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YL’s latest designs 1

1. SCARECROW…IS TAKING A REST Laduk wanted to design a comfy, eco-friendly garden seating option that was inflatable and easy to store and ship. Because she loves birds, she didn’t want the scarecrow to scare them away. Instead, it takes a rest and provides a comfy seat.

HANG OUT In the entry, the “Wire Tree” coatrack by Louise HederstrÖm ( offers guests a fun option for storing their items.

2. BROOM OF LIGHT Laduk calls this floor light “the broom that sweeps light.” It is a collection of commercial-type brooms that lean against the wall, light emanating from their bristles.


3. TURN THE SEASON “When I sat on my favorite spot on the couch, watching the seasons through the glass ceiling, I thought it would be good if you could change something in the house that gives you the right mood.” 4. FLAME IT This flame-shaped steel candle holder won her runner-up status at the A’Design Awards in Milan.

Watching people’s emotions and behavior—such as who will choose the orange chair—along with her own plays a huge role in Laduk’s design. Her second creation, the Broom of Light, offers soft light close to the floor. It was inspired partly by the fact that she didn’t want to be pigeonholed as a rug designer, but also because she knows that people need light when they come home to a dark house in the middle of the night. Her Turn the Season rug, which resembles a mass of green leaves on one side and brown on the other, came to her when she watched the seasons change outside and thought people would want something to reflect that shift indoors.


Now, Laduk works up to 70 percent of her time as a designer. She works on her own designs and for two manufacturers, one Danish and one French. Her work has shown up in hundreds of magazines, including several countries’ versions of Elle, B*io Magazine in Italy, Villa d’Arte, AD Russia, and In Residence. And she’s delighted to be recognized at Milan’s A’Design Award and Competition where the best designs will be presented at the A’Design Museum and Gallery, in Italy.




FALL 2011

She’s looking for ways to break into the U.S. market on a grand scale, rather than sending individual products to individual customers. Still, she never even expected to cross the boundaries of the Netherlands with her products and she’s happy with where she is. It isn’t Dutch custom, she says, to say one is proud of oneself. But if it were, she probably would be.


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