tasty ice exciting journey. cream provide a fun, reMoving to Lynchburg laxing atmosphere. |P9J_ also means learning the Students have found !g p native customs- refus- that sitting down to their ing to use a turn signal favorite movie at or cruising Fort Avenue Cinamark and shelling in a 1973 El Camino. out only $ 1.50 can be the For that perfect Friday ultimate stress reliever. night date at a perfect LU champions manage price, many students opt to overcome Lynchburg's tfl for a perfect pizza at limitations and that i Papa John's. Others chronic student ailment, make a "run for the bor- "no cash", with a lot of '^ der" to the ever popular imagination and a little el cheap-o Taco Bell. help from their friends. Heather Parr Sunday afternoons


I scream, you scream: CHARGE!: (Center) Withcredit (Above) Melinda Webb, Leslie Gordon, Jacqueline Hooper,cards in hand, Angle Crooks, Sarah Obey. Alan Green, and Heather Taylor, Kevin Gantt, Teofil Badea purchase some Michelle Salisbury, Sarah necessities at Wal-Mart. Bauman, and Jamie Hall T w o Thumbs Up: (Right) Mike enjoy ice cream and other Smith and Miss Virginia '94, treats at Billy Joe's. Susan Robinson, enjoy a night out at Movies 10.




?PoAy^f^9^ Samuel Lupulescu

Samuel Lupulescu


1T5S7 !L3i



night activities, Movies 10, hasn't spotted ten girls concerts, and River Ridge wearing the same dress Berkley Federal's "money "browsing" bring more than from TJ Maxx? But these discount stores are not the machine" came to DeMoss, a few cards calling. It may be lean money- bargain when the monthly tempting students' outstretched palms with quick wise, but Marriott refugees bank statement arrives. Never fear, once parents money. Empty-walleted won't go to bed hungry. students found confidence Lynchburg is fast food hear of their student's pit I in the 2" x 3" plastic ticket heaven with an extra value of poverty, they may just replenish the account. Which ! to entertainment, food, andmeal at every corner. Liberty keeps Phar-Mor's raises the question, "Who " local shopping. Even the cheapest enter - doors open and Wal-Mart is the real 'money machine' Itainment in town, can put benefits from freshmen anyway?" Lisa McMonigle a strain on the budget. Late shopping sprees. W h o

Money Mania

>> &7



/ ÂŁ/ > k*/




M o r e grind for your mind: (Top Right) The Drowsy Poet's trendy atmosphere provides an ideal backdrop for preferred drinks and tre for Tim Putney, Bill Brie Rebekah Parshall, and Mark Bowen.

Singing school bill blues: (Bcttom Right) Steven Ky Lucinda Grove, and Lovel Matthews react from the damage they have incurr on their monthly bills

/ '


% *




is ^ g


~™™~ •


Hi " * IP t %

Vanity Plates

. .

fi! %




No matter which park««*™*o.™«,™ ing lot on campus, from Z'S-i'r'"™ "Egypt" (that far country by David's Place) to the , , ever-coveted blue dia- ' monds of DeMoss, per- ; * sonalized license plates J% (alias: vanity plates) don ft * * - i 4_ a vast array of vehicles. G These plates signify ev- *^ erything from names to ]|» future aspirations. ]f* Sometimes they are used H to solidify one's personal ^ I *f.' v commitment to a signifi ! "Yl? cant other. Then there are the true ™ "Champions" w h o use v the state tag as a witness , E? of their faith, proclaim- t *f« B ing the gospel in no more s *^ than seven letters. 2y* •'- * Dawn Turtle

'» i v

ryv'v** t*a. j

*, Making rounds: (Center) % U Security officer Daniel Vinersar , , *• proudly writes a ticket making - , * rJj' a "bust". (Bottom) He spots his I • next victim.

V4£ y I "*


j j J S i ^ / Student^




< /t Vl ,\ ^ «,


* m _

&*• JTJ

5* 7 .fl^w-^^M

z £ ^


Top and bottom photos: Samuel Lupulescu

• is *•«. f %


Handbook, students frantically careen down the parked rows looking • Cars provide conve- for that elusive prize- an ! nience and freedom, yet unoccupied space with \ there are some draw- the right diamond. The • backs. Tickets and lack worst time to find a place I of parking spaces are all is right before curfew, ! too c o m m o n on campus. it's fruitless; the pit Not wanting to violate awaits m a n y an auto. Outrunning the parkI any rules of the "Traffic ' & Parking Regulations" I ing police is a mis

•J •.f %\ ^ v

4 . ..

. •>


conseption among m a n y ' ! v f* ^ L v students running in to 4*^,. t" ^ . *m the post office "for just a >l„; «^ * v * S - ~ minute" which inevitably , * "* . * ^^_^ results in an unwanted *** \t li J ^ ^ piece of pink mail. *••%£$'4*\* J Z ^ Don't curse the "Lucky V Charms" approach to * <V -. T1^ parking, just think of it !*%'•> | j ^ - A ^Mt 1 v as a test of character %*^m \ »^*^Sc^

I If # if


•J "^J**

Shaking Their Cans Paint barely dried Only a year old and subjected to layers of before the next graffiti toxic spray paint, fire, artists wiped the slate censorship, and bad clean with multi-colored I jokes, the Spirit Rock or metallic expressions. s _#i got a lot of attention. Oikos (A.K.A. Dorm 2) Brought to campus to were the most frequent ihelp create school spirit vandals, proudly wrapand tradition, the rock ping their name around i the rock. I patiently sits across Messages ranged I the street from the from the artists's i i Vines Center. Painting initials to proposals of -,J the rock began as a marriage. Even O.J. ' freshman activity, but Simpson references others joined in, making it a choice message appeared with, "Don't Juice the Juice". board to passersby. Lisa McMonigle

.» f,M>

So long, farewell: (Top Center) A sign of senior spirit from the graduates signals the end of another year. Anyone for cards: (Right) HeatherJohanson challenges Youthquest singers Michael Harsh and Ted Williams to a game of Spades to pass time on their next road tnp. J Do! (Far Right) Miss Liberty, Kristine Hogg, is asked the "big question" on the Spirit Rock, one of its more popular messages.

tudentXife mm



__t J-Kb—1•IB






"I Do... Anyone?II Many girls come to Liberty with a hidden agenda, to be engaged by the time they graduate. Some take a "come-what-may" attitude, while others view their years at college as a countdown, thinking that every other guy they meet is "the one". Billy Stone shares his experience of proposing to his fiancee. "I took Dottie to the Peaks of Otter on Valentine's Day. The lake was frozen and the whole

setting was beautiful. I said, 'Dottie, will you marry me?' and she answered Yes!'." A few amorous artists spray-painted their proposals on the Spirit Rock for all to see, then waited patientiy for a positive reply. Shock value also has its merits. A popular, though risky, method was to surprise their sweetheart by popping the question in front of the entire student body. Most couples plan to marry after graduating.

Laura Sipple

Kiss of commitment: Jim Faber took a risky approach of proposing by taking advantage of Danielle Selma's embarassment dunng convocation. The dress is next: Nicole Raimondi wades through mounds of lace while Dave Shanton daydreams.


Background Dennis Sullivan

Pam Thum P a m cites her hope for each performance: "In the Bible the disciples' shadows were cast upon people a n d they were healed." "Even as a child m y prayer w a s 'Lord, w h e n m y song c o m e s into a room, I want the people hearing it to feel so loved a n d accepted b y Y o u , Jesus," P a m says, "That at that m o m e n t they can believe G o d for healing, and they can trust G o d

for salvation, trusting H i m with their lives." "Today, I take m y talents a n d say, 'Holy Spirit, take this, carry I into people's hearts and s o m e h o w let them k n o w that these songs are not just words to me'." P a m puts action to her words with perhaps the strongest lyrical Gospel in Christian music in her hit song 'Will You C o m e to Jesus?' Justin Bruno

(Above) 4-Him brought "The Ride" tour to the Vines Center. (Right) Homecoming's featured act, LarneU. Harris entertained Multi-Purpose Center crowds. (Bottom Right) Steven Curtis Chapman's "Heaven in the Real World" tour in the Vines Center.


Point of Grace Member Heather Floyd stated, 'We live everyday at the point of God's grace; w e need to tell others about His love. That is why our album T h e Whole Truth' deals with salvation and is saturated with Christian themes. W e stand as a Christian group unapologetically." The group's advice to students is to k n o w God's will. 'Be faithful in your prayer life, walk

with God. Searching the Scriptures is where you'll find God's will. G o d is faithful to provide guidance," Heather stated. Their ministry's verse is Psalms 115:1: "Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy n a m e give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake."

(Left) Point of Grace performe among other tunes, their seven number one hits, including a medley featuring the musical styles from the 40's to the 90's

Mark Lowry Liberty's o w n M a r k Lowry always finds ways to share the Gospel with his unique h u m o r and soul stirring vocals. Mark claims his years at Liberty were a pioneering time, "We got our beds from an insane asylum along with some of our professors." He says his goal is fun, 'If you can get people's mouths open, you can

reach d o w n and touch their hearts." Lowry says his favorite Scripture passage is I Chronicles 26:18, "'At Parbar westward, four at the causeway, and two at Parbar,' because I don't know what it means."


(Left) The Mouth in Motion tou featured spoofs on hits by Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith, and Lowry's version of Sandi Patti's "Some Other Time, Some Other Place."

Kathy Troccoli Kathy Troccoli with Clay Crosse opened for the Spring 4-Him concert. She has returned to Christian music after about a seven year hiatus. She claimed that during this time she has been able to

reflect on life, bringing more humor to her show. Her goal is to reflect God's love so that it is relevant to the audience.

(Left) Kathy Troccoli's vibran and enthusiastic personality came through to the audience with her "stand-up" comedic approach to sharing.

Justin Bruno & Lisa McMonigle





Jason Cliristojl


Jason Cliristojl

Audio Adrenaline


Making beautiful music together: (Clockwise from top) Newsong: East to West: Truth: Clay Crosse: and Phillips. Craig. And Dean joined in the concert series performing familiar hits while featuring new material for audiences.

Jason CtvtStqfl


Background: Dennis Sullivan

ELEGA TL&d'd'&i</ Ted Cunningham

"Wujfaa WUiiams

Victorian Christmas Ball

The Light Singers hosted the Victorian Christmas Ball fundraiser on December 8. Myla Williams, Alfred Burgess, Brad Kellun, and R h o n d a Miller organized the event. The 135 guests, dressed in elaborate Victorian clothing, arrived at the historic eighteen sided Aviary Building in Miller Park. They found it elegantly decorated with Christ-

m a s greenery, white lights and candles. D i m lighting and classical music created the perfect ambiance for guests to enjoy the traditional feast. During the meal guests became an audience, entertained by the Light Singers, selected soloists, and a riveting monologue and song by the accomplished Dr. Wayne Kompelien.

Lydia Jarden


Student Life

NT EVENINGS C^/C CC?fr& /c6tco&& ÂŁ&


Junior 8 Senior Banquot

It was a night of beauty and romance as elegantly dressed couples boarded the Virginia Dare river boat on Smith Mountain Lake for the Spring Junior and Senior Banquet. Waves lapped gently into the distance and the lake glistened with sunset as guests enjoyed the mountain air and romantic piano

melodies by senior John Kavanaugh. The m e n u featured roast beef, shrimp, and fresh vegetables. Atmosphere inspired romance as at least one marriage proposal caught the attention of the ladies. Four dinner tours, fifty couples on each, were filled to capacity, providing lively yet intimate settings.

Background: Dennis Sullivan

WORKING All in a day's work

From Wal-Mart to students broke into Little Caesar's, from preprofessional areas. J.Crew to the office, Nursing majors worked students put their time in the local hospitals, journalism students and talent to work. On-campus positions focused in on the were scarce this year, media, and government forcing students to majors gained hands- \ apply their efforts on political insights. elsewhere. Restaurants, A motley crew: Inset, Pau telemarketing, and retail McCqfferty, NamJenzer, Su jobs accounted for most Lim, and Steve Tozier rev their true enthusiasm for employment areas. their clean-up job with Yet, some enterprising Building Services. Lisa McMonigle Dennis Sullivan

Dennis Sullivan

That's a wrap: Above left, Dawn Tuttle gets on-air broadcasting experience as an evening news announcer for WRVL radio. What a prune: William Deloach helps beautify the campus by pruning courtyard brushes with Grounds Keeping.

fVnrus SlilUlXâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;1

M a y I take a message: Angela Springsteen appears to enjoy her receptioni job in the mansion. Liberty friends and family: Telemarketers Shauen Miller. Kristen Marshal Yolanda Bruce, and Audrey Langat contacted prospective students.






^J^TG ontu is ntti roc

^JrulL. u mu


Lvctitetn upon K-joct:

Prom ^J^tiLm


IVxCtti mulu scLlVxCttLon....

1_^_/ ^7"! -/

artel ntit Salvation;

e LS mu defense;

^_y sncLLl not be

areattu mouect.

Piciimi 31:2

hampion debaters rock the nation Dennis Sullivan

The Debate T e a m reached the pinnacle by winning championships in both the American Debate Association (ADA) and the prestigious National Debate Tournament (NDT) this year. Not only has the team m a d e school history but national collegiate debate history as well. Liberty is the only school to ever win top honors in both debate organizations at the same time. The team w o n the final A D A rankings by defeating the defending champions of George M a s o n University by more than 66 points with solid contributions from all levels of the team. Later the N D T results revealed that the team


had topped George Mason University again, and had finished in first place. Head coach Brett O'Donnell praised the team, "When we started this year, our goal was to win at least one of the top titles." "This team surpassed all expectations as the strongest program in the country," O'Donnell continued, "The debaters have worked hard this year and have brought honor to the Lord and to this institution as well." In conclusion: (Inset) Adam Milam wraps up his argument in favor of the death penalty during the exhibition Soden Memorial Debate.

Samuel Lupulescu

Prime Time: No strangers to success, varsity debaters Abe Pafford. Bill Lawrence, and Layla Hinton have the last word in an interview by Lynchburg's WSET Channel 13 news crew.

Top 20 National Debate Tournament Rankings 1. Liberty University 2. George Mason University 3. Wake Forest University 4. Northwestern University 5. Dartmouth College 6. George Washington U. 7. Wayne State University 8. U.S. Naval Academy 9. University of Texas 10. James Madison University 11. University of Iowa 12. Mary Washington College 13. University of Kentucky 14. Harvard University 15. Emory University 16. Baylor University 17. University of S. California 18. University of Redlands 19. Kansas University 20. University of Michigan

Samuel Lupulescu

Professional courtesy: Coaches Mike Hall and Brett O'Donnell are greeted by Dean William Gribben and Professor Cecil Kramer.

Hall of F a m e : Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team poses by their trophy case following the year's end Soden Memorial debate.

Samuel Lupulescu


he Library receives some additions Dennis Sullivan

The most obvious and a C D - R O M comLibrary addition was puter workstation. "We have been blessed actually a subtraction of a DeMoss hallway. A with the opportunity to wall greeted those improve our service," walking to the Fast commented Library Break snack shop after Dean Dave Barnett, "All the construction of the students benefit from new library study area. the Administration's and The Alumni Associa- Alumni Association's tion contributed, nearly support of the Library." $40,000, thus providing New toy: Dean Dave Barnett couches, study carrels, a and Darren Maybee use the microfilm reader-printer, new microform reader-printer.

Dennis Sullivai Samuel Lupulescu

Pleasure reading: (Above) Thanks to Alumni, readers enjoy new furniture in the Periodicals Room. Once a hall: The Debate trophy case covers the wall converting a DeMoss hallway into the quiet study area. Shhh: The Library's new quiet study area, constructed during the summer, occupies aformer DeMoss hallway. Academics

S u r f ' s up on the Internet connection TimothyJ. < Gibbons

"Welcome to the future," commented Dr. Richard Barnhart, Director of Academic Computing. "We have entered the 'information highway' this spring." Students crowded the computer labs playing on-line games, sending

e-mail, and surfing the World Wide Web when the campus got a direct hookup to the Internet. "It's loosely-controlled anarchy," Barnhart said, "The Internet is not owned by anybody, but by everybody. And we own a part of it now."

Net minder: Dr. Richard Online antics: Terzic Balsa logs on to the "information Barnhart breaks from his hecsuper-highway" in the Scien tic schedule to demonstrate Hall computer lab. the new Internet connection. Dennis Sullivan

Samuel Lupulescu

Hang ten: Lab assistant Cody Martin makes sure students do not have too much un surfing the Internet.

Research meets technology: Students welcomed the additional ProQuest CD-ROM workstation in the Library) Samuel Lupulescu


Dedicated debater: David Chapa catches a late night nap between the pages in the Debate Lab. Debaters spent many hours of preparation, resulting in top national honors in both the ADA and NDT rankings. Bible study: (Below) John Study buddies: (Inset) Damron pores over his notesJennifer Reed and Denise Aull in preparation for his nextshare Spanish notes after religion class. class in DeMoss 114.

Jesse Barsugli

Meeting of the minds: Late night calculations: Dennis Connor, David Nelles, Kevin Jones burns the Diane Cotter, and Janet Tolin midnight oil by lamplight on study in TE 130. some math homework.


rocrastination: due date denial Dennis Sullivan

Samuel Lupulescu

'Why do today what teeth into the self-victimcan be put off ized student hide. until tomorrow?" Yet, the tradition of Procrastinators late night crams are not all over campus without reward. After adopted this motto. forgetting the failing Nowhere were grades, a smile will procrastinators linger to some of the more evident than best memories m a d e during final exams at college. Water gun week, w h e n it fights, RA pranks, and seemed they came out of telephone cranks not the woodwork. only provided study Perhaps the most break entertainment, c o m m o n side-effect of but another chance to procrastination was put-off the inevitably temporary delusion. due paper. Unrealistic excuses for Pizza delivery kept late not beginning research nighters from going or not starting required hungry and coffee was reading easily deceived the taster's choice to students. They con- perk-up for that dreaded vinced themselves that 8:00 class. 500 pages could be read Patience is a virtue but in one night, and when procrastination is a cathat night arrived, real- lamity, easily avoidable ity sunk its piercing with a little discipline.

Models of Procrastination

Quiz show: Jerrod Ruhl and Amanda Holbrook test each other to prepare for exams.

Kickin' back: Teqfil Badea lets his pizza settle before returning to the books in his xSenior Dorm room.


Most Happy Fella: Tessie (Angela Kunkee) and Gussie (Craig Kompelien) celebrate Tony's (Allen Huszti) wedding. Huszti heads the Sweet Briar College music department. Night at the Opera: Papageno (Daniel Vinersar) meets Papagena (Laura Layne), his new wife provided by the gods, in Mozart's The Magic Flute.


Screwtape: Wormwood (Dan The Devil and Daniel Webster: Daniel Vollmer) and Slumtrimpet (Nathan Long) prepares his client (Jason (Syndi Bellamy) tempt Steven Christofi) and wife (Laura Clay) to meet the Kyle and Jessica Brennan. Devil in a one-act play. (Photo: Matt Cuda)


erformances thrive on audience support Lisa McMonigle

Though the Dramatic theater major. Arts major did not The Spring buffet of survive the curriculum musical productions restructuring, theater featured the delicacies flourished with Fall of Italian opera in productions of Addict, exerpts from Verdi's Catacombs, and Screw- "Rigoletto" and Puccini's tape by the King's "La Boheme" and in A Players. Night at the Opera. Four student directed Musical comedy, Most one-act plays drew Happy Fella, charmed crowds to the Lloyd audiences, and drama Auditorium. The shows Jacob Comes Home, conoffered experience to sidered consequences of those previously in the World War II.

Jason Christoji

Snow white hair: Dan Kidder prepares for his role in the student-directed one act play, Jacob Comes Home.

Dressing Room: (from back) Stage managers Joanna Drake, Ginger Vertican, and Tara Blain help Tiffany Renalds and Lauren Blainey put every hair in place before taking the stage in Jacob Comes Home.

Jason Christoji

Night at the Opera: Amid rumors, Sam Polk (Gavin Dean) comforts his sister (Jennifer Kelly) in Floyd's Susannah.


Assessment Day: In preparation for the 1996 Southern Association of Colleges accreditation visit, students parti in a variety of surveys and tests. Fond farewell: Nursing chair Linda Miller, taking a position in Florida next year, congratulates Student Nurse of the Year Kristen Kurbjeweit.

C a n w e have class outside? Matt Willmington tries the nontraditional approach to education in order to cure his students' spring fever.


Year end congratulations: The Communication Studies department, now including Journalism. Speech, and Telecommunications, honored outstanding seniors during t Spring awards convocation.

Dennis Sullivan

Dennis .Sullivan

urriculum under construction: major changes, minor adjustments Kabrianna Fitzgerald

This Fall students returned to find that in addition to the Library's new wall and the disappearance of DeMoss couches (per executive order), the university had released several faculty, scaled back sport programs, and redesigned majors and courses. Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin explained that although these

decisions were m a d e suddenly during the summer, such changes had been anticipated for several years in order to prepare for the challenges of the future. "We just happen to be at the forefront of a national trend to reduce educational expenditure," Dr. Guillermin stated. "To do so we restructured the content and broadened the scope of classes and majors." The Television, Speech and Journalism depart -

ments were combined into the Communication Studies Department. Finance, Marketing and Management degrees were consolidated into one Business degree with specializations in each area. The Drama major was eliminated from the Fine Arts Department. Computer Science and Chemistry were no longer offered as majors. H u m a n Ecology was streamlined and renamed Family and Consumer Science. Contemplating change: Dr. Journalism lab: (Above) Lab Several General Ed reGuillermin explains the assistant Todd Hirshman quirements were altered. curriculum changes. "We helps graphics students complete their projects. Wrestling was removed restructured the content and broadened the scope of Journalism is now under from the sport's roster. classes and majors."

Communication Studies.

Samuel Uipulescu

Curriculum Changes

ommencement ceremony 1995: Sen. Phil Gramm inspires graduates Dennis Sullivan

Commencement 1995 inaugurated LU's Silver Anniversary celebration, announced by Chancellor Jerry Falwell. Red and blue banners adorned light poles all over campus in readiness for parents and friends arriving for graduation festivities. Senator Phil G r a m m (R-Texas), a leading contender for the 1996 Presidential race, addressed the crowd of more than 8,000 in the Vines Center May 6. "We will not change America until we change our government policies," G r a m m said. "If we don't change our policies within twenty

years, w e won't be down by the U.S. Suliving in a country w e preme Court. Baccalaureate services recognize." held He received a rousing were ovation when he pro- Friday night posed to eliminate the in the Vines federal Department of C e n t e r . Education and advo- Graduates cated school choice and were challenged by school prayer. Yet it was a solemn s e m i n a r y occasion as Kristine g r a d u a t e Hogg, Miss Liberty 1995, H i a w a t h a pointed out the empty H e m p h i l l W front seats each adorned a n d LJT. j K l C K Jesse Barsugli with unworn caps and Warren, Saddleback gowns. This served as a Community Church in memorial to the unborn San Jacinto, California. children that would have Graduates participatcelebrated their gradua- ing in the ceremony tion this year had they numbered 793, in unnot been aborted in 1973 dergraduate, external when the Roe v, Wade and graduate degree decision was handed programs. Samuel Lupulescu

Jesse Barsugli

Silver anniversary: Red and Presidential hopeful: Senablue banners adorned the tor Phil Gramm's (R-Texas) lightpoles outside the Vines commencement address emCenterfor Commencement '95.phasizedfamily and morality.



President's Office

Dennis Sullivan

Teachers' pets: Elementary education grads Kimberly Maus and Michelle Morse top their hats with apples. Dennis Sullivan

Miss Liberty: (Inset) Kristen Capacity crowd: (Above) The Sing a new song: Seniors Hogg commemorated the un- Vines Center was packed with sing the newly composed alma oorn children of the Class of 8,000 friends and relatives mater. "Champions Arise," by 1995 - victims of Roe v. Wade, honoring 793 graduates. Dr. John Hugo.


et fly the class of 1995: a Senior's eye view Lisa McMonigle

The college journey begins as a wide-eyed freshman walking through check-in lines and continues until the walk through the graduation parade. The cap and gown fantasy visits every student who pulls an all-nighter, suffers homesickness, and plans a wedding. Almost like the last week before Christmas, Graduation

becomes an allusive Scaremare recruiting, to event that seems to drift graduation rehearsal, farther away as time the journey has passed by many a landmark of moves forward. Yet in retrospect memories. Perhaps the the carefree freshman sweetest vision will be year, sophomore strug- knowing that after the gles, junior year jitters, hardest tests of endurand senioritis have all ance and determination, come and gone so a diploma waits for the survivors. quickly. The journey of life beFrom the first business office bill in the gins again as a wide-eyed mailbox to Dr. Falwell's graduate. The future "Don't Quit" speech, to beckons.

Jeff Raymond

Class dismissed: Scott Mummert motions to part the sea of soon to be graduates. Captured on film: Proud parents were not the only ones with cameras. Jeff Raymond

Mickey mortarboard: Richard Dunn will be working at Disney World after graduation.

Jeff Raymond


Dennis Sullivan

s. *

Jesse Barsugli

It's official: David Bowden shows off his very own seminary diploma and balloon following commencement. At last: Victoria Mahairas and Sam Lupulescu celebrate their new found freedom. t

. x\

. M

«*- • 1

i »i MlMi W



K-'?' it>p? t£

_n^» • |0

m _ > _i_k_. _•


•_•'" ' ^H

3. iM

Rr •_ P!


1*, 1_P*^3 P f B T

Jfl __l in lH__fl_B


I -. Dennis Sullivan


r ^ ^> *






Graduation party: These seniors are not waiting until ceremony's end to have fun.

Message boards: Seniors displayed creative sentiments atop mortarboards - from "Thanks" to "Good riddance."

Dennis .Siitm-an



sx% a "•• -

|fauipnt<^ EM £n«*•****«r **"• ftS Mm *.'•"*. " •"'; • Bs'£Mr *—toes. tons.•«*»'• .Jf--»> L . •-y


m am tiir.zft , —

* i*rK.. tmn>

f CUnl n *NC«f ^S^ ° ly boiui-- f rsity a «"

s'l. &s



l0 holy boldness 1]niye diversity's ovm « ttssa hi" ?aith, UberW * F a l«eU. tmxy? M




ett w t h


r™Sunesna«o^ e \ £ all«V«

Ever "-S ^Christian way. Ever vigia» . uan way. •* J«£ the storm

^d tV,e^r5foentClinTj ft l^ffS^lt ol ^ite st


Y*»i scandal *»" Foster. r 0 ck - s °/ L 4 House aide W ^ e R o v e r s * .. 1Dn for 1 The tninls^deotapes. Circle . t __-— Busy » a n : A b ° 2 h God next : flash ^cellar*****

i0tligWO^_ vele/t \ " tu^oleft,




Falwell catches *tWednesday onhiswaytospe^ convocation.

fit "fcSH I «aBfel—




i B H P •• t-..

« .-n.:i||f .ilea


irry Falw-

f , r Faiwrf



during his tmy re.

Above left, #\ Double exposure-




! I««l £*<»''

*C >V,


_*^*_taMM i,«—-"-7


to » » "

tML. ftmitffi—|

*rt * » j ^



4 4 V M »•* ssir'f •3IS# S«kl T * ! — M M f d cai

z.xWjSx\i t?.JK

A Few Thoughts From the President It only takes moments to God's blueprint for Liberty ealize where our president, to include a completely Dr. Pierre Guillermin's top computerized campus, an morities lie: increase to ;o the Lord 10,000 en"I would like to Jesus Christ, rolled resident get back to teach lis family, students, and ing because I ind Liberty more cohesiveenjoy being with Jniversity. ness among the students. " Reflecting the campus m his favorite community. rerse, Philipians 3:14: "I fo- One of his special goals is :us m y attention on the to see administration beipnly one that really mat- come more directly involved with the students' school ers. Guillermin envisions expenence.

Often I leave the office to meet with students," he noted with a suppressed smile. i

He added, J "Each student has a personal responsibility and accountability to the Lord Jesus Christ. W e keep ing, but also how to students well-informed of live in this world and make the challenges they will face an impact in it for Christ." in the world; but they have to make their own decisions, we cannot make their decisions for them. They Justin Bruno & Laura Sipple must leave Liberty pre- A social man: (Above) Guillermin relaxes his look a little, sporting pared to not LU garb at the Fall Block Party. only know Laughing in the rain: His 26 years how to in Drenchburg taught him to carry make a liv- an umbrella and wear a smile.

All smiles: Even posing for the camera Guillermin's easy-going personality shows through.

All photos by Samuel


Duty before honor: (Above) Long office hours are not seen by the student body, though he gives personal attention to many tedius campus operations.

President * 1 ~ "-*"-*-»•

^elah^potlight ton a dedlcut, 2)r. Harold L. Willmington, respected administrator, professor, author, radio teacher, lecturer, husband, father, and grandfather, paused from working on his next book to offer personal insight about walking with Christ and his vision for the Liberty Bible Institute. by Lisa McMonigle

I explain it this way; You have authored 15 maybe three-fourths of that sometimes people books, which have you student body going out to introduce m e as an most enjoyed? start up churches. expert in the Bible. I tell them that I'm very appreWhat Scriptures have I suppose the first ciative of that introduction, book an author has you claimed as your To Jerry I'm sure the but I correct them and printed is one of his personal favorites? vision is the same, I say that I a m not an favorites and that was The it's just incredibly expert. What I do say is King Is Coming, printed That would be two. expanded. W h o would have that I have an expertise, about 21 years ago and still There is a professional thought 23 and that is in in print. and a personal verse. 'J am simply givingBible sumyears ago we I guess the biggest would M y personal verse, Psalms would give you the stuff that mary, giving have to be Willmington's 91:1-2, "...hethatdwellethin North Carolina my professors gave people the big Guide to the Bible, with more the secret place of the most a run for its picture so we than 1,000 pages. High shall abide under the me. I pass it on to could money in the fly Both of these books have s h a d o w of the Almighty. I you and you are to over the city. sold over 200 thousand will say of the Lord, He is my big dance? W h o would The three cit- copies each. Billy Grahm refuge and m y fortress: my do the same." have realized ies we fly over ordered 400 thousand God; in h i m I trust." Dr. Harold L. Willmington we would have are the Old copies of The Bible List Book T h e professional verse, 2 tens of millions of dollars in Testament, N e w Testa- and sent it out nationwide. Timothy 2:1-2, is also my buildings, or five thousand ment and Doctrinal Surgoal here, "Though therefore. students? S o I think the vey. How would you explain m y son, be strong in the vision's certainly been exI a m more well known your vision for Liberty grace that is in Christ Jesus, panded in a w a y that m a y b e for m y writings on prophBible Institute? A n d the things that thou even Jerry didn't realize. esy. But again, I don't hast heard of m e among consider myself an expert Well we have really got m a n y witnesses, the same H o w do y o u react to on prophesy. I enjoy to get numbers up. commit thou to faithful men, the attention you get speaking on it, but I also My goal is to get up to w h o shall be able to teach as a Bible expert? love to speak on Creation. at least 500 and to have others also." Has Liberty's vision changed since you came in 1972 as Dean to establish the Thomas Road Bible Institute?


;:::' W







amuel Lupulescu

Around the world: (Far Left) Willmington in Moscow during one of his many trips over seas. He has taken 23 trips to Israel alone guiding tours along the paths of Biblical hi tory.

By the renewing of your mind: With a library crowded with volumes,Willmington researches for his sermons, books, teachings, and personal enjoyment. Aye, Aye Captain: Sailing along Smith Moutain Lake with wife. Sue, Willmington steers clear of his many responsibilities a time of relaxation.

I tell m y students, I a m on His hands, m y n a m e is simply giving you the stuff written on His hands." that m y professors gave me.' They don't write songs like I pass it on to you and you that anymore. are to do the same. You often quote from h y m n s in s e r m o n s and in your radio program, 'Window on the Word". Do you have a favorite? KWM Well, one of the greatIgffll est h y m n s is Isaac y ^ — I Watts' "When I Survey Cross", but (ithe Wondrous equally great is Charles „ Wesley's "Arise M y Soul t Arise". It says, "Arise m y soul, arise. Shake off thy guilty Tears: The bleeding Sacrifice Jn m y behalf appears; before 'the throne m y surety stands- m y n a m e is written

What would you title your autobiography, if given the opportunity? S o m e o n e asked m e what I would like on m y tombstone: '...and here lies the body of Harold Willmington w h o lived to celebrate his 100th birthday.' I would like that. I don't know: that Harold Willmington was faithful in the sense that I was faithful to m y wife, to m y son, to m y students, and to the Lord. Not a great scholar but an effective preacher, teacher, and author.

Dr. Harold Willmington was ordained in 1955 by the Gen Association of Regular Baptists and pastored for 18 ye before coming to Liberty. He holds his DMin. from Trin Evangelical Divinity in Deerfield. Illinois. His involvement in conducting various Bible seminars his career. He has been instrumental as initiator, mo and speaker of the 1995 Thomas Road Baptist Church Spnng This feature begins a tradition of dedicating the yearbook to a Prophesy Series, "Focus on the Future" held at Liberty. •professor who not only represents the ideals of Liberty University, but Married 34 years to Sue Willmington, Hands of Liberty •also carries Christ beyond the campus. Because of his service, spiriDepartment director, he not only commits himself to sch tual example, and professional success, the Selah editorial staff chose activities but also to his son Matt, daughterin-law Ch Dr. Willmington. commending him and encouraging future recognition. and two grandchildren Nathan and Carissa.


^Jludii to dhow thr

Robert Adklns, Dean Bus iness / Government Harold Agee Library David Allison Communications Larry Anderson Psychology

Nancy Anderson Psychology Lawrence Andrew Business Treva Babcock, Chair Family/ Consumer Set David Barnett, Dean Library

Richard Barnhart Computer Science David Beck, VP Faculty Development Ellen Black, VP Planning & Research Homer Blass History

Barbara Boothe Registrar James Borland Biblical Studies Dwayne Carson Campus Pastor Philip Captain Psychology

Academics _

> rouet


riahtiu diuidina the word of truth.


2 DlmolL, 2: 15


David Chung Religion Gregory Comfort Physical Education Linda Cooper English Russell Daubert Communications

Randall Davy Biology Janice DeLong Education Charles Detwiler Biology Carolyn Diemer Education

John Donaldson Geography /Education Pauline Donaldson,Dean| General Studies Greg Dowell, Dir. Minority/Intl. Affair David Ehrman Music

Dane Emerick Dean of Men Linda Farver Physical Education Mary Fink Education Ruth Foley Music


Mark Foreman Philosophy / Religion Marilyn Gadomski Psychology Michael Garcia Business Mary Garlock Education

Herbert Gedicks Business John George, Chair Management Philip Gilmore Business- EDP Allyson Goodman Communications

Linda Granger Music Mary Grayson Mathematics William Gribbin, Dean Communications Wilbur Groat Education

~*Âť f P

Gary Habermas, Chair Philosophy Robert Habermas Communications Cline Hall History Harvey Hartman Biblical Studies

Academics â&#x20AC;&#x17E;;,



Ronald Hawkins, Dean Seminary Mark Hine Dean of Students David Horton Physical Education Matalie Howard Family / Consumer Sci.

John Hugo Music C. Samuel Isaac English Lily Isaac English Rob Jackson, V P Spiritual Affairs

Bill Kellaris, Dir. Financial Aid Stephen KenMusic Monty Kester Mathematics Phyllis Kester Mathematics

W a y n e Kompelien Music Cecil Kramer Communications Gaylen Leverett Religion/Theology Grace Liddle Education



Robert Littlejohn Biology Ray Locy, Chair Dept. of Music Beverly Lowry Psychology

Homer Massey, E D P Asst. to the Dean

William Matheny History / Missions Lloyd Matthes Mathematics Sandra Matthes Music Honore Mavinga Mathematics

Lisa M a y English Garth McGibbon Chemistry David Miller Counseling Linda Miller, Chair Nursing

John Morrison Theological Studies Paul Muller English Larry Nelson Psychology J a m e s Nutter English


Academics 'â&#x20AC;˘

Laurie Nutter English Karen Parker Education Leonard Parker, Dir. Experiential Learning David Partie English

Helmuth Poggemiller English David Randlett Music Douglas Randlett, Chair ^ Church Ministries Milton Reimer Education

J.O. Renalds, Dir. Field Operations Robert Rencher Business- EDP Boyd Rist, Dean Arts & Sciences Kenny Rowlette English

Sandra Rumore Mathematics Lynne Sanders Nursing Larrie Schlapman Religion- EDP

James Schuppe Communications


Earl Sargeant, VP University Services Rachel Schwedt Library William Scott Counseling Lynn Seipp Music

Sonna Seipp Education Barbara Sherman, Dir. Bruckner Learning Center Joanne Sigmon Dean of Women Evangelos Skoumbourdis Physics & Mathematics

Carla Sloan Business Brad Smith, Dean Residence Life Ellen Soden Education Hila Spear Nursing

Jay Spencer, Dean Ext. Degree Program David Sprague Communications Mark Steinhoff History Jim Stevens Religion

Bruce Traegar, Dean Commuting Students Steven Troxel Communications James Van Eaton Physical Science Alexander Varkey Biology

Henry Virkler Counseling James Wagner General Studies Lew Weider, Dir. Christian Service Samuel Wellman Music

Anne Wharton Communications Stephen Witham Government Branson Woodard, Chair, Language Dept. Glyn Wooldridge, Chair Dept. of Mathematics




h? __

__ ! _ _ _ !

L__/ ^rn the <=JLord ^Jr put mu pul wity

A A how ue to mu







to y our







Piaint 1 1:1



flO»*S -AtCtA* The Big Dance: Forward Jody Chapman scores against UNC in first round NC/ tournament play,

h**1 RG 1 S P ^

oo of





Flames men's basketball team m a d e school his tory as the first L U team to advance to the N C A A Division I basketball tournament. The Flames ran past Campbell in the Big South Conference championship game 76-62, capturing the crown and securing a spot in the "Big Dance." A s the sixteenth seed, the Flames faced the number one seeded Tarheels of North Carolina. The battle raged back and forth between L U and U N C for most of the game. At halftime the Flames trailed the former National C h a m -


oris SP'


pions by only six points. The squad continued to hang tough and the Flames found themselves up by one, 46-45, with 10:01 left to play. That was the last the Flames would see the lead as the Tarheels went on to win the first round at Landover, Maryland, 71-51. Staying with North Carolina for thirty minutes drew national attention to Liberty University as it looked like the Flames just might upset the former champions. "It has been an unbelievable experience," reflected Head Coach Jeff Meyer. "And now we are looking forward with great anticipation to a most exciting future." Josh Howe

Roadside Applause: Lynchburg's salute to the Flames appeared on a billhoard along Route 29 NorthfoUowing the Big South championship. Thrill of Victory: Coach Jeff Meyer and team carry off the coveted Big South trophy after defeating Campbell 76-62. Sports Injormation


Sports Information

Sports Information

i G




Sports Information

4 Cfl

A winning shot: N a m e in lights: Chris Toomer puts The scoreboard up another two records the battle points as the as UNC and LU Flames capture the struggle for the Big xSouth title andlead. LU pulled an automatic bid to ahead but was join in the NCAA overcome by the "Big Dance." Tarheels 71-51. 1994 NCAA/Big South

Group hug: The Eye on victory team gathers forLU Quarterbac Antwan Chiles the traditional racked up 2,823 prayer before the passing yards and heartbreaking 4041 defeat by thecontributed to the team's 2,839 total Appalachian State Mountaineers. offensive yards he Flames' 1994 football season w a s plagued by multiple injuries, dysfunctional defense and no postseason ticket at the end. Matin' a run for Nevertheless, the Flames' ofit: #32 Lawrence Worthington's fense flourished with the passing rushing rampage ability of quarterback A n t w a n season included aChiles and the almost inhuman record-breaking rushing capabilities of running 305 yards in a back Lawrence Worthington. single game. Something good came of the hip injury to J.T. Morris, LU's highly-touted running back from Penn State. Entrusted with rushing responsibilities, Worthington went on a rampage, setting team records for the most rushing yards (305) in a game and the most rushing yards in a season. Sports Information The Flames' 1994 schedule w a s unquestionably one of the toughest in the program's history, but the 1995 outlook is bright. Joshua Cooley


Sports Information


(ROW l) Coaches: Joe DeLamielleure, H.T. Kinney, Derrick Donald. Bob Leahy, Jerry Petercuskie, John Petercuskie, Sam Rutigliano, Darryl Daye, Pete Sundheim, Lynn Ponder, Barry Rice,Dave Williams, (ROW 2) J.T. Morris, Keith Walker, Bobby Jones, Courtney Freeman,Dion Cook, Joshua Burford, Antwan Chiles, Herman Calloway, Shawn Davis, Ryan Duncan, Tony Covington, John Backe, Daniel Whitehead, Eric Colvard, (ROW 3) Ben Anderson, Randi Bishop, Brew McGoldrick, Kevin Peltier, Sedrick Watkins. Kenyattta Murray, Lance Duncan, Marcus Leggett, E.D. Cabell, Brian Johnson, Dave Milne, Tony Parker. Lawrence Worthington, Robert Miller, Xavier Slade, Tim McGill, (ROW 4) Mike Brown, Tim Acoff, Joshua Young, David Long, Sam Patton. Jeremy Drake, Daniel McGill, Butch Jennings, Mel Fegely, C H . Christopher, Changa Cooper, Jerry Scranton, Steve Mock, Kelvin Cochran, Mick Mulcuck, Damon Bomar, (ROW 5) Don Poole, Ulysses Moore, Rodney Degrate, Manson Clark, Steve Gresham, Eric Autenreith, Ron Frere, Donnie Inge, Aaron Karp, Chris Goede, Matt Davenport, Jason Smart, Matt Godfrey, James Righetti, (ROW 6) Hunter Hunter, Curtis Nivens, Larrye Weaver, Brian Sien, Alan Askew, Austin Rammel, Jason Knowles, Kris Bouslough, William Allen, Robert Butz, Marlon John, Tony Dews, Chad Cooley, James Highsmith, Billy Griffin, Jarrod Everson, Joe Stone, (ROW 7) Kelvin Hines, Ken Wilt, Jim Frisby, Mike Cargill (Trainer). Angie Coleman, Jerlyn Schrock, Ruben Freeman, Adam Makkai, Chad Labour, Carl Earls, Andy Moore, Mike Sharp, Jon Geukgeuzian, Tim Witt, John Pfeister, Dan McCullugh, Charlie Elders


52-0 W


13-16 L


37-47 L

Delaware State


S W Missouri State

27-19 W


37-12 W

Central Florida

24-49 L

Appalachian State

40-41 L

N e w Haven

40-22 W

Charleston Southern 59-27 W

Overall Record 5-6-0

Sports Information

Eyes like eagles: Liberty Coaches Darryl Daye, Derrick Donald, Joe DeLamielleure, Sam Rutigliano (headphones), and H.T. Kinney watch the action intently. Head to head: LU's #95 Trey Sartin faces off against a Concord opponent. Flames stomped the Mountain Lions 52-0.





Lady Flames volleyball t e a m finished their season with a fair record of 10-18, but that w a s no indication of the team's potential. "We're a young team," stated head coach Chris Fletcher, "but we're on the verge of some incredible things. This year is just an indication of what's to come." Highlights of the season in( R O W 1) Melanie Wheeler, Leearta Miller, Diane cluded an October winning streak Martindale, Laura Miller (Asst. Coach), Chris Fletcher (Head Coach), Mike Boersma (Asst Coach), which saw the Lady Flames beat Latisha Brewer, Stacy Collier, ( R O W 2) Tracy Wiggins (Trainer), Joi Rickard, Ashley Fletcher, Nikki West Virginia, Virginia C o m m o n Keznor, Jennifer Keznor (Mgr.). Lori Mattson wealth, and James Madison.

The team came close to upsetting University of Maryland-Ba timore at the Big South conferenc tournament. 'We just caught them offguard commented Fletcher. Senior Nikki Keznor lead the team defensively and set the Career Digs Record with 1,732, as well as the Career Aces Record with 213. 'You can't play the game unless you have all of the players- it is a team sport," Keznor said. "There is no one player that stands out. Everyone is needed to win." Laura Sipple

Sports lnformamÂŤ


Sports Information



St. Peters Delaware Navy Virginia Tech Virginia Commonwealth Tennessee Tech Furman University U T Martin Virginia Florida International Bethune-Cookman Jacksonville Georgia State West Virginia North Carolina Central Winthrop UNCAsheville James Madison Charleston Southern Coastal Carolina U N C Greensboro

3-1 W 2-3 L 1-3 L 1-3 L 0-3 L 2-3 L 0-3 L 0-3 L 1-3 L 3-0 W 3-0 W 1-3 L 2-3 L 3-2 W 3-0 W 3-0 W

UMBC Towson State Radford

3-1 W 1-3 L

In your face: LU's Leeana Miller slams a block, stunning North Carolina Central opponents as the Flames win 3-0.

Over the top: Freshman Stacy Collier steps up to serve, as the Lady Flames play on home turf.

3-1 W

3-1 W 3-1 W 1-3 1-3 0-3 0-3 0-3 2-3


1-3 L

Overall Record 10-18-0 Women's Volleyball


Sports Information

Confidence embodied: Coaches Bill Bell and Jeff Alder watch the Flames perform.

jg ^5

In the heat of the battle: Greg Wheatonftghtsfor control of the ball against UVa. Ready, aim, fire: Brad Kellum maneuvers to avoid a Winthrop defender. The big picture: Greg Wheaton and Derek Utomas play intense soccer at UVa. Sports





n g a med: ere regular 199

season,the men's soccer team made a run at the conference championship only to fall to defending champio U N C - Greensboro in overtime "We were a goal away from go ing to the nationals," L U head coach Bill Bell said.

LU, which struggled early in the season with a 3-5 record in Big South play, squeaked into the tournament as the sixth seed by overcoming Towson State in the last regular season game. In spite of the disappointing season, the Flames ended on some high notes. Five All-Tournament selections were Liberty players: J a m e s Wright, Matt Sinclair, Jeff Johnson, Jesse Barrington and Joe Larson. Wright finished his career as LU's all-time career points and goal leader with 89 points and 36 goals and w a s named to the AllConference First Team.


(ROW 1) Matt Sinclair, Wendell Bassett, James Wright, Greg Wheaton, (ROW 2) William Bell (Coach), Stan Tadeja, Ryan Trumbo, Paul Olsen, Kevin Huffman, Tony Ogusanyi, Jesse Barrington, Jeff Johnson, Eli Rodgers, Jeff Alder (Coach), (ROW 3) Richard Rivas, Jon King, Andreas Meza, Erik Small, Joel Johnson, Wil Graham, Jason Christian, Joe Larson, Jeff Maniatty, Derek Thomas, Brad Kellum, Tony Thomas, Paul Carrasco




13-16 L


37-47 L

Delaware State

17-22 L

S W Missouri State

27-19 W


37-12 W

Central Florida

24-49 L

Appalachian State

40-41 L

N e w Haven

40-22 W

Charleston Southern

59-27 W

Overall Record 5-5-0

Sports InfoniHittoti

Men's Soccer


*Šwer Dawn Kapani demonstrates athletic skill and grace as she directs the ball toward the goal Sports Information




y Flames' soccer began with high expectations of becoming a better team than last year, fully knowing that it would be a struggle based on the high level of competition a m o n g the teams they challenge. Also before them lay the task of working with several n e w freshm a n players while attempting to keep the chemistry of the rest of the team in balance as well. 'We had a good group of freshm e n this year," said head coach Ken Perkins. "This will help us a great deal next year. We'll have a lot more experience coming back for the next season." The team learned the power of prayer during their game against East Carolina. At the end of the first half, L U was losing 4-2. The team huddled together and began

praying and entered the second half confident of securing a victory. They scored three more goals winning the match 5-4. The spiritual emphasis of the team is evident in all they do. As a testimony to this fact, they begin every g a m e with the words, "Let's win it all for

Come to me; Goalie Janette t Baldwin guards the goal in stopaction style.


Him." The team also distributes tracts to the other players. Lady Flames goalie Janette Baldwin noted, "Even though we are not always a winning team, everything w e do is totally based on Godâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;it's up to Him when we're to have our winning season." Laura Sipple

Sports Information

( F R O M LEFT) ( R O W 1) Elena Seiple, Beth Aldridge, Jenice Oliveras, Terri Lee, Cara Rosser, ( R O W 2) Sumer Abel, Christine Alonge, Opal Golden, Kara Crosby, Cori Tallman, Alisa Ontiveros, Ruth Fisher, Jennifer Weissenger, ( R O W 3) Jennifer Hicks (Trainer), Ken Perkins (Head Coach), Beth Owens, Kendra Bendgs, D a w n Kapani, Janette Baldwin, Shannon Hutchinson, Valerie Beckford, Mary Zwart, Jennifer Rapp, Brent Ward (Asst. Coach), Zabrina Serran.


Sports Information

Gotta get it: Mary Zwart hangs tough as she controls the ball. Be strong and courageous: Coaches Ken Perkins and Brent Ward encourage the Lady Flames.

U N C Charlotte Virginia Tech Mount St. Mary's UMBC Towson State UNC Greensboro East Carolina Georgetown St. Francis High Point Radford U N C Asheville Robert Morris UNC Wilmington Overall Record 5-9-0

Women's Soccer

0-5 0-4 2-1 0-1 2-5 0-7 5-4 1-4 3-1 0-2 0-7 1-0 8-1 2-4


Sports Information

f the Flame's 1994-95 basketball season could be described, it sure looked like a roller coaster ride. The Flames, in a year T i m e out: The. It's not polite to Flames huddle up when the Big South lost its autopoint: Eric for unity and Pothoven confimatic bid to the NCAA's "Big dently directs the strategy around Dance," reached the pinnacle next play. Coach Meyei early, going 4-1 by Christmas break. However, plagued by inexperience in the backcourt and faulty defense, the Flames took a P nosedive throughout the winter break, only winning two games during that time span. "You could say (our schedule) was too tough for this team," L U head coach Jeff M e y e r said. "But

Samuel Lupulescu

with our aspirations of giving our kids a chance to get to the (NCAA) Tournament without an automatic bid, we played the teams that would have given our team a chance to do that." Through mid-January into midFebruary sophomore center Peter Aluma caught fire, leading the team in scoring eight times in a month. The Flames, though, only went 2-7 in that stretch, as the team reached its lowest on January 28 when Virginia Tech came to town and smacked LU, 101-70. The Big South tournament came to the Vines Center, but the Flames left too soon. Charleston Southern, the eventual champion, sent the LU home with a down-to-the-wire, 58-60 loss. Peter Aluma and Jason Dixon were named as Second Team AllBig South players. Larry Jackson was selected for the conference's All-Rookie First Team. Joshua Cooley

Sports Information

( R O W 1) Kenny Lugo (Student Asst.), Darnell Johnson. Erik Sorensen, Barny Taylor, Peter Aluma, Jeff Meyer (Head Coach), Jason Dixon, Kevin Benton, Darren Hall, Che' Lugo, Brian Bethum (Manager), ( R O W 2) Brian H y m a (Trainer), Mark Reed, Jeremy Luther, Larry Jackson, Mark Miller (Asst. Coach), Paul Nazigian (Asst. Coach), Randy Dunton (Asst. Coach), Gabriel Caldwell, Eric Pothoven, Jay Boykin, Barry Rice (Strength Coach)


Scoreboard Montreal Anderson VA. Commonwealth Western Michigan James Madison King College Missouri Tenn. Chattanooga Drexel Colorado

UMBC Towson State U N C Asheville Radford Winthrop Charleston Southern Coastal Carolina Virginia Tech U N C Greensboro Md. Baltimore Cty. Towson State U N C Asheville U N C Greensboro Winthrop Charleston Southern Coastal Carolina Radford Md. Baltimore Cty. Charleston Southern

72-66 45*62 69-63 86-80 90-58 76-87 62-64 68-89 77-93 57-60 72-59 46-57 64-52 66-85 63-58 88-69 70-101 54-67 59-62 70-71 67-73 63-74 70-68 70-72 65-64 68-57 57-54 58-60

w L

w w w L L L L L

w L

w L

w W L L L L L L W L W W

Sports Information


ss 9Qmfz* Sports Information

Air Dixon slams: (Above) Jason Dixon scores against Va Tech Whoop, there it is: Peter Aluma slam dunks for two points.

w L

Overall Record 12-16 â&#x20AC;˘ 0

P u t 'er t h e r e : The Flames slww true sportsmanlike conduct greeting the other team.

Sports Information

Men's Basketball

Sports Information

O n the move: #22 Lady Flame Genie Stinnett takes the ball downcourt. R




Reeves, Head C o a c h of the Lady Flames, felt the primary focus of this year's basketball team w a s to play for Jesus Christ. "I k n e w every time w e went out that the team was giving m e one hundred percent," he said, "I could not ask for more." However, the season was filled with m a n y challenges, as witnessed by the team's 7-20 record. Because m a n y upperclassmen suffered injuries, n e w players were given an opportunity to gain some valuable experience early in their college playing career.

During A n g ie Johnson's four years at Liberty University, she experienced three injuries. In spite of these setbacks, Angie continued to give her best for the Lady Flames basketball program. "Angie is a kid w h o really wanted to play and represent the Lord. She represents a special legacy to this university, and the team as well," Coach Reeves said. Ginny Holloway is another senior w h o has m a d e a big impact on the team. "Ginny has worked hard every s u m m e r to m a k e herself a better player," Reeves said. Janetta Campbell

( R O W 1) Jennifer Eaddy, Angie McDaniei, Dena Freeman, Flori Willie, Stephanie Cox (Asst. Coach), ( R O W 2) Scott Meyer (Trainer), A m y Keniston (Manager), Erin Peterson (Manager), Michelle Wyms, Tiffany Ratcliff, Keri Johnson, Kimberly Thompsoa (Manager), Dawn Coleman (Asst. Coach), Jeri Wiley (Asst. Coach), ( R O W 3) Erma Williams, Genie Stinnett, Ginny Holloway, Angie Johnson, Beth Hopkins, Rick Reeves (Head Coach), Michelle Johnson Sports Information


Scoreboard Virginia Commonwealth Clinch Valley North Carolina A & T Canisus South Alabama American Charleston Southern Coastal Carolina Georgia Southern West Virginia U N C Asheville Valley Forge Towson State UMBC Radford UMBC Towson State U N C Asheville Winthrop U N C Greensboro Charleston Southern Coastal Carolina Winthrop Campbell U N C Greensboro Radford Towson State

56-91 73-53 55-72 66-83 56-70 55-80 55-53 55-69 55-90 69-80 71-76 104-19 62-72 56-53 48-51 48-57 62-72 68-52 70-52 57-67 61-47 66-74 71-77 51-64 54-74 60-68 69-77


Overall Record 7-20-0

The Big Picture: Guard Ginny Holloway scores another bucket. Way to go: Coach Reeves congratulates leading scorer Ginny Holloway on her 1,000th career point. Bring them on: Angie Johnson. ready for anything, maintains ball control. Sports Information

J Sports Information

Women's Basketball

C.W. Pack Sports


n g away with the Big South Conference title once again is right in stride for Over the top: LU's powerhouse Track and Field Michael Prettyman team. The Flames have domiclears the 16'1" barnated the Big South every year during pole vault competition at the since the conference incorporated. This year was no different as the '94 Penn Relays. Olympic hopes: Flames placed first with 258 (Below) Seventh points; Lady Flames took the place nationally number one spot with 273 points. ranked sprinter After joining the Intercollegiate Jacob Swinton (far left) placed secondAmateur Athletic Association of in the 100 meter America (IC4A), the largest conrace at the '94 Penn Relays competition.ference on the East Coast, and






placing 24th in 1991, 14th in 1 9 9 2 , a n d 11th in 1993, the F l a m e s rocketed into 2nd place last year a n d this year, tossing aside competitors such as Duke, Notre D a m e , Yale, and Princeton. T h e Liberty C r o s s Country men's t e a m ran a w a y with the Big South title for the second year in a r o w a n d the w o m e n placed a respectable third in the Fall. Talented athletes continue to rise through the ranks of Liberty's Track a n d Field program. Look s o m e d a y for a n Liberty University star to appear o n the not-so-distant Olympic horizon. BoBo McGillicutty

(ROW 1) Mari Kong, Wendy Warren, Audrey Eubanks, Regina McFarland, Amanda Holhrook. Wanda Browning, JoAnn Wolfson. Dawn Mihm, J'Aime Cowan, Sarah Harford, Stacy Peoples. Jennifer Hammond, Lora Randolph, Anna-Kate Jarman, (ROW 2) Deletha Quarles (Coach). Holly Mays, Lynn Kochura, Valerie Beckford. Christi Barefield, Karol Hooven, Heather Reichard. Allison Teer, Kristen Tomasello, Shauna Hutcheson, Ardra Samuel, A m y Ross, (ROW 3) Gerald Mosley (Coach). Michael Prettyman, Micah Gaudio, Kevin Coley, Tabitha Kemerling. Cathy Williams, Mike Reed, Jason Hofacker, Jason KrulL Clark Zealand, Josh Cox, Todd Pettyjohn (Coach), ( R O W 4) Scott Pooch (Coach), Bill Khan, Jeremiah Jarman, Ryan Werner, Andrew Pantner, Lemans Wells, Dennis Johnson, Chadd Aldrich, Jacob Swinton, Chris McGregor, Daniel Bendey, Luke Burton, Brant Tolsma (Coach), (ROW 5) Pete Brown, Shawn Davis, Mike Connell, Hosien Burch, John Merriott, Drew Ellenberg, Mike Lucas, Tim Harrell

Jesse Barsuglt

F l a m e thrower: Mike Lucas takes a practice toss with the shot put. His regular events include thejavelin toss and discus.

Running away:

Flame jumper:

Men claimed the Big South cross country title with #102BillKahn in front; the ladies placed third.

Christina Popoff easily sails 4'11" over the high jump bar at the Liberty Invitational home meet.

Track & Cross Country

^ ^


Samuel Lupulescu

Defense, Liberty, defense: Cheerleaders lead the crowd in spirited chants during a home basketball game. " O u r C h e e r l e a d e r s are at not just a goal squadâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;they're c a m p is to a family. Each display this Christian attitude," member must said Traye Hogge, "So that the put their com- other squads will see that Chrisplete trust in the others if they are tianity is a happy life and that you can have fun too." going to excel in cheering. (ROW 1) April This past year it w a s evident The cheerleaders have one goal Brantley, Kristie for every season: to do whatever they accomplished their purpose Mitchell, Lora is necessary to support all the as they were presented with the Randolph, Stephanie Reffher, sports teams in their quests to prestigious Leadership A w a r d Brandee Owens, achieve success. which is selected by all the squads Julie Huth, EUie They also wish to present a attending the camp. Pons, (ROW 2) JerShane Paulsen s u m s it up in emy Henry, Jason Christlike attitude at all times. Williams, Stan One of the greatest opportunities the following way, "We must work Bttrgis, Louis to do this is during the training hard physically if w e are going to Hrebar, Jeremy camp held each year in August be- have an impact spiritually." Provaznick, Seth Sites, Traye Hogge fore the official season begins. Laura Sipple



N o w that's trust: Lor a Randolph (top) and Kristie Mitchell practice an "arm to arm" lift, a move that requires strength and confidence.

Team spirit: Brandee Owens, Ashley Dunton, Julie Huth, Lora Randolph, April Brantley, Stephanie Reffner, Stan Burgis, and Shane Paulsen pause during the 1995 Big South tournament held at home in the Vines Center

Pressure: Traye Hogge holds Lora Randolph (left). Julie Huth and Jeremy Provaznick in the classic "diamond head" formation.

Samuel Uipulescu

_â&#x20AC;˘ Sports /ri/ormafion



Sports Informati


Sports Information



Grip it & rip it: Jared Albert completes a shot in full swing. Long shot: Mark Setsma had an exceptional frosh season, scoring 71 at the Wqfford InvitationaL


T o m Anthony, Mark Setsraa, Jeff Thomas, Todd Setsma, Gary Leeds, Kenny Hobbs, Jared Albert, Chad Hall, Justin Jennings, (CENTER) Frank Landrey (Coach) Sports Information

Jesse Barsugli

Sports Informatio

Miaan * latins Ce» Fans: Glenn and Rachel Esbenshade. Don and Joyce Hershey dedicate the new courts.


J —rife

t (ROW 1) Carl Diemer (Coach), Anton Matusevich, Danny FarrisSi Matt Schley, David Girst,(ROW2)Rich ^itantanskL' Brett Clulow, Barrett Connolly, Matthew Swinhart, David Spohn, Chris Johnson (Asst. Coach)


Tough return: Barret Connolly shows the intensity he brough the #2 position.

-'"X Sports

^.*nm, >;<Mm


Sports Information

u m m i n g u p the

and personal achievement that these

year, Golf Coach

players demonstrated."




Senior Todd Setsma received the


prestigious Rock Royer/Mac Rivera

had a great sea

award which honors a Liberty athlete

son. W e beat the

each year who demonstrates out-

school record for both the spring and

standing athletic, academic and spiri-

fall seasons." The team averaged 305

tual achievement. Setsma placed first

for the year, breaking the old record

at the Charleston Southern Invita-

of 311 by six strokes. The team played

tional in the fall with a two day total of 140 (four under

five fall and six

par), and placed




in the

ments. They won

spring Wofford In-


vitational with a



i Campbell Univer-

two day total of

sity Invitational

137 (seven under

I with a team score

par). Sports Information

of 890, with all five

Setsma, with a

All American: Senior Todd Setsma, record with a 73.9 average, lines up a breaking 73.9 golf

players averaging I 73 strokes.

'This team has exceeded m y best

average and 3.7 GPA, and junior Chad

expectations," Landrey commented,

Hall, with a 3.5 GPA, were n a m e d

"Not only in the quality of competitive

Scholastic All-Americans.

golf they played, but in the character




Dennis Sullivan

dedication of the with so m a n y freshmen and new playnew


ers," Diemer said, "We were consis-

Hershey Tennis Cen-

tently stronger at the bottom of the

ter gave a boost to the

roster than at the top, but every point

Scoreboard VA State Championship 7th place - 606 Campbell-Davis Memorial 5th place - 923 Iron Duke Classic 23rd place - 641 Old Dominion Seascape 14th place - 609 Charleston Southern 2nd place - 590 East Carolina Invitational 4th place - 909 Furman Invitational 14th place-917 Campbell Classic 1st place - 890 Liberty-Water's Edge (JV) 8th place - 937 Big South Tournament 5th place - 910 Virginia Cavalier Classic 7th place - 902 Wofford Invitational 8th place - 589


ministry - and personal friends of

Radford Winthrop Roanoke U N C Greenboro U N C Asheville Citadel St John Butler Valparaiso Livingston Campbell

mine - w h o m a d e it possible."


tennis team this year. counts equally. The entire team conThe center opened in tributed to our efforts." time for the season's beginning.

Dennis Sullivan

T h e three n e w courts and equipment greatly helped our program," stated Coach Carl Diemer, "And w e are grateful to these friends of the

season as a time to rebuild, finishing

UMBC Old Dominion

eighth in the Big South conference the number three and four positions with the team's only senior, Danny Fariss, at the number one spot. "The team did exceptionally well


0-4 L 3-4 L

6-1 W 0-7 L

6-1 W 2-5 L 3-4 L 5-2 W

Charleston Southern 0-7 L Towson State 3-4 L

The tennis team approached this

with a 10-19 record. Freshmen filled

2-5 0-7 7-0 0-7 3-4 0-7

Samuel Lupulescu

7-0 W 6-1W 0-7 L 0-7 L 3-4 L 5-2 W 1-6 L

Coastal Carolina From Russia with love: Hailing from Mary Washington Moscow, junior Anton Matusevich East Carolina sewed up the team's best singles record at the number five position Overall Record

7-16-0 Golf & Tennis

F o l l o w i n g a respectable 3320 season, the Flames' base ball team ended the year with a heartbreaker in Big South play. The Flames were in first place until an unsuccessful three (CENTER) Brock VanFaussien. (ROW 1) Johnny game series with UNC-Greensboro Hunton (Head Coach), Jcrrod RuhL Mike Brown. Van Rodriguez. David Dalton, Tim Bickers, Steoe placed them in fourth. Wright, Jason Smith, Jason Logan, Chris Jenkins, MikeKreider, John Gevkgeuzian, (ROW "It w a s disappointing to be so 2) Dave Pastors (Asst. Coach), TimHarrell, Brad close," said Head Coach Johnny Gunter, Ryan Rowedder, Jason Baker, David Benham, Bryan Byler, Jason Benham. Terry Hunton, "We were within two runs Weaver, Jake Miller, Jake Hines, Tim McKtnleyof the championship and a shot (Asst Coach), John Reeves, Andy Moore, (ROW 3) Ryan Hutchinson, Jon Horton, Jason Bellinger, at the N C A A playoffs. W e were not Bill Clark, Danny Hodges, Joel Fenske, Keith expected to do as well as w e did, Miraldi, Mark Reed. Benji Miller.

but w e improved in pitching and defense. It w a s a good season and the team played very well." T i m Bickers w a s voted the team's Most Valuable Pitcher, with a 4-1 record, two saves, and an E R A of 1.91. Jason Baker lead the team with a .342 batting average, fourteen h o m e runs, sixteen doubles, and fifty two RBIs. Terry Weaver's record included a .321 batting average, six home runs, fifteen doubles, and six triples. Ryan Hutchins knocked out ten h o m e runs. The season's surprise w a s freshman pitcher Tim Harrell with an 8-2 record. Dennis Sullivan

Sports Infin


Go home: Flames second baseman starter Jake Hines runs toward the next base. Hines had a. 298 batting average and hit four home runs. Sports Information

M a d dash: Ryan Hutchinson knocked out ten home runs, batting .328 this season. Ready for action: David Benham is poised at the plate to stop the next opposing runner.

Scoreboard East Tennessee State University of Virginia Appalachian State Holy Cross South Carolina U N C Charlotte Davidson Coastal Carolina Westchester UM-Baltimore County Virginia Military NCA&T Towson State George Mason William & Mary Howard University Virginia Commonwealth Sports Information Old Dominion Sports Information Charleston Southern Slugger: Starting right Playin'hard to hit: Flames Richmond fielder Jason Baker led the starting pitcher Mike Brown U N C Asheville team with a .342 batting winds up to fire off the ball Norfolk State His season pitching record Radford University average and a record of fourteen home runs, sixteen included six wins to four Virginia Tech Winthrop doubles, andfiftytwo RBIs. losses, anda315ERA. while leading the Flames' pitching U N C Greensboro

Baker may take the opporstaff with seventy two tunity to play professional strikeouts. baseball next year.

12-07 05-03 20-16 12-00


11-10W 03-01W 18-06 W 06-01 W 09-03 W 18-04 W 06-08 L 14-05 W 03-02 W 03-19 L 18-07 W 09-08 W 06-02 W 07-08 L 04-02 W 07-08 L 06-05 W 04-03 L 00-09 L 03-06 L 05-09 L 04-05 L


01-13 L 07-01 L

10-04 W

01-12 L 03-01 W

07-03 W

03-04 L

04-05 L

02-01 W 04-02 W 04-07 L 00-04 L 06-03 W 16-08 W 00-05 L 08-07 W 01-07 L 08-01 W

02-04 L

02-04 L 08-07 W

09-07 W

15-02 W

06-02 W 02-09 L

06-04 W 02-03 L

Overall Record 33-20-0 Baseball

SDorts lnformatic

y Flame's softball "Coastal Carolina is ranked in the scored another hit top 25 teams in the nation. W e season. This sea drew some highly favorable attenson was the second tion when we beat them." Although the team finished last year for women's softball and the in the Big South, it ranked sixth team showed a marked improve- overall, showing strength and mament over last year, finishing turity in all areas. The team's strongly with 24 wins. batting average was an outstandHead coach Paul Wetmore com- ing .302. mented that this was a key build- Alycia Stevens ranked fifth in ing year for the Lady Flames. the nation with a batting average "This year was foundational for of .475, and was named to the Allour two year old program," he Conference First team. T a m m i said, "We all feel very good about Talley was named to the All-Conour record of 24 wins." ference Second team. The Lady Flames enjoyed a few Dennis Sullivan Cinderella victories. They placed second in the Radford tournament, and shocked the Big South league when they bested Coastal Carolina 10-2. "It was the pinnacle of the season," Coach Wetmore said. L



Dusty landing: _ ^ _ ^ _ H _ | _ ^ ^ Lady Flame center fielder Jewel Felgar slides safely into third base.



| Sports Information







(FROM LEFT) ( R O W 1) Stephanie Lemonakis, Jennifer Ward, Alycia Stevens, T a m m i Talley, Stephanie Heit, Paula Smith, ( R O W 2) Paul Wetmore-Coach, Jewel Felgar, Shannon Tanski, Carrie Rodgers, Allison Hemmila, Stephanie Donovan, Angie Coleman-Trainer, Tonya Simpson-Mgr.

I Scoreboard

Sports Information

T h e lady's a slugger: Alycia Stevens ranked fifth nationally with a batting average of .475 Tag team: Lady Flame short stop Paula Smith tags out a Charleston Southern runner as Tammi Talley comes to assist.

Mt. St. Mary's 02-00W Radford 02-00W UM-Baltimore Towson State Winthrop Longwood UNC-Wilmington St. Andrews Shippensburg Ch. Southern M D East. Shore St. John Davis & Elkins West VA State Marshall Queens College Coastal Carolina Campbell Grace College NCA&T 10-01W UNC-Greensboro George Mason UNC-Charlotte

07-00W 01-02L 03-04L 03-05L

14-04W 01-02L 02-06L 02-03L 04-05L 03-04L 07-06W

02-05L 01-05L 07-OOW 06-02W

02-10L 02-03L 04-07L 05-13L 03-08L 07-OOW 12-05W 04-00W 02-05L 01-09L 00-14L 01-04L

16-03W 02-05L 08-09L 02-10L 02-10L 06-01W 12-11W 06-04W 01-05L 05-04W 07-OOW 03-02W 14-01W 20-01W 08-04W 02-08L 10-02W 03-04L 07-OOW 08-07W 01-09L 02-03L 01-08L

Overall Record 24-29-0 Women's Softball


Jason Chnstofi


nlike past years, the men's club

(ROW 1) Corey Walyuchow. Kirk Fritz, Dustin Lane, (ROW 2) Stan Man, Darryl hockey team Burke, Craig Handwerker, Scott Myer, entered the Wade Burrows, (ROW 3) Chris Hulshof season withHead Coach, Craig Newborn, Craig out conference affliation w h e n the Jeffs, Deron Hagadorn. Corado PugltsiS C H A disbanded. But the team Asst. Coach, (ROW 4) Kevin Martilla still managed to go out and put together a 12-4-1 record. One of the main stays of the team and a big reason for their success w a s goalie Corey Walyuchow. "Corey had stellar net minding all season," said first year head coach Chris Hulshof. "This w a s a super team. It is the best hockey team I have coached. It is certainly a team with a lot of po-

Samuel Lupulescu

tential and will do well next year," stated Hulshof. The first half of the season the Flames were given a boost by the outstanding play of Justin Wiley and W a d e Burrows. However, the second half was one that was filled with a few rough spots. "Injuries really plagued us the second half of the semester," said Chris Hulshof. The Flames showed flashes of brilliance in scoring as they posted a season-high victory against Virginia Tech 14-2 ,and blasted rival University of North Carolina in the final g a m e of the season. Unlike varsity sports, the club team had to provide all of their o w n funding, and the fans were a

tremendous asset. "We appreciate the support of the fans," commented Hulshof. "If they would not have shown up for the games, w e would not have had a successful hockey team." JoshHowe

Sports Information

Mucking it up: #8 Deron Hagadorn clashes with a Duke opponent as Craig Handwerker #28 takes the opportunitg to swipe the puck. Jason Christofi

U of North Carolina

11 -1 W

Virginia Tech

10-4 W

NC State

3-3 T

NC State

4-6 L

NC State

2-5 L

Fort Bragg Army

12-4 W

Fort Bragg Army

3-0 W

NC State

7-2 W

Virginia Tech

8-3 W

Duke University-

8-3 W

George Mason

7-9 L

Duke University

Ice capades: Left wing Wade Burrows races for the puck against a Virginia Tech Hokie. Burrows chalked up 26 goals this season. Put it on ice: Brent Martilla outskates a Va Tech defender. Returning after last gear's serious injury. Manilla scored over 20 goals this season.


Virginia Tech

4-2 W

Virginia Tech

14-2 W

U of North Carolina

10-1 W

Overall Record 12-4-1 Jason Chris toft

Club Hockey

stynd he iaia

â&#x20AC;˘tuinlu ^}f cert

be with. ^Jhee:

tuna this be

token unto ~-Jhee,

that ^r have Sent ^Jhex




G O D UP MOUN . 5f %

â&#x20AC;˘/hen ^Jhou hast

brouaht forth the people

out of C*aupt,

ye shall Serve \joa

upon this mountain.







Concert Band Renate Artabright, Jennifer Performing popular, classi- Adams, Karen Heinz, Gaby cal, and special areangements Kaze, Angela Kunkee, (ROW 3) Sarah Sancken, Kimberly in concerts throughout the year Jurina, Janice Almarode, (ROW 1) Clare Davis, Heidi Carole Suacha, Kristen Ruske, D a n a Vermevlen, Tomasello, Ken Goff, David Sharon Himeback, (ROW 2) Toothman, Kristen Savfley, David Baylis, Wally Lindsey, Heather Murphy, Julie Swope,

Brian Plaster, Julie Cozby, Nathan Roggow, T a m m y Pryor, Kimberly Brunett, ( R O W 4) Paul McCafferty, Jeremy T h o m a s , Jason Schonfelder, Kent Morris, Larry Seipp, Andy Fields, Hannah Black, Richie Bradley, Jeff Eveland, Mark

Grevengoed, James Weiss, Randy Lipscomb, Nick I Migliacchi, Carl Taylor, (ROW 5) Bill Canning, Ingrid Carro, Monica Howe, Art Crouch, Wendell Wilson, Geff Oakley, Chris Brown, Jason Clack, Brady DeBoer, Stephen Ken | (Dir.), Kris Pooley

s_g_ra Clubs tkJgm




Performing classical pieces in formal concerts for the campus community (ROW 1) Kera O'Biyon, Jodi Penner, Laura Layne, Jennifer Roberts, Katie Biggers, Evangeline Hales, Chelley Bickel, Tami Rogers, Wayne Kompelien (Dir.), (ROW 2) Jennifer Kelly, Alison Post, Scott Grimm, Ted Williams, Diane Sheets, Gail Glenn, Daniel Vinersar Cory Seibel, (ROW 3) Eric Johnson, Thad Heffner, Gavin Dean, DeJohnn Porch Kevin Pledger, Jeff LeFevre, Richard Jarrell, S a m Kim

(Performance Dir.), Nathan Roggow, Dana Vermeulen, James Weiss, Performing during the Hannah Black, Dottie Hughes, Julie football half-time shows and Swope, Heather Murphy, Tracy Probst, Sarah Phillips, Stephanie enhancing crowd morale Pruitt, Kristen Saufley, Daneen ( C E N T E R ) Larry Seipp (Drum Kauffman, Jane Farnsworth. Gaby Major), ( R O W 1) Julie Adkins, Kelly Kaye, Karen Heinz, Ingrid Carro, Publicover, Christy O'Donnell, Angela Kunkee, Sharon Himeback, Alexandra Hoffman, Kathy Sheets, Stephen Kerr (Admin. Dir.). ( R O W Monica Howe, Jill Omark, Diana 3) Donald Leonard (Asst. Dir.), Johnson, Shelby Pfeiffer, Staci Jeffrey Woodward, Stephanie Davis, Counts, Kimberly Yeager, Stephanie Jennifer Henry, Michael Schmidt, Burkhart, A m y Porter. Melissa Cook, Janice Almarode, Jennifer Keyser, Elizabeth Miller. Tania Hoare, Carolyn Haibach, Micah Rausch, Knstina Mogel. ( R O W 2) Ray Locy Bill Canning. Heather Zimmerman.

Marching Band

Krista Yowell, Chris Matijak, Tonya Wend, Candace Hopper, Michelle Makings, Rachel Turner, Nichele Nelson, John Kindt, Jennifer Adams, Angela Leonard (Visual Coordinator), ( R O W 4) Charles Bradford, Richie Bradley, Jeff Yannucciello, Clare Davis, Sandy Wallen, Petra Taylor, Bruce Krall, Melissa Humbarger, Wally Lindsey, Kelly Moore, Hollie Jo Dent, Jeremy Thomas, Sarah Sancken, Carl Taylor, Karrie Romberger, Deann Patrick, Jamie Bowers, Melissa Adams, Kimberly Jurina, Michelle Carey, Leann

Sprowl ( R O W 5) Geff Oakley, William Hall, Arthur Crouch, Mark Grevengoed, Valerie Chatham, Nick Migliacci, Tim Wooldridge, Paul McCafferty, Dan Mitchell, Mark Hurley, Chris Brown, Jamie Rice, Loren Allbaugh, David Toothman, Kimberly Brunett, Amanda Hunt. Michael Snyder, Cindy Cephas, ( R O W 6) Nathan Buckman, Nathan H a m m , David Dinsbeer, Richard Jarrel, Kenneth Goff, James Kozlowski, Jason Clark, Jeffrey Eveland, Andy Fields, Julie Cozby, David Baylis, Brian Plaster, Bryan Jagger, John Gill, Wyndell Wilson

Music Groups

BS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CL Alpha L a m b d a Delta Recognizing students with a G P A of 3.5 or higher and promoting academic excellence and community service (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) A m y EdwardsHist., Marilyn Godomski- Adv., (ROW 2) Angie Pugh-Pres., Timothy Gibbons-Ed., Andy Miskell- Treas.

"•{$~ ;;:;::.: : ;






Baptist Student Union Fulfilling the mission of the church through evangelism and missions (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Trey Hensley, Kevin Dibert, Andy Miskell, Jennifer Wamsley, (ROW 2) Joe Han, Brian Bonjokian, Randy Franklin, Lori Benjamson, Dr. William Matheny-Adv. .„.„„„.....


(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Kris Pooley, Rebecca Germeroth, Chrissy Lorance, Michelle Mercer, Michael MerrimanV.P., (ROW 2) Dr. Farver- Adv., Jerry Kary- Pres., Ron Calugar, Scott Soltan, (ROW 3) Tim Johnston, Paul Adams

Clubs -i.w.y///, ".../.•".2S_. _M#«__b. ',;,,.;,..,/'.•.•.',•.-.',.-.:.-,-, •'••' —• -J"*- ——^- "*—• --


W*-|fe-*« -4h'_~_M'jb>aB .

»'_-_«'4_ _; <mp£~%




LUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • Biology Club Exploring God's creation from a biological and scientific perspective (FROM LEFT) Mike Kirby- Sec, Rob McGarvey- V.P., Crystal Benton-Pres., Ken Leary- Treas.

WWMC-C91 Developing on-air production skills and producing quality Christian radio

"_*-* -met. ^ „»

S3 :

(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Wendy MooreStation Mgr., Anita Crawford-Music Dir., Sarah Kissell, Marissa Barkey, Wendy Warburton, ( R O W 2) Shawn Andrews, Joshua Stump, Sarah Pollak, Yolanda Bruce, Tara Eskey, (ROW 3) Mathew Sargent, Rich Maclone, T o m Larson, Rob Kingyens, Doug Mendenhall, (ROW 4) Chuck Gammon, Jamie Hall, Chris Overman-Prog Mgr., John Gill- DJ, Mark Johnson

Champion Publishing and administering a weekly campus-wide student newspaper (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Duane Likens, Thomas Inkel, Joanna Tedder- Copy Ed., Shelby Felton, Starlet Shoup, Barbara Terrell, Rich Maclone- Sports Ed., Andrew Lyons, (ROW 2) Heather Ilsley- Asst. Mgr., Susan VannamanAdvertising Mgr., Sarah Pollak, Kirs tin Simpson, A m y Sawyer- Copy Ed., Janetta Campbell, Michele Collahan, (ROW 3) Kim Matherly- Mgr., Jason Christofi- Photo Ed., Dana Burm a n , A m y Morris- Feature Ed., Michelle Fannin- Copy Ed., A m y Leach- Graphics Ed., (ROW 4) Matt Cuda, David Dershimer, Shannon Harrington- Editor in Chief, Michael Nelson, Timothy Gibbons- News Ed., John Bafundi, Keith Ludlow-Graphics Ed., Mark Haskew- Opinion Ed.


____* __*____* _ X 5 c ? « _ 5_K£3_« _^ie__5__y_:ii_* £4F_*

CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS - CLUB Chess Club Using chess for fellowship and to spread the gospel to local high schools

Chi Alpha Preparing female Liberty students who are called to full-time ministry ( F R O M LEFT) Tara Bordner- Sec, Aimee Karpenko- Pres., Tara Schlottman- P.R., Jessica Snyder-V.P.



Circle K Promoting leadership, fellowship and service as a collegiate division of the national Kiwanis Club (FROM LEFT) Lisa Dauplaise, David Zerrlaut, Rebecca Andreno- Sec, Michael Fleck- Pres., Dan Harris, Thaddeus Heffner, Eric Johnson

KM Clubs »*_£*£* irWSeimJi



fjSt^M-^x^m-'m^lhr^t ^hi^^'im^^

IIDf _/ > IIID(_/IIIDf-/ , IIIDf Concert Choir


Perfecting and performing musical works of various choral composers

\ r. T%



(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Tammy Matthews, Shannon Bowden, Kerry Walls, Stephanie Carpenter,



Latissha Acey, Tami Yoshida, Jeremy Matthews, Josh Edmonds, Kent Morris, Tim Crowell, William Steinbrecher, John Hugo-Dir., (ROW 2) Deborah Barbee, Angela Flynn, Eugenia Poggemiller, Charity Jones, A m y Gray, Kristine Biller, Sara Abbas, Shawn Light, Scott Canion, Ryan McGregor, Dan Laws, Tae-Seong Kim, (ROW 3) Becky Reist, Julie Ruhl, Rachel Ondra, Laurie Captain, Joanne Rogers, Laura Layne, Cheryl Griffin, Edward McDonald, Michael Wells, Teofil Badea, Richie Bradley, Michael Alday, (ROW 4) Terra Schock, Andrea Yassemedis, April Nielson, Mindy Hoffman, Susan Starlings, Beth Rexroth, Dawn Lamberti, Jeff Ream, Dave Muckel, Seth Sites, Loren Allbaugh, Greg Wellman, James Rice


Debate Sharpening debate skills in national collegiate competition (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) A m y Palermo, Layla Hinton, Tracy Packiam, Heather Holter, Janelle Giebus, (ROW 2) Amber Hancock, Michelle Crawford, ' Jennifer Faulconer, Shelly Greene, Soko Durbin, (ROW 3) Abram Pafford, Dave Chapa, Phil Fairleigh, Mike Phillips, Brett ODonnell-Coach, (ROW 4) Mike Hall-Coach, A d a m Milam, R.J. Snell, Bill Lawrence, Kevin Jefferson

m Family and Consumer Science Club Providing family and consumer science majors with information on career opportunities and development (FROM LEFT) Rachel Murphy- Pres. Pamela Hazard - P. R., Sabrina Warner- Hist., Kathrine Sheets- Sec.




:.i«';:-lW:i^ •




Fellowship Gospel Choir



Rhythmically praising the Lord with gospel singing



(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Victoria Smith, Thermicia Charles, Jennifer Frappier, Regina McFarland, Vertonia Estil, Melinda Scruggs, Lisa Dauplaise, Deneen McJunkins, (ROW 2) Stefan Bailey- Dir., Julie Sultanova, Shelly Gamory, Michelle Swift, Holly Bloun, Cynthia Tatum, Christa Barefield, Keshia Davis, Winifrid Whaley, ( R O W 3) Gentry Philips, Anthony Farmer, Gary Perdue, Shawn Davis, Mari Kong, Troy Taylor, Matina McFarland, Brandon Hoffman, Lamans % Wells, Sekou Laidlow


•_.™ "6r

Graduate Student Government Associaton Promoting unity and Christian fellowship for Graduate and Seminary students (FROM LEFT) Mack Jarvis-V.R, Frank Fabiano-Treas., Kerry St. John-Sec, Hiawatha Hemphill-Pres. '

JW "U»fk-

«' V • j .'•:';' -^~~;


j i.


Health Dimensions Helping health education majors to grow professionally and develop fellowship and service



1. 1ft-





(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Melanie Williams- Hist., Darin Nelson- Chap., Tamm y Bash, ( R O W 2) A n d y Riffe, Jonathan Souder- Pres., Nathan Emerson-V.P., Mathew Todd Forsyth


;_?*=fe*l,u « : ^ l f e " * i & » k







Celebrating multicultural diversity in the spirit of Christian fellowship (FROM LEFT) Lovely Matthews , Jungwon (Helen) Choi, Samuel Lupulescu, Ruby Easaw ...

^ISE* Kappa Delta Pi Emphasizing the ideals of fidelity to humanity, science, and service while maintaining a Christian perspective


(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Carrie Kennedy, Jason Christofi- V.P., Alison C u m b e e - Pres., F e m e Laurent, (ROW 2) Danielle Donhauser, Mandi Bloom- Sec, Tim Cairl, Les AdamsTreas., A m y Edwards- Hist.

wM M

• • •




Wt^E^i^^u..iff" -

—xm 2t_ Kappa M u Fpsilon

Sponsoring activities for the pursuit and appreciation of mathematics (FROM LEFT) Sandra Rumore-Adv., Tricia Muscato- Sec, Angela Bolis Pres., Austin Harrell-Treas. ——————

_BS Clubs

JBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUB__JS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CL Light International Singers Incorporating the importance of missions and serving the Lord through numerous trips around the world (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) S a m Avello, Paula Hoage, (ROW 2) A m y Thames, Tamm y Britton, Jodi Shelton, Sharon Fulcher, DeJohnn Porch, Jessica Van Cleave, (ROW 3) Matt Dean, Gavin Dean



Light Singers Singing and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various churches


(FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Billy Rollins, ! (ROW 2) Myla Williams, Steve Keib, Dana Benton, Chris Lockamy, (ROW 3) Alfred Burgess, Stephanie Middleton, Will Elzy, Tami Curtis

Men's Volleyball Club Displaying the importance of teamwork and determination while providing opportunities to share their faith (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Nikki KeznorAsst. Coach, Sean Cook, Tripp Swisher, Larry Cox, ( R O W 2) Mike Buersma, Christopher Dowd, Tim Brewin, Dave Collins

Clubs :_f& c____F____IK



•i%:iKrras ' Vft' *^sjt^^«^:^.3»lfcr^i^3%.»w'-t .:Z_? „ T _

._^«rfi_*_» _• •• ••

!• •_§ __ "•• _ r * S_^i_6 *_•-«• im&:ZXZZ?Z?mgr-.^W>^%&***• -fc "-ft.


a_*!*r "iffr

--' > ~ ~

' - -^

LUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS • ( L U M U B S • CLUBS • CLUBS • MS Nursing Association Providing the best quality health care and programs that deal with current professional issues (FROM LEFT) Jeff Weertman- Pres., Staci Shank- Sec, Meghan CheyunskiRecorder, Barry McElyea- V.P.


Phi Alpha Theta Assembling students majoring in history and providing various sources in which to gain further knowledge (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Dr. SteinhoffAdv., A m y Fallin- Sec, Nicole CasilloPres., (ROW 2) Eric Greiner, Duane Likens-Hist., Les Adams, Glen Roeck

(FROM LEFT) Bridget Baldwin- Sec, T o m m y Parsons- Pres.



tS • CLUBS • CLUBS • CLUBS - CL Psychology Club Focusing on the various career opportunities for those who major in psychology and counseling (FROM LEFT) Cari Childers- Activities Dir., Jennifer Perkoski- Sec, Jennifer Satalano- Pres., Andy Price- Treas.






i• 9 m

Shepherds Club Providing opportunities for pastoral majors to gain preaching experience, while preparing for future ministry (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Mark RubioV.P., Sherry Reagin-Sec, ( R O W 2) Michael Haines- Newsletter Ed., Nelson Chapman-Pres., T h o m a s ColePrison Ministry

' ••?:..


S >\




,::;,f. i*«nM«


Sigma Tau Delta Providing a forum for student writers to present their works



( F R O M L E F T ) M a t t h e w PetkeSec, Christian Crowder- V.P., Eugenia Poggemiller- Pres., Shawn Corcoran- Treas.


( F R O M LEFT) ( R O W 1) Margareth Famini, Zaylimar R a m o n - Treas., (ROW 2) Brian Fox- Music Dir., Jose Chamorro- Pres., (ROW 3) Guillermo Larzabal- V.P.

Sports Administration Aiding Sports Management majors in making contacts with business leaders enabling them to find future positions (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Regina McFarland, Andra Samuel, Nikki Keznor, Leeana Miller, (ROW 2) Todd Setsma, Allison Hemmila, Jason Dixon, Beth Hopkins, Chuck Burch- Athletics Dir., Barrett Connolly, Jeff Alder- Dir. of Academics, (ROW 3) Brenda BonheimSr. Women's Adv., Daniel Bentley, Matt Sinclair, Kenny Hobbs, Mike Lucas

Clubs rr_sr *i'<^ *sra


;&W~r Stwr^m®®



Student Government Association Representing the student body to the administration and providing activities (FROM LEFT) Andy Pederson- V.P., Matt McMurry- Pres., Kimberly Caceres- V.P. for Student Services, Shawn McCartee-Sec

Students Active Against Abortion Rallying pro-life students to speak out in the community for the unborn (FROM LEFT)(ROW 1) Catherina Hurlburt- P.R., Sue Smith-Outreach, (ROW 2) Todd Metzgar-Dir., Andrea Kerlin- Bus Captain, Carrie WiserOperations Officer

Tae K w o n D o Club .•owsjti

Integrating spiritual and physical discipline while gaining strength and skill in the study of the martial arts (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Nathaniel Marshall- Instr., Shane Carter- Treas., Darin Gerdes- Pres., ( R O W 2) Kurt Ressler, Rich Henson W

Clubs -m-rryw.


••mi, •• ' :



-:rr S~ ST^^Wi^5S£i^SZ^L^^^^=^sS^S^VSiiAd

_ = » _ • * » JBn.

••» *•**_-«•>.

r Wtram-:%m***w* * r *


rz_—y-—fj? _ *»•


V****^ University Chorale Developing vocal talents through musical performance and perfection (FROM LEFT) (ROW 1) Leslie Gordon, Pamela Warneka, Tiffany Coley, Kristy Park, A m y Sneed, Latissha Acey, (SEATED) Gretchen Trapp, Elisabeth Spuhler, Nikki Pons. Alicia Ward. (ROW 2) Ellen Evans, Leslie Johnson, Miye McCullough, Brenyn Fay, Gena Hortz.

Angela Chittenden, Jennifer Wilcox, Tiffany Mills, Mindy Spurrier, Jennifer Krouse, A m y Cockerham, A m y Dunkin, Stephanie Pruitt, Julie Bartsch, Andrea Kapika, ( R O W 3) Heekyung H a m m , Erin Jones, Hollie Dent, Rebecca Taylor, Heun Jung Lee, Eu-ah Kim, Michelle McNees, Jodie Smith, Noelle Harris, Charlotte Fink, Nicole Robbins, Jennifer Stokes, Melissa Kiker, Mindy Holland, T a m m i Shaul, Denise Aull, Amy-Jo Schofield, Cara Foley, ( R O W 4) Mindy Schweiger, Robyn

Seavey, Bart Richardson, Luis Mendez, Carlton Anderson, John Craelius, Billy Rollins, Brian Jacobs, Ben Lashey, Jon Williams, Jason Taylor, Josh Young, Jared Young, Jeri McLaughlin, Lauren Taylor, Ruth Foley- Dir., Derek Overton, Dale Droescher, Tim Wooldridge, (ROW 5) Craig Fisher, Russell Cooper, Kelly Abbott, Charles Barney, Dan Faulbee, Eddie McDonald, Shawn Allen, Rob Tremble, Bill McCreary, Mike Bowen, Jeff Dent, Michael Woo, Thomas Corner, Cliff Young

Clubs u^ar-rr -_•-•__!





^J^re brouaht me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miru clau, ana Set mu. leet upon a roch, ana established mu aoinas. p5a.(m 40:2



y x.


W e really loved that dessert at Marriott: John Ghitas, Sam Lupulescu, DoruHerdean, Jolm. Herdean, and Daniel Ghitas sample the shaving cream.

N o one will ever k n o w w e did this: Robin Miller and Linsey Wrage get their RA's with a practicaljoke



Going hog wild: Friends in the hall: Maina Mwaura rides the pig Kristen Kraft, Tanya Jamison, and Michelle outside Billy Jo's in Lynchbu Sullivan grin at the camera to waste some film.


Only Liberty's finest are allowed in the plush seats: Dr. Falwell hangs out with questionable characters in the Vines Center.

I he styles, events, past-times, and news are recorded on the following pages with, in m a n y cases, photos submitted by the student body. This gallery reflects some of the things that m a d e this year distinctive Miss Liberty eat your heart out: Jaime Carpenter, Amy Forbes, Jessi VanCleave, from all others. and Linsey Wrage model their make-up artistry. \


Morning glories: Julie Adkins and Stephanie Mowrer greet the a.m. with a smile.

Happy campers: The wild guys of dorm 8 consider the hallway more cornfortable than their rooms.

Punishment for procrastination: Watson Mount finds himself exiled to the hall to write his last minute term paper.

Pearly white preparation: Doug Huff demonstrates his toothbrushing technique. Chris Hulshof


Mud wrestlers of the world, unite: Connie Haglund, Kelly Hutton, and Jamie Gray display their beauty secrets.

Will somebody please shoot the sun: John Burke is rudely awakened to the sight of his roommate's camera in the early morning.

3& ,r


Samuel Lupulescu


N ot m a n y


Showering babes: /uy Langat, Katie Small and Karyn Vandermeer show off their non-standard issue shower curtains.


Liberty students are "morning people". Burning the midnight oil and other late night activities, both on and off the hall, m a k e waking up close to impossible. Needless to say eight o'clock classes have lower than average attendence.



Hip hippies: RA's Chris Hulshof and Christian Hipsky are caught in the act of breaking the hair code.

Fashion plate. Anna Kate Jarman models her fashion selection. Dennis Sullivan

Leopard w o m a n on the prowl: This is really Jennifer Roberts' costume as the Witch in Hansel and Gretel as performedfor Night at the Opera. Music Department

The ultimate hairy foot: This fuzzy shoe belongs to Bill Briers.

F r o m the hip retrochic alternative to the grungy t-shirt to the preppy clean-cut look, clothing has become the most obvious expression of identity. Dress code aside, comfort and originality continue to ride the * campus clothes-horse.

H o w many can Ifitin m y mouth? Yvette Kasparian crams Fritos in her mouth to beat the tray line before her next class. Dennis Sullivan

Where are those FACS majors when you need them? Given Fox and Joseph Sorenson whip up a meal in their senior dorm bachelor pad.

I dare you to eat it: Dave Taylor takes a dare to sample Marriott delicacies in this unusual position. Samuel Lupulescu

Y o u cannot hide, the food willfindyou: Josh van Vlack hides behinds his chocolate milk.

ilince the addition of fruit juice machines and waffle makers in Marriott, the dining experience reached new heights. While l Taco Bell and McDonalds f remain off-campus I favorites, seniors cook ^j up goodies in their quad kitchens


Hey, what are you doing d o w n there? Cain Claxton, Eric Newkirk, Heather Johansen, and Betty Mills put their heads together for tag football. Marc Kennedy

They went out in the '70s but c a m e back in the winter: Andy Lot gets some air on his bean bag chair sled when snow visited the campus.

Surfin' the sidewalk: Jared Janich shows his boarding prowess in front of the cafeteri Samuel Lupulescu


I Talk about a cold shoulder! RA's Denise Davis and Dean Pryor ertjoy a wintery moment with Mr. Snowman in front of the Spirit Rock. Dean Pryor

Where is m y boyfriend? Nicoleta Cadia would rather hug a tree instead.

Rabies hits Lynchburg! A very troubled young champion has an overactive imagination with cotton.

mi Mature lovers found getting outdoors a healthy break from the confines of dorm life. Some made the most out of the little snow that fell. Snowmen and animals graced the c a m p u s while the /iFire! Youth Questers Jason Woodard, Kristi Leahy, Cain Claxton,intramural field's hill Aileen MacDougall, Summer Drake, Alisa Weebe, & Ryan Kelly entertained sledders. watch LU's van burn on the road to King's Dominion.


C"andids '*

Fan the flames: The mattress evacuates as afire destroyed a room in Dorm 21 -2.

I told you, this is m y bed! Jamie Hall and Ted Cunningham interrupt their conversation to smile for the camera.

Chip Pardi

Jesse Barsugli

W h e n hairy met baldy: Adam Burkett attempts to comb the hair that isn't there on Jared Janich's head.

â&#x20AC;˘life and events on campus ranged from the mundane to news worthy. Fine Arts concerts celebrating Christmas favorites entertained the Fall crowd, while fire seemed a theme as two vans and a dorm room felt flames in spring.

Nobody else can play but us:

_ little chalk, a rock, and the very bored Devon Washin Ash Martin, and Jerrel Panyne created courtyard hopsco



J • $ &

__• _ _ _ • .

x .


Fermata: The Concert Choir lifts their voices in song during a Spring concert. Music Department

Bang, you're dead, well sort of: Virtual reality in David's Place lets students vent their violent urges. Jesse Barsugli

It's about time you did that laundry: Dorina Pop finds that happiness is an arm load of clean clothes. p_i

K u m ba yah, m y Lord, k u m ba yah: Shawn Deegan serenades passers-by with his guitar outside Dorm 16. Samuel Lupulescu


Student attacked by wild tige Marc Kennedy meets Tigger at Disney World.

H o w m u c h is he paying them? Jay Stevenson surrounds himself with a bevy of Ryan Mayfield beauties on a Florida beach during Spring Break 1995.

Don't jump! Vol Fox, Amy Jones, Brad Burk, and Tanya Jamison view the world from the Peaks of Otter.

Adventure Seekers: Students explore the winter beauty ofBlackwater Creek Park

"That's a little above the knee, ladies!" Heather Johansen, Kristi Leahy, and Aileen MacDougall show some leg at Clearwater Beach, Florida. Marc Kennedy

Center of the universe: Kevin Dibert captured an aerial view of campus while flying with aviation student, Mike Snyder.


Spring fever hit the campus full-force as area parks beckoned and students itched to get outside. Youth Quest took their annual Spring Break ministry to Clearwater Beach. Unusually mild weather allowed for outdoor activities.


Sign of the time: Men in ties attack the Spirit Rock with paint to reflect their feelings on the O.J. Simpson trial.

For w h o m the bell tolls: Amy Langat, Kelvin Hines and Hudelaine Deus remember some humorous moments while relaxing next to the Liberty Bell

â&#x20AC;˘lines begin at check~in and continue all year. From the bookstore to just tryin to get off campus, waiting in line is perhaps the oldest Liberty tradition.

It never fails; Cars line up waiting for the train to clear the back exit.

Caught in the act: The girls from Dorm 25-2 seem to be proud of their Spirit Rock artistry.

T h e n a m e of the place is... Students even line up for unknown places like the "_ ost" office, "most" office, "host" office, "lost" o

Feet, the transportation m o d e of choice: Liberty students on route to their next class. Popular spot on campus: Women's restrooms in DeMoss

Pot luck: Dae-U Park, Hak-Gun Kong and Tae Eun Moon enjoy lunch in the parking lot

ore than an academic building, DeMoss Hall, provides phones, food, an A T M , and a place to take a nap between classes. Depending on where the class is located, just getting there on time keeps students busy between classes.


Hello, M o m ... send m o n e y ... quick! Lidia Lupulescu and Jennifer Peden call someone who c


Zzzzz: Tim Acoff catches a few winks on a comfy DeMoss sofa between classes. Dennis Sullivan

Solitary study: Carrie Wentworth takes advantage of the temporary quietness '

Snow marsupial: Ka Fitzgerald hugs her kangaroo andjoey.

i lihoosing the right dorm pet can be difficult, given the wide variety allowed by the Liberty Way. WalMart supplies most of the aquatic friends at low prices, and sells hampsters for those rebels out there.

Frog Fahrvegnugen: Kermit waits for his Liberty Miss Piggy

Harley Evelyn, the hamster: Rodents are illegal so Selah re the right not to reveal the ow

Some guys know how to get the girls: Joseph Sorenson and Crystal Benton wear their snakes. Jesse Barsugli

Fish eyes: Jean Caseras wonders what it would be like to be a fish. Rebecca Coy

Princess, the Albino Frog: Becky Reinhardt's precious pet perkily peers at people

You guys should get out more: Justin Bruno and Sam Lupulescu reel in a banana peel whilefishingin the DeMoss fountain. Jesse Barsugli

Mutual attraction: Katarina Terzic and Shane Paulsen find each other in a flash.



Don't ask, don't tell: Kevin McLaughlin and Michael Braley horse around in the roo Chris Hulshof

vÂŤ -

Chiquita wannabees: An apple a day: Nancy Lambshead, Leslie Gordon, Allyson Hooper, and a Students bobbed for apples during College-for-a-Weekender, show off their temporary tattoos. the Fall Halloween Festival Michael Nelson


This won't hurt a bit: Andrea Coggins prepares to give blood during one of the campus Red Cross blood drives.

fin; a

liook back on the year remembering His faithfulness and look ahead to His promise, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart a n d lean not onto your o w n understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct Where are those Library RA's when you need them? There is entirely too much goofing off at this table. ', your paths." Psalm 3:5-6


Candids I



1 W bO>ow down thine ear to me; deti i sr me Speedilu; be thou mu strona rock, for an house o efenSe to Save me. ^sror thou IOU art art mu

roch and


fortress; therefore for thu name S Sahe tead me, and auide me... lead me in a plain path... lead me

not into temptation

tead me to

the roch that is hiaher than ~^r... lead me in the u waeuerlastina... if\.s take the winaS of tht ina, and dwell in the uttermost parts of tht morninc there shall thu hand lead / Sea; even





Zsor thou art mu roch and mu fortress; there fc ore for thu name S Sahe lead me, and auide me.

I SalmS 31:3

1 / A/JPHJ ^^ -ÂŤv-


Melissa Allman A well earned sense of tions, and still help othachievement is one of the ers." " In the tough times I rewards Melissa Allman has found as one of three claim Jeremiah 29:12, female Chemistry majors 'And ye shall seek me, and find me, at Liberty University. As a three year lab as- even ye shall sistant, Melissa has per- search for me '1 have learned to formed various tasks with all your think for myself, that enhanced her expe- heart'" to handle extreme With this rience in chemistry. pressures, stress, "I have learned so attitude of much more from m y pro- faith, Melissa expectations, and fessors than just practi- will pursue a still help others." cal experience," she com- professional mented, "I have learned degree focusing in the to think for myself, to field of biochemistry. handle extreme pres^pule. sures, stress, expecta- Laura Sipple and Justin Bnam Sam

Hastings Abala - Theology Mananga, Kenya

Sarah Abbas - Piano Wheat Ridge, C O

Jill Alessi - Journalism South Berwick, M E

Nathan Alexander - English Lamar, C O

Graduating Students

Jonathan Abel - Chemistry Springfield, M A

Tobias Allanson - Drama Winchester, PA

Esther Alcindor - Mathematics Nassau, Bahamas

Mary Allen - Marketing Cleveland, TX

ft ȣ



Melissa Allman - Chemistry Fairfax Station, VA

Laura Amador - Accounting Watsonville, CA

Kenneth Ashley - Youth Lynchburg, VA

Belinda Aughenbaugh - Telecom Roanoke, VA

Theo Badea - Pre-Law Sacramento, C A

Kristen Baker - Marketing Philadelphia, PA

Susan Barbee - English Hlnesville, G A

Angela Barrett - Public Relations Hopkinsville. KY

Dulci Andrews - Mathematics Madison, M E

Eric Autenreith - Psychology Houston, T X

Bridget Baldwin - Psychology Lynchburg, VA

Jesse Barsugli - Pre-Mcd Riverside. CA

Craig Ashley - Broadcasting Statesville, N C

Sandie Ayers - Elementary Ed Appomatox, VA

Timothy Ballard - Youth Greenville, SC

Christina Bartlett - Counseling Forest, VA

Seniors _••_!

Craig Beach - Accounting Geigertown, PA

T a m m y Bash - Psychology Lynchburg, VA

Shelley Beck - Nursing Lynchburg, VA

Wyndie Belflower - Religion Roanoke, VA

Crystal Benton - Biology Wilmington, N C

Chelley Bickel - Psychology Reading, PA

Paul Bennett - Biology Bainbridge, G A

Nathan Bennett - Religion Lenoir City, TN

Laurie Bing - Missions Richmond, VA

Stephanie Black - Elementary Ed Vinton, VA

Christopher Blaney - Business Glassboro, NJ

Mandi Bloom - Elementary Ed East Freedom, PA

Jennifer Blum - Nursing Harleysville, PA

Michael Boersma - Exercise Sci London, Ontario

Graduating Students


Virginia Blankenship - Psychology Roanoke, VA

Beth Boggess - Nursing Ladson, SC

Melisa Boiling - Psychology Forest, VA

Natalie Boodram - Computer Sci North Lauderdale, FL

James Booth - Youth Corning, NY

Hannah Borland - Psychology Lynchburg. VA

William Bostwick - Exercise Sci Arlington, G A

A m y Boucherle - Pre-Med Monroe, VA

Jim Boyachek - Management Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth Buerkle - Merchandising Rosemount, M N

Kevin Benton "I don't step out on to ball to provide m e with a the court unless I have scholarship so I could -ead the Word of God come to school," Kevin ind prayed." Kevin commented. "I would like to play 3enton, Liberty's 6'6" Dasketbal guard believes professionally if the Lord success on the court opens up the Kevin :omes from God and a door," said. If the N B A "I don't step out vinning attitude. "I'm a firm believer in is not in the fu- on to the court Jiving your best," Kevin ture, he would unless I have laid, "If you won't give like to join Ath- read the Word of hem your best, just letes in Action God and prayed." where he can lon't do it." It was a Nerf ball that unite his pasaspired Kevin to make sion for the game with shooting hoops" a way his love for the Lord. f life. "I didn't realize ^"s'Vormau, iod would use basket- Dawn Tuttle



Mitchell Bumgarner - Exercise Sci Maiden, N A

Jill Bundy - Pyschology Wadesboro, N C

Brett Burgin - Biology Lebanon, IN


Kimberly Caceres - Marketing Shirley, NY

Chris Carr - Biology Hebron, IN

Nicole Casillo - Social Science Sussex, NJ


Bryan Burkholder - Finance

Marion, PA


Kim Calcutt - Health Promotion West Palm Beach, FL

Shirley Campbell - Psychology Stoneboro, PA

Tamar Canty - Broadcasting Decatur, GA

Paul Carrasco - Computer Sci New Holland, PA

Joel Carrera - Marketing Lynchburg, VA

Robert Carter - Accounting Virginia Beach, VA

Sung Ook Cha - Pre-Law Cherry Hill, NJ

Matthew Chapman - Business Forest, VA

Nathan Chapman - Pre-Law Montgomery, NY

Graduating Students

Jason Christofi - Elementary Ed Foster, RI

Bryan Chunta - Psychology Appomattox, VA

Vanessa Clemens - English Pottstown, PA

Darla Cline - English Education Waynesboro, VA

Sonya Clark - Elementary Ed Spencer, O H

Stephen Classing - Math Education South Point, O H


Kevin Conner - Youth Columbus, O H

Dawn Coe - Pre-Law Salisbury, N C

C^r 4

Melissa Cook - Psychology Merida, Mexico

Jonathan Cooley - Journalism Fort Pierce. FL

Shelley Cooper - English Bedford, VA

Jrk Cornelius - Health Promotion Virginia Beach. VA

Dwayne Corvin - Accounting Pikeville. TN

Stephanie Cox - Exercise Sci Elizabethtown. PA

_f._h Shawn Corcoran - English Richmond, VA

Roy Crain - Marketing Mt. Pleasant. MI


Tonia Creasy - FACS Maidens, VA

Todd Cullen - Pre-Law Stone Mountain. GA

Kathryn Crompton - Elementary Ed Farmington, MI

Jennifer Crosby - Sacred Music Syracuse, N Y

Christine Crowder - English Laurel Bloomery, TN

Rick Cunningham - Business Mgmt Yorba Linda, CA

Nicole Dalpezzo - Elementary Ed Fairfax, VA

Lisa Dauplaise - Psychology Palm Bay, FL

* * V 4L * I Clare Davis - Music Education Rome, G A

Jennifer Dayton - Psychology Kenmore, NY

Tara Davis - Biology Plantation, FL

Mathew Dawson - Youth Newfane, NY

Joline Day - FACS Smyrna, NY

Regina DeNoraes - Government East Meadow, NY

Michelle DeBoer - Pychology North Fort Myers, FL

Austin Deloach - Biblical Studie Homelville, GA

Graduating Students


landa Demianych - Elementary Ed Branchville, NJ

Paula Dimitriu - Psychology Bucharest, Romania

Lance DeVries - Pre-Law South Bend, IN

Scott Dishong - Youth Johnstown, PA

Kevin Dibert - Mathematics Chambersburg, PA

Christopher Dowd - Exercise Sci Kingston, M A


Yvonne Dick - Religion Portland, O R

Beth Droney - Nursing Lynchburg, VA


Charles Duncan - Pastoral Exeter, N H

Amanda Ear - Modern Languages Milford, CT

Andrew Eckert - Biology Myerstown, PA

Curry Ellenburg - Elementary Ed Orlando, FL

Matt Elliott - Business Daytona Beach, FL

Philip Enzor - Youth

Christy Epstein - Social Science Greenville, T X

Jeanne Eugene - Pre-Law Fort Lauderdale. FL

Bartlett. T N


A m y Fallin - History Lottsburg, VA

Margareth Fanini - Business Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Roberto Fanini - Marketing Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Danny Farris - Sports Mgmt Forest, VA

Patricia Farris - Telecom Hyattsville, M D

Jessica Faunce - FACS Huntingdon Valley, PA

Shelby Felton - Journalism Yorba Linda, C A

Andrew Ferrell - Speech Cincinatti, O H

Greg First - Youth Wooster, O H

Wyatt Fisher - Youth Forest, VA

Jonathan Foley - Youth Winnipeg, Manitoba

Natasha Foreman - Journalism Kennesaw, G A

Graduating Students

James Fiske - Mathematics Lynchburg, VA

Steve Foster - Psychology Lynchburg, VA

Michael Fleck - History Three Springs, PA

John Fountain - Accounting Harveys Lake. PA

Richard Dunn "At Disney World I played in front work for Mickey Mouse; Cinderella's Castle. at Thomas Road Baptist "The witnessing opChurch I work for portunities are incredGoofy," Communica- ible at Disney." Richard tions major Richard said that doors were reDunn says fondly of his ally opened for pastor, Jerry Falwell. him to talk to During his tenure at the crew and LU, Richard assisted cast m e m b e r s with technical lighting at about his faith. Following Thomas Road Baptist Church and was a star graduation, he attraction of the Living will become a full-time techniChristmas Tree. Last summer Richard cal staff m e m b e r interned with the techni- Florida's Disney World cal staff for the "Best of Disney Show" which Dawn Turtle

Brian Fox - History Education Marietta, G A

MacArthur Fox - Psychology Bancroft, MI

Joseph Fulks - Government Dickerson, M D

Chuck G a m m o n - Government Lynchburg. VA

Tracy Freese - Pre-Law Pensacola, FL

Lauri Gardner - Management Albuquerque. N M

David Fry - Biology Cottage Grove, M N

Meredith Gardner - French Lynchburg, VA


Russell Garner - Pastoral Simcoe, Ontario

Dan Garrison - Finance Pittsford, NY

Darin Gerdes - Government Union, NJ

Wendi Gibbs - English Colorado Springs, C O

Jennifer Gillenwater - Psychology Glenmoore, PA

Alfred Goetz - Pastoral Lynchburg, VA

Martha Goebel - Psychology Woodstock, C T

Clara Gonzalez - Computer Sci Izabal, Guatemala

Graduating Students

Melissa Gathman - FACS Tuckerton, NJ

Laura Gaydos - Journalism Raleigh, NC

Stephanie Gilbert - Psychology Liverpool, N Y

Paula Giles - Health Promotion Charleston, W V

Udo Goebel - Pastoral Woodstock, C T

Chris Goede - Sports Mgmt Orlando, FL

Sally Gonzalez - Elementary Ed Madison, WI

Heidi Goodsmith - FACS Charlotte, VA

Beth Grenier - Health Promotion Millbury, M A

Jen Grenier - Elementary Ed Boston, M A

Anemona Gherman - Nursing Bucharest, Romania

Paul Hackworth - Marketing Lynchburg, VA

Naomi Hamilton - Elementary Ed McDonough, G A

Rebecca Hampton - Psychology Occela, FL

Craig Handwerker - Religion Toms River, NJ

Theresa Hansrote - Psychology Ellerslie, M D

Cynthia Harper - Youth Churchville, PA

A m y Harrell - Elementary Ed

Norfolk, V A

Shannon Harrington - Journalism Lenoir, N C

Daniel Harris - Government Roanoke Rapids, N C

Sara Hervell - Psychology Fredericksburg, VA

Pamela Hazard - FACS Fort Meyers. FL

Lori Heberger - Elementary Ed Boise. ID

Ginger Harris - Journalism Middleton, Wl


Karen Heinz - Psychology Nassawadox, VA

Aaron Herwig - Business Mgmt Highland. CA

Cynthia Henefleld - Sacred Music Pembroke Pines, FL

Stephen Hester - Youth Indianapolis, IN

Jennifer Henniger - Speech Disorder Massillon, O H

Dana Hey - FACS Bradenton, FL

Sharon Fulcher ,\

"My desire to work in sions trip to Nigeria that world evangelism be- I "visibly" saw the hand came evident when I vis- of God at work," Sharon ited Liberty University's reflected. College-for -a-Weekend." Her desire for every LU Throughout her years student is that they comat LU, Sharon Fulcher mit to the call has traveled with the of Christ, go "It was on that Light ministry team to out and change mission's trip to Hong Kong, China and the world. Nigeria that I Japan, and Africa sharWith this 'visibly' saw the ing the Gospel. However goal in mind, hand of God at it was the trip to Nigeria Sharon claims work." which had the greatest Psalm 19:14: impact on her life. "Will you be all that God "God tested and has called you to be?" stretched the faith of all those that went on the trip. It was on that misJustin Bruno Scun

Graduating Students

Lisette Hernandez - Pre-Law Fort Salanga, NY

Brady Hiatt - Sports Mgmt Becker, M N

_ _ k ^


Jennifer Hicks - Exercise Sci Mechanicsville, M D

Denys Higgins - English Levant, M E

Kelvin Hines - Sports Mgmt Cleveland, O H

Todd Hirshman - Communications Hilton Head, N C

Jennifer Hoffman - Psychology Freemont, O H

Gordon Hostettler - Mathematics Hampton. VA

Kristen Hogg - Elementary Ed Blackstore, VA

Melissa Hull - Psychology Farmington. MI

Jennifer Hill - FACS Vineland, NJ

Ricky Higinbotham - Sports Mgmt Bridgeton, NJ

Jason Hofacker - Math Education Anchorage, A K

Cindy Holding - FACS Lynchburg, VA

Dana Hulshof - Elementary Ed Sarnia. Ontario

Deborah Hoffer - Journalism Jenison, MI

Michael Horning - English Ed. Lindley, NY

Richard Hunter - Business

Dublin. OH


Catherina Hurlburt - English Ed Lorton, VA

Janelle Ives - Business Mgmt Bark River, MI

Kevin Jackson - Psychology Kannapolis, N C

Janice Jensen - Music Education Westland, MI

Brian Johnson - Accounting North Lauderdale, FL

Chris Johnson - Sports M g m t Redding, C A

Carole Jones - Business Kingston 20, Jamaica

Maurice Jones - Business M g m t Evington, V A

Cynthia Jonas - History Manassas Park, VA

Aimee Karpenko - Youth Middleport, NY

Yvette Kasparian - English Springfield, M A

Graduating Students

Cheryl Kauffman - Elementary Ed Dundee, NY

Craig Jeffs - Marketing Oshawa, Ontario

Mark Johnson - Sports Mgmt Cumberland, VA

Ligia Jordao - Nursing Portugal

Jennifer Kauffman - Communication Emmaus, PA

Audrey Langat and they are going to m y homeland to give the message of Christ, said Audrey. "It got m e thinking, what a m I doing for God's Kingdom? H o w a m I using the gifts He gave me?" Audrey encourages all international students to be open to their new American culture while studying here at Liberty. "Don't be afraid to ask with all kinds of\ s e a l e d h e r decision to questions and become students. spread the involved with all kinds of Gospel in students." another country. "Here I a m in America Laura Sipple "It is important for you to come out of your comfort zone." Audrey Langat put her words into action when she journeyed from Kenya, Africa to Liberty four years ago. Testimonies of students who "Don't be afraid tohad visited ask questions and her h o m e become involved of Kenya,


Melinda Kedik - Psychology South Bend, IN

Tonia Kennedy - Nursing Lynchburg, VA

Jill Keeler - Speech Lynchburg. VA

Andrea Kerlin - Clothing/Textiles Mechanicsburg. PA

Angela Keener - Nursing Lynchburg. VA


Ahtesham Khan - Social Science Syracuse. NY

Jennifer Kelly - Psychology Glen Riddle, PA

Andrew Kim - Business Mgmt Avon. C T


Jeehyun Kim - Merchandising Seoul, Korea

Michael Kirby - Biology Flint, MI

Tara Knowles - Accounting Freeport, Bahamas

Victoria Kowalczyk - Psychology Chicago, IL

Bruce Krall - Business Mgmt Ocala, FL

Brian Kurbjeweit - Philosophy Hope, NJ

Kristin Kurbjeweit - Nursing Hope, NJ

Crystal Lafon - Computer Sci Evington, VA

Dustin Lane - Sports Mgmt Gettysburg, PA

Jennifer Lane - Elementary Ed Grafton, VA

Monica Lane - Health Promotion Richmond, VA

Audrey Langat - Pre-Law Nakune, Kenya

Pedro Lara - Pre-Law Miami, FL

Tom Larson - Telecommunications Knoxville, TN

Guillermo Larzabal - Telecomm Mar del Plata, Argentina

Michael Latham - Pastoral Lakeland, FL

graduating Students

Sherry Laws - Health Promotion Chambersburg, PA

Duane Likens - History Orlando, FL

Jamey Lee - Mathematics Cary, N C

John Lee - Government Virginia Beach, VA

A m y Lingenfelter - Psychology Lynchburg, VA

Randolph Lipscomb - Church Min Chase City, VA

. Linda Looker - Psychology Spring Lake, N C

Toni Lovern - FACS Blue Ridge. VA


Tracie Ligon - Youth Huntsville, AL

Doug Lloyd - Counseling Seminole, FL


Andy Lott - Sports Mgmt Chesapeake. VA

Michael Lovallo - Psychology

Michael Lucas - Physical Education Pontiac. MI

Samuel Lupulescu - Mathematics Detroit. MI

Buffalo, N Y

Aranka Lovas - English Budapest, Hungary

Victoria Mahairas - Psychology Yonkers. NY



Adam Makkai - Sports Mgmt Castle Rock, C O

Theron Mathis - Youth Leesburg, G A

John Marshall - Finance Granville, O H

Robert Marx - General Studies Evington, VA

Kimberly Matherley - Journalism Rural Hall, NC

Julie Mazanec - FACS Lynchburg, VA

Shawn McCartee - Business M g m t Chandler, A Z

Theodore McClain - History Monrovia, Liberia

Mike Medlin Broadcasting major celebrities Ernie Irvin Mike Medlin has minis- and Rusty Wallace. The tered through the air- whole experience turned waves of W W M C - 9 1 and out to be pretty cool." operated cameras at During his internship, WLBU-TV. Mike found Last summer Mike in- a mentor. "... exactly who I terned for the leading "My favorite want to be when radio station in Char- person was I'm old... loving lotte, North Carolina. "Itthis 70 year life, working in really was exciting. I set old fellow radio, and riding up for their programs who did the a Harley to work." and the news." news. He is Assisting with a re- exactly who mote broadcast from the I want to be when I'm stock car races broad- old... loving life, working ened Mike's "redneck" in radio, and riding a horizons. Harley to work." "I got to meet Nascar R0he Dawn Tattle ÂŤ Devout

Graduating Students KOBE!

Matina McFarland - FACS Portsmouth. VA

Lisa McMonigle - Journalism Linwood, PA

Michael Medlin - Broadcasting Mineral Springs, N C

Dawn Mihm - Finance Dundee, NY

Faith McWane - Merchandising Lynchburg, VA

Bryon Mclntyre - Psychology Taylors. SC

Julie McLelland - Nursing West Hill. Ontario

Edith Mebiama - Business Mgmt S Congo, Central Africa

Greg McVey - Pastoral Ansted, W V

Michael Meade - Psychology Warner Robins, G A

Georgette Menditto - Psychology Fort Lauderdale, FL

Laura Merryman - Business Mgmt Hopewell, VA

Todd Metzgar - Journalism Johnson City, TN

Penny Mitchell - Nursing Roanoke. VA

Tamara Mitchum - Psychology Chesapeake. VA

Rhonda Miller - Business Mgmt Lynchburg. VA


Daniel Mitrofan - Psychology Romania

Daniela Mitrofan - Mathematics Romania

Wendy Moore - Media Mgmt Winston Salem, N C

Alberto Morales - Elementary Ed Hillsdale, NJ

Rita Morgan - Communications Statesville, N C

Ivan Morozov - Biology Yalta Crimea, Russia

A m y Morris - Journalism Lynchburg, VA

Michelle Morse - Elementary Ed Lynchburg, VA

Rachel Murphy - FACS Moscow, VT

Rebecca Neff - Psychology Lynchburg, VA

Valerie Neff - Biology

Graduating Students

Helene Mongiove - Elementary Ed Winter Springs, FL

Kildeer, IL

Ejugwu Omakwu "I was in m y first year friends came to m y room if medical school when Iand presented m e with lecided to come to LU." enough m o n e y to go Ejugwu "E.J" O m a k w u home. They had gone I Nigeria, says he around campus collectwanted to m a k e the ing donations nove because of his in- for m y trip." "Liberty University vest in Broadcast Mar- "Within 24 really gave me a keting and Management hours m y room family away from ind the quality of people was filled with home." vho attend here. friends. W h e n The friendships that they heard the i.J. found at Liberty be- news, they came to came evident in the Fall school to be with me. LU )f 1994. E.J.'s father really gave m e a family vas a diabetic and away from home." dipped into a c o m a vhich resulted in death. ^pulescu Three hours later m y Dawn Tuttle Scun

Jenice Oliveras - Accounting Centereach, NY

Kelly O'Donnell - Psychology Woodland, M E

Randy Nunn - Accounting Greenville, SC

t^ '

Christopher Olsson - Biology

Dan Olsen - Chemistry Randolph, NJ

Jaffrey, N H

Ejugwu O m a k w u - Broadcasting Nigeria

Jill Omark - Media Mgmt Effingham. IL

Seniors J_J

Paul Pace - Government New Milford, CT

Melissa Patton - Nursing Seymour, IN

Dallas Peschken - Youth Madison Heights, VA

Heidi Pinder - Merchandising Nassau, Bahamas

Dominic Pardi - Youth Utica, N Y

Anthony Parker - Sport Mgmt Woodford, VA

Andy Pederson - Broadcasting Moseley, VA

Cynthia Perrault - Elementary Ed Orlando, FL

Rebecca Perry - Psychology Clearwater, FL

Matthew Petke - English Education Damascus, M D

Sheri Phelps - Elementary Ed Lynchburg, VA

Kelly Pickral - Mathematics Chatham, VA

Jonathan Pippin - History Manassas, VA

Eusebiu Platona - Finance Oradea, Romania

Vanessa Poekert - Nursing Tarpon Springs, FL

Graduating Students

Susan Pass - Psychology Dallas, GA



Eugenia Poggemiller- Linguistics Rustburg, VA

Patricia Porter - Speech Disorders Leesburg, VA

Bobby Prettyman - Recreation Macon, G A

Dean Pryor - Youth Smithsburg, M D

Aaron Quinn - Biology Stephens City, VA

Brent Ragan - Pastoral Bristol, TN

Donna Ramsdell - Elementary Ed East Machias. M E

Raymond Rastelli - Biblical Studies New Fairfield, C T

John Ray - Business Mgmt Warner Robins, G A

ffany Renalds - English Education Lynchburg. VA

Jonathan Rebsamen - Sports Mgmt Lynchburg, VA

James Rice - Music Education Romney. W V

Stephanie Reffner - Psychology Lynchburg, VA

Carmen Reinholdt - Business Mgmt Lynchburg, VA

Mary Rice - Psychology Scottsville. VA

D.J. Ritchey - Youth Cumberland. M D


Jennifer Roberts - Vocal Music Senatobia, M S

Donna Roope - Psychology Winston Salem, N C

Glen Roeck - Social Science Grayslake, IL

Lance Roberts - Missions Bonita Springs, FL

Holly Ross - Nursing Shalimar, FL

Cooney Rothbauer - Recreation Colorado Springs, C O

Delohnn Porch 8 Jennifer Roberts DeJohnn Porch and Jennifer Roberts are best friends with one thing in common: they both love to act and plan to enter the world of drama. "Acting has given m e an opportunity to reach people who would normally never listen to the Gospel," said Jennifer. DeJohnn commented, "Christians need to go into the arts with boldness and stand up for what they believe."

Since the age of seven, DeJohnn has appeared in TV commercials, and acted in an "ABC After "Christians need School Speto go into the arts cial" episode. with boldness and Once shy, stand up for what Jennifer has they believe." matured both spiritually and professionally while at Liberty. After graduation, both desire to serve the Lord with their talents.

Graduating Students

Janetta Campbell


Anthony Rogers - Social Science Lynchburg, VA

LuAnn Sallstrom - Nursing Montoursville, PA

Derek Santan - Finance Brookhaven, PA

Matthew Sargent - Telecom Wilmette, IL

Kristen Saufiey - Elementary Ed Wilmington. D E

Rhonda Schorling - Marketing Toledo. O H

David Schrodt - Psychology Memphis, TN

Katie Seiple - Physical Education Phillipsburg, NJ

Larry Seipp - Music Education Lynchburg, VA

Sekou Laidlow - Religion Baltimore, M D

Zabrina Serran - Marketing Bartlesville, O K

Todd Setsma - Business Mgmt Grand Rapids, MI

Melissa Shanahan - FACS Syracuse, NY

Staci Shank - Nursing Hagerstown, M D

Velvet Sharp - Nursing Forest. VA

Seth Sheckard - Psychology Columbia. PA

Josh Sampson - Speech Leesburg, VA

J s ^ f*â&#x201E;˘

Gregory Sausman - Marketing Canton. O H



Kathryn Sheets - FACS Ellicott City, M D

Jolene Simmons - English Panama, N Y

Derek Shipley - Speech Disorders Lynchburg, VA

Garnett Shortt - Economics South Boston, VA

Chelanne Simmerson - Elementary Novi, MI

Linda Simmons - Youth Dayton, O H

A m y Sims - Elementary Ed Hannibal, M O

Holly Sipos - Nursing Chesterfield, VA

Christina Sites - Mathematics Lynchburg, VA

Kevin Slatten - Psychology Carriere, M S

Lori Slippy - Elementary Ed Lee, N H

Heidi Small - Psychology Columbia, CT

Jason Smith - Sports Mgmt Annapolis, M D

Jodi Smith - General Education Annapolis, M D

Matt Smith - History Warsaw, IN

T a m m y Smdinski - Missions Meadville, PA

Graduating Students

Elias Sanchez "Whatever I do," says Christian education in Elias Sanchez, "I want to business skills which he glorify God and bring can take into the business world. honor to His name." "Not only a m I knowlComing to LU from Caracus, edgeable and skillful in "Whatever I do, I Venezuela. m y field, but m y profeswant to glorify God Elias ad- sors have also taught m e and bring honor to mits that it about life and people." He challenges everyhas been His name." hard being one at Liberty University away from the care and not to be focused on the shelter of his parents material things in life. "Keep your dreams back home. But through it all, Elias said, "God alive in order to make a has always been faithful difference in what God to keep m e in the center has for you." of His will." LU has given Elias a Laura Sipple

Daniel Snyder - Youth South Bound Brook, NJ







Michael Snyder - Music Hamburg, Nj

Joseph Sorenson - Chemistry Seminole, FL

Debra Sorrell - Nursing Durham, N C

A m y Spear - Elementary Ed Rustburg, VA

David Spooner - Youth West Monroe, W V

Susan Stallings - Psychology Portsmouth, VA

r, f - ^


Jonathan Souder - Health Promotion East New Market, M D


Trisha Starr - Finance Orlando, FL

John Sternik - Health Education Belleville, NJ

Stephen Strout - Telecomm Lynchburg, VA

Jennifer Stuart - Nursing Bordentown, NJ

Christine Stockwell - Psychology York PA

Gerri Stultz - Mathematics Roanoke, VA

Heidi Schantz "Being an R A has been responsibilities, and perone of the most challeng- sonal matters in pering, yet rewarding things spective have been I've ever done." tough. You have to rely Heidi Schantz, R A of on God and His power," Dorm 23, has openly em- she said. braced the early morning Heidi's per- "Simply knowing fire drills, medical emer- s e v e r a n c e that God is using gencies, roommate con- has not been you to further His flicts, and endless meet- in vain. She kingdom is God's ings over the past two feels the re- gift to RA's." years. "They are all a wards far outpart of an RA's job," she weigh the costs. observed. "Simply knowing that It has been an uphill God is using you to furclimb trying to combine ther His kingdom is R A duties and Elemen- God's gift to RA's." tary Education studies. "Keeping schoolwork, RA Laura Sipple Sam

Graduating Students

Jamie Strange - Youth Wendell, NC

Lisa Stumpf - Psychology Alexandria, VA

Michael S u m m y - Elementary Ed Lynchburg, VA

Deborah Sweeney - Business Mgmt Virginia Beach, VA

Carrie Sweet - Psychology Buffalo Junction, VA

Alan Swihart - Finance Mishawaka, IN

Brenda Swihart - FACS Mishawaka, IN

Stan Tadeja - Exercise Sci Oshawa, Ontario

Taryn Tanis - Sports Mgmt Green Pond, NJ

Staci Taunton - Chemistry Stone Mountain, G A

Tammy Taylor - Business Mgmt Glade Hill, VA

Balsa Terzic - Computer Sci Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Derek Thomas - Accounting Chesapeake, VA

Paul Thompson - Religion Boone, N C

o Brian Till - Religion Chesapeake. VA

Earl Todd - Youth Amherst, N H


i Adela Tordai - Psychology Romania

Stephen Tozier - Missions Exeter. M E

Seniors ^ ^ • _ _ • U _ _ i _

Charles Tull - Government Upper Marlboro, M D

Christopher Turner - Youth Newport, M E

Susan Turner - Psychology Lebanon, VA

Dawn Tuttle - Broadcasting Myerstown, PA

| Christopher Umstead - Psychology Franklin, PA

Susan Vannaman - Journalism Abrams, WI

Ginger Vertican - Psychology Crestline, G A

Steve Wagner - Biblical Studies Millington, M D

Lori Wainwright - Health Promotion Fort Lauderdale, FL

Christy Walker - Nursing Clay, W V

Brian Walters - Mathematics Milton, W V

Victor Wasilauskas - Government Absecon, NJ

Holly Watson - Nursing Christiansburg, VA

Timothy Wagner - Religion Millington, M D

Jennifer Wamsley - English Hiram, G A

Sabrina Warner - FACS Georgetown, NY

Graduating Students Sn9BU|


Vic 8 Kelly Wasilaukas Victor and Kelly Wasilauskas know firsthand how to build a successful marriage while getting an education. "Marriage is a m u c h bigger responsibility than people think," Vic commented. "You have to be mature and willing to be very responsible when it comes to taking that first big step." While in school, they worked as supervisors of Liberty's telemarketing department.

The couple transferred to Liberty to finish their education. Kelly said, "It's fun to be married in col"Marriage is hard lege, because when you are going you have someto college and one with you." working at the "Marriage is same time, but hard when you with God all things are going to colare possible." lege and working at the same time," Kelly said. "But with God all things are ^""lupuu possible." Laura Sipple

Keith Wayne - Elementary Ed Lynchburg. V A

Jaclyn Weber - English Education Westchester. PA

Lori West - Nursing Virginia Beach, V A

Kari Wester - Elementary Ed Princeton, NJ

Deborah Weesner - Elementary Ed Elkhart, IN

Brian Wheeler - Religion Brandywine, M D

Julie Wells - Nursing Indianapolis, IN

Carolyn Wilburn - Psychology Amissville. V A


. '

Belinda Wilce - FACS Gloucester, VA

David Wilcox - Youth Williamstown, NJ

Dale Williams - Youth Lvnnvflle, IN

Jason Williams - Finance Anchorage, A K

Charity Wilson - Elementary Ed Richmond, VA

Daniel Woldehanna - Mathematics Ethiopia



A m y Williams - Psychology Cincinnati, O H

Myla Williams - Business Mgmt Lynchburg. VA

Wendy Wilson - Elementary Ed Georgetown, D E

Matthew Winters - Biblical Studies Upland. PA

Carrie Wright - Finance Dunlap, IA

Kristen Wright - Elementary Ed King William, VA

Graduating Students

Robert Williams - Elementary Ed Johnstown, PA

Wendy WUlson - Psychology Wilmington, IL

Carrie Wiser - Pre-Law Castle Creek, NY

Melissa Wright - Elementary Ed Ridgeway, VA


Carlton Ballowe Pastoral Ministry

Linda Birgensmith Church Ministry

T o m m y Bosworth Pastoral Ministry

Iyke Ebuta Pastoral Ministry

.ivi Ruth Eder Church Ministry

Rickey Haley Pastoral Ministry

Jim Johnson Pastoral Ministry

__4tL Leo McGrath Church Ministry

John Mink Pastoral Ministry

Ralph Napolitano Pastoral Ministry

Bryan Sampson Pastoral Ministry

Earl Shank Pastoral Ministry

Michael W a d e Pastoral Ministry

Liberty Bible Institute

Joyce McGrath Church Ministry

David Place Pastoral Ministry

Nelson Woods Pastoral Ministry

Timothy Bouman - Counseling Brantford, Ontario

Hyun Seo Choi - ThM Seoul, Korea

Ku Sang Chung - T h M Evington, VA

Stephen Fairley - Counseling Lynchburg, VA

James Flowers - M R E Gurdon, AR

Trudy Goetz - M A R Lynchburg, VA

Harry Graham - M A R Ruffin, SC

M u n Sop Han - MDiv Bridgewater, VA

Hiawatha Hemphill - MDiv Winston Salem, NC

Seok-Jong Hong - Counseling Chuncheon, Korea

Charles Hughes - DMin Lynchburg, VA

Byung Wi Jeon - M R E Seoul, Korea

Seok Cheon Jung - ThM Bangkok, Thailand

Richard Albury - M A R Nassau, Bahamas

Byoungkyun Bae - MDiv Lynchburg, VA

Jong Sub Chung - T h M Seoul, Korea

Graduating Students

^jf^ Tae-Yung Jung - M A R Seoul, Korea

Yo-Sup Lee - T h M Seoul, Korea

Steve N a m - M A R Evington, VA

Urian Vander Schee - Counseling Brantford. Ontario

Hyun Jin Kim - T h M Seoul, Korea

Taek Soo Kim - MDiv South Korea

Jae Ho Lim - T h M Kyenggido, South Korea

Ginger Manandhar - M R E Lynchburg, VA

Soo Chin Park - T h M Seoul, Korea

Timothy Wilder - Counseling Lynchburg. VA

Eugene Sines - M A R Lynchburg, VA

Yong Woong Lee - DMin South Korea

Ryan Mayfield - MDiv Decatur, IL

Sang Choi Song - T h M Lynchburg, VA

Jonathan Winningham - MDiv Callands. VA

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary


Abala, Hastings 154 Abbas, Sarah 36. 37. 119.

127, 154 Abbott, Kelly 127 Abel, Jonathan 154 â&#x20AC;&#x201D;^rnd Let tke peace of tiod Abel, Sumer 95 Acey, Latissha 119, 127 Acoff, Tim 89. 147 Adams, Jennifer 114, 115 rule in uour hearti, to tke Adams, Les 53, 121, 123 Adams, Melissa 115 Adams, Paul 116 Adkins, Julie 115, 132 which alio ue are called in one Adkins, Robert 76 AFRICAN CHILDREN'S CHOIR 17 Agee, Harold 76 Alawi, Marge 32 bodu; and be ue thankful. Albert, Jared 104 Albury, Richard 188 Alcindor, Esther 154 rJ-et the word of Christ dwell Alday, Michael 119 Alder, Jeff 92, 93, 125 Aldrich, Chadd 101 Aldridge, Beth 95 Alessi, Jill 154 in uou richlu in ait wisdom; Alexander, Nathan 154 Allanson, Tobias 154 Allbaugh, Loren 115, 119 teachina and admonishina one Allen, Mary 154 Allen, Shawn 127 Allen, William 89 Allison, David 76 another in psalms and humnS Allman, Melissa 154, 155 Almarode, Janice 114, 115 Alonge, Christine 95 and Spiritual Sonas, sinaina ALPHA L A M B D A DELTA 116 Aluma, Peter 97 Amador, Laura 155 Anderson, Ben 89 with arace in uour hearts to Anderson, Carlton 127 Anderson, Larry 76 Anderson, Nancy 76 Andreno, Rebecca 118 the rJLord. ^tnd whats Andrew, Lawrence 76 Andrews, Dulci 155 Andrews, Shawn 117 Anthony, T o m 104 do in word or deed, do Arbogast, John 108 Artabright, Renate 114 Ashley, Craig 155 Ashley, Kenneth 155 the name of the aJLord Asimos, Ginger 36, 37 Askew, Alan 89 Aughenbaugh, Belinda 155 Aull, Denise 62, 127 AeSuS, qivinq thanhs to tjod Autenreith, Eric 89, 155 Avello, Sam 122 Ayers, Sandie 155 znd the ^srather bu him.

Col 3:15-17 Babcock, Treva 76 Backe, John 89 Badea, Teofll 40, 63, 119 Badea, Theo 155 Bae, Byoungkyun 188 Bafundi, John 117 Bailey, Stefan 120 Baker, Jason 106, 107

Baker, Kristen 155 Baldwin, Bridget 123, 155 Baldwin, Janette 94, 95 Ballard, Timothy 155 Ballowe, Carlton 187 Balsa, Terzic 61 BAND, C O N C E R T 114 BAND, M A R C H I N G 115 BAPTIST S T U D E N T UNION 116 Barbee, Deborah 119 Barbee, Susan 155 Barefield, Christi 101, 120 Barkey, Marissa 117 Barlowe, Nathan 35 Barnett, David 60, 76 Barney, Charles 127 Barnhart, Richard 61, 76 Barrett, Angela 155 Barrington, Jesse 93 Barsugli, Jesse 155 Bartlett, Christina 155 Bartsch, Julie 127 BASEBALL 106, 107 Bash, T a m m y 120, 156 BASKETBALL, MEN'S 5, 96, 97 BASKETBALL, 1994 N C A A 86, 87 BASKETBALL, W O M E N ' S 98, 99 Bassett, Wendell 93 Bauman, Sarah 40 Baylis, David 114, 115 Beach, Craig 156 Bechtel, Julie 135 Beck, David 76 Beck, Shelley 156 Beckford, Valerie 6, 95, 101 Belflower, Wyndie 156 Bell, Bill 92, 93 Bellamy, Syndi 64 Bendgs, Kendra 95 Benham, David 106, 107 Benham, Jason 106 Benjamson, Lori 116 Bennett, Nathan 156 Bennett, Paul 156 Bentley, Daniel 101, 125 Benton, Crystal 117, 149, 156 Benton, Dana 7, 122 Benton, Kevin 97, 157 Beresford, Kim 125 Bethum, Brian 97 Bickel, Chelley 115, 156 Bickers, Tim 106 Biggers, Katie 115 BIKE CLUB 116 Biller, Kristine 119 Bing, Laurie 156 BIOLOGY CLUB 117 Birgensmith, Linda 187 Bishop, Randi 89 Black, Ellen 76 Black, Hannah 114, 115 Black, Stephanie 37, 156 Blain, Tara 65 Blainey, Lauren 65 Blaney, Christopher 35, 156 Blankenship, Virginia 156 Blass, Homer 76 B L O C K PARTY 2, 3, 31 Bloom, Mandi 121, 156 Bloun, Holly 120 Blum, Jennifer 156 Boersma, Michael 90, 156 Boggess, Beth 156 Bolis, Angela 121 Boiling, Melisa 157 Bolton, Maude 20 Bomar, Damon 89 Bonheim, Brenda 125 Bonjokian, Brian 116 Boodram, Natalie 157 Boone, Wellington 25

Booth, James 157 Boothe, Barbara 76 Bordner, Tara 118 Borland, Hannah 157 Borland, James 76 Bostwick, William 157 Bosworth, T o m m y 187 Boucherle, A m y 157 Bouman, Timothy 188 Bouslough, Kris 89 Bowden, David 71 Bowden, Shannon 119 Bowen, Jennifer 27 Bowen, Mark 41 Bowen, Mike 127 Bowers, Jamie 115 Boyachek, Jim 157 Boykin, Jay 97 Bradford, Charles 115 Bradley, Richie 114, 115, 119 Braley, Michael 150 Brantley, April 102, 103 BRASS CHOIR 115 Brennan, Jessica 64 Brewer, Latisha 90 Brewin, Tim 122 Briers, Bill 34, 41, 134 Britton, T a m m y 122 Brown, Chris 114, 115 Brown, Mike 89, 106, 107 Brown, Pete 101 Browning, Wanda 101 Bruce, Yolanda 55, 117 Brunett, Kimberly 114, 115 Bruno, Justin 10, 150, 196, 197 Buckman, Nathan 115 Buerkle, Elizabeth 157 Buersma, Mike 122 Bumgarner, Mitchell 158 Bundy, Jill 158 Burch, Chuck 125 Burch, Hosien 101 Burford, Joshua 89 Burgess, Alfred 122 Burgin, Brett 158 Burgis, Stan 102, 103 Burk, Brad 143 Burke, Darryl 110 Burke, John 133 Burkett, A d a m 140 Burkhart, Stephanie 115 Burkholder, Bryan 158 Burman, Dana 117 Burrows, Wade 110, 111 Burton, Luke 101 Burton, Paul 125 Bute, Robert 89 Byler, Bryan 106

Cabell, E.D. 89 Caceres, Kimberly 126, 158 Cadia, Nicoleta 139 Cairl, Tim 121 Calcutt, Kim 158 Caldwell, Gabriel 96, 97 Calloway, Herman 89 Calugar, Ron 116 Campbell, Janetta 117 Campbell, Shirley 158 Canion, Scott 119 Canning, Bill 114, 115 Canty, Tamar 158 Captain, Laurie 119 Captain, Philip 76

Carey, Michelle 115 CargiU, Mike 89 Carpenter, Jaime 131 Carpenter, Stephanie 119 Can, Chris 158 Carrasco, Paul 93, 158 Canera, Joel 158 Cano, Ingrid 114, 115 Carson, Dwayne 76 Carter, Robert 158 Carter. Shane 126 Caseras, Jean 149 Casillo, Nicole 123, 158 CATHEDRALS Q U A R T E T 15 Cephas, Cindy 2, 115 Cha, SungOok 158 CHAMBER SINGERS 115 Chamorro, Jose 125 Chandler, Nikki 27 Chapa, David 59, 62, 119 Chapman, Jody 86 Chapman, Matthew 158 Chapman, Nathan 158 Chapman, Nelson 124 Chapman, Steven Curtis 48 Charles, Thermicia 120 Chatham, Valerie 115 CHEERLEADING 102, 103 CHESS CLUB 118 Cheyunski, Meghan 123 CHI ALPHA 118 Childers, Cari 124 Chiles, Antwan 88, 89 Chittenden, Angela 127 Choi, Hyun Seo 188 Choi, Jungwon (Helen) 121 Christian, Jason 93 Christofi. Jason 52 64 117. 121. 159 Christopher, C.H. 89 Chung, David 77 Chung, Jong Sub 188 Chung, Ku Sang 188 Chunta, Bryan 159 CIRCLE K 118 Clark, Bill 106 Clark, Jason 114, 115 Clark, Jeff 125 Clark, Manson 89 Clark, Sonya 159 Clarkson, David 125 Classing, Stephen 159 Claxton, Cain 138, 139 Clay, Laura 64 CLEARWATER B E A C H ALIVE 26 Clemens, Vanessa 159 Cline, Darla 159 Clulow, Brett 104 Cochran, Kelvin 89 Cockerham, A m y 127 Coe, Dawn 159 Coggins, Andrea 151 Cole, Brent 31 Cole, Thomas 124 Coleman, Angie 89, 109 Coleman, Dawn 98 Coley, Kevin 101 Coley, Tiffany 127 Collahan. Michele 117 Collawn, Adam 53 Collier. Stacy 90, 91 Collins, Dave 122 Colon, Edyaris 18 Colvard. Eric 89 Comfort, Gregory 77 CONCERT CHOIR 119 Connell, Mike 101 Conner. Kevin 159 Connolly, Barrett 104. 125 Connor. Dennis 62 CONVOCATION 16 Cook, Dion 89

Cook, Melissa 115, 159 Cook, Sean 122 Cooley, Chad 89 Cooley, Jonathan 159 Cooper, Changa 89 Cooper, Linda 77 Cooper, Russell 127 Cooper, Shelley 159 Corcoran, Shawn 124, 159 Cornelius, Kirk 159 Cornell, Larry 34 Corner, Thomas 127 Corvin, Dwayne 159 Cotter, Diane 62 Counts, Staci 115 Covington, Tony 89 Cowan, J'Aime 101 Cox, Josh 101 Cox, Larry 122 Cox, Stephanie 98, 159 Cozby, Julie 114, 115 Craelius, John 127 Crain, Roy 159 Crawford, Anita 117 Crawford, Michelle 119 Creasy, Tonia 160 Crompton, Kathryn 160 Crooks, Angie 40 Crosby, Jennifer 160 Crosby, Kara 95 C R O S S C O U N T R Y 4, 100, 101 Crosse, Clay 49 Crouch, Arthur 114, 115 Crowder, Christian 124 Crowder, Christine 160 Crowell, Tim 119 Cuda, Matt 117 Cullen, Todd 160 Cumbee, Alison 121 Cunningham, Rick 160 Cunningham, Ted 140 Curtis, Tami 122

DeLong, Janice 77 Demianych, Amanda 161 DeNoraes, Regina 160 Dent, Hollie 115, 127 Dent, Jeff 118, 127 Dershimer, David 117 Detwiler, Charles 77 Deus, Hudelaine 144 DEVIL A N D DANIEL W E B S T E R 64 DeVries, Lance 161 Dews, Tony 89 Dibert, Kevin 116, 142, 161 Dick, Yvonne 161 Diemer, Carl 104 Diemer, Carolyn 77 Dimitriu, Paula 161 Dinsbeer, David 115 Dishong. Scott 161 Dixon, Jason 97, 125 Dodson, Felicia 35 Donald, Derrick 89 Donaldson, John 77 Donaldson, Pauline 77 Donhauser, Danielle 121 Donovan, Stephanie 108, 109 Dowd, Christopher 122, 161 Dowell, Greg 3, 77 Drake, Jeremy 89 Drake, Joanna 65 Drake, Summer 139 Droescher, Dale 127 Droney, Beth 161 Dumoulin, A m y 52 Duncan, Charles 118, 161 Duncan, Lance 89 Duncan, Ryan 89 Dunkin, A m y 127 Dunlap, Gabe 127 Dunn, Paula 125 Dunn, Richard 70, 163 Dunton, Ashley 103 Dunton, Randy 97 Durbin, Soko 119

D E Dalpezzo, Nicole 160 Dalton, David 106 Damron, John 62 Daubert, Russell 77 Dauplaise, Lisa 118, 120, 160 D A V E & T H E FRIENDLIES 35 Davenport, Matt 89 Davis, Clare 114, 115, 160 Davis, Denise 139 Davis, Keshia 120 Davis, Lynette 35 Davis, Shawn 89, 101, 120 Davis, Stephanie 115 Davis, Tara 160 Davy, Randall 77 Dawson, Mathew 160 Dawson, Michael 46 Day, Joline 37, 160 Daye, Darryl 89 Dayton, Jennifer 160 Dean, Gavin 65, 115, 122 Dean, Matt 122 D E B A T E T E A M 59. 118. 119 DeBoer. Brady 114 DeBoer. Michelle 160 Deegan, Shawn 142 Degrate, Rodney 89 DeLamielleure, Joe 89 Dellinger. Jason 106 Deloach. Austin 160 Deloach, William 54

Eaddy, Jennifer 98 Ear, Amanda 161 Earls, Carl 89 Easaw, Ruby 121 EASTER DAY O F PRAYER 24 Ebuta, Iyke 187 Eckert, Andrew 161 Edens, Angela 125 Eder, Ruth 187 Edmonds, Josh 119 Edwards, A m y 116, 121 Ehrman. David 77 Elders, Charlie 89 Ellenberg, Drew 101 Ellenburg, Curry 37, 161 Elliott, Matt 161 Elzy, Will 122 Emerick, Dane 77 Emerson, Nathan 120 Enzor, Philip 161 Epstein, Christy 161 Esbenshade. Glenn 104 Esbenshade, Rachel 104 Eskey, Tara 117 Estil, Vertonia 120 Eubank, Gary 125 Eubanks, Audrey 101 Eugene. Jeanne 161 Evans. Ellen 127 Eveland. Jeffrey 114. 115

Everson, Jarrod 89




4-HIM 48 Faber, Jim 47 Fabiano. Frank 120 Fairleigh. Phil 119 Fairley, Stephen 188 Fallin, A m y 123, 162 Falwell, Jerry 14, 131 Falwell, Macel 36 FACS CLUB 119 Fanini, Margareth 125, 162 Fanini, Roberto 162 Fannin, Michelle 117 Farmer, Anthony 120 Farnsworth, Jane 115 Farran, Adam 32 Farris, Danny 104, 162 Farris, Patricia 162 Farver, Linda 77, 116 Faulbee, Dan 127 Faulconer, Jennifer 119 Faunce, Jessica 162 Fay, Brenyn 127 Fegely, Mel 89 Felgar, Jewel 108, 109 FELLOWSHIP GOSPEL CHOIR 120 Felton, Shelby 117, 162 Fenske, Joel 106 Ferrell, Andrew 162 Fields, Andy 114, 115 Fink, Charlotte 127 Fink, Mary 77 Finkveiner, Shelley 53 First, Greg 162 Fisher, Craig 127 Fisher, Ruth 95 Fisher, Wyatt 162 Fiske, James 162 Fitzgerald. Kabrianna 148 Fleck. Michael 118, 162 Fletcher, Ashley 90 Fletcher, Chris 90, 91 Flowers, James 188 Flynn, Angela 119 Foley, Cara 127 Foley, Jonathan 162 Foley, Ruth 77, 127 FOOTBALL 88, 89 Forbes, A m y 131 Forcey, Stefan 27 Foreman, Mark 78 Foreman, Natasha 162 Forsyth, Mathew 120 Foster, Steve 162 Fountain. John 162 Fox, Brian 125, 163 Fox, Given 136 Fox, MacArthur 163 Fox, Val 143 Franklin, Randy 116 Frappier, Jennifer 120 Freeman. Courtney 89 Freeman, Dena 98 Freeman. Ruben 89 Freese, Tracy 163 Frere, Ron 89 Frisby, Jim 89 Fritz, Kirk 110 Fry. David 163 Fulcher, Sharon 36, 122, 166 Fulks. Joseph 163




J â&#x20AC;&#x201D; J Gadomski, Marilyn 78, 116 Gage. Rodney 13 G a m m o n , Chuck 117, 163 Gamory, Shelly 120 Gantt, Kevin 40 Garcia, Michael 78 Gardner, Lauri 163 Gardner, Meredith 163 Garlock, Mary 78 Garner, Russell 164 Garringer, Mike 125 Garrison, Dan 164 Gathman, Melissa 164 Gaudio, Micah 101 Gaydos, Laura 164 Gedicks, Herbert 78 George, John 78 Gerdes, Darin 126, 164 Germeroth, Rebecca 116 Geukgeuzian, Jonathan 89, 106 Gherman, Anemona 165 Ghitas, Daniel 130 Ghitas, John 130 Gibbons, Timothy 116, 117 Gibbs, Wendi 36, 37, 164 Giebus, Janelle 119 Gilbert, Stephanie 164 Giles, Paula 164 Gill, John 115, 117 Gillenwater, Jennifer 164 Gilmore, Philip 78 Girst, David 104 Glenn, Clifton 11 Glenn, Gail 115 Godfrey, Matt 89 Goebel, Martha 164 Goebel. Udo 164 Goede, Chris 89, 164 Goete, Alfred 164 Goete, Trudy 188 Goff, Kenneth 114, 115 Golden, Opal 95 GOLF 104, 105 Gonzalez, Clara 164 Gonzalez, Sally 164 Goodman, Allyson 78 Goodsmith, Heidi 164 Gordon, Leslie 31, 40, 127, 151 G S G A 120 GRADUATION 68, 69, 70, 71 Graham, Harry 188 Graham, Wil 93 Gramm, Phil 68 Granger, Linda 78 Gray, A m y 119 Gray, Jamie 133 Grayson, Mary 78 Grayson, Tiffany 37 Green, Alan 40 Greene, Shelly 119 Greiner, Eric 123 Grenier, Beth 165 Grenier, Jen 165 Gresham, Steve 89 Grevengoed, Mark 114, 115 Gribbin, William 59, 78 Griffin, Billy 89 Griffin, Cheryl 119 Grimm, Scott 6, 115 Groat, Wilbur 78 Grove, Lucinda 41 Guillermin, A. Pierre 67 Guillermin, Louanne 36 Gunter, Brad 106


Habermas, Gary 78 Habermas, Robert 78 Hackworth, Paul 165 Hagadorn, Deron 110, 111 Haglund, Connie 133 Haglund, Kevin 125 Haibach, Carolyn 115 Haines, Michael 124 Hales, Evangeline 115 Haley, Rickey 187 Hall, Chad 104 Hall, Cline 78 Hall, Darren 97 Hall, Jamie 40, 117, 140 Hall, Mike 59, 119 Hall, William 115 Hamilton, Naomi 165 Hamlin, Heather 31 H a m m , Heekyung 127 H a m m , Nathan 115 Hammond, Jennifer 101 Hampton, Rebecca 165 Han, Joe 116 Han, M u n Sop 188 Hancock, Amber 119 Handwerker, Craig 110, 111, 165 Hansrote, Theresa 165 Harder, Ramey 35 Harford, Sarah 101 Harper, Cynthia 165 Harrell, A m y 165 Harrell, Austin 121 Harrell, Tim 101, 106 Harrington, Shannon 117, 165 Harris, Daniel 118, 165 Harris, Ginger 165 Harris, Larnell 48 Harris, Noelle 127 Harsh, Michael 44, 127 Hartman, Harvey 78 Harvey, Amie 127 Haskew, Mark 117 Hawkins, O. S. 14 Hawkins, Ronald 79 Hazard, Pamela 119, 165 HEALTH DIMENSIONS CLUB 120 Heberger, Lori 165 Heffner, Thaddeus 115,118 Heinz, Karen 114, 115, 166 Heit, Stephanie 109 Hemmila, Allison 109, 125 Hemphill, Hiawatha 120, 188 Henefield, Cynthia 37, 125, 166 Henniger, Jennifer 166 Henry, Jennifer 115 Henry, Jeremy 102 Hensley, Trey 116 Henson, Rich 126 Herdean, Doru 130 Herdean, John 130 Hernandez, Lisette 166 Hershey, Don 104 Hershey, Joyce 104 Hervell, Sara 165 Herwig, Aaron 166 Hester, Stephen 166 Hey, Dana 166 Hiatt, Brady 166 Hicks, Jennifer 95, 167 Higgins, Denys 167 Highsmith, James 89 Higinbotham, Ricky 167 Hiler, T o m m y 35 Hill, Jennifer 167

Himeback, Sharon 114, 115 Hine, Mark 79 Hines, Jake 106, 107 Hines, Kelvin 89, 144, 167 Hinton, Layla 58, 119 Hipsky, Christian 134 Hirshman, Todd 67, 167 Hoage, Paula 122 Hoare, Tania 115 Hobbs, Kenny 104, 125 H O C K E Y 110, 111 Hodges, Danny 106 Hofacker, Jason 101, 167 Hoffer, Deborah 167 Hoffman, Alexandra 115 Hoffman, Brandon 120 Hoffman, Jennifer 167 Hoffman, Mindy 119 Hogg, Kristen 36, 37, 44, 69, 167 Hogge, Traye 102, 103 Hogue, Randy 13 Holbrook, Amanda 63, 101 Holding, Cindy 167 Holland, Mindy 127 Holloway, Ginny 98, 99 Holter, Heather 119 H O M E C O M I N G 38, 39 Hong, Seok-Jong 188 Hooper, Allyson 151 Hooper, Jacqueline 40 Hooven, Karol 101 Hopkins, Beth 98. 125 Hopper, Candace 115 Horning, Michael 167 Horton, David 79 Horton, Jon 106 Hortz, Gena 127 Hostettler, Gordon 167 Howard, Matalie 79 Howe, Monica 114, 115 Hrebar, Louis 102 Huff, Doug 132 Huffman, Kevin 93 Hughes, Charles 188 Hughes, Dottie 115 Hugo, John 79, 119 Hull, Melissa 167 Hulshof, Chris 110, 134 Hulshof, Dana 167 Humbarger, Melissa 115 Hunt, Amanda 115 Hunter, Hunter 89 Hunter, Richard 167 Hunton, Johnny 106 Hurlburt, Catherina 126, 168 Hurley, Mark 115 Huszti, Allen 64 Hutcheson, Shauna 101 Hutchinson, Ryan 106, 107 Hutchinson, Shannon 95 Huth, Julie 102, 103 Hutton, Kelly 133 Hyma, Brian 97

Ilsley, Heather 117 Inge, Donnie 89 Inkel, Thomas 117 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 121 INTERNET 61 Isaac, C. Samuel 79 Isaac, Lily 79

Ives, Janelle 168 Jackson, Kevin 168 Jackson, Larry 97 Jackson, Rob 79 Jackson, Stacy 11 J A C O B C O M E S H O M E 65 Jacobs, Brian 127 J agger, Bryan 115 Jamison, Tanya 131, 143 Janich, Jared 138, 140 v Jarman, Anna-Kate 101, 134 Jarman, Jeremiah 101 Jarrel, Richard 115 Jarvis, Mack 120 Jefferson, Kevin 119 Jeffs, Craig 110, 168 Jenkins, Chris 106 Jennings, Butch 89 Jennings, Justin 104 Jensen, Janice 168 Jenzer, N a m 54 Jeon, ByungWi 188 JESUS IS A W E S O M E RALLIES 22 Johansen, Heather 44, 138, 143 John, Marlon 89 Johnson, Angie 98, 99 Johnson, Brian 89, 168 Johnson, Chris 104, 168 Johnson, Darnell 96, 97 Johnson, Dennis 101 Johnson, Diana 115 Johnson, Eric 115, 118 Johnson, Jeff 93 Johnson, Jim 187 Johnson, Joel 93 Johnson, Keri 98 Johnson, Leslie 127 Johnson, Mark 117, 168 Johnson, Michelle 98 Johnston, Tim, 116 Jonas, Cynthia 168 Jones, A m y 143 Jones, Bobby 89 Jones, Carole 168 Jones, Charity 119 Jones, Erin 127 Jones, Kevin 62 Jones, Maurice 168 Jordao, Ligia 168 Jung, Seok Cheon 188 Jung, Tae-Yung 189 JUNIOR/SENIOR B A N Q U E T 53 Jurina, Kimberly 114, 115


Kang, Hak-Gun 146 Kapani, Dawn 94, 95 Kapicka, Andrea 31, 127 KAPPA DELTA PI 121 KAPPA M U EPSILON 121 Karp, Aaron 89 Karpenko, Aimee 118, 168 Kary, Jerry 116 Kasparian, Yvette 136, 168 Kauffman, Cheryl 168 Kauffman, Daneen 115 Kauffman, Jennifer 168 Kaye, Gaby 114, 115 Kedik, Melinda 169 Keeler, Jill 169 Keener, Angela 169 Keib, Steve 122 Kellaris, Bill 79 Kellum, Brad 92, 93 Kelly, Jennifer 6, 65, 115, 169

Kelly, Ryan 134, 139 Kemerling, Tabitha 4, 101 Keniston, Amy 98 Kennedy, Carrie, 121 Kennedy, Marc 130, 134, 142 Kennedy, Tonia 169 Kerlin, Andrea 126, 169 Kerr, Stephen 79, 114, 115 KERYGMA CHILD 34 Kester, Monty 79 Kester, Phyllis 79 Keyser, Jennifer 115 Keznor, Jennifer 90 Keznor, Nikki 90, 91, 122, 125 Khan, Ahtesham 101,169 Kidder, Dan 65 Kiker, Melissa 20, 127 Kim, Andrew 169 Kim. Eu-ah 127 Kim, Hyun Jin 189 Kim, Jeehyun 170 Kim, Sam 115 Kim, Tae-Seong 119 Kim, TaekSoo 189 Kindt, John 115 King, Jon 93 Kingyens, Rob 117 Kinney, H.T. 89 Kirby, Michael 117. 170 Klssell, Sarah 117 Knowles, Jason 89 Knowles, Tara 170 Kochura, Lynn 101 Kompelien, Craig 64 Kompelien, Wayne 79, 115 Kong, Mart 101, 120 Kowalczyk, Victoria 170 Kozlowski, James 115 Kraft, Kristen 131 Krall, Bruce 115, 170 Kramer, Cecil 59, 79 Kreider, Mike 106 Krouse, Jennifer 127 Krull, Jason 101 Kunkee, Angela 64, 114, 115 Kurbjeweit, Brian 170 Kurbjeweit, Kristen 66 Kurbjeweit, Kristin 170 Kyle, Steven 41, 64

^i Labour, Chad 89 Lafon, Crystal 170 LaHaye. Beverly 17 Laidlow, Sekou 120, 179 Lamberti, Dawn 119 Lambshead. Nancy 151 Landrey, Frank 104 Lane, Dustin 110, 170 Lane, Jennifer 170 Lane, Monica 170 Langat, A m y 144 Langat. Audrey 55, 169, 170 Langat, Ivy 132 Lara, Pedro 170 Larson, Joe 93 Larson, Tom 117. 170 Larzabal, Gufllermo 125, 170 Lashey, Ben 127 Latham, Michael 170 Laurent. Feme 121 Lauzier. Chrissy 127 Lawrence, Bill 58, 59. 119 Laws, Dan 119 Laws, Sherry 171

Layne, Laura 64, 115, 119 Leach, A m y 117 Leahy, Bob 89 Leahy, Kristi 134, 139, 143 Leary, Ken 117 Lee, Heun Jung 127 Lee, Jamey 171 Lee, John 171 Lee, Terri 95 Lee, Tim 16 Lee, Yo-Sup 189 Lee, Yong Woong 189 Leeds, Gary 104 LeFevre, Jeff 115 Leggett, Marcus 89 Lemonakis, Stephanie 109 Leonard, Angela 115 Leonard, Donald 115 Levenson, Joey 135 Leverett, Gaylen 79 LIBERTY CHAMPION 117 LIBRARY 60 Liddle, Grace 79 LIGHT INTL SINGERS 122 Light, Shawn 119 LIGHT SINGERS 122 Ligon, Tracie 171 Likens, Duane 117, 123, 171 Lim, Jae Ho 189 Lim, Sung 54 Lindsey, Wally 114, 115 Lingenfelter, A m y 171 Lipscomb, Randolph 114, 115, 171 Littlejohn, Robert 80 Lloyd, Doug 171 Lockamy, Chris 122 Locy, Ray 80. 115 Logan, Jason 106 Long, David 89 Long, Nathan 64 Looker, Linda 171 Lorance, Chrissy 116 Lott, Andy 138, 171 Lovallo, Michael 171 Lovas, Aranka 171 Lovern, Toni 171 Lovett, Danny 22 Lowry, Beverly 80 Lowry, Mark 49 Lucas, Michael 101, 125, 171 Ludlow, Keith 117 Lugo, Che' 97 Lugo, Kenny 97 Lupulescu, Lidia 146 Lupulescu, Samuel 71, 121, 130, 150, 171. 196 Luther. Jeremy 96, 97 Lyons, Andrew 117

MacDougall, Aileen 139, 143 MacFarland, Regina 35 Maclone, Rich 117 Mahairas, Victoria 71. 171 Makings. Michelle 115 Makkai, Adam 89, 172 Man, Stan 110 Manandhar, Ginger 189 Maniatty, Jeff 93 Marshall. John 172 Marshall. Kristen 55 Marshall. Nathaniel 126 Marston. A m y 127 Martilla, Brent 111 Martilla, Kevin 110

Martin, Ashraf 140 Martin, Cody 61 Martindale, Diane 90, 91 Marx, Robert 172 Massey. Homer 80 Matheny, William 80, 116 Matherley, Kimberly 117, 172 Mathis, Theron 172 Matijak, Chris 115 Matthes, Lloyd 80 Matthes, Sandra 80 Matthews, Jeremy 119 Matthews, Lovely 41. 121 Matthews, T a m m y 119, 127 Mattson, Lori 90, 91 Matusevich, Anton 104, 105 Maus, Kimberly 69 Mavinga, Honore 80 Mawdesley, Scott 127 May, Lisa 80 Maybee, Darren 60 Mayes, Matt 125 Mayfield, Ryan 130, 134. 189 Mays, Holly 101 Mazanec, Julie 172 McCafferty, Paul 54, 114, 115 McCartee, Shawn 126, 172 McClain, Theodore 172 McCreary, Bill 127 McCullough, Miye 31, 127 McCullugh, Dan 89 McDaniel, Angie 98 McDonald, Edward 119,127 McElyea. Barry 123 McFarland, Matina 120, 173 McFarland, Regina 101, 120, 125 McGarvey, Rob 117 McGibbon, Garth 80 McGill, Daniel 89 McGill, Tim 89 McGoldrick, Brew 89 McGrath, Joyce 187 McGrath, Leo 187 McGregor, Chris 101 McGregor, Ryan 119 Mclntyre, Bryon 173 McJunkins, Deneen 120 McKinley, Tim 106 McLaughlin, Jeri 127 McLaughlin, Kevin 150 McLelland, Julie 173 McMonigle, Lisa 173, 196, 197 McMurry, Matt 126 McNees, Michelle 127 McVey, Greg 173 McWane, Faith 173 Meade, Michael 173 Mebiama, Edith 173 Medlin, Michael 172, 173 Mendenhall, Doug 117 Mendez, Luis 127 Menditto, Georgette 173 Mercer, Michelle 116 Memrnan, Michael 116 Merriott, John 101 Merryman, Laura 173 Metegar, Todd 126, 173 Meyer, Jeff 86, 96, 97 Meyer, Scott 98 Meza, Andreas 93 Middleton, Stephanie 122 Migliacci. Nick 114,115 Mihm. Dawn 101. 173 Milam. Adam 58. 119 Miller, Benji 106 Miller. David 80 Miller. Elizabeth 115 Miller. Jake 106 Miller, Laura 90 Miller, Leeana 90. 91. 125 Miller. Linda 66. 80

Miller, Mark 97 Miller, Rhonda 173 Miller, Robert 89 Miller, Robin 130 Miller, Shauen 55 Mills, Betty 138 Mills, Tiffany 127 Milne, Dave 89 Mink, John 187 Miraldi, Keith 106 Miskell, Andy 116 MISS LIBERTY 36, 37 Mitchell, Dan 115 Mitchell, Kristie 102. 103 Mitchell, Penny 173 Mitchum, Tamara 173 Mitrofan, Daniel 174 Mitrofan, Daniela 174 Mock, Steve 89 Mogel, Kristina 115 Mongiove, Helene 174 Montervino, Nicholas 174 Moon. Tae Eun 146 Moore, Andy 89, 106 Moore, Kelly 115 Moore, Ulysses 89 Moore, Wendy 117, 174 Morales, Alberto 174 Morgan, Rita 174 Morgan, Tara 174 Morozov, Ivan 174 Morris, A m y 117, 174 Morris, J.T. 89 Morris. Kent 114, 119 Morrison, John 80 Morse, Michelle 69, 174 Morse, Nicole 127 Mosley, Gerald 101 M O S T HAPPY FELLA 64 Mount, Watson 132 Mowrer, Stephanie 132 Muckel, Dave 35, 119 Mulcuck, Mick 89 Muller, Paul 80 Mulroy, Megan 174 Mummert, Scott 70 Murphy, Heather 114, 115 Murphy, Rachel 119, 174 Murray, Kenyattta 89 Muscato, Tricia 121 Mwaura, Maina 131 Myer, Scott 110

Nam, Steve 189 Napolitano, Ralph 187 Nazigian, Paul 97 Neff, Rebecca 174 Neff, Valerie 174 Negley, Corrinne 10 Nelles, David 62 Nelson, Darin 120, 174 Nelson, Larry 80 Nelson, Michael 117 Nelson. Nichele 115 Newburn. Craig 110 Newkirk. Eric 127, 138 Nielson, April 119 NIGHT AT T H E OPERA 6, 64, 65 Nivens, Curtis 89 Nunn, Randy 175 NURSING ASSOCIATION 123 Nutter. James 80 Nutter, Laurie 81


Oakley, Geff 114, 115 Obey, Sarah 37, 40, 175 O'Bryon, Kera 115 O'Donnell, Brett 59, 119 O'Donnell, Christy 115 O'Donnell, Kelly 175 Ogusanyi, Tony 93 Oldham, Doug 10 Oliveras, Jenice 95, 175 Olsen, Dan 175 Olsen, Paul 93 Olsson, Christopher 175 Omakwu, Ejugwu 175 Omark, Jill 115, 175 Ondra, Rachel 119 Ontiveros, Alisa 95 Overman, Chris 117 Overton, Derek 127 Owens, Beth 95 Owens, Brandee 102, 103



Pace, Paul 176 Packiam, Tracy 119 Pafford, Abram 58, 119 Palermo, A m y 119 Pantner, Andrew 101 Panyne, Jerrel 140 Pardi, Dominic 176 Park, Dae-Il 146 Park, Kristy 127 Park, Soo Chin 189 Parker, Anthony 176 Parker, Karen 81 Parker, Leonard 81 Parker, Stacy Ann 31 Parker, Tony 89 Parshall, Rebekah 41 Parsons, T o m m y 123 Partie, David 81 Pass, Susan 176 Pastors, Dave 106 Patrick, Deann 115 Patron, Melissa 176 Patton, S a m 89 Paulsen, Shane 103, 150 Pavao, Earl 34 Peden, Jennifer 146 Pederson, Andy 126, 176 Peltier, Kevin 89 Penner, Jodi 115 Peoples, Stacy 101 Perdue, Gary 120 Perkins, Ken 95 Perkoski, Jennifer 124 Perrault, Cynthia 176 Perry, Rebecca 176 Peschken, Dallas 176 Petercuskie, Jerry 89 Petercuskie, John 89 Peterson, Erin 98 Petke, Matthew 124, 176 Pettyjohn, Todd 101 Pfeiffer, Shelby 115 Pfeister, John 89 Phelps, Sheri 176 PHI ALPHA THETA 123 Philips, Gentry 120


Phillips, Mike 119 Phillips, Sarah 115 Pickral, Kelly 176 Pinder, Heidi 176 Pineau, Scott 34 Pippin, Jonathan 176 Pirthipal, Aniel 137 Place, David 187 Plaster, Brian 114, 115 Platona, Eusebiu 176 PLAYS & P E R F O R M A N C E S 65 Pledger, Kevin 115 Poekert, Vanessa 176 Poggemiller, Eugenia 119, 124, 177 Poggemiller, Helmuth 81 POINT O F G R A C E 49 Pollak, Sarah 117 Ponder, Lynn 89 Pons, Ellie 102 Pons, Nikki 127 Pooch, Scott 101 Poole, Don 89 Pooley, Kris 114, 116 Pop, Dorina 141 Popoff, Christina101 Porch, DeJohnn 115, 115, 122, 178 Porter, A m y 115 Porter, Patricia 177 Post, Alison 115 Pothoven, Eric 96, 97 Prettyman, Bobby 177 Prettyman, Michael 100, 101 Price, Andy 124 Probst, Tracy 115 PROMISE KEEPERS 25 Provaznick, Jeremy 102, 103 Pruitt, Stephanie 115, 127 Pryor, Dean 139, 177 Pryor, T a m m y 114 PSI CHI H O N O R SOCIETY 123 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB 124 Publicover, Kelly 115 Pugh, Angie 116 Puglisi, Corado 110 Putney, Tim 41

Quarles, Deletha 101 Quinn, Aaron 177 Ragan, Brent 177 Raimondi, Nicole 47 Rammel, Austin 89 Ramon, Zaylimar 18, 125 Ramsdell, Donna 177 Randlett, David 81, 125 Randlett, Douglas 81 Randlett, Paul 125 Randolph, Lora 101, 102, 103 Rapp, Jennifer 95 Rastelli, Raymond 177 Ratcliff, Tiffany 98 Rausch, Micah 115 Ray, John 177 Reagin, Sherry 124 REALITY C H E C K 35 Ream, Jeff 119 Rebsamen, Jonathan 177 Reddick, Joe 59 Reed, Jennifer 62 Reed, Mark 97, 106 Reed, Mike 101

Reeves, John 106 Reeves, Rick 98, 99 Reffner, Stephanie 102, 103, 177 Reichard, Heather 101 Reimer, Milton 81 Reinhardt, Becky 149 Reinholdt, Carmen 46, 177 Reist, Becky 119 Renalds, J.O. 81 Renalds, Tiffany 65, 177 Rencher, Robert 81 Ressler, Kurt 126 Rexroth, Beth 119 Rice, Barry 89, 97 Rice, James 119, 177 Rice, Jamie 115 Rice, Mary 177 Richards, Jack 118 Richardson, Bart 127 Rickard, Joi 90 Riffe, Andy 120 Righetti, James 89 Rist, Boyd 81 Ritchey, D.J. 177 Rivas, Richard 93 Robbins, Nicole 127 Roberts, Jennifer 37. 115, 135. 178 Roberts, Lance 178 Robinson, Susan 40 Rodgers, Carrie 108, 109 Rodgers, Eli 93 Rodriguez, Van 106 Roeck, Glen 123, 178 Rogers, Anthony 178 Rogers, Joanne 119, 127 Rogers, Tami 115 Roggow, Nathan 114, 115 Rollins, Billy 122, 127 Romberger, Karrie 115 Roope, Donna 178 Ross, A m y 101 Ross, Holly 37, 178 Ross, Paul 24 Rosser, Cara 95 Rothbauer, Cooney 178 Rowedder, Ryan 106 Rowlette, Kenny 81 Rubio, Mark 124 Ruhl, Jerrod 63, 106 Ruhl, Julie 119 Rumore, Sandra 81, 121 Ruske, Heidi 114 Rutigliano, Sam 89

Sadzinski, Michael 2 Salisbury, Michelle 40 Sallstrom, LuAnn 178 Sampson, Bryan 187 Sampson, Josh 34, 179 Samuel, Ardra 101,125 Sanchez, Elias 181 Sancken, Sarah 114, 115 Sanders, Lynne 81 Santan, Derek 179 Sargeant, Earl 82 Sargeant, Jayne 37 Sargent, Matthew 117, 179 Sartin, Trey 89 Satalano, Jennifer 124 Saufley, Kristen 114,115, 179 Saunders, Nikki 53 Sausman, Gregory 179 Sawyer, A m y 117 S C A R E M A R E 21

Schantz, Heidi 27, 37, 182 Schlapman, Larrie 81 Schler, Rod 35 Schley, Matt 104 Schlottman, Tara 118 Schmidt, Michael 115 Schock, Terra 37, 119 Schofleld, Amy-Jo 127 Schonfelder, Jason 114 Schorling, Rhonda 179 Schrock, Jerlyn 89 Schrodt, David 179 Schuppe, James 81 Schwedt, Rachel 82 Schweiger, Mindy 127 Scott, William 82 Scranton, Jerry 89 S C R E W T A P E 64 Scruggs, Melinda 120 Seavey, Robyn 127 S E E Y O U A T T H E POLE 24 Seibel, Cory 115 Seiple, Elena 95 Seiple, Katie 179 Seipp, Larry 114, 115, 179 Seipp, Lynn 82 Seipp, Sonna 82 Selma, Danielle 47 Serran, Zabrina 95, 179 Setsma, Mark 104 Setsma, Todd 104, 105, 125, 17 Shanahan, Melissa 179 Shank, Earl 187 Shank, Staci 123, 179 Shanton, Dave 47 Sharp, Mike 89 Sharp, Velvet 179 Shaul, Tammi 127 Sheckard, Seth 179 Sheets, Diane 115 Sheets, Kathryn 115, 119, 180 Shelton, Jodi 122 S H E P H E R D S CLUB 124 Sherman, Barbara 82 Shipley, Derek 180 Shortt, Garnett 180 Shoup, Starlet 117 Sien, Brian 89 SIGMA T A U DELTA 124 Sigmon, Joanne 82 Simmerson, Chelanne 180 Simmons, Jolene 180 Simmons, Linda 180 Simpson, Kirstin 117 Simpson, Tonya 109 Sims, A m y 180 Sinclair, Matt 93, 125 Sines, Eugene 189 Sipos, Holly 180 Sipple, Laura 196, 197 Sites, Christina 180 Sites, Seth 102, 119 Skoumbourdis, Evangelos 82 Slade, Xavier 89 Slatten, Kevin 180 Slippy, Lori 37, 180 Sliwinski, Mike 147 Sloan, Carla 82 Small, Erik 93 Small, Heidi 180 Small, Katie 132 Smalley, Gary 17 Smart, Jason 89 Smdinski, T a m m y 180 Smith, Bailey 14 Smith, Brad 82 Smith, Jason 106, 180 Smith, Jodi 37, 127, 180 Smith, Lance 34 Smith, Matt 180 Smith, Mike 40

Smith, Paula 109 Smith, Sue 126 Smith, Victoria 120 Sneed, A m y 127 Snell, R.J. 119 Snider. Rachael 125 Snyder, Daniel 181 Snyder, Jessica 118 Snyder, Michael 115. 118, 142, 181 SOCCER, MEN'S 3, 92, 93 SOCCER, W O M E N ' S 94, 95 Soden, Ellen 82 SOFTBALL 108, 109 Soltan, Scott 116 Song, Sang Choi 189 Sorensen, Erik 97 Sorenson, Joseph 136, 149, 181 Sorrell, Debra 181 Souder, Jonathan 120, 181 SOUNDS OF LIBERTY 125 SPANISH CLUB 125 Spear, Amy 181 Spear, Hila 82 Spencer, Jay 82 SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS W E E K 10. 12 Spohn, David 104 Spooner, David 181 SPORTS ADMINISTRATION 125 Sprague, David 82 Springsteen, Angela 55 Sprowl, Leann 115 Spuhler, Elisabeth 127 Spurrier, Mindy 127 St. John, Kerry 120 Stallings, Susan 119, 181 Starr, Trisha 182 Steinbrecher, William 119 Steinhoff, Mark 82, 123 Sternik, John 182 Stevens, Alycia 109 Stevens, Jim 82 Stevenson, Jay 142 Stewart, David 125 Stinnett, Genie 98 Stockwell, Christine 182 Stokes, Jennifer 127 Stone, Billy 46 Stone, Joe 89 Strange, Jamie 182 Strout, Stephen 182 Stuart, Jennifer 182 SGA 126 STUDENT SHINE 23 SAAA 126 Stultz, Gerri 182 Stump, Joshua 117 Stumpf, Lisa 182 Suacha, Carole 114 Sullivan, Dennis 197 Sullivan, Diane 83, 196, 197 Sullivan, Michelle 131 Sultanova. Julie 120 Summy, Michael 183 Sundheim, Pete 89 Sundin, Chad 35 SUPER C O N F E R E N C E 14 Svacha, Carol 2 Sweeney, Deborah 183 Sweet, Carrie 183 Swift, Michelle 120 Swihart. Alan 183 Swihart. Brenda 183 Swinhart. Matthew 104 Swinton. Jacob 100. 101 Swisher, Tripp 122 Swope, Julie 114, 115 Szantanski. Rich 104


" ^

___. Tadeja, Stan 35, 93, 183 TAE K W O N D O C L U B 126 Talley, Tammi 109 Tallman, Cori 95 Tanis, Taryn 183 Tanski, Shannon 108, 109 Tatum, Cynthia 35, 120 Taunton, Staci 37, 183 Taylor, Barry 5, 97 Taylor, Carl 114, 115 Taylor, Dave 35, 137 Taylor, Heather 40 Taylor, Jason 127 Taylor, Lauren 127 Taylor, Petra 115 Taylor, Rebecca 127 Taylor, T a m m y 183 Taylor. Troy 120 Tedder, Joanna 117 Teer, Allison 101 TENNIS 104 Terrell, Barbara 117 Terzic, Balsa 183 Terzic, Katarina 150 Thames, A m y 122 Thomas, Derek 92, 93, 183 Thomas, Jeff 104 Thomas, Jeremy 114, 115 Thomas, Tony 93 Thompson, Kimberly 35, 98 Thompson, Paul 183 Thum, Pam 48 Till, Brian 183 Todd, Earl 183 Tolin, Janet 62 Tolsma, Brant 101 Tomasello, Kristen 101, 114, 115 Toomer, Chris 87 Toothman, David 114, 115 Tordai, Adela 183 Torrence, Nancy 83 Towles, Carolyn 83 Towns. Elmer 75 Towns, Stephen 83 Tozier, Stephen 54, 183 T R A C K 100, 101 Trapp, Gretchen 127 Tremble, Rob 127 Troccoli, Kathy 49 Trumbo, Ryan 93 Tull, Charles 184 Turner, Christopher 184 Turner, Rachel 115 Turner, Susan 184 Tuttle, Dawn 54, 184, 197

Umstead, Christopher 184 UNITY 35 UNIVERSITY C H O R A L E 127 Van Cleave. Jessica 122.131 Van Vlack, Josh 137 Vandermeer. Karyn 132 Vanderschee. Brian 189 VanFaussien. Brock 106

Vannaman, Susan 117. 184 Vermeulen, Dana 114,115 Vertican, Ginger 37, 65, 184 VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS BALL 52 Vinersar, Daniel 42, 64, 115 Virkler, Henry 83 VOLLEYBALL. MEN'S CLUB 122 VOLLEYBALL, W O M E N ' S 90, 91 Vollmer, Dan 64

Wade, Michael 187 Wagner, James 83 Wagner, Steve 184 Wagner, Timothy 184 Wainwright, Lori 184 Walker, Christy 184 Walker, Keith 89 Wallen, Sandy 115 Walls, Kerry 119 Walters, Brian 184 Walyuchow, Corey 110 Wamsley, Jennifer 116, 184 Warburton, Wendy 117 Ward, Alicia 127 Ward, Brent 95 Ward, Jennifer 109 Ward, Tanya 91 Warneka, Pamela 127 Warner, Sabrina 119, 184 Warren, Rick 14 Warren, Wendy 101 Washington, Devon 140 Wasilauskas, Kelly 185 Wasilauskas, Victor 184, 185 Watkins, Sedrick 89 Watson, Holly 184 Wayne, Keith 185 Weaver, Larrye 89 Weaver, Terry 106 Weaver, Thomas 196 Webb, Melinda 40 Weber. Jaclyn 185 Weebe, Alisa 139 Weertman, Jeff 123 Weesner, Deborah 185 Weider, Lew 83 Weiss, James 114, 115 Weissenger, Jennifer 95 Wellman, Greg 119 Wellman, Samuel 83 Wells, Julie 185 Wells, Lemans 101, 120 Wells, Michael 119 Wend, Tonya 115 Wenger, Dave 127. 130 Wentworth, Carrie 147 Werner. Ryan 101 West, Lori 185 Wester, Kari 185 Wetmore, Paul 109 Whaley, Winifrid 120 Wharton, Anne 83 Wheaton. Greg 92, 93 Wheeler, Brian 185 Wheeler, Melanie 90 Whitehead, Daniel 89 Wiggins. Tracy 90 Wilburn, Carolyn 185 Wilce, Belinda 186 Wilcox. Danielle Kathryn 31 Wilcox. David 186 Wilcox, Jennifer 127 Wilder, Timothy 189 Wiley. Jeri 98

Williams. A m y 186 Williams, Cathy 101 Williams, Dale 186 Williams, Dave 89 Williams, Erma 98 Williams, Jason 102, 186 Williams, Jon 127 Williams, Melanie 120 Williams, Myla 122, 186 Williams, Robert 186 Williams, Ted 44, 115, 127 Willie, Flori 98 Willmington, Harold 16, 74 Willmington, Matt 66 Willson, Wendy 186 Wilson, Charity 186 Wilson, Heather 31 Wilson, Wendy 186 Wilson, Wyndell 114. 115 Wilt, Ken 89 Winningham, Jonathan 189 Winters. Matthew 186 Wiser, Carrie 126, 186 Witham, Stephen 83 Witt, Tim 89 Woldehanna, Daniel 186 Wolfson, JoAnn 101 Woo, Michael 127 Woodard, Branson 83 Woodard, Jason 127, 139 Woods, Nelson 187 Woodward, Jeffrey 115 Wooldridge, Glyn 83 Wooldridge, Tim 115, 127 W O R L D IMPACT C O N F E R E N C E 15 Worthington, Lawrence 38, 88, 89 Wrage, Linsey 130, 131 Wright, Carrie 186 Wright, James 93 Wright, Kristen 186 Wright, Melissa 186 Wright, Steve 106 W W M C - C 9 1 117 W y m s , Michelle 35, 98

Yannucciello, Jeff 115 Yassemedis, Andrea 119 Yeager, Kimberly 115 Yoshida, Tami 119 Young, Cliff 127 Young. Ed 14 Young. Jared 127 Young, Joshua 89, 127 Y O U T H Q U E S T CLUB 127 Y O U T H Q U E S T SINGERS 127 Yowell, Krista 115 Zapf, Rachel 59 Zealand, Clark 101 Zerrlaut, David 118 Zimmerman, Heather 115 Z O O K 34 Zwart, Mary 95


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a ll<^*

' <*** ^ m u e Z Lupulescu consider quit**

t has been a fun and exciting eing photo editor of the journey through the land of yearbook, gave me this Selah. I'm glad we had such a opportunity to summarize grearstaff, W e Laughed together, W e cried all I have seen, learned, experienced, an together. W e were all such good friends we felt in all m y years at Liberty. The time could stand to hang out together even afhas come for m e to graduate and I clearly ter hours upon hours of working within see all that I have gained about various the confines of the office (thanks for all the subjects, insights about people, and counseling for m y chronic lying disease, understanding about God that I have I'm a m u c h stronger person now). I will obtained here. Through this book I share miss the vast supplies we had such as the what I have seen and learned. I hope 107 disks I donated, I'm really going to this captures m a n y fun, serious, miss this Mac - NOT!!! Thanks to all of lighthearted, life-changing memories for the professors who graciously understood, you. I have been privelaged to see the after I was up until 2:30 every night and way personalities make Liberty what it didn't have time to do m y homework. Especially m y favor- is. I have invested m u c h hard work, effort, and m a n y hours into this project ite Mrs. Barbour. I wish I had space to write how special each of the staff and I feel I have done m y very best in order to give you an enjoyable yearbook members were but I'd rather talk about myself.<Jesus>< is Awesome!!! Fight I thank God for allowing m e to m a k e this yearbook what it is. I thank my the good fight, and all of that. Bye!!! O w e yehe tanks Champeon pals! (Ha H afamily, especially m y sisters, Lidia and Dana, for prayers and support. Many we can laugh at each others mistakes huh)! thanks to m y friends.



Q would like to take this I nee there was a nice little pig. O V opportunity (while I a m still He had some very good friends, v S Y sane) to thank the following: Johnson the Donkey, E m o the M y G O D Jehovah for always carrying m e dog, Wilber the Wombat, and Chester the through (even HIUS 222) and providing Baboon. They all decided to take a trip m e with a perfect Bible-KJB. The Selah to see the Chicken Fairy. Along the way staff for the long-late nights, the Friendthey all got shot by a farmer. But anyship, and the experience. M y most beloved way, Happy Birthday. Thanks to the 7Mother (Phyllis) for always sacrificing and Ds, sugar, caffeine, Hairy toes, Marvel loving m e to death (Who can understand comics, my chair and vest, and the why?). M y Dad for always providing for m e such. If you enjoyed this yearbook and buying m e a Z-28! M y church, Calplease give all donations to me. You vary Chapel of Philly, for always supportstink ... but what are you going to do ing me. M y favorite Prof. Dr. Towns for about it? When I was young and had discipling me. For all m y great friends no sense, I stuck m y toe in an electric w h o m I love, and those I'll miss: Mel, Staci, and Heather (BIG CITY, Camino, fense. M o m and Dad, get m e out of here. Moo, moo, moo. Oink, oink, oink. Skoal). To Wayne, fututre LU student, for the encouraging letters. M y prayer This year's Selah is like a box of chocolates. You never know which page has is for m y Dad's and Friend Jeremy's Salvation, and for m y adherence of the the sticky center. I'd like to close with the words of Homer Simpson, "Now I've Scripture Psalms 138:2. Lord Jesus, Thank You for calling m e into Your Kinghad my head in an elephant, a rhinoceros, and a giant sloth." Signed, Your dom for such a time as this! Pal and Animal Conversationalist. can't believe how fast the time has gone by this past year and to think w e m a n agecTto complete the whole book in just one semester!! W O W ! ! W e are good. To Justin, T o m , Lisa, Dennis, and S a m â&#x20AC;&#x201D; y o u guys are the best! From Papa John's to blurbs, dominant elements and Photoshop, the experiences never seemed to e n d â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ever! (camaro impounding (Z-28), court, L.P.D., the McDonald's breakfast, "How you doing?", freak!!)... I could go on and on, but you k n o w what I mean. T o m y roommate Sue, 1 sympathize for all the lonely scary nights. I couldn't have m a d e it without Franklin, Power pig, K-frog or Grandmaw's packages, especially Papas eggs. T h a n k s Selah for finally making m e feel like somebody with the all access press pass, the power, the prestige! It's been a n a w e s o m e year and very busy but I wish ya'll the very best!

t's hard to believe that I only have one semester left. It seems as though I've been a senior for three years instead of three semesters. However, the Lord has opened many doors for m e during m y tenure at Liberty, and for that I a m forever grateful. W h e n I heard the yearbook was cancelled in the Fall, I was furious. Then when I found out that there would be one, I knew I had to join up and help make it happen, since I had complained. Those plans were unexpectantly interrupted by the Miss Lynchburg pageant. (I guess the Lord wanted to surprise m e by letting m e win the title.) I've cut a lot of ribbons, kissed a lot of babies, and shook a lot of hands in the last few months-but it's been worth it all. So I'd like to thank m y family for providing m y education, Dr. Falwell for taking care of m e every time I get in a pinch, Mrs. Goodman for teaching m e how to write, and the 1995 Selah staff for putting up with m y sudden departure and m y lack of computer literacy. I love and miss you all.

id I really pray for this job? I eflection... Rneowrr... Papa guess four years as a student John's.. .lingering deadlines.. at Liberty just weren't enoughKool-aide.. .vending machine I was drawn from the sunny West Coast meals...our "back door"...the Selah back to the old Alma Mater. cellular...Regent pals...ants... disappear'Yearbook anyone?" "Of course, Dr. G ing staff members...Liberty love I'll do it. I have no need for leisure or a connection...Don't Speak, Don't social life. And I always love impossible Speak...the not so mysterious cover... tasks!" So I wish to thank Almighty God, downloading... laying hands on Mac... Diet Pepsi, Papa John's, Dennis, Libby Romanian casinova...K-frog... dollar (and all the other Sullivans), BoBo, and store glasses..."Hello, I'm J a m e s all m y pals at the Book Mobile for this opBeck"...that Virsatchi ad... Granmaw... portunity to create a yearbook ex nihilo. "borrowed" T.E. furniture... Thanks: To the 1995 Selah staff I wish all the "Sandy Cove"- Tom; "I know famous best, including a year's supply of Krispy Christian singers"- Justin; "I follow pretty girls"- Sam; "Mooooo"- Dennis; "I sense an attitude"- Laura; "In a pagentKreme, Mountain Dew, and Little Caesar's. You're the greatest. Lisa, I hope you find the perfect car; Tom, the perfect love connection; & no one knows"- Dawn; now we can draw from the Selah pain, sweat, and tears as truly troubled artists. Special thanks: Christ in w h o m m y peace & Justin, a permanent auto registration; Sam, a job as a fashion photographer: strength are found; Marsha, Marsha, Marsha- you are the coolest G u m b y Dennis, $10,000 in quarters for the X-Men arcade game; Laura, a personal Groupy; Bob, Kerry, and m y Lynchburg church family for prayers: Coke Clas- travel agent; Dawn, the Miss Virginia crown; and for myself...Troy Aikman, where art thou? sic; GLTC; & Movies 10. See you in the pages...Oooo Leessaahhh. Editors

"ttefj&' .

ie escue workers salvage Selah An editorial close from the Editor

A jungle of torment describes the captured many an unsuspecting 1995 Selah experience. The end subject. Searching through of the 1994 school year, found the picture mounds, Selah recovered the images of endangered Selah scurrying what life was from office to like as a student office looking during the 1995 for workers to school year. preserve its Brushing the existence. dust from failIn late October ing memories, the staff and Selah records them in this editors came together. But journal of the the late night vine swinging Liberty adventure. began after Christmas Break, The Selah staff incorporated allowing one semester to record relevant Scripture and inspiring both Fall and Spring events. quotes and lyrics with the prayers Needless to mention, the staff that anyone lost in worldy jungles became archeologists of the Fall may discover the light to lead semester, trying to uncover them home. stories, dates, pictures, quotes, and anything else to lead the Mental Block: Dawn Tattle stares at the opening pictures and student body to believe Selah brainstroms to write captions. was there. Yet other set-backs were waiting. The Tom and Jerry show: Tom Weaver demonstrates his courage Several changes in editors and against a special breed of staff m e m b e r s muddied the campus rodents. communications pool while Breakout: The Sullivan duo deadlines danced ever closer, couldn't look happier to be out shaking their sharpened spears. of the yearbook lab. Without much time lost, however, Too close for comfort: How the Lord provided willing and able many people can you stuff in sacrifices to aid in finishing the a revolving door? Very bored Selah members risk the task at hand. investigation to solve this The staff climbed plenty of walls intriguing question. and trees during the Selah safari. Watching the year pass from high Gettin' d o w n to business: Editors meet to complete in the trees, a unique vantage the senior section with a point, the yearbook camera laid back approach.



Editors & Staff

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LIKEI <-J^ <uJsec0?z-e<z&C <£*. •<§*



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Liberty University 1994-95 Yearbook  

Liberty University 1994-95 Yearbook

Liberty University 1994-95 Yearbook  

Liberty University 1994-95 Yearbook