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All Aboard

All Aboard! By: Laurence Civil

Luxury boat cruises and trains add to the magic of experiencing Thailand in style



hailand has a rich heritage of train travel, after all it was the railways that pioneered the tourist industry. The heritage is glamorous and today’s service depends on a spider web of 4,043 kms of one-metre gauge track reaching the Kingdom’s borders with Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia with a through service to Butterworth for the island of Penang and onward services to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The country’s several rivers and canals also open the heart of the Kingdom to the traveller. The historic means of travel in Bangkok (and Thailand) was by canal/river rather than by road. The city was nicknamed ‘The Venice of the East’ by Sir John Bowring, Queen Victoria’s Governor of Hong Kong. The options are several and below are the ones that must not be missed out on.

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Thailand has always been a destination of choice; there is a myriad of attractions from its islands and beaches to the cuisine and big city...