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Price: THB

7, 800,000

Living Area: 188 sqm Land Size: 820 sqm 3 bedrooms / Swimming Pool

New payment concept: Lease - Purchase First payment: 3,900,000 1st option: 91,000 / per month - over 48 months 2nd option: 64,000 / per month - over 72 months 3rd option: 42,000 / per month - over 120 months

Price: THB

13, 900,000

Living Area: 265 sqm Land Size: 3.200 sqm 3 bedrooms / Swimming Pool

New payment concept: Lease - Purchase First payment: 6,950,000 1st option: 162,000 / per month - over 48 months 2nd option: 113,000 / per month - over 72 months 3rd option: 75,000 / per month - over 120 months





SEESARA 14,6 m, Thai Registation Pier with electric + water suply reg. Thai company (for boat, visa, work permit) TAT - Licence, Insurance

Boat-Business for sale Price: THB 3,150,000 more infos 0 869 869 869



APARTMENTS FOR SALE from 2,5 M Thb / 50 m2

· Private and common pools · Sun deck and rooftop garden · Bar, grill · Restaurant

· Fitness room · The most secure foreign ownership · Rental income · Hotel and rental management program by Bespoke Hospitality Management Asia Hotels Group +66 (0) 82 4274 888 +66 (0) 80 3274 358

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Set to eclipse the $500billion per annum mark in the next couple of years, and accounting for 50% more growth than any other sector in overall global tourism, wellness is big business. And getting bigger. Perhaps this is reflective of a deeper, more meaningful worldwide trend toward seeking equilibrium in our hectic lifestyles, placing a higher priority on our health and emphasising quality of living. With a reknown world-class spa-culture and a destination fitness scene, Samui is poised to herald the new wave of wellness travelers. Welcome to our “Wellness” issue where we embrace all Samui and the great beyond has on offer in enhancing our interior and exterior selves. In terms of embraces, even a hug can do marvelous things for our wellbeing. A quick cuddle can lower heart pressure, elevate serotonin and decrease your heart rate. Indeed, simply sharing your bed with a loved one can even significantly reduce cortisol levels. For most of us however, a journey into health requires a greater self-investment.

To aid you on your path to enlightenment we have tried and tested everything from Yoga Centers in Samui to sampling the best our 5 star Spas have to treat you with. Make sure you read our Detox Diary where we review what Vogue magazine called one of the best detox retreats in the world, right here at the Source in Lamai Beach of Koh Samui. Further afield, we travel to Koh Pha Ngan and fantasy-land Dubai in our travel pages, awash with captivating cuisine. We also speak to best-selling authors and digestive health experts in Author Q & A to ensure our mealtimes are a nourishing adventure in taste. Those with an appetite for culture and elegance will be delighted to read our exclusive interview with our own décor darlings, Oriental Living. Our feature property, Oceana Residence, breathes holistic happiness into beachside property investment with a spectacular construction and a mouth-watering offer you must read to believe! In interiors we seek out ways to bring balance to the fore, adding light to darkness, fitness to space and explore the elements by implementing Feng Shui principles in garden design. Likewise, our Spotlight On’s find magic in the mundane with whimsical watercolours, domestic interpretive art and intricate baubles for the magpies among us. Expand your horizons with Aston Martin’s DBX Concept and discover what the future of luxury cars will look like. Go further and faster with the new Audi R8 – the fastest car Audi have ever made and the first to exceed 200mph! From performance vehicles to performance cosmetics, we road test Beyond Organics and uncover some truly thrilling results. And after recently meeting the gorgeous K-Pop sensation KARA at Aqua, we investigate why the jet-set are again flocking here in Celebrity Samui. Hope you find this the perfect accompaniment to your quest for wellness, we wish you good health and happy reading.

Katy Thomas







Phuket 424 Srisoonthorn Rd. Cherngtalay Tel/Fax: +66 (0) 76 325 419

Samui 9/18 Moo1 Maenam Tel/Fax: +66 (0) 77 247 675






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BEAUTY BUY ME: Beyond Organics Works With Water Nutraceuticals

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AUTHOR Q&A: Sarah Brewer Benjamin Brown

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INSPIRED INTERIORS: Storm Furniture Alma

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Direk Kingnok Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon Kawita Vatanajyankur

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LUXURY MOTORS: The Aston Martin DBX Concept AUDI R8

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Katy Thomas Editorial Director

Antonio Doani CEO Luxury Living

Writers: Caris Cruz Sarah Brewer Benjamin Brown Saifuddin Ismailji Finn Chu

Photographers: Saifuddin Ismailji Bartholomew Landscaping

Olga Apostol Sales Director

Anusart Panapoy (Jome) Head Designer



La Figurelle

Pure Chemistry

Raine and Bea

Night Prowl

The Catwalk Edit

Sonata Rapalyte

Look Good, Feel Well Embracing your body beautiful becomes a more scintillating encounter with these, the sweethearts of London Fashion Week, and our Fashion Fix favourites. Hailing from all corners of the globe - from Sonata Rapalyte in Lithuania to La Figurelle in Ireland - all to celebrate the cutting edge of body-loving design. We applaud these designers for embracing and highlighting the human form in all its glory.

Fashion Fix: Clockwise from top right: Sonata Rapalyte Mona Rebecca Torres Artemis South Amoir Camaira Little White Lies Jade London Veral Clothing Underella by Ella Moss Splendid NIght Prowl Lucile La Figurelle Pure Chemistry Raine and Bea





Veraf Clothing

Underella By Ella Moss

Jode London


Artemis South



Rebecca Torres

Amoir Camaira


Little White Lies

Beauty Beyond Organics Believing that nature provides all that is necessary to nurture, support and heal, Beyond Organics is inspired by the beauty and purity of Mother Earth - to the point of obsession. A relentless pursuit of the purest, gentlest, most ethical and potent range possible has led them to the creation of a certified organic collection with some truly powerful products. Clinical trials have proven skin cell regeneration, increased moisturisation and accelerated healing thanks to organic omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, vitamins, anti-oxidants and over 190 biologically active compounds uniquely combined in Beyond Organics extensive ranges. Certified Organic with both the BDAA and NATRUE, 100% natural and Fair Trade, never tested on animals (nor are any ingredients) with low carbon footprint, recycled and recyclable packaging - Beyond Organics is 100% vegetarian and most products are even suitable for vegans.



Buy Me TOP TO TOE BODY BUTTER The recipient of 6 (and counting) top beauty awards, Top to Toe is an all-round body butter suitable for use anywhere on the body - including the face. Protecting against skin protein oxidation, this body butter has anti-angeing, anti-viral and protective properties. Calming skin that can react to essential oils, it features a delicious natural vanilla flavour that smells good enough to eat.

Does it work? This is nature’s answer to Elizabeth Arden’s 8-Hour Cream: a multi-purpose saviour salve that heals whatever ails you. Dry skin, chapped lips, age spots, coldsores, scars, minor cuts, burns, scratches, makeup removal - this miracle formula even doubles as a baby balm and an all-natural soother for nappy rash and other skin irritations. With natural chamomile extracts to calm inflamed skin, rich nourishing macadamia oils and natural vitamin E to restore skin resilience, this beauty balm is an all-round elixir safe to use anywhere on the body, for any skin affliction.

How do you use it? Apply to any area of the body that requires extra help or moisturisation. Massage into dry cracked skin or dab onto lips as a glossy natural lip balm.




Does it work?

The star of the all-vegan, Ultra Radiance Age Defying range, this potent skin serum is a highly nourishing skin booster to keep skin hydrated for up to 8 hours. Containing an occlusive, which physically prevents moisture loss from the skin and ingredients to reduce clogged pores, this super-serum can also help with adult acne.

Waking to a dewy fresh face that literally looks and feels as if freshly moisturised, rather than the night before, shows the extent to which this truly is a super-serum. Moisture is locked into the skin, leaving skin plump and moist to the touch even 8 hours later. Highly potent and active on skin, only a tiny amount is necessary to smooth over the entire face and yield truly outstanding results. Fine lines have disappeared and sun pigmentation has faded - this formula is so efficient it lends itself to emergency skin revival. Used as a flash mask before a big event, skin glows with radiant moisture without super-sizing pores. We recommend keeping this close to hand as a rescue remedy for tired, dry, sun-damaged and irritated skin.

Full of vitamins A, D & E; omegas 3, 6 & 9; essential fatty acids and potassium-rich avocado, which significantly increases collagen. This power-product is also high in sterolins; the plant molecules that reduce the appearance of age spots and heal skin sun damage. Assisting skin regeneration, Ultra Radiance Age Defying Serum also goes to work on scars and fine lines whilst moisturising and relieving dry and itchy skin.

How do you use it? Dab a pea sized amount onto the face and neck, paying special attention to the delicate eye area. Massage into the skin using gentle circular movements. Suitable for use alone or under Ultra Radiance Night Cream. Ideal for treating the dĂŠcolletage area too.



ULTRA RADIANCE AGE DEFYING NIGHT CREAM A luxurious and decadent face cream packed with rich ingredients for replenishing the skin as it rests to rejuvenate at night. Featuring highly active ingredients such as Oat Beta Glucan, a clinically proven superior moisturiser to Hyaluronic Acid that significantly reduces wrinkles after 8 weeks. Oat Beta Glucan combines with Sweet Blue Lupin peptides to promote the production of pro-collagen and elastin to restore skin elasticity and resilience, these are highly effective at decreasing hyper pigmentation.

Does it work? This rich cream glides over the face and is rapidly absorbed to provide a night of nourishing moisturisation that wakes to glowing face which is never greasy. Fine lines begin to disappear within days of use and after 2 weeks, sun pigmentation and skin tone starts to even out. After noting improved skin texture, smoothing a little of the cream over the lips prevented the chapping and cracking that is the plague of all who work in air-conditioned environs. For skin in urgent need of repair and restoration, use post-serum application for a double dose of organic mojo for the skin. How do you use it? Ultra Radiance Night Cream can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Ultra Radiance Serum. If using over the serum, apply the serum first and allow the serum to absorb a minute before then applying the night cream.



Beauty Works With Water Nutraceuticals

Beauty starts from within and sometimes it is hard to know exactly what our skin needs to support an even complexion. Works With Water Nutraceuticals take the guesswork out of skin nutrition with these darling little sachets that will give problem skin the HELP it needs to clear up. Incredibly easy to implement in to your daily routine, you simply tip the tasteless, odourless powder supplement into a glass of water, or any drink of your choice. The solution is completely flavourless, so you won’t even notice that you’re taking it! HELP: Clear Skin is a 100% natural beauty supplement that can help to heal and prevent blemishes.

HELP: CLEAR SKIN The secret to HELP’s skin clearing properties is the unique PravENAC™ formula rich in Lactoferrin, a bioactive milk protein proven to reduce the formation of blemishes by boosting the body’s natural defences and eliminating bacteria, reducing sebum and inflammation as well as repairing damaged skin cells. In addition to PravENAC™ HELP: Clear Skin also contains Aloe Vera, which has a hydrating, smoothing and nourishing effect on skin, and Zinc Gluconate, known to help repair damaged tissues and support the immune system to fight off viruses and bad acne-causing bacteria.



Buy Me Does it work? This is skin-sustenance in a box. Taken daily with water, you immediately feel better about your skin knowing you are nourishing it from the inside with all natural ingredients to HELP: Clear Skin look it’s best. Perfect for time-poor workers or Mums who simply don’t have the time to add any more steps into their beauty routine. Mixing the sachet into a glass of water takes less than 3 seconds, offering no disruption to your daily schedule. If you are prone to acne, this is an ideal remedy without resorting to harsh chemical topical solutions or medicines. An absolute must-buy for any bride-to-be or belle-before-her-ball to ensure your skin looks and feels its best for any important occasion. How do you use it? Take one sachet daily, mix with water (or any drink of choice), stir and sip your way to effortlessly beautiful skin!

OCEANA 

Beachside Condominiums


From Only 2.75m Thai Baht

+66 (0)77 952 288



Wrapped in a marvelous cerulean setting, embellished with glistening sand and towering palm trees is Koh Samui: the perfect quiet getaway for those seeking a much-needed repose. Clouds hover overhead, drifting over the deep blue heaven, silently asking you to take a deep breath and enter into an inaudible discourse with the universe. The warm, tropical wind invites you to simply submerge into a physical sort of prayer as you begin finding your very core away from the chaos of citified living.

Meditate In Luxury

Koh Samui, home to tropical retreats and luxury resorts, is also one of Thailand's best districts for yoga. In its clandestine corners are wisely situated schools, catering to seekers of inner peace, to strengthen their physical connection between mind and body. More than a dozen studios actively pursue the life of a yogi, each with their respective disciplines and aesthetics; all engaging the guest in exercises designed to stretch their pupils to their limits in attaining wellness.



Vikasa is one of such. Founded and developed by owner Kosta into a unique style all Vikasa’s own, this breathtaking cliffside retreat on Chaweng Noi is the ultimate island destination for holistic healing of the heart, mind, body and soul. Created to inspire self-exploration while enveloping the human consciousness in the idyllic sights and sounds of nature, practitioners will gain significant transformation as they learn Kosta’s distinctive discipline in the seaside sala. In Koh Samui, the Vikasa Yoga Retreat was established to embrace young and mature Vikasa yogis alike. Island guests are all invited to discover harmonious self-discipline during daily free morning meditations, every day before yoga, in a profound seaside environment. "The aim is to strengthen, condition and transform any body type and to make the practitioner stronger mentally," Samui's expert Vikasa Yoga trainers explain. "The practice will stimulate your nervous and immune systems, making you a stronger, calmer, healthier and happier person."

Absolute Yoga is another reknown retreat. The academy's sanctuary is an expansive Moroccan architecture with a hillside backdrop, allowing students to inhale nature's beauty on their way to practice. Hot Yoga exercises occur in a 50 mat capacity recreation area with custom heating and ventilation; immersing students in a warm, humid setting to aid their physiques with achieving different poses. Heat, the heart of this approach, assists the body in many ways. It prevents further expansion of the liver, revitalizes the spleen, strengthens the kidney and fosters spine flexibility. In return, hot yoga devotees benefit from the broadening of their muscles, the flowing of fresh, new oxygen in their blood and an improvement in their breathing. The style, originating from India, gave birth to other disciplines including Bikram, Forest and Power Yoga.



Yoga: For Everybody and Any Body

While many pursue yoga for its efficacy in drawing out an inner-tranquility, there are others whose secondary aim is to maximize meditative philosophies; practising primarily for an improved physique. Hatha Yoga offers a challenging alternative for the active practitioners, with asanas (postures) forcing proper alignment of bones and muscles in one's body. The word Hatha itself means "adamant"; an aggregation of the words Ha (Sun) which represents man, and Tha (Moon) which represents woman, Hatha balances the aspects of both genders, merging the contraries into a mellifluous, fluid being. Trinity Yoga at the entrance to Chaweng, Koh Samui is well-known for its Hatha aesthetics with remarkable results – one student recently lost 40kg! Although weight-loss may not be the goal of yoga, it is a promised side effect here and Savasana (the relaxation and rest asana at the end of the class) is deservedly earned at Trinity. With intimate classes in a mirrored, air conditioned studio, owner Ladda Tangmahamek, has been trained by International Yoga practitioners and now offers courses for novices. Whilst not hot yoga in the traditional sense of the word, this is an hour of power and students are guaranteed to sweat. Her style is unforgiving, designed to take the pupil to the end of their potential, and beyond. Yet due to an innate ability to read the capabilities of her students, development and progression comes extremely fast in these classes. Previously unimaginable asanas become achievable and soon attainable with guided instruction. "We tailor the class according to the student in the class at the time," she says. Trinity Yoga is located on a lighted intersection of Ring Road in Chaweng equidistant between Bangkok Hospital and Tesco Lotus, nestled beside World’s Gym and May Beauty Massage. Another resort that offers detoxifying Hatha exercises is the Spa Resort, a pair of luxurious hideaways found on two pastoral spots in the valley and on the beach of Lamai in Samui. It also offers an experience of Iyengar Yoga, a derivation of Hatha Yoga, which accentuates the accuracy of asanas and proper breathing control. Cushions, benches, belts and other props are employed in attaining different poses and the regular Acro Yoga sessions are an absolute highlight injecting group activity and fun into the adults only class. The result of this practice offers targeted physical healing from chronic back pain, high blood pressure and emotional transformation for those undergoing depression. The Spa Resort’s dual locations offer colon cleansing, yoga and free meditation on a daily basis and their restaurant “Radiance” specialises in delicious raw, vegan and allergy-free food to aid the cleansing process.



Offering a child-friendly yoga center in the heart of Fisherman’s Village is the Yogarden; a beautifully hand-landscaped oasis complete with a vegan cafe and private villas to cater to every budget. A special highlight is the offering of Pregnancy Yoga, a discipline exclusively created for soon-to-be mothers. Studies have shown Yoga meditations are actually effective pre-natal exercises, helping women adjust to the demands of giving birth. Regular sessions instigate proper breathing and relief from emotional stress incurred by pregnancy. Babies can also perform yoga along with their parents. Presenting a fun, light alternative from the usual yoga course, Children's Yoga or Mother & Baby Yoga becomes a remarkable family bonding moment, empowering kids to achieve various poses and attain body flexibility within a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

World Class Retreats In One Island

Samahita Retreat is among Koh Samui's favorite yoga destinations, cited as one of "Asia's Top Ten Wellness Resorts" by CNN. Tucked away in Laem Sor Beach, Samahita Retreat offers a holistic personalised detox program, inviting guests to be brought "back into balance." Their site is known to be the home of the island's Pranayama Yoga, a practice of controlling the breath. In Sanskrit, Pranayama is translated as "the extension of life force." Practitioners are invited to expand their breathing techniques by a variety of sessions and counts. Its reward, however, is long-lasting. Pranayama dispels stress-related illnesses and improves autonomic activity.



Another award-winning wellness center in Koh Samui is Kamalaya, a sanctuary surrounded by lustrous blue infinity pools within the waterfall district of Namuang. Its Personal Yoga Synergy offers a customized, one-on-one yoga session, which inspires new learning experiences for amateur yogis. Experienced practitioners can enjoy escalated challenges, allowing them to reach a whole new level with the help of their attentive trainers. Located conveniently just beside Samui International Airport is the Six Senses Resort. It immerses its guests in a setting at the very heart of nature, with idyllic views of the Gulf of Thailand from every corner. The global hotel brand offers a complete detoxifying experience with its homespun spa facilities. It incorporates Hatha yoga techniques with Sat Kriya methods, helping practitioners to disperse feelings of anxiety and achieve a profound sense of harmony, both mentally and physically. "We are delighted to launch a brand-wide yoga program that allows Six Senses guests to experience yoga in a deeper and more profound form," shares Anna Bjurstam, Vice President of the Six Senses Spa conglomerate. "Due to the high quality of yoga master talent we have throughout Six Senses, we have been able to roll this initiative out on a global basis and personalise each program through private sessions of yoga, breathing and meditation."

Koh Samui: a gathering of enlightened communities aiming to provide complete holistic health to every traveler. Within its bosom lie different yogi families, united in their invitation for you to enter a state of optimal well-being and discover your paramount self.





Samui is famed for its world-class spa culture, so for our “Wellness” issue, Luxury Living wanted to discover what makes this tropical spa destination simply the best.



The nominees were: Hansar







The Scent

Peace Resort

Let’s Relax



And the winners are:



Le Spa Zen Best For: Anti-Ageing Facial, After Sun Treatment, Complete Pamper Packages Finalist of the 2014 World Luxury Spa Awards for the Most Popular Destination Spa, Le Spa Zen, of Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa, offer a series of unique “rituals” rather than individual therapies, thus creating an entire multi-sensory experience that is truly exceptional. Starting at 2 ½ hours packages and building to a 6 day Spa Journey, your attendees begin with a welcome drink and question your mood, colour preferences, thoughts and feelings, to completely customise your treatments to you and your particular headspace on the day. Le Spa Zen Signature Massage commences with music, a soft gong sounding gently somewhere close to the head. Applying tactical pressure to various parts of the body, this massage goes all the way to the head and scalp for a true full-body encounter. Using only the finest natural oils that correlate to the various chakras of the body, your masseur discreetly queries the pressure and application of the massage. As fingers dance over your back and neck, the mind soon drifts away to find peace and solitude. After rolling over, a delicate mist of a rose water is spritzed in the air above your face to mark the start of the facial and hydrate the skin in preparation for its treatment. The Anti-Ageing Facial products, and indeed all the cosmetics used at Le Spa Zen, are by Jurlique; one of the highest quality biodynamic organic skin care brands in the world. The attention to detail is remarkable. Eyelashes are painstakingly cleansed one by one, hair is brushed and styled out of the way, and the facial massage is both soothing and stimulating. Perfect after a day in the sun, parched skin has its thirst quenched with layer upon layer of hydration, scrub and mask. Like a butterfly from a chrysalis, the face that emerges from the treatment is glowing, polished and supremely hydrated with a kiss of youth from yonder year. The ritual ends with hot tea and a cake to complete total gratification of the senses.



Thaisolate Best For: Alone time, Escapism, Insomniacs Studying Cartesian journalism at University, owner Harry learned about the benefits of an isolation tank - a suspension of highly salted (Epsom salts) water in a darkened pool of water to provide the unusually revitalising experience of sensory deprivation. Especially beneficial for men and those with magnesium deficiencies, the high concentration of sulphate mineral epsomite allows the magnesium to be absorbed transdermically, which counteracts stress, supports serotonin production and reduces inflammation. Described as the ultimate in relaxation, your luxurious private pod is heated to body temperature, which has the surprising effect of removing physical sensations from the body, leaving you somewhat numb all over after five minutes. Soft LED lighting is paired with relaxing music for the first quarter hour of floating – highly enjoyable as one’s mind tends to go into overdrive, madly seeking sensory stimuli. Aptly related to us as “a window into meditation”, once we switched off the lights and music, the minutes melted away as the mind freely wandered in a rested state somewhere between asleep and awake. When the lights and music reappear at the end of the hour, the dreamlike feeling of floating on a cloud goes long beyond the shower and hot tea waiting downstairs to dissipate. Indeed sleep for the following few nights is, as promised, longer, deeper and more invigorating than the norm. This treatment is absolutely perfect for those who have a wide “personal space” berth for whom massage is not relaxing, or for those seeking peace and quiet from a busy mind. It is highly recommended for insomniacs, even actively used to alleviate severe injury pain and treat phobias such fear of flying.



Let’s Relax Spa Best For: Hot Stone Massage, Pure Relaxation, Group Bookings Having served more than 1 million guests over the past 15 years, the Let’s Relax teams are consummate professionals who have truly perfected the art of massage. This multi award-winning chain recently claimed the title of “Thailand’s Most Popular Day Spa” at the 2014 Thai Spa &Wellbeing Awards. From beginning to end, the experience is tailored to you. As you sip your welcome drink, you are proffered a beautiful array of natural Thai oils and scrubs to choose for your therapy. Black sesame and honey for dry skin, tumeric for oily skin, orange peel for whitening, and brightening; a quick lesson in the natural properties of their products is set within the restful confines of what looks like a contemporary resort; with levels and corridors of private numbered rooms; but is an entirely dedicated day spa. Their signature treatment, the Hot Stone Massage begins with the entirely divine experience of a private outdoor rain shower. The walled tropical garden provides complete seclusion so you can enjoy the wonders of nature as you rinse away the heat and the grit of a hot Samui day. With a masseuse trainer located onsite, these masseurs are trained to the highest degree, which is soon evident in the faultless pressure and confidence of the massage. Employing an intoxicating blend of Swedish and Thai massage, the therapist soon sweeps away the tension from back, neck and and shoulders with a dizzying blend of effleurage and subtle strokes that never near the pain threshold. While the stones go to work warming and loosening the muscles, the rest of your body from head to toe is treated to a delicious oil massage. The temperature of the stones and the pressure of the massage is never too hot, never too much - it is as if the masseur is a mind-reader, deliberating on the most pleasurable parts, and neatly skipping past that which doesn’t appeal. 90 minutes end all too soon, however the prospect of another al fresco bathing experience beckons and the fresh hot pandan tea waiting downstairs lessens any disappointment. One floats above the heavens all day after.



Spavillion Best For: Plant Essence Facial, Wedding Prep, Hens Parties Recipient of the coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2015, awarded to those who consistently receive outstanding reviews, Pavillion Samui Villas and Resort's Spa, Spavilion, is located poolside, right on the white sands of Lamai beach. This alone makes any therapy worth the visit; to spend the day sipping cocktails by the pool or swimming in the sea before, during or after your desired spa treatments. The therapy rooms, decorated in fresh tropical flowers and rose petals, feature a magnificent deep bath big enough for two, as well as a private WC. Using only the highest quality natural Thai products to marry traditional Thai techniques, their signature facial bathes your face in a pitter-patter of light tapping and gentle circular motions that quickly smooth away any worry lines. Tamarind and lemongrass for cleansing and toning, brighten the skin with natural AHA’s, vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids to protect against free radicals. They also go to work on sun damage, age spots and hyperpigmentation. With soothing oatmeal and calming cucumber to refresh the face for a scrub followed by a hydrating mask, skin is nourished with the purist botanicals with powerful anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. However the true skill lies in the hands of the expert therapist and her assistant who prepares a never-ending supply of cool cotton wipes, warm face wraps and gentle natural sea sponges. The proof is there in the mirror; skin radiant and glowing, fine lines and pores have disappeared and your visage appears as if in soft focus; flawless complexion just 1 hour later.

Magnolia Spa Best For: Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Mother’s Day Something of an institution on the island of Koh Samui, Magnolia Spa located in Chaweng North, is the only spa in Koh Samui specialising in Dead Sea products. Famed for their high mineral composition and spectacular anti-ageing, anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties, these exclusive products are available here at a fraction of their usual high cost, direct from the supplier. With Magnolia Café & Studio next door, here is perfect way to treat Mum. Dad can enjoy coffee and cake while the kids enjoy a dance class upstairs as Mum gets pampered worry-free with Magnolia entertaining the family while she’s gone. Everything about Magnolia Spa is bathed in luxurious and homey comfort, on arrival one has the impression of being welcomed home by family. Indeed all the staff are long-serving, indicative of the friendly familial atmosphere. It should come as no surprise the welcome drink, (honey, lemon and ginger to awaken the body for treatment), is delicious with Magnolia’s sterling reputation for moreish homemade cuisine. Proffered a collection of aromatherapy oils for the treatment; Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass, Lavendar and tropical Dorkmork; Magnolia caters 5 rooms for oil massage and 3 rooms for couples Thai massage. The care is evident in the details; a bowl of fresh flowers on the ground below your face on the massage table, padded cushions placed beneath your joints to alleviate any pressure from your own body weight - even the bathroom is decadent with a host of luxury toiletries at your disposal for the post-massage shower. With a professional trainer onsite, these masseurs are continually upskilling. Even better, the therapists speak English, so you are able to communicate whether you would like the massage more or less firm or point out problem areas. With the tropical scent of Thai flowers wafting from the massage oils kneading and methodically rubbing back to life your tired sore muscles, it is easy to drift off to dreamworld for the remainder of the hour. Complete the treat with a slice of cake next door for the ultimate indulgence.





Love the idea of a detox but can't stomach the thought of a colonic? Rated as one of the best detoxes in the world by Vogue, The Source in Lamai, Koh Samui offers a truly unique cleanse using powerful ancient herbs in a tranquil luxurious retreat. What is a herbal detox ? A ‘Herbal Detox’ is the cleansing and detoxifying of the body using premium quality herbal formulas in the form of capsules, syrups and tinctures. Simple and easy to do with formulas taken morning and night every day for one week, or longer; what makes a herbal detox so unique is the complete absence of awful and invasive colonics. The herbal extractions gently purify and 'reset' the internal terrain of your major organs, cleaning the blood, eliminating parasites and gallstones, populating your gut with healthy flora and fauna. The herbal formulae do double duty, working long after the detox ends to ensure your elimination systems are functioning at maximum capacity permanently, so any weight lost during detox, stays off. How does it work ? Unique in that it can be done anyplace, at any time, as there are no colonics necessary, leaves you free to work and continue your normal routine. A superior intestinal formula via capsules does a much better elimination job and far less invasive than the hydrocolonics usually required. You can choose what to eat each day from the list of healthy choices which range from fresh juices, whole fruits or greens to your normal diet or a mixed combination of them all. Each day you feed the body with great nutrition as the herb minerals do all the work providing high energy levels during the program, making it suited to those who do not want any interruption to their daily work life. Customers can stay in a private villa on the beach to do the program or they can purchase to take home and do it any place or time they choose.



How it differs from other detoxes: Most detox programs only cleanse and detox the body, this version also ‘rebuilds' the organ systems of the body. The premium quality formulas are potent and effective, using hand grown organic herbs plus herbs collected in the wild (wildcrafted). In addition, some particularly rare herbs are sourced from around the world to complete the age old recipe formulas. The formulas are proprietary, handmade and have been perfected over the last twenty years by a Master Herbalist. They use only 100% natural organic ingredients making them pure and kind to earth as well as your body! Powerful yet natural, these time proven formulas are gentle and safe with no harsh reactions. The science of herbs Ivor Fitzpatrick, founder of The Source and is a Family Herbalist and member of BHMA (The British Herbal Medicine Association) and ESCOP (The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy) His herbs provide pure plant minerals the liver employs to make natural substances for the bloodstream to then utilise to restore and repair the whole body. To tackle Candida and parasites, a prevalent modern affliction, foundation formula 'Formula P' (Candida/ parasite formula) contains 33 herbs to eliminate both conditions. Most people, having never ingested these herbal concentrations before, experience a superb health boost when they are first taken, supplying the body ideal nourishment to work with. Elimination organs are greatly assisted in the detoxifying process and by leveraging the properties of these organic herbal minerals, the body can successfully rebuild, repair and restore itself anew.

What are the benefits? The Source offers three programs: Detox (7 formulas), Weight Loss and Ultimate Detox (both 16 formulas) each very comprehensive in targeting a different organ system of the body including the liver, kidneys, intestines, hormones, blood, immune system and lungs. Ranging from substantial weight loss, to brighter eyes and skin, feeling healthier, sleeping better, more energy and relief from illness the benefits are unique to each individual and their needs. Interestingly, the weight loss can continue even after the program has finished and generally stays off too, due to the herbs cleaning and supporting the 'inner terrain’ of the body. Sugar, caffeine and junk food cravings dissapate with the program. Unlike crash diets and exercise fads, with a herbal detox, improved health and weight loss is 100% guaranteed. A recent customer, an Italian man, lost 5kg in 3.5 days! Most lose 4kg in the first 4-6 days and then it levels off, with another 1-3kg being dropped in the last few days if completing the two week program. The Source also provides complementary therapies that add even more benefit to the programs. Acupressure massage, Chinese Cupping and Reiki with Master Jet Lee, as well as the Liver Flush and very simple meditation exercises all provide further wonderful results with a fresh Juice and Tonic bar for healthy drinks onsite to aid your program. Offering free consultations in person or online all programs and accommodation can be viewed at



Luxury Living had to test The Source's wildly intoxicating claims of better health and miracle weight loss. Read on to learn first-hand what the Herbal Detox experience entails...

Diary Day 1 Unlike other dreaded health adventures (going to the gym, starting a new diet) Day 1 is eagerly anticipated. Excited to begin and impatient for results. The first slow-pressed orange juice of the day is divine but taking the tinctures on an empty stomach will take getting used to. The herb capsules are strangely filling and oddly enough I refuse the last glass of orange juice in the evening - I feel full.

Day 2 Nothing gets me out of bed faster than the smell of hot espresso - but today I bound into the kitchen for a glass of fresh juice instead. The tinctures go down better today, in fact all the supplements taste more appetizing on Day 2. Initially suspicious of the “Weight Aid” herbal paste, I now enjoy chewing on this slightly sweet and complex medicinal mixture. The biggest surprise of the day is the lack of caffeine and sugar cravings - by 5pm I’m usually 3 or 4 lattes down. I don’t even miss it.

Day 3 My son is sick, so none of us sleep the night before. We all rise at 6am and start our day early. It’s 4pm before I realise I haven’t even missed my usual coffee fixes. It’s crazy how much energy I have! On a full nights rest, I’m usually ready to take a break right now. Instead I power through my work and get more done than usual. Pleasantly surprised to see I’ve lost a kilo already. Even better there are no cramps or funny tummy from the herbal formulas. They appear to work their magic without upsetting my sensitive stomach.



Day 4 Our son wakes up early again but we don’t bat an eyelid. I’m not even tired after a long night of tears from our little patient. I’m shocked how flawless my skin looks after a shower somehow I’ve literally taken 5 years off my face overnight! How is that even possible on no sleep?! Skin tone and texture is even, refined, pores have disappeared and not a fine line to be seen! Usually somewhat bleary and bloodshot eyed in the morning; my eyes are so bright. Incredible. Compliments pour in all day long. I could get used to this.

Day 5 Before starting, I was concerned the Detox might somehow affect my ability to breastfeed – au contraire! I have more milk than ever! I’ve lost 2 kilos yet I never feel hungry. Bizarre not to be craving my daily chocolate fix but I simply don’t miss it. I look forward to my herbal paste now and take my time enjoying the complexity of flavours and the natural stamina it gives me. Usually slightly anaemic, I love how much energy I have without having to consume large portions of red meat!

Day 6 It’s the weekend now and rather than lazing at home as per usual, we cram an action packed day of family fun - it’s amazing how much you can do when you aren’t thinking about food all the time! Weight continues it’s climb down and I’ve noticed my nails have rapidly grown long and strong. Another added bonus of the detox? We all sleep soundly through the night.

Day 7 Final day and mildly disappointed the detox is coming to an end. Lighter and brighter than when we started a short week ago, we start planning our first meals for tomorrow - which is surprisingly difficult when you don’t feel hungry for anything! Considering the excesses of orange juice consumed in the last week, you’d think we’d be sick of it by now. Instead we celebrate the end of our detox by ordering a juicer over the internet!



Author Q&A: Sarah Brewer

Author of over 60 books on wellbeing, diet and nutrition including titles such as "Eat Well, Stay Well" "Low Cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies" and "Simply Relax" Dr. Sarah Brewer talks to us about overcoming diabetes, arthritis and eating our way to wellness.




What does “wellness” mean to you?

Wellness is a state of balance in which emotional, physical and spiritual health are all optimum. In other words, you feel good with plenty of energy and zest for life.


Tell us about your path to nutrition; what made you first take interest in food and diet as a career?

When I worked as a full-time GP in a deprived, inner-city area, I regularly saw patients who felt tired all the time, developed recurrent infections and had poor general health. When I asked about their diet, they lived on pasties, pizzas, fish and chips, take-aways and hardly ever ate fresh fruit or vegetables. I started prescribing multivitamins and mineral supplements and they perked up and realised their poor diet was at fault. That opened my eyes, too, to the fact that diet is the foundation for all good health and for many illnesses.


How have our attitudes to food changed over time?

Scientists were side-tracked for a long time by victimising fats – and especially saturated fats – as the baddies in our diet. There is now a realisation that eating excessive sugar and processed carbohydrates are far worse for long-term health. While extreme low-carb diets were too much for most medics and dietitians to accept, low GI/GL has caught on as it allows whole grains, fruit and starchy tubers such as sweet potatoes in moderation. The popularity of the paleo diet is bringing things right back to where we started - the healthy diet of our ancestors.


What is the deal with organics; is there a nutritional or wellbeing benefit to going organic or is it just a marketing hoax?

I recently wrote a blog post on this as there is now good evidence, based on a review of 343 studies, that organic fruit and vegetables provide 20% to 40% more of the nutritionally important antioxidants that are associated with a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and certain cancers.


You’ve written multiple books on pregnancy nutrition; as there seems to be an endless list of what not to eat for pregnant mum’s, how about sharing some delicious recipes for Mum that will benefit baby too?

Basically, a healthy Mediterranean style diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, some lean meat, some fish (up to 2 portions a week) with nuts and seeds is fine. You don’t need to eat for two – just eat healthily for one. A multivitamin and mineral, plus essential fatty acid supplements designed for pregnancy are a good idea too (not forgetting the folic acid 400mcg recommended during at least the first trimester of pregnancy).




Your book “Super Baby” informs us how to supercharge an infant’s development in their first year: can you share some tips with us here?

The more he is stimulated, the more he eventually learns. Babies who have a stimulating environment tend to be less fussy and to stay quiet and attentive than babies who are not given special stimulation. There is a big difference between an enriched, stimulating, enjoyable environment and one that is pressured and overtaken by the need to perform or succeed. Don’t be over-ambitious - feel proud of their achievements and love them for their failures as much as their successes. If your child shows signs of not enjoying an activity, stop immediately. They can communicate by sound and gestures much earlier than words - work out a personal symbolic code for different animals, cars, planes etc. For example, pant for a dog, hiss and weave your arm for a snake, flap your arms and say tweet-tweet for a bird. It may seem silly but your baby will start communicating with you very early on via their non-verbal world. Let them make a mess so they can explore textures in the context of messy play. Talk to them frequently so they learn language sounds.


Penning numerous books on diabetes and arthritis, what is your nutritional advice for these sufferers?

Diabetes: Replace some carbohydrates in your diet with healthy monounsaturated fats (eg. in olive oil, avocado, almonds, macadamia nuts) and omega-3 fatty acids (eg. from oily fish and walnuts). Follow a wholegrain, high-fibre, low-glycaemic, Mediterranean-style diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, berries, fish and olive oil. Even though fruit contains natural sugars, most have a low to moderate glycaemic index and do not raise blood glucose levels excessively (though don’t over-indulge in dried fruits). Preliminary research suggests plums can improve insulin sensitivity of fat cells and decrease blood glucose levels. Red and black grapes contain protective, antioxidants that appear to boost pancreatic insulin production in type 2 diabetes, and protect against kidney damage. Dark chocolate, cocoa powder, cinnamon, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin, coriander, mustard seed and curry leaves all have some evidence for improving glucose control.

Arthritis: Omega-3 fatty acids are converted to substances called ‘resolvins’ that ‘resolve’ inflammation, and reduce the activity of inflammatory enzymes in the same way as aspirin. Omega-3s are found in oily fish such as mackerel, herring, salmon, trout, sardines, pilchards and fresh tuna, wild game meat such as venison and buffalo, grass-fed beef and omega-3 enriched eggs. Vitamin D has a beneficial effect on joints, so increase your intake by eating more oily fish, liver, eggs, butter and fortified milks or margarine. Those with the highest dietary intake of selenium are least likely to develop osteoarthritis. Dietary sources include Brazil nuts, seafood and offal. Dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and spring greens supply antioxidant carotenoids, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for joints. Yellow/orange fruit & vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, guava, mango and pumpkin are rich sources of vitamin C and antioxidant carotenoids that can reduce inflammation in all types of arthritis. Curry spices such as anise, chilli, cloves, cumin, fennel, ginger, mustard and turmeric, have an anti-inflammatory, pain-killing action that may improve arthritic pain. Teas – especially white and green teas - contain high levels of antioxidant catechins that inhibit inflammatory chemicals in arthritic joints and help to protect cartilage from breaking down in osteoarthritis.




What about more common ailments? What should we eat to cure the common cold / flu / cough / sore throat / headaches?

The best advice I can give for the common cold is to start taking Pelargonium tablets as soon as symptoms start. This traditional herbal medicine reduces symptoms significantly within 24 hours. If you stop taking it, symptoms return, so keep taking it for at least three days. It’s more effective than anything I could prescribe as a doctor!


How about the most common affliction of the modern lifestyle: stress? Are there ways to combat this with food?

Absolutely. stress raises blood glucose and fat levels, ready to fuel muscles during fighting or fleeing. So, when stressed, it’s best to select a low glycaemic diet to help maintain an even blood glucose level. Select lean meats, fish, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables. Eat a nutritious breakfast such as bran-based cereals, porridge or muesli with fruit, unsweetened yoghurt/fromage frais and skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. Caffeine is a stimulant drug whose immediate effect is to reduce tiredness through a direct action on the brain which increases alertness and decreases perception of effort and fatigue. However, caffeine also acts on the adrenal glands to increase circulating levels of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. Excess caffeine makes you irritable and jittery as well as interfering with sleep. Aim to have no more than one cup of caffeinated coffee per day, plus three mugs of not too strong tea (preferably green or white tea). Ideally, slowly switch to de-caffeinated brands, or drink herbal teas such as antioxidant-rich Rooibos, calming camomile, or soothing mint.



Author Q&A:

Benjamin Brown 1

Your book “The Digestive Health Solution” started in the emergency ward in Paris; what happened?

While traveling through Morocco I got ill from eating the local food, which is a common problem when people are traveling. Foolishly I pressed on through the symptoms for a week or so rather than resting up or cancelling the trip, and after flying from Marrakesh to Paris I was finally so worn down I collapsed from exhaustion. In hospital I was checked for more serious illness, as the symptoms were very bad, and eventually left hospital, rested up in Paris, then set back to London where I live. But it didn't stop there, although the acute symptoms passed I developed chronic digestive symptoms, as well and fatigue and anxiety. Symptoms that settle in like this are known as “post-infectious” irritable bowel syndrome, and while looking for ways to get better I noticed there was a lot of good research that had not made it into books that could help people, not only people with illness due to a travel bug like mine, for all the other reasons people can develop similar symptoms. So I set about meticulously researching the book with the aim to help others.


What does “wellness” mean to you?

Often we think about disease as being severely ill, and health as not having a severe illness, but the reality is there is a spectrum of good health we give little thought to. Are you tired all the time? Do you suffer from poor sleep? Are you irritable, grumpy or anxious? Are you a little over weight? Do you suffer from bloating, pain, constipation or other digestive symptoms regularly? None of these are necessarily something we would see a doctor for, but they are in fact important symptoms that affects our quality of life. Wellness is the idea that good health is more than just being disease free, it's about maximizing your health, achieving your health potential and enjoying your life more.


What is the digestive health epidemic you speak of in your book?

Digestive illness is one of the biggest problems out there but no one is talking about it. Did you know 1 in 4 people in the UK have chronic digestive symptoms? And these regular symptoms of bloating, distention, pain, constipation and/ or diarrhea can affect your whole body, believe it or not research has shown that poor digestive health is linked to things like fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches and muscle pain. In fact there are even a real possibility that digestive issues could cause weight gain and heart disease through changes in your gut bacteria. It seems that poor digestive health is a much more common and more important problem than is appreciated.

"Wellness is the idea that good health is more than just being disease free, it's about maximizing your health, achieving your health potential and enjoying your life more"




Stomach problems are rife in Thailand traveller’s experiences, often blamed on the local spicy food – is there a natural way to overcome a funny tummy?

A spicy curry is one thing, but everyone has heard horror stories of people getting very ill from food while traveling. I have been through South East Asia a lot and know that even the locals get sick, so the best you can do is try to reduce your risk. Some simple things you can do is try to drink bottled water, and eat only cooked food for the first few days as salads might be washed in contaminated water. I would also recommend to start taking a good probiotic a few days before you leave and daily while you are away as this has been shown to reduce your risk. Probiotics work by reducing the likelihood of bad bacteria causing problems.


Putting your bacteria on a low-carb diet; why is this beneficial?

Fast food is fast food for bacteria in your gut. Healthy types of carbohydrate, such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables are digested slowly and fermented by your gut bacteria, which is great. But refined grains, and sugars are fermented much faster and far too early in the digestive process. This can cause an over growth of bad bacteria and a lot of common digestive symptoms. Further, several studies have shown that reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars such as lactose and fructose can make a big difference for most people.


Insomnia and stress are known to have a detrimental affect on our general health – can they also affect our gut health?

Sleep has a huge impact, just ask a shift worker or a flight attendant; they have some of the highest rates of digestive issues and it has a lot to do with disruption of their sleep patterns. It so happens that the sleep hormone melatonin is also made in abundance in your digestive system and plays a crucial role in keeping everything functioning well. So if you are not sleeping, melatonin production will be affected and your digestive health will suffer. And everyone has had gut feelings or butterflies in their stomach, literally. The reason for this is that the gut and brain are closely connected by a network of nerve pathways referred to as the gut-brain axis. What this means is that gut feelings are in fact very real, and stress can cause digestive problems, and perhaps more importantly, digestive problems can cause stress.


Can you offer some advice for these sufferers?

Its important to understand that digestive symptoms, although often made worse by stress, are not “all in your head.” Actually it is more often that digestive issues are causing feelings of stress and anxiety. So if you want to improve things simple relaxation exercises such as deep breathing, medication or yoga are very powerful, but you also need to improve your digestive health at the same time. And for people with sleep issues there is a simple solution that applies to most people theses days; switch off electronic devices. As far as your brain is concerned television, computers and e-readers are sunlight and they stop you going into your natural rhythm of sleep. Try a “technology detox” at least 4 hours before bed.




You talk about cultivating resilience in your book, what do you mean by this?

Stress is a tremendous burden in our society and part of the reason for this is that we have lost our support mechanisms. Traditionally we, as humans, have lived in close knit groups with strong family and social ties. A lot of research has shown that living in an environment where you have that kind of support buffers you against stress. In fact people who are optimistic and happier don't always experience less stress or adversity, they just have better social connections, community support and are consequently more resilient. So while yoga, meditation or holidays are great, there are other things we may not think about that buffer us against stress. Like spending time with friends, family, or your community.

11 8

Talk to us about vitamins, supplements and probiotics – hocus pocus, or do they offer real benefits?

For common digestive symptoms there are a number of supplements that have shown far more promise that any medication currently available, and they are a lot safer. Unfortunately because many of these products cannot be patented like a drug can, research investment is limited, however some do have excellent evidence. There are over 20 clinical studies on delayed release peppermint oil for example, and it works within 4-weeks to improve most common symptoms. And probiotics are also excellent, but you need to try one that has been shown to work (a lot haven’t), and stick with it for at least a month.


Is digestive health really as simple watching your diet, or should we approach this holistically and look at exercise or meditation too?

Part of the reason I wrote the book is that there is a lot advice to simply eat well, get a bit of exercise and hope for the best. But the reality is that does not work and for many people common healthy eating guidelines emphasises foods that make them worse, like fiber, wheat and dairy food for example. If you want to improve your digestive health you really need to know what approaches are most important for you, as we are all different. And things that are often not even considered, like meditation, better sleep, identifying problem foods and eating for better gut bacteria can make all the difference – so yes, we need to think bigger, and more holistically, if we are going to make a difference.



Are there any other thoughts you would like to share with us on the topic of wellness?

Here are 10 tips for better digestive health: 1. Avoid refined sugar and grains – they cause bacterial overgrowth and are linked to a host of digestive problems. Bad for you, and bad for your digestive health. 2. Eat more phytonutrients – fruits and vegetables particularly rich in phytonutrients, such as green tea, berries and green leafy vegetables, encourage healthy gut bacteria. 3. Eat mindfully – in our fast pace society most people eat on the run or in front of the TV. Slow down, eat at the dinner table and enjoy your food, as it will help your digestion. 4. Eat clean – some food additives and preservatives, as well as pesticides and herbicides have been linked to poor digestive health. Avoid processed foods with lots of additives, and eat organic produce where possible. 5. Eat lean – high fat foods can sensitize the nerves in your gut so you feel pain, and discomfort when you shouldn’t. Avoiding high fat foods and eating leaner cuts of meat will help. 6. Try a kiwi fruit cleanse – kiwi fruit are packed full of digestive enzymes and a number of clinical studies have found they can improve regularity and relieve digestive symptoms. Just 2-3 each morning for about 4-weeks will do the trick. 7. Get 7-8 hours sleep – believe it or not but the quality of your sleep has a lot to do with whether or not you will have digestive issues the next day. Prioritizing a good nights sleep and getting to bed early is a good idea. 8. Stay active – maintaining regular physical activity helps keep you fit, and keeps your digestive system fit as well. Studies have found it reduces symptoms and new research suggests it might help improve your gut bacteria too. 9. Easy on the coffee and alcohol – both these beverages can adversely affect you digestive health and are commonly linked to symptoms. Slowly reduce your coffee before you stop, and keep alcohol to healthy levels and with meals. 10. Try some daily flaxseeds – milled linseeds or flaxseeds are a fabulous way to improve digestive health, they are full of fiber but also vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and proteins – and they are cheap. Try about 2 tablespoons daily followed by a glass of water.

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See The Light... Terry Croucher designs and hand makes gorgeous, contemporary pieces of wooden furniture and is delighted to be launching his exciting new statement lamp - The Artisan Abstract. Terry is a craftsman who has developed some specialist techniques to particularly suit his design process and which give the end product their standout and enduring appeal.

Available as a table lamp as standard and bespoke floor lamps on request, The Artisan Abstract can be made in a range of veneers and finishes, from smooth waxed to high gloss. They can be supplied with a versatile range of fittings and handmade shades, with bespoke size and veneer options available. All timbers and veneers are from responsibly managed sustainable sources and FSC approved.

Whilst beautifully functional, the lamp also sits as a piece of sculptural art in it's own right. Each design has over 200 individual cuts made by hand, each one is unique and bears the maker’s stamp of authenticity.

Bring light to the darkest corners of your home with a lamp designed to illuminate the mind with the beauty of art.


Alma Energize Empty Spaces... Synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, ALMA originally built their brand for the fashion industry. Now they design and produce exceptional and bespoke leather interiors, furniture and furnishings as well as a range of hand-made bespoke leather accessories and handbags. Supporting domestic wellness by ensuring exercise at home is never a bore nor a chore, ALMA have created a fabulous range of leather-clad workout accessories. Beautiful enough for when you are too fatigued to pack your equipment away, these items will enliven any home-gym or recreation area. Pictured clockwise from top: dumbells, medicine balls, punch bag, ski boots bag



Pool Party

Allow the gentle sea breeze to soothe your soul at the center of Bangrak beach at the all-new B.R.Sea weekend pool party. Serving a wide variety of International and Thai cuisine, with special promotions on selected cocktails and bottled beers - come and have fun in the sun with the whole family and enjoy paradise at its best. With a children friendly zone, adults and children of all ages are welcome. Located right on the beachfront, B.R.Sea Beach Club offers stunning views of the bayside all the way out to Ko Som and beyond. Enjoy safety and convenience with plenty of onsite parking, poolside dining and a private beach for sunbathing. Recline on a sun lounger and bask in Koh Samui’s spectacular summer days - why wait for evening to celebrate? Party all day on Saturday and Sunday with some chilled out tunes from some of the Islands most recognized DJs and monthly special events with international DJ & Artists. (Please like our facebook page to keep up to date with our special events). B.R.Sea Pool Party in Bangrak Beach invites you to join the new wave of weekend entertainment at their weekly pool party from 2pm every Saturday and Sunday.

B.R.Sea Beach Club

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Feng Shui Gardens Words by: Finn Chu | Pictures by: Bartholomew Landscaping

Garden with Feng Shui elements for indoor and outdoor balance, harmony and wellness.



The consideration for designing a garden with the use of Feng Shui as a principle is quite similar to a modern western approach in that the designer will often look to create elements of hard landscaping that are pleasing to the eye and lead the viewer towards a focal point. The individual elements of the landscaping will complement each other and harsh corners or points will be softened by incorporating luxurious planting, so nothing feels awkward or out of place and everything is balanced and feels natural. The use of water and light need to be well placed for both significant fortune and practicality to show off the planting to best effect lightening dark corners. Many books have been written on the use of Feng Shui within the garden, the use of many significant plants which hold various energies such Bamboo and Crassula (Money plant) are well known for their positive energy and carefully placed will help to benefit people using the garden, in contrast to plants with spiky leaves such as Cacti and Yucca that attract negative energy. When adhering to the principles of Feng Shui in a garden, the designer must take into account the requirements of the site as well as the needs of the client to promote good energy. The house and garden should be considered as one space and complement one another. An understanding of the energy map of the home is essential to begin the process; there are many guides to help explain this, but if the planting design does not also consider all the site conditions then even plants selected for good Feng Shui are will not survive and the design will be seen as a disappointment and fail to promote good energy.



WEEKENDAWAY: Koh Pha Ngan Words & Photos by: Saifuddin Ismailji




Initially inhabited by monks - backpacker tourists found paradise on Pha Ngan island some 20 years ago and gave it a worldwide fame with the thematic Full Moon Party; however lately, the island has been transforming into a high-end luxury destination. Located in the Gulf of South-East Thailand, Koh Pha Ngan can be reached by surface from Bangkok (Route 4) via Surat Thani and thereon either direct boat transfer to Koh Pha Ngan or via Koh Samui (about 13 to 14 hours including rest stops and transfer from bus to ferry terminal); a total of about 780 kilometers. The cost of combined Bus and Ferry ticket varies from Thai Baht 900 to 1500 depending on the chosen company. Travel by overnight VIP bus and Sea Tran Ferry frequent service is recommended. You can also travel by train from Bangkok to Chumphon and finally ferry to the island. Alternatively, convenient and time saving air travel by Thai Airways or Air Asia takes about one hour flight time from Bangkok to Surat Thani and about 3 hours bus and ferry ride from Surat Thani either direct to Pha Ngan or via Koh Samui.




The 148 square kilometers island with a population of 15,500 has its downtown at Thong Sala, the point of arrival at the ferry terminal. Temperatures can soar during summer months but cloud formation and rain is usual. On a cloudy day, riding a bike around the island is great fun. Stopping by places tucked at higher grounds are breathtaking vistas of the scenic coast. The drive from Haad Rin towards Haad Yao showcases dramatic littoral coastal scenery with swaying palm trees and tropical jungle. In the outer limits, the hills appear dotted with resorts and bungalow accommodation perched above, overlooking the turquoise sea. Another interesting way to explore the island is by local long-tail boat or a speedboat. Haad Rin is the main tourist district that swings during the full-moon party craze. Owner of one such beach party venue says that during the full moon parties,

“more than 2,000 revelers spend the night on the beach to party all-night long!�



A beeline of hotels, restaurants and bars, tattoo, souvenir shops and boutiques give Haad Rin its unique character. Tattooing is almost a part of indigenous culture on the island and tattoo artists make a good living here. Nightlife sprawls around restaurants, bars, and fire dancers swinging whirling rings of fire until the blaze dies out. Sea Tran Discovery offers a day trip to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan islands, the latter renowned for its sublime interlacing beach and twin islands abounding with neat piles of boulders. The Lawana Thailand Travel shop on the island arranges day excursions for snorkeling and scuba diving at places around Pha Ngan and Koh Ma: a protected National Marine Park near Koh Pha Ngan. There are also miles and miles of virgin trekking trails at Than Sadet National Park, which is steeped in history and culture. Diving and snorkeling day trips can be arranged by Lawana Thailand. This travel shop is located at the exit of Thong Sala pier offering all your travel solutions under one roof: island tours, speed boat, air travel, boat and ferry tickets and bus transfers to Bangkok.




Koh Pha Ngan offers an interesting mix of lodging - from exquisite five star abodes to comfortable first class hotels, as well as budget hostels and guest houses. Among the many, the following come highly recommended:

The Best Western PhaNganBuri Beach Resort & Spa is about 20 minutes from the Thong Sala Pier and a mere 5 minute walk to Haad Rin. On the luxury premises of this resort, villas by the pool area offer a pleasant view of the beach. The resort also offers family and junior suites - each equipped with 4-star amenities. The enthusiastic Chef: Khun Thingna has created a delectable menu comprised of mainly Thai dishes. Some to-die-for delicacies include Thai Glass Noodle Spicy Salad, Sweet & Sour chicken with Cashew Nut served in a pineapple shell and a tantalizing Tom Yam. However there are a variety of international platters to choose from the menu. Their spa by the pool area is a place to rejuvenate and indulge in wellbeing. The signature therapy applies Balinese massage techniques, using natural oil to nurture the skin’s health. The treatment directs energy flowing to areas of blockage to harmonises, restore and rejuvenate the body.



Blue Hill Beach Resort near Haad Rin sits on the hill surrounded by a thick tropical jungle. This one-of-a-kind of resort in Southern Thailand transfers guest in their villas with the ease of a funicular that rides the cable car seven levels downhill to the beach; with the pool area one level above the beach. Most of the air-conditioned suites and rooms offer an uninterrupted view of the sea with a distant sight of the 25km-long island of Koh Samui. The restaurant offers a variety of dining options - from traditional Thai dishes such as tom yam and som-o (spicy pomelo salad) to continental cuisines; don’t miss their succulent pizzas or juicy burgers that you may take-away and enjoy on the beach. Chantramas Resort by Epikurean is a boutique hotel on the beach that mixes uncluttered luxury with individualism in nature, offering a strong appeal to couples and wedding planners to indulge in quality time and enhance the art of good living. In a tropical setting each deluxe room and pool villa is tastefully trimmed, affording comfort and the best of modern living. The restaurant on the beach has an appealing menu and the Chef’s recommendation is Thai cuisine prepared with daily fresh meat and vegetables.

The next-door Le Palais Resort is due to open its doors this year. Inspired by Khmer art, the Resort could befit a hallmark of luxury on the island.

The Milky Bay Resort is located southwest on the idyllic Ban Tai beach with tropical gardens that extend onto the shore. Their spacious air-conditioned beach villas with attached bath have a large king size bed, mini-bar, TV and splash pool in the private verandah with a sea view. The restaurant menu offers a riot of South African flavours although you can also enjoy Thai and continental cuisine as well as BBQ nights on the beach.



CITY BREAK FANTASY LAND DUBAI Words & Pictures by: Saifuddin Ismailji

More than a decade ago, I stepped on the soil of the UAE for the first time - a place warmer than the Sahara, so barren that man is forced to go beyond his fortitude, finding ways to cultivate a seed of a greener environment worth living in. It was June and I was melting in the intense Dubai heat as I crossed the road to hire a taxi out of Dubai international airport to report on duty for a well paid job in accounting and finance. Back then, traveling to Dubai as a tourist was not on my agenda and like everybody, my visit to the UAE was focused on the singular objective of making a quick buck.



Today, Dubai is an inspiring example when it comes to phenomenal fast rate of growth in the development of a city with a high standard of living. Within a short time span of 50 years, this commercial hub of the UAE with a population of 2.2 million, has reached the pinnacle of glory as a world class city.

Recently launched and successfully campaigned at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) Dubai, the Tourism Vision 2020 aims at Dubai becoming the world’s most visited city. By 2020, Dubai tourism targets 20 million visitors arrival with 75% foreign travelers. The annual event is held in the first week of May - a perfect time for me to experience this ever changing city. This year (2015), Family Travel will be the spotlight theme with a focus on Travel Technology, Business Travel, Luxury and Wellness.



Dubai has emerged as a fantasyland for travelers. The heart of the seven Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain), shopping and leisure is Dubai's true lure for tourists. That doesn’t mean to say that you should miss adventure activities in comfort and style! Either take on hair raising dune bashing on a 4X4, drive deep into the desert or fly high on a private jet for a bird’s eye view of the city that grew out of a desert. Shopping and leisure indulgence in Dubai is more pleasant in a time stretch between November to March. This is when a steady stream of visitors spend their holidays as Dubai lives up to its carnival spirit. It’s nicer to lie down on the beach, stroll along the corniche (coastal walkway) and leisurely walk the city avenues to experience the awesome sights of glass and steel skyscrapers. Sailing, raft races, Camel Polo, equestrian sports, dune bashing - it all happens during this period.

The historic Dubai Creek splits Dubai into two halves: Bur Dubai and Deira. At the Creek, life rolls at a pace in a spirit past sixty years ago. Merchandise changes hands, loading and offloading the dhows (cargo boats) with all kinds of goods: from needles to elaborate technical equipment. The buildings queuing up the Bur Dubai side of the Creek retain the characteristic of the old city. Heritage Village radiates with the ambience of old Dubai and the adjoining Diving Village shows evidence of pearl diving and fishing - the past vocation of the Bedouins and early settlers. With the unprecedented fast pace of high tech development in the city, Dubai was on the verge of losing its culture and heritage. In an effort to save this legacy, the Diving Village "Shindagha" area has been transformed into a cultural city, restoring life in a part of Dubai as it was in the times of yore. In recent years, Dubai government's strategy to maintain the flow of tourist dollar into the emirate has led to impressive venues of entertainment in Dubai. A clear evidence of wealth clings to the projects like Dubai Land, the Ice Rink and the Open Museum of Modern Structures, which includes the world’s tallest and some of man’s most daring feats in mega-structure engineering.



The latest tourist trend in Dubai is zooming up the fastest lift in the world to the highest observatory (440 meters) at Level 124 of Burj Khalifa. At this height, I can feel the spirit of life sprouting out of the nothingness that is desert. Although the haze deterred any sharp sightseeing, the outline of The World and the Palm Jumeirah comes into view. The 828 meters (2,716 feet) and more than 160 stories superstructure is both, efficient and robust - a sculpture beyond comparison of international teamwork and an icon of the innovative, dynamic and thriving Middle East.

The wonder icon of Dubai: the Palm Islands is an amazing string of artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira, each in the shape of a palm tree topped with a crescent. More than 100 billion cubic meters of rock and sand sets down the gulf coast in the making of over 100 luxury hotels, exclusive residential beachside villas and apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities and health spas. Located 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, The World (Palm Deira) archipelago comprises of 300 man-made islands, in the shape of a map of the World, distances between islands average 100 meters, named after subsequent countries. The Dubai Waterfront is the largest waterfront development in the world, which has added more than 70 kilometers to Dubai's coastline, which comprises of canals and artificial islands taking up the last remaining Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai.



Accommodation in Dubai comes in an amazing variety - from the 7 star hotels to budget lodging. The visiting business community, leisure travelers and baby boomers have set a luxurious lifestyle accommodation demand. Accordingly, there is a presence of major world-class brand of hotels, however they are short in supply and thus overly high-priced. Rental apartments and villas on a short-term basis have become more popular among visitors over a long stay. Dining is an integral element of the typical Arab hospitability and eating in Dubai is a novel experience to a bon vivant’s ongoing adventure at specialty restaurants, choice hotels’ kitchen or even a floating restaurant on a traditional Arabian dhow. Part of this temptation lies in the incredible variety and during my several journeys to Dubai, it seems that culinary industry here, imports just about every delicious cuisine known to civilization. Dubai is the city where the indigenous Arabian food is ranked high on the menu, but there is no shortage of hunting ground for world cuisine. While Lebanese and Iranian cuisines top the Arabian menu charts; Indian, Italian and Chinese are almost second nature to residents and visitors alike. Buffet breakfast at most of the International hotels’ restaurants comprises an assortment of Arabian and international cuisine including gastronomic Arabian dates and deserts and healthy juice drinks.



Recommended Accommodation: TIME Oak Hotel & Suites in Al Barsha-Dubai is a modern fusion hotel in residence-style privacy with a dynamic downtown setting. Ideal for business travelers and families, the hotel is conveniently located in the Telecom area, facing Internet City and Media City. The Millennium Airport Hotel is a preferred 5 star stay with an ideal location near to the airport and a few minutes walk from the Ggico Metro station and a short drive to the main shopping and financial area in the city. In the exulting ambiance of the hotel, Gozo Mediterranean Restaurant, DaVinci Italian and Cactus Jack offers a variety of culinary experiences to the gourmands.

Avari Dubai Hotel is conveniently located in Deira Dubai near the airport. A preferred abode for business travelers, its 178 newly renovated rooms and suites offers world class comfort that comes in a 4 star package. The Friday Brunch at the Avari Dubai Hotel, Deira is a treat of a selection of sub-continent and Arabic cuisines including continental favourites. Here you may have your dish prepared according to your spice preference at the live cooking stations. There is also a kids play area and a free dip in the pool all day long.



Spotlight On: Direk Kingnok Discovering Magic In The Mundane Words by CARIS CRUZ

It's the sight of the daily grind; a marketplace overflows with people lurking about, some know their way and some do not. Motorbikes spur from unseen directions. Tiny boats glow radiant in the middle of the blue-coloured river. The sky is littered with electrical wires and leftover strings of banners, in memorium of the last festival. All of these take the spotlight in Direk Kingnok's watercolour paintings. Iridescent, opulent dashes resembling the forgotten shanties and obscure corners that embody the day-to-day life of people in Bangkok. One can imagine him casually searching for scenes to depict, illuminating the humdrum with a delicate medium. Like magic, Kingnok manages to infuse an unspeakable charm into these painted photographs. He wields his brush and, with his inspired perception, breathes life into colours, movement and emotions on his canvas. Perhaps it's the authenticity of the scenes that stamps a delightful, intriguing appeal in Kingnok's artworks. There is rawness and honesty as he documents a simple narrative and turns it into an evocative composition. While others sought for majestic idols to represent, Kingnok chooses the humble and paints them truly exciting; something larger than life. Born in Nakhon Ratchasima, Kingnok grew embracing the beauty of nature. His young love for art sprouted at a young age, and both passions collided, merging into a strong penchant for landscape painting. At 9 years old, Direk Kingnok gave honours to his country by winning the gold medal in the 1985 Youth Art Contest in Tokyo, Japan. Seven years later, his name resounded after winning a special category in the International Museum of Children Art, Oslo, Norway. Ever since then, fate and life determined; art is the road he would take. Kingnok graduated with a degree in Painting in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Khon Kaen University. He started his career as an art educator under the same faculty. Now, Direk Kingnok is an international exhibitor, with his works staged in art centres in Turkey, China and Italy.



Spotlight On: Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon Building A Kingdom Of Baubles Words by CARIS CRUZ

She first made her way into the professional world as an architect, graduating from Thailand's prestigious Chulalongkorn University. But Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon realised her heart yearned for something else, a career that similarly required the construction of things, only on a smaller, more intricate scale. After taking a Master's degree in the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, England; she propelled her own label into the fashion scene, using her own moniker for its global debut: Jittrakarn.

For Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon, jewelleries are items that do more than just sparkle. She believes that accessories should also be functional and meaningful, touching the wearer’s heart with personal relevance and emotional charm. This is what sets her jewellery range apart; with its intelligently constructed shapes and underlying conceptions, Jittrakarn offers contemporary baubles with a heavy dose of character.

An emerging young designer taking the scene by storm, Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon showcased her skills by winning prestigious awards from both local and international brands. She was cited as the Thailand's Emerging Designer of The Year in 2009, and was a finalist in GIT Gem and Jewellery Design in both 2012 and 2014. Despite switching careers, Bunterngpiboon’s architectural background is significantly evident in her designs. Well-constructed shapes with overlapping lines take the highlight in her popular signet collection Play Station. Her interactive series Live Action employs a pompom of flexible lines as ring crest, which users can play with and customize according to their own liking. Her other works contain a nationalistic sentiment, reflecting her love for her motherland. In Fairy Thai, she recounts the beauty of her culture's ancient beliefs, which now co-exists with the present-day lifestyle. This, she states, creates "colourful contrasts." In order to embody such idea, she makes use of a translucent acrylic and fabricated a thick assemblage of shapes in order to conceal the true object's true form. Bunterngpiboon finishes each handcrafted item with bright, neon colours representing Thai's young, vibrant street culture.

"My aim is to create jewellery and decorative objects that have these hidden values which can be discovered and enjoyed," she says lastly.



Spotlight On: Kawita Vatanajyankur An Exploration Of Woman And Her World Words by CARIS CRUZ

Striking, humorous and intelligent; Kawita Vatanajyankur takes a play at what is now called as abject art, highlighting the female body and its coexistence with domestic objects and space. Her performance-based videography takes us in places we don't want to visit: the breeding laundry that needs to be hung dry, the dirty corners of the home nobody wants to clean. Instead of using props, she enlists herself as the main character, using her body to showcase ludicrous situations that, if looked upon closely, shows a heavy, unspoken truth. With a cheeky, perverse inclination, Vatanajyankur suspends her body on the clothesline, falls flat-face on a dust-pan and like a mop, dips her head on the bucket. Her acrobatic abilities are showcased on scale, where she balances a basket of watermelons on her feet, and subjects her lips to acting like a funnel, an ice shaver and a fruit squeezer. But despite these difficult contrivances, Vatanajyankur readily employs her physique to disseminate the chronicles behind these images.

Currently represented by the Stills Gallery, Sydney, Australia, Vatanajyankur’s moving stills are featured in many public and private art spaces in the Australasian continent. She has performed solo and group exhibitions in many famous centres, including Beam Contemporary, Platform Art Space, Trocadero Art Space and First Site Gallery. In Vatanajyankur's eyes, women are not all about perfection and glamour. She walks away from the chatoyant romanticism of feminine beauty and uncovers the dark layers often ignored by society. Through her photographic work, she brings to light the beauty of a woman’s malleability. Despite exploring themes of devaluation, Vatanajyankur successfully communicates the reality of feminity in a colourful, witty depiction, which is the essence of her craft.

While one may look at her performance as a silent slapstick, hints of human depiction, domestic resilience and gender equality radiate through every frame. The Thai-born, Melbourne-based artist continually seeks domestic scenes to depict with her clever portraits.



LUXURY MOTORS The Aston Martin DBX Concept

“I asked my team at Aston Martin to expand their thinking beyond conventions, to explore what the future of luxury GT motoring would look like in years ahead...” Unveiling the concept, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer.



Aston Martin DBX Concept – Imagining the Art of the Possible The recent global unveiling of the Aston Martin DBX Concept at the 85th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland signalled a key change in the brand's thinking, as Aston Martin CEO Dr Palmer said:

"The Geneva show this year marks the first public signs of a revolution at Aston Martin - a revolution we're calling 'Second Century'.�



Exciting Engineering “The DBX Concept envisages a world, perhaps not too far away, when luxury GT travel is not only stylish and luxurious but also practical, family-friendly and more environmentally responsible.” Embracing the very latest engineering techniques and theories, the DBX Concept needs no engine compartment thanks to its use of electric, inboard-of-wheel, motors powered by lithium sulphur cells. Drive-by-wire electric steering, toughened glass with an auto-dimming ‘smart glass’ inter-layer, and bespoke driver and passenger head-up displays are further examples of its future-focused technology. Active LED exterior lights, carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and rear view cameras in place of conventional mirrors also underline the mould-breaking nature of this luxury GT concept.

Luxurious Design The all-electric DBX Concept showcases cutting edge engineering and a major evolution of the British brand’s world-renowned and respected design language.



Imagined by Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, he says: “The exceptional craftsmanship, with detailing more typically seen on luxury consumer goods or fine jewellery, gives the DBX Concept genuinely global appeal.” Capable of accommodating four adults in comfort, with all-wheel drive the DBX Concept also majors on day-to-day practicality. It offers generous luggage capacity with a rear trunk and forward load bay that can both accept passengers’ belongings!

Exquisite Exterior A unique fusion of high luxury and advanced technology combine an ingenious use of unconventional materials and finishes inside and out, calculated to further broaden the appeal of Aston Martin. The concept’s exterior bright work is made up of machined billet aluminium with visible milling lines revealing exquisite detailing intended to be seen as the car’s jewellery. The DBX Concept’s unique paint finish, a lustrous Black Pearl Chromium, has been specially formulated to mimic the sheen of a genuine black pearl. This paint comprises a micro-fine layer of chrome to deliver a level of reflectivity that is unobtainable with normal paint finishes. The extensive application of velvety Nubuck leather sits in contrast with the concept’s hard hi-tech equipment, creating a uniquely soft and cocooning ambience inside. Exposed leather reveals a sandwiched accent layer akin to high-end furniture with the addition of a gold ‘pin striping’ element on the edging. This year, the brand will expand its popular and growing bespoke personalisation service - Q by Aston Martin - and fully integrate it into the company's Special Products Division. The new business unit will be able to deliver anything from unique interiors to creating the DB10 that will feature in the next James Bond film.

“The DBX Concept is more than a thought starter for us and for our customers… it is a piece of fresh, bold thinking about what Aston Martin GT customers around the world could request of us in the future.”




The All New Audi R8 No model bearing the four rings is closer to motorsport, none is more striking and more dynamic than the v10 supercar reborn with an advanced quattro all-wheel drive. The all new Audi R8 not only powers to 62mph from rest faster than any Audi in history, but is also the first capable of pushing beyond 200mph. Close collaboration between racing engineers, racing drivers and developers ensured this Audi R8 offered a clear performance increase.



Says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, of Technical Development at Audi.

“ Motorsport is in Audi’s genes, it has always been a permanent feature of our brand’s character. With the new Audi R8, our engineers are bringing accumulated racing expertise from the race track onto the road. No other model of ours evokes more dynamic emotion. “

R8’s 10 Cylinder Engines The new generation Audi R8 uses the latest development of the ten-cylinder engine offering more power and torque than ever before. With a keen throttle response and ability to rev freely and quickly to 6,500 rpm accompanied by Audi’s signature engine growl, the naturally aspirated 5.2-litre FSI is an impressive power source. In the new R8, the V10 engine controllable flaps in the exhaust system with an optional sports exhaust make the car sound formidable. Available in two versions, the sprint from 0 to 62mph takes just 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 200mph. The R8 V10 plus is even more powerful as the fastest series-production Audi of all time. It develops 610PS and its maximum torque of 560 Nm (413.0 lb-ft) is available at 6,500 rpm. The performance figures are equally exciting: 0 to 62mph in 3.2 seconds, 0 to 124mph in 9.9 seconds, and a top speed of 205mph.



Cylinder-On-Demand for R8 A further innovation in the engine is the addition of indirect injection. This complements the FSI direct petrol injection, lowers fuel consumption and enhances engine output. The new R8 also debuts COD (cylinder on demand) technology for the first time. This system shuts off one of the two cylinder banks by deactivating injection and ignition, producing a 10 percent improvement in fuel economy compared with the previous model, due entirely to the clever start-stop function.

Lightweight Construction, Heavy Gains The multimaterial Audi Space Frame in the new Audi R8 is extremely light yet strong and despite considerable extra equipment and a 40% increase in rigidity, the new Audi R8 weighs up to 50 kilograms less than its predecessor. An aerodynamic underbody integrates a long diffuser which boosts downforce on the rear axle at higher speeds. The chassis’ double wishbone suspension shows further Audi R8 inspiration from motorsport. As standard for the V10 plus and an optional extra for the standard, Audi also offers attachment parts made from clear-coated carbon fibre, on an otherwise entirely aluminium outer skin.

New Toys Inside & Out The refreshed design reflects the more powerful character of the R8. Distinguishing features of the remodelling are the all-LED headlights with new laser high beams. Generating a blue laser beam, a phosphor converter transforms this into white light suitable for roads with a colour temperature of 5,500 Kelvin - ideal conditions for the human eye that enable the driver to recognise contrast more easily, help to prevent fatigue and greatly enhances the driver’s visual field thus increasing safety. This is complemented by dynamic turn signals with scrolling function in the intended turn direction at the front. Dynamic turn signals are standard at the rear.



A Racing Drivers Steering Wheel Feel like a race-car driver behind the steering wheel of the R8 with new equipment additions including the brand new Audi virtual cockpit, Audi drive select, Audi connect and parking assistance. Inside the cockpit, displays are digital with the most important controls grouped together into sattelites of button clusters on the new flat-bottomed steering wheel; eliminating the need for the driver to remove their hands from the wheel. From here the driver can use the start/stop button, drive select button and in the v10 plus, two more satellites including a rotary wheel to select dry, rain or snow driving programs. The Audi virtual cockpit sits in a free-standing housing, presenting information on a 12.3-inch display with detailed pin sharp graphics and a shift light which illuminates when the rev limit is reached. Enjoy going online with the Audi connect interface as standard, enabling occupants to connect a smartphone or tablet via the system’s integrated Wi-Fi hotspot using Audi’s fast LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. MMI navigation plus is also standard, augmented by the MMI touch wheel with a fingertip-sensitive touch pad. Further standard items include the front and rear parking assist system and light and rain sensors.

Harder, Lighter, Faster, Stronger The R8 has been redesigned into a more taut, striking and focused vehicle both on the race track and on the road. The second evolution of its critically acclaimed predecessor reveals improvements in the high-revving mid-mounted engine with significantly enhanced performance. New architecture places greater emphasis on lightweight construction principles – nearly 50kg lighter than its antecedent. An advanced chassis with quattro drive system ensures fully variable torque control ensuring what is now Audi’s most thrilling drive yet.



Balancing Harmony and Space With

Oriental Living It is not common to walk into a room and immediately feel acquainted. Stepping into Villa 30 is like being introduced to a character with brimming confidence; the walls and their contents smile upon you with a Western palette and a dash of the East, glowing in unsuspected places. The result is stunning; when two worlds collide without the identity crisis, just a fluid blend of modern and old aesthetics that captures a sweet serenity.

Villa 30 is one of the many feathers in Oriental Living’s cap, an Asian-inspired interior design company with established headquarters in two of Thailand’s prominent property development regions: Phuket and Koh Samui. The company is known for their brilliant collections of furniture and dÊcor pieces. Think wooden tribal statues, dark wood furniture, tiny Buddhas and unusual 3D carvings. Like spices, these items add a tangy flavor to any bland contemporary room, switching it up into an exotic holiday hideaway.

It Was Thai By Art More then twenty years ago, Oriental Living was Oriental Gallery, an upstart art exhibition space located in Chaweng Beach. The Asian-centric showroom was in the middle of an undeveloped commercial strip with rough, rocky roads. Founder Michael Dietvorst hailed from the other side of the world: Amsterdam, with a career in fashion and nightclub industries. During one of his visits, Dietvorst fell in love with the Thai art community and soon enough, he was curating from a league of local craftsmen whose art he could showcase. “We were pretty much the pioneer in this business as far as I remember,” herecalls. Currently, Oriental Living has flourished into a bigger enterprise and accommodates both art curators and interior designers. Independent virtuosos take the spotlight in the company’s collection of furniture, artifacts and wall art; all tastefully made with a true Oriental flavor. There’s a remarkable sense of calmness and nostalgia in Oriental Living’s handiwork. Beds, cabinets and chairs made of tropical wood; each highlighted with floral carvings and opulent upholstery. Art pieces are fabricated by hand from start to finish, and then dipped into a hardwearing polish to protect the material. Every item they feature is bespoke, constructed skillfully by local masters using indigenous materials.

“We work with a handful of artists in Thailand and Indonesia. We always look for pieces that are unique and not easily available elsewhere to fit in with the projects we are working on. We never buy anything we don’t like ourselves.” Selection, however, is rigid. Their considerations are,

“Craftsmanship, comfort, originality, design and timeless quality, not specifically in this order.”

Injecting Life Into Living Many homeowners can relate with old, antique closets: treasured collections are gathered and framed behind glass. But Oriental Living knows better than to hide ornaments inside cabinets. When done thoughtfully, well-placed objects can assist in personal healing and balance. It’s not always about the presentation, however. “Oriental Living is always looking at comfort with harmony rather than go for the latest design. Especially in holiday homes there should be plenty of areas to lounge and to entertain with comfortable furniture. Everything has to be well balanced with style and a practical point of view.”



When transforming a modern home into a luxury villa, themed spaces looks difficult, but the company gives a hint: the secret is putting key pieces on key places. For example, an uncommon object on the pedestal or a unique painting on a blank wall brings out a sense of wonder and delight in a living space. Columned beds in dark wood placed inside a light colored room invite balance through contrast. Lonely corners lined up with meditative statues invoke a wistful and imaginative setting for the creative. The trends change each season, but Oriental Living makes their own waves within the tide. For 2015, the company debuts a series of décor that homeowners and interior designers can have fun mixing and matching together.

“Tribal wood carvings and statues, textured wall Art, Asian pop art paintings are the fine touch we always add to spice up the living spaces.” When asked of their favourite current pieces, “Timor wood statue, Papua necklaces on stands & our Asian pop art paintings are probably the favourite and these also are the items that define Oriental Living the most in terms of style. They’re extremely rare with great history background that stands out wonderfully in tropical concept villas.”

A Great, Grandiose Outdoors Constructing interior living spaces appeals to many, but the real challenge is the outdoors. Oriental Living, in its years of expertise, dabbles in both. Among its biggest projects is designing the large-scale villas in Samujana. “Samujana has many semi-outdoor areas so we needed to select very durable furniture and fabrics that are suitable for outdoor use. Plus with the landscape of the project we faced difficulties in installing pieces and moving large furniture up the steep hills, but our team worked together day and night to make sure we deliver on our promises.”

There is no compromise in their designs. “We export furniture direct from our factories worldwide. We have an interior design team specialized in 3D drawings and can design anything from scratch to meet our client’s expectations.” Aside from a growing portfolio of luxury properties: Plumeria, Fairways and Samui Summit among the gems on its belt, Oriental Living extends their services to outside Thailand. Thanks to their secret weapon: a sterling team of designers, makers and marketers the furniture enterprise manages to send high quality pieces around the globe. “This year we furnished 2 exclusive homes in Russia and last year we exported a few containers to China to furnish a project there. We do a lot of upgrade jobs for villas and hotels; The Ridge, Samujana and Kanda Residences are a few of the projects we participated in with many exciting ones coming this year.” With keen eyes for design and a heart for harmony and balance, Oriental Living successfully recreates fusion interiors for the delightfully adventurous. Uncommon objects fill up empty corners, adding a fresh, unique curiosities to living spaces reminiscent of a holiday villa. See how you can turn your interiors into a new world by visiting Oriental Living in their North Coast, Koh Samui branch at 9/18 Moo 1 Maenam or in their Laguna Beach, Phuket branch. Alternatively, go straight online and view their products at



Koh Samui is an antithesis of itself. It is pleasantly secluded, but here is a league of resident locals and passing tourists, buzzing amidst the wealth of natural wonders this microcosmic utopia has to offer. On one side is a wonderland of tranquil, homegrown beauty, on the other; a plethora of high-end luxury resorts to please the most discerning of the jet set. This contrast makes the island more exciting; a fascinating place to explore and discover different types of engaged communities, without the unwanted crowd.


Celebrity Samui A few short years ago, it wasn't just water that made waves in Koh Samui, but the names David and Victoria Beckham. The power couple had purchased a sprawling 3-storey beachfront mansion spanning 8 acres of hillside, with a spectacular view of a private beach just below the ground. Bright, red-coloured rooftops sat across from each other, while large, glassy windows with smart, wooden balconies presented an interesting angle on how to leisurely enjoy the tropical landscape.

The island is also gaining reputation within Asia, as darling stars from neighbouring countries step onto Samui shores to enjoy its tempered beaches. South Korean actress Lee Da Hae was just spotted vacationing on the island, and another huge Chinese film star (whom we are not at liberty to disclose)recently stayed at Seawadee in Chaweng Noi. Indeed, even all-girl K-pop group KARA, with hundreds of millions of views on Youtube, just last week highlighted Aqua Samui's designs as the backdrop for their latest music video, soon due for release. With a vast collection of luxury spas, night bazaars, delicious Thai cuisine and the swaying canopies of coconut trees surrounding the shore, there is no wonder why celebrities fall in love with Samui. There are so many things to do: tour marine reserves, dine on private beaches, pay respect to temples and meet the elephants! By now you should know on this island, you should always keep your eyes open. You may be surprised to know which celebrity is enjoying this luxury vacation with you!

But it's not just the Beckhams who decided to holiday here; national team coach and friend to the family Sven Goran Erickson also bought a luxury retreat within the community. They will be neighbours with pop/rock idol Robbie Williams, who already has his own extravagant mansion nearby. Recently, Mick Jagger was spotted strolling around Samui's InterContinental Hotel and later, a pub in Fisherman's Village. His visit has become an urban legend, constantly retold by the locals. At Christmas time Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were also spotted at Six Senses, a well known star-studded retreat. Now the question is, who will be spotted next? It was the backpackers who first discovered Samui's beauty. Back then, it was a quiet paradise; somewhat otherworldy, with a vibrant seascape and rolling hillside views. Wanderlusts have a knack for uncovering the most beautiful spots in remote regions. But celebrities are secret adventurers too; it wasn't long until the island fell under the rain of shooting stars, literally, within its midst.





Beachside Condominiums A new type of residence is coming to Koh Samui‌ spectacular freehold oceanview condominiums by the calm shores of Plai Leam



Imagine state-of-the-art, quality construction with two contemporary colour selections to choose from. Imagine penthouse options and high-end design, boasting a rooftop pool just walking distance from the beach, for a fraction of the price of a studio in the city.

Imagine the entire experience of convenient living all located in one complex: seaview swimming pool, fitness gymnasium, onsite parking and the peace of mind that only comes with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week home security. All of this and just 200m from the crystal clear waters and white sands of Plai Laem’s private beach.



Developed by Luxury Living, who have built their name on the success of Aqua and Aqua Duo, and constructed by PJC Wood, famed for their stunning installations at Nikki Beach, Samujana in Samui and Cape Yamu in Phuket, here finally, is a reputable build you can enjoy for years to come.

Apartments come with either one or two bedrooms in standard and deluxe varieties, and with condos already reserved at every level of the development, now is the time to book yours and take advantage of a very special offer.



For a limited time, investors can book their place in paradise for a single deposit of 20% down, with the remainder not payable until completion. This offers fantastic peace of mind for the cautious buyer, permitting the opportunity to see your dream holiday-home realised before spending further. Construction began in January last year with an on-target completion date of June 2016. For those looking to buy a rental, returns range from 7.5-15% at 50%-80% occupancy. Investors interested in resale will be pleased to learn about the appreciation values of new Samui properties, something the knowledgable team at Oceana Residence are only too happy to elaborate on.







Although not far from first class amenities such as international airports, hospitals, seaports and restaurants, the magic of Plai Leam is in its absence of tourist hordes. Residents and visitors will enjoy family-friendly activities such as football golf, mini-golf and of course a visit to the spectacular temple at Wat Plai Laem, reknown for it’s giant golden statue affectionately dubbed “Big Bhudda” Don’t miss an incredible investment opportunity at an unforgettable price; Oceana Residence condominiums start at just 2.75M THB. Book yours today with only 20% deposit down, and the remainder due upon completion to your satisfaction. Contact the Oceana Residence team for more information today or visit the website











Designed by Gary Fell




+66 (0)77 952 288

Starting at 10.9 m THB



Exclusive properties at exclusive prices. The essential address book for the ultimate investor.

4 Bedrooms Sea View Pool Villa REF. ID: 4BSPV Location: Bangrak Price: (Per Night) 9,000 THB to 17,500 THB Property Details: » Living spaces: 470 m2 » Bedrooms: 4 » Bathrooms: 3 Advantages: » Stunning sea and island views » Fully-equipped modern kitchen


2-Bedroom Pool Villa | Location: Lipa Noi | Price: 2,500 THB to 5,000 THB per night | REF. ID: TPL204 Property Details » Bedrooms: 2 » Bathrooms: 2

Advantages » 200 m. to Idyllic Beach » Consisting of a spacious open-plan kitchen, lounge and dining area

Telephone: +66 (0)80 8936771 | E-mail: | Website:

Luxury 2 Bedrooms Sea View | Location: Chaweng | Price: 4,850 THB to 9,650 THB per night | REF. ID: RCW2BA Advantages » Fully fitted kitchen » stunning views sea views RENTALS

Property Details » Bedrooms: 2 » Bathrooms: 3

Luxury 3 Bedrooms Sea View - Pool Villa

Luxury 2 Bedrooms - Pool Villa

REF. ID: SJV11 Location: Choeng Mon Price: 650 USD++ to 1,050 USD++ per night

REF. ID: LT064 Location: Bang Por Price: 375 USD++ to 550 USD++ per night

Property Details: » Living spaces: 364 m2 » Bedrooms: 3 » Bathrooms: 4

Property Details: » Living spaces: 153 m2 » Bedrooms: 2 » Bathrooms: 2

Advantages: » Stunning sea views » private roof deck

Telephone: +66 (0)80 8936771 | E-mail: | Website:

Advantages: » Large balcony » Fully furnished » Fully equipped Western kitchen » Private swimming pool

Luxury 4 Bedrooms Residence

Luxury 4 Bedrooms - Pool Villa

REF. ID: BRDVR Location: Bophut Price: 1,100 USD++ to 1,750 USD++ per night

REF. ID: LAL13 Location: Bophut Price: 525 USD++ to 925 USD++ per night

Property Details: » Bedrooms: 4 » Bathrooms: 5

Property Details: » Bedrooms: 4 » Bathrooms: 5

Advantages: » Private infinity edge swimming pool » Direct beach access » Beach Sala ideal for al fresco dining

Advantages: » Infinity swimming pool » Stunning sea views » 4 large bedrooms en suites » Poolside Sala


Luxury 5 Bedrooms Sea View - Pool Villa | Location: Lamai Beach | Price: 1,400 USD to 2,750 USD per night REF. ID: QLL-734353

Property Details » Bedrooms: 5 » Bathrooms: 6

Advantages » Private swimming pool » Direct beach access » Free of charge items: Sea kayaks, Paddle boards

Telephone: +66 (0)80 8936771 | E-mail: | Website:

3 Bedrooms Seaview - Pool Villas | Location: Chaweng Noi | Price: 19,500,000 THB

Property Details » Living Spaces: 280 m2 » Bedrooms: 3 » Bathrooms: 4

Advantages » 1km to the beach » Fully furnished with western kitchen » Private swimming pool (32 sqm) » 600 sqm plot



3 Bedrooms Beachfront Pool Villa REF. ID: VLABS Location: Lipa Noi Price: 25,000,000 THB Property Details: » Bedrooms: 3 » Bathrooms: 4 Advantages: » Contemporary design and convenient layout » Private pool tiled with natural stone » suitable for wheelchair-bound handicapped people » include interior finish: tiling, leveled and painted walls and ceilings

Telephone: +66 (0)80 8936771 | E-mail: | Website:

Samui Invest is your complete property development, construction and investment Koh Samui. construction Samui Invest is your complete partner propertyindevelopment, We the full suiteon ofKoh services youProviding require to land, andprovide investment partner Samui. thepurchase full suite of of build realyou estate, andtogrow profitable for resale in a services require purchase land, businesses build real estate, and grow luxury destination. proÞtable businessesthriving for resale in a thriving luxury destination.   Fluent Fluent in French. English andwe Thai, look forward finding in French. English and Thai, lookwe forward to Þndingto the perfectthe investment solutionsolution for you infor while in Samui and perfect investment youyou in are while you are in managing Samui and your portfolio portfolio for you return home.  managing your foryou youwhen when you return home. Please enquire about our new investment and development programs.

Stunning New Residence of 12 Modern Seaview Villas in Bophut • Chanote title • Seaview • 150sqm • 3 bedrooms • Private swimming pool • Security 24/24 • Delivery from January 2016 Starting price 9,900,000 THB

Telephone: +66 95 804 6954

Captivating Coconut Retreat in Bangrak

•• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Double bedroom houses with terrace Less than 1km from the beach Two bathrooms 104m2 in the coconuts 6 modern villa complex Private inÞnity pool.escape Very quiet, tranquil Own parking Chanote title area. Land 235m2. 450sqm Ceiling height Ð 3 meters. House 120sqm Each 2 or 3bedroom bedroomshas air conditioning. The house is fully furnished. Private swimming pool • Good for investment 4.800.000 Thb Price : 7,500,000 THB

Beautiful Balinese in Bophut

• • • • • •

Three •bedroom with terrace Balinesehouses style house Two bathrooms • Quiet residential area Private• inÞnity pool. Chanote title Own parking area. • 4 bedrooms Each bedroom has air conditioning. • 5 bedrooms The house is fully furnished. • Fully furnished • Jacuzzi 6.600.000 • PrivateThb swimming pool

Price: 12.800.000THB

• • • • • • • •

Little sea view for sale in Ban Rak Electricity 3 phase Road By Soi Lana 5 Min from Chaweng 5 min from Ban Rak Gentle slope 800 sqm 1.700.000 Thb

Telephone: +66 95 804 6954

Luxury Living magazine - Issue 7 (2015)  

Luxury Living magazine is proud to announce issue 7. Key features in this issue include the best spas of Koh Samui, Feng Shui gardens herbal...

Luxury Living magazine - Issue 7 (2015)  

Luxury Living magazine is proud to announce issue 7. Key features in this issue include the best spas of Koh Samui, Feng Shui gardens herbal...