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No 26 Autumn Edition




Grace E

A luxury spa on the water Unwind completely in the world’s most stylish superyacht wellness centre, with its hammam, hydrotherapy room, cold dip bath and sauna. Enjoy yoga with a view on the aft deck, swim in the exercise pool or work out in the state‑of‑the‑art gym for the perfect blend of exercise and relaxation, in sophisticated surroundings. Blending exquisite design with unrivalled service, Grace E is the ultimate Caribbean retreat. The 73m (239.5ft) Grace E is just one of the extensive fleet of superyachts for charter with Burgess in the Caribbean.

Represented for charter exclusively by Burgess as Worldwide Central Agents



+44 20 7766 4300


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+1 212 223 0410


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+65 8223 2139




Dear friends of Luxury Life

Publishers: Renato Schweizer & his daughter Patricia Schweizer

«Colours are the smiles of nature.»


James Henry Leigh Hunt, English poet (1784-1859)

詹姆斯·亨利·莱·哈恩特(James Henry Leigh Hunt),英国诗人

For many people, autumn is the most beautiful time of year.


The time of the harvest, of plenty – and of colours. Between the


last warm rays of sun and the first frost, a period of „colourful


tranquillity“ envelops the northern hemisphere. Winegrowers


contentedly pick their grapes and rose gardeners prepare their


bushes for the winter. As you have probably guessed, in this


edition we want to join with you to harvest the fruits of the


year in all their splendour.


Accompany us on our visit to one of Tuscany‘s most beautiful


wine estates, on a trip to a lesser-known atoll in the Maldives


and on the trail of the „queen of all flowers“. In an interview


with Italy‘s most important wool producer, find out more about


fine yarns and the hottest luxury yacht regatta in the world. Join


us as we breathe in the fragrance of a new perfume sensation


which, just like precious silk, is hidden within a „cocoon“. And


keep your fingers crossed for Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel


who looks back on a particularly successful season. We hope


that the same can be said of you too.

斯蒂安·维特尔将接受我们的独家专访,回顾 他颇为成功的一个赛季。希望您也能和他一


Most cordially your Luxury Life Team Editorial


Century Time Gems Ltd., Zihlstrasse 50, 2560 Nidau, Switzerland, Tel. +41 32 332 98 88






FASHION Highlights I Fall Winter 2015/16


HOTEL The Imperial New Delhi


REAL ESTATE The Lord of the Golden Tower




INTERIOR Cultural Heritage


HOTEL Falling in Love with Indian Flair


BEAUTY Sensai The Silk


HIGH JEWELLERY Etourdissant Cartier






PORTRAIT The Master of Fabrics and Wind

tents 54

YACHTING 25. Monaco Yacht Show


WINE Luce della Vite




WINE The Sky above Gagliole




LUXURY SHOPPING Outletcity Metzingen


NATURE The Queen of all Flowers


SPORT I PORTRAIT Interview with Sebastian Vettel








Couture 08


H A U T E C O U T U R E FA L L W I N T E R 2 0 1 5 zuhair murad I Ralph & Russon I VERSACE I zuhair murad I ELIE SAAB


1 . o N THE











stella mccartney




Louis Vuitton

Ralph Lauren Sergio Rossi Jimmy Choo

Christian Louboutin

Giuseppe Zanotti


We are all woven so uniquely.

swiss fine art and unique handcrafted scarves. shop online: www.soie-et-toi.com


Paul Smith Louis Vuitton Emporio Armani Ralph Lauren

12 Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani


Vivienne Westwood


Stop wishing, start doing.

Philip Hagenbuch • Personal Diet Coach • nutrition unsealed • philip@nu4u.ch • +41 (0)79 483 91 95



T he I m perial New Delhi The Imperial is an iconic hotel and the most distinguished address situated in the heart of New Delhi, reminiscent of the halcyon days of the Raj.

filled with Victorian charm and luxury while you revel in the days of the Raj or seek pleasure on your plate at the award-winning restaurants. Intricate details, space and greenery over seven acres of manicured gardens fashion this royal destination.

High ceilings, impeccable décor equipped with all the facilities and modern conveniences, the 235 rooms and suites, overlook lush,

A luxury hotel with an awe-inspiring heritage interwoven in colonial

verdant gardens offering discreet luxury, serenity and total privacy.

elegance, it dwells in its modern delivery of old-style class and

A veritable museum with a rare and original collection, The Imperial

magnificence. The Imperial was conceptualized in 1934 by

showcases different forms of art in its rooms, corridors and public

Blomfield and inaugurated by Lord Willingdon in 1936. It is

areas. Finest 18th and 19th century paintings, lithographs, sculptures

located on Janpath, the erstwhile Queensway, is steps away from

and intricately painted murals – all offer a memorable experience

the renowned shopping district and major attractions of the city and

to an art aficionado.

just 30-minutes drive from the international airport and 1 km from

Called the ‘only’ Garden Hotel of Delhi, The Imperial rests resplen-

the central business district of New Delhi. Stroll through its art

dent in beautifully manicured gardens nestled amidst royal palms.

laden corridors and you’ll feel history come alive. The iconic

The private swimming pool, deep in the shaded grounds of the

heritage wrapped in the colonial elegance takes you back in time,

Hotel, offers a tranquil, rejuvenating experience. The Imperial is, in

making a fabulous impression. On arrival, another world opens up

itself, a Destination!


A modern building with


Far reaching view to the Westend square ap 134 t pr. o 306 avail sqm. able

High ceiling of appr. 3.16 to 4.26 meters from the 4th floor Your own quite paradise in the heart of Frankfurt on the Main Just 8 min walk to the Opera House and the city center

Please contact Mrs. Connie MattheuĂ&#x;er

F +49 173 323 62 98

An exclusive project of:

Sales agency:

GoldenTower The Lord of the

Golden Tower By Sara Musinowski Translation Louise Mawbey

With his PhD in mathematics and as a successful property entre-

ping a long-term concept aimed at value increase. This is because

preneur and CEO in the New York finance sector, Holger Thorsten

Golden Tower and its team establish connections, support and

Schubart has had an outstanding career. He was able to realise

mould with exceptional passion. Do you have a small collection

his vision of running his own company as early as 1990 – and

and want to restructure? Do you want to turn a childhood dream

this Chinese proverb has accompanied him throughout “When the

into reality? Do you want to pass items of value onto the next

wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills.”

generation? Golden Tower Real Estate & Luxury GmbH views

Today, with Golden Tower and its team, he ensures that your

itself as your partner. Our offices are located at: Hotel ADLON

wishes and dreams of owning the select, the exquisite and the

Kempinski Berlin, Unter den Linden 77, D-10117 Berlin.

unique become reality.


Due to yield considerations, many investors put their money in

We look forward to meeting you very soon.

dream automobiles, exclusive property and selected works of art.

Please contact Mr. Peter Martin T. +49 176 840 842 14

Golden Tower and its team find just the right investment for you

E-mail: office@goldentower.de

– as your partner during the acquisition phase and for develo-


Real Estate

Holger Thorsten Schubart



House of Fine Yachting

23 - 26 september 2015 port hercules, monaco


Antiques Ruth & Rudolf Bosch

Cultural heritage By Sara Musinowski Translation Mark S. Kennedy

The antique emporium, Rudolf Bosch Antiquitäten, has built up an excellent reputation in the restoration of antique furniture.

Save the Date Mr. Rudolf Bosch invites you

Since the company was founded in 1991, Mr. Bosch and his team have devoted themselves to restoring valuable and unique pieces, specialising in Swiss ebonists – a job title that has been

given to cabinetmakers since the 17th century. Furniture of this

kind represents an investment for the future that can also be

23.-25. October 2015

enjoyed in the present; owners can take renewed pleasure

Zurich`s first Boutique Fair

from the beauty of the decorative pieces every day. The items are also ideal for a Christmas present – complementing classic

or modern interiors perfectly. In addition to restoring antique

furniture, Rudolf Bosch Antiquitäten also offers services such as panelling, and the team visits historical buildings to personally install the furniture. They are also ready to fly in to your location worldwide to give an expert opinion on your antiques. Visit the shop in Erlenbach, near Zurich, to see the exhibition of antiques and elegant accessories.



MasterART Opening hours:

Friday 14-20 pm

Saturday 11-20 pm Sunday 11-18 pm Location: Baur au Lac

Talstrasse 1, CH-8001 Zürich


Rudolf & Ruth Bosch Antiquitäten & Fashion I Seestrasse 16 I 8703 Erlenbach I Switzerland




Switzerland I +41 (0) 56 631 1000 I info@lutziger-classiccars.ch I www.lutziger-classiccars.ch

Indian Flair


沉醉于印度风情 By Patricia Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy

Rehendi Presidential Suite



Premium Beach Villa with Pool

One Bedroom Beach Villa Suite with Pool



Barely 20 minutes with the day & night


speedboat from the international airport on

RESORT & SPA)距离马累国际机场

Malé, yet practically an insider’s tip – the




An ideal location for finding peace and


relaxation against a breathtaking back-


drop and in a stylish environment. But


health and indulgence also have their


place on the South Malé Atoll. Luxury


Life MAGAZINE has tested it out for you.


Rehendi Presidential Suite I Living Room

The morning sun greets me like a giant, shining, golden ball


of fire as I first open my eyes. The bedroom of our Lagoon Villa


looks out to the east and the wide panoramic windows reveal


an unrestricted view of the beauty of the atoll. Nowhere else


does the luminous turquoise of the ocean stretch further out than


here – thanks to the outcrops of the atoll just under the surface


of the water that keep the ocean shallow before the silhouettes


of the dolphins plunge into the depths. There, where the turquoise blue merges with the golden rays of the morning sun. The Indian-run TAJ EXOTICA RESORT & SPA boasts a total of 64 villas. Most of them – strung out in the middle of the ocean like fine pearls on a necklace – are situated off the narrow headland of Emboodhu Finolhu, one of the 30 small islands

有那跃入水下的海豚身影,才能让你感受到海洋的 深邃无比。在那里,如水晶般透彻的碧蓝大海,将 与朝阳的金色光芒融汇于一体。 泰姬珍品酒店的老板是印度人,共有64栋精致的 别墅。这些别墅大部分都修建在海面上,仿佛项链 上一颗颗明亮的珍珠。对面就是魅力岛 Hotel


that make up the atoll. High ceilings and an open, transparent

(Emboodhu Finohu)狭窄的海岬,这个岛也是组

architecture with large panes of glass, a terrace and several


entrances create an airy, pleasant atmosphere.

板、通透的建筑设计、超大玻璃窗、露台和多扇门 设计,营造出一种轻快宜人的氛围。

The interior furnishings have a wonderfully stylish but low key design with sophisticated, natural materials and an individual


touch. A hand-forged lamp stand here, a luminous silk cushion


there and a beautiful fruit bowl made of rare wood... no two villas seem to be alike but the tasteful signature of the designer is always evident. All seven villa categories provide a private butler. Aficionados hail the infinity pools of the ocean villas as being the most beautiful in the world. And the pretty accessories on the edge of the pool, such as copper lanterns and mythical fish sculptures, are a charming touch. In the „Ocean Suite“ villa, the pool also boasts particularly generous dimensions. This is com-



色彩斑斓的真丝靠垫、用珍稀木材制成的美丽水果 碗……每一个别墅的装饰都各具特色,但设计师独 特的品味却弥漫于每个细节之中。所有七种别墅都 配有私人管家。 海洋别墅的海景泳池美丽得不可方物,被誉为世界 之首。泳池边点缀着铜灯笼、神鱼雕塑等精美饰 品,使其魅力更加凸显。“海洋套房”(Ocean

plemented by the spacious, fully glassed bathroom and a sun


deck covered with fine sand. Those who like even more space


book the „Rehendi Presidential Suite“ – its 500 square metres


makes it one of the largest ocean villas in the Maldives.

总统套房别墅(Rhendi Presidential Suite),500

The beach villas reveal a view of the lagoon, which is just a few


steps away, without the feeling of privacy behind palm trees and sunshades being impaired. Depending on their size (ranging

几步之外即是海滩别墅(Beach Villa),在那里可

from 270 to 365 square metres), these villas have one or two


bedrooms, a spacious living room and a private veranda, as well


as an enchanting garden with open-air shower. An enormous


designer bath tub entices guests to take a relaxing bathe amongst


floating rose petals, while the romantic balcony permits a wonderful panoramic view across the lagoon. On request, the friendly therapists from the resort‘s spa will pamper you with private treatments in this „fairy tale“ bathroom. The spa itself is also one of the best and most beautiful in the Maldives – another reason to start the day with a soothing Indian massage after a healthy, Ayurvedic breakfast. Once again, the rooms reveal a view of the open sea – and the romance of

园和户外淋浴设备。卫生间的设计令人仿佛置身于 童话之中,舒适的超大定制浴缸,水面上漂浮着芬 芳的玫瑰花瓣,如此享受怎能拒绝?浪漫的阳台将 礁湖的全景呈现在眼前。您还可申请酒店的spa馆 提供的专业客房按摩服务。 这里提供的spa服务在马尔代夫也是一流的。清晨 时分,先品尝传统的阿育韦达(Ayurvedic)风格健



Rehendi Presidential Suite

The Deep End

the Arabian Nights comes to life, even in the broad light of


day. The stylish flair of the resort is also manifest in the „Jiva


Grande Spa“, which is centred around a sand-covered relax-


ation area with direct access to the sparkling ocean. The pretty


canopies, the lovingly furnished Alepa pavilion with its clean-

国风情。吉瓦格兰德 Spa(Jiva Grande Spa)同样

sing mud bath, the wide-ranging therapy portfolio with fragrant


aromatic oils, mediation and yoga, as well as the thoroughly


professional and friendly service provide ample proof that here, passionate hotel experts are at work. The resort is particularly well-suited to couples and diving fans. Spectacular coral reefs, with their vibrant surgeonfish, small shrimps, giant turtles, majestic manta rays and the sharks, are just waiting to be discovered by snorkelling or scuba diving guests. There is also plenty on offer for sailors, windsurfers and kayak fans.

优美的遮阳棚,装饰精美的阿利亚凉亭,具有清洁 奇效的泥浆浴,形式多样的护理组合搭配香气四溢 的精油、冥思和瑜珈,专业友好的全方位细致服 务……这一切都充分证明了酒店经营者对这项事业 的无比热爱。 酒店的位置和设计尤其适合夫妻和潜水爱好者。无 论是浮潜或水肺潜水,您都能领略到珊瑚礁的壮观

The evening is reserved for romantic dining. Accompanied by


candlelight and the sound of the ocean, I savour Indian specia-


lities on the terrace of the „Deep End“ restaurant, with its inno-


vative fittings and accessories and mysterious spices. An insider‘s


tip is the five-course chef‘s dinner, which is inspired by the natural elements of fire, water, air and the sky. The wine cellar, with


more than 300 award-winning wines from all around the world,

Deep End餐厅的露台,在烛光和海浪声中,在富

also offers everything your heart desires. Incidentally, head chef


Sheroy Kermani learnt his trade in the glamorous TAJ MAJAL


PALACE luxury hotel in Mumbai in India, which has been run


by the same group since 1903. And, as I gaze into the stars while enjoying my cocktail, I can definitely understand why some of them sparkle especially brightly in the sky above this particular location.


窖中藏有300多瓶来自世界各地的名酒,总有一款 可以满足您的品味。主厨Sheroy Kermani曾效力 于印度孟买的泰姬陵宫酒店(TAJ MAJAL PALACE) 。巧的是,泰姬珍品酒店和泰姬陵宫酒店同属一家 集团(后者自 1903年起就由该集团运营)。我品 尝着一杯鸡尾酒,仰望着璀璨的星空,暗自揣度, 为什么在泰姬精品酒店上方的那些星星格外的闪 亮。



The finest way to ‚clothe‘ your body.


By Patricia Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy

The finest silk is not only to be found on the clothes racks of exclusive fashion stores – the exquisite fabric has long since broken into the world of beauty. And now ‘SENSAI THE SILK’, the first fragrance inspired by silk from the leading cosmetic brand from Japan, is the crowning glory of its sophisticated creations. Luxury Life MAGAZINE has put it to the test.

的材料早已闯入了化妆品的世界之 中。SENSAI THE SILK是世界上 第一款以丝绸为灵感的香水,也是 该著名日本化妆品牌的高档产品系 列中最璀璨的一颗明珠。《奢华生 活》杂志将亲自体验它的美妙。


ancient oak trees or mulberry bushes, they produce a continuous


thread which they wind around themselves more than 300,000


times. The light of the sun’s rays refracts a million times over


through these multiple layers to reveal all its facets – and thus


Furthermore, the material also contains valuable proteins which, if used correctly, have a lasting effect on the beauty of our skin. The researchers at SENSAI recognised the importance Beauty


When silkworms spin their cocoons under the protection of

create that “silky lustre” which makes silk so fascinating.



中还含有宝贵的蛋白质,如果使用得当,会给 我们的肌肤带来持久的护理美容效果。早在多 年前,佳丽宝的研究人员就已经发现了高档真 丝的美容性能,对敏感肌肤能起到很好的呵护

k Beauty



of pure, lustrous silk for caring for and protecting particularly


sensitive skin many years ago. The new challenge was to


create a perfume that reflects the unique radiance of silk... 人类用丝绸制作服装的历史已有几千年。与世

However, is it really possible for this fabric, which has enclothed


the human body for thousands of years and makes a more


valuable impression than any other cloth in the world, to be


confined within a perfume bottle? What qualities should a fragrance have that is to enfold us ‘like silk’? The fact is, enshrouded in silken cloth we have a sense of being boundlessly free, 30


生“恍若丝绸”的感觉?事实上,当我们的身 体包裹在丝绸中时,便会产生一种无拘无束、

innocent and almost naked – but at the same time, when


wearing a cloak made of finely spun threads of silk, we feel


that nothing and no one can harm us. Many years ago, the


ancient Samurai put their faith in the protection offered by silk


robes which reliably fended off enemy attacks despite their


light weight – and the silky kimonos of the noblewomen in their


parlours were steeped in captivating fragrances. How complex


does a perfume therefore have to be in order to do justice to this extraordinary breadth that silk has embodied for us since time immemorial? The famous perfume designer, Marie Salamagne, who SENSAI commissioned to set about the task of creating a blend of fragrances which illuminates and stimulates our senses as if they were wrapped in a silky lustre, also asked herself this question. “In my mind I associate silk with something extremely

令人迷醉的芳香。自古以来,丝绸便对人类产 生了无比深刻的影响。那么一款香水要精细到 何种程度,才能真正体现这种影响呢? 著名调香师马丽·萨马格尼(Marie Salamagne) 也问了自己同样的问题。佳丽宝 公司希望她能打造一款混合型香水,能够激活 我们的五官感受,使我们产生一种置身于丝绸

light, a delicate and refined cloth,” explained the designer.


“The challenge I faced with SENSAI THE SILK was finding the


perfect balance. And creating a perfume that is both transparent

的面料。我在设计SENSAI THE SILK时所面

SENSAI THE SILK Eau de Toilette

Perfume designer, Marie Salamagne

The S and warm.” Full of anticipation, we open the bottle, which is


reminiscent of a fragile silkworm cocoon, illuminated from within.


This exceptionally sophisticated perfume bottle was created by


the product designer Gwenaël Nicolas, now a resident of Japan.


We then apply SENSAI THE SILK for the first time…


It’s a true symphony. And let’s make it clear right from the very

start: Marie Salamagne has orchestrated SENSAI THE SILK like a philharmonic concert of selected top, middle and base notes

which complement each other wonderfully and gradually unfurl their own particular impact – in a similar way to several layers of silk cloth which flutter in the wind and reveal their colours and their structures layer by layer.

It begins with a clear, silky shimmer of bergamot and rose pepper, accompanied by a delicate hint of violet and pear,

which stimulate the senses with such purity and transparency as



尼古拉斯(Gwenaël Nicolas)之手,他现在已定

居日本。随后,我们首次体会到了SENSAI THE SILK的神秘香气……



指挥官”的精心安排下,SENSAI THE SILK用 精心选择的前调、中调和后调演奏了一场华丽 优美的交响华章,这些由香气谱写的乐调,相 辅相成,并逐渐展现各自特有的魅力,恍如层

the sight of a cocoon suffused with light. This first “cloth”, with


all its lightness and freshness, has only just begun to unfurl


首先发出的是清澈、而又盈盈淡淡如丝绸柔和 光芒般的佛手柑和玫瑰胡椒的香气,随后是萦 绕流转的紫罗兰和梨子的香气,在你的感官中 留下纯粹而透明的感受,仿佛阳光下洁白的蚕 茧。第一层轻盈鲜活的“面料”刚刚呈现完 毕,第二层便紧随其后,但是拥有一种更温 暖、更深邃、更明亮的气质。这个层次的香气 将山谷百合、牡丹和兰花组合在一起,形成了 一种暖意融融的琥珀香调。最后一层的麝香和 香豆气息如奶油般丝滑,成为这场“交响乐” 的高潮,这芬芳的融汇进一步激活了五官感 受,令整体风格更加尽善尽美。 此时此刻,你能够真实地感受到丝绸由内而发 的光芒,让你的感官随之翩翩起舞。这款全新 香水有浓香型和淡香型两种,根据其香气强度 和持续时间,能够激发出不同的情绪和微妙感 受。总而言之,SENSAI THE SILK让所有人 都不再怀疑:丝绸是呵护我们的精致方式,它

S ilk when a further layer follows – this one is warmer, deeper, more


luminous. This tier features aromas of lily of the valley, peony


and orchid which combine to produce a warm amber note.



And finally, creamily soft nuances of musk and tonka beans

form the crowning glory of the “concert” – this is a blend which intensely stimulates the senses and perfects the symphony.

With “butterflies in our stomachs” every single one of our senses is now under the influence of the inner luminosity radiated by silk. The new perfume creation is available as Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette – thus evoking different moods and nuances, depending on the required intensity and duration of the fragrance.

To sum it up, SENSAI THE SILK leaves no one in doubt that silk is the most exquisite way of caring for, protecting and preserving our beauty. And, above all, of paying homage to it.




HYDERABAD. Headband – Platinum, one 18.23-carat carved octagonalshaped emerald from Colombia, carved sapphires and emeralds, ruby drops, ruby, emerald and sapphire beads, onyx, triangularshaped diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds, silk cord. The headband can be worn as a bracelet or a choker.

Etourdissant E tourdissant C artier H igh J ewellery collection .


High Jewellery

ROMANOV. Bracelet – Platinum, one 197.80-carat cushion-shaped rose-cut sapphire from Ceylon, two D IF modified shield step-cut diamonds totalling 2.50 carats, one 1.03-carat F SI1 and one 1.02-carat E VS2 triangular-shaped diamonds, carved rock crystal, brilliant-cut diamonds. The sapphire can be replaced by a carved rock crystal.

High Jewellery


GARANCE. Necklace – Platinum, two cushion-shaped rubies from Mozambique, 5.27 carats and 5.02 carats respectively, twenty-six round and oval-


shaped rubies from Burma totalling 8.44 carats, brilliant-cut diamonds.

VIOLINE. long necklace/back necklace – Platinum, chalcedony beads, amethyst beads, amethysts, brilliant-cut diamonds.

High Jewellery


Van Cleef Arpels


Spirit of N AT U R E



High Jewellery Tiffany & Co.

Harry Winston

Van Cleef Arpels


High Jewellery




1 GRAFF Butterfly Full Motif I 2 ARNOLD & SON HM Flower Purple-Iris Special Edition I 3 CENTURY Allegria I 4 CARL F. BUCHERER Patravi Chronodate











1 ARNOLD & SON Sir John Franklin 2 GRAFF Mastergraff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton 3 CARL F. BUCHERER Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition 4 GRAFF Diamond Mastergraff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton

Pier Luigi Loro Piana



AND WIND By Renato Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Mark S. Kennedy

His great-grandfather started trading


in textiles a hundred years ago in an


Italian valley village at the foothill of


the Alps. Today, Loro Piana is the first

纳(Loro Piana)是高档天然原材料领域

buyer in the world of fine natural raw


materials – with an annual turnover,


at July 2013 before LVMH acquisition,


which was estimated at EUR 700 million.


But the Italian master’s secret passion is dedicated to sailing. Luxury Life MAGAZINE met Pier Luigi Loro Piana on the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, where he extends a welcome to his Superyacht

奢华生活》杂志在撒丁岛的斯梅拉达海 滩(Costa Smeralda)上对皮埃尔·路易 奇·罗诺·皮阿纳(Pier Luigi Loro Piana)进行了采访。他每年都会来这里 组织著名的超级游艇赛。

Regatta every year.



The Loro Piana brand is the top brand worldwide where

诺悠翩雅(Loro Piana)品牌是全世界的顶级品牌,

the finest wool is concerned. Which characteristics must a


fibre exhibit to satisfy your high requirements?


Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “From every raw material such as wool,


cashmere or silk, we always use only the highest quality grade.


In this respect, for every product that we want to produce from


it, we only select the best fibres, which are available in a mere


one or two percent of the raw materials offered on the world market. For example, we purchase the two best bales of 100 kilogrammes each out of approximately five million bales of high quality wool which are available in Australia and New Zealand. We call them ‘record bales’. From each of these record bales, we create about 150 metres of exquisite fabric. Finally, between 30 and 40 suits of the highest quality are fashioned out of it. Furthermore, every year we change the 48

patterns, so that our suits are as scarce as fine, rare wine.” Portrait

是最优质的,而在世界面料市场中,能满足这个 标准的原材料只有1%至2%。比如,如果我们购 买了两包最高品质的羊毛,每包100千克,每一 卷都是从500万包优质澳大利亚和新西兰高档羊 毛中精挑细选的极品。我们称其为“世界纪录羊 毛”(record bales)。我们会用一包世界记录羊 毛制造出大约130米长的高档面料。最后,这些 面料会制作出30 - 40套最高档的西装。此外,

Photos by Carlo Borlenghi

Pier Luigi Loro Piana & Riccardo Binadeo I Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Your first boutique with your own collections and accessories


opened in 1994 in New York, and today it is not possible to


imagine a major city without Loro Piana. How do you do that? Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “Initially, the store in New York was only


an experiment, but it worked and in 1999 we then opened a


second boutique in Milan. In the meantime, we are present


with 156 stores in Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan,


Hong Kong and in southern Asia. We are also represented with a store in Zurich of which we are very proud. Our accessories and gift line is growing very strongly as is our interior line. Every year there are changes, although we actually don’t follow any classic fashion concepts. We simply offer lifestyle products for people who know how to enjoy life. Here, the focus is on an elegant casual look. For example, in our Maroquinerie, we have a selection of high quality ladies’ handbags. We pay considerable attention to the choice of material, design and

皮埃尔·路易奇·罗诺·皮阿纳:“最初在纽约 的那家店只是一个尝试,但结果不错。所以我们 1999年在米兰开设了第二家专卖店。与此同 时,我们又在欧洲、美国、日本、台湾、香港和 南亚开设了共156家店铺。我们在苏黎世还有一 家代理店铺,能够进入这些城市,我们感到非常 自豪。我们的配饰和礼品系列产品发展很快,室 内用品系列也是如此。尽管产品每年都会有变 Portrait


Photos by Carlo Borlenghi

化,但实际上我们并未刻意遵循传统的服装理 念。我们所做的,就是向懂得享受生活的消费者 提供具有生活格调的产品。我们的关注点,就是 打造优雅悠然的形象。比如在我们的皮具产品 中,有一个高品质女士手袋系列。在制作这一系 列产品时,我们在材质、设计和加工程序方面投 入了大量的心血。我们很幸运,能够以独立品牌 的形式进行运营,因此,可以自由地生产各种类 别的产品,而且保持绝对的最高品质。此外,我 们还在研发方面持续投资,使我们的产品可以变 得更好。” 您自己、您的兄弟和您的祖先,都是在皮埃蒙特 (Piemont)山区长大的。那么您对帆船的浓厚兴 趣是如何产生的呢? 皮埃尔·路易奇·罗诺·皮阿纳:“我的母亲喜 欢大海,每年我们会有三个月的时间在菲诺港 (Portofino)的海滨度过。14岁那年,我在菲诺 的大海上进行了首次航行。这种在水上获得平 衡、与风嬉戏的方式非常特别,让我很着迷。就

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda I Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda, Italy

finishing. As we are fortunately able to work independently, we


feel free to manufacture products of the absolutely finest quality


in all categories. Furthermore, we continually invest in our


research to become even better.”

你始终要去思考,如何充分利用这一切让帆船能 够进行转向或者提速。

You yourself, like your brother and your ancestors, grew up in the valley of the Piemont region. Where does your passion for sailing come from? Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “My mother loved the ocean and every year we spent three months on the beach in Portofino. At the age of 14, I then sailed for the first time there. This special way of balancing on water, playing with the wind – it fascinated me, and so I discovered my love of sailing and of yachting. Sailing is a fantastic sport. Out there on the ocean, one is in the midst of nature, closely connected with the wind – you always have to think about how you can use it best of all to follow a certain direction or increase the speed.”

在过去的七年中,您一直都是撒丁岛“诺悠翩雅 超级帆船赛”的组织者。这一赛事每年都会吸引 全世界最漂亮、最快速的帆船和机动游艇参赛, 是什么激发您举行这一独特的水上赛事? 皮埃尔·路易奇·罗诺·皮阿纳:“事实上,诺 悠翩雅与帆船赛事的关系一直很密切。我们从 1995年起就开始资助团队和帆船赛。例如,我 们已经连续七年赞助在卡普里岛(Capri)举行的 三湾帆船周比赛(Settimana die Tre Golfi)。在 撒丁岛Porto Cervo的超级游艇比赛也是我们的 心血结晶。对于这一级别的船只,以往业内并未

For the past seven years, you have been the organiser of the


“Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta” on Sardinia. What sparked


the inspiration for this unique regatta in which the most


Cashmere Hyrcus goat

beautiful and fastest sailing yachts in the world take part every year? Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “Actually, Loro Piana has always been closely linked with the sailing world, we have continuously promoted teams and regattas since 1995. For example, we are the sponsor of the ‘Settimana dei Tre Golfi’ on the island of Capri and for about seven years we have devoted ourselves here in Porto Cervo on Sardinia to the superyachts. Up to that point, not enough attention was given to this class, but many owners wanted to send their boats at least once or twice a year to take part in a large race. After all, every yachtsman enjoys sharing his passion for the sport with good friends during a regatta. Everyone on board has only one goal in mind: to be faster – and to win! We are therefore especially happy to support sailing for this reason, because this sport has many values which the Loro Piana brand also stands for: nature, beauty, excellence and undisputable quality.” The turquoise-coloured waters surrounding Sardinia are considered paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Why is that? Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “The Costa Smeralda stretches more than one hundred kilometres from Olbia to La Maddalena. This coastline is considered to be the most ideal sailing region in the whole of the Mediterranean. The view from the sea across to the coastal landscape is simply incomparable; there are hardly any more beautiful places in the world for a regatta. What’s more, the wind is always good here – producing the best conditions for sailors. Porto Cervo and its Yacht Club are very happy that the Aga Khan discovered this location back in the 60s. At that time, he played his part in enabling this coast to develop into what it is today – a paradise for watersports participants and enthusiasts.” A final question, which only you as a specialist can answer: From your experience, which is easier to tame – a cashmere goat or a yacht at high sea? Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “That depends on which trade you master better. Personally, I really understand how to manage cashmere goats as well as our company. I’ve very often been to the wild mountain regions to see how the Hyrcus goats grow up. I found that really fascinating. High up there, you are in harmony with nature, nature is the queen. That’s a powerful feeling. In this respect, the situation is somewhat similar to sailing, but the high sea is significantly more dangerous – but, of course, also more exciting!”





一起分享他们对这项运动的热爱。船上的每个人心 中只有一个目标:更快,获胜!正是因为这个原 因,我们很高兴能够支持这项比赛,因为这项运动 的很多精神与诺悠翩雅不谋而合:自然、美和优 质。” 撒丁岛周围这片碧蓝的海水,被誉为水上运动爱好 者的天堂。为什么呢? 皮埃尔·路易奇·罗诺·皮阿纳:“斯梅拉达海滩 从奥比亚(Olbia)一直延伸到马达里纳(La Maddalena),延绵100多公里。这条海岸线被誉 为整个地中海进行帆船运动最理想的区域。在大海 中眺望整个海滨风光,可以欣赏到无以伦比的风 景。对于帆船赛而言,世界上几乎没有哪个地方比 这里更美此外,这里的海风也很好,可以为选手们 提供最佳条件。阿加·卡恩(Aga Khan)在上世纪 60年代发现了这个地点,这对赛沃港和这里的游 艇俱乐部而言是一件幸事。从那时起,他就致力于 开发这片海滩,最终发展成现在的样子:水上运动 专业运动员和业余爱好者的天堂。 最后一个问题只能由您这样的专业人士才能回答: 根据您的个人经历,下列哪一个更容易驯服:克什 米尔公山羊,还是海洋中的船只? 皮埃尔·路易奇·罗诺·皮阿纳:“这要看你更精 通哪一行了。就我个人而言,我非常了解如何驯服 克什米尔公羊和管理自己的公司。我经常会到荒蛮 的山区观察克什米尔山羊的成长过程。那是一种很 奇妙的体验。在高山上,你与自然和谐共存。自然 就是王者。那是一种很强烈的感觉。从这个角度而 言,这跟航海类似。但大海中的情境更危险,当然 了,也更刺激。”


Pier Luigi Loro Piana



Monaco Yacht Show

Fine Yachting 25. Edition



The show that will open its doors to visitors on 23rd September 2015 will be a celebration of the events quarter century. For twenty five years the Monaco Yacht Show has been the tale of one city; Monte Carlo and throughout its history, it has always successfully developed great expectations. Set in the iconic Port Hercules of the Principality of Monaco since 1991, the MYS is the only place to admire, visit and purchase around 120 extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respectful shipyards. 40 new launches are unveiled in world premiere for every edition. On docks, the MYS exhibits 500 world leading luxury yachting companies, amongst which the trendiest superyacht builders, yacht designers, luxury manufacturers and the most important brokerage houses. The Monaco Yacht Show is the one and only occasion in the year – and in the world – to discover the greatest of superyachting in the glamorous setting of Monaco. The Show has the privilege of benefiting from the recognition and the support of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. www.monacoyachtshow.com




Timothy Mondavi & Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi

Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi

20 years ago, the first Luce vintage from Montalcino caused a sensation in the world of wine. The 2012 vintage, the 20th year of this ground-breaking blend of Sangiovese and Merlot, has been available for purchase as a collector‘s bottle with its anniversary label since May 2015.


Displaying the characteristic Luce sunshine, which was inspired


by the sun on the altar of the Santo Spirito church in Florence,

雷托(Santo Spirito)教堂祭坛上的太阳图案为灵感,为配合

the label has been redesigned especially for the anniversary


and is a genuine eye-catcher. Although this is a collector‘s bott-


le, pure wine-drinking pleasure is also guaranteed to those who


open it straight away. When poured, Luce 2012 reveals its


鲁斯(Luce)陈酿问世,以突破性的方式将桑娇 维塞和美乐葡萄完美混合在一起,在葡萄酒世 界掀起了一股热潮。岁月走过20年,鲁斯的 2012年份酒已于2015年5月上市,专为收藏 家而设,酒瓶上贴着精美的周年庆徽标。

forceful richness, complexity and harmony. The Luce della Vite vineyard estate in the south west of Montalcino

鲁斯维特葡萄园(The Luce della Vite)位于蒙塔希诺的西南

boasts 192 hectares of land with approximately 55 hectares of


vines. The first Luce vintage was bottled in 1993 – the result of


an idea from two great protagonists and visionaries of modern


oenology, Vittorio Frescobaldi, the 29th generation of a wine-

torio Frescobaldi),他是一个知名酿酒企业的第29代传人;

growing dynasty, and Robert Mondavi from California, who

和来自加利福尼亚的罗伯特·孟达卫(Robert Mondavi),他

founded his winery himself. Both were inspired by the desire to


unite two worlds, two cultures and two passions into one project


designed to make the outstanding character of their vision and

出他们与众不同的愿望,让那特别的“鲁斯阳 光”走下图

the very special „Luce light“ a reality. A wine legend was thus


born, the embodiment of the thousand years of winemaking tradition and the unique Montalcino terroir in a glass. From the selection of the best vineyards and their cultivation to the chosen cellar methods – each step is a synthesis of visionary foresight. The estate has been run by Lamberto Frescobaldi since 2004. Currently, approximately 80,000 bottles are produced and distributed throughout the world.


年的酿酒传统和独一无二的蒙塔希诺风土凝聚在酒杯之中。 精心筹划的每一步制作过程,体现了设计者的真知远见,他 们选择最好的葡萄园并精心耕种,选出最佳的陈酿方法。兰 波托·福莱斯克巴蒂(Lamberto Frescobaldi)自 2004年起开始掌管家族大旗。该酒庄目前共生产了约 80,000瓶葡萄酒,并销往世界各地。

www.lucedellavite.com Wine


News & Previews Peninsula Villas

Limassol Marina – ‘living on the sea’. Now over a year in operation, Limassol Marina is continuing to create waves in the Eastern Mediterranean. A milestone project for Cyprus, and its first superyacht marina, it has established itself as one of the most enticing and unique projects across Europe. A new thriving hub on the south coast, Limassol Marina offers 650 berths for yachts up to 110m and has already attracted a string of distinguished superyachts. Its 162 luxury apartments and 74 exclusive villas are surrounded by the sea and offer private berths attached to their garden or direct access to the beach. The development also benefits from its own dining and

Limassol Marina

shopping establishments, spa, fitness and cultural facilities. From Graff Diamonds, Halcyon Gallery, Sunseeker Cyprus and Ralph Lauren to a boutique supermarket, bank, pharmacy, yacht agents, chandlery, optician and car rental service. The elegant Peninsula Villas have just been delivered to their owners. They are the only homes of their kind in the Mediterranean. With a total of 90% of the apartments and 45% of these villas now sold, property sales have surpassed 180 million and Limassol Marina is building a reputation as one of the most exciting new destinations in the region. For more information on ‘living on the sea’

Schultz Schleime

contact +357 25 020 020 or visit www.limassolmarina.com

viennacontemporary – Austria’s leading international art fair. From 24 to 27 September 2015, collectors, artists, curators, gallery owners, art professionals and art lovers from all over the world will once again gather in Vienna for the 1st edition of viennacontemporary. viennacontemporary offers the most intriguing selection of contemporary art in Central and Eastern Europe, an exquisite set of galleries from Austria and beyond, showing upcoming local and international artists from East and West. Complemented by other exhibitions and events at renowned contemporary art institutions in the city, such as curated by, the international art fair presents the best of Vienna´s flourishing art scene. www.viennacontemporary.at

The Davidoff Flagship Store in Basel Rheinsprung opens with a new look. The new Davidoff Flagship Store in the historical building at Rheinsprung 5/Eisengasse boasts around 128 m2, which includes a 21 m2 walk-in humidor. The 40 m2 modern cigar lounge will be decorated with Bohemian glass pieces from Dechem studio and with art work from Mónica Ferreras de la Maza, and Jorge Pineda, who were the first Dominican artists to collaborate with Davidoff and its art program; the Davidoff Art Initiative. This unique Flagship Store, overlooking the river Rhein, has been transformed into a retail space that is at once elegant, contemporary, and warm. It will also feature a unique lounge full of ambiance where customers can relax. The new look and feel with natural materials in earthy tones and lush woods retells the Davidoff legacy and continues the tradition of creating an inspiring place where aficionados can find exceptionally crafted cigars and limited editions, including the Masterpiece Humidor Collection, created by renowned French artist Lison de Caunes. Fifteen private lockers fitted with humidors will be available for VIP customers to store their cigars in perfect condition. www.davidoff.com



Everything for the enjoyment of delectable wines

Culinary delights, home, kitchen & table culture

24. October – 1. November 2015

29. October – 1. November 2015




Photos by Amélie Bès

Horse Power and elegance and stunning mountain backdrop – Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad. Crowds of fun loving spectators from around the world have descended upon the picturesque village of Gstaad for a weekend of world-class polo and entertainment at the 20th edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad Tournament. In unique circumstances Team E.I. Sturdza Investment Funds and Team SIR, new to the tournament this year, have tied in first place and will share the 2015 Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad Trophy. Following much deliberation from the tournament officials the decision was made to change the format of the final of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad. The 3rd and 4th place went to Team Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza SA and Team Gstaad Palace. Taking into consideration the safety of the players and ponies, the waterlogged pitch was deemed too dangerous to play a competitive match. The crowds were not left unsatisfied, the announcement was made the final would be replaced by a 4-chukka exhibition match. The four team-patrons and the four best players of the tournament were split into two teams to play in a non-competitive manner. Off the field the 20th anniversary of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup celebrations continued. Spectators were wowed by the magnificent air display from Fly 7 Executive Aviation. www.pologstaad.ch

WESTIN VALENCIA – The place to be in Valencia. This hotel, built in an impressive Modernist Building, has 135 elegant rooms & suites, with a warm and relaxing atmosphere in American Art-Deco style. Since its opening in 2006, it is the most glamourous and cosmopolitan „place to be in Valencia“. On the terraces of the Rosmarino & Komori restaurants or the El Jardi Bar in the Mediterranean Garden relax and enjoy the peaceful & elegant atmosphere of the hotel. For a perfect Westin experience, be pampered in the Caroli Health Club, professional treatments & massages, the fitness studio and the salt-water ionized indoor pool & hammam & sauna maximize your physical & emotional well being. www.westinvalencia.com

WESTIN PALACE Madrid – In the heart of city. Discover the traditional Palace-Hotel Style – iconic Belle Epoque decor and luxurious amenities and treat yourself to an invigorating stay in this hotel in the heart of Madrid. Directly situated in the very center of the „Art Triangle“ between the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sophia Museum. The legacy is more alive than ever – step into La Rotonda or the MuseoBar, frequented by some of Madrids most famous visitors like Hemingway, Dali, Picasso or Sophia Loren and enjoy a distinguished „Palace-Feeling“ in this privileged and unique location. www.westinpalacemadrid.com

HOTEL ALFONSO XIII – The Luxury Collection Seville. Hotel ALFONSO XIII is considered, since its opening in 1929, one of the most prestigious hotels in Spain and worldwide. It is ideally located in the center of Seville, has been completaly renovated and with its distinctive Mudejar-Style of architecture, the ALFONSO XIII is itself a magnificent work of art. On the other hand the hotel, favorite of the elite travelers, has 151 elegant and luxurious rooms & suites, decorated independently in Moorish, Castilian or Andalusian styles and furnished with the utmost luxury and comfort. www.hotel-alfonsoxiii-seville.com

HOTEL MARIA CRISTINA – The Luxury Collection in San Sebastian. Internationally recognized for its tantalizing gastronomic offerings, film festival and superb beaches, San Sebastian beckons visitors with its unique charm and sophistication. Since opening in 1912 the recently renovated HOTEL MARIA CHRISTINA has been closely linked to the history and cultural life of the city. Experience gracious on a grand scale in the hotel`s 136 rooms & suites. A stay with THE LUXURY COLLECTION is more than a refined visit; it`s the key that unlocks authentic locales for today`s seasoned global explorers. www.hotel-mariacristina.com

SPAIN SELECT – Enjoy the luxurious comfort of a grand hotel stay. Having handpicked each living space and garnished them with custom interiors and a bespoke collection of concierge services, SPAIN SELECT invites day-trippers, weekend-breakers and long-stayers alike to spend their excursions in style in one of its boutique, city apartments and exclusive villas in the most coveted locations across Spain. For short to long-haul rentals – or even something more permanent – its robust portfolio is sure to accommodate your requirements, allowing you to live like a local with all the luxurious comforts of a grand hotel stay. www.spain-select.com

Modern, new design at the Zurich Marriott Hotel. Located in the heart of the city on the banks of the river Limmat, this elegant international hotel is only a short walk from the luxurious shopping street Bahnhofstrasse and top attractions of Zurich. The hotel boasts 266 wonderful rooms including 40 executive rooms with beautiful views of the city and 9 stunning suites. The exceptional Panorama Suites allow breathtaking mountain views from their balcony. All premium room types in the main building have been renovated in 2015. They feature a new, clear and elegant look with innovative and bright optics in gold, brown and cream tones. The renowned hotel designer Claudio Carbone from Carbone interior design, which specializes in luxury interior, has been commissioned for the design of the rooms. He has created a harmonious blend of modern elements with the given architecture. The restaurant eCHo received a facelift too. Swiss cuisine of the highest quality is offered in a modern setting of solid wood. Guest may also choose to dine at the popular White Elephant, known for its authentic Thai food. At the Zurich Marriott Hotel, guests are welcomed with genuine hospitality and first-class services and facilities, making it easy to travel brilliantly. www.zurichmarriott.com

Hotel Post Lermoos. Tyrol. Alpine Luxury, Gourmet & SPA The 4-Star-Superior Hotel Post in Lermoos at an elevation of 1,000 m with a view towards the Zugspitze and mountain landscape represents a luxurious Alpine lifestyle, in which Tyrolean charm and the love of nature come together with a sophisticated savoir-vivre and personal hospitality. The fantastic location can be enjoyed from most of the 60 suites ranging in size from 45 to 127 m². Since 2014, the hotel has been welcoming discerning gourmets to the Post Gourmet Stube, away from the usual hotel and à la carte restaurants. Chef de Cuisine Michael Kramer offers gourmet menus of between four and seven courses. Sommelier Markus Saletz takes care of offering suitable accompanying wine, and presents the fine wines knowledgeably to his clientele from amongst 800 labels pictured in the wine book. The guests will also encounter a feeling of pure wellbeing in the 2,000 m² Post Alpine SPA with indoor and outdoor pools, sole, aroma and herbal steam bath, and the Tyrolean sauna, laconium, biosauna, multisensory showers, ice grotto as well as spacious quiet areas. The location in the Zugspitzarena also opens up a whole variety of leisure options: Alpine skiing and crosscountry skiing trails start almost in front of the hotel, and a 9-hole golf course as well as innumerable hiking trails, hillwalks and bike routes are also nearby. www.post-lermoos.at


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G Thomas & Monika B채r


GAGLIOLE 在加尤利的苍穹下 By Patricia Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy

When Thomas Bär and his wife Monika walk out of their front door in a morning, they have a view across one of the most beautiful vineyards in Tuscany – as well as of old olive trees, historic walls and a wonderful rose garden whose blossoms gleam in the morning sun. Their vineyard estate GAGLIOLE is one of “Tuscany’s gems” and the wines are some of the best in the region.



大门,就能看到托斯卡纳最美丽的葡 萄园。除了葡萄,还有古老的橄榄

树、古城墙和在晨光中玲珑剔透的玫 瑰花园。他们的葡萄园加尤利

(GAGLIOLE) 被誉为“托斯卡纳珍

宝”之一,而这里出产的葡萄酒也是 该地区数一数二的顶级佳酿。

Only those who are willing to leave the main road between


Florence and Sienna and delve into the heartlands of the


Chianti region reach Castellina. The pretty village is surrounded


by ancient vineyards; grapes have been cultivated on their


gently contoured slopes since time immemorial. The soil is low


in minerals but the sun shines more often here than elsewhere


and the grapes – above all the traditional Sangiovese variety

时间更长,因此出产的葡萄个个饱满,特别是传 Wine


– are brimming with vigour. Despite this, the nearby Gagliole


vineyard estate led a humble existence for many years until,


after a lot of toing and froing, the previous owner decided to


put the property in the hands of the Bär family from Switzerland.


Years of total dedication and patience were needed to breathe


new life into the historic estate.


And since then, a number of things have changed for the new


owner as well – previously, international transactions, offices in Zurich and New York and a jam-packed appointment book defined the life of Thomas Bär, a grandson of Julius Bär, the founder of the Swiss private bank of the same name. But for the banker and senior partner of one of the largest law firms in Zurich, there is hardly any other „client“ that requires such a great deal of sensitivity and staying power as managing a vineyard. „Mother Nature, who rules the roost on a vineyard estate, teaches all those involved to exercise patience,“ explains



斯·巴恩的爷爷朱利斯·巴恩(Julius Bär)创立了以 其名字命名的瑞士私人银行。而托马斯本人除了 是银行家,也是苏黎世最大律师事务所的合伙人 之一和国际商人,在苏黎世和纽约均有自己的企 业,每天的日程表都排的满满的。但在他看来, 没有任何一桩生意会像管理一个葡萄园一样,需 要投入这么多的热情和坚持。托马斯·巴恩 说:“大自然母亲统领着栖息于葡萄园中的所有

Thomas Bär – a man who is used to being at the controls himself


and, if necessary, changing course quickly and confidently.

他是一个习惯于掌握主动权的人,如果需要改 变,就会快速而自信地改变。

Now, he tells us, he hardly ever looks at his watch but often gazes „up into the sky“. And this radiates a glorious blue as we


reach the driveway to the estate. Thomas and Monika Bär are


already waiting for us at the end of the avenue, with its cypress


trees which are lined up so picturesquely that it all seems like a dream. Every single one of them appears to recount the eventful history of this „Antico Podere“, which was mentioned in a document as early as the year 994. At this time Berengario, King of the Lombards, bestowed Gagliole on his son Ildebrando on his wedding day. And as fate would have it, more than a thousand years later Thomas and Monika met each other for the first time nearby, at a neighbouring manor – and then made Gagliole their ancestral home as well.

青翠的柏树,托马斯和莫妮卡夫妻二人在道路尽 头等候着我们的到来。一切都显得如此富有梦幻 感。眼前的一草一木,会让人不自觉地联想起这 座古老庄园不平凡的历史。它的名字曾出现在一 份写于994年的文件中。文中称当时的伦巴第 (Lombards)国王贝伦加里奥(Berengario)在其 子伊迪布兰多(Ildebrando)的婚礼上,将加尤利 赠给了自己的儿子。也许是命运的巧合,一千多



What was previously three hectares of vines has since grown


to 19 hectares, of which 17 are currently under cultivation. The


centuries-old terraces are still planted in the original way, with


olive trees alternating with grapevines. Using mechanical aids on these terraces bordered by dry stone walls is very difficult.


However, for Thomas Bär this is not a drawback – exactly the


opposite. „We want to continue to carry out all the work by


hand and pay a great deal of attention to the details, no matter how small,“ stressed the padrone, „therefore we can‘t and don‘t want to grow any bigger.“ After all, for Thomas, Gagliole is a „gem that embodies the entire beauty and culture of Tuscany.“ This mantra also applies to the sophisticated and rare wines which age in the estate‘s cellars. Thomas takes us to his „treasure chamber“ – one of the largest wine cellars in the hills around Gagliole. But those who expect


是一圈石墙,在这里使用机械设备的难度较大。 但是对于托马斯而言,这并不是一个缺点,反而 是个优点。正如这位庄园主所说:“我们希望延 续手工作业的模式,对于细节,无论多么细微, 我们都予以极大的关注。因此,我们不能、也不 想继续发展壮大。”毕竟,对于托马斯而言,加 尤利是“充分彰显托斯卡纳魅力和文化的珍宝”

to have to feel their way through dusty passages and spiders‘


webs within the historic walls, with only a candle to light the


way, soon learn otherwise. Because, instead of naive, romanWine



Thomas Bär (left)

ticised wine-growing practices, the Bärs put their faith in clean-


liness and the use of state-of-the-art technology, especially when


the analysis of grapes and wine is concerned. Controlling the


entire ageing process makes it possible to achieve excellent


results year after year from the hand-picked harvest, thus promi-


sing to produce perfectly aged wines.


Rubiolo, a Chianti Classico DOCG and probably the most wellknown wine from Gagliole, is pressed mainly from the Sangiovese grape in accordance with ancient tradition – as recommended by Baron Ricasoli, one of the former rulers of Tuscany, in his Chianti recipe which was written as long ago as 1872 and is still followed today. Whereas the winegrowers used to refine Sangiovese with a small amount of Canaiolo in days gone by, today other varieties are also added with a great deal of care – with Rubiolo, this involves selected Merlot grapes, which feel

的酒窖却是一尘不染的现代装配,他们在这里绝 不吝惜使用各种先进技术,在葡萄和葡萄酒分析 方面尤为如此。正是通过对整个酿制过程的严格 把控,才使得他们能够年复一年地用手工采摘的 葡萄创造卓越的成果,生产最完美的葡萄酒。 露比洛(Rubiolo)是一款“基安蒂经典DOCG” (Chianti Classico DOCG)标牌的葡萄酒,也是 加尤利出产的最有名的一款佳酿。原料以桑乔维

more than at home in this particularly sun-blessed Chianti region.


With approximately 50,000 bottles produced annually, the

君主贝蒂诺·里卡索利(Baron Ricasoli)曾在其

mellow and harmonious/fruity Rubiolo is something of a

基安蒂葡萄酒配方中专门推荐过这种酿造方法。 Wine


他在1872年发明了这个配方,如今人们仍用该 配方来酿造葡萄酒。一直以来,葡萄园的酿酒师 都会用少量的卡耐洛(Canaiolo)和桑乔维赛进行 搭配,也会精心加入其他类型的葡萄。但露比洛 却与之不同。它添加的是精选美乐葡萄,这种葡 萄与阳光普照的基安蒂更为契合。这款葡萄酒口 感圆润而柔和,透着淡淡果香。每年产量大约5 万瓶。也是尤加利葡萄酒中的“销售冠军”。托 Wine Cellar Door

马斯告诉了我们一个小秘密:“徽标上的玫瑰令 其一眼可辨,这也是应我妻子的要求进行设计 的,因为她特别喜欢玫瑰。” 瓦利塔(Valletta)是酒庄另外一款葡萄酒,每年产 量只有8000瓶,因此更难在市场上寻得其芳 踪。这是一款IGT标牌的葡萄酒,外观呈浓郁的 红宝石色泽,萦绕着成熟黑色浆果、甘草、香 料、烟草、咖啡和黑巧克力的气息,为感官带来 了极致体验。瓦利塔的名字,来自巴恩家族几年




„bestseller“ amongst the wines from Gagliole. „It‘s immediately

前收购的拉瓦利塔酒庄(La Valletta),该酒庄位

recognisable due to the rose on the label which was requested


by my wife as she‘s a passionate rose enthusiast,“ reveals

(Conca d‘Oro)村边。

Thomas Bär. 拉瓦利塔酒庄一直都是一个比较隐秘的所在,远

In contrast, Valletta, with just 8,000 bottles per year, is signi-


ficantly more difficult to find on the market. The characteristic


feature of this excellent IGT is its intense, ruby red colour with aromas of ripe black berries, liquorice, spices, tobacco, coffee and dark chocolate – a feast for the senses. Valletta is named after the affiliated La Valletta estate in Panzano, on the edge of the famous Conca d‘Oro, which the Bärs acquired several years ago. La Valletta has also long been one of the insider‘s tips amongst travellers who want to experience Tuscany at its most natural, far away from the beaten track. „We run La Valletta as a five-star

个“秘不外传”的旅行目的地。托马斯说:“我 们按照五星级农业旅游目的地的标准经营拉瓦利 塔。套房中的装饰品味独特,田园气息浓郁。此 外,客人们还会获得最友好热情的服务。每天早 晨的自助早餐丰盛可口。户外的风景恍若人间仙 境,绿意盎然的葡萄园、受国家保护的古老宅院 和农场建筑,还有浓密的橡树林为游客洒下片片 荫凉。

agriturismo,“ explains Thomas Bär. In addition to the tasteful, rustic furnishings in the apartments, the guests also praise the friendly service and the unique buffet breakfast above all. Plus

Wine Cellar

Cesare Panti, Cellarmaster

La Valletta

the divine landscape with its cultivated vineyards, the listed


residential house and farm buildings and the oak forests which


pamper guests with their cooling shade.

葡萄酒,在帕克评分体系(Parker Points) 中全 部获得了90多分的好成绩。有些佳酿的评分还在

One of the best wines of the house of Bär is named after the


family seat Gagliole. All the top-quality wines achieve more


than 90 Parker Points and some vintages are well on the way to


receiving the very highest honours. In addition to the excellentlybalanced Gagliole, Pecchia in particular is one of the candidates which make sommeliers throughout the world sit up and take notice. Perhaps it is the 25 to 30-year old vines, perhaps it is the vineyard‘s chalky soil, or perhaps it is the many little bees who gave this wine their name and buzz between the ripening grapes the entire summer long. However, the outcome of this virtually perfect assemblage, made up of 95 % Sangiovese and 5 % Merlot, is to be found in just a few more than 1,000 bottles, which are longingly awaited by experts and aficionados year after year. 74


款精致作品。它能够征服世界的原因,可能是因 为它产自25-30年藤龄的葡萄,也可能是因为葡 萄园的白垩质土壤,或者是因为那些数不清的小 蜜蜂(这款酒即以之命名),它们整个夏季都在 葡萄之间忙碌奔波。这款葡萄酒的原料为95%的 桑乔维赛和5%的美乐,可谓是各种元素的完美结 合,但其年产量不足1000瓶,因此,是众多专 业人士和美酒爱好者年复一年企盼拥有的罕见“ 尤物”。

除了该地区常见的红葡萄酒,巴恩的酒庄还出产 几款优秀的白葡萄酒、法国橡木桶佳酿蒸馏酒 (Grappa)以及每年约2000毫升产量的一级橄榄 油。所有橄榄也都是以古老的传统方式手工采 摘,并在酒庄自家的压榨厂中用世界顶级技术制 成橄榄油。 中午在厨房中享受了一顿由弗兰卡·斯蒂亚切尼 (Franca Stiacchini)掌勺的丰盛午餐,弗兰卡是 加尤利葡萄园中负责一日三餐的大厨。随后我们 游览了莫妮卡·巴恩亲手打造的玫瑰花园,该花 园环绕在住宅的四周,馥郁绚丽。玫瑰加美酒, 这样的组合充分契合了托斯卡纳最精华的美。她 丈夫最喜欢的地方就是住宅对面的那片拥有200 多年历史的茂密古橡树林。托马斯·巴恩说:“ 加尤利就是我们梦想成真的地方。”离别时刻, 我坐上车,从后视镜看到夫妻二人向我们挥手告 别。柏树在大道上洒下幽静的树荫。天空似乎比 别处更加低沉,仿佛触手可及。


In addition to the red wines which are so typical for the region, the estate also produces several excellent white wines, plus Grappa aged in French oak and approximately 2,000 litres of top-quality olive oil, whose fruit is also harvested by hand in line with ancient tradition and is then processed and bottled in accordance with state-of-the-art methods in the estate‘s own press. After lunch from the kitchen run by Franca Stiacchini, the culinary „soul“ of Gagliole, we visit together the magnificent rose garden which Monika Bär has lovingly created around the manor house. Roses and wine – this combination pays very special homage to Tuscany in all its beauty. Meanwhile, her husband‘s favourite place is directly in front of the house – under a mighty 200-year old oak tree. „Gagliole is the place of our dreams,“ summarises Thomas Bär. As we watch the couple wave goodbye to us in our rear view mirror on our departure and the cypresses throw cooling shade across the avenue, the sky and the earth seem to be closer together here than anywhere else.

www.gagliole.com Wine


LUXURYLIVING I nterior N ews

Witness time with the Berlin city palace handcraft table „Eosander“. Passionate & traditional handcraft meets state-ofthe-art design. The monumental board “Eosander” is a true masterpiece, standing at 6m length. Its tabletop is processed out of the old timber planks of the Berlin city palace. The 400 year old bog oak wood has been precision-grinded and refined by hand and its restrained steel frame creates a smooth crossover to modern design. As a witness of history “Eosander” represents a very special and imaginary value. A true piece of Berlin ´s history in one single masterpiece – created and designed by a young Berlin manufactory. Due to the rarity of the precious wood there will only be two specimen world-wide. Bursting with history for sure they will be a true eyecatcher wherever they may be displayed. Available at www.vivre-conept.de Dimensions: L 600 cm x W 120 cm Height 76 cm, Weight ca. 600 kg


SWING by Giorgetti Design:Carlo Colombo Comfort rhymes with Swing for this armchair with a structure in solid walnut canaletto. The leather covering gives a particular charm to this chair with a really unique design, for a style that is refined and at the same time vintage. www.giorgetti.eu

Bathe in new dimensions with Paiova 5 – on your own or à deux. It‘s usually a bath‘s design that determines whether one bathes in a sitting position or while reclining and relaxing. Yet the needs of our bodies are dynamic, and they can vary in accordance with psychological and physical well-being. Duravit’s Paiova 5 bathtub by EOOS surmounts structural restrictions with a concept that focuses solely on individual comfort. With two different backrest slopes, Paiova 5 offers the choice between an ergonomic sitting position and an especially flat reclining position – for bathing with someone else or relaxing alone. The design of Paiova 5 is the result of a symbiosis between a corner bathtub and a freestanding bathtub. EOOS developed the new geometric form by taking a wall-hugging version and rotating it out into the room. The result of this ingenious transformation is a sculpture that succeeds in transferring the ergonomics of the bath‘s interior to a pentagonal exterior. The inclined surfaces of the bath‘s frontal contours compose a three-dimensional volume that opens up towards the room and the user. Paiova 5‘s meticulous details ensure extraordinary comfort. As a result, both of the backrests can be equipped with a whirl system. The bath is particularly luxurious with the new Combi-L whirl system. The pleasantly flat jets swivel their massaging water streams up and down the muscles along the back. At 580 mm in height, the side of the bath is slightly lower than the usual 600 mm. The narrow bathtub rim offers convenient support. A wide rim along the wall provides a practical shelf surface. www.duravit.com

Liberty Collection Design: João Bessa BESSA – new antique design is a Portuguese brand that recovers to design techniques of craft production in exclusive pieces targeted at the luxury market. BESSA brings back the charm of ancient times, through a new interpretation. The sculptural forms of the 30‘s inspire the Liberty Collection. The tubular and steel structures that have marked those years are combined with a new inspiration that emphasizes the antagonistic feeling of deprivation of liberty. www.bessadesign.com

384 by Rolf Benz Design: labsdesign This graceful armchair allows you to create cosy havens where you can read and relax. It fits just as perfectly into small corners as in spacious interiors. It is covered all over, without any visible construction elements, so it blends with nearly any style of interior and any materials. www.rolf-benz.com

SWING by Giorgetti Design: Carlo Colombo Comfort rhymes with Swing for this armchair with a structure in solid walnut canaletto. The leather covering gives a particular charm to this chair with a really unique design, for a style that is refined and at the same time vintage. www.giorgetti.eu

Pure Collection – Pure dining chair www.bessadesign.com 78


Panton Chair, Design: Verner Panton © Vitra / Egg Chair, Design: Arne Jacobsen © Republic of Fritz Hansen / Base Brass Floor Light © Tom Dixon



Unsere Teams entwickeln maßgeschneiderte Interiorkonzepte für Privatkunden, Gastronomie und den Büro- / Objektbereich. Von der Planung bis zur Umsetzung bieten wir exzellente internationale Einrichtungen aus einer Hand. Standort Stuttgart: Fleiner Möbel by architare. Stresemannstr. 1, Killesberghöhe. Telefon +49 (0)711 - 63500 Standort Nagold. architare barbara benz einrichten. Vordere Kernenstraße 2. Telefon +49 (0)7452 - 8475080. Mehr unter www.architare.de

Randomissimo by MDF Italia Design: Neuland Industriedesign A piece of furniture for personal items: featuring a reduced overall size, it is changeable, playful, complementary and modular. A product that immediately unveils, through its playful modularity and colours, the capability of developing small aggregations, as well as endless compositions with a surrealistic spirit. www.mdfitalia.it

LC4 CP chaiselongue by Cassina Design: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Cassina shares its passion with Louis Vuitton for Charlotte Perriand and launches a limited edition (1000 pieces) of the LC4 chaiselongue designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand to honour this pioneering architect. The inspiration of this innovative tribute piece dates back to the photo of Charlotte Perriand relaxing on one of the first models of the chaiselongue with a self-supporting mattress attached directly to the frame. The mattress – in natural, untreated Louis Vuitton saddle leather – has seamless edges with valuable and contrasting stitching. www.cassina.com Available at Fleiner Möbel by architare in Stuttgart/Germany www.architare.de

sofa: groundpiece von flexform

Grosse Flexform Ausstellung auf acht Etagen in der Altstadt von Luzern. Wohnidee Luzern ag Metzgerrainle 6 ch - 6004 Luzern t +41 (0)41 410 37 27 www.wohnidee.ch

Einen Raum zum Leben erwecken. LEidEnschaftLich gERn.

Light Ring by Henge Design: Massimo Castagna www.henge07.com

Vertex by Vondom Design: Karim Rashid The VERTEX Collection has been created to add a more conceptual architectural item to our space, giving it a more sophisticated touch. The Vertex stool has been added to the collection, a detailed and elegant member that maintains the original inspiration of the whole collection. These pieces are made with a rotational molding technique; the principle characteristic of this process is that the material is 100% recyclable and there are endless possibilities as to it’s shaping. www.vondom.com



Steeve by Arper Design: Jean-Marie Massaud Steeve is a modern, modular system imagined for the refined home or work environment. Customizable in a wide range of fabrics, leathers and finishes, Steeve’s three versatile components – bench, armchair and sofa and relative modules – can be arranged to accommodate any interior space allowing for countless configurations. Steeve’s silhouette is solid and architectural while at the same time appearing slender, light and volumetric. Its uniquely manufactured seamless back and arm covers are stretched to fit the frame – an industry innovation that eliminates the need for more complex upholstery techniques. This technique highlights Steeve’s clean design while plush interior cushions provide a soft seat. Optional cushion dimensions and a choice of base styles make this smart, elegant design suitable to both contract and home environments. www.arper.com

Clarissa by Moroso Design: Patricia Urquiola The Clarissa family of chairs have a characteristic seatback which embraces the sitter and partially conceals them with a “hood”. The armchair speaks a double language: geometric on the outside and soft and cosy on the inside. The metal tube frame perfectly matches the clean, linear geometry of the shell, made from thermoformed polyester fibre, while it is at odds with the soft and generously padded seat. www.moroso.it



METZINGEN The summer season reaches its peak.

火热的夏季即将结束。 By Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy

Often, they say that the best comes last. This also applies to


OUTLETCITY METZINGEN on the one hand, while the peak of


the “most beautiful season” at the same time marks the beginning


of a new, exciting time characterised by exclusive style: autumn.


One exciting season ends, and a new one is about to begin.


We literally need to bring in the harvest. We need to go out


into the wide fields of good taste and harvest the fruits of


creative work: basking in magical colours and a fascination for fashion. Being inspired and enjoying the good feeling of having arrived in the world of a confident sense of fashion.

Just in time for the start of this new era – and typically for

OUTLETCITY METZINGEN –, a new store is established as well: the Flagship Outlet Store of the Porsche Design brand. Under

the creative leading principle of “Experience the new luxury lifestyle”, this new Flagship Outlet Store represents the spirit and

田野中,收获创意的果实:用奇妙炫目的色彩和 优美绝伦的时尚,装点我们丰收的秋季。置身于 自信满满的时尚之都,怎能不灵感绽放,纵享着 无以伦比的快乐体验?

对于麦根琴名品村而言,此刻标志着一个全新的 起点,因为这片时尚之城迎来了一个新成员:保 时捷设计(Porsche Design)品牌旗舰折扣店。该

creativity of the legendary Porsche Design Studio. The connec-


tion to the history of this unusual design brand is ever-present.


(Porsche Design Studio)始终如一的精神和创

In 1963, Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the


legendary Porsche 911. About a decade later, he went on a


mission of developing a company that carries the “spirit of Porsche” beyond the automotive borders, to create a new


world of style for discerning men and women. The vision of that

(Ferdinand Alexander Porsche)设计出了经典

great pioneer thus gave birth to the Porsche Design brand. It’s


a world that has a passion for innovation from the first, always


staying timelessly young this way. It’s a world of new, groundbreaking materials, innovative technologies and refined functional elegance in exclusive design.

神”拓展到汽车之外的更广泛领域,为全世界的 型男淑女打造全新的时尚世界。这位伟大而富有


63 85


In OUTLETCITY METZINGEN, Porsche Design is setting a new


milestone, enriching this very special location that trendsetters


and representatives of style and good taste have long come to


love. Shopping experience and trend expedition are combined


here by the fascination with fashion, framed by exciting and


extraordinary events.


Exclusiveness – as a term as well as an experience – is taken to


the maximum by OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. As a member of

the OUTLETCITY Community, they prove skill and a fine feeling for trends, enjoying special benefits from this. Access is straight-

forward and fast: just log onto www.outletcity.com/member and quickly get additional attractive price benefits, personal invitations to VIP shopping events and other exciting specials.

味独特人士最热爱的购物圣地。保时捷设计的入 驻则为其增添了又一块里程碑。在这里,无以伦 比的购物体验和时尚探索融为一体。除了令人目 眩的服装,您还可以参加丰富多彩、令人欣喜的 活动。


w e N


琴名品村将这个词语的内涵推到了一个新高度。 作为名品村社区的一员,您可以尽情徜徉于最新 时尚潮流之中,同时获得特别的优惠待遇。加入 我们的步骤很简单:登陆www.outletcity.com/ community,即可快速了解更多价格优惠信息、 VIP购物活动个人邀请和其他精彩的优惠活动。

owwppi The impressive Flagship Outlets of renowned brands charac-


terise the city image of the traditional textile metropolis of


Metzingen with their award-winning architecture. Just 30 kilo-


metres to the south of Stuttgart, OUTLETCITY METZINGEN can


be reached easily by public transport or car. On site, visitors


will find more than 3,200 parking places with convenient


orientation by the parking guidance system. The Flagship


Outlets are open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm from Monday through Friday, and from 9.00 am – 8.00 pm on Saturday.

10:00至晚上8:00,星期六上午9:00至晚上 8:00。

Tourist Information Metzingen

Lindenplatz 4 I D-72555 Metzingen I Germany T +49 (0) 7123 925326 www.outletcity.com





Nature I History

Queen The

of all F lowers


By Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy

Its origins are shrouded in mystery, its fragrance is unrivalled and today valuable varieties still delight their admirers – the rose. Love has been professed, wars have been fought and vows have been taken, all in the name of this exceptional bloom. Luxury Life MAGAZINE reveals the secret of the “queen of all flowers”.

其起源弥漫着神秘色彩,其芬芳举世 无双,其珍贵琳琅的品种至今仍受世 人倾慕。它,就是百花中绝无仅有的 王者:玫瑰。它那无以伦比的绽放之 美,馥郁之气,代表着爱的低喃,战 斗的勇气,以及相守一生的承诺。《 奢华生活》杂志将为您揭开“花之女 王”的神秘面纱。

Nature I History


Saint Tropez, a hot summer‘s day in 1966. When Brigitte Bardot

圣特洛佩(Saint Tropez),1966年的一个炎热

looked up into the sky as she lay by her pool in La Madrague

夏日里,美艳的碧姬·巴泽(Brigitte Bardot)躺

she could hardly believe her eyes. Suddenly, thousands of red


roses fell from the heavens, covered the terrace like a carpet


and filled the house with their fragrance. Was this just a dream?


Not at all. Behind the magic was no other than playboy Gunter


Sachs, who had chartered a helicopter especially to ask for


Bardot‘s hand in marriage with this spectacular gesture. And it was not only Gunter Sachs who understood the secret which many women are able to resist even less than fur coats and expensive jewellery – the subtle fragrance of fresh roses. Since time immemorial, roses have been the medium of choice for male suitors wanting to beguile the objects of their desire – and sometimes the other way round too. For example, Cleopatra liked to receive her lovers in rooms which she had

斯(Gunter Sachs)的身影。他包一架直升飞机, 以这种炫目华丽的方式,向这位性感小野猫求 婚。 对于很多女性而言,玫瑰那种微妙精致的清新气 息,堪比奢华皮草和昂贵珠宝,令人难以抗拒。 深谙这一秘密的,自然不只甘特一人。时间追溯 到远古时期,那时候的男性为博得心仪异性之欢

previously had filled with rose petals so deep that her chosen


ones would sink into them up to their knees. Casanova bedecked


his mistresses from head to toe in rosewater. In the 15th century,


the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli painted roses raining down on


the naked goddess of love in his work „The Birth of Venus“ and,

年 代 欧 洲 的 著 名 风 流 才 子 卡 萨 诺 瓦

as early as 3,500 years ago, a fresco on the island of Crete

(Casanova)会在情人全身洒满玫瑰水。15 世

depicted the oldest ever known image of a rose.



Botticelli)在其名作《维纳斯的诞生》中,也让 这位裸体爱神沐浴在玫瑰雨中。在克里特岛上有 一副创作于3500年前的壁画,是人类已知的对 玫瑰形象的最早描述。

Photo by Uwe Herzog

Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi (Sandro Botticelli) I The Birth of Venus, 1486. Uffizi, Florence


Since then, no other flower has been immortalised in paintings, extolled in songs or mentioned in world literature as often as the rose. Its origins date back to early China, the ancient Persian Empire and the legendary Babylon. Thousands of years ago, oriental rulers strolled through beautiful rose gardens and their oils from the legendary Damask rose, which is still cultivated for this purpose today in Bulgaria, France, Morocco and Turkey. No fewer than three million rose petals are needed to obtain just one single litre of pure rose oil.

xuanhuongho I Shutterstock.com

alchemists were skilled in creating healing ointments and fragrant

Today, just as in days gone by, the rose petals are picked by hand at dawn, softened in water and then distilled, thus releasing more than 300 different active ingredients. A great many additional steps are then required in order to turn the initial distillate into a high quality essential oil. Rose oil was therefore not only the first ever fragrant oil to be obtained from a plant but it has always been one of the most valuable as well. Currently, the price of a kilo of pure rose oil reaches up to EUR 8,000. Furthermore, rose fragrance is the note that is most frequently used in perfumes – such as in the classic „Chanel No. 5“. In Persia, the rose has been heralded as a sacred plant since time immemorial and it was not only used as a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. As a welcome gesture, guests of the Persian ruling houses were sprinkled with rosewater (which is produced during the perfume production process) from a precious glass carafe – and every Sultan insisted on the ladies from their harem bathing in copious amounts of rosewater before a rendezvous. Fragrant rosewater also became a part of the culinary world. Even today, it is still added to refine ice cream and other baking and Michelin star chefs have recently begun to use rose petals with fish and grilled meat and on fresh salad. The captivating petals also found favour with Cleopatra‘s Roman lover Anthony, and they succeeded in effortlessly disarming this

africa924 I Shutterstock.com

desserts in Iran, in Europe it is a popular flavouring for Christmas

otherwise extremely experienced military commander. On his visit to Egypt, he even saw rose extract being put to use for the construction of the pyramids. Cleopatra‘s slaves regularly went on strike if they did not receive their daily fortifier – a mixture of honey and rose elixir. 1 Farmer wroking on farmland, he water the plant for flower tree in Sadec, Vietnam. 2 Rose shop in Lijiang ancient town in Yunnan, China. 3 Lusaka, Zambia: African men in the greenhouses select roses for export to Europe, which provide employment to 800 farmers.


Nature I History


4 Aalsmeer‘s FloraHolland flower auction. The largest flower auction in the world.

Jimmy Tran I Shutterstock.com



自此,再也没有哪种花卉如玫瑰一般,被世界各 地的人们世代赞颂,在绘画、音乐和文学作品中 保持着永恒不衰的生命力。玫瑰的起源,可以追 溯到几个不同的地点:古中国、古波斯和传说中 的巴比伦。数千年前,东方的君王们就喜欢在优 美的玫瑰花园中漫步,更会招募众多炼金术士, 以富有传奇色彩的大马士革玫瑰为原料炼制药膏 和精油。在保加利亚、法国、摩洛哥和土耳其等 地,这些古老的玫瑰提炼传统延续至今。为了提取 一升纯玫瑰精油,需要至少近300万的玫瑰花瓣。 古今相同,人们会在黎明时分用双手摘下玫瑰花 瓣,在水中柔化之后进行提炼,获得300多种不 同类型的活性成分。为了让这些原始蒸馏物变身 为高品质精油,随后还需要进行大量其他的步 骤。玫瑰精油不仅是人类首次从植物中提取的芳 香油,也始终都是芳香油产品中最为昂贵的一 款。目前,一公斤纯玫瑰精油的价格最高可达 8000欧元。此外,玫瑰那浓郁而令人欲罢不能 的香气,也频频出现在香水之中,例如,经典的 香奈儿5号。 4

波斯人很早以前就将玫瑰奉为神圣之花,为其找 到了各式各样的用途,比如用来愉悦心情甚至是 研制春药。波斯统治者在迎接宾客时,为了表示 好客之意,会在珍贵剔透的玻璃水瓶中装上玫瑰 水(香水制作过程中的副产品),并将其洒在贵 客的身上。苏丹后宫的嫔妃必须在其闺房中以玫 瑰水沐浴后,才能在君主身旁伴驾。在美食界 中,香气扑鼻的玫瑰水亦是倍受青睐。如今,伊 朗人仍然会在高档冰淇淋和其他甜点中添加这

Nature I History


种“甘露”,欧洲人常将它添加在圣诞糕点之中。 最近,它的身影甚至出现在米其林星级厨师制作 的鱼、烤肉和新鲜沙拉之中。 很显然,埃及艳后的情人安东尼也非常喜欢玫 瑰。即使是这位久经沙场的罗马统治者,也会在 这迷人的“武器”前缴械投降。他在拜访埃及期 间发现,埃及人甚至在修建金字塔的过程中都离 不开玫瑰。埃及艳后的奴隶们每天都会获得一种 神秘的赏赐:用蜂蜜和玫瑰提取物制成的混合 La Roseraie du Val-de-Marne, France

物。如果哪天有所遗漏,奴隶们便会罢工以示抗 议。

After Anthony‘s return to Rome, a feast without the guests abandoning themselves to indulgence and passion „on a bed of roses“

安东尼回到罗马时,也带回了这种对玫瑰的狂 热。以至于每场盛宴都离不开玫瑰的身影,在这

was virtually unimaginable. It was only in „virtuous“ central Europe


that rose beds demurely disappeared behind monastery walls


for the time being. Charlemagne did issue a decree concerning


rose cultivation – but the flowers were primarily to be grown as


medicinal plants which promised relief from the symptoms of


infection in the plague-ridden early Middle Ages. In her day,


Hildegard of Bingen, the famous „herb witch“, swore by coo-


ling rose elixirs – for example for fever and digestive problems.

西德佳德修女(Hildegard Bingen)就认为通过冷

She also formulated this beauty tip. „Collect rose petals at day-


break and place them over your eyes to make them clear.“ Today,


renowned cosmetics producers put their faith in rose oil and the


creams made from it. Their ingredients make the skin smoother, have a germicidal effect and stimulate cell regeneration.

置于双眸之上,可令其更加明亮。”如今,知名 化妆品品牌更是对玫瑰精油青睐有加,用其制成 各种面部护理品,据说可令皮肤更加柔滑,兼具 杀菌功效,可促进细胞再生。 当中世纪的僧侣们首次人工种植玫瑰、忙于寻找 玫瑰新治疗功效的同时,英国却爆发了一场“玫 瑰战争”。当时的约克(York)和兰切斯特 (Lancaster)两个家族为争夺英格兰王位而宣 战,并随后在王冠之上嵌入了著名的“都铎”玫 瑰图案。那时也是秘密组织盛行的时代,保护机 密是一件至高无尚的事情。人们经常会以“机密 声明”(sub rosa dictum,直译为“玫瑰之下” )传递消息。从那以后,教堂的忏悔室会以玫瑰 雕刻作为点缀,作为最谨慎态度的标志。


Nature I History



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Turkish Rose Tea

玫瑰始终散发着一种神秘的气息,令无数作家心 驰神往。比如,安伯托·艾科(Umberto Eco)曾 以它为主题撰写了畅销书《玫瑰之名》。其他作 家也坚信玫瑰的确具有一种魔力。例如,著名的作 家加西亚·马尔克斯(Gabriel Garcia Márquez) 在每次写作之前,如果他的妻子莫赛迪斯 (Mercedes)没有在桌子上放一束黄玫瑰,那么 他就不会动笔。他将玫瑰视为一种幸运花,可以 保护他远离“恶灵”。 如今,在巴黎、维也纳、柏林和伦敦仍然可以欣 赏到很多迷人的玫瑰花园,依稀可见其曾经的雍 容华贵。这些花园的历史可以追溯到200多年 前,都是那些欧洲掌权的玫瑰爱好者下令种植的 成果,比如约瑟芬皇后(Joséphine)。一些 富有创新精神的园艺师,比如亨利·博耐特 (Henry Bennett),在传统玫瑰种植方法中注入 了一股全新的魔力。博耐特曾是一位农夫,他发 现了一个秘密:可以用牛羊养殖的简单原理用来 培育玫瑰。他的方法并不复杂,就是通过人工授 粉的方式,将反复开花的玫瑰品种与茶树杂交, 培养出新品种。他在铁路旁修建了几个温室培育 并出售这种娇弱的花卉,使其成为一个可以赚得 大笔钞票的“金矿“。1884年,他与费城的园 艺师进行了一笔最昂贵的交易,一朵玫瑰的售价 高达5000美元。

Ice cream made with rose petal, cardamom, vanilla and pistachios.

Traditional turkish delight rahat lokum with nuts and rose petals.

Essential aroma oil with rose.

Pattern of rose carved on wood.

Rose Flower Thai style Teak wood carving Door in Chiangmai Thailand.

Carved Tudor Rose on an ornamental doorway.

While medieval monastic medicine was already permanently


on the lookout for new cures based on the first purpose-bred


roses, the bloody „Wars of the Roses“ raged in England. The


noble houses of York and Lancaster fought each other for the


English crown, whose crest has since then been adorned with


the famous „Tudor“ rose. It was also the age of the secret societies


in which confidentiality was paramount and messages were


always passed on „sub rosa dictum“ (literally under the rose). Since this time, confessional boxes have been decorated with rose carvings as a sign of utmost discretion. Numerous authors have been fascinated by the mysterious aura which has always surrounded the rose. Umberto Eco used it as

还有一行字:这是“和平”玫瑰,在柏林攻陷之 日为其命名。这款玫瑰后来入选了世界玫瑰联合 会的“玫瑰名人堂”,它所传递出的积极正面的 讯息,迅速感染了无数民众。目前“和平”玫瑰 的销量已经超过1000万支。

a motif in his bestseller „The Name of the Rose“. Others firmly believed in the mythical power of roses. For example, the novelist Gabriel Garcia Márquez refused to write so much as one single line before his wife Mercedes had placed a bouquet of yellow roses on his desk – as a lucky charm and to protect him from the „evil spirits“. Nature I History


全球玫瑰的品种已经超过3万种。主要种植区分 布在欧洲、非洲和南美洲。尽管玫瑰是一个庞大 的产业,但很多玫瑰种植园的工人收入却非常微 薄。越来越多的进口商重视公平交易和绿色种 植。荷兰的阿斯米尔(Aalsmeer)拥有世界上最 大规模的花卉拍卖会,每年交易的鲜切花数量超 过30亿支,其中以玫瑰为主。但玫瑰的真正价 值,却很难以美元、欧元或者日元来衡量。正如 20世纪70年代一首著名的歌曲所唱:我可以给 你钻戒般珍贵的物品,但是,对不起,我不能给 你玫瑰花园。因此,对于那些寻求玫瑰“货币” 价值的人而言,最好去看看各种腕表、珠宝和服 装店的橱窗。因为在我们的记忆里,设计师们已 经被玫瑰那强大的象征意义所折服,因此,无论 是大众品牌的量产商品,还是知名品牌的定制商 品,都会频频出现玫瑰的身影。 让我们把目光投向地中海的蔚蓝海岸(Côte

d’Azur. )。这里处处可见妩媚娇柔的玫瑰花园, 让您切实感受到在玫瑰种植黄金时代的盛景。例 Graff

如,在摩纳哥的丰维耶(Fontvieille),有国王雷 尼尔为缅怀妻子格蕾丝·凯利而建造的格蕾丝王 妃玫瑰园(Roseraie Princesse Grace)。格蕾丝 生前不仅知晓如何与玫瑰“交流”,甚至会将玫 瑰花瓣融入油画的绘制过程之中。她的那些作品


曾在巴黎展出。每年在蒙特卡洛举行的“玫瑰舞 会”都吸引着世界众多精英人士前往。这场富有

Today, roseries in Paris, Vienna, Berlin and London still bear witness to the glorious gardens which rose lovers such as Empress Joséphine commissioned in Europe approximately two hundred years ago. Ingenious breeders, such as Henry Bennett, injected new magic into the traditional rose-growing world. Bennett, who had previously been a farmer, discovered that roses could be bred by applying similar principles to those used for cattle and sheep. Without further ado, he used artificial pollination to cross

传奇色彩的重大盛事也是由王妃和玫瑰爱好者牵 头举办的。如今,距离甘特·萨克斯在圣特洛佩 洒下玫瑰花瓣雨已经过去半个世纪,但“花之女 王”的强大力量却丝毫未曾减弱。没有人能抗拒 这神奇花朵的甜蜜魔咒,包括巨星麦当娜、名人 金·卡戴珊或是摇滚巨星蒂娜·特纳(Tina Turner)(她的婚礼中出现了由7万多朵玫瑰打 造的花海)。但事实上,您只要用一朵玫瑰,就

tea roses with repeat-blooming roses to create new varieties,


built greenhouses near a railway line and turned the business


with the delicate blossoms into a goldmine. And his greatest deal was selling a single rose to a gardener from Philadelphia, which earned Bennett the proud sum of US$ 5,000 in 1884. Since this time, rose breeders from all around the world have

1 The World Festival of Roses (Festival Mondial des Roses)

being trying to outstrip each other by applying imagination

2 ‚Peace‘ rose

and ingenuity to create new, stunning rose hybrids. And one 98

Nature I History

takes place in Lyon (France) from May to October. 3 ‚Bennett‘s Seedling‘ by Henry Bennett

Pierre-Jean Durieu I Shutterstock.com

particularly beautiful new creation even managed to enter the political arena – the „Peace“ rose, with its yellow and subtle pink tones. When the global powers convened at the inaugural meeting of UNO in San Francisco in 1945, shortly after the liberation from Nazi rule, this rose had been placed in the hotel rooms of all the delegates. It was accompanied by the words „This is the ‚Peace‘ rose, which was christened on the day Berlin fell.“ The positive message of this creation inducted to the „Rose Hall of Fame“ has been spread in huge numbers. More than ten million „Peace“ roses have been sold. Today, there are more than 30,000 different rose varieties throughout the world. The main growing regions are in Europe, Africa and South America. A thorny business for many plantation workers – but more and more importers are placing a great deal of importance on fair trade and pollutant-free production. In Aalsmeer alone, a town in the Netherlands which boasts the largest flower auction in the world, more than three billion cut flowers change hands every year, principally roses. However, the true value of roses cannot be measured in dollars, euros or yen. And there is good reason that the famous song from the 1970s says „I could promise you things like big diamond rings“ but „I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.“ Therefore those who are looking for „monetarily“ valuable roses would be better off to take a look in the windows of watchmakers, jewellers and fashion stores. For as long as anyone can remember, designers have sworn by the powerful symbolism of the rose and have incorporated its likeness into mass produced and one-off items from famous brands. But back to the Côte d’Azur. Here too, enchanting gardens remind us of the heyday of rose cultivation – such as the Roseraie Princesse Grace, which Prince Rainier commissioned in Fontvieille, Monaco, in the honour of his wife Grace Kelly. Grace not only knew how to „speak“ to roses – she even incorporated the flower petals into works of art on canvas and exhibited them in Paris. The legendary „Rose Ball“, which attracts the world‘s elite to Monte Carlo once a year, was also called into being by the princess and rose enthusiast. And half a century after Gunter Sachs created a rainfall of roses in nearby Saint Tropez, the hype surrounding the „queen of all flowers“ seems to be unabated. Whether it be Madonna, Kim Kardashian or rock legend Tina Turner, who celebrated her wedding here in a sea of 70,000 roses – no one can resist the spell of this magical flower. Nevertheless, it only takes one single rose to say the words which only reveal their full beauty through its petals – „I love you.“



The new Magician of

By Renato Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Mark S. Kennedy

„Vettel is leading the revolution“, “Vettel tames the frenzy” or „Vettel has the F1 world at his feet!” The world’s press has seldom been as enthusiastic about a racing driver as it is about Sebastian Vettel, who has been under contract at Ferrari since the beginning of this year and who has celebrated one success after the next. The Italian „Gazetta dello Sport“ summed it up exactly: „Vettel is the magician. That is Ferrari just like Enzo Ferrari would have loved it!” In an exclusive interview with Luxury Life MAGAZINE, Sebastian Vettel reveals what he is really like.

“维特尔正在引领一场革命”、“维特 尔力挽狂澜”、“维特尔登上了F1世界 的巅峰!”在塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔 (Sebastian Vettel)面前,世界各大媒 体罕见地向这位赛车手抛出各式狂热的 溢美之词。维特尔于今年初被法拉利招 致麾下,自此折桂的喜讯便接踵而至。 意大利《体育报》的描述简洁精辟:“ 维特尔就是一名魔法师。这就是创始人 恩佐·法拉利 (Enzo Ferrari)希望看到 的法拉利!”在《奢华生活》的独家采 访中,塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔向读者展示 了他最本真的模样。



Sebastian Vettel - Bahrain Grand Prix 16th April 2015

The goal of FOM boss Bernie Ecclestone is clearly defined:


Formula 1 is to become more exciting once again. But it isn‘t


only the fact that the electronic launch control has been done


away with, or that the radio contact between the drivers and pit


lanes has been limited that will make the biggest motor racing


series in the world more exciting in the future. It already is exciting,


and the reason for this is one man; a man who is closer to matching


the unique successes of a certain Michael Schumacher than anyone else: Sebastian Vettel. He is the youngest driver to ever have led a Grand Prix, the youngest driver to ever have taken pole position, the youngest driver to ever make it onto the podium, the youngest World Champion in the history of Formula 1, and finally, the youngest driver to have won four Formula 1 world titles. But „young“ should certainly not be confused with beginners’ luck, naivety or even a lack of strength of character.


男人:塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔。在F1的历史上,他 正在稳步迈向迈克尔·舒马赫达到的极致巅峰, 与此同时,将其他赛车手远远甩在身后。 他是格兰披治大赛中最年轻的夺冠车手,是入选 首发车位队伍的最年轻车手,是站在颁奖台上的 最年轻的获奖选手,是F1赛车史上最年轻的世界 冠军,也是四次赢得F1世界冠军头衔的最年轻车 手。但他的“年轻”并不代表他只是运气好,也 绝不等同于天真和缺乏坚强的性格。

The opposite is in fact the case. Sebastian Vettel is – even when



considered against the backdrop of the aura that surrounds his


chosen profession – what you would call „a real guy“, even in


the world outside the Formula 1 circus. In Nice cathedral, he bore


the coffin of his colleague Jules Bianchi, who died following a


tragic accident and months in a coma, with a stoic dignity. He

(Jules Bianchi)是维特尔的队友,在一次事故中

held Jules’ father in his arms for a long time. And after he won


the Hungarian Grand Prix a short time later, his words on the


winner‘s podium were not those of empty lip service: „This


victory is for Jules“.

的敬意,并给了朱利斯的父亲一个长久的拥抱, 以示安慰。之后不久,在赢得匈牙利格林披治大

Without a doubt, Sebastian Vettel shows his class – both on the track and off it. And with him it would seem that Ferrari had been looking for a „jockey“ for its „prancing horses“ who would approach every race with the same passion that is so contagious to fans around the globe and is as strong as in the heyday of Michael Schumacher. But how does the new god of Formula 1 see himself? The editor-in-chief of Luxury Life MAGAZINE, Renato Schweizer, accompanied Sebastian Vettel on a quick spin to Ferrari‘s European headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany – and on the way he found out the uncannily simple secret to his success: keeping it real. Here is our exclusive interview.

赛后,他做出了发自肺腑的获奖感言:“这次胜 利是为了朱利斯。”德国日报《世界报》在报道 此事时,给出了一个恰如其分的标题:塞巴斯蒂 安·维特尔长大了! 毫无疑问,塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔在赛场内外均显 示出了他优秀的品质。对于法拉利而言,有了这 张王牌,“奔腾之马”终于有了恰如其分的“骑 手”,在每一场赛事中,都能在世界各地掀起如 此澎湃的激情,就如同迈克尔·舒马赫全盛时期 一样狂热强烈。那么,这位F1新帝如何看待他自

Mr. Vettel, how does it feel to be only 28 but already a


four time Formula 1 world champion?


Sebastian Vettel: „I‘m definitely very proud. My biggest goal


was to be world champion once in my life. More than anything


else, in order to prove to myself that I could do it. That it would

编发现维特尔的成功秘诀其实非常简单:保持真 Portrait


happen four times is something that I could not have even imagined in my wildest dreams. What remains, apart from the trophies, are the memories from each year. They are powerful impressions and experiences that leave their mark on you.“ Are there any negative aspects? Sebastian Vettel: „To be honest, I think that I‘ve been very lucky in life that I do something that fulfills me each and every day, something that‘s fun and doesn‘t get boring, at least it hasn‘t yet. Of course there are certain things that you have to do without, but when compared with the benefits, you can‘t really talk about negatives. I also do completely normal things; I go to a lake for a swim or do my grocery shopping in our village. And if someone recognizes me, then they recognize me. In Switzerland where I live, people are a bit more reserved than they are in other places so it works really well; I have a lot of freedom to just live my life.“ You live in an old mill in the Canton of Thurgau near Lake Constance, which some might say is out in the sticks. What made you want to live in such a rural area? Sebastian Vettel: „I found a property there a few years ago that I really liked and felt very comfortable there straight away. It is of course very quiet and isolated, but it‘s always the case in life that you want that contrast. When you have high-octane action

Hungarian Grand Prix, 24th July 2015

Hungarian Grand Prix, 26th July 2015, Sebastian Vettel - Kimi Raikkonen

我。以下就是我们独家采访的全纪录。 维特尔先生,28岁就已获得4次F1世界冠军殊 荣,您对此感觉如何? 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:“我当然感到非常骄傲。 我曾经的最大目标,就是能在我的一生中获得一 次世界冠军。但最重要的是,我要证明给自己 看,我能行!四次夺冠 — 即使是在我最天马行空 的梦想中也从未奢望过。夺冠后留下来的除了奖 杯,就是过往每一年所留下的回忆。这些深刻的 记忆和成绩在我的心中留下了深深的印记。” 这种成功有没有负面影响? 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:·“坦率地说,我认为自 己真的很幸运,能够从事自己喜爱的事业,从中 感受乐趣,不会无聊,至少目前还没有感到无 聊。当然了,也有些不情愿、但又不得不做的事 情。不过与优点相比,这些缺点就显得不值一 提。我也会去做非常生活化的事情,比如去湖区 游泳,或者到镇上的商店买东西。如果有人认出 我,也没有什么。在我所居住的瑞士,那里的人 与其他地方的人相比更含蓄一些,因此,非常适 合我居住。我有很大的自由,可以过自己想过的 生活。” 您生活在图尔高州(Thurgau)一个古老的磨坊农 庄里,距离康斯坦茨湖很近,那里会有狐狸和兔 子“道晚安”。您当时为什么会选择如此田园的 地方居住呢? 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:“几年前,我在那里找到 一栋我非常喜欢的房子,它给我的第一印象就是 非常舒服。当然了,那里安静得有些与世隔绝, 但在生活中,你经常会需要这种对比效果。如果 你整天从事赛车这种极速运动,回家后能够享受 宁静安详,那感觉真是太美好了。我是在乡村长大 的,所以我仍然非常喜欢居住在那样的环境中。我 只是没有养奶牛,那里的奶牛已经足够多了。”



Sebastian Vettel wins Hungarian Grand Prix, 26th July 2015

the whole day long, it‘s really nice when you have peace and


quiet when you get home. I grew up in a rural area so I still really


like living in the countryside. I don‘t have any cows though, there


are enough there already.“

塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:“日夜笙歌或者张扬生 活,这不是我的个性。我只要做一些常规的事

You are not known for living a glamorous lifestyle or even enjoying wild parties like some of the other Formula 1 drivers do sometimes. Are you more of a family kind of guy? Sebastian Vettel: „Partying big time or putting my life on show is not my thing. I‘m happy and satisfied when I‘m just doing normal stuff. For example, just lying in the sun when the weather is good, spending time with family and friends. That‘s when I‘m happiest.“ What are your long-term goals? Are you working on equaling Schumacher‘s record of seven world titles? Sebastian Vettel: „No, I don‘t actually see it like that. When

就是我最幸福的时刻。” 您的长远目标是什么?会全力达到舒马赫七次世 界冠军的记录吗? 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:“不是,我并不这么想。 你看迈克尔所获得的成就,仅就那些数据而言, 也就是获得成功的次数,能够做到这一点简直是 惊人之举。我想,当年他开始自己的事业时,绝 不会说:“现在,我要达到一个其他人难以超越

alone, the number of victories, to do that is just phenomenal. I


also don‘t think that he started out back then and said „now I‘m


going to lay down a marker that will be incredibly hard to


beat.“ It just came with time. He created something at Ferrari that


was successful over the course of many years. Of course I wouldn‘t


would be a very hard goal to achieve.“ Formula 1 drivers usually have a manager. What made



you just take a look at what Michael has achieved, the statistics

be unhappy about it if I could manage to do the same, but that



you want to do without one?


Sebastian Vettel: „At BMW and at Red Bull there were always


people who helped me out when finalizing contracts, Dr. Mario


Theissen at BMW and Dr. Helmut Marko at Red Bull for example.


And the time then came when I was old enough to stand on my

奥·赛西恩博士(Mario Theissen)和红牛的赫尔

own two feet and the need just never arose then. I‘m not


against managers in principle. If the right one came along


today and I had the feeling that it would work ... who knows? But I don‘t see the need at the moment.“ You give your Formula 1 racing cars female names. Your current car, the Ferrari SF15-T, is called „Eva“. What‘s the story behind that? Sebastian Vettel: „A couple of years ago, the mechanics and I decided that when you spend the entire year working on the car, then it seems appropriate to give it a name. And only a


纪人的情况。我原则上并不排斥经纪人。如果刚 好有合适的人出现,而且我感觉对我有帮助…谁 知道呢?但目前尚无这样的需要。” 您给自己的F1赛车都取了女性的名字。例如,您 现在的法拉利FF-15-T赛车叫做“夏娃”。这里 面有什么故事吗? 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:“几年前,我和机械师们

female name came into consideration because we feel that the


car is something beautiful, and when you talk about something


beautiful, now and then that something is a beautiful woman.

名字,因为觉得赛车很漂亮,用漂亮来作形容词 时,我们通常会说,漂亮的女人。这就是女性名 字的来源。这也是为什么我的车每年都会有一个 特别的名字。在这个赛季开始后不久,我和我的机 械师们在一起享用晚餐时为这辆车取了名字。” 今天,我们一起乘坐全新的法拉利California T,在此期间,我很荣幸地能够从您那里学到很 多驾驶知识。您对那些野心勃勃的赛车手有什么 建议吗? 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔:“首先,千万不要因为超 速被警察叔叔开罚单(大笑)。但说真的,如今 在道路上,你真的要非常小心才是。当然了,如 果你能驾驶一辆好车,就像我们今天这辆,一定 会获得巨大的乐趣。我的建议是,最好能花点时 间和钱,到真正的赛道上驰骋一天。你绝对会乐 在其中,获得巨大的回报。你会更了解你的车, 而且不用担心其他车从对面冲过来。”


Sebastian Vettel wins Hungarian Grand Prix, 26th July 2015


Sebastian Vettel on the road in a California T

So that‘s the reason for the female name. And this is how it


came about that my car got a special name every year. Shortly


before the start of the season, the mechanics and I get together


for a meal and we christen the car.“

的汽车。只要你坐上这款车,它就会向你发起真 正的挑战。在现代的车型中,它的性能和驾驭性

Today we drove together in the new Ferrari California T, and I was lucky enough to be able to learn a lot about driving from you. What tips would you give to ambitious racing car drivers? Sebastian Vettel: „Well, make sure you don‘t get a speeding ticket first of all (laughs). But seriously, you really do need to take a lot of care on the roads nowadays. Of course, it‘s great fun when you‘re sitting in the right car like we are today. But my tip is it‘s better to invest some time and money and book a day on a race track. Then you really can enjoy it and give it all you‘ve got, you can get to know your car better and you don‘t have to worry about anyone coming in the opposite direction.“ You also drive a Ferrari off the track - which model? Sebastian Vettel: „An F40. I consider it to be a car that you really have to do some work in, the performance is there immediately. When you get into it, it really challenges you. The performance and handling are of course better in more modern cars, but they are also easier to drive. You still really need to do some manual work in the F40 – and that‘s exactly what makes it fun!“ www.sebastianvettel.de



自然是很好的。此外,它们驾驶起来的感觉也很 轻松。F40仍然需要进行很多手动操作,但也正 因如此,我才会感觉乐趣十足!”




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Oriental Essences – The power of perfume.

Trace the aromatic footsteps of the world’s finest perfumers while they embark on a rich and adventurous expedition into the Orient. On the ancient trail of the Orient Express this journey of fragrances uncovers a treasure of rare herbs, exotic spices and aromas from an era gone by. The captivating result is an olfactory experience that allows your senses to visit the historic cities of Constantinople, Marrakech, Kashmir and Muscat. Through flower valleys in India to the imposing landscape of the Tibetan Himalayas. Inspired by their journeys into the orient, the new RITUALS perfumers uncovered a fragrant treasure of exclusive spices and ingredients to compose the bespoke collection of four luxury eau de parfum for women and four for men. Products are available at RITUALS Cosmetics stores, selected department stores and www.rituals.com


Mediterranean Meditation. Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Maier’s inspiration for Knot is a vision of an escape from reality that leads to a villa on the Italian Riviera. The house sits in the hills overlooking the sparkling sea, its interior illuminated by sunlight, its open windows ushering in the saltwater breeze and the scent of peonies from the garden combined with the redolence of clementine trees in the distance. Knot Eau Florale conjures the next chapter of the Mediterranean interlude, this time set in the villa’s flower garden. Knot Eau Florale is the continuation of the collaboration between Tomas Maier and master perfumer Daniela Andrier. A delicate floral expression of the Knot fragrance, Knot Eau Florale features amplified notes of Rose and Peony layered with the softness of musk. The Mediterranean soul of the scent continues to radiate through notes of mandarine, neroli and lavender, underscored by the earthiness of cedarwood and tonka beans. The combination of these rare materials is what gives Knot Eau Florale its unforgettable nature. www.bottegaveneta.com

The Essence of a bold and free woman. An oriental fragrance with a strong character and surprising freshness, Coco Mademoiselle cultivates the art of harmonizing paradoxes. The vibrant, sparkling freshness of orange immediately awakens the senses, before giving way to a clear and transparent heart with an unexpectedly delicate floral bouquet of Rose and Jasmine. A bold sensuality emerges in the base of this oriental composition with a modern structure, underscored by pure patchouli and vetiver. Available as Limited Edition Prestige Set. www.chanel.com

The quintessence of femininity. It is therefore in this time-honoured tradition, and through a unique sensorial experience, that Giorgio Armani’s Sì Huile De Parfum pays tribute to the quintessence of femininity, a delicate combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit. A few drops of this heavenly elixir are enough to remain fragrant throughout the day. Its exceptional concentration leaves a long and sensual wake. A royal nectar of blackcurrant pours languidly onto creamy woods, within the final accord of modern chypre, a note of considerable elegance and pleasure. www.armanibeauty.com

The Power of the Orient. Eau Parfumée au thé noir, created by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier, presents an interpretation of the most noble and rarest notes of the black tea of Yunnan. It is an invitation to a motionless and dream-like journey to a mysterious land where an age-old art survives. Its complex facets, worthy of an olfactory big-bang, intimately recall the style of the Roman jeweller. Designed for both men and women. www.bulgari.com

A new floral paradigm is born. Based around the Cistus Flower, a flower with no scent, a new floral archetype is created. Labdanum is the starting point. This warm resin, obtained from the leaves and twigs of the Cistus shrub, permeates the fragrance with an intriguing and suave oriental signature. Lavish Sandalwood reinforces the impression of opulence while Vetiver confers a deep, woody vibration. A composition highlighted with Incense and Pink pepper and laced with Plum Liqueur to enrich the floral. An odourless flower is given life, a virtual scent imagined: enigmatic, contrasted, intense. www.comme-des-garcons-parfum.com



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