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The Ultimate $70,000 Prize for Engaged Couples Launch Date Scheduled for May 21, 2011

What Is the Ultimate $70,000 Engagement Prize? An engaged couple who is referred by a participating Jewelry Store and enters their details online, has a chance to Win $70,000 cash to spend back at the referring store. The couple is also eligible to win a Runner up Prize valued at $7,000 Their invitation to register online also contains a free $500 Portrait Gift Voucher to use at Luxury Portraits. Each month, the studio will also release a limited number of free $2000 holiday accommodation vouchers that will allow the couple to upgrade their gift. The draw for $70,000 cash will be timed to coincide with Valentines Day 2012

What Is The Jeweller Required to do? Provide an engaged couple enquiring at their store or, who has purchased at the store, with a beautifully presented voucher that invites the couple to enter online to win the Ultimate $70,000 Engagement Prize. The prize drawing will be timed for Valentines Day 2012 Each Invitation will also contain a gift for the couple - Free Portrait Voucher valued at $500 to use at When the couple activate their voucher on-line, they will have the opportunity to upgrade their voucher to include a Free $2,000 Holiday Accommodation Voucher (subject to monthly availability).

Portrait Gift Voucher valued at $500 to use at Luxury Portraits

Free accommodation voucher valued at $2000 for use around many locations in Australia

The Jeweler provides the engaged couple with an invitation to participate and go online

How does the Jewelry Store Benefit? The winner will return to the referring Jewelry store to spend $70,000 cash with them. PLUS for every referred couple that registers online, Luxury Portraits is providing a cash back to the sales person in the store valued at $5 per referred online entry. Each sales person in the store will receive a unique code and Reward Card. When an engaged couple goes on-line and enters their details, the referring sales person’s Luxury Portraits Rewards Card value increases by $5 Then, each quarter, the card spending balance is topped up. The cards can be used for any purchase Australia wide at any retailer who accepts EFTPOS - virtually all stores. These cards are not redeemable for straight cash. Luxury Portraits EFTPOS Rewards Card

What is the Cost to The Participating Jeweler? The winning prize is being underwritten by a major insurance company (Lloyds London). The campaign has been setup by a professional company specializing in promotions. There is no cost for the jewelry store to participate in this promotion. Luxury Portraits will provide the beautifully printed and presented invitation vouchers for the participating jewelers and manage the entire promotion.

Why Is Luxury Portraits Running This Promotion The reason is simple - we wish to meet more engaged couples and share our work with them. A portion of them will choose to purchase some artwork and this allows us to run this promotion. Its’ that straightforward!

Our Mission... Create Artistic Images That Capture The Inner Essence Of Our Clients. Images that Express Their Personalities and Souls.

Who Is Luxury Portraits? Luxury Portraits is a boutique portrait studio that specialises in creating dramatic and artistic portraits of couples. The studio website is and the studio is located 13 km west of Brisbane CBD. Luxury Portraits is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

$70,000 Ultimate Engaged Couple Prize  
$70,000 Ultimate Engaged Couple Prize  

An engaged couple who is referred by a participating Jewelry Store and enters their details online, has a chance to Win $70,000 cash to spen...