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The Yearbook Of Liberty University

The Yearbook of Liberty University Volume 13, 1986 Lynchburg, Virginia 24506


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Rosemarie Bateman, Editor Deborah L. McSwain, Editor Tim Isaacson, Photo Editor Todd Peck, Staff Assistant Prof. Dick Bohrer, Advisor

COMMUNICATIONS Colophon: The 1986 SELAH, the yearbook of Liberty University, Volume 13 was prepared by Journalism labs 200 and 400 of Liberty University at Lynchburg, Virginia. The press run for the 1986 SELAH was 6000 copies at 369 pages, The book size is 9" x 12". The 1986 SELAH was printed by Herff Jones Yearbooks, Inc. of Gettysburg, Pa., using offset Lithography. Miller TP 38 and Miller FP 38 offset perfector presses were used. All halftones are 150-line ellipitical dot screen as four color w a s achieved by the direct screen color separation method. All photographs were individually analyzed for highlight and shadow density and shot individually. Interior pages were printed on one hundred pound Bordeaux gloss paper stock. The endsheets are one hundred pound cover stock textured ivory EX 10. The cover is 160 pt, Printer Binders Board. The binding is Smyth sewn, rounded and backed with reinforced crash cloth backing and colored headbands. Base cover material color is Black # 1075 with applied foil stamp gold # F 2 on front lid and spine. Cover design was prepared by the SELAH staff. Divider pages are printed on 100 pound Bordeaux paper stock using flat black ink and spot varnish. Typography for the 1986 SELAH was from the Avant Garde family, using O C R digitized typesetting on R C paper. Body copy was set in 10 on 12 Avant Garde Book and captions were set in 8 on 10 Avant Garde demi-italic. Subheads were set in 18 on 20 Avant Garde demi and Main heads were set in 36 on 38 Avant Garde demi. Division heads were set in 30 on 32 Avant Garde demi. Individual student portraits were taken by Bob DeVaul of Liberty University's "Picture Place." All other photography was taken by SELAH staff photographers and processed by the photo editor. 2/Contents

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Ihete's Something >out a Mouse

ELAH 1986 presents Liberty ^ University's little people — students, faculty, staff — w h o day by day intrigue a watching world (and. perhaps, themselves) as they worship a n d study, work a n d play together.



O n c e , in a small town in southern Virginia, an outspoken preacher said he was going to build a university. S o m e people laughed. They wrote letters to the editor making fun of him. They called him a fanatic.

told the world he was going to build a university. The people laughed. They called the school a monastery, not a university.

By 1985-86, the school had 47 buildings and more than 6,000 students. S o m e people were Undaunted, he invited some still writing letters to the editor. teachers and students to the The world was still skeptical. But small town to start a small nobody w a s laughing anyschool. They carried Bibles. more. The small school in the They lived in old hotels. The small town in southern Virginia m e n wore ties. Then, via televi- had b e c o m e a university. sion and radio, the preacher



\ •

- x

September is the outside month when merely sitting or walking in the courtyard, sitting on the lawn at the Mansion or playing keep-away makes a day a special day and a night a special night,

6/Opening tMu&bMtitlk^. . ~



Since its beginning, Liberty Uni- off to store supplies already versity has been half school, here. Parades of trucks lumhalf construction site. A n d this bered in piles of gravel, sand, year w a s no exception. Dust- cement, and plaster. Long flatcovered, jean-clad construc- b e d trailers maneuvered huge tion hands mingled with the Li- girders under a towering, birdberty brights — all clean cut, like crane. well dressed. Yellow bulldozers uncovered great fields of red In a way, it was a fitting enviclay. Building materials lay ronment because the building about c a m p u s — fiberglass in- of structures outside served to sulation, ceiling tile, multi-col- remind people of another kind ored wiring, acres of bricks, of building going on inside where in room after room congreat spindles of wire. struction workers with degrees Half a parking lot was fenced lay brick on brick.



W h a t did they build in 1985? — The 13,400 sq. ft. Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center, housing a library, a bookstore, faculty offices and class rooms. — The two-story Hancock Athletic Center, housing athletic offices, locker rooms, a training room, and a weight room. — Four three-story dormitories, housing 1,080 students. — A n e x p a n d e d cafeteria seating 350. — A telecommunications production area with three television studies, a video-editing facility, and a master control

—J. ..



Whether it's Dr. Sumner W e m p teaching Evangelism in DeMoss lecture hall 161 or students strolling the Courtyard's golden walkway or Sharon Morrow waiting for a sandwich in SAGA'S n e w deli, Liberty life crams work and study and play into the seconds and minutes and hours between d a w n and dark. 10/Opening

transmitter for a four-channel, closed circuit system. — A redesigned inner courtyard with a fountain, 52 flags, and a large area for outdoor eating. — A grass soccer field and two football practice fields. Plans for the summer of 1986 include breaking ground on: — An indoor Olympic swimming pool. — A second floor on the DeMoss Learning Center — At least one n e w dormitory.

Salad Bar Condiments -






Now, after the buildings were built, the campus had to be rearranged; and, w h e n students returned — expecting to find things where they'd always been — they freaked out. The library! The bookstore! The records office! They were gone. The whole campus had been scrambled like an egg. Here's what changed: — Health Services m o v e d from Dorm 20 to the bookstore to m a k e room for Business Division offices. The bookstore m o v e d to DeMoss. — WLBU Radio sports information and communications faculty m o v e d out of General Ed to m a k e room for the n e w cafeteria. Faculty went to DeMoss, Sports Information went to a trailer and then to Hancock, WLBU went defunct until it m o v e d to where the library used to be. Library m o v e d into DeMoss. — Management Info m o v e d to

Liberty's fruitbasket m o v e d TVR from General Ed building to old library (above left), library to DeMoss (top), and doctor's office to old bookstore S A G A replaced faculty offices with S deli and seating for 1500


TVR students caught the challenge of LUSLLL and ran with it. Bill Kramer (right) turns to consult his director David Young (bottom left) on angle and focus; Mike Racanelli (beside Dave) checks audio levels while Deva Singh (middle) types words on the character generator. Beside him, Don Schofield and Bill Hawkins check the iris and scopes. To their right through a window, Drs. Ron Sauer and Ed Dobson study their notes before filming an interview.

o >

the second floor of Admin where Admissions used to be. Personnel and Institutional Relations m o v e d downstairs. Admissions went to Religion Hall where it joined Records and Advising. — Journalism lab m o v e d to DeMoss in January from Science Hall and got two n e w rooms — a composing room and a dark room. — Student Lounges m o v e d from Dorms 13 and 23 to DeMoss to m a k e room for expanded laundry facilities and classrooms. — Dorm 2 got a laundry room and a Missions office. — Student Affairs got a n e w office in DeMoss. — Security, after its building burned d o w n last spring, m o v e d to the house where Nursing was. Nursing m o v e d into DeMoss.


*~ -w4


\A F

i 'x0S*t£i

Halls and stairs c o m e alive when Education majors Sharon Sickler and friend (left) create panels for hot-air balloons. Monica Perry (far left) muses on rail near n e w freshman dorms. Lisa and Nick Reiehenback, Donna Wilson and Marshall Suplee (middle right) decorate a hall planter in DeMoss. Chris Gudmundson strides between stairs as he crosses ravine.

Using full-time and telemarketing recruiters for the first time, Liberty was able to attract a record 2,848 n e w students. Total enrollment, including the School of LifeLong Learning, reached 6,929. Thirty n e w faculty m e m b e r s were hired, which brought the total to 204. The staggering enrollment figures showed h o w far Liberty had c o m e in 14 years — from a ragged band of Christian revolutionaries in 1971 to a fullfledged army of flaming zealots by 1985-86. The first few days of school were hectic. But staffers c a m e up with s o m e creative solutions to their big number problems: 'They put up 150 freshmen at the nearby Hilton and Harvey's motel for a few days until the n e w dorms were finished. "They allowed 200 21-yearolds to m o v e off campus.


All in all, it was a good year. W e m a n a g e d to get through the red clay — h o w rapidly that turned to green grass and white-striped blacktop. W e relished the easy chairs and sofas that spanned the halls of DeMoss. W e finally saw a face we'd seen before but not till the end of October. And w e got over the embarrassment of having to ask a freshman to find out where our advisor's office had gone. W e wrote our letters seeking sponsors for our 11-mile walk. W e cheered our soccer team into the top ten of N C A A Division Two. W e stretched our minds, our budgets, and our faith for another year. And when it was all said and done, w e wondered h o w w e had done so much. But — then again — w e didn't do it alone. G o d was in it. — Dolph Bell

Liberty is people enjoying people whether en masse in DeMoss lounge (right) or two by two (Greg Rea and Christy Dodge, far right) (Bill Kramer and Susie Sistrunk beside fountain) or one by one (Delbert Jones). 18/Opening

I.I- J •




1 t


i ]Bj



• 1 U

22/Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty of 1985: Gail Emerson "X amera flashes light up the stage, the b a n d ^ — ^ plays and people leap to their feet as a teary-eyed Gail Emerson hugs her twin sister Jill. Gail and Jill, mirror twins, took the top two spots in the eighth annual Miss Liberty Pageant. Gail got the crown, but Jill followed right behind as first runner-up. Joan Bryant took second runner-up. The twins were well-known by students and Old-Time Gospel Hour audiences across the country as singers with the Liberty Sounds. "I w a s just really glad w e got to d o it together," Gail said. "It would have been sad if one had gotten in (the top five) and the other hadn't." Singer Gary M c S p a d d e n hosted the three-hour gala event, which drew 3,500 spectators to the Multi-Purpose Center for an evening " d o w n by the sea." Christian model Tina Evers g a v e her testimony. Gail c o m p e t e d against 23 senior ladies. The student body chose both the competitors and the winners. For the rest of the weekend, after the Friday night pageant, students enjoyed a g o b of activities. The fearless went to Scare Mare. The fun-loving went to Late Skate. The graduated went to the Alumni Banquet. Sweet tooths went to the ice cream social and science fiction freaks saw "Return of Miss Liberty finalists sing a salute to the audience. (Front row, from left) Christina Wingfield. Jeannie Falwell. Melanie J. Edwards. Elizabeth Overton. Sandy Park, Linda Emmons. Lori Foltz. Rainey Roberts. Michelle Miller, Robin Ginnan, Kelly Manley, Tamalin Crumley (Second row, from left) Sharon Zimmerman. Nanette Keller. Jenny Nunn. Sheila Ford. Lisa Whitaker. Lori Nunnally. (Third row) Jill Emerson. Joannie Bryant. Melanie L. Edwards. Diane Sullivan. (Fourth row) Sherri Brown. Gail Emerson. Inset: G o i Emerson Miss Liberty 1985. Activities/

D m p a g e 23

the Jedi." Liberty's masochists tortured themselves running around c a m p u s in the third annual Liberty Four-miler only to be beaten by a high-schooler. David Maxwell from Bassett, V a „ took the men's top time while Liberty graduate Cindy Steffen w o n the women's. The n e w Miss Liberty, her sister and the other top three finalists in the pageant led the caravan next day to City Stadium where students watched in horror as the football team lost to Southern Connecticut by two points. Everybody gets in the act at Homecoming! Dr. Jerry Falwell Even Dr. Falwell's cheerleadpresents Miss Liberty, Gail Emerson, to the pageant audience. O n ing couldn't help the Flames. the left is Jill Emerson, first runner-up, and to the right is Joan Bryant, Fortunately, the soccer second runner-up. Gary McSpadden (lower left) serves as Master of Ceremonies. Liberty's thousands (center) celebrate a t e a m saved the weekend by touchdown at Civic Stadium and cheer every tackle of a So. beating Guilford College 2 to 1, Connecticut ball-carrier. Alumni (center top) gather in a DeMoss lecture hall. And runners in the Liberty Four Miler break out of their — Dolph Bell, Tammy Leytham, Marsha Wilde cluster as the annual race begins.

. • « , >



Concerts fill study breaks Singer/composer Wayne Watson *Acoustic piano and guitar melodies 'Number one song — "Touch of the Master's Hand" * Exalts the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit

The masters of c o m e d y Isaac Air Freight: *Anti-intellectual skits *Phil Montiview's interview with the modern-day Noah *"Prayer Warriors" to the Ghostbusters tune


Live concerts brought artists like singer/song writer/pianist W a y n e Watson (left) to campus. Students found his slow-style "Touch of the Master's Hand" (top left) moving, inspirational Isaac Air Freight duo sang and spoofed the unexpected Their "Prayer Warriors" version brought the house down. Their Phil Donahue take-off (upper right) ("Noah, what are you going to do with that b o a f " ) convulsed the audience. Their other skits (middle right, lower right) lampooned Christians and future events like the rapture. Activities/27

October brought Gary McSpadden to campus as master of ceremonies for the Miss Liberty pageant, In dazzling sports shirt and black tux and tie, he sang everybody's favorites. November brought Sandl Patti w h o filled the Multl-Purpose Center with 7000 excited fans. Her drama, her expression, and her daughter Anna sparked long applause. 28/Activities

Artist series brings stars

Singer Sandi Patti: 'Used light and smoke effects 'Presented her daughter Anna 'Brought children onstage to help her sing songs Vocalist Gary McSpadden: 'Member of Gaither Vocal Band 'Miss Liberty pageant master of ceremonies 'Sang his own "Michelle's Song" and "Living Water" Activities/29

Students present: 'The G o o d Doctor' Drama teacher Stephen W e d a n took the lead as the " G o o d Doctor" in the department's mid-November presentation of Neil Simon's play.

because each one of us was acting out three and four characters in a scene. Basically, it's a test of one's versatility."

Senior Zupan believes comedy Based on Simon's tribute to the takes m o r e concentration great Russian playwright, An- than tragedy. ton Chekov, the play centers around a collection of Che- "Comedy is harder to act out. kov's stories that display his W h e n you tell a good joke, view of the world and the the- there is an inclination to laugh. ater. A good actor must m a k e a commitment of truth and beThe five member cast also in- lieve in what he is doing." cluded Jan Rogers, Rick Zupan, Timm A d a m s and Gail Emerson. Adams, acting in his first play at Liberty, had only praise for the Junior drama major Rogers ex- other actors. plained that "The G o o d Doctor" offered a special chal- "The people in the play are lenge. great. W e are all so different, but w e get along and learn "This play was more difficult from each other. In scenes from "The Good Doctor," Timm Adams (the dentist) and Rick Zupan (his hapless victim (below, upper left and right) starred in "Surgery", Timm Adams with Jan Rogers (below left), Timm, Jan, and Gail Emerson (bottom) and Rick, Timm and Gail (right) combined to bring "The Sneeze" alive.







1 •


IS 짜1'





k^iK. &m i




A d r e a m for civilization his is the strongest cast of any show w e have had at Liberty," David Allison, director of the production, said of "Camelot," the musical performed Feb. 27 through Mar. 8. The play centered around the love triangle of King Arthur's court a n d offered Sharon Wheeler, director of costume design, one of the greatest challenges of her career at Liberty. Allison says preparations for the production began in August, 1985. M u c h time w a s spent in designing sets and costumes, and that alone e m ployed more than 30 people. "Camelot is considered one of the more difficult musicals to perform," Allison said. "The orchestra music is extremely difficult, though very beautiful." He singled out the love song of Lancelot to Guenevere, "If Ever I Would Leave You," as a


case in point. He and his team of more than 100 people turned their Liberty stage into sheer pageantry as they recreated with elaborate sets, scenery and costume all the pageantry of royal Medieval England. Allison said that "Camelot" was played as a tragedy because love and chivalry were destroyed by the love triangle between Guenevere, Sir Lancelot, and King Arthur. "It is the pursuit of a dream for civilization," he said. "It shows h o w s o m e violations of basic moral and scriptural laws can result in the destruction of a society." Brett Howsden, Victor Mignogna, Gail Emerson, and Don Brooks m a d e major contributions to "Camelot's" success as members of the cast. — Vangie Long

Rehearsal finds Gail Emerson. Vic Mignogna and Bret Howsden (left) practicing their cues. Vic (below, left), Vic and Don Brooks (below, right), Don and Vic (below right) and the choir (bottom) spend hours perfecting their roles in the famous love triangle pageant of royal Medieval England.

C o m e Friday night, students LIBERTYFEST — M y friends and I are bored and in need of entertainment. W e h e a d for Libertyfest. O n c e there, w e find the area covered with red-and-white striped banners, ribbons, and balloons with everyone shuffling to the different g a m e booths. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy overwhelms us as w e walk toward the center of attraction — the dunking booth. Here, w e see various university administrators taking turns getting wet, and w e eagerly await our chance to dunk one. O n c e accomplishing that, m y friends and I enjoy snow-

o p e n they will shove m e through. I find a seat in the front row of chairs. I save m y seat with a jacket while I g o to get some popcorn and a drink to enjoy during the karate lessons. I m a k e m y w a y back to the front row as a guy stretches and knocks m y drink onto a girl's lap. A whole section of students goes into an uproar. I quickly duck and slowly crawl MOVIES — I stand in the freezing cold for out the back way. I find a spot thirty minutes. I wonder if it's near the bleachers on the floor worth it, but the time is ap- as the lights g o down. And I sit proaching for the c a m p u s there to admire m y hero, the showing of the "Karate Kid." I one-and-only, fantastic, bomk n o w that as soon as the bastic Karate Kid. — Rosemarie crowd realizes the doors are Bateman cones as w e m a k e our w a y to the old-fashioned bellringer and other games. Getting our fill of the games, w e leave for the dorm with straw hats, batting helmets and arms laden with stuffed animals. Not a bad w a y to spend a Saturday afternoon. — Lonnie Hiltebeitel

Weekends brought students out of the woodwork. They could line up in DeMoss and buy movie tickets for 50c (top). S G A sponsored Libertyfest so clubs and dorm floors could raise money, John Painter (above) bought cotton candy. P a m Lewis (above right) sold shells to sharpshooters, while a hapless Gary Yoder (who prefers to remain anonymous) perched on the dunking booth's trap door, 34/Activities

on campus, in town






r? #v




SHOWBIZ PIZZA — WESTERN EXTRAVAGANZA — The crowd is noisy; the music is I beat m y usual path d o w n to corny; the pizza is cold. W h y S A G A to find an unusual sight. a m I here? Because Mr. Boy- W e are eating in the Multi-purfriend wanted to c o m e and pose center. I get in line to disact like a kid again, shooting cover a variety of barbequed laser b e a m s at space ships, ribs a n d burgers. After I sit rockets, spiders, monsters . . .down, I realize there is a counHe starts to feel guilty w h e n I try band playing guitars and eyeball the exit. Out of the singing favorite country tunes. goodness of his heart, he gives Class competition begins with m e one token out of the pock- the Junior class winning the etful! he has. I wander around bubble-blowing contest; of aimlessly looking for something I course, they have the most hot know h o w to play, and then I air. The favorite was the pie see it — Mrs, Pac Man. M a y b e eating contest as the particithe evening is not lost after all! pants engulfed the pie. — — Latisa Snead Rosemarie Bateman

LATE SKATES — I don't really like skating, but I jump at the chance to stay out late with a lot of girls. I g o and skate around the rink during the "men-only" skate. Then, while the girls g o on display during the "women-only" skate, I pick out the one I'm going to skate with during the "couples-only" skate. M y p a l m begins to sweat as I skate around holding her hand. I ask the typical questions: "Where are you from? What's your major?" I think this could be the one G o d has for m e . After the skate, I never see the girl again. — Dolph Bell

Saturdays bust wide open Students can take in the Rock-Afire Explosion animal band (across page) at Show Biz pizza or, like Lesa Murphy and friend (above left) g o roller romping at Skateland S G A sponsored the Western Extravaganza where classes competed to see w h o could vacuum a pie plate fastest (top) C o w b o y David Reeves (above) sang western songs Activities/37

Classes elect officers im Shannon's class officer project w a s a modified version of an old idea — last used in 1979-80. But Shannon thought it would foster class identity and "regain an energy and enthusiasm sadly missed on our campus." It succeeded only partially. Enthusiasm blazed for the freshmen, but only flickered a m o n g upperclassmen. Understandably, seniors and juniors were a bit apathetic about a program in which they had little to gain. A year or two doesn't allow m u c h time to raise m o n e y and create class spirit. Hence, the senior class president ran unopposed, and seniors had few activities. Not so with the freshmen. They reacted positively to Shannon's idea, fielding 35 candidates for president and holding an activity nearly every w e e k from the very start. Here's h o w the p r o g r a m worked. A president and vicepresident were elected from each class. Their responsibilities included planning class chapels five times a year, scheduling activities and fundraising. Class officers for 1985-86 included: SENIOR CLASS — President: Matthew Bliss Vice-President: Lisa Evans JUNIOR CLASS — President: Jeff Shatto Vice-President: Kelly Stuck SOPHOMORE CLASS — President: Dean W a r d "Vice-President: Marilyn Troyer FRESHMAN CLASS — President: Michael Francis Vice-President: Tracy Robinson

Freshman Class


Two special events Multi-purpose Center . . . long, procession of professors in long robes . . . t w o senators on stage . . . prayer . . . John Warner talks about his impressions of Gorbachev . . . Paul Trible talks about the need for schools with values, his old college, his daughter ... Dr. Guillermin reads the proclamation of the establishment of the school ... He presents Dr. Falwell with the founder's ring . . . immediate standing ovation . . . Chuck Sullivan and Stephanie Cratch sing . . . Chuck's face lights up on the last note . . . Kendra Cook sings . . . the ears in the audience light up on the last note ... Dr, Falwell preaches . . . " W h o knoweth whether thou art c o m e to the Kingdom for such a time as this?" . , , standing ovation again . . . long, procession of professors in long robes . . . the end. — Dolph Bell

Convocation Day coincided with the completion of the Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center. The weekend celebration brought Senators John Warner and Paul Trible to campus (right) as featured speakers, Former Sounds of Liberty, Stephanie Cratch and Chuck Sullivan sang; faculty marched in regalia. At the dedication (top) Dr. Jerry Falwell presented Mrs. DeMoss, w h o cut the ribbon.


H e


blew in from the buckle tist Convention. He wanted to on the Bible belt — Tulsa k n o w if w e w e r e w h e a t or — and he c a m e crusad- tares, He told us G o d was inesing, He brought his music m a n capable. — John McKay — to w a r m us And for a few days in Noup. And just as w e began to vember, Bailey Smith was inesfeel comfortable smiling and capable, too. clapping, he rose, Bible in hand. Of course, the Bailey Smith He confronted us — this former C r u s a d e wasn't the only president of the Southern Bap- preaching students heard.

•Rumanian pastor Joseph Ton, spoke of the narrow way, daily bearing the cross, martyrdom. This pale, dark man with the thick accent had been persecuted by the communists. He knew his subject firsthand. *Jim Flowers, from Flowers Bakery Inc., showed us how to

Bailey Smith, (far left, top left), Paul Hatmaker (top right) and John McKay ministered to students during chapels. Smith (below) preached repentance and dedication. Many students responded.

be a Christian and o w n a $600 million/year business at the • same time. 'Pastor Chuck Milhoff spoke during Pastor's Conference and said a great church, a • growing church needs a band • of fighting m e n w h o know how to pray and w h o show up rain or shine.

•Dr. Falwell said G o d didn't m a k e us robots to do what He watned us to do. But He m a d e us so w e can choose to do what He wants us to do. "Dr. Ron Sauer of the School of Religion said G o d will give us great trials, but He will give us great calmness and peace. Christ's disciples knew He cared

for them, but they didn't know h o w much He cared until Calvary. *Dr. D o b s o n said G o d doesn't call us all to the foreign mission field, but He calls us to be willing to go where He wants us to go. — Dolph Bell Chapel/43

Brian King

Television has brought a n e w atmosphere to chapel with two cameras stationed on a raised platform (above) and a roving c a m e r a m a n scanning the audience. Chapel singers (right) from Youth Quest are (from left) Jeff Johnson, Yvette Guridy, Mike Williams, Tina Ellenburg, Matt Willmington, Karen Randlett, Julie Blazs, Charlie White, P a m Taylor, Brian Beverly, Chris May, and Craig Anderson. Speakers first semester included Daniel Henderson, an LBC graduate (bottom, left), w h o spoke during a three-day revival; singer Craig Anderson (bottom, middle); and evangelist Bailey Smith.


Tim Isaacson


$\} ll ' ** V ^

Sudan: Liberty students were there Story taken from an article b y T o m m y "The Lord will arm me," ThompPrice, which originally appeared in the son assured herself, "for the Virginia-Pilot of Norfolk.

task at hand."

The drought had all but destroyed Mossa M o h a m m e d ' s cattle and goat herds in the mountains stretching east from the Nile. Mossa and his fellow Beja tribesmen, traditional meat eaters, had been forced to subsist on corn and the shells of d o m p o m nuts.

Zenup, her stricken and naked child in her arms, heard the flying machine on its approach. She sat in a makeshift hospital, surrounded by children lying on cots and mats of woven palm leaves spread on the dirt floor, Since she had arrived at the hospital three weeks earlier, her son had been receiving But Mossa's 14-month-old son, daily feedings of eggs, biscuits, Mossa M o h a m m e d Dea, re- and milk, fused the corn. And he could not feed at his mother's breast; Two Americans in the camp Zenup M o h a m m e d Hikash no also heard the airplane's drone longer produced milk. The child on that sultry African morning. developed diarrhea and a Steve Coffey of Norfolk and his chronic cough, wife, Beth, had arrived a few days before Mossa and Zenup Mossa and Zenup were sure and their starving child. Their their first-born son was dying. mission: to prepare the c a m p So, one day in June, the shep- for the other members of Proherd without a flock placed his ject Mercy. wife and son on a donkey — one of the few animals that Steve and Beth ran out to had survived after the pastures greet the n e w arrivals. turned to dust — and headed southeast across the desert to- "Finally some women to talk ward Derudeb. to!" Beth Coffey exclaimed. The weeks alone in the c a m p There, at a camp once used by had been plagued by illness an Italian road crew, they and swelling from bug bites. would find help, according to word that had spread through But African missionary work had the mountain villages. "Hawa- been a life-long dream, she jees" — visitors from the west- said. As a 10-year-old, she had ern world — had arrived with put pictures of impoverished food and medicine for the African children on her wall and tribesmen, prayed for them nightly. A sudden desert sandstorm obscured the runway below. Cathy Thompson, a volunteer relief worker from Liberty University, watched as the pilot b a n k e d the twin-engine Cessna hard b e t w e e n the mountain ranges. Thompson, 25, saw the huts of the Beja tribesmen surrounding the camp,

And Steve Coffey had had similar aspirations. As a 5-yearold on Romper Room, a children's television show, he was asked the familiar question, " W h a t d o you w a n t to b e when you grow up?" His reply, "A missionary." Project Mercy had begun.

Even when the sun sits low on the hills, the heat staggers Derudeb, Sudan (across page) where Liberty University students m a n a famine relief c a m p for starving Ethiopians and Sudanese, (Inset pictures left to right) Mossa and Zenup M o h a m m e d Hikash give their frightened baby to Becky Pehrson, an LU Project Mercy nurse. Eyes, dark and pensive, show h o w d e e p the scars of hunger go. A youngster dances with delight over his gift of food and clothes. Cathy 46 Thompson checks a child for signs of disease.

First Walk-A-Thon raises a LU students and faculty raised a total of $519,888.66 through the Liberty Walk-A-Thon on Dec. 11, the Rev. Jerry Falwell announced in chapel on Jan. 22. The total surpassed Falwell's goal of $500,000 after 10,371 sponsors replied to the m o r e than 70,000 letters mailed by students and faculty members. "I thank the Lord for the dedi-

cation and commitment of the students and faculty w h o went beyond the call of duty," Falwell said. The LU chancellor recognized during chapel the more than 25 students w h o earned $1,000 or more in sponsorships. Jonathan Falwell raised the highest amount, $49,580. He was supported by 65 sponsors from across the country.

Thousands of students (right and top) take faith into action as they rally to the support of Dr. Falwell and his vision. Dr. and Mrs. Falwell and Dr. Guillermin (above) lead the m a n y walkers in a historical m o m e n t for Liberty Mountain.


"I believe in this school, and see h o w hard m y father works to raise m o n e y for the schoo and ministry. It was a good opportunity to help him in some w a y and to help take the pressure off him," Jonathan said, The chancellor led an estimated crowd of 5,000 on tN 11.6-mile trek around the 4,700-acre campus. Wearingc gray jogging suit and tenni;

half million shoes, he finished the walk in four hours and 30 minutes. Falwell intends to m a k e the walk an annual event. The m o n e y will be used to further construction on campus and strengthen the university's endo wnment fund. Len Moisan, vice president for development and marketing, said, "The Walk-A-Thon w a s a huge success. Not only

w a s m o n e y raised but camaraderie and spirit were perceived here on our beautiful Liberty Mountain campus." The event brought high visibility to the c a m p u s , and a good foundation was laid for the future by having the Liberty Trust Fund established this year, Moisan said, — Sherry Coberly

Liberty Wak-a-thon/4<J

V H H .mm Wm





A. W


*i iM|iii»i.»Mi««Pt:'iw»i>*»«»niw»«w««»««'1

: "«<f.

Morgan Hout, Coach

-. The ball's loose! Doug N e w watches R a m o n Scott dive for it against Southern Connecticut State University, SfeftSs©

Flames football: Ignited, doused!

• •


At first it was going to be a banner year, But, in the end, all hopes of a winning season washed d o w n the James River — along with about $100,000 worth of equipment. The James River swallowed Treasure Island, November 5 — and with it the football complex — after five straight days of rain caused extensive flooding throughout Virginia. Shoes, pads, uniforms, everything went d o w n the river. Head coach Morgan Hout h a d no choice. With t w o games left, he called it a season. The season's start had found Liberty fans excited. W h e n former LU standout Fred Banks caught a touchdown pass for the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football, the cheering sounded across campus. And Banks' old team was faring well, too. After losing to West Georgia by three points in the first g a m e , the Flames quickly bounced back, winning three straight. They romped Mars Hill, racking.up 23 points while giving up only seven. Then, they m a d e history. In a bone-crunching match on the Dukes' h o m e turf, Liberty downed James Madison, 9-3, and let all of Virginia know that Flames football had arrived. It was the first time Liberty had beaten a Division I school. Capping off a great start, the Flames beat Wofford, 15 to 9. O n campus, pride surged. The local paper printed half a p a g e of letters to the editor from angry fans, w h o c o m j plained about negative covera g e of the JMU g a m e . While • the paper implied Liberty had

w o n because of JMU mistakes, fans a r g u e d that a tough Flame defense had caused the turnovers. The early season w a s not flawless, however. M o r g a n Hout spent the first few g a m e s looking for a quarterback. Halfw a y through the s e c o n d g a m e , he gave freshman Paul Johnson a chance. After just half a g a m e , Hout knew he had found his quarterback. But the JMU Dukes broke Johnson's jaw in two. Senior A m o s Horton filled in for the remainder of the season, Hout's relentless push to build a Division I program caught some big time media attention. The Washington Post did an article on the football program as did A B C Sports' Jack Whitakker. At mid-season, however, Liberty's m o m e n t u m slowed and then backtracked. The last four g a m e s saw one tie and three losses. The Flames tied Division I East Tennessee State, 23 to 23, T w o weeks later, Southern Connecticut spoiled Homecoming by beating the Flames by two points. Then politics mixed with football. South-Africa bashing had b e c o m e the favorite pastime of the liberal academic world. Professors at Lenoir-Rhyne dem a n d e d the g a m e with Liberty be canceled because of Dr. Falwell's well publicized opinions. Liberty played the g a m e , but not before Lenoir-Rhyne's athletic director assured Morgan Hout that police protection would not be necessary for his Flames. Injury w a s a d d e d to insult when Liberty fell, 18-16, Finally, in what b e c a m e the last g a m e , Presbyterian College d u m p e d Liberty, 3-0, Wallowing in a m u d bowl at City Stadium, the Flames had no idea the rain falling on them that day would not stop until it had washed a w a y the rest of the season. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dolph Bell



7 23 9 15 23 28

Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 19

at home at home away away away at home

16 0 —

Oct. 26 Nov. 2 Nov. 9

away at home canceled

Nov. 16 canceled

West Georgia 10 Mars Hill 7 James Madison 3 Wofford 9 East Tennessee 23 So. Connecti30 cut Lenoir-Rhyne 18 Presbyterian 3 Carson Newman — Towson State

Flames' offense, under Jacob Pope (above, center), prepares to run against West Georgia in nighttime season opener. Against So. Connecticut (below. far left). Pope breaks a tackle. A pressured A m o s Horton (left center) launches a pass into the Connecticut secondary, and W a y n e Haddix (above) snags the Connecticut quarterback James Brooks (left) eyes the goal line as § two West Georgia tacklers try to bring him d o w n


Touchdown! Mark Mathis (36) and W a y n e Haddix (right) celebrate Wayne's score against So. Connecticut State, LU's Homecoming opponent. Coach Morgan Hout, fist clenched, urges his team to keep thinking, fighting. Haddix (below, bottom) blocks a So. Connecticut extra point attempt and (across page) a prone Flame tackles an Owl. In the rain against Presbyterian, fullback Gerald Green struggles for yardage. O n a dryer day, summer roommates Jacob Pope, Bill Kramer, Steve Clark, Kenny Smith claim first place for the Flames and flaunt their street address (1111).

'/ f^Si â&#x20AC;˘ /


= 0r]^H _^Si =^K. x* *



In i


^.14 T" \ \m

Milnfm 4MfcfHL:


^.V?**^**—^ /

The Liberty University Flames football team poses with its Head Coach Morgan Hout (center), assistant coaches and managers


Bill Bell, Coach 58/Soccer

The 1985 Soccer Record Location Liberty Opponent's Score U. Tenn., Knoxville 0 1 At home Bryan College 0 6 Away Asbury College 1 0 Away Kings College 2 0 At home Radford University 1 1 At home Hampden-Sydney 0 1 Away Tenn. Temple U. 2 1 At home Roanoke College 0 0 Away U. of D.C. 4 0 Away Eastern Mennonite 4 0 At home U. Alabama, Huntsville 1 2 At home Longwood College 0 2 At home Guilford College 0 2 At home Washington & Lee U. 0 2 At home W.V. Wesleyan U. 2 1 Away Lynchburg College 0 0 Away Shenandoah College 0 7 At home VISA TOURNAMENT Christopher Newport 4 5 At home Randolph-Macon College 1 Nov. 18 Away 0

Date Sept. 3 Sept. 6 Sept. 7 Sept. 11 Sept. 14 Sept. 17 Sept. 21 Sept. 25 Sept. 28 Oct. 1 Oct. 7 Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct. 23 Oct. 26 Oct. 30 Nov, 6

All-America NCAA Division II First Team: Paul Annan, goalkeeper Ghana Sam Johnson, sweeper.Ghana All-Mid-Atlantic Team: Paul Annan, goalkeeper Ghana David Annan, midfielder.Ghana Marshall Worthington, forward, Lynchburg VISA All-Star Team Paul Annan, goalkeeper Ghana David Annan, midfielder.Ghana Sam Johnson, sweeper.Ghana Edward Tetteh, forward,Ghana Mike Rivas, forward, Santa Cruz, Calif. Ron Starner. fullback, Lakeland, Fla. South Atlantic Division II Coach of the Year Bill Bell

Ron Starner (above, left) outdribbles an Eastern Mennonite player in a g a m e LU w o n 5-0 Mike Rivas (far left) clears ball a w a y from Alabama Huntsville LU w o n 2-1 Goalie Paul Annan (left), with fullback Lee Scruggs watching, makes another mega-save


The LU Flames had reason to celebrate (below). Team members c a m e through when it counted. Edward Tetteh (middle top and bottom) sends the ball goalward. Senior Scott Lustig (below right) battles a Longwood player for the ball. LU won 1-0.


(Front row, left to right) Mike Rivas, Lee Scruggs, Mike Perkins, Donny Stromovich, Joe Smith, Paul Annan, Marshal Worthington, Ron Starner, Scott Lustig. (Back row, left to right) Bill Harris, Andrew Bell, S a m Johnson, Frank Valle, Edward Tetteh, Steve Phillips, Chris Dickens, David Annan, Paul M c M a h o n , Brian Baker, Steve Schindler, Steve Gooch, Tim VanSlyke.


Under Dr. Falwell's watchful eye (right) Steve Schindler shoots against Tennessee Temple goalkeeper (LU w o n 2-1). Edward Tetteh controls ball (below) and Flames jubilee over another goal (bottom). Sam Johnson (5) holds ball. Mike Rivas (bottom middle) and Marshal Worthington (bottom right) dribble past Radford and Eastern Mennonite.


LU plays state-of-art soccer, goes 14-2-3 It wasn't supposed to end the w a y it did. The Liberty University soccer team, ranked 14th in N C A A Division II, with a 14-1-3 record. With 11 shutouts and a Virginia Intercollegiate Soccer Association (VISA) league-leading 40-2 mark. LU was predicted — e v e n e x p e c t e d — to walk a w a y with the VISA title going into the championship match against Randolph-Macon College. Nov. 18. Instead, R-MC carted off the

hardware, dealing the Flames a heart-breaking 1-0 defeat, " W e didn't play well," observed a disappointed LU head coach Bill Bell after the contest. " W e should have taken advantage of this situation to win against an average team." Despite the championship loss. Liberty's 1985 campaign was its best ever. LU chalked up team records with most wins, most shutouts, fewest losses and least number of goals given up (7). Also, the

Flames posted a 10-0-1 h o m e mark. At the start of the season, Liberty ran off to four quick shutout victories before it tied Radford University 1-1 in LU's first VISA g a m e . Following a 1-0 VISA win at Hampden-Sydney College, the Flames hosted Tennessee Temple University, Sept. 21. Scott Arrowood quieted the huge partisan crowd in the 12th minute when he beat Paul Annan to give TTU a 1-0 lead.

LU refused to fold, however, and rebounded with two late second half goals from sophomores Chris Dickens and Samuel Johnson en route to a 2-1 win. The red-hot Flames continued to goose-egg their opponents, tying Roanoke College 0-0 and blasting the University of District of Columbia 4-0 and Eastern Mennonite College 50. The International Soccer Association of America recognized LU by ranking it for the first time (18th) in the nation. LU got as high as 8th in the poll. Three more wins and its first loss (2-1) at defending NAIA champion West Virginia Wesleyan College set up the second-ever meeting between LU and Lynchburg College, Oct. 30. A defensive struggle produced a draw. Sitting pretty in VISA at 2-0-2, the Flames sewed up the Western Division title and a playoff bid with shutout wins over Shenandoah College 7-0 and Washington and Lee University 2-0. In the h o m e semi-final, Liberty eeked out a victory over Christopher Newport College on penalty kicks after no goals were scored in regulation or overtime. Ironically, Paul Annan scored the winner, vaulting Liberty into its first VISA title match. Although LU fell to R-MC, Bell still felt his team accomplished much. " T o h a v e lost only t w o g a m e s with our schedule is a fantastic achievement " — Steve Leer



ii§ '' f

tA . L

1 J


Pi «

• |i\: v 11 i NJ

* flIff %


fe r*

Roy Yarborough, Coach

LU 1

DATE L O C A T I O N Sept. 10 away

OPPONENT'S Virginia Commonwealth


15 15

10 0

5 2 3 10 2 15 7 8 4 15 15 13 12


won won won won won

3 14 4 6 12 11 11 15 15 15

Navy Invitational Sept. 13, 14 a w a y Navy

Shippensburg State

Clarion University

15 15 13 15 15 15

U. Maryland/Eastern Shore 7 Sept. 24


Virginia Tech

10 15 15

Liberty Open Classic Sept. 27, 28 at h o m e Clarion State won L o n g w o o d College lost lost Elon College lost lost Atlantic Christian lost Clarion State

Oct. 4, 5

Juniata Invitational away Ithaca College Juniata University Millikan University Bucknell University

15 16 15 15 15 15 15 13 13

Susquehanna Universi-


5 3 6 6 8 6 15 15

15 15

U. Maryland/Bait. Cty.15

16 3 11 14 12 15 11 15 15 15 5 15 8


12 14

Loyola Invitational Oct. 11, 12 a w a y U. Maryland/Bait. Cty.15 Loyola University LaSalle University

American University Oct. 24

at h o m e University of Virginia

Liberty University Invitational Oct. 25, 26 at h o m e Navy Messiah College Radford University Catholic University

Casting her shadow high on the wall. Kan LeBlanc dinks over the block against Clarion State U


15 16 15 3 15 9 1 1 15 10 15

15 15 15 15 15 15 2 8

Vets, freshmen rebuild season The Lady Flames Volleyball T e a m learned a tough lesson: the team-building process is often frustrating and difficult — especially w h e n trying to build a Division-I volleyball program with inexperienced players. Competing in seven tournaments, the Lady Flames battled several Division I teams — the University of Virginia, J a m e s Madison University, Virginia Tech, Radford University — as it fought to achieve a 16-26 record on the tough road to Division-I status. Unpredictability characterized the team's performance throughout the season because of that combination of experience and inexperience. The team spent m u c h of the season working on coordination. The task was a difficult one because of the unusually large number of n e w players including freshmen Karri LeBlanc, Kathy Guetterman, Beth Berland, Julie Sitler, T a m m y Rapp and Chrissie Belden. Easing the adjustment period were seniors Carrie Shattuck, Katherine Kornachuck and Lisa Yovan, w h o added depth with their experience. First-time Head C o a c h Roy Yarborough, w h o has coached college athletics for seven years, led the team while assistants Jeff Jack and Patty Lunn motivated a n d sharpened skills. So the Lady Flames didn't win a lot of volleyball g a m e s in 1985. But they g o t to exc h a n g e spikes with the best, c and they learned. § — Marsha Wilde e


Against the University of Virginia at h o m e (left), the Lady Flames lost â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but not without a fight. In other action, Kathy Guetterman and Patty Close (lower left) and Katherine Kornachuck (lower middle) leap to block shots. Kari LeBlanc (lower right) hits the ball from the front line.

Lady Flames Volleyball T e a m (front row) Sue Getz, Julie Sitler, Beth Borland, Katherine Kornachuck, Lisa Yovan, Gloria Ruiz, Becky Shannon, Patty Lunn. (Second row) Coach Roy Yarborough, Karen McLane, Patty Close. Kari LeBlanc, Kathy Guetterman, T a m m y Rapp, Chrissie Belden, Carrie Shattuck, Jeff Jack Lunn and Jack are student coaches.


Men's Cross Country

Dr. Jake Mathes, Coach 68/Men's Cross Country

1985 Men's Cross Country Record September 7 — Campbell University Invitational — placed second. September 21 — Liberty Invitational — placed second (B team) September 28 — Virginia Ten-Miler T e a m Competition — placed first. October 5 — U.Va. Invitational — placed fifth. October 12 — N C A A Division II State Championship — placed second (B team). October 19 — Virginia State O p e n Meet — placed fifth, October 26 — Mason-Dixon Conference Championship — placed first. November 9 — N C A A Division II South Region Championship — placed first. November 23 — N C A A Division II National Championships — placed first.

Liberty U wins Mason-Dixon title e have the best record of any Liberty sport. That's just the facts." Senior cross-country runner Brian Oiling wasn't bragging, Like he said, he w a s just stating facts. Indeed, Liberty's cross-country team has been successful. Every year except one in a tenyear career, Head C o a c h Jake Mathes has taken his t e a m to a national championship — either NAIA or N C A A Division II. And 1985 brought no exception. Mathes got coach-of-theyear for the Southeast Region Division II Competition. Injuries plagued the early season. And a rash of secondplace finishes proved it. The team placed second at the Campbell University Invita-


Doug Holiday (far left), Brian Oiling (above), and Gary Hill (left) run across park at Campbell U Invitational


1985 Flames Cross Country team: (Front row) Gary Hill, David Kuritar, Mike Green, Doug Holliday. (Middle row) Doug Wickert, Tom Dougherty, Gregg Vaughn, David Fouse, John Parks, Assistant Coach Pat Cross. (Back row) Assistant Coach Kenny Mclntyre, Brian Oiling, Brett Lawler, Jim Vance, Ray McClanahan, Head Coach Dr. Jake Mathes.

Gary Hill (bottom left) w o n second place in the Campbell University Invitational. Greg -5 Vaughn (48) and Brian Oiling (45) (bottom > right) ran in the Mason-Dixon Conference 째 Championship race. S


Continued from page 69

tional, and at Indiana University in the Pennsylvania Invitational — both in September. The B t e a m took second at the Liberty Invitational, the Bryan Invitational and the N C A A Division II State Championships, But after Ollings's early-season pulled hamstring healed and sophomore Gary Hill got over a mid-season bout with the flu, the team b e g a n to finish in more typical fashion — first. Liberty w o n the Mason-Dixon Conference Championship and the N C A A Division II South Region Championship. At mid-season, against topnotch competition, the A t e a m placed fifth twice — at the N C A A Division I Virginia State O p e n and at the University of Virginia Invitational. Division I powers attended both meets — including Virginia Tech and the University of Tennessee. "It was the toughest c o m p e tition we've ever run against — ever," Oiling said. — Dolph Bell, Marsha Wilde Greg Vaughn (upper left) at Campbell University Invitational passes a spectator. At the gun (above right) the runners break rank at the Mason-Dixon Championship Early on, Dave Fouse (38), Jim Vance (47). and Doug Holliday (40) cluster near the head of the pack.

Men's Cross Country/71

Women's Country




23 21 18

Sept. 21

at h o m e


Oct. y 5



Oct. 12

24 20

Oct. 16


Oct. 26


Nov. 9


OPPONENT'S Liberty Open Virginia Commonwealth Mary Washington Christopher Newport

SCORE 32 34 42

Univ. of Virginia Invitational University of Va. West Virginia W a k e Forest Duke Virginia Tech

31 61 96 106 132

Virginia State Div. Il/lll Championship Mary Washington away Christopher Newport Hampton Norfolk State

38 74 93 134


Navy, Dual Meet Navy Catholic University

31 31

Mason-Dixon Conference Championship away Mary Washington Mt. Saint Mary Catholic University Christopher Newport Towson State Frostburg College Loyola University of Maryland

73 83 111 117 149 198 228 235

NCAA Division II Regional Championship St. Thomas/Florida away Troy State Northern Alabama

67 78 109

Fleet of foot. LU's cross country team w o n the N C A A Division II ÂŁ meet, capitalizing on the speed of Renee Viertel (across page), | Nancy Knowles (42), P a m Farber (40). Donna Poole (43). and Annie & Hunt (41).

Women's Cross Country/73

Coach wins honor It was a banner year for the w o m e n ' s cross-country team. In fact, Head C o a c h Ron Hopkins said it was the most successful year in his 24-year coaching career. The team w o n the N C A A Division II meet for the first time ever. "People will know our n a m e n o w because w e w o n the regional meet," numberone runner Renee Viertel said. The ladies took second behind Mary Washington College at the Virginia State C h a m pionship Meet, but settled the score later at the Mason-Dixon Conference Championship. The team defeated every opponent it ran against oneon-one â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including Navy and Radford for the first time. Viertel broke the school record three times. "I broke it at a dual meet with a time of 18:26; I broke it at the state meet with a time of 18:11; I broke it at the regional meet with a time of 18:06," she said. The ladies represented the only Division II team to go to the U. Va. Invitational where they c o m p e t e d against powerhouses such as Virginia Tech, W a k e Forest, West Virginia University and Duke. The ladies didn't win, but they beat Virginia Tech to place fifth. In addition, Viertel, sophom o r e Annie Hunt, freshman Monica Carmona and freshm a n Robin Curry m a d e allstate. The players weren't the only ones rewarded. "The cherry on top of the sundae" for Coach Hopkins w a s w h e n he got coach-of-the-year at the N C A A Regional Championship. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Marsha Wilde, Dolph Bell

1985 Lady Flames Cross Country team: (Kneeling) W e n d y O'Bryan, Nancy Knowles. (Sitting) Robin Currie, Donna Poole, Susie Stahl, Monica Carmona, Annie Hunt, Valerie Atkins. (Standing) Renee Viertel, Laura Sweat, Donna Wilson, Coach Ron Hopkins, P a m Farber, Rhonda Cart.


The gun sounds and a line of runners breaks for the woods. Veteran Nancy Knowles (left) moves into the lead. Monica Cromona (38) and Robin Currie (39) with Donna Poole behind race Mt. St. Mary for position.

Women's Cross Country/75

Men's Basketball

Jeff Meyer, Coach 76/Sports

LU 64 69 69 52 85 64 82 64 62 65 76 72 61 57 76 89 58 2 72 52 75 81 69 69 58 85 47 66 â&#x20AC;˘56 63

1985-86 Men's Basketball Record Score Date Location Opponent 61 Nov. 22 at home Bowie State 66 Nov, 23 at home West Chester Nov. 25 at home Elizabeth City State University 78 Nov. 30 away Samford University 72 Dec. 2 away Baptist University 58 Dec. 6 at home Saint Leo College 62 Dec. 7 at home Benedict College 74 Dec. 10 at home Virginia State 72 Dec. 12 at home Averett College 52 Dec. 13 at home Allen University 47 Dec. 30 at home Ohio Dominican 69 Jan. 3 at home St. Vincent College 68 Jan. 6 away Hawaii Loa 55 Jan. 8 away Hawaii Pacific 111 Jan. 11 away Hawaii Loa 96 Jan. 14 at home Misericordla 64 Jan. 16 away Guilford College 69 Jan. 18 forfeit Mt. St, Mary's (NY) 0 Jan. 20 away Elizabeth City 81 Jan. 22 away Longwood College 54 Jan. 25 at home Randolph Macon 95 Jan. 29 away U. of Maryland78 Baltimore County 70 Feb. 1 at home Mt. St. Mary's 54 Feb. 3 at home U. of Md-Balt. O y . 51 Feb. 7 at home Pitt-Johnstown 84 Feb. 10 at home Longwood College Mt. St. Mary's 75 Feb. 13 away Pitt-Johnstown 65 Feb. 15 away Randolph-Macon â&#x20AC;˘49 Feb. 19 away 74 Feb. 22 at home St, Thomas Aquinas Mason Dixon Tourney Pitt-Johnstown

71 Feb. 27 away


Dan Kennard (33) gets a dunk against Allen University while Mike Minett (24) and Rodney Harrison (23) look on

Men's Basketball/77

Flames' Gerald Thomas (45) (right) takes a jump shot against Benedict College. In other action, Gary Yoder (43) and Mike Minett (24) (below) play defense against Bowie State. During that g a m e , Rodney "Fish" Harrison (23) (across page, top) waves his arms to break the concentration of a Bowie State player, Senior Dan Kennard (33) (across page, bottom) rebounds against Benedict College.


1 i

-4t it**


M e n s Basketball/79

Mike Minett shoots a short jump shot after a fastbreak off Averett College (below left). D a n Kennard finds a challenger from Randolph M a c o n as he goes up for his shot (belowright).(Underneath) Randy-Mac's number 10 fails to block "BoBo's" pass to Harrison, (Right across) Rodney Harrison tips the ball in over Allen's player.







1 Hi

^ 1 K 4 * A ":-Wa A iifc * "liK .,.' ngm


* » rr*5•«T«



ia 1 JH n

-'9 •% '* •

x9- ^ ^ ^ P





^J ' •


v -


The 1985-86 Flames Basketball team: (Back row, left to right) Assistant student coach — Bill Boyer, Assista coach — Dale Hatcher, Andre Mclntyre, Mike Minett, Fred Morgan, Steve Farquhar, Assistant coach - Gre McCauley, Rodney Harrison, Gary Yoder, Dan Kennard, Assistant student coach — D a v e Scarbrough, Hea coach Jeff Meyer. (Front row, left to right) Manager — Rob Berner, Edwardo Soldesi, Lee Jones, Braj Hamersley, Gerald Thomas, Jerry Smith. 80/Sports

A different perpective of Fred Morgan's jump shot (left). Andre Mclntyre shoots a one handed jump shot over Allen's 25 (lower left)

A year of transition H e a d C o a c h Jeff Meyer knew this would be a year of transition before the basketball season started. The team had lost its two leading scorers to graduation. But five recruited freshmen arrived to give Meyer high expectations. Frosh Rodney Harrison, Gerald Thomas, Fred Morgan, Steve Farquhar, and Gerald Thomas played key roles all season long. T w o veteran players w h o m Meyer counted on for significant scoring and rebounding were Brad Hamersley and Jerry

Smith. But both were injured â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Hammersley in pre-season and Smith once the season had begun. Both players were out for the year. The injuries forced Meyer to play the freshmen more than he originally wanted to. Senior center Dan Kennard and junior guard Mike Minett led Liberty in scoring with Andre "Bo Bo" Mclntyre, Gary Yoder, Jeff Simmons, and Eduardo Soldesi lending support. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tim Pinkham

Men's Basketball/81


Women's Basketball


ill IMBimflfflTF




V 4j "i • : - •


m 04


Linda Farver Coach 82/Sports %*..

. T-V1

1985-86 Lady Flames Basketball Schedule

LU 66 95 48 71 70 75

LOCATION DATE Nov. 22. 23 at home at home at home away Dec 5 at home Dec. 7 away Dec. 9

70 67

Jan. 9 Jan. 10

away away

62 59 75

Jan. 13 Jan. 16 Jan. 18

away at home away

84 70

Jan. 21 Jan. 23

at home away


Jan. 28


71 69

Jan. 30 Feb. 1

at home away


Feb. 4

at home

65 85 89 85 91

Feb. 7 8 11 13 15

away away away at home at home

89 80

Feb.18 Feb. 20

away at home


Feb, 22

at home

74 64

s « * -

Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb.

OPPONENT NC Wesleyan Man/ Washington James Madison Concord College High Point College Bridgewater College N C Wesleyan Francis Marion College Winthrop Colege Univ. of Richmond Univ. of Pitt-Johnstown Longwood College Randolph-Macon College U of M D — Baltlm o r e County Mt. St. Mary's


69 52 94 86 78 63 59 95 72 68 86 78 80 65

98 VA Common- 89 wealth Randolph-Macon 71 College Mt. St. Mary's 98 Col. of Notre Dame 59 Longwood College 93 74 Roanoke College Greensboro Col- 74 lege Ferrum College U of M D — Baltimore County Univ. of Pitt-Johnstown Longwood College Mt. St. Mary's

The 1985-86 Women's Basketball roster: (Back row, left to right) Manager — Dan Peterson, Sarah Beth Faber, P a m Stanfield, Malynda Keck. Annetta Paratham. Sharon Freet, Harriett Blair. Coach — Linda Farver. (Front row, left to right) D e e Paulson, P a m Wilder, Lisa Towson. Sheila Ford, Saundra Bridges, Robin Vestal. Surrounded by opponents, Beth Faber (40) (across) is fouled while shooting ball Annetta Paraham (24) blasts up rebounded shot (upper right).

Women's Basketball/83

80 87 78 71 85

When every game counts J u d g i n g by the spirited w a y they m a d e it through an unusually tough season, it's clear that putting points on the scoreboard wasn't all that m a d e the Lady Flames tick. It took commitment, determination, and a constant reminder from nine-year veteran coach Linda Farver that every g a m e , even a lost one, counted toward better, stronger, and more consistent play. Despite 20-hours-a-week practice times, the Flames lost the tip-off tournament for the first time in four years. Prior to Christmas, their record was 2-4 due to illnesses, injuries, and lack of experience. The 2-4 record motivated players to work hard over the t w o - w e e k Christmas break and to c o m e back in good conditon and ready to play ball, Miss Farver said. But by mid-season, the record w a s 4-9 as the t e a m headed toward the Mason Dixon conference tournament. The team consisted of four freshmen, four sophomores, two juniors, and two seniors. "The unsung heroine has b e e n senior Sheila Ford," Farver said. A starter since her

first g a m e for the Lady Flames four years ago, she m a d e the team strong in the point guard position. "Her spirit was outstanding both on and off the court," Farver said "Senior Malynda Keck has also provided strong leadership from the inside g a m e . She has m a d e a solid contribution," the coach added. Freshmen Harriett Blair and Sarah Beth Faber s h o w e d promise from the very beginning. " W e recruited her (Blair) because of her outside shooting ability; but she has proven herself in areas such as rebounding, defense, and assists. Faber has also b e e n making solid contributions coming off the bench as a freshman for us," Farver said. Overall, it was a good season for the Lady Flames â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a time of learning, growing, and improving team spirit. Their coach knows. M a y b e these intangibles don't always show on the scoreboard; but d o w n the road for a determined and maturing team such as the Lady Flames, they could pay off. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jennifer Steele

Sharon Freet (left) (14) shoots jumper while teammate Beth Faber looks on. Their coach, Linda Farver, instructs Harriett Blair (top) as team concentrates on the action on the court Veteran Malynda Keck (middle left) puts up a shot in a crowd. Robin Vestal (5) (middle right) prepares to shoot as she concentrates on the board

Women's Basketball/85



Sophomore Lisa Towson receives a pass (upper left). Beth Faber, freshman forward, puts the ball up while opponents watch (lower left). Sharon Freet stretches high over opponents to score in the last minute of the g a m e (immediate left).




Women's Basketball/87


Gary Habermas Coach 88/Sports


LU DATE 20 Dec. 7 9 Dec. 14

7 Jan. 13 6 Jan. 17 9 Jan. 23 12 Feb. 1

9 Feb. 9 Feb. 15

11 Feb. 21 8 Feb. 22 8 Feb. 28

7 Mar. 1 10 Mar. 4 11 Mar. 7 Mar. 14 Mar. 22

LOCATION at home at home away at home away at home away at at at at

home home home home

away away at home at home away

OPPONENT UNC Greensboro Roanoke College UNC Greensboro UNC Greensboro Roanoke College North Carolina State Washington 8c LeeU. Uof No. Carolina Georgetown Virginia Tech Roanoke College Georgetown (OT) UNC Greensboro Roanoke Colege Virginia Tech U. of Maryland


7 8 3 16 8 13

1 snow

8 1 6 6 3 5

H o c k e y â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it's new! It's wild! Liberty ice hockey, relatively new on the athletic program, drew crowds of only 200 to 300, but Dr, Gary Habermas, coach, wasn't disappointed. He felt that was a good turnout, considering the fact that his team didn't play in Lynchburg at all. Spectators had to travel to Vinton, an hour's drive from campus if they wanted to cheer for the team. The season had its share of highlights. The biggest was winning five of the first six games. 1985-86 Flames Hockey Team: (Front row) Mack Towry, Johnathan Campbell, Dalen Gudmundson, Nick The team played and beat Reichenbach, Dan Davey. Darren Richards, Steve Griffen, Jon Olhauser, (back row) Ed Wrigglesworth, Ron Roanoke College twice, the Johnson, Andy Zivojinovic, Eric Daniels, Brian Coleman, Kevin Barke, Elroy Senneker, Mike Willets, Rich Hill, Jerry Roanoke city men's team Keehan, Dave Horner, Jamie Cummings, Coach Gary Habermas. Not pictured, Manager Johnathan Niccum. once, and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The coach plans to schedule more games for the 1987 season. He knows of no plans to build an ice rink on campus in the near future. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Robin Brooks Down the crease between two Roanoke College players. Rich Hill sends the puck (far left) with Kevin Barke in the background Goalie Ron Johnson (top) makes a save Team captain Nick Reichenbach (left) picks up the puck. Mike Willets, Kevin Barke, and Jamie Cummings (immediate left) confer



Bob Bonheim Coach 90/Sports

The 1985-86 Flames Wrestling Team: (Back row, left to right) Coach Bob Bonheim, Manager Jeff Helgeson, Don Good, Chris Collins, Bill Scanlon Ron Young, Rod Curtis, Pat Bussey, Bob Young, David Johnson, Jeff Garlick, Mike Hatch, Steve Behrns, Assistant Coach â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jesse Castro, (Third row, left to right) Kip Fennelly, Scott Carlson, Tony Moore, Randy Manley, Dan Grecu, Bob Good, Steve Pruett, Dale Steele, Steve Breyette, Tony Cherry, Dave Rufenacht, Tim Morris. (Second row, left to right) Tres Lamb, Gary Sibcy, Melvin Hampton, Billy Joe Murray, Jeff Lester, Gre Goolsby, Mike Redman, Scott Merringer, Derrick Harper, Matt Doughty. (Front row, left to right) Darren DeFelice, Mike Gensler, Eric Hurley, Perry Ainscough, Jeff Lester, Al Fongellaz, Loren Baum, Sean Castorina, Mike Sparks, Todd Logsdon.


LU 13 38 40 8 39 48 49 42 36 53

OPPONENT SCORE U. of North Carolina 32 Livingstone College 7 Waynesburg State 3 U. of North Carolina 36 Campbell University 7 Winston-Salem State 3 Virginia State 0 Newport N e w s 4 George Washington 10 Longwood College 3 N C A A Division II Wrestling Tourney (35 teams) POINTS PLACE TEAM 119 1 Southern Illinois Edenborrow 106 2 81 3 Cal. State Bakersfield North Dakota 53 4 State Liberty University* 36 5 "The highest Liberty has ever finished in the N C A A in any sport.

Dedication pays off W a t c h the 1985-86 Flames Wrestling team and one thought goes through your mind: They're dedicated! Talk about work â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and grit, Head C o a c h Bob Bonheim and assistant Jesse Castro led the Flames to one of their strongest seasons. They captured the t e a m championship in the Delaware State Invitational, defeating four nationally ranked teams to win the title. They also finished first in the P e m b r o k e State University Tournament and in the Central Virginia O p e n held at LU. The team placed second in the Eastern National Tournament, losing only to nationally ranked Division I North Carolina.

The lower weights were led by sophomore Loren Baum at 118 lbs. and returning All-American Perry Ainscough at 126 lbs. Eric Hurley returned at the 134 lb. weight class, with freshm a n Gary Sibey at 142 lbs. The middle-weight classes included T o d d Logsdon a n d Steve Pruett at the 150 lb. division. Randy Manley at 158 lbs. and Steve Behrns at the 167 lbs. division added strength to the roster. Returning All American Pat Bussey at 177 lbs, placed in every tournament, earning three first-place titles. Tony Moore at 190 lbs. and Mike Hatch, heavyweight, m a d e the upper weights one of the toughest in the division. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Mary Ann Lucas

Tony Moore (upper left) uses his entire body to defeat his opponent. Darren DeFelice (upper right) avoids letting his opponent have an advantage by stiffening his legs. Loren Baum (left) takes the advantage when his opponent tries to balance on one leg.


Perry Ainscough (right) has one shoulder d o w n and one to go. (Below) Derrick Harper considers his position and how to get his opponent down. Dave Rufenacht (across page) flexes to flip his opponent d o w n to the mat.




1985 Flames Tennis Team: (Kneeling) Dave DeMoss, Scott Graves, Jay Hibbard (captain), Tim Aubrey, Dan Worthington, Dave Collins. (Standing) Dr. Carl Diemer (Coach). Rodney Gage, Dave McCullough, and Jer Whitehurst (assistant coach.)

Carl Diemer, Coach 94/Sports

Tennis team standouts included Jay Hibbard (across page, left), David DeMoss (left), and Dave Collins (below).






Sept. 24


2 1 3 7 6

Sept. 27 Oct. 7 Oct. 10 Oct. 14 Oct. 25

at h o m e away away away home

U of No. Carolina (Greensboro) 9 Lynchburg College 7 Lynchburg College 8 Virginia Military Institute 6 Ferrum College 2 Ferrum College

Team beats Ferrum Lack of talent didn't keep the tennis t e a m out of the NCAA. A lack of $20,000 did. The team needed two more courts. N C A A requires a minim u m of six. The administration approved construction, but finding the money remained an obstacle. The team started the fall season with a big 9-0 loss to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro on Sept. 24. Next, it played a tough Lynchburg College team on Sept. 27 in the first major match played at Liberty. Though it lost 7-2, the team played its record best against LC. In a rematch at LC on Oct. 7, | the Hornets prevailed again,

winning 8-1. Scott Graves w o n his match for LU. The team lost to Virginia Military on Oct. 10. After the singles matches, the two teams were tied, 3-3. Then VMI w o n all three doubles matches and took the day, 6-3. O n Oct. 14, Liberty w o n its first match of the season, defeating Ferrum College, 7-2. It marked LU's second win ever. Eleven days later on the 25th, Liberty w o n a h o m e match for the first time, defeating Ferrum again, 6-3. The team ended the season on that t w o - g a m e winning streak, making the season record 2-4.

Tennis /95


Mike Hall Coach

1986 Flames Golf Team: (Front row) Herbie Hayes, John Havill, (Captain) Toby McKeehan, Lane Patrick, Bo Stortenbecker, Greg Hales. (Back row) Jay Sharp, Troy Dixon, Dan Miller, Dan Hubbard, Daniel Owen, Coa Mike Hal,


OPPONENT Greensboro College Dist. Ill Tenth Place out of 24 teams Ferrum College Invitational First place out of six teams

DATE March 10-11 March 18

g Lane Patrick (across page, left) showers sand as he putts ball (which see) out of a | sand trap. Toby McKeehan (this page, left), Jay Sharp (lower left), and Troy Dixon p (below) helped LU win Ferrum tourney.

Golf team tees up T h e '85 fall season saw Liberty golfers win two out of four matches and also take one of the two tournaments they entered. The golf team split matches with Longwood College, defeated C h o w a n College and took a loss from Randolph Macon College in regular matches. Although the team placed 19th out of 25 schools in the Campbell University Invitational, it c o m p e t e d against Duke, Virginia Tech and Old Dominion. The players did, however,

tuck a win in their bags by winning the Furrum Invitational. They under-shot teams from Virginia Military Institute, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Carson Newman. Then they took the tournament by winning the first hole in a sudden death struggle with Wingate College. T e a m captain Toby McKeehan walked a w a y with a second place award for individual effort. T e a m m a t e Lane Patrick edged him out for first place by a single stroke â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tim Brockway


Men's Track and Field

Bill Gillespie Coach 98/Sports

V'3I Frigid weather outdoors drives Track and Field team indoors for practice. Mark Winyard (across page) winds up for a h a m m e r throw. Matt Phillips (left) balances a javelin, flexes for a throw.




Mar. 22

at home

Mar. 28-9 away

Liberty Open Atlantic Coast Relays

Apr. 4-5


Colonial Relays

Apr. 12


Dogwood Relays

Apr. 19


Mountain Track Classic

Apr. 25


Penn Relays

May 2-3


Mason Dixon Conference Championship

May 10


Cavalier Track Classic

May 22-4 away


N C A A II National Championship


Flames build season on year-round hard work Hard work. Structured diets. competition. He said Doug Holiday, who was Hard work. Total dedication. Mark Winyard, tenth in Divi- .01 of a second from the NaHard work. Year-round, never- sion II Nationals last year, was tionals in 1985, and Greg ceasing training. Hard work. Li- the number one returning Vaughn, NCAA All-American, berty Men's Track and Field. thrower. According to Gilles- were the runners with most po"Those not willing to take the pie, he could be the best tential on this year's team. work and dedication are elimi- thrower in Division II by next He said training never ceases nated." Bill Gillespie, head year. Winyard, along with Matt in Track and Field. Throwing coach, states simple fact. Gil- Phillips, a potential national techniques can be lost so lespie wants his team to re- qualifier in the javelin, appear quickly and runners can lose member him for one thing: He to be the strength of the their condiiton if the hard work weight men. worked them hard. is not done consistently. Gillespie, pre-season, said Most of the runners were Gillespie summed up his purthe 1986 Flames were a young, young but seasoned for com- pose for working with the team but strong team. They were peting against top-level ath- by saying, "It's a disappointthe best team in strength Liber- letes, he said. He expected ment that, in the South, Track ty ever had. He felt they had Trevor Straughn to qualify in and Field is not recognized as a definite potential for national the 1986 Nationals in the 800. powerful sport.

"In the Olympic Games, one of the most dominant athletic events worldwide, Track and Field is the key. "If the United States wants to continue to perform at the top level, then w e need to be able to train athletes at the collegiate level and beyond. "And if the other atheltic teams here (at Liberty) want to b e c o m e Divison I, then the school is going to have to support the Track and Field team so that w e can feed the other athletic teams with athletes with even greater potential."

M e n s Track and Field/99

1985-86 Men's Track and Field team: (Front row) Gregg Vaughn, Beatty, Tim Rose, John Hooper, Kevin Love, Assistant Coach Joft Steve Cumberbatch, John Parks, Thomas Dougherty, Matt Phillips, Mathes; (third row) John Woods, Charles McCray, Stan Charlton, Doug Duke, Trevor Strachen, Billy Blaising, Ray McClanahan, Ken Brett Lawler, Ed Stewart, Michael Reid, Kelvin Edwards, Todd Dorsey Gregory, Thomas Phillips, David Kuritar, David Fouse, Gary Hill; (sec- Doug Holliday, Terrance Hanna, Mark Winyard, Pat Smith, Brain Oilin ond row) Manager John Vassel, Assistant Coach Kenny Mclntyre, Mike Green, Head Coach Bill Gillespie, Mike Brandenburg, Jim Vance, Mark Sando, Chad Felming, Brian

100 /Sports

a | ยง S

With plenty of room to spare. High Jumper Mike Reid (lower left) goes over with the Fosbury Flop. Terrance Hanna (left) and Kevin Love (middle) practice putting the shot. Doug Duke and Doug Holliday (bottom) practice their starts.

Men's Track and Field/101

Women's Track and Field

1985-86 Women's Track and Field Team: (Standing, left to right) Rhonda Cart, W e n d y O'Bryan, Lisa Hen Lauri Dunlap, Chris Swanson, Lisa Holy, Hope Cordas, Shannon Morrow, Nancy Knowles, Patty Good, Trac Kauffman, Coach Ron Hopkins. (Kneeling, left to right) Traci Tidwell, A m y Wilmerton, P a m Fauber, Annie Renee Viertel, Renee Hawkins, Robin Hall, Donna Wilson. (Sitting, left to right) La Nean Palmer, Toni Fl Robin Currie, Susan Stahl, Monica Carmona, Vickie Hannon.

Dr. Ron Hopkins Coach 102/Sports

DATE Jan. 24.25 Feb. 2

LOCATION away away

Feb. 6 Feb. 14

away away

Feb. 22


March 7,8


March 15 March 22 March 28. 29

at home at home away

April 4.5 April 11. 12

away away

April 12 April 19

away away

April 24, 25 April 26

away away

May 2. 3


May 9, 10


May 17


May 21-24


OPPONENT Marriott Invitational Navy Kutztown Millersviile Catholic St. Joseph's C M T Relays Naval A c a d e m y Mason Dixon Conference N C A A Division I Championships Intersquad Liberty O p e n Atlantic Coast Relays Colonial Relays

Dogwood Relays State Div. «/ III U.S. Naval Academy Penn Relays Mt. St. Mary's Mason-Dixon Conference Cavalier Track Classic Wolf P a c k Track Classic N C A A Div. ( National Championships

1 Tr . ^ / * ^

•~<^B j

taaie For Renee Viertel (upper left) running c o m e s easily. Patty G o o d e (lower left) gains speed while perfecting her javelin form. Hope Cordas (upper right) floats over pole. Shannon Morrow (lower right) stretches to get full power behind her javelin. o (Across) Toni Floyd and Laurie Dunlap take | their starting positions for a practice run £ inside gymnasium.

Women's Track and Field/103

Chris Swanson (below left) winds into her stance for heaving the shot put, Toni Floyd (right) explodes out of the starting position in her practice session in the gym. Hope Cordas (bottom) glides over the high jump pole. Valerie Atkinson (across p a g e ) takes the hurdles.

Track, Field events draw veterans and quick frosh

T w o seniors led the pack on the Women's Track and Field team. Veterans Ren e e Viertel a n d N a n c y Knowles, both experienced long distance runners and both seniors, saw the season as their last chance to qualify for the N C A A Division II national championships in May. P a m Fauber a n d Monica Carmona, also long distance


runners, trained with Knowles and Viertel. Every day they spent 30 minutes stretching out and jogging from one to oneand-a-half miles. Practice running consisted mainly of six to 12 miles. Middle distance runners w h o compete in events between one-half to one mile have Annie Hunt to contend with, She improved her time nearly fifty

percent since she started training for college competition. Sprinters, the third division m a d e up mostly of freshmen, only have to run five miles a day in practice. Renee Hawkins, a junior, leads the team. Other competitors include Hope Cordas in the high jump, Patty G o o d e a n d Shannon Morrow in the javelin, and Chris Swanson in the shot-put.


1 mm






Women's Track and Field/105


Al Worthington Coach 106/Sports


3:00 PM



1:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 12:00 2:00 7:00 7:00 2:00 2:00 2:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 2:00 1:00


ONEONTA STATE TOWSON STATE 9 Wake Forest M1D0LE8URV UNC - CHARLOTTE LONGWOOD 9 N. C. Wesleyan WILL1AH 8 HARY 9 William S Mary WAKE FOREST 9 Longwood 9 UNC - Asheville 9 Appalachian State (2) CAMPBELL LYNCHBURG RICHHONO HOWARD (2) 9 George Washington HLUrriFLO STAH xx Kiiyland I'1 Virginia Tech VIRGINIA JAMES MADISON

3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 1:00 3:00 7:30 2:00 1:30 3:00 3:00 2:00 3:00 3:00 3:00



3:00 PM 3:00 PM 2:00 PH

1 3 4 5 8 11 11 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 24 25 26 27 28 31

SHIPPENSBURG (2) 9 Oaiaes Had i son GEORGE MASON GEORGE WASHINGTON 9 Seminole C.C. (2) Pennsylvania 0 Central Florida 9 Central Florida 9 Central Florida West Chester 9 Central Florida Terep'e 9 Central Florida Temple 9 Central Florida 9 Richmond N. C. WESLEYAN 9 N. C. State 9 Virginia NORFOLK STATE NORFOLK STATE 9 American 9 Campbell 9 Norfolk State (2)

1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 2t 26 2)1 29 30


«H THU, 1 FRI. 2 SAT. 3



E A steal! A throw! A slide! He's safe! Jeff Edwards beats the throw to second during a | g a m e against North Carolina Wesleyan - College


W h e n Liberty's athletic program goes Division I in 1988, the baseball team won't have to d o any schedule changing. It's been beating top-notch competition since it went Division I back in 1983-84. But 1986 found the Flames facing their toughest schedule ever. They had to hit homers, steal bases, and throw strikes against Maryland, North Carolina State, James Madison, Virginia and Virginia Tech. But the Flames didn't flinch. In the face of such stiff competition, they m a d e Liberty proud again. Six starters and nine seniors c a m e back, including power hitters Ken Tomlin, Jeff Edwards and Pat Sipe. Sipe started the season with a school record of 39 career h o m e runs, a record he took in 1985 from Sid Bream, a former LU standout n o w playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The t e a m got off to a bad start. After winning its first g a m e at h o m e , the Flames lost


Baseball: Liberty's Division I Sport the next five games, including four on the road during their annual seven-game trip to Florida. Before the season began, the Flames were worried about relief pitching and were badly missing former shortstop D a v e B r e a m a n d former centerfielder Todd Nelson. Despite pitcher Laz Collazo, a n e w transfer from the University of Miami, the fears about pitching turned out to be right. W h e n they played G e o r g e Washington early in the season, the Flames went through five pitchers. But the Flames were determined to stay unified. Early on, the team was working hard on unity. "We've been having devotions every day, and they have all been centering on team unity," third-baseman Ken Tomlin said early in the sesaon. " W e are more unified this year than any year I've ever seen."

Jim Bevins (Left across page) throws to first base for double play Pat Sipe (top) w h o holds the record for h o m e runs hit in a season has another clean sweep. Sidney Davis (upper left) stopped in action as he executes his pitching form Roger Mason (upper right) is called safe after sliding into base David Orrender steps into his punt (lower right)


Kevin Napier pitches strike to catcher Jerry Goodson as umpire looks on (across page). Pat Sipe (right) leans back to secure high catch, Lu player catches low ball (lower left), Coach Al Worthington (upper left) waits to greet player Jim Bevins with congratulations

S._l m^\


* > xwTT*1



\ % '<| —,M'. \ &#

~ . —*





I/I } f1 3

-1 11

*~s»* | xWT~

The 1985-86 Flames Baseball Team: (Sitting) Mike H a m m o n d , Mike Rivas, Laz Collazo, Sidney Davis, Paul Hubbard, Greg Simmons; (Kneeling) Roger Mason, Tim Foster, Jim Bevins, Colby York, Randy Tomlin, Ken Tomlin, Mike Tatum, Jeff Wren, Rodney Carter, Pat Sipe, David Orrender; (standing) Coach Al Worthington, Coach David Reeves, David Clarke, Jerry Goodson, Kevin Price, Kevin Napier, T o m Sizer, Clint Horsley David Fleischfresser, Billy Ogden, Niles Creekmore, Jeff Edwards, Coach Jeff Mincey.




• .»


,\m ?*S? • t'rM







Michael Goad Coach 112/Sports

LU 2 9

DATE Mar. 10 Mar. 11 Mar. 12 Mar. 14 Mar. 18 Mar. 22 Mar. 24 Mar. 25 Apr. 1 Apr. 2 Apr. 3 Apr. 5 Apr. 7 Apr. 8 Apr. 10 Apr. 12 Apr. 14 Apr. 17 Apr. 19 Apr. 21 Apr. 22 Apr. 23 Apr. 25 Apr. 26 Apr. 28

1986 LADY FLAMES SOFTBALL SCHEDULE LOCATION OPPONENT SCORE away Valparaiso Univ. 3 away Stetson Univ. 4 away Florida Southern away Rollins CoSege away Lynchburg CoJege home Duquesne University home Long Island Univ. home Lock Haven Univ. home Edinboro University home Jefferson College away Concord College away Methodist College Tourney home Virginia C o m m o n wealth home Ferrum College away Univ. N. Carolina away Mt. Saint Mary's home Longwood College away UNC-Greensboro home Mt. Saint Mary's home Lynchburg College away Ferrum College home Univ. N. Carolina away Virginia C o m m o n wealth away Longwood College home Concord College

The 1985-86 Lady Flames Softball team: (Back row. left to right) Coach Mike Goad. Ursula Meyers. Kim Lair. Angie Butcher, Tami Yarck, Deb Estes, P a m Lewis, Todd Nelson, Rosa Woodson, (Front row, left to right) Beth Nelson, D a w n Bailey, Elaine Lucadano, Lisa Whitaker, Cyndi McConnell, Michelle VanderRoest. and Ann Buwalda (Not pictured) Bonny Bandara, Mary Stevens, Patty Ramsey. In action, Tami Yarck, catcher (across page) and Cyndi McConnell (second baseman) warm up for a g a m e .


Batting practice finds D a w n Bailey (right and belov, pitching to Tami Yorck on LU's h o m e diamond. Bet Nelson (top) takes her turn at bat while P a m Lewis (righl scoops up a ground bal

N e w coach sparks Softball turn-around A n e w and stronger desire w a s evident in the Flames softball team this year after coming off a disappointing season last year. A n e w coach, Mike Goad, began to rebuild the team early in the season, sparking a desire not only to play softball but to put G o d first in lives. Although the team played well as a whole, some players stood out. Strong hitting was displayed by Tami Yarck and P a m Lewis. Tami, the sophomore catcher, despite several knee surgeries prior to this sea-


son, lived up to her m a n y awards, including the Golden Glove Award she received in 1985. D a w n Bailey, a junior, proved to be effective in pitching for the Flames, with strong backup support from senior Ann Buwalda and sophomore Ursula Meyers. A strong outfield was led by junior Elaine Lucadano and sophomore Kim Lair. Senior P a m Lewis gave the team a strong infield from her position at shortstop. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Todd Peck

TT" •" "f~ ^WQT

IM :




Bev Buffington, co-ordinator 116/Sports

The 1985-86 Flames Cheerleaders. Sitting: Kim Fink, Neil Suders, Traci Greene, Vernon Stouffer, Sharon Wiedmann. Standing: Steve Phelps, Randy West, Kelli-Ann Edgar, Tim Cavend'ar, Rick Boda. Back: J* Jones, Liz Doughty. Bev Buffington is coordinate


It takes time It takes ten grueling hours of team practice every week. Even the girls lift weights. And it's all Student Activities Director Bev Buffington's fault. She, as team sponsor, insists on vigorous gymnastic training and weight-watching for LU's cheerleaders. After all, the team's season lasts eight months! The 1985-86 squad worked to boost school spirit. Nine m e m b e r s w e r e in their first year. T w o second-year leaders, Sharon W i e d m a n n a n d Randal West, shared tri-captain responsibilities with fouryear veteran Neil Suders. The three trained the squad in crowd-pleasing cheers, using partner stunts and full-squad pyramids. O n c e perfected, the stunts b e c a m e the core of the program. — Melanie Albachten


||... • • • • mM 3 ^ ^ | 1 .'ijf,'. "'''% I I ' -11 1 ^^M '-'•> i f ^ Jim J L j m • ^^H 1 \ . 4'1h^'77

The Cheerleading Squad (opposite page) performs one of its many stunts, building a pyramid. Kelli-Ann Edgar (top) cheers on the crowd. Traci Greene (far left) (on top) adjusts 1 herself on the shoulders of Liz Doughty and Sharon Wiedmann. Randi West (left) prepares to lift Julie Jones. Randi West (above) shouts a cheer to the crowd.

1 * j-

m r*\






Ralph Gold, Director 118/Sports

Libery's crawling with 'em — Fat Boys, Smut Bellies, Barbarians, Beach Bums, Terminators, Most of them hang out on the fields up by the guard shack, kicking up turf and slamming into each other and having a great time doing it. Others populate the gym, spiking and blocking, or the tennis courts, slamming and lobbing. No, Liberty's not full of street gangs or punk rock groups. It's full of intramural teams. The above were men's touch football teams in 1985. Of course, the names of the girls volleyball teams weren't so rough-and-tumble — the Mickey-Mousers. the Champettes, Nutra Sweet. Sweet Sixteen. Intramurals are big at Liberty — real big. Yearly participants number not in the hundreds but in the thousands. The 1985 men's touch football competi-

tion, for e x a m p l e , had 24 teams with 20 members each for a total of 480. Women's volleyball had 14 teams with 20 members each for a total of 280. Director Ralph Gold said former director Roy Yarborough conducted a study at the end of 1984-85 and found that 3,000-3,500 participated in intramurals. That was well over half the student body that year. Gold and his two assistants Beno Chappell and Terry Jordan scheduled a number of sports — touch football (men's and women's), soccer, indoor soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, three-on-three basketball, softball. Students must choose a team manager and a referee.

Before any competition is scheduled, managers must meet and go through all the rules. The manager signs a contract, saying he will pay $4.50 for every g a m e that's forfeited. Managers are urged to be punctual, encourage fair play and help control team e m o tions. Gold didn't give a prize for the wierdest name. But, if he had, it no doubt would have g o n e to O.F.M.M.B. (oldfashioned malted milk balls). — Dolph Bell

Take a hot September day. A d d a vacant lot on a Virginia countryside, a gang of guys and you've got intramural football (upper left), soccer (left). tennis (above), or you can go inside and b u m p a volleyball


•••_ ^l^i^i^l^^

mm wmg xWmm,

• IE sUll B 3 B111 4 PUB H "'




• • jvSV*



What TIME magazine missed in cover story on Dr. Jerry Falwell, students see every day

"Is he, as his followers procl the truest and bravest voice the whole Fundamentalist movement, crying out agains the rising tide of sin and slea Or is he with his swift mind a glib tongue, a modern Elmer Gentry, a power preacher with a corrupt soul?" Time Magazine from its September 2, 1985 cover story. Too bad TIME Magazine can't

figure out our Chancellor. Too bad it saw only one side of the American p h e n o m e n o n known as Jerry Falwell. T o o b a d it missed the real story on this man. For, as those w h o love him know, Dr. Falwell is really a softy at heart. His heart m a y b e surrounded by a rock-hard pillar of conviction, but inside it's as soft as a baby's cheeks.

conferences, the grueling speaking schedules, the three sermons and two TV shows on Sunday. They see the five hours of sleep a night, the working lunches, the hours-long marketing meetings, But only those close to the pillar ever get a glimpse of his soft heart.

didn't write about his watching the Dallas C o w b o y s or full-contact karate on ESPN with son Jonathan. TIME didn't mention that Falwell, despite a schedule that generally covers 8,000 miles a week, rarely spends the night a w a y from home.

scheduling work on family birthdays and reserves Saturdays for family day.

But TIME should've written about these things. Because if it weren't for a soft heart that loves God, country and family, there wouldn't b e a rock-hard TIME didn't say that he'd rather pillar of conviction weathering TIME didn't see him good-heart-get h o m e at 3 a.m. than spend abuse for family, country and edly punch a football player or a night a w a y from the family. God. TIME and the rest of the world tease one of the Sounds of Li- There w a s no mention that Dr. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dolph Bell see the pillar part â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the press berty about a n e w boyfriend. It Falwell forbids his advisors from

A family m a n (top with his wife Macel, daughter Jean Ann, sons Jerry Jr. and Jonathan), a fast-foods m a n (left at MacDonalds), and a friendly m a n (at College for a Weekend, left, above), Dr Jerry Falwell calls his Liberty University students "his kids "


South Africa crisis compels Jerry Falwell to speak up 0


' —v m ^k

AwLAAv '



J"J ^*7-'-''



-°- M r < $ ^ ^ ^ ^ y l r




45^ ** >i \



fir rmnrii'-fflff*.


• .


\ "Aug. 13 — Angered by m e dia bias against South Africa, Dr. Jerry Falwell leaves on a fact-finding trip to talk to State President P. W . Botha and Foreign Minister Roelof F. Botha, *Aug. 20 — Falwell returns and holds press conferences in N e w York and Washington, saying about Bishop Desmond Tutu, "I think he's a phony, period, as far as representing the black people of South Africa." 124/Administration

He says Moral Majority will spend $1 million to combat a South Africa sanctions bill in Congress, "Aug, 21 — Falwell appears on "CBS Morning N e w s " and " G o o d Morning A m e r i c a " where the Rev, Jesse Jackson publicly challenges him to a debate. A storm of criticism from across the nation and from hometown Lynchburg rolls in. "Aug, 23 — Falwell says his

choice of the word "phony" was unfortunate. He wires an apology to Tutu. *Aug. 25 — Falwell explains his comments to church members at Thomas Road Baptist Church. That night, along with Washington Times columnist John Lofton and syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, Falwell speaks to the nation about his trip on his program, "Jerry Falwell Live."

r m \ •



Whether he is sharing the camera (above) with Jesse Jackson and Ted Koeppel or with Bishop M o k o n e m a and John Lofton or whether he is talking to his national audience alone on "Jerry Falwell Live," LU's Chancellor has b e c o m e a force to be reckoned with on the national scene.

'Aug. 31 — The Rev. Jesse Jackson c o m e s to town for an anti-apartheid rally at the invitation of area ministers. He meets Falwell to lay ground rules for an upcoming debate on "ABC N e w s Nightline," Falwell, standing in front of a sign which reads, " W e are against apartheid, too ..." greets about 100 demonstrators at Court Street Baptist Church. The crowd heckles Falwell.

'Sept. 1 — Jesse Jackson addresses a p a c k e d house during the Sunday morning service at Thomas Road. He receives polite applause. 'Sept. 3 — Falwell and Jackson, in a special one-hour show, debate sanctions live on "ABC N e w s Nightline." 'Sept. 8 — Again, "Jerry Falwell Live" concerns South Africa with special guests John Lofton and the South African A m -

bassador to the U.S. Hermann Buekes. 'Sept. 9 — Trying to stave off an imminent foreign policy defeat because of intense anti-apartheid sentiment in Congress, President Reagan agrees to impose limited economic sanctions against South Africa. The crisis loses steam. Congress and the liberals back off — until the next round. — Dolph Bell Administration/125

A m a n of m a n y titles, m a n y accomplishments and many associations students. still finds time for He's part administrator, part budgeteer, part counselor, part community leader, part public relations agent, part teacher, and part diplomat, But he's known as president. Dr. A, Pierre Guillermin has been with Liberty since the beginning. Fifteen years at the helm, Guillermin has kept on course for achievement. His victories include: * Obtaining accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

* Obtaining approval from the State Council of Higher Education * Obtaining N C A A Division II status * Obtaining teacher certification for the School of Education * Securing a recognized faculty with more than 50 percent holding earned doctorates * Designing a 25-year master plan for the continual physical, academic and administrative growth of the university The m a n with the glasses and

the irresistible grin also works hard to keep the lines of c o m munication open to students, w h o have direct access to his office through a telephone line established to handle their concerns. He writes a column for the student newspaper. He regularly eats lunch with student leaders. He mingles with students in the halls. Guillermin could also b e called Mr. Association, The list of associations he belongs to goes on forever, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dolph Bell

What d o you d o at Liberty University?

Dr. C. Sumner W e m p Vice President of Spiritual Affairs

Dr. Earl Mills Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Planning

THE SPIRITUAL SPARKPLUG — "I think it's important to keep everybody fired up, excited, stirred up. I try to remind everybody that there's a world out here going to hell... I've been in school work for 25 years, and I'm shocked h o w easily w e forget there's a world going to hell ... I got saved 45 years ago, and I haven't gotten over it yet. I just haven't gotten over that G o d loves m e and that Christ died for m e . I find that people need to be reminded of that ... The second thing is teaching the Christian life in class, teaching people h o w to walk in the Spirit... We're telling people today to live the Christian life, and w e point out a bunch of switches — don't d o this, don't d o that, and don't do the other — but w e don't tell them h o w to live. And w e need to know h o w to be filled with the Spirit ... So m y biggest desire is to help folks learn about this wonderful person — the Holy Spirit."

THE PLANNER — "My secretary said that there's about 21 major projects that I work on at a time ... All sorts of planning, of course, goes through this office — the budget planning, curriculum planning, program planning ... The major thing that is most visible on campus, of course, is the facilities that w e design and develop ... But behind the scenes there's a lot of planning... W e are involved in overseeing the c a m p u s computerization. W e operate the computer center, then also, w e are involved with the c a m p u s development program; that's fundraising, recruitment, a n d alumni programs, W e are also involved in the campus growth programs — self-growth programs — that provide seminars for faculty and staff for self-enrichment • •. We're also involved in evaluation programs which help to evaluate our institution. It continually must b e evaluated ... Then there's data. W e have to continually accumulate data for the institution and file reports with the state and national accrediting associations. That's an ongoing situation that needs to b e done continually."

Dr. Russell Fitzgerald Vice President for A c a d e m i c Affairs

Dr. Edward Dobson Vice President for Student Affairs

MR. ACADEMIC — "I am responsible to the president for all academic matters. I approve or r e c o m m e n d to the president actions pertaining to faculty, recruitment, appointments, promotion, termination, dismissal, curricular matters, grievances of faculty, all acad e m i c budgetary matters, evaluation of the school deans and faculty salary increases. "I furnish the direction and guidance to the school deans in the successful development and operation of the schools. "I have the responsibility for the supervision, with the aid of the school deans, of all acad e m i c programs a n d a c a demic personnel of the university. "I a m a m e m b e r of the president's cabinet."

THE SHEPHERD — "I'm primarily responsible for all of the student activities a n d organizations outside of the curriculum. This involves counseling, discipline, activities, organizations, clubs, intramurals, everything that affects a student's life outside of the classroom. "While on the one hand I try to keep abreast of the latest developments in student affairs, keeping up with the legal implications and so forth — and that is important — I feel m y primary function is in the pastoral area — to provide the staff a strong spiritual emphasis that will incorporate discipleship into everything that we're doing. "I'd like to see the kind of environment on our c a m p u s that respects the individuality of students, that does not try to conform them into s o m e type of mold or the production line concept of a bunch of robots. "I'd like to see us b e people w h o can think critically, people w h o are deeply committed to the Lord, and people w h o integrate their Christianity into every area and dimension and level of their life ... And then besides w h a t I d o here, of course, I edit the Fundamentalist Journal, and d o a few other things on the side."

Vice Presidents/129

Harold Willmington Vice President As a vice president of Liberty University and Director of International Bible Center, I perform several tasks for both this institution and the Thomas Road Baptist Church, I've written several books since I first c a m e to Liberty â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The King Is Coming, Willmington 's Guide to the Bible, That Manuscript from Outerspace, Signs of the Times, and I've created a n d visualized chart books for both the Old and N e w Testaments. I'm the author of the Willmington's Visualized Study Bible and co-author of When It Hurts Too Much to Cry. I'm contributing author of the Topical Reference Bible and the Liberty Bible Commentary. I'm presently working on three n e w books: Israel at Forty, Beyond Trivial Pursuit (a Bible list book), and From Creation to Christ (an Old Testament overview). I'm director of the Local Church Bible Institute, the Liberty H o m e Bible Institute, and the Institute of Biblical Studies, I write a monthly column for the "Fundamentalist Journal" and a m executive editor of Christian Life Notes in the N e w O p e n Bible. I teach Old and N e w Testament classes at the Institute as well as Theology. 130/Administration

Elmer Towns Vice President M y position at Liberty University requires m e to d o several jobs. I a m dean of the B. R. Lakin School of Religion. As dean, it is m y job to oversee the academic program for the School of Religion. I a m in charge of both the Liberty Baptist Seminary and the Graduate School of Religion, as well as the undergraduate religion program. In addition to that, I a m also responsible for the Institute of Biblical Studies. As executive director of the Liberty Baptist Fellowship for Church Planting, I coordinate the support of Liberty graduates as they g o out and plant churches. I also coordinate with Dr. Falwell on the training of pastors, missionaries, and church workers at Liberty. I a m also involved in a number of activities outside the school. I conduct growth seminars in m a n y churches around the country to teach them to build strong Sunday School programs. I speak frequently at pastors conferences and in churches being pastored by Liberty graduates. M y speaking schedule is usually booked a year in advance. In addition to all this, I have authored 43 books on various subjects, M y latest is "Theology for Today."

Vernon Brewer Dean of Student Affairs The students and the overall ministry of this institution are very important to m e . I council the students on a one-on-one basis and I a m director of the LIGHT ministry. Though I a m physically and mentally fighting c a n c e r through chemotherapy treatment, m y faith in G o d has remained a d a m a n t . M y family and I must trust in G o d for m y healing. Meanwhile, I will continue to d o the best job possible for the students and the ministry.

Dennis Fields Dean of Graduate Student Affairs I a m the one primarily responsible for the welfare of our graduate students. As they have academic difficulties or problems with their landlord d o w n town they c o m e to m e . I serve also as director of Christian Service and coordinate that program with the Thomas Road Baptist Church and other churches in the area. I'm responsible for the registration, evaluation and the grading of each student's Christian Service. Recently, I've been appointe d to b e an assistant to President A. Pierre GuillÂŤrmin.

John L. Baker Associate Dean of Students I feel I have a personal responsibility to keep us distinctively Christian in the areas of our rules and regulations and policies and in the areas of student behavior. I'm chairman of the judicial committee to which a student m a y appeal should his dean dismiss him. That c o m m i t t e e decides whether the discision w a s just and according to the Liberty Way. I'm also responsible for minor appeals short of dismissal.

Dane Emerick Dean of Men M y job is to handle disciplinary problems and to provide counseling for students w h o have emotional problems. I uphold the disciplinary policies as stated in the "Liberty Way." Not only a m I responsible for discipline, but also I head housing and room assignments in the dorms. I try to get to know the guys on an individual basis while I d o this. I deal basically with eight floors of m e n and sixteen RA's. W e have times of fellowship and I feel as if these are m y o w n kids. Admmstration/131


Eleanor Henderson Dean of Women I'm not a Gestapo agent, that's for sure, although a large part of m y responsibility is disciplinary ... I view m y role as being a ministry, as opposed to a job. I spend time disciplining students, counseling students and serving them ... I have a responsibility first of all to the Lord, and then I have accountability to the students to warn them as regards the error of their w a y ... W e (Student Affairs) deal with about five percent of the student population.

Holland Meads Associate Dean of Men I started working here in the fall of 1984, having graduated with a bachelors degree from Franklin and Marshall College. M y work is primarily with freshmen a n d I oversee the freshman dormitories.

Frederick G. Spearin Dean of Commuting Students I act as an advisor or helper to 1,500 town students. Our office helps students m o v e in, adjust, and relocate. This year w e started a catalog of rental apartments with reviews and surveys reported by previous town students. W e must on occasion deal with the disciplining of town students. W e also try to visit married town students during the course of the semester and provide counsel and financial help w h e n needed.

Gary Aldridge Dean of Resident Housing In a very real sense. Liberty is m y life. M y wife and I live on c a m p u s and we're heavily involved in student life and welfare. I've earned m y Bachelor of Science degree here as well as m y Master of Arts degree in counseling. In m y work with students I oversee the resident assistants and their work. In addition, I'm an administrative assistant to President Pierre Guillermin.

Jane McHaney Associate Dean of Women I'm responsible to assist the D e a n of W o m e n in matters concerning the general welfare of all w o m e n students on campus. I minister to students in whatever concerns them â&#x20AC;&#x201D; if it's personal or social or something about their academic life on campus. I counsel those students w h o have behavioral problems and that's probably the biggest part of m y job. I work to help them through those problems so they can have a really successful life here at Liberty.


Lesa Dickens Assistant Dean of Women I'm involved in the discipline process, from accumulation of reprimands all the w a y up to dismissal. But the thing I like best about working with Student Affairs is the opportunity to minister to students and to help them change their lives. Working with the students on disciplinary probation is really exciting because those students are the ones who've m a d e mistakes in the past and want to be different. W e try to give them all the help w e can.



Mark Hine Assistant Dean of Men I've worked with student affairs since the fall of 1979 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the first year as dean. I earned m y Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty and m y Masters degree from Liberty Theological Seminary. I oversee the male upperclass dormitories.

Tom Diggs Dean of Academic Services I supervise and coordinate the Offices of Advising, Placement and Testing, Admissions, and Records. I have ten people on m y staff in admissions, ten in records, nine in occupational guidance and eight in academic services. I also have three assistants. I assist with the student recruitment program, enrollment projections and retention. I a m a permanent m e m b e r of the Committee on Academic Standards and Admissions as well as the Council on Academic Affairs. Administration/133

• H


1 sM

1 1 1


1 ..i~; - • %'$2\ A

VdH&g kg ^Fli^J

^t+JL L~^m*mB a

H. Glenn Sumrall Dean, College of Arts and Sciences B.S., Southern Louisana University M.S., Ph. D.. Louisana State University

David D. Allison Acting Chairman, Department of Drama Assistant Professor of D r a m a B.A., Asbury College M.A., M. Div., Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Cecilia Arnold Instructor of Art B.A., Asbury College M.F.A., University of North Carolina

A fe Treva Babcock Chairman, Department of Human Ecology Associate Professor of H u m a n Ecology A.A., Yakima Valley College B.S., Washington State University M.S., Winthrop College Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Wilma Barlow Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Richard D. Barnhart Associate Professor of Mathematics

B.A., Franklin College M.A.. East Tennessee State University

B.S., Whitworth College M.S., Ph.D., University of Idaho

Robert Chasnov Assistant Professor of Physics

J. Russell Cooley Associate Professor of Biology

Keith Currie Assistant Professor of Music

David L. Ehrman Coordinator, Performance

Joan M. Flewell Assistant Professor of Music

B.S.. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois-Urbana

A.B., M.A., Marshall University

B.M.Ed.. Grace College M, Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Music Artist-ln-Resldence B.M., M.M., University of Cincinnati Conservatory

B.A., Concordia College M.A., Trenton State College

J.J. Houk Professor of Economics

Douglas B. John Professor of History

B.A., Brown University MB.A., University of Helsinki, Finland L.L.B., LaSalle University Ph.D., American University

B.A., M.A., University of Louisville Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Lane P. Lester Director, Center for Creation Studies

Robert Littlejohn Chairman, Department of Biology

136/Art and Sciences

Professor of Biology B.S.E.. University of Florida M.S., Ph.D., Purdue University

Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Baylor University M.S., Stephen F. Austin State University Ph.D., Washington State University

Lawrence N. Lo Professor Of Music Associate and Licentiate of To* Sol-Fa College of Music Curwen Memorial College (England


Licentiate Diploma, University 째> Toronto, Canada M.M., D.M.E., Indiana University

min\ Roger Bice Instructor of Music BM.E., M.M.E.. Eastern Michigan University

Donald A. Garlock Professor of Mass Communications Director. Television Production School of Lifelong Learning B A., Grace College M A Indiana University A M E D . Ed.D.. University of Southern California

Raymond S. Locy Assistant Professor of Music Coor&nartor mstnmontal Music B S . Bryan Colege M M E . Vlrgmio C o m m o n w e a l t h University

Ann Bogue Clinton E. Browne Instructor of Mathematics Director, Gerontology B.S., Liberty Baptist College Services M.S., Western Illinois University

Linda Granger Instructor of Music B.A.. Hollins College M M . , James Madison University

Professor of Psychology A.B.. Gordon College M. Div.. Fuller Theological M.L.A., The Johns Hopkins University Ed., D.. G e o r g e Washington University

Lee I. Bruckner Chairman, Department of Anthropology and Sociology Professor of Missions. Cross-Cultural Studies and Sciences D. Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Missions

B.A., Taylor University M.A., Ph.D.. Blola University

Arthur D. Grissinger Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Cline E. Hall Chairman, Department of History

James L. Hall Associate Director, Center for Creation Studies

B.S.. Shlppensburg State College M A . University of Kansas

Associate Professor of History and Political Science B.A.. M.A.. University of Richmond M Div . Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Ph.D . University of Tennessee

Associate Professor of Biology B.S.. Juniata College M Ed . Pennsylvania State University M.S. Union College of N e w York

Del Rey Loven Lloyd J. Matthes Sandra L. Matthes Associate Professor of Art Professor of Mathematics Assistant Professor B F A . M m e a p o k s Colege of Art Assistant Men's Track C o a c h of Music and Design M F A . Hoffberger School of Paint. n g Maryland Instrfute Colege ol Art

Philip A. Captain Associate Professor of Psychology

Heod Men's Cross Country C o a c h B S . Bryan Colege M Ed . Northeastern Illinois State Colege Ed.D.. University of Tennessee

B A . Bryan Colege M . M . University of Tennessee

Rose Mary McGibbon Assistant Professor of Mathematics B S . East Carolno Unrversity M S . Umversrty of Colorado


D a w d R. Miller Associate Professor of Psychology

Linda Miller Assistant Professor of Nursing

Roger L. Miller Assistant Professor of Drama

Larry Fay Nelson Assistant Professor of Psychology

B.S., M.A., W a y n e State University Ph.D., University of South Carolina

A.D., Henry Ford Community College B.S.N., University of South Carolina M.S.N., University of Virginia

B.F.A., University of Arizona M.A., Adelphi University

B.S.. M.Ed.. W a y n e State University Ph.D.. University of South Carolina

Jane B. Renas Assistant Professor of Music

Kim Lawrence Coordinator, Voice/Choral

Boyd C Rist Chairman, Division of Social Sciences

Albert Robinson Professor of Biology

Lila W. Robinson Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics

B.M.E.. James Madison University M.A., Eastern Michigan University

Assistant Professor of Music B.A., M.A., Eastern Michigan University

Nabih N. Mikhail Professor of Mathematics B.S., University of Alexandria, Egypt Ph.D., University of London


Associate Professor of History B.A., University of South Dakota M.A.. University of Minnesota Ph.D.. University of Virginia

James W. Treece, Jr. Associate Professor of Sociology

Bruce Wayne Triplehorn Assistant Professor of Biology

James Van Eaton Associate Professor of Natural Sciences

B.R.E., St. Paul Bible College B.A., Bethel College M.A., University of Minnesota

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., The Ohio State University

B.A., University of Northern Iowa M.S.T., Middle Tennessee State University Ph.D., University of W y o m i n g

138/Arts and Sciences

B.A., University of Louisville M.S., University of Arkansas Ph.D., University of Kansas

Alexander Varkey Professor of Biology B.S.. University of Kerala, India M.S., University of Agra, India Ph.D., Louisana State University

B.A..M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin Diploma, Dallas Bible Institute University

Stephen Wedan Assistant Professor of Drama B.A., Stetson University M.F.A., University of Florida

Louis D. Overcast Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

M. Jane Pfeifle Assistant Professor of Nursing

Charles Poe Associate Professor of Psychology

David P. Randlett Chairman, Division of Fine Arts

Steve Reitenour Assistant Professor of Music

B.S., Northern Montana College M.S., University of W y o m i n g

R.N., Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing Diploma, M o o d y Bible Institute B.S.N., Marycrest College M.P.H., University of North Carolina M.A.. Marycrest College

B.A., M.A., University of Arkansas Ph.D., University of Missouri

Associate Professor of Music B.M.. Eastern Nazarene College M.M.E.. G e o r g e Peabody College for Teachers D. Mus.. California G r a d u a t e School of Theology

B.S., Liberty Baptist College M.S.. Radford University

Paul Walter Sattler Assistant Professor of Biology

Lynn Wayne Seipp Associate Professor of Music

James D. Siddons Chairman, Department of Music and Art

Mark W. Steinhoff Associate Professor of History

Eleanor M. Treece Chairman, Department of Nursing

B.A., University of Toledo M.S., Miami University Ph.D.. Texas Tech University

B.F.A.. University of South Dakota M M . , West Virginia University D.M., Florida State University

Associate Professor of Music B.M., North Texas State University M. Mus.. University of London. Certificate, Osaka University of Foreign Studies (Japan) Ph.D., North Texas State University

B.A.. Columbia University M.A., Johns Hopkins University Ph.D.. N e w York University

Professor of Nursing and Missions R.N., Mansfield General Hospital School of Nursing B A., Ashland College M.Ed., Ph.D.. University of Minnesota

H. William Wheeler Chairman. Department of Psychology Director. Psychological Services Asiotcnt Professor of Psychology B A . Eastern Nazarene C o l e g e M S . Vtxyrio C o m m o n w e a t f h University

Sharon L. Wheeler Instructor of Drama A A . P m c e George's Community Colege B A . Unrversity ol Maryland M A . Unrversity of Virginia


DIARY OF A BAND PLAYER an, it was hot today! The weatherman said it got up to 86 degrees - that translates into 125 degrees inside those suits! I thought I was going to pass out at first, but I regained m y senses when I heard m y roommate yell from the stands. I stopped just for a second to w a v e m y horn (we're not sup-


Tim Adams Music Education S h a w n e e Mission, Kans. Senior Vocational goal: accompanist

Ralph Andrews Sacred Music Lynchburg, V A Senior Life verse: Ephesians 6:10

Jeffrey Buchholz Applied Psychology Pontiac, Ml Senior College Activity: King's Players

Ralph Buster Biology Florence, S.C. Senior

140/Arts and Sciences

Glenda Ashe Clinical Psychology Harrellsville, N.C. Senior

Andrea Byrge Psychology Orlando, FL Senior Life verse: Philippians 1:6

posed to w a v e , but I usually to faint. Then the guy next to m o v e m y horn from side to side m e slammed his cymbals in my w h e n s o m e o n e yells at m e ) ear. At least I was awake, even if and the tuba player busted m e in the head because he didn't w a s deaf. W e were able to take our see m e stop. jackets off while w e were sitI still hadn't quite recovered from that one w h e n w e lined ting in the stand during the first up to play the National An- half, that lowered the temthem. About half w a y through perature in our suits to a frigid that, I felt myself getting ready 110 degrees.

Nancy Baer Clinical Psychology Warrington, Pa. Senior

Lori Baker Music Education Flatwoods, KY Senior Life verse: Galatians 2:20

Laurie Barrett Math Education Elkhart. Ind. Senior Saved at the a g e of ten

Timothy Caldbeck Psychology Springfield, Mass. Senior

Sheryl Canaday Applied Psychology LaCrosse. Wise. Senior

Elaine Michelle Carey Psychology Visalia, C A Senior Life verse: Ephesians 2:8-9

Julie A. Blazs Psychology Jacksonville, FL Senior Life verse: Lamentation 3:25

Anthony Chujoy Anthropology Lynchburg, V A Senior

Phi Bona I Biology U. Marlboro, M D Senior Life verse: John 15:5

Sandra Clark Mathematics Hudson, NH Senior Favorite Teacher Dr. Wooldrldge

At half time the band takes a center stage . . . field. Today, w e played " M a m b o , " the theme from "Cats" — that was a tough one — and "Tonight." This is the band's shining m o m e n t — w h e n the whole school is watching no one but us. There's no greater feeling in the world when m y heart starts pumping feverishly, m y blood courses through m y veins, and m y breath makes the music from the end of m y horn — all of this in harmony with everyone else in the band. This is why I do it. This is why I practice for hours each week, suffer through 110 degree heat or sub-freezing weather at the games. The feeling of belonging to a group, of accomplishing something, and having the whole school watch the end result. That makes it all worthwhile. — John Peters

Pride of the Flames, the Liberty band struts during halftime. Baritones, tubas, trumpets, saxophones — the blare is molten gold. Tracy Cooper and Tim Wolf (lower left, across page) wail their trumpets. Tim Wolf, Kristy Weber, Shawn Rozier and John Painter (across page, left) blow a trumpet fanfare. Saxophonist David Maxwell answers back.

Melmda Boyer Applied Psychology Kemersvllte. N C . Senior

ToddS Oar* Psychology Oarksvie. IA Senior Life verse 1 Peter 3 15

Raymond Breakall Accounting Virginia Beach, V A Senior

Sharon Oevngei Psychology Gloucester. V A Senior Life verse Hebrews 10 35-36

Paul Breton Clinical Psychology North Berwick. Minn Senior Life verse: John 13:36

LydaCoyner ASBS Lynchburg. V A Senior

Delwyn Broadhead Applied Music Mendenhall, Miss. Senior

Pamela Corbett Social Science Education Gamer. N C Senior

Michael Broomell History Lin wood, NJ Senior S.G.A. Vice-President

lydra Coyner Music Education Choral Lynchburg. V a Senior

Janet1 Brown Psychology Hobart. IN Senior Life verse Proverbs 3 5&6

Joan Bryant H o m e Economics Lynchburg. V a Senior Mtss Liberty finalist. 1985-86

DeOra Craver Biology Elmer. N J Senior

Rebecca Kay Cromas C u c a Psychology Manon. IN Sencr Ufe verse Phippons 4 13

JoonE Bryant H u m a n Ecology Lynchburg. V A Senior Lite verse: Corossians


Tamatn Cnm/ey Appted Psychology WhrtehoJ. N Y Senior


Tonia Curtis Clinical Psychology Forest, Va. Senior

Deborah K. Daniel Psychology Sarasota, FL Senior Life verse: Psalm 19:15

Karlene Day H o m e Economics Myrna, N Y Senior

Trudy E. Dean Food Service Management Sugar Grove, V A Senior Life verse: Galatians 6:14

Louise Dekker Applied Psychology Baltimore, M D Senior

Ruth Dentel Drama Mission, TX Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Leslie DeYoung Psychology Staten Island, N Y Senior Life verse: Galatians 3:20

Kevin Christopher Dorer Mathematics Greenville, M E Senior Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Lou-Anne Drechsler Music Virginia Beach, V A Senior Life verse: Acts 20:24

Gail Emerson Psychology/ Counseling Glassboro, NJ Senior Life verse: Matthew 5:16

Jacqueline Evans Psychology Conowingo, M D Senior Life verse: Jeremiah 29:11-14a

Jeanne Falwell Medicine Senior Future plans: Medical school

Debbie Fender H o m e Ecology Orlando, FL Senbr Life verse: John 14:18

David Finely Mathematics Butler, O H Senior Life verse: Psalm 27:1

Sherri Fletcher Clinical Psychology Lexington, N C Senior

Lori Foltz Applied Music Williamsport, M d Senior

Eric W. Fors II Biology Culpeper, V A Senior Life verse: John 13:35

Michael Frye Applied Psychology Frederick, Md. Senior

Todd W. Gensler Biology Boiling Springs, PA Senior Life verse: Jeremiah 29:13

Gale Getz Interdisciplinary Scottsdale, Ariz Senior

142/Arts and Sciences

Flag corps colors games Liberty's courtyard is not the only place where flags fly. They fly at halftime during h o m e football games, too. The Flag Corps, a branch of the marching band, employs 18 female students to perform with the band at half-time festivities. They are, according to cocoordinator Rona Rosian, the "story-tellers of (the band's) music." The group performs 10-12 minute shows each g a m e . Kriss Hall is the other co-coordinator. "All of our routines are different," Rosian says. The group practices about eight hours a week. "Most people think the Flag Corps is all glitter and glory; but it really is hard work." Rosian says that, despite the hard work, most m e m b e r s are anxious to return the next year. "Without us," R o n a says laughing, "there's nothing to watch at halftime."

1985 Flame Flag Corps: (Clockwise from lower center) Melissa Wilkerson. Renee Greneir. T a m m y Bussard, Lisa Baker, Kris Hall, Jackie Lynch, Jama Stophel, Marilou Martin, Karen Cummins. Rona Rosian. W e n d y Montross. Vicky Love, T a m m y Arnold, Sherill Houser, Darcy Saracina.

Flag Corps/143

m. Ronni Renee Graham Health Services Administration Annapolis, M D Senior Life verse: Philippians

Kevin E. Grant Music Education Washington, D C Senior Life verse: Philippians 4:11

Rosane Grecu Psychology â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Clinical Delaware City, DE Senior Vocational Goal: Guidance Counselor

Susan Greenhoe Psychology Muskegon, Ml Senior Life verse:lsaiah 40:31

Becky Haering Psychology Loraine.Ohio Senior

Randy Hall Applied Psychology Lynchburg, V a . Senior


Jeff Gtiffis Biology Education Vestal, N Y Senior Honors Received: National Dean's List

Angela Grove Math Selinsgrove, Pa. Senior

Carrie Hallman Music Education Choral Steens, Miss. Senior

Riham Hamarneh Biology Perkasie, Pa. Senior

r Ambrose Harris III Psychology/Ed, MinCounseling Portsmouth, V A Senior Life verse: Philippians


Bonnie Hixon Psychology Mt, Joy, PA Senior Vocational Goal: Counselor

Lora Hoeft H u m a n Ecology Austin, TX Senior Life verse: Proverbs

Kyle Holcomb Psychology Plevna, KS Life Verse: Proverbs 3:

Matthew E. Holman Psychology Bangor, M E Senior Life verse: Romans 8:28


Tim Hoffsmith Clinical Psychology Palmyra, Pa. Senior

P. Christopher Hastings Mathematics Education Silver Lake, O H Senior College Activities: Spiritual Life Director

Renee Hogan H o m e Economics Rustburg, V a . Senior


144/Arts and Sciences

Patryce Haltiwanger Psychology Newport News, V A Senior Life verse: Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

Teresa T, Hopkins Psychology Kansas City, M O Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

A taste of culture Freshman: Who are they? Sophomore: Shhh, the Chamber Choir. F: H o w c o m e they're not paired off like the other singing groups? S: Because they're a CHOIR. F: Well, where is the piped music? S: I guess they don't like it. They usually just use the piano. F: Well, why aren't they using it now? S: They're singing a capella, dummy. F: Oh. Who's that m a n with the beard in front of them? S: That's Kim Renas. He's the director. F: It's so formal. Do you like traditional music? S: Yeah. Not ALL the time, but I like it every once in a while. It's like getting all dressed up. It's fun every once in a while. F: I see what you mean. It IS pretty interesting to have a little taste of culture once a week. I wonder h o w long it takes them to practice being so cultured and all. S: An hour and a half, three times a week. F: H o w do you know? S: M y roomate last year was in the Chamber Choir, He even went on an overseas church concert tour with them. F: You're kidding. S: No. Every couple of years or so they do that. F. M a n , that's great. A n d it counts as Christian Service requirements? I'm signing up for that one next semester. S: That's a laugh. You don't just "sign up." The C h a m b e r Choir is a very select group. F: M a y b e they'll select m e . S: And ruin their image? F: M a y b e some of that culture would rub off on m e . S: I don't think you could handle it. F: You're right. Let's just stick to Sunday nights. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Joella Knight The Chamber Choir of Liberty University

Chamber Char/145

Lori House H o m e Economics Spencer, N.Y. Senior

Julie Jeffries Music Education Orlando, FL Senior

Sandra Johansen Mathematics C'Sted St. Croix USVI Senior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:

Lore Johnson Applied Psychology Russellville, Ky. Senior

Delbert Jones Jr. Drama Fort Washington, M D Life verse: Isaiah 9:6 Senior


Carol Mayes Clinical Psychology Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Scott Keth Mayson Clinical Psychology East Point, G A Senior Life verse: Philippians

Tony McCrackin Biology Jacksonville, Fl. Senior

1:9, 10

Peggy Mcivor Fashion Merchandising South Brunswick, NJ Senior College Activities: Secretary/Treasurer S.G.A.

Tatjana Mecaughey H o m e Economics C a m p Hill, Pa. Senior

Nanette D. Keller Health Education Albuquerque, N M Senior Life verse: Philippians 1:6

Robert Kraus Applied Music Lynchburg, Vo. Senior

Martha Lathan Clinical Psychology Monroe, N.C, Senior Life verse: Job 23:10

Sherri Memmer Applied Psychology Fremont, Ohio Senior

Sheryl Miller Psychology Jacksonville, Fla Senior

Jini Muchow Psychology Footville, Wl Senior Life verse: Psalm 56

They sing their music on the mountain The Liberty University Concert Choir helps strengthen music majors' musical performance skills. It also helps m a k e Sunday morning church in the Multi-Purpose Center seem more like "real church." Although music majors must

146/Arts and Sciences

participate in one of the campus choirs, non-music majors m a y sing and m a n y of them are a m o n g the 145 members in Concert Choir. Regarding the group, Roger Bice, conductor, says, "The choir is a young one (mostly

freshmen) and its overall sound is young. What these people lack in experience, they m a k e up for by being the most cooperative and enthusiastic choir I have worked with so far." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sheri Brown

Debra Loftier Clintcal Psychology Lynchburg. V A Senior

Forrest Warren Long Sacred Music Theory Frederick, M D Senior

Elizabeth Overton Political Science Windham, NY Senior

Leslie Painter Music Education Miami, Fl. Senior Involved in Sounds of Liberty

James D. Mangus Health Education Ewing, V A Senior Life verse: Philippians 1:6

Robin Palmer H u m a n Ecology Glendale, AZ Senior Vocational Goal: Teaching

Aurelia Malphrus Math Education Ridgeland, S.C. Senior

Melody Maple H o m e Economics Pueblo. Colo. Senior

Leah Mason History Education Parsons. W.V. Senior

Rebecca Matthes Church Music Education Lynchburg. V A Senior

Sandra Park Music Education Choral North Canton, Ohio Senior Miss Liberty finalist

Pam Perkins H o m e Economics Clinton. Ohio Senior

Barbara Perry History Shippensburg. Pa Senior

Lisa Schaunell Powell H u m a n Resources Management Wilmington, DE Senior Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Sheldon Reist Music Education Choral Dillsburg, Pa. Senior

Chhsti Prober! H o m e Economics Delwein. Iowa Senior

Undo Richert Nursing St. Clair. Ml Senior Life verse: Joshua 1:8

Susan Robinson Applied Psychology Lynchburg, V a Senior

Paul Rose Clinical Psychology Modtson Heights, va. Senior

Rona Rosian Applied Psychology Johnstown. Pa Senior Involved in 1985 Flag Corps

Tracy Schret>er Appted Psychology Olmsted Townshfc. Onto Senior

Came A Shattuck H u m a n Ecology Lynchburg. VA Senior Life verse Phlpptans 4 13

Mary Smpson Fashion Mercharxlsrtg Durham. N C Senior

Concert Clx*/147

Pamela Snyder Psychology Lexington, KY Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Tara Beth Stanton Psychology Phoenix, A 2 Senior College Activities: Prayer Leader

Crystal Stinnett H o m e Economics Evington, V a . Senior

Kari Behrens History Green Bank, W V Junior Favorite Course: Military Science

Kimberiy Berry Administrative Management Rochester, N Y Junior H o m e Church: First Bible Baptist Church

Cherie Blyth Fashion Merchandising St. Paul, M N Junior Favorite Course: Drama 311

Kelly Teachey Psychology Lynchburg, V A Senior College Activities: Student Government

Cheri Boulton Fashion Merchandising South Bend, IN Junior Life Verse: Philippians 3:13&14

Denise Tully Psychology/ Journalism Kansas City, M O Senior Life Verse: Psalm 34:4

Cathy Bowman Anthropology/ Sociology Idaho Falls, ID Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Towles

Kelli Whritenour Anthropology/ Sociology West Milford, NJ Senior Vocational Goal: To teach English in the Middle East

Chandra Bragg Psychology Portsmouth, V A Junior H o m e Church: Friendship Baptist

Janet Wilson Personnel/Human Resource Management Mandeville, Jamaica Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Donna Brewer Psychology Southaven, M S Junior Favorite Course: Counseling

Tim Wolf Applied Music Lancaster, PA Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Currie

John Bryant Sacred Music Liberia, West Africa Junior College Activities Concert Choir

SHEA promotes H professionalism A


least one end of the science hall has delicious smells. The Student H o m e Economics Association (SHEA) is a professional association which is affilliated with both the Virginia H o m e Economics Association and the American H o m e Economics Association. Student m e m b e r s are encouraged to b e active at all levels. Organizational goals include the promotion of professionalism and the encouragement of career exploration. But it's what the girls d o in the fully equipped classroom laboratory that sends nostrils aquiver in their building.

They call it sugar cookery, but it's really called making fudge. Chris Shaefer (top left) beats her chocolate, Angela Hensley and Pamela Perkins (above right) check the temperature. Patricia LeVan (right, across p a g e ) presses a facing. SHEA officers (above) are Lisa Eveland (historian), Chris Stinett (public relations), Melody Maple (president), Lori A n n House (vice president), and Karlene Day (secretary). 148/Arts and Sciences

Brenda Wolff Psychology Sidney. M T Senior College Activities: Band

Lennox Zamore Psychology Colihaut. Dominica Senior H o m e Church. Calvary Baptist Church

Wynee Adams Psychology Rustburg, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Timothy Anderson Biology Ellerslie, M D Junior Life Verse: Psalm 2 0 7

Julianna Buchanan interdisciplinary Studies Charleston, M E Junior College Activities:

Theresa Burr Sociology Rockingham, N C Junior College Activities: President of the Sociology/ Anthropology Club

Karen Caldbeck Psychology Springfield, M A Junior Life Verse; Psalm 37:4

Mary Carlson Psychology Enfield, C T Junior College Activities: Prayer Leader


Sonn/e Aren.$meyer H u m a n Ecology Vernon, VT Junior Favorite Course Art

Teresa Bartell Psychology Hopkins, M N Junior College Activities: Volleyball

Wandd Beasley Sacred Music Madison Heights. V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bice

Pamela Cash Psychology Durham, N C Junior Favorite Teacher; Mr. Loven

Mark Christian Music Performance Reavenswood, W V Junior College Activities; Sounds of Liberty

Jim Cianca History Springfield. O N Junior Vocalional Goal: To b e a professional photographer

Kelly ClineveS Psychology Salem, V A Junior Salvation Experience: Saved in 1977 at an LBC graduation service

Jill Cromby Psychology Akron, O H Junior Favorite Course: Drama

David DeMoss History Bryn Mawr, PA Junior Vocational Goal: To preach

HoSy Lynn Dissinger Psychology Tampa, FL Junior Life Verse; Luke 1:37

Pom Dortch Fashion Merchandising Lynchburg. V A Junior Life Verse Ecclesiastes 3 1

Terese Draggoo Music Education Melbourne. FL Junior Colege Activities Marching Band,

UsaEveland H u m a n Ecology Bockus. N*l Junior Ute Verse Proverbs

Jonathan Fatwei Pottical Science Junior

Mchele Drew Biology 4 Perry. M > Jurtor *> Favorite Course ยง Botany


Karen .Beavers Accounting Deer Park. TX Junior Vocational Goal To become a CPA

Becky Clayton H u m a n Ecology Roxboro, N C Junior Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Cummings

Life verse Pnippians 3 14

Student H o m e Economics Association/149

Macel Falwell English Junior Life verse: Psalm 121: 1-8

Penny Jones Human Ecology Amherst, O H Junior College Activities; Prayer Leader

Sharon Fink Biology Downingtown, PA Junior Favorite Course: French

Forrest Kems Psychology Hedgesville, W V Junior College Activities: RA

Susan Fox Psychology Hamilton, O H Junior H o m e Church: Lindenwald Baptist

Lisa Garrison Psychology Lynchburg, V A Junior Life Verse: Proverbs 3;5&6

Denise Gehman Waterford, Ml Junior College Activities: Sounds of Liberty

Cindy Ginniss Nursing Bowie, M D Junior Favorite Course: Chemistry

Todd Groat Math Lynchburg, V A Junior Vocational Goal: To b e c o m e an electrical engineer

Crystal Guess Psychology Seattle, W A Junior Favorite Teacher; Mr, Loven

Cathy Lipford Math Glen Burnie, M D Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Wooldridge

Michoel Little Computer Science Miami, FL Junior College Activities: Latin-American Club

DuaneLoveday History Beckley, W V Junior H o m e Church: Westview Baptist Church

Krtstei Lutz Psychology Cincinnatus, NY Junior College Activities: RA

Diane Maldonado Biology Education Miami, FL Junior Life verse: Philippians 1:6

LariD. McAfee Pre-Nursing Cincinnati, OH Junior Life verse: James 2:17



150/Arts and Sciences

Mark Homme ft History Sykesville, M D Junior College Activities: Prayer Leader and Phi Alpha Theta

Laurie Melton Psychology Jacksonville, FL Junior Life verse: Hebrews 12:1-2

Aaron Hamrick Math N e w Castle, DE Junior College Activities: Liberty Champion Photographer

Charles R. Milan! Jr. History Toms River, NJ Junior College Activities: Phi Alpa Theta

Cynthia Harpe Fashion Merchandising Roanoke, V A Junior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

James Haughton Psychology Newport News, VA Junior Home Church: First Freewill Baptist Church

Anne Hedberg Human Ecology Perth Amboy, NJ Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

David Hencke Psychology Kansas City, M O Junior Vocational Goal: To b e c o m e a U.S. Army Chaplain

Lisa Hills Human Ecology Spartanburg, SC Junior College Activities: RA

Lisa Jones Accounting Raleigh, N C Junior Vocational Goal: To become a CPA

Dessely Vienda Miller Music Nassau, Bahamas Junior Life verse: Psalm 37

Shannon Mobley Music Education Odessa, TX Junior Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Mathes

Jerry Nash Mathematics Brownsburg, IN Junior Life verse: Proverbs 3:5 & 6

Shawn On* Biology Charleston, SC Junior Life verse: Matthew 6:33

Charles Patterson Biology Casper, W Y Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Varkey

Heidi Payne Psychology Stow. O H Junior Life verse: Jeremiah 29:11-13

King's players serve with talent hours away. During Thanksgiv- more hours each session ing break, teams went to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and N e w Jer- They use their dramatic presentations of the Gospel to sey. present audiences with their need for salvation, praise, and Approximately 40 students, Where teams once stayed on tour all year, in exchange for a most of them n e w to the King's a closer fellowship with the Lord year's tuition, King's Players Players, m a k e up two separate Jesus. n o w take w e e k e n d trips to teams. Both teams practice churches and schools a few three times a week for two or The group also uses music, T h e King's Players were on the road again this year but not to the extent of other teams, other years.

Members sing solos and duets. With three unique plays and their variety of musical numbers, the King's Players serve the student body (they performed during Fine Arts Appreciation W e e k ) and the community. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Christina Wingfield

King's Players (Left:) (Seated, left to right) Brenda Hobert and Leslie Heinbuch (middle) Kelly Bushey, Rick Birkey, Greg Hartman, Jim Carpenter, Melanie Whitman, Charlene Loveday, and Brian Miller (back row, clockwise) Tim Haines, John Handley, Christine Parton, Donna Burkhart, Ross Hayduk, Russ Hall, Kolin Lawler. Gary Angstadt, Mandy Barnett, and Heather Crouch. King's Players (Opposite page) (bottom, left to right) Kimberly Easton, D a w n Gray, Melissa Moon, Melanie Moon. Denise Lance, Sally Williams, Carlo Powell, Carter Gordon. Beth Kern, (top, left to right) Jeff Buchholz. W a y n e Gray. Saul Hernandez. Jeff Moore, Pamela Griffith, and Paul Oetting.

King's Players/151

Team takes Gospel in music, in message to local churches Though it's hard for them to catch their breath in between practicing and traveling, m e m bers of LU's LIGHT team know what their ministries m e a n to others, " W e are like a breath of fresh air to people w e visit and they are like a breath of fresh air to us," Brian W e e d says. " W e have the opportunity to minister to them in music, and they have the opportunity to help us forget the pressures of school." But according to Marsha Herrera, "Seeing people shedding tears and coming to know the Lord is what m a k e s it worth while. Knowing h o w lives are

touched through the message and song is exciting to see." Spending an hour and a half warming up and setting up equipment before a church service starts takes only a small part of the team's time. " W e practice four or more hours a week; and if we're not traveling, w e rehearse another four hours on the weekends," Greg Boone, music director of LIGHT, says. "This year, w e have a lot of rehearsal time. W e had to b e back at school August 15 so w e could rehearse for our n e w program. We're planning to record an album, called, "People Need

the Lord'." Yet to Jon Hatt putting into practice what he's learned at school gives him a chance to minister. "So m a n y people here at school learn, but they don't go out and share what they have been taught with other people. Through our music, w e have that opportunity." The team returned early from Christmas break in order to travel to Pompano, Fla., where it ministered in a church. Next summer the team will take its ministry to Africa and Brazil. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Latisa Snead

LIGHT SINGERS of 1985-86 school year: (Front row, left to right) Theis, Vangie Long. Trade McDonald, Mike Tait, Cathy Kiser, Eric Greg Boone, Marsha Herrera, Joy Jacobs, Troy Boone, Dana Boutieller, Jeff Lancaster. (Back row, left to right) Tim Evans, Asako Norman. (Second row, left to right) Jon Hatt, Sara Lee Soria, Brian Onishi, Tim Leap, Brent Mohl, Carolyn Erickson, W e e d , Nanette Keller, Vangie Davis, (Third row, left to right) Steve

152/Arts and Sciences

^ES^IP^k jaws T Pegram It Ustory Crewe. V A Junior Life verse: Jeremiah 333

Stephanie Penrod Psychology Hobbs, N M Junior Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Stevens

Arthur- W. Peterman 111 Accounting Atroona, P A Junior Life verse: Philippians 13:13-14

Becky L. Peterson Drama Orlando, FL Junior Life verse: Philippians 1:6

Edward J. Pilachowski Psychology Dearborn Heights, Ml Junior Life verse: Ephesians 1:7

Dwight Poggemiller History Rustburg, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Poggemiller

Lisa D. Potts Psychology Ports, V A Junior Life verse: Psalm 27:14

Susan E. Roggs Mathematics Education Cincinnati, O H Junior Life verse. Psalm 42:1

Carta F. Powell Drama Ruckersvill, V A Junior Lite verse: I Corinthians 2:5

Corona Price Psychology Brunswick, G A Junior Life verse: Luke 6:35

Monique Nicole Racey Fashion Merchandising/ Business Admin. Winchester, V A Junior Life verse: John 14:3

Carta Ramsey Psychology Leesburg, FL Junior Life verse: Psalm 55:6-7

Jan K. Rogers Drama Hinton, W V Junior Life verse: Isaiah 41:10

Jeff Rogers Physical Education P o m p a n o Beach, FL Junior Life verse: II Timothy 2:15

fody Rudolph Cursing ynchburg, V A Onkx ife verse: Psalm 127

Brian Runk Psychology Chambersburg, P A Junior Life verse: Philippians

Gregg A. Salsi C o m p u t e r Science Finleyville, P A Junior Life verse: Isaiah 41:10

Amy Seagle Psychology Havre d e Grace, M D Junior Life verse: Proverbs

Carol Shaw Nursing W . Brookfleld, M A Junior Life verse: Proverbs 3;



Mary Jo Sisler H u m a n Ecology Lynchburg, V A Junior Life verse: Psalm 27:14


fseph L R Smith 'jac Performance nchburg. V A ntor rvorlte Teacher Slddons

nffto rovfor

J* ' Jthgate. Ml r .or leoe Acttvtty :he»tra

Jane Slusher Music Education Elyria. O H Junior Favorite Course: Health

Shelley Spadafore Music Education Orlando, FL Junor College Activities: C h a m b e r Choir

Allison Stdrk Mathematics Eureka, IL Junior Life Verse: Phil. 2:15,16

Bridn Steinbruegge Engineering Sykesville. M D Junior Favorite Course Calculus

Lisa Stephen&n Biology — PreDenistry San Diego, C A Junior Favorite Course: Christian W o m e n of America

Olin Strader History Monticello, IN Junior College Activity: UGHT

Jaime Strohecker Psychology Hamsburg, P A Junior Life Verse Eph. 3:5-6

CvnrrVa Totey H u m a n Ecology Erwtn. TN

Richard Toco fvtcrfh Ctarks Summit. P A Junior C o l e g e Acttvtty Tutoring

Marie Uti Biology Jackson. M Junior Life verse Jeremiah 2911

Dovfd Valente Biology hickory Hfc. 1 Junor Vocational Goal Dental School

Holy Wagner Human Ecology Smrthsburg. Maryland Jurtor U e Verse I Cor 5 17

Manon Wardnck Psychology Richmond. V A Junior C o l e g e Activity Soccer

I, ,r

I>L j


Favorite Teacher B a n e rvBer

Nursing club studies ethical practice issues Nursing Club met monthly to plan community welfare projects as well as social events for nursing majors on campus. President Debra Barley led a cabinet composed of Shawn Adrian, vice president; Linda Richert, secretary; and Debbie Lemanski, treasurer. Consuelo Bruno headed the

154/Arts and Sciences

fund raising committee and Lyn Powell, the activities committee. M e m b e r s took part in the school's Science a n d Art W e e k , planned a Christmas party, and held panel discussions in nursing ethics and education. Other members included Eri-

ka B e u k e m a , Becky Bridge, A m y Eggleton, Victoria Funkhouser, Lisa Hahn, Linda Ramsey, Carol Shaw, Lauren Shipferling, Hila Spear, Tina Stewart Denise Thorn, Mariel Wilson, and Donna Witmer. Dr. Eleanor Treece, chairman of the department of nursing, was advisor.

Terry Watson Math Milvoy, IN Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Wooldridge

Michelle Weisner Biology Education St. Clair, Ml Junior College Activity: Prayer Leader

Suzanne Welshans Math Education Jersey Shore, PA Junior College Activity: K a p p a Delta Pi

Starla Whiteman Social Psychology Denver, Colorado Junior Favorite Course: Abnormal Psychology

Sharon Wiedmann Psychology Ann Arbor, Ml Junior College Actlvrty: Cheerleading

Elsie Anderson Computers Pago Pago, American S a m o a Sophomore Favorite Course: Math

Stephanie J. Allbrltton Becky Baltzly Psychology Psychology Tallahassee, FL Massillon, O H Sophomore Sophomore Favorite Teacher: College Activities: Dr. Captain Youth Quest

Stacey L. Baronner Music Education Hollldaysburg, PA Sophomore Life Verse: Prov. 3:5-6

Donna Berry Nursing Bland, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr Treece

The 1985-86 Nursing Club members (Front row, left to right) Cherie Roberts, Lemanski, Mike Parker, Donna Witmer, Colleen Snyder, A m y Eggleton, Hila Consuelo Bruno, Tracy Dunnivan, Linda Ramsey, Phatsalinh Opraseuth, Lin- Spear, Debbie Barley. The club representatives are: Linda Richert, secred a Richert, Mariel Wilson, (Back row, left to right) Shawn Adrian, Debra tary; and Debbie Barley, president.

Andrea Williams Fashion Merchandising Gloucester, V A Junior Favorite Course History

Aaron Willis Math Education Pensacoia. FL Junior Life verse Ps 27:1-4

Cheryl Wisseman Psychology â&#x20AC;&#x201D; H u m a n Development Hartly, Delaware Junior Favorite Course: Adolescent Psychology

Stephanie Blanch Mathematics itamtvte. M D Sophomore Vocational Goal Secondary Education

Tm Boggs Psychology Sarasota. FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher Mr Towies

Jay Bridge Math Monessen. PA Sophomore Favortte Course Computer Science

Mark Wooiey Sacred Music TitusviHe, FL Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Siddons

Kim A c o m b H u m a n Ecology Dansville, N e w York Sophomore College Activity: Band


Angela Byrd Psychology Brown Summit. N C Sophomore H o m e Church Lebanon Baptist

Math Education Las Vegas. N e v a d a Sophomore

Nursing Club/155

Lindd Castor Psychology Falrland, IN Sophomore Life Verse: Psalm 17:15b

Sonya Chilton Human Ecology Eden, N.C. Sophomore College Activity: Single Purpose

JoAnn Chrysanthus Psychology Parma, O H Sophomore Vocational Soal: Counselor

Daniel Cole Sociology Buena Vista. V A Sophomore College Activity: Football

Missy Cooper Social Sciences Education Lilburn, G A Sophomore Life Verse: I Timothy 4:12

Chris digger Music Education Fassaway, W V Sophomore

Heather Crouch Drama Greensboro, N C Sophomore Favorite Course: Drama

Lisa Crowe Biology Swannanoa, N C Sophomore College Activity: Athletic Trainer

Susan M. Daniel Undecided Jacksonville, FL Sophomore Favorite Course: English

David Dheel Philosophy Sophia, W V Sophomore Vocational Goal: College Professor

John Eaves Math Chesterfield. V A Sophomore College Activities: Spanish Club

Patrick Eggleton Moth Education Apollo Beach, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dean Brewer

Danette Emerson Business Clothing/ Textiles Newport News, V A Sophomore Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Cynthia Frazier Psychology Fairfax, V A Sophomore H o m e Church: Faith Bible Church

Many Gamenthaler Biology Punta Gorda, FL Sophomore Life Verse: John 14:13

Mark Garver Psychology Elkton, M D Sophomore College Activity: Intramural Football

Anna Coppock Psychology Sarasota, FL Sophomore Life Verse: James 1:19

Robin Courts Psychology Crosslake, M N Sophomore Life Verse: Isaiah 41:10

Dan Davey Social Applied Psychology Jeddo, Michigan Sophomore College Activity: Hockey

Cheryl Davis Fashion Merchandising Steeling Park, V A Sophomore Saved at LBC during College For a Weekend

Robyn DeVaul Nursing Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Roy Locy

Robin Fero Psychology Painted Post, N Y Sophomore Vocational Goal: Counseling

Margaret Fitzwater Psychology Brandywine, M D Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sloan

Janice Foster Psycholocy/ Sociology Waco, TX Sophomore Vocational Goal: Social Worker

Eric Goodman Music Sidney, Australia Sophomore Life verse: Phil 3:1314

Andrea Goodwin Biology Brookreal, V A Sophomore H o m e Church: Maranatha Baptist

Tracy Graham Mathematics Pasadena, M D Sophomore College Activity: S G A Senator

Jeff Graven Biology Augusta, G A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Wooldrldge

Patty Graver Music Grand Junction, C O Sophomore Life Verse: I John 1:7

Sharon Hull Food Service Management Albuquerque, N M Sophomore Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

David Jackson Biology/Chemistry Franklin. O H Sophomore Favorite Course: Creation Studies

Zoe Quay Jennings Business/Psychology Madison Heights, VA Sophomore Life verse: Proverbs 3:



Arts and Sciences Spotlight r h e training of actors and playwrights is only one of Stephen W e d a n ' s concerns. He also has a dream of being able to contribute to a n e w renaissance toward G o d where the power of Christian drama in the church m a y be realized. Mr. W e d a n believes the gospel can be given through Christian plays as a form of modern parable. "Since I have been here at Liberty, I have seen a greater acceptance of drama and theater as a ministry," he says. He is pleased with the diversi-

Mr. Steve Wedan fied talent of students already enrolled in the drama department but he is still looking forward. "My point of view toward the future is an expansion of what w e do, not just more of what w e already do. The potential power of Christian drama is not realized. I wish to tap that power." Although his schedule is heavy with directing, teaching theater and acting classes as well as being more active in writing and performing, Mr. W e dan enjoys it. He has written about a dozen one-act plays

and three full-length plays, including "Slow Burn," which has been performed here at Liberty. "I'm proud of what I have directed here at Liberty, but m y greatest energy goes into m y o w n plays. " W e need to begin to create a body of performers and writers w h o will shake the world. I believe that growth as an actor will c o m e about when you grow as a person as well as as a Christian. And that growth c o m e s straight from the gospel." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Larry Humphreys

Philosophers understand the issues

T h e Philosophy club intends to b e c o m e a standard of academic excellence for Liberty University and its students, according to Dr. Terry Miethe, professor of philosophy. Miethe, also faculty advisor for the Philosophy Club, said that Christians need to b e involved in philosophy to understand the world around them. Without philosophy it is impossible to understand the issues.

nize as a branch of the National Philosophy Honor Society strives to learn about the discipline of philosophy and its importance to the Christian by debating ethical issues.

The debating format includes three meetings each month. In the first of these meetings the members choose an issue and debate it as it pertains to the Christian. In the second meeting the club discusses the s a m e isThe club which intends to orga-sue and its implications both for

158/Arts and Sciences

the Christian and the non-Christian. In the last monthly meeting there is a panel discussion on the topic and its importance to the Christian. "We want to make an impact" Miethe said "At Liberty, the Philosophy club's main emphasis is thinking. Hopefully the club will have an impact on the Christian and the world view." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sheryl Miers

Samuel Johnson Blology-Pre-Med Ghana, West Africa Sophomore Favorite Course: Vertebrate Zoology

Sharon Jerome Undecided Ft. Washington, M D Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Kim Lair Math Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Life Verse: 1 John

Clifford Lambert Music Education Canton, Ml Sophomore Life verse: Matthew 5:16

Terra Lance Fashion Merchandising Taylors, S C Sophomore Favorite Course: Old Testament Survey

Emily Grace Moore H u m a n Ecology Memphis, TN Sophomore

Glna Moore History Coeur d' Alene. Idaho Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Denise Nantz Psychology Lexington, N C Sophomore Favorite Course: Social Psychology

Beverly Nath Rampersad Sacred Music Trinidad, West Indies Sophomore Favorite Chourse: Piano

Martin Offield Biology Crowley, TX Sophomore College Activity: Lab Technician

Jon Ohlhauser Math Carbony, Alberta, Canada Sophomore Vocatonal Goal: Administrator in Christian School

Virginia Pace Music Education Miami, FL Sophomore Favorite Course: Music Theory

Christine Parton Drama Burlington, N C Sophomore College Activities: Kings Players

Jim Partridge Math Alden, N e w York Sophomore Favorite Course Computer Class

Kathy Pate Psychology Lynchburg. V A Sophomore College Activity; Circle K

Linda J. Peirce Food Service Management Norton, M A Sophomore Favorite Course Food 8t Culture

xDorothy Penick Food Service M a n a g e m e n t / Fashion Merchandising Porto Alegre, Brazil Sophomore Favorite Teacher Dr. Krol

Dianne Penner Psychology Fairbury, NE Sophomore Favorite Course: Band

Davonna Piearcy Music Education Midland, TX Sophomore College Activities: Evangelistic Team

Sandi Porter Psychology Sophomore Dayton, Ohio College Activity: Chamber Choir

Robert Robida Biology Nitro, West Virginia Sophomore Favorite Course H u m a n Anatomy

RonRuud Ecology. Biology Wayzata. M N Sophomore Colege Acttvtty Hockey

RKk Scrtes Psychology â&#x20AC;&#x201D; CWcoJ Myerstown. PA Sophomore Favorite Course

B e n Schoon Psychology Crown Pont. IN Sophomore Ute verse Prov 3 5.6

Ashley Setars H u m a n Ecology Denver. Colorado Sophomore Favorite Course ntenor Design

Becky Shannon Pre-nursng Bend, O R Sophomore Life verse Galaltons 2 20

Chohene Sheppard Drama & Psychology St Johns. Nfld. Canada Sophomore Favorite Course Actng


Shawn Johnson Dietetics Hampton, V A Sophomre Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

Kelly Kasten Psychology Fontana, C A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Miller

DeAnn Kelley Musical Performance Morris, O K Sophomore Life Verse: Phil. 4:13

Sarah Knight English Tyler, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Travers

Debby Kozak Biology Gillett, Wl Sophomore Life verse; Philippians 1:10

Timothy Kunsman Psychology Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sophomore Favorite Couse: Personality

James Marcy Psychology Centreville, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Youth Ministries

Terri Martin Psychology Shreveport, LA Sophomore Life verse: Philippians 3:10

Jim McLaughlin Electrical Engineering Seattle. W A Sophomore Favorite Course: Weight Training

Stephen Mitchell Computer Science & Philosophy Fair Lawn. NJ Sophomore College Activity: Motorcycle Club

Wendy Montross Mathematics Drayton Plans. Ml Sophomore Life verse: Romans 8:28

?ÂŁE2 Melody Seevers Psychology WBamsport, PA Sophomore W e verse Job 11 1319

Melody Smth H o m e Economics Charlotte. N C Sophomore Colege Activity Prayer Leader

Philosophy Club/159

Patricia Solomon Accounting Canal Winchester, Ohio Sophomore Life verse: I Cor. 6:19-20

Francisco Sosa Math N e w York, N Y Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sloan

JeffR. Stanley Computer Science Summerhill, PA Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Jama Stophel Psychology Chattanooga, TN Sophomore College Activity: Flag Corps

Edward Tetteh Computer Science G h a n a , West Africa Sophomore College Activity: Soccer

Susan Thompson Soci/Anth Buffalo, N Y Sophomore Favorite Course: Painting I

Cynthia Tuller Nursing Newfield, NJ Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sherman

Miriam Valley Psychology Spartanburg, SC Sophomore Favorite Course: Marriage and Family

Melanie Williams Psychology Columbia, S C Sophomore Favorite Course: Psychology

Brad Wilson Psychology Midland, TX Sophomore Favorite Course: Psychology

Gary Wilcox Math Elkhart, IN Sophomore College Activity: Tennis

David J. Willhite Mathematics Newark, Delaware Sophomore Favorite Course: Math 132

Ruth Wooley Biology Titusville, FL Sophomore Favorite Course: Chemistry

Tammara Yarck Biology St. Louis, Mlssiourl Sophomore Favorite Course: Athletic Training

Minodora Zanakis Biology Benton. KY Sophomore Ltfe verse: R o m a n s 8:28

Susan Abraham Biology Elizabeth, NJ Freshman Favorite Course Biology

160/Arts and Sciences

PAT's sponsor lectures

P h i Alpha Theta is an international honor society dedicated to recognizing and encouraging excellence in the study of history. It was organized at the University of Arkansas on M a y 17,1921. Liberty's chapter, Alpha Alpha lota, was founded in 1982, and is one of 600 such groups of history enthusiasts nationwide.

We currently have 45 active members, including 11 faculty, 5 alumni and 29 undergraduates, 20 of w h o m were inducted in two ceremonies in September and February. In March of 1985, Jeff Stone and Mario Tizziani represented Liberty by reading papers at a regional meeting hosted by the College of William and Mary. At "PF '85" — Picnic Frivolity '85 — held at Peaksview Park on April 27, 1985, the following officers were elected for the 1985-86 a c a d e m i c year; President, Chuck Crosby; vice president, Susan Schnitker;

i Satem. V A 1 Dr Browne

David Walworth Mathematics Glendale. AZ Sophomore Favorite Course Calculus

Scott Walters Biology Hershey, PA Sophomore Life verse: Rom. 12:12

Marsha Weaver Psychology Ft. Wayne. IN Sophomore Life verse: Ecc. 3:14

Brian Weed Vocal Performance Orlando, FL Sophomore College Activity LIGHT Ministries

Vanessa A&cns Psychology AdcJson. I Freshman Favorite Teocher Ms BoJey

Jessica Andrews Psychology Fondo. N Y Fieshman Vocational Goo) Chid Psychologist

Beth Arrowood Nursng Enka. N C Freshman Favorite Course Anatomy/Physiology

Debra Atknson Undeclared Ravenswood. W V A Freshman Favorite Teacher Dr Towns


Chenyte Ader i MUSIC . Marsete. France ^Freshman ] Favorite course Sign , Language

treasurer, Barb Perry; secretary, Troy Titus; historian, Lowell Sowry. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Patterson opened their h o m e for a video party in October. As a service activity, ten Phi Alpha Thetans assisted the Lynchburg chapter of the American Association of University W o m e n (of which Mrs. Boyd Rist w a s book sale chairman) with its book sale. Second semester the club sponsored a lecture series entitled, "Varieties of Historical Experience," featuring the following speakers: Dr. Richard Patterson, "Epic Motif in the Ancient World and in the Old Testament;" Dr. Alexander, visiting lecturer at R.M.W.C. on a topic in British history; Dr. Boyd Rist, "The Agony and the Ecstacy: S o m e Observations on the Pursuit of the PH.D." and Lee Bruckner, "Study and Travel in Mainland China." — Dr. Mark Steinhoff

Barbara Whitaker Fashion Merchandizing Richmond. V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher; Dr Babcock

Lisa White Psychology Stephens City. V A Sophomore Life verse Romans 12 1

Trina Whrteman Psychology Denver, C O Sophomore Life verse Phil. 2 4

Joy Barmger

BethBasham Pre-Med Summersvie. W V Freshman Vocational Goal Physician's Assistant

Knsti Lyme Beasley Math Bedford. VA Freshman Ute Verse Phtppans

Bciogv Natural Bridge Station. V A Freshman Favorite Course Old Testament Survey

4 13

Phi Alpha Theta/161






Chrissie Belden Psychology Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocational Goal: To work with troubled children

Pamela Bell Math Buchanan, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sloan

Christine Blehm Music Education LaSalle, C O Freshman H o m e Church: Greeley Baptist Temple

Justin Boesch Pre-Med East Greenwich, Rl Freshman Vocational G o a : To b e a chiropractor

Shad Boien Undecided Floyd, V A Freshman Life Verse; Ecclesiastes 3:1

Greg Bond Undecided Purcellville, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Snyder

Lance Randall Byrd Biology Lebanon, IN Freshman H o m e Church; Mt. Runn Regular Baptist

Robert Cannon Biology Plymouth, Ml Freshman Life Verse: Matthew 6:21

Sharon Canterbury Math Charleston, W V Freshman Favorite Course: English 102

James Chapman

Haoyung Chlen Math San Jose, C A Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e an engineer

Richard Clenden Pre-Med Sylvester, W V Freshman Favorite Course: Christian Growth

162/Arts and Sciences

Sacred Music Hagerstown, M D Freshman College Activities: Concert Choir

Aimee Bowdoin Pre-Med Parksley, V A Freshman H o m e Church: Guilford United Methodist

Maria Coello Music Performance Hialeah. FL Freshman Vocational Goal: To be a professional gospel singer

Annette Branton Biology Dallas, TX Freshman Life Verse; Philippians 4:13

Andy Combs Undecided Ventura. C A Freshman Favorite Course Aviation

Alpha Psi O m e g a honors LU dramatists Alpha Psi O m e g a is an organization for all those interested in d r a m a and theatre productions. Alpha Psi originated at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston III. and has an estimated 45,000 members. The c a m p u s chapter held four meetings this year and held a drama reception in April. President Becky Peterson said she would also like to plan trips to Washington to see plays and hold a symposium where professional actors could c o m e and give a presentation for the

w h o maintains a G P A of 2.0 and w h o has earned a total of 50 points m a y be considered eligiClassified as a National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, Alpha ble for membership. Points are Psi O m e g a was formed to pro- determined by involvement vide an honor society for those such as a role in a play, working doing high standards of work in with the stage crew, costume the theatre, to stimulate inter- crew, make-up, sound crew est and enthusiasm for colleges and general stage work. A stuand universities in general and dent can also gain points by to provide its members with other types of work involving professional fellowship with play productions. A $10 m e m other Alpha Psi O m e g a casts bership fee includes a lifetime membership to Alpha Psi O m e across the country. ga, a membership card and a A regularly enrolled student certificate. students and members.

Alpha Psi O m e g a members (left) include (seated) Jan Rogers, Becky Peterson, Peggy Mclvor, and Mrs. Sharon Wheeler; (standing) Paul Oetting and Ruth Dentel. Officers (above) are Jan Rogers, (vice president), Becky Peterson (president), and Peggy Mclvor (secretary-treasurer). Not pictured are Kelly Bushey, Mike Klefeker, Tracy Martin, Martika Parsons, Joel Stirewalt and Leslie Heinbuch.

> : â&#x20AC;˘

TinaBreth Psychology Grampian, PA Freshman Vocational Goal To become a counselor

Steven Coney Undecided Peebles. O H Favorite Teacher Dr Undson

Andrew Brown Biology Columbus, OH Freshman Vocational Goal To be an optometrist

Shem Cook Human Ecology Ridgeiey. W V Freshman Life Verse Joshua 1 8

Cheryl Bruce Math Education Washington. D C Freshman Favorite Course English 102

Consuelo Bruno Pre-Nursing Dorado, PR Freshman Life Verse Psalm 37 4

Travis Buffenbarger History Ft. Lauderdale, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: to teach or work for the government

Michelle Burkert Music Brownsburg, IN Freshman Home Church Bethesda Baptist

David Burris Psychology Decatur, IL Freshman Life Verse Phflippians 4:13

Joando LaDown Cooper Human Ecology Concord. NC Freshman Colege Activities SttAClub

Deborah Coney Counseing Bowie. M D Freshman Favorite Teacher Dr Towns

EtsaCox Fashion Merchondisrig Jacksonvie. FL Freshman Life Verse Phippians

Pamela Crawford Muse Bryantown. M D Freshman Favorite Course Music Theory

Scott Crosby Pre-Med Montoursvie. PA Freshman Vocational Goal To become a medcal doctor

3 13 & 14

Kelly Butler Music Education Glen Mills, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher Dr. Hindson

Chnstne Cunrmgham Human Ecology Montgomery Creek.

CA Freshman Home Church North Valey Baptist

Alpha Psi O m e g a / 1 6 3

Michelle Cunningham Music Education Marietta, O H Freshman Favorite Course: Music

David Dalton Music Education Rainelle, W V Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Matthes

Melissa Damon Sanford, M E Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e a Math Teacher

Steven Dougherty Psychology Red Lion, PA Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e a Counselor

Anna Davis Math Education Hagerstown, M D Freshman Life Verse: Romans 8:28

Jacquelyne Davis Nursing North East, M D Freshman H o m e Church: Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church

Kimberly Davis Biology Roanoke, V A Freshman H o m e Church: N e w Testament Baptist

Janet DeWitt Pre-Med Grand Haven, Ml Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e c o m e a Missionary Doctor in South America

Karen Dobson Music Education Fruitland Pk., FL Freshman College Activities: Concert Choir

Tom Doehrer Psychology Finksburg, M D Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Karen Downey Pre-Nursing Goodview, V A Freshman Life Verse: II Timothy 2:15

Tracy Dunnivan Pre-Nursing Owings, M D Freshman Favorite Course: Christian Growth

Harold Earls III Undecided Baker, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher; Dr.

Amy Jo Eggleton Nursing Apollo Beach, FL Freshman H o m e Church: First Baptist Church Apollo Beach

Crystal Elizondo Psychology Pensacola, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sherman

Marian Filer Fashion Merchandising Monroeville, NJ Freshman Salvation Experience: Saved at c a m p Halawasa

Tina Ellis H u m a n Ecology Sudlersville, M D Freshman Life Verse: John 16:33

Melissa Elmore Undecided San Diego, C A Freshman H o m e Church: Scott Memorial Baptist Church

Veronica Faith Fashion Merchandising Chester Springs, PA Freshman Life Verse: Psalm 37:4

Bryan Farnham Math Richmond, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher; Mr. Loven

Keith Felix Pre-Med Rochester, NY Freshman Vocational Goal: To become a Chiropractor

Richard Field Computer Science Salem, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Computer Programming

Toni Lynn Floyd Fashion Merchandising La Palma, C A Freshman College Activities: Track and Black Fellowship

Jerry Foster Computer Science Three Rivers, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Michael Francis Psychology Miami, FL Freshman Life Verse: I Peter 5:7

Michael Franks Vocal Performance Ouiedo, FL Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Andrew Freeland Math Christiansberg, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Chemistry

Karen Freeman Psychology Upper Marlboro, M D Freshman College Activities: Psychology Club

Sherri Garlock Undecided Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. C o m b e e

David Garratt Pre-Med Suffolk, VA Freshman Vocational Goal: To become an Orthopedic Surgeon

Lisa Garza Fashion Design Lorton, V A Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Joel Gay Sacred Music Sarasota, FL Freshman College Activities: Concert Choir

Patrick Gerdin Undecided N e w York Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

Greg Goolsby Food Service Management Hillsboro, O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sherman

Jon Grayson Psychology Greensburg, PA Freshman Life Verse: I Timothy 3:15

Jeanette Green Psychology Warren, Ml Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 3:5 & 6

Debra Kay Greenwood History Education Albuquerque, N M Freshman College Activities; Marching Band

Nicole Greenwood Psychology Albuquerque, N M Freshman Life verse: John 3:16

Lisa Hahn Nursing Ft. Wayne, IN Freshman Life verse; Eph. 4:32

Kathy T. Hd& History Ravenswood, W V Freshman Life verse: John 3:16

164/Arts and Sciences


Pre-Med Honor Society worked in LU's Health Awareness W e e k Even though Liberty has no prem e d major, it does serve students considering m e d school in a number of ways.

Pre-Med Honor Society members, all of w h o m are junior or senior pre-med majors with at least a three-point grade average, have meetings with medical doctors practicing in Lynchburg. O n occasion, they have been invited to watch operations being performed.

Society president Jeannie Falwell and vice-president Elizabeth Dishman joined club m e m bers in helping with first semester's Health Awareness Week. They also helped Dr. G r e g g Albers, one of their advisors, give tests at Health Services.

O n e of the services of the Society is showing members h o w to prepare for Medical College admissions tests. Special speakers at meetings include Liberty alumni w h o are n o w enrolled in medical schools across the country.

Dr. Alexander Varkey, pre-med advisor for the science depart- â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dave Dental and T a m m y Leytham ment, also served as one of the organization's several faculty advisors.

Pre-Med Honor Society (Front row, from left) Diane Anderson, Jeannie Falwell, Varkey. Paul Savas, Neil Gambill. Shaton Ott. Not pictured Elizabeth Dishman, Teresa Johnson (Back row) Todd Gensler. Samuel Johnson. Dr Alexander Sharon Fink and Dr Gregg Albers.


Psychology club visits local clinics U n d e r the leadership of President Scott Mayson, the two-year-old psychology club worked toward two goals as the club exceeded 100 m e m b e r s during the 1985-86 year. First, the leaders sought to increase student involvement in the club. Secondly, the leaders hoped to build an organization run by the students for the students. Speakers at monthly meetings included Drs. Philip Captain and David Miller, as well as a faculty forum that discussed the

integration of psychology and theology. Dr. Dave Peterson, a Christian consultant from Roanoke, V a â&#x20AC;&#x17E; was a m o n g the speakers to visit Liberty. In addition, the club visited local agencies, offering practical education not always found in the classroom. At the first club banquet in April, officers for the 1986-87 year were n a m e d and awards to outstanding members of the club were presented. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Randy Hall

Kristi Hall Biology Scottdale. PA Freshman Vocational Goal: Biology teacher

Beth Hargroves Math Education Virginia Beach, V A Freshman Ltfe verse: Romans 8:28

Krisfie Harmon Pre-Med Harlem, G A Freshman Life verse: Jer. 33:3

Cheryl L. Harvey Math Depew, NY Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 3:5

Ross M. Hayduk Drama/Business Admn Harrisonburg. VA Freshman Vocational Goal: Theatre Management

Susan Hemenway Music Education Virginia Beach, V A Freshman Life verse: Philipians 4:13

Susan A. Hemdon Music Appreciation Phoenix, A Z Freshman Life verse: Philippians 1:20

Tern Hesson Pre-Med Statesville, N C Freshman Vocational Goal: Pharmacy

Michael Hulsey Accounting Fair Oaks, C A Freshman Life verse: James 1:2-3

Pamela A. Hurt Drama Port Huron, Ml Freshman Life verse: Philippians

Ramiro James Music Phoenix, A Z Freshman Life verse: Philippians

Karen L. Johnson Psychology Pulaski, VA Freshman Life verse: Psalm 23

Chris Johnston Biology Winston-Salem, N C Freshman Life verse: Philippiar 4:13

Rachael Kelly Biology St. Augstine, FL Freshman Life verse: Psalm 33:3


David W. Irvin Engineering Anchorage, AK Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Kerry L Kennedy Music Aztec, N M Freshman Life verse: Psalm 138:1

Lara L Leonard Music Educatin Blountville, TN Freshman Life verse: I John 2:29

Bonnie Lewis Psychology Vilonia, A R Freshman Ltfe verse: Galatians

William A. Loettert Mathematics Pittsburgh, PA Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Heather M. Loghry Vocal, Music Performance North Scituate, Rl Freshman Life verse: Psalm 139 9 8r 10

Kevin Love Mathematics Jefferson, G A Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Katherine R. Lowe Psychology Skowhegan, M E Freshman Life verse: Psalm 119

Melissa Lowry Undecided Lynchburg, V A Freshman Life verse: Isaish 43:2

Andrea Susan Lee Biology Columbia, S C Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

166/Arts and Sciences



Julie Hicks Psychology Spartanburg, S C Freshman Life verse: Psalm 116

Danielle L. Hilgers Pre-Med Mt. Prospect, IL Freshman Life verse: Psalm 27:13

David Hill Psychology Miami, FL Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 3:5 & 6

Gillian D. Holladay Fashion Merchandising England Freshman Life verse: Psalm 91:2

Greg Holley Biology Rocky Mount. V A Freshman Life verse: James 4:7

Beth Hopkins Fashion Merchandising Thaxton, V A Freshman Life verse: Philippians 3:13

Kimberly S Hopkins Undecided Otsego, Ml Freshman

Wendi Horner Psychology Lee's Summit, M O Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Towles

Rob Kennedy Math PortvlOe, NY Freshman Life verse Romans

Heather Khzer Music Performance Modesto, C A Freshman Life verse: Zechahah


Kelly Koch Fashion Merchandising Reading, PA Freshman Life verse: Proverbs

Michael Koller Mathematics Beachwood, NJ Freshman Life verse Romans


Patricia Knight Nursing Chesapeake, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Physical Education

Tracey Kortz Psychology Vicksburg, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher Mrs Sherman

Jacqueline Landry Nursing Gretna, LA Freshman Life verse: I Samuel 12:24

Susan Lauver Fashion Merchandising Orlando. FL Freshman Life verse: Psalm 73:17

Dan C Miter PoitcoJ Science Greensboro. N C Freshman Ufe verse Phippians 4 13

Carrie Mrtchel Accountng Lake Artel. PA Freshman Ufe verse I Peter 3 15

Wendy MoUey Business Aamnotration Ruskn. FL Freshman Life verse I John 1 9

12: 1 & 2


Goliad fashion Merchancfcing Del M a . CA Freshman | Life verse Psam 28 7

Douglas J Mcintosh Accounting Leominster. M A Freshman Ufe verse Proverbs

18 10

Robert D Melen Computer Science W*amslown NJ Freshman Ufe verse Phtppians 4 13

Kathi Ann Meserve Secretarial Science Bowdon. ME Freshman Ufe verse Psalm 18 3

Beth Metzger Busness Administration W i d w o o d Crest. NJ Freshman Ufe verse Ephesians 2 8.9

Psychology Club/167

Melody Mohler Secretarial Science Ripon, C A Freshman Life verse: Romans 8:28

Stephanie Mongan Business Administration Martland, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Levitt

April Montgomery Accounting Deer Park, TX Freshman Life verse: Psalm 7:17

Alison Moore Political Science Apalachin, N Y Freshman Life verse: Ephesians 3:14-21

Amy Ness Criminal Justice Madison, Wl Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 26:3

Michael New Business Administration Pelham, N C Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Amy Newson Business Administration Miami, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hubele

Alice Nicholas Pre-Law Cresaptown, M D Freshman Life verse: Psalm 37:4,5

Caprie Meahaei Ortega Psychology San Antonio, TX Freshman Life verse: Psalm 17:15

Lisa Ours Accounting Syracuse, N Y Freshman Favorite Course: Math

Melody Overton Accounting Concord, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Algebra

Ronald Owen Hagh Springs, TX Freshman Life verse: John 15:13

Lisa Owens Pre-taw Godview, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Kramer

Babbie Owsley Counseling Clearwater, FL Freshman Life verse: I John 4:4

Mark Pace Business Administration Miami, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Daniels

Belinda Padgett Biology Appomattox, V A Freshman Life verse: I Tim. 4:12

^m\ iWfmmm\m'

ST Darla Phillips Pre-Law Madison, IN Freshman Vocational Goal: Lawyer


Troy Pierce Undecided Madison, N Y Freshman Life verse: Psalm 37:5

Janet Pierpoint Psychology Pine Valley, C A Freshman

Gary S. Porter History Education Louisville, KY Freshman Life verse: Psalm 3:3

Bryan Preble Undeclared Millertown, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Joy Prultt Drama Easley. S C Freshman College Activity: Softball

Lenna Pryor Undeclared Amarillo, TX Freshman College Activity Concert Choir

Tina Phillips Business Administration Tulsa, O K Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:4


•P?J W^f Jeff Pope Business Administration Chattanooga, TN Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Lisa Pridgen Pre-Law Comer, CT Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

m Casey Porte Math Seattle, W A Freshman

Kevin Lee Priest Political Science Schwenksville, PA Freshman College Activities: ROTC

168/Arts and Sciences

liJti* Jonathan Nixon Political Science Sewickley, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr Curtis

Joel Noell Political Science Tokyo, Japan Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Kroll

Bill Norman Finance/Accounting Atlanta, G A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Steinhoff

Krisy O'Brien Psychology Maple Valley, W A Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

Darren O'Donnell Counseling Cincinnati, O H Freshman Life verse: 1 Cor. 10:13

Christine Okes Business-Personnel/ H u m a n Resources Kennesaw. G A Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Darlene Olsen Accounting N e w Port Richey, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

Phatsalinh Opraseuth Nursing Nashville. TN Freshman Life verse: I Thess, 5:18

Paul R Pantzer Accounting Baltimore, M D Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

George Park Political Science Fresno, C A Freshman Vocational Goal: Professor

Su Yong Park Business Administration Sharon, M A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p

Kimberlee Patterson Accounting Casper, W Y Freshman Life verse: Philippians

Anne Pearson Freshman Life verse: I Cor 10:13

Paul R. Perkins Pre-Law Charleston, W V Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Kroll

Jennifer Peters Fashion Merchandising Cincinnati, OH Freshman Life verse: Gal. 2:20

Miriam Pfister Secretarial Science Rochester, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Daniels


R O T C offers students prestige, aid, and a job on graduation O v e r w h e l m i n g response to R O T C training opportunities at LU prompted the government to assign additional Army personnel to teach classes this year. Four students were commissioned at graduation, utilizing cross-enrollment with Lynchburg College and extension opportunities with Washington

and Lee University. LU's military science department wants to achieve host status. This would allow students to take all courses on c a m p u s . H o w e v e r , it would have to assure the Army that it could commission 15 officers each year. Liberty leads universities and colleges in the state of Virginia

in the number of students enrolled in the military program. The department also offers aviation studies to prepare students for professional careers. The University o w n s t w o Cessna 152's and uses ten other aircraft, as well. School officials are considering adding helicopter training to the aviation program.

Cadet First Lieutenant Karl Behrens and Cadet Ernest Hoppe (left, across page) use compass and m a p to chart their w a y through a Virginia wilderness Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Dave Hencke explains (left) the benefits of R O T C to two LU students. Recruits listen (above) as an officer explains the program they've just signed up for.


Sounds of Liberty have a secret

Y o u open your eyes after prayer at church and they are there, assembled on stage. You roll out of bed and stumble to chapel, they are there. At h o m e even, you turn on your television during break. They are there. They m a k e it to all their classes and all 178 weekly services, still looking first-time fresh. W h o ? The Sounds of Liberty.

They not only frequent the on-camera platform at church, but they also perform in a number of behind-the-scenes musical activities as well. After practicing in two-hour sessions three times a week, the Sounds present several local concerts a semester, travel o n c e a month and record three or four demonstration albums a year. But that's the sort of thing the Sounds of Liberty d o every

year. So what w a s unusual about 1985-86? The n e w faces. "Usually, we'll get only one or two n e w singers a year," says Leslie Painter, a senior on the team, "Last year, w e lost seven singers at once to graduation." Five of those were male singers. Is that the secret? Is it just a matter of " n e w - m e n - c l a ture?" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Joella knight

Sounds of Liberty (Front row) Rusty Goodwin, Mike Coker, Jill Lackey, Jane Slusher. (Back row) Steve VanDusen, Leslie Painter, Jill Emerson, Gerald Barker, Julie Jeffries. Lori Foltz. Denise G e h m a n , Steve Burba. Gail Emerson, Tony Norman, Dr. David Randlett (director), Mark Christian, Stephanie Cratch.

Up early and ready to sing, the Sounds of Liberty perform in chapel (far left). Jill Lackey, Tony Norman and Leslie Painter (left) and ladies trio Jill Emerson, Jill Lackey, and Gail Emerson (above) minister in song.

Sounds of Liberty/171

Charles Aaron Racey Business, Marketing Winchester, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Military Science

Kathy Saxer Psychology Buffalo, N Y Freshman College Activity: Powderpuff Football

Diane Rahn H u m a n Ecology Milford, O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Rowlette

Karen Randlett Fashion Merchandising Lynchburg, V A Freshman College Activity: Youth Quest

Robin Schuiling Nursing Coopersville, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Sumrall

Frank Severino Math Gainesville, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: Civil Engineer

Renee Rankin Pre-Law Keyser, W V Freshman Life verse: Johsua 1:8-9

Mechelle Seymour Biology Nassau, Bahamas Freshman Life verse: I Corinthians 13:4

Penny Rasnake Biology Forest Hill, Maryland Freshman Favorite Course: Botany

Denise Ratcliff Pre-Nursing Sherrill's Ford, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Chemistry

Michael Redmdn Sports Medicine Euclid, Ohio Freshman College activity: Wrestling

Falena Reed Finance Odessa, TX Freshman Vocational Goal: Banker

Tamela Shank Drama Elkhart, IN Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Dianna Shelton Music Waldorf, M A Freshman College Activity: Women's Choir

Barbara Shockey Music Performance Manteca, C A Freshman Favorite Course: Music Theory

Caron Simpson Music Education Albuquerque, N M Freshman College Activity: Concert Choir

Gospel choir sings in three states T h e Liberty University Fellowship Gospel Choir started in 1982 w h e n pianist Rodney Allen got a few students together to sing Black gospel music. The group was an immediate

success. It n o w has 50 singers. Concerts have taken the choir to churches in N e w Jersey, Maryland, and North Carolina, Members practice four hours a w e e k and receive Christian Service credit for their efforts.

Al Long serves as president of the choir. Alberta Couthen is director; Robin Griffith, secretary; Thomas Phillips, treasurer; Kathy K e m p , activities secretary; and Greg Lee, chaplain. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ed Stewart

The Liberty Gospel Choir Officers: (Back row, left to right) Tony Williams, president; James Martin, chaplain; Greg Lee, Chaplai Jimmy Haythe, co-director; Thomas Phillips, treasurer. (Front row, left to right) Alberta Couthen, co-director; Robin Griffin, secretary; Kathy K e m p , activities director.

172/Arts and Sciences


Sandra Remey Accounting Middletown. NY Freshman Vocational Goal: CPA

Sabrina Richardson Business Administration Aberdeen, M D Freshman Favorite Teacher: Miss Davidson

Christine Slattery Biology LaPlata, M D Freshman Favorite Course: English

Tracy Richardson Psychology Murfreesboro. TN Freshman Favorite Teacher: Cecil Kramer

Ronald Ridenhour Biology Richmond, V A Freshman Life verse: Psalm 100

Christopher Smith Undecided Orlando, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

Sonya Smeigh Psychology Rex, G A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Cherie Roberts Nursing St. Albans, W V Freshman College Activity: Nursing Club

Doug Smith Sacred Music Princeton, W V Freshman College Activity: Concert Choir

Cynthia Smith Music Performance Waynesboro, V A Freshman College Activity: Youth Quest

Lone Sanger Fashion Merchandising Manchester. PA Freshman College Activity: Marching Band

Richard Sanderson American History Grafton, O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Kroll

David Ross Music LaMoille. IL Freshman Favorite Course: PASCAL

Elizabeth Smith Psychology Wilsonville, AL Freshman Life verse: John 3:16

Colleen J. Snyder Pre-nursing Macungie, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Rhonda Snipes Pre-med Kinston, N C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Larsen

«ur"«fc«w * ,

J 1

. »

1 * 1/^ r ,WL

* *mm)





i •


if \






> - 4


{";:^ ftte^





-V ~


The Liberty Gospel Choir: (Front Row. left to right) Valerie Atkins. Robin Griffin, Margaret King, Thomas Phillips, Jr., James Martin, Derrick Harper, Jerome Knight. Barry Lyons, Janice Foster, Vichelle Hannon, Bridget Bailey. (Middle row. left to right) Cheryl Wilkes, Trish D e w . Patryce Haltiwanger, Ambrose


IU •-i l!








Harris III. Debbie Mignott. Millicent Cook, Mary Stevens. (Back row, left to right) April Sims, Annetta Paraham, Glenda Ashe, Timothy Clayton. Ed Stewart III, Gregory Lee, Roger W Skepple, Delbert Jones, Teresa Hopkins, Jeanette Orchart, Arnitha Faris, Kathy K e m p , Patricia Knight Liberty Gospel Choir/173



Brian Stepp Psychology Rockwell, N C Freshmen College Activity: Tennis

Donna Steuver Nursing Dillsboro, Indiana Freshmen Favorite Course: English

Barb S+evens Math Education Atwater, Ohio Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Towns

Jill Stevens Biology Charleston, W V Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Lucinda Stewart Pre-med Modesto, C A Freshman Vocational Goal: Obstetrics

Tina Stewart Pre-nursing Stone Mtn., G A Freshman Life verse: Phil, 4:13

Eric Stramecky Math Washingtonville, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Aviation

Kevin Ullrich Biology Solon, M E Freshman Life verse: I John 1:9

Larry VanLandingham Psychology Welcome, N C Freshman Life verse: Gal. 2:20

Tracy Wade Pre-Nursing Lithonia, G A Freshman Life verse: Josh 1:9

Kristy Weber Psychology Lisbon, O H Freshman College Activity: Band

Sharon Weindorf Biology Melville, N Y Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Littlejohn

Sheila Werkhoven Undecided Oakdale, Minnesota Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Wayne Whitaker Mathematics Arnoldsville, G A Freshman Life verse: John 20:22

YouthQuest ministers in 25 Atlantic states As one of the three traveling, singing teams at Liberty, YouthQuest's particular sphere of service extends through 25 states up and d o w n the Atlantic coast. It sings at banquets, youth camps, and high school assemblies.

Chris May, a junior and first year m e m b e r says, "Being saved involves reaching people, and these teens are seeking to be reached. I've realized that the young people really look up to us and are influenced by our example."

The group, consisting of 14 Willmington adds, "With every singers and one soundman, church w e visit our aim is to be places its emphasis on encour- a servant t e a m for Christ. aging the youth while spread- Though our format is casual ing the gospel m e s s a g e and informal, w e strive for prothrough music, comedy, and fessionalism when it comes to personal testimonies. reaching those around us." Matt Willmington, team leader,YouthQuest travels each says the group aims to serve weekend of the semester remore than one purpose. presenting the campus YouthQuest Club, an organization in "Our job is to challenge and to which any student can beuplift teenagers. W e also try to c o m e involved if his interests lie encourage youth pastors to in working with youth. start youth ministries and activities within their o w n churches." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Elaine Lucadano YouthQuest Singers: (Seated, from left) Brian Hacking, Tina Ellenburg, Julie Blazs, Yvette Guridy, Leonard Diggs. (Kneeling) Mike Williams, Jeff Johnson, Charlie White. (Standing) G r e g Kern, Chris M a y , Christie Rhoades, Matt Willmington, Karen Randlett, P a m Taylor, a n d Craig Anderson. Not pictured: Derrick Gerber, Brian Beverly. Singing in the Multi-Purpose Center (upper right) are Matt Willmington, Charlie White, Brian Beverly, a n d Jeff Johnson; and (right) Karen Randlett, Matt Willmington, Julie Blazs, a n d Charlie White.


Wendy Stuck H o m e Economics Kalkaska, Ml Freshman Favorite Course: Physical Education

Lisa White Undecided St. Louis, Missouri Freshman Favorite Course: French

Charles Swanson Jr. History Education Grand Haven. Ml Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Wendy Sweet Psychology Getzville, N Y Freshman College Activity: Ladies Choir

Timothy P. Tackett Psychology Cortland. O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Soden

Joy Tannous Nursing N e w Boston, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Rertenour

Deborah Thomas Anthropology/ Sociology Penrose, C O Freshmen Favorite Course: Sociology

Amy Thompson Biology Georgetown, Ontario, C a n a d a Freshman College Activity: Marching Band

Karta Thompson Psychology Daingerfield, TX Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 38:17

Jennifer Treadway Psychology Johnson City, TN Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Harrison

JjMll/% -. Bob Whitfield Sports Medicine Langhorne, PA Freshman Life verse: Phil. 4:13

Lisa Wicks Undecided Terra Haute, IN Freshman Favorite Course: EDUC 100

Sheila Wiggins Pre-nursing Clarkston, Ml Freshman Favorite Course: Nutrition

Roseanne Wilk Psychology Selden, N Y Freshman Vocational Goal: Psychologist

Cathy Williams Child Psychology Wilmington, DE Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

Kelly Williams Pre-vet Garland, TX Freshman Life verse: I Tim 4:12

Greg Wilson Biology Education Midland, TX Freshman College Activity; Basketball Manager

John Wilson. Jr. Mathematics Westminster, M D Freshman College Activity: Marching Band

ToddZwfebei Undecided Wapokoneta. O H Freshman Favorrte Course Mustc Appreciation



li« •




Kffi* swssSS


77* I •

Jerry H. Combee Dean, School of Business and Government Professor of Political Science B.A., M.A., Emory University Ph.D., Cornell University

Lois H. Bethel Assistant Professor of Business B.A., Georgetown College M.A., G e o r g e Peabody College

David S. Black Instructor of Business B.S., Liberty Baptist College M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology

Tsung-Hui Lai Assistant Professor of Business

Robert N, Mateer Chairman, Department of Finance and Accounting

B.A.. National C h e n g Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University

Assistant Professor of Business B.A., Middlebury College M.B.A., Tulane University

Harry E. Caltagirone Associate Professor of Political Science

A. A., William Rainey Harper Jr. College B.A.. Northeastern Illinois University M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University

J. Randall Nutter Chairman, Department of Human Resources Management Associate Professor of Business B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University


178/Business and Government

*\ rm Kevin L. Clauson Chairman, Department of Political Science

James W. Daniels Assistant Professor of Business

Assistant Professor of Political Science Intern Director (Political Science) B.A., B.S., M.A., Marshall University J.D., West Virginia University

B.S.. M.B.A., University of Louisville

E Stephen Preacher Chairman, Department of Business Administration


H. Frank Forbus Shu-Chin Wang Lai Intern Director (Business)Assistant Professor B.S.. Auburn University of Business MB.A., Jacksonville State University

Ora Max Wellman Chairman, Division of Business

Stephen P. Witham Assistant Professor of Political Science

Professor of Business B.S . Purdue University M.A.. Indiana State University Ph.D., O k l a h o m a University

B.A., Lehigh University M.A., University of Notre D a m e M.A.. Maranatha Baptist Bible College

B.S., National Taiwan University M.A., M.S.. Ohio State University

John T. 1letlow Chairman, Graduate Studies for the School of Business and Government Associate Professor of Marketing/ Finance B.Aâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; B.A.. M.B.A.. Ohio State University D.B.A.. Memphis State University

B.A.. Bob Jones University M B A . , M.S., National University D.B.A., United States International University


Torrance Hanna Accounting Nassau, Bahamas Junior College Activity: Men's Track and Field

Tom Hayden Business Administration Magnolia, NJ Junior College Involvement: RA in dorm 23

Larry House Accounting Farmville, N C Sophomore Pastor's N a m e : D e w e y Allen

Chris Moosey Finance Canton, OHIO Sophomore H o m e church: Whipple Avenue Baptist Church

Robert Startenbecker Business N e w Albany, PA Sophomore College Activity: Golf team

Eric Paczewitz Business Administration Riverview, Ml Freshman College Activity: Sleeping

Sandra Rlcherzhagen Business Administration Ellenwood, G A Freshman H o m e Church: Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

Norman G. Roberts II Business Administration Bristol. V A Freshman H o m e Church: Fellowship Chapel

Sue Au Accounting Hong Kong Junior College Activity: Wrestling team manager

David Brungard Political Science Marysville, PA Junior Favorite Course: International Relations

Randy Colopy Business Administration Indian Falls, N Y Junior Life verse: Proverbs 3:

Vincent Green Finance Louisville, TN Sophomore H o m e church: Faith Baptist Church

Kyle Hartley

Deborah Helnsler Business Administration Rochester, N Y Sophomore Life verse: I Cor. 15:59

Alex Mahalras Business Administration Bronx. N Y Freshman H o m e church: Manhatten Bible Church

Jill Malse Business Gadsden, AL Freshman Honors awarded: Honor Roll

Mary Norton Business Management Cincinnati, O H Freshman Saved at the a g e of seven at chapel service

Mchelle Bryan Business Finance Lake Wales, FL Senior College Activity: Women's Track

Birmingham, AL Sophomore Favorite teacher: Miss Vennes


Anthony Hill Business Administration Aroda, V A Junior College Activity Football

Curt Bennett Accounting Athens, G A Freshman H o m e church: Prince Avenue Baptist Church


Joseph Smith Political Science N e w Hill, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism


Courtney Smith Business Administration Bucyrus, O H Freshman Vocational Goal: O w n Business

Eunice Soden H u m a n Resources Management Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocattonal Goal: To b e c o m e a manager

Darta Solars Executive Secretarial Science Clinton, IN Freshman Ufe Verse: Psalm 27:1

Melissa Splcer Accounting Elkton. M D Freshman H o m e Church: Baptist Bible Church

Karen Slinglend Executive Secretarial Science Taylor, Ml Freshman Life Verse: Proverbs 3:

180/Buslness and Government

Michelle Smith Business Athens, G A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Miss Bogue

Edwin Stanberry Business Administration Greenville, S C Freshman College Activities: S A M Officer

Michele Smith Business Education Florence, S C Freshman H o m e Church: Florence Baptist Temple

Rhonda Smith Business/ Government Sunrise, FL Freshman Life Verse: Joshua 1:

Mary Stevens Business Education Atwater, O H Freshman Favorite Course: Typing

Mike Sulka Business Administration Portage, Ml Freshman Vocational Goal: O w n and operate o w n business

Victoria Rogers Pre-Law San Diego, C A Freshman Favorite Teacher Mr. Hubele

Robert Smith Accounting Moores Hill, IN Freshman Vocational Goal: To



PMIp Swlcegood Finance Charlotte, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Aviation

Burton L 'A Rodes Business Administration Isle of Palm, S C Junior Vocational goal: To own my own business

Kelly Stuck Business Administration Kalkaska, Ml Junior Favorite teacher: Mr. Preacher

Thomas Wendling Business Administration Allentown, PA Junior College Activity: Tennis team

Korbin Artis Business Eden. N C Sophomore Life verse: Ephesians 4:32


Donna Bowers Finance Jacksonville, FL Sophomore Favorite course: Music

^m mm

Megan Cope Business Harleysville, PA Sophomore College Activity: College Republicans


Kelli-Ann Edgar Secretarial Science Bowie. M D Sophomore College Involvement: Cheerleading squad


Tony Bostlc Accounting Shelbyville, IN Freshman Favorite course: Old Testament

Cheryl Budoff Accounting Philadelphia. PA Freshman Favorite Course: English

John Caldwell Business Administration Denver, C O Freshman College Activity: Football

Dale Downing Business Administration Bucyrus, O H Freshman Life verse: 1 Peter 3:15

Denis Howell Business Coarl Springs, FL Freshman College Activity: Debate

James Jordan Business Administration Greensboro, N C Freshman Vocational goal: Entrepreneur

Philip Lachniet Accounting Bedford, V A Freshman Favorite teacher: Mr. Good

Scott Sandidge Accounting China Grove. N C Freshman Salvation Experience: Saved in a revival at LU

Russell Scheider Business Administration Weyers Cave, V A Freshman Life Verse: Joshua 24:15

Robyn Schock Executive Secretarial Science Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

April D. Shaw Accounting Windham, ME Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Mark Shortt Political Science Atlanta, G A Freshman H o m e Church: Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Tom Shulda Business Administration Phoenix, AZ Freshman H o m e Church: Thomas Road Baptist Church

Dana Sims Business Administration Moline, IL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Towles

David Smitherman Business Administration Pfafttown. N C Freshman Favorite Teacher Dr Preacher

Rex Sparklin Pre-Law Kissimmee, FL Freshman College Activities: School Yearbook Photographer

Paul Sprabary Business Administration Lewisville, TX Freshman Ufe Verse: I Cor, 5:17

Scott Stephens Business Thousand Oaks. C A Freshman Favorite Course: BUAD 100

Elmer William Stewart II Political Science Prince George, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Joan Stimeare Accounting Aston, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr Hindson

Kurt Strickland Business Duncanville. TX Freshman H o m e Church: Brook Hollow Baptist Church

Dean Swift Busness Ganado, TX Freshman Colege Activity Golf ream

Mchael Tatxm Business Admrretration Colonial Heights. V A Freshman Colege Activities Basebal T e a m

Angela Wagers FTe-law Cincinnati. O H Freshman Lite Verse James 4 14

Jeffrey Watson Pre-law Fort Wayne. M Freshman Saved in June of 1982

Walter Whetsel Political Science Greenvie. SC Freshman Pastor's N a m e Dr Walter Hardtord

Sheia Zetteraust Accountng Cortland. O H Freshman Colege Activity Youthauest

Business and Government/181

Paul Annan Clinical Psychology Lynchburg, Va. Senior College activity: Soccer t e a m goalie

Terri Barker Business Administration Richmond, Va.

Suzanne Bitonti Executive Secretarial Science Mayfield Heights, Ohio Senior

Debbie Butzer Business Education Madison Heights, Va. Senior

Ann Buwalda Business Administration Marshfield, Wis. Senior

Ramona Ely Business Administration Wellsboro, Pa. Senior

Terri Forsyth Business Administration Claxton, Calif. Senior

Bobby Grete Accounting Niceville, Fl. Senior

Michael Hobbs Business Administration O a k Park. III.

Diane Howell Business Administration Tucson, Ariz. Senior

Malynda Keck Business Administration Forest, Va. Senior College activity: Lady Flames Basketball team.

David Keim H u m a n Resources Auburndale, Fl. Senior

Dawn Kennedy Political Science Wilmington, Del. Senior

Tobin Kern Political Science Littlejohn, Colo. Senior College involvement SGA

William Maitiand Business Administration Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Lisa McFarland Business Administration Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Katherine Mulison Business Administration Gaithersburg, Md. Senior

Little John Sinclair Business Administration Ridgely, Md. Senior

Lynnith Smith Business Administration Bahamas Senior

Maureen Smith Business Administration Charlotte, N.C. Senior


Russell Claxton Business Administration Winston, Calif. Senior

Kathy Crowder Business Administration At. Albans, West. Va. Senior

Lori Dale Accounting Earlville, N.Y. Senior College involvement: Working in the Picture Place.

George Johnson Political Science Wells, Maine Vocational goal: To b e president of the U.S.

Thomas Jones Accounting Santa Maria, Calif. Senior

Edward Kafka Business Administration Clarksboro, NJ. Senior College activity: M e m b e r of the Marching Band.

James Kidd Business Administration Washington, Mich. Senior

Kathryn Kornachuk H o m e Economics Tucson, Ariz. Senior College activity: Varsity Volleyball team

Dawn Latour Business Ticonderosa, N.Y. Senior

Kenny Lee Business Administration Savannah, Ga. Senior

Gary Nelson Business Administration Wheatridge. Colo. Senior

Mary Nyberg Business Administration Grands Rapids, Minn. Senior College involvement: Working at the LU Bookstore.

Eddie Parker Business Administration Gainesville, Fl. Senior

Ruth Powell Business Administration Bellevue, Mich. Senior College Involvement: S G A

Jenny Ryan Business Education Office Procedures Los Alamitos, Calif. Senior

Michael Snare Business Administration Huntingdon, Pa. Senior

Eileen Steele Accounting Odessa, Fl. Senior

Stephen Stinnett Business Administration Evington, Va. Senior

Diane Sullivan Political Science Peru, Ind. Senior College involvement: M e m b e r of the Marching Band,

Troy Titus Political Science Virginia Beach, Va. Senior

Society for Advancement of Management travels

S.A.M. officers: Carlo Paist (executive vice president), Jeff Thompson (vice president of promotions), Joy Sizer (vice president of publications), Elizabeth Bane (president). Arthur Peterman III (treasurer), Glenn Ransom (vice president of membership), and Judy Eubank (secretary). (Not pictured: Michael Whitehurst, vice president of programs.)

Society for the Advancement of Management: (Front row) Elizabeth Bane, Arthur Peterman, Glenn Ransom. Jeff Thompson. (Second row) Carta Paise, Joy Sizer. Judy Eubank. Kathy Millison. (Third row) Cami Dishman. Angie

S A . M . sounds like it could b e s o m e b o d y ' s little â&#x20AC;˘ brother. Actually, it's the Society for the Advancement of M a n a g e ment. S.A.M. members in 1985-86 enjoyed lots of business-oriented activities such as: 'Spending a w e e k at Disney World during Spring Break for a m a n a g e m e n t seminar and relaxation. The group observed the $1 billion-a-year industry, which, according to faculty advisor Randy Nutter, has b e e n highly praised for its excellent m a n agement techniques * Touring a local industry such as Babcock and Wilcox's nuclear fuel division and computer center. Flowers Bakery, C.R. Hudgins Plating Inc.

and W h e a t First Securities "Meeting local business leaders at monthly lectures The Disney World trip w a s a first. "We've never tried anything like that," President Liz Bane said. S.A.M. members get practical experience in m a n a g e ment, fundraising, and committee work. Rank-and-file m e m b e r s m e e t once a month. Officers m e e t every week, In addition, there's a monthly social. S.A.M. had 85 m e m b e r s in 1985-86, which represented "phenomenal growth" from the year before and m a d e the Liberty chapter "one of the largest in the United States," Nutter said. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dolph Bell

Calley. Beth Kern. Christine Blank. (Fourth row) Jim Snyder. Sue Bitonti, Patrick Blyth, Terri Barker. (Fifth row) Robert Daniels. Gina VanAllen. Gilbert Worley (Sixth row) David Appelo, Elizabeth Harbuziok, Kyle Heath, Mike Wolf.


Faculty members put heads together to Liberty University began to prepare in 1984 for its ten-year reaccreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Virtually every aspect of University life c a m e under the scrutiny of the investigative examined

itrance re-

quirements, student/teacher ratio, expansion of building facilities, recruitment, finances and m u c h more. Faculty m e m b e r s prepared for the interview by analyzing the m a n y areas and by writing reports. W h e n they were finished, they summarized their findings. These summaries went








. _ •

to the Board of Trustees for action. The list of items, Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin, president, sdid, was the most extensive presented to the Board at one meeting. The final draft of the Self-Study w a s typed a n d final-" edited and mailed in early February. It w a s more than 17001

draft four volume Self-Study pages in length. More than 150 faculty m e m bers ana administrators contributed to the four volumes, A 12-member investigative team from SACS visited campus in March and interviewed students, faculty and staff, It o p e n e d every door a n d looked inside.


IMH mm

With final SACS approval will c o m e a number of recommendations to LU suggesting areas of improvement. The University will be responsible to put those items into practice. — Sherry Coberly

HI ^^M


i» r p . ] 9,


Kathryn VaughanWiUiams Business Administration Jacksonville, FL Junior Ufe verse: Jeremiah 29:11-13

Cinder Whitten Business Administration Haughton, LA Junior College Activities: S.A.M.

Monique Williamson Accounting Nassau. Bahamas Junior Life verse: Proverbs

Trisa Williamson Business Administration Virginia Beach, V A Junior

Ben Wilson Business Wellsboro, Pa Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. C o m b e e

Scott Calhoun Business Administration Amsterdam, N Y Sophomore Favorite Course: Algebra

Gary Robert Campbell Accounting Cincinnati, O H Sophomore Favorite Course: Computers


Brian C. Wilson Business Administration Junior Charleston, W V Favorite Teacher: Dr. Sprague

Mark Zawasky Finance Pittsburgh, PA Junior College Activities: S.A.M.

Tracey Anderson Business Administration C a n o g a Park, C A Sophomore College Activities: Prayer Leader

Tim Carpenter Business Administration Muskegon, Ml Sophomore Life verse: I Corinthians 6:9

Laura Christensen Political Science Lunenburg, M A Sophomore Life verse: Psalm 119:18

Aihtf Mark Brungard Political Science/ Business Marysville, PA Sophomore Life verse: Psalm 62:5

Mark Bryant Finance Wingina, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Business

Robert D. Butler Business Administration Foloral City, FL Sophomore Life verse: Psalm 119:10

College Republicans eye Tour More' T h e Republican participants and administer programs aimed In the elections of 1984 at Involving college students in (and m a n y Liberty stu- the Republican party," Bently has been chosen to sit dents a m o n g them) sang a reon the prestigious Credentials curring anthem: "Four More Years! Four More Years!" By this Committee of the state organitime in 1988, the constant zation, a committee that verichant could very well b e "Four fies all materials sent from the More Years, O n e More Time!" state headquarters to campus "Ronald Reagan credited the clubs, The 1988 election will offer College Republican national orm a n y opportunities for LU's Colganization for its influence on lege Republicans to b e c o m e inyoung American voters," says volved. this year's chairman of Liberty's Officers of Liberty's chapter chapter of College Republiwere Kevin Bently, chairman; cans. Kevin Bently tells the purpose David W e b b a n d Carwln of his organization: "Our pur- Owens, co-vice chairmen; Kim pose Is to encourage the activi- Winson, secretary; Barry White, ties of the Republican party and treasurer; Bob Davis, memberto assist in the election of Its ship director, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Byron Davis candidates â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to city, state, and local offices. W e formulate

186/Business and Government

Paula Cannistraci Secretarial Science Fostel, Rl Sophomore Favorite Course: Speech


David L. Appeld Business Administration Gainesville, FL Sophomore

Sergio E. Arciniegas Political Science N e w York, N Y Sophomore Life verse: Galatians 2:20

Terry Armentrout Secretarial Science Whiteford, M D Sophomore Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Nick Balasic Business Administration Rustburg, V a Sophomore Life verse: Philippians 1:21

Christine Barreca Business Administration Valley Stream, N Y Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Miss Bogue

Richie Bass Marketing/Finance Mooresvile, N C Sophomore Life verse: Psalm 91

Ronald P. Bowles Business Administration Mechanicsville, V A Sophomore Life verse: II Timothy 2:15

Timothy A. Srown Political Science Cherry Hi. NJ Sophomore Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Tony Clanca Business Administration Springfield, Ontario Canada Sophomore Favorite Teacher: G. Mather

Tim Clark Political Science Colorado Springs, C O Sophomore Life verse: John 5:5

Jill Conner Business Administration Chambersburg, PA Sophomore H o m e Church: The O p e n Door Church

Calvin W. Cosby Accounting Franklin, V A Sophomore Life Verse: Ephesians 6:10

Cynthia Crotty Executive Secretarial Science Wilmington, DE Sophomore Life Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Thomas S. Cumberland Accounting Kansas City, M O Sophomore Vocational Goal To be a C P A or Lawyer

Tracy Czeizinger Business Trenton, NJ Sophomore Favorite Course: Music Appreciation

Wandd L. Day Political Science Waldorf. M D Sophomore Life Verse: Philippians

Diana Delashmit Business Administration St. Louis, M O Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Woodard

Ruth Devenney Business Education Wilmington, DE Sophomore Favorite Course: Typing

Patricia Dozier Finance Odessa, TX Sophomore Life Verse: Jeremiah 33:3

Dan Dyke Business Administration Maple wood, M N Sophomore Favorite Teacher Dr. Hindson

Lee V. Epstein Pre-Law/Political Science San Diego, C A Sophomore Favorite Course: Political Science

Sharon Erickson Business/Finance Tucson, A Z Sophomore College Activities: Pre-Law Club

Robert Freeman Finance Sickerville, NJ Sophomore Life Verse: Matthew 5 16

Jeanmarie Gallant Accounting Huntington, NY Sophomore College Activities: Track and Field


ifiklthtf Rick Gam Poitical Science

Maml. a Sophomore Colege Activities Prayer Leader

Tm GaJt Poitical Science Oceansioe. C A Sophomore Vocational Goof To be a lawyer

Thomas Goehring Busriess Admnotraton Evans City. PA Sophomore Life Verse Boon 4031

College Republicans/187

Business and Government Spotlight: Mr. Glen Belden H


says he is a fisherman, specializing in four-pound catfish, But he fishes in more than one lake. Glen Belden directs the Liberty Institute of M a n a g e m e n t Studies, an arm of the School of Business and Government. He dangles bait in front of working adults to motivate and edify and equip and inspire them. He wants them to learn to use their skills and knowledge to greater effectiveness on their job. He is also director of Liberty's Institutional Effectiveness De-

partment, a n e w facet of the University's effort to meets its goals in education and to produce the kind of student it says it wants to produce. " W e want to know h o w well we're doing educating. Are w e really competent? W e want to know that." In both jobs, Mr. Belden works to help people improve what they're doing. At h o m e , h e has three daughters to practice on. Debby is an LU senior, majoring in education. Chrissie is an LU

freshman w h o will probably major in psychology and/ or sociology. Shelli is a junior at Lynchburg Christian A c a d e m y . Wife P a m shares Glen's love of water sports. The family has a c a m p at Smith Mountain Lake. He likes reading and traveling. And he likes to study people. W h a t does he do when a joke falls flat? He makes a funny face. "You have to have a certain amount of h a m in you to teach well," he says.

Glen Belden gets to have an office in the Mansion that's off the beaten path. It's d o w n the hall, through the kitchen, and d o w n a flight of stairs. Yet he's close enough to have access to everyone in the administration. He consults wth Dr, Dan Mitchell (right) and Dr. Roy Epperly of High Point College in North Carolina w h o headed the visiting team from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.







is,*** B^.~


4 Mx%. i Victor Graeber Accounting Tolleson, AZ Sophomore Favorite Course: Accounting

Andrew Gregg Business/Youth Lexington, NE Sophomore Vocational Goal: To be a Youth Pastor

Rhonda Green Business Education Richmond, V A Sophomore Life Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12

Renee Grenier Business Education Cheboygan, Ml Sophomore Life Verse: Matthew 5:16

Jim Grim Political Science Martinsburg, W V Sophomore Salvation Experience: Saved at W O L Softball Marathon

Greg Hales Business Administration Wilmington, N C Sophomore Vocational Goal To b e c o m e a respected Christian businessman

Tammy Jordan Business Administration Suffok, V A Sophomore H o m e Church: Liberty Baptist Church

Deborah Kop Human Resources Management Farmington, Ml Sophomore Life Verse: Psalm 19:14

Jennifer Kruyd Accounting Orlando, FL Sophomore Vocational Goal: To b e c o m e a CPA

Daw'd Kuritar Business Administration Howell, Ml Sophomore College Activities: Cross-Country and and Track

Ken Lambrich Political Science Philpot, KY Sophomore College Activities: Prayer Leader

Suzanne Lee Business Administration Wilmington, N C Sophomore Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

188/Business and Government

Scon4 Hall Business Powhatan, V A Sophomore Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5 & 6

Johnna Leonard Political Science Bristol, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Speech

Daniel Hamel Business Administration Cedarville, Ml Sophomore Favorite Course Speech

Darren Logan Pre-Law York, SC Sophomore Favorite Course: Philosophy

Lori Hart Human Resources Management Amherst, V A Sophomore College Activities: Youth Quest

J a m e lurid Poitical Science/ Speech Temno. W A Sophomore Colege Activities Debate T e a m and APIA President

Angela Hensiey Political Science Fort Walton Beach, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

David Mackenzie Busriess South Mountain. D Sophomore Favorite Teocher Dr Dobson

xDonita Hershey H u m a n Resources Management Marietta, PA Sophomore H o m e Church: Congregational Bible

Dana Huntsman Business Administration Kannapolis, N C Sophomore Life Verse: Psalm 56:3&4

Karen Mackenzie Business Hampton. NH Sophomore Ufe Verse I Peter 5 7

Michael Mangus Business Administration Ewing, V A Sophomore Favorite Teocher Mr Lover

Gary Huskey Business Management Jacksonville, FL Sophomore Ufe Verse: Joshua


Dena Marmrtg Business Administration Decatur. L Sophomore Favorite Teocher Mrs LeGranae

Kimberiy Johnson Business Administration Appomattox, V A Sophomore H o m e Church: Bible Baptist Church

Linda Johnson Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Ufe Verse: I John 4:7&8

Todd Jones Business Raleigh, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher Dr. Dobson

Grant Marant Business Administration Ft Louderaate. FL Sophomore Colege Activities Activities Director

Ewing Marietta Business Administration Dunbar. PA Sophomore Ufe Verse Proverbs 35

MartouMartr) Busriess Admrwtratlon ranggold, G A Sophomore Vocational Goal To be a busnesswoman

Business and Government Spotlight/189

Christian w o m e n speak out Liberty's chapter of Concerned W o m e n for America cultivates activism. M e m b e r s d o m o r e than sit around discussing issues. " W e act on our knowledge," says Ann Buwalda, president of Liberty's chapter. In the last Virginia election, members campaigned for a candidate for governor because he is pro-life. They wrote letters to their Congressmen asking them to vote for profamily, pro life, and antl-porn legislation. "All these methods of getting

190/Business and Government

changes are good," Ann says. "But more Important, our C W A organization prays for these issues, too. W e m e e t every morning for a breakfast prayer meeting. W e want to emphasize prayer as a means of action." C W A is a national women's group with campus chapters all over the country. It has taken a position directly opposite the National Organization of W o m en. Foundedby Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, the organization boasts 500,000 members nationwide â&#x20AC;&#x201D; twice as many as the m e m -

bership of the liberal N O W . The c a m p u s organization met twice a month to discuss issues and information on current Issues sent d o w n from the Washington, D.C. headquarters. " W e as American w o m e n with a conservative viewpoint need to take a united stand on the issues and w e can do this through Concerned W o m a n for America," Ann says. "I'm very excited about all w e accomplished this year, W e laid the groundwork for the future."

Rebecca Muse Business Baltimore, M D Sophomore H o m e Church: Hulethorpe Community

Michael Myers Business Administration Pawtucket, Rl Sophomore Vocational Goal: To be a corporate lawyer

Juanlta Orr Accounting Kansas City, M O Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Michele Osborn Business Administration/ Finance N e w Lenox, IL Sophomore Life Verse: Ephesians 3:20

Lisa Presson Accounting Lake Village, IN Sophomore Favorite Course: Philosophy 201

Gregory S. Reese Business Management Asheville, N C Sophomore H o m e Church: Temple Baptist

Mark Roby Rnance Alexandria, V A Sophomore Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Mercedes Rodriguez Pre-Law Miami, FL Sophomore College Activities: Hispanic Fellowship

David Lee Royster Accounting/Human Resource Management Suffolk, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Biology

Eve Alison Rudolph Executive Secretarial Science Forest, V A Sophomore Ufe Verse: Ephesians 4:13

Julie Shankula Human Resources Management San Diego, C A Sophomore Favorite Course: Economics

Wayne Shepherd Business Administration Fairfax, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: History

Lisa Shields Political Science Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Vocatonal Goal: To be a lawyer

Susan Sho waiter Business Collinsville, V A Sophomore H o m e Church: Liberty Baptist Church

Greg Sims Business Raleigh, N C Sophomore Life Verse: Psalm 37:4&5

Susan Sistrunk Human Resources Management Miami, FL Sophomore Favorite Course: Art

Donna Smals Executive Secrelarial Science Buena Vista, V A Sophomore Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

David G. Smith Political Science Mt. Union, PA Sohomore Vocational Goal: To be a lawyer

Jodi L. Smith Business Administration Martlnsburg, W V Sophomore Life Verse: Ephesians 3:20

Pdtrlcia Stirsman Journalism/Political Science Northvllle, Ml Sophomore Vocational Goal: To be a U.S. Senator

Sharon Summeriin Business Administration Carrollton, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

J. R. Swisher Political Science Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Life Verse: John 3:16

Tammy Teal Business Administration Jacksonville, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Daniels

Anita Tester Business Education Lexington, N C Sophomore Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

Gewrard Thompson Pre-Law Nassau. N.P. Bahamas Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr Hubele

Brian Travis Finance Reading, PA Sophomore Life Verse: Romans 8:28

Michelle R. Vollenweider Business Administration Reading, PA Sophomore Favorite Course: Art

Ellen Walker Accounting/ Psychology Madison, G A Sophomore Vocational Goal: To be a C P A

Scott Wallace Business Adminstration Roanoke, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Nutter

Business Memphis, TN Sophomore Ufe Verse: I Peter 5 7

MK:hael Wtams Poitical Science Oklahoma City. O K Sophomore Favorite Teocher Mr Towles

Susanne Wortas Business Administration Elverson. PA Sophomore Favorite Course Psychology

Al Worthington Busriess Raleigh. N C Sophomore H o m e Church Rrst Free W l Baptist Church of Raleigh. N C

Bradely Adkins Political Science Jacksboro, TN Freshman Favorite Teocher Dr Hudson

Wdro/d Adkins Busriess South Pont, O H Freshman Favorite Course Testament

Candy Allen Accounting Munster. M Freshman Vocational Goal To be a C P A

mMi Keven Thlbeault Personnel/Human Resources Management Andover, M A Sophomore H o m e Church Twin City Baptist Temple

Dove Weretka Busriess Downersgrove. 1 Sophomore Life Verse Booh

41 10

Dorothea Thomas Accounting Fredericksburg, V A Sophomore H o m e Church: Mountain View Baptist

Richard Warren Wlterf Pre-Law Boston, M A Sophomore UÂťe Verse Psalm 98 3

Dan Webb

Concerned W o m e n for America/191

Bruce Edward Boley Business Administration Portsmouth, V A Junior Favorite Course: Business L a w

Eric E. Garcia Business Administration Indianapolis, IN Junior Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Mala Joy Clements Political Science Gibsonton, FL Junior Life Verse: Psalm 16:11

Jeffrey A. Copes Finance Tltusville, FL Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr, Hopkins

Rick Courtney Business Harmony, PA Junior Life verse: Jeremiah

Brian Scott Gove Business Administration Brook Heaven, M S Junior Life verse: J a m e s 1:22

Trlna Greathouse Executive Secretarial Science Ravenswood, W V Junior Honors Received: Dean's List

Michael A. Grey Pre-Law Bethesda, M D Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Caltigerone

Dawn Gunn

Gayla Bolton Accounting Oxford, AL Junior Life verse: 1 Corinthians 10:13

Dwayne L. Brlnkley Business Administration Suffolk, V A Junior Favorite Course: History

Michelle Marie Castro Business Administration Levltown, N Y Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Y o u n g

Dien Vernlta Clarldge Accounting Nassau, B a h a m a s Junior

Steven M. Gooch Business Burlington, N C Junior College Activities: Soccer T e a m

Elizabeth J. Goodwin Business Administration Brookneal, V A Junior Life verse: Philippians 3:10

Phyllis Kay Goss Business Administration Slier City, N C Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Samuelson

Suzanne Huizenga Accounting ScottsvlBe. KY Junior Life verse: Philippians 4:11

Annamarte Hunt Accounting/Business Aurora, C O Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Trovers

Kenneth Inman Accounting Wilmington, N C Junior Life verse: Colossians 3:23

Les Jacoby Jr. Business Administration Carlisle, PA Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Pamela S. Jeffries Accounting Marlon, IN Junior Favorite Course: Philosophy

Brian Johnson Finance Ft. Lauderdale, FL Junior Lfe verse: Philippians

Marianne Mateer Business Lynchburg, V A Junior Life verse: II Peter 3:2

Robert McKay Business Administration Chicago, IL Junior Life verse: R o m a n s 3:23

Camle Miller Accounting Nassau, B a h a m a s Junior Honors Received: Dean's List

Charlalne Marie Mims Business Administration Shelby, N C Junior Ufe verse: Ephesians 4:32

John Mark Nichols Political Science Huddleston, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Rist

Tammy K. Norrls Business Administration Columbia, S C Junior Ufe verse: Philippians 3:16

Kathryn E. Racer Business Administration Baltimore, M D Junior Vocational Goal: Real Estate

Glenn Ransom H u m a n Resource Management Butler, TN Junior Life verse: Philippians

Carmon Mlchal Robinson H u m a n Resource Management Marietta, G A Junior

Kevin C. Rudy Political Science Owensboro, KY Junior Vocational Goal: Elected Office


Business Administration Miami, FL Junior Life verse: Romans 8:28

John Jordan Business Administration Glassboro, NJ Junior

Beth-Ann Kem Human Resources Management Richmond, PA Junior College Activities: King's Players

Kevin Roland Norville Finance Wilson, N C Junior Favorite Course: Speech

Gwyn O'Danlel Business Administration Sterling, V A Junior Life verse: Psalm 54:4


4* 4:6

192/Business and Government

Carolyn Ann Runyon Psychology/Political Science Hot Springs, V A Junior College Activities: LU Marching Band

Shelly Scholes Business Administration Vancouver, W A Junior Life verse: Jeremiah 29:14

Bruce K. Sebast Business Administration Amsterdam, N Y Junior Life verse: Acts 4:12

Pamela Snavety Business Administration Hlghspire, PA Junior Favorite Teacher Mr. Nutter

Laurie Day Business Administration Junior Favorite Course: Marketing

Perry DeFelice Business Chardon, O H Junior Life verse: Ephesians 5:13

Susan Dykes Business Administration Connersville, IN Junior Life verse: Job 23:10

Wallace Joel Eason Business Administration Madison Heights, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Miethe

Donalda L. Edwards Finance Canton, N Y Junior Vocational Goal: Bank Manager

Debbie Estes Criminal Justice Richmond. V A Junior

Steve Forsythe Business Administration Allentown. PA Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Jonathan Greg Forston Business Administration Junior Favorite Course: Drama

Eve Huckenberger H u m a n Resources Norwalk, O H Junior Favorite Teacher; Mr. Nutter

Ray Hamm Business Administration St. Pete, FL Junior Favorite Course: Management

John Houghton Political Science Newport News, V A Junior Life book: Galatians

Mitzi Henderson Business Administration Danville, V A Junior Ufe verse: Proverbs 3: 5 8i6

Jim Hernandez Finance Harrow, Ontario Junior Life Chapter: I Corinthians 13

Donna Honeycutt H u m a n Resource Management Shelby, N C Junior Vocational Goal: Personnel

John H. Hooper Business Administration Barboursville. V A Junior Life verse: Romans 8: 38-39

Tatiana R. Hoover Business Education Winchester, V A Junior Life verse: II Corinthians 12:9-10

Carolyn Link Business Administration Salem, V A Junior Life verse: 1 Thessalonlans 5:24

Roxie Lock wood Political Science Juniata, NE Junior Life verse: Romans 8:37

Kimberly Loveday Fashion Merchandising Detroit, Ml Junior Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Mathes

Denise J. Madsen Business Administration Battlecreek, Ml Junior Life verse: John 11:35

David Maranto Business Administration Miami. FL Junior Life verse: Psalm 56:4

Stephen Martin Business Administration Galveston, TX Junior Honors Received: Dean's List

I John T. Kessler Business Administration Roanoke, V A Junior Life verse: Galatians 2:20

1 W. Scott Lang Accounting Gilmer, TX Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Mather

diM+Mi Paul W Oettlng Political Science/ Drama Miramar, FL Junior Life verse: Psalm 144

John R. Palm Political Science Seminole. FL Junior

Martika Parsons Pre-Law Scottsville. V A Junior "Ultimate Worker"

Barry Peterson Business Administration Orlando. FL Junior Life verse: I Thessalonians 5:1718

Robert Peterson Business Administration Santa Rosa, C A Junior Lite Verse: Philippians 4:13

Steve Phelps Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Junior Life verse: Revelation 2:9

Thomas Phillips. Jr. Finance Immanuel, AK Junior Life verse Hebrews 12: 1-2

Margaret A Pike Business Administration Hartly, DE Junior Favorite Teacher D e a n Brewer

ftjjs Stafford Pre-Law Emmrtsburg. M D Junior Vocational Goal Writer or Lawyer

Trevor H Strachan Business Administration Nassau. Bahamas Junior Ufe verse Phippians

Lance Thorson Business Administration Fountain Valey. C A Junior Ufe verse Matthew

Matt Wad Finance Carron City. C O Junior Colege Activities: Circle K Club

DebraK We&e Finance Nebrasko City. NE Junior Ufe verse Phippians

John IVels Personnel St H u m a n Resource Management Glenn Fab. N Y Junior

4 12


Richard Edward Tuner Business Admnistration Lynchburg. V A Junior Ufe verse John 3 16

Kay Whidden Busriess Administration Felda. FL Junior Colege Activities Crete K Club


Business and Government/193

fÂŁmMm\m\mm\ Stephanie Hess Executive Secretarial Science Elkhart, IN Freshman Life Verse: Romans 12: 1&2

Lisa Hilte Business Downey, C A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Michelle Hodges Business Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Old Testament

Michael Hibbetts Business Albuquerque, N M Freshman H o m e Church: Temple Baptist

Diana Holley Executive Secretarial Science Colona, IL Freshman Life Verse: Romans 8:28

Gloria Hollifield Executive Secretarial Science Hobart, IN Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Greg Howell Business Administration/ Journalism Elkridge. M D Freshman Favorite Course: Christian Growth

Amy Hubbard Political Science Wise, V A Freshman Life Verse: Isaiah 40:31

Lisa Hutcherson Accounting Altavista, VA Freshman Vocational Goal: To become a CPA

Darryl Ingersoll Business Administration Forest, V A Freshman Ufe Verse: Psalm 53:8

Liz Ingham Executive Secretarial Science Drayton Plains, Ml Freshman Favorite Course: Education

Lydia Ivey Executive Secretarial Science Florence, S C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Peggy Jarrett _ Business Administration Kennewick, W A Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e c o m e a Manager of a Corporation

Pamela Johnson Accounting East Bank, W V Freshman Life Verse: Colossians

Stanley King, Jr. Computer Science Groveland, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr.

Angela Kiriy Business Administration Salisbury, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Old Testament

Maria Kline Executive Secretarial Science Merrillville, IN Freshman Life Verse: Ephesians 4:32

Howard Koepka Business Miami, FL Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 1:6

Jennifer Lee Kuhida Business L a w Lavallette, NJ Freshman Life Verse: Proverbs 3:


Douglas Joseph Political Science DuBois, PA Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 25:29

Bryan Lawton Political Science Bolivar, N Y Freshman Vocational Goal: To be a lawyer

Gina Lay Business DeSoto, TX Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Karen Lemleur Accounting Fitchburg, M A Freshman Favorite Course: Old Testament

Bryan Keith Lewis Business Wilmington, N C Freshman Life Verse: Titus 3:5

Robin Lingle Pre-Law Lombard, IL Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e a Singing Evangelist

Karen Little Pre-Law Southgate, Ml Freshman Life Verse: Proverbs:


Shelley Ann Lucas Political Science Harpswell, M E Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Kroll

Christine Mahr Business Administration Fairfax, V A Freshman Life Verse: Ephesians 4:32

Sherrl Marshall Business Administration Pilot Mountain, N C Freshman Favorite Course: English 101

Matthew Martin Finance Covington, IN Freshman Vocational Goal: To own his own Company

Sheri Marttila Business Wakefield, Ml Freshman Life Verse: Ephesians 4:32

Charles Matthews Business Administration Pfafftown, N C Freshman Favorite Course: N e w Testament

Robert Matthews Business Administration Chattanooga, TN Freshman H o m e Church: Grace Baptist

Linda McCloskey Business Administration San Jose, C A Freshman Life Verse: Colossians 3:17

Cynthia McDaniel Executive Secretarial Science Sarasota, FL Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:19

David McGarity Accounting Columbus, N C Freshman Vocational Goal: To b e c o m e a CPA

194/Business and Government


Michael Hoover Business High Point, N C Freshman Life Verse: John 3:16


Thomas Hoppe Business Administration Bayside. N Y Freshman College Activities Prayer Leader

Jeff Jensen Business Administration Vienna, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr


Tres Lamb Amarillo, TX Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Students for America Students interested in conservative politics join Students For America. Liberty SFA spokesman Troy Titus calls the student lobby organization a non-partisan political group that supports candidates according to their conservative stance and not according to their party. It is unique among student organizations because, although national (it's on 200 campuses nationwide), it is totally run by students. A senior from the University of North Carolina is chairman. Students for America, a non-partisan political force totally run by students, meets monthly to plan strategies.

Students support candidates, lobby for passage of legislation (such as the Strategic Defense Initiative) and protest in Washington for support of causes like the Afganistan Freedom Fighters and Nicaraguan Contras. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; M. Anthony Carr

Students for America Club m e m b e r s gather informally to listen to news of 2 what other chapters are doing g politically and to plan their o w n | strategies for conservative action

Students for America/195

Five officers led LU's Student Government Association: (from left to right) Brett Hartley (vice-president of activities), Jim Shannon (president), Mike Broomell (executive vice-president), Kim Winson (executive secretary), and Christie Mahoney (treasurer).




m> !



V 1

\* >raa •


The Shannon Administration Jim Shannon has more ideas than a leprechaun has gold. Shannon c a m e into office riding high after a brilliant c a m paign last Spring pushed him into the forefront of a sparkling Previous Page Photo Tim Isaacson array of LU heavyweight contenders. Creatively using a vidOnce established in office, Jim Shannon gave a victory salute, turned his favorite photo eotape near the voting booths toward the camera, and got his staff busy. Brett Hartley (behind Shannon far left) planned movies, concerts, horseback riding, ice skating, bowling activities. Christie Mahoney (middle and effectively keeping a lowleft) kept the books. Shannon consulted with aides David DeMoss and Mike Broomell (lower key approach during his chapel middle). Kim Winson (upper left) kept the office. speech, Shannon took 29 percent of the vote at first; and in a run-off later he captured a whopping 71 percent. Some of his more memorable accomplishments include: * A Student Government video in chapel which featured Gary Yoder as the typical nerd w h o had a hard time adjusting to Liberty until he discovered what S G A could do for him. * Collecting Christmas freed o m boxes of toys and clothing from the student body to give to n e e d y children in Latin America. * Establishing Senior privileges by asking the administration to take action on a proposal approved the year before by the Sherman administration. Privileges included: extending curfew to 11:30 p.m, on weekdays as long as seniors remained off campus and allowing all upperclassmen to study in the dorms all night if need be. * Restructuring the Student Senate so each dorm floor has a senator, allowing for greater distribution of representatives and, hence, better representation.

Business and Government/199

These guys like to argue

W o u l d you (ike to be able to play the stockmarket? Then Advancement of Political and Legal Argumentation (APLA) is the club for you. They have an ongoing g a m e in which club members compete against each other to pick stock prices.


If you like to debate, then you'll also find that APLA is the club for you. Chartered this year, the purpose of the club is giving the student body at large a chance to exercise debate. A m o n g the topics debated this year were the abolition of welfare, the abolition of mini-

m u m w a g e and the decision on campus to ban walkmans outside of the dorms. APLA President Jamie Lund said he would like to see his organization challenge other clubs in debate. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tim Woltman


Perry Ainscough Human Resource Management Lynchburg, V A Senior College Activities: Wrestling

Elizabeth Bane Personnel/Human Resource Management Roanke, V A Senior Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Kevin Scott Bentley Business Administration Newark, DE Senior Ufe Verse: I Samuel 12:24

Cindy Boles Finance/Political Science Winston-Salem, N C Senior H o m e Church: Salem Baptist Church

Cathleen Bieber Business Administration Gaithersburg, M D Senior H o m e Church: First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg

Suzanne Bitonti Business Mayfield Heights, Ohio Senior

David Bream Accounting Carlisle, PA Senior Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

David Brown Business Drexel Hill, PA Senior Vocational Goal: To become a professional photographer

Linda Coulboum Business Shamokin, PA Senior

Michelle DelBuono Human Resources Management Miami, FL Senior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

Heather Jean Skelton Coyle Business Administration Peru, IL Senior Ufe Verse: I Corinthians 6:10

James Coyle Business Administration East Moline, IL Senior Favorite Course: Marketing

Terry Craft Finance Vinton, V A Senior H o m e Church: N e w Testament Baptist

Kathy Crowder Business St. Albans, W V A Senior

Karen Cummins Finance Roanoke, V A Senior Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

William Dunbar Interdisciplinary Studies Youngstown, O H Senior Life Verse: Philippians 1:6

Susanne Eagle Accounting Lynchburg, V A Senior Vocational Goal: To teach accounting on the college level

Carta Epperson Business Administration Ararat, V A Senior Life Verse: John 11:35

Lisa Evans Finance Asheville, N C Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

Daryl Felker Accounting Williamstown, NJ Senior Ufe Verse: Philippians 4:13

Linda Francois Business East Dover, VT Senior Vocational Goal: To open m y o w n business

Libeth Garcia Business Administration Fairfax, V A Senior Life Verse: Romans 8:28

Patricia Gibbs Accounting Woodstock. VA Senior Vocational Goal: To become a CPA

James Gillham Political Science Vilonla. AR Senior Life Verse Romans 8 28

Wendy Griffin Business Lynchburg, V A Senior

Everette Hall Business Administrates Wellford, S C Senior Favorite Course: Old Testament

William Harris Political Science Providence, Rl Senior Vocational Goal: To be a lawyer

Shawna Heisier English/Political Science Taylor Mill, KY Senior Life Verse: Romans 12:1&2

Wanda Joy Henley Executive Secretarial Science Pottstown, PA Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Beverly Kreider Business Administration Manheim. PA

SuzanLebo Finance/Accounting Carfsle. PA Senior LKe Verse Phippians 413

John Garber Business King William, V A Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Dionne Howell Business Administration Tucson, A Z Senior

Ken Johnson Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Senior

i Mtmj Rebecca Johnson Business AdrrwiBtratlon Augusta. G A Senior Life Verse Phippians 3 5&6

Donald Jones Business Adminsltratlon Ridgeland. S C Senior Favorite Teacher Mr R Nutter

Ronald Jones H u m a n Resource Management Ridgeland. S C Senior H o m e Church Calvary Baptist Church

Edward Kafkd Business Administration Clarksburg. NJ Senior

LKe Verse teaiah 4031

WUham Leonard Business Admnistraton Cherry Hi. NJ Senior Life Verse John 3 16

Pam Lewis Business and Government Rapid City. SD Senior

Advancement of Political and Legal Argumentation/201

Barry Whitten Business Administration Memphis, TN Junior College Activities: Photographer

Janet Anderson Accounting Chattanooga, TN Freshman Life verse: Psalm 22:6

Brian Baker Business Davidsonville, M D Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 26:3

Diana Baumann Business Kingsville, M D Freshman Favorite Teacher: Miss Hamilton

Karen Beale Business Mayking, KY Freshman Life chapter: Ephesians 5

Beth Berland Accounting Snyder, C O Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Black

Krista Berry Accounting Rochester, N Y Freshman Life verse: Psalm 37: 4,5

Bryan S. Binion Business Peebles, O H Freshman Favorite Course: English

Carolynn Boyle Poetical Science Cranston, Rl Freshman Life verse: James 1:17

Sharon Bradfield Business Administration Silver Springs, N V Freshman College Activities: Chamber Choir

Peter K Braciliano Accounting Manhattan, NY Freshman Vocational Goal: CPA

Scott Brown Finance Winterville, G A Freshman Life verse: Psalm 117: 1,2

Leana Burch Business Computer Ignacio, C O Freshman Life verse: I John 1:9

John Kelly Bumette Business Jacksonville, FL Freshman Life verse: Psalm 1:1-6

Paul F. Bums Finance Charlotte, N C Freshman Life verse; John 8:32

Joe Burton Business/ Administration Williamstown, NJ Freshman Favorite Teacher; Mrs. Brinkley

Jufie Copper Accounting Minster, O H Freshman Life verse: Job 23:10

Lee Coppock Business Administration Sarasota, FL Freshman Proverbs 3:5, 6

Anthony Cornett Accounting Montgomery, AL Freshman Life verse: Acts 1:11

Michelle Diane Cottle Business Administration Beulaville, N C Freshman Life verse: John 3:16

Lome Cragle Business Sweet Valley, PA Freshman Life verse: Exodus 14:14

Pam Crawford Business Administration Roanoke, V A Freshman Life verse: Romans 8:28

Chad Curry Business Administration Arlington, TX Freshman Favorite Teacher: Miss Vennes

Barb Dabill Pre-Law Orono, M N Freshman Life verse: Matthew 6;33

Feftcia A. Dunbar Business Administration Norfolk, V A Freshman Life verse: Romans 6:23

Kristina Diane Dunham Business Administration Billerica, M A Freshman Favorite Course: Christian Growth

Becky Edward Political Science Duncanville, TX Freshman Life verse: I Timothy 4:12

Kevin Eggebraaten Business Miller, SD Freshman Life verse: James 1:12

J. David Emert Business Administration Farmville. V A Freshman Life verse: I Corinthians 13: 1-10

Curtis Dedn Epp Business Administration Stone Mountain, G A Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 3:5,6

Amy Estrada Business Administration Sarasota, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: Bank President

Kimberly D. Evans Accounting Elkins, W V Freshman Favorite Course: English

Steven Fun Business Finance Rual Hall, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Tomi Jean Gallowy Secretarial Science Florence, SC Freshman Life verse: Jeremiah 33:3

Michael E. Green Accounting Indianapolis, IN Freshman College Activities: Cross-Country, track

Jessica Grodkiweicz Executive Secretarial Manchester, M D Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Dale Gustafson Business Administration Stone Mountain, G A Freshman College Activities: Concert Choir

Donna C. Gutierrez Business Albuquerque, N M Freshman Favorite Course: NJ. Survey

Russell G. Hainllne Finance W a m e g o , KS Freshman College Activities: Cross Country

Tara L Halsey Accounting Virginia Beach, V A Freshman Life verse: Psalm 121:1,2

202/Business and Government

David V. Bisignano Accounting Trenton, NJ Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Brewer

TimBlatt Accounting Brown City, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. McHaney

Stephen Blue Business Administration Lynn wood, W A Freshman Vocational Goal: Top level management

Patrick Blyth Accounting St. Paul, M N Freshman Life verse: Joshua 1: 8

Samuel Cahall Business Administration N e w Castle, DE Freshman

Leslie Caraccloli Paralegal Huntsville, AL Freshman Vocational Goal: Paralegal Assistant

David Cardona Finance Detroit, Ml Freshman Life verse: Psalm 46:1

Cindy L. Daniel Business Education Stockbridge, G A Freshman Life verse: Psalm 16:11

Eric Daniels Business Administration Warwick, Rl Freshman Vocational Goal: Stock Broker

L aura Fanning Secretarial Science Bradenton, FL Freshman Colege Activities: W o m a n s Choir

Mario Faulkner Business Administration Kettering. O H Freshman Life verse Philippians 4:13

Teresa L ym Hammett Accountng Aurora. C O Freshman Ufe verse James 1 72

Eizabeth Harbuziok Accounting Efrnhurst, L Freshman Ufe verse 1 Timothy


Paul Nicholas Bordonaro Business Administration Wychkoff, NJ Freshman Life verse: John 14:6

Cathryn Boring Political Science Kansas City, M O Freshman Life verse: Matthew 11-28-30

Tracy Bottiger Executive Secretarial Shore wood, M N Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sloan

James D. Boyer Political Science Highland, M Freshman Favorite Course: ENGL 101

Keith A. Childress Business Administration Bristol, V A Freshman Life verse. II Timothy 2:15

Denise M. Ctum Secretarial/Business Administration Anchorage, AK Freshman Vocational Goal: Secretary

Gloria Cody Business Administration Flagstaff, AZ Freshman Life verse: Joshua 1:9

Millicent C. Cook Business Capital Heights, M D Freshman College Activities: LU Fellowship Choir

Stephen Cooper Accounting Richmond, IN Freshman Life verse: Matthew 28: 19, 20

Usa Marie Daoust Political Science Fairmont, W V Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr Hindson

Rebecca Darroch Political Science/PreLaw Fort W a y n e , IN Freshman Vocational Goal: Lawyer/Judge

Debbie DeVore Business Administration N e w Port Richey, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: Independently Wealthy

Robin Rene Dikkers Accounting Lena, IL Freshman Life verse Hebrews 12:1c

Dawn Donaldson Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Freshman Ufe verse: Philippians 4:13

Brad Douglas Business Administration Hialeah, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Woodard

Michelle Ferrin Accounting Wheat Ridge. C O Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 41:10

Lora A. Fiilyaw Political Science Tallahassee. FL Freshman Vocational Goal: Attorney at Law

Cindy Fizwater Political Science/Pre-

Cecil R. Floyd, Jr. Political Science Lynchburg, V A Freshman Life verse: Matthew

Karen T. Fox Business Orlando, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: Executive

Tim Frantz Business Administration Warsaw. IN Freshman Ufe verse: II Timothy 2:15

Cindy Harris Business Administration Marttnsvie. V A Freshman Favorite Teacher Mrs Larsen

Benjomn hiorrison Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocational Goal Business Manager

KeSi Hedges Secretarial Science Coungton. KY Freshman Ufe verse Phipptans 3 14

Mchoei J. Hendricks Poitical Science Luthersburg. PA Freshman Favorite Teacher Mr Hartman


Law Brandy wine, M D Freshman College Activities: Law Club

Donna Sue HauschUd Poitical Science Absecon. NJ Freshman Life verse Isaiah 40 31


Mark Hayman Political Science Jackson. M S Freshman Life verse Psalm 23

Business and Government/203

1 Barry Luff Business Administration Rockwall, TX Senior College Activities; Football

Nathan Moloney Political Science/ PHRM Shelby, N C Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr, Loven

John Orsag Business Administration Sayreville, NJ Senior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

Carlo Paist H u m a n Resource Management Vienna, V A Senior Life Verse: I John 4:16b-19

James Shannon Finance Belfry, KY Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. R. Nutter

Martin Tenpas Business Administration Kennedy, N Y Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Daniels

Steve Woodard Finance Alden N.Y. Junior

Joy Sizer Business Administration Cincinnati, O H Senior Life Verse: Psalm 37:4

Mitzie Miller Business Administration Hyattsville, M D Senior Favorite Course: Psychology

Timothy Earl Mills Business Lynchburg, V A Senior Life Verse: James 1:1

William Moore Business Administration Hayden, ID Junior

Robert Mullen Political Science Roanoke, V A Senior

Lori Nunnally Business Trenton, Ml Senior Life Chapter; Psalm 46

Edie Parker Business Administration Gainesville, Fla. Junior

Richard Parry Business Administration Port Jervis, NY Senior

Lloyd Peterson Public M a n a g e m e n t Lake City, FL Senior Vocational Goal: To b e a lawyer

Michael Petkof Business Administration Detroit, Ml Senior Life Verse: Ephesians 2:8&9

Janice Poehlein Political Science/PreLaw Portsmouth, V A Senior Life Verse; Proverbs 3:5-7

Anthony Sebastian Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Senior

Carl Smith Business Adminstration Buckland, M A Junior

Maureen Smith Executive Secretarial Science Charlotte, N C Senior Life Verse: Galatians 2:20

Brad Snyder Business Education Seattle, W A Senior

Shannon Manes Business Administration P o m p a n o Beach, FL Senior Life Verse: Psalm 37:4&5

Eileen Steele Accounting Odessa, Fla. Senior

Thomas Talley Finance Madison Heights, V A Senior College Activities: Band and Orchestra

Donna Dee Taylor Political Science Atlanta, G A Senior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

Casey Trigg Business Administration Hialeah, Fla. Junior

Gina VanAllen Accounting Newfield, NY Senior

Sharron Vlckers Business Administration Burke, V A Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Renee Viertel Finance Emlenton, PA Senior â&#x20AC;˘ H o m e Church: Independent Bible Church

Gary Ward History Hudson N,C. Senior

Michael Whitehurst Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Junior

Gary Williams Business Administration Anaheim, Calif Senior

Gilbert Worley H u m a n Resources Management/ Personnel Dunn Loring, V A Senior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5

Julie Ann Adams H u m a n Resources Management/ Psychology Burns, O R Junior Life Verse: I Peter 5:17

Elaine Berry Executive Secretarial Science Ripley, W V Junior College Activities: Prayer Leader

Diana Blanculli Pre-Law Ft. Lauderdale, FL Junior Life Verse: Hebrews 4:10

Jean Bisker Business Education Red Lion, PA Junior Favorite Course; Education

Angela Blosenski Business Education Honey Brook, PA Junior H o m e Church; High Point Baptist

Charieen Boles Finance Winston-Salem, N C Junior Vocalional Goal: To b e c o m e a financial advisor


They understand legal matters

L i k e most colleges, Liberty University does not have a pre-law major â&#x20AC;&#x201D; chiefly because law schools want undergraduates to major in some other subject. This creates a void of information concerning law school. It is this void the Liberty Society for Law and Public Policy fills. Originally known as the Pre-

L a w Club, the organization changed its n a m e in 1985 to attract students w h o are not planning to attend law school but are interested in legal matters. However, the main thrust of the club remains helping students w h o are interested in attending law school to be better prepared and better informed.

Members believe the key to law school is knowing h o w to get in. The Society provides members with information on the Law School Aptitude Test application procedures and on other methods of getting accepted into law school. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Steve Davis








William Gribbin Dean, School of Communications Associate Professor of English B.S.. M.Ed., Edinboro State University Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Richard W. Bohrer Professor of Journalism B.A., Westmont College M.Sc, University of Southern California M.A., CaWornia State University

Frederick W. Haas Professor of Telecommunications B.A., Northwestern College M.S.. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin


T, Edwin Brinkley Associate Professor of English

Teresa Brinkley Assistant Professor of English

Ruth L Chamberlin Coordinator, Freshman English

B.A., M.A.. University of North Carolina Ph.D., Ohio State University

A.A., Young-Harris Junior College B.A., Tift College M.A., G e o r g e Southern College

Professor of Fnglish A.B.. B.S., Ashland College M.A., University of Michigan

Donald E. Hubele Instructor of English

Sharon B. Hahnlen International Student Advisor

Donald E. Harrison Assistant Professor of Speech

Assistant Professor of Communications B.S., Iowa State University M.A., L'Universite d e Neuchatel

B.A., Augustana College M.A., University of South Dakota

B.A., Malone College M.A., California State University

Marilyn M. Nutter Assistant Professor of Speech

David J. Partle Chairman, Department of Modern Languages

Timothy D, Paulsen Assistant Professor of English

James J. Pickering Assistant Professor of Telecommunications

B.S. Ed., Northern Illinois University M.A.. University of Maryland

Associate Professor of English and Modern Languages B.A.. University of Redlands M.A.. University of California at Los Angeles M. Div., Talbot Theological Seminary M.A., University of Southern California

B.A., Blola University M.A.. Humboldt State University

B.S.. State University College at Seneseo, N e w York M.S.. State University of New Vork at Albany

Carl C Curtis, III Assistant Professor of English

Russell E. Daubert, Jr. Sharon Kay Davidson Assistant Professor Instructor of Speech B.S.. Liberty Baptist College of Speech

B.A., Texas A & M University M.A., University of Dallas

B.A., Cedarville College M. Div., Grace Theological Seminary M.A.. University of Arkansas

M.A.. University of North Carolina

Christian R. Davis Assistant Professor of English B.A., Thiel College M.A., Ph.D., Penn State University

Cec/y V. Kramer Assistant Professor of Speech

Olga Kronmeyer Associate Professor of English


Catherine LeGrande Instructor of English

Dennis T. Lowry Chairman. Department of Journalism

B.S., North Dakota State University M.A.. University of North Dakota

B.A.. Seton Hall University M.A., Ph.D.. Purdue University

B.A.. Mercyhurst College M.A., Liberty Baptist Seminary M.Ed., Lynchburg College

Professor of Journalism A.A.. Hibbing Jr. College B.A.. M.A.. University of Minnesota Ph.D., University of Iowa

Helmuth Poggemiller Chairman, Department of English

Kenney Rowlette Assistant Professor of English

Marshall B. Samuelson Assistant Professor of English

Wilma Sherwin Professor of English

Associate Professor of English Diploma. Bnercrest Btole C o l e g e B A . Tabor C o l e g e M A . Kansas State Teochers Colege Ph D . Unrversity of Toledo

B A . Berea C o l e g e M.Ed.. Lynchburg C o l e g e

B.S.. Cattomlo University of of Pennsylvania M.A., Washington College, Maryland

B.S.. M.S.Ed.. Western Illinois University Ph.D.. University ol â&#x20AC;˘nois

Faculty /209

Carta L. Sloan Albert W. Snyder Instructor of English and Assistant Professor Speech of Communications

M. Elmer Soden Associate Professor of Speech

B.S., Liberty Baptist College M.A.. Towson State University

B.A., Cascade College M.A., University of Washington

Melanie Vennes Instructor of Speech B.S., Liberty Baptist College M.A., University of North Dakota

-B.A.. W h e a t o n College M.A., Michigan State University

Ann Wharton Assistant Professor of Journalism

CarlD. Windsor Chairman, Department of Communications

B.S., Bob Jones University M.S., Ohio University

Professor of Telecommunications A.A.,North Central Michigan College B.A., M.A.. Michigan State University Ph.D., Ohio State University

David Sprague Associate Professor of Speech

David E. Towles Assistant Professor of Communications

Steven Richard Troxel Michael E. Travers Director, Honors Program Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of English of Telecommunications

B.A.. M.A.. California State University Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

B.A., Tarleton State College M.A., California State University

B.A., M.A.. McMaster University Dip. Ed. Post-baccalaureate, University of Western Ontario Ph.D., Michigan State University

Branson Lee Woodard, Jr. Assistant Professor of English

Merle W. Ziegler Assistant Professor of Speech

B.S . East Carolina University B.A . Free Will Baptist College M.A.. Tennessee State University D A . Middle Tennessee State University

B.A.. Cedarvllle College M.A., PhD., Bowling Green State University

Mervin L. Ziegler Acting Chairman Department of Speech Communication

B.A., O k l a h o m a Baptist University M.A., W h e a t o n College

Professor of Speech B.A.. Cedarvllle College M A . Bowling Green State University Ph.D., University of Florida


Brian Barnhart Television/Radio Performance Tolono, III. Senior Announcer on W R V L

Rosemarie Bateman Journalism/Public Relations Greensboro, N.C. Senior Enjoys talking

Jon Daggett Television/Radio Production Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Philip Day Television/Radio Production Roanoke, Va, Senior

Art Dechent Television/Radio Production Lynchburg, Va. Senior WLBU-TV station manager

Linda Emmons English Education Suffolk, Va. Band Field Commander

Richard Frutuozo Television/Radio Management Lynchburg, Va, Senior

Mary Lou Hastetler English Education Apollo, Pa, Senior

Kelly Kennedy Radio Performance Winston-Salem, N.C. Senior Involved in W L B U

Joella Knight Journalism/ Magazine Tyner, N.C. Senior

Steve Leer Journalism/News â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Editorial Anderson, Ind. Senior Uberty Champion Sports Editor

Tammy Leytham Journalism Mt. Pleasant, Texas Senior Vocational goal: magazine journalist

Gitau Muhoro Radio performance Lynchburg, Va. Senior Involved in LifeLong Learning

Gary Murtoff Journalism/ Advertising Carlisle, Pa, Senior Liberty Champion A d Manager

Joseph Norn's Television/Radio Production Chilllcothe, Ohio Senior

Jay Olehouser Television Performance Carbon, Alberta, Canada Senior Involved in LifeLong Learning

Tamela Putnam English Education Hendersonville, N.C. Senior

Carolyn Shirley Television/Radio Production N e w Alexandria, Pa. Senior Involved in W L B U


Dawn Smoot Journalism/Magazine Lynchburg, Va. Senior Involved in W L B U

Kristie Snodgrass Television/Radio Production Glendale, Ariz. Senior

Liberty speech team faces top-notch clubs Imagine. Someone hands you a quote — say from Plato. You have seven minutes to prepare and give a speech on it as you stand in front of lots of strange faces and the cold, skeptical stare of a judge you've never seen before. That's what members of the individual-events team have to do during impromptu-speaking competition. The 1985-86 team's perform a n c e was hampered by inexperience. Except for one junior, the team was freshmen, making it a "baby team," Assistant Coach Melanie Venice said. Even so, the team competed with top-notch clubs —

George Mason, Appalachian State, Towson State — in two categories of events — public speaking a n d interpretive events — and w o n some. Public speaking events include impromptu, extemporaneous (30 minutes preparation time), persuasive, informative and after-dinner speaking. Interpretive events are poetry and prose reading and drama interpretation. — Dolph Bell

Tamar Riley (left) practices her dramatic interpretation for an Individual Events speech competition. Advisor Elmer Soden and Anne-Marie Law review her notes for a persuasive speech.

Individual Events team members: (Front row) Miss Melody Venice, Susan Johnson (secretary-treasurer). Deborah Thomas, Elmer Soden. (Middle row) W e n d y Reaves, Tamar Riley, Patrick Scales (captain). (Back row) Mike Helmus, Anne Law. Connie Holcomb. Not pictured: Mike Franza. David Emert (chaplain) Speech team/213

Liberty Champion newspaper goes weekly

Y o u walk into the journalism lab and say "hi." N o one responds. In fact, no one even bothers to look up except the editor and he says, " W h e r e have you been? We've got to put this thing together in two days!" You cringe. You look around. Papers, large and small, cover every table. All eight word processors are in use. Writers type furiously for a few minutes, stop

and look through some papers at their sides and call out something like "Does anyone know w h o the sponsor of the Nursing Club is?" No one responds. In fact, no one even looks up. The layout crew is bent over a lightboard, eyebrows knitted. "Where are the corrections for p a g e seven?" s o m e o n e asks.

N o one responds. In fact, no one even looks up. You find a vacant word processor and begin to type. Hours later, your eyes are bleeding. You've been looking at the console so long you know you're going to dream about little blue letters. T w o days later everyone has a smile on his face. Five thousand copies have c o m e back from the printer.

Liberty Champion editors: (Sitting) Marsha Wilde, assistant news editor; Denise Floyd, news editor; Carrie Freel, layout edito Mrs. Ann Wharton, advisor. (Standing) Randy Hall, copy editor; Gary Murtoff, ad manager; John Henley, photographer; Ste Leer, sports editor; Tony Virostko, editor-in-chief; Anthony Carr, special projects editor,

Marsha Wilde (top right) brings up a m e n u on the computer to find a news story written by a Liberty Champion reporter. Advisor Ann Wharton (top left) works at the light table where (right) editor Tony Virostko joins her. Students do all writing editing, typesetting, layout themselves.

Ron Starner Journalism/Magazine Lakeland, Fl. Senior Captain of the Soccer t e a m

Mike Tllley Television/Radio Production Greensboro. N.C. Senior "Just tremendous"

Barry Turner Television/Radio Management Annandale, Va. Senior LifeLong Learning Editor

John Walker English/Bible Warrendale, Pa. Senior Favorite course: Poetry

Becky Wiginton Political Science/ Journalism Birmingham, Ala. Likes to read

Jane Willis English Indianapolis, Ind. Senior

Amanda Bennett Speech/Business Fairfax, Va. Junior Life verse: Gal. 2:20.

Walter Fitzwater, Jr. Radio Production Brandywine, Md. Junior Favorite teacher: Mr. Loven

Michele Stout Television/Radio Performing Burke, Va. Junior H o m e church: Calvary Road Baptist Church

Brian Strunk Television/Radio Management Roseville, Mich. Junior Vocational goal: to work in missions radio

Les Tilka Broadcast Management Jacksonville, Fl. Junior Prayer leader

Kevin VanBuren Radio Production Silver Springs, N.Y. Junior Life verse: John 3:16

Barry Will Television Productio Tallahassee, Fl. Junior National Dean's List 1985

D a w d Zelem Radio M a n a g e m e n t Pennsauken. N.J. Junior Saved at the a g e of five

Vivian Aalborg Journalism Bergen, Norway Sophomore Involved in the Liberty Champion

Reggie Asher Telecommunications Scottsdale, Ariz. Sophomore Favorite course: Art


The paper looks good. Great, in fact. It's time to distribute. You grab a box of papers and head for a dorm. "The new Liberty Champion is out," you announce. "Who wants a copy?" No one responds. In fact, no one even looks up. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Dolph Bell

Jeffrey Fleck TetecormKintcattons Charleston. W V . Junior Saved at the a g e of six

Rinda Foster Journalism Fieldale. Va. Junior Resident Assistant

Catherine Freeman Journalism/Public Relations Mackenzie. British Columbia Junior Favorite course: Child Psychology

Paul Douglas Kuiken Television/Radio Management Boca Raton, Fl. Junior Involved in WLBU

Elaine Lucadano TVR/Joumalism N e w Port Richey, Fl. Junior Vocational goal: television reporter or anchorperson

Ron Mullican Television/Radio Performance C a n o n City. Colo. Junior Favorite teacher Jim Pickering

Kim Reeser Telec ommunications Douglassville. Pa. Junior Saved at the a g e of

Sheila Seal Television Production Dutton, V a Junior Life verse Psalm 46:10

Steve Cleveland Television Production Smethport. Pa Sophomore involved r intramurals

Brian Coins Rodto Production Vienna. Onto

Donna Deck Tetevision/RodÂťo Performing Honeytxook. Pa. Sophomore Vocational goal to b e an actress

Rodney Faziat Tetecormiunications Boco Raton. Fl. Sophomore Favorite teacher Mr Loven

Linda Fields Joumaism Cincinnati. Ohio Sophomore H o m e church Landmark Baptist Temple

Tracy HaB TeteccnTmuntcattons Richmond. V a Sophomore Saved at the a g e of seven

G Luke Lucas Journalism E Harpswel. M a n e Sophomore H o m e church Lighthouse Baptist

Doug Keesey Television Production Brandon, Fl Junior Vocational goal work in Christ ion dramatic television

Wants to work m a Christian rodto station

Liberty Champion/215

Broadcasters g o local for hands-on experience Too m u c h reading can be a waste of time, broadcasting majors say. They need experience, not books.

Professional broadcasters speak at meetings. Local station managers, cable workers, and news personalities challenge them to get vast experSo, instead of studying books ience in while in school â&#x20AC;&#x201D; not in the library, they g o off in a dif- the Christian field only but in the ferent direction, trying to build secular field as well. their skills at Lynchburg radio stations, the School of LifeLong Field trips to professional stuLearning or anywhere they can dios, such as the A B C N e w s get hands-on experience and headguarters and the C B N and PTL networks, give students an good resume material. insight into the art. The Intercollegiate Religious Broadcasters club brings Liber- Highlight of the year was the ty's busy, scattered broad- annual National Religious casters together and slows Broadcasters convention in them d o w n long enough for Washington, D.C., held Feb. 2them to share education and 5. Here students met the top encourage friends to get jobs professionals in the field. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Christina Wingfield or internships.


International Religious Broadcasters officers: (From left) Tina Suther, public relations; Elaine Lucadano, secretary; Sherry Brown, vice president. (Standing) Mike Tilley, president; Dr, Fred Haas, advisor; Brian Barnhart, treasurer. I.R.B. Members include (sitting) Christina Wingfield, Karen Hamilton, Sheri Brown. (Standing in front) Jim Pickering, advisor Michelle Cockrum, Debbie Seagroves; Dung Phan; Elaine Lucadano; Tina Suther; Gitau Muhuro; Dr. Fred Haas, advisor. (Back R o w ) Mike Tilley, Deva Singh, Brian Barnhart, Roger Mahr, Renee , D a v e Young, Kip Kubin, D a n Pelletier, Jay Olhauser. Derek Towse, Mike Tilley and Brian Barnhart discuss plans for the next meeting (below)


Charles E. Howes Television Management Atwater, O H Sophomore Life verse: Phil. 3:13, 14

Julie Jones TelevisJon/Rodio Miami, FL Sophomore participates in cheerleading

Renee Kidd TVR Performance N e w Haven, Ml Sophomore prayer leader

Laura Lanting TVR Performance Greenlawn, NY Sophomore Vocational goal: to be a talk show host

Heidi Uppy Journalism Hampstead, M D Sophomore saved at the a g e of seven

Felix Lopez Television Production Caguas, Puerto Rico Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Scott McCall TVR Production Buffalo, NY Sophomore Involved in WLBU

John Miller Television Production Shavertown, PA Sophomore Wants to o w n a television/radio production company

Chris Moorman Television/Radio Los Angeles. C A Sophomore H o m e church: Faith Baptist Church

Brent Mohl Television Production High Point. N C Sophomore Vocational goal: television producer

Jonathan Moore Telecommunications Fleetwood, PA Sophomore Liberty Champion photographer

Brenda Olberg Journalism/Public Relations Edmonds, W A Sophomore Saved at the a g e of six

mk m% mm Don Pelletier Radio Performance Englewood. FL Sophomore WLBU PSA director

Amy Lee Rich Journalism Muscle Shoals, AL Sophomore M e m b e r of the debate team

Laurel Riefler Television Performance Springville, NY Sophomore Vocational goal: to publish and sing o w n songs worldwide

i Thomas Scott Television Production Richmond, V A Sophomore Life verse: Matt. 20 28

2Pf? C o m J e Skmer TVR St James. Ml Sophomore M e m b e r of KB

Michael Souther Telecommunications Statesvle, N C Sophomore LU bus driver

Ronald Statngs I Television Performing Emporia, V A Sophomore Saved at the o g e of thirteen

Denise Sfortenbecker Engfeh N e w Atxny. PA RB/217 Sophomore n the Pojtcpates orchestra

Patricia Allen Speech Portland, M E Senior Life Verse: Philippians 1:6

Lynn Breyette Communications Minneapolis, M N Senior

Sheri Brown TV-Radio Management Fort Myers, FL Senior College Activity: Vice President of IRB Religious Broadcasters

Steve Clark TV Production Annandale, V A Senior Favorite Course: TVR 195

Tracy Cooper TV/R Broadcasting Manchester, IL Senior Life Verse: Romans 12:1&2

Lisa Ebauer Telecommunications Towson, M D Senior College Activities: RA

Pierre Francois Telecommunications Port-au-Prince, Haiti Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Donald Frith Television Production/Food Service Jacksonville, FL Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Kroll

Latino Suther TV M a n a g e m e n t Concord, N C Senior Life Verse: Isaiah 40:31

Jennifer Wallace Journalism/ Magazine Lithia Springs, G A Senior College Activities: Liberty Champion

John Edwin Westfall Television Production Westminster, M D Senior H o m e Church: Church of the O p e n Door

Christina Wingfield Telecommunications High Point, N C Senior Life Verse: Psalm 37:3-6

Brian John Bloye Telecommunications Arlington, TX Junior Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Mark Camper TVR M a n a g e m e n t Buena Vista, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Anthony Carr Telecommunications Louisburg, N C Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bohrer

Kimberly Easton Journalism Columbus, IN Junior Vocational Goal: To b e a news broadcaster

Liberty debate team calls 1985-86 a 'building year' T h e Apostle Paul says the unrighteous are full of debate (Rom. 1:9). But certain students at Liberty have proved the righteous can be into debate, too — up to their ears. Club members put in about 15 hours a week researching. C o m e tournament time, they work harder. Starting at 8 a.m., Friday, they debate all weekend — eight hours a day, three days straight. They debate both sides of an issue — pro and con — four hours each side. They spend another eight to ten hours at night

pouring over newly heard arguments, revising their notes, trying to construct rebuttals. Debaters have to stick to the subject — one subject all year, no matter h o w boring. In 198586 it was public schools. The national debate topic read: "Resolved: That more rigorous a c a d e m i c standards should be established at all public elementary and/or private schools in the United States in one or more of the following areas: language arts, mathematics, and/or natural sciences." The team's performance suf-

fered initially from inexperience and the graduation of awardwinning debaters. It was a building year. "This year w e had a lot of novice people and a lot of people in the Junior Varsity Division," senior Mary Ann Barber said. "I could expect that in the next year or t w o we're going to have a team just as competent as it was." Already the team is winning top prizes. — Dolph Bell

The 1985-86 Debate team: (Back row. left to right) Kirk Lortz, David Sedlacek, Jamie Lund, Bret O'Donnell, Dr. Merle Ziegler, (Front row, left to right) Bryan Lawton, Mary Ann Barber, A m y Rich, Janet Pierpoint and A m y Hubbard. 218/Communications

Ron Holder Radio Production Lynchburg, V A Senior

Warren Fletcher Radio Productions Woodridge, V A Junior Life Verse. Philippians 4:13

Greg Kern Speech Littleton, C O Senior Vocational Goal: To b e a radio announcer

Jill Lackey Journalism/Public Relations Seattle, W A Senior College Activities: Sounds of Liberty

Elizabeth McFeaters English Literature N e w Oxford, PA Senior Vocational Goal: To b e a college professor

Michele Miller Television Production Goshen, IN Senior College Activity: RA

Brett O'Donnell Speech Centreville. V A Senior Life Verse: Romans 8:31

Alan Gentry Telecommunications Salem, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Roger Mahr Television Production Canajoharie, NY Junior College Activity: Throwing rocks at people

Cathy Mason English Carteret, NJ Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Towns

Marjorie McCutcheon Journalism Washington, D C . Junior Life Verse: Philippians 1:9

Deborah L. McSwain Journalism/ Advertising Greensboro, N C Junior Dedicated workaholic

Merisa Parson TV Performance Scottsville. V A Senior "Always involved"

Melanie Moon Tele- communications/ Performing St. Petersburg, FL Junior Vocational Goal: To b e a TV anchorwoman

Mark Ricks TV Production O x o n Hill, M D Senior Life Verse: Philippians 4:16

Thomas Nesbitt Television Production Riverside, NJ Junior Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5&6

'M $3 WAV*'

I •••


to creating a SELAH,

1984 yearbook out of its hole Everyone expects a yearbook, like a cat, to see all They were the logical choice with large unblinking eyes. for editors once the journalism Does someone cut a ribbon at department took control of Convocation? Everyone looks publishing the book, They bearound for the yearbook's cam- gan in October 1984 planning e r a m a n . Does the football their issue of SELAH. Tim Isaacson marshalled a team tromp James Madison? Get it on film. Recreate the crew of photographers and scene. D o it up right. M a k e us processed their work, He says he used 700 feet of black and look good! But yearbook editors and white film, 1000 sheets of 8 x 10 staff members feel more like photo paper, 30 gallons of demice — blind mice, at that. Six veloper and 30 million hours. Rose said, "If w e got paid by teams play on a given Saturday, At home. Guess w h o has the hour, we'd be millionaires." only four photographers. Does Todd Peck, our freshman, and Liberty Mountain catch fire? Martika Parson, Dolph Bell, John Guess who's out of film. Does Peters, Lonnie Hiltebeitel, Mark some w a g put detergent in the tha Crouthamel, Donna Keys, ^% fountain? Guess whose flash Mrs. Pat Heerspink, and a host of passersby w h o c a m e into the g\y& doesn't work. Y? Not one mark goes on any office to identify pictures all J^L page unless someone puts it m a d e a significant contribution f^A there. People think the year- along the line. But it was the four or five that &&m\ book staff is the size of a small stuck with it to the end who | E ^ | army. have turned a year of their life P^ Little they know. T w o editors — journalism m a - into 368 pages. It hasn't been easy, but herojors — one darkroom artist, one freshman w h o enrolled in year- ic acts never are, — Dick Bohrer, advisor book lab both semesters, and one advisor formed the core The 1986 Selah Staff: (Right, Back row, that designed and executed left to right) Tim Isaacson, Photo-editor; Rosemarie Bateman, Editor. (Front row) SELAH '86. Debbie McSwain, Editor; Todd Peck, Rosemarie B a t e m a n and- Staff Assistant. (Inset) The staff at final DebbieMcSwain helped pull the deadline.

there's something about a mouse

Leslie Plymaie English Monroe, V A Junior College Activity: Sigma Tau Delta

Glenn Snaveiy Speech Communication Avoca, N Y Junior Favorite Course: Oral Interpretation

Latisa Snead Journalism Stuarts Draft, V A Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bohrer

Claude Steriin TV & Radio Management Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Ed Stewart TVR Production Detroit, Ml Junior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Steve VanDusen TV Production Anchorage, Alaska Junior College Activities: Sounds of Liberty

Bridget Bailey Speech Communication Portsmouth, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Rev. V. Brewer

John Balan Journalism Hollywood, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Jon tgnaszewski T.V. Production Corning, N Y Sophomore College Activity: Brass Choir

Tim Isaacson Journalism Port Huron, Ml Sophomore Ufe verse: Matt 6:33

Robin Kuner Journalism Chesapeake, O H Sophomore College Activity: Liberty Outreach Singers

Felix Lopez TV Production Caguas, Puerto Rico Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Rise McElhenney Speech Communications Decatur, M S Sophomore Vocational Goal: Speech Pathologist

Sharon Moody TVR Washington, IN Sophomore Favorite Course: TVR 250

Diana Nantz English Lexington, N C Sophomore College Activity: Prayer Leader

Tina Pierson Photojournalism Inkster, Ml Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Garlock

Mickey Truner TVR M a n a g e m e n t Suffolk, V A Sophomore College Activity: Single Purpose

Michael Vaughn Broadcast Management Peculiar, M O Sophomore College Activity: Prayer Leader

Thomas Warren TVR Production Jacksonville, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr, Pickering

Marsha Wilde Journalism Charlotte, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Lowry

Pam Windham Journalism Florence, S C Sophomore Favorite Course: N e w s Editing

Todd Allen Communications Addison, IL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr.

Kathn/n Beam Telecommunications Statesville, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Jacquelin Beatty TV Production Orlando, FL Freshman Life verse: I Timothy

Michelle Cockrum Journalism San Antonio, TX Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr, Ziegler

Richard C. Craywall Telecommunications South Lebanon, O H Freshman Awards: 1st place in state competition singing with a quartet

Mark Crisp

April Diffenderfer Undeclared Gainesville, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Gretchen Eicher TV 8c Radio Performing Palm Harbor, FL Freshman Favorite Course: Intro, to Mass Communication

Rob Haye Telecommunications Kittunning, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Old Testament

Doug Hickman Television Production Arlington, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hubele

Joel Crapuchettes Telecommunications Anchorage, Alaska Freshman College Activity: Track T e a m

Beth Harris Undeclared Gashen, O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Jim Nutter


TVR Daingerfield, TX Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Sloan

Theresa Hash Communications Lynchburg, V A Freshman Life verse: Phil. 1:8


Tracee Ford Undecided Richmond, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Art Appreciation

Leon Hiltebeitel Journalism Pottstown, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

4: 15 & 16

Tina M. Fox Telecommunications Pennsville, NJ Freshman Life verse: II Timothy


Carol Jackson Journalism Epsom, NH Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. C o m b e e

Kenneth Biggs Journalism Woodridge, Illinois Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr, Snyder

Robin Brooks Journalism Lynchburg, V A Sophomore

Robbt Bruestle Journalism Holland, PA Sophomore Favorite Course: Psychology

Kelley Bushey Speech Communication Alpena, Ml Sophomore Vocational Goal: Lawyer

Jim Carpenter 81 Speech Communication Lima, O h b Sophomore

Steven Crawford Speech Commuriication Highland Village, TX Sophomore Lite verse: Joshua 1:8

Jill Denise Donn Interdisciplinary Studies Hagerstown, M D Sophomore College Activity: Prayer leader

Undo Fields Journalism Cincinnati. Ohio Sophomore College Activity: L.U. Marching Band

Brian Ritenour Journalism Diamond, O H Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Nelson

Carrie Price TVR Production W . Salem, O H Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sherman

Dan Rudolph English Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Coleman

Richard Sams Telecommunications Paducah, KY Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr.

Ross Sattler Journalism Eaton Rapids, Ml Sophomore Vocational Goal: Writer

Ralph Seal TV Production Dutton. V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr Pickering

Andrew Solberg Telecommunications Millersburg. PA Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Habermas

Marilyn Troyer TVR Sugarcreek, O H Sophomore Favorite Course: TVR 250


Kromer Bevi Telecommunications Klttanning, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Windsor

Kevin Billman Public Relations Carlisle, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Kevin Brink Radio Production Klttanning, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Lance Byrd Undecided Lockport, N Y Freshman Favorite Course: History

Sherry Caine Journalism Depew, N Y Freshman Life verse: Gal. 2:20

Nancy Carpenter English Muskegon, Michigan Freshman Life verse: n Pet. 1:21

Elizabeth Chandler Speech Communication St. Petersburg, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: Photographer

Saul Cibas TV/Radio Performing Burbank, IL Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Amy Frith English Sarasota. FL Freshman

Betty Guess Elementary Education Asheville, N C Freshman Favorite Course Bible

.Minnie Gibson Telecommunications Orlando, FL Freshman College Activity: Track

Ginger Gosney Telecommunications Miami. FL Freshman Favorite Course: Concert Choir

Christy Hale Undecided Mogadore. O H Freshman Life verse: Phil. 4:13

Russell E Hat TVR Producing Tucson, Arizona Freshman Favorite Course Play Production

Heather Hamilton Journalism Raleigh, N C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr.

Sherrill L. Hauser English Education Lynchburg, V A Freshman College Activity Flag Squad

Brian Kng Joumaism MKon. W V Freshman Favorite Course Must Appreciation

KrnKrkland Communications Jocksonvie, FL Freshman Colege Activity Band

(on Jermgs Communications Lakewood. C O Freshman Favonte C o m e Must

Jerry Johnson TVR East Bank. W V Freshman Lite verse Col 1 27

Susan Johnson Oral Interpretation Joelton. TN Freshman Favorite Course SFCH 101

Roy Jones Undecided Union. W V Freshman Favonte Course Ftiysxxi Fitness

Matthew Kerrick Telecommunications Alexandria. V A Freshman Favorite Teacher Dr




Derek Towse Television/Radio Sharon Springs. N Y Senior "The classic comedian"

Tammy Gail Bitterton English Education Senior Hurt, V A

Bob Lautermilch Undecided Overland, M D Freshman Favorite Course: Weight Training

Tammie LaRose Undecided Pownal, M E Freshman Favorite Course: Anthropology

Cindy Lies Undecided Ruskin, FL Freshman Life Verse: Phil 4:19

Angela Long Broadcasting Performance Richmond, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Windsor

Timothy Lovett Communications Sewell, NJ Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Alice Lykins Undecided Cincinnati, O H Freshman Life verse: Phil 3:13-14

Dale Lyon Undecided Millersburg, Ml Freshmgn Favorite Teacer: Mr. Harrison

James Main, Jr. Undecided Fulton, N Y Freshman Favorite Course: Military Science

Darin Malone Bristol, V A Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 5:2

Karen Manlove Telecommunications Milton, IN Freshman Favorite Course: TVR

Ronald Martin Television Management Mars, PA Freshman Favorite Course: CSER 101

Samuel McAfoos II Undecided Dungannon, VA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p

Rose McNeer Undecided Hinton, W V Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Gina Mehaffey English Hurst, TX Freshman Life verse: R o m 12:1-2

Sheryl Mlers English Beardstown, IL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Travers

Debra Miller Speech Communications Ocala, FL Freshman Favorite Course: Speech 101

Paul Miller Telecommunicatons Tucson, A Z Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Harfman

LoriMillett Journalism Lincoln Center, M N Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindosn

Eugenia Mills Undeclared Princeton, W V Freshmen Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p

Laurie Paschal Undeclared Chesterfield, IN Freshman College Activity: Scare Mare

Todd Peck Advertising Gaston, S C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Lowry

Ken Phillips Undecided Mt. Airy, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Valerie Pittman Undecided Wlsconsid Rapids, Wl Freshman Favorite Course: Nutrition

Lori Poole Undecided Louisville, KY Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Harrison

Joseph Randanella Communications Atco, NJ Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Piper

Lisa Reichenbach

Laura Relndle Television/Radio Kenosha, Wl Freshman Life verse: Matt 6:33

Crystal Robinson

77m Saint Journalism Elverson, PA Freshman College Activity: Hockey

Karen Sale English Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Art

TVR Dearborn, Ml Freshman College Activity: Speech


TVR Oxnard, C A Freshman Ufe verse: Rom, 8:28

Greg Lontkowskl Telecommunications North Tonawanda, NY Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Macky

Tim Salyer English Bay City, Ml Freshman Favorite Course English

M o v e to new quarters silences WLBU W L B U 55AM, "The voice of Liberty" provides contemporary Christian music to the students along with the news, weather and sports update to keep the students informed on the current issues of the day. With at least 40 contributors the station is a means of practical experience with a lot of fun blended in to m a k e the listener thoroughly enjoy the entertainm e n t through the sound

waves. This year a senior from Sharon Springs, NY, Derek Towse, was the station's manager. Towse w a s instrumental in the purchase of n e w albums which provided a slightly n e w sound to the station's music. Construction deadlines delayed the supersign-on until February, This c a m e as a disappointment to m a n y faithful listeners. As another part of the relocation, the station took roots in

the n e w Fine Arts extension building after being sgueezed out of the General Education building to provide more cafeteria space. Towse's main goal of the year was to develop a professional and hard working attitude a m o n g the students involved in the production. He wanted to not only have fun but to do it like the professionals, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sherry Coberly

WLBU Staff: (Kneeling, from left) Mike Tilley. Brian Bloye, Doug (Third row) Ben Harrison, Kip Kubin, Bev Stanley, and Carolyn Kulken, Brian Barnhart. (Second row) Derek Towse (station Shirley. (Fourth row) Kevin VanBuren, Bart Craycraft and manager), Sherry Coberly, Elaine Lucadano, Michele Scott McCall. Stout, Ginger Gosney, Laura Lanting, and Claude Sterling.


Rick Samples Journalism Jacksonville, FL Freshman College Activity: Powerlifting

Mary Ellen Siegfried Public Relations York, PA Freshman Life verse: Psalm 139

Darryl Simmons Speech Communication Bayside, NY Freshman Vocational Goal: Minister

Carol Simons Communications Indianapolis, IN Freshman Vocational Goal: Public Relations

Stacey Smith Telecommunications Harrisonburg, VA Freshman Favorite Course: Military Science

Stephen Smith Telecommunications Dauphin, PA Freshman Vocational Goal: Radio manager

Bill Soistmann Telecommunications Absecon, NJ Freshman College Activity: Intramural football

Harold Stein TVR Vienna, OH Freshman College Activity: 4 year old ministry

Tidia Stone Journalism St. Louis, Missouri Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bice

Marcia Stracuzzi Jounalism Sarasota, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Lynnette Turner Telecommunications Elyria, OH Freshman Vocational Goal: TV Performing

Daniel Wade Telecommunications Atlanta, G A Freshman College Activity: Youth Quest Club

Lorraine Waltz Magazine Journalism Williomsport, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Chuck Wanamaker Telecommunications Chambersburg, PA Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Cheri Warhurst TV-Radio Performing Loring AFB, M A Freshman Life verse: Psalm 47:4

Kelly Wick Telecommunications Friendswood, TX Freshman College Activity: Drama

Jennifer Williams English Sparks, Nevada Freshman College Activity: Marching Band

Rone6 Williams Telecommunications Salem, OH Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr, Captain

Scott Wilson Radio Production Cincinnati, OH Freshman Favorite Course: Christian Growth

Jerry Woolord Telecommunications Washington, N C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr, W e m p



Spotlight: Mr. James Pickering

\ \ | love N e w York!" Mr. James Pickering m a y not have coined that famous slogan, but he certainly agrees with it. He has N e w York posters, pins, cups, and maps scattered throughout his office. He says the excitement of seeing operas and plays are what keep him going back to "The Big Apple." A native of Long Island, N e w York, he has been teaching in the Department of Telecommunications here at Liberty

since 1974. Life, though, holds many other interests for him besides his teaching. He not only enjoys using television cameras, but 3 5 m m ones as well. He m a n a g e d to take 900 pictures during a 1984 trip to Germany, Florida, and N e w York. He also enjoys snow skiing. He describes himself as only of average ability, but at the first trace of snow he heads for hills. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ivan Giesbrecht

Bachelor James Pickering has carved his o w n niche at LU. Possibly the only faculty | m e m b e r to ride a motorcycle backwards (above), he likes TV, NY and skis.

Communication Spotlight/227

[i ^ ^ f ^ t s ^




I "£<§£




• Hi IftSfeS


Garth E. Runion Dean, School of Education Professor of Education B.S., Illinois State University M.A., University of Northern Iowa Ph.D., University of Illinois

Robert S. Bonheim Head Wrestling Coach Assistant Professor of Physical Education


Brenda A. Bonheim Coordinator, Women's Sports

Lila D. Bruckner Chairman, Division of Learning Assistance

Frances Burch Instructor of Health an Physical Education

B.S., M.S., University of California at Los Angeles

Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- Professor of Education cation B.A., San Diego State College B.S., Bob Jones University M.Ed., Montana State University M.Ed.. W a y n e State University Ph.D., University of South Carolina

B.S.. Lock Haven State College M.A.. Eastern Kentucky University

Pauline Donaldson Assistant Professor of Education

Linda L. Farver Women's Basketball Coach

Mary A. Fink Assistant Professor of Education

Mary Lou Garlock Instructor of Education

B.A.. Northwestern College M.A., University of Michigan Ed.D., University of Virginia

Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Frostburg College M.Ed., Middle Tennessee State University

A.B., University of California at Los Angeles M.Ed., University of South Carolina M.A., University of Southern California

Alvin E. Hickey Assistant Professor of Education

Ronald F. Hopkins Headcoach, Women's Track & Field

B.A., Cumberland College M.A., Miami University

H e a d C o a c h . W o m e n ' s Cross Country Faculty Advisor, R O T C Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Western Michigan University M.S., Southern Illinois University

David Horton Chairman, Division of Health and Physical Education Associate Professor of Physical Education B.S.E, M.S.E., University of Central Arkansas Ed.D., University of Arkansas

B.S., Bob Jones University M.A., Azusa Pacific University

Grace E. Liddle Assistant Professor of Education B.A., M.A.. Wheaton College M.R.E., Eastern Baptist Theotogted Seminary Ed.Sp., Nova University

John Caltagirone Assistant Professor of Physical Education

James C. Colligon Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Carolyn S. Diemer Assistant Professor of Education

John W. Donaldson Associate Professor of Education

A.A., J.C. College at the Sequoias B S., Eastern M o n t a n a College M.S.. Eastern Illinois University Ed.S., G e o r g e P e a b o d y College

B.S., Murray State University M.S., Memphis State University Ed.D.. Southern Mississippi

B.S.. C a r s o n - N e w m a n College M.R.E.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

B.S.. Cedarville College B.S. in Ed., Central State University A.M.. Ph.D.. University of Michigan

Robert H. Gaunt Chairman, Division of Teacher Education

Dale E. Gibson Assistant Professor of Education

Director. Interdisciplinary Studies Program Professor of Education B S.. M.A.. Central Michigan University

Diploma, Applachian Bible Institute B.A.. Bryan College M.Ed.. University of Virginia D.Ed.. Virginia Polytechnic Institute a n d State University

George B. Livesay Director. External Practicum Professor of Education

Wade Locy Instructor of Education

B S . Bob Jones University M R E . Southwestern Baptist TheTheological SerrWiary P A . u S. Pubic Health Service Hospital M A , Ed D . Arizona State University

B A . Bob Jones University M Ed . Lynchburg C o l e g e

Ralph R. Gold, Jr. Director. Intramurals Instructor of Physical Education B.A.. Clearwater Christian College M.Ed . University of T a m p a

Patricia Greenhalgh Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S.. University of Rhode Island M.A.. Lynchburg College M.A.. Uberty Baptist Seminary

James Motherly Associate Professor of Education

Ann McFarland Associate Professor of Education

B A . San Diego State Unrversity M.A.. E d D . Northern Arizona University

B A . Northwestern State University M Ed , Unrversity of Mississippi P h D . Florida State Unrversity


John J. Pantana William Denton McHaney Chairman, Department Instructor of Learning of Secondary Education Assistance Center B.A., Liberty Baptist College M.Ed., Lynchburg College

B.A., Bob Jones University M.Ed., Georgia State University Ed.D., University of Virginia

Milton K. Reimer Professor of Education and Social Science

Barbara Sherman Instructor of Education

Diploma, Prairie Bible Institute B.A., Trinity College M.Ed.. Ph.D., University of North Dakota


Connie S. Pumpelly Head Athletic Trainer Instructor of Physical Education B.A., Cedarville College M.A., Indiana University

Ellen M. Soden Chairman, Department of Elementary Education

A.A.. Potomac State College B.A.. Fairmont State Teachers' Col- Director, Elementary Practicum lege Associate Professor of Education M.A., Lynchburg College B.M.E., Fort Wayne Bible College M.S.. Indiana University

Maurice L. Stone Head of Graduate Studies, School of Education

Roy E. Yarbrough Assistant Professor of Physical Educatia

Professor of Education A.B., Cedarville College Ed.M., Ed.D., Temple University

B.S., Greenville College M.S., Eastern Illinois Univei Ed.D., University of NorthC Greensboro

With the Lord



Dr. D


He had complained to his students the night before that he did not feel all that well. Then, the next day, he collapsed and died at home. His death shocked and grieved the entire Liberty family. Dr. Barlow, 59. was a native of Elizabeth, Penn. He had earned his Bachelor's degree it Franklin College, a Master of Divinity degree from Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, the Master of Arts and Doctor of Education degrees from Arizona State University. He had done additional graduate study at Purdue University, the University of Cincinnati, and the National Curriculum Study Institute. He was the author of "Educational Psychology: The Teaching and Learning Process." He had been on the faculty at Liberty since 1978. He is survived by his wife, Wilma Mae Barlow, a mathematics professor at LU, and two sons. Dr. Dana Scott Barlow of Roanoke and Brett Robin Barlow of Rustburg.


Michelle Taylor Executive Secretarial Science Cincinnati, O H Freshman Favorite course: Psychology

Marcy Teske Business Administration Carleton, Ml Freshman Saved at the a g e of 6.

Paul Theaker Accounting Wolverine, Ml Freshman College Activity: Intramural soccer

Nona Thoen Business Aitkin, M N Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. W e m p

Scott Titus Accounting Sarasota, FL Freshman Life verse: Gal. 5:13

Russeu Toit Accounting Miami, FL Freshman College Activity; SGA

Kim Tschetter Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocational goal; To b e c o m e an elective fashion coordinator

Grefchen Tsika Law Zachary, LA Freshman Life verse: John 15:7

Daniel Turtle Business Administration Kirtland, O H Freshman Favorite course: Old Testament Survey

Dave Tuttle Business Administration Placentia, C A Freshman College Activity: Band

Lynda VanderMolen Business Muskegon, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Locy

Bradford Vanley Business Administration Narragansett, Rl Freshman Life verse: John 3:3

Rhonda VanWyk Accounting Pella, I O W A Favorite course: Speech

Christopher Villa Business Administration Tonawanda, NY Freshman College Activity: SAM

Ike Vinson Accounting Waldorf, M D Freshman Saved at school in third grade.

Tracey Wagner Business Royersford, PA Freshman Life verse: Joshua 1:9

Heidi Wallingford Accounting Federal W a y , W A Freshman H o m e church: Cornerstone Baptist

Michael Warnken Business Administration N e w Windsor, M D Freshman Favorite teacher: Mr. Towles

Darin Waters Pre-law Asheville, N C Freshman Favorite course: Political Science

Amy Weatherall Political Science Moore, O K Freshman College Activity: Drama technical crew

Marlynda Whittaker Business Kansas City, M O Freshman College Activity: WORK!!!

Ruth Ann Wickerham Accounting Monongahela, PA Freshman Favorite teacher: Mrs. Sloan

Jodi Widmyer Business Administration Mendota Heights, M N Life verse: Proverbs 3:5

Matthew Wilcox Business Administration Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocational goal: B e c o m e a manager in a large company.

Cheryl Wilkes Political Science Pleasantville, NJ Freshman College Activity: Gospel choir

Deborah Jo Williams Business Greenville, N C Freshman Life verse: Col. 3:23

Andrea Wilson Executive Secretarial Science Graham, N C Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. Soden

Wendy Wilson Business Port Neches, TX Freshman College Activity: SGA Senator

Darin Winebrenner Business Administration Louisville, KY Freshman Favorite course: Acct. 203

Rhonda Workman Business Administration Cleveland, O H Freshman College Activities: Whatever is going on!

Steven Wyka Accounting Syracuse, N Y Freshman Favorite teacher: Mr. Daniels

Polly Anne Zak Finance Asbury, NJ Freshman College Activity: Bandfront

Lyn Zebroski Executive Secretarial Science N e w Castle, DE Freshman Life verse: Phil. 4:13

234/Business and Government

A Touch of Distinction Kappa Delta Pi is not an animal house; it's not s o m e rowdy frat house. It's the largest, most-distinguished education honor society in the world. The Liberty chapter — two years old in 1985-86 — boasted a membership of 120. The national headquarters in West Lafayette, Indiana, has recognized Liberty's K a o p a Delta Pi as "one of our top chapters" out of more than 400 worldwide. Kappa Delta Pi is not for the academically w e a k . A 3.0 grade point average is m a n datory. The chapter met six times — four of them second semester. It hosted special education speakers and co-sponsored the annual Faculty Appreciation Day along with the Liberty 1985-85 Kappa Delta Pi officers, left to right, are Steve Homeyer, Sharon Taylor, Lynn Schulman and Joyce Association of Christian TeachLeslie. Membership required a 3.0 grade point average. ers.

Kappa Delta Pi (front row) Sandy Huyser. Michele Miller, Pamela Davis, R Gayle Fauber. Darlene DeHart. Kelly Tomlinson, Lynn Schulman, D a w n Shehan, Brenda Standley, Kathleen Summers, (second row) Carole Howell. Pamela Keen. Terri Krasinski. Kelly Manley, Deborah Cherry, Sharon Taylor, Sandy Park, T a m m y Putnam, Susan Riggs, Craig Wright, Kevin E. Grant, Tarla W . Gernert, P a m Zolman. Debbie Scruggs, Kathy P

Jordan, Lila Bruckner — counselor, Dr Daniel L. Barlow, (third row) Deborah Bowen, Sue Heffentrager, Patricia Burneson. Rhonda M. Cart. Joyce Leslie. Tami Cullen, David Painter, Steve Homeyer. Robin Davis, Bonnie Lee Piatt, Patrick Eggleston, Michael B Taylor, Mary Lou Hostetler, Suzanne Welshans, Jeff Griffis, Brad Snyder. Chris Holcomb, Sharon Sickler, Dr. Lee I. Bruckner

Kappa Delta Pi/235

Denise Culley Physical Education South Boston, Va. Senior Involved in S G A

Tanya Hart Physical Education Ayden, N.C. Senior

Andrew McClenahan Physical Education Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Diane Pool Elementary Education San Antonio, Texas Senior Resident Assistant

Sharon Taylor Elementary Education Rustburg, Va. Senior

Susan Adair English Education Moyock, N.C. Junior Involved in King's Players

Kathy Angle Physical Education Arlington, Texas Junior Life verse: Isiah 40:31

Barbara Cooper Elementary Education Johnstown, Pa. Junior Favorite teacher: Dr. Reimer

Hope Cordas Elementary Education Steelton, Pa. Junior Involved in Track and Field

Kathleen Dalenberg Elementary Education Olive Hill, Ky, Junior Saved at the a g e of nine

Sheila Daughefy Math Education Dover, N,C. Life verse: Phil. 4:13

Pamela Davis English Education N. Miami, Fl. Junior Favorite teacher: Mrs. Mawdsley

Laura Day Elementary Education Pueblo, Colo. Junior H o m e church: Lighthouse Baptist Church

Tina Ellenburg English Education Travelers Rest. S.C. Junior Singer in Youthquest

Lourdes Herrera Elementary Education Cologne, Minn. Junior M e m b e r of College Republicans

Wanda-Jeanne Hicks Elementary Education Lower Burrell, Pa. Junior H o m e church: First Baptist Church

Carole Howell Elementary Education W . Hempstead, N.Y. Junior Dean's List

Sheila Hubbard English Education Lebanon, Va. Junior Favorite course: Literature

Russell Jones Physical Education Charlotte, N.C. Junior Vocational goal: Athletic Director

Melody Kager Elementary Education Orange Park, Fl. Junior Saved at the a g e of five

David Knaus Secondary Education Ticonderoga, N.Y. Junior Wants to teach math in junior high

Asako Onishi Elementary Education Shinshiro, Aichi, JAPAN Junior Involved in Light ministries

David Painter Elementary Education Palmyra, Pa. Junior Vocational goal: principal of elementary school

Cindy Peters Elementary Education Punta Gorda, Fl. Junior Dean's List

John Plasman Elementary Education Florence, S.C. Junior H o m e church: College Park Baptist

Steve Pruett Math Education Winston Salem, N.C. Junior Life verse: Phil. 4:13

Jana Queen Elementary Education Sidney, Mont. Junior Saved at the a g e of six

Chuck Rice Social Science Education Buena Vista, Va. Junior Favorite course: US History

Bonnie Salisbury Education Hallam, Pa. Junior Wants to work with physically handicapped people

Anne Watters Elementary Education Somerset, Ky. Junior Favorite teacher: Mrs. Soden

inger Welms Elementary Education San Diego, Calif. Junior Saved at the a g e of five

Melanie Whitman English Education Tulsa, Okla. Junior Involved in King's Players

Carlton Wilkerson Physical Education Ocala, Fl. Junior Plays football

Cheryl Zlemann Elementary Education Willis, Mich. Junior Prayer Leader

Joan Barker Elementary Education Richmond, Va, Sophomore Saved at the age of eleven


Lisa White Physical Education Homestead, Fl. Junior Life verse: John 3:3

Tina Zembower Elementary Education Bedford, Pa. Junior Involved in band

Janet Avaritt Elementary Education Murfreesboro, Tenn. Junior Saved at the age of nine

Jim Farmer Physical Education Roanoke, Va. Junior Life verse: I Cor. 10:13

Ruth Martin English Education Richmond, Va. Junior Involved in intramurals

Judy Avenido Elementary Education Canton, Ohio Junior Favorite course: Speech

Annette Booz Elementary Education Frederica, Del. Junior Vocational goal: to eventually earn a master's degree

Linda Brousseau Elementary Education Indio, Calif. Junior H o m e church: Trinity Baptist Church

Lorri Burton Elementary Education Lynchburg, Va. Junior President of Circle K

Cindy Fink Elementary Education Haymarket, V a . Junior Life verse: Psalm 37:4, 5

Dariene Gall Elementary Education Burlington, N J . Junior Involved in intramurals

Peggy Gallaher Elementary Education Iwona, Pa. Junior Prayer leader

Kimberiey Grabitz Physical Education Sandusky, Minn. Junior Saved at the a g e of seventeen

Terry Grow Physical Education Buena Vista, V a . Junior Life verse: Rom. 8:28

Chris May Elementary Education Lima, Ohio Junior Involved in Youthquest

Patty May Elementary Education Kahulul, Maui. HI. Junior Ufe verse: 1 Peter 3:4

Nancy McCoy Physical Education Ravenswood, W.V. Junior Intramural director

Wera Meneses Elementary Education Manaus. Amazonas, Brazil Junior

Greg Schmeltz Physical Education Wyatt. Ind

Sidney Scruggs IV Physical Education Derry, N.H. Junior Plays soccer

Dawn Shehan Elementary Education Lorain, Ohio Junior Vocational goal: to feach sixth grade

Tammy Bussard Elementary Education Hutchinson. Kons Sophomore Involved m b a n d

Cindy Grimmett Bishop Elementary Education Winter Haven, Fl. Junior Favorite teacher. Mrs, Fink

Mary Campbell Elementary Education N e w Brunswick, Canada Junior Involved in ROTC

Laura Cogan Elementary Education Charlestown, W . V Junior Ufe verse: Prov. 3:5,6

Annette Coleman Elementary Education Gettysburg. P a Junior Saved at the a g e of



Prayer Leader

Sfavw Barratt Physical Education Colchester. England Sophomore Ufe verse R o m 8 39

Dawn Bowden Elementary Education Tillman. S.C. Sophomore Vocational goal teocher ol special education, chid psychologist

Robyn Hall Elementary Education Scottdale, Pa. Junior Spiritual Life Director

Brad Hamersley Physical Education Dana, Ind. Junior H o m e church: Calvary Baptist Church

Renee Hawkins Physical Education Lafayette, Ind. Junior Involved in Track

Phyllis Morris Elementary Education Charleston, S.C. Junior Saved at the a g e of eight

Shannon Morrow Elementary Education London, Ontario, Canada Junior Life verse: Jer. 29:11-13

Terri Musser Elementary Education Cleona, Pa. Junior Statistician for wrestling t e a m

Wendy O'Bryan Physical Education Boothwyn, Pa Junior Vocational goal: Sports Medicine Clinician

Meg Sibley Elementary Education Lewistown, Pa Junior Favorite teacher Mr. Locy

Sharon Siekler Elementary Education Monroeville. NJ. Junior National Dean's List

Donna Stewart Elementary Education Goodlettsville, Tenn Junior Vocational goal to teach o n the mission field

Cindy Sumner Physical Education West Grove. Pa. Junior Life verse: I Cor. 13:13

Lisa Tipton Elementary Education Erwin, Tenn Junior Saved at the a g e of

HolyChason Elementary Education Tucson. Arte Sophomore Lite verse Matt 6 33

Dorothea Cleaver Elementary Education Newark. Del. Sophomore Saved at the o g e ot

Mary Lou Coy Elementary Education Ffederck. M d Sophomore Favorite teacher Dr Towns

Robn Dickerson Elementary Education Lynchburg, V a Sophomore H o m e church Tmoertoke Baptist


Sharon Houck Health Education Reisterstown. M d Sophomore Lite verse Prov 3 5. 6


Marlene Alexander Physical Ed/Psyc Bear, DE Senior College Activity: Softball

Tammy Arnold Elementary Education Red Lion, PA Senior College Activity: Marching Band

Ally son Brown Elementary Education Downsview, Ontario, Canada Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. McFarland

Patricia Burneson Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior College Activity: LBC Singers

Corey Carrigan Elementary Education Aubrey TX Senior College Activities: Prayer leader

Karen Caston Education Pine Bush, N Y Senior

Rita Cibas Elementary Education Chicago, IL Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Tamara Cullen Elementary Education Terre Haute, IN Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Rabe

Joanie Gilham Elementary Education Hilton Head Island, SC Senior Vocational Goal: Special Ed. Teacher

Chris Goeins Physical Education Chambersburg, PA Senior Favorite Course: Kinesiology

Michael Grabeel Physical Education Rose Hill, V A Senior Favorite Course: Kinesology

Daniel Grecu Physical Educdtion Hollywood, FL Senior College Activity: Wrestling

Tanya Hart Education Aydeu, N C Senior

Susan Hawkins Elementary Education Senior

Cheryl Heacock Elementary Education Elliottsburg, PA Senior Favorite Teacher: Elmer Soden

Joyce Jones Physical Education Richmond, V A Senior College Activity: Band

Chellie Preston Elementary Education Springfield, O H Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Donaldson

Mike Reid Education Nassau, Bahamas Senior

Tammy Serra Physicdl Education Washington, W V Senior

Timothy Shulda Physical Education Phoenix, AR Senior

Karen Slut! Physical Education Clifton Park, N Y Senior

Patrick Smith Physical Education Lakeland, FL Senior College Activity: Track and Field

Brenda Standley Elementary Ed Rockton, PA Senior

Joel Stirewalt Physical Education High Point, N C Senior

Lisa Whitaker Physical Educaton Absecon, NJ Senior Favorite Course: Anatomy & Physiology

Karla White Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior College Activity: Kappa Delta Pi

Glori Willafs Physical Education Mountain H o m e , ID Junior

Kimberly Willis Elementary Education Richmond, V A Senior Favorite Course: Whitewater Rafting

Delene Wilmott Elementary Education Nassau, Bahamas Senior

Joanne Workman Elementary Education Delmar, DE Senior

Barbara Youngblood Physical Education Wilmington, DE Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. and Mrs. Bonheim

Sharon Zimmerman Elementary Educdtion Findldy, O H Senior Favorite Course: Children's Lit

Alan Thorpe Physical Education Odessa, TX Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Triplehorn

Paula Mason English Education Parsons, W V Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Relmer

Kelly McCartney Math Education Lynchburg, V A Junior Life verse: il Thess. 5:18

Clifton Watson Physical Education Virginia Beach, V A Junior

Klrsfen Armao Elementary Educdtion Summit, N.Y. Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Runlon

Deborah Ashley Physical Educdtion Vo. Bedch, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: HPHY Classes

Susan Baker Physical Educdtion Brunswick, Maine Sophomore College Activities: Track and field

Loren Baum Mdth Education Urbana, O H Sophomore

238/Arts and Sciences

Denise Culley Interdisciplinary Sfudies South Boston, V A Senior Life verse: Ps. 27:1

Juliet Cumberbatch Elementary Education Nassau, Bahamas Senior Life verse: Proverbs 3:5,6

Denise Curry Elementary Education Cldymont. DE Senior College Activity: Dorm Prayer Leader

Robin Davis Interdisciplinary Studies Yorktown, V A Senior Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Dariene Dettart Elementary Education Myerstown, PA Senior Life verse: Phil 1:20&21

Kelvin Edwards Physical Education 8c Health Athante, C T Senior College Activity: Football

JiH Emerson Elementary Education Glassboro, NJ Senior College Activity: Prayer Leader

Carolyn Erickson Elementary Education Warrington, PA Senior College Activity: LIGHT Ministries

Pamela Keen Elementary Educdtion Annapolis, M D Senior Favorite Course: Art

Terri Krasinski Elementary Education Niagra Falls, N Y Senior College Activitiy: Band

Robert Larson Physicdl Education Longview, TX Senior College Activity: Circle K

Scott Lustig Physical Education Detroit, Ml Senior College Activity; Soccer

Jayne Matthews Physical Education Miami. FL Senior Life verse: John 15:7

Andrew McClenahan Pastoral North Platte, NE Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Stienhoff

Brenda Misseijer Elementary Education C a n o g a Park, C A Senior Life verse: Ps 25

Diane Pool Education San Antonio. TX Senior

Kathleen Summers Elementary Education York Springs, PA Senior Favorite Course: Child Psychology

Pam Taylor Elementary Education Rainelle, W V Senior Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Fink

Sharon Taylor Educdtion Rustburg, V A Senior

Michelle Tow Physical Education Hairland, O H Senior

Suzanne Tufts Elementary Education North Berwick, ME Senior

Tommie Turner Educdtion Portsmouth, V A Senior Life verse: Phil 4:13

Lisa Vasseur Elementary Education Paducah, KY Senior

Laurie Wagner Physcial Education Kennare, N D Senior College Activity: Track

Valerie Zlvojhovic Elementary Education Lynchburg. V A Senior

Dawn Bailey Elementary Education Akron. O H Junior Vocational Goal: Graduate and gef a )ob

David Bromhead Physical Education O c e a n City, NJ Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Gibson

Margaret De Young H u m a n Ecology Arnold, M D Junior Life verse: Gal 6:9

Sharon Freet Physical Education Willow Hill, PA Junior College Activity: Basketball

Keith Gamer Elementary Education Lancaster, PA Junior Life verse: I Tim 2 12

Debra Klase Physical Education Reading. PA Junior Life verse: Phil 1:6

Ro Richards Elementary Education Junior Plainview, N e w York Life verse: Prov. 3 5.6

Ton Braasnaw Earty Chldhood Development Abiene. TX Sophomore

xBrady Brmson Physical Education Arlington. TX Sophomore Favorite Course Art

Angela Butcher Physical Education Levtttown, P A Sophomore Colege ActMty Softool

Jeannie Carver Elementary Education LaGronge. N C Sophomore Fovorrfe Course Physical Science

Darrei Cherry Physical Education Suffok. V A Sophomore Cotege ActMty Wresting

At>erta Couthen Elementary Education Riverdate. M D Sophomore Favonte Course PHSC 110

SatyCox Elementary Education Long Beach. C A Sophomore Ufe verse 6 40 30-31

Ronda Cooper Elementary Education Datoel, S C Sophomore Favonte Teacher Dr Bartow


Arts and Sciences/239

~- ,

Pam Crowner Elementary Education Hagerstown, M D Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Stone

Patrick Curtis Social Science Education Miami, FL Sophomore

Sheriise L. Haupt Elementary Education Lehighton, PA Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Barlow

Stephanie Hell Social Studies Education Middletown. O H Sophomore Life verse: Colossians 3:15-17

Deborah Dibble Elementary Educdtion Port Crane, N Y Sophomore Life verse: Joshua 1:8

Sherrie Dickinson Elementary Educdtion Holley, N Y Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Tamara Dillon Physical Educdtion Arnod, M D Sophomore Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Leslie Dixon Education Greenville, N C Sophomore Life verse: Psalm 28:7

Leigh Ann Herring Health Education Suffolk. V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Health

Laurie Hinkley Elementary Education Wilton. M E Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Runion

Dolores Hopkins Elementary Education Great Falls. M T Sophomore Favorite Course: N e w Testament

Jill Hughes Elementary Education Girard, PA Sophomore

Education Spotlight: Dr. Lila Bruckner hat did you have for breakfast tod a y ? " This is a question Dr. Lila Bruckner frequently asks her students. As chairman of the divison of learning assistance, she has a desire to help students, not just by giving them study skills and a good vocabulary but by showing them a good breakfast daily is important, too. The Learning Assistance Center is a result of her expertise as well as of her concern for students. She spent eight years at the University of South Carolina as director of the reading and strategies center before coming to LU. She would like to see everyone take advantage of the Learning Assistance Center. "That place is a service to everyone at Liberty," she says. "You can always learn better study skills whether you are a



low achiever or a 4.0 student." She also teaches skill seminars in organization, time management and health. As chairman of the Self-Study committee on Student Develo p m e n t , she studied every factor that affects student life — such as food service, dorm life, faculty relations, and intramural sports. Then her committee submitted recommendations to the administration that she is sure will m a k e students' life better. "Beneficial changes are on the way," she says. O n e of Lila Bruckner's strong points is her interest in students. They can tell she really cares. § — Trish Stirsman I Surrounded by curios and artifacts from her trips abroad, Dr. Lila Bruckner works at her desk in the University's Learning Assistance Center, literally her h o m e a w a y from home,

Lori Dynes Health Education Chambrigeshire, England Sophomore Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Lisa Hutchison Elementary Education Hilton, N Y Sophomore Life verse: Isaiah 10:16a

LaRae Eicher English Education Chicago, IL Sophomore College Activities


Rebecca Isaacson Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Life verse: Proverbs 3:5,6

Date ElweB Busness Administration Hinton, W V Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Yarbrough

Jill M. Gentry Physical Education Arlington, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Dobson

Sue Gefz Health Education Scottsdale, AZ Sophomore Life verse: 1 Timothy 4:12

James Goganzer Elementary Educdtion Manahawkin, NJ Sophomore College Activities: Prayer Leader

Jill Graham Elementary Educdtion Hartsville, SC Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Lrttlejohn

Kenneth Gregory Physical Education Norfolk, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: English

Pamela T. Jack Elementary Education Brandy wine, M D Sophomore Life verse: Philippians 1:20

Tracey Kaufman Psychology Liberty, IN Sophomore Life verse: Romans 8:31

Tammy Kimberlin Elementary Education Clifton Forge, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: English

Gwen Klnser Elementary Education Rich wood, W V Sophomore Vocational Goal: Teach grades 4-7

Tammy Kroening Physical Education Muskegon, Ml Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Rickards

Sherri Lane Elementary Education Somers Point. NJ Sophomore


Amy Holes Elementary Education Wilmington, N C Sophomore Life verse: Lamentations 3:22-23

Andrea Le Beaux Elementary Education Arlington, TX Sophomore Life verse: Psalm 143:8

Kelly Hammett Elementary Education Downsville, LA Sophomore Vocal ional Goal Teaching 3rd gra

Vicky Love Elementary Education Altoona, PA Sophomore College Activities Flag Corps

? flMMij

Education Spotlight/241

7dm Andrews Physical Education Williamstown, NJ Senior

Debby Belden Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Jean Black Elementary Education Roanoke, V A Senior Life verse: Phil. 4:13

Sue Boyd Elementary Education Sterling Heights, Ml Senior

Richard Brigman English Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Ally son Brown Elementary Education Downsview, Ontario Senior Vocational goal: Special Educdtion teacher

Jean Burns Elementary Education Conneautville, PA Senior

Ruth Bushey Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Teresa Johnson Deaf Education Wausa, NE Senior Favorite course: English

Michelle Dixon Elementary Education Wilmington, DE Senior Involved in intramurals

Tom Doss Music Education Evington, V A Senior

Kelly Downey Elementary Education Goodview, V A Senior

Melanie Edwards Social Science Education Evans, W V Senior

Francie Evans Elementary Education N e w Lexington, OHIO Senior

Laura Flynn Elementary Education Grant, AL Senior

Robin Ginnan Elementary Education Coming, NY Senior

Honorary club hears authors P o e t r y ... essays ... literature? Hey, I like that. M y grade point average? Is it 3.25? Well... actually, it's 3.987 ... Well thank you ... I work hard ... Have I had 12 hours of English? W h y yes. I took Shakes-what? Did I have a B or higher? Of course ... 'mDues ... h o w much? $15.00 national? $10.00 local? I guess I can handle that. Meetings once a month? That's not bad. Speakers... literary presentations ,.. poetry readings .,, authors .., This sounds okay I What else do you do? Regional conference .., working on historical project... coordinate with Lynchburg centennial? By the w a y , what's the n a m e ? ,,. Zeta Tau chapter? Of Sigma Tau Delta?... National n a m e ? ,,. Wait a second ... Speak English, will ya? ... Oh... English Education Honor Society ,., W h y didn't you say so? .,. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;- T a m m y Leytham 242/Education

English Education Honor Society: (Row one) mons, Leslie Piymale, Macel Falwell, Jane Wis, P a m Davis, Or. Olga Kronmeyer, Dr, Barbara Dr. Michael Travers; (row three) Steve HoSherman; (row two) Kim Valcanoff, Linda Em- meyer, Glenna Fields, T a m m y Putnam, Prof. Al-

Steve Butzer Physical Educdtion Madison Heights, V A Senior Involved in intramurals

Greg Hartmen Education Vmeland. NJ

Fay Campbell Elementary Education Moraga, C A Senior Life verse: Psalm 23:1

Abigail Hill Elementary Education Arnoldsville. G A Senior

Michael Cargill Physical Education Burns, O R Senior Student Athletic Trainer

Steve Homeyer English Education Williamstown, NJ Senior

Debbie Cherry Physical Education Suffolk, V A Senior

Susan Heffentrager Elementary Education Birdsboro, PA Senior

Rita Cibas Elementary Education Chicago, IL Senior Favorite teacher: Dr. Hindson

Katherine Krebs Elementary Education Nitro, W V Senior

Laura Columbus Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Nancy Knowles Math Education Bellevue, NB Senior Participates in Cross Country and Track

Elizabeth Davis Elementary Education Jacksonville, FL Senior Life verse: Matt. 5:16

Mary Columbus Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Margie Tennison Leer Elementary Education Anchorage, AK Senior Life verse: Phil. 4:17

Ronda Lutz Social Science Education Rustburg. V A Senior

Kimberly MacDonald Elementary Education N e w Port Richey, FL Senior

Jackie Machamer Elementary Education Upland, PA Senior

Bobby Martin Physical Education Galveston. TX Senior Favorite course: Theology

Rick McWane IV Physical Education Lynchburg, V A Senior H o m e church: Timberlake Baptist

Don Meckley Physical Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Mariene Mison Elementary Education Jacksonville. FL Senior

Cynthia Musgrave Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Senior

Bonnie Piatt Elementary Education Wilmington, N C Senior

Dorma Poole Physical Education Battmore. M D Senior

xDomntc Pulaski Physical Education WnitenoJ. MJ Senior

Lesa Ridofe Elementary Education Rosemount. M N Senior H o m e church Fcst Baptist

k A -J*tee rvtawdsley. Prof. James Nutter, Prof. Ruth Chamberlain.

Deborah Scruggs Elementary Education Deny. hW Senior

Sigma Tau Delta/243

Melinda Briscoe Elementary Education N e w Knoxville, O H Freshman College Activity: Marching Band

Deana Barnes Elementary Ed. Pasco, Washington Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Woodard

Bobby Bechtei History Education Sarasota, FL Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Shari Becker Elementary Ed. Farmington, N M Freshman Favorite Teacher: Kroll

Jonelle Beam Elementary Ed. Englewood, O H Freshman College Activity: Chamber Choir

David R. Blumenstock Math Education Troy, O H Freshman College Activity: Concert Choir

Esther Borton Elementary Ed. Pine Hill, NJ Freshman College Activity: Weight Lifting

Daniel Boreman Math Educdtion Dillsburg, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Mathes

Tammy Coulman Elementary Ed, Phoenix, AZ Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. LeGrande

Cindy Counts Elementary Education Newberry, S C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Woodard

Troy Cox Physical Education Rockville, V A Freshman

Cheryl Coy Elementary Education Ft. Lauderdale, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Colligan

Cynthia Davis Elementary Ed Goodview, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: L. Wieder

Shirley Davis Elementary Education DuBois, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Runion

Dawn Deem

Kandice Dembeck Undecided Buffalo, NY Freshman

Beth Morse Elementary Education Myrtle Beach, S C Sophomore Life verse: Rom. 3:23

Ursula Myers Physical Education Hyattsville, M D Sophomore College Activity: Softball T e a m

Danny Nixon Kyle Osborn Physical Education Health Education Sydney, N.S.W., Watsonville, C A Australia Sophomore Sophomore College Activity: Vocational Goal: Concert Choir Fulltime Christian work - youth camping ministry

Mark Palmer Physical Education Dante, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Treece

Tom Perry History Educ. Ripley, W V Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Barlow

Susan Peterson Elementary Ed Apollo, PA Sophomore

Terri Pickering Elementary Ed Phila., PA Sophomore Favorite Course: EDUC 322

Gary Rohrs Elementary Education Stryker, O H Sophomore

Susan Seaver Elementary Education Orlando, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Donaldson

Jeffrey Simmons Physical Education Sanford, N C Sophomore College Activity: Varsity Basketball

Gina Smith English Education Goldsboro, N C Sophomore Favorite Course: English

Susan Stahl Elementary Education Fulton, M D Sophomore College Activity: Track

Kimberly Staley Elementary Education Lima, O H Sophomore College Activity: Chamber Choir

Susan Steinbruegge Elementary Educdtion Sykesville, M D Sophomore College Activity: Prayer Leader

Jamie Winter Elementary Education Brookings, Oregon Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Stone

Lisa Worley Elementary Educdtion Thomasville, N C Sophomore Vocational Goal; To b e c o m e an Elementary Teacher

Craig Wright Math Educdtion Shillington, PA Sophomore College Activity: Prayer Leader

Bryndan Wright Socio! Science Education Arlington, TX Sophomore Cdllege Activity: Prayer Leader

Wendy Webster Elementary Education Burlington, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Miller


Sherree Sisson Elementary Ed Penn Yan, N Y Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr.Barlow

Jimmy Wilklns Physical Education Madison Heights, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Sloan

Elementary Educdtion Avon Lake, O H Freshman Life verse: Phil 1:21

Vicki Bosley Elementary Ed. Cumberland. M D Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Harrison

Saundra Bridges Physical Education Norfolk. V A Freshman College Activity: Basketball

Tracy Clark Physical Education Kennesaw, G A Freshman College Activity: Intramural Volleyball

Annette Claytor Elementary Ed. Wylie. TX Freshman Life verse: Philiipians 3:14

John D. Connor Mathematics Education Cincinnatus. NY Freshman College Activity: Concert Choir

Kelly Coombs Elementary Education Hampton, V A Freshman Favorite Course: English

Randy Copas Physical Education Fort W a y n e , IN Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Poggemiller

Steve Corbett Elementary Education Hancock, M D Freshman Saved in November 1981.

Christine Dodge Elementary Education San Jose, C A Freshman Favorite Course: Music Appreciation

Stephanie DuBarry Elementary Ed Savannah, G A Freshman College Activity: Liberty Champion

Mary Fades Elementary Ed Lynchburg. V A Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Kimberty Ehm English Education Anchorage, Alaska Freshman College Activity Sign Language Club

Tammy Emerson Elementary Ed N. Providence. Rl Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Overcast

Mary McNeill Elementary Ed Sanford, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Harrison

Leziyn Miller Elementary Education Hyattsville. M D Sophomore College Activity: Tennis

Neil Pleasants III Math Ed Fayetteville, W V Sophomore College Activity: Concert Choir

Lisa Pugh Elementary Education Deerfield, O H Sophomore College Activity: Prayer Leader

Andred Rander Physical Education N e w Carrollton, M D Sophomore Favorite Teacher: The Bonhelms

Wilma Reece Education Statesville. N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. McFarland

Julie Reed Physical Education McVeytown. PA Sophomore College Activity: Volleyball

Clark Robbins Math Education Towanda. PA Sophomore Vocational Goal: Math Teacher in Public School (Algebra)

David Robinson Math Education Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Calculus

Debra Robson Elementary Educdtion Montoursville, PA Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Kely Tabor Elementary Education Crown Point, NY Sophomore Favonte Teacher: Dr. Garlock

Pamela Todd Elementary Education Martinsville. V A Sophomore Ufe verse: Psalm 37 4

Sylvia Trost Elementary Ed Lima. O H Sophomore Favorite Teacher Dr. Gribbin

Melissa Tucker Elementary Education Somerset. KY Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Barlow

Tammy DeVaul Elementary Ed Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Llddle

Peter VanDerDecker Math Education Brandy wine. M D Sophomore Favorite Course: Calculus II

Hjgw Robin Vestal Physical Education Winston-Salem, N C Sophomore College Activity: Women's Basketball

Sara Warner Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Sophomore College Activity: LACT

Shannon Weltz Elementary Education Connellsville, PA Sophomore Favorite Teacher Mrs. Sloan


They teach teachers how to teach

T h e Liberty Association of Christian Teachers is an organization that w a s formed three years a g o for the nearly 900 education majors on campus, Club sponsor Dr. Ann McFarland says the main goal of the organization is to improve the performance of teachers in the classroom and to teach students h o w to b e c o m e better teachers. Currently, 60-70 students are


involved. Members pay $4 dues and hold open meetings each month. The organization participate d in activities such as Libery Fest and bake sales so that it could purchase a laminating machine for the education department. A media workshop was held the beginning of the year showing teachers h o w to operate different kinds of projectors and machines used in Christian and

public school classrooms, A workshop on modality was held Feb. 13. It introduced different styles of teaching. The organization participated in Education emphasis w e e k in April. It also co-sponsored Teacher Appreciation w e e k and held debates periodically to educate students on controversial issues, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sherry Coberly

Sarah Beth Faber Physical Educdtion Midland Park, NJ Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Sandra Yvonne Fields Elementary Education Hamilton, O H Freshman Life Verse: Psalm 25:4

Tracy Fisher Elementary Education Cuyahoga Falls. O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. LeGrande

Stephanie Fletcher Elementary Education Winston-Salem, N C Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Patricia Foose Elementary Education North Royalton. O H Freshman Vocational Goal: To teach on the mission field

Michelle Fox Elementary Education Easton. PA Freshman Favorite Course: English

Joyce Fritsch Elementary Education East Moline, IL Freshman H o m e Church: Victory Baptist Church

Alicia Ann Fraijo General Education San Jose, C A Freshman Ufe Verse: Psalm 34:14

Gladys Gomez Elementary Education key Largo, FL Freshman College Activities: Band

Sherry Gray Elementary Education Orlando, FL Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Missy Grow Elementary Education Buena Vista, V A Freshman Life Verse: Romans 8:28

Katherine Guetterman Math Education/ Physical Education Martin, TN Freshman H o m e Church: Broadmoore Baptist

Tanya Hahn Elementary Education Hurst, TX Freshman Favorite Course: Voice Class

Ovel Marie Hakes Elementary Education Say re, PA Freshman College Activities: Band

Chris Hale Physical Education/ English Ontario, C A Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:6&7

Judith Hall Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Freshman Life Verse: II Corinthians 5:17

L ynn Hall Elementary Education Bassett, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Melissa Hallene Elementary Educdtion East Greenwich, Rl Freshman Life Verse: Proverbs 3:58t6

Lisa Hart Elementary Education Amherst, V A Freshman Favorite Course: Christian Growth

Francies Hawley Elementary Education Zebulon, N C Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

Judy Heilman Elementary Education Uniontown, PA Freshman H o m e Church: Calvary Baptist Church

Jamie Herring Elementary Education Dover, DE Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 3.13&14

Faye Hoath Elementary Education Bronson, Ml Freshman Favorite Course: English

Kathleen Hollowell Elementary Education Prince Frederick, M D Freshman Life Verse: Psalm 31:24

Anita Hutfines Special Education Burlington, N C Freshman Favorite Teacher Mr Soden

Sherry Jackson Elementary Educdtion Gilberstville, KY Freshman H o m e Church Bible Baptist

Karen Jonas Elementary Education Cowpens, S C Freshman Favorite Course: Math

Tawana Kearney Elementary Education Norfolk. V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

. ^ .*•.•£ h

kmberty Arm Koelsch PhUical Education Burtngton. N C Freshman Life Verse Hebrews 12 1&2o

m^ * i

Luanne Konopka Elementary Education Southampton, PA Freshman Favorite Course O W Testament

Lisa Jacovoni Elementary Education Lincoln. Rl Freshman Life Verse: Psalm

Tamala Jankowski Elementary Education Portland. TN Freshman Favorite Course English




Letgh Anne Kidd Elementary Education Portsmouth, V A Freshman Favonte Course Math


mw .


• MLifiiI Mary Lambert Elementary Education Rustburg. V A Freshman Lite Verse Phippians 4 13

Priscilla Jarrell Elementary Education Newport, DE Freshman Life Verse: Philippians 4:13


Tracey Jessee Elementary Education Lebanon, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr Runion


U9m^r ''r


1 Jon David Lane Physical Education Zapata. TX Freshman Favorite Course Evangefem


Lynette Lossrter Elementary Education Richmond, V A Freshman Life Verse Psalm 3130

Mchele Lmone Elementary Education Levitt own. PA Freshman Favonte Course Math

r TB




Pamela Maddux Elementary Education Haines City. FL Freshman Ufe Verse I Corinthians 13

Liberty Association of Christian Teachers/247

Rachel Mariar Elementary Education Fort Worth, TX Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Angela Mays Elementary Education Lynchburg, V A Freshman Life verse: Philippians 2:13

Luann McDonough Health Education Montrose, C O Freshman Life verse: II Peter 1:3-8

Linda McGlaughlin Elementary Education Atlin, British Columbia, Canada Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Overcast

Cynthia Michael Elementary Education Lexington, N C Freshman Life verse: Psalm 34:22

Tim Mihill Physical Education Sterling, V A Freshman Life verse: II Timothy 3:16

Kimberty Lynne Miller Elementary Education Hadden, NJ Freshman Life verse: Psalm 37:5



Jodie Muilins Elementary Education Charleston, W V Freshman Favorite Course: English

Stephanie Murray Elementary Education Diilsboro, IN Freshman Favorite Course: Mrs. Willmington

Donna L. Murray Elementary Education Princeton, W V Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 43:2

Tammy Nichols Physical Educdtion Fonda, N Y Freshman Favorite Course: Bible

Penny Nichols Elementary Educdtion Luray, V A Freshman Life Verse: Proverbs: 3:5,6

Jeanette S. Orchart Elementary Education Bronx, N Y Freshman College Activities: Spanish Club

Beverly Parks Elementary Education Tangier Island, VA Freshman Life verse: Matthew 5:16

Wendy Reaves Elementary Education Modesto, C A Freshman Life verse: I Corinthians 7:32

Susan Register Physical Education Newport News, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Soden

Karen Renshaw Elementary Education Richmond, V A Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

David Dicherson Physical Education Anchorage, AK Freshman Life verse: Psalm 1: 1-6

Tamar Riley Elementary Education Cookeville, TN Freshman Life verse: I Corinthians 15:58

Jacqueline Sccrtes Physical Education P o m p a n o Beach, FL Freshman Life verse: Psalm 18:2

Dawn Schmidt Elementary Education Eden, NY Freshman Life verse: John 14:1

Rick Smith Physical Education Johnstown, N Y Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Towles

Darci A. Stauffer Elementary Education Uthia Springs, G A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Nelson

Teresa Kay Stockham Elementary Education Carroll, IA Freshman Life verse: Psalm 62: 5-8

Melissa Stoll Elementary Education Marshallville, O H Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Darrell Stone Health Education San Diego, C A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Smith

Denise Stroud Elementary Education Virginia Beach, V A Freshman Life verse: Job 23:10

Kelll Stunkard Physical Education N e w Castle, PA Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:6

Glenn A. Walker Social Sciences Education Seminole, FL Freshman Vocational Goal: History Teacher

Kelly Donnette Wallace Elementary Educdtion Albuquerque, N M Freshman Life verse: I Peter 5:7

Susan Weisner Elementary Education St, Clair, Ml Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr, Reitenour

Dorrie Williams Elementary Education Garland, TX Freshman Honors Received: National Honor Society

Jennifer Wilson Elementary Education Glen Millis, PA Freshman College Activities: Concert Choir

Chris Wilson Physical Education Lauren, S C Freshman Vocational Goal: P.E. Teacher

Daria Yates Elementary Education Abilene, TX Freshman Life verse: Ephesians 6:11-13

Douglas MftcheB Physical Education Chardon. O H Freshman Favorite Teacher: Miss Vennes

Susan Paul Elementary Education Newport News, V A Freshman

Down Shaw Elementary Education Seattle, W A Freshman Life verse: Psalm 119:


Johnny Mitchell Physical Educdtion Providence, N C Freshman Life verse: Philippians 3:13, 14

Yvette Moore Elementary Education Norfolk, V A Freshman Life verse: Matthew 6:33

Cherie Morgan Elementary Education Milford, DE Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Mackie

June Moss Elementary Educdtion West Union, IA Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Carta M. Moyer Elementary Education Powhatan, V A Freshman College Activities: Youth Quest

Missy Mulcahy Elementary Education Charlotte, N C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Donaldson

Joanna Peach Elementary Education Northfield. NJ Freshman Life verse: Philippians 3:14

Barbara Lyn Peterson Elementary Education Vancouver, W A Freshman Life verse: II Peter 3:18

Robin Ptomey Seconddry Education Wilmington, DE Freshman Life verse: James 4;

Kellena 1. Pool Elementary Education Aztec, N M Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Mitzi Quesenberry Elementary Education Bassett, V A Freshman College Activities: G o o d News Club

Jan Raby Elementary Education Melbourne, FL Freshman Life verse: Matthew 6:33

Kelly Shetzline Mathematics Education Philadelphia, PA Freshman Favorite Course: English 202

Beckie Shrauger Elementary Education DuBois, PA Freshman Life verse: Ephesians 2: 8-9

Michelle Sides Elementary Education Kernersville, N C Freshman Life verse: Matthew 5:16

Andrea Smith Elementary Education Newport News, V A Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13, 14

Kristie Lea Smith Elementary Mt. Gilead, N C Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs. LeGrande

Randy Smith Physical Education Jersey Shore, PA Freshman College Activities: Intramurals

Michelle VanderRoest Elementary Education Mattawan. Ml Freshman College Activities: Softball

Jamie Wagoner Health Education Broken Arrow, O K Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain


Deborah A. Swartz Elementary Education Manchester, England Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Trovers

Dawn Taylor Elementary Education Margate, NJ Freshman Favorite Course: Speech

Nancy E. Todd Physical Education Finleyville, PA Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mrs DeLong

Kathy Tomlinson Education FlowerMound, TX Freshman Favorite Course: Psychology

Bryan Tubbs Mathematics Education DuBois, PA Freshman Life verse: Galatians 2:20

Katheren Vounp Elementary Education Springfield. M O Freshman Ule verse Jeremiah

Undo Zoagman Elementary Education Battle Creek. M Freshman Lite Verse Psalm 139

UsaZbbon Education Alden. NY Freshman Lite Verse Romans 8 39

Jufe E Zwart Elementary Education Walden. NY Freshman Colege Activities MarchiigBand

Karen Zuk Elementary Education Yonkers. NY Freshman Lite verse Isaiah 12 2



sammm H M M



Elmer L. Towns Vice President of Liberty University; Dean, School of Religion Professor of Systematic Theology B.A., Northwestern College M.A., Southern Methodist University Th.M,, Dallas Theological Seminary M.R.E.. Garrett Theological Seminary D. Mln., Fuller Theological Seminary D.D.. Baptist Bible College

David Adams Coordinator, Youth

Wayne A. Brindle James A. Borland Professor of Biblical StudiesAssistant Professor B.A., Los Angeles Baptist College of Biblical Studies

B.A.. Houghton College M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Ph.D.. Boston University

M.Div., Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary Th.M., Talbot Theological Seminary Th.D., Grace Theological Seminary

B.A.. Kansas Wesleyan University Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary

Ronald E. Hawkins Director of Counseling

Edward E. Hindson Professor of Religion

B.A.. Calvary Bible College M. Div.. Th.M., Grace Theological Seminary Ed.S., Lynchburg College D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary

Chairman, Department of Church Ministries Professor of Pastoral Counseling B.A., Barrington College M.Div.. Gordon-Conweli Theological Seminary Ed.S., Lynchburg College

B.A., William Tyndale College M.A. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Th.M,, Grace Theological Seminary Th.D,, Trinity Graduate School of Theology D.Min., Westminster Theological

Elmer A. Jantz Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Douglas H. Randlett Assistant Professor of Youth Ministries

Ronald C. Sauer Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Frank J. Schmitt Chairman, Department of Educational Ministries

Stephen R. Schroder Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Wayne Sterling Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament

B.A., Free Will Bapttst Bible College M.Ed., Lynchburg College

B.A., Mississippi College Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary Ph. D., University of Manchester, England

Professor of Educational Ministries B.A.. Somford University M.R.E.. Ed.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary M.B.A., Lynchburg College

B.S. Evansville University M.Div., Th.M., Th.D., G r a c e Theological Seminary

B.A., Mississippi College M.Div.. Th.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Assistant Professor of Youth Ministries B.D., Arlington Baptist College B.S.. Liberty Baptist College M.ED.. Ed.S.. Lynchburg College

Harvey D. Hartman Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies


Carl J. Diemer, Jr. Assistant Dean for Libert Baptist Theological Seminary

W. David Beck Chairman, Graduate School of Religion

B.A., Tabor College Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary M.Ed., University of Colorado

Professor of Church History and N e w Testament B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University M.Div., Th.D., Southwestern Baptist

C. Daniel Kim Professor of Church Histor B.A., Y o u n g N a m University of Taegu, Korea B.D., Presbyterian Theological Seminary S.T.M., N e w York Theological Seminary Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary

Paul R. Fink Professor of Pastoral Ministries

James A. Freerksen Gary R. Habermas Professor of Biblical Studies Professor of Apologetics B.A., Pillsbury Baptist College and Philosophy

B.A.. Columbia Bible College Th.M.. Dallas Theological Seminary v M.Ed., University of Southern California Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary

M.Div., Th.M., Central Theological Seminary Th.D., Grace Theological Seminary

Ralph D. Mawdsley F. Gerald Kroll Director, Pastoral TrainingAdministrative Counsel Director. International Studies Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries B.A.. Barrington College MDiv . Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary DMIn.. Westminster Theological Seminary

Professor of Educational L a w B.A.. Augustana College J.D.. University of Illinois M. Div . Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis M.A.. Ph D.. University of Minnesota

NealD. Williams James D. Stevens Acting Chairman, Division Associate Professor of Biblical Studies of Religion Associate Professor of Relgcn B A . Bob Jones University M Dtv . G r a c e Theological Seminary S I M . Dalas Theological Seminary M Ed . Lynchburg Colege

B A . Southeastern Bfcle Colege Th.M., Th D . Dallas Theological Seminary

B.R.E.. William Tyndale College M.A., University of Detroit Ph.D.. Michigan State University

Terry Lee Miethe Professor of Philosophy A.B., Uncoln Christian College M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School M.Div., M c C o r m i c k Theological Seminary Ph.D.. Saint Louis University A.M., Ph.D.. U. of So. California

Ronald Habermas Assistant Professor of Religion

Lee W. Hahnlen Assistant Professor of Church History

B.R.E., William Tyndale College M.Div,, North American Baptist Seminary M.A., W e a t o n Graduate School Ph.D., Michigan State University

B.A., Cedarville College M.A.. Western Kentucky University M.A.R , Concordia Theological Seminary

Daniel /?. Mitchell Chairman, Department of Theological Studies

Richard D. Patterson Chairman, Department of Biblical Studies

Professor of Theology B.A., Washington Bible College B.D.. Th.M.. Capital Bible Seminary S.T.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary

Professor of Biblical Studies A.B.. W h e a t o n College M.Div.. Los Angeles Baptist Seminary Th.M.. Talbot Theological Seminary M.A.. Ph.D.. University of California at Los Angeies

Robert Wayne Yarbrough Harold L. Willmington Vice President of Liberty Associate Professor of Biblical and Baptist Schools Assistant D e a n for institute of Theological Studies Biblical Studies Professor of English Bible Dptoma. M o o d y Bfele Institute B A , Cutver-Stockton Colege D.D.. Caltomla Graduate School of Theology D M n . Trinity Evangeical Divnity School

B A . Southwestern Baptist Colege M A . W h e a t o n Colege Graduate School Ph.D.. University of Aberdeen


LU requires n e w creation class "What's this creation class I gotta take?" I stared at m y schedule in disbelief. "It is a course that is n o w being required for general education." M y advisor looked at m e across his desk. " W h a d d y a m e a n it's required? W h o teaches it, anyw a y ? " I was noticeably upset. M y advisor sat immovable. "Well, you'll have either Dr. Lester or Professor Hall. N o w , about that schedule — " "Wait. What's the Center for Creation Studies?" I shouldn't

and creation." have asked. "Oh, yeah. I've seen their of"It is a center for education and research in the area of fice in the library." I began to put it all together. creation. Understand?". "That's right." M y advisor "Yeah, but — " "But what?" He pushed his said. "They also have labs and a display room." glasses back up on his nose. "Hey, I think this might b e an "Well, uh, you still haven't interesting course after all." I said exactly what they do." "They g o on field excava- stood to leave. "Glad to hear it." He m o tions and obtain evidence to tioned for m e to sit. " N o w , support creation." about your G P A last semester "But, that's not all . . . is it?" "No. They are also in the process of preparing a m u s e u m of — Tammy Leytham artifacts relating to evolution

Dr. Lane Lester (above) and Dr, James Hall (top) are directors in the Center for Creation Studies. Dr. Hall (opposite page) shows students s o m e of the fossils from the Creation center's collection. Student (right) uses a microscope to find the details.


). # * > •




Hi Sii


•1 IH



Creation Studies/255

Tim A very Pastoral Wolfeboro, N.H. Senior College activity: 1985 Hawaii summer evangelistic t e a m

Gary Layton Pastoral Counseling Evington, Va. Senior

Matthew Bliss Cross-Cultural Church Planting Morrisville, Vt, Senior Involvement: Senior class president.

Maurice Matteson Counseling Youth Port Republic, Md. Senior

Duane Carmody Christian Thought Lynchburg, Va, Senior

Dwayne Carson Pastoral Madison Heights, Va. Senior College involvement; R.A. in Dorm 8.

Robert Mayes Counseling Youth Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Rick McHugh Counseling Youth Richmond, Va. Senior

Australians for Christ: (Front row) Nanette Keller, Shannon Mallicoat, Debbie Maxwell, Rhonda Dotson, and Kerry Moss. (Back row) Kent Strader, Greg Sandilands, Andrew Maxwell, Gavin Watson, and Liza Surette. Members meet frequently to pray for their motherland (right).


Kim Clark Interdisciplinary Studies Danbury, Conn. Senior

David McNaily Christian Thought Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Mark DeLorenzo Pastoral Yonkers, N.Y. Senior

Tim Millard Political Science â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Foreign Affairs Naples, N.Y. Senior

Timothy Dempsey Christian Thought Lynchburg, Va. Senior

James Moff'ttt Antioch, TN Senior

Charles Dickens Pastoral Youth Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Mike Nichols Pastoral Lurey, Va. Senior

Martin Fisher Pastoral-Youth Falls Church. Va. Senior

Thomas Roberts Pastoral Belle M e a d , N.J. Senior

David Fulp Pastoral Walkertown, N.C. Senior Life verse: Phillipians 3:14

Derrick Gerber Pastoral-Youth Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Senior "Genuine Canadian"

Pam Grindle Religion Chicopee, Mass. Senior

Paul Hanthom Cross-Cultural Church Planting Canton, Ohio Senior

David Irby Pastoral Huntington, W.V. Senior

John Knaus Pastoral Clemons, N.Y. Senior Involved as: Spiritual life director

Mark Lamb Christian Ministries Education Lynchburg. Va. Senior

Rich Rossi Pastoral Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Sherri Rossi Interdisciplinary Studies Lynchburg, V a Senior

Richard Stahler Pastoral Lynchburg, V a Senior

Mark Thayer Pastoral Lynchburg, Va. Senior

Keith Wendland Missions Windom. Minn. Senior

Rosa Woodson Educational Ministries Lynchburg. Va. Senior

Ronald Woriey II Cross-Cultural Support Ministries Coventry, England Involvement in College: accompanist for Concert Choir

Australians for Christ club The topics may range from aborigines to the Queen's birthday, but the subject is always the same: life in Australia. Through monthly prayer meetings, the Australia for Christ Fellowship encourages Liberty's 19 Aussies to keep their spiritual eyes on the motherland. They let Yanks c o m e , too. The group informs interested Americans about Australia so they can pray intelligently for the South Pacific nation, Andrew Maxwell, an Aussie and an LU seminarian says. There are no activities or gimmicks â&#x20AC;&#x201D; just information and prayer. "I have an interest in the country and its people," says Liza Surette from Boston, Mass. She hopes to b e a missionary to Australia some day. "I learn about the country. I learn something n e w every meeting, n o matter h o w small." she says. "Sometimes, w e have lecturers c o m e in to speak and sometimes the Australians just share with each other. That helps m e learn h o w they think." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; M. Anthony Carr

Doug Duke Pastoral Jefferson, G a . Junior College activity: Track and Field

Steven Gates Christian Thought Lynchburg. Va. Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr Hindson

John Havill Pastoral W a y n e . N.J. Junior College Activity Golf team

Hal Helton Christian Thought Fort Worth. Texas Junior Favorite course: Counseling 201A

Gary Spaeth Pastoral Buffalo, N Y Junior Accepted Christ at the a g e of 7.

David Yarborough Pastoral Sandford, N.C Junior College activity: Prayer leader

Gary Angstadt Junior Youth Wliamsport. Pa. Sophomore Life verse: Phil. 1:2021

Bobby Brewer Pastoral Ministries Roanoke, V a . Sophomore Favorite course: PATH 421

Patncia Close Cross-Cultural Masons Linwood. Mk:h Sophomore Colege octMty Involved n the marching band

John Cole Pastoral Mrtstries West Union. O h o Sophomore Ufe verse Mark

Chris Clark Post oral Corrales. N M Junor Lite verse Phi & 7

16 15

Dan Poole Church Pkyitr>g Sfnpsonvie. S C Junor Activity Student Lite Director of Dorm 3

Australians for Christ/257

N o w it's 'World Impact' F o r e i g n Missions Fellowship want to have Liberty students changed its n a m e second m a k e an impact for Christ all semester. N o w it is World over the world. W e hope that Impact. each student In all the schools The change, prompted by a will b e c o m e involved in mssions misconception that FMF w a s the rest of their life." just for students going to be mis- Every meeting of the organisionaries, will emphasize, as n e w zation features students w h o presdient Tony Haug sees it, have been overseas with misthat this is an organization for sionaries. everyone. Those meetings, o n c e a Tony organized the meetings month, center around a guest so they would interest students speaker from a mission field w h o in the short-term projects the brings slides of his work and organization scheduled over s o m e t i m e s representative spring break (to Roumania) and food. the one it designed for summer Officers are Tony Haug, presi(to Brazil). dent; Harry Gray, vice presi"This n e w n a m e conveys our dent; and Kim Berry, secretary. feelings," Tony said, "that w e

Craig Anderson Youth/Counseling East Detroit. Ml Senior College Activity: Youth Quest

James Grigsby Cross Cultural Ministries Washington, D.C. Senior Vocational Goal: Marines


Lee Andes Youth Nokesville, V A Senior Favorite Teacher: Doug Randlett

Christopher Harrison Inter-Disciplinary Greenwood, SC Senior Life verse: Micah 6:8

Lisa Bailey Church Ministries Lancaster, PA Senior College Activity: Track

Allen Howerton Pastoral Winston-Salem, N C Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Miller

Ginger Aylestock Business and Government Buckhannon, W V Senior

Brian Ball Pastoral Ministries Jefferson, O H Senior Vocational Goal: To pastor a church

Kevin Barke Religion Edmonton. Alberta Canada Senior

Stephen Brooks Pastoral Henrietta, N Y Senior Favorite Course: Greek

Richard Brown Religion Cairo, G A Senior

Elmer Johnson Interdisiplinary Lynchburg, V A Senior College Activity: Concert Choir

Maurice Hutch Matteson Religion Port Republic, N D Senior

Thomas Mullett Luenburg, M A Senior

Mike Nichols Religion Lurey, V A Senior

Jonathan Peletier Missions Englewood, FL Senior Vocational Goal: Missionary to England

Rich Brown Youth Hobort. IN

Stephen Davis Philosophy Maysel, W V

Eric Dennison Pastoral Hendersonville, N C

Colege Activity: Youth Quest

College Activity: Liberty Champion

Vocaftonal Goal: Pastor

Kevin Prevett C M Youth Flushing. Ml Set** Favonte Teocher D Adams

Diane Richard Church Ministries/ Counsemg Saginaw. Ml Senior

Shame Robbms Religion Polmyra. NY Senior Favorite Course Sign language

Joanne Doty Church ministries Youth Pointe Claire. Quebec Senior College Activity: Choir

Clay Ersig Pastoral Sylvania, O H Senior Favorite Course: Greek

Ronald Fekete Pastorial theology Big Rapids, Ml Senior Favorite Course: Greek

Don Fisher Church Ministries/ Youth Mt. Pleasant, PA Senior Favorite Teacher: Dave A d a m s

Curtis Freed Pastoral Edina, M N Senior Favorite Course PATH 421

Mark Robinson Rehgon Lynchburg. V A Senior

David Slotterback Youth Lester. PA

Kenneth W Taylor Refcgon Lynchburg. V A Senor Favorite Teocher Mrs. Knutson

Kalis Ulein Pastoral Attoona. PA Senor Vocational Goal Pastor/Teacher

Mchael Waters Chr Thought/Bole Durtiam. N C Sertor Colege Activity R A

Favorite Teocher Mrs Matthes

Foreign Missions Fellowship/259

John Barnes, missionary, hands out illustrated comic tracts to Costa Ricans (above left, lower right) w h o expressed varying degrees of pleasure. LU students P a m Hawkins and Dona Faircloth (above center) sing at mission with other Costa Ricans. Paul Hanthom (above right) witnesses to resident.

LU students learn missions in Costa Rica The Caribbean Sea. Clear, blue skies. Bright sunshine. W a r m days. Cool nights. San Jose, Costa Rica. Thanksgiving Break. Group of students. Missions office coordinators. O n e professor. Foreign Missions Exposure. An enthusiastic missionary. Eleven excited visitors. The republic of Costa Rica. The Latin culture. The theater in Spanish. La hacienda d e cafe. Hot, tropical jungles. The volcano parks. The cathedral churches. Rom a n Catholic religion. C r o w d e d cities. More than t w o million people. A Democratic republic. A young child. All the children. Happy, bright smiles. A playful, friendly spirit. Always curious. Ready to listen. Eager to learn. A w o m a n hard at work. A n old m a n watching curiously. The friendly people. The w a r m reception. The willingness to give. Honored to share. Unashamed about lack of wealth. The nonmaterialistic society. El pobre. A shack for a home. The cold showers. Sometimes no showers. The bucket baths. The delicious fruit. Bananas and pineapples. Mangos and kiwi. The steady diet. Black beans and rice. A n d always coffee. A lot of coffee. The Baptist mission. Iglesio Biblica Baptista. A satellite network of churches. T h e thirteen churches. Their o w n pastors. Their o w n seminary. The opportunity to travel. The enlightened students. Their horizons expanded. Their world vision enlarged. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; T a m m y Leytham

Foreign Exposure Feature/261

Keith Wendland Cross-Cultural/ Church Planting Lynchburg, V A Senior

Randal S. Williams Church Ministries/ Counseling Elyria, O H Senior Vocational Goal: Youth Pastor

Cheryl Windsor Missions Alexandria, V A Senior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Knutson

John W. Arbogast Pastoral Grand Haven, Ml Junior Life verse: John 10: 9,


Michael S. Bell Church Ministries/ Youth Independence, M O Junior Vocational Goal: Youth Pastor

Shane Bengerf Christian Thought Welland, Ontario Canada Junior Life verse: Philippians 1:20, 21

Mike Carr Youth Ministries Amherst, V A Junior College Activities Soccer

Dennis R. Clark Christian Thought/ Biblical Studies Fertile. IA Junior Life verse: Matthew 6:6

Michael A. Goode Christian Ministries Landover, M D Junior College Activities: Philosophy Club

Andrew C. Hawes Pastoral Lynchburg, V A Junior Favorite Course: Pastoral Duties

Steven P, Hreha Church Ministries/ Counseling Lorain, O H Junior

Tim Shaw Church Ministries West Brookfield, M A Junior Honors Received: Dean's List

ItSkdtml Laura Davis Church Ministries/ Counseling Maples, FL Junior Life verse: Psalm 37: 3,4

David Ellis Church Ministries Amarillo, TX Junior Life verse: I Samuel 17:29

Matthew D. Fry Youth Ministries Smithfield, N C Junior Life verse: Joshua 1:( 9

Michael C. Goehring Pastoral Evans City, PA Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Fink

Kelly C. Golay Pastoral Ministries Jermoe, ID Junior Life verse: Philippians 1:6

Debbie-Ann Maxwell Church Ministries Sydney, Australia Junior Life Verse: Colossians 1:10

Mark H Mitchell Pastoral/Youth Burlington, N C Junior

Don Norton Church Ministries Winston Salem, N C Junior Favorite Teacher: Dr. Miethe

Stuart Owen Pastoral Ministries Blairs, V A Junior Vocational Goal: Pastor/Teacher

Kevin A. Pagan Youth Ministries Casselberry, Junior Vocational Goal: Youth Pastor

Charles Prowant Youth Ministries Valparaiso, IN Junior Life verse: Colossians 3:23

Kevin Rely Christian Ministries Carteret, NJ Junior Life verse: Galatians 2:20

John Swa&a Pastoral Port Charlotte, FL Junior Life verse: Proverbs 26:11

Todd Terhune Cross-Cultural Ministries Birch Run, Ml Junior Favorite Teacher Mr, Haag

Connie M. Tolley Religion Irvine, KY Junior Life verse: I Peter 5:7

Mark E. Totten Pastoral Marion, V A Junior Life verse: Philippians 4:10

Greg Yates Christian Ministries Waterford, Ml Junior Vocational Goal: Pastor

Paul Weaklend Youth Ministries T a m p a , FL Junior College Activities: Youth Quest

Christian Ministries Elkton, M D Junior Life verse: Galatians 2:20

Scott Whaley Christian Ministries Nesconset, NY Junior Life verse: Isaiah 41:10

Carta Adkinson Youth Ministries Climax, G A Sophomore Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Bobby Brewer Pastoral Ministries Roanoke, V A Sophomore Life verse: I Corinthians 4:9

Roy Carter Pastoral Hinton, W V Sophomore Favorite Course: Biology

Richard Chandler Youth Ministries Miami, FL Sophomore Life verse: Philippians 1:20

Frederick Todd Foreman Youth Pastoral Altoona,, PA Sophomore Life verse: Ephesians 4:10

N. Lynn Habermehl Youth Huntsville, Ontario Sophomore Favorite Teacher: D o u g Randlett

Tim Haines Youth Pastor Lima, O H Sophomore College Activities: King's Players

Randall L. Hawkins Pastoral Sandy Ridge, N C Sophomore Life verse: Ephesians 5:1


Lee Webb

Hispanic Fellowship asks Habla usted esponol? Small group, Just starting, Still ships. Goals Missions. Learning, cities. New York. San Diego. recruiting. Teaching. South America, Burden for Hispanics, C o m e . Share. Spanish. Cubans. Spanish â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Americans. O p e n to all.

Homeland weekly meetings. Encouragement. Edification, Projects.

Raise money. Saturday markets. Fundraisers. Fun. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Latisa Snead

Trips. Picnics. Sharing. Relation-

Evangelizing. Serving. Inner

The Hispanic Club: (Back row, left to right) Chris Powell, Eric Fifelski, T o m m y Martinez, Natalie Caceres (Treasurer), Abel Vasquez. Debbie Mignott, Flor Aristy (Vice President), Mike Little, Evonne M. Steele, Nekane Legarreta, Maria Argueta, Consuelo Bruno (Secretary). (Front row, left to right) Darrel John David Eaves. W a y n e Brindle (Advisor). (Middle row, left to right) Roy Stone, Mercedes Rodriguez (President), Jaime Velastegvi.

Hispanic Fellowship/263

^ Richard Hill Pastoral Anchorage, AK Sophomore Life Verse: Romans 8:17

Kevin Hiney Christian Thought Mitcham, Australia Sophomore Life Verse: II Timothy 2:15

Steve Lalk Pastoral Hawkey, IA Sophomore College Activities: RA

David Lane Pastoral Greenwood, IN Sophomore College Activities: Photography

Gregory Blanchard Pastoral Pineville, W V Sophomore College Activities: Band

Jim Liska Pastoral Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sophomore Life Verse: I Corinthians 10:13

Clark A. Mahoney, Jr. Missions Chesapeake, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

David Spencer Christian Thought Ipswich, M A Sophomore College Activiites: Prayer Leader

Timothy Stotler Pastoral Novi, Ml Sophomore Life Verse: Psalm 2:8

Laura Swaim Cross Cultural Ministries Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Arabic

Darren Talley Youth Greensburg, LA Sophomore College Activities: Youth Quest Club

Darrin Marshall Pastoral Studies Phillipsburg, NJ Sophomore Life Verse: Philippians 2:16

^^^» 7


<*** '



Lewis Rolando III Pastoral Anaheim, C A Sophomore Favorite Course: Old Testament

Stephen Short Missions Aztec, N M Sophomore H o m e Church: Bible Baptist

St \

Robert Smith Cross Cultural Ministries Beech Bottom, W V Sophomore Life Verse: II Timothy 2:15

Internationals h a v e club

B e i n g a college student is tough but leaving your native country to g o to school doesn't m a k e it any easier. At Liberty the International Student Fellowship tries to solve some of the problems associated with being a foreign student. According to activities director Claude Sterling, the biggest thing the fellowship tries to d o is m a k e the student feel at home. At their meetings the students take turns dressing up in


their native clothing. They will sing native songs and tell the other students a b o u t their country. Mrs. Sharon Hahnlen, w h o is the academic advisor for all foreign students, also spends time as the faculty sponsor for the club. The club also represents Liberty when members m e e t with other international groups in the area. — Tim Woltman

Chris Talton Pastoral Union City, G A Sophomore Favorite Course Archery

4* -

janonMdfcoat Cfrtfon Thought Onion, L Sophomore Colege Activities: Utory Mrtstry

Koto (Rajasthan), hdo Sophomore Life Verse: Romans I21&2

Jeff McMaster Christian Thought Linden, Ml Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Beck

Barry Todd Pastoral Saint John, NB. Canada Sophomore Life Verse: I John 1:9

Terrick Moyer Pastoral Pittsburg, PA Sophomore College Activities:

Daren Drzymala Pastoral Buffalo, N Y Sophomore Life Verse: II Timothy



Thaddeus Walker Bible Johnstown, PA Sophomore Favorite Course: Old Testament

L. Dean Ward Pastoral Ministries Greensburg, PA Sophomore Vocational Goal: To b e a youth pastor

James H. Pace. Jr. Pastoral/Youth Hendersonville, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p

Allen Weaver Missions/Church Planting Ossian, IN Sophomore Life Verse: John 3:16

Russell Rhodes Christian Thought Lynchburg, V A Sophomore Life Verse: Philippians 4:13

John Ritter Pastoral Baltimore, M D Sophomore Favorite Course Bible

Allen Williams Pastoral Richmond, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

David Willis Pastoral Huntington, NY Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p


A 1 V' 11 Kenneth Allen Christian Thought Morgantown, W V Freshman

Randall Braley Cross Cultural Jamestown, N Y Vocafional Goal: To b e an evangelist

Brenda Lee Compton Religion Chatham, V A Freshman Favorite Course Evangelism


Jim Randall Pastoral Counseling Shreveport, LA Sophomore Favorite Course: Speech

Steven Allen Pastoral Ministries Jacksonville, FL Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson


Minneapolis, M N Ufe Verse: Matthew 13:4b


2k i John W. Arbogast, Jr. Youth Pastor Grand Haven, Ml Freshman Life Verse: Galatians 2:20

David Cdpps, Jr. Pastoral Virginia Beach, V A Freshman Life Verse: II Corinthians 5:17

Sean Castorina Youth Baltimore. M D Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p

Christopher Connelly Pastoral Ministries Pleasantville. NJ Freshman Life Verse PhiHppains 4:13

Philip Coomer Pastoral Glasgow. Kentucky Freshman H o m e Church Coral Hi Baptist

David Beane Pastoral Ministries Asheboro, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Evangelism

Fred Catalano Lynchburg, VA Favorite Course

David Wayne Creekmore Pastoral Counseling Rocky Mount. N C Freshman Favorite Teocher Dr H a b e r m a s

International Students/265

— — — — — —

Masterbuilders track jobs, schedules


organization of about o n e d o z e n pastoral training upperclassmen, Masterbuilders, handles the nitty-gritty aspects of all the basic ministries assigned pastoral training students. For instance, one organizes the jobs and schedules for the s o m e dozen m e n w h o captain buses for the Thomas Road Baptist Church Sunday School program. Another directs the 40 m e n w h o work with the "Senior



Saints," conducting Bible studies and preaching in services at nursing and retirement homes. Another organizes the G o o d N e w s clubs. After teaching one himself, he handles the paperwork for the other 20 m e n w h o work with him. O n e writes and edits "The Shepherd's Journal," a periodical that the Pastoral Training Program publishes. O n e keeps the files on each m a n in the pastoral major, documenting his Christian Service,

his extra curricular activities, and relevant information for his resume, T w o handle the final interviews of senior religion and Institute students to certify that they not only have their doctrine together but that they are ready for the next step in their o w n personal ministry. These two also gather feedback from the graduates to help the School of Religion and the Bible Institute to improve their program.


Ken Dem-beck Pastoral Baltimore, M D Freshman Life verse: Galations 2:20

Michael J. Domke Pastoral Flint, Ml College Activities: Marching Band

Michael Joseph Draughon Youth Pastor Fayetteville, N C Freshman Life verse: I Corinthians 13:13

Harold Echols Pastoral Memphis, TN Freshman Life verse: Ephesians 1:17-21

Don Ferguson Pastoral Radford, V A Freshman Life verse: Galatians 2:20

Robert George Pastoral Ministries Yucca Valley, C A Freshman Vocational Goal: Evangelist

Jerry Glass Church Ministries Jacksonville, FL Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 40:31

Max Grizzard Youth Pastor Gadsden, AL Freshman Life verse: I Corinthians 10:31

James Guess Pastoral Evansville, IN Freshman Ufe verse: Jeremiah 33:3

Susan R. Hansell Missions Mtddletown, V A Freshman Lite verse: Galatians 2.20

Steven Hayden Church Ministries Colfax, N C Freshman Life verse: Psalm 18:1-2

John Heath Missions N e w Hope, PA Freshman Life verse: I John 2:27

Matthew L. Heckman Pastoral Bath, PA Freshman Life verse: Psalm 27:1

Gary James Heinrich Pastoral/Counsling Califon, NJ Freshman Life verse: Hebrews 10:7

PhapHerzog Pastoral Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Mr. Harrison

Thomas Gary Hinz Youth Ministries Kenosha Wl Freshman College Activities: Youth Quest

George K. Holbert II Pastoral/Youth Guldport, M S Freshman Ufe verse: James 1:22

Darin Hood Youth Ministries Cincinnati, O H Freshman Life verse: I Timothy 2:15

William S. irby Religion Anderson, SC Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Meithe

Michael Ellis Pastoral Suffolk, V A Freshman Vocational Goal: Evangelist


Ordy Jewel Youth Mnotrles Owings. M D Freshman Favonte Teocher Dr Randett

Robert W Johnson Pastoral Artesla. t*A Freshman Ufe verae Psafn 37 5


Christian Service is m a n y things to m a n y uslc Education major D e e Paulson plays on the Lady Flames basketball team. That's her Christian Service. Meanwhile, Linda Perry, a sophomore, leads a group of girls in prayer and Bible study twice a week. That's her Christian Service. The misunderstood Christian Service policies at Liberty bec o m e clear w h e n revealed in the light of the "Champions-forChrist" philosophy. Assistant Director of Christian Service Gaylen P. Leverett says the University is aiming for a balanced approach to Christian


service. "That's w h y w e count sports as Christian Service and civil or social organizations as Christian Service. This is to train students to apply their Christian influence outside the walls of the church." The Christian service program is divided into three areas. The first deals with discipleship. The classes k n o w n as Christian Growth I and Christian Growth II teach students the basic doctrines of the Bible. Christian Growth I exposes the student to the what and w h y of Bible doctrines, holding in the Liberty tradition that Christians should k n o w not only what


they believe, but also w h y they believe it. T h e lessons in Christian Growth II take these doctrines a step farther and help the student apply them in his life. Ethical questions, such as "Is abortion w r o n g ? " or "Is it ever right to lie?" help the student exp a n d his spiritual and mental maturity by forcing intense Bible study. Sophomore J a m e s Bell, a Business Administration major, says the teaching on situational ethics is very beneficial. The professor presents specific, consistent passages of Scripture that support the Christian world view.


â&#x20AC;˘ 1

\^MS*m\Wl'i 11 Lew Weider, Dennis Fields and Gaylin Leverett (clockwise) help students chose the Christian Service that is most suitable for their talent. Charlene C r u m p (opposite page) shares God's love through G o o d N e w s Clubs.


H e says that Christian Growth II teaches him something new. Step t w o of the Christian Service program gives the student the opportunity to work in the local church. Leverett says this instills the habit of serving the Lord in the local church through activity, not just attendance. The activities at the Thomas Road Baptist Church are not limited to teaching a Sunday school class or singing in the choir like most other churches. Ministries associated with TRBC, like the Liberty G o d Parent H o m e , Elim H o m e , and Military Ministry, incorporate students in their work.


people The final step of the Christian Service program gives students the option of staying in the church or branching out into other community-oriented programs. Students c a n use their skills in social, civic or artistic groups â&#x20AC;&#x201D; even sports. Leverett says this is where the practical Christian teachings of Christian Growth c o m e into play. "This is where students learn to m a k e an influence for Christ in society." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; M. Anthony Carr

Religion Spotlight: Dr. James Freerkson N o t only is this professor of religion a sincere sports enthusiast, he's a participant. Dr. J a m e s Freerksen would rather play than watch. Although he admits he's not the greatest athlete, he says he enjoys golf, tennis, basketball, and ping pong. He also jogs, but h e m a k e s it clear that h e doesn't enjoy it. Dr. Freerksen has e v e n played in the annual student/ faculty basketball g a m e . He

says he doesn't mind playing the students, but in the physical sports he does have to remind them that his body is 45 years old, not 25. The professor, w h o grew up in southern Minnesota, is also a football fan. He says, "I'm the last Vikings fan in the state of Virginia." His extracurricular activities are not limited to sports. Both he and his wife, Dorothy, are involved at Thomas Road Baptist

Along with studying the Bible, Dr. Freerkson takes advantage of a g o o d theological discussion with colleagues such as Dr. Harvey Hartman. He also makes time to talk with students.


Church. He teaches a couples' class and she is committed to developing curriculum in the children's department. Another recent involvement found Dr. Freerksen serving the School of Religion as editor of its o w n Self-Study Committee. He w a s responsible for coordinating information from the different committees. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Randy Hall

Ronald Warren Jones Pastoral Richmond, V A Freshman Life verse: Romans 10:10

Dani Keisha Spencer Missions Kissimonee, FL Freshman Life verse: Isaiah 41:10

Greg Knapp Cross-Cultural Ministries Seminole, FL Freshman Life verse: Galatians 5:16

Laurian Lazarescu Pastoral Chicago. IL Freshman Life verse: James 1:3-5

^rjâ&#x201E;˘" Tommie Lee Pastoral Miami, FL Freshman Favorite Course: Bible

Eric Undbloom Pastoral Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocational Goal: Pastor

Kevin Little Pastoral Midland, TX Freshman Life verse: Proverbs 3:5,6

Jonathan Longwetl Youth Ministries Akron, N Y Freshman Life verse: Joshua 1

John Lupton Pastoral Oshawa, Ontario Canada Freshman Life verse: Galatians 5:13

Kenda Marsh Cross-Cultural Ministries Bixby, O K Freshman Life verse: Acts 1:8

Brenda Gail Mays Church Ministries Amherst, V A Freshman Life verse: Philippians 4:13

Richard A. Miller Pastoral Ministries Craigsville, W V Freshman Life verse: Romans 10:9

Carol Moore Undecided Huntington. W V Freshman Vocational Goal Missionary

Joseph B. Nolan, Jr. Pastoral Winston-Salem, N C Freshman Vocational Goal Work with deaf

Robert Owens II Pastoral Louisville, KY Freshman Life verse: Psalm 37:4

John Pierson Pastoral Freeport. IL Freshman College Activities Youth Quest

Greg A Rea Pastoral/Youth San Jose. C A Freshman Ufe verse I Timothy 2 15

WBamRidgley Pastoral Green Bay. Wl Freshman Life verse Acts 20 24

IvfchaelK Rosenbarker Pastoral Jocksonvie. FL Freshman Ufe verse Acts 20 2<J

JmRouse Youth Pastor Orlando, FL Freshman Lite verse Phippians 25

Religion Spotlight/271

Shawn Rozier Pastoral Ministries Avondale Estates, GA Freshman College Activities: Band

Linefte See Missions Timberville, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. W e m p

Mike Shipman Pastoral Canton, N C Freshman Favorite Course: Old Testament

Rob Simmons Pastoral Houston, TX Freshman Life Verse: 1 Thessalonians 2:4

Chris Simons Missions Chesapeake, V A Freshman Vocational Goal: To become a missionary

Dave Sloboda Youth Ministry Butler, PA Freshman Life Verse: Psalm 37:4

Tom Smith Youth Ministries Lancaster, NY Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Michael Wayne Stidham Youth Pastor Nederland, TX Freshman College Activities: Prayer Leader

Valerie Tanner Youth Ministreis Farmington, N M Freshman Life Verse: Hebrews 4:13

Tommy Teague Youth Pastor Cincinnati, O H Freshman Life Verse: Philippians


Gerald Thomas Youth Ministries Canoga, Park, C A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Lorna Thomas Religion Sandwich, IL Freshman Life Verse: Matthew 6:33

Reynard Valdez Pastoral Dulce, N M Freshman College Activities: Cross Country

Daniel Watson Christian Thought Indianapolis, IN Freshman College Activities: Band

Elizabeth Wentworth Youth Ministry Amherst, V A Freshman Life Verse: Romans 12:1&2

John Wyble Pastoral Gridley, KS Freshman


Pastoral students get practical training The 500-member Pastoral Training Program is not a club or organization, but rather a Christian service for all pastoral students in the university and seminary. M e m b e r s get involved with nursing h o m e ministries, G o o d N e w s clubs, church surveys, and other local programs. Over Spring break, pastoral students traveled to churches, held crusades, and preached the gospel. O n April 16, the Spring seminar preaching contest helped pastoral students gain preaching experience in competition. "Pastoral ministry is as m u c h caught as it is taught," says Dr. Jerry Kroll, w h o with his assistant Steve Suders directs the program. " W e provide hands-on experience for pastoral students and an opportunity for the pastor to learn more than just facts. He learns that the ministry is not just learning, but doing." A weekly publication, entitled, "The Shepherd's Journal," is written and published by Dr. Kroll and members. It provides pastoral students with topics on biblical subjects, spiritual growth and about job openings for lastsemester seniors and graduates. Kroll a n d Suders interview seniors at the time of graduation to see where they stand on their theology, what their plans are for the future, and what direction they should g o to m e e t their future goals. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Gary Murtoff (Left) Don Norman shares with the pastoral students in one of their separate chapel services Pastoral Training/273


mmm Mi •

mm ••f






Where do undecideds go for good advice? Center has answers


Y o u ' r e the secretary in the advising center. All sorts of people want your advice. Flocks of students file in, s o m e bewildered, s o m e angry, and s o m e just plain lost. They have one thing in c o m m o n â&#x20AC;&#x201D; questions, questions, questions. "Is this the advising center?" a student asks, leather jacket on and briefcase in hand. "Do you m e a n the Office of Occupational Guidance, C a reer Development, and Acad e m i c Advising?" you ask

back. "Uh, well is that the same thing?" "Yes, the n a m e changed this fall. C a n I help you?" "Possibly. M y advising is set up with Mrs. Miller, the nursing teacher. It's supposed to be Dr. Miller, psychology." "We'll see if w e can get that straight," you say. "Have a seat and we'll get to you ,,." He sits down, chin in hand. The next in line says, "Me?" say, "Can I help you?"

"I need to see Mr. Groat, and it, I think." "Deecks." , I need to see m y transcripts, "Status sheet?" you ask. "Could you spell that, and could you tell m e where "Yeah. That's m y life for the please?" .. the Christian Service Office is?" next four years. Have you seen "D-l-G-G-S." "Mr. Groat is with a student, it?" "Oh, T o m Diggs, dean of ' but give m e your n a m e and I'll Y o u m u m b l e . "I k n o w I academic services. I'll get him "get your transcripts." wouldn't have thrown anything on the phone if you'd like to "My n a m e is Smith, and w h e n like that away,. . . Look on thatspeak with him." can I see Mr, Groat and where table over there and on the By the end of the day your floor." . is the Christian Ser , . . " brain is a big question mark, You look at the next person and you have no more "Can I "Scuse me," interrupts a stu1 dent with a lost look and with and a "Can I help you?" falls off help yous" left, You look at the desperation in her voice, "I of your lips. clock; and, miraculously, it's think I have left m y . . . sheet "I need to find Mr. Deecks," 4:30! No more questions! '; with all the courses on it ... it you hear in a Spanish accent. Until tomorrow. "Who?" has another sheet attached to â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jennifer Steele

Occupational Guidance Counselors Wilbur Groat (left), Jim Wagner (top) and Don Sale help students interpret test scores, set their goals, plan their programs and keep on course.


Counseling Center gives plain or

\ \ | f you ever have to g o to the counseling center, y o u m u s t b e a real wierdo." That kind of thinking frustrates Brett Miller, a seminarian from East Stroudsburg, Pa. and a counselor at Liberty's counseling center. "That's a stereotype of the old days. In fact, the Bible says that a wise person seeks counsel and that's what the Counseling Center is here for â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to help people. " W e deal with all kinds of

278/Counseling Center

Miller says he starts sessions problems â&#x20AC;&#x201D; decision-making and the will of G o d , fears, pho- by asking questions to relax the bias. But a lot of it is just plain ol' client, then moves to questions advice. People want to k n o w about the problem, and finally what to do." gives counsel. All sorts of people visit the Miller says his desire to help center for all sorts of problems. people, to lift them out of a " S o m e c o m e for vocational place of hurt to happiness and guidance, marital counseling effectiveness in life is one of the (post and pre), and w e counsel reasons he is involved with the with youth and elderly alike," center. Miller says. "Counseling keeps m e in my During a typical session, a cli- place as a h u m a n ... not ent will fill out a form briefly, ex- a b o v e anyone or below anyplaining his or her problem. one. I learn with them." Then he sees a counselor. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; M. Anthony Carr


Students, whether married (top with Dr. Ronald Hawkins) or single (left with Diane Crowder and above with Mike Kachura), find Liberty counselors friendly, interested, and helpful.


wmt iimall



9 :



m **vl



Phsyical Plant keeps LU ticking Physical Plant offers a variety of services to Liberty U and its students. It currently employs 65 full-time workers and 450 students. The Plant is responsible for all custodial positions on campus. It maintains the buildings, oversees the copy center, takes care of purchasing items for the school, maintains the c o m puters and runs the telephone system. Custodial jobs offered students include cleaning dorms and academic buildings and setting up the g y m for church a n d chapel services. Those w h o take these jobs must also

prepare the g y m for special concerts and athletic events. Maintenance across campus includes fixing broken items in rooms, reconstructing offices and hanging pictures. Carpet cleaning in academic buildings is done by this team. The purchasing department of Physical Plant is responsible for making all requisition orders for academic and administrative departments. Physical Plant also maintains and repairs computer equipment. The school switchboard is located in the Physical Plant building and it employs three

full-time and 12 student parttime operators. The board is open 24 hours a day. A warehouse d o w n t o w n , o w n e d by Liberty and Old Time Gospel Hour, contains all the inventory used on campus — desks, paper — everything. Dorm keys are kept at Physical Plant and so is the lost and found. Vans and cars can be rented for school, athletic and administration-related events. Four other divisions emerge out of the Plant — plumbing, air-conditioning, electrical repair and carpentry. — Sherry Coberly

Mitch Creel (left, across page) takes a break from answering phones at the Physical Plant's central switchboard. Staff members include Marcia Escobar, Lisa Arthur, Jennifer Scholefield, Sandy Pagan, Lynette DeMent, Tia Gentry and Donna Ginnan. Tina Farabee (below) types a requisition.

Physical Plant/281

They use sugar to fight fires They've got a big glass pig in the business office full of candy. Students c o m i n g in to talk about their bill or ask for advice or to buy bus tickets or cash a check get to take a piece. Even those w h o storm in angry get some. Evelyn Tomlin and her staff in accounts receivable consider their work a ministry. " W e try to do everything w e can to help these students," she says. " W e even help s o m e of them balance their checkbooks." She and her boss Dave Richardson, Director of Accounting, admit that the business office

has had bad press. " W e don't m a k e the rules," he says, "but w e have to enforce them. If a student breaks something in the dormitory, Student Affairs puts the cost on his bill. It's our duty to collect the a m o u n t and s o m e students hold that against us." "I would like all the students to really get to know the ladies in this office," Miss Tomlin says. " W e really love the students." She herself donates more than a thousand hours overtime to the school each year. "It seems that the people w h o blame us are the ones having difficulty meeting their finan-

cial responsibilities. It falls on us to tell them they can't return to school," Richardson says. " W e grew so fast here — w e admit it," Miss Tomlin says. " W e used to have long lines and short tempers. N o w w e have three computers, more room, more help — and lots of candy. "I find that the students w h o work the hardest are the ones w h o complain the least," she says. "And then there are those w h o expect to g o to school for nothing." Richardson shrugs his shoulders.

Accounts receivable staff are (from left) Peggy Keys, Gail Wallace, Darlean Murphy. Teresa tenPas, Evelyn Tomlin, Melanie Butscher. Students from Lebanon, Jordan, the Philippines and Puerto Rico have helped m a k e the business office a kind of melting pot. More help, more room and three n e w computers have m a d e a big difference. Miss Tomlin says.


Wmmm\ BHniii

i 32H



Cashiers Darlean Murphy and Melanie Butscher help student Corey Carrigan with her bill (above). As they work, Melanie Butscher (right) works on her "insufficient funds" list of returned student checks. O n the phone (far right) Gail Wallace talks to parents and answers inquiries about student accounts.



282/Business Office


. A :•::•


Campus Services


stocking shelves to running cash registers. With 4,800 square feet of The bookstore serves the stufloor space in a n e w location in dents as a convenient place to the DeMoss Building, the LU buy class material and personal Bookstore employs 10 full-time items during its 46 hours of opworkers and 20 student work- eration each week. ers w h o d o anything from

C O P Y CENTER With nine full-time employees and three part-time student workers, the Liberty University copy center serves the faculty by printing exams, class handouts and textbooks by the school professors. In addition, the center serves the student body by printing homework assignments, class projects, posters and promotional materials for student activities. 284/Campus Services

HOUSEKEEPING With more than 170 student employees. Custodial is responsible for keeping the buildings clean and litter-free, Employees work anywhere from 15 to 40 hours every week cleaning the dorms, halls, lobbies, classrooms, and athletic buildings.


for designing and installing the campus landscape as well as "Taking care of everything maintence of shrubbery and that is not attached to a build- athletic fields. ing" is the task of the Liberty The Grounds Crew employs Grounds Crew. 24 people from Old Time GosUnder the direction of Cal pel Hour and 14 student workPayne, the crew is responsible ers.


HEALTH SERVICES Seeing some 55 patients every day of the school year Dr. Gregg Albers and his staff are faced with the responsibility of advising the student body on

With a goal of "providing a quality food service to the students at Liberty," S A G A increased the seating capacity of the main cafeteria to 1,800 this year and added a 450-seat Deli, S A G A employs m o r e than 400 students and 65 non-students.

disease prevention as well as treating those w h o b e c o m e sick. Health Services e m p l o y s three nurses and six part-time student workers to assist Albers in his task.

POST OFFICE The campus post office is the site of a daily vigil by every Liberty student hoping to receive mail ( m o n e y or food) from home. It was open more than 50 hours each week.


cy Medical Technicians, with several working toward their With the job of providing 24- paramedic license. hour security and immediate In addition, m a n y of the e m medical aid, Emergency Ser- ployees are highly a c c o m vices employs 43 full-time peo- plished marksmen and self-deple and 4 part-time workers. fense experts, should the need Thirty of these are Emergen- to use these skills ever arise.

a research center for Liberty students. The Liberty University library, Located in the n e w DeMoss under the direction of Dr. Ernest Building, the library n o w feaLiddle, serves a vital function as tures two computer terminals LIBRARY


with access to libraries around the world. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Articles compiled by John Peters


Supervisors and RA's shepherd, disciple, and m a k e the house a home Dorm 3

Dorm 2

Dorm 1

Dorm 4

BP^i Russell Claxton


David Knaus

Dorm 5 1st

Bonnie Hixon

Mike Hobbs

Sheldon Relst

Dorm 7 2nd


James Mangus

9l Gary Scharf

Mick Murray

Bob Price

Todd Robertson

Dorm 7 1st

Dorm 6

Dorm 5 2nd

\ yc Cathy Baker

Rob Farr

Melinda Hoffman






ATI Mike Allen

Mike Nichols

Gavin Watson

Dorm 10


Dorm 8

Michael Klefeker

^s Kathy Frey

Steve Hobbs

Maurice Jones

Dorm 11

Forest Kerns

Kevin Snyder

Lisa Hills

Dorm 12


Rinda Foster

Dorm 15

Patty Weaver

Kim Geresy

286/RA's and Supervisors

Marlene Mixon



p •* ^^B

I »--^M

Donna Brewer Cheryl Windsor

Michele Miller Beth Overton

Dorm 16

Dorm 18 1st

Michelle Harlow

Joanne Hennessey

Cindy Peters


\m 'J Louise Dekker


Uz Dishman

Dorm 14

Dorm 13


Dorcas Harbin

Lori Nunnally

Steve Brooks Dwayne Carson

Tami Crablll

Susan Dykes

Dorm 18 2nd

Ralph Buster

Todd Gensler

Dorm 19 1st

I snawna Heisler Cindy Rolland

Dorm 21 1st

Sheila Hubbard

Marie Utz

Dorm 22 2nd

Ambrose Harris

Kurt Ullein

Dorm 25 1st

Dorm 19 2nd

Lynda Hynes

Lynn Parks

Dorm 21 2nd

Kelly Manley

Jenny Nunn

Dorm 22 3rd

Scott Disler

Andre Whitehead

Dorm 25 2nd

Dorm 20 2nd

Debbie Bowen

Rhonda Cart

Dorm 20 3rd


Kristel Lutz

Lori Royer

Roger Mackey

John Hading

Gary Ward

Tony Norman

Dorm 21 3rd

Julie Buchanan

Lisa Ebauer

Dorm 23 2nd

Steve Barrett

James Martin

Dorm 25 3rd

Dorm 23 3rd

Thomas Hayden Mike Waters

Steve Rogier

Dorm 26 1st


• Mark Mackey

David Young

Dorm 26 2nd

Chris Hastings

Steve Wyatt

Dorm 26 3rd

Peter Jewett

Mike Koenig

Dorm 27 1st

Jeff Burns

Kent Strader

Bruce Traeger

Dorm 27 2nd

|5* *• ? !

Kyle Holcomb

Terrlck Moyer

Dorm 27 3rd

Brett Howan

Steve Lalk

Dorm 28 1st

Monique Price

Susan Riggs

Dorm 28 2nd

Carlo Paist

Becky Thomason

Harry Walls

Dorm 28 3rd

jft Teresa Copen

Deanna Longwell

Tamalin Crumley

Diane Pool

Sharon Clevinger

Sherri M e m m e r

Robin Ginnan

Cynthia McGinniss

Andy Zivojinovic

R A s and Supervisofs/287

Marilyn Ely Wellsboro. Pa. Sophomore Plays in the TRBC orchestra

Sharon Coomer Lynchburg, Va. Sophomore Saved at the a g e of twelve

Kristia Detweiler Durham, N.C. Sophomore Freshman Honor Society m e m b e r

David G. Baugher, Jr. Baltimore, M d . Freshman H o m e church: Evangelism Fellowship Church

Margaret Bearden Jacksonville, Fl, Freshman Saved the summer of '85 at church c a m p

Lora Beck Taylor, Mich. Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. Hindson

Janet Carson Jacksonville, Fl. Freshman Involved in Ladies Chorus

Gordon Carter Fort Worth, Texas Freshman King's Players member

David Campbell Fredericton, N e w Brunswick Freshman Favorite teacher: Mrs. LeGrande

David Clark Tappahannock, Va, Freshman Saved at the a g e of nine

Jay Cline Forest, Ind. Freshman Involved in Concert Choir

Debbie Coleman Calera, Ala. Freshman Interested in child psychology

Robin Counts Oklawaha, Fla, Freshman Involved in intramurals

Rebecca Crapser Somers, Conn. â&#x20AC;˘ Freshman Life verse: Psalm 46:1

Jeff Crum Huntington, W V . Freshman Saved at the a g e of five

Jill Crumpton Visalia, Calif Freshman Favorite course: Evangelism

Rochelle DeFigh Kirkland, Wash. Freshman Involved in Youthquest

Kenneth Delano Orange, Va. Freshman Life verse: Heb. 13:8

Oliver Springs, Tenn, Sophomore Life verse: Phil. 4:13


Donna Bell Newport News, Va. Freshman Favorite course: Psychology

Heather Emery Durham, N.C. Sophomore Favorite course: Art

David A. Lobley Georgetown, Mass, Sophomore Dean's List

Roselyne Ader Marseille, France Freshman Works with the deaf

Monica Albin Statesville, N.C Freshman Interested in Education

Kelley Bonnell Eaton, Colo. Freshman Involved in intramurals

Beth Bolton Munford, Ala. Freshman Prayer Leader

Dawn Briggs Ronceverte, W.V Freshman Vocational goal: secretary


David Boardwine Bristol, Tenn. Freshman Interested in business

David Atey Lynchburg, Va. Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr Captain

David A. Brown Somerset, Ky. Freshman Involved in intramurals

Carta Anderson Annandale, Va. Freshman H o m e church: Barcroft Bible Church

Gina Brown Greenville, N.C. Freshman Favorite course: Christian Growth

David Bailey Uniontown, Ohio Freshman Saved at the a g e of twelve

Craig Burke Boston, Mass. Freshman Vocational goal: musician

Scott Baker Port Crane, N.Y. Freshman Vocational goal: Mechanical Engineer

Jerry Buschmann Greenbrier, Ariz. Freshman Saved at the a g e of six

Daniel L. Ball Pass Christian, M S . Freshman Favorite course: History

Stephen Ball Pass Christian, MS. Freshman Life verse: Romans 10:9, 10

Tirzah M. Ball Pass Christian, MS. Freshman Vocational goal to b e c o m e a midwife

Gregory Cave Dobson, N.C. Freshman Weightlifting Club Member

Lola Carman Danville, III. Freshman Vocational goal: teacher for missionaries

Don Carney Anchorage. Alaska Freshman Participates in Track

Kimberiy Barney Winston-Salem, N.C Freshman Saved at the a g e of eleven

Mike Carroll South Lyon, Mich. Freshman |_jfe verse: Phil. 4:13



E v e r y meeting of the Circle K Club starts out the same: " W e need s o m e volunteers." President Lorri Burton is recruiting club members to work at the Bloodmobile. "We'll need a couple of guys out at 8 o'clock to help set up," she says. Hands g o up. "Good. Okay, w e also need volunteers to work all through the day. There's a sign-up sheet going around. Put d o w n what hours you can b e there." A club m e m b e r interrupts. "The donating goes a lot faster w h e n w e schedule appointments. So, w e need a few volunteers to sit outside S A G A and schedule donors." A gentlemen stands up. "If


any of you can help, w e need some volunteers at E C . Glass Saturday for Operation Planta-Tree." Another m e m b e r speaks up. "Also, don't forget the luncheon tomorrow at the Holiday Inn. There's a sheet going around for you to sign if you can m a k e it." Lorri steps back up to the mike. "Another thing, the Presbyterian H o m e called, and they need some volunteers to g o out on either Monday or Thursday night to help kids with homework. I know a group of you g o on Tuesday. But if some others could m a k e it on one of these nights, see m e after the meeting." She continues. "Now, Rhon-


â&#x20AC;˘v./ â&#x20AC;˘#

da's going to c o m e up and talk a little about Christian Service hours. Then Joanie's got something to say about the social committee." Rhonda Hight, one of the club's secretaries, proceeds to tell h o w many hours everyone has racked up (or failed to rack up) for Christian Service credit. Then Joan Bryant, vice-president in charge of social activities talks about a couple of get-togethers with other clubs in the area. "Do you want to c o m e to boring meetings or would you rather have some fun?" she asks. Before the meeting ends, Lorri makes one last announcement. "If any of you will be here over Christmas, the Special Olympics is at Wintergreen on the 16th and 17th of January. They'll need some volunteers

T a m m y Leytham

The 1985-6 Circle K officers: (from left) Lorri Burton. Joan Bryant. Rhonda Hight. and Kathy Pate

Circle K Club/289

Craig Dennis Garland, TX Freshman Favorite course: Business Administration

Paula De Young Rock Hill, SC Freshman Vocational goal: Reservations agent for a major airline

BrendaDai GrennvUle. N C Freshman Ufe verse: Phfl. 1:21

Kim Epperiy Rock Island, L Freshman Saved in the ttwd grade


Daria Donovan Kansas City M O Freshman Interested in teaching and missions

Julie Deacon St. Clair Shores, Mi Freshman Works on the Liberty Champion

Re Nee Sue Dye Brown City, Ml Freshman Favorite course: Old Testament Survey

Deanna Eckds Dallas, TX Freshman Interested in Communications

Bryan Fmley Beavercreek, O H O Freshman Favorite teacher: Mrs. Sherman

Chad Fleming MiDersburg, Ml Freshman Life verse: Acts 16 3

James Gadd Houston, TX Freshman H o m e church: Sagemont Baptist Church

Shcron Gretschel Wlmhgton. N C Freshman Saved at trie o g e of five

Becky Giette Charleston. S C Freshman Interested in fashion marketing

Shown Coff Coleyvie. TX Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. hindson

SteptKrve Hates Wimington, N C Freshman H o m e church: Grace Baptist Church


ShariHammer Rockford. M Freshman Involved in drama

Shawnee Hansen Bussey. I O W A Freshman H o m e church: Independent Bfcte Church

UsaHassel Atxjquerque, N M Freshman Vocational goal: to b e a lawyer

Lynchburg. V A Freshman Vocational goal: G e m appraiser and jewelry maker


Kimberiy Donaghy Bluffton, IN Freshman Saved at the a g e of

Townies get to live it u p / :00 a.m. — You shut the filled, you head to the back of [\ alarm off, making a hasty the lot. Finding no spaces at the ^•S decision not to use the back of the lot, you turn around, morning to read the chapters drive the wrong w a y in a oneyou didn't finish last night. You w a y lane and park in a spot you g o back to sleep. think might b e a "no parking" 8:50 a.m. — You a w a k e and re- zone. But, since you're not really alize you're too late for chapel. sure, you park there anyway. N o problem. As a town student 10:20 a.m. — For nearly an hour, whose first class is not until 10:20, you listen to Ed Hindson's voice you're exempt. crackle in Old Testament 101. 9:10 a.m. — After a shower, you 11:45 a.m. — The coffee and fish around in the refrigerator for the cinnamon biscuit react something to eat. Finding only chemically in your belly during s o m e wilted lettuce and stale Theology 202. bread, you jump into the car 12:15 p.m. — Against your betand get a cup of coffee and a ter judgment, you eat chili at cinnamon biscuit at Hardee's. Fast Break. 9:40 a.m. — You whip into the 1:20 p.m. — The chili crawls up town student parking lot; and, your throat as you run a mile knowing all the front spaces are and a half in Hyphy 102.

2:20 p.m. — You g o to the library to finish last night's reading. You see a friend and start to talk. You get an angry stare from someone who's trying to read. Finally, the friend leaves and you start to read, but you can't because s o m e b o d y is talking. You give them an angry stare. 4:15p.m. — You spend ten minutes looking for your car because you forgot where you parked it. W h e n you find it, there's a ticket on the windshield. 4:20 p.m. — You hit bumper-tobumper traffice leaving school. 5:00 p.m. — You reach G.E. A G.E. security guard is directing traffic. He motions you to stop while he waves G.E. traffic on. 5:10 p.m. — You almost get killed on the expressway because s o m e lady didn't realize there was no acceleration lane. 6:00 p.m. — You g o to the mall and eat supper at Chic-fil-a. 7:10 p.m. — You have devotions and ask the Lord to forgive you for getting angry at the lady on the expressway. You thank Him for a school like Liberty and a country like America. 8:00 p.m. — You try and call your girlfriend, but the phone in the dorm is busy. 9:45 p.m. — You try and call your girlfriend, but the phone in the dorm is busy. 11:00 p.m. — You call your girlfriend, but she gets m a d because you called so late and w o k e her up. 12:30p.m. — You promise yourself you'll finish that reading in the morning as you tune in to "Late Night with David Letterman." 1:30 p.m. — You wake up on the sofa, turn off the T.V. and go to bed. — Dolph Bell What's it like to live in town? You can sort socks at 2 a.m. like Becky Moulton (far left). You can relax alone and take it easy like John Wells (above) and you get to watch TV while you study with your feet on the couch like Ginger Bartram (chair) and P a m Blank enship

Town Students/291

Dorm diary 7:15 a.m. — The alarm rings. You hit the snooze button. 7:24 a.m. — The alarm rings again. You hit the "off" button a n d think a b o u t going to breakfast. H o w g o o d those doughnuts with chocolate bits would taste! You turn over and sleep for another half-hour. 9:01 a.m. — You finally m a k e it to chapel with hair all mussed up after you had spent 10 minutes making it neat. You spend five more minutes in the bathroom trying to repair the d a m age. 9:15 a.m. — "Young people, m a y I h a v e your attention please" sifts through your mind. Your thoughts drift to the 25 Math problems you forgot to do. Math is next period. 10:02 a.m. — Chapel's over. You finish your assignment. 10:19 a.m. — Panting, you m a k e it to class. You're alarmed to see the back seats gone. You grab a front seat (they're always left) and pray that you don't fall asleep. 11:09 a.m. — You realize you fell asleep and missed the assignment. You grab the stranger beside you; and he, with an Isaw-you-asleep-ha-ha smile on his face, tells you about it. 12:03 p.m. — Dr. Habermas finishes his lecture and just as everyone is ready to leave, a student in the front row asks, "Do foundational or epistemological basic beliefs constitute logically necessary reasons for believing higher level propositions?" Everyone sighs and settles back d o w n in their seats. Your eyes glare at the inquiring student as you realize you'll be stuck in the long line at the Deli. 12:27 p.m. — You walk around aimlessly, tray in hands, looking for a table, a friend, someone somewhere, to share your 43 minutes of lunch. 12:30 p.m. — You g o to a table where only one person is sitting. You lay your tray down. "I'm sorry, this table is saved," he says, biting into his turkey and swiss sandwich.



12:35 p.m. — You find a table and sit down. Across from you sits a beautiful blond girl. She talks gingerly to her girlfriend as you eat your chips and think of some w a y to introduce yourself. 12:43 p.m. — You finish your sandwich and just as you're about to say "Hi, m y n a m e is —", the girl gets up. She shoots you a have-a-nice-day smile and leaves. You get a Scooter Crunch Bar. 12:58 p.m. — You g o to the post office where you find announcements. Your boxmate has 15 letters and a copy of Newsweek waiting for him. 1:20 p.m. — You sit d o w n in American History, and — surprise! — a pop quiz on the rise of the conquistadors. 2:18 p.m. — You get back to your room. There is plenty of time to do homework, but you fall victim to the flesh, plop d o w n on your b e d and fall asleep. 3:21 p.m. — Your roomate walks in, flips on his Imperials tape and is halfway through "Here on the Rock" when he

realizes you are — or were — asleep. 5:35 p.m. — Your roommates join you for hot dogs and sundaes at SAGA. 7:05 p.m. — You arrive back at your dorm. You look at the Liberty calendar wondering what to do. 7:42 p.m. — You, your roommate and a friend throw on some cologne and head for the 8 o'clock movie. 10:05 p.m. — Back at your room, just as you're about to change for bed, someone raps on your window. You open it and there stands a pretty brunette. "Is Roger in?" she asks. Your heart drops. "You got the wrong room," you say. "Sorry" she giggles as she skips off. You close the window and laugh to yourself. 11:45 p.m. — You fall asleep praying. — Phil Day Dorm life means dorm work. Karen Stumpf washes clothes in the laundry room. Curt Freed goes over class notes.

c S « s

TTAA David Hathaway Groves, Texas Freshman Interested in religion

Herbert F. Hayes II Roanoke, Va. Freshman Saved at the a g e of four

Julie Heberiy York, Pa. Freshman Favorite course: Old Testament Survey

Kathy Heitz North Babylon. N Y Freshman Vocational goal: accountant

Lisa Henry Port Charlotte. Fl. Freshman Saved at the a g e of one and a half

Tracy Hetzler Ulysses, Kan. Freshman Life verse: Psalm 19:14

Dennis Hibshman Ephrata. Pa. Freshman Plays intramural volleyball

Wendy Holding Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Freshman Favorite course: Psychology

v 1 mmi Connie Holman Palm Harbor, Fl. Freshman Senator in S G A

Karen Hosteller Rising Sun, Md. Freshman Vocational goal: to work in the field of Spanish.

John Hotz Rushville, Neb. Freshman College Republicans member

Garland Humphries, Jr Covington. Va. Freshman Interested in business

Steve lort Moreno, Ariz. Freshman Saved at the a g e of nine

C Wayne Johnson Arrington. V a Freshman Life verse John 3:16

Rosalie Jones Medford. N.J. Freshman M e m b e r of Australia for Christ

William Jacklin Glen Arbor. Mich Freshman Vocational goal: to b e a pastor

Sheiy Koran Johnstown. Pa. Freshman Favonte course Psychology

Cynthia King Greensboro. N.C Freshman Greatest nfluence Parents

Don Kramer Inalanapofc. Ind Freshman Favorite teacher Or

Jane Kkchner Ft W a y n e , h d Freshman Saved at the a g e of seven


Dorm Life/293

Marrieds get to eat cost-cutter bran — together / ~ : 3 0 a.m. — The alarm ^ ^ chirps and you groan. You ^•^ hit the snooze button and snuggle under. 5:35 a.m. — The peace-hater goes off again. This time hubby rolls over and moans, "Honey, either turn it off or get up, but please don't let it g o off again." 5:36 a.m. — Orders carried out. You're up and disgusted while he's under the comforter hugging your pillow. 5:45 a.m. — Eyes half open, brain in neutral, you stumble to the kitchen. And there they sit. Books. They love you, and you hate them — what a relationship! 6:00 a.m. — Putting a w a y homework, you opt to do last night's dishes instead, telling yourself you're a halfway decent housekeepr. For breakfast

What's it like to be married? You tell a joke and someone's there to laugh (Dale and Charmeyne Payne — top.) You need a friend and someone's there to care (Steve and Margie Leer, above). Or you need help with dishes and homework (Tony and Becky Pehrson, right) and you get it. 294/Town Students

you munch through a bowl of Kroger Raisin Bran — the costcutter brand for a cost-cutter budget. 7:15 a.m. — You have mousse in your hair and a toothbrush hanging out of your mouth. Hubby knocks on the door and tells you to hurry it up so he can get in. 7:30 a.m. — You can't decide what to wear. Your latest dress dates back to the Middle Ages. You close your eyes and grab anything. 7:55 a.m. — You g o to the fridge to get your lunch only to discover it b e c a m e s o m e body's midnight snack. Another day of fasting to look forward to! 8:00 a.m. — A quick kiss and you're off to the rat race. 8:08 a.m. — You walk into class

during the prayer. Late again! will b e h o m e any minute, so you 3:00 p.m. — Y o u m a k e it set dinner on the table. through your last class, and it's 6:45 p.m. — Enter Prince time for hubby to pick you up. Charming with flowers and anIt'll be nice to g o h o m e for s o m e other apology for not picking p e a c e and quiet. you up on time. 3:10 p.m. — You're still waiting. 7:30 p.m. — You spend some 3:20 p.m. — You're still waiting. time together, talking about 3:30 p.m. — You're still waiting. school and work, bills and bud3:35p.m. — "I'm sorry, hon. I got gets, dreams and goals. so busy that I just forgot." (Just 8:00p.m. — You'd like to watch when you thought you were Mr. T with him, but he reminds special.) you that you're still working on 5:30 p.m. — With s o m e home- your "Champion" degree and work behind you, you tune into that he's already got his, your favorite g a m e s h o w "The 10:00 p.m. — As you melt into N e w Newlywed G a m e . " two strong arms and fall asleep, 5:35 p.m. — "Wives, what one you realize it's all worth it — the thing of your husband's would waiting, the cost-cutting budyou throw a w a y w h e n h e get, and, yes, even the rancid wasn't looking?" asks host Bob sneakers. Eubank. "Those rancid sneak— Deanna Pfau ers," you blurt out. 6:30 p.m. — The bottomless pit

Beth Keller Connersville, IN Freshman Favorite course: Physics

Maria Kimbrel Oakville, W A Freshman H o m e Church: W o r d of Light Fellowship

Daniel Kaurin Rupert, IDAHO Freshman Life verse: Jer. 1:5

Jennifer LaChiusa Tonwanda, N Y Freshman Saved at the a g e of seven

David Meyer St. Lousi, M O Freshman Favorite course: ROTC

Dana Morgan Ronceverte, W V Freshman Interested in communications

Thomas Lane Glen Burnie. M D Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. Kroll

Sonja Lanier Wewahitchka, FL Freshman Vocational goal: To own a large corporation

Denyse Mason Cerrftos, C A Freshman H o m e Church: Calvary Baptist of Belfflower, C A

Rachel Mays Madison Heights. V A Freshman Would like to work with young children

Cora Portanova Northport, N Y Freshman Ufe verse: Prov. 29:25

Jill Proffitt Las Vegas, N V Freshman Prayer leader for Asia and China prayer groups

Donna Parson Alexandria. VA Freshman Favorite course: Drama

Lynn Penny Statesville. N C Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. Towns

Kevin Mast West Falls, N Y Freshman Involved in intramurals

Cynthia Mariage Mlddleville, Ml Freshman Involved In Marching Band

Lawrence Prater Ft. Worth, TX Freshman H o m e church: First Baptist of Ft. Worth

Robert Putz Lakeland, FL Freshman Saved at the a g e of nine

Michail Purteii Concord, N H Freshman Saved at the a g e of four

Mike Perkins Forrest City, A R Freshman Interested in radio and coaching

Vickie Pratt Kingsport, TN Freshman Prayer leader

Tommy Parker Lynchburg, V A Freshman Vocational goal: Engineer

rim Pelltier Englewood. FL Freshman Intersted in music

Michael Puiiiom Lynchburg. VA Freshman Interested in management

Melissa Quinn Greenville. N C Freshman Saved at the a g e of

Wendy Russell Vincentown, NJ Freshman Plays intramural volleyball

Tim Radobaugh Elkhart, IN Freshman Favorite course: English

Kimberiy Ro^ns Newark DE Freshman Life verse: Is, 41:10

James Rikard Independence, M O Freshman Interested in business

Amy Rybka West Palm Beach. FL Freshman Saved at W o r d of Life at the a g e of eight

Keith Racer Severn. M D Freshman Life verse Joshua 1:8,9

Brad Skaggs Gainesville, FL Freshman Favorite teacher Dr. Hindson

Gwen Simmers Houston. TX freshman Interested In business

Randy Scott MacNas. ME Freshman Trash Buster Âť 1

Cyntha Shankle Memphis. TN Freshman hvolved In intramural lootbaland voleybat

Metssa Schwatke Seattle. W A Freshman Saved at the age of th/e

Evome Mane Steele Freshman hterested m Spanish education

Doug Sloan Statesvie. N C Freshman Interested n vouth ministry

Jeff Stone Cmcmati. O H O Freshman Dorm advertiser


Todd Smith C o n o n City C O freshman H o m e church Calvary baptist n C a n o n Cltv

Town Students/295

Sandra Winchester H a m m o n d . Ind. Sophomore M a d e Dean's list

Brian Souther Union Grove, N.C. Freshman Vocational goal: To go into full-time Christian work.

Debbie Souther Statesville, N.C. Freshman Favorite course: Old Testament Survey

Julie Marie Sistler Wrightsville, Pa. Freshman Life verse: Romans 8:28

Jennifer Smith Brunswick, Md. Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr.

Regan Smith Dallas, Texas Freshman Involved in Concert Choir

Adrian Smith Lynchburg, Va. Freshman Interested in Arts and Sciences

Tammy O'Tyson Grovetown, G a . Freshman Favorite teacher: Dr. Benjamin

Tom Teague Cincinnati, Ohio Freshman Vocational goal: To be a leading youth director in the U.S.

Kurt Voggenreiter Mechanicsburg, Pa. Freshman College activity: Basketball manager

Christie Watts Madison Heights, Va. Freshman Accepted the Lord at a g e 9.

David Whetsel Annapolis, Md. Freshman Involved in Lacrosse

Eric Wideman St. Clair, M o . Freshman Favorite course: Art

Suzanne Woods Mobile, Ala. Freshman Life verse: Prov. 3:5, 6

Todd Whitford Three Rivers, Mich. Freshman Vocational goal: to be an orthodontist

Amie Wagoner Broken Arrow, Okla. Freshman Favorite teacher: C Castro

Cheryl Werner Magnolia, Del. Freshman Involved In Youthquest

Taryn Westover College Park, G a . Freshman Involved as: Dorm Activities Director

Cathy Sanderson Nashville, Tenn. Freshman Saved at the a g e of 13.

James Smith .ronton, Ohio Freshman Works at S A G A




james River flood wipes out Treasure Island od promised N o a h H e Liberty from its wrath. Treasure Island, long used b y would n e v e r a g a i n flood the earth. H e the ministry a s a children's (jdn't say anything about Vir- c a m p g r o u n d and a football training facility, suffered s o m e J gnia. Years of building a n d devel- $2 million in losses. The Flames' football equippment literally washed a w a y 'urtien the worst flood in the ment and buildings were derate's history hit N o v e m b e r 4 stroyed, forcing the cancellation of Liberty's last two g a m e s and 5. The flood, which did m o r e against Carson-Newman Unidan $600 million worth of d a m - versity and Towson State Uniirj statewide, did not spare versity.


The Flames' records and films were saved â&#x20AC;&#x201D; only because they were on the second floor of the football building. Summer c a m p workers Scottie Lovelace and his wife Mary Lou, with kids Ezra, April and Daniel, lost nearly all their belongings w h e n water inundated their lower floor apartment in the Treasure Island residence. Not warned to leave until it was too late, they evac-

uated on water patrol boats. The bridge leading to the island washed away. But not everyone viewed this as a major loss; m a n y considered the bridge too rickety. "It's too bad it had to happen at the expense of our season, but it's the best thing that ever h a p p e n e d to that bridge," Flames senior wide receiver Doug Smith said. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; John Peters

Rampaging floodwaters played havoc with LU facilities at Treasure Island. They swallowed the lower floor of the residence (above left) and covered the men's locker room with tons of polluted mud. The bridge (left), totaled, sank when its foundations gave w a y In the aftermath, workers salvaged football shoes, washed oft m u d and tried to dry them (above left) in the sun.

Treasure Island/297

Liberty Deaf Association

Officers (below) of the Liberty Deaf Association spell out their club's initials in sign language. Cliff Watson, president, spells the "L." Stuart Owens, vice president, spells the "D," and Rhonda Lee Klutz, treasurer spells the A. Not pictured is Mary Scrughan, secretary. Club m e m b e r s (right) demonstrate singing in sign language.


Debbie Ebersde Undecided Scranton. PA Junior Favorite Course Psychology

Michelle Bausell Undecided Mission, SD Junior Life verse: Gal 2:10

Julie C. Adams Undecided Rustburg. V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Captain

Flor de Maria Argue ta Undecided Guatemala City, Guatemala Sophomore Favorite Course: Psychology

Herb Atkinson Undecided Middletown, Delaware Sophomore

Susan Balan Undecided Hollywood, FL Sophomore College Activity: SGA

Julie Bechtel Undecided Bryn Mawr. PA Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Harrison

Janemarie Broome Undecided Crossnes, W V Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Robinson

Donna Boutwell Undecided Mt Holly. N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Meithe

Blaire Bragg Undecided Portsmouth, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Samuelson

Pamela J. Castel Undecided Altoona, PA Sophomore Life verse: Gal. 2:20

Susan Cox Pharmacy Daniels, W V Sophomore College Activity: Band

Amelia Davis Undeclared Huntington, W V Sophomore Favorite Course: Psychology

Leslie Dixon Undecided Greenville, N C Sophomore Life verse: Ps 28:7

Doriene Eunice Undecided Dunnellon, FL Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Miller

Louis Geresy Undecided Sister Lakes, Ml Sophomore College Activity: Track

*tMmi Tracey Greene Undecided Roanoke, V A Sophomore College Activity: Cheerleading

Jeff Groat Undecided Lapeer, Ml Sophomore

Timothy S. Hamilton Undecided George. Iowa Sophomore Favorite Course: E C O N 200

Wendy Kinckiner Undeclared Morgantown. PA Sophomore Colege Acttvtty: Marching Band

Down Kline Undecided Clearwater. FL Sophomore Life verse Matt. 6.33

Maryanne Kraft Undecided Long Island. N.Y. Sophomore Life verse: Prov 16:24

Mark Landis Undecided Lynchburg, V A Sophomore College Activity: Football

Keren Mtcham Undecided Lakewcod. C O Sophomore Colege ActMty Prayer leader

Judy Nelson Undecided Basset*. V A Sophomore Favortte Course Moth

Kyrle Orluck Undecided Poway. C A Sophomore Colege Activity Intramural Volevtx*

LaNeanPatner Undecided Pint. M Sophomore Colege ActMty Track

Jamie Hastings Undecided Akron, O H Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

Mark Hills Undecided Spartanburg. SC Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Coleman

Mary Ann Hoffman Undecided Culpeper, V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Sociology

Kristin Kasel Undecided Bellevve, W A Sophomore College Activities: Activities Director Dorm 20

Phoebe Joyner Undecided Wilson, N C Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Mr. Loven

w^SB Dana Long Undecided Fairfax, V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Dr. Hindson

Choriene Loveday Undecided Cool Ridge. W V A Sophomore Favorite Course: Art

Colondra Ludlow Undecided Fairfax, V A Sophomore College Activity: Flag Corps

Brad Motherly Undeclared Lynchburg. V A Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Prof Hubele

M k e Parker Undecided Huntlngtown. M D Sophomore Colege ActMty Nursing Club

Joe/Presley Undecided Norm Augusta. SC Sophomore Favortte Course Speech

Mary Roccatorte Undecided Lakeland, a Sophomore Favonte Teocher Mr Towtes

Jackie Sptague Undecided Toms Rtver. NJ Sophomore Lite verse Soah 40 30-31

Deal Association/299

Troy Thomas Undecided Gainesville, FL Sophomore Favorite Course: Aviation Flight

Warren Wagner Undecided Myerstown, PA Sophomore College Activity: bowling

Eric Waiter Undeclared Potomac, M D Sophomore Vocational Goal: Chaplain Corps.

Brenda Whitoker Undecided Denver, C O Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Steven W e d a n

Beth Wingfield Undecided High Point, N C Sophomore

Brenda Birkey Undecided Ludlow, IL Freshman Life verse: Job 23:10

Ronald Speck Undecided Lynchburg, V A Freshman Favorite Teacher: Miss Vennes

Dan Schanz Undecided Otsego, Ml Freshman College Activity: piano

Thomas Swann Undecided Knoxville, TN Freshmon Favorite Course: Evangelism

Brian Willis Undecided Indianapolis, IN Freshman Favorite Teacher: Dr, Sumrall

Peggy Zimmerman Undecided Belton, Freshman Life verse: Jer 33:3

Lisa Squires Undecided Chas., W V Sophomore Favorite Teacher: Bonheim

Ml A


Black Student Fellowship The Black Student Fellowship was formed five years a g o to promote unity a m o n g the black student body and for Christian fellowship. Bi-weekly meetings are held throughout the year and are open to all w h o would like to attend. Members enjoy devotions, skits a n d "suave a n d

cashmere raps." The group holds a picnic late in the spring for the estimated 125 members in the fellowship. The organization has opened membership to anyone interested and looks for participation and interest trom all students and faculty, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sherry Coberly

Black Student Fellowship officers were Tony Moore, president, Ed Stuart, vice president, Paula Moreland, secretary.

Thomas Philips, treasurer, and Glenda Ash, activity director

Black Student Felowsnip/301

LU workers get up early /~!31 a.m. — I'm one minute *~\ late and the boss yells at > > ^ m e , telling m e I'm irresponsible. 5:32 a.m. — I start work. 70:50 a.m. — I g o to m y first class. 12:05p.m. — M y class ends and I decide to g o to the Deli and eat lunch. 1:00 p.m. — I g o to m y second class. w 1:15 p.m. — You want m e to draw what? All of those wires? But there must b e hundreds of them! Weird! 3:30 — Class ends and I head back to the dorm. 4:00 p.m. — I'm still walking. 4:05 p.m. — I m a k e it to the dorm and decide to take a nap. 5:00 p.m. — I get up and d o some studying. 5:30 p.m. — I g o eat. 5:50 p.m. — Walking at a fast pace I m a k e it to the cafeteria. 6:00 p.m. — Time to g o back to work. 6:01p.m. — I'm one minute late and the boss yells at m e telling m e I'm irresponsible. 6:32p.m. — I start work. I vacuum. I m o p . 9:30p.m. — After clocking out, I head to the dorm. 10:00 p.m. — I m a k e it to the dorm and start studying. 1:30 a.m. — I'm still studying 1:31 a.m. — I'm out like a light. 4:00 a.m. — M y roomate's alarm goes off but it doesn't bother m e . I'm off today and I'm going to sleep in. 5:31 a.m. — M y boss calls. S o m e h o w there was a mix up. I was supposed to b e off yesterday. 5:32 a.m. — Of course, I should have known because the boss yells at m e telling m e I'm irresponsible. — Todd Peck Ed Gilham waits on tables at Swensen's ^ to earn money for school. Some 8 eighty percent of LU students work ? either on or off campus, s 302/Working Students


H||i. •''•" * W&7 '



mmmmm «• .

#1 Wr


P' H *


'* l*v\ V'MliBl 1 .,:*

They lift weights veryone uses LU's weightlifting program. On-season, off-season, and preseason, all the teams use it for conditioning. Head strength coach David Williams and his assistant Bill Gillespie assist lifters. Gillespie, a 1983 graduate of LBC, holds an American drug-free record in the sguat in the 242-pound class and a similar record in the d e a d lift in the 275-pound class. Lifters are planning to start a club next semester that would enter intercollegiate competition. Several lifters have already a started c o m p e t i n g in area | meets. a â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Paula Anderson


For fifty cents a night (from 7 to 10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) students can walk into the weightroom and work out. Whether performng a tricep extension (top) or squatting under 295 pounds (middle), or curling 65 pounds (above) or benchpressing 245 pounds, even non-athletes like keeping in condition.


w a s the day the blizzard struck


T h e date w a s Wednesday, January 29, 1986. The time — 11:05 a.m. White death stalked the land. The Blizzard of '86," as s o m e southerners called it, was about to m a k e Lynchburg history. Everything was calm — but cold. Heading to classes, w e knew there was somethig in the air. The clouds loomed dark and foreboding. The north wind blew. The tension mounted. Then suddenly it hit. The flakes began their descent, landing on the unsuspecting Liberty c a m pus. Screams from native Californians echoed throughout the land. Frightened Floridians ran to take shelter. W h a t was this that w a s happening? W a s it really — really — snowing in Lynchburg? Y o u bet your " C a n a d i a n hoser hats" it was. S o m e students stood silently. Other of the more m a c h o m e n tality watched with cross-eyed excitement as innocent snowflakes died on their outstretched tongues. And still others simply fought for dear life as they tried desperately to keep thier balance on treadless loafers. The city panicked. By noon, City Hall declared a "state of emergency" — and the town of Lynchburg closed. Many Liberty classes, to the utter dism a y of the students, followed suit as teachers stayed snug in their w a r m houses. Cars crept along in the mounting white stuff. The snow had already accumulated to a terrifying two inches — and still it continued! SPPPLLATTT! The first snowball found its intended mark. Soon other snowy spheres were flying through the air, directed at whatever looked the most inviting — a passing car, an open window, the back of a head. The LU slopes were spattered with bodies riding the snowy descents on anything from plastic bags to "borrowed" mattresses. Motorized vehicles "donutted" and "fish-tailed" in ecstacy to their drivers' content. Liberty c a m p u s w a s transformed into a white, winter wonderland of frolic and frenzy. W h e n would it all end? W a s

over. Southerners peeked out from beneath their blankets. Northerners just laughed. It was a time that would be remem# » »» bered. Perhaps w e could all learn a It w a s 7:00 the next morning when w e glanced out our win- lesson from this traumatic exdows. The world lay calm and perience. W e should never unlifeless under a melting three derestimate the raging unpreinches of snow. A curtain of blue dictability of Lynchburg weathclosed upon the horizon ending er. the drama of the preceding Next time, w e best heed the warnings. W h e n the clouds day. Outside, salt a n d sand loom dark — and the north scrunched beneath the shoes, wind blows — and the "fear of staining the leather. Slushy the flake" is seen in the southsidewalks soaked the unsu- erners' eyes, beware ... and specting. A lonely s n o w m a n remember — the Blizzard of '86. dripped lifeless. The horror w a s — Shane K. Bengert this to b e the end of the nesting place of young champions? Would a lull in the nightmare ever c o m e ?



, ÂŤi^

The blizzard of '86 covered c a m p u s with its three-inch blanket (below), sending §? students plummeting d o w n the Liberty slopes (far left), inching along icy sidewalks (left above), and holding banisters as they used the stairs.



TRAFFIC? We've got it! S t a n d in the parking lot anywhere on campus and you see one c o m m o n denominator — pink and yellow slips of paper stuck behind windshield wipers. Tickets! They drain the already half-empty wallets of LU students. Dave Richardson of the Accounting Department says students pay for an average of one thousand tickets a month. Most of the offenses are minor — such as parking in faculty spaces or in reserved spaces nobody has discovered w h o they're reserved for. The worst offense? Parking backwards. True, most LU students never suffer the wrath of LU Emergency Services. But Up and d o w n every street there's a line of cars all day long. Traffic patrol gives one thousand tickets a month to LU drivers.

m a n y h a v e suffered three times, yea, four. O n e student w h o prefers anonymity earned four tickets in one semester. The fines for two of those doubled because the seven-day deadline passed before they were paid. Although students claim they have had to go without food to pay their parking ticket bills, they m e a n they've had to go without "real" food — McDonalds, Burger King. Officers of the Emergency Services division of Security don't feel they've given an abnormal amount of tickets. But one ticket is enough. Ask m e . — A m y Rich

Move to new location makes bookstore hub of campus life

Expansion took the campus a desk lamp. Greeting cards worked to keep prices low, the and candy machines all over bookstore from a little trailer by and musical tapes were defi- major costs were from those c a m p u s are o w n e d by the the post office to a small de- nitely the "hot" items. More items ordered in small quanti- bookstore. And in each laundry partment store in the DeMoss personal reading books, deal- ties. With the increase of enroll- room a bookstore-hired assislounge area. The merchandise ing with various aspects of the ment c a m e the rising flow of tant trouble shoots any laundry available to the students has Christian life, were provided, business. Daily n o w sales to- crisis that arises. doubled. The store has m a d e a Everyone wanted a Liberty taled in the thousands of dolManager Bob Bowen and his transition from the typical sweatshirt, but it had to b e lars. assistants Audrey Britt, Charles books and candy center to a baggy and preferabily d o w n Yet, of note, more services Hesse, a n d Dennis Radcliff place where the student can to the thigh. than merchandise were pro- worked hard to provide a qualbuy anything from makeup to Although the m a n a g e r s vided by the store. The pop ity bookstore.

wit • m 1wmi 77Hk

\-• • 7i$tl-






Tom Diggs Dean of School of LifeLong Learning

Gary Phillips Assistant to the Dean of LifeLong Learning

Don Gerlock Television Production Director

Al Hickey Director of Publications

Television Production Department: (Back row, left to right) Jav Starling, Dennis Feilds II, Thomas Bryant, Stanton, Roy Helm, Ernest Holms, Michael Willats, Scott Wever, Gitan Muhoro, Bob DeLong, Bill Kagey, Wrigglesworth. (Front row, standing, left to right) P a m FLewis, Debbie Thomas, Diane Harmis. (Sitting) S Garlock, Sue Curry, Patty Harris, Becky Moulton, Mike Racanelli.

i n t T n 9 ^ " ^ 0 ? " D e p a I t m e n t : ( Back row ' 'eft to right) Jeff Archer, Carmela Greer, Leslie Black, Mart Lawrence, (Front row, left to right) Ida Lee, Janet Andrews, Ann R o w e , Suzanne A m o n Draper. i 312/LUSLLL

Edward Bishop Assistant Television Production Director

Gregory Koss Television Production Supervisor

Don Garlock Jr. LifeLong Learning Art Director

Randi Garlock Receptionist

The Advising Department: (Back row, standing, left to right) Ann Hoke, Coralie Edison, Joyce Reynolds, Sam Towns, (Sitting, left to right) Dan Snyder, Mike Hall, Dan Wilson.

he Warehouse Department: (Back row, left to right) Todd Reynolds, Donna, Gladys Rudder, (Sitting) y srry Gallagher.

LUSLLL Staff/313

LU founds a new school

LUSL eves world-wide h o m e vi student bodv deorees (Article by Dr. I

Dr Jerry Falwell conceived the Idea of adult education in the h o m e via vide o tapes, textbooks and worktexts, with proctored examinations LU would offer a degree in the h o m e for people 25 years and older. He wanted this done with limited visits to campus for, workshops and seminars at times when the regular student body was gone from campus. He asked m e to design the curriculum and the degree offerings, design *fhe studios and sets, prepare the faculty and oversee the taping of the lectures. This b e c a m e a monumental assignment because (was notified of the plan on M a y 1st, and he wanted taping to begin an June 1st, Forty crew members had to b e hired and trained (which included an art director, video tape editors, directors, cornermen, audio operators, floor directors, engineers, etc.). y were then found and briefed on television teaching and studio con-

Since this kind of thing had not been done here before, a great deal of nev territory had to b e covered rapt without help. Forty courses were put on vide< tape over the summer and 2,000 students enrolled in classes during that time. Right n o w w e are operating out three studios with master control, three control rooms, an editing room, tape storage room, and storage areas. We> are taping from morning until night. Faculty meet with m e to outline lectures and studio procedures and then tape usually three lectures a day. The average course includes approximately 30 lessons of a 55-minute duration. The degrees being offered are an A.A. and aB.S. in Religious Studies and an M.A. in Counseling. Degrees to be offered in the near future are an M.B.A. in Business, a B.A. In Business, a B.S. in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Education.

Doc keeps film crews humming When the Administration wanted someone to pick up the reins of its n e w School of LifeLong Learning, it turned to its editor of the Self-Study, Dr. Don Garlock. In June 1985 he changed jobs. He began Ns career with LUSLLL by roffing up his sleeves and helping build studio sets where his staff would videotape professors giving lectures. Each professor organized his course so that a student at home, using class notes and texts, could get the equivalence of attending a college class. Garlock instructed professors on performance techniques. Using their o w n screen test, he helped them polish their presentations for the video audience. First with Dr. Ron Godwin and then with his replacement Administrator T o m Diggs, Dr. Garlock planned the purchase of necessary equipment to keep LUSLLL running smoothly.

Dr. Garlock as TV production director organized his staff, sought funds for n e w machines.

I For LUSLLL to click, every worker must "snap to it." Mike Willats (far left) puts up a tape after editing it. Tracy Cooper and Supervisor Ed Bishop (middle) screen edited versions of tapes before releasing them to market. Teaching sets (left across page) combined a livingroom look with the classroom. Patty Harris (left) types and words appear on screen

LifeLong Learning/315

D o n Junior: Art dire As Liberty University's art rector for LUSLLL, Don hats. W h e n Dr. ted to start putting riculum on videocassette. Don v-as selected to design ti for the TV studios and :rew of 12, build them i toys. After the videotaping s" 3d, Don helped his father /ate operating procedi a brand n e w division in t versify. Don works closel faculty appearing Former Bob Jones University art lustrating with pen student, D o n Jr. turns teachers' ideas the teachers' ideas Into graphics, pear as graphics screen.

Advisors give answers Advising is done over the phone from the Moral Majority Building, W h e n a prospective student calls, one of ten advisors describes the school and sends prices and class information through the mall. W h e n the

prospect sends back an application, the advisor calls and helps the student choose the classes he needs for the desired degree. Students m a y earn degrees ranging from Associate of Arts to Master of Science to an M.B.A. in Business.

Randi Garlock. D o n Jr.'s wife, uses LUSliL catalog to answer questions



W * ML c 1 0 1






si el LUSLLL has Its pressures, but it's family-fun as well. Dr. John Pantana, lecturing (far left) loses his necktie mike, catches it and laughs. Practice sessions put Ed Bishop and Garlock in front of cameras m a n n e d by Mike Raccanelli and Keith Bisbee (upper middle). Sue Currie floor directs. Don Garlock Jr. (left across page) serves as art director. Randi Garlock (above) counsels a caller on LUSLLL advantages. A camera shot (left) brings Bishop and Garlock into focus. Debbie Thomas (above) works on Dr. Pantana's pesky mike. Staff (aboveright)gets together for an informal conference as Garlock and Bishop talk to Patty Harris (standing). Sue Currie, Debbie Thomas (in chair), and Mike Raccanelli.

LifeLong Learning/317

Bill Stanton records tape time length on label.

LUSLLL video taping requires the work of seven people. The director communicates with and coordinates the actions of each crew member. The audio technician controls volume levels, keeps the time log and records mistakes. The character generator operator types the professor's

outline on the screen. The two cameramen the director's instructions framing the camera an' The floor director tei professor when to start, and switch to another c The video terminal 01 controls the audio and levels during the taping.

Engineers keep gadgets all running The engineer's day begins at 7 a.m. He comes in early to switch on the walls of electronic gadgetry so they'll be w a r m for an 8 a.m. taping. He balances the cameras to ensure sharp color, %&fr During the taping he monitors the scope and audio levels. He also cleans the heads of the editing machine because of its enormous daily diet of videotape. Engineer Bob DelOhg gets i chickens to unlock doors, clean and star machines, and warm things up.

318/LifeLong Learning

Tim len/v*cnn


Suzanne A m o n of publications staff checks and routes manuscripts so that editors can care for delate.

The publications department «— housed In the Teacher Education Building — does the editing. Afirstedit and a copyright check is d o n e after a course guideline — or worktext — is received from a professor. Editors then sit in front of a TV and m a k e sure the worktext correlates with the videotape. A final edit and typesetting Is d o n e at the Moral Majority Building.

I Wrigglesworth, LU '85, takes a finished tape out of the editing machine after he has inserted needed graphics, taken out glitches (mistakes caused by machine malfunctioning or by human error), added the color graphics to the introduction and conclusion of the tape, and then dubbed (duplicated) the tape so that a master will always b e available. Copies are kept at Old Tfrne and on campus. Engineers (left) staff the master control room, using brand n e w equipment purchased and installed in n e w facilities near TVR lias.




Hi Mil • ••


m •• •


sgsgg | I

:*•&.; 4-AST





Elmer L. Towns Acting Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary B.A., Northwestern college; M.A., Southern Methodist University; Th.M,. Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary; M.R.E., Garrett Theological Seminary; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary; D.D , Baptist Bible Col-

Carl J. Diemer Assistant D e a n of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.Div., Th.D.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

James A. Borland Professor of Biblical Studies

Ronald E. Hawkins Director of Counseling

B.A., Los Angeles M.Div., Los Angeles nary; Th.M., Talbot nary; Th.D., Grace nary

B.A., Barrington College M.Div,. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Ed.S. Lynchburg College; D.Min., Westminister Theological Seminary

Baptist College; Theological SemiTheological SemiTheological Semi-


Richard D. Patterson Chairman, Department of Biblical Studies Professor of Biblical Studies A.B., W h e a t o n College; M.Div. Los Angeles Baptist Seminary; Th.M. Talbot Theological Seminary; M.A.. Ph.D.. University of California at Los Angeles


Frank J. Schmitt Chairman, Department of Educational Ministries B.A., Samford University: M.R.E.. Ed.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

C Daniel Kim Professor of Church History

Ralph D. Mawdsley Administrative Counsel Professor of Educational Law

B.A., Young N a m University of Taegu, Korea; B.D.. Presbyterian Theological Seminary; S T.M.. N e w York Theological Seminary; Th.D. Dallas Theological Seminary

B.A., Augustana College; J.D. University of Illinois; M.Div., Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis; M.A.. Ph.D.. University of Minnesota

Stephen R. Schroder Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

W a y n e Sterling Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament

BS , Evansville University; M.Div., Th.M.. Th.D., Grace Theological Seminary

B A , Mississippi College; M.Div., Th.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Daniel R. Mitchell Chairman Department of Theological Studies Professor of Theology B.A., Washington Bible College: B.D , Th.M., S.T.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary


Robert Lee Baer Master of Religious Education Goshen, IN Life Verse: II Timothy 1:7

Bobby J. Bray Masters in Counseling Elizabeth City, N C Favorite Course: Counseling

Don Campbell Master of Divinity Lynchburg, V A Life Verse: Isaiah 41:10

Alien W. Case Masters in Apologetics Unadilla, NY H o m e Church: Wersbridge Baptist

Harold L Champion Master of Religious Educatin Lynchburg, V A Life Verse: Galatians 2:20

Timothy E. Clinton Masters in Counseling Ansonville, PA Life Verse: Romans 1:16

Robert Brooks Dobson Master of Divinity Tallmadge, O H Favorite Teacher: Dr. Towns

Jack L Fades Master of Divinity Anstead, W V Favorite Course: Exegetical Greek

David Wayne Floury Master of Religious Education Claremont, NH Life Verse: Romans 8:28

Samuel Fang Masters in Church Growth/Missions Peking, China

Gary R. Goodlin Master of Divinity Ligonier, PA Favorite Course: Theology

Scott Ingvaldsen Master of Divinity Greenlawn, NY H o m e Church: North Port Baptist


Seminary students relax at the school's picnic.



Jong-Soo Lee MRE Seoul, Korea Favorite Teacher: Dr. Schmitt

Stephen Lizzio Master of Religious Education Vineland, N e w Jersey Life verse: Matt 6:33

Gabriel Love Master of Divinity Sierra Leone, West Africa Favorite Course: Religion

Denise Mack MRE Edmonton, Alberta, Canada College Activity: Youth Quest

The highlight of the fall semester was a gathering at Peaksview Park. Students and professors alike could relax and have fun,


ii 1 ;: timlL Lillian Blanche Mante Masters in Religious Education CNcogo, IL Favorite Course: Missions

Andrew Maxwell Master of Divinity Sanderston, South Australia Vocational Goal: Pastor

Billy Nelson Master of Divinity Lynchburg, V A Seminary Activity: pianist for seminary chapel

Jules Ostrander

MRE Gordon, NEBR Life verse: Eccl. 12:13


Timothy Mark Patterson Master of Arts/ Biblical Studies Lynchburg, V A Favorite Course: Greek

Daryl W. Pitts Master of Religion Education/ Counseling Lynchburg, VA.I

Bill Poole Master of Divinity Greensboro, N C Life verse: Philippians 3:10

Ronnie Rampersad Master of Religious Education Sangre Grande, Trinidad Life verse: II Timothy

Sei Bong, Lee Master of Religion Education Seoul, Korea Life verse: John 14

M. Kevin Stephens Master of Divinity Kansas City, M O Life verse: Philippians 4:6-7

Jay Spencer Master of Divinity Dallas, TX Life verse: Galatians

Charles Tunis Master of Divinity Jos. FL Life verse: II Corinthinas 5:17


Steven D. Suders Master of Arts/Biblical Studies Chambersburg, PA Life verse: Matthew 6:33

Mark Washburn Master of Divinity Enfield. C T Favorite Teacher Dr Saver


Michael G Woodard Master of Divinity Granvie, N Y Life verse Jeremtah 29 13



• • I :.

• ••



Institute of Biblical Studies

Kenneth Associate Dean


Diploma, M o o d y Bible Institute B.S., Lynchburg Baptist College

Marie Chapman Instructor of Christian Education B.S.. Lynchburg. Baptist College

Larry Hagg Instructor of Missions â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cross Cultura Studies Th.G.. Baptist Bible College B.A., Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College M.A., Baptist Christian University

Donald Harrison Instructor of Speech

Barry Webster Instructor of Homiletics

B.A., Augustana College M.A., University of South Dakota

B.S., Liberty Baptist College M.R.E.. Liberty Baptist Seminary M.Div., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Harold Willmington Assistant Dean

Sue Willmington Instructor of Sign Language

Diploma, M o o d y Bible Institute B.A., Culver-Stockton College D.D., California Graduate School of Theology D. Mia. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Certified Interpreter, Registry of Interpreters for the Deof

much of G o d and equipping him with taught me something the necessary tools of his par- more and that is the practical ticular trade. From the high side of Christian living — that is, school graduate to the sixty- how and why a person should year-old business m a n , the Insti- live and act as a Christian. tute trains m e n and w o m e n for These things are not always the ministry. S o m e of these m e n taught in schools of higher have c o m m e n t e d on what the learning. As a person in the service of the Lord, these things Institute means to them. are a must. The Institute has taught me what Phillippians 4:13 A s a student in the Insti- "These past two years have tute of Biblical Studies been one of the best learning really means." — C John Mishere at Liberty Universi- experiences in my life. I have tretta, Jr. ty, I realize that most people on had a chance to ask some this campus do not know any- questions I could not have "Brother Chapman has taught thing about the Institute. The asked outside the classroom. me practical wisdom about program is geared to reach the Other than learning about the how to be the man of God He person w h o feels called into the Bible, the people and the area continued on next page ministry, teaching him the Word they lived in, the Institute has

jniiUul 'worke or dJirk ut rattier reptove Hiwnr it i» a «h»i"C even to .1 u^oac thing* wtuch are [uicm in eccjet I all thinga that are *n> .ut aiadc manireet by nl tor whatsoever doth aauiUest Is "Kl»tlieretore 'be fceJth, thou that aleepeat.

_j ye not un. i aadenta&dloK what I of tbe Lord U. >be not drank, with jreln b excess; bat be »the Spirit


Word — the in-depth study of sibility, calling for life-long study. the Bible — coupled with the Once the Bible has become practical application in Chrisalive in us, we'll then be able to tian living and the importance relate its vitality to those around of personal evangelism offers us. I am deeply thankful to God the sincere Bible student an op"The greatest thing I've learned for giving me this Institute and its portunity to be well prepared at the institute is a true love for teachers." — Fred Catalano for Christian service." — Clathe Word of God. God's word is "My experience the past two rence "Bud" Bowser alive and vibrant, and we need to present it to the others thisyears in the Institute of Liberty way. Our teachers have shown has been one of challenge and Truly, the Institute is a worth us that the Bible is not a deep reward. As I approached retire- while program. The past has ment, the Lord confirmed this as brought m a n y great successes dark mystery, but a shining illuminant for everyday living. Do-His will for me. The strong em- in the ministry because of the ing God's work is a vast respon- phasis on the authority of God's Institute, wants me to be. He has taught me to be the leader others would want to follow." — Mark Brechal

Clarence "Bud" Bowser (above) serves as Institute student b o d y president. With student George Burkee (right) he discusses business after class. Steve Tucker (far right) Tracy Hinkle, Rick Blystone, and Jerry Blivens wait for a class to start.


James Bailey. Sr. Pastoral Russellville, Ark. Life verse: Ephesians 2: 8-10

Gregory Baker Bible Sharon, Tenn. College Activity: Signs of Liberty

Danny Beasley Pastoral Hillsville, V A H o m e Pastor: Larry Smith

Mark Brechal Pastoral North Liberty, IN Favorite Course: R o m a n s

Michael Blankenship Pastoral Kilmarnock, V A H o m e church: Lighthouse Baptist

George Durke Religion Islesboro, Maine H o m e Church: Thomas Road Baptist Church

Jack Freeman Pastoral Felton, Del. College Activity: Finding parking spaces

Robert Hazlitt Bible Toronto, Ontario Honors Received: Dean's List

Rhonda Lee Klutz Religion Fort Mill, S C Classification: Junior

Ed Larson Religion Old Lyme, Conn. Life verse: Hebrews 13:3

Joe Burdo Religion Forest, V A Favorite teacher: t> C h a p m a n

Vincent Maccha Christian Worker Maspefh. N Y Favorite course Evangelism

Sheldon Carlson Bible Santa Barbara, Calif Vocational Goal: To b e a Sunday School Superintendent

Chris Celona Religion Carlisle, Penn. Saved at the a g e of nine.

Katherine Ann ColTrns Religion Trenton, Ohio College Activity: Liberty Deaf Association

Stephen Downey Religion Camarilio, Calif. Assistant Pastor â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Liberty Baptist Church

John hfctretla. Jr. Retgton Corirma. M a n e H o m e church Baptist Church of the O p e n BtXe

T m Mock Religion Lynchburg. V A Pastor's n a m e Dr Jerry Falwell

Bnan Redly Missions N e w Lenox, ill Favonte teocher Dr Wimrtgton

John Schroder Pastoral Coktwei. Texas Lite verse Matthew 28 18-20


Mary Schrughan Bible Charleston, Saved before undergoing major surgery at the a g e of 12,

Richard Sheldon Pastoral Aurora, III. Favorite course: Theology

Lloyd Shepherd Religion Appomattox, VA. Life verse: Philippians 1:6

Lawrence Smedley Bible Franklinville, NJ College Activity: Hiking from parking lot to class

Kenneth Smith Pastoral Studies Midland, Mich. H o m e church: Auburn First Baptist

Valerie Snyder Bible McLeansville, N C Favorite teacher: Dr. Willmington

Jay Starling Religion Lynchburg, V A Lifelong Learning Engineer

Karen Thomas Bible Drexel Hill, Penn. Likes to m a k e people smile

Paul Wetmore Religion Killingworth, Conn. Life verse: Hebrews 13:ÂŁ

Timothy White Pastoral Altoona, Penn. College Activity: Institute photographer

William Winslow Religion Suffolk. V A Vocational goal: To b e c o m e a pastor


Institute attracts students like John Mistretta (left) a n d Sharon Phillips (below). Sharon is the official piano player for the Institute. Tim Kyser (center) puts his evangelism to work, going house to house.

Reva Arnold is Executive Secretary to Dr. Hi. Willmington and. In a sense, to the rest of the student body of the Institute of Biblical Studies.

The Hub of the Wheel She not only knows every student by n a m e , she knows h o w to spell those names. She takes care of the details of student life, organizing activities, scheduling retreats and parties. Her desk is the Institute's Department of Interruptions â&#x20AC;&#x201D; with the telephone ringing vir-

tually every ten seconds and a stream of students and faculty asking guestions and seeking favors. Unanimously, Institute personnel believe Reva should get special recognition. Certainly no one is more deserving.





- Hi £s9

• „^

H'-^vS.-* i^%l^??5*S3

H W :



N.W «STA«.-T |_

TBUSJNE SS 'I—-=-—=r^"

,,,h>,i.>W* ull'l""



Elmer L. Towns Acting Dean of Graduate School of Biblical Studies B.A.. Northwestern College; M.A.. Southern Methodist University Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; M.R.E., Garrett Theological Seminary; D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary: D.D., Baptist Bible College.

340/Graduate School

W. David Beck Chairman, Department of Philosophy and Apologetics

Clinton E. Browne Director of Gerontology Services

Lee I. Bruckner Chairman, Department of Anthropology and Sociology

B.A., Houghton College; M.A.. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Ph.D., Boston University

A.B., Gordon College; M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary; M.L.A., The Johns Hopkins University; Ed.D., George Washington University

A.B., Bob Jones University; Th.M,, Dall Theological Seminary; M.Ed., Ed.D., Montana State University

Daniel R. Mitchell Chairman, Department of Theological Studies

Richard D. Patterson Chairman, Department of Biblical Studies

Ronald C Sauer Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

B.A.. Washington Bible Co.lege. B.D.. Th.M., Capital Bible Seminary; S.T.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary

A.B.. W h e a t o n College. M.Div., Los Angeles Baptist Seminary. Th.M., Talbot Theological Seminary; M.A., Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles

B.A., Mississippi College; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Manchester, England

Gary R. Habermas Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy

Ron Hawkins Chairman, D e p a r t m e n t of Church Ministries

B.B.E.. William Tyndale College; M.A., University of Detroit; Ph.D., Michigan State University

B.A., Barrington College; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminar; Ed.S., Lynchburg College; D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary

Steven Strehle Assistant Professor of Religion

Robert Yarborough Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

B.S.. Virginia Polytechnlcal Institute; M.Div.. Columbia Graduate School; S.TM. Th.D.. Dallas Theological Seminary; D Theof. degree In progress at the University of Basel (Switzerland).

Terry L. Miethe Professor of Philosophy A.B., Lincoln Christian College. M.A.. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; M.Div., McCormick Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Saint Louis University; A.M.. Ph.D., University of Southern California

B.A.. Southwest Baptist College; M A . W h e a t o n College Graduate School; Ph.D.. University of Aberdeen Scotland.


Ted Booker Counseling Lynchburg, V A Vocational goal: missions in Europe

Donald Brooks Counseling, Niagara Falls, NY Life verse: Phil. 4:8

Mitchell Calmes Counseling Aubrey, TX Saved at the a g e of nine

Hsiao Ling Cheng Xidan Beijing, CHINA Life verse: Acts 1:8 Saved out of C o m munist China in 1981

Randy DeVaul Cross-Cultural Studies Lynchburg, V A Vocational goal: Missions director/ Missions education

Tim Houts Counseling State College, PA Life verse: Prov. 3:5-6

Gaylen Leverett Christina Thought Lynchburg, V A Life verse: Psalm 127 1

Anthony Pless Counseling Rock Hill, SC Vocational goal: pastor or chaplain

Kim Schelbe Counseling Petaluma, C A H o m e church: First Baptist of Vista

Kathleen Wllk Counseling Selden, NY H o m e church; Middle Island Baptist Church

342/Graduate School

icnth Frev a dormitory supervisor, has enrolled in the Graduate School to work on an advanced degree.



• m mm






HH 346/Gallery

m i aiiiiiSiiprt firWJJBB rrf







:'<mt*'i- £••"••••


V\ & • # t -

• 3»3»SS:;Ss««-SSSf


!fc^ ^

ISsffiiiiai s*$i

Golery/361 ,^mW



wssmmm. 7







Trf*-: *••*, •

• ^


• • * • » •


I\m igm$


. v


: *«M* . • - >

*»<» »•.«











'Tragedies of O n e Life'

Kim Cook

'The Fourth Day'



Rick Zupan





I "-1







i ...-^

P a m Perkins


• ten




mm ,





/$ ^

^ i.








•v;-.t, • ' SWSWf


Ruth Dente



fprSmMm £«^



S8 ifl Galery/363

Blllman.KevIn 222 Blnlon.Bryan 302 Blrkey.Brenda 300 Aalborg, Vivian 214 Adair,Susan 236 Addms.Crystal 244 Adams.Dale 244 Adams.Julle 299 Adams.Timothy 14, 30, 31 Ader.Roselyne 288 Adknson.Clara 262 Ainscough.Perry 90, 92 Ainsworth,Timothy 244 Albin.Monica 288 Allen.Kenneth 264 Allen.Mlchael 286 Allen.Todd 272 Alley.DavId 289 Anderson,Carta 165, 289 Anderson.Cralg 174 Anderson.Janet 202 Angle.Kathleen 236 Angstadt.Gary 257 Annan,David 61 Annan.Paul 59, 61, 182 Apello.DavId 183 Argueta.Flor d e 299 Arnoldjammy 143 Arobogast.Jr. John 262. 264 Ashe.Glenda 140, 301 Asher.Reglnald 214 Atkins,Valerie 72, 244 Atkinson.Herbert 299 Au,Shuk-yee 180 Aubrey Jim 94 Avaritt.Janet 236 Avenidojudy 237 Avery Jim 256


Baer.Nancy 140 Bailey.David 289 Bailey.James 334 Baily.Bridget 272 Baker.Brian 61. 202 Baker,Gregory 334 Baker.Lisa 143 Baker.Scott 289 Balan.John 222 Balan.Susan 299 Ball.Stephen 289 Ball.Tirzah 289 Bane.Elizabeth 183 Barke.Kevin 89 Barker.Gerald 171 Barker,Teresa 182, 183 Barnes,Deana 244 Barney.Kimberly 289 Barnhart.Brian 212, 216 Barrett,Laurie 140 Barrett .Steven 237, 286 Barfram,Ginger 291 Bateman.Rosemarie 212 Baugerjr. David 288 Baum,Loren 90 Baumann,Diana 202 Bausell.Michelle 299 Beale.Karen 202 Beam.Kathryn 222 Beane.David 264 Bearden,Margaret 288 Beasley .Danny 334 Beatty .Brian 100 Beatty.Jacquelin 222 Becherl.Mark 334 Bechtel.Bobby 244 Bechtel.Julie 299 Beck.Lora 288 Becker.Shari 244 Behrens.Stephen 90 Belden.Christine 67 BelLAndrew 61 Bell.Donna 288 Bell.Michael 262 Bengert .Shane 262 Bennett,Amanda 214 Bennett .Deldre 301 Bennett .III Charles 180 Berland.Beth 67, 202 Bemer.Robert 81 Berry .Krista 202 Beverly .Brian 174 Bevi.Kromer 222 Biggs.Kenneth 222


Bisbee.Kelth 317 Blshop.Cynthla 237 BIslgnano.DavId 203 Bltontl.Suzanne 182, 183 Blalr.Harrlett 83 Blalslng.Wllllam 100 Blanchard,Gregory 264 Blank.Chrlstlne 183 Blankenshlp.Mlchael 334 Blankenshlp.Pamela 291 Blatt.Tlmothy 203 Blazs, Julie 174 Bllss.Matthew 39, 256 Blue.Stephen 203 Blyth.Patrlck 183, 203 Boardwine.David 288 Boley.Bruce 192 Bolton.Beth 288 Bolton.Gayla 192 Bonnell.Kelley 288 Boone,Gregory 152 Boone.Troy 152 Booz.Annette 237 Bordonard.Pdul 203 Borlng.Cathryn 203 Bottiger.Tracy 203 Boutleller.Erlc 152 Boutwell.Donna 299 Bowden.Dawn 239 Bowen,Deborah 286 Bowen.Phlllp 239 Bowser.Clarence 334 Boyer.lll William 81 Boyer.James 203 Boyer.Melinda 140 Boyer, William 81 Boyle.Carolynn 202 Braciliano.Peter 202 Bradfield.Shdron 202 Bragg.Blaire 299 Braley.Randdll 264 Brandenburg.Mike 100 Breakall.Raymond 140 Breton.Poul 140 Brewer.Donna 286 Brewer.Robert 257, 262 Breytte.Stephen 90 Bridges,Saundrd 83 Briggs.Dawn 288 Brink.Kevin 223 Brinkley ,Dwayne 192 Broadhead.Delwyn 140 Brooks.James 55 Brooks.Robin 222 Brooks.Stephen 286 Broome.Michelle 299 Broomell.Michael 197, 198 BrousseauXIndd 237 Brown,David 289 Brown.Gina 289 Brown.Sheri 22, 216 Brown.Wesley 202 Bruestle.Roberta 222 Brungard.David 296 Brydn.Helen 180 Brydnt.Joan 22, 24, 141, 289 Buchananjulianna 286 Burba,Steven 171 Burch.Leana 202 Burdo.Joseph 335 Burke.Arthur 289 Burke.George 334 Burneson.Potricia 239 BurnetteJohn 202 BurnsJeffery 287 Burns.Paul 202 Burton.Joseph 202 Burton.Lorri 237, 289 Buschmannjerry 289 Bushey.Kelly 222 Bussard,Tammy 143, 237 Bussey.Patrick 90 Buster.Ralph 141, 286 Butscher.Melanie 282 Butzer.Debra 182 Buwalda.Ann 182 Byrd.Lance 223

Caine.Sherry 203 Caldbeck,Timothy 141

Calley, Angela 183 Campbell.DavId 288 Campbell.Jonathan 89 Campbell.Mary 237 Canaday.Sheryl 141 Capps.DavId 264 Caraccloll.Leslle 203 Cardona.DavId 203 Carlson.Scott 90 Carlson.Sheldon 335 Carman.Lola 289 Carmody.Duane 256 Carmona.Monlca 74, 75 Carney.Danlel 289 Carpenter.James 223 Carpenter.Nancy 223 Carr.M 214 Carr.Mlchael 262 Carrigan.Corey 282 Carroll.Mlchael 289 Carson.Dwayne 256, 286 Carson.Janet 288 Cart.Rhonda 72, 239, 286 Carter.Gordon 288 Carter.Roy 262 Castel.Pamela 299 Castorlna.Sean 90, 264 Castro.Mlchelle 192 Catalano.Fred 264 Cates.Llnda 288 Cave.Grgeory 289 Celona.Christlne 335 Chandler.Rlchard 262 Charlton.Stanford 100 Chason.Holly 237 Cherry.Darrell 90 Cherry.Deborah 239 Childress.Keith 203 Chtander.Elizabeth 223 Christian.Mark 171 Cibas.Saul 223 Claridge.Dien 192 Clark.Christopher 257 Clark.Dennis 262 Clark.Kim 256 Clark.Stephen 56 Clarke.David 288 Claxton.Russell 182, 286 Cleaver.Dorthea 237 Clements.Mala 192 Cleveland.Stephen 215 Clevinger,Sharon 287 ClineJay 288 Close.Patricia 66, 67, 257 Clum.Denise 203 Cockrum.Michelle 216, 223 Cody.Glorio 203 Cogan,Laura 237 Coker, Willie 171 Cole.John 257 Coleman.Annette 237 Coleman.Brian 89 Coleman.Debbie 288 Collins.Brion 215 Collins.Christopher 90 Collins.David 94, 95 Collins.Katherine 335 Colopy.Randall 180 Compton.Brenda Lee 264 Connelly,Christopher 264 Connorjohn 244 Cook.Millicent 203 Coombs.Kelly 244 Coomer.Philllp 264 Coomer.Sharon 288 Cooper.Barbara 236 Cooper.Stephen 203 Cooper.Tracy 140. 315 Copas.Randall 244 Copen.Teresa 287 Copesjeftery 192 Coppessjulia 202 Coppock.Lee 202 Corbett.Pamela 141 Cornett.Anthony 202, 244 Cottle.Michelle 202 C o u l m a n j a m m y 244 Counts.Cindy 244 Counts.Robln 288 Courtney .Ricky 192 Cox.Susan 299 Cox.Troy 244 Coy .Cheryl 244 Coy.Marylou 237 Coyner.Lydld 141 CrabillJami 286

Cragle.Lorne 202 Crapuchettesjoel 222 Cratch.Stephanle 40, 171 Craver.Debra 141 Crawford.Pamela 202 Crawford.Wllllam 223 Craywall.Rlchard 223 Creekmore.DavId 264 Crlsp.Mark 222 Crotsley.Sherry 264 Crowder.Kathryn 182 Crumjeffery 288 Crumley.Tamalln 23, 141, 287 Crumpton.JIII 288 Cullenjamara 239 Culley.Denlse 236 Cumberbatch.Stephen 100 Cummlngsjamle 89 Cummings,Kevin 264 Cummins.Karen 143 Cunningham,Christine 164 Cunnlngham.Michelle 164 Currle.Robln 73, 74, 75 Currie.Sue 317 Curry.Chad 202 Curtls.Rodney 90 Curtls.Tlmothy 140

Dablll.Barbara 202 Daggettjon 212 Dail.Brenda 290 Dale.LOri 182 Dalenberg.Kathleen 236 Dalton.David 164 Damon.Melissa 164 Daniel.Cindy 203 Daniels.Eric 89, 203 Daniels.Robert 163 Daoust.Lisa 203 Darroch.Rebeecca 203 Daugherty.Steven 164 Daugherty.Thomas 70. 100 Daughety .Sheila 236 Daughtry.Steven 164 Davey, Daniel 89 Davis.Amelia 299 Davis, Angela 152 Davis,Anna 164 Davis.Cynthia 245 Davis, Jacquelyne 164 Davis.Kimberly 164 Davis.Laura 262 Davis.Pamela 236. 239 Davis.Robin 239 Davis.Shirley 245 Day.Laura 236 DayXaurie 193 Day.Philip 212 Dayberry.Mary 264 DeaconJulie 290 Dechent.Sidney 212 Deck.Donno 215 D e e m , D a w n 245 Defigh.Rochelle 288 Dehart.Darlene 239 Deigno.Kenneth 288 Dekker.Louise 142, 146, 286 Delorenzo.Mark 256 Dembeck.Kandice 245 Dembeck.Kenneth 267 Demoss,David 94, 95 DempseyJImothy 256 Dennord.Dwayne 301 Dennis.William 290 Dentel.Ruth 146 Detweiler.Kristia 288 Devaul,Tammy 245 Devore.Debbie 203 DeWittJanet 164 DeYoung.Paula 146, 290 Dfelice.Perry 193 Dickens.Charles 256 Dlckens.Christopher 61 Dickerson.David 248 Dickerson,Robin 237 Diffenderfer .April 222 Diggs.Kay 174 Dikkers.Robin 203 Dishman.Elizabeth 183, 286 Distler.Scott 286 Dixon.Leslle 299 Dixonjroy 76 Dobson,Karen 164

>5dge.Christine 19, 245 joehrerjhomas 164 ^omke.Mtehael 267 >jnoghy,IOmberly 290 jonoldson.Dawn 203 Xmnette.Kelly 248 jonovan.Dana 290 Xxer.Kevin 146 jorseyjodd 100 Xitson.Rhonda 256 joughty .Matthew 90 Xmgtas.Bradley 203 XJwney.Koren 164 Xjwney.Stephen 335 Xoughon.MJchael 267 Xechsler.Lou-Anne 146 Xzymala.Daren 264 3u Borry.Stephanle 245 Xike.Douglas 100. 101, 257 Xinbar .Felicia 202 Xjnham.Krlstina 202 Xjnn.Jlll 223 junnivan.Tracy 164 Xirkee.George 334 )ye.Renee 290 )ykes.Susan 193, 286

iades.Mary 245 iarls.Harold 164 Eason.Wallace 194 EbauerLisa 286 ibersole.Debble 299 ibersole.Debble 299 Echols.Harold 267 Eckols.Deanna 290 idwards.Donalda 193 Edwards.KelvIn 100 edwards.Melanle 22 Edwards.Melanle L 22 Idwards.Rebecca 202 i Eggebraaten,Kevin 202 • Eggleton.Amy 164 • Eggleton.Patrlck 235 EhraKlmberly 244 Ellenburg.Tlna 174, 236 Eller.Marlan 164 Ellls.lll Ernest 267 EIIIS.TIna 164 Elmore.Mellssa 164 Ely.Marllyn 288 Ely.Ramona 182 Emerson.Gall 23. 24, 30, 31. 146, 171 1 EmersonJIII 3, 22, 171 Emerson,Tammy 244 i Emert.John 202 Emery.Heather 288 Emmons.Unda 22, 212 EppCurtls 202 Epperly.KIm 290 irlckson,Carolyn 152 Estes.Deborah 193 Estrada.Amy 202 Eubank.Judy 183 Sunlce.Darlene 299 Evans.Jacqueline 146 Evans.Klmberly 202 Evans.Llsa 39 Evans.Tlmothy 152


ober.Sarah 82. 83, 84, 87 Eafth.Veronlca 164 : alwel.Jean 22, 123, 165 : ofwel.jonathan 123 Eatwel.Marcel 123 : annlng,Laura 203 'armer .James 236 ! omham.Bryan 164 1t arquhor.Steven 81 'arr .Robert 286 fauber.Pamela 72, 73 'ouber.Rhonda 235 •aukner .Mario 203 ( aaot .Rodney 215 i!»tx.Kelth 164 t »na» Debbie 146 '•nnety.Jeftery 90 ^guion.Donald 267 ••nlnjvlchele 203 •«a Charles 164 E *a».IJndo 215, 223

Fillyaw.Lora 203 Finely .Bryan 290 Flnk.Cynthla 237 Fisher,Martin 257 Fltzwater.Jr Walter 214 Flack.Jeffrey 215 Flemlng.Chad 100, 290 Fletcher.Sherri 140, 147 Floyd,Denise 214 Floyd.Jr. Cecil 203 Floyd.Tonl 164 Foltz.Lori 22, 140, 171 Fongeallaz.Allan 90 Ford.Sheila 22, 83 Ford.Trdcy 222 Foreman.Fredrlck 262 Fors.Eric 147 Forston.Terrl 193 Forsyth,Terri 182 Forsythe,Stephen 193 Foster,Jerry 164 Foster.Rlnda 215. 286 Fouse.DavId 70, 71, 100 Fox.Koren 203 Fox.Tlna 222 Francls.Mlchael 38, 164 Franks.Mlchael 164 Frantz.Tlmothy 203 Frazler.Cynthia 164 Freed.Curtls 292 Freel.Carrle 214 Freeland.Andrew 164 Freeman.Catherlne 215 Freeman.Jack 334 Freeman.Karen 164 Freet.Sharon 83, 84, 87 Frlth.Amy 222 Frutuozo.Rlchard 212 Fry .Matthew 262 Frye.Mlchael 140 Fulp.DavId 257 Furr.Steven 202

Gddd.Jdmes 290 G a g e . R d d J a m e s 290 Gage,Rodney 94 Gall.Darlene 237 Gallaher.Peggy 237 Galloway.Toml 202 Gamblll.Nell 165 Gamenthaler.Mary 164 Garcla.Erlc 192 GarlickJeft 90 Garlock.Sherrl 164 Garralt .David 164 Garza,Lisa 164 Gates.Steven 257 G a y Joel 164 G e h m a n , Denise 171 Gensler .Michael 90 Gensler.Todd 147, 165. 286 George .Robert 267 Gerber.Derrlck 257 Gerbert.Tarla 235 Gerdln.Patrlck 164 Geresy.KIm 286 Geresy.Louls 299 Getz.Gale 140 Getz.Susan 67 Glbson.Mlnnle 223 Glllette.Rebecca 290 Glllham.James 302 Glnnan.Robln 23, 287 Glass.Jerry 267 Goehrlng.Mlchael 262 Goff .Shawn 290 Golay.Kelley 262 Gooch.Steven 61, 192 G o o d .Donald 90 G o o d .Robert 90 Goode.Mlchael 262 GoodwIn.Elizabeth 192 GoodwIn.Rusty 171 Goolsby.Gregory 90, 164 Gosney.Glnger 223 Goss.Phyllls 192 Gove.Brlan 192 Grabltz.Klmberty 237 Graham,Ronnl 147 Grant.KevIn 147, 235 Graves,Ray 94 Grayson,Jon 164 Greathouse.Trma 192

Greco.Danlel 90 Grecu.Rosanne 147 Green.Gerald 56 Green.Michael 70. 100. 202 Green,Vincent 180 Greene.Tracey 126, 299 Greenhide,Susan 147 Greenwood,Debra 164 Gregory,Kenneth 100 Grenier .Renee 143 Grete.Robert 182 Gretschel.Sharon 290 Grey .Michael 192 Griftin.Steven 89 Grlffls.Jeftrey 146, 235 Grindle.Pdmela 257 Grizzard,Maxwell 267 Groat.Jeffrey 299 Grodkiewicz,Jessica 202 Grove.Angela 140 Grow.Terry 237 Gudmundsson,Christopher 17 Gudmundsson.Dalen 89 Guess.Betty 222 Guessjames 267 Guetterman,Katherine 66. 67 Gunn.Dawn 192 Guridy.Frdnces 174 Gustafson.Dale 202 Gutierrez 202

HabermehLNancy 262 Hacklng.Brlan 174 Haddlx.Wdyne 55, 56 Haerlng,Becky 142 Hall.Russell 223 Haines, Timothy 262 Halnllne.Russell 202 Hale.Chrlsty 223 Hales.Gregory 96 Hales.Stephanle 290 Hall.Cllne 290 Hall.Krlstl 143 Hall.Randall 141, 214 Hall.Robln 237 Halljracy 215 Hallman, Carrie Halsey.Tara 202 Haltiwanger.Patryce 147. 301 Hamarneh.Rlham 141 Hamersley.Bradley 81, 237 Hamllton.Heather 223 Hamllton.Karen 216 Hamllton.Tlmothy 299 H a m m . R a y m o n d 193 Hammer.Sharl 290 Hammett,Teresa 203 Hampton.Melvln 90 Hanna.Terrance 100, 101, 180 Hansell.Susan 267 Hansen,Shawnee 290 Hanthorn.Paul 257 Harbuzlok.Elizabeth 183, 203 Harllng.John 286 Harlow,Mlchelle 286 Harper.Derrlck 90, 93 Harris,Ambrose 286 Harris.Beth 223 Harrls.CInd 223 Harrls.Clndy 203 Harris.Wllllam 61 Harris III.Ambrose 146 Harrlson.BenJamln 203 Harrlson.Rodney 78, 81 Hart.Tanya 236 Hartley.Brett 196, 198 Hartley.Kyle 180 Hash.Theresa 223 Hassell.Llsa 290 Hasteller.Mary Lou 212 Hastings.Chrls 287 HastHatch.James 90 Hathaway .Michael 293 Hatt.Jonathan 152 Haughton.John 193 Hauschild.Donna 203 Hauser.Sherri 223 Havill.John 96. 257 Howes.Andrew 262 Hawkins.Delorls 237 Hawklns.Randal 262 Hawklns.WBam 14 Hayden.Steven 267

Hayden.Thomas 180. 287 Haye.Robert 222 Hayes III.Herbert 96. 293 Hayman.Mark 203 Hazlitt.Robert 334 Heath.John 267 Heath.Kyle 183 Heckman.Matthew 267 Hedges.Tom 203 Heffentrager.Susan 235 Heinrich.Gary 267 Heinsler .Deborah 180 Heisler.Showna 286 Heitz.Kathleen 289 Helgeson,Jeffrey 90 Helmus,Michael 213 Helton.Hal 257 Henderson.Mitzl 193 Hendricks,Michael 203 Henleyjohn 214 Hennessey.Joanne 286 Henry .Usa 293 Herberlyjulie 293 Hernandez,James 193 Herrera.Lourdes 236 Herrera, Marsha 152 Herzog.Phillp 267 Hess.Stephanle 194 Hetzler.Tracy 293 HibbardJay 94. 95 Hlbbitts.Mlchael 194 Hibshman,Dennis 293 HIckmaaDouglas 222 Hicks,Wanda-Jeanne 236 Hight .Rhonda 289 Hill.Anthony 180 Hill.Gary 69. 70, 100 HIII.RIchard 89, 264 Hllls.Llsa 286 Hllls.Mark 299 Hllte.Llsa 194 Hlltebeltel.Leon 222 Hlney.KevIn 264 Hinz.Thomas 267 Hlxon.Bonlta 146, 286 Hobbs.Mlchael 182, 286 Hobbs.Stephen 286 Hodges.Mlchelle 194 Hoeft.Lora 146 Hoffman.Mary 299 Hoffman.Mellnda 286 Hoftsmith.Tlmothy 141 Hogan,Renee 141 Holbert .George 267 Holcomb.Chrlstopher 235 Holcomb.Connle 213 Holcomb.Kyle 146, 287 Holdlng.Wendy 293 Holley.lvontan 194 Holiday .Robert 68, 69, 100, 101, 201, 211 Hollifleld.Glorla 194 Holman.Connle 293 Holman, Matthew 146 Honeycutt.Donna 193 Hood.Darln 267 Hooperjohn 100, 193 Hoover .Michael 194 Hoover,Tatlana 193 Hopkins,Teresa 147 Hoppe, Thomas 194 Horner,David 89 Horfon.Jr A m o s 55 Hostetler.Karen 235, 293 Hotz.John 293 Houck.Sharon 237 House.Larry 180 House.Lorl 141 Houser.Kimberly 143 Howan.Brent 287 Howell.Carole 235. 236 Howell.Dianne 182 Howell,Gregory 194 Howes.Charles 217 Hreha.Steven 262 Hubbard,Amy 194 Huboard.Daniel 96 Hubbard.Shelo 236, 286 Hutzenga. Suzanne 192 Hukenberger.Eve 193 Humprvles.Jr Garland 293 Hunt.Anncmarle 72. 73. 192 Hurley .Eric 90 Hutcnerson.Lso 194 Huyser.Sondra 235 Hynesiynda 286


Koepka,Howard 194 Kornachuk.Kathryn 66, 67, 182 Kraft.Mary Anne 299 Kramer .Daniel 293 Kramer.Wllliam 14. 19. 56 Kraslnskljerrl 239 Kraus.Robert 141 Kubln.Clifford 216 KuhldaJennlfer 194 Kulken.Paul 215 Kuner.Robln 223 Kurltar.DavId 70, 100 Kyser.TIm 337

Ignaszewskl.Jon 223 Ingersoll.Darryl 194 Ingham,Elizabeth 194 Inman,Kenneth 192 lott.Stephen 293 Irby .David 257 Irby.Wllliam 267 Isaacson,Timothy 223 Ivey.Lydla 194

Jacklin,William 293 Jackson.Carol 222 Jacobs,Joy 152 Jacoby,Leslie 192 Jarrett.Peggy 194 Jeffriesjulle 141, 147, 171 JeffriesPamela 192 Jennings.Lon 222 Jensenjeff 194 Jewell.Cynthla 267 Jewett.Peter 287 Johansen,Sandra 147 JohnsoaBrian 192 Johnson.Curtis 293 Johnson,David 90 Johnson,George 182 Johnsonjerry 222 Johnson,Milinda 141 Johnson.Pamela 194 Johnson,Robert 267 Johnson,Ronald 61, 89 Johnson,Samuel 62, 165 Johnson.Susan 213, 222 Johnsonjeresa 165 Jones.Delbert 19. 147 Jonesjulie 217 JonesXee 81 Jones.Maurice 286 Jones,Ronald 271 Jones.Rosalie 293 Jones.Roy 222 Jones.Russell 236 Jones.Thomas 182 Jordan.John 192 Jordan.Kathryn 235 Joseph.Douglas 194 Joyner.Phoebe 299


Kager.Melody 236 Kalfka.Edward 182 Karan.Shelly 293 Kasel.Kristin 299 Keck.Malynda 83, 84, 143 Keehan.Jr Gerald 89 Keen.Pamela 239 Keesey,Douglas 215 Keim.David 182 Keller.Nanette 22, 147, 152, 256 Kennard.Dan 76, 77, 78, 80 Kennedy.Dawn 182 Kennedy.Kelly 212 Kern.Beth Ann 192 Kern.Greg 174 Kern.Toby 182 Kerns.Forrest 286 Kerrick .Matthew 223 Kessler.John 193 Kidd.James 182 Kldd.Renee 217 Kilne.Mdrld 194 Klnckiner.Wendy Klng.Brian 223 Klng.Cynthia 293 Kingjr Stanley 194 Klrchner.Jane 293 Kirkland.Kimberly 223 Kirly .Angela 194 Klser.Catherine 152 Klefeker.Michael 286 Kline.Dawn 299 Klutz.Rhondd 298, 334 Knapp.Gregory 271 Knaus.David 236, 286 Knaus.John 257 Knight Joella 212 Knowles.Nancy 72, 73 Koenig.Mlchael 287


Lackey Jill 171 Lalk.Steven 264, 287 LambJrBruce 90 Lamb.Mark 257 L a m b III. Morris 194 Lancaster Jeffrey 152 Landis.Mark 299 Lane.DavId 264 Lang,Warren 193 LantingXaura 217 Larson.Herbert 334 Lathan.Martha 142, 147 Latour.Dawn 182 Law,Anne 213 Lawler.Brett 100 Lawler.Kolin 70 LawtoaBryan 194 Lay.Glna 194 Layton.Gregory 256 Lazarescu.Laurian 271 LeblancKari 65, 67 Lee.Kenny 182 Leejommie 271 Leepjimothy 152 Leer John 212, 214, 294 Leer.Marjorie 294 Leffler.Debra 147 Lemieur,Karen 194 Lesliejoyce 235 Lester Jeffrey 90 Lewis,Bryan 194 LewisPamela 34 Leythamjamara 212 Lindbloom,Eric 271 Llngle.Robin 194 Link.Carolyn 193 Lippy.Heidi 217 Liskajames 265 Llttle.George 271 Uttle.Karen 194 Lobley.David 288 Lockwood.Roxanne 143 Logsdon,Todd 90 Long.Angela 152 Long.Dana 299 Long.Forrest 147 LongwelLDeanna 287 LongwoodJonothdn 271 Lopez.Felix 217, 223 Love.Kevin 100, 101 Love,Vicky 143 Loveday.Charlene 299 Loveday.Kim 193 Lucadano.Elaine 216 Lucas,Luke 215 Lucas,Shelley 194 Ludlow.Colondrd 299 Lunn.Patrlcia 67 Luptonjohn 271 Lustlg.Scott 50. 51 Lutz.Kristel 286 Lynch Jacquqlyn 143


Mqcchia, Vincent 335 Mqckey.Mark 286 Madsen.Denlse 193 Mahoney.Christl 197, 198 Mahoney.Clark 265 Mahr,A Roger 216 Mahr.Christlne 194 MalseJIII 180 Maitland.Wllllam 182 Mdldonado.Diane 153 Mallicoat.Shannon 256, 264 Malphrus.Aurella 142 Malsairas.Alex 180

Mangus HJames 147, 286 Manley.Kelly 23, 239, 286 ManMaple.Melody 142 Maranto.DavId 193 Marsh.Kenda 271 Marshall.Darrln 265 Marshall.Sherrl 194 MartlnJames 286 Martln.Marllou 143 Martln.Matthew 194 Martln.Ruth 236 Martln.Stephen 193 Martln.Terrl 153 Marttlla.Sherl 194 Mason,Leah 142 Mateer.Marrianne 192 Matherly.Bradley 299 Mathls.Mark 56 Matteson,Maurice 256 Matthes,Rebecca 147 Matthews.Charles 194 Matthews.Robert 194 Maxey .David 141 Maxwell,Andrew 256 Maxwell,Debble-Ann 256, 262 May.Christine 124, 141, 237 MayPatricia 237 Mayes.Carol 142 Mayes.Robert 256 Mays,Angela 248 Mays.Brendd 271 Mayson,Scott 147 McAtee.Lari 153 McCall.Scott 217 McClenahan.Andrew 70, 100, 238 McCloskey.Llnda 194 M c C o y .Nancy 237 McCracken.Tony 142 McCray.Charies 100 McCullough.David 94 McDaniel.Cynthla 194 McDonald,Tracie 152 McElhenney.Rise 222 McFarland.Llsa 182 McGarity.Ronald 194 McGinniss.Cynthia 287 McGlaughlln.Linda 248 McHugh.Richard 256 Mclntyre.Andre 81 Mclntyre,Kenny 100 Mclvor.Margaret 147 McKay .Robert 192 McKeehan.Toby 96, 97 McLane.Karen 67 McMahonPaul 61 McMasterJeffrey 264 McNally.David 256 McNeill.Mary 244 Mecaughy.Tatjana 142 MeltonXaurie 153 Memmer.Sherri 142, 287 Meneses.Wera Lucia 237 Merriner,Scott 90 Michael.Cynthia 248 Mlhllljlmothy 248 Milani.Charles 153 Millard.Timothy 256 Miller.Camllle 192 Miller.Dan 96 Miller.Dessely 153 Miller,John 217 Miller.Kimberly 248 Miller Xezlyn 244 Miller.Mlchelle 23. 235, 286 Miller.Rlchard 271 Miller.Sheryl 147 Milllson.Katherine 183, 187 Mlms.Charlaine 192 Mlnett.Mlchael 78, 80 Mlstretta.C 335 Mitcham.Karen 299 Mltchell.Douglas 249 Mltchelljohnny 249 Mitchell.Mark 262 Mixon.Marlene 286 Mobley,Shannon 153 Mock .Timothy 335, 337 Moerman.Chrls 217 Moffltt.James 256 Mohl.Brent 152, 217 Montross.Wendy 143, 153 Moody.Shdron 222 Moore.Carol 271 Moorejeffrey 96 Moore.Jonathan 217 Moorejony 301

Moore, Yvette 249 Moosey.Chrlstopher 180 Moreland.Paula 301 Morgan.Cherle 249 Morgan.Fred 81 MorrlsPhyllls 237 MorrisJImothy 90 Morrow.Shannon 10, 237 Morse.Beth 244 Mossjune 249 Moss,Kerry-Lea 256 Moulton.Rebecca 291 Moyer.Carla 249 Moyer.Terrlck 264, 287 MuchowJInl 147 Muhoro.Gitau 212, 216 Mulcahy.Mlchelle 249 Mulllcan.Ronald 215 Mulllns Jodie 248 MurphyXIsa 37 Murray.Donna 248 Murray.Mickey 286 Murray.Stephanle 248 Murray,William 90 Murtoff.Gary 212, 214 Musser Jerri 237 Myers.Ursula 182

Nantz.Dlana 222 Nashjr Jerry 153


Nelson.Gary 182 Nelsonjudy 299 New.Doug 53 Nicholsjohn 192 NIchols.Mlchael 256, 286 NicholsPenny 248 Nlcholsjammy 248 Nicole.Monique 153 Nixon.Danlel 244 Noland.Gregory 271 Norman.Dana 152 Normanjony 171 NorrisJoseph 212 Norrisjammy 192 Norton.Don 262 Norton.Mary 180 Norville.Roland 192 Nunn.Jennifer 22, 286 NunnallyXori 23, 286 Nyberg.Mary 182

O'Bryan.Wendy 73, 237 O'Daniel.Dreama 192 OettlngPaul 193 Ohlhauser.Jon 89 Olberg.Brendd 217 Olehouserjay 212, 216 Olling.Brlan 69, 70, 100 Onishi.Asako 152, 236 OrchartJeanette 248 Orluck.Jennifer 299 Osborne,Lori 244 Ott.Shawn 153, 165 O'Tyson,Tammy 296 Overton.Elizabeth 22, 147, 286 Owen.Daniel 96 Owens.Stuart 262, 298 O w e n s II.Robert 271

Pace JrJames 264 Paczewitz.Eric 180 Pagan.Kevin 262 Painter.David 235, 236 Painterjohn 34, 140 PalnterXeslle 142. 171 Palst.Carla 183. 287 Palmjohn 193 PalmerXanean 299 Palmer .Mark 245 Palmer.Robln 147 Paraham.Annetta 83 Park.Sandra 22. 142, 235 Parker.Edlth 182 Parker.Mlchael 299 Parks.Beverly 248 Parksjonathan 100 ParksXynn 286

Jorson.Martfka 193 Jote.Kathy 289 Patrick Xane 96. 97 Patterson.Scott 249 Poulson.Deedral 83 Payne.Heldi 153 Peochjoanna 249 Pegram.James 153 PeHetier.Dan 216, 217 ' 'enrod.Stephanie 153 , Perkins,Michael 61 perkmsPamela 142 i Perry. Barbara 142 I Perry .Monica 17 f Perry.Thomas 245 \ Peterman III.Arthur 183 " Jeters.Cynthla 236, 286 I Peterson,Barbara 249 I 'eterson,Barry 193 * Peterson.Danlel 83 • Peterson,Rebecca 153 j Peterson.Robert 193 x\ Peterson.Susan 245 s Phelps.Stephan 193 1 Phelps.Stephan 193 I Phelps.Stephan 193 . pnilllps.Matthew 99, 100 Phllllps,Sharon 337 ' Phllllps.Stephen 61 , Phllllps.Thomas 100, 193, 301 tekerlng,Terri 245 Person,John 271 Pierson.Tlna 222 tte.Margaret 193 Pilachowskl.Edward 153 Ptasmanjohn 236 Platt.Bonnle 235 Eleasants.Nell 245 lymaleXeslle 223 Poggemiller .Dwlght 153 Pool.Dlane 238, 287 'ool.Kellena 249 Poole.Danlel 257 Poole.Donna 73, 74, 75 : ope,Jacob 55, 56 Porter.Casey 164 PottsXIsa 153 Powell.Carla 153 Powell,Lisa 147 'owell.Ruth 182 Presley.Joel 299 Prlce.Carrle 222 Prlce.Corena 153 Prlce.Monlque 287 Prlce.Robert 286 Probert.Chrlstl 142 ^owant .Charles 262 , Pruett.Steve 90, 236 Pfomey.Robin 249 Pugh.Llsa 245 \itnam.Tamela 212, 235


iueen.Jana 236 Suesenberry.Mltzle 249

oby,Janice 249 Pocanelll.Mike 14. 317 >acer,Kathryn 192 Pamsey.Carta 153 tendoJJames 264 Pander.Andrea 245 ianolett .Karen 174 Jansom.Glenn 183. 192 Popp.Tammy 67 >eo.Gregory 19. 271 Peoves.Wendy 213. 248 Sedman.Mlchoel 90 Jeece.wimo 245 Peed Ji*e 244 >ee»».KImoerty 215 toves.WBam 37 '•gofer.Susan 246 "wehenboch.Loo 17 'wchenboch.Ntekolos 17. 89 tod.fctchoel 100 toy Brian 335 M y .Kevin 262 tot.Snewon 142. 286 *»ranow Karen 248 fcoa»«.a»»tine 174

Rhodes.Russell 264 Rice.Charles 236 Rich.Amy 217 Richards.Darren 89 RichertXinda 147 Rlcherzhagen.Sandrd 180 Rldgley,William 217 Riefler.Laurel 217 Rlggs.Susan 153, 235, 287 Rlley.Tamar 213, 248 Ritenour.Brlan 222 Ritterjohn 264 Rivas.Mike 59, 61, 62 Robbins.Clark 244 Roberts.Rainey 23 Roberts,Thomas 257 Roberts ILNorman 180 Robertson,Todd 286 Roblnson.Carmon 192 Roblnson.David 244 Robinson,Susan 142 Robinson.Tracy 38 Robson.Debra 244 Roccaforte.Mary 299 Rogers.Jan 153 Rogers, Jeffrey 153 Rogers, Victoria 180 Rohrs.Gary 244 RolRohrs.Gary 244 Rohrs.Gary 244 Rolando IllXewls 264 Rolland.Cynthla 286 RosePaul 142 Rose.Tlmothy 100 Rosenbarker,Michael 271 Roser,Shawn 140 Rosian.Rona 142, 143 Rossl.Rlchard 257 Rossl.Sherri 257 Rousejames 271 RoyerXorl 286 Rozler.Shawn 272 Rudolphjudith 153 Rudy.KevIn 192 Rufenacht.David 90. 93 Rulz.Gloria 67 Runk.Brlan 183 Runyon.Carolyn 192 Ryanjenny 182

Salisbury .Bonnie 236 Salsl.Gregg 193 Sams.Rlchard 222 Sanderson.Catherine 296 Sandilands.Gregory 256 Sando.Mark 100 Saraclna,Darcy 143 Sattler.Ross 223 SavasPaul 165 ScalesPatrlck 213 Scanlon.Wllllam 90 Scarbrough,David 81 Scatesjacquellne 248 Schanz.Danlel 300 Scharf.Gary 286 Schlndler.Stephen 61. 62 Schmeltz.Gregory 237 Schmldt.Dawn 248 Schofleld.Donald 14 Scholes.Shelly 192 Schreiber, Tracy 142 Schroder John 335 Schulmon.Lynn 235 Scott,Romonn 53 Scott.Thomas 217 Scruggs.Deboroh 235, 237 Scruggs,Sidney 59, 61 Scrughan.Mary 336 Seagle.Amy 153 Seagroves,Debbie 216 Seal.Ralph 223 Seal.Sheila 215 Seaver.Susan 244 Sebast.Bruce 192 See.Linette 272 Senneker.Elroy 89 Shannon.James 196. 198. 199 Sharp Jay 96 Shatto.Jeffrey 39 Shattuck.Carrte 67. 147 Show.Carol 153 Shaw,Dawn 249 Snaw.Tlmothy 262

Shehan.Dawn 235. 237 Sheldon.Richord 336 Shephard.Uoyd 336 Shetzline.Kelly 249 Shlpman.Michael 272 Shlrtey.Carolyn 212 Short.Stephen 264 Shrauger.Beckle 249 Sibcy.Gary 90 Sibley.Margaret 237 Sickler.Sharon 17. 235. 237 Sides.Tonya 249 Simmonsjeffrey 244 Simmons.Rob 272 Simons.Chrls 272 Sinclair John 182 Singh.Deva 14, 216 Slsson.Sherree 244 Slstrunk,Susan 19 Sltler Julie 67, 153, 296 Sizer.Joy 183 Skinner.Camille 217 Slinglend,Karen 180 Sloboda.David 272 Slusherjdne 171 SmedleyXawrence 336 Smith.Andred 249 Smlth.Courtney 180 Smith.Gina 245 SmithJames 296 Smlthjennifer 296 Smith Jerry 81 Smith.Joseph 61, 180 Smith.Kenneth 336 Smith.Krlstle 249 SmithXynnith 182 Smlth.Maureen 182 Smith.Mlchele 180 Smlth.Michelle 180 Smlth.Patrlck 100 Smlth.Randy 249 Smlth.Regan 296 Smlth.Rhondd 180 Smith.Richdrd 248 Smith.Robert 180, 264, 296 Smlth.Thomas 272 Smoot.Gerilyn 212 Snavely.Glenn 223 Snavely,Pamela 192 SneadXatlsa 223 Snodgrass.Krlstie 212 Snyder.Brddley 235 Snyderjim 183 Snyder.KevIn 286 Snyder.Valerie 336 Soden,Eunice 180 Solberg.Andrew 223 SoldesI.Eduardo 81 Sollars.Darla 180 Sorla.Saralee 152 Souther.Brlan 296 Souther.Debra 296 Southera.Michael 217 Spaeth.Gary 257 Sparks.Michael 90 Speck.Ronald 300 Spencer.Dani 271 Spencer.David 264 Splcer.Melissa 180 Sprague.Jacqueline 299 Squlres.Llsa 300 Stafford.Russell 193 Stdhl.Susan 73. 245 Stdhler.Richard 257 Stdllings.Ronald 217 Stdnberry .Edwin 180 Standley .Brenda 235 StanfieldPomela 83 Starling.Elmer 336 Stamer.Ronald 59, 61, 214 Startenbecker .Robert 180 Stauffer.Darci 248 Steele.Dale 90 Steele.Evonne 182 Steinbruegge.Susan 245 Stepp.Brian 174 SterTm.Claude 223 Steuver. Donna 174 Stevens.Barbara 174 Stevens.Mary 180 Stewart.Donna 237 Stewart .Edward 100. 222. 301 Stewart.Lucmda 174 Stewart.Tina 174 StidnamMchoel 272 Stnnett.Crystal 142

Sthnett.Stephen 182 Stcckham.Teresa 248 Stoll.Melissa 248 Stone.Darrel 248 Stophel.Jama 143 Stortenbecker.Denlse 217 Stortenbecker.Robert 96 Stotler.Timothy 264 Stout.MlcheOe 214 Strachan. Trevor 193 Strader.Olin 256. 287 Strauchen,Trevor 100 Stromoveich.Donald 61 Stroud.Denlse 248 Strunk.Bnan 214 Stuck.Kelley 39 Stuck.Wendy 174 Stunkard.Kelli 248 Sulka.Michael 180 Sullivan.Dlane 23, 182 Sullivanjr R 40 Summers.Kathleen 235 Sumner,Cynthia 237 Suplee.Marshall 17 Surette.Elizabeth 256 Suther Xatina 216 SwaimXaura 264 Swann,Thomas 300 Swanson,Charles 174 Swartz.Deborah 249 SwaskaJohn 262 Sweat,Laura 73 Sweet, W e n d y 175 Swicegood,Philip 180

Tabor.Kelley 245 Tackett,Timothy 175 Talt .Michael 152 Talley,Darren 264 Talton.Christopher 264 Tanner.Valerie 272 Tannous.Joy 175 Taylor,Dawn 249 Taylor Pamela 174 Taylor.Sharon 235, 236 Teague,Tommy 272, 296 Terhune.Todd 262 Tetteh.Edward 60. 61. 62 Thayer.Mark 257 Thels.Stephen 152 Thomas.Deborah 175. 213, 317 Thomas.Gerald 78, 81. 272 Thomos.Karen 336 ThomasXorna 272 Thomas.Samuel 264 Thomas, Troy 300 Thomason,Rebecca 287 Thompson.Amy 175 Thompson,Catherine 46 Thompsonjeffrey 183 Thompson.Karlo 175 Thorson,Lance 193 Tilka.Les 214 Tilley.Michael 214. 216 TiptonXisa 237 Tltus.Troy 182 Todd.Barry 264 Todd.Nancy 249 Todd.Pamela 245 Tolley .Connie 262 Tomlinson.Kathryn 249 Tomlinson.Kelly 235 Totten.Mark 262 Towery.Mack 89 Towse.Derek 216 Towson.Alesia 83. 87 Treadway .Jennifer 175 Trost.Sylvia 245 Troyer.Marilyn 39, 223 Tubbs.Bryon 249 Tucker .Melissa 245 Turner.Mickey 223 Turner.Richard 193 Tumer.Thomas 214

Ulein.KurlB 286 Ulnch.Kevn 175 U1zJvlone286

u 367


Valdez.Reynard 272 Valle,Frank 61 Vanallen.Glna 183 Vanburen.KevIn 214 V a n c e j a m e s 70, 71, 100 VanderdeckerPeter 244 Vanderroest,Michelle 249 Vandlandlngham.Lawerence 174 Vandusen.Steven 171, 222 Vanslyke .Timothy 61 Vaughn,Gregg Vaughn.Michael 223 Vesselljohn 100 Vestal.Robln 83. 85, 244 Vlertel.Renee 72, 73, 74, 75 Voggenrelter,Kurt 296


Wade,Tracy 174

Waetsel.DavId 296 Wagner.Warren 222 Wagoner.Amle 296 Wagoner Jamie 249 Walker .Glenn 248 Walker John 214 Walker.Thaddeus 264 Walter.Erlc 300 Walters.Michael 286 Ward.Gary 286 WardX.Dean 39, 264 Ward.Matthew 193 Wamer.Sara 244 Warren.Thomas 223 Watson.Cllfton 298 Watson.Danlel 272 Watson.Gavin 256, 286 Watters.Anne 236



Watts.Chrlstle 296 WeaklendPaul 262 Weaver.Allen 264 Webb.Ronald 262 Weber.Krlsty 140, 174 Webster.Wendy 244 Weed.Brlan 152 Welble.Debra 193 Welndorf,Sharon 174 Welsner.Susan 248 WellsJohn 193, 291 Welms.lnger 236 Welshans,Suzanne 235 Weltz.Shannon 244 Wendland.Kelth 257, 262 Wentworth.Ellzobeth 272 Werkhoven, Sheila 174 Werner.Cheryl 296 Westoverjaryn 296 Wetmore.Paul 336 Whaley.Scott 262 Whldden.Kay 193 Whitaker.Brenda 300 WhltakerXIsa 23 Whltaker, W a y n e 174 Whlte.Charlle 174 Whlte.Llsa 174, 236 Whlte.Tlmothy 336 Whltefleld.Robert 174 Whltefordjodd 296 Whltehedd.Herbert 286 Whltehurst.Mlchael 94 Whitman.Melanle 236 Whltten.Barry 202 WicksXIsa 175 Wldeman.Erlc 296 Wlgglns.Shella 175 Wlglnton,Rebecca Wllde.Marsha 214, 223 WilderPamela 83 Wllk.Roseanne 175 Wllkerson.Carlton 236

Wilkerson.Mellssa 143 Wllklnsjames 244 WIII.Barry 214 Wllllams.Allen 264 Wllllams.Catherine 175 Wllllams.Dorrle 248 Wllllams.Kelly 175 Wllllams.Mlchael 174 Wllliams.Randall 262 Willls.Brlan 300 Wlllls.DavId 265 WllllsJane 214 Willmington,Matthew 174 Wllson.Donald 248 Wllson.Donna 17, 72 Wilson,Gregory 175 WllsonJennlfer 248 Wilson John 175 Wllson.Marlel 175 Wllson.Robert 175 Wilson,Susan 175 Winchester.Sandra 296 WlndhamPamela 222 Wlndsor.Allyson 262 Wlngfleld.Beth 300 Wlngfleld.Chrlstlna 22, 216 Wlnslow.Wllllam 336 Wlnson.Klnberly 197, 198 Winter Jamie 244 Wlnyard.Mark 98, 100 WIse.Marllyn 175 Wltmer, Donna 175 Wolf .Michael 143 Wolf.Tlmothy 140 Woodsjohn 100 Woods,Suzanne 296 Woodson,Rosa 257 Wooley.Ruth 175 Worley.Gllbert 183 WorleyXIsa 244 Worley ILRonald 257 Worthlngton.Danlel 94

Wothlngton,Marshall61,62 Wrlggleswor,Edward 89 Wrlght.Cralg 235, 245 WrlghtJames 245 Wright.Katrlna 175 Wright Xlnda 175 Wydtt.Rachel 175 Wyatt.Richard 286 Wyblejohn 272



Yarborough.DavId 257 Yates.Ddria 248 Yafes.Gregory 262 Yoder.Gary 34, 78, 81 Young.DavId 14, 216, 286 Young.Katheren 249 Young.Robert 90 Young.Ronny 90 Yune,Grace 265

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So m a n y frustrations. So m a n y long nights. So m a n y deadlines. But yet, so m a n y fun times. So m a n y achievements. So m a n y praises. As w e finally see these pages in print, the task that once seemed so great and beyond our capabilities has b e c o m e one of our greatest accomplishments in our college experience. The frustrations, long nights and hard work all seem trivial when w e can see and touch and feel the product in which we've invested a year of our lives. Because you cannot feel the anguish or exhilaration which we've felt, w e only hope that you delight in this book half as much as w e do. Thank you for the privilege that you've given us to produce this book for you. Remember, given the chance, G o d can allow the most significant accomplishment be produced by the most insignificant of His creatures. Selah staff, 1986

Liberty University 1985-86 Yearbook  
Liberty University 1985-86 Yearbook  

Liberty University 1985-86 Yearbook