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Where did you study and what inspired you the most as a student? I studied at London (UCL) Bartlett school of architecture. I’ve always been somewhat Catholic in what inspired me - on the one hand modernists such as Mies, Corbusier and Niemeyer on the other Romanesque and Renaissance architecture were very much interests of mine which might explain somewhat our attempt to synthesize traditional techniques and a more contemporary design aesthetic.

What was it about architecture and design that appealed most then? I enjoy the process of designing and always have. Way back when, I viewed architecture as an art which encompassed all the others and still enjoy the fact that we get to design other living fundamentals, such as furniture as part of what we do.

What do you enjoy most about your work now? The challenges of a new site and program. It’s a little “boring” to say this I know, but architects are somewhat monomaniacal - we love what we do and can’t imagine doing something else.

To you, what are the essential elements of modern design? This is something I would hesitate to make a statement about. For us, its about synthesising traditional techniques largely without historical reference or imitation of “styles” but this is perhaps more about the places where we work than any great statement about what is modern. In fact we very much don’t see our work as particularly modern despite its outward appearance, much of what we do is predicated on tradition and traditional technologies.



Luxury Living magazine # 8 issue  
Luxury Living magazine # 8 issue  

We are happy to announce the release of the 8th issue of the Luxury Living Property & Lifestyle Magazine (Thailand). In this edition we off...