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Say “ByeBye” to cellulite ! The warm weather is fast approaching and it’s once again time for dresses, shorts and bikinis. Would you like to show off cellulite-free, smooth legs this summer? Then Dr. Juchheim’s ByeByeCellulite cream is the perfect solution. This fast-working product has been developed and tested by Dr. Jürgen Juchheim, an expert with several decades of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. Made from a scientifically selected combination of natural ingredients carefully sourced from around the world − including vegetable and algae extracts, powerful antioxidants found in grape peel and active substances won from Indian Myrrh − this sensational cream produces visible results after one single application, leaving the skin feeling and looking more toned virtually immediately.

Pure organic luxury!

After just a few weeks, pockets of fat are noticeably smoother and a measurable reduction in the circumference of the thighs can be seen – all this thanks to an improvement in the supply

Anna Spinato, a renowned vintner in Italy‘s Veneto region,

of nutrients to the affected areas, accelerated fat burning and

has applied her winemaking passion to the creation of

the cream’s tissue-firming properties.

a novel, organic-certified Prosecco with an exceptional

You too can achieve the wow-effect and flaunt your beautifully

aroma that can be credited to an unusual ingredient –

toned legs in the sunshine. For more information or to place an

wild cloudberries. The cloudberries for the VIP Prosecco

order with Monica Franco, independent consultant Switzerland,

are hand-picked in Norway, sorted and steeped in or-

just scan the following QR code, visit

ganic alcohol for several months. The berries are then

or send an e-mail to

pressed and the juice is filtered. This is followed by a

For instant results with lasting impact.

further maturation process, again of several months. Once the perfect balance has been achieved, the extract is added and the Prosecco assembled. Sparkling Brut VIP Norway Prosecco was launched in Norway, the home of the cloudberry, in the summer of 2016. It has, within a very short time, become a hip and stylish drink with a VIP cachet. This extraordinary success can be attributed to the delightfully incomparable taste of the VIP Prosecco and to the premium-quality ornamental bottle made of precious crystal glass. The white bottle with its golden top projects pureness and luxury – a combination that adds a touch of glamour to any setting. Available exclusively from Mövenpick Wine.


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Luxury Life MAGAZINE Summer Edition 2017  

Luxury Life MAGAZINE Summer Edition 2017  


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