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HEY BABE, YOUR HAIR'S ALRIGHT Rebel, Rebel - David Bowie

Vaughn energized the crowd with on-stage music, a tribute to David Bowie and his squad of “Seven Characters of Men.” While every segment spoke to what grooming is, the collection of gentlemen served as a snapshot of what the brand is becoming and how Vaughn defines V76. “Whether it’s the Dandy Man or the Brooklyn Biker, confidence and energy make the man,” said Vaughn. “It all boils down to wearing the look and making sure it doesn’t wear you. This goes for grooming as a whole, which is a huge word that encompasses hairdressing, barbering, styling, coloring and more.” Discover Vaughn’s take on why he hand-selected these seven looks in order to create an eclectic on-stage lineup that brought the crowd to its feet.

The Portfolio - Front Row Edition