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Be on Cloud 9 in the Caribbean this winter Delivered by CRN Shipyard just a few months ago, the spectacular 74 metre superyacht CLOUD 9 combines impressive volume and exceptional comfort over five expansive decks. Her elegant Winch Design interior offers accommodation for 12 guests in 8 beautiful suites. Special features include a swimming pool, beach club with espresso bar, jacuzzi and Teppanyaki bar on the sun deck, spa with massage area, indoor and outdoor cinemas, elevator, plenty of water toys and a top notch crew of 22.

Offered for charter this winter by Burgess as Central Agents for her inaugural Caribbean season, CLOUD 9 sets a new benchmark for luxury cruising at the highest level.


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House of Fine Yachting 27 > 30 SEPTEMBER 2017

Dear friends of Luxury Life

Publishers: Renato Schweizer & his daughter Patricia Schweizer

„There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book." Life involves constant transformation. And it is changes and new

Das Leben ist ein ständiger Wandel. Veränderungen und

situations, irrespective of whether we view them as positive or

neue Situationen, gleich ob wir diese als positiv oder negativ

negative, which allow us to develop and discover everything the

werten, helfen uns, unsere Persönlichkeiten weiterzuentwickeln

world has to offer. Nevertheless, there are often times when we

und die Fülle des Lebens zu entdecken. Doch gibt es immer

arrive at a crossroads and don’t know which path is the right one

wieder Momente, wenn man vor einer Kreuzung steht und

to take. Many of us then lack courage, and we therefore wait at

nicht weiss, welchen Weg man einschlagen soll. Vielen

this crossroads for a long time and begin to stagnate. But our

fehlt dann der Mut zu einer Entscheidung und Stehenbleiben

lifetime’s journey can only continue if we are bold enough to make

bedeutet Stagnieren. Seinen Lebensweg kann nur weiter

a decision and rid ourselves of our fear of the uncertain.

gehen, wer die Angst vor dem Ungewissen besiegt.

I generally ask myself why, in the heads of many of us, this uncer-

Ich wundere mich, warum wir eine ungewisse „Zukunft“ so

tain “future” is usually viewed with anxiety and trepidation instead

oft mit Sorgen und Ängsten statt mit Optimismus und Freude

of with optimism and joy in the face of new experiences. Whether

auf das Neue sehen. Ob Jobwechsel, Ortswechsel, Tren-

it be a change of job, a relocation, a separation or a new partner-

nung, neue Partnerschaft: Jedes Ende einer Lebenssituation

ship, each time one chapter in our life closes, a new one opens;

ist der Beginn einer Neuen, die voller Potenzial steckt, die

full of potential and just waiting to be discovered and savoured.

entdeckt und genossen werden will. So wie wir hier immer

The same applies to the new countries and destinations which we

neue Länder und Ziele für Sie entdecken, mit einer solchen

continually explore for you in this magazine. We should approach

Reisefreude sollten wir auch durch unser Leben gehen. Es

our lives with the same delight as we do our travels, and swim with

ist ungemein befreiend, den Flow anzunehmen, sich treiben

the tide – allowing us to embrace chances and immerse ourselves

zu lassen und in neue Lebenssituationen einzutauchen. In

in new situations. In this edition, we would once again like to

dieser Ausgabe wecken wir einmal mehr Ihre Reiselust, und

rekindle your passion for travelling and perhaps, in a small way,

vielleicht auch ein kleines bisschen die Lust auf eine Reise

also take you on a journey in search of yourself. Life should be

zu Ihnen selbst. Das Leben soll Freude in Fülle bereiten, und

filled with delight and profusion and thus it is our pleasure to show

daher zeigen wir Ihnen gerne ein paar schöne Orte auf

you a few of our world’s most beautiful places where this can be

dieser Welt, wo dies besonders gut geht.

achieved particularly well...

Also: die Seele baumeln lassen, die Stille geniessen,

So, leave your cares behind you, enjoy the tranquillity, embrace

Situationen annehmen und deren Flow folgen... That‘s it.

opportunities and see where they take you... that’s all there is to it.



Your Luxury Life Team

certain things never go beyond

a first impression -

some will ...

Double CheCk is a Swiss medical centre located in Zurich,

the heart of Switzerland. Double Check provides medical excellence through state-of-the-art medical services, science and technology. They offer medical interventions, full health check-ups, medical second opinions and a variety of specialised services for individuals who desire convenience, efficiency, and value privacy. Double Check has a network of over 200 specialists in Switzerland and through this network, they ensure that any further medical examinations and treatment adheres to the highest possible standards. In addition, they provide their clients with a personal Care Concierge to guide and support them through their entire medical journey in any language and according to cultural requirements. Double Check goes a step beyond, to ensure that all examination, testing and treatment fits one`s schedule and lifestyle needs. This unique approach of network and private medical care brings the most advanced expertise available on the market.



C T + 41 (0) 44 212 11 00

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HOTEL Baros Maldives


FASHION Highlights Fall I Winter 2017/18


HAUTE HORLOGERIE Life becomes a Masterpiece







TRAVEL SPECIAL „Pura Vida“ Costa Rica


TRAVEL SPECIAL el alma Soul Retreat Costa Rica


TRAVEL SPECIAL Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica


TRAVEL SPECIAL Domenican Travel News


INTERVIEW Samuel L. Jackson









MEDICAL BEAUTY Dr. Mauro Conti HairClinic Italy




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AUTOMOBILE Millionth 911


HOTEL The Brando Tetiaroa Private Island


HOTEL InterContinental Bora Bora French Polynesia


GOURMET Chocolate Briding Happiness and Luxury




AUTOMOBILE McLaren 570S Spider


HOTEL LUX South Ari Atoll Maldives


MUST HAVE Autumn 2017


For those who go with the flow and those in full swing


Dominican Republic Tourist Board Hochstrasse, 54 . D-60313 Frankfurt/Main Tel.: +49 69 91397878 . Fax: +49 69283430 switzerland@godominicanrepublic.com www.godominicanrepublic.com/rd

Tourist Board

B Baros By Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy Photos Š Baros Maldives

BAROS MALDIVES – TROPICAL ISLAND DREAM COME TRUE Located on a picture postcard island surrounded by crystal clear waters,

Das BAROS Maldives liegt auf einer Insel, die schöner ist als jede Post-

the BAROS Maldives is a first-class resort for couples, honeymooners

karte. Von kristallklarem Wasser umgeben, ist sie ein erstklassiges Resort

and discerning holidaymakers alike.

für Paare, Hochzeitsreisende und andere anspruchsvolle Urlauber.

One of its stand-out features is the Serenity Spa. Hidden away in a lush

Eines der herausragenden Features ist das Serenity Spa. In einem üppigen

garden, it is a heavenly retreat which offers total privacy, yoga sessions

Garten versteckt, ist es ein himmlischer Rückzugsort, der in tadelloser

and exotic treatments; visitors thus leave the spa feeling wonderfully

Privatsphäre Yoga-Sessions und exotische Behandlungen bietet; Gäste

soothed and refreshed. Guests in search of tranquillity can also observe

verlassen es wunderbar entspannt und erfrischt. Wer Ruhe sucht, kann

the hypnotic marine life, as they immerse themselves in the pristine ocean

auch das hypnotische Meeresleben beobachten, ins lockende Blau des

and explore the calming underwater world of the coral reefs. Placid turtles,

Ozeans eintauchen und die ewige Unterwasserwelt der Korallenriffe

graceful rays and peaceful sharks can be encountered. A resident

erforschen. Hier kann man friedliche Schildkröten, anmutige Rochen

Marine Biologist is on hand to provide fascinating insight and to ensure

und Haie erleben. Ein ansässiger Marinebiologe kann faszinierende

that this paradise is protected for future generations.

Einsichten teilen; er stellt auch sicher, dass dieses Paradies für künftige

Amongst the other memorable activities available are excursions on a

Generationen geschützt ist.

handcrafted sailing dhoni and luxury yacht cruises. The destination

Unter den anderen unvergesslichen Aktivitäten sind Ausflüge auf einem

dining experiences include a gourmet meal on an isolated sand-

handgefertigten Segel-Dhoni und Luxus-Yachtkreuzfahrten. Auch Gourmet-

bank or on the “grand piano” deck in the midst of the turquoise sea.

Erlebnisse kommen nicht zu kurz; dazu gehört eine exquisite Mahlzeit

The resort runs 3 restaurants and 2 bars, all offering stunning views

auf einer isolierten Sandbank oder auf dem „Flügeldeck“ inmitten des

and delicious gourmet creations. Whichever of these outstanding culinary

türkisblauen Meeres. Das Resort verfügt über 3 Restaurants und 2 Bars,

options guests choose, they are guaranteed top-quality ingredients, fine

die alle einen atemberaubenden Ausblick und köstliche Gourmet-

wines and attentive service.

Kreationen bieten. All diese kulinarischen Angebote garantieren hoch-

The 75 villas represent the height of lavish comfort, featuring natural

wertige Zutaten, edle Weine und aufmerksamen Service.

materials, contemporary furnishings and high-tech facilities. While all

Die 75 Villen sind die Höhe des aufwändigen Komforts, mit natürlichen

the categories boast private outdoor areas with sun loungers and direct

Materialien, zeitgenössischen Möbeln und Hightech-Anlagen. Wäh-

access to the lagoon, many also have their own pool. The 268 m²

rend alle Kategorien private Aussenbereiche mit Liegestühlen und direk-

Baros Residence is the crème de la crème; in its secluded setting within

tem Zugang zur Lagune bieten, haben viele auch einen eigenen Pool.

a walled tropical garden, its guests can enjoy the dedicated 24-hour

Die 268 m² grosse Baros-Residenz ist die Crème de la Crème: In einem

butler service and every indulgence imaginable in an undisturbed

ummauerten tropischen Garten versteckt, bietet sie einen 24-Stunden-


Butler-Service und lässt keinen Wunsch offen.

After previously winning an impressive array of awards, it is no surprise

Dieses Premiumziel hat bereits eine beeindruckende Reihe von Preisen

that this premium destination received yet another accolade last year

gewonnen. Es ist keine Überraschung, dass im vergangenen Jahr noch

− the “World’s Most Romantic Resort 2016”. We too can highly recom-

eine Auszeichnung dazu kam: „World‘s Most Romantic Resort 2016“.

mend a relaxing and rejuvenating stay at this genuine embodiment of

Das Resort ist damit die Essenz der romantischen Malediven. Wir

“the essence of the Maldives”.


können einen erholsamen und verjüngenden Aufenthalt hier von Herzen empfehlen.



11 81






Ultra revitalising Firming Densifying

The cream

The emulsion

CellLift Cream

CellLift Cream Light










䄀唀匀吀䤀一 䔀匀娀䌀伀刀䤀 䠀䄀一䐀䴀䄀䐀䔀 䤀一 䔀一䜀䰀䄀一䐀

㄀㠀䬀琀 䜀伀䰀䐀 吀栀攀  䄀甀猀琀椀渀  䔀猀稀挀漀爀椀  挀愀爀搀  栀漀氀搀攀爀  甀猀攀猀  猀漀氀椀搀  ㄀㠀欀琀 栀愀渀搀 挀甀琀 最漀氀搀Ⰰ 猀栀愀瀀攀搀 琀漀 瀀攀爀昀攀挀琀椀漀渀 昀漀爀  攀愀挀栀 戀攀猀瀀漀欀攀 瀀椀攀挀攀⸀ 䔀愀挀栀 戀愀爀 椀猀 挀甀琀 栀攀爀攀 椀渀  䠀愀琀琀漀渀 䜀愀爀搀攀渀Ⰰ 䔀渀最氀愀渀搀ꀀ

㄀⸀㄀ 挀琀 䐀䤀䄀䴀伀一䐀匀

䄀昀琀攀爀  攀愀挀栀  最漀氀搀  戀愀爀  栀愀猀  戀攀攀渀  挀愀猀琀  椀琀  椀猀  琀栀攀渀  猀攀琀  眀椀琀栀  ㄀⸀㄀挀琀猀  漀昀  搀椀愀洀漀渀搀猀⸀  匀攀琀  戀礀  愀  䜀爀愀昀昀  匀琀愀渀搀愀爀搀  搀椀愀洀漀渀搀  猀攀琀琀攀爀Ⰰ  攀愀挀栀  漀渀攀  猀攀琀  瀀攀爀昀攀挀琀氀礀  椀渀  琀栀攀  戀愀爀⸀  吀栀攀爀攀  愀爀攀  漀瘀攀爀  㠀   搀椀愀洀漀渀搀猀 椀渀 琀栀椀猀 瀀椀攀挀攀ꀀ

䌀刀伀䌀伀䐀䤀䰀䔀 匀䬀䤀一

䔀愀挀栀 挀愀爀搀 栀漀氀搀攀爀 椀猀 栀愀渀搀洀愀搀攀 甀猀椀渀最 䜀爀愀搀攀 䄀  䌀爀漀挀漀搀椀氀攀  匀欀椀渀⸀  䤀琀  椀猀  栀愀渀搀  挀甀琀  愀渀搀  栀愀渀搀  猀琀椀琀挀栀攀搀  琀愀欀椀渀最  漀瘀攀爀  ㄀㔀  栀漀甀爀猀  漀昀  眀漀爀欀⸀  䤀琀  椀猀  栀愀渀搀挀爀愀昀琀攀搀  椀渀  䔀渀最氀愀渀搀  戀礀  愀渀  愀爀琀椀猀愀渀  眀椀琀栀  漀瘀攀爀 ㄀  礀攀愀爀猀 攀砀瀀攀爀椀攀渀挀攀ꀀ



Lia mast fe becomes erpiece



whento mastyouelrearnpeace. Watches




1 CORUM Corum Bridges Golden Bridges Stream Bridge Automatic, 31.00 x 52.50mm, 18K rose gold, Power Reserve 40 hours, Water resistant to 30 meters 2 BOVET 1822 AmadeoÂŽ Fleurier Virtuoso III, 46mm, 18K red gold, Caliber 17BM01AI-QPR, Hand-wound, Power Reserve 5 days, Water resistant to 30 meters 3 ZENITH Chronomaster El Primero Full Open, 42mm, Automatic, Power Reserve 50 hours, Water resistant to 100 meters 4 ATELIERS DEMONACO Tourbillon Casino de Monte-Carlo, 44mm, 18K white gold, Automatic dMc-980 Caliber, Power Reserve 42 hours, Water resistant to 30 meters 5 CARL F. BUCHERER Manero PowerReserve, 32mm, stainless steel, Automatic, CFB 1011 Caliber, Power Reserve 55 hours, 4

Water resistant to 30 meters.


1 CHOPARD L.U.C XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony, 35mm,18K rose gold, Self-winding movement, Power Reserve 65 hours, Water resistant to 30 meters 2 CENTURY L’Avenue Master Imperial, 18K white gold set with 133 diamonds, CENTURY sapphire with 60 facets cut with natural white mother-of-pearl, Quartz movement 3 CHANEL FINE JEWELRY Flying Cloud Collection, Azurean Braid, 18K white gold set with 658 brilliant-cut diamonds 4 TIFFANY & CO. Blue Book Collection, The Art of the Wild,18K white gold set with diamonds 5 HARRY WINSTON The Avenue Collection™, Avenue Classic Automatic, 15,7mm, 18K rose gold, Automatic, Calibre HW2009, Power Reserve 38 hours, Water resistant to 30 meters 6 BVLGARI Divas‘ Dream Skeleton Tourbillon, 37mm, 18K pink gold, manual-winding movement, Calibre BVL 208 Tourbillon, Power Reserve 64 hours, Water resistant to 30 meters.








5 Watches


La dolce vita 1


1 TIFFANY & CO. Blue Book Collection, The Art of the Wild, Ring 2 CARRERA Y CARRERA The Kiss of the Dragon, Ring 3 TIFFANY & CO. Blue Book Collection, The Art of the Wild, Ring 4 BINDER & MOERISCH Alutex Rubellit Ring 2



5 BINDER & MOERISCH Summer Song Ring 6 TIFFANY & CO. Blue Book Collection, The Art of the Wild, Ring






BV LGARI D I VA S ’ D R E A M C O L L E C T I O N 2 0 1 7 Inspired by feminine elegance and by the captivating beauty of Rome,

Inspiriert von der femininen Eleganz und der faszinierenden Schönheit

the inexhaustible creativity of Bulgari sculpts the iconic Divas’ Dream

Roms, interpretiert Bulgari – dank seiner unerschöpflichen Kreativität –

motif into a new collection of extraordinary shapes and colours. Cele-

das ikonische DIVAS DREAM Design mit aussergewöhnlichen Formen

brating the beauty of gemstones, crafted to perfection with quintessential

und Farben neu. Die Divas Dream Juwelen zeigen sich in neuen Stilrich-

Bulgari design, the Divas’ Dream jewels feature new styles, shades and

tungen, Formen und Kostbarkeiten, während sie die Schönheit ihrer Edel-

preciousness as the woman of today wants to express her nonchalant

steine mit einem vollkommenen und bis zur Perfektion verarbeiteten Bulgari

elegance on every occasion. With fresh and multifaceted creations,

Design zelebrieren – genau so, wie die Frau von heute ihre lässige Eleganz

revealing the breezy spirit of the collection, this year Bulgari makes

bei jeder Gelegenheit zum Ausdruck bringen möchte. Mit frischen und

every woman feel like a Diva. From graceful and refined, to charismatic

facettenreichen Kreationen, die den lebendigen Charakter der Kollektion

and edgy, to glamorous and vampish, the contemporary woman wants

enthüllen, macht Bulgari in diesem Jahr eine jede Frau zur Diva. Anmutig

to be unapologetic and carefree in her self-expression. Paying homage

und raffiniert, charismatisch und kantig, oder glamourös und sexy – die

to these women with an unmistakable Roman spirit, Bulgari creates a

moderne Frau möchte in ihrer Selbstdarstellung kompromisslos und unbe-

collection that is the very epitome of Italian elegance. With innate and

schwert zugleich sein. Auf unverkennbar römische Art und Weise huldigt

natural sophistication, a passion for vivid hues, a love for pure yet bold

Bulgari mit dieser Kollektion, die der Inbegriff italienischer Eleganz ist,

shapes and a ceaseless attention to details, the Divas’ Dream jewels

genau diese Frauen. Mit ihrer ganz eigenen und natürlichen Raffinesse,

have the allure of a distinctive style representing the very essence of

der Leidenschaft für leuchtende Farben, der Begeisterung für klare aber

Italian beauty.

gleichzeitig wagemutige Formen und einer niemals aufhörenden Liebe zum Detail, haben die DIVAS DREAM Juwelen die Anziehungskraft eines unverkennbaren Stils – den Kern italienischer Schönheit.




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00 24



00 25

00 26



00 27


Travel Special

Pura Vida


© shutterstock

By Louise Mawbey & Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy Photos Origen Extraordinary Escapes I Shutterstock I Patricia Schweizer

Travel Special

28 81

Orange Iguana in the dark green forest, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Flying Hummingbird at a Strelitzia flower

Peleides Blue Morpho


© shutterstock

© shutterstock

Hailed as the happiest country in the world and famed for its passion for democracy and peace, its myriad of exotic creatures, abundant plant life, breathtaking scenery, beautiful weather, stunning beaches and trailblazing green policies, Costa Rica is an amazing sensory experience and the luxury eco-tourism destination par excellence. A nation which has made the “pura vida” lifestyle its trademark. Accompany us as we explore this fascinating land. Travel

Fly high. Higher. Smell the clouds. Follow that river, that path, those whales. That crater. Get close. Closer. Listen. It’s the sound of the Earth. Experience organized by www.origenescapes.com




© Origen Extraordinary Escapes

Berühmt als das glücklichste Land der Welt, bietet Costa Rica erstaunliche Erfahrungen für alle Sinne. Mit leidenschaftlich und friedlich gelebter Demokratie und grüner Politik, unzähligen exotischen Tieren, wuchernden Pflanzen, atemberaubender Landschaft, sonnigem Wetter und weitläufigen Stränden, ist es das Ziel für luxuriösen Öko-Tourismus. Dieses faszinierende Land hat den Lebensstil „pura vida“ zu seinem Markenzeichen gemacht. Wir waren da: Kommen Sie mit!

The facts

Die Fakten

The Republic of Costa Rica (the “Rich Coast”) is located in Central

Die Republik Costa Rica (wörtlich „reiche Küste“) be-

America, bordering Nicaragua and Panama, as well as the

findet sich in Mittelamerika, angrenzend an Nicaragua

Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east,

und Panama, den Pazifischen Ozean im Westen und

and it covers a total area of more than 51,000 km2. It was first

das Karibische Meer im Osten. Sie erstreckt sich über

visited by Christopher Columbus in 1502 and became a Spanish

eine Gesamtfläche von mehr als 51‘000 km2.

colony in 1563. European influences are still very evident today:

Christoph Kolumbus war der erste Europäer, der das

in the architecture, the language (Spanish is the official language

Land erlebte. Das war im Jahre 1502; 1563 wurde

but English is also spoken by much of the population), the people

es zu einer spanischen Kolonie. Europäische Einflüsse

– around 94% of whom have European heritage – and their

sind heute noch sehr deutlich, und zwar in der Archi-

religion. Costa Rica has 4.5 million human inhabitants and more

tektur, der Sprache (Spanisch ist die offizielle Landes-

than 500,000 species of plants and animals. Its currency is the

sprache, aber auch Englisch wird von einem Grossteil

colón but US dollars are widely accepted. However, these bare

der Bevölkerung gesprochen), der Religion, sowie den

facts do not do justice to the country, its stunning scenery, people,

Einwohnern – rund 94% davon sind europäischer

cultural heritage and biodiversity, nor to its appeal as a first

Herkunft. Auf Costa Rica leben 4,5 Millionen Menschen

class tourist sanctuary. To truly appreciate all this, we have to

und mehr als 500‘000 Arten von Pflanzen und Tieren.

take a closer look, therefore to whet your appetite, Luxury Life

Die Währung heisst Colón, aber US-Dollar werden

MAGAZINE has put together a series of reports on its expe-

weithin akzeptiert. Dies ist aber alles nur Statistik. Um

riences in this enchanting region.

ein Bild von diesem erstaunlichen Land – der LandTravel

31 81

© shutterstock

© shutterstock

The crater and the lake of the Poás volcano

© shutterstock

Arenal volcano

© Patricia Schweizer

© shutterstock

Cerro Chirripó is the highest mountain in Costa Rica, 3,820 metres


schaft, dem Volk, der Kultur und der Biodiversität – zu bekommen, lohnt es sich, genauer hinzuschauen. Warum zieht Costa Rica anspruchsvolle Touristen so an? Luxury Life MAGAZINE präsentiert eine Reihe von Erfahrungsberichten in dieser bezaubernden Region.

Geographie – Küsten und Vulkane Costa Ricas Geographie hat alles, was ein Tourist sich wünschen kann: fast 1 300 Kilometer Küstenlinie für Strandferien und Wassersport; schroffe Bergketten und Vulkane für Abenteuer; üppige Dschungel für Erkundungswanderungen, und Flüsse für den Kajaksport und Rafting. Der höchste Berg ist der Cerro Chirripo. Mit 3‘820 Metern über dem Meeresspiegel, bietet er eine Herausforderung für den ambitionierten Berg-

Geography – from coastal plains to fascinating volcanoes Costa Rica’s geography boasts everything a tourist could wish for: nearly 1,300 kilometres of coastline for beach holidays and water sports, rugged mountain ranges and volcanoes for

steiger. Weniger erfahrene Wanderer können die beeindruckende Landschaft und Tierwelt in den zahlreichen Nationalparks (die ganze 25% des Landes abdecken!) entspannter erleben. Canyons, Wasserfälle und heisse Quellen hat Costa Rica auch zu bieten.

adventure, lush jungles to explore and rivers providing excellent conditions for kayaking and rafting. The highest peak towering 3,820 meters above sea level is Cerro Chirripo. It is a challenging climb for the ambitious trekker but the country’s national parks (which cover a staggering 25% of the land) offer thrilling opportunities for hikers of all levels, as well as those wishing to experience the impressive landscape in a more relaxed way. Canyons, waterfalls and hot springs can also be visited.

© Patricia Schweizer

Flora and fauna – biodiversity meets ecology Although it occupies only about 0.3% of the earth’s surface, the republic is home to around 5% of the world’s biodiversity, including over 34,000 species of insects and more than 840 species of birds. We were captivated by the many beautiful butterflies, one lovelier than the next, including the hand-sized, vibrantly-coloured Peleides blue morpho. Cute sloths, which are a must-see for most tourists, are very common and the country also boasts armadillos, pumas, several species of monkeys and more than 150 different types of snakes, to name just a small selection of the extensive wildlife that tourists can encounter. One of the best places to see this spectacular variety of fauna is the Tortuguero National Park; positively teeming with a wide range of animals, visitors are virtually guaranteed to spot a sloth. The diverse flora includes rare orchids, mangrove swamps, tropical forestation and many endangered plants.

The ultimate natural luxury – This secret and mysteriously waterfall with natural pools is one of the most stunning and peaceful places in Costa Rica. Only a few exclusive travellers a year have the chance to visit and enjoy this private and unforgetable place. For more informations contact: www.origenescapes.com

Middle Earth Thermal Springs – Costa Rica‘s newest and most unique thermal springs For more informations visit: www.middleearthcr.com

Luxury eco lodge in the rainforest at Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

© Photos shutterstock

Forest Monteverde Cloud Bridge in rainforest

To protect this amazing natural heritage, sustainable development is written large and Costa Rica aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral state in 2021. The extraordinarily high percentage of energy needs met by renewable sources and a commitment to the environment, which is fully embraced by citizens and visitors alike, makes responsible luxury tourism a reality.

Weather – an ever-changing tropical paradise The average temperature is a pleasant 21 to 27 degrees Celsius, with more than 12 hours of sunshine per day. However, being a tropical country, rain can be expected throughout the year. Although Costa Rica is only small, it has a variety of distinct climate zones and microclimates; it is therefore advisable to check your destination before booking. But irrespective of the season, the landscape changes continually all through the year, making it an ideal place to visit at any time, depending on your interests and selected region. Tortuguero National Park, Rainforest, Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

People – pura vida The expression “pura vida” can often be heard throughout the land. The phrase, used for hello and goodbye and to express appreciation, actually means “simple life” but, in Costa Rica, it epitomises the whole way of life – no stress, no worries, a laidback and contented attitude – and it is no wonder that the residents of this charming nation have been named one of happiest peoples in the world. This rubs off on its visitors who are infected by the easy-going, welcoming manner and thus 34

leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Travel Chamaeleo Calyptratus

Flora und Fauna – Biodiversität und Ökologie Obwohl sie nur etwa 0,3% der Erdoberfläche einnimmt, beherbergt die Republik etwa 5% aller Tierund Pflanzenarten der Welt, darunter über 34‘000 verschiedene Insekten und über 840 Vogelarten. Wir waren von den wunderschönen Schmetterlingen besonders fasziniert: Es waren so viele, und alle so unglaublich, dass wir gar nichts wussten, wo wir hinschauen sollten. Unter allen Arten kann man die Peleides Blue Morpho bestimmt nicht versäumen: leuchtend blau, ist dieser Schmetterling so gross wie eine Hand. Sympathische Faultiere, Lieblinge der Touristen, sind sehr verbreitet; es gibt hier auch Gürteltiere, Pumas, verschiedene Affen und mehr als 150 Schlangenarten – um nur ein paar der vielen Wildtiere zu nennen, die Reisenden begegnen. Einer der besten Orte, um diese spektakuläre Vielfalt der Fauna zu erleben, ist der Nationalpark Tortuguero. Er wimmelt geradezu von diversen Kreaturen, und an den Faultieren kommt hier niemand vorbei. Die vielfältige Flora umfasst seltene Orchideen, Mangrovensümpfe, tropische Wälder und viele gefährdete Pflanzen. Um dieses erstaunliche Naturerbe zu schützen, wird nachhaltige Entwicklung in Costa Rica grossgeschrieben. Das Land will 2021 der weltweit erste kohlenstoffneutrale Staat werden. Ein ausserordentlich hoher Prozentsatz des Energiebedarfs wird durch erneuerbare Quellen gedeckt. Das Engagement für die Umwelt wird von Bürgern und Besuchern gleichermassen gelebt. Dies macht verantwortlichen Luxus-Tourismus zur Wirklichkeit.

Das Wetter – Ein abwechslungsreiches tropisches Paradies Costa Rica hat eine wonnige Durchschnittstemperatur von 21 bis 27 Grad Celsius und über 12 Stunden Sonnenschein am Tag. Allerdings ist es ein tropisches Land, und es kann hier zu jeder Jahreszeit auch mal intensiv regnen. Klein wie Costa Rica ist, hat das Land eine Vielzahl verschiedener Klimazonen und Mikroklimas; es ist daher ratsam, vor der Buchung genau hinzuschauen. Die Landschaft ändert sich hier ständig das ganze Jahr über, und so kann man Costa Rica immer wieder besuchen und – sei es dank einer Cute Sloth in Costa Rica

anderen Jahreszeit oder einer anderen Region – ganz neu erleben. Travel

35 81

Zarcero, Costa Rica

Die Menschen – Pura Vida Den Ausdruck „pura vida“ hört man hier immer wieder. Er wird zum Gruss und Abschied verwendet, sowie um Anerkennung auszudrücken. Wörtlich bedeutet er „reines Leben“, und in Costa Rica verkörpert er eine ganze Lebensweise – kein Stress, keine Sorgen, eine entspannte und zufriedene Haltung. Damit ist es kein

© shutterstock

Wunder, dass die Einwohner dieses bezaubernden

Colorful Costa Rican Ox Cart, San José, Costa Rica

Landes als eines der glücklichsten Völker der Welt bekannt sind. Auch Besucher werden von der lockeren, einladenden Art der Costa-Ricaner angesteckt und fühlen sich entspannt und verjüngt.

Luxury Life: unsere Erfahrung Wir entschlossen uns für die Halbinsel Papagayo an der Nordpazifikküste – einen idealen Ort für ökologische Luxusreisen. Die trockene Jahreszeit von Dezember bis April wird von Touristen bevorzugt; wir empfehlen Dezember/Januar oder Juli/August, wenn das üppige Grün sich besonders faszinierend entfaltet. Das Gebiet © Barry Singleton I shutterstock

ist für seine sonnenverwöhnten Strände, sein warmes

© shutterstock

Wild caribbean beach of Manzanillo at Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

glitzerndes Wasser und die herrliche Waldlandschaft bekannt. Brüllaffen, Delphine und der gelegentliche

© shutterstock

The Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste

ayo el alma Soul Retreat at Peninsula Papag

© shutterstock

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsu la Papagayo

The Luxury Life experience

Buckelwal gehören zu den vielen Wildtieren. Die Halb-

We chose to stay on the Papagayo Peninsula on the north Pacific

insel verfügt über einen 18-Loch-Golfplatz, einen Yacht-

coast, an ideal setting for ecological luxury travelling. The dry

hafen, hochwertige Hotel-Boutiquen und Top-Restaurants:

season is from December to April and this is also the region’s

Hier kann man Aktivität perfekt mit schwelgerischem

busiest period but we recommend December/January and

Genuss vereinen. Die Region bietet einige der luxuriös-

July/August as the best times to visit, when the peninsula’s lush

esten Hotels und Resorts im Land. Es bietet sich an, einen

green comes to the fore. The delightful area is known for its sun-

Luxus-Hotelurlaub im eindrucksvollen „Resort Costa Rica

drenched beaches, warm, glistening waters and forest scenery.

at Peninsula Papagayo“ mit Ruhe und Erholung im idyl-

Dolphins, howler monkeys and the occasional humpback whale

lischen „el alma Soul Retreat“ (siehe folgende Berichte)

are amongst the diverse wildlife that the peninsular has to offer

zu kombinieren. Wer noch mehr erleben möchte, kann

and it is an excellent starting point for further exploration. The

von hier auch wunderbar weitere Gegenden erkunden. Travel

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The Ocean – The vibrant Caribbean, the magnificent Pacific. Dive in them. www.origenescapes.com

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Tamarindo Beach – Surfer Paradise

Zip Lining

through the cloud forest of Monteverde

Wer das Land auf ganz spezielle Weise erkunden und erleben möchte, dem empfehlen wir „Origen Extraordinary Escapes“: Dieses herausragende Unternehmen spezialisiert sich auf massgeschneiderte Reisen und Abendteuer-Touren für anspruchsvolle Touristen. Mit seinem tiefgründigem Lokalwissen, sympathischer Art und grosser Liebe zum Detail war der Mitbegründer Ofer Ketter unser perfekter Costa Rica-Guide. Das freundliche und äusserst professionelle Team erfüllt jeden erdenklichen Wunsch, egal wie ungewöhnlich – von Hubschrauber-Touren bis zu U-Boot-Expeditionen, vom Rafting und Seilrutschen bis zu Yachtfahrten, von Vulkanwanderungen bis zum Tiefseetauchen – alles auf einem Niveau, das die höchsten Ansprüche befriedigt. Luxury Life MAGAZINE lädt Sie ein, erstklassige Hotels © shutterstock

und spannende Abenteuer in Costa Rica zu erleben – zuerst beim Lesen, und dann hoffentlich in Wirklichkeit. Wir sind nämlich sicher, dass auch Sie sich in dieses schöne und spannende Land und das Glück

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des „Pura Vida“ verlieben werden.

Super Food Papaya

ins and fish Casado meal with rice, beans, planta „Plato Típico“ Traditional Costa Rican

Waterfall experience www.origenescapes.com

Things to do IN COSTA RICA


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region also boasts some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts

VENADO CAVES • and much more ...

in the country. We suggest a combination of a superior hotel vacation at the stunning Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, coupled


with rest and recuperation at the idyllic El Alma Soul Retreat (see

Arenal Volcano National Park

following reports). In addition, the peninsular features an 18-hole

Poás Volcano National Park

golf course, a marina, quality hotel boutiques and top restaurants,

Tenorio Volcano National Park

making it the perfect place to combine activity with opulent indulgence. For those who would like to explore and encounter the country in a unique way, we can recommend Origen Extraordinary Escapes. This stand-out company creates bespoke travel and

RAINFOREST NATIONAL PARKS Corcovado National Park Manuel Antonio National Park Monteverde Cloud Forest Tortuguero National Park

adventure packages for the discerning tourist. With his expert local knowledge, amiable manner and great attention to detail, co-founder Ofer Ketter was our perfect Costa Rica guide. No request is too great for this flagship top-end tour company, specialising in exclusive, tailor-made experiences. The friendly but extremely professional team fulfil every imaginable wish, no matter how challenging, from helicopter tours to submarine expeditions, from rafting and zip lining to yacht trips, from volcano hikes to diving sessions, all with a degree of luxury to satisfy even the most demanding client. Luxury Life MAGAZINE now invites you to join us as we look back on the top class hotels and our wonderful adventures in this captivating land – we are sure that, just like us, you will fall in love with this beautiful and thrilling premium destination and will be keen to experience true “pura vida” for yourselves.

BEACHES & SURFER PARADISE Manuel Antonio Beach (National Park) Papagayo Peninsula Guanacaste Beaches Tamarindo Beach (Guanacaste) Dominical Beach (South Pacific) Puerto Viejo Beach (Caribbean) Manzanillo Beach (Southern Caribbean Coast)



Middle Earth Thermal Springs



Discover more: www.visitcostarica.com

el alma

SO U L R E T R E AT TAKE TIME TO DO WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL HAPPY. By Louise Mawbey & Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy



The magnificent views, extending across the jungle landscape to the beach and the glistening waters beyond, took our breath away as we first arrived on Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica at the el alma soul retreat.

Der Anblick raubte uns den Atem, als wir zum ersten Mal auf der Halbinsel Papagayo in Costa Rica im el alma Soul Retreat ankamen: Eine herrliche Dschungellandschaft, samtige Strände und glitzernde Gewässer, soweit das Auge reicht.


41 81

Mandala suite bathroom

Private terrace

On opening the intricately handcrafted Balinese front door and

Beim Öffnen der hochwertigen handgefertigten baline-

entering the villa, we were immediately aware that this was no

sischen Haustür zur Villa wurde uns sofort bewusst,

ordinary luxury residence but a lovingly designed haven created

dass es sich hierbei nicht um eine gewöhnliche Luxus-

by people with an eye for elegance and a desire to offer their

residenz handelte, sondern um eine liebevoll gestaltete

guests only the very best.

Oase, erschaffen mit Auge für Eleganz und mit dem

el alm The story began a few years ago, when Patricia Coester and

Wunsch, den Gästen nur das Beste zu bieten.

Christian Steinmann stumbled across this spectacular plot of land

Die Geschichte begann vor ein paar Jahren, als

for sale on one of their many visits to the country, and spontane-

Patricia Coester und Christian Steinmann auf einem

ously decided to turn their backs on their previous lives (as a

ihrer vielen Besuche in Costa Rica zufällig entdeckten,

business coach and retired lawyer) in order to dedicate them-

dass dieses spektakuläre Grundstück zum Verkauf an-

selves to creating and running a place of inspiration, rejuvenation

geboten wurde. Sie beschlossen, ihrem früheren Leben

and rest for the soul. They thus named this sanctuary “el alma”

als Business Coach und pensionierter Anwalt den

(meaning soul in Spanish) to reflect Patricia’s passion for suppor-

Rücken zu kehren, und einen Ort der Inspiration, Ver-

ting guests in their pursuit of spiritual happiness. The welcoming,

jüngung und Seelenruhe zu erschaffen. Sie nannten

friendly and attentive manner of this personable couple makes

diesen edlen Rückzugsort „el alma“ (Seele in Spanisch),

the retreat stand out from other offerings in the area. Nowhere else

denn Patricias Leidenschaft ist es, Gäste in ihrem

is the famous phrase “Come as guests, leave as friends” so fitting.

Streben nach spirituellem Glück zu unterstützen. Die einladende, freundliche und aufmerksame Art dieses



The secluded premium villa comprises three spacious suites −

sympathischen Paares macht dieses Retreat ganz be-

each with its own bathroom, dressing room and private terrace

sonders, selbst im Vergleich zu den anderen attraktiven

or porch − a living room and a kitchen. Every detail has been

Angeboten in der Gegend. Nirgendwo sonst ist der Satz

chosen with utmost care and attention by the owners, who have

„Kommen Sie als Gäste, gehen Sie als Freunde“ so wahr.

tastefully combined Patricia’s love of Bali with Costa Rican

Die abgelegene Premium-Villa besteht aus drei geräu-

influences to create pared down luxury that exudes peace and

migen Suiten – jeweils mit eigenem Bad, Ankleideraum

tranquillity. The high-quality eye-catchers include a wooden

und privater Terrasse oder Veranda – einem Wohn-

spiral staircase, and a comfy daybed large enough for couples,

zimmer und einer Küche. Jedes Detail wurde mit grösster

suspended from the ceiling of the terrace. The 111m² Mandala

Sorgfalt und Aufmerksamkeit von den Besitzern ge-

Suite houses the master bedroom and boasts a spacious bath-

wählt. Patricias Liebe zu Bali wurde geschmackvoll mit

room which is entered through a magnificent Balinese carved

costaricanischen Einflüssen kombiniert, um dezenten

wooden door, hand-picked and flown in from the island by

Luxus zu schaffen, der Frieden und Ruhe ausstrahlt. Zu

Patricia. The bathroom also features stunning Asian-inspired

den hochwertigen Blickfängen gehören eine ausserge-

wooden mandala blinds, plus a large terrace with sensational

wöhnliche, hölzerne Wendeltreppe und ein bequemes

views. The villa’s outdoor areas include a delightful garden,

Tagesbett, gross genug für Paare, das von der Decke

infinity pool, jacuzzi and ample decks on which to enjoy al

der Terrasse hängt. Die 111m² grosse Mandala-Suite

fresco dining and lazing in the sun or the shade. It is thus perfect

beherbergt das Hauptschlafzimmer und verfügt über

for parties of families and friends, with children from 13 years

ein geräumiges Badezimmer mit einer balinesischen

old and up being warmly welcome.

geschnitzten Holztür, die Patricia persönlich ausge-


Although guests may be tempted never to leave this wonderful property, its location on the beautiful Papagayo Peninsula is ideal for further exploration. The beach is reached in less than 10 minutes on foot and an Arnold Palmer-designed 18-hole golf course is right outside the door. We loved meandering through the immediate area in the golf cart provided by the villa; we used it to visit the private Prieta Beach Club which guests of the retreat have unlimited access to.

sucht und von der Insel hierhergebracht hat. Dazu passend, versah sie das Bad mit asiatisch inspirierten hölzernen Mandala-Jalousien. Die Suite bietet auch eine eigene grosse Terrasse mit spektakulärer Ansicht. Im Aussenbereich der Villa befinden sich ein herrlicher Garten, ein Infinity-Pool, ein Whirlpool und geräumige Decks, auf denen man im Freien speisen und sich in der Sonne oder im Schatten entspannen kann. Der Ort ist also perfekt für Paare, Familien und Freunde; Kinder ab 13 sind herzlich willkommen.


43 81

el alma soul retreat

Hire cars can be rented by those wishing to travel further afield

Als Gast hier ist man zwar versucht, diese wunder-

and explore the volcanoes, national parks and diverse wildlife

schöne Anlage nicht zu verlassen, aber die Halbinsel

that this fascinating country has to offer. Patricia and Christian

Papagayo muss man unbedingt erkunden. Der Strand

are happy to provide guests with a boat for snorkelling. Trips, such

ist weniger als 10 Minuten zu Fuss entfernt, und ein

as dolphin tours and treks, can easily be organised individually

von Arnold Palmer gestalteter 18-Loch-Golfplatz liegt

with the help of Dayana, the obliging assistant, who runs the

direkt vor der Tür. Wir liebten das Mäandern durch

extensive concierge service. A highlight for us was the lovely,

die Gegend im Golfwagen, der uns von der Villa zur

exclusive private picnic on the beach, organised for us by

Verfügung gestellt wurde. Wir nutzten ihn, um den

Dayana, where we savoured tasty bread, finger food and wine

privaten Prieta Beach Club zu besuchen, zu dem die

while relaxing on the comfy cushions. The services of a profes-

Gäste des Retreats unbegrenzten Zugang haben.

sional tour operator can also be used to gain insight into the diverse opportunities that can be experienced in this enthralling land. Despite all this, we adored the wonderful, cosy afternoons spent unwinding by the pool, looking out over the tropical



Wer weiterreisen will, kann sich ein Fahrzeug mieten und die Vulkane sowie die Nationalparks mit ihrer Tierund Pflanzenvielfalt erkunden, die dieses faszinierende

jungle and the lagoons.

Land zu bieten hat. Patricia und Christian bieten den

Guests who do not want to cook for themselves have ample

wie Delphin-Touren und Trekking kann die zuvorkom-

choice when it comes to dining out. There are 7 excellent

mende Assistentin und Concierge Dayana individuell

restaurants in the near vicinity, including the steakhouse

organisieren. Ein Highlight war das exklusive Privat-

overlooking the golf course and the beach club for dinner in a

picknick am Strand, das Dayana für uns gestaltete,

romantic setting. At this exclusive location, delicious meals and

und bei dem wir auf gemütlichen Kissen köstliches

cocktails can be enjoyed at the very edge of the ocean, against

Brot, Fingerfood und Wein mit Meeresblick genossen.

the backdrop of the lapping waves. Patricia and Christian can

Die Leistungen eines professionellen Reiseveranstalters

also organise a fine dining chef to cook for the villa’s residents.

können ebenfalls genutzt werden, um Einblicke in die

The chef is on hand to prepare the sumptuous breakfast which

vielfältigen Erlebnisse dieses spannenden Landes zu

is served on the covered terrace every day. It includes delicious,

gewinnen. Trotz allen Versuchungen gönnten wir uns

Gästen auch gerne ein Boot zum Schnorcheln. Ausflüge

aber auch gemütliche Nachmittage am Pool mit Blick auf den tropischen Dschungel und die Lagunen. Gäste, die nicht die voll ausgerichtete Küche nutzen wollen, haben reichlich Auswahl. Es gibt 7 ausgezeichnete Restaurants in der Nähe, darunter das Steakhaus mit Blick auf den Golfplatz, und den Beach Club zum Abendessen in einer romantischen Umgebung. Hier kann man exquisite Gerichte und Cocktails direkt am Ozean, vor der Kulisse der rauschenden Wellen, geniessen. Patricia und Christian offerieren auch die Möglichkeit einen Chef der gehobenen Küche einzuladen, in der Villa zu kochen. Der Chefkoch serviert zum Beispiel jeden Tag auf der überdachten Terrasse ein üppiges Frühstück, mit duftendem frisch gebackenem Schweizer Brot aus Christians eigener Bäckerei – eines weiteren langjährigen Traums des Paares, der hier in Erfüllung ging. Schwelgerisch entspannende Massagen und SpaTherapien können unmittelbar in der beruhigenden Atmosphäre der Villa durchgeführt werden, was die freshly-baked Swiss bread from Christian’s own bakery – another of the couple’s long-held dreams that have now come to fruition. Indulgent, relaxing massages and spa therapies can be booked and performed directly in the soothing atmosphere of the villa itself, reflecting the holistic approach to the “soul retreat” philosophy evident throughout this peaceful refuge. Furthermore, the hosts organise special retreats at certain times of the year – coupling yoga or tango with personal coaching. Private yoga sessions and anti-gravity yoga are just some of the options on offer for those wishing to reconnect with their inner soul. Patricia is joined by experts in their fields and together they run these stand-out experiences, based on the precept of “It‘s never too late to be what you might have been” (George Eliot). Alternatively,

ganzheitliche „Soul Retreat“-Philosophie widerspiegelt. Darüber hinaus organisieren die Gastgeber regelmässig ganz besondere Seminare, die Aktivitäten wie Yoga oder Tango mit persönlichem Coaching verknüpfen. Private Yoga-Sessions und Anti-Gravity-Yoga sind nur einige der Möglichkeiten, tiefe innere Ruhe zu finden. Patricia arbeitet in diesen Seminaren mit anderen Experten zusammen, und gemeinsam folgen sie George Eliot in dem Glauben: „Es ist nie zu spät, das zu werden, was du hättest sein können“. Alternativ können die Gäste eines der erstklassigen Hotels in der Nähe besuchen, um sich mit luxuriösen Spa-Behandlungen verwöhnen zu lassen.

guests can visit one of the top-class hotels nearby to pamper

Je nach Verfügbarkeit kann auch nur eine der el alma

themselves with luxurious spa treatments.

Soul Retreat Suiten separat gebucht werden. Während

Subject to availability, just one of el alma soul retreat’s suites can be booked separately. While enjoying total privacy in your en-suite room, you will have the perfect opportunity to make new friends

Sie absolute Privatsphäre in Ihrem en-suite Zimmer geniessen, haben Sie die Gelegenheit, neue Freunde in der Küche, Lounge und den Aussenbereichen zu finden.

in the kitchen, lounge and outdoor areas. And as we look back

Wenn wir auf unsere verjüngende Zeit im „Seelen-

on our rejuvenating break, we feel fortunate to have become

Retreat“ zurückblicken, schätzen wir uns sehr glück-

acquainted with Patricia and Christian and we will also miss

lich, Patricia und Christian kennengelernt zu haben.

yet another new-found friend, the cute coati who regularly

Wir werden sie vermissen. Und einen anderen neuen

came to visit us on our terrace throughout our idyllic stay.

Freund auch – den niedlichen Nasenbären, der uns


immer wieder auf unserer idyllischen Terrasse besuchte. www.elalma.com


45 81

Costa FOUR SEASONS RESORT COSTA RICA AT PENINSULA PAPAGAYO By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy

a Rica The Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo has been a

Das Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo ist seit vielen

preferred destination for discerning holidaymakers for many years. Now,

Jahren ein bevorzugtes Reiseziel für anspruchsvolle Urlauber. Umfangreiche

with extensive renovation work costing more than $ 30 million set for

Renovierungsarbeiten, die mehr als 30 Millionen Dollar kosteten, sollen

completion by the grand re-opening on December 4, the only Forbes

nun am 4. Dezember abgeschlossen werden. Damit wird das einzige

5-star rated resort in Central and South America will be transformed into

Forbes 5-Sterne-Resort in Mittel- und Südamerika noch stilvoller, moderner

a stylish and contemporary yet warm and welcoming retreat which will

und attraktiver. Gäste können die unvergleichliche Ruhe dieser schönen

reflect the flora, fauna and landscape of its fascinating surroundings.

Halbinsel auf einem dschungelbedeckten Hügel geniessen – mit herrli-

Spread out across a jungle-covered hillside, with stunning views of two

chem Blick auf zwei strahlende Strände, die Inseln und die glitzernden

glistening beaches, the islands and the sparkling waters below, the loca-

Gewässer – oder von hier aus die unzähligen Naturwunder, Attraktionen

tion allows guests to bask in the tranquillity of this beautiful peninsular,

und Aktivitäten erkunden, die Costa Rica zu bieten hat.

while being the perfect place from which to explore the myriad wonders

Die Umgebung zeichnet sich durch eine beeindruckende Artenvielfalt aus,

of nature, attractions and activities that Costa Rica has to offer. The local

darunter exotische Affen, bunte Schmetterlinge und extravagante Vögel.

area boasts awe-inspiring biodiversity, including exotic monkeys, colour-

Surfen, Katamaran-Ausflüge und Begegnungen mit Walen sind nur einige

ful butterflies and flamboyant birds. Surfing, catamaran trips and whale

der vielen spannenden Erfahrungen, die in der Nähe genossen werden

encounters are just a few of the many thrilling experiences that can

können. Das Resort selbst verfügt über einen fabelhaften, von Arnold

be enjoyed in the near vicinity. The resort itself has a fabulous Arnold

Palmer gestalteten, Golfplatz, ein Fitnessstudio und 4 Tennisplätze.

Palmer-designed championship golf course, a gym and 4 tennis courts.

Mit 181 Gästezimmern und -Häusern − darunter 24 Suiten, 34 Villen

With 181 guest rooms − including 24 suites, 34 villas and 3 estate

und 3 Estates − gibt es hier etwas für jeden. Alle Kategorien strahlen

homes – there is something here to suit everyone. All the categories exude

Eleganz aus und sorgen für jeden Komfort, der von einem erstklassigen

chic elegance and provide every comfort expected of a first-class hotel.

Hotel erwartet wird. Die Renovierung konzentrierte sich auf lokale Kunst,

The makeover focusses on local art, natural materials, a sympathetic

natürliche Materialien, ein sympathisches Farbschema und Öko-Luxus

colour scheme and eco-luxury at its best, coupled with state-of-the-art

in Kombination mit den modernsten Annehmlichkeiten. Das 5-Zimmer-

amenities. The 5-bedroom Casa del Cielo, the largest of the residences,

Estate „Casa del Cielo“, die grösste der Residenzen, bietet bis zu

provides up to 14 guests with the epitome of luxury and features a

14 Gästen den höchsten Luxus und verfügt über einen beheizten Infinity-

heated infinity pool, extensive outdoor areas and even a guest cottage.

Pool, weitläufige Aussenbereiche und sogar ein Gästehaus. Die 4 Restau-

At the resort’s 4 eateries, guests can savour anything from exquisite

rants des Resorts arbeiten alle mit nachhaltigen Zutaten der Region und

fine dining, through modern Mediterranean cuisine, to succulent burgers

bieten den Gästen eine reiche Auswahl: exquisite gehobene Küche,

overlooking the golf course or a private, romantic dinner on the beach,

aber auch moderne mediterrane Speisen, saftige Burger mit Blick auf

all based on sustainable local ingredients. The award-winning Spa also

den Golfplatz oder ein intimes romantisches Abendessen am Strand.

takes its inspiration from the world around it, with signature treatments

Auch das preisgekrönte Spa ist von der umgebenden Natur inspiriert;

including a Volcanic Mud Wrap.

zu den beliebtesten Behandlungen gehört die Vulkanschlamm-Packung.

Reflecting on our wonderful stay, our stand-out memories of this excep-

Unsere magischsten Erinnerungen an diesen wundervollen Aufenthalt

tional hideaway will be the breathtaking panorama from our balcony,

sind das atemberaubende Panorama von unserem Balkon, das beein-

the impressive designer interiors of the public areas and the pura vida

druckende Designer-Interieur der öffentlichen Bereiche und die „Pura

interpretation of the renowned Four Seasons service.

Vida“-Interpretation des renommierten Four Seasons Service.


www.fourseasons.com/costarica Hotel

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Casa Colonial Beach & Spa – A stylish & luxury Boutique Resort in Dominican Republic. Casa Colonial is owned and operated by a Dominican hospitality company, and its current President is the hotel’s architect and designer herself, Señora Sarah Garcia. Her Italian husband, Roberto Casoni from Florence, is managing the property, located on the glittering Amber Coast in Puerto Plata in the north of the Dominican Republic, directly on the beach in the tourist and golf complex of Playa Dorada. Visitors can fly into the Puerto Plata Airport which is 15 minutes from the hotel. The interior design sets out to surprise and delight with its fusion of old world charm and contemporary elegance. The elegant, yet cool lobby features marble floors and walls, white colonial crown molding, rich wood furnishings, sheer dramatic draperies and sounds of hip Dominican music mixes. Casa Colonial is the first and only five-star boutique property in Playa Dorada, and offers world class amenities including luxurious guest rooms and suites, a full service Bagua spa featuring indigenous treatments, upscale dining and a sleek roof-top infinity pool. Simply luxury. www.casacolonialhotel.com

DOMINICANA MODA 2017 – the top-event in Santo Domingo. The twelfth DOMINICANA MODA – the Dominican fashion week for fashionistas from all over the world – will be celebrated this year, October 16-24, 2017, in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. In 2017, over 25 national and international designers, for instance, Silvia Tcherassi, will present their creations on catwalks built in the middle of a historic and sophisticated colonial city, Jean Paul Gaultier

a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. Discover the Caribbean chic for powerful and happy Latinas and other women, like the feminine and colourful CAMILA line by Alba Luz Dias de Abreu. At the very least since Jean Paul Gaultier participated in the DOMINICANA MODA 2015, this fashion week has been a major international top-event for the Caribbean

© Freddy Cruz

region and beyond. www.godominicanrepublic.com

Actor Samuel L. Jackson




JACKSON By Jan Janssen Photos Interview Hub I Shutterstock

There are few more iconic or charismatic figures in Hollywood than Samuel L. Jackson. His distinctive voice, glare, and swagger are integral elements of a striking screen persona that has become part of the public imagination. Virtually every one of his performances is distinguished by an authoritarian élan and sense of menace. But there‘s often an air of mischief to his work. Ever since he quoted Ezekiel 25:17 as Jules the biblical assassin in Pulp Fiction, known as the „path of the righteous man“ speech, audiences have known that his smile is often a prelude to a kill.

Jackson‘s roguish appeal is on full display in his latest film, THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD, a swashbuckling action comedy that recalls the great buddy movies of the 80s and 90s. Ryan Reynolds co-stars as a security specialist assigned to protect an elite hired killer (Jackson) scheduled to testify against a sadistic East European dictator (Gary Oldman). En route from London to The Hague‘s International Court of Justice, Jackson and Reynolds engage in wicked banter while trying to stay alive in the face of multiple attacks by the dictator‘s henchmen. It‘s the kind of role that Jackson devours with ritual glee, and this time out was no different. Said Jackson: „I like these kind of movies. I love Midnight Run (and) Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover... Even though in (this film) I‘m a killer, I‘m a likeable killer. I tend to do that with characters that are supposedly despicable like Ordell in Jackie Brown. A very bad person but fun to hang out with.“



Samuel L. Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson at the premiere for „Kong: Skull Island“ at Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, March 2017

It‘s that sense of comic play that draws us towards Jackson,

The only blemish on his otherwise stellar record is his

now 68. One of the hardest-working actors in the business, he

well-documented battle with drug addiction. Upon re-

has accumulated credits in nearly 170 films and ranks as the

ceiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s

highest-grossing actor of all time with $4.9 billion in box-office

BET Awards, Jackson credited his wife and daughter

receipts. (Harrison Ford is a close second.)

with getting him to clean up his act. But he applied his indomitable will to good use and has been sober

Apart from his five films with Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight) and a sixth if one counts the Tarantino scripted True Romance, Jackson has boarded several massive film franchises including Star Wars (Mace Windu), Iron Man, The Avengers (as Nick Fury), as well as his friendly rival Ford‘s Jack Ryan trilogy in Patriot Games. He‘s also appeared in cult classics such as Snakes on a Plane and Coach Carter and most recently costarred in Kong: Skull Island which earned nearly a half-billion dollars. 52


since 1991. „[They] found me passed out on the floor after I left somebody’s bachelor party,“ he told the audience during his acceptance speech. „Put my ass in rehab the next day, and supported me and pushed me and give me a reason to get up and go and chase it day after day after day.“ Jackson lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 37 years, LaTanya Richardson.

Interview with Samuel L. Jackson Mr. Jackson, you‘re the highest-grossing actor of all time and you seem to be working as much as you ever have. Do you have any intention of slowing down and spending more time on the golf course? Jackson: Hell, no! (Laughs and scowls) Acting is everything for me. It‘s my passion and I have zero desire to slow down. I love being creative and telling an exciting story - that‘s why my work often feels like a paid holiday. I get to travel to places like Vietnam or Cape Town or London, say my lines for a few hours a day, and get to enjoy life the rest of the time. It‘s a great job and it beats having to go to work in an office every day. And when I‘m not doing my scenes, I get to sit in a trailer and watch TV. Not a bad way to make a living. (Smiles) You‘re a living legend. How do you deal with the constant recognition that must be part of your daily life? Jackson: I respect the attention that comes from people who have seen my work and feel a connection with me. I still get surprised when someone will come up to me and quote Ezekiel 25:17 (from Pulp Fiction - ED). Some actors will work their entire lives and no one will remember their lines from their films. It makes me proud to know that my work is recognised and I feel lucky to still be able to be part of big films that younger generations are seeing just like older generations know me from my earlier movies. How do you approach your characters? Jackson: I‘ll ask myself hundreds of questions, ‘whether he comes from a rich or poor background, what was his education, what are the kinds of things he believes in?’ I like to build a psychological profile of every character I play and then my performance will follow in accordance with that, including how I think he should speak and how he walks. All those things are important if you want to make your character stand out and be unique. Do you recall how you first became interested in acting? Jackson: I blame my aunt! (Laughs) I grew up in a house with my aunt and my grandparents and she worked as a teacher in high school and she also taught acting. She was the one who encouraged me to read, taught me to dance, and would make me memorize dialogue and stick me in strange costumes.

Samuel L. Jackson at the Ninth Annual Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament

Pulp Fiction 1994


I would play act a lot as a kid and I loved the attention that came from putting on a little show for my aunt or my grandparents. I thought there was nothing better than having the

freedom to step into the skin of someone else and be anyone you wanted to be.

You did a lot of theatre earlier in your career and you got a relatively late start in film. Would you still like to do a stage play?

Jackson: I would love to do more theatre. I did a lot of stage work at the beginning and even though it didn‘t pay a lot it

was what enabled me to grow as an actor and I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction from it. Being part of that world changed my life and I was able to be on the same stage as Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman on Broadway.

Pulp Fiction 1994

I felt like I was part of this incredible group of talented people and I had a lot of fun during that time. It would have been even more fun if we hadn‘t had to struggle to pay our bills.

Eventually they started doing movies and that‘s when I realised

I was in the right place and I would just have to be patient and wait for my turn to follow them into that world.

You‘ve enjoyed an enduring an extraordinary collaboration

with Quentin Tarantino. What was your reaction when you first read the script for Pulp Fiction?

Jackson: I thought it was wild, crazy stuff. It seemed so absurd that I had to re-read immediately afterwards to try to figure it

out. The idea of a white gangster and a black gangster working

together – I wasn‘t sure if the world would appreciate that.

You‘re known as an actor who casts a commanding

But I knew that it was the kind of story that I would love to see

presence in every film you‘re in. Most people would

in a movie and so would my friends and that‘s why I did it.

be surprised to learn that you stuttered as a child?

Jackson: Any child who stutters is subject to a lot of

What kind of relationship do you and Tarantino have?

ridicule. If you have any kind of a speech impediment,

Jackson: We‘re like brothers. I understand his way of looking at

society is not going to regard you as being intelligent.

things and his style of writing. I get the same joy out of playing

People would laugh at you or feel sorry for you and

his characters and delivering those lines as he does when he

either way it feels humiliating and degrading. I had

writes them. I understand who his characters are when he writes

a real bad time with stuttering.

them and it‘s so much fun for me to finally get to play them.

We‘re also kind of similar in that I‘m an only child and so is he. So we grew up spending a lot of time watching movies and being absorbed and fascinated by that word. I understand his love of movies because I have that same kind of love. And

there‘s a great deal of love between us in terms of how we approach what we do. 54


But I decided that instead of just sitting at the back of

the class and never raising my hand to speak, I work

so hard that I would be the best in my class and prove to everyone that I was as smart or smarter than everyone else. And I did!


The Hateful Eight 2015

You‘re also very skilled at using your voice for TV commer-

line or interesting dialogue in a film. That‘s what makes

cials and you recently did the voice-over narration for the

Quentin‘s films so unique and you never get tired of

documentary I Am Not Your Negro (which earned an Oscar

hearing his characters speak.

nomination - ED). Jackson: Thank you. What‘s funny is that most people don‘t

You‘re an avid golfer. What makes you love the

recognise that it‘s me narrating that movie until they see my

sport so much and how‘s your game these days?

name in the closing credits. I can modulate my voice depending

Jackson: I‘ve had a few knee surgeries so I‘m still

on the circumstances or the role. Just the rhythm alone as much

trying to get my swing back to what it was....Golf is

as the tone and volume adds a lot to your character.

the kind of sport where you alone are responsible for what you do on the course. It‘s not a team sport like

One of your most memorable film lines - apart from Jules‘s

football or baseball where you are dependent on the

speech in Pulp Fiction or some of Ordell‘s dialogue in Jackie

other players and if your team loses you take the

Brown - is your „I have had it with these motherfucking snakes

blame with them. As an only child, golf really suits me

on this motherfucking plane!“ from Snakes on a Plane?

because no one else can take the credit for a great

Jackson: I call that my „11“ voice. I had so much with that

tee shot and there‘s no else to blame if you miss an

line and that‘s the way it usually is when you have a great

easy three-foot putt. It‘s you alone out there.



YACHT YOUR WAY By Renato Schweizer



CRN’s fifty-year history is a fascinating and in many ways symbolic story that alternates surprising ideas, great achievements, and, inevitably, difficult moments too, blending together human ingenuity, business

skills, and passion for the products in a sector – that of luxury boating – that has written unforgettable pages in the history of Italian modern industry.

The 74 metre custom CRN superyacht CLOUD 9 was launched on schedule to great acclaim on 21 January 2017 in Ancona (Italy).

CRN was founded in Ancona in 1963 by entrepreneur Sanzio

(25,000 of which are indoor). One of the main strengths

Nicolini, under the name ‘Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali’,

of the shipyard is the marina extending in front of it, which

leading to the acronym CRN, the name under which the ship-

stands out for its huge size and impressive versatility:

yard has gradually established itself at a worldwide level all

this private marina is 250 metres long overall and in-

the way to the present day, and is now still considered as an

cludes five and 12 moorings from 24 to 100 metres.

icon of Italian excellence, style and elegance. The shipyard also includes a 120-metre-long launch ramp The shipbuilding yard specialising in the construction of fully-

that is used to launch mega yachts above 43 metres

custom steel and aluminium mega yachts between 40 and 100

in length. Whenever maxi yachts in composite material

metres in length, extends over an almost 80,000 sqm area

up to 40 metres and 220 tons need to be launched,



CRN Shipyard

instead, the shipyard has a travel-lift available, which can also be used to haul yachts that need to be tested. Going through its milestones helps understand why using the term ‘legendary’ is absolutely appropriate. It all began in 1963, in Ancona, when Sanzio Nicolini started building crafts made of steel and aluminium, materials that were only rarely used at the time, when wood was far more popular. It was the first sign of the Shipyard’s ‘avant-garde’ inclination and a radical and definitive choice: from that moment all the way to 2004 all CRN boats were made only of these materials. From the very beginning, the Shipyard achieved immediate success and established itself at the high-end of the market, dealing with a very selected and demanding clientele. Already at the end of the Sixties, the size of

Yacht Production

Launch MY CRN Chopi Chopi in 2013

CRN’s yachts was ranging from 15 to 20 metres and their design

bow, which almost came to be regarded as a trade-

was immediately recognisable. It was then that the Shipyard

mark. In 1978 CRN built its first yacht over 45 metres:

built its first series of 23-metre crafts, the SuperConero, which

47.2-metre long Fath Al Khair for the Emir of Qatar,

was later followed by increasingly large and prestigious vessels,

Al-Thani. Size began to increase more and more, a

built in cooperation with important designers, which contributed

process that would become unstoppable, often antici-

to establishing CRN’s international reputation.

pating – rather than following – the demands of an increasingly complex market.

When Sanzio Nicolini met Carlo Riva, the heir of the Riva dynasty, a fruitful cooperation began, which lasted from 1970 to 1978.

During the Eighties, the crafts’ size kept growing from

During this time, CRN built eight boats for Riva, one of them

32 to 61 metres, in order to satisfy CRN’s clients, who

became Carlo Riva’s personal yacht. This cooperation between

were mostly Greek yacht owners and Middle Eastern

two great innovators represented a very important moment

royal family members. Along with foreign customers,

for the two companies and for the Italian boating industry in

in 1983 CRN had the privilege to build an important

general. The immediate ‘recognisability’ of CRN’s yachts became

fully custom yacht, delivered to a passionate yacht

a leitmotif that lasts to the present day. In that period, all CRN

owner with a very personal taste - head of Fiat Gianni

yachts were characterised above all by a very distinctive pointy

Agnelli, also known as ‘the lawyer’. Named F100, the



CRN Fleet I Atlante 55m I Yalla 73m I Saramour 61m

MY CRN Chopi Chopi 80m I Main Salon

MY CRN J‘Ade 60m I Floating Garage

yacht measured 32.80 metres and its design was unmistakable:

In 1999 CRN joined the Ferretti Group, a world leader

an example of a very seaworthy and comfortable craft, designed

in the design, construction and sale of motoryachts,

for long cruises in all weather conditions. Its profile distanced

with a unique portfolio of prestigious and exclusive

itself from the traditional notion of luxury, so much so that the

brands at world level, including Ferretti Yachts, Riva,

boat was considered to be almost ‘monastic’ in its appearance.

Itama, Mochi Craft, Bertram Yacht, Pershing and

The first Explorer in recreational boating was thus born and the

Custom Line. The first step in this new phase was the

new ‘minimal’ interpretation of luxury epitomised by the F100

project Magnifica, a 43-metre mega yacht designed

immediately became cult.

by Nuvolari & Lenard and launched in 2001, the first craft in a very successful range. In the same year CRN

During the nineties, CRN’s clients were mostly concentrated in

and Custom Line merged to form the Ferretti Group’s

one area, the Middle East, which, starting with the Gulf War at

Ancona-based mega yacht operation.

the beginning of the decade, had begun experiencing unprecedented difficulties. CRN’s owners decided to diversify the Shipyard’s

In 2002 CRN reached a new milestone which would

operations, to include refitting and the more commercial side of

further enhance its know-how and production capacity:

activities, while production had to be slowed down. Despite this,

the acquisition of the adjacent shipyard Mario Morini,

vessels of considerable size were still being built.

a historical name in shipbuilding. Morini’s experience in steel construction, gained through its production of



During the second half of the Nineties, Lamberto Tacoli, who had

commercial, mercantile and military ships, perfectly

begun working in the boating industry at the end of the Eighties,

matched CRN’s needs and the union between the

made a proposal to Norberto Ferretti - with whom he had created

two shipyards led to the creation of an impressive

the Custom Line brand in 1996 - to take over CRN.

operation with an 80-thousand-square-metre site,

be one step ahead. In 2014 two more key moments in the history of CRN: the first has been the launch of Saramour (61m), the first mega yacht conceived in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski Design and which is a real and magnificent floating “art gallery”. The second one has been the launch of Yalla (73m), a true design icon realized in partnership with Omega Architects. Yalla is also the first vessel to be built by CRN on its new 12.50 m-wide naval platform. 2015 is the year of new challenges for CRN with the launch of Atlante, a 55m mega yacht that stands out for its strong, unmistakable design, and the first refit of the shipyard, Eight. Drawing inspiration from elements of military crafts, Atlante is one of a kind: square forms, sharp lines and innovative solutions, combined with an extraordinary attention to stylistic and aesthetic details of the interior, are the key features of CRN’s latest gem, showing once more the Shipyard’s versatility. Perfectly interpreting the requirements of the Owner, CRN created a vessel which truly breaks the mould, offering the personalized design solutions and setting up a competent dialogue with the most important names in the world of interwhere it would be possible to build up to 15 yachts at the

national design.

same time. Up to five recreational vessels were now being launched every year and CRN’s fleet was growing fast, to-

Three new mega yachts are currently under constru-

gether with its fame.

ction at CRN’s shipyard, Ferretti Group’s building facility for large crafts, as well as one of the leading pleasure

In January 2012, the Ferretti Group was taken over by the Chinese

boating hubs in Europe: 79m M/Y CRN 135, bound

group SHIG-Weichai, who became the majority stakeholder

to become the second largest yacht ever built by the

with a 75% share. Like the rest of the Group’s brands, CRN too

Ancona shipyard, a 50m M/Y Superconero and 62

was involved in the transfer to the new Chinese owners, but was

m MY CRN 137.

able to maintain its strong identity and historical name. CRN, with a 50-year history behind and a boundless In the most recent years other yachts have been launched, which

future ahead, has always been the ‚ambassador’ of

are sure to become iconic symbols of the Shipyard, including

Italian shipbuilding all over the world. Its role and

60m J’Ade (2012). A particularly pioneering feature on J’Ade

prestige have been acknowledged at an international

is the floodable garage, an absolute innovation for the first time

level also by many awards that pay tribute to the brand’s

on this type of vessel, where a technical area is transformed

excellence and style. Passion and innovation always

into a leisure one.

bring CRN to find cutting-edge solutions, that can perfectly respond to the Owner’s demands. The shipyard

Launched in 2013, the 80m long Chopi Chopi is the largest

is nevertheless faithful to the aesthetics of Made-in-Italy,

yacht ever built by CRN in its half a century of history. From

providing innovative and unusual proposals, in line

year to year, CRN confirms to continuously make progress and

with its own history.

www.crn-yacht.com Yachting





The benefits go beyond those offered by hair transplants, providing superior, longer-lasting results: the Regenerative Medicine Protocol offers an advanced treatment for alopecia and baldness. We discussed the treatment with Doctor Mauro Conti, scientific director of HairClinic Italia. Medical Beauty

Doctor Conti, what is alopecia? Alopecia is more common than you might think; in both men and women, it can be caused by a number of factors. Scientifically, hormonal imbalances (the hormones in question being testosterone and the protein prostaglandin PGD2) are the main culprits, but hair loss has other contributory causes linked to patient psychology, above all where individuals are affected by significant stress, or linked to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

What are the most effective treatments for combating alopecia or baldness? The latest and most promising treatment for significantly combating alopecia and hair thinning is Advanced regenerative medicine. Specifically, the bSBS non-surgical medical protocol (Advanced regenerative medicine protocol and genomic analysis), which uses cells with a high regenerative capacity coupled with the patient’s own stem cells, reawakening them to re-populate the scalp with CRU (Cell regenerative units) and native ExtraCellular Matrix, which are the cells found in the hair follicle that play a key role in the regeneration and development of the follicle itself. Where are these regenerative or repair cells taken from? The CRUs are taken from the patient himself in a pain-less way by means of a simple blood test. The cells are obtained using hCRP cell separation technology, the most advanced and highperformance medical device available in this field. Is it suitable for those who already have advanced baldness? The Regenerative Medicine Protocol is not a miracle cure. Very serious cases will require the combined used of Regenerative Medicine and microsurgery. In the case of advanced baldness, requiring an autologous hair transplant, the bSBS Proto-col provides the best chance offered by science of avoiding the so-called shock loss effect, a weakening and miniaturization of the weakest hair follicles due to the shock of the transplant itself. With a wider benefit: hairs present a uniform thickness and the results are long lasting and aesthetically very pleasing. Is a hospital stay necessary after the bSBS Protocol? No! The patient can go home immediately without any visible scars, there is neither a hospital stay nor a recovery period to speak of, and the patient can resume his everyday routine straight away. Precisely for this reason, the Regenerative Medicine Protocol is also suitable during pregnancy and for individuals of any age, even if under medication of any kind. The Protocol is completed with a control stage and a series of actions aimed at strengthening and helping the work of the stem cells and the hair bulbs stimulated with the perfusion, from nutraceuticals to nutrigenomics following a series of tests. The results are significant and unparalleled, compared to other known solutions.


Medical Beauty

63 81



Spa Loft


The Klosterhof Premium Hotel & Health Resort

Spa Loft

Nestled in untouched nature – The Klosterhof Premium Hotel & Health Resort in Germany.

With The Klosterhof, the Färber family has created a wonderful refuge for relaxation and enjoyment. After a period of conversion and expansion lasting one and a half years, the historic Klosterhof reopened as a Premium Hotel & Health Resort in July 2016. Set in the midst of peaceful countryside with an unspoilt view of the surrounding mountain scenery, The Klosterhof has a lot to recommend: top-class, friendly service, a restful atmosphere, 65 Panorama Rooms, Suites and Spa Lofts, a library which doubles as a stage Bar Barbarossa

for concerts, the Artemacur Spa with its own health centre, plus sensational eateries, to name just a part of what the resort has to offer. The furnishings are modern yet comfortable throughout and represent the highest quality. All the rooms are suffused with light and, despite the chic design, they exude a feeling of cosiness. One of the highlights is the Spa Loft Suite. The area covering approx. 70 m2, spread across two floors, and the impressive 5-metre ceiling height make a stunning impact. The ground floor comprises a bedroom, a separate living room and the stylish bathroom. The open „Private Spa“ gallery is to be found on the second floor. In addition to the suite’s own glass infrared wood-look cabin, it also features a whirlpool, which is ideally located directly in front of a large panoramic window, thus allowing guests to fully enjoy the view. The exquisitely fitted 1,500 m2 spa area provides everything visitors could wish for – an indoor pool

Artemacur Spa

with a fireplace lounge, a saline floating pool which is unique in this region, an outdoor pool, a sauna, a gym, beauty treatments and much, much more. It is the perfect place to be pampered and to unwind. The culinary offerings are the ideal combination of tradition and innovation, all boasting the highest standards and focussing on fresh, regional products. The excellent and extensive buffet breakfast is a gourmet pleasure for all who partake in it, ensuring that the day gets off to a great start. And after a day filled with experiences in the surrounding area or spent in the spa, guests can draw the evening to a close in the beautiful bar. More informations: www.klosterhof.de I Klosterhof I Premium Hotel & Health Resort I Steilhofweg 19 I 83457 Bayerisch Gmain I Germany


5-star SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof

40 years tradition, skiing, wellness and culinary delights: 5-star SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof in the Austrian Alps.


Adler Stube

At the 5-star SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof, guests savour the wintry months with Gault Millau toque-winning gourmet cuisine and relaxing spa facilities and treatments. The hotel’s proximity to the Stubai Glacier makes it ideal for winter sports fans. Tradition and innovative lifestyle go hand in hand at the exclusive Hideaway. Lovingly run by the Pfurtscheller family for 40 years, the resort offers 70 rooms, including 14 suites, designed with lavish coziness in elegant Tyrolean style. The nearby Stubai Glacier , the largest glacier ski area in the Alpine world in Austria, guarantees snow from September until Mai. In total110 kilometres of ski slopes are available in the ski region at the Stubaital. The ski areas are quickly and conveniently reachable

Gondel – smallest gourmet restaurant in Tyrol

for the guests with the complementary shuttle. After a day in the snow, the hotel’s spacious 3,000 m² multi award-winning SPA – one of the best spa’s in Austria – is the perfect place to relax: 20 different spa experiences like saunas and steam rooms as well as treatment rooms for most effective facials with !QMS Medicosmetics and active and holistic body treatments with the high-tech, 100% plant & mineral actives products by REN Skincare. Enjoy special treatments like wellbeing packages and special fitness or detox retreats. At the cosy but elegant hotel restaurant with six comfortable wooden paneled areas guests can experience typical Tyrolean and international cuisine. The chef and his team predominantly use regional and home grown products to create the meals. Special highlights are the Gondel fondue restaurant – probably the smallest gourmet eatery in the Tyrol – and the Hubertus Stube à la carte restaurant, which has been awarded by Gault Millau with two toques and 15 points. Complementing wines come from the exquisite hotel’s own wine cellar, which

Wine Cellar

is deemed one of the best in Austria, with more than 1100 varieties including wine rarities from around the world. Check out the winter packages like “First Love. Mini Moon.” available until Dec. 19th: 3 nights with half board, bottle of Champagne and chocolate strawberries on arrival, romantic decorations in your room with aromatic bath oils for your private bathing enjoyment, beautifully laid table in the restaurant, 1 lover’s breakfast in your room, Private Spa Discovery for 2 hours and 1 Stubai Experience Bath for two, from EUR 779 per person. More offers: www.hotel-jagdhof.at SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof***** I Scheibe 44 I 6167 Neustift im Stubaital I Austria

Private Spa Suite

Private Spa Suite

News & Previews Hublot climbs the alpine pastures for a polo tournament at an altitude of more than 1000 metres. 120 horses on the field, the equivalent of up to 963 under the Ferrari bonnet (LaFerrari) and 253 powering the Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph… driving a hunger for speed and accuracy. „A fusion of power, speed, accuracy and elegance, polo, Ferrari, Gstaad, and Hublot find a natural fellowship on the field. Partners turned friends. When our friends celebrate an anniversary, we naturally want to celebrate with them. The Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad emerged as an ideal event to host one of the tributes planned this year in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Ferrari‘s own legendary prancing horse. Our partnerships offer opportunities to surpass ourselves, to join forces in pursuit of ever greater excellence, creativity and innovation. The Classic Fusion Chronograph Chukker and the Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon Chronograph are the ultimate embodiment of this.“ Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. From the 17th to the 20th August 2017, Gstaad and the surrounding fields of its airport were transformed into Argentinian-style pampas. 6000 spectators felt the ground shake as 16 of the top Polo players on the circuit took to the fields creating a blur of hooves and mallets, all sporting the colours of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup. For the 9th consecutive year, Hublot‘s hosts were taken on an immersive journey through the legendary world of its collaboration with the prancing horse brand, which this year celebrates its 70th anniversary… www.polo-gstaad.ch




The new Ghibli GranLusso – restyled and enriched with additional high-tech features. The new Maserati Ghibli GranLusso maked its debut at the Chengdu Motorshow, in China, on August 25th. After four years of unprece-


erscheint immer freitags

Jetzt auch digital

Weltpremiere VW T-Roc Das erste Volkswagen-SUV auf Golf-Basis fährt vor – kompakt, stylisch, zeitgemäß. GUTE FAHRT bringt erste Fotos und Fakten!

dented success in all the international markets, the Italian sports sedan gets an important upgrade in terms of design and technological contents. The new Ghibli GranLusso showcases a new front bumper with dedicated chrome inserts and new front grille with chrome bars, in line with the latest Maserati models style signature. In profile, the GranLusso badge at the bases of the front fenders and body colour side skirts, identify the specific version. The new rear bumper, together with the body colour rear extractor, is elegantly redesigned to give a sharper look to the model compared to the previous version. The new Ghibli GranLusso design isn’t just about the look: the restyling contributed to a substantial improvement of the aerodynamic efficiency. Together with the exterior restyling, the new Ghibli GranLusso introduces important features such as Adaptive full LED Headlights with glare free Matrix High-Beam for a distinctive look and even better illumination. New active ADAS functionalities are also available in the Ghibli GranLusso, allowing Maserati to enter the world of autonomous driving. www.maserati.com



Drei vom gleichen Schlag

Skoda Octavia Combi

Audi Q5 vs VW Tiguan vs Skoda Kodiaq – die drei ultra-beliebten SUV mit 190-PS-TDI im Test.

Das überarbeitete Raumwunder aus Mlada Boleslav geht in die zweite Halbzeit. Wie gut ist der erneuerte Bestseller?



Golf GTI

70 Jahre VW Bulli

Immer eine wahre Wonne: Die aktuelle Ausgabe der quicklebendigen Straßen-Legende


Das große Fest zum 70. Jahrestag der legendären Skizze von Ben Pon

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GUTE FAHRT – Volkswagen ❘ Audi ❘ Porsche ❘ Skoda ❘ Seat erscheint 12 × im Jahr.

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London Art Fair 2018 – Discover one of London‘s best art fairs.

The 30th edition of London Art Fair takes place from 17-21 January 2018. In addition to the main Fair you’ll also find two curated sections focusing on younger galleries and new work with Art Projects and and contemporary photography with Photo50. www.londonartfair.co.uk

Annually launching the art world year since 1988, London Art Fair provides a supportive environment for collectors of all levels. With a large display of museum quality Modern British art alongside contemporary work from today’s leading artists, covering the period from the early 20th century to today, presented by respected galleries and private collections. 


Exhibition: London Art Fair 30th edition | 17 to 21 January 2018 Location: Business Design Centre, London


28 th October to 5 th November 2017

2 nd to 5 th november 2017

Hall 2.1, Messe Basel | baslerweinmesse.ch

Hall 2.1, Messe Basel | feinmesse.ch

Monaco Yacht Show – A made-tomeasure superyachting experience. For 27 years now the world superyachting community has gathered for four days on the quays of the Port Hercules to visit yachts, discover the latest market trends and promote business and public relations within the show and in Monaco‘s top hotels. Three months before the event (27-30th September), the Monaco Yacht Show is already sending strong signals to industrial decision-makers and private clients about this eagerly-awaited event: 87% of exhibiting companies have renewed their participation and about forty superyachts delivered in 2017 have been registered and will make their debuts in Monaco among the 125 vessels presented on the water. that are at the heart of the success of the MYS, is matched by the efforts made by the organizing team over the last four years to attract more buyers (both private and trade) and thereby encourage direct contacts between exhibitors and a new clientele of final owners. Discover more at www.monacoyachtshow.com

Exhibition: Monaco Yacht Show, Port Hercules 27th edition | 27 to 30 September 2017

You will age. Your cells won’t. We take a tiny sample of your skin. Separate the stem cells. Store your stem cells in liquid nitrogen. Forever. Then, one day, when old age or illness overtakes you, you could use them. Regenerate you using your younger, stronger, healthier self. It’s not science fiction. Just science. Heidelberg | Germany T +49 6221 71833-0 W www.forever.ticeba.com

© 2016 MC-Clic

The quality of the exhibition, due to the 590 participating companies

MUNICHTIME celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

well-known but equally high-quality models. As is the case every year, German watchmaking craftsmanship will be given a large platform. The exhibition continues to be a focal point for the industry, as MUNICHTIME is known amongst branch specialists as an effective source of impetus

For ten years, MUNICHTIME has showcased the latest models for fans

for trade in top-class watches. Furthermore, the Bavarian college for master

of high-quality, mechanical wristwatches. Germany’s most popular watch

watchmakers (“Bayerische Meisterschule für das Uhrmacherhandwerk”)

exhibition is the absolute highlight on the watch aficionados’ calendar for

based in Würzburg will be attending the event and will be an important

many of these visitors. On its anniversary, the public exhibition will again

port of call for the next watchmaker generation. After all, it is the young

present sensational international innovations, as well as many examples

watchmakers who will secure the future existence of this centuries old craft.

of German watchmaking craftsmanship. This year, numerous prestigious exhibitors will again ensure that MUNICHTIME will be a fascinating


stage for precision mechanical watches, with an excellent international

From 27th to 29th October 2017

reputation. What makes MUNICHTIME so special is the opportunity to

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich

experience at first hand a wide range of new watch models, premièred


at the Geneva Watch Fair and at Baselworld.

Saturday 28th October 2017 from 10:00 to 19:00

New, interesting manufacturers, who have a lot to offer in the field of

Sunday 29th October 2017 from 10:00 to 18:00

precision watchmaking, join the fair every year. It is therefore hardly sur-


prising that MUNICHTIME and the watch innovations exhibited there

www.munichtime.de I www.facebook.com/munichtime

enjoy a commensurately high degree of popularity and interest on the


27th October 2017 from 10:00 to 19:00

part of the visitors. At the end of October 2017, in the glamorous setting


of the luxury Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich, more than 70 watch-

10th to 12th November 2017

makers will display their attractive, mechanical works of art and the

Hotel Park Hyatt, Vienna

latest trends in wristwatches once again.


The diverse portfolio ranges from major international luxury brands to less

www.viennatime.at I www.facebook.com/viennatime

SPECIAL IWC Schaffhausen launches AQUATIMER SPECIAL EDITION as a tribute to a deep-sea icon. Ferdinand A. Porsche designed the Aquatimer Ocean 2000 for IWC Schaffhausen back in 1982. With its avant-garde design, this extremely pressure-resistant diver’s watch was years ahead of its time. In celebration of the 35th birthday of this style icon, IWC is now releasing a special limited edition with a thickness of just 14.5 millimetres. Limited to 350 watches, the Aquatimer Automatic 2000 Edition “35 Years Ocean 2000” (Ref. IW329101) is the thinnest deep-sea diver’s watch in IWC’s collection. Despite the minimal case height, it functions reliably on dives of up to 2,000 metres – thanks to the new, improved shape of the titanium case. IWC pioneered the use of titanium for watch cases and boasts over 30 years of experience in processing this lightweight, extremely resilient material. A diver’s helmet for deep-sea divers is engraved on the back of the watch, reminding the owner each day of its extreme pressure-resistance of 200 bar. Design features such as the black dial, the white hands and indices coated with luminescent paint and the red tip of the seconds hand are inspired by the Ocean 2000. The striking recessed grips on the rotating bezel and the lamel-

1 Million


lar-style rubber strap pay tribute to the Porsche original from 1982. When diving with compressed air, divers must always keep an eye on the time to make sure they don’t put themselves in danger by returning to the surface too quickly. On the Aquatimer watches from IWC, the dive time can be set using the rotating bezel for extra safety. The innovative SafeDive system ensures that the bezel can only be adjusted by turning it anticlockwise. So even if the bezel is accidentally moved, zero hour – the time at which the diver can return to the surface without the need for decompressionstops – is never exceeded. The limited Aquatimer special edition will be available

Coverfoto: Stefan Bogner

in IWC boutiques www.iwc.com




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911 Millionth

911 Road trip in the beautiful Scottish Highlands By Renato Schweizer


It is the archetypal sports car for everyday driving, and a style icon that is unmistakable as both the face and heart of the Porsche brand: the 911. In Zuffenhausen on May 11th, the one-millionth model rolled off the production line – a Carrera S in the special colour “Irish Green”, with numerous exclusive features following the original 911 from 1963.

Er ist der Inbegriff des alltagstauglichen Seriensportwagens, Stil-Ikone, unverwechselbares Gesicht und Herz der Marke Porsche: der 911. Am 11. Mai ist in Zuffenhausen das ein millionste Exemplar vom Band gelaufen – ein Carrera S in der Individualfarbe Irischgrün und mit zahlreichen exklusiven Sonderumfängen in Anlehnung an die ersten Ur-Elfer von 1963.

The two-door car remains the most strategically important model

Unverändert ist der Zweitürer das strategisch wichtigste

in the product range and makes a huge contribution to maintaining

Modell in der Produktpalette und trägt massgeblich

Porsche’s position as one of the most profitable car manufacturers

dazu bei, dass Porsche einer der profitabelsten Auto-

in the world. Its mythology has been cultivated by countless motor-

mobilhersteller der Welt ist. Sein Mythos speist sich

sport successes. Designed for both the road and track, no other

auch aus unzähligen Erfolgen im Motorsport. Für die

sports car embodies this recipe for success quite like the 911.

Strasse und die Rennstrecke – kein anderer Sportwagen verkörpert dieses Erfolgsrezept wie der 911.

The moment the millionth example of the Porsche 911 took to the roads for the first time has been marked appropriately – with

Der Moment, an dem der millionste Porsche 911 zum

a road trip in the Scottish Highlands. The Porsche 911 has, for

ersten Mal auf die Strasse rollte, wurde angemessen

more than 50 years, been focussed on delivering exhilaration

gefeiert – und zwar mit einem Roadtrip in die schotti-

and fun in an unrivalled package – and so it’s apt that such a

schen Highlands.

significant car should cover its first miles on some of the most



challenging and exciting roads to be found anywhere in Europe

Seit mehr als 50 Jahren steht der Porsche 911 für

– in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. A convoy of 911s – led

Begeisterung und Fahrspass, verpackt in einem un-

by the one millionth example – embarked on an ambitious and

nachahmlichen Fahrzeug. Darum ist es nur konsequent,

demanding road trip. From the starting point at Edinburgh Castle,

dass dieses bedeutende Exemplar seine ersten Kilo-

looking down on Scotland’s capital city, the road trip began

meter auf einigen der schwierigsten und aufregendsten

under the watch of a police escort. As the sun rose, the 20-strong

Strassen Europas zurücklegt: auf einer Route durch die

gathering of cars, comprising of an array of 911s spanning 50

wunderschönen schottischen Highlands.

years - from a 1967 Targa, via the 964, the 993, 996 and

Angeführt vom millionsten Modell begab sich ein

even a 959 and an incredibly rare GT1 – passed unimpeded

Konvoi von 911ern auf den anspruchsvollen Roadtrip.

through the streets of Edinburgh on their way to the Scottish

Ausgangspunkt war das Edinburgh Castle mit seinem

West Coast and the Kyle of Lochalsh, just south of the Isle of

Panorama über die Hauptstadt Schottlands. Dort be-

Skye. Driving the cars were enthusiastic private owners and

gann die Reise unter den wachsamen Blicken einer

selected journalists from around the world – joined by the 911’s

Polizeieskorte. Im Laufe des Tages passierten die 20

Model Line Director, Thomas Krickelberg and GT Model Line

Wagen (darunter verschiedene 911er aus den letzten

Director, Andreas Preuninger. Over two days, the road trip covered

50 Jahren – von einem 1967 Targa über einen 964,

nearly 500 miles. The versatility and performance of the 911

993, 996 hin zu einem 959 und dem äusserst

seltenen GT1 ungehindert die Strassen von Edinburgh und schlugen dann den Weg zur schottischen Westküste und dem Dorf Kyle of Lochalsh südlich der Isle of Skye ein. Am Steuer sassen Privatbesitzer und wenige ausgewählte Journalisten aus aller Welt sowie der Leiter der Baureihe 911, Thomas Krickelberg, und der Leiter der GT Strassenfahrzeuge, Andreas Preuninger. In zwei Tagen legte der Konvoi fast 500 Meilen zurück. Der 911 zeichnet sich vor allem durch seine Vielseitigkeit und seine Leistungskraft aus. Und genau diese zwei Eigenschaften kamen auch auf diesem Roadtrip wieder zur Geltung. Die Fahrer lenkten ihre Fahrzeuge durch spektakuläre Landschaften und die unterschiedlichsten Wetterbedingungen; von warmem Sonnenschein bis zu heftigen Regenschauern – weshalb auch das Dach des 997 Speedster häufig zum Einsatz kam. Die Wagen bewältigten die Route ohne Zwischenfälle und legten stilvoll Kilometer um Kilometer zurück. – two defining attributes of the car – came to the fore on the

Übernachtet wurde im Fonab Castle über Loch Faskally

road trip, as the drivers drove the cars against a backdrop of

in der Nähe der Gemeinde Pitlochry in Perthshire.

spectacular scenery and in diverse conditions, from warm sun-

Doch zuvor stand noch ein Abstecher zum abge-

shine to heavy rain, the latter meaning the roof of the 997

legenen Knockhill Race Circuit hoch in den Hügeln

Speedster was in frequent use. The cars coped without incident

über Edinburgh auf dem Programm. Auf dieser Renn-

– covering the miles in spectacular style. An overnight stop at

strecke konnten die Fahrer die andere Seite des 911

Fonab Castle, overlooking Loch Faskally, near Pitlochry in

kennenlernen: Der ehemalige Rennfahrer Tim Harvey

Perthshire preceded a visit to the remote and dramatic Knockhill

und Charlie Eastwood, einer der Fahrer des Porsche

Race Circuit, located high in the hills above Edinburgh. At the

Carrera Cup GB-Teams, boten den Gästen packende

track, the drivers were able to experience the other side of the

Erlebnisse als Beifahrer an Bord der rasanten 911

911’s character, with examples of the mighty 911 GT3 Cup

GT3 Cups. Ebenfalls auf der Rennstrecke tummelten

cars taking to the circuit, with veteran racer Tim Harvey and

sich die fokusiertesten 911er der letzten Zeit, der

Porsche Carrera Cup GB scholar, Charlie Eastwood, providing

997-Generation GT2 RS und der GT3 RS 4.0.

passenger experiences for the guests. Joining the racers were examples of the most focussed 911s in recent times, the 997

Die Reise endete wieder in Edinburgh – jetzt trug der

generation GT2 RS and the GT3 RS 4.0.

millionste 911 stolz die Narben, die sein Abenteuer hinterlassen hatte: Bremsstaub verdunkelte seine Felgen,

The road trip finished in Edinburgh – bearing the scars of their

Schmutz und Schlamm bedeckten die einst makellose

adventure, with brake dust blackening the wheels and dirt and

Karosserie. In seinen ersten 48 Stunden auf der Strasse

road debris having accumulated over the one pristine bodywork

war das Fahrzeug fast unablässig in Bewegung ge-

of the millionth 911. The car hardly stopped moving over the

wesen. Dabei gab es keine Schonfrist, an ihn wurden

course of its first 48 hours on the road – it was driven hard and

die gleichen Ansprüche gestellt wie an jeden anderen

treated like any other 911. It was an appropriately low key

911. Es war eine angemessen subtile Würdigung

way of marketing such an occasion – doing what the 911

dieses Anlasses – ganz so, wie es dem Wesen des

was always designed to do.


911 entspricht.

www.porsche.com Automobile

77 81

Eco Luxury THE BRANDO Tetiaroa Private Island French Polynesia By Louise Mawbey & Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy Photos © The Brando I Patricia Schweizer

© The Brando

A sacred sanctum for the local people, a pleasure ground for Tahitian chiefs, visited by Captain Bligh and now a retreat for environmentally-conscious stars, politicians and premium travellers − Luxury Life MAGAZINE discovered the Tetiaroa atoll and was treated to an unforgettable break in a truly exceptional location.

Das Tetiaroa Atoll – ein Heiligtum für die einheimische Bevölkerung, ein Vergnügungsort für Tahiti-Häuptlinge, im 18. Jahrhundert vom BountyKapitän William Bligh und heute von umweltbewussten Stars, Politikern und PremiumReisenden besucht. Luxury Life MAGAZINE verbrachte, an diesem aussergewöhnlichen Ort eine unvergessliche Zeit. Hotel


Tarita Teriipaia and Marlon Brando on the set of Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

Tetiaroa Private Island French Polynesia

When renowned actor Marlon Brando first set eyes on Tetiaroa

Als der renommierte Schauspieler Marlon Brando in

while filming “Mutiny on the Bounty”, he not only fell in love

„Meuterei auf der Bounty“ spielte und zum ersten Mal

with his French Polynesian co-star Tarita Teriipaia but also with

Tetiaroa erblickte, verliebte er sich nicht nur in seinen

the atoll’s breathtaking beauty and the South Pacific way of life.

Co-Star, die französisch-polynesische Schönheit Tarita

He was so enchanted by this pristine group of islands that he

Teriipaia, sondern auch in das atemberaubende Atoll

leased it in 1967; for him, it was the perfect place to find

und den südpazifischen Lebensstil. Er war so von dieser

personal peace.

unberührten Inselgruppe begeistert, sodass er diese 1967 mietete; für ihn der perfekte Ort, um inneren

As we arrived on the island in the comfort of the resort’s own

Frieden zu finden.

airplane, after being pampered in the private airport terminal, we too could not fail to be captivated by this stunning destination.

Nach unserem komfortablen Transfer mit dem Resort-

Personally greeted by a traditional and joyous dance perfor-

eigenen Kleinflugzeug und der Ankunft an dem ein-

mance, our first impressions were not only confirmed throughout

ladenden privaten Terminal waren auch wir sofort von

our stay – our expectations were exceeded again and again.

diesem erstaunlichen Ziel verzaubert. Wir wurden mit einem traditionellen Tanz persönlich begrüsst, und unser

From the very outset, Marlon Brando was passionate about pre-

gesamter Aufenthalt erwies sich genauso lebhaft wie

serving Tetiaroa’s natural splendour, its flora and fauna and its

diese Performance. Unsere Erwartungen wurden hier

cultural heritage. In July 2014, 10 years after the actor’s death,

immer wieder übertroffen.

The Brando was opened. It is the triumphant result of many



years of careful planning and the fulfilment of Brando’s vision

Von Anfang an war es Marlon Brando wichtig, Tetiaroas

of creating a high-end eco hideaway that combines understa-

üppige Flora und Fauna sowie sein kulturelles Erbe

ted luxury with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

zu bewahren. Im Juli 2014, 10 Jahre nach dem Tod

This philosophy is implemented in countless ways, from the inno-

des Schauspielers, wurde The Brando eröffnet. Dieses

vative Sea Water Air Conditioning system (SWAC) and a focus

triumphale Ergebnis langjähriger sorgfältiger Planung

© The Brando

The Brando Tetiaroa Private Island

French Polynesia

erfüllt Brandos Traum von einem edlen ökologischen Rückzugsort, der Umweltschutz mit unaufdringlichen Luxus verbindet. Diese Philosophie spiegelt sich in unzähligen Details wieder, sei es die innovative Meerwasser-Klimaanlage, die Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien, oder der umfangreiche Einsatz lokaler Materialien. Die Gäste sind willkommen, vor dem Schwimmen eine spezielle Sonnencreme auf Algenbasis zu nutzen, on renewable energies, through the extensive use of local

um das empfindliche marine Ökosystem zu schützen.

materials, to the complimentary algae-based sun cream which

Das Resort betreibt auch eine eigene Ecostation, die

swimmers are encouraged to use in order to protect the fragile

sich der Bildung und Forschung auf dem Gebiet der

marine ecosystem. The resort even runs its own Ecostation, which

Erhaltung und Nachhaltigkeit widmet.

is dedicated to education and research in the field of conservation and sustainability.

Im Einklang mit dem „Back-to-nature“ Ethos lässt sich die Artenvielfalt hier auf viele Weisen direkt erleben.

In keeping with the “back-to-nature” ethos, there are a number

Unser Favorit war die „Ultimate Tour“: Der Naturwissen-

of opportunities to experience the biodiversity at first hand. Our

schaftler Thierry gab uns faszinierende Einblicke in

favourite was the “Ultimate Tour”, where naturalist Thierry gave

die Tier- und Pflanzenwelt des Atolls. Den Gästen steht

us fascinating insight into the atoll’s wildlife and vegetation.

eine breite Palette von Aktivitäten wie Vogelbeobach-

Furthermore, guests can take part in a wide range of other acti-

tung, Schnorcheln, Tauchen, Paddle-Boarding, Radfahren,

vities, including bird watching, snorkelling, paddle boarding,

Tennis und Fitness zur Verfügung. Die Bibliothek und das

diving, biking, tennis and fitness classes. The Library and Explorer

Explorer Center bieten zahlreiche Infos zur Geschichte

Center enables visitors to find out more about the history and

und Kultur der Region, sowie zu den Meerestiere –

culture of the area, as well as about the ocean life that they can

Schildkröten, Haien und bunten tropischen Fischen – die

encounter, such as turtles, sharks and multicoloured tropical fish.

man auf dem Atoll erlebt. Hier kann man sich auch

The untouched islands nearby are just waiting to be investigated.

perfekt auf eine Erkundungstour der benachbarten unberührten Inseln vorbereiten.

Guests also have a variety of options open to them when it comes to dining. We loved the creativity of the dishes and the

Die Gäste erleben unvergessliche Genussmomente in

quality of the freshly-picked, home-grown ingredients. The vegan

einem der verschiedenen Restaurants. Wir liebten die

menu, available at the two restaurants and for in-room meals,

Kreativität der Köche und die Qualität der frisch ge-

is outstanding. Designed by the celebrated chef Kelvin Au-Ieong,

pflückten heimischen Zutaten. Insbesondere auch die Hotel


© The Brando

© The Brando

Les Mutinés by Guy Martin

© The Brando

One Bedroom Villa

© The Brando

Vegan Breakfast «Morning Jar»

Beachcomber Café

Three Bedroom Villa Bathroom

© The Brando

B Three Bedroom Villa

it has to be one of the best vegan/vegetarian offerings we have

hervorragenden vegetarisch/veganen Optionen sind

ever seen. Les Mutinés by Guy Martin serves Paris-inspired crea-

nennenswert, die sich in den beiden Restaurants und

tions in an elegant setting and, at the Beachcomber Café, diners

aufs Zimmer bestellen lassen. Vom berühmten Chefkoch

are treated to sumptuous fare with a Polynesian and French

Kelvin Au-Ieong entworfen, waren es mitunter die besten

influence, while enjoying magnificent lagoon views from inside

vegetarisch/veganen Mahlzeiten, die wir je probieren

the restaurant or on the beach itself. We could not resist the

durften. Das von Guy Martin geführte Restaurant Les

restaurants’ tempting desserts, especially the sublime “Manjari”

Mutinés serviert Kreationen Pariser Art in einem ele-

chocolate cube brimming with strawberries, raspberries and

ganten Ambiente; im Beachcomber Café lassen sich

pistachios. The two beachside bars are perfect for savouring

polynesisch und französisch inspirierte Delikatessen

delicious drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

mit herrlichem Blick auf die Lagune geniessen. Wir

konnten den verführerischen Desserts nicht widerstehen:

24-hour room service enables hotel residents to dine in the

Vor allem die exquisiten Schokowürfel „Manjari“, prall

comfort of their villa or by their pool. The resort comprises 30

mit Erdbeeren, Himbeeren und Pistazien gefüllt, hatten

one-bedroom and 4 two-bedroom villas, each featuring cosy,

es uns angetan. In den beiden Strandbars lassen sich

tasteful, unpretentious interiors, luxury amenities, 1 or 2 outdoor

köstliche Drinks in entspannter Atmosphäre geniessen.

bath tubs, a fully-equipped media room and a plunge pool.

The 246 m² three-bedroom residence additionally boasts even

Dank dem 24-Stunden-Zimmerservice können Gäste

more spacious accommodation, upgraded furnishings and a

jederzeit im Komfort ihrer Villa oder an ihrem Pool

swimming pool. All the villas blend impeccably into their natural

speisen. Das Resort beherbergt 34 Villen, 4 davon

backdrop, thanks to the harmonious design.

mit zwei Schlafzimmern. Wer sich mehr Platz wünscht,

One of the absolute highlights is without doubt the unique Varua

findet in der 246 m² Residenz drei Schlafzimmer,

Te Ora Polynesian Spa. Embedded in luscious tropical vegetation

sowie ein besonders edles Interior und einen grossen

in a secluded, pondside location, this sanctuary of inner peace

Swimmingpool. Jede Villa besticht durch eine gemütlich-

offers traditional local and international treatments, including a

geschmackvolle Einrichtung, luxuriöse Bequemlichkeiten,

Polynesian Steam Bath Ritual, which includes a scrub made from

mindestens eine Badewanne im Freien, einen voll aus-



© The Brando


Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa I Fare Manu

black Tahitian sand. In keeping with its eco philosophy, the spa

gestatteten Medienraum und ein privater Pool. Dank

uses products created by Algotherm. The company, which is

dem behutsamen Design harmoniert jedes Gebäude

committed to marine protection, specialises in indulgent, highly-

mit der natürlichen Kulisse.

effective skincare based on algae and seaweed. The impressively-

designed Fare Manu suite is the spa’s pièce de résistance. This

Zu den Highlights des Atolls gehört zweifellos das

romantic oasis perched amongst the treetops can be booked

Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa. Eingebettet in die üppige

by couples who wish to receive deluxe treatments tailored to

tropische Insellandschaft, hilft diese paradiesische

their needs in a private setting. The views from the deck of this

Oase mit Teich, den inneren Frieden zu finden – mit

elevated cocoon are simply stunning.

traditionellen lokalen und internationalen Behandlungen. Besonders beliebt ist das polynesische Dampfbad-



Marlon Brando once said, “My mind is always soothed when

Ritual inkl. eines Peelings mit schwarzem Tahiti-Sand.

I imagine myself sitting on my South Sea island at night. If I

Im Einklang mit seiner Öko-Philosophie verwendet das

have my way, Tetiaroa will remain forever a place that reminds

Spa Wellness-Produkte von Algotherm, einer für den

Tahitians of what they are and what they were centuries ago.”

Meeresschutz engagierten Firma, die sich auf luxu-

And, as we reflect on our rejuvenating stay in this exceptional

riöse hochwirksame Hautpflege auf Basis von Algen

refuge, we are sure that he would be happy with this inter-

und Seetang spezialisiert. Das Prunkstück des Spa ist

pretation of his legacy. In keeping with his dream and despite

die Fare Manu Suite. Dieses romantische Idyll, welches

the film star connections and the premium standards, there is no

inmitten der Baumwipfel thront, kann von Paaren ge-

room here for Hollywood-style glamour. Described fittingly as

bucht werden, die massgeschneiderte Luxusbehand-

having a “luxe castaway” feel, the only thing that exudes thea-

lungen in einem privaten Umfeld geniessen möchten.

trical flamboyance here is Mother Nature herself.

Der Ausblick vom Deck dieses Himmelskokons ist



“Ultimate Tour” with naturalist Thierry “Ultimate Tour” with naturalist Thierry

Marlon Brando sagte einmal: „Mein Verstand findet immer Frieden, wenn ich mir auch nur vorstelle, in der Nacht auf meiner Südseeinsel zu sein. Wenn es nach mir

© The Brando

geht, bleibt Tetiaroa für immer ein Ort, der Tahitianer daran erinnert, was sie sind, und was sie vor Jahrhunderten waren”. Wir sind sicher, dass The Brando ihn sehr glücklich machen würde. Im Einklang mit seinem Traum und trotz der hier oft verweilenden Filmstars und der herrschenden Premium-Standards geht es hier nicht um Hollywood-Glamour. Hier erlebt man luxuriöses Robinson Crusoe Feeling gepaart mit höchstem Komfort. Das einzige, was hier theatralische Extravaganz verströmt, ist Mutter Natur selbst. www.thebrando.com Hotel


Bora INTERCONTINENTAL ® BORA BORA RESORT & THALASSO SPA By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy

The Brando Suite

a Bora The words “Bora Bora” immediately conjure up images of romantic holidays, untouched white beaches, swaying palm trees and crystal waters, all set against a picture postcard backdrop of the dramatic volcano rising up from the centre of the main island. And precisely this awaits guests of the superb 5-star InterContinental® resort. Follow in the footsteps of Luxury Life MAGAZINE as we conclude our visit to this captivating part of the world.

Wer „Bora Bora“ hört, denkt sofort an romantische Ferientage, unberührte weisse Strände, Palmen im Wind und kristallklares Wasser, mit einem dramatischen Vulkan im Zentrum der Hauptinsel. Und genau das erwartet die Gäste des hervorragenden 5-Sterne InterContinental® Resorts. Folgen Sie den Spuren des Luxury Life MAGAZINE, als wir unseren Besuch in diesem faszinierenden Teil der Welt abschliessen.

After a magical stay at The Brando, InterContinental® Bora Bora

Resort & Thalasso Spa was our next spectacular destination.

Both are run by Pacific Beachcomber, a company specialising in the very best in authentic, high-end travels with an environmen-

tal conscience. The resort is currently benefitting from extensive renovation.

The accommodation, consisting entirely of overwater villas, reflects the group’s philosophy. A deep-sea water air-conditioning system

Nach einem magischen Aufenthalt in The Brando war das InterContinental® Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

unser nächstes spektakuläres Ziel. Beide gehören

Pacific Beachcomber, einem Unternehmen, das sich auf anspruchsvollste und authentische High-End-Reisen mit Umwelt-Gewissen spezialisiert. Das Resort profitiert derzeit von einer umfangreichen Renovierung.

is just one example of the eco-friendly focus. Contemporary design is augmented by typical Polynesian accents and local handiHotel

87 81

Private breakfast at the overwater villa

Die Unterkunft, die ausschliesslich aus Überwasservillen besteht, spiegelt die Philosophie der Gruppe wieder. Eine auf Meerwasser basierte Klimaanlage ist nur ein Beispiel für den umweltfreundlichen Fokus. Das zeitgenössische Design wird durch typisch polynesische Akzente und lokales Kunsthandwerk ergänzt. Mit Ausnahme der zwei noch geräumigeren Brando-Suiten, sind alle Villen 95m² gross, inklusive der grosszügigen Terrasse, einige davon mit private Pool. Sie bieten jeden Komfort; das stilvolle Interieur besticht durch einen Couchtisch mit Glasboden, der Gästen einen faszinierenden Blick auf das Meeresleben darunter bietet. Die PremiumBrando-Suiten mit einem oder zwei Schlafzimmern haben einen privaten Pool und sind die ideale Wahl crafts. Every comfort is ensured and, except for the 2 even more

für anspruchsvolle Urlauber, die noch mehr Exklusivität

spacious Brando Suites, all the villas boast 95m², including the


generous terrace and some with a private pool. The stylish interiors feature a glass-bottomed coffee table which treats guests to a

Drei ausgezeichnete Restaurants servieren internationale

mesmerising view of the marine life below. The premium one

und lokale Gerichte in verschiedenen lässigen doch

and two-bedroomed Brando Suites have a private pool and are

eleganten Settings. Für jeden kulinarischen Wunsch ist

the ideal choice for discerning holidaymakers seeking even

gesorgt: Le Corail spezialisiert sich auf französische

greater exclusivity.

Gourmet-Küche und bietet einen umfangreichen Wein-

Bora keller; im stylischen Reef kann man sich polynesische

Three excellent restaurants serve international and local dishes in

und mediterrane Kost auf der Zunge zergehen lassen,

various casual yet elegant venues. From the exclusive Le Corail,

und im Sands werden Snacks und Sandwiches am

specialising in gourmet French cuisine and offering an extensive

Strand unter den Sternen serviert. Cocktails und Getränke

wine cellar, through Polynesian and Mediterranean fare in the chic

werden in einer der drei entspannten Bars genossen.

Reef restaurant, to snacks and sandwiches on the beachfront

under the stars in Sands, every culinary wish is catered for. Cock-

Die Gäste des Resorts können eine herrliche Land-

tails and drinks can be savoured in one of the three laid-back

schaft erleben, das faszinierende Ozeanleben im


Lagoonarium näher kennenlernen (Stachelrochen sind

hier besonders beeindruckend), an einem der erleb-



As well as exploring the magnificent natural setting on land and

nisreichen Ausflüge teilnehmen oder sich mit einem

in the ocean − guests can become acquainted with fascinating

privaten Reiseführer in die Natur stürzen. Eine Fülle

sea life (including stingrays) in the Lagoonarium, go on one of

von sportlichen Aktivitäten wird ebenfalls angeboten,

the many enriching excursions or take off into the countryside

wie zum Beispiel Tennis, ein Fitness-Studio und die

accompanied by a private guide − an abundance of other

ganze Palette des Wassersports. Das Deep Ocean

activities is on offer, including the full range of water sports,

Spa ist eine Oase der Ruhe und Verjüngung; die Be-

tennis and a gym. The Deep Ocean Spa is a haven of peace

handlungen hier nutzen die heilende Kraft der marinen

and rejuvenation, providing treatments which utilise the healing

Nährstoffe. Mit seinen wunderschönen tropischen Gärten

power of marine nutrients. Embedded in beautiful tropical gardens

und atemberaubenden Aussichten ist das Resort der

and featuring stunning views, this is the perfect place to draw a

perfekte Ort, um einen luxuriösen Märchenurlaub im

deluxe fairytale holiday in the South Pacific to a close. www.intercontinental.com

Südpazifik ausklingen zu lassen. www.intercontinental.com








Your Tahitian experience starts right from boarding

Maeva - Welcome With its five new generation airbus A340-300, Air Tahiti Nui can provide optimum comfort. The aircrafts are fitted with 296 seats in two classes, with 32 lie flat cocoon seats in Poerava Business class and 264 seats in Moana class, all equipped with individual HD screens and video on demand. Our crew will welcome you on board, in keeping with pure Polynesian tradition by offering you a Tiare flower, a symbol of our islands. You will experience the kindness, sense of hospitality and authenticity of Polinesian people throughout your journey.

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Flights with partner airlines to Paris available from various European cities.


© Sprüngli


Gourmet chocolate is conquering an ever larger number of amateurs, through innovation but also by focusing on the quality and origin of cocoa. Easter is now a souvenir, and Christmas not yet around the corner. Which excuse do we have to treat ourselves with chocolate today? The answer might be: any as long as we feel good about it. One of our most treasured journeys, eating chocolate is like taking a stroll down memory lane, sometimes with exotic detours. Our proustian experience is made of childhood’s hot cocoa moustaches lovingly swiped by our mothers, and our fingers covered with the remains of chocolate bars dutifully cleaned by the family dog.

colate Happiness around the corner

We keep this memory alive by enriching it with new experiences.

Tasting cocoa is like visiting a garden-maze of delicate flavours,

tendered creatively by maîtres-chocolatiers such as La Maison

du Chocolat, Sprüngli and Bonnat Chocolatier: we know where we start and then progress blindly to be deliciously surprised by new flavours at the corners of our gustative trip. The chocolate

chefs guide this discovery by using beans from far-flung places for inspiration and ultimately deliver a drop of culture and adventure on our tongue.

Chocolate is a healthy thrill – “a daily pleasure without the opprobrium associated with alcohol or tobacco”, notes Stéphane

Bonnat, owner and manager of the French gourmet chocolate specialist Bonnat Chocolatier, created in 1884. Our tongue

A luxurious experience

guides our senses towards pleasure and relaxation. A bit of

When initially imported to Europe, chocolate delivered

sugar lights up our brain with a quick energy kick. Our body

its rich flavours to the tables of wealthy individuals. As

also rewards us in a healthier way. Cocoa is considered as a

more consumers could afford it, its status as a luxury

“super food”, improving our cholesterol levels and reducing our

did not recede. If the experience of luxury is at the

blood pressure, the risk of cancer, of heart attack and of strokes,

same time intimate and collective, a personal elevation

as well as our cognitive decline with age. Chocolate helps losing

achieved through a social experience, then savouring

weight and preventing diabetes. It also enhances our mood.

chocolate belongs to this category. Even more so as we

However, “if chocolate makes you happy, this largely depends

collectively value increasingly experience over pos-

on its quality”, analyses Milan Prenosil, Chairman of the Swiss

session: gourmet chocolate has the same status than

luxury chocolate manufacturer Sprüngli. Happiness is connec-

high quality espresso and other high-end experiences

ted to a form of luxury associated with chocolate still today.

beneficial both to the mind and the body.



Milan Prenosil, Chairman of the Swiss luxury chocolate manufacturer Sprüngli

Luxury comes from exclusivity. From the best origin, only five


percent of chocolate beans serve the production of high-end

Just for any luxury item, “there is a public of connois-

chocolate, according to Geoffrey d’Anglejan, Chairman and

seurs” points Geoffrey d’Anglejan. They are the ones

CEO of the French high-end chocolate specialist La Maison du

driving innovation, as they appreciate craftsmanship

Chocolat. This selectivity serves the taste of demanding custo-

and initiate trends. They also drive innovation in other

mers essentially from developed countries. While the French

ways. “Innovation is driven by a new public used to

consume seven kilos of chocolate per year, and the Belgian

digital communication and multi-channel and sales.

twelve, high-end chocolate is consumed more selectively: “it is affordable but remains relatively expensive”, states Milan Prenosil. For him and Stéphane Bonnat, “chocolate is indeed an affordable luxury”. The gourmet and luxury segment of the market chocolate grows structurally by two to three percent per year, while the rest of the market is merely saturated. Some companies are capitalising on this luxurious experience. Created in 2003, Hotel Chocolat was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM in February this year. It is currently valued at 346 million pounds, up 107% from its debut at 167 million. One of the reasons Hotel Chocolat decided to raise money from the stock exchange to not only to add new shops and increase production, but to invest in new equipment and technology. But is there room for innovation in chocolate? 92


Geoffrey d’Anglejan, Chairman and CEO of the French high-end chocolate specialist La Maison du Chocolat

What matters to the client is the quality of his comprehensive experience, from end-to-end and regardless the channel”, explains Geoffrey d’Anglejan. “The consumption of chocolate is driven by curiosity - and thus by innovation”, points Milan Prenosil. “It is all about stories told by our chocolate”, explains Stéphane Bonnat. Events such as Easter, Christmas or Valentine’s Day are a source of inspiration for chocolate artisans. Passion and creativity lead their effort, often spanning multiple years. An example was the two-year development of a chocolate inspired by the perfume Angel by La Maison du Chocolat in partnership perfume maker Mugler for the 25th birthday of its fragrance. A cooperation with Maison Petrossian lead to a new chocolate combined with caviar and vodka. La Maison du Chocolat offers new flavors such as patchouli/vanilla, or cotton candy. Meanwhile, Sprüngli

explains Stéphane Bonnat. “They want quality and

launched its champagne truffle.

origin. We can innovate respectively through fermentation and roasting for the former; and sourcing for

Innovation is also driven by a focus on quality and paradoxically

the latter. There are 10 types cacao trees, and 2400

a return to cocoa. Spüngli focused on the development and

types of cocoa were identified with a specific genome.

launch of its Cru sauvage and Grand cru chocolates, emphasi-

That leaves plenty of room to find new flavours and

zing the importance of the origin of the beans. “Consumers have

develop new products”. For our inner child, these

noticed that some ‘chocolate’ had barely any cocoa at all”,

words sound like magic. Gourmet



The reinvention of Singita’s smallest gem – Singita Sweni unveils its new look.

She is the most intimate amongst Singita’s lodges in South Africa and this August, after a four-month-pupation, she reveals her new appearance: Singita Sweni, an exquisite piece of architecture and design on the lush banks of Sweni river in the northeast of Kruger National Park. At the very

place the Mountain Pride with its more than 20 lions calls home, where hippos mind their floaty business and cheeky monkeys dart through ancient trees, the reinvented Sweni nestles in the woods like an organic part of the landscape. With leading South African design team Cecile & Boyd at the helm, the new look features a base spread of neutral tones to bring in light, which is reflected by gold and bronze ore, polished mud, gleaming recycled timbers, richly hued marble and splashes of vibrant color – inspired by the iridescent sheen of bird feathers, butterfly wings and beetle shells to create a bold, new African context for contemporary design. Working with GAPP Architects and renowned chef, Liam Tomlin, the updated Singita Sweni Lodge will exude glamorous attitude, with a revamped dining experience and show kitchen, a new outdoor dining deck, an indoor dining area and winter lounge, a new pool with views over the Sweni River, a fire pit, and the addition of a secluded Pool Suite. www.singita.com

Chalkley’s Treehouse

Tinyeleti Treehouse

THE LION SANDS TREEHOUSES – Discover the magic of an african night spent out in the open. The Lion Sands Treehouses (including Chalkley’s Treehouse, Kingston Treehouse and Tinyeleti Treehouse) are the ultimate bush bedrooms. Arrive at sunset to a scrumptious picnic dinner, and spend the hours of dusk fully appreciating the

Kingston Treehouse

vastness of the bushveld as it transforms from day to night. Slumber directly beneath the Milky Way where you may well lose count of the shooting stars. The Treehouses at Lion Sands are for the hopeless romantic (ideal as a wedding or anniversary treat), the adventurer, the person who needs a complete disconnect and digital detox, or the wildlife enthusiast who prefers the bush au-natural. All of the Treehouses are securely constructed above the ground, where animals will remain at a safe and comfortable distance. Our Field Guide will provide a full orientation when he drops guests off before sunset, and will remain on call via the radio left behind until it is time to leave the following morning after sunrise and a good cup of coffee! The Treehouses, including Chalkley’s Treehouse and Kingston Treehouse (Sabi Sand), and Tinyeleti Treehouse (Kruger National Park) are booked in conjunction with your accommodation. Pack an overnight bag with your essentials, while leaving your other belongings back in your room at camp. www.lionsands.com

Chalkley’s Treehouse

Delaire Graff Estate, Stellenbosch – The Jewel of the Cape Winelands. Welcome to the luxury Winelands experience at Delaire Graff Estate, a world-leading destination for wine, art and hospitality in an unrivalled setting. Designed with the discerning global traveller in mind, savour breathtaking, uninterrupted views of the Stellenbosch Valley. Striking Cape Dutch architecture meets African artefacts and styling, with original art from Laurence Graff’s personal collection. Enjoy award-winning wines from the state of the art winery, dine in flagship restaurants and book a stay at one of the Lodges – the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity. www.delaire.co.za

The spirit of &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania.

panelled walls – and be instantly transported into one of the most famous African landscapes with just one glance out the window of the lodge. In

Guests can be forgiven for losing track of which era, or even continent,

this place of dramatic contrasts, where Versailles meets Maasai, anything

they are experiencing at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. Nowhere

is possible and the natural luxury of the breathtakingly beautiful setting

else on earth can you wake up among all the trappings of an elegant

ensures the dramatic interior of your suite blends perfectly with its stilted

baroque chateau – brocade sofas, gilt mirrors, beaded chandeliers and

thatch architecture. www.andbeyond.com

ARABELLA COUNTRY ESTATE Living at its finest. On the shores of the Bot River Lagoon, with panoramic views of the Palmiet mountain range, Arabella Country Estate is renowned for tranquil estate living in the magnificent surroundings of a World Heritage nature reserve. No longer the exclusive reserve of those in their golden years, Arabella Country Estate is an appealing alternative for younger families seeking to escape the growing stresses and congestion of city life. Located just 110 km from Cape Town, commuting is a viable option, and the increasing trend towards mobile home offices is seeing more and more families opting for a slower place of living. Identified by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee as a biodiversity “hot-spot”, the area is home to more than 1600 fynbos species and abundant bird and animal life. With 236 spacious freehold properties and plenty of open spaces set on 113 hectares of pristine land, and with 1.6 km of lagoon frontage, Arabella encourages an organic style of architecture using natural materials, slate roofs and subdued earth colours in harmony with the surroundings. The Estate is home to one of the top ranked golf courses in South Africa, with pristine grass, tricky sand traps and challenging water hazards. Designed by Peter Matkovich, the golf course has been enjoyed by celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and professional golfers like Ernie Els and Gary Player. Arabella residents can also enjoy the 5-star Arabella Hotel & Spa, which offers guests and residents stylish and opulent tranquility, fine dining, and pampering within the superb natural surrounds of the Estate. Quality education need not be sacrificed when making the move to Arabella, and nearby Hermanus offers a number of schooling options, both public and private, including Waldorf and Montessori. Arabella is an ideal base from which to explore the beautiful Overstrand region, which offers countless activities and diversions to suit young and old all year round. www.arabellacountryestate.co.za

Lion Sands Ivory Lodge’s Fish Eagle Villa – Your Private Safari Home. Lion Sands Ivory Lodge’s Fish Eagle Villa is the ultimate private safari experience for families and smaller groups of friends, and comes with its own Chef (meals are prepared within the Villa’s kitchen), as well as dedicated Field Guide and private safari vehicle. The Fish Eagle Villa also has its own wellness area (with double treatment room) and private exercise facility – as well as lap pool and jetty overlooking the Sabie River. www.lionsands.com

McLaren 570S Spider in Curacao Blue

The new McLaren 570S Spider combines the exceptional dynamism and refinement of the 570S Coupé with the extra exhilaration of open-air motoring. Hand-assembled in Woking, England, the 570S Spider is the most attainable McLaren Spider ever and brings supercar attributes such as carbon-fibre construction, a mid-engined layout and extreme performance for the first time to the luxury sports convertible segment.



Der neue McLaren 570S Spider vereint die aussergewöhnliche Dynamik und Raffinesse des 570S Coupé mit dem begeisternden Gefühl des offenen Fahrens. Handgefertigt in Woking, England, ist der 570S Spider das bisher erschwinglichste McLaren Spider Modell und führt damit seine charakteristischen Supercar-Eigenschaften erstmals in das LuxusSportcabriolet Segment ein.

MCLAREN 570S SPIDER A convertible without compromise By Renato Schweizer


99 81

McLaren 570S Spider in Vega Blue



The two-seat, rear-wheel drive 570S Spider is the third bodystyle

Der heckangetriebene Zweisitzer 570S Spider ist

in McLaren’s Sports Series portfolio, lining up alongside the

bereits die dritte Karosserieform im McLarens Sports

Coupé and the GT. Compared to the Coupé, the 570S Spider

Series Portfolio – neben dem Coupé und dem GT.

adds a neatly integrated, retractable hardtop that when lowered

Verglichen mit dem Coupé, verfügt der 570S Spider

delivers an even more immersive and exhilarating driving expe-

über ein nahtlos integriertes, einfahrbares Hardtop,

rience. The two-piece roof – which is engineered using technology

das im geöffneten Zustand für ein noch intensiveres

proven in the McLaren 650S and 675LT Spider models – is

und aufregenderes Fahrerlebnis sorgt. Das zweiteilige

constructed of lightweight composite panels and creates a pur-

Dach – welches die gleiche Technologie nutzt, die be-

poseful, sleek appearance whether raised or lowered.

reits in den McLaren 650S und 675LT Spider Modellen

Most importantly, there are no performance compromises versus

erprobt wurde – ist aus leichtgewichtigen Panels aus

the 570S Coupé, with the Spider maintaining the same elec-

Verbundwerkstoff gefertigt und sorgt für eine ausdrucks-

trifying pace, dynamic excellence and impressive refinement.

starke und schlanke Erscheinung, egal ob geschlossen

The carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis at the heart of all Sports

oder geöffnet.

Series cars does not suffer any reduction in strength or stiffness

Das wichtigste ist, dass gegenüber dem 570S Coupé

in convertible guise, or require any additional structural actions.

keine Kompromisse bei der Performance gemacht

This has allowed McLaren engineers to design and develop the

wurden, der Spider behält sein bekanntes elektrisieren-

570S Spider without concerns that are potentially a significant

des Tempo, dynamische Kompetenz und eindrucksvolle

issue with steel or aluminium structures.

Raffinesse bei. Das MonoCell II Chassis aus Karbon-

Electrically operated from the driver’s seat using one simple control,

faser - das Herz aller Sports Series Modelle - musste

the roof folds effortlessly to stow beneath a beautifully crafted

in seiner Cabrio-Version keine Abstriche in puncto Stärke

tonneau cover that rises automatically to accommodate the lowe-

oder Verwindungssteifigkeit erdulden – auch wurden

keine zusätzlichen Verstärkungen benötigt. Dies erlaubte den McLaren Ingenieuren das Design und die Entwicklung des 570S Spider ohne irgendwelche Nachteile oder Risiken einzugehen, die mit Stahl- oder Aluminiumkonstruktionen aufkommen können. Elektrisch vom Fahrersitz aus bedienbar, klappt das Dach mühelos ein, um unter einer formschön gefertigten Abdeckung zu verschwinden. Durch Hilfe der “SoftClose”-Technologie bewegt diese sich wieder in ihre geschlossene Position. Das Dach kann in nur 15 Sekunden geöffnet beziehungsweise geschlossen werden, bei einer Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 40 km/h. Eine verglaste Heckscheibe kann auf Knopfdruck elektrisch hoch- oder heruntergefahren werden und sorgt so für noch mehr Flexibilität – ob bei geschlossenem oder geöffnetem Dach. Als Windschott reduziert es die Windböen bei geöffnetem Dach und, falls gewünscht, kann es ebenfalls bei geschlossenem Dach heruntergefahren werden um ein intensiveres Klangerlebnis zu schaffen und mehr frische Luft in den Innenraum zu lassen. Das einfahrbare Hardtop hält härtesten Bedingungen stand. Dennoch wiegt es zusammen mit seinen mechanischen Komponenten nur 46kg – der einzige Gewichtsunterschied zwischen dem neuen Cabriolet und dem 570S Coupé. Die Kombination von leichtgewichtiger Karbonfaserred panels and returns to its closed position with the assistance

konstruktion und einem unglaublich leistungsstarkem

of soft-close technology. The roof can be opened or closed in

McLaren 3,8 Liter V8 Doppelturbomotor führt dazu,

just 15 seconds, at vehicle speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph).

dass der neue 570S Spider leistungsstärker und

A glazed wind deflector can be electrically raised or lowered

leichter als vergleichbare Cabriolets ist. Er verfügt über

at the push of a button, providing further versatility with the roof

ein beeindruckendes Leistungsgewicht von 419PS pro

up or down. The deflector reduces wind-buffeting when the roof

Tonne. (leichtestes Trockengewicht).

is down and if desired can be lowered when the roof is raised

Direkt hinter dem Fahrer positioniert, liefert der McLaren

to allow additional sound and fresh air into the cabin.

M838TE Motor 570PS bei 7.500 U/m und ein Dreh-

The retractable hardtop is designed to withstand the severest

moment von 600Nm zwischen 5.000 und 6.500 U/m.

conditions and is significantly more weather- and fade-resistant

In Kombination mit einem 7-Gang Doppelkupplungs-

than fabric, yet with its operating mechanism adds just 46kg to

Getriebe mit Launch Control Technologie, ergibt sich

the weight of the Spider; this is the only variance in weight

daraus ein Luxus-Sportcabriolet mit einer Supercar Be-

between the new convertible and the 570S Coupé.

schleunigung: Von 0 auf 100 km/h in 3,2 Sekunden,

The combination of lightweight carbon fibre construction and

auf 200km/h in nur 9,6 Sekunden. Die Höchstge-

an incredibly potent 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged McLaren V8

schwindigkeit liegt bei geschlossenem Dach bei

engine, means that the new 570S Spider is both more powerful

328km/h – wie auch bei dem 570S Coupé – und

and lighter than comparable convertibles, with an impressive

mit geöffnetem Dach bei 315km/h.

power-to-weight ratio of 419PS-per-tonne (lightest dry weight).

McLarens neuer Spider gleicht im Aufbau einem Renn-

Positioned behind the driver, the twin-turbocharged McLaren

fahrzeug, Doppelquerlenker-Federung mit Stahlfedern,

M838TE engine produces 570PS at 7,400rpm and torque of

adaptive Dämpfer mit Doppelventilen und Querstabi-

600Nm between 5,000rpm and 6,500rpm. In combination with

lisatoren mit der gleichen Kalibrierung wie das 570S Automobile

101 81

a seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox featuring Launch Control

Coupé. Die Kontrollierbarkeit ist aussergewöhnlich

technology, the result is a luxury sports convertible with supercar

und das Fahrgefühl unfassbar direkt. Über die Active

acceleration from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.2 seconds

Dynamics Schaltfläche eröffnet sich eine weitere

and to 200km/h (124mph) in just 9.6 seconds. Top speed is

Dimension der individuellen Einstellungen – hier kann

328km/h (204mph) with the roof in place – identical to the

der Fahrer zwischen Normal, Sport oder Track Modus

570S Coupé – and even with the roof lowered, the new Spider

auswählen und so eine progressivere oder weichere

can reach 315km/h (196mph).

Federungseinstellung vornehmen. Diese Flexibilität er-

McLaren’s new Spider employs racecar-style, double-wishbone

laubt es den Spider genauso im Alltag wie auch auf

suspension all-round, with steel springs, twin-valve adaptive

der Rennstrecke zu fahren.

dampers and anti-roll bars calibrated to the same exacting

Ein elektrohydraulisches Lenksystem, Karbon-Keramik-

specification as the 570S Coupé. Body control is exceptional

Bremsschreiben und Pirelli P ZERO™ CORSA Bereifung

and the overall drive incredibly pure and rewarding, while

sind serienmässig, während die aktuellste Chassis-

retaining impressive comfort. Accessing the Active Dynamics

Software das Fahrerlebnis und die Sicherheit ver-

Panel adds another level of personal choice, allowing the driver

bessert. Ursprünglich für die Formel 1™ entwickelt, hilft

to choose from Normal, Sport or Track modes, for progressively

die Brake Steer bei Kurvenfahrten. Sie reduziert das

softer or firmer suspension. This versatility ensures that the Spider

Untersteuern indem sie die Bremskraft an das innen-

is as at ease in everyday use as it is on a race track.

liegende Hinterrad abgibt, wenn der Fahrer in die Kurve

Electro-hydraulically assisted power steering, carbon-ceramic

einlenkt. Die Performance Traction Control, die von

brakes and Pirelli P ZERO™ CORSA tyres are standard, while

McLaren kalibriert wurde, sorgt für präzise Kontrolle

the latest chassis software both enhances the driving experience

in extremen Situationen. Das ESC (Electronic Stability

and increases safety. Developed originally for Formula 1™,

Control) System beinhaltet einen “Dynamik”-Modus mit

Brake Steer aids cornering and reduces understeer by subtly

reduziertem Eingreifen und dadurch erhöhter “Driftbar-

applying braking force to the inside rear wheel as the driver

keit” – so kann der Fahrer das dynamische Potenzial des

turns in to a corner. Performance Traction Control calibrated by

570S Spider mit grosser Sicherheit voll ausschöpfen.

McLaren provides precise control in extreme situations, while


the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system includes a ‘Dynamic’

Das atemberaubende Karosseriedesign wurde um einen

mode with reduced intervention and increased ‘driftability’,

Heckspoiler in Dark Palladium Grey (eine Lackierung

allowing drivers to enjoy the 570S Spider’s dynamic potential

in sichtbarer Karbonfaser ist als Option bei McLaren

with confidence.

Special Operations erhältlich) erweitert. Dieser ist 12mm höher als der des 570S Coupés. Der höhere Spoiler


The breath-taking body design is enhanced by a rear spoiler,

bietet zusätzlichen Abtrieb, um die aerodynamischen

finished in Dark Palladium grey (a visible carbon fibre finish is

Veränderungen auszugleichen, die von dem veränder-

available at additional cost via McLaren Special Operations)

ten oberen Karosserieform des Spiders herrühren. So

and 12mm taller than the rear spoiler of the 570S Coupé. The

wird sichergestellt, dass die aerodynamische Balance

higher spoiler provides additional downforce to offset the aero-

dem Coupé gleichwertig ist.

dynamic changes resulting from the Spider having a different rear

Der anspruchsvolle Innenraum, der um die perfekte

upper body design, ensuring exceptional aerodynamic balance

Fahrerposition, die den Fahrer ins Zentrum des Gesche-

overall that is the equal of the Coupé.

hens setzt, aufgebaut ist, vereint ein aussergewöhnliches

Designed around a perfect driving position that puts the driver

Niveau von Handwerkskunst, Qualität und Techno-

at the centre of the action, the sophisticated cabin blends

logie: Handgenähtes Leder auf den Sitzen, Türrahmen,

exceptional levels of craftsmanship, quality and technology;

Armaturenbrett und Mittelkonsole - direkt neben einem

hand-stitched leather on the seats, door casings, dashboard

10-Zoll TFT Hauptinstrumentendisplay und einem

and centre console sits side-by-side with a 10-inch TFT main

zentralmontierten 7-Zoll IRIS Touchscreen, über den

instrument cluster and a centrally mounted, 7-inch IRIS touchscreen

die Klimaanlageneinstellungen und die Funktionen des

through which climate control and infotainment functionality are

Infotainment gesteuert werden.


Drei neue Aussenlackierungen bringt die Einführung

Three new exterior colours celebrate the Spider’s introduction,

des Spiders mit sich: Curacao Blue, Vega Blue und

with Curacao Blue, Vega Blue and Sicilian Yellow joining the

Sicilian Yellow - so haben die Spider Kunden die Wahl

existing Sports Series palette and giving Spider customers a

aus insgesamt 20 Farben. Die neuen Farbtöne betonen

choice of 20 colours in total. The new hues dramatically

die komplexen Formen der Aluminiumkarosserie und

showcase the complex forms of the aluminium bodywork and

die in dieser Klasse einzigartigen dihedral öffnenden

unique-in-class dihedral doors, particularly when combined for

Türen – besonders in Kombination mit der optional er-

added visual impact with an optional Dark Palladium grey

hältlichen Dark Palladium Grey Kontrastlackierung auf

contrast finish on the roof, windscreen pillars and rear buttresses.

Dach, Windschutzscheibensäulen und hinteren Säulen.

Available to order now from more than 80 McLaren retailers world-

Ab sofort kann der 570S Spider, der im McLaren

wide, each 570S Spider is hand-assembled at the McLaren

Production Center in Woking handgefertigt wird, bei

Production Centre in Woking, England.


einem der weltweit 80 Händler bestellt werden. www.mclaren.com

LUX* South Ari Atoll, Temptation Pool Water Villa




Lux Lux* S O U T H A R I AT O L L

MALDIVES By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy


107 81

Temptation Pool Water Villa

Lagoon Bar


Chic interiors. Playful details. Golden swans. Intoxicating spices. Hip bars. Amusing diversions. Energising activities. Family fun. Underwater encounters. Powdery sand. Endless vistas. Restful rejuvenation. Rethought indulgence…

The unique LUX* South Ari Atoll on a pristine island in the South

Ari Atoll offers all this and more for travellers looking for a contem-

Romantic Pool Residence

Das Interieur: chic. Die Details: verspielt. Die Schwäne: golden. Die Gewürze: berauschend. Die Bars: hip. Die Unterhaltung: top. Die Aktivitäten: faszinierend. Die Unterwasser-Begegnungen: spannend. Der Sand: samtig. Der Ausblick: endlos. Der Familienspass: garantiert. Der Urlaub: verjüngend. Der Luxus: neu definiert.

porary, exciting reinvention of holiday luxury. The aim of “helping people celebrate life, by making each moment matter” is tangible from the very outset.

Das einzigartige LUX* South Ari Atoll auf einer naturbe-

lassenen Insel im Süd-Ari-Atoll bietet all dies und mehr



The first thing we noticed about this picturesque destination as

für Reisende, die eine zeitgemässe, spannende Neu-

we approached it after a short seaplane flight from Malé Airport

interpretation von Urlaubsluxus suchen. „Das Leben zu

was its size – being one of the Maldives’ largest islands it pro-

feiern und jeden Moment bewusst zu geniessen“ ist ein

vides plenty of room for individual exploration and secluded

Motto, das hier von der ersten Minute an gelebt wird.

ux Temptation Pool Water Villa

moments. However, on landing, we soon became aware that

Als wir uns diesem malerischen Ziel nach einem kurzen

here we would experience a vacation in a matchless ambience,

Flug mit dem Wasserflugzeug vom Flughafen Malé

where a surprise would await us around almost every corner.

näherten, fiel uns als erstes die schiere Fläche auf – als eine der grössten Inseln der Malediven bietet sie viel

The concept of the newly-renovated resort stands out from that

Raum für individuelle Erkundung und private Momente.

of other top-end hotels in the Maldives. Despite the luxurious

Bald wurde uns klar, dass wir hier einen Urlaub in

standards, there is no place for opulence; the focus is on stylish,

einem unvergleichlichen Ambiente erleben würden,

trendy design which combines Ibiza flair with quirky twists to

wo uns eine Überraschung fast um jede Ecke erwartet.

create a fascinating, chilled-out, yet exclusive atmosphere. Muted

colours, clean lines and in vogue furniture and furnishings are seen

Das Konzept des neu renovierten Resorts unterscheidet

throughout the resort and are accompanied by unusual highlights,

sich von anderen Top-End-Hotels auf den Malediven.

such as gourd-shaped hanging seats, futuristic looped benches

Trotz der luxuriösen Standards hat Opulenz hier keinen

and striped disc sunshades. This bright, fresh concept blends in

Platz; der Fokus liegt auf stilvollem modernem Design,

perfectly with its natural surroundings: the pristine beaches, untouched

das Ibiza-Flair mit eigenwilligen Besonderheiten vereint,

vegetation, glistening ocean and stunning sunrises and sunsets.

um eine faszinierende Atmosphäre zu schaffen: total

The accommodation comprises 193 pavilions and villas in 7 categories. Ranging from 60 to 360 m², all the properties are extremely

spacious and exude pared down chic coupled with the quality expected of a first class hotel. Located on the beach or above the water, every option allows guests to enjoy their beautiful

setting to the full, as well as 24-hour in-villa dining indoors or on

entspannt, aber exklusiv. Gedeckte Farben, klare Linien,

modische Möbel und Einrichtungsgegenstände sind überall im Resort zu sehen, ergänzt durch ungewöhn-

liche Highlights wie kürbisförmige Hängesitze, futuristisch geschlungene Bänke und gestreifte diskusförmige Sonnenschirme. Dieses helle, frische Konzept fügt sich

perfekt in die natürliche Umgebung mit ihren natur-


109 81

East Bar

East Market

East Bar, Disco Toilet

the furnished deck. The Temptation Pool Water Villas also boast

belassenen Stränden, der unberührten Pflanzenwelt,

a 14m pool, a Jacuzzi and direct access to the lagoon, while

dem glitzernden Meer und den atemberaubenden

the magnificent LUX* Villa features a stunning glass floored living

Sonnenaufgängen und -untergängen.

room which reveals the multifarious sea life. Die Unterkunft besteht aus 193 Pavillons und Villen in



The resort itself is a lively, vibrant place. Here, boredom is

7 Kategorien. Von 60 bis 360 m² gross, sind sie alle-

impossible and we had to schedule our time to make sure we

samt geräumig, dezent chic und in der Qualität ausge-

fitted in everything we wanted to try out. Pursuits on and in the

stattet, die man von einem erstklassigen Hotel erwartet.

water naturally predominate, with an impressively extensive selec-

Ob am Strand oder über dem Wasser – jede Unterkunft

tion, including snorkelling, flyboarding, kitesurfing and jet skiing.

besticht durch eine schöne Lage, und in jeder lässt sich

The five-star Diving Center enables guests to meet fascinating

24 Stunden am Tag im Innenbereich oder auf der möb-

marine creatures, such as manta rays and even the occasional

lierten Terrasse speisen. Jede „Temptation Pool Water

dolphin. Floodlit tennis courts and a well-equipped gym are just

Villa“ verfügt zudem über einen 14m-Pool, einen Whirl-

a couple of examples of the activities available on land. Children

pool und einen direkten Zugang zur Lagune, während

are also well catered for, with two kids’ clubs providing fun and

die herrliche LUX* Villa ein unvergessliches Wohnzim-

adventure for different age groups.

mer zu bieten hat: Unter dem Glasboden hat man die

For more relaxing pastimes, the resort affords ample opportunity

endlose Abwechslung des Meereslebens zu Füssen.

to unwind on the fabulous beaches, chill out on a giant inflatable

Das Resort ist ein lebendiger, aktiver Ort. Langeweile


Beach Rouge

ist hier unmöglich; das einzige Problem ist, so die Zeit zu planen, dass man nichts verpasst. Aktivitäten auf und im Wasser sind besonders vielfältig, vom Schnorcheln und Flyboarden bis zum Kitesurfen und Jet-Ski. Das Fünf-Sterne-Tauchzentrum macht es den Gästen möglich, faszinierende Meeresbewohner wie Teufelsrochen und sogar den gelegentlichen Delphin zu erleben. Flutlicht-Tennisplätze und ein gut ausgestattetes Fitnesscenter sind nur ein paar Beispiele für die Aktivitäten an Land. Auch Kinder sind gut versorgt: Zwei Kinderclubs bieten Abenteuer für verschiedene Altersgruppen. on the ocean, cuddle up with a book in the extensive library, hang your own personal dream on the Tree of Wishes or watch a

Entspannung finden Gäste hier ebenfalls reichlich, ob

movie under the stars at the open-air cinema. The LUX* Me spa,

man nun an den wunderschönen Stränden relaxt, auf

with its thatched suites floating above the ocean, is an oasis of

einem riesigen Schlauchboot mitten im Ozean chillt,

peace. It designs personalised programmes based on its compli-

es sich mit einem Buch in der umfangreichen Bibliothek

mentary Body Balance Analysis. Offering everything from Chinese

gemütlich macht oder im Open-Air-Kino unter den

medical treatments and Balinese massages to yoga and medita-

Sternen einen Film geniesst. Wenn man hier seinen

tion, visitors are sure to leave the spa feeling reinvigorated, with

persönlichen Traum an den Tree of Wishes hängt,

renewed energy for the next thrilling adventure.

dürfte der Wunsch oft heissen „wiederzukehren“… Das LUX* Me Spa, dessen reetgedeckte Suiten über

LUX* South Ari Atoll runs an amazing 7 eateries and 5 bars, serving

dem Ozean schweben, ist eine Oase der Ruhe.

an eclectic range of top quality food and drink in a variety of

Nach einer gratis Body-Balance-Analyse werden hier

settings to suit every taste. At Senses restaurant, we savoured

personalisierte Verwöhn- und Behandlungsprogramme

delicious meals with a Middle Eastern and Indian Ocean

entworfen. Das Angebot reicht von chinesischen medizi-

influence, overlooking the large infinity pool. Allegria is a “must”

nischen Behandlungen und balinesischen Massagen

for lovers of Italian cuisine, where guests can enjoy the authentic

bis hin zu Yoga und Meditation. Besucher verlassen

dishes with the sand beneath their feet. East Market is another

das Wellness-Paradies belebt, mit neuer Energie für

of our absolute highlights. With its overflowing baskets of fresh

das nächste spannende Abenteuer.


111 81

East Bar

L Das LUX* South Ari Atoll bietet eine erstaunliche Aus-

wahl von 7 Restaurants und 5 Bars, die sowohl bei

den hochwertigen Speisen und Getränken als auch

beim Ambiente etwas für jeden Geschmack bieten.

Im Restaurant Senses genossen wir mit Blick auf einen grossen Infinity-Pool köstliche Mahlzeiten, die vom Nahen Osten und dem Indik inspiriert waren. Allegria

ist ein Muss für Liebhaber der italienischen Küche; hier können Gäste authentische Gerichte geniessen,

während sie ihre blossen Füsse in den warmen Sand tauchen. East Market war für uns ein besonderes Highlight: Man wandert durch das Restaurant, als ob

es ein geschäftiger asiatischer Markt wäre, und wählt sich eine Mahlzeit an verschiedenen Kochstationen aus. Überquellende Körbe voller frischer Zutaten, ein berauschender Duft von exotischen Gewürzen und frischem Brot, über Tausend sorgfältig ausgewählte

dekorative Objekte – hier zu essen ist eine wunderbare Erfahrung für alle Sinne. Die entspannte karibisch an-

gehauchte Lagoon Bar serviert Burger und erfrischende

Lux products, sacks of eastern ingredients and more than 1,000

Getränke zu Reggae-Sound, und die East Bar ist der

carefully-chosen decorative objects, diners can wander through

ideale Ort, um elaborierte Cocktails zu nippen, währ-

the bustling Asian market and choose their meal from various

end man auf einem Netz-Hängesitz über dem Meer

cooking stations. Accompanied by the aromas of freshly baked

baumelt. Echtes Strandclub-Feeling bietet Beach Rouge,

bread and exotic spices, dining here is a wonderful multisensory

wo international bekannte DJs an einem Stand über

experience. The laid-back, Caribbean-style Lagoon Bar serves

dem Wasser die Regler bedienen.

burgers and refreshing drinks against the backdrop of reggae sounds, and the East Bar is the perfect place to sip delicious

Wir erlebten auch einen unvergesslichen Abend im

cocktails from net seats suspended above the ocean. A real

Umami, wo erfahrene Köche zeitgenössische japani-

beach club feel is created at Beach Rouge, where an impressive

sche Gerichte live vor den Gästen kreieren: ein Restaurant

line-up of international DJs perform in the overwater booth.

als Theater. Wir genossen hier eine Sushi-Auswahl von

We were also treated to an unforgettable evening at Umami,

Weltklasse und wunderbare Cocktails in der spannen-

where contemporary Japanese dishes are created live by skilled

den Gesellschaft des australischen General Managers

chefs, who turn dining into a theatrical event. We relished world-

des Resorts, Glenn Daniels, und seiner charmanten

class sushi and wonderful cocktails as we spent an amusing

Frau Tor. Ihre Leidenschaft, qualifiziertes Management

evening with the Australian General Manager Glenn Daniels

und freudiges Temperament – gepaart mit dem herz-

and his charming wife Tor. Their passion, skilled management and

lichen, intuitiven Service des dynamischen Personals

sense of fun, coupled with the heartfelt, intuitive service from the

– machten das Resort zu dem, was es ist: einem ent-

dynamic staff, have helped to make this resort a calming, carefree

spannten, sorglosen und lebhaften Luxus-Urlaubsziel,

and vivacious luxury destination, where guests become accus-

wo Gäste das Unerwartete erwarten können.

tomed to expecting the unexpected.


Beach Rouge


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