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Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis stepped onto the mainstage at Mana Wynwood and immediately forced the crowd to think outside the box. By sharing tips that he uses on his vast array of editorial jobs, James proved that sometimes the most complicated looks are actually very simple to create. And that idea came to life for the audience when he turned his afro-wearing model around to reveal a structure that held up her lion’s mane. The simple secret to this otherworldly creation was a pre-assembled wig device that James constructed well before the presentation. The passion that James has for hairdressing was most evident when he encouraged each audience member to be curious and playful when it comes to hair because simply put, hair is fun and we are lucky that this is what we all do for a living.


Get the Look

1. Prep hair with Foundation Mist. 2. Add Matte Waves Texture Lotion* from roots to ends and blow dry away from the face to prep for a high ponytail. 3. Section hair from ear to ear over the top and through the crown, making sure that once the hair is pulled back into a ponytail at the parting and is doubled back toward the face, there is enough hair to make a fringe. 4. Add AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream* through the back section to give weight to the hair. 5. Start the cornrow braid at the hairline and work up toward the crown. Tie it off with elastic when you reach the parting. Clip hair out of the way and tie ponytail with one double square knot followed by a single. Do not cut off excess elastic. 6. Pull the front section back to join the ponytail. Brush into place and spritz with a light layer of Superfine Hair Spray. Use the leftover elastic to connect the two ponytails. 7. Tong pieces of the ponytail by twisting around a curling iron once and removing. Break up hair with AirStyle. 8. Back brush the hair using a boar-bristle brush and use small clips to hold hair in place. 9. Start the stitch close to the pony and work in a zig-zag pattern moving forward. Keep the majority of the stitch under the hair and out of sight by minimizing “surfacing.”


* Matte Waves Texture Lotion and AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream are part of a new line by Oribe Hair Care® launching this spring.

The Portfolio - Front Row Edition  
The Portfolio - Front Row Edition