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Luxury Homes Photography is a digital media firm utilizing the latest technology, software and creative eyes to create the finest and most effective photos and videos for our clients’ projects. Headed by Fraser Almeida, one of the nation’s best creative visionary’s, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. In this competitive age of advertising and marketing you can depend on Luxury Homes Photography to provide you with the advantage you need to move forward in today’s world. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California we can also travel around the world for our clients projects. We are a professional visionary team specializing in luxury and fine homes, capturing for our clients exquisite images and videos that sell and show off their properties locally and world-wide.


Bracketed Exposures

Our Photography

Exposing for the highlights and the shadows.

What is TrueHD? High Dynamic Range Our TrueHD photography delivers photos that are as close as possible to what the human eye sees. When you’re inside a house with many large windows, our natural eyes have the ability to simultaneously see the shadows inside and the highlights outside of a room, as shown in the images to the right. Unlike our eyes, the downfall of photography is that most cameras do not have the ability to see these highlights and shadows at the same time. Using TrueHD, we take multiple bracketed exposures of every scene, capturing the details within the highlights and shadows, then merge those photos together to create a high dynamic range photo, that represents what we would see with our natural eyes. Don’t be fooled by those who produce unrealistic HDR photos. We take pride in manually blending together each exposure to composite a true to life color accurate realitic image. Let us take your photos to the next level. Whether its a small home to a huge estate, condo, commercial building etc., we take the best angles of the space allowing you a choice of what to use for your marketing. Retouched, resized, optimized and delivered ready to go and sized for mls, web and print.


Single Exposure

If you were to try to take a photo of this room with a regular camera, you might get something like this. The interior might be exposed correctly but the exterior lacks detail.

TrueHD Photo

Photography - Lighting

No Flash

Why use Lighting? True Color Representation When it comes to delivering a sharp, crisp, color accurate photo, lighting is a must. Using light provides the best color representation of the space. The problem with using ambient only for photography is that different lights and the sun mixing together makes so many different color casts that editing can’t fix. Flash not only gives you perfect colors but also sharp crisp photos with perfect exposures. For your high end clients, you definitley want to be using lighting. Elements within the space on a high end shoot require to be represented accuratly so that when someone comes into the space, they can associate what they have scene digitally with what is infront of their eyes. Architects, designers, hotels, commercial spaces and luxury high end real estate are some of the few areas where lighting is a must.

Benefits of Flash Photography: • Color Accuracy • True Whites • Sharp and Crisp • Reduction of Glare • Window Views


Aerial Photos/Videos Why do you need aerials? PERSPECTIVE Sometimes the scale of a property is so large that it can only be appreciated from the air. Our aerial photos capture landscape views, city views, and the entire property itself. As you’ll see in the examples what a huge difference the aerial photo gives the viewer all the information they need to see the full property. Ground photography can’t do that alone. It’s true what they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, especially with what aerials can do for a listing. Luxury Homes Photography is fully licensed by the FAA and insured. Laws are very strict now and you don’t want to risk not complying with the FAA and getting fined. If your interested or have any questions, feel free to ask.

Different uses of Aerial Photos/Videos:


• Real Estate

• Special Events

• Cinematography

• Search and Rescue

• Inspections

• Land Surveying

• Agriculture

• Construction

• Security

• Media/Film

As you can see in the examples, taking a photo in the air allows you to see the entire scale of the homes, giving the viewer in one image how big of a lot the home sits on. Without the aerial photo, you would need many photos to do the job of what one aerial photo can capture. Though the ground photos of the main house looks good, it doesn’t compare. 9

Interiors & Details Create a higher value. Stand out from the crowd! By supplementing your real estate photography with the details, you give a much higher perceived value to your listings. Separate yourself from every other agent by pushing your marketing to the limits. These details are what empower the buyers and sellers to work with you. Think of it as a secret that no one else knows and use it to your advantage. Wide-angle photography is great for showing how big a room is, but sometimes you’ll lose the details. By capturing both you can really show off a property.

Architects & Designers We strive to capture all the hard work you created. We understand how much detail and quality that goes into the final design and builds for each project. With years of experience under our belts, we have the ability to train our eyes to compose for the architects and designers. Staying away from the typical wide angle photos, we make sure to compose each shot to its full potential to convey emotion and feeling.


3D Tours

3D technology is about more than just entertainment. It’s a way to show off luxury homes to prospective buyers. When it comes to luxury real estate, It’s vital to produce 3D tours in the best quality possible. While there are a number of cameras on the market capable of capturing 360-degree imagery, LHP’s photography team uses a specially designed Matterport camera. It’s equipped with numerous lenses and lasers to record the view from every angle in vivid detail. The photo shoot is conducted in prime lighting conditions, with every element easily seen. The data is scanned, captured and combined into the 3D model. The uses for the technology are varied. It’s a great way for a prospective buyer to get a realistic view of the home before stepping foot inside the front door. 3D tours are also perfect for out-oftown buyers looking for a vacation home or investment and generally aren’t in town for a personal tour. LEI also uses the technology as a resource for its in-house team, having an accurate view and information on a property readily available within the click of a button. 3D tours are just the tip of the iceberg. LHP plans to incorporate new technology as it comes available, giving both buyers and sellers new tools to find success in the luxury real estate market. Viewing a 3D tour allows you to see the entire property in many different views modes. The first is the “dollhouse mode” – an angled bird’s eye view. That same overhead view can also be viewed flat in “floor plan” mode. From either starting point, the view can zoom-in so you’re inside individual rooms.


The experience simulates what it’s like to actually be inside the home and go from roomto-room, especially if you open the window up to fullscreen mode on your monitor.


View Behind the Scenes

Always innovating and being one step ahead of the game, we strive to deliver the best cutting edge videos. Luxury Homes Photography Team excels in several areas of the video production process, including post production and compositing, as we focus to create immersive, cutting-edge media experiences. Utilizing the latest in production facilities, software, and video editing equipment, our talented team has the means and capabilities to meet any video challenge. Many times we are called out to photograph a property and although a photo does a create job capturing the space it doesn’t compare to video. Though motion, sight and sound the viewer gets to see your vision of what the feel of the property should be. You may have a Tuscany style home that needs classical musical to represent its feel or you may have a high rise penthouse which needs an upbeat atmosphere. Either way we can make sure through our talent to produce a final video that represents the property to the fullest. Quality is a must, we shoot all our video in RAW giving us the highest flexibility to edit and deliver color accurate videos of the space. Its starts with the introduction to the property, we walk the space determining the best angles and movements which represent that space. Luxury Homes Photography is always ahead of the technology and we bring that into our projects from sliders, to steadycams, ronin’s and drones, we have the tools necessary to capture your listing in the best light. Our team consists of a director let by Fraser Almeida and 2 camera operators. Whether we are shooting a property without any talent or with a cast of people, you can be assured that we have the confidence, skill and knowledge to direct the production from inception to completion.


The following checklist is provided to help prepare for the photo shoot. The list is a good starting point based on past experience. Please take the time to review these items as they will help the shooting process to go smoothly, and make your photos amazing.


Staging Tips - Inside


Check all light fixtures work properly Turn every single light ON, replace dead bulbs Arrange furniture in a natural manner to show off the space Add, or remove artwork, photos Remove toilet covers Remove dirty or mismatched rugs Clean all windows, glass, counters Dust everything Remove cobwebs Hang fresh-looking curtains Open all windows and door covers, let all the light in Remove magnets, kids’ drawings and fingerprints from the fridge Tidy bedrooms and make the beds Tidy closets with clothing hung nicely and floors cleared Hide (out of sight) Trash cans Cleaning supplies Magazines/books unless well placed for staging Religious items Political items Broken decorations Exposed power cords Turn Off Ceiling fans - if they have lights, make sure they are working Computers (specifically, the screens) Televisions

Staging Tips

Staging Tips - Outside Prune trees and foliage Check all light fixtures work properly Turn every single light ON (for twilight shoots) Freshly cut and rake grass Clean, sweep and dry outside areas Clean the pool and clear the water Remove pool cleaner Tidy driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks and staircases Hide (out of sight) Trash cans Garden tools Lawn equipment Vehicles Toys (including in pool areas)


Staging Tips - General Vehicles Keep driveways clear No parking in front of home Garage No vehicles Keep garage clean and decluttered Remove as much from the floor as possible Pets Remove pet beds, crates, bowls, toys Keep all other pets out of sight 15

The best in the business!! Their photography has helped take my marketing to an all new level. Their patience and attention to detail when they are shooting sets them apart from other photographers I have used. Our listings are selling quicker and for higher dollar amounts then the competition. We all know that we only get one shot to make a great first impression and their work helps our 1st day on market count. I highly recommend LHP for all of your photography needs. Craig Tann - Broker/Owner - Huntington & Ellis

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