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S E L A H 1991 Liberty University Box 20000 Lynchburg, V A 24506-8001 Volume 18 •

Editor in Chief - Steven R. Green Copy Editor - Paul H. Jimenez Sports Editor - Tim Sears Photo Editor - Norbert Hennrich


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Elizabeth Lile

Photo by Mikie Survant

Horizons looked distant and unattainable to the young one w h o once gazed out into the future. A n d as one year of our lives goes rapidly before us, those horizons of opportunity seem ever nearer and ever growing. Our experiences at Liberty University m a y appear short and small but could be no more meaningful. For it is within this time period allotted to us at this University that our eyes and minds are opened to a world and nation far divergent from the one w e grew up in. It is within this time period that purpose for living must be grasped and a plan to guide us must be obtained. At this point in our lives, w e can have no regrets . Indeed, w e must seize the day and focus on our ever expanding horizons.

Cory Joy and Karen Smith

Photo by Steven R. Green Leroy Kinard

Photo by Steven R. Green


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Matt Dean 4

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Jody Waldrop

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Jody Waldrop

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Jennifer Blandford and KeU Gist

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Jeremy West

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Jennifer Scram


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Dana Christiansen and Dave Seaman


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Caroline Andrew

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Matt Champion

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Shannon DePuy

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Year In Review/Issues M a n y times, the focus of individuals is solely upon their o w n doings. Often, college students ignore the world around them because of the fervent struggle to find personal success. Yet, the happenings of the world should never be forgotten; for it is through the triumphs, tragedies and tribulations of the past that lessons are learned. A n d it is these lessons which help the student of today expand his horizons, prepare for the future, and succeed in the world of tomorrow.

Special Gulf W a r section on pages 280-283


1 HI



- Manuel Noriega, Panama's leader w h o had a stronghold on the country, surrendered to U.S. military authorities after hiding out in the capital city. U.S. forces invaded P a n a m a City in December of 1989 after a string of incursions against Americans. Noriega's control over the people of Panama as well as his heavy involvement in the drug trade also contributed to the dictator's ousting. - Marion Barry, mayor of Washington, D.C., w a s arrested on charges of possession and use of cocaine. A n FBI sting operation videotaped the mayor allegedly buying and snorting cocaine in a d o w n t o w n Washington hotel. - The University Of Miami Hurricanes topped both the Associated Press and United Press International's final college football polls for the 1989 season. The votes gave Miami its third unofficial national championship of the 1980's. - The South African government - Actor Alan Hale, the skipper lifted a 30-year-old ban on the on "Gilligan's Island," died of African National Congress. cancer. - Tens of thousands of people - The San Francisco 49ers won showed up for a pro-democSuper Bowl XXIV, humiliating racy parade and rally in the heart of M o s c o w demanding the Denver Broncos 55-10. It w a s the team's second conthe end of the communist party's monopoly on the posecutive title and fourth in the litical process. franchise's history. 20

- The Soviet Communist Party's Central Committee voted to renounce the party's constitutionally granted m o nopoly on political power. - A tanker spilled nearly 400,000 gallons of oil near Hunington Beach, California.

- Nelson Mandela, South Afri can black nationalist leader and famous political prisoner, was freed after 27 years in prison.

- Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, National Opposition Union candidate, defeated incumbent Daniel Ortega in Nicaraguan national elections signaling the end of the 10-year rule of the Sandanista National Liberated Front. "The Nicaraguan

people have shown that they want to live in democracy, in peace and in freedom," said Chamorro. - James "Buster" Douglas wore a world heavyweight championship belt after his

stunning knockout of Mike Tyson in Tokyo. At 1:23 of the 10th round, Douglas knocked Tyson out in what m a n y have called "the greatest upset in sports history." - Malcolm Forbes, whose fortune was estimated from $400 million to $1 billion, died of a heart attack at age 70.




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Malcolm Forbes 21

- Seventy-two million bottles of Perrier water were recalled after traces of a cancer-causing chemical were found. - New York billionaire and real estate developer Donald T r u m p splits with his wife, Ivana. - Former President Ronald Reagan testified on videotape that he had not ordered any illegal acts in the Iran-Contra affair. - A cease-fire was followed b y 18 days of fierce fighting between rival Christian factions in Lebanon.

- Souring markets and a spoiled "corporate image" spelled trouble for Donald Trump's empire. - Kim Basinger, co-star of "Batman," w a s overlooked by the Oscar nominations but received the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award. - Hank Gathers, collegiate basketball star, collapsed and died while playing in a postseason tournament for Loyola M a r y m o u n t College.


- Luis J. Marcus, the inventor of the bobby pin, died at age 102 in Menlo Park, C A .

- A legion of clipboard-toting counters sought out shelters, subways and steam grates in the broadest attempt ever to find the extent of homelessness since it became a national disgrace in the 1980's. The U.S. Census bureau spent nearly $3 million to tally homeless Americans.

- The University of Nevada-Las Vegas w o n the N C A A men's basketball title by destroying Duke, 103-73. The margin of victory in the championship g a m e was the largest in 51 years. Controversial coach Jerry Tarkanian w o n his first national title.

- O n April 22, an estimated 200 million people all over the planet celebrated the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. Activists pleaded for the rise of a n e w "conservation generation" to care for the environment. - The pro-life movement held a massive anti-abortion rally in Washington, D.C. The National Parks Service claimed approximately 200,000 people were present, but organizers claimed the number was closer to 700,000. - The 1990 Major League Baseball season opened one w e e k late after a dispute between the owners and players. - The Rev. Ralph Abernathy, civil rights leader and top aide to the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., died of a heart attack in an Atlanta hospital. H e was 64.

- The first international world summit to combat drugs met in London and concluded with the adoption of a 35point plan to help fight illegal drugs. More than 500 representatives from 112 nations attended the summit. - Greta Garbo, legendary Swedish-born movie star, died of a heart attack at age 70.

Ryan White - Ryan White, 18, died after suffering with AIDS. White became a national symbol of the difficulties faced by children with A I D S w h e n he was banned from his local school. A m o n g those attending White's funeral were Barbara Bush, Michael Jackson and Elton John. Rev. Ralph Abernathy

Greta Garbo 23

- A painting by Vincent Van Gogh became the most expensive painting ever sold at an auction. "Portrait of Dr. Gachet," which was completed six weeks before Van Gogh committed suicide in 1890, was sold for a record $82.5 million. - Latvia and Estonia, two Baltic republics in the Soviet Union, proclaimed themselves to be in a transition toward independence. President Gorbachev then formally declared that the efforts of the two republics to break with the Soviet Union had no legal basis.

- Unbridled w o n the 116th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Lousville, K Y

- Jim Henson, puppeteer w created the popular Muppet characters, died at age 53 of pneumonia in N e w York. Rocky Graziano - Rocky Graziano, middleweight boxing champion w h o fought in the 1940's and 1950's, died of heart failure at age 71.

- Romanians voted in their first free elections in 53 years. The main issues of the campaign included moving - Sammy Davis Jr. - singer, Romania's centralized socialist system to a free-market actor, dancer and nightclub economy and dismantling entertainer - died at age 64 of throat cancer in his Los Ange- the Communist system. les home.

S a m m y Davis Jr.


Jim Henson

- The Edmonton Oilers w o n the National Hockey League's Stanley C u p for the fifth time in seven years. - President George Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev signed a sheaf of agreements during their Washington summit, including a conditional trade accord. The leaders also embraced a preliminary deal to cut longrange nuclear arms. - Massive crowds turned out for African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela at every stop on his six-week tour of three continents. The freed political prisoner toured the United States for 12 days. - A suicide machine developed by Dr. Jack Kevorkian w a s successfully used on Alzheimer patient Janet Adkins. - Congress defeated an a m e n d m e n t that would prohibit physical desecration of the United States flag. Debate raged between two groups: those w h o claimed that freed o m s of speech were being threatened, and those w h o cherished the message the flag gives to Americans. The Supreme Court earlier regarded the burning of the flag as a form off expression protected by the First A m e n d m e n t . - A federal judge sentenced former national security advisor John Poindexter to six months in prison for lying to Congress about his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair.

- Two members of the pop rap music group 2 Live C r e w were arrested on obscenity

charges after a night club performance.

- The Detroit Pistons won then second consecutive National Basketball Association title by defeating the Portland Trail Blazers, four games to one.

- Supreme Court Justice William Brennan Jr., at the age of 84, resigned from the Supreme Court after nearly 34 years of service. Brennan w a s the leader of the liberal bloc on the Supreme Court, and his surprise departure allowed President Bush to m a k e his first Supreme Court nomination. - Pete Rose, Major League Baseball's all-time leader in hits, w a s sentenced to five months in jail on federal tax evasion charge. - West Germany won the 1990 World C u p soccer competition in R o m e , Italy, defeating Argentina, 1-0. Twenty-four countries participated in the month-long competition. The championship g a m e was watched by an estimated one billion viewers.

- Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan defeated the Milwaukee Brewers on July 31, winning his 300th game. Ryan became one of 10 major league pitchers to win 300 games. - Nearly 1,500 Moslem pilgrims were killed w h e n a stampede occurred in a pedestrian tunnel leading to the holy city of Mecca. - American cyclist Greg L e M o n d w o n the Tour de

France bicycle race for the second consecutive year. - A major earthquake jolted Manila and surrounding Luzon Island, killing at least 193 people and leaving hundreds more trapped in collapsed buildings. Most of the victims were at the city's plushest hotel w h e n its entire front section collapsed.

- Iraqi forces invaded and occupied neighboring Kuwait holding the small, oil-rich nation hostage . The U.S., along with the rest of the world, condemned the m o v e and immediate actions were taken to lure Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. U.S. troops, along with support from nations around the world, were sent to the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait border in anticipation of war. The United Nations approved a trade embargo against Iraq atttempting to peacefully rem o v e Iraq from Kuwait.

- Three N e w York teens were convicted of gang rape and beating a 28-year old jogger in Central Park. The trial received national exposure because of the brutal attack against the N e w York businesswoman.

York Yankees, to give up managing control of the team. - Stevie Ray Vaughn, Texasborn musician, died at age 35 in a helicopter crash.

- A Washington, D.C, federal jury convicted Mayor Marion Barry on one misdemeanor drug possession count and acquitted him on a second. A mistrial was declared on the other 12 misdemeanor and felony counts because of the split jury. - Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent ordered George Steinbrenner, controversial principal owner of the N e w

Stevie Ray Vaughn

- Fear pervaded a college town as a killer claimed the lives of five University of Florida co-eds. - The thought of a Persian Gulf conflict sent panic throughout the financial world and started a stock selling frenzy. United world forces and Iraqi troops remained in place in case war did break out in the region. - Supreme Court nominee David Souter took the stand in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee but refused to comment on the powerful and emotional issue of abortion.


- President George Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev met in Finland for the Helsinki summit. The two world leaders condemned Iraq and m a d e an agreement on Mideast peace.

- World leaders welcomed a united Germany into the inteil national community on Octo-1 ber 3. The nation united at the stroke of midnight w h e n a - The city of Atlanta, Georgia, giant G e r m a n flag was raised I w a s chosen as the site for the in front of the battle-scarred 1996 S u m m e r Olympic Reichstag building in Berlin. Games. The nationwide celebration w a s complete with fireworks,! - Nineteen-year-old tennis music, dancing and a messaga player Pete Sampras became from Chancellor Helmut Kohl. the youngest ever U.S. O p e n men's champion w h e n he - David H. Souter - a mildrouted Andre Agassi in the mannered, well-read and pre-1 finals. viously little-known judge - South African President, F. from N e w Hampshire - was sworn in as history's 105th W . D e Klerk, visits WashingSupreme Court justice. ton, D.C.

- The College Board announced that it had approved a series of changes to the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the nation's most widely used college entrance exam.

- Seventy-one world leaders attended the first World Summit for Children at the United Nations. The purpose of the gathering w a s to focus world attention on the plight of young people - especially those in poverty-ridden, developing countries. - The space shuttle Discovery successfully ran a four-day mission to deploy a spacecraft surveying the sun. - The 1990 Nobel Peace Prize w a s awarded to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. The Literature Prize w a s given to Mexican poet, novelist and essayist Octavio Paz. - The 101st Congress adjourns 23 days past its scheduled conclusion. The delay w a s caused by the fierce battle between Congress and the White House over the n e w deficit-reduction plan. - The Cincinnati Reds, given only a slight chance to beat the Oakland Athletics, needed only four quick games to win the World Series. The sweep w a s one of the biggest upsets in baseball history. 24

minister of the 20th century, announced her resignation.

- President Bush ordered a huge increase in the number of U.S. land, sea and air forces deployed in the Persian Gulf region. The threat of war loomed larger than ever as the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution authorizing the use of force if Iraq did not withdraw by Jan. 15,1991. - Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving British prime

- November elections produced nearly all incumbent victories in national races. The biggest turnover came in gubernatorial races where six of 23 incumbent governors lost.

of five senators accused of improperly pressing federal bank regulators on behalf of Charles H. Keating Jr., a politi cal contributor and savings and loan executive. Keating's savings and loan association collapsed in 1989 at a cost to the government of $2 billion.

- The Justice Department - A U.S. District Court judge charged a Georgia m a n with sentenced Michael Milken, murder in the 1989 mail-bomb former "junk-bond" chief, to a killings of a federal appeals cour 10-year prison term. judge and a civil rights lawyer. - The Senate Ethics Committee began hearings in the case

- Twenty-seven members of the K u Klux Klan staged a

.march in Washington, D . C , II protected by an excessive amount of police force. M e m bers of the Klan were jeered ,째and pelted with rocks by nearly 1,200 protesters. The march w a s believed to be the , Klan's first in Washington, to.C, since 1925.

been in a vegetative state since 1983, was the subject of the Supreme Court's first right-todie decision in June. The court blocked her parents from letting her die without "clear and convincing" evidence that she wanted to do so. A state court heard n e w testimony producing such evidence.

- Dr. A r m a n d H a m m e r , multimillionaire w h o headed u p companies in fields ranging from broadcasting to pencils and art, died at age 72.

- The Food and Drug Administration approved a small surgical implant that blocks conception for five years w h e n placed under the skin of a woman's upper arm. - Great Britain's Prince Charles - Dr. Jack Kevorkian was cleared m a d e his video debut appearof a murder charge in the contro- - Ty Detmer, Brigham Young i n g in a film as himself. Prince (l versial case of an Alzheimer's University's junior quarterCharles makes a royal visit to patient w h o died using his home- back, received the Heisman ^an environmentally unsafe made suicide machine. trophy by being voted college factory run by an unsuccessful Sl businessman. football's most outstanding player.

- S a d d a m Hussein frees the hostages held under Iraqi guard. President Bush v o w s to remain firm in his pledge to free Kuwait despite the gesture m a d e by Hussein. - Two jets collided on a Detroit runway, killing eight and raising alarm about onground safety at U.S. airports. - Mary Robinson, 46, was de. clared the upset winner in ' Ireland's presidential elections. Robinson is the first w o m a n to become president of the country. - Secretary of Education Lauro Cavazos resigned from his cabinet ; position reportedly under strain from the White House. - A judge granted the parents of Nancy Cruzan permission to disconnect her feeding tube and let her die. Cruzan, w h o has

Volunteerism A n Issue that Decides the Future

In a nation that is moving away from investment in human life and leaning more towards i corporate responsibilities, it is important to note that volunteerism in America is not dead. In fact citizens from all sectors of society are moving toward active community involvement. The m e n and w o m e n w h o first dreamed of this country had to cooperate in order to survive their new, yet hostile environment. Over time their efforts to promote and advance some aspect of the c o m m o n good has developed into a strength that has remained the backbone of this country. 1 A s our society has grown more complex, so have the requirements for volunteer service. Years ago an individual volunteered his services out of a charitable desire to help a less fortunate person succeed. Although this desire has not changed, today's volunteer activities have become professionalized and the need for volunteerism has grown into a need that cannot be overlooked. M a n y Americans are unaware of the importance that volunteerism has on society. Everything from the form of government to the foundation of the first public m u s e u m w a s initially the work of volunteerism. The list of volunteer groups including churches, colleges, hospitals, fire departments and m u s e u m s seems never ending. The government's efforts to encourage volunteerism is not new. In fact, the federal government supports several volunteer programs that have features in c o m m o n with some of the bills proposed in the 101st Congress. President Bush is one of m a n y U.S. presidents w h o understands the importance of volunteerism in a nation. Bush's "a thousand points of light" analogy and pleas to reach out to others has sparked m a n y a person into volunteer service. First Lady Barbara Bush complements his view with her dedication to volunteerism and literacy For those people w h o are unaware and even unwilling to become involved, they should first consider the epitaph: W h a t I spent, is gone. W h a t I kept, is lost. But what I gave to charity Will be mine forever. The concept of volunteerism, which has become a national characteristic of what it means to be American, seems to exist "...but for the grace of God...." For something that has had such a positive effect on the building of this country should not be received as a mere responsibility, but rather a magnificent opportunity.

By Carolyn Van der Veen Photo by Steven R. Green 32




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.,«-***!* . m *

-'' :

A n Issue That Deserves Justice Gov't Ethics

The marble filled city strikes awe in the hearts and minds of the many tourists who pass th its busy streets. The capital city is truly magnificent with its elegant m o n u m e n t s dedicated to Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson. The White House, United States Capitol Building and the Supreme Court bring visions of an historic past and the drama of present power. But regardless of the outward beauty which almost makes the city seem incorruptible, Washington, D.C, and the nation languish in the harsh realities of the ethical misconduct of its power wielding politicians. Americans have certainly seen a wide variety of scandals and shortcomings on the stage of politics. Most recently, the s u m m e r of 1990 records the hurts and pains caused by elected officials in their failure to grasp the code of ethics which holds all leaders ultimately responsible. Washington, D C , M a y o r Marion Barry and his drug and purgery trial scar the city even months after its conclusion. Those following the course of Barry's trial will never forget the videotape in which the M a y o r snorts cocaine in a d o w n t o w n hotel. Yet what hurts the people of the city and nation most is not the pitiful sight of Barry listening to witnesses testify to his drug use, but the thousands of children w h o fall pr to the fallacy that drug users will escape due punishment and remain invincible as long as the proper buttons are pushed. The national scene w a s also plagued this s u m m e r by the ethical shortcomings of its leaders in | Washington. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts stood before the House of Representatives i in the s u m m e r of 1990 facing alleged charges that included fixing fines accumulated by a homosexua friend and allowing the same person to use his residence as a house of homosexual prostitution. Yet Frank emerged almost unscathed by such charges and still influences Congress through his committee chairmanships. Indeed these faults must not be overlooked, K and the watchdog function of the press has ikept the public well aware of ethical falls. But despite the scandals that errupt on television, radio and the newspapers, the American public is no longer surprised by such problems. I Certainly these individuals are h u m a n beings which can be forgiven and can contribute to the c o m m o n good of society in the future; however, their vices have only driven the respect of the electorate for their representatives further into the ground. Thanks and goodness must be extended to those w h o have acted properly and responsibly under the great spotlight that engulfs Washington, D.C. Forgiveness is offered to those w h o have fallen and forgotten their accountability to the American public. But most of all, pleas and cries are desperately thrown u p to all leaders - pleas and cries which ask them to uphold their ethical conduct for the well-being of our nation and its future.

Photos by Steven R. Green

By Paul H. Jimenez

A n Issue That Deserves Attention

Nature has its o w n w a y of restoration. Rain cleanses parched earth and the sun w a r m s green seedlings. Even the trees produce necessary oxygen w e need for life. For the past few years, nature has been overwhelmed with man's destruction. Across the nation, the earth suffers from pollutants dangerous to its fragile ecosystem. M a n y people have rallied against such destruction, but the battle is far from over. N o single region of the United States can be blamed. All states are slowly realizing the need to alter their land management techniques. Southwestern regions, for example, regularly practice crop dusting. This fine, powdery poison helps control insects, but leaves a film on houses, cars, and water sources if not protected. Recent measures have been taken to restrict crop dusting, which is damaging to birds, small land animals and humans. Mountainous regions rich in coal have been strip mined for years leaving behind barren land. N o w coal companies are replacing stripped land with foliage. Other areas of the United States are experiencing acid rain. Factories release pollutants into the air which gather in the atmosphere and return to earth as acid rain. The mighty and vast oceans fail to escape the d a m a g e done. Oil spills, such as the recent Exxon Valdez oil tanker accident, kill fish and water fowl for months. Dead animals are picked u p from the beach covered with thick black oil. Fishing companies throw out miles and miles of nets causing the death of dolphins and other sea creatures. A n emphasis towards being environmentally safe has been portrayed recently through the media and has even become a powerful political issue. April 1990 hosted Earth Day, a national event of protest to planet devastation. This occasion brought awareness to people everywhere, encouraging all to consider the earth as priceless. The efforts of environmentalists to m a k e us aware of these problems can certainly be called a success. But it is also certain that man's negligence has caused m a n y of the effects seen in our world today. Every individual must do his part in protecting his environment. Conflicts arise w h e n some question the validity of environmentalist's claims. Scientists are still reviewing studies questioning the conclusions behind the findings of the Greenhouse Effect and global warming. Regardless of the inconclusive studies, man's improper care of his surroundings will only magnify earth's already existing problems.

By Felicia Halstead

Photos by Steven R Greet!




•Mi •^ m IB

• ^^H


An Issue That Determines Life

Ever since the Roe vs. Wade ruling in 1973, abortion has become an issue that faces every can, no matter what age. Should girls have parental consent if they want an abortion? Is abortion right if rape or incest is involved? At what point does the "fetus" become a h u m a n being? What will happen if the "abortion pill" is legalized? Questions swirl around the issue as the amount of abortions performed in the United States increases. Abortion is the most c o m m o n form of birth control in the world. Every day, 4,000 abortions are performed in the United States. In answering the questions involving rape and incest, it's interesting to note that less than one percent of the 1.6 million abortions performed annually result from rape or incest. Financially, the abortion "business" makes more than $500 million every year. Recent actions against abortion include the Webster ruling m a d e by the Supreme Court in 1989 which allowed states to restrict abortion. In 1990, Louisiana gave final approval to the nation's most restrictive abortion law making it a punishable criminal act unless the life of the mother is at stake. A s David Souter became the newest m e m b e r of the Supreme Court, the possibility of over- j turning Roe vs. Wade increases; however, even with the overturning, the legalizing of the abortion pill, R U 486, could m a k e abortion very easy to receive. The health risks in having an abortion have been documented, but the emotional effects can be very traumatizing for a w o m a n . Grief and depression are feelings for m a n y w o m e n that won't go away. Flashbacks of the experience m a y occur in m a n y w o m e n . Another big issue is the question of whether or not parents should consent to their child's abortion. In m a n y states, girls cannot have their ears pierced without parental permission, yet they are allowed to m a k e their o w n decision about having an abortion. Because of the conflict, 33 states have passed parental consent laws requiring the permission of a parent before an abortion is received or the opportunity for the girl to plead the case with a judge. Science reveals the complexities of h u m a n life inside the mother's w o m b . Even after the first hours of conception, this tiny baby has the genes to determine the color of his eyes, hair, skin, facial features, body type and certain qualities of personality and intelligence. Already, it is determined whether or not the baby will be a boy or a girl. From the m o m e n t he or she is conceived, a baby is a unique individual. Yet, abortion m a y legally take place right u p to the point the baby is actually born. Practical ways students could get actively involved with the issue of abortion is to become well informed about its m a n y aspects in order to help others. Supporting pro-life organizations and becoming involved with major events in Washington, D . C , like the March for Life always bring support to the cause. Assisting pregnancy counseling centers and boycotting products that support pro-abortion organizations are also very beneficial.

By Melanie Beroth



STUDENT LIFE A time when subtly our friendships grow, our confidence ma hires, and our lives are influenced for good or bad is found in the student's everyday life. From everyday happenings and the academic classroom to social affairs and special events, each student experiences university life in a unique way. These experiences help fashion each student's focus into bigger, broader, and expanding horizons.

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President Bush Visits Liberty A n event of this magnitude had never marched onto the campus of Liberty University in the past. The pride of being a part of Liberty University filled its campus during the preceding weeli captured the city of Lynchburg for one spring afternoon, and touched the nation for just a few brief moments. Liberty University's commencement exercises in M a y of 1990 will remain deeply etched in thi minds of its participants and spectators for a number of reasons: the school graduated over 1200] students - a record number, the exercises were held for the first time in beautiful Liberty University Stadium which was completed in the fall of 1989, and the President of the United States delh ered the commencement address. The Honorable George Bush and the First Lady's coming undoubtedly reshaped the attitude of this particular ceremony. George Bush spoke at Liberty University in 1983 w h e n he held the offic of vice-president. But his status as a world leader and president shocked the campus into activit} in early spring. The actual graduation date w a s postponed in an effort to accommodate the president's schedule, and a sunny Saturday afternoon greeted the guests of Chancellor Falwell. The president's helicopter entourage roared over the Blue Ridge Mountains onto the track which lies adjacent to the stadium. Senator John Warner, the president's personal aides, and Chancellor Falwell and his family accompanied President and Mrs. Bush on the final leg of the trip from Roanoke to Lynchburg. Remarks by Dr. Falwell, preceding the president's address, began by introducing and recognizing Mrs. Bush for her loyalty, faithfulness, and dedication not only to her husband and family, but also to her community and world. President Bush, after being acknowledged for his conservative stances, then delivered to the class of 1990 a message filled with the theme of service and a plea to carry hope to the hopeless and help to the needy. The timely d o w n fall of c o m m u n i s m in Eastern Europe helped the president remind his audience of the ever changing world which nevertheless remains in need. The seniors, w h o filed into line to receive their hard earned and valuable diplomas could never forget the happenings of that afternoon. But certainly the n u m ber of people present that day equals the number of impressions left by this event. Something more valuable than a handful of pictures w a s gained. A small dose of w i s d o m from a m a n w h o knows, as well as an enormous amount of memories, enriched not just the class of 1990 but all w h o attended.

By Paul H. Jimenez President Bush and Dr. Falwell


Photos by Cathy Watson I





Photo by Picture Place




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PS •

Todd McBride and Dr. Falwell

• Photo by Mikie Survant


The Kenya Project

"Welcome to the Waste Land." Surely, Elliot did not refer to Turkana, Kenya, w h e n he wrote his timeles poem, but the words seem appropriate nonetheless. Imagine yourself stepping off one of two single engine prop planes onto the burning hot tarmac runway only yards a w a y from a sign declaring your position of 1608 feet above sea level. The sign is planted in the equally hot sand. To call such a place "the Waste Land" represents m u c h more than the sand and ragged, scrub thorn bushel that dot the barren landscape. Such a phrase describes volumes about the plight of the people w h o live in th place. Compare their education to that with which you have been blessed. Grind your teeth in frustration a you test seventh grade students reading at a first grade level and plan a course of study to help them recover lost time. Feel the helplessness of traveling for an hour at breakneck speed through the darkness, barely missing the stray donkeys in the road to transport a w o m a n in labor with an extremely complicated delivery problem t<j a hospital whose facilities are inadequate at best, only to be told that the baby will surely die. Exalt in the blessing of G o d w h e n you are told weeks later that the baby in fact lived and your efforts and prayers were riot in vain. Sense the sweat rolling off your back and the sand grinding your skin a w a y as you lay 50 pound blocks all morning in the 100 degree weather at an agonizingly slow pace. O r watch the sky furtively as the rainy season approaches and you lay clay bricks in the sun to dry hoping that the sun holds out just two more days. Then watch the line of old ladies, blind from malnutrition, pass your work site and justify your hope. Consider n e w and strange theological questions, crucial to the people of this place: "Is it acceptable in Go eyes for m e to spear a bull at m y wedding?" "May I have more than one wife if the one I have bears m e no son Likewise, consider n e w and challenging questions for yourself: "These people are starving. Should I give them food or refuse them a handout and teach them ways of producing their o w n food? Which method is more effective and more Biblical?" If you can imagine these things, you have taken a glimpse into the semester 's studies taken on by 79 Liberty students w h o have become involved in the Kenya Project.

Top left-ATurkana w o m e n builds a traditional grass hut. Top right- Tammy Phelps weighs a baby during the weekly baby care clinic. Left-Jonathan Haag takes some time out of his busy schedule to minister to a young schoolboy.

All photos by Norbert Hennrich


T h e Light That Shines


Walking through the darkness by the light of flashlights, our goals seem vague and our next move seems uns J Mixing concrete, laying block, resting in the mid-day heat, even studying with Norbert for the sermon he is to pre this evening, is easy enough to define. That activity is mostly mental and physical. But n o w the practical spiritul reason for our being here is upon us, and the question remains: " H o w do w e explain something even as simple asl gospel to people with w h o m w e cannot even speak?" Solving part of the problem, w e left Samson's home with a translator as the last vestiges of twilight disappeared, n o w w e approach a clearing in the sparse trees and brush. Most of the small group mills around aimlessly w l Merrilea removes her trumpet from its case and plays hymns to attract a crowd. W e keep the flashlights off now bec the poisonous spiders native to Northern Kenya are attracted to the light. Soon people, attracted by the music, begin to arrive. The small groups of w o m e n and children coming from diffe directions are impossible to count, but when a large enough group is present, w e gather in a circle and Merrilea be a song in Turkana with the children. The clapping and loud happy voices attract more people w h o join the crowd. Suddenly, from the north a rumble like the sound of a truck on a distant highway is heard. But here the highway is as unlikely as the truck, and the novice missionaries whisper among themselves as the rumb grows. Finally the sound takes the form of a small w o m a n emerging from the darkness rolling an immense drum in front of her. She sits behind the drum and begins to boom the rhythm of the songs. The voices sing the minor chords and repetitive words of the Turkana songs for an immeasurable time, for here tim has little meaning. Eventually one of the new students is called upon to speak. T a m m y experiences some frustration in conveying her salvation story to a group of people w h o are unfamiliar with bus ministries. Norbert rises to preach. His sermon is marked by the awkward staccato rhythm of translation: Speak a line, stop, hear the interpretation, st speak a line, etc. But it is concise and lucid. W h e n he is finished he squats in the sand next to m e and whispers his satisfaction that the sermon is over while the translator begins the traditional commentary on the sermon. A prayer is offered to God, but like so much of the servic w e cannot understand the offering. Finally closing songs are sung and the people dismissed. The result is a confusion of activity. The ladies are glad to see us and move in to shake our hands. W e notice the dar forms of m e n w h o squatted or stood at the edge of the clearing moving silently away avoiding contact. Some who were closer mingle with the ladies to shake our hands. In the midst of the press w e step over children sleeping in the sand and try to use what little of the language w e know. W h e n the fellowship is over w e return to the small house that is our base of operations. The meal w e ate here earli in the evening darkness is contrasted by the new perspective on the Light w e n o w have. The darkness of Turkana see great, but w e know some of the warriors and, most of all, w e know The Light. A n d as w e lie d o w n to sleep, the stars over our beds, w e are reminded that in the face of the darkness, The Light m a y seem small, but it is ultimately muc more powerful.

By Tim Darling I

Missions: Liberty University Reaches Out To The World

Liberty University has always placed a major emphasis on its missions programs. Students are always encouraged to take every advantage of the m a n y opportunities to participate on exposure trips. L I G H T Ministries is a club concerned with world-wide missions. L I G H T sponsors m a n y trips to the Far East, South America, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Bibles and tracts are passed out, programs are performed, and musical concerts are given to thousands of people every year. L I G H T is not the only club or organization sponsoring overseas outreaches. Liberty University offers m a n y services and unquestionably the gospel to a needy world through the members of its o w n student body. Eastern Europe In November of 1989 and March of 1990, the Light Club took 50 students to the changing world of Eastern Europe. Stops were m a d e in Hungary, Romania and the Soviet Union. The trip in N o vember w a s filled with excitement as the Berlin Wall crumbled, and members of the team were detained in Romania due to the fear that news of this great event would be spread throughout the country Marching into the capital of communism, Moscow, was also a thrill for the teams. Participating in church services allowed m a n y to see the determination and faith of other believers. A typical day for the team consisted of passing out tracts and Bibles to the m a n y people they saw. Opportunities were also available for shopping, sightseeing and visiting the m a n y sights that are found in East- j ern Europe. South America For three weekends in June, 90 students traveled with Light International to South America. The students were divided into four ministry teams which then spread out to Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Programs designed to give the gospel were created and each student had a role in the hour long presentation. Before each program, the team would hand out tracts. Then the program w a s presented in schools, colleges, theaters, bus stations and on beaches. The three weeks were certainly rewarding for those w h o worked and sacrificed to see lives changed in South America. 50

Haiti Surrounded by dirt floors, bad water and poverty, 13 Liberty University nursing and community health majors spent over a month in the s u m m e r of 1990 working with the people of Haiti. Working within several churches in northern Haiti, the group provided services which included setting u p a health clinic in the mornings to inform the people about various diseases and proper hygiene. A n other morning activity w a s the child evangelism program that w a s very similar to Vacation Bible School. Health nutrition surveys helped to determine the needs of the people as well as providing an opportunity to share with the needy people of Haiti. France The Sounds of Liberty singers and six other Liberty students comprising puppet and tract teams left for France just after the completion of the 1990 spring semester. U p to five concerts were performed on some days in malls, school, community markets and churches. Tracts were passed out and announcements were m a d e promoting the concerts. The concerts consisted of evangelistic and patriotic tunes. The puppet team aimed to reach the French children with a program designed to teach about the h o m e and God. The chance to return next s u m m e r has already been provided for the group. Great opportunities exist in the future - even greater than last s u m m e r - to reach out to the people of France.

By Sheila Strobel


Homecomine 1990

The arrival of fall means different things to different people. For sports fans, fall signals the excitement of a football game, complete with hot dogs and pennants. For children, fall ushers i: piles of autumn leaves, caramel apples, hot cocoa and the thrill of Halloween. But for Liberty students, fall can only mean one thing â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Homecoming. This year's Homecoming proved to be the highlight of the fall season. The campus overflowe with enthusiastic parents eager to become familiar with the life their children experience at Liberty. A n d the students were just as eager to show off roommates, dormitories, the Stadium and course the new Vines Convocation Center. The 10,000 seat auditorium played host to the 1990 Super Conference held during the third week of October. The opening of the new arena feature nationally known speakers Darryl Gillyard and Dr. Ed Young. Both are pastors of tremendous churches in Texas. Those visiting the Liberty U. campus for Homecoming could not help but be impressed with the newly completed arena. All eyes were on the Liberty Flames as they played Samford University on Saturday in beautiful Liberty University Stadium. The crisp October air carried the shouts of L U students and their families throughout the game which was w o n by the Flames, 37-10. A near capacity crowd saw the Sam Rutigliano led football team dominate the visitors improving their record to 6-3. Students painted their faces, donned colorful wigs and wore sweatshirts proclaiming their pride in the Flames. Halftime of the football game was the moment of truth for the five finalists in the Miss Liberty pageant. Caroline Bell, a senior communications major from Lynchburg, was chosen as the new Miss Liberty from the original field of 24. The pageant was featured on Friday as the 24 senior ladies were introduced to the student body and then the five finalists were announced. The student body was then given a chance to vote and Bell was picked as this year's Miss Liberty. Concerts provided musical variety and humor over the weekend. Hicks and Cohagan, a comedy team, delighted the audience Friday night. Many remember the duo from their enjoyable hosting of the 1988 Miss Liberty pageant. O n Saturday evening, Dallas Holm, Tim Sheppard 52

and Phil Johnson entertained the crowd with their gospel music in concert. Their music has inspired m a n y for years and the crowd that gathered in the Multi-Purpose Building w a s more than pleased. Youthquest Club, a dynamic teen ministry club, again sponsored their annual haunted house which has become a favorite in the city during the fall season. Scaremare - as the journey is called - lets entrants see the realities of death but presents the gospel at the end of the tour to everyone. Those visiting Lynchburg certainly could enjoy this fun ministry. Church services were also special that weekend. Both students and their parents were inspired by the lessons taught and messages given. Services on Sunday were held on the Mountain as well as T h o m a s Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg. The end of the H o m e c o m i n g weekend came too fast. Students waved goodbye to families that traveled to Liberty to enjoy the activities. It w a s a chance to spend time with loved ones and to join in the spirit that is Liberty. Hicks and Cohagan

By Felicia Halstead

Photo by Norbert Hennrich



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.1 lolms, Sheppard, and Johnson

Photo by Norbert Hennrich

Miss Liberty 1990: Caroline Bell


There's no question that this year's Miss Liberty, Caroline Bell, finds importance in something that is far above talent or treasure. Caroline sees people as the primary concern in her young life. Her activities, goals and past experiences all revolve around the most precious of all commodities found in the world - people. Caroline Bell, although a resident of Lynchburg, Va., for the past 11 years, w a s born across the Atlantic Ocean in Leicestershire, England. Her parents, William and M a r y Bell, are both natives o


the United Kingdom. Coach Bell, a professional soccer player and coach, brought his family to the United States w h e n Caroline w a s only nine years of age. After living in California for a short period of time, the Bells m o v e d to Lynchburg where Caroline has been a part of the Thomas Road Baptist Church's ministry ever since. Caroline attended Lynchburg Christian A c a d e m y since elementary school and then entered Liberty University in the fall of 1987. While at Liberty U., Caroline's interests have centered around the needs of others. Caroline had already m a d e an impact on her community by serving on the Central Virginia United W a y Board of Trustees as a youth representative. She had the opportunity of working with various leaders in the community and seeing the needs of the Lynchburg area met. Immediately, Caroline's interest in people w a s activated by her activities at Liberty. She became a prayer leader and then joined the Light singing team in their travels abroad. She has been on various missions trips and has seen the masses of people in need of Christ. "I wish everyone at Liberty could go on a missions exposure trip," said Caroline in her beautiful British accent. "Its the experience that has broken m y heart for people and influenced m e more than anything else. W e all are missionaries, even right here on our campus." Ask any of the other 23 senior ladies w h o competed in the Miss Liberty pageant and they will tell you that Caroline Bell is truly concerned about people. Once Caroline learned that she had been chosen as one of 24 to compete for the title, she was amazed. "I w a s shocked! It's one of those things that I watched as a freshman, sophomore and junior but never thought that it could happen to me," Caroline said. "I'm not the competitive type. A n d once I realized that I had been chosen, I just wanted to have fun. Becoming a finalist or even Miss Liberty really didn't enter m y mind." Caroline unquestionably enjoyed the week long experience of participating in luncheons, meeting with judges and making n e w friends. "There was such a variety of girls in this year's pageant w h o were all such wonderful and spiritual people. A n d I m a d e some friends w h o I will keep for a lifetime," Caroline stated. In M a y of 1991, Caroline graduates from Liberty U. having majored in Public Address and having completed two minors in Business and Political Science. Caroline has had m u c h experience in public speaking and her future career plans include public relations work for a major corporation. But once again, Caroline's heart is longing to work for an organization that specializes in people. Her humble spirit and attitude will only let her experience at Liberty m a k e an impact on her world. "Liberty has left m e with a vision for the world. A n d the key to whatever you do is to become a servant first; then you can become a leader," said the 1990 Miss Liberty, Caroline Bell.

By Paul H. Jimenez Photos by Steven R. Green


1990 Miss Liberty Contestants

First Row: Julie Marie Hershner, Ohio, Elementary Education; Patricia Anne Houghton, California, Elementary Education; A m y Beth Coxon, Pennsylvania, Biology/Pre-Med; Kelly Suzanne Coupland, Michigan, Secondary Education; Letha Carolyn Holder, Georgia, Nursing; Jodi Lynn Cruz, Florida, Music.

Second Row: Allena Daniella McFarland, Virginia, Government; Penny Jo Mundy, West Virginia, Elementary Education; April Kaye McLean, Virginia, General Studies; Michelle Lee Matthews, Pennsylvania, Journalism/Advertisement; Lorinda Jo Beatty, Kansas, Nurs ing; Laura Anne Seale, Texas, Piano Performance; Pamela M a e Zimmerman, Maryland, Biology; Ronda Marie Jenkins, Mississippi, Food Service Management.

Third Row: Elizabeth Carole Shoaf, North Carolina, Business & Government; Mills, North Carolina, Elementary Education; Gay Anne Weatherall, Texas, Psychology; Stephanie Joy Cox, Pennsylvania, Business & Health; Rebecca Louise Owen, Florida, Psychology; Kristi A n n Carr, Texas, Psychology; Melanie A n n Beroth, Ohio, Journalism/Advertisement; Diane Michelle Palmer, Virginia, Nursing; Caroline Mary Norma Bell, Virginia, Public Address; Dorena Noel McFarland, Virginia, Psychology.

... Homecoming Continued j* **#Âť?'

Photo by Jeffery A. Cota Adrian Cherry


Vines Center Students making their w a y on to the Liberty University campus at the beginning of the 1990 school year could not help but be overwhelmed by the sight of a large d o m e which stood betwe the dorm circle and Demoss Hall. The n e w Vines Convocation Center was nearing completion. and the massive building aroused excitement in both the faculty and student body. A beautiful, 10,000 seat structure would be ready for use in the early fall and anticipation mounted each day progress rapidly continued. Actual construction of the Vines Convocation Center began shortly after Christmas Break in January. A large hole was dug and the concrete flooring providing the foundation was laid. The interior walls enclosing the center of the arena were then built with the exterior walls an additional 30-45 beyond these. Construction of the d o m e which is designed to function as the roof ol the arena began in early April. It was constructed on the floor of the arena from the center and

proceeding outward. By the end of the summer, the d o m e was raised and placed 130 feet above the floor with the aid of a tower built specifically for that purpose. Meanwhile, work on the walls continued along with the masonry, electrical and mechanical work, and the erection of the upper floors. The tiers which served as foundations for the seats were completed and the seats were finally put into place. Painting on the inside of the arena was then completed and all that remained w a s the finishing touches making the structure complete. The opening of the Vines Convocation Center on October 22,1990, was a proud night for the m a n y students at Liberty University. Thomas Road Baptist Church was hosting its annual Super Conference featuring m a n y of the best Christian speakers from around the United States. Thousands came to see the n e w arena and hear these powerful preachers, initiating the first of m a n y events. The opening was quite a memorable event. Plans for the Vines Center include chapel services which * will ease the overcrowding and lack of quality seating in the Multi-Purpose building. Special events such as the Super Conference will accommodate thousands of guests. Basketball games will be held in the Center as a beautiful maple w o o d floor is in place. Enhancement of the athletic program certainly exists because of this tremendous facility. The Vines Convocation Center will be a tremendous benefit to the University as a whole. M a n y people are anticipating the great happenings which will take place in this arena. But for the 1990-1991 school year, Liberty U. was pleased to finally see its finest building completed. By Brian Scharp,, Curt Olson and Paul Jimenez

Campus Enhancements

The campus of Liberty University has seen a lot of changes in its 20 years of existence. Certainly the school is unique because of its high standards and wide appeal. But perhaps no other university in the nation has seen the growth that this institution has. O n e example of such changes is the meeting place of chapel services. Liberty University met for chapel in the T h o m a s Road Baptist Church initially, then m o v e d into a large tent w h e n ground w a s broken on Liberty Mountain. The Multi-Purpose Building then added immensely to the campus as chapels, concerts and sporting events were held there for m a n y years. Then, on October 22, 1990, the Vines Convocation Center complete with 10,000 seats w a s finished and opened for use. Chapels, sporting events and m a n y special events will be held in this truly magnificent facility. The dormitories and academic classrooms underwent improvements throughout the summer and fall. N e w carpeting w a s installed in all the dormitories and in the academic facilities equalling approximately 70,000 yards of carpet (equivalent to thirteen football fields). The painting in the dorms and academic buildings also enhanced the look of Liberty. Enough paint w a s administered in buildings to equal painting D e M o s s Hall 15 times. Furniture repair and refurbishment also impressed returning students. Unquestionably, the places where students spent most of their time - the d o r m and the classroom - underwent vast improvements for which the students were most thankful. Improvements were not the only changes L U saw over the summer. Additions were added which also greatly enhanced the campus. The Vines Convocation Center rises above the campus and can be seen from most anywhere nearby. The biology labs received n e w equipment for the 1990-1991 school year, and the n e w biology labs were completed in the fall. Lights were added to Liberty University Stadium in time for three night games on campus. Construction of the n e w cafeteria began June 15th and w a s a tremendous relief for students as overcrowding during meals became a problem. The n e w cafeteria, which takes u p a large portion of the town student parking 4.


lot, doubles the capacity of the current one and will allow the previous dining hall to be turned into classroom space. Talk of library expansion was also heard, but no final word was given at the beginning of the school year. Students, faculty and staff were used to the dirt and m u d caused by the construction of the Vines Convocation Center when additional entrances and exits onto school property â&#x20AC;˘ started to emerge. The ramps give motorists access to two major roads which pass by the campus. A small shopping mall within walking distance of the campus was also finished in

I the fall. Assistant to Dr. Falwell, Mark DeMoss, said it best when he stated, "The university has I been growing at a phenomenal rate for a i: school this young." Indeed, Liberty U. has seen tremendous changes in just 20 years. ÂŤ By Curt Olson, Shawn de i and Paul Jimenez Photos by Steven R. Green

T.G.I.F. It all begins w h e n the last book is closed and the last class is finished on Friday afternoon. Its time for the weekend! A popular activity is the 7:30, 9:00 and sometimes midnight showing of the campus movie. Movies at the Student Center include a wide variety of shows ranging from comedies and drai to adventures. Friday night is also the night for such late night activities as roller skating, ice skating and bow ing. These activities usually take place between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. The Student Government Association also sponsors late activities like this year's 50's party where black leather jackets and poodle skirts adorned the hundreds of students w h o attended. O n October 31, the annual Halloween party brought out the creativity and costumes of the season. A good old-fashioned, gunslinging s h o w d o w n


could be found on Western night at the Student Center. For the athletic-minded student, the wintertime m a y offer a great time watching the Flames ^Hockey Club in Roanoke, Va. The Vines Convocation Center opened in October and the basketiball team had a beautiful, 10,000 seat arena to play in. Saturday afternoons in the fall at any university are meant for one thing - football. Liberty UniVersity Stadium held seven h o m e games which included four at night under the newly installed lights. In the spring, students spent their Saturday afternoons enjoying the fine Virginia weather at the park or traveling to the lake. Concerts and special events filled a majority of the weekend nights. M a n y popular Christian i singers and groups entertained the students at Liberty U. The Imperials, Steven Curtis C h a p m a n and Truth highlighted this year's concert schedule. The Christmas season always brings fun into the weekends as decorations, trees and high spirits fill the days before finals and the long-awaited Christmas Break. The talent show contest called "Search 91" is always a favorite on a spring Saturday night. Sundays are a day of rest for m a n y of the students, but m a n y are involved in Christian Service. | Students work with the bus ministry at Thomas Road Baptist Church or assist in the m a n y Sunday | School programs the church has to offer. The college students love to work with the younger kids land their help is greatly appreciated. Students ere also involved in the ministries of sixty other n local churches. Weekends are full of energy, excitement, and activity for the students at Liberty U. Its just the M o n d a y mornings that are a little hard to accept!

By Melanie Beroth

Day of Prayer

The year is 1985, the month is N o v e m b e r and the event is the first D a y of Prayer on the campu of Liberty University. Faculty, staff and students joined together to pray around the clock for two urgent requests - to see Dean Vernon Brewer healed from the life threatening cancer found in his lung and to see the school financially strengthened. W a s the D a y of Prayer successful? Unques-I tionably it w a s as Dean Brewer w a s healed and is n o w the Vice-President for Student Development at L U ; and, Liberty University still stands strong despite financial pressures. While still in a w e of the incredible power of prayer and the goodness of God, it was decided tql hold a D a y of Prayer every year in November. Even though prayer is advocated at all times at LU this one day of the year is given over solely to prayer. Specific times are given to each club, dorm and school allowing the entire campus to participate in this event. For 24 hours, the Prayer Chapel is alive with individuals w h o present their requests and then are followed in the cycle by others. The Chancellor of Liberty University, Dr. Jerry Falwell, certainly stresses the importance of this particular day. While taking the copy of the D a y of Prayer time schedule to the printers one year, / ! Assistant C a m p u s Pastor D w a y n e Carson noticed a number of mistakes. Frantic over the errors and the delay they would cause, he called Dr. Falwell. During their conversation, Dr. Falwell mentioned that he w a s very m u c h impressed with the need to pray for direction concerning the school's finances. At that time, Carson k n e w that these mistakes were not without purpose. He realized that the delay w a s the means by which Dr. Falwell's requests could be heard. Dr. Falwell has always emphasized the need for prayer, and Dr. Falwell attributes m u c h of his strength and his course of direction to the school's annual D a y of Prayer. O n N o v e m b e r 11th and continuing to the 12th, Liberty University's sixth annual D a y of Prayer took place. A s in years past, each person brought before G o d his family and h o m e church in prayer. The school joined together to pray for Dr. Falwell and his ministry, the nation and its leaders, and specific individual requests. A special emphasis was placed on our need to evangelize the world as every hour a specific country w a s featured. The biggest emphasis was on the need for revival on campus. The D a y of Prayer does not exist for the sake of participants to say that they simply took part in this great event. The D a y of Prayer is a serious time for a school to unify itself in the desire to see needs met and direction given. It is a unique day in the life of Liberty University; and because of its importance, it will always exist.

By Stephen Milley 64

Photos by Steven R. Green



Jay Strack

Photo by Saul Greenburg

Strack and Truth Deliver Spiritual Charge Beginning a n e w school year is like an untrod field after snowfall. Everything is fresh and new. A n d it w a s at the beginning of the 1990 school year that the feelings of freshness were accompanied by enthusiasm and excitement. A different kind of thrill, a spiritual one, was put into Liberty University by an effective evangelist and a powerful musical group. Jay Strack has traveled across the United States and around the world delivering to young people his messages focusing around Jesus Christ. The Christian musical group, Truth, also is recognized around the world as powerful presenters of what their title symbolizes. Together, they spiritually charged the Liberty campus for four days in what is called Spiritual Emphasis Week. Strack's personal story of a young life filled with drugs but turned around by finding G o d served as a powerful witness of the grace of God. Yet, Strack not only expressed the importance of finding G o d but stressed the importance of serving Him. The first step is taken w h e n a person realizes his shortcomings before G o d and then reaches out for help. The rest of the path must be traveled with immovable faith in what is true. Strack's humorous style, direct delivery and honest approach conveyed confidence in G o d and His message and h o w successful daily living in both is accomplished. Truth, under the direction of Roger Breland, has become one of Liberty University's favorite groups. Unquestionably, the quality of their music is astounding and the message they proclaim convincing. Truth could undoubtedly perform in m a n y secular arenas around the United States and even the world. But their focus remains on giving out the only "Truth" and hope through the means of their tremendous music. Performing and ministering for the student body injected a n e w sense of love and service both for G o d and others. Spiritual Emphasis W e e k ended quickly and next year's arrival is long awaited. Yet, 1990 proved that once its here excitement and enthusiasm grip the hearts and jminds of those willing to seek God. A n d it is this fervor, w h e n if real, will convert into solid, everyday faith that will carry the student w h e n the freshness of the n e w school year, like trodden and melted snow, wears off.

By Paul H. Jimenez Photo by Saul (ireenburg 67







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Lily, The Felon's Daughter


LIBERTY UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF DRAMA presenting its Renowned Company of Superlative Players in the Great Romantic Melodrama



The success attending this Great Romantic Melodrama at initial production in 1890 when it was received with unbounded applause, unprecedented in the history of stage, has induced the management to spare no expense in its reproduction.

The King's Players


Photos by Steven R. Green

SPORTS Liberty University's athletics certainly presents opportunities and challenges to its athletes. The program reaches further up the major college ladder, and its facilities â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including a new 10,000 seat arena which accompanies a 12,000 seat stadium â&#x20AC;&#x201D; rival those of any school its size. Opportunities are extended everywhere on the field of competition for both the student athlete and the school as a whole. For the athlete, excelling in the classroom and athletics truly defines expanding horizons; and at Liberty University, each athlete strives to do just this.

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Football Fever

Liberty University football is the answer to every football fan's dream. It is a time to let loose, get a little wild, and yell with the Flames till you're hoarse. You groan with every Sebastian Barrie tackle. You ooh and aahh over every Robbie Justino b o m b . You boo the referees on a controversial call. You scream as Leroy Kinard gains just enough yardage for a crucial first down. You reach ecstasy as Scott Queen grabs a touchdown pass to give the Flames a key victory. You cry with every defeat. You cheer with every football win. Welcome to L U football. The 1990 season provided even more to be excited about. It w a s the fan's dream coming to reality. The season started out quiet enough with a 22- 12 win against a w e a k Kutztown Golden Bear team. However, the first g a m e of the season w a s full of anticipation since it was the first night g a m e ever held at Liberty University Stadium. Coach S a m Rutigliano helped the team regroup and peak the following week as the team snatched a victory out of the jaws of defeat against the James Madison Dukes. A 24-yard pass to Pat Nelson with 22 seconds remaining gave the Flames a 22-19 victory over LU's arch rivals and capped a 69 yard drive masterfully steered by quarterback Robbie Justino. The James Madison victory eventually led the Flames into the top ten of the A P Division 1-AA polls. The Flames continued to climb up in the standings with each victory. The H a m e s pummeled both South West Texas State and Morehead State. The tension built against the tougher competition. The H a m e s bid for an udefeated season came to halt against the Villanova Wildcats as the Flames lost 2614. They then stumbled the following weeks against Delaware State and Youngstown State.

R O W 1: Todd Burnett,Vincent Kyle, Shannon Rucker, Brian Woolfolk, Eric Carroll, Bobby Green, Wesley McConnell, Calvin Thompson, Shelton Lewis, Judd Mintz, David Beezer, Pete Colangelo, Adrian Cherry, Leroy Kinard, Keith Vinson, Clarence Shelton, Darin Armour, Jason Modling, Lee Brock, Edwin Williams, Dan Pritchar, Jon Vines, Jason Harrell R O W 2: Keith Sanders, Kelvin Hines, Sam Rutigliano, Steve Young, Wayne Monroe, Chris Hadley, Mark Thomas, Kevin Lockwood, Bryant Bowden, Keith Hatcher, Clint Payne, David Barnes, Kevin Farkas, Marcus Forney, George Payne, Tue Due Nguyen, T.J.McReight, Bob Leahy, Pete Sundheim, Dave Williams R o w 3: Ken Brown, Eric Schuster, Brett Rudolph, Dion Cook, Mace McMoingle, A d a m Cheyunski, Gary Zeinert, Steve Heath Bunting, Mark D'Angelo, Sebastian Barrie, Bill Harris, Eric Autenreith, J.D McDuffie, Pat Espinar, Doug Carabello, Bobby Walker, Alwin Mascoll, Curtis Nivens, John White, Vi'nnie Carrera, Roger Lee Brown, Drew Howard, David Johnston, John Gunther, Robbie Justino, David Jeremiah, Travis Wilemon, Chuck Kelly, John Petercuskie, Paul Rutigliano, Paul Hicks R o w 4 : Eric Thomas, Paul Frazier, Jeff Curtis, Henry Coles, Mark Hildebrandt, Andy Van Dyke, Gerard Amaro, Carvelle Smith, Brian Owens, David Van Patten James Downey, H u d Harsey, Larkin Harsey, Jason Woods, Johnny Woods, Mark Dedecker, Blake Mathers, Kent Nesselrote, Frank Fuller, Corey Rice, Shane Stover, Tim Hahn, John Hurst, Shawn Borrello, Brandon Collins, Scott Queen, Pat Nelson, L.G. Parrish, Jim McCarthy, Jerry Petercuskie, Bill Gillepsie


Yet, the Flames managed to regroup against Towson State, Samford, Central Florida, and North Carolina A & T . Besides the thrilling games, the Flames' fans witnessed the emergence of young players coming into the forefront as premier players. A prime example was the H a m e s receiving corps. Pat Nelson, L.G Parrish, Scott Queen, and Mark Thomas displayed their agility, speed, and rhythm. Running back Leroy Kinard provided most of the action on the ground. The key to the season's success was the emergence of Robbie Justino as an offensive threat. k Justino gained composure and provided a strong sense of leadership that was necessary for the I Flames as they m o v e d from the Paul Johnson era into the Robbie Justino era. The most improved aspect of the team was the defense. The Big D was counted on in m a n y crucial situations which saved several games for the Flames. The defensive stars for the Flames j were Johnny Woods, Sebastian Barrie, Bobby Green, and Wesley McConnell. W o o d s was the I leader and catalyst on the defense with his intensity and emotion displayed on every play. Barrie emerged as an outstanding tackle and provided hard hitting blows that placed fear in the oppos| ing offensive line. Green brought his aggresiveness into each game, and McConnell was recogli nized as an outstanding defensive back by the conference. The m a n that brought all of the talent together and m a d e it work was S a m Rutigliano. Coach I S a m (the M a n ) k n e w what had to be done to make Liberty into a 1-AA contender. Rutigliano's vision and knowledge of the game provided the student body with the most exciting football i season in L U history. By Tim Sears !

Photo by Saul Greenburg


Photo by Norbert Hennrich

Photo by Saul Greenburg


Bobby Green


Photo by Norbert Hennrich

- y-



Photo by Mikie Survant

Scott Queen

MEET THE REAL PAT NELSON Coleman, Florida HOMETOWN: 5'10" HEIGHT: 178 WEIGHT: Wildwood High HIGH SCHOOL: THE G A M E I'LL NEVER FORGET: M y first college game. I caught two touch downs and one was a Hail Mary pass. W H A T I'LL MISS M O S T A B O U T LIBERTY W H E N I G R A D U A T E IS... the Christian atmosphere it provides for me. M Y CAREER GOALS ARE... to someday get a professional football tryout. FAVORITE TV S H O W : The Cosby Show FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Reggie White W H A T M A K E S O U R T E A M DIFFERENT

FROM A N Y OTHER TEAM IS THAT W E ARE... focused not only on winning, but sharing our Christian lives with other athletes.

LIFE VERSE: Psalm 27:1: "The Lord is m y light and m y salvation, w h o m shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of m y life, of w h o m shall I be afraid?" • n m n H n m


Liberty University Hits the Big Time

O n e m a r k of a rising university is its athletic success. If this statement is true, then obviously Liberty University is on the rise. The number of former Liberty University athletes playing professional sports increases every year. The evidences of a successful Liberty University athletic program are: Sid Bream, first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates; teammate and starting pitcher Randy Tomlin; long relief m a n Lee Guetterman of the N e w York Yankees; Eric Green, a tight end and number one draft pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers; W a y n e Haddix, defensive back of the T a m p a Buccaneers; and M i a m i Dolphin receiver Fred Banks. For some reason Pittsburgh has noticed the little city of Lynchburg and the Steel City n o w has three stars w h o used to wear a Flames uniform. The m e m b e r s of the Pittsburgh Pipeline have incredible credentials. Sid Bream and Randy Tomlin played a crucial role as the Pirates clinched a playoff spot. Tomlin, Bream and Liberty University were placed on center stage as the Pirates faced the Reds in the playoffs. Throughout the season, Bream w a s his reliable self providing key hits, a steady glove, a .269 batting average, and 13 homer performance. Bream's home-run in the first g a m e of the League Championship Series propelled the Pirates to their first win. Tomlin provided key victories d o w n the stretch to help clinch the Pirates first pennant since 1979. M a y b e even more remarkable is the story of Eric Green. Eric Green is blessed with m a n y abilities. H e has a 6 foot-6 inch, 230 pound frame, the speed of a running back, the strength of a defensive lineman, and he possesses the soft hands

Randy Tomlin

Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Lee Guetterman

Photo courtesy of the N e w YorkYankees

of a wide receiver. These abilities did not go unnoticed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Green eventually signed a four year contract that was worth 2.4 million dollars. In addition to the money, Green received the opportunity in 1990 to play for an ever increasing talented Steeler team. Just the year before, the Steelers just missed the Super Bowl w h e n they lost the A F C championship to the Denver Broncos. In 1990 Pittsburgh Head Coach Chuck Noll decided Randy Tomlin and Sid Bream to involve the tight end more into the passing g a m e of quarterback Bubby Brister. This revamping of the passing g a m e allowed Eric Green to perform u p to expectations by scoring the first two touchd o w n s of the Steelers' 1990 season. Eric Green will forever be remembered in Liberty history as the m a n w h o caught the winning touchd o w n pass from Robbie Justino to give the Flames the upset victory over the Eastern Michigan Hurons in 1989. Fred Banks has been on the receiving end of m a n y of D a n Marino's bullets. H e has starred for the Miami Dolphins for a number of years. Lee Guetterman is a pitcher for the tradition rich N e w York Yankees. Guetterman, since first arriving to the major leagues with the Seattle Mariners, has always been able to adjust to what has been asked of him. H e has quietly m a d e his statement as a middle reliever for the N e w York Yankees. Lee Guetterman w a s also named the 1989 Liberty alumnus of the year.

nlBimt! Photo by Melanie Beroth

By Tim Sears Eric Green

I the Pittsburgh steelers


A Cross Country Cruise

The goal of the 1990 cross country season w a s to blend the experienced runners with the abundance of freshmen recruits. Coach Jake Matthes developed a plan to bring the talent together. The cross country team w a s divided into two teams at the beginning of the season. The first meet of the season, the Old Dominion Invitational, w a s a test for the promising freshme The very next week the team w a s split to form two groups of runners. The starting seven, which w a s comprised mostly of upperclassmen, finished third at the Malone Invitational in Canton, Ohio. Matthes' idea of splitting the cross country team proved invaluable as the season progressed. The split allowed for both upperclassmen and freshmen to have standout seasons. Team leadership w a s provided by two seniors, Mike Shupe and Steve Hurst. Shupe struggled at the beginning of the season, but as the season progressed Shupe's performance level increased with every meet. Steve Hurst came into his o w n w h e n he finished a m o n g the top ten overall runners at both the Malone Invitational and the William & Mary Invitational. Steve Hurst and Mike Shupe provided the leadership, but the primary strength of the team came from reliable Brent Squires, Brett Honeycutt, Kirk Holloway, and Damien Bates from Ireland. Squires surprised the team with his steady, consistent running. Bates also improved beyond expectations primarily due to a change in his running form. Honeycutt w a s the quiet leader on the team. Holloway reached his goals and remained in the head of the pack during most races. The team w a s blessed with an abundance of freshmen which provided plenty of depth. Top freshmen performances came from Dave M c C o m b s and Bill Khan. The season was highlighted with two h o m e invitationals. Through all the agonizing victories and personal defeats the team members drew closer together. These experiences drew the team into a unit. The team began to think as a team rather than concentrate on individual times.

By Tim Sears

First Row: Brent Squires, Artesham (Bill) Khan, Brett Honeycutt, Geof Elijah, Neil Sawyer Second Row: Coach Jake Matthes, Michael Shupe, Steve Hurst, Damien Bates, Kirk Holloway, David McCombs, Mark Szkolnik Not Shown Tim Scott


3rent Squires

Photo by M . Rice

Damien Bates

Photo by Norbert Hennrich

FAVORITE B O O K : The Bible MEET THE REAL MIKE SHUPE LIFE VERSE: Marion, Virginia HOMETOWN: Romans 12:1: "Any honor or glory I receive 5'9" HEIGHT: must go to God. I took Romans 12:1 to heart 130 lbs. WEIGHT: while visiting a rest home. I was asked if HIGH SCHOOL: Marion Senior High School visiting was m y Christian Service. I replied, Pastoral Studies & Psyc. MAJOR: no, it is just m y reasonable service." I STARTED PARTICPATING IN C R O S S C O U N T R Y BECAUSE... I enjoy the intense competition it brings. M A J O R COLLEGIATE A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S : 1990 Mason Dixon 10,000 meter champion. T H E M E E T I'LL N E V E R FORGET: The Malone cross country invitational. I ran a 33:02 time in the l O K race through 3 inches of rain on the course. It was 40 degress and muddy. I remember the weather was so bad due to Hurricane Hugo. It was the hardest race of m y life. W H A T I'LL MISS M O S T A B O U T LIBERTY W H E N I G R A D U A T E IS... the Christian atmosphere and m y friends in Christ. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S ARE... to run to the best of m y ability and reach the high calling of Christ Jesus. 41

Ron Hopkins

The school year started with an unexpected shock as most of the incoming students were just settling in and getting ready for a new school year. They had to deal with the fact that P.E. professor and women's track coach Ron Hopkins was dead at age 51. H e died on August 23,1990, doing what he loved best - running. Hopkins died of a massive heart attack while running with two freshmen recruits. Hopkins was instrumental in developing the women's cross country and Track programs. Hopkins was entering his 11th year as head coach of the women's program. Hopkins led the 1987 women's team to a fourth place finish in Division II Nationals. H e was also named South Regions coach of the Year for three straight years, 1985-1987, while leading the Flames to regional titles. But Hopkins was more than a track coach. Much more. Everybody w h o knew coach Ron Hopkins was affected by the character of the man. H e touched a lot of people. H e touched men's cross country coach Jake Matthes. Not only had Matthes worked alongside of Hopkins for years, there was a special bond between the two men. Matthes' daughter married Hopkin's son. H e touched the men's head track coach Brant Tolsma, w h o took his place as head women's cross country coach. H e touched everyone w h o knew him as a P.E. professor, strengthening their attitude towards health and running.

H e touched the many runners w h o had him as their cross country and track coach. H e instilled in them attitudes towards winning and ultimate performance. H e touched the entire student body. H e touched you and me. Anyone w h o knew coach Ron Hopkins knew he loved running. H e instilled discipline in his runners, and he expected his girls to be motivated runners. Hopkins ran every day until his death, and runners are supposed to live longer lives. Some people tried to rationalize his unexpected death by reasoning that his father also died in his mid-fifties. Yet the real reason was simple. It was God's timing. Hopkins was also a devoted Christian. H e upheld the Biblical values he believed in. Not only did Hopkins touch everyone w h o knew him; he changed them. There is no reason to feel sorry for Hopkins. Hopkins is now with the Savior. Plus, it is not very often that you find a m a n w h o died doing what he loved best.

By Tim Sears


mm mi I









Coach Hopkins would have been proud of his girls' 1990 performance. Men's Head Track Coach Brant Tolsma was named as his replacement. H e found it easy to motivate the girls to perform up to their potential. The Women's Cross Country team met the challenge of being in the E C A C (East Coast Athletic ] Conference). The higher level of competition brought the best out of the team. The team managed to finish second overall at the Winthrop Invitational in Rockdale, South Carolina. Junior Patty Bottiglieri led the Flames by finishing the three mile race in 19:40. Bottiglieri led the way for the team throughout the meets, but other members provided an unexpected boost. One of those members was sophomore Urlene Dick, w h o had never been accustomed to cross country running. Dick continued to improve throughout the season. Sophomore j Jenn Reeder also aided the team with both her experience and thirst for running. Other runners that helped mold this team into a strong team unit were Christi Rininger, Kim Wolbert, Carrie Siegel and Cheryl Nash. The team managed to pace itself for the long season. The team mustered up plenty of strength for the key meets of the season as they battled to make it to the E C A C regionals. The team placed well at the two home meets on October 20 and November 3. Throughout the season the memory of Coach Hopkins remained a steady imprint on the girls. H e was their motivation through the long schedule, grueling workouts, and the grinding races. Coach Hopkins would have proud.

By Tim Sears

First R o w : Carrie Siegel, Holly Spencer, Esther Mills, Christianna Rininger Second R o w : Patti Bottiglieri, Jenn Reeder, K i m Wolbert, Urlene Dick, Chery Nash , Laurie Coe and Coach Brant Tolsma


Esther Mills

Photo by Norbert Hennrich

Christie Rininger and Urlene Dick

MEET THE REAL PATTI BOTTIGLIERI Hometown: Height: Weight: High School:

Mickleton, NJ 5'6" 112 pounds Kingsway Reg.

I STARTED PARTICIPATING IN CROSS C O U N T R Y BECAUSE... I joined track in 9th grade and I've concentrated on running ever since. THE COMPETITION I'LL NEVER FORGET: I'll never forget m y freshman year during spring break. It was fun at Florida State and we all performed well. W H A T I'LL MISS M O S T A B O U T LIBERTY W H E N I G R A D U A T E IS... the beautiful scenery and the people on the team. M Y CAREER G O A L IS TO... teach. I want to be professional in m y job, however, when I think about teaching. I think about helping young people enjoy English literature. FAVORITE TV S H O W : 20-20

Photo by by Bryan Preble

LIFE VERSE: Proverbs 3:5-7: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes fear the Lord and depart from evil."

Hitting The Goal

The Liberty University soccer team, under the tutelage of Coach Bill Bell recorded its third consecutive winning season in as m a n y years since joining the Division 1 ranks. A m o n g the high points for the 1990 season w a s the hosting of the first Days Inn/ Liberty C u p Invitational. The Flames trounced the University of South Carolina-Aiken 6-1 to advance to the championship round. Junior Brian Stephens and sophomore Brent Ward each netted a pair of goals for L U . In the championship round the Flames battled to a 1-0 victory over the University of North Carolina-Asheville. Otchere, a native of Ghana, West Africa, booted in the lone goal, and was voted th Most Valuable Player for the tournament. Senior goaltender George N i m o turned in an outstanding tournament as well, w h e n he shutout both of the teams that he faced. . The 1990 team w a s an experienced team. Of the 22 members of the Flames, six were graduating seniors. Jeff Alder, Johnny Sasu, Rob Wagner and Dave Wisner performed consistently on offense for L U throughout the season. O n defense, N i m o and Otchere contributed immensely in their senior year. Alder, a four year starter, was n a m e d to the All-Visa Conference first-team during his freshman season and received the 1989 Coach's award for his leadership and play. Sasu, one of four Africans on the 1990 squad, frustrated opponents with his fancy footwork. Wagner, a threeyear starter, forced opponents to commit m a n y errors with his aggressive and physical play. Wisner, otherwise k n o w n as "The Wiz," helped the team immensely in his utility role by playing a variety of positions. Overall the soccer season w a s intense and exciting, but it w a s also full of promise for the next season and beyond.

By Jeffrey A. Cota

First Row: Mark Wagner, Eric Ries, Reggie Wheaton, Brent Ward, Freeman Turkson, Sean Helliwell, Rob Wagner Jeff Adler Second Row: Brian Stephens, Kevin Cooke, Darren Shelburne, John Sasu, John Collins, James Otechere, T o m Merchant, David Wisner, Donnie Burrus Third R o w Coach William Bell, Brian Baker, George Nimo, Ivan Jackson, Mike Schultz, Scott Godfrey, Ken Perkins, David Olsen, Bradley Styl Damian Porter, and Chris Casola.


George N i m o

Photo bv Saul Greenberg


James Otchere


Dave Wisner

M E E T T H E REAL JEFF ALDER H O M E TOWN: Roswell, Georgia WEIGHT: 165 pounds



H I G H SCHOOL: Lassiter H.S. M A J O R ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Alder was named to the All-Con ference team in 1987, Most Promising Freshman, 1987, and he received the Coach's Award for 1989-1990. I STARTED PARTICIPATING IN SOCCER BECAUSE ... I couldn't skate well enough to play hockey, I was to big to play football, and m y dad coached a soccer team T H E G A M E I WILL NEVER FORGET ... is when we played #1 ranked Virginia and lost 1-0 in overtime. M Y CAREER G O A L S ARE ... to play professional soccer and to eventually coach at the collegiate level. FAVORITE B O O K : "Principles of Accounting" Part 1 and 2. FAVORITE TV S H O W : ESPN SportsCenter" FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE : Steve Largent and Wrong Way Willie.

LIFE VERSE: Luke 17:6: "So the Lord said, If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this sycamore tree, be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea, and it would obey you."


Women's Soccer: Striving for Success

The 1990 women's soccer season was comparable to a well fought heavy-weight fight. The w a s hit hard and was dragged around, but they just refused to fall. Eventually they reimbursed some of their opponents. At the end of the fight the Flames finished their season with an overall record of 3-9, d o w n from 1989's record (4-11-1). The season started brightly for the Flames as they w o n the h o m e opener by a score of 6-1 over Ferrum. After the Ferrum win, the team hit a losing skid. Coach Jim Long and crew endured a tough 3-2 loss against the University of the South to start their losing streak. Losses to the University of Charleston, Roanoke College and U M B C (4-0) pushed the Hames into a seven game tailspin. Finally, the streak was averted with a 3-1 win over Tusculum College. The Flames continued to hang tough through the trials of a losing season. LeAnne Faulk scored three goals to lead the Flames to a 3-0 victory over Southern Seminary. Later, the defensive unit emerged to the forefront. Paula Barringer anchored the team defense with her steady play at goalie throughout the year. The Camlin sisters brought a special spark to the team chemistry. Debbie Camlin was a leader primarily because of her work ethic, and Traci Camlin was the defensive pillar of the team. Traci Camlin's defensive performance earned her a share of the team M V P award. Sharing the award w a s A m y Ingalls. Ingalls finished the season with a 12 total point. Another offensive bonus w a s Darleen Saczawa, w h o earned a starting spot as a midfielder and the team's Most Improved Player Award. Improvement will be the key to next year's success. The team will consist of upperclassmen and it m a y give Coach Long what he wants, a winning season with a knockout punch.

By Tim Sears

First Row: Debbie Camlin, Learme Faulk. Second Row: Stacy Rander, Darleen Saczawa, A m y Ingalls, Holly Lightbody, A m y Williams, T a m m y Miller, Kristen Hallmark. Third Row: Assistant Coach Allen Long, Stacy Easterhouse, Krista White, Traci Camlin, Kelly Endlich, Andrea Hunsberger, Julie Griffis, Travis Baker, Barbara Ball, Coach Jim Long.


Hollv Lightbody

Photos by Saul Greenberg


Debbie Camlin

Photos by Montgomery Rice









Photo by Montgomery Rice

A m y Ingalls

MEET THE REAL TRACI CAMLIN Coral Springs, Florida HOMETOWN: DATE OF BIRTH: April 20,1970 140 pounds WEIGHT: 5'7" HEIGHT: HIGH SCHOOL: Coral Springs High

Photo by Montgomery Ric

become group problems. LIFE VERSE: Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ w h o strengthens me."

School MAJOR: Business Management I S T A R T E D PARTICIPATING IN M Y S P O R T B E C A U S E ... I've been playing soccer since I was 5 years old. It has always been a hobby.

MAJOR COLLEGIATE ACCOMPLISHM E N T S : Camlin received the Liberty University C o - M V P for 1990. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E ... to eventually get involved with hotel or restaurant management.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Hunter" FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Joe Montana WHAT MAKES OUR TEAM DIFFERE N T IS T H A T W E H A V E ... a special bond. All of our problems are shared, and they un

Volleyball: The Sweet Taste of Victory

The 1990 women's volleyball season was a season to savor. *The 1990 volleyball team will forever be etched in Liberty record books. A n overall record of 17-15 was good enough to earn them a birth in the East Coast Athletic Tournament. The trip to th tourney was the first time a Liberty University athletic team competed in an E C A C tournament. T h e excitement was heightened as Liberty beat A r m y in 4 matches (16-14,12-15,13-15,18-20). Throughout the season the team logged key victories over many collegiate power houses. Some of the Flame's victims were James Madison, Temple, Virginia Tech, Connecticut and South Florida T h e fans witnessed an emotional goodbye to two of LU's all time top performers, Theresa Bream and Kim Thomas. The Flames also thanked managers Karen Kolb and Chris Vohland for time invested in the team. * Theresa Bream received national recognition for her performance this year. Bream was named 2nd team All-American by the N C A A . The stat line on Bream (the sister of baseball player Sid Bream) was 1515 attacks, 699 kills and 686 digs. ""Freshman Kim Ouwenga developed into a star performer throughout the year as she was second overall in the attack category with 836. *Tricia Nice, a freshmen with unlimited potential, entered into the Flames tradition. Tricia Nic is the sister of sophomore Nicole Nice, w h o had a tremendous season (626 attacks, 225 kills and 298 digs). The Nice sisters gave new meaning to the old cliche "Twice as Nice." ^Finally, the most important tidbit of all. Head Coach Sue Kelly, the hardworking graduate fro Kansas University, was able to bask in the rewards a winning season brings to a club.

By Tim Sears

First Row: Janet Renea DeYoung, Kellie Darlene Bundy, Nikki Keznor, Chris Vohland. Second Row: Karen Kolb, Jennifer Hedges, Sara Chappell, Nicole Nice, Laura Miller, Trice Nice. Third Row: Coach Sue Kelly, Theresa Bream, Robin Braaten, Maris Keire, Kimberly Lawson, Kim Thomas, Kim Ouwenga, Joby Anthony.


Kim Thomas

Theresa Bream





mT*$*< MUM P T I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ T B ^T^^W m\ &. T'mt% ' F-« ' Jtm\



I J a i l A 1? V

; —

i* MB

-/& a. LAM


'Ifciv^ I* • ^^^. ^^fl



km y-


^ S ^ ^ —


' < ^

Kim Ouwenga and Theresa Bream

Photos by Steven R. Green



Theresa Bream

MEET THE REAL KIM T H O M A S HOMETOWN: Forest, Virginia 6-9-69 DATE OF BIRTH: 6'0" HEIGHT: Jefferson Forest HIGH SCHOOL: High School I S T A R T E D PARTICIPATING IN M Y S P O R T B E C A U S E ... m y sister Dina, who played volleyball at JMU, encouraged m e to try.

W H A T I'LL MISS M O S T ABOUT LIBERTY W H E N I GRADUATE IS ... m y awesome teammates, who are some of m y best friends, and the spiritual atmosphere.

SOME FUN THINGS W E DID AS A T E A M W A S ... go to Disney World, Epcot, M G M Studios, Myrtle Beach and Daytona Beach. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E ... to receive m y masters degree in counseling. I would like to counsel children with problems at home and learning disabilities. FAVORITE BOOK: 'This Present Darkness" FAVORITE S P O R T S FIGURE: Bo Jackson â&#x20AC;&#x201D; I admire a well-rounded athlete, and he

Photo by Jeffrey A. Cota

still has time to spend with his family. LIFE VERSE: Colossians 3:23: "In everything you do, do it whole-heartedly as to the Lord not unto man."

Women's Basketball: Shooting Sky High i

At the close of the 1989-1990 season, there were many questions which would nee swered to preface the upcoming season. The athletic department hired a young and talented assistant basketball coach from the University of Florida, a member of the powerful Southeastern Conference. Unquestionably, Rick Reeves — in his first year as the head women's basketball coach — and his team have made an immediate impact both on and off the hardwood. Many had speculated that the lack of senior leadership would hinder the success of the team against schools like Richmond, East Tennessee State, Virginia Tech, George Mason and William & Mary. However, this was not the case. The Flames quickly dispelled pessimism as they beat quality competition. The Flames defeated Maryland Eastern Shore 59-58 on November 25. Other top victories included: Charleston Southern (91-68), Northeastern Illinois (61-53), Towson State (79-62) and North Carolina-Asheville (78-54). The Lady Flames made quick believers of their opponents with the outstanding play of their juniors (Kathy Wooten, Lynn Beardslee, Wendy Johnson, Jeri Wiley and Theresa Bream). This group provided the Flames with most of the scoring. In the rebounding department the leader was the volleyball standout, Theresa Bream. In a 61-53 victory over Northeastern Illinois, Bream recorded 18 rebounds. Liberty also received additional support in the paint from sophomore Jennifer Fairfax. Cynthia Thomson, also a sophomore, added more talent to this up and coming team with her great ball handling skills and her ability to "pop" the 3-pointers. This nucleus of players — along with freshmen D a w n Coleman, A m y Peterson, April Johnson, and Sandy Schwasnick — provide the students of Liberty with a lot to look forward to in the future. gl/ Qhris Doyle

First Row: Nabil Khouny, Kathy Wooten, April Johnson, D a w n Coleman, Sandy Schwasnick, Cynthia Thomson, Jeri Wiley, A m y R. Peterson. Second Row: Lori Bayless (manager), Angie Johnson, Theresa Bream, Jennifer Fairfax, W e n d y Johnson, Lynn Beardslee, Janet Rorer, Sarah Hillyer. Robyn Larrobee, Kristina Baker, Lori Lawton.


*k !8s]H "il— W

- f - J*»" | •


Photo by Steven R. Green UN

Rick Reeves: Reshaper and Reformer


Rick Reeves, head coach for the Liberty Flames women's basketball team, has one goal in mind; to build the best women's basketball team that Liberty has ever seen. W h e n Reeves first arrived at L U , he k n e w that the Lady Flames needed a solid foundation if they were going to go anywhere. "We've started the girls out with a strength and conditioning program, and that has helped them tremendously," Reeves said. H e added that the strength coaches â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bill Gribbin, Andre Sims, and Bill Gillespie â&#x20AC;&#x201D; have established an excellent program for the players. "I believe in the saying, 'First class or no class,' " Reeves said in behalf of the program. " W e want to be positive role models for Christ." H e has come in with a totally different system for the team, and it's working. "They've accepted me," Reeves said. "Our system looks very complex and the kids enjoy it. I refer to our offense as 'complex-simplicity' because it looks difficult, but it's truly simple." Reeves also has a vision for the team. H e wants to eventually see L U a m o n g the top 25 teams in the nation. He's focused on reaching his goals and he pushes his team to excel. "In practice, I'm a high-octane person. I'm very intense w h e n I want to really get something done. But w h e n something funny does happen, the kids aren't afraid to laugh," Reeves said. "Connie Pumpelly has been so helpful," Reeves continued. "Brenda Bonheim, K i m Graham and Chuck Burch all have been behind us and been helpful and concerned." In the process of creating a solid foundation for the Flames, Reeves has seen a positive attitude develop in the team. "Believing in themselves so they can win has been motivational for the team," he said. "There's really something special about them." Reeves has been quite active in the recruiting capacity. Reeves has already recruited three players for next season: Heather Lawrence, a 6'4" player from Canada; Renee White, 5'8"; and Marsha Houff, a point guard. H e said that while prospective recruits visit L U , they only see him w h e n they arrive and w h e n they leave. "I believe in an honest approach with recruits," Reeves said. "They spend time with the players in their dorms, and they eat with them, too. The kids are the ones w h o sell the program."

By Evie Davis 110

Photo by Steven R. Green



HOBBIES: Pre-game golf sessions Mt. Holly Springs, Pa. LIFE VERSE: I Cor. 15:57: "But thanks be to 4-21-69 God for he has given us the victory through our 5 10" Lord Jesus Christ." Carlisle High School

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Theresa Bream is a standout forward for the Liberty Flames basketball team. In one game against Northeastern Illinois, she tallied a total of 18 rebounds. Bream also excels in volleyball. Bream was named as a N C A A 2nd team All-American." She is the sister of major league baseball player Sid Bream.

THE COMPETITION I'LL NEVER FORG E T ... was the volleyball game against the University of Southern Florida this year. They killed us the first two games, and w e came back to win the next three games.

W H A T I'LL MISS M O S T ABOUT LIBERTY W H E N I G R A D U A T E IS ... m y friends and traveling with the team. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E ... to make it to the World University or Pan A m games, then the Olympics. I also want to teach in a public school. M Y FAVORITE T V S H O W : "Doogie Howser" in

Men's Basketball: A Forecast of the Future

All of Liberty's campus was curious as to h o w the men's basketball team would do this season After winning just one of the first 14 games of the season, it became painfully obvious that the 1990-91 squad needed to do some fast maturing. Head coach Jeff Meyer had to be concerned going into Christmas break. The Flames did not have an active senior on the whole squad, and while their inexperience showed, the future of things-to-come slowly began to shine. Junior center Mike Coleman (6-7, 215 pounds) was the catalyst for the Flames. His effective leadership provided an outlet to the team's frustrations as h carried the Flames. "Mike is a leader, plain and simple," said Meyer. Coleman averaged double figures in both points and rebounds, but he also contributed toward the development of future Flames star Julius Nwosu, a 6-10, 230-pound sophomore from Nigeria N w o s u was a player w h o lived for the slam dunk, and he was not afraid to go into traffic to get i But the soft-spoken center also acquired a turnaround jumper. These two big m e n were the only starters w h o were not freshmen as L U started a three-guard offense consisting of first-year m e n Matthew Hildebrand at the point along with Chris Toomer an Jeff Bloom at the other two spots. All three freshmen had slow starts but as the season wound down, their skills were greatly materializing. Playing a key reserve role was sophomore forward Danny Pratt, w h o may have been the team's best "athlete." A n excellent shot-blocker at 6-6, 215 pounds, Pratt played with a lot of emotion an provided rest for Coleman and Nwosu. Also getting substantial playing time off the bench were two more freshmen guards, Brett Anthony and Nathaniel Miller. Anthony was the most physical of the two as he liked to crash the boards. Miller was an impressive ballhandler and provided a worthy replacement at the point. Mike Coleman, the team's leader said, "I have a great deal of talented players to work with. W must overcome our mistakes." By Marvin Hamlett


Mike Coleman

Photo by Steven R i Ireen



Brett Anthony and Daniel Pratt


Photo by Saul Greenburg

FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing. LIFE VERSE: Psalm 27:1: "The Lord is m y light and m y salvation; w h o m shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of m y life: of w h o m shall I be afraid?"

Christian Academy Sports Management MAJOR: ATHLETIC A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S : Coleman emerged as the team leader in the 1990-91 season. Coleman played one of his best games of the season against V M I on November 30 when he amassed 12 points and 10 rebounds. In 1989, Coleman led the Hames in rebounding 14 times. M Y P R O U D E S T M O M E N T W A S ... being a part of the Dapper Dan Roundball Classic. I was given the chance to meet basketball greats such as Alonzo Mourning, Billy Owens, Don McClean, Laphonso Ellis and others. AFTER G R A D U A T I O N ... I would love to be a public representative for Nike or work with the marketing of sports products. us

Firing U p that Flames Spirit


School spirit, enthusiasm, energy and support of the athletic program are a few of the istics the cheerleading squad injected into the student body this year. Leading the w a y for the team w a s cheerleading coach Angela Chafin. Coach Chafin said, "Most people do not realize h o w hard w e work on our stunts." The Gauntlet, Flat back, Holy Hannah and the Ballerina are some of the stunts which the team practices for hours to perfect. This year the only time the team was able to display their stunts w a s during g a m e competition because the team w a s unable to go to national competiton. In past years nationals were m e m o rable experiences for the squad, but this year the team had other special moments. O n e of those moments occurred after a football trip to Villanova. O n the w a y h o m e the team toured Washington, D.C. "This w a s a bittersweet year," said Coach Chafin, w h o left the team after the fall semester when she finished her graduation requirements. Coach Chafin had fond memories of the 1990-91 squad. Chafin said, "It might seem like a cliche, but w e really are like family." The members of this family had to say goodbye to four seniors: Marc Carlson, Reyni Rivera, Brian Randall and Edie Loveless. Members of the squad went their separate ways after four years of bonding through their m a n y memorable experiences. However, a strong nucleus including Christy Rhoades and Corey Joy remained on the team to continue carrying that "Flames Spirit." The 1990-91 squad instilled excitement into every basketball and football g a m e as they m a d e sure school spirit w a s alive and well at Liberty University.

By Tim Sears

Front Row: Angie Hooley, Karen Smith, Lisa Miller, Christy Rhoades, Sae Jin Kim, Edie Loveless. Second Row: Coach Angela Chafin, Reyni Rivera, Kevin Snow, W a d e Swatsworth, Danny Coupland, Corey Joy, Brian Randall, Marc Carlson.


Photo by Norbert Hennrich

Photo by Norbert Hennrich


MEET THE REAL ANGELA CHAFIN insurance company business. Denver, Colorado HOMETOWN: LIFE VERSE: Hebrews 4:11: "Let us labour 11-21-68 DATE OF BIRTH: therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man A secret WEIGHT: fall after the same example of unbelief." 5'7" HEIGHT: Cherry Creek HIGH SCHOOL: Broadcast Jour. MAJOR: i THE ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I A M M O S T P R O U D OF IS ... performing a stunt called "the Ballerina." The reason I am so proud of it is because it is difficult and not everyone has the flexibility to do it. THE G A M E I WILL NEVER FORGET: The cheerleading team traveled to the last football game of the the 1988 season at Towson State. The reason I will never forget it is because it was freezing and raining. At halftime, we sat in front of heaters to thaw during the break. W e called ourselves the "Raisins." It was all worth it because we won. FAVORITE BOOK: The Count of Monte Cristo FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Steve Largent

K •j

M L ^-^ ii^Hi 7 *& m


rm E



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XXXXWWWW ©:^©©A ^r ' MM ' w\ • 1 fl A m '•»••', •




W. •:^'M




Grappling for God

The 1990-1991 wrestling squad was led by Christian Holiday, Darryl Holiday, Craig Holiday and Derek Thorenson. Coach Don Shuler motivated the team to perform up to their expected level against competition such as James Madison, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University and participants in the Virginia State Championships on January 18-19. From the start of the season, Coach Shuler expected the team to improve on last year's effort. The emphasis during the off season was on weight control, a careful watch of food intake, perfecting different moves, and developing a strong mental attitude for the intense competition they faced during the season. Emerging as a top quality Division I wrestler was Derek Thorenson. Thorenson had one of the best team performances of the year when he w o n his 126-pound weight class by defeating his opponent, 19-6, during the dual meet against Virginia Tech. Once again the bulk of the wrestling duties fell upon the shoulders of the "California Boys." The Holiday brothers (Craig, Christian and Darryl) added an extra boost of morale to the team. Wrestling always played a big part in the Holiday household. The Holiday's love for the sport rubbed off on the team members early to spark motivation throughout the season. Other key members of the team included Ron Frank, Bubba Ferguson, David Galyan, Ron Frank, Matt Kaminski, Louis Hrebar and Steve Dernlan. The 1990-1991 season provided the wrestling fans at Liberty intense grappling action. Every home meet was full of exciting pins, grabs and take downs. The excitement of the 1991 season ended with a trip to the N C A A Regional Tournament on March 1 and 2.

By Montgomery Rice


1st Row: Steve Derlan, Bubba Ferguson, Darryl Holiday, David Jones, Derek Thorenson, Jon Maddox, Todd Bobo. 2nd Row: Bob Harrington, Dave Galyan, Christian Holiday, Ron Frank, Sam Holiday, Joe McBride, Craig Holiday. 3rd Row: Louis Hrebar, Scott Wall, Matthew Mills, Lesley James Saker, Jackson White, Matt Kaminski, Aaron Bruce, Aaron Sarra.


Christian Holiday


I .'.:.. â&#x20AC;˘S^i^PSS"

Derek Thorenson


Photo by Steven R. Greer

Photo by Saul Greenburg

MEET THE REAL CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY Anaheim, California HOMETOWN: 9-15-70 DATE OF BIRTH: 170 pounds WEIGHT: 5'10" HIEGHT: Eagle Point H.S. HIGH SCHOOL: History MAJOR

W O R D S OF WISDOM TO M Y TEAMMATES A R E ... take heed, stay "tuff," and hang loose. LIFE VERSE: Isaiah 40:30:"... the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall."

I S T A R T E D PARTICIPATING IN W R E S TLING B E C A U S E ... I enjoyed it and m y high school program was good. M A J O R COLLEGIATE ACCOMPLISHM E N T S : In 1990, Holiday received a second place finish in the N C A A Division 1 Eastern Nationals. Holiday was the Eastern National Champion in 1990, and Holiday was also mentioned in a 1990 issue of Sports Illustrated.

THE G A M E OR COMPETITION I WILL NEVER FORGET: Winning the California High School state championship. FAVORITE TV SHOW: "The Simpsons" SOME FUN THINGS W E DID AS A TEAM W A S ... beat up each other. HOBBIES: Mountain Biking, History and surfing in California 121

Baseball: The Old Fashion Way Turn back the baseball clock to about 1940, and the type of play is very different than today's "rock 'em and sock 'em" world of college baseball. Back then, the major and minor league coaches emphasized the importance of scoring runs early. The emphasis w a s on the fundamentals: clean fielding, bunting, stealing bases and perfecting the hit and run. It is hard to find that style of play in N C A A college baseball today. But, old fashion baseball is alive and well at Liberty University. The reason for this unity is simple â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Coach Johnny Hunton. The n e w Liberty coach implemented the n e w style of play. The hitting chores were left u p to Phil Kulp, D a n n y Brahn, David Eales and D o u g Brady. Brady provided a consistent pop with his bat, and also proved very reliable with his glove. Brahn emerged as a significant offensive threat. Kulp, Brahn and Brady led the team offensively as they scratched and clawed for their runs by stealing bases, taking the extra base and capitalizing on scoring opportunities. Although the offense w a s exciting to watch this season, the strength of the team w a s the pitching staff. Toby Toburen rebounded from an injury-filled 1990 season. Toburen developed into the ace of the staff during the season. Another strong season performance w a s given by Todd Martin, w h o could blow his 90 mile per hour fast ball right past hitters. The "lefty" of the starting rotation w a s Matt McDowell. The relief duties were the responsibilites of Tim Collins and Mike Torrance. The season began during the Florida trip w h e n they faced Chicago State University, Central Florida, Fordham University and Central Missouri. Later, the schedule strength increased as they played William and Mary, Virginia and North Carolina. -gy J1^ Sears

Eales, Mike Krieder, Chad Fox, Doug Brady, Greg Morehardt, Johnny Hunton, Dave Pastors, Mac McDowell, Chris Robbins, Tim Collins, Breinig. Third Row: Pete Lucadano, Dean Goddard, Scott Harmsen, Kolt Jones, Karl Shoemaker, Todd Martin, Danny Brahn, Rodny Ashb Sheldon Bream, Bill Speek, Chris Wick, Phil Kulp, Eric Christensen, Keith West, Mike Montoro. Fourth row: Kevin Camper, Dale Eeles, Cachine, Mike Hammond, Casey Mittauer, Matt Davis, Shane McClure, David Ernsberger, Ryan Hutchinson.


Mac McDo

Johnny Hunton: Tradition Built on Hustle One look at Johnny Hunton reveals a lot about the man. Just by looking at him is a baseball manager. However, he is more than a baseball manager. H e is a m a n in love with the sport that he has been involved with all of his life. Coach Johnny Hunton was a fine baseball player w h o was never given his chance at the big time in the major leagues. Hunton's biggest drawback as a player was that he played in the Yankees minor league system which was overloaded with talent. Hunton was a minor league infielder w h o played with a lot of heart. "I had to give a lot of hustle and a lot of hard work just to make it in the Yankees farm system." Hunton's minor league career as an infielder was spent in three cities: Norfolk, Virginia; Binghamton, N e w York; and Birmingham, Alabama. At one point in his career when he was playing in Binghamton in 1953, he thought he had a chance of being called up to the major leagues. The Yankees were looking for a shortstop to replace Phil Rizzuto. The Yankees tried to convert Mickey Mantle into a shortstop which was an unsuccessful project. The pursuit for a major league shortstop was still alive. Eventually the decision was between Johnny Hunton and a young 19-year-old named Tony Kubek. The Yankees chose Kubek, w h o went on to have many successful years with the N e w Yankees. (Kubek is currently known as a successful baseball announcer.) Although Hunton failed to make the majors in 1953, he did have the opportunity to play against the Yankees in minor league exhibition games. Hunton remembers the thrill of playing against the likes of Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford. However, the biggest advantage of playing in the Yankees organization was the strong Christian friend he met along the way, Bobby Richardson. It was Richardson w h o asked him to help coach South Carolina in 1972. Hunton stayed at South Carolina for over 17 years. In 1989, Hunton retired. But once again it was his baseball buddy Richardson w h o talked him out of retirement to help coach the Liberty Flames. Now, Hunton finds himself as the head manager of the Liberty Flames. Hunton is a baseball traditionalist. H e tries to implement into his players the same attitudes he had during his minor league experience: "lots of hustle and hard work."

By Tim Sears Photo by Tim Sears


i ikÂť


Sheldon Bream


Photo by Stven R. Green

MEET THE REAL DOUG BRADY Las Vegas, Nevada HOMETOWN: 11-23-69 DATE OF BIRTH: 165 pounds WEIGHT: 5'11" HEIGHT: Basic High School HIGH SCHOOL: Psychology MAJOR: M A J O R ATHLETIC A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S : Throughout his collegiate baseball career, Brady has been a leader in the infield and has performed consistently with his bat. Doug Brady was a member of the Great Lakes All Star Team in 1990. T H E G A M E O R C O M P E T I T I O N I WILL N E V E R F O R G E T ... was against the University of Arizona in 1990 when I connected for two hits off of Lance Dickson, w h o n o w plays in the major leagues with the Chicago Cubs. M y family was watching m e in the stands. FAVORITE B O O K : Sea Wolf by Jack London FAVORITE T V S H O W : "Cheers" FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: George Brett

Photo by Stven R. Green

LIFE VERSE: Proverbs 3:5,6: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine o w n understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths."

Striding With Eagles

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall MOUNT up with W EAGLES they shall RUN and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 The initial flight into the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America (IC4A) competition w a s a tough transition period for the 1990 track team as they m o v e d from the Mason-Dixon conference. The IC4A competition was a step above the previous year's competition. H e a d coach Brant Tolsma said, "It's like trying to jump from a conference that wasn't competitive into a super conference." But eventually, the team managed to become airborne as they fared well amongst the tougher competition. Piloting the team were the six seniors: L.G Parrish, Jeff Juhalla, Eric Carroll, Sco Queen, Steve Hurst and Phil Kearney. Captain Jeff Juhalla delivered a fine season performance by displaying his talents in both the pole vault and the javelin. Leading the balanced attack in the sprints w a s the sophomore from Rustburg High School, Gerald Mosley. Mosley holds the team record in both the 100 meter run and the 55 meter dash. The "Nigerian Nightmare" duo of Robert U d u g b a and Charles Onyeanusi outdistanced the 400, 200 and 100 meter competition. The middle distance standouts were Brent Squires, Brett Honeycutt, Damien Bates, Johnny Prettyman and the two standout freshmen recruits, Billky Khan and Dave M c C o m b s . The longer distance events were bolstered by M a r k Szkolnik, Steve Hurst and Michael Shupe. In the decathlon, Todd Pettyjohn, Keith W o o d y and Steve Peeples added depth to the event. The flight path of the 1990-91 season included special stops at the Penn Relays, the IC4A Outdoor Championships and the N C A A Outdoor Nationals. â&#x20AC;&#x17E; _. â&#x20AC;&#x17E; r r By Tim Sears

First Row: Bobby Schudler, Tim Scott, Johnny Prettyman, Michael Reed, Todd Pettyjohn, Robert Udugba, L.G. Parrish, Bill Khan, Coach Matthe Second Row: Brett Honeycutt, Brent Squires, David McCombs, Gerald Mosley, Don Smith, Mike Shupe, Keith Woody, Stephen Hokanson, Damie Bates. Third Row: Shorne Fortune, Neill Sawyer, Steve Hurst, Gregg Marley, Charles Onyeanusi, Steve Peeples, Jeff Juhala, Leslie Young, Coac Aaron James, Fourth Row: Coach Brant Tolsma, Dan Copp, Phil Kearney, Stephen D. McCombs, Kevin Porter, Ron M . Blackwood, ToddGreen, Tim Sears.


Photo by Saul Greenberg

L.G. Parrish

MEET THE REAL L.G. PARRISH Lynchburg, Virginia HOMETOWN: 9-16-69 DATE OF BIRTH: 173 pounds WEIGHT: 5'8" HEIGHT: Heritage High School HIGH SCHOOL: Business Management MAJOR: ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT: L.G.

Photo by Saul Greenberg

LIFE VERSE: Romans 8:26: "For we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

Parrish is a wide receiver for the Flames Football team, and he is a member of the Track & Field team. Parrish was named offensive player of the game in 1988 against Kutztown. Parrish received the Coaches award in track in 1989. THE G A M E O R COMPETITION I'LL NEVER FORGET ... was when we played James Madison University. I caught seven passes for 133 yards and two touchdowns. We won the game 22-18. M Y CAREER G O A L S ARE... to be comfortable as far as money goes, and to have a job I enjoy. FAVORITE BOOK: To Kill a Mockingbird FAVORITE TV S H O W : "The Cosby Show" FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Jerry Rice 127

Women's Track: Striving for the Mark

Coach Brant Tolsma had a similar mission to accomplish with the women's team which he accomplished with the men's track team. It was Coach Tolsma's duty to insure the Lady Flames made the smooth adjustments from the Mason-Dixon conference to a much tougher East Coast Athletic Conference (ECAC). Aiding Coach Tolsma was the invaluable assistance of Coach Delethea Quarles. Helping Coach Tolsma and Coach Quarles were the two co-captains, Gina Turner and Patti Bottiglieri. Turner placed high in 800 meter races at several of the meets. In the 1500 and the 3000 meter races, the top runner was junior Patti Bottiglieri w h o was the number one performer on the cross country team. Other top middle distance runners included sophomore Urlene Dick and senior Cheryl Nash. Jennifer Reeder and Christiana Rininger added necessary depth to the squad. The long distance events were covered by Kim Wolbert w h o primarily participated in the 10K (6.2 miles) and 5K (3.1 miles) races. Fadhila Samuel and Shelly Worthy were two of the key components to a very successful mile relay team. Nikki Keznor, provided a fresh look as she placed well in the sprinting events. The field events stars included Alyson Ayers w h o worked all season long to meet the E C A C qualification in the javelin. Darleen Saczawa performed well in the javelin and discus events. Another discus competitor was Janet Rorer, w h o also played on the basketball team. Overall, the team inched closer and closer to the level of performance expected of an East Coast Athletic Conference team. The team was able to peak for the meets which they anxiously anticipated during the season: the Liberty Track Classic, the Liberty Invitational, the Raleigh Relays an the Penn Relays. By Jim Smrs

1st Row: Gina Turner, Fadhila Samuel, Shelly Worthy, Christina Rininger, Carrie Siegel, Esther Mills, Coach Delethea Quarles. 2nd Row: Jennifer Reeder, Patty Bottiglieri, Leeann Hayslett, Darleen Saczawa, Susan Fauber, Laurie Coe. 3rd R o w : Coach Brant Tolsma, Nikki Keznor, Alyson Ayers, Urlene Dick, Kim Wolbert, Cheryl Nash.



Leeann Hayslett

Photo by Steven R. Green

Urlene Dick, Patti Bottiglieri

MEET THE REAL GINA TURNER H O M E T O W N : Kingston, Jamaica D A T E O F BIRTH: 3-28-70 W E I G H T : 120 pounds HEIGHT: 5'3" H I G H S C H O O L : American Senior High M A J O R : Physical Education

THE TRACK MEET I WILL NEVER FORGET: I will never forget competing at the Penn Relays m y freshman year in April 1989. I ran with a girl that really made m e work. I was able to run the 800 rheter run (1/2 mile) in 2:14. It was a personal record. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E ... to be the best teacher I can be, to be a good wife and mother, and to open m y o w n fitness center someday. I wish to serve the Lord in all of these. FAVORITE T V S H O W : The Cosby Show" & "A Different World" FAVORITE S P O R T S FIGURE: Florence Griffith Joyner HOBBIES: Listening to music and drawing.

TO M Y TEAMMATES I LEAVE MY... team spirit and willingness to run the race to the best of m y ability.

Photo by Steven R. Green

LIFE VERSE: Proverbs 3:5,6: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths."

Trainers: T h e Invisible Talent

A successful Division I athletic program is more than just the athletes. M a n y people work hard to insure that the program is improving every year. And, sometimes these people are invisible. The invisible m e n and w o m e n in the Liberty University athletic program are the trainers. Head Trainer Connie Pumpelly said, " M a n y times you see the player m a k e the winning catch or a basket, but what you don't see is the hour that player spent in the training room." Pumpelly does not let her student helpers forget the purpose of a student training program. She said, "The purpose is to prevent injury and to rehabilitate those w h o are injured." To insure the best treatment of athletic injury, each student trainer is assigned to a sport. During the 1990 athletic season, Todd Bobo was the wrestling trainer. Stacy Ensminger took care of the women's soccer team. Chris Casola helped the men's soccer team. Dean Goddard was in charge of the baseball team. Cathy Ives nursed the women's volleyball team. Christine Baker provided care for the women's basketball team. Greg Tilley tended the injuries of the basketball team. The team of Beth A n n Irish, Bryan H y m a and Jody Laverty doctored the football team. Frances Mayberry helped heal the cross country team. Pumpelly said the goal of the training program at Liberty is to provide the necessary experience needed to become a registered trainer according to National Athletic Trainers Association stipulations. Plus, with each trainer individually assigned to a sport, the trainers become experts in their specialized field. Like athletes, trainers work extremely hard, and the trainers are not paid for their efforts. A student trainer must total 1800 hours to qualify for the N A T A which is the training equivalent of a lawyer's bar exam. By Tim Sears


Front Row: Connie Pumpelly, Debbie Boles, Jodie Laverty, Stacey Ensminger, Kathy Ives, Kristina Baker, Lori Lawton, BethAnn Irish, Todd Felgate, Ken Brown. Back Row: Todd Bobo, Bryan H y m a , Matt McLeary, Chris McDaniel, Bill Grubbs, Dean Goddard, Chris Casola Not pictured: Greg Tilley, Frances Mayberry, Wayne Stiles.


Greg Tilley

Photo by Steven R. Green

Matt McLeary

MEET THE REAL STACY ENSMINGER H O M E T O W N : Berwyn, Pennsylvania D A T E O F BIRTH: 11-20-68 W E I G H T : 124 pounds HEIGHT: 5'5" H I G H S C H O O L : Delaware County Christian School M A J O R : Exercise Science I S T A R T E D PARTICIPATING IN ATHLETIC T R A I N I N G B E C A U S E ... I was really interested in the healing process of injury, especially rehabilitation.

Photo by Steven R. Green

Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find m e when ye shall seek m e with all thy heart."

M Y TRAINING ACCOMPLISHMENT I A M M O S T PROUD OF: Most Improved Trainer, 1988-1989 M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E ... to take m y N A T A certification exam, go to a physical training school, and one day I want to own m y o w n training clinic. FAVORITE T V S H O W S : Life Goes On, "The Wonder Years" FAVORITE S P O R T S FIGURE: The Doctor, Julius Erving LIFE VERSE: Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the TT

Tennis Team Continues to Improve


The Liberty Men's Tennis Team featured four new faces in 1991, but coach Carl D ready to throw in the towel early. Diemer's optimism was based on the arrival of three impact freshman and a transfer. But the backbone of the team still depended on a returner: No. 1 seed sophomore Eddie Bongart, who wa a phenomenal 21-1 during his freshman campaign in the 1989-1990 season. Behind Bongart are three freshman led by No.2 seed Raphael Cardoso, w h o has actually beaten Bongart in a practice match. It is the first time Bongart has ever been beaten by a collegiate teammate. These two netters anchored a team, whose record in 1989-1990 was 17-5. But, the outlook of the 1990-1991 team was freshly different. Freshmen Danny Fariss and Chris Johnson tied down the No.'s 3 and 4 seeds respectively. The No. 5 seed was the senior Dan Balasic, and the No. 6 seed was transfer Tony Weaver. The Flames beefed up the schedule in the 1990-91 season by playing Div. I schools Virginia Commonwealth, Radford, Evansville and Indiana State. The Flames also traveled to Florida on Spring Break to play a few matches. Before the spring season started, coach Carl Diemer said, "Eddie and Raphael are the team's biggest assets." His assessment proved to be very accurate. Diemer also noted that Bongart's serve continued to improve this season, and it was much stron ger than the previous year. Diemer was also pleased with the improvement of Dan Balasic as he constantly moved up in his seed rankings.

By Marvin Hamlett —^^**^~—~m—~—^^m~*^^^^^^^^^^^^~

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ M ^ ^ ^ ^ — —

First Row: Chris Johnson, Tony Weaver, Eddie Bongant, Danny Faniss. Back Row: Coach Carl Deimer, Dan Balasic, Raphael Cardoso, Robert Kubala.


Eddie Bongart

Photo by Steven R. Green

Chris Johnson, Danny Farris

Photo by Steven R. Green

TO M Y TEAMMATES I LEAVE M Y ... my MEET THE REAL D A N BALASIC serve and m y backhand. To Eddie and Rob, m y H O M E T O W N : Rustburg, Virginia card collection. DATE OF BIRTH: 7-26-69 LIFE VERSE: Philippians 4:13: "I can do all WEIGHT: 160 pounds things through Christ which strengtheneth me." HEIGHT: 61 HIGH SCHOOL: Lynchburg airistian Academy MAJOR: Business Management I STARTED PARTICIPATING IN TENNIS BECAUSE ... I remember watching it on TV and I thought it was a challenging game. THE ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS I A M M O S T P R O U D OF IS: M V P of the tennis team in 1988 and Lynchburg Kaliedoscope overall winner, 1990. THE G A M E OR EVENT I WILL NEVER FORGET: The spring of 1990 when LU beat Radford for the first time. FAVORITE BOOK: This Present Darkness FAVORITE TV SHOW: Family Ties FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Magic Johnson I W O U L D N O T HAVE M A D E IT TO GRADUATION WITHOUT THE HELP OF ... m y parents, Stacy Shackle and the Lord. HOBBIES: Reading books, collecting baseball and football cards. Trt

Golf: Playing with Style

Improvement is the best word to describe the 1990 golf season. The reason for the improvement stemmed from the progression of upperclassmen and the quality of the new members. Leading the way for the Hames was the experienced senior, Chris Turner. Turner was the No. 1 m a n on the team and wound up with an average par of 77 at the end of the fall schedule. Turner placed in the top ten overall in two tournaments, and he placed in the top twenty in two other tournaments during the fall season. Freshman Dale Tyre was a refreshing addition to the team. Turner said, "Dale has potential. He'll be a good golfer. H e knows what he can and can't do." Tyre proved himself at the Old Dominion Seascape Collegiate in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Tyre had one of his best performances of the season at Seascape where he was one over par (73). Captain Todd Casabella provided the team leadership throughout the year. Casabella tried to do his best to represent Coach Mike Hall's idea of an L U golfer. Casabella was the No. 2 man on the team, and he managed to keep a good attitude and testimony during the ups and downs of the season. Chris Easley, Kelly Chamberlin and Garrick Stiles continuously contributed to the team's effort in competition throughout the year. Also, the competition and the courses continued to be a challenge during the spring season. The team experienced many challenging courses during the spring. The spring season started out with style at Kingsmill River Course, the same course where the P G A tour holds the Anheuser Busch Classic. The team's season culminated on April 25-28 as they participated in the tournament they had waited all year for: The University of Virginia Cavalier Classic on the Birdwood Golf Course. The course was mountainous and hilly, but the team managed to finish the season with a respectable placing. By jjm Sears

First Row: T o m Anthony, Chris Easley, Todd Casabella, Second Row: Garrick Stiles, Dale Tyre, Kelly Chamberlin, and Chris Turner.



Garrick Stiles

©©••W©H Photo by Steven R. Green

Chris Turner, Kelly Chamberlin

Photo by Tim Sears



H O M E T O W N : Oakton, Virginia D A T E O F BIRTH: 3-17-69 W E I G H T : 165 pounds

W A S ... racing go carts in Myrtle Beach.

HEIGHT: 6' 0"

LIFE VERSE: Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Chprist which strengtheneth me."

H I G H S C H O O L : Oakton High School M A J O R : Psychology I S T A R T E D PARTICIPATING IN G O L F B E C A U S E ... m y father played golf and I basically wanted to be like him.

THE ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I A M M O S T P R O U D O F IS ... participating in the United States Amateur Golf Tournament. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E ... to play professional golf. But if I do not make it, m y life will somehow involve golf. FAVORITE B O O K : 3 Chords and the Truth FAVORITE T V SHOW:" The Simpsons" FAVORITE S P O R T S FIGURES: Curtis Strange and Joe Gibbs HOBBIES: Playing guitar and exercising.

WHAT I'LL MISS MOST ABOUT LIBERTY W H E N I G R A D U A T E IS ... the friends I've made while attending Liberty. IT,

Club Sports: The Forgotten Ones

Hockey, lacrosse, cycling and men's volleyball are all club sports, but not team sports. The name,"club sports", insinuates that these groups of athletes are below the level of the team sports. In reality, this is just not true. The club sports arguably sacrifice more of their time and effort into their sports than the team sports do, and the level of competition is just as high if not higher than some of the team sports. Being a m e m b e r of a club sport means you must m a k e sacrifices to be able to participate in your athletic endeavor. A n d , just as team sports have star athletes, the club sports have athletes w h o rise above the other competition. For example, Mike Torrance the leading scorer and center on the hockey team w a s also a pitcher on the baseball team. Volleyball player Paul Collins has a gold medal for being a part of the 1988 Olympic team. H e knows what it means to succeed. Collins w a s a member of the 1988 Olympic handball team that w o n a gold medal. Cyclist John Wirsing has placed well in the Empire State Games, Tour de Richmond and the Casper Classic races. Lacrosse president and Coach M a r k Gedicks was an instrumental contributor to the development of the lacrosse program. All teams have leaders, but unity is emphasized a m o n g all the club sports. Every year each club strives to do their best against the opposing team. 1991 was no different. Hockey The level of competiton w a s high as usual for the Hockey club as they faced the likes of Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Southern Florida. O n e of the sweetest victories of the season occurred mid season w h e n the Flames manhandled the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 6-1 after playing to a tie the night before. O n offense, right wing Jeff Schmidt, the center Mike Torrance and right wing John Seism solidified a strong unit. But the strength of he team w a s defense. Coach Habermas emphasized the importance of defense, and he instilled a n e w attitude of team play. Volleyball The men's volleyball team headed into its second year at Liberty University with uncertainty. The club lost John Pyke and Mark D e n u m to graduation, and Rob Eegle joined the baseball team on a permanent basis. Picking u p the slack was Paul Collins and Jeff Schmidt. Coach Buck Sutton said, "This year w e are 20 percent better than last year. There is a big difference. Paul and Jeff filled in big holes that were left last year." With the additional help and veteran experience of Danny Coupland, John Kurtz and Jim Woolace, this team paved its w a y to a playoff spot in the club volleyball tournament. Cycling The small group of John Wirsing, G u s Muller, Mihael Gingshina, Kevin Brittingham, Marius Chira and Tim Molyneaux passed the endurance test that a long cycling season brought to each member. Captain John Wirsing, w h o w a s the most experienced cyclist on the team, w o n the time trial at the Cavalier Stage Classic. Mihael Ginshina proved himself w h e n he w a s the winner in his division (Class B) at the Cyclefest sponsored by William & Mary. G u s August continued to place consistently throughout the season. Lacrosse Lacrosse is a growing sport across the nation, and the competition is tougher every year. But t Flames were prepared for better competition. Goalie Paul Flury helped the team during the "Christian Tournament" held in early April against Wheaton, Messiah and Fordham. Coach and attackman Mark Gedicks contributed to the team's improvement. The defense w a s very tough with Seth Campbell and Rob West protecting the goal. S u m m i n g u p the season coach Gedicks said, "We're pretty well balanced."

By Tim Sears and Jeffrey A. Cota 136

Hockey MEET THE REAL MIKE TORRANCE H O M E T O W N : Downingtown, Pennsylvania D A T E O F BIRTH: 4-1/-70 W E I G H T : 185 pounds

HEIGHT: 511 H I G H S C H O O L : Downingtown High School M A J O R : Marketing

I STARTED PARTICIPATING IN HOCKEY ... at the age of five. The Philadelphia Flyers really influenced me.

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Baseball pitcher for the Liberty Flames and leading scorer on the hockey team in 1989. Hockey MVP, 1989.

THE ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I A M M O S T P R O U D O F IS ... trying out for the baseball team and making the team. I a m glad I got the chance to play college baseball.

THE HOCKEY G A M E I WILL NEVER FORG E T W A S ... in 1989 against Virginia Tech when I scored five goals. FAVORITE B O O K : Comeback by Dave Dravecky FAVORITE T V S H O W : Cosby Show FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Wayne Gretzky

LIFE VERSE: Proverbs 3:5,6: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths."

Front R o w Dan Lane. .Second row: Jeff Marshall, Dave Graziotti, Sean Gazey, Jeff Schmidt, Mike Torrance, John Seism, Chris Halshof Steve Silvester, Chris Becker. Back Row: Andrew Sheldrake, Bret Burrows, Jeff Lycett, Todd Shautzer, Seth Campbell, Kirk Fritz, Scott Keith, John Nicholson, Coach- Gary Habermas, Defensive-Coach-Steve Griffin, Chaplain-Don Garlock.


Lacrosse MEET THE REAL MARK GEDICKS H O M E T O W N : Rustburg, Virginia D A T E O F BIRTH: 3-22-69 W E I G H T : 165 pounds H E I G H T : 6-2 H I G H S C H O O L : Calvary Christian School M A J O R : Marketing A T H L E T I C A C C O M P L I S M E N T S : Leading team scorer in 1988. Team president and coach 1988-1990 M Y C A R E E R G O A L S A R E T O ... seek employment in a large corporation in the Northeast

M Y LAST WORDS OF WISDOM TO M Y T E A M M A T E S : "Keep your head up, watch for the hit, make sure your eyes are on God." HOBBIES: I like to draw. FAVORITE S P O R T S FIGURE: John Zilbriti of Syracuse FAVORITE T V S H O W : "Bugs Bunny & Road Runner" LIFE VERSE: Hebrews 12:1,2:" Wherefore, seeing w e also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience

the race that is set before us. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith: w h o for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set d o w n at the right hand of the throne of God."

First Row: J. Stewart Pait, Glenn I. Kalnins, Paul Fleury, W a y n e Stiles. Second Row: Eric Zehr, Seth Campbell, Ray Ferran Eric Stamps, Roach Kipp, Russ LeBlanc, Coach Mark D. Gedicks.


FIRST R O W : Jon Wirsing, Mihael Ginshina, Gus Muller. SECOND R O W : Kevin Brittingham, Marius Chira, Tim Molyneaux.

MEET THE REAL JOHN WIRSING H O M E T O W N : Williamson, New York D A T E O F B I R T H : 5-8-70

LIFE V E R S E : I Corinthians 9:24: " K n o w ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye m a y obtain."

WEIGHT: 160 pounds HEIGHT: 511' H I G H S C H O O L : Webster Christian M A J O R : Physical Education

MAJOR COLLEGIATE ACCOMPLISHM E N T S : The overall winner at the Empire State G a m e s in his category 1989. Wirsing finished 84th overall in the Casper Classic during the 400 mile, seven day stage race in the Casper, W y o ming. Wirsing also placed well in the Tour de Richmond in 1989. M Y C A R E E R G O A L S ... are to try to qualify for the 1992 or 1996 Olympics and to pursue cycling as a career. F A V O R I T E B O O K : American Hero: The life Story of G r e g L e m o n d

FAVORITE SPORTS FIGURE: Greg Lemond H O B B I E S : Volleyball, swimming, hunting and running

LAST W O R D S OFWISDOM TO M Y TEAMMATES: Train hard, be aggressive and never lose a wheel.

Men's Volleyball 1






. i



Front Row: Peter Lacanienta, Sam Skelton, Scott Arbugast, Trenton L. Schake. Back Row: Jay Nelson, Kevin Clay, Jim Woolac Danny Coupland, John Kurtz, Paul Collins and Earl Allmond.

MEET THE REAL PAUL COLLINS H O M E T O W N : Campina Grande, Brazil D A T E O F BIRTH: 4-11-68 W E I G H T : 190 pounds

HOBBY: Building remote control model airplanes. LIFE VERSE: Psalm 37:5: "Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him: and he shall bring it to pass."

HEIGHT 61'' H I G H S C H O O L : C.P.U.C in Brazil

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS: A member of the U.S.A. National team in Handball from 1987-1990. Collins was a 1988 Olympic alternate.

THE ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I A M M O S T P R O U D O F IS ... qualifying for Olympic Junior Olympic Nationals in 1987.

THE GAME OR EVENT I WILL NEVER F O R G E T : The Olympic Sports Festival, the handball team w o n the gold medal. F A V O R I T E B O O K : Kingdoms and Conflicts by Charles Colson F A V O R I T E T V S H O W : Star Trek" F A V O R I T E S P O R T S FIGURE: Czechoslovakian Karch Kirally I S T A R T E D PARTICIPATNG IN VOLLEYB A L L B E C A U S E ... I really enjoyed handball and I wanted to participated in athletics at the collegiate level. TW


Eric Green: King of Liberty Mountain AFC Rookie of the Year H e returned to his domain with an air of elegance and style. His m a n y fans hunkered over him just to get a glimpse. H e w a s greeted with praise and adoration from his peers. H e had returned a hero. Eric Green had become "King of Liberty Mountain." Just a year ago, Eric Green w a s virtually u n k n o w n to the football world. H e was the starting tight end for the Liberty Flames. N o w , Eric Green is m u c h more than that. H e is the starting tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the A F C Rookie of the Year. Liberty students had plenty of opportunities to see Green display his athletic prowess during the last four years. W h e n Green returned, Liberty fans were glad to give him a royal since Eric Green has gained national notoriety quicker than any other Liberty athlete. H e already has a nice set of N F L and N C A A credentials. H e was the first Liberty football player to be drafded in the first round, and the Savannah, Georgia native racked up a total of 99 receptions for 1,442 yards and 14 touchdowns during his collegiate career at Liberty. The transition from college to the N F L was not as tough for him since he was already used to a professional style of play under Liberty Coach S a m Rutigliano,former Cleveland Brown head coach. "I didn't see m u c h difference between the N F L style of play and college. Rutigliano is a good coach and so is Chuck Noll...Rutigliano was a great help," said Eric Green. Once Eric Green w a s involved with the Pittsburgh offense, he showed the city of Pittsburgh w h y he w a s the 14th overall pick in the college draft. Green scored the first touchdown of the year for the Steelers on the w a y to scoring 5 touchdowns in his first 4 professional games. Although Green quickly accumulated a wealth of statistics and recogniton, he did not returned to Liberty to be treated like a star. Green returned to campus to reach a goal he values just as high as playing in the N F L . Green decided to come back to college to finish his education. "I want to accomplishment something more than just being an athlete. It is very important for m e to get m y college degree." Despite Green's rapid advancement, he still has not lost his perspective. Besides receiving a college diploma, he hopes to gain respect from the people w h o are most dear to him. Green said, " I would like to thank m y mother and grandmother and most of all God. Otherwise I would not be where I a m today. These are the people w h o help during m y trials and tribulations more than anyone else." By Tim Sears Photo Courtesy oi the Pittsburgh Steelers


Organizations Interaction a m o n g people is vital for an individual to succeed in any endeavor. The college student's interaction with others is crucial especially because it teaches the importance of integrating plans, ideas, talents and energy with others to achieve goals and success. Organizations and clubs provide this opportunity to the college student. Organizations and clubs also provide the student the chance to expand his horizons in the future by becoming involved in the activities of today.

ACPA The American Choral Directors Association promotes the highest level possible in musicianship and artistic performance of choral music. The A C D A encourages intelligent understanding of choral music as an important m e a n of artistic expression. The association schedules sight reading sessions with ensembles of other area schools. The members also attend area concerts and assist department ensembles.

First Row: Kristi Edmonds - Secretary/Treasurer, Troy D. Mearkle - President, Missy Woodling - Vice President.

A D CLUB A d Lib Productions is the college chapter of the American Advertising Federation. The club aims to provide students with practical experience in the advertising field. The club participated this past year in an advertising campaign for American Airlines. Also, A d Lib Productions traveled to South Carolina to participate in the A A F district campaign. First Row: Melanie Beroth - Secretary, Kathleen Donohue - President, Amanda Schweinsburg - Treasurer. Second Row: lim Woolace - Vice-President, Jeff Simmons - Vice-President.

ALPHA L A M B D A DELTA Alpha L a m b a Delta is the National Honor Society that honors the first year college student's academic success. The purpose of the organization is to encourage superior scholastic achievement a m o n g students throughout their freshman year. The club promotes intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning. The Club also assists students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their future.

First Row: Carolann Swindler - Junior Advisor, A m y Powell Treasurer, Becky Scott - Historian, Elayna Mentone - Vice President, Melinda Kapraun - Public Relations. Second Row: Bryan Wyatt - President, Kim Schneider - Public Relations, Stephen Fairley - Communications Director, Melisa Nickerson - Editor, Erik Larson - Junior Advisor, Carol Nelson Keeper of the Flame.

BAPTIST S T U D E N T U N I O N The Baptist Student Union is a fellowship of students, a program for students, and an organization involving students. The B S U seeks to involve students in an inward journey which seeks to answer the question, " W h o a m I ?" It is also an organization that coordinates its members in an outward journey of service and ministry to answer the question, "What shall I do?"

First Row: Paula Pannemarm - Family Group Leader, Cathy Smith - Family Group Leader, Tina Pickering - Secretary/Treasurer, Beverly N e w c o m b - President. Second Row: Page Brantley - Family Group Leader, Robin Brantley - Family Group Leader, Charlie Benton - Director, Hollie Crowell - Family Group Leader, Lisa Chander - Family Group Leader, Carrie Holly - Outreach.


First R o w : Tanya Chandle - Secretary, Shelly Worthy - Activities Director, Michael Goss - Vice President, Robin McLean President. Second R o w : Daryle M c G h e e - Assistant President.

The Black Student Fellowship aims to meet the total need of the black student at Liberty University. The fellowship was formed in 1981 so that black students could share their religious beliefs and culture amongst themselves. The fellowship's main purpose is to promote unity by edifying and praying for one another on campus. Bible studies, social events and special meetings keep the m e m bers active and involved.

C H A M B E R CHOIR he Chamber Choir is a selected choral group at Liberty. They perform for the student body and community performing sacred music concerts for the glory of God. It is comprised of mostly juniors and seniors w h o are pursuing a music major or minor.

First Row: Melisa Lehman, Vicki Creider, A m y Christopher, Dede Osbor Second Row: John Lowe (pianist), Angel Phinney, Sheri Boiling, Mchele Costello, W e n d y Mayes, Julie Cratdi, W e n d y Ulm, Paula Knakal, Laura Allen, Elizabeth B. Maben, Janie Griggs. Third Row: Steve Custer, Dave Gallagher, Deron Peak, Paul Coyer, Todd Twinning, Chris QBryon, Eric Ellis, Daren Wise, Joel Gay, Daniel Prunaru, Dr. Wayne Kompelien director). N O T PICTURED: John Stroupe, Damans Justamente.

CHI ALPA Chi Alpha Club is a n e w ministry club for w o m e n . The Greek letters represent the club's motto, "Christ First." Chi Alpha gives w o m e n an opportunity to serve Christ and to m a k e a difference in the lives of others in various ministry projects such as the Liberty God-Parent H o m e , nursing homes and inner-city ministries. Four offices and seven committees exist through which members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

First R o w : Julie Riffle - President, Crissy Dearing - Secretary, Jane Randlett - Club Advisor, Jennifer Miller - Vice President, Tosha Lamdin - Treasurer.

CIRCLE K Circle K is the nationwide college branch of the Kiwanis community service club. Liberty's club is greatly involved in serving both Lynchburg and the Liberty campus. Projects this year include the Red Cross blood m o bile, printing and sending thousands of cards to servicemen in the Middle East, and making improvements in the appearance of the Liberty campus. First Row: Rich Lambert - Treasurer, Linda Nichols - Secretary, Kili Gist - Lt. Gov., Brent Stastny - Vice President. Not Pictured: Mark East - President.

C O N C E R T CHOIR The Concert Choir is a large group of singers w h o join together to m a k e music and share it with the people around them. Activities include more than biweekly rehearsals and semiannual concerts; there is time for the choir members to get to k n o w each other and relax. The Concert Choir is an excellent place to enjoy music and establish friendships.

First R o w : Brent Briggs - President, Jill Kelly - Secretary/ Treasurer, Janie Griggs - Social Chairperson, Elizabeth B. Maben - President. N O T P I C T U R E D : Danika Spaulding, Joe Wooddell (chaplains), T. J. Watkins - Newspaper Editor, Dale Bigger - Transportation Chariman, David Hepler - Riser C r e w Chairman.

First Row: Jon Wirsing, Mihael Ginshina,Gus Muller. Second Row: Kevin Brittingham, Marius Chira, Tim Molyneaux.

This small group of bikers have fun riding across the city to train for the m a n y races they participate in throughout the season. The club is only two years old, but they already are competing against tough college competition such a U V A , Virginia Tech and V M I . However, the purpose of this club is more than just spinning wheels. The Cycling Club uses their God-given talent to witness to other cyclers they meet during training and competition.


First Row: Chris Barnhill - Vice President, David Cropco President, Ronald Felty - Treasurer. Not Pictured: Mr. R. Matter, Dr. P. Synn (advisors).

The Financial Management Association seeks to promote study and research in the field of finance, and encourage high ethical standards in the financial marketplace. The club also promotes closer relations a m o n g students, faculty and the business community w h o hold a c o m m o n interest in finance. The group features speaking engagements relating to the areas of investment, economic theory and finance.

G E R M A N CLUB The G e r m a n Club is organized to promote the advancement of the Ger m a n language and culture a m o n g students. Club members are encouraged to converse in G e r m a n and to participate in cultural events throughout the area. These events include Oktoberfest (Busch Gardens), G e r m a n Weihnachtsfest (Christmas Party), and celebration of German-American Day. First Row: Dwight Safer - President, Elona Grams - Vice President. Second Row: Marion Wardrick - Secreatry, Rachel Henne - Treasurer, Dr. David Partie - Advisor.




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Photo by Steven R. Green

Circle K: Reaching the Campus and Lynchburg "Tomorrow's leaders tackling today's challenges," is one theme of the Liberty University's Circle K Club. The 75 club m e m b e r s pursue this theme by serving both Liberty University and Lynchburg in practical areas. Circle K is the nationwide college branch of the Kiwanis community service club. The Kiwanis are both business and civic leaders w h o promote practical service. Liberty's club is part of the Foothills Circle K division. Lynchburg College and Randolph M a con are the two other colleges in the division. Freshman Keli Gist w a s president of the high school division of Circle K and n o w represents the whole division as Lieutenant Governor at district meetings. M a r k East is the president of Circle K. East discussed the m a n y services the club has m a d e available this year on campus. O n e main project w a s printing 3,500 cards in which students wrote notes and messages to the servicemen stationed in the Middle East. This project w a s supported by thousands of students. The club also planted nearly thirty trees near David's Place in a campus improvement project. Members also picked u p trash and recycling products while working with "Habitat for Humanity." The club throughout the year has undertaken projects in the Lynchburg community. Circle K has adopted two miles of the Candler's Mountain highway and is responsible to keep this area of the highway clean and free of Utter. Circle K helps supervise the Red Cross blood mobile w h e n it comes to the Liberty campus. This year, Liberty broke the expected quota for blood donors. Circle K also organized and marched in the Kiwanis sponsored 'Teddy Bear Parade" in downtown Lynchburg. East said the club gives Liberty a good reputation in the community. " W e are involved in fun, worthwhile projects that will benefit both the school and the community. The things w e do are what all Christians should be doing and that is serving others."

By Melanie Beroth Photo by Steven R. Green

GRADUATE SGA The Graduate Student Government Association is committed to serve and represent the graduate and seminary student body at Liberty. G S G A emphasizes not only academic preparation, but spiritual growth and fellowship as well. Its elected officers and student council work to promote the communication of graduate student needs to the faculty and administration.

First Row: Dwight Poggemiller - President, Eduardo Soldesi Vice - President. Second Row: Bryan Baskin, Lee Harder, Jim Pourchot - Chapel Coordinator, Danelis Spaulding - Secretary, Tad H a w k - Treasurer, Chris Dickson.

HEALTH DIMENSIONS The Health Dimensions Club provides a means for health education and community health majors and minors to grow professionally and to develop fellowship and service. The goal of the organization is to provide opportunities for members to become actively involved in health related activities.

First Row: Becky Smith - Treasurer, Cindy Krall - Secretary, Dana Bodder, Kim Wolbert. Second Row: Tim Moreva - Chaplain, Sonja Solberg - Vice President, Yevette Johnson, Trudy N e w - President.

HOCKEY CLUB If any club deserves to be a team it is the hockey club. The Hockey Club fares well in their division which includes South Florida, Georgia Tech and North Carolina. Every year the hockey team places high in their conference. The team also receives a favorable amount of crowd support even though the Lancerlot Arena is a one hour drive from campus. Coach Gary Habermas m a d e sure the 1990 year was something special by emphasizing the importance of team play and being a model Christian on and off the ice.

First Row: Dan Lane. Second row: Jeff Marshall, Dave Graziotti, Sean Gazey, Jeff Schmidt, Mike Torrance, John Seism, Chris Halshof, Steve Silvester, Chris Becker. Back Row: Andrew Sheldrake, Bret Burrows, Jeff Lycett, Todd Shautzer, Seth Campbell, Kirk Fritz, Scott Keith, John Nicholson, Gary Habermas - Coach, Steve Griffin - Defensive Coach, Don Garlock - Chaplain.


First R o w : Kerri B u m s - V. P. Membership, Nancy Viar - V. P. Promotions, Traci Pollard - V. P. Programs, Dr. Al. Snyder Advisor, Denise Pugh - Director of P.R., S h a w n de Lestard President, Leslie Coppess - Secretary/Treasurer.

The International Association of Business Communicators strives to keep pace with a rapidly changing corporate society. I A B C / L U is comprised of a group of students pursuing excellence in their field of study through interaction with local professionals in the world of business communications and public relations. The club assists students with the transition from college academic experience to the professional world.


First R o w : Chris Falwell - Treasurer, Sharon Jenkens - Secretary, Prof. Robert Habermas - Advisor, Karen MacDonald - Recording Secretary, Jeff Fulton -Vice President. Second Row: Tim Sears- Sports Reporter, Brad Wright - Vice President, David Lethco - President, Lynn Wyatt - Public Relations, Shane Lightfoot - Marketing, Jeff Dull - Chaplain.

The Liberty University chapter of the Intercollegiate Religious Broadcasters works to promote interest in the careers of Christian radio and television. The club conducts annual field trips, schedules guest speakers, and encourages interest in Christian broadcasting. A highlight of every year is participation in the annual National Religious Broadcaster's Convention held in Washington, D.C.

INTERNATIONAL S T U D E N T CLUB The International Student Club familiarizes the incoming international students with the rules and regulations of the university. The club encourages foreign students to merge their different cultures into the American culture enhancing both. The group meets the m a n y needs accompanying a n e w w a y of life with variFirst Row: Thembi Tulwana - Activities Director, Kristen K o d w a y - ous activities and church outings. Secretary, Sanusi Foloso - President, Carolyn Vander Veen - Vice President.


K A P P A D E L T A PI K a p p a Delta Pi is a chapter of the International Honor Society in education which emphasizes the four ideals of fidelity to humanity, science, service and toil. The Liberty University chapter seeks to balance these ideals with the Christian perspective. These ideals are promoted to club m e m b e r s through meetings, service project, and leadership training.

First Row: Theresa Bailey - Associate Counselor, Wendy Jauch - Secretary, Wendy Class - Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Sherman - Counselor. Second Row: A m y Hart - Historian, Karen Hatfield - Vice President, Sonja Solberg - President, Jay Baughman - Treasurer, Karla Keating - Senator.

KING'S PLAYERS The King's Players is an organization that uses drama to communicate the gospel. They tour twice a m o n t h and during spring break, traveling to different churches and schools while ministering to families and young people. The organization consists of twelve students and faculty director, David Allison. First R o w : Maryanne E m m o n o , Jennifer H o d d e n , Matthew Cecchini. Second R o w : Julie Stoltzfus, Zaida Maldonado, Kerri Albani, Holly Willard, Greg Jones, Brad Bogart, Stephen Michael, T o d d Benson - T e a m Leader.

LACROSSE Lacrosse is a sport which is similar to hockey and soccer, but it is a unique sport altogether. The motto of the lacrosse club is "practice makes perfect." Coach M a r k Gedicks instilled the fundamentals of checking and cradling the ball to insure ball control during the season. The goal of lacrosse is to give each player the chance to develop into a responsible Christian athlete.

First R o w : J. Stewart Pait, Glenn I. Kalnins, Paul Fleury, W a y n e Stiles. Second R o w : Eric Zehr, Seth Campbell, Ray Ferranto, Eric Stamps, Roach Kipp, Russ LeBlanc, Coach M a r k D. Gedicks.


First Row: Laura Stebbins - President, Bruce Herwig - Public Relations/Treasurer, A m y Gott - Vice President.

Liberators for Life offers a variety of activities and opportunities for students to m a k e a pro-life stand. This year, the club stood with local residents in Lynchburg's first Life Chain as well as participating with thousands of pro-life supporters in the M a r c h For Life in Washington, D C . Liberators for Life educates students about the tragedies of abortion and encourages participation in the pro-life cause.


First Row: A m y Krenz - Vice President, Wesley Collins Treasurer, Jacqueline Weiser - President, Cindy Reid - Secretary.

The Liberty Association of Accountants equips students to become Christian professionals that will impact today's business world. The club informs students about opportunities available in the accounting field, enhances their professional development, and provides enjoyable social events. Conferences with practicing CPA's and c a m p u s speakers help to advance the organization's goals.

LIBERTY ASSOC. O F CHRISTIAN T E A C H E R S The Liberty Association of Christian Teachers is designed to encourage fellowship and professional growth for all students in the teacher certification program. It is designed to involve students in all teacher education programs, both elementary and secondary. Special trips and workshops keep m e m b e r s current o n happenings First Row: T a m m y Phelps, Heather Pait, Dr. Karen Parker (co- in the teaching field. sponsor). Second Row: Lisa Layne, Brian Bortiee, Patty Houghton, Celia Towles. Not Pictured: Dr. Rebecca Carwile (co-sponsor), Jonathan Nazigian, Michelle Branch.



Colonel Sanders and friends

Photo by Steven R. Green

R.O.T.C. Instills Commitment

The fall of 1990 w a s filled with the scent of war which floated across the ocean from the oil rich fields of the Middle East to this nation. President Bush's commission sent several thousand servicemen to Saudi Arabia and the surrounding areas to halt the takeover attempts by Iraqi leader S a d d a m Hussein. Servicemen remaining in the United States remained on alert and preparations were continuously taking place. Preparations of a similar sort but on a smaller scale continue on Liberty U.'s campus through the Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC). It is a little k n o w n fact that approximately 45 students participate in R O T C . Fostered by the U S Department of Defense, the program is committed to training young m e n and w o m e n in the m a n y facets of military science. The organization requires an enormous amount of dedication on the part of its members. Becoming active, no matter your status (class) or rank, is a must. The R O T C conducts physical train ing exercises and activities three times during the week. Once a week at Liberty, a Leadership Lab takes place which teaches students skills that simply couldn't be mastered through observation or reading. Finally, a major training exercise program is conducted at Fort Lee in Petersburg, V A , twice a month. Skills in combat, weaponry, m a p reading and leadership are instilled in the cadets throughout this enormously demanding weekend. The second facet of R O T C can be just as demanding as the physical activities and drills. The classroom courses required at each level (year) m a k e this more than your average extra-curricular activity. Hourly credit in the field of military science, just as in biology or philosophy, is given to the students w h o complete the classroom work and meet the physical activity requirements. Four levels of academic work exist for the cadets to complete before completing their military science requirements. Unquestionably, commitment is driven into the students of R O T C . A s a junior in the program, the commitment can be certainly life changing as the option is presented to sign a contract with the army for eight years. M a n y decide to serve their country for the next few years in active duty. But for those w h o don't, commitment is still ingrained in the R O T C participant. The rigors of physical activity and the dem a n d s in the classroom dually serve as the shapers of a determined group of individuals.

By Paul H. Jimenez Photo by Steven R. Green

LIBERTY DEAF ASSOC. Liberty Deaf Association is designed to provide fellowship for the deaf students on campus. It also provides service for the deaf such as interpretation of classes, chapels, church services, concerts and various special events. The association is organized to encourage and support those in the club. First Row: Tina Johnson - Treasurer, Michael Bryant - Vice President, Mark Denton - President, Lois Myers - Secretary.

LIBERTY H U M A N ECOLOGY ASSOC. The Liberty H u m a n Ecology Association exposes students to the various career opportunities in the field of h u m a n ecology. It also provides student involvement in the "mother" organizations: the Virginia H o m e Economics Association and the American H o m e Economics Association. The club stresses the fact that it includes all students regardless of gender.

First Row: Cinnomin Baker - Vice President, Camilla Taylor President. Back Row: Dana Rushing - Historian, Teresa Cramer - Public Relations, Tudith Johnson - Secretary.

LIBERY MARKETING ASSOC The Liberty Marketing Association's purpose is to give the students marketing experience and exposure to marketing before entering the business world. They also use their classroom skills to work on various marketing research projects. First Row: Kimberly Flint - Vice President of Programming, Todd Lebo - President, Andrew Sullivan - Vice President of Finance, Richard Lambert - Vice President of Promotions, Kristin Walker - Vice President of Communications.


First Row: Scott Hofert - President, Karen Coy - Vice President, Jamie George - Administrative Assistant.

The L I G H T Club is a campus movement to assist in the evangelization of the world. The missions oriented club is organized to meet the students' spiritual needs and arouse interest in world campaigns. L I G H T sponsors monthly rallies and prayer meetings. L I G H T also seeks to recruit members of the student body to become involved in the m a n y exposure trips around the world.

L.U. P R E - M E D The Liberty University Pre-Med Club is designed for those interested in the medical field. It provides an opportunity for members to learn more about the medical profession and gives members the chance to discuss topics relevant to medicine and its research. Information regarding medical school is also relayed to the club. First Row: P a m Marsh-Editor, Jennifer Willis-Secretary, David Shirley-Vice President. Second Row: Erik Svendsen-Activities Director, Dr. Richard Lane-Advisor, Dr. Terry Spohn-Advisor, Brian D. Titsworth-Treasurer, Lucky Billings-President.

L.U. B A N D

First R o w Jennifer Clark - President, Dolly Harrington Treasurer, Tina Mortify - Alumni Rep., Lynly DeLacy - Secretary Karla Hill - Public Relations. Second Row: Jim Burks Field Commander, Scott Gordon - Field Commander, Kent Jaffrey - Vice President, Paula Pentecost - Color Guard Captain, Mindy Currie - Field Commander. MISSING: T o m Kawecki - Vice President.

The purpose of this program is twofold, according to Director Ray Locy: "To present quality entertainment at football halftime shows and to help each individual grow spiritually through Christian camaraderie." The marching band has received national recognition by representing the state of Virginia in the 1983 Macy's Parade ( N e w York City) and by performing at halftime for an N F L g a m e in 1988.

M A T H CLUB M a t h Club endeavors to cultivate an interest in theoretical and applied mathematics as well as related fields of study. The organization sponsors monthly forums designed to improve awareness of opportunities in mathematical professions, assist in preparation for graduate studies, and enhance student-faculty relationships. Monthly meetings present a variety of topics from the perspective of faculty, guest speaker, and alumni.

First Row: G u y Tarnstrom - President, lames Ward - Vice President, Brian Renshaw - Treasurer, John Kurtz - Secretary.

MUSIC E D U C A T O R S NATIONAL CONFERENCE The purpose of Music Educators National Conference is for music educators to become aware of the truths and principles of music in hum a n life. The organization's main goal is to increase the knowledge of practices which occur within the field.

First R o w : Sue Johnson - Recording Secretary, Dolly Harrington - Treasurer, Cindy Church - President, Not Pictured: Jill Kelly- Vice President.

NURSING ASSOC. The Liberty Student Nursing Association receives all students involved in the nursing program. The focus of the club unites student nurses and utilizes nursing abilities in the community as well as on campus. This year's club has the privilege of attending the Virginia State Nurses Convention. Ultimately, the club hopes to infiltrate the medical field with the Christian message.

First R o w : Letha Wolder - President, Shay Martin -Vice President, D a w n Dyer - Treasurer, Martha Willamson Public Relations Director, Jacki T h o m p s o n - Secretary.


First Row: Alan Brown - Vice President, Douglas James Richardson, Christie Hayes - Secretary, Sandra Penten. Second Row: Dr. Mark Steinhoff - Advisor, Tim Fair - Treasurer, Eric Segedi, Eric Timmons President, David Habegger, Sidney Faglier.

Phi Alpha Theta is Liberty's chapter of the International History Society. Liberty's chapter is called Alpha Iota. The group seeks to a w a k e n interest in historical study while bringing together history enthusiasts and providing them with intellectual and social activities. The club also facilitates interaction between faculty and students and promotes rapport with their counterparts at neighboring colleges and universities.


Front R o w : Kimberley King - Secretary, W e n d y Pulliam Treasurer, Mrs. Bonheim - Sponsor. Second R o w : D o u g LoyParliamentarian, Mr. Bonheim - Sponsor, Tim Rose - Vice President, Darin A r m o u r - President.

The "Player's Club" is composed of m e m b e r s seeking to pursue professional careers in physical education, recreation, sports m a n a g e m e n t and exercise science. The club's purposes are to provide professional speakers and experiences for students, provide opportunities for professional socialization, and to be actively involved in service oriented activities of a professional nature.


First R o w : Leslie Coppess - Account Executive, A m a n d a Schweinsburg - Account Executive, Nancy Viar - Account Executive, Craig Baker - Production Staff, Denise Pugh Manager. Not Pictured: Andrea Blair - Production Staff, Tonja Penon - Production Staff, Mrs. Allyson G o o d m a n Advisor.

The Public Relations/Advertising Agency is designed to provide journalism students with practical experience in their fields of study. T h e agency accepts clients from within the university desiring logos, newsletters, brochures and other related materials. Although in its first year of existence, the agency promises to be a tremendous asset to the journalism department, Liberty University and the community.


«. % J»^»*«SIJS_


Photo by Steven R. Green

The Shepherd's Club Experiences Its Call For two years, the Shepherd's Club has been an important m o v e m e n t for pastoral majors and other m e n pursuing ministry opportunities. Senior Rick Biesiadecki has been president of the club since its inception. Bieseadecki explained that the purpose of the club is to first expose people to pastoral ministries and also act as a rallying point for m e n w h o have surrendered to the call of the ministry. The large club, which containins 75 members, functions under the direction of Rev. M a r k Chafin, sponsor, and Dr. Dennis Fields, faculty advisor. Outside engagements and evangelistic outreach ministries are coordinated with the Liberty Baptist Fellowship through the Christian Service office. Also, faculty m e m b e r s w h o have previously served as pastors in a church often speak at the special engagements sponsored by the club. Although the Shepherd's Club is new, it is a revitalization of the Student Associate Pastor's Staff that originated in 1977 under the direction of Dr. C. Sumner W e m p and Dr. Fields. It is the pastoral major's complement for YouthQuest and L I G H T club. The Shepherd's Club seeks to utilize the knowledge given to them by their professors. This is a special club because valuable experience is gained immediately in the area for which they feel their lives are purposed. The transition from what is learned in the classroom to their calling and purpose is without delay and highly useful. A s more exposure is given to the club and the pastoral major itself, the group will continue to grow. The club is not only training pastors for service in America, but is training spiritual leaders w h o will one day encompass the world.

By Melanie Beroth

Montgomery Rice

Photo by Norbert Henrich

PRE-LAW The Pre-Law Society is designed for those students interested in attending law school after graduation. Guest speakers, including deans and representatives of various law schools, come to share with club members about the m a n y facets of law school and admissions. Several trips for the purpose of visiting and experiencing different law schools are taken.


ffWku HaE*


First Row: D a w n Alsop - Secretary, Marcia Hoath - Club Senator, Kristy Eriksen - President, Valerie Hoath - Chief of Staff. MISSING: Rick Holt - Vice President.

PRE-MED H O N O R SOCIETY The Liberty University Pre-Med Honor Society is the school's branch of the National Honor Society in this field. M e m b e r s of the club m a y belong to any major but must be of junior status, maintain a 3.5 grade point average, and intend to enter some facet of the medical field. Meetings inform members of the major topics in the medical field as well as information that will help students hoping to enter medical school.













First Row: Iva Milanovic - Vice President, Pamela Zimmerman - Secretary, A m y Coxon - President.

PSI CHI Psi Chi is a part of the National Honor Society in the science of psychology. Psi Chi recognizes, encourages and maintains excellence in scholarship regarding psychology. The National Honor Society in psychology also nourishes and stimulates professional growth through programs designed to enhance the regular curriculum while providing practical experience and fellowship.

First Row: Christine M u m a h - Vice President of Activities, Angela Gibson - Vice President of Advertising, Melanie Dennis Secratary, Dr. Anderson - Advisor. Second Row: Randy Kistler - President, Cynthia Southall - President of Activities, John Sterner - Vice President, Michelle Field - President of Membership, Ken Aurin - Treasurer.

ROTC The R O T C provides college trained officers for the U.S. A r m y Reserves. Their goal is to develop and produce quality leadership in cadets as future officers in the U.S. Army. Their activities include field training exercise, classroom instruction and adventure training.

First Row: Aaron Sanders, Andrew Ellis, Rochelle Wilkins, Gregory Elliott, Greg Coile. Second Row: John Eddy, Jack Hayes, Bruce Buchanan, Timothy Brooke.

SGA The elected officers of S G A purpose to improve and enhance the quality of education at Liberty. This is done through administrative representation of the student perspective and preparation of nonacademic projects and activities.

First Row: Melondee Newby - Executive Vice President, Beth Shoaf - Executive Secretary. Second Row: Paul Davis - President, Brad McNeill- Vice President of Student Activities, Christos Carroll - Executive Treasurer.

SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta is the English Honor Society. Focuses of their regular meetings include providing a for u m for student writers to present their works; providing high quality, interesting speakers to keep Englishminded students abreast of current trends and career planning; and providing fun times of fellowship between students and English profesFirst Row: Kim Springsteen - Secretary, Stephen Scott - Presi- sionals. dent, Karen Hatfield - Treasurer.

SOCIETY FOR H U M A N RESOURCE M G M T . The Society of H u m a n Resources Management is designed to expose students to the future in personnel administration or labor relations. It keeps the students informed of n e w developments in the field of personnel. They sponsor activities such as company tours, monthly dinner meetings and m o c k interviews. The goal of the organization is to develop a nucleus of truly professional workers.

First Row: Suzanne Tucker - Public Relations, Carol Hamer Vice President, Rick Cobb - President, Julie Fraser - Secretary.

UNIVERSITY C H O R A L E The Liberty University Chorale is a n e w club on campus this year. The choir consists of nearly 100 members w h o practice three times every week. The Chorale performs in chapel services, concerts and church services in the Lynchburg area. A s the largest choir on campus, the group practices and performs to show God's love and grace. First Row: Lee Anne Vaughan - Secretary, Rochelle Mante Accompanist. Second Row: Mrs. Joan Pennock - Director, Steve Loser - Treasurer, Christian VandenHeuvel - President, Christy Blake - Vice President.

VOLLEYBALL The men's volleyball team developed a close bond as they practiced and competed during the 1991 season. The team realized early that they must improve while facing a higher level of competion. This was accomplished by leadership from the upperclassmen and their tutelage of the invaluable newcomers. The volleyball team perfected their spikes, digs and serves by the time of the regular season schedule. The team also strived to be a testimony as they displayed their athletic abilities.

First Row: Peter Lacanienta, Sam Skelton, Scott Arbugast, Trenton L. Schake. Second Row: lay Nelson, Kevin Clay, Jim Woolace, Danny Coupland, John Kurtz, Paul Collins and Earl Alimond.


Front R o w : Brad Wright - operations manager, Karen MacDonald - Assistant N e w s Director, Troy Smith - Station Manager, Kimberly A. Kromer - Sales Manager/Promotions Director, Jeffrey J. Fulton - Music Director, Nerue Morguarge - Chaplain. Second Row: Rodney Baylous - N e w s Director, Steven Villa - Chief Announcer, Timothy Brady - Traffic Director, Mike Strycker - Public Affairs Director, Brent Stastny - Sports Director, Ed Mallory - Production Director, Brian Strunk - Teaching Assistant.

The W L B U Radio Club is designed to give experience to the telecommunications major. It also provides campus information to the student body. The organization is also responsible for the n e w development and production of advertisements. The 1990-1991 school year saw the campus radio station m a k e the exciting change from an A M station to an F M station. This change m a d e W L B U the only F M contemporary Christian radio station in Lynchburg.


First Row: Anne-Marie Ytterhorn - Producer, Steve Jones - Producer Manager. Back Row: Ray Wick - Sales Manager, Trent A. Chase Station Manager, Reginald Hurd - Producer, Ron Baldwin - Chief Engineer, Gary Roberts - Programming Mananger.

W L B U T V operates the campus T V station as a regular broadcast outlet showing biweekly presentations of several student-produced programs, music videos, interviews and comedy shows. The purpose of the station is to broadcast to the university community a blend of programming which will prove to be informative, entertaining and spiritually uplifting. The station provides a practical laboratory in which students m a y develop skills needed to succeed in the field of T V production.


First R o w : Joel Willitts - Vice President, Tamara Park - Treasurer, Rodney Huffty - President, Karen Patch - Secretary.

Youthquest Club is an organization dedicated to inspiring college students to reach teenagers for the cause of Christ. This goal is accomplished through activities such as Scaremare, Clearwater Beach Alive and N e w York Quest. Youthquest also has various ministry teams such as the gymnastic team, kids puppet team and drama team which give students of all majors first hand involvement with youth.

Kidsquest Enriches Young Lives

Youthquest is a club that almost everyone has heard about by the end of his first semest Liberty. Youthquest's ministry teams are quite visible on campus. The drama team acts in Sunday School and the singing teams sing in chapels and special meetings. Yet the teen-oriented club has still increased its number of teams in the past year. Kidsquest, a puppet team whose main goal is to get the Gospel to children of all ages, is a recen addition to Youthquest. While the other teams have a bigger ministry on campus, Kidsquest serves mainly off the Liberty campus. Usually three times a month, they perform a program consisting of humorous songs, Bible stories acted out by the puppets, and skits intended to apply truths to the young audience. S o m e places in which the team has ministered include the Lynchburg Christian A c a d e m y daycare center, the Virginia Baptist Hospital and various churches. During Spring Break in 1990, the team traveled to N e w York City where they saw tremendous results for their dedication. Numerous children responded to the gospel in the schools where Kidsquest performed. Returning to the Big Apple with its tremendous amount of schools and children is certainly on the minds of the group. The puppet team is only two years old, and five members of this year's edition are brand new. Performances are keyed by prerecorded songs and skits, but they hope to improve performances by improvising conversations. Meeting time and scheduling demands can be a struggle at times for the group which practices for five hours a week. But the goal of seeing kids reached for Christ is a fixture in the hearts and minds of the team m e m bers. There can be no question that Kidsquest is unique. The friendships gained, experience obtained, and the maturing of individuals all blend in the c o m m o n goal of touching young lives while they m a y be influenced.

By Sheila Strobel

Photo by Steven R. Green

Photo by Steven R. Green










Abbott, George Absher, Kevin W . Acanda, Pablo Adams, Kevin Adrian, Bunta Aguayo, Melissa Ahrens, Thomas Alexander, Nathan Alexandru, Fare Alleman, Misty Allen, Robbie Allison, Sharon J. Alloway, Lark Allshouse, Mark Alvy, Monica Dee Amaro, Lisa Marie Ames, Shawn Anderson, Carrie Anderson, Mark Andrews, Jeffrey Andrews, Tina Andrews, Steve Anemona, Gherman Angles, Kimberly Anhalt, Jeff Apgar, Michelle Aponte, Yolanda Ardrey, Steve Ardrey, Rachel Argento, Holly Arias, Barry Dale Armour, David Arnold, Andrew Arvidson, Debbie Ashby, Donald Babby, Robin Banea, Teofil Badskey, Shannan Bagley, James F. Bain, Barry Baker, Kristin Baker, Tara Baker, Travis Baldwin, Mark Balog, Emilia Banu, Teofil Daniel Baraga, Dana Barber, Stephanie Barber, Stephanie Barrentine, Melissa Bassett, Andrea Barrett, Angela Barrett, Denise Barrett, Ken Basden, Alex R. Bass, Wayne Bassett, Andrea Baugh, Jimmie Baum, Laura Baxley, Richard Jr. Bayer, Birch Bayless, Lori Beatty, John M .


Beauvais, Julie A n n Beauvais, Krishna Beckman, Michelle Becerra, Belkis BeCraft, Ginger Behrens, Kristin Behrens, Kurt Behrens, Tom Belfield, H a n k Bellew, Kimberly Bello, Carlos Bendt, A n n a Bennett, Candace Bentler, Julie Benton, Dana Berger, K i m Berry, Chris Bert, Joette L. Best, Herschel Scott Betsill, Jennifer Bettenhausen, Greg Beyer, Craig Bhniel, Mitrofan Biller, Kimberly J. Billiot, Rhonda Binkley, Karrie Leigh Blacock, Gene Blair, Alissa Blair, Stephen Lee Blandford, Jennifer Blaney, Chris Bleck, John Bloom, Mandi Blomstrom, Jennifer Blum, Jennifer Blymier, Brad Bob, Cornelia Bodien, Galadria Bohca, Paul Boldea, Gabriela Bonifacius, Bucky Booker, Cathy A n n Boone, Andrea Borland, Ruth Botica, Elena Boyle, Charlene Boyette, Jeanette Boyles, Patricia Branch, Michael Bratton Jr., T. Jack Braud, Matthew J. Breckner,Reinhard Berinig, Joe II Breland, Jeremy Brewer, Angela Noel Brewer, Mark H. Briers, Rebekah R. Broderick, Pia Bronson, Susanne Brooks, Keith Brooks, Paula Brower, Jamie Brown, A m y


Brown, A m y E. Brown, Christy Brown, Stephanie Buerkle, Elizabeth Buick, Kimberly Bult, Darren Jon Bumper, Cristil Bundy, Kellie Bunn, Tim Burris, Robin Busby, Kim Bussert, Merrel Burke, Brendan Burdick, Jon Burns, Chris Cademartori, Jennifer Cahoon, Pequita R. Callogham, Paul Calvert, Adrian Campbell, Shane K. Canty, Tamar Capota, Ana Caraballo, Douglas Cary, Tina Cardoso, Raphael Carlson, Curtis Carlton, Jamie Carr, John E. Carroll, Judith Carlson, Sheila Carmean III, Homer S. Carter, Dana Carter, Marcus Caruana, Jacqueline Cash, Kevin Cassidy, Tom Cathcart, Randy Cavalieri, Monica Caviness, Denise Ceister, Stephen Ceuhini, Matthew Chamberlin, D. Tug Chamberlain, Stephanie Chapman, Jody Chapman Jr., Jack Cherman, Daniel Cherry, Stacey L. Christenson, Erik Christianson, Dayna Christensen, Julie Ann Christian, Douglas Cho, Hye U n Choice, Nichole M . Cienkowski, Karyn Clark, Andrew S. Clark, Kevin Clark, Maureen Clark, Ronnie Class, Kathy Classing, Stephen Cleland, Chris d e m o n s , Kimberly


Cleveland, Jim Click, Matthew Cline, Darla Clorba, Luminita Clyg, Charity Coffin, Jonathan Cole, Zim Coleman, Dawn Collins, Cheryl Collins, Johnny Collins, Lance Collins, Meredith Ellen Colvin, Lisa Conley, Kelly J. Connors, John Conrod, Richard J. Cook, Susan Cooper, Keri Cooper, Sherry Coords, Cindy Corcoran, Shawn D.


Corley, Philip Cowdrey, Brian Cox, Jennifer Cram, Ginger Lee Crane, Stephen Crane, Susan Crawford III, Paul W . Crecca, Betty Ann Crim, Lee Cristina, Sburanra Crotts, Jeff Cruthers, Carrie Cully, Mike Cummings, Gregory Cunningham, Alan Cunningham, Rebecca Curd, Elizabeth Curry, Chad Cypher, Neal Damboise, A m y Damron, Andrew Danley, Dean David Daniela, Mitrofan Danciu, Coleen Daniel, Istrate Darling, Linda M . Davis, Christy Davis, Ginger Davis, Matt Davis, Sarah L. Davis, Shawn M . Davis, Shelia Davis, Tina M . Dawkins, Linda Day, Robert T. Day, Tracy Dayrit, Gemmie Dean, Deborah Dean, Jennifer Deboer, Michelle Decker, Glen Deitsch, Ben Delapenhs, Michelle Delk, Jason G. Delloso, Michael Delos Santos, Kendra Demaray, Philip Demoura, Heidi Densmore, Stacey DeVries, Lance DeYoung, Janet Renea Dickey, Tara J Dietrich III, Philip H. Dillon, Johanna Dilmore, Heather Dishong, Scott Diramo, Christopher Dimitriu, Paula Dixon, Michael R Doyle, Angela M . Dowell, Jennifer Douglas, Jeffrey Dorey, Deborah


Doney, John Dollman, A. Yvonne Dolin, Cindy Dodson, Angelita Doctor, Matt Dobler, Andrew Durdun, Anna DuVall, Matt Dupre, Dori Dulaney, Scott Duffey, Joel Dudley, Michele Dubost, Joy Dragoo, Donald Drewry, Renee E. Drew, Jennie Dewey, Jenny Eagle, Pamela Eayres, Claudia Eckeberger, Emily Eckert, Carolyn Eddy, Amy J. Edgar, Justin Edgar, Tricia Eidens, Michelle Eidse, Rebecca A. Eisnaugle, Thomas Elia, Rocco A Elijah, T. Ryan Elkins, Toni Katherine Eller, Donald Elliot, T. Andrew Elliot, Chris Ellis, Chris Elmore, Angela N. Emmons, Maryanne Emerson, Karen Endslow, Jane England, Rob Eoute, A m a n d a Eremich, Jennifer Espinar, John Espinar, Patrick Evangeliste, Dan Evans, Jay Evans, Jonathan E. Evans, Tamara Lynette Faehlings, David Faile, Tim Fannin, Amy Fare, Eunice Fariss, Danny Fauber, Susan Fauth, Joey Feincher, Joya A Ferche, Flaviu Roland Ferguson, Jodi Ferguson, Mason Ferguson, Melissa Ferrone, Anna Maria Fiedler, Tina Fincher, Tierra Fink, Brian


Fiori, Victor Fiorini, Chistina Firezar, Petru Mircea First, Greg Fisher, Mark Fizer, Toni Melissa Flevry, Paul Florentina, Luncan Floyd, Carrie Foley, Laura Fortune, Shorne Foss, Cynthia Fountain, D a w n Fox, Brian Fox, Daniel Frank, Tami Freeman, Jenni Freeman, Katherine Freyburger, Jason Fry, David Fujii, Daniel Fugate, Jeffery Fuqua, Greg A. Furris, Patricia Gage, Beckie Gallaher, Shelly Galyen, Chad Gambos, Chris Gandy, Jenee Gandy, Misty Garcia, Jose F. Gardner, Chris Garrett, Kristina Gates, Laura Gatewood, Stacy Gaudette, Andrew Geiger, Rayleen Getchel, A m y J. Geukgeuzian, Michael Lee Gheorghe, Bob Ghitas,Daniel Gibson, D a w n Gibson, Donald Gist, Keli Gochenour, Marsha Godby, Kelly Godsey, Karen Goff, David Goins, Brian Gokey, Chris Golden, Douglas Gombis, Tim Gooch, Bryan Goodman, Sheree Goodsmith, Heidi Goodwin, Anne Gorsline, Chris Gossage, Nathan Gothfried, Randy Graham, A m y Graham, Elaine Graham, Evelyn Greek, Nathaniel


Oleg: From Russia With Love Bricks that were once used to build walls of separation are n o w being used to create bridges of unification. A s the walls of the Iron Curtain crumble, so can the light of the gospel shine through gaps. O n one of their missions to Eastern Europe nearly two years ago, the missions outreach group called L I G H T encountered Oleg Oleynikov. During that time, Oleg heard the gospel for hours and was given a Russian N e w Testament. Even though Oleg considered Christianity "just a myth," he promised to read his n e w Bible. Six months later, another L I G H T missions team went to the Soviet Union. It was no mere chance that Oleg was recognized by team leaders a m o n g nine million M o s c o w residents. W h e n Oleg was asked about Jesus Christ, he smiled, pulled out the N e w Testament he had received months earlier, and said he couldn't stop reading it. Yet Oleg still had unanswered questions. Later that night, C a m p u s Pastor Rob Jackson and Team Leader Vernon Brewer met with Oleg and a friend in the hotel room. After m a n y questions and answers, Oleg recieved Christ. O n e year after Oleg's first encounter with the Americans, Liberty graduate Rick A m a t o and Brewer returned to Eastern Europe. There they had the opportunity to offer Oleg a scholarship to come to Liberty University. In August of 1990, Oleg enrolled at Liberty U. and is enjoying both American and university life. Oleg is a reminder that there is a purpose and reason to all things, and that G o d is in control.

By Stephen Milley

Hardiman, Jeff Hargis, Chris Harman, Timothy L. Harmsen, Scott Harris, Crystal Harris, Heather Holly Harris, Heather L.



Harrison, Geniser Hart, David G. Harter, Mike Hartman, Melissa Harvey, Shana Harvard, Donald W . Harwood, Catherine Hassell, D. Terry A. Hassell, Stacy Hayes, Dan Hayes, Mark Hayes, Virginia L. Hazelwood, Kim Heath, Melissa Hechinger, Jennifer Heddings, T a m m y Hedges, Kelly Heller, Gennifer Helliwell, Sean Helmuth, Joel Helwig, Brent


Henderson, Albert Hinshaw, David J. Henriques, Tori Henry, Harry Helper, Tara Herder, Emily Herman, Missy Herman, Roberts Herman, Tamara Herold, Laura B. Herwig, Noel Hesprich, Xena Hosters, Beth Geuter, Donna Jean


VjSfe « &

Hicks Jr., Thomas W. Higgins, Floyd C High, Shannon C Hindson, Christy Hines, W e n d y Rene Hinkle, Roxanne Hildebrandt, Mark BW—BK

Hildebrand, Matthew S. Hinshaw, David S. Hirt, Kevin Hodden, Jennifer Hodge, Jennifer R. Hodges, Jennifer Hodges, Margaret Hoffman, Jeannine Hogue, Heather Hogue, Kyle Hokanson, Stephen Holding, Cindy Holland, Lorraine Holliday, Sam


Holyfield, Kevin Hopper, Gregory Horton, Jodi Horton, Keith Houston, Ronda Howard, Leslie Howard, Leslie A. Hosnick, Pamela Hrebar, Louis A. Huff, Shana Hukel, Kenneth Hukills, Adrianna Hukills, Rochelle Humphries, Patricia L. Hundley, Catherine Hunter, Darrius Hunter, Mark Hunter, Patricia Hucsman, Braddock Hylton, Valerie Igna, loan Aorin Imhof, Kathy Jacobs, W e n d y Jackson, Eric Jackson, Learn Jackson, John Mark Jackson, Mary James, Maunna Jasper, Eric Jefferson, Brad Jenkins, Krista Jennings, Micheal Jennings, Teresa Jensen, Bonnie J. Jester, Patricia Jewell, Susan Johnson, A n d y Johnson, Lina John, Ellis Grace Johnson, Angie Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Craig Johnson, Darrin J. Johnson, Connie Johnson, Jess Johnson, Shay Johnston, David Jones, Allison Johnson, April Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Douglas Jones, Janet Jones, Kolt Jones, Matt Jones, Robbie Jones, Vernita Justice, Brenda Justice, Shawna Justus, Leslie Kaechele, Mike Kaiser, John Kalnins, Glenn



Kaneshiro, Shelbi Kauanaugh, John Kauel, Jennifer Keates, Kristine Kedik, Melinda Keech, D a w n a Keener, Angela Kemmerer, Melissa Khan, Ahtesham L. Keiper, A m y Keith, Lynea Kelley, Tara Kellogy, Kevin Kennedy, April Kern, Mark Keznor, Nikki Kilgore, Derek Kim, David Dong-ha Kim, H o Kyung Kim, Yun Sik Kinder, Deborah King, Laura King, Claudia LeShea Kirgan, David Kirk, John D. Kirk, Nicole Kirschner, Matt Kisby, Jamie K. Klingter, Jennifer Knakal, Paula Rnowlton, Trina Koulak, Jennifer Kraft, Rachel Kroenberger, Kim Krisak, Paul Kurschner, Alan Kurz, Matthew Lane, Jennifer Lara, Pedro Latham, W e n d y Layne, Dona F. Lawrence, Julie C. Letherland, Danielle LeBeaux, Allison LeBlank, Russ Lee, Scott Leeper, Kim Lehman, Thomas Leonhirth, Susan Leslie, Lisa Lester, Jennifer Letts, Anthony Letting, Jennifer Leuce, Mihaela-Dorina Leucnson, Joey Lewis, Belinda R. Liddle, Gretchen Liesegans, David Light, Christine Ligon, Tracie Lipscomb, Mary Beth Liskey, Barb Litman, Marina


Litzau, Jonathan Little, Betty Little, Brian Lloyd, Doug Lobach, Steve Lockamy, Chris Lockie, Kendra N. Loftin, Shane Logan, Stephanie Anne Long, Christopher Long, Sherri Long, Stephen Longaberger, Rusty Lotspeich, Cristina Loser, Steve Lovell, Shannon Lowrey, D o n Lubarre, Matthew Lucas, Ethan Lupulesow, Samuel Lycett, Jeffery T. Lynn, Nadine MacCurdy, Mary E. MacDonald, Kim Machovina, Allyson Macovei, Alina Madden,Tiffany A. Magallanes, Erba Magill, Jessica Mahairas, Anastacia Mahan, Sandra Mahaaraj, Savita Maido, Kelly Lynn Main, Scott Maines, Colleen T. Maka, Jennifer Susan Maldonado, Zaida Malko, Geneine Maley, Julee Mallory, Daniel Manahan, Melissa Mann, Maureen Marbarger, Brian Marino, Monica Marketto, Erik Marks, Jennifer Marry, Brian Marley, Gregg A. Marshall, Abella Martin, Faith Martin, Heather Martin, Robert Martin, Ronald Mascoll, Akwin Mason, Laura A. Matheny, Greg Mattson, Lori Mayes, W e n d y Mays, Tony McClain, Christine McClain, Teddy McClang, Gretchen McClung, Shane


McCombs, David L. McCray, W e n d y McDaniel, Melissa McDonald, Rachael McFarland, Frank D. McGuire, Heather McGuirk, Kathy Mclntive, Philip Mclntyre, Angie McKinley, Scott McKinnies, Dan D. McKnight, James McKnight, Kimberly MacLord, Kenneth MacNeil, Shawn MacNelson, T o m McNulty, Mark Mebiama, Blanche Mellote, Michelle Meola, Jeanna Merchant, Rusty Merchant, Thomas Merida, Andy Meyer, Brad Mickler, Paige Mihaela, Angel Milford, Shannon Miller, Chris Miller, Donna Miller, Jason Miller, Michael J. Miller, Roswell B. Miltenberg, Lisa Miracle, Marty Mirela, Platona Miskimen, Shirley Mitchell Jr., David Mitchell, Rachel Mitrofan, Paul Mittauer, Casey Moga, Daniel Mogapi, Moagi Molesworth, Christina Monie, Gary Montgomery, Jenni Moore, April Moore, Daniel Morales, Albato Morgan, Larissa Morgan, Lisa Morgan, Scott Morgan, Tina Morris, Heather Moss, Jennifer Mossman, Robert Mozden, Christina Mugford, Molly Mulleniy, Michele M u m m a n , Keith A. Mundy, Molly Munshower, Gretchen Munsky, Julie Murphy, Carole




© * '






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Murphy, Jill Musat, Gabriela Muscolino, Ronald Musser, Blake Myles, Alexandria Myers, Bethany Myers, Jim Nash, Beki Naudascher, Jennifer Neal, Ryan Nelson, A m y Nelson, Danielle Newport, Kevin N e w m a n , Scott Nichols, Angela Nicolazzo, Polly Nielsen Jr., James C. Nilsen, Lori Anne Nisbet, Melanie Noble, Stephanie Noel, Heather Noguera, Graciela Norman, Stephanie Nowell, Nicole Nunes, Dorthy Oatridge, Oatmeal O'Brien, Kevin O'Carrol, Jennifer Ogilvie, Tammie Oles, Mike Oleyhikov, Oleg Oliver, Jason O'Neil, K. Robyn Onokalah, Chidinma Ord, Robert Osborne, Stefanie Osinga, Paul S. Ouwenga, Kim O w e n , Gretchen Pace, Scott Pack, Valerie Packett, Cathy Padgett, Pamela J. Painter, Marilyn Palmer, Lisa Pangle, Anthony Parada, Susan C. Park, Joanne Parker, Beth Parker, Todd Parrish, Jennifer Patterson, D w a n e Patrick, Sean A. Paul, Jon Pauley, Sherri Payne, Ivana Pearson, Heather Peeler, Dyna Pegram, Emily Perdiev, Chris Perkins, T. J. Perez, Cynthia Perrin, Matt


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Jeannie Hodges: A Pre-Designed Purpose Jacksonville, Florida, and Lynchburg, Virginia, are unquestionably a far distance apart. N o body k n e w this more than freshman Jeannie Hodges. Jeannie's plans for the fall of 1990 included taking advantage of the music scholarship she had been offered at Jacksonville University. Her singing talent could certainly be developed at this fine school, but going to a private university nearly ten hours away never entered her mind. Liberty w a s just a dream. Yet, Jeannie couldn't see the sequence of events that were about to unfold. Jeannie never k n e w that she w a s supposed to be at Liberty w h e n the fall semester started. A n d it was just a few weeks before classes began that Jeannie received a phone call from Dr. David Randlett, director of the Sounds of Liberty. H e asked her if she would send an audition tape to Lynchburg and eventually asked her to audition in person. This sudden change of events stunned Jeannie but also excited her w h e n she realized the great opportunity which w a s opening before her. Jeannie and her parents m a d e the long trip to Liberty University to personally meet Dr. Randlett. After performing, Dr. Randlett informed the Hodges that he would like to m a k e Jeannie the newest m e m b e r of the Sounds of Liberty. A n d suddenly, Lynchburg, Va., didn't seem that far away; in fact, the Hodges returned a week later to help Jeannie m o v e into her d o r m on top of the hill. Jeannie enjoys singing for the Lord whether it's in schools, churches or public meetings. University life is enjoyable although busy. This past summer, attending Liberty w a s almost impossible and certainly unforeseeable in Jeannie's mind. But n o w that she's in Lynchburg instead of Jacksonville, Jeannie can attest that dreams do come true.

By Paid H. Jimenez

Sturgis, Melanie Styers, Brian Styles, Bradley Sullivan, Sandra Summer, Ashley Sutherland, Cadi Sutphin, Keith Swain, Barton Swain, Tonya R. Swan, J. E. Swift, Esthen Tade, Ashley Tolley Jr., Gerald H. Tanner, Rhonda L. Tate, Bonnie Tate, Shannon Tate, Tonya Taylor, D a w n Taylor, Pamela K. TenPas, Jennifer Terrell, Michele Terzacos, Tara Tesch, Kristi L. Thacker, Joey Thies, Charles Thomas, Christy Thomas, Jon Thomas, Kathy Thomas, Kevin S. Thomas, Velvet Thompson, Jill Thorburn, Betsy Thorton, James R. Tickle, Jamie Tinkle, Greg Tiutiu, Dorih Tock, David A. Toma, Benjamin Toomer, Chris Topper, Laurel Torrez, Danny R. Torres, Jessie Tordai, Adela Toti, Ron Treadway, Sherry Trimble, Brent M . Trippett, William Brian Tuck, Deanna Turner, Brian Turner, Curtis A. Turney, Justin Ryan Tuttle, Nicole Tuhill, Jennifer Umstead, Craig Vaillancourt, A m y Valent, Andria Vanele, Adam Vance, Bill Vander Jagf, Danelle Van der Akker, Robert Van Dyke, Anthony VanHaitsma, Jennifer VanKuren, Amber


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Tracey: Defeating Doubt University life presents a challenge to all incoming students. But sophomore Tracey Furr left her h o m e of Casanova, Va., in the fall of 1989 looking for such a challenge. She w a s also looking for the opportunity to grow, find n e w friendships, and confidently gain independence. Tracey's two years have been unlike the average college student's. Tracey came from a very small high school, and adjusting to a school with thousands of students can certainly be challenging. But Tracey also has Cerebral Palsy, and her determined attitude has kept her working towards a degree in Psychology. The first couple of weeks for Tracey were incredibly tough. Unable to walk long distances, Tracey had to use a wheelchair to m a k e her w a y around campus w h e n unable to use her specialized car. Withdrawing from school became an option till a n e w friend phoned Tracey just to let her know that he missed seeing her that day. A little encouragement was all she needed to keep her focused on her goal. Liberty U.'s Christian atmosphere and inspiring dreams have led Tracey to consider a future on the mission field. Her love for children has caused her to also consider working with kids while serving God. Certainly, these options would be challenging to Tracey, but the courage she has developed at Liberty will certainly help her meet future challenges head on.

By Paul H. Jimenez Harrington, James Harris, Brett Harrison, Molly Harsey, William Hart, Jennifer Harvath, Scott Hassler, Cindy Havens, Mark Haverstick, Andrea J. Hawks, Marcie Haymond, Holly Haynes, David Heizer, Brian Helton, Laura Hendricks, Shelley Hensley, Beth Herdean, Florica Herder, J. Warren Hershey, Alisha Hey, Shelly Hicks, Eric


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Rodriguez, Nestor Rogers, Melissa Rogers, T. Renee Rohrer, John Rollison, A m y Rookus, Scott Roots, A m y K. Rosenberg, Melissa Ross, Kristin Rossell, A m y Rothfeld, Johanna Rollins, Williams P. Rowe, Marvin Rowland, Kelly Royal, Michael Ruggiero, Christine Ruld, James D. Rushing, Brad Rusk, Christopher Russel, James Rutherford, Barbara Ryder, Beth Sanusi, Foloso Safer, Dwight Sager, Kim Saker, Lesley James Sammons, Lisa Sarver II, Ernest Schaap, Margie Scharfer, Ryan Schafferman, Chyntia Schake, Trenton L. Schatzer, Todd Schlapman, Steven Schmidt, Laura J. Schmitt, Christie Schofer, James Schwartz, Scott Scott, Becky Scott, Dale K. Segvin, Heidi Serwich, Doris Sewell, Kristina Shackleford, A m y Sharp, Laura Sharp, Michelle Shear, Melissa Shearer, David Shell, Christina Shenton, Michael Sheperd, A m y Sherman, Missy Shickel, Barbara Sheilds, Patti Shipley, Derek Shirley, Keith Shoaff, Bryan Shoemaker, Karl Short, Karen Sidebottom, Bill Sides, W e n d y Sigley, Juli Silvester, Steve


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Carlos Silva: A Real Rebel Third year journalism student Carlos Silva never could have imagined the opportunities that are n o w before him. A brief look into his past makes the future seem more than optimistic. Carlos w a s born in the city of Sang Sang, Nicaragua. His country w a s overtaken by Communist guerrillas in 1979. At the age of seventeen, Carlos began to assist the "Contrarebels" w h o decided to fight against the new, communistdictated regime. H e became a link in his community to the Contras, telling them of the whereabouts of government backed troops. But w h e n several 500 pound b o m b s destroyed his hometown, Carlos decided to personally help rescue his country from communism's grasp. Carlos went through six months of training, during which he w a s specially trained in explosives and mines. During the next few years, Carlos faced fighting on an almost daily basis. It was difficult to see friends and partners killed, food totally consumed, or ammunition exhausted. Only small victories allowed the Contras to obtain the food and supplies they needed. After five years of fighting, Carlos w a s able to visit his family for the first time. The Silvas had fled to a refugee c a m p in Honduras w h e n the town w a s bombed. It w a s there in 1988 that Carlos met a missionary w h o led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The missionary also pointed him towards the United States and a Christian university that could equip him with a solid education. N o w Carlos is past the halfway mark in his pursuit of a journalism degree. O n e day, Carlos hopes to use what he has learned at Liberty U. and apply it as a journalist in Central America. The opportunity is certainly there, and it is unquestionably brighter than the past.

By Sheila Strobel Binham, Kelli Bivins, Jana Black, D a n Blanks, Jessica Boudreau, Carl R. Blanton, Chari Bobbey, Steven Boggess, Anne Bokerson, T o m Bolick, Stephanie Bolton, Scott A. Bonefield, Paula Bont, Arlene Booker, Rochelle Borden III, Benjamin A. Borgman, Beth Bottiger, Roger Bottiglieri, Patricia Bowers, Kathleen B o w m a n , Tim Brackman, Brad


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)* gim

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Adock, Diane Renee Adams, Michael Adams, William J. Madison Heights, V A Richmond, V A Keysville, G A Psychology Business Management Business, Government


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Aukland, Holly Lynchburg, V A Food Service Mgmt.

Ayers, Alyson Clackamas, O R Counseling

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Baez, Humberto Miami, FL Speech/Biblical Studies

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Barden, Karen Lynn Richmond, V A Psychology

Barker, Jody A. Danville, W V Journalism

Barley, Donna Hellam, PA Business Management

77 77 â&#x20AC;˘


Alina: Opportunity Knocked Her aspirations are to be a talk show host in Romania. More than just a public figure, though, she wants to use her talent to tell others about Christ. Alina Macovei is a 20-year-old freshman from Bucharest, Romania. Her parents both teach the Romanian language to high school students in Bucharest. Alina became a Christian in the s u m m e r of 1988. She had been studying world religion and searching for the truth for a long time. Then, she met several American students w h o answered her questions about Christianity. Since then, she has been active in C a m p u s Crusade for Christ and also in personal evangelism. Alina is a telecommunications major and is interested in both radio and video production. Her dream is to serve G o d by using the media in mass evangelism. She wants to reach the greatest number of people for Christ in the shortest time possible. By opening the doors for her to come to Liberty, Alina learned that G o d works through circumstances, and H e always reveals His will at the proper moment. Although Alina has only been a Christian for almost three years, it seems longer because of the m a n y things G o d has taught her. Alina's mother recently became a Christian because of the changes she saw G o d m a k e in her daughter's life. Alina is looking forward to going back to Romania to minister. And, if it is God's will, she will be able to evangelize through the media to her fellow Romanians. By Melanie Beroth

Barnett, Bonnita Lou Freedom, N Y Speech C o m m .

Barnhill, Chris Myrtle Beach, SC Business Finance

Beals, Sheryl D. Midland, M I Psychology

Beatty, Lori Overland Park, K S Nursing

Bates, Kathleen Amherst, V A Nursing

Beardslee, Lynn Flushing, M I Elementary Education

Baughman, Jay Clinton, O H Early/Middle Ed.

Baumann, Katherine Beal, Cindy Kingsville, M D Riverhead, N Y Elementary Education Business Management

Becerra Jr., Herbie Belmont Jr., Ronald Beno, Tracey Cliffside Park, NJ Montville, NJ Wilmington, D E Video Prodution Business Management Elementary Education


Berger, Kristie Kettering, O H Finance

Bess, Sarah A. Poca, W V Nursing

Bigelow, Dareen Schererville, IN Business Management

Biller, Greg Dillsburg, P A Accounting

Bjorklund, Tricia Fridley, M N Business Management

Blanton, Cheri Wasilla, A K Cross-Cultural Min.


Blosser, Phillip Ft. Collins, C O Sports Management

Bloye, Kevin Michael Howell, M I Journalism

Boll, Lisa Howard Lake, M N Business

Boiling, Sheri Roanoke, V A Music

Brady, Timothy Kenmore, N Y Telecommunications

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Brizendine, Darlene Brough, Carlene Nathalie, V A Elmwood Park, IL Elementary Education Elementary Education


Blyth, Michelle June Boddler, Dana Leanne St Paul, M N Perkasie, P A H u m a n Ecology C o m m . Health Promo

Bonnett, Ariel Shelocta, P A Psychology

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Branch, Marianne C. Branch, Michelle Eloine Branscome, Melissa Lynchburg, V A Fort Worth, T X Lynchburg, V A Telecommunications Elementary Education Computer Science

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Brown, Kim Chicago, IL Nursing, Psychology

Buchanan, Bruce G. Lynchburg, V A Government

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Burkett, Cynthia M. M t Laurel, NJ Psychology

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drnxdrnx Busenitz, Pete Madison, G A Business

Busenitz, Phil Madison, G A Accounting

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ltdmM Bryant, Tracey Worley Bedford, V A Development Psyc.

Call, Lisa Warrensburg, N Y Psychology

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Carr, Kristi Garland, TX Psychology

Cato, Celesta M . Harrodsburg, K Y Nursing

Cavanagh, Christee Woodburry, NJ Elementary Education

Capers, T a m m y Garland, TX Admin, of Justice

Cardoza, Freddy Oneida, T N Religion

Carroll, Shannon Snell Cartwright, Donna Weyers Cave, V A Norwood, P A Elementary Education Elementary Education

Cawthorne, Julie Lynchburg, V A Psychology

Chafin, Angela G. Greeley, C O Broadcast Journalism

Carico, John Sarasota, FL Marketing

Carlson, Mark A. Hatfield, P A Accounting

Cassel, Betsy Coopersburg, P A Biology/Pre-Med.

Caster, Linnette Baltimore, M D Broadcast Journalism

Chamberlin, Cynthia Coatesville, P A General Studies

Chase, Trent A. Nitro, W V Video Production

Clark, Jennifer Horseheads, N Y Music Education

Class, W e n d y G Leesburg, V A Elementary Education


Cherry, Joanie Winterville, N C General Studies

Chiro Jr., Titus O. Cleveland, O H Biology

Church, Cindy M . Drakes Branch, V A Music Education

Ciorton, Runela Lynchburg, V A Nursing


Clough, David Colangelo, Cassandra J. Colangelo, Peter J. Bel Air, M D Palos Heights, IL Ocean, NJ Elementary Education Business Business Management

Cook, A m y Jacksonville, IL Marketing

Cope, Michelle Destin, FL Psychology

Cox, Stephanie Joy Elizabethtown, P A Business/Health

Cook, Michelle L. Vanwert, O H Accounting

Copenheaver, Duane R. Coppess, Leslie A. York, P A Minster, O H Bioloy/Pre-Med. Journalism

Coxon, A m y B. Harrisburg, P A Biology

Crenore, Alison P. Craver, Fay Madison Heights, V A Williamsport, P A Nursing Business Management


Cooler, Michael A. Waynesfield, O H History Education

Collins, Wesley L. South Point, O H Accounting

Campton, Susan Greenville, SC Elementary Education

Cook, Aaron Ridgeley, W V Philosophy, Pre-Law

Coomer, Phil Glasgow, K Y Pastoral

Coomer, Shannon Glasgow, K Y Business

Cooper, Walter C. Angier, N C Business Management

Cornelius, Ted M . Lynchburg, V A Community Health

Costello, Michelle H. Coupland, Kelley Cornellsville, P A Romeo, M I Music Education Secondary Education

Craft, Jonathan E. Moreta, V A Business Management

Cramer, Teresa D. Lawrenceville, P A H u m a n Ecology

Crane, J. David Orlando, FL Psychology

Cratch, Julie M. Sterling, V A Vocal Performance

Crook, Rhonda Hinton, W V Education

Cropco, David Clifton, NJ Finance

Colligan, Jim Lynchburg, V A Physical Ed.

Croter, Brian Three Rivers, MI Business Management

Crotts, Lynn Greenbelt, M D Education

Cruz, Jodi Lynn Holiday, FL Music

Cullum, Shauna Canada Psychology

Cumminas, Chris Kokomo, IN Political Science

Cummins, Karen S. Roanoke, V A Business / Finance

Dahlin, Christine Dewittville, N Y Elementary Education


MUM Dailey, Cherri Cottondale, A L H u m a n Ecology

Darida, Alisson No. Plainfield, NJ Psychology

Davis, Beth Arrowood Enka, N C Nursing

Davis, Evie Huntington, W V Interdisc. Studies


Davis, James R.

Davis Jr., Richard O. Bowie, M D Accounting / Business Telecommunications

Allegan, M I


Day, Kimberly J. Smyrna, N Y Psychology

Dean, A d a m S. Roanoke,V A ^outh Ministries

Dean, Brian C. Lewisburg, W V Pastoral n M ^ M H M H M M

Dean, Tonya Rene Brazil Business - Marketing

D e Boer, Scott W . N. Ft. Myers, FL Government

De Lestard, Shawn Lynchburg, V A Jour. - Public Relation

Demosthenes, Marie K. Elizabeth, NJ Business Management

D e Palma, Noel Lynchburg, V A Education

Deres, Melinda Lee West Seneca, N Y H R Management



•it© O

'•" ^sjf J'jfiit it

Denekamp, Michael Foxboro, M A Community Health

DeVaul, Robyn E. Lynchburg, V A Psychology



Dennis, Melanie Statesvile, N C Psychology

Dell, T o m Canada Journalism

Devers, Stephany LaVengne, T N Exercise Science

Dyer, Craig Doerbaum, Martha L. DeWitt, Julie A. Ypsilanti, M I Naples, FL Spring Lake, M I Business Management Youth Ministries Nursing, Psychology

Dickens, Debra Roanoke Rapids, N C Business

m i Dillon, Noel Todd Pleasant Valley, N Y Business Marketing

Dodge, Linda J. Calais, M N Psychology

i Donnelly, Robert Roanoke, V A Math

Donohue, Kathleen Lenoxdale, M A Jour. Advertising

Doody, Sean M . Waldorf, M D Accounting

Downs, Steven P. Lancaster, PA Accounting, Religion

East, Mark W . Lynchburg, V A Government

Eckard, Steve Norfolk, V A Sport Management

dkkdmw Drasye, Steven Piercefield, N Y Accounting


Dull, Jeffrey M . Duncan, Kelly Denise Dunham, Cassie Mill Run, P A Lynchburg, V A Peoria, I. Broadcast Management Elementary Education Elementary Education

Eckert, Melody Bradenton, FL Business Management

Eckhardt, Valerie Iola, W I Clinical Psyc.

Eddy, John Baton Rouge, L A Political Science

Ensminger, Rynell Lebanon, P A Nursing

Ensminger, Stacey Berwyn, P A Exercise Science

Eriksen, Kristy Carmel, IN Government


Fink, Sharon L. Lynchburg, V A Nursing 231

Computer Science

Justice Management

Fisher, Michael L. Fitton, Nana S. Knox, P A Forest, V A Business Management Elementary Education

Edgar, Jody Bowie, M D H u m a n Ecology

Elijah, Jill Ft. Wayne, IN El. Education

Escobedo II, Enrique Etheridge, John Brownsville, TX South River, NJ Biology Business Management


Flinchum, Joy Winston-Salem, N C Accounting


Foloso, Sanusi T o m s River, NJ Political Science

Ellis, Eric Oneida, T N Sacred Music

Evans, Christy Raleigh, N C EI. Education

Business Management

Fongeallar, Jennifer Lynchburg, V A Psychology


Foose, Patricia North Royalton, O H Elementary Education

Foran, Carol L. Abingdon, V A Psychology

Fornes, W e n d y Huntington St., N Y Graphics

Foss, Stephen Sutten La Grange, N C Business

Foster, Bryan Flanders, NJ Pastoral Studies

Frank, Ronald Harrisonville, NJ Community Health

Fraser, Julie Swartz Creek, M I Community Health

French, Melissa Bear, D E Telecommunications

Frett, Dave Forked River, NJ Pastoral

Friddle, Brian Lynchburg, V A Social Science Ed.

Friedman, Lisa France Business Finance

Fulton, Jeffrey J. N e w Castle, D E Broadcast Management

Garber, D a w n M . Runks, P A Pol. Science/Pre-Law

Gates, Jennifer A. Baltimore, M D Business

Gaudett, Anne Canada Accounting

Gebhardt, Annette Forest, V A English

Gehman, Kevin Emmaus, P A Youth

Getz, Brenda Monte Vista, C O Government/Pre-Law

Getz, Donna Monte Vista, C O Government

Ghilani, Greg Ashland, M A Biblical Studies

Gibson, Angela K. Cincinnati, O H Journalism

Giglio, Michelle Bethel Park, P A Accounting

Gillespie, Shari Salem, V A Business, Marketing

Goddard, Dean Bluefield, V A Physical Education

Gonlette, Deborah Holmes, P A Music

Gorden, W m . Scott Graham, Elizabeth S. Grams, Elona Lynchburg, V A Lynchburg, V A Dearborn, M I Music Ed.-Instrumental Elementary Education Business Marketing

Ginghina, Mihael N e w York, N Y Finance

Grantham, Kevin J. Ordway, C O Religion

Graves, Laura Lee Sterling Heights, M I Pre-Law, History

Graziotti, David S. Redford,MI Business Marketing

Green, Jennifer L. Long Lake, M N H u m a n Ecology

Greene, Lynne Marie Williamsburg, V A Elementary Education

Griffin, John W . Ocillo, G A Education

Guthrie, Keysha M . Boones Mill, V A Political Science

Haag, Jonathan Lynchburg, V A Finance

Habegger, David Evington, V A History

Hales, Janet Renee Greensboro, N C H u m a n Ecol./Business

Halstead, Felicia Lynchburg, V A Journalism

Hapenney, Scott El Paso, TX Pre-Law

Harrelson, Rich Harrington, Robert D. Orlando, FL Corry, P A Business Management Mathematics

Harsh, Stacey Belleville, M I Church Ministries

Hart, A m y Richmond, V A Elementary Education

Hatfield, Karen Cincinnati, O H English Education

Hayden, Donald N e w Castle, D E Business Management

Hayes, Christa Glencoe, A L History

Hayes, Heidi Shelburne, N H Business, Govt.

Hepler, David Michael Advance, N C Accounting

Hershner, Julie Mansfield, O H Elementary Education

Herwig, Bruce Highland, C A Marketing

Herzog, Philip J. Lynchburg, V A Pastoral

Hettick, Cindy West Linn, O R Fashion Merchandising

Hicks, W m . David Fredericksburg, V A Pastoral Ministry

Hightower, Sonya Jean Evington, V A Christian Ministries

Hillard, Lori Dallas, P A Psychology

Hamilton, Melinda Sherman, TX Marketing/Business "â&#x20AC;˘I

Hampl, Jeffrey S. Westport, M A Biology

Harris, Imogene C. Chicago, IL Elementary Education

Harris, Kevin Harris, J. Mechelle Flatwood, K Y Charleston, W V Business Business Management

Havens, Deborah A. Liverpool, N Y ilementary Education

Hawthorne, Tracy Dearborn, M I H u m a n Ecology

Hernandez, Barbara Canada Math Education

Hanna, Naci Lynchburg, V A Business



Henegar, A m y L. Laurel, M D Nursing


Hicks, Theresa L. Hicks, Melinda Marie Lynchburg, V A Diamond, O H Elementary Education H u m a n Ecology

Hills, Michael Milford, D E Admin, of Justice

Hills, Steve Milford, O H Youth

Hithcock, Patricia Lilburn, G A Biology

Hobbs, Karen Woodbridge, V A Psychology

Hohl, Lorraine Hollywood, FL Business Management

Hoig, Mark Landis Liberty, M O Communications

Holder, Letha Marietta, G A Nursing

Holzknecht, Thomas Lynchburg, V A Elementary Education

Hoppe, Gretchen I. Lynchburg, V A Psychology

Hobbs, Sabrina Woodbridge, V A Pre-Law

Hockman, Jeffrey A. Wescosville, P A Video-Productions

Hoffman, Scott A. Emmaus, P A Accounting


W Huggins, Brenda J. Lynchburg, V A Elementary Education

Irish, BethAnn Indianapolis, IN Health Education

Holiday, Craig Holmguist, Julie Anaheim, C A Greenwich, N Y History/ Pol. Science Elementary Education

Houghton, Patricia A. Hoyt, Christy Hubbard, David Sacramento, C A Dumfries, V A Charlotte, N C Elementary Education Business Management Business Management

v? Hycton, W . Andy Salisbury, N C Finance

Jackling, Mary-Jane Manassas Park, V A Business Mgmt.

Jackson, James C. Portage, M I General Studies

Huffty, Rodney Odessa, TX Youth Ministry


iiMJiMAiM Hurst, Steve E. East Bend, N C Business, Govt.

Hopkins, Sue Norfolk, V A Psychology

Hyma, Alan Richard Ingalls, Robinlyn Lynchburg, V A Claremont, N H Social Science Educ. Business Management

Jaffrey, Lvnette M. Marshall, V A Business, Govt.

Jager, Jane E. Grand Rapids, M I English Education

Ingham, Andrea Jo Burlington, NJ Elementary Ed.

James, Robert D. Williamsville, N Y

Religion 235

Paul Davis: An Achiever There is a saying which states, "Some things just never change." Well, that m a x i m certainly does not apply to Paul Davis. H e has certainly changed since graduating from high school four years ago. While in high school, Paul did not participate m u c h in extracurricular activities. A s he finished high school and prepared to come to Liberty University, Paul m a d e a vow. H e promised himself that if interesting activities were m a d e available, he would become involved in university life. Considering what he has done and is n o w doing, he has kept that promise better than expected. The most recent Student Government Association president, Paul Davis, is a m a n known for attaining goals. The 22-year-old psychology and marketing major from Ft. Wayne, Ind., has an attitude that is detenrtined and will never let him give up. After becoming a d o r m senator, Paul decided to run for executive vice-president. H e w a s defeated soundly but ran again for the same office the next year, winning by a wide margin. Then Paul w a s elected as president in his final year at Liberty. Despite his position and title, Paul Davis is very people oriented. H e believes that his title has nothing to do with the person inside. Paul is a person with an "I care" attitude and it shows. A s he leaves Liberty U., Paul wants to attend graduate school and eventually originate his o w n record label in the Christian music industry. Things sure changed for Paul while at Liberty University, and n o w he hopes that future successes will stay the same.

By Stephen Milley

Jarratt, Robin Ray Emporia, V A Management

Jarvis, Todd Brandon, FL Biology

Jeffries, Tami S. Dayton, O H Marketing

Jenkins, David W . Mt. Sunapee, N H Physical Education

Jenkins, Sharon Washington, D.C. Video Production

Jenkins, Ronda Tupelo, M S Food Service Mgnt

} Jimenez, Paul Charlotte, N C English

Johnson, Bryant Herndon, V A Telecommunication

Johnson, Julee Hampton, V A Psychology

Johnson, Nancy C. Johnson, Suzanne L. Lynchburg, V A Newark, D E Psychology Music Ed.-Instrumental

Jones, Daniel Mark Pompton Plains, NJ Psychology

Jones, David Scott Pompton Plains, NJ Psychology

Juhala, Jeff Antioch,CA Business M g m t .

Jones, Kevin Colo. Spgs., C O Math/Actuarial

Jones, Larissa Fairfield, O H Marketing

Jones, P a m Lynchburg, V A Psychology

Jones, Stevens Lynchburg, V A Telecommunications

Justamante, Damaris Kaeppler, Suzanne Gail Kamalakis, Joel Craig Kania, Timothy F. Claymont, D E Hialeah, FL Millville, NJ Bloomingdale, G. Video Production Music Ed. Elementary Ed. Mgmt. Info Systems

Joop, Kandi Bowie, M D Psychology

Kattekola, Tonya Byonne, NJ Accounting

Kawiecki, Thomas M. Terryville, C T Music Ed.

Kealy, Tim Opalocka, FL Communication

Kearney, Phillip David Jacksonville, FL Admin, of Justice

Keating, Karla Overland Park, KS Elementary Ed.

Kelly, Jill Suzanne Baltimore, M D Music

Kelley, Kimberly Morris, Oklahoma H u m a n Ecology

Kennedy, Ron Portville, N Y Telecommunications

Kim, Paul Calabasas, C A Ministries

King, Kerri A. Gadsden, A L Music Education

Kish, Beth A. Palmyra, P A Elementary Ed.

Knapp, Douglas Seminole, FL Psychology

Kobe, Peter Ft. Wayne, IN Marketing

Krall, Cynthia L. Davie, FL Community Health Ed.

Kremer, Michelle Gilmer, N E Nursing

Koenig, Sean Canada Management

Kortrey, Nancy E. Kowalski,Kimberly Bogota, NJ Lincoln Park, M I Elementary Education Fashion Merchandising

Kurtz, John K. Lititz, P A Mathematics


Krenz, A m y Wausau, W I Accounting

La Frombois, Ben Madison, W I Business, C o m m .

Lake, Kelly Jo Hudson, O H Business

Lambert, Richard Lynchburg, V A Business Marketing

Langille, Kristen Leominsle, M A Accounting

Larrabee, Robyn Littleton, C O Business

Lassiter, Faith Murfreesboro, N C HomeEcon./ Ed.

Lazar, Daniela Chicago, IL English

Leaton, Michele Wyoming, N Y Psychology

Lebo, Todd W . Carlisle, P A Business

Leech, Anita Lynchburg, V A Nursing

Lee, Richard M Allegan, MI Religion

mmMsM Leichty, Cassie Newport News, V A Community Health

Lewis, Ruth A. Wellfleet, N E Business Management

Light, Doree K. Lebanon, P A Business

Lightfoot, Shane Wakeman, O H Telecommunications

Liles, Dan Springfield, M O Sacred Music

Linch, Thomas Michael Loftus, Kristen Lee Loftus, T.J. Lynchburg, V A Rapid City, S D Rapid City, S D Speech Elementary Education Pre Dentistry/Biology

Logan, Deborah Jacksonville, FL Management

Loghry, Heather M . Greene, RI H u m a n Ecology

Long, Mary Roanoke, V A Nursing

Long, Sherry E. Roanoke, V A H u m a n Ecology

Lesko, James Paul Williamsport, P A Mathematics

Lookabaugh, Christy Lynchburg, V A General Studies

Lough, Jodi Renee Schroon Lake, N Y English

Manciose, Rebecca Mac Lead, Dana K. Bloomfield, NJ Gorham, N H Elementary Education Government /Pre-Law

Mankins, Chad Panama Linguistics

Mann, Brad Appomattox, V A Accounting

Mannuzza, Christine Burlington, M A Community Health

McCain, Shari Charlotte, N C Telecommunications

McClay, Debbie Sinking Spring, P A English Education

M c C a m m o n , Dana Terre Haute, IN Early/Middle Ed.

McDowell III, George Reidsville, N C Religion

McFarland, Allena Portsmouth, V A Government

McFarland, Dorena Portsmouth, V A Psychology

McKee, Scott A. Redford, M I Accounting

McKeehan, Kerri Vienna, V A H u m a n Services

McKenzie, Genine Salineville, O H Finance

McLean, April K. Waterford, V A Music, English

McNamara, Shawn Cliville, V A Business Management

McVicar, Lisa Terryvile, C T Psychology

Manuel, Renne A. Baltimore, M D Business Management

Mason, Jamey Gladys, V A Education

Massey Jr., Robert Neil Matthews, Michelle Kansas City, KS Saxonburg, P A Religion / Youth Journalism / Graphics

v. M a y , Lisa A. Amherst, V A English Education

Mearkle, Troy D. Breezewood, P A Music Education

Mecias, Annie Miami, FL Psychology


Melvin, Ryan Mendenhall, Gina R. Ypsilanti, M I Downingtown, P A Business Management Business Management

Method, Julie Manassas, V A Foreign Affairs


Michael, Stephen Harrisonburg, V A Religion

Milanovic, Iva Yugoslavia Psychology / Pre-Med

Miller, W a d e Birdsboro, P A Political Science

Mills, A m y Lee Salisbury, N C Elementary Education

Mills, Matthew El Paso, T X Youth

Min, Jeanie, K Pittsford, N Y Psychology



Modlish, Gary Boise, ID Business Management

Mock, Kim Ocala, FL Exercise Science

Morris, Karey Lee Canton, O H Music Ed./ Instrument

Morews, Tim Mt. Zin, IL Psychology

Moses, Melissa Sharpsburg, M D Psychology

Moyer, Jennifer Perkasie, P A Nursing/Comm.Health

Miller, August Santa Monica, C A Finance

M u m m a h , Christine Chesapeake,VA Psychology

Mundy, Penny Jo Mt. Hope, W V Elementary Education

Murphy, Danny Forest, V A Math Education

Murphy, Jeff D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Pastoral Ministries

Myers, A m y M . Jonesville, N C Psychology

Nash, Cheryl Lynchburg, V A Elementary Education

Negrn, Valetta I. Forest, V A Nursing

N e w , Trudy M . Williamsburg, V A Health Education

Nickell, Becki Volga, K Y Communications â&#x20AC;˘

Nicklow, Paula Meyersdale, P A mglish Education

Nimo, George West Africa


Nogowski, Joanne G. Philadelphia, P A Nursing

O'Bryon, Chris E. Bel Air, M D Music Fducation

Ochoa, Lucrecia Guatemala Business Management

Offill, Paul Brunswick, O H Sports Management

O'Kresik, Anne Dayton, O H Community Health

Olson, Curt Bemus Point, N Y Journalism

Olson, Jim Severna Park, M D Community Health

Moffett, Tim Bradenton, FL Marketing

Moore, David M . Moore, Mary Dodgeville, M I Jacksonville, FL Church Min. / Youth Elementary Education

Morris JR., Richard St. Leonard, M D Government

Olson, Thomas Malcom Becker, M N Pol. Sci./Psyc./Speech

Photo by Norbert Hennrich

t Jfi Osbeck, Faith Decatur, M I Elementary Ed.

Osborn, Kirk A. Watsonville, C A Accounting

Owen, Rebecca Ocala, FL Psychology

Owens II, Robert G. Pait, Heather Susanne Lynchburg, V A Bladenboro, N C Psychology English Ed.

Palmer, Diane M . Harrisonburg, V A Nursing


Panas, Edward A. Nashua, N H Pastoral Ministries

Pantzer, Paul R. Baltimore, M D Accounting

Park, John Kearny, NJ Marketing

Parrish, Mindy Lynchburg, V A Music


UtA* Payne, Clint Power Springs, G A Psychology

Payne, Matthew C. Anchorage, A K Health



Peak, Deron Ocoee, FL Music Education

Pellerin, Tracey Troy, N Y HUEC/Comm.

Perkins, Jill Renee Midlothian, V A English

Pflweger, Fio No. Bergen, NJ Psychology

Phelps, T a m m y Mocksville, N C Elementary Ed.

Picket, Brandon H. Pion, Tanja Z. Lynchburg, V A N e w York, N Y Journalism Advertising/Graphics

Piros, Kim Canada Political Science

Pollard, Traci Huddleston, V A Journalism

Porter, Debra Altoona, P A Business Mgt.

Potter, Jill Bluffton, SC Business Mgmt.

Prash, Robert Alexandria, V A Tele. Broadcast

Price, Jennifer Blacksburg, V A Psychology

Price, L. Michele Woodbridge, V A Education

Pugh, Denise R. Lynchburg, V A Communications

Randall, Brian Forest Park, G A Journalism

Prickett, Melissa Athens, G A Pyshology

Randolph, Rhonda L. Ripley, W V H U E C / Interior Design

Peterson, Charles Blacksburg, V A Soc. Science Ed.

Powell, Laura Lynn Lake Park, C A Broadcast Journalism

Protzman, Michelle Huntington,WV Marketing

Rawlings, Jeri Lynn Lynchburg, V A Education

Petroff, Gregory A. Freehold, NJ Govt/ Pre L a w

Peverill, Margaret Canada Nursing

Poggemiller, Vangie Rustburg,VA Journalism Graphics

Prettyman, Johnny Macon, G A Church Music

Pruett, Kimberly Pryor, T a m m y R. Ahavista, V A Smithsburg, M D Business M g m t . Music Ed.-Instramental

Ream, Linda Lynchburg, V A Education

Reeser, Kirk Douglasville, PA Community Health

Redding, David Chambersburg, P A Business M g m t .

Reid, Cindy E. Wilmington, D E Accounting

Rennick, Jill Westerlo, N Y Nursing

Renshaw, Gordon Canada Business

Rhodes, Charlotte J. Isle of Palms, SC Elementary Ed.

Rice, Barry Scottsville, V A Business Mgmt.

Richardson Tracy Murfreesboro, T N Elementary Ed.

Richmond, Jeanine Sacramento, C A Elementary Ed.

Ridge, Dallas Keene, N H Elem. & Mid. Ed.

Rigby, Miriam Turks & Caicos Islands Business Mgmt.

Rinaldi, Jean Newbury ,Vermont Psyc./ Counseling

Riner, Angela Monroe, V A Elementary Ed.

HMxttM Riterour, Anthony Sebring, FL Pre L a w

Robbins, Chris Raleigh, N C Business Mgt.

Roberts, Gary Tucson, A Z Telecommunications

Rowland, Tatia Marion, V A Biology

Roy, Tanya Prattville, A L Psyc./ Counseling

Royer, Monica North Springfield, V A Elementary Ed.

Ryder, Beth Elmira, N Y General

Saelens, Betsy Lynchburg, V A Education

Robinson Jr., Larry G. Rosenberger, Robert Cornwall, N Y Westland, M I Marketing Business / Marketing

Rudd, Antonella Swaziland, S. Africa Nursing

Rushing, Dana Charlotte, N C H u m a n Ecology

Rowland, Cynthia B. Lynchburg, V A Psychology

Rusk, Joy Rustburg, V A Math Education

f1 utherford, Henry Lynchburg, V A Missions

Sasu, Johnny Ghana, West Africa Business

Savas, Rebekah 1. Lynchburg, V A Economics / English

Scarlett, Stefani Huntsville, A L Advertising



Schmidson, Seth Dewitt, M I Business

Schnee, Angela Kadoka, S D Exercise Science

Schneider, Cami Norfolk, V A Elementary Education

Schreiber, H. Arlene Evington, V A Social Science

Schreiner, Leyla Rivervale, NJ Accounting

Schulenburg, Brian St. Charles, IL Religion

Scott, Scarlet Lynchburg, V A Elementary Education

Scott, Timothy W a d e Ashland, P A Youth

Seale, Laura Rowlett, T X Music

Sears, Tim A. Blue Springs, M O Telecommunications

Seguin, Heidi Richland, W A Psychology

Selagea, Matt Chicago, IL Business

Sfrizu, Cornelia Ana Lynchburg, V A Psychology

Shanks, Le A n n M . Evansville, IN Music Ed.-Choral

Shannon, Becky L. Bend, O R Accounting/Nursing

Shipley, Julie A n n Middleton, W I Elementary Education

Shoaf, Beth Lexington, N C Business

Short, Kelly Fort Mill, SC Business

Shoup, Peggy-Ann Canada Mathematics

Shull, Mark Kernersville, N C Business

Sievers, Sherril Rapid City, S D Elementary Ed.

Skees, John Franklin Ft. Wayne, IN Finance

Simons, Jeffrey Lashmeet, W V Journalism

Simpson, Karla Center, C O Psychology

Slack, Rick M . Traverse City, M I Business

Slocum,Cindy Eikhart, IN Psychology

Smith, Leslie Virginia Beach, V A Business / Pre-Law

Smith, Philip R. Lynchburg, V A Finance

Smith, Rebekah F. Beaver D a m , V A Education

Smith, Reuben Hillsborough, N C Religion

Smith, Rodney Belews Creek, N C Accounting

Smith, Sherry L. Winchester, V A Business

Smith, W e n d y Snellville, G A Education

Smoak, Dania Richmond, V A Cross Cultural Studies

Snow, Darlene Richmond, V A Nursing

Snow, Rachelle Evington, V A Counseling

Springman, Elizabeth Spartanburg, SC Business

Springsteen, Kim Peoria, IL Education

Stastny, Brent Richmond, V A Broadcast Jour.

LI Soistmann, Barbara H u m a n Ecology

Southall, Cynthia Ripley, W V Psychology

Spiron, Kevin Carl Lynchburg, V A Telecommunications

Steigenwatt, Lisa B. Vineland, NJ H u m a n Ecology

Stephens, A m y L. Lynchburg, V A Psychology

Sterner III, John B. Pnoenix, A Z Psychology

Stone, Lydia Chesapeake, V A Education

Stone, Stephen Mechanicsburg, P A Education

Stout, Beth Lynchburg, V A Nursing

Sturgis, Jenffier White Store, P A Education

Strauss, John Elmira, N Y Mathematics

Strauss, Susan Jacksonville, FL Elementary Education

Strom, Lisa Chicago, IL Elementary Education

Struk, Cynthia Sean York, P A Political Science

Sullivan, Andrew Grafton, N H Marketing

Summerly, Lynn White Oak, P A Education

Summers, Brad Pittsburg, P A Religion

Strycker, Michael Mishawaka, IN Broadcast Management

Cardiff, NJ

Stevenson. Jill Stewart, D a w n N. Lebanon, V A Lynchburg, V A Elementary Education Elementary Education

Stigman, Kristen L. Burnsville, M N Psychology


Swihart, Allan Mishawaka, IN Business

Tarectecan, Nadine K. Somerville, NJ Nursing

Taylor, Camilla Rustburg, V A H u m a n Ecology

Transtrom, G u y Lindsborg, K S Mathematics

Tewksbury, Angie Warrenton, V A Accounting

Tewolde, Tekle Springfield, V A Biology

Thomas, A m y Noblesville, IN Music Education

Thomas, Katherine M . Somerville, NJ Elementary Education

Thomas, Clint Chickasha, O K Accounting

Thomas, Mark Chesapeake, V A Psychology

Thompson, Jack Orlando, FL Nursing

Thompson, Joe Lynchburg, V A General Studies

Titsworth, Brian D. Waterford, M I Biology - Pre-Med

Toburen, Toby Columbia, SC Business Management

Towers, Michelle D. Denton, M D Nursing

Todd, Cami Bradley Danville, V A Business Marketing

Thompson, Pauline M . Till, Richard Scott Brazil Chesapeake, V A Telecommunications Psychology

M Towles, Celia A. Lynchburg, V A English Education

Troyer, Kristina Boone, N C Business Management

Truitt, William Milford, D E Psychology

Tuttle, Stan Kernersville, N C Speech C o m m .

Tweddell, Melissa Arnold, M D Marketing

Twinning, Todd Kingsville, M D Music


Tucker, Suzanne Tulwana, Thembeka Statesville, N C South Africa Business Management Business Management

Tyler, Erik Michael Norton, M A Clinical Psychology

Valleall, Kristin Canton, M I Marketing

Turner, Rodney Fairfax, V A Clinical Psychology

VanBuren, James

Joppa, M D Math/Comp. Sciences

Vanden Akker, Bill Etabo Van W y k , Douglas Braintree,MA Pella, IA Missions H R Management

Villa, Steven E. Tonawanda, N Y Telecommunications

Waldrop, Jody S. Lynchburg, V A Youth

Vinson, Keith Chesapeake, V A Business Management

Walker, David A. Lynchburg, V A Counseling

Walters, Lowell Ward, Michelle Bakers Summit, P A Nellysford, V A Soc. Sci. & History Ed. Business Mangement

Weaver, Sara Jill Garden Grove, IA Marketing

Venlet-LaRose, Kristen Venturini, Dave A. Walkersville, M D Bahama, N C Technical Theater Church Min./Youth

Wagner, Daniel K. Millington, M D Health Promotion

Waits, Heather Fayetteville, G A Mathematics

Walker, Kristin Epsom, N H Marketing

Walker JR., Thomas Jefferson, N H Pre-Law

Ward, James T. Greensburg, P A Mathematics

Ward, Rachel E. Lansing, M I Elementary Education

Webster, A m y D. Weir, Paula Jo Charlottesville, V A Hialeah, FL Elementary Education Business Management

Weir, Thomas S. Forest, V A Pastoral

Via, Everette Ballard, W V Business

Wagner Jr., Jim Lynchburg, V A Business Mangement

Viar, Nancy Lynchburg, V A Journalism

Wagner, Lori M. Windber, P A Elementary Education

Walls, Kymberley S. Waterville, M E Government

Warren, Michael K. Bristol, V A Criminal Justice

Jacqueline Budd Lake, NJ Accounting

Walls, Scott Bremerton, W A Religion

Weatherall, Gay White Oak, T X Psychology

Weller, Lee Lynchburg, V A Nursing

West Jr., Robert Lynchburg, V A Recreation

White, Ronny Whittaker, Krista Whittingham, Michelle Westcott, Kimberly Westover, Taryn K i m Clifton, V A Mission Viejo, C A Youngstown, O H Berlin Hts., O H Fayetteville, G A Business Management Elementary Education Mathematics Broadcasting Elementary Education

Prof. Hubele: Truly Successful "Capture their attention, implant ideas and further thought," are the precepts Professor D o n Hubele maximizes in his English courses. Yet Professor D o n Hubele's personal touch causes his classes to become influential both on the student's academic work and the student's thinking methods. Professor Hubele has had plenty of experience with upper-level students. After teaching and coaching high school in Massillon, Ohio, Hubele became Dean of M e n at what is n o w Masters College in Los Angeles. H e left this position to teach at Liberty in the fall of 1984. Professor Hubele w a s recently n a m e d to the "Who's W h o of American Education in the South and Southwest" because of his accomplishments and teaching. Professor Hubele enjoys the Liberty University atmosphere, and the students are the reason for the rapport between the seventh year teacher and his pupils. The professor, w h o has received his masters degree in English and is near completion of a doctorate degree in the same subject, allows the enjoyment of people to motivate himself. H e seeks success as a teacher in ways that differ from other professors. "Some English professors, both on the secondary and collegiate levels, go out of their w a y to m a k e learning painful. They're consumed with their o w n intellectual superiority. I hope to inject intellectual rigor but at the same time m a k e it palatable," said Professor Hubele. Learning under Professor Hubele is enjoyable and the desire for his students to learn English as well as to think is clearly visible. A n d it should be noted that Professor Hubele does reach success by his o w n standards. H e has also reached success by his student's standards as well.

By Paul H. Jimenez

Wick, Raymond Lynchburg, V A Telecommunications

Wiggins, Steven Lynchburg, V A Business Management

Wilkerson, Wendy Elkton, M D Nursing

Wilkins, Rochelle Campbell, M D Psychology

Wilkinson, Peter San Jose, C A Business

Williams, W e n d y Andover, M A H u m a n Ecology

Williamson, Martha Dresden, N Y Nursing

Willis, Marilyn Lynchburg, V A Nursing

Wilson, Michael A. Ft. Wash., M D Church Ministries

Wilson, Molly Brockway, P A Advertising

Wilson, Tim Kingston, T N Telecommunications

Wineland, Timothy DeWitt, M I Foreign Affairs

Wolfe, Christina R. Altoona, P A Education

Woolridge, Rachel Milford, O H Cross-Cultural

Work, Robert A. Morrisville, P A Missions

Wright, Bradley High Point, N C Broadcast Management

Yoder, Shelley Elkart, IN Community Health

Youst, Heather Lynchburg, V A H u m a n Ecology

Winson, Kathryn Ross Winters, Jeanne Elizabethtown, P A Fort Mill, SC Elementary Education Psychology

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Wuerth, Michael Anchorage, A K Accounting

Wyatt, L. Lynn Jacksonville, FL Broadcast/Journalism

Zimmerman, Rodney B. Lynchburg, V A Marketing

Zupan, Marilyn North Pole, A K Psychology

Ytterhorn, Anne-Marie Zimmerman, Pamela Norway Corriganville, M D Telecommunications Biology



Appleton, Billy M . Lynchburg, V A Religion

Baskin, Bryan Murfreesboro, T N Master of Divinity

Benson, Todd Warren, M I Seminary

Brown, Mike Lynchburg, V A Religion

Buschmann, Tracy L. Lynchburg, V A Counseling

Choi, kyoung Korea Religious Ed.

Chong, Tae U Roanoke, V A Master of Divinity

Chung, K. Ruth Lynchburg, V A Counseling

Etter, David S. Mt. Pleasant, SC Religion Education

Everill, Scott Lynchburg, V A Religion

Fink, Karl C. Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Green, Steve Westminster, M D Counseling

Gullion, Dwight Winston Salem, N C Religion

Hawk, Jeremy Tad Roodhouse,IL Seminary

Hegler, Gareth R. Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Bunts, Michelle Annette Buschmann, Jerry F Cornwall, N Y Lynchburg, V A Counseling Counseling

Dewey, Michael W . Norwood, N Y Master of Divinity

Dickson, Chris Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Fredericks, Paul Forest, V A Master of Divinity

Garner, Joey Chester, V A Master of Divinity

Germeroth, Phil Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Hajec, T a m m y West Pittsburg, P A Counseling

Hankins, Glenn Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Harder, Lee Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Heinrich, Gary Lynchburg, V A Business

Heo,Jongsu Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

H o w e , Thomas A. Lynchburg, V A Biblical Studies

Hawes, Emil F. Lynchburg, V A Religion

Hughes, Charles Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Im, David D. Korea Master of Divinity

Kelley, William A. Forest, V A Master of Divinity

Kelley, Bradley A. Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Kim, Seock Keun Korea Master of Divinity

Kistler, Randall K Lima, O H Counseling

King, Mark W . Lake City, FL Master of Divinity

mm\gik\ Lee, Hye Ran Lynchburg, V A Religion

Ogkyung, Lee Forest, V A Religion

Lloyd, John Rustburg, V A Master of Divinity

Mullins, Jeff Lynchburg, V A Religion

Nas, Victor Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Nugroho, Maryam Indonesia M.B.A.

Owen, Stuart Lynchburg, V A Religion

Pi, W . Samuel Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Poggemiller, Dwight Rustburg, V A Master of Divinity

Ponder, James Lynn Henderson, TX Counseling

Pourchot, James Lee Lynchburg, V A Religion

Quarles, Thomas Chatsworth, G A Religion

Ramsey, Pamela Charlote, N C Religion

Roberts, Tanya Alden, N Y Counseling

Reid, Bruce Glaucester, M A Religion

Schoon, Ellen Valparaiso, IN Counseling

Serban, Stefan San Francisco, C A Master of Divinity

Weindorf, Sharon Melville, N Y Counseling




Simons, John B. Jr. Southport, N C Master of Divinity

Smith, Thomas G. Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

iffif i

1 1 art â&#x20AC;˘ J

Soderlund, Kevin M . Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Soldesi, Eduardo Lynchburg, V A Master of Divinity

Su, Daniel B. D. China Religion

Teojaseputra, Giamyati Lynchburg, V A M.B.A.

F a c u l t y Adams, Dave Church Ministries

Anderson, D. Nancy Psychology

Anderson, Larry Psychology

Anderson, William Accounting

Babcock, Treva H u m a n Ecology

Bailey, Theresa Teacher Education

Ball, Marcia Physical Education

Barbour, Eva Music, Art

Barlow, William Math

Beck, W . David Philosophy

Black, Ellen Elementary Educ.

Blass, Homer History

Bonheim, Brenda Physical Education

Bonheim, Robert Physical Education

Borland, James Biblical Studies

Bost, Kenneth Accounting

Brinkley, Edwin English

Britt, Deanna Nursing

Caltagirone, Harry Government

Captain, Philip Psychology

Carroll, J. Robin Physical Educ.



Carwille, Rebecca Teacher Educ.

Chamberlin, Ruth English

Chasnov, Robert Physics

Chimente, Frank Computer Sciences

Clauson, Kevin Government

Comfort, Greg Physical Educ.

Cooley, Russel Biology

Currie, Keith Music

Damoff, George Biology

Davy, Allen English

Deboer, Paul Music & Art

Delong, Janice Learning Assistance

Diemer, Carl Church History

Diemer, Carolyn Elementary Education

Donaldson, John Secondary Education

Ehrman, David Physical Education

Fields, Glenna English

Fink, Mary Elementary Education



Farver, Linda Physical Education

Fink, Paul Church Ministries

Frank, Forbus Marketing

Freerksen, James Religion

Garlock, Donald Speech

Garlock, Mary Lou Learning Assistance

Gaunt, Robert Teacher Education

Gedicks, Herbert Marketing

Geisler, Norman Apologetics, Phil.

Gibson, Dale E. Physical Education

Giese, Ron Biblical Studies

Goodman, Allyson Journalism

Greenhalgh, Pat Physical Education

Grissinger, Arthur Mathematics

Haag, Larry Cross Cultural


Gribbin, William English

Hahnlen, Lee Church Hist.,Theo., Phil.

Hall, Cline History


( x &


Hall, James Religion

ac, Samuel English

Harrison, Donald Speech

Hartman, Harvey Biblical Studies

Horton, David Physical Education

Hubele, D o n English

Hugo, John Music & Art

Jantz, Elmer Biblical Studies

Kester, Phyllis Mathematics

Kester, Monty Mathematics

Kim, Daniel Church History

Kompelien, W a y n e Music & Art


Kramer, Cecil Speech

Kroll, Gerald Church Ministries

Livesay, Corinne Management

Leverett, Gaylen Theology

Liai, Shu-Hui Economics

Lai, Tsung-Hui Economics

Liddle, Grace Learning Assistance

Littlejohn, Robert Biology

Locy, Ray Music & Art

Loop, Debbie Nursing

Lowry, Beverly Psychology

Mateer, Robert Finances



Marston, David Church Ministries

Martin, Lynn Biblical Studies

Matheny, William Church Ministries

Matthes, Liloyd Mathematics

Matthes, Sandra Music & Art

Mawdsley, Alice Drama

Mawdsley, Ralph Educational L a w

Mikhail, Nabi Mathematics

Miller, David Counseling

Miller, Linda Nursing

Miller, Roger Drama

Mitchell, Dan Theo./Church History

Morgan, Natalie H u m a n Ecology

Morrison, John Theology

Larry, Nelson Psychology

Nuckols, Barbara Nursing

Nutter, James English

Nutter, Laurie English

Nutter, Marilyn Speech

Nutter, Randal Management

O'Donnell, Brett Speech

Pantana, John Math Education

Parker, Karen Elementary Education

Partie, David Modern Languages

Patterson, Richard Biblical Studies

Paulsen, Tim


Pennock, Joan Music & Art

Pickering, James Telecommunications

Poe, Charles Psychology

Poggemiller, Helmuth English

Pumpelly, Connie Physical Education

Robe, Alan Health Sciences

Rahilly, Sharon Nursing

Randlett, David Music & Art

Randlett, Doug Youth Ministries

Ratliff, Donna Mathematics

Reimer, Milton Teacher Education

Rist, Boyd History

Rumore, Sandra Mathematics

Sattler, Paul Biology

Schmitt, Frank Church Ministries

Schuppe, James Speech

Seipp, Lynn Music & Art

Sherman, Barbara Learning Assistance

Sherwin, Wilma English

Simons, Sandra H u m a n Ecology

Sloan, Carla Business

Synder, Albert Journalism

Snyder, Evelyn Church Ministries

Soden, Ellen Elementary Education

Spohn, Terry Biology

Sprague, David Speech

Stark, Miriam Counseling

Steinhoff, Mark History

Stevens, James Biblical Studies

Sullivan, Gene Accounting

Survant, Mikie Journalism

Synn, Kyung-hi Finance

Spear, Hila Nursing

Strehle, Stephen Theo./Church History


Tolsma, Brant Physical Education

Torrence, Nancy Management

Towles, David Modern Languages

Towns, Elmer Theo./Church Ministry

Treece, James Sociology

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F R O N T R O W : Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin, President; Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor and Founder; S E C O N D R O W : Dr. Harold Willmington, Vice President, Liberty University; Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, Founder, Concerned W o m e n For America; Dr. Jack Graham, Pastor, Preston wood Baptist Church; Dr. George Sweet, Pastor, Atlantic Shores Baptist Church; Dr. Jerry Vines, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville; Mrs. Macel Falwell, Educator; THIRD R O W : Dewitt Braud, Businessman; Dr. David Rhodenhizer, Pastor, Calvary Road Baptist Church; Dr. Charles Thompson, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church; Dr. Jack Dinsbeer, Pastor, University Baptist Church; Dr. Richard Lee, Pastor, Rehoboth Baptist Church; Dr. Jerry Thorpe,Pastor Temple Baptist Church; Mr. Marion Compton, Businessman; Mr. Raymond Mays, Businessman; Dr. Herbert Fitzpatrick, Pastor, Riverdale Baptist Church; Mr. Sam Pate, Businessman, Chairman o Board of Trustees; F O U R T H R O W : Dr. Ed Dobson, Pastor, Calvary Church; Mr. John Heath, Businessman; Rev. Carlto Smith, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church; Mr. Fleet Browning, Businessman; Mr. Bud Tinney, Businessman; Dr. Don Crain, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church; Mr. Aaron Manley Businessman; B O A R D M E M B E R S N O T INCLUDED: Dr. Sumner W e m p ; Dr. Bailey Smith; Dr. Freddie Gage; Mr. Jonathan Falwell, Businessman.

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Angela Gibson

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Norbert Hennrich





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War In The Gulf

The five and one-half month watch-and-wait for the United Nations deadline to pass culminated Jan. 16,1991, at 7 p.m. EST w h e n the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and its allies launched an all-out assault on Baghdad. The purpose of the assault was to rid Iraqi O n c e the w a r began, the allied President Saddam Hussein and his army from coalition's air forces punished the small nation of Kuwait, a country he Iraqi military installations and claimed had control of land that was once part of Iraq. Iraqi troops for 39 days before Saddam's claims in July, 1990, had numerous the most massive ground offenworld leaders asking questions about his intensive in history stormed into K u tions with the small oil-rich kingdom. Saddam wait and Iraq. told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that he had no intention of attacking Kuwait. The U.S. _ even stated that it would not get involved in a border dispute between the two countries. O n Aug. 2,1990, the international chess game ended as Iraqi troops rolled into Kuwait and ensued to rape, plunder and pillage the small emirate. The U.S. and its Western allies, meanwhile, sought diplomatic measures via the U N . The U.S. received a U N declaration deploring the action of Iraq and called for its immediate withdrawal. Iraq brushed off the U N action and massed hundreds of thousands of troops on the Kuwaiti border with Saudi Arabia. This prompted President George Bush to deploy more than 200,000 American troops to the Persian Gulf to prevent total chaos of the world oil market and a possible revolution in the Arab *IRAQ INVADES KUWAIT - AUG. 2,1990 *U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL IMPOSES world. The number of U.S. troops deployed to the TRADE ENBARGO - AUG; 6 *U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL PASSES A Persian Gulf later became more than 540,000 at the time of the first attack. RESOLUTION BACKING THE USE OF The U N passed 12 sanctions which received FORCE - NOV. 29 worldwide support, including numerous eco*AIR ASSULT BEGAN JAN. 16 nomic sanctions. Finally on Nov. 29,1990, the *LAND BATTLE BEGAN - FEB. U N approved the use of force against Iraq if it *LAND BATTLE LASTED 100 HOURS did not withdraw from Kuwait by Jan. 15,1991. *IRAQI TROOPS OUTNUMBERED ALLIED As the standoff in the Arab desert progressed, Saddam stated that Iraq could not leave Kuwait TROOPS 3 TO 2 *OVER 100,000 IRAQI TROOPS SURREN- until Israel gave up the three territories — Gaza Strip, West Bank and Golan Heights — to the DERED Palestinians. Bush flatly refused the linkage of *ALLIED CASUALTIES -149 Iraq and Kuwait to the Israeli-Palestinian prob* IRAQI CASUALTIES - 60,000+ lem. * ALLIED SHIPS 175+ The problems between the U.S. and Iraq * ALLIED AIRCRAFT 2,200+ prompted a last gasp attempt to avert fighting * ARMY 280,000 TROOPS in the Middle East by negotiation and compro* MARINES 90,000 TROOPS mise. This attempt ended, Jan. 9,1991, when * NAVY 80,000 PERSONEL U.S. Secretary of State James Baker met six



hours with Iraqi foreign minister Tarek Aziz with no progress toward a resolution. Once the war began, the allied coalition's air forces punished Iraqi military installations and Iraqi troops in for 39 days before the most massive ground offensive in history stormed into K u wait and Iraq. During the 39 days of air strikes, Hussein delivered on his promise to b o m b Israel with Scud missiles, but his attempt to separate the coalition failed as Israel displayed unprecedented restraint after 11 Scud attacks. Furthermore, the U.S. defensive Patriot missile received celebrity status as the "Scud buster," nicknamed for its uncanny ability to destroy Iraqi Scud missiles almost at will. Finally, the world w a s once again awakened to the harsh realities of war. There were tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Kuwait, Iraq and Israel. Four dozen allied prisoners of war were taken captive and used by the Iraqi propaganda machine. Dozens more of allied personnel were or still are missing in action and more than 90 American soldiers lost their lives. As the president announced a cease fire on Feb. 27, America anxiously awaited the return of her heroes. Ten days later, the survivors came h o m e to sea of red, white, blue and yellow as America welcomed h o m e the heroes of Operation Desert Storm. Despite the brevity of the war, m a n y questions still remain unanswered. Will Hussein be forced from power by Iraqi civilians? W h o will pay for the damage to Kuwait, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia? Will there ever be real peace in the turbulent Middle East? v









jJ^morti ft*?H*7JSaadf

Allied m<A FeUf-M sJitr* Artwork Bv Vangie


Liberty University's Response to the Gulf War

Operation Desert Storm began on Jan. 16,1991, the first day of classes after Christmas bre w a s the topic of conversation the next day at Liberty as it w a s around the world. Before January, the only war that most students lived to experience w a s the one in Vietnam. Even then, few were old enough to remember much, if anything, about it. W h a t w a s the reaction at Liberty University to the war in the Gulf and h o w has it affected the students? The Persian Gulf crisis affected each student in different ways causing different opinions regarding the war. It affected m a n y students in a personal way. By mid-February there were over 400 L U students w h o had family members serving in the Persian Gulf. This is not to mention the countless number's of friends as well. Angela Vannoy, a senior from Fairfax, Va., has an older brother serving in Saudi Arabia. "I a m scared and sad for those over there, but I support the President in his decision," she said. "I believe he is doing the right thing." W h a t were the students reaction to the U.S. troops being sent to war? A student survey was taken on campus during the week of Jan. 21-25. The question presented to students w a s "Do you think it is possible to oppose the war and support the troops at the same time?" Of the 48 people surveyed, 26 said that it is possible to support the troops while opposing the war. Shannon High, a freshman from Egg Harbor, N.J., said, "By protesting the war, it shows our support in wanting to see them (troops) home." The situation w a s viewed in an entirely different w a y by the other 22 students w h o said that it is not possible for a person to say he is in support of the troops while disagreeing with their cause. "To say you support the troops while opposing the war is a total contradiction," John Zeh, senior from Boston, Mass., said. "It's like a slap in the face to our boys w h o are willingly putting their lives on the line for less fortunate individuals w h o are unable to protect their o w n freedom."

Photo by Steven R. Green


Donna Miller, a freshman from Tampa, FL, does not think anyone should let feelings get in the way of a job that has to be done. "Everyone wants peace, but you have to do what's logical," she said. "We can't let Hussein become another Hitler." Although the subject of w a r brought differing opinions, support for the troops remained evident. American flags could be seen hanging from d o r m windows. M a n y students and faculty tied yellow ribbons on the antennas of their cars. Liberty students also sent over 3,000 letters to the troops during a letter writing campaign sponsored by the Circle K club. Tension a m o n g the students decreased upon the announcement of the cease fire combined with the return of some U.S. troops in March. Many, however, still felt uneasy about the future of the Middle East situation. Curt Lear, a senior from Jacksonville, FL, said that the region will remain unstable until the root of the problem is done a w a y with.

Photos by Vangie 283


Photos by Carolyn Van der Vee

First Row: Damien Bates, Tim Sears. Second Row: Michelle Rapp, Norbert Hennrich, Steve Green, Paul Jimenez, Sheilia Strobel, Donna King. Third Row: Vangie Poggemiller, Angela Gibson, Jennifer Blanford, Jennifer Able, Tim Albertson, Bruce Herwig, Rita Moret, Sonia Domingues, Carolyn Van der Veen, Kevin Clark.



BOX 20000, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 24506-8001 OFFICE: (804)582-2206 SECRETARY: (804)582-2128

Students, Faculty and Staff: I am sitting here with a coke and ten bags of Little Caesar's crazy bread to help me through another deadline. Also working is my comatose sports editor, Tim Sears, who is going to sleep for a month when this is over. Then he is going to finish his layout class for Mrs. Wharton. Paul Jimenez (copy editor) is proof reading some copy with help from Jeannie Hodges (quality control/ gator wrestler). In the darkroom dressed in his Birkenstock (pronounced hoppenstockers) shoes is Norbert Hennrich. As I hand Norb. the last negatives to print he mumbles something in German, I believe the translation is "Thanks very much Steve, if there is any work to be done just let me know how I can help, Sir." It is that kind of attitude that allowed us to complete the 1991 yearbook. Working on this letter has brought back vivid memories; I hope I think on them often. Here are a few: The dream of producing the perfect book, which was replaced by doing a job to be proud of with the resources available, Tim the human dart board, the Christmas break that would never begin, the deadlines that would never end, working on the book until sunrise, the singing group "The Butchers", Tetrisizing, the ominous sight of Tim and Damien "high fiving", and searching the trash can for the "Long Lost Page". I want to thank each staff member for the time and effort contributed to the book, because without you this collaboration we call the 1991 SELAH (Expanding Horizons) would not have been possible. To next year's staff, as well as all future staffs of the SELAH, I encourage you to learn the meaning of selah (you will be asked). Selah is a Hebrew word meaning to pause, to stop and think about it. I also encourage you to learn from previous mistakes, to work as a unit, and to uplift each other when the times get rough. Remember during the rough times that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I can see it now. I hope it's not a train coming my way (i.e. another on yearbook to Steven problem R. Green overcome). Editor-in-Chief God Bless,


Photos by Carolyn Van der Veen


Index A Abbott, George 170 Abel, Jennifer 194,285 Absher, Kevin W . 170 Acanda, Pablo 170 Acree, Alyson 194 Adams, Amanda J. 211 Adams, Dave 252 Adams, John 194 Adams, Kevin 170 Adams, Lori 211 Adams, Michael 224 Adams, William J. 224 Adock, Diane Renee 224 Adrian, Bunta 170 Agoglia, Justin 194 Aguayo, Melissa 170 Agustin, Tisha 194 Ahrens, Thomas 170 Alana, Chad 194 Albani, Kerri 152 Albert, Ruth 194 Albertson, Timothy M. 194,285 Albury, Lance 224 Alder, Jeff 96, 99, 224 Aldrich, Trisha 211 Alexander, Nathan 170 Alexandru, Fare 170 Alibrando, Thomas 211 Alio, P. Amina 211 Alkinsom, Kim 211 Allebach, Mark A. 211 Alleman, Misty 170 Allen, Derwin N. 211 Allen, Laura M. 145,224 Allen, Lisa 224 Allen, Mary 194 Allen, Robbie 170 Allison, Sharon J. 170 Allison, Susan 194 Allmond, Earl 140, 164, 211 Alloway, Heather 211 Alloway, Lark 170 Allshouse, Mark 170 Alsop, Dawn 162, 194 Altmann, Linda Dawn 224 Alversom, Julie 211 Alvy, Monica Dee 170 Amaro, Gerald 82,194 Amaro, Lisa Marie 170 Amat, Adelina 194 Ames, Shawn 170 Anderson, Carrie 170 Anderson, D. Nancy 252 Anderson, Kimberly 194 Anderson, Larry 252 Anderson, Mark 170 Anderson, Matthew 211 Anderson, Melanie C. 224 Anderson, Virginia 211 Anderson, William 252 Andrew, Caroline 13,194 Andrews, Erica 194 Andrews, Jeffrey 170 Andrews, Mary Susan 224 Andrews, Steve 62,170 Andrews, Tina 170 Anduray, Virginia 194 Anemona, Gherman 170 Angles, Kimberly 170 Anguss, Tim 211 Anhalt, Jeff 170 Ansted, Cristina 194 Ansted, Tina 224 Anthony, Brett 112, 114, 115 Anthony, Joby 104,224 Anthony, Lisa 224 Anthony, T o m 134 Antolik, Ernie 224 Apgar, Michelle 170 Aponte, Yolanda 170 Appenzeller, Michelle 194 Appleton, Billy M. 250 Arbogast, Scott 140,164,194 Ardrey, Philip 211 Ardrey, Rachel 170 Ardrey, Steve 170


Argento, Andrea 211 Argento, Holly 170 Arias, Barry Dale 170 Armour, Darin 82,159 Armour, David 170 Arnold, Andrew 170 Arnold, Andrew J. 224 Arnold, Kelly 211 Arnold, Tate 211 Arnold, Tracy L. 211 Arrnfield, Greg 211 Arvidson, Debbie 170 Ashby, Donald 170 Ashby, Rodney 211 Ashley, David L. 224 Ashworth, Lisa 224 Asimos, Barry 194 Athey Jr. Ronald W . 211 Atwood, Brent 211 Audie, Stacy 194 Aukland, Holly 224 Aurin, Ken 162 Aust, Shannon 211 Austin, William 194 Autenreith, Eric 82 Ayers, Alyson 128, 224 Ayers, Jennifer C. 211

B Babby, Robin 170 Babcock, Kimberly 224 Babcock, Treva 252 Bacon, Beverly 211 Badskey, Shannan 170 Baez, Humberto 224 Bagley, James F. 170 Bailey, A m y 224 Bailey, Lana 194,224 Bailey, Theresa 152, 252 Bain, Barry 170 Baker, Brian 96 Baker, Cinnomin 156,224 Baker, Craig 159 Baker, James 194 Baker, Jo Lynda 194 Baker, Karen M. 211 Baker, Kristin 170 Baker, Kristina 108, 130,211 Baker, Melissa L. 194 Baker, Seth 194 Baker, Tara 170 Baker, Travis 170 Bakhshi, Celina 211 Balasic, Dan 132, 133 Balasic, Daniel 224 Baldwin, Mark 170 Baldwin, Ron 165, 224 Balint, Otilia 194 Ball, Marcia 252 Balog, Emilia 170 Bambey, Lisa 211 Bancak, Paula 211 Banea, Teofil 170 Banu, Christiam 194 Banu, Ligia C. 224 Banu, Teofil Daniel 170 Banziger, Gary 194 Baraga, Dana 170 Baratta, Anthony 194 Barber, Christa 194 Barber, Stephanie 170 Barbour, Eva 252 Barden, Karen Lynn 224 Barker, Jody A. 224 Barker, Russell Shane 194 Barley, Donna 224 Barlow, Wilma 252 Barnes, Bryan 194 Barnes, David 82 Barnett, Bonnita Lou 225 Barnhart, Jonathon 211 Barnhill, Chris 147, 225 Barrentine, Melissa 170 Barrett, Angela 170 Barrett, Denise 170 Barrett, Ken 170 Barrie, Sebasstian 82 Barron, Jamie 194 Bartlett, Thomas 194 Bartow, Trisha L. 194 Basden, Alex R. 170 Baskin, Bryan 150,250 Bass, Wayne 170 Bassett, Andrea 170, 194 Bassette, Leslie 194

Bateman.Jeff 211 Bates, Damien (LUV U) 90, 91, 1 211,285 Bates, Joanna 211 Bates, Kathleen 225 Bates, Valerie 194 Battershell, Tina 194 Battiato, Christi 211 Baucom, Todd 211 Bauer, Bradley G. 211 Baugh, Heather 194 Baugh, Jimmie 170 Baughman, Jay 152, 211, 225 Baum, Laura 170 Baumann, Katherine 225 Baxley, Richard Jr. 170 Bayer, Birch 170 Bayless, Lori 108,170 Baylous, Rodney 165, 211 Beal, Cindy 225 Beals, Sheryl D. 225 Bearder, Megan 211 Beardslee, Lynn 108,225 Beatty, John M. 170 Beatty, Lori 56, 225 Beauvais, Julie Ann 171 Beauvais, Kristina 171 Bebout Jr., Howard E. 194 Becerra, Belkis 171 Becerra Jr., Herbie 225 Beck, W . David 252 Becker, Chris 137,150,211 Becker, John 194 Beckerley, Scott 211 Beckman, Michelle 171 Beckwith, Kari 211 BeCraft, Ginger 171 Beezer, David 82 Beezie, Dan 194 Behner, Kevin 211 Behrens, Kristin 171 Behrens, Kurt 171 Behrens, Marc 194 Behrens, Timothy 211 Behrens, T o m 171 Belfield, Hank 171 Bell, Caroline 54, 56, 211 Bell, Jason K. 211 Bell, Kimberly 211 Bell, William 96 Bellew, Kimberly 171 Bello, Carlos 171 Belmont Jr., Ronald 225 Bendt, Anna 171 Benfield, Cherlene 194 Bennett, Candace 171 Bennett, Jeffrey 194 Bennett, John C. 211 Beno, Tracey 225 Benson , Todd 152 Benson, Leigh 194 Benson, Todd 250 Bentler, Julie 171 Benton, Charlie 145 Benton, Dana 171 Benton, Lorinda 211 Berard, Lisa 194 Berder, Scott 211 Berg, Lance 211 Berger, Kim 171 Berger, Kristie 226 Berinig II, Joe 171 Beroth, Melanie 56,144,211,2 Berry, Chris 171 Berry, James C. 211 Berry, Shannon 194 Bert, Joette L. 171 Bertrang, Bonnie 194 Bess, Sarah A. 226 Best, Herschel Scott 171 Bethune, Shelby 211 Betsill, Jennifer 171 Bettenhausen, Greg 171 Beutler, Barbara 194 Beyer, Craig 171 Bhniel, Mitrofan 171 Biehler, Karen 194 Bigelow, Daneen 226 Bigger, Dale W . 211 Biggers, Sara 194 Biggs, Lisa 211 Biller, Greg 226 Biller, Kimberly J. 171 Billings, Lucky L. 157,194 Bilyeu, Ryan 211 Bingham, Lea Ann 212 Binham, Kelli 212

Binkley, Karrie Leigh 171 Birkhead, Melissa Leigh 194 Birkhead, Paul J. 194 Bivins, Jana 212 Bjorklund, Tricia 226 Black, Dan 212 Black, Ellen 252 Blackwood, Ron M. 126,195 Blacock, Gene 171 Blair, Alissa 171 Blair, Andrea E. 194 Blair, Stephen Lee 171 Blake, Christy 164 Blake, Stephanie 194 Blakeslee, David 194 Blandford, Jennifer 7,171,285 Blaney, Chris 171 Blanks, Jessica 212 Blanton, Cheri 212,226 Blass, Homer 252 Bleck, John 171 Blomstrom, Jennifer 171 Bloom, Jeff 112 Bloom, Mandi 171 Blosser, Phillip 226 Bloye, Kevin Michael 226 Blum, Jennifer 171 Blymier, Brad 171 Blyth, Michelle June 226 Bob, Cornelia 171 Bobbey, Steven 212 Bobo, Todd 118, 130 Bodder, Dana Leanne 150,226 Bodien, Galadria 171 Bogart, W . Bradley 152,195 Boggess, Anne 212 Boggs, Patricia C. 226 Bogues, Carolyn D. 226 Bohca, Paul 171 Bokerson, T o m 212 Boldea, Gabriela 171 Boles, Debbie 130 Bolick, Stephanie 212 Boll, Lisa 226 Boiling, Sheri 145, 226 Bolton, Scott A. 212 Bonefield, Paula 212 Bongart, Eddie 132,133,195 Bonheim, Brenda 252 Bonheim, Robert 252 Bonifacius, Bucky 171 Bonne, Jeff 195 Bonnett, Ariel 226 Bonnie, Victor 195 Bont, Arlene 212 Boodram, Nicole 195 Booker, Cathy Ann 171 Booker, Rochelle 212,226 Boone, Andrea 171 Boone, Jeffrey 195 Borden III, Benjamin A. 212 Borgman, Beth 212 Borland, James 252 Borland, Ruth 171 Borland, Sarah 195 Borrello, Shawn 82,195 Bortree , Brian 153,226 Bosler, Bonnie 195 Bost, Kenneth. 252 Botica, Elena 171 Bottiger, Roger 212 Bottiglieri, Patti 94, 95, 128, 129,21 Boudreau, Carl R. 212 Bowden, Bryant 82 Bowers, Kathleen 212 Bowers, Kellie 226 Bowman, Tim 212 Boyd, Wanice L. 195 Boyer, Sheree 195 Boyette, Jeanette 171 Boyle, Charlene 171 Boyles, Patricia 171 Braaten, Robin 104,195 Brackett, Rebekah 195 Brackman, Brad 213 Brackman, Marcus 195 Brady, Doug 125 Brady, Timothy 165, 226 Bragg, Jeffrey L. 226 Bragg, Lisa 195 Braithwaite, Denise 195 Braithwaite, Rhondale 195 Branch, Kevin M. 195 Branch, Marianne C. 226 Branch, Michael 171 Branch, Michelle Eloine 226 Branscome, Melissa 226

Brantley, Page 145, 213 Brantley, Robin 145 Bratton Jr., T. Jack 171 Braud, Dewitt 257 Braud, Matthew J. 171 Bream, Sheldon 213 Bream, Sid 89 Bream, Theresa 104, 108, 111 Breckner, Reinhard 171 Bregou, Christina 195 Breland, Jason 213 Breland, Jeremy 171 Brinkley, Edwin 252 Brenning, Dusty 213 Brewer, Angela Noel 171 Brewer, Mark H. 171 Briers, Rebekah R. 171 Briest, Tatyana 195 Briggs, William Brent 146, 213,226 Brigham, Jeremy 213 Britt, Deann 252 Brittingham, Kevin 139, 147, 213 Brizendine, Darlene 226 Brock, Lee 82,195 Broderick, Mary Ann 213 Broderick, Pia 171 Branson, Susanne 171 Brooke, Timothy 163 Brooks, Alyson 195 Brooks, Cynthia R. 213 Brooks, Keith 171 Brooks, Paula 171 Brough, Carlene 226 Browder, Patricia 213 Brower, Jamie 171 Brown, Alan T. 159,226 Brown, A m y 171 Brown, A m y E. 172 Brown, Christy 172 Brown, Dathan 63 Brown, David P. 213 Brown, Julie S. 213 Brown, Ken 82, 130 Brown, Kim 226 Brown, Lory Lea 195 Brown, Mike 250 Brown, Roger 82 Brown, Scott A. 195 Brown, Stephanie 172 Browning, Fleet 257 Bruce, Aaron 118 Brugg, Karen 195 Bryan, Joel S. 227 Bryant, Michael 156,213 Bryant, Tracey Worley 227 Buchanan, Bruce G. 163, 226 Buckley, Bryan 213 Buckwalter, Anne 213 Buerer, T.C. 195 Buerkle, Elizabeth 172 Buick, Kimberly 172 Buick, Melissa 195 Bulmer, Robin Noel 213 Bult, Darren Jon 172 Bumper, Cristil 172 Bundy, Kellie 104,172 Bunn.Tim 172 Bunting, Heath 195 Bunting, Steve 82 Bunts, Michelle Annette 250 Burca, Mirela 195 Burdick, Jon 172 Burgan, Sara J. 195 Burgess, Timothy Kelly 195 Burke, Brendan 172 Burkett, Cynthia M. 226 Burks, Jim 157 Burnat, Michael Aaron 195 Burnett, Todd 82,213 Burnette, Shannell 195 Burns, Chris 172 Burns, Kerii 151,227 Burows, Bret 150 Burris, Donnan R. 213 Burris, Robin 172 Burrows, Bret 137,195 Burrus, Donnie 96 Burton, B.J. 112 Burton, Kelly R. 227 Burton, Kimberly 213 Busby, Kim 172 Buschmann, Jerry F. 250 Buschmann, Tracy L. 250 Busenitz, Pete 227 Busenitz, Phil 227 Bussert, Merrel 172 Butcher, Janet 227

Butterfield, Scott 2 1 3 Butts, Deborah 2 1 3 Byers, Mimi 1 9 5 Byrd, Chantel 1 9 5 Byrd, Hollie 1 9 5 Byrd, Kristin 2 1 3

c Cademartori, Jennifer 172 Cahoon, Pequita R. 172 Cain, Daedra 195 Cairns, Pam 195 Calcut, Rob 195 Caldwell, Cori 196 Call, Lisa 227 Callogham, Paul 172 Callow, Ronald 0. 213 Caltagirone, Harry 252 Calvert, Adrian 172 Calvert, Jennifer 195 Camby, Shannon 213 Cameron, Marc 195 Camlin, Debbie 213 Camlin, Traci 213 Cammann, Heather 195 Camolli, Sara 213 Campbell, Catherine 213 Campbell, James 213 Campbell, Jason 213 Campbell, Jerry 213 Campbell, Seth 137,138, 150, 152, 195 Campbell, Shane K. 172 Camper, Kevin 195 Cano, Karen 213 Canty, Tamar 172 Capers, Tammy 227 Capota, Ana 172 Captain, Philip 252 Caraballo, Douglas 82,172 Cardoso, Raphael 132, 172 Cardoza, Freddy 227 Cargill, Carolyn 195 Carico, John 227 Carico, Paul J. 213 Carlburg, Karen 62,213 Carlson, Curtis 172 Carlson, Marc A. 116,227 Carlson, Sheila 172 Carlstrom, Robin 213 Carlton, Jamie 172 Carmean III, Homer S. 172 Carnevali, Christine 227 Caro, Mark 195 Carr, John E. 172 Carr, Kristi 56, 227 Carrera, Vinnie 82 Carroll, Christos 163, 213 Carroll, Eric 82 Carroll, Judith 172,252 Carroll, Shannon Snell 227 Carter, Dana 172 Carter, Douglas 195 Carter, Marcus 172 Carter, Michael 195 Carter, Scott 213 Cartwright, Donna 227 Caruana, Jacqueline 172 Carufel, Michael 195 Carwile II, Dave 195 Carwille, Rebecca 252 Cary, Tina 172 Casabella, Todd 134 Case Jr., Donald L. 213 Cash, Kevin 172 Cash, Victoria 195 Casola, Chris 96, 130 Cassel, Betsy 227 Cassell, Melinda 195 Cassidy, Tom 172 Caster, Linnette 227 Cathcart, Randy 172 Cato, Celesta M. 227 Cato, Melody 213 Catteaon, Susan 213 Caulder, Carolyn D. 213 Cavalieri, Monica 172 Cavanagh, Christee 227 Caviness, Denise 172 Cawthorne, Julie 227 Cecchini, Matthew-Joseph 152 Ceister, Stephen 172 Centeno, Jason 213 Ceuhini, Matthew Joseph 172 Chace, Marcianna Lynn 213

Chafin, Angela 116, 117 Chafin, Angela G. 227 Chamberlain, Stephanie 172 Chamberland, Kelly 135 Chamberlin, Cynthia 227 Chamberlin, D. Tug 172 Chamberlin, Kelly 195, 134 Chamberlin, Ruth 252 Champion, Matt 13 Champion, Scott 213 Chander, Lisa 145 Chandle, Tonya 145 Chandler, Lisa 213 Chapman, Jody 172 Chapman Jr., Jack 172 Chappell, Sara 104 Chase, Trent 165 Chase, Trent A. 227 Chasnov, Robert 252 Chasse, Corey 213 Chenoweth, Jason 195 Cherman, Daniel 172 Cherry, Adrian 56,82,195 Cherry, Dana 195 Cherry, Danelle 213 Cherry, Joanie 227 Cherry, Stacey L. 172 Chesher, Steve 213 Cheyunski, A d a m 82 Child, Darren 195 Childers, Carl 213 Chira, Marills 195 Chira, Marius 139,147 Chiro Jr., Titus O. 227 Cho, H y e U n 172 Choi, Kyoung 250 Choi, Sung M. 213 Choice, Nichole M. 172 Chong, Tae U. 250 Christensen, Julie Ann 172 Christenson, Erik 172 Christian, Douglas 172 Christiansen, Dana 12 Christianson, Dayna 172 Christopher, A m y 145, 195 Christopher, P. Coomer 195 Chung, K. Ruth 250 Church, Cindy 158 Church, Cindy M. 227 Church, Marlena L. 195 Cicchese, T a m m y 196 Cienkowski, Karyn 172 Cimbura, Angie 213 Ciorton, Runela 227 Clark, Andrew S. 172 Clark, Christopher 213 Clark, Darien E. 213 Clark, Heidi 213 Clark III, Granville 196 Clark, Jackie L. 196 Clark, Jennifer 157,227 Clark, Julie 196 Clark, Kevin 172,285 Clark, Maureen 172 Clark, Ronnie 172 Class, Kathy 172 Class, Wendy 152 Class, Wendy G. 227 Classing, Stephen 172 Clauson, Kevin 252 Clay, Kevin 140, 164, 196 Clayton, John William 196 Cleland, Chris 172 d e m o n s , Kimberly 172 Cleveland, Jim 173 Click, Matthew 173 Clift, Lena 196 Clifton, Jeanette 196 Cline.AmyL. 196 Cline, Darla 173 Clorba, Luminita 173 Clough, David 213, 228 Clyg, Charity 173 Cobb, Mark 196 Cobb, Rick 164 Cockran, Kevin 196 Cockrum, Wendy 196 Coe, Laurie 94, 128, 213 Coffin, Jonathan 173 Coile.Greg 163 Colangelo, Cassandra J. 228 Colangelo, Peter J. 82, 228 Colby, Denise 196 Cole, David W . 213 Cole, Zim 173 Coleman, Bill 196 Coleman, Dawn 108, 173

Coleman, Joseph Lee 196 Coleman, Kendra 213 Coleman, Mike 112, 115 Coles, Henry 82, 196 Coley, Matthew R. 196 Colligan, Jim 228 Collins, Brandon 82 Collins, Cheryl 173 Collins, Jan 196 Collins, John 96 Collins, Johnny 173 Collins Jr., William E. 213 Collins, Lance 173 Collins, Meredith Ellen 173 Collins, Paul 140,164 Collins, Wesley L. 153,228 Colon, Jeanine 196 Colvin, Lisa 173 Comfort, Greg 252 Compton, Marion 257 Compton, Regina 196 Compton, Susan 228 Conklin, Chris 213 Conley, Kelly J. 173 Connors, John 173 Conrad, Charles J. 196 Conrod, Richard J. 173 Cook, Aaron 228 Cook, A m y 228 Cook, David 214 Cook, Dion 82 Cook, Michelle L. 228 Cook, Susan 173 Cooke, Kevin 96 Cooler, Michael A 228 Cooley, Russell 252 Coomer, Phil 228 Coomer, Shannon 228 Cooper, Keri 173 Cooper, Sherry 173 Cooper, Terrina 196 Cooper, Walter C. 228 Coords, Cindy 173 Cope, Michelle 228 Copenheaver, Duane R. 228 Copp, Dan 126 Coppess, Leslie A. 159, 228 Corcoran, Shawn D. 173 Corley, Philip 174 Cornelius, Ted M. 228 Cornell, David 196 Corona, Carolyn 196 Costello, Michelle H. 145, 228 Cota, Jeffrey A, 214 Cottingham, Chad 112 Coupland, Daniel 116, 140, 164, 1 Coupland, Kelly 56, 228 Coupland, Terry 214 Covert, A m y L 196 Cowdrey, Brian 174 Cowell, Grace 214 Cox, Jennifer 174 Cox, Stephanie Joy 56, 228 Coxon, A m y 46, 56, 162, 228 Coy, Karen L. 157, 196 Coyer, Paul 145, 214 Craddock, Karen 214 Craft, Jonathan E. 228 Craig, Kathleen 196 Craig, Robert 196 Craig, Stephen 196 Crain, Alex W . 214 Crain, Don 257 Cram, Ginger Lee 174 Cramer, Sheila 196 Cramer, Teresa D. 156,228 Crandell, Carolyn 214 Crane, J. David 228 Crane, Stephen 174 Crane, Susan 174 Crane, Timothy A. 196 Cratch, Julie M. 145,228 . Craver, Fay 196, 228 Crawford III, Paul W . 174 Crecca, Betty Ann 174 Creider, Vicki 145,214 Crenore, Alison P. 228 Crews, Hattie Francis 196 Crim, Lee 174 Croce, Lucille A. 214 Cromwell, Jim 112 Crone, Shannon 214 Crook, Carl 196 Crook, Rhonda 228 Cropco. David 147, 228 Cropp Jr., Robert A. 214 Croter, Brian 228

Crotts, Jeff 174 Crotts, Lynn 229 Crowell, Hollie 145, 196 Crowell, Joseph 196 Crumpler, Beverly 214 Cruthers, Carrie 174 Cruz, Jody 56, 226 Cullum, Shauna 214, 229 Cully, Mike 174 Cumminas, Chris 229 Cummings, Gregory Alan 174 Cummins, Karen S. 229 Cunningham, April 214 Cunningham, Rebecca 174 Curd, Elizabeth 174 Currie, Keith 252 Currie, Mindy 157, 196 Curry, Chad 174 Curtis, Jeff 82 Custer, Steven 145,196 Cypher, Neal 174 Czarnecki, Rebecca 214

D Daghfal, Daniel 196 Daghfal, Lubara 214 Daher, O s a m a 214 Dahlin, Christine 214, 229 Dailey, Cherri 229 Dalenberg, Elizabeth 196 Dalia, Maria 196 Dalton, Kari Lynn 214 Damboise, A m y 174 Damoff, George 252 Damron, Andrew 174 Danciu, Angela 196 Danciu, Coleen 174 D'Angelo, Mark 82,196 Daniel, Istrate 174 Daniela, Mitrofan 174 Danley, Dean David 174 Darida, Alisson 229 Darling, Linda M. 174 Davenport, A m y 196 Davenport, N. Kay 196 Davidson, Chad 196 Davis, Beth Arrowood 229 Davis, Christy 174 Davis, Eric 196 Davis, Evie 229 Davis, Ginger 174 Davis, James R. 229 Davis Jr., Richard O. 229 Davis, Kim 214 Davis, Kristina L. 196 Davis, Lewis 196 Davis, Matt 174 Davis, Paul 163, 236 Davis, Sarah L. 174 Davis, Shawn M. 174 Davis, Sheila 174,196 Davis, Stacey 196 Davis, Tina M. 174 Davis, Tonya 196 Davis, Vinson Lee 196 Davy, Allen 252 Dawkins, Linda 174 Dawson, David 196 Day, Robert T. 174 Day, David 196 Day, Joelle 196 Day, Kimberly J. 230 Day, Mike 214 Day, Tracy 174 Dayrit, Gemmie 174 DeBoer, Scott W . 230 DeLeeauw, Elisa 196 DeLestard, Shawn 151,230 DePalma, Noel 230 Deacon, Rhonda A. 214 Dean, A d a m S. 230 Dean, Brian C. 230 Dean, Deborah 174 Dean, Jennifer 174 Dean, Matthew 4, 196 Dean, Tonya Rene 230 Dearing, Chrissy 146, 214 DeBoer, Michael J. 214 Deboer, Michelle 174 Deboer, Paul 252 Decker, Glen 174 Dedecker, Mark 82 Dehacy, Lynly 196 Deimer, Carl 132 Deitsch, Ben 174

DeLacy, Lynly 157, 214 Delapenhs, Michelle 174 Deli, Alex 196 Delinski, Christine 214 Delk, Jason G. 174 Dell, T o m 230 Dellinger, Belinda 196 Dellinger, Rebecca 214 Delloso, Michael 174 Delong, Janice 252 Delos Santos, Kendra 174 Demaray, Philip 174 Demosthenes, Marie K. 198, 230 Demoura, Heidi 174 Dencher, Jonathan 198 Denekamp, Michael 230 Dennis, Melanie 162, 230 Densmore, Stacey 174 Denton, Mark 156,198 DePuy, Shannon 15 Deres, Melinda Lee 230 Derlan, Steve 118 DeRusha, T o m 214 Deselms, Lori 198 DeVaul, Robyn E. 230 Devers, Stephany 230 Deville, Valerie Ann 198 DeVries, Lance 174 Dewey, Jenny 175 Dewey, Michael W . 250 DeWitt, Julie A. 230 DeYoung, Janet Renea 104, 174 Dias, John 214 Dick, Urlene 94, 95, 128, 129, 198 Dickens, Debra 214, 230 Dickert, Julie 198 Dickey, Tara J. 174 Dickson, Chris 150,250 Diemer, Carl 253 Diemer, Carolyn 253 Dietrich III, Philip H. 174 Dillion, Sarah E. 214 Dillon, Johanna 174 Dillon, Noel Todd 230 Dillow, Cassie 214 Dillow, Evan 214 Dilmore, Heather 174 Dimitriu, Paula 174 Dinsbeer, Jack 257 Dippery, Denise C. 214 Diramo, Christopher 174 Dishong, Scott 174 Dixon, Angel R. 214 Dixon, Michael R 174 Dobbins, Kent 214 Dobler, Andrew 175 Dobson, Ed 257 Doctor, Matt 175 Dodge, Linda J. 230 Dodson, Angelita 175 Doerbaum, Martha L. 230 Dohrman, Melanie 198 Dolin, Cindy 175 Dolin, Lisa 198 Dollman, A. Yvonne 175 Domenico, Tricia 198 Domingues, Sonia 214,285 Donaldson, John 253 Donaldson, Michael 214 Donelson, William 198 Doney, John 175 Donnelly, Robert 230 Donohue, Kathleen 144, 230 Doody, Sean M. 230 Dorey, Deborah 174 Douglas, Ann Marie 214 Douglas, Jeffrey 174 Dowell, Jennifer 174 Downey, James 82 Downs, Steven P 230 Doyle, Angela M. 174 Dragoo, Donald 175 Dragos, Valentin 198 Drasye, Steven 230 Dresser, Anna 214 Drew, Jennie 175 Drewry, Renee E. 175 Dubost, Joy 175 Ducan, Dan 214 Dudley, Michele 175 Duff, Lori 214 Duffey, Joel 175 Duffie, Leah 198 Duffy, Michael 198 Duguid, Timothy 214 Dulaney, Scott 175 Dull, Jeffrey M. 230

Duncan, Kelly Denise 230 Dunham, Cassie 230 Dunlap Jr., Richard A. 214 Dunton, Randy 112 Dupre, Dori 175 Durdun, Anna 175 Durham, Becky S. 214 Durham, Sabrina 214 DuVall, Matt 175 Dvorak III, Robert 198 Dyer, Dawn 158 Dyer, Craig 230 Dylag, Pamela 214

E Eagle, Pamela 175 Earwood, Steve 214 Easley, Chris 198, 134 East, Mark W . 230 Easterhouse, Joseph 214 Eayres, Claudia 175 Eckard, Steve 230 Eckeberger, Emily 175 Eckert, Carolyn 175 Eckert, J. Andrew 214 Eckert, Melody 231 Eckhardt, Valerie 214, 231 Eddy, A m y J. 175 Eddy, John 163, 231 Edga,Jody 231 Edgar, Justin 175 Edgar, Tricia 175 Edgley, Craig 214 Edmonds, Gregory K. 198 Edmonds, Kristi A. 144,198 Edmondson, Scott 214 Edwards, Charles 198, 214 Edwards, Craig 214 Edwards, Robin 198 Edwards, Tim 214 Edwards, Ursurla 198,214 Eeles, Dave 214 Egel, Robb 198 Ehrman, David 253 Eicherly, Stacey 198 Eidens, Michelle 175 Eidse, Rebecca A. 175 Eisnaugle, Thomas 175 Elia, Rocco A 175 Elijah, Geoff W . 90,198 Elijah, Jill 198, 231 Elijah, T. Ryan 175 Elkins, Toni Katherine 175 Eller, Donald 175 Elliot, Chris 175 Elliot, T. Andrew 175 Elliott, Dawn 198 Elliott, Gregory 163 Elliott, Heather 198 Ellis, Andrew 163 Ellis, Chris 175 Ellis, Eric 145, 231 Elmore, Angela N. 175 Ely, Melissa L 198 Emerson, Karen 175 Emmons, Maryanne 152, 175 Enaslow, William 214 Endlich, Kelly 198 Endslow, Jane 175 England, Rob 175 Ennis, Bonnie Jo. 198 Enrico, Rebecca J. 198 Ensminger, Rynell 231 Ensminger, Stacey 130, 131, 231 Eoute, Amanda 175 Eppling, Chris 198 Epps, Bradley E. 215 Eremich, Jennifer 175 Eriksen, Kristy 162, 231 Ervin, Sonya 215 Escobedo II, Enrique 231 Eshleman, Todd J. 215 Esperanza, Marielina B. 215 Espinar, John 175 Espinar, Pat 82,175 Espino, John H. 215 Espinoza, Omar 215 Estes, Patty 198 Etheridge, John 231 Etter, David S. 250 Eubanks, Mark 198 Evangeliste, Dan 175 Evans, Carey 198 Evans, Christy 198, 231 Evans, Evan 215


Evans, Jay 175 Evans, John R. 198 Evans, Jonathan E. 175 Evans, Shannon 198 Evans, Tamara Lynette 175 Evans, Tracy 215 Evans, W a n d a 231 Eveland, Jennifer 198 Everett, Lisa M. 198 Everill, Scott 250 Everts, Sabrina 231 Ewaka, Steven P. 198

F Faehlings, David 175 Faglier, Sidney 159 Faile, Tim 175 Fair, Rebecca 215 Fair, Tim 159 Fairbrother, Rick 215 Fairfax, Jennifer 108, 198 Fairley, Stephen 144,198 Falwell, Chris 151 Falwell, Jerry 44, 257 Falwell, Jonathan 257 Falwell, Macel 257 Faniss, Danny 132 Fannin, A m y 175 Fannin, Kimberly 198 Fare, Eunice 175 Fariss, Danny 175 Farkas, Kevin 82 Farley, Brian 231 Farr, Misty 215 Farris, Danny 133 Farver, Linda 253 Fauber, Susan 128,175 Fauber, Troy 231 Faubion, Becky 198 Fauske, Susan 231 Fauth, Joey 175 Fehsenfeld, Del 198 Feincher, Joya A 175 Feldman, Bryan 198 Felgate, Todd 130 Felton, Douglas 231 Felty, Ronald 147, 215 Ferche, Flaviu Roland 175 Ferguson, Bubba 118 Ferguson, Gregory 215 Ferguson, Jodi 175 Ferguson, Julie 215 Ferguson, Mason 175 Ferguson, Melissa 175 Ferranto, Ray 138,152 Ferrell, Jeremy L. 231 Ferrell, T a m m y 215 Ferrone, Anna Maria 175 Fetter, Jennifer 198 Fiedler, Tina 175 Field, Michelle 162 Field, Richard 231 Fields, Dennis F. 296 Fields, Glenna 253 Fields, Mark E. 231 Fields, Miriam 231 Fields, Sandra Michelle 231 Figgers, Mitzi Gayle 231 Fillmore, Paul F. 215 Fincher, Tierra 175 Fink, Brian 175 Fink, Charles A. 215 Fink, Karl C. 250 Fink, Mary 253 Fink, Paul 253 Fink, Sharon L. 231 Fiori, Victor 176 Fiorini, Chistina 176 Firezar, Petru Mircea 176 First, Greg 176 Fisher, Mark 176 Fisher, Michael L 231 Fiske, James 215 Fitton, Nana S. 231 Fitzpatrick, Herbert 257 Fitzgerald, Cindi 198 Fizer, Toni Melissa 176 Flannery, Stephanie 198 Fleming, Danny 215 Fletcher III, Orville 198 Fletcher, Jeff 215 Fleury, Paul 138,152, 176 Flinchum, Joy 231 Flint, Kellie 215 Flint, Kimberly 156

Flint, Krista 198 Flora, Dee Ann 198 Florentina, Luncan 176 Flowers, Glenn 198 Floyd, Carrie 176 Foley, Laura 176 Foloso, Sanusi 151, 231 Folsom, Christy 198 Fongeallar, Jennifer 231 Foose, Patricia 232 Foran, Carol L. 232 Fornes, Wendy 232 Forney, Marcus 82 Fortune, Shorne 126,176 Foss, Cynthia 176 Foss, Stephen Sutten 232 Foster, Bryan 232 Foster III, Glen 198 Foster, Kari 198 Fountain, Dawn 176 Fox, Brian 176 Fox, Chad 215 Fox, Daniel 176 Frank, Forbis 253 Frank, Ronald 118,232 Frank, Tami 176 Fraser, Julie 164, 232 Frazier, Paul 82 Frazier, William 198 Fredericks, Paul 250 Freel, Jane Ann 198 Freeman, Jenni 176 Freeman, Katherine 176 Freerksen, James 253 French, Melissa 232 Frett, Dave 198, 232 Freyburger, Jason 176 Friddle, Brian 232 Friedman, Lisa 232 Friedman, Lori 198 Friend, Lisa 215 Fritz, Kirk 137,150, 215 Frost, Bethany 198 Fry, David 176 Fugate, Jeffery 176 Fujii, Daniel 176 Fuller, Frank 82, 86 Fuller, Jennifer 199 Fulton, Jeffrey J. 151,165,232 Funk, Kenneth 215 Fuqua, Greg A. 176 Furlow, Heather 199 Furr, Tracey 199,200 Furris, Patricia 176

G Gaby, Karen 199 Gadoury, Jean 199 Gaerte, Denise 215 Gage, Beckie 176 Gage, Freddie 257 Gallagher, David 145,199 Gallaher, Shelly 176 Gallup, Blaine 199 Gallup, Donna R. 215 Galyan, Dave 12, 118 Galyan, Lars 199 Galyen.Chad 176 Gambos, Chris 176 Gandy, Jenee 176 Gandy, Misty 176 Gandy, Stacey 199 Garber, Dawn M. 232 Garcia, Jose F. 176 Gardner, Christopher 176, 199 Garlock, Don 137,150,253 Garner, Jennifer 199 Garner, Joey 250 Garner, Kim 199 Garrett, Kristina 176 Garrison, Julie 199 Gates, Jennifer A. 232 Gates, Laura 176 Gates, Nancy 215 Gatewood, Stacy 176 Gathman, Mike 199 Gaudett, Anne 232 Gaudette, Andrew 176 Gaunt, Robert 253 Gavin, Vera 199 Gay, Joel 145 Gazey, Sean 137, 150, 215 Geary, Jennifer 215 Gebhards, Kurt 199 Gebhardt, Annette 232

Gedicks, Herbert 253 Gedicks, Mark D. 138 Gehman, Kevin 232 Geiger, Lisa 199 Geiger, Rayleen 176 Geisler, Norman 253 Geliaus, David A. 215 George, Jamie 157, 199 George, Jeremy 199 Gephart, Carri 215 Gerdes, Merritt 215 Geriga, Lisa 199 Germeroth, Phil 250 Getchel, A m y J. 176 Gettman, Michele D. 215 Gettman, Wendy 199 Getz, Brenda 232 Getz, Donna 232 Geukgeuzian, Michael Lee 176 Geuter, Donna Jean 178 Gheorghe, Bob 176 Ghilani, Greg 232 Ghitas, Daniel 176 Ghitea, Rob 215 Gibson, Angela K. 162, 232, 285 Gibson, Barry 199 Gibson, Dale E. 253 Gibson, Dawn 176 Gibson, Donald 176 Giese, Ron 253 Giglio, Michelle 232 Gilham, Dawn 215 Gilham, Trey 215 Gillespie, Bill 82 Gillespie, Shari 232 Ginghina, Mihail 139,147,232 Gist, Keli 7, 146, 176 Glazier, Stephen 199 Glinski Jr., Jerry 199 Glover, Joseph 199 Gobble, Ginger 215 Gochenour, Marsha 176 Godby, Kelly 176 Goddard, Dean 130,232 Godfrey, Scott 96 Godsey, Karen 176 Godshall, Karen 199,215 Goetz, John 199 Goff, David 176 Goins, Brian 176 Gokey, Chris 176 Golden, Douglas 176 Gombis, Tim 176 Gonlette, Deborah 232 Gonzales, Jose 199 Gooch, Bryan 176 Goodman, Allyson 253 Goodman, Sheree 176 Goodsmith, Heidi 176 Goodwin, Anne 176 Goodwin, Candace 199 Goodwin, Mike 215 Gorden, W . Scott 232 Gordon, Scott 157 Gore, Ruth 199 Gorman, Michelle 215 Gorsline, Chris 176 Goss, Michael 145, 199 Gossage, Nathan 176 Gothfried, Randy 176 Gott, A m y 153, 199 Gottshalk, Heidi 199 Grafton, Kim 215 Graham, Amanda 199 Graham, A m y 176 Graham, Elaine 176 Graham, Elizabeth S. 232 Graham, Evelyn 176 Graham, Jack 257 Graham, Stephanie 215 Grams, Elona 147, 232 Grandstaff, Charlotte 199 Grantham, Kevin J. 232 Grantham, Carol 215 Graves, Laura Lee 233 Gray, Gregory 199 Graziotti, David S. 137, 150, 233 Greek, Nathaniel 176 Green, Bobby 82,86,215 Green, Jennifer L. 233 Green, Laurie 177 Green, Lesley 215 Green, Melissa 215 Green, Steve 250, 285 Green, Todd E. 126,215 Greene, Heather 177 Greene, Lynne Marie 233

Greene, T o m 177 Greenhalgh, Pat 253 Greenwell, Susan 215 Greer, Mark Ann 199 Gregory, Kent 199 Gregory, Kevin 215 Gregory, Matt 199 Gregory, Timothy 199 Grissinger, Arthur 253 Gribbin, William 253 Griffeth, Chris 199 Griffin, John W . 215, 233 Griffin, Steve 137,150 Griffis, Douglas 199 Griffis, Julie 215 Griffith, Pamela 199 Griffiths, Paul J. 215 Griggs, Janie 145, 146,199 Griggs, Rebecca 199 Grimes, Jennie 199 Grissinger, Tracy S. 215 Groat, Nancy 177 Groff, John 199 Grooms, Chuck 215 Gross, Kim 233 Grover, Jerry 199 Graver, June 215 Grubbs, Anita 215 Grubbs, Bill 130 Grubbs, Mary 199 Grudzinski, Richard 199 Grunert, Stuart 199 Guena, Vincent 177 Guerrero, John A. 215 Guetterman, Lee 88 Guillermin, A. Pierre 14,257 Guin, Karen 177 Gullion, Dwight 250 G u m m o , Joe 177 Gunther, John 82,177 Gurganus, Sonya R. 177 Guridy, Mickey 215 Guthrie, Keysha M. 233 Guthriee, Keysha 199 Gutierres, Ruth 177 Gwartney, Mark 215

H Haag, Jonathan 47, 233 Haag, Larry 253 Habegger, David 159,233 Habermas, Gary 137,150 Hadden, Jennifer 152 Hadley, Chris 82 Hadley, Christopher 199 Haff, Holly E. 177 Hagahceha, Bocea 177 Hagen, Eunice 177 Haggerty, Denise 216 Haglund, Kevin 177 Hahn, Mark 199 Hahn, Tim 82,177 Hahnlen, Lee 253 Hair, Rick 177 Hajec, T a m m y 250 Hale, Eddie 177 Hale, Heather M. 177 Hales, Douglas 199 Hales, Janet Renee 233 Hall, Andrew 177 Hall, Chad 216 Hall, Cline 253 Hall, Fannie 177 Hall, Jennifer 177 Hall, Laurie 216 Hall, Sandra 199 Halshof, Chris 137,150 Halstead, A m y 216 Halstead, Felicia 233 Halterman, Aaron 233 Hamer, Carol 164, 216 Hamilton, Kimberly 216 Hamilton, Melinda 234 Hamilton, Paul 216 Hammel, Thomas I 216 Hampl, Jeffrey S. 234 Hampton, Bill 199 Hampton, Kirk W . 199 Hancock, Robert S. 199 Hankins, Glenn 250 Hankins, Jennifer 216 Hanna, Naci 234 Hannah, Rachael 216 Hanson, Darla 216 Hapenney, Scott 234

Harden, Nicole 199 Harder, Lee 150,250 Hardiman, Jeff 178 Hargis, Chris 178 Hark, Sallie A. 216 Harless, Arville 199 Harman, Timothy L 178 Harmsen, Scott 178 Harnden, April 199 Harper, Amy 216 Harrell, Jason 82, 83 Harrell, Ramona 199 Harrelson, Rich 234 Harrington, Bob 118 Harrington, Dolly M. 157,158,216 Harrington, James 200 Harrington, Robert D. 234 Harris, Bill 82 Harris, Brett 200 Harris, Crystal 178 Harris, Franklin 216 Harris, Heather Holly 178 Harris, Heather L. 178 Harris, Imogene C. 234 Harris, J. Michelle 234 Harris, Kevin 234 Harris, Zach 112 Harrison, Geniser 178 Harrison, Donald 253 Harrison, Molly 200 Harsey, Hud 82 Harsey, Larkin 82 Harsey, William 200 Harsh, Stacey 234 Hart, Amy 152, 234 Hart, David G. 178 Hart, Jennifer 200 Harter, Mike 178 Hartman, H arvey 253 Hartman, Melissa 178 Harvard, Donald W . 178 Harvath, Scott 200 Harvey, Brett 216 Harvey, Shana 178 Harwood, Catherine 178 Hassell, Andrea 216 Hassell, D. Terry A. 178 Hassell, Stacy 178 Hassey, Shane 201 Hassler, Cindy 200 Hatcher, Keith 82 Hatfield, Karen 152, 163, 234 Havener, Greg 144 Havens, Deborah A. 234 Havens, Mark 200 Haverstick, Andrea J. 200 Hawes, Emil F. 250 Hawk, Jeremy Tad 250 Hawk, Tad 150 Hawks, Marcie 200 Hawthorne, Tracy 234 Hayden, Donald 234 Hayes, Christa 234 Hayes, Christie 159 Hayes, Dan 178 Hayes, Heidi 234 Hayes, Jack 163 Hayes, Mark 178 Hayes, Virginia L. 178 Haymond, Holly 200 Haynes, David 200 Hayslett, Leeann 128, 129 Hazelwood, Kim 178 Heath, John 257 Heath, Melissa 178 Hechinger, Jennifer 178 Heddings, T a m m y 178 Hedges, Jennifer 104 Hedges, Kelly 178 Hegler, Gareth R. 250 Heinrich, Gary 250 Heizer, Brian 200 Heller, Jennifer 178 Helliwell, Sean 96,178 Helms, Tim 216 Helmuth.Joel 178 Helper, Tara 178 Helton, Laura 200 Helwig, Brent 178 Hemenway, Stephen J. 216 Henderson, Albert 178 Hendricks, Shelley 200 Henegar, A m y L. 234 Henne, Rachel 147, 216 Hennrich, Norbert 216 Henriques, Tori 178 Henry, Harry 178

Henry, Kara L. 216 Henry, T a m m y 216 Hensley, Beth 200 Heo,Jongsu 250 Hepler, David Michael 234 Herdean, Florica 200 Herder, J. Warren 200 Herman, Missy 178 Herman, Roberts 178 Herman, Tamara 178 Hernandez, Barbara 234 Herald, Laura B. 178 Hershey, Alisha 200 Hershner, Julie Marie 56, 234 Herwig, Bruce 153,234,285 Herwig, Noelle 178 Herzog, Philip J. 234 Hesprich, Xena 178 Hettick, Cindy 234 Hey, Shelly 200 Hicks, Eric 200 Hicks Jr., Thomas W . 178 Hicks, Melinda Marie 234 Hicks, Paul 82 Hicks, Ross 201 Hicks, Sharon 216 Hicks, Theresa L. 234 Hicks, W . David 234 Hidlay, Brenda 201 Higgins, Floyd C. 178 High, Shannon C. 178 Hightower, Sonya Jean 234 Hildebrand, Matthew 112,114 Hildebrand, Matthew S. 178 Hildebrandt, Lisa 201 Hildebrandt, Mark 82,178 Hill, Karla 157 Hill, Diana 201 Hill, Jeff 216 Hill, Karla Alane 201 Hill, Sidney 216 Hillard, Lori 234 Hills, Michael 234 Hills, Steve 235 Hillyer, Sarah 108 Himes, Kim 216 Hindson, Christy 178 Hines, Kelvin 82 Hines, Wendy Rene 178 Hinkle, Christy 201 Hinkle, Roxanne 178 Hinshaw, David J. 178 Hirshman, Heather 201 Hirt, Kevin 178 Hite, Felecia 201 Hithcock, Patricia 235 Hoath, Marcia 162 Hoath, Valerie 162, 201 Hobart, Jerry 201 Hobbs, Karen 235 Hobbs, Sabrina 235 Hockman, Jeffrey A. 235 Hodden, Jennifer 178 Hodey, Angie 116 Hodges, Jeannie 189 Hodges, Jennifer 178 Hodges, Margaret 178 Hoey, Anne 216 Hofert, Scott 157, 216 Hoff, TerriC. 216 Hoffman, A m y 201 Hoffman, Jeannine 178 Hoffman, Scott A. 235 Hogue, Heather 178 Hogue, Kyle 178 Hohl, Lorraine 235 Hohman, Margaret 216 Hoig, Mark Landis 235 Hoisington, Jodi M. 216 Hokanson, Stephen 126,178 Holder, David 201 Holder, Letha 56,158,235 Holding, Cindy 178 Holiday, Christian 118, 121,201 Holiday, Craig 118,235 Holiday, Darryl 118,201 Holiday, S a m 118 Holland, Jennifer A. 216 Holland, Lorraine 178 Holley, Angie 201 Holliday, S a m 178 Hollingsworth, Tim 201 Hollins, M. Dale 216 Holloway, Kirk 90,216 Holly, Carrie 145 Holmguist, Julie 235 Holt. Rick O. 201

Holyfield, Kevin 178 Holzknecht, Thomas 235 Honer, Lisa 201 Honeycutt, Brent 90 Honeycutt, Brett 126 Honeycutt, Brett L. 216 Hooge, Paula 216 Hook, Angela Jane 201 Hooke, Maria 201 Hoover, David J. 201 Hopkins, Janna 201 Hopkins, Ron 92 Hopkins, Sue 235 Hopp, Philip 216 Hoppe, Gretchen I. 235 Hopper, Gregory 179 Horton, David 253 Horton, Jodi 179 Horton, Keith 179 Hosnick, Pamela 179 Hosters, Beth 178 Hostettler, Charlotte 216 Houghton, Patricia A. 153, 235 Houston, Ronda 179 Howard, Drew 82 Howard, Jim 201 Howard, Leslie A. 179 Howard, Robert M. 216 Howard, T a m m y 201 Howard, T o m 201 Howe, Lance 201 Howe, Thomas A. 250 Howell, Nichole 216 Howell, Randy 216 Hoyt, Christy 235 Hrebar, Louis A. 118,179 Hrinda, Michale 201 Hubbard, David 235 Hubele, Don 253 Huber, Jill 216 Hucsman, Braddock 179 Huff, Shanna B. 179,201 Huffty, Rodney 165, 235 Huggins, Brenda J. 235 Hugher, Tracey 216 Hughes, Charles 250 Hughes, Pamela 201 Hugo, John 253 Hukel, Kenneth 179 Hukills, Adrianna 179 Hukills, Rochelle 179 Humphries, A m o s 216 Humphries, Patricia L. 179 Hunsberger, Andrea 216 Hunt, Jill 216 Hunt, Kathleen 201 Hunter, Barbara A. 216 Hunter, Darrius 179 Hunter, Mark 179 Hunter, Patricia 179 Hunton, Johnny 124 Hurd, Reginald 165 Hurst, John 82 Hurst, Steve 90, 126,235 Hushol, Chris 201 Huston, Molly 201 Hylton, W . Andy 235 Hylkema, Danette 201 Hylton, Dan 201 Hylton, Valerie 179 Hyma, Alan Richard 235 Hyma, Brian 130,216

I Igna, loan Aorin 179 Her, Daniel 216 Im, David D. 251 Imhof, Kathy 179 Ingalls, Robinlyn 235 Ingham, Andrea Jo 235 Inscoe, Stephanie 216 Irby, Rachel D. 201 Irish. Beth Ann 130,235 Isaac, Samuel 253 Ives, Kathleen Y. 130,216 Ivey, M. Tonya 201

Jackson, A m y V. 216 Jackson, Eric 179 Jackson, Ivan 96 Jackson, Ivan M. 201 Jackson, James C. 235

Jackson, John Mark 179 Jackson, Learn 179 Jackson, Mary 179 Jacobs, Wendy 179 Jaffrey, Kent 157, 201 Jaffrey, Lynette M. 235 Jager, Jane E. 235 Jagers Jr., Don 201 James, C. Martin 216 James, Maunna 179 James, Robert D. 216,235 James, Stephen M. 201 Jameson, Gerald 201 Jantz, Elmer 253 Jarratt, Robin Ray 236 Jarvis, Craig 216 Jarvis, Jean 201 Jarvis, Todd 236 Jasper, Eric 179 Jauch, Wendy 152, 216 Jefferson, Bradley W . 179,201 Jeffries, Tami S. 236 Jenkens, Sharon 151 Jenkins, David W . 236 Jenkins, Kimberly 216 Jenkins, Krista 179 Jenkins, Ronda 56, 236 Jenkins, Sharon 236 Jennings, Micheal 179 Jennings, Teresa 179 Jensen, Bonnie J. 179 Jensen, Janice 201 Jensen,John 216 Jeremiah, David 82 Jester, Patricia 179 Jett, Dawn 201 Jevarat, David 201 Jewell, Angela H. 201 Jewell, Susan 179 Jibown, Jonathan 201 Jimenez, Paul 236, 285 John, Ellis Grace 179 Johns,Johnny 201 Johnson, A d a m 201 Johnson, Andy 179 Johnson, Angie 108, 179 Johnson, April 108,179 Johnson, Arthur 179 Johnson, Bryant 236 Johnson, Chris 132,133,216 Johnson, Connie 179 Johnson, Craig 179 Johnson, Curtis 201 Johnson, Darrin J. 179 Johnson, Jennifer 179 Johnson, Jess 179 Johnson, Judith 156, 216 Johnson, Julee 236 Johnson, Laura 217 Johnson, Una 179 Johnson, Lisa L. 217 Johnson, Nancy C. 236 Johnson, Robert 201, 217 Johnson, Shay 179 Johnson, Sue 158,236 Johnson, Tina 156,201 Johnson, T o m 217 Johnson, Wendy 108, 217 Johnson, Yevette 150, 217 Johnston, Dale 216 Johnston, David 82,179 Jolliff, Chris 217 Jones, Allison 179 Jones, Andrea 217 Jones, Daniel 217 Jones, Daniel Mark 236 Jones, David 118 Jones, David Scott 237 Jones, Douglas 179 Jones, Greg 152 Jones, Janet 179 Jones Jr., Herbert M. 201 Jones, Kelli Jane 217 Jones, Kolt 179 Jones, Larissa 237 Jones, Matt 179 Jones, Michael B. 217 Jones, Mitch 217 Jones, P a m 237 Jones, Robbie 179 Jones, Russell Lee 201 Jones, Scott 217 Jones, Steve 165 Jones, Stevens 237 Jones, Vernita 179 Jordan, Daniel 201 Jordan, Robin 217

Jorgenson, Julie 217 Journel, Mark D. 201 Joy, Corey 3,216,217 Juhala, Jeff 126,237 Jurgenson, Ronda 217 Justamante, Damaris 237 Justesen, Kimberlee 201 Justice, Brenda 179 Justice, Shawna 179,201 Justino, Rob 82,217 Justus, Leslie 179, 201

K Kaechele, Mike 179 Kaehne, Julie 217 Kaeppler, Suzanne Gail 237 Kaiser, John 179 Kalnins, Glenn I. 138,152,179 Kamalakis, Joel Craig 237 Kaminski, Matt 118 Kamphuis, Debra 201 Kaneshiro, Shelbi 179 Kania, Timothy F. 237 Kapraun, Melinda 144,202 Karnes, David 202 Karnes, Jamie 202 Kattelkola, Tonya C. 217, 237 Kauel, Jennifer 181 Kauffman, Gary L. 217 Kauffman, Kari 202 Kavana, Ted 202 Kavana, Todd 202 Kavanaugh, John 179 Kawiecki, Thomas M. 237 Kealy, Tim 237 Kearney, Phil 126,237 Keates, Kristine 181 Keating, Karla 152, 237 Keaton, Karma 202 Keaveny, Stacy 218 Kedik, Melinda 181 Keech, Dawna 181 Keene, Gregory 202 Keener, Angela 181 Keenum, Charles 218 Keeports, Sandra 202 Keiper, A m y 181 Keire, Maris 104 Keith, Lynea 181 Keith, Scott 137,150 Keith, Stephen 202 Keller, Jeff 202 Keller, Keith 218 Kelley, Bradley A. 251 Kelley, Kimberly 237 Kelley, Tara 181 Kelley, William A. 251 Kellogy, Kevin 181 Kelly, Chuck 82 Kelly, George 218 Kelly, Jill 146, 158,237 Kelly, Kara 202 Kelly, Sue 104 Kelly, T o m 202 Kelmanson, Derek 202 Kennedy, April 181 Kennedy, Lance 202 Kennedy, Ron 237 Kennedy, Scott 202 Kenny, Mark 202 Kerlau, Lawrence 218 Kern, Mark 181 Kerrigan, Maria 218 Kester, David 218 Kester, Monty 253 Kester, Phyllis 253 Keys, Melinda 202 Keys, Thomas 218 Keznor, Kelli 104 Keznor, Nikki 181, 128 Khan, Bill 90,126, 181 Khourey, Nabil 108,202 Kick, Kerry W . 202 Kilgore, Derek 181 Kilian, Caterina 218 Killey, Kimberly 218 Kim, Daniel 253 Kim, David Dong-ha 181 Kim, Ho Kyung 181 Kim, Jin W . 202 Kim, Paul 202, 237 Kim, SaeJin 116,202 Kim, Seock Keun 251 Kim, YunSik 181 Kinard, Leroy 3. 82 Kinder, Deborah 181

King, C.Paul 218 King, Claudia LeShea 181 King, Donna 202, 285 King, Kerri A. 237 King, Kimberley 159, 218 King, Laura 181 King, Mark W . 251 Kins, Christopher 202 Kipp, Roach 138,152 Kirbiy, Joyce 202 Kirgan, David 181 Kirk, Elizabeth 218 Kirk, John D. 181 Kirk, Nicole 181 Kirschner, Matt 181 Kisby, Jamie K. 181 Kish, Beth A. 237 Kistler, Andy 162 Kistler, Randall K. 251 Klima, Richard 218 Klingter, Jennifer 181 Knakal, Paula 145, 181 Knapp, Douglas 237 Kneger, Mark 218 Knight, Aaron 202 Knisley, Daniel 202 Knowlton, Trina 181 Kobe, Peter 237 Kobza, Randall L. 218 Kodway, Kristen 151 Koelsch, Christina 202 Koenig, Sean 237 Kolb, Karen J. 104,218 Kolbe, Kelly 218 Kompelien, Wayne 253 Konnerup, Kristina M. 202 Kortrey, Kerry L. 202 Kortrey, Nancy E 237 Koulak, Jennifer 181 Kowalski, Kimberly 218,237 Kraft, Rachel 181 Krall, Bruce 218 Krall, Cindy 150,237 Kramer, Cecil 254 Kraus, Jeff 202 Kreider, Kellie 218 Kreider, Michael 218 Kremer, Michelle 237 Krenz, A m y 153, 238 Krisak, Patricia Lynn 218 Krisak, Paul 181 Kroenberger, Kim 181 Kroll, Gerald 254 Kramer, Kimberly 165 Kubala, Robert 132,202 Kurschner, Alan 181 Kurtz, John 140, 158, 164 Kurtz, John K 237 Kurz, Matthew 181 Kusheba, Kari 218 Kyle, Vincent 82

L Lacanienta, Evelyn 202 Lacanienta, S. Peter 140,164, LaFrombois, Ben 218,238 LaHaye, Beverly 257 Lai, Tsung-Hui 254 Lair, James 202 Lake, Kelly 218,238 Lakin, Jeff 218 Lambert, Rich 146,156,238 Lambright, Anthony 218 Lamdin, Tosha 146, 203 Landingham, Mary 202 Landsull, T o m 202 Landtroop, Matt 202 Lane, Dan 137,150,202 Lane, Jennifer 181 Langille, Kristen 238 Langston, Jim 203 Lanham, Reid H. 218 Lanier, Suzanne 202 Lara, Pedro 181 LaRoses, Stacie 218 Larrabee, Robyn 108,238 Larson, Erik 144 Lasley, Angelia 202 Lassiter, Faith 238 Latham, Wendy 181 Lauro, David 202 Laverty, Jodie 130 Lavey, Nelson 254 Lavin, Carl 202 Lawrence, Julie C. 181


Lawson, Connie Sue 218 Lawson, Kimberly 104 Lawton, Lori 108, 130,202 Layne, Dona F. 181 Layne, Lisa 153, 202 Layne, Robin 202 Lazar, Daniela 238 Leahy, Bob 82 Leake, Karen 202 Leary, Karen 218 Leary, Stephon 112 Leaton, Michele 202, 238 LeBeaux, Allison 181 LeBlanc, Russ 152,138,181 Lebo, Joanna M. 202 Lebo, Todd 156,238 Lee, Capricia 202 Lee, Hye Ran 251 Lee Jr., Aaron C. 202 Lee, Richard 257 Lee, Richard M. 218, 238 Lee, Scott 181 Leeber, Gina A. 202 Leech, Anita 238 Leeper, Kim 181 Lehman, Melisa 145, 202 Lehman, Thomas 181 Leichty, Cassie 238 Lemery, Jason 202 Lenti, Beth 202 Leonhirth, Susan 181 Livesay, Corinne 254 Lesko, James Paul 238 Leslie, Lisa 181 Lesmes, Alexandra 203 Lester, Jennifer 181 Letellier, Jalynn 202 Lethco, David 151 Letherland, Danielle 181 Letting, Jennifer 181 Letts, Anthony 181 Leuce, Mihaela-Dorina 181 Leucnson,Joey 181 Leverett, Gaylen 254 Lewis, Belinda R. 181 Lewis, Jeremy 218 Lewis, Lisa 203 Lewis, Ruth A. 238 Lewis, Shelton 202, 82 Liai, Shu-Hui 254 Liddle, Grace 254 Liddle, Gretchen 181 Liesegans, David 181 Light, Christine 181 Light, Doree K. 238 Lightbody, Holly 203 Lightfoot, Shane 151, 238 Ligon, Tracie 181 Lile, Elizabeth 2 Liles, Dan 238 Limmage, Vikki 218 Linch, Thomas Michael 238 Lindquist, Carol A. 203 Lindsay, Dawn M. 202 Lingenfelter, Eric N. 202 Lipscomb, Mary Beth 181 Liskey, Barb 181 Litman, Marina 181 Little, Betty 181 Little, Brian 182 Little, Daniel 202 Litzau, Jonathan 181 Lively, Tina 203 Lloyd, Doug 182 Lloyd, John 251 Lobach, Steve 182 Lockamy, Chris 182 Lockie, Kendra N. 182 Locklear, Myra 203 Lockwood, Kevin 82 Lockwood, Mark 203 Locy, Ray 254 Locy, Sharon 203 Loeffert, Sandy 203 Loftin, Shane 182 Loftus, Kristen Lee 238 Loftus, T.J. 238 Logan, Deborah 238 Logan, Stephanie Anne 182 Loghry, Heather M 238 Logue, Jeanna L. 218 Lonete, Peter 218 Long, Carolyn 218 Long, Carolyn C. 203 Long, Christopher 182 Long, Mary 238 Long, Sherri 182

Long, Sherry E 238 Long, Stephen 182 Longaberger, Rusty 182 Lookabaugh, Christy 238 Loop, Debbie 254 Looper, Bradley K. 218 Lorey, Lisa 203 Loser, Steve 164, 182 Lotspeich, Cristina 182 Lotspeitch, Phil 203 Lough, Jodi Renee 238 Love, David K. 203 Love Jr., Charles E. 203 Loveless, Edie 116,218 Lovell, Shannon 182 Lowe, Darren 218 Lowe, John 145 Lowell, Craig 203 Lowell, Vince 203 Lowrey, Don 182 Lowry, Beverly 254 Loy, Doug 159 Lubarre, Matthew 182 Lucandano, Jeanette 203 Lucas, Ethan 182 Luci, Monica L. 203 Lucido, Nicole 203 Lumadue, Jeffrey L. 218 Lupulesow, Samuel 182 Lusk, Robert 203 Lycett, Jeff 137,150,182 Lynn, Christopher 203 Lynn, Nadine 182 Lyons, Laurie 218

M Maben, Elizabeth 145,146,218 MacCurdy, Mary E. 182 MacDonald, Karen 151, 165, 219 MacDonald, Kim 182 Machovina, Allyson 182 Macione, Rebecca 203 MacLead, Dana K 238 MacLord, Kenneth 183 MacNeil, Shawn 183 MacNelson, T o m 183 Macovei, Alina 182, 225 MacSwain, Rob 218 Madden.Tiffany A. 182 Maddox, Jon 118 Maduta, Marius 203 Magallanes, Erba 182 Magill, Jessica 182 Magill, Mike 203 Mahaaraj, Savita 182 Mahairas, Anastacia 182 Mahairas, Stephanie 203 Mahan, Antrance K. 203 Mahan, Sandra 182 Maido, Kelly Lynn 182 Main, Scott 182 Maines, Colleen T. 182 Maka, Jennifer Susan 182 Maka, Matthew J. 218 Makepeace, Beverly 203 Maldonado, Zaida 152, 182 Maley, Julee 182 Malko, Geneine 182 Mallory, Daniel 182 Mallory, Ed 165 Manahan, Melissa 182 Manciose, Rebecca 238 Mankins, Chad 238 Manley, Aaron 257 Manley, Heather 203 Mann, Brad 239 Mann, Maureen 182 Mann, Shirley 218 Mannino, Bernadette 203 Mannuzza, Christine 239 Mante, Rochelle 164, 203 Manuel, Renne A. 239 Marbarger, Brian 182 Mariette, Susann 203 Marinas, Brian C. 218 Marino, Monica 182 Marketto, Erik 182 Markle, Steven 218 Marks, Jennifer 182 Marley, Gregg 126,182 Marry, Brian 182 Marsh, P a m 157,203 Marshall, Abella 182 Marshall, Jeff 137,150 Marston, Davis 254

Martin, Faith 182 Martin, Heather 182 Martin, Lynn 254 Martin, Rebecca 218 Martin, Robert 182 Martin, Ronald 182 Martin, Sandra 218 Martin, Sharon 158 Martin, Todd A. 203 Marttila, Sheri 218 Mascoll, Akwin 182 Mascoll, Alwin 82 Mason, Jamey 239 Mason, Laura A. 182 Massey Jr., Robert Neil 239 Massey, Robert 218 Mateer, Robert 254 Matheny, Greg 182 Matheny, William 254 Matherly, Jamie 203 Mathers, Blake 82,218 Mathias, Anissa 203 Matres, Tina 218 Matthes, Lloyd 254 Matthes, Sandra 254 Matthews, Michelle 56, 239 Matthews, Susan E. 203 Mattson, Lori 182 Mauney, Susan L. 203 Mawdsley, Alice 254 Mawdsley, Ralph 254 Maxwell, Carla J. 218 Maxwell, Douglas C. 203 May, Linda 203 May, Lisa A. 239 Mayberry, Frances 130 Mayes, Wendy 145, 182 Maynard, Nicole 203 Mays, Raymond 257 Mays, Tony 182 McBride, Joe 118 McBride, Todd 44 McCain, Shari 218, 239 M c C a m m o n , Dana 239 McCarter, Jeff 218 McCarthy, Jim 82 McCauley, Lena 218 McClain, Christine 182 McClain, Jasom 218 McClain, Teddy 182 McClang, Gretchen 182 McClay, Debbie 239 McClay, Jim 218 McCleery, Mike 203 McClenney, Joel 203 McClenney, Rachel 203 McClintock, Cindy 203 McClung, Shane 182 McCombs, David 90,126,182 McCombs, Stephen D. 126 McConnell, Wesley 218,82 McCray, Wendy 182 McDaniel, Chris 130,203 McDaniel, Melissa 183 McDaniel, Robin 203 McDonald, Rachael 183 McDowell III, George 239 McDuffie, J.D. 82 McFarland, Allena 56, 239 McFarland, Dorena 56, 239 McFarland, Frank D. 183 McFarland III, Niell A. 203 McGarity, Cameron 219 McGhee, Daryle 145 McGuire, Heather 183 McGuirk, Kathy 183 Mclnstosh, Paul H. 203 Mclntive, Philip 183 Mclntyre, Angie 183 McKee, Scott A. 239 McKeehan, Kerri 239 McKenzie, Genine 239 McKeon, Scott 203 McKinley, Scott 183 McKinney, Timothy 219 McKinnies, Dan D. 183 McKnight, James 183 McKnight, Kimberly 183 McLean, April 56, 239 McLean, Matthew W . 203 McLean, Robin 145,203 McLean, Tim 203 McLeary, Matt 130,131,203 McLennan, Michael 219 McMonigle, Mace 82,219 McNamara, Shane P. 219 McNamara, Shawn 239

McNeill, Brad 163 McNulty, Mark 183 McReight, T.J. 82 McVicar, Lisa 239 Mearkle, Troy D. 144,239 Mebiama, Blanche 183 Mecias, Annie 239 Meekins, Sally 203 Meerdink, A m y 203 Mehle, Susan 219 Meister, Heather 203 Mellote, Michelle 183 Melton, Tracy 219 Melvin, Ryan 239 Mendenhall, Gina R 239 Mendoza, Michael 219 Mentone, Elayna 144,203 Meola, Jeanna 183 Merchant, Rusty 183 Merchant, Thomas 96,183 Merida, Andy 183 Meschke, Melissa 203 Method, Julie 239 Metzgar, Scott 219 Meyer, Brad 183 Meyer, Jeff 112 Meyer, Jonathan D. 219 Michael, Melody 203 Michael, Stephen 152,239 Mickler, Paige 183 Mihaela, Angel 183 Mikhail, Nabi 254 Milanovic, Iva 162, 239 Milford, Shannon 183 Miller, Anthony 219 Miller, August 240 Miller, Chris 183 Miller, Darren L. 204 Miller, David 254 Miller, Dawn R. 204 Miller, Donna 183 Miller, Dwylin 219 Miller, Edwin 219 Miller, Gus 139 Miller, James 204 Miller, Jason 183 Miller, Jennifer 146, 219 Miller, Joy 204 Miller, Laura 104 Miller, Linda 254 Miller, Lisa 116 Miller, Meghan J. 204 Miller, Michael J. 183 Miller, Roger 254 Miller, W a d e 239 Mills, A m y 56, 239 Mills, Esther 94,95, 128,204 Mills, Kathryn V. 204 Mills, Matthew 118,239 Miltenberg, Lisa 183 Min, Jeanie, K. 239 Minnis, Jessica 204 Mintz, Judd 82, 204 Miracle, Marty 183 Mirela, Platona 183 Miskimen, Sheila 204 Miskimen, Shirley 183 Mitchell, Rachel 183 Mitchell, Dan 254 Mitchell Jr., David 183 Mitchell, Nathan 219 Mitrofan, Paul 183 Mittauer, Casey 183 Mittelstadt, Scott 204 Mock, Kevin 219 Mock, Kim 240 Modling, Jason 82, 204 Modlish, Gary 240 Moffett, Tim 240 Moga, Daniel 183 Mogapi, Moagi 183 Mogford, Edward C. 204 Molesworth, Christina 183 Mollick, Glen David 204 Molyneaux, Tim 139,147, 204 Monie, Gary 183 Monie, Joy 204 Monroe, Scott 204 Monroe, Wayne 82 Montale, Theresa 204 Montgomery, Jenni 183 Moore, Daniel 183 Moore, Aimee 204 Moore, April 183 Moore, Carrie 204 Moore, David M. 240 Moore, Jeramie 204

Moore, Mary 204, 240 Moore, Valerie 219 Morales, Albato 183 Morel, Rita 219,285 Moreva.Tim 150 Morews.Tim 240 Morgan, Larissa 183 Morgan, Lisa 183 Morgan, Natalie 254 Morgan, Tina 183 Morguarge, Nerue 165 Morris, Emily 204 Morris, Heather 183 Morris, Jacqueline 219 Morris, Karey Lee 240 Morris, Michelle 204 Morris Jr., Richard 240 Morrison, John 254 Mortify, Tina 157 Moses, Melissa 240 Mosley, Gerald 126,204 Moss, Jennifer 183 Mossman, Robert 183 Mower, Kristina 204 Moyer, Brian 204 Moyer, Brian N. 219 Moyer, Jennifer 240 Mozden, Christina 183 Mugford, Molly 183 Mullen, Jim 204 Mulleniy, Michele 183 Muller, Gus 147 Mullins, Jeff 251 Mumman, Keith A. 183 Mummau, Christine 162,240 Mummau, Reist E. 219 Mummert, Amy 204 Mundy, Molly 183 Mundy, Penny 56, 240 Munshower, Gretchen 183 Munsky, Julie 183 Murphy, Annita 204 Murphy, Carole 183 Murphy, Danny 240 Murphy, Jeff D. 240 Murphy, Jill 183 Murray, Mike 204 Murray, Shawn P. 204 Musat, Gabriela 183 Muscolino, Ronald 183 Musser, Blake 185 Myers, Amy M. 240 Myers, Bethany 185 Myers, Jim 185 Myers, Lois 156, 204 Myers, Michelle 204 Myers, Victor 204 Myles, Alexandria 185

N Nas, Victor 251 Nash, Beki 185 Nash, Chery 94,128,240 Naudascher, Jennifer 185 Nauyen, Tue Due 204 Nazar, Tana M. 219 Nazigian, Jonathan 204 Neal, Ryan 185 Neff, Doug A. 204 Negru, Valetta 219,240 Nelson, A m y 185 Nelson, Carol 144,204 Nelson, Danielle 185 Nelson III, James H. 204 Nelson, Jay 140,164 Nelson, Pat 82 Nelson, Renee 204 Nelson, Sara 219 Nelson, Steve 204 Nemeth, Lori 204 Neptune, Tim 219 Nesselrotte, Kent 82,219 Netzband, Robert 219 New, Trudy M. 150,240 Newby, Melondee 163,219 Newcomb, Beverly 145,219 Newenhouse, Tray A. 204 Newhall, Kristine 204 Newman, A m y 219 Newman, Charlie 219 Newman, Jim W . 204 Newman, Scott 185 Newport, Kevin 185 Newton, Merry Carol 219 Nguyen, Tue Due 82

Nice, Nicole 104 Nichols, Angela 185 Nichols, Linda 146 Nicholson, John 137, 150, 204 Nickell, Becki 240 Nickerson, Melissa 144,204 Nicklow, Paula 240 Nicolazzo, Polly 185 Nielsen Jr., James C. 185 Nielsen, Katrina 219 Nilsen, Lori Anne 185 Nimo, George 96, 97, 240 Nisbet, Melanie 185 Nivens, Curtis 82 Noble, Stephanie 185 Noel, Heather 185 Nogowski, Joanne G. 240 Noguera, Graciela 185 Norman, Michelle 204 Norman, Natalyn 204 Norman, Stephanie 185 Nounennady, K. 219 Nowell, Nicole 185 Nucklos, Barbara 254 Nugroho, Maryam 251 Nunes, Dorthy 185 Nutter, James 254 Nutter, Laurie 254 Nutter, Marilyn 254 Nutter, Randal 254 Nwosu, Julius 112 Nyholm, Brad 204 Nylander, Thomas L. 204

Oasar, T o m 219 Oatridge, Archie 204 Oatridge, Daniel 185 Obey, Sheila 219 O'Brien, Kevin 185 O'Bryon, Chris 145, 219 O'Bryon, Kris E. 240 O'Carrol, Jennifer 185 Occhiogrosso, John 204 Ochoa, Lucrecia 240 O'Dell, Charlene 204 O'Donnell, Brett 254 O'Dwyer Jr., Michael 219 Offill, Paul 240 Ogilvie, Tammie 185 Ogkyung, Lee 251 O g u m , Caroline 219 O'Kresik, Anne 240 Oles, Mike 185 Oleyhikov, Oleg 177,185 Oliver, Jason 185 Oiling, Dale 204 Olsen, David 96,219 . Olson, Celia L. 219 Olson, Curt 240 Olson, Jim 240 Olson, Thomas Malcom 240 O m a k w u , Ekwo 204 O'Neal, Kevin 204 O'Neil, K. Robyn 185 Onokalah, Chidinma 185 Onyeanusi, Charles 126 Ord, Robert 185 Osbor, Dede 145 Osborn, Delina Ann 219 Osborne, Stefanie 185 Osinga, Paul S. 185, 204 Otechere, James 96 Ouwenga, Kim 185, 104 Owen, Gretchen 185 Owen, Rebecca 56 Owen, Stuart 251 Owens, Anthony 219 Owens, Brian 82 Owens, Dana 219

Pace, Scott 185 Pack, Valerie 185 Packett, Cathy 185 Padgett, Pamela J. 185 Painter, Marilyn 185 Painter, Michealann 204 Pait, Heather 153. 219 Pait, J. Stewart 138,152 Palm, Mary 219 Palmer, Diane 56 Palmer. Lisa 185 Palmer, Terri 204

Pangle, Anthony 185 Pannemann, Paula 145, 204 Pantana, John 254 Pantana, Krista 204 Parada, Susan C. 185 Park, Joanne 185 Park, Tamara 165, 205 Parker, Beth 185 Parker, Karen 254 Parker, Todd 185 Parmenter, Raymond 219 Parrish, Jennifer 185 Parrish, L.G. 82, 126, 127 Parrish, Mindy 79 Parson, A m y 205 Parson, Kimberly 205 Parson, Robert M. 219 Partie, David 254 Patch, Karen 165, 205 Pate, S a m 257 Patrick, Carolyn 205 Patrick, Kelly 219 Patrick, Sean A. 185 Patterson, Dan 219 Patterson, Dwane 185 Patterson, Richard 255 Patterson, Scott 219 Paul, Jeffery S. 205 Paul, Jon 185 Pauley, Sherri 185 Paulsen, Tim 255 Paulson, Kimberly 219 Payne, Clint 82 Payne, George 82 Payne, Ivana 185 Payne, Landon 219 Peak, Deron 145 Pearl, Melany 205 Pearson, Heather 185 Pearson, Sherri 219 Pederson, Vicki 205 Peeler, Dyna 185 Peeples, Steve 126 Pegram, Emily 185 Pelletier, Matt 219 Pelletier, Teresa 205 Penn, Brian K 219 Pennock, Joan 255 Pentecost, Paula 157,219 Penton, Sandra 159,219 Pepperdine, Lisa 219 Perdiev, Chris 185 Pereira, Doug 205 Perez, Cynthia 185 Perkins, A m y 205 Perkins, Jill R. 219 Perkins, Ken 96,219 Perkins, T.J. 185 Perrin, Matt 185 Perry, Brett J. 185 Perry, Jennifer 185 Perry, Leah 205 Perry, Sharon M. 205 Petercuskie, Jerry 82 Petercuskie, John 82 Peters, Aaron 205 Peters, Brian 186 Peters, Debra 219 Peters, Katie 205 Peterson, A m y 108,186 Peterson, Charity 205 Peterson, Delynn 205 Peterson, Greg 205 Peterson, Scott 220 Petke, Matthew 186 Petroff, Gregory 220 Petterson, Paul 205 Pettitt, Damien 185 Pettyjohn, Todd 126,205 Peverill, Meredith J. 220 Pfaff, Darren 186 Pfister, Dorothy 186 Phelps, Angela 205 Phelps, T a m m y 47,153 Philemon, Ashley M. 186 Phillips, John 186 Phillips, Michelle F. 205 Phinney, Angel 145 Phipps, Christopher 186 Pickering, James 255 Pickering, Tina 145, 220 Pickral, Christopher K. 220 Pierce, Christine 205 Pierce, Jan 186 Pierce, Joel 220 Pierce, Timothy 220 Pillhips, Lance 186

Pinder, Alison 205 Pinder, Norma L. 220 Pinkham, Carl 205 Pinlcham, Brian 205 Piontek, Cory 186 Pirrie, Paul 205 Pisney, Jeff 12, 205 Pitkin, Amanda 206 Pitman, Paula Jo 186 Pizzini, Stephen F 220 Plitchta, Jill 220 Plotts, David 186 Plummer, Brad 186 Poblete, A m y 186 Poe, Charles 255 Poffenberger, David 206 Poggemiller, Dwight 150,251 Poggemiller, Eugenice 186 Poggemiller, Helmuth 255 Poggemiller, Vangie 285 Polino, Michelle 206 Pollard, Traci 151 Pollock, Dawn 220 Poltevint, Thad 186 Polto, David 186 Ponder, James Lynn 251 Poore, Shelli 220 Pop, Dorina 186 Portanova, Diane E. 206 Porter, Damian 96,186 Porter, Kevin 126 Porter, Letta 186 Porter, Steve C. 186 Porter, Susan 220 Posey, Tanya 186 Post, Kristin K. 206, 220 Poteat, Faith 186 Potter, Jill 220 Pound, Jennife 186 Pourchot, James Lee 150,251 Powell, A m y 144,206 Powell, Erica 186 Powell, Felicia A. 186 Powers, Deanna 186 Pranther, Lisa 186 Prat, Daniel 112, 115,206 Preas, Debbie 206 Prettyman, Bobby 186 Prettyman, Johnny 126,220 Price, David 186 Price, Stefani 206 Prickett, Jennifer 186 Prince, Earl 206 Pritcher, Dan 82 Prowant, Tara 206 Prunar, Daniel 206 Prunaru, Daniel 145 Pryor, T a m m y R. 206 Pugh, Denise 151, 159 Pugh, Roger 186 Pulliam, Wendy 159 Pumpelly, Connie 130, 255 Pusher, Valerie 186

Q Quaranta, Anthony 206 Quarles, Deletha 128 Quarles, Thomas 251 Queen, Scott 82, 87 Quintanila Jr., Eladro 186 Quiring, Tamilla 206

Ragains, Melody 206 Rahilly, Sharon 255 Rainer, Anjulette 186 Ramsey, Chris T. 206 Ramsey, Pamela 251 Randall, Brian 116 Randall, Dawn 186 Rander, Darlene 206 Randlett, David 255 Randlett, Doug 255 Randlett, Jane 146 Rapp, Michelle(Mic) 206, 285 Rasberry, Regina A. 206 Rasztawicki, Jacki 206 Ratliff, Donna 255 Ratliff, Stephanie 186 Rausch, A. Danette 206 Read, Emily 206 Reaves. Bobby 186 Reber, Dayna 206 Rebsamen, Jay 206

Rector, Jon 206 Redding, Mark 206 Redding, Shelly 186 Redfeir, T a m m y 186 Redmer, Guy M. 206 Reece, Debra 206 Reed, Melissa 206 Reed, Michael 126 Reed, Pamela 206 Reeder, Jenn 94 Reeder, Jennifer 94, 128, 206 Reeder, Lynda 206 Reeves, Rick 110 Reffe, Dorinda 206 Reichanadter, Melissa 186 Reid, Bruce 251 Reid, Cindy 153 Reimer, Milton 255 Rein, Andrew 206 Reis, Eric 206 Rekeczky, Audrey 206 Renshaw, Brian 158 Repicky, Mark 186 Rex, Jennifer L. 206 Reynolds, Dennis 186 Rhea, Tyler 206 Rhoades, Christy 116 Rhoden.Joy 186 Rhodenhizer, David 257 Rhodes, Chris 186 Rhodes, Nia 206 Rhyne, Benjamin 186 Rice, Corey 82 Richard, Ronald I. 206 Richards, Cherith 186 Richards, Nathan 206 Richardson, Douglas J. 159, 206 Riddell, Allison 206 Ridgeway, Angela 206 Ridgway, Norman A. 186 Ries, Eric 96 Riffle, Jeff 186 Riffle, Julie 146, 206 Riffle, Todd 186 Riggs, Derrick E. 206 Riggs, Matt J. 206 Riggs, Melissa Irene 206 Riggs, Trent James 206 Riley, Ginger 206 Riley, Ta Sheen 186 Rill, Kerry 186 Rill, Steven David 186 Rininger, Christianna 94, 95, 128, 206 Ritter, Angel 186 Ritz, Kathy Jo 186 Rivera, Reyni 116 Roach, Stacey 206 Roach, Willie 186, 112 Robb, Michelle 186 Robbins, Chris 125 Robe, Alan 255 Roberst, Gina 206 Roberst, LaRaye B. 206 Roberts, Christianna 206 Roberts, Gary 165 Roberts, Jennifer 186 Roberts, Tanya 251 Robertson, Jason 186 Robertson, Tara 186 Robertson, W a y n e M. 206 Robinson, Deborah 187 Robinson, Kevin S. 206 Robinson, Kristin 206 Robinson, Mizchivette 186 Robison, Gregory 206 Robison, Richard 206 Robles, Shannon 186 Rockelman, Susan 187 Rodergers, Daniel 206 Rodergers, Laura 206 Rodgers, Jason 187 Rodriguez, Enid 187 Rodriguez, Nestor 207 Rodriguez, Roberto 187 Rogers, Anthony 187 Rogers, Dan 187 Rogers, Lisa 187 Rogers, Melissa 207 Rogers, T. Renee 207 Rogers, Tad 187 Rogne, Tina 187 Rogner, T a m m y L. 187 Rohrer, John 207 Rollins. Williams P. 207 Rollison, A m y 207 Roloff, Christy 187 R o m o , David 187


Rookus, Scott 207 Roots, A m y K. 207 Rorer, Janet 108 Rose, Kimberly 187 Rose, Tim 159 Rosenberg, Melissa 207 Ross, Heather 187 Ross, Kristin 207 Rossell, A m y 207 Rothbaver, Cooney 187 Rothermel, Cheyenne 187 Rothfeld, Johanna 207 Rowe, Marvin 207 Rowland, Kelly 207 Rowles, Mike 187 Royal, Michael 207 Royster, Jonathan 187 Rucker, Shannon 82 Rudiger, Elaine 187 Rudolph, Brett 82 Ruggiero, Christine 207 Ruld, James D. 207 Rupp, Cheryl 187 Rushing, Brad 207 Rushing, Dana 156 Rusk, Christopher 207 Russell, A m y 187 Russell, Andrew 187 Russell, James 207 Russell, Karen L. 187 Russell, Melissa Y. 187 Rutherford, Barbara 207 Rutigliano, Paul 82 Rutigliano, S a m 82 Rutledge, Katherina 187 Ryder, Beth 207 Ryniak, Karil 187

s Sacks, Lisa M. 187 Saczawa, Darleen 128 Saenz, Gary 220 Safer, Dwight 147, 207 Sager, Kim 207 Saker, Lesley James 118, 207 Salazar, Myriam 187 Sale, Sherry Dawn 220 Salley, Lamar 187 Sallstrom, LuAnn L. 187 Salzman, A m y E. 187 Sammons, Lisa 207 Sampson, Josh 187 Samuel, Fadhila 128,187 Sanchez, Elias 187 Sanchez, Marisela 220 Sanders, Aaron 163 Sanders, Bobby K. 220 Sanders, Keith 82 Sanger, Pamela G. 220 Sanner, Kevin W . 221 Sanusi, Foloso 207 Sarbaugh, Laurie 187 Sargeant, Joel D. 187 Sarra, Aaron 118,187 Sarver II, Ernest 207 Sasu, John 96 Sattler, Paul 255 Saunders, Michael 187 Saunders, Scott 221 Savo, Gino 187 Sawres, Kerri L. 188 Sawyer, Lisa 221 Sawyer, Neil L. 90,126,187 Sawyer, Shelby 187 Saylor, Chris 187 Saylor, John P 221 Sburanra, Cristina 174 Scahuback, Bryan Marc 187 Scarberry, Kimberly 187 Schaap, Margie 207 Schaefer, Nancy 44 Schafferman, Cynthia 207 Schaible, Kathy-Jean 187 Schake, Trenton L. 140,207 Schanz, Kal 221 Scharfer, Ryan 207 Schatzer, Todd 207 Schaub, Victoria 221 Schaufer, Anne 187 Schavey, Chad 187 Schick, Roderick 221 Schlapman, Steven 207 Schmidt, Jeff 137 Schmidt, Kristy 221 Schmidt, Laura J. 207


Schmidt, Maria 221 Schmith, Malinda 187 Schmitt, Christie 207 Schmitt, Frank 255 Schneeman, Laurie 221 Schneider, Kim 144 Schofer, James 207 Schoolcraft, Brent 221 Schoon, Ellen 251 Schudler, Bobby 126,187 Schulenburg, Kevin 187 Schults, KirkJ. 187 Schultz, Mike 96, 97 Schuppe, James 255 Schuster, Eric 82 Schwarting, Timothy D. 187 Schwartz, Scott 207 Schwasnick, Sandy 108,187 Schweinsburg, Amanda 144,159, Seism, John 137, 15 Sckolnik, Mark L. 187 Scott, Becky 144,207 Scott, Dale K. 207 Scott, Sara 187 Scott, Stephen 163,221 Scott, Tim 126 Scram, Jennifer 10 Screndsen, Inger 187 Scruggs, Kevin R. 221 Scruggs, Rodney 221 Seale, Laura 56 Seaman, Dave 12,187 Sears, Tim 126,285 Segedi, Eric 159 Segvin, Heidi 207 Sehley, Donald 187 Seibel, James E. 221 Seipp, Lynn 255 Sell, Rebecca E. 221 Semple, Christine 187 Semradek, Matthew 187 Senitz, Mark 97 Senning, Wendy 187 Sentner, Mark 221 Seplak, Cynthia 221 Serban, Stefan 251 Serwich, Doris 207 Sewell, Kristina 207 Sewell, Michael 187 Sexton, Janet 188 Shackleford, A m y 207 Shackleton, Stacey 221 Shake, Trenton 164 Shank, Tim 188 Shank, Tricia 188 Shankula, Beth 188 Shannon Rucker 82 Shanton, James 221 Sharp, Laura 207 Sharp, Michelle 207 Sharpe, David K 221 Sharpe, Kimberly 188 Shautzer, Todd 137,150 Shealey Jr., Burnet 221 Shear, Melissa 188, 207 Shearer, David 207 Sheckard, Seth 188 Sheffield, Julie 188 Sheilds, Patti 207 Shelburne, Darren 96,188 Sheldrake, Andrew 137,150 Shell, Christina 207 Shelor, Lenny 188 Shelton, Clarence 82 Shenton, Michael 207 Shepard, Amanda 188 Sheperd, A m y 207 Sheppard, T a m m y 188 Sherlock, T o m 188 Sherman, Barbara 152,255 Sherman, Missy 207 Sherwin, Wilma 255 Shickel, Barbara 207 Shilling, Erika 188 Shipley, Derek 207 Shirley, David 157, 221 Shirley, Keith 207 Shiver, Mark 221 Shoaf, Beth 56,163 Shoaff, Bryan 207 Shoap, Brandon 188 Shoemaker, Karl 207 Shokes, Kristi 221 Short, Brenda 188 Short, Karen 207 Showers, Debra 221 Shows, Dan 112

Shumaker, Melody 188 Shupe, Mike 90, 91, 126 Sidebottom, Bill 207 Sides, Wendy 207 Siegel, Carrie 94,128,221 Sigel, G. Matthew 188 Sigley, Juli 207 Sigmon, Chris 188 Sikora, Christine 188 Silva, Carlos 212, 221 Silvester, Steve 137, 150, 207 Simanovich Jr.,William 188 Simme, Scott 221 Simmons, David 188 Simmons, Jeff 144 Simmons, Jolene 188 Simons Jr., John B. 251 Simons, Sandra 255 Simontacchi, Shelli 188 Simpson, Angela 208 Simpson, Jonathan 208 Simpson, Kari 208 Simpson, Kim 221 Sims, Jennifer 208 Sitkowski, Monica 221 Siwert, Sheri 208 Skaggs, Lisa 221 Skekel, Stephen 188 Skelton, S a m 140,164 Skillings, Vicki 208 Skillman, Michael 208 Skinner, E m m a Melissa 188 Slade, Shannon 188 Slautterbuck, Krista 208 Slippy, Mark 188 Sloan, Carta 255 Sloan, Greg 188 Smith, Adrian 208 Smith, Ali 188 Smith, Allison 188 Smith, A m y 188 Smith, Bailey 257 Smith, Becky 150, 188 Smith, Beth 188 Smith, Carlton 257 Smith, Carvelle 82 Smith, Cathy 145, 221 Smith, Connie 208 Smith, Connie M. 188 Smith, Don 126 Smith, Doug 208 Smith, Gary 188 Smith, Gerald 221 Smith, Jeff 221 Smith, Jeffrey S. 208 Smith, Jill 188 Smith, Karen 3, 13, 116, 188, Smith, Karen S. 208 Smith, Kevin 208 Smith, Kimberly 188 Smith, L. Paige 221 Smith, Lance C. 188 Smith, Raji 208 Smith, Rochelle 221 Smith, Sharon R. 221 Smith, Thomas G. 251 Smith, Todd 188 Smith, Todd C. 208 Smith, Tricia 188 Smith, Troy 165 Smith, Tyler 208 Smyth, Jeff 62 Snaddock, Peter 188 Snead, Bryan 208 Snider, Krista 221 Snow, Donna 188 Snow, Kevin 116,221 Snowden, Kimberly 188 Snuffer, Denise 188 Snyder, Donald 188 Snyder, Al 151 Snyder, Evelyn 255 Snyder III, Brauley 188 Snyder Jr., G. Brian 188 Soden, Ellen 255 Soden, Evelyn 208 Soderlund, Kevin M. 251 Soistmann, Brian 221 Solberg, Sonja 150, 152 Soldesi, Eduardo 150, 251 Somers, Jonathan 208 Sommers, Michael P. 221 Songer, Carole 208 Sonner, Jennifer 208 Soom, Tara A. 221 Sorenson, James 208 Sorenson, Kim 188

Sorenson, Ruth 208 Sorrell, Debra G. 188 Soto, Jamie 208 Soukup, Rob 188 Southall, Cynthia 162 Souther, Shannon 208 Sparke, Wendy 221 Spaulding, Danelis 150 Spear, Hila 255 Spencer, Holly 94 Spencer, Nicole 188 Sperling, Brian 208 Spoerlein, Donna 208 Spohn, Terry 255 Sprague, David 255 Springsteen, Kim 163 Squires, Brent 90, 91, 126,221 Squires, Kimberly 221 Stabler, Eric 221 Stace, David 188 Stahl, Lori 208 Stall, Ronda J. 221 Stallings, Mark 208 Stamm, Joshua 188 Stamps, Eric 138, 152, 208 Stark, Miriam 255 Starr, Jennifer 208 Stastny, Brent 146, 165 Steadman, Mark 221 Stebbins, Laura 153, 208 Steckis, Nichole 188 Steele, Jeff 208 Steele, Kevin 208 Steeves, Susan 221 Steffen, Tricia M. 208 Stein, Ronald 188 Steiner, Peter 188 Steinhoff, Mark 255 Stem, Sherri 221 Stembridge, Liz 221 Stembridge, Steven 221 Stephens, Brian 96 Stephenson, Sherrie 208 Steppe, Anita 188 Sterberg, Heather 189 Sterious, John 208 Sterner, John 162 Stevens, James 255 Steverson, Todd 189 Stewart, David 221 Stewart, Leslie 208 Stigelman, Jennifer 189 Stiles, Garrick 134, 135 Stiles, Kerri 189 Stiles, Wayne 130, 138, 152 Stine, Robin 221 Stocksdale, Tami L. 208 Stohofus, Julie K. 189 Stoll, Christine 221 Stoll, Esther 209 Stoll, Jeff 209 Stoltzfus, Curtis 189 Stoltzfus, Jeffrey D. 209 Stoltzfus, Julia K. 152 Stone, Kristina L. 209 Stoneberger, Curtis 209 Stoner, Tracie 189 Storall, Joseph 189 Storey, Heather L. 189 Storey, Shawn 189 Stover, Shane 82 Strachman, Kevin 209 Strahan, Melissa 189 Strait, Jennifer 189 Strand, Kenneth A. 189 Stratos, Jamiel 209 Strawn, Barbara 189 Strawn, Philip A. 209 Strehle, Stephen 255 Streit, John P. 209 Stroad, Cynthia 189 Strobel, Sheila 209 Strack, Shannon 189 Strong, Kimberly 221 Strunk, Brian 165 Strycker, Mike 165 Stura, Johnny 189 Sturgis, Melanie 189 Styers, Brian 189 Styles, Bradley Styles, Lauren R. 189 Styron, Angela 221 Su, Daniel B. D. 251 Sullivan , Andrew 156 Sullivan, Gene 255 Sullivan, Jennifer 209 Sullivan, Sandra 190

Summer, Ashley 190 Summers, Dawn 209 Sumrall, Stephanie 209 Sundheim, Pete 82 Surbaugh, Leslie 221 Survant, Mikie 255 Sutherland, Cadi 190 Sutphin, Keith 190 Svendsen, Erik 157,221 Svensson, Louise 209 Swain, Barton 190 Swain, Tonya R. 190 Swan, J. E. 190 Swan, Nestor 209 Swatsworth, W a d e 116, 222 Sweeney, Mary E. 209 Sweet, George 257 Sweet, Shelly 222 Swift, Esther 190 Swindler, Carol A 222 Swindler, Carolann 144 Synn, Kyung-hi 255 Syrjala, Darin 222 Szkolnik, Mark 90

T Tade, Ashley 190 Talbott, Rebecca 222 Talley, Chris 209 Tanner, Rhonda L. 190 Tarnstrom, Guy 158 Tate, Bonnie 190 Tate, Shannon 190 Tate, Tonya 190 Tattersall, Tamara 222 Taylor, Camilla 156 Taylor, Dawn 190 Taylor III, Lyman C. 209 Taylor, Melissa 209 Taylor, Pamela K. 190 Tenpas, Jennifer 190 Teojaseputra, Giamyati 251 Tereschuck, Christina 222 Terrell, Michele 190 Terry, Angie 209 Terry, Annastasia 222 Terzacos, Tara 190 Tesch, Kristi L. 190 Tewksbury, Angie 209 Tewolde, Sara 222 Thacker, Joey 190 Theaker, Mary 222 Thew, David K 222 Thibolbeauz, Jeffrey 209 Thies, Charles 190 Tholl, Susan 209 Thomas, Carla 222 Thomas, Christy 190 Thomas, Clinton 222 Thomas, E. Rene 222 Thomas, Eric 82 Thomas Jr., James 222 Thomas, Jeffrey 209 Thomas, Jon 190 Thomas, Julie K. 209 Thomas, Kathy 190 Thomas, Kevin S. 190 Thomas, Kim 104, 107 Thomas, Mark 82 Thomas, Sarah 209 Thomas, Scott A. 222 Thomas, Velvet 190 Thompson, Calvin 82 Thompson, Charles 257 Thompson, Jacki 158 Thompson, Jill 190 Thompson, Laurel 222 Thompson, Lynne 222 Thompson, Rick 209 Thomson, Cynthia 108 Thonton, Ian 209 Thorburn, Betsy 190 Thoreson, Derek 118 Thorpe, Jerry 257 Thorton, James R. 190 Tickle, Jamie 190 Tidwell, Jennifer 209 Tiet, Bang 209 Tiffany, Michele 222 Tilley, Greg 130, 131,222 Timbrook, Fred 222 Timmons, Eric 159 Timmons, Rose 209 Tinkle, Greg 190 Tinney, Bud 257

Tinney, Gilbert 209 Titsworthy, Brian D. 157 Tiutiu, Dorih 190 Tock, David A. 190 Tolison, Randy 222 Tolley Jr., Gerald H. 190 Tolsma, Brant 128,256 Toma, Benjamin 190 Tomlin, Randy 88, 89 Tomlinson, Cary 222 Toomer, Chris 112,190 Topper, Joel L 209 Topper, Laurel 190 Tordai, Adela 190 Torrance, Mike 137,150 Torrence, Nancy 256 Torres, Jessie 190 Torrez, Danny R. 190 Toti, Ron 190 Totin, Heather 209 Towles, Celia A. 153,222 Towles, David 256 Towns, Chris 209 Towns, Elmer 256 Townsend, Audra 209 Toy, Michelle Lee 209 Train, Steve 222 Trapp, Gretchen 209 Treadway, Sherry 190 Treece, James 256 Trent, Lorrie A. 209 Tribble, John R. 222 Tribble, Opal 222 Trill, Michael A. 222 Trimble, Brent M. 190 Trippett, William Brian 190 Troxel, Steve 256 Trunnel, Ashley 209 Tubiolo, Melissa 222 Tuck, Deanna 190 Tucker, Suzanne 164 Tuckwiller, Jack D. 222 Tuhill, Jennifer 190 Tull, Charles 209 Tullier, Madelene 209 Tully, James M. 222 Tulwaha, Beth 222 Tulwana, Thembi 151 Tumibay, Grace 222 Turkson, Freeman 96, 222 Turner, Brian 190 Turner, Chris 134, 135 Turner, Curtis A. 190 Turner, Gina 128, 129,222 Turner, Kisha 209 Turney, Justin Ryan 190 Tuttle, Joy 209 Tuttle, Nicole 190 Twinning, Todd 145 Twombly, Beth 222 Tyre, Dale 134

u Udugba, Robert 126 Ulm, Wendy 145, 209 Umstead, Craig 190 Underwood, Don 209 Updegraff, Brian 222 Upton, J. Michelle 209 Urban, James 222

VanderJagf, Danelle 190 VanderVeen, Carolyn M. 151,222, 285 Vanele, A d a m 190 VanHaitsma, Jennifer 190 VanKuren, Amber 190 Vannaman, Susan 190 Vanostrand, Melissa 209 VanWyk, Tonya 190 Varkey, Alexander 256 Varner, Mark 190 Varney, Michelle 222 Vasbinder, Lesley 222 Vassar, Deanna 222 Vaughan, Lee Anne 164 Vaughan, Matthew 222 Vaughan, Rudy 222 Vaughn, Angela 191 Vaughn, Lee Anne 209 Vazquez, Aracelio 191 Vecchione, Christopher 191 Vert, Melissa 191 Very, Doreen 209 Vezmar, Daniel D. 191 Viar, Nancy 151, 159 Vick, Garrett 191 Vick, Jennifer E. 209 Vickers, Casey 209 Vickers, Cheryl 209 Viers, Donetta 209 Vigil, Kristin 210 Villa, A m y J. 210 Villa, Steven 165 Vinersar, Daniel 191 Vines, Jerry 257 Vines, Jon 82 Vinson, Keith 82 Vinson, Mary Ann 222 Vogt, Carrie 222 Vohland, Chris 104 Vohland, Jenny 210 Voicu, Alin 191

w Wade, Jenny 210 Wade, Shannon K. 210 Wagner, A m y 210 Wagner, A m y Michelle 191 Wagner, Douglas T. 210 Wagner, Kris 222 Wagner, Mark 96 Wagner, Rob 96 Wakefield, Rebecca L. 222 Wakeford, Daniel 222 Wakeman, Rebecca D. 222 Walborn, Kimberly 191 Walck, Pamela 191 Walczak, Rebecca 191 Walden, David 191 Waldrop, Jody 5, 6 Walker, Clay 210 Walker, Bobby 82,191 Walker, Kristin 156 Walker, Patrick A. 222 Wall, David 191 Wall, Scott 118 Wallace, Kim 222 Walling, Tonya 210 Wallis, Chris 210 Wallisky, Andrea 191 Walters, Brian 191 Walters, Johnny 210 Walters, Steve 222 Waltersdorff, Robert G. 191 Walton, Brian 256 Walton, James 222 Walton, Todd L 191 Wang, Moni 222 Ward, Brent 96 Ward, James 158 Wardrick, Marion 147 Warner, Ann 191 Warner, Christi L 222 Waters, Nicole 191 Waters, William L. 191 Watkins, Terry L. 222 Watson, Douglas B. 191 Watson, Jackie Lynd 191 Watson, James 191 Watson, Jennifer Ann 210 Watson, John 210 Watson, Laurie 222 Watson, Trudy 223 Wayne, Keith 223 Wealas, Scott 191

Weatherall, Gay 56 Weaver, Tony 132 Webb, Quyann 210 Webb, J. Darrell 223 Weber, Matt 191 Weddle, Jill 191 Wedner, David 223 Weeks, Tina Marie 191 Weiand, Dorie 223 Weibel, Paul 256 Weidemann, Cynthia 210 Weindorf, Sharon 251 Weir, T a m m y 191 Weisberg, Michelle 191 Weiser, Jacqueline 153 Weiss, Jeffrey 191 Welch, Laura 223 Welch, Mark 191 Welch, Robert 256 Weldom, Julie 191 Weldy, Todd 210 Weller, Greten 223 Wells, Anita 223 Wells, Julan 191 Wells, Julie 223 Wells, Shawna 191 W e m p , Sumner 257 Wentz, Frank 223 Werner, Marvin 210 West, Heather 191 West, Jeremy 8 West, Keith L 210 West, Phil 256 West, Ray B. 191 Wester, Kari 191 Weydeman, Joseph 191 Wheaton, Reggie 96,210 Wheeler, Bert G. 256 Whetsel, Leah 223 While, Wendy 223 Whishart, Sharon 210 Whitaker, Lisa 191 Whitaker, Melanie 191 Whitaker Jr., Thomas 191 White, Anthony Leigh 191 White, Bethany 210 White, Jackson 191, 118 White, John 82 White, Karen 210 Whitehair, Scott 191 Whitson, Michael K. 210 Whittaker, Dena 223 Wick, Ray 165 Wickliffe, Marbeth 223 Wickliffe, Rebecca 191 Wiebe, Daniel 210 Wiggins, Lisa Marie 191 Wiggins, Robert 256 Wilce, Belinda G. 191 Wilcok, David 191 Wildasin, Matthews 191 Wilemon, Travis 82,210 Wiley, Jeri 108 Wilkins, Rochelle 163 Willaford, Melodye 223 Willamson, Martha 158 Willard, Holly 152, 210 Willard, Renee 223 William, Chad 191 Williams, A m y 191, 223 Williams, Catherine 223 Williams, Dan 191

Woolridge, Tracy 223 Williams, Dave 82 Wooten, Kathy 108 Williams, Edwin 82 Worsham, Peter 192 Williams, India 210 Worthy, Shelly 128,145 Williams, Janalyn 191 Wray, Lisa Marie 210 Williams, Joseph G. 210 Wright, Brad 165, 223 Williams, Kelly M. 210 Wright, Jason 192 Williams, Marcelo 191 Wright, Jim 192 Williams, Myla Ann 191 Wright, Julie 210 Williams, Scott 223 Wright, Kristi 210 Williams, Shannon R. 191 Wright, Paul 192 Williams, Sonya E. 191 Wright, Samantha 223 Williams, Timothy P. 210 Wright, Shawn 210 Williams, Timothy S. 191 Wright, Steve 223 Williams, Weymouth 223 Wright, Tami 192 Willis, Andrew 223 Wujek, T o m 223 Willis, Jennifer 157, 210 Wyatt, Bryan 144,210 Willis, Marilyn J. 223 Wyatt, Kelly 192 Willis, Sarah 191 Wyatt, Lynn 151 Willitts, Joel 165, 210 Wysochanski, M. David 192 Willmington, Harold 257 Wills, Kelly 191 Wilson, Chris 210 Wilson, George 223 Wilson, Holly 192 Yancey, Shannon 210 Wilson, James A. 223 Yarbrough, Roy 256 Wilson, Kim 210 Yark, Geoffrey S. 192 Wilson, Kristen 210 Yates, Deborah M. 223 Wilson, Mary Michelle 192 Yates, Jon 112 Wilson, Michael 192 Yitterhorn, Anne-Marie 165 Wilson, Noelle 210 Young, Rick 210 Wilson, Pamela 223 Yoki, Michelle 192 Wilson, Tyler 192 Yolanda, Turner 192 Wimer, Ricky 192 Yooler, Heather L. 192 Windsor, Carl 256 York, Tracie 192 Winner, Cyndi 223 Young, Jodi 192 Winningham, Joanna 223 Young, Leslie 126 Winters Jr., Craig 223 Young, Lorri 210 Winters, Matthew 192 Young, Melissa 210 Wirsing, Jon 139, 147, 223 Young, Rick 210 Wise, Daren 145 Young, Steve 82,210 Wise, Jason 223 Young, Tim 112 Wise, Jennifer 210 Yount, James J. 223 Wise, Valarie L. 192 Wisner, David 96 Witcher, Tim 223 Witten, Dee 192 Zacharias, John 192 Woddell, Joe 210 Zamora, Barbara 192 Wolbert, Kim 94, 128, 150, 223 Zanakis, Eric 210 Woldehanna, Yohannes 192 Zawoddny, Danielle 210 Wolfe, Matthew 223 Zawodny, Nicole 223 Wolridge, Glyn 256 Zazulak, David 192 Wood.Chera 192 Zealand, Shellie 192 Wood, Dinah 192 Zehr, Eric 138,152,192 Wood, Robin A. 192 Zeinert, Gary 82 Wood, Todd 192 Ziegler, Eric 223 Woodard, Branson 256 Ziegler, Keith 192 Woodard, Charles 210 Ziegler, Merle 256 Woodbury, Michelle 223 Zielke, Brian 223 Woodell, Erick 223 Zimmerman, Darren 210 Woodhams, Brenda 210 Zimmerman, Pamela 56, 162 Woodling, Michelle 223 Zimmerman, Rodney 6 Woodling, Missy 144 Zobel, Jennifer 192 Woods, Jason 82 Zook, Dawn 192 Woods, Jeff 192 Zook, Debbie 223 Woods, Johnny 82 Zook, Raymond D. 223 Woods, Matthew 223 Zukowski, Jenny 210 Woods, Philip 192 Zukowski, Sandra 192 Woody, Keith 126,210 Woolace, Jim 140,144,164,223 Zwart, Kristen 192 Woolfolk, Brian 82, 83, 86 Woolridge, Becky 210 Woolridge, Rachel 8

Vaillancourt, A m y 190 Valent, Andria 190 Valent, Christy 209 Valente, Eric 209 Valentine, Barbara 222 VanArsdall, Tina 222 VanCleave, Barry 222 VanDam, Janine 209 VanderAkker, Robert 190 VanDorMerive, Dalih 209 VanDyke, Andy 82 VanDyke, Anthony 190 VanEaton, James 256 VanHaitsma, Karri 209 VanHorn, Mike 209 VanPatten, David 82 VanSciver, Holly 209 VanSeiver, Jennifer 209 VanSyckel, Danielle 222 Vanasse. Nicole 222 Vance, Bill 190 VandenHeuvel, Christian 164, 209

2MS D o u g D e m p s e y , Kathy D o n o h u e , Steve Green

Photo by Jeffery A. Cota


Liberty University's Selah Expanding Horizons was printed by Josten's Printing and Publishing Co. at Topeka, K The entire book was produced on the Macintosh SE Apple computer's Aldus PageMaker 4.0 program along with Y E A R T E C H Josten's program. The cover is the 9 x 12 inches, 150-point college board. The cover is Nighthawk #499 American embossed. The mountain and eagle embossed on the cover were done in hot Silver foil #381. The binding was done in Silver #329 Silkscreen. The book was Smyth sewn. The front endsheet was conceived and designed by Saul Greenberg and Montgomery Rice. The back endsheet is white with Liberty University artwork. The copy font is Palatine Headline are 30 point bold, the body text is 14 point, bylines are 16 point italicized, and captions and photo credits are six Photographers used two Cannon E O S 650's and one EC'S 620. The lenses are: 28 m m , 50 m m , 35-70 m m , 35-105 m m 70-210 m m , and 100-300 m m along with a Speedlight 420 E Z flash. The staff used Kodak 400-36 Ektapress Professio color film, Kodak T-Max 400 Professional film and Kodak T-Max 3200 Professional film for black and white photography. Associated Press photos were used for the 1990 year-in-review.. The cover design was a collaboration between Maggie Stensel, Steve Green, and Sue Survant. The yearbook is 296 pages using three multiples of spot color and four multiples of process color. It is schedule arrive at Liberty University in M a y of 1991. The funding for the book is provided by a portion of the student activity f

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Selah staff recognizes the following individuals for their contributions to the 1990 yearbook: Dr. Dennis Fields, Advisor Mikie Survant, Photo Advisor Mrs. Pat Mazanec Carol Adams, Josten's Representative Raul Alcantar, Josten's Plant Representative Mike Montoro, Assistant Sports Information Director Mitch Goodman, Sports Information Director Damien Bates Jody Barker Laura Gregg Betsy Hennrich Jeannie Hodges Brett Honycutt The Picture Place All the coaches and athletes w h o have contributed to the sports section The Franklin (dartboard) Co.

End 296

op MMi



mm BOX 20000, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 24506-8001

Dear Alumni: Thank you for sharing a portion of your life with Liberty University. Although you are one of several thousand alumni who helped to mold Liberty you were not insignificant. You made a lasting contribution. As you reminisce through the 1990-1991 SELAH you will enjoy the fond memories and experiences with your classmates and other collegians. You can continue to build upon those experiences and relationships as an alumni. The Liberty Alumni Association has built a network of regional alumni chapters. Alumni have been instrumental in helping other alumni find employment, housing, and most importantly, fellowship. You can be a part of this Liberty Alumni network. Please maintain contact with the Alumni Office. Keep us informed of address changes, family additions, or special happenings in your life. We look forward to hearing of great things in your life and to having you grow with us, the Liberty Alumni Association. May God bless your every effort for Him Liberty Alumni Association Liberty University P.O. Box 20,000 Lynchburg, VA 24 506

Flames across America

Liberty University 1990-91 Yearbook  

Liberty University 1990-91 Yearbook

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