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From varied itineraries and exciting stopovers at cultural hotspots

For those who wish to explore the attractions of

to exclusive lake- or mountain-side lodgings, everything is organi-

other countries besides Switzerland, one of the

zed perfectly. «What distinguishes us, is our individual service

various transnational sports car tours are recom-

and the highly exclusive tour- and vehicle options we offer. Com-

mendable. Germany and France would be a

petent tour guides take greatest care in dealing with even the

possible choice as well as a two-day tour from

smallest details and ensure that all our clients' wishes are fulfilled»,

Munich to Prague. Germany is the one and only

thus, the CEO of the Edel & Stark AG, André Messerli. «Apart from

country in Europe in which the power and speed

given tours, we also arrange customized tours for individual clients

of the cars can be deployed without limits. A

and successful companies. Many have realized the fact that such

perfect contrast to the speed experienced on the

exceptional events achieve to bind clients, acquire new ones, and

«German Autobahn» is provided by the peace

motivate outstanding employees. Thanks to our full-service-pack-

and quiet on the greens on various exclusive golf

age, our clients can fully concentrate on their business partners and

courses. On the golf tour, speed meets sports,

networking, whereas we provide for an unforgettable experience.»

asphalt meets green, and fresh air the roaring sound of engines. With the motto «fast driving,

The gourmet tour, for instance, is very popular. The participants

beautiful lodging, and exclusive golfing» car

depart from Lucerne, pass the crystal clear Lake Lucerne and

enthusiasts enjoy unforgettable moments with

while driving on mountain passes head on south into the Mediter-

Edel & Stark on this tour as well.

ranean Italian speaking region of Switzerland. From there, the tour continues to St. Moritz and eventually leads over curvy passes to Zermatt, the town at the foot of the Matterhorn. Visits to the Inter-

Further information on all offers by Edel & Stark

national center of the clock industry as well as a stay in Gstaad

can be gathered on

are on the program. On top of that, participants can count on var-

or from Edel & Stark AG, Hübelistrasse 28

ious culinary treats prepared by distinguished chefs and served

CH-4600 Olten, Tel: +41 62 295 15 15

in renowned restaurants and luxury hotels.

Luxury Life MAGAZINE  

Spring Edition 2012

Luxury Life MAGAZINE  

Spring Edition 2012