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IN THE KITCHEN Where did your passion for baking begin? It all started with the cookies. It was clear to me that I should serve my guests at MAGNOLIA SPA home made cookies after their treatments. So I started experimenting. My kitchen became like a cookie laboratory. I spent hours, days, weeks, trying all sorts of combinations, looking for the one, original, tasty, crunchy cookie to impress my customers with. After 3 whole months of testing, tasting and trying, the “end product” was born. My sesame - peanut and cashew nut - chocolate cookies became so popular my spa clients started asking if they could buy them!

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Magnolia Cafe

The Magnolia cookies are now celebrating their 8th birthday.

What inspired you to start your own café? My kitchen became my studio and I spent long hours there trying new combinations and flavors. As I am not a professional baker, my work becomes more creative, more challenging and more fascinating because I am not bound by any rules or recipes. When I am out of Thailand, (which happens quite often) I really miss my studio hours. When did Magnolia Café take off? Two years after came MAGNOLIA CAFE. The beginning was with a simple variety of sandwiches and soups but I quickly found that wasn’t interesting enough for a wider crowd of tourists and locals. Since then we kept adding dishes, spices, flavours including everything from local Thai food favourites along with a Mediterranean touch from Europe and influences from the Middle East.

Your cookies are divine! Do you plan to expand your operations outside of Koh Samui? People keep asking me if I plan to export it outside Koh Samui, outside Thailand? Well, it didn’t happen yet. but who knows...... maybe I am still waiting for a smart marketing idea!

And today, will we still find you in the kitchen? I could never forget the excitement of baking! With the coffee shop came the need for all sorts of cakes. I started with cheesecakes. Plain, coated with all sorts of berries and chocolate, then came my famous Oreo cheesecake which became the Magnolia Café signature cake. It is a delicious and decadent cake that everyone loves – young or old! What is next for you and your baking enterprise? Today, we have very nice selection of cakes and pies and Kevin, the Manager of Magnolia, has just created a new facebook page called MAGNOLIA CAKE DELIVERY. It’s a great idea for birthdays, weddings or any kind of special occaision where we can send to your house or venue anything from our cake selection. Just make your order and we shall deliver it to your door! We do cake decoration as well with hearts, flowers and name writing to make sure your cake is beautiful to match your special day.

22 Moo 2, North Chaweng Koh Samui, Surathani Thailand 84320 Mobile: +66 81 891 4523 (Dali) Mobile: +66 88 110 9649 (Kevin)

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