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第1期 – 2016年 ISSUE 1 – 2016

Antigua Barbuda T H E



TIMC’s holistic approach to preserving your future Your complete guide to the Citizenship Program


您的公民计划完全指南 Robert De Niro invests in paradise


A guide to citizenship investment options on the Caribbean island of Antigua 加勒比地区安提瓜岛投资公民计划方案指南。

Your search for a second citizenship starts here. Discover the world of passports, sorted, compared and ranked. Learn how you can improve your Global Mobility Score by investing in a second citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda. Become a Global Citizen® PASSPORTINDEX.ORG | INFO@ARTONCAPITAL.COM


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365 lovely beaches Interesting history and culture Tranquil and breath-taking views Glorious weather all year round Peaceful and stunning sunsets Beautiful coastlines ideal for sailing and yachting

Paradise Starts Here. . .

Antigua and Barbuda In an age of increasing need for mobility, becoming a global citizen has never been more desirable‌ Have you considered a second citizenship that offers visa-free access to 134 countries, no tax obligations on worldwide income and the luxury of experiencing Paradise? The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is currently rated #1 in the Caribbean and #4 in the world by international industry professionals Henley & Partners and Arton Capital. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda welcomes you to explore the reasons why it is ranked amongst the best Citizenship by Investment Programs in the world.

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a luxury beachfront property brining contemporary style to a stunning tropical setting, in historical English Harbour. each of the 23 open plan suites features a high-end stainless steel kitchen, comfortable living area, European furnishings and a spacious terrace. minutes away from two of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches as well as several boutiques, cafes and restaurants; South Point offers a perfect balance of modern luxury in a laid-back island community. ideal for a vacation or a CIP investment each unit is sold with free-hold condominium title; offering homeowners a return on investment along with 6 weeks of usage in season and unlimited off. tel: + 1 268 562 9600



Antigua Barbuda T H E



Contents 目录 Lifestyle Features 生活方式专栏

Citizenship By Investment 投资公民计划 (CIP)

10 Welcome to Antigua and Barbuda

16 Meet the team of the CIU – Introduction to the Citizenship By Investment Unit 会见投资公民计划管理部门 (CIU) 团队 18 Introduction to the Citizenship By Investment Program 投资公民计划 (CIP) 简介 22 Interview with Chisanga Puta-Chekwe CEO of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Unit 采访安提瓜和巴布达投资公民计划管理部门 (CIU) 总裁


54 Half Moon Bay 半月湾 (Half Moon Bay) 66 Antigua Sailing Week – Can the view of the idyllic Caribbean sea get any better? 安提瓜帆船周:田园诗般的加勒比海美景还能变得更迷人吗? 70 Robert De Niro invests in paradise 封面故事:罗伯特·德尼罗投资天堂 92 Antigua rowers, age is nothing but a number!


100 Top ten beachfront restaurants 十大海滨餐厅 108 VC Bird International Airport – The hub of the Caribbean 威尔伯德 (VC Bird) 国际机场 — 加勒比地区的航空枢纽 110 60 years of Carnival in Antigua 安提瓜狂欢节 60 周年庆 116 Protecting you financially 财务安全须知 118 The man, the myth, the legend and national hero of Antigua & Barbuda: Sir Viv Richards 安提瓜和巴布达的男人、神话、传奇和国民英雄:Viv Richards 爵士 Property Features 物业专栏 78 An inside look at the elegance that is Tamarind Hills 封面故事:透析彰显“加勒比优雅风情”的罗望子山项目 86 Invest Caribbean Conference 2016 2016 年加勒比海地区投资大会 90 Luxury Locations – Not just a real estate agency! Luxury Locations — 不只是房地产代理! 98 Callaloo Cay, Antigua 安 凯莱潞琦,安提瓜岛 104 Nonsuch Bay, Antigua 安提瓜无双湾 (Nonsuch Bay) 106 Stanhope Shepherd 斯坦霍普-谢波德 (Stanhope Shepherd)

Chisanga Puta-Chekwe

26 Approved Projects 授权项目 30 Interview with Thomas Anthony, Deputy CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Unit 采访安提瓜和巴布达投资公民计划管理部门 (CIU) 副总裁托马

斯·安东尼 (Thomas Anthony)

34 Licensed Agents 授权代理 36 Qualifications and General Requirements 资格和总体要求 42 Interview with the Honorable Asot Michael, Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy 采访总理加斯顿·布朗阁下管理团队中的旅游、经济发展、投资

和能源部长阿索特·迈克尔 (Asot Michael)

46 FAQs 常见问题解答 56 Global comparisons of Citizenship By Investment options 全球投资公民计划 (CIP) 方案对比 58 Interview with the Honorable Gaston Browne the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda 采访安提瓜和巴布达总理加斯顿·布朗 (Gaston Browne) 阁下 62 FEATURE – TIMC is paving the way for a safer future through a holistic approach TIMC正在全面打造更安全的未来 82 Henley & Partners – The growing investment migration movement 亨氏顾问公司 (Henley & Partners) – 日益增长的投资移民运动 Advertorials 专题广告 76 Corporate Capital (Asia) Group 企业资本(亚洲)集团 96 Client Referrals 客户推荐 114 James and Maginley, knowing the local business culture and landscape best! James and Maginley:更懂本地商业文化和景观!



Antigua Barbuda T H E



Letter from the Editors Welcome to the first issue of The Citizen, a magazine by Luxury Locations dedicated to promoting the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, on behalf of the Citizenship by Investment Unit. We have tried to present you with a thorough insight into the program, the key players and parties involved, the way the program is operated and the various investment routes available. We also wanted to provide you with some information about everyday life in Antigua & Barbuda, so that you might get a feel for what “Island Life” would be like, should you chose to come and join us in paradise. We understand that there are similar alternatives to Antigua & Barbuda CIP, and we know that it can be confusing to wade through all the different offerings of visa and citizenship programs from various countries around the world. To try to assist you with this, we have provided side-by-side comparison details of 14 programs so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We do not mind showcasing the other programs because we know that regardless of the competition, an investment in Antigua & Barbuda would be one of the best decisions you could ever make. We call it home, you should too! Sam and Nadia Dyson – Editors

欢迎阅读第一期《The Citizen (公民) 》,这是Luxury Locations独家 出版的杂志,致力于代表投资公民计划管理部门 (CIU) 推广安提瓜和 巴布达的投资公民计划 (CIP)。 我们很荣幸被选中执行该杂志的全程制作,从信息类手册的初始概念 开始,直至成为您手中的这本杂志。 我们竭尽全力囊括尽可能多您需要的信息,深入洞察公民计划、涉及 的关键人员和团队、该计划的运作方式以及各种投资方案。 我们还收录了关于安提瓜和巴布达及其生活方式各方面的背景资料, 帮助您感触真正的“岛屿生活”,以及当您选择前来加入我们的天堂 家园后,这种生活方式带给您的人生意义。 我们都知道,有许多类似安提瓜和巴布达CIP的计划;我们还知道, 世界各地不同国家的签证和国籍计划提供的不同方案很容易混淆视 听。为了帮助您,我们提供了14个不同计划的细节对比,以便于您掌 握做出明智决定所需的全部信息。我们不介意为您展示其他计划,因 为我们知道,投资安提瓜和巴布达是您能做出的最好的决定之一。 我们在这里安家落户,您也可以! Sam Dyson 和 Nadia Dyson — 编辑

Tel: 001 268 562 8174

With special thanks to – Nadia Dyson, Matt Carr, Jennie Richie, Anthony Thomas, Jamilla Kirwan, Sonya Michael, Chisanga Puta-Chekwe, Alex Rhodes, The Honourable Gaston Browne the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, The Honourable Asot Michael, Sir Vivian Richards, Javier Spencer, Pascale Gillis, Scotty Meade, Natalie Malla, Alison Sly-Adams, Paul Wyeth, Tish Jenkins, Roberto Sysa Moiola, Mario Charles ABAA.



Pleasure Cove Resort & Spa


Highest-Value Land

Located on the north coast of the island, the land has been sought-after by developers for generations. The resort is only a five-minute drive from the capital city of St. John’s and within walking distance of world-class restaurants and the hub of Antigua’s nightlife.



Competitive Return On Investment

As an owner of this resort, you will own a unit on one of the finest beaches in Antigua while becoming a citizen. We guarantee a hassle-free investment where our team of experts will manage your unit.

The Best of Both Worlds

Pleasure Cove Resort & Spa sits on Runaway Bay’s pristine white-sand beach overlooking clear turquoise waters, and is the closest Citizenship By Investment Approved Resort to the lively capital city of St. John’s. PHOTO: RUNAWAY BAY, ANTIGUA



Receive Individual Condominium Title

Exclusive, Boutique 5-Star Operation

Pleasure Cove Resort & Spa is a 47-unit condominium-hotel project. There is a surge in demand for boutique-style hotels where travelers are seeking authentic and personalized experiences. All guests will feel the warm hospitality when they set foot at Pleasure Cove. Pleasure Cove will be a highly personalized boutique resort where guests can enjoy the spacious and luxurious suites, full-service amenities, personalized concierge services and spectacular ocean and beach views. The property also offers a 5-star restaurant, a relaxing pool and a luxe spa for guests to enjoy. A first-class management team will ensure a turnkey solution for owners. Reserve your unit today, email

You will benefit from an income-generation opportunity for your property in a highly desirable tourist destination, where North Americans and Europeans vacation regularly.


Visionary Founder

Founder Jason George-John leads a team of industry leaders in managing the Pleasure Cove Project. A 4th-generation Antiguan, Jason is a casino owner and operator, a commercial real estate developer, and brings a wealth of experience from the retail and hospitality sectors. Jason would like to see Pleasure Cove Resort & Spa become the #1 boutique hotel in the Caribbean.

For more info, call 1-268-464-7272, or visit




Welcome to Antigua & Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island nation situated in the Lesser Antilles of the Eastern Caribbean. The combined size of 442sq km and a population of over 80,000 make Antigua and Barbuda the 9th largest independent country by size in the Caribbean. 安提瓜和巴布达是一个位于东加勒比地区小安的列斯群岛中的双岛国。双岛合并后的大小为 442平方公里,总人口超过8万,使安提瓜和巴布达成为加勒比地区面积第九大的国家。


Antigua Antigua was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus and became a permanent European settlement in the 1630s. The island was used as Britain’s gateway to the Caribbean as well as the base for the British Navy at Nelson’s Dockyard. The dockyard is still in use as an internationally recognized sailing port and a super yacht terminal as well as being a popular tourist attraction. With its breath-taking coastline, lush hillsides, rainforest and lagoons, and a beach for every day of the year, Antigua is nothing short of paradise. The near-perfect year-round climate averages at 28°C/84°F, with sea temperatures only a few degrees cooler. Antigua offers a number of excellent scuba diving and snorkeling sites, ideal for those seeking underwater adventure. The island is renowned as a world-class sailing destination thanks to its calm Leeward waters and trade winds, and plays host to a number of major sailing regattas and shows yearround. Held annually at the beginning of April, the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta has become a must attend event, with yachts arriving from every corner of the globe to race. Notable personalities including HRH Prince Albert of Monaco have been known to take part in this exciting event.

安提瓜 安提瓜于1493年被哥伦布(Christopher Columbus)发现, 并在17世纪三十年代成为一个永久的欧洲殖民地。该岛国曾经作为英 国前往加勒比地区的门户,以及英国海军在纳尔逊船坞的基地。这座 船坞目前依然是一处热门的旅游景点,以及国际公认的帆船港和超级 游艇码头。凭借壮观美丽的海岸线、郁郁葱葱的山坡、热带雨林和泻 湖,以及一座全年开放的海滩,安提瓜堪称全方位的人间天堂。 近 乎完美的全年气候平均温度为28°C/84°F,海上略低几度,更为凉 爽。安提瓜提供大量绝佳的潜水和浮潜地点,是寻求水下探险的旅客 的理想选择。该岛拥有平静的背风水域和海洋信风,使其成为著名的 世界级航海目的地,并全年举办各类重大的帆船竞赛和表演活动。每 年4月初举行的安提瓜古典帆船赛已经成为一项不容错过的赛事,来自 全球各个角落的帆船竞相前来参赛。众多知名人士,包括摩纳哥阿尔 伯特王子殿下,一直踊跃参加这项激动人心的活动。 岛上的重大帆船活动——安提瓜帆船周——会在4月的下半月迎接来自 世界各地的帆船云集安提瓜。该活动被认为是加勒比地区赛船会的鼻 祖以及世界上最著名的赛事之一。 除了帆船之外,板球是安提瓜的国 民运动项目。安提瓜唯一健在的国民英雄理查德(Vivian Richards) 爵士就是公认该项赛事中最多产的击球手之一。令人印象深刻的理查 德爵士板球馆已经举办过板球世界杯、足球世界杯预算赛以及其他重 大的国家赛事。


Antigua is a Caribbean cultural hub, and home to some of the region’s most brilliant musicians, artists and film makers 安提瓜是加勒比文化中心,和家庭的一些地区最辉煌的音乐家,艺术家和电影制作人。

Devil’s Bridge, Antigua


The island’s major sailing event, Antigua Sailing Week, sees yachts from all over the world converge on Antigua in the latter half of April. It is considered the granddaddy of Caribbean regattas and one of the most prestigious in the world. Sailing aside, cricket is Antigua’s national sport. Sir Vivian Richards, Antigua’s only living National Hero, is recognized as one of the game’s most prolific batsmen. The impressive Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium has already played host to the Cricket World Cup, the Football World Cup qualifiers, and other major national events. Antigua is a Caribbean cultural hub, and home to some of the region’s most talented musicians, artists and filmmakers. The International Film Festival of Antigua and Barbuda debuted in 2011 and has continued to attract Hollywood stars to its annual Red Carpet Gala in November. Antigua as an investment opportunity Government Antigua and Barbuda has been independently governed since 1981. It has a strong democratic government based on the British Westminster system, with legislative, executive and judicial branches. The Queen of England still remains the formal head of state. Economy The country’s economy is service-oriented, based on high-end tourism and the offshore financial services sector. Tourism accounts for 60% of the nation’s GDP and 40% of investment. Antigua is ranked the 6th wealthiest Caribbean country on a per capita basis. After the world economic crisis which began in the United States in 2008, the country experienced a drop-off in visitor numbers from its largest source markets, such as the United States and Canada. This major factor, coupled with a decline in overseas investment in the tourism sector, led to recession from 2009 through 2011.

安提瓜是加勒比地区的文化中心,以及该地区许多最优秀的 音乐家、艺术家和电影制作人的故乡。安提瓜和巴布达国际电影节 于2011年首次开幕,并且已经持续吸引了众多好莱坞明星出席 每年11月份举办的红毯盛典。

安提瓜的投资机遇 政府 安提瓜和巴布达自1981年起正式独立。该国拥有一个基于英国威斯敏 斯特体系的强大的民主政府,设有立法、行政和司法部门。英国女王 依然是正式的国家元首。 经济 该国的经济以服务业为导向,基于高端旅游业和离岸金融服务行业。 旅游业占全国GDP的60%和投资的40%。安提瓜在加勒比地区人均最 富有的国家中排名第六。经历了2008年始于美国的全球经济危机之 后,该国来自最大客源市场(如美国和加拿大)的游客数量锐减。这 一主要因素,加上旅游业内海外投资的下降,导致2009年至2011年陷 入经济衰退。 在2014年就任的总理加斯顿•布朗(Gaston Browne)的领导之下, 该国在财富领域上演了一场华丽转身,目前正朝着成为加勒比地区经 济强国的目标前进。截至2015年10月底,布朗政府已经获得了超过30 亿美元的国外直接投资,启动了重大的酒店项目,并重新开发了首都 圣约翰斯的港口设施。 按照布朗总理的计划,该国的目标是吸引更多投资,迎接更多游客, 然后实现其他领域的多元化发展。“去年,”他表示,“GDP增长了 3.5%,而我们相信,今年我们将达到4.5%-5%,这将使我们成为加勒 比地区发展最快的经济体。” 进出安提瓜的交通渠道 安提瓜拥有从伦敦、纽约、迈阿密、亚特兰大、圣胡安、蒙特利尔、 多伦多和法兰克福出发的直达航班。超过70%的乘客来自欧洲和美 国。前往安提瓜的游客中有80%把休闲作为旅游目标。 安提瓜每年迎 来近50万名游客。新建的最先进的维尔伯德国际机场目前拥有150万 名游客的年吞吐量。 除了航空乘客之外,安提瓜还拥有一个非常活跃 的海港。但是,大多数海运游客不会留在岛上,而空运乘客通常会在 安提瓜停留10天。 酒店和旅游 安提瓜为游客提供了超过3000间酒店客房。迄今为止(截至2016年7 月),豪华和中档酒店的入住率为63.81%,2月高峰期(截至2016年7 月)可达到77.65%。安提瓜游客中选择中档住宿的比例 最高。但是,值得注意的是,豪华住宿具有年度最高的平均入住率。 巴布达 巴布达位于其邻岛安提瓜北部约30英里处。常住人口不足2000人,巴 布达的面积更小,人口密集度也显著更小。但是,该岛以独特而未经

Swimming with stingrays, Antigua

开发的天然美景以及看似无穷无尽的白色和粉色沙滩而闻名于世。因 此,这座原生态岛屿能够成为已故的戴安娜王妃最喜爱的隐居地,以


Under the leadership of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, who took office in June 2014, the country has staged an impressive turnaround in its fortunes and is now aiming to become the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean. By the end of October 2015, the Browne administration had secured over $3 billion in direct foreign investment, destined for major hotel projects and the re-development of the port in the capital, St John’s. The country’s goal, according to Prime Minister Browne, is to attract more investments, bring more tourists, and diversify into other sectors. “Last year,” he says, “GDP growth was 3.5% and we believe we will do 4.5%–5% this year, which will make us the fastest growing economy in the region.” Transport links to Antigua Antigua has direct flights from London, New York, Miami, Atlanta, San Juan, Montreal, Toronto and Frankfurt. Over 70% of passengers originate from Europe and the United States and 80% of all visitors to Antigua state leisure as their purpose of visiting. Antigua sees almost 500 thousand visitors a year. The new state-of-the-art V.C. Bird International Airport facility now has the capability of handling up to 1.5 million visitors annually. In addition to air passengers, Antigua has a very active seaport. Most visitors via sea, however, do not stay on island, whereas air passengers typically remain in Antigua for 10 days. Hotels and tourism Antigua has over 3,000 hotel rooms for tourists. To date (as at July 2016), the average occupancy rates were 63.81% for luxury and mid-range accommodation, with the peak (as at July 2016) in February at 77.65%. The mid-range accommodation accounts for the highest proportion of visitors to Antigua. However it should be noted, that the luxury accommodation receives the highest average occupancy levels annually. Barbuda Barbuda is located approximately 30 miles north of its sister-island Antigua. With a population of less than 2,000 permanent residents, Barbuda is smaller and is significantly less-populated. The island is renowned however, for its unique, untouched beauty and seemingly endless white and pink sand beaches. It is no wonder the pristine island was the late Princess Diana’s favorite Caribbean hideaway, and why Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro chose the island as the location for his 390-acre resort, “Paradise Found”. The island’s main attractions are a nature-lover’s dream. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary, one of the largest in the world, contains over 170 species of birds. Over 5,000 Frigate birds call the Codrington Lagoon home. At breeding season, males sport a remarkable scarlet throat pouch that inflates like a balloon.

These majestic birds, with wingspans of four to five feet are a sight to behold. Brief history The first early attempts to settle Barbuda by the British and French were failures. It wasn’t until 1666 that the British established a colony strong enough to survive the ravages of both nature and the hostile Carib Amerindians. In 1680, four years before he began cultivating sugar on Antigua, Christopher Codrington and his brother John, were granted a lease to land in Barbuda. With subsequent leases that granted them additional rights to the substantial wreckage along Barbuda’s reefs, they became the island’s preeminent family. For much of the eighteenth century the Codrington land on Barbuda was used to produce food and to supply additional slave labour for the Codrington sugar plantations on Antigua, and so Barbuda’s fortunes rose and fell with those of its larger sister. The obvious influence of the Codrington’s remain today, both in the island’s place names and in its architectural remains. On Barbuda’s highest point (124 feet) are the ruins of the Codrington estate, Highland House, and on the island’s south coast still sits the 56-foot high Martello castle and tower, a fortress that was used both for defense and as a vantage point from which to spot valuable shipwrecks on the outlying reefs. n PHOTOS ON PAGES 12–15: Roberto Sysa Moiola / Clickalps

Coconut Grove, Antigua


及好莱坞超级巨星罗伯特•德尼罗选择在该岛上打造他的390英亩的度 假村 “人间乐园(Paradise Found)”,也就不足为奇了。岛上的主要 景点是大自然爱好者的梦想之地。世界上最大的军舰鸟自然保护区栖 息着超过170种鸟类。超过5000只军舰鸟把科德林顿(Codrington) 泻湖作为生活的家园。在繁殖季节,雄性军舰鸟会鼓起一个像膨胀的 气球一样醒目的朱红色喉咙袋。这些气势非凡的大鸟拥有四到五英尺 的翼展,形成一道不可多得的靓丽风景。 简史 早期英国和法国对巴布达的第一次殖民企图归于失败。直至1666年, 英国终于建立了一个强大到足以在恶劣的自然环境以及充满敌意的加 勒比印第安人面前幸存下来的殖民地。 1680年,在其开始于安提瓜 种植甘蔗之前四年,克里斯托弗•科德林顿(Christopher Codrington)及其兄弟约翰获得在巴布达租赁土地的授权。后续租约让他们获 得了沿着巴布达岩礁收集大量沉船残骸的权利,从而使他们成为岛上 最杰出的家族。 18世纪的大部分时间里,巴布达岛上的科德林顿地块 主要用于生产食品,以及为安提瓜的科德林顿甘蔗种植园供应额外的 奴隶劳动力,因此,巴布达的财富随着面积更大的邻岛起起落落。无 论是岛屿上的地名还是建筑物,科德林顿的显著影响依然保持至今。 在巴布达的最高点(124英尺)上,保留着科德林顿地产高地庄园的 废墟,而在岛屿的南部海岸,依然坐落着高达56英尺的马尔泰洛式城 堡和塔楼,这座堡垒要塞曾经用于防御外敌,以及作为观察偏远礁石 上重要沉船的有利据点。

Falmouth Harbour, Antigua


投资公民计划 (CIP) 简介

Introduction to the Citizenship by Investment Unit

Chief Executive Officer CHISANGA PUTA-CHEKWE Tel: 268-481-8400/1/2

Deputy Chief Executive Officer THOMAS ANTHONY Tel: 268-481-8400/1/2

Dear Reader, On behalf of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit, I am happy to welcome you to our inaugural Citizenship by Investment Programme magazine; Antigua & Barbuda, The Citizen. In May of this year, we successfully staged our first Invest Caribbean Conference. This publication is another “first” for us. The CIU, in a nutshell, is the authority responsible for processing all applications submitted for Citizenship by Investment, issuing all Agent Licenses, as well as approving Authorized Representatives, Projects and Business Investments, as mandated by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. We are also very keen on educating and reliably informing our global village about our programme and that is why we are publishing this magazine. As a Canadian, I value diversity. Antigua and Barbuda has both a diverse population and landscape, offering a variety of options for the traveler. Canadian restaurants offer the most diverse cuisine in the world but I doubt any of them have been able to successfully replicate the Antiguan breakfast. In Antigua & Barbuda, The Citizen, you will learn much about this independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean which boasts 365 white sand beaches with clear, turquoise waters, and understand why this lush tropical

Chief Operations Officer KEVIN WILLIAMS Tel: 268-481-8400/1/2

Communications & Marketing Officer JAMILLA KIRWAN Tel: 268-481-8400/1/2

paradise is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. You will also see why major, international industry players like Henley & Partners and Arton Capital, have ranked the twin-island state as “the leading Caribbean country” as it relates to CIP. You will not only get a personal look at the faces and names that steer the programme but also the culture and the local and international celebrities that have a special love affair with this twin-island paradise. In fact, you will learn about many facets of the programme, including the application process, banking and taxation and investor protection. One of the things I hope you will take away from this magazine is how important transparency is to us. We take the view that time invested in due diligence is time well invested. This effort ensures that our investors can count on the absolute reliability of the passports they eventually receive. Once again, welcome! These are exciting times for us and we’re happy you have chosen to join us. Sincerely, Chisanga P. Chekwe CEO




我谨代表安提瓜和巴布达投资公民计划管理部门 (CIU),热忱欢迎您


阅读我们的第一期投资公民计划 (CPI) 杂志——安提瓜和巴布达《公 民 (The Citizen)》。 今年五月份,我们成功举办了第一届“投资加勒比大会”。这本出版

际行业运营商,如亨氏顾问公司 (Henley & Partners) 和阿尔顿资本 (Arton Capital),纷纷把这个双岛国度评选为 CIP 领域的“首席加勒 比国家”。





责处理所有针对投资公民计划提交的申请,并颁发所有的代理许可以 及批准授权代表、项目和商业投资。我们还非常积极地培养我们的全 球别墅团队,让他们及时了解我们的计划,这也正是我们出版本杂志


事实上,您将了解到该计划的方方面面,包括申请流程、银行和税务 以及投资者保护等。我希望您能从这本杂志中了解到最重要的一点,





化的人口和景观,为旅行者提供了一系列不同的方案选择。加拿大的 餐厅提供世界上最多元化的美食,但我担心这些餐厅能否成功复制安





在安提瓜和巴布达《公民 (The Citizen)》创刊号中,您将详细了解

Chisanga P. Chekwe

到,这个位于东加勒比地区的独立英联邦国家拥有 365 座引以为豪

诚挚敬意! 总裁


Introduction to the CIP Program


he Antigua and Barbuda CIP Act was passed in April 2013. The CIU, a creature of the legislation, was staffed on 26 August 2013 and opened to the public on October 10, 2013. The first application was received in November 2013. The first citizenship was granted in February of 2014. The program is designed to attract international investors of good standing in order to boost the country’s economy and contribute to its development. A perfect candidate is an investor who has a clean criminal and civil record, is accepting of multicultural societies, willing to visit and integrate in our country, has an entrepreneurial spirit and the necessary funds to invest in Antigua & Barbuda’s economy. What is the CIP Program? What are the benefits of the Citizenship by Investment program? Citizenship by Investment is the granting of citizenship status to an individual and their immediate family members contingent on a specific investment within the country granting the citizenship. The reasons for pursuing dual or multiple citizenship will vary from individual to individual. Many people may desire to experience ease of travel; escape political and social unrest in their country of birth; avoid travel restrictions that come with their country’s travel documentation; threats to personal or family security; or explore investment planning and reduced taxation opportunities. Citizenship by Investment should be distinguished from residency programs. Although many countries offer residency visas to investors and wealthy individuals there are few countries with provisions for granting immediate Citizenship by Investment. The following benefits are specific to Citizenship by Investment: It allows an investor and their family to enjoy visa-free travel to 134 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada and all European Union Schengen countries. As well as the ability to travel freely and invest in a growing economy, citizenship allows – but does not require – an investor freedom to reside in Antigua for as long as they wish, with the benefit of no capital gains tax or worldwide taxation on income. High net worth citizens of some countries spend considerable amounts of time obtaining visas from other countries in order to travel freely which may be a timeconsuming and complex operation and may not always result in a successful application. For individuals involved in business where international travel may be required on short notice, access to another travel document may be crucial. Additionally, a second citizenship may afford the holder visa-free travel to jurisdictions not available to their country of birth.

Tax planning: Several countries around the world levy tax on non-resident citizens. Alternative citizenship has therefore become increasingly important as an effective tool for international tax planning and reducing an individual’s potential taxations profile. Holding citizenship of two or more states allows an individual to have more planning options as well as more privacy in banking and investment. Personal security: Being a citizen of a small, peaceful country such as Antigua and Barbuda with its close ties to the United Kingdom is considered by some as a form of protection when traveling, particularly in times of political unrest, civil war, terrorism or other delicate situations. Many international business executives consider second citizenship from a neutral country a very effective way of mitigating risks while travelling. Investment in the next generation: Due to today’s changing political and economic environment, the acquisition of second citizenship for an individual and their family members could be considered an investment for future generations. In terms of education, a citizenship in Antigua allows children to have more ready access to first-world education in the United Kingdom and United States. Citizenship options There are a variety of options available for anyone wanting to gain Citizenship by Investment in Antigua & Barbuda. 1. Contribution to the National Development Fund: A. For a single applicant, or a family of 4 or less • US$200,000 contribution and processing fees of: Main applicant US$50,000 Spouse US$50,000 Up to two dependents pay no processing fees B. Family of 5 or more: • US$250,000 Contribution and processing fees of: Main applicant US$50,000 Spouse US$50,000 Up to three dependents pay no processing fees 2. Real Estate investments: US$400,000 investment minimum – in an approved project (must be owned for at least 5 years). 3. Investment in Business: • Single investor US$1.5M • Two or more investors US$5M (each at least US$400,000) All funds are required to be paid into an escrow account held by a bank or a well-recognized accounting firm as escrow agent prior to granting of citizenship. All government processing fees and due diligence fees apply in addition to the investment amount. Only specific developments are included under the Citizenship by Investment Program. Included developments are approved by the government as having the relevant structures in place to protect the buyers’ investment, as well as the integrity of the program.


CIP计划简介 安提瓜和巴布达于2013年4月正式通过《CIP法案》。依法成立的 CIU(投资公民计划部门)于2013年8月26日雇用了工作人员,并 于2013年10月10日面向公众开放。2013年11月受理了第一个申 请。2014年2月授予了第一个公民身份。 该计划旨在吸引拥有良好 资质的国际投资者,以便促进本国的经济繁荣,并为国家发展做出贡 献。完美的候选人应该是没有任何刑事和民事犯罪记录的投资者,可 以接受多元文化的社会,愿意访问并融入我们的国家,拥有创业精神 以及投资安提瓜和巴布达经济的必要资金。 什么是CIP计划?

• 主申请人 5万美元 • 配偶 5万美元 • 最多两名家属无需支付手续费 B. 五人以上的家庭• 25万美元 捐款和手续费:• 主申请人 5万美元 • 配偶 5万美元 • 最多三名家属无需支付手续费 2. 投资授权项目中的房地产 – 投资最低限额:40万美元(必须持有至 少5年)




• 单个投资者 150万美元

份的计划。对双重或多重国籍的追求因人而异。许多人可能希望体验 轻松的旅行、逃离出生所在国的政治和社会动荡、避免本国旅游护照 带来的旅行限制、远离对个人或家人安全的威胁或获得更好的投资规 划和税收待遇。 CIP有别于普通的居留计划。虽然许多国家为投资者

• 两个或以上投资者 500万美元(每个至少40万美元) 在获得公民身份之前,所有资金都要存入由银行或公认会计师事务所 持有的托管账户。所有政府手续费和尽职调查费适用于额外的投资金







加拿大以及所有欧盟申根国家)。 除了能够自由旅行和投资日益增长的经济体,公民身份还允许(非强 制)投资者在安提瓜自由居留任意长时间,并且享有免受全球收入税 和资本收益税的优势。一些国家的高资产净值公民为了自由旅行需要 花费大量时间申请其他国家的签证,具体操作非常耗时和复杂,而且 不一定能申请成功。对于需要进行短期国际旅行的商务人士而言,拥 有另一张旅游护照可能是至关重要的。此外,第二国籍可以让持有人 免签证旅行其出生所在国无法前往的地区。 纳税筹划:全球有几个国家对非常住公民征税。因此,作为国际纳税 筹划和降低个人潜在缴税额度的有效工具,第二国籍已经变得日益重 要。拥有两个或多个国家国籍的个人可以获得更多纳税筹划选择以及 更多银行理财和投资隐私。 个人安全:成为像安提瓜和巴布达这样崇尚和平并且与英国拥有密切 关联的小国家的公民,被许多人认为是旅行时,尤其是在政治动荡、 内战、恐怖主义或其他微妙情形下的一种护身符。许多国际企业高管 认为来自中立国家的第二国籍是一种非常有效的缓解旅行风险的工 具。 投资下一代:鉴于当今不断变化的政治和经济环境,为个人和家人购 买第二国籍将被视为一种为子孙后代谋福利的重要投资。在教育方 面,安提瓜的公民身份让孩子更容易在英国和美国接受一流的教育。 申请公民身份的两种选择 任何希望投资入籍安提瓜和巴布达的人员都可以选择多种实施方案。 1. 向国家发展基金(NDF)捐款 A. 对于单独申请人,或四人以下的家庭 • 20万美元 捐款和手续费:

‫تعريف بربنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر‬

/ ‫صدر قانون “برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر” يف أنتيغوا وبربودا يف أبريل‬ ‫ مام دعا إىل استحداث وحدة برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر‬،2013 ‫نيسان عام‬ ،2013 ‫ آب عام‬/ ‫ أغسطس‬26 ‫ والتي دخلت إىل العمل بتاريخ‬،‫كنتيجة لهذا الترشيع‬ ‫ كام‬.2013 ‫ ترشين األول عام‬/ ‫ أكتوبر‬10 ‫وفتحت أبوابها للتعامل مع الجمهور يف‬ ‫ وقد ُمنحت املواطنة األوىل‬.2013 ‫ ترشين الثاين عام‬/ ‫تلقت أول طلباتها يف نوفمرب‬ .2014 ‫ شباط عام‬/ ‫يف فرباير‬ ‫لقد ُصمم هذا الربنامج بغرض جذب املستثمرين ذوي األوضاع الجيدة عىل الصعيد‬ ‫ وتنطبق رشوط املرشح‬.‫ واإلسهام يف تنميته‬،‫الدويل؛ من أجل تعزيز اقتصاد الدولة‬ ‫املثايل عىل املستثمر املتمتع بسجل جنايئ ومدين خا ٍل من االتهامات والجرائم‬ ‫ ومستعد لزيارة الدولة‬،‫ و ُمرحب به يف املجتمعات ذات الثقافات املتعددة‬،‫واإلدانات‬ ‫ وامتالكه األموال الالزمة لالستثامر يف‬،‫ فضالً عن متتعه بروح املبادرة‬،‫واالندماج فيها‬ .‫اقتصاد أنتيغوا وبربودا‬ ‫ما املقصود بربنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر؟‬ ‫ما الفوائد التي ميكن جنيها من وراء برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر؟‬ ‫ هو‬،‫برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر عبارة عن منح الجنسية لشخص معني‬ ‫ بنا ًء عىل الدخول يف استثامر معني داخل الدولة‬،‫وأفراد عائالته من الدرجة األوىل‬ .‫املانحة للجنسية‬ ‫تتباين أسباب السعي وراء الحصول عىل جنسية مزدوجة أو متعددة من فرد إىل‬ ‫ أو الهروب من خضم‬،‫آخر؛ حيث يرغب الكثري من األشخاص يف تجربة سهولة السفر‬ ‫ أو تجنب قيود‬،‫االضطرابات السياسية واالجتامعية يف أوطانهم التي ُولدوا فيها‬ ‫ أو الفرار من تهديدات قد‬،‫السفر التي تأيت مع وثيقة السفر التي تصدرها دولهم‬ .‫ أو التخطيط لالستثامر والخضوع للرضائب‬،‫تؤ ّرق أمنهم الشخيص أو أمن عائالتهم‬

‫تعريف بربنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر‬ ‫• يُعفى اثنان من األفراد املعالني من دفع رسوم تنفيذ الطلب‬ ‫ب‪ .‬عائلة مكونة من ‪ 5‬أفراد أو أكرث‪:‬‬ ‫• تربع قدره ‪ 250,000‬دوالر أمرييك‪ ،‬ورسوم تنفيذ طلب بيانها كاآليت‪:‬‬ ‫• املتقدم الرئييس ‪ 50,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• الزوج(ة) ‪ 50,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• يُعفى ثالثة من األفراد املعالني من دفع رسوم تنفيذ الطلب‬ ‫‪ .2‬االستثامرات العقارية ‪ -‬يبلغ الحد األدىن لالستثامر ‪ 400,000‬دوالر أمرييك ‪ -‬يف‬ ‫أحد املرشوعات املعتمدة (يجب أال تقل فرتة امتالك العقار عن ‪ 5‬أعوام)‬


‫ينبغي التمييز بني املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر وبرامج اإلقامة؛ فرغم أن العديد‬ ‫من الدول تقدم تأشريات إقامة للمستثمرين واألثرياء‪ ،‬إال أنه ال يوجد سوى عدد‬ ‫قليل جدًا من الدول ذات الترشيعات التي تقيض مبنح املواطنة املبارشة عن طريق‬ ‫االستثامر‪.‬‬ ‫ويقترص تحقيق الفوائد التالية عىل برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر‪:‬‬ ‫يسمح الربنامج للمستثمر وعائلته التمتع بفرصة السفر بدون تأشرية إىل ‪ 134‬دولة‪،‬‬ ‫من بينها اململكة املتحدة وكندا وجميع دول االتحاد األورويب مبنطقة شنغن‪.‬‬

‫فضالً عن حرية السفر واالستثامر يف أحد االقتصادات املتنامية‪ ،‬تتيح املواطنة حرية‬ ‫املستثمر يف اإلقامة يف أنتيغوا بدون مدة محددة‪ ،‬ولكن ال تشرتط ذلك‪ ،‬إىل جانب‬ ‫‪ .3‬االستثامر يف األعامل التجارية‪:‬‬ ‫االستفادة من عدم الخضوع للرضائب عىل الدخل املعمول بها عامل ًيا‪ ،‬أو للرضيبة‬ ‫• مستثمر واحد‪ :‬مليون ونصف املليون دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• مستثمران أو أكرث‪ 5 :‬ماليني دوالر أمرييك (ال يقل استثامر كل مستثمر عن عىل األرباح الرأساملية‪.‬‬ ‫‪ 400,000‬دوالر أمرييك)‬ ‫يستغرق مواطنو بعض الدول من أصحاب املالءات املالية العالية فرتات طويلة‬ ‫يجب سداد كل املبالغ املالية يف حساب خاص لدى أحد املصارف أو إحدى رشكات للحصول عىل التأشريات من الدول األخرى للتمتع بحرية السفر‪ ،‬األمر الذي قد يشكّل‬ ‫املحاسبة املعرتف بها كوكيل ضامن قبل منح املواطنة‪ .‬ت ُطبق جميع الرسوم الحكومية تعقيدًا وإهدا ًرا للوقت‪ ،‬فضالً عن أنه قد ال يؤدي دو ًما إىل النجاح يف الحصول عىل‬ ‫الخاصة بتنفيذ الطلبات‪ ،‬وكذلك رسوم أعامل املراجعة والتدقيق‪ ،‬باإلضافة إىل مبلغ التأشرية‪ .‬وميكن أن يكون الحصول عىل وثيقة سفر أخرى بالنسبة إىل األفراد الضالعني‬ ‫االستثامر‪ .‬وتجدر اإلشارة إىل أن برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر ال يشمل إال يف أعامل تجارية تتطلب منهم السفر دول ًيا عىل فرتات متقاربة‪ ،‬أم ًرا مصرييًا‪ .‬باإلضافة‬ ‫عمليات تنمية محددة‪ ،‬تعتمدها الحكومة‪ ،‬كإقامة األبنية املعنية مبا يكفل حامية إىل ذلك‪ ،‬قد توفر الجنسية الثانية لصاحبها الحصول عىل تأشرية سفر مجانية إىل‬ ‫واليات قضائية ال ميكن السفر إليها من خالل أوطانهم التي ُولدوا فيها‪.‬‬ ‫استثامرات املشرتين‪ ،‬فضالً عن سالمة الربنامج ومتاسكه‪.‬‬ ‫‪Общая информация о программе‬‬ ‫»‪«Гражданство через инвестиции‬‬

‫‪Закон о получении гражданства через инвестиции принят‬‬ ‫‪в апреле 2013 года. Отдел по выдаче гражданства за‬‬ ‫‪инвестиции укомплектован персоналом 26 августа 2013 года‬‬ ‫‪и открыт 10 октября 2013 года. Первая заявка получена в‬‬ ‫‪ноябре 2013 года, а первое гражданство предоставлено в‬‬ ‫‪феврале 2014 года.‬‬ ‫‪Программа предназначена для привлечения международных‬‬ ‫‪инвесторов с хорошей репутацией для роста экономики‬‬ ‫— ‪страны и вклада в ее развитие. Идеальный заявитель‬‬ ‫‪инвестор, который не имеет судимости и не привлекался к‬‬ ‫‪гражданской ответственности, принимает мультикультурное‬‬ ‫‪общество, желает посетить нашу страну и интегрироваться в‬‬ ‫‪ней, обладает предпринимательским духом и необходимыми‬‬ ‫‪средствами для инвестиций в экономику Антигуа и Барбуды.‬‬ ‫‪Что представляет собой программа «Гражданство через‬‬ ‫»‪инвестиции‬‬ ‫»‪Преимущества программы «Гражданство через инвестиции‬‬ ‫‪«Гражданство через инвестиции» — это предоставление‬‬ ‫‪гражданства физическому лицу и членам его семьи при‬‬ ‫‪условии инвестиций в страну, обеспечившую гражданство.‬‬ ‫‪Люди предпочитают иметь двойное или множественное‬‬ ‫‪гражданство по разным причинам: возможность‬‬ ‫‪беспрепятственно путешествовать, возможность избежать‬‬

‫التخطيط الرضيبي‪ :‬تفرض العديد من الدول حول العامل رضائب عىل املواطنني غري‬ ‫املقيمني‪ .‬ولذلك‪ ،‬زادت أهمية الحصول عىل جنسية بديلة باعتبارها أداة ف ّعالة‬ ‫للتخطيط الرضيبي عىل الصعيد الدويل‪ ،‬وخفض امللف الرضيبي املحتمل للفرد؛‬ ‫حيث ميكن للفرد بعد الحصول عىل جنسية دولتني أو أكرث التمتع مبزيد من‬ ‫خيارات التخطيط‪ ،‬فضالً عن اتساع دائرة خصوصيته يف مجال الخدمات املرصفية‬ ‫واالستثامرية‪.‬‬ ‫األمن الشخيص‪ :‬ينظر البعض إىل الحصول عىل املواطنة يف إحدى الدول الصغرية‬ ‫واملساملة‪ ،‬مثل أنتيغوا وبربودا‪ ،‬التي تتمتع بعالقات وثيقة مع اململكة املتحدة‪ ،‬عىل‬ ‫أنها أحد أشكال الحامية عند السفر‪ ،‬ال سيام يف أوقات االضطرابات السياسية أو‬ ‫الحروب األهلية أو اإلرهاب أو غريها الحاالت الحرجة‪ .‬كام يعترب العديد من رجال‬ ‫األعامل العامليني مسألة الحصول عىل جنسية ثانية من إحدى الدول املحايدة وسيلة‬ ‫شديدة الفعالية للتخفيف من املخاطر التي قد يتعرضون إليها يف أثناء السفر‪.‬‬ ‫االستثامر يف الجيل القادم‪ :‬إن البيئة السياسية واالقتصادية اليوم آخذة يف التغري‪،‬‬ ‫ولذلك‪ ،‬ميكن النظر إىل الحصول عىل جنسية ثانية‪ ،‬بالنسبة إىل الفرد وأفراد عائلته‪،‬‬ ‫مبثابة استثامر مو ّجه نحو األجيال املقبلة؛ فمن حيث التعليم‪ ،‬تتيح املواطنة يف‬ ‫أنتيغوا الفرصة أمام األطفال للدخول ضمن صفوف التعليم السائد يف دول العامل‬ ‫األول‪ ،‬يف اململكة املتحدة والواليات املتحدة األمريكية‪.‬‬

‫خيارات املواطنة‬

‫هناك مجموعة متنوعة من الخيارات املتاحة أمام الراغبني يف الحصول عىل املواطنة‬ ‫عن طريق االستثامر يف أنتيغوا وبربودا‪:‬‬ ‫‪ .1‬التربع يف صندوق التنمية الوطنية‬ ‫أ‪ .‬بالنسبة إىل متقدم واحد أو عائلة مكونة من ‪ 4‬أفراد أو أقل‪:‬‬ ‫• تربع قدره ‪ 200,000‬دوالر أمرييك‪ ،‬ورسوم تنفيذ طلب بيانها كاآليت‪:‬‬ ‫• املتقدم الرئييس ‪ 50,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• الزوج(ة) ‪ 50,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬

Общая информация о программе «Гражданство через инвестиции»

политической и социальной нестабильности в стране рождения, отсутствие ограничений в передвижении с проездными документами своей страны, угрозы личной или семейной безопасности, инвестиционное планирование и налогообложение. «Гражданство через инвестиции» следует отличать от программ, предоставляющих вид на жительство. Многие страны предлагают инвесторам и состоятельным людям визы для постоянного проживания, однако ряд стран предоставляет немедленное гражданство через инвестиции. «Гражданство через инвестиции» имеет ряд преимуществ: Оно позволяет инвестору и членам его семьи пользоваться безвизовыми поездками в 134 страны мира, включая Великобританию, Канаду, все страны Шенгенского соглашения (ЕС). Помимо возможности свободно путешествовать и вкладывать средства в развивающуюся экономику, гражданство позволяет инвестору (но не обязывает его) проживать в Антигуа в течение любого периода времени, при этом его доходы, полученные в любой точке мира, не будут облагаться налогом на прибыль и на доходы от прироста капитала. Граждане некоторых стран, обладающие крупным капиталом, тратят значительное количество времени на получение виз в другие страны, чтобы свободно перемещаться по миру. Этот процесс часто бывает трудоемким и долгосрочным и не всегда приводит к получению визы. Для лиц, занимающихся бизнесом, ведение которого требует поездок по всему миру, наличие еще одного паспорта может стать решающим преимуществом. Кроме того, второе гражданство позволяет осуществлять безвизовые поездки в страны, в которые невозможно въехать без визы из родной страны. Налоговое планирование: некоторые страны мира взимают налоги с нерезидентов. Таким образом, альтернативное гражданство стало очень важным инструментом международного планирования налогов и снижения их потенциальной сумы для лица. Имея гражданство двух и более стран, можно получить больше возможностей для планирования, а также дополнительную конфиденциальность при осуществлении банковских операций и инвестирования. Личная безопасность: гражданство небольшой мирной страны, такой как Антигуа и Барбуда, имеющей тесные связи с Великобританией, снижает риски в поездках, особенно в период политической нестабильности, гражданских войн, терроризма и иных подобных тревожных обстоятельств.


Многие руководители международных компаний считают второе гражданство нейтральной страны весьма эффективным способом снижения рисков в поездках. Инвестиции в будущие поколения: в современной меняющейся политической и экономической обстановке приобретение второго гражданства для лица и членов его семьи можно рассматривать в качестве инвестиции в будущие поколения. Что касается образования, гражданство Антигуа позволяет детям иметь более свободный доступ к образованию таких высокоразвитых стран, как Великобритания и Соединенные Штаты.

Варианты гражданства

Существует несколько вариантов, доступных любому желающему получить гражданство Антигуа и Барбуда путем инвестиций. 1. Вклады в Фонд национального развития (NDF) A. Для индивидуального заявителя или семьи в составе не более 4 человек • Вклад 200 тыс. долларов США и сборы за оформление документов: • Главный заявитель 50 тыс. долларов США • Супруг(а) 50 тыс. долларов США • Сборы за оформление документов на двух иждивенцев не взимаются Б. Семья в составе более 5 человек • Вклад 250 тыс. долларов США и сборы за оформление документов: • Главный заявитель 50 тыс. долларов США • Супруг(а) 50 тыс. долларов США • Сборы за оформление документов на трех иждивенцев не взимаются 2. Инвестиции в недвижимость — не менее 400 тыс. долларов США — в утвержденный проект (находится в собственности не менее 5 лет) 3. Инвестиции в бизнес • Индивидуальный инвестор – 1,5 млн долларов США • Два или более инвесторов – 5 млн долларов США (доля каждого – не менее 400 тыс. долларов США) Все средства вносятся на счет условного депонирования в банке или в бухгалтерскую компанию с хорошей репутацией, выбранную в качестве распорядителя условного депозита до получения гражданства. Наряду с суммой инвестиций оплачиваются все государственные сборы за оформление документов и проверку правоспособности контрагента. В программу «Гражданство через инвестиции» включены только определенные районы застройки. Такие включенные застройки получают одобрение властей как обладающие необходимой структурой в целях защиты безопасности покупателя, а также соответствия программе «Гражданство через инвестиции».


专访安提瓜和巴布达投资移民部首席 执行官Chisanga Puta-Chekwe

Interview with Chisanga Puta-Chekwe CEO Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit The recently appointed Canadian, Mr. Chekwe, brings a wealth of experience to Antigua, including former Deputy Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, founding Chair and CEO of the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, as well as several senior positions with Canadian and international organizations. Here he talks about the Citizenship by Investment programme, its advantages, challenges and future plans and why it is the ultimate protection for a foreign investor. 新近委任的加拿大人Chekwe先生,带着丰富的经验来到了安提瓜,这些经验包括加拿大公民与移民部前任副部 长、安大略省租房法庭的创始主席兼首席执行官、以及其他加拿大及国际机构的多个高级职位。他在这里谈到了投 资移民,谈到了其中的优点、困难和未来的计划,以及为什么这是外国投资者的终极保护。 How does working in Antigua compare with working in Canada? The weather is much more agreeable although a little hot at the moment. Also, it is always light in the mornings when I go to work. The people in Antigua are as welcoming and friendly as any I’ve met in Canada. What lessons from your work in Canada would you like to see implemented here in Antigua? I am not sure if you can implement from one jurisdiction to another, but you certainly can learn from experiences from one jurisdiction and apply those lessons, after appropriate modification, to another. It is easy in certain circumstances to overlook relatively simple things such as paper flow. So the way we manage paper flow is an example of something that we could learn from Ontario. Another is due diligence. In the case of due diligence, it is not so much the case of us learning from Ontario but more that we may share our experiences to the benefit of other nations.

在安提瓜工作和在加拿大工作有何区别? 安提瓜的天气更为舒适宜人,虽然现在有点热。此外,我早晨去上班 时,总是感觉神清气爽。安提瓜人就像我接触过的加拿大人一样热 情、友好。 您希望在安提瓜这里用到您在加拿大工作时积累的哪些经验教训? 我不确定不同司法辖区之间的经验教训是否通用,但你肯定可以从一 个辖区的经验中有所收获,然后经过适当的修正后,再用于另一个辖 区。在某些情况下,人们很容易忽视相对简单的事情,例如纸张流。 所以,我们管理纸张流的方式就是我们向安大略省学习的某些事情的 示例。另一个是尽职调查。在尽职调查方面,与其说是我们从安大略 省学习经验,不如说是我们可以分享有益于其他国家的经验。 您认为护照销售可以作为支持安提瓜经济增长的可持续经济工具吗? 嗯,我不同意这个问题的假定前提。首先,护照销售的核心理念并不 是出售公民身份 (国籍),而是吸引长期投资。其次,该理念旨在保护 长期投资。因此,你要确定需要投资的区域,【而 】一旦确定之后, 你就可以邀请人们投资该区域。当他们完成投资之后,你就可以为他



Do you see the sale of passports as a sustainable economic vehicle for growth in Antigua? Well, I would question the premise of that question. The idea is not to sell citizenship; the idea is to attract long-term investment, firstly. Secondly, the idea is to protect that longterm investment. Therefore, you identify areas where you need investment [and] once identified, you invite people to invest in those areas. After they have done that, you then give them the ultimate protection – which is to grant them citizenship. What in effect happens, is that an investor, who would otherwise be a foreign investor, investing in a far-off land, effectively becomes an investor in his or her own country. There can be no better protection than that. Hence, it is not about selling citizenship or selling passports, it is about attracting investors and protecting their investment. How easy is it to apply for citizenship in Antigua? I think relatively easy, precisely because you are not selling citizenship or passports. There is going to be a period of time between applying and actually getting the citizenship. That investment, in time, is necessary because the persons applying for citizenship by investment do need to be vetted. You do need to carry out due diligence. You do need to be absolutely certain that these people are going to add value to the country and not going to bring problems, not just to Antigua and Barbuda, but to our international partners. As such if we have to delay the process in order to carry out due diligence, then we must do that. What are the main advantages for an investor applying for the Citizenship by Investment Program in Antigua? Well first of all you have the chance to live in a quite delightful country with friendly people and very cooperative weather. It really depends on where you are coming from. For example some people would invest in Antigua because they want to live in a country with a low crime rate, so that is an advantage. Other people may want to invest in order to possess a passport that grants them visa free access to over 130 countries. What do you see are the main building points for the Citizenship by Investment Unit over the next 5 years? I would like to see the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) continue to be ahead of the pack of CIP programs. I would like it to continue to be a transparent organization, [and] to see greater commitment to due diligence [in order to] raise the comfort level of our international partners. I would like the beneficiaries of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship to understand that this is a citizenship worth having, worth protecting, and worth cherishing. I also would like to see the CIU intensify its efforts to be more and more professional as time goes by, by becoming the kind of professional organization that not only sets an

们提供终极保护,即授予他们公民身份。实际上重点在于投资者, 本来可能在国外偏远地区投资,如今可以有效地成为自己国家的投资 者。没有比这更好的保护了。因此,这并非销售公民身份或出售护 照,而是吸引投资者并且保护他们的投资。 在安提瓜申请公民身份有多容易? 我认为相当容易,主要是因为我们并不是为了销售公民身份或护照。 提交申请和实际获得公民身份之间存在一段时期。及时的投资必不可 少,因为申请投资公民计划的人员必须接受审查。你还需要执行尽职 调查。你必须绝对确认这些人员会为我们国家增加价值,并且不会给 安提瓜和巴布达以及我们的国际合作伙伴带来任何问题。就此而言, 如果为了执行尽职调查而不得不延迟流程,那么我就必须这样做。 投资者申请安提瓜投资公民计划的主要优势是什么? 首先,你将有机会生活在一个无比惬意的国家,这里有热情友好的人 民以及舒适宜人的气候。其他更多优势实际上取决于你来自哪里。例 如,有些人愿意在安提瓜投资,因为他们希望生活在一个低犯罪率的 国家,所以这就是一种优势。而其他投资者可能是为了拥有一张可以 免签证旅游130多个国家的护照。 您如何看待未来5年投资公民计划部门的主要建设点? 我希望看到投资公民计划部门 (CIU) 在各类CIP计划中继续领先一步。 我希望它继续成为一个公开透明的组织,【并且】更加积极地致力于 尽职调查,【以便】提高我们国际合作伙伴的舒适水平。我希望安提 瓜和巴布达公民计划的受益者能够明白,这是一个值得拥有、保护和 珍惜的公民身份。我还希望看到CIU强化努力,随着时间推移越来越 专业,成为独一无二的专业组织机构,不仅能够树立国际标准,而且 可以成功传递“投资公民计划让您大为受益”的信息。 什么是安提瓜公民计划的最大挑战? 任何国家【面临】的相同挑战不仅仅取决于原住民的公民化。所以, 任何提供规划入籍公民身份的国家都将拥有我们在这里面临的挑战。 基本上挑战是这样的,你要邀请成为公民的人员并没有在你的国家出 生,那么他们是你需要的那种忠实公民吗?主要的挑战是执行强制但 礼貌的尽职调查,直至你满意地确认,申请安提瓜和巴布达公民身份 的人员确实表现良好,他们会做出巨大贡献,且不会伤害安提瓜和巴 布达或我们的国际合作伙伴。 在您的印象中,其他国家如何看待我们在安提瓜实施的投资公民计 划? 去年5月,我们在安提瓜和巴布达这里举办了一场非常成功的加勒比地 区投资会议。会议取得了空前一致的成功,从各种反馈中可以明显看 出,我们的CIP计划以及管理部门本身深受其他国家赞许。 您如何看待针对CIP计划的批评? 他们必须明白,该计划并不是为了销售护照,更不是为了出售国籍, 而是为了吸引长期投资、积累资本、促进就业,并且最终是为了保护 投资者的国外投资。如果他们明白了这一点之后,依然批评该计划的 话,那么我想反问,“你们有更好的方案带来这种创造就业机会并且 确保长期投资的非税收入吗?”


international standard, but is also successful in communicating the message that the Citizenship by Investment Program is something you can benefit from. What are the biggest challenges to Antigua’s Citizenship? The same challenges that any country [faces] that does not just rely on indigenous people for citizenry. So, any country that offers citizenship by naturalization would have the same challenges that we have here. The challenge is basically this; are the people that you are inviting to be citizens but who weren’t born in your country, are they the kind of solid citizens you need? The main challenge is to do robust but respectful due diligence, until you are satisfied that the people who are applying for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship, are indeed good people who will make a huge contribution without harming Antigua and Barbuda or harming our international partners. What is your impression of how other countries view our Citizenship by Investment program in Antigua? Last May, we held a very successful Invest Caribbean Conference here in Antigua and Barbuda. It was unanimous that the conference was a great success and it was quite clear from the feedback, that the our CIP program and the unit itself, were viewed very favourably by other countries. What would you say to the critics of the CIP program? They have to understand that this program is not about selling passports, it is not about selling citizenship, it is about attracting long-term investment, it is about capital formation, it is about employment generation, and ultimately it is about protection of foreign investments for the investor. Once they

understand that, and they are still critical of the program, I would then ask “What alternatives do you have to bring in this kind of non-tax revenue that will generate jobs, that will assure long-term investment?”. Can you describe one of the happiest moments in your life? I have had many happy moments in my life. A more recent example is about 10 years ago; I started a foundation that provides scholarships to children from low-income families in Zambia. One of the happiest moments I have had is from the result of the foundation. I remember at the first award ceremony for the scholarships, there was a very skinny young man that was really quite diffident and was given the nickname by his class mates, “the disliked one”. Fast- forwarding about 2 years ago, I was on LinkedIn and saw this individual who looked familiar. Initially I couldn’t work out where I’d met him until I saw the unusual name. He had become a civil engineer who had just been given a $1million US dollar contract for a hotel. That was one of the happiest moments in my life. n 您能描述一下您人生中最幸福的时刻之一吗? 我的人生中有过许多幸福的时刻。最近的一次发生在大约10年前,当 时我创办了一个为赞比亚低收入家庭的孩子提供奖学金的基金会。该 基金会的成果就是我曾经拥有的一个最幸福的时刻。我记得在首次奖 学金颁奖仪式上,有一个非常瘦的小男孩,他相当羞怯,同学们都叫 他“讨厌鬼”。时间很快来到2年前,我在职业社交平台“领英”上 发现一个看起来很熟悉的人。最初我实在想不起来在哪里见过他,直 到我看到了那个不寻常的名字。他已经成为一名土木工程师,并且刚 刚获得一家酒店的价值100万美元的合同。这就是我人生中最幸福的 时刻之一。 Falmouth Harbour, Antigua


Approved Real Estate Projects under the Citizenship by Investment Program Real Estate developments must be approved by the government to ensure that the relevant structures are in place to protect buyers as well as the integrity of the program. The Real Estate application process is simple: 1. Select your property 2. Sign the Sale/Purchase and Escrow Agreement 3. Make a security deposit 4. Submit your application and the relevant fees to the CIU 5. Once approval is received, balance of fees and purchase price must be paid in full within 30 days 6. Receipt of travel document 7. Swear Oath of Allegiance within the first 5 years of becoming a citizen

‫املرشوعات العقارية املعتمدة مبوجب برنامج‬ ‫املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر‬

‫يجب أن تخضع مرشوعات التطوير العقاري ملوافقة الحكومة للتأكد من حامية‬ .‫وحرصا كذلك عىل سالمة الربنامج ومتاسكه‬ ،‫األبنية املقامة املعنية للمشرتين‬ ً :‫وتتميز عملية التقدم للحصول عىل عقار بالبساطة؛ حيث ال يتعني عليك سوى‬ ،‫ تحديد العقار الخاص بك‬.1 ‫ التوقيع عىل اتفاق البيع والرشاء والضامن‬.2 ،‫ تقديم إيداع ضامن‬.3 ‫ وسداد الرسوم ذات‬،‫ تقديم طلبك إىل وحدة برنامج املواطنة عن طريق االستثامر‬.4 ،‫الصلة إليها‬ ‫ يو ًما من وقت‬30 ‫ يجب سداد الرسوم وإيداع سعر الرشاء بالكامل يف غضون‬.5 ،‫الحصول عىل املوافقة‬ ،‫ استالم وثائق السفر‬.6 .‫ سنوات من الحصول عىل الجنسية‬5 ‫ حلف ميني الوالء خالل أول‬.7

Typically the above process will take less than 90 days from the date of application to be completed. There are a number of Licensed Agents who will be able to take you seamlessly through the entire application process.

‫ يو ًما من تاريخ‬90 ‫عاد ًة ال يزيد الوقت الذي تستغرقه العملية املذكورة أعاله عن‬ .‫تقديم الطلب‬ ‫يوجد عدد من الوكالء املعتمدين ممن سيساعدونك وييرسون عليك إجراءات‬ .ً‫عملية التقدم كاملة‬


Утвержденные проекты в сфере недвижимости, включенные в программу «Гражданство через инвестиции»

房地产开发必须获得政府批准,以确保旨在保护买家投资和计划诚信 度的相关组织机构安排到位。 房地产申请流程非常简单: 1. 选择你的物业 2. 签署销售/购买和托管协议 3. 支付保证金 4. 把你的申请和相关费用提交给CIU。 5. 一旦获得批准,必须在30天内付清所有费用及房价余款。 6. 接收旅游护照 7. 在成为公民的前5年内发表效忠誓言 通常上述流程将从申请完成之日起,在90天内完成。有许多授权代理 可以帮助你顺利完成整个申请流程。

Включенные застройки требуют одобрения властей, что позволяет гарантировать необходимую структуру в целях защиты безопасности покупателей, а также соответствия программе. Процедура подачи заявки на недвижимость проста: 1. Выберите объект недвижимости. 2. Подпишите договор купли-продажи и договор об условном депонировании. 3. Внесите гарантийный депозит. 4. Подайте заявку и оплатите соответствующие сборы в отделе по выдаче гражданства за инвестиции. 5. После получения одобрения необходимо полностью оплатить все сборы и стоимость покупки в течение 30 дней. 6. Получите проездные документы. 7. Примите присягу на верность в течение первых 5 лет после получения гражданства. Как правило, описанный выше процесс занимает не более 90 дней с даты подачи заявки. Многие лицензированные агенты с радостью окажут вам помощь в ходе всей процедуры подачи заявки.


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采访安提瓜和巴布达投资公民计划管理部门(CIU)副总裁托马 斯安东尼(Thomas Anthony)

Interview with Thomas Anthony, Deputy CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit Mr Thomas Anthony was educated in the United Kingdom and came to the Citizenship by Investment Unit via the financial sector, where he spent 26 years as an investment banker. Included in his extensive banking and finance experience, Thomas served as the Manager of Global Bank of Commerce Wealth Management (GBCWM) for seven years, handling the portfolios of High Net-Worth Individuals. He joined the Citizenship by Investment Unit in 2013 as Project Development Officer with responsibility for Real Estate and Investment in Business and now holds the post of Deputy CEO. He loves travelling and history, particularly when both experiences come hand in hand. Today he talks with us about what makes Antigua special, how the citizenship process works and the different options open to applicants. 托马斯安东尼先生曾在英国接受教育,并在金融领域担任了26年的投资银行家,此后才经由该领域进入CIU(投资公民计划管理 部门)。凭借其丰富的银行和金融经验,托马斯曾在全球商业银行(GBC)担任了7年的财富管理经理,负责高净值个人的投资 组合。2013年他加入CIU,担任负责房地产和商业投资的项目开发专员,目前已升任副总裁一职。他热爱旅游和历史,尤其是当 两种体验融为一体时。今天他与我们谈论了安提瓜的独特之处、入籍流程的操作方式以及可供申请人选择的不同方案。

What would you say to potential investors thinking about choosing the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)? Well, apart from the fact that Antigua has 365 beaches and is absolutely beautiful all year round, I’d say that because we have been in the tourism sector for more than 5 decades, and particularly at the higher end, we have an infrastructure that is built around bringing people to the island. What sets Antigua apart from the other Caribbean Islands? Specifically to do with CIP programs, I think that our superior turnaround time and by that I mean we are looking at about 60–90 days to make a decision on an applicant. If, at the beginning of the process, we get all the information or the documents we need to make a decision, an applicant can have a passport in 90 days to 120 days. That significantly sets us apart in the region. What are the biggest challenges an applicant may face? Depending on the region that the applicant is coming from, I think one of the biggest challenges would be the language barrier and because of that language barrier, the documentation

您会和那些考虑选择加勒比地区投资公民计划(CIP)的潜在投资者 说些什么? 嗯,除了安提瓜拥有365座海滩并且全年始终保持绝对美丽的事实之 外,我还想说,由于我们已经经营旅游业超过50年,尤其是在高端领 域,因此我们拥有一系列让人们充分领略岛国风光的基础设施。 是什么让安提瓜有别于其他加勒比群岛? 这与CIP计划特别有关,我认为,我们的周转时间非常出众,而且我 们正在研究利用60–90天时间完成针对申请人的决策。尤其是,如果 在流程的开始阶段,我们获得了制定决策所需的所有信息或文件,那 么申请人就可以在90–120天内拿到护照。显然这就是让我们在该地区 脱颖而出的原因。 申请人可能面临的最大挑战是什么? 根据申请人来自的地区,我认为最大的挑战之一是语言障碍,而且由 于语言障碍的存在,有时候提交的文件无法满足我们要求的标准。但 是,如果这些人能够获得会说他们语言并且精通英语的专业律师的帮 助,那么整个流程就会变得非常简单。 如果您可以在申请人提交申请之前给出一条建议,会是什么呢? 确保以正确的格式附上并提供所要求的全部文件。很遗憾,许多次由于



sometimes doesn’t meet the standard that we are looking for. But if those individuals get good advocates, advocates who speak their language and are fluent in English, it makes the process far easier.

申请人未能提供我们作出决定所需的足够或全部文件,我们总是不得不 把申请退回代理商,并要求提供更多文件。这样一来就增加了处理时 间。如果提供了所需的全部文件,通常在60天内我们就能作出决定。 每年有多少申请人?

If you could give one piece of advice to an applicant before they apply what would it be? Ensure that all of the documents that are requested are attached and provided in the proper form. Many times, unfortunately, because an application is deficient or all of the documents that we need to make a decision are not attached, we invariably have to go back to the agents to make a request for more documents. So it increases the processing time. If all the required documents are provided, typically within 60 days we can make a decision. How many applicants are there per year? We are now at an average of 30 applications per month. Of course we would like to see that number grow closer to 50. But 30 applications per month is a comfortable number, particularly given that the program is less than 3 years old. The majority of the applications come from Asia, more particularly, China. How many of the applicants are going through the real estate program? Currently, 25% of the applicants choose real estate. I would personally like to see that number grow because of the obvious benefits to be derived from real estate investment. The job creation, for example, especially where there’s pre-construction. These investments tend to be more sustainable than making a contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF). Of course, it’s important that the government receive this contribution to help meet their fiscal deficit. But if we are to be honest, the real estate and business investment option really provides the best opportunity for a broad-based economic development over a sustained period. What are the advantages of choosing the real estate option? In terms of processing time, it does not present any advantages or any benefits over the National Development Fund. All applications are looked at in precisely the same manner and are taken through a similar process and processing time. However for the buyer, it presents some advantages that are outside of the program, such as the opportunity to generate a return on their investment. There is also the opportunity to have a second home in paradise. Hence from an investment perspective, it presents the buyer with an opportunity for, not only receiving a return on investment during ownership, but also an opportunity for a capital gain at the end of a 5 year period.

我们现在平均每月受理30个申请。当然,我们希望这个数字增加至接 近50。但是,每月30个申请是一个较为稳妥的数据,尤其是该计划才 实施不到3年。大多数申请来自亚洲,尤其是中国。 有多少申请人会选择投资房地产计划? 目前有25%的申请人选择了投资房地产。我个人希望看到该数字增 长,因为投资房地产具有显而易见的优势。例如,创造就业机会,特 别是在前期建设阶段。这些投资往往比向国家发展基金(NDF)捐款 更可持续。当然,重要的是,政府会利用这种捐款来帮助弥补财政赤 字。但如果我们实事求是,则选择房地产和商业投资为可持续周期的 广泛经济发展提供了最佳机遇。 选择投资房地产的优势是什么? 在处理时间方面,它不比捐助国家发展基金更具有任何优势或好处。 所有的申请都按照完全相同的方式审查,并按照相似的流程和时间进 行处理。然而,对应购买者而言,它代表了一些计划外的优势,例如 产生投资回报的机会。此外,还有机会在天堂般的岛国拥有第二个 家。因此,从投资的角度来看,它为购买者提供了一个机遇,不仅可 以在持有期间获得投资回报,而且有机会在5年持有期结束后获得资 本收益。 您认为新的非公司营业税是否会影响房地产CIP申请的比例? 不会。在我看来,当我们根据投资额度来评估税收数量时,这并不是 一个显著庞大的数额。我认为,这样一种额外的成本不会阻止那些拥 有投资意识或房地产意识的人做出自己的决策。一旦你决定投资房地 产,你就应该预见到存在运转费用和经营成本。然而,由于这样会让 你获得投资回报以及通过抛售房产而退出的机会,那么我认为,在大 多数情况下,该比例不会受到负面影响。 您会受到哪些启迪,以及您热爱什么? 除了我的工作和家庭之外,我热爱新的体验。我非常热衷于前往陌生 的目的地旅游,到达之后我会认真感受当地人的体验。所以,我会花 时间考察当地人进行吃、喝与社交活动的场所。我同样热衷于历史。 我希望感受曾经生活在我们之前的个体人员的独特体验。例如,我喜 欢游历欧洲的各个国家,并体验那些1000年前就存在的城市。我还热 衷于探索各类语言。我略懂一些西班牙语。 安提瓜在全球范围的表现如何? 国籍和居留领域的两个主要运营商——Arton Capital 和 Henley & Partners,均在安提瓜和巴布达排名业内第一,并在全球范围内位居 马耳他(Malta)计划之后排名第四。所以说,我对于安提瓜和巴布 达的公民计划很有信心。此外,安提瓜为投资者提供了三种投资选 项:向国家发展基金(NDF)捐款,投资房地产,以及投资商业。商 业投资让潜在申请人有机会创建自己的业务并获得公民资格,也可以 投资或收购现有业务。该选择对于行业或商业领域没有限制。


Antigua offers three options for investors: a contribution to the National Development Fund, investment in Real Estate, and Investment in Business 安提瓜为投资者提供了三种投资选项:向国家发展基金(NDF)捐款,投资房地产,以及投资商业。

Do you think that the new unincorporated business tax will have an effect on the proportion of real estate CIP applications? No. In my view, when we assess the quantum of the tax versus the investment that is being made, it does not represent a significant amount. I do not think that having this as an additional cost will prevent those that are investmentminded or real estate-minded from making that decision. Once you have made a decision to invest in real estate you would expect that there is a running cost and operating cost. However, because it affords you a return on investment and the opportunity to exit by selling the property, I think that for the most part, it will not affect the numbers negatively. What inspires you? What are you passionate about? Apart from my job and my family, I am a lover of new experiences. I am quite passionate about travelling to new destinations and when I do that, I make it my business to experience what the local’s experience. So I would spend time in the places that locals spend their time, where they eat, drink

Blue Waters Hotel, Antigua

and socialize. Twinned with that, is my love for history. I like to experience what individuals who lived before us experienced. For example, I enjoy going to European countries and experiencing cities that existed thousands of years ago. I am also passionate about languages. I dabble a little in Spanish. How does Antigua compare globally? Two of the major players in the Citizenship and Residency space – Arton Capital and Henley & Partners – both rank Antigua and Barbuda as number one in the region and number four globally behind the Malta program. So that says a lot about their confidence in the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship program. Additionally, Antigua offers three options for investors: a contribution to the National Development Fund, investment in Real Estate, and Investment in Business. The Investment in Business gives potential applicants the opportunity to both create their own business and qualify for citizenship, or to invest or purchase an existing business. There is no limitation on the industry or sector of that business. n


A list of licensed agents and authorised representatives is below

‫يوجد أدناه قامئة تضم العمالء املرخصني وكذلك املمثلني املفوضني؛‬

Ниже список лицензированных агентов и уполномоченных представителей 许可代理及授权代表名单如下 Brissett George,Leslie-Ann Suite No. 4, Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 723-2469

Hill, Radford Hill & Hill Chambers, Long Street, P.O. Box 909, St. John’s (268) 462-4717 / 1127 / 5939 • (268) 462-0900 / 562-6421

Cort-Thibou, Sharon Cort & Cort, Fitzgerald House, 2nd Floor, 44 Church Street, P.O. Box 2010, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 462-5232 / 5233 / 562-1530 • (268) 462-5234

Hosam, Alan AH Consultancy Services Ltd. Deanery Lane, St. John’s, Antigua (268)-788-4900

Falcone, Carlo Falmouth Harbour, St. Paul’s, Antigua (268) 764-0215

Hosam, Kevin Exclusive Concierge Antigua Barbuda, Ocean heights, Hodges Bay, P.O.Box W834, St. John’s, Antigua (268)-788-1234

Faustin,Verlyn L Global Citizenship Partners, Suite 12, 3rd Floor, ABI Financial Center, 156 Redcliffe Street, P.O. Box W105, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 720-7465 / 484-6602 / 484-6604 / 1404-9210867 • (268) 462-5590

James, Ernell Casroy James & MaginleyLtd., Meinl Bank Building, Long Street & Hardcastle Ave, St. John’s, (268) 720-7284 • (305) 290-4241

Francis, Hollis Hollis E. Francis Jr., Upper St. Mary’s Street, P.O Box W1666, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 562-5660 • (268) 562-5670

John, Kelvin Thomas John & Co., FDICIC Bldg, Lower Factory Rd, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 460-5860/1 / 464-1185 • (268) 562-1810

Hechme, Gaye Island Living Investment Services Ltd, Suite 201, Village Walk, Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 562-8474 (W) • (268) 464-8686 (W) • (268) 562-8473 (F)

Johnson, Lenworth Johnson Gardiner, 51A St. Mary’s Street, St. John’s (268) 562-1378 / 562-6324 • (268) 562-0232

Hesse, Marian-Barbara B. Hesse & Associate, P.O. Box W1402, Long Street, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 562-8478 / 764-8896 • (268) 562-8479

Knight, Kivinee May Knight law Lower All Saints Road, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 724-5248 Knight, Peyton J.V. Peyton J.V. Knight & Associates, Attorneys-At-Law, Upper Newgate Street, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 562-1653 • (268) 562-1654


Lockhart, Stuart Portofino Building, Jolly Harbour, St. Mary’s, Antigua (268) 562-6209 / 6210 • (268) 462-6210 Primus, Tristan Citizens International Antigua, Upper Floor Falmouth Harbour Marina, Dockyard Drive, English Harbour, St Paul’s, Antigua (268) 562-8585 Maginley, Kirthley James & Maginley Ltd, Meinl Bank Building, Long Street & Hardcastle Ave, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 720-7284 / 3800 • (305) 290-4241 Makhoul, Elizabeth Antigua Citizenship & Immigration Services Inc, Redcliffe Quay, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 728-7866 • (268) 728-7286 • (869) 662-2540 • (268) 462-2973 Mansoor-Khouly, Maya Atlantik Realty, Nevis Street, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 725-8181 Matthew, Daryll S Creek Side, St. John’s, Antigua 1 (268) 764-1269 Mendes-Blackman, Georgice Lockhart Mendes & Co, 17 Church Street, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 462-0227 • (268) 462-3772 Roberts-Nicholas, Andrea Roberts & Co, 60 Nevis Street, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 462-0076 / 2176 / 1388 • (268) 462-3077 Rodgers, Vanetta (Dr) Avco Corporate Services Limited, Suite 3, Gambles Medical Centre, Friars Hill Road, P.O. Box 2707, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 562-8544 / 464-7484 • (268) 562-8545 Rhudd, Jermaine C Suite 4 Weathered Building, Redcliffe Street, St. John’s, Antigua 1 (268) 460-6184

Seaforth, Sydney Cleveland KPMG, Corner Factory Road & Carnival Gardens, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 462-8868 • (268) 462-8808 Tang, Mei 5 Redcliffe Quay, Redcliffe Street, St. John’s, Antigua +852 6843 5681 • (268) 725-7272 WeChat: Trinitian1966 Tiwari, Romell AIT Management Services Ltd, Global Commerce Center Building, Old Parham Road, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 460-7181 / 562-4707 • (268) 460-8982 Roberts Thomas, Cherissa Suite 13 Jasmine Court, Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua 1 (268) 788-8089 Thomas, Arthur Thomas John & Co., FDICIC Bldg, Lower Factory Rd, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 460-5860/1 / 736-0592 • (268) 562-1810 Walwyn, Charles Grant Thornton, 11 Old Parham Road, P.O. Box 1531, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 460-7750 •(268) 462-7949 Warner, Joseph 1 Village Walk, Commercial Centre, Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 720-4001 / 723-2165 Warner, Kem PassPro Corp., 4 Bryson’s Complex, Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 460-0900/01 • (268) 764-3898 • (268) 736-3898 • (268) 460-0902 Wilkinson, Robert Grant Thornton, 11 Old Parham Road, P.O. Box 1531, St. John’s, Antigua (268) 462-3000 • (268) 462-7949


Qualifications and General Requirements

Qualifications and General Requirements • Applicants must be 18 years or older. • Dual/multiple citizenship is allowed. • Anyone convicted of crimes which carry a minimum sentence of 6 months in prison will be ineligible. • Successful applicants are required to take the Oath of Allegiance in Antigua and Barbuda or any Embassy, Office of the High Commission or Consulate of Antigua and Barbuda. • A beneficiary of citizenship as a result of real estate purchase must retain ownership of the property for a minimum of five years. During this period, the property may be sold but a property of similar value must be acquired shortly thereafter. • A residency requirement of five days in five years must be met. Should this obligation not be fulfilled, the citizen must satisfy the requirement prior to the renewal of his passport. The following forms and documents are required from each applicant, including children: 1. Photograph & Signature Certificate (Form AB2). 2. Medical Certificate (Form AB3) including original results of HIV test (HIV test is required for all persons 12 years and older applying for citizenship). Note that the HIV test results must not be older than 3 months. 3. Certified coloured copy of your current passport(s) showing name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number, issuing country and signature. (Apostilled for countries that are participants of the Apostille Convention, Hague Treaty Convention 12). 4. Certified coloured copy of your current machine readable national identity card(s) (see 3 above). 5. 8 original passport-size coloured photos of yourself taken within the past 6 months. The photos must be: • Full front close up view of the head and shoulders with the head covering 70% to 80% of the photograph, ears showing and hairline visible above the forehead. • Without eyewear. Show you looking straight at the camera, your eyes open, no hair in your eyes and without any head covering. • Taken against a plain white background without shadows. • Be taken with a neutral expression (not laughing or frowning) with your mouth closed. • A true image and not altered in any way. Clear, sharp and in focus. • Approximately 35 x 45 mm in size, of good colour quality and on high quality paper.

• The photos must be the same in all aspects, and one of the photos must be certified. One of the eight photographs must be attached to form AB2 and one to form AB3. 6. Original excerpt of full birth record or certified copy of full birth certificate (i.e. a birth document that also includes your parent’s details.) For passport issuance, the birth certificate MUST be submitted. 7. All applicants aged 18 and older must provide an original police certificate from any country where they have lived for more than 6 months over the past 10 years, and all countries of citizenship. The only exception is if the applicants can provide satisfactory evidence that they did not reside in a country of citizenship. Police certificates must be less than six months old at the time you submit your application. If a police certificate is not available, a separate statutory declaration must be provided, detailing the attempts made to obtain a police certificate. It should also state whether the applicant (and any accompanying family members have been found guilty, convicted of, or charged with offences against the law in that country). The statutory declaration should be supported by other information attesting to your character. 8. Certified copy of military records(s) (if applicable). 9. Certified copy of proof of name change (if applicable, i.e. deed poll, adoption papers etc.). 10. Any documents required as evidence, explanation or otherwise in support of any of the answers given or statements made in this form. The following forms and documents are required only from the main applicant: 11. Investment Confirmation / NDF / Escrow Agreement (Form AB4). 12. In case of the real-estate option: copy of duly executed real- estate contract (Purchase and Sales Agreement; Inland Revenue stamped transfer document), copy of duly executed escrow agreement. If closing on the property has already taken place, evidence of title transfer (either deed or certificate of title) and confirmation of all funds having been deposited in escrow account. 13. 1 Agent Form (Form AB5). 14. 1 original bank reference letter issued by an internationally recognized bank, not older than 6 months. 15. 1 original professional reference (e.g. from an attorney, Notary Public, chartered accountant, or other professional of similar standing), not older than 6 months. 16. Proof of employment and or corporate documents (where applicable). 17. 2 original documents of evidence of residential address (e.g. certified copy of a recent utility bill or lease/tenancy agreement or certificate of title reflecting applicant’s name and current address), not older than 3 months.

资格和总体要求 The following documents are required: • Original excerpt of marriage record or certified copy of marriage certificate(s). • Certified copy of divorce document(s) (if applicable). • A sworn affidavit of support for each dependent (excluding spouse) over 18 years of age. • Certified written confirmation from an accredited university or college of further education, showing start and end dates, for a dependent aged 18–25 years in full time education and applying with the main applicant (must have at least 6 months remaining at time of applying). • Proof of address for dependents aged 18–25 years not living with parents (attending university).

6. 完整出生记录的原始摘录,或完整出生证明(即一份同样包含你


8. 经核证的兵役记录复印件 (如适用)

• 申请人必须年满18周岁或以上 • 允许拥有双重/多重国籍 • 任何被指控犯有最低判处6个月监禁罪行的人员将无资格申请 • 成功的申请人必须在安提瓜和巴布达,或任何驻地的大使馆、高

的父母的详细信息的出生文件) 的经核证复印件签发护照之前,必须 提交出生证明。 7. 所有年满18周岁及以上的申请人,必须提供来自过去10年内其生 活超过6个月的任何国家的原始警方证明,以及所有国家的国籍证明。 唯一的例外是,申请人可以提供充足的证据,证明其不持有任何国家 的国籍。 警方证明必须在提交申请前6个月内开具。如果无法提供警方证明,则 必须单独出具一份法定声明,详细说明为了获取警方证明而做出的各 种尝试。该声明还应指出申请人 (以及任何随行家属) 是否被判处、犯 有或被控违反该国法律。法定声明应附有证明你的性格的其他资料。

9. 经核证的姓名变更证明复印件 (如适用,即改名契,领养文件等) 10. 任何作为证据、解释或支持该表格中任何答复或声明的文件


• 通过购买房产而获得公民身份的受益人必须持有该物业至少五 (5)



• 必须满足五年内五天的居住要求。如果无法履行该义务,则公民


每位申请人 (包括子女) 都必须提供以下表格和文档: 1. 照片和签名证书 (表格AB2) 2. 健康证明 (表格AB3),其中包括HIV (艾滋病病毒) 检测报告原 件(所有年满12周岁及以上的公民身份申请人均需接受HIV检测)。注 意:HIV检测结果必须不能超过3个月。 3. 你的当前护照的经核证彩色复印件,须显示姓名、照片、国际/民 族、签发日期、到期日期、护照编号、签发国家以及签名 (“旁注公

下列表格和文档仅需主申请人提供: 11. 1 份投资确认证明 / 国家发展基金(NDF) / 托管协议 (表格AB4) 12. 选择投资房地产:如期执行房地产合同 (购买和销售协议;税务局 盖章的转让文件) 的复印件,如期执行的托管协议的复印件。如果物 业交易已经完成,则提供所有权转让证明 (产权契据或证书) 以及所有 存入托管账户的资金确认 13. 1 份代理表格 (表格AB5) 14. 1 份由国际公认银行出具的6个月以内的银行资信证明原件 15. 1 份由专业人士 (如律师、公证人、特许会计师或其他具有类似资 质的专业人员) 出具的证明原件


16. 就业证明和/或企业文件 (如适用)

4. 你的当前机读身份证的经核证彩色复印件 【参见上述第3条】

17. 2份3个月以内出具的居住地证明 (如近期公用事业账单或租赁/承

5. 8张本人在过去6个月内拍摄的护照尺寸彩色照片该照片必须: • 全正面半身近照,头部占整张照片的70%–80%,双耳露出,发际


• 不佩戴眼镜。直视镜头,双眼睁开,头发不能遮住眼睛,免冠 • 纯白背景无阴影 • 表情自然(不能微笑或皱眉),不能张嘴 • 真实形象,不能作任何更改,整洁、清晰、对焦 • 尺寸为 35 x 45 mm,优质、彩色,高清相纸 • 所有照片必须采取同一角度,其中一张照片必须经过核证。8张照



租协议或标明申请人姓名及当前住址的产权证的经核证复印件) 的原 始文档 需提供下列文档: • 婚姻记录的原始摘录,或结婚证的经核证复印件 • 经核证的离婚证复印件 (如适用) • 每个18岁以上家属 (不含配偶) 各自的担保宣誓书 • 18–25岁接受全日制教育并随主申请人一起申请的家属,应提供来自 正规大学或继续教育学院的、注明起止日期的经核证书面确认函 (必 须在申请期间保留至少6个月) • 不与父母一起生活 (如:上大学) 的18–25岁家属的住址证明

‫املؤهالت واالشرتاطات العامة‬ ‫الصور الثامين بالنموذج (‪ ،)AB2‬وأخرى بالنموذج (‪.)AB3‬‬ ‫‪ .6‬مستخرج أصيل من سجل املواليد كامالً‪ ،‬أو نسخة مصدقة من شهادة امليالد‬ ‫كاملة (أي مستند ميالد يتضمن أيضً ا بيانات والديك)‪ .‬كام يجب تقديم شهادة‬ ‫امليالد إلصدار جواز السفر‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .7‬يجب عىل كل متقدم‪ ،‬ال يقل عمره عن ‪ 18‬عا ًما فأكرث‪ ،‬تقديم صحيفة حالة‬ ‫جنائية أصلية صادرة عن أي دولة‪ ،‬عاش فيها ألكرث من ‪ 6‬أشهر عىل مدى األعوام‬ ‫العرشة املاضية‪ ،‬وكذلك عن جميع الدول التي يحمل جنسيتها‪ ،‬ويستثنى من ذلك‬ ‫املتقدم الذي يستطيع تقديم أدلة وافية تثبت أنه مل يسبق له اإلقامة يف أي دولة‬ ‫مواطنة‪.‬‬ ‫يجب أال يكون قد مىض عىل صحائف الحالة الجنائية أكرث من ستة أشهر عند‬ ‫تقديم الطلب‪ .‬ويف حالة عدم توفر صحيفة الحالة الجنائية‪ ،‬يجب تقديم إقرار‬ ‫قانوين مستقل‪ ،‬موض ًحا املحاوالت التي متت للحصول عىل صحيفة الحالة الجنائية‬ ‫بالتفصيل‪ .‬كام ينبغي أن ينص عىل ما إذا كان املتقدم (وأي من أفراد أرسته‬ ‫املصاحبني له) له سوابق قضائية‪ ،‬أو حكم عليه باإلدانة‪ ،‬أو سبق اتهامه بارتكاب‬ ‫جرائم ضد القانون يف هذه الدولة‪ .‬ويجب أن يكون هذا اإلقرار القانوين مقرونًا‬ ‫مبعلومات أخرى تثبت حسن سمعتك‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .8‬نسخة مصدّقة من أي سجالت عسكرية (إن ُوجدت)‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .9‬نسخة مصدقة من إثبات تغيري االسم (إن ُوجد‪ ،‬أي سند تعهد فردي‪ ،‬أو‬ ‫مستندات إقرار‪ ،‬أو غري ذلك)‪.‬‬ ‫ألي من اإلجابات أو‬ ‫‪ .10‬أي مستندات مطلوبة كإثبات‪ ،‬أو بيان‪ ،‬أو تأييد ٍ‬ ‫الترصيحات الواردة يف هذا النموذج‪.‬‬ ‫ال يلزم تقديم النامذج واملستندات التالية سوى من طرف املتقدم الرئييس‪:‬‬ ‫‪ .11‬عدد ‪ 1‬منوذج تأكيد استثامر ‪ /‬منوذج صندوق التنمية الوطنية ‪ /‬اتفاق‬ ‫الضامن (منوذج ‪.)AB4‬‬ ‫‪ .12‬يف حالة خيار العقارات‪ :‬نسخة من عقد العقار املربم عىل الوجه القانوين‬ ‫األكمل (عقد الرشاء والبيع‪ ،‬ووثيقة نقل اإليرادات الداخلية املختومة)‪ ،‬ونسخة من‬ ‫اتفاق الضامن املربم عىل الوجه القانوين األكمل‪ .‬ويف حالة إمتام بيع العقار‪ ،‬يلزم‬ ‫تقديم إثبات عىل نقل امللكية (إما بصك التمليك أو بسند امللكية)‪ ،‬وكذلك التأكد‬ ‫عىل أنه تم إيداع كل األموال يف حساب الضامن‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .13‬عدد ‪ 1‬منوذج وكيل (منوذج ‪.)AB5‬‬ ‫‪ .14‬عدد ‪ 1‬خطاب توصية مرصيف أصيل صادر عن أحد املصارف املعرتف بها دوليًا‪،‬‬ ‫مل ِ‬ ‫ميض عل إصداره أكرث من ‪ 6‬أشهر‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .15‬عدد ‪ 1‬مرجع مهني أصيل (عىل سبيل املثال‪ ،‬صادر عن محامٍ ‪ ،‬أو كاتب عدل‪،‬‬ ‫أو محاسب قانوين‪ ،‬أو موظف مهني آخر من املستوى ذاته)‪ ،‬مل ِ‬ ‫ميض عل إصداره‬ ‫أكرث من ‪ 6‬أشهر‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .16‬إثبات عمل و‪/‬أو مستندات مؤسسية (إن ُوجدت)‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .17‬عدد ‪ 2‬مستند أصيل إلثبات عنوان السكن (عىل سبيل املثال‪ ،‬نسخة مصدّقة‬ ‫من فاتورة مرافق حديثة‪ ،‬أو عقد اإليجار ‪ /‬الحيازة‪ ،‬أو سند ملكية مثبت فيه اسم‬ ‫املتقدم وعنوانه الحايل)‪ ،‬مل ِ‬ ‫ميض عل إصدارهام أكرث من ‪ 3‬أشهر‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .18‬يجب تقديم املستندات التالية‪:‬‬ ‫• مستخرج أصيل من سجل الزواج أو نسخة مصدّقة من عقد (عقود) الزواج‪،‬‬ ‫• نسخة مصدّقة من عقد (عقود) الطالق (إن ُوجد)‪،‬‬ ‫• شهادة مشفوعة بقسم لكل فرد ُمعال (باستثناء الزوج) يزيد عمره عن ‪ 18‬عا ًما‪،‬‬


‫املؤهالت واالشرتاطات العامة‬

‫• يجب أال يقل سن املتقدم عن ‪ 18‬عا ًما فأكرث‪،‬‬ ‫• يُسمح بالجنسية املزدوجة ‪ /‬املتعددة‪،‬‬ ‫• ال يُسمح بالتقدم ألي شخص ُمدان بجرائم ال تقل عقوبتها عن الحبس ملدة ‪6‬‬ ‫أشهر‪،‬‬ ‫• يحلف َمن ينجح من املتقدمني ميني الوالء يف أنتيغوا وبربودا‪ ،‬أو يف أي سفارة‪ ،‬أو‬ ‫مكتب مفوضية عليا‪ ،‬أو قنصلية تتبع أنتيغوا وبربودا‪،‬‬ ‫• يجب عىل مكتسبي املواطنة كنتيجة لرشاء العقارات االحتفاظ مبلكية العقار‬ ‫ملدة ال تقل عن خمس سنوات‪ .‬وخالل هذه الفرتة‪ ،‬يجوز بيع العقار‪ ،‬مع امتالك‬ ‫عقار آخر بقيمة مامثلة فور إمتام البيع‪.‬‬ ‫• يجب مراعاة رشط اإلقامة ملدة خمسة أيام يف غضون خمس سنوات‪ .‬ويجب عىل‬ ‫املواطن استيفاء هذا الرشط قبل تجديد جواز سفره يف حالة عدم توفره‪.‬‬ ‫يُطلب من كل متقدم‪ ،‬سواء من البالغني أو األطفال‪ ،‬تقديم النامذج واملستندات‬ ‫التالية‪:‬‬ ‫‪ .1‬صورة وشهادة معتمدة بالتوقيع (منوذج ‪)AB2‬‬ ‫‪ .2‬شهادة طبية (منوذج ‪ ،)AB3‬متضمن ًة النتائج األصلية الختبار فريوس العوز‬ ‫املناعي البرشي “األيدز” (يجب عىل جميع األشخاص املتقدمني للحصول عىل‬ ‫املواطنة‪ ،‬ممن ال يقل عمرهم عن ‪ 12‬عا ًما فأكرب‪ ،‬الخضوع الختبار فريوس العوز‬ ‫املناعي البرشي “اإليدز”)‪ ،‬رشيطة أال يكون قد مىض عىل نتائج اختبار فريوس‬ ‫العوز املناعي البرشي “األيدز” أكرث من ‪ 3‬أشهر‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .3‬نسخة ملونة مصدّقة عن أي جواز سفر حايل خاص بك‪ ،‬مبي ًنا فيه االسم‪،‬‬ ‫والصورة‪ ،‬واملواطنة ‪ /‬الجنسية‪ ،‬وتاريخ اإلصدار ومحل اإلصدار‪ ،‬وتاريخ االنتهاء‪،‬‬ ‫ورقم جواز السفر‪ ،‬والدولة (الدول) التي أصدرته‪ ،‬والتوقيع (مصدّ ق بالنسبة إىل‬ ‫الدول املشاركة يف اتفاق حاشية التصديق (اتفاقية معاهدة الهاي إللغاء إلزام‬ ‫التصديق بالنسبة للوثائق العامة األجنبية رقم ‪.)12‬‬ ‫‪ .4‬نسخة ملونة مصدّقة مقروءة من أي بطاقة هوية وطنية مميكنة حالية خاصة‬ ‫بك [يُرجى الرجوع إىل البند رقم “‪ ”3‬أعاله]‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫‪ .5‬مثاين (‪ )8‬صور أصلية ملونة خاصة بك مبقاس صورة جواز السفر‪ ،‬مل ميض عليها‬ ‫أكرث من ‪ 6‬أشهر‪ ،‬بحيث تكون الصور‪:‬‬ ‫• ذات منظر أمامي كامل قريب للرأس والكتفني‪ ،‬بحيث تغطي الرأس من ‪%70‬‬ ‫إىل ‪ %80‬من الصورة‪ ،‬وذلك إىل جانب ظهور األذنني ومفرق الرأس فوق الجبني‪.‬‬ ‫• بدون نظارات‪ ،‬بحيث يظهر فيها الشخص وهو ينظر مبارش ًة إىل الكامريا‪ ،‬وتكون‬ ‫عيناه مفتوحتني‪ ،‬وال يكون الشعر مسرتسالً فوقها‪ ،‬وأن يتم ذلك دون تغطية الرأس‬ ‫بأي غطاء‪.‬‬ ‫• ذات خلفية بيضاء واضحة‪ ،‬دون ظل‪.‬‬ ‫• ذات تعبري وجهي محايد (خالية من الضحك أو العبوس)‪ ،‬وأن يكون الفم مغلقًا‬ ‫فيها‪.‬‬ ‫• عبارة عن صور حقيقية مل يتم التالعب فيها بأي شكل من األشكال‪ ،‬إضاف ًة إىل‬ ‫دقتها ووضوحها وتركيزها‪.‬‬ ‫• ذات مقاس حوايل ‪ 45 x 35‬ملم‪ ،‬وذات ألوان عالية الجودة‪ ،‬ومطبوعة عىل ورق‬ ‫ذي نوعية ممتازة‪.‬‬ ‫• متطابقة متا ًما‪ ،‬مع التصديق عىل إحداها‪ .‬ويجب إرفاق صورة واحدة من هذه‬

Квалификационные и общие требования

‫ مذكو ًرا‬،‫• تأكيد خطي مصدّق من جامعة أو كلية معرتف بهام الستكامل التعليم‬ 18 ‫ وذلك ألي فرد ُمعال يرتاوح عمره بني‬،‫فيه تاريخ بدء الدراسة وتاريخ انتهائها‬ ‫ وصاحب املتقدم الرئييس‬،‫ كان قد واصل تعليمه بنظام الدوام الكامل‬،‫ عا ًما‬25‫و‬ ،)‫ أشهر عىل األقل عند تقديم الطلب‬6 ‫عند تقدميه الطلب (يجب أن يتبقى أمامه‬ ‫ وال‬،‫ عا ًما‬25‫ و‬18 ‫• إثبات عنوان لألفراد املعالني الذين ترتاوح أعامرهم بني‬ .)‫يعيشون مع الوالدين (من مرتادي الجامعات‬

Квалификационные и общие требования: • возраст заявителей — старше 18 лет; • допускается двойное или множественное гражданство; • не допускаются лица, осужденные за преступления, которые предусматривают минимальное наказание в виде 6 месяцев лишения свободы; • прошедшие отбор заявители принимают присягу на верность в Антигуа и Барбуда или в любом посольстве, управлении Верховного комиссара или консульстве Антигуа и Барбуда; • лицо, получившее гражданство на основании покупки недвижимости, обязано владеть ею не менее пяти лет. На протяжении указанного срока гражданин вправе продать эту недвижимость только при условии покупки другой недвижимости аналогичной стоимости; • необходимый срок пребывания в стране — 5 дней в течение пяти лет. Если это требование не будет выполнено, гражданин обязан удовлетворить его перед повторным выпуском паспорта. Каждый кандидат, включая детей, подает следующие формы и документы: 1. Фотография и заверенная подпись (форма АВ2). 2. Медицинское заключение (форма AB3), включая оригиналы результатов теста на ВИЧ (тест на ВИЧ обязателен для всех лиц старше 12 лет, подающих заявление на получение гражданства). Обратите внимание, что результаты теста на ВИЧ должны быть не старше 3 месяцев. 3. Заверенная цветная копия действующего паспорта (паспортов) с фотографией, указанием ФИО, гражданства/ национальности, даты и места выдачи, срока действия, выдавшей страны, серии и номера паспорта (апостилированная копия для стран, являющихся участниками Конвенции об апостиле (Договор Гаагской конвенции 12). 4. Заверенная цветная копия действующего машиночитаемого удостоверения (удостоверений) личности [см. пункт 3 выше].


5. 8 оригиналов цветных фотографий для паспорта, сделанных в последние 6 месяцев. Требования к фотографиям: • анфас, голова и плечи крупным планом, лицо занимает 70–80% фотографии, уши и линия роста волос выше лба открыты; • очки не допускаются; взгляд направлен прямо в фотокамеру, глаза открыты и не завешены волосами; без головного убора; • простой светлый фон, без теней; • выражение лица нейтральное (без улыбки и нахмуренности), рот закрыт; • оригинальное фотоизображение, без каких-либо изменений, четкое, контрастное и сфокусированное; • размер 35 х 45 мм, печать качественными цветными чернилами на высококачественной бумаге; • все фотографии совершенно идентичны, а одна из них заверяется. Одна из восьми фотографий прилагается к форме АВ2, еще одна — к форме AB3. 6. Оригинальная выписка актовой записи о рождении или заверенная копия полного свидетельства о рождении (документ, содержащий информацию о родителях). Для оформления паспорта также НЕОБХОДИМО предоставить свидетельство о рождении. 7. Все заявители старше 18 лет предоставляют оригинал справки из полиции любой страны проживания, в которой они находились более 6 месяцев на протяжении последних 10 лет, и всех стран гражданства (если только заявитель не предоставит убедительное доказательство того, что он там никогда не проживал). Справка из полиции выдается в течение шести месяцев до подачи заявления. В случае отсутствия такой справки необходимо подать отдельное официальное заявление с детальным описанием предпринятых усилий для ее получения. Также в нем указывается факт признания заявителя (или членов его семьи) виновными, осужденными или обвиненными в нарушении закона этой страны. Официальное заявление подтверждается другими сведениями, свидетельствующими о вашем положении. 8. Заверенная копия военного билета/билетов (при наличии). 9. Заверенная копия документа об изменении ФИО (при наличии: документ об изменении фамилии, документы об усыновлении и т.д.). 10. Любые документы, необходимые в качестве доказательства, объяснения или иного подтверждения любого предоставленного ответа или заявления, указанных в настоящей форме.

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Следующие формы и документы требуются только от основного заявителя: • 1 Подтверждение инвестиций / вклад в Фонд национального развития (NDF) / Договор условного депонирования (форма AB4). • В случае приобретения недвижимости: копия контракта установленного образца о приобретении недвижимости (договор купли-продажи; документ о денежном переводе, выданный Налоговым управлением), копия договора об условном депонировании установленного образца. Если имущество уже приобретено: документ о передаче права собственности (либо акт или свидетельство о праве собственности) и подтверждение внесения средств в полном объеме на специальный счет условного депонирования. • 1 Форма Агента (форма AB5). • 1 Оригинал банковской справки о наличии денежных средств, выданной банком международного уровня в течение последних 6 месяцев. • 1 Оригинал профессиональных рекомендаций (от юриста, нотариуса, сертифицированного бухгалтера и т.д.), не старше 6 месяцев. • Справка с места работы или документы юридического лица (при наличии).

• 2 оригинала документов, подтверждающих адрес проживания (например, заверенная копия последнего счета за коммунальные услуги, договор аренды/найма или свидетельство о праве собственности с указанием имени и текущего адреса заявителя), не старше 3 месяцев. Необходимы следующие документы: • Оригинал выписки из записи акта о браке или заверенная копия свидетельства (свидетельств) о браке. • Заверенная копия документа/документов о разводе (при наличии). • Письменное подтверждение финансовой поддержки каждого иждивенца (за исключением супруга) старше 18 лет. • Заверенное письменное подтверждение от аккредитованного университета или колледжа профессионального образования с указанием даты начала и окончания обучения каждого иждивенца в возрасте 18–25 лет, обучающегося очно и подающего заявку вместе с основным заявителем (на дату подачи заявления остается не менее 6 месяцев). • Документ, подтверждающий место проживания иждивенцев в возрасте 18–25 лет, проживающих отдельно от родителей (обучающихся в университете).


采访总理加斯顿·布朗阁下管理团队中的旅游、经济发 展、投资和能源部长阿索特·迈克尔(Asot Michael)

Interview with the Honourable Asot Michael, Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy The Minister of Tourism cites rapid growth in tourism driven by the opening of the new, modern airport, increased cruise ship capacity and investment incentives as part of a host of developments encouraged by a Government with foresight and ambition. He speaks with a contagious excitement for the future of Antigua and Barbuda and he is proud about the newest World Heritage Site on the island as well as the host of advantages to potential developers. 旅游部长提到了旅游业的快速增长,其推动力来自开放新的现代化机场、提升游轮停靠能力和投资激励,而这正是 富有远见和雄心的政府鼓励的众多发展之一。他怀着极具感染力的激情描绘了安提瓜和巴布达的未来,并且非常自 豪地推荐了岛上最新的世界遗产地以及针对潜在开发商的一系列优势。 How do you feel you will impact the tourism industry over the next few years? Tourism provides 75% of our nation’s GDP. We have made great progress in tourism over the last two years. We have been experiencing double digit growth in tourist arrivals for the first half of this year with our numbers from the USA, our largest source market growing at about 20% year on year. The opening of the sub region’s largest and most modern International Airport – The VC Bird, has been a tremendous boost for the tourist industry where we have since been able to attract 5 new international carriers to start serving Antigua and Barbuda. We have supported the increase in airlift with a major allocation of marketing funding from the CIP, taking our tourism marketing campaigns to new levels in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Major dredging and pier developments have been made to our port facilities to allow us to accommodate the larger cruise ships, several of which will start calling from this winter season. We have looked at our yachting sector and provided tangible product enhancements. These include improvements such as the

您觉得未来几年您会如何影响旅游业? 旅游业为我们国家贡献了75%的GDP (国内生产总值)。 过去两年我 们在旅游业领域取得了很大进步。今年上半年到访的游客数量实现了 两位数的增长,以我们最大的客源地市场美国为例,每年同比增长约 20%。本地区最大和最现代化国际机场的开放运行极大促进了旅游业 的发展,从此让我们就能够吸引5个新的国际运营商开始服务于安提瓜 和巴布达。我们已经从CIP(投资公民计划)中调拨了大部分营销资 金来支持空运增长,从而把我们在北美洲、欧洲和加勒比地区的旅游 营销宣传活动提升到了新的水平。 我们的港口设施接受了大规模疏浚和码头拓展,使我们能够容纳更大 的游轮,其中几艘将从今年冬季开始投入使用。我们一直非常关注我 们的帆船运动领域,并且进行了大量切实可行的产品强化。其中包括 低硫燃料的可用性研究、安全措施提升以及海关和入境流程加速等改 进方案。这些举措已经全方位强化了游客体验,同时巩固了我们作为 加勒比地区“帆船圣地”的地位。去年标志着帆船季开始的“帆船执 照发放年会”见证了有史以来最大数量的豪华帆船及其注册参加活动 的代理人。

PHOTOS: Justin Peters


LABAHIA Ground breaking AHTA Tourism Awards

availability of low-sulphur fuel, improved security measures and expedited customs and immigration processes. These have all enhanced the visitor experience while cementing our position as the mecca of Caribbean sailing. Last year our Annual Charter Yacht meeting, which signals the start of the yachting season, saw the largest number of mega luxury yachts their brokers had ever registered for the event. What growth do you hope to see in Antigua over the next five years? The most critical area for growth for our tourism industry is increasing the number of sellable rooms. We have undergone a remarkable drive in attracting foreign direct investments to increase the room count from the 3,500 rooms that we now

未来五年您希望看到安提瓜在哪些方面实现逐年同比增长? 对于我们旅游业的发展而言,最关键的地方在于增加可销售房间的数 量。我们已经大力推动吸引国外直接投资,在岛上现有3500间客房 的基础上积极提升房产格局。根据我们已经收到的承诺,预计我们的 房屋储备量将在未来五年内翻一番。在航海巡游方面,我认为我们的 游轮乘客数量将超越每年100万人的里程碑,因为我们完成了一个重 大的港口开发项目。这将使圣约翰斯港口能够容纳更大级别的巡游船 舶。船籍港购物设施和功能的增强将对岛上所有与游轮产业相关的小 型商家产生重要的经济影响。 我还预见到,我们将进一步巩固我们作为加勒比地区“帆船圣地”的 地位。我们刚刚赢得令人羡慕的荣誉——我们历史悠久且风景如画的 纳尔逊船坞被认定为最新的“世界文化遗产地”。


have on island. With the commitments already received we foresee our room-stock doubling within the next 5 years. In the cruise sector, I see our cruise passenger arrivals surpassing the 1 million passengers per year milestone as we complete a major port development project. This will allow the port of St John’s to accommodate the larger class of cruise vessels. The enhanced shopping facilities and capabilities for home-porting will have a significant economic impact on all the small business operators on island that are associated with the cruise industry. I also see us further cementing our position as the mecca of Caribbean sailing. We have just earned the enviable accolade of having the historic and picturesque Nelson’s Dockyard named as the newest World Heritage Site.


If you could oversee one major change in the tourism industry in the next 5 years what would it be? It is critical that Antigua and Barbuda improves the hotel product that we currently have. For example ensuring we have a major anchor hotel brand as part of our room inventory with a facility capable of hosting large conferences.

畅的操作流程。 此外,各类新服务,例如“安提瓜特色(Signature

How has the new airport impacted the tourism industry? Our airport which was just rated the second best in the entire Caribbean, continues to be the catalyst in helping to attract new airlines which will extend our reach into even more source markets as we further diversify the industry. We have increased our new immigration desks to 20 positions, and redesigned the operations to reduce the processing time exponentially down to 20–30 seconds for departing customers and 30–45 seconds for arriving passengers. From arrival via the jet bridges to transfers at curbside, whether it is the taxi stand or the car rental desk, our visitors have noticed a redesigned process that is as smooth as feasibly possible. Additionally, new services such as “Signature Antigua’s” aircraft to yacht service have expedited the transfers for those planning on immediately heading towards their yacht. This has significantly enhanced the arrival experience for our visitors in the lucrative yachting sector.


What developments are you most excited about? There are so many new developments underway and they all bring a significant improvement and much welcome diversification to the Tourism product. However it’s important to share some of the exciting things that have happened over the last two years. Pearns Point is a US$300 million high-end development project; The Setai branded resort hotel is well underway; The principals of the Replay Group out of Canada have started work on the old Half Moon Bay Hotel property to return it to full operation and the Barbuda Belle is a US$2 million eco-friendly investment, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy eco-luxury on one of the greenest islands in the Caribbean. Tamarind Hills has a stunning collection of freehold villas,

安提瓜和巴布达改善了我们目前拥有的酒店产品,这是至关重要的。 例如,确保我们在能够举办大型会议的房间储备中,拥有一个重要的 主打酒店品牌。 新机场会如何影响旅游业? 我们的机场在整个加勒比地区排名第二,将继续成为有助于吸引新的 航空公司的催化剂,而随着我们进一步实现行业的多元化发展,这将 使我们的业务范围扩展到更多客源市场。 我们已经为新的出入境通关口增加了20个岗位,并重新设计了操作流 程,以便将离港客户和到港乘客的手续办理时间分别大幅缩减至20-30 秒和30-45秒。从通过空桥到港到路边转机,无论是否位于出租车站点 或租车服务台,我们的游客都将享受到经过重新设计的尽可能轻松顺 Antigua’s)”飞机直达帆船服务,为计划立即前往各自帆船的旅客们 加快了转移进程。这已经在利润丰厚的帆船行业内显著提升了我们的 游客的到达体验。 最让您感到激动的开发项目是什么? 目前有许多新的开发项目在进行中,而它们都为旅游产品带来了显著 各种激动人心的消息分享给所有人。 Pearns Point 是一个价值3亿美元的高端开发项目。Setai 品牌度 假酒店项目正在如火如荼地进行中。加拿大瑞普雷集团(Replay Group)的负责团队已经开始操作旧有的半月湾酒店(Half Moon Bay Hotel)物业,准备使其恢复全面运营。Barbuda Belle(巴布达 百丽)是一个价值200万美元的生态环保投资项目,为客户提供了在 加勒比地区最环保之一的岛屿上享受生态奢华环境的机会。 Tamarind Hills(罗望子山)在一座五星级海滨度假村内拥有一系列可 供销售和租赁的令人惊艳的永久产权别墅、联排别墅和公寓。目前那 里有11栋别墅和36个套间,后者将扩建成为57个新的单卧套房。 传道士山(Friars Hill)上也开始建造价值5200万美元的Labahia酒店 度假村和公寓,而这座包含120个单/双卧豪华公寓房的多层建筑内拥 有一座24000平方英尺的未来主义风格会议设施。鹈鹕岛(Pelican Island)上也启动了一个新的1亿美元的项目,旨在建造一座五星级精 品酒店。 无双湾(Nonsuch Bay)将进一步实施价值5800万美元的扩建项目, 其中包括帆船俱乐部、水疗中心、健身馆、美食餐厅、网球场和壁球 场。 来自迪拜的Sheik Tariq Faisal Alqassemi阁下正在开发莫里斯湾的卡 拉鲁岩礁(Calaloo Cay),其中包括一个由150间客房组成的五星 级豪华酒店项目。 此外,政府还与加拿大的天翔集团(Sun Wing Group)签署了一份 价值1.5亿美元的协议,旨在毗邻安提瓜皇家度假村(Royal Antiguan)的物业内建造一座额外的五星级酒店;这座名为“Royalton”的 酒店综合设施包含300间客房、多个餐厅、一个赌场、迪厅、全套服 务水疗中心、网球场和剧院,以及200间多用途公寓。


townhouses and apartments for sale and rental within a five star beachfront resort. They currently have 11 villas and 36 ensuite rooms, which will be expanded to include 57 new one-bedroom suites. Work has also started on US$52 million Labahia Hotel Resort and Condominiums on Friars Hill, a multi-storied, 120 strong, one and two bedroom luxury condominium with a 24,000 square ft. futuristic conference facility. A new US$100M project is also earmarked for Pelican Island for the construction of a 5 star boutique hotel. Nonsuch Bay will be seeing a further significant development with a USD$58 Million expansion, including a yacht club, spa, gym, fine dining restaurants, tennis and squash courts. His Excellency Sheik Tariq Faisal Alqassemi of Dubai is developing Calaloo Cay at Morris Bay, it includes a 5 star 150 room luxury hotel project. The Government has also signed an agreement for $150 Million with the Sun Wing Group out of Canada to build an additional five-star hotel on adjacent property to the Royal Antiguan; the “Royalton” hotel complex with 300 rooms, multiple restaurants, a casino, disco, full service spa, tennis courts and theatres and 200 mixed-use condominiums. Paradise Found Hotel, formerly K-Club, is a $250 million resort that will be developed for the sister island of Barbuda. Robert DeNiro, who was recently named as an economic envoy of our country and Australian real estate tycoon James Packer are the developers. Gravenor Bay is a US$450M project for the island of Barbuda, it will provide a total of 1100 jobs both in the construction and at full operations. Amenities in the earlier phases include luxury cottages, a solar field, helipad, spa, along with a gym and wellness center. Later phases will also include a 126-berth marina, a signature golf course and a polo sports field. The US$1.2 Billion Guiana Island Resorts project for the Guiana Island Property with Chinese investment firm Yida will shortly commence. First phases include 50 luxury 4 bedroom villas to be built on the mainland at Regent’s Bay. Every project brings new economic opportunity for our people to improve their lives, to take better care of their families and to make a meaningful contribution to the development of our nation. What do you see as the biggest advantages for a potential developer in Antigua? Antigua and Barbuda is strategically located in the middle of the Caribbean, which facilitates easy access to major shipping routes. The nation also boasts a new state-of-the-art international airport; the largest in the OECS sub-region. Additionally, benefits can be derived from attractive government concessions and the government’s willingness to provide lands in joint venture arrangements.

“人间乐园”酒店(Paradise Found Hotel,原K-Club)是一个专为 邻岛巴布达开发的价值2.5亿美元的度假村。近期被任命为我国经济特 使的罗伯特·德尼罗(Robert DeNiro)以及澳大利亚房地产大亨詹 姆斯·帕克(James Packer)是该项目的开发商。 格瑞弗纳湾(Gravenor Bay)是巴布达岛上的一个价值4.5亿美元的 项目,其在施工以及全面投入运营期间将提供总计1100个就业岗位。 早期阶段的设施包括豪华别墅、太阳能场、停机坪以及一座健身房和 保健中心。后期阶段还将包括一座126个泊位的码头、一个标准杆高 尔夫球场和一个马球运动场。 由中国投资机构亿达(Yida)参与的面向圭亚那岛物业的12亿美元圭 亚那岛度假村项目很快也将启动。第一阶段包括在丽景湾(Regent’s Bay)陆地上建造50栋豪华四卧别墅。 每个项目都会带来新的经济机遇,可以让我们的人民改善他们的生活、 更好地照顾他们的家人以及为我们国家的发展做出有意义的贡献。 您认为潜在开发商在安提瓜的最大优势是什么? 安提瓜和巴布达战略性位于加勒比地区中部,这有助于便捷地使用各 类重大运输航线。我国还拥有一座新建的最先进的国际机场,这也是 东加勒比子区域内最大的机场。此外,众多优势来自充满吸引力的政 府优惠措施以及政府为合资公司项目提供土地资源的意愿。 您希望在主要的目标市场上为安提瓜本地的开发商还是国际开发商创 造更多发展机遇? 我们同样关注吸引国际开发商以及为本地开发商提供机遇,旨在完美 融合本土物业和国际知名品牌。 在安提瓜做生意有多容易? 在安提瓜和巴布达做生意相当容易。借助政府积极支持的立场,我们 在投资领域的成功记录足以证明这一点。管理操作流程的代理机构之 间保持着密切的跨部门合作。同时存在一种增加再投资的氛围。充满 吸引力的政府优惠措施以及政府为合资公司项目提供土地资源的意 愿,同样为任何有兴趣在双岛国做生意的人显示了美好的预兆。

Do you hope to generate more Antigua based developers or are international developers the main target market for development opportunities? We are equally interested in attracting international developers and providing opportunities for local developers, creating a blend of indigenous properties as well as internationally recognized brands. How easy is it to do business in Antigua? It is relatively easy to do business in Antigua and Barbuda. This is demonstrated in our investment track record, supported by the proactive stance of the government. There is strong interdepartmental collaboration between the agencies that manage the process. There is also a climate of increased reinvestment. Attractive government concessions and the government’s willingness to provide lands in joint venture arrangements also augurs well for anyone interested in doing business in the twin-island nation. n


Frequently Asked Questions


The Antigua and Barbuda CIP Act was passed in April, 2013. The CIU, a creature of the legislation, was staffed on August 26, 2013 and opened to the public on October 10, 2013. The first application was received in November 2013. The first citizenship was granted in February of 2014.

products that fit their investment criteria. A list of the approved real estate development projects is set out on the official Government website: investment-options/real-estate/


With the exception of applicants from countries on the “Restricted Country” list, foreign nationals 18 years and older (along with their spouse, dependent children and parents over the age of 65 years) can acquire citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by making an appropriate investment in the country.

C. Approved Business To qualify under the business investment option, a single investor must make a direct investment of at least US$1,500,000 into an eligible business. Alternatively, two or more investors can make a joint investment in an eligible business totaling at least US$5,000,000, with each investor contributing at least US$400,000. Eligible businesses must be pre-approved by the Citizenship by Investment Unit and are assessed on a case-by-case basis. They may be existing or start-up businesses. In addition, an application for citizenship must be done through a locally licensed agent and is subject to processing and due diligence fees, depending on the age of the dependents.



There are three available categories of investment. A. National Development Fund (NDF) To qualify for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda under the NDF option, an investor can make a non-refundable contribution to the National Development Fund of US$200,000. These funds are then used by the Government to invest in the development of the country, for example in infrastructure, education or other national priorities. A. For a single applicant, or a family of 4 or less • US$200,000 contribution and processing fees of: Main applicant US$50,000 Spouse US$50,000 Up to two dependents pay no processing fees B. Family of 5 or more: • US$250,000 Contribution and processing fees of: Main applicant US$50,000 Spouse US$50,000 Up to three dependents pay no processing fees B. Purchase of Real Estate in an Approved Project To qualify under the real-estate option, a principal applicant must make an investment in real estate, within an approved development project, with a value of at least US$400,000. Joint applications can be made, provided each principal applicant invests at least US$400,000. Approved real estate developments may be residential, tourism, commercial or industrial projects. Real estate buyers should note that there are also transaction costs for legal fees and stamp taxes of between 2.5%–5% of the transaction price. There is a wide array of real estate options available, from 1 bed condominiums in fully functioning resorts, through to stunning building plots and high end luxury villas. There are also options for fractional ownership, and developers have shown a willingness to work with investors to create innovative

In addition to the investment-options and Licensed Agent fees, the following processing and due diligence fees are payable to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Government fee – Principal Applicant Government fee – Spouse Government fee – Dependent child aged 0–11 Government fee – Dependent child aged 12–17 Government fee – Dependent child aged 18–25 Government fee – Dependent parent aged over 65 Due diligence fee – Principal Applicant Due diligence fee – Spouse Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 0–11 Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 12–17 Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 18–25 Due diligence fee – Dependent parent aged over 65 Passport fee – each person

$50,000 $50,000 $25,000 $25,000 $50,000 $50,000 $7,500 $7,500 $0 $2,000 $4,000 $4,000 $300

The Unit has recently afforded new citizens the opportunity to add dependants after approval. There is also a no HIV test requirement for minors 0–11. The following fees now apply for additions after approval: Processing fee – New Spouse Processing fee – 0–11 years Processing fee – 12–17 years Processing fee – over 65 years Due diligence fee – New Spouse Due diligence fee – 0–11 years Due diligence fee – 12–17 years Due diligence fee – over 65 years

$75,000 $25,000 $25,000 $75,000 $7,500 N/A $2,000 $4,000


The average processing time from start to finish is 60 days for non-problematic files. Once a file is presented to our office,


the documents are reviewed for accuracy and verification of expiration dates. A receipt is then issued and the processing begins. We receive reports from our local and regional law enforcement agencies, international partners and due diligence providers within 30 to 45 days, and are able to make an informed decision within seven business days. In the case of a problematic file, the process is delayed until we receive all pertinent information. For approved files, the investor has 30 days in which to complete the transaction, after which citizenship is granted.

months imprisonment • Is the subject of a criminal investigation • Is a potential national security risk to Antigua and Barbuda or any other country • Is involved in any activity likely to cause disrepute to Antigua and Barbuda • Has been denied a visa to a country with which Antigua and Barbuda has visa-free travel and who has not subsequently obtained a visa to the country issued the denial



Given the increasing global security concerns, money laundering, terrorism and global conflicts, we need to ensure the safety of our borders and those of the international community, particularly our visa free partners. We have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that only fit and proper persons become holders of an Antigua and Barbuda passport.

It is important that applicants declare all pertinent information and provide all required documentation from the onset. This will accelerate the process and lead to the granting of citizenship in a shorter time period.



There is a 10% non-refundable deposit of the processing fees on all applications. There is no risk as it relates to the National Development Fund (NDF) contribution, given that it is only payable on approval of the file. When choosing the business investment and real estate options, some reservation deposits are non-refundable, depending on the properties. The Unit mitigates the investment risk by ensuring that withdrawals from the escrow account can only be done on the written authorization of the CIU. If, for example a development does not see the light of day, the CIU can transfer an investor to the NDF or have them choose another property.

At least two industry partners – Henley & Partners and Arton Capital – have rated Antigua as the premier program in the region. This is primarily because of the robust due diligence process, efficiency and professionalism of the Unit and government policy. Additionally, Antigua and Barbuda is the only country in the region with a program with visa free access to Canada.



A perfect candidate is an investor who has a clean criminal and civil record, is accepting of multicultural societies, willing to visit and integrate in our country, has an entrepreneurial spirit and the necessary funds to invest in Antigua & Barbuda’s economy. WILL THE GOVERNMENT OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA BE READY TO MAKE DIFFICULT DECISIONS LIKE REVOKING SOMEONE’S CITIZENSHIP?

Yes, for serious founded reasons, such as treason, sedition, or acts of terrorism or association with terrorist organizations. To date, we have discovered one person out of approximately 800 applicants, who excluded materially important information. That person’s citizenship was subsequently revoked. WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR REFUSING AN APPLICANT?

An applicant will be refused for the following reasons: • Providing false information on his or her application form • Not having received a free pardon, has at any time previously been convicted in any country of an offense for which the maximum custodial penalty is in excess of six


From inception to December 2015, over 800 citizenships have been granted.

About 40% of our applicants are from China, and 20% from the Middle-East. The other 40% is divided among other countries in the world.


One excellent success story is the partnership between PV Energy Ltd. and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. As climate change is a global concern and many countries are taking the initiative towards low-carbon and climate resilient development, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is taking steps towards mitigating the effects of climate change. The ultimate vision of the Hon. Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, is to create a more sustainable environment. In that regard, PV Energy was able to successfully complete the first 3MWp sun2live installation of the 10 MWp solar voltaic energy project. This will result in long-term economic, environmental and social benefits.



常见问题和回答 投资公民计划 (CIP) 是何时发布的? 安提瓜和巴布达于2013年4月正式通过《CIP法案》。依法成立的 CIU(投资公民计划部门)于2013年8月26日雇用了工作人员,并 于2013年10月10日面向公众开放。2013年11月受理了第一个申 请。2014年2月授予了第一个公民身份。 参加该计划的资质要求是什么? 除了来自“受限制国家”名单上的国家的申请人之外,年满18周岁及 以上的外国人士(及其配偶、未成年子女和65岁以上的父母)均可通过 进行适当的投资而获得安提瓜和巴布达的公民身份(国籍)。 该计划提供了哪些投资选择? 共有三种投资类型可供选择。 A. 国家发展基金 (NDF) 在NDF选项下,为了获得安提瓜和巴布达的国籍,投资者可以向国家 发展基金捐款(不可退还)20万美元。然后,这些基金将被政府投资 用于国家发展,如基础设施、教育或其他国家重点项目。 A. 单独申请人, 或4人以下的家庭: 200,000美元的捐款以及以下手续费:

主申请人 50,000美元

配偶 50,000美元


B. 5人以上的家庭: 250,000美元的捐款以及以下手续费:

主申请人 50,000美元

配偶 50,000美元


B. 购买授权项目中的房地产 在房地产选项下,为了获得入籍资格,主申请人必须投资授权开发项 目中价值至少40万美元的房地产。可以进行联合申请,前提是每个 主申请人投资至少40万美元。授权房地产开发包含住宅、旅游、商 业或工业项目。房地产购买者应该注意,交易成本还包括占交易价格 2.5%–5%的律师费和印花税。从全功能度假村中的单间公寓直到各类 出色的建筑用地和高端豪华别墅,可供选择的房地产非常多。此外还 可选择“产权共享”项目,即开发商愿意与投资者合作,共同创建适 合其投资标准的创新产品。授权房地产开发项目的名单公布在政府的 官方网站上: C. 授权企业 为了通过“企业投资”选项而获得入籍申请资格,单个投资者必须在 一家符合条件的企业中直接投资至少150万美元。或者,两个或多个 投资者也可以在一家符合条件的企业中联合投资至少500万美元,其 中每个投资者至少投资40万美元。符合条件的企业必须预先获得投资 公民计划部门 (CIU) 的批准,并接受个案评估。它们可以是现有或初 创的企业。此外,国籍申请必须通过本地授权的代理机构完成,且必 须根据家属的年龄缴纳手续费和尽职调查费。

该计划包含哪些政府费用? 回答:除了各类投资选项以及授权代理费之外,还应当向安提瓜和巴 布达政府支付下列手续费和尽职调查费。

政府费用 – 主申请人 政府费用 – 配偶 政府费用 – 子女 (0–11岁) 政府费用 – 子女 (12–17岁) 政府费用 – 子女 (18–25岁)

5万美元 5万美元 2.5万美元 2.5万美元 5万美元

政府费用 – 父母 (65岁以上) 尽职调查费 – 主申请人 尽职调查费 – 配偶 尽职调查费 – 子女 (0–11岁) 尽职调查费 – 子女 (12–17岁) 尽职调查费 – 子女 (18–25岁) 尽职调查费 – 父母 (65岁以上) 护照费用 – 每人

5万美元 7,500美元 7,500美元 0 2,000美元 4,000美元 4,000美元 300美元

部门近来已为新居民提供机会来增添经核准的家属。0–11周岁以下未 成年人无需进行HIV测试。以下费用用于经核准的新增家属: 手续费 – 新配偶

手续费 – 0–11周岁

手续费 – 12–17周岁

手续费 – 65周岁以上 尽职调查费 – 新配偶

尽职调查费 – 0–11周岁

尽职调查费 – 12–17周岁

尽职调查费 – 65周岁以上

75,000美元 25,000美元 25,000美元 75,000美元 7,500美元 无 2,000美元 4,000美元

申请流程需要什么? 如果提交的所有文件均无问题,从开始到结束的全部流程时间平均 为60天。– 旦文件提交到我们办公室,将接受准确性审查和有效期 验证。然后,我们会发放接收凭证,正式启动受理流程。我们会在 30–45天内接收来自我们当地和地区执法机构、国际合作伙伴以及尽 职调查组织的相关报告,然后在7个工作日内做出适当的决策。一旦 发现有问题的文件,流程将被推迟,直至我们收到所有相关的信息。 文件通过审批后,投资者可在30天内完成交易,之后将被授予新的国 籍。 为何尽职调查流程如此重要? 考虑到日益严峻的全球安全问题、洗钱、恐怖主义和全球冲突,我们 需要确保我们以及国际社会,尤其是我们的免签证合作伙伴的国土安 全。我们拥有法律和道德义务来确保,只有合适而恰当的人员才能成 为安提瓜和巴布达护照的持有者。 该计划申请人会面临哪些财务风险? 全部申请手续费中有10%为不可退还的定金。这并非风险,因为它关 系到国家发展基金 (NDF) 捐款,只有在文件通过审批后才会支付。当 选择企业投资和房地产方案时,按照物业的性质,部分预付定金是不 可退还的。 CIU部门通过确保只能在获得CIU书面批准的情况下才能 执行托管账户退款,从而缓解了投资风险。例如,如果一个开发项目 迟迟未能竣工,则CIU可以将投资者转到NDF捐款方案,或让投资者 选择其他物业投资。


‫األسئلة واإلجابات الشائعة‬

‫األسئلة واإلجابات الشائعة‬

‫متى أطلق برنامج االستثامر للحصول عىل الجنسية؟‬ ‫تم مترير قانون برنامج االستثامر للحصول عىل الجنسية الخاص بأنتيغوا وباربودا‬ ‫يف ابريل ‪ .2013‬وتم تعيني هيئة برنامج االستثامر للحصول عىل الجنسية‪ ،‬التي‬ ‫أعدت الترشيع‪ ،‬يف ‪ 13‬أغسطس ‪ .2013‬تم منح أول جنسية يف فرباير ‪.2014‬‬

‫ما هي متطلبات األهلية للربنامج؟‬ ‫مع استثناء املتقدمني من الدول املدرجة بقامئة “الدول املحظورة”‪ ،‬ميكن للمواطنني‬ ‫األجانب البالغني من العمر ‪ 18‬عا ًما أو يزيد (إىل جانب أزواجهم وأطفالهم املعالني‬ ‫وآبائهم فوق سن ‪ 65‬عا ًما) الحصول عىل جنسية أنتيغوا وباربودا عن طريق إجراء‬ ‫استثامر مناسب يف الدولة‪.‬‬ ‫ها هي خيارات االستثامر املتوفرة مبوجب الربنامج؟‬ ‫هناك ثالث فئات من االستثامر‪.‬‬ ‫‪ -1‬صندوق التطوير الوطني‬ ‫ليكون املستثمر مؤهالً للحصول عىل جنسية أنتيغوا وباربودا مبوجب خيار‬ ‫صندوق التطوير الوطني‪ ،‬فإنه ميكن له إجراء مساهمة غري قابلة لالسرتداد‬ ‫لصندوق التطوير الوطني يصل إىل ‪ 200000‬دوالر أمرييك‪ .‬يتم استخدام هذه‬ ‫التمويالت من جانب الحكومة الستثامرها يف تطوير الدولة عىل سبيل املثال البنية‬ ‫التحتية أو التعليم أو األولويات الوطنية األخرى‪.‬‬ ‫أ‪ .‬بالنسبة إىل مقدم طلب فردي أو أرسة من ‪ 4‬أفراد أو أقل‪:‬‬ ‫• ‪ 200000‬دوالر أمرييك مساهمة ورسوم معالجة ملا ييل‪:‬‬ ‫• مقدم الطلب األسايس ‪ 50000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• الزوج‪/‬الزوجة ‪ 50000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• لن يتكلف تابع واحد أو اثنان أي رسوم للمعالجة‬ ‫ب‪ .‬أرسة مكونة من ‪ 5‬أفراد أو أكرث‪:‬‬ ‫• ‪ 250000‬دوالر أمرييك مساهمة ورسوم معالجة ملا ييل‪:‬‬ ‫• مقدم الطلب األسايس ‪ 50000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• الزوج‪/‬الزوجة ‪ 50000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫• لن يتكلف ما يصل إىل ثالثة تابعني أي رسوم للمعالجة‬ ‫‪ -2‬رشاء العقارات يف مرشوع معتمد‬ ‫ليكون املتقدم األسايس مؤهالً مبوجب خيار العقارات‪ ،‬فإنه يجب عليه إجراء‬ ‫استثامر يف العقارات يف مرشوع تطوير معتمد بقيمة ال تقل عن ‪ 400000‬دوالر‬ ‫أمرييك‪ .‬وميكن تقديم الطلبات مشرتكة رشيطة أن يستثمر كل متقدم أسايس ما ال‬ ‫يقل عن ‪ 400000‬دوالر أمرييك‪.‬‬ ‫قد تكون التطويرات العقارية املعتمدة مرشوعات سكنية أو سياحية أو تجارية‬ ‫أو صناعية‪ .‬يجب عىل مشرتي العقارات التنويه إىل أن هناك أيضً ا تكاليف معاملة‬ ‫مقابل الرسوم القانونية ورضائب الدمغات ترتاوح ‪ %2.5‬و‪ %5‬لسعر املعاملة‪.‬‬ ‫هناك مجموعة كبرية من الخيارات العقارية بداية من شقق ذات رسير واحد يف‬ ‫منتجعات كاملة‪ ،‬حتى مجموعة أريض بناء رائعة فضالً عن فيالت فخمة متميزة‪.‬‬ ‫هناك أيضً ا خيارات مللكية جزئية كام أن هناك مطورين يظهرون رغبتهم يف العمل‬ ‫مع املستثمرين إلنشاء منتجات مبتكرة تناسب معايري االستثامر الخاصة بهم‪.‬‬ ‫تم وضع قامئة مرشوعات التطوير العقاري املعتمدة عىل موقع الحكومة الرسمي‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫?‪谁是该计划的完美候选人‬‬ ‫‪完美的候选人应该是没有任何刑事和民事犯罪记录的投资者,可以接‬‬ ‫‪受多元文化的社会,愿意访问并融入我们的国家,拥有创业精神以及‬‬ ‫。‪投资安提瓜和巴布达经济的必要资金‬‬ ‫‪安提瓜和巴布达政府会做出类似“取消某人的国籍”这类艰难的决定‬‬ ‫?‪吗‬‬ ‫‪会,出于某些严重的已发现的原因,例如叛国、暴乱、恐怖主义行‬‬ ‫‪为或勾结恐怖组织。截至目前,我们已经从大约800名申请人中发现‬‬ ‫‪了一个可疑人员,其恶意排除了重要的信息。该人员随后被取消了国‬‬ ‫。‪籍‬‬ ‫?‪拒绝申请人的原因有哪些‬‬ ‫‪申请人将会出于下列原因而被拒绝:‬‬ ‫‪• 在其申请表中提供虚假信息‬‬ ‫‪• 此前任何时间在任何国家因最大处罚为6个月以上监禁的行为而被‬‬ ‫‪定罪,且未获得特赦‬‬ ‫‪• 当前为刑事调查的目标人物‬‬ ‫‪• 会对安提瓜和巴布达或任何其他国家造成潜在的国家安全风险‬‬ ‫‪• 参与任何可能导致安提瓜和巴布达名誉受损的活动‬‬ ‫‪• 曾被某个安提瓜和巴布达免签旅行的国家拒签,且随后依然未获‬‬ ‫‪得该国家的签证‬‬ ‫?‪CIU部门对CIP计划的新申请人有哪些建议‬‬ ‫‪重要的是,申请人必须申报所有相关信息,并从一开始就提供所有必‬‬ ‫‪需的文档。这将加快受理流程,让申请人在更短的时间内被授予国‬‬ ‫。‪籍‬‬ ‫‪是什么让安提瓜和巴布达的计划从其他加勒比岛国的计划中脱颖而‬‬ ‫?‪出‬‬ ‫‪至少有两个行业合作伙伴 – Henley & Partners – Arton Capital,把‬‬ ‫、‪安提瓜列为该地区的首选计划。这主要是由于强大的尽职调查流程‬‬ ‫‪高效而专业的管理部门以及相关政府政策。此外,安提瓜和巴布达是‬‬ ‫。‪该地区唯一提供免签入境加拿大的国家‬‬ ‫?‪自该计划启动以来,已有多少投资者进行了申请‬‬ ‫。‪从2015年12月开始,已经向超过800人授予国籍‬‬ ‫?‪这些投资者主要来自世界上哪些国家和地区‬‬ ‫‪大约40%的申请者来自中国,20%来自中东地区。其余40%分别来自‬‬ ‫。‪全球其他国家‬‬ ‫?‪该计划目前有哪些成功案例‬‬ ‫‪其中一个优秀的成功案例是光伏能源有限公司 (PV Energy Ltd) 与安‬‬ ‫‪提瓜和巴布达政府之间的合作。 由于气候变化目前已成为全球性问‬‬ ‫‪题,而且许多国家正率先进行低碳和顺应气候变化的开发,安提瓜和‬‬ ‫‪巴布达政府正在采取步骤来缓解气候变化的影响。 Gaston Browne‬‬ ‫‪首相阁下的终极愿景是,创建一个更加可持续发展的环境。在这方‬‬ ‫‪面,光伏能源公司能够成功完成10 MWp太阳能光伏能源项目中首个‬‬ ‫‪3MWp sun2live系列的安装。而这将带来长期的经济、环境和社会效‬‬ ‫。‪益‬‬


‫كام أنه ميكننا اتخاذ قرار مستنري يف غضون ‪ 7‬أيام عمل‪ .‬ويف حال وجود ملف‬ ‫به مشكالت ما‪ ،‬فإن عملية املعالجة تتأخر حتى نتسلم جميع املعلومات وثيقة‬ ‫الصلة‪ .‬بالنسبة للملفات املعتمدة‪ ،‬يكون للمستثمر ‪ 30‬يو ًما إلكامل املعاملة التي‬ ‫يتم بعدها منح الجنسية‪.‬‬ ‫ما سبب أهمية عملية العناية الواجبة؟‬ ‫مع األخذ يف االعتبار املخاوف األمنية العاملية املتزايدة وعمليات غسيل األموال‬ ‫واإلرهاب والرصاعات العاملية‪ ،‬يجب علينا ضامن سالمة حدودنا وسالمة املجتمع‬ ‫الدويل خاصة رشكائنا الذين ال يتطلبون تأشريات‪ .‬إننا لدينا التزام قانوين وأخالقي‬ ‫لضامن أن األشخاص املناسبني أصبحوا حاملني لجواز سفر أنتيغوا وباربودا‪.‬‬ ‫ما هي املخاطر املالية للمتقدمني لهذا الربنامج؟‬ ‫هناك مبلغ عربون بقيمة ‪ %10‬لرسوم املعالجة غري قابل لالسرتداد بالنسبة لجميع‬ ‫الطلبات‪ .‬ليس هناك خطر ألنه يتعلق باملساهمة يف صندوق التطوير الوطني‪ ،‬مع‬ ‫األخذ يف االعتبار أنه فقط مستحق الدفع عند اعتامد امللف‪ .‬عند اختيار االستثامر‬ ‫يف الرشكات وخيارات العقارات‪ ،‬فإن بعض مبالغ العربون االحتياطية غري قابلة‬ ‫لالسرتداد بناء عىل املمتلكات‪.‬‬ ‫تخفف الوحدة من مخاطر االستثامر عن طريق ضامن أن عمليات السحب من‬ ‫حساب الضامن ميكن أن يتم فقط بناء عىل تفويض كتايب من وحدة االستثامر‬ ‫للحصول عىل الجنسية‪ .‬وإن مل يتم إجراء التطوير عىل سبيل املثال‪ ،‬فإنه ميكن‬ ‫لوحدة االستثامر للحصول عىل الجنسية نقل املستثمر إىل صندوق التطوير الوطني‬ ‫أو إبالغهم الختيار ملكية أخرى‪.‬‬ ‫من هو املرشح املثايل للربنامج؟‬ ‫املرشح املثايل هو املستثمر الذي لديه سجل جنايئ ومدين نظيف والذي يكون عىل‬ ‫وفاق مع املجتمعات متعددة الثقافات ويرغب يف زيارة دولتنا واالندماج بها فضالً‬ ‫عن أن يكون متمت ًعا بروح اإلقدام ولديه التمويالت الالزمة لالستثامر يف اقتصاد‬ ‫أنتيغوا وباربودا‪.‬‬ ‫هل حكومة أنتيغوا وباربودا جاهزة التخاذ قرارات صعبة مثل سحب جنسية‬ ‫شخص ما؟‬ ‫نعم‪ ،‬ألسباب قوية خطرية‪ ،‬مثل الخيانة أو إثارة الفتنة أو ارتكاب عمل إرهايب أو‬ ‫االنضامم إىل منظامت إرهابية‪ .‬حال ًيا‪ ،‬اكتشفنا أنه واحدًا من بني كل ‪ 800‬متقدم‬ ‫تقريبًا قد أخفى معلومات ذات أهمية كبرية‪ .‬وبالتايل‪ ،‬تم سحب جنسية هذا‬ ‫الشخص‪.‬‬ ‫ما أسباب رفض أحد املتقدمني؟‬ ‫من املقرر رفض املتقدم لألسباب التالية‬ ‫• تقديم معلومات خاطئة يف منوذج التقديم الخاصة به‪.‬‬ ‫• عدم حصوله عىل عفو‪ ،‬نظ ًرا إلدانته يف وقت سابق يف أي دولة بارتكاب جرمية‬ ‫تسببت يف سجنه ما يزيد عن ‪ 6‬أشهر‪.‬‬ ‫• خاضع لتحقيق جنايئ‪.‬‬ ‫• يشكل خط ًرا أمن ًيا قوم ًيا محتمالً عىل أنتيغوا وباربودا أو أي دولة أخرى‪.‬‬ ‫• متورط يف أي نشاط محتمل أن يتسبب يف إساءة سمعة أنتيغوا وباربودا‪.‬‬ ‫• تم رفض تأشريته من دولة لها تأشرية حرة مع أنتيغوا وباربودا ومل يحصل بعد‬ ‫ذلك عىل تأشرية للدولة التي أصدرت الرفض‪.‬‬

‫‪ - 3‬رشكة معتمدة‬ ‫ليكون املستثمر مؤهالً مبوجب خيار االستثامر يف الرشكات‪ ،‬يجب عىل املستثمر‬ ‫الفردي إجراء استثامر مبارش ال يقل عن ‪ 1500000‬دوالر أمرييك يف رشكة معتمدة‪.‬‬ ‫وبدالً من ذلك‪ ،‬ميكن ملستثمرين أو أكرث إجراء استثامر مشرتك يف رشكة بإجاميل‬ ‫قيمة ال تقل عن ‪ 5000000‬دوالر أمرييك مع مساهمة لكل مستثمر بقيمة‬ ‫‪ 400000‬دوالر أمرييك‪ .‬يجب اعتامد الرشكات القانونية مسبقًا من جانب وحدة‬ ‫االستثامر للحصول عىل الجنسية فضالً عن تقييمها عىل أساس الحالة‪ .‬قد تكون‬ ‫هناك رشكات موجودة أو قيد التجهيز‪.‬‬ ‫وعالوة عىل ذلك‪ ،‬يجب إكامل طلب الحصول عىل الجنسية من خالل وكيل‬ ‫مرخص محليًا كام أنه يخضع للمعالجة ورسوم العناية الواجبة‪ ،‬بناء عىل عمر‬ ‫األشخاص املعالني‪.‬‬ ‫ما هي الرسوم الحكومية املطبقة مبوجب هذا الربنامج؟‬ ‫باإلضافة إىل خيار االستثامر ورسوم الوكيل املعتمد‪ ،‬تكون رسوم املعالجة والعناية‬ ‫الواجبة التالية مستحقة الدفع لحكومة أنتيغوا وباربودا‪.‬‬ ‫الرسوم الحكومية ‪ -‬املتقدم األسايس ‪$50,000‬‬ ‫الرسوم الحكومية ‪ -‬الزوج ‪$50,000‬‬ ‫الرسوم الحكومية ‪ -‬الطفل املعال يف عمر يرتاوح ما بني ‪ 11–0‬عا ًما ‪$25,000‬‬ ‫الرسوم الحكومية – الطفل املعال الذي يرتاوح عمره ما بني ‪ 17–12‬عا ًما ‪$25,000‬‬ ‫الرسوم الحكومية ‪ -‬الطفل املعال الذي يرتاوح عمره ما بني ‪ 25–18‬عا ًما ‪$50,000‬‬ ‫الرسوم الحكومية ‪ -‬الوالد املعال الذي يزيد عمره عن ‪ 65‬عا ًما ‪$50,000‬‬ ‫رسوم العناية الواجبة ‪ -‬املتقدم األسايس ‪$7,500‬‬ ‫رسوم العناية الواجبة ‪ -‬الزوج ‪$7,500‬‬ ‫رسوم العناية الواجبة ‪ -‬الطفل املعال الذي يرتاوح عمره ما بني ‪ 11–0‬عا ًما ‪$0‬‬ ‫رسوم العناية الواجبة ‪ -‬الطفل املعال الذي يرتاوح عمره ما بني ‪ 17–12‬عا ًما ‪$2,000‬‬ ‫رسوم العناية الواجبة ‪ -‬الطفل املعال الذي يرتاوح عمره ما بني ‪ 25–18‬عا ًما ‪$4,000‬‬ ‫رسوم العناية الواجبة ‪ -‬الطفل املعال الذي يتجاوز عمره ‪ 65‬عا ًما ‪$4,000‬‬ ‫رسوم جواز السفر ‪ -‬لكل شخص ‪$300‬‬

‫لقد وفرت الوحدة للمواطنني الجدد الفرصة إلضافة تابعني بعد املوافقة‪ .‬كام ال‬ ‫يجب عمل اختبار خاص بنقص املناعة املكتسبة (اإليدز) لألطفال األقل من ‪ 0‬إىل‬ ‫‪ 11‬عا ًما‪.‬‬ ‫يتم تطبيق الرسوم الحالية عىل اإلضافات بعد املوافقة‪:‬‬ ‫رسوم املعالجة – الزوج أو الزوجة الجدد ‪ 75,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫رسوم املعالجة – ‪ 11–0‬عا ًما ‪ 25,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫رسوم املعالجة – ‪ 17–12‬عا ًما ‪ 25,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫رسوم املعالجة – فوق ‪ 65‬عا ًما ‪ 75,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫رسوم عناية واجبة – الزوج أو الزوجة الجديدة ‪ 75,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫رسوم عناية واجبة – ‪ 11–0‬عا ًما غري متوفر‬ ‫رسوم عناية واجبة – ‪ 17–12‬عا ًما ‪ 2,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬ ‫رسوم عناية واجبة – فوق ‪ 65‬عا ًما ‪ 4,000‬دوالر أمرييك‬

‫ما الذي تنطوي عليه عملية التقديم؟‬ ‫متوسط وقت املعالجة من البداية حتى النهاية هو ‪ 60‬يو ًما للملفات التي ال‬ ‫تشوبها مشكالت‪.‬‬ ‫مبجرد تقديم امللف ملكتبنا‪ ،‬تتم مراجعة الوثائق فيام يتعلق بالدقة والتحقق‬ ‫من تاريخ انتهاء الصالحية‪ .‬ومن ثم‪ ،‬يتم إصدار إيصال وتبدأ عملية املعالجة‪.‬‬ ‫إننا نتلقى تقارير من وكاالت تنفيذ القانون املحلية واإلقليمية والرشكاء الدوليني‬ ‫ومقدمي خدمة العناية الواجبة يف غضون فرتة ترتاوح ما بني ‪ 30‬إىل ‪ 45‬يو ًما‬

Часто задаваемые вопросы и ответы на них

‫ما هي رسالة الوحدة للمتقدمني الجدد لربنامج االستثامر للحصول عىل الجنسية؟‬ ‫من املهم للمتقدمني ذكر جميع املعلومات ذات الصلة باملوضوع وتقديم جميع‬ ‫ وهذا سيساعد يف ترسيع العملية ويؤدي إىل منح‬.‫الوثائق املطلوبة من البداية‬ .‫الجنسية يف أرسع وقت ممكن‬ ‫ما الذي يجعل برنامج أنتيغوا وباربودا متمي ًزا عن برامج جزر الكاريبي؟‬ ‫ هينيل آند بارترنز و آرتون كابيتال – بتقييم‬- ‫قام ما ال يقل عن رشيكني صناعيني‬ ‫أساسا بسبب عملية العناية‬ ً ‫ وهذا‬.‫برنامج أنتيغوا عىل أنه برنامج متميز يف املنطقة‬ ،‫ وعالوة عىل ذلك‬.‫الواجبة والكفاءة واالحرتافية الخاصة بالوحدة وسياسة الحكومة‬ ‫أنتيغوا وباربودا هي الدولة الوحيدة يف املنطقة التي تتمتع بربنامج للسفر الحر‬ .‫بدون تأشرية إىل كندا‬ ‫كم عدد املستثمرين الذين تقدموا منذ بداية الربنامج؟‬ .‫ جنسية‬800 ‫ تم منح أكرث من‬،2015 ‫من البداية إىل ديسمرب‬ ‫أي أجزاء من العامل يأيت منها املستثمرون بشكل أسايس؟‬ ‫ اآلخرين‬%40‫ و‬.‫ من الرشق األوسط‬%20‫ من املتقدمني من الصني و‬%40 ‫حوايل‬ .‫مقسمني بني الدول األخرى يف العامل‬ ‫ما هو الغرض الرئييس لهذا الربنامج‬ ‫ما هي بعض قصص النجاح للربنامج حتى اآلن؟‬ ‫ وحكومة‬PV Energy Ltd. ‫من بني قصص النجاح املتميزة لدينا هي الرشاكة مع‬ .‫أنتيغوا وباربودا‬ ‫ونظ ًرا ألن تغري املناخ يعترب أحد املخاوف العاملية وتأخذ العديد من الدول زمام‬ ‫ فإنه حكومة أنتيغوا وباربودا‬،‫املبادرة تجاه عملية خفض الكربون وتطوير املناخ‬ .‫تاخذ خطوات تجاه تخفيف آثار التغري املناخي‬ .‫ يف خلق بيئة أكرث استدامة‬،‫ جاسن برون‬،‫تتمثل الرؤية النهائية لرئيس الوزراء‬ sun2live ‫ القدرة عىل إكامل أول محطة‬PV Energy ‫ كان لدى‬،‫ويف هذا الصدد‬ ‫ وهذا‬.‫ ميجا وات ذروي‬10 ‫ ميجا وات ذروي ملرشوع طاقة شمسية بقدرة‬3 ‫بقدرة‬ .‫سيسفر عن وجود مزايا اقتصادية وبيئية واجتامعية طويلة األجل‬

Часто задаваемые вопросы и ответы на них Когда была запущена программа «Гражданство через инвестиции»? Закон о получении гражданства Антигуа и Барбуды через инвестиции был принят в апреле 2013 года. Отдел предоставления гражданства за инвестиции был укомплектован персоналом 26 августа 2013 года и официально открыт 10 октября 2013 года. Первая заявка была получена в ноябре 2013 года. Первое гражданство было предоставлено в феврале 2014 года. Какие требования предъявляются к заявителям для участия в программе? За исключением заявителей из стран с ограниченным выездом, иностранные физические лица в возрасте 18 лет


и старше (вместе с супругом/супругой, детьми-иждивенцами и родителями в возрасте старше 65 лет) могут получить гражданство Антигуа и Барбуды, сделав соответствующие инвестиции в экономику страны. Какие варианты инвестирования доступны в рамках программы? Есть три доступных категории инвестиций. A. Фонд национального развития (NDF) Для того чтобы иметь право на получение гражданства Антигуа и Барбуды через вклад в Фонд национального развития (NDF), инвестор должен внести безвозвратный вклад в размере 200 000 долларов США. Эти средства используются правительством для инвестирования в развитие страны, например, в инфраструктуру, образование или другие национальные приоритеты. A.Для одинокого заявителя или для семьи до 4 человек (включительно): • US$200 000 Взнос и плата за оформление документов: Основной заявитель US$50 000 Супруг US$50 000 До двух иждивенцев без платы за оформление документов B. Семья от 5 человек: • US$250 000 Взнос и плата за оформление документов: Основной заявитель US$50 000 Супруг US$50 000 До трех иждивенцев без платы за оформление документов. B. Приобретение недвижимости в утвержденном проекте Для того чтобы иметь право на получение гражданства через покупку недвижимости, основной заявитель должен осуществить инвестиции в недвижимость в рамках утвержденного строительного проекта в размере не менее 400 000 долларов США. Возможна подача совместных заявок при условии, что каждый основной заявитель инвестирует не менее 400 000 долларов США. К числу одобренных объектов недвижимости могут относиться жилые, туристические, коммерческие или промышленные проекты. Покупатели недвижимости должны помнить о необходимости уплаты операционных издержек на оплату юридических услуг и гербовых сборов в размере 2,5–5% от стоимости сделки. Заявителям предоставляется разнообразный выбор объектов недвижимости: от кондоминиумов эконом-класса в полнофункциональных курортных комплексах до поражающих воображение участков для застройки и элитных роскошных вилл. Есть также варианты для долевого владения. Застройщики готовы сотрудничать с инвесторами для создания инновационных продуктов, которые соответствуют их инвестиционным


критериям. Перечень утвержденных проектов застроек размещен на официальном веб-сайте правительства: http://

Недавно удалось добавить возможность для новых граждан добавлять иждивенцев после одобрения. Также для детей в возрасте 0–11 лет отсутствует анализ на ВИЧ.

C. Бизнес-инвестиции Для того чтобы иметь право на получение гражданства через вложение инвестиций в бизнес, индивидуальный инвестор должен прямо инвестировать в соответствующий критериям бизнес-проект не менее 1 500 000 долларов США. Как вариант, два или больше инвесторов могут совместно инвестировать в подходящий бизнес-проект от 5 000 000 долларов США, при этом каждый инвестор должен внести не менее 400 000 долларов США. Соответствующие критериям бизнес-проекты должны быть предварительно одобрены отделом предоставления гражданства за инвестиции и оценены в каждом конкретном случае. Это могут быть существующие или создаваемые предприятия. Кроме того, необходимо подать заявку о предоставлении гражданства через местного лицензированного агента и оплатить все государственные сборы за оформление документов и проверку личности в зависимости от возраста иждивенцев.

В настоящее время после одобрения необходимо оплатить:

Какие государственные сборы взимаются в рамках программы? Кроме сборов, связанных с инвестициями, и сборов за услуги лицензированного агента, правительству Антигуа и Барбуда также оплачиваются государственные сборы за оформление документов и сборы за проверку личности. Государственный сбор – основной заявитель – 50 000 долларов США Государственный сбор – супруг (супруга) – 50 000 долларов США Государственный сбор – дети, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте 0–11 лет – 25 000 долларов США Государственный сбор – дети, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте 12–17 лет – 25 000 долларов США Государственный сбор – дети, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте 18–25 лет – 50 000 долларов США Государственный сбор – родители, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте старше 65 лет – 50 000 долларов США Сбор за проверку личности – основной заявитель – 7 500 долларов США Сбор за проверку личности – супруг (супруга) – 7 500 долларов США Сбор за проверку личности – дети, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте 0–11 лет – 0 долларов США Сбор за проверку личности – дети, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте 12–17 лет – 2 000 долларов США Сбор за проверку личности – дети, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте 18–25 лет – 4 000 долларов США Сбор за проверку личности – родители, находящиеся на иждивении, в возрасте старше 65 лет – 4 000 долларов США Паспортный сбор – каждое лицо – 300 долларов США

Стоимость оформления документов - новый супруг – $75 000 Стоимость оформления документов для детей 0–11 лет – $25 000 Стоимость оформления документов для детей 12–11 лет – $25 000 Стоимость оформления документов для лиц в возрасте старше 65 лет – $ 75 000 Оплата пошлины – новый супруг – $7 500 Оплата пошлины – 0–11 лет – не применимо Оплата пошлины – 12–17 лет – $2 000 Оплата пошлины – старше 65 лет – $4 000

Что предусматривает процедура подачи заявки? В среднем время оформления от начала до конца составляет 60 дней для непроблемных дел. После предоставления дела в наш офис документы рассматриваются на предмет точности и проверки дат истечения срока действия. Выдается расписка о получении, и начинается процесс оформления. Мы получаем отчеты от местных и региональных правоохранительных органов, международных партнеров и организаций, осуществляющих проверку личности, в течение 30–45 дней, и в течение семи рабочих дней принимаем обоснованное решение. В случае проблемных дел процесс затягивается до получения нами всей необходимой информации. В случае утверждения у инвестора есть 30 дней на завершение сделки, после чего предоставляется гражданство. Почему процедура проверки личности имеет настолько важное значение? Учитывая растущие глобальные проблемы безопасности, отмывание незаконных доходов, терроризм и глобальные конфликты, мы должны обеспечить безопасность наших границ и интересов международного сообщества, в частности, наших безвизовых партнеров. Наш правовой и нравственный долг - гарантировать, что обладателями паспортов Антигуа и Барбуда становятся только проверенные и надежные лица. Каковы финансовые риски для заявителей этой программы? Предусмотрен безвозвратный взнос 10% от суммы государственных сборов для всех заявок. Не существует никакого риска, поскольку этот взнос относится к вкладу в Фонд национального развития (NDF) и оплачивается только в случае утверждения. При выборе варианта


бизнес-инвестиций и покупки недвижимости некоторые резервационные взносы не подлежат возврату в зависимости от объекта собственности. Отдел предоставления гражданства за инвестиции снижает инвестиционные риски, гарантируя, что снятие средств с целевого депозитного счета возможно только с его письменного разрешения. Если, например, застройка не была завершена, отдел предоставления гражданства за инвестиции может перенаправить инвестора в Фонд национального развития (NDF) или выбрать другой объект собственности. Кто является идеальным кандидатом на участие в программе? Идеальный заявитель — это инвестор, который ранее не привлекался к уголовной и гражданской ответственности, принимает мультикультурные общества, желает посетить нашу страну и стать ее жителем, имеет предпринимательский дух и необходимые средства для инвестиций в экономику Антигуа и Барбуды. Может ли правительство Антигуа и Барбуды принимать сложные решения, в частности, о лишении гражданства? Да, по серьезным обоснованным причинам, таким, как государственная измена, призыв к мятежу, организация террористических актов или связь с террористическими организациями. К настоящему моменту из приблизительно 800 заявителей мы выявили одно лицо, которое скрыло существенно важную информацию. Гражданство данного лица впоследствии было аннулировано. Каковы причины отказа заявителю? Заявителю будет отказано по следующим причинам: • предоставление ложной информации в форме заявки; • отсутствие полного помилования, если заявитель был ранее осужден за совершенное в любой стране преступление, которое карается лишением свободы на срок более шести месяцев; • заявитель является объектом уголовного расследования; • заявитель представляет потенциальную угрозу национальной безопасности Антигуа и Барбуда или любой другой страны; • заявитель участвует в любой деятельности, которая может нанести ущерб репутации Антигуа и Барбуда; • заявителю было отказано в выдаче визы в страну, с которой Антигуа и Барбуда имеет безвизовый режим, вследствие чего он не получил визу в страну, выдавшую отказ.

Какие рекомендации дает отдел предоставления гражданства за инвестиции новым заявителям программы «Гражданство через инвестиции»? Важно, чтобы заявители с самого начала изложили всю необходимую информацию и предоставили всю необходимую документацию. Это ускорит процедуру и будет способствовать предоставлению гражданства в течение более короткого срока. Чем отличается программа Антигуа и Барбуда от программ других островных стран Карибского бассейна? По крайней мере, два промышленных партнера – Henley & Partners и Arton Capital – оценили программу Антигуа как главную в регионе. Эта оценка является результатом, в первую очередь, надежной процедуры проверки личности, эффективности и профессионализма отдела предоставления гражданства за инвестиции и политики правительства. Кроме того, Антигуа и Барбуда является единственной страной в регионе, программа которой предусматривает безвизовый въезд в Канаду. Сколько инвесторов воспользовалось программой с момента ее запуска? С момента запуска в декабре 2015 года предоставлено гражданство более 800 лицам. Из каких стран инвесторы? Около 40% наших заявителей из Китая, 20% из стран Ближнего Востока. Остальные 40% разделены между другими странами мира. Есть ли истории успеха за время существования программы? Одной из показательных историй успеха является партнерство между компанией PV Energy Ltd. и правительством Антигуа и Барбуда. Поскольку изменение климата является глобальной проблемой и многие страны берут на себя инициативу перехода к низкоуглеродным и климатоустойчивым системам, правительство Антигуа и Барбуда предпринимает шаги по смягчению последствий изменения климата. Главнейшей идеей премьер-министра, Гастона Брауна, является создание более экологически устойчивой окружающей среды. В этой связи компании PV Energy удалось успешно выполнить первую установку 3MWp sun2live — проект использования солнечной электрической энергии мощностью 10 МВт. Этот проект будет иметь долгосрочные экономические, экологические и социальные перспективы.


Half Moon Bay is one of the most spectacular settings in Antigua. With a long and storied history of attracting upscale travellers and celebrities, this breathtaking place is now being reimagined. On what many have called the world’s best beach will evolve one of the finest destination resorts in the Caribbean.




Half Moon Bay is tucked into Antigua’s southeast side, a short half hour from the international airport, and close to popular attractions such as English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard. This destination resort includes an amazing 132 acres with 8,000 feet of oceanfront and a playful coast.

Half Moon Bay is long established as a playground for aristocrats, politicians, and Hollywood royalty. For almost 50 years, the original Half Moon Bay Hotel attracted international celebrities and captains of industry. To the profound sadness of former guests, it permanently closed in 1995, and for over 20 years people have been hoping for a new hotel at Half Moon Bay.

White sand beach, crystal clear water, lush gardens, and native landscaping—there’s nothing like it in the Caribbean. Experiences for visitors and guests to play, learn, and grow. On land, on the beach, and in the sea. Walking and biking trails meander through vegetable gardens, orchards, and viewpoints. Food and bar experiences are farm-to-table and dock-to-dish, and a spa that will be among the finest in Antigua.

Breathtakingly beautiful, it’s named for a crescent-shaped beach of fine, white sand embracing water of astonishing clarity. Gentle cliffs rise to views of the bay and ocean beyond. Adjacent to the destination resort is a national park that will be protected for eternity. As the only development on the entire bay, Half Moon Bay will retain its peaceful nature forever.

The outpouring of love on TripAdvisor from guests of the former hotel is astonishing; they long for someone to rebuild so they can return to what they call their favourite place in the world. That passion presents an incredibly rare opportunity in the resort development business.

This is not an offering for sale E. & O.E. All renderings are conceptual and preliminary and subject to change. Amenities shown in renderings are proposed, have not received approval and may not occur.

At the new heart of Half Moon Bay is an internationally recognized, fivestar branded hotel, with estates, villas, and cottages thoughtfully placed around it. Throughout, the prevailing aesthetic is barefoot elegance and hammock chic.




A storied history of hospitality will be reimagined with a hotel that is sure to become globally applauded. Stunning architecture sits gently on the land, placed intentionally between generous green spaces. Structures are designed in harmony with the elements to maximize guests’ comfort: large overhangs provide ample shade, ocean breezes flow through indoor spaces, and sea views are everywhere you look.

Half Moon Bay is being created by Replay, a destination resort company with an admirable portfolio. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, they have a presence in the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. Their expertise is in developing and managing experiential resorts and hotels that showcase the very best a region has to offer.

Invest in a world renowned, five-star branded hotel at Half Moon Bay for $400,000 USD.

INVEST IN THE HEART OF HALF MOON BAY Half Moon Bay is an approved project under Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Those who invest in the new hotel at Half Moon Bay can qualify to become citizens and become part of establishing a remarkable destination to elevate Antigua’s profile globally. Enjoy the comfort and security of investing in Half Moon Bay with an internationally recognized, fivestar hotel brand—developed by a world-class team.

Antigua’s intimate size, relaxed pace, and astonishing natural beauty make it the most quintessentially Caribbean island Replay’s team has ever seen. The established history of resorting makes it one of the most promising destinations they’ve had the pleasure to work on.


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Global Citizenship and Residency Programs


he market for economic residency and second citizenship programs has increased dramatically in recent years, with several Caribbean countries joining the ranks of more well-known programs offered by the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom. With tax benefits, ease of travel, escaping political unrest, protection of financial assets and easier access to higher education being some of the reasons for seeking second citizenship, it is no wonder that the market has opened up and provided a host of new possibilities for a potential investor.


According to the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2016, Antigua and Barbuda is the “leading country in the Caribbean. Listed below are comparisons of 14 of the world’s most popular economic residency and citizenship programs.* *All data has been gathered from independent sources. Any applicant should consult the services of an expert prior to investment. The Editor nor the CIU may not be held responsible for errors, changes or omissions to this data.








根据恒理环球顾问事务所有限公司(Henley & Partners)公布的2016





产和更容易获得高等教育等众多寻求第二国籍的原因,这一市场已经开 启,并为潜在投资者提供了新的机遇。

*所有数据均采集自独立来源。任何申请人均应在投资前咨询专家服 务。投资移民部或本文编辑均不对数据的错误、变更或遗漏承担责任。



Routes to Investment

Visa-free Visitation

Investment Amount

Investment Type

Time to Process

Type: Residency/ Citizenship

Residency Requirement

Required Net Worth

Fee for 1st Applicant

Interview Required




US$200k NDF, US$400k Real Estate, US$1.5m Business investment

NDF, Real Estate or Business

90 days


5 days in the N/A first 5 years

US$50k for first applicant






Real Estate and Bank Deposit

90 days









US$100,000 NDF, US$200,000 real estate

EDF, Real Estate

90 days




US$11,250 NDF or US$58,250 Real Estate





US$200,000 NDF, US$350,000 Real Estate

NDF, Real Estate

90 days




US$9,000 NDF, US$58,000 Real Estate


St Kitts & Nevis



US$250,000 NDF, US$400,000 Real Estate

SIDF, Real Estate

120–180 days




NDF US$7,850, Real Estate $57,850


St Lucia



Limited to 500 Applicants per year US$200,000 NDF, US$300,000 Real Estate, US$500,000 Government Bond, Private Business

NDF, Real Estate or Government Bond, Private Business

90–120 days




US$9,500 NDF, US$59,500 Real Estate, US$9,500 Government Bond





£16, 000 Real Estate, €650K NDF & €150 Stocks/ Bonds)

NDF with investment, Property Rental, Property Purchase

6 months –2 years












€1,022,584 government bond

Government Bond

6–12 months

Residency with citizenship after 2 years






Government Bonds

36 months

Residency with citizenship after 6 years

3/4 years






€ 300,000

Government Bonds

2 months

Residency citizenship after 8 years

5 years

€ 60,000





€250,000 in Arts & Culture, €350,000 in Urban Regeneration Area, €500,000 Real Estate & 1M Business

Real Estate, Business

3–6 months

Residency Citizenship after 7 years

5 years

€ 36,423






Government Bonds

4–6 months

Residency with citizenship after 6.5 years

9 months / year








12–18 months

Residency with citizenship after 8 years

3/5 years




采访安提瓜和巴布达总理加斯顿·布朗 (Gaston Browne) 阁下

Interview with the Honourable Gaston Browne the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda We are proud to talk today with the Honourable Gaston Browne who led the Labour Party to victory in Antigua and Barbuda in the 2014 elections. He says that his objective is to work relentlessly for the development of the people of Antigua and Barbuda and is energetically working towards improving the infrastructure, revenue and economy. As one who has risen from poverty to fame, he knows his country and his people well. 今天我们很荣幸采访到在2014年安提瓜大选中获胜的工党领袖加斯顿·布朗阁下。他表示,他的目标 是坚持不懈地致力于安提瓜和巴布达人民的发展,并积极实现基础设施、居民收入和国家经济的显著 改善。作为一个出身贫困的显贵政要,他深谙他的国家以及民众的方方面面。 Where do you see Antigua in the Global economy in 20 years? We are working very hard to make Antigua and Barbuda an economic powerhouse within the region. We are taking certain steps to ensure that we improve the country’s infrastructure, to aggressively increase revenue, while at the same time expanding the various sectors of the country’s economy. We expect that we should rise to one of the most successful middle income countries in the world. Do you see Antigua becoming more involved in green energy? Absolutely! So far we have committed $100 million Eastern Caribbean Dollars to acquire green energy so that by the end of this year, we will have about 18 MEGS of green energy which will surpass our 20% that we had as a target. I believe that within the next 10 years, we should be up to at least 50% of our energy consumption coming from green energy. We

您如何看待20年后安提瓜在全球经济中的地位? 我们正在努力让安提瓜和巴布达成为所在地区的经济发动机。我们正 在采取特定的步骤来确保改善这个国家的基础设施,积极增加收入, 同时扩大国家经济的各个领域。我们期望不断上升成为世界上最成功 的中等收入国家之一。 您认为安提瓜会更多涉足绿色能源吗? 绝对会!截至目前,我们已经投入了1亿东加勒比元来获取绿色能源, 从而到了今年年底,我们将拥有大约18兆绿色能源,这一数值将比 我们原来的目标超出20%。我相信,未来10年内,我们消耗的能源应 该有至少50%来自绿色能源。我们承受着异常不良的气候变化影响, 因此我们认为必须启动自己的缓解和适应措施,以减少气候变化的影 响。 您认为谁将成为安提瓜未来的贸易伙伴? 美国肯定会和英国一样,继续成为我们的主要贸易伙伴。例如,我们 的大部分游客都来自英国和美国。我们消费的物资实际上绝大部分


Prime Minister Gaston Browne with Armando Arton – founder and president of Arton Capital, a leading global financial advisory practice specialized in investor programs for residence and citizenship

suffer disproportionately from the effects of climate change and we believe that it is incumbent on us to initiate our own mitigation and adaptation initiatives in order to reduce the effects of climate change.

是从美国进口的,甚至我们的外汇储备有90%是美元,从这个角度来 看,美国是我们最重要的贸易伙伴。 我还相信中国将成为一个非常重要的贸易伙伴,这不仅是因为他们为 我们提供了发展援助,而且源于双方真正的服务和产品交易。事实 上,我们最近颁布了相关立法,推出了几个经济特区,我们期望看到

Who do you think will be Antigua’s future trading partners? Well for sure the United States will continue to be our dominant trading partner as well as the United Kingdom. For example, most of our tourists come from the United Kingdom and the United States. The United States is the most significant trading partner from the standpoint that most of what we

大量中国公司在这些经济特区内经营业务,从而帮助安提瓜和巴布达 成为国际价值链的一部分。 您认为未来安提瓜在哪些新行业内有发展潜力? 信息学是我们重视发展以确保利用我们的知识资本的领域之一。目 前,我们即将与洛克希德马丁旗下的一家公司合作从事一个涉及到远


consume is actually imported from the United States and even in terms of our currency reserves – 90% of it is in United States dollars. I also believe that China will emerge as a very significant trading partner, not only from the standpoint of development assistance that they have given, but in terms of literal trade in services and products. In fact we have recently enacted legislation to introduce several Special Economic Zones and we expect to see a number of Chinese companies operating within those Special Economic Zones, for Antigua & Barbuda to become part of that international value chain.

洋物种水产养殖的项目。我们将养殖这些物种,并将它们用于国内消 费和出口。 渔业是另一个我们将在未来实现经济多元化发展,从而为我们的GDP 做出重要贡献的领域。此外,我们还关注制造业内的部分领域。离岸 金融服务同样是一个我们在其中拥有良好的专业知识的领域之一,而 且我们相信我们可以继续扩大该领域。 您是否认为旅游仍将是安提瓜最大的产业? 是的。我认为,未来很长一段时间内,旅游业仍将是GDP最大的单一 贡献者。在该领域内我们拥有重要的经验和专业知识,几十年来该领 域一直是GDP的单一最大贡献者。它很有可能继续做到这一点,因

We are working very hard to make Antigua and Barbuda an economic powerhouse within the region.




What new industries do you believe Antigua has the potential to develop in the future? Informatics is one of the areas we are looking at in a serious way to ensure that we could utilize our intellectual capital. Presently, we are about to partner with a firm that is associated with Lockheed Martin to engage in a project that will be involving aqua farming for pelagic species. We will farm those species and utilize them for domestic consumption as well as exportation. Fisheries is another area where we will diversify our economy in the future to make a significant contribution to our GDP. We also believe that there is some scope for manufacturing. Also offshore financial services are an area in which we have significant expertise and we believe that we can continue to expand the sector. Do you think that tourism will remain the largest industry in Antigua? I do! I think that tourism will remain the single largest contributor to GDP for a very long time. It is an area in which we have significant experience and expertise and it has been the single largest contributor to GDP for many decades. It is likely to continue to do so as we attract further hotel investments. We have about US$3 billion in investment pleasures and we will see tripling of our room stock within the next 5 years. This means that the revenues from tourism will grow exponentially in Antigua. What are your goals for building the tourism industry over the next 5 years? We certainly want to improve the product offering to make sure it is one of, if not the best, in the world. We also want

元,未来五年我们将见证我们的房产股票增加至三倍。这意味着旅游 业的收入将在安提瓜呈指数级增长。 未来五年您在构建旅游业方面有哪些目标? 是最佳之一。我们还希望确保我们开发了整个基础设施。现在,你会 意识到,我们拥有本地区最好的机场之一。我们将花费大约9700万美 元来发展巡航载体,并【同样】使其成为加勒比地区最佳之一。 此外,我们拥有许多世界上最美丽的海滩。我们这里有365座海滩, 全年365天,每天都会对应一座海滩。所以实质上,我们相信自己可 以为游客提供一套综合产品,并确保我们的产品在物有所值方面成为 全球最佳。 在您的政治生涯之外,您人生中最大的成就是什么? 我拥有一个非常美好的家庭,当然我想说,我有幸娶了一位非常美丽 的年轻女士Maria Browne,并且有了一个美妙的家庭。 您会留下什么遗产? 对我来说,谈论遗产可能有点为时过早,这并不是一个我必须关注的 话题。我的目标是,为了安提瓜和巴布达人民的发展而不懈工作,我 相信我们正在取得显著的进步。我希望作为努力为安提瓜和巴布达人 民谋求福利的首相而被铭记。 最后请问,您最畏惧什么? 我无所畏惧。但我有忧虑,因为我会担心这个国家面临的各种威胁。 对我而言,人生充满了挑战,而我们将解决这些出现的挑战。问题的 关键在于,确保我们能够始终缓解挑战,并继续致力于促进国家的发 展。 事实上,安提瓜和巴布达是世界上最安全的国家之一。今年我们国家 仅有两起杀人案例,沿着当前的发展轨迹,我希望不要再出现更多的 不良事件。对于我的政府而言,保护我们的公民、居民和游客的安全 是重中之重,我们希望确保继续加强全国境内的整体安保和公共安 全。来到这个国家的游客同样可以理解,他们处于一个非常安全和稳 定的空间,并且可以保证他们的安全不会受到任何削弱影响。


to ensure that we develop the overall infrastructure. You will recognize today that we have one of the finest airports within the region. We will be spending about US$97 million developing the cruise carrier to [also] make it one of the finest in the Caribbean. In addition, we boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We have 365 beaches – a beach for everyday of the year. So in essence, we believe that we can provide an integrated product to visitors and to ensure that our product becomes the best in terms of value for money anywhere on the planet. Outside of your political career, what has been your life’s greatest achievement? I have a very beautiful family and certainly I would say that I had the opportunity to marry a very beautiful young lady, Maria Browne, and have a wonderful family. What will be your legacy? It’s probably a little too soon for me to speak about legacy, it is not an issue that I am necessarily concerned about. My objective is to work relentlessly for the development of the

people of Antigua and Barbuda and I am confident that we are making significant strides. I wish to be remembered as a Prime Minister who worked hard for the advancement of the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Finally, what do you fear most? I fear nothing. I have concerns and I am concerned about the various threats facing the country. As far as I am concerned, life is filled with challenges and we will address them as they come. The whole issue is to ensure that we are in a position to mitigate them, and to continue to preside over the advancement of the country. In fact, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the safest countries in the world. We have had only two homicides this year and along the present trajectory, I hope we may not have any more than that. The safety and security of our citizens, residents and visitors is very important to my government and we want to make sure that we continue to strengthen the whole security and public safety within our country. Visitors who come to the country can understand, too, that they are operating within a very safe and secured space, and can be assured that their security will not be compromised in any way. n

Hodges Bay Club, Antigua



TIMC is paving the way for a safer future through a holistic approach


lobal economic instability. Geopolitical conflicts. Capital market meltdowns. Degradation of Swiss banking secrecy laws. These are all the very real and very pressing issues facing international high-net-worth individuals in today’s modern world as they search for new ways to secure their family’s future and preserve their wealth for future generations. Thankfully, one company has stepped up to the challenge, offering a way to mitigate these risks while using innovation as a proverbial lighthouse for sound investment decisions moving forward. TIMC, an authorized representative of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, has developed a new holistic approach to preserving not only our future and our piece of mind, but our children’s future as well. Based in Montreal, Canada, the 28-year-old firm believes their unique holistic approach which involves strategic planning for both citizenship and asset diversification simultaneously can serve as the foundation for a better future for us all. TIMC’s advisors travel around the globe in an effort to deliver on this noble promise. They meet their customers in their home countries, offering them multiple investment and citizenship solutions all under one umbrella, while making the process as seamless as possible for this distinguished clientele, international high-net-worth families. It is very common for international high-net-worth individuals to feel insecure about their family’s future –



A holistic approach to preserving your future: meet the expert


he Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Amre Qahawish, President and founder of TIMC and OPM graduate from Harvard Business School, with over 28 years in the field of wealth preservation, to learn a little bit more about TIMC and the company’s holistic approach to preserving the future. Mr Qahawish, tell us a little bit about how you got started in this industry I first established TIMC over half a century ago, after graduating with a degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin, USA. From the beginning, I focused on addressing the needs of International high-net-worth individuals and their families by offering them the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program as a solution to preserving their family’s future. My background as a Palestinian refugee intrinsically helped me understand the importance of multiple citizenships for ease of mobility. You’ve pioneered the term “holistic approach” to preserving a family’s future. Why is this approach so important? To know more about why a holistic approach to wealth

particularly as global uncertainties increase those concerns exponentially with each passing day, even among the wealthiest. It is difficult to tell looking at the geopolitical landscape and political alliances as they exist today which country will be friendly with your country, or that will even exist in ten years’ time – let alone fifty years down the road.

Not only do you get the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that current and future generations of your family are cared for indefinitely, but you also get the added benefit of knowing that your family will always have a place to call home – regardless of what happens in the world... TIMC aims to address these concerns through a geographic diversification of a family’s assets and citizenships across the globe focusing on both money and family simultaneously. The money aspect of this equation is handled via the

preservation is so important, one simply needs to look at the world around us today: New geopolitical conflicts are arising every day. Governments are defaulting on their debt. Currencies’ values fluctuate overnight. Real-estate market meltdowns. International high-net-worth individuals today are forced to evaluate new options in planning and securing their family’s future, and this is where TIMC’s holistic approach comes in: we look at the whole picture and help investors plan for both asset and citizenship diversification simultaneously to preserve their future. How does TIMC manage to offer both second citizenships and asset preservation, all under one umbrella? The answer to this question comes by way of what our unique experience enables us to offer. As a registered Exempt Market Dealer under the Canadian Securities Act, we offer our accredited customers access to exclusive financial products. We also raise capital for Alternative Investments issuers: Hedge

jurisdictional diversification of assets. By not “putting all of your eggs in one basket,” you stand a better chance at not only preserving your wealth but allowing it to grow organically and securely over time. The family aspect of the equation is handled via citizenship diversification: by strategically investing in areas that also offer citizenship and passport, you’re essentially creating a safe haven that services a few different matters at the same time. Not only do you get the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that current and future generations of your family are cared for indefinitely, but you also get the added benefit of knowing that your family will always have a place to call home – regardless of what happens in the world or the future shape that politics all over the world may take as time continues to tick on. At the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit, we are confident that our reputable passport & citizenship program adds a solid value to TIMC’s holistic approach to preserving the future of their high-net-worth families from all over the world. We are proud to partner with TIMC, and happy they have selected Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship as part of their offerings. n


Funds, Private Equity such as Venture Capital, and Real Assets such as Real-estate Funds. We’re also a licensed Citizenship and Immigration firm in several jurisdictions, thus we are able to offer second citizenships, residency and similar solutions by way of programs such as the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program and the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program. How do you promote this unique holistic approach to your international clients, many of whom are located all over the world? Our advisors work tirelessly to understand our customers’ latent needs by strengthening personal relationships with them. They travel the globe on a regular basis and continually meet our clients in their home countries in private and confidential settings to discuss and understand their personal challenges and future preservation strategies. These close and personalized relationships allow us to follow their evolving family needs and better plan the preservation of their future together. How do you think this holistic approach represents a drastic shift from what we usually see offered on the market today? Some people might think it is unconventional to combine asset diversification strategies with second citizenship planning. Many others, along with ourselves, see it as wise and prudent

in order to achieve solid future preservation. It is the people who fall into this latter category who are the ones that TIMC’s holistic approach was created for. Can you give us a hint about new product lines that TIMC is exploring to offer its customers in the future? In our pursuit to become a one-stop solution that will meet your needs seamlessly and help you achieve your goals; we are strategically onboarding solid partners with proven trackrecord that offer long-term investment products. This is why we selected issuers such as Walton International, investing in Canadian land. Walton takes a long-term approach to land development, building communities for today and tomorrow. In the future, expect new similar partnerships that will continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs, such as: the oil & gas sector, market neutral hedge funds (event driven) and real-estate asset based funds. In conclusion, Mr Qahawish, what is TIMC’s vision for the future? Our vision is to transform the way international highnet-worth individuals preserve their wealth, by holistically preserving one family’s future at a time.




Can the view of the idyllic Caribbean Sea get any better? Add 160 of the fastest and best sailing yachts in the world. And then join the after party. Welcome to a truly stunning celebration of sailing in Antigua... 首先,增加160艘世界上最大、最豪华的游艇。然后,加入一场余兴派对。 欢迎参加安提瓜帆船赛庆典活动– 绝对精彩刺激...

PHOTOS: Paul Wyeth



or 3 ½ weeks in Spring 2017, the harbours and waters around Antigua will be filled with bareboats, race charter yachts and racing yachts. All of them ready for some top class competition sailing around an island unapologetic in her natural beauty and bathed in warm trade winds that delight sailors and spectators alike. This year will mark the 30th anniversary of Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, followed by the 50th anniversary of Antigua Sailing Week and then the brand new Antigua to Bermuda Yacht Race as an exciting lead up to the Americas Cup. Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta starts off the festivities attracting 50 to 60 of the most traditional, vintage and modern classic yachts that you will ever see congregated in one place. Acres of sail, polished brass and immaculate varnish fill the horizon and transport us to a bygone era that sang of tradition, elegance and beauty. There is a parade of classics that is a feast for the eyes and the old customs are brought onshore with the fun and frivolous Gig Racing and a Cream Tea Party on the final day. Antigua Sailing Week attracts the bold and the best of modern yachting. Each year there are more than 100 entrants, with sizes ranging from 24ft to over 100ft. Enticed by some of the best sailing conditions that the world has to offer, vessels from all classes compete over six days, starting with the ‘Round Antigua Race’ that is open to all crafts from the state of-the-art to the cruiser. The following race days are competitive, with a friendly spirit – some crews compete here annually. This year

2017年4月和5月期间的3个半周,安提瓜港口及周围水域将遍布众多 共同迎接各项顶级比赛的空船、赛事包船和竞赛帆船,这条环绕岛上 无可比拟的自然风光,并且沐浴在和煦温暖的海洋信风之中的赛道, 将让帆船选手和观众们全都倍感欢欣愉悦。 今年将先后见证安提瓜古典帆船赛的30周年庆典以及第50届安提瓜 帆船周,随后还将迎来作为激动人心的“美洲杯”热身赛的全新的安 提瓜-百慕大帆船赛。 “古典周”启动庆典活动,吸引了50-60艘最传统、经典和时尚的古典 帆船前所未有地汇聚到一起。数英亩长的风帆、抛光的黄铜件以及完 美的清漆填补了海平线,把我们带到了一个充满传统、典雅和优美歌 声的复古时代。堪称视觉盛宴的古典帆船巡游,把各种传统习俗都带 到了岸上,最后一天还会举办有趣而轻快的叉鱼比赛和奶油茶派对。 “帆船周”吸引了最激情出众的现代帆船参加竞赛。每年都会有超过


will be particularly special with a new ‘Fun’ class, that has less rigorous entry restrictions opening the sailing up to a wider audience. As the sailing finishes each day, then starts the Caribbean hospitality. You will party like nowhere else on earth, under the starlight, with the smooth taste of rum and a drumbeat that shakes both the ground and the scantily clad international beauties on it. In 2017 the party scene will be elevated to new heights of grandeur with the calendar now including a Lord Nelson Trophy Winners Ball. What sets Antigua apart from other destinations? The sailing in Antigua is remarkable for several reasons: Antigua is synonymous with incomparable beaches and iridescent sea, under water cliffs and mangroves that protect the abundant sea life, making the backdrop to the race course dramatically breath-taking. The historic setting in Nelson’s Dockyard too, is truly unique in the sailing world. Then the steady trade winds that are a feature of daily life on the island, provide some of the best sailing conditions. And of course, Sailing Week is also the only event offering afternoon prize giving each day, allowing sailors to network in a relaxed post-race atmosphere. The race course attracts an infamous collection of sailors seeking the magic of Antiguan hospitality and festive party scene to wind down from the excitement of the days. Tempted to join in? Entrants are invited to register online and spectators are welcomed to follow the racing by day and mingle with the competitors at Nelson’s Dockyard by night. There are direct flights daily from the USA, Canada, England and the Caribbean Islands, so there is really no excuse for missing out on the divine magic that is sailing in Antigua. n

100名新选手参赛,帆船的尺寸从24英尺到100英尺以上不等。世界上 现有的最佳航海条件之一充满了诱惑力,各种级别的船舶被吸引前来 参加为期6天的竞赛,从“环岛”赛段启程,面向从最先进帆船到巡洋 舰等所有船舶。后续比赛日秉持友好的竞争精神,其中有些船员每年 都会前来参赛。今年的赛事非常特别地设立了一个新的“趣味类”项 目,没有严格的参赛限制,可以让更广泛的观众接触帆船赛。 每天的 帆船比赛结束之后,将迎来具有加勒比特色风格的待客服务,其中包 括全球绝无仅有的派对,在星光之下享受口感丝滑的朗姆酒,伴着地 动山摇的鼓点和衣着清凉的各国美女纵情舞动。今年的活动日程中新 增加了“纳尔逊勋爵杯优胜者舞会”,将派对场景提升到了更为恢宏 壮丽的层次。 是什么让安提瓜有别于其他目的地? 让安提瓜帆船赛举世瞩目的几个原因:安提瓜是无与伦比的海滩、彩 虹海、水下峭壁以及保护丰富海洋生物的红树林的代名词,形成了令 人惊艳的赛道背景。纳尔逊船坞中具有历史意义的设施,同样成为帆 船领域独一无二的亮点。其次,岛上日常生活中特有的稳定信风提供 了诸多最好的航海条件。当然,帆船周还是唯一每天提供“下午奖” 的活动,让帆船选手们能够在轻松的赛后氛围内相互交流。这条航道 吸引了众多声名远扬的水手前来寻求神秘的安提瓜待客之道,以及让 他们远离日常喧嚣而放松身心的节庆派对场景。 你想加入吗?诚邀参赛者进行在线登记,并欢迎观众在陆地、海上或 夜晚的纳尔逊船坞内关注精彩赛事。每天都有来自美国、加拿大、英 国和加勒比群岛的直飞航班,千万不要错过安提瓜帆船赛的神圣魔法 之旅,以免抱憾终身。 2017 DATES Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta: April 19th–April 25th 2017 Antigua Sailing Week: April 29th–May 5th 2017 Antigua to Bermuda Race: May 12th–May 20th 2017

2017年活动日期 安提瓜古典帆船赛: 2017年4月19日 – 4月25日 安提瓜帆船周: 2017年4月29日 – 5月5日 安提瓜-百慕大帆船赛: 2017年5月12日 – 5月20日




Robert De Niro invests in paradise US movie star Robert De Niro and Australian casino developer James Packer, have plans to build a US$ 250 million resort on the site of the abandoned K-Club on Antigua’s sister island of Barbuda. 美国影星罗伯特·德尼罗和澳大利亚赌场开发商詹姆斯·帕克计划在安提瓜邻岛巴布达上废弃的K俱 乐部(K-Club)原址上建造一座价值2.5亿美元的度假村。


he island has long attracted celebrities with its unequivocal pink sand beaches, its remoteness and privacy. Princess Diana was among the guests here before the club closed in 2004. Indulge yourself with the dream of a peaceful island, resplendent with an elegant resort and the possibility to step out your front door onto a magical beauty of sand, sunsets, water that at once is 50 shades of blue and green, yet at the same time crystal clear; a land that allows you to be in touch with nature, to see birds and turtles at peace in their natural habitat, and to be enveloped in a delicious tropical warmth all year long. De Niro, who first visited many years ago, says of Barbuda, “I went there on a day trip and never forgot it, it’s a wonderful spot that you can’t find any more in the Caribbean”. Unsurpassed in their beauty, the coral sand beaches of Barbuda grace the shoreline of this little-known sister island to Antigua. The island itself has a tiny population of about 1800 people and nature thrives here. The largest frigate bird colony

这座岛屿凭借其明净的粉色沙滩、幽静的环境和良好的私密性而一直 倍受各界名流青睐。在俱乐部于2004年关闭之前,戴安娜王妃曾经是 这里的嘉宾之一。 放飞自己的梦想,寻求一座宁静平和的小岛,入住一个豪华优雅的度 假村,期望迈出大门就能踏入神奇美丽的沙滩,欣赏日落以及五十度 蓝绿但依然晶莹剔透的碧水绿波;一块土地让你无限亲近大自然,观 看自然栖息地中安详生活的各种鸟类和海龟,全新心沐浴在常年舒适 宜人的热带温暖气候中。 多年前首次到访的德尼罗如此评价巴布达,“我经过一天的旅程到达 那里,绝佳的环境令人永生难忘,可谓加勒比海地区独一无二的地 方。” 无与伦比的美丽景色,作为安提瓜的鲜为人知的姊妹岛,巴布达的珊 瑚海滩沿着海岸线优雅分布。该岛本身的人口仅有约1800,保持着繁 荣的自然生态。世界上最大的军舰鸟种群选择在这些安静的海岸上筑 巢和漫游。 德尼罗和帕克租赁了一块包含废弃的K俱乐部的面积近400英亩的土 地,计划将该俱乐部翻新改造成一座五星级生态精品酒店,其中包括 40栋度假别墅、一个赌场、游艇俱乐部和一个新建的私人飞机机场。


De Niro, who first visited many years ago, says of Barbuda, “I went there on a day trip and never forgot it, it’s a wonderful spot that you can’t find any more in the Caribbean”. 德尼罗,谁第一个很多年前去的,说巴布达,“我去那里 一日游并没有忘记它,这是一个神奇的地方,你无法找到 在加勒比海更多”。


The intention is to make a beautiful resort that’s simple, not ostentatious, not over-indulgent, not tacky. It will be elegant and simple – a place I would like to go to myself. 我们的目的是让一个美丽的度假胜地,很简单,不招 摇,不能过度放纵,不俗气。这将是优雅而简单 - 我 想一个地方去喽。


in the world have chosen these quiet shores to nest and roam. De Niro and Packer have leased an area of land that is almost 400 acres in size, incorporating the late K-Club, with plans to renovate it into a 5-star eco-boutique hotel with 40 cottages, a casino, yacht club and a new airport for private jets. Now, despite some initial political controversy from the opposition party and local Barbudan residents due to the fast tracking of laws favouring the deal, it appears that the project titled ‘Paradise Found’ will go ahead. The present prime minister, Gaston Browne, has been in power since 2014 and De Niro praises his support of the development, “It’s a new government, it’s young and enthusiastic”. De Niro is no stranger to the hospitality business: he has successfully invested in the Greenwich Hotel and the first Nobu restaurant in New York amongst others projects. His plans for Barbuda are still evolving and will take into account the natural environment as well as the local people, “With the land that was available and the beautiful beach and everything that Barbuda has, I decided I would try and do something there. The intention is to make a beautiful resort that’s simple, not ostentatious, not over-indulgent, not tacky. It will be elegant and simple – a place I would like to go to myself ” he said. Barbuda is a stunning and unique island. Those privileged enough to know about it and to have visited will agree with the magic of that fine sand between your toes, the sun on your back, the sounds of nature and the chance to do a little dance, knowing that no-one is watching you. Perhaps Robert De Niro is on to something! n PHOTOS: Roberto Sysa Moiola / Clickalps


Barbuda is a stunning and unique island. Those privileged enough to know about it and to have visited will agree with the magic of that fine sand between your toes, the sun on your back, the sounds of nature and the chance to do a little dance, knowing that no-one is watching you.

现任首相Gaston Browne于2014年就职,德尼罗赞扬了他对该开发

巴布达是一座迷人和独特的岛屿。那些有足够的机会去了解它并 访问它的人们,无不认同脚趾间的细沙、照在背上的阳光、自然 天籁之声以及在无人偷窥的情形下轻舞飞扬等等带来的神奇魅 力。


项目的支持。“这是一个新的政府,”他说。“年轻而充满激情。” 德尼罗对酒店业务并不陌生:他已经在其他项目中成功投资了格林威 治酒店以及纽约的首个Nobu餐厅。 他在巴布达的计划仍在不断改进,并将考虑到自然环境和当地居 民。“借助这片可用的土地和美丽的海滩,以及巴布达拥有的一切, 我决定要在这里试着有所作为。目标是在建造一座美丽的度假村,简 单,不炫耀,不放纵,不俗气。这里将成功为一个我自己就非常想去 的优雅而简约的场所。”他说道。 巴布达是一座迷人和独特的岛屿。那些有足够的机会去了解它并访问 以及在无人偷窥的情形下轻舞飞扬等等带来的神奇魅力。也许罗伯 特·德尼罗正在准备给我们带来更多惊喜!




罗望子山 – 加勒比优雅风情

Tamarind Hills – Caribbean elegance Situated on the west coast of Antigua, adjacent to one of the island’s best-known beaches, is Tamarind Hills, one of Antigua’s most iconic developments. With its contemporary Caribbean styling and lines so sleek that James Bond himself would not feel out of place here; Tamarind Hills offers buyers everything from one bedroom units up to five bedroom mansions, all nestled between two white sand beaches, with uninterrupted views over the azure Caribbean Sea. 位于安提瓜西海岸,毗邻安提瓜最著名海滩之一的罗 望子山(Tamarind Hills),是安提瓜最具代表性的发 展成果。时尚的加勒比风情与精致的碧波航线,就连 007也会在这里流连忘返。


ue to the popularity of the resort and its location, Tamarind Hills provides each individual owner with the highest potential rental returns on investment in Antigua. We caught up with seasoned developer Rufus Gobat, the principle developer and shareholder, to find out more about this spectacular development. What inspired you to develop Tamarind? We were coming to the end of our family development in St Lucia in 2007, Cap Maison, and we were looking for the next project. We knew Antigua very well having been involved in resort projects on the island for over 40 years as a group. A friend had advised me that that the land would be becoming available and we jumped at the chance. The location is world class, between two of what I consider are Antigua’s best

Prime Minister Browne with Tamarind Hills Developer, Rufus Gobat, members of the CIU team and other delegates at the IMC Forum 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland 安提瓜和巴布达总理加斯顿·布朗(Gaston Browne)阁下偕CIU(投资公民计划 运维部门)团队出席2016年日内瓦CIP(投资公民计划)大会。


beaches, and close to bars, restaurants, shops and a wealth of activities. The views are magnificent, sunsets to die for and the Caribbean Sea in front of us has to be seen to be believed.

罗望子山可以满足房产买家的各种需求,从单卧公寓到五卧豪宅,全 都坐落在两个白沙海滩之间,可以饱览蔚蓝加勒比海的无边美景。凭 借大受欢迎的度假村及其绝佳地段,罗望子山为每一位在安提瓜投资 的个体业主提供了最高的潜在租赁回报。我们采访了经验丰富的首席

How do you envisage the end development? We want to achieve a unique five star mixed use resort development with a wide range of accommodations, from large private villas to smaller luxury one bedroom suite condominiums. We want to accomplish what we have in St Lucia and offer a genuine service driven, first class experience throughout the resort. We want to stand out not just in Antigua but the whole region.

开发商及股东鲁弗斯•戈巴特(Rufus Gobat),深入探讨了这个壮观 惊人的开发项目。 是什么激励您建造/启动/开发罗望子山? 当时我们于2007年在圣卢西亚启动的家族开发项目卡普梅森(Cap Maison)度假胜地即将收尾,因此正在寻找下一个项目。我们非常熟 悉安提瓜,过去四十年来一直以集团的身份参与过岛上的众多度假村项 目。一位朋友向我透露这块土地将要投入使用,我们立即抓住了这个机 会。这个世界级的地段位于我心目中安提瓜最好的两座海滩之间,并且 靠近酒吧、餐厅、商场以及各种活动场所。这里视野辽阔,风景壮丽, 金乌西坠下的加勒比海,唯有亲眼目睹方可领略其中的无穷魅力。


When will it be completed? Our first two phases are already completed with some stunning villas offering incomparable views. The current phase of Kingfish properties are specifically designed for the CIP programme and are currently under construction with the target completion opening date for the end of 2017. We are looking to have our resort facilities in place for the winter season 17/18 and for the whole project to be completed by the end of 2018.


What other developments have you been involved in? I have been involved with developments in St Lucia such as Cap Maison, and some years ago Club St Lucia. In Barbados we were involved with the Rockley Resort and Golf Course, and most recently with Lighthouse Villas. Here in Antigua we renovated and managed Half Moon Bay until the hurricane closed the property in 1995, we operated Club Antigua successfully for some years. We also built, opened and operated properties in Mexico and Kenya.


What is the concept behind Tamarind Hills? To combine very chic, contemporary first class designs, with the beauty of the environment, and to use the elevations to the fullest. With our amazing views we can offer something very different.


What brought the shareholders together? My original partners were John Hobson and Loknath Agarwalla (known as Lucky). We worked well together on a project in Barbados and decided to team up on Tamarind Hills. We had a very good working relationship between us: John and Lucky had great development experience in Europe, which I respected greatly. John was also my father-in-law, but has sadly left us. As the project has grown and the team has increased, we have had to obviously become more corporate rather than a family affair. However, my wife Alex is still the Design and Product Manager, so it does remain very close to our hearts as a family.

我们希望打造一个独特的五星级多功能度假村开发项目,从大型私人 别墅到小型豪华单卧公寓套房,住宿设施类型广泛丰富。我们希望重 现在圣卢西亚的开发成果,在整个度假村内提供真正以服务为导向的 一流体验。我们希望在安提瓜乃至整个加勒比地区脱颖而出。 该项目何时完成? 前两个阶段已经完成,建造的许多令人惊艳的别墅全都拥有无与伦比 的视野。石首鱼(Kingfish)物业的当前阶段专为CIP(投资公民计 划)设计,目前正在施工,预计将于2017年底竣工开放。我们希望度 项目。 您还参与过其他哪些开发项目? 我一直在参与圣卢西亚的开发项目,如卡普梅森度假胜地,以及几年 前的圣卢西亚俱乐部(Club St Lucia)。在巴巴多斯岛,我们参与 建设了罗克利(Rockley)度假村和高尔夫球场,以及最近的灯塔别 墅。在安提瓜,我们改造并持续管理了半月湾(Half Moon Bay)项 目,直至1995年由于飓风而关闭该物业。我们成功运营了安提瓜俱乐 部(Club Antigua)许多年。我们还在墨西哥和肯尼亚建造、开放和

罗望子山项目背后的理念是什么? 结合非常别致、当代一流的设计以及优美的环境,充分发挥海拔优势 而展现惊人的视野范围,为游客提供绝对与众不同的体验。 是什么把各位股东汇聚到了一起? 我最初的合作伙伴是John Hobson 和 Loknath Agarwalla(绰 号“Lucky”)。我们曾经共同在巴巴多斯成功运作了一个项目,因 此决定合作执行罗望子山项目。我们相互之间建立了非常良好的合作 关系:John 和 Lucky 在欧洲有很好的项目开发经验,对此我极为尊 重。John 还是我的继岳父,后来不幸离世。随着项目的发展,团队也 逐步扩大,显然我们必须突破家族事务的局限,进一步提升到企业运 营的高度。当然,我的妻子Alex仍然担任设计和产品经理,所以整个 团队依然像家族一样亲密无间。 谁提出的设计理念以及该理念的具体内容是什么? 这是两位获奖建筑师Lane Pettigrew和Rob Denning共同提出的,而 Alex担任执行设计师。Lane和Rob在该地区拥有多年工作经验,知道 如何管理阳光、微风、相关元素以及适合的材料等。该设计在安提瓜 堪称独树一帜,不过我认为可以简单归类为当代加勒比风格。 为何罗望子山项目超越了安提瓜的其他所有项目? 这个地段是无可匹敌的。附近有许多伟大的餐厅,例如:Sheer Rocks, Jackie O’s 以及与我们比邻而居的Dennis’s。两座最好的 海滩就在我们门前,其中包括最近被CNN评选为全球“海滩百强” 的Ffryes海滩。尽管该地段非常私密、独家和僻静,但欢乐港( Jolly Harbor)附近依然有许多商店、酒吧、餐厅、银行和高尔夫球场等满 足您的各种需求。现代设计、自然元素、欧式厨房和浴室以及令人惊 艳的风景,让我们的项目在该地区位列前茅。


Who came up with the design concept and what is it? It was a collaboration between two award winning architects, Lane Pettigrew and Rob Denning, and Alex as the designer. Lane and Rob have many years experience of the regin, and know how to manage the sunlight, the breeze, the element and what materials work. The design is one of its kind in Antigua but I suppose would be simply contemporary Caribbean in style.

eastern Europe and North Africa. However our current largest market of investors are from Italy who love the beaches and the modern designs.

Why Tamarind over anything else in Antigua? The location is unmatchable. You have access to great nearby restaurants such as Sheer Ricks, Jackie O’s and our neighbor Dennis’s. Two of the best beaches are on our doorstep, including Ffryes which was recently featured in the top 100 beaches in the world by CNN. There are shops, bars, restaurants, banks and golf nearby at Jolly Harbor yet the location is very private, exclusive and secluded. The modern design, with natural elements, European kitchens and bathrooms and jaw dropping views put us at the front of the line.

Contact Rufus Gobat - Tel +1 268 736 4028. Cell + 1 268 562 7380 (office)

Who is a Tamarind investor? We launched prior to the CIP, and our buyers were typically successful entrepeneurs and business leaders from Europe and the USA. The hoes were used as second homes, and were a lifestyle purchase. Since the launch of the CIP our buyers have been from regions of the world for whom the Antiguan passport is attractive such as the far and middle east, from

Lastly are those photos enhanced? The sea is a very bright blue! We do not touch up our photos. The spectacular colours must be seen to be believed, so come and see for yourself! n

谁是罗望子山项目的投资者? 我们的项目在CIP计划之前推出,因此初期的买家通常是来自欧洲和 美国的成功企业家和商业领袖。项目中的房屋可以作为第二个家,也 可以打造另一种生活方式。自CIP计划启动以来,我们的买家都是被 安提瓜的护照吸引过来的,他们通常来自远东和中东、东欧和北非等 地区。然而,我们目前最大的市场投资者是意大利人,他们喜爱海滩 和现代化设计。 最后,请问这些照片美化过吗?大海就是这么亮、这么蓝! 我们的照片没有经过任何后期处理。如此壮丽的颜色只有眼见为实, 快来亲眼看看吧! 联系方式:Rufus Gobat - 电话: +1 268 736 4028 手机: + 1 268 562 7380(办公)




The growing investment migration movement


here has been a sharp increase in the number of wealthy and talented individuals worldwide seeking to acquire a second or third passport in order to take advantage of the many business and personal opportunities afforded by having more than one residence or citizenship. They realize that not only their investment portfolio, but also their citizenship portfolio, needs to be diversified to reduce risk, secure their family’s future and expand their business interests in a rapidly changing and uncertain world. Henley & Partners was the first firm to specialize in global citizenship and residence planning, at a time when most international lawyers and wealth management professionals did not consider it to be of much relevance. The leading global citizenship advisory firm, which has more than 25 offices worldwide, has also worked closely with different governments, including Antigua and Barbuda, on the design, set-up and operation of many of the world’s most successful residence and citizenship programs. The purpose of citizenship-by-investment programs is to enable individuals to acquire citizenship by making an exceptional economic contribution to another country. Most of the programs are structured to ensure that the investment contributes to the welfare, advancement and economic development of the country they wish to belong to. According to the Global Residence and Citizenship Programs 2016 index published by Henley & Partners, Antigua

目前已在富裕和有才能的人寻求世界范围内,以利用提供的众多企业 和个人的机会,获得第二或第三护照的数量急剧增长有一个以上的居 住国或国籍。他们意识到,不仅是他们的投资组合,而且他们的国籍 组合,需要多元化,以降低风险,保护他们的家庭的未来和扩大自己 的商业利益在一个迅速变化和不确定的世界。 亨利与合作伙伴是第一家专注于全球公民和居住规划,在这个时候最 国际化的律师和财富管理的专业人士并不认为这是多大的相关性。全 球领先的公民咨询公司,在全球拥有超过25个办事处,还密切与不同 的政府,包括安提瓜和巴布达,在设计上,许多世界上最成功的住所 和公民项目的设置和运行工作。 国籍按投资计划的目的是为了使个人通过向另一国一个特殊的经济贡 献获得公民身份。大部分节目的结构,以确保投资有助于福利,进步 和他们希望属于国家的经济发展。 据亨利与合作伙伴,安提瓜和巴布达公布的全球住宅和公民计划2016 年指数排名靠前的公民按投资计划在加勒比地区。双岛国也排名第30 的亨利与合作伙伴签证限制指数2016 (HVRI),并提供免签证旅游在世 界各地134个国家,使之成为一个有吸引力的位置,为投资者寻找有 价值的第二本护照,可以打开门以及边防哨所。这些岛屿被认为是其 中最美丽的世界,并因此旅游是GDP的主要动力,产生该国的收入显 著百分比,主要目标市场是美国,加拿大和欧洲。它是联合国,英联 邦,加勒比共同体和美洲国家组织的成员。 在过去的10年中,安提瓜和巴布达已经看到稳步增加对HVRI的排名, 自2006年以来这种上涨登山九个位置可以归因于该岛国在2009年签署 与欧盟免签证协议的事实,允许其公民赴申根国家免签证。这也是加 勒比地区排名最高的国家,其国籍的质量而言,在亨利与合作伙伴排


and Barbuda is the top ranked citizenship-by-investment program in the Caribbean. The twin-island country is also ranked 30th on the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2016 (HVRI) and provides visa-free travel to 134 countries around the world, making it an appealing location for investors looking for a valuable second passport that can open doors as well as border posts. The islands are considered to be amongst the most beautiful in the world, and as a result tourism is the key driver of the GDP, generating a significant percentage of the country’s income, with key target markets being the US, Canada and Europe. It is a member of the United Nations, the British Commonwealth, CARICOM and the Organization of American States. Over the last 10 years, Antigua and Barbuda has been seen to steadily increase its rankings on the HVRI, climbing nine positions since 2006. This rise can be attributed to the fact that the island nation signed a visa waiver agreement with the European Union in 2009, which allows its citizens to visit Schengen countries without a visa. It is also the highestranking country in the Caribbean in terms of the quality of its nationality, ranking 58th on The Henley & Partners Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index, with excellent scores in terms of Human Development and Diversity of Travel Freedom. Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship-by-investment program, which was born out of a need to support and grow

名第58 - 国籍指数Kochenov质量,在人类发展的条件和旅游自由的多 样性优异的成绩。 安提瓜和巴布达的公民按投资计划,其中诞生出一个需要支持和发展 国家的经济,由政府在2012年11月举行的年度亨利与合作伙伴的全球 住宅和公民大会上启动。亨利与合作伙伴,它在安提瓜的办公室,起 到了指导和协助政府在设计,实施和计划的国际配售了举足轻重的作 用,以确保它是由议会两院于2013年初通过。 申请人必须要么投资于经批准的房地产项目,使国家发展基金不予退 还捐款,或直接在符合条件的企业进行投资的选项。安提瓜和巴布达 的高度发展旅游业的结果,房地产期权被看作是最有吸引力的为希望 通过投资来获得公民权的投资者。属性可以在所需要的持有期,之后 他们可以出售收回初始投资被租赁出去的第五年。 我们比人类历史上任何时候都更加相互依存和移动。其结果是,边界


the country’s economy, was launched by the government in November 2012 at the annual Henley & Partners Global Residence and Citizenship Conference. Henley & Partners, which has an office in Antigua, played a pivotal role in advising and assisting the government on the design, implementation and international placement of the program, ensuring that it was passed by both Houses of Parliament in early 2013. Applicants have the option to either invest in an approved real estate project, make a non-refundable contribution to the National Development Fund, or to invest directly in an eligible business. As a result of Antigua and Barbuda’s highly developed tourism industry, the real estate option is seen as the most attractive for investors wishing to gain citizenship through an investment. Properties may be leased out for the first five years during the required holding period, after which they can be sold to recover the initial investment. We are more interdependent and mobile than at any other time in human history. As a result, the concepts of borders and belonging are constantly being challenged, with governments worldwide looking for new and innovative ways to attract top international talent, wealthy investors, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals and their families to their shores. By all accounts, citizenship-by-investment programs provide a mutually beneficial solution that meets the needs of both governments and a growing movement of global citizens. By offering greater choice, opportunity, freedom and security to these talented and wealthy individuals, governments secure much-needed foreign investment to drive economic growth and enrich their own citizenry by attracting people with proven business success, valuable networks and interesting personal experiences. This is no more evident than when you look at Henley & Partner’s own contribution to those at the other end of the global mobility spectrum. The firm recently announced its first annual “Henley & Partners Hero Scholarship” as part of ongoing efforts to create opportunities for the development and empowerment of young people in Antigua and Barbuda. The fully funded scholarship to St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada will be managed by The Halo Foundation of Sir Rodney and Lady Williams. Henley & Partners has also forged an innovative USD 1 million partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to support their worldwide registration and documentation activities. It is these sorts of initiatives and partnerships that are persuading more and more countries around the world of the considerable benefits of investor migration and the need to establish formal residence and citizenship programs that will enable governments to align direct foreign investment with their own programs to develop and advance their nation. n To book a private consultation with Henley & Partners please call +1 268 562 2625 or visit

归属的概念,并不断受到挑战,世界范围内各国政府寻找新的和创新 的方法来吸引国际顶尖人才,富有的投资者,企业家和高净值个人和 他们的家人到他们的海岸。 从各方面来看,公民按投资计划提供符合两国政府的需求和全球公民 越来越多的运动一个互惠互利的解决方案。通过给这些有才华和富有 的个人,提供更大的选择空间,机会,自由和安全,政府保障急需的 外国投资,以推动经济增长,并吸引人们公认的商业成功,重要网络 和有趣的个人经历丰富自己的公民。 这绝不是当你看到亨利与合作伙伴自己对那些在全球流动性光谱的另 一端的贡献比现在更加突出。该公司最近宣布其首年度“亨利与合作 伙伴英雄奖学金”作为不断努力,为年轻人创造安提瓜和巴布达的发 展和赋权机遇的一部分。完全资助的奖学金圣玛丽哈利法克斯大学, 新斯科舍省,加拿大将罗德尼爵士和威廉姆斯夫人的光环基金会进行 管理。 亨利与合作伙伴还伪造与联合国难民署 (UNHCR) 创新的100万美元的 合作伙伴关系,以支持其全球登记和记录活动。正是这些各种各样的 倡议和伙伴关系正在说服越来越多的国家的投资移民的可观的效益, 并建立正式居留和公民权的程序,使政府能够调整自己的方案外商直 接投资发展的需要在世界各地并推动他们的国家。 益,并建立正式居留和公民权的程序,使政府能够调整自己的方案外 商直接投资发展的需要在世界各地并推动他们的国家。

AT TIMC, WE PRESERVE INTERNATIONAL HIGH-NET-WORTH INDIVIDUALS’ FUTURE IN A HOLISTIC APPROACH. Our advisors travel the world to seamlessly deliver multiple investment and second citizenship solutions under one umbrella.

Schedule your private consultation in your home country today to apply for the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program. Visit:




Overview: Invest Caribbean Conference 2016 Antigua and Barbuda held its first annual Citizenship by Investment conference titled, Invest Caribbean, on May 24th to 26th, 2016. The theme for the conference was “Investing in Safety and Security and a New Vision for CIP”. 安提瓜和巴布达于2016年5月24-26日举办了首届名为“投资加勒比”的年度投资公民计 划大会。大会的主题为 “安全可靠的投资与CIP的新视野”。


The main objectives of Invest Caribbean were to:

“投资加勒比” 的主要目标是:

• Attract international industry professionals so they could have a first-hand experience of Antigua and Barbuda as a destination • Provide more insight on the approved CIP projects • Bring likeminded professionals together to discuss the challenges and issues faced by the industry • Discuss and agree on acceptable due diligence standards; and • Expose local agents and service providers to suppliers and potential clients.


In addition, the conference also aimed to showcase the Caribbean’s CIP programs and to ultimately promote the Caribbean as a safe place to invest. A total of 96 local, regional and international participants attended the inaugural event. In addition to the two-days of conference, which included stand-alone presentations and panel discussions on a variety of topics, there was a third day where attendees were taken on a guided tour of several approved CIP developments, which culminated with a sunset catamaran boat cruise around the beautiful south-west coast of the island. Regional CIP territories were able to present their various programs and the conference topics addressed many issues such as the importance of Due Diligence; Border Security; Taxation; Integrity, Standards and Policies; Globalization and the CIP; and Real Estate Opportunities in the Caribbean. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda and reputable

• 吸引国际行业专家,让他们掌握把安提瓜和巴布达作为首选目的 • 提供更多有关授权CIP项目的洞察报告 • 把志同道合的专业人士汇聚到一起,共同探讨行业面临的挑战和 问题 • 讨论可接受的尽职调查标准,并达成共识 • 让当地代理和服务提供者接触供应商和潜在客户。 此外,会议还旨在展示加勒比地区的CIP计划,以及终极推广加勒比 地区作为安全的投资场所。 共有96位当地、区域和国际人员出席了首届大会。为期两日的会议包 含独立演讲以及针对各种话题的小组讨论,此外,第三日与会者被引 导游览了几个授权批准的CIP开发项目,最后在环绕岛屿美丽的东南 海岸的夕阳双体船巡航中,此次活动圆满落幕。 区域CIP领域能够展示各种不同的计划以及解决了许多问题的会议议 题,例如尽职调查的重要性;边境安全;税收;诚信、标准和政策;


Due to the overwhelming response from attendees, Invest Caribbean 2017 is expected to attract more interest due to the successful execution of the 2016 event 考虑到与会人员的热烈响应,“投资加勒比2017” 有望在2016年活动成功执行之前赢得更多关注。

industry players such as Henley & Partners, Grant Thornton, NTL Trust, IPSA International, BDO, Thomson Reuters, Adams Investment Management Antigua Ltd, PassPro Antigua, CS Global Partners, and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) offered tremendous support and sponsorship. Developers such as Nonsuch Bay, Tamarind Hills, South Point Antigua, and Jungle Bay Dominica were also valuable sponsors of the event. Due to the overwhelming response from attendees, Invest Caribbean 2017 is expected to attract more interest due to the successful execution of the 2016 event. Invest Caribbean 2017, is slated for May 23rd to 25th. Mark it on your calendar and begin making preparations to attend! For further information, please visit our website or email us at

全球化和CIP;加勒比地区的房地产机遇。 安提瓜和巴布达政府以及著名的行业运营商,如Henley & Partners, Grant Thornton, NTL Trust, IPSA International, BDO, Thomson Reuters, Adams Investment Management Antigua Ltd, PassPro Antigua, CS Global Partners 和 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB),分别提供了巨大的支持和赞助。Nonsuch Bay, Tamarind Hills, South Point Antigua 以及 Jungle Bay Dominica 等开发商也为 活动提供了重要赞助。 考虑到与会人员的热烈响应,“投资加勒比2017” 有望在2016年活动成 功执行之前赢得更多关注。 “投资加勒比2017” 定于5月23-25日召开。 请在您的日历上标记好日期,然后开始准备准时参加吧! 更多信息,请浏览我们的网站 或发送电邮 至




The new age in real estate services Luxury Locations may be one of the newest real estate agencies in Antigua, but we are also the best, and if you don’t believe us, you can check the figures; between 2014–2015 we achieved over US$100m in real estate sales, equivalent to almost 10% of the GDP of Antigua & Barbuda! We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do better. This founding concept has led to our success, and resulted in our winning international awards year on year. Luxury Locations可能是安提瓜最新的房地产代理之一,但更是最好的代理,如果您不相信,可以审查相关的统计 数据;在2014年–2015年期间,我们的房地产销售额超过了1亿美元,几乎相当于安提瓜和巴布达GDP的10%!我 们不断要求自己,努力做得更好。由此创立的理念引导我们不断取得成功,并使我们每年都有赢得国际奖项。

What we do. We sell property, but we also do a lot more! Development Consultancy and Market Knowledge We have the market insights; we live it and breathe it. We know what will sell and what won’t. We can assist with project concepts and provide detailed financial models for generating investment for your project.

我们坚持业务多元化。我们销售房地产,但我们能做的 远不止于此! 开发咨询和市场知识 我们拥有与生俱来、息息相关的市场洞察力。我们知道什么畅销,什 么不会。我们可以协助项目规划,提供详细的财务模型,为您的项目 吸引投资。 营销理念和品牌推广 从概念设计到品牌推广、网站、手册和翻译,我们可以全程支持您的 营销宣传。如果您希望亲自深入了解我们的品质和专业性,只需浏览 您手中的这份杂志! 数字媒体 携手我们的数字媒体合作伙伴Cinematic Wings,我们结合了世界级 的电影制作能力、前沿技术以及卓越的营销技能,提供了远超其他所

Marketing Concepts and Branding From concept design, to branding, websites, brochures and translations, we can do it all undertake all your marketing. And if you want to see our quality and professionalism first hand, then look no further than the magazine you are holding!

有竞争对手的杰出品质。 Cinematic Wings的创始人Scotty Meade 是CINI Golden Eagle“最佳导演奖”得主,曾经是EMI International 和 Abbey Road Studios的签约执行制片人和电影导演,并曾执导 过获得多项大奖的《The Abbey Road Story》。 调查和建模

Telephone 001 268 562 8174 •


Digital Media Along with our digital media partners Cinematic Wings, we combine world-class film making ability, cutting edge technology and exceptional marketing to provide a quality which is quite simply a cut above everything else. Scotty Meade, the founder of Cinematic Wings is a CINI Golden Eagle winner for Best Director and was an executive Producer and film director working under contract with EMI International and Abbey Road Studios and directed the multiaward winning “The Abbey Road Story”. Surveys and Modelling Luxury Locations is the only agency who can provide you with CAD 3D models of land and buildings. Topographical surveys, volumetric surveys, and build progress surveys, can be combined with architectural design concepts to make 3D digital models accurate to 1mm! We can show the exact position and angle where the sun will set on a property before a single brick is laid.

Case Study – Marketing and Sales Pearns Point, Luxury Locations were appointed as sole agents for Pearns Point in 2013. The 150 acre peninsula had yet to attract its first sale despite being marketed for years. Luxury Locations changed the marketing concept and rebranded Pearns Point as an ultra exclusive high-end development – “Shared by Few Rivalled by None”. By changing the brand message and market perception, Luxury Locations were able to generate sales of around US$30m in just 18 months. Luxury Locations 是唯一能够为您提供土地和建筑的CAD 3D模型的 房地产代理机构。地形调查、容积调查和施工进度调查,可以结合建

Luxury Locations Magazine Arguably the most popular LuxuryLocations LUXUR magazine in Antigua, Luxury Y LOCA TIONS. Bare feet are welcome The Mag Locations magazine is a twice azine Look. List en. Live. Eat. yearly publication distributed Down to a fine art nationaly and internationally. The concept of the magazine is to promote Antigua as a destination and showcase the best investment opportunities and property Antigua has to offer. Antigua

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Godfather of style: fashion designer Calvin Southwell

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筑设计概念,使3D数字模型精确到1毫米!在施工尚未开始之前,我 们就可以展示出太阳照在物业上的精准位置和角度。 Luxury Locations 杂志 Luxury Locations的行业杂志可以说在安提瓜最受欢迎,每年出版两 次,并在国内外发行。该杂志的宗旨是把安提瓜作为首选目的地进行 推广,并展示安提瓜提供的最佳投资机遇和物业。

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Legendary chef Patrick Gauducheau reveals his recipe for success


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Management Services We offer full property management services to create a seamless transition from construction to generating rental income. Buyers have the confidence that their property will be well looked after and produce an immediate return on investment which makes for an easy investment choice.

管理服务 我们提供全面的物业管理服务,旨在实现从施工到生成租金收入的无 缝过渡。买家可以放心,他们的物业将获得良好的照看,并立即产生 投资回报,从而可以轻松做出最佳的投资选择。 案例研究 – 营销与销售 Pearns Point项目:Luxury Locations于2013年被Pearns Point任命 为独家代理。尽管150英亩的半岛已经营销多年,但依然尚未达成首次 销售。Luxury Locations改变了营销理念,重新把Pearns Point塑造成 为一个超级独家高端开发项目 –“Shared by Few Rivalled by None (无与伦比的终极奢华) ”。通过变更品牌信息和市场认知,Luxury Locations仅在18个月内就创造了大约3000万美元的销售额。




Antiguan rowers The beautiful island of Antigua plays host to the finish line of the biannual Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, where teams compete to row unaided 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. 美丽的安提瓜岛成为一年举办两次的泰斯卡威士忌大西洋挑战赛的终点线,各支参赛团队将独立划船3000英里 穿越大西洋后竞相到达这里。


his year was something extra special for the proud island-nation, however, as it was the first time that an Antiguan team entered into the ‘world’s toughest row’. The atmosphere along the quay in historical Nelson’s Dockyard was electric. Children and adults alike were waving

不过今年对于这座令人自豪的岛国而言尤为特别,因为安提瓜团队首 次参加了“世界上最艰难的划船竞赛”。 沿着历史悠久的纳尔逊船坞内的码头,洋溢着令人欢欣鼓舞的气氛。 大人和孩子们都挥舞着旗帜,兴高采烈地交谈,“他们还没到吗?”“ 是他们吗?”


flags and talking frantically, “Are they here yet?” “Is it them?” Finally, just after 4pm on February 10th 2016, the horn of a superyacht sounded, followed by all of the other yachts in the harbour – the sailors salute – and a cheer that began at the headland rounded the corner and filled the whole dockyard. Tears rolled down faces in awe and elation at the achievement of the four men in a rowing boat. After 52 days at sea, the team of Antiguan sailors aged 74, 67, 52 and 29 had succeeded in crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the finish line on their home island. Unique in their achievement, not only for being the first Antiguans, but also for making the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest competitors ever. Peter Smith, Nick Fuller, JD Hall and Archie Bailey also raised a whopping EC$400,000 for a local charity. “When we left, no one paid much attention to us; people just thought, what the hell do these old guys think they’re doing”, remarked Nick, “Then we went through a couple of storms and people started to think these guys will actually do it. And we did. WE came home in a rowboat – and in style.” This year saw an Atlantic hurricane passing through the path of the race, putting the team into survival mode for

终于,2016年2月10日刚刚过了下午4点,一艘超级游艇鸣响笛声,继 而港口内其他所有游艇纷纷鸣笛——向桨手们致敬——欢呼声首先从 海岬上响起,然后飘过街角,传遍了整个船坞。一艘载着四个人的划 船进入人们的视野,崇敬而兴奋的泪水滑下无数人的脸庞。 经过52天的海上之旅,由年龄分别为74岁、67岁、52岁和29岁的桨 手组成的安提瓜团队成功穿越大西洋,到达了位于他们家乡岛屿上的 终点线。 他们的独特成就不仅源于他们是第一批参赛的安提瓜人,而且是因为 他们作为有史以来年龄最大的竞赛团队创造了吉尼斯世界纪录。Peter Smith、Nick Fuller、JD Hall 和 Archie Bailey还为当地一家慈善机构 募集了40万东加勒比元的庞大资金。


several days. “It was pretty horrific” Peter admits. “We knew the boat would last as it was self-righting but the noise was tremendous. And it felt endless. We couldn’t lie down – we were bouncing up and down like ping pong balls”. After the storm came the sunshine and with it brought a welcome catch of fresh mahi mahi fish on their lines. The rowers bravely continued on despite various disheartening mechanical breakdowns on the boat. Their gruelling rowing schedule from 8am to 10pm daily gave them plenty of time on the tiny 8.64 metre (28 foot) boat to talk. “We discussed everything, religion, personal goals, financial statuses, family life – and fantasized about what we’d eat first when we got home” said Nick, the captain. The epic journey that challenged the men both physically and mentally involved hardships such as a diet, mostly of freeze-dried rations, weight loss from the challenge of the row itself, sleep deprivation, sea sickness and dehydration. Despite the toil, the peace of being on the ocean surrounded solely by the vastness of nature made them “more appreciative of everything”. “I really enjoyed the night sky – which was much more intense than anything I have seen before – and watching all the shooting stars,” JD said. It is with immense pride that the tiny Caribbean island nation watched the historic ending to a courageous journey made by these adventurers and they are an inspiration to future generations of seafarers, old and young. n

“我们离开的时候,根本没人关注我们;人们只是在想,这些老家伙 们到底知不知道自己在干啥,”Nick谈论道,“后来我们经历了各种 海浪风暴,人们开始相信我们竟然真的去做了。而且我们真的做到 了。跟着我们回家的除了这艘划船,还有最时髦的潮流。” 今年的赛道遭遇了大西洋飓风,让团队陷入了好几天的求生模式。“ 那真是相当可怕。”Peter依然心有余悸。“我们知道小船能扛过去, 因为它会自动校准航向,但是风雨声太大了。让人感觉永远不会停下 来。我们根本躺不下来,整个身体就像乒乓球一样不断弹起落下。” 暴风雨过后,太阳出现了,在他们的航线上还幸运地捕捉到了新鲜的 鬼头刀鱼。尽管船上出现了各种令人沮丧的机械故障,但桨手们依然 勇敢地继续向前划行。艰苦的划船时间安排在每天早上8点到晚上10 点之间,剩余的大把时间让他们可以在8.64米(28英尺)长的狭小划 船上无所不谈。 “我们讨论了各种话题——宗教、个人目标、财务状况、家庭生活, 甚至包括当我们回到家后第一顿吃什么。”队长Nick说道。 这场令选手们遭受生理和心理挑战的史诗般的航程,带来了诸多困 难,例如:以冻干口粮为主的饮食、划船本身造成的体重损耗、睡眠 不足、海洋疾病以及脱水。 尽管艰苦异常,但置身海洋之上,感受着四周浩瀚自然带来的宁静平 和,让他们“更珍惜一切”。 “我真的很喜欢夜空,仰望所有划过天际的流行,比我以往看到的任 何东西都更触动我的心弦,”JD说道。 怀着巨大的自豪感,这座小巧的加勒比岛国见证了这些冒险者们的勇 敢旅程迎来历史性的冲线时刻,而他们必将激励着未来一代又一代各 个年龄段的航海者创造更多辉煌。




安 凯莱潞琦,安提瓜岛

Callaloo Cay, Antigua The Callaloo Cay resort development is the undertaking of Al Caribi Antigua Developments Limited, a company owned by experienced real estate developer who is a member of the Ruling Family of the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Callaloo Cay,安提瓜 Callaloo Cay度假村开发是由Al Caribi安提瓜发展有限公司承担的。这是一家由经验 丰富的地产开发商同时也是阿拉伯联合酋长国之沙迦酋长国统治家族成员之一所拥有的公司。


allaloo Cay’s concept combines a 5-star luxury waterfront resort style layout with intimate and secluded hideaways. It will include a world class spa, a trend setting beach club and several waterside dining concepts. The development will also incorporate integral elements of green building design, to ensure sustainability and preservation of the local environment. The developers have made a firm and long term commitment to the community of Old Road where Callaloo Cay will be based, knowing that the key to their long-term success lies in maintaining synergy, respect and concern for the community they inhabit. In addition to their commitment to youth and sports, they have engaged the community to play a role in the preservation of its environment; through targeted presentations at the primary school and joint clean up ventures at the Morris Bay Beach. The benefits to the community have already been many and will continue to expand as the development moves into full gear. Very soon, Antigua and Barbuda will be able to boast of its new benchmark for luxury and hospitality as an international operator of global repute will be unveiled as the resort’s management in the last quarter of 2016.

The developers are working hand in hand with the Development Control Authority and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to ensure that the vision, expectations and agreements are all aligned for mutual benefit. They aim to break ground during the last quarter of this year. n Callaloo Cay的概念将5星级的奢华滨水度假风格设计与私密而与世隔 绝的退隐之处结合起来。它将包括一间世界级的水疗中心、一家时尚的 海滩俱乐部和几个水滨餐饮概念。开发也将纳入绿色建筑设计内置元 素,以确保当地环境的可持续性和保护。开发商针对Callaloo Cay基 于的旧路社区已经做出了坚定和长期的承诺,因为理解远期成功的关键 在于维持协同增效作用、尊重并关心他们居住的社区。除了他们向青年 和运动的承诺之外,他们还参与到社区中去,扮演保护其环境的角色; 到小学和在莫里斯湾海滩清洁合资企业做有针对性的讲演。为社区带来 的益处已经很多,并将随着开发进入全力以赴状态而继续扩展。很快, 在2016年最后一个季度,随着度假村管理的全球国际运营商美名的面 纱被揭开,安提瓜和巴布达将能够为其拥有的奢华与款待的新标准而 自豪。开发商与开发控制管理局以及安提瓜和巴布达政府将携手确保愿 景、期冀和协议均向互惠互利看齐。这是安提瓜的第一个开发经历,并 因此要小心审慎而非匆忙地进行,以确保最好的结果。他们目标定于今 年的最后一个季度破土动工。

A B REAT H -TAKING C ARI B B EA N ISL A ND DR E AM I S N OW WIT H IN R E ACH In a unique partnership with the government of Antigua & Barbuda, Callaloo Cay offers one of the most attractive Citizenship by Investment programs in the world. As an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean, citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda enables visa-free access to more than 134 countries, fast tracked processing, dual citizenship and inclusion of family. A range of lucrative investment options along with a team of global experts, world-renowned developers and first class operator assure a sound investment. A world of prestige on the horizon

Visit or contact us on for the full range of benefits





Top10 beach restaurants in Antigua Finding somewhere to eat with a nice view has never been more exciting... 寻找一些伴随着美景而享受美食的场所,绝对没有比这更激动人心的事情了... SHEER ROCKS Gracefully nestled into the rocky shore overlooking the turquoise waters of Ffryes Beach, this glamorous restaurant seduces you at once with its sophisticated music and indulgent day-beds by the plunge pool, where you can watch one of the most impressive sunsets imaginable.

优雅地坐落于岩石海岸区,俯瞰Ffryes海滩的碧水绿波, 这座迷人的餐厅可以立即把你迷倒,在这里你可以聆听它 精心选排的背景音乐,也可以在冷水池畔舒适的沙发躺椅 上欣赏最令人难忘的日落美景。

CATHERINE’S CAFÉ PLAGE Assuming legendary status for long lazy lunches in quintessentially French surroundings, Catherine’s Café on Pigeon Beach has it all: the food is sublime, the champagne is flowing and to taste one of the exquisite desserts is a must!

就像各类传奇人物一样,在典 型的法式氛围中享用漫长慵懒 的午餐,位于鸽子海滩上的

Catherine’s Café应有尽有: 食物高贵超群,香槟琥珀流 金,最后品尝精美的甜点之一 绝对不容错过!


CECILIA’S HIGH POINT CAFÉ Cecilia at once makes you feel at home in her delightful restaurant with captivating ocean views extending out from the most elegantly chic décor. The ingenuity lies in the understated ‘wow’ factor and the truly delicious food.

Cecilia可以让您在她令人愉悦的餐厅中立即获得宾至如 归的感觉,这里拥有最优雅时尚的装饰,呈现出迷人的 海景造型。这座餐厅的过人之处在于低调的“惊喜”元 素以及真正美味的食物。

BOOM With four poster day beds and hammocks surrounding an infinity pool that artfully draws your gaze over historic Nelson’s Dockyard, there is no better place to watch the boats go by as you struggle to choose between the truffle parmesan fries and the crab cakes. This restaurant has it all.

四个海报沙发床和吊床环绕在一座巨大的泳池周 围,巧妙引导您关注历史上著名的纳尔逊船坞, 在您忙着挑选松露帕尔玛薯条和蟹肉蛋糕时,没 有比这里更好的观看过往船只的场所了。这座餐 厅可以满足您的各种需求。

PAPA’S BY THE SEA Recently opened and instantly popular, the young and talented owners of this restaurant serve fresh, well-executed dishes with great aplomb. There is a pool and beach garden to relax in, regular parties and theme nights and a warm welcome for everyone. 甫一开张,即刻广受欢迎,这家餐厅的老板年轻 而富有才华,有条不紊地为您奉上新鲜且精心烹 制的各类美食。这里有一个泳池和海滩花园,可 用于休闲放松、定期聚会以及举办主题之夜,热 情欢迎每一位游客。

ANA’S ON THE BEACH Bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Ana’s on the Beach is a stylish and indulgent restaurant set in an unbeatable location on enchanting Dickenson Bay. There is an art gallery to whet your appetite and a great seasonal programme of events add to the perfection. 把地中海的美味带到加勒比海,Ana’s on the

Beach是一家时尚而奔放的餐厅,坐落于迷人的迪 肯森湾上的一个绝佳位置。这里有一座艺术画廊让 您大饱眼福,还有精彩的季节性活动安排,让您享 受完美之旅。

JACQUI O’S BEACH HOUSE Set on one of the loveliest beaches in Antigua, Jacqui O’s offers guests an elegant Caribbean dining experience, while gazing at the aquamarine, gently lapping sea. Pair the artfully prepared dishes with some decadent wines, and relax in a sun lounger to soak up the shimmering sea views. 海滨别墅


位于安提瓜最可爱的海滩之一,Jacqui O’s 让客人不仅可以享受优 雅的加勒比晚餐体验,还可以欣赏碧蓝海水轻抚沙滩的优雅景色。 精心制作的佳肴搭配令人微醺的葡萄酒,让您在日光浴床上放松身 心,饱览波光粼粼的无边海景。

COCONUT GROVE Casual beach bar perfection in a lovely location with great Caribbean vibes. Palm trees and a thatched roof over the bar open up to a stretch of white, sandy beach making this an iconic setting for locals and visitors alike.

完美的休闲海滩酒吧位于具有绝佳加勒比海风情的优 美区域。棕榈树和酒吧的茅草屋顶面朝一大片白色沙 滩,使其成为当地人和游客心目中的标志性场所。

INDIGO ON THE BEACH AT CARLISLE BAY Enjoy fresh and healthy dining on the beach with stellar views out towards Montserrat while enjoying the polished and professional service from the team at Carlisle Bay Resort. The menu also caters for children and breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in the terraced restaurant. 卡莱尔湾 在海滩上伴着来自蒙特塞拉特岛上的星光美景尽情品尝新鲜和 健康的晚餐,同时享受来自卡莱尔湾度假村团队的高超而专业 的服务。此外,这座阶梯形餐厅内还供应儿童套餐以及早、中 和晚餐服务。

SOUTH POINT With spectacular views over the water to yachts in English Harbour, South Point boasts an impressive international menu with a laid-back yet chic vibe. The restaurant is set over the water and guests are warmly welcomed to dine on the freshest produce artfully prepared with pizazz. 萨斯普特 纵览英吉利海港内水天一色、千帆竞速的壮观景 色,South Point (萨斯普特) 精心打造了一份令人惊艳 的国际化菜单,洋溢着闲适而别致的情调。该餐厅位于 水上,客人可以这里享受温馨热情的招待,品尝巧妙烹 制的最新鲜美味佳肴。



Nonsuch Bay, Antigua Located on the secluded south-east corner of Antigua, Nonsuch Bay is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets 位于安提瓜隐秘的东南角,无双湾(Nonsuch Bay)是加勒比地区最善于保护隐私的地方之一。


his private, luxury resort of beach cottages, villas and apartments opened its doors in 2010 and has been an enviable success across the island. This is hardly a surprise as the shareholders at Nonsuch Bay resort own and operate two other successful hotels on the island: Cocobay Resort and Coconut Beach Club, they are also proprietors of Antigua’s shopping district, Historic Redcliffe Quay. Spread over 42-acres, the resort has grown quickly over the past decade, with sixty-two apartments, townhouses and villas now occupying the site as well as several common areas, such as the award-winning restaurant, The Bay @ Nonsuch, the sailing and kite surfing schools, three infinity pools, and a kids’ club. Due to the success of the resort since opening six years ago, the shareholders are now embarking on phase two of the resort development. The next phase includes the Marina Residences; 188 single bed apartment suites each with its own plunge pool, a super yacht dock able to accommodate yachts of up to 200ft, two restaurants, squash courts, tennis courts, a gym and a helipad. The construction of the Marina Residences has already commenced and are due for completion in only 36 months. Each unit is sold fully furnished and is expected to generate 6% net return on investment for its owner. The prices of the Marina Residences are set at US$400,000, the threshold for acceptance of the Citizenship by Investment program in Antigua, providing investors with a low initial investment to generate a good return on investment as well as providing protection to the investor by granting them citizenship.

这个私人豪华度假村拥有海滩小屋、别墅和公寓,2010年对外开放营 业,在整座岛上取得了令人羡慕的成功业绩。这并不出人意料,因为 无双湾 度假村的股东已经在岛上成功经营了另外两个酒店:可可贝 (Cocobay)度假村和椰子(Coconut)海滩俱乐部;此外,他们 还是安提瓜购物中心Historic Redcliffe Quay的业主。 占地42英亩,该度假村在过去十年飞速发展,目前拥有62个公寓、联 排别墅和独栋别墅以及几处公共区域,例如屡获殊荣的餐厅The Bay @ Nonsuch,帆船和风筝冲浪学校,三个巨型泳池以及一个儿童俱 乐部。 由于该度假村自6年前开放以来大获成功,股东们现在决定启动度假 村开发的第二阶段。下个阶段包括海滨住宅;188间单床公寓套房, 每间分别配有独立冷水池;一个超级游艇码头,能够容纳长达200英 尺的游艇;两座餐厅,若干壁球场和网球场,一个健身房和一处停机 坪。 海滨住宅已经开始施工,预计仅需36个月就可完工。每个单元都是精 装修出售,业主预计可以获得6%的净投资回报。海滨住宅的价格设定 为40万美元,这也是安提瓜投资公民计划(CIP)的申请标准,为投 资者提供了一个可以产生良好投资回报的低初始投资,同时还可以通 过授予第二国籍而保护投资者。 该度假村由无双湾度假村有限公司(Nonsuch Bay Resort Ltd)全权 管理。这意味着,投资者无需关注物业的日常运营或维护,因为所有 这些方面均由该公司负责。每个套房的设计都符合舒适、优雅以及适 合岛屿生活的标准。投资者只需在无双湾放松和享受,并且在世界各 地都可以从租赁收入中获益。


The resort is fully managed by the Nonsuch Bay Resort Ltd. This means that an investor need not be concerned with the everyday running or maintenance of the property as all those aspects are provided for. Each suite is designed with comfort, elegance and island living in mind. An investor need only relax and enjoy while in Nonsuch Bay and benefit from their rental income while they are elsewhere in the world.

重要事实: 开发商是谁? 无双湾开发公司(NonSuch Bay Development Company)归属于 Cameron兄弟以及Ian Fraser和 David Smith。Cameron兄弟和Ian 于1967年移民到安提瓜和巴布达,并在安提瓜和苏格兰上学。 David, Cameron 和 Ian同事还担任Coconut Beach Club, Cocobay Resort 以及 Nonsuch Development Company Limited 和 Nonsuch Management Limited的董事和股东。 是什么启发他们开始建造无双湾度假村? Cameron和Ian 年轻时学习过海湾航行,而Cameron周末会带着妻 子和孩子来这里观光。他们希望开发一个高端住宅酒店项目,让世界 各地的家庭都能在这里获得“家”的感觉。航海学校和儿童俱乐部吸 引了许多有孩子的家庭。 该开发项目是从什么时候开始的? 无双湾度假村始建于2003年,大部分建筑在2009年之前完工。度假村 在2010年复活节正式开放。2013年,该度假村成为首批加入投资公民 计划的物业之一。度假村的所有者拥有在安提瓜成功持有和运营业务 的优异记录,并且在酒店开发和经营方面享有盛誉。

Some facts... Who are the developers? The NonSuch Bay Development Company is owned by brothers Cameron and Ian Fraser and David Smith. Brothers Cameron and Ian immigrated to Antigua and Barbuda in 1967 attending school in Antigua and Scotland. David, Cameron and Ian are also directors and shareholders of Coconut Beach Club, Cocobay Resort and Nonsuch Development Company Limited and Nonsuch Management Limited. What inspired them to start Nonsuch Bay Resort? Cameron and Ian learnt to sail in the bay when they were young and Cameron visited with his wife and children on weekends. They wanted to develop a high-end residential hotel project where families from around the world could feel at home. The Sailing School and Kids’ Club attract many families with children. When was the development started? The Nonsuch Bay Resort started in 2003, completing most of the construction by 2009. The resort was opened in Easter 2010. In 2013 it was one of the first properties to join the Citizen by Investment Program. The owners have a strong track record owning and operating businesses in Antigua and have a solid reputation for hotel development and operation. n Contact or +1 (268)562 8000 联系方式:网站: 或电话: +1 (268)562-8000



斯坦霍普-谢波德(Stanhope Shepherd)港岛名居:领先一步,生态环保

Stanhope Shepherd Harbour Island Residences – ahead of the game and eco-friendly Stanhope Shepherd’s Vice President Mr Fitzmaurice Christian is Antiguan and previously worked at the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority for six years, where he spearheaded the development of Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program. He tells us about Stanhope Shepherd’s exciting new development in the heart of Jolly Harbour. 斯坦霍普-谢波德的副总裁菲兹莫里斯•克里斯汀(Fitzmaurice Christian)先生是安提瓜人,以前曾在安提瓜和巴 布达投资局工作过6年,当时就是由他领导开发了安提瓜和巴布达的投资公民计划(CIP)。他向我们介绍了斯坦 霍普-谢波德公司在欢乐港中心区域取得的激动人心的开发成果。 Can you give us a little background of Harbour Island Residences? Our parent company purchased Stanhope Shepherd; a local company which is the largest landowner on Harbour Island, in the middle of Jolly Harbour. The Caribbean is one of the regions in which we wanted to invest. The launch of the CIP in Antigua and Barbuda provided us with the right signal, and placed the country ahead of several others. Incidentally, our project was among the first CIP approved projects in Antigua and Barbuda. We have a master plan to develop over two hundred units, in a phased approach. A multi-million dollar company like yours must review many investment opportunities. What influenced the choice of location for this project? We were looking for a location with proven infrastructure and and first class amenities that would enhance the property value of our clients and provide them with excellent rental income possibilities. Our clients are benefitting from proximity to some of the Caribbean’s best beaches, 24-hour security in a gated community, an 18-hole golf course, first class yachting facilities, restaurants and so on. Jolly Harbour has distinguished itself as one of the best pieces of real estate in the Caribbean. You have completed 40 villas in less than one year, which is very impressive but isn’t that risky? First of all, our decision is already paying dividends because we have sold a satisfactory number of units already. We believe our project is located in one of the most business friendly

您能否为我们简单介绍一下港岛名居(Harbour Island Residences)的背景? 我们的总公司收购了当地一家名为“斯坦霍普-谢波德(Stanhope Shepherd)”的企业,而该企业是欢乐港(Jolly Harbour)中部港 岛(Harbour Island)上最大的土地所有者。加勒比是我们希望投资 的地区之一。CIP在安提瓜和巴布达的推出,为我们提供了正确的信 号,并让这个国家在竞争对手中脱颖而出。顺便说一下,我们的项目 是CIP计划在安提瓜和巴布达授权批准的第一批项目。我们的总体规 划是分阶段开发两百多个房地产单元。 像您这样的价值数百万美元的公司,必须审查许多投资机遇。该项目 的地段选择受到了哪些影响? 当时我们正在寻找一个拥有经过验证的基础设施,以及可以提高客户 物业价值,并为他们提供优异的潜在租赁收入的地段。我们的客户将 受益于四周加勒比最好的海滩、24小时安全的封闭式社区、一座18洞


environments and is very conducive to CIP development. Secondly, unlike most developers on island who finance projects based on client funding, we felt it was very important for agents to be able to offer a tangible product to their clients. Ours is not an issue of speculation, you can walk the length and breadth of it. Thirdly, clients can receive title almost immediately and not endure many months of construction. We are in the process of condominium registration which ensures that clients will receive title very quickly. Can you tell us what makes your villas stand out from the rest, in terms of benefit to the client? Most villas under the CIP are about 600 sqft and consist of one bedroom and one bathroom. In stark contrast, our clients receive a 913 sqft villa with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and two patios along with a sea view. This makes them very attractive for rental especially in the large family market. They are fully and tastefully furnished and include back-up water supply. We have selected a single manufacturer for all of our appliances to provide economies of scale and simplification of after-sales maintenance. Although our units are quite large we have sought to reduce their carbon footprint and cost of ownership by investing in energy efficient appliances. Our goal is to provide a unit, which uses no more than 30 watts at full capacity. I will give you two examples. Our refrigerator operates on less than 1 Amp of current and our air conditioners are inverter driven and allow users to be selective in terms of which rooms they want to cool. Impressive! What can a client expect in terms of the ongoing management of their investment? Before we even broke grounds for construction, our company invested considerable time in seeking out arrangements to enhance the investment of our clients. We have cherry picked some of the best local villa management companies with proven track records. Even more importantly, we are just about to sign an agreement with an international hotel chain to provide us with marketing, a reservation system and access to their clients. Additionally, we are signing with local tour companies to provide enhanced vacation experiences to holiday-makers who rent our clients properties. Also due to the scale of our project, we have been able to approach the insurance market and secure much lower rates than most property owners. Stanhope Shepherd has obviously paid attention to detail. Your first phase will be finished by September 10th 2016, with just landscaping to complete. What can we expect next from Stanhope Shepherd? We are actually quite advanced in our planning for Phase 2 of our project. All of our architectural drawings have been completed and have been submitted for planning approval already. Our next phase will consist of 36 units.

高尔夫球场、一流的游艇设施以及众多餐厅等。欢乐港本身就拥有加 勒比地区最出色的房地产之一。 您已经在不到一年的时间里建造了40栋别墅,这非常令人印象深刻, 但会不会过于冒险? 首先,我们的决策正在产生回报,因为我们已经售出了满意数量的房 地产单元。我们相信,我们的项目拥有最佳的商业环境,非常有利于 CIP计划的发展。 其次,不同于岛上其他依靠客户资金融资的大多数 开发商,我们认为极其重要的是,房地产代理公司应该能够为客户提 供切实存在的产品。我们的项目并非具有投机性质的空中楼阁,您可 以亲眼见证它的存在。第三,客户几乎可以立即获得产权,不必等待 几个月的施工周期。我们优化了公寓登记流程,可以确保客户很快获 得产权证。 您能否告诉我们,是什么让您的别墅能为客户提供与众不同的优势? CIP授权项目中的大多数别墅,各自的面积分别为600平方英尺,仅 包含一个卧室和一个卫生间。与此形成鲜明对比的是,我们的客户得 到的别墅面积为913平方英尺,并且包含两个卧室和两个卫生间,还 有两个可以欣赏海景的露台。这样的房产在租赁方面,尤其是在家庭 旅游市场上,非常有吸引力。它们设施齐全,装修高雅,并且拥有备 用水源。我们的所有电器设备都选择了同一家知名制造商,确保规模 化经济实惠以及轻松的售后服务。虽然我们的单位房产非常大,但我 们已经通过投资节能电器,而最大限度减少了它们的碳足迹和购置成 本。我们的目标是提供一个满载耗能不超过30瓦的房产单元。我给你 举两个例子。我们的冰箱的额定电流不到1A,而我们的空调采用变频 驱动,允许住户自由选择哪些房间制冷。 绝对令人惊喜!客户在他们投资的持续管理方面能期待哪些优势呢? 甚至在我们破土动工之前,我们公司就投入了大量时间来探寻能够强 化客户投资的安排。我们已经精选了许多拥有良好业绩记录的本地别 墅管理公司。更重要的是,我们即将与一家国际连锁酒店签署协议, 以便为我们提供营销支持、预订系统以及接触他们客户的权限。此 外,我们将与本地旅游公司签约,为租赁我们客户物业的度假游客提 供绝佳的假期体验。 同时,鉴于我们项目的规模,我们已经能够接 洽保险市场,从而确保我们的客户可以享受比大多数业主低得多的税 率。 斯坦霍普-谢波德项目一直在积极关注相关细节。项目第一阶段将于 2016年9月10日完成,后续将只剩下景观绿化需要完成。接下来,斯 坦霍普-谢波德项目还会满足我们哪些期待? 实际上,我们正在积极规划我们项目的第二阶段。我们所有的建筑图 纸已经完成,并且已经提交进行规划审批。我们的下一个阶段将完成 36个房产单元。


威尔伯德(VC Bird)国际机场——加勒比地区的航空枢纽,以及该地区的第二大机场。

VC Bird International Airport – The hub of the Caribbean MONTREAL

Air Canada – Monday (winter season) • Airbus A320 • 146 (14+132) seats 加拿大航空公司 蒙特利尔 • 1 x 每周 – 星期一(冬季)


Air Canada – Thursday, Saturday & Sunday • Airbus A320 • 146 (14+132) seats West Jet – Wednesday & Sunday • Boeing 737-700 or 800 • 136 (18+118) or 174 (18+156) seats 加拿大航空公司 • 每周3班 • 星期四、星期六和星期天 西捷航空 • 多 2 x 每周星期三和星期天



United Airlines – Up to 10 times per week • Boeing 737-800 or 900 or 700 美国联合航空公司 • 纽瓦克 • 每周最多10班


American Airlines – Daily or 6 times per week • Boeing 737-800 • 154 (16+138) seats JetBlue – Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday • Airbus A320 • 150 seats 美国航空公司 • 纽约肯尼迪机场 每日或每周6班 JetBlue • 纽约肯尼迪机场 3 x 每周 星期二、星期四和星期天

American Airlines – Saturdays • Airbus A319 • 124 (12+112) seats 北卡罗来纳州夏洛特 •每 周1班 •星期六

ATLANTA Delta Airlines – Two weekly • Boeing 737-800 • 160 (16+144) seats 达美航空公司 亚特兰大 • 2 x 每周

MIAMI American Airlines – Daily • Boeing 737-800 • 154 (16+138) seats 美国航空公司 迈阿密 每日

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO Seaborne Airlines – Monday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday • Saab 340B • 34 seats 海运航空 • 圣胡安波多黎各 • 4 x 每周星期一、星期 四、星期六和星期天

KINGSTON, JAMAICA American Airlines – Monday and Thursday • Boeing 737-800 • F16 + Y138 seats 加勒比航空公司 牙买加金斯顿 每周2班 –星期一和星期四

Many visitors are already impressed with the new, modern terminal at Antigua’s VC Bird International airport. Your vacation starts at touchdown. The distinct musical sounds of the Caribbean, ranging from steel pan, calypso and reggae, bid you welcome. Friendly, efficient immigration officers speed you through the arrival process, so you can head straight into the sunshine, to relax on one of the many delightful beaches encircling the tropical island. The spacious new terminal, at 23,000 square metres, boasts four jet bridges, modern security screening, fast immigration processing times, smart lounges, increased check-in capacity and a state of the art baggage scanning and sorting system.

SANTO DOMINGO PAWA Dominican – Monday & Friday • Douglas MD-83 • 140 seats 国际加勒比航空 • 圣多明哥 多米尼加PAWA • 圣多明哥 2 x 每周,星期一和星期五

LIAT – Multiple destinations • ATR 42 & 72 每日 11 班出港航班

Antigua & Barbuda

All of these elements combine to satisfy even the weariest of travellers and to propel Antigua forward as a premier destination. Perhaps even more exciting is the solar power plant that almost entirely covers the energy demand of the airport, setting a shining example for the Caribbean. The vision of the people behind the airport development team, to make it the ‘gateway of choice to the Eastern Caribbean’ is well on its way to success. Since the opening of the new terminal, several new airlines have been attracted to add Antigua to their timetables and the airport has recently been voted the second best in the Caribbean, according to the Caribbean Journal.


MANCHESTER Thomas Cook – Weekly • Airbus A330-200 • 322 (49+273) seats 托马斯库克 • 曼彻斯特 •每周1班



British Airways – Daily • Boeing 777 200 • 275 (48 +24+203) seats Virgin Atlantic – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday • Airbus A330-300 • 266 (33+48+185) seats 英国航空公司 • 伦敦盖特威克机场 • 每日 英国维珍航空 • 伦敦盖特威克机场 •4 x 每周星期二、星期四、星期五和星期六

Condor– Weekly • Boeing 767-200 • 269 (24+245) seats 康多 • 法兰克福德国 • 每周1班

MILAN Alitalia– Weekly • Airbus A330 意大利航空公司 • 米兰意大利 • 每周1班

PHOTOS: Mario Charles – ABAA 许多游客已经对安提瓜维尔伯德国际机场的全新现代化航站楼留下了



推动安提瓜成为首选的旅游目的地。也许更激动人心的是,太阳能电 厂几乎完全覆盖了整个机场的能源需求,从而为加勒比地区树立了一



用独特的加勒比风情音乐热烈欢迎您的到来。友好和高效的入境管理 机构官员帮助您快速完成到达流程,直接置身于众多环绕热带岛屿的













60 years of Carnival in Antigua Every summer, the heart of Antigua’s main town, St John’s, comes alive with the melodious sounds of steel drums, pulsating ‘Soca’ music and the rhythm of dancing feet. It is time for Carnival! And 2017 will be an extra special year, as Antigua’s Carnival will celebrate its 60th anniversary. 每年夏天,安提瓜中心的主要城镇圣约翰斯,都会响起悦耳的钢鼓声、动感的“索卡”音乐以及活力舞步的律 动。这代表着狂欢时刻到了!2017年与往年大为不同,因为安提瓜狂欢节将迎来60周年庆典!


ubbed ‘The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival’, Carnival is an event that is rich in history and displays the vibrant culture of the island. Let’s find out what it’s all about...


Why? The origins of Carnival date back to the 1st August 1834 when the news of emancipation from slavery reached the European colonies in the West Indies. According to history, the former slaves ran into the streets rejoicing and making merry in celebration of their newfound freedom. During that first ‘Carnival’ anything that could make a musical sound was beaten, blown or twanged and any piece of colourful clothing that could be found was worn. Can you just imagine the cacophony of sound and uncoordinated flamboyant display of colour? Fast forward to 1957. The newly-formed Carnival Committee lobbied the government to declare the Tuesday after August Monday a bank holiday. When the government agreed, the first, official Carnival was successfully organised and they haven’t looked back. Needless to say, it has gotten bigger and better every year.


动,展示了岛上充满活力的文化。 让我们共同探索一下狂欢节的来龙 去脉吧: 源起 西印度群岛上的欧洲殖民地。根据历史记载,以前的奴隶们跑到街道 上兴高采烈地大肆庆祝重获自由新生。在第一次“狂欢节”期间,任 何能发出音乐声响的东西都被人们敲打、吹奏或拨弹,任何彩色的服 装都被人们穿在了身上。你能想象得出各种刺耳的声音以及毫不协调 的艳丽色彩展示吗? 时间很快来到1957年。新成立的狂欢节委员会游说政府把8月份的周 一和周二设为公共假日。当政府表示同意后,第一届正式的狂欢节成 功举办,从此该传统一直延续至今。很显然,每年的狂欢节都会变得 规模更大、效果更好。 盛况 狂欢节不仅仅是街头游行,而是一场为期10天的音乐、舞蹈以及各 类彩色创意服装争奇斗妍的盛会。该节日包括各种选美比赛、才艺 表演和文化节目,例如:狂欢女王、海中女神和派对君王评选。还有 儿童游行活动和各类乐队竞演。大多数狂欢节的狂热粉丝都会期待 J’ouvert,这是一种疯狂而古怪的街头派对,从凌晨3点开始,一直 持续至 “狂欢周一”(8月的第一个周一)清晨晚些时候。这是狂欢节



What? Carnival is more than just a street parade: it is a 10-day celebration of music and dance, embracing a kaleidoscope of colourful and creative costumes. The festival includes various pageants, talent and cultural shows, including the Queen of Carnival, the Calypso Monarch and Party Monarch competitions. There is also a Children’s Parade and a judging of the bands. Most Carnival fanatics look forward to J’ouvert, a frenzied and outlandish street party beginning at 3am and continuing well into the late morning of “Carnival Monday”. This is the real soul of the Carnival. Tuesday’s finale is a procession of the bands through the streets, which are always lined with thousands of spectators, including visitors from other islands, tourists and locals. This procession then culminates with a huge street party, ‘Last Lap’, which raucously bids Carnival goodbye... until the next year that is. When? Carnival runs officially for 10 days from the last week of July each year until the first Monday and Tuesday in August, which are public holidays. The build up to Carnival starts earlier

On parade days the music from each group shakes the earth and limber hips sway in time to the beat. Visitors are welcome to join in and embrace the culture and history of the islands. 在花车巡游期间,每个团体表演的音乐都有地动山摇的效 果,所有人都跟着节奏欢快地摇摆舞动。欢迎来自世界各 地的游客加入进来,共同拥抱这些岛屿的文化和历史。


in July, however, with ticketed pre-Carnival parties or ‘fetes’, such as the hugely popular ‘White Fete’, ‘Blue Jeans’, ‘Stage’ and ‘Red Eye’, where revellers party until the wee hours of the morning.


Where? St John’s, the capital of Antigua is Carnival central. There, the Antigua Recreation Grounds is transformed into ‘Carnival City’ – a melting pot of food stalls, music and revelry. The flamboyant parades take place through the streets of the town along a designated route.


How? It is a sight to see steel orchestras on floats, large trailers transporting huge speaker boxes, feathered costumes akin to Rio. Since cultural themes are the foundation of the show, each troupe has its own special Carnival theme each year, which they prepare elaborately in advance. On parade days the music from each group shakes the earth and limber hips sway in time to the beat. Visitors are welcome to join in and embrace the culture and history of the islands. If you do, wear comfy shoes as dancing is mandatory. Make it a date to join in on the fun for the 60th anniversary celebrations which promise to be a truly unforgettable spectacle and one of the hottest parties of the Summer! n

于街头,而观众中有来自不同岛屿的访客、旅行者以及当地人,伴随 着“最后一圈”,活动达到高潮,另一个街头派对挥别狂欢节,明年 再会。

狂欢节正式举办10天,从每年7月的最后一周直至8月的第一个周一 和周二,后两天为公共假日。不过,狂欢节的预热活动早在7月初就 开始了,包括各种售票的狂欢节前派对或“盛宴”,例如广受欢迎 的“White Fete”、“Blue Jeans”、“Stage”和“Red Eye” 等,此类欢庆派对会一直持续到次日凌晨。 地点 安提瓜的首都圣约翰斯是狂欢节的中心区域。那里的安提瓜公共娱乐 场所被改造成“狂欢之城”——汇集各类食品摊、音乐及欢庆活动的 地方。盛大华丽的游行沿着指定路线穿过城市街道。 方式 这是一个在巡游花车上表演的钢鼓乐队,大型拖车运送着巨大的音 箱,装饰羽毛的服装就像《里约大冒险》中的场景。由于文化主题是 节目的根基,每个团队提前精心准备了自己特有的狂欢节主题。在花 车巡游期间,每个团体表演的音乐都有地动山摇的效果,所有人都跟 着节奏欢快地摇摆舞动。欢迎来自世界各地的游客加入进来,共同拥 抱这些岛屿的文化和历史。如果您有这个想法,跳舞的时候一定要穿 上舒适的鞋子。 让我们相互约定加入充满乐趣的60周年狂欢庆典,见证一个真正令人 难忘的壮观场面,并且体验今年最好、最狂热的夏日派对!

Above: Amb. E.James Casroy- James - Chairman and C.H. Kirthley C.H. Maginley - Chief Executive & Director Above: Amb. E. Casroy Chairman and Kirthley Maginley - Chief Executive Officer &Officer Director

The The inception in 2013 of the inception in 2013 of Anthe Antegictegic collaborations collaborations and and partnerpartnerJames James and Maginley and Maginley Ltd.,Ltd., a locally a locally tiguatigua and and Barbuda Citizenship by by Barbuda Citizenship incorporated incorporated and and registered registered com-comshipsships withwith locallocal and internationally and internationally Investment Program (CIP), al- alInvestment Program (CIP), reputable reputable corporations. corporations. The The ComCompany,pany, was was founded founded by itsbytwo its two prin-prinlowed for James & Maginley to to lowed for James & Maginley cipals cipals and and directors, directors, Ambassador Ambassador panypany effectively effectively leverages leverages its local its local leverage its professional expertise leverage its professional expertise E. Casroy E. Casroy James James and and Mr. Mr. Kirthley Kirthley knowledge knowledge of the of business the business culture culture and and experience to its and and experience to clients, its clients, and landscape and landscape of Antigua of Antigua and Barand BarC.H.C.H. Maginley, Maginley, and and is governed is governed to be involved in the budabuda to the to benefi the benefi t of its t ofclientele, its clientele, to intricately be intricately involved in the by abyfundamental a fundamental philosophy philosophy and and of a of wide cross-section processing a wide cross-section commitment commitment towards towards the the contincontinstrategic strategic partners partners and affi andliates. affiliates. processing of international CIP CIP applications; of international applications; ued ued development development of Antigua of Antigua and and many of which are from highhigh net- netmany of which are from Barbuda. Barbuda. James James & Maginley & Maginley Ltd. Ltd. provides provides worth individuals. worth individuals. consulting consulting and and general general advisory advisory Through Through its competent its competent staffstaff and and services services within within its core its core areasareas of of BothBoth Principals are duly licensed Principals are duly licensed theirtheir many many yearsyears of professional of professional financial financial management management and and bankbankCIP CIP Agents, and and the company has has ing solutions, ing solutions, along along withwith real real es- esAgents, the company expertise expertise and and experience, experience, James James become one one of the providbecome of leading the leading providand and Maginley Maginley Ltd. Ltd. is committed is committed tate services tate services through through its subsidiary its subsidiary ers of Applicants under the the ers CIP of CIP Applicants under to enhancing to enhancing and and strengthening strengthening company, company, James James and and Maginley Maginley Antigua and and Barbuda Citizenship Antigua Barbuda Citizenship its service its service deliverability deliverability to itstocusits cusRealReal Estate Estate and and Development Development by Investment Program. by Investment Program. Limited. Limited. tomers tomers and and clientele clientele through through stra-stra-

Pictured above from left to right: Alister Maginley – Compliance Officer, Juliette J. Bailey – Executive Manager, Sandra Vouzan – Executive Assistant and Kirthley C.H. Maginley - Chief Executive Officer & Director

CONSULTANTS AND ADVISORS IN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS FINANCIAL AND BANKING SOLUTIONS Our Services: Citizenship by Investment Wealth Management Real Estate and Development Corporate Formations International Banking Structured Finance & Banking Solutions

Meinl Bank Building, Church Street and Hard Castle Avenue, St. John’s, Antigua Telephone Number – Office - (268) 562-8774/5 Mobile (268) 720-3800/7284 Website – Disclaimer: Banking related services are provided through licensed financial entities whose terms and conditions will apply.

The James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation Inc.

The James & Maginley Charity and Care Foundation Inc., was incorporated on January 06, 2016 as a Non Profit/ NGO charity Foundation. Its genesis resulted from the innate desire of Ambassador Casroy James and Kirthley Maginley to uplift and empower the lives and well-being of others, in particular, the most vulnerable within Antigua and Barbuda. The Board of Directors of the Foundation in conjunction with its Advisory Committee work closely with other Non- Profit Associations and Charities on the island; assisting them in the sourcing of funds for their respective activities and ventures. Ongoing Projects 2016 - 2017: 1. The Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Centre (GARDC) – 2. The Bethesda Methodist Church Heritage and Restoration Project




Protecting you financially You want to be sure that your financial future is secure, especially when considering a second citizenship. Residents of Antigua and Barbuda benefit from a large number of financial advantages, and we have outlined them here for you. 您肯定希望确保您的资金处于一个安全的环境,尤其是当您考虑投资一个可能一无所知的国家时。 安提瓜和巴布达的居民可以受益于大量的财务优势。下面我们将了解一下岛上有关税收和银行的信息。



ccording to Robert Wilkinson, a partner at international accounting and tax advisory firm, Grant Thornton, they “have a growing number of clients who have discovered Antigua through the Citizenship by Investment programme. Many of them were simply looking for the advantages of having an Antiguan passport, but when they arrived here to swear their Oath of Allegiance they were blown away by the island’s beauty and its investment potential”. Not only is it a beautiful island with an enviable yearround climate and a welcoming, friendly population but it is also economically, legally and socially stable. Antigua and Barbuda has enjoyed it’s independence since 1981, it is part of the Commonwealth and has a democracy based on the British Parliamentary system. The Queen has a representative, the Governor General, who is the symbolic Head of State and general elections are held every 5 years. It is a developing country whose main industry is tourism, with the financial services and the government following as the next most significant employers. Antigua is committed to increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and improving the welfare of its residents. There are a number of benefits for residents of Antigua and Barbuda: notably there is no capital gains tax nor any estate, death or inheritance taxes. Individuals are not taxed based on their citizenship but rather their residence. Furthermore, there is no personal income tax on worldwide income and passive income, such as dividends and bank interests, are entirely tax free. Residents are only taxed on income earned in Antigua, there is no restriction on repatriation of profits or imported capital. According to the World Bank Group’s ‘Ease of Doing

Business’ ranking, Antigua sits solidly in the middle of regional counterparts and above average for its protection of investors and enforcing of contracts. There are domestic and international banks available on the islands and, according to Wilkinson, the legislation is well developed. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar(ECD) which has been pegged to the United States Dollar (USD) since 1976, at a rate of EC$2.70 to US$1.00. Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) within a common central bank and currency area. Antigua has a relatively low rate of corporation tax being 25% of net profits with concessions available to qualifying investors, such as a waiver of import/export customs duty or a tax holiday on profits. There is a property tax on all properties dependent on their classification and a sales tax that is set at a standard rate of 15%. As with all financial matters, Wilkinson advocates for seeking early financial advice. “Trying to plan from a position of non-compliance or inaccurate advice,” he says, “will always be more difficult and costly”. Antigua and Barbuda is a small island-state with a big future and is intent on providing accessible support to investors. n

国际会计和税务咨询公司均富(Grant Thornton)的合伙人罗伯特•


威尔金森(Robert Wilkinson)表示,“我们已经有越来越多的客户











货币为东加勒比元(EC$),与美元(US$)挂勾,汇率为2.70 EC$ /


US$。 安提瓜和巴布达是共同的中央银行和货币领域内东加勒比国家







府是主要的雇主。安提瓜致力于增加 GDP(国内生产总值)和改善居













安提瓜和巴布达的男人、神话、传奇和国民英雄:Viv Richards 爵士

The man, the myth, the legend and national hero of Antigua & Barbuda: Sir Viv Richards


ir Vivian Richards, former West Indian cricketer is regarded as one of the best batsmen of all time. He spent all of his childhood in Antigua, leaving only to pursue his sport at a professional level and is proud to return to his home island and see the positive changes. His accolades are well earned. He captained the West Indies cricket team in 50 Test matches and is the only West Indies captain to never lose a Test series. Here he tells us how his childhood in Antigua, paired with his drive to succeed, made him the cricketer that he is today. He speaks fondly of Antigua and his hopes for the future. What is the greatest achievement and happiest memory of your life so far? Personally, doing anything on behalf of the West Indies cricket team. Probably because we are from different islands and we think so differently at times. Additionally, it is a sport that I would have dedicated myself to; and also, to have won the first world cup. What do you see for the future of West Indies Cricket? For the future of West Indies Cricket, I see good governance, enabling us to try and build on past success and boost our performance. What changes would you make if you were head of the West Indies Cricket Team? The success that we would have had in the T20, getting the right folks on the team in the right positions. In my opinion, everyone should be left to do what they are capable of doing, especially where the highest level of governance is concerned.

Vivian Richards爵士,前西印度群岛板球运动员,公认所有时代最好 的击球手之一。他在安提瓜度过了全部的童年时光,离开这里只是为 了追求专业水准的运动生涯,如今他自豪地回到故乡的岛屿,亲自见 证了各种积极的变化。他赢得了诸多荣誉。他作为队长带领西印度群 岛板球队参加过50次国际板球锦标赛,是唯一在系列对抗赛中从未输 过的西印度群岛队长。在采访中,他谈论了他在安提瓜的童年生活如 何帮助他成为后来拥有成功动力的板球手。谈及安提瓜,他的话语中 充满了真挚的感情以及对未来的期望。 您人生中最伟大和最快乐的回忆是什么? 就我个人而言,那就是代表西印度群岛板球队做的任何事情。也许是 因为我们来自不同的岛屿,因此我们的想法有时并不一样。此外,这 是我全身心投入的运动;而且,赢得了第一届世界杯。 您如何看待西印度群岛板球的未来? 对我们而言,应该努力秉承过去的成功,积极提升我们的能力。对于 西印度群岛板球的未来,我同样期待良好的管理。 如果您是西印度群岛板球队的负责人,会做出哪些改变? 为了在T20板球世界杯上获得成功,我们要让正确的人员进入球队,并 且为他们分配合适的位置。在我看来,应该让每个人都能发挥所长, 尤其是在最高层级的管理方面。 作为一个国民英雄,您在日常生活中有没有感觉自己是个英雄? 坦白讲,没有。我根本没这样想过。我很感激授予我的各种荣誉。我 为我的国家倍感自豪,并将竭尽全力让我的国家变得最好。


I am very proud of my country and will try to do my best to promote my country in achieving the best 我为我的国家倍感自豪,并将竭尽全力让 我的国家变得最好。

You are often referred to as a National Hero. Do you feel like a hero every day? To be frank, no. I do not think like that at all. I am grateful for what has been bestowed on me. I am very proud of my country and will try to do my best to promote my country in achieving the best. How do you think people see you? Anyone who knows me, anyone who would have grown up with me, especially from childhood – they can tell you that I have always been competitive. I have always been the individual that folks would deem arrogant, but I’d put it in another view and say that I am confident in what I have achieved. If I’m reasonably good at something, I’m going to go with my utmost best to try and achieve the very best at that.

If you could relive one moment from your cricketing career, what would it be? I would not put anything that I have achieved personally on the top list, but I would say just achieving something with other members of the region itself to have won the very first world cup – which is the highest you can get in cricket. Also to have had a marvelous career with the West Indies cricket team. I would have participated in about 121 test matches, having just lost 1 series out of the 121 test matches. Anything that I have achieved collectively with the West Indies is what I would relive from my cricketing career. What is your earliest memory of cricket? I guess playing cricket with my father. I would play cricket with my father as a young boy and I remember putting on the cricket


您认为人们会怎么看您? 任何认识我的人,任何和我一起成长的人,尤其是从童年开始——他 们都会告诉你,我一直都保持着强烈的求胜心。我一直被其他人视为 傲慢自大,但我会换个角度考虑,我对我获得的成就充满自信。如果 我相当擅长什么,那我会尽我最大的努力去尝试获得最好的结果。 如果您能重温板球职业生涯中的某个时刻,您会如何选择? 我不会把任何我个人的荣耀时刻列为首选,但我会选择与该地区的其 West Indies V England at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium PHOTO: Tony Millard

gear, some way bigger than I was (at the time), and learning a lot about the game from my father. Being in that environment was of paramount importance to my success as a cricketer. As a youngster, did you ever imagine that you would have been as successful as you have been in cricket? Never thought I would be. Sometimes you have doubts. But when doubts creep in and you have the will you will be successful. So I’ve never really thought about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be, but at the end of the day sometimes you get lucky; sometimes you are in the right place, at the right time. If you could have been a professional at any other sport, what would that sport be? It would be golf. I am a little bit below par right now; there is some work to be done. I have had a little lay off from the game for about 8 weeks, but I’m back at the ball again. I am not really satisfied, but it takes a little time- as you know the game is all about precision. Do you still play cricket? Nah, not really. But I still enjoy the game. What is your most valued possession? My most valued possession I think is life. As long as you have life you are given the opportunity to accomplish anything that you want. Which cricketer do you admire the most? I would say Sir Garfield Sobers. Growing up I would hear so much about Sir Garfield Sobers and his ability in the 3 facets of the game – bowling, batting and keeping. What tips do you have for aspiring cricketers? There are times when you will have to make sacrifices in order to be successful. There must be a certain level of dedication and commitment. So be mindful of that along your journey. What makes you a proud Antiguan and Barbudan? Growing up here as a little boy and then growing up abroad, coming back and seeing the positive changes that your country has made is what makes me proud to be an Antiguan and Barbudan. n

他成员共同取得的成果,例如我们曾经赢得的第一届世界杯——板球 领域实际最高的荣誉。另外还有与西印度群岛板球队共同度过的伟大 的职业生涯。我参加过大约121场国际板球锦标赛,总共仅输过1场系 列赛。任何我与西印度群岛板球队共同得到的成就,都是我的板球职 业生涯中希望重温的时刻。 您对板球的真正第一次和最早的回忆是什么? 我想应该是和我父亲一起玩板球。我小时候和父亲一起打板球,我记 得当时穿着比我大一号的装备,从父亲那里学到了许多有关比赛的信 息。在当时那个环境中的熏陶,对我以后作为板球手取得的成功而言 至关重要。 您在年轻时是否想象过自己会在板球方面取得现在的成功? 我从未想过。有时你会有所疑惑。但当疑惑慢慢消除,你会获得成功 的意愿。所以,我从来没有真正想过我希望做什么或我希望去哪里, 但最后你有可能获得好运;有时你会恰好在正确的时间处于正确的地 点。 如果您有机会成为任何其他运动领域的专业人员,您希望是哪种运 动? 高尔夫球。我现在能达到略低于标准杆的水平;还有很大的提升空 间。我曾经稍稍休息了8周时间,但我现在重新回来开球了。我不是 很满意,但这需要一点时间——你知道的,这个比赛的核心在于精准 度。 您现在还打板球吗? 呃,不打了。但我依然喜欢这项比赛。 您最有价值的财产是什么? 我认为我最有价值的财产是生命。只要你有生命,你就有机会获得你 想要的一切。 一直以来您最欣赏的板球运动员是谁? 加菲尔德·索伯斯(Garfield Sobers)爵士。长大后我听到过许多 有关加菲尔德·索伯斯爵士的传闻,以及他在板球比赛中的三大绝 技——投球、击球和接球。 您会给积极向上的板球手哪些建议? 为了获得成功,许多时候你不得不做出牺牲。必须保持一定水平的专 注和承诺。因此在整个职业生涯中务必时刻保持谨慎。 是什么让您成为一个自豪的安提瓜和巴布达人? 在这里度过童年时光,去国外长大后又回到这里,亲眼见到故乡祖国 发生了许多积极的变化——这就是让我自豪地成为安提瓜和巴布达人 的原因。

Your passport to opportunity

It is all about new opportunities. Knowledge has the power to seek advancement in every opportunity. You deserve it. Discover the benefits of citizenship by investment in Antigua & Barbuda. Learn about Arton's unique offer by contacting your migration advisor, or by connecting with us for a private consultation.

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Arton Capital is the leading global financial advisory firm providing custom-tailored services for immigrant investor programs to government agencies, certified partners and high net-worth individuals and families from around the world. Become a Global Citizen速 and Empowering Global Citizenship速 are registered trademarks of Arton Capital.

A shore thing. a CIP resort built on the beach

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Antigua & Barbuda The Citizen Issue 1  

Welcome to the first issue of The Citizen, a magazine by Luxury Locations dedicated to promoting the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Invest...

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