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2012 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) The exhibition by the U.S. Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEA) sponsored, founded in 1967, so far, the 45-year history, is the world's largest and most widely influential Consumer Electronics Exhibition, the world's largest consumer technology industry event. The exhibition is professional and strong, and the effect of trade, and enjoyed a high reputation in the world. Past CES gathered the best of the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers to showcase the most advanced technology ideas and products to attract many new technical equipment enthusiasts, users and industry audience. First Exhibition Overview Exhibition Name: Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (The International, the Consumer Electronics Show - CES) Dates: January 10, 2012 - January 13 Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Hilton Center (Hilton) Organizers: the U.S. Consumer Electronics Association (Consumer Electronics Association) Nature of the exhibition: international professional exhibition Event Cycle: Once a year Exhibits: Consumer electronics products: home theater, LCD TVs, LCD monitors, DVD, MP3, MP4, radio and television equipment and ancillary products, satellite products, Bluetooth products, digital products, speakers, headphones, video equipment, audio-visual equipment, video cameras , radio, music center; automotive electronic products, GPS, electronic gifts, books, a variety of lamps, clocks, CD player, organ, electronic games, electronic entertainment products; (2) communication products and accessories: mobile phone, PC, Internet, multimedia, software, communications hardware, voice communications, digital communications, graphic communications, mobile communications and broadcast communications technologies, satellite communication technology, communication cables and fiber optic cable transmission equipment, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, networking products, peripherals and accessories; Electronic components and electronic materials: the power supply and regulator gas, batteries, sockets, electronic components, components, electronic components, wires, cables, etc.; Other consumer electronics products and technology.

The last exhibit data: (1) Exhibition Date: 2011 January 6 - January 9 Exhibition area: 150,000 m2 (3) the participating companies: 2,700 companies Audience: 140,000 people Ancillary meeting: more than 250 keynote speech and Symposium

2012 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show