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Lynchburg Baptist College endeavors to articulate a vigorous witness to the Christian faith as the UNIFYING PRINCIPLE around which one can relate learning to life. Each individual is encouraged to explore in depth the basis, meaning, and implications of his relationship to G o d through Jesus Christ. The College envisions a unique part of its purpose to be the training of students for leadership in local churches within the context of a liberal arts education. To fulfill this purpose, the College through its curricula and co-curricula programs shall constantly stive to fulfill the following aims in the interest of the student: To motivate the student to a life of service to God and man, and to view his chosen vocation as a sacred trust within the Christian stewardship concept of time, ability, and material assets; To guide the student to an understanding of his responsibility as a Christian to participate in worldwide evangelical witness; To aid the student in developing spiritual maturity in keeping with Biblical truth as set forth in the Statement of Faith of this College; To prepare the student to assume effectively his role as a Christian in all of life's situations; To develop the ability of the student to communicate better the message of G o d through his personal speech add life, as well as through the modern media of communication; To lead students into a life of complete devotion to the Person of the Lord jesus Christ, as well as into a life of complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit for strength, direction, and growth.



Selah 1974-75 Lynchburg Baptist College Lynchburg, Virginia Volume 2 Karren Claiborne, Editor

CONTENTS Administration Organizations Student Life Sports Individuals Institute Seminary

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This page is dedicated to the Godly m e n of L.B.C. w h o have given their lives to train and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

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Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin, Executive Vice President of Lynchburg Baptist College since 1973 and an associate of Dr. Jerry Falwell for six years, has been recognized and listed in "Outstanding Young M e n of America", "Who's W h o in the South and Southwest", "Who's W h o in American Education", "South Carolina Live", and "Personalities in the South." Dr. Guillermin holds the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Honorary Doctorate of Laws degrees. To this m a n , w h o serves as chief administrative officer of all four educational institutions, and whose office represents the Office of the President, the 1975 SELAH is dedicated. Dr. Guillermin holds to the belief that our four schools, which are all ministries of the Thomas Road Baptist Church, exist for the purpose of providing young m e n and w o m e n with the opportunity to receive a Christian education in an atmosphere of Christian learning within the context of Christian values offering high academic standards, practical application and spiritual development. Dr. Guillermin has earned the respect of all for his administration of the academic community. H e is k n o w n as a faithful servant of G o d , a gracious listener, a kind advisor for students, a mediator between administration and faculty, and a loyal Administrative executive.

Dr. Jerry Falwell, President

Dr. J.G.Henry Academic Dean Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin Executive Vice President


Gloria B.Miller Dean of W o m e n

John Baker Dean of M e n



• •


KMA »«ii \i



Eddie G. Dobson Dean of Student Affairs



1. Alvin E. Hickey 2. Tobyann D. Davis 3. Robert W. Farnsworth 4. H. Haddon Dudley Not shown: Hope R. Hamilton


1. Irene S. Larson 2. Helen R. Lloyd 3. Dr. Mark B. Lloyd 4. Earl L.Miller 5. Shirlee A. McGuire



1. Dr. Louise H. Waldrip 2. David W. Mills 3. Norma J. Rist 4. Philip M. Pantana 5. Joyce W. Wipf


1, Robert L. Bonheim 2. Dr. C.T. Abraham 3. Kathryn Combs 4. Brenda A. Bonheim 5. John B. Cartwright






1. JoPoe 2. Lucille C.Kent 3. Frances T. Glass 4. George C. Hage 5. Sandee W. Rambo



1. James Soward 2. Cloyd C. Vermilion 3. David P. Randlett 4. Rosoe H. Brewer 5. Kenneth A. Chapman Not shown: Marie M. Chapman







l\ t Mi » # -i>






1. Bob Stone 2. Dr. J.T. Houk 3. Larry Coy


4. Albert Rambo


Not shown: Boyd C. Rist




1. Connie Taylor, Assistant Dean of W o m e n 2. Nan Murphey and Sarah Webster, Financial Directors 3. Ruby C. Tyree, Personnel Director 4. Tom Diggs, Assistant Dean of Men 5. June C. McHaney, Registrar


1. Linda Lusk, V.A. Director 2. Herman Paul, Christian Service Director (75) 3. Robert Gehman, Christian Service Director (74) 4. Lorna Dobson, Admissions Counselor 5. Robert L. Bowen, Bookstore






STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION " . . . whatsoever ye do, d o all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31


Patty Hilliard, Secretary

Blaine Pearson, Treasurer

Kenn Gividen, President

The S G A exists to administer the affairs of the student body, to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop a strong student body at LBC, sensitive to the important task of daily serving Christ.

Steve Vandergrift, Vice-President


Seniors: Gail Lapresti, Sec; Benjy M c C a n n , Vice-Pres.; Peggy Glass, Treas.; Tim Williamson, Pres.

Sophomores: Dennis Anderson, Pres.; Karen Oldham, Treas.; Mark Robertson, Vice-Pres.; Joni Merrill, Sec.

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xXmrn mm.Am\ BBfcjpBPB^BBflflkBw * ^B^B^Bk

. . xMrnM m . B B B L 1 ---

Freshmen: Darrel Lawler, Vice-Pres.; Debbie Carrier, Treas.; Terry Grassel, Sec; Wilson Green, Pres.

Juniors: Nancy Hollinger, Treas.; Rosie Miller, Sec; John Brannen, Vice-Pres.; Paul Miller, Pres.



"Ask of m e , and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the utter-most parts of the earth for thy possession." Psalm 2:8

Dr. Sumner Wemp


DRAMA Mrs. Mark Lloyd, Advisor


EVEN AS SARAH " W h o can find a virtuous w o m a n ? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will d o him good and not evil all the days of her life . . . She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed her husband also, and he praiseth her. M a n y daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Favor is decietful and beauty is vain; but a w o m a n that feareth her Lord, she shall be praised." Mrs. Celeste W e m p , Advisor






'V R


" O c o m e let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our slavation. Declare this glory a m o n g the heathen, his wonders a m o n g all people." The newly-formed Festival Singers, under the direction of Roscoe Brewer have w o n the respect and love of all. They are young people w h o sing, care, and most important communicate.

T o m Sims, Mark Fox, Terry Roush, Gil Vining, Richard Beavers, Gail Miller, Kathy Hatfield, Gypsie Smith, T o m Aulwes, Randy Peeler, Jan Euliss, Sherry Kinchen, Robin Garbo, Gary Phero, Rex Bonnar, Crista Sims, Peggy Glass, Rita Diterle, Dwight Beagley, Dave Blakely, Melody Reese, Bill Palmer.

Roscoe Brewer, Director



Gordon Luff, Dirctor


"Let no m a n despise thy youth . . ." M o r e than half the people in America today are under the age of twenty-fiveâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the youth of today w h o will be the leaders of tomorrow. W e must reach them n o w with the Gospel.i Sunday School, W o r d of Life Clubs, Western Jamborees, Scaremare . . . all are part of the effort to reach today's young people for Christ.


Karren Claiborne, Editor-in-Chief


Phil Pantanaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Advisor

Gloria Mau—Literary Editor Les Schofer—Photography Editor

Barbara Armstrong—Organizations

Annette Littlefield—Class Editor

Jim Sample—Photography not shown, Barry Shettle Art Editor Art Editor hghghghghgh

Mike Ely—Sports Editor, Photography

Janet Barker—Class



" O sing unto the Lord a n e w song; sing unto the Lord, all the earth. Sing unto the Lord, bless His name."

Dave Randlett Director






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If\ 48


L B C BAND "Praise His with the sound of the trumpet: praise Him with the psaltery and' harp. Praise Him with the timbrel and dance: praise His with stringed instruments and organs. Praise Him upon the loud cymbals: praise Him upon the highsounding cymbals."

C. Vermilion, Director


cnraB m\

=#Ff i\ | jEfBwfl

Russ Damas

Karen Goldberg

Scott Payne


Ixllk^ H P V ^ B V H B B I B I BB\

W a y n e Campbell

Patty Walker

Alan Read

Gail Lanzalotti

LBC CHORALE Pete Salefsky 50

Barry Jennings

Jack Andrews

Lynn Davidson

Lamar Keener

Gordon Luff

Pat Grant


Buz Offenbacker

Don Jennings

Patty Graham

Paul Miller



" W h e n I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the m o o n and the stars, which thou hast ordained; what is man, that thou art mindful of him?"

Dr. Amos Wipf, Advisor





It is amazing to think that G o d would use a piece of celluloid film to touch a heart ... to change a life. The words of thousands of people in the form of letters, telephone calls and personal contacts are testimony to the fact that G o d can and does!

Dr. Mark B. Lloyd, Director



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xX,,:,-." • • - -


. -;


The Division of Television, Radio and Film at L B C attempts to give the student a complete background in these areas within the framew o r k of Christian philosophy, based u p o n a Biblio-centric point of view. Its goals are to train dedicated Christian c o m municators w h o will influence society in the classroom, the television station, the film unit, or the local church.

^n TRF students at L B C are set apart from other college and university students in this field by their practical use of quality art, television, radio and film equipment, and m o r e significantly, as they are actively involved in weekly television and radio broadcasts.


tudent I if


" G o d is not looking for pygmies; He's looking for giants." Jerry Falwel


Your attitude in life will determine your success or failure. Dean Dobson


â&#x20AC;˘-^viVf- -

"If there is anything you love more than God, then that thing IS your God." Dr. Gene Williams


"Your ministry will only be as effective as G o d is the only object of it." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jerry Falwell



"The more we look in the Word of God the more you look like Him." —Sumner W e m p









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n "• BV.

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"Education is passing from the state of unconscious ignorance to the state of conscious ignorance." Dr. Sumner W e m p

" G o d is not going to do for you what you can do for yourself." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jerry Falwell



"The least likely person in the eyes of m a n is often the most likely in the eyes of God." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; D e a n Dobson


i 0

"You don't determine a m a n by his wealth, or talent, but by what it takes to discourage him.' â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jerry Falwell



"All truth is God's truth, whether it's in the Bible or not." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; D r . Edward Hindson


"There's nothing difficult about the Christian life; it's just humanly impossible." Bob Stone

. ' .

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/-^•s. ,',f'XX-"



1 ^B . • 1


BJ -


G o d does not will that I should fashion the other person according to the image that seems good to m e that is,


in m y o w n image; rather in His very freedom from m e G o d m a d e this person in His image. Dietrich Bonhoeffer 71



"Jesus Christ came to make common men uncommon men." Dr. Sumner Wemp

"If there is anything you love more than God, then that thing IS your god." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Dr. Gene Williams


"If the devil can get you to doubt the Word of God, then he can keep you from amounting to anything for God." â&#x20AC;&#x201D; D r . Gene Williams


" N o individual can live without God. You can exist, yes, but you can't live!" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; S . M . Lockeridge


You are either a missionary or a mission field. Dr. Ed Hindson



flX^Ti^L t Bl • * •





• As far as G o d is concerned there are no accidents in your life, just incidents. Dean Dobson


, ,,*""i«\ ,,,«Hll||? x°x~' '",«>»•'<'•:;'•"',',

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' ;x>rvtfVffWt tTHtlllf l l t t l t t t f n t ttnrrif t i l l IT*,ot itlltH|

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:i ;.*''r """X";" »i "Mil !


"J*»»|| t | .««IH*Jltl • I . . . *"*ttl. > 11 • 11 '• t t t t t l l It ;n tigtsiMf • St)l«l1»T*

There is the man as people know him. There is the man as he knows himself. But the real man is the man behind the facades ... the man whom God not only knowbut loves. W. Maurice King



" G o d has called you to be a light in this world, not to put everybody else's out." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jerry Falwell


O n c e there was a man, according to an old tale, w h o was so filled with despondency that he decided to commit suicide. H e started on his long walk across the city' toward the bridge which was to be his jumping-off place. But he promised himself that if he met one smiling, happy, friendly-looking person on the way, he would turn back from his bitter errand.


Oddly, the story ends without answering the question whether or not the mission ended with suicide. The tale, however, poses a question, one of those haunting personal questions which pop into the mind n o w and then: If that m a n had met you would he have turned back and taken up his life with a measure of courage? Well, would he? Dr. Harold Blake Walker



"It costs something to be in God's 'Hall of Fame. It costs you Y O U . " â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jerry Falwell






-¥. -

"I can't. H e never said I could. H e can. H e said He always would." Dino Pedrone

"The degree to which you accept yourself determines the degree to which other people accept you." Dr. Ed Hindson


"If all the Bibles were burned, how much could you rewrite?" â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Sumner Wemp


"God does not wnat you to be average; G o d wants you to be totally and completely successful for the cause of Christ." Dean E. G. Dobson


"I want to be free Free to laugh, to cry. Free to die, to live." Malcolm Boyd


'Stability is formed in a storm." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jerry Falwell



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;-w r

" W h e n w e put our cares into the hands of God, He puts His calm into our hearts." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Brown


God's song in your heart should be seen in your face and be evident in your good works"



"God's graciousness in giving deserves our thought fullness in thanksgiving."





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x ^ r ^x f(

There is something about being under the open sky—not confined within four walls and a ceiling—something about speaking to a crowd that has gathered to see and to listen. They are curious; here, then, is an opportunity to tell them of Jesus. "Out in the highways and byways of life"—isn't that where Jesus spoke to the lost? Isn't that where the blind were m a d e to see? Following Christ's example, David Wilson, of the O p e n Air Campaigners, held several neighborhood and street meetings in Lynchburg; for LBC it is the beginning of a new ministry.


piSH I reflection 3 }


I __W


-MMm \



T h e Life Action S e m i n a r â&#x20AC;&#x201D; t w o full days of intensive lectures. H o w can w e begin to retain it all? Concepts. Concepts. Grab hold; let them sink in . . . learn. A life like Christ's... it is worth it all. 99


XX!!r %/






, x: •.*XX.*te':


What can be said about an evangelist like James Robisonâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;except that he is a great man. H e is a great man, with a great God. James Robison is a m a n that that C\or and because he does love, he is used of God. Listen to him; hear what he says. H e speak G o d . . he expresses God. Feel what hi know what he knows, believe as he d I need." i0i



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x£V-< £ ^ V r^K^H > "X ;



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iZL ?/sf- . ' 1 1












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»i*^" : ^BBl A*CZ



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mi t BJA

,.;>'• LI k ':'

BBL / BB^B^ta^

BK\ <


iJ A.mlM^M


*<m 4i4



Left to Right, Back to Front—Coach W o o d , Steve Click, Ken Kanagy, Paul Runnels, Floyd Stark, Kirby Hart, Paul Bryant, Skip Rustay, Randy Williams, Bob Elness, Bill Bush, Coach Murphey, Coach Bonheim. R o w 2—Coach Davis, Scott Vanderbrink, David Ossont, Tim Slaughter, Ed Schoor, John Arnold, Dean Phillips, John Earman, Dan Purcell, Dave Tubolino, Greg Vandermen, Sling Patterson, Joe Harrison, Scott Goetz, Dave Brown. Row 3—Dave Johnson, Dale Howard, Rick Terrell, Marshall Bruce, Curt Christians, Randy Evan, Mike Sledderjohn, Dave Bawtinhimer, Bill Brown, Coach Cartwright. R o w 4—Charles Hardage, T o m Williamson, Ben Huffine, Randy Hardy, Herman Barnes, Chip Smith, Dan Owens, Reggie Perkins. Rick Morre, Larry Cannon, Mike Sweeney, Ken Hankins. R o w 5—Tim Coleman, W e e w o , Gary Broward, Dave Bond, David Neff Larry Franklin, Kim Chafin, Dale Mays.

Left to Right—Marvin W o o d , Robert Bonheim, John Cartwright (Head Coach), Gaylord Davis, Phil Murphy.


Top Left—Linebackers and pluggers: Dan Purcell, Marshall Bruce, Randy Hardy, Joe Harrison, John Earman, Steve Click, Mike Sledderjohn, John McPheil, Bill Bush. Top Right—Offensive backs and receivers: Kirby Hart, Jim Coleman, Chip Smith, Dean Phillips, Reggie Perkins, Randy Evan, Larry Cannon, Paul Runnels, David Ossont, Chuck Themens, Curt Christians, Rick Moore, Bob Elness, Ken Kanagy, Middle Left—Offensive lineman: Charles Hardage, Ben Huffine, David Neff, Herman Barnes, Randy Williams, Larry Franklin. Middle Right—Defensive lineman: Skip Rustay, Ken Hankins, Gary Broward, Floyd Stark, Paul Bryant, Dave Johnson, Dave Brown, Scott Goetz, Mike Sweeney, Bob Bonheim. Bottom Left—Defensive backs: Rick Terrell, Scott Vanderbrink, Ed Schoor, John Arnold, Tim Slaughter, Greg Vandermen, Bill Brown, Dave Bawtinhimer, Sling Patterson, Dave Tubolino.



The skillful and brawny always go will with good times and good food; such was the case at the Annual Athletics Banquet, held at Silver Springs. For the muscular m e n of LBC, it was an afternoon of m u c h eating, m u c h talking, and m u c h horseplay.

Back Row, From Left—Jeanine Mandeville, Suzanne Greer, Mary Hiner, Gail Ballentine, Anita Lewis. Front Row, From Left—Anita Wipf, Becky Walker (head), Diane Durst (head), Debbie Reynolds.






' '' A y

syy .




LBC 106 77 87 88 109 103 66 65 85 66 94 67 83 85 79 99 77 98 86 76 83 83 73 75 82 111 89 85 116


85 76 74 76 92 71 106 73 83 79 77 77 80 91 89 85 81 82 82 96 60 81 94 73 91 91 80 86





\\\\mmt*£^ ^ 4

wrf 1*£ BT




^ V •'B


11 »1




Daniel Grover Dave Denny Craig Carlson Willard DeShazor Buzz Heintz Paul Dalton Brent Buttz Mike Goad Randy Hobbs Mark Chafin Bob Elness George Sweet Ed G o m e s M a c Rivera



•-•...'•••• X . . . •..-'•-

• 125

9mmW .,.„,! ,L

' ^ B B B 9*TO __

BBJ 3 • •r-nfti^r "


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— B l —-


• * * * •

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-~'<m\\ ~'~**mma\.

PB p ^_ / r .,^m^

" ^'•i-*:-'---Xx^^


2 S «l *" *"B

""""" - - * '»'•;*'"? •

x - J- 5 -- f §»??

^ 13=8 • IK K ?1 "Wl;-^-; ^ ^ rag! ^ fe^i *• B? 1

" ~ ^ ^










BT^BBJFB xi(*i."







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'SW Ofc




Left to Right, Back Row: Mike DuKate, W a y n e Smith, Micky Vigneulle, Gary Avila, Ken Tobita, T o m Lippert, Jim Sample, Jeff Benson. Center Row: John Arnold, Jerry Wingate, Sling Patterson, Derwent Daniel, Garnet Hall, Ken Cox. Front Row: Keith Rosenberry, Dan Bruce, Roger Miracle, T o m Wall, Scott Goetz, Dick Witacker (Captain).




& 'jsfmi


m • '







x • ; BV ' * 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8.

James Davis 'Television, Radio and Film T o m Calvert'Pastoral Dave Denny 'Pastoral Rod Earls 'Pastoral Barbara Doane 'Psychology Larry Franklin 'Church Worker


•^ V


N*1 f


mm m_%



^» flaws' <* «


BBBJ B*X;-* BStk-i




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Robert Gallagher'Pastoral D o n Gerber 'Pastoral Karen Goldberg 'Psychology Mike Goad 'Physical Education Freeman Gerow 'Pastoral Billy Housand'Pastoral


• '

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Michael G r o o m s 'Pastoral Pat Hildebrand'Elimentary Education j Jay Hendershot'Sacred Music Cliff Hartley 'Pastoral Dave Holdren'History


fcV*i 138

1. Wilton Kirt Mitchell 'Pastoral 2. David Thomas Pantana 'Youth 3. Douglas David M o n r o e 'Youth 4. W . Louise O'Bryan 'Elementary Education 5. Shirley Marie Peterson 'Church Worker 6. Ronald Gene Riggins 'Pastoral 7. Cora Ellen Robinson 'Elementary Education


'â&#x20AC;˘ y'mm^r '

Winnie Roberta Pearson 'Elementary Education Christine Ann Paxson 'Church Worker Richard Lee Sandoval 'Pastoral James Edward Sanders 'Youth Kenneth Eugene Smith 'Pastoral Marian Robinson 'Missions




JUNIORS D o n Arnold Christi Austin Joseph Barry Janet Barker Danny Barker

He doesn't make us go according to His will;

Gail Ballentine Linda Baier Mark Black Kay Black Blane Pearson

Robert Bolton Pat B o w m a n Jerome Bradshaw John Branch Darrell Brumfield


Gary Bryant Karen Branch Yvonne Bulford T o m m y Cable Dave Chamberlin

H e makes us willing to go.

Robert Cheek Gail Christinas Mary Ann Conger Steve Conwell Jan Collins

Scott Collins Lynn Davidson Lee Davidson Debbie David Rick Dawson

Rita Diterle Kimmi Dize Joanne D o w d y Bob D u n n Jesse Duke

Allen Edgar Jo A n n Ellis Howard Erickson Brenda Fisher Mike Fitzwater


Phyllis Fitzwater Lois Flynn Gail Foster Chuck Frazier JohnGerlinger

Hunting pheasants and preaching are a lot alike;

John Geisel RitaGilbo Ken Gividen

Raymond Gleason Marie Goff Pat Grant

ÂŁ*%%mt y




zgm s^ i

Janis Green Joe Hale Bruce Harbridge

Ella M a e Harper Debbie Harris Kelly Harris


Lewis Harvey Betsy Helmintoller Ralph Henry Sarah Herring Patty Hilliard

they don't fall dead the first time you shoot them.

Grant Hintz Curt H o c k m a n Nancy Hollinger

Karen Hoskins Janice Hottinger Steve Howell

Keith Hunter Gloria Huggins Allan Irvin

Priscilla Jack Carol Jenkins Jim Jenkins


Don Jennings Joe Jividen Albert Johnson Debbie Johnson Harvey Johnson

There are people w h o are thrilled

Hazel Jones Roger Jukich Gene Kanagy

Lamar Keener Fred King Kathy Kline

Barbara Lawson Greg Lee Larry Lee

Mike Lee Ruth Lenahan Lengeman Bruce


Toni Lopez Bonnie Lowry Michall Marceric Julie Maniscalco Margaret Martin

about giving G o d their sins,

Ann Mason Dwight Meyers Paul Miller

Rosie Miller Carol Moblee Lamar M o n n e y h a m

Gary Mullinix Gary Offenbacker James Pagan

Carey Palmer Scott Payne Steve Peters


Alan Pieratt Jeffrey Price Ron Read Arlin Rechtzigel Steve Robertson

but a little slow in giving

Leroy Rohrbough Peter Salesky Robert Savage W a n d a Scheer Leslie Schofer

Gary Schrolder Norman Scott Lawrence Shaw Paula Sims Becky Smith


Chip Smith Steve Smith Rick Stanton Floyd Starke Robert Steele

G o d their lives, Marlene Stewart Fran Sweat Robert Swenson GrierTanner Sandra Taylor

Mary Tesmer Faye Thompson Gary Frauter Tim Vicknair Patricia Walker

Paul Wallace Debbie Ward Karen Weakland Ben Weiss Ann Welborn

Allen Welsh Richard Whitaker Mark W o o d b y Moses Yoder Sue Hughs


JUNIOR/SENIOR Warren Agey Steve A m e e n Stan Berrong Bill Bush Curt Christains

Karen Claiborne Larry Colclasure Paulette Cope Paul Dalton Russ Damas

Barbara Doane Ginger Donald Colleen Formby Randy Franz Debbie Fusco

Ed G o m e s Patty Graham Bob Heinlein Kathy Johnson David Malanowski

Les M a n ley Sharon Moore Dave Mendell Rick Pelloni Debra Rabold


Eugene Albert Estvan Bognar Carol Christian Bob Conley Anthony Cuci

Ruth Givens Fred Helmick Martha Houghton Barry Issacs George Irelan

Dennis M c Bride Faith Morrison Jack Peters Bill Price McCauley Riviera

Marian Robinson Eric Samuels Rick Sirico Judy Smith Jerry Snively

Dwayne Steele Bonnie Sullivan Faye T h o m p s o n Ron T h o m p s o n Jane Youngblood



T o m Aulwes Gary Avila Judy Bacon Ann Baker Rudseph Baker Grant Barker Linda Barksdale

If preachers got back to preaching

Jeffrey Benson Dave Berry Marsha Berry Delia Bibb Dean Billingmeir

Debbie Bateman Vena Beatty Barry Bell Linda Binns


William Blanton Debbie Boggess Sandar Bognar Rex Bonar Dave Bond Richard Bonnett Gary Booker

Dean Boyer John Branning Maria Brautigam Donna Briggs Richard Brokaw Velma Brosius John Brothers

they could do away with a lot of counseling


Dave Brown Kenny Brown Daniel Bruce Paul Bryant


Judy Burggraf Brenda Bylsma Debbie Caldwell Charlie Campbell Dorlene Campbell Jim Campbell John Campbell

Bill Cangemi KimChafin Marc Chenevert Steve Click Henry Cobb Ken Collins Richard Cooke

Any direction you go away from God Liz Cooper Kenneth Cox Shirley Cox Barb Cramer Sue Cramer George Creel Bill Crowder

Roy Dai I Jim Deal Roger Dean


Robin Denton WilliardDeShazor Luther DeWitt Dennis Dillard Kirt Di Vietro Eddie Dodson Mike Dolen

Ricky Donaldson Carol Dorian Ronald DuBay Mike Dukate Carol Earls Cindy Edmonds Wily Edwards

is the wrong direction. John Edward Retta Edwards Charlene Elders Mark Ellis Bob Elness Mike Ely Randi Erbse


Jan Euliss Karen Evans William Evans Randy Evens


Diane Feather Joyce Fisher Randy Frady John Freel Michael Givson Roy Glass John Coins

Cathy Grass Susie Groff Charles Hagerty Mike Halbrooks Fred Halt Carol H a m m o n d Sherry Hamilton

W h e n the devil saw Jesus on the cross,

Alma Joy Hargett


Milton Harris

Ken Hankins Gerald Hanson Randy Hardy Joe Harrison

Pam Hannah Charles Hardage Sue Hardy James Hartley

Tim Hazelhuhn Marvin Heath Dorothy Hemenway Dawn Henley Kathy H e m e Mark H e m e Otis Hill

Mark Hine Mary Hiner George Hoffma Brad Holaway Linda Hollaway Rodger Holland Linda Holaway

he thought he saw one man about to die,

Marilyn Holt Eugene Hoyt Charles Hughes Carol H u m m e r

Dale Howard Ben Huffine Mary Lou Hughes Darryl Hurst

Pauline Jack

Linda Jellings


Barry Jennings Dave Johnson Gene Johnson Linda Johnson Lynette Johnson Steve Johnson Terry Johnson

Sandra Jones Sharron Jones Douglas Jordan Ken Kanagy Mark Karika Larry Kendrick Kevin Keys

but he didn't. James King John Klink Susan Kobus Carolyn Knight Charles Krovitch Rebecca Kull Del Laird

Gail Lanzalotti Dan Laramore Jean Lawrie Susan Lees Carl Leonard Mark Leonard Vernon Leonard

Dennis Anderson Howard Blakley Joyce Brown Ken Carey Donna Davis Steve DeGroft Barry Eckman

Debbie Giles Jim Harrison Patricia Hayes Doug Turner Alex Veto Debbie Walker

Rick Whipple


Thomas Lineberger Maria Lowell Jerry Lucas Garry Lyons Deborah MacArthur Walter Major Jeanine Mandevil

Terry Mangus Regina Maniscalco Libby Marshall Don M a y Dale Mays Billy McDonald Connie McGolden

He saw all m e n about to live! Jennie McKinney Donna McLellan Barry McNeely Carla Medley Sue M e o a k Joni Merrill Gerald Migrala

Gail Miller Gregory Miller Jody Milligan Jeff Mincey Danny Minor Robert Morrison Marty Mosely


Cassi Naylor David Neff Debbie Nelson Janice Neufield Ernie O'Brien GregO'Dell Richard Osterling

Karen O l d h a m Steve Paine William Palmer Randy Parker Robert Parker Christa Parr Pamela Patrick

It's nice to be paid u p â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Lauren Pearson James Peck Randy Peeler Reggie Perkins Gary Phero Dean Phillips David Pitkins

Dan Purcell Alan Read Glenn Reese James Renihan Debbie Reynolds Joyce Rhoden Sharon Rhoten

Dorma Roach Donna Roberts Mark Roberts Barry Ryan Wayne Sauer Sally Sayger Connie Schaap

It's nice to be prayed u p â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Edward Schorr Herman Shanks Don Shelley Barry Shettel Mike Sidner Gypsie Smith Jeff Smith

Les Smith Rebecca Smith Vicki Smith Wayne Smith Cynthia Snowden Lloyd Stahl Clark Stevens


Philip Stevens Randy Stewart DonellaStokley Rebecca Stransburg Randy Stromm Donna Tart David Taylor

Ronald Thompson Roy Tidwell Elaine Trammel Becky Travis Barbara Trower Alan Trujillo James Tucker

It's nice to be packed u p â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Scott Vandenbrink Gloria Vaughn Reed Vaughan Gilbert Vining Debbie Naggett Becky Walker Cheryl Walters


1 \

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1Vv -^It x\m>^



Ben Warner Rebecca Watson Walter Webster Emily Wills William Whitmore Patty Wiggle Vance Wiley


B~* *-B m. fll Bk. aXm

Clifton Williams Paul Williams Randy Williams Becky W o o d b y Kim Worster Gerald Wright Candy Yancey

A n d it's nice to go up. Toy Yelvington Lewis Zachery William Zevenhouse David Zick


FRESHMEN Christi A d a m s o n Kathy Adkins Paul Albaugh Gwendolyn Albert Gary Aldridge Kathy Allen Eric Allen Carol Anderson Laurie Anderson Linda Andes Nancy Antes Alexis Antoine Barbara Armstrong John Arnold Jim Baker Susan Balsley Linda Banister Raymond Barger James Barringer Paul Barringer Timothy Batter Nanci Baytor Herbert Beach Cindy Beasley

Jesus is all I need; I want nothing more;

Gerrie Beaton Richard Beavers Dwight Begley David Bellosa Steve Benedict Dave Benoit Geroge Bieri Jim Bitner


John Bjor David Blakeney Brenda Blood Debra Boblett Norman Boeck Bob Boling Barbara Bonebright Minerva Borton

^J ^SJ v

Yasmin Boutzale Janet Bowen Timothy B o w m a n Lynn Boyd Lawrence Boyle David Brackett Ted Brewer Mary Ann Breuker Thomas Britton Clarence Brown Michael Brown Patrick Brown Patty Brown Steve Brown Bruce Browne Marshall Bruce

I'll settle for nothing less.

A Jk i £&&• t •


I Judy Bruce Wray Bryant Rhonda Burge Sue Burgess W a n d a Burns Becky Busko Brent Butts Steve Carlisle


Larry Cannon Stasha Callabresi Craig Carlson Marcia Carlson Edward Carper Deborah Carrier Clinton Cash Sharon Cash Judy Casten Mark Chafin Shirley Chestnut Elaine Clark Paul Clark Sandy Clark Sandra Clee Marilyn Coats Debbie Cooter Gary Compton Mark Conner Ronald Cook Rebecca Cooke Steve Cornwell Darlene Coward Debbie Cox

God will only be made strong in your weakness, Donny Cox Anna Craven Dave Crowder Don Cummings

Sharon Dager Leonard Davidson Janet Davis Louise Davis

Vonnette Day George Dellahooke Rebecca Dellinger Jeanie Denton

f BBBB 'Zmm^

Paul DeRoin Terry Dial


; W*L»*«*'«i

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Marlene Dickenson Martha Dodd


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**N *

Ronald Donnelson Jonathan Donner David D o w d y Roy Draper Sharon DuBois LilDuck Dan Dudley Sherry Dupont John Earman Gary Eads Randy Eckman A n n e Edel Sharon Eggers Stephen Eickler Pam El rod Steve Elliott Tom England Bennett English Carlisa Euliss Joyce Evangelista Mary Kay Evans Dale Everett Bruce Fero Janet Fisher

God is our Source. Jeanna Fisher Jim Fisher Roseann Fisher Mike Fleddyjohan

James Flourney Debbie Ford Robin Forga Pat Foster

Vicki Foster Mark Fox Douglas Fry Doris Gabriel

Judith Garbee Elwood Garland Roger Garland Dale Gayness Rick Gearn Marvin Gillespie Ricky Goad Steve Goebel Ruth Gomczar Helen G o m e s Anita Goodson Lisa Graham Theresa Grassel David Green Floyd Green Susan Green Susan Greer Becky Greeg Robert Grey James Grooms Marina Guenther Cathy Halfhill Garnet Hall Steve Hallman





Plant a seed. Bob Hamlin Cynthia H a m m o n d Steve H a m m o n d Cindy Hamnell Pam Handley Hayden Handsel Sam Hannah Don Harbaugh

Rose Harrell

Kirby Hart

William Hawkes


Tricia Heath Wanda Hendricks Alicia Henry Carmela Hernandez Nancy Hess Richard Hesson Randy Hobbs Ernie Hoch Art Hockman Toni Hodges David Holt Sandra Holt Beth Honeycutt Rhonda Honeycutt Jayne Hood Katherine Hood Marlene Hoode Jerry Hooks Thomas Hopkins Bonnie Hott Mark Houser Linda Howard Sue Howard Debbie Howell

Expect a miracle. Catherine Huckins Karen Hudson Kenneth Hudson Teresa Huff Keith Hugart Ken Huhn Gary Hunnley Cathy Ingalls

Judith Ingram

Debbie Isaacs

Dave Insheep


Linda Jackson Rhonda Jacobs Beth Jamison Debbie Johnson John Johnson Keith Johnson Marston Johnson Michelle Johnson Nancy Johnson Rebecca Johnson Bonnie Kanagy Clark Kidd Jerry Kidd Denise King Donald Kinsey Greg Kiser Katherine Kitching Joyce Klinger Steve Knepp Joseph Kraintz Keith Kreider Patty Kyle Robert Lackey Peggy Laird

You never have to ask a Ed Laramore Christina Lathrem Joann Lavalley Gary Lawhorne Darryl Lawler

Cathy Lawrence Vernon Lawrence Donna Lawrenson Richard Lawrenson Patti Lay

Melissa Lecroy Glenn Lewis Shirley Lewis Kathryn Lillard T o m Lippert

Annette Littlefield Beth Livesey Henry Lloyd Mike Looney Scotty Lovelace

Pam Lovelady Charles Lowry Mart Lugg Michael Mahlen Darlene Malak Scott Mangonelle Gary Mapes Holly Marshall


Ted Massey Deana Mattson Gloria M a u John McAvey Connie M c Bride Claudia McCrory John M c Fall Cheryl McFaull James McClellan Cindy Mellott Deane Metz Bruce Miller Lynette Miller Donna Mills Michael Mitchell Steve Mitchelll Terry Moffitt Charles Moore David Moore Julia Moore Bernard Morris Donna Morris Larry Morris John Martellis

spirit-filled m a n if he's 'got it.' Patricia Mulholland Eleanor Myers Mark Myers Dan Magel David Mapier

John Napier Anne Neblook Thomas Nelms James Nelson Glenn Nilson

Blanche Norris Lynne O'Brien Doretta Ockenhouse Grant O'Dell David Olson

Richard Osborne David Ossont Cheryl Outland Quinton Overman Dan O w e n s

Joan O w e n s Randy Page Georgette Papandrea Jerry Parssons Cathy Paul Shawn Pearson Gloria Perdue Robert Perdue


Richard Perrine Anita Peters Rebecca Peterson Audrey Phelps Bruce Phero Melody Pieratt Vincent Plicofsky W e n d y Poole Wayne Powell Jean Prange David Price David Pride Dana Pritchard Ruth Proctc Marilyn Prudner Ginger Quinlan Fred Raboin Melody Reese Debbie Reeves Steve Reitnnour James Renwick Clifford Reynolds Michael Reynolds Mack Rhodes

G o d said it and that settles it, Peggy Rice Jon Rich Thomas Rines David Ritze Nancy Rizor

David A. Roberts David W . Roberts Jay Roberts Edith Robertson Sharon Robinson

Shevon Rodes Debbie Rogers Sally Roth Terry Roush Sheri Runge

Paul Runnels Ellen Ryan Joseph Salak James Sample Joy Samples

Vilma Saunders Sally Schroeder, Renee Scroggin James Scroggs Debbie Seneff


Deborah Sentell Charles Shaffer Walter Sheilds Theresa Shelton Greg Shipley Doug Shown Karen Shuman Crista Sims Jane Sims Thomas Simms Timothy Slaughter Ruthann Slone Verna Small Moses Smalls Julia Smith Connie Snyder Geary Southwick Valerie Spikes' Charles Stanbaugh Thomas Stanley D a w n Steiner Debbie Stetler John Stewart Lisa Stinnett

whether you believe it or not. Albert Story W o o d r o w Street William Sullivan Crystale Swab Debra Swann

Mike Sweeney James Sykes Mylaray Sylvester TinaTerrill Monroe Thomas

Sarah Thompson Dave Teis Kenneth Tobita Valerie Trent Steven Trost

Stephen Truxell Dave Tubolino Cynthia Turner Deborah Turner Elaine Urbank

Gregg Vanaman Richard Vaughn Venny Vestal Micky Vigneulle Ricky Vigneulle


Darla Vroman Thomas Wall Richard Wallace George Wallish Ronald Warren Brenda W e b b Jim Welch Patricia Werling Katherine Wemmer Cathy West Naomi Weymouth James Wheeler Valinda Wheeler Maggie Whetsell Melissa White William White Doreen Whitlock Margaret Wilkerson Barry Williams Sherry Williams Thomas Williamson Dale Winfree A m y Wipf John W o o d

It isn't hard to m a k e a mountain out of a molehill. Just add dirt. Kathy Woodbury Vonthella Wrinn Ellen Young Jackie Young GinnieZick Dave Bawtinhimer Judy Bodine Frank Cavalier

HLJUL ' ~~ Ea

^^1 B Geoffrey Egert James Hale Patricia Hooper Marie N e w m a n Rayne Norton Richard Moore Barbara Rogers


\\i Wmr'^^-'imU


Wwk ^w






Dr. Harold Wilmington

Dear Friend, S o m e years ago, the 16th President of the United States picked up his Bible and said: "I believe this Book is the greatest gift ever given to mankind by God." Thus did Abraham Lincoln speak about God's Word. A n d so it is. But it is even more than that today. In this polluted, lawless, dangerous and dreadful age, the Bible alone can S P A N the ages, STEM the tide, S E C U R E the future and S O O T H E the soul! For sometime, however, I have been especially concerned about the rising ignorance of even basic Bible knowledge in the world today. The Bible is all but ignored in our universities and lower institutions of learning. In spite of our many fine Bible Schools, the present " N o w generation" perhaps knows less about the sacred Scriptures than did any other generation since the Reformation. It is a tragic but true fact that many of our young people are turning away from the Bible of their fathers and mothers, not as m u c h because of immoral hearts, but because of ignorant hearts! They have based their shallow conclusions about Christianity on what they have heard from liberal theologians and unfriendly professors. Their unconscious cry is the cry of the N e w Testament eunuch, w h o being asked by the evangelist Philip if he understood the Scripture, answered: " H o w can I, except someone show m e ? " Simply stated, the Thomas Road Bible Institute came into being to aid m e n and w o m e n in obtaining a thorough knowledge of God's W o r d from a historical and theological viewpoint. It is our conviction that the full meaning of the sublime scripture cannot be shown to or sown in a desperate world today until it is first known by a dedicated believer! Dr. H. L. Wilmington, Dean Thomas Road Bible Institute



Afari, Seth Alexander, Larry Andrews, Jack Augell, Ronald Archer, Karen

Atkins, Tim Bane, Thomas Barnett, Earl Bragg, William Brown, Roger

Burke, Gordon Bush, Debra Butterbaugh, Marsha Brunner, Paul Bryant, Wallace

Campbell, Wayne Carver, Brad Carey, Marcie Carlson, Robert Chanberland, Danny

To believe in God's word is to believe that Jesus is coming again.

Cook, David Cooper, Fredrick Crandell, Andrew


Creasey, Ray Crosby, Charles Cramer, Electa

Live for yourself, You Live in rain;

Davis, Jimmy Denny, James Deckerson, Lonnie Doane, Linwood Dykes, Wallace

Fields, Charles Emanuels, Albert Flourney, James Flanaghan, George Flanaghan, George H.

Floyd, James Foran, Thomas Ford, Herbert Forrest, Paul Fox, Inga

Freeman, Elmer Fuchs, Fred Garber, Thomas Gilk, Alexander Ginther, Landri


Grave, David Griffith, Lewis Hage, Arthur Haffin, Willie Hartacock, George

Hall, Robert Hall, Roger Halsey, Glassell H a m m , Sandra Haughton, John

Haughton, Irvin Henderson, Larry Henty, Judy Hester, Timothy Higgins, T o m

Hataling, Frank Holland, Keith Hoke, Richard Humback, Jeff Jackson, Jenepher

Live for Christ, You Live again; Laughlin, Ronald Lewis, Charles Linton, Stephen


Loan, Joe Logue, George Loveday, Charles

Live for Him, With H i m Your reignPass it on!

Merrill, Richard Messick, Madra Messick, Billy McCarty, Steve McClellen, Franklin

McConnell, Robert McLellan Fred Miller, T o m Mosley, Harold Nahalea, Eramus

Nielson, Norman Nordahl, Lorren Odgen, Nannie Olson, Douglas O'Neil, Roger

Overton, David Palmer, Kenneth Parks, Ronald Peterson, Eldon Price, John


Plakter, Maynard Pierson, Jeff Poison, Judy D e Pugh, Johnnie Read, John

Read, Betty Riley, Michell Robertson, Harry Rohleder, Doris Rohleder, Russell

Root, Carl Rosenberry, Keith Salisbury, Barbara Sayer, Terry Saunders, Kenneth

Saunders, Marion Seagraves, Lynn Shannon, Arthur Shatzer, Rodney Shope, M o n a

Short, Nelson Sisson, Dave Sisson, Debra Snively, Melba

Snively, Jerry Snyder, William Smith, Gladys Smith, Clifford


Stacy, Gary Stedman, David Stevens, Regina Stratford, Jim Stump, Richard

Szuchnicki, Jerry Thomas, Allen Tackett, Thomas Tapley, Gary Trotter, William

Turman, Jack Stafford, Howard Verrill, Dennis Ward, Adrian Wallace, Dorathy

Donald, Ward Weaver, John Welsh, Roy Williams, Robert Wilt, Ray


White, Gary W o o d , Lewis Wyatt, Venable Woodard, Lewis

Zaphore, Stephen Witt, Sandra Dagle, William Dunahoo, W e y m a n




Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Robert Hughes

Dear Friend, I take great joy in telling you about Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the many ministries of the Thomas Road Baptist Church. O n e of the great needs in America is a graduate school for young m e n w h o have graduated from college, w h o can be further prepared to serve Jesus Christ in a local church. Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary was founded for that purpose. The basic aim of the Seminary is to win souls to Jesus Christ which complements every other ministry of the church. A theological seminary is different from a college or institute. Students w h o c o m e to the Seminary have been grounded in their discipline and broadened in their world outlook. They should have more maturity. Hence, the Seminary has a more rigorous course and its scholarship will be at the highest graduate level possible. Dr. Robert L. Hughes, Seminary Dean, has an outstanding reputation for scholarship and classroom performance. H e is God's m a n to lead this seminary. Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary is unashamed in its commitment to the fundamentals of faith. W e believe the Bible is the inspired W o r d of G o d and hold to its inerrancy. It is the final authority for our faith and practice. Students w h o graduate from our seminary are expected to master the W o r d of God, both in English and in the original languages. The Seminary's motto "Scriptural Scholarship Aflame for Christ and for Souls" reflects the ultimate purpose for the school. O u r students should be more than scholars. They should be soul-winners with hearts aflame. There are s o m e seminaries in America which are doctrinally soundâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and w e want to be doctrinally pureâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but they have no evangelistic zeal. At the same time, there are other educational institutions with great evangelistic fervor but no commitment to academic excellence. W e are combining doctrinally sound teaching and evangelistic zeal. This will both educate the mind and motivate the heart. The Seminary is committed to the local church. W e want our graduates to be equipped to pastor super-aggressive churches in this modern world. While students are at Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary, they b e c o m e involved in all of the ministries of the Thomas Road Baptist Church actually learning evangelism by winning souls, actually learning homiletics by preaching, and actually learning to minister for Jesus Christ by serving. The students are members of our church and are expected to fulfull the same obligations as all other members. I believe that faithfulness to a small responsibility qualifies a student for a greater sphere of service. Being faithful church m e m b e r s will prepare these young m e n to be effective pastors. Faithfully yours, JERRY FALWELL 190


,.' V K*.': 192


Give Instruction to a wise m a n and he will yet be wiser. Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning

Abraham, C.T. Alvarez, Richard Banks, Swanson


Beyer, Fredrick Branan, Steve Bushy, Daniel

&r^^*^^^^m Byers, Gary Campbell, Ross Crites, Nancy

W -X t ' mM

mtm 194


Diggs, T o m Hedding, Norman Elmore, Gary

Farmsworth, Bob Flanagan, James Fox, Grant



" ~* <* 1 I ^ N H

^^r JX^k\\m\\W^ ~ â&#x20AC;&#x201D; * B B l

Bkl ^

^ ^


B ~


Gatin, Ron Geroldson, Greg Gass, Mike



Knowledge is only Worth the getting W h e n used to teach others


For n o w w e see through a glass darkly; but then face to face; n o w I k n o w in part; But then shall I k n o w even as also I a m known. I Corinthians 13:12

Gray, George Hendershot, Richard Hilmar, Peter

Horner, John Howerton, Stan Lakatos, Larris

Landtroop, Dorman LellenJ.C. Lowery, Robert


McCoy, Barry Murphy, Phillip Papandrea, Frank

Pratt, Norman M c G e e , Richard Reynolds, Donald

Smith, Nick Sprau, Gregory W o o d , Marvin

Life is not the wick or the candle, it is the burning


FACULTY C.T. A B R A H A M , B.S., B.Ed., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology B.S., Tranvancore University; B.Ed., Kerala University; M.Ed., Nagpur University; Ed.D., University of Maryland. At L B C since 1974. ROSCOE H. BREWER, B.S Instructor of Youth B.S., Texas Wesleyan College. At L B C since 1974. HOPE H. HAMILTON, B.S., M.S. Instructor of English B.S., Sothern Illinois University; M.S., Appalachian State University. At L B C since 1974. VERNON F. HAMMOND, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education B.A., M.A., Bob Jones University; additional graduate work at Lynchburg College. At L B C since 1974. EARLL. MILLER, JR., B.A., M.Div. Assistant Professor of Speech B.A., M . Div., Bob Jones University. At L B C since 1974. GLORIA B. MILLER, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech B.A., M.A., Bob Jones University. At L B C since 1974. LOIS E. PARKER Instructor of Art Undergraduate work; University of Maine, Fort Kent and Farmington Campus. At L B C since 1974. JAMES J. PICKERING, B.S., M.S. Instructor of Television Radio Film B.S., State University College at Genesco, N e w York; M.S., State University of N e w York. At L B C since 1974. CLOYD G. VERMILION, B.M.E., M.M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Music B.M.E., Kansas University; M.M.Ed., Vandercook College of Music; additional graduate work at the University oflndiana and Manhattan University. At L B C since 1974. CELESTE M. WEMP, Diploma Instructor of Religion Diploma, Moody Bible Institute; under graduate work at Lynchburg Baptist College. At L B C since 1973. JERRY FALWELL, Th.G., D.D. President Th.G., Baptist College; D.D., Tennessee Temple Schools. At L B C since 1971. A. PIERRE GUILLERMIN, B.A., M.A., LL.D., D.D. Executive Vice President B.A., M.A., Bob Jones University; LL.D., St. Andrews College; D.D., California Graduate School of Theology; additional graduate work at the University of Virginia. At L B C since 1973. J.G. HENRY, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Academic Dean Chairman, Division of Education and Psychology Professor of Educational Foundations B.A., Berea College; M.A., Eastern Kentucky University; Ed.D., University of Kentucky; additional graduate work at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Duke University. At L B C since 1972. BRENDA A. BONHEIM, B.A., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.A., Bob Jones University; M.Ed., Wayne State University; additional graduate work at West Chester State College. At L B C since 1973. ROBERTS. BONHEIM, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., M.S., University of California at Los Angeles; additional graduate work at Los Angeles State College and the University of Southern California. At L B C since 1973. JOHN B. CARTWRIGHT, B.S. Head Football Coach B.S., U.S. Naval Academy. At L B C since 1973. KENNETH A. CHAPMAN, Diploma, B.S. Instructor of Bible

Diploma, Moody Bible Institute; B.S., Lynchburg Baptist College. At L B C since 1971. MARIE M. CHAPMAN, Diploma, B.S. Instructor of Christian Education Diplomas, Kinman Business University and Moody Bible Institute; B.S., Lynchburg Baptist College. At L B C since 1971. B. LARRY COY, B.A. Administrative Coordinator Adjunct Professor of Religion B.A., Wheaton College; graduate work at Dallas Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1973. GAYLORD N. DAVIS, B.A., B.A., M.A. Coordinator, Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.A., Piedmont College; B.A., M.A., California State University; Northridge. At L B C since 1972. TOBYANN D. DAVIS, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech B.S., Bob Jones University; M.A., Pepperdine University; additional graduate work at California State University; Long Beach. At L B C since 1972. CARL J. DIEMER, B.S., B.D., Th.D. Professor of New Testament Studies B.S., Virginia Tech; B.D., Th.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; additional work at Texas Christian University and University of Wisconsin. At L B C since 1973. EDDIE G. DOBSON, B.A., M.A. Dean of Student Affairs Assistant Professor of Bible B.A., M.A., Bob Jones University; additional graduate study at the University of Virginia. At L B C since 1973. LORNA W. DOBSON, B.S. Director of Admissions Instructor of Music B.S., Bob Jones University. Graduate study at University of Virginia. At L B C since 1973. H.HADDON DUDLEY, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English and Psychology B.A., Richmond College; M.A., College of William and Mary. At L B C since 1971. ROBERT W. FARNSWORTH, B.A. Instructor of Speech B.A., Bob Jones University. At L B C since 1973. JAMES L. FLANAGAN, B.S. Instructor of Mathematics B.S., Southern Illinois University; graduate work at Southern Illinois University and Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1974. FRANCES T. GLASS, B.M. Instructor of Music B.M. Birmingham Conservatory of Music. At L B C since 1971. GEORGE C. HAGE, A.B., B.A. Instructor of Music A.B., Marshall University; B.A., Washington Bible College; graduate study at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1973. EDWARD E. HINDSON, B.R.E., M.A., Th.M., Th.D. Associate Professor of Religion B.R.E., Detroit Bible College; M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Th.M., Grace Theological Seminary; Th.D., Trinity Graduate School of Theology. Additional graduate work at Eastern Michigan University and Mennonite Biblical Seminary. At L B C since 1974. ALVIN E. HICKEY, B.A. Instructor of Education and English B.A., Cumberland College; graduate study at Miami University and the University of Virginia. At L B C since 1973. PEGGY F.HORTON, B.A, M.S. Librarian B.A., Pennsylvania State College; M.S., Western School of Library Science. At L B C since 1972.

Reserve University

*The roster includes faculty under contract April 1, 1974. Faculty hired after B.A., M.B.A., L.L.B., Ph.D. Adjunct Professorof J.T. HOUK, this date will be listed in the 1975-76 catalogue. Economics


DIRECTORYâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; BA., Brown University; MB.A.. University of Helsenki, Finland; L.L.B., LaSalle University; Ph.D., American University. At L B C since 1972. ROBERT L. HUGHES, B.A., B.D.Th.D. Dean, Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary BA., Mississippi College; B.S., Th.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1973. LUCILLE C. KENT, Diploma Instructor of Music Diploma, Chicago Conservatory of Music; Undergraduate work; RandolphMacon Woman's College (3 years) and Lynchburg College (2 years). At LBC since 1972.

DAVID P. RANDLETT, B.M., M.M.E. Coordinator, Music Education Assistant Professor of Music B.M., Eastern Nazarene College; M.M.E., George Peabody College for Teachers. At L B C since 1973. BOYD, C. RIST, B.A., M.A. Chairman, Division of Social Science B.A., University of South Dakota; M.A., University of Minnesota; additional graduate study at the University of Minnesota. At L B C since 1973. NORM A J. RIST, A.B. Instructor of English A.B., University of South Dakota. At L B C since 1973.

DORMAN W. LANDTROOP, B.S. Instructor of Mathematics and Physical Science BS., California State College, Hayward; graduate work at Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1974.

FRANK J. SCHMITT, B.A., M.R.E., Ed.D. Professor of Christian Education BA., Samford University; M.R.E., Ed.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1973.

IRENES. LARSON, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of English B.S., M.S., Mankato State College. At L B C since 1973.

CHARLES J. SNELL, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Coordinator Psychology Professor of Psychology BA., Barrington College; M.A., Ed.D., Calvin Coolidge College. At L B C since 1973.

HELEN R. LLOYD, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English A.B., The College of Idaho; M.A., University of Southern California. At L B C since 1974. MARK B. LLOYD, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman, Division of Communications Professor of Speech A.B., The College of Idaho; M.A., University of Southern California; Ph.D., Michigan State University. At L B C since 1974. MARK L. LLOYD, B.A., M.A. Chairman, Division of Television Radio Film Professor of Television Radio Film BA., Asbury College; M.A., University of Michigan; doctoral Candidate at the University of Michigan; additional graduate work at the University of Kentucky. At L B C since 1972. GORDON LUFF, B.A. Coordinator, Youth Work

JAMESSOWARD, B.A. Instructor of Music B A., Tennessee Temple College. At L B C since 1973. H. GLENN SUMRALL, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Coordinator, Biological Science Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Southeastern Louisiana University; M.S., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. At L B C since 1973. C.SAM VERGHESE, B.Tech., M.Tech., Th.G. Instructor of Religion B.Tech., M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology; Th.G., Union Biblical Seminary. At L B C since 1973. LOUISE B. WALDRIP, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English B.S., Mary Hardin-Baylor College; M.S., Baylor University; Ph.D., University of Texas. At L B C since 1973.

Instructor of Youth Work BA., Bob Jones University. At L B C since 1971. W. DANIEL MANLEY, Th.G. Head Basketball Coach Instructor of Physical Education Th.G., Tennessee Temple College. At L B C since 1971. EDWARD H. MARTIN, B.D. Instructor of Missions B.D., Bible Baptist Seminary; Diploma, N e w Tribes Mission Preparatory School. At L B C since 1971. SHIRLEEA. McGUIRE, B.A., MA. Assistant Professor of Speech B.S., Bob Jones University; M.A., Syracuse University; additonal graduate work at Northwestern University and the University of Virginia. At L B C since 1972. DAVID W. MILLS, B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Speech B.S., Millersville State College; M.Ed., Ohio University; additional graduate work at the University of Maryland and Dallas Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1972. BARBARA A. NELSON, B.S. Instructor of Elementary Education B.S., Tennessee Temple College; graduate study at Berry College and West Georgia College; Master candidate at Lynchburg College in summer, 1974. At L B C since 1974. PHILIP M. PANTANA, B.A. Instructor of Speech B.A., Bob Jones University; graduate work at University of Virginia. At L B C since 1974. ALBERT R. RAMBO, B.S. Instructor of Social Sciences B.S., Sam Houston State University; Master candidate in summer 1974, Sam Houston State University. At L B C since 1974. SANDRA W RAMBO. BA. Instructor of Music BA., Houston Baptist College; graduate work at Sam Houston State University. At L B C since 1974.

C. SUMNER WEMP, B.A., Th.M. Chairman, Division of Religion B.A., Samford University; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1973. GENE M.WILLIAMS, B.A., M.Div.Th.D Professor of Evangelism, Homiletics and Missions B.A., Baylor University; M.Div., Th.D., N e w Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1973. HAROLD L. WILLMINGTON, BA., D.D. Dean, Thomas Road Bible Institute Associate Professor of Bible BA., Culver-Stockton College; D.D., California Graduate School of Theology; graduate study at Dallas Theological Seminary and Ashland Theological Seminary. At L B C since 1972. AMOS S. WIPF, B.A., M.A., M.Ed., M.B.S., DA. Chairman, Division of Natural Science Professor of Science B.A., Huron College; M.A., Bob Jones University; M.Ed., Clemson University; M.B.S., University of Colorado; D A . , University of Northern Colorado; additional graduate study at Montana State College. At L B C since 1972. JOYCE W. WIPF, B.A., M.A. Coordinator, Speech Associate Professor of Speech BA., M.A., Bob Jones University; additional graduate work at San Fernando Valley State College, University of Northern Colorado, Bakersfield State College, Huron College, Pepperdine University, and Fresno State College. At L B C since 1972. AL WORTHINGTON, B.S. Head Baseball Coach Instructor of Physical Education BS.. Samford University. At L B C since 1973.


—PATRONS Jim Campbell Mr. and Mrs. William Dagle John Campbell George H. Flanaghan Buckeye Bob Missionary Chuck Herman L. Shanks Joni Merrill Jim Young Steve Hammond Gary J. Huether RoyB. Witt, III Dr. and Mrs. Amos S. Wipf Fred Cooper JackTurman Thomas M. Higgins Dan P. Allen In memory of Mrs. Alice Bralley Robert L. Bowen Mr. And Mrs. Andrews

Steve and Judy

In memory of E. Browe


Carolyn Wemp


Debbie Cooter

Allen Ray Welsh

Jerry Wayne Hooks

Samuel J. Kintner

Carol and John Heintz

Bob Bonheim

Richard Vaughan

Jack and Betty Read

Rev. and Mrs. R.T. Allen

John E. Weaver

Paola Christensen

In Memory of Bethel Chapel—Don Moore







. ms.^-'iZ*

mf //.








• .? r

If I . ('


Liberty University 1974-75 Yearbook  

Liberty University 1974-75 Yearbook

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