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Antigua & Barbuda, January – July 2017

A KIND OF MAGIC Secrets of Curtain Bluff ’s five-decade-long success

SOUPED-UP AND SUPERCHARGED The ‘Caribbean’s fastest car’ fires off in Antigua FACE TO FACE WITH TANYA STEPHENS Exclusive interview with the Jamaican reggae star

Also in this edition...

SIZZLE ALL SEASON LONG Make a splash with the island’s hottest beach looks THE NEW AGE IN REAL ESTATE SERVICES

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Antigua & Barbuda, January – July 2017

CONTENTS Letter from Luxury Locations 8

Carlisle Bay’s top ten experiences 42

Property handbook 86

The new age in real estate services 10

Property feature: Villa Ensueno 48

Map of Antigua 14

Supercharged: ‘Caribbean’s fastest car’ fires off in Antigua 52

Luxury property: Antigua’s premier property 88

Meet the Luxury Locations team 16 World’s sexiest superyachts 18 Life’s Little Luxuries: Best breakfasts 24 Exclusive interview with reggae star Tanya Stephens 26 The Luxe List 30 Sizzling swimwear: Hottest island looks 32 Property feature: No. 5 Harbour Estates 38

Credits Head Office, Luxury Locations, Portofino Offices, Jolly Harbour, St Mary’s, Antigua Telephone: +1268 562 8174 Luxury Locations Magazine is published and printed on behalf of Luxury Locations by Eyekon Design and Wyndeham Group.

Dream home equals smart investment at Sugar Ridge 60 Secrets to Curtain Bluff ’s five-decadelong success 64 How the Windward Estate is redefining luxury living 68 Life coach on the road 71

Residential and commercial land for sale 98 Citizenship by investment properties 100

Waterfront properties for sale in Jolly Harbour 103 My Antigua: Creative legend Scotty Meade 108

Property feature: Villa Musica 72 Party pages: Highlights of the social calendar 74

Luxury Locations Magazine is published bi-annually and is distributed to a readership of high net worth individuals throughout Antigua & Barbuda. The publication is also distributed to the UK and USA. The next issue will be out in July 2017. For all advertising and editorial enquires please contact Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of published content. Neither Luxury Locations nor Luxury Locations Magazine endorses any advertisements or opinions expressed. No part of Luxury Locations Magazine can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission of Luxury Locations Ltd and LL Mag Ltd.

With special thanks to journalist Gemma Handy for contributory articles and photographers Alex Andre Rhodes and Scotty Meade.


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Antigua & Barbuda, January – July 2017



ey to any successful partnership is trust, respect and compatibility. That applies to everything from choosing friends or a spouse to a real estate agent to sell what’s perhaps your largest asset, or find you a new one. It goes without saying that such factors are crucial in the business world too. So when we were fortunate enough to team up with one of the biggest creative talents around, we counted our lucky stars. Antigua is a place we are eternally passionate about. Working with awardwinning cinematographer Scotty Meade has enabled us to promote the island’s astonishing natural beauty to an even broader international audience – and sell a few houses in the process. Not only does Scotty’s resume read like a who’s who in the music industry, he’s also pretty handy with a camera. His Antigua-based company Cinematic Wings was behind our promotional video ‘Antigua by Luxury Locations’ which stormed its way around Facebook last summer, along with several others

Life’s Little Luxuries Page 24


showcasing some of the exceptional properties listed with us. You can read more about Scotty’s illustrious career on page 108. Last year was another rollercoaster 12 months for our own award-winning brand with several large sales closed and completed. While our small island continues to develop, house prices remain some of the most competitive in the region. In addition to featuring many of the homes we have for sale and rent, this 11th edition of our biannual magazine is bursting with interesting lifestyle articles too. Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Jamaican reggae legend Tanya Stephens who shares her wisdom with characteristic candour on page 26. Whether thinking of chartering a luxury yacht – or just dreaming about it – check out the magnificent vessels featured in our ‘Sexiest Superyachts’ spread on page 18.

Redefining luxury living Page 68

Also found within these pages is the launch of Antigua’s first ‘nitro funny car’ – believed to be the fastest in the Caribbean. If you missed it roar its way onto the racetrack in September, you can see it in all its vociferous glory on page 52. This is a car with serious swagger. As always, you will find plenty of party pages dedicated to Antigua’s vibrant social scene including highlights of Carnival 2016. And, if you’re ever on the hunt for a hearty morning feast, you won’t want to miss our picks of the best breakfasts found on island in our regular Life’s Little Luxuries spread. So please, read on, absorb and enjoy. And, from the entire team at Luxury Locations, here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017. n

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Adventures with Vinnie the V-Dub Page 71




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THE NEW AGE IN REAL ESTATE SERVICES Luxury Locations may be one of the newest real estate agencies in Antigua, but we are also the best, and if you don’t believe us, you can check the figures; between 2014–2015 we achieved over US$100m in real estate sales, equivalent to almost 10% of the GDP of Antigua & Barbuda! We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do better. This founding concept has led to our success, and resulted in our winning international awards year on year. Luxury Locations可能是安提瓜最新的房地产代理之一,但更是最好的代理,如果您不相信,可以审查相关的统计 数据;在2014年–2015年期间,我们的房地产销售额超过了1亿美元,几乎相当于安提瓜和巴布达GDP的10%!我 们不断要求自己,努力做得更好。由此创立的理念引导我们不断取得成功,并使我们每年都有赢得国际奖项。

What we do. We sell property, but we also do a lot more! Development Consultancy and Market Knowledge We have the market insights; we live it and breathe it. We know what will sell and what won’t. We can assist with project concepts and provide detailed financial models for generating investment for your project.

我们坚持业务多元化。我们销售房地产,但我们能做的 远不止于此! 开发咨询和市场知识 我们拥有与生俱来、息息相关的市场洞察力。我们知道什么畅销,什 么不会。我们可以协助项目规划,提供详细的财务模型,为您的项目 吸引投资。 营销理念和品牌推广 从概念设计到品牌推广、网站、手册和翻译,我们可以全程支持您的 营销宣传。如果您希望亲自深入了解我们的品质和专业性,只需浏览 您手中的这份杂志! 数字媒体 携手我们的数字媒体合作伙伴Cinematic Wings,我们结合了世界级 的电影制作能力、前沿技术以及卓越的营销技能,提供了远超其他所 有竞争对手的杰出品质。 Cinematic Wings的创始人Scotty Meade

Marketing Concepts and Branding From concept design, to branding, websites, brochures and translations, we can undertake all your marketing. And if you want to see our quality and professionalism first hand, then look no further than the magazine you are holding! 10

是CINI Golden Eagle“最佳导演奖”得主,曾经是EMI International 和 Abbey Road Studios的签约执行制片人和电影导演,并曾执导 过获得多项大奖的《The Abbey Road Story》。

Telephone 001 268 562 8174 • Digital Media Along with our digital media partners Cinematic Wings, we combine world-class film making ability, cutting edge technology and exceptional marketing to provide a quality which is quite simply a cut above everything else. Scotty Meade, the founder of Cinematic Wings, is a CINI Golden Eagle winner for Best Director and was an executive producer and film director working under contract with EMI International and Abbey Road Studios and directed the multi-award winning “The Abbey Road Story”. Surveys and Modelling Luxury Locations is the only agency who can provide you with CAD 3D models of land and buildings. Topographical surveys, volumetric surveys, and build progress surveys, can be combined with architectural design concepts to make 3D digital models accurate to 1mm! We can show the exact position and angle where the sun will set on a property before a single brick is laid. Case Study – Marketing and Sales Pearns Point: Luxury Locations were appointed as sole agents for Pearns Point in 2013. The 150 acre peninsula had yet to attract its first sale despite being marketed for years. Luxury Locations changed the marketing concept and rebranded Pearns Point as an ultra exclusive high-end development – “Shared by Few Rivalled by None”. By changing the brand message and market perception, Luxury Locations were able to generate sales of around US$30m in just 18 months. 调查和建模 Luxury Locations 是唯一能够为您提供土地和建筑的CAD 3D模型的 房地产代理机构。地形调查、容积调查和施工进度调查,可以结合建 筑设计概念,使3D数字模型精确到1毫米!在施工尚未开始之前,我

Luxury Locations Magazine Arguably the most popular magazine in Antigua, Luxury Locations magazine is a twice yearly publication distributed nationaly and internationally. The concept of the magazine is to promote Antigua as a destination and showcase the best investment opportunities and property Antigua has to offer.


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The eyes have it: the sights, Artist Naydene Gonnella’s sounds and savours of stirring portraits Antigu


Face to face with soca diva Claudette ‘CP’ Peters

From designers to painters, singers to sculptors, meet some of Antigua’s most creative residents


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Godfather of style: fashion designer Calvin Southwell

Villas for reasons, seasons and lifetimes: Investment opportunities in Jolly Harbour

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Legendary chef Patrick Gauducheau reveals his recipe for success

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highlights of the social calendar

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On the right track – Your free tourist map of Antigua



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Antigua & Barbuda, January– July 2016

Luxury Locations的行业杂志可以说在安提瓜最受欢迎,每年出版两 次,并在国内外发行。该杂志的宗旨是把安提瓜作为首选目的地进行


Unveiling Also in this edition... tigua’s donkeys – first mega An Caring for Antigua’s reso rt

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Luxury Locations 杂志

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Singulari legacy of the sweet old days – where serenity, reign suprem seclusion e and splendo Say cheese: ur Photographic




Class act: Why superyacht Grace E’s beauty is more than skin deep




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Snapshots: Photo highlights of the social graphic to cricket, calendar sailing to art,

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Food glorio island’s best us food – our top dining exper Plus: The iences A-Z of Antigua n food – dissected, digested, divulged

Management Services We offer full property management services to create a seamless transition from construction to generating rental income. Buyers have the confidence that their property will be well looked after and produce an immediate return on investment which makes for an easy investment choice.

管理服务 我们提供全面的物业管理服务,旨在实现从施工到生成租金收入的无 缝过渡。买家可以放心,他们的物业将获得良好的照看,并立即产生 投资回报,从而可以轻松做出最佳的投资选择。 案例研究 – 营销与销售 Pearns Point项目:Luxury Locations于2013年被Pearns Point任命 为独家代理。尽管150英亩的半岛已经营销多年,但依然尚未达成首次 销售。Luxury Locations改变了营销理念,重新把Pearns Point塑造成 为一个超级独家高端开发项目 –“Shared by Few Rivalled by None (无与伦比的终极奢华) ”。通过变更品牌信息和市场认知,Luxury Locations仅在18个月内就创造了大约3000万美元的销售额。 11

Admiral’s Inn & Gunpowder Suites Wine, dine, rest and relax in a UNESCO World Heritage Site


t takes a very special place to earn official status as one of outstanding universal value. Anyone who’s ever experienced the historic grandeur of 18th century Nelson’s Dockyard will have been elated if not surprised at last year’s UNESCO World Heritage Site award. Nestled within its evocative surrounds, Admiral’s Inn & Gunpowder Suites offers a rare opportunity to sleep, wine and dine within an architectural time capsule of maritime glory and whimsical charm. For its hard-working and passionate team of staff, 2016 in fact represented a trio of triumphs for the elegant establishment. Not only was there the completion of six more luxury suites, but also the prestigious award of ‘best boutique hotel 2016’ by UK-based highend lifestyle magazine LUX. As the world’s only working Georgian


dockyard – and the former home of Lord Horatio Nelson – the intriguing colonial buildings complemented by friendly personal service have made Admiral’s a ‘must-do’ among visitors to Antigua. “There are very few places on Earth where you can sleep and eat in a World Heritage Site,” says co-director Astrid Deeth. “With such a spectacular ambience and unique setting it really is an experience not to be missed.” The hotel’s 32 rooms and suites are housed in four beautifully restored original buildings and adjacent cottages fringing the water, small beach and headland which has a stunning infinity pool. A team of homegrown chefs is behind the two restaurants’ acclaimed cuisine, like the lobster thermidor which many rate as the best in the country. Both Pillars

and Boom use the sous-vide method of cooking to seal in flavours and nutrients. Activities available include sailing, hiking, yoga and snorkelling to name a few, while the Powder Room Spa’s rejuvenating treatments and organic handmade products are the perfect way to unwind. A short stroll from the hub of English Harbour, the inn’s size and location make it ideal for everything from a couple’s holiday, honeymoon retreat or intimate family get-together to a luxurious destination wedding. The dockyard’s iconic stone pillars and abundant artefacts were among the features that led UNESCO chiefs to conclude there is nowhere else on the planet quite like it. Admiral’s Inn’s discerning guests would probably name a few other features of their own. n Visit, email reservations@admiralsinnantigua. com or call +1 268 460-1027.







BUSINESS Head Office: Caribbean Alliance House, Cnr. Newgate & Cross Streets, St. John’s, Antigua • +1 (268) 484 2900 Falmouth Harbour Branch: Antigua Yacht Club Marina Commercial Centre • +1(268) 484 2967/68 Anguilla • Antigua & Barbuda • Ascension Island • Bahamas • Barbados • British Virgin Islands • Cayman Islands • Dominica Falkland Islands • Grenada • Montserrat • St. Kitts & Nevis • St. Lucia • St. Maarten • St. Vincent & The Grenadines • Turks & Caicos



eal estate agents – like journalists, bankers and politicians – tend to find a less-than-flattering public perception precedes them. It’s no mean feat then, when a real estate firm bucks the trend by building and maintaining a reputation as a reliable, professional and trusted entity which has stood the test of time – corroborated by a fistful of eminent industry awards. Spring 2017 will mark eight years since the inception of Luxury Locations and its property management arm, Villa Management. Today we are firmly established as the country’s leading agency with the largest portfolio of exclusive listings for sale and rent. While much of that is down to sheer grit

and hard work, our success can also be attributed to an innovative approach to marketing which has allowed us to grow exponentially despite a global economic downturn and unprecedented challenges to the sector. The unrivalled international exposure we guarantee our listings earned us the gong for best real estate marketing in Antigua & Barbuda at the 2015 International Property Awards. That came hot on the heels of three Overseas Property Professionals Awards in 2014 and 2013, twice naming us third best real estate agency in the world, and second best in the regional category to boot. We may be a small team but we’re a mighty one, with four decades’ worth

of collective experience. Antigua is, for us, a place we know, cherish and call home. And that’s what underlines our commitment to selling not just villas, apartments and parcels of land but the island as a destination and a lifestyle we know you’ll love via this magazine. Our hugely popular biannual publication – now on its 11th edition – is the only one of its kind in the region and enjoys a firm status as a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Read on to find out more about the energetic, dynamic – and occasionally kooky – team behind our award-winning brand. n



• He loves studying, he has four university degrees from the UK

• She spent six years managing a restaurant in Majorca before moving to the Caribbean

• He has a sweet tooth: his guilty pleasure is eating chocolate frosting – straight from the tub

• She’s a nifty mover: her fancy footwork won her disco dancing awards when she was 13

• He practiced martial arts for 17 years and is qualified to teach eight different styles

• One day she hopes to visit Bora Bora and Australia





From working as a start-up business consultant to martial arts training, Sam’s professional background is as diverse as the countries he’s called home. He moved to Antigua from the UK in 2009 and – as a keen freediver - thinks the island’s most beautiful spot is found 150ft below sea level, just south of Cades Reef.

UK-born Nadia has lived in Antigua, working in the local property market, since 2004 and founded Luxury Locations in 2009. Today the company exclusively represents some of the nation’s most exclusive properties and developments. Nadia hates to cook, is a big believer in karma and once played Annie in a school play.



FUN FACTS ABOUT JAVIER... • He loves languages and is currently teaching himself Italian

• She did a parachute jump when she was 16 – but isn’t convinced she’d do it again

• He loves to travel and discover new languages, dances and food

• Her favourite book is Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and The Sea’

• He describes his personality type as ENFJA – ‘the protagonist’

• She likes a drop of good French wine and believes in living each day as if it’s your last





Born and raised in Africa, Pascale moved to Antigua in October 1998. A stint in bar work was followed by an administrative position at the Big Banana group where she rose through the ranks to become executive assistant. Pascale joined the helm of our team in October 2014. Her favourite Antiguan escape is Green Island.

If there’s one thing our eternally upbeat Javier loves as much as salsa dancing, it’s his new role assisting with the general operations of our business. His background in international business and trade policy have put him in good stead for this diverse job which ranges from assessing real estate trends to meeting and greeting our guests. Most of all Javier loves the “vibe and energy” of his coworkers – and the sea view from our Jolly Harbour office.

FUN FACTS ABOUT BANCROFT... • If he could be any fictional character, he’d probably choose Fred Flintstone • His favourite ice cream is rum ‘n’ raisin. • He is happiest when he’s in his garden, talking to his plants


With 25 years’ experience in the maintenance field, we were delighted to add Bancroft James to our team in January 2015. His warm personality has made him a popular figure with our guests. Originally from Jamaica, Bancroft has lived in Antigua more than two decades and loves the challenge and resourcefulness his job entails. When he’s not at work, he’s often found in the kitchen cooking up Jamaican national dish ackee and saltfish.

Head Office, Portofino Offices, Jolly Harbour, St Mary’s, Antigua, WI Telephone: +1 268 562 8174

Start your property search here! Scan me to view our properties...



SEXIEST SUPERYACHTS WHAT FLOATS YOUR BOAT? WE LUST OVER FOUR OF THE WORLD’S MOST SHOW-STOPPING VESSELS Chartering a superyacht is de rigeur among today’s glitterati. We singled out some of the most sensational nautical eye-candy on the market – each one thoroughly seductive and guaranteed to turn heads. This is sheer unabashed boat porn. n SLIPSTREAM Better start warming up those vocal chords. Along with an outdoor cinema, waterslide and a bubble machine, this 60m amphibious beauty also boasts a karaoke machine – and her 14.5-knot cruising speed means your power ballads could get lost on the breeze. Multi-award winning yacht Slipstream offers fun with a capital F. With an eye-catching black hull, silver superstructure and striking interior, she’s also one of the most stylish charter boats


on the water. Her vast sundeck was designed with every comfort in mind; giant sun pads, a glass windbreak around the Jacuzzi, openair shower and glass-topped bar complete this six-star experience. Slipstream can accommodate 12 guests in her seven cabins, spread out across three decks. You might want to call dibs on the master suite – a behemoth vision in rich red and black tones, which also encompasses an office, his and hers bathrooms, walk-in wardrobe and a raised

observation lounge with direct access to the foredeck. Think it can’t get any better? Slipstream also throws in an airconditioned gym and a circular al fresco dining area – shielded from the wind by sliding glass doors – just to be sure. Fancy chartering Slipstream? Visit for details. Photos courtesy Burgess.

n MARIE She may bear the classic lines of the golden age of exploration – along with decorative cannons, muskets and a suit of armour - but Marie has enough sail power to appease thrill-seekers as well as history buffs. Bursting with character, this 60m sailboat combines sophisticated technology with an artist’s eye for style. She can accommodate eight guests in her four light, airy cabins; the master suite has its own private cockpit creating a romantic setting for sundowners and aperitifs. The split-level salon offers a relaxed deckhouse with bar and cosy seating; the more formal dining area below is complete with a Steinway baby grand piano. Those who prefer to dine outdoors will love the large sheltered cockpit surrounded by wide decks, ideal for basking in the daytime sunshine. The piece de resistance is the crow’s nest lift which can hoist two guests almost 40m up the main mast for jawdropping 360 degree views. Footnote: The cannons actually work. Fancy chartering Marie? Visit for details. Photos courtesy Burgess. 19


n JACOZAMI Aspiring secret agents rejoice: Jacozami’s sleek, chic environs have the power to transform the most uncouth into the epitome of debonair finesse. Sunseeker boats have long been the nautical transport of choice for James Bond 007 himself – and with Jacozami’s uber elegant styling and top speed of 25 knots (perfect for eluding those pesky villains), it’s easy to see why. Launched in early 2016, she’s one of Sunseeker’s latest designs of 40m vessels and can sleep up to 10 guests in her impeccably finished five cabins. Each one features the very latest in high-tech entertainment systems and has a deluxe en-suite bathroom. The main deck includes a large outdoor seating area, set around a coffee table, with uninterrupted sea views. There’s also a large formal dining section and sky lounge with over-sized L-shaped sofas congregated around a vast flat-screen TV. The outside decks have abundant space for relaxing and socialising – complemented by sun pads, a wet bar and Jacuzzi. Fancy chartering Jacozami? Visit for details. Photos courtesy Sunseeker Charters Ltd.



An instrument with a ‘scientific’ design. The hybrid steelceramic exterior of the TUDOR North Flag was created in order to express the high level of technology and reliability of its movement.

TUDOR in-house movement MT5621. Offering a 70-hour power reserve and regulated by a variable inertia oscillator with silicon balance spring, it is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).



n CHASSEUR Don’t forget to pack your evening wear if you’re lucky enough to be onboard this stunning, newly built 49m vessel. The magnificent Armani custom dining table is just one of Chasseur’s sensational features – along with a fourperson elevator, a touch-and-go helipad and enough watertoys to make you giddy with excitement. The yacht’s eye-catching retro artwork complements her contemporary neutral


tones, dotted with splashes of bright colour. Dimmable lights throughout the interior create the perfect ambience for every occasion; one ingenious example of this is in the main salon where the walls between the large picture windows are discreetly backlit. Up to 12 guests can sleep in Chasseur’s six cabins which include a full beam master suite with office and daybed. The breath-taking guest en-suites – in

exotic onyx – all have underfloor heating. The meticulous attention to detail extends to the sky lounge and sundeck – the latter complete with large Jacuzzi and BBQ – where the bars are crafted from backlit crystal agate and mirrored glass. Fancy chartering Chasseur? Visit for details. Photos courtesy Burgess.




he incredible setting may be the work of Mother Nature but the food is all down to imagination and ingenuity. Matching Jacqui O’s breathtaking coastal scenery with cuisine that’s eternally sublime requires a special set of skills, says the restaurant’s owner Lance Leonhardt. Talented head chef Miguel Alfaro works his magic into the freshest seasonal produce from local farmers and fishermen. The frequently changing menu offers options to snack, share a plate or settle in for a long languid lunch on one of Antigua’s finest beaches. Tranquil Love Beach, on the famed south-west coast, comes complete with quintessential turquoise sea and white sand, and spectacular views across the

water where Montserrat’s volcano smokes softly on the horizon. Oozing with rustic charm, Jacqui O’s is dining in style. The menu is profuse with delicacies like dry aged serrano ham, black Angus beef, and authentic Andalusian black bottomed seafood paella. Dishes that keep tempting guests back for more include fresh local pineapple gazpacho, open ravioli with tiger prawns, and the inspired lobster medallions with white chocolate and pear. Other mouthwatering creations are whole fish catch of the day with ratatouille and basmati rice, coconut chicken masala, and vegetarian Creole spaghetti crumble. All dishes are designed in harmony with the restaurant’s premium wine list. The beach daybeds are the perfect

accompaniment to one of Jacqui O’s exquisite cocktails like the espresso martini which continues to attract rave reviews. With its welcoming atmosphere, expert service and glorious setting, the crowning stroke is the restaurant’s pitch perfect soundtrack. n Jacqui O’s, in Valley Road, St Mary’s, is open for lunch Tuesdays to Sundays and dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday by reservation. Call +1 268 562-2218. Email Visit JacquiOsBeachHouseAntigua



BEST BREAKFASTS The most important meal of the day? The jury’s still out on that one. One thing is for sure – Antigua has a number of exceptional options for diving in and pigging out regardless. These are our picks of the finest fare to shake up your wake up.

n MORNING BLUES Does early rising fill you with as much glee as a trip to the dentist? Ease the pain with the Larder’s all-American classic of deliciously fluffy blueberry pancakes – along with a cappuccino for a welcome blast of caffeine. Tuck in at the Larder at Royal Palms, Friars Hill Road, St John’s. Call +1 268 562-7880.

n ALL THE RAGE You know the food is pretty special when you have to book days in advance to nab a spot. The Garden Grill’s Sunday brunch is well worth planning ahead. Top seller is the delectable avocado eggs Benedict -– fresh avocado, crispy bacon, poached egg and creamy Hollandaise served on grilled country bread. The winning cuisine is served until a languid lunchtime. Tuck in at Garden Grill in Dutchman’s Bay. Call +1 268 464-0207.

n ENERGY BOOST Whether your idea of a morning kickstart is full English, Antiguan or continental, you won’t leave Bay House hungry. We adore the poached egg Florentine served on fresh spinach and an English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce. The glorious ocean views are guaranteed to put some pep in your step. Tuck in at Bay House Restaurant at the Trade Winds Hotel in Dickenson Bay. Call +1 268 462-1223.


n ANTIGUAN-STYLE SUSTENANCE Sugar Club has just about every corner of the globe featured in its array of morning cuisine. One to try is the hearty yet fairly healthy traditional Antiguan breakfast. Eggs any style are served with sumptuous saltfish, local plantains and okra, with a side of Johnny cakes, a kind of fried dumpling. Tuck in at Sugar Club at the Sugar Ridge Resort, Valley Road. Call +1 268 562-7700.

n FLYING START Starting your day the continental way with a fresh breadbasket of croissant, banana muffin and Danish apple pastry is just one option at beachfront restaurant Coconut Grove. Others include omelettes, bagels and a belt-busting ‘full monty’. We like the two eggs any style with a choice of meat plus home-made potatoes. Tuck in at Coconut Grove in Dickenson Bay. Call +1 268 462-1538.

n LONDON CALLING You don’t have to be British to appreciate a full English breakfast. Castaways’ eggs and smoked bacon ensemble with sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms and traditional baked beans is perfection on a plate. The beach eatery serves up plenty of healthy options too for those who prefer something a little lighter. Tuck in at Castaways on South Beach, Jolly Harbour. Call +1 268 562-4446.

n EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING There’s no need to forfeit your Sunday lie-in here. Cloggy’s Café’s weekly brunch starts at a lazy 11am and runs all day until 4.30pm. Along with various breakfast choices, diners can also pick from the top-notch fresh fish, grilled meat or salad dishes – all while watching the yachts from the restaurant’s balcony. Tuck in at Cloggy’s Café at Antigua Yacht Club, Falmouth Harbour. Call +1 268 460-6910. 25




Twenty-plus years in the music business have done little to temper Tanya Stephens’ candour when it comes to speaking out about inequality and injustice.


er ballsy observations – interjected with sharp humour and cutting repartee – flow like poetry, both on stage and right here in person at Antigua’s Halcyon Cove resort ahead of an appearance at Bliss nightclub. Speaking exclusively to Luxury Locations Magazine, the garrulous 43-year-old Jamaican reggae artist lambasts hypocrisy, homophobia and bigotry, and explains why there’s no danger of her keeping quiet any time soon. You’ve spoken out about many issues, which one are you most passionate about? It’s really just one main point that I make. And that’s about human rights and respect for each individual as an equal. I am really into advancement of humans and social change – not politics at all, but unfortunately the politicians drive changes and we have to steer them. I like to keep an eye on them; I care about what happens to our children. What would you do if you were Andrew Holness [ Jamaican Prime Minister] for a week? God forbid! (laughs). First I would apologise for my stance against gay people. Seriously, I want my vote back. Homophobia is still a big problem in Jamaica – we don’t understand all the repercussions that come from that. It’s not a gay thing, it’s about human rights. There are many people I could identify who are gay or bisexual yet are elements


in keeping homophobic chants going. These are people who know better, academic people. Those are the people I’m most angry at – more than the people on the streets who don’t know any better because they think they’re acting on behalf of God.

“I was not encouraged to follow music at all; my family didn’t think it was a real job, until it started getting real. They began to think differently when they saw the people they looked up to – like superiors at work – look up to me.” How did you get into writing? Years ago, I remember a friend and I walking out of a literature exam discussing the story we’d written. We had

to imagine we were in an empty room and there were two buttons which would take you either to the past or the future. We had to write about which button we pressed and what happened. My friend wrote a fairytale set in the past; it was all about a prince on a horse. I chose the future and described an apocalypse, like I’d seen in the movies. I always remember that, I thought that was so funny. I’ve always loved to write poetry. There’s much more room to say what I want in a poem. A song is three and a half minutes long and half the words are repeated. I’d fit much more in if I didn’t have to waste time repeating the same thing. There’s really no limits to what I write about; anything that crosses my mind, that inspires my imagination. What would you have done if you hadn’t been a musician? Been miserable! The adults in my life told me I should be a lawyer because I talked so much. Come to think of it, that’s really insulting – both to me and lawyers (laughs). I was not encouraged to follow music at all; my family didn’t think it was a real job, until it started getting real. They began to think differently when they saw the people they looked up to – like superiors at work – look up to me. What are you working on now? I am finishing up an album. There’s no deadline because I am with no label right now; I really like that better. I can take time to complete my work and say

exactly what I want. It’s not that I’ve ever been censored exactly in the past – more like influenced. When the money you’re spending belongs to this guy, if he feels in a kind of direction you’re kind of bound to follow it. I can’t say I don’t miss having someone else’s pockets but it’s nice to be independent; you have to be so bubblegum to catch attention these days. What work are you most proud of? I usually look at other people’s songs; it’s different when it’s your own, I don’t really see it like that. Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’ – I would have been proud of that. Or Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. The most surprising song they go crazy for on stage, because it was never a single, is ‘Boom Wuk’. What album was that on, ‘Gangsta Blues’? ‘It’s a Pity’ still gets the biggest reaction, and ‘These Streets’ is a close round-up. Which contemporaries do you most admire? I love Destra (Garcia). I’ve just done a single with her – ‘Liar Liar’. She’s a

fantastic artist, period. She has some sick pipes. Apart from her I don’t know. Back when Tracy Chapman or Madonna came out, I didn’t even have to think about it – it was just ‘this is me’. I don’t get that movement from people anymore. The barrage of information presented to us takes away from the seriousness of art. If you start labelling everything art, then there’s no longer any art, anyone can get in. Serious people don’t get hired anymore. What are you listening to these days? Most of the music I listen to is from the past. I love Lennon, he speaks to me. I love Jackie Wilson too, I cried when I found out he was dead. And I’ve been in love with Smokey Robinson since I was small – ‘The Tracks of My Tears’ has been my favourite song forever; nothing has ever replaced it. When I listen to Jackie I see his aura, I feel like I know him. This is what people label as soul - when you hear Sinatra, you feel Sinatra. Today’s it all foolishness. Making music to sell doesn’t do anything for me, it’s a scam.

What’s your proudest moment? Besides childbirth, I don’t know - that’s the most significant thing I have been a part of. My job affords me to do what I am passionate about but it’s still a job. I am not into awards, mostly they become clutter. They take up space, there’s much more dusting and they really mess up your decoration in the house (laughs). What do you love most about your work? The social aspect. I am really into the sharing of ideas, planting a seed, encouraging discussion. Most of what I say is spontaneous but a lot of topics are already there in the music. Interacting with people is the best high possible – through them I can spread something. And they have the power to make me a powerful messenger or a distant memory, and for me that’s humbling. Whatever the relationship turns out to be, it’s fine, I did what represented me. n By Gemma Handy





f once is an incident and twice a coincidence, then three times is surely a pattern. For the hard-working team at Sheer Rocks, there was nothing fluky about being named one of the Caribbean’s top fine dining restaurants for the third year running. It was the happy result of an incredible 1,000 sparkling reviews on TripAdvisor by guests lauding everything from the sensational location to the exquisite cuisine. The acclaimed eatery – set into a rocky bluff at the Cocobay Resort, overlooking a panorama of breath-taking turquoise water – is loved just as much for its signature effortless cool and laidback vibe. October 2016 saw Sheer Rocks claim third place in the travel website’s ‘Travelers’ Choice Awards’ for the second time, beaten only by Bistrot Caraibes in St Martin and ZoZo’s in St John, US Virgin Islands. The “stuff of dreams”, “romance in abundance” and “most beautiful restaurant in the world” were among the avid appraisals from first-time guests and repeat visitors alike.


Co-owner Alex Grimley, who opened Sheer Rocks with now wife Kate in 2010, said diners consistently testify to an unsurpassed experience from start to finish. “We are by far the most reviewed restaurant in Antigua. People talk about the entire experience from the friendly greeting when they arrive, to our wonderful cocktails, the music, lighting, location and quality of ingredients,” he added. Kate said it was an honour to be rated higher than The Cliff in Barbados and Marmalade in Puerto Rico – two of the region’s benchmark establishments. Sheer Rocks was the only restaurant in Antigua & Barbuda to make the 2016 top 10 list. But it’s unlikely the pair will be becoming complacent any time soon. “The award is a nice way of recognising our team’s hard work – but it’s still business as usual,” Kate smiled. These days, the exceptional food can be credited to head chef Simon ChristeyFrench, whose illustrious career included head chef at the two Michelin star London restaurant Pearl before he joined

Photos courtesy Diane Morley-Ham, Alfred Särchinger, Sheer Rocks

Sheer Rocks two years ago. Sheer Rocks kicked off the new tourist season with a renovation to its ‘barefoot chic’ environs, which encompass ocean-side tables separated by billowing white curtains, a sociable circular bar serving inspired cocktails, day beds and plunge pool. The revitalised tapas menu maintains its farm-to-table ethos with a host of mouth-watering dishes like smoked beetroot salad with cracked walnuts, grapes and mint and yogurt dressing, and the smoked marlin carpaccio with gazpacho dressing and red pepper aioli. Desserts include a divine banana parfait

and a papaya cheesecake. The simple food and easygoing ambience are in perfect harmony with the mellow sunset-inspired playlists created especially for Sheer Rocks by renowned British DJ Pete Gooding. Last year, the restaurant released its second CD, ‘Music on the Rocks’, a conglomeration of Balearic disco and deep house beats mixed and compiled by Gooding as a follow-up to 2013’s inaugural album, ‘Best Served on the Rocks’. The musical offerings are further testimony to the establishment’s knack for carving a space that extends beyond its culinary feats and into a lifestyle.

These days, Sheer Rocks even has its own beachwear line. Custom-designed by luxury label Coco Riko, the collection of kaftans, kimonos and sarongs is ideal for the languid lunches and sun-soaked soirees the restaurant is famous for. As more and more online reviewers continue to rate Sheer Rocks among the ranks of excellence, this place might be the stuff of dreams indeed. n



THE LUXE LIST From must-haves to just-wants, we searched the island to find you the coolest, sexiest and most stylish items worthy of the Luxe List.


Necklace US$1,100, earrings US$595 Fashion fiends with a flair for the exotic will adore these classic chain pieces in hand-woven silver and hammered 18k gold from John Hardy, the designer who always has the last word in understated style. Available now at Abbott’s Jewellery & Perfumery in Heritage Quay, St John’s. Call +1 268 462-3107.


US$3,000 Transport Antigua’s magical marine world into your home with one of artist Naydene Gonnella’s exquisite paintings. Her mixed media Copper Pelican on canvas is just one example of her vibrant work inspired by the island’s natural beauty. Prefer a custom-created piece? Naydene accepts commissions too. Available from


Prices on request With top notes of patchouli, green apple, bergamot and lemon, Creed’s female version of Aventus is every bit as compelling as its legendary masculine counterpart. These his and hers fragrances are for the power couple who are always in vogue. Available now at Lipstick in Heritage Quay, St John’s. Call +1 268 562-1133.



From US$990 Want to feel like a superstar? This Illa pendant necklace from Hearts on Fire – with a .25 carat diamond in the centre of each star – might be a good place to start. With such a unique piece you’re guaranteed to dazzle. Available now at Sterlings in Heritage Quay, St John’s. Call +1 268 562-5662.


US$2,400 Divers rejoice! Tag Heuer’s quintessential sports watch not only looks super cool on your wrist, it’s robust and water-resistant to a depth of 300 metres. With blue ceramic turning bezel and sleek black nylon strap, the Aquaracer Calibre 5 is one of the best value luxury timepieces on the market. Available now at Abbott’s Jewellery & Perfumery in Heritage Quay, St John’s. Call +1 268 462-3107.


Price on request The world’s first pure sport side-by-side, Yamaha’s YXZ1000R is in a class of its own with a sport‑tuned three-cylinder engine and industry first five‑speed sequential shift manual transmission. Sure to make fellow road users green with envy. Available exclusively from Outdoor World in Old Parham Road, St John’s. Call +1 268 460-7211.


Price on request Don’t waste time rifling through pockets and bags on the hunt for elusive paperwork. Being superbly well organised – and just a little suave – is a piece of cake with this Santa Fe three-gusset briefcase featuring interior removable padded computer case, front and rear zippered pockets, and removable shoulder strap. Team it with the Voyager wallet with six credit card slots and four hidden compartments. Available now at LAND Leather in Heritage Quay, St John’s. Call +1 268 462-0746. 31




ith high season in full swing – and a beach for every day of the year – we hunted out Antigua’s freshest new looks for staying superbly stylish and impossibly cool. From crisp cottons to covet, to bikinis that are utterly bootylicious, check out these attention-grabbing styles guaranteed to flatter your shape and beat the heat. All are available from Island Beach Bums and Sunseakers in Heritage Quay, Antigua’s shopping mecca. Both outlets are bursting with popular brands to suit all styles – plus plenty of must-have accessories, perfect for spring/summer 2017. Photos shot on location at Curtain Bluff resort. Photography by: Paolo Brajnik +1 268 782 2470.


u Shades by Carrera US$118 Duty free Swimsuit by Leonisa US$102 Duty free Floppy hat by Mud Pie US$45 Duty free q Coral shirt by Nautica US$69 Duty free Board shorts by Reef US$70 Duty free

Aerial Eclipse pendant by Hearts on Fire Price on request Swimsuit by Blue Glue US$80 Duty free White shirt by Envy US$89 Duty Free Shorts by Envy US$79 Duty free Maui Jim Sunglasses from Sterlings US$170 Duty free

t Bikini by Body Glove US$45 Duty free Ray Ban Aviators from Sterlings US$170 u Sundress by Roidal US$239 Duty free q Royal blue bikini by Vix US$210 Duty free


LOOK. Billabong beach bikini top US$79 Duty free Billabong floral pants US$49 Duty free

Necklace by Marahlago Larimar Alexandria $2,241

t Panama hat by Ecuardino US$79 Billabong swimsuit US$89 Duty free u Gold & brown swimsuit by Leonisa US$85 Duty free

Shirt by Island Company US$145 Duty free Pants by Nautica US$69 Duty free

CONTACT Sterlings – Heritage Quay Tel: 268 562 5662 Sunseakers Antigua – Heritage Quay Tel: 268 462 4523


Island Beach Bums – Heritage Key Tel: 268 5628 961

gourmet deli-café · sushi bar · neapolitan pizza · homemade gelato · awesome salads · premium bar

royal palm place · friars hill road mon-sat 7am-9:30pm tel: +1 268 480 6940

Experience a real sense of occasion... Le Bistro, Antigua’s �irst authentic French restaurant, was opened in 1981. Since then, its popularity, with both visitors and locals, has never waned. Today, Le Bistro is and remains one of Antigua’s most frequented restaurants. Dining here is close to luxurious perfection.

Le Bistro French Restaurant

Open Tuesday - Sunday from 6:30pm with last orders at 10:30pm. Closed on Mondays. Hodges Bay, St. John’s, Antigua • T: (268) 462 3881 • F: (268) 461 5543 • E:


NO. 5 HARBOUR RESIDENCES HARBOUR ISLAND FROM US$900,000 If a brand new home on a private island in the heart of one of Antigua’s most sought-after locations sounds too good to be true, think again.


ith spectacular styling and jaw-dropping views over the island’s world-famous west coast, No. 5 offers features in abundance. The complex occupies a prime spot on exclusive Harbour Island within the gated community of Jolly Harbour. Its five unique properties are each set out across three storeys and offer three bedrooms with mountain and ocean views. The complex is accessed by a wellmaintained concrete road with individual parking and gardens at the front of each unit. No. 5 is built to the highest of specifications to withstand category five hurricanes for utmost peace of mind. There is a well-appointed, L-shaped kitchen and adjoining laundry facilities with washer/dryer to the right as you enter. The fully-fitted kitchen overlooks the water and is replete with dishwasher, fridge/freezer with ice maker, microwave and breakfast bar with stools. The large lounge has sliding doors leading to the pool which fill the place 38

with light and allow the breeze to flow through. There are plenty of sofas for relaxation and a dining area. The spacious interiors feature clean contemporary lines and neutral accents. The icing on the cake is the property’s swimming pool – the perfect spot for a refreshing dip or sundowners to round off the day. The outside decking offers lots of room for sun-loungers and al fresco dining. Home owners may construct a dock up to 40ft, with more available subject to planning permission. On the ground floor is an en-suite bedroom offering scenes over the tropical garden, while upstairs two more en-suite bedrooms both have roomy wardrobes and patio doors leading to broad balconies with splendid harbour views. The top floor – with its huge balcony ideal for barbeques, sun-lounging and star-gazing – is ready to be transformed at whim and is large enough for a private gym, office or fourth bedroom.



Harbour Residences Antigua

All properties feature three bedrooms, a private pool, possible 40 feet dockage, 24 hour security and excellent rental potential, all within a gated community. No. 5 is also approved for the Citizenship By Investment scheme. n

Head Office, Portofino Offices, Jolly Harbour, St Mary’s, Antigua Telephone: +1268 562 8174 40

Saturdays – All you can eat sushi night 80ec. Regular menu also available. DJ 7pm until late. Sundays – Steak Night 50ec for all steaks, including sides on the menu. Live music 7-10pm Located at the Antigua Yacht Club • English Harbour • Reservations 562-8512


SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE CARLISLE BAY’S TOP TEN EXPERIENCES If it was possible to receive a picture postcard straight from heaven it would probably bear the stamp of the Carlisle Bay resort. Said stamp would be individually hand-crafted using organic materials and showing an image of subtle elegance.


uxurious zen is the leitmotif at this wonderfully refined establishment on Antigua’s sublime south coast, complemented by impossibly chic styling and very personal service. Frankly, the resort’s almost private beach – with the quintessential scrim of coconut palms against pearl-white sand – would be enough of a USP on its own. Throw in 82 plush suites and familyfriendly five-star facilities and it’s the stuff holiday dreams are made of. We tested the resort out (it’s a tough job) to bring you our top 10 Carlisle Bay experiences.

n SWIMMING IN CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER We couldn’t let Carlisle Bay’s translucent water slide without a mention. It’s closest to perfection first thing in the morning when the resort’s natural harbour, couched in emeraldgreen rainforest, is practically deserted. We discovered it was also fairly acceptable atop a floating air mattress with one of the resort’s divine signature cocktails in hand. 42

n SNORKELLING WITH TURTLES AND STARFISH Another bonus of diaphanous water is the visibility of Antigua’s abundant sea life. Even with an ankle-deep paddle you’re likely to encounter bright red starfish and trumpetfish. Don a snorkel and facemask and experience the magic of a face-toface meeting with an endangered green or hawksbill turtle. Snorkelling equipment is free to use and, if you fancy venturing a little further afield, there are also complimentary excursions to some of the island’s prime marine spots.

n BEACH AND POOLSIDE SERVICE Could there be anything more ghastly than having to get up from your sunlounger to get a drink or bite to eat? Panic not! Carlisle Bay has this well and truly covered. The resort’s exceptional cuisine, refreshments, and inspired cocktails and ‘mocktails’ are available at your beck and call without lifting a finger. Did we mention the impeccable service also extends to the suites – 24 hours a day?

n WATER SPORTS GALORE Enlist one of Carlisle Bay’s expert seamen to show you the ropes at sailing or windsurfing in the cove. For a fee, thrillseekers can step it up wakeboarding, waterskiing or tubing in a neighbouring bay. If all that sounds a little too hectic, the more languorous pastimes of paddle boarding or kayaking in the mangroves are available free of charge.

n ANYONE FOR TENNIS? Fancy your chances against one of the resort’s tennis pros? Carlisle Bay’s seven tennis courts offer an idyllic place to practice – and perfect – your game, either against an expert or casually with friends. In addition to six hard courts and one surfaced with artificial grass, there is also an airconditioned lounge and tennis pro shop - ideal for devising pre-tournament tactics or treating yourself to a snazzy new racket.

n RELAX AND BE PAMPERED If there’s a better way to unwind than a sensual spa treatment using hand-harvested organic seaweed and aromatic essential oils, then we’re yet to find it. The meditative ambience of Carlisle Bay’s two-storey pavilion of multiple air-conditioned treatment rooms – along with a wet room and sauna – is the icing on the cake. Both male and female therapists are on-hand to offer exclusive luxury treatments and pamper you from head to toe.


n All about the food The resort’s four restaurants will each cut the mustard with discerning foodies. There’s relaxed beachside fare at Indigo; delicious Italian-inspired options at Ottimo with its wood-burning pizza oven; fine Asian cuisine at East; and the laidback Jetty Grill, an adult’s only beach eatery with grilled meats, fresh seafood and salads. Our particular favourite was English-style afternoon tea with scones, sandwiches and sweets – and served daily anywhere you like.

n Cool Kids Club Dedicating QT to nourishing mind, body and soul occasionally entails ditching the little ones (we won’t judge). Clearly other parents thought so too – hence the really quite marvellous Kids Club. Open seven days a week, with a jungle gym and sand pit, along with activities like lizard-spotting and treasure hunts, there’s plenty to keep pint-sized guests entertained under the supervision of qualified childcare professionals – and ensure they’re thoroughly worn out by bedtime.

n Movie theatre and library Movie and literature buffs will be spoilt for choice with an on-site 45-seat cinema and a superb library with a vast selection of books hand-picked by a special consultant. In fact, the library is worth visiting just for the funky fibre optic lighting which changes colour throughout the evening. There are also several hundred DVDs to pick from – contemporary and classics alike – should you prefer a film from the comfort of your suite.

n Retail therapy No vacation would be complete without a spot of shopping. Carlisle Bay’s gift shop is open daily and carries a fabulous array of hand-picked clothing, souvenirs, accessories and holiday essentials. From fashion-forward resort wear and Indian silk dresses and cover-ups, to Italian leather handbags and one-off jewellery pieces made from semi-precious stones, this is a browser’s paradise.

Visit, email or call +268 484-0000 for more information about the resort or to make a booking.

Cruise ‘n’ Chill Sailing Antigua’s premier service sailing charter Day Charters • Sunset Cruises • Individual Sailing Up to 6 passengers per cruise Example: 4 passengers for a 6-hour excursion US$150 per person (minimum charge US$600) All charters depart from Superyacht Dock in Jolly Harbour

Our captain and hostess specialise in making ‘your private yacht for the day’ an unforgettable experience. We will sail the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea, anchor off secluded beaches and snorkel in crystal clear waters. You can take the helm and actively participate in sailing, learn a thing or two about sailing and Antigua – or just kick back and enjoy a glass of champagne or your favourite premium beverage of choice. With plenty of space in the shade or sun we serve a freshly-made delicious lunch on board. All you need to bring are sunglasses, sunscreen and a smile. Make sure to watch out for turtles and dolphins along the way. Please call us to customise your 3- to 8-hour private charter.

‘Incredible sailing, knowledgeable captain, amazing food’ ‘Once in a lifetime experience’ ‘Best way to cruise in Antigua’

Email or call 1-268-726-1325

Five-star rated on TripAdvisor


LUXURY LOCATIONS and get more from your property agent

Our award-winning team of hard-working professionals has earned a solid reputation for efficiency, honesty and broad knowledge of the real estate market. Luxury Locations today represents more exclusive property than any other agency in Antigua – and has become the only choice for those wanting the best. We understand an owner’s needs for correct representation and going that extra mile to ensure their property is represented to the right clientele – which is why we offer something a little different to other brokers.

HEAD OFFICE Luxury Locations, Portofino Offices, Jolly Harbour, St Mary’s, Antigua, WI.

Tel +1 268 562 8174 •

Office Hours 9am–5pm Monday–Friday

WHY LIST WITH US EXCLUSIVELY? There are many benefits to exclusivity: • Complimentary professional photos – plus aerial photography and video • Free coverage in our biannual lifestyle and property magazine • Unparalleled marketing reach via our own websites – published in four languages – and strong links with global media


LuxuryLocations Luxury pro

& Barbu

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Experiencing the organic luxury of the Carlisle Bay resort


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From designers to painters, singers to sculptors, meet some of Antigua’s most creative residents

Godfather of style: fashion designer Calvin Southwell

Class act: Why superyacht Grace E’s beauty is more than skin deep Villas for reasons, seasons and lifetimes: Investment opportunities in Jolly Harbour

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Legendary chef Patrick Gauducheau reveals his recipe for success

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VILLA ENSUENO CROSBIES US$3,500,000 If outdoor living is an incentive for purchasing a tropical home, this spectacular contemporary property in the heart of one of Antigua’s most desirable locations is a real estate gem.


illa Ensueno, in the affluent locale of Crosbies, offers plentiful spaces for absorbing the north coast’s arresting scenery. A vast and wellequipped open-air kitchen, with barbecue area, is ideal for al fresco entertaining against the ocean backdrop. The creatively-designed sundecks are complete with comfortable sofas, daybeds and loungers. The stylish swimming pool is fitted with elegant black tiles and an adjoining water feature. The property’s exterior blends effortlessly into the interior, exquisitely designed by the renowned Charmaine Benjamin Werth. The main house spans 3,100 square feet and has three bedrooms all with full en-suite bathrooms. The large openplan interior – with lounge, dining area, 48


kitchen and family room – is centrally air-conditioned with the option of pulling all the patio doors open and allowing the breeze to flow through. There are two separate guest cottages, each with bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. An additional one-bedroom maid’s 50

quarters with bathroom is equipped with its own utility area. Villa Ensueno benefits further from glorious gardens, driveway parking for four cars, and a high-tech security and music system controlled by iPad and cell phone. n

Head Office, Portofino Offices, Jolly Harbour, St Mary’s, Antigua Telephone: +1268 562 8174

The Caribbean’s Premier Generator Specialists Sales • Service • Parts

Don’t be left in the dark, call us today

• Antigua’s only authorized FG Wilson service centre • Top quality, fully automatic generators at unbeatable prices • Superior quality service and support • Complete sales and service centre

+1 (268) 462-EXEL (3935)

Friars Hill Road, St. John’s, Antigua, W.I.

Authorized Service Centre for FG Wilson

Clearline Windows The Clear Choice Clearline Windows, British manufacturers and suppliers of quality windows and doors. With an extensive product range. With on Island representatives we manage projects from design to completion, meeting clients, architects and contractors. Providing an honest reliable and professional service.       

Windows & Doors Louvres Fly Screens Internal Doors Shower Glass Pocket Doors Any Colour

      

Sliding Doors Bi-folding Doors Marine Grade Hardware Single or Double glazed Entrance Doors Regular Shipments Design & Survey

For further information visit or email

Tel +1 268 724 3276



It’s the loudest thing you will ever hear in your life,” Kevin Terry says cheerfully, “and extremely dangerous.” It’s Sunday afternoon at Antigua’s drag racing strip and, along with the potent exhaust fumes and general machismo, the air is thick with anticipation. Underneath a gazebo among this assembly of roaring souped-up sedans, final preparations are underway before Kevin’s sleek, supercharged nitro ‘funny’ car makes its eagerly-awaited racetrack debut. This US$300,000 machine is believed to be the first of its kind not just in Antigua but in the entire Caribbean. With a strong chance of explosion due to the highly flammable fuel which can disintegrate its fibreglass body in a nanosecond, one might imagine Kevin had given it a quick test drive first, right? Wrong. At the very least, you might think he’d have had one paltry trial run at escaping through the roof hatch in the event of said sudden inferno? Wrong again. For a man about to risk life and limb – not to mention an almighty wad of cash – Kevin is remarkably nonchalant. Particularly ironic given that he’s the owner of firms dedicated to safety of the home security and hurricane protection kind. But there’s something about this charged atmosphere that ignites one’s inner daredevil. Antigua’s love affair with


Antigua’s love affair with drag racing consistently attracts throngs of petrol-heads to the North Sound International Raceway drag racing consistently attracts throngs of petrol-heads to the North Sound International Raceway. The introduction of this fire-belching, ground-shaking speed demon takes the intoxicating sport into a whole new dimension. Nitro cars are so called because they run on nitromethane, mixed with methanol. The highly combustible

result, mainly used in very specifically designed engines, is a staggering 250mph spurt. Facts to avoid telling your environmentally-minded buddies include that getting there requires the burning of an eye-watering gallon of fuel a second. Building the 2,200lb vehicle was something of a first for the mechanic siblings behind its creation too. David Leverentz, of Buffalo, Texas, says it took himself and brother Bill six months to construct the car he describes as the “fastest in the Caribbean”. Building the chromoly chassis took three months alone. The vehicle is fitted with a Chrysler Hemi engine. Once complete, it had to be transported across the US, placed on a special trailer and then shipped from Miami to Antigua.


Kevin may be gung-ho about getting behind the wheel for the exhibition drive but for David it’s gearing up to be a tense day. “I actually feel safer when I am inside it rather than watching someone else,” he admits. “It’s somebody else’s life, you know what I mean? It’s nerve-racking.” Asked what would happen if an amateur attempted to drive the funny car, David laughs. “Probably nothing good. When this thing takes off, you feel it through your whole body. You can’t grasp how fast everything happens. You have to be sitting right back or it will throw you back. It feels like your eyes hit the back of their sockets,” he adds. Happily for David and Bill, Kevin is no stranger to the race scene. He was a regular feature on the oval track back home in Canada and fast made a name for himself in Antigua in his race car ‘Hurricane Vega’, which can reach a quarter mile in 8.7 seconds. Kevin has held the local speed record since 2001. “The whole time we were building the nitro car, all we talked about was techniques – what to do when pulling up to the line and starting it etcetera, so there’s been lots of training,” Kevin says. “I’m excited to finally drive it.” Following its Antigua launch, Kevin plans to take the car across the region. That’s when things get serious. In addition to showing off the mean machine’s prowess in races in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and Grenada among 54

others, Kevin has another reason for exhibiting it. “The whole region is fanatical about cars,” the businessman behind three Antigua-based firms whose logos adorn the vehicle’s lustrous surface continues. “It’s unlike any other place I have ever seen. In Canada, which has 35 million people, you will get maybe 200 spectators at the race track. Here in Antigua, which has just 90,000, you can expect 10,000 people to come along today. “For branding purposes, just a few seconds on the track makes a more lasting impression than anything else I could do.” As Kevin dons a gas mask and climbs into his five-layer fire suit – which offers around seven times the protection of a standard car racing outfit – it’s impossible not to get caught up the drama. Nitro cars’ propensity for spectacular explosions makes insuring them nigh impossible. “I have no will, no life insurance and no health insurance for myself, let alone the car,” Kevin says blithely. “If this hits the wall, we start all over again.” With devastation a distinct possibility, the trailer used to transport the vehicle also contains a back-up body. Ear plugs are distributed among the increasingly feverish crowd as a voice over the loudspeaker announces the car’s arrival at the start line – and instructs emergency services to stand by. Suddenly everything feels very quiet. And then the silence is replaced with a

thundering wall of noise that invokes a communal recoil, overwhelms all the senses and almost knocks you off your feet. Acrid fumes sting the eyes and seep into the lungs as the car shoots forward like a rocket. It’s over as quickly as it began. This is an instant gratification type deal. And, for Kevin, a thrill like no other. “I’ve owned stock cars, drag cars, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, motorcycles, trikes, quads, race karts, and boats. Driving this thing creates more adrenaline than all of those combined,” he enthuses later. “I’ve even driven a 48ft, 210mph, 400hp turbine-powered ocean racer – and it doesn’t come close.” It’s also “incredibly uncomfortable”. “It’s hard to describe the vibrations, the noise, the smell, the extremely tight quarters, the fact that the ambient temperature is 29 degrees Celsius and you’re wearing fireproof clothing much heavier than what you’d use for snowmobiling or skiing,” he continues. While Hurricane Vega boasts an impressive 1000hp with nitrous oxide, the nitro car starts at 3200hp. Its colossal power is set to almost triple when Kevin fits a new high-tech motor. “The Vega never felt even a fraction as extreme as this. To sum it up, I’d say launching a nitro funny car is a really violent experience,” he grins. “For any adrenaline addict, I’d highly recommend it.” n

By Gemma Handy




rom the warm greeting the moment one sets food inside, to the last savoured mouthful of the heavenly cuisine, Ana’s on the Beach honours its ‘love is in the air’ tagline. A restaurant that manages to consistently excite and enchant the palate – in an ambience where every guest is treated like family – is a rare find. Since throwing open its fabulous pink doors in May 2014, the elegant eatery on the powder soft sand of Dickenson


Ana’s on the Beach prides itself on stimulating the senses and its stylish surrounds also encompass an abundance of striking works by talented local artists Nicholas Hadeed, Jan Farara and Eef Armstrong among others

Bay has earned a place in the heart of gastronomes from far and wide. The meticulous attention to detail extends beyond the food into the exquisite décor in rich pink tones complemented with splashes of black and white. Hand-crafted table decorations and vibrant eye-catching murals complete the immaculate styling. Open every day for lunch, tapas and dinner, the Mediterranean menu infused with Caribbean flavours is constantly

evolving. The recently added Shore Menu introduced a selection of laidback bitesized offerings, ideal for relaxing at the infinity bar or on one of the restaurant’s cabanas set directly on the sand. The main menu is renowned for its seafood creations and grilled platters. Appetizers include delights like Venetian soup with shrimps, baby scallops and calamari in a saffron-infused broth; Ana’s special escargots; fish cakes with fruity salsa and tartare sauce for dipping; and mouth-watering mushrooms stuffed with sundried tomatoes. There’s a host of cold plates, carpaccio and salads to choose from, such as lobster and palm hearts, and a Greek-inspired chickpea salad. Entrees include risottos and delicious, freshly made pasta like the salmon tagliatelle or spinach and ricotta ravioli, along with flavour-filled curries, roasted rosemary rack of lamb, and a grilled whole red snapper. Sweet-toothed diners can indulge in delectable desserts like rum bread pudding, tiramisu, white chocolate cheesecake and home-made ice creams and sorbets. Wine connoisseurs won’t be disappointed by the wide array of top-ofthe-range champagnes, new world and European white and red wines – or the

innovative signature cocktails. Ana’s on the Beach prides itself on stimulating the senses and its stylish surrounds also encompass an abundance of striking works by talented local artists Nicholas Hadeed, Jan Farara and Eef Armstrong among others, plus several by acclaimed international painters and sculptors. Whether guests choose to dine on the sand, open-air verandah or in the air-conditioned comfort of the new Orchid Room, those million-dollar views across the Caribbean Sea are never compromised. The idyllic setting has helped make the lazy ‘Beachtastic Sundays’ and other regular events from festive souks to geisha-themed fashion shows and live musical appearances unmissable affairs. The guest book testifies to the restaurant’s personal service which continues to live up to its ‘welcome home’ ethos. Unwinding on a beach cabana, cocktail in hand, watching the sun sink over the horizon, Ana’s certainly offers plenty to write home about. n Visit or call +1 268 562-8562 for information and reservations. 57

Outdoor World Antigua

Experience the ride of your life

GRADY WHITE – CANYON 336 The solid offshore sports fishing capability of the beamy Canyon 336 make this 33ft centre console stand out in its class. The 336 has innovative helm seating, a huge cockpit, and a big console with berth. Attention to detail makes the Canyon 336 a highly functional and desirable saltwater sports fishing machine. Outdoor World is the official dealer for the Eastern Caribbean. YAMAHA YXZ 100R This is the world’s first pure sport side-by-side equipped with genuine Yamaha technology racing (GYTR). Mud, rocks and tough technical terrain are no match for the classleading YXZ1000R which offers jaw-dropping power, fantastic midrange torque and a thrilling 10,500 rpm redline. It has an industry first, five-speed sequential shift transmission with on-command 4WD. A beefy hydraulic clutch system is operated by an automotive-style foot pedal for a light, consistent feel and an entirely new sports side-by-side experience. 58

YAMAHA VIKING A class-leading workhorse with true three-person seating, the enhanced Viking sets a new standard in comfort and convenience with a smooth, quiet and supremely capable ride. The Viking is ready to conquer whatever comes its way with a powerful 686cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, SOHC power plant. It achieves driver and passenger comfort with a handhold, padded head rests, and threepoint seat belts for all riders. Extensive noise and vibration reduction measures provide a smooth and quiet ride. YAMAHA GOLF CART ADVENTURER 2+2 With a fuel-injected 6.7 HP motor blasting the competition away, this is the sports car of golf carts. The Adventurer Sport 2+2 sets new standards for comfort as well as performance and reliability. It has a light but strong chassis, low maintenance internal disc brake system and maintenance-free rack-and-pinion steering. Whatever challenges your day might bring, the Adventurer Sport 2+2 offers the versatility and resilience to defeat them.

All available from Outdoor World in Old Parham Road, Antigua. Visit or call +1 268 460-7211.





perusal of online reviews from holidaymakers staying in any of Sugar Ridge’s private villas reveals a revelry of superlatives - lauding everything from the unparalleled view to the perfect location and the exceptional accommodation. One thing you won’t read on TripAdvisor though is that these plush hillside homes tot up serious dollars for the buyers investing in them too. Those savvy enough to put their vacation pad on the local rental market are reaping returns of more than five per cent a year. Not a bad bonus on top of having your own tropical hideaway ensconced in one of Antigua’s most fashionable resorts. These days, more and more people are choosing to bypass conventional house-hunting in favour of designing and creating their own. Starting from scratch means a bespoke design and the potential to reduce costs too. 60

For others, the allure of a predesigned property – requiring little more input than signing on the dotted line and packing a suitcase when it’s complete – wins out. Whichever option one chooses, Sugar Ridge’s highly professional development team are on-hand every step of the way to turn those real estate dreams into a reality. The resort has dozens of sites available at various elevations and sizes, spanning a third to three-quarters of an acre. Each one is suitable for a custom-built property, or one of the seven model homes in a classic Caribbean design, exquisitely finished and complete with infinity pool. What all sites also have in common is the breathtaking panorama over the island’s west coast, fringed by the Caribbean Sea. The villas’ fabulous interiors, created in sync with owners’ personal tastes, are the work of renowned designer Charmaine Benjamin-Werth. Her discerning eye is



evidenced across the resort’s public spaces and suites too. Charmaine’s go-to flavours expertly blend natural elements with a beach-inspired palette and intermittent splashes of bold colour. The Grenadian-born designer knows ‘livability’ is key, which is why all the materials she uses are carefully chosen to suit the climate. That includes fast-drying, durable fabrics and ‘breathable’ sofas which remain comfortable even in the warmest of temperatures. Other inside features include generous open-plan living spaces, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, walk-in wardrobes and magnificent en-suites with rainfall showers. Crucial to Charmaine’s work is that nothing detracts from those milliondollar views; interiors flow effortlessly into outdoor sundecks and verandahs. Specially made Italian sliding glass walls ensure not a millimetre of the stunning vistas is forfeited. Doors and windows are thoughtfully placed to allow the gentle trade winds and natural light to flow through and keep the homes bright, cool and airy.


Since opening in 2009 with a plethora of luxurious amenities, the uber-chic resort has forged a firm status as one of the region’s most extolled holiday spots. The private villas offer unlimited access to Sugar Ridge’s world-class restaurants, bar, well-equipped gym, salon and Aveda Concept spa.

Antigua’s natural beauty and genuine amiability of its outgoing locals have attracted visitors for decades Location being key, the charming township of Jolly Harbour is just a short drive or stroll away and has a variety of boutique clothing and souvenir shops, an international supermarket, bank, pharmacy and golf course. The district’s mile-long stretch of powder-soft white sand backed up by an expanse of jaw-dropping aquamarine

sea also awaits, along with several other beaches within easy driving reach that visitors are likely to have all to themselves. Antigua’s natural beauty and genuine amiability of its outgoing locals have attracted visitors for decades. Value for money, compared to many other Caribbean islands, is one more reason why so many decide to set up a permanent base here. Resort owner Aidan McCauley says Sugar Ridge villas offer “not just the best view in Antigua but a solid return on investment as well”. For the latter, the satisfied owners can thank the guests who continue to commend the accommodation online as “spectacular”, “outstanding” and “in a class all of its own”. n Sugar Ridge is approved under the government’s citizenship by investment scheme, entitling buyers to apply for an Antigua & Barbuda passport. For more information about purchasing a Sugar Ridge home, email or call (+268) 562 8174.

AT HOME WITH GILLY GOBINET Open art gallery in Fitches Creek is a unique browser’s paradise


ne wall is devoted to a series of abstract watercolour nudes, another to an effervescent collection of bougainvillea and lilies tenderly recreated in acrylic. Interspersed throughout, haughty flamenco dancers kick up their heels before an exquisitely depicted audience of doe-eyed canines. In the kitchen, cartoon rastas vie for position among paintings of pineapples, chattel houses and classic yachts. And in the bathroom a papier mache clown offers visitors lavatory paper with one tiny scarlet hand. In the background, the effortlessly enchanting timbre of Mozart adds one final whimsical flourish. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gilly Gobinet. Barely a square foot of her open art gallery in a pretty Fitches Creek street – a short drive from the international airport – has been excluded from this bacchanalia of colour and canvas. Hand-painted murals adorn exterior walls and even the periphery of the swimming pool. “Inspiration is never lacking when you’re surrounded by all of this,” she says brightly, gesturing towards the ocean which abuts a stretch of unrestrained garden where bananaquits shrill contentedly as they forage among the blooms. Anyone wishing to browse Gilly’s sundry creations will be treated to a full tour of the property, beginning with the

gaily embellished hallway before heading into the bathroom which houses 42 pieces alone. Hundreds more original works and prints – all of which are for sale bedeck the interior rooms, verandah and courtyard. The latter is where Gilly can usually be found at work, brush in hand. “I used to think my problem was I had lots of different styles,” she says. “Most artists are recognisable by one, but in fact I realised I am just extremely versatile. I can do anything from cartoons, to very delicate pen and ink, to very detailed or very loose watercolour and acrylic – practically anything anyone asks me to.” While most of the pieces on display are the result of her own impulse, much of Gilly’s work is commissioned, particularly her portraits of pet dogs and cats for which she donates 10 per cent to animal charity PAAWS. Nearly all her paintings are suitcase-friendly, or they can be

ABOVE: Gilly at work.

shipped already stretched or rolled into a tube for convenience. Greetings cards and postcards are also available. British-born Gilly, who has lived in Antigua since 1984, adds: “What I love most is the feeling of achievement when you’ve created something you love – and you hope others will too.” n Visitors can drop in 9am to 1pm Mondays to Fridays or by appointment. For more details, visit www., email or call (+268) 464-6084.





he walls of Rob Sherman’s office are alive with faces. Those of beloved relatives and close friends beam from old photographs adorning this nook in the Curtain Bluff resort – along with numerous long-time guests who are so firmly entrenched among the latter they may as well be the former. Some of the snaps are of luminaries from the worlds of fashion, sport and music – Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Sir Vivian Richards - who could choose to stay anywhere on the planet but prefer the homely environs of this unpretentious sanctuary on Antigua’s south coast. It might be because the resort is something of an institution: the current season is its 55th, making it one of the Caribbean’s longest-running. Or it could simply be because Curtain Bluff offers a personal touch often lacking in the antiseptic environments of so many of its contemporary counterparts.


“It’s got real history,” managing director Rob says, regarding the photographs fondly, “and a lot of love. It’s real, not contrived.” That much is obvious from the genuine rapport he shares both with staff and the guests of whom an incredible 70 per cent are repeat visitors. “Curtain Bluff is an icon and a legend,” he continues. “The family atmosphere and the high standards that we have set combine with an exceptional location; it’s the only place I ever seen that has an Atlantic Ocean beach and a Caribbean Sea beach. “Since we opened in 1962, we have consistently remained in the top 10 rated hotels in the region.” The resort has certainly racked up a few fine accolades along the way, including several from Travel & Leisure magazine which ranks it among not just the best in the region but the world – and

one for Rob himself too, which he’s too modest to mention, courtesy of Luxury Travel Advisor magazine. The idyllic setting on a rocky peninsula, the winsome colonial-tinged décor and an “old-school, clubby charm” are among the plaudits. Several testify to the heavenly prepared-to-order food – continental style with some Caribbean influences and artistically presented. Before taking up the culinary mantle here 22 years ago, executive chef

Christophe Blatz worked under the renowned Alain Ducasse in his native France. Christophe heads a team of highly trained local chefs who have been integral in crafting the resort’s eclectic menu. Pairing the dishes with wine is a skill all of its own when you have 450 different kinds to choose from. Curtain Bluff ’s sommeliers are all trained in France – which is fitting as it requires an expert eye to navigate the air-conditioned stone surrounds of the 10,000-bottle wine cellar.

The resort’s initial 27 rooms have evolved into 72 suites over the last five decades – enough to accommodate its increasing number of guests without sacrificing the intimate ambience that first attracted them. With every room situated directly on the sand, spectacular views are a given. But no establishment is still going strong after so many years by relying solely on what nature blessed it with. “We are forward-thinking; we never 65

rest on our laurels,” says resident manager Wendy Eardley. Curtain Bluff recently added plunge pools to a number of suites while 2017 will see EC$15m being spent on a major refurbishment to communal areas. This year marks Wendy’s 30th anniversary working here. She’s in good company; three decades is about average among the resort’s 200 staff. “In addition to three generations of visitors, we have three generations of people working here too. No one ever leaves,” Rob says, smiling. “We have never looked at employment from a corporate stance,” he continues. “We look after our team like family; we started pension schemes decades ago when no one else was doing that. And we have kept on reinvesting since, through training initiatives as well as putting every dollar we make back into the resort’s physical structure.” Curtain Bluff ’s innate sense of romance and picturesque backdrop have made it popular for destination weddings and honeymoons. The resort hosts around a dozen nuptials per season; each one is individually tailored to the bride and groom’s personal tastes and desires. “The hotel lends itself well to multigenerational family events like weddings, anniversaries and big birthdays,” Wendy says. “We can cater to weddings of all sizes; we ask that couples stay a minimum of three nights to help us give them the star treatment they deserve.” Those who do so will find Curtain Bluff is a far cry from the ‘conveyor belt’ 66

feel of other all-inclusives. “We were among the first in the region to provide a high end all-inclusive experience,” Rob says. “That means Remy Martin, foie gras, a la carte breakfast and dinner; we even include scuba diving and water-skiing in the price.”

Curtain Bluff ’s innate sense of romance and picturesque backdrop have made it popular for destination weddings and honeymoons

Sports constitute a significant part of the resort’s offerings. There’s a well-equipped fitness centre overlooking the water, yoga and aqua aerobics classes, plus squash and tennis courts. Actually the tennis requires a special mention. Antigua Tennis Week was created by Curtain Bluff and is still going strong 40 years later. The resort’s charitable arm, Old Road Fund, has trained plenty of budding Andy Murrays and Serena Williams. Among the photographs in Rob’s office are various erstwhile students who are now fully-fledged international tennis pros. Other local philanthropic endeavours financed by the Fund include scholarships to US universities, medical assistance and a library. The resort’s altruistic ethos extends into environmental sensitivities too; its on-site water and electricity generation methods have earned it Green

Globe certification for sustainable tourism. Perhaps another secret to Curtain Bluff ’s longevity is its ability to entice locals, as well as overseas visitors, who come to enjoy ‘staycations’, day passes, the two restaurants and spa. Each of the Pevonia Spa’s five treatment rooms (including one for couples) boasts an ocean view. Therapists from Antigua, Bali, the Philippines and Syria are all trained specifically in the use of Pevonia’s results-driven products. Stress is on administrative leave from the moment one sets foot inside. Cell phones are banished to the locker room, allowing you to luxuriate in one of the deliciously seductive treatments such as the signature caviar and champagne massage. Spa manager Gilly Shillingford says: “We offer more than just a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure; this is an experience. Our aim is to wow you from start to finish.” Wow factors might be plentiful at Curtain Bluff but the resort’s real charm is slightly less tangible. “We are authentically Caribbean; elegant but not pretentious,” Rob says. “There are fancier places to stay but for our guests, this is like coming home.” Wendy agrees. “People come back to see the same faces – and because there’s a certain magic about the hotel, a bit of stardust sprinkled over it.” n Visit or call +1 268 462-8400 for reservations or more information.






rom the lofty confines of Nelson’s Point, overlooking a swathe of cobalt ocean, craggy inlets and the majestic Pillars of Hercules landmark, the only ones with a better view are the frigate birds circling overhead. This spectacular eight-bedroom property has been chiselled into the hillside in camel-coloured stone with the expertise of a fine artist. Its location at the mouth of English Harbour was a draw for its history buff owner, whose affection for the island’s colourful nautical past is evidenced in everything from the sailing prints adorning the interior to the cannons positioned among the fortress-style walls. Nelson’s Point is one of a handful of exquisite homes already completed at the Windward Estate development. Spanning 93 acres of prime waterfront headland between Pigeon Beach and Windward Bay, the exclusive gated community is fast becoming one of Antigua’s most desirable addresses. It’s the latest scheme under construction by the company responsible for the plush Galley Bay Heights development, and various high end beach

villas in Jolly Harbour and Jumby Bay. New Century Development has now turned its attention to creating 30-plus luxury villas within its 24-hour guardsecured surrounds, which will eventually also have a jetty and a five-star boutique hotel with expansive swimming pool and tennis courts.

A major appeal for buyers is the fact that each home is custom-made, inside and out, to suit individual requirements Catherine’s Café – long a favoured haunt of discriminating foodies – also falls within the purlieus. Windward Estate is being built in three phases, the first of which is already completed and sold out. A major appeal for buyers is the fact that each home is custom-made, inside and out, to suit individual requirements. Standard guidelines ensure the area’s natural beauty and serenity are preserved.

Buyers can choose from one of the developers’ three recommended architects or use their own. Villa Lucia’s proud new owners enjoyed their first Christmas in the 14,000 sqft villa in 2014. The style here is elegantly minimalist, a world away from the colonial-inspired Nelson’s Point but every bit as exceptional. Its cleverlydesigned open-plan concept allows all rooms to open up to an internal garden located in the centre of the property. In addition to the spell-binding scenery, other benefits when purchasing a Windward Estate home include in-house assistance for all legalities and building permits, and no brokerage. The scheme also falls within the government’s citizenship by investment programme, entitling buyers to apply for an Antigua & Barbuda passport which offers both tax and travel advantages. English Harbour may be a worldfamous sailing hub but it’s easily accessible by air too; just a 30-minute drive from the international airport serviced by daily direct flights to North America and Europe. The lively locale is known for its vibrant seasonal 69

nightlife, well-serviced marina, shops and restaurants, as well as its acclaimed annual regattas. Another jewel in English Harbour’s crown is beloved Pigeon Beach with translucent waters, ivory sand and 70

abundant shade. High up on the peninsula, the Windward Estate is just far enough away from the action to immerse oneself in the secluded tranquillity, topped off with breath-taking fuchsia sunsets. n

For more information about purchasing a home at the Windward Estate, email or call (+268) 562-8174.




ife on a tiny island means newcomers are often treated with intrigue, verging on minor celebrity status. With his unique appearance and happy-go-lucky charm – entirely in keeping with Antigua’s easygoing vibe – Vinnie became the latest to cause a stir when he disembarked here last autumn. His innate ability to instantly put people at ease makes him the perfect companion for the diverse work of life coach Janis Hough. Vinnie the vintage VW van is all about exploration with a capital E – of both the geographical and psychological variety. Janis, who helps clients “unconsciously make changes” to overcome panic attacks, phobias, trauma, and even be happier, says: “I am already known as the barefoot coach; having Vinnie has added an extra dimension. People can book a half day coaching session and take a trip in Vinnie for some adventure and exploration.” Hitting the high road with Janis and Vinnie also offers a singular brush with Antigua’s natural beauty. “We offer a sunrise tour where we come and pick our guests up, take them somewhere beautiful and unusual to watch the sun come up and cook them an awesome breakfast of their choice,” Janis says. “It’s about seeing Antigua – and life itself – in a different way.” Alternative trips include sunset excursions and journeys by boat to a beach only accessible by sea for overnight

camping and a cook-up. Vinnie is fullyequipped with two double beds and a fridge. Vinnie’s versatility means he’s equally happy to get gussied up for a special occasion – and he can even be rented out alone. “He’s perfect for a romantic dinner or candlelit barbeque,” Janis continues. “Or we can deck him out for a wedding – to be used as the transport or a photo shoot. Vinnie is available chauffeur driven or for people wishing to take him out on their own.” British-born Janis recently launched a series of workshops based on the notion of mindfulness. She says focussing one’s attention on “being in the moment” can help alleviate depression, stress, anxiety and boost one’s general wellbeing. Other workshops are aimed at self-motivation, communication skills and dealing with phobias. Much of Janis’s work centres on

neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and thought field therapy (TFT or ‘tapping’). TFT is “like acupuncture without needles” and involves sequential tapping on the body’s meridian points to balance one’s energy and eliminate negative emotion. NLP is a sort of “Norton anti-virus for the brain” and works on the principle that there’s a connection between neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns learned through experience. Advocates claim negative behaviour patterns can be altered to achieve specific goals in life. Janis also uses Ericksonian hypnotherapy which employs indirect suggestions usually disguised as stories or metaphors which are hard to resist as they are often not recognised as suggestions by the conscious mind. For example, a client with a fear of hospitals learnt to inwardly rename them ‘help centres’ to remove the sense they were threatening. Introducing Vinnie to her work is a novel approach to guiding clients along their emotional transformation, Janis says, adding: “Vinnie will appeal to those with a spirit of adventure, looking to explore and make changes in a non-threatening, unique and fun way.” n Visit,, email, call (268) 732-1032 or +44 7877 779190.





idden alcoves and unique features complement the intriguing design of this charming home overlooking Antigua’s picture perfect south coast. Villa Musica’s multi-level interior flows melodiously into the outdoors which offers an abundance of idyllic spots to absorb the arresting coastal scenes. Spanning around 4,000 sqft of living space, the property includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office which could be converted into a fourth bedroom, plus a one-bedroom studio with its own kitchen, bathroom and small balcony. There is also a one-bedroom guest cottage, currently used as a recording studio. Exposed hand-cut limestone walls complete Villa Musica’s organic styling, along with strong deep timber tones and muted beach-inspired accents. There are plenty of windows to keep the inside cool and airy, while maximising the stunning views throughout. The splendid master suite occupies 200 sqft including an en-suite and dressing area. The dining room adjoins a generous kitchen, sure to delight anyone


who loves to cook. The interior’s high vaulted ceilings extend outside to a large covered verandah with a hanging chaise longue to seat multiple occupants. Privacy is a recurrent theme and the villa’s proud new owners will be spoilt for choice when looking for a secluded place for uninterrupted work or curling up with a good book. The panoramic balcony is perfect for entertaining and al fresco dining. There is also a paved courtyard, a lovely sundeck area and a swimming pool which is partially shaded by mature trees. Villa Musica enjoys an elevated position on a gently sloping half acre of countryside, profuse with tropical trees and bright bougainvillea, at the foothills of Monk’s Hill. The breathtaking views encompass both English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour, where popular restaurants, shops and amenities are just a short drive away. n Villa Musica is listed at US$1,190,000. Email or call +1 268 562-8174 for more details or to arrange a viewing.



DRESSED TO IMPRESS FOR CHARITY Where we went: The seventh annual edition of ‘Bubbles’ – the fundraiser in aid of Antigua & Barbuda’s national swim team – this time held at the Garden Grill in Dutchman’s Bay. What it’s about: This yearly event helps ensure the country’s finest swimmers get the chance to travel and compete against their international counterparts. Last year saw the team make a splash at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. What we loved: The all-inclusive affair at one of the island’s newest and most acclaimed eateries featured delicious premium cocktails and some stomping tunes from DJ Tanny, DJ Virus and DJ EZ-P.





f walls could talk they’d testify to the convivial ambience and culinary savoir-faire that have characterised one of Antigua’s most treasured restaurants since its establishment 20 years ago on a south coast seafront. The venue may have changed but the acclaimed reputation remains firmly intact thanks to an enduring formula of whimsical elegance, scrupulous attention to detail and classic French fare. These days, Catherine’s Café Plage occupies a tranquil tree-shaded spot at the far end of Pigeon Beach in English Harbour. At the helm are Guillaume and Claudine Moquet who took over the eatery in 2006 from its namesake Catherine Ricard, chaperoning its ongoing evolution from thriving bistro to the gold standard of dining experiences it enjoys today. To say the restaurant – which started life as an unassuming creperie – raised the bar for island restaurateurs would be putting it mildly. Catherine’s Café Plage retains one perfectly manicured fist around one of TripAdvisor’s coveted top spots with guests rhapsodising about everything from the sun-dappled setting to the moules mariniere. With its wooden floorboards, lattice-back chairs and wicker lamps, the 100-cover café oozes a sort of cool, beach chic. Sunloungers and hammocks on the sand offer pre-, mid- and post-dining

reclination on the sunset-facing shore. But don’t let the barefoot, laidback vibe fool you; the food is anything but. Choice ingredients are its leitmotif. Gastronomes will appreciate the meticulously sourced French products which include cheeses, foie gras and seasonings like Guerande ‘Fleur de Sel’ sea salt and Espelette pepper. Specials might include lobster risotto, chicken in truffle sauce, lamb shank or wahoo ceviche, followed by desserts like passion fruit crème brulee, chocolate vulcano and pineapple carpacchio. “To me, the food is typical ‘bistronomique’ – simple, tasty, not fancy but very, very good,” Guillaume says. “We always have a big team in the kitchen to put as much work as possible into each dish. Everything is made to order – we don’t prep anything beforehand,” he explains. “As a customer, I don’t want a restaurant to serve me something I can make myself – I expect something special. “And this is what we consider our commitment to our guests – we get the best products we can and use them to create harmony on the plate.” n Catherine’s Café Plage at Pigeon Beach, English Harbour, is open Wednesday to Monday for lunch and tapas until sunset and on Wednesday and Friday for dinner. Call +1 268 460-5050 for reservations.



REVELRY ON THE ROAD Where we went: Last year’s double whammy of celebrations – 35 years of independence and the 60th edition of Carnival – manifested itself on the streets of St John’s where 2016’s Carnival festivities were crazier and more colourful than ever. Our super snapper Alex Andre Rhodes was on hand to capture it all. What it’s about: The decades-old event evolved from celebrations to mark emancipation from slavery in 1834. Today it comprises an intoxicating mix of live music, talent and cultural shows, beauty pageants and street parades with spectacular hand-crafted costumes. The 10-day extravaganza takes place each year starting the last week in July. What we loved: Carnival is when Antiguans really prove their mettle as inexhaustible party animals. This year’s favourite was the high energy ‘J’ouvert’ (meaning ‘day break’) street party which transformed St John’s into a rampage of rollicking revelry, coupled with uptempo tunes and appearances from popular local singers.




WHITE CLOTHES, BLACK LIGHTS Where we went: Last year marked the 15th anniversary of White Fete where sensational live performances and a magnetic atmosphere proved this annual summer party is still the undisputed champion of the preCarnival fetes. What it’s about: Cousins Gerald Shoul and Paul Aflak started the event back in 2002 with the aim of bringing the international club experience to Antigua. It has evolved over the years and these days attracts a smorgasbord of revellers as varied as the music, food and drink. What we loved: The scrupulous attention to detail – from the seamless parking to the divine food – at 2016’s bash held at the Sticky Wicket cricket ground in Coolidge under the theme ‘expect the unexpected’.


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PULL UP AND GET DOWN Where we went: When Antigua’s hippest new resort staged its second ‘Tie-Up’ event, we wasted no time in bagging a spot. South Point in English Harbour welcomed guests by land and sea to wine, dine, mingle and party to the sounds of the Spirited band and DJ Tanny. What we drank: Drink specials included some utterly superb Belvedere vodka cocktails. Our favourite was the Cucumber Teani; Belvedere Citrus shaken with cucumber juice, lemon, ginger, green tea syrup, a hint of sea salt and garnished with basil. Bubblies included Bottega Prosecco and Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose champagne. What we loved: The uber-chic restaurant with its own private dock – perfect for arriving in style – and the sublime sushi, prepared right in front of our eyes.


hotel, restaurant, sushi bar & lounge With its understated yet sophisticated dÊcor, exclusive waterfront location and first class concierge services, South Point offers a truly unique and sophisticated boutique hotel experience in the heart of historic English Harbour, the Caribbean’s yachting capital. The restaurant boasts a dining deck entirely over the water, covered by a state of the art pergola – Our International menu, live sushi counter and signature cocktails is sure to become a favorite choice for lunch or dinner during your stay. tel: + 1 268 562 9600


MUSIC AND MALARKEY Where we went: It’s any excuse for a party at Italian restaurant Al Porto in Jolly Harbour – loved for its buoyant atmosphere almost as much as its food – and we are always happy to oblige. This one was to mark the end of the season and a month’s closure for a revamp and a well-earned vacation. What we ate: To-die-for homemade pasta and fresh pizza straight from a traditional-style oven. We may have polished it off with the restaurant’s famous Nutella chocolate mousse but that would be telling. What we loved: A live performance by gifted songstress Asher Otto and the band Itchyfeet has become a staple of Al Porto’s high energy parties. This one was every bit as upbeat. The best part of all was the presence of The Island Photobooth and a stash of props for some super-goofy, giggly snaps.



ninja ANTIGUA BOAT RENTAL There is no better way to see Antigua and visit our 365 beaches than by boat. Having your own rental runabout gives you the freedom to visit the most secluded beaches or enjoy a little snorkelling at your own pace.

Ninja, our 13ft Boston Whaler with its 40hp engine is big enough to carry 4 adult passengers and will have you wakeboarding and tubing in no time, or just skimming across the water at around 30mph. The boat is fully equipped with chart plotter & depth-sounder, VHF radio, stereo with plug for MP3/iPod and emergency equipment. To add to your days out we also have, a cooler, masks and snorkels, towable tube and more on request. n

BOAT RENTAL RATES US$200 / day 3 day minimum Weekly US$150/day • • • • •

Rentals from 8:30am – 5pm returned daily Principal renter / Captain must be 25 or older Must have ability to pilot a power-boat Damage Deposit and ID required 15% ABST charged on all rentals 85

Tel +1 268 562 8174



hen people say the Caribbean is a little bit behind, we just nod and smile politely. Because while much of the world is reeling amid soaring property prices and overheating markets, prices in Antigua remain almost as low as when the financial crisis first hit. And that’s great news for investors who are flocking here as fast as the snowbirds. “Antigua is still firmly a buyers’ market,” says Luxury Locations founder Nadia Dyson. “It’s not as over-developed as other islands which means there’s lots of opportunity for new business initiatives too – not to mention the fact Antigua has retained its authentic charm. “We are seeing more and more direct flights making Antigua very accessible and new developments are cropping up constantly. All signs point to a healthy economic future.” Mrs Dyson added: “It won’t be long before house prices start to rise again so now really is an ideal time to buy.” SIX SMALL STEPS TO BUYING PROPERTY IN ANTIGUA STEP 1: Choosing an agent Identifying the right realtor to guide you through the buying process is crucial. With several decades’ experience in the local property market, the friendly, efficient and professional Luxury Locations team can help make finding your ideal abode a fruitful and enjoyable experience.


STEP 2: Viewing properties The next stage is for us to determine your specific requirements: is your dream home beachfront or hillside? Does it have a pool or garden? How many bedrooms should it have? And what is your investment range? We will then suggest various properties for you to look at online and arrange a time to take you to see them. STEP 3: Finding the one you love With an extensive portfolio from snug holiday hideaways to plush palatial estates, we’re confident it won’t be long before you’re head over heels in real estate love. You can then submit an offer and we will negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you the best possible deal for your money. Once the offer is accepted, a deposit will be needed to reserve the property; usually either US$10,000 or one per cent of the property price. STEP 4: The legal process Now come the all-important legalities for which we can put you in touch with a reputable lawyer. Their fee is between one and two per cent of the purchase price, half of which will be required upfront. The seller’s lawyer will then draw up a draft contract. Once both parties are happy with the fine print, a 10 per cent deposit of the property price is due (minus the reservation deposit already paid). That will be held safely in an escrow account.

STEP 5: Non-citizen’s licence Non-nationals buying a home need a noncitizen’s licence which our recommended lawyers can handle for you. It costs five per cent of the purchase price and can take up to three months to acquire but it’s a pretty seamless process and 99 per cent of applicants are approved. STEP 6: Completion The remaining 90 per cent of the property price is owed upon completion of the deal. Finally, there’s the transfer of the title deeds making you the official owner. Now all that’s left for you to do is settle in and enjoy your new home. Or, for maximum return on your investment, enter it into the rental programme and allow our sister company Villa Management to take care of it for you. And finally… Have you considered citizenship by investment? For the savvy investor, a second passport can spawn a wealth of advantages including visa-free travel and international tax planning. In 2013, Antigua & Barbuda became the latest nation to offer a route for citizenship by investment. But while other jurisdictions offer something ostensibly comparable, few make it as speedy, seamless or affordable as our twin island paradise. One avenue for gaining an Antigua & Barbuda passport is a minimum US$400,000 purchase in a governmentapproved real estate project. Successful applicants are not required to sacrifice their current citizenship. They also benefit from exemption from a number of local taxes, including personal income, net worth, gift tax and estate duty. In addition, they enjoy visa-free travel to around 130 countries worldwide, including the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe’s borderless Schengen area. Our friendly and professional team can guide you through every step of the process. n

We’re here to help you manage your new life in paradise. For over 30 years, Global Bank of Commerce, Antigua’s oldest institution providing international financial services, has offered its clients the perfect balance of world class banking, security and convenience. Antigua is an independent and sovereign jurisdiction since 1981, and is well positioned as a safe haven for the more discriminating investor, who may also qualify to obtain citizenship via a regulated process. Contact us and learn how we can support your financial goals, today and tomorrow. Personal Banking Services

Global Commerce Centre Old Parham Road P.O. Box W1803 St. John’s, Antigua, West Indies Tel: (268) 480-2240 Fax: (268) 462-1831 email:

Wealth Management Citizenship by Investment Programme Escrow Services Online Banking International Banking Solutions

LUXURY PROPERTY FOR SALE Antigua has some of the world’s most breathtaking properties overlooking the calm azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Luxury Locations is a leader in high-end

property and services and represents the pinnacle of luxury properties in Antigua from tranquil beach houses to startling cliffside properties worthy of a rock star.

We can find you your new dream home from home.

Villa Kathleen Galley Bay Heights, West Coast • 7 bedrooms Price on request When this fabulous sevenbedroom waterfront villa was created it was done so with two things in mind: to cater to every potential whim and offer the ultimate in show-stopping luxury and style.

Villa Ensueno Crosbies, North West Coast • 5 bedrooms • Pool and sea views US$3,500,000 Villa Ensueno, in the affluent locale of Crosbies, offers plentiful spaces for absorbing the north coast’s arresting scenery. The property’s exterior blends effortlessly into the interior, exquisitely designed by the renowned Charmaine Benjamin Werth.



Harbour Lodge Jolly Harbour, West Coast • 4 bedrooms • Pool and 40ft dock US$1,500,000 Fabulous styling, an abundance of space and a spectacular location make this fourbedroom home a showpiece. Set on exclusive Harbour Island, within the desirable gated community of Jolly Harbour, it presents an excellent investment opportunity for a savvy buyer.

Barrymore Beach apartments West Coast 16 units • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • On 2 acres • Beach front US$5,570,000 A tropical oasis on beautiful Runaway Bay, this delightful beachfront property comprises 16 two-bedroom apartments on a white sand beach.

Villa Musica English Harbour, South Coast • 4 bedrooms • Pool and sea views US$1,190,000 Hidden alcoves and unique features complement the intriguing design of this charming home overlooking Antigua’s south coast. Villa Musica has four bedrooms, a one-bed studio and separate guest cottage.



Penthouse 21 Hodges Bay, North West Coast • 4 bedrooms • Beach front Resort Property US$3,000,000 A spectacular, luxury oceanfront penthouse with spacious living and dining areas, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a pool on the terrace.

Villa Babylon Galleon Beach, South Coast • 4 bedrooms • Pool and beach resort US$2,500,000 Antigua’s glorious climate and breathtaking views are often the inspiration behind harmonising an elegant interior with the great outdoors. And Villa Babylon is no exception. From its idyllic hillside location, this attractive four-bedroom villa commands spectacular views over beautiful Freeman’s Bay.



Number 22 Jolly Harbour Jolly Harbour, West Coast • 3 bedrooms • Pool and 50ft dock US$1,500,000 This detached villa has been built on one level and boasts high quality decor and a spectacular outdoor living space. Its open plan design successfully combines the best of both indoor and outdoor living. The villa itself features high specification, contemporary interiors which include a generous indoor living area and top of the range kitchen complete with all mod-cons. The property has 3 large bedrooms all with en-suite facilities.

Carlisle Bay Unit 11 Old Road South West Coast • 2 bedrooms • Beach-front suite Price on request This two-bedroom beachfront apartment has a prime location on Antigua’s stunning south-west coast.



Villa 224E Jolly Harbour, West Coast • 3 bedrooms • Large docking facilities US$995,000 Villa 224E is a stunning, South Finger three bedroom villa set within a desirable gated community. This beautiful home has been extended, completely refurbished, customised and transformed to the highest standards.

Villa Petrichor Valley Church, West Coast • 5 bedrooms US$1,850,000 Boasting a tranquil, elevated location – with stunning views over Antigua’s world-famous west coast – Villa Petrichor would make an ideal holiday home or investment opportunity.

Dragon’s Lair Jolly Harbour West Coast • 4 bedrooms US$4,000,000 With its prize location on one of Antigua’s most beloved beaches, the only thing that equals the setting is this magnificent villa’s range of amenities.



Villa Azura Jolly Harbour West Coast • 3 bedrooms US$3,300,000 From the award-winning climate control beds to the environmentally-friendly wall plaster, Villa Azura allows you to reduce your carbon footprint – without compromising luxury.

Breezy Bay Tamarind Hills, West Coast • 3 bedrooms Price on request This beautifully presented, fully furnished, threebedroom townhouse is set on the water’s edge within the first class Tamarind Hills development on the southwest coast of Antigua.



B7 Tamarind Hills Tamarind Hills, West Coast • 5 bedrooms US$2,800,000 Boasting spectacular panoramic views across the Caribbean Sea from a sunset-facing bluff, this state-of-the-art fivebedroom villa forms part of the exclusive Tamarind Hills development. Built to the highest specifications throughout, and thoughtfully designed to maximise the magnificent vistas, this spacious property benefits further from its exquisite fittings and furnishings throughout.

Villa Capri Galley Bay Heights, West Coast • 5 bedrooms US$4,200,000 This spectacular hillside home with separate guest cottage takes its place among tropical vegetation, ablaze with colour, afore an expanse of bold azure waters. 94


Villa Liene Willoughby Bay, South Coast • 6 bedrooms US$3,750,000 A stunning modern six-bedroom beachfront property set on 0.7 acres of prime land in Antigua. Built to the highest standard with high-end fixtures and fittings, this family home boasts an impressive 8,500 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor living space.

Villa Serena Nonsuch Bay, East Coast • 4 bedrooms US$2,950,000 Villa Serena is a fabulous four-bedroom villa occupying a 0.33-acre site and offering a wealth of fabulous features across its generous 4,000 sq ft of build area.

Turtle Cottage Blue Waters Resor, North Coast • 4 bedrooms US$2,600,000 This stunning fourbedroom property has an enviable position on one of Antigua’s most prized beaches within the luxury Blue Waters Resort.



Verandah Estates Villa East Coast • 4 bedrooms US$1,750,000

Coconut House East Coast • 4 bedrooms US$975,000 This newly built, well-appointed four-bedroom home is positioned on the east coast of Antigua in the exclusive Nonsuch Bay Resort.

Coco House West Coast • 3 bedrooms US$495,000

Driftwood House Long Bay, East Coast • 7 bedrooms US$4,650,000 Nestled in a quiet cove, close to the beautiful beaches of Long Bay and Half Moon Bay, Driftwood House is a unique estate positioned on 1.74 acres and spanning 11,000 sq. ft. of interior space.



Pelican House West Coast • 6 bedrooms US$995,000

Villa 224D Jolly Harbour, West Coast • 2 bedrooms US$450,000 Villa 224D is a beautiful waterfront home located on the South Finger of Jolly Harbour Marina. Just a short stroll takes you to the warm waters and golden sands of South Beach.

half Moon House East Coast • 2 bedrooms US$595,000

Villa Sea tang North Coast • 4 bedrooms US$855,000 A spectacular four bedroom villa, located in Fitches Creek, with swimming pool and set in a mature, landscaped tropical garden.



LAND FOR SALE Antigua has a wealth of green field sites available for development into your perfect home or the next big venture. The majority of our sites are prime locations on the waterfront, many with development plans in place to assist with the final concept. If you are a seasoned developer or a first time builder, Luxury Locations

has a wealth of experience working with developments from concept through to managing the final property for rent. We can undertake 3D surveys of land and buildings to assist with design plans so you can see your concept in 3D before laying a single brick. So be it large or small we can do it all.

Daniel Bay Land • 0.5 to 0.8 acre plots • Elevated to the waterfront US$995,000 With only five homes available, the Daniel Bay development ensures privacy, exclusivity and security behind its welcoming gates. Each home will enjoy private, direct access to the sea and there are no overlooking properties in the vicinity.

Willoughby Bay Land

Pigeon Point Land

• 100 acres • Waterfront and beach US$15,000,000

• 2.64 acres • Elevated to the waterfront US$2,871,000



Cockle Bay Land • 20 acres • Waterfront US$5,000,000 Set on 20 acres of elevated waterfront land is Cockle Bay, there is a potential plan for this development of 44 exclusive residences, all with sea views.

Galley Bay Land • 0.25 acre • Sea view REDUCED – US$280,000 Enchanting scenery and magnificent sunset views are the icing on the cake for this superbly located parcel of land on Antigua’s famed west coast. The elevated quarter-acre plot – overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea – is ideal for building a property for use as a holiday home or full-time residence.

Darkwood Development Land • 21 acres • West coast Price on request Spectacular location on the west coast of Antigua. Twenty acres of development land spread over the top and western facing hillside located at the end of Darkwood Beach. This much sought after land affords arguably the best views of the coastline and beaches of the west coast. Single road access for privacy and security.

English Harbour Land

Turtle Bay Land

• 9 acres • Hillside US$2,709,000

• 30,000 sq ft • Ocean views Price on request



CIP PROPERTIES The Citizenship by Investment programme attracts investors from all over the world. With low taxation, year round great weather and visa free travel to 130+ countries there are numerous reasons why buyers choose Antigua. Luxury Locations offers a selection of the highest quality properties that are approved for the Citizenship by

Investment programme and could see you holding a new passport in your new property in only three short months. These properties should not be dismissed if a passport is not your goal; all of these developments offer great value for any buyer, be it for Citizenship by Investment purposes or a second home they are merely designated CIP as they are

approved under the programme. Full details of the Citizenship by Investment programme can be found on our website or alternatively contact us and we can walk you through the program to see if it is right for you; you might just be surprised!

South Point Falmouth Harbour, South Coast • 1 and 2 bedrooms available Call for price Twenty-three stylish residences, perfect for a vacation hideaway or as a lucrative investment. South Point is an exciting new development situated in the hub of Antigua’s yachting community, Falmouth Harbour.

Hodges Bay Resort Hodges Bay, North Coast • 2,3 and 4 bedrooms available From US$400,000 Located in a desirable north coast residential area, the Hodges Bay Resort is currently under construction, designed by renowned Miami architect Kobi Karp.



Windward Estate Development English Harbour South Coast Houses from US$5,000,000 Land from US$1,299,000

Spanning 93 acres of prime waterfront headland between Pigeon Beach and Windward Bay, the exclusive gated community is fast becoming one of Antigua’s most desirable addresses.

Harbour Island Residences Jolly Harbour, West Coast • 2 bedrooms From US$410,000 Due to the design and location of our villas, Harbour Island is the ideal investment opportunity while still remaining as the perfect place to relax alone or with a family. Our homes are surrounded by the azure blue waters of the bay and the ocean along with a range of hills as backdrop. Perfect picture! Perfect Investment! Perfect Escape!

Sugar Ridge Jolly Harbour, West Coast Land from US$465,000 Houses from US$1,395,000 As part of Sugar Ridge Homes development, homeowners and guests can enjoy all the facilities of Sugar Ridge Resort, including a well-equipped gym, a large pool and an Aveda concept spa. Sugar Ridge enjoys a convenient location near to Jolly Harbour with local amenities including a large supermarket, bars, restaurants, banks, shops, pharmacy and tennis courts.



Non Such Bay Non Such Bay, East Coast • 2 bedrooms From US$800,000

Nonsuch Bay Resort encompasses 40 acres of land in a natural hill-enclosed cove on the east coast of Antigua, with its white sandy beach considered to be one of the island’s ‘best kept secrets’.

Lime House Valley Church, West Coast • 4 bedrooms US$995,000

Ocean Kingfisher

Creatively-designed and stylishly decorated, this attractive four-bedroom home affords impressive views from its tranquil hillside location.

Tamarind Hills, West Coast • 1 bedroom From US$485,000

No. 5 Residences Jolly Harbour, West Coast • 3 bedrooms US$900,000 If a brand new home on a private island in the heart of one of Antigua’s most sought-after locations sounds too good to be true, think again. With spectacular styling and jaw-dropping views over the island’s world-famous west coast, No. 5 offers features in abundance.



JOLLY HARBOUR VILLAS Centrally located on the west coast, Jolly Harbour not only boasts Antigua’s longest white sand beach but is also surrounded by countless deserted white sand beaches to the north and south. The community resort has virtually all the amenities that might be required by a would-be holidaymaker or permanent resident alike, including a supermarket, home-store, pharmacy,

marine chandlery, petrol station, banks and numerous restaurants and bars. Jolly Harbour has it all within walking distance. Jolly Harbour is arguably the most popular development community in Antigua and certainly has the most active real estate market with plenty to choose from. Due to the significant local amenities and competitive prices, Jolly

Harbour has the largest year round expat community and tends not to see the significant population fluctiuations of other tourist areas of Antigua. For entry level property it is hard to beat Jolly Harbour; a two bedroom property on the water with space for a 40ft yacht within walking distance from the beach and shops could set you back as little as US$250k.

Villa 419E Jolly Harbour North Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 1 bathroom From US$224,000 Newly renovated 2 level waterfront villa with furnished terracotta patio overlooking the water. The villa dock can accommodate up to a 30ft boat.

Villa 420F Jolly Harbour North Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$295,000 This charming two-bedroom waterfront villa offers all the comforts of home along with first-rate amenities within gentle walking distance.

Villa 235C

Jolly Harbour North Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$220,000 This cosy two-bedroom waterfront villa has an excellent holiday rental history allowing a savvy new owner to maximise on their investment.



Villa 219G Jolly Harbour South Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$325,000 Charming two-bedroom waterfront villa offers all the comforts of home along with first-rate amenities within gentle walking distance. Villa 219G’s setting provides peace and tranquillity with lovely views across the marina.

Villa 412D Jolly Harbour North Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 1 bathroom From US$175,000 This charming two-bedroom villa which occupies a prime waterfront spot in the popular gated community of Jolly Harbour presents an excellent investment opportunity.

Villa 226F Jolly Harbour South Finger, West Coast • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • End unit From US$360,000 Villa 226F is a delightful two-bedroom villa located directly on the water within one of Antigua’s most popular gated communities. The thriving hub of Jolly Harbour on the island’s famed west coast offers an abundance of first-rate amenities and fringes idyllic white sand beaches and the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Villa 225D Jolly Harbour South Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$285,000 A well-styled and ideally located twobedroom villa in the gated community of Jolly Harbour on Antigua’s famous west coast. The open-plan interior downstairs comprises a lounge, dining area and attractive kitchen, fully fitted with modern appliances. 104


Villa 417B Jolly Harbour North Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$315,000 This impeccably styled three-bedroom villa offers exceptional waterfront views and an excellent investment opportunity.

Villa 403F Jolly Harbour North Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$210,000 A wonderful, light and airy, open plan living, dining and kitchen area with large glass doors on the ground floor leads out to a generous covered terrace with lots of space for dining, lounging in the sun, or just sitting absorbing the wonderful views.

Villa 408A Jolly Harbour South Finger, West Coast • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • End unit with additional sea wall for larger dock From US$250,000 With three balconies from which to soak up the vistas, and private decking situated directly over the water, it’s the ideal spot to turn your dream of al fresco Caribbean living into a reality.

Villa 402A Jolly Harbour South Finger, West Coast • 2 bedroom • 2 bathrooms From US$335,000 The property is immaculately maintained with tiled floors and quality fixtures and fittings throughout. Sliding glass doors from the generous lounge lead onto a tiled shaded verandah which gives way to an extended sundeck directly on the water – the idyllic spot for al fresco dining & socialising. Mooring and boat lift. WWW.LUXURYLOCATIONS.COM • INFO@LUXURYLOCATIONS.COM



With you every step of the way Letting your property can be a scary business. We want to make sure that you get exactly what you want, whether it’s a manager to maintain your property in your absence for peace of mind or full rental management to maximise your return on investment.

% Call us today on +1 268 562 7814

1. YOUR WAY There are a number of different ways we can manage your property. Choose from our many services to ensure your property is managed the way you want it.



We realise that the needs of each homeowner are different. We can tailor your management package to suit your needs, be it short term or long term rentals, or accommodating for your holiday.

3. KEEPING OUR PROMISE We will always care for your property as if it were our own. No matter the issue we want you to feel you can let us take care of it to give you the peace of mind you want when leaving your property in our care.

We realise that first impressions count and we want you to get the most out of your villa. It will always be presented in the way you would want it to be. We insist on only using the best and most qualified maintenance staff for all our properties


SCOTTY MEADE FROM ABBEY ROAD TO ANTIGUA He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry – including the Beatles’ Paul McCartney and producer Sir George Martin, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters - while eminent audio engineer Alan Parsons was best man at his wedding. Scotty Meade, who swapped London for Antigua in 2004, has also bagged a CINE Golden Eagle for best director for TV special ‘The Abbey Road Story’. Scotty is now loving shooting architecture, flying cameras and working post-production with a flair for the cinematic genre with the Luxury Locations team. How did you get into film making at EMI/Abbey Road Studios? I was naive, a total idiot - I’m serious. I misinterpreted how the Brits use the word ‘brilliant’. It’s true. The short of it is, I was a film director and executive producer working with legends - it was surreal. I spent decades in the music business but I never even dreamed of working with Abbey Road, let alone for six years. The day the contract arrived, life immediately got complicated - a bit of a shock to the system to be honest. But I’m truly proud of what was accomplished. It was a real honour. And I met Shuna, my wife, during those adventures. She was an exec at EMI International. We both had offices in the same building – hers was on the top floor. Mine wasn’t, by a lot. But I had Abbey Road, so we’ll call it a tie! As a film director, what was the most challenging thing you had to do? That’s simple: being a film director. At first I thought: ‘Wow, I’m a director!’ But it didn’t take long before I was saying: ‘Oh no, I’m the director!’ It was way, way more than I was built for. If things go well, everyone loves you, but if there’s a big snag, they hunt you down. Somehow, in the end, we were very proud award winners several times over, but I swear I just hung on for dear life and got really lucky. What has been your greatest success? Wow, for me my greatest success is that I’m alive and kicking, doing what I love, with people I love working and playing life with. It’s a lottery win. Nothing else comes close. 108

and he always gave me a bear hug as if we hadn’t seen each other for years and yet I’d seen him the day before, twice. And George would sometimes sneak into the control room, unannounced, when I was recording. It always rattled me to the core. He would smile and say: “Don’t mind me Scotty” - no pressure! Seriously, I not only enjoyed working with both of these guys, I was extraordinarily proud and grateful to have known them. You started in music at a young age; is this something you still do? Yeah, I think so. I do occasional sessions in Nashville and produce soundtracks. I’m still signed to EMI Music Publishing/ Sony; does that count? Do you ever see yourself going back to the film industry? No, not on that level anyway. That was some extreme stress but I’m glad I did it. It’s only fun when you’re done and can sit down and reflect. It’s one of the reasons we later escaped to Antigua - to get away from it all, not because we didn’t love the people and the work, but because it just got overwhelming and complicated. We never looked back. We love it here.

“I love beautiful architecture, flying cameras, the post-production process.” Who have you most enjoyed working with and why? Sam Dyson told me it’s him, “obviously”. Actually Sam, you’re close. I’ve been blessed to work with some truly wonderful, monstrously talented people. It’s a toss-up between Mstislav Rostropovich, the great and legendary cellist, and Sir George Martin, who produced the Beatles. These guys were true, egoless geniuses. They were giants. Why the hell they liked me is beyond my comprehension but they did, or seemed to anyway. I was never in their league. I would see Mstislav at the studios

What made you choose to live in Antigua? We became friends with a wonderful lady in London. When we told her we were thinking of moving to a small island, she said: “Oh, you must go to Antigua. You will have family there, my family.” Her name was Sheila, the original Momma Lolly - and she was right. Thank you Maxine and Donna! And now, working alongside Luxury Locations is truly great. After some well-deserved years off, I redeveloped my passions. I love beautiful architecture, flying cameras, the post-production process. And we’ve brought filmbased techniques into what we do. We (Cinematic Wings) have a really nice portfolio of architectural shooting from all over the USA. Once Sam saw what we were doing we’ve been working together ever since. It’s been great and I love it. n

Luxury Locations magazine Issue 11  

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