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When the design is so simple, textures, finishes and colors become paramount. Here are a few examples: A custom bronze coffee table displays a gently dimpled surface, a subtle reminder of the ocean’s waves. The master bedroom is clean and angular. The white platform bed eschews a standard headboard; instead, a ruggedly beautiful slab of wood, set into a snug niche, fills that role. Upon awakening, the owners can gaze through expansive windows at the ocean view. A custom window seat runs parallel with the windows, offering a cozy spot for reading or napping. And when the seat is raised, a flat-screen TV appears. Offset from the kitchen, a cozy breakfast nook is accented by a window that frames a single pine tree. “It’s a very composed, very serene look,” Griffin says.

“The owners appreciate the essentials of creating a truly beautiful structure with excellent craftsmanship,” Haesloop concludes. “And—because the landscaping and home balance each other— it brings them a sense of serenity and a connection to nature. “It lets them concentrate on things that really matter, while they enjoy the beautiful ocean view and pristine environment that complement their home.”



FALL 2011

SWEEPING BALANCE At the rear, a band of windows sweeps the width of the house, much as the lush meadow sweeps across the landscape. The vegetation grows to the very edge of the octagonal deck, striking a balance between indoors and outdoors. The master bedroom (above) forgoes the usual metal or wooden headboard in favor of a weathered slab of wood from Japan, tucked neatly into its niche. Sleepers awaken to a magnificent ocean view, and the window seat is ideal for reading or napping


While the master bath features a Japanese-style soaking tub, an outdoor cedar-clad hot tub is both rustic and inviting.


Ebb & Flow


Ebb & Flow