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serviced, making sure all the spare parts you might need are on

doesn’t want miserable people around him.

board and being able to fix problems whilst in the middle of the

Of course, everybody has to be on top of their

pacific – you need to have a working knowledge of engines,

game: the chef de cuisine is very important

pumps, air-condition, fridges and freezers, computers, hydrau-

and has to have plenty of imagination to keep

lics and electrics. We don’t have a dedicated engineer on

meals exciting; the stewardess has to be fast,

board so we share it between the mate, the deckhand and

efficient and discreet; the first mate takes care

myself; this has the added advantage that not just one person

of maintenance and has to be able to take

alone has to know everything.»

over if anything happens to the captain; the deckhand helps the mate and keeps an eye

How do you put together the crew for a super yacht of this

on guests and equipment – all this makes a

size? What are the jobs of the crew members and where

team and running a yacht is a team effort!

do you recruit suitable people?

AND we have to be able to live together in a

«There are two ways to do this. One is via a crewing agency;

relatively small space.»

they will ask you what kind of crew you need and send you



CVs of candidates that are suitable. Or else through friends

What’s a typical work day like when the

and colleagues in the business – after 21 years in the busi-

owner happens to be away and not on the

ness, I have a large network of people that can recommend

boat, which may frequently be the case on

others. The most important thing is that the mix of a crew on

luxury yachts? Do you take it easy on deck

board works. That doesn’t depend on the amount of certifi-

and enjoy the sun and the sea?

cates but more on the right attitude and the character, as you

«The larger the yacht, the more complex it gets.

saw when you were on board. A happy crew makes every-

This means that maintenance on large yachts

thing seem effortless and enjoyable. The owner of a yacht

is an ongoing job and keeps all of us busy

Luxury Life MAGAZINE  

Autumn Edition 2010

Luxury Life MAGAZINE  

Autumn Edition 2010