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BROOKLYN BIKER The Brooklyn Biker represents the rebellious guy who wants to take his image a little bit further with tattoos or extremely long hair. He conveys toughness through his look and is usually an artist, independent thinker or someone who has the freedom to work on his own. There are a lot of ways to present the biker category and we felt like exploring this.

URBAN BOHEMIAN This is our most creative character. Sometimes he wears facial hair and sometimes he does not. Sometimes his hair is long and sometimes it is short. He is more explorative with his look—taking femininity and making it masculine, especially with his wardrobe. This trend follows male celebrities wearing ponchos mixed with a tougher pant or tying their hair up with a headband or leather hair accessory. The Urban Bohemian puts these things on and you immediately believe it.

SILVERFOX SURFER A silverfox is a handsome man who is north of 50 years old, but is still fashionable, in shape and cares about grooming and all that comes with it. He is an inspirational character because he is defying his age by staying busy—think Tony Bennet, Bruce Springsteen and Daryl Hall. These men are in touch with the fact that their face is changing, but they are out there getting it done and have found the confidence and style to let everyone know they are not ready to surrender to age.

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