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Tell us a bit about one of your recent projects, Bask. Bask is a beach resort set on the small island of Gilli Meno just off the coast of Lombok. From the beginning, we set about trying to capture some of that “island getaway” feel without recourse to the kind of style and look that typifies this kind of resort. In short we wanted the feel without the look, which we felt was long past its sell-by date.

Bask features some fairly unique ecological initiatives how have you managed to integrate these into a luxurious experience? We firmly believe that luxury and space go hand in hand. One might say (as we often do) that space is the ultimate luxury. Our goal was to present something which was at once somewhat “raw” and “rustic” in feel whilst being nonetheless contemporary in design. Finishes are very simple, indeed much of the appearance comes from the basic construction techniques for example; off form concrete finishes abound and timber is left untreated. Here, we applied what is now our “standard” approach of utilising the garden roof to keep the properties cool/ insulated, but have also looked to utilise things like the roof of the central facility as a solar farm. I should say here that there is nothing in Bask which we see as either unusual or in any way “anti-luxury” much of what we suggest can in fact be applied to just about any property with little or no issue or changes. What is perhaps lamentable is that in so many places we work, local permit rules make the use of such technologies near impossible – take Samui and Bali for example, both places have deemed that “local” style, primarily expressed in terms of roof form are necessary, meaning our approach is often at odds with the permit system and buildings are less energy efficient as a result.

What were some of the challenges you had to overcome when working within and conserving the Gili Meno ecosystem? The 2 biggest challenges working in Meno are both transport derived - on the one hand no motorised vehicles are allowed on the island meaning everything has to be done by hand. On the other, there is no proper wharf serving the island which again make for difficulties in construction. Beyond this, contractors see the place as something of a “hardship posting” - all these factors push prices skyward and so making things within a budget is the major challenge really.



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