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Sensor to the universe of photovoltaic power generation A year due to the influence of the East Japan earthquake, Japan IEICE in 2012 consolidated the General Assembly "was held again. The last General Assembly in 2010 attracted a wireless power technology of the participants attention to the more high-profile. This session increase in the number and some even stood listening. The study is published the last comprehensive General Assembly are mostly intended for use in cars, but this also appeared aimed at the movement of other uses (Figure 1). In addition to the car and has begun practical smartphone mW level power to more than 10 000 kW power use applications have begun to enter the discussion stage. MW level, for example, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Kyoto University to consider the use of wireless power in wireless sensor networks. The trial of the Kyoto University of microwave wireless power system, used as a wireless ZigBee communication, sensor-driven power. Large power also has published show that a comprehensive study of the photovoltaic power plants of the universe (solar power satellite / station Groups: SPS), is bit by bit to push forward. Taking into account the impact on the human body coil This, in addition to the scope of application expanded, but also a large number of published research to address practical topics. For example, the evaluation of the impact on the human body as well as power transmission efficiency. In particular, the evaluation of the impact on the human body, is essential when practical. Had basically no relevant published, the envisaged impact evaluation of the actual utilization of the scene one after another.

Figure 1: use continues to expand The range of applications of wireless power continues to grow. Had most smart phones and car-oriented research and development, recently, from the sensor to the universe of photovoltaic power generation and other multi-purpose application has entered the stage of discussions. For example, the R & D team of the Tokyo University of Science published powered wireless conceived as the power of the artificial heart research. The team validated human radiation for by the position of the wire ring configuration time changes (Figure 2). Configured in the pectoralis major and configuration of the former on the serratus anterior muscle (near the armpit). The distance between the power supply coil and the wire ring is 5mm. Transmission conditions, the output power of 20W, the transmission frequency of 600kHz.

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Figure 2: reduce the current density Envisaged for the artificial heart, and explore where the coil configuration in the human body. Configuration in the pectoralis major and serratus anterior muscle (near the armpit), we learned that the configuration can reduce the current density in the pectoralis major. Voxel model based on the model of the Information and Communications Technology Agency (NICT). (Figure an associate professor of Tokyo University of Science Cai construction of data produced by the Articles) The verification results show that, from the stimulating effect of the indicators - current density J (A/m2) is slightly higher in the skin and muscle around the wire circle, 2 ~ 4A/m2 but still in the international non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP ) occupational radiation below the standard value of 1). Confirmed for comparison by the location of the configuration of the wire ring, according to the distribution of current density, "Taking into account the impact of the lung and liver and other organs, or configured in the pectoralis major (Science University of Tokyo, the basis of the Faculty of Engineering electronic applications Associate Professor, Engineering Department, Cai Jian). Note 1) The main impact of electromagnetic fields on human tissue, including: the Joule heat generated within the human tissue temperature rise caused by thermal effects and the induced current to cause muscle and nerve excitability stimulation. Indicators of the thermal effect of the absorbed power per unit weight of SAR (specific absorption rate (W / kg)) and indicators of the stimulus to the current density J (A/m2) and in vivo electric field E (V / m). Human encounter around the electrical side of the existing non-grounding conductor contact current should also be taken into account. " This is the Tokyo Metropolitan University, multi-gas Cheong led R & D team. The team in the Post that sometimes even reached the limit of the ICNIRP guidelines, and also less exposure to the current reference level.

Improve overall system efficiency Continues to promote the efficiency of power transmission, for practical initiatives. The

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Panasonic and Shizuoka University, published for the improvement of the coil shape. Panasonic confirmed that the coil winding in different ways, "magnetic resonance" type wireless power transmission efficiency is also different (Figure 3). As a close-transmission purposes, from the center to the outside of tightly wound copper (Cu) line, thereby increasing the capacity component C of the spiral coil is more appropriate.

Figure 3: tightly wound coil Panasonic confirmed that vary under different coil winding, the power transmission efficiency. As close transmission purposes, as the coil â…˘ from the center to the outside of tightly wound copper wire increases the capacity of the way of composition C is m ore suitable. (Figure based on Panasonic's release of information by the publication production) In addition, the RyuTech company representative director Su Tseng Yu-hung proposed development should take into account the overall system. He called on the number of antennas and communications technicians IEICE must cooperate and "other industries" power circuit technology. This is because, in order to improve the efficiency of the system as a whole, not only between the coil efficiency, but also need to optimize the preceding high-frequency power supply and the rectifier circuit of the rear section. resource: electronics store


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