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LUMBER GENTLEMAN We were celebrating the popularity of facial hair in a grand way. All types of factors play into someone having a lot of facial hair and pulling it off in an acceptable way. When the hair is balanced with fashion and good grooming practices, the contrast of the lumber element creates a strong statement.

DANDY MAN These are the guys who are willing to take fashion and facial hair to a different level. A Dandy Man straddles the fine line and makes a statement with a combination of pieces and textures—it’s the glasses, the handlebar mustache, and the extremely fashion-forward haircut. This guy has the confidence to wear a flower or jewelry on his lapel and make it work because it is truly a part of who he is.

SEXY CLARKE KENT Clarke is the kind of guy we see often so we asked how could we spice him up. He is collegiate, academic and a bit cleaner looking than our other characters. This look is strong and fashionable and resonates with many different men. With this style, we wanted to show the right look for the right face shape.

The Portfolio - Front Row Edition  
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