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No 22 Autumn Edition 2014



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Imagine your perfect escape‌ welcome to Panacea.

Pack your days full of new challenges, unforgettable experiences and the activities you love. Share experiences, create lasting memories and spend time with the people you care about. The Panacea Retreat is a unique active resort with five exclusive luxury villas set on Thailand’s lush Koh Samui island—the ultimate luxury and leisure experience where every need is catered for. For more information or to order a brochure call +66 7743 00 74 or visit our website at www.panacea-retreats.com

Dear friends of Luxury Life

Publishers: Renato Schweizer & his daughter Patricia Schweizer

«The most beautiful memories are experiences for which one has taken the time.»

最美好的回忆,就是 那些我们愿意为之付 出时间的体验。

Charles Kuralt, Reporter

查尔斯·库拉特,记者 (Charles Kuralt, Reporter)

As one of the most well-known newsmakers, Charles Kuralt has

查尔斯·库拉特(Charles Kuralt)是最著名的新

spent his life in airports, railway stations and on the road. Always


in a hurry, like many of us. In the end, he regretted having over-


looked many beautiful experiences in a “cloud of dust”. There-


fore, we’re taking a little of that which is becoming increasingly


rare and considered by many to be the most valuable posses-


sion of all – time. Join us in this edition on our “Journey through


time”. In doing so, we push forward to the limits of time: close


to Tahiti and Bora Bora not only the date line runs by, unique


impressions are also waiting here for which we’re happy to


have taken the time. Meanwhile in Dubai a new era opens: not

(Bora Bora),这里不仅是国际日期变更线穿越

one but two new luxury residences on the futuristic island of


“The Palm” combine a fantastic time there with interesting reve-


nues. Last but not least: Not only women know that our skin is


subjected to the effects of time. Follow us to a fantastic beauty


ritual, as it’s time that we finally adjust our “beauty clock”.

栋全新住宅大厦正等待您的大驾光临,它们不 仅为您提供最愉悦的休闲时光,更可为您实现 丰厚的投资回报。在本期丰富多彩的内容中,

Most cordially your Luxury Life Team 06


还为女性读者特别准备了关于时间的篇章。跟 随我们走进女性专属的魅力世界,以精彩的美 之体验停驻岁月时钟的脚步,永葆青春光彩。

彰显品味 续现奢华

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Live in paradise on the Italian Lakes

Luxury Villa for sale in Lake Maggiore, Italy.

Between the first and second floor, there are seven rooms, each one

Fabulous luxury villa for sale in Lake Maggiore. The 1200 sqm villa has

On the third floor we find the niche, at the very top this prestigious

three floors, plus a basement and a picturesque turret, immersed in a luxuriant and lush garden, complete with swimming pool and living areas perfect for relaxing by the pool. The villa has a particular stone and brick facade, decorated with arched windows and vivid decorations.

with a large terrace with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. property: the incredible tower, brilliantly decorated, offers a breathtaking view of the whole area, Lake Maggiore and the surrounding areas of interest. Part of the luxury villa we also find a fully equipped apartment for guests or staff, with a beautiful veranda with a fantastic

The basement houses a gym, table-tennis and pool tables, a cell for wines

panoramic view of Lake Maggiore.

and a large garage for five cars: in this prestigious property, modern

Ask for information at: villa@luxurylife-magazine.com or call Mr. Renato Schweizer +41 (0) 79 409 40 14.

comforts manage to coexist with the elegant and refined atmosphere of the environment, in addition, these comforts are really at your fingertips. Internally, the luxury villa comes with large rooms in perfect style, where the mosaic floors are immaculately kept and where the furniture reflects the

Region: Italy, Piemonte, Lake Maggiore

Technical details:

elegance, importance and prestige of villa for sale. The colorful walls,

Interior surface: 1200 square meters

7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 3 rooms and

Exteriors surface: 5500 square meters

halls, 3 kitchens, panoramic terraces, turret,

coffered ceilings, rich and luxurious details, the furniture in line with the building‘s style: these are all desirable aspects that create a great visual impact, worthy of the incredible charm that every corner of this villa for sale inspires.

Swimming Pool, Park, garage for 5 cars Price: EUR 6.900.000

Gym, Games room, Cellar, Separate

USD 8,811,300 I GBP 5,541,390

apartment for guests or staff, ...

With AXIS freehold flats you have the world at your feet. High above Frankfurt, you can look

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forward to flats of every size. Discover what properties are available by visiting the showroom or axis-frankfurt.de Energy performance certificate: 26.6 kWh/m2a, district heating, year built 2014, A+ energy efficiency rating

A project by SHOWROOM Rรถmerhof/Europa-Allee 60486 Frankfurt



golden key to Palm Island 开启棕榈岛的金钥匙 By Renato Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Mark S. Kennedy


Real Estate

“The Palm” peninsula in Dubai is regarded as an architectural masterpiece and one of the major landmarks of the United Arab Emirates. Two new luxury residences situated at this legendary location provide a perfect combination of smart investment, meeting point and perfect relaxation. Luxury Life MAGAZINE has taken a look at the property.


迪拜的棕榈树人工岛被誉为人类建 筑史上的杰作,是阿联酋重要的地 标之一。在这个富有传奇色彩的地 方,两栋全新的高档公寓大厦拔地 而起,不仅是绝佳的办公会议和休 闲娱乐场所,同时也是一个难得的 投资机遇。Luxury Life杂志将带 您领略该项目的风采。

Real Estate


Seen from the air, you will notice this precious tiara of glistening


rooftops and pools embossed upon the sea in the form of a


large palm tree island. The lush green of many ‘real’ palm


trees, which were planted on this man-made archipelago, also


set it apart from the sea level. On the outer eastern ring of the


”Palm Jumeirah” one of the most exclusive resorts in the Arab

称为“朱美拉棕榈岛”(Palm Jumeirah),外侧有

world extends us a welcome: the “Anantara Dubai, The Palm Resort & Spa”. Inspired by traditional Thai architecture within an Arabian setting, this 5-star resort provides an exceptional retreat for business travellers, tourists and, more recently, for residents and real estate investors who are looking for something a little more special. Declan McNaughton Director of Sales & Marketing, Real Estate “Anantara”, takes us through the recently completed residences

一圈环形防波岛。在防波岛东部的外侧坐落着阿 拉伯国家最奢华的酒店:迪拜棕榈岛安纳塔拉酒 店(Anantara Dubai, The Palm Resort & Spa)。 这个5星级度假村以泰式传统建筑为设计灵感,在 阿拉伯风情环境中显得分外抢眼。它不仅为商务 客人和游客提供了超高标准的住宿体验,由于这 里新近开盘的住宅部分,它也满足了那些居住者 和正在寻找特别地产项目的投资者的愿望。

adjacent to the existing hotel resort and expansive range of


private, high-class apartments: the 442 new one or two bedroom


units, with a size ranging from 110 - 208 square meters, are

(Declan McNaughton)的带领下,我们穿过最近

designed in nine different styles - most of which boast sea views


of the Burj al Arab, perched like a large white “sail” off the coast


line. There are also 14 penthouses in luxurious arrangement with


spectacular panoramic views.


Real Estate

Exotic wood parquet floors, fine bathroom tiles and marble counters,

白色帆船造型的阿拉伯帆船酒店(Burj al Arab)

high quality fixtures and fittings, fully glazed patio doors, size-


able living room and bathroom mirrors, integrated ceiling lights


and ultra-modern kitchen units all equipped throughout with

stylish designer furniture and carpets. The air conditioning can


be adjusted separately in each room. The Opus automated


home system allows centralised control of lighting, blinds and LED screens. There are preinstalled TVs in the bedroom and living areas. Walk-in closets are standard offerings in all sizes of apartment along with a guest toilet. Potential owners may also choose to request their own interior. Depending on the category, the residences are equipped with a balcony or terrace - either with wrought iron balustrades or Arabic style parapets, along with high-quality terracotta tiles.

扇玻璃门可以通往露台,起居室和卫生间内都 配有超大的镜子,一体化的天花板照明设备, 超现代配置的厨房,所有房间均摆放着时尚的 定制家具和高级地毯。各个房间的空调可以独 立调节温度。先进的Opus家居自动控制系统, 可以对照明、百叶窗和LED屏幕进行中央控 制。卧室和起居室内已预装电视。所有公寓的 标准配置中还包括步入式衣帽间和客用卫生

The purchase price ranges from approximately USD 760,000


for the smaller apartments to roughly USD 4 million for a


penthouse. The residences may be inhabited by the buyer or


even rented out to guests of the resort. The specialised Rental Management office takes care of everything from bookings


through to the checking-out of guests. Renting out will yield an


annual return of approx. USD 45,000 to 60,000 depending

住或出租给酒店的客人。该项目还特别成立了 Real Estate


一个租赁管理部,来负责从客人预定房间到退 房结账的整个过程。根据房间情况的不同,租 赁收益每年约为45,000美元至60,000美元不 等。鉴于目前全球对地产的需求不断上扬,可 以确定的是,该项目在短期内可以获得丰厚的 投资收益。 安纳塔拉项目的业主还享有免费使用旁边五星 级酒店中各种设施的特权,包括游泳池、私家 海滩、超大spa中心和高档餐厅。这个酒店内共 有293间客房和套房,以泰式传统建筑为其设 计主调,周边是一片绿意盎然的现代城市景观 园林。酒店由一栋栋低层楼宇构成,每栋建筑 中只有4-8个套房,凸显了整体格局的尊贵和宁 静氛围。海滩旁共有130个酒店客房,可以直 接通往礁湖泳池。除了尊贵华丽的套房,该综 合项目的临海位置还修建了很多水上别墅,别 墅正面为一大片玻璃墙,与户外的礁湖和优美 的海洋世界融为一体。 项目中的游泳池也令人印象深刻,其总面积达 到10000平方米,如此充足的娱乐空间,可供 家庭、夫妻或是商务客人在此享受安静时光, 无论是冲浪、潜水或是进行太阳浴,都完全不 会受到外界干扰。酒店不仅设施齐备,还有一 流的服务,即使是最微小的细节之处也体现出

on the arrangement. Therefore a shorter return on investment


period is also to be expected with the ongoing appreciation


given the global demand for real estate.


The “Anantara” residents also benefit from free access to the


connected 5-star resort - including hotel pools, private beach,


a spacious spa and excellent restaurants. The 293 guest rooms


and suites of the hotel resorts are, as with the residential apartments, nestled in a modern urban landscape revealing the echoes of a Thai monastery temple. The arrangement of only four to eight suites per building underlines the exclusive character of the layout. The beach area with 130 hotel rooms has direct access to the lagoon pools. In addition to the prestigious suites, situated in this part of the complex are a number of above-water villas, which share their glass front views with the

都是在超大户外露台上现场制作的,不远处的 海滩风光就是其绝美的背景。Mekong餐厅提 供正宗远东特色美食,座椅被设计成黄包车式 样,其暖意融融的环境最适合情侣或家人共享 美味。Bushman餐厅也独具特色。作为迪拜第 一家澳大利亚风格餐厅,在这里可以品尝到炭 火烤制的多汁牛排、新鲜海产品和澳大利亚的

marine world of the lagoons.


The pools themselves proudly encompass a total water surface

Beach House餐厅的氛围更加休闲,您在这里

of 10,000 square meters. So there is more than enough space


for families, couples and business travellers looking to surf, dive


and sunbathe with undisturbed tranquillity. Not a soul will go


without the impeccable services of the hotel, down to the


smallest details which this Asian-Arabian hospitality represents


– including cool refreshing towels, complimentary fruit skewers


and even a polishing service for your sunglasses.


Leaving nothing to be desired, lunch with a varied international buffet is already waiting at the sapphire-blue infinity pool, the “Crescendo”. Many delicacies are prepared right here on the large outdoor terrace with coastal views. The culinary journey in the “Mekong” restaurant takes you deep into the Far East, even the seating is fashioned on the rickshaw-style - a place for

满怀。月上十分,坐在Mai酒吧的户外座椅上, 头顶繁星点点,怎能不让人心醉神迷。这片棕 榈岛恍若人间仙境,如果您在此购置自己的房 产,就等于拥有了一把开启奢华的“金钥匙” ,通往完美尊享的顶级格调生活。


that romantic dinner for two or with your family. Also quite unusual is the “Bushman’s”, Dubai’s first Australian Restaurant serving juicy steaks on the charcoal grill, fresh seafood dishes and typical Australian salt varieties. Refreshing cocktails, Mediterranean dishes, pizza, tapas and seafood await guests within a casual “Beach House” atmosphere. In the chill-out lounge shishas may be enjoyed to the sound of DJ music. Soothing sounds in the “Lotus Lounge” provide the ultimate romantic atmosphere - an ideal place to enjoy the sunset with exclusive cocktail creations or a first-class cigar. Drinks at the “Mai bar” taste particularly exquisite under a starlit sky. A great sensation is waiting once you have that “Golden Key” to your own residence on the dream island of “The Palm”.

www.anantararesidences.com Real Estate


The enchanting Fragrance

of the South Seas 芬芳魅力南太平洋 By Patricia Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy



正是这些如同宝石散落在大海中 的小岛构成了法属波利尼西亚群 岛。其中最著名的要数大溪地、 宝拉宝拉和茉莉亚:白色沙滩、 精彩纷呈的水下世界、巍峨高耸 的火山和热情友好的岛民……仿 佛一个延续至今的传奇。这就是 一个充满了魔力的世外桃源。

© by Grégoire Le Bacon

They are scattered around the ocean like gemstones – the many small islands that make up French Polynesia. Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea are the most well-known: white beaches, fascinating underwater worlds, bizarre volcanic peaks and inhabitants whose friendliness is legendary. A world full of magic.



© by Raymond Sahuquet

© by Gilles Diraimondo AMV Voyages

1768年,法国人路易斯·安东尼·布加维尔 (Louis Antoine de Bougainville)乘船停靠这 里时,眼前的美景让他不由得兴奋喊叫:“这 就是全新的基西拉岛(Cythére)!”布加维尔坚 信自己发现了爱神维纳斯的“新爱情岛”,而 这片岛屿就是今天的大溪地,尾随而至的还有 著名的库克船长,他在岛上修建了一个瞭望 哨。在随后的岁月中,优美的岛屿风光吸引了 往返船只中的船员,更有很多著名的画家慕名 而来,比如高更和马蒂斯,在这里为其作品寻 找主题和灵感。而这“爱与美的天堂”之所以 至今魅力不减,还要归功于另外一名艺术家和 探险家:巴黎摄影师阿多菲·希尔文(Adolphe Sylvain)。 希尔文的足迹踏遍大溪地及117个法属波利尼 西亚岛屿的各个角落,为多个知名杂志拍摄 了数千张照片,比如《生活》(Life)、《巴黎竞 赛》(Paris Match)和《国家地理》(National Geographic)。希尔文的大部分作品都是黑白 照片。尽管如此,今天再看这些照片,似乎仍 然可以感受到岛屿的色彩,闻到那令人心醉的 香气,这种美仿佛永远凝固在了胶片之上。这 个举世无双的海中仙境,其魔幻一般的魅力至 今仍然不减分毫。像李昂纳多·迪卡普里奥 (Leonardo DiCaprio)、皮尔斯·布鲁斯南(Pierce Brosnan)和卡梅隆·迪亚兹(Cameron Diaz)等 明星人物,也纷纷从美国、日本、中国和欧洲 等地来到这里,尽情沉浸在这个魅力恒久的世 外桃源中。

© by tim-mckenna.com



© by tim-mckenna.com

When the Frenchman Louis Antoine de Bougainville moored here in the year 1768, he called out excitedly, “La nouvelle Cythére!” Bougainville was sure that, with Tahiti, he had discovered the “new island of love” of Aphrodite. Captain Cook soon followed and commissioned an observatory to be built on the island. And finally, the beautiful inhabitants turned the heads of the sailors on the “Bounty”, and famous painters, such as Gauguin and Matisse, found subjects for their works here. However, we have another artist and adventurer to thank for the fact that the legend of this “paradise of beauty and love” still beguiles us to this day – the Parisian photographer Adolphe Sylvain. In thousands of photographs, Sylvain recorded life in Tahiti and on the other 117 French Polynesian islands – for magazines such as “Life”, “Paris Match” and “National Geographic”. Sylvain preferred to take his photographs in black-and-white – but to this very day, the colours and the captivating fragrances of life on the islands seem to be engrained in the old celluloid pictures. And today, this incomparable setting still exerts a magical attraction. Visitors include Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan and Cameron Diaz – and they come from the USA, Japan, China and Europa in order to immerse themselves in a world that has not lost any of its enchantment. Even during the scheduled flight with Air Tahiti Nui (ATN) from Paris via L.A., the discrete hospitality and the charm of French Polynesia are evident. The service in the “Poerava”, the airline’s business class, is excellent. The regional cuisine on board, with fresh fruit and delicious fish dishes, offers an initial foretaste of the top-class restaurants at our destination. We land in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti. A lively potpourri of colourful facades and market stands with handicrafts made of mother Tahiti pearls and aromatic vanilla are particularly sought-after.

© by Kirklandphotos.com

of pearl, as well as corals, wicker baskets and carvings. Black

© by Ty Sawyer © by T. McKenna

Tahiti is made up of two peninsulas. Majestic volcanic mountains


arise from them, their peaks permanently wrapped in cloud. Here,


as well as on Bora Bora and Moorea, labyrinthine paths lead


through green valleys, pass glistening waterfalls and continue


through narrow gorges and over bizarre hills. An Eldorado for


trekking fans. However, those who do not want to miss out on


this experience should remember to bring sturdy footwear and


use the services of a local guide. The ocean around Tahiti and the other atolls in the archipelago radiates an intensive blue to a luminous green. In many places, you can see all the way down to the seabed. Shoals of fish swarm in circles through the underwater gardens, with their diverse corals and beds of mussels. In the midst of mantas, barracudas, whales and butterfly fish, hobby divers can enjoy


处处可见色彩缤纷的建筑和热闹的集市,各种 珍珠和珊瑚工艺品、柳条箱和雕刻装饰品琳琅 满目,令人目不暇接。大溪地黑珍珠和芬芳的 香草尤其受到游客的欢迎。 大溪地由两个半岛组成。岛上耸立着雄伟壮丽

one of the most beautiful diving grounds in the world.


The ideal conditions are created by palm-covered coral reefs,


which surround the islands like protective rings, therefore creating


unique lagoons that only open out into the ocean in a few places.


With up to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, a mild, tropical


climate and a constant water temperature of 26° Celsius in the


lagoons, the weather is also ideal for “perfect relaxation” through-


out the entire year – with numerous water sports, golf, tennis, Travel


land sailing and much, much more available for visitors. Gentle

(Bora Bora)以及茉莉亚(Moorea)岛一样,遍

© by Grégoire Le Bacon

大溪地周边的海面和礁湖色彩异常迷人,交织 着浓郁的蓝色与闪耀的绿色。水面如此清澈, 很多地方可以一直看到水下的海床。鱼群在花 园般的水下世界中游弋,各式各样的珊瑚点缀 其中,海床上还栖息着种类繁多的贝类。这片 水域是全世界最受潜水爱好者喜爱的目的地之 一,置身水下,您可以与各式鱼类相伴而游, 比如蝠鲼、梭鱼、鲸鱼和蝴蝶鱼等等。 有些岛屿周边的珊瑚礁上生长着高大的棕榈 树,如同防波提般保护着岛内的空间,礁湖水 仅可以在某几处由礁湖汇入大海。这里的年光 照时间可长达3000小时,温和的热带气候为其 带来了常年不变的26度水温,这些气候条件是 全年完美度假体验的有力保障。岛上还可以进 行各种精彩纷呈的运动项目,比如水上运动、 高尔夫、网球和陆地帆船等。温和的信风为这 里带来了四季宜人的气候,因此大溪地和宝拉 宝拉又被称为“风之岛”。 现在让我们转换一下视角,来到宝拉宝拉岛上 的血腥玛丽餐厅(Bloody Mary)。很多年来,

trade winds ensure pleasant temperatures at all times, thus Tahiti


and Bora Bora are also known as the “Islands of the Winds”.

吸引了众多美食爱好者的光临。餐厅坐落在该 岛最迷人的沙滩上,摆放着富有原始气息的木

A change of scene: the restaurant “Bloody Mary’s” on Bora Bora,


which has been one of the most popular “in locations” in the


South Pacific for many, many years. On the finest of sandy beaches,

(Harrison Ford)和林格·斯塔尔(Ringo Starr)

between exotic wooden tables and an artificial waterfall, legen-


dary stars such as Harrison Ford and Ringo Starr feel very much


at home. The drinks and the food are excellent – the view across


the yacht jetty out to the ocean is spectacular. And there are good


reasons why the atoll is also popular with film directors and


producers, for example it served as the setting for the science fiction blockbuster “Avatar”. But above all, Bora Bora is viewed as the most exclusive and also the most expensive holiday paradise in the world. Renowned hotel brands, such as St. Regis, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Hilton and Le Meridien, boast luxury 5-star hotels here which – depending on their location on the island – exude their own particular individual charm and therefore appeal to singles, honeymooners & families in equal measure.

但宝拉宝拉岛之所以享有全球美誉,还在于它 是一个最奢华、最昂贵的度假胜地。知名酒店 品牌纷纷入驻,高档五星级酒店林立,比如圣 瑞吉斯(St.Regis)、四季(Four Seasons)、洲际 (Intercontinental)、希尔顿和艾美(Le Meridien)等等。 斯嘉丽·约翰逊(Scarlett Johansson)(皮囊

Scarlett Johansson (“Under the Skin”) has enjoyed the comfort

之下(Under the Skin)女主角))很喜欢圣

offered by the Royal Estate Villa in the St. Regis Resort and


Nicole Kidman spent her honeymoon on Bora Bora. Just as

Estate Villa),妮可尔·基德曼(Nicole Kidman)

many other couples have done who visit the “Island of


Aphrodite” first and foremost to enjoy secluded time alone. The




到这个“爱神之岛”最主要的原因,是为了享 受这里远离尘嚣的浪漫氛围。岛上提供的异国 情调婚礼也将成为情侣们最浪漫的回忆。由于 旁边就是一个珍珠养殖场,因此情侣们在订婚 的时候还可以进行当地的一个特别习俗:在正 式求婚后,求婚者就会潜入水下,寻找一枚独 特的珍珠贝,这个贝壳中藏有事先准备好的订 婚戒指。婚礼当夜,火山斜坡上的树林中传来 一阵阵鸡蛋花的芬芳,温柔的信风拂过礁湖, 这一刻,就是梦想成真之时。


AIR TAHITI NUI Air Tahiti Nui is the leading carrier to The Islands of Tahiti, providing exotic wedding ceremonies are amongst the most romantic in the world. On a nearby pearl farm, couples can take part in a very special custom – after the official proposal, the proposer’s beloved dives deep into the ocean to find the particular mussel in which her engagement ring has been hidden in advance. On the wedding

scheduled services between Papeete and Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland, Sydney and Tokyo. Thanks to its airline partnerships, Air Tahiti Nui offers through fares

night, frangipani petals emanate their beguiling fragrance from

on a single e-ticket from Zurich to

the tress on the volcanic slopes. The gentle trade wind sweeps

Tahiti via its Paris-Charles de

across the lagoon. And all one’s dreams come true. www.tahiti-tourisme.com

Gaulle gateway. The Tahitian cabin crew has been carefully selected and extensively trained to provide the highest standards in passenger safety and comfort. Zurich-Papeete round trip from CHF 2294 taxes included in Economy class and CHF 6845 taxes included in Business class. www.airtahitinui.com









Your Tahitian experience starts right from boarding

Maeva - Welcome With its five new generation airbus A340-300, Air Tahiti Nui can provide optimum comfort. The aircrafts are fitted with 296 seats in two classes, with 32 lie flat cocoon seats in Poerava Business class and 264 seats in

New seats with HD screen and video on demand

Moana class, all equipped with individual HD screens and video on demand. Our crew will welcome you on board, in keeping with pure Polynesian tradition by offering you a Tiare flower, a symbol of our islands. You will experience the kindness, sense of hospitality and

One Name. Many Stories.

authenticity of Polinesian people throughout your journey.

w w w. a i r t a h i t i n u i . c o m

Flights with partner airlines to Paris available from various European cities.

BoraB “风”情万种的天堂 ora Paradise of a thousand winds

By Patricia Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy Photos © St. Regis Bora Bora


The Garden of Eden is turquoise-blue. Myriad multi-coloured fish swarm around me, gently brushing against my legs, then finally gliding through the lagoon like a majestic ballet. As I join them on their journey, a voice from within me quietly whispers, “Welcome to paradise, welcome to Bora Bora.” Hotel

这就是一个碧蓝色的伊甸园。色彩 缤纷、数不胜数的鱼儿环绕在我的 四周,轻轻擦过我的双腿,然后如 同优美的芭蕾舞者一样,轻盈地游 向礁湖的远处。我也加入了它们的 海底巡游之列,与此同时,我的耳 边仿佛有人在低语:“欢迎来到天 堂,欢迎来到宝拉宝拉”。


The Royal Estate I Terrace

151° 44’ west, 16° 29’ south – these are my coordinates. In

西经151° 44’、南纬16° 29’,这就是我此刻

the middle of the South Pacific. Bora Bora is one of the French


Polynesian Society Islands. Here – approximately 25 hours from


Paris by plane – the French way of life takes on a whole new


dimension. No less than 100 exclusive villas, most of which


are situated in the middle of the ocean, await visitors to the

假村(St. Regis Bora Bora Resort),超百栋奢华

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, which can also be reached by


private yacht or helicopter. Surrounded by sophisticated designer furniture, exquisite parquet flooring and – as an option – an outdoor shower, whirlpool or private swimming pool, a holiday following in the footsteps of Captain Cook, who discovered the atoll, becomes a spectacular experience. In particular, the 70 thatched overwater villas, that float above the ocean on stilts, unite the elements of water, light and air to create a breathtakingly beautiful, magical setting

私人游艇或直升飞机抵达此处。 每栋别墅内的装修都精致而别具品味,高档拼花 木地板,全套设计师品牌家具,还可以选择户外 淋浴、冲浪水池或私人游泳池。在这个由杜克船 长首先发现的热带岛屿中,即将等待您的将是一 场极致奢华的度假体验。尤其是,有70栋草屋顶 别墅完全修建在大海之中,仿佛浮在水面上,太

which attracts Hollywood stars as well as guests from Europe


and Asia.

个令人叹为观止的优美环境,散发着极致魅力, 吸引着众多好莱坞明星以及亚欧客人的光顾。

The Royal Estate I Private pool

Lagoon restaurant

The Royal Estate I Master bedroom

The Royal Estate I Solarium

The crowning glory is the Royal Estate villa – a 1,200 square


meter dream. The Royal Estate is not only the largest suite on

(Royal Estate Villa),一如王冠上的珍珠,似幻

the island, it is also one of the most beautiful in the world. The


ensemble of three separate pavilions, grouped around a private


pool, boasts three luxurious bedrooms, four elegant bathrooms,


two lavishly designed living rooms, a modern kitchen and a


dining room with a terrace. From the private spa with a sauna,


hammam and whirlpool, guests look out on the private sandy beach, the neighbouring tropical gardens and the turquoise lagoon. An around-the-clock butler service adds the finishing touch to the majestic luxury. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is situated at the edge of the atoll – on a narrow, long coral reef which encases the “island of the winds” like a protective perimeter – with splendid South Sea palms and luminous white beaches. From here, the view of

房、1个带有户外露台的餐厅。从配备了桑拿、 土耳其浴和冲浪泳等设施的私人spa中就可以看 到那片私人独享的沙滩,热带花园和碧蓝的礁 湖。24小时的私人管家服务,更加提升这皇族般 的奢华享受。 圣瑞吉斯宝拉宝拉度假村地处环礁岛的边缘位 置,修建在一片狭长的珊瑚礁之上。珊瑚礁上生

the main island with its coconut plantations, fragrant frangipani


gardens and the mysterious volcanic peak of Mount Otemanu


is particularly stunning.

着“风之岛”的宁静。从这里可以远眺主岛上的 椰林农场和芬芳四溢的缅栀花园。神秘威严的欧



In the evening, guests of the resort’s restaurants are treated to

特马努火山(Mount Otemanu),为这椰岛海天

exquisite cuisine – for example at the “Sushi Take”, “Te Pahu” or


“Far Niente”, which exudes a touch of Italy. The gourmet mecca

夜晚时分,度假村的各式餐厅为客人们准备了饕 餮美味,比如Sushi Take日式餐厅、Te Pahu本 土特色餐厅和意大利Far Niente餐厅。让·冯格切 特(Jean-Georges Vongerichten)经营的Lagoon 餐厅堪称美食圣殿。这位大厨来头不小,他在纽 约的餐馆已获得米其林三星评级,在纽约时代杂 志美食栏目中更是获得了共20颗星的荣誉。除了 一流的法属波利尼西亚风味美食,客人们在此还 可以欣赏到窗外礁湖的迷人风景。强烈推荐椰壳 烤小黑鲹鱼、烤鱼排(食材来自从礁湖中新鲜捕 捞的海鱼)以及焦糖安格斯牛排。此外,我还点 了“热巧克力蛋糕”和自制大溪地香草冰淇淋为 甜点。餐厅里还有一个巧克力瀑布供您随时品 尝。如此甜蜜的诱惑,让人欲罢不能! 第二天,我选择驾驶摩托艇在礁湖上自由飞驰。 由于速度如闪电般飞快,摩托艇后面的水面扬起 一道白色泡沫形成的水幕,在阳光下熠熠闪烁。 除了摩托艇,圣瑞吉斯宝拉宝拉度假村还提供其

“Lagoon” is run by none other than Jean-Georges Vongerichten,


whose restaurant in New York has been awarded three Michelin


stars and who boasts a total of 20 stars from the New York


Times. Guests enjoy the first-class French Polynesian cuisine while


taking in the view of the lagoon. The roasted, black papio in a


nut crust, grilled filet of other freshly-caught exotic fish from the


lagoon and caramelised Angus steak are highly recommended.


For dessert, I order “Warm Chocolate Cake” with homemade


Tahiti vanilla ice cream and a liquid chocolate centre – but


watch out, it’s addictive!


The next day I zoom through the lagoon on a jet ski. Flying off at an exhilarating pace, I create a fountain of white foam behind me that glistens in the sun. And jet-skiing is not the only sport that the St. Regis Bora Bora has to offer. There are plenty of other activities that also add to the resort’s fun factor. Even before the extensive buffet breakfast, I play my first rallies on the resort’s tennis court, admiring its beautiful location. Guests can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing over the gentle waves,

跳水:背着降落伞,与一名经验丰富的教练一起, 从珊瑚岛高空处的直升飞机中跳下。如此令人尖 叫的感受,保证让您永生难忘。这一过程还会被全 程录制下来,为您保留这独一无二的刺激体验。 经过一整天精彩的活动之后,难免会感到精疲力 尽,我于是来到娇韵诗Miri Miri Spa中心,享受 一次芳香精油太平洋式护疗按摩。这个奢华的身

snorkelling in the resort’s lagoonarium with its abundance of fish,


a diving safari in a submarine, mountain biking or jeep tours


through the palm groves, parasailing above the beach – just a


small selection of the numerous exciting activities on offer at the




Bridal boutique

Beach Villa I Garden view

St. Regis Bora Bora. Sky diving – a tandem parachute jump


from a helicopter, high above the atoll, assisted by an experien-


ced instructor – promises to be the thrill of a lifetime. A unique


experience that is recorded in a professional video which can


be kept as a memento.

美的蜜月之旅,或者为您打造难以忘怀的热带风 情结婚纪念日。度假村有一个专门用于举行婚礼

Exhausted after an eventful day, I treat myself to Pacific massages and pleasantly fragranced oils and creams in the “Miri Miri Spa by Clarin”. This luxury oasis is located on its own little island and successfully combines Polynesian treatments – such as delicately scented Monoi oil, algae or pure pearl powder – with the extensive spa experience of the renowned French brand. However, the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is not only the setting for breathtaking action and soothing relaxation – it is, above all, a magnet for romantics and bridal couples from all over the

的小岛,位于一片礁岩之中,营造出完美的婚礼 氛围。客人也可以选择赤脚在细腻的沙滩上举行 一场独特的婚礼。无论是波利尼西亚式婚礼或是 节日宴会,团队成员都会实现客人的所有愿望。 圣瑞吉斯还特别为客人们准备了适合婚宴穿着的 精美服装。无论是海滩婚礼或是室内仪式,挪威 设计师辛西娅·米莉(Cecilie


计出无以伦比的精美服装。客人也可以享有礼服 租赁服务。

world. The wedding team at St. Regis creates “perfect” honeymoons and organises spectacular tropical marriage ceremonies.


For example, ceremonies on the resort’s own wedding island,


in the middle of a reef or barefoot on a “motu”, a small sand-


bank – everything is possible from a genuine Polynesian wedding


to a festive banquet. And the Bridal Boutique at the St. Regis


stocks the perfect outfit for the occasion. From a dream dress


for a ceremony on the beach to a wedding gown for an indoor


event, there are sophisticated creations by the Norwegian


designer Cecilie Melli for all types of wedding. The gowns are also available for hire if required. On private trips with your own butler and during relaxing partner massages, secluded picnics and candlelight dinners that set the hearts of the guests racing, the only witness is the turquoiseblue lagoon with its tranquil schools of fish. And this seclusion 34

is augmented by the resort’s French charm, the friendliness of Hotel

the locals and an atmosphere just made for romance.


Aparima bar

Overwater Villa I Terrace Royal Oceanfront Villa

Overwater Villa I Bathroom

VIP Service Airport Zürich

Relaxed departures

Put an end to hustle and bustle – for all those who would like to land or take


off at Zurich Airport stress-free and without “turbulence”, the VIP service


is just the right solution. Irrespective of the airline, incoming passengers are


met by a comfortable limousine as soon as they leave the airplane and are accompanied discretely through customs by the friendly service staff. The luggage has already been placed in the boot of the car when the


private BMW limousine takes the passengers to their final destination.


With our door-to-door service, the driver collects departing travellers


punctually from their home, office or hotel, stows the luggage and en-


sures that the guests can enjoy their journey to the airport. When they


arrive, the Zurich Airport VIP agent deals with the formalities and luggage


check-in. Meanwhile, the departing passengers can relax in the VIP Lounge, with a glass of champagne, a fruit buffet, coffee, cake or exquisite pralines. Finally, the VIP agent drives the passengers directly to



要做的就是在VIP休息厅中,享用香槟、水果自助、咖啡、点心和 精制糖果。最后,VIP服务员将用轿车载您直接登机。您可以在机

the plane in the limousine. The VIP service can be booked online at


www.zurich-airport.com/vip. For events and special occasions, the team


would be happy to provide you with a personal quote, tailor-made for


your needs.

VIP Service I Flughafen Zürich AG I Tel. +41 (0)43 816 21 42 I vip@zurich-airport.com I www.zurich-airport.com/vip

REACH 500,000 international readers OF THE highest purchasing power. Interested in advertising? marketing@luxurylife-magazine.com www.luxurylife-magazine.com












Monaco Austria


1 1 RICHARD MILLE Tourbillon RM 56-02 Sapphire, limited edition of 10 pieces, baseplate of grade 5 titanium, sapphire watchcase, waterproof to 30 m. The tripartite case of the RM 56-02 is milled and ground from blocks of solid sapphire. 40 days, 24/7 of continuous machining are required in order to produce one case followed by


400 hours of machining and finishing Horlogerie

for the different movement bridges.



2 ARNOLD & SON Royal Collection, TES Tourbillon, 44 mm, anthracite open dial, 18K red gold case, limited edition of 28 pieces, sapphire barrel bridge and rose gold treated bridges, waterresistant to 30 m 3 HUBLOT Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater, 45 mm, 18K King Gold or Titanium, sapphire crystal case-back, 5-day power reserve, water-resistant to 30 m, King Gold version limited to 50 and Titanium version limited to 99 pieces 4 CHRISTOPHE CLARET red gold and grade 5 titanium case treated with chocolate-color PVD, flying tourbillon – which is inclined at 30° and mounted on a convex titanium mainplate, limited edition of eight pieces, hour and minutes displays by means of two tiny hollowed steel spheres isolated within sapphire tubes, the two spheres are controlled by magnetic fields generated by two magnets moved by ultra-thin surgical silk thread.

4 Horlogerie


5 BLANCPAIN Villeret collection, Carrousel and Moon Phase, 42 mm, grand feu enamel dial, 18K red gold, sapphire crystal case-back 6 JAQUET DROZ Petite Heure Minute Paillonné, 39 mm, 18 K red gold, Blue Grand Feu paillonné-enameled dial, automatic movement, waterresistant to 30 m, limited to 8 pieces 7 GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL PanoMaticInverse, 42 mm, 18K red gold or stainless steel, automatic movement, off-centre hour/minute/second, Panorama Date, sapphire crystal caseback, waterproof to 50 m, Super-LumiNova.






8 8 CORUM Heritage Artisans Feather Watch, 39 mm, Peacock feather dial („Plumasserie“ technic), logo transferred under the sapphire glass, 18K red gold, 120 diamonds totaling 0,71 ct, automatic movement, sapphire crystal case-back, water-resistant to 30 m.


9 BREGUET Reine de Naples Jour/Nuit 8999 Haute Joaillerie. Case in 18-carat white gold. Bezel and caseband set with 131 baguette diamonds (5,59 ct). Flange set with 73 brilliant-cut diamonds (0,332 ct). Crown set with a briolette diamond (0,26 ct). Attachment paved with a frosting of 35 brilliant-cut diamonds (0,464 ct). Sapphire caseback. Diameter 42,05 x 34 mm. Dial in 18-carat gold enhanced with a frosting of 147 brilliant-cut diamonds (0,40 ct). Complication showing the day and night in the upper half, with the sun represented by the Breguet balance-wheel and a hand-engraved titanium moon, together rotating in 24 hours. Self-winding movement. Power reserve of 57 hours.



10 GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL Pavonina White Gold, 31 x 31 mm, Brillant-Cut-Diamonds, total 513 (approx. 2.54 ct), dial mother-of-pearl with guilloche, Glashütte stripe finish, quartz movement, central hour/minute, date window, strap in satin-look „Radiant Orchid“, white gold fold fastener, waterproof to 50 m 11 BREGUET Les Volants de la Reine, 33 x 24,95 mm, 18-carat white gold, set with 523 brilliant-cut- / baguette diamonds and sapphires of approx. 5.768 ct in total, self-winding movement, Dial in mother-of-pearl. Sapphire caseback, Satin strap. 12 OMEGA De Ville Prestige “Butterfly”, 32.7 mm, 18K yellow or red gold and stainless steel, dial white pearled mother-of-pearl, mechanical movement, water resistant to 30 m 13 HARRY WINSTON Midnight Diamond Second, 39mm, 18 K rose gold, automatic movement, 91 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1 ct), sapphire case-back, water-resistant to 30 m.





time Time 千古至尊奢华

The greatest luxury oF ALL

By Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy





The “Henry Graves Supercomplication”

When, on 14th November, Sothebey’s in Geneva opens its doors, aficionados of precious watches will be on the edge of their seats. This is the date when the most expensive watch in the world will be auctioned – the “Henry Graves Supercomplication”, a golden pocket watch made by Patek Philippe in 1932. It has an estimated value of US$ 16.8 million. Luxury Life wanted to find out how valuable time is for us. The “Henry Graves Supercomplication”, with its 18 carat gold


case, is probably the most complicated watch that has ever


been made – with 24 additional functions ranging from a moon phase calendar and a sunset indicator to a depiction of the


night sky above New York. Even the Hublot “Big Bang” (US$


5 million), studded with 1,282 diamonds, and the “Grand Complication” (US$ 2.6 million), made by A. Lange & Söhne


son with the pocket watch named after an American banker.

派特克·菲利浦(Patek Philippe)

But something that is significantly more valuable to many of


us than any luxury chronograph is … time itself. Pink Floyd


summed it up perfectly in their album “The Dark Side of the


wasting valuable time, which – according to the lyrics – will History

杂怀表(Henry Graves Super-

from 876 individual parts, almost seem like bargains in compari-

Moon”, released in 1973. The album’s track “Time” is about 46



Astronomical clock in Venice, Italy Astronomical clock in Prague, Czech republic

probably come back to haunt you in later years. Alan Parson,


the group’s sound engineer, lovingly recorded genuine ticking


sounds from timepieces in a London antique shop and mixed


them with drums, electric guitars and vocals. Since then, more


than 34 million copies of the record have been sold.

家命名的怀表面前,无论是宇舶(Hublot)那镶 嵌着1,282颗钻石的“大爆炸”(Big Bang)(500

From schoolchildren to company CEOs – today, hardly anyone can get by without time management. Private coaches advise us to treat days, hours and minutes more prudently. As, if we don’t keep our eye on the calendar or our watches, we commit

万美元),还是朗格(A. Lange & Söhne)由876 个零部件组成的“伟大复杂” (Grand Complication)(260万美元),都显得相形见绌。

what Benjamin Franklin called “the greatest prodigality”. Or do we actually look at the clock too often? An old Chinese


proverb says, “The work will wait while we look at a rainbow.


But the rainbow won’t wait while we work.” Therefore let’s

身。摇滚乐队平克·弗洛伊德(Pink Floyd)曾在

take a bit of time – and retrace the history of this invisible but

其1973年的专辑《月之暗面》(The Dark Side

omnipresent force “through time” …

of the Moon)中,对这个问题做出了精辟的阐 History


Š Wikimedia Commons

Ancient sundial on the castle walls of Saint Michael’s Mount, UK

Carcassonne cadran solaire

Mysterious Stonehenge is a UNESCO world heritage site in England with origins estimated at 3,000 BC.

述。正如专辑中的单曲《时间》的歌词所说: 宝贵时间的浪费,过后总会让人后悔不迭。艾 伦·帕森(Alan Parson)是当时乐队雇用的音响 师,为了这首单曲,他亲自跑到伦敦的一家古 董店中录制了钟表的滴答声,然后再与架子 鼓、电吉他和歌手的演唱进行混音。这张专辑 的销量至今已经超过了3400万张。 无论是学生还是公司CEO,现代人已经谁都离 不开时间管理了。私人教练都会建议我们,要 更加审慎、明智地对待每天、每小时和每一分 钟。如果我们不盯紧日历或钟表上飞逝的岁 月,就会犯下本杰明·富兰克林所谓的“最大的 浪费”。或者说,我们是不是过于倚重了钟表? 中国有句老话说得好:赶路,也不能错过路边 的风景。因此,我们也用一点时间,“在时间 的长廊中”感受这无形但又无所不在的力量。 在3万年前,原始人用在动物骨骼上刻出的痕迹 记录月圆月缺,这也是人类历史上的第一个“ 钟表”。大约在5000年前,人类首次利用日照 投射在刻有标记的巨石上的阴影来判断时间。 通过按一定规则摆放的大石头,人类也可以判 断出一年中白昼时间最长和最短的日子。最著 名的例子就要是英国南部的巨石阵,至今仍然 神秘地屹立在原地。在埃及底比斯,古老的坟 墓也被用来记录太阳在一年中的位置。当第一 Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan El Castillo in Chichen-Itza (Chichen Itza), Mexico

批人类先进文明出现在地球上时,比如玛雅、 阿兹克特、印度、波斯、北美土著、希腊、罗 马以及后来的犹太人/天主教等,人类就开始了 对时间孜孜以求的探索。

The history of time began with the first “clocks” made by human beings – notches on the bones of animals which corresponded to the phases of the moon and date back 30,000 years. Approximately 5,000 years ago, enormous stone boulders were first used to determine the solstices. Based on the arrangement of these monoliths – such as Stonehenge in the south of England – which are still steeped in mysticism to this day, the shortest and longest day of the year were identified. Antique tombs in Thebes, in Egypt, also served to record the position of the sun within the annual cycle. The first advanced civilisations, such as the Maya, Aztecs, Hindus, Persians, native North Ameri-

成千上万的科学家、哲学家以及所有宗教的信 徒,都试图对时间进行解读、探索和归类。自 然界中的很多天然时钟,比如太阳、月亮和星 星的位置、四季流转以及树干的年轮等,也都 是人类获取时间信息的重要来源。但是,也有 很多科学家和学者得出了错误的结论。比如爱 尔兰主教厄舍尔(Ussher)就坚信,上帝一定是 在公元前4004年10月22日星期六的夜晚创造 了世界。今天我们都知道,地球的年龄大约为

cans, Greeks, Romans and then later the Jewish/Christian


peoples, began to explore the concept of time intensively.

的结论,还要感谢原子科学。这一科学分支实 现了用人类历史上前所未有的准确方法测量时

Since then, thousands of scientists, philosophers and members


of all faiths have tried to interpret, investigate and classify time.




一事实不仅让自然科学家们受益,同时也催生 了当今的权威时间记录设备 — 原子钟表的问世。 在1940年之前,全世界 — 至少在英国,人们 如果想要知道具体的时间,都要求助于约翰· 贝尔维(John Belville)和他的后继者们。约翰在 伦敦附近的格林威治天文台工作,因此可以每 天早晨按照格林威治标准时间(Greenwich Greenwich Observatory I Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Mean Time)校对他的怀表。随后他就会在伦敦 市内四处走动,向商人和市长“推销”他的精

Mitad Del Mundo (Middle of the World) monument in Ecuador. The GPS coordinates are 0,0,0 here on the equator.

确到十分之一秒的时间。他去世后,他的妻子 和女儿继承了这项兴旺的“时间生意”。

The “natural clocks”, such as the position of the sun, moon and stars, the seasons and rings on trees were important sources of information. However, a great many scientists and scholars drew false conclusions. The Irish bishop Ussher was absolutely convinced that God must have created the world on Saturday evening, 22nd October in the year 4004 BC. Today we know that the earth is approximately 4.54 billion years old. Atomic research is to thank for this knowledge, as this branch of science makes it possible to measure time more accurately than ever before, because no other element is – from a mathematical point of view – so predictable as the decay of radioactive material. This fact is of benefit to natural scientists as well as to atomic clocks, which are the authoritative timekeepers today. 50


Until as late as 1940, the world, or Great Britain at least, was


dependent on John Belville and his successors for telling the


exact time. John worked at the Greenwich Observatory on the


outskirts of London and was therefore able to set his own


pocket watch in line with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)


every morning. Then he strolled into the city and “sold” the time


– accurate to a tenth of a second – to businesspeople and


the mayor. After he died, his wife and his daughter continued the flourishing “trade with the time”. At first, the seafaring business in particular benefitted from Greenwich Mean Time. This industry had been subject to different times and days of the year for many centuries – depending on the flag a ship sailed under. Also, most towns in the USA had their own time until the end of the 19th century.

唯一标准,就是太阳处于最高的位置。中欧地 区的情况也是如此,各个地区都有自己的时 间,直到人类发明了铁路和电话,这种情况才 有所改变。比如,慕尼黑的时钟要比柏林晚7分 钟,但比斯图加特早23分钟。人类最终发现, 为了建立一个标准化的时间系统,就必须将世 界分成几个正式的时区。

Surface of old copper sundial

“High noon” was simply when the sun was at its highest.


And time was kept on a regional basis in central Europe as


well until the railway and telegraph networks were developed.

后不久,俄罗斯外交官Karl von Struve也呼吁

For example, the clocks in Munich were seven minutes behind


those in Berlin but 23 minutes ahead of the clocks in Stuttgart.


In the end it proved absolutely necessary to divide the world into


official time zones in order to create a standardised time structure. But it was only in 1884 that the Greenwich “prime meridian” was recognised by all leading nations at an international time zone conference. Shortly after this, the Russian diplomat Karl von Struve also called for the meridian of 180° longitude to be the binding date line for the entire world. On the basis of these two “fixed points”, time zones were first drawn on

就可以用标准方式来计量和沟通日期及小时数 据。但是在某些情况下,为了与政治边界相匹 配,时区的具体位置与经度线并不完全相 同。“国际日期变更线”是日期正式改变的标 准线,这条线大约沿着太平洋中间的基里巴斯 群岛延伸,因此该群岛又被称为“千年岛”。 这里也是地球上第一个迎来新千年的地方。

the globe which since then have enabled all the peoples of the world to measure and communicate the hours and days in


a standardised way. However, in some cases the time zones


differ significantly from the geographical lines of longitude in


order to reflect political borders. The day officially changes on


the International Date Line, which runs approximately through


the Kiribati islands, known as the “Millennium Islands”, in the middle of the Pacific. This is also where the first celebrations heralded the new millennium. But now let’s return to the “inventors of the time machines”. In



了一个多少有些贬义的名字:水窃贼。之后,人 们还曾用燃烧的蜡烛和滑落的流沙来记录时间。


approximately 1500 BC, the Egyptians developed the first


sophisticated sundial, which used the path followed by the sun’s


shadow extremely accurately. This was followed by vessels


that water dripped through at particular intervals of time; these


mechanisms were given the somewhat derogatory name “water


thieves” by the Ancient Greeks. Later, people measured time

(Le Locle)等地的著名瑞士学府中,钟表制造专

on the basis of burning candles or trickling sand.

业的学生仍然要使用古老的钟摆表,学习一些 最基础的钟表理论,比如摆轮、司行轮、调速

Around 700 years ago, European engineers finally invented


the first mechanical clocks. Large and heavy, they resembled


spires which were big enough for a person to move around in.


Galileo Galilei is to thank for a refinement to these constructions which made it possible to measure time down to the second – the pendulum. Even today, apprentice clockmakers at the famous Swiss colleges in Biel, Geneva and Le Locle still study the elementary functions such as the “balance wheel”, “escapement” and “regulation” using historical pendulum clocks such as this – and apply their know-how to the delicate spring mechanisms of modern timepieces. And Switzerland is still viewed as the leading country when it comes to top quality

度达到了无可比拟的高度。除了派特克·菲利 浦,还有很多传奇的钟表品牌为“时间史”作 出了不可磨灭的贡献,比如劳力士、欧米茄、 卡地亚、百年灵(Breitling)、路易·莫奈(Louis Moinet) — 亦是钟表领域的重要发明人、泰格豪 雅(Tag Heuer)、江诗丹顿(Vacheron Constantin) 和爱彼(Audemars Piguet) 等。除了这些具有 尖端技术和精致设计的钟表,人体内也有一

chronographs, whose beauty and precision are without com-


pare. In addition to Patek Philippe, many other legendary clock-


makers have shaped the “history of time” – above all Rolex,


Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Louis Moinet (inventor of the chrono-


graph), Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. From the most sophisticated technology to exquisite design and our “internal clock” – nothing fascinates the human being as much as the transience and the thrilling expectation of that which lies ahead.

Louis Moinet (1768 - 1853), was the inventor of the chronograph. I Astrolabe Tourbillon

Riva 122‘ Mythos By Renato Schweizer

Salon I Main deck

This is the first yacht by Riva completely built in light aluminum alloy, as well as the largest yacht in the world ever produced by the historical Italian brand, an icon of the world yachting industry.

features have been taken up and revamped on this almost 38 meter long yacht. The 122’ Mythos is the outcome of the collaboration between yacht Designer Mauro Micheli – the founder, together with Sergio Beretta, of Officina Italiana Design (which designs Riva’s entire range), AYT&D - Advanced Yacht Technology & Design, Ferretti Group’s research, style and product development centre, and the Interior Design and Technical Department of CRN, which was in charge of the interior and naval project development. This flagship is a ‘100% Riva’ model, as confirmed by its clean lines, a

It is 122’ Mythos, Riva’s new flagship: an over 35 ton aluminum

painstaking care for details, the selection of tradi-

construction, of 37 meter overall length and 7.60 meter beam.

tional and yet ‘evergreen’ materials - like steel,

About 100,000 man/hours have been required to build it, with

wood and leather -, which give every Riva yacht

50 people working on average for 18 months. These few but

a unique, timeless flair.

very meaningful figures bear witness to how the Riva brand, which

“Talking about a boat is always more difficult than

became globally known due to its legendary wooden motor

designing it. The concept and lines of the 122’

yachts - symbols of the Dolce Vita and icons of truly unforgettable

were conceived in about 10 minutes; what really

times - is now marking a new milestone in its history.

makes a difference and makes this model truly unique is the time devoted to defining its details.

Concept and Design

The 122’ Mythos stems from pure instinct - this is

The 122’ Mythos draws inspiration from the 86’ Domino - a

why I am convinced it will be successful for a long

real long seller of Riva coupe yacht range – whose main stylistic

time, just like the Aquariva, the Rivarama and the Yachting


Rivale, which are still being produced after so many years.” This was one of Designer Mauro Micheli’s first statements on the new flagship yacht.

Layout and decor The first 122’ Mythos features the optional 3-cabin version, specially requested by its Owner for its true luxury lies in its spaciousness and privacy. The standard version proposed by the shipyard has 4 cabins, and an additional optional layout with 5 cabins is also available.

Main deck The main materials used on this yacht include Canaletto walnut, in a light, softer shade - and specially selected by the Owner for all the yacht interiors - leather and chromium-plated steel, in line with Riva’s traditional style. Every detail is characterized by essential, clean lines, which result in a timeless, extremely natural and yet elegant style. The large uninterrupted glazing, which runs along the entire main deck, offers a breathtaking panoramic view and lets in plenty of light into the day area, connected to the raised pilot station and to the forward galley. The salon and the dining area have been conceived as an open space; the living area features 3 white leather sofas and 2 armchairs in a contrasting brown shade all signed by Cappellini. The living area also features a large coffee table designed by OID and lined with dark brown leather, a carpet by Bottega Conticelli, and a couple of “Atollo” lamps by Oluce, also to be found in the Owner’s suite. The dining area is furnished with a large steel and glass table with 10 dark brown leather Minotti chairs, in pleasant contrast with the steel and white lacquered details. At the end of the open space, a white niche with its top lighting hosts a walnut and lacquered cabinet. On both starboard and port sides there are two doors: the right door leads to the lobby with a head and the stairs leading below deck, while the left door opens into a spacious, comfortable full-beam galley, entirely furnished with white lacquered furniture.

Lower deck On this first Riva 122’ Mythos, the very practical layout is further

Riva 122 enhanced by the Owner’s decision to have a spacious master

stateroom and only two guest cabins. All three cabins are amidships, to ensure maximum comfort also when cruising, while the crew are located forward.



Upper deck

Master bedroom

Main deck

2‘Mythos Yachting


Guest cabin


The full-beam master stateroom is the typical expression of Riva’s

stateroom, and are both fitted with a spacious

unique ‘style’. It is furnished with square and sober, natural wood

bathroom and separate shower stall. The large

furniture with dark brown (“Africa”) leather and chromium-plated

side glazing ensures great bright-ness along the

steel details. Opposite the bed, placed at the center of the cabin,

entire lower deck.

a low rectangular unit hosts the 46” TV with concealing mechanism and several storage compartments. Under the side glazing

Outdoor areas and sundeck

are a small starboard living area with a couple of brown leather

The outdoor areas of Riva 122’ Mythos are striking

couches and a wooden coffee table in between, and a portside

for their extraordinary elegance, spaciousness,

office area with vanity/large central desk lined with leather and

and functional layout, and allow Owners and

low side cabinets. The wardrobes in alternating colors, which

guests to enjoy cruising in the utmost comfort. The

run along the walls in front of the bed on both sides of the cabin,

stern cockpit includes 2 large L-shaped sun pads,

are very capacious and functionally organized.

coffee tables and a teak and steel dining table with seating for up to 10 people. From the cockpit



The master bathroom comes in a very original layout fully custo-

access can be gained to the aft swimming plat-

mized for the Owner, and divided into 4 different areas, with

form, which separates the two garage doors. The

portside bathroom and separate toilet, two mid-ship washbasins

garage can fit a more than 5 meter tender and a

in white Thassos marble (the same material used for the floors).

jet-ski on the right-hand side. A special electrical-

In two separate starboard areas, there are the shower stall and the

hydraulic platform has also been installed, allowing

sauna. Contrasting hues of bathroom furniture create an intriguing

for safe diving into the sea from the aft platform

play with colors and light, where dark Laminam highly contrasts

and easily launching of the water toys.

with some lighter details such as the bleach white sauna bench.

The upper deck can be accessed from the cockpit

The VIP cabins, which mirror each other, one to starboard and

using an external staircase and has been designed

one to port, have been furnished to match the style of the master

to offer the Owner and his guests unmatched

comfort. The first 122’ Mythos yacht features a large Jacuzzi, sided by a comfortable aft sun pad and a bar unit to the bow. In front of the bar another spacious C-shaped aft-facing sofa. Steering from the forward flybridge offers perfect viewing of yacht operations that can also be followed from three side-byside seats in front of it.

Technology and performance The aluminum planning hull can reach top recorded speed of 28,5 and a cruising speed of 26 knots, thanks to two MTU 12 V 4000 M 93L, 3510 mhp engines. This is a high-tech planning yacht ensuring great comfort and top performance in its class. The high-tech shaft drive propulsion system is fitted with an elastic free standing gearbox to ensure maximum comfort and noise and vibration reduction. Propellers have been designed for utmost efficiency and outstanding performance in terms of both consumption and range. Maximum comfort is also guaranteed by the American Boat Thruster stabilizing system.

122 Mythos certified ‘Grenn plus yacht’ by Rina In the design of the new Riva flagship, maximum attention was given to environmental impact reduction: several construction solutions have been adopted for which RINA has issued the voluntary “Green Plus” Class Notation. On Riva 122’ Mythos, in particular, the following construction solutions have been adopted: energy saving LED lighting; particular focus on waste handling procedure through solid waste source-sourcing and discharge of sewage (black and gray water), in compliance with an environmental protection plan; high-tech engines with low particulate matter and NOx emissions.

Riva and CRN The 122’ Mythos is also the symbol of the long-standing partnership between two historical and iconic Ferretti Group brands: Riva, which in 2012 celebrated its 170th anniversary, and CRN - the Group’s shipyard specializing in the construction of fullycustom mega-yachts in steel and aluminum between 40 and 90 meters - which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Through the 122’ Mythos, Riva and CRN, two leading players of the international boating industry, are breathing new life into their more-than-40-year old partnership dating back to 1970, when Carlo Riva decided to terminate his agreement with a Dutch shipyard and establish a partnership with CRN. A decision that proved to be successful and that between 1970 and 1978 led to the construction of six 23.50 meter motor yachts in the Marco Polo series and two Vespucci models (a 90 footer and a 100 footer) designed by Carlo Riva Yacht Division. www.riva-yacht.com I www.ferrettigroup.com

Monaco Yacht Show

The Home of Fine Yachting By Renato Schweizer



Welcome to the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show – 24 to 27 September 2014. This year the world’s No. 1 showcase for superyachts afloat will be the best ever, with 115 spectacular yachts and about 30 luxury tenders and an extended exhibition that will host the most renowned and finest suppliers to the industry.

from the 2014 event and into the future the Monaco Yacht Show will be able to berth these giants for all to see. For all to see… and for just few that will be visiting the show a chance to buy them! This annual, oneof-a-kind event attracts billionaires from around the world, many that will be inconspicuously walking the docks as they catch up on the latest superyacht trends. This princely destination is a well known staple amongst Mediterranean cruising grounds and has long been the destination of choice for superyacht owners and guests, making Monaco a natural home for this unique event.

The extension reflects the increasing demand for exhibiting bigger yachts in the Port. Last year’s event hinted at the beginnings of

Amongst the 115 floating palaces from 25 to 100 m

a recovery in the yachting market and it seems today that some

that will be exhibited at Monaco this September,

yachting statistics are approaching pre-crisis figures, in terms of

around forty of them will be unveiled to the public

volume, with order books and the demand for finance on the

for the first time. This is the annual event that the buil-

increase. During the last two or three years there has been a

ders of the world’s largest yachts look forward to, it

noticeable increase in the demand for vessels over 100 m and

is their chance to showcase their finest luxury yachts.



For Gaëlle Tallarida, the show’s Managing Director the comparison

red by Private Dining by Fairmont Monte-Carlo, or

of Monaco’s superyacht offering with Haute Couture collections

simply enjoy a glass of champagne by Taittinger in

is clearly obvious: “In superyachting, as well as in Haute Couture,

a luxurious setting designed by interior decorators

everything is possible, harmonious and luxurious with only the

Sabrina Monte-Carlo in collaboration with Italian

best of the best materials being used. Designers enjoy saying

designer Paola Lenti, the French crystal manufacturer

that the only limit to creating a yacht is the limit of the owner’s

Baccarat and the art gallery Opera Gallery. The

imagination! Each yacht is made possible by the work of hund-

Upper Deck Lounge also includes several reception

reds of specialised and passionate employees. By listening care-

areas reserved exclusively for the executives of

fully to the expectations and requests of both market professionals

exhibiting companies, areas where they can talk

and yacht owners the MYS strives to bring the two together in

with their customers in confidence.

a befitting business ambience.” On display in the lounge will be the finest timekee-

Top-class services for high-end visitors

pers manufactured by the Swiss luxury watchmaker

The MYS attracts industry leaders and a ultra wealthy clientele

Ulysse Nardin, official sponsor of the MYS for the

from around the world and offers top-class services to meet the

6th consecutive year.

demands of this elite clientele: VIP passes, luxury courtesy car services, helicopters and bus or boat shuttles.

And what makes Monaco also so special during the show is the hundred of social events organised



In the heart of the show area, the Upper Deck Lounge is designed

by the exhibitors: press conferences, debates with

to be a place where businessmen can hold their meetings, or

the market leaders, and friendly happy hours at

maybe invite their favorite clients to dine in the restaurant cate-

stands. Cocktail or evening parties on board the

yachts, yacht awards or gala dinners in the luxury hotels in the Principality are also some of the many highlights that enable formal and informal networking and often attract those that can afford and do buy superyachts.


24th Monaco Yacht Show From Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 September 2014 Port Hercules, Boulevard Albert 1er – Principality of Monaco Opening hours: 10 am - 6.30 pm, Main entrance: Darse Sud. Public rates: EUR 150 I day (ticket to buy at the show). Professional visitors (luxury I yachting industries): EUR 500 I 4-day.

Win Tickets

Luxury Life MAGAZINE is running a prize draw to give away 10 x 2 entrance tickets (one-dayticket) for the MONACO YACHT SHOW 2014. Send your name & address to MYS@luxurylife-magazine.com Deadline: September 14th, 2014


CHIC By Sara Musinowski Translation Mark S. Kennedy

Andrea Bärtsch

During the 19th century movement for country life and

Chalet kitchen and living room I B & B Innenausbau AG

the mountain world, in the wake of the Romantic period, European aristocracy and the emerging bourgeoisie developed a growing affection for traditional wooden houses in the Swiss Alps. Due to the burgeoning tourism in this region, the “chalet” rapidly emerged as a type of holiday home. Traditionally built of wood, or at least cladded in wood, with a typical shallow gable roof and wide overhang, the “Swiss Mountain Homes” provide a great deal of cosiness, a reason why today they are just as popular as they were 150 years ago. The company B & B Innenausbau AG in Klosters was founded in 1990. Grisons master carpenter Andrea Bärtsch and his wife, Therese Bärtsch, an interior designer, took over the company from his father. With total of 37 employees they produce traditional interior furnishing of the highest standards in all types of wood and styles. Working widely with Grisons-style designs, all customer requests are prepared to the finest detail. Structures made of rare and old wood, up to 150 years old, are very exclusive, and crafted for ceilings, floors, kitchens or fitted wardrobes. Also finely carved ornaments such as deer antlers or other Alpine and hunting motifs are characteristic of the typical “Chalet Chic”. Since 1991, the Rudolf Bosch Antique Shop has impressed with its restoration of antique furniture. As antique joiners who specialise in Swiss ebonist work, Rudolf Bosch and his team restore valuable unique specimens. “Ebonist” has been a job title for a cabinet-maker since the 17th century. It’s an investment of lasting value and a decorative item at the same time, the beauty of which one can enjoy every day anew. Why not place your special piece of furniture in your private chalet? The range of services offered by Rudolf Bosch also includes panelling and the installation of furniture in historic buildings – he will also be your international expert who will fly in and take a look at your antiques. 64

The illustrated exclusive property with a beautiful view over the Lake Davos Interior

“Chalet Block” can be rented for vacation through Leo Trippi www.leotrippi.com

Chalet master bedroom I B & B Innenausbau AG

Rudolf Bosch Antiquit채ten I chest

Rudolf Bosch Antiquit채ten Seestrasse 16 I 8703 Erlenbach I Switzerland

www.rudolf-bosch.ch (Worldwide shipping)

B & B Innenausbau AG Klosters Serneuserstrasse 32 I 7249 Serneus I Switzerland

www.baertsch-andrea.ch (Planning costs included from 5 Mio. investment value)

Rudolf & Ruth Bosch


2014 I 2015 CRUISE

COLLECTION Photos Karl Lagerfeld




Shopping 奢华秋季

de Luxe AUTUMN

OUTLETCITY METZINGEN By Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy

Summer is slowly saying its farewell – but we will not get


melancholic for beaches, sky blue water and cocktails on the


sun deck. After all, now is the best time to put yourself in the


limelight in surprisingly diverse and dazzlingly beautiful fashion.


With new attire from the autumn-winter collection, which will


impress friends and colleagues.


Surprise yourself by undertaking a trip to OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. Because the styles which make the autumn seducingly beautiful are right here. You will find the perfect attire for business, VIP events or an evening at home. Whether Prada, Armani, Moncler or Tod’s, whether Burberry, Max Mara, Escada or Jimmy Choo... more than sixty fashion brands have their premium products on offer all year around, at prices reduced by 30 - 70%, compared to recommended retail prices, in flagship outlets, which in many

全新姿态在好友和同事面前惊艳登场。 想要购置秋冬新款服装,不妨造访麦琴根名品 村(OUTLETCITY METZINGEN),您将收获连连 惊喜。这里云集了风格各异的优美款式,让这 个秋季分外妖娆。无论是商务装、宴会装或是休 闲装,一站式购齐各种场合所需要的恰当款式。 普拉达(Prada)、阿玛尼(Armani)、蒙克莱

cases have received architectural awards. Exclusive shops by


Guess and Ermenegildo Zegna will also launch this autumn.

、麦斯玛拉(Max Mara)、艾斯卡达(Escada)、 吉米·周(Jimmy Choo)... 60多个国际大牌云集

With the days growing shorter and the wish for new styles waxing,


OUTLETCITY METZINGEN, the point of purchase for top class


luxury shopping, now offers even more surprises: starting with


the September Special Denim de Luxe. Blue jeans, once universal


apparel, have evolved into a luxury IT-piece. In the right com-

(Guess)和杰尼亚(Ermenegildo Zegna)的专卖

bination, this coarse cotton cloth turns into a respectable eye catcher. Which is why jeans will be celebrated in their finest forms - as classic trousers or skirt, cleverly as a jacket or blouse, an extravagantly cut top …. The possibilities are endless. Reflecting OUTLETCITY METZINGEN’s product range. The experienced styling experts there know the latest trends, and will advise you on which looks and patterns will suit you best.

店也将在今年秋季入驻名品村。 白天开始缩短,秋季即将开始,越来越多的人 开始准备购买秋冬服饰。而麦琴根名品村作为 顶级奢侈品购物圣地,为购物者准备了更多惊 喜:首先是九月奢华牛仔特别活动(September Special Denim de Luxe)。牛仔服饰曾是最常见

On to October’s Autumn Cocooning. Really cuddly - but with


class! Because your favorite feel-good apparel doesn’t have to


be some clunky Norwegian sweater. Get inspired by the top


brand’s autumn trends on your spree through these luxury stores.


Seductive cashmere and close-meshed knitwear are now fully

致款式,比如经典的牛仔裤和牛仔裙、剪裁巧 Luxury Shopping



妙的牛仔夹克、牛仔外套或者独具高档品味的 上衣。牛仔布具有无限的可能性,在麦琴根名 品村中,处处可以看到这种万能面料的身影。 这里还有经验丰富的造型专家为您提供服务, 以他们对最新时尚的精准把握,提出最适合您 形象的款式和风格建议。 1

十月将迎来“秋茧”(Autumn Cocooning)活 动。该活动致力于为您推荐格调独具、贴合适 体的秋装款式!想要打造休闲优美的秋季形 象,您可以选择的不只是那些肥大的毛衣。游 走于各大时尚品牌的奢华店铺之间,掌握秋季 流行趋势,获得搭配灵感。如今最流行的秋季 款式,当属精致高档的羊绒衫和珠地纹理针织 衫,然后配上一条风格华丽的羊毛真丝混纺围 巾,套一件经典风格的斜纹软呢外套,塑造出 4

清新优雅的秋冬形象。这种搭配最适合参加一 些比较休闲的社交活动,如果活动场所里有一 个开放式壁炉,那就再合适不过了。


为了实现更多购物者的梦想和愿望,麦琴根名 品村还推出了很多贴心的活动。比如10月2日 的下班购物日(AFTER WORK SHOPPING), 这一天的购物时间将延长到深夜,为您提供一 个更舒适的夜晚购物环境。10月26日的购物星










76 74 7


多彩的娱乐活动,适合全家人光临。奢华品味、 格调生活、高档品牌和轻松的购物体验…麦琴根


名品村以澎湃灵感和精致品位,为您构建出一个 精彩纷呈的时尚世界。在这里,平淡无奇的秋季 也能展示出奢华魅力的气质。敬请访问官网


ExclusivE Offer for Luxury LIFE READERS



• • • • • • • 13

• • •

in trend again. Elegantly matching that: an opulent silk-wool scarf. With a classic tweet blazer completing this fresh autumn/ winter look. Thus you dream of cosy evenings - preferably in front of an open mantelpiece - even more willingly. You can also fulfill your dreams at very special events at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. On 2 October AFTER WORK SHOPPING will offer extra long shopping delight in a nice evening atmosphere, and 26 October promises many activities for the whole family on a SUNDAY SHOPPING DAY. Luxury and life style, premium brands and relaxed shopping... OUTLETCITY METZINGEN offers a fascinating world of style and inspiration. And it turns a common season into a De Luxe Autumn.

2 x Overnight stay incl. a delicious breakfast 2 x 3-course “Friedrichsruhe” menu 2 x Coffee and cake (fireplace room) 1 x Comfort Zone - Fruity Scrub body peeling, (30 minutes) 1 x Fruit cocktail after the peeling 1 x Comfort Zone - Skin Nutrition body wrap, (25 minutes) 1 x Facial Treatment for “her”: Comfort Zone - Hydramemory, (60 minutes) 1 x Facial Treatment for “him”: Comfort Zone - Men Performance, (60 minutes) Use of the saunas and pools including Daily sports program

Price per person in double room: EUR 569 Price for single room: EUR 689 This package is available on request and subject to availability until 23 December 2014. With this arrangement, we are offering guests our Audi limousines to drive themselves on excursions into the region or to OUTLETCITY METZINGEN free of charge. When booking, please refer to the offer in the Luxury Life MAGAZINE in order to take advantage of this offer.

Panorama Hotel & Service GmbH Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe Reservations: +49 (0) 79 41/60 87-0 or hotel@schlosshotel-friedrichsruhe.de

www.outletcity.com Luxury Shopping


Sensai BEAUTY RITUALS FOR PERFECT By Patricia Schweizer I Uwe Herzog Translation Louise Mawbey I Mark S. Kennedy

感受茶道的宾客缓缓踱步穿过花园, 根据禅意的指引,丢掉他们每天生活 的喧嚣。再来到净水盆,涤清自己的 身体和灵魂。 茶道表演开始。SAHO 皮肤护理系列产品理念之灵感,就源 自这种古老的传统仪式。

就像传统茶道一样,日本化妆品公司纤细 (SENSAI)旗下的SAHO品牌也拥有自己的“仪 式”,它的理念在于实现内在的洁净,对身体进行持



The guests at the tea ceremony stroll tranquilly through the garden, casting off their everyday lives in accordance with Zen teachings. They then go to the wash basin to cleanse both body and spirit. The ceremony begins. With its SAHO skincare range, SENSAI has been inspired by this ancient custom.


As with the traditional tea ceremony, the SAHO ritual by the


式就是以准备工作和清洁开始的。纤细开发出了 一套特别有效的双重清洁程序。第一步“仪式性 清洗”,主要是去除面部的油基颗粒,比如化妆 品和环境产生的各种杂质。我们针对不同肤质设 计了不同质地的清洁产品:油质、啫喱、乳霜、 乳液或膏状。尽管这只是护理的第一步,但产品 中的小石丸蚕丝、人参精华、银杏精油、柑橘精 油和杏仁等活性成分,已开始源源不断地为皮肤 补充水分。

Japanese cosmetic company SENSAI is designed for inner


cleansing, for lasting body care, and to nurture the soul and


enhance beauty. We begin our “ritual” with preparation and


cleansing. SENSAI has developed a double cleansing routine


which is particularly effective. In the first “ritual wash”, we


肤质,建议使用补水能力强的MILKY SOAP洁面 皂。作为辅助,每星期可以使用两到三次的SILK PEELING POWDER粉末。此品泡沫丰富,可以温 和而有效地去除皮肤表面的死皮,绝不会因摩擦 力而伤害皮肤。它可以镇静皮肤,改善皮肤质 地。如果定期使用,产品中的活性成分还可以有 效地相互作用,持久改善肤质,令皮肤看起来更 加清新剔透。完成这一清洁步骤,我们距离“美 之圣殿”就又近了一步。 在双重洁面之后是双重补水环节。这是对皮肤进 行密集滋养的过程,同样包括两个步骤。如同雨 水润泽大地、恢复土地生机,我们也将为您的皮 肤注入饱满的水分,重现肌肤活力。水分对于皮 肤之所以至关重要,是因为过于干燥的皮肤就如 同枯干的大地,无法有效吸收养分。纤细深谙如 何助您获得内外兼具之美的秘诀,并为您打造了 这款特殊的补水产品,来唤醒身体中面积最大、 最重要的器官 — 皮肤,助其重现充沛活力。纤细 CELLULAR PERFORMANCE系列中,质地轻薄 的乳液恍若夏日细雨,点滴滋养着我们的皮肤。 通过这种方式,我们为各种类型的肤质开启了一 扇大门,助其顺畅吸收各种营养物质,持久展现 清新迷人的美感。 为了提升这一重要护肤步骤的效果,纤细的研究 人员引进了一种全新成分:水田芥萃取物。此外, 产品中富含多种特殊的植物成分,同样可以迅速高 效地提升皮肤中的水分含量:重要蛋白质,它可以 在皮肤表层细胞的细胞壁上开启细小的补水通道, 确保皮肤可以更有效地吸收水分和活性成分。就像 是一块稻田,在灌溉之前,也要做好相应的准备工 作。多种天然营养成分相结合,形成一道稳固的屏 障,防止皮肤出现诸如干燥、缺水、细纹、皱纹和黯 哑无光泽之类的问题。通过每天早晚的仪式,我



primarily remove the oil-based particles, such as make-up and


impurities from the environment. Depending on the skin type, we


can choose between a variety of specially developed textures:


oil, gel, cream, milk or balm. Even during this first cleansing phase, active ingredients such as Koishimaru silk, ginseng extract and natural oils from argan fruit, oranges and almonds protect our skin’s sensitive moisture depot. In the second step of our “ritual”, the skin is deep cleansed and




we predominantly clear away the water-based components,


such as small skin cells and bacteria. We can use a mild, creamy


foaming wash for normal and combination skin – or a foam


mask for oily and impure combination skin. And the best thing


about it is that the mask contains genuine volcanic mud which has an anti-inflammatory, calming effect. Those with dry and sensitive skin types are advised to use the moisturising MILKY SOAP. As a supplementary step, SILK PEELING POWDER is applied two to three times a week – a foaming, intensive, yet gentle exfoliator which acts without creating friction. It calms the skin and improves its texture. When applied regularly, the ingredients interact perfectly together to leave the skin looking fresh and clear. And now we can approach the “shrine of beauty” … Double cleansing is followed by double moisturising. This intensive skincare ritual is also completed in two steps. Just as the rain moves across the land and gives it vitality, we now give our skin added moisture. This is because, just like the countryside, dry skin does not absorb nutrients very effectively. SENSAI is also aware of this secret of “inner and outer beauty” and has developed special moisturisers with which we reawaken our largest and most important organ – our skin. The refreshing care lotion in the SENSAI CELLULAR PERFORMANCE range acts on your skin like a wonderful “summer rain”. In this way, we open the “door” to beneficial nutrients which all skin types need in order to reveal their freshness and beauty on a lasting basis. For this important skincare phase, the researchers at SENSAI have put their trust in a new development – Watercress Extract. Special plant extracts are used which increase the amount of aquaporins: important proteins that open up the fine channels in the cell membrane on the surface of our skin. The skin therefore absorbs moisture and active ingredients more effectively – in a similar way to a paddy field whose soil has been prepared appropriately before being irrigated. The combination of natural, nourishing ingredients acts as a barrier to the skin’s worst enemies: dryness, loss of moisture, fine lines, wrinkles and a lack of radiance. In a daily ritual, mornings and evenings, we ward off these negative influences and restore vitality, freshness and beauty to our skin, leaving it feeling invigorated but also protected – an amazing effect that we are highly grateful for. The unique SAHO concept from SENSAI comprises the cleansing range SILKY PURIFYING and the CELLULAR PERFORMANCE LOTION, EMULSION & CREME for excellent skincare, as well as the CELLULAR PERFORMANCE FOUNDATION anti-ageing make-up. After a gentle facial massage, we complete our beauty ritual with this vitalising foundation in order to create the perfect finish.


Stanglwirt Stanglwirt Bio & Well-being Hotel By Patricia Schweizer

Against the striking backdrop of the Wilder Kaiser mountain, at the five-star Bio Hotel Stanglwirt you’ll not only experience a delightful hub of the Tyrolean way of life, but also a well-earned escape from the daily grind.

Vor der imposanten Kulisse des Wilden Kaisers erlebt man im Fünf-Sterne-Biohotel Stanglwirt nicht nur einen wunderbaren Stützpunkt Tiroler Lebensart, sondern auch eine wohlverdiente Flucht aus dem Alltag.

The luxury resort boasts a broad spectrum of all manner of diffe-

Das luxuriöse Resort verfügt über eine grosse Bandbreite unter-

rent rooms and suites, all with that exclusive feel-good factor

schiedlichster Zimmer und Suiten mit exklusivem Wohlfühlfaktor,

and furnished with arolla pinewood to promote excellent health.

alle rundum ausgestattet mit gesundheitsförderndem Zirbenholz.

All guests of the Bio & Well-being Hotel Stanglwirt in Tyrol shall be

Die Gäste des Bio- und Wellnesshotels Stanglwirt in Tirol werden

pampered with a comprehensive range of top-class spa treatments

verwöhnt mit einem umfangreichen Angebot an hochkarätigen

(including medical beauty) as well as countless well-being and

Spa-Anwendungen (inklusive Medical Beauty) sowie unzähligen

sports offers. Alongside the ample Stanglwirt fitness grounds

Wellness- und Sportangeboten. Neben dem grosszügigen Stangl-

(with 500m² indoors – kitted out with state-of-the-art Technogym

wirt-Fitnessgarten (500m² indoor - ausgestattet mit modernstem

equipment and attended by professional medical fitness trainers),

Technogym Equipment, betreut von professionellen Medical Fitness-

you’ll find a riding arena to include a private Lipizzan stud, a

Trainern), findet man eine Reithalle inklusive privatem Lipizzaner-

driving range to include the private Golf Sport Academy, as

Gestüt, eine Driving-Range inklusive privater Golf Sport Academy,

well as multiple tennis courts (indoor and outdoor) to include the

sowie eine Vielzahl an Tennisplätzen (indoor und outdoor) inklusi-

world-famous PBI Tennis School (Peter Burwash International).

ve weltbekannter Tennisschule PBI - Peter Burwash International.

The unique Stanglwirt Well-being World is a relaxing treat of the

Die einzigartige Stanglwirt-Wellness-Erlebniswelt ist ein Entspan-

sophisticated kind. Everywhere you look there is gushing, bubb-

nungsvergnügen der mondänen Art. Überall rauscht, sprudelt und

ling and babbling. Grottoes and caves, waterfalls over solid rock,

plätschert es. Grotten und Höhlen, Wasserfälle über Felsgestein,

interspersed by lush vegetation thriving marvellously. Right here,

dazwischen üppige Vegetation, die prächtig gedeiht. Hier können

across an expanse of over 6000m2, you can unwind and just relax.

Sie auf einer Fläche von über 6000 m² entspannen und relaxen.

At the Stanglwirt there are culinary delights to be savoured in all

Kulinarische Hochgenüsse geniesst man beim Stanglwirt in ver-

manner of different restaurants, or even al fresco in the summer,

schiedensten Restaurants oder im Sommer auch im Freien, auf der

out on the glorious Kaiserwiese (imperial lawn), complemented

herrlichen Kaiserwiese, inklusive Panorama des majestätischen

by a panorama of the majestic Wilder Kaiser mountain, or else

Wilden Kaisers, oder aber auch mit direktem Blick auf die Kühe

with a direct view of the cows from the hotel’s farm perhaps, in

der hauseigenen Landwirtschaft, in der originellen Kuhstall-Stube.

their original cowshed lodgings. Among other things, products

Serviert werden unter anderem auch die Köstlichkeiten vom eige-

from the Stanglwirt’s own farm are served... Absolute ambrosia

nen Bauernhof ... das ist Balsam für den Gaumen und die Seele!

for the tastebuds and for the soul!





News & Previews Persian Garden

Celebrity Reflection

Experience worldwide dream destinations with Celebrity Cruises – that’s Modern Luxury.

all senses are pampered with relaxing massages and treatments from all

Celebrity Cruises, the Premium cruise brand, is dedicated to Modern

For those who would like to have a special culinary treat on-board, there’s

Luxury. It has received numerous accolades for its elegant fittings and

a choice of speciality restaurants. One highlight is the inimitable Qsine,

furnishings, relaxation and service on the highest level, a richly varied

the first restaurant at sea that presents its menu and wine list on an iPad.

entertainment programme and award-winning cuisine. High class cate-

The guests can enjoy a ravishing dinner there. Several of the gastronomy

gories of staterooms, up to 85 percent of them with a balcony, ensure

areas were created by the renowned designer Adam Tihany. Also

a special level of comfort.

shopping aficionados will be thrilled by the choice on-board Celebrity

over the world. Thanks to the newly-developed “Suite Class” concept, Suite guests enjoy special advantages. Depending on the category of the Suite, Celebrity Cruises provides beverage packages, a private restaurant, a VIP lounge and unlimited Internet access.

Cruises: on different ships, there is, for example, an exclusive Bulgari Guests on-board the Celebrity Cruises ships, who place a lot of value

Boutique and brands such as Mad Bags, Soybu, Eileen Fisher, Tommy

on wellness, enjoy the AquaClass balcony staterooms. Besides exclusive

Bahama, Calypso St. Barth, Mar Y Sol, Big Buddha and La Regale

wellness and personal care products, they also offer free, unlimited

extending an invitation to an extensive Modern Luxury stroll – duty-free.

access to the relaxing Persian Garden with heated stone loungers.


What’s more, the Blu Restaurant is exclusively open to guests in the

Celebrity Cruises especially recommends its European dream destina-

AquaClass balcony cabins. Celebrity Cruises in exclusive cooperation

tions this year. The Premium cruise brand shows its guests the beautiful

with the Canyon Ranch SpaClub Premium brand has developed wellness

spots around the Mediterranean, in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea and

and fitness facilities. In the award-winning AquaSpa Wellness Centre,

in the Atlantic. www.CelebrityCruises.ch

Penthouse with skyline view

Your Property above the clouds! AXIS – the new view over Frankfurt.

Wendt architectural bureau, it offers its residents an exclusive, livable standard of equipment and a comprehensive range of services such as a concierge service in the traditional style of American apartment buildings. The flexible layouts leave no further wishes unfulfilled for the future residents with regard

The Frankfurter Skyline with its striking towers has always been the land-mark

to interior design. The entire ensemble consists of one residential tower with

of this important European financial capital. While in the past it was always

19 floors, on which 144 exclusive self-owned apartments ranging in size

office towers, “skyscrapers” for people have recently been going up to an

from 65 m² to 277 m² are being erected. In addition, eight townhouses will

increasing extent, for those who like to live high above things. AXIS, the

be realised, which are connected with the residential tower via an open

residential tower in the newly-created European Quarter in the heart of the

atrium garden with green and water areas. The first residents can enjoy the

pulsating city centre, is a residential tower that offers its occupants exciting

outstanding view over Frankfurt city centre in 2016. AXIS shifts the emphasis

views. These views were eponymous for AXIS. Designed for top calibre

from the view and pushes other values into the foreground: quality of life,

clients’ expectations in cooperation with the renowned Meixner, Schlüter,

style of living and nature. www.axis-frankfurt.de

Business Seats at Eintracht Frankfurt – Meeting Point for Decision-Makers.

match of Eintracht Frankfurt offers much more: there is where the the greatest business, society and sports sectors come together in an exceptional ambience. Get in touch with new business partners and expand your social network. On top of that, inspire your employees with an unforgettable foot-

Eintracht Frankfurt stands for dedication, passion and for a 100-year-old

ball experience in one of the VIP boxes at Eintracht Frankfurt. The modern

football tradition. Those emotions are reflected within the powerful cho-

hospitality concept creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. To parti-

reographies and banter of the eager Eintracht supporters, which turn the

cipate in the sweepstake and for more information about bookings please

Commerzbank Arena into an atmospheric inferno. But that’s not all, a home

contact via Email: leonie.roth@sportfive.com

Jochen Mass

The EuroMotor 2014, from 28th - 30th November in Munich. The meeting point of lifestyle, motion and design – A showcase of high-calibre exhibitors. The EuroMotor 2014, which will be held for the second time at the

2014欧洲汽车展(EuroMotor 2014)将于11月28日至30日第二次

MOC in Munich from 28th to 30th November, is dedicated entirely to


‚luxury living‘. The premium exhibitors at this new automotive and lifestyle


fair come from the fields of mobility, jewellery & fashion, fine dining &


travel, art & interior design and real estate & finance. Three of the highcalibre exhibitors are the sports car tuning company VOS (Vision of Speed), ‚Die 3. Dimension‘ an exclusive studio for high-end hi-fi equipment and

域在内的各个顶级展商。在明星企业云集的名单中,有三个名字分外 抢眼:跑车改装公司VOS(Vision of Speed)、Dimension公司旗下

IQJETS an specialist for exclusive charters. They will be joined by renowned

的高端音响品牌Die 3以及豪华私人飞机运营企业IQJETS。除了阿斯

companies, such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls Royce, as well


as small-scale automotive manufacturers and suppliers of yachts, motor-


bikes and airplanes. www.euromotor-fair.com




Cartier Time Art – Mechanics of Passion. From 19 July to 12 October 2014, Power Station of Art in Shanghai will present Cartier Time Art, an exceptional exhibition conceived like a trail of history through the production of Cartier timepieces. After showing at the Bellerive Museum in Zurich in 2011 and the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore in 2012, the Cartier Time Art exhibition has arrived in Shanghai. It presents a remarkable selection of watches and clocks that show the develo- pment of watchmaking at Cartier, from the earliest models to contemporary designs. It offers a unique opportunity to assess the scope of Cartier’s creativity. www.powerstationofart.com

Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair proudly presents the largest treasure trove of fine jewellery in October at Marina Bay Sands – More than 300 exhibitors from 30 countries to immerse visitors in infinite opulence and opportunities. After a successful debut in 2013, the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair

(HNWIs) by 2023 and the optimistic outlook of its jewellery market.

will be staged again from 23rd to 26th October at the Sands Expo and

According to JewelleryNetAsia, Asia’s prime B2B trade portal for

Convention Centre. As the largest fine jewellery event in the region, the

professionals in jewellery and gem industries, jewellery sales in Singa-

four-day fair will sparkle with a stellar cast of international fine jewellery

pore are expected to register an annual growth rate of 2 to 3 percent

manufacturers and wholesalers displaying a stunning array of the most

over the next three years to reach US$2.9 billion, or S$3.7 billion,

exquisite jewellery and finely crafted designs from the world over.

in 2017.

Last year, the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair featured 283 exhibitors

The fair presents unparalleled opportunities for tapping into Asia’s rapidly

from 28 countries and attracted a total of 8,739 visitors from over 70

growing jewellery market. For instance, Indonesia, one of the largest

countries and regions, making it the biggest-scale regional show of its

producers of white South Sea cultures pearls, is a significant contributor

kind. This year, more than 300 notable exhibitors from countries and

to the global pearl industry. Long positioned as the gemstone capital

regions such as Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan,

of the world, Thailand’s gemstone exports reached $757.02 million

Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Singapore have already con-

in 2013, a 23.82 percent increase over 2012’s $611.39 million.

firmed their participation. Supplying jewellery and gemstones to some of

“The Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair prides itself as the most import-

the world’s largest reputable international brands as well as jewellery

ant fine jewellery fair in Southeast Asia. It presents the definite market-

chain stores, these exhibitors will present prized diamonds and pearls,

place environment for buyers to acquire the best that fine jewellery

precious stones and gems, rare and exquisite jewellery pieces, excepti-

has to offer. UBM is committed to serve the world’s jewellery industry

onal timepieces and other dazzling collectibles to visitors. The show will

by presenting vast business, trading and investment opportunities at

see esteemed jewellers and collectors sourcing for the most coveted je-

this fair, by leveraging on our vast experience in staging blockbuster

wellery and gemstones in the world.

jewellery exhibitions around the world,” said Paul Wan, Managing

UBM has chosen to host this fair in Singapore because of its aptitude to be the

Director, UBM Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd, the event organiser.

Asian city poised to have the highest number of high-net-worth individuals


Grand opening of new building for the Yacht Club de Monaco.

along the harbour to offer unrivalled views out to races at sea, as well as views inland over the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit. The club is entered via a glazed courtyard that frames views out over the harbour to the

Opening celebrations were held on Friday 23rd of June at the Yacht

palace. The first floor, called deck two, features a club room, bar restau-

Club de Monaco, led by HSH Prince Albert II and attended by Lord

rant and swimming pool and is exclusive to YCM members. Above this

Foster and the club’s members. The new building, designed by world-fa-

courtyard is a double-height function space, executive offices and a se-

mous architect Lord Foster, forms the centrepiece of the remodelled har-

ries of ‘cabins’ for visiting guests. The uppermost floors accommodate a

bour – its impressive new social and sporting facilities preserve the club’s

range of event spaces, and the quality in its detailing reflects the high

heritage and traditions, while reinforcing Monaco as the leading inter-

levels of service for which the club is renowned. The yacht club is built

national centre for yachting excellence and further developing the Princi-

on reclaimed land and extends the harbour to the east – the new YCM

pality’s thriving yacht industry. The new clubhouse sets high standards for

Marina can accommodate a range of craft, including sailing boats, and

sustainable design – the building is powered by renewable energy and

has 26 berths for 25-60 metre superyachts. Shops and public spaces

incorporates photovoltaic cells, solar thermal panels and sea water coo-

animate the harbour level, reinforcing the club’s role as a destination for

ling systems to take advantage of the sun and waterfront site. The archi-

the whole community, as well as accommodating the Principality’s histo-

tecture is a celebration of sailing – its large, deck-like terraces step up

ric rowing club and the YCM’s sailing school.

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Rico Franke, Roomers Design Hotel & Restaurant in Frankfurt

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HOTEL LOUIS C. JACOB · Elbchaussee 401-403 · 22609 Hamburg · 040/822 55-0 · jacob@hotel-jacob.de www.hotel-jacob.de


Luft by Poltrona Frau


Andersen Line by Minotti. Design: Rodolfo Dordoni The base hovers just above the floor, offering clean, uncluttered lines that accent the Andersen Line sofa’s formal yet versatile nature, making it equally at home in any of the fabrics from the exclusive Minotti collection. Able to meet the demands of any setting with measured elegance, Andersen Line is the perfect foil for all of its sister products from the collection. www.minotti.com

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To die for…

Scottish Castles 唯美苏格兰古堡

Skibo Castle

By Susanne Kemper Translation Mark S. Kennedy


Centuries of turbulent battles raged over Scotland’s compelling castles and lands. Today, few ancestral families live there. Some offer lodging and numerous sporting pursuits - stalking, hunting, golf, hiking - plus cultural activities for all tastes.

来在它周围发生的骚乱和战争。如 今,仍然有其继承人居住在他们的 古堡中。但有的古堡已变成了旅馆, 有的成为体育爱好者的乐园,比如 打猎、高尔夫和步行远足,有的则 成为各种文化活动的举办地点。

公元前4000年,早在维京人、基督教和天主教 闯入这片土地之前,苏格兰高地的西伯古堡 (Skibo Estate)曾是猎人和农夫的家园。1898 年,美国白手起家的“钢铁大王”安德鲁·卡 耐基(Andrew Carnegie)买下这片产业,随后对 其进行了大规模、高档次的装修,添加了一个 室内游泳池、休闲小屋和高尔夫球场,将其变

© The Carnegie Club at Skibo

成“地球上的天堂”,款待全世界的名流王 族。2003年,卡耐基俱乐部买下了西伯古堡的 产权,将其对外开放,为私人贵宾提供高规格 的住宿服务,客人们可以在此享用各种乡村体 育活动和高尔夫等项目。西伯古堡的装修华丽 气派,所有雕工均为手工制成。此外,卡耐基 很多私人用品也保留至今,比如那些特制的椅 子、位置偏低的门把手,均是为身材矮小的他 量身定做而成。卡耐基是一位音乐爱好者,因 此城堡每天早晨都会例行播放音乐,夜晚时分 有风笛演奏,还可以欣赏到Ode to Haggis诗歌 朗诵。如需访问古堡,请与俱乐部预约。 自1380年起,考德尔(Cawdor)家族就开始在 莫瑞(Moray)的考德尔古堡(Cawdor Castle)中 居住。这座城堡的一个有趣之处在于,整个城 堡以一棵低矮的“圣树”为中心修建而成。古 堡内不仅有著名的地牢和“谋杀洞”(Murder Hole),周边的各种主题花园也令人流连忘返, 比如圣迷宫(Holly Maze)和蓟花园(Thistle garden),奥奇杜恩(Auchindoune)还有独具异国 情调的西藏花园(Tibetan garden),半山坡上的 野外花园(Wild Garden)中则生长着古老的红杉 木,还有一个18世纪的古老花园,里面生长着 花团锦簇的花朵和特色果树。考德尔之所以闻 名,莎士比亚贡献匪浅,这里是著名莎剧《麦 克白》的场景之一。该家族的后人目前仍然居



Skibo Castle I Pool

© The Carnegie Club at Skibo

© The Carnegie Club at Skibo

Skibo Castle I Bedroom Mr Carnegies

In 4000 BC, hunter gathers roamed the Highland’s Skibo Estate, prior to Vikings, Christians and St. Gilbert’s residence. In 1898, US “Steel King” Andrew Carnegie, a Dunfermline weaver’s son, acquired it. Extravagantly rebuilding the castle plus adding an indoor swimming pool, lodges and a golf course, Carnegie entertained the “World’s “Who’s Who” at his “Heaven on Earth”. In 2003, Carnegie Club members bought Skibo. “The Carnegie Club” offers private members luxurious hospitality, elite country sports, and top links golf. Many Carnegie belongings grace Skibo’s majestic hand-carved décor, like boosted chairs and low door handles for his five-foot height. An organ lover, morning music is customary as is Evening Pipers and “Ode to Haggis”. Visits may be arranged with the Club. Cawdors have dwelled at Moray’s Cawdor Castle since 1380 when the Castle’s tower was built around a tiny holly tree. The Dungeon and “Murder Hole” are musts like the extensive gardens - the Holly Maze, Thistle garden, Auchindoune’s exotic Tibetan garden, hilly Wild Garden’s ancient redwoods, or the garden from the 1700s with its seasonal flowers and exotic fruits. Cawdor in Macbeth was Shakespeare’s fiction. Lady Cawdor hosts small groups for visits or tea. In 1160, Moray’s Brodies arrived. Brodie Castle houses elaborate treasures - French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch - art, antiques,

Skibo Castle I Dinning room

clocks, porcelains, and a 6000-volume library. The intricate plasterwork and the unusual oak fireplace’s religious figures are notable. The Castle’s Lairds Wing, Cormack Cottage offer housing. Speyside’s Ballindalloch, the working home of Ballindalloch MacPherson-Grants’ Lairds, is the “Romantic Pearl of the North”. Laird Clare Russell greets guests “Ceud Mile Failte - a hundred thousand welcomes” to their expansive estate. The traditional “Z” Castle with its 100-ft Highland tower exudes an elegant


vaulting are unique. Full of family treasures, the nursery depicts History

© The Carnegie Club at Skibo

country ambiance. Architecturally, the grand staircase and fan

© The Carnegie Club at Skibo

© Ballindalloch Castle & Estate

Cawdor Castle

Ballindalloch Castle I Dinning room

住在城堡之中,接受小规模旅游团的造访。考 德尔夫人会亲自招待来访的客人。 1160年,布洛迪斯家族(Brodies)来到莫瑞并 修建了家族城堡。建筑收藏了大量精美宝物, 包括来自法国、西班牙、意大利和荷兰的油 画、古董、钟表和瓷器等,还有一个共有6000 卷藏书的图书馆。室内的装饰精美奢华,比如 那精工细作的石膏装饰。在非常罕见的橡木壁 炉上,装饰着各种宗教人物。目前,该城堡曾 供领主居住的那一侧,已经变成了一个旅馆: 科马克小屋(Cormack Cottage)。 位于斯贝塞(Speyside)的巴林达洛城堡( Ballindalloch),曾是迈克菲森大公家族 (MacPherson-Grants)工作和生活的所在地, 被誉为“苏格兰北部的浪漫明珠”。城堡现在 的主人是卡莱尔·拉塞尔(Clare Russell)。她会 亲自迎接客人来到面积广阔的领地,用苏格兰 语Ceud Mile Failte(热烈欢迎您)向大家打招 呼。城堡呈传统的Z字型结构,建于高地之上, 最高点达到100英尺,散发着优雅而温暖的乡

Skibo Castle I Great hall


Skibo Castle I Library

的台阶和独一无二的扇形拱顶。在城堡的各个 角落都可以欣赏到家族收藏的宝贝,让人不难 想象在18世纪末期领主家族的奢华生活。这里 可以进行各种体育活动,比如钓鱼、捕捞鲑 鱼、打猎(松鸡和獐鹿)和高尔夫。此外,城 堡中还新建了一个小型酿酒厂,提供自制威士 忌。城堡可以接待八人团队住宿。 金卡丁古堡(Kincardine Castle)坐落在迪河(Royal Deeside)旁的高地上,可以俯瞰优美的河流风

© The Carnegie Club at Skibo

景。城堡现在的主人是安德鲁(Andrew)和尼 基·巴福德(Nicky Bradford)夫妇。他们在城堡



Fyvey Castle

内经营着一个旅馆,素以体贴入微的服务而闻 名。城堡中共有16间风格别致的套房,无论举 行庆祝活动或是会议,都可以在此享受到一次 传统风情的入住体验。除了主厨鲍勃(Bob),尼 基也是一名手艺高超的厨师(同时是一名天才钢 琴家),保证您的味蕾得到最大的满足。安德鲁 为客人精心准备了丰富多彩的活动,比如体育 项目、由导游带领的石器时代之旅和各种文化 游览活动,满足客人们口味各异的旅游需求。 城堡土地上有一片片优美的树林,还有一条由 金盏花树构成的拱形通道,让人流连忘返。客 人们都表示:这里的招待非常周到,乐趣如此 Crathes Castle

之多,让人觉得不可思议。 菲维古堡(Fyvey Castle)地处特瑞夫(Turriff), 建筑内共有六个塔楼,传说这里现在仍然游荡 着来自13世纪的幽灵。菲维原本并无太大特 色,但是在西顿(Seton)家族和最后一个领主亚 历山德拉·赖斯(Alexander Leith)的精心打理 下,它变得如此与众不同:无论宽敞高雅的画 室、大管风琴或是西顿领主的华丽轮椅,都令 人叹为观止。菲维古堡中还收藏着苏格兰最精 美的艺术品。赖斯家族在城堡旁修建了一个狩 猎场,与城堡的大宴会厅可以连为一体,是举 行“狩猎午餐会”和婚礼的绝佳选择。城堡内的

© National Trust of Scotland

普利斯顿塔楼(Preston Tower)对外提供住宿,

© National Trust of Scotland

Culzean Castle


© Kincardine Castle

Kincardine Castle

the late 18th century laird and lassie’s lifestyles. Spey fly fishing,

克莱西斯城堡(Crathes Castle)修建于16世纪,

salmon pools, stalking, shooting – grouse and roe deer – are


favorites as is the golf course with its new boutique-distillery


offering “wee drams”. Bespoke accommodation for groups of


eight can be organised.

历”(Crathes Calendar),时间可以追溯到5000

Andrew and Nicky Bradford’s enchanting hospitality is renown at their charming Kincardine Castle overlooking Royal Deeside. Enjoy classic traditions - be it for a celebration or a business meeting - where16 unique suites await. Chef Bob and Nicky, a talented pianist and cook, assure excellence. Andrew masterfully meets all needs from gentlemanly sporting pursuits to guided

年前,是人类已知的最古老日历。在精美的花 园中,古老的紫衫树被修剪成各种装饰形状, 摆放着古老的装饰物品。城堡内有一个哥特风 格旅馆:东部小屋(East Lodge),是享受愉快假 期的最佳选择。

Stone Age or cultural visits. Don’t miss their Woodlands and the


lovely, sensual “laburnum bower”. “Fabulous hospitality. So much

史的拉姆城堡(Drum Castle),这里曾出现过多

fun that this should be illegal,” insist guests.

个考古发现,比如一个古老的“卫生间”,里面 有一个便器和一个配套的石椅。站在古老的塔

Legendary ghosts from the 1200s haunt Turriff’s Fyvey Castle’s


six towers and turrets. Fyvey is exceptional with major additions


by Seton and the last Laird, Alexander Leith. The noble drawing


room, massive organ and Seton’s great wheel stair are exalted.


Fyvey is home to one of Scotland’s finest art collections. Leith’s


adjacent shooting estate offers hunting with the castle’s dining room hosting “shooting lunches” and weddings. Preston Tower accommodates 13. Renowned for its famed painted ceilings, traditional “L-shaped keep”, and “Green Lady’s” haunted room, 16th century Crathes

为查尔斯王子最钟爱的古堡之一。 穿过绿意盎然的树林,就来到了位于阿谢尔 (Ayshire)的库西安城堡(Culzean Castle)。城 堡也建在高地之上,大门处有一个拱门遗址

Castle’s history delights. Finding the “Crathes Calendar” pre-

(Ruined Arch)和一个多拱桥。城堡最初的设计

dates by 50 centuries the oldest known calendar! Historic yew

师是罗伯特·亚当(Robert Adam)。自15世纪

topiary, rich ornamental display gardens are stunning. The Gothic


East Lodge is a great getaway.

人,并在原有基础上进行了大规模的扩建。城 History


Cawdor Castle

© National Trust of Scotland

© Guillaume de Laubier © Guillaume de Laubier

Cawdor Castle

Brodie Castle I Blue sitting room

Nearby, Drum Castle’s 700-year tower house has archaeo-


logical finds too; the “garderobe” - a toilet and its stone seat.


Don’t miss the tower’s splendid vistas. For 350 years, Alford’s


Craigievar was Forbes’ family home without electricity, only


candles, fireplaces. A Prince Charles favourite for its style and


Pipers Gallery.


Verdant forests lead to the Ruined Arch and Viaduct at Ayshire’s Culzean Castle’s entrance perched high above the Firth of Clyde. From the 1400s, the Kennedys expanded Culzean impressively to Robert Adam’s final works. Extraordinary with its striking architecture - unique oval staircase, lavish interiors, armory collection – the estate has a grandiose Walled Garden, Deer Park, and bucolic Swan Pond. General Eisenhower resided here. “Eisenhower Apartment” has accommodation

(Eisenhower Apartment),这里的菜肴非常富 有特色,比如威士忌燕麦粥,保证让您在寒冷 的季节里立刻暖和起来。 童话般的建筑、古老传说中的幽灵,神秘的氛 围、壮观华丽的内饰,精美的花园,走进这些古 堡,仿佛穿越到古老的过去…Haste ye back( 我们快出发吧)!

and memorable dining. Try Culzean’s “flamed” dram of Malt Whisky porridge.

castles to John Cowan, well-known historian, guide, www.fynetours.co.uk and to

For more Information about Scottish Castles please visit: www.carnegieclub.co.uk www.nts.org.uk (Brodie, Culzean, Crathes, Craigievar, Drum, Fyvey) www.ballindallochcastle.co.uk www.cawdorcastle.com www.kincardinecastle.com www.fynetours.co.uk

the kind, dedicated staff at the National Trust of Scotland for their support.


“Fairy tale” castles’ legendary ghosts, a mystical ambiance, magnificent interiors, glorious gardens are an unforgettable step back in time…”Haste ye back”.

Heartfelt thanks for the historical background, selections of Scotland’s memorable



© National Trust of Scotland

© National Trust of Scotland

© National Trust of Scotland

© National Trust of Scotland

© National Trust of Scotland

Culzean Castle I Flint locks Drum Castle

Brodie Castle I Library

Crathes Castle I Green Lady’s Room Ceiling

A Gold Achaemenid bowl With cornelian and lapis stone inlay 5th century B.C. H. 9cm x D. 15cm David Aaron Ancient Arts, London


Fine Art


The increasing buying power of Chinese collectors By Phoebe Ladenburg

At the time of writing this, the London Art Fair season is in full swing: Masterpiece followed Olympia Art & Antiques Fair and Art Antiques London, and soon Asian Art Week, PAD, and Frieze will be upon us (as well as innumerable others). The word on every dealer’s lips is (as has been the case for the past decade) Asia or, more specifically, China, and how to get collectors to buy stock from European dealers.

Chinese art buyers are hugely important to the global art market: imports of art in 2012 were just over $1 billion. However, the force of their

buying power is felt most strongly within China itself, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong.

The trend of Chinese collectors buying within China is reflected in the reported sales of works by Chinese artists in 2013, of which 94% were sold internally. Business trends in the art market differ greatly from Europe and the USA to Asia. For example, whereas in the US, Sotheby’s and Christie’s alone accounted for over 80% of fine art sales in 2013, in China the picture is more varied: Poly International and China Guardian accounted for 13% and 10% of total fine art sales respectively, with Christie’s

China is still one of the fastest-growing economies in the world,

and Sotheby’s following, both at 9%. The remaining

with a GDP growth in 2013 of over twice the global average and

60% of all fine art sales were through other auction

seven times the G7 economies. This strong economic position

houses. Although not unique to China, late and

has massive implications for the art market: in 2013, the top ten

non-payment by winning bidders remains a persis-

auction houses in mainland China and Hong Kong accounted

tent problem within the auction houses, and so

for 56% of total sales of fine art and antiques globally.

issues of trust are often apparent.

Fine Art


So, how do art fairs fit into this picture? With a buying culture so different to that of Europe and the USA, and strict laws on importing and exporting, the Anglo-American and European model of the art fair has nevertheless made an attempt to transplant itself into mainland China and Hong Kong with promising results. Recently, Fine Art Asia, a Hong Kong-based fair now in it’s tenth edition, released statistics showing a marked increase in the Asian appetite for Western art over the past 11 years. Whilst the majority of fair attendees were from China, Hong Kong and surrounding countries, European exhibitors had increased by 30% since 2007 and many of the reported sales were of more traditionally Western works. So, from this we could infer that one of the unique roles of the art fair in China and Hong Kong is to introduce Western art dealers directly to Eastern clients, which not only boosts the European art market, but also allows Asian buyers a more personal, trust-based transaction than that which the auction houses offer. In February, Fine Art Asia announced a new Beijing edition called Guardian Fine Art Asia (GFAA), which was held from 28 May – 1 June 2014. The event is the result of a collaboration between Fine Art Asian and Guardian Beijing, a long-established arts organisation in China. This collabration, along with the backing of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and The World Trade Organisation, lends the fair legitimacy which indubitably adds to the sense of trust and safety in transactions between dealers and buyers who are still forging professional relationships. At the opening ceremony of the fair, General Manager of Guardian Art Centre, Mr Kou Qin, commented, “Nowadays, Chinese collectors’ interest towards western collectibles is […] growing. Therefore, the domestic demand of sino-foreign cultural exchanges will be inevitable to the development of the local art market. We hope that GFAA can present the most outstanding works of art from around the world to Chinese collectors.” The fair saw 20 galleries from around the world exhibit over 1,000 works of art. These included a most exceptional five piece garniture brought by Vanderven Oriental Art from the Kangxi period (1662-1722) in China. Previously held in a private Dutch collection, the return of these vases to China for this fair underlines the cyclical nature of the antique collecting business. No less exceptional, but vastly different in origin, were the 100

French palace Sevres urns, c 1870, brought by Fine Art Toulouse Fine Art

1 I Five piece garniture

2 I A George III tea urn

3 I Palace size Sevres urns

Antique Gallery of the USA, which once again represent the remarkable journeys these priceless antiques make in their lifetime. Other highlights included an English George III tea urn, 1806 from London’s Koopman Rare Art and an exquisite gold Achaemenid bowl with Lapis Lazuli stone inlay from 5th Century B.C.

1 I Five piece garniture China, Kangxi period (1662-1722) H. 52cm to 60cm Vanderven Oriental Art, the Netherlands 2 I A George III tea urn London, 1806 Maker’s mark of Digby Scott and Benjamin Smith A design by Jean-Jacques Boileau H. 36.9 cm Silver-gilt Koopman Rare Art, London Green enamel Russian pin, exhibited by Fred Leighton 3 I Palace size Sevres urns French, circa 1870 H. 122cm x W. 54cm Toulouse Antique Gallery, USA

Fine Art


The new “

Le Hoyo de San Juan” 荷约蒙德利雪茄新品 By Michael S. Hamilos Translation Mark S. Kennedy

Product announcements get fans excited, be it the launch of a new car, a new computer (this is true especially for Apple fans) or, naturally, also the announcement of a new Cuban cigar. Expectations are especially high when one knows that there hasn’t been a new “Le Hoyo” by one of the oldest cigar manufacturing brands, the Hoyo de Monterrey, in decades.

无论是新款汽车或是新型号电 脑,对于各大品牌的粉丝而言, 新产品的面世总会掀起一股热潮 (苹果的拥鼎们尤为突出)。还 有一种特别的奢侈品在推出新品 时也会出现这种热潮,那就是古 巴雪茄,尤其是世界上最古老的 雪茄品牌之一的荷约蒙德利 (Hoyo de Monterrey)。几十年

The Cubans treat themselves to a “live test” of new cigars at each Habano festival. Such was also the case with the new “Le Hoyo de San Juan”, which was handed out to visitors at the festival in February. Afterwards, the Cubans take their time, their dear time, with an actual delivery to various countries, so it hasn’t yet become clear when the cigar will be shelved by retailers around

来,该品牌旗下的顶级系列乐荷 约(Le Hoyo)一直未推出任何新 品,因此,它的新品上市更是令 人期待。

the globe: it was announced for August 2014, but according to the Cuban way of life, this could very well be in September or October or even as far off as November.



今年二月,在哈瓦纳举行的哈巴诺雪茄节 (Habano Festival)中,古巴人首先体验了这一

The “Le Hoyo de San Juan” cigar has a ring gauge of 54 (and


is thereby a tad thicker than your classic Robusto) and a length


of 15 cm. Thus it corresponds with the current trend towards

约圣胡安(Le Hoyo de San Juan)雪茄。该公

slightly thicker cigars. Furthermore, it is also the first addition to


the “Le Hoyo” line in decades! Swiss tobacco trader A. Dürr


contributed to the development of this line in the 1940s. Over


the course of decades, there hasn’t been a new cigar coming


from this line, but it will soon be available. The “Geniales”, the cigar’s factory code, is made up of Seco and Legero leaves


from the San Juan y Martinez district, and is a so-called D.O.P.,


which means it comes from the historical district in which the


brand “Hoyo de Monterrey” was born.


The “Hoyo de Monterrey” is one of the classic Cuban cigars which are extremely popular among aficionados. Some novices quickly arrive at the “Epicure No 2”. The rather mild to medium strength tobacco and the typical “Hoyo” taste with its creamy sweetness have been fascinating the Cuba smoker ever again. The brand itself is one of the oldest of all, since it was developed in the 1850s by José Gener and definitively registered as a brand in 1865. Even today, fans undertake pilgrimages to this famous Vegas in the west of Cuba, with its gate’s inscription

高端雪茄系列于20世纪40年代面世,瑞士雪茄 公司阿杜尔(A. Dürr)为其诞生作出了重要贡献。 但是在随后的几十年中,该系列在推新方面一 直没有动静,令雪茄迷们苦苦等到今年。这款 雪茄新品产自基尼利斯(Geniales)工厂,用西 科烟叶(Seco)和乐基洛烟叶(Legero)制成,这 两种烟叶均来自古巴的圣胡安马蒂斯区(San Juan y Martinez),被称为D.O.P原料,即来自 荷约蒙德利品牌于1865年诞生的发源地。

immortalising “Hoyo de Monterrey. José Gener. 1860”. Even


before the Cuban revolution, this brand of cigars was highly de-


sired, and the demand for them could be kept up to this very day.

先从艾匹克2号(Epicure No 2)入门级雪茄开

The difference between the classic and the “Le Hoyo” line is that the classic series tastes good even in an early stage, not requiring a whole lot of ripening. In contrast, the “Le Hoyo”, which is reputed to have a more wooden note, can be stored over longer periods. But back to the newest baby, the “Le Hoyo de San Juan”, which I had the opportunity to try out in July: even in a cold state it

始。其中等偏柔和的烟草力道和荷约品牌特有 的奶油甜香,令古巴雪茄爱好者们爱不释手。 该品牌于19世纪50年代由创始人约瑟·吉耐尔 (José


成为全球最古老的雪茄品牌之一。时至今日, 仍有很多雪茄粉丝前往古巴西部的小镇,朝拜 这个著名雪茄品牌的缘起之地。在这个作坊的

Le Hoyo de 104


leaves a great first impression because it smells unbelievably


fine and doesn’t let me linger very long, since it literally asks to

de MonterreyJosé Gener. 1860(荷约蒙德

be lit. A rather strong taste awaits me at the beginning with great


drawing properties, which I’ve increasingly noticed about Cuban


cigars lately. However, the first third doesn’t proceed as strongly


那么,该品牌的经典系列和乐荷约系列之间有 何不同呢?答案就在于:经典系列制成后可立 刻享用,而乐荷约则需要经过较长的窖藏时 间,才能散发出浓郁的木香,这也是该系列最知 名的特色。 现在让我们把目光转向全新上市的乐荷约圣胡 安新品。我有幸在七月时亲自体验了一次。我 品尝的那根雪茄刚刚从冷藏室中取出,温度还 比较低,但那令人难以置信的细腻香气,仍然 给我留下了深刻的第一印象。我迫不及待地将 它点燃,首先迎接我的是力道比较强劲的烟 香,吸入烟气的过程非常顺畅。如今,越来越 多的古巴雪茄具有这种顺畅的特点。在这根雪 茄的前三分之一段,其力道还不是很强劲,而 且它的气味也符合我的想象。然后在第二段,

as the first impression lets you assume. In the second third, it becomes even more agreeable by increasing in strength again, which never grows too dominant. Culinarily, I could imagine a light meaty snack or poultry, while this cigar is probably not up to rather heavy meaty dinners with opulent wines. Basically, its taste is found in the mid segment and ends - after about an hour of smoking pleasure - a bit more mildly. It never grows bitter, which will please the aficionado who smokes the cigar to the last stub.

它开始以一种舒缓的方式,不断强化,不断升 级,将越来越强劲的力道蔓延到你的各个感 官,但绝不会显得很张狂。在味道方面,它略 似肉类小吃,但并不强烈,不太适合搭配口味 浓重的肉菜和浓醇的葡萄酒。最后,它又以中 等力道结束 — 在近一个小时的吞云吐雾之后 — 力道又重新变得柔和。你可以在其中段和末 段感受到它真正的魅力,绝不会带有丝毫苦 味,最适合那些喜欢享受完整雪茄的烟客。

The Cubans were able to develop a superb new cigar with “Le Hoyo de San Juan”, which follows the trend to thicker cigars


while at the same time never losing sight of its “Hoyo de Monterrey”


roots. A cigar which will fit really well into this world brand’s


repertoire and which will bring hours of smoking pleasure to


the discerning aficionado.


San Juan” Cigars


阿姆斯特丹 — 奢华都市游


CITY TOUR Deluxe By Sara Musinowski Translation Mark S. Kennedy



Jonathan Karpathios & his restaurant vork & mes

欢迎光临优美的阿姆斯特丹 — 荷兰首都,同时也是其第一大城市。 这座城市坐落在阿姆斯泰尔河(Amstel River)的河口位置,与北海 相连,城市中交织着复杂的运河河道,令其远近闻名。在17/18世 纪的“黄金时代”,与印度和太平洋国家之间的贸易往来让阿姆斯特 丹成为欧洲最富有的城市。那时候的港口繁忙异常,仓库里堆满了 异国香料、丝绸和其他珍贵物品。我们即将在这迷人的城市开启本 次“周末奢华之旅”。首先入住新落成的沃道夫·阿斯特亚酒店 (Waldorf Astoria Hotel)。在这里可以欣赏到优美的风景,比如花团 锦簇的庭园花园,以及一栋栋沿着绅士运河( Herengracht )修建的 砖屋。自此,我们最好步行或骑自行车开始我们的发现之旅。无论是 在运河对岸的别致的手袋博物馆(Museum of Bags and Purses) ,或在富甲一方的万洛斯家族(Van Loons)的历史古建筑宅邸,或在 举世闻名的凡高博物馆(Van-Gogh-Museum)— 除了纪念性建筑 之外,文化和艺术瑰宝也随处可见。本次旅行白天的任务就是购买 奢侈品,著名的霍福特精品街(PC-Hooftstraat)将让您不虚此 行。这里不仅云集着数不清的国际奢侈品牌,还可以找到很多著名 的荷兰本土品牌,比如佳森钻石(Gassan-Diamonds)、奥格尔服 装(Oger-Fashion)、以及阿姆斯特丹的定制服装品牌斯克斯·索达 ( Scotch & Soda)。这条街道上不仅有琳琅满目的商品,也有很多 品尝美食的好去处,比如在康泽维特酒店(Hotel Conservatorium) 阳光明媚的庭院中享用午餐,或者在傍晚时分坐上迷人的贡多拉小 舟,沿着阿姆斯特尔河来到传奇的德欧罗巴酒店(De L’Europe),这 里的Bord’Eau餐厅将为您留下难忘的回忆。如果您希望获得更独特 的餐饮体验,不妨来到阿姆斯特丹的市郊,光临明星大厨Jonathan Karpathios的乡村庄园。他的菜肴食材全部来自庄园中的菜园,保 证都是有机绿色食品。www.iamsterdam.com

Welcome to the beautiful city of Amsterdam – capital and biggest metropolis of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The wealthiest city of Europe during the “Golden Age” in the 17th/18th century, in whose ports and storage warehouses spices, silk and other treasures from India and the Pacific region were once piled up, is located at the estuary of the Amstel

Hotel Conservatorium, Amsterdam

river, connected to the North Sea and world-famous for its abundant canals. This is where we start our “Weekend Deluxe” – the recently inaugurated Waldorf Astoria Hotel invites you to enjoy a charming view to the court garden full of flowers and to the magnificent backdrop of the brick canal houses along the Herengracht in front of you. Just start your discovery tour here on foot or by bike. Whether at the exceptional Museum of Bags & Purses on the other side, at the historical canal house of the “Van Loons”, one of the once wealthiest merchant families, or at the world-famous Van Gogh Museum – the city has an abundance of monuments as well as cultural and art treasures. Luxury shopping is the order of the day especially on the well-known PC-Hooftstraat. In addition to numerous international luxury brands, the Dutch boutiques of Gassan-Diamonds, Oger-Fashion or Scotch & Soda – Couture from Amsterdam – can be found there. Just around the corner you can have lunch in the bright atrium of the brasserie at the “Hotel Conservatorium” or take a nice saloon gondola on the Amstel river to go to the gourmet restaurant “Bord’Eau” at the legendary hotel “De L’Europe” in the evening. Or venture to make a very special culinary trip to see the celebrity cook Jonathan Karpathios at his country estate outside the city – his dishes consist of organic food exclusively from his own plantations. www.iamsterdam.com

A historic treasure opened on one of the city’s most exclusive canal banks. On May 1st 2014 the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam revealed its stunning design to global luxury travelers. Located in a unique neighborhood in the UNESCO area of Herengracht, the hotel is comprised of six historic town houses, numbers 542 to 556, each with its own fascinating tale dating back to the 17th and 18th century. Featuring 93 luxury guestrooms and suites, the new elegant and sophisticated Waldorf Astoria is a perfect addition to the city’s luxury offerings. The hotel is home to the peaceful exclusive Guerlain Spa and offers with the gastronomic restaurant Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam and other outlets exceptional food and beverage options. All these features will provide unique and memorable moments for every single guest to take home. www.waldorfastoria.com/amsterdam

An oasis of calm in Amsterdam – the legendary Hotel De L’Europe. Centrally located and overlooking the Amstel River, De L’Europe is perfectly placed for Amsterdam’s most heralded museums and points of interest. An oasis of calm in Amsterdam’s city centre - the hotel epitomises timeless refinement. Bold colours combine with plush carpeting, hardwood floors, custom fabrics and fine linens, while Dutch Masters-inspired paintings adorn the walls to create a sense of restful refinement in the suites & rooms. De L’Europe is the only venue in Amsterdam boasting a six bedroom Signature Suite. For total relaxation the heated indoor pool & jacuzzi with panoramic Amstel River views and a ceiling adorned with thousands of twinkling stars. Named in honour of its most famous patron Alfred “Freddy” Heineken, Freddy’s Bar is a landmark Amsterdam Dutch brown bar frequented by Amsterdam’s elite. www.leurope.nl

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Opening of its first boutique in the Benelux. Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrated the opening of its first boutique in the Benelux. In close cooperation with Gassan, Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre has unveiled its first boutique in The Netherlands. The new boutique is situated on a prime location in the P.C. Hooftstraat 102 and covers over 100 square meters on two executive floors. With this 62nd Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique worldwide, right in the center of Amsterdam, the Grande Maison is continuing its global expansion in 2014. Worldwide Jaeger-LeCoultre is running boutiques in major metropolitan cities like Paris, Geneva, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Dubai and Singapore.


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