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In terms of innovation, what excites you most about the future of design? Design is a process of constant innovation for us and in all honesty, reading about things (technologies) that are possible or commonplace in so-called “western” countries amazes me. In general I think both the quality of and emphasis upon design has improved massively and I for one am glad of this. As to where the future of design lies etc, again, I wouldn’t be so bold as to make such statements.

Your talents have garnered you attention and awards from all around the world – what do you think is unique about your aesthetic that is so universally pleasing? I have no idea - as they say “if I knew that I’d bottle it” What we hear from those who commission us is invariably the blurring of the distinction between the landscape and the building. But I think also, it is likely the use of materials our work usually makes use of local materials as part of the design, more often than not these are expressed ‘as found” and this rougher more “rustic” look likely tempers the more explicitly “modernist” lines of the architecture. Our buildings are also characterised by good air flow which also has a big impact on their impression of spaces - comfort is a big factor for any of us, our designs seek to provide this without recourse to mechanical ventilation which these days people are very conscious about with respect to energy use. All these add up to a favourable response to our work. This is in direct contrast to when I started Gfab - back then to be frank I couldn’t give my work away, everybody I met wanted some variation on a traditional house with all the formal idioms - thankfully this has changed in the last 10 or so years and we find ourselves much in demand.



Luxury Living magazine # 8 issue  
Luxury Living magazine # 8 issue  

We are happy to announce the release of the 8th issue of the Luxury Living Property & Lifestyle Magazine (Thailand). In this edition we off...