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01 A stunning staircase of solid maple is the anchor of the home’s design. Vertically, it connects the main floor to both the upper and lower level; horizontally, it carries the beautiful maple from the den through to the entertainment wall 02 With a goal of undivided relaxation, the builder designed a twoway fireplace that simultaneously shares and separates ensuite spa and the bedroom

family business has access to unique ingredients provides a competitive advantage to our clients.” The team at Maric Homes is “constantly seeking ways to transform and invigorate the familiar,” says Rolfe. “We’ve managed to separate ourselves from our peers by following this maxim.” And with success; Maric Homes is by far the most award-winning custom-home builder in Manitoba. “We specialize in realizing our client’s dreams,” Rolfe affirms. As such, the company’s design process certainly begins with the ideas and goals of their clients. But more than merely being present

at an initial meeting, clients of Maric Homes are involved in every single aspect of the home’s design and execution. While always keeping the needs and desires of the client as their core guiding principle, Maric Homes’ company motto is ‘We build to astonish.’ “This is more than a tagline; we look at it as an obligation to our clients and the public’s expectations,” Rolfe explains. “We seek to exceed every conventional benchmark in our industry – design, attention to detail, craftsmanship and service.” The company’s own ongoing evolution is regarded as its most rewarding project. “We are particularly proud of how we continue to separate ourselves from our peers,” Rolfe says. Homebuilding in Manitoba is necessarily rigorous – homes must be attractive, while also being able to stand up to the harsh prairie climate. Regarded as leaders in design and execution, Maric Homes has managed to make a singular name for itself in the industry. “There is a distinct sense of accomplishment when we hand over the keys to new homeowners,” notes Rolfe. In every home that they build, the company tries to achieve balance between the effective use of space and beauty. Their success is a result of recognizing that one is usually a product of the other. “Broadly, our aesthetic goal is classic prairie luxury guided by our client’s taste.”

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For the spring issue of Luxury Home Canada, the designers and builders featured focus on all things natural. Indoor spaces reflect the outdo...

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