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Why superyacht Grace E’s beauty goes further than skin deep


ubtlety may not be the first word that springs to mind when it comes to superyachts. And while it’s admittedly not a notion that could be applied to Grace E’s size (a hulking 73 metres), this exquisite Italian-built vessel possesses a gentility quite unlike her contemporary counterparts. With smooth serene spaces, simple art pieces and a neutral palette, she’s a paragon of decorum; distinctly wellmannered in a watery world of excess, one-upmanship and ostentation. Timeless lines and a casual chic interior give her a refreshingly approachable ambience, but Grace E’s smart design extends beyond aesthetics and into a winning combination of both beauty and brains. Where her peers buoyantly deliver a


one-fingered salute to the environment and merrily go about their gas-gobbling, coral reef-walloping way, Grace E is equipped with a fistful of features specifically designed to keep her carbon footprint in check. Green sensitivities were at the forefront of the owners’ stipulations when designing this most 21st century yacht. First and foremost, she had to be energy efficient which meant the hull underwent repeated testing to reduce resistance (or drag). Grace E cruises economically between 10 and 15 knots with a top speed of 16.5 knots (19mph). This allows her to cruise for several months before her 188,000-litre fuel tanks need a top-up. She also has a dynamic positioning system enabling her to stay in place without dropping anchor. That’s good news for the

fragile reefs of the Caribbean where she has spent much of her time since her 2014 debut which included an appearance at the Antigua Yacht Charter Show. Other eco-friendly nods include systems to mitigate exhaust fumes along with those for garbage management and storage. “Our intention was to be able to go to any area in the world and retain everything on board in the event of a lack of [disposal] facilities ashore,” captain Eddie Cooney told Boat magazine.

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