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40 Years Later...

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Liberty University | 1971 University Blvd. | Lynchburg, VA 24515 | (434) 582-2000 | 12,500 Residential Students | 80,000 Online Students | SELAH Vol. 38

Photo by Joel Coleman

The 2011-2012 school year marked the 40th anniversary of the birth of a vision. Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. began what was then called Lynchburg Baptist College in 1971, launching his initiative to train Champions for Christ. Trials and tribulations awaited the university, but yet it prospered. As the largest Christian evangelical university in the world, Liberty University had overcome obstacles and the vision lived on.

1971 • Lynchburg Baptist College officially opened with 154 students. • Classes were held in the church and its educational buildings.

1972 • The school’s first football coach, Rock Royer, held practice on Treasure Island’s field. • Over Christmas break, resident halls were built on Treasure Island.

1973 • The abandoned Ruffner Elementary School was used as additional classroom space. •The school provided residence halls to 400 students by purchasing the Virginia Hotel.

1974 • A wrestling team was formed by coach Bob Bonheim. • Dr. J. Harold Smith spoke at the school’s first Commencement ceremony.

1975 • The women’s basketball team was formed under Brenda Bonheim. • Classes were held in the old Brookville High School where Dr. Falwell graduated as valedictorian in 1950.

1976 •The school’s official colors were changed from green and gold to red, blue, and white. • The school’s name was changed from Lynchburg Baptist College to Liberty Baptist College.

1977 • A prayer meeting with 2,500 attendees was held in eight inches of snow outside. • The first year of intramurals was a success under the direction of Dr. Alfred Moore.

1978 • A 3,000 seat tent was erected to house Convocation and large classes. • The first Convocation was held on a grassy field overlooking the new campus.

1979 • The Theatre Department debuted their first Shakespeare play, “As You Like It.” • The Flag Corps. and Rifle Squad was added to the marching band.

1980 • Dec. 17, the school announced that it had received full accreditation as a liberal arts college from the Regional Accrediting Agency, the Southern Association of College and Schools. • 3,098 students were enrolled.

it’s a heart thing


here was no white space, every inch of the walls were covered in memories. A time line of photos surrounded Evelyn Tomlin everyday as she sat in her office. Tomlin’s walls depicted the evolution of Liberty University. Special Assistant to the VP of Finance, Tomlin had been with the university for 37 years, documenting her journey along the way. The journey began for Tomlin on Aug. 20, 1974 on check-in day as a student accounts representative. “This place is the most awesome place I’ve ever worked,” Tomlin said as tears rolled down her face. Tomlin’s past was deeply rooted in the university. Green Hall, formerly known as North Campus, was very significant. “I came full circle in this building,” she said. Tomlin told the story of finding peace and comfort with the Lord in a bathroom of Green Hall years before it was even a part of the university. “I’ve seen it all,” Tomlin said. She had witnessed God’s favor on the university and the growth that had occurred to form the

largest Christian evangelical university in America. She pointed to a photo behind her of the late Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr. and family and shared how the Falwell’s had always played such a significant role in her life. “He [Falwell Sr.] held my twins before I did,” Tomlin said as she laughed, “I was so mad.” It was evident that Tomlin had an unconditional love for the university and for its students. Pictures of students, past and present, hung all over the walls. Her face lit up as she shared how many students had forever impacted her life. “God has allowed me to bless a lot of people, but not as the students have blessed me,” Tomlin said. At 72 years old, Tomlin does not see her journey with the university ending anytime in the near future. “It’s a heart thing instead of a job,” she said. When asked when she was going to retire, Tomlin giggled, “If they tried to take me out of here, they’d have to drag me out.” By Gaetane Maurice

Chancellor Jerry Falwell Sr. stands by his son, Jerry Falwell Jr., while watching the football team take on Washington & Lee in 1974. The college improved its sports programs over the next several years. Photo by Les Schofer students practice their skills in a typing class in October of 1980. The school prided itself on offering students access to the newest technology available. Photo by Bob DeVaul

Students leave the multi-purpose building, later named the Schilling Center, after Convocation in April 1979. Demolition of the Schilling Center began in 2012 to make room for the new Jerry Falwell Library. Photo by Bob DeVaul

students, faculty, staff and administrators fill the multi-purpose building as Sumner Wemp speaks at a Chapel service in October of 1979. Chapel services were first held on a grassy hill and later in a large tent. Photo by Bob DeVaul

1981 • The Prayer Chapel and tennis courts were built. • The school’s sports teams gained full acceptance into the National Collegiate Athletic

1982 • The B.R. Lakin School of Religion building opened. • A soaring eagle carrying a torch became the school’s official mascot.

1983 • The marching band was one of 12 bands chosen to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. • The school graduated 574 students and marked its 10th commencement.

1984 • The monument for unborn babies was built. • All students took a trip to Washington, D.C. for Baptist Fundamentalism.

1985 • The school became known as Liberty University on May 6. • The university launched its distance learning program.

1986 • The James River flooded and washed away Treasure Island. • Many students served in Costa Rica during Thanksgiving break.

1987 • Macel and Jonathan Falwell graduated from the school with 4.0 GPAs. • Jan. 22, the school was covered with 14 inches of snow after a blizzard.

1988 • The school was named the largest private university in Virginia by the Chronicles of Higher Education. • The Athletic Program was inducted into the NCAA.

1989 • David’s Place was constructed in memory of David A. DeMoss. • The Student Government Association helped collect 1,430 lbs. of food for families in the area.

1990 • Football player, Eric Greene, was first round NFL draft for the Pittsburg Steelers. • The Vines Center, housing 12,000 seats, was completed.

1991 • Freshman Seminar was instituted. • The school entered into the Big South Conference.

1992 • The Reber-Thomas Dining Hall was completed. • The seven-year debt reconstruction plan began in May and called for repaying 100% of principal indebtedness.

1993 • The Spirit Rock, an eight-ton rock, was added to campus by the Spirit and Tradition Committee. • Student Government Association sponsored the first Block Party the day before classes.

1994 • The football stadium’s name was changed to Williams Stadium in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams.

1995 • The school entered into the world of the internet, advancing campus technology tremendously. • The debate team took first place in both American Debate Association and the National Debate Tournament.

1996 • The school celebrated its silver anniversary. An enormous 25th birthday party was held in Vines Center, and 25 major events throughout the anniversary year commemorated the milestone.

1997 • Dr. A. Pierre Guillermin, the school’s president since inception, stepped down from his role. • Dr. John M. Borek Jr. was named interim president and later named full-time president.

1998 • The Hangar Food Court was constructed. • The library was renamed the A. Pierre Guillerman Library in honor of the school’s president Emeritus.

1999 • In Sept., a prominent American foundation made an anonymous $9,000,000 donation to the school to be used to construct additional floors in DeMoss Hall.

2000 • On Jan. 7, the Executive Committee of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees voted to begin immediate construction on the third floor of DeMoss Hall.

The Steeple of the Prayer Chapel is placed on the building by a crane in June of 1981. Students were able to go to the Prayer Chapel to have quiet, alone time with God. Photo by Bob DeVaul

building continues around the first academic buildings on the campus of Liberty Baptist College in 1978. Over the years, the campus changed dramatically from its original state as a farm. Photo by Bob DeVaul

The Men’s basketball team plays at home in December of 1979. The Flames ended the 1979-80 basketball season with a 28-11 record and the NCAA National Title. Photo by Bob DeVaul

The Liberty Baptist College Marching Flames Band performs during halftime at Lynchburg Municipal Stadium in October of 1978. The band was selected to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1983. Photo by Bob DeVaul

2001 • The men’s dress code was changed and no longer required that men wear ties. • The State Council of Higher Education in Virginia approved the school’s first Ph.D. program.

2002 • Classes were cancelled for the second time in the school’s history due to snow. • The dress code was changed and allowed women to wear pants year round.

2003 • North Campus was purchased from the Green family for one dollar. • The Jerry Falwell Museum was given to Dr. Falwell for his 70th birthday.

2004 • The Law School opened during the fall semester. • Campus North and LaHaye Student Center officially opened in November.

2005 • The Tolsma Indoor Track was completed. • The American Bar Association granted provisional accreditation to the School of Law.



vision was birthed and it was time for execution. Co-Founder and Dean of the School of Religion, Dr. Elmer Towns, was first skeptical of such a vision. “Jerry Falwell [Sr.] taught me faith on so many occasions. It’s not as though I didn’t want great things to happen; I just didn’t have the inner confidence that God would do it,” Towns said. “But it was what I wanted.” The vision began with 5,000 students and later in the year grew to 50,000. Towns remembered being apprehensive. “I really didn’t believe that it would happen,” he said. “It was far beyond my comprehension.” Towns stressed how faith and great leadership were key factors in the success of the university. “Jerry [Falwell Sr.] had always done big things…His faith was the biggest thing that motivated me,” he said. To many, such a vision was extravagant. Falwell Sr. opened Lynchburg Christian Academy in 1967 and four years later wanted to open a university. The only thing that Towns could say was, “he had great faith.” Now that the vision was in place there were many things that needed to be accomplished. “We must realize there was a team of people and the team of people

included people who filled their slots and did great work for God,” Towns said. He spoke of the obstacles Liberty had to overcome and how the faith of its leaders had to increase. Despite all that the university had to endure Towns stated that Liberty was “[t]he college that wouldn’t die.” Comparing the 40 years of the university to the Israelites’ 40 years in the desert, Towns stated, “40 years means we’ve made it, but there are going to be giants in the land,” he said. Towns furthered the analogy by explaining that 40 years did not mean it was the end. “There are going to be bigger problems and bigger challenges in the future then we’ve had in the past,” he said. “But they will be different challenges and different problems, so we are going to have to trust God in a different way for different victories.” Towns was thankful that he was able to witness the 40 year mark of the university. “40 years from now, I would hope that the leadership team of Liberty would have the same vision,” he said. “And that Liberty would communicate to its students, who will probably be the core leaders of the future; both the heart and head of ministry.” By Gaetane Maurice

2006 • The LaHaye Ice Center officially opened Jan. 1, 2006. • Senator John McCain spoke at Commencement.

2007 • The Liberty University monogram was constructed on Liberty Mountain. • Founder, Jerry Falwell, Sr. passed away on May 15.

2008 • Doc’s Diner opened. • Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris spoke at Commencement.

2009 •The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre opened. It was North America’s only park with patented synthetic material that simulates the slip and grip of real snow.

2010 • The Tower Theater was built for the expansion of the department. • The school adopted Humble Tip’s “LU Anthem” as the anthem for football games.

2011-2012 • Demolition of the Schilling Center began to make room for the Jerry Falwell Library. • The Chancellor celebrated his 50th birthday on June 17, 2012. • Liberty University Online celebreated a milestone of 80,000 students.

IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING A new chapter had begun for the university as its 40 year anniversary was celebrated in 2011. Once a small Baptist college, Jerry Falwell Sr. had great aspirations to build a university of leaders that would one day influence the world. forty years later, under the leadership of his son, Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University had grown to be the largest Christian Evangelical University in the country.

Transitioning through Liberty

“I was more of a preacher’s kid than a college chancellor’s son,” Falwell Jr. said as he described his journey through Liberty from the start. He depicted his childhood as living in a glass house, something many students could relate to, being preacher’s kids themselves. “Everything I did was under a microscope,” Falwell Jr. said, “It’s just something I got used to.” Many failed to realize that the chancellor could relate. He was once a


pastor’s kid dealing with the pressures of being perfect, and once a student dealing with the stress of midterms and finals. After graduating from Liberty and receiving his law degree from the University of Virginia, Falwell Jr. became General Counsel of the university. “Those were tough years,” Falwell Jr. said. “I just remember a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of weekends trying to figure out how we were going to cover payroll on Monday.” His transition from preacher’s kid, to

college student and to General Counsel was smooth. The greatest transition of them all was becoming chancellor. “I was behind the scenes doing work that nobody saw [as General Counsel],” Falwell Jr. said. “Becoming chancellor was totally different; it’s much more fun.” Memories

He recalled walking around campus and thinking about what improvements needed to be made to better the

40th Anniversary

university, even as a student. “I was always telling Dad [Falwell Sr.], you need to pave this road or you need to improve this building,” he said. When asked about his father, Falwell Jr. recounted his fondest memories being the very early years of his life and the very late years. Falwell Jr. stated that working with his father as a young boy and working alongside his father at the university would always be some of his fondest memories. “His big thing was perseverance and faith,” Falwell Jr. said. “He had a lot more of those than most people.” The Legacy

Seeing the accomplishments of the school was humbling. What was once a small baptist college trying to stay

afloat was now the largest Christian year mark was only the beginning. “I evangelical university in North America. want Liberty to become for conservative “You could see God’s hand on evangelicals what Brigham Liberty all the way through,” Young is for Mormons, what Falwell Jr. said. “It was a lot more Notre Dame is for Catholics,” “I want Liberty subtle back in those days; it’s a lot Falwell Jr. said. “I want Liberty to become for more obvious now.” to compete at the top level conservative evangelicals what He continued, “I shouldn’t say in football and all the other Brigham Young it was more subtle, but it was sports and to remain true to its is for Mormons, what Notre Dame more survival. You could see Christian mission.” is for Catholics...” God’s hand on Liberty, but it Falwell Jr. spoke of the big was God intervening to save the dreams that he had for the school and to keep it operating,” university and how 40 years Falwell Jr. said describing the earlier from now he hoped for even more years of the school. “Now, it’s more God expansion. “It’s already the leading blessing the school with tremendous Christian university in the country,” he growth.” said. “But, we want it to be academically, athletically and spiritually right at the The Future top and among the most prominent universities in the world...” The vision of Many would have thought that Falwell Sr. was in play. The Lord was not Liberty had arrived, but hitting the 40 done with the school yet. By Gaetane Maurice

“Snow Day,� two words not heard many times on campus since it first opened in 1971. On Feb. 20, 2012, the university had one of its only snow days and when classes were cancelled, the students took advantage. Over 500 students from the dorm circle and the hill teamed up, producing one of the largest snowball fights in the history of the university. The university also enjoyed another partial snow day on Mar. 5 when all classes prior to Convocation were cancelled.

Photo by David Duncan



eMoss Hall, Snowflex, and Williams Stadium were some of the first buildings students saw when entering onto campus for the new school year. One building missing however was the Hancock Athletic Center. In Feb. 2011, the demolition of the athletic center began in order to make room for the new Hancock Welcome Center. Although it was originally scheduled to open in Oct. of 2011, the deadline was extended until the spring of 2012 to allow more time for the newest technology and amenities to be installed. The Hancock Welcome Center was added to the list

of buildings seen upon entering the university’s campus located next to the newly renovated Williams Stadium. The Jeffersonian style building housed meeting rooms, counseling rooms, a theater and a gift shop. The university continued its face-lift with the announcement of the Jerry Falwell Library that began construction in the spring of 2012. The new $50 million library would be located behind the Vines Center. Also incorporated into the new plans was a lake that would stand in between the library and the Vines Center.

The library would be fully equipped with new state of the art technology, terraces as study spaces and an open twostory food court. Planning to adopt the Jeffersonian architecture, the four-story building would add about 500,000 square feet of new academic space.

Rendering of the Jerry Falwell Library

The Wards Road Connection The university began construction for a pedestrian tunnel connecting campus to Wards Road in June 2011. It opened in Jan. of 2012. “It’s a great asset to the campus and very helpful for the students on campus who don’t have cars or just want to walk to Wal-Mart,” senior Sakinah Salley said. The tunnel emptied near the new pedestrian bridge that was opened in November of 2011, allowing students to safely cross Wards Road and have access to restaurants and various shopping centers.


I usually take the bridge when I go to Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart every three or four weeks. I think the bridge has helped campus tremendously concerning safety. Now, people won’t have to worry about getting hit by a car. Caitlin Taylor, Junior

I do like Liberty’s implementation of the bridge across Wards Road. I have yet to go through the tunnel, but it seems like an easy way for students to get access from the school to various restaurants and stores. The bridge and tunnel are great resources for Liberty to have. Brittney Houston, Senior

It took me a while to find it at first, but once I did, it was definitely worth it. The bridge is in the perfect location. It was surprisingly clean and very well lit. Both the bridge and the tunnel are very useful and convenient. Jenae Bartlow, Sophomore


DeMoss Hall: The fourth floor of DeMoss Hall was opened to students for Name Change: In the summer of 2011, Campus North was renamed the 2011-2012 academic school year. With the addition of the fourth floor, the number of students attending classes in Green Hall was dramatically reduced. The university had planned to one day transition all classes out of Green Hall, and the opening of the fourth floor began the process.

Green Hall after the Green family who donated the building to the university for $1. The university wanted to transition from the Main Campus, Campus North verbiage and be referred to, as a whole, as the Liberty Campus.

Food Services: Founder’s Food Court, formally located in Green Hall, was

Student Union: The university began construction to enlarge the LaHaye Student Union. The addition planned to serve the same function as the Schilling Center, a multipurpose recreational building that would be torn down to make room for the new Jerry Falwell Library.

moved to the Vines Center and Tilley Center in the fall semester of 2011. This was only a temporary move until a main food court was built in the new Jerry Falwell Library.

Student Union

Name Change

DeMoss Hall Copy and Supplemental By Gaetane Maurice / Name Change Photo By Joel Coleman / Student Union Photo By David Duncan / Welcome Center Photo By Kevin Manguiob / Demoss Hall Photo By Barney Davis /Welcome Center Graphic By Rachel Dugan

LIGHTS • CAMERA • ACTION The Zaki Gordon Cinematics Arts Center


I am enjoying CINE 201 (Screen writing) because this class will help my writing skills improve in terms of making my characters come to life. When writing a song or script I want people to feel the emotion of what is going on to the point of where [the characters] seem like real people. Even though this program is just beginning, I’m sure it will produce plenty of successful cinematographers in the future. Jeremy Carden, Junior

The business end of making a film is equally, if not more important, than the actual creative process of making a film. Film is a business first. The new Cinematic Arts program is giving students the tools to make the creative happen while equipping them with the education to make it profitable to reach more people in the world with our message. Drew Middleton, Senior

pictures including Tremors and The Abyss. Schultze also worked with Henson Productions and has expereince in television, music videos and independent films. While it was a new program, the application process was still a rigorous one. Only 40 students were accepted into the program for the fall of 2012.

I am excited for the new cinematography program at Liberty, which I believe compliments our broadcast and video programs already in place. In addition to sending Champions for Christ out into the news world, we can now have a positive impact on the world of film. Using these mediums to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God is a powerful tool like no other in academia. Bruce Kirk, Faculty

During Convocation in Oct., the university introduced the addition of the cinematic arts concentration to the Communication Studies Department. The new opportunity was a two-year program that students could join in their junior year. Stephan Schultze was named director of the program. Schultze, a very experienced professional in the realm of cinematography, who previously worked on several motion

Medical School & Cinematography

MEDICAL SCHOOL Forty years ago Jerry Falwell Sr. had a dream to establish a university that would one day be comparable to the University of Virginia and James Madison University. “The changes that are happening on this campus absolutely show how much God is moving,” senior class president Thomas Turner said. The announcement of a new medical school proved that the university was well on its way to accomplishing Dr. Falwell Sr.’s dream. In Sept. 2011, the Virginia Tobacco Commission awarded the university a $12 million grant that would aid the

funding of a School of Osteopathic Medicine and expand the School of Health Sciences. The university’s grant was the second largest grant ever authorized to a medical school by the Virginia Tobacco Commission. Chancellor Falwell believed that the new medical school would not only be an asset to the university but also to the community. Medical students would be required to assist Southside residents in need of health care as their Christian and Community Service (CSER). The announcement of the school

stirred excitement among students. “I’m looking forward to the new medical school,” junior Sola Ayegbusi said. Students would have The Medical School was the opportunity to scheduled to open in the further their learning Fall of 2013. at the university. “The Medical School is going to place Liberty on a higher stage in academics and make the university more competitive with other top institutions,” Turner said.


Along with the announcement of the medical school and expansion of the School of Health Sciences, it was also announced that a Master of Public Health would be added to the list of degrees offered to students. Associate programs would soon accompany the nursing and masters programs and would all be housed in the expanded School of Health Sciences. “I am very excited about the expansion of both departments. It is long overdue and well deserved. It is great to see opportunities that are to come within the majors, as well as expansion on the overall programs such as master’s degrees. “ Elizabeth Alvarez, Senior

“I’m going to apply for the Master of Public Health program, it’s a big move for our department.” Anwar Smith, Senior

Medical School and Health Degrees By Gaetane Maurice / Lights • Camera • Action By Rebecca Alvarado / Cinematography Photos By Joel Coleman / Photos By David Duncan / Graphics By Jacob Anspach



DESIGNING ABROAD Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) took a trip to London and Paris in May 2012 that provided students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

The trip allowed students to participate in a learning experience with a specialized emphasis on interior design, architecture and fashion. “I think the trips are a great idea for the school to be doing,” FACS major Timothy MacLeod said. “With FACS, especially the merchandising and interiors degree, a lot of how you learn is by observing and seeing how other designers and creators were inspired.” Students spent 11 days visiting places such as Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral. By Gaetane Maurice

Numbers Made Easy

The new year brought about an addition to the Department of Mathematics. Leaving the traditional ways of teaching math in the classroom behind, the university progressed to the math emporium. The math emporium, offered to students who had to take lower level math courses, was a program designed to help students learn at their own pace. While students still had to attend the classroom once a week, they


A DIFFERENT BREED The School of Engineering and Computational Sciences combined forces and embarked on a journey like none other.

In the month of March, while the majority of students were relaxing in the sun, many Liberty students were on the mission field. Scott Pleasants, a professor who joined the university’s staff roughly eight years ago, led the trip, having prior experience as a missionary in Germany. While his mission field had taken on a new form at the university, his heart still burned for Europe. The students worked under the leadership of Bob and Heidi Winslow, as well as institutions such as Geneva Bible College and Black Force Academy, fulfilling technological needs. “Our students are a different breed, if you will,” Pleasants said. Nonetheless, this “different breed” was able to make a huge impact in Germany, France and Switzerland. By Rebecca Alvarado

were also required to attend the math emporium a minimum of three hours per week. Tutors and professors stood by to offer their guidance if needed as students moved according to their own learning speed. The university was very excited to see where this would lead them not only in the mathematics department but in other areas as well.

By Rebecca Alvarado

The Center For Worship program was named one of the leading and most inclusive worship programs in the country. With 550 undergraduate students, 349 graduate students and 32 doctoral students, the university managed to grab the attention of many, including Dr. Charles Fromm, editor and publisher of Worshipleader magazine and former owner of one of the most prestigious Christian record labels. In an issue of Worshipleader, the university was featured as one of “the best of the best.” Students had the privilege of learning from some of the most prominent characters in worship and music, and continued to make an impact in the music industry.

The Best of the Best


By Rebecca Alvarado

Theater & Extras

Photo by Joel Coleman

Fairy Dust GUN SHOTS


owboys, fairies and spies made an appearance at the Tower Theater with the Theatre Arts Department’s line up of old classics mixed with modern favorites. Each show uniquely showcased the different talents that could be found in the Theatre Arts Department. Among those talents, the architects for the Tower Theater received a professional design award from the American Society of Interior Design in

Oct. 2011. The Bond Comet Westmoreland Hiner (BCWH) Architects in Richmond, Va., won the first place in the Institutional category at the American Society of Interior Designers annual Interior Design Excellence awards presentation. The Theatre Arts Department continued to thrive in all aspects and continued to supply faculty, students and the community with show stopping performances. By Gaetane Maurice

SHOW LISTING Oklahoma Little Shop of Horrors

My favorite show would have to be Little Shop of Horrors. I am a little biased because I was in it but it was great because it was such a creative show. We used the set like we never have before and incorporated new technology as well. There were three short films that were custom made for our version and I really think that set it apart. LaShonda Brown, Senior

This year, my favorite show was Romeo and Juliet. After a long, hectic week I was able to sit back and get lost in the story. This show was different because it was Shakespeare. You really had to get past the language and be invested in the story and how the actors told it to stay engaged and understand it. Once you did, it was beautiful! Shannon Benton, Senior

My favorite play was OKLAHOMA! I believe our department has an abundance of talent when it comes to acting, singing and dancing. OKLAHOMA! showcased all of those skills at a professional level. Yemisi Egbewole, Junior

Romeo & Juliet Ragtime The 39 Steps Peter Pan

Alluvion Stage Company

Graphics By Jacob Anspach

John Clampet sings background vocals for the band, Adalia. Adalia included Danny Gonzalez, David Michon, John Clampet, Cory Kick and Zach Melvin. The band played rock/alternative music. Photo by Scott Hill

Josh Sorber of the tanktops performs for the audience at one of the many campus artist series hosted in the Tilley Center. The Tanktops also performed at Christmas Coffeehouse where they played ‘N Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” Photo by Scott Hill

Cory Kick, bass player for adalia, impresses the audience with his skillful performance. Adalia played at Campus Artist Series on Sept. 14, 2011. They set the standard for performances to come.

Photo by Scott Hill


Campus Artist Series

Crossroad I count the days of your life It’s not enough to satisfy I see the trail you’ve blazed And legacy you’ve left behind And I’m caught at a crossroad Don’t know which way to go I’m left with what I know And, well, that’s enough Hear your voice in my mind It’s like you’re still close “Son, step up and step in And become the man within Wipe the tears that are shed Count each loss as a gain Keep your eyes fixed on Him



n Jan. 24, 2012 Student Activities held their first Campus Artist Series of the spring semester. Among the bands that performed was a band of three called GHandBrothers. GHandBrothers embodied a talented group of individuals lead by Gabe Hernandez, along with TJ Sloan and William Wilson. GHandBrothers was the last band to perform for the night and for their last set they sang a song that was very sentimental and very close to their hearts. Wilson lost his father in Oct. of 2011 to diabetes, which caused Hernandez to birth the song “Crossroad.” Hernandez, the leader of the band, decided to put himself in Wilson’s shoes and capture the emotions of a son losing his father. Hernandez described his thought process as he began compiling the lyrics

for this song. “I thought about what Will might have been thinking and what the last conversation between he and his dad may have sounded like,” Hernandez said. “The song envisions a father telling his son that he is the man of the household and that he must step up into the shoes that he will be leaving behind…it’s a story about loss, responsibility and a relationship with God.” The band showed true artistry as they poured out their hearts in love for their hurting brother. As the band played, Wilson sat in the back holding onto a necklace his father had left behind for him along with memories and lessons. Everyone in the Tilley Student Center sat still as GHandBrothers took them along on a journey of reflection. By Rebecca Alvarado

Press on till we meet again.” And I’m caught at a crossroad Don’t know which way to go And I’m left with what I know And, well, that’s enough And though here at this crossroad I know which way to go I will walk by what I know And that is enough Truth is enough He is enough God is enough You are enough

The Polar Plunge The Polar Plunge was an event held by the Special Olympics of Virginia with the help of sponsors, such as the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). The event was all about fundraising for the Special Olympics of Virginia. “Plungers sign up and commit to raise fifty dollars and then plunge into the cold waters of Camp Hydaway Lake at the end of the festival on Saturday,” Haley Collins said. The goal set by PRSSA was to double the number of plungers they have had in the past, totaling 100 plungers. The festival included games, entertainment, live music, hot chocolate, face painting, giveaways and much more. It was open to the public and many Lynchburg families came to participate. “The Polar Plunge Festival is definitely a unique way to give back to an incredible group of people in the Lynchburg community,” Collins said.

FACEBOOKLIVE Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Who doesn’t know what these things are? On Nov. 2, 2011 the university held its first “Church on Facebook” allowing people from all over to be a part of the university’s worship experience.

Johnnie Moore and Clayton King like this. View all 4 comments Chris Morgan Please do this again and again. It was such a blessing, and being an online student, I now feel I am truly part of the campus. Thank you. November 2, 2011 at 8:42pm Adrienne Caroline Hudson I have been to Campus Church in person, and I didn’t think I would like this as much, but God really spoke tonight and I pray that many will be blessed with what they have heard and seen! November 2, 2011 at 8:52pm Jordan Ertman This is so awesome! I am very excited and feel blessed that there is finally something for online students to feel connected to Liberty through Him in this way. Yay for this experience! November 2, 2011 at 1:00am Bob Pepe It takes the fear and intimidation out of going to Church. People can sit in their own homes and relax and worship at the same time. Good for Liberty. November 2, 2011 at 4:43pm


Around Campus

JOURNEY TO THE PRAYER CHAPEL students often took time from their day to go to the prayer chapel. they enjoyed the solitude and atomosphere the prayer chapel offered. Students shared their thoughts and the reasons they journeyed there during the school year. “Whenever I go I feel a sense of peace. I just feel renewed when I leave the prayer chapel. There’s no other place that I feel like I can go to pray, like the prayer chapel.” Jeffery White, Senior “When I go to the prayer chapel I go there to pray and to do my devotions. There’s solitude and if there are people there it’s motivating to see others grow close to God.” Jacob Anspach, Sophomore “The best thing about the prayer chapel is that its doors are always open. I love that there is a beautiful cross on the stage; I find that there is no better-suited place on campus to kneel than at the foot of the cross.” Dominique Perry, Junior “I like to go to the prayer chapel because its quiet and peaceful and the atmosphere helps me focus. There’s just something about being able to get away from the chaos of life and come into God’s presence and being still.” Nawona Nhekairo, Junior

NOT THE AVERAGE BUNNY SLOPE The university hosted TRAIL 2 RAILS on Dec. 3 where Snowflex took students who had never skied or snowboarded before and turned them into professionals. The competition came down to 18 finalists who trained for two months in order to compete. On the other side of the campus, the second annual DeMoss RAIL JAM was held for the more expert skiers and snowboarders.

The event held over 40 contestants that arrived with one thing on their mind, to win. The participants of the competition included guests from Roanoke, Lynchburg College, Virginia Tech and lastly some of the university’s very own Freestyle Team members. The winners were awarded with cash and prizes.

TRAIL 2 RAILS RESULTS Winner Jeremy Ganse

TOP FEMALE Rachel Wensley


The university held its first “Christmas in Lights” celebration in Dec. 2011.

Christmas decorations were all over campus in buildings, residence halls and offices. “I have always loved the Christmas season, so lighting the Christmas tree while singing carols was a perfect way to bring in the holidays,” junior Jonathan Dunn said. Campus was illuminated by rows of Christmas lights hung from the trees lining University Blvd. “It was exciting to be a part of bringing Christmas joy to our campus,” senior Melissa Yowell said. The lighting of the 30-foot-tree brought about 1,200 students, faculty and staff together with carols, hot chocolate and joy.

Snowboard 1st Zach Huff (Liberty student) 2nd Austin Leonard (Boone, N.C.) 3rd Luke Fosse (Lynchburg)

Ski 1st Ross Rowan (Boone, N.C.) 2nd Matt Rogers (Liberty’s Freestyle Team) 3rd Tanner Sinclair (Boone, N.C.)



On Feb. 11, many students received an automated text message that stated the city of Lynchburg was under a boil advisory due to a water main break. The break took place on Wards Road and was caused by a

-Bobby Seagers, Sophomore

contractor hitting a 12-inch main line. Only boiled and bottled water were acceptable to drink or cook with according to the City of Lynchburg. The boil advisory was lifted a few days after.

Polar Plunge, Journey to the prayer chapel, By Whitney Moon/ Facebook Live, Deck the DeMoss Halls, By Gaetane Maurice / Not the Average Bunny Slope, I Had to brush My teeth with bottled water, By Rebecca Alvarado / Facebook Live, Prayer Chapel, Photos By Joel Coleman / Deck the Demoss Hall, Photos By David Duncan / Not The Average Bunny Slope Photo By Satta Ektrakul

Peacemakers, a break dancing team, performs some of their moves for Coffeehouse. Many students found the dance acts to be the most entertaining. Photo by Colin Mukri

Rob Estevez sings for his act at Christmas Coffeehouse. Several students showcased their vocal talents for the audience. Photo by Colin Mukri


This student shows no fear while performing in front of thousands. Nerves ran high in many students before going on stage. Photo by Colin Mukri

Theater students perform the 12 Days of Christmas. Many students referred to this act as one of their favorites of the night. Photo by Colin Mukri

Christmas Coffeehouse

COFFEEHOUSE A Christmas Morning Whether you enjoyed the singing, dancing, acting or comedy, the university’s Christmas coffeehouse did not disappoint. As they had since the early nineties, students gathered in the vines center to witness spectacular performances by their classmates.

The culture and diversity of the performances was a perfect blend. One of the bands added Coldplay to a Christmas classic and blew my mind. The eccentric mix of hip hop, bluegrass and beautiful renditions of Christmas classics put me in the Christmas spirit instantly. If you can get ME in the Christmas spirit, you know it must be good. Sarah Singer, Senior

Neil Harmon, Alicia MacLeod, T.J. MacLeod, Zach MacLeod and I went to coffeehouse to see my friend Jeff Sunheim perform with the theatre club. Their act was my favorite. They performed the Twelve Days of Christmas but with extra commentary. The act was extremely entertaining. Jeff Sundheim, Sarah Seaman, Rachel Day, Ray Jones, Caleb Hughes, Rachel Osterhus, Erica Mini, and Tim Williamson were all part of the performance. Laurie VanBuren, Senior

I really liked the dancing acts, but one of my favorites was the one the theatre club performed. They sang the “12 Days of Christmas,” and it was hilarious. Jennifer Carlson, Senior

The “Single for Christmas” was my favorite act, and I thought it was the funniest. They wrote a song about dumping your girlfriend before Christmas so you wouldn’t have to buy her a present. I also had two friends that were dancers for the Nutcracker act. Lizzy Higgins, Sophomore

COFFEEHOUSE Representing the 80s Students were taken back in time as Spring Coffeehouse celebrated the 80s. Leg warmers, oversized sweatshirts and cut off jeans could be spotted throughout the Vines Center as students enjoyed some of their favorite 80s tunes from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston.

I was happy that Student Activities chose my group, D-Trex, to perform. As a dance group, we offered variety to the show. We had a lot of fun doing a Michael Jackson tribute that we called ‘This is It.’ My second favorite act would have to be the one performed by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It was fun! Abbey Jenkins, Freshman


My favorite was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s performance of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Want to Dance With Somebody.’ It is probably my favorite Whitney Houston song and you could tell they were having fun on stage, which caused the audience to have fun themselves. Devin Gatling, Senior

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s performance of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Want to Dance With Somebody’ was my favorite. I admired Ray Jones’s energy on stage. He turned it into a solo performance and made me get up and dance. I think everyone left with that song stuck in their head Arielle Bielicki, Sophomore

My favorite group was Earl Lives at the Annex. I thought the moment when the singer pulled his glasses down and made the comment about Becki Falwell, ‘Even Becki Falwell loves a sharp dressed man,’ was hilarious. I enjoyed the videos as well. Scott Hill, Senior

Spring Coffeehouse

chris carter strikes his performance ending pose. D-Trex performed the dance routine and gave tribute to Michael Jackson. They called their routine, “This Is It.” Photo by Colin Mukri

ryan jacques, from the band Montview, gives his all to the performance. The band played a cover of “Free Falling.” Photo by Colin Mukri

spencer york and his band perform a mix of classic 80s music with modern pop. They played a mash up of Police and Snow Patrol. Photo by Colin Mukri

Matt himes basks in the spotlight as he shows off his guitar skills. He was a member of the group Liberty Metal Orchestra and they performed “80s Medley.” Photo by Kevin Manguiob

Adamson-Olaotan said. The Vines Center was full of smiling faces as the A Love that Multiplies students watched Michelle giggle and hold onto her husband’s arm nearly the entire time. One couldn’t Preachers, authors and professional athletes are help but gush as Michelle and Jim Bob shared a kiss just some of the different types of people who had on stage. “They were so in love. They finished each graced the stage of Convocation. Reality other’s sentences and it was refreshing to TV stars were added to the list during the hear their testimony and their reasons behind Students gasped fall semester of 2011. Jim Bob and Michelle the growth of their family,” senior Camille as Jim Bob and Duggar, stars of TLC’s hit show “19 Kids Michelle shared a Chucks said. & Counting,” visited Convocation to share kiss on stage. Jim Known for their conservative views, the their story and testimony about faith, family Bob and Michelle Duggars went more in depth about their blushed at their and life. position on marriage and birth control, violation of the Having never viewed their show Liberty Way and touching the hearts of the students and before, senior Tola Adamson-Olaotan was smiled as they encouraging them to stay close to the Lord interested in what the Duggars had to say. expressed their and their families. apologies. “I was really excited that reality stars were After the Duggars spoke, hundreds of going to be on campus,” she said. “I didn’t students waited in line for a chance to meet them. The know much about them so I was excited to get to learn line wrapped around the Vines Center arena. Many more.” students purchased copies of their Duggars’ books, The Duggars also brought along with them their “The Duggars: 20 and Counting,” and “A Love That five eldest daughters, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make It Joy-Anna, who opened Convocation with a Work,” to have the Duggars autograph them. captivating violin special. “It is pretty cool that Sophomore Janae Stracke was one of the students their kids go on speaking engagements with them,”

Students welcomed Candace Cameron Bure onto the Convocation stage just as many of them had welcomed her into their hearts years before. Best known as “D.J. Tanner” from ABC’s “Full House,” Bure shared with students the struggles she had as a twelve-year-old girl in the media. A full time mother and part time motivational speaker and author, Bure traveled the country sharing her experiences concerning her body image as a child in the spotlight and how things changed when she had an honest encounter with the Lord. Bure came prepared to speak to the students about her book, “Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness,” but instead, told her story of how she was able to find God in the midst of a secular industry. Senior Kailey Green enjoyed Bure’s message. “I thought it was neat to see someone in the industry proclaim her faith,” she said. “She seemed really genuine.”


Don Davis

Candace Bure


who waited to meet the Duggars. She shared a connection with them that other students did not. “I waited in line to talk to them because my cousin’s relative, Brittany Crist, lives with their family and is their tutor. I got to share the weird connection with them and talk to them about her for a little while,” said Stracke. Stracke waited an hour and a half before meeting the Duggars, along with many other students who gladly waited in the long line.

The university had the privilege of hosting NFL veteran Don Davis on Nov. 1 at the South Tower of Williams Stadium. Throughout his nine years in the NFL, Davis played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, and New England Patriots, earning two Superbowl championships. After retiring in 2007, Davis served as the Director of the NFL Programs for Pro Athletes Outreach, an organization that offered Christcentered programs and conferences for professional athletes, coaches and their families to help them in their ministry. The audience listened attentively as Davis shared with them the struggles he faced in the industry. “The thing I remember the most about him was his confidence to share his story,” junior Tony McClendon said. “It was just something about his discipline.” This event, hosted by the Psychology Department and the Department of Health Sciences, combined the love of football and an interest in psychology to motivate and inspire students.

Famous Speakers

ben carson Students left Convocation Inspired on March 28. World-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Benjamin Carson, addressed students about intellect reform and the importance of standing up for what one believes. Carson passionately shared his story of overcoming poverty and mediocrity to becoming the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

There was one word to describe Carson, prestige. The author of “Gifted Hands” and “America the Beautiful,” Carson had 60 honorary doctorates and according to CNN and TIME magazine, held one of the 20 foremost positions in science. Not only an author and intellectual, Carson was also an innovator. Carson made medical history in 1987 by being the first to successfully separate Siamese twins, enabling them to survive independently of one another. Carson spoke of his accomplishments but stressed that among all of his accolades his biggest accomplishment was allowing God to change his life. He challenged students to be bold in their aspirations and to respect persons with whom they may disagree. “I loved his bit about being politically correct. I liked the fact that he knows he can’t please everybody, and doesn’t try to,” Senior Bryant Nardozzi said. He gave the students a call to action. Carson challenged students to take their education into their own hands and to return to a standard of excellence. “Your brain has billions and billions of neurons, hundreds of billions of interconnections. It can process more than 2 million bits of information in one second. It doesn’t forget anything you have ever seen or anything you have ever heard,” Carson said. “What is your brain capable of if you actually put your mind to something?”

THE POLITICIAN S Election season was right around the corner and the university wanted to make sure that students had the opportunity to get to know the candidates and effectively participate in the 2012 Presidential elections. GOP presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry were two of the candidates who had the opportunity to address students during Convocation. Bachmann’s message to students was to not settle for anything less than God’s best in their personal and spiritual lives. Bachmann told students that one of the best decisions that she made was to not compromise her faith in anything she did. Perry used his opportunity to speak at the world’s largest Christian university to talk about his “faith journey” and how he did not have clear direction for his life until the lessons of scripture were revealed to him. As of Jan. 4, 2012 Bachmann suspended her presidential campaign, followed by Perry on Jan. 19, 2012.


Who was a better convo speaker?

16% 84%

Miles McPherson Spiritual Emphasis Week kicked off with a “ba-boom” as Miles McPherson encouraged students to align their lives with God’s “ba-boom” power.

This was the second time McPherson, senior pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, Calif., and former NFL player for the Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers, had been the featured speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week. The former heroine addict spoke passionately to students as he emphasized the power that Christians have with the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s will on earth. Students left Spiritual Emphasis Week with one word in their mind, “ba-boom.” McPherson urged students to incorporate the “ba-boom” mindset to everything that they set out to do, and to “let go, and let God.”

Rick Perry

Michele Bachmann

“I consider myself quite conservative and having a presidential candidate speak at our school who believes that this country needs some spiritual guidance is why I believed Rick Perry was a great choice.” Franco Santos, Senior “Michelle Bachman did an excellent job of relating to us as a student body and motivating us to never settle for anything. She spoke with confidence and I enjoyed listening to her story.” Neil Harmon, Junior

19 Kids & Counting, Don Davis, Miles McPherson, The Politicians, BEN CARSON By Gaetane Maurice / Candace Bure By Rebecca Alvarado / Duggar, Bure, Davis, Perry Photos By Joel Coleman / Bachmann Photos By David Duncan / Miles McPherson Photo By Kevin Manguiob / BEN CARSON PHoto By Les Schofer / Graphics By Jacob Anspach / Poll By Jeff White


Brittany Murphy

Kathy Vaughn

Liberty University Online offered more than 45 degrees and 100 specializations in a flexible online format that allowed students to achieve their associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in a way that best suited them. With over 80,000 students enrolled in the program, the university continued to reach people all around the world and train champions for Christ. Students shared their experiences of being online students and the struggles they overcame.


Sometimes the road we’re on doesn’t take us where we need to go. For Kathy Vaughn, this was indeed the case. Kathy had grown up in Missouri and at the young age of 18 she moved to North Carolina. “I learned what real hospitality was and the southern way of life,” stated Vaughn. She quickly fell in love with the area. A few years later, she moved back to Missouri but her heart stayed in North Carolina. Over the next 30 years in Missouri, Vaughn married and had three children. Even after years had gone by since her time in North Carolina, she still longed to be there. After 18 years of marriage, Vaughn’s husband passed away and she was left with the puzzling question of what to do. She pondered over the question for a few years and finally decided she would return to school. Vaughn started studying nursing because

to her that she should attend Bible school and of the money it promised her. that was when her opportunity came. Vaughn She worked hard at her studies and tried and discovered Liberty Online and immediately failed twice to enter into a nursing program. On her third attempt, she was accepted but three decided she wanted to be a student there. She had finally found the path God had been leading months into the program, she quickly realized her to, but that was not all He gave her. she had been ignoring a voice that Vaughn was already thankful to had been speaking to her all along. God for guiding her to her true path “I should have realized that God had “I spent but then He answered yet another other plans for me. I was blinded by several months prayer. Vaughn spoke with one of the big money, and I was going to in prayer her three daughters and learned that make my dreams come true,” Vaughn wondering she was thinking about moving to said. “Unknowingly, I had pushed ‘What do you South Carolina. Vaughn saw this as what God had for me to the side.” She want me to do God?’” her opportunity to finally venture realized that her two failed attempts back to the place she loved, the South. to get into the program had been signs Vaughn sold her house and moved to that it was not what she was supposed Charleston, South Carolina. to do. Vaughn had completed her first year of Vaughn, then 49 years old, quickly began studying religion through Liberty University evaluating what God had been trying to tell her. Online. “I am so happy to know that I am where “I spent several months in prayer wondering God wants me to be and look forward to what ‘What do you want me to do God?’ These He has planned in my future!” thoughts began to flood my mine, ‘Remember when you were 17, and you wanted to go to Bible school?’” Vaughn said. It became clear

A THANKFUL heart Liberty Online has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. Their online program really allowed me to obtain a college degree, something that I have always wanted. I became a mother at seventeen years old and then again at nineteen. The odds were definitely against me obtaining my college degree before the age of 30. Liberty Online allowed me to pursue my dreams and give my children the life they deserve. It has been a long road with a lot of hard times and financial struggles but here I am in my senior year of college and graduating in May. I would not be here without the support from God, my family and the wonderful Liberty Online staff! All of you have helped me turn my dream into a reality. The one message that I feel my story will give to others is that no matter the choices you make in your life, you can always achieve your goals. It might be harder than normal, but with hard work and dedication it can be done! Thanks Liberty Online for giving me this opportunity and I am so happy my children are able to watch my hard work payoff.

Liberty University Online

Gordon Hazell

Liberty Online offered more than an education. It provided more than a certificate that stated one achieved higher learning. The online program provided hope and confidence for one to achieve their dreams of obtaining a college degree. “By His grace I am the first child in my family to accomplish a Bachelor’s degree,” Gordon Hazell said. “Now, at 30 years of age I feel like my life can actually begin.” Like most, Hazell wanted to attend the university residentially but due to an unfortunate financial situation, he was unable.

He spoke on wanting to pursue a career in missionary aviation, but in the situation he was in it did not seem tangible. “The devastating truth was that in our situation, no bank on the island would lend us any money for that course of study,” Hazell said. After a year of hoping for a miracle, Hazell became discouraged. Near the end of 2002 he remembered watching television one Sunday morning and seeing the late Dr. Jerry Falwell on “The Old Time Gospel Hour.” Falwell spoke of the Liberty Home Bible Institute and Hazell immediately enrolled into the program and within a couple of weeks began studying. Finishing the Liberty Home Bible Institute program in 2008, Hazell applied for the Liberty University School of Religion. “When I got married in 2006 I had to slow down my studies somewhat,” he said. “Working full-time and

taking care of my wife simply was not as easy as it looked, but I pressed on still.” After getting accepted into the School of Religion, Hazell still faced many hardships. “The devil only intensified his attacks. Pressure from work, demands at home, time constraints, difficult classes, issues at church, financial strain, bad decisions; it seemed like it all was against me right to the bitter end,” Hazell said. “I still marvel at how the Lord sustained me.” Despite his setbacks, Hazell was able to finish his degree. “I will forever cherish my experience with Liberty University,” he said. “No other school has captured my attention like it has. It has affected my life in every aspect, especially theologically, and in terms of my understanding of ministry and God’s purpose in bringing the world back to himself.”

Leslie Badger

Matthew Simmons

Liberty Online gave its students the “new leaf” they needed to turn their lives around. Leslie Badger was one of those students who turned to Liberty Online in an attempt to better her life. Badger found herself stuck in a dead end job and living a less than perfect lifestyle. She had tried to pursue a college degree ten years earlier but had fell short of meeting her goal. Since then, she had been working as a bartender and facing many struggles. Nearing her breaking point, her boyfriend and later husband, advised her to get a new job and start over. Badger quickly realized that to do so she would need to go back to college. After a quick Google search, she discovered Liberty Online. She contacted the school shortly after learning about it and enrolled in the education program. In the midst of her first set of classes, Badger quit her bartending job and started to see her life brighten before her eyes. Life seemed to be looking up for her and not just in the academic aspect. “I began to realize that God had not really forgotten me but maybe He was preparing me. I quit my bad habits, married the man who took me for the good I could become and felt the burden of a bad lifestyle lifted from my shoulders,” Badger said. Through the support of God, her family and the people of Liberty Online, Badger found herself living a lifestyle very different than she had previously. “I look back on those past dark days as lessons learned,” she said. “Because of Liberty University, I can see a bright future ahead of me, including my graduation in May 2012.”

Many students can attest to the fact that going to school is difficult to handle. However, for Matthew Simmons, school was not the only trial he faced. Simmons stayed very busy during his time as a student for Liberty Online. At times, his plate seemed to be overflowing with responsibilities. Many times, it seemed he could not possibly handle more than what he was already dealing with, but in the spring of his junior year, he learned his mother had breast cancer. “I had a full slate of classes, a job, church commitments and now a health crisis,” Simmons said. “Needless to say, I was approaching my breaking point.” His mother’s diagnosis presented him and his family with great struggles. “Yet through the entire process, God was good,” Simmons said. At any given moment, Simmons and his family were being prayed for. Professors, classmates, prayer partners and the Liberty Online ministries were of constant comfort and prayer support to Simmons and his family. Each group provided great support and he expressed his gratitude toward them. The prayers did not go unheard. Through the entire situation, Simmons’s grades did not falter and greatest of all, his mother had a successful surgery leaving her cancer free. “Nothing short of a miracle,” is how Simmons described the grace granted to him. “God truly is the provider, and I thank the Lord every day for providing Liberty Online.”

gordon hazell By Gaetane Maurice / matthew simmons, leslie badger, and kathy vaughn By whitney moon/ a thankful heart by brittany murphy / photos supplied by individuals

The university welcomed a new head football coach, Turner Gill, during the month of December. Gill was a three-time, Big Eight all-conference selection, earning second-team All-American honors during his time at the University of Nebraska. He was also a Heisman Award finalist, finishing fourth in the voting during 1983.

Photo by Kevin Manguiob

senior pat kelly rushes down the field, outrunning his opponent. He showed great dedication throughout the season.

Photo by Les Schofer

junior Kevin Fogg moves down the field after a punt return. Fogg swiftly maneuvered his way around Lehigh’s defense. “The boys started off rocky but never gave up,” Phoebe Spader, sophomore, said.

Photo by Les Schofer

senior wide receiver chris summers runs with the ball during a game against James Madison University. The Flames played with great determination during the game. “Liberty University is special because it gives you an opportunity to play a sport that you love and glorify the Lord at the same time,” Brent Vinson, junior, said. Photo by Scott Hill




CHAMPIONS When push comes to shove


he university’s football season was a sensational one to say the least. The team as a whole had to say goodbye to some of their key players such as Matthew Bevins, Brandon Robinson, Chris Summers, Mike Brown, Ervin Garner and many more. However, these players left more than just their farewells behind. In an interview with Adam Godwin, Assistant Director of Operations and Recruiting, Godwin raved about the senior class and the accomplishments they had achieved. “I think the greatest accomplishment has to be looked at in a long-term perspective. This senior class finished their careers as the most successful class in program history. No group before them had ever won more games in a career, and that is an outstanding legacy to leave,” Godwin said. “We expect to win


and we expect classes coming up behind them to break that record, but to have been a part of four championships in their five years in our program is a phenomenal achievement.” Many of the players pushed through the season with injuries such as ankle twists, injured shoulders, and one individual even played half the season with broken ribs. The team fought harder than ever before. The seniors were not able to take another Big South Championship with them, but what they left behind was even greater. The athletics department had grown successfully, but the football program had developed rapidly. What was accomplished in the previous four years would always be remembered and these players had forever left their mark on the legacy of the mountain. By Rebecca Alvarado

hopefully everything else will fall into place after that.” Q: What was your most memorable moment?

A: “My start against North Carolina State

Q: What is the next step for you? NFL? A: “Taking the time to work out and train for the NFL; I’m actually in the process of getting an agent as well.“ Q: What was your most memorable moment?

A: “Winning three Big South

University, because I originally wanted to go there coming out of high school.” Q: What life lesson did you learn while playing football that you will take with you?

Championships over the four years and the relationships I made.” Q: What life lesson did you learn while playing football that you will take with you?

A: “God really is in control of your life in

A: “Learning how to overcome difficult

the small and the big things. Apart from God, it’s just a game.”

situations and how to prepare for those in the future. Perseverance to sum it all up.”

Mike Brown

Q: What is the next step for you? NFL? A: “Working out until Pro Day and then

Matt Bevins

Brandon Robinson


Q: What is the next step for you? NFL? A: “Just working out until Pro Day.” Q: What was your most memorable moment? A: “Scoring a touchdown toward the end of the game against Ball State University.”

Q: What life lesson did you learn while playing

football that you will take with you?

A: “Don’t listen to the people who tell you, you can’t. God has a plan for you.”

“The women’s team showed resilience. They didn’t play well in the first half of the season, but they proved themselves worthy by turning around and dominating during the second half. They had a young team this year, but you can tell that there is a lot of potential among them.” Kate Powley, Senior

“This season has been full of new things for us. Now, we have a tennis facility with 12 courts that can be used to hold conference playoffs and national playoffs. This new addition will help us achieve our goal of winning Big South and playing in the NCAA National Championship. Another thing that has made this particular season special is the great cohesion we have as a team on and off the court. We like not only to spend time together during practice, but to also hang out outside the athletic environment.” Giancarlo Lemmi, Senior

sophomore rebekah jenkins aggressively swings for the ball. The Lady Flames defeated Campbell 4-3. Photo by Joel Coleman

senior Mandeep Yadav demonstrates his experience during a match against U.N.C. Asheville. The team did not allow their opponent to score any points during the match, beating them 7-0. Photo by David Duncan

junior siim tuus prepares his swing while waiting for the ball. Tuss won his two singles matches against Longwood University, 6-2 and 6-4.

Photo by Les Schofer



PULLINGitOFF The Flames saw some major changes in the year 2012. With the addition of the new tennis facility housing 12 new tennis courts, the Flames were fully equipped to play to the best of their ability.


ith an overall record of 15-6 and a conference record of 3-3 before entering the Big South Men’s Tennis Championships, the Flames were ready to head to Asheville, N.C. to compete for the title of Big South Champion. Senior Giancarlo Lemmi described the highlight of the season to be their win against Georgia Southern. “We had lost the doubles point in a tough match, but we came back strong in singles and we pulled off five out of six singles wins to win the match for us five to two,” he said. “It was a great example of how my teammates and I are invested in the program and are not willing to go down easily.” The Lady Flames finished their regular season on Friday, Apr. 6 picking up a 7-0 win over U.N.C. Asheville. With an overall record of 11-11 and a conference record of 4-4, the Lady Flames finished with a solid record. The Lady Flames freshman Nicola Wellman was named Big South Freshman of the Week for matches played from March 26-April 1. It was the third conference recognition the Lady Flames received during the season. Alexandra Sheeran and Rebekah Jenkins were selected as Player of the Week earlier in the season as well. By

Gaetane Maurice


DEDICATION 2011 Big South Men’s Soccer Champions - a long time coming for the Liberty Flames.

The Flames won their first Big South title in five years with a 9-8-4 record in November of 2011. Captain Chris Phillips believed that a unique brotherhood was formed among the team that year. “We had some great wins this past season but we also had some tough losses,” Phillips said. “Those tough losses brought us together and that togetherness is exactly what got us a Big South title this year and one penalty kick short of going to the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney.” Along with being named Big South Champions, the Flames had three team members; Phillip Aseweh, Darren Amoo and Uriah Bentick named to the All-Big South First team. Hard work and dedication proved to pay off for the men, also having four team members to be a part of the 2011 Big South All-Tournament Team. By Gaetane Maurice

“This season provided several opportunities for our team to grow a brotherhood that was very unique from the other four years I was at Liberty. Moments like having our bus break down in the middle of nowhere Virginia on our way to Indiana makes the team grow together quickly.” Christopher Phillips, Senior “This season was different from the rest because we finally didn’t underachieve and as a team we adopted a selfless mentality that allowed us to be successful. The highlight of the season was beating #10 UVA for the first time in program history. It also was our coach’s 100th win with the program so it was a really special night.” Alex Verville, Senior

LadyFLAMES The Lady Flames had a good run ending the regular season 8-7-3 overall and 5-4-1 in Big South play. A quartet of the Lady Flames received AllConference honors that season. Midfielder Silvia Betancourt and forward/defender Lauren Stell were named on the All-


Conference Second-Team and freshman Karen Blocker landed on the All-Academic Team. In this season, 11 different Lady Flames scored at least one goal and out of those, five players scored their first career goal in 2011. By Gaetane Maurice


freshman forward alanna dunkle keeps her focus while handling the ball during a game against Valpariso. The Lady Flames defeated them 3-1 during the Liberty Invitational Tournament. Photo by Les Schofer junior midfielder junior amaya dribbles the ball down the field. Along with his teammates, he showed skill and precision with every move he made. The Flames defeated Southern Virginia 9-0 during this game. Photo by Les Schofer

senior forward darren amoo takes his opponent one-on-one in a game against Howard University on Sept. 16, 2011. The Flames had a successful outcome, beating Howard University 4-0. Photo by Manny Gaetan



There was one word to describe the 2011-2012 Lady Flame’s season, growth.

senior guard/forward danika dale controls the pace of the game against the James Madison University Dukes. Throughout the season, the skills she learned during her basketball career at the university showed through in her leadership and performance. Photo by Les Schofer


he Lady Flames had always been on top of their game, managing to achieve 15 consecutive winning seasons, but this season was a season of spiritual, mental and physical growth. Captain and redshirt senior, Avery Warley, described this season to be like none other for the team. “Seeing us gel has been such an important thing, how we work together and the chemistry on and off the court,” Warley said. “There were a lot of sacrifices made in order for us to be successful.” The Lady Flames had a 10-game winning streak this season defeating teams such as Coastal Carolina, U.N.C. Asheville and Gardner-Webb. Warley and Danika Dale were the only two seniors on the floor for the Lady Flames. “I’ve been able to see things from a different perspective,” Warley said. “First I was a freshman watching and being able to play with upperclassmen, now I’m a step further as a leader [captain] being able to see my younger teammates grow.” Having been a Lady Flame since 2007, Warley hung up her Liberty red, white and blue in October to put on the red, white and blue of Team U.S.A. Warley had the opportunity to represent the university and her country in Guadalajara, Mexico at the Pan American Games. “Trust God in everything that you do,” is the advice Warley left for her teammates. “Let Him be first in everything. From running, to jumping, to working out, let Him be first in everything and trust Him no matter what.” The Lady Flames made their 14th appearance in the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship and wrapped up the season ranking No. 20 on the Women’s MidMajor Top 25. The Flames took on No. 1 seed, Notre Dame, on Mar. 18, 2012 at the first round of the Championship series. Despite their loss, the Lady Flames went 16-2 in Big South play, and set a new record for most league wins in a single season. By Gaetane Maurice


Women’s Basketball

Freshman gUArd reagan miller drives the ball down the court, bypassing her opponent during a game against Virginia Commonwealth University. “Liberty’s basketball games are always the most exciting games because they play to the very last second of the game,” Eli Sanchez said. Photo by Les Schofer

junior forward/center Tolu Omotola watches the ball intensely as it comes down from the net. Her determination and skill helped her to be successful during the season. Photo by Scott Hill

The Liberty Flames cheerleading program consists of two different teams, the Red Squad and the White Squad. Each team consists of roughly 16 to 20 members and are divided accordingly. The Red Squad cheers for all the football games as well as men’s basketball and has the opportunity of representing the university in the UCA College Nationals. The White Squad cheers for all home football games and some of women’s basketball.

“The season went really well for us! We started practicing in August before school started to prepare for football season and competition. Then in January we competed in the UCA National Competition, advanced to finals and ended up ranking 9th in the nation! We were all proud of our accomplishments at Nationals and are looking forward to next year’s competition. We’re still in season now cheering for basketball games as well as preparing for tryouts for the upcoming school year.” Megan Robinson, Sophomore

“This was my second year on the team and it has been quite different from the first. Last year, everything was new to me. I was growing and learning so much from the leadership of our coach and team leaders. This year, I stepped into a leadership role for the team. For the most part this has been an exceptional year! From the beginning, we set the bar high. With that came trying times, but I believe that we have become a better team, mentally, physically and spiritually.” Sean Washington, Captain, Junior

sophomore guard john caleb Sanders maneuvers his way past the opponent. He averaged 11.6 points per game during the season. Photo by David Duncan

sophomore guard chene phillips guards his opponent during a game against William and Mary. “I like when the cheerleaders shoot T-shirts when we get a three-pointer,” said Paul Cameron.

Photo by Scott Hill


Men’s Basketball



he men’s basketball team seemed to have their fair share of mishaps and adrenaline pumping moments. Finishing the overall season with a record of 14-18 and a conference record of 9-9, the Flames were able to recover and progress despite injuries. Senior Kizuku Scott spoke highly of the Flames in spite of some of their setbacks. “I feel like the team is playing well even though they were missing key players like John Brown,” Scott said. “But with leaders Jesse Sanders and David Minaya, I feel like they have a lot of depth and talent to where they can match up with teams like Coastal and VMI.” Fans were excited to see what the team would accomplish during the season. There was great potential and much to be said of the men’s team that was underway. The underclassmen were able to learn hands on and from the mistakes of the team as a whole. As the No. 5 seed, the team took on No. 4 seed Charleston Southern and had an unfortunate loss in the Big South Championship Quarterfinals. Coach Dale Layer worked with the team in preparation for not only the current season but for the years to come. By Rebecca Alvarado


senior guard jesse sanders sweeps past his opponent during a game against UNC Wilmington. Sanders contributed the most points to the team’s final score.

Photo by Les Schofer

On Jan. 9, the university changed the way Flames fans watched basketball games forever. In Vines Center hung a four-sided board containing four LED high-definition video displays, each approximately nine-feet high and 16-feet wide. The scoreboard was up and running in time for the spring semester’s first Convocation. “I think it looks awesome! It was cool because nobody expected it and when we came back from break it was already there.” Raquel Harmon, Junior

“Liberty basketball has a lot of good in the future. This year Liberty played a lot of nail biters where games could have gone either way, but that’s all part of the game. With the upperclassmen on the team, along with the coaching staff and Big South Player of the Year Jesse Sanders, Liberty will have an advantage at the Big South tournament. The remainder of the season and post season should be very interesting. Kizuku Scott, Senior

junior Bryan Aanderud swiftly attempts to get the opponent out during the second game of a triple header against St. John’s. Aanderud joined the Flames after transferring from Cyprus. Photo by Les Schofer


Baseball & Softball



ith a 9-3 conference record and a 30-10 overall record, the Flames hit it home last season. The men played some tough games including the Georgia Bulldogs. Despite out hitting the Bulldogs, the Flames had an unfortunate loss of 5-3. Players had been recognized for their skill and hard work by the Big South Conference including John Niggli who was named Big South Pitcher of the Week and Ryan Cordell named Co-Player of the Week for games played from April 10-17. Cordell continued to shine after having four hits, which included two home runs, against the Winthrop Eagles aiding the Flames

sophomore Alyssa DiMartino pitches during a double header against East Tennessee State University. Dimartino came in to relieve Chandler Ball and helped to win the game by pitching the final five and one-third innings. Photo by Les Schofer

senior Bridgett Woods swings for the ball during a game against Radford University. Woods was at bat two times during the game and added one run to the team’s final score of three runs. Photo by Kevin Manguiob

to an 11-1 victory. Stellar tossed eight scoreless innings leading the Flames to a 7-0 victory in another game against Winthrop. The Lady Flames had a conference record of 6-9 and an overall record of 15-26 with six remaining series before the Big South Softball Championship. The Lady Flames claimed a series finale victory at Costal Carolina on Apr. 15 after losing the first two games. The Flames competed hard and achieved much. Freshman Amber Donovan exhibited skill after hitting a game winning three-run homer pulling a 7-5 win over Gardner-Webb. By Gaetane Maurice

HOMEPLATE During the fall semester of 2011, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. introduced plans to further the university as a prominent player in the athletic realm. The plans included construction of a new baseball stadium. The stadium would cost slightly more than five million dollars and would provide seating for 3,000 spectators. The project would be completed before the spring 2013 season began. The university would not begin building the field until after other building projects such as the new library, DeMoss roof and practice facilities were completed. Until completion, the baseball team continued to play at Worthington Stadium. By Whitney Moon & Rebecca Alvarado

FIGHTING for each other The women’s volleyball team had an outstanding season that would set the stage for years to come.


uring their season, the Lady Flames made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2008. After a bittersweet loss in the first round to the number eight seed and four-time defending champion, Penn State, the team still came home with a strong sense of pride. In an interview with Nick Pierce of, Coach Pinder stated, “Our offense came around in the tournament; we played our best ball those three matches of the season.” Pinder described his team as, “[o]ne of the greatest teams in terms of fighting for each other,” after talking about a thrilling season with a record of 20-13. The Lady Flames dominated the Big South Championship winning eight of their last sets. By Rebecca Alvarado

“The most memorable game would be a toss up between Big South and Penn State. Big South was the most exciting because we won the tournament and walked away champions. Penn State was very memorable because we got to go play a volleyball team that holds four consecutive national championships. It was fun to be in that environment and to share the love of Christ with the other team. Afterwards we prayed and Coach Pinder shared the Gospel. It was really neat, because in the end that’s what we are all about, being Champions for Christ.” Jeannette Larsen, Junior


“As a freshman, there were certain responsibilities that had to be taken care of. Freshman had to carry water bottles, equipment, cleaning after the team, and letting upperclassmen go ahead of us. I would say this was a hard transition, because coming from being a senior in high school last year to being a new freshman; you’re starting all over again. The most memorable game this year was most definitely when we played Penn State. That game will stay with me forever. Being able to play the five-time national champions was an experience that I will never forget.” Gabrielle Shipe, Freshman

sophomore Lillie Happel goes jumps for the hit during a match against Rider. The game ended with the Lady Flames winning 3-0. Photo by Les Schofer


Freshman Melissa Racz anxiously waits for the next play. The Lady Flames won the five-set match against Gardner-Webb. Photo by David Duncan

senior Defensive specialist and libero, Courtney Cooper, digs for the ball during a scrimmage. The Lady Flames worked hard during the preseason to better themselves. Photo by Les Schofer

sophomore harrison allen competes in the Liberty Opening. Harrison finished the meet taking fifth place in the heptathlon. He scored a total of 4,464 points making him the number 10 best heptathlete on the university’s all-time list. Photo by Scott Hill


junior roderick spruel takes part in a 4x100 relay during the Liberty Collegiate Invitational. The quartet consisted of Spruel, Leonard Robbins, Tarell Williams and Anthony Settje. They finished the relay in 40.82 seconds and captured first place. Photo by Joel Coleman

“This season has been a huge blessing after coming off an injury from the last two years. God has truly been faithful and taught me to trust Him in everything, not just high jump. High jump is a thrill. I absolutely love it. It is very rewarding to see the effort and time you put into perfecting the technique pay off when you clear a big jump! I have high-jumped for eight years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Next year I get to help coach at my high school, and I can’t wait to see how God has blessed the kids there through jumping and every other area of their lives!” Marianne Wheeler, Senior

“This season has been a lot of fun since I have a year of competition under my belt and know more of what I need to focus on technique wise. So far all of our men discus throwers have been doing very well so it’s fun competing within our team and pushing each other. The best thing about throwing the discus is the satisfaction of seeing a five-pound saucer come off your hand and watching it just keep going and going. The fact that there will always be that “perfect throw” eluding you is what keeps me coming back every day.” Tim Abbott, Sophomore

“Pole vault is my favorite sport in the world, it is a chance for me to let go and just have fun. I have the best teammates anyone could ever ask for, and I will truly miss jumping with all of them.” Kolby Shepherd, Senior

“The best part about long jump is it’s over in 30 seconds. You try and muster all of your focus and energy into one enormous effort to fling your body as far as possible. You say a prayer, grit your teeth and fly down the runway hoping that this jump will be farther than the last.” Kevin Reddington, Junior


Track and Field & Cross Country


STANDARD hard work and dedication were apparent throughout the cross country and track seasons. The team set a new standard for the future.


freshman melissa rohwer performs the triple jump during the Liberty Collegiate Invitational. Rohwer took fifth place in the event and earned sixth place on Liberty’s all-time performance list for the outdoor women’s triple jump. Photo by Joel Coleman

he teams demanded to be seen for their success during this season. Both the track and cross country teams performed at an extraordinary level and set a standard to be admired. As whole teams and individual members, many accomplishments were obtained, including Coach Brant Tolsma who once again added the title of Big South Coach of the Year to his collection totaling 49 titles out of the 26 years he has been at the school. Starting off the school year, the cross-country team set the tone for the following track teams. The men’s team captured first place at the Big South Cross Country Championship and the women’s team followed closely behind in second place. Zac Edwards and Jennifer Klugh were named men’s and women’s runners of the year at the championship. The team progressed to the NCAA Division I Southeast Regional Championship and finished with the men taking 11th place and the women in 22nd. To finish off the season at the Eastern College Athletic Conference and Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America Cross Country Championships, the men and women both took home eighth place standings. Following an impressive cross-country season, the indoor and outdoor track teams did not disappoint. The men’s and women’s teams competed in the Big South Indoor Track Championship and both brought home first place standings. The men’s indoor team set the Big South Conference record for all events for the most consecutive wins at the Big South Championship, winning their 15th title in a row. The indoor track teams started their season on March 9 at the Coastal Carolina Invitational. The meet started them off to an impressive season. Team members grew as individual athletes but also as teams. “The highlight of the season, in my opinion, would be our conference meet where we made it about the team effort rather than individual performances,” said Junior Cody Fridgen. Through their individual and team efforts, the members made the season one to remember. By Whitney Moon

Freshman josh corneliseen sweeps across the ice while handling the puck. The Canada native contributed to the team greatly through his defensive skills. Photo by Les Schofer

senior jarrett chambers guards his opponent. Chambers was a defensive player and as a senior, contributed great leadership for the team.


sophomore kelly pollock skates effortlessly across the ice. She showed great skill and grace throughout each move.

Club Sports

CLUB SPORTS THe University offered 31 different club sport Programs for students to participate in. They ranged from wrestling to tae kwon do and all sorts in between. thE PROGram provided student athletes an opportunity to be involved.


Juggling school, skating, and being a prayer leader is definitely a lot to have on my plate this year. However, being involved in all three things has really grown my character. God has taught me a lot through being on leadership such as putting His will first before my own. School has also been more of a challenge as I progress into the harder core courses of my major. I have learned that it takes hard work and discipline to study and be on leadership at the same time. Skating also requires hard work and dedication so that I keep pushing myself to full potential. It is through God’s strength that I have been able to study, serve on my hall, and skate at the same time. It is also a privilege that the Lord has blessed me with skating, leadership, and studying at Liberty University. ‘The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation.’ Psalm 118:14 Kelly Pollock, Captain, Sophomore

This year, wrestling for Liberty has been quite the experience. Initially we all came in and many of us had the “it’s just a club” mentality. Soon enough, we changed that and began to take our team and program much more seriously and that’s when we began working for a possible national title. The fact that it’s a club sport gives guys that wouldn’t have made the D1 team a chance to experience collegiate athletics. This has not only been fun but also a great ministry platform. TJ Sloan, Senior

It has been a great experience helping start the team and playing with these guys. Last season, our first season, we finished 4-4 and third in the conference. This season we’re a lot better and hope to not only win conference, but make it to the divisional championship. Jarrett Chambers, Senior

Figure Skating

Synchronized Skating So far, balancing the leadership roles of a team captain and a prayer leader have been a challenge but they have taught me a lot about responsibility. There have been ups and downs throughout the year and it hasn’t been easy to do both, but ultimately my experiences have been very rewarding spiritually and I’ve learned many life skills for my future. Lindsay Wethington, Captain, Sophomore

Men’s Lacrosse

“It’s great getting a chance to play sports competitively with such little time to commit.” Matt Miller, Junior

“I personally love volleyball and was thrilled to find that I could play for fun here at Liberty. Through the formation of teams and playing other teams I met so many people and made a lot of friends and on top of that, had a great workout with volleyball at least twice a week! It was a great distraction from studying. I would recommend it to anyone who loves volleyball or wants a great workout away from the monotonous gym!” Rhoda Meyers, Senior

“I love having softball as an option for an outlet to release my stress! Especially competitively.” Brina Baker, Senior


Junior Derick Simpson catches a pass. Intramural football was played on the indoor soccer field. Number 12 shoots a free throw. Students watched and played intramural sports to escape the stress of school.

Intramural Sports

Students enjoy an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee was one of the intramural sports available to students.

“It’s a great opportunity to be part of an uplifting league that not only kept me fit physically but also improved my spiritual health.” Patrick Shorts, Sophomore

“I am a very competitive person and I enjoy getting to feed that aspect of myself through playing intramural football. I played sports in high school and baseball at my previous college. Playing intramural football allows me to still participate in a sports team.” Justin Kopanko, Senior

“Playing intramural sports gives those of us who played sports in high school the opportunity to still play even though we didn’t make it to the collegiate level.” Darian Sealey, Sophomore

flamespy awards The university hosted the first ever Flamespy Awards. Twenty-five awards were given to honor the accomplishments of student-athletes and coaches.

Photo by Cali Lowdermilk

FLAMESPY It was a night to remember as studentathletes, coaches, and teams were honored with awards for their outstanding accomplishments.


iberty Athletics hosted the first-ever Flamespy Awards at the Tower Theater on May 1, 2012. The Flamespy Awards celebrated student athletes’ accomplishments on and off the field throughout the year. Dinner was served in the newly-opened Schilling Center that hosted the athletes, athletic administrators, coaches, and other distinguished guests from around the Liberty community. Student athletes came dressed to impress as they walked the red carpet prior to the awards ceremony. Upon arrival to the Tower Theater, guests enjoyed a 60-minute show provided by the Flames Sports Network highlighting major events that occurred during each athletic season. Twentyfive awards were presented throughout the night. The ceremony concluded with Director of Athletics Jeff Barber awarding the Cornerstone Award to Jerry Falwell, Jr., and his wife, Becki. The awards highlighted yet another successful year for the Liberty Athletics Department. By Gaetane

Student athletes enjoy the spotlight while attending dinner at the Schilling Center. Following dinner, guests made their way to the Tower Theater for the awards ceremony. Photo by Cali Lowdermilk

Flames Sports Network reporter, Erin McKeown interviews swimmer, Brye Ravettine as she arrives at the Flamespy Awards. Althetes were given the “red carpet treatment” while at the awards banquet. Photo by Les Schofer



Trey Wimmer and Karen Blocker

smile for a photo after receiving the male and female Dr. Jerry Falwell Leadership awards. Wimmer and Blocker both expressed how honored they were to be presented with such awards. Photo by Les Schofer

FLAMESPY AWARDS AD Commitment to Excellence Megan Neff, Cheerleading*

Support Staff of the Year

Carolyn Towles, English*

Paul Carmany, Assistant Athletics Communications Director Mickey Guridy, Senior Associate Athletics Director – Internal Operations* Sara Norman, C.A.S.A.S. Matt Staton, Assistant Athletics Business Manager/Game Operations

Best Supporting Athlete of the Year

Assistant Coach of the Year

Gifts of the SpiriT Rueben Gaines*

Professor of the Year

Malcolm Boyd, Football Courtney Cooper, Volleyball* Laura Nyholt, Women’s Soccer

Perseverance of JoB

Giancarlo Lemmi, Men’s Tennis Jen Moyer, Lacrosse* Asa Chapman, Football

Best BloopeR

Dillon Segur, Men’s Tennis (during a doubles match, he hit his teammate in the face with the tennis ball) Sam Duininck, Men’s Soccer (while chasing after a ball at IUPUI, he flipped over a fence and went down a hill) Tomasz Gielo, Men’s Basketball (during a substitution against Campbell, he ran onto the court without his jersey)*

Best Clutch Performance

Antwan Burrus, Men’s Basketball (three point buzzer beater against Charleston Southern) Kevin Fogg, Football (100-yard return for a touchdown against Charleston Southern) Dalton Sype, Baseball (triple in the bottom of the ninth to win a game against The Citadel)*

Best Finish

Antwan Burrus, Men’s Basketball (three point buzzer beater against Charleston Southern)* Chris Summers, Football (game-winning touchdown reception in overtime against Presbyterian College) Meghan Burggraf, Women’s Track (dominant 800 meter victory at the Liberty Collegiate Inviational)

Best Upset

Men’s Soccer vs. No. 10 Virginia Baseball vs. No. 14 Virginia and No. 6 North Carolina* Wayne Harrell, Men’s Tennis vs. Oklahoma State

Best Championship Performance

Women’s Swimming (Second place finish at the C.C.S.A. Championships) Men’s Soccer (Winning its second Big South title)* Jocolyn Williams, Track & Field (Winning the weight throw title at the Big South Indoor Track Championships and the ECAC Championships, breaking her own personal record)

Most Outstanding Team

Baseball (best start in program history) Women’s Basketball (winning its 14th Big South title in the last 16 years) Track & Field (men’s indoor & outdoor Big South titles, women’s indoor Big South title)* Volleyball (winning its sixth Big South title in program history)

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year Kevin Fogg, Football* Reagan Miller, Women’s Basketball Mychelle Cumings, Women’s Track & Field Richard Wright, Football

Ethan Allen, Women’s Soccer Lance Bingham, Track & Field Ryan Fitzwilliam, Men’s & Women’s Tennis Pete McFadden, Track & Field*

Play of the Year

Antwan Burrus, Men’s Basketball (three point buzzer beater against Charleston Southern) Francis Bah and Walt Aikens, Football (sack and touchdown return against N.C. State) Chris Summers and Mike Brown, Football (game-winning touchdown pass and reception in overtime against Presbyterian College)*

Female Rookie Athlete of the Year Kelby Allen, Softball Mychelle Cumings, Women’s Track & Field* Reagan Miller, Women’s Basketball Helen Doolittle, Field Hockey

Male Rookie Athlete of the Year Alex Close, Baseball Leonard Robbins, Men’s Track & Field* Nick Sigmon, Football Scott Sutarik, Men’s Soccer

Best Female Athlete of the Year Avery Warley, Women’s Basketball* Brye Ravettine, Swimming Alyssa Pegues, Women’s Track & Field Loren Thomas, Volleyball

Best Male Athlete of the Year Mike Brown, Football Walt Aikens, Football/Men’s Basketball Robert Karlsson, Golf*

Head Coach of the Year Jeff Alder, Men’s Soccer Jodi Murphy, Field Hockey* Shane Pinder, Volleyball Brant Tolsma, Track & Field

Rock Royer/Mac Rivera Jesse Sanders, Men’s Basketball*

Dr. Jerry Falwell Leadership Female Nominees Karen Blocker, Women’s Soccer* Jenn Klugh, Track Chloe Mcintosh, Lacrosse Laura Nyholt, Women’s Soccer Male Nominees Cory Freeman, Football Giancarlo Lemmi, Men’s Tennis Jesse Sanders, Men’s Basketball Trey Wimmer, Baseball*

The Cornerstone

Jerry Falwell, Jr., Liberty University Chancellor and President, and his wife, Becki* *Recipient of Flamespy Award

Over 5,000 students gathered in the front of the Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center on Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 to participate in a tradition that began many years ago. The All Night of Prayer kicked off the university’s Spiritual Emphasis Week with students praying every hour on the hour from Friday evening through Saturday. Prayers and songs filled campus as students visited 26 different stations leading them in prayer for the campus, the world and personal needs.

Photo by Les Schofer

Football: 1 Chris Summers, 2 Ervin Garner, 3 Kevin Fogg , 4 Bobby Partilla, 5 Korrey Davis, 6 Josh Woodrum, 6 Ryan Ayers, 7 B.J. Hayes, 8 Brent Vinson, 9 Pat Kelly, 10 Mike Brown, 11 Gabe Henderson, 11 Sorie Bayoh, 12 Tyler Brennan, 13 Ron Hobby, 14 Kenny Scott, 15 Greg Pratt, 15 Ricky Kyles, 16 Demetrius Ward, 16 Jaquan Glover, 17 Elliott Dutra, 18 Brian Hudson, 19 Walt Aikens, 20 Aldreakis Allen, 21 Randy Spann, 22 Brandon Robinson, 22 Julian Poindexter, 23 D.J. Edmond, 24 Sirchauncey Holloway, 25 Chase Barnett, 26 Desmond Rice, 26 Darec Brooks, 27 Jacob Hagen, 28 KaJuan Lee, 28 John McConnell, 29 Jeffery Henderson, 30 Scott Hyland, 31 Andrew Jauch, 32 Chris Mayo, 33 Jimmy O’Grady, 34 Marques Jenkins, 35 Matthew Baptiste, 36 Pierre Hawkes, 37 Kirby Anderson, 38 Thomas Nelson, 39 Lewis Bailey, 40 Andrell Morrison, 40 Miles Hunter, 41 Nicky Fualaau, 42 Justin Gunn, 43 Aaron Dial, 44 Eric Fath, 45 Nick Sigmon, 45 Dexter Herman, 46 Francis Bah, 47 Mike Larsson, 47 Leo Cardenas, 48 Peter Gagliardi, 49 Matt Bevins, 50 Chase Griffiths, 51 Ray Jones, 52 Alex Kacere, 53 Brian Arelt, 54 Kevin Widener, 55 Mike Connolly, 56 Greg Ray, 57 Nick Martin, 58 Greg Schuster, 59 Dylan Lewellyn, 60 Bryant Lewellyn, 64 Richard Wright, 65 Mark Tomlin, 66 D.J. Sellman, 67 Trevor Jenkins, 68 Jay Weatherington, 70 Aaron Brown, 72 Stan Herring, 73 Mitch Hanson, 74 Andre Mondor, 75 Toney White, 76 Grant Jones, 77 Malcolm Boyd, 78 Aaron Lundy, 81 Garrett Long, 82 Ty Billie, 82 Brandon Apon, 83 Ryan Ferguson, 84 Patrick Gibson, 85 Branden Francis, 86 Michael Johnson, 87 Christian Griffith, 88 Andrew Cordasco, 89 Tommy Shaver, 90 Dominique Davis, 91 Dylan Bowman, 92 Nolan Spicer, 93 Paco Varol, 94 Toby Onyechi, 95 Matt Stokes, 96 Luke Pingley, 97 Hunter Steward, 98 Asa Chapman, 99 Cory Freeman; Staff: Daniel Rocco, Pete Sundheim, Tom Clark, Brandon Streeter, Marshall Roberts, H.T. Kinney, Charlie Skalaski, Wally Ake, Levern Belin, Blaine McCorkle, Manny Rojas, Paul Rutigliano, Dr. Ed Gomes, Mike Morris, Chris Brown, Danny Wenger, Chris Casola, Barry Finke, Bill Gilespie, Dave Williams, Bev Cole, and Adam Godwin; Cheearleading: Front row: Morgan Hoeritz, Brittany Sands, Breanna Slagle, Tina Arnett, Kayla Rawls, Stephanie Pruett, Megan Neff, Megan Robinson, Jessica Jensen, Kara Callihan, Shelby Locklear, Sydney Comer, Brittany Neal, Katie Walkder; Second row: Rachael Calloway, Taylor Mathis, Brittany Durnil, Raina Brooks, Andrea Passaglia, Whitney Mock, Amy Clemenson, Amber Mackenzie, Kaitlyn Bernhardt, Emma Overby, Jessica Young, Jessica Mailloux, Courtney Brumfield; Back row: Jared Kelly, Daniel Shadrach, Logan Moyer, Nicholas Thomason, Sam Davidson, Sean Washington, Nate Cassa, Bryan Munoz-Leon, Matthew Helmick, Jonathan Lane; Staff: Jennifer B. Sydnor

cross country

women’s LACROSSE (3-14)

coastal carolina

no .

in v itational

char lot te in v itational panor ama far ms in v itational

big south championship ncaa di v ision


south east

r egional championship e . c . a . c ./ i . c .4 a cros s

cou ntry championships

men :

1 st, women : 5 th men : 2 n d , women : 9 th men :

5 th , women : 8 th men : 1 st, women : 2 n d

men :

11th ,

men :

8 th ,

women :

22 n d

women :

8 th


north carolina

4-22 22-21, OT 7-22 11-18 12-13

detroit - mercy



pr e sby ter ian college



lafay et te

cincin nati

long islan d wagn er

george mason u . st. fr ancis buckn ell

v irgin ia tech

detroit - mercy howar d

jackson v ille

pr e sby ter ian college

MEN’S LACROSSE (7-1) dav idson

appalachian state r ein h er dt woffrod

college of char le ston citadel s . c . a . d . s .v. u .


high point


15-11 16-11 20-11 20-11 11-7 15-9 6-9 21-6

FOOTBALL (7-4) L L L W L L W L L L - L W L L L

dav idson

longwo od u .

n lc tou r nament - first rou n d n lc tou r nament - consolation

3-19 3-15 8-13 19-14 11-12, OT 9-20 13-9 15-16, OT 8-13 5-19 for feited

n . c . state

robert mor r is

jame s madison u . lehigh

kentucky w e sleyan gar dn er - w ebb

costal carolina

char le ston south er n pr e sby ter ian college

v irgin ia military institu e ston y bro ok


21-43 38-7 24-27 24-27 57-0 35-3 63-27 38-16 27-20, 2OT 37-31 31-41

Sports Team Photos

Men’s Soccer: 20 Junior Amaya, 18 Darren Amoo, 4 Phillip Aseweh , 15 Uriah Bentick, 3 Kyle Breitmeyer, 9 Timothy Bullock, 27 Sam Chappell, 23 Zack Clark, 2 Sam Duininck, 17 Jamie Foxwell, 12 Timothy Hankins, 14 Andrew Jones, 7 Travis Joseph, 29 Scott McKinney, 10 Juan Niño, 8 Juan Niño, 13 Richard Nyarko, 1 Josh Pacella, 19 Chris Phillips, 6 Henry Reyes, Jr., 16 Jacob Sebold, 28 Scott Sutarik, 24 Greg Terrell, 5 Alex Verville, 21 Greg White, 22 Austin Wyman; Staff: Jeff Alder, Dean Short, A.J. Madero, and Adrian Bumbut; Women’s Soccer: 10 Heather Bentley, 11 Silvia Betancourt, 1 Karen Blocker, 2 Maddie Boone, 24 Kendra Dalton, 27 Alanna Dunkle, 23 Dawn Elmers, 25 Ariana Espinoza, 19 Jenna Fraser, 6 Kelly Henion, 30 Alexa Hormann , 0 Kristin Horton, 20 Emily Hoy, 18 Brittney Johnson, 7 Chelsey Johnson, 13 Bridgette Kelly, 3 Aimee Luurtsema, 4 Bekah Moye, 15 Casey Norris, 16 Laura Nyholt, 17 Helena Pereira, 14 Sarah Robinson, 5 Madison Short, 21 Rebecca Smith, 22 Lauren Stell, 28 Geena Swentik, 8 Megan Warner, 9 Sarah Winship; Staff: Jessica Hain, Ethan Allen, Laura Armstrong, and Tina Murphy

MEN’S SOCCER (11-6-3) L longwo od u . W amer ican W no . 10 v irgin ia W howar d W south er n v irgin ia W high point W no . 24 coastal carolina L gar dn er - w ebb L woffor d L pr e sby ter ian college W v irgin ia military institute T w inth rop L campbell L u . n . c . ash ev ille W r adfor d u . W big south quarter final s

no .


seed r adfor d u . T

big south semifinal s

no .


seed coastal carolina

big south championship

no .


seed gar dn er - w ebb

ncaa tou r nament first rou n d



i . u . p. u . i .

0-1 3-1 2-1, 2OT 2-0 4-0 9-0 2-1 1-3 1-3 1-3 1-0 0-0, 2OT 0-1, OT 1-3 3-0 3-0 0-0, PK s 5-4

u . of v irgin ia

L longwo od u . T brow n L valpar aiso W r ichmon d L elon T george washington W howar d W coastal carolina W char le ston south er n W gar dn er - w ebb T w inth rop L high point L campbell L v irgin ia military institute W r adfor d u . L pr e sby ter ian college W u . n . c . ash ev ille W big south quarter final s



no .



no .

old d omin ion T

0-0, PK s 4-5


seed high point

big south semifinal s


seed r adfor d u .

1-9 1-1, 2OT 0-1 3-1 0-1 0-0, 2OT 2-1 2-1 1-0 3-1 0-0, 2OT 2-3, OT 0-1 1-2 2-1 2-3 2-0 3-0


2-1, OT



r adfor d u . r ider

mary wo od ch r istoph er n ew port lin den wo od

robert mor r is

easter n men non ite longwo od u . lime ston e roanoke



wake for e st dav idson


appalachian state temple


lin den wo od


1-3 0-4 3-0 2-1 3-0 0-1 0-1 0-4 0-2 4-1 4-0 0-5 0-3 2-3 0-3 2-1 2-1, 3-2 PS

Wrestling: John Aguiar, Brice Bahhur, Jeremy Beale, Aaron Beverly, Gabe Bird, A.J. Blosenski, Chase Boontjer, Justin Branham, Royal Brettrager, Jordan Bruckner, Mark Busse, Jonathon Chilcott, Bobby Clymer, Scott Clymer, Zach Cox, Peter Crawford, Lucas Dixon, Robert Evans, Wanick Fayette, Andrew Goolsby, Jacob Hood, Nick Knowles, Brandon Lawrence, Bobby Leffew, Christopher McDonnell, Trevor McGlynn, Brandon McKee, Josiah Merritt, Ryan Miller, Joseph Nappi, Jack Neblett, Ian Olsen, Rogelio Ponce, Eric Reger, Robert Rushnak, Grayson Sherman, Terrence Sloa , Justin Smith, Josh Sturgill, Aaron Thompson, John Timmer, Matthew Voss, Keyshawn Ward, Pete Ward, Andrew Wilson, Eric Woodard, Jake Wright; Staff: Jesse Castro, Rory Bosek, Aaron Kelley, and Alan Hackmann; volleyball: 4 Courtney Boggs, 6 Lauren BoschĂŠ, 15 Courtney Cooper, 13 Jade Craycraft, 25 Caroline Douglas, 9 Ansley Gebben, 5 Kaylee Groeneveld, 12 Lillie Happel, 20 Becca Haraf, 10 Kelly Haseman, 22 Jeannette Larsen, 23 Erica Manor, 7 Melissa Racz, 1 Kendle Rollins, 8 Gabrielle Shipe, 21 Loren Thomas, 2 Rebecca Warren; Staff: Shane Pinder, Jennifer Vaden, and Becky Rudnick

r adfor d u .

VOLLEYBALL (20-13) georgia kansas

flor ida a & m no .


or eg on

seton hall

w e ster n michigan north carolina r ider

saint fr ancis

c . s . u . bakersfield n . c . state towson

th e citadel

jame s madison u . r adfor d u .

u . n . c . ash ev ille gar dn er - w ebb high point campbell v. c . u .

coastal carolina

char le ston south er n w inth rop

pr e sby ter ian college


L l W L L L L W W W L L W L W W W L W L W W W W

0-3 0-3 3-0 0-3 1-3 0-3 1-3 3-0 3-0 3-0 0-3 1-3 3-0 1-3 3-2 3-0 3-2 0-3 3-0 0-3 3-1 3-0 3-2 3-0


high point

gar n er - w ebb

u . n . c . ash ev ille no .

8 seed gar dn er- w ebb 4 seed u . n . c . ash ev ille 3 seed r adfor d no . 8 seed pen n state no . no .


3-2 3-2 3-0 0-3 3-2 3-1 3-0 3-0 0-3


66-0 63-0 34-18 33-10 57-6 34-13 34-10 51-9

WRESTLING ly nch bu rg college v irgin ia tech

th e appr entice scho ol spartan bu rg college

ar kansas bap tist u n i v ersity middle ten n e s see state washington



east ten n e s see state

north w e st georgia tr ade an d con v ention

16: S outh er n v irgin ia Q uarter final s : mercer semifinal s : baltimor e cou ntry championship : lin den wo od - st. char le s

rou n d of


39-18 43-10 25-21 25-15

tr i meet

longwo od u .

br id gwater college


49-12 44-15

WOMEN’S HOCKEY hamilton mid get

W W/W W/W u . of color ad o W/W color ad o state W/W michigan state W/L u . of v er mont W/W gr an d valley W min n e sota L gr an d valley T u . of michigan W u . of mas sach uset ts L/W north easter n L/L pen n state L/W robert mor r is W/L r hode islan d L/L r aleigh W/W miami of ohio W/W u . of min n e sota T r e ston r aiders robert mor r is

3-2 6-2, 3-2 5-2, 2-1 8-2, 8-2 11-0, 11-2 4-3, 1-3 7-1, 7-2 4-3 0-4 4-4 2-1 2-3, 4-1 2-3, 1-5 5-1, 3-2 2-1, 1-2 1-2, 0-1 4-2, 5-0 5-1, 5-0 4-4

Sports Team Photos

Men’s DI hockey: 5 Seth Adams, 6 Seth Jensen, 7 Jackson Kuhn, 8 Scott Morongell, 9 Andrew McCombe, 10 Joe Smith, 11 Matt Sherry, 12 Christian Garland, 15 Ivan Smirnov, 16 Lindsay LeBlanc, 18 Ryley Egan, 19 Luke Aitken, 22 Brent Boschman, 23 Luke Baumgarten, 24 Rick Turner, 27 Josh Cornelissen, 33 Clayton Brown, 35 Blair Bennett, 44 Cam Bakker, 68 Aaron Semiao, 92 Jake Hannon, 93 Ryan Kerr; Staff: Kirk Handy, Jeff Boettger, Jeff Lowes, Mike Binnie, Dr. Richard Lane, Darlene Martin, Angie Witt, and Joe Lovitt; Women’s DI Hockey: 9 Nikki McCombe, 92 Stacey Christiaans, 27 Amanda Grainger, 11 Sarah Stevenson, 13 Carly Peleshok, 21 Laura Del Monte, 4 Stephanie St. Amand, 19 Kathryn Girnus, 17 Courtney Fischer, 12 Madison Fischer, 15 Autumn Kucharczyk, 67 Rebekah Bendle, 33 Samantha Rupp, 01 Chantal Lischynski; Staff: Paul Bloomfield, Justin Forth, Josh Graham, Crystal Toney, and Misty Pirus

michigan state T north easter n u n i v ersity


1-1 1-2

robert mor r is u .

ken n e saw state dav en port u .

adr ian college

ston y bro ok

u . of delawar e oklahoma u .

centr al oklahoma v irgin ia tech

pen n state ston y bro ok

dav en port u . oaklan d u .

u . of delawar e

lebanon valley

centr al oklahoma

acha national s : adr ian college

atlanta kn ights

r ichmon d royal s


MEN’S HOCKEY DIVISION II ch r istoph er n ew ton u .

W/L 4-1, 3-2 W/W 6-0, 10-2 W 16-4 L/L 4-3, 4-2 W/L 6-2, 4-3 W/W 8-5, 5-3 L/L 3-0, 4-2 L 3-2 W/W 5-3, 3-0 W 4-1 W/L 4-3, 4-2 L/W 4-5 OT, 7-4 W/W 4-3, 7-4 W/W 3-2, 6-3 L/L 1-7, 3-4 OT W 8-1 W/W 8-2, 3-1 L 6-3

v irgin ia tech

east carolina u .

r ichmon d gen er al s ken n e saw state temple u . u . m . b . c .

ken n e saw state u . siena showcase

rowan u n i v ersity

ken n e saw state u . pit t

u . of delawar e mary lan d

pen n state mary lan d temple u . u . m . b . c .

v irgin ia tech delewar e


east carolina u .

macha playoffs

W/W 7-4, 3-2 W 12-2 W 11-4 L 5-2 W 9-0 W 1-0 W 9-6 W 4-1 L 4-1 W/L 4-3, 4-2 L/L/L 10-2, 4-2, 8-3 W 12-4 L 6-4 W 7-4 W 14-7 W 6-2 L 8-2 W 5-2 W 3-1 L 2-3 W 5-0 W 8-2 W 3-2 W 7-3

v irgin ia tech u . m . b . c .

bowling gr een v irgin ia tech


3-2 2-3 6-3 3-5


2-4 10-0 12-1 4-2 4-1 18-1 9-3 5-4 5-2 5-1 6-0 5-3 3-2

MEN’S HOCKEY DIVISION III r adfor d u . north er n v irgin ia commu n ity college v irgin ia military institute v irgin ia common w ealth u . old d omin ion u .

v irgin ia military institute jame s madison u . mary lan d u .

george mason u . r adfor d u .

v irgin ia common w ealth u . ch r istoph er n ew port u . college of w illiam



Men’s basketball: 1 Tanner Hoyt, 2 Chene Phillips, 5 Kelly Assinesi, 11 Andrew Smith, 13 Tomasz Giel, 14 David Minaya, 15 Ethan Layer, 20 John Brown, 21 Joel Vander Pol, 22 Tavares Speaks, 23 Hart Gliedman, 24 Antwan Burrus, 25 Jesse Sanders, 31 Stephen Baird, 33 John Caleb Sanders, 42 Sommy Ogukwe; Staff: Dale Layer, Jason Eaker, Brian Joyce, Matt Olinger, and Jim Platt; women’s basketball: 34 Katelyn Adams, 40 Devon Brown, 30 Brittany Campbell, 12 Danika Dale, 21 Emily Frazierl, 24 Jasmine Gardner, 44 Catherine Kearney, 32 Terika Lunsford, 5 Reagan Miller, 22 Tolu Omotola, 55 Ashley Rininger, 3 Ellee Rollins, 23 Avery Warley, 1 LaKendra Washington; Staff: Carey Green, Alexis Sherard, Heather Stephens, Andrea “Andy” Bloodworth, Sarah Boruta, Dave Williams, Theresa Hoinsky, Katie Garlick, Sam Choi

u . n . c . ash ev ille

MEN’S BASKETBALL (14-18) no .


texas a & m

r an d olph college college of w illiam easter n kentucky lehigh

college of w illiam georgia state

& &




coastal carolina u nc w ilmington

v irgin ia inter mont hamp ton

montr eat r ichmon d

char le ston south er n pr e sby ter ian college u . n . c . ash ev ille

v irgin ia military institute r adfor d u . w inth rop

high point

r adfor d u . gar dn er - w ebb w inth rop



59-81 81-58 75-72 65-73 80-90 64-65 50-72 82-96 68-78 68-77 78-60 74-65 91-73 61-77 76-81 56-63 75-98 57-71 69-64 61-64, OT 84-78 63-65 67-65 63-58

char le ston south er n pr e sby ter ian college

v irgin ia military institute morgan state

coastal carolina campbell no .


seed char le ston south er


51-65 75-74 77-64 78-69 81-69 61-57 49-41 74-88

v irgin ia common w ealth u . north carolina a & t v irgin ia - w ise no .

12/14 oklahoma lipscomb jame s madison u . u . of v irgin ia glen v ille state v irgin ia u n ion r ichmon d r adfor d u . high point campbell


char le ston south er n pr e sby ter ian college w inth rop

u . n . c . ash ev ille gar n er - w ebb campbell

high point

char le ston south er n coastal carolina

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL (24-9) u . n . c . gr eensboro

coastal carolina

w inth rop


61-46 47-52 74-81 82-39 45-76 70-27 58-62 38-64 116-65 82-37 54-66 76-68 69-73, OT 90-61

pr e sby ter ian college gar n der - w ebb u nc ash ev ille r adfor d u .

82-45 79-64 59-39 74-49 78-56 78-51 58-45 73-65 77-69, 2OT 66-54 69-71 69-64 76-44 84-53 72-66

big south championship quarter final s

no .


seed u nc ash ev ille

semifinal s no .


seed char le ston south er n

big south championship

no .


seed high point

no .


seed notr e dame









ncaa di v ision i championship first rou n d

Sports Team Photos

Men’s tennis: Back Row (L-R) Head Coach Chris Johnson, Mandeep Yadav, Tristan Stayt, Shea Thomas, Siim Tuus, Matt Slamecka, Asst. Coach Ryan Fitzwilliam; Front Row (L-R) Giancarlo Lemmi, Wayne Harrell, Jorge Azuero, Dillon Segur; Women’s tennis: Back Row (L-R) Head Coach Chris Johnson, Alexandra Sheeran, Carol Lobel, Cameron Richard, Rebekah Jenkins, Asst. Coach Ryan Fitzwilliam; Front Row (L-R) Jessie Boda, Annisha Domenech, Nicola Wellman, Brittany Yang

MEN’S TENNIS (15-8) blu efield state r ichmon d av er et t

east carolina

georgia south er n coastal carolina or al roberts no .


oklahoma state

u . m . b . c .

coker college n .j . i .t.

chicag o state

gar dn er - w ebb

jame s madison u . campbell

pr e sby ter ian college morgan state

nor folk state w inth rop

longwo od u .

u . n . c . ash ev ille r adfor d u .

big south championship - first rou n d

no .


seed coastal carolina



7-0 1-6 7-0 3-4 5-2 3-4 7-0 4-3 4-3 8-1 5-2 7-0 5-2 3-4 2-5 7-0 6-1 5-2 3-4 5-2 7-0 2-5

georgetow n



no .

appalachian state r ichmon d

longwo od u .

v irgin ia tech

coastal carolina marshall

east ten n e s see state u . m . b . c .

gar dn er - w ebb coker college long islan d

chicag o state

char le ston south er n hamp ton

pr e sby ter ian college morgan state r adfor d u .

nor folk state campbell

w inth rop

u . n . c . ash ev ille

big south championship - first rou n d


seed coastal carolina


0-7 3-4 3-4 4-3 2-5 1-6 0-7 2-5 2-5 3-4 9-0 4-3 7-0 1-6 7-0 5-2 7-0 4-3 7-0 4-3 0-7 7-0



sy ke s - sabo ck challenge cu p


5 th ;

big south in d o or

tr ack championships

ecac / ic 4 a in d o or tr ack


u va team swash buckle


ecac / ic 4 a outd o or tr ack championships

12 th


men t 9 th ; women

1 st


3r d;


11th 3r d


1 st ;



big south outd o or tr ack championships

1 st ;


men t 11 th ; women

7 th

swimming: Meghan Babcock, Mallorie Chambers, Marley Cripe, Erin Curry, Carley Drye, Emily Duff, Dani Fletcher, Cori Gary, Jennifer Garzinski, Sarah Kendrick, Sarah McCorkle, Emily Mudd, Rachel Nelson, Brye Ravettine, Margaret Riel, Chloe Thomas, Bethany Wakeley; Staff: Jake Shellenberger and Jessica Barnes; golf: Will Bryant, Andrew Colvin, Mathieu Fenasse, Jordan Frye, David Jeh, Bobin Kang, Robert Karlsson, Niklas Lindstrom, Chase Marinell, Jacob Mast, Ian McConnell, Max McKay; Staff: Jeff Thomas and Jay Calvo


BASEBALL (41-19) r adfor d u . sien na sien na sien na

u . of v irgin ia coppin state coppin state

old d omin ion st. john ’ s st. john ’ s st. john ’ s bryant

jame s madison u .

pr e sby ter ian college pr e sby ter ian college pr e sby ter ian college old d omin ion

gar dn er - w ebb gar dn er - w ebb v. c . u .

marshall marshall marshall v. c . u .




6-3 6-2 1-0, 7-9 4-2 8-0 2-0, 14-0 13-1 10-6 12-2 7-4, 4-1 1-3 2-6 9-0 13-4 5-2 13-3 12-6 4-3, 8-0 4-5 2-4 8-4 9-5 10-12 4-5 5-4

W/L campbell L jame s madison u . W w inth rop W w inth rop L w inth rop W georgia L north carolina W u . n . c . ash ev ille L u . n . c . ash ev ille L u . n . c . ash ev ille W jame s madison u . W coastal carolina L coastal carolina L coastal carolina L north carolina a & t W high point W high point W high point L v irgin ia tech L r adfor d u . L r adfor d u . W r adfor d u . W no . 6 seed u . n . c . ash ev ille W big south championship

no .


seed campbell


8-6, 6-7 10 in n . 5-1 7-0 5-6 11-1 3-5 5-3 6-7, 13 in n . 0-2 16-6 12-1 3-5 2-4 1-7 6-2 5-0 6-3 11-13 3-4 0-4 13-8 10-5 9-2 7-0

no .


seed gar dn er - w ebb

no .


seed coastal carolina

big south title game






7-10 14-13 0-1 0-7 1-2 0-8 0-2 0-3 3-6 1-2 3-6 0-7 4-7 4-0 8-3 7-5 1-9 3-4 0-1 2-4 4-3

SOFTBALL (19-36) east ten n e s see state east ten n e s see state north dakota state monmouth monmouth

texas state texas state

sam houston state bu ffalo no .


bay lor

r adfor d u . cor n ell cor n ell

gar dn er - w ebb gar dn er - w ebb gar dn er - w ebb r adfor d u . r adfor d u . w inth rop w inth rop w inth rop

Sports Team Photos

baseball: 19 Bryan Aanderud, 55 Patrick Bankemper, 26 Daniel Brown, 12 Alex Close, 6 Shawn Clowers, 9 Ryan Cordell, 22 Tyler Cox, 38 Tim Dudley, 21 Patrick Eckelbarger, 8 Blake Forslund, 20 Danny Grauer, 1 Zack Haley, 14 Carson Herndon, 11 Jacob Kemmerer, 13 Trey Lambert, 16 Jared Lyons, 31 Matt Marsh, 33 Willi Martin, 23 Tony McClendon, 36 Kyle McKelvey, 25 John Niggli, 35 Adam Parks, 17 Ian Parmley, 30 Ashton Perritt, 3 Josh Richardson, 7 Michael Robertson, 2 Brooks Roy, 24 Justin Sizemore, 4 Andy Smith, 5 Dalton Sype, 10 Trey Wimmer, 34 Kody Young; Staff: Jim Toman, Jason Murray, Garrett Quinn, Matt Hagen, Billy Daniels, and Dustin Umberger; softball: 9 Kelby Allen, 23 Chandler Ball, 17 Meredith Crisante, 21 Jamie Crisp, 10 Emily DeYmaz, 3 Alyssa DiMartino, 15 Amber Donovan, 11 Jenny Law, 4 Sydnei Lester, 2 Hanna Nichols, 22 Grace Nordan, 5 Megan Robinson, 1 Marybeth Sciolino, 6 Sammi Shivock, 14 Jill Stephens, 7 Kelly Strickland, 8 Kaylee West, 16 Bridgett Woods, 12 Katie Zavodny; Staff: Paul Wetmore, Tuesday Van Engen, Brian Hensley and Dana Wheeler

u . n . c . gr eensboro u . n . c . gr eensboro

char le ston south er n char le ston south er n char le ston south er n north carolina a & t north carolina a & t hamp ton hamp ton

coastal carolina coastal carolina coastal carolina

pr e sby ter ian college pr e sby ter ian college pr e sby ter ian college u . of v irgin ia u . of v irgin ia campbell campbell campbell

v irgin ia tech v irgin ia tech longwo od u . longwo od u . big south championship

no . no .

3 seed char le ston south er n 7 seed pr e sby ter ian college


5-6 1-9 1-2 5-8 9-8 13-5 9-8 9-6 3-5 3-5 2-7 4-2 3-1 4-1 3-4 5-6 1-7 7-6 6-9 7-12 0-9 3-4 3-11 14-6



3-14 1-4

in v itational


W 147-141 W 172-116 W 151-111 r adfor d in v itational 1 st out of 10 teams 1 st out of 10 teams 2 n d out of 10 teams 1-2 flor ida gu lf coast quad meet duqu e sn e W 143-119 gar dn er - w ebb W 119-86 dav idson dual s 6-0 cc sa championships 2 n d out of 12 teams 2 n d out of 12 teams 2 n d out of 12 teams ncaa women ’ s sw imming an d di v ing championships 27 th place 37 th place 44 th place r adfor d u . campbell

GOLF g oph er in v itational in v er n e s s intercollegiate

r ee s jon e s intercollegiate

8 th out of 14 7 th out of 14 2 n d out of 11 6 th out of 13

odu /obx collegiate in v itational seabe st seafo od in v itational su ntrust gator in v itational seahaw k intercollegiate clev elan d g olf palmet to callaway collegiate match play championship linger longer in v itational r i v er lan ding intercollegiate big south men ’ s g olf championship

5 th out of 13 2 n d out of 18 1 st out of 18 2 n d out of 18 2 n d out of 13 2 n d out of 13 t 4 th out of 14 6 th out of 14 t 6 th out of 12 6 th out of 12 t 5 th out of 18 4 th out of 18 1, lost 1 4, lost 1 won , 3-0-2 t 9 th out of 12 7 th out of 12 1 st out of 12 1 st out of 12 1 st out of 8 1 st out of 8 1 st out of 8 won


SPOTLIGHTING CLUBS a l p h a l a m b da d e lta 1s t r o w : D r. Vo l k , D r. Goda msk i & Mrs. Grayson; 2 n d r o w : P a t r i c i a H e n r y, O l i v i a W i t h e r i t e , Au d r e y R a l o n , Fa b i n e E d m a , E l e n i B e l a y, H e a t h e r S c h m i d t , Sa ndra Sta nzione, Kat her ine Wo o d , S a r a h H a r p e r, Kat herine Jennings & Kately nn Ca r penter; 3rd Row : Ca leb Sera fi n i, Kev i n K night, Br ia n Mau ld i n, Jacqueline Gregoire, T i m o t h y P l a y e r, S a r a h Compton, Andre Craig, Michael Pigliavento Not Pic tured: Sa ra h Ha le, J o r d a n A l e x a n d e r, K i m b e r l y S hu p e & J e s s i c a Yo u n g

t h e p u b l i c r e l at i o n s student society o f a m e r i c a ( PR S S A ) executives

awa k e n : e l i z a b e t h c h a n, l a k r e s h a c h e n n i s , a m y j u s t i c e , e l i z a b e t h m e y e r s , j u l i e a n n e o s t e r h u s , c a n d a c e p ru i t t, r a c h e l s m i t h , a n d j e s s i c a l a c k e y

Jon Negroni Chelsea Dawson K risten Gorsuch Keri Cook Jessic a Rowel l A licia W hitecavage

element 71 c h e m i s t ry c lu b Sara h Thomas Meredith Mistretta L o g a n Wo l f o r d Michael Carson Ben Snyder D r. N a n c y R i c h a r d s o n K a it y Shondel myer K i a n a Va f a e i Ben Hoisington

y o u t h q u e s t : t h o m a s m y e r s , ta m e c a f o w l i n g , e t h a n h a r r i s , k at e ly n s c o t t, s c o t t s h e p pa r d , b ry c e m o r r i s , c h e l s e a c l i n e , d a n q ua r t u c c i o, e r i k a f i f e l s k i , c a r l e y m a r c o u i l l i e r , k y l e s m i t h , j o n at h a n h e d b l o m , c l a i r e j o n e s , j a r e d r o r h e r , c h a d s t r au s b au g h , b r e t t s c h u lt z , m a l l o ry e va n s , n i c k s m i t h , n at h a n i e l g r ay, s p e n c e r s o r r e l l , a m b e r c a r d e n, a n d j a m e s e l d r i d g e f e nc i ng c lu b D r. M i c h a e l J o n e s , A d v i s o r J. Chase Bond, President Zach Jones, Vice President A nd rew Grabau Jeff Benson Michael Rack James Latshaw William Hopchack Ju l ia Sa aved ra Zach Stirparo Nicol le Pa l ica s Shaw n Couder Shay ne Douglass A a r o n Tr u j i l l o MacCau ly Cacioppo

american institute of g r a p h i c a rt s ( a i g a) Jon A llison Michel le Winberr y R ashad Russel l Becca Hellman Lee Anne Zipagan Steph McGinn

e xo d u s : au s t i n a d d a m s , r o b e r t a n d r e w s , rya n a n d r e w s , a l e x h o f f m a n, ry k y l e g g , d a n i e l pat t i , a n d m at t wa r e


Club & Ministry Team Photos

l i g h t : j o h n b i s a g a , c a l e b b r o c a i l l e , r a c h e l h i c k l i n g , r i k k i k i m b a l l , c l ay t o n k n i g h t, k r i s t i a n s t e v e n s o n, a n d t o m s z o c h

s e v e n t y o n e : tay l o r k n i g h t, s i d n y e l at h a n, w i l l m i k k e l s o n, d o r i n o r m a n, z a c h n o r m a n, j o h n m i c h a e l r i t c h e y, j o y l i p pa r d , a n d k e n n y z a m m i t o

s o a r d u n k t e a m : t i m d av i s , b r e n t f o r t e n b e r ry, d o n a l d h o f f, r o b e r t i n g e r s o l , s h aw n l e w i s , j a m e s m a r c o u i l l i e r , a n d a n d r e w w i l l i s

t h e s o u n d s o f l i b e r t y : c h a r lt o n c o m b s , j e f f d y k e , d a n i e l e t h r i d g e , a i m e e h a m m e r ly, c h r i s t i a n h o d g e , m e l i s s a j e a n, f o r r e s t k n i g h t, m a r k l a m o n ta g n e , t o r i m i l l e r , r e l e i g h d e l o s r e y e s , s t e p h a n i e s a n c h e z , b r i t ta n y h o u s t o n, a n d s e e n ta e ’ y i

c r i m s o n f l o o d : s p e n c e r a s k e w, j e d b ay e s , j o s h c r o s b y, n at h a n f u l k s , d av i d h e n d e r s o n, j a s o n n i c h o l s , a n d k e v i n w i l l i a m s



For several years, the SELAH yearbook had been named one of the top yearbooks in the country and received many awards. The yearbook’s awards included recognition from the Associated Collegiate Press and Silver Crown Awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, only awarded to a select few from over 1,000 national entries. The yearbook added to the collection its first Gold Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association during the 2011-2012 school year. The 2011 SELAH Editor-InChief, Brett Hastie, 2011 Design Editor,

Brittany Mortensen and 2012 Editor-InChief, Whitney Moon went to Columbia University in New York, N.Y. to claim the award on March 18, 2012. Leading the way in the realm of yearbooks, SELAH was reinvented to include an online option for students. The online version was provided at no cost to its viewers and included numerous new features. With this change came the addition of videos, personal profiles, online signatures and much more. The 2012 yearbook wasn’t the only one that became available online. All of the school’s past yearbooks dating back to

1974 when the program began were also hosted on the internet for all to see. A printed book was still offered and it was also upgraded to include personalized pages. These personalized pages allowed students to add in their own photos so they could capture their personal memories. In celebration of the yearbook, a SELAH release party was held after Convocation on April 25, 2012. The changes to the yearbook program allowed more students the opportunity to view the book and stay connected with their history at the university. By Whitney Moon





Editor-In-Chief Train and lead staff to produce their best work to develop a book that exemplifies the campus community. Troubleshoot all problems, regularly communicating with the staff and administrators.

Managing/Supplemental Editor Develop story ideas, conduct interviews and write stories. Provide insight for use of theme and ideas for the yearbook. Conduct daily office tasks.

Art Director Develop all design elements for the yearbook. Coordinate copy, photos, and content submitted into coherent, creative design that demonstrates a common theme. Design all yearbook content.

Copy Editor Develop story ideas, conduct interviews, write stories and edit all copy. Provide insight for use of theme and ideas for the yearbook.


Marketing Manager Plan, organize and execute all events to promote awareness, involvement and sales of the yearbook.



Joel Coleman helps out with the release party that was held in the front of DeMoss on April 25. Joel and the rest of the university’s photography team provided many photos for the yearbook. Photo by Cali Lowdermilk Katie Anfindsen serves snow cones to the hundreds of students who came to the event. Katie helped coordinate many of the marketing events. Photo by Joel Coleman Gaetane Maurice uses the ipad to show students the new online yearbook as they wait in line. Students were excited about viewing all 38 editions of the yearbook online. Photo by Cali Lowedermilk

Hundreds of students line up in front of DeMoss at the yearbook release party. In honor of the newly released yearbook, the SELAH staff provided students with free cotton candy and snow cones. Photo by Kevin Manguiob

Jacob Anspach and Whitney Moon interact with graduating students at the Vistor’s Center. The graduates enjoyed looking back at their years at the school. Photo by Cali Lowdermilk Whitney Moon announces the new online and print options of the yearbook at convocation on April 25. Students were invited to a release party that was held after Convocation. Photo by Cali Lowdermilk

Rebecca Alvardo, Jacob Anspach, and Gaetane Maurice smile for a candid. They were excited to see the completed book. Photo by Joel Coleman

Many ecstatic graduates smile for a candid while attending Commencement. More than 34,000 proud guests and 6,000 graduates filled Williams Stadium that day. Photo by Kevin Manguiob

Patrick Andrews joins in the Commencement festivities Saturday, May 12. After Andrews was involved in a car accident in 1994, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. promised Andrews that if he would return to school, he would take care of the expenses himself. Sparky presented Andrews with an orange mortar board on Saturday since he was known for wearing orange around campus. Photo by Joel Coleman Governor and GOP candidate Mitt Romney and Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. stand on the stage at Commencement while waiting for Romney to address the many guests and students. The campus also welcomed Luis Palau as the Baccalaureate speaker. Photo by Joel Coleman



39thCOMMENCEMENT The university marked its 39th Commencement by honoring the 14,012 residential and online graduates on May 12, 2012. More than 6,000 graduates participated in Commencement, of which 3,800 were online students and 2,200 were residential students.


ver 34,000 guests were present to honor the graduates and to hear Governor and GOP candidate Mitt Romney deliver the Commencement address. The celebration kicked off on Friday, May 11 with a Baccalaureate service and an inspiring message from evangelist Luis Palau. A reception was also held that day for Liberty University Online students honoring their accomplishments and allowing them to explore the campus and interact with fellow students and professors. After the Baccalaureate service, the school’s first Military Graduate Recognition Ceremony took place in the Vines Center. The event recognized the accomplishments of veteran students and more than 2,000 graduating service members. The celebration continued with the

official Commencement ceremony on Saturday. During Commencement, Romney congratulated graduates on their accomplishments. He also encouraged them, now that they had finished one journey, to look at graduation as another beginning. He encouraged a lifestyle of service and challenged students to operate in the purpose and mission of their lives. Romney told the graduates “you leave Liberty with conviction and confidence as your armor. You know what you believe. You know who you are. And you know whom you will serve. Not all colleges instill that kind of confidence, but it will be among the most prized qualities from your education here.� Following Commencement, the graduates departed to attend their degree awarding ceremonies. By Gaetane Maurice & Whitney Moon

Commencement 2012 “You have sacrificed and labored for many years to make this day into a reality - we are proud of you.� Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Photo by Les Schofer

“Liberty was a school that wasn’t supposed to happen. Everybody said it couldn’t be done. A Conservative Christian school could not survive, but we did.” Jerry Falwell Jr.


Photo By Joel Coleman

Photo byTable David Duncan of Contents

AHarrah, Wesley Abbe, Lauren Abbott, David Abbott, Joy E Abbott, Steven Abbott, Timothy Abebe, Samuel M Abel, Emily A

Abel, Lauren K Abildness, Derek Ablett, Kristina A Abramowicz, Jared T Abrams, DaMeka L Abramson, Weston T Acell, Kelsey H Aceves, Alberto

Achtau, Roland Acker, Jordan D Ackerman, Daniel K Acree, Mary K Acree, Stephen Acres, Jaylyn M Adams, Abigail Adams, Andrew W

Adams, Angela A Adams, Bradleigh Adams, Brittany Adams, Chad Adams, Courtney R Adams, Daniel C Adams, Daniel H Adams, Danielle

Adams, Dylan R Adams, Jeremy Adams, John N Adams, Katelyn R Adams, Matthew T Adams, Melissa N Adams, Rhiannon N Adams, Royce

Adams, Stacie R Adams, Zachary A Adamson, AnneMaria Addington, Ashley N Adebayo, Amos Adebayo, J Adkins, Arey Adkins, Hannah

Adkins, Morgan Adler, Joshua R Aertker, John C Aghaji, Mia N Agnoletto, Alexander Agoe Larbie, Claus Aguiar, John Aita, Stephen

Ajibola, Oluwateniola O Akerele, Kayode O Akers, Benjamin C Akers, Daniel Akers, Sarah E Akimov, Angelica S Al Naimat, Danial Albaugh, Elizabeth A


Residential Portraits

Alberino, Christina Albright, James P Albury, Catherine Aldrich, Erik Aldridge, Austin M Alexander, Corey J Alexander, Jordan Alford, Taylor M

Ali, Rachel M Ali, Simeon Allen, Carrie A Allen, Debra M Allen, Jacqueline Allen, Kelby B Allen, Kristi M Allen, Lara L

Allen, Lauren A Allen, Richard J Allen, Sarah E Allen, Thomas V Allen, William B Allensworth, Joshua D Allerdings, Melanie Alley, Joshua D

Allgood, Riley Allison, Daniel C Allison, Luke W Allocco, Charles Alsobrook, Jordan Alsop, Katherine C Alsop, Sara A Altis, Ashley N

Alvarado, Angel Alvarado, Ashlee R Alvarado, Noelia Alvarenga, Cesia R Alvarez, Benjamin Alverson, Haley Amaya, Andrea A Amaya, Manuel A

Amaya, Rafael Ambrosino, Fortuna Amert, Chelsea L Ames, Elizabeth Ametam, Joseph Amiri, Timothy J Amoah, Abigail A Amos, Valencia L

Andersen, Karsten E Anderson, Alicia Anderson, Andrew G Anderson, Brooke Anderson, Chelsea Anderson, Derek M Anderson, Gordon E Anderson, Jamir

Anderson, Joanna Anderson, Kirby M Anderson, Kristi N Anderson, Nicole E Anderson, Taylor Anderson, Tyler C Anderson, William D Andres, Noelle

Andrews, Chelsea Andrews, Philip N Andrick, Tyler Ange, Daniel J Ange, Donna Angione, Jeremy Angle, Staton Aniol, Joellyne N

Annette, Patrick Anspach, Jacob S Antezana, Justin D Anthony, Holly A Anthony, Richard Anthony, Summer Antonio, Stephen Antoury, Amina S

Apa, Henrietta Apon, Robert B Apthorp, Alan R Arbuckle, Ann M Archer, Page K Ardon Jones, Vanessa Argyropoulos, Alexander P Arias, Isaac

Arisman, Jacob Armstrong, Cody Armstrong, Emily Armstrong, Jesse L Armstrong, John Arnold, Cody Arnold, Paloma Arnoux, Shawnte

Aron, Michelle Arp-Barnett, Zack Arpin, Ryan Arrington, David Arslain, Kara L Arslain, Paul Artale, Michael P Arthur, Dominique T

Arvey, Christopher M Asante, Diana Serwaa Asante, Kwadwo N Asbury, Candace B Ash, Robert W Ashbaugh, Julianne E Ashby, Samantha L Asher, Matthew T

Ashley, Katlin L Ashmore, Matthew Ashworth, Trey S Asihene, Alvin Askren, Nicole M Askren, Travis Assinesi, Kelly S Atangan, Nathaniel

Atewologun, Olubunmi Athanasiou, Alexandra Atkins, Matthew Atwood, Laurel B Au, Chi-Hang B Aube, Courtney L Aucott, Rebecca E Aughenbaugh, Catherine G


Residential Portraits

Augustin, Jean Climaque Augustus, Teresia M Austin, David O Austin, Leamon M Auton, Sean M Averette, Lauren Axon, Brianna Ayodeji, Savon O

Ayres, James Azubuike, Chizoba Azuero Tejada, Jorge A Babb, Lydia F Babb, Sarah E Babcock, Meghan P Baber, Kristen L Bachelder, David K

Baczewski, Monica Bae, Geu Rim Baez, Audrey Baez, Jessica M Baez, Luis G Baggarly, Kelsey D Bai, Jiabin Bailey, Alicia A

Bailey, Andrew Bailey, Brooke Bailey, Jennifer B Bailey, Jonathan W Bailey, Joshua W Bailey, Mallory A Bailey, Taylor G Bailiff, Amber

Bain, Norshanti N Baine, Ashley D Baines, Krystal S Baird-Rhymer, Mery C Bajramoski, Thomas J Bak, Yulhuem Bakaitis, Zachary D Baker, Anna V

Baker, Arthur S Baker, Bronwyn C Baker, Dianna L Baker, Jesse A Baker, Morgan Baker, Rachel N Baker, Riley C Baker, Sandra J

Baker, Stephanie R Bakker, Cameron Balcom, Aleeza B Baldino, Hannah Bales, Brock K Ball, Chandler V Ball, Jeremy R Ball, Kaitlyn R

Ballance, Taylor C Ballew, Jaime Bamford, Audrey B Banda, Chimwemwe Bandari, Nissy Bandeaux, Kasey N Bandy, Kristin A Bane, Carrie

Banks, Angela Banks, Isaac Banther, Korey N Banton, Dakota W Baquero Fierro, Lina MarĂ­a Barahona, Reina I Barahona Murillo, G Barbeau, Michael S

Barbee, Cody L Barber, Christopher Barber, Marisa Barbir, Joshua Barbir, Nicolas J Barbir, Timothy D Bardy, Amanda L Barefoot, Caleb

Barela, Adam C Barese, Sarah E Barfield, Antoine Barker, Isaac D Barker, Zachary T Barnes, Kawin A Barnes, Rachel E Barnes, Semaj A

Barnett, Chase R Barnett, Jordan M Barnhill, Jonathan Barock, Kelly E Barra, Katheryn S Barrans, Christopher P Barre, David Barrett, Breanna G

Barria, Karina L Barrows, Chad Barry, Shannon Barstead, Ashley D Bartell, Ashleigh Bartels, Allison M Bartholomew, Rebecca Bartlett, Daniel R

Bartlow, Brent C Bartlow, Jenae C Barton, Nicholas C Barton, Tony R Basel, Charles A Baseme, David B Bashore, Monica K Bass, Alexandra N

Bass, Daniel M Bass, Emily M Basye, Samuel W Batdorf, Abigail E Bateman, Jon C Bates, Alexandra D Bates, Carissa J Bates, Joel D

Bates, Jordan S Batson, Meghan J Battillo, Kari Battiste, Karen L Battiste, Zachary A Battle, Celeste Battle, Derrick Bauer, Abigail L


Residential Portraits

Bauer, Alexandra N Baugh, Marcie E Baugniet, Lauren M Baugniet, Michael A Bauguess, Jeremy T Baumbach, Matthew Baumgardner, Andrew Baumgardner, Kristin

Baumgardner, Rachel E Baumgarten, Luke Bayes, Jedidiah T Bazan, Daniel R Bazil, Jovannie Bazzoli, Keenan D Beacham, Christopher S Beale, Jeremy

Beam, Erik Beam, Nathaniel G Beam, Sean M Beaman, Heather Bean, Haylea Beard, Joshua M Beard, Stephen Beasley, John P

Beason, Benjamin S Beaston, Tyler Beatty, Blaine S Beatty, Elizabeth Beaty, James S Beaty, Joshua J Beaulieu, Michael Beaumont, Timothy D

Beaver, Stacy Beavon, Kyle Bechtel, Benjamin R Beck, Allison N Beck, Benjamin B Beck, Emily A Beck, Michael R Beck, Trevor N

Becker, Emily C Becker, Hannah Becker, Morgan T Beckett, Hillary R Beckett, Mark A Beckett, Matthew Beckett, William R Beckman, Brandon A

Beckner, Katie L Beckwith, John L Bedwell, Allison P Beebe, John Beech, Seth J Beecher, Kathrine Q Beeghley, Jesse S Beeman, Alecia M

Beeman, Alena N Beerman, Luke A Behnke, Emily E Beikert, Brennan C Beissner, Kyle A Bejarano, Erika Bekele, Mathias Belay, Eleni Tamerat

Belcher, Hailey E Bell, Jordan C Bell, Josiah M Bell, Mariah Bell, Matthew D Bell, Thomas W Bellew, Rachel Beltrami, David

Beltz, Brandi Benavidez, Taylor Benda, Camille J Benet, Amanda N Benet, Natalie R Benfield, Brandon Bengtson, Anders W Benjamin, Ryan A

Benkovics, Brittany F Bennett, Blair Bennett, Caleb J Bennett, Carissa Bennett, Chantell C Bennett, Ryan E Benson, Denisha D Benson, Jeffrey W

Benson, Mary K Benson, Matthew G Benson, Tiffany J Bentley, Jonathan A Benton, Lindsay Bentson, Chelsea L Benzinger, Phillip D Berdeau, Alexander

Berenyi, Stephen A Bergen, Heather Berger, Ali G Berger, Emily Bergey, Jade A Berkley, Alaina M Berlin, Joshua A Berman, Jessica M

Bernard, Wesley T Bernas, Michael Bernhardt, Heather J Bernhardt, Kaitlyn M Bernritter, Hilary Berrios, Solianna Berry, Jasmine M Berry, Jennifer

Berry, Jessica L Berry, Justin L Berry, Katherine Berryman, Ryan J Bertram, Rebecca E Bertsch, Maxwell Best, Amanda B Bester, Brandon A

Betancourt, Amarilis Betar, Rebekah Bethell, Kerri A Beverley, Brenton C Beverley, Keston P Bew, Audrey K Bibby, Lowe H Bibby, Ruth N


Residential Portraits

Bicevskis, Megan Bicket, William A Biddington, David A Biereder, Jennifer Bigelow, Mark N Biggers, Taylor A Bilby, Kristen P Billings, Michael S

Billiot, Brianna N Billow, Alyssa Bingham, Ashley Bingham, Matthew E Birchard, Brett A Birchfield, Lindsey S Birriel, Stephanie Bishop, Altha B

Bishop, Colby S Bishop, Taylor A Bittner, Breana Bixby, Jaclyn M Bize, Sarah Black, Brian Black, Cassandra E Black, Emily N

Black, James Black, Jenna Black, Marilyn M Black, Olivia Blackburn, Adrian T Blackwell, Christopher S Blain, Jordan M Blaine, Aaron T

Blake, Gavin R Blake, Leslie Blake, Paul A Blakeman, Kaylin Blakeman, Scott Blakey, Randesha M Blalock, Luther Bland, Cody

Blankenship, Melissa N Blaskewicz, Jacob C Blattner, Rachel M Blease, Anna E Bledsoe, Jazmine M Blevins, Mary K Bliesner, Caleb Blosser, Bethany

Blount, Danielle R Blount, Gregry Blue, Cayla O Blume, Mark Blumer, Andrew D Boaitey, George Boarman, Cassidy M Boateng, Elvis

Boateng, Janet Bobbitt, Mary L Bock, Abigail L Bockelkamp, Cody Boda, Jessie Bodanza, Matthew R Bode, Anna R Boden, Sean

Boderck, Sarah J Bodie, Grace Boe, Hannah M Bogan, Rebekah Bogdan, Ian J Bogier, Kenya D Bohlmann, Elizabeth Bohrer, Peter J

Boland, Kristin N Bolden, Rashad E Boley, Rayanne J Bolthouse, Caleb P Bolton, Daniel J Bolton, Ethan M Bond, Jessi D Bone, John E

Bonelli, Brittany J Booker, Kassie E Booker, Paul Boone, Madeline L Boone, Melissa Boontjer, Edward C Boontjer, Samantha B Boorom, Sarah E

Boorum, Victoria L Booth, Britney Booth, Christian Booth, Hilary J Borders, Andrew Borem, Jacob A Borgia, Scott T Bornarth, Garrett R

Borne, Michelle Borneisen, Timothy W Bornhorst, Tara M Bortz, Eric D Bos, Andrew Bos, Curtis W Bosco, Angela Bosco, Patrizia M

Bosiger, Jordan A Bosso-Hamernick, Anthony Bost, Katherine J Botello, Eric Bottoms, Robert L Boucher, Britanny L Boucher, Katherine R Boucher, Trever D

Bouchez, Brittany L Bourne, Christopher K Bourne, Elizabeth A Bourret, Sophie M Bouton, Victoria Bovard, Matthew Bovitz, Kelsey E Bowden, Edward A

Bowe, Dustin L Bowen, Nathan Bower, James R Bowers, Daniel A Bowers, Jacqueline Bowers, Kyle S Bowie, Natalie N Bowler, Steven J


Residential Portraits

Bowlin, Kati J Bowman, Jacob W Bowman, Jonathan Bowman, Katherine V Bowman, Luke N Bowman, Marissa Bowns, Carter Boyce, Aaron

Boyce, Travis J Boyd, Chelsea L Boyd, Christopher P Boyd, Corderro O Boyd, Darren Boyd, Moses J Boyd, Zachary Boyer, Jeremiah W

Boyet, Jennifer Boyette, Emily L Boykin, Ian Boykin, Taylor K Bracken, Joshua T Brackett, Kathryn E Bradford, Heather M Bradford, Keegan J

Bradley, Adrian Bradley, Amanda N Bradley, Jonathan R Bradley, Laurel Bradley, Lauren Bradley, Rachael Bradner, Patrick Bradshaw, Blair M

Bradt, Caitlin D Brady, Maria Bragdon, Beulah A Bragg, Andrew Bragg, Lauren N Brainard, Jeffrey A Brancaleone, Giovanni V Brandenstein, Nathaniel

Brandon, Daniel Brandon, Drew M Brandon, Riley E Brandon, Timothy L Branham, Justin E Branson, Tyler K Branstetter, Melissa J Brant, TKeyeah M

Brassell, Donald J Braswell, Justin Bratton, Darius A Braughton, Hannah Braughton, Kalista Braun, Allison J Braunius, James Braxton, Chelsey

Bray, Joshua D Brazas, Jonathan Bredeman, Angela C Bredemeier, Stephen D Bredin, Michael J Breidenbach, Kaitlyn B Breidenbach, Megan Breitmeyer, Kyle

Brennan, Michael S Brennen, Joseph A Breton, Elizabeth Breunig, Sterling Brewer, Austin J Brewer, James D Bridges, Daniel J Bridges, Kiara D

Bridges, Lindsey M Bridgett, Devin M Bridwell, Caleb J Briggs, Michael G Briggs, Travis Briggs, Trevor R Brighoff, John R Brightbill, Dylan

Briley, Zachary H Brillhart, Nathan D Brindley, Victoria I Brinson, MaKenzie L Bristow, Daniel Britner, Ricky E Broadway, Kristina I Brocaille, Caleb A

Brocious, Emily J Brock, Anna L Brock, Victoria Brockelman, Olivia V Brondyke, Steven R Brookman, Daniel R Brooks, Darec R Brooks, Earl T

Brooks, Kelsey N Brooks, Luann M Brooks, Rhett Brooks, Samuel J Broomell, Brooke T Broughton, Mary C Brousseau, Emma L Browe, Graham C

Brown, Aaron S Brown, Abby Brown, Adam R Brown, Alexander L Brown, Brandon Brown, Brandon Brown, Brian E Brown, Byron

Brown, Chelsie R Brown, Christine R Brown, Corbin A Brown, Daniel E Brown, Devon Brown, Diandrea K Brown, Emily R Brown, Ezekiel

Brown, Gabrielle M Brown, Haley Brown, Halla Brown, Heather J Brown, Jessica E Brown, Jevon P Brown, Jolene D Brown, Joseph D


Residential Portraits

Brown, Kenneth M Brown, Lance Brown, Lindsey J Brown, Mary E Brown, Murray N Brown, Rachel A Brown, Russell C Brown, Timothy

Brown, Tyler P Brownd, Elizabeth Browne, Kathryn Brubaker, Chris Bruce, Kenneth Bruckmann, Rachel M Brueckner, Paul Brumbaugh, Coryna J

Brumbelow, Micah Brumble, Laura B Brumfield, Courtney S Brunco, Brett A Brundidge, Lawrence A Brunk, Nathaniel Brunner, Victoria P Bry, Ashleigh A

Bryan, Roger Bryan, Wesley R Bryant, Andrea Bryant, Jon Q Bryant, Melissa L Bryant, Miranda E Bryant, Stephen C Buchanan, Elisa N

Buchanan, Jason M Bucher, Jerade M Buck, Amanda R Buck, Danielle Buck, Samuel Buck, Sarah E Buckwalter, Brittany D Buda, Stephanie T

Buechner, Joshua M Buening, Rachel N Bulles, Joshua Bullock, Ashley Bullock, Caleb J Bullock, Hillary J Bullock, Nathan A Bullock, Stephen C

Bump, Thomas Bundy, Wesley E Bunn, Sabrina L Bunner, Ashley B Bunts, Rebecca L Bunzey, Tyler Buonanno, Jessica R Buracker, Ava N

Burchfield, Jessica E Burden, Brendan R Burdette, Cody E Burgess, Jonathan Burghardt, Caleb D Burgos, Iliana M Burgos, Madeline A Burgos, Steven A

Burhans, Paige K Burke, Cody T Burke, Emily Burke, Hannah Burke, Rachel Burkert, Aric L Burkett, Carson Burleigh, Keith

Burlin, Michael Burling, Austin W Burling, Preston N Burman, Kyle M Burnam, Leslie Burnell, Caitlyn J Burnette, Anna R Burnham, Emma D

Burns, Noah Burrell, Shaanan J Burrow, Nathaniel Burt, Kirsten L Burt, Laura K Burton, David M Burton, Elijah Burton, Jordyn C

Burton, Shelby Burton, Stephanie N Burtt, Ryan J Burwell, Aisha D Buschmann, Brooke D Bush, Margaret A Bushnell, Ashley N Butcher, Hannah M

Butler, Andrew M Butler, Jessica M Butterfield, Lee Ann Buttner, Alex Byeon, Jongmoo Byers, Brandon Z Byers, Hannah Byers, Helen

Byers, Katelyn Byers, Kelly A Byman, Brenden Byrd, Briannan K Byrd, Jacob T Byrd, Janique L Byrd, Stephanie Byrnes, Kyle W

Byrnside, Anthony S Byrnside, Erica M Byron, Cary J Cabe, Hillary R Cabral, Kaylee Cabrera, Amanda V Cacioppo, MaCauly L Cado, Ross P

Caffo, Caprice Caffree, Virginia P Cagle, Merry A Caldwell, Joshua J Caldwell, Michael Harold Calhoun, Benjamin Calhoun, David M Calhoun, Jared M


Residential Portraits

Calhoun, Samuel D Caliendo, Alexander P Call, James B Callaham, Amy C Callahan, Cody J Callahan, Heather M Callahan, Veronica Callejas, Lilian

Calmes, Caitrin Calo, Ryan Calvetti, Alec T Camera, Nathan Cameron, Janique C Cameron, Jaquayla C Cameron, Paul Camilleri, Evan R

Campagna, Courtney L Campbell, Andrew Campbell, Brittany L Campbell, Christopher J Campbell, Dana A Campbell, Elisabeth Campbell, Elizabeth A Campbell, Elizabeth L

Campbell, Heather E Campbell, James C Campbell, Jeffrey P Campbell, John M Campbell, Nathan B Campbell, Rodney Campos, Barbara Miranda Canada, Zanathan M

Canale, Nicole R Candamil, Carolina Canegata, Andre Canfield, Zachariah Cannada, Courtney Cannon, Elizabeth Cantatore, Nicholas Cantu, Nathaniel A

Capano, Mariana C Capuzzi, Elizabeth A Carasella, Christopher J Carden, Amber R Carden, Jeremy C Carden, Kristen B Cardenas, Leonardo Cardinale, Carolyn E

Cardinali, Thomas G Cardonne, Kevin R Carela, Pedro O Carey, Jade Carl, Ryan T Carlberg, Jennifer R Carley, Rebekah E Carlo, Alma

Carlson, Breton A Carlson, Hannah Carlson, Jennifer L Carlson, Kessley D Carlson, Matthew S Carlson, Melanee A Carlson, Rebecca Carlton, Morgan

Carlyle, Leah A Carmickle, Kristin A Carneal, Christina L Carnell, Daniel Carney, Erin G Caron, Blake R Carouthers, Lakerria M Carouthers, Zacchaeus G

Carpenter, Katelynn G Carr, Brittyn M Carr, Leslie N Carraher, Brian Carriker, Morgan N Carrilho, Noah J Carrillo, Erin O Carroll, Devin C

Carroll, Kelli D Carroll, Lindsey M Carroll, Sarah Carroll, Shayne Carroll, Wesley E Carson, Kenneth L Carson, Kristen A Carson, Michael P

Carson, Zachary B Carter, Jacob N Carter, Jordan R Carter, Joshua M Carter, Linzi R Carthew, Melissa R Cartmell, Colleen E Caruso, Kaylyn E

Carvalho, Nicole Carver, Andrew Carver, Kayla M Carvlin, Andrea L Casey, Andrew K Cashen, Anna Cashen, Catherine G Caskey, Terence D

Cassidy, Samuel P Castro, Kevin T Caswell, Callahan T Cata, Christopher Cater, Jonathan Caudill, Lauren M Caudle, Alyssa Caudle, Ashley N

Caulder, Christopher S Caun, Joseph A Caun, Samantha M Causey, Jessica L Cavalcanti, Carla Cazer, Tyler J Cedeno, Leslie M Cederberg, Joseph

Cella, Jack Centeno-Nieto, Oscar Cernigliaro, Andrew Cerrato, Brett A Cervone, Robert E Chadwick, Elizabeth R Chae, Hyun-Jun Chamberlain, Emily


Residential Portraits

Chambers, Cody E Chambers, Daniel W Chambers, Jarrett D Chambers, Logan S Chambers, Mallorie C Chambers, Montrice L Chambers, Zane Chambliss, Jared A

Chan, Alexander C Chan, Dianne J Chan, Elizabeth Chanady, Mikaela S Chandler, Klarice N Chandler, Nathan T Chang, Hakyung Chapman, Casey R

Chapman, Daniel R Chapman, Rebekah J Chapman, Rory C Chappell, Samuel D Charles, Emily J Chase, Cassandra L Chastain, Emily C Chaverri, Timothy

Chavez, Jessica T Chavez Salgado, A Che, Amanda I Chelf, Tyler Chen, Hillary R Chen, Meng Chen, Xieyao Chen, Xieyuan

Chen, Yujun Chenault, Tyler Chennis, Lakresha Cherian, Shawn Cherry, Alonna Cherry, Chelsea R Chervin, Deborah R Chesson, Adam H

Chestnut, Avery C Chiaverini, Daniel Chichester, Corinne E Childers, Laura E Childres, Laney M Childs, Tyler Chiles, Emily F Chiles, Lydia

Chilton, Bradley A Chimere Dan, Sharon Chioma Chin Kim Kui, Deryl Ching, Hui T Ching, Jason D Chipman, Cord Chiware, Tapiwanashe S Cho, Dae Yeon

Cho, Daru Cho, Eunna Cho, Hyemi Cho, Minyoung Cho, Stephanie Choi, Ellim Choi, Hye In Choi, Michelle

Chow, David J Chown, Barbara Chrisman, Nicole R Christensen, Kristi L Christenson, Mary H Christiansen, Jacyda Christopherson, Bethany F Chukiatiwongul, Mahapawn

Chuks, Camille Chun, Jae Im Chung, Miho Chung, Yujin Church, Cheryl F Church, Landon K Ciaccio, Bethanne M Cissell, Michael A

Ciulla, Thomas Clack, Ashley Clair, Brendon Clampet, John Clampitt, Aaron D Clampitt, Adam V Clark, Alisha L Clark, Aricka

Clark, Brittany E Clark, Bryan Clark, Caleb R Clark, Cassandra S Clark, Joshua Clark, Katie A Clark, Kiersten N Clark, Kristen M

Clark, Marcela C Clark, Samara T Clark, Tyler J Clarke, Amy Clarke, Clifford Clarke, Erica M Clarke, Nathan J Clarke, Ryan K

Claros, Dominique R Clay, Hannah J Claybaugh, Michael Claypool, Josiah E Clayton, Kirstin J Clayton, Megan N Clayton, Michele Clayton, Sean C

Cleek, Natalie A Clemens, Travis Clementson, Anna Clemmons, Steven N Clemons, Brandon Clendenen, Erin Clerkin, Michael Clermond, Ricardo

Cleveland, Matthew A Cleveland, Ross M Clifton, Krista Cline, Alexandra L Close, Alexander D Clowers, Shawn M Clyde, Connor R Coar, Sammylita L


Residential Portraits

Coates, Rachel L Coates, Theresa M Cobb, RoseMarie Coburn, Kayla Cochrane, Robert J Cockman, Skye E Cockrell, Aaron J Cockrell, Joel L

Cockrum, Emily Cofer, Erica Cofer, Landon D Coffey, Allison B Coffey, Nathan A Coffield, Daniel Coffman, Alexa N Coffman, Megan

Coghill, W. Holden Colas, Davidson Colboch, Courtney D Cole, Casey M Cole, Joelle Cole, Mary C Cole, Mary Cole, Mollie J

Cole, Travis J Coleman, Austin R Coleman, Gregory A Coleman, Nicklaus P Coleman, Stephone Coles, Brittany F Collea, Cory Collier, Erica N

Collins, Christian S Collins, Jacob R Collins, Joseph M Collins, Joshua L Collins, Lindsay K Collins, Rachel J Collins, Shane Colon, Alexander D

Colonna, David C Colsey, Elizabeth A Colwell, Tiffany M Combs, Marissa A Combs, Neil Combs, Penny Comstock, Mackenzie Cone, Melissa G

Cone, Michael Conetto, Yennhi Conger, Luke D Conklin, Alexandra L Conklin, Andrew Conklin, Brittany Conklin, JohnMark Conley, David

Connell, Jonathan P Connell, Jordan Connell, McKenzie L Connell, Nicole L Connelly, Kit M Conner, Samuel Connors, Glenn W Connors, Kelly L

Connors, Lauren A Conrad, Amy C Conrad, Timothy M Conrath, Caitlan E Conti, Janessa R Contreras Calderon, S Cook, Amber M Cook, Blair J

Cook, Haley C Cook, Hayley E Cook, Michael J Cook, Shaquille E Cook, Sheachashaq Cook, Stephanie J Coombs, Brianna C Coon, Emilee

Cooper, Jessica A Cooper, Jordan G Cooper, Mary C Cooper, Rachel Cooper, Sarafina M Coopwood, Emily C Cooter, Jannah L Cope, Whitney L

Copeland, Clayton G Copeland, Robert B Copeland, Stephen Copley, Jennifer E Copp, Emily E Coppinger, Jeanette M Corbin, Audrey D Cord, Abigail

Cordasco, Andrew Cordell, Ryan T Corder, Sarah J Cordes, Daniel J Cordes, Joshua E Corkill, Brice Corlett, Daniel P Cornelius, Bryan J

Cornell, Donald L Cornett, Hannah Cornett, Lauren P Cornfield, Jarred L Cornwell, Joshua D Coronato, Matthew Corpe, Mallory A Corr, Nathan

Corral, Xavier Corson, Laura E Cortez, Ana L Corwin, Rebecca D Cosner, Tabethia L Cosner, Troy E Coss, Jennifer Costabile, Holly A

Cote, James Cotter, Jeffrey C Cottingham, Carley Cotton, John Couch, Rachel L Coughlin, Ryan Courson, Kristen M Courtney, Jonathan J


Residential Portraits

Courtright, Amber Courville, Jeremy N Cover, Rebecca A Covington, Amanda L Cowden, Shawn L Cowell, Joseph Cox, Abigail K Cox, Benjamin J

Cox, Brittany Cox, Jeremy P Cox, Kari L Cox, Kevin B Cox, Matthew R Cox, Mercedes Cox, Olivia Crabtree, William T

Craft, Brandon Craft, Joshua V Craig, Andre Craig, Ashleigh P Craig, Chelsea M Craig, Elizabeth D Craig, Samuel T Craig, Sarah L

Craig, Shannon Crain, Andrew L Cramer, Ashley N Cramer, Sarah J Crandall, Giles H Crandall, Jacob Brian Crass, Brent A Crawford, Carlee R

Crawford, Emily Crawford, Lindsay R Crawford, Tyler J Creech, Stephanie Creisstoff, Ivana Crenshaw, Joel Crenshaw, Saquan M Cressley, Corban B

Cribb, Leah Crider, Hudson L Cripe, Marley Crisp, Jamie Crist, Brianne G Crist, Sarah E Crockett, Kelsey L Cromley, Joshua A

Crone, Courtney Crook, Paige Crookshank, Nathan Croom, Lydia E Croom, Mia V Cropanese, Melody E Crosby, Joshua Croson, Bryan A

Cross, Caleb W Crossley, Austin J Croushorn, James W Crouthamel, Luke D Crowder, Jasmine Crowder, Rachel R Cruickshank, Kellie Crump, Garrett A

Crumpler, Caroline Crumpler, Martha E Cruz, Anna C Cruz, Daniel Cruz, Elizabeth N Cruz, Joel Cruz, Kristina M Cruz Argueta, Cindy J

Cryan, Sean Cuff, Jerald R Culbertson, Jacob Cullinan, Megan L Cullum, Deon Cullum, Lauren A Cumings, Patricia M Cummings, Brent A

Cummings, Mary J Cummings, Reid S Cunliffe, David Cunningham, Jordan M Cuoco, Joshua Cupp, Mark H Curley, Jennifer M Curry, Erin M

Curtis, Brian Curtis, Tessanna Cuthbertson, Treandous D'Bene, Lee Dabi, Bezawit M Dache, Alexis C Dahl, Kimberly D Dailey, Matthias

Dale, Danika A Dale, Heather A Dalien, Tsadok Dallenbach, Katie L Dalrymple, Amy C Dalton, Dallas S Dalton, Sydney A Damon, Joshua D

Damon, Sarah Danaher, Justin Danehower, Joshua S Daniel, Ashley B Daniel, Jeremy W Daniel, Nicole Daniel, Rachel Daniels, David J

Daniels, Holly L Dankert, Stephen C Danko, Caitlyn M Danko, Kelsey Danso, Amazing Grace L Daratony, Natalie B Darby, Christine S Darius, Benjamin

Darius, Brian Darko, Jeffery Darling, Craig Darling, Gerald L Darling, Heidi Dartt, Rachel Daum, Alyson Davenport, Mary E


Residential Portraits

Davey, Jessica L David, Elias M Davidson, Lacey R Davies, Alexander M Davies, Anikeh C Davies, Joshua S Davies, Robert Davis, Alexandria G

Davis, Asia Davis, Audrey Davis, Bailey Davis, Caleb B Davis, Christopher Davis, Cidney M Davis, Constance D Davis, Courtney L

Davis, Daniel C Davis, Dominique Davis, Erica L Davis, Gequetta N Davis, Henry Davis, James Davis, Jessica B Davis, Jonathan T

Davis, Kaitlyn Davis, Kathryn M Davis, Kyle L Davis, Melanie E Davis, Micah I Davis, Morgan C Davis, Nicole A Davis, Octavius D

Davis, Olivia G Davis, Rebekah R Davis, Savannah Davis, Torrye R Davis, Tyrale D Davy, John Dawson, Ariel Dawson, Dorothy M

Dawson, Rachel L Day, Hannah M Day, Matthew Day, Natalie E Day, Sarah Dayberry, Kelsea M Daycock, Whitney O De Blank, Christopher B

De Gastyne, Aaron D De La Cruz, Pamela J De Souza, Thiago De la Hoz, Natalie DeCambra, Daniel G DeCindio, Tonya J DeLorenz, Kristin DeMann, Morgan E

DeMaria, Jennifer DeMaria, Jonathan DeMeo, Elizabeth DeValve, Jacob C DeVault, Jennifer DeVore, Jonathan DeYmaz, Emily Deal, Whitney

Dean, Travis A Deas, Markus Deas, Rachel E Deaton, Christopher L Deaver, Jadrian M Deaver, Seth M Deberry, Darrius D Debreus, Darby Burdley

Decarlo, Michelle J Decker, Bradford C Degazio, Alexis M Degler, Daniel S Dehnert, Jacqueline Deibert, Ian M Deibler, Jeffrey H Deike, Matthew G

Deissler, Alyssa Dekreon, Joseph R Delagarza, Alyssa Delano, Brandon Delcamp, Holly J Delello, Jared D Delevante, Amanda J Delfino, Nicholas A

Delgatti, Ryan Dellinger, Amanda M Demetros, Anastasia L Dempsey, Joshua S Dempsey, Lauren Denardo, Brooke A Dennerlein, Sean Denney, Joel

Dennis, Deana Denny, Joshua T Dent, Megan C Deppen, Stephanie M Deramo, Christopher Derby, Anne Derby, Elizabeth B Derosa, Ashley A

Desmond, Amber J Desmond, Daniel Desouza, Kathleen Destine, Erline Detar, Allison L Detweiler, Heath Detwiler, Ryan Deus, Dana

Devries, Jeremy S Dewenter, Jacklyn D Dewolf, Chelsea M Dexter, Sarah A Di Leo, Angela S DiBartolo, Erica M Dias, Danielle A Diaz Roman, Mizraim

Diblin, Jill A Dicarlo, David F Dicaro, Jessica L Dicesare, Stephanie B Dickens, Jacob Dickens, Robert Dickerson, Gregory Dickey, Justin C


Residential Portraits

Dickinson, Courtney M Dickson, Jeffrey D Dickson, Mark Diehl, Jacob S Diehl, Joshua T Diehl, Katelyn Diehl, Sabrina Diesel, Louis R

Dieudonne, Mitchell Difelice, Nicole D Difernando, Ryan Diffy, Daniel Digges, Jacob R Digiacomo, Kerry L Dii, Esther N Dilella, Danielle

Dilg, Taylor E Dimanche, Jonathan Dimauro, Richard J Dina, Andrew J Dipento, Breana G Dirling, George G Disbro, Stephanie Disher, Lydia N

Dishman, Allison Dishman, Amanda N Distler, Jonathan Dittmeier, Christian Divers, Eric T Dix, Carolyn J Dix, Cory Dixon, Hannah G

Dixon, Hannah J Dixon, Justin Dixon, Lucas Dixon, Michael D Dobbins, Denzell M Doble, Wesley Dobrzanski, Zoie B Dobson, Laurey H

Docksteader, Chad R Dodson, Jared C Dodson, Kimberly R Dodson, Morgan L Dodson, Rachel C Dodson, Richmond C Doerfler, Nigel Doerstling, Mackenzie A

Doherty, David Doherty, Drew A Doherty, Kaitlin Doherty, Megan Dolan, Andrew Dolan, Bobbi Doll, Sarah E Dollar, Sophia

Domenech, Annisha C Domingues, Ana A Domschine, Benjamin S Donahoo, Brandon M Donato, Matt D Donigan, Sheldon E Donovan, Amber M Donovan, Catriana R

Donovan, Sara K Doolittle, Helen Doore, Christopher Dorman, Rachel M Doron, Carrie C Doronila, Rolando Dorr, Lauren Dorr, Philip

Dorton, Amanda Dorton, Brittany Doty, Kevin M Doucett, Samantha R Dougherty, Jacquelyn Dougherty, Jonathan Q Dougherty, Lindsey B Doughty, Sarah

Douglas, Caroline B Douglass, Shayne A Douyon, Sebastien A Dow, Jeremy R Dowd, Colin P Dowlearn, Melody L Downer, Shelby Downie, William N

Downs, Chloe C Downs, Christina K Downs, Rachel C Dozeman, Melissa Drake, Sharayah Dreyer, Callie L Dreyer, Cole Driskill, Ethan S

Drobot, Anatolii Drown, Hannah J Drudge, Ashley Drum, Seth H Drumheller, Leah E Drye, Carley A DuCasse, Dallas Dubbe, Adam N

Dubrow, Cheryl F Duckworth, Elizabeth M Ducre, Marc Dudley, Robert Duff, Emily Dugard, Joel W Duininck, Samuel M Dukate, Evan P

Duke, George M Duke, Hillary A Dukes, Molly Duncan, Ashley Duncan, Chaselyn A Duncan, Jessica L Duncan, Michael Duncan, Tyler C

Dunevant, Kayla Dunivan, Christina N Dunivin, Jeremiah Dunkle, Alanna M Dunkum, Tabitha Dunn, Anna M Dunn, Colin Dunn, Heather E


Residential Portraits

Dunn, Jonathan Dunn, Rachel Dunne, Brittany K Dunscomb, Kyle Dupre, Kyle R Duque, Javier D Duran, Armando Durdin, Jordan S

Durig, Zachary T Durkovic, Lydia K Dussault, Benjamin Dutil, Leo P Duvall, Sharin J Dye, Robert S Dyer, David Dyhouse, Natalya C

Dyke, Jeffrey E Dyson, Keverly L Dyson, Miles Eagle, Dylan T Early, LeeAnna R Earwicker, Emily M Easley, Darius C East, Andrew

East, Elizabeth Easter, Annette A Eastman, Kyle Eastridge, Katherine Eaton, Jesse R Eaton, Jonathan Eaton, Richard Ebel, Lucas A

Ebling, Neil Ebrahim, James Ebrahim, John Eby, Daniel M Echeverria, Danielle F Eckels, Daniel Eckels, Julie Eckhoff, Andrew

Eddings, Rory C Eddins, Elizabeth N Edds, Lauren E Eddy, Christopher M Eder, Isaac Edfort, Mark Ediger, Cheree Edmond, Michael

Edmond, Paul W Edwards, Austin M Edwards, Barry Edwards, Caleb L Edwards, Jae L Edwards, Meagan E Edwards, Melinda Edwards, Noah

Edwards, Sally A Edwards, Stephanie M Edwards, Tremayne Edworthy, Jacob Effah, Constance A Effinger, Micah J Efird, Amanda J Ehlert, Johnna

Ehret, Brittany R Ehrich, Daniel T Eichel, Jonathan D Eicher, Henry N Eifert, David Eikrem, Leif Eilers, Frederick J Elam, Erica

Elder, Angela M Elder, Landis R Eldridge, James R Eldridge, Kelly E Elkins, Brittany N Ellenburg, Sarah N Eller, Hannah L Eller, Rebekah M

Elliott, Jeremy D Elliott, Julie M Elliott, Laurin B Elliott, Seneca D Elliott, Travis Ellis, Aaron M Ellis, Andrew Ellis, Daniel

Ellis, John Ellis, Lachaddrick T Ellis, Paul D Elliston, Logan A Ellsworth, Zachary S Ellwanger, Tracy N Ellwein, Tyler J Elmers, Dawn

Elrod, Emily Elswick, Brandon Embry, Raymond Emebo, Nnamdi Declan Emerson, Michael A Endel, Austin R Endres, Matthew Endres, Preston

England, Katherine E Engle, Hannah M Entenok, Timothy Entriken, Loren S Epperson, Kameron K Eppler, Caleb J Erickson, Zachary T Erisman, Ellen M

Ernewein, Jordan E Errico, Rebecca M Ertsos, Joseph A Erwin, Destiny M Erwin, Elizabeth G Esbenshade, Samuel Eshleman, Keith A Eskridge, Sreedevi

Espinoza Aguilar, Monica Esposito, Joshua S Essex, Madoline Essig, Amelia Essig, Jeremiah J Estell, Georgianna Estep, Marissa L Estes, Diana


Residential Portraits

Estevez, Robert M Estira, Ricardo Etemadi, Edrys W Etheridge, Heather Etheridge, Kristen R Ethridge, Daniel J Ethridge, Zachary W Etienne, Nehemie L

Etienne, Timothy Evans, Bradley C Evans, Brittany N Evans, Bruce D Evans, Callie A Evans, David L Evans, Jake E Evans, Jordan C

Evans, Joshua H Evans, Joshua R Evans, Klaire M Evans, Mario Evans, Nathan Evans, Sarah A Everett, Ashley Everett, Justin

Everett, Nathan Everett, Timothy J Evetts, Kayla M Ewing, Catherine L Ewton, Bradley N Eyo, Prince E Ezeigbo, Chidiebele M Facchiano, Jessica

Fahrenbruch, Sarah T Fail, Rebecca Fail, Richard Fairall, Ann Fairclough, Alicia Fairfield, Brianna L Falconer, Constance A Faraj Kawas, Amira

Faraldi, Kara E Fariss, Caitlin V Farkas, Brandon Farley, Laurel Farmer, Ashtan S Farmer, Laura Farmer, Lucas Farnham, Joshua

Farnsworth, Samuel Farnsworth, Tessa L Farrar, Zachary T Farries, Christina D Farris, Jordan Farris, Toni Faucette, Kathryn E Fayette, Wanick

Fazio, Luke M Fearney, Michael T Febrizio, Mark Fechter, James A Fecteau, Michael A Federico, Joshua J Feeney, Hannah Fehsenfeld, Jessica

Feijoo, Maria d Feild, Sarah Feister, Steven Felder, Jennifer G Felder, Melissa Feliciano, Deborah Feliciano, Rachel Felker, Stefani A

Felker, Travis Fellon, John C Felty, Erika R Fenasse, Mathieu Fendley, George W Fendt, Sarah C Fenlason, Stephen Ferguson, Kyle B

Ferguson, Michael Ferguson, Mitchelle L Ferguson, Preston Albert Fero, Sarah M Ferrara, Hunter B Ferrario Tweeten, Danielle Ferris, John W Fetterhoff, Erin A

Fetty, Shane A Fewell, Jibrille Ficco, Samantha M Field, Geoffrey E Fields, Corey Fielitz, Lyndi Fierro, Danielle Fifelski, Nicholas

Figliola, Pilar N Figueroa-Diaz, Keila Filegar, Jacob F Files, Kathryn Filiberto, Kevin Filpo, Anadel Finch, Shiloh P Fink, Michael J

Fink, Timothy Finley, Brandon D Finley, Jonathan E Finnerty, Trevor J Fiordelise, Mary Fiori, Zachary R Firooznia, Brandon Firooznia, Natasha L

Fischer, Courtney B Fischer, Madison A Fishburne, Allison L Fisher, Emily L Fisher, Gideon E Fisher, Hannah Fisher, Micah Fisher, Rusty

Fisher, Ryan C Fisher, Sandon Fisher, Sarah R Fisher, Stephanie M Fisher, Stephen R Fisher, Wesley Fitch, Elizabeth F Fitch, Robert


Residential Portraits

Fitter, Bruce B Fitzgerald, Andrew J Fitzgerald, Brandon W Flaherty, Abigail Flanders, Ben Fleagle, Karissa M Fleck, Jacqueline Fleetwood, Ashley M

Fleming, Joshua M Fleming, Rayshun Fletcher, Danielle N Fletcher, Kinsey B Fletcher, Kristin L Fletcher, Kyle D Fleury, Kaitlyn J Flickinger, Michael

Flippo, Brittani A Flood, Kevin M Flood, Theresa M Flores, Gerli A Flores, Tanya I Floros, Rebecca J Floto, Zachary D Flournoy, Jacqueline R

Flowers, Eugene Flowers, Lucas L Floyd, Jillian L Flynn, Tyler Foard, Lauren Fobbs, Brooke Fogle, Kacie M Fogleman, Caleb A

Fogleman, Stephen Foley, Kelsey Foley, Spenser Foley, Tosha M Fonner, Robert F Fontaine, Caitlin A Fontes, Anna R Foose, Brittany

Foose, Michael H Foote, Thomas Forbes, Ashley J Forbes, Jessica B Ford, Cameron Ford, Carson B Ford, Christina Ford, Miraj O

Forero, Brittney N Forrest, Ben Forsberg, Adam T Forst, Joshua T Forsyth, Corey Fortier, Carmen Fortier, Jeffrey L Fortier, Kevin W

Fortier, Stephenie Fortner, Amanda Fortner, Jessica Forton, Violet Forward, Phanessa L Forystek, Jedidiah A Foss, Jimmie C Foster, Benjamin S

Foster, Cassie E Foster, Hannah D Foster, James L Foster, Josh Foster, Kim Foster, Wesley P Fouse, Ashley Fouse, Melinda

Foust, Glenn C Foust, James O Fowler, Christian A Fowler, Jeremiah Fowler, Joseph D Fowler, Joshua D Fowler, Kevin Fowler, Zachary D

Fox, Adriana Fox, Amy D Fox, Bethany G Fox, Ciara C Fox, Heather G Fox, James M Fox, Kara Fox, Micah

Fox, Nathaniel D Fox, Ryan P Foxwell, Jamie P Frackleton, Colleen C Frailey, Caleb Frais, Esdras Frais, Janide Fralin, Jessica L

Francis, Branden T Francis, Carmen E Francis, Courtney A Francis, Jessica A Francis, Rachel L Francis, Sarah M Francis, Stephen R Francisco, Claire N

Frangos, Britney Frank, Tyler B Frankenfield, Karch A Franklin, Kameryn L Franklin, Laura Frantz, Justin Fraser, Jenna Fraser, Stephen P

Fraser, Timothy C Frazier, Emily Frazier, James E Frazier, Kristen J Frazier, Taylor V Fredette, Gabrielle Freeman, Aaron Freeman, Cory D

Freeman, Hannah Freese, Andrew C Freier, Nathan Frejd, Robert W French, Aric Frey, Geza P Freyre, Rachel M Friberg, Dylan W


Residential Portraits

Friberg, Jessica Fricke, Alexander Fridley, Jacob T Fridley, Joshua T Friedel, Jonathan Friederichsen, Chloe W Friederichsen, Kelsie Friesner, Geoffrey R

Frimpong Konadu, Jemima Frisby, Gary Fritzemeier, Lyndee R Fritzinger, April D Frohne, Amanda E Frohnheiser, Chelsea L Frost, Alyssa Frost, Michael

Fry, Danielle Fry, Elizabeth Fry, Kristen O Fry, Lauren M Frye, Cassandra Frye, Nikolas A Frye, Tyler Fualaau, Nicholas

Fugitt, Chelsea B Fulcher, Taylor Fulde, Audra L Fulgham, Philip L Fulks, Nathan Fuller, Emily Fuller, Ericka L Fullerton, Travis R

Fulton, Cody B Fulton, Jordan Fulton, Stephanie R Fulwider, Jeremiah D Funez, Kelly Furman, Charles R Furman, Lindsey Furman, Shawn

Fuselli, Christina Gabbard, Melanie Gable, Kevin Gable, Ryan Gabriel, Kelsi Gadd, Amanda J Gage, Samantha G Gage, Sara C

Gailer, Shannon N Gale, Danielle A Galer, Sarah Galiley, Yael Gallagher, Randall Gallagher, Tyler J Gallinar, Ricardo E Galloway, Ashelyn E

Galo Salgado, Cinthya R Galvez, Brenda Galvez, Linda M Galvin, Suzanna L Galyon, Allison R Gamble, Nicholas Gambrino, Dean J Gammons, Amanda

Gandy, Kevin Ganse, Jeremy T Garber, Kelly E Garcia, Adina V Garcia, Bianca F Garcia, Jennifer Garcia, Noel Garcia, Travis G

Gardner, Jasmine E Gardner, Samantha R Gardner, Sarah C Gardner, Timothy A Gardow, Dane Garibay, Karla Garland, Christian Garman, Virginia M

Garnier, Matthew S Garrett, Courtney P Garrett, Randi L Garrett, Roxanne Garrity, Lydia A Gary, Coralynn G Gary, James F Garza, Taylor B

Garzinski, Jennifer N Gaskin, Joshua Gaskins, James H Gass, Jessica M Gaston, Joshua D Gates, Laurel C Gatz, Morgan A Gaudio, Anna K

Gayle, Kaden Gearhart, Gabrielle Gearhart, Jacob Gebben, Ansley P Gederberg, Blake W Gee, Megan Geesey, John Geiser, Matthew D

Genaway, Kenneth P Gendrue, Joseph C Genovese, Gina M Gentilella, Joshua D Gentry, Ashley M Gentry, Kaylan M Gentry, Nicole George, Rebekah

George, Rhiannon Gerardi, Nicholas Gerhart, Courtney P Gerrald, Ashley M Gery, Matthew T Gerz, Marshall Gestrich, Randal Getsee, Kathryn E

Giannini, Anthony V Giaritelli, Elizabeth N Giarratana, Tyler P Gibby, Melissa F Gibson, Brooke V Gibson, Dwayne P Gibson, Hannah G Gibson, Isaac E


Residential Portraits

Gibson, Jenna L Gibson, Julian G Gibson, Kirk T Gibson, Kyle Gibson, Leah M Gibson, Neal Gibson, Oliver E Gibson, Shane B

Gibson, Zachary Gibson-Faber, Justin A Gielo, Tomasz Gifford, Ann Gigliotti, Thomas J Gilbert, Halley Gilbert, John L Gilbert, Laura

Gilbert, Zachary J Gilcrease, Matteson L Gill, Kyle Gillan, Ian T Gilley, Brett A Gilliam, Michael C Gilmartin, Kevin R Gilmer, Sarah E

Gilpin, Taylor Ginn, Joshua J Ginsburg, Kyle M Gintner, Jennifer A Giobbie, Corinne Giordano, Kimberly Girnus, Kathryn Givens, Christian

Givens, Jessica J Givens, Teschia Glackin, Christian M Gladfelter, Jenna R Gladfelter, Kevin A Glahn, Stephanie Glass, Michelle N Glass, Onesiaum J

Glidden, Kierra G Glidewell, Daniel Gliganic, Kimberly Glodfelter, Cody Glover, Alexandra Glover, Ashley Glover, Callie M Glover, Chanise J

Glover, James Glover, Joshua M Glover, Lindsey J Gnanakan, Alethea E Goddard, Rachel E Godden, James Godfrey, Meredith R Godley, Philip A

Godsey, George Godsil, Andrea Godwin, Kathleen G Goebel, Caleb C Goetz, Natasha Gogerty, Sarah E Goings, Jacob Goins, David H

Goins, Rachel M Goins, Rachelle Golden, Sara E Goldman, Matthew R Golike, Alyssa Goncalves, Fernando Gong, Yue Gonzalez, Gladis J

Gonzalez, Julie N Gonzalez Bardales, A Gonzalez Pena, Ruben D Gonzalez-Flores, Dennis J Good, Kyle E Good, Kyle E Good, Rachel Goodall, Nicholas R

Goodenough, Aaron Goodin, Allison Goodin, Isaac D Goodman, Rochelle Goodrich, Kristen M Goodsell, Ashley Goodwin, Joshua A Goolsby, Andrew

Goon, Hunter C Goon, Juliette Gooss, Rachel L Gordon, Casey Gordon, Chelsea A Gordon, Joshua Gordon, Laura D Gordon, Rebecca S

Gorman, Hanna L Gorsuch, Kristen Gorter, Jacob Gortman, Justin L Gorton, Kyle Goshorn, Daniel Gosliga, Erin Gosnell, Joseph M

Gosse, Sarah Gossett, Mondrea Gossett, Seth W Gott, Zachrey W Gottilla, Anaya F Gover, Charles M Governale, Jeremy Grab, John E

Grabau, Andrew Gragg, Dakota Graham, Allyson T Graham, Brady J Graham, Emily R Graham, Jessica M Graham, Joshua W Graham, Troy

Grainger, Amanda N Grainger, Melissa A Grant, Brandon A Grant, Katelyn V Granville, Sarah M Grasser, Keith W Grauer, Daniel Gravatt, Christian M


Residential Portraits

Graves, Brandon Graves, Jack T Graves, John C Graves, Kimberly R Graves, Mary J Gravley, Jonathan T Gray, Amanda Gray, Andrew R

Gray, Bethany A Gray, Kaylani C Gray, Lorin E Gray, Luke Gray, Nathaniel Green, Chase Green, Courtney Green, Holly

Green, Meghan E Green, Morgan H Green, Thomas Greenberg, David M Greene, Benjamin A Greener, Lillian E Greenfield, Abbie Gregg, Katherine A

Gregoire, Jacqueline Gregoire, Jonathan D Gregory, Amanda L Greigg, Philomen Grenke, Courtney J Gresham, Miranda A Griffin, Kyle M Griffin, Terrence

Griffith, Bradford P Griffith, Christian Griffith, Jonathan A Grigas, Anna C Grigg, Ashley Grigsby, Gary Grimes, Sarah E Grimm, Josiah D

Grimmer, Cydney M Grindeland, Nicholas Grindstaff, Garrett D Grishkowsky, Natasha Grist, Lia M Griswold, Isaac D Groat, Jacquelyn Groeneveld, Kaylee

Gromlich, Bridgette Groover, Rachel Groski, Benjamin Gross, Heather R Grosso, Kevin Grove, Travis M Groves, Rebecca Groves, William G

Grow, Caleb B Grow, Jordan W Grupp, Megan Gruver, Kayla Gryder, Kaitlyn Gu, Yang Guensch, Matthew Guenther, Daniel

Guenther, Jessica Guillaume, Fille Guillermo, Miguel P Guilliams, Claire J Guilliams, Sean D Guimond, Aaron M Gula, John A Gulledge, Brandon T

Gulledge, Jordan Gum, Samantha Gummo, Joshua T Gunter, Casey P Gupton, Joshua L Gurnavage, Rachel E Gurreri, Christopher N Gustafson, Andrew

Gute, Melinda Guthrie, Hannah Guthrie, Rachel L Guthrie, Ruth E Guthrie, Sarah H Guzman, Maria C Gwon, Jinjoo Gyatt, Ashleigh E

Gyatt, Douglass H Ha, Ester Ha, Hyesoo Haas, Amy R Haas, Max S Haberman, Elizabeth M Hack, Colby M Hackney, Terey

Hackney, Terrell Haddock, Kierstin Hadley, Amanda A Hadley, Brady S Haemmerle, Erika K Hager, Alexis M Hager, Chelsea Hagerman, Aaron W

Haggerty, Robert J Hagopian, Alexis Hagy, Holly N Hairston, Christopher Hairston, Kimoni L Hairston, Lee Hairston, Princess P Halbach, Amy E

Halbach, Bethany R Haldeman, Ann C Haldeman, Rachel Hale, Alyssa M Hale, Christina E Hale, Daniel L Hale, Rachel Hale, Sarah B

Hall, Brandon E Hall, Christopher J Hall, Frederick Hall, Isaac R Hall, Jonathan L Hall, Kristen N Hall, Phillip Hall, Sabrina


Residential Portraits

Hallman, Alexandria Hallman, John Hallman, Matthew R Halsey, Benjamin D Halstead, Haley Halstead, Justice L Halvorson, Victoria L Halyard, Jacqueline

Ham, Chanyang Hamel, Chad A Hamid, Micaela L Hamilton, Alex D Hamilton, Ashley Hamilton, Brian D Hamilton, Christian Hamilton, Joshua G

Hamilton, Kandice D Hamilton, Kelly L Hamilton, Rebecca J Hamilton, Sarah E Hammans, Kathleen A Hammell, Kevin T Hammett, Erica Hammitt, Jonathan C

Hammond, Alyssa C Hammond, Michael Hamrick, Austin Hamrick, Shelby A Hamrick, Tyler Han, Peijun Hancock, Anne-Marie R Hancock, Ashley R

Hancock, Christopher D Hancock, Erin F Handal Villatoro, K Handy, Melanie L Handzlik, Zachary Haney, Bradley N Hanger, Rachel J Hankey, Sarah

Hankins, Timothy Hanks, Lindsey Hanlon, Jonathan Hanna, Daniel B Hanna, Pedro L Hannon, Timothy D Hansen, Andrew S Hansford, Emily E

Hanson, Kayla R Hanson, Mitchell A Hanson, Samuel W Happel, Lillie C Haraseviat, Candace Harbeson, Hunter Harbison, Columbus Hardin, Taylor

Hardison, Kellie Hardy, Adam E Hardy, John G Hardy, Larkin L Hardy, Rebekah E Hardy, Sabrina N Hargett, Caitlin N Hargett, Paige M

Hargrave, Conner Harkins, Katie M Harlan, Kimberly Harmon, Dillon Harmon, Jeremiah Harmon, Neil P Harmon, Raymond L Harper, Angelica

Harper, Sarah E Harrell, Anna L Harrell, Tenisha A Harrell, Wayne A Harrigan, Patricia E Harrigan, Robert J Harrington, Jordan M Harris, Allison E

Harris, Candace Harris, Dustin L Harris, Jasmine M Harris, Kelia M Harris, Kenneth C Harris, Kevin D Harris, Marly K Harris, Nicholas J

Harris, Tameka M Harris, Victoria E Harrison, Andrew Harrison, Deanna J Harrison, Nathan Harrison, Sterling Hart, Clinton T Hart, Seth A

Hart, Stephen T Harter, Carl Hartke, Timothy Hartley, Brittany Q Hartley, Madison N Hartley, Maggie L Hartman, Alyssa Hartman, Jeremiah J

Hartman, Joseph Hartman, Joshua Hartman, Lucas M Hartman, Zachariah Hartnett, Bryan M Hartranft, Glenn D Hartsock, Elizabeth Hartwell, Brooke N

Harvell, Michelle R Harvey, Donte J Harvey, Emily G Harvey, Kyle Harvey, Rebecca Harvey, Renee A Hassenpflug, Madeline R Hassler, Andrew R

Hastings, Matthew J Hatch, Kathryn M Hatcher, Mary Leigh L Hatfield, Megan M Hathaway, Jesse Hatter, Hunter N Hatter, Nerissa K Hatton, Matthew R


Residential Portraits

Hatton, Melissa Haug, Titus A Haug, Wayne E Haugan, Vanessa B Haugland, Zachary J Hauk, Elizabeth Hauk, Gabrielle Haupt, Julie A

Haven, Jaykeb Havens, Katherine M Hawkes, Pierre Hawkes, Shaneqa C Hawkins, George W Hawkins, Sarah E Hawkins, Shailyse J Hawkins, Stephen D

Hawks, Brandon R Hawley, Alexander J Hawley, Cody R Hawthorne, Shabris A Hayden, Andrea K Hayden, Jaclyn P Hayden, Joshua Hayden, Shannon M

Hayden, Victoria E Hayes, Carlie Hayes, Christian A Hayes, Corey L Hayes, Season N Hayhoe, Brian T Haynes, Erik M Haynes, Michael E

Haynes, Shelby L Haynes, Zachary A Haywood, Derek C Hazy, Amanda D Head, Sarah M Healey, Joshua Hearne, Tracie Heath, Spencer R

Heathcote, Ryan M Heatwole, Allyson J Hebrank, Kendall Heckard, Jeremiah T Heckman, Jason Hedblom, Jonathan A Hedden, Albert A Hedrick, Blake L

Hedrick, Brittannie Hedrick, Meghan Hedrick, Samantha M Heermance, Stephen T Hefner, Sarah M Hegarty, Stephen R Heidorn, Jacob M Heidorn, Jodi

Heidt, Jessica Heil, Sarah K Heinecke, James R Heinly, Morgan R Heinrich, Ross E Heins, Mary Heisinger, Colby W Heiskill, Tyevon J

Heisler, Andrew R Heist, Stephanie L Heizer, Brittany Heller, Kayla L Hellman, Rebecca Helmick, Matthew B Helms, Bennett T Helmuth, Austin

Helsabeck, Candace F Helt, Phoebe Helt, Sarah A Helton, Brent M Hemmen, Rachel A Henderson, Christopher N Henderson, David Henderson, Jordan L

Henderson, Keiona V Henderson, Neal P Hendren, Nick L Hendricks, Joshua B Hendricks, Ryan C Hendrickson, Daniel L Hendron, Sapphire Heng, A

Henriquez, Sylvia Henry, Matthew J Henry, Matthew S Henry, Matthew T Henry, Meagan B Henry, Mikayla N Henry, Patricia Hensley, Lauren D

Hensley, Zachary Henson, Cara Herbert, Kaitlyn G Hercyk, Caralynn R Hermening, Kaitlyn J Hernandez, Candy A Hernandez, Gabriel Hernandez, Randall B

Hernandez, Reed C Hernandez Mejia, Milagro Herndon, Megan N Herrera, Emma Herrera-Flores, Ashley Herrero, Austin Hershberger, Jeremiah D Hertzler, Michael T

Herzog, Nathan Hess, Samantha G Hester, Tyler K Hetrick, Hannah Heubish, Jennifer L Heuck, Kathryn Heuisler, Amber R Heverly, Christopher

Hewitt, Jonathan M Hiatt, Taylor M Hibbard, Ciara D Hibbs, Alexandra M Hibbs, Anneliese Hibbs, Taylor C Hickling, Timothy D Hickman, Anna


Residential Portraits

Hicks, Brittany Hicks, Brittney M Hicks, Caleb E Hicks, Joseph D Hicks, Megan C Hicks, Seth M Hicks, Shannon Higginbotham, Kyle E

Higgins, Elisabeth Higgins, Kimberly Higgs, Chrisellyn High, Connor Highton, Nigel A Hightower, Spencer L Hileman, Nicole A Hill, Emily M

Hill, Joseph L Hill, Lauren M Hill, Nathan R Hill, Samantha Hillegas, Kelsey Hilliard, Hannah G Himes, Matthew S Hineline, Tara

Hines, Cecilia Hines, Rachel Hines, Sarah M Hinton, Andrew Hinton, Michael R Hippe, Jessica L Hippolite Amadi, Homasom D Hirst, Andrew

Hitch, Molly J Hitchens, Marie A Hne, Dwedeh E Hoag, Erika M Hobson, Kyia Hochstettler, Andrew L Hock, Lisa Hockenbury, Paige

Hodge, Christian D Hodge, Erick Hodge, Hannah N Hodges, Andrew L Hodges, Chelsea N Hodgson, Alex Hodgson, Benjamin C Hodson, Hillary L

Hoehman, Matthew T Hoeritz, Morgan Hoff, Kevin Hoff, Matthew J Hoffman, Benjamin J Hoffman, Devon Hoffman, Emily Hoffman, Jaclyn J

Hoffman, Jonathan H Hoffman, Morgan M Hoffman, Stacey R Hoffmeier, Stephanie H Hofmeister, Kyle D Hogan, Anthony G Hogan, Lauren Hogge, Sarah E

Hoglen, Anika Hogue, Jonathan T Hogue, Lindsey Hoisington, Benjamin A Hojakuliyeva, Sabina Hoke, Danielle N Hokoana, Kameona Hokrein, Emily E

Holcombe, Timothy S Holden, Hobie Holden, Skyler Holder, John C Holguin, Alex Holland, Andrew L Holland, Faith M Holland, Justin R

Holland, Micheal C Holland, Peter J Holland, Sharon R Hollar, Rebecca L Hollen, Izabella Hollister, Nathan Holloman, Logan M Holloman, Sarah

Holloway, Amie M Holloway, Olivia F Holmes, Brandon L Holmes, Charles Holmes, Edward W Holmes, Jonathan C Holmes, Melodie Holmes, Tawney

Holmquist, Carissa J Hommes, Jacob K Honaker, Korie L Hong, David Hong, Petros Hood, Adrienna L Hood, Jacob S Hood, Teresa J

Hooker, Bryan D Hooper, Jessica B Hoosier, Emily A Hopchak, William Hope, Trevor Hopkins, Brennan Hopkins, Kimberly A Hoppe, Kyle R

Hopper, Steven A Hoppis, Rachel M Hopson, Kaylen Hormann, Alexa Hornberger, Fred R Horne, Nicholas A Hornemann, Katie A Hornick, Amanda N

Horning, Peter Hornung, Mikaela Horrell, Brian D Horsley, Devyn J Horton, Kristin Horwat, Dayne Hostetter, Katie F Hotchkiss, Kyle


Residential Portraits

Houck, Jonathan Hough, Harrison Houk, Alexandria Houk, Cassandra G Houser, Elizabeth A Houser, Rebekah L Houser, William S Houston, Alicia R

Houston, Brittney L Houston, Caleb E Houston, Connor A Houston, Trevor Houtz, Ashley Houze, Theresa Howard, Abigail L Howard, Abigail

Howard, Elizabeth Howard, Florence Howard, Jonathan D Howard, Karmen M Howard, Megan N Howard, Rachel E Howard, Sarah E Howard, Scott W

Howe, Levi Howell, Taylor D Howes, Ethan R Howington, Jacquelyn Hoyle, Allison K Hoyle, Rachel E Hoyt, Bradley Hrabosky, Zachary G

Hrit, Ceilia R Hsu, Rebecca R Hu, Chengyuan Hu, Shengwei Huang, Ximan Huband, Donald W Hubbard, Clint W Hubbard, Saddraid

Hubbell, Dallace Hubbell, Kenneth Huddleston, Jared G Hudgins, Thomas Hudson, Adrienne C Hudson, Carylynne Hudson, Elizabeth A Hudson, Robert M

Hudson, Sarah Hudson, Staci N Huebner, Paul T Hueni, Brianna Huertas Landero, Joy J Huffman, Kristina Hufhand, Christianne Hufstetler, Jesse

Hugen, Jessica C Hughes, Bruce W Hughes, Colleen E Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Erik T Hughes, Ian W Hughey, Briana Hughey, Matthew

Huhtala, Evan P Hull, Jonathan Hull, Mark Hull, Mary Hummel, Cristiana G Hummel, Luke E Humphreys, Matthew D Humphries, Hillary D

Humphries, Luke Hundley, Krista L Hungerford, Caleb S Hungerford, Christopher Hunt, Davis M Hunt, Grant R Hunt, Hannah R Hunt, Keith W

Hunt, Meredith Hunt, Starr Hunter, Cory D Hunter, Jacob L Hunter, Kameron Hunter, Miles D Hunter, Rachel L Hunter, Shelby M

Hupal, Michael Hurlbert, Marcus Hurley, Forrest S Hurley, Jennifer L Hurst, Kali J Hurst, Sarah A Husovich, Chelsea M Huston, Kylie R

Hutchens, Allison Hutchins, Shalonda Hutchinson, Melanche Hutchison, Garrett M Hutson, Catie B Hutson, Chesli Hutton, Brooke Hutton, Tiffani L

Hutton, William Hwang, Jihyun Hwang, Jisang Hwang, Ki Up Hwang, Sechan Hydock, Natalie J Ianno, Jeffrey R Idiake, Obehiaghe

Ijadola, Emmanuel O Ikejiofor, Uzo C Ilo, N Imbriano, Joshua I Imel, Heather Indyk, Devyn N Ingersoll, Jakob R Ingle, Cody D

Ingram, Bryan Ingram, Jayme B Inman, Daniel J Ireland, David J Irizarry, Hermes Irwin, Alicia H Isaacson, Joshua D Isidro, Amanda


Residential Portraits

Isom, Taylor Ivanova, Natalia O Jablonski, Katelyn M Jackola, Nathan M Jackson, Anjelica S Jackson, Caleb Jackson, Carly Jackson, Christian

Jackson, Christopher R Jackson, Demetrius D Jackson, Faith Jackson, Israel Jackson, Joshua J Jackson, Karason I Jackson, Latoya Jackson, Lauren Y

Jackson, Lorenzo O Jackson, Marc Jackson, Matthew B Jackson, Maurice P Jackson, Victoria E Jacob, Jodi A Jacob, Jonathan R Jacob, Merlin A

Jacob, Victoria L Jacobs, Ashton Jacobs, Marissa A Jacobsen, Charles Jacobsen, Stephen R Jacobson, Michael Jadin, Joy D Jager, Matthias

Jagst, Rochelle Jakob, Joshua Jamerson, Shannon N James, Ashley James, Dylan G James, Haley E James, Kevin W James, Miklhail

James, Shannon D Jamison, Benjamin Jamison, Kimberly A Jang, Seeun Janiec, Allison E Janney, Josh D Japs, Michelle A Jara, Jaime E

Jarrett, Chad W Jasperson, Samantha A Jaye, Tyler Jean, Blondine Jean, Melissa Jean Noel, Maxini Jean Paul, P Jefferis, Ann E

Jeffers, Eric Jeffers, Karen Jefferson, Jeremy Jefferson, Justin L Jeffrey, Lauren R Jeffries, Kaitlin R Jenisch, Christi Jenkins, Abbey

Jenkins, Alison M Jenkins, Brandy L Jenkins, Shaari J Jenness, Amy Jennings, Curtis W Jennings, Katherine E Jennings, Meghan E Jennings, Shelanne N

Jennings, Timothy Jeon, Heungjin Jeon, Jun Hyok Jeong, Dahye Jepsen, Phillip W Jervis, Emily Jesalva, Cameron M Jessee, Jared G

Jeter, Deondra M Jett, John H Jewell, Andrew J Jewell, Victoria Jia, Ru Jiang, Mengmeng Jillson, Emily Jim, Marena L

Jimenez, Ethan Jin, Haitao Jin, Meishan Jin, Zhecun Jin, Zhenyu Joas, Michael Jochmann, Wesley A Johann, Brenden F

John, Joemon Johnson, Allison O Johnson, Andrew P Johnson, Ashley F Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Brandon A Johnson, Brittany Johnson, Bryce

Johnson, Caleb Johnson, Chelsey Johnson, Christine T Johnson, Christopher S Johnson, Daniel W Johnson, David L Johnson, Elissa Johnson, Grace E

Johnson, Jasmine O Johnson, Joannah Johnson, Joelle Johnson, Josiah D Johnson, Katelyn R Johnson, Kayla M Johnson, Keri Johnson, Kristi R

Johnson, Kyeisha R Johnson, Maggie L Johnson, Malachi Johnson, Matthew D Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Megan Johnson, Micah Johnson, Michael D


Residential Portraits

Johnson, Myles D Johnson, Re'Neicia N Johnson, Renae E Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Thomas C Johnson, Van A Johnson II, Ronald D Johnston, Kathleen

Johnston, Kristopher Joiner, Katherine Jolly, Bruce A Jonathan, Marci J Jones, Amanda Jones, Ashley M Jones, Austin Jones, Breanna

Jones, Brian G Jones, Brittany Jones, Cameron Jones, Donald S Jones, Grant H Jones, Haley M Jones, Hayley L Jones, Jacob B

Jones, Jamison Jones, Jared W Jones, Jennifer Jones, Keith K Jones, Matthew L Jones, Morgan N Jones, Nathan D Jones, Nathaniel R

Jones, Nora K Jones, Reba Jones, Rebecca K Jones, Samantha A Jones, Sara E Jones, Steven B Jones, Sydney C Jones, Tia

Jones, Tracey Jones, Zachary R Jonsson, Joshua P Joo, Nicholas H Jordan, Bonnie L Jordan, Brittany L Jordan, Chelsey Jordan, Jessica M

Jordan, Kaitlyn Jordan, Kali R Jordan, Melissa Jordan, Walesha C Joseph, Emily M Joseph, Esther M Joseph, Leonord Joseph, Nicholas

Joseph, Sherry E Josephs, Daniella Joyner, Emilie S Joyner, Sarah M Joyner, Zachary R Judd, David J Jugar II, Kelly T Julian, Sarah N

Julian, Wesley A Jung, Chaehwa Justice, Amy Justice, Brock Justice, Johnathan W Kabeya, Moise Kacensky, Thomas L Kacere, Alexander

Kacinski, Alicia M Kacinski, David Kaigler, Barry A Kaim, Christian Kalbach, Stefanie Kalin, Melanie L Kalleberg, Michele Kamenga, Jennifer R

Kaminski, Ryan M Kanagy, Christopher Kanagy, Khristina M Kancianic, Tricia Kane, Brian J Kang, Byunggu Kang, Dabichi M Kang, Joo Young

Kang, Min Hye Kang, Samuel Kapke, Danielle Kapke, Jordan Karel, Jameson L Kargbo, Daniel W Karr, Zackary Kasper, Kiani

Katz, Cassandra N Kauffman, Austen M Kauffman, Jordan Kauffman, Marissa Kaus, Keri S Kay, Evan G Kearney, Catherine G Kearney, Hannah L

Keating, Andrew S Keating, Katie L Keaton, Catherine E Keaton, Corey S Kebede, Fikre Keck, Abigail K Keef, Daniel J Keegan, Thomas

Keel, Zachary R Keen, Hannah Keene, Cody R Keeney, Christi D Kees, Zachary R Keeton, Chelsea M Keeton, Theresa Kefle Seyoum, Natinael

Kehr, Jordan N Keimig, Asa Keiningham, Kristopher Keiper, Melissa J Keith, Jonathan Kelchlin, Allyson Keller, David M Kelley, Alyssa


Residential Portraits

Kelley, Frederick Kelley, Jessica Kelley, Laura E Kelley, Sarah Kellogg, Joshua J Kellogg, Michael Kelly, Angelina Kelly, Anna M

Kelly, Bregon P Kelly, Bryce Kelly, Charisa J Kelly, Daniel P Kelly, James A Kelly, Jared R Kelly, Jeffrey Kelly, Kacey

Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Sean D Kemmerer, Kristin L Kemp, Jordan D Kendle, Shayna Kendrick, Sarah A Kennard, Deidre A Kennedy, Katie E

Kennedy, Scott A Kennon, Aaron M Kenny, Eli M Kent, Justin D Keo, Pov Keo, Sophorn Kerkhof, Annamieka V Kerkhof, Emily R

Kerns, Nicolette A Kerr, Allison C Kerr, Ryan J Kerr, Samuel A Kerr, Taran Keslar, Rachel A Kessell, Travis Kessler, Kirsten A

Kessler, Nicole M Ketcham, Molly A Ketner, Cory Key, Majique Keyser, Bryan L Keyton, Krystal M Khan, Sneeya Khanal, Shiksha

Kholos, Jared M Khosrofian, Joshua D Khosrofian, Michael P Khoury, Heidi Khuri, Alfred Kibler, Cherish J Kick, Cory B Kidd, Jenna L

Kidd, Taylor D Kiebzak, Kalie Kienitz, Damon M Kijawski, Tyler Kilburn, Joseph T Kiley, Michael Kilgore, Sarah J Kilgore-Parker, Robert

Killian, Lindsay Kim, A Reum Kim, Andrew D Kim, Eun-Chong Kim, Hanbee Kim, Hayung Kim, Hyoyoung Kim, Hyun

Kim, Ji Young Kim, Jinwoong Kim, Juchan Kim, Kang R Kim, MuJin Kim, Neil K Kim, Nohgyeom Kim, Oue Chan

Kim, Paul J Kim, Richard Kim, Sara Kim, Sarah Kim, Seong Yoon Kim, Seowoo Kim, Sue M Kim, Yeongwon

Kimball, Jael Kimball, Ricki E Kimball, Sarah Kime, Natalie Kimmel, Stephanie L Kinard, Keynan Kinas, Caleb M King, Amanda L

King, Anella I King, Chancey King, David E King, Dennis F King, Jonathan C King, Julie R King, Katelyn King, Ruby J

King, Sylvia K Kingseed, Kelly Kinker, Jonathan D Kinne, Brendan A Kinne, Megan A Kirega, David Kirk, Jonathan F Kirkland, Ian

Kirse, Hannah Kirst, Rebecca Kish, Bryan A Kistler, Victoria L Klakring, Joshua Klase, Daniel Klein, Johanna F Klein, Maygan A

Klimavicz, Sandra Klimkowski, Elizabeth Kline, Riley Kline, William R Kling, Taylor L Klingensmith, Alyssa G Klingler, Johnathan Klink, Elyse M


Residential Portraits

Klischer, Julie H Kloosterman, Jeremiah Klugh, Jennifer M Knapp, Corey Knapp, Kaitlyn M Knarr, Joseph E Knecht, Jordan Knecht, Luke A

Knef, Corey M Knepp, Tony Knight, Ariana M Knight, Christopher R Knight, Taylor Knights, Moorea K Knobeloch, Maeve Knoll, William T

Knopp, Tyler K Knouse, Emily J Knowles, Kelsie L Knox, Emily C Knox, Katharine M Knox, Lindsay M Knudsen, Zachary S Knuppel, Ryan

Kobinah, Ashley Kobinah, Steven Kobischen, Jennifer Kochanek, Jonathan A Kocman, Alexander J Kodel, Thomas R Koehring, Caleb F Kogok, Rebekah J

Koh, Seung Hun Kohn, Dana L Kokufuda, Hannah Kolar, Jason M Koning, Micah J Kontur, Grace E Koo, Ja Woong Koon, Zachary C

Kopfstein, Blair M Koppenhaver, Abigail KorKoya, Hassallen Koran, Bethany Korang, Desmond Kordus, Avery J Korinko, Francis Korson, Megan

Kosloff, Titus M Koteles, Chelsea M Kourkounakis, Abigail E Kovaluk, Kyle M Kovar, Brigitte Kozikowski, Kaitlyn Kraft, Josette Kratochvil, Andrew

Krause, Rachel A Krauss, Jessica Krautter, Daniel Kreimeyer, Nathanael T Kreisel, Brandon G Kremann, Kimberly Krick, Jonathan Krna, Kaitlyn E

Kromidas, Daniel G Kronzer, Jay Krouse, Rachael L Kruer, Mary-Travis Krumich, Erica Kryza, Karly Krzykalski, Cierra L Kuadey, Christian S

Kucharczyk, Autumn J Kuchinski, Leanna L Kuenzi, Grace Kuhn, Jackson B Kuhns, Sara Kulp, Taylor R Kunker, Brendon M Kuntz, Carleigh S

Kunz, Jonathan Kurosaki, Naoya Kusi, Ama Serwaa Kuske, Loren M Kuzmik, Ashley E Kwak, Joon Hyuk Kwon, Sujin Kwon, Sung Jun

Kyle, Alex P Kytle, Lyndsey LaMier, Taryn J LaSasso, Matthew L Laborde, Anne E Lacey, Isaac T Lachapell, Rafael Lachniet, Amber

Lackey, Ariel N Lackey, Brittany Lackey, Diana C Lacombe, Kelly M Lacy, Katelyn M Lafayette, Cassandra Laginestra, Ashley M Laing, Corlene

Laird, Brittany H Laird, Meganne S Lake, Aaron Lake, Bethany D Lake, Krystal Lalama, Jacqueline Lally, Jeany M Lally, Sean

Lalonde, Daniel J Lam, Dorcas Lam, Jordan E Lam, Tak Sing Lamb, Noelle Lambach, David G Lambert, Samuel C Lamberton, Kelsey E

Lamm, Katie P Lamm, Timothy I Lamothe, Zachary L Lancaster, Cassidie Lancaster, Christina B Lancaster, Jeffrey Landavere, Alexis Landis, Kaylee M


Residential Portraits

Landis, Mark F Landis, Tyler Landrum, Sara Landry, Meredith Landwerlen, Chelsey K Lane, Joseph M Langford, Christine Langley, Kathryn A

Langley, Michael D Lanier, Kaylin Lanning, Kayleigh M Lanning, Ryan E Lantz, Mark K Lanz, Jason Lanzaro, Christian A Laremore, Micah J

Largent, Edward Lariccia, Dawn C Larison, Lauren N Larkins, Deshon Larosa, Alexis F Larrabee, Samuel E Larsen, Jeannette Larson, Alexander T

Larson, David T Lash, Michael T Lassen, Sarah Lassiter, Lauren Lathan, Sidnye C Laton, Hailey E Latshaw, James Lattimer, Aubrey L

Lau, Kenny O Laubscher, Luke A Lauritsch, Bryan D Lauson, Kara Lauta, Anna Law, Maegan L Lawless, Calvin Lawlor, Emily P

Lawrence, Austin Lawrence, Jasmin M Lawrence, Jennifer C Lawson, Carrie Lawson, Jenna L Lawton, Elisabeth Lawyer, Kimberly D Laya, Danikka V

Layfield, Kaitlyn Layne, Meyhonia T Layton, Joseph B Lazar, Hannah J LeBlanc, Lindsay LeMieur, Kiersten E LeValley, Justin D Leach, Elizabeth

Leahy, Darrell Leaptrott, Anna F Lear, Jessica E Leasure, Gregory Leatherman, Jeremy D Leathersich, Timothy Leatherwood, Maria E Lebo, Jared M

Lebo, Lindsey R Ledbetter, Joel A Lederer, Kathryn M Lee, Brenna T Lee, Changmin Lee, Chi Wai Lee, Daniel J Lee, Dillon E

Lee, Hagen G Lee, Hyojin Lee, Jae Wook Lee, Jeremy T Lee, Jonathan Lee, Ju An Lee, Lydia Lee, Min Jin

Lee, Nathan Lee, Po Chun Lee, Stephanie W Lee, Subin Lee, Taeheon Lee, Timothy D Lee, Victoria Lee, Youngbin

Lee, Youngkwang Leeds, Spencer S Leepa, Matthew Leeper, Morgan Leers, Ashley Leers, Kiara A Lees, John B Lees, Matthew B

Lefferts, Jeffrey Leffew, Brandon S Legg, Richard W Lehman, Katherine Lehr, Marissa C Leistner, Shelby L Leitch, Fiona K Leitch, Stacey

Leite, David A Leitz, Shae M Lemmi, Giancarlo P Lensch, Brittany N Lentine, Tobias Lentz, Jonathan Lenz, Karl K Lenzen, Derek M

Leon, Joshua M Leonard, Jakob Leonard, Jennifer A Leonard, Julie M Leonard, Leslie E Leong, Jeremiah W Lesh, Bethany L Leslie, Zachary

Lesniak, Justin T Lessig, Jewell R Lester, PreToria Leuci, Alexandra R Levesque, Elizabeth A Levesque, Sarah L Lewallen, Laura Lewanowicz, Andrew G


Residential Portraits

Lewellyn, Kelsey L Lewellyn, Keren L Lewis, Amanda M Lewis, Brandon A Lewis, Brennan T Lewis, Brittany R Lewis, Cara Lewis, Edward S

Lewis, Jimmy R Lewis, Joshua M Lewis, Julie Y Lewis, Kalynn M Lewis, Kevin Lewis, Krista Lewis, Kristen M Lewis, Sarah E

Lewis, Shawn M Lewis, Tazhji M Lewis-Allen, Kourtney Leybold, Emily J Li, Duo Li, Junyi Li, Kaikai Li, Trisha

Li, Yuanhua LiDrazzah, Jordan LiVigni, Ashley R Libby, Lucas O Libby, Ross D Lightner, Andrew Lightner, Autumn M Ligon, Luke

Lilly, Joshua S Lim, Ji Chen Lin, Tzu Chao Linares, Josh M Lind, Rachel Lind, Victoria R Lindner, Timothy G Lindsey, Abigail

Lindsey, David Lindsey, John H Lindsey, Joshua W Lingerfelt, Dylan D Lintner, Adam Linton, Bonita S Lippa, Sydney G Lippy, Casondra C

Lipscomb, Hannah J Lisa, Justine Lisbeth, David J Lischynski, Chantal D Liscio, Anna S List, Garrett M Lister, Mitchell L Little, Alyson

Little, Emily Littleton, Alexander Litton, Lorrie K Liu, Binbin Liu, Can Liu, Hsiao Ching Liu, Siyi Liu, Xingyu

Liu, Zhao Lively, David T Lloyd, Daniel R Lloyd, Kyle E Lloyd, Nathanial Lloyd, Neil Lock, Kristin S Locker, Jonathon

Locklear, Philip C Locklear, Shelby J Lockwood, Evan Loftis, David R Logan, Patrick W Logan, Richard J Logel, Sarah Lomax, Katherine

Lombardi, Lauren E Lombardi, Nicole R Loncar, Elizabeth C Long, Allison B Long, Eric G Long, Garrett Long, Kalley Long, Meredith

Long, Rebekah A Long, Tyler R Longenecker, Allison F Longenecker, Lauren K Longley, Natasha Ambrosine Longnecker, Dylan M Longsworth, Meredith K Lonsdale, Marissa

Look, Ryan Lopez, Tatyana Lopez, Tiana M Lopez Colman, Jose D Lorah, Michael Loughney, Kaitlyn Loughridge, Anne E Louissaint, Patrick P

Love, Parker E Love, Victoria A Lovekamp, Lauren Lovelace, Aaron G Lover, Hunter Lovetro, Maureen Loving, Lillian Loving, Raymond L

Lovitt, Michael Low, Cameron Lowder, Jonathan Lowe, Clint W Lowe, Courteny A Lowe, Daniel E Lowery, Jonathan H Lowry, Anne S

Lozada, Miguel A Lu, Pei Lu, Qingchuan Luan, Jingwen Lucas, Brittney Lucas, Brooke Lucia, Hanna L Ludwig, Paul G


Residential Portraits

Luff, Shae Luger, Matthew D Luhrsen, Benjamin Luick, Megan R Lukaszewski, Sarah Lumia, Tessa Luna, Jeanette R Lund, Christian

Lund, Hannah E Lundie, Kristen M Lunsford, Laurie Lunsford, Terika Luo, Wenjing Lusignea, Kevin M Lust, Elizabeth Lust, Erica

Lustig, Joseph Luther, Christopher B Lutrario, Casey M Lutz, Brian Lutz, Joseph Lutz, Mariah J Lyle, Ted W Lynam, Nicole C

Lynch, Adriana M Lynch, Hannah K Lynch, John Lynch, Katherine J Lynch, Noah A Lyon, Elizabeth E Lyon, Taylor D Lyons, Amanda

Lyons, Jared S Lyons, Thomas N Mabes, Maellen MacDonald, Joshua A MacDougall, Heather L MacDowall, Alexsa B MacEwen, Thomas MacKenzie, Amber K

MacMaster, Mary K MacPherson, Rachel MacQueen, Aubrey E Macchiavello, Andrew J Macdonald, Jami L Macdonald, Trenton M Machita, Alexandra Mack, Aaron M

Mack, Avani Mackey, Alyssa C Mackey, Evan P Mackie, Scott A Macklin, Corey Macy, Elizabeth Maddox, Daniel Maddox, James

Maddox, Megan S Maddox, Micah T Maderer, Olivia D Madison, Joel T Madison, Michael J Madrid, Katherine Magee, Stephen Magill, Elizabeth

Magyar, Lydia P Maharaj, David W Mailloux, Jessica Major, Gerald H Major, Jessica R Malbuff, Aaron J Malcolm, Skylar A Male, Susanne R

Malhotra, Paul N Malinda, Timothy W Malizzi, Marc Malkemes, Stephen Mallinson, Tabitha D Mallory, Justin Mallow, Jessica L Malnati, Eric D

Malone, Ashley Malott, Joseph T Mancuso, Emmalee Mangum, Tyler J Manley, Jordan Manley, Joshua S Mann, Jeremy Mann, Katelyn N

Mann, Philip Mannerino, Alexandra S Manning, Byron L Manning, Olivia K Manoj, Sheryll A Manor, Erica R Mansfield, Brigette Mansfield, Renee M

Mansour, Naser K Manuel, Allison R Manuel, Heather J Manuel, Meghan A Maples, Andrew F Maples, Carla R Marable, Jeshad Maraj, Boydie

Maravilla, Charlene D Marcello, Tracie M Marcey, Leanna C Marchand, Ellyse R Marcouillier, Carley Marienski, Glenn Marinell, Chase M Marker, Cecily M

Market, Jordan Markle, Zachary S Marlow, Kaitlyn E Marquis, Dylan A Marr, Ashley M Marra, Joseph L Marroquin, Cassandra Marrotte, Michael R

Marsh, Rebecca Marshall, Margaret V Marshall, Patrick T Marshall, Stephanie A Marsico, Ethan Marstell, Julia R Marstin, Mark W Martell, Nathan


Residential Portraits

Marti, Geancarlo E Martin, Benjamin T Martin, Caleb M Martin, Christopher J Martin, Claire A Martin, Dominique Martin, Eric Martin, Garrett

Martin, Jairus Martin, Jasmine Martin, Justin H Martin, Mallory Martin, Samuel T Martin, Sean S Martin, Stephanie A Martin, Taleysha

Martin, Victoria A Martin, Weston S Martin, William S Martin, Zachary A Martinez, Billieann Martinez, Carlos M Martinez, Josephine Martins Lamptey, Karen N

Martsolf, Emily Martz, Mitchell R Marusich, Emily A Marvel, Aaron L Mascara, Brittany A Mason, Andrew H Mason, Briana M Mason, Eric D

Mason, Justin Mason, Justin Mason, Laura M Mason, Meredyth A Mason, Morgan Masonheimer, Joshua M Massary, Abbigail J Massimilla, Julia A

Mast, Kailee N Masten, Katherine Y Masullo, Kristen Matherlee, Joshua D Matherly, Courtney A Matheson, Victoria K Mathew, Jason Mathew, Joel

Mathews, Lauren Mathews, Rachel A Mathews, Rielly C Matis, Ryan Matthews, Geoffrey Matthews, Lavar Matthews, Shelby N Matthews, Victoria

Matthews, William C Matula, Caroline S Matula, Paul Matzdorff, Jeffrey S Mauceri, Ferdinando G Mauch, Jared Maudsley, Kayla M Mauldin, Brian C

Mauldin, Kelly Maurhoff, Charles B Mavunga, Faith K Mawyer, Andrea L Maxey, Sarah N Maximo, Nicole Maxwell, Nathan May, Brooke

May, Ellyn May, Zachary Mayberry, Rachel L Mayes, Christian E Mayes, Katie Mayhew, Jordan J Maynard, Jennifer L Maynard, Mallory G

Maynard, Olivia P Maynard, Taylor Mayo, Brandy C Mayo, Lindsey M Mays, Austin E Mays, Spencer Mazza, Justin W Mazzei, Sarah

McCabe, Michelle McCall, Katelyn McCalla, Joseph A McCarl, Taylor O McCarrick, Corey McClain, Larissa L McClemmy, Laura E McClendon, Tony

McClinton, Kyle C McClinton, Tyler S McCloskey, Mary McComas, Brittany McConnaughey, Alison K McConnel, Christie L McConnell, Ian P McConnell, John R

McCool, Erin V McCorkle, Sarah McCormick, Brynn M McCormick, Elaine M McCormick, Matthew McCormick, Nalani R McCosker, Michael J McCoy, Jodie L

McCoy, Taylor E McCracken, Kathryn V McCrary, Magdalyne G McCray, Amy McCroskey, Robert V McCubbin, Garfield McCully, Rebeccah C McDade, Sean

McDade, Timothy McDaniel, Cara McDaniel, Grace E McDaniel, Jordan M McDill, Joshua McDonald, Daniel L McDonald, Megan McDonald, Rebecca C


Residential Portraits

McDonald, Stanley McDonald, Taylor K McDonough, Heidi McDowell, Maresa J McDuffie, Paiton E McFadden, Pamela R McFerren, Kyle A McGaha, Connor T

McGann, Ethan K McGarvey, Sean J McGhee, Hunter McGhee, Joshua C McGlynn, Lydia S McGlynn, Trevor McGouldrick, Milan L McGowan, Seamus P

McGrath, James T McGugin, Paige E McGuire, Candace L McGuire, Katherine J McGuire, Seth H McHenry, Caroline E McIntire, Timothy McIntyre, Jessica

McIntyre, Kaitlyn E McIntyre, Michael C McKean, Timothy C McKechnie, Christopher McKee, Christian D McKelvey, Kyle D McKenna, Katelyn M McKinley, Kyle P

McKinney, Joshua D McKinney, Scott W McLain, Joshua McLane, Courtney McLean, Hillary G McLean, Lauren McLemore, Alyssa McLemore, Jeremy

McMahon, Christopher McMahon, David McMahon, Jonathan McManaway, Kristin R McMannen, Caitlin L McManus, Sarah McMichael, Kylie K McMillan, Barbara

McMillan, Bryan P McMillan, Joshua W McMillan, Matthew R McMillen, Sara McMinn, Luke McMullin, Joshua J McNeil, Courtney A McNew, Christiann E

McNulty, Paul McPeters, Amber M McPhee, Katherine A McQuigg, Rebekah A McRae, Alex B McRorie, Nichole McSpadden, Luci McTier, Hannah

McWaters, Abigail McWilliams, James D McWilliams, Jamien M Mcallister, Joseph Mcgann, Gabriel Mcgettrick, Rachel Mcghee, Dillon S Mcintosh, Abigail

Mckenzie, James H Mckeown, Sarah Mclaren, Eric Mcneil, Jessica R Mcneil, William K Mcquinn, Jeremy R Meachum, Joseph C Mead, Bobby R

Meade, Carroll M Meade, Patrick J Meade, Sarah E Meador, Kurtis K Meadows, Chanelle J Means, Ryan M Medena, Marie Y Medina, Elisa J

Medina, Lilian Medina, Yamila A Meekins, Joshua Mehltretter, Jewel C Meinke, Ellyn L Mejia, Daniel Mejia, Elizabeth Melder, Zachary S

Melillo, Anna Melin, Heather Mellinger, Jennifer N Mellis, Ashleigh Mello, Caitlyn Ann Mello, Devan Melroy, Kyle M Melton, Ellen L

Melton, Mary E Melton, Megan R Melvin, Julia C Melvin, Matthew Melvin, Michael W Melvin, Zachary Melz, Katelyn Mendez, Matthew

Mendoza, Ivet C Mendoza Duran, Luis M Mengesha, Yared Belete Mensah, Doreen Mensah, Terance Mentzer, Jack D Mercier, Danielle E Meredith, Christian I

Merrick, Stephanie D Merrill, Christopher D Merrill, Lindsey Merritt, Josiah C Merritt, Kevin Merry, Matthew Merryman, Rachel Meservy, Michael J


Residential Portraits

Messer, Michaela D Messick, Christopher Messina, Andrew M Metelus, Marc A Metzger, James C Metzger, Joshua A Metzger, Kyle Metzing, Rachael

Meyerhoeffer, Benjamin Meyers, Mark A Mibaraka, Amen Michael, Amber L Michel, Elizabeth A Michon, David Mickel, Alexandria Mickens, Ryan W

Middleton, Amber Middleton, Andrew Middleton, Justine Middleton, William Midgett, Daniel R Mieden, Tricia R Mierley, Hannah E Mijares, Mark P

Mikkelson, William Milazzo, Anthony Miles, Desnee L Miles, Evanda Miles, Jared E Miles, Jordan D Miles, Prince Miliano, Kyla

Miller, Adam S Miller, Alexander W Miller, Alison K Miller, Amanda Miller, Amy Miller, Brandon P Miller, Bryce Miller, Cedric S

Miller, Darrell L Miller, Derek R Miller, Evan Miller, Holly C Miller, Jason D Miller, Julia M Miller, Julian E Miller, Kathleen

Miller, Kristina R Miller, Melissa J Miller, Melissa N Miller, Melissa R Miller, Melody Miller, Reagan N Miller, Ryan C Miller, Scott

Miller, Stephen L Miller, Victoria C Millican, Geoffrey Milligan, Kyle Milligan, Lauren R Millman, Victoria Millner, Shekinah J Mills, Bernon

Mills, Daniel Mills, Jacob Mills, McKenzie K Mills, Steven Milwicz, Caroline E Mimms, Travis Mims, Caitlin M Min, Stella J

Minden, Amber Miner, Kristen Minguez, Aaron Minick, Andrew Minner, Rance J Minner, Zachary D Minnick, Joshua E Minniear, Stacy

Minter, Bari Minter, Brandon T Minter, Brent Mintz, Gina R Mioduszewski, Andrew Miorelli, Olivia A Miracle, Constance Miranda, Ashley M

Miranda, Bliselda M Mistretta, Meredith J Mitchell, Ashley Mitchell, Chelsea Mitchell, James W Mitchell, Jon Mitchell, Jonathan K Mitchell, Kaitlin E

Mitchell, Kyle Mitchell, Meredith E Mitchell, Sarah A Mitchell, Shamia M Mitton, Leiren Mizerani, Bruno Mliakoff, Sophia Mlinek, Rebekah R

Moberg, Breanna N Mock, Ashton M Mock, Morgan K Mock, Whitney C Mockabee, Julia D Mohammed, Trudy A Mohr, Evan Mohr, Justin T

Moise, Taheshah Moles, Kit A Monahan, Robert Moneymaker, Brenton S Monopoli, Stephanie L Monroe, Caitlin D Montalvo, Ryan N Monterroza, Katherine A

Montgomery, Adrianne Montgomery, Colton Montgomery, Samuel M Montgomery, Seth T Moody, Nicholas G Moody, Sararose E Moon, Brandi Moon, Melissa


Residential Portraits

Moore, Amanda L Moore, Andrew N Moore, Anne Moore, Audrey Moore, Daniel T Moore, David Moore, Drew Moore, Emma G

Moore, Erica Moore, Hayden Moore, Isaac Moore, Katherine Moore, Kathryn Moore, Kiara M Moore, Kurt A Moore, Kyle

Moore, Lane Moore, Meredith Moore, Michael Moore, Michelle Moore, Rashida S Moore, Ryan Moore, Sarah A Moore, Spencer A

Moore, Thomas W Moore, William J Moore-Hyson, Olivia M Morales, Andres Morales, Joseph E Moran, Jason Moran, Samantha Moranha, Dennis

Morann, William L Morash, Christopher Morden, Jennifer R Morelli, Jessica N Moreno, Jonathan J Morgan, Alexandra T Morgan, Ashlee L Morgan, Courtney N

Morgan, Heidi N Morgan, Jeremiah A Morgan, Kelsey B Morgan, Rachel L Mori Ramos, Keyla D Morin, Caitlyn D Morley, Brooke N Morrill, Robert A

Morris, Alex B Morris, Amanda C Morris, Coral Morris, Edward Morris, Ericka J Morris, Gage Morris, Heather Morris, Jacob T

Morris, Kathryn Morris, Kristie S Morris, Lauren Morris, Nicholas L Morris, Robert D Morris, Sarah E Morris, Sarah K Morris, Shelby J

Morris, Sigourney C Morrisey, Matthew Morrison, Jessica Morrison, Natalie A Morrison, Samuel A Morrow, Jordan Morse, Samuel Morse, Shannon

Morton, Charles Morton, Deidre L Moses, Hannah O Moses, Martha A Moshkowski, Jordan F Moskalski, Dorothy Mosley, Macklyn D Mosley, Raven

Mosley, Shanay Mosquera, Kyla L Moss, Alexandra L Moss, Franz Ottis A Moss, Julie Mosset, Lauren R Mosteller, Drew A Moszumanski, Steven

Motley, Octavia Motta, Kayo R Mouzon, Patience M Mowery, Allyson Moxey, J Moxley, Richard Moye, Karlyn V Moyers, Levi

Moyo, Nkosana Mozingo, Mallory R Muckenfuss, Jesse L Mudd, Emily Muffett, Lauren Muhammad, Amirah Muhoro, Emily N Muir, Sean A

Mulder, Matthew Mulero, Andrea S Mull, Stephen D Mullaly, Kathryn B Mullen, Amelia Muller, Dana L Muller, Tara Mulligan, Christopher M

Mullinax, Vaida L Mullins, Benjamin R Mullins, Nathaniel K Mullis, Blessing R Mulugetta, Milka Mumme, Laura E Mumpower, Sara E Munaires, Marcos A

Mundo, Jessica A Mundy, Katie A Munoz-Leon, Bryan A Munson, Hannah Munson, Kayla M Muntz, Abigail L Muomah, Onyinye M Murachanian, Dennis R


Residential Portraits

Murdaugh, Emily Murphree, Andrew Murphy, Andrew C Murphy, Holly M Murphy, Joseph Murphy, Samuel Murr, Alexander S Murray, Allyson P

Murray, Alyssa K Murray, Judah Murray, Katherine R Murray, Lindsey Murray, Morgan Musselman, Matthew T Musser, Douglas Musser, Erin A

Mwambazi, Mulota Mwasha, Edith Solomon Myers, Charity A Myers, Claire T Myers, Dominique Myers, Elizabeth Myers, Hannah G Myers, Jesse M

Myers, Kendra Myers, Zachary Myhren, David C Myrick, Amberly Myrick, Jessica Nace, Dylan Naess, Kelsey Naff, Logan P

Namgung, Jin Nance, Caroline W Nance, Lindsey F Nanton, Robert T Napier, Aaron Napier, Alexa Napier, Danielle H Napier, Hope

Narron, Ryan H Nash, Erica M Nash, Hunter T Nathan, Phillip A Naude, Ian Navarre, Forrest D Navarrete, Ana M Neal, Brittany N

Neal, Whitney L Neber, Andrew R Neeley, Mary K Neff, Alexandra M Nehring, Mackenzie Nelson, Brianna Nelson, Britta Nelson, Caleb D

Nelson, Connor Nelson, Diana Nelson, Janeil Nelson, Kaitlyn M Nelson, Kelly R Nelson, Luke Nelson, Nathan Nelson, Rachel

Nelson, Taylor A Nelson, Tinsea Nemshon, Marina Nero, Tierra K Nesbitt, Elizabeth A Nesmith, Sherrell M Nester, Jesse Nestor, Joshua R

Nevard, Micah B New, Elizabeth B Newman, Daniel Newman, Lukas Newman, Mark T Newman, Robert B Newsom, Chelsea N Newton, Nicholas J

Newton, Ryan D Ng, Jennifer E Ng, Kevin Ng Ming Ai, Esperanza Nguyen, Brooke Nguyen, Dung Nguyen, Hang Thu Nguyen, My T

Nguyen, Nathan Nguyen, Sarah N Ni, Beibei Nibblett, Teneka R Niceforo, Philip N Nicely, Ashley Nichols, Amber R Nichols, Amina R

Nichols, Brittanie M Nichols, Dana R Nichols, Hanna P Nichols, Jason Nicholson, Chase S Nicholson, Devin Nicholson, Jennifer Nickerson, David J

Nickerson, Jordan C Nickerson, Melissa C Nicklow, Jennifer B Nicol, Joshua S Nicotra, Sarah E Niehaus, Kaila N Nielsen, Rebecca J Nieman, Gabriel O

Nigh, Clinton G Nino, Juan Nino Aguirre Campis, D Nino Aguirre Campis, David Nishimoto, Hope Nissen, Brianna N Nitschke, Robert D Njoroge, David M

Noble, Rebecca J Noble, Sandra D Nolan, Laura E Noll, Cynthia M Norman, Anais D Norman, Cody L Norman, Deborah L Norman, Zachary


Residential Portraits

Norris, Casey J Norris, Charles L Norris, Mary H North, Victoria A Northrup, Michael F Norton, Brittany N Norton, Melissa Notarbartolo, Ana

Notarbartolo, Daniel Novitsky, Matthew Nuce, Amanda Null, Forrest Nunez, Christine E Nunez, Israel M Nunez Zambrano, C Nunley, Micah

Nunn, Benjamin P Nunn, Caitlyn E Nunnally, Collin Nye, Samuel M O Donnell, Christopher O'Berry, Kelsey J O'Brien, Christopher O'Brien, Jared A

O'Brien, Jeffrey O'Brien, Mahala O'Dell, Jerusha O'Dell, Jill O'Donal, Perry E O'Donnell, Amy L O'Donnell, Matthew O'Hara, Patrick

O'Keeffe, Adam T O'Leary, Daniel P O'Leary, Shannon L O'Malley, Kathleen J O'Neill, Scott O'Prandy, Tara N O'Rourke, Brendan P OBrien, Sean P

OHandly, James Oakes, Landon M Oakey, Kent Obenchain, John B Obenchain, Justin T Oberg, Chelsea L Oberg-Porter, Ashleigh E Oberholzer, Eric M

Oberlin, Timothy M Oberst, Shawna Ochs, Stephanie F Odellas, Cherone Odom, Brandon Oduro, Samantha Oelrich, Melanie Oertly, Brittany R

Oester, David Oesterheld, Stephen Oesterling, Jarrod D Offill, Joshua S Ogbonnewo, Ifeoluwa O Ogden, David Ogden, Kelly Ogle, Valerie M

Ogukwe, Somto E Oh, Minhee Ohene, Priscilla Ohlhauser, Brooke Ohman, Isaac N Ohnmeiss, Daniel Ojiaku, Uchenna C Ojoibukun, T

Oldham, Lauren E Oleyar, Adam S Olinghouse, Jordan L Olivieri, Dylan C Olsen, Cameron Olsen, Ian A Olson, Kaleigh A Olson, Nicole

Olson, Russell W Olson, Veronica Olugbemi, Olamide Olver, Sarah E Omatiga, Mary E Omdal, Carly R Ommundsen, Jakob A Ommundsen, Jamie

Ommundsen, Joseph Omotola, Toluwani Onifer, Jacob Onyechi, Tobenna P Ooi, Chien L Oppel, Garrett T Orange, Michelle H Orcutt, McKenna M

Ordway, Jessica D Orlandi, Joseph Orne, Tiffani N Orsini, Lauren N Ortega Lopez, Estefany Luz Orth, Renee A Ortiz, Elizabeth H Ortiz, Julio A

Osborn, Heather Osborne, Laura K Osei, Devon Osei-Mensah, Abigail Osei-Tutu, Nana Osgood, Brandon R Ossler, Tara Oster, Sarah E

Osterhus, Rachel Osterkamp, Benjamin Ostrom, Rachel Osuala, Sophia Otieno, Lillian D Ott, Carlie C Ottaway, Alek C Ottinger, Lauren A

Ottino, Barbara L Otto, Alyssa Ouellette, Michael Overbey, Bethany Overbey, Matthew D Overholser, Charis J Overholser, Kirsten L Overholt, Andrew


Residential Portraits

Owens, Anastasia M Owens, Kaitlyn D Owens, Michael W Owens, Serena C Owsley, William T Owusu, Nana Konadu S Owusu, Robert Owusu Ansah, Michael

Pacay, Stephanie G Pacchioli, Jesse Pace, Kayla D Pace, Montgomery Packett, Jacob A Pagan, Katherine L Pagan, Michelle Page, Austin D

Page, Denise Pagliuso, Brittany Paladino, Frank Palencia, Benjamin Palicas, Nicolle Pallaria, Christina J Pallaria, Grace M Pallaria, Steven F

Palm, John J Palma, Jacob I Palma, Yzela E Palmatier, Benjamin T Palmer, Ashley Palmer, Bailee Palmer, Katelyn N Palmer, Maddison A

Panchigar, Shahil Pandorf, Timothy Pannell, Ashley D Pannell, Jonathan J Paolelli, Taleah R Paone, Amanda Parchment, Silvanous Pardue, Hunter A

Parent, Christopher D Parfitt, Andrew Park, Andrew Park, Dajung Park, Jun Park, Semi Park, Taeyoung Park, Vanessa E

Park, Young Gyo Park, Young Ho Parke, Janice B Parker, Adam D Parker, David S Parker, Jelisha L Parker, Joel A Parker, Jordan R

Parker, Katie M Parker, Krista L Parker, Kyler R Parker, Lauren E Parker, Matthew C Parker, Samantha Parker, Sarah E Parkinson, Susanna

Parks, Adam J Parks, Amber D Parks, Taylor F Parris, Adesafi Parris, Caroline A Parsons, Joseph F Parylak, Joseph A Passaglia, Andrea M

Passmore, Erin B Pasto, Christian Pate, Esther Pate, Kelsey Patel, Sharon N Patkos, Lindsey M Patrie, Timothy Patterson, Chelsea

Patterson, Kelly A Patti, Brianna Patti, Daniel T Patti, Matthew R Patton, Brandon M Paul, Stephen N Paulson, Tori Paulus, Kate C

Pausch, Jesse T Payel, Parmina C Payne, Alexander M Payne, Bradley D Payne, Corbin H Payne, Sharon Payne, Sophia E Payne, Stuart L

Pearce, David P Pearce, Jennafer L Pearce, Lauren Pearce, Olivia Pearson, Andrew C Pearson, Chad H Pearson, Jesse Pearson, Jonathan W

Peavyhouse, Michael Peck, Jason D Peck, Miranda D Peckman, Leslie Peele, Mallory M Peelen, Heather Peer, Elise A Peer, Leanne K

Pegram, Jordan C Pegram, Joshua Peiffer, Erika L Peleshok, Carly S Pelesky, Chelsea R Peloso, Robert Pendell, Megan Peng, Chiung-Yueh

Penn, Jonathan D Pennington, Brittany Pennington, Olivia M Pennisi, Mark A Pennix, Nicholas Penrod, Tyler G Pentoney, Emily Pepin, Chadwick


Residential Portraits

Percival, Gabriel C Percival, Veronica E Perdomo, Karina S Pereira, Helena Perez, Angel A Perez, Azucena Perez, Joy Perez-Gaitan, Montserrat

Perin, Caleb M Perkins, Allen Perkins, Charlotte A Perkins, Jonathan D Perla, Caleb Perrell, Kyle D Perricaudet, Caroline V Perritt, Ashton T

Perry, Calease J Perry, Dylan J Perry, Genevieve A Perry, James D Perry, Jamie L Perry, Samantha R Perry, Stephen Person, Jennifer N

Person, John R Peterman, Arthur W Peters, Brandon Peters, Emily K Peters, Kara Peters, Nicholas T Peters, Olivia Peters, Ryan

Petersen, Cody J Petersheim, Benjamin D Peterson, Andrea Peterson, Devaul M Peterson, Ginny Peterson, Jeremy Peterson, Kelsey Peterson, Kylie J

Petit, Nicole L Petriccione, Alyssa M Petro, Luke Petrocelli, Victoria Petroff, Nicholas Petrovich, Jordan L Pettus, Jerod Petty, Tanner E

Peyton, Philip Pfaffle, Alexa J Pfau, Danae M Pham, Minh Hoang Philipps, Joshua S Phillips, Aimee Phillips, Andrew S Phillips, Barrett C

Phillips, Brooke N Phillips, Christina M Phillips, Cole T Phillips, Dillon Phillips, Kent V Phillips, Kyle Phillips, Taylor M Phoebus, Caitlin M

Piacentino, Anthony Piazza, Joseph Piccioni, Christina M Piccirillo, Camille E Picht, Gina Pick, Justine M Pickard, Connor R Picking, Rachel

Pickinpaugh, Amy M Pico, Bethany G Piekarski, Ethan S Pieper, Emmett Pierce, Andrew Pierce, Rachel Pierce Diehl, Ciara R Piergallini, Francesca M

Pigliavento, Christopher M Pigliavento, Matthew D Pigliavento, Michael J Pignataro, Angela Pikarsky, Kiersten Pike, Rebecca L Pilgrim, Emma G Pilipauskas, Greg

Pinder, Gracesella Pineda, Benjamin Pineda, Ismael Ping, Jennifer Pingley, Luke C Pinho, Daniel Pinkerton, Karissa L Pinkleton, Jacquelyn N

Pinkleton, Nichole E Pinkston, Zachary Piskorik, Marshall Pitcher, Samuel Pitts, Andrew J Pitts, David J Pitzen, Brandon M Plasterer, Sadie E

Platz, James M Player, Timothy M Pless, Kathryn L Plum, Hannah Plumback, Alexandrea K Plymale, Lynn Poff, Jenna F Pogue, Brandon M

Poitras, Rebekah A Polachek, Ryan Poli, Jared C Poling, Lindsay C Pollack, Kelly C Pollard, Lauren M Pollock, Kelly M Ponce-Maldonado, Rogelio A

Ponsini, Rebecca J Poole, Alyssa A Poole, Megan Pope, Jessica Pope, William M Porell, Chad Port, Tessa Porter, Bailie H


Residential Portraits

Porter, Matthew T Porter, Tanner Portillo, Cesia S Portillo Carcamo, D Potter, Katrina M Potts, Alicea R Potts, Cameron J Potts, Jandi

Poulos, Bethany J Pound, Erika F Powell, Catherine Powell, Haleigh E Powell, Karyn Powell, Nicholas J Powell, Ryan Powell, Sean M

Prater, Amanda M Prater, Charles W Preble, Christina R Preble, Matthew T Prescott, Jacob A Prescott, Justin Preston, Kathleen E Pretty, Nicholas

Preu, Ryan Price, Amy E Price, Brandon Price, Earl Price, Emily Price, Jordan P Price, Joshua B Price, Leesha D

Priest, Laura B Prieto, Spencer D Pritchard, Meghan N Proctor, Kristen E Proctor, Richard Proffitt, Lauren N Promnitz, David H Prosser, Ciji O

Proulx, Wilson A Prousalis, Mark Prowant, Ashley E Prozzo, Emmett J Pruitt, Martin Pryor, Seth K Psolka, Lindsay Puccino, Joshua

Puccio, Joshua T Puffenburger, Robert Pugh, Joshua D Pugh, Yasmine N Pugh, Zachary Pujol Rooks, Christine M Pullen, Devin J Pullen, Lauren E

Pulliam, Darius T Pullin, Cynthia Purcell, Robert T Purdy, Christine Purtell, Seth Pye, Emily J Pyles, Lauren N Pyles, Leslie A

Qassis, Hussam Fuad Yacoub Qin, Jiaying Quackenbos, David C Quandt, Ryan P Quanstrom, Karis Quaynor, Jazmin A Queen, Lindsey B Quesenberry, Stuart J

Quesinberry, Kaitlyn Quigg, Sarah E Quinn-Woods, Derek Quinones, DiAnna V Quintanilla, Sarahi Quintrell, Carla J Quirion, William Rabon, Stephen R

Rachor, Steven Rack, Michael W Racz, Melissa R Rada, Ariel D Radcliffe, Hannah B Radke, Sara N Radt, Laura Radtke, Noah J

Rady, Amanda M Ragusa, Jenna P Raiche, Josiah Raiford, Brittany Raj, Stephanie A Ralon, Audrey M Ramberger, Micaela M Ramey, David L

Ramos, Edisson G Ramos, Elizabeth S Rampersad, Thaleigha Ramsdell, Alexcia B Ramsey, Joshua H Ramsey, Meri G Ramsey, Richard Ramzy, Devon

Randolph, Andrew P Randolph, Thomas Rank, Kaleigh Rapp, Alexandra K Rasmussen, Kent J Raszinski, Brett Raszinski, Bryan Rathsam, Benjamin

Ratliff, Devin W Rauch, Emily Raudenbush, Michelle Raulli, Craig Rauscher, Bethany B Rauscher, Caitlin S Raush, Emily R Ravindranath, Barnabas P

Rawls, Jacob W Rawls, Kayla R Rawn, Rachel B Rawsthorne, Ashley K Ray, Andrew Ray, Brandon M Ray, Jacob R Ray, Kimberly N


Residential Portraits

Raybould, Katie L Reade, Brooke N Ready, Joel A Reagan, Shelby L Reagan, Victoria E Reale, Jade Reames, Casey C Rear, Amanda

Reasner, Cason Reasor, Lindsey Reaves, Julia A Reavis, Adrienne D Rebolledo, Lenore Rector, Jonathan Redd, Andrew Redding, Cassia

Reddington, Kevin Redman, Stephan Reed, Alan S Reed, David L Reed, Heather N Reed, Jennifer E Reed, Kendall A Reeder, Allison J

Reeder, Michael T Rees, Andrew Reese, Brian Reese, Sarah E Register, Lindsey A Regnaert, Gabrielle Regnaert, Hilary R Rehrer, Lydia R

Reichard, Jacob Reichard, Matthew A Reid, Justin A Reidy, Erin E Reikes-Moody, Tirzah Reilly, Jennie E Reist, Janelle Rendinaro, Christopher

Renney, Christina Renshaw, Meghan Rerick, John Resor, Justin T Rettig, Emily Revely, Christopher J Revely, Jessica L Revercomb, Marie I

Reyes, Henry Reyes Rivera, Carlos Reynolds, Brandy M Reynolds, Jonathan Reynolds, Kamryn B Reynolds, Melissa B Reynolds, Nathan D Reynolds, Rebekah M

Rhebergen, Katie J Rhee, Dimode Rhee, Semy Rhoads, Dorothy Rhodes, Christopher Rhodes, Jennifer R Rhodes, Susan K Rhymer, Hannah L

Rhymer, Kelsi J Rice, Camila M Rice, Emily M Rice, Erin N Rice, Katie Rice, Leah R Rich, Alvin Rich, Cory R

Rich, Joshua A Richard, Cameron L Richard, Lawrence J Richards, Courtney E Richards, Darrell O Richards, Edward D Richards, Hannah J Richards, Janelle

Richards, Lee Richards, Nicholas I Richardson, Crystal A Richardson, DeAngelo X Richardson, Jordan Richardson, Joshua Richardson, Michael Richtarik, Ashley

Richvalsky, Evan J Rickert, Sarah A Rickett, Brittany Rickett, Casey M Rider, Amanda M Ridge, Elena M Ridge, Patrick Rieke, Luke

Riel, Margaret V Riggins, Granger Riggins, Hannah M Riggins, Heather M Riggs, David T Rigney, Andrew J Riley, Karen A Riley, Kirsten P

Riley, Mark C Riley, Zachary P Ring, Kasey Ringel, Renee E Rininger, Ashley M Rioux, Jade E Rishel, Cortney Risley, Bethany M

Riss, Drew Ritch, Christopher Ritchey, John-Michael Ritchey, Kimberly Ritchie, Amanda M Ritchie, Chad S Ritchie, James C Rivera, Dennis L

Rivera, Jaimie R Rivera, Teresa Rivera, Xavier R Rivers, Adam T Rivers, Addison L Rivers, Keith C Robbins, Amber M Robbins, Leonard


Residential Portraits

Robbins, Matthew A Robbins, Rachel Roberson, Angela Roberson, Julia R Roberson, Parker A Roberts, Brandon Roberts, Hannah L Roberts, Jacob

Roberts, Kathrin E Roberts, Kerianne C Roberts, Lara J Roberts, Luke K Roberts, Nathan D Roberts, Preston E Roberts, Rhett Robertson, Drake

Robertson, Thomas H Robinette, Spencer D Robinson, Alexis Robinson, Colby B Robinson, Dillon M Robinson, Elizabeth A Robinson, Katelin Robinson, Kelly L

Robinson, Kyrie Robinson, Matthew E Robinson, Matthew R Robinson, Megan L Robinson, Megan Robinson, Rebecca A Robinson, Rebekah Robling, Zachary D

Robson, Jordan A Rockey, Jasmine Rockson, Akindele A Rodebeck, Emily Rodgers, Andrew Rodgers, Bridget E Rodgers, Bryce A Rodgers, Rebecka

Rodgers, Zachary W Rodriguez, Alexander J Rodriguez, Ananias Rodriguez, Ashley J Rodriguez, Daniel Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez, Raymond Rodriguez, Sara A

Rody, Megan H Roedding, Kassandra Roeglin, Alexander C Roehm, Brandon T Roeseler, Christian A Rogers, Austin J Rogers, Jessica M Rogers, Lori M

Rogers, Mallory C Rogers, Racquel D Roggensack, Emily C Rohrer, Adam T Rohrer, Andrew Rohrer, Benjamin N Rohrer, Jared Rohring, Julie M

Rohwer, Melissa S Roland, Erica Rolfe, Brooke E Rolle, Travier M Rollins, Elizabeth L Rollins, Kendle A Rollins, Lydia G Rollo, Andrew

Romaniello, Alexander Romano, Gabrielle Romanov, Rita I Romas, Vanessa Romero, Tyler Romero, Veronica M Rominger, Ryan Rong, Dabin

Roop, Emily Rooth, Gloria Rosasco, Joseph Rose, Brittani M Rose, Rebecca L Rose, Sean Roselle, Elisabeth D Rosenberger, Amanda B

Rosewell, Chantel E Roshetko, Katelyn C Ross, Anita D Ross, Arielle Ross, Cody T Ross, Emily C Ross, Emily Ross, Eric P

Ross, Samuel T Ross, Timothy Roth, Marlin Rothhaar, Daurie Rothwell, William H Rotruck, Joshua Rotz, Benjamin D Rouse, Matthew D

Rouse, Sam Roush, Elena E Rousselo, Erin M Rowe, Laura J Rowe, Rachel M Rowe, Savannah Rowles, Darren Rowley, Joshua M

Roy, Jacquelyn G Ruchte, Lane K Rudisill, Kara J Rueckher, Lauren M Rufo, Matthew Ruiz, Christina A Ruiz, Dekota E Ruiz, Jorge L

Ruiz, Tarsis Rumbold, Amanda K Rundlett, Mattison Runion, Richard L Runnels, William Rupp, Samantha M Rupprecht, Nicholas C Rusk, Ryan


Residential Portraits

Russell, Alyson E Russell, Jessica Russell, Katelyn B Russell, Tyler D Russo, Joshua T Russo, Katie J Rust, Micah T Rusterholz, Copeland A

Rutherford, Ashley E Rutherford, Whitney A Rutland, James K Rutledge, Katy S Ryan, Brett L Ryan, Bryce W Ryan, James R Ryan, Jeremy T

Ryan, Kathryn P Ryan, Matthew D Rygh, Nathan L Rygh, William G Rygh, Zachary D Saar, Bruce A Sabella, Brien C Sabella, Joseph

Saburro, Jacob J Saccocio, Michael Sagarino, Taylor Sailsbury, Hannah Sailsbury, Jenna A Sala, Elizabeth Salamanca, Brian A Salinas-Bacher, Erica E

Sallee, Mark R Salley, Sakinah Salsberry, Sarah E Samms, Danae L Sample, Xavier Sams, Brandi Samuel, Benjamin Samuels, Damian

Samuels, Tiffany K Sanabria, Angela M Sanabria, Harry E Sanchez, Cecilia M Sanchez, Danielle J Sanchez, Gilber H Sanchez, Jerardy Sanchez, Jessica L

Sandberg, Hannah C Sanders, Andrew Sanders, Ashley R Sanders, Joshua Sanders, Joy E Sanders, Kara Sanders, Richard Sanderson, Christina

Sandison, Candace Sanford, Terence M Sangeorge, Amy Santana, Janitza Santos, Krystina Santos, Rick N Sapperstein, Paul Sapu, Joshua A

Sarachik, Kayla Sargent, Abigail J Sarrett, Caylen M Sartelle, Courtney Sarvis, Amanda Sassaman, Aaron J Sauers, Brett Sauerwein, Weslie

Saul, Dustin M Saunders, Ashley Saunders, Joshua Saunders, Raven Savacool, Marc Savage, Cary L Savage, Kayla C Savoy, Brandyce E

Sawusch, Andrew Sawusch, Kimberly R Sawyer, Jeffrey A Sawyer, Lucas C Sawyer, Ryan Saxman, Jonathan Saxton, Faith Saxton, Nicholas

Scalfaro, Dominic C Scalzo, Gina M Scalzo, Marissa A Scanlon, Ryan Scarborough, Caleb J Scarce, Caitlyn D Scarper, Richard W Schaefer, Benjamin T

Schaefer, Caroline Schaefer, Casie N Schaeffer, Erin Schaff, Haley M Schea, Isaac H Schell, Zachary Schellenberg, Anna C Schellenberger, Kyra L

Scherbenske, Hannah Schiappa, Jenny Schieldt, Cameron Schies, Kyle Schiferl, Tiana M Schirmer, James A Schirmer, Paul Schlademan, Lauren T

Schlaudt, Jeffrey A Schleh, Rebecca J Schlenker, Jennifer A Schley, Timothy M Schmell, Derek Schmidt, Eric R Schmidt, Heather L Schmidt, Jared

Schmidt, Jonathan Schmitt, Tim Schmitz, Samuel Schneider, Jonathan M Schoch, Alyssa M Schoch, Joshua A Schoener, Katherine E Schofield, Daniel S


Residential Portraits

Scholten, Jason T Schomer, Benjamin J Schonta, Torin P Schools, Caitlin E Schools, Jennifer A Schools, Melissa R Schoonover, Zachary Schott, Allie L

Schram, Mark E Schreiber, Zachary J Schrider, Paige Schroeder, Brandon M Schultz, Brett D Schultz, Jordan Schultz, Katie E Schultz, Matthew A

Schultz, Nicholas B Schumske, Sarah Schwanger, Tyler Schwartz, Patrick J Schweitzer, Casden Sciolino, Marybeth R Scofield, Margeret Scott, Bethany M

Scott, Bianca Scott, Jackson A Scott, Jared R Scott, Juliana Scott, Kara N Scott, Kizuku A Scott, Morrissa M Scott, Nicholas J

Scott, Rachel L Scott, Shane' E Scott, Taylor E Scott, Thomas J Scott, William K Scott Preston, Xavier Scouten, David L Scribner, Meagan

Scuilla, Mary C Seaborn, Heather J Seagears, Robert P Seale, Abigail J Sealey, Darian T Searcy, Nathan Seavers, Cullen M Sebold, Jacob E

Sebrell, Leah Sechrist, Mindy R Sedgeman, Hilary Seeland, Jacob Seetaram, Robert R Segur, Dillon Seiler, Hayley G Seiler, Rebecca L

Seiler, Samantha P Sejas-Ortiz, Janet Sell, Samantha J Senderoff, Nathaniel Seng, Ehud Senick, Alexis R Seo, Hanul Seppala, Kristofer

Serapiglia, Kevin Serapiglia, Lia Serrato, Andrew J Sessoms, Klaire K Sevcik, Caleb Seymour, Holli R Sgandurra, Joseph W Shadle, Daniel J

Shadrach, Daniel B Shaeffer, Bethany Shafer, Adam J Shaffer, Corey A Shaffer, Stuart Shaffer, Taylor P Shakro, Rosemary J Shane, Rachael

Shank, Marshall S Shanks Bagnerise, Marnay C Sharick, Erin Sharp, Courtney E Sharp, Katharine E Sharpe, Charity G Sharpe, Meghan N Sharron, Zachary

Shartzer, Jordan Shaver, Harmony A Shavers, Steven M Shaw, Heather R Shaw, Kegan J Shaw, Matthew C Shbeeb, Jonathan Shearin, Matthew S

Sheehan, Melisa Sheeran, Alexandra M Sheldon, Dylan Shellabarger, Ciara Shellman, Megan Shells, Dante B Shelton, Holden M Shelton, Leanne

Shepard, Sarah Shepherd, Rebecca L Shepherd, Ryan A Shepherd, Shawn A Sheppard, Ian D Sheppard, Katlyn R Sheridan, Keren G Sherland, Katelyn

Sherlock, Dillon J Sherret, John Sherrill, Jensen A Shevel, Daniel A Shickel, Hannah Shickel, Kathryn Shields, David Shields, Julia M

Shields, Rachel M Shields, Scott Shiffer, Zachary Shin, Eun Seock Shin, Jennifer Shin, So Young Shingleton, Kaylie M Shinn, William


Residential Portraits

Shinsky, Matthew D Shipe, Gabrielle Shipman, Bethany M Shipman, Thomas Shipp, Quintaz A Shiveler, David Shiveler, Sara Shoemaker, Elizabeth R

Shondelmyer, Kaitlyn A Shorey, Brady Shorey, Esther Short, Christian T Short, Kori Shorter, Christa A Shorts, Patrick J Shouse, Mackenzie D

Showalter, John H Showalter, Nathaniel L Shreve, Haley Shubina, Yuliya Shuffield, Kaley J Shulda, Brian T Shuler, Ebony K Shuler, Meredith A

Shull, Christian A Shull, Jeremy Shumate, Richard M Shupe, Chris M Shuster, Samantha Siddiqui, Asima Sidey, Douglas Siegrist, Aaron

Sigler, Timothy J Sigmon, Stephen T Silva, Klayton R Silver, Amanda E Silver, Hannah L Silver, Molly Silverthorn, Jason W Siman, Victoria M

Simerly, Danielle M Simes, Jearous N Simkins, Steven D Simmers, Carter L Simmons, Daniel Simmons, Elizabeth A Simmons, Nicholas A Simmons, Seth

Simms, Nicole M Simone, Ariel G Simons, Michele Simonsen, Rachel M Simpson, Cody T Simpson, Joshua Simpson, Mark S Simpson, Matthew

Simpson, Taylor Simpson, Wesley R Sims, Brittany A Sims, Charles E Sims, Megan Sims, Melanie Sims, Patrick D Sims, Valorie D

Sinclair, Isaac Sinclair, Kyle Sinclair, Michael M Siner, Robyn K Singer, Sarah E Singletary, Cherish Singleton, Christopher Singleton, Micheal

Singley, James Sink, Richard Sinnema, Sarah A Sipe, Jacob T Sipe, Skylar M Sizemore, Michelle Sjolinder, Niklas K Sjolinder, Sophia J

Skaggs, Nathan C Skean, Jessica L Skilling, Jaime Skinner, Melissa J Skok, Meghan Skovira, Rebecca A Slabbekoorn, Brooke A Slagle, Breanna K

Slamecka, Matt Slaughter, Alison Slaydon, Josiah M Sloan, Matthew S Sloan, TaQuoya S Sloan, Terrence Slotterback, Laura Small, Cierra D

Smallwood, David A Smalt, Jonathan P Smart, Brianna Smart, John Smirnov, Ivan Smith, Abigail C Smith, Adrienne Smith, Amanda D

Smith, Amy J Smith, Andrew D Smith, Anwar J Smith, Auburn Smith, Austin D Smith, Austin Smith, Autumn B Smith, Brielle

Smith, Brittany R Smith, Bryan P Smith, Carissa A Smith, Carly Smith, Christian G Smith, Christian Smith, Christopher P Smith, ConRoy

Smith, Creighton A Smith, Deborah E Smith, Deylan Smith, Douglas Smith, Dustin F Smith, Elijah M Smith, Ethan P Smith, Evan D


Residential Portraits

Smith, Grayson Smith, Hannah Smith, Hudson E Smith, James L Smith, Janessa Smith, Jared Smith, Jaren D Smith, Jay

Smith, Jeremy R Smith, Jessica Smith, John Smith, Jonathon A Smith, Jordan W Smith, Joshua J Smith, Joshua T Smith, Julia

Smith, Justin M Smith, Justin T Smith, Justin T Smith, Justin Smith, Kara A Smith, Karyn L Smith, Keith M Smith, Kelvin

Smith, Kevin M Smith, Kyle Smith, Laura A Smith, Leah M Smith, Leigh E Smith, Lindsey M Smith, Lucas Smith, Luke S

Smith, Meredith Smith, Michael Smith, Miguel Smith, Monica Smith, Morgan E Smith, Morgan J Smith, Rebecca L Smith, Rebeccah M

Smith, Ryan Smith, Sarah L Smith, Sierra L Smith, Stephanie O Smith, Timothy G Smith, William A Smith, Zachary H Smith, Zachary S

Smith II, Julius K Smoot, Rachel W Smothers, Carolyn A Smyth, Alexandra J Snapp, Steven Snavely, Adam W Snead, Timothy L Sneed, Kara

Snellings, Charles L Snow, Kenlyn B Snyder, Benjamin M Snyder, Charles E Snyder, Daniel D Snyder, David Snyder, James W Snyder, Julie H

Snyder, Peter Snyder, Sarah E Snyder, Savanah N Snyder, Stephanie Sober, Corrie K Sockwell, Shannon C Soetoyo, Celestia Sole, Jenna R

Solem, Hannah L Solenberger, Jacqueline A Solomon, Brandi L Somerville, Amanda B Sommer, Maximilian Son, Sangrak Song, Ha Eyn Sooklal, Sarah

Sopkiw, Brandon Sosin, Timothy A Sotereanos, Stella E Sousa, Adriano J Souther, Keri Souther, Lorin E Souza, Elias P Sowa, Kristen M

Soward, Brittany Sowards, Garrett Spader, Phoebe N Spangler, Jordan D Spangler, Kyle Spann, Cassidy M Spann, Durant L Sparks, Steven

Spaulding, Britney K Speaks, Joseph M Speight, Patrick Spence, Amanda M Spence, Amy M Spence, Ashley M Spence, Hannah M Spencer, Daniel J

Spencer, Laura N Spencer, Skylar E Spicer, Chelsea N Spicer, Nathan D Spicer, Nolan P Spiering, Ryan Spiers, Logan R Spigle, Sydney

Spinks, Caitlin Spradley, Larry H Sprague, Felicia Sprague, Kaitlyn A Sprecher, Clay D Spriggs, Caleb D Spriggs, Katie S Springer, Jillian E

Spruel, Roderick Spruel, Rodwin E Spruel, Sherri Squire, James St Amand, Stephanie L St Clair, Alicia C St Fort, David St Gelais, Tyler J


Residential Portraits

St Onge, Michael St Ores, Paige C St. John, Luke C Staats, Rebecca R Stackhouse, Dustin E Stacy, Kevin J Staffiero, Paul J Stafford, Justin

Stahl, Benjamin Stahlman-Dwyer, Camryn Staiger, Kylee M Stalcup, Adam J Staley, Elizabeth Staley, Joshua D Stallings, Andrew Stalnaker, Leslie A

Stamoulis, Vittoria Stamp, Elizabeth A Standridge, Mike H Stanley, Ashley T Stanley, Breanna D Stanley, Kari N Stanton, Erin O Stanton, Paul M

Stanzione, Sandra Stapp, Sarah F Stargel, Diane Starkey, Monterey A Starr, Stephen C Staton, Erica M Stauch, Thomas Stauffer, Andrew J

Stauffer, Kelly N Steadman, Mary H Stearns, Courtney E Stearns, Jessica Stearns, Kimberly Stedjan, James Steed, Sarah K Steele, Joshua D

Steele, Michael Steelman, Victoria J Steenburgh, Nicole K Steffaniak, Jordan L Stegall, Elizabeth M Stegall, Rebecca Stehle, Jonathan Steiger, Alena J

Steigerwald, Kelly Stein, Kristina J Steindel, Breanne Stellabotte, Chad P Steltz, David Stenger, Matthew Stephens, Jillian Stephens, John

Stephens, Sally J Stephens, Sarah Stepp, Glenn Stepp, Zachariah N Stergar, John G Stertz, Benjamin B Stevanus, Dimitri R Stevens, Branden R

Stevens, Hannah P Stevens, Jeremiah P Stevens, Justin Stevens, Kayla Stevens, Marinda Stevens, William C Stevenson, Angela S Stevenson, Kellie

Stevenson, Kristian A Stevenson, Sarah L Stewart, Abigail E Stewart, Adrienne M Stewart, Bailee A Stewart, David Stewart, Erica Stewart, Erik C

Stewart, Jordan M Stewart, Joshua S Stewart, Valerie R Stillman, Seth M Stillwell, Amy Stine, Dylan J Stine, Esther Stock, Megan

Stockholm, Kyrstin Stockslager, Breanne A Stockwell, John Stoeltzing, David B Stokely, Cherish F Stokes, Sara F Stokes, Tiarra L Stolar, McKennah E

Stoltzfus, Reuben Stone, Cassandra Stone, Megan F Stone, Melody Stone, Rachel V Stones, John Taylor Stonkus, Alyssa M Stotmeister, Grace

Stovall, Brittany L Stowe, Abigail Stowe, Ariana Stracke, Janae Strader, Alexandria Stram, Matthew F Streeter, Devin C Streets, Rebecca D

Strickland, Kieran Strickland, Tanner A Stricklen, Tabitha R Strider, Rebecca P Stringfellow, Emily N Strodtman, Garrett W Strohman, Elizabeth Strohman, Johannah

Strom, Lindsay Strong, Joseph E Strother, Jordan S Stroud, Brittney Stroud, Elizabeth Struhar, Autumn M Struss, Samantha A Stuart, Catherine L


Residential Portraits

Stuart, Kallie B Stuart, Laura R Stucki, Hannah A Stull, Jennifer Stump, Elisabeth A Stump, Haylee N Stump, Theodore J Stuppiello, Amy

Su, Wen Yu Suddreth, Caleb E Suders, Reagan B Sullivan, Elijah Sullivan, Juli A Sullivan, Sarah E Sullivan, Shannon Sullivan, Steve

Summerlin, Lucas Sumpter, Morgan A Sumrall, Shawn B Sun, Da Suozzo, Annamarie K Supper, Dawn Suptela, John K Surles, Christopher L

Surratt, Jordan Sury, Emma L Susman, Jonathan Susman, Nathanael Sutarik, Scott E Suto, Michael D Sutter, Jordan N Sutter, Ryan T

Sutton, Lara L Sutton, Matthew S Sutton, Timothy J Swails, Kaitlyn B Swain, Rasheika M Swanger, Brittany M Swank, Ethan C Swanson, Christopher R

Swanson, Cori A Swanson, David Swanson, Thomas Swartz, Devin Sweat, Charles J Sweat, Whitney Sweazey, Jasper Lynn S Sweeney, Elizabeth A

Sweeney, Lauren E Sweet, Julia Sweetra, Cassie M Swentik, Geena Swezey, Jessica A Swilley, Patrick L Swineford, Jordan Swiney, Joshua N

Swing, Riley Swinn, Jacob A Swinson, Angela J Swortzel, Ashton Swyers, Jillian Sylvester, Kaitlin B Symeonides, Oshua S Symonette, Kenth

Symons, Bethany J Sype, Dalton H Szoch, Thomas Szymanik, Matthew D Tabor, Kayla B Tahalele, Jonathan S Taher, Noor M Tait, Crissey

Tait, Mark Taiwo, Niyi O Tallafuss, Colby S Tallant, Julius A Tallent, Davinity L Tallman, Allison M Tamiso, Allissa Tang, Wai

Tangsirisatian, Suphitporn Taplin, Charles D Tapp, David Tare, Marjun Tari, Jennifer Tari, Kiana Tarpley, Josh Tase, Amy R

Tashobya, Ednah Tasker, Alex Tate, Daniel Tate, Emily M Tate, Matthew T Tatum, Whitney D Taverna, Kelsi L Taylor, Aaron J

Taylor, Alexander Taylor, Alison Taylor, Amanda C Taylor, Benjamin T Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, Brandon Z Taylor, Brittany M Taylor, Caitlin A

Taylor, Caleb E Taylor, Courtney R Taylor, Dishon Taylor, Ethan Taylor, Isaac C Taylor, Isaac Taylor, Jayne M Taylor, Jessica D

Taylor, Jessica R Taylor, Jonathan H Taylor, Katherine Taylor, Kelbi C Taylor, Kelsey A Taylor, Kristin N Taylor, Lewann Taylor, Rachel A

Taylor, Ryan T Taylor, Talya K Taylor, Zachary Teachout, Andrea J Tee, Lien Chen Teer, Anthony Teklu, Hewan Negash Tellers, Jacob


Residential Portraits

Temple, Janay S Temple, Tony Tenney, Jennifer L TerMarsch, Kyle M Terkelsen, Audrey Terpay, Alexander J Terrazas, Katelyn Terrell, Jordan

Terrien, Noah S Terrill, Laura A Terry, Jeremy L Terry, Joseph K Terry, Melissa D Terry, Trey D Terzek, Taylor Teschon, Megan C

Teschon, Tyler B Tester, Bryanna R Teufel, Kelly M Theobald, Josiah A Theobald, Sarah-Jane Theodore, Holly A Thigpen, Andrew F Thigpen, Bethany

Thomas, Ashleigh E Thomas, Aubrey Thomas, Blake M Thomas, Catherine Thomas, Chloe M Thomas, Christina Thomas, Cori M Thomas, Daniel

Thomas, Eric A Thomas, Jessica D Thomas, Jillian E Thomas, Jonathan Thomas, Katelynn M Thomas, Sarah E Thomas, Sarah L Thomas, Savannah B

Thomas, Stephen C Thomas, Steven P Thomas, Travis A Thomas, Trevor Thomason, Nicholas R Thomassian, Ty Thompson, Aaron Thompson, Britney J

Thompson, Caleb Thompson, Charissa A Thompson, Chelsea M Thompson, Emily K Thompson, Gavin Thompson, Gregory Thompson, Jesse Thompson, Karin

Thompson, Katrina D Thompson, Kelsey R Thompson, Keytov A Thompson, Lyndsie Thompson, Marissa R Thompson, Mark J Thompson, Matthew C Thompson, Melissa N

Thompson, Raquel Thompson, Tiera Thornton, Blake Thurber, Matthew Thurman, James B Thurston, Russell H Tian, Dexiang Tibbs, Eric

Tichenor, Alexander L Tighe, Haleigh D Tilley, Andrew Tilley, Joseph Tilley, Savannah J Tillman, Amanda Tillman, Joseph E Tillotson, Sawyer

Timmer, John D Timmerman, Amber Tiprigan, Christine Tiprigan, Joshua A Titus, Brittany M Tobias, Kevin C Tobias, Kurtis C Tobias, Paulina E

Todd, Justin D Toews, Christopher I Toh, Joel P Toliver, John N Toll, Victor P Tolley, Christopher P Tolley, Emily F Tomlin, Kelly J

Tomlinson, Jordon M Tompkins, William K Tomson, Katherine S Toone, Elizabeth L Torres, Jamie M Torres, Selena Torrie, Samantha M Tosi, Vincent D

Toth, Christina M Toth, Nicholas Toth, Thomas A Towarak, Aaron Townsend, Adam C Townsend, Lauren A Toyoda, Mitsuki Tracy, Amelia S

Tran, Britton L Tran, Thomas T Tratnack, Geoffrey D Travis, Nicole M Travis, Sarah E Treese, Anna V Treme, Jon M Treme, Titus A

Tressler, Andrew J Trimble, Jennifer Trine, Tiffany R Trinkle, Kelsea A Trinkle, Leslie V Triplett, Traci L Tripp, Daniel J Troobnick, Jacob


Residential Portraits

Trout, Lauren C Troyer, Amanda R Troyer, Angela S Troyer, Denise M Troyer, Jessica R Truax, Brittany True, Rebecca Truitt, Brooke E

Trujillo, Aaron Tschantz, Stephanie Tsuchihashi, Mana Tuan, Shih-Shuan S Tucker, Brandon W Tucker, Lindsey Tucker, Robert E Tudela, Natalia L

Tulua, Mele F Tumminello, Grace E Tureman, Daniel Turlington, Darren C Turlington, Jake Turner, Aaron M Turner, Anthony Turner, Briley J

Turner, Corbin M Turner, Jonathan R Turner, Logan M Turner, Mary C Turner, Megan N Turner, Rebecca Turner, Rebekah F Tuthill, Emerald N

Twigg, Joshua M Twining, Jeremy Twining, Jonathan D Twombly, Luke Tyler, Angelique Tyre, Chelcey A Tyree, Courtney N Tyree, James

Tyree, Zachary Tyson, Andrea J Tyson, BreAnna Uchefuna, Victory I Uhler, Christopher J Ukwuani, Tim Ulferts, Cassandra Ulm, Cassandra A

Ulmer, Gabriel A Ulmer, Gerald D Ulmer, Jarrett Undseth, Sophia M Updike, Melanie Upton, Brooke Upton, John R Utter, Claire R

Uva, Amanda Vafaei Avval, Kiana M Vagueiro, Joshua Valadez, Yasmine Valdes, Jessica Valentin, Devon Valentin, Stephanie Valleau, Brieanne

Valleau, Paige Vallejo, Manuel Valles, Joshua Vallone, Nicholas A Van Althuis, Kerry Van Der Hyde, Annie Van Doren, Jonathan H Van Duren, Jacob

Van Dyk, David Van Dyken, Charlotte C Van Eerden, Richard S Van Fossen, Samuel R Van Groningen, Aaron Van Kampen, Erin G Van Norman, Elizabeth Van Ormer, Amanda L

Van Prooyen, Tyler VanAernam, Ethan W VanBoxtel, Heather E VanBuren, Laurie VanSice, Susan L VanSoest, Michael V VanTil, Matthew Vance, Caleb

Vance, Cydney M Vance, Jordan M Vance, Roger Vancuren, Abigail Vanden Brook, Jenna Vander Pluym, David Vanderbleek, Jamie L Vanderford, Heather L

Vanderlee, Pleuni C Vandermey, Alexander J Vanderpool, Krystin L Vanfossen, Tyler J Vanhouten, Heather A Vanio, Marissa I Vanosdall, Katharine Vanover, Anna J

Vargas, Erick Vargo, Kaylee Vargo, Peter Varnadore, Jeffrey A Vas, Donald F Vasilescu, Johanna Vasu, Alisha L Vaughan, Alexandra L

Vaughan, Denise Vaughan, Juwante Vaughan, Shelby K Vaughn, Erin N Vaughn, Laura E Vaught, Jennie L Vazquez, Charles Vegh, Antal F

Velasquez, Xiomara J Velez, Amanda Velez, Michael D Vencill, Laura E Venden, Dewi Venning, Allison Venning, Jamie A Veorse, Lori E


Residential Portraits

Vetters, Stefan P Vial, Kaylyn Viars, Kelsey A Vick, Nikayla M Vickrey, Jordy Vieth, Brandon J Vilchez Saldana, G Villar, Clement

Vindivich, Nick G Vining, Dylan Vinson, Jacob S Vinson, Jared Viriato, William S Visscher, Alissa M Vitale, Cassandra D Vitullo, Maria

Vitullo, Sarah E Vogel, Alexander P Vogler, Skylar Vogtsberger, Justin D Volpe, Lindsey Volzke, Joshua Vonada, Robert E Vongvirath, Manininh

Vos, Rachel C Wada, Hannah L Wade, Danae C Wagner, Austin M Wagner, Holt Wagner, Kari L Wagner, Paige Wahl, Katie

Waite, Rebecca L Waits, Jonathan A Wakefield, James D Wakefield, Kelly R Wakefield, Laura Wakeley, Bethany R Wakim, Lena Waldrop, Sherri M

Walker, Ben D Walker, Bryant S Walker, Christiana D Walker, Derek C Walker, Forest D Walker, Hannah Walker, Jeremy L Walker, Katie

Walker, Lucas Walker, Rachel E Walker, Sarah Walker, Wesley Walker, Zachary S Wall, Dylan J Wall, Emily F Wall, Onnalee J

Wallace, Akelea Wallace, Elizabeth M Wallace, Jaclyn S Wallace, Julie Wallace, Sarah Wallach, Alyssa Waller, Collin S Waller, Jacob T

Wallin, Jacob F Walls, Alana A Walls, Andrea M Walsh, David M Walsh, Liliia L Walsh, Sierra M Walters, Benjamin Walters, Jonathan T

Walters, Monet N Waltmire, Jacquelyn Walton, Barry L Wanamaker, Brett C Wanamaker, Christa L Ward, Jonathan W Ward, Keyshaun Ward, Pete

Ward, Steven K Warden, Hannah F Ware, Spencer Wareing, Shaina L Warley, Avery R Warner, Benjamin Warner, Joshua A Warner, Megan N

Warner, Michael K Warner, Sarah M Warner, William Warren, Chalinda L Warren, Chas R Warren, Courtney L Warren, Jayson M Warren, Lucas C

Warren, Michael P Warren, Shaquille O Warrick, Rebekah E Washington, Kelvin Washington, Lakendra A Washington, Lakendra V Washington, Russell Washok, Nicholas

Waterman, Kimberly Waters, Matthew Waters, Natalie M Waters, Ruthellen Waters, Tiffany P Watkins, Christian Watson, Amaris O Watson, Andrew

Watson, Dylan Watson, Emanuel Watson, Erin Watson, Jeremy P Watts, Taylor Waynick, Maleah Weadon, Zachary R Weatherholtz, Jacob R

Weaver, Ashley N Weaver, Jacob Weaver, Jamie E Weaver, Sarah M Webb, Alexa Webb, Lucas D Webb, Reed P Weber, Troy A


Residential Portraits

Webster, Emily Webster, Rebecca E Weedon, Alicia Weekley, Daniel Weekley, Luke Weeks, Alysha Weeks, Jackson K Weeks, Josiah D

Weeks, Kelli Weeks, Rachel T Weeks, Rebekah H Weeks, Vaughn Wegner, Josiah Wehberg, Jeffrey D Wei, Oliver A Weigandt, Tyler A

Weimer, Taylor Weise, Hannah L Weiss, Jared Welch, Katelyn Weller, Amber R Weller, Leah M Wellman, Nicola G Wells, Danielle

Wells, David R Wells, Dustin L Wells, Samantha Wells, Sarah M Wells, Timothy J Wenberg, Danielle R Wendt, Emma Weniger, Ashleigh

Weniger, Brooke A Wensley, Rachel Wentworth, Jonathan D Wermuth, Eric J Werner, Rachel M Wernig, Daniel P Wesler, Victoria M Wessel, Jacob C

West, Bryan L West, Destiny West, Jordan R West, Matthew L Westafer, Aaron Westbrook, Arthur Westcott, Matthew S Weston, Erica M

Weston, Kayla Wethington, Lindsay Weyant, Richard M Weymouth, Jordan Wezenaar, Pierce J Whalen, Nancy C Wharton, Daisy B Wheeler, Alexander S

Wheeler, Alyssa S Wheeler, Benjamin L Wheeler, Joshua K Wheeler, Kara Wheeler, Kevin M Wheeler, Kyle Wheeler, Megan M Wheeler, Ryan L

Whetzel, Brooke M Whicker, Holly Whipkey, Jessica Whitaker, Paige E Whitcomb, Sheila White, Alee White, Alysse D White, Annette P

White, Christa White, Corey S White, Daniel R White, Hannah M White, Hannah R White, Janey B White, Jonathan D White, Joshua

White, Lacey D White, Marlenea R White, Micah White, Rose N White, William H White, William R Whitebread, Joshua C Whitehead, Christa M

Whitehead, Hannah J Whiteside, Jonathan Whiteside, Marcus Whitfield, Jeremy A Whitley, Kaylyn Whitmore, Aaron T Whitson, Anna M Whitt, Jenee E

Whitted, Jessica N Whittemore, Dylan Whittington, Benjamin T Whittington, Hali N Whittington, James E Whitworth, Cory E Whitworth, Matthew J Wi, Michelle

Wigfield, Ryan P Wilburn, Rebecca L Wilcox, Jason D Wilcox, Tanner Wilda, Timothy M Wildberger, Sharon R Wiles, Seth A Wilke, Rachel L

Wilkerson, Braedon Wilkerson, Tracy Wilkie, Pamela L Wilkins, Erika Wilkinson, Rachel B Willard, Amy E Willats, Kole M Willeford, Kristen E

Willett, Joshua Willett, Tasha Willhite, Andrew K Williams, Alexander A Williams, Amber Williams, Anthony Williams, Benjamin D Williams, Benjamin J


Residential Portraits

Williams, Brandon S Williams, Brittany N Williams, Brittany Williams, Casi M Williams, Charles C Williams, Dominic L Williams, Harrison L Williams, Jacob D

Williams, Javaz V Williams, Jeremiah Williams, Jocelyn A Williams, Jonathan Williams, Jordan L Williams, Joshua Williams, Keandre M Williams, Kristine M

Williams, Larry D Williams, Lauren E Williams, Maha Williams, Mark J Williams, Marshall R Williams, Michael B Williams, Michael J Williams, Michael W

Williams, Nathaniel J Williams, Rachel H Williams, Sarah Williamson, Aaron J Williamson, Amber Williamson, David Williamson, Dawn Williamson, Reid D

Williamson, Timothy J Willis, Daniel A Willis, Ethan G Willis, Layne M Wills, Nate Wilmot, Emily Wilson, Alexandra R Wilson, Avery

Wilson, Brad M Wilson, Brittney J Wilson, Caleb E Wilson, Catherine A Wilson, Christian Wilson, Courtney L Wilson, Dennis J Wilson, Emily

Wilson, Erin P Wilson, Jacob Wilson, Jared S Wilson, Jordan A Wilson, Justin B Wilson, Kamry Wilson, Lucas F Wilson, Mark D

Wilson, Matthew D Wilson, Megan Wilson, Michael S Wilson, Shaun M Wilson, Travis W Wilson, Tyler A Wilson, Tyler Wilson, Zachary

Winckler, Brandon J Windley, Allison Windsor, Neil E Wine, Amanda L Winebarger, Kevin C Wingert, Bethany A Wingfield, Cora B Wingrove, Wanda M

Winks, Lindsay M Winn, Elise Winn, Victoria L Winne, David B Winneroski, Lindsey A Winnicki, Brittany Winslow, Emily C Winter, Johanna C

Winter, Nicole Wirth, Brandon Wirth, Hanna Wise, Alyssa C Wise, Chelsea L Wise, Kylika L Wisor, Daniel Wisterman, Sarah

Witherite, Olivia G Withrow, Hillary E Wolcott, Victoria R Wolf, Amanda L Wolf, Ashley D Wolf, Chelsey D Wolfe, Aschalew L Wolfe, Ethan J

Wolfe, Joshua S Wolfe, Lance S Wolfe, Malissa M Wolford, Logan Womble, Mary E Won, Jane Wonderley, Michael T Wong, Haley

Wong, Kendall N Wong, Rhyan W Wood, Brian A Wood, Katherine M Wood, Laurence J Wood, Leslie A Woodall, Abigail Woodard, Eric J

Woodbury, Joshua E Woodcock, Amber C Woodley, Andrew L Woodrum, Joshua A Woods, David Woods, Emily Woods, Timothy W Woods, Tyler A

Woodson, Hope Woodson, Kayla N Woodstock, Jennifer L Woodward, Wesley K Woody, Brookley Woody, Russell T Woolfolk, Andrew L Woolfolk, Courtney


Residential Portraits

Woolford, Alexis D Woosley, Jordan Woosley, Micah Workman, Courtney E Workman, Erica M Workman, Sara Worley, Kristin Worley, Morgan

Worrell, Richard Worsham, Kyndal L Worthington, Benjamin E Worthington, Connor C Wose, Caitlynn B Woytsek, Teresa Wozniak, Jordan Woznica, Katherine

Wray, Kyle L Wrenn, Byron E Wrenn, Kristen M Wright, Alfred Wright, Bailey A Wright, David P Wright, Hillary Wright, Jacob N

Wright, Jessica M Wright, Joshua D Wright, Kaleb S Wright, Megan Wright, Rachel L Wuokko, Brittany Wuya, Taamu Wyand, Andrew S

Wyatt, Celestyn L Wyatt, Cooper J Wyman, Austin P Wyrick, Alisha B Wythe, Zachary Xiao, Zhengchao Xie, Yahui Xing, Linhao

Xu, Shanshan Yacynych, Hannah L Yaeger, Paul Yakaboski, Jennifer L Yaklin, Jacob Yamaguchi, Kota Yamamori, Ken Yampolsky, Jared M

Yang, Brittany Yang, Ji Won Yanov, Lisa Yao, Linbo Yarber, Jonathan M Yarber, Kelsey Yarbrough, Justin W Yates, Caroline G

Yates, Chelsea Yeatman, Kristi L Yebernetsky, Autumn C Yeboah, Angel S Yee, Daniel Hsiang Khoon Yellets, Bethany Yencho, Kyle Yerby, Brandon E

Yi, Seentae Yizazew, Rebekah M Yoast, Joshua I Yoda, Joshua Yoder, Katrina Yoder, Kaylee J Yoo, Andrew Yoon, Jihyun

Yoshino, Tiffany L Yost, Rebekah P You, Dongguin Youmans, Hannah R Youn, Ha Eun Young, Amy J Young, Clayton Young, Colleen E

Young, Cristopher M Young, Jonathan A Young, Kyle N Young, Kyle Young, Matthew P Young, Meghan Young, Meredith Young, Myles A

Young, Ryan C Young, Stephanie Young, Timothy R Youngdale, Megan M Youngerman, Lisa M Yu, Paulina P Yu, Rachel Yuen, Michael

Zeleke, Meklit Zentmeyer, Tinsley A Zentz, Heather Zgrabik, Hannah K Zhang, Bailu Zhang, Bovey Zhang, Qingmu Zhao, Guohuan

Zheng, Ye Mu Zhu, Caikai Ziama, Winston F Ziemkowsky, Nathan Zigan, Joseph Zilverberg, Daniel J Zimmerman, Amber E Zimmerman, Amy

Zimmerman, Christina M Zimmerman, Sarah B Zimmerman, Sydney A Zimmermann, Amanda L Zins, Sarah E Zipagan, Lee Anne C Zittle, Chloe L Zitvogel, Stephanie T

Zolnowski, Lianna S Zook, Dakota L Zulim, Desiree Zurn, Melody J Zurn, Stephanie A de Mik, Ashley M deLivron, Amanda J van der Linden, Jane


Residential Portraits

Aanderud, Bryan Abaskharon, David Abbott, Cassandra A Abbott, Julie A Abbott, Robert Abedzadeh, Alexandra A Abner, Natasha L Abotsi, Anita

Abraham, Betsy Abramovik, Nikola Achampong, Adwoa Ago Acheampong, Yaw Acker, Leah E Acosta, Christopher Acosta Guzman, Angela Acree, Ethan

Acres, Jake R Adair, Alana C Adam, Derek Adam, Roland Adams, Allison M Adams, Amanda L Adams, Chelsie Adams, Hunter D

Adams, James R Adams, John D Adams, Joshua B Adams, Kaitlyn I Adams, Omar Adams, Raven Z Adams, Seth H Adams, Tinsley A

Adams, William J Adamson, Svetlana Adamson-Olaotan, Aminat O Adamson-Olaotan, R Addington, Courtney B Addo, Juliet E Addo Dankwa, Edwina Adejinle, Gregory A

Adelman, Curran A Adhikari, Nab Raj Adler, Zachary Agbana, Abiodun O Aggrey, Isaac Aggrey, Michael Z Aggrey, Princess Ruth Agudelo Castaneda, C D

Agyemang, Alberta Ahn, Da Sol Ahn, Eric J Ahn, Jaehak Ahn, James Aikens, Breanne Aikens, Joshua M Aikens, Walter B

Aitken, Danielle E Aitken, Luke Ajibade, Femi E Akakpo, Ashley Al-Hada, Ali A Alb, Adam R Albrecht, Candis Albright, Katie R


Commuter Portraits

Albright, Krista B Albury, Cierra M Albury, Cynthia Aldrich, Alexander Alexander, Jeremy J Alexander, Jessica F Alexander, Julia Alexandre, Jonathan

Alexandre, Latoya L Alford, Michael Alford, Rebekah J Ali, Ezra L Alkire, Gregory Alkire, Susan Allan, Kigen Kipkoech Allen, Aldreakis T

Allen, Amber G Allen, Ashley Allen, Cedric S Allen, Daniel K Allen, Diamond R Allen, Harrison Allen, Jeffrey R Allen, Jennifer N

Allen, Kelsey R Allen, Matthew C Allen, Richard Allen, Seth Allen, Vanessa Alley, Danielle J Alleyne, K Alleyne, Kendra R

Alleyne, Shirley P Allgood, Madison Allison, Alyshia M Allison, Caleb Allison, Jon D Allred, Christa A Almeida, Tatiana M Alsip, Edward M

Alston, Joseph C Alston, Malcolm Alvarado, Rebecca J Alvarez, Elizabeth J Amaning, Theodora Amaro, Lourdes Amato, Julia Amburgey, Stephen T

Amedore, Anthony N Amedore, George Ames, Shawn F Ames Leong, Timothy K Amiri, Nathan E Amoo, Darren S Amorin, Nicole Ampofo, Isaac

An, Jinkyung An, Koan Seok An, Mi Hyun An, Ran Anasco, Christine Anders, Chelsey Anderson, Andrew R Anderson, Andrew W

Anderson, Audrey E Anderson, Breanna M Anderson, Colby B Anderson, Hannah Anderson, Jacob M Anderson, Jason S Anderson, Jordan T Anderson, Joseph

Anderson, Whitney S Andrews, James R Andrews, Max L Andrews, Patrick M Andrews, Paul D Andrews, Robert Andrews, Ryan N Androsova, Ulyana

Anduiza, Nicholas J Angell, Zachary L Angles, Kirk L Anim, Angela Annable, Andrew C Anspach, Benjamin A Anthony, Lisa D Antone, Taylor

Antwi Boasiako, Yaw B Anyan, Rhoda Arango, Robert K Arbige, Jennifer M Arce, Rick Archer, Camilla M Archer, Courtney Archer, Jermaine

Archer, Magan S Arelt, Brian C Arelt, Kimberly Arevalo, Kevin Arguello, Giovanna M Argueta, Salvador O Arista, Emily Arledge, Christopher S

Armstrong, Ashley L Armstrong, Joshua Armstrong, Samuel Arnett, Christina L Arnold, Elizabeth A Arnold, Eric M Arnold, Jessica Arnold, Tyler

Arrington, Andrea D Arrington, Andrew K Arrington, Charity C Arrington, Kelly M Arthur, Daniel Arthur, Kara L Arthur, Kirsten L Arthur, Michael D

Arvik, Maria K Asamoah, Nicholas Y Asante, Emmanuel Asante, Maxwell Asante-Mensah, Belinda Aseweh, Philip B Ashe Batista, Jennifer L Asheber, Robel


Commuter Portraits

Ashley, Lindsey C Ashley, Tierra M Ashong, Veneranda Ashton, John A Ashwood, Daniel S Asiedu, Gideon Akwasi Askew, Spencer R Assarandarban, Mostafa

Atchison, Chad Atchley, Morgan K Atkins, Melissa Atkins, Richard Atkinson, Aaron Atnip, Trevor Au, Ming-Yee A Aubin, Jason J

Aubrey, Charity Auckland, Kyle M Ausink, Brent Austin, Erika N Austin, Valerie K Autry, Jeremiah S Autry, Joseph B Auwarter, Alexander J

Avera, Stephanie Ayegbusi, Sola Ayembillah, Abass Ayendi, Ukong-Ikwen C Ayers, David M Ayers, Joseph R Ayers, Marc B Ayers, Travis L

Ayieko, Sylvia A Ayodeji, Sunday Azu, Rodney A Baafi, Jacqueline Babcock, Brianna R Babcock, Elizabeth N Babik, Gizelle Babinsky, Gabriel

Bachelder, Bryan G Bachmann, Hannah K Bachmann, Kaitlyn Bacon, Ian S Bae, Dong Bae, Heesoon Bae, Hyewon Bae, Ji Yeon

Bae, Jong Kyun Bae, Namju Bae, Seungeon Bae, Young Min Baek, Chang Hyun Baek, Joseph Baek, Seung Hun Baeza, Jonathan L

Baggarly, Kara M Bah, Francis Bahhur, Brice E Baidya, Prasanna Bailey, Benjamin E Bailey, Benjamin G Bailey, Brenton Bailey, Jason T

Bailey, Jason Bailey, Kimberly Bailey, Kyle C Bailey, Lewis Bailey, Robert P Bailey, Whitney L Baines, Jonathan E Baines, Jonathan

Bair, Allison L Baird, Stephen Bakalian, Brian Baker, Ashli Baker, Brandon Baker, Brina Baker, Hillary Baker, Kathleen

Baker, Keshia D Baker, Lauren N Baker, Matthew Baker, Owen A Baker, Rachel C Baker, Sarah B Baker, Tracy A Balandimal, Samantha-Kelly

Balde, Mamadou B Balderson, Mark Baldwin, Crystal B Baldwin, Elizabeth M Baldwin, Samantha D Balken, Lauren N Ball, Emily Ballard, Casey D

Ballard, Daniel Ballard, Randolph Ballentine, Kathryn A Bancer, Elisha Bang, Tae Jun Bankemper, Patrick H Banks, Gerrell Banks, Jasmine A

Banman, Emily A Banman, Paul Bannon, Patrick M Bapst, Lauren Baptiste, Matthew A Barbeau, Andrew T Barber, Janna Barber, Jonathan

Barber, Matthew Barbour, Brent Barbour, Jason Barclay, Timothy H Bare, Kaitlyn Bare, Lindsey R Bargabos, Catherine E Bargar, Brandy

Barger, Kristina L Barker, Abigail Barker, Brian L Barker, David Barksdale, Brandon Barksdale, Chelsea Barley, Kiley Barlowe, Benjamin J


Commuter Portraits

Barnard, Stephanie N Barnes, Chelsea Barnes, Kimberly R Barnes, Sarah E Barnett, Alexander S Barnett, Christopher Barnette, Ashley S Barnhart, Alicia J

Barnoski, Kathryn Barock, Steven Barr, Lorena M Barr, Sean R Barre, Jessica C Barrett, Broderick L Barrick, Jennifer Barton, Roy

Barton, Tyler R Basham, Takisha Basinger, Hope E Bass, Jonathan Bass, Ryan K Bass, Wesley Basselgia, Jennifer Basto, Andrea M

Bates, Miriam E Battaglia, Angela Bauerle, Chelsea N Baum, Brittanny Baum, Michael-David Bauman, Mackenzie R Bauman, Melissa Baxley, Carey E

Baxley, Daniel Baylor, Holly N Baynton, Benjamin H Bayoh, Sorie Bays, Russell A Beachley, Amy Beall, Daniel T Beals, Bradley G

Beasley, Kemper M Beaty, Thea Beauregard, David L Beaver, Cory J Bechtold, Lindsay J Beck, Amber J Beck, Kandace N Becker, Suzanne M

Beckles, Ashleigh Beckles, Robyn E Beckner, Benjamin Beckner, Candace Becton, John M Bee, Rachel E Bee, Robert S Beecher, Kylee M

Beel, Rachel Beem, Theresa M Beeson, Stephanie S Begley, James T Begley, Peter Beharry, Lisa N Beich, Katherine A Beigle, Jonathan M

Beilfuss, Joanna Beimers, Joshua Beisel, Nathan W Beitler, Kristie Bekele, Dagmawi F Belardinelli, Caitlin M Belcher, Andrew S Belcher, Brandon K

Bell, Alexa R Bell, Eric W Bell, Ethan T Bell, Katelyn A Bellew, Christine Belotte, Maggie E Belotte, Nicholas B Bendik, Melinda

Bendle, Rebekah Benedict, Daniel Benham, Kristina Bennett, Adam J Bennett, Allison Bennett, Blair D Bennett, Elizabeth K Bennett, Jared C

Bennett, Tristan Benninger, Kent S Benson, Bowman Benson, Daila Benson, David T Bentick, Uriah Bentley, Heather N Benton, Polly M

Benton, Shannon Berdych, Ashley Bergen, Valerie Berger, Taylor L Bergstrom, Peter R Berkland, Anna L Berkland, Caleb M Berliner, Autumn R

Bernard, Christopher D Bernhart, Cassandra M Berry, Phillip Berry, Stephen E Bertone, Dana Betancourt, Silvia M Bettcher, Stephanie Bevacqua, Nicole

Beverage, Chelsea N Beverage, Stephanie Beverley, Samantha J Beverly, Aaron C Bevins, Matt Bibb, Andrew Bibler, Shannon Biddison, Anna J

Bielicki, Arielle C Bieri, Nathaniel C Bigelow, Lyndsay S Biggs, Caroline E Billie, Lauren Billie, Tyler A Bingham, Brittany L Bingham, Cody R


Commuter Portraits

Bird, Gabriel Bird, Monique Birnbaum, Kevin Bishop, Brandie Bitner, Joanna Bixler, Emily J Bixler, Steven Black, Alexandra F

Black, Corvette S Black, James A Black, Jordan M Black, Micah Blair, Selby A Blais, Eric C Blais, John M Blake, Rebekah

Blake, Robert C Blake, Rudy R Blalock, Charles Blanchard, Kyle R Blanding, Robert Blankenship, Lindsey P Blankenstein, Benjamin M Blanton, Victoria P

Blashock, Ariel A Blevins, Travis Bliss, Michael R Blizzard, Demarisse Blocker, Karen Blodgett, Courtney Blonde, Verona E Blondon, Marcus

Bloom, Brett M Blosenski, Anthony Blount, Nancy S Blue, Samantha Blum, Abby K Blum, Emily A Blundell, Brandon Boafo, Amma A

Boafo, Kofi Osae Boardman, John E Boardwine, Anthony Bobb, Daniel J Bobbitt, Perry A Bobby, Jonathan D Bock, James Bock, Jonathan

Bockman, Alyssa Bodder, Chelsea Boden, Jennifer M Bodrog, Isabel Boggs, Courtney M Bojaciuk, James C Bolakas, Jill E Bolakas, Sophia G

Bold, Mark G Boley, Angela N Bollinger, Ashley K Bolt, Candice L Bolt, Frank W Bolt, Jordan Bolt, Joshua Bolte, Stephanie M

Bond, Jason Bond, Joseph C Bonferraro, Matthew C Bonferraro, Nicole K Bonilla, Eimy Booher, Todd Booker, Donja D Booker, Ronald

Boone, Anna M Boone, Mary K Boone, Timothy K Booth, Brittane M Booth, Ryan A Booth, Savannah Bordeaux, Leah K Borders, Elizabeth A

Borland, David A Bosche, Brian Bosche, Lauren Boschman, Brent C Bosma, Andrew Bosma, Michael B Bosnyak, Jessica Boston, Deshawn

Botta, Daniel S Botzenhart, Karin J Bouldin, Tyler A Bourlier, Jonathan P Bowden, Grant T Bowden, Joseph P Bowden, Scott Bowen, Anna L

Bowers, Jocelyn M Bowers, Katelyn A Bowers, Kendra Bowles, Meghan Bowles, Taylor A Bowling, Terran Bowman, Dylan J Boyd, Malcolm D

Boyer, Jordan Boyer, Michael-Robert T Boyette, Lydia A Boykins, Tazjanique D Boyles, Elliece N Bozarth, Rebecca J Braam, Megan Braband, Reese A

Brackeen, Joshua Bradbury, Paul Bradley, Alyssa M Bradley, John D Bradley, Kayla J Brado, Lucy A Bradshaw, Jeffrey D Brady, Matthew W

Brampton, Tilly G Brancaleone, Nina B Branch, Jeshua B Brandenstein, Joshua Brandon, Micah Brandt, David Brandt, Jeremiah S Brandt, Rayna M


Commuter Portraits

Branner, Leanna Branov, Gorgi Braswell, Luke H Brathwaite, Tenille Bratton, Austin Braun, Craig Braunius, Hannah C Braxton, Desiree J

Braxton, Landen Bray, Jordan Bredemeier, Katie A Breiholz, Chelsea M Breland, Arne Breland, Venke M Brennan, Tyler C Brettrager, Royal A

Brewer, Alexander Brewer, Benjamin Brewer, Cassandra L Brewer, Emily Brewer, Joshua B Brewer, Melinda D Brice, Nicole A Brickner, Ronald

Bridgers, Kristen M Bridges, Erica L Bridges, Rachel N Bried, Rahul Briggs, Allison M Bright, Jordan W Brindley, Andrea R Brinkley, Jacob S

Brisson, Steve F Britt, Trevor S Britton, Christopher M Britton, Jennifer Broadway, Juliet Brockway, Nicholas Brodd, Scott C Brodersen, Paul

Brooks, Colton A Brooks, Dominic Brooks, Jessica M Brooks, Joshua W Brooks, Kevin J Brooks, Michelle F Brooks, Raina S Brooks, Sarah J

Brosseau, Carl G Brouhard, Jonathan Brown, Alexander D Brown, Alexandra M Brown, Alyssa M Brown, April Brown, Christina E Brown, Claire F

Brown, Clayton L Brown, Daniel H Brown, Domonique Brown, Dwaine L Brown, Emily J Brown, Gordon S Brown, Jared R Brown, Jarel R

Brown, Javonte I Brown, Jeffrey L Brown, Jeremiah D Brown, Joseph S Brown, Kraig R Brown, Krysta A Brown, Kyle A Brown, LaShonda M

Brown, Melissa D Brown, Michael E Brown, Nathan Brown, Olivia Brown, Parker A Brown, Richard S Brown, Richard T Brown, Sarah E

Brown, Sarah J Brown, William D Brown, William M Browne, Benjamin Brubaker, Jason L Bruce, Daniel C Brucker, Kathryn Bruffy, Hollie E

Bruins, Nathan Brumfield, Bobby Brummitt, Kirsten D Brundage, Kathryn Brungard, Mark E Brungard, Rebecca R Brunson, Jennifer Brunson, Shade

Brush, Meridith I Bryant, Christina Bryant, Danita Bryant, Jacob K Bryant, Jarron K Bryant, Joshua Bryant, Katherine Bryant, Kaylee K

Bryant, Michael Bryant, Porshaonna Bryant, Taylor Bryant, William A Bryant, William C Buadu, Josephine O Buah, Leona H Buccola, Amanda

Buchiere, Allison R Buck, Amber R Buck, Jonathan M Buck, Lauren A Buck, Seth M Buckhalt, Joel D Buckhalt, Johnathan M Buckhalt, Jordan E

Buckler, Eliza Buckley, Garret W Buckmaster, Seth J Buckner, Kaitlin Buckner, Raymond L Budd, David G Buggs, Kyle Bullman, Kelsey J


Commuter Portraits

Bullock, Emily S Bullock, Heidi J Bullock, Timothy C Bullock, Zachary T Bunch, Brittney E Bunnell, Allison L Burbrink, Mary Burchman, Joshua

Burdeaux, Amanda N Burdeaux, Robert C Burgess, Lindsay E Burggraf, Meghan C Burggraf, Samuel E Burgin, Kristin Burke, Rebecca J Burkhard, Nora

Burks, Ashley F Burks, Douglas Burks, Karesse N Burleson, Jeremiah J Burling, Leah C Burn, Treacy L Burnett, Richard L Burnette, Amy L

Burnette, Bethany S Burnette, Lindsay A Burnette, Michael W Burns, Daniel C Burns, Lindsay Burns, Zachary T Burrill, Stephen W Burroughs, Christopher A

Burroughs, Kaitlyn E Burrus, Antwan K Burrus, Courtney L Burton, Bethany G Burton, Justin Burton, Kelsey R Burton, Paul D Buscher, Gregory E

Buscher, Jacob Bushman, Mark D Busse, Mark Busse, Melissa R Bussert, Seth Butcher, Breighanne L Butcher, Sarah Butler, Brandon

Butler, Korsica V Butler, Trenton A Butterworth, Devan C Butts, Robert Bwondara, Shelton J Byeon, Jee-Yeon Byers, Casey Byrd, Arielle

Byrd, Ashley N Byrd, Matthew A Caballero, Fernando Cable, Christopher Cagle, Casey A Cagwin, Callie L Calandrino, Nichole M Caldwell, Kevin

Caldwell, Sydney Caldwell, Wilson B Call, Kaitlin D Call, Kristen B Callahan, Maura L Callihan, Kara Callison, Alyssa Calloway, Joshua

Calloway, Leslie R Calloway, Rachael L Calohan, Marsha Calvert, Ethan Calvert, Thomas M Calzada, Caleb Calzada Ortiz, Eduardo Camburn, Ruth

Camire, Matthew A Camp, Brittnee V Campbell, Andrea K Campbell, Arthur L Campbell, Ashley A Campbell, Ashley E Campbell, Benjamin D Campbell, Brittan T

Campbell, Caitlin E Campbell, Christina Campbell, Colin A Campbell, Elizabeth L Campbell, Haley N Campbell, Holly A Campbell, Iris N Campbell, James T

Campbell, James Campbell, Jordan E Campbell, Joshua Campbell, Justin E Campbell, Kareem Campbell, MaryBeth Campbell, Matthew F Campbell, Rachel M

Campbell, Sally A Campbell, Stacy A Campbell, Victoria L Campbell, Victoria Camphor, Njeri S Canfarotta, Michael Cannon, Ashley W Cannon, Christopher

Cano, Jonathan Cano, Sarah A Cao, Chenggang Capellaro, Asherah J Caprara, Olga Captari, Dorel Carapezza, Jenna Carapezza, Joshua J

Card, Ryan L Cardinale, Ryan J Cargo, Maria Carico, Jeffrey C Carloni, Joanna L Carlton, Patrick Carman, Jason R Carmer, Evan R


Commuter Portraits

Carpenter, Amanda L Carpenter, Rebecca A Carrasquillo, Daniel R Carrasquillo, Elianna Carrera, David E Carroll, Emily A Carroll, Steven Carron, Desiree

Carson, Eric Carson, Robert Carter, Cassie A Carter, Heather A Carter, John Carter, Lowell T Carter, Matthew Carter, Strom

Carter, Taylor E Carter, Tiffany L Cartledge, Abigail L Carver, Clayton T Carver, Joanna Carwile, Robert C Carwile, Shane D Casey, Michael

Casey, Sean M Cash, Kinzi J Cass, Laken M Cassa, Nathanael J Cassidy, Tabitha Castellano, Andrew W Castelow, Jessica L Castor, Rod' Esther

Castro, Ana Carolina L Castro, Sarah E Castro Davila, R Caswell, Angela Caswell, Erin D Caswell, Joshua W Caudle, Michelle D Cavey, Chelsea C

Cawthern, Nathan D Cecchini, David Celeste, Asian Marie Cernilli, Elise C Cerrato, Matthew A Cervantes, Jennifer L Cervantes, Juan Cha, Junyong

Chae, Kwan Yong Chalflinch, Seth E Chalmers, Crystal E Chamberland, Ashley A Chambers, Michael J Chambers, Patricia M Chandler, Lillian C Chandler, Wilbert J

Chaney, Kirstyn Chang, Peter H Chapman, Asa Chapman, Kasie C Chapman, Megan L Chapman, Samantha A Chappell, Charles Chappell, David S

Chappell, Kenneth A Charapich, Katherine S Charles, Dave B Charles, Roxane Charnuski, Olivia Chase, Francis M Chastain, Rachael A Chea, Sopheach

Cheatham, Andrew P Cheatham, David R Chekashkina, Anna V Chemell, Morris A Cherenfant, Mirlando Chesiyna, Chepkwony K Chesser, Eric L Chew, Cassandra Mae Chuin

Chewning, Amanda R Chijioke, Michael Chilcott, Jonathon Childres, Bradley K Childress, Kyle Chiles, Marvin T Chilton, Hailey Chin, Rebecca F

Chinboukas, Erica Chisholm, Joshua Chittwood, Sarah B Cho, Chun Kyung Cho, Donghwan Cho, Eunae Cho, Gun Ho Cho, Heedae

Cho, Jeong Cho, Minyoung Cho, Seokjin Cho, Yongpyo Choi, Byung Hun Choi, ChiWoo Choi, Guisung Choi, Hansol

Choi, Hyo Sil Choi, Hyun Choi, Jeong Il Choi, Ji-Woon Choi, Joungho Choi, Seung DO Choi, Young-un Choi, Younjung

Choi, Yun Jung Christensen, Christopher Christiaans, Stacey Christie, Jordan Christophel, Kayla J Christy, Elizabeth Chronister, Rachael A Chun, Jong T

Chung, Dae Eun Chung, DongSu Chung, Eunice J Chung, Ilhyung Chung, Jonathan Chung, Seyoung Chung, Yohan Churchill, Lindsey A


Commuter Portraits

Cibula, Emilio A Cihak, Heather N Cihak, Kirsten J Cindric, David J Cirbus, Thomas Citty, James R Claircius, Woodly Clark, Corbin D

Clark, Eric Clark, James W Clark, Jessica K Clark, Kristy L Clark, Matthew J Clark, Nicholas E Clark, Samantha L Clark, Travis

Clark, Zackary Clarke, Alice Clarke, Allen T Clarke, David B Clarke, Heather L Clarke, Jason Clarke, Matthew J Claros, Valerie

Clary, MacKenzie M Clay, Taylor Clayton, Meagan L Clearwater, Sierra C Clee, Molly R Cleek, Courtney Clemenson, Amy E Clements, Daniel R

Clements, Jessica M Clements, Robert D Clements, Shontarris Clemmons, Brittany Clemo, Lindsay M Clemonts, James E Cler, Ian P Clevenger, Danielle M

Clifford, Lauren N Clinton, Megan A Cloudt, Jennifer K Cloutier, Jamie R Clubb, Jason T Clugston, Stephen M Clyburn, Jeremy Clymer, Scott

Coaxum, Cleveland Coceano, Elizabeth Cockburn, Brandon J Codario, Elizabeth Coderre, Christopher W Cofflin, Blair N Colburn, Adam H Cole, Brent L

Cole, Jeffrey L Cole, Mackenzie Cole, Scott E Cole, Tyler P Colella, Joseph L Colella, Rose Coleman, Andrea K Coleman, Autum

Coleman, Christy Coleman, Clement Coleman, Cristen A Coleman, Irwin Coleman, Joel R Coleman, Kara K Coleman, Whitney Coleman-Thomas, M

Coles, Jerel P Coles, Sharice M Collier, Hannah E Collier, William Collins, Clarence J Collins, Donald S Collins, Freddie Collins, Haley A

Collins, Jeffrey Collins, Jenna Collins, Katelyn Collins, Kurt B Collins, Rachel D Collins, Rachel E Collins, Vanessa N Colmery, Joshua R

Colvin, Andrew L Colvin, Ethan A Combs, Steven Comena, Tiphani L Comer, Sydney A Comfort, Catherine E Comfort, Cort V Compitello, Everett M

Compton, Sarah L Condon, Megan E Condon, Sarah J Coneby, Jacob Conklin, Caleb Conley, Erika P Conn, Abbey R Conner, Calab J

Connolly, Michael P Connor, Andrew M Connor, Julia E Connor, Rebecca A Conolly, Sarah Conord, Zachary H Conover, Daniel Conrad, Jason M

Constant, Jonathan Cook, Elizabeth K Cook, Justin T Cook, Keri A Cook, Lauren V Cook, Nathaniel Cook, Ryann Cooley, Jason A

Coombs, Austin M Cooney, Sean M Cooper, Cheryl E Cooper, Courtney E Cooper, Elisa J Cooper, Erin Cooper, Gregory S Cooper, Matthew


Commuter Portraits

Cooper, Todd V Cope, Bethany M Cope, Nicholas A Copeland, Jordan Copenhaver, Victoria H Coplin, Matthew W Copper, Jordan Copsetta, Dawn A

Coran, John D Corbett, Cynthia Corbett, Kristen L Cordani, Robert Cornelissen, Joshua J Cornelius, Christina Cornfield, Carolyn A Correa, Brandyn A

Costa, Derrick A Costlow, Lauren E Costner, Katie L Cote, Elizabeth A Cotton, Amir S Couch, Casey M Couchoud, Samantha P Couillard, Rachel M

Coursey, Charles Courtney, Chelsea D Courtney, Matthew J Courtney, Taylor Courtney, Taylor Couto, Andrew Couvillon, Kevin Covert, Joshua J

Cowan, James D Cowans, Corderius A Cowling, Regan B Cox, Caleb J Cox, Heather J Cox, Jonathan R Cox, Joshua Cox, Kristen N

Cox, Ryan Cox, Thomas G Cox, Traci Cox, Tyler A Craft, Shiree D Craig, Justin D Craig, Tyler Crain, Donald T

Crampton, Stephen Crandall, Jolene V Crane, Glenn E Crane, Jordan T Crankshaw, Daniel R Crapse, Harold M Crapse, Sara L Crawford, Andrea M

Crawford, David W Crawford, Laura Crawford, Matthew R Crawford, Michael J Crawford, Peter D Crawford, Tyler Crawley, Brendon Craycraft, Jade M

Creasey, Jessica L Creech, Charles C Crego, Johnathan Crema, David R Crenshaw, Laurin K Cress, Kristina R Cresson, Katie L Crickenberger, Megan L

Crisante, Filippe C Crisante, Meredith A Crockett, Jennifer L Cromer, Nathaniel S Cromwell, Joshua R Cronshaw, Kelsay K Crosby, Grace E Crosley, Peter E

Cross, Kandice L Cross, Robert D Crossley, Colton R Crossman, Taylor Crosson, Katrina Crosswhite, Benjamin E Croteau, Allison Croteau, Brenden J

Crouse, Justin D Crouthamel, Zachary T Crowder, Chelsey A Crowell, David Crowell, Nicholas E Crowley, Kristin M Crozier, Susan G Crume, Evan A

Crutchfield, Amanda J Cruver, Aaron Cruz, Diana M Cruz, Maria Cruz, Tina R Csaky, Jenna L Cubbage, Katie R Cucci, Gioia M

Cucci, Giovanni P Cucci, Giuseppe D Cucci, Meghan H Culler, Destiny D Cullison, Kristi Culpepper, Kaleb Cumberland, Bethany M Cumbia, Erin L

Cumby, Barrett Cummings, Chelsea K Cummings, Julia Cummings, Kiersten Cummings, Sarah J Cundiff, Allison N Cunningham, Elizabeth Cunningham, Jamie

Curry, James P Curtis, Emma Curtis, Ethan Curtis, Meredith L Curtis, Sophia Cushing, Joshua C Cutler, Garrett E Cyphert, Kenneth M


Commuter Portraits

Czajkowski, Kelsey L Dabo, Marisa S Dacruz, Jeremy P Dagner, Sherrad J Dahlager, Kristal R Daley, Ryan D DallaVilla, Lauren R Dalton, Audrey D

Dalton, Brittany D Dalton, Kendra Dalton, Rachel E Dalton, Sean M Daly, Maurice F Daly, Shawn Dang, Mai T Daniel, Andrew

Daniel, Jacqueline L Daniel, Joseph W Daniel, Louis Daniel, Nicholas P Daniels, Joseph S Daniels, Philibert N Danquah, Dominique Danso, Maame A

Danso, Prince A Dao, Deborah J Darden, Derrick C Darden, Kevin B Dare, Emily G Darling, Brittany A Darville, Jeffrey B Darville, Jeffrey K

Daugherty, Larry Dauksys, Troy A Davenport, Chad D Daves, Melanie V Davidson, Andrew T Davidson, Brian Davidson, Chelsea L Davidson, Christopher S

Davidson, John S Davidson, Jordan Davidson, Michael F Davidson, Nicole M Davidson, Timothy M Davies, Dean Davies, Shanna M Davies, Tyler

Davis, Adrian Davis, Amanda B Davis, Andrew R Davis, Anna M Davis, Barney R Davis, Bethany J Davis, Brian J Davis, Chrishonda S

Davis, Christina E Davis, Daniel H Davis, Emily L Davis, Emily R Davis, Ian Davis, James M Davis, Jason W Davis, Jerlissa M

Davis, Joanne L Davis, Jonathan M Davis, Jonathan Davis, Jordan N Davis, Joshua A Davis, Justin G Davis, Kevin J Davis, Korrey L

Davis, Mark Davis, Paul R Davis, Samantha Davis, Timothy A Davis, Timothy W Davis, Timothy Davis-Leonard, Ruth Davy, Mary G

Dawkins, Jasmine Dawson, Bethany P Dawson, Chelsea J Dawson, Emily L Dawson, Gina M Dawson, Morgan B Dawson, Robert B Day, Rachel

Dayy, Jacqueline V De Jager, Jaime T De Nijs, Melissa De Rosset, Rebecca De-Graft-Duncan, Kwaku A DeBord, Adam C DeCeglie, Stephanie M DeChamplain, Tiffany N

DeFosse, Brittany L DeGracia, Raymond DeLaCruz, Katie M DeLange, Jonathan DeMaria, Christina DeSantis, Matthew A DeVault, Launcelot A DeVries, Joshua

Deacon, Trevor O Deakyne, Donald R Dean, Adrianna M Dean, Jasmine Dean, Richard J Debello, Elizabeth Debernardi, Romain G Debrauske, Kaul I

Decker, Megan E Decourcy, Erin L Defosse, Emily B Defries, Matthew S Degie, Anteneh S Deitsch, Christopher M Del Monte, Laura Del Prete, Winter M

DelPriore, Lucas Delabruere, Alison R Delphia, Laura E Delucca, Craig Demoret, Laura K Demoret, Lawrence Asa Dempsey, Andrew P DenDulk, Karen S


Commuter Portraits

Dening, Kamilla E Dennis, Maria J Dennis, William Densmore, Cameron B Desir, Wilson Desmond, Ryan P Detweiler, Timothy Detwiler, Joshua M

Devamithran, Rachel Deveney, Brian C Devin, Jonathan M Devlin, Christopher J Dew, Heather L Dewald, Krystina R Dewitt, Danielle N Deyerle, Steven H

DiMaggio, Jared M DiMartino, Alyssa DiNatali, Dustin Dial, Aaron N Diaz, Beverly Diaz, Cynthia J Dible, Joshua T Dicaro, Lauren

Dickens, Daniel M Dickens, David A Dickens, Laura C Dickerson, Jenny L Dickson, Drew Dickson, Jeffrey R Diffy, Patricia Dilavore, Candice M

Dill, Jessica Dill, Tiffany C Dillabaugh, James J Dillard, Joseph R Dinnie, Kaitlyn M Dinsbeer, Lauren G Dinsmore, Emily Distler, Joy L

Dixon, Lynn R Dixon, Paul E Djukic, Mario Doane, Audrey Docherty, Richard Docksteader, Bradley R Dodge, William H Dodoo, Mary Paula

Dodson, Andrew W Dodwell, Brittane A Doebler, Daniel L Dogini, Erica M Doherty, Robert N Dolan, Brian S Dollanarte Acevedo, Brian Dominguez, Gabriela

Domowski, Hezekiah Donawho, Amanda M Doney, Jack Dong, Jing Donnelly, Timothy J Donovan, Shauna Doomy, Chad Doomy, Kristina

Doremus, Adam Doremus, Shawn M Dorholt, Megan A Dorival, Mackenlov K Dorner, Mason Doss, Michael A Doucette, Travis R Dougherty, Kaitlin

Doughty, Brittany A Doughty, Victoria L Douglas, Vicshauna Dove, Michael S Dow, Mark B Dowdy, Joshua M Dowell, Matthew Dowlearn, Emily J

Downie, Nia Downing, Katelin A Doyle, David Doyle, Mary Doyle, Rachel M Drablos, Jonathan L Drablos, Katherine Drake, Andrew A

Drake, Megan L Drane, Genevieve A Drinkard, Christine M Driscoll, Kelly Driskill, Lisbeth Drumheller, Amanda P Du Bose, Giovanni DuBose, Dustin R

DuPre, Bethany G Duckworth, Celene M Duckworth, David N Dudley, Timothy M Duff, Tashan L Duffy, Breanne B Dufie, Angelina Duke, Zachary K

Dula, Halee M Duley, Amanda D Dunay, Nina Dunbar, Charles Duncan, Amy K Duncan, Chad A Duncan, Hillary L Duncan, Margaret B

Duncan, Phillip D Duncan, Priscilla Duncan, Taylor G Dunk, Allan R Dunkle, John T Dunn, Andrew L Dunn, Courtney M Dunn, Dana M

Dunn, Jackson L Dunn, Jami Dunn, Jasmine D Dunn, Lauren A Dunn, Michelle Dupere, Adam J Durden, Jonathan W Durden, Nathanael A


Commuter Portraits

Durham, Leah E Durnil, Brittany A Durst, Kariann Dutkus, Ian Dutra, Elliott Duty, Heather Dwyer, Kaitlin Dye, Hannah E

Dyer, Brandon R Dyer, Jessica M Dykstra, Sarah E Eacho, Tyler P Eade, Chase Eakin, Maria A Earhart, Robert S Earl, Robert G

Earley, Andrew M Earley, Daniel D Earley, Luke Earley, Sarah E Eason, Hannah M Eason, Semone M East, Kayla G Easter, Kody G

Eberhardt, Carolyn Eby, Rachel E Eck, Aimee R Eck, Gordon R Eckelbarger, Stephen Eddins, Chelsey R Edds, Taylor K Eden, James P

Edenfield, Mena Edgar, Kirk T Edgerton, Angela L Edgerton, Maryann T Edgin, Stephen Edinger, Nathan D Edma, Fabine Edma, Jack L

Edmond, Derrick D Edmonds, Caleb Edmonds, Peter Edney, Christina J Edwards, Alexandria Edwards, Andrew Edwards, Connie R Edwards, Dane M

Edwards, Grace E Edwards, Jane V Edwards, Jessica M Edwards, Jonathan Edwards, Lauren Edwards, Nathan S Edwards, Zachary Edwards, Zoe

Efird, Joel Egan, Ryley Egbewole, Yemisi Eggeman, Lindsey Ehrhorn, Madeline E Ehrhorn, Theodore E Ehrich, Joshua R Eisbrenner, Rylie

Eisentrout, Rebecca L Ektrakul, Panya Ekworomadu, Victoria I Elder, Lisa K Elfers, Sean M Elielie-Ndjana, P O Ellenburg, Emily A Ellenburg, Hannah L

Eller, Caleb D Eller, Nathan Ellingsen, Kari Elliott, Caitlin E Elliott, Hannah Q Elliott, Justin M Elliott, Lauren C Elliott, Rachel D

Elliott, Sam Elliott, Sara R Ellis, Maggie A Ellis, Mary R Ellison, Alyssa Ellsworth, Michael Ellzey, Laura Elmore, Esther

Elmore, Quinton Elrod, Brandon K Embler, Carl Embry, Ashley R Engel, Anna J Engel, Mary E England, Mary A Enloe, Tanner R

Ephraim, William Epperly, Jacquelyn E Ericsson, Stephanie E Esden, Grace E Eshleman, Addison A Eskew, Britney B Espinoza, Ariana Estes, Edward L

Estevez, Sara E Etheridge, Claire C Etheridge, Jared C Etheridge, Joshua M Etheridge, Lauren N Etheridge, Mark C Eto, Joshua P Eubank, Jonathan D

Eubank, Stephanie N Eubanks, Jessica B Eun, Maria Evans, Autumn M Evans, Charles Evans, Danell J Evans, Jesse C Evans, Kaitlyn E

Evans, Logan J Evans, Mallory R Evans, Matthew R Evans, Robert B Evans, Ryan Evans, Steven D Everett, Rebekah L Everhart, Christine C


Commuter Portraits

Exline, Matthew C Faber, William L Fabling, Jessica R Fabling, Tara K Facemire, Laura K Fahy, Erin L Fahy, Owen Faillace, Matthew

Faircloth, Kathy Fairley, Stacy W Faix, Jason C Falls, Carroll D Falwell, Amanda B Falwell, Jerry L Falwell, Matthew Falwell, Victoria L

Fan, Wei Fan, Zhengrong Fang, Xueru Fantasia, Christina Fantin, David Fariss, Courtney L Farmer, Benjamin T Farmer, Crystal G

Farmer, Kelsey E Farmer, Kristen A Farrar, Kathryn A Farris, Kathryn Farris, Sally Farrow, Brielle M Fasciano, Andrea D Fath, Eric

Faulkner, Matthew W Faust, Paul C Fawcett, Steven Feagans, Christopher Feister, Ryan M Felder, Shelly Feldman, Mary M Feliciano, David

Felton, Colby E Fenelus, Fedeline Fenelus, Jocelyn Fenelus, Samuel Fequiere, Gabrielle Fereg, Mark Ferguson, John R Ferguson, Pauline

Ferguson, Raymond M Ferguson, Robert M Fernandez, Sarah Ferrell, Andrew Fetzer, Dustin D Fevry, Jean-Homere O Fielding, Ashley Fields, Matthew J

Fields, Taelor A Fifelski, Alexis N Fifelski, Erika L Fifer, Megan A Filan, Laura A Finch, Ashley Finch, Ed H Finegan, Patrick M

Finelli, Mark Finfrock, Jocelyn Fink, Brian J Fink, Krista Finke, Shannan M Firestone, Arianna N Fischer, Raymond F Fisher, Candice L

Fisher, Hugh Fisher, Joel A Fisher, Tyler Fitter, Megan K Fitzgerald, Erin Fitzgerald, Jacqueline R Fitzgerald, Jonathan Fitzgerald, Kelsey

Flanders, Katelynn E Fleischer, Shannon L Fleming, Anthony C Fleming, Brandon P Fleming, Kristin J Fletcher, Brittany Fletcher, Melissa Fletcher, Sally A

Flickinger, David I Florvil, Skania Flower, Abigail J Flower, Kate E Flowers, Cassidy Flowers, Heather L Flowers, Luke A Flowers, Stormi

Floyd, Hunter D Floyd, Pamela M Fogg, Kevin Foit, James T Foley, Lindsay E Foley, Maria F Foley, Ruth I Foley, Stephanie L

Fontes, Alysa Lyn Forbes, Daniel Ford, Carlee L Ford, Christine L Ford, Connor I Ford, Tiffany Fore, Taylour L Forehand, Nicholas D

Foreman, Patricia C Forland, Kristi L Forner, Emilee Forslund, Michael B Fort, Kathryn Fortenberry, Brenton W Forth, Justin P Forth, Lynne E

Forystek, John B Foster, Chadley J Foster, Christian D Foster, David M Foster, Dustin J Foster, Emily C Foster, Nicole Fournier, Amanda H


Commuter Portraits

Foust, Benjamin D Foust, Joshua Foust, Sarah A Fowler, Gabriel Fowler, Jillian A Fowler, Lindsay R Fowler, Melanie A Fowler, Nathaniel

Fowler, Samantha L Fowling, Tameca Fowlow, Micah Fox, Caitlyn M Fox, Candice L Fox, Jennifer Fox, Kelsea M Fox, Melissa

Foy, Courtney L Frady, Amy L Fraley, Sadie Frame, Ian M Francis, Devin M Francis, Ian T Franco, Adam Franco, Sheina R

Francois, James Francois, Jennifer N Francois, Larissa J Frank, Richa Franklin, Joanna M Fraser, Christian Fraser, Donald Fraser, Joshua C

Frazier, Megan Frazier, Paul Freel, Keri D Freeman, Chenoa M Freeman, Stephen T Frejd, Ashley G Frejosky, Kayla French, Parker T

Frenier, William W Frenz, Kegan C Frerichs, Joshua Freshour, Lauren A Freston, Christina Freymond, Jennifer M Freyre, Christina E Fridgen, Cody

Frimpong, Pat Fritz, David S Fritz, Kevin W Frock, Amy M Fry, Nathaniel J Fry, Vannah Frye, Jordan Frye, Lindsay A

Fullbright, Tyler Fuller, Gabriella Fuller, Kelly L Fulton, Hailey Funderburke, Sarah A Funk, Alexandra G Funk, Deborah Furman, William H

Futrell, Samantha E Gachoki, Stephen M Gaebe, Cindy O Gagliardi, Peter Gagnon, Nathan Gaines, Dustin Gaines, Jerrell C Gaines, Rueben T

Galang, Ruel C Galarza, Federico Galeone, Maria G Galinato, Laura R Gallagher, Caroline B Gallagher, Donna M Gallagher, Jordan Gallaher, Cara J

Gallant, Ashley Gallardo, Sierra T Gallo, Yone Galloway, Matthew S Gallup, Robert E Gandy, Brandon Ganiyu, Akeem Gao, Junlong

Garber, Christopher P Garber, Jason D Garber, Kacey L Garcia, Daniel T Gardenhour, Justin Gardner, Matthew T Gardner, Shannon D Gardner, Stacy R

Gardner, Stephanie L Gardner, William Garland, Hayley M Garner, Ervin Garrett, Jerald W Garrett, Kelly M Garrett, Lincoln Garrett, Rebecca C

Garrett, Tasha N Garrigan, Sharanda Garrity, Joshua Gartner, Robert W Gary, Abby Gastardi, Christopher L Gaston, James R Gathuo, Godfrey K

Gatling, Demetre Gatling, Devin Gaudet, Matthew D Gaudet, Nathan R Gaudiose, Chelsea Gaunt, Elliot Gaunt, Kylee E Gauthier, Stephen

Gavin, Jessica Gay, Andrew Gay, Matthew C Gayle, Cologio Gaza, Josiah Gee, Amber Gehman, Sarah R Gelles, Chelsea


Commuter Portraits

Gengo, Krista L George, Nicholas S George, Rachael E Gephart, Kaitlyn Geraghty, Ellen M Geraldino, Raquel Gerberich, Meagan Gering, Amber

Gervasi, Anna E Gestrich, Scott Gianopulos, Benjamin H Giaquinto, Brian R Gibbs, Rebekah Gibson, Gabriel R Gibson, Joseph Gibson, Noah

Gibson, Patrick T Gibson, Timothy P Gil, Peter J Gilbert, Brittany L Gilbert, Matthew C Gilbert, Meredith R Gilbert, Michael J Giles, April

Giles, Bethany D Giles, Seveda L Gillen, Jayne Gillespie, Brittany N Gillespie, Rachel Gillis, Brooke C Gillison, Brittany V Gillispie, Brittany N

Gillispie, Leslie J Gilman, Alexander Gilmore, Ian M Ginn, Anna E Giraldo, Nathalia Givens, Sarah F Gladding, Tilden Glass, Erica L

Glass, Jamie L Glaze, Jason M Glaze, Melissa S Gleason, Robert Glover, Ashley Glover, Davis W Glover, Jaquan Gnalega, M G

Go, Miroung Godwin, Douglas B Goebel, Rachael E Goff, Cory B Goff, Garland Goin, Travis G Goins, Joseph Goins, Justin M

Goldsmith, Anna R Gomes, Amanda P Gomez, Adam Gonce, Jonathan Gonzales, Cecilia Gonzalez, Daniel A Gonzalez, Justin Gonzalez, Noelia

Gonzalez, Richard A Gonzalez Pena, Debora D Gonzalez Pena, Lilian E Good, Ashley B Good, Bethany N Good, Seth Goodacre, Michelle Goodall, Nicole

Goodman, Aaron Z Goodson, Molly-Catherine K Goodwin, Dashawn Goodwin, Elizabeth H Gordon, Abigail Gordon, Emily R Gordon, Emily Gordon, Kelly

Gordon-Tate, Valerie Gore, Jessika Gorin, Hannah L Gorman, Erika J Gormley, Danielle S Gornick, Michelle D Gorsuch, Meredith L Goshu, Tilahun

Goss, Sarah C Gough, George R Gould, Lauren Grabill, Rachel E Grafman, Zachary Gragan, Patrick A Graham, Kara E Graham, Mark

Graham, Megan Granda, David A Granda, Emilia S Grandey, Matthew C Granger, Jonathan E Granger, Mark Grannell, Matthew L Grant, Krystal J

Grantham, Kayla A Grate, Chanel Graterol, Carmen A Grauch, Christina J Gray, Dylan S Gray, Elizabeth V Gray, Jennifer Gray, Leslie A

Gray, Lindsey E Gray, Molly E Gray, Nicole D Gray, Victoria E Gray, William M Graydon, Haley N Green, Adam Green, Caitlin

Green, Kailey E Green, Lillie C Green, Michael R Green, Nathan Green, Peter Green, Taurean K Green, William M Greene, Matthew J


Commuter Portraits

Greene, Olivia D Greenlee, Rachel D Greenwalt, Richard A Gregg, Holley M Gregoire, Chelsea Gregorin, Jennifer L Gregory, Trina L Gresh, John

Griffiths, Garrett L Griffiths, Robert C Grigat, Jonathan Grigg, Emily A Grigg, Jessica Grim, Jonathan M Grinnell, Derek Grissom, Jordan

Groenewegen, Jared J Groh, Alicia N Gross, Quinton J Grover, Kristopher M Groves, Aaron B Groves, Emilie A Grubb, Matthew W Grubbs, Gregory T

Guenoune, Malory Guensch, Raymond Guise, Casey G Guiseppe, Kenton J Gunn, Justin Gunter, Hallie E Guo, ChunYing Guo, Jixing

Guo, Rui Guo, Victoria T Gupta, Paurav Gurley, Kayla Gurung-Johnson, Sajana Guthrie, Ronald Gutierrez, Sandra Guwoe, Richard K

Guzman, Maritza L Guzman, Sopfia J Gwynn, Darren L Gyamena, Dillon K Haag, Heather L Haapanen, Gabriele Haas, Amanda M Habecker, Nathan D

Habermas, Courtney Haegerich, Jordan G Hagan, April D Hagan, Austin Hagen, Andrew M Hagen, Jacob D Hagen, Matthew M Hagey, Laura O

Hagos, Merkeb Hague, Savannah Hagwood, Benjamin Hahn, George A Hahn, Peter Hahn, Sophia K Hailey, Mitchell A Haines, Nicole

Haire, Madalyn G Hairston, Yuji Halbach, Scot M Haldren, Harold A Hale, Amber L Hale, Brittany A Hale, Erin E Hale, Michael J

Haley, Zachary Halfinger, Laura Hall, Brett A Hall, Caleb R Hall, Cari A Hall, Douglas S Hall, Eric T Hall, Monishka C

Hall, Roberta D Hall, Seth H Hall-Schroeter, Meghan K Hallam, Michael N Halsey, Katie M Halvorsen, Brent Hamann, Francine M Hamer, Luke M

Hamilton, Ross Hamis, Hilder E Hamlett, Amber V Hamlette, Donald T Hamlette, Lamont Hamlette, Miranda T Hamlin, Alicia A Hammack, James

Hammermeister, Eric F Hampton, Caleb A Hamrick, Sydney G Han, Chao Han, Ha Yeon Han, Hee Sun Han, Ji Yeoun Han, Qiong

Han, Xu Han, Yohan Han, Zhen Tao Handoyo, Charisya Handy, Kristin Hanes, Timothy M Hanna, Joseph S Hannon, John C

Hansen, Christine E Hanson, Leonard Haraf, Rebecca Hardee, Catherine R Harden, Amy L Harder, Alyssa N Harding, Karyn Hardwick, Bradley R

Hargis, Elizabeth M Hargis, George E Hargraves, Robert E Haring, Jonathan Harker, Sarah L Harless, Amy J Harley, Jonathon M Harlow, Jonathan L


Commuter Portraits

Harmon, Raquel A Harmony, Lauren M Harmsen, Phillip S Harold, Brandon Harper, Ansley Harper, Leighanne S Harper, Ryan B Harre, Lindsey G

Harreld, Gregory Harrell, Collin T Harris, Amanda Harris, Ashley Harris, Blakely Harris, Douglas O Harris, Ethan M Harris, Gabrielle

Harris, Jonathan E Harris, Juanita I Harris, Marilyn O Harris, Samuel Harrison, Caroline T Harrison, Johnnie A Harrison, Joseph P Harrison, Kylian E

Harrison, Ross Harrison, Ruth Harrison, Tyler Hart, Bradley T Hart, Desire C Hart, Paul Hart, Rachel N Hart, Russell A

Hartburg, Lauren M Hartman, Amber A Hartman, Leah R Hartnett, Gregory J Harvey, Brian R Harvey, Caitlin Harvey, Desarae Harvey, Michael E

Harvey, Shereena Haseman, Kelly K Haskin, Molly J Haskins, Nykol Hassell, Jana Hassett, Aaron Hassett, Alex A Hatch, James

Hatcher, Katelin R Hatfield, Judith Haugland, Laura L Hawkins, Hilary L Hawkins, John C Hawkins, Jordan T Hawkins, Nathan H Hawksford, Elizabeth A

Hawley, Natalie R Hayden, Justin L Hayden, Shemia Hayes, Adam D Hayes, Ashante L Hayes, Brittany Hayes, Chase A Hayes, David M

Hayes, David Hayes, James A Hayes, Kolin Hayes, Ronald Hayes, Timothy J Haymaker, Adam Hays, Kaylah Hays, Matthew

Hazlett, Kaylie He, Fei Head, Joshua A Headley, Jennifer Headley, Laura E Heady, Marybeth Heard, Krystal N Heard, Thomas W

Hearle, Ethan Hebert, Justin R Heck, Brittany D Heck, Jacquelyn Hecker, Catherine Hecker, Rick J Heckman, Colby M Heckman, Kristin

Heddleston, Joy E Hedrick, Brett Hedrick, Chung S Hedrick, Lauren E Hedrick, Paige M Hefner, Elizabeth D Heidorn, Julie Helmich, Alex J

Helmich, Khristina L Helms, Amber Helms, Christopher A Helms, Rayna Helring, Erin E Hemric, Brett N Henderson, Gabriel A Henderson, Jeffery

Henderson, Justin T Henderson, Keyona P Henderson, Ramonda Hendricks, Kelsie Hendricks, Kimberly J Hendricksen, Charles K Henion, Kelly M Henley- Hope, Katrina

Hennessey, Emily K Henry, Amber Henry, Jonathan D Hensley, Katherine L Hentnik, Eric R Hentschel, Erin L Heo, Jaeseok Hepburn, Timothy R

Hepkins, Rachel L Hepler, Nathan Hepler, Ryan A Herbert, Michael W Herbst, Christopher Herdtner, Daniel R Herman, Amelia Herman, Dexter


Commuter Portraits

Hernandez, Anthony C Hernandez, Elizabeth Herndon, Carson R Herring, Amanda R Herring, Stanton R Hershberger, Bethany J Hershberger, Jenna M Hershman, Victoria A

Hertwig, Esther Hertzler, Chelsea Hertzler, Nicholas J Hess, Margaret Hetfield, Zachary Hetzler, Joshua Hewitt, Julie R Hewitt, Rob

Hewitt, Ryan T Heydeman, Amber Heywood, Gregory J Hibbs, Daniel K Hicks, Allison G Hicks, Bellmon D Hicks, Brian Hicks, Chassidy N

Hicks, Dustin M Hicks, Hank J Hicks, Mark A Hicks, Matthew Hicks, Melody J Hicks, Salem A Hicks, Trevor M Hickson, Kasey M

Hiddema, Aubrey Higbee, Julia Higby, Amber L Higginbotham, Crystal L Higgins, Anna L Higgins, Candice High, Elise R Hill, Allyson T

Hill, Lorenzo D Hill, Mark Hill, Rachel E Hill, Scott W Hill, Tucker Hilt, Jacob Hilton, Alicia Hindman, Leslie A

Hine, Emily N Hiner, Christopher R Hines, Labonne Hines, Matthew A Hinkle, Nathan W Hinkle, Rhandi Hinrichs, Stephanie Hise, David B

Hiskey, Michael J Hitchcock, Barbara Hitchcock, Nathan Hitchens, Monica L Ho, Yun Ho Quach, Khoa Hobbs, Gareth T Hobbs, Jessica J

Hobbs, Miquela D Hobby, Ronald Hodge, Amanda M Hodge, Shayne K Hodges, Brandon Hodges, Sandy L Hodgin, Jennifer A Hodnett, Lisha G

Hody, Grace A Hoff, Donald S Hoff, Oswald L Hoffer, Janelle Hoffman, Jeremiah Hoffmeyer, Katie Hofmeister, Amanda N Hogan, Kerry A

Hogue, Robert Hogue, Vincent Hoilman, Courtney C Holidaya, Ho Peter Troy Holland, Charity Holland, Jacob L Holland, Julia A Holland, Meghan

Hollenbach, Todd J Holloman, Leah A Holloway, Ashley Holloway, Sirchauncey Holm, Gregory Holmgaard, Emory Holsinger, Nicholas C Holt, Amber

Holt, Daniel Homem, Steven Homer, Nicolle D Honeycutt, Heather N Honeycutt, Joshua D Hong, Suk J Hong, Xiaolu Hons, Jordan L

Hood, Tricia Hooker, Matthew J Hooker, Sarah W Hooks, Joshua L Hoornik, Joshua Hoover, Chelsea C Hoover, Justin Hopper, Jeffrey D

Hopple, Katlyn Hornbaker, Hope L Horne, Amanda L Horne, Lindsay R Hornsby, Matthew J Horst, Michael Horton, Sarah E Hoskins, Danial

Hospedales, Latoya Hosse, Elijah Hosterman, Geoffrey Hotelling, Darek E Houchens, Joshua M Houdek, Kaley Hough, Holton House, Jennifer M


Commuter Portraits

House, Megan L House, Nathan D House, Ryan Houseknecht, Rachel L Houston, Janelle Howard, Brock T Howard, Kelvin Howard, Michael W

Howard, Samuel J Howard, Thomas Howarth, Cory R Howe, Jesse P Howe, Lance G Howell, Carla Howell, Richard Howry, Aaron M

Hoy, Emily B Hoyt, Amanda L Hoyt, Derek Hoyt, Tanner K Hu, Frank Hu, Yingying Hu, Yuchen Huang, Mingdong

Huang, Qi Hubach, Amelia Hubbard, Amanda L Hubbard, Dominique A Huber, Ashley Huber, Nicholaus M Hubler, Joshua Huddleston, Allison

Hudnall, Aaron Hudson, Benjamin R Hudson, Brian M Hudson, Cody T Hudson, Elizabeth Hudson, Jennifer L Huff, Kelsey E Huff, Mary M

Huff, Morgan Huff, Zachary Huffines, Joshua A Huffines, Sarah E Huffman, Lydia Hufhand, Katherine R Huggins, Brianne A Huggins, Jacob L

Huggins, Sarah M Hughes, Amber D Hughes, Anthony L Hughes, Caleb D Hughes, Craig A Hughes, Jillian F Hughes, Kevin L Hughes, Rebecca G

Hughes, Savannah Hughes, Susan Hughes, Tara Huh, Kyun Heang Hui, Po Hang Hullett, Jenna Hulse, Jessica Humbertson, Garrett S

Hummel, Benjamin Hundley, Nathaniel J Hunsley, Bryan D Hunt, Ashley M Hunt, Jason Hunt, Keri N Hunter, Lauren M Hupe, Jeffrey

Hurd, Tiffany L Hurley, Michael Hurley, Ruth Hurt, Elizabeth R Hurt, Samantha Hurt, Zachary Hussack, Christina A Hustead, Sarah M

Huston, Matthew Hutcherson, Kayla D Hutchinson, Christopher Hutchison, Gavin T Hutto, Victoria L Hutton, Otey R Huver, William Hwang, Hee Jeong

Hwang, Hyun Hwang, Inchun Hwang, Younghyun Hyland, John T Hyland, Justen Hyland, Ryan Hyland, Scott S Hylton, Joshua M

Ikeakanam, Ify P Ikeakanam, Immanuel D Ikeakanam, Nonye P Inabnit, Jared B Incorminias, Jessica Ingersoll, Melisa B Ingersoll, Robert E Ingle, Jessica M

Inglett, Angela Inglett, Joseph N Inglett, Michael Inman, Maria Inman, Theodore S Inmon, Lauren J Innis, Danielle Insley, Mindy B

Irby, Mary C Iredia, Jasmine Irizarry, Elaine Irizarry Torruella, Ashley Irvin, Amanda C Irwin, Ashley Isaacs, Rachel L Isidro, Nathan

Isner, Elizabeth N Iversen, James Iverson, Susie J Ivill, Caleb A Iwuamadi, Lawrence I Izadi, Ponteaah M Jack, David Jackson, Amber L


Commuter Portraits

Jackson, Chanel M Jackson, Danielle T Jackson, Deondre Jackson, Drew M Jackson, Edward A Jackson, Jessica M Jackson, Kurt Jackson, Matthew

Jackson, Olivia G Jackson, Spencer T Jackson, Tanner J Jackson, William T Jacob, David C Jacobs, Daniel C Jacobs, Dwight I Jacobs, Katelyn M

Jacobs, Pamela J Jacobsen, Amanda P Jacques, Ryan A Jacquez, Parri L Jadin, Crystal Jagtiani, Garrett Jaime, Jordan M James, Andrew C

James, Ashley N James, Benjamin A James, Caris E Jameson, David A Jamison, Annessa Jamison, Cherie N Jang, Su Young Janusz, Stephanie

Jarman, Brooke E Jarman, Rebekah M Jarman, Robert B Jarrell, Daniel G Jarrett, Jennalee E Jauch, Andrew J Javins, Nicholas S Jaynes, Stacy L

Je, Nakyoung Jeffer, Bailey Jeffers, Alyssa M Jeffers, Jared S Jefferson, Brandon L Jefferson, Brett Jefferson, TaQuania D Jenkins, James H

Jenkins, Kimberly D Jenkins, Marques Jenkins, Rebekah Jenkins, Trevor J Jenne, Anthony Jensen, Audrey A Jensen, Jeffery A Jensen, Jessica

Jensen, Jonathan J Jensen, Molly J Jensen, Nicholas B Jensen, Seth Jensen, Stefani Jeon, Gean Guk Jeon, Sin Soo Jeong, Ho Moon

Jeong, Jong Gyu Jeoung, Eean A Jepkosgei, Egline Jessup, Evan Jeun, Dong Hun Ji, Yuping Jiang, Xiaochen Jin, Ik Jae

Jin, Li Hua Jividen, Brittany M Joe, Malik D Johansen, Michael C John, Reuben C Johnson, Aaron W Johnson, Aaron X Johnson, Alicia

Johnson, Amaris I Johnson, Amber R Johnson, Angela C Johnson, Bethany Johnson, Brandon Johnson, Brennon Johnson, Brianna N Johnson, Brittney L

Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Chelsey N Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Clayton J Johnson, Cordale Johnson, Dirk Johnson, Erik D Johnson, Holly L

Johnson, James A Johnson, Jermaine Johnson, Jessica S Johnson, John H Johnson, Joseph W Johnson, Kaitlyn R Johnson, Kameish S Johnson, Kayla R

Johnson, Kendra Johnson, Kendria E Johnson, Kristen D Johnson, Leah Johnson, Marie E Johnson, Matthew T Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Matthew

Johnson, Micah Johnson, Michael K Johnson, Michael R Johnson, Michael Johnson, Miranda Johnson, Nathan S Johnson, Richard Johnson, Riley E

Johnson, Shayla Johnson, Shonda R Johnson, Sidney Johnson, Stephanie N Johnston, Ashlyn D Johnston, Chelsey J Johnston, Colleen Johnston, Jody


Commuter Portraits

Johnston, Kendra L Johnston, Whitaker R Joiner, Michael Jolley, Sidney L Jolly, Alina M Jones, Aaron N Jones, Alexandria N Jones, Andrew S

Jones, Andrew T Jones, Brendan L Jones, Breyanna M Jones, Claire K Jones, Danyiel D Jones, Darrell E Jones, Eden J Jones, Jacob E

Jones, James M Jones, Jessica N Jones, Justin L Jones, Kayla L Jones, Kevin Jones, Leah D Jones, Molly Jones, Monique A

Jones, Raymond A Jones, Robin Jones, Ryan M Jones, Sara B Jones, Stephen Jones, Taylor Jones, Terrance L Jones, Zachariah I

Joo, MyungSoon Jordan, Amanda M Jordan, Kathryn L Jordan, Kathryn Jordan, Vickie L Jordan, Victoria R Jorge, Daniela Josefczyk, Jordan

Joseph, Travis Josifov, Vladimir Joyce, Annie L Jubilee, Marcus D Jubilee, Neshawn L Judd, Kaelynn D Judd, Spencer C Jude, Kimberly

Judkins, Kenneth Jun, Jean Jun, Sanggyu Jung, Chansong Jung, Chung Sik Jung, Hoon Jung, Hosear Jung, Jin Eun

Jung, Jongmun Jung, Joshua T Jung, Philip Jung, Tae-Eun Jung, Woong Jo Jung, Ye-Eun Jung, Youn Kil Jurgensen, Nathan R

Justice, Sarah G Justice, Victoria Kabongo, Esther Kacan, Rachel Kadjeski, Steffen P Kaetu-Smith, Hilda Kahl, Lindsay Kaiser, Joel

Kaiser, Melissa J Kaiser, Peter Kaleta, Melissa M Kalevas, Robert W Kamau, Rahab W Kaminski, Caroline A Kamradt, Linda Kane, Jessie M

Kang, Bobin Kang, Eunkyung Kang, Jimu Kang, Min Chul Kang, Myung Sik Kang, Pil Mo Kang, Seungeui Kang, Sion

Kang, Yun Ho Kang, Yun Suk Kangogo, Raymond K Kania, Sarah E Kappler, Abigail A Kappler, Daniel W Kardos, Joseph J Karlsson, Robert

Karpenko, Natalie Karr, Elizabeth A Kast, Audrey Kastuk, Sara K Katze, Charity F Katze, George W Kauffman, Briana L Kauffman, Rachel M

Kawchak, Megan L Kearney, Patrice H Kearns, Jackson J Kearns, Stephenie R Keating, Elizabeth R Keatts, David A Keck, Jeremiah J Keef, Bethany L

Keeler, Reade A Keen, Seana F Keen, Shannon L Keenan, Samuel J Keeney, Brittany L Keeys, Rachel Keffer, Richard Keirstead, Leah R

Keiser, Lucas A Keitany, Solomon K Keith, Steven E Keller, Andrew P Kelley, Brandon Kelley, KC Kelley, Meredith Kelliher, Kathryn


Commuter Portraits

Kelly, Benjamin Kelly, Bretta D Kelly, Bridget D Kelly, Bridgette M Kelly, Kaitlyn M Kelly, Patrick T Kemmerer, Jacob T Kemmerer, Kerah

Kemper, Karis E Kempner, Ana G Kendall, Emily G Kendall, Terron Kendrick, Elizabeth M Kennedy, Heidi Kennedy, Monica L Kennedy, Shawn T

Kennon, Wade A Kenny, Carter L Keo, Sach Kerl, Katie L Kern, Crystal Kern, Timothy Kerongo, Melyzedeck N Kerr, Michael R

Kerrin, Adam Q Kerry, Aaryn Kessler, Karis L Kessler, Stephan Kessy, Doreen G Kessy, Naomi G Kessy, Neema G Kessy, Pendaeli G

Ketchie, David W Ketron, William B Khamla, Manel Khan, Waseem U Kia, Jonathan A Kidd, Christine E Kidd, Jason E Kight, Kenneth E

Kijawski, Kaitlin P Kil, Yeon Jeong Kildare, Michael N Kilgore, Bryan Kilonzo, Florence Kilpatrick, Hannah Kim, Aesra Kim, Bum Su

Kim, Changsook Kim, Dong Hyun Kim, Dong Sung Kim, Dongin Kim, Euikwon Kim, Eun Taik Kim, Eunice Kim, Eunkyung

Kim, Gyunam Kim, Ho Kim, Hyong T Kim, Hyong Joo Kim, Hyun Gi Kim, Hyunmi Kim, Insun Kim, Israel P

Kim, Ja Yun Kim, Jeonghag Kim, Jinchul Kim, Jonghun Kim, Juman Kim, Jun S Kim, Junghwan Kim, Jungyeon

Kim, Kang Kim, Keeyoung Kim, Kyeonghui Kim, Kyuwon Kim, Mi Jung Kim, Minsu Kim, Mun Seong Kim, Sang Jun

Kim, Sangwoo Kim, Seung Kee Kim, Shinil Kim, Sung Jin Kim, Yeseul Kim, Yong Eun Kim, Yong Il Kim, Young Chan

Kim, Youngsun Kim, Yuneun Kime, Bethany S Kimmey, James E Kinas, Sarah B Kinder, Carly J Kindt, Ryan M King, Amanda D

King, Andrea King, Angela M King, Anthony J King, Daniel King, Daylee King, Dustin King, Joshua R King, Katrina M

King, Laura A King, Leah A King, Matthew P King, Michael A King, Semaj A Kingery, Robyn E Kingsley, Kristen Kingswood, Leah B

Kinney, Alyssa Kinney, John J Kinzer, David N Kinzer, Faith L Kinzie, Kendall T Kipchirchir, Ngetich Kirby, Andrew W Kirby, Catherine E

Kirby, Matthew T Kirk, Robert T Kirkby, Jessica Kirkland, Jami K Kirkland, Leanna C Kirkland, Lindsey P Kirkpatrick, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Shannon W


Commuter Portraits

Kirks, Jonathan B Kiser, Nick A Kitchen, Derek J Kitts, Amy E Klacynski, Brandon C Klarich, Elsa R Kleiman, Alexander O Klein, Tamara

Kleinhans, Kelsey A Klemm, Megan C Kline, Jacqueline Kline, Laura Kling, Ryan M Klingensmith, Ashton C Knapp, Meghan Kniffin, Robert K

Knight, Bradley D Knight, Brandon S Knight, Casey R Knight, Clayton Knight, Forrest A Knight, Kevin J Knight, Ryan M Knight, Ryan

Kniowski, Lydia B Knoblet, Benjamin D Knoess, Brandon Knollenberg, Andrew J Knowles, Nicholas Knudsen, Sarah O Knuppel, Matthew Ko, Sanghoon

Ko, Yealim Kobischen, Jason B Koch, Carissa Koch, Christine A Kochanek, Kyle D Koger, Joy Koh, Minjung Kohout, Kimberly A

Kokinda, Cody R Koles, Lynsey M Kompelien, Daniel S Konechne, Ben J Kong, Jae Kyu Kontaxes, Benjamin J Koomson, Charles Kopanko, Justin

Korn, Jessica Korr, Timothy Korson, Mitchell Korth, Joshua S Koshy, Lovely Kovaly, Stephanie Kowalczyk, Nicole Kozak, Kristopher F

Kpadeh, Solieh Kraemer, Kelly P Kraemer, Nick Kramer, Alan Z Kratt, Daniel J Krauter, Caleb J Krauter, Jonathan D Krecker, Kelli L

Kregenow, David S Kreis, Kelly Kreuziger, William D Krick, Ashley M Krick, Jillian M Krom, Michael L Kronawetter, Aaron M Krueger, Erik

Krug, Adam J Krug, Chelsea L Kruidenier, Jennifer L Kuchler, Christina Kuhn, Amber S Kuhn, Brooks A Kum, Ebua M Kunda, John

Kunwar, Manisha Kunwar, Sami Kutch, Rachel Kutch, Rebecca Kuzmik, Daniel Kwak, Jeongmin Kwon, Chang Eun Kwon, Chang Hyun

Kwon, Dong Hyun Kwon, Eun Kyung Kwon Hwang, Ji Hae Kyles, Ricky V Kyper, Brittany L Kysia, Lisa La, Joo Eun LaFortune, Gilbert

LaFrance, Ashleigh LaMartina, Gabriel W Laborde, John P Lackey, Jessica Lacks, Chelsey Ladnier, Emily M Laidlow, Leata L Lake, Andrew

Lalone, Jonathan Lam, Donovan B Lam, Janessa Lamartina, Drew G Lambert, John C Lambert, Joshua R Lambeth, Joshua M Lambros, Amanda M

Lamkin, Sheri B Land, Steven C Landa, Samuel Landavere, Austin G Landes, Tyler T Landis, Erin Landis, Joshua Landolfi, Jamie R

Landrum, Andrew T Landrum, Matthew D Landry, Brian Lane, Jonathan Lane, Stuart W Lang, Andrew X Lang, Kevin V Langdon, Katelyn D


Commuter Portraits

Lange, David B Langley, Charles B Lanham, Peter J Lanowitz, Morgan Lansing, Alyssa J Lantzsch, Jordan Lanz, Amanda Largen, Christopher E

Lariviere, Mark F Larsen, Christine M Lashkevich, Briana H Lashley, Crystal K Laskowski, Dylan D Lattimore, William T Laughlin, Philip Lauta, Laura L

Lavender, Kevin Lavender, Timothy Law, Courtney M Law, Jennifer Lawhorn, Anna W Lawhorn, Brittney Lawhorn, Laura A Lawing, Diamond E

Lawless, Timothy C Lawrence, Aaron B Lawrence, Adam Lawrence, Brandon Lawrence, Dwayne A Lawrence, Ellissa P Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, Tyler A

Lawrie, Betsy L Laws, Jonathan Lawson, Donald Lawson, Erick R Lawson, Jessica M Lawson, Stephanie N Layer, David E Layer, Jessica L

Layne, Erika S Le, Minhthieng LeFave, Nathan Leach, Cody Leach, Megan R Leach, Rebekah M Leach, Stephen Leahy, Kyle

Leake, Jesse Lease, Jacob Leblanc, Courtney Ledbetter, Jordan Ledford, Abbigail L Ledford, Justin H Lee, Brian D Lee, Byung Ri

Lee, Caleb J Lee, Chi Bang Lee, Chul J Lee, Chung Moo Lee, Chunsuk Lee, Corey Lee, Courtney Lee, Dokyung

Lee, Dongha Lee, Dooho Lee, Esther H Lee, Eunsung Lee, Gi Woong Lee, Gyeongok Lee, Haengjin Lee, Hai Sun

Lee, Han Sol Lee, Hyokjin Lee, Hyuna Lee, Ilkeun Lee, Ivan Lee, Jaegil Lee, Jin Seong Lee, Joo Eun

Lee, Jungwook Lee, Kang H Lee, Kap Soon Lee, Koeun Lee, Kwanghoon Lee, Kwangseok Lee, Kyuhak Lee, Kyuhee

Lee, Kyuhyuk Lee, LaRandale K Lee, Moo Hwang Lee, Phillip Lee, Sangsu Lee, Seulbee Lee, Seung Hee Lee, Seung Jae

Lee, Soon Wook Lee, Sungkwan Lee, Won Lee, Ye Lim Lee, Yerim Lee, Yi S Lee, Yuijun Leeds, Ryan M

Leeworthy, Cody A Leffew, Robert M Lehman, Christopher A Lehman, Gregory M Leighton, Chelsey Leitch, Hilary Leite, Lucilia K Lemire, Kaleigh

Lemon, Jeremy Lennon, Daniel A Lenz, Abigail J Leon, Erica C Lesh, Jamilynn J Lesh, Sky Leslie, Winston S Lessard, Erica

Lester, Sydnei L Lett, Lindsay Letterman, Melanie Letterman, Morgan Levandovska, Liliya Levens, Michael J Lewallen, David B Lewellyn, Bryant


Commuter Portraits

Lewellyn, Dylan P Lewis, Aaron C Lewis, Austin Lewis, Cameron Lewis, Chelsea D Lewis, Daniel B Lewis, Illeah E Lewis, Jeremy K

Lewis, Leland Lewis, Lindsay S Lewis, Matthew Lewis, Michael R Lewis, Ryan Lewis, Sara B Lewis, Sarah M Li, Chengsi

Li, Hui Li, Jin Li, Qimin Libka, Kristen C Lichvar, Rebecca A Liddell, Ashley L Liddil, Madilyn E Lieb, Jennifer M

Liebig, Amanda Liedstrand, Holly R Liedstrand, Krista M Lietzan, Emily Light, Brooke E Light, Kristian M Lightle, Katelin Likens, Samuel

Lile, Christine Lile, Justin Lillis, Matthew J Lim, Chanelle Chia Shin Lim, Cholong Lim, Dong Sun Lim, Hwan Lim, Jang Soon

Lim, Job Lim, Taehoon Lin, Shoshana R Lincoln, Matt Lindemulder, Stephen C Lindenbaum, Matthew J Lindsey, Calvin J Lindstrom, Niklas A

Lindy, James M Linke, Brean Lippard, Joy Lipscomb, Barbara A Lipscomb, Donovan L Lisa, Michael A Listor, David Little, Cammille

Little, David A Little, Safari H Livengood, Brad S Livernois, Lisa M Livingston, Shane M Liwski, Anna M Lobato, Kelsey Lockhart, Seth

Logan, Sarah Loggins, Ciara N Lohr, Janet R Loizos, Alexander Lollar, Robert J Long, Adam T Long, Amy E Long, Joshua

Long, Morgan L Long, Susan Longino, Walter Loomis, Jonathan M Lopez, Christopher Lorcy, Shekinah Lotspeich, Zachary M Loughran, Noel

Louis, Samara S Loukinas, Megan Love, Emily Lovelace, Medley E Loveland, Kevin T Loving, Charles Lovitt, Joseph D Lowe, Nathan D

Lowell, Melissa Lowery, Brian V Lowmaster, Nathan Lowry, Chad A Loyd, Payton Lubeshkoff, Eric M Luc, Loan T Lucas, Christopher

Luccia, Grace Luce, Havilah K Luce, Isaiah D Lucia, Steven R Luckey, Rebecca M Ludwick, Payden Lueking, Kara M Lukaszewski, Diana M

Lundquist, Ashley M Lundy, Aaron W Lupo, Brandon J Lupton, Devon S Lupton, Dylan P Lust, Katie Luster, Catherine E Lutz, Katelyn J

Lutz, Zachery D Luurtsema, Aimee J Lyles, Michael D Lynch, Candace B Lyons, Anna Lyons, Collin M Lyons, Joseph Ma, Doyeong

Mabe, Lena M Mabe, Ryan C Mabes, Christopher Mabes, Kelsey R MacBean, Andrea MacDonald, James R MacInnis, Lindsay MacIntyre, Kelsey


Commuter Portraits

MacKenzie, Aaron S MacLeod, Timothy J MacLeod, Zachary A MacMoyle, Benjamin Mace, Jeremy J Machapu, Vimbai Mackenzie, J Mackie, Mallory

Macleod, Scott D Macolino, Brent J Madison, Donovan A Madison, Thomas J Madsen, David Madsen, Heidi Madsen, Nathan M Magann, John T

Magliaro, Samantha E Mahaney, Samuel C Maher, Sarah C Mai, Timothy Makin, Kristi Makullah, Mwanze R Malay, Elizabeth M Malchuk, Joyce

Maldonado, Richard Malizzi, Bryan Mallet-Prevost, Aaron Mallon, Kaitlyn M Mallory, Andrew C Mallya, Rogers C Malott, Brett T Malsch, Sara J

Malvaso, Kaitlin L Mamo, Meseret Manalo, Nicole Manicone, Darren M Manis, Randi L Manley, Hannah M Mann, James D Mann, Katie L

Mann, Krystalin R Manning, Andrew C Manning, Katherine B Manns, Benjamin F Manson, Matthew T Manu, Nana A Manuel, Benjamin E Marbury, Phillip E

Marcelo, Carolyn Marchant, Brandi H Marcouillier, James Marcus, Joseph C Marczewski, Jane K Marilla, Richard J Marino, Arielle Marion, Trevor D

Marker, Luke W Markides, John M Marlowe, Jessica A Marple, Gabrielle Marple, Katherine E Marple, Thomas Marques, Heyde O Marquez, Amy E

Marquez, Eduardo Marquis, Jennifer N Marquis, Jeremy Marquis, Lauren L Marrero, Kyle J Marrero, Timothy J Marriott, Jamie L Marroquin, Amanda

Marroquin, Victoria E Marrs, Victoria J Marselus, Joel D Marselus, Rebekah Marsengill, Samantha A Marsh, Austin Marsh, Billy Marsh, Erik

Marsh, Hannah M Marshall, Jordan S Marshall, Joshua S Marshall, Maribeth Marshall, Michael Martens, Ashley E Martens, Douglas G Martin, Alyssa D

Martin, Beth A Martin, Bryan A Martin, Christopher R Martin, Jacob R Martin, James A Martin, James M Martin, Kacey Martin, Katherine E

Martin, Kristen L Martin, Luke Martin, Markita S Martin, Mary E Martin, Matthew G Martin, Nicholas A Martin, Nicole J Martin, Nicole L

Martin, Olivia A Martin, Roy E Martin, Ryan Q Martin, Terry G Martin, William N Martin, Zachary L Martinez, Ezekiel Martinez, Mario

Martinez, Sharon A Maryland, Angela M Mashburn, Kelley A Mason, Allison B Mason, Chad Mason, Kari L Mason, Katie Mason, Kimberly A

Massengill, Alan W Massey, Christie L Massie, Danielle Massie, David W Mast, Caleb S Mast, Jacob B Mast, Joshua K Masters, Ryan L


Commuter Portraits

Masterson, Emily R Mather, Spencer Matheson, Brittany N Mathia, Addison B Mathias, Christopher Mathieu, Jonathan M Mathis, Billy J Mathis, Emily H

Mathis, Taylor A Mathisen, Luke Matos, Jose L Matos-Serrano, Ivette Matthews, Alexander W Matthews, Ezekiel D Matthews, Robert S Mattingly, Timothy M

Mattox, Mary J Mauer, Philip A Maupin, Jamea Maupin, Nicole Maupin, Tory D Maurice, Gaetane M Mavinga, Guy Mavunga, Allen T

Maweu, Doreen Mawyer, Jasmine L Maxwell, Bridgitte May, Cody C May, Jonathan A May, Lindsey K May, Melissa M May, Michael G

May, Nathan E Maye, Brianna Mayers, Rhoda R Mayfield, Brian M Maynard, Matthew S Maynard, Michael S Maynard, Paul E Maynard, Sadie E

Mayo, Chris Mayo, Ebony Mays, Ashley Mays, Christine L Mays, Jonathan B Mays, Warren C Mazonde, Goroma M Mbaaga, Emmanuel Masanja

McAlister, Christopher A McAllester, Angela S McAllister, Kevin McAllister, Lauren McAllister, Rachel F McAlpin, Kevin McBride, David McBroom, Lee M

McCain, Michael-Chase McCain, Nathan McCall, Chelsea L McCann, Heather M McCarthy, Michael McCarthy, Patrick S McCay, Kate S McClintock, Christina M

McCloskey, Bryce A McClure, Carly E McClure, James McClure, Josiah J McClure, Tyler D McCombe, Andrew J McCombe, Nicole J McConnel, Cameron J

McConnell, Allison McConnell, Amanda K McConnell, Tasha L McCormick, Christopher E McCormick, Rachel McCoy, Corey J McCoy, Kristen E McCracken, Jessica

McCracken, Megan McCray, Frederick McCray, Gregory J McCray, Tyrone McCrea, Maria A McCrickard, Jessica McCroskey, Charles McCuiston, Josie

McCullough, Brandon McCurdy, Aaron McDaniel, Bradley M McDaniel, Brittany R McDaniel, Erin N McDonald, Anna McDonald, Ashley N McDonnell, Christopher R

McFadden, Brittany S McFadden, Michelle K McGill, Courtney R McGinn, Kevin McGinn, Stephanie M McGowan, Amy McGrady, Christopher M McGreevy, Patrick

McGuire, Christopher McGuire, Thomas G McGunigale, Melissa K McHale, Carrie V McIlhenny, Caitlyn McIlwain, Reginald M McIntosh, Chloe McIntyre, Bradley

McKay, Dominique G McKay, James M McKechnie, David A McKee, Brandon McKee, Brooke A McKenzie, Courtney A McKenzie, Katherine E McKinley, Mary E

McKinney, Amanda McKinney, Courtney A McKinney, Joshua J McLaughlin, Amy C McLaughlin, Calvin McLaughlin, Karen McLendon, James McLeod, Merrianne E


Commuter Portraits

McMahon, Katrina R McMillan, Courtney McMillian, Julia K McMillon, Keely J McMinn, Cassandra McMullen, Kelly McMullin, Anaisabel McMurray, Kathryn J

McMurray, Nathaniel McMurray, Rachel E McNair, Austin M McNeil, Cory McNeil, Travis McPeck, Stephany K McPhee, Christine I McPheron, Andrew D

McPherson, Brittany L McQuigg, Rachel McRee, Kathryn B McTigue, Caitlin M McVety, Ryan C McVey, Alexander Mccamey, Robert E Mcguire, Jordan I

Mchale, Devon Mead, Stephanie M Means, Brandon C Meares, Carson A Mears, Dustin T Medlin, Amanda E Medrano, Kenny W Meekma, Rebecca D

Meetre, Joshua R Meetre, Sara A Megginson, Nicole M Mei, Wenfu Meibauer, Erika D Mekena, Christelle Melara, Abner Melfi, Leah M

Mellette, Mark H Mello, Brianna M Melnichuk, Liana J Melnichuk, Rachelle E Melton, Chris L Melton, Mollie Menez, Audra Mercer, Daniel G

Mercer, Rebekah D Mercer, Todd D Meredith, Rebekah Merene, Vanisha A Merholz, Veronica Merritt, Lowell D Merritt, Timothy E Merz, Christopher

Metayer, Vilsene Metayer, Walcene Metelus, Vanessa Metzler, Ryan Meulemans, Alexandria C Meurrens, Blake H Mey, Elrich Meyer, Matthew J

Mezzano, Emily Miceli, Megan B Michael, Andrew S Micklem, Franklin Miclos, Diana M Midgett, Kaitlyn Midgett, Logan G Mielnicki, Joseph T

Migliaccio, Melanie Miglis, Nicole C Mihai, Emilia Mihelic, Matthew L Mikkelson, Benjamin Milacci, Ellen E Milacci, Karis Milanowski, Ivy Jo-Wei

Mildenstein, Jeffrey Miles, Shannon Milian, Alyssa E Millard, Adam Miller, Alexander V Miller, Alydia R Miller, Ben P Miller, Briana

Miller, Brittney Miller, Chara O Miller, Cooper S Miller, Jacob Miller, Jenna M Miller, Jordan N Miller, Julie M Miller, Kathren E

Miller, Matthew Miller, Megan Y Miller, Michael A Miller, Nathan L Miller, Ramsey S Miller, Tami Miller, Thomas Milleson, Jenna

Millner, Ebony G Mills, Allison F Mills, Heidi Mills, Jacob Mills, Keary R Mills, Porsha Mills, Rachel M Mills, Timothy A

Milton, Tayler M Min, Dong-Joon Minerali, Genta L Minerva, Michael D Mini, Erica J Mink, Stephen Minkarious, Lydia R Minor, Phillip D

Minter, Adam H Miranda, Bianca Miroshnichenko, Nancy Mishler, Michael S Mitchell, Allison N Mitchell, Angela R Mitchell, Bradford N Mitchell, Christina D


Commuter Portraits

Mitchell, Ginny M Mitchell, Jacob A Mitchell, Luther M Mitchell, Melissa Mitchell, Teala Mitchell, Victoriya Mitchener, Brandon Mobley, Joseph C

Moen, Carolyn E Moerman, Joshua Mohr, Joshua Moize, Earl T Mojica, Demitrius Moldvay, Stacy B Mombrun, Dina Mondor, Andre C

Monroe, Melody Montalto, Dayna M Montour, Bridget M Mook, Daniel P Mook, Jessica J Moon, Hong Jin Moon, Hyun Soo Moon, Scott A

Moon, Whitney A Mooney, Ashley N Moore, Anna T Moore, Brian D Moore, Brittany N Moore, Casey M Moore, Christopher T Moore, Janet W

Moore, Jessica D Moore, Joshua A Moore, Julie B Moore, Lucas A Moore, Rayme Moore, Salena K Moore, Samuel J Moore, Samuel

Moore, Tahirah Moore, Tiffany L Moores, Jessica Moos, Christiana Morales, Adam L Morgan, Alexis M Morgan, Alicia V Morgan, Jonathan P

Morgan, Katherine Morgan, Trent J Morgan, William A Morgan Anderson, Leah M Morice, Christina Morin, Christopher R Morningstar, Steven D Morongell, Scott J

Moroz, Timothy G Morrett, Hannah R Morris, David B Morris, Hillary A Morris, Mallory K Morris, Sarah Morris, Tanner L Morrison, Ana R

Morrison, Andrell Morrison, Danielle L Morrison, Michael J Morrison, Roshane N Morrissey, Jeremy Morrissey, Molly A Morrissey, Rachel L Morse, Elizabeth

Morse, Sarah E Mortimer, Chad E Morton, Sean M Moschler, Rebecca Moser, Christina M Moser, Jesse Mosher, Elliot Moshkowski, Melody

Mosley, Bryson L Mosley, Lauren Moss, Angel M Moss, Betty J Moss, Shanika Moss, Sherika Moss, Zachary Motley, Benjamin D

Motley, Jacob P Motsenbocker, Abby D Moulton, Carl Moutoux, Jessica Mowry, Daniel E Moye, Rebekah Moyer, James Moyer, Jennifer T

Moyer, Mitchell Moyer, Molly Mrozik, Pawel Marcin Mshama, Juliana Julius Mshamma, Jacqueline J Mshamma, Jennifer J Mueller, Mckenzy A Mugwanja, Rahab W

Mukri, Colin R Mulchi, Andrew R Mullen, Annie E Mullen, Joshua E Mullen, Seth W Muller, Megan Mullins, Hailey Mullins, Kayla M

Mulvihill, Donna Mulwa, Diana M Mulyangote, Enguma Y Mungai, Bryan M Munguia, Ashley N Munguia, Michelle M Muniz, Michael J Munson, Rachel

Murachanian, Emily L Murdock, Glen E Murdock, Justin M Murphy, Clint Murphy, Jeffrey Murphy, Jonathan M Murphy, Michael S Murphy, Robert


Commuter Portraits

Murphy, Tierney L Murray, Alina E Murray, Joshua S Murray, Tamryne Musick, Chase Mutisya, Maureen N Mwasha, Neema Myers, Carley B

Myers, Jasmine D Myers, Michael E Myers, Mikel C Myers, Nathan Myers, Rachel C Myers, Richard M Myers, Sharon L Myers, Thomas

Na, Chang Wan Nace, Darick Naff, Alena B Nam, Hyemin Nam, Jaeeun Nance, Whitney S Napier, Cristi M Napierkowski, Andrew W

Nappi, Rachel Nardozzi, Bryant Nash, Jillian E Nduta, Judith L Neal, Derrick H Neal, Jetts Neal, Joseph D Neal, Melvin T

Neece, Jaimie L Neeley, Zachary J Neely, Rachael Neergaard, Miriam Neff, Megan Neff, Tyler Neffinger, Richard V Negron, Kristi L

Negroni, Jonathan Nelms, Christine M Nelson, Alexandra Nelson, Charles J Nelson, Joel S Nelson, Kristin E Nelson, Thomas Nemiccolo, Whitney

Nesemeier, Michelle W Ness, Reed A Neufeld, Ryan Neville, Indrek Newcomb, Lauren L Newcomb, Roolchane M Newcomb, Vicente Newhall, Kathryn E

Newhall, Michael Newman, Angela S Newman, Charles P Newsom, Rachael B Newsome, Chelsea A Newton, Steven Ng, Tai Kwok Ng, Tai Man

Ng, Tsz Fan Ngun, Sui Z Nguyen, Minh L Nguyen, VuBang D Nhekairo, Nawona J Nicholas, Kelsey Nichols, Elizabeth Nichols, Laura E

Nichols, Mary-Ashtin M Nichols, Randi D Nichols, Susanna M Nichols, Terrence J Nicholson, Jordan E Nickerson, Drew E Nickerson, Joel D Nickerson, Jonathan M

Nicks, Brady S Nicodemus, Samantha C Nicotra, Anna M Nielson, Marcus Niemann, Sierra M Niemi, Leanne E Niemi, Sara M Niggli, John

Nijakowski, Theodore Niu, Genying Njau, Doreen S Nodell, Aleksey T Noell, Daniel Nolen, Allison L Nolton, Christina Nonaka, Kiyohide

Noonan, Alexandra J Nordan, Grace M Norman, Matthew Norman, Timothy Norris, Christian Norris, Matthew M Norton, Jeffrey R Norton, Timothy J

Norwood, Katie G Notter, Lindsay R Novak, Kevin R Novakowski, Sarah Nowlin, Roderick W Nowottnick, David C Nowottnick, Michael Ntumy, Vanessa L

Nuckols, Patrick Nusbaum, Abigail I Nusbaum, Emily Nwankwo, Lucy N Nyarko, Richard Nyholt, Laura M Nymeyer, Christina M Nzuki, Elizabeth M

O' Berry, Gregory L O'Brien, Nahum M O'Grady, James C O'Neal, Christy O'Neal, Erin L O'Toole, Brian P OLory, Jean-Charles Y ONeal, Brianna P


Commuter Portraits

Oakes, Christina Oakes, Rebecca Oakley, Stephen J Obanla, Michael O Oberhelman, Andrea G Oberry, Cameron S Obert, Jacob Obiri Mainoo, Ama

Ocampo, Aaron Ochieng, E Ochieng, Lovenda Ochoa, Julie Odell, Joshua T Odongo, Florence A Ofenloch, Tracy L Offutt, Tifany

Ofori, Brenda Ogram, Rebecca Ogunseye, F Oh, Jin S Oh, Kyungmin Oh, Seung Won Oh, Yoonho Okuley, Christopher R

Olayide, Priscilla Olek, Kelly J Olinghouse, Ashley J Oliver, Alyssa Olko, Tadeusz J Olkonen, Elaine Olmstead, Jonathan E Olsen, Ariel E

Olsen, Katelyn H Olson, Nathaniel J Olufotebi, Emmanuel O Olufotebi, Temitope Ontaneda, Valeria Oostdyk, Melody Opoku, Abena Orantes, Mariam

Orellana, Gabriel J Orona, Shem Ortiz, John R Ortu, Toni J Osattin, Scott Osborne, Charles Osborne, Evelyn Osborne, Mark

Osbourn, Brian Oskam, Jennifer Osoro, Purity M Osterhus, Julie Anne Oswald, Heather K Oswald, Melissa Ott, Kathryn L Ourahmane, Noura

Overbey, Jacob E Overbey, Kathryn A Overbey, Rebekah G Overby, Emma K Overmyer, Kelli M Overstreet, Christina J Overstreet, Jacob A Overstreet, Julie

Overstreet, Richard P Oware, Jessica A Owen, Catherine R Owen, Courtney R Owen, Madison C Owen, William M Owens, Benjamin T Owens, Brittany

Owens, Kehinde Owens, Sandi B Owensby, Taylor Owuor, John Vincent Owusu, Mercy Owusu-Attakora, Stacey Owusu-Attakora, Tracey Oyelabi, Adeola O

Ozah, Reginald Pack, Matthew L Page, Sarah E Paik, Sung Eun Palko, Shelley Palm, Josh A Palmer, Heather Palmer, Jennifer R

Palumbo, Brandon K Panasci, Bethany Panasci, Rachel A Panchigar, Shalin Pannell, Harry Pantaleo, Joseph Pantana, Jessica R Pantana, John

Pantana, Kacie C Pantoja, Jennifer L Papanu, David Papet, Lindsay E Parada, Valerie Pardine, Jeffrey S Parish, Stephen T Park, Bolam J

Park, Byoung Kyu Park, Cameron K Park, Dai Joong Park, Dong Jin Park, Dongjin Park, Eunjin Park, Hanna Park, Hannah

Park, Huijae Park, Je-Ju Park, Jiyoun Park, John Park, Jong Bock Park, Jong Sub Park, Jungwon Park, Keyoung

Park, Ki Yong Park, Kyung H Park, Lae Deuk Park, Mikyung Park, Samuel Park, Sangjin D Park, Seung J Park, Shin-Woong


Commuter Portraits

Park, Sung Cooc Park, Sung-Shin Park, Yewon Park, Younhee Parke, Madeline M Parker, Alexander C Parker, Amy L Parker, Andi L

Parker, Breana N Parker, Christina M Parker, Justin M Parker, Lydia Parker, Madison Parker, Marie Parker, Megan E Parker, Pamela

Parker, Shelley Parkes, Rachel M Parliament, Kyle Parmley, Ian Parnell, Hannah Parramore, James B Parris, Seth G Parrish, Joshua E

Parrott, Alexander Parsons, Candice Partilla, Robert S Parvis, Joshua Pascoe, Michael Pascoe, Peter Pasque, Cooper Passero, Kristy L

Patchett, Rebecca A Patel, Chandani A Patel, Sima Patino, Melanie Patkose, Meghan Patrick, Joseph Patterson, Kaitlin E Patterson, Kaitlyn O

Patterson, Rika Patterson, Sarah B Patti, Christopher A Patton, Logan Patz, Katelynn M Paulding, Alexis N Paull, John E Paultre, Gregory E

Paultre, Thierry R Peacock, Lauren K Peak, Jonathan Peake, Rachel Peaks, John H Pearce, Jacob A Pearce, Victoria Pedersen, Matthew

Peed, Meredith N Peeler, Donna J Peeler, Molly J Peers, Emily D Peery, Sara L Peguero, Gabriella Pegues, Alyssa Pelletier, Christin

Pemberton, Lloyd G Pemberton, Rebekah B Penha, Robert Peniche, Joseph Penland, Jeremy C Penley, Donald L Penley, Joshua Penn, Robert

Pennell, Caitlin Pennington, Jonathan Pennock, Ryan C Pentoney, Rachel Peper, Brandon Peplinski, Taylor N Perdew, Mark Perdomo, Carlos

Perkins, Alexandria Perkins, Rachel Perkins, William B Perkinson, Jared N Perminov, Maxim A Perpete, Rebecca S Perry, Adam D Perry, Calvin

Perry, Dominique K Perry, Jessica K Perry, Perrsha Perry, Ryan Perryman, Brittney Perseo, Catherine Persons, Gordon Persson, Erica C

Peters, Jeremy M Peters, Michael J Peterson, Ashley Peterson, Brad Peterson, Grace M Peterson, Joshua N Peterson, Keith D Petitjean, Stephen T

Petroff, Emily Pettibone, Kristen Pettman, Timothy Pettus, Dana M Petty, Steven M Pfeifer, Christopher Pfenninger, Jonathan Phelan, Tarrah

Phelps, Christa E Phillips, Andrew Phillips, Arthur C Phillips, Benjamin D Phillips, Chester K Phillips, Christopher J Phillips, Cynthia A Phillips, James T

Phillips, Jeremy Phillips, Matthew Phillips, Michael A Phillips, Neal D Phillips, Rebekah R Phillips, Simon P Philpott, Ria J Phipps, Seth E


Commuter Portraits

Picht, Todd Pick, Micah D Pickard, Cheston Pickett, Danielle L Pickett, Dayne A Picking, Erica Pierce, David G Pierce, Emily

Pierce, John D Pierce, Stephanie Pigsley, Samantha Piirto, Hope E Pike, Aaron R Piland, David Pineda, Josser A Pinel, Bradley O

Pinelli, Lisa Pinkerton, Joshua Pinkham, Lauren E Piper, Allison M Piper, Christina M Piper, Heather L Pippin, Heather Pipping, Calvary H

Pirus, Melissa Pitre, Clifton A Pittman, Courtney N Pittman, Michael J Pittman, Peter Pittman, Rebecca Pittman III, James T Pitts, Allen K

Pitts, Reagan P Pixley, Jessica E Pizzichillo, Louis Planchard, Julie A Pless, Emily D Plummer, Michael R Plunkett, David W Plush, Lewis C

Poe, Vanessa C Poff, Samuel M Poggemiller, Evangeline E Pohlmann, Andrew Poindexter, Joshua M Poindexter, Julian Poindexter, Whitney O Poissant, Tia M

Polanec, Kathryn A Polichemi, Anthony D Polk, Kevin D Ponder, Maurice J Ponder, Ryan P Pongracz, Samuel W Poniente, Sheryl L Ponseti, Ryan J

Ponton, Charles W Poole, Henry C Poole, Jacob R Porochniak, Lauren A Poss, Catherine Potecha, Leah M Potter, Andrew W Potter, Ebonie

Potter, Jeremiah Potter, Joshua H Potter, Kevin Potter, Kyla L Potter, Mitchell W Potts, Ashlee R Potts, Chandler Potts, Jeanel G

Poucher, Hannah J Powell, Colin C Powell, Megan J Powers, Stephen T Powley, Kaitlyn N Pradenas, Danielle N Pradhan, Shriti Prange, Krista K

Pratt, Gregory A Prescott, Denielle Presley, Teresa A Pressley, Grace A Pressley, Morgan Presson, Benjamin P Preston, Lane E Prewitt, David W

Price, Daniel Price, Emilee C Price, Kaitlin L Price, Mary-Ashley S Price, Rachel Price, Randi E Price, William N Price, Zachary

Prillaman, Heather L Pringle, Stefone C Prinsloo, Quinton Prinsloo, Ryno Pritt, Chase Pritt, Tyler W Probst, Jessica M Proffitt, Casey M

Proffitt, Kathryn C Proffitt, Stephen Propps, Erica L Prosper, Joshua D Proto, Michelle T Pruett, Sarah E Pruett, Stephanie Pruitt, Braxton H

Pruitt, Hannah N Pruner, Laura A Publicover, Robert Puckett, Hunter Puckett, Kelsey Pullen, Trevor A Pulsford, Shane K Punch, Le'Ambre V

Purdie, Gene R Purdy, Francis J Purificato, Dean R Purificato, Tricia Pyeatt, Justine N Pyles, Timothy Qian, Guoping Qualls II, Robert D


Commuter Portraits

Quaranta, Elena E Quarmout, Daniel A Quarmout, Sana A Quartuccio, Daniel Quebedeaux, Miles C Quesenberry, Devin M Quezada, Samantha Quigg, Zachary D

Quill, Tiffanee Quin, Rebecca J Quinn, Andrea N Quinn, James A Quinn, Sarah D Quintanilla, Jerika B Radka, Erik R Radke, Jonathan

Ragan, Timothy Rahn, Addison T Rahn, Austin T Raidiger, Angela C Rainey, Caleb Rainey, Joshua L Ralston, Dathan Ramey, Kaleb M

Ramirez, Amber Ramirez, Marco A Ramos, Estefania Ramos, Migdalia Ramsdell, Lyndsie C Ramsey, Brandon M Ramsey, Kylah W Randall, Laura E

Randolph, Morgan Randolph, Paul Randoo, Jason J Rankin, Jessica Ransom, Rebekah L Ransom, Sarah A Rardon, Brooke J Rasmussen, Gretchen E

Rasmussen, Shawnae S Rasmussen, Troy Rathore, Amar S Ratliff, Heather Ratliff, Holly E Ratner, Rachel Rau, Matthew J Raudenbush, Amanda

Raup, Denise D Raven, Michelle L Ravettine, Bryeanne Rawal, Sanjay K Rawlins, Matthew Ray, Cory Ray, Gregory R Ray, Stefanie N

Raymer, Brittany N Read, Joshua L Reagan, Victoria K Reaves, Robert Redden, Jourdan T Redmond, Jeremy Redmond, Rachel Redmond, Taylor M

Redshaw, Darren Reece, Payton M Reed, Cory Reed, Jennifer Reed, Jonathan Reed, Joshua Reed, Rachel K Reed, Samuel C

Reed, Seth C Reed, Wesley W Reese, Kaylan M Reese, Stephen Reeves, William R Reger, Eric S Register, Jared L Rego, Sundeep Savio Ronald

Reichard, Dustin S Reichard, Kelsey E Reichenbach, Faith A Reid, Jacquetta Reid, Jordan Reid, Kamilah Reilly, Brian Reinarz, Vanessa C

Reitenbach, Sara L Ren, Mengci Ren, Shaowen Renauro, Ryan R Renner, Yasha Rere, Joyce C Reyes, Krysalee Reynertson, Brittany

Reynolds, Casey L Reynolds, Christopher E Reynolds, Danielle E Reynolds, Josh M Rezen, Kimberly Rhe, Jeong Doo Rhodenizer, Zachary R Rhodes, Ashley A

Rhodes, Lisa Ricaurte, Elizabeth P Rice, Ashley N Rice, Desmond L Rice, John G Rice, Jonathan S Rice, Jordan Rice, Katelynn R

Rice, Tiffany M Richard, Christina Richard, Lauren N Richard, Nathan Richard, Rebecca L Richard, Tyler J Richards, Abigail L Richards, Goldy M

Richardson, Justin P Richardson, Thomas E Richardson, Trey M Richey, Heather Richey, Jonathan D Ricksecker, David C Ricksecker, Rebekah E Riddell, Luke W


Commuter Portraits

Riddell, Steven Rider, Bailey K Rieksts, Kristina J Rife, Dustin T Riggs, Kyle Riggs, Taryn N Riggs, Treva P Rigler, Andrew S

Riley, Aaron Riley, Caitlyn R Riley, Michael W Rinaldo, Giuseppe C Riner, Marjorie Riordan, Timothy W Riss, Claire Ritter, Benjamin A

Ritter, Erika K Rivenbark, Joshua E Rivera, Donna M Rivera, Stephanie P Rivers, Ashley N Rizzo, Samuel Roach, Matthew Roach, Timothy J

Roane, Robert Robbie, Colin P Robbins, Jacqualine N Robbins, Jeremy R Robbins, Lindsey Robbins, Mikaela L Roberson, Alex Roberson, Mitchell G

Roberson, Nancy Roberson, Stephanie Roberts, Adriane A Roberts, Andrew Roberts, Brittney Roberts, Jared S Roberts, Wade Robertson, Michael

Robertson, Rachael Robi, Bethlehem G Robinson, Brandon E Robinson, Brooke A Robinson, Cesar Robinson, Darrell D Robinson, Derick Robinson, Gregory S

Robinson, Madilyn C Robinson, Sarah A Robitaille, Kaela J Robitaille, Trapper E Rocco, David C Roche, Melchisedeck Rock, Breanna M Roden, Jeremy C

Rodgers, Andrew K Rodgers, Kyle Rodgers, Matthew Rodriguez, Amaris J Rodriguez, Christina M Rodriguez Zarate, D Roe, Carolyn J Roe, Jeremy S

Roe, Tristyn Roebuck, Daniel Rogers, Amber R Rogers, Ashley Rogers, Cody A Rogers, Heath Rogers, James C Rogers, Jill E

Rogers, Rebecca J Roget, Rachel Rohrer, Nathan B Roland, Brandon D Roller, Abigail L Roller, Hannah Rollins, Sandra M Roman, Jeffrey A

Roman, Jonathen P Roman, Melissa S Roman, Roberta D Romero, Brittni V Ronda, Jesse Roop, Christopher W Roper, Meagan Rose, Andrew C

Rose, Brittany J Rose, Kimberly M Rose, Renee L Rossdeutscher, Tara Rossignol, Andrew Rost, Emily Roth, Brittany A Roth, Mitchell R

Routh, David M Rowe, Justus B Rowe, Matthew Rowe, Ryan C Rowe, Zechariah Rowell, Jessica Rowland, Christopher S Rowley, Kenneth

Roy, Brooks A Royall, Amy Royce, Kelly L Royer, Kaitlin E Ruba, Elizabeth Rubeck, Joshua D Ruberg, Michael J Ruck, Jonathan H

Rudd, Sarah Rudisill, Bryce A Rudolph, Rebecca I Ruffner, Ashley Ruggeri, Brittany L Runda, Matthew B Runk, Brian C Rupe, Talicia R

Rush, Valonda C Rusnak, Robert R Russell, Aaron C Russell, Caylin S Russell, Dakota L Russell, David C Russell, Kristen E Russell, Rashad D


Commuter Portraits

Russell, Stephen Rutherford, Christian Ryan, Andrew J Ryan, Patrick J Ryan, Tyler J Rymer, Taylor S Saavedra, Julia M Sabanos, Jenessa

Sabatell, Patrice L Sabatini, Amy C Sabey, Lindsay E Saeler, Mark Safo Kantanka, Daniel Saint Blancard, Elijah D Saint-Ange, Dieuseul Saint-Cyr, Ruth

Saintable, Katiana S Sajous, Soraya V Salerno, Nicole Salsberry, Matthew Salsman, Kelcy L Salters, Quonsetta N Sammis, Brian Samples, Ryan E

Sampson, Lance W Samson, John D Samson, Jordan C Samueleis, Moshe Sanchez, Anthony Sanchez, Melissa L Sanchez, Stephanie Sandefur, Jeremy N

Sanders, Caleb Sanders, Donald Sanders, Jesse Sanders, John Sanders, Kirstyn Sandoval, Dustin Sandy, Ryan S Santana, Melissa

Santana, Olinca Santino, Joseph H Santoro, Matthew L Santos, Anibal Santos, Mishael T Sarchet, Dana A Sarchet, Lucas Sargese, Jessie

Sarrge, Dustin K Sarrge, Kristen Sater, Jonathan Satterfield, Naomi Satterwhite, Brittany M Sattler, Alexander Sattler, Hannah A Saunders, Angela B

Saunders, Ashley G Saunders, Benjamin D Saunders, Bethany L Saunders, Kyle R Saunders, Levi J Savas, Steven H Savola, Lindsey A Sawyer, Lynn M

Sawyer, Samuel P Schaefer, Stephens T Schaeffer, Lauren Schafer, Joy A Schall, Alyssa L Schallmo, Matthew H Schanaker, Dustin P Schankat, Sarah

Schantz, Michael L Schaub, Chad Scheideman, Samantha Schempp, Elise Scherlacher, Mariah Scheule, Jessica M Schissler, Mark O Schmid, Daniel J

Schmidt, Paul Schmuker Jr., Steven B Schneider, Brittany P Schneider, Sarah Schoch, Kathryn M Schoch, Kevin B Schools, Eric J Schoonhoven, Andrew T

Schreiber, Kathleen M Schroder, Johannes Schronce, Ethan Schroth, Tucker R Schucht, Jessica E Schuetz, Matt J Schuitema, Jared M Schultz, Asa

Schultz, Jocelyn A Schultz, Nathanael E Schultz, Walter Schumacher, Stephen L Schurig, Kevin P Schuster, Gregory L Schweigert, Tyler Schweikart, Nathan

Schweinsberg, Richard L Sciola, Matthew C Sclafani, Juan Scofield, Elyse Scott, Iesha S Scott, Jessica L Scott, Justin L Scott, Katelyn M

Scott, Kendrick O Scott, Lacy M Scott, Mark A Scott, Ryan Scott, Samantha J Scott, Stephen Scott, Zachary T Scruggs, Charles P

Scruggs, Christina N Scully, Jeffery Seaborn, Edward Seaborn, Samuel Seagle, Kelli M Seaman, Sarah H Seamon, Lauren R Searcy, Kaitlyn


Commuter Portraits

Seavers, Luke R Sechrist, Kiersten Sechrist, Madeline M See, Lauren Seeley, Jessica Seelinger, Zachary Seilkop, Mary L Self, Rachel E

Sellman, Sheldon D Sells, Brandon Semiao, Aaron Sempsrott, Marc A Sene, Setnick T Seo, Hoon Seo, Ki Won I Seo, Youngil

Seon, Eun Im Serafini, Caleb J Serpliss, Jennifer M Sessoms, Jessica B Settje, Anthony K Setzer, Amy E Setzer, Jeffery S Severson, Andrew M

Sevilla, Gerson J Sexe, Alissa D Sexton, Joshua R Sexton, Taylor Seymour, Corey Sgandurra, Rebecca Sgromolo, Daniel J Shackelford, Logan

Shackleford, Waverleigh Shadel, Conrad L Shafer, Timothy A Shaffer, Brian Shaffer, Stephen R Sharp, Brandon Sharp, Karley Sharp, Rachel

Sharp, Sarah K Sharpe, Richard D Shaver, James Shaver, Thomas M Shaw, Ashley L Shaw, Grace Shaw, Howard R Shay, Daniel L

Sheaffer, Kaitlyn S Shearer, Benjamin J Shearer, Peyton T Shedd, Laura Sheffer, Erika N Sheffield, Franklin M Shelby, Nathan Sheldon, Jared M

Sheldon, Sarah A Shellenberger, Jessica D Shelley, Brandon W Shelton, Alexandra L Shelton, Benjamin J Shelton, Brittney S Shelton, Karlee A Shenk, Allison

Shepherd, Joseph C Shepherd, Kolby F Sheppard, Scott Sherlin, Kelsey R Sherman, Patrick G Sherrell, Miranda Sherrell, Randall L Sherret, David H

Sherret, Oliver C Sherry, Matthew Shick, Douglas Shifflett, Patricia Shikoski, Veronica L Shim, Jae Il Shimizu, Kazuyo Shimp, Sarah

Shin, Bakbum Shin, Derella Shin, Dochol Shin, Doo See Shin, Hyun Seok Shin, Hyunduek Shin, Ki Hye Shin, Mhin Keun

Shin, Myoung K Shin, Wi Jae Shinkle, David G Shipman, Joseph C Shipps, Benjamin C Shirkman, Travis J Shivock, Samantha M Shoaf, Adam

Shockley, Jason E Shockley, Todd M Shore, Lee T Shore, Miranda N Short, Madison B Shouse, Phillip R Shover, Abigail M Shrestha, Prabesh M

Shubert, Alexandra B Shukerian, A Shultz, Jordan Shumake, Drewcilla M Shupe, Kimberly M Shurr, Emma J Siaulys, Tomas Sieg, Amy

Siegel, Brett Sigmon, Nicholas D Silva, Savannah L Silvey, Shayne R Sim, Jae Kuk Simmonds, Michael Simmons, Jared Simon, Kevin W

Simonetti, Anthony Simonton, Allison D Simpkins, Ashley N Simpson, Derick J Simpson, Jessica Sinanan, Omar Sinclair, Sushanne L Siner, Jacob


Commuter Portraits

Singh, Carmen A Singh, Joban Singor, Jordan M Sir, Yoon Won Sireci, Luke Sirocco, Jacob Sise, Michael J Sitoula, Sonu

Sivarajah, Rukshan Sizemore, Justin Sizemore, Lauren K Sizemore, Randy Skalaski, Charles W Skillman, Morgan N Skinner, Joseph Skirko, Charles

Slagle, Don H Slater, Dallas C Slaymaker, Nathan P Sledge, Andrew Sligh, Maxcey L Sloan, Andrea N Sloan, Cameron A Sloan, Clinton B

Sloan, Hannah M Slone, Brandon D Small, Shayne Smalls, Dominique Smart, Justin C Smejkal, Samuel Smirnov, Isaac A Smissen, Amy M

Smissen, Richard M Smith, Aaron R Smith, Abigail L Smith, Amanda J Smith, Amber N Smith, Amber N Smith, Andrew Smith, April M

Smith, Ashley M Smith, Ashley Smith, Bethany N Smith, Caleb M Smith, Charles Smith, Chase H Smith, Christopher E Smith, Claire K

Smith, Conor P Smith, David N Smith, Demitri Smith, Elizabeth J Smith, Emily E Smith, Emily K Smith, Eric Smith, Glenn

Smith, Gregory Smith, Hannah Smith, Harold E Smith, Jaleesa R Smith, James C Smith, Jaquese M Smith, Jonathan Smith, Joseph H

Smith, Joseph R Smith, Joy E Smith, Justin T Smith, Katie M Smith, Kayleigh M Smith, Kendra A Smith, Laporsha D Smith, Lauren A

Smith, Lauren E Smith, Lindsay N Smith, Matthew D Smith, Matthew J Smith, Matthew Smith, Megan R Smith, Melissa A Smith, Michelle

Smith, Michelle Smith, Noah A Smith, Rachel L Smith, Rebecca E Smith, Renee Smith, Ryan M Smith, Samuel Smith, Sarah A

Smith, Shaun M Smith, Shawn Smith, Stephanie J Smith, Tabitha D Smith, Taylor M Smith, Terri Smith, Timothy R Smith, William C

Smithey, Tamara Smitthimedhin, Sarida Snead, Taylor N Sneed, Molly Snell, Callee L Snell, Cameron Snow, Kayla Snow, Nathan J

Snowman, Tiffany A Snyder, Ashley D Snyder, Courtney E Snyder, Heather Snyder, James Snyder, Jeremiah J Snyder, Jeremy Soistman, Chelsea

Somers, James Somuah, Eunice Son, Jaeyoon Son, Myung Jin Son, YeJi Sones, Kaitlin Sopkiw, Mark T Sorber, Joshua D

Soria, Kaylee L Soria-Galvarro, Claudia D Sorie, Andrea Soroka, Dana A Sorrell, Charles S Sorrels, Thomas Sorrentino, Dominica L Sosnoski, James


Commuter Portraits

Soto, Vanessa M Souther, Ashley R Soward, Kimberly Soyars, Hannah Spadino, Jeshua P Spadino, Kaley M Spaeth, Katie M Spain, Eric W

Spalding, John L Spalding, Scott Spannbauer, Hannah Speaks, Tavares Spear, Hannah R Spear, Josie Spearman, James Spears, Jamal E

Speight, William G Speirs, Philip Spell, Brittany D Spencer, Brittany A Spencer, Jeffery W Spencer, Parker J Spencer, Patrick E Spencer, Rebecca

Spencer, Whitney G Spicer, Jordan M Spillar, Sarah E Spinner, Loreal Spivey, Benjamin S Spivey, Emily Spoon, Rachel D Spradlin, Jesse A

Sprague, Jeremy J Spratt, Kenneth Spriggs, Dan Springer, Logan Sprinkle, Brent D Spurlock, Samantha R Srodulski, Rebecca Staaby, Svein A

Staats, Joshuwa S Stadtlander, Naomi N Stafford, Christiana J Stafford, Jonathan C Stafford, Stephen Stahnke, Julia S Stainback, Lauran Stallman, Jeremiah L

Stamper, Hamilton Stanaway, Kayleigh J Standeven, Joshua R Stanfield, Emily K Stange, Stephen Staples, Lauren R Stark, Erica Stark, Kendra N

Starling, Adrianna J Starnes, Joshua W Starr, Miranda J Statham, Kyle C Staton, Jared Stauffer, Andrew C Stavrianos, Aris A Stayt, Tristan J

Stazen, Peter S Stearns, Ashleigh E Stearns, Michael A Steel, Jonathan Steele, Rachel Steen, Adam J Stegall, Hannah D Steidl, Erik M

Stein, Katelynn Steinhauer, Courtney Steinhauer, Edward Stell, Lauren P Steltzer, Jonathan Stenholm, Andrew R Stephens, Lauren Stephens, Shari M

Stepp, Joseph N Sterling, Aaron J Sterling, Noah D Stermer, Jennifer L Stertz, Chelsey Stevens, Alyssa Stevens, Angela Stevens, Kate E

Stevens, Kimberly Stevens, Morgan C Stevens, Samuel P Steward, Hunter T Stewart, Andrew J Stewart, David Stewart, Elizabeth A Stewart, Joshua E

Stewart, Keren Stewart, Marlisha S Stieg, Christopher B Stieglitz, Tracy L Stier, Amy E Stier, Scott H Stillman, Kristen E Stillwagon, Jeanne

Stillwagon, Julia E Stimpson, Chelsey Stimson, Tony S Stinnette, Christopher B Stinnette, Leeza M Stinson, Brandon T Stirparo, Zachary S Stiteler, Tracie L

Stockslager, Mark R Stockslager, Sandra L Stokes, Matthew R Stokes, Sadie A Stollings, Allie K Stone, Caz J Stone, Foy C Stone, Meredith

Stone, Sherri Stoneman, Cody Storey, Joseph Story, Kristen V Stout, Ryanne K Stow, Dawn F Stowe, Roxanne Strachan, Matthew R


Commuter Portraits

Strain, Kristen N Strappelli, Michael Straw, Lyndsey M Stribling, Kristopher L Strickland, Kelly N Strickland, Kenneth W Strine, Gabriel Stritesky, Ashley J

Strom, Katrina P Strong, Gillian Stroud, Justin R Stroud, Meagan M Struhar, Andrew J Stuart, Antwaun L Stuart, Daniel E Stuart, Jennifer A

Stuart, Nicolas D Stump, Jacob M Stump, Sarah E Sturgill, Joshua S Stvan, Matthew A Styer, Bonnie K Suarez, Ashley A Suarez Boscan, Diego A

Suh, Dong H Suh, Jung Rok Sullivan, Aaron Sullivan, Amanda M Sumey, Jeffrey Summers, Christopher A Summers, Kristin R Sun, Youngbum

Sundaramurthy, Singaram Sundheim, Jeffrey T Sung, Byungchul Sung, Sui Sunwoo, Joo Hyun Supp, Timothy P Surprenant, Chelesea L Sutton, Hayley

Sutton, Hilary L Svendsen, Sara E Swalm, Taylor L Swank, Thomas R Swann, Brittany Swanner, Joseph T Swanson, Kyle Swarn, Shaquita

Swarr, Joshua Swartzwelder, Erik Sweat, Ryan C Sweeney, Amanda F Sweet, Aaron J Sweet, Matthew S Sweigart, Shawn J Swigert, Nina M

Switzer, Stephen Swogger, Joshua Swope, Kristen L Sylvester, Matthew T Symonette, Fallon M Symons, Rebekah L Szyszkowski, Adam Tabler, Victoria

Tackett, Christina Tagoe, Kwabena O Takano, Amy L Talerico, Tara Tamba, Andrew Tamba, Sylvester Tan, Pui Yu P Tankard, Angela F

Tanner, Eric R Tapia, Walter P Tapken, Robin S Tarantino, Alexandra N Tarazona, Eduardo G Tatagiri, Issac Tate, Adam Tate, Erin L

Tate, Seth P Tatro, Devin J Tatum, Billy J Tawney, Christopher Taylor, Alonzo C Taylor, Amber L Taylor, Ashley E Taylor, Brittany R

Taylor, Candise Taylor, Jerrica C Taylor, John W Taylor, Michael R Taylor, Morgan Taylor, Naomi Taylor, Nathaniel B Taylor, Rachel R

Taylor, Ronald Taylor, Sarah E Taylor, Thomas A Taylor, Timothy Taylor, Whitney C Tayon, Sheila M Tchah, Laon Tchividjian, Charlotte

Tchividjian, Graham A Teage, Joanna E Teague, Joel W Tedder, Brittany Tedeschi, Allycia Teeple, Kristin J Teer, Aleah Tejo, Kimberly

Telfer, Breena Tello, Anna C Tenpas, Todd Terracciano, Andrea Terrell, Essence M Terrell, William G Terry, Gabriel C Terry, Joel E

Terry, Nicholas T Terry, Victoria Tesi, Winston P Teter, Anna Tetford, Brittany M Thaler, Emily J Thayer, Elisa G Thebault, Sandrine


Commuter Portraits

Theodore, Kristin Thigpen, Margaret O Thomas, Ashley Thomas, Aubree Thomas, Brittany L Thomas, Cathryn O Thomas, Christopher M Thomas, Corey T

Thomas, Emily Thomas, Heather M Thomas, James A Thomas, Jane A Thomas, Jennifer M Thomas, Jessica L Thomas, Jimmy N Thomas, Jonathan C

Thomas, Julie E Thomas, Kaley M Thomas, Karissa Thomas, Lauren E Thomas, Loren D Thomas, Magdalene Thomas, Milcah M Thomas, Robert V

Thomas, Ryan D Thomas, Shea Thomas, Sophie M Thomas, Tia Thomas, Timothy J Thomason, Paul M Thompson, Aaron D Thompson, Alyson W

Thompson, Austin Thompson, Bradley R Thompson, Brittani L Thompson, Bryan Thompson, Carolyn C Thompson, Chevon W Thompson, Danielle A Thompson, Elizabeth

Thompson, Jeffrey A Thompson, Kaitlyn Thompson, Kimberlyn J Thompson, Lauren M Thompson, Leah K Thompson, Marie N Thompson, Steven M Thomson, Darly

Thomson, Jason K Thorn, Benjamin A Thornley, Luke D Thornton, Adair Thornton, Mackenzie Thornton, Rebecca Thorpe, Matthew Thrasher, Andrew W

Throop, Steven Tian, Ying Tidd, Dayna Tiegs, Emily L Tighe, David Tilford, Brian N Tiller, Victoria Tillett, Josiah

Timbrook, Timothy A Timley, Kenneth J Tinsley, Mark A Tinsley, Pernell Tippett, Jessica Tober, Derek W Todd, Andrew M Toews, Jaclyn L

Toews, Natalie J Toliver, Joshua B Tolsma, Tamara D Tolstykh, Andrew Toman, Ashley M Tomko, Kyle Tomlin, Amber N Tomlin, Casey L

Tomlin, Jesse A Tomlin, Mark Tomlin, Molleigh B Tomlin, Walter R Tomlinson, Charles R Toney, Christopher M Toney, Crystal A Topinka, Barbara A

Toresco, Carly A Torppey, Taylor M Torres, Sarah Torres, Sergio Torres, Stefan Torrison, Leah Torruella, Heriberto I Tosi, Nicholas L

Totten, Katherine Totty, Kyle G Toussaint, Irene Towne, Charlton Towne, Tiffany R Townsend, Kendra K Toy, Gwendalynn N Toy, John R

Trad, Rebekah F Traficant, Ashley D Trammell, Mark E Trammell, Melissa A Travers, Joshua Treese, Nathan D Trevorrow, Stephanie Trexler, Michael T

Trigili, Vincent Trimble, Andrew Trimmer, Benjamin Tripp, Joshua D Tripp, Kaycee E Trivett, Kourtney D Trossen, Hannah E Trost, Jeremy A

Trost, Kaitlyn J Troxclair, Beau C Troyer, Adam Truman, Melissa R Tsamisis, Elizabeth A Tschetter, Lauren G Tuck, James E Tucker, Andrea


Commuter Portraits

Tucker, Ashleigh N Tucker, Elizabeth A Tucker, Kristan A Tucker, Nicholas A Tucker, Sonja Tunu, Renae A Turnage, Joshua W Turner, Ashley D

Turner, Brandon L Turner, Brittanie Turner, Cody J Turner, Kara G Turner, Rebecca Turner, Richard A Turner, Sarah Turner, Thomas N

Tuttle, Christopher Tuus, Siim Twark, Emilee C Tweed, Dana Tweed, Hunter F Twiggs, Joshua Tyree, Samantha Tyree, Sarah E

Tyree, Susan A Tyrrel, Osei A Tyson, Blaine A Tyson, Briana J Uhler, Nathan A Uhrin, Danielle J Ullmann, Priscilla F Ulrich, Christopher W

Ulrich, Kayla J Ulrich, Michael Umphlette, Charles R Underwood, Adam Underwood, Cody B Underwood, Patrick Ungaro, Cassandra J Upchurch, Lauren

Urban, Rebecca Urbani, Luke N Urbanik, Elizabeth M Ursulescu, Calin Utsman, Lindsay Uveges, Micah Vahey, Delia Valdez, Joseph Orlan T

Valek, Erika Y Valentine, Michael D Valeriano, Vincent Van Althuis, Courtney L Van Den Bos, Jocelyn J Van Eaton, Jonathan Van Engen, Meagan J Van Kampen, Abigail D

Van Patten, Charles R Van Sciver, Jamie E VanDePerre, Kaleb L VanMeter, Justin T Vance, Jacob Vance, Jordan A Vandenbos, Wesley J Vander Klay, Amanda

VanderWiele, Lindsay Vanderpol, Joel A Vanlandingham, Victoria Vardeman, William Vargas, Ana Varghese, Grace Varnell, Stephen C Varnell, William M

Varney, Timothy Varol, Ufuk Vassar, Kathryn Vasser, Trevor S Vatran, Estera D Vaughan, Daniel A Vaughan, Heather N Vaughan, Jessica N

Vaughan, Mary L Vaughan, Megan Vaughan, Stanislav Vazquez, Victoria M Vega, Alyssa Velarde, Alexandra Velastegui, Jessica M Velez, Joseph D

Velilla, Joshua P Velilla, Nicolas D Velker, Rebecca J Venson, Claresa C Venters, Caroline Venters, Christopher Vereen, Morris Verghese, Rachael

Verley, Taryn Vermeesch, Alissa N Vernon, C'Celia B Vernon, Hannah G Vernon, Timothy Verville, Alexander D Vest, Cirstin R Vest, Heather A

Vest, Jamie L Vial, Brittany L Vick, Thomas A Villaronga, Milcah Vincent, Brendan Vincent, Whitney Vinson, Brentley A Vinson, Miriam L

Vissa, Anand Vitale, Joshua E Vitollo, Tara M Vlandis, Bethany R Vogel, Robert Vogler, Mary H Vogler III, Robert C Vogt, Chelsea N

Voigt, Caitlin N Volcansek, Corinne Volstad, Sally M Voltaire, Cynthia Voltaire, Sabrina Voltmer, Jacqueline E Voogd, Tim J Voogd, Tyler J


Commuter Portraits

Vooys, Jason D Vorberger, Melanie Vorberger, Wesley A Waddell, Michele G Waddell, Perry P Wade, Christina D Wade, Erin R Wade, Leslie E

Wagaman, Dwight Wagner, Carson R Wagner, Heather Wagner, Julia A Wagner, Justine A Wagner, Lyndsey Wagner, Phillip E Wagner, Rachel N

Waite, David I Wakin, Christopher J Walborn, Karis J Walborn, Karly F Waldron, Bjorn Walker, Benjamin D Walker, Brandon S Walker, Dariska J

Walker, Harold Walker, James R Walker, John T Walker, Mark S Walker, Matthew S Wall, Morgan B Wallace, Lauren E Wallace, Matt R

Wallace, Meagan Wallace, Stephanie N Waller, Phoebe G Waller, Robert A Walls, Joseph R Walsh, Stephen G Walston, Tyler Walten, Rachel

Walter, Greg Walters, Andrew Waltman, Joshua C Waltmann, Rebekah J Walton, Adam T Walton, Curtis M Walton, Shelley W Walton, Tiffany

Wampler, Alan Wampler, David Wang, Chengchen Wang, Rei Hou Wang, Wei Wang, Yaolin Wang, Yazhuo Wang, Yi

Wanjohi, Victor Wanyoike, Veronica W Ward, Cameron B Ward, Demetrius A Ward, Karilyn M Ward, Lucas R Ward, Nickelle A Ward, Spencer

Wardlaw, Gary P Ware, Andrew Ware, Matthew T Wariner, Cortnie R Warner, Guy T Warner, Pamela P Warren, Rebecca K Warren, Sarah A

Warren, Susanna J Warriner, Hope Washburn, Brent Washburn, Laura A Washington, Andre Washington, Jacquelyne Washington, Keithen Washington, Rudy

Washington, Sean A Washington, Tanea Waterman, Matthew P Waters, Charles Watford, Tamara Watson, Amy L Watson, Dorian M Watson, Kyle

Watt, Tamera Watters, Jonathan Wayne, Dominique Y Weatherington, Jacob S Weaver, Janie K Weaver, Shereen B Webb, Andrew D Webb, Anthony C

Webb, Jacob D Webber, Samuel E Webber, Sarah Weber, Bethany Webster, David D Webster, Laura D Webster, Lauren M Wedemeyer, Eziel E

Weeks, Chelsea Weeks, Emily A Weeks, Sarah C Weeks, Zachary A Weichmann, Kaitlyn Weimert, Christopher Weir, Kevin H Welborn, Whitney

Welch, Arland Christine E Welch, Daniel Weldon, Tyler Weller, Ross T Wells, Betty B Wells, Cameron S Wells, Charles A Wells, Emily S

Wells, Jonathan D Wells, Zachary S Welsch, Stephen D Welsh, Shauna R Wendland, Elizabeth L Wendland, Isaac M Wendling, Kerri A Wendt, Michael


Commuter Portraits

Wenger, Emily R Wenrich, Collin Were, Serah Werl, Charity R Wermager, Seth Werzinger, Sarah Weslow, Danielle West, Kaylee R

West, Matthew Wester, Justin Wester, Lindsey S Westfall, Brandi M Weston, Griffin J Weston, Logan Weston, Mercedes M Wetherill, Chelsea

Whalen, Melissa E Whalen, Thomas G Wharton, Melissa Wheeler, Ashlee A Wheeler, Ashley N Wheeler, Dana M Wheeler, Desiree Wheeler, Elizabeth

Wheeler, Haley A Wheeler, Marianne M Wheeler, Taylor N Whelan, Jacob Wheless, Jon C Wheless, Laurence J Whitcraft, Lauren White, Anthony L

White, Benjamin S White, Greg W White, Jeffery T White, Jeremiah L White, Katelyn J White, Kelsey White, Kimberley White, Kristopher C

White, Leslie D White, Marsha White, Riley M White, Toney L White, Zachary D Whitecavage, Alicia Whitehurst, Anne E Whitehurst, Jordan P

Whiteman, Julian Whitener, James Whiting, Rachel L Whitlock, Elizabeth Whitlow, Lindsey Whitman, Meagan Whitney, Katlyn E Whitted, Richard

Whitten, Darryl Whitworth, Jonathan W Wickham, Daniel Widener, Kevin P Widener, Paul G Wiese, Jason S Wiest, Courtney Wigfield, Rachel L

Wiktorek, Ashley E Wilcox, Ian Wilcoxson, William D Wilde, Destiny E Wildermuth, Meghan N Wiley, Rob J Wilhoit, Tyler N Wilkerson, Amber L

Wilkerson, Holly A Wilkinson, Aaron Wilkinson, Daniel K Wilkinson, Joseph D Williams, Audrianna Williams, Brandon Williams, Christopher B Williams, Dakota A

Williams, Garrett C Williams, Geoffrey G Williams, Hannah E Williams, Jamie J Williams, Joel A Williams, Joshua Williams, Kevin M Williams, Kirk W

Williams, Luke A Williams, Marc B Williams, Matthew E Williams, Matthew R Williams, Molly S Williams, Nathanael M Williams, Petrina C Williams, Phillip J

Williams, Rachel D Williams, Shakira B Williams, Shannon C Williams, Tarell Williams, Taylor G Williams, Todd C Williams, Tyler Williams, Zachary D

Williamson, Brian Williamson, Stephanie A Williamson, Tobias A Willis, Alanna K Willis, Andrew Willis, Jonathan M Willis, Kyle J Willis, Matthew R

Willmington, Carissa N Willoughby, Kristal D Wilmouth, Adam S Wilson, Abigail M Wilson, Brian K Wilson, Erica L Wilson, Jarvis J Wilson, Josiah J

Wilson, Justin L Wilson, Kayla A Wilson, Mart A Wilson, Maxwell Wilson, Nicole Wilson, Rebecca E Wilson, Thomas M Wilt, Rachel F


Commuter Portraits

Wilterdink, Ben G Wilterink, Annetta J Wiltshire, Rebecca Wimbush, Amanda N Wimmer, Melvin L Winberry, Brian R Winberry, Michelle C Windsor, Lacie N

Windsor, Vanessa L Wine, Leah A Wine, Sarah E Winebarger, Amanda F Winebarger, Wesley R Winfield, Paul R Winger, Douglas Wingfield, Anthony

Winick, Jennifer L Winship, Sarah I Winstead, Brently M Winters, Brittany Wippermann, Jill A Wirtz, Kristen J Wiseman, Brian P Wishnatsky, Martin

Witcher, Brett M Withers, Isaac W Withrow, Hannah L Witmyer, Brandon A Witt, Aaron R Witt, John M Witt, Kimberly B Witt, Marion

Witt, Sarah D Witt, Tyler R Wittenbrook, William J Wolf, Erika A Wolf, William Wolfcale, Kelli J Wolfe, Brian J Wolfe, Linda A

Wolford, Courtney R Womble, Meredith L Wong, Stephen J Woo, Namgyu Wood, Aaron J Wood, Benjamin T Wood, Chelsea R Wood, Jacob

Wood, Jessica L Wood, Marilyn E Wood, Randi Wood, Rebecca Wood, Ryan S Wood, Thomas A Woodard, Dana M Woodard, Molly J

Woodard, Timothy C Woodburn, Marcus K Woodford, Heather Woodruff, Austin T Woods, Bridgett D Woods, Joseph M Woody, Brandon M Woody, Brandy

Woody, Jessica Woody, John Tyler E Woolard, Brett M Wooldridge, Kimberly D Woolson, Cooper R Woolston, Ashley Woolston, Darnay S Woosley, Angela E

Woosley, Joseph S Woosley, Joshua A Woosley, Rebekah A Wooten, Matthew C Wooten, Michelle Worley, Hannah P Worley, Hillary A Worley, John M

Worley, Paige D Wortman, Loralee D Woughter, Melissa S Woyak, Justin A Wrape, Daniel Wray, Brittany A Wray, Ethan D Wright, Charles M

Wright, Dustin Wright, Ethan J Wright, Hannah Wright, James G Wright, Joseph Wright, Joshua R Wright, Kendra N Wright, Matthew F

Wright, Micah Wright, Michael P Wright, Richard M Wright, Vanessa R Wriston, Joseph D Wrobleski, Brandon Wyndham, Megan J Xia, Yaqian

Xuxi, Stiljan Yacovelli, Jacob J Yadav, Mandeep Yan, Sili Yang, Ju Seob Yang, Seung I Yang, Yali Yapp, Jia Hong

Yarbrough, Dana Yates, Andrew J Yates, Charity L Yates, Erin R Yeboah, Andrew Yeon, Kyu Hong Yerdon, Steffanie M Yerke, Elizabeth M

Yeung, Erica N Yi, So Young Yim, Han Sam Yin, Zhongyi Yin, Zhongzheng Yntema, Elizabeth Yoder, Gary W Yoder, Jared


Commuter Portraits

Yoder, Melanie J Yoder, Serena Yoder, Valerie Yohe, Paul S Yonts, Timothy A Yoo, Bonghyun Yoo, Hyun S Yoo, Ingyu

Yoo, Jahyun Yoon, Ba R Yoon, Yeongkwang Yopp, Ellen L Yorio, Bethany R York, Spencer W Yosef, Betel Yost, Shelby

You, Shiyang Young, Anna M Young, Briana L Young, Derek P Young, Felicia Young, Grant Young, James H Young, Jessica

Young, Kayla E Young, Kody Cy Young, Paul T Young, Robert B Young, Saudi Young, Steven C Young, Taylor Youngblood, Kathryn A

Yowell, Melissa Yu, Jae K Yun, Jungsoo Yurkowski, Alexandra Yurkowski, Kristen M Zagar, Bret V Zammito, Kenneth B Zapien, Helena

Zappitella, Michael L Zappitella, Paige M Zarova, Yeva V Zavodny, Kathryn J Zawasky, Leah D Zeitler, Elisabeth G Zeleny, Marissa A Zeller, Amber

Zello, Rebekah M Zeloof, Sarah Zeng, Hui Zhai, Han Zhang, Chen Zhang, Hao Zhang, Luya Zhang, Zhishen

Zheng, Ying Zhou, Shen Guang Ziegenhorn, Hayley E Ziegenhorn, Luke Ziesel, Ashley Zimmerman, Matthew T Zimmerman, Ryan L Zimmerman, Sarah P

Zimmerman, Shannon R Zimmermann, Anne C Zodhiates, William Zoll, Jacqueline R Zolnowski, Danielle E Zook, Benjamin K Zucchero, Maria K Zumpano, Michael V


Commuter Portraits

Aaron, Romalyn Aaron, Samantha Abarca, Sarah G Abbitt, Anthony Abbitt, Brianne Abbruzzi, Julie Abernethy, Kyle W Ablaza, Mark D

Abraham, Cyril T Abramowicz, Sylvester P Acker, Diane D Adams, Andrea H Adams, Andrew D Adams, Bonita Z Adams, Brionna Adams, Cameron B

Adams, Cara Adams, Gail Adams, Jessica Adams, Marissa Adams, Tracey M Adams-Brown, Jason L Ade, Arllen B Adent, Yesenia

Adetunji, Tijuanna Adger, Amber S Adkins, Anita D Adkins, Della N Adkins, Katie N Adomako Letterlough, S O Adsit, Stephen AduGyamfi, Kwasi

Agee, Shameka Aggrey, Enoch K Agner, Stephanie M Ahn, Matthew S Ahn, Young C Aidoo, Kwame N Akagi, Christine Aker, Alex

Akers, Caleb A Akers, Shawn D Akins, Chantelle Y Alber, Shannon N Albers, Christie Albert, James D Albright, Lauren Albritton, Jay

Albritton, Kristina J Albuquerque, Maria Alderman, George Aldrich, Vincent A Aldridge, Michael G Alenda, Sharon N Alexander, Cynthia J Alexander, Felix E

Alexander, Roland F Alexander, Violet Alexis, Christopher J Alfonso Del Aguila, Alain Allbrook, Brittany A Alldred, Casandra Alldrin, Cassie L Alldrin, Cody


LU Online Portraits

Allen, Charles Allen, Heather Allen, Justin R Allen, Nathania Allgood, SeLa Allison, Benjamin A Allison, Hannah M Allison, Philip M

Allotta, Joseph Allsup, Rehana K Almo, JoAnna Alsbrook, Blythe D Altman, Jillian A Altman, Matthew Alton, Rita Ambrosi, Kerri

Amburgey, Stephen G Ames, Randall W Ammons, Jasmine Ammons, Michael E Amos, Daniel Amos, Kayleigh L Amos, Thomas S Ancheril, Allen J

Anders, Joshua M Anderson, Caitlyn Anderson, Elizabeth R Anderson, Emiley T Anderson, Enjonae Anderson, Erika R Anderson, Gary T Anderson, Keith R

Anderson, Kenneth J Anderson, Pia Anderson, Rodney Anderson, Rosalyn Anderson, Suzette Anderson-McKenna, Cheryl Anderton, Benjamin D Andrade, Lola M

Andraeas, Alan Andreucci, Bonnie M Andrew, De Anne L Andrews, Aaron T Andrews, Alexandra R Andrews, Bennett B Andrews, Jennifer C Andrews, Kimberly N

Andrews, Luke E Andrews, Mark A Andrews, Sherri L Andrews, Stacey A Andrews, Stephen L Andrews, Wardell Andrzejewski, Nathan S Anenson, Benjamin

Anglin, Audrey Antar, Sophia Anthony, Brittany N Antoine, Carla Antonucci, Jennifer Anyaoha, Stephanie Appleby, Matthew E Appleton, Annestacia A

Appling, Anna L Aragon, Rebecca L Arango, Andrew Arce, Christian A Archer, Robert J Are, Bashirat O Arelt, Donald J Arena, Mark

Arenas, Sheila B Argabright, David Armstead, Trenai S Armstrong, Amanda M Armstrong, Jerell L Armstrong, Parker C Arnesen, Holly A Arney, Stephanie

Arnold, Malik S Arnold, Miranda L Arrington, Leanne M Arrington, Savannah L Arrington, Stephen M Artero, Condalette Artese, Michele C Arthur, Scott

Ash, Pamela Ashley, Don T Ashton, Yolanda L Ashwood, Arion D Askew, Alan A Askew, Jennings B Atalla, Suzi S Atkins, Angelica

Atkins, Jackie Atkins, Kimberly Atkinson, Ethan Atkinson, Jason Attaway, Misty Attin, Gladys P Atwood, Uriah S Aubert, Carnel E

Ausburn, Justin R Austin, Ashleigh Austin, David A Austin, David Austin, Mary E Austin, Selena R Autry, Jessica H Avelar, Marina

Averill, Esther Avery, Hannah Avery, James Avery, Joshua S Avery, Mark T Awere, John Ayala, Damian Aycock, Jesse R

Azuaje, Jaime Babcock, Katelyn Bachert, Jonathan O Backus, Steve J Bacon, Melissa L Badger, Leslie G Badger, Zachary D Bado, Aaron J


LU Online Portraits

Bae, Hojin Bae, Kang Eun Baeza, Natalie D Baggett, Alan M Bagley, Raleigh W Bagwell, Ashley Bailess, Shelly D Bailey, Allan M

Bailey, Barrett C Bailey, Bonita Bailey, John E Bailey, Karen Bailey, Linda S Bailey, Meagan E Bailey, Michael A Bailey, Monica M

Bailey, Phillip G Bailey, Sabrina L Bailey, Whitney C Baird, Jeffrey Baker, Anna C Baker, Brittanie Baker, Catherine L Baker, Cynthia L

Baker, James Baker, Johnny J Baker, Kelsey Baker, Rick Baker, Ryan C Baker, Tyler Balderston, Kelly Baldwin, Ingrid

Baldwin, Justin R Baldwin, Ollie M Baldwin, Tamara L Balfour, Robert Z Ball, Brad Ball, Cory A Ball, David Ball, Emily S

Ballagh, Brooke Ballard, Thomas K Ballew, Caitlin Bandara, Ashley Banducci, Taylor Bangs, Shellie A Banks, Savannah B Banks Cotton, Saranita

Bannister, Cindy L Bannister, George B Bannister, Liliana Bannister, Morris D Banton, Donald L Banton, Wendy K Baptiste, Theresa Baraka, Niya

Barakat, Darius Barber, Christopher W Barber, Mandala Barber, Travis Barbosa, Jeremy Barbour, Emily L Barbour, Regina A Barbour, Timothy

Barclay, Brittany M Barefoot, Christopher P Bariloni, Mark D Barker, Edgar E Barker, Justin P Barker, Kevin Barker, Shelton Barksdale, Reuben

Barnes, Curtiss Barnes, Daphine D Barnes, Eric D Barnes, Jessica B Barnes, Kelly-Anne Barnes, Misty R Barnett, Alexandra Barnett, Jonathan D

Barnett, Zachary W Barnette, Cindy Barney, Allison R Barnhart, Bruce L Baroch, Matthew C Barr, Shannon M Barr, Shawn M Barrett, Faith P

Barrett, Jonathan Barry, Ibrahima Barry, Stephanie A Bartasavich, Barry R Bartholomew, Derric Bartholomew, Joy L Barton, Al Barton, Brittany

Barton, Pamela Bartow, Hannah C Bass, Carita Bass, Peter R Batacao, Tiffany A Batiste, Shawnnell Baucham, Monique S Bauer, Jonathan D

Baugh, Nikkia K Bauman, Zachary H Baxter, John R Baxter, Michael Baxter, Robert Bazzle, Deborah Beale, Jessica Beale, Katherine

Bealman, Vicki D Beaman, William S Bean, Chris Bean, Joshua M Beane, Christopher Beard, Ashley N Beard, Elizabeth E Beard, Juditha F

Beard, Steven P Beard, Timothy R Beasley, Caleb Beasley, Ervin Beasley, Larry R Beauchamp, Marcia K Beaulieu, Francie S Bechtold, Cameron R


LU Online Portraits

Bechtold, Clayton M Becker, Abigail E Beckett, Jessica L Beckner, Jameson V Becraft, Alicia A Befus, Emily M Behal, Julie Behnke, Curtis

Behrend, Anne H Beight, Stephen Bekoe, Unity S Belcher, Tabatha S Belk, Walter Bell, Brittany E Bell, Eric D Bell, Ernest L

Bell, Faith M Bell, Heather A Bell, Keith L Bell, Keith Bell, Kristen Bell, Michael Bell, Rebecca L Bell, Ryan O

Bell, Sarah E Bell, Tommy Bellamy, Andrea Bellingham, Grace L Belton, Stephen Benfield, Erin L Benfield, Malarie Benjamin, Jordan A

Benjamin, Mary M Bennett, Avis M Bennett, Jessica Bennett, Joelle Bennett, Robert B Bennett, Sandra J Bentley, Heather D Bentley, Rachel L

Benton, Damien Berberich, Hannah Berchie, Brenda S Bergen, Grace Bergey, Marty L Berkenkemper, Daniel M Berkenkemper, Karen J Berkland, Timothy J

Bernhardt, Samuel D Berryman, Edwina O Bertke, Hannah Bertz, Samantha Bess, Chanel Besse, Raymond Best, Sheila Bethea, Kenya N

Bicevskis, Ashleigh E Bickel, Jesse Bickel, Kelly Bicknell, Daniel Biedron, Rebekah Bielicki, Shawn M Bier, Joshua A Biggs, Joy R

Biggs, Paul Bilger, Brock D Billett, LuAnn Billie, Erica C Binder, Lali E Bird, William Birge, Stephen Birkl, Alyson D

Birkl, Christopher L Birriel, Vilma Bishop, Wendell L Bivins, Michelle L Bixler, Emily P Bixler, Nathan Bixler-Zalesinsky, Tammy Bjerga, Tor L

Black, Carmelita Black, Jessica N Black, Kari E Black, Luke E Bladen, Scott E Blair, Jared M Blake, Carla S Blake, Julie S

Blake, Kenneth E Blake-Gillespie, Carol M Blanchard, Kathy D Bland, Daniel Blank, Bradley D Blankenship, Charles B Blankenship, John M Blankenship, Stephanie L

Blankenship, Timothy R Blankenship, Vickie Blanks, Sarah Blanton, Africa M Bledsoe, Andrew S Bledsoe, Matthew T Bledsoe, Natalyne Blevins, Jennifer A

Blocker, Hugh D Bloom, Justin L Bloomfield, Julie A Blount, Brett Blunk, James B Boardman, Alessandra Boatner, Jeffrey D Boatright, Linton

Boaz, Carol Bobbitt, Ollie Bocanegra, Dawn Boerman, Laurie Boettcher, Kimberly Bogan, Tequila L Boggan, Deborah J Boggess, Nathan

Bolden, Sequiell L Bolick, Adam R Bolick, Marcene K Bolinger, Kimberly Bollinger, Anastasia S Bollman, Drew Bolt, April M Bolt, Doncel


LU Online Portraits

Bolt, Jason Bonanno, Annamarie Bond, Jonathan D Bond, William Bonds, Regina K Bonifanti, Sarah M Boogades, Jenilee Book, Nichole M

Book, Thomas R Booker, Angela M Booker, Kimberly J Books, Heather Boone, Eric L Boone, Jeffrey J Boone, Tasha Booth, Elisabeth A

Booth, Marybeth Boothe, Lawrence Boothe, Nathan W Borders, Jack Borders, Virginia Bordes, Elyse L Borkovec, Daniel Born, Jonathan M

Borst, Sharon Bosch, Ethan Bostic, Jennifer Boswell, Shakeya T Botts, Kaleb M Boucher, Catrina Boucher, Marc D Boush, April J

Bove, Sarah Bowden, Danielle Bowden, Jennifer E Bowen, Amber L Bowen, Chanel Bowers, Adam L Bowers, Jennifer R Bowers, Sharon

Bowers, Stephen R Bowie, Sarah E Bowling, Amber R Bowling, Tysen C Bowman, Cody A Bowman, J. Thomas Bowman, Kimberly S Bowman, Rebecca

Boyd, Bryan Boyd, Christopher P Boyd, Laconda Boyd, Sonya Boyd, William H Boyer, Nancy F Boyer, Robert E Boykin, Delishia

Bozzo, Mike Bradford, Haili B Bradley, Alexander S Bradley, Cynthia C Bradley, Savannah N Bradshaw, Carl Bradshaw, Jeffrey A Brady, Ashley L

Brady, Jon W Bragg, James L Brainard, Tracy Branch, Katheryn C Branche, Jacquelin Brannan, Jean M Branscome, Rachael M Branstetter, Joshua A

Brasseau, Anthony M Braud, Susan C Braxton, Annette Braxton, Tessia Bream, Tyler Breeden, Diedre Breeden, Sharon Breedlove, Crystal R

Breen, Renee' A Breitrick, Rebecca R Brelsford, Joshua Brennan, Monica S Breton, Mark L Brewer, Annette Brewer, Cheryl Brewer, Robert

Brewer, Tamara Brewster, Adam Brezinski, Kathryn Brice, Garry D Brice, Tequita C Bridge, Dennis Bridge, Diane C Bridges, Dana

Brigman, Craig C Brinly, Steven R Briscoe, Stephanie Brisson, Emily K Britt, Sharon J Broadus, Brittney Broda, William K Broman, Aaron T

Bronson, Jaclyn A Brookes, Joy R Brooks, Cheryl D Brooks, Elizabeth H Brooks, James Brooks, Jonathan D Brooks, Kathleen A Brooks, Kevin H

Brooks, Laura J Brooks, Quamell R Brooks, Terrell Broomell, Annastasia Brotzman, Ashley E Brown, Bobby B Brown, Charlotte Brown, Dana T

Brown, Danai Brown, Daniel D Brown, Danielle R Brown, Deneshia Brown, Dustin M Brown, Elizabeth L Brown, Garth Brown, Gregory H


LU Online Portraits

Brown, Heather A Brown, Holley Brown, Jammie D Brown, Jeffrey C Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Jeremy P Brown, Jerry Brown, Jesse H

Brown, Jessica S Brown, John D Brown, John Brown, Justin E Brown, Karen Brown, Kathrine B Brown, Kimberly Brown, Mark

Brown, Mary R Brown, Monica Brown, Monique Brown, Nathan J Brown, Nicholas T Brown, Pamela R Brown, Renee B Brown, Renee

Brown, RoLonda Brown, Robert Brown, Samone J Brown, Stephanie N Brown, Timothy L Brown, Twanya D Brown, Wendy Browne, Charlene

Browning, Lauren E Brownlow, Ryan Broyles, Wendy G Brubaker, Eric V Bruffy, Amber N Bruinsma, Casey A Brumfield, Jennifer R Brumfield, Stephanie G

Bruns, Henry Bryan, Travis A Bryant, Amy Bryant, Cynthia G Bryant, Elizabeth M Bryant, Eric W Bryant, Ericka M Bryant, Kaylah D

Bryant, Kyle Bryant, Lauren B Bryant, Matthew C Bryant, Mecalah J Bryant, Melisa H Bryant, Monique Bryant, Todd Bucci, Charles D

Buchanan, Terry B Buchanan, Thomas Buck, Rick A Buckles, Elizabeth Buckley, Taylor A Buckner, Lauren B Buggie, Tarshe A Bui, Tyler

Bukolt, Zachary R Bullman, Kenneth S Bullock, Timothy Bunce, Kara E Bundrick, Brian S Bunker, Aaron Buntain, Brendon M Buntain, Michal Ann

Bunts, Monica G Burden, Megan Burger, Jonathan W Burger, Jonathan Burgess, Alisha Burgess, Taylor Burgett, Brandon D Burgos, Charlotte

Burke, Timothy B Burkhart, Aaron M Burleson, Teresa Burley, Brandon W Burnett, Edward T Burnett, Nicole A Burnette, Jessica N Burnette, Ronald F

Burnette, Shannell L Burnette, Sherri K Burney, Donna L Burris, Brian Burris, Devan Burriss, Christopher A Burriss, Mary Elizabeth J Burrow, Thomas D

Burrows, Shalie I Burt, Laura M Burton, Frances E Burton, Megan H Burton, Michael C Burton, Patricia H Burton, Yolanda Burwell, Arthur

Bushby, Richard F Busk, Christina M Bussiere, Ashley L Bussiere, James T Butcher, Tamara A Butincu, Mallory A Butler, Brittany T Butler, Danny J

Butler, Jessica Butler, Joseph E Butler, Kelsey N Butler, Laquita Butler, Melissa Butler, Richard J Butler-May, Kristy L Butts, Dianne

Buzzy, Rosemarie Byers, Allysen S Byers, Eric F Byers, Tim Bylsma, Jessica L Byrd, Nicole Byun, Joshua S Cable, Corrine


LU Online Portraits

Cabrera, Angelo L Cadwallader, Randall Cain, Adam Cain, George A Cain, Laura Cairns, Twyla Calcei, Nicholas L Calcei, Sarah E

Calderoni, Ryan A Caldwell, Alexander Caldwell, Jason Caldwell, Joshua A Calinisan, Jan A Calinisan, Riza Eva T Calland, Deborah Calland, Sarah A

Calloway, Melissa A Calloway, Shannon Camarata, Micah L Camarata, Miho T Camden, Tina V Camden, Tracy Cameron, Carlee J Cameron, Clarence

Cameron, Jawana N Cameron, Kayon Camiolo, John J Camp, Brandon Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Beverly D Campbell, Cheryl Campbell, Deborah A

Campbell, Ebony Campbell, Jordon L Campbell, Joseph B Campbell, Lorrie A Campbell, Michelle Campbell, Randy R Campbell, Ronnie P Campbell, Ross A

Campbell, Sheranek L Campos, Sarah J Canales, Leah B Cangialosi, Carissa Cannon, Kara T Canter, Brandon M Cantrell, Shelly S Cantu, Kanika L

Cao, Ninghao Capenos, Steven R Caporuscio, Jena M Cappalo, Jennifer Capparucci, Edmund M Carboneau, Ryan A Cargin, Jeanne M Carlson, Jacob R

Carlson, Marybeth E Carlton, Catherine N Carlyle, Heather Carmody, Duane D Caroll, John Carpenter, Erin E Carpenter, Rebecca Carr, Austin T

Carr, Dolores Carr, Melanie Carr, Ryan M Carr, Stephen A Carrasco, Marilyn R Carrasquillo, Kelsey Carrera, Michelle R Carrilho, Marlene

Carroll, Andrew R Carroll, Dennis L Carroll, Randall S Carroll, William G Carson, Bethany Carson, Stella L Carter, Brian Carter, DeVarion J

Carter, Jameisha S Carter, Javan L Carter, Latanya W Carter, Mary Carter, William J Carty, Anthony W Carver, Holly-Mae G Carver, Todd R

Cary, Anna G Cary, Veronica Casey, Kristie C Cash, Robert Caskey, Bethany Casler, Stacie Castaneda, Odair R Castellucci, Daniel J

Castro, Jesse Cater, Evan P Cato, Lisa Catron, Andrew K Catron, Brandon S Catron, Mark Caudill, Charles Causey, Leslie

Cauthen, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Jeanna M Cawley, Wendy T Cecchini, Anna Cersley, Karen H Cervantes, Lloyd O Chadwick, Allison B Challen, Anna

Chamberlin, Brandi J Chamberlin, Steven D Champion, Elizabeth A Chancey, LaToya T Chandler, Christopher Chaney, Jacqueline Chang, Sung In Chang, TzeLeong S

Chang, Won-Ho Chapin, Janet M Chapman, Anna C Chapman, Ashika Chapman, Benjamin C Chapman, Jeffery Chapman, Sherry B Chappell, Heather


LU Online Portraits

Chappell, Sarah Chappell, Victoria A Charles, Guerda Chase, Dorothy I Chase, Ethan M Chase, Kelsey M Chase, Sara Chastain, Coleman B

Chatfield, John D Chavel, Joseph R Chaverri, Tony Chavez, Telina D Cheatham, Demetria Cheatham, Kendra Cheatham, Tammy Chen, Austin

Chenard-Powell, Chelsey Chennault, Mary B Chernyshov, Alexander Cherry, Demetric L Cherry, Robert Cherry, Stevie Cheshire, Ashley Cheshire, Drema A

Cheung, Kailyn C Chewning, Christina Childrey, Zottie M Childs, Kiersten R Chilton, Amber Chipman, Paul R Chittick, Dayn R Chiumento, Geoffrey C

Chmielewski, Daniel Cho, Dae Woon Cho, Kwang Young Cho, Kyoung-Gil Choi, Christopher J Choi, Kihun Choi, Samuel J Christ, Kevin

Christensen, Jamie Christian, Kimberly D Christian, Michael A Christian, Shane A Christman, Harlee Christodonte, Ruby L Church, Kevin W Cienski, Jordan

Cipolla, Brittney Citty, Samantha C Civil, Harold E Clampet, Nichole Clark, Anna Maria V Clark, Joshua B Clark, Kimberly Clark, Matt

Clark, Mikail O Clark, Omar-Shay M Clark, Robert Clark, Robin Clark, Robyn A Clark, Sarah A Clark, Sue Ellen Clark, Susan S

Clark, Thomas C Clarke, Brian P Clarke, Mary Lynn C Claudio, Andrew J Clauson, Michael Clavon, Natalie Claxton, Bunnie L Clay, Christopher

Clayton, Jacob Clayton, Katrina Clayton, Matthew F Cleckner, Chad W Clemens, Tyler A Cleveland, Kacee L Cline, Chelsea Cline, Theodore

Clingenpeel, David E Cloninger, Lindsey Cloos, Frederick J Clugston, Mary Clyburn, Roxann E Clymer, Christine Clymer, Robert Coates, Emily B

Coaxum, Kiera R Cobb, Bryant P Cobb, Kristi L Coccaro, Elizabeth J Cochran, Candis Cochran, Harold A Cochran, Nancy Cockerille, Melissa D

Coddington, Joanne L Coffee, David M Coffey, Reginald Coggin, Dustin Coke, Diamond D Coker, Christopher W Colandrea, Laurie A Colanino, Allyson

Colas, Laura C Colbert, Giselle M Cole, Jonathan Cole, Joshua G Cole, Katelyn Coleman, Francine C Coleman, Kevin M Coleman, Matthew

Coles, Imel Coles, Terrill Collier, Vanessa Collins, Aaron M Collins, Amanda C Collins, Benjamin W Collins, Cherbrie S Collins, Kristie L

Collins, Martha Colls, Kaitlin Collurafici, Whitney L Colon, Maria d Colon Lopez, Lourdes R Combs, Nada E Comfort, Austen Comfort, Parker


LU Online Portraits

Compton, Virginia A Concepcion, Arnaldo Coney, Sandra S Conley, Amy C Conley, Dana Conley, Donald Conn, Thomas Connell, Donna

Connell, Jeffrey S Connell, Theresia Conner, Demetria M Conner, Earl Conner, Jared Conner, Karen B Conner, Kevin W Conner, Mariann

Connors, Allison Considder, Kristopher J Coogan, Devin C Cook, April M Cook, Ariana L Cook, Dinah Cook, Heidi A Cook, Melody

Cook, Michael Cook, Stephanie L Cooke, Crystal G Cooke, Misty Coombe, Matthew J Coombs, Ronald L Coomes, Trey Cooner, Alison A

Cooney, Gregory A Cooper, Caleb S Cooper, Craig B Cooper, Dennis D Cooper, Elise Cooper, Emily G Cooper, Michael Cooper, Rachel

Cooper, Robert S Cooper, Stephaney Copeland, Amarie Copeland, Ashleigh N Copeland, David I Coppock, Robert C Coppock, Ronalee Cops, Jesse G

Corbett, Kenneth D Corbett, Sequilla B Corbin, Barney Cordery, Justin Corfield, Reginald J Cornwall, Rhonda Corrigan, Daniel Cortes, Braulio

Cortes, Christopher L Cosacchi, Christopher Cosby, Lisa Costen, Amara P Cottingham, Rebecca Cottle, Kenyetta Cottom, Cristina Cotton, Alexander B

Coughenour, Sandra Coursey, Brittany A Courson, Joy Courtney, Mark F Covington, George C Cowan, Sabrina Cox, Aaron A Cox, Christie J

Cox, Christopher Cox, Courtney A Cox, Danielle Cox, Rasand Cox, Raymond Cox, Shontae Cox, Zachary T Coyner, Matthew R

Crabtree, Susan L Craft, Amanda L Craft, Elijah Craft, Paul A Craft, Timothy Craig, Priscilla G Crain, Valarie Cramer, Kenneth R

Crane, Erin Crary, Charlotte Cravens, William M Crawford, Jacob D Crawford, Russell T Crawford, Sallianne Crawford, Tommy Craycraft, Jenna

Creager, Timothy Creasey, Rianne E Crews Jr., Jack Cribb, Anna C Criner, Seth T Crisante, Elizabeth Crittenden, Paul A Crocker, Julie

Crockett, Morgan E Croft, Diane M Croke, Bethany A Cromwell, Richard Cronrath, Danielle M Cronrath, Donald J Cross, Amanda L Cross, Shontray

Crouch, Thomas J Crouterfield, Joshua L Crowder, William J Crowley, Kristi D Crowther, Sueann Crozier-Crooker, Brittany Cruise, Richard A Crumby, Kana S

Crume, Jessica H Crumpler, Mary S Crumpler-Harris, Mary J Crutcher, Rachel D Crutchfield, Bryan O Cruthis, Christy E Cruthis, Jarod L Cruver, Chandra


LU Online Portraits

Cruz, Gregory Cruz, Taylor N Cuellar, Kathryn J Culbertson, Justin J Culkin, Charles R Cullen, Hillary Cullen, Justin W Cully, Jeffery S

Culp, David A Culver, Colby Culver, Justin Cummings, Cimberly Cummings, Gary D Cummings, Jordan Cundiff, Zachary Cunningham, Ashley

Cuotto, Jonas A Cupit, Christy L Curran, Stephanie Curry, Asha Curry, Winston A Curtas, Joshua L Curtis, Micah Cushing, Amanda M

Cutler, Alan D Cutting, Rahna S Cyrus, Kelly E D'Amato, Paulina Daggett, Christopher R Dahlby, Andy P Dahlby, Kindal H Daigneault, Amandia

Dalrymple, Jack F Dalton, Heidi R Dalton, Kyle Daly, Lauren E Damon, Douglas R Daniel, Audra T Daniel, Heather Daniel, Herbert L

Daniel, Jordyn Daniel, Matthew Daniels, John Daniels, Syllanda Daniels, Wilanne G Daniluk, Jason M Dantzler, Shanaya Darien, Jay A

Darling, Anneke E Darling, Javonne Darnell, Wendy D Dates, Willie Daul, Amelia Dausman, Stephanie Davenport, Quanda Davis, Carol K

Davis, Chelsea E Davis, Christopher S Davis, Curtis Davis, Dominic J Davis, Edward T Davis, Felecia M Davis, Floyd C Davis, Jack S

Davis, James H Davis, Janeen K Davis, John'ae N Davis, Joshua A Davis, Joshua Davis, Joyce V Davis, Kathryn Davis, Katrina

Davis, Leslie D Davis, Lindsey Davis, Manee Davis, Megan Davis, Michael A Davis, Michael W Davis, Richard R Davis, Rozetta P

Davis, Ryan M Davis, Sadaria N Davis, Shaquana Davis, Tabatha O Davis, Taneshia M Davis, Walter Davis, Wilhelmina A DeAngelo, Danielle

DeCourcy, Todd M DeHaven, Tiffany DeLozier, Cynthia K DeMarchis, Blake I DePalma, Michael DeRosso, Rachael DeShazo, Brandy Deabreu, Renee

Deacon, Todd E Deal, Ruth E Deal, Steven Dearborn, Matthew D Dearth, Robert Deboer, Heather Debord, Jessica K Debord, Larzetta

Decastro, Elizabeth J Dechant, Joel M Deckard, Daniel S Deel, Joshua C Deel, Lena Deemer, Connie Define, Robert J Dejesus, Olga N

Dekker, Anna R Dekkers, Amy Del Cid, Jessica L Del Rosario, Amanda Delaney, Deborah K Delaney, John Delaney, Larquetta Deleon, Gwendolen K

Delivuk, Joshua Dellahoussaye, Tina Demarchis, Rachel Dempsey, Ariel N Deneault, Kenneth Dennison, Jessica Denny, Jennifer Deras, Araceli


LU Online Portraits

Derr, Sheila Deshazor, Ronnie Desmarais, Amanda G Dever, Steve F Dew, Jason I Dewalt, Krystal T Dewan, Kathleen M Dey, Ashley

DiLorenzo, John P Dial, Devon R Diamond, Dorothy C Diaz, Francisco J Dicenzo, Paula Dicken, Crystal Dickey, Belinda Dickson, Casey L

Didden, Rachael Diefenderfer, Angela M Dieterich, Melissa L Dietz, Gary Diggs, Crystal Dignan, Daniel A Dilbeck, Brittany Dill, Benjamin

Dill, Mackenzie L Dillard, Raymond Dillon, Alexander J Dinwiddie, Elaine K Dix, Danielle Dix, Samantha C Dixie, Susan Dixon, Frank E

Dobbins, Tammy Dobson, Jill A Dodge, Randy A Dodson, Caleb Dodson, Nicholas Dohme, Charles P Dohme, Sarah K Doles, Vermonica

Dollarhite, Amber N Dollarhite, Lucas C Dominguez, Laura E Donahoo, Buffy L Donahue, Michael J Donahue, Tara L Donaldson, John Donaruma, Joseph D

Donnelly, Monika Dooling, Christine Dorival, Barbara Dose, Jarrod Doss, Denise R Doss, Elizabeth J Dotter, Corinna R Dougherty, Christopher

Dougherty, Donald Dougherty, Elizabeth M Dougherty, Narissa R Dougherty, Phillip Douglas, Danielle L Douglas, Jerry M Douglas, Matthew A Douglas, Toniquia D

Dove, Kimberly B Dowdy-Pribble, Maria V Dowell, Darryll G Dowell, Rachel Dowler, Hope Downam, James R Downey, Amy Downey, Catherine

Downey, Nathaniel Downing, James Downing, Nikki Doyle, Kelly Doyle, Tiffany N Drabick, Anthony P Drablos, David L Drake, Jonathan A

Drake, Joshua M Drake, Solomon J Drake III, Albert Drambi, Amy Drambi, Dlama Draper Cabiness, Pamela R Dreher, Jeffrey C Drinkwater, Mark

Driver, Heather DuPont, Summer D Duenas, Jason Dufrene, Rebecca Dugger, Cory Dunagan, Jeffrey C Dunagan, Jeffrey E Dunay, Stephanie

Duncan, Antionetta Duncan, Brittany N Duncan, Caleb A Duncan, Haley Duncan, Isolyn B Dunham, Clint L Dunham, Michelle L Dunlap, Jennilee

Dunn, Angelle A Dunn, Sarah Dunnavant, Latasha Durham, Rosemary J Durso-Finley, Jeffrey D Dusthimer, Nancy Dvorak, Michelle D Dye, Amanda N

Dykin, Jaina L Dyson, Kimberly G Eakins, Frieda Eanes, Sonya F Early, Rebecca K Earnheart, Jacob L Easley, Brinton J Easley, Lindsay M

Easter, Laura A Easton, Melanie R Eaton, Kelly A Eberhart, Matthew Eberle, Christian D Ebert, Doug Ebron, Michael J Echols, Christopher J


LU Online Portraits

Eckel, Dustin K Eckert, Ambur Eckert, Katelyn Ecklebarger, Robert Edgar, Carrie F Edgington, Shawn Edinger, Kathleen D Edlin, Christopher R

Edman II, Clarence D Edmiston, Christopher Edmond, Gwendolyn T Edmonds-Holman, Jeanettia Edwards, Alexandra J Edwards, Deryl M Edwards, Gloria Edwards, Janice

Edwards, Jason Edwards, Lauren P Edwards, Naheem B Edwards, Paul S Edwards, Sain-R K Edwards, Thomas W Edwards Barnes, S Efird, Caleb J

Egbert, Allison C Egli, Kaitlin G Ehrenberg, David M Ehrig, Stacie R Eiban, Ashley A Eiban, Michael K Eimer, Janae Eirich, Deanna

Eisele, Patricia L Ekwotafia, Efe O Elam, Terrell L Elangwe, Sherell Elder, Mary Elder, Thomas O Elder, William R Eldridge, Alyssa N

Eldridge, Dorothy C Eldridge, Vikki Eley, Quentin Elias, Jessica B Ellenburg, David Elliott, Jerry P Elliott, Stephanie Elliott, Thomas J

Elliott, Yvette A Ellis, Andrew L Ellis, Anglea M Ellis, Chestener Ellis, David E Ellis, Dwayne K Ellis, Joel Ellis, Karen

Ellis, Sheryl M Ellison, Robert E Ellison, Roger L Ellison, Sharon M Ellsworth, Daniel Elmore, Annamarie R Elmore, Michael C Emerick, Tina D

Emerson, Andrea Emmert, Nathanial M Enchautegui, Samantha Encinosa, Jamie S Encinosa, Taylor M Endress, Jessica R English, Marian M English, Peggy J

Enns, Luke D Enold, Brittany Enold, Janine A Entsminger, C B Epperson, Brian K Epperson, Tamara H Ericsson, Jonathan D Erlenbach, Emily J

Ertel, Austin R Ertl, Vernon Ervin, Cassandra F Ervin, Melinda Escalera, Michael Escamilla, Nicole Eskridge, Joseph A Eskridge, Lauren K

Espenscheid, Daniel L Espinoza, Jose A Espinoza, Michelle H Estacio, Grace Estes, David C Etheridge, Anthony L Etheridge, Carl G Etzel, Gabriel B

Eubank, Jeremy Eubank, Terri Eubanks, James W Evans, Aaron J Evans, Alicia Evans, Anita D Evans, Ayelet D Evans, Dustin R

Evans, Erin K Evans, Janice Evans, Lindsay M Evans, Melanie A Evans, Mickey F Evans, Steven Evans, Tiffany M Everhart, Tawanda

Evert, Hillary N Ewing, Jennifer S Ezell, Oliver Ezelle, Sherese D Fabian, Sichel Facchiano, Amy E Fahringer, Alden D Faidley, Laura E

Faire, Cassandra Fairley, Asia N Faix, Timothy Fallen, Daniel Falwell, Kristina M Falwell, Scott B Fanjoy, Tawnya Fanning, Jacqueline N


LU Online Portraits

Fanusi, Amy D Fariss, Adam T Fariss, Donna Farman, Derek Farmer, Charles J Farrand, Matthew M Farrington, Melissa J Farris, Michael

Farrow, Frenzelor E Farsht, Lisa Farthing, Cory Faust, Jennifer C Favreau, Travis J Felder, Durley J Felecan, Alexandra Felesena, Martin D

Felix, Josefina A Feliz, Ivelisse Felton, Tameka Felts, Justin B Fenelus, Junie Fenison, Dustin D Fenson, Alexander Ferguson, Adam

Ferguson, Carla Ferguson, David B Ferguson, Jeffrey A Ferguson, Mary Ferguson, Rachel Ferguson, Robert L Ferguson, Taylor Ferguson, Vivolyn

Ferrara, Nicole Ferrell, Ruth T Ferris, Leviticus J Fetterman, Jonathan E Figueroa, Edgar Fike, Susan M Fillyaw, Kathy Finch, Erin

Finchum, Brenda Finkel, Rebekah J Finley, Kylie B Finley, Sheila Finney, Ashley Fiock, Lawnda F Fishburn, April L Fisher, Cynthia A

Fitch, Kevin Fitchett, Laverne M Fitzgerald, Angela M Fitzgerald, Anitra Fitzgerald-White, Cherel L Flake, Natalie Flanary, Aleithea D Flanders, Kelsey

Fleetwood, Elaine Fleming, Morgan B Fleshman, Holly A Flinchum, Ramona C Flippo, Elizabeth Flood, Aisha L Flores, Angel G Flores, Claudia

Floro, Jordan H Floyd, Darrelle Flueckiger, Kallie M Foch, Heather R Fogal, James Fogelstrom, Lori Fogg, Gailtricia Foit, James H

Foit, Sarah A Folster, Ashley M Fonseca, Yelitza Fonville, Tiffany R Forbes, Christopher M Forbes, Tammy Forcey, Eric G Ford, Archine

Ford, Demetric Forman, Belinda Formo, Jonathan L Forrest, Benjamin K Forrest, Lerisa M Forrester, Derek Foster, Cassandre D Foster, Devon H

Foster, Laura Foster, Matthew C Foster, Terrell R Foudriat, Jennifer Foulkes, Deborah Fournier, Eric J Fowler, David Fowler, Derek R

Fowler, Tamara Fowler, Theresa M Fowler, Timothy J Fox, Nycole B Fox, Sarah Frable, Jessica L Frable, Laura A Frable, Tyler W

Fraiser, Melissa D Francis, Tara L Francois, Peter R Frankart, Dylan Frankel, Kristin Franklin, Baron Franklin, Heather M Franklin, Shirley A

Franzelas, Amy N Fraser, Amelia Fraser, John Frasher, Elaine Frazier, Kissena Frederick, Serena D Freeman, Ashley Freeman, David L

Freeman, David Freeman, Rebekah A Freeman, Tonya Freeman, William T Frejosky, Joshua E French, Leah Frett, David G Fretwell, Valarie T


LU Online Portraits

Fretz, Beth-Anee Fretz, Derrick M Frey, Kasey C Frey, Kyle A Frey, Shawn M Freyre, David F Friberg, Brian Friday, Jiana L

Friday, Joshua Friday, Robin Friddle, Collins R Friederichsen, Patricia L Friedrich, Tyler M Frierson, William Frodigh, Roland N Fry, Jason

Frye, Christie E Fukuhara, Joan Fulcher, Angela D Fuller, David P Fuller, John Fuller, Shemeika Fulson, Marc Fulton, Ricky

Fultz, Rebecca Funk, Julianna M Fuqua, Joshua Furlough, Melanie Furman, Rachael M Furner, Emmitt M Furr, Jennifer Furtak, Debra C

Futch, Penny Futrell, Audrey A Gabel, Matthew W Gado, Murna N Gafford, Beth A Gaglia, Michelle Gagnon, Jenna R Gahagan, Kevin E

Gaillard, Julianne E Gaines, Darin Gaines, Denitra L Gaines, Hazel-Ann A Gaines, Joy D Gala, Jacqueline Gallagher, Patricia Gallaugher, Joseph A

Galler, Susan Galloway, Andrew Galloway, Kelly Galloway, Selina M Galluccio, Joseph D Gamez, Joseph Gammon, Shala M Gammons, Amanda

Gannaio, Jennifer Gannon, Jeremy W Gannon, Jodi W Garber, Jessica Garcia, Aaron S Garcia, Albert A Garcia, Lea Ann Garcia, Lorel

Garcia, Rosa E Gardiner, Walter Gardner, Alicia Gardner, Alysha D Gardner, Keith R Gardner, Linda Gardner, Tamara Garland, Michelle

Garlow, Kathleen Garman, Richard W Garner, Alisheia Garner, Michael Garnes, Christopher D Garofalo, Crystal Garrett, Ashley M Garrett, Tracey

Garrison, Torrey Gary, Shanna N Garza, David R Gastardi, Heather M Gatoura, Shawne Gatson, Charmere N Gauger, John M Gause, DaShawn M

Gavulic, Alyssa Gayheart, Amy E Gebremariam-Baraki, Roza Geer, Kristin Geiger, Dawn M George, Janel George, Jessica George, Shawn M

Gerhart, Stacey Gerner, Bryan Gerner, Rebecca L Geukgeuzian, Felicia L Ghaly, Marina Gholson, Ti'Juana A Gibbons, Christy Gibbons, John R

Gibson, Melissa K Gibson, Rebekah R Gibson, Taylor O Giesler, Mackenzie Gifford, David S Gil, Charissa A Gilbert, Christopher B Gilbert, Jason C

Gilbert, Joel D Gilbert, Nickolas S Gilbert, Whitney R Giles, Darrell M Giles, Jonathan A Giles, Kimberly Gill, Amanda L Gilleand, Tim

Gillenwater, Sean Gillespie, Tawanda Gilliam, John A Gilliland, Erin Gillin, Stacy Gillis, Elizabeth Gilmartin, Wanda Gilmore, Charlotte


LU Online Portraits

Gilpin, Mackenzie L Gipson, Damien Gipson, Emily Gipson, Tiffany Q Givens, Linda R Glading, Bethany N Glass, Ashley M Glass, Crystal

Glass, Dexter Glass, Linda B Glass, Linda Gleaton, Kelly A Glenister-Powell, Keisha L Glotfelty-Hershman, Tania Goble, Daniel J Godlewski, Krista L

Goff, Amanda N Goff, Rebecca Gogain, Aaron M Goh, Sally Goin, Chelsey L Goldman, Jenna Gomes, Christopher C Gomes, Joshua M

Gomez, Nancy Gonda, Troy C Gonzales, Mary E Gonzalez, Ana V Gonzalez, Aubrie N Gonzalez, Joshua D Gonzalez, Katherine Gonzalez, Sarai

Gonzalez, Victor Good, Gloria J Good, Tonya F Goode, Lauren E Goodenough, Steve E Goodier, Carmen R Goodman, Joshua F Goodson, Rebecca S

Goodwin, Allison M Gordon, Alex R Gordon, Amy D Gordon, Elicia G Gordon, Ira D Gordon, Melissa Gordon, Rupert Gordon, Sarah

Gordon, Sarina J Goshorn, Emma Goss, Jamie Goughnour, Lindyn J Gould, Evan C Gould, Kendra L Grabaskas, Carrie E Grace, Amy B

Grace, Nathaniel Graham, Alecia Graham, Andrew J Graham, Dennis E Graham, Heather Graham, Mark P Graham, Michael D Graham-Bailey, Kathy

Grainger, Scott K Grambusch, Monica Granda, Martin A Grant, Brandon L Grant, Tabitha Gravatt, Danielle G Graves, Bobby R Graves, Tuwana M

Graves, Tyronda M Gray, Jonathan H Green, Adam B Green, Anja Green, Anthony Green, Aquanda Green, Eric J Green, James T

Green, Jessie Green, Josette A Green, Kristen A Green, Micah Green, Ravien Green, Robert A Green, Sabrina D Greenan, Grace L

Greene, Boyce J Greene, Jonathan T Greene, Lori Greene, Tina A Greer, Paul B Gregg, Scott Gregg, William Gregor, Christina

Gregory, Ardis B Gregory, Cheryl L Gregory, David A Gregory, Jim Gregory, Kenisha Gregory, Luxtracia Y Gregory, Rebecca V Gresh, Amanda M

Grey, Alexander R Grey, Miranda Griffin, Cindy Griffin, Kenya Griffin, Nichole Griffith, Bradley Grignon, Meagann Grimm, John D

Grinstead, Brian Grizzel, Sarah Grogan, Lauren A Groneveldt, Danielle Gross, Lindsey A Gruner, Melanie K Grunert, Michaela A Guajardo, Ruben

Guard, Ivette Guardia, Sergio R Guenther, Grant Guenther, Tyler Guenthner, Chelsey Guerra, Amanda L Guerrant, Shandi N Guess, Thomas E


LU Online Portraits

Guetterman, Karisa G Guice, Krystal Guidry, Kathleen Guiffreda, Daniel F Guill, Wendy A Guilliams, Adam Gunter, Amanda Guridy, Alicia M

Gusler, Theresa Gust, Christina Guthrie, Christian C Guthrie, Stephen D Guy, Sheila R Guzzo, Keisha Gwynn, Valerie B Ha, Seung-Yong

Haas, Daniel M Haase, Karen Haberman, Sarah Habuda, Matthew Haddad, Diana K Haddad, Lana J Hadley, Christina M Hadley, Timothy F

Hager, Gregory A Hagler, Jeremiah Hagler, Laura B Hagley, Bryan M Hahn, Debra K Hain, Frank Hairston, Marcia T Hale, Julie M

Hale, Rebecca A Hales, Gregory A Haley, Joshua A Hall, Andrew Hall, Cortessa Hall, Crystal Hall, Holly Hall, Janet

Hall, JoElyssa G Hall, Marilyn Hall, Rolanda Hall, Susan M Hall, Tamara E Halloran, Rebecca Halsey, Billiejo Halsey, Curtis N

Halsey, David Halsey, Kimberly K Halstead, Christie Haltom, Brianna E Ham, Kenneth A Hamel, Courtney M Hamilton, Betty Hamilton, Hunter

Hamilton, Kristy M Hamilton, Leah G Hamilton, Lisa M Hamlette, Christopher W Hamlette, Rena Hamm, Caleb A Hamm, Christopher Hammond, Audrey G

Hammond, Craig W Hammond, Jason R Hammond, Kevin P Hammond, Vaughn M Hampton, Brandon M Hampton, Janese Han, Choong Gi Hancock, Emily G

Hancock, Michael R Hand, Katherine Hanks, Bobbie Hannan, Ashley G Hanson, David Harbour, Donna M Harbuck, Henry R Harcup, Blake M

Hardbower, Benjamin D Harden, Herschel C Harder, Evan Z Harder, Patrick Hardin, Christy Hardin, Oceanous T Hardnett, Candace Hardy, Amanda E

Hardy, Charles Hardy, Kathy Hare, Emily Hargraves, Alanna A Harkey, Meghan Harless, Jon T Harlow, Justin W Harm, Benjamin J

Harmon, Carla Harms, Daniel R Harpe, Jennifer L Harper, Eliza C Harper, Jeffery Harper, Joseph Harper, Theresa L Harrelson, Addison D

Harriel, Williestine Harrington, David Harrington, Lisa M Harrington, Nikki Harris, Adam D Harris, Briana Harris, Brittany E Harris, Charles

Harris, Christina C Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Gordon D Harris, Isaac L Harris, Jeffrey Harris, Jessica L Harris, Kelli L Harris, Lakisha M

Harris, Mathew L Harris, Mia D Harris, Nathan W Harris, Pamela Harris, Rebecca M Harris, Renell N Harris, Samantha W Harris, Sandra


LU Online Portraits

Harris, Shamika L Harris, Starr D Harris, Tensis Harris, Tyler J Harris, William Harrison, Jenny W Harrison, Sherwood M Harrypaul, Daniel Malcolm

Hartburg, Craig Hartin, Tim Hartman, Lauren Hartmann, Jennifer Hartwig, Melissa M Hartwig, Michelle T Hartzog, Melva Harvey, Gerald D

Harvey, Jerry Harvey, Jordan E Harvey, Justin W Harvey, Kendra Harvey, Larhonda W Harville, Timothy W Harwood, Otway P Hassell, Sarah

Hasty, Jennifer M Hasty, Jeremy W Hasty, Samantha J Hatchel, Charles D Hatfield, Alicia C Hatmaker, Sarah J Hatten, William T Haug, Danielle E

Haug, Marcia K Haumann, Rosheen Hawes, Courtney Hawkins, Ashley L Hawkins, Susan T Hawks, Corbett Hayes, Catherine B Hayes, Cindy

Hayes, Heather A Haygood, Ashley E Haymaker, Dustin J Hayman, Kenneth A Hayman, Samantha C Hayman, Travis M Haynes, Joy Haynes, Samuel R

Haynes, Spencer D Hays, Brittany G Hays, Justin M Haywood, Dionne M Hazelet, Jesse J Headen, Stephanie Heaney, Shawn Heap, Heather

Heath, Andrew Heath, Brad C Heberlein, Nicholas A Heckert, Jason G Hedrick, Mary K Heffner, Mallory H Hegedus, Stephen D Heidig, Rayella

Heilig, Walter W Heilker, Eric Hein, Molly Heinrich, Erica L Heiple, Stephene Helmick, Casey Helmick, Sandra Helmintoller, Angela L

Heltzel, Nathan Hemphill, Vickie Henderson, Andrea Henderson, Angela Henderson, Crystal Henderson, Don Henderson, Josiah O Henderson, Kenneth S

Hendon, Jessica Hendricks, Royal Hendrix, Charles B Hendsbee, Lynn M Hennard, Andrew T Henning, Erica A Henry, Bethany W Henry, Billy

Henry, Cornell X Henry, Daniel F Henry, Erin E Henry, Michael P Henry, Shalane Henschel, Isaac J Henschel, Regina E Hensley, Adam T

Hensley, Logan T Henson, Michael D Hentschel, Amber M Hernalsteen, Victoria M Hernandez, Bethany J Hernandez, Bethany Hernandez, Enuel Hernandez, Jose E

Hernandez, Phillip A Herndon, Tiffany Herndon, Tonya R Herr, Kenneth J Herrera, Ashina Herring, Angela Herron, Joshua Herron, Tonia

Herschel, Tammy M Hershberger, Carissa J Hertzer, Darren J Hertzog, Jamie-Lynne Hervey, Curtis A Hester, Adam Hester, Daniel S Hewitt, Eric D

Hewitt, Michele D Hewlett, Angela D Hibbard, Robb A Hibbard, Tabitha J Hicks, Dakota R Hicks, Hilary L Hicks, R K Hicks, Wesley


LU Online Portraits

Hickson, Robert S Hiers, Stuart F Hiers, Taylor L Highsmith, George K Hildreth, Ariel M Hildreth, Michael A Hill, Carol W Hill, David J

Hill, Gwendolyn W Hill, Lynnette Hill, Michael Hill, Natalie Hill, Obie P Hill, Sherrie Hill, Steven K Hillman, Major L

Hinchman, Hayden S Hinckle, Olivia Hines, Paige H Hinkley, Thomas P Hinson, Dexter A Hinton, Paul M Hipp, Jim Hipps, Trevor L

Hiraldo, Tania M Hissey, Lysinda Hissey, Paul Hitchcock, Kathrin Hite, Jason R Hite, Jessica M Hite, Mary K Hobbs, Devron

Hobbs, Stefanie Hockensmith, Matthew J Hodge, Danielle S Hodges, Alyssa B Hodges, Bethany A Hodges, David Hoegh, Travis L Hoffman, Brian J

Hoffman, Brian K Hoffman, Crystal Hoffman, James C Hoffman, Jeff Hoffman, Katheryn E Hoffman, Krystina Hoffman, Nancy Hoffman, Stephanie M

Hogan, Dawn Hogan, Katie L Hogue, Tametra Holbrook, Larry Holcomb, Adam Holcomb, Alexandra Holcomb, William Holden, Kelly

Holder, David E Holdstock, Lynn M Holgate, Colville Holland, Erica L Holland, John P Holliday, Tytecha Hollifield, Robert Hollingsworth, Tracy

Hollis, Tara A Holloway, Jeffrey H Holly, Rebekah Holmes, Brianna Y Holmes, Keith Holmes, LaToya M Holmes, Laura A Holmes, Michael S

Holt, Anthony J Holt, Liberty L Holt, Mylina L Holter, Leslie Holzer, James B Homan, Leslie A Hong, Ki Ja Hong, Seog Hyun

Hong, Soon Ho Hong, Sungsoo Honnold, Beth Hood, Christine L Hood, Cordell M Hooke, Kelsey R Hooker, Scott Hooten, Chad

Hoover, Laura Hopely, Mark R Hopely, Matthew R Hopkins, Christopher S Hornbaker, Cindy J Horne, Sarah E Horner, Brendan A Horner, Rachel B

Horrigan, Jared M Horrocks, Sarah Horsley, Latoya L Horvath, Kasey A Horyn, Jadan Hosea, Linnetta Hosfeld, Loretta L Hosfeld, Rebecca

Hosler, Eric F Houppert, Eric Houser, Jonathan Houston, Rickey L Houston, Veronica Houtz, Pam Hovis, Jennifer M Howard, Danielle A

Howard, Jupiter S Howard, Melanie R Howe, Samuel A Howell, Erika A Howell, Leo Howell, Robert Hsia, Chu-Hsuan Hubach, Anne G

Hubbard, Ahmard C Hubbard, Barbara N Hubbard, Gary P Hubbard, Sammie D Huckaby, Mark K Hudmon, Dean Hudnall, Hannah N Hudson, Allyson N


LU Online Portraits

Hudson, Ashley A Hudson, Cynthia W Hudson, Jared Hudson, Jesika N Hudson, Katie L Hudson, Laura J Hudson, Lee J Hudson, Maladean

Hudson, Marc Hudson, Rachel Huffman, Courtney M Huffman, Madison L Huggett, Larrisa K Hughes, Christel M Hughes, Shannon Hughes, Stephanie L

Hughes, Tanya Huitt, Jessica L Humphrey, Aliya Humphrey, James V Humphrey, Morgan E Humphreys, Heather Humphries, Peter Hundley, Angela J

Hundley, Dennise J Hundley, Raven D Hungerford, Benjamin Hunsley, Kari F Hunt, Michael A Hunt, Shanna Hunt, Stephanie Hunt, Valerie

Hunter, Delrayoshon Hunter, Elizabeth D Hunter, Gloria Hunter, Jenna Hunter, Jessika Hunter-Brown, Stephanie R Hurd, TammyJo Hurt, Robert

Huston, Sarah Hutchens, Mary Hutchins, Jessica N Hutchins, Lex Hutsenpiller, Shiela Hutson, Phil Hutto, Pamela N Hutton, Ryan

Hwang, Geun Bae Hyde, Mark Hyden, Cory M Hydock, Benjamin R Hylland, Julie Hyska, Kimberly A Ickes, Amy Indorf, Abigail

Ingle, Tonya Inman, Anna-Marie H Innocenti, Sydney M Interial, Nathan J Iqbal, Deborah B Irby, Nathaniel Z Ireland, Jerry Irvin, Andrea

Irvin, Casey Irwin, Drew J Isaac, Carrie Isaacs, Andrew Isner, Kelly Israel, Dustin M Israel, Jennifer S Isreal, Stephen J

Italiano, Casey E Iveson, Rebecca E Ivey, Jana D Ivory, Shelia Jabbour, Michelle Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Darin S Jackson, Darren

Jackson, Jeremy L Jackson, Kami Jackson, Katelyn E Jackson, Marcia Jackson, Rachel A Jackson, Shalonda Jackson, Shawn Jackson, Tanisha W

Jackson, Tierra Jackson, Tori S Jacoboski, Jessica D Jacobson, Kelly R Jacobson, William Jaecks, Lora Jaikaran, Meden M Jakub, Christopher R

James, Adrienne James, Billie D James, Courtney T James, Crystal E James, Deborah K James, Demi M James, Denise James, Fidela

James, Johna L James, Jonathan D James, Kari B Jang, Changsoo Jankowsky, Steven M Jansen, Lindsay M Jarbath, Jymael Jardines, Albert

Jarrad, Sarah Jarvis, Jennifer Jaworski, Karen Jaworski, Nathan A Jean-Baptiste, Berline J Jean-Charles, Elisabeth K Jean-Louis, Daniel Jeannot, Hughes

Jeffcoat, Stacey L Jeffers, Charles R Jefferson, Kenya Jeffries, Lisa S Jenkins, Anthony M Jenkins, Dennis Jenkins, Kara K Jenkins, Natalie


LU Online Portraits

Jenkins, Nellie Jenkins, Thomas Jennings, Elizabeth Jennings, Hope J Jensen, Gregory A Jeoung, Jang W Jernigan, Joseph W Jernigan, Lauren C

Jernigan, Ralph W Jesse, Paul G Jessee, Jessica L Jett, Travis W Jeudi, Falinda Jimmerson, David Joachim, Stephanie L Joback, Joseph A

John, Ashlyn John, Jyothi M Johnke, Joshua L Johns, David W Johns, Jennifer Johns, Robert Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Ashley O

Johnson, Aspen B Johnson, Austin D Johnson, Brittany J Johnson, Brittany M Johnson, Casey Johnson, Chantal Johnson, Christen A Johnson, Darlene M

Johnson, Denise M Johnson, Desmond G Johnson, Elijah E Johnson, Ethel Johnson, Freddie Johnson, Jackie L Johnson, Jahsid Johnson, Jaime A

Johnson, Javaughn C Johnson, Jessica L Johnson, Joseph F Johnson, Kathy-Ann G Johnson, Katie L Johnson, Landon Johnson, Marcela Johnson, Nathan T

Johnson, Nikki M Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Rebekah Johnson, Robbie L Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Taran Johnson, Thomas F

Johnson, Timothy L Johnson, William Johnston, Laura A Johnston, Matthew K Johnston, Philip B Johnston, Vickie Jolie-Boaz, Noelle Jolin, Julia

Jones, Amber H Jones, Andrew Jones, Ashley D Jones, Ashley M Jones, Brent A Jones, Carol A Jones, Christopher P Jones, Cory A

Jones, Delisa J Jones, Dina L Jones, Felisha Jones, Gerney Jones, Hannah Jones, Jasmine L Jones, Jeff Jones, Jeremy S

Jones, Jerome A Jones, Jesse A Jones, Joscelyn R Jones, Kameron Jones, Kari Jones, Katelynn Jones, Kathie A Jones, Kellen P

Jones, Kevin C Jones, Kevin Jones, LaKeisha N Jones, Lakisha Jones, Laura E Jones, Marcie Jones, Marilynn Jones, Michelle

Jones, Monty E Jones, Shannon Jones, Sheila R Jones, Sherlonzo D Jones, Stephanie Jones, Whitney L Jones, William Jordan, Aaron E

Jordan, Andrew S Jordan, Beth A Jordan, Camden M Jordan, Daniel Jordan, Jason S Joseph, Jorshe A Joseph, Naomi Josephs, Anastasia H

Josephs, Faith A Josephs, Jonathan M Joslin, Michael D Joswick, Brandon T Joyner, Peter W Joyner, Tameshia D Ju, Grace E Jubin, Michael

Julian, Rachel L Julsaint, Ralph Jun, Jea Soung Jung, Bawool Justice, Greg P Justice, Katie Justice, Philip A Kahler, Alyssa


LU Online Portraits

Kahn, William A Kaijala, Jared M Kaikala-Gilbreath, A Kaleli, Jones M Kamm, Rachael K Kane, Morgan B Kang, Dong Hyun Kang, Hyung Jun

Kang, Jaewook Kang, Jeong Min Kang, Jungil Kang, Seung Hun Kang, Shin Wang Kanne, Lisa Kaplan, Christina Kaplanges, Joanna C

Kappler, Paige M Kapusta, Stephan J Karafa, Elissa J Karnavas, Zachary G Karner, Benjamin A Karon, Kelsey L Kastroll, Emily H Kastroll, Herman C

Kauffman, Allyssa J Kauffman, Angie Kauffman, Glorious Dawn Kauffman, Kurt A Kauffman, Melissa J Kaye, Jimmy W Keatts, Andrea N Kee, Silva

Keene, Kristin T Kees, Erin E Keimig, Eli W Keimig, Sarah I Keiser, Chris D Keiser, Colleen Keister, Elizabeth M Keith, Andrew P

Keith, Joanna Keller, Michael D Kelley, Camry D Kelley, Lisa Kelley, Rebecca Kelly, Ashley N Kelly, Edmond Kelly, Ellen

Kelly, Kimberly S Kelly, Paul B Kelly, Samantha J Kendrick, Clayton T Kennedy, James M Kennedy, Jennifer A Kennedy, Kylie Kennedy, Monica

Kennedy, Rose Kent, Courtney N Kent, Sharrika M Kepner, Tamara Kerelejza, Donna J Kerkstra, Hayley M Kerns, Steven R Kessler, Patricia R

Kettenring, Jenna Kettering, Christian T Key, Tangie N Keyes, Joshua F Keyes, Perry S Khatman, Anastasiya V Kidd, Don Kierpiec, Jamie

Kight, Ryan K Kilbourn, Aaron G Kilbourne, Brianne F Kilcrease, Thomas L Kilgore, Lisa Kim, Amy Kim, Dongsik Kim, Faith

Kim, Gun Young Kim, Hansup Kim, Hyeak Kim, Hyo Seop Kim, Hyung Seok Kim, In Jib Kim, Jinse Kim, John

Kim, Joshua Kim, Min Gwan Kim, Sung Chul Kim, Sung Hoon Kim, Tae Sun Kimball, Lynn Kimmel, Bryce E Kincaid, Lynn W

Kindley, Paige E King, Amanda L King, Andrew R King, Antonio R King, Jason King, Marian L King, Rebecca L King, Wendy H

King-Johnson, Kareema Kinne, Devin Kinney, Nathan S Kinsley, Lisa A Kinzer, Arielei S Kinzie, Shannon K Kirk, Bruce M Kirk, Christina P

Kirk, Jonathan Kirkland, Joshua Kirkland, LaToya Kirkland, Melissa M Kirkley, Amanda N Kirsch, Yvonne A Kirschnick, Kim Kiser, Hanna L

Kiser, Katherine J Kitchen, Wills S Kitchens, Alonzo A Kitchens, Leonard K Klamm, Harvey L Klasa, Kristy A Klein, Matthew R Klimovitz, Emily


LU Online Portraits

Klingmeyer, Kevin M Klopp, Megan Knauss, Jenae L Knese, Renita M Knight, Alexander Knight, Katie E Knight, Lawrence R Knight, Miyah P

Knippers, Jason Knop, Max R Knotts, Benjamin J Knowles, Brittaney S Knox, Tara Ko, Sooyon Kobischen, Justin Koehler, Wanda

Koester, Jeremiah T Kolars, Ben Kolb, Rachel L Kolman, Nicole C Kongpetch, Panida Konkel, John Koonce, Nelson R Kopp, Jacob

Kornett, Susan W Koss, Elizabeth T Kottler, William Kozic, Ashley N Kramer, Angela Kraujalis, Karen Kraus, Debra Kregenow, Daniel

Krein, Ditmar Krieger, Cody R Krieger, Leah R Krimmel, Melissa R Krout Minor, Stacey Kruger, Tammy J Kruse, Bobbie L Kruse, Patricia J

Krynski, Mark Krzeszewski, Jacquelyn M Kukulski, James A Kuperus, Kiersten Kupeyan, Aline R Kurtz, Gina S Kurtz, Kevin Kurtz, Travis R

Kuzniar, Joy L Kwak, Tae Hee Kyle, Ian K LaPointe, Kathy Laboard, Lateefah A Lacks, Chris Lacoste, Becky Lacroix, David M

Lacy, Kendria M Ladd, Allicia Ladd, Scott Ladnier, Vanessa C Laffoon, Brian Lafser, Garen Laidlaw, Saundra O Laidlow, Conrad

Lake, Elia A Lake, Nelson O Lakey, Shane Lakvold, John Lamb, Larry Lambert, Ryan R Lambert, Stephanie F Lambeth, Charity

Lampman, Lauren J Lance, Justin Landes, Ashley Landes, Kourtney Landrum, Angelia Landrum, Edwanda Lane, Benjamin C Lane, Melissa

Lane, Phillip R Langlais, Amanda G Langley, Brian O Langteau, James Lanham, Reid H Lanphere, Megan P Lansdale, Belen Lantz, Mary D

Lanum, James Lapointe, Danielle R Larkin, Jonas A Larkin, Matthew W Larson, Bill R Larson, Lance M Larson, Spencer Lasher, Patrick T

Lassiter, Kametra S Lassiter, Travis J Latham, Mayo V Latif, Ibn Khalil W Latula, Shawn Lau, Yat-Por Laubscher, Mark T Laughter, Jeffrey

Lavinder, Aaron Lawhorne, Chase W Lawler, Aaron Lawley, Sarah Lawrence, Brenicia Lawrence, Ronald N Lawrence, Tyler K Lawrie, Zachary A

Lawson, Heather N Lay, Raquel Layer, Timothy Layne, Kenneth Le, Jonathan LeBlanc, Nicole R LeClair, Ashley LeGree, Dominique

LeShea, Andrea Leach, Terresa Leandre, Jean M Lear, Danielle N Learn, Erin M Leavitt, Michael Lebendiger, Carol Lecubet, Marina


LU Online Portraits

Ledee, Avis Ledesma, Francisca Ledford, Suzanne Lee, Byron Lee, Eun Ho Lee, Ho Jung Lee, Hyuk Lee, Hyun J

Lee, Jae Ik Lee, James Lee, Kaitlin T Lee, Kang Kuk Lee, Latonya F Lee, Mina Lee, Russell W Lee, Tim A

Lee, Woo Shik Lee, Younchan Leffew, Bob Lehigh, Coleen Lehman, Mark Lehman, Matthew I Leigh, Ashley S Leigh, Deelynn

Leineweber, Philip R Lemmon, Taylor R Lemon, Paul R Lenington, Jeffrey S Lennon, LaToya S Lenox, Heather R Levie, Steven Lewald, Scott L

Lewis, Carlisa N Lewis, Chamayne S Lewis, Daniel M Lewis, John W Lewis, Lluberke Lewis, Mary E Lewis, Nigel N Lewis, Terrilyn

Lewis, Timothy Li, Yun Li, Zhenfei Liedstrand, Julie M Light, Andrew Light, Charity E Lightner, Marc Ligon, Lori

Lilly, Roscoe J Lilly, Roszell Lilly, Scott J Lindsey, Andrea M Lineweaver, Darrin L Link, Barry J Lipka, Stephen M Lipscomb, Barry

Lipscomb, Jill C Lipscomb, Tabatha Lipscombe, Loma M Lipsitz, Christiana E Lischke, Catherine Liscum, Steven Littleton, Christie Litz, Aimee B

Ljunghammar, Tyler J Lloyd, Jessica E Lo, PA Cha Lobaina, Orlando Lobb, Jaime Lockhart, Aaron S Lockhart, Kia E Lockhart, Perry

Lodge, Jenna L Loftis, Jessica S Logan, Karen Logan, Mary Cathrine Logue, Jerrod F Logue, Shannen Lokonon, Marie P Lolli, Louis D

Loman, Lauren A Lombardo, Amy R London, Amy Lones, Monica R Long, Chris Long, Hunter D Long, Jacqueline Long, Justin T

Long, Kevin N Long, Laramie Long, Randy L Long, Samantha J Long, Wendy Longton, Calvin Lopez, Anthony F Lopez-Davila, Pura

Lorah, Tracy Lord, John W Lormis, Jeremy A Loth, Rebecca Love, Charles E Love, Holly D Love, Kimberly E Lovejoy, Kimberly D

Lovelace, Cheryl A Loveland, Larry Lovell, Rachel E Lovitt, Kory Lowder, Noah J Lowe, Roy Lowe, Stafford A Lowery, Jessica N

Lowman, Dianne K Lowman, Patrick Lowrey, Brett Lowry, Noelle Loy, Douglas R Lucas, Amy J Lucchini, Luis Luckey, Matthew A

Luetters, Rebekah G Lugo, Ariel Luiz, Regina M Lumley, Sydney Lund, Christian N Lunde, Rebecca M Lundstrom, Timothy P Lundy, Eileen M


LU Online Portraits

Lundy, Raquel Lunsford, Amanda Lunsford, Lynne Lupton, Paul M Luthman, Nicholas Lutyk, Christopher Lyles, Pearl Lyles, Sharon B

Lynch, James D Lynn, Jeffrey H Lynn, Mercy J Lyons, Christopher Lytle, Stephanie H Lyttle, Iain D Maashe-Mengueme, Charity E Mabika, Adna C

MacDonald, Katy A MacIntyre, Ian T MacLean, Rupert E Macasa, Michael J Macasa, Pamela Macdonald, Loretta L Mace, Wendy Macey, Rae J

Mack, Teresa A Mackins, Tammy L Macleod, Amanda Madara, Shannon A Maddah, Roxanna J Madding, Brooke A Maddox, Jessica Maddox, Tony

Madero, Andrew J Madison-Hemphill, Lakeisha Madkins, Alessia F Madrigal, Eddie Madry, Calita J Madsen, Andrew C Magnuson, Sarah Maguire, Sean T

Mahan, Kailey R Mahan, Theresa A Mahle, Corey W Mahoney, Gretchen E Mains, Angela Maki-Rydland, Nicole L Makino, Hitomi Malan, Stephenie A

Malasquez, Kristlee Maldonado, Matthew J Mallalieu, Sara A Mallo, Brittany N Malone, Brenda Malone, Jessica C Maloy, Karen Malozzi, Craig M

Maner, Misty Maness, Shannon Mangan, Cynthia Mann, Zachary A Manning, Felicia Manning, Matthew Mannings, Larsen A Manno, Jessica

Manns, Sherille A Manuel, Ashlie N Manuel, Rose Manzoni, Abigael Marble-Smith, Sharon D Marinkovich, Sarah Markle, Sabrina W Marks, Aaron

Marrero, Heather Marsh, Andrew J Marsh, Floyd C Marsh, Trevor Marsh, Wallace Marshall, Nichole D Marsico, Maria A Marston, Maggie

Martens, Margaret Martens, Mark W Martin, Aaron C Martin, Abbie N Martin, Andrew D Martin, Ariane L Martin, Brandy L Martin, Claude

Martin, David R Martin, Derrick F Martin, Dina Martin, Ellen R Martin, Garrett A Martin, Jesse Martin, Kendall Martin, Kevin R

Martin, Leon Martin, Nathaniel L Martin, Owen Martin, Rebekah Martin, Ronald W Martin, Ryan B Martin, Timothy P Martin-Flowers, Shirley A

Martinez, Sara J Martinez, Stephanie T Maryott, Jarad Mash, Misty Mashburn, James M Mason, Jasmine C Mason, Rachel Mason, ReGina

Mason, Teresa Mason, Thomas Mason, Tiffany D Mass, Kedric Massie, Felecia Mast, Jonathan M Masters, Marta A Matera, Laura E

Mathew, Abraham Mathia, Callie K Mathia, Rebecca L Mathia, Timothy E Mathias, Catherine Mathis, Lisa M Mathwig, Johanna C Matis, Denise M


LU Online Portraits

Matteson, John R Matthews, Cynthia L Mattingly, Joshua B Mattingly, Rebecca D Mattson, Roy Matz, Robert Matzker, Justin Maupin, Candace C

Maupin, Michael Maurer, Kyle J Mavunga, Albert T Maweu, Carter M Maweu, Faith M Maxam, Daniel L Maxwell, Christopher Maxwell, Constance D

Maxwell, Leyann T Maxwell, Nicole S Mayberry, Sandra Mayers, Leigh Mayfield, Ryan L Maylum, Rebecca Mayo, Alma M Mayo, Jodi L

Mayo, Marquita Mayo, Mechelle M Mayor, William C Mays, Jason Mays, Krystal D Mc Allister, Calyna Mc Allister, Christopher R McAllister, Bethany M

McBride, Casey C McBride, Yolanda K McCallum, Patricia M McCann, Kayla McCard, John F McCarty, Addison K McCarty, Isaac McCarty, Kali T

McCaslin, Chris McCauley, David R McCauley, Stacy M McClain, Joshua D McClanahan, Daniel G McClarty, Jennings McCloud, Rebecca A McClure, Jennifer

McClure, Ryan D McCormick, Rachel M McCoy, Beth McCrary, Megan McCutchen, Lindsay R McCutcheon, Tina L McDaniel, Kayla McDonald, Jean A

McDonald, Joshua R McDonald, Timothy G McDonough, Kimberly M McDougal, Victoria G McFadden, Dennis McFarland, Blake McFarland, Melissa A McFarland, Rafael J

McFarlin, Amanda McGaha, Jonas M McGee, James E McGhee, Tammy McGouldrick, Jason J McGowan, Erin McGowen, Glen McGregor, Morgan J

McGuire, Kelly A McGuire, Michael McGuirk Middendorf, M McHale, Steven J McIntosh, Lisa M McIntosh, Timothy A McIntyre, Gretchen N McIntyre, Paul

McKee, Matthew McKelphin, Keith McKenzie, Valerie A McKinley, John R McLane, Brady L McLaughlin, Jordan S McLaughlin, Justin McLaughlin, Kristy A

McLaughlin, Lisa McLaughlin, Robert McLaurin, Ashley F McLendon, Robert McMahan, Adrienne T McManis, Thomas L McMickin, Alanna McMillan, Frances L

McMillan, Samuel G McMillan, Terry McMillen, Jeff McMinn, James M McMullen, Maurice McNair, Andrew McNair, Lana McNamara, Amanda

McNamara, April McNeal, Emily E McNeill, Twana L McPherson, Alistair McPherson, William McQueen, Ray A McQuigg, Benjamin McSherry, David

McSherry, Rebekah M McSweeney, Krista G McVeigh, Shannon R Mcdonald, Bonnie Mckeel, James Mcknight, Maggie Mclaurin, Josh Mcneal, Nancy L

Mead, Bobby J Meade, Belinda K Meade, Jeffrey W Meadors, Carolyn Meadows, Chelsea M Meadows, Eula Mears, Gregory S Mebane, Felecia


LU Online Portraits

Medlin, Lindsey N Medlin, Wendy H Medrano, Dennys A Meeks, Rachel M Megginson, Thelma Meixsell, Stacy Mejean, Terry Melara, Elisa R

Melcher, Zachariah E Melikian, Stefan C Melillo, Michael T Mello, Rebecca L Melton, Clinton E Melville, Amy Mendez, Ayla V Mendez, Jonathan A

Merat, Joses D Merat, Mary Meredith, Scott M Merke, Daniel Merrick, Justin C Merrick, Verity R Merry, Joshua Merschen, Richard

Meservy, Matthew D Messarge, Robert J Messerer, Donald J Metcalf, Brett Metzger, Hope Mewhorter, Matthew Meyer, Mary E Meyer, Scottie M

Meyers, Vanessa A Meziere, Nicholas Michael, James R Michaels, Shawn P Michielli, Domenic S Middledorf, Lauren M Middleton, Bridgette D Middleton, Debra W

Middleton, Joseph C Miear, Kristina L Mielnicki, Matthew C Migwii, Josephine K Mikell, Lee S Miklinski, Michelle Milam, Renea N Milbourne, Jessica R

Milks, Bradley A Milks, Brandon R Milks, Chelsea J Milks, Kristin M Millan, Thomas Miller, Andre N Miller, Christina Miller, Christopher J

Miller, Clint Miller, Craig J Miller, David E Miller, Deborah Miller, Donna Miller, Dustin J Miller, Edward D Miller, Edwin W

Miller, Elliot R Miller, Ethan N Miller, Jacob Miller, Jonathan R Miller, Joshua L Miller, Kelly S Miller, Ken D Miller, Kristin M

Miller, Lori S Miller, Michael D Miller, Michele Miller, Nikia C Miller, Nolan R Miller, Rebecca Miller, Ryan D Miller, Sandy K

Miller, Sarah A Miller, Scott A Miller, Shanee Miller, Takisha Miller, Tamara A Miller, William E Milleson, Wesley Mills, Amy D

Mills, Britt C Mills, Jonathan A Mills, Jonathan D Mills, Jonathan M Mills, Melissa Mills, Mindy Mills, Vernon Millwood, Courtney E

Milton, Oriana Mimande, Kathleen L Mimande, Kevin J Mimidis, Ryan J Mims, Diana L Minard, Philip Minaya, David Mininger, Victoria S

Minite, Lauren Minter, Benjamin M Minter, Chad Miracle, Anthony D Miranda, Edmund M Miriello, Angela R Misiano, Mark D Mitchell, Chad

Mitchell, Dionne M Mitchell, Lee C Mitchell, Philip Mitchell, Scott D Mitchell, Tiffany Mitchell, Tyler Mitton, Tommie Mobley, Aaron W

Moebs, Michael Moffit, Shannon Mohr, Douglas Mohr, Shelli R Mohrmann, Heather Moisan, Daniel R Moitinho, Denise D Moles, Brittany V


LU Online Portraits

Mona, Sarah Monger, Marissa L Monroe, Russell R Monroe, Sarah E Monserrate, Veressa Montague, Jacqueline Monteiro, Heather L Montemayor, Vanessa

Montgomery, Karen E Montier, Nancy J Montney, Chase Moody, Macretia Moogalian, Terri S Moon, Dilek R Moore, Alane M Moore, Angela

Moore, Anna C Moore, Barbara M Moore, Bradley R Moore, Brandon D Moore, Charity Moore, Chelsy E Moore, David Moore, Jennifer A

Moore, Jeramy M Moore, Keisha M Moore, Kenetra Moore, La'Tisha D Moore, Lorie Moore, Mark Moore, Phebe Moore, Ramsey H

Moore, Raquel J Moore, Savannah R Moore, Travis Moore, Tyrone Moore, Vance R Moore, Whitney Mora, Colleen B Morales, Bianca M

Morales, Elizabeth D Moreira, Carlos F Moreno, Alejandra P Moreno, Arquisha Morgan, Brooke Morgan, Leslie Morgan, Willie J Morgenlander, Michael

Morin, Gregory S Moritz, Gary J Morran, Matthew E Morris, Bobbie Morris, Bradley C Morris, Bradley Morris, Brion Morris, Carole S

Morris, James Morris, Jason S Morris, Joseph C Morris, Kaitlyn C Morris, Kenneth A Morris, Linda M Morrison, Michael L Morrison, Sarah B

Morrison, Shawn M Morrissey, Samuel L Morrow, Joshua Mosby, Desmond R Moscati, Derek R Moser, Erin Moses, Natasha D Mosley, Patrina P

Mosley, Shalottie Moss, Eleanor N Mostella, Donnisha Motte, Kristy A Motture, Rachel A Moubray, Robert B Moughton, Katherine E Moughton, Rebecca A

Mount, Christian K Mounto Ehade, Aline C Mowbray, Holleigh Moye, Virginia A Moyer, Sylvan A Mozingo, John C Muir, Adelaide B Mularski, Gordon

Mulberry, Aubrey S Mull, Peggy Mullen, Kathleen Mullen, Susan Mullinax, Bradley S Mullings, James Muniz, Francisco L Munlin, Cornell

Munn, Shannon Munos, Chase E Murchison, Michelle Murfin, Aaron Murfin, Deborah Muriithi, Nikole Murkli, Meggan Murnane, Anna L

Murnane, Brittany L Murphy, Edith M Murphy, Erin E Murphy, George A Murphy, Katelyn Murphy-Fields, Rosemarie Murray, Mindy Murray, Sharinetta N

Musselman, Debra L Musselman, Joshua P Musselwhite, Chuck Musser, Andrew L Mustafa, Mohamed Muszall, Shane V Myers, Brian E Myers, Deneisia

Myers, Joshua M Myers, Katherine E Myers, Landon Myers, Mark J Myers, Rachel L Myers, Samuel D Myers, Stephen G Myles, Dominique


LU Online Portraits

Nappi, Joseph Nardozzi, Brock W Narwid, Robert Nash, Tiffani A Nauss, Amy Nazeck, Stephen Neace, Jordan R Neal, Adam

Neal, Kendrick Neece, Jesse Neeley, Marcia Negari, Nata F Neill, John Neiss, Robert A Nelms, Monecia M Nelms, Natalie

Nelson, Christal D Nelson, Dutch Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson, Eric J Nelson, Jacqueline Nelson, Jennifer L Nelson, Kedrick T Nelson, Marie

Nelson, Monique A Nelson, Nyisha Nelson, Thomas L Nelson, Timothy R Nemitz, David D Nesbitt, Julie L Nettekoven, Irene Nettuno, Katie

Neuenschwander, Anne E Neuer, Joshua Newcomb, Tammy L Newell, Aubree M Newsom, Letesha N Newsom, Staci Newsome, Jeffrey Newson, Curtis

Ngugi, Crown N Nhira, Edwell N Nicely, Amanda L Nicholas, Morgan L Nichols, Amy N Nichols, Brian J Nickerson, Danielle Nickerson, Matthew W

Nickoli, Zachary G Nicotra, Katie Nie, Jamie Nielsen, Kiersten Nielson, Christina Nigh, Helen P Nishimura, Marshall K Nix, April

Nix, Jason Nix, Matthew R Noble, Liza Noel, Michael J Noffsinger, Michael Nolen, Joshua L Noll, David Noll, Marsha D

Noonan, Jonathan D Noonan, Kristen M Norman, Jonathan Norris, Jayson Norris, John M North, Jonathan Norton, Rebekah J Nosal, Joan M

Noseworthy, Denise Nottingham, Nicole A Novack, Joanna J Nowlin, Aric Nowlin, Leslie P Nowlin, Machelle N Ntui, Collins Ntumba, Joseph

Nwankwo, Tiffany N Nweke, John N Nylander, Thomas L O'Connor, Scott O'Dell, Michael R O'Donnell, Karyn L O'Donnell, Kyle T O'Hara, Heather M

O'Meara, Matthew L O'Neal, Reyna L O'Neal, Vanita O'Neil, Alan ONeal, Benjamin T Obadiah, Reuben K Odell, Helen D Odom, Mary A

Ofenloch, Ryan M Ogden, Jordan Ohanenye, Madu Ojuola, Folarinwa Okello, Javan H Okello, Katherine M Olenik, Joel K Oler, Franklin

Oliver, Altoria L Oliver, Marcus Ollis, Darin E Olmstead, Yetta A Olson, Christen E Olusegun, Olubusola O Omaley, Timothy Oman, Luke

Onafowokan, Adedamola O Ondrea, David L Oprea, Seth R Ore, Khateeta Orman, Cherith L Orn, Derek I Orr, Susan M Orth, Jacob

Ortiz, Pedro B Orton, Casey L Orvek, Sarah E Osborne, Aleksandra J Osborne, Christopher D Osborne, Corey Osborne, Donna Osborne, Katherine E


LU Online Portraits

Osborne, Stephanie Osborne, Tiffany Osei, Leatrice Oshokoya, Vivian Ososkie, Skyler Ospina, Juliana Ostlind, Benjamin Ostling, Suzanne

Otto, Michelle Ouimet, Levi Ouzts, Angela D Overstreet, Kelly Overton, Rebecca J Owen, Brian K Owens, Christopher L Owens, Earl Reese

Owens, Isaiah A Owens, Joseph Owens, Julie Owens, Tina D Owensby, Brittany Pace, Joshua W Pack, Janet L Padron, Luije

Pae, Sunghyun Paetz, Michael C Pagan, Renee A Page, Amanda L Page, Kecia Page, Lacie Page, Matthew S Page, Terri M

Paige, Kimberly H Paik, Inho Painter, Jennifer Paku, Joyce Palladino, Cailer L Palmer, Jessica Palmer, Kevin Palmer, Nathan E

Panettiere, Lauren E Pannell, Tunya Paone, Jennifer L Paparo, John Papet, Louis M Parada, Kevin D Pardoe, Audrina A Parido, Kari A

Park, Jeayeon Park, Jun Pil Park, Kyung Won Park, Philip N Park, Robert Park, Seong Ill Park, Shinyoung Park, Songhwan

Park, Vaughn D Park, Yang Hyun Park, Yushin Parker, Andrea E Parker, Christopher J Parker, Christopher Parker, Crystal L Parker, Derek

Parker, Diana Parker, Jessica K Parker, Kathy S Parker, Lora Parker, Matthew J Parker, Monroe R Parkhurst, Austin P Parks, Richard

Parnell, Jennifer R Parry, Timothy J Partridge, Charles Passaglia, Peter J Pate, Beatrice Patel, Roxi Patrick, Donald Patterson, Alexis M

Patterson, Amanda L Patterson, Ashley Patterson, Cheryl Patterson, Darrell J Patterson, Heather R Patterson, Jully Patterson, Renee Patterson, Travis E

Patton, Wayne A Paul, Alain J Paul, Amanda Paul, Clyde H Paul, Joseph Paulauskas, Michelle V Paultre, Yamilee Pawlak, Nicholas R

Paxton, Lauren Paxton, Lisa Payan, Carlos Payne, Chandra Payne, Mary S Payne, Shamara M Payne, Vernestine Paynter, Robert C

Payton, Leroy Payton, Marty W Payton, Steven Peach, Fred Peacher, Miriam Peacock, Kenneth A Peak, Juli A Pearce, Kelly

Pearse, Ryan C Pearson, Krystle Pearson, Morris Peck, Amy J Peck, Andrew A Peckham, Renee R Pecore, Johnna Pecunia, Melissa A

Pedroza, Dwayne P Peele, Justin L Peer, Kenneth A Pelczar, Christopher Pena, Kristen M Pendleton, Tammy T Penfold, Brianna K Penley, John


LU Online Portraits

Pennifield, Joshua Pennington, Blake A Percival, Amanda Perdew, Luke Pereschuk, Jacob J Peresich, Deborah Perez, Brian J Perez, Danielle R

Perez, Dennis Perin, Elizabeth G Perkins, Brandy N Perriott-Ordonez, Tamara Perry, Durmount E Perry, Jesse L Perry, Nicholas S Perry, Trecia

Perry, William J Persons, Amanda C Pete, Nerine M Peters, Charles Peters, Jordan Peters, Kevin M Peters, Sarah R Peters, Sean M

Peterson, Amanda L Peterson, Faye Peterson, Felicia D Peterson, Jared D Peterson, John H Peterson, Lindsey A Peterson, Melvin Peterson, Sarah

Peterson, Steven D Pettiford, Anika J Pettit, Justin M Pettit, Sarah Pettus, Vickie I Phanord, Valens Phelps, Brittany N Phelps, Jonathan M

Phelps, Kristen C Phelps, Lauren Phelps, Leslie M Phelps, Shauna Philipp, Stephanie Phillips, Aaron K Phillips, Carlton L Phillips, Donald

Phillips, Holli M Phillips, James B Phillips, Robert T Phillips, Sloane Phillips, Stacy Phillips Rouse, Beverly Philogene, Valissa Pickard, Malcolm

Pickett, Sheena Pickle, Arika W Pierce, Ben Pierce, Christina R Pierce, Dessie Pierce, Donita C Pierre, Jonathon M Pierson, Cameron J

Piescik, Paul Pigott, Laura A Pilch, Iain M Pillow, Samantha R Pina, Iris Pineo, Helen Piner, Michael H Pines, Bridgett L

Pinette, William S Pinkham, David A Pinkie, Elyse Pinn, Lakisha Pinto, Noah Pipkin, Rhonda Pitter, Candace G Pittman, Ashley C

Pittman, Darrell G Pitts, Amanda J Pizzo, Erin Plasterer, Sarah J Ploeg, Adam Plomaritas, Joshua A Poch, Amanda L Poe, Christopher

Poindexter, Beryle J Poje, Sergio Poku, Kofi G Policastro, Jordan Polinaire, Serita M Polinski, Meghan R Polk, James B Polley, Abenlemah

Polsinelli, Kelly Poluikis, Christopher G Poluikis, Peggie M Ponce, Jose Ponce, Maureen Poole, Stephanie T Poprik, Sarah Porter, Ashley M

Porter, David L Porter, Dexter Porter, Iyana Porter, Jason S Porter, Jennifer L Porter, Justin R Porter, Mariel A Porter, Sarah M

Portis, Kyersten Potter, Audrea Potter, Josiah Potter, Travis L Powell, Brandon C Powell, Danielle M Powell, Denotra Powell, Evan

Powell, Jason T Powell, Mark Powers, Daniel T Powers, Matthew Prater, Ronald K Pratt, Deborah Pratt, Mark Pratt, Stephanie


LU Online Portraits

Prellwitz, Courtney Preusser, Daniel Price, Christopher O Price, Florence Price, Rachel L Price, Sarah E Price, Scott F Price, Stefanie N

Price, Teresa Priddy, Zach Prieto, Nicholas E Primiano, Melissa A Primous, Izabia Prince, Sandra Prince, Shawn R Pritchett, Matthew R

Privott, Jaleesa Proffitt, Amy M Prokop, John S Prosser, Joshua Prosser, Marie Pruett, Steven J Pruitt, Kasie G Pruitt, LaNekia

Pruitt, Sara B Pruitt, Sheri A Puckett, Micah W Pugh, James H Pugielli, Amika Puig, John R Purdy, Charlotte Purgason, Catherine P

Puskarenko, Seth A Pyo, Hyun Joon Pyton, Gregory S Quarles, Tracey N Quesenberry, Roy S Quick, Myleka C Quilty, Shannon S Quinlan, Jacquinlan

Quino, Cheeryl Quinones, Karla Quintana, Steven E Quintero, Judith Quintero, Paola Rackley, Austin T Rackley, Bethanie T Rackley, Kevin M

Rackley, Laura E Rackley, Samuel E Radcliff, Eric B Radtke, Jacob A Ragan, Sarah P Rahn, Jennifer M Raines, Casey E Raines, Kristin M

Raines, Scott E Rainner, Shakera L Raithel, Jacqueline R Rajpat, Lydia G Ramey, Juanita Ramey, Lori N Ramey, Luke A Ramirez, Krystal

Ramirez, Lindsey M Ramos, Alexander I Ramos, Diego Ramsdell, Ronald D Ramsey, Lucas W Ramsey, Robbie D Randall, Anthony M Randall, Dominique D

Randle, Ezra Randle, Sharmaine Randlett, Jennifer L Randlett, Paul H Randolph, Angel T Randolph, Brent Rangel, Misty Ranger, Darnell R

Ransom, Charles Rasberry, Lisa J Rasberry, Tamra L Rasmussen, Katelyn B Ratkovich, Jennifer Ravert, Margaret A Ray, Elvira Ray, Maryanna L

Ray, Michael Raymond, Cassandra M Read, Sarah M Reagan, Brian Reamer, Sam W Rebert, Timothy P Redd, Erica Redd, Gregory

Reece, Jason L Reed, Christy V Reed, Judith Reed, Keith W Reed, Khaison Reed, Kristin N Reed, Latoya Reed, Samuel J

Reed, Ty Reedy, Marissa Reese, Derrick Reeves, Kelly Reeves, Michael Reffner, Laura V Reich, Ashley A Reichard, Tracey E

Reid, Cynthia Reimer, Mary Reiss, Kaysha R Reitenour, Nick Reneau, Megan K Renke, Cassandra L Renner, Denise Renquist, Sarah E

Resleff, Carol Retzlaff, Abby Rey, Jose Reyes, Alexandro F Reyes, Krysta E Reyes, Roberto Reyes, Susan L Reynolds, Alfred


LU Online Portraits

Reynolds, Andrew J Reynolds, Brock A Reynolds, Eric B Reynolds, Jennifer Reynolds, Kiki Reynolds, Lauren F Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds, Raeann E

Reynolds, Tyler Reynolds, Victor D Rhea, Ryan D Rhodes, Colt A Rice, Dwight C Rice, Jennipher Rice, Lydia M Rice, Samantha C

Rice, Vanessa Rich, Vatell Richard, Kevin M Richards, Marie C Richards, Teryn K Richardson, Stephen T Rickert, Paul R Rideout, Kathy

Rideout, Steven Rider, Melissa R Ridgell, Heather M Ridges, Mae L Rife, Jessica M Rigdon, Mary C Riggs, Sonya Rigsby, Enrique D

Riley, Julia R Riley, Patrick D Rinker, Amy E Rios, Arabella Rios, Trina Rippeon, Joshua L Riss, Chloe A Ritchart, Hillary A

Ritchey, Brigitte M Ritz, Bunny Ritz, Robert L Rivera, Amy J Rivera, Angela M Rivers, Alvin L Rivers, Stephen Rixon, Joseph R

Roach, Susan Robbins, Alicia Robbins, Robert M Roberson, Michael R Robert, Lindsay D Roberts, Adam M Roberts, Christopher D Roberts, Corey R

Roberts, John A Roberts, Kaitlyn Roberts, Margit Roberts, Natalie Roberts, Nathan A Roberts, Shanon K Robertson, Anthony Robertson, Bianca

Robertson, Brad L Robertson, Gwen Robertson, Madison W Robertson, Marcia K Robertson, Ryan A Robinson, Alexandria Robinson, Angela C Robinson, Brianna N

Robinson, Carole E Robinson, Cassie Robinson, Charis A Robinson, Christopher Robinson, Douglas E Robinson, Durwood G Robinson, Jeffrey M Robinson, Kimberly

Robinson, LaTonya K Robinson, Latisha R Robinson, Luke W Robinson, Meredith Robinson, Michael D Robinson, Monica M Robinson, Sandy H Robinson, Seth L

Robinson, Stephanie Robinson, Tonette M Robinson, Travis Robinson-Yaw, Karen R Rochelle, Kristopher Rock, Nathaniel J Rockwell, Sierra M Rodgers, Danny L

Rodgers, Marie Rodriguez, Joe Rodriguez, Pedro Rodriguez-Lopez, J M Roebuck, Donald L Rogers, Debbie E Rogers, Evangelina Rogers, Robert P

Roh, Kay S Roh, Paul Rollison, Kristen L Roman, Jeffrey P Rommel, William N Romo, Karyn Roop, Brandon Roper, Antonio D

Rorex Miller, Bryon C Rose, Ann W Rose, Brady N Rose, Bruce A Rose, Karen Rose, Renee Rosel, Maira A Rosenthal, Richard

Ross, Chase J Ross, Lauren S Ross, Melanie L Ross, Tammera D Rosser, Patrice M Rossiter, Stephanie Roth, Bryon K Roth, Jessica I


LU Online Portraits

Rouleau, Michael D Rountree, Melvin Rouse-Wilson, Roberta D Routon, Tyler Rowe, David Rowe, Peggy Rowell, Rebekah G Rowland, Christopher J

Rowland, Emily S Rowlett, Kenneth Roy, Kristin N Roy, Robert Royal, Brent P Royal, Faith Royster, Debra Ruck, David T

Rucker, Kelley Rueb, Colleen Ruecker, Mamta Ruffin, Ariel A Ruiz, Lorraine Rukes, Todd G Rumble, Summer A Rumley, Tyler

Runions, Amanda R Runnels, Richard Runner, Jennifer M Rupe, Heather Rusinyak, Daniel D Rusk, Christopher J Russell, Abby E Russell, Brandon E

Russell, Jonathan Russell, Kevin B Russell, Kevin B Russell, Laverne T Russell, Nathaniel I Russell, O'Neil K Russell, Ryan J Russo, Karen A

Rustchak-Meade, Tasha L Rutherford, Allison Rutledge, Patrick W Ryan, Angelica T Ryan, Brian Ryan, Charlie Sadora, Jason Sale, Bethany Y

Sales, Eric Salinas, Richard Salisbury, Latara Salmon, Gregory Salvia, John Samora, Dina L Sams, Derek M Sams, Rebecca

Samuels, Terry D Sanchez, Angela Marie Sanchez, Elias Sanchez, Felisa L Sanchez, Jaison Z Sanchez, Jose Luis Sanchez, Pedro Sancho, Trevor

Sandel, Christopher R Sanders, Adia H Sanders, Daniel R Sanders, Heather Sanders, Michael P Sanders, Nichole Sanders, Possia Sanderson, Christine E

Sands, Shanika Sanning, David L Santana, Daniella C Santana, Raudy J Santaniello, Rachael E Santiago, Kathleen Santini, Joseph V Santoro, Michele

Santoro, Samantha J Santos, Ibis S Sanzo, David Sapp, Stephanie Sargeant, Douglas E Sargent, Carter K Sargent, Sarah A Sarrell, Daphne M

Sarver, John A Sarvis, Shannon L Sauder, Courtney S Saunders, Daveta J Saunders, Dorothy Saunders, Micah Saunders, Suzanne Sauter, Katie

Savage, Tiffany Saville, Martin J Saville, Tesla Savini, Justin S Savini, Leslie J Sawchuck, Patricia C Sayer, Shelby Sayers, Tshering P

Sayres, Melissa R Scalise, Brian T Scalise, Matthew Scarborough, Brian P Schaefer, Rebecca L Schaefer, Scott Schaeffer, Elizabeth Schafer, Caroline

Schafer, Corinne K Schafer, Justin P Schafer, Nicholas Schat, Marianne E Schaub, Matthew S Schellenger, Bryan Schemehorn, Wanda Schenk, Ashley R

Scheren, William J Scherling, Sarah Schettler, Ashley Schierberl, Zachary Schirle, Janae D Schlademan, Chelsea B Schlenz, Jeffrey D Schmidt, Brandon


LU Online Portraits

Schmidt, Jordan Schmidt, Misty M Schmidt, Patrick Schmidt, Paul Schneide, Collin D Schneiderhan, Jacob Schraf, Lindsay M Schroder, Nora

Schroeder, Magdalena Schuetz, Christina M Schuit, Emily Schultz, Donald G Schultz, Lucinda Schuster, Lawrence Schwab, Vania P Schwecke, Benjamin

Schweitzer, Gina B Schwenk, Adam C Schwenk, Nathan A Schwinn, Amy N Scott, Catherine A Scott, Hal M Scott, Kailey Scott, Karah A

Scott, Kayla Scott, Kenneth Scott, Melissa S Scott, Michael Scott, Phillip A Scott, Rachelle Scott, Susan M Scott, Veronica

Scruggs, Rachel W Scubelek, Elizabeth G Scull, Stacey M Seager, Colin T Sealy, Cassandra A Seamon, David Seamster, Robert Sears, Ashley L

Sears, Jennifer K Sears, Maxwell Sears, Morgan Seavers, Cameron Sebastian, Ryan Sedam, Jennifer Seelinger, Debbie Seetaram, Shara

Seibert, Torrie C Seinar, John Seitz, Kelly T Sellers, Edwina Sellers, Heather N Selph, Jeff Semenyna, David W Seo, Minsung

Seoung, Wonho Sermons, Brandi K Serrano, Juan E Sesay, Ibrahim Setliff, Chelsey R Setliff, Ryan M Sever, Lindsey Seward, Keshaunda C

Sewell, KaTina Sexton, David Seymour, Kathryn Sgandurra, Bethany A Shafer, Shawna K Shakkour, Louis Shalev, Josef N Shanklin, Jenece L

Shanks, Dawn K Shannon, Ian M Shannon, Kathleen E Shannon, Richard M Sharber, Shanna R Sharpe, Joseph C Sharpe, Traci Shaver, Joanne

Shaw, Amber Shaw, Michael J Shearin, Sean Shearn, Morgan W Shedd, Sarah M Sheffey, Courtney Sheffield, Emily J Shell, Sophia J

Shelor, Robert E Shelton, Brianna R Shelton, Christi S Shepherd, Amber N Shepherd, Chelsea Sheppard, Gregory N Sheppard, Tony L Sheppeard, Lori K

Sherrill, Christie N Shifflett, Tony Shiflett, Sarah Shin, Ayoung Shin, Jueon Shipley, Victoria Shipman, Jilian M Shipman, Samuel T

Shisler, Rebecca L Shoemake, Angela R Sholes, Ruth K Short, Amber M Short, Matthew R Short, Rebecca A Short, Shayne Shroyer, Kolby A

Shuford, Jennifer M Shuler, Shanda D Shultz, Robbie R Shumate, Contrell Siaji, Steven Sibande, Thandizo H Siebert, Paula Siedlecki, Varah

Siefert, Stephen P Sierra, Julieth N Sifford, Jessica L Sigman, John Sigmon, Jonathan D Silcox, Katerina Silcox, Wilhelm C Siler, Betty


LU Online Portraits

Silva, Wendy Silvey, Lynda L Silvia, Shandra Siman, Elizabeth Siman, Sheilha Simmons, Alicia Simmons, Curtis G Simmons, Daniel K

Simmons, Darlene Simmons, Karen L Simmons, Lakishia M Simone, Traci L Simonson, Amanda Simpson, Amber L Simpson, Brandy Simpson, Brittany L

Simpson, Charles Simpson, Denae Simpson, Jessica E Simpson, Krysta Simpson, Nichole Simpson, Stephen Sims, Taneshia V Sims, Terrica R

Sinclair, Mona L Singh, Haniel Singletary, Daniel Singletary, Jan R Singleton, Deidre F Sinkler, Allison Sinopoli, MaryElizabeth Sintayehu, Lilyana B

Sipes, Lauren Sipple, John A Sipple, Laura M Sirivastava, Meena Sirmons, Wendy Sisk, English Sites, Taylor N Siwak, Christine

Siwicki, Joseph R Skidmore, Laura L Skillman, Michael E Skrine, Karen Slade, Gwendolyn Slagle, Patrick J Slagle, Roy L Slagter, Michael

Slagter, Peggy C Slater, Miranda Slater, Taylor N Slaughter, James R Slayden, Brittany N Sledge, Erika Sleighter-Furey, Nicole L Slone, Thomas V

Smagala, Stanley J Small, Melissa J Smalling, Hopeton Smallwood, Jeffrey A Smallwood, Jimmy Smallwood, Seth A Smarr, Michael Smarr, Nichole A

Smeltzer, Travis A Smile, Melissa Smith, Amanda M Smith, Anna Smith, Anthony Smith, April D Smith, Bradley Smith, Brittany N

Smith, Brittany T Smith, Brittany Smith, Cassandra D Smith, Cassandra Smith, Christina L Smith, Christina M Smith, Dalesha Smith, Damian

Smith, Dana Smith, Daniel A Smith, Danielle Smith, David M Smith, Esther G Smith, Gwendolyn Smith, Jaime N Smith, Jason T

Smith, Jeffery C Smith, Jessica A Smith, Jessica Smith, Jonathon L Smith, Julia Smith, Julian Smith, Katie E Smith, Katina

Smith, Kimberly Smith, Laura E Smith, Lauralene L Smith, Lauren A Smith, Luke Smith, Megan Smith, Michael A Smith, Natasha C

Smith, Nicole B Smith, Pamela Smith, Patrick D Smith, Patrick T Smith, R. Kathleen Smith, Robert L Smith, Robert W Smith, Robin

Smith, Russell D Smith, Ryan Smith, Sharayah M Smith, Sierra S Smith, Sonja Smith, Tim Smith, Timothy E Smith, Tisah

Smith, Torresy Smith, Trey Smith, Victoria Smith, Yvette Y Smith, Zachary E Smoot, Cheryle Smotherman, Cutter Smyre, Patricia R


LU Online Portraits

Snead, Dustin K Snipes, Donzell Snoe, Stephen J Snow, Rhonda Snyder, Abigail Snyder, Clarajean Snyder, George M Snyder, Lori B

Snyder, Samantha J Sobers, Terrence L Soden, Kate E Soderstrom, Lauren Soemer, Patricia Soirez, Rhonda Soistmann, Brian E Solenberger, Jaime L

Solivan, Katherine B Somerville, Rivy Son, Eun Chong Sondeno, Olin M Song, Byonghun Song, Hojin Sotomayor, Zachary A South, Michele M

South, Robin South, William A Spangler, Olivia S Sparks, Adam J Sparks, Andy Sparks, Bryan K Sparks, Tameka L Sparrow, Lamont

Sparrow, Tameka Spear, David B Spears, Scott Spears, Taylor M Speck, Salina E Speed, Stanley L Speed, Yolanda Spencer, Bobby J

Spencer, Jacqueline Spencer, Lauren Spencer, Noel Sperling, Debra Sperry, Trisha A Spetter, Troy Spicer, Nicholas Spicer, Noelle D

Spillar, Sammye A Spillar, Shelby N Spinks, Revondia E Spivey, Richard A Sponsler, Jessica Spoon, Nora L Spoon, Timothy L Spradlin, Amber N

Spradlin, Tammy Sprague, Matthew Sprowls, Emily Spruce, Courtney C Spruill, Samantha J St Bernard, Erica St Fleur, Ariel K St Hilaire, Yvelande

St John, Mandi E StClair, Asheley Staats, Holly N Staats, Leah M Staats, Melissa Stadler, Mark Stafford, Joel Stafford, Max R

Stahl, Vicky Stahlhut, Cornelia Stahre, Sara Stalder, Jeanne Stallard, Benjamin D Stallard, Shiana Stallings, Lindsay M Stamm, Dawn E

Stanley, Alicia W Stanley, Charles E Stanley, Daniel W Stanley, Hope Stanley, Rebecca Stanovich, Brittany M Stansell, Cameron Staples, Alani N

Stapp, Leigh Ann N Starchia, Thomas A Stark, Mandy Starkey, Deloris Starks, Alecia Starks, Clint Starr, Hannah L Statler, Laura

Staton, Kalea M Staton, Nathaniel J Stauffer, Christina Stauffer, Robert Steele, Amanda R Steele, Dennison M Steenburg, Terry M Steenburgh, Erin L

Stefani, George Stehman, Gregory T Stell, Douglas S Stelly, Michelle Stelzer, Karl A Stephen, Dona Stephen, Pradeep E Stephens, Daniel W

Stephens, Janet R Stephens, Viola S Sterling, Darial Stermer, Eric Stevens, Lauran E Stevens, Matthew S Stevens, Matthew Stevens, Melissa D

Stevens, Tricia G Stevenson, Amanda Stevenson, John Stewart, Ashley Stewart, Christopher L Stewart, Marcus D Stewart, Tarsha Stewart, Terrelle N


LU Online Portraits

Stienbarger, Gregory A Stoddard, Elizabeth A Stoicu, Daniel N Stoicu, Shawn Stokes, Deanna M Stokes, Nicole L Stone, Deborah L Stone, Jeremy G

Stone, Rosemarie C Stone-Lamb, Jessica J Stork, Kyle Storrs, Craig Stotler, Adam W Stout, Abra Stout, Chasity R Stowell, Natalie E

Strandberg, Martin Strausbaugh, Chad W Strauser, T M Streetman, Rebecca Stripling, Chrissy Stripling, Seth M Stroka, Brian Strong, Amanda

Strong, Terry Stroud, Jason E Strout, Jennifer L Strozyk, Andrew J Struble, Brittany M Struble, Kevin D Stubblefield, Emily E Stubblefield, Jerry L

Stuber, Jeffrey Studer, Brent M Stultz, David Sturgill, Lisa Stuttler, Brian K Stuurmans, Sarah Styer, Jonathan C Styles, Frederick D

Styles, Kristie Suarez, Jorge L Suarez-Morgenlander, N Sublett, Jamey L Suders, Sheila S Suggs, Keja Suggs, Laura Suleski, Rachel A

Summers, Amber Summerset, Angelique R Summy, Michael S Suri, Jenifer M Sutherland, Jessica J Sutherland, Matthew Sutton, Demetria Sutton, Phillip T

Sutton, Renee Svennes, Mason W Swaim, Darcy Swaim, Monica Swaim, Richie K Swan, Sora Swanger, Jonathan D Swanson, Charles

Swanson, Mark A Swayne, Harry V Sweatt, Apryle N Sweeney, Megan E Swenson, Kyle R Swenson, Rachel C Swierenga, James A Swinford, Amanda

Swinnie, Tyrone Swinson, Shantel Switzer, Jennifer L Sykes, Vicky Symeonides, Sebastian Szapkiw, Michael Tacy, Cheryl Takacs, Crystal

Takacs, Michael S Taliaferro, Tamara Talley, Stephen E Talley, Timothy D Talley, Velma D Tankard, Jennifer G Tanner, Joy Tanner, La'Tana

Tantimonico, Joseph Tart, Willie Tate, Courtney L Tate, Joshua S Tate, Perry T Tavenner, Zachary Taylor, Ashley Taylor, Brooke K

Taylor, Brooke Taylor, Cameron Taylor, Christian B Taylor, Cleveland Taylor, David Taylor, Erwin D Taylor, George E Taylor, Jennifer R

Taylor, Karen Taylor, Krystal G Taylor, Manda M Taylor, Matthew L Taylor, Rebecca E Taylor, Sarah L Taylor, Taj M Taylor, Takiya

Taylor, Thaddaeus S Taylor, Travis L Taylor, William R Taylor-Richardson, V Teasley, Derek Teer, Amber M Teer, Ashley G Teeter, Jonathan

Temple, Alyssa K Tenney, Jill A Tenpas, Erika Terry, Isaac L Terry, Mary Terry, Seth R Tesch, Kathy L Tesenair, Eric M


LU Online Portraits

Thacker, Corey A Thamer, Kathryn Thaxton, Joleen P Thebaud, Sheila Theisen, Anna C Thomas, Aaron P Thomas, Caroline P Thomas, Chadhil K

Thomas, Deborah L Thomas, Duane C Thomas, Edward L Thomas, Iva Thomas, James Thomas, Jimmy Thomas, Krista J Thomas, Lisa M

Thomas, Lynette O Thomas, Marcus Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Rebecca Thomas, Rosalind Thomas, Shannon K Thomas, Venessa K Thompson, Andrew G

Thompson, Anthony B Thompson, Billy Thompson, Carla M Thompson, John A Thompson, Julie Thompson, Krystal L Thompson, Lucius E Thompson, Matthew A

Thompson, Michael C Thompson, Samantha Thompson, Stephen Thompson-King, Melinda Thomsen, Melissa J Thorn, Nicole D Thorn, Timothy L Thorne, Stephanie N

Thornsbury, Barry W Thornton, Carleshia Thorpe, Julie Threet, William R Tickle, Amanda B Tiemeyer, Rachel M Tillett, Phylicia Tillman, Mildred

Tillotson, Donald Tillotson, Kalee R Tindall, Richard E Tinsley, Marcus Tipton, Andrew Tipton, Miles H Tisdale, Dontrell Tisdel, Rhonda M

Tise, John M Titus, Dara C Tjo, Sashanna A Tobolski, Jeanine Todd, Katherine L Todd, Ronald C Toews, Caitlyn A Toews, Derek R

Toews, Jocelyn E Tokarick, Stephanie R Tolbert, Trina M Tolley, Lindsey G Tomlin, Jonathan Tomlinson, Cobie L Tomlinson, Crystal B Tone, Laurie A

Tookes, Edward Toriello, Tammy L Torrence, Stacey Torrison, Chadwick B Touprong, Simon Towles, Matthew D Towles, Sunday B Townley, Phillip R

Townsend, Andy L Townsend, Katie Townshend, Deanne M Trader, Joey Traphagen, Aaron D Traynham, Dorothy Traynor, Shane Tremble-Hamer, Ashley S

Trent, David O Trent, James E Trexler, Junghee Trezzo, Steven Trill, Matthew A Trinkle, Katie Trosky, Sara Troupe, Kelli D

Trowbridge, Andrew D Troxell, Charles M Truax, Heather Truax, Jerry D Trueblood, Sara Trujillo, Melissa M Tubbs, Bryan M Tubbs, David K

Tuck, Alicia Tuck, Michael E Tucker, Brittany L Tucker, David M Tucker, Joshua W Tucker, Justin M Tucker, Kimberly R Tucker, Kyle

Tucker, Stephen J Tuggle, Barbara Tumas, Judson M Tumas, Nathan Tunnell, Sarah Turbyfill, Kristen N Turner, Joshua J Turner, Mark A

Turner, Taisha M Turner-Boswell, Janice E Turrentine, Derrick E Turton, Joshua Tuten, Micah Tuttle, Leland W Tutty, Jeremy Tweedy, Jean M


LU Online Portraits

Twine, Saudia Tyler, Jeremy P Tyler, Loretta A Tyler, Nicole L Tyler, Ryan Tyrcha, Michelle Tyree, Evelyn K Tysor, Dale H

Udobong, Emem Ueltschy, Zachery B Umbenhaur, Ryan M Underwood, Linda C Underwood, Renee G Unger, Megan J Updike, Anita I Urban, James

Urban, Mattie E Usher, David Usry, Jennifer N Utley, Valencia T Vaccaro, James Vaden, Chaseton R Vail, Scott H Valber, Fernando

Valdes, Claudia M Valdes Lopez, Juan C Valentine, Angeleina Valeriano, Terese Valladao, Alicia A Vallery, Regina Van Aken, David A Van Dyk, Jonathan G

Van Dyke, Aaron Van Engen, Tuesday A Van Epps, Isaac A Van Prooyen, Timothy D Van Wynsberg, Kevin P Van Wynsberg, Melanie A VanHook, Clinton VanLeeve, April

Vance, Victoria V Vancil, Brandy L Vancol, Mathew VandeBogart, Jordan E Vandegriff, Stephen R Vang, Xong Vangarde, Ana Vanzyl, Alexandra N

Varghese, Vicky Varnell, Kara B Varney, Edsel S Varney, Joshua S Vassar, Tiffany M Vaughan, Charmaine M Vaughan, Danielle N Vaughan, Elvira

Vaughan, Jennifer M Vaughn, Jessica Vaughn, Melissa A Vazquez, Josue J Venable, Jonathan Vera, Amanda J Verjinski, Sarah Vernon, Susan

Vernoy, Jarrid C Vernoy, Sheila R Verser, Isis Verville, Austin M Vester, Joycelin Vester, Tyrone A Vicioso-Harris, Lucy E Vickers, Ashlynn

Vickers, Jonathan D Vickers-Cox, Latasha Victor, Jenah Viera, Raul Vinaja, Elizabeth A Vinaja, Sean S Viner, Alyssa J Vinersar, Daniel

Vinersar, Erin L Vines, Lynda Visbeen, Adam J Vitcavich, Michael F Von Eime, Elizabeth J Vooys, Colleen J Vorce, Catherine G Voss, Matthew C

Vowell, Constance Vowell, Patricia Waddell, Tara A Waddy, Stewart A Waddy, Tamika Wade, Diedre Wade, Jessica Wade, Joshua K

Wade, Sarah M Wadsworth, Richard Wagaman, Aubrie L Wagan, Katrina Waggoner, Brandon P Waggoner, Heather D Wagner, Michael C Wagner, Michael R

Waite, Emily B Walburn, Carrie M Walburn, Nicholas B Walden, Susan B Waldo, Robert A Walker, Courtney E Walker, Finley W Walker, Harold G

Walker, Jessica L Walker, Jordan M Walker, Kristyn A Walker, Lauren A Walker, Leslie P Walker, Lisa A Walker, Pamela Walker, Patricia J

Walker, Rashell Walker, Sherri Walker, Stephanie L Walker, Tatyana Walker, Travis J Walker-De Arman, Ashley Wallace, Douglas H Wallace, Nathan


LU Online Portraits

Wallace, Sandra B Wallace, Terri L Waller, Keith E Waller, Nataiya Walsh, Abigail Walsh, Heather Walsh, Lindsay J Walsh, Sean M

Walter, Jeffrey D Walter, John Walter, Tiffany M Walters, Richard J Walton, Heather Walton, Isaac Walton, Melody L Walton, Tasha A

Walz, James K Wang, Holly Wanjai, Loice W Wann, Melanie Waples, Justin Ward, Bernadette Ward, Chrissy Ward, Daniel W

Ward, Jennifer L Ward, Melissa J Ward, Rachel L Ward, Roy J Ward, William D Ward-Redman, Carol Ware, Danielle R Ware, Langston L

Warfield, Jill Warner, Jessica Warren, Ester J Warren, Kenneth G Warren, Lindsey A Warren, Steve E Warrington, Donald L Washington, Chantel S

Washington, Christopher A Washington, Jerry L Washington, Lesley M Washington, Letisha Washington, Nicole R Washington, Ozias Washington, Renita J Washington, Shanta C

Washington, Stephene Wasserman, Christopher A Wasson, Bruce Waters, Brandon Waters, Douglas Waters, Merriah L Wathen, Lauren J Watkins, Jacquelyn

Watkins, Lakiesha N Watkins, Nathan Watkins, Rachel L Watson, Daniel Watson, John W Watson, Patricia Watts, Illana Weatherford, Brandon J

Weatherly, Taylor N Weathers, Kimberly L Weatherspoon, Stacy R Weaver, Emily K Weaver, Joshua Weaver, Matthew B Webb, Andrew Webb, Daniel A

Webb, Debra L Webb, Michaela J Webb, Ronald L Webb, Ross Webb, Whitney M Webel, Paul V Webel, Rachael A Webler, Lynn

Webster, Ilva A Wedgeworth, Rickey D Weems, Reginald D Wegert, Amelia L Wegmann, Chris Wegner, Celeste Weidley, Christopher J Weidley, Jennifer D

Weight, Lauren E Weir, Tifany S Weisberg, Aaron L Welch, Michael B Welch, Nicole S Weldon, Brandi L Wellman, Kristen E Wells, Casey L

Wells, Elizabeth M Wells, Elizabeth Wells, Rashod C Wells, Stephanie Welsh, Nathanael Wendling, Angela Werling, Sara A West, Anissa J

West, Chantel L West, Colin J West, Kyle P Westa, Erik J Westa, Joseph M Westbrook, Tabitha Weyand, Ashley S Weyer, Annalise

Weygandt, Joshua S Whaley, Hansel E Whatley, Lezlie Wheatley, Sean Wheeler, Benjamin W Wheeler, David A Wheeler, Lindsay Wheeler, Robert

Whitaker, Joel White, Armanii S White, Carmen J White, Carol Ann White, Craig H White, Deborah White, Emily A White, Eric


LU Online Portraits

White, James L White, Jennifer White, Joshua C White, Kristin R White, Lonnie White, Michael J White, Nancy L White, Ryan J

White, Stellania Whitehead, Lamar L Whitehead, Robert Whitehurst, Jason R Whiteside, Camille Whiteside, Quinton Whitfield, Lorraine Whitlock, Melvin D

Whitman, Jacob S Whitman, Justin K Whitman, Mary F Whitman, Timothy A Whitmer, Chad L Whitt, Daniel Whittle, Dustin C Whorley, Elizabeth G

Whorley, Jeremy C Wickham, Steven D Wicks, Carolyn Wicks, James Widener, Ashlee Widener, Melissa D Wiebe, Kevin S Wiegand, Joseph M

Wietholter, Jeffrey Wiggs, Tiffany R Wigley, Philip M Wigman, Katlynn M Wikander, Noah S Wilborn, John Wilcox, Larri K Wilcutt, Julie

Wilde, Diane L Wilde, Timothy N Wiles, Angelique Wilgus, Timothy G Wilkerson, Lacey Wilkerson, Lucia C Wilkerson, Tamika Wilkins, Christine

Wilkins, Takeisha Wilkinson, Carrie Wilkinson, Jason R Wilkinson, Matthew E Willard, Jordon Willems, Pierre D Willging, Casey J Williams, Aaron

Williams, Alosina Williams, Angella Williams, Brandi N Williams, Connie E Williams, Courtney M Williams, Daniel L Williams, David Williams, Debra D

Williams, Dustin Williams, Hezekiah Williams, James Williams, Jaymi Williams, Jennifer R Williams, Kathleen A Williams, Katrina Williams, Katrina

Williams, Melissa M Williams, Melody Williams, Monica Williams, Phillip L Williams, Renata Williams, Shaniqua D Williams, Stephanie M Williams, Timothy L

Williams, Timothy L Williams, Traci S Williams, Yahmeen C Williams, Zackary M Williamson, Carl Williamson, Eric Williamson, Kelly Williamson, Vertina

Willie, Garry Williford, Carrie E Willingham, Timothy J Wills, Aaron J Wills, Devon Willson, Linda Wilson, Abby Wilson, Airieal N

Wilson, Ben Wilson, Carol Wilson, Chad E Wilson, Codey S Wilson, Daniel L Wilson, Denise Wilson, Derek J Wilson, Dewey W

Wilson, Donald E Wilson, Elisa M Wilson, Elizabeth R Wilson, Emily R Wilson, Ericka M Wilson, Jason Wilson, Katherine A Wilson, Kelleyton

Wilson, Kirsten J Wilson, Lauren E Wilson, Michael Wilson, Michelle Wilson, Ronnie Wilson, Shantia Wilson, Shemeika M Wilson, Stacy R

Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Tiffany L Wilson, Tyler D Wilson, Victoria L Windham, Adrienne W Windsor, Deborah A Windsor, Kayla M Wingate, William


LU Online Portraits

Wingfield, Jessica R Winkler, Rodney L Winn, Heather G Winship, Eric C Winston, Christopher G Winton, Shawn Wisby, Daniel W Wisdom, Jeff

Wise, Daniel N Wise, Kenneth Wiseman, Jamie C Wistrom, Donald Witherspoon, Kendra Witkowski, Nathan M Witt, Chelsea L Witt, Kelly

Wittcop, Adam C Wittcop, Sarah E Wittle, Avonlea L Wittman, Derek Wnuk, Rachel J Woconish, Robert P Woerner, Bryce M Wohlfeil, Jake R

Wojtcuk, Alexis N Wolfgram- Coomes, Meghan M Wolford, Jeffrey Wolhfert, John Womack, David S Woo, Jeffrey S Wood, Debra A Wood, Erica

Wood, Erika Wood, Katherine L Wood, Kendra A Wood, Sarah M Woodall, Amanda M Woodbury, Amanda Woodcock, Roger Wooden, Joyce

Woodruff, Kimberly J Woodruff, William G Woods, Clarice D Woods, Cynthia R Woods, Emaurie D Woods, Ingemar Woods, James R Woods, Jennifer L

Woods, Jonathan D Woods, Martin T Woods, Megan Woods-Warrior, Erica Woodson, Brittany Woody, Scott P Wooldridge, Jeremy T Wooldridge, Jordan M

Woolridge, Daniel Woolridge, Michael Woosley, John Woosley, Samantha E Wooten, Robert A Workman, Daniel J Workman, Matthew Works, Emily E

Worley, Michele S Wormley-Williams, Gloria V Worthington, Ashley M Wortman, Angela M Wray, Emily Wrede, Matthias Wright, Brandon D Wright, Christine

Wright, Donna L Wright, Gregory C Wright, Joyce Wright, Michael A Wright, Mollie Wright, Morgan B Wright, Pamela B Wright, Sarah L

Wright, Steven Wright, Valerie Wright, Velma Wrigley, Alicia M Wu, Darren C Wyatt, Mackenzie Wyatt, Tammy Wyatt, Terrence

Wycuff, Lauren Wygal, Kayla E Wymer, Jonathan C Wynn, Cindy F Wynne, Kathleen R Xing, Zhenli Yang, Jung S Yarbrough, Renay A

Yeager, Heidi C Yeboah, Olivia Yeoman, Joshua S Yezbick, Erin Yi, Sean Yielding, Melonie L Yockey, Laura J Yoder, Mary C

Yoder, Mollie E Yoo, James J Yoo, Young I Yoon, Jihoon Yoon, Seung Hyun York, Shane Young, Candice J Young, Karen S

Young, Peter A Younger, Christy L Younger, Emma H Zack, Brenda A Zambuto, Michelle Zapotocki, Michele Zarrelli, Janelle M Zauner, Rebekah J

Zavacky, Jillian Zeigler, Jeffrey Zenon, Justin Zhou, Hang Zimmer, Mason Zimmerman, Harry Zimmerman, Marc D Zimmerman, Margaret L


LU Online Portraits

Zimmermann, Emily G Zinecker, Lauren M Zwierzchowski, Magda

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