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august 2008

Strut Lamborghini Gallardo

USA $5.99

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Hyundai Sonata


Available for Cars, Trucks, SUV’s and Minivans.

Passenger Side

Proudly Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

* United States Patent D514,493 Multiple Domestic and International Design and Utility Patents Pending

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Specialists in Original Equipment and Aftermarket Automotive Accessories

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GLAMOUR Diamond Collection

Automatic 25 Jewels Available with Bracelet Louisiana Crocodile

Gevril USA - 1-866-425-9882 Gevril Switzerland - Rue Meval 20, 2720 Tramelan - Switzerland


August 2008

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Creative Workshop


Breaking the Mold


Italian Jewel


Better than the Best


Watch Guide




Car Club


Fab Five


Modern Muscle

Sport Speciale

BMW Gina Light Visionary Model


Strut Lamborghini Gallardo

ZR Auto: From Factory to Fantastic

BRM Watches




Pagani Zonda Cinque Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Supercar


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If you can imagine it...we can build it.


MADE in the usa

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Since 1977


EXCLUSIVE BILLIARD DESIGN 6160 Ulmerton Road Clearwater, Florida 33760 (727)539-6212 fax: (727) 536-7707 E-mail:



the creative workshop



Sport Speciale

Using traditional Carrozzeria build techniques perfected in their award winning restorations of cars, the craftsman at Creative Workshop have built a scratch built Supercar.

the creative workshop


Sport Speciale

or a moment, we imagine ourselves back in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s - the hay day of motorcar racing - before computers - when cars were built by visionaries and artists, focused singularly on making their mark in the history books by building something that is faster, more resilient, more maneuverable than anyone before. Before huge dollars and huge technology took over for trial and error, cars of this era were built based off of winning marques. Each builder would attempt to capture the essence of the successful cars, and infuse their own skill, ideas and experience into the mix – hoping to create the right combination to accomplish their goals. From the big displacement powerhouses such as Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Jaguar, to the unending list of small displacement ‘Etceterini’s’ such as Stanguellini, Bandini, OSCA and many, many more…they were all in it to win…and each design idea flowed from one builder to the next. With history and legend firmly in place our discussion takes us to the scratch-built Sport Speciale commissioned by Barry and Lynn Smith of Scottsdale, AZ. Inspired by the big displacement European racecars of the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s. The vision behind this car was to take queues from cars such as the Ferrari TR59/60, Aston Martin DBR1, Maserati 450S (and others) and produce a car that would seamlessly fit into the paddock of 1959…with the mentioned

marques in the stalls to the right and left…and our car waiting in the middle to show the expecting crowd our teams’ endeavors of the past year. Although bodylines would place us at par with the mentioned field, what lies beneath offers our team an unfair advantage. This car is fitted with a chrome-moly tubular chassis and a Superleggera


the creative workshop

This car captures all of what those magnificent cars of that era were, yet provides a level of ergonomics and performance those cars could only dream of. style, stainless steel wire rimmed, hand formed aluminum body. Power is supplied by an F1 inspired, specially built, performance BMW V12 (with heads provided by the BMW Factory in Germany) through a 6speed transmission. Road handling is taken care of by Brembo and Wilwood racing disc brakes, tubular, adjustable suspension arms, BRT rack steering, race-bred sway bars and many other technological advancements (how does custom designed, Hilborn-style fuel injection sound, for instance!). Although the ‘guts’ of the car are hi-tech, the details are all original and authentic. Gauges are original Veglia, the steering wheel original Nardi, the lights are original Marchal and Carello, switches are Magneti Marelli and the wheels were built at the Borrani Factory as were the hubs and the knockoffs - on the original jigs that built the same Wires for the Ferraris of old. With modern engineering and traditional Carrozzeria build techniques, this hand built, one-of-a-kind masterpiece is a seamless fusion of style and performance. A car that provides soul and character that no modern car and few classics can emulate. This car captures all of what those magnificent cars of that era were, yet provides a level of 12

ergonomics and performance those cars could only dream of. As we envision ourselves back on the starting grid of 1959 - Phil Hill sneering across at us - and the anticipation of a battle to be fought on the road can we see another auto aficionado, years from now, gazing at our car as it occupies its place within its family tree from decades before.


G I I = 6 I

moves us A Celebration of the Powe r & Be a u t y o f t h e Au t o m o b i l e

 th Annual Mead ow Bro o k C o n c o u r s d’ El e g a n c e Sunday, August  ,  Oa k l a n d Un i ve r s i t y, Ro c h e s t e r, M I www. m b c o n c o u r s . o r g


Breaking the mold BMW’s Innovative approach towards the optical expression of creative freedom


Gina Light Visionary Model


bmw The key to affecting the development of tomorrow’s mobility lies in our readiness to challenge what is established and in the ability to present new options. In order to meet these objectives, BMW Group Design taps into the potential of the GINA principle (Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions), which promotes innovative thinking by allowing maximum freedom of creativity. GINA introduces dramatically different solutions that affect the design and functionality of future cars. The GINA Light Visionary Model is an optical expression of selective, future-oriented concepts, which provide an example of what the industry may hold in the years to come. BMW Group Design is not just interested in answering the question of how the car of the future will look but primarily wishes to explore the creative freedom the future may offer. Both of these aspects are affected by the requirements that future cars are expected to meet. All ideas that the GINA Light Visionary Model presents are therefore derived from the needs and demands of customers concerning the aesthetic and functional characteristics of their car and their desire to express individuality and lifestyle. The GINA Light Visionary Model has an almost seamless outer skin, a flexible textile cover that stretches across a moveable substructure. Individual functions are only revealed if and when they are needed. With this model, BMW Group Design initiates a fundamental discourse about the characteristics that will affect the development of cars in future. It is therefore fundamentally different from concept cars, which reflect what is expected of them by implementing as many elements as possible in a future production model. In contrast, the GINA Light Visionary Model is a vision of future cars and serves as an object of research. Putting its visions of tomorrow’s car into practice, BMW Group Design has developed a two-seater roadster with the unique dynamic proportions that are typical of its brand. The GINA Light Visionary Model takes the sculptural design that has already been established by a number of production cars to new, unparalleled territory. The car’s


Gina Light Visionary Model

The innovation of a flexible outer skin breaks new ground in automotive engineering, opening up new design, production and functionality potential. front and sides, including the doors, create one single uninterrupted, seamless whole that converges to form an optical as well as a structural unit. In order to create this appearance, it was necessary to move beyond all previous conceptions of car body configuration, design and materials. Most vehicles rely on styling from the front apron, bonnet, side panels, doors, wheel arches, roof, trunk lid and rear deck. Instead, a new structure with a minimum amount of components has taken their place. A special, highly durable and extremely expansion-resistant fabric material stretches across a metal structure. This new material offers designers a significantly higher level of freedom of design and functionality. The body consists of only four elements. The largest component extends from the front of the vehicle to the edge of the windscreen and down the sides to the rear edge of the doors. The large side panels start at the front where the rocker panels emerge and run across the rear wheel arches into the rear. The fourth component is the central rear deck element. The innovation of a flexible outer skin breaks new ground in automotive engineering. This revolutionary solution opens up new design, production and functionality potential. It has a major impact on the interaction between driver and car and enhances it by offering a variety of entirely new options. Some elements of the substructure are moveable. The driver can move them by means of electro and electrohydraulic controls. This will also change the shape of the outer skin, which can thus be adapted to suit the current situation, the driver’s requirements and can also enhance the car’s functional range. The most striking example of this is the headlight design. In the normal position, when the headlights are not active, they are hidden under the special fabric cover. As soon as the driver turns on the lights, the contour of the front end changes. Activated by the metal structure that lies beneath it, the previously closed fabric cover opens to the right and left of the BMW kidney grille and reveals the BMW double head-lights. The rear and the rocker panels of the GINA Visionary Model can also adapt both the shape and function to the driving situation at hand. Both can change the shape of their outer skin to meet the

driver’s requirement for particularly dynamic motoring. This concept also takes into account a potential interaction with aerodynamic requirements. The design of the rear element allows for automatic lifting of the rear spoiler when a certain speed is reached, thus creating extra downforce on the rear axle at higher speeds. Due to the fact that the entire rear end, including the spoiler, is covered by a single sheet of material that reaches as far as the rear compartment of the interior, the homogeneous shape of the car’s rear will not be affected by changes to the spoiler position. The mechanical system that moves the elements remains concealed. The turn indicators and the taillights function without changes to the shape of the outer skin. Their position, however, is only revealed upon activation. The emitted light shines through the translucent fabric cover, which is permeable to light but not transparent. The rocker panels demonstrate the formal versatility of the GINA Light Visionary Model with an equally impressive performance. The air duct can be optimized if required. A corresponding movement of the metal structure results in an adjustment of the rocker panel contour to allow for better airflow. At the same time, an additional protruding rocker panel line emerges. The aerodynamic optimization and the


bmw length of the line can be infinitely adapted to the driving situation at hand. The fact that the body surface is designed by means of a flexible fabric cover that stretches across a metal substructure means that the materials used must meet exacting requirements. Industrially produced hybrid fabric made from a stabilizing mesh netting support and an outer layer that is both water-repellent and resistant to high and low temperatures is suitable for this application. Another essential material property is a maximum level of dimensional stability. It must remain dimensionally stable irrespective of the temperature and air humidity it is exposed to, even after severe and constant expansion. The dimensional stability helps retain the cover’s surface tension for a long period of time. The movement of individual body elements creates accurately reproducible folds in the material. In its choice of material, BMW Group Design was inspired by exterior and interior architecture. The expertise of seat pattern designers working for BMW Group Interior Design was successfully applied in order to cut the fabric webbing to size with maximum precision, determine the strategic position of attachment points and stretch the material. As a result, the surfaces are remarkably well balanced and due to the steady tension that is retained between any two clearly defined points, the lines are extremely accurate.


The result is an optically attractive interaction between various body parts that introduces a new dimension to sculptural design. BMW has once again broken new ground in the automotive world with the GINA concept. Introducing fabric as opossed to traditonal automotive materials has changed the way future designers may approach the creative process. It seems the possibilities are endless--and it all started with an unprecedented idea.

The reflection of perfection™ Los Angeles • Dubai • New York • London • Miami • Moscow • Las Vegas










he Lamborghini Gallardo long synonymous with high standards of craftsmanship, is considered one of the finest examples of Italian design in the world. The chosen few who own this luxury sports car have reached a level of wealth that is unattainable by many. Exclusively for that prestigious clientele, STRUT® , the originator of the “jewelry collections for your car” concept, has created an elegant Collection made from aerospace grade carbon-fiber and 316L stainless steel that gives owners the flexibility to further personalize this special automobile with a one-of-a-kind appearance. This Collection features eleven individual components: two primary grilles with carbon-fiber surrounds and stainless steel, diamond-woven mesh with the distinctive STRUT shield, as well as matching side, rear hood, rear intake, and bumper vents. An additional STRUT shield for application to the front of the vehicle completes the collection which retails for $25,000. A Limited Edition Titanium Collection is available for $35,000. Tommy Gaut, V.P. & General Manager for STRUT said, “The Lamborghini Gallardo presented us with the ideal opportunity to showcase our carbon-fiber capabilities which gives the vehicle a distinct personalized appearance.” Considered to be one of the most renowned and exclusive brands in the world today, STRUT constantly strives for perfection to create collections that appeal to the luxury automobile collector. For further personalization, STRUT offers coordinating Icon Wheels™: a selection of four designs offered in chrome, black, or custom painted finishes,. available in diameters 19 and 20-inches at USD $9,000 for a set of four. Located in San Clemente, California, STRUT has achieved benchmark status throughout the world for their trendsetting and distinctive jewelry collections, wheels, and accessories designed for connoisseurs of luxury automobiles. Created like fine jewelry, each handcrafted collection is personally signed by the artisan, further reflecting the passion and pride they take in their work. The 2002–2008 STRUT Collections can be viewed at

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Limited Edition




Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V

orvette has remained an icon after 54 years. Uniquely American, it’s a symbol of independence, exuberance and driving pleasure. The Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V symbolizes all of these things and bares more than a resemblance to its legendary landlocked brother. It displays strikingly precise styling cues. From the signature Corvette “Cove” tooled into the hull to the authentic Corvette emblems to the power wing windshield to the rear taillight design used for through-hull ventilation down to the authentic Corvette rims on the custom Corvette trailer. The Cove. No longer just a place on the lake where you hang out in your boat, the Corvette “Cove” is the at-a-glance characteristic that makes the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V unmistakable. Taken from the C6 design, the cove is uniquely Corvette whether showcased on land or water. Windows that roll. Malibu engineers paid homage to the thrill of the open road by incorporating windows that roll down into the power wing windshield. What’s under the hood? The Corvette-styled closed bow becomes impressively functional as the bow hood opens to reveal LED lighting, a dual subwoofer high powered stereo system and specific storage centers.

Corvette, even on the inside. The moment you take your place in the authentic Corvette driver’s seat, you will be at command central of the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V .Everything is at your fingertips, from the keyless start with security code activation to the Malibu in-dash LCD and two banks of multiplexed switches with built-in LCD screens. The servo-driven Medallion gauges peek out from the low-brow dash and can be dimmed to three different brightness settings. The feeling of fingertip control is as immediate as you put your hands on the sure-grip performance steering wheel. Whether you are in the authentic Corvette driver’s seat, the passenger’s seat or the console-split rear lounge, you will feel the comfort of the plush, 38-ounce Duraguard vinyl seamed with French stitching. Anodized aluminum cup holders, carbon fiber accents, theater-style LED interior lighting are standards that enhance the luxury of this extraordinary boat. The 8-speaker Malibu-Rockford Fosgate Stereo System enables you to create the ultimate, heart pounding, Corvette experience. Same heart, same soul. To maintain the legendary Corvette performance and renowned speed the Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V is available in both Z06 and Coupe packages. The Z06 delivers the same


Limited Edition power as the car with 505 horse power and 470 lb.-ft. of torque from the exclusive LS7 Corvette engine. The powerful 400 horsepower Hammerhead 383 engine makes its home in the Coupe. Malibu engineers understand that the heart and soul of any Corvette, land or water, is the engine. With a nod to its importance, they have incorporated a clear, Lexan door designed to showcase the LS7 engine, visible when you open the Corvette Z06 boat’s rear storage hatches. Twenty-four bright red LEDs showcase this powerful performer. What does GM say? When asked about the new Corvette boat from Malibu Gene Reamer, Director of Trademark and licensing for General Motors, had this to say. “Once again Malibu Boats did an excellent job capturing Corvette styling cues and introducing innovative features, which is consistent with Corvette the sports car.” A big smile came over his face and he added, “…they made this boat go really fast, too!” Complete with custom trailer. No Corvette boat would be complete without a perfectly matched trailer. Malibu engineers have designed this exclusive tandem axel trailer to incorporate all the special details that say Corvette including official Corvette wheels, depending on the model. The trailer is just another flawless rendition of Corvette design elements that shows off this very special boat as only Malibu could. The Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V Boat’s unmatched style, unbridled power, precise technology, global awareness and aggressive modern muscle will certainly make its owners proud and continue its legendary status on the water. The Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V will be sold in limited production through authorized, participating Malibu Boats dealerships throughout North America.



2008 Bentley GTC Mulliner. Beluga/Beluga. Rare Mulliner edition with light cross stitching, 20’s, rear vision camera. A real stunner. Call Ferrari of Denver at 303-730-7340.

2008 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. Rosso Mondiale/Nero. This is your last chance to purchase this very rare model...Maserati will not build a QP Sport GT S for 2009! Optioned with the full Alcantara interior, carbon fiber trim, heated front and rear power operated seats (rear power option goes away in ‘09), navigation, sunroof, Rosso stitching, Titanium painted brake calipers, Grigio Mercury 20” wheels and more!!! Call Ferrari of Denver at 303-730-7340.

2003 Porsche C4S. Well cared for, Bentley trade in. This is an ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Porsche. Full leather, sunroof, a well cared for C4S. Call Ferrari of Denver at 303-730-7340.

2003 Bentley Azure Mulliner Edition. Low mileage. Garaged day and night, Maintained (by the book). Rare Mulliner. Stunning in formal black, great contrasting interior colors, and about 60% what it would cost to replace with a 2008 Azure at $360K. And we’ll even include a one year unlimited miles warranty from HYPERLINK “http://www.” Genuine Warranty . Call Ferrari of Denver at 303-730-7340.


Ferrari of Denver Colorado’s ONLY Factory Authorized New car dealership for Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Lotus automobiles.

2008 Maserati Gran Turismo

2002 Ferrari 360 Modena

2008 Bentley Continental Convertible

2008 Lotus Elise California Edition

2008 Lotus Exige

1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello

2008 Bentley Arnage

1480 E. County Line Road • Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Phone: 303-730-7340 • Fax: 303-797-8874 •


1992 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet. This Mondial is the best of the breed T Cabriolet. It is the traditional Red paint with very well kept Beige interior. Mechanically it is fresh from our service department where it underwent complete servicing. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-521-0340.

2004 Ferrari 360 Spider. This particular 360 Spider is red with black interior. Factory options include: F1 transmission; Red brake calipers; Scuderia shields; Challenge grille; 6 disc CD changer. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-521-0340.

2002 Ferrari 575M F1. Gorgeous tour de France blue 575M F1. Featuring a 5.7 liter Ferrari V12 which produces 515 horsepower, and Ferrari’s exclusive F1 transmission. This is an extremely clean 1 owner car, which includes all records, books and spare keys. We also recently performed a major service on this car, including belts. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-521-0340.

2006 Lotus Elise. This pre-owned Elise is just barely broken in and ready to be enjoyed by you! It is Chilli Red over Black interior. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-521-0340.



2005 Maserati Quattroporte Duo-Select. Factory options include: Sport package; Front and rear parking censors; GSM phone kit; 6 disc CD changer; Comfort pack on front and rear seats. This car has also been fitted with a Passport SRX laser radar shifting system. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-5210340.

1967 Ferrari 330 GTC. Finished in red with two tone black and red interior. This excellent example has benefited from a complete mechanical overhaul very few KM’s ago. It runs and drives superbly without a hint of smoke. The 330 GTC is regarded by many experts as the “best all around V-12 Ferrari”. This 330 GTC is ready to be driven and enjoyed as Enzo intended. Complete history from new and competitive price available on request. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-5210340.

2007 Ferrari 430 Spyder. Factory options include: Red brake calipers; Scuderia shields; 6 disc CD changer; Yellow instrument panel; Carbon fiber interior trim; Electric seats; Grey stitching. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801-521-0340.

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Coupe. This particular example has been tucked away in a private collection in Monaco since it was sold to a collector there for the record price of US $627,720 in November, 1989. Since this car returned to the U.S.A. it has benefited from a complete re-commissioning, and is ready to be driven and enjoyed. This example is in outstanding condition, complete with books and tools. History and price are available on request. Contact Sean at Steve Harris Imports 801521-0340.



2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe in Arancio Borealis/Nero Perseus/Avorio Italian Leather, only 318 miles!  Loaded, E-gear transmission, Coming home function, Transparent engine bonnet, Silver Callisto Rims, Branding Package, Travel Package, Fully Electric and Heated Seats, Lifting System, Rear View Camera, Anti theft system. $189,750 Lamborghini Houston 866-289-7497,

2008 Lamborghini Reventon. Grey Barra hue/ Reventon Alcantar interior. The most powerful Lamborghini ever built! If you’re a Lamborghini fan, the Reventon is the ultimate! Only 20 will be made (plus one additional example for the Lamborghini Museum ). Inspired by F-22 Raptor Fighter jet, the Reventon has style and vitality like no other car in the world. Lamborghini Houston 866-289-7497.

2008 Lamborghin Gallardo Spyder E-gear. Rosso Leto with Nero Perseus Italian leather with special order red carpet. Loaded with options; Steering wheel in perforated leather, Bluetooth, Silver callisto rims, Fully electric and heated seats, Branding package, Leather package 1,Windscreen frame in body colour, Lifting system & Red Stitching. Lamborghini Houston 866-289-7497.

2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in Balloon White (Pearl White) over Unicolor Nero Perseus Italian Leather. Its loaded with the following options: E-gear, Silver callisto rims, Fully electric and heated seats, Windscreen frame in body colour, Lifting system, Navigation, Rear view camera, Branding package, Perforated Leather, White stitching & piping, Custom ordered paint. Lamborghini Houston 866-289-7497. 32


2004 Rolls Royce Phantom. finished in Black over an Oatmeal Full Leather interior. Just 3,265 miles. Optioned with the Veneered Instrument Panel, Elm Cluster Veneer, and the 6-DVD Changer. The Phantom was built using aluminum wherever possible to allow the 453hp/531ft-lb 6.75L V12 to propel all 19 feet of luxury to 60mph from a stop in just 5.7 seconds. Motorcars International 866-289-6740. sales@

2008 Ferrari F430 F1 Spider! Only 40 miles.  Rosso Corsa Red/Tan Full Leather with Black accents, F1 Transmission, Power Extended Service Coverage, Red Painted Brake Calipers, Daytona Style Seats, Scuderia Ferrari Shields on the Fenders, Bose High Power HiFi Sound, All books, tools, air compressor, car cover, battery tender, flashlight, This is an actual ’08 Spider on the ground! $319,500 Motorcars International 866-289-6740

2004 Lamborghini Murcielago E-Gear. Grigio Antares Titanium/2-tone Black, 8,968 miles, K40 Caliber Radar Detection System and a Pioneer touchscreen Entertainment System, Clear Bra, 580hp V12 powers, All Wheel Drive Viscous Traction System. Don’t miss this opportunity to own Lamborghini’s flagship Murcielago in this beautiful configuration. Fully inspected in-house both mechanically and cosmetically. $199,500 Motorcars International 866289-6740,

2006 Ford GT in Centennial White Clear Coat/Ebony leather with just 2,266 miles!  Fully optioned, Lightweight Forged Aluminum Wheels, Red Painted Brake Calipers, and the $4,000 upgraded McIntosh Stereo System. Its supercharged 5.4L V8 produces a massive 550hp. 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and the top speed peakes at 205mph. Fully inspected in-house both mechanically and cosmetically. $184,500 Motorcars International 866-289-6740 or 34


1971 Dodge Charger Hemi, 1 of 71 built that year Red/Black (Ext) Black Leather (Int) Concourse Condition 165 miles since frame off restoration Not Original Engine. Auto Contact Rayda Sinni, Phone: 705-321- 7398 or Email:

1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, 13,608 miles, Blue Scuro (purple blue), Tan interior with blue piping, Located in Toronto / Canada, All service and records done at Lamborghini. Perfect condition, $255,000 Can. Contact Rayda Sinni, Phone: 705-321- 7398 or Email:

1954 Aston Martin DB2 /4 MK 1 cabriolet, Manual, Dark Blue / blue leather, older restoration, 3 L, Located in FranceContact Rayda Sinni, Phone: 705-321- 7398 or Email: Rayda@

1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, 653 miles, perfect condition. Contact Rayda Sinni, Phone: 705-321- 7398 or Email:



Zimmer Motor Car Co. When you have arrived, you must arrive in a Zimmer.

Luxury Motor Cars Since 1980 $109,900 to $179,900 Any color you can dream up 2-Door Convertible

4-Door Convertible

Exclusive Dealerships available in limited areas. Call Art Zimmer 315-422-7011 ext. 125 2-Door Sport Coupe

4-Door Sedan

1415 West Genesee St. • Syracuse, New York 13204 • email:

2005 Maserati MC12. 498 miles. Converted and registered in the US. Brand new condition. Designed for high level road use, it can exceed 205 mph at full throttle, Designed to meet the specific needs and characteristics of a road-going Maserati, it also offers absolutely excellent drivability. There is exceptional harmony between the high tech-effect carbon features, the perforated leather trim and the stunning yet high-grip tough technical fabric too. Price: $1,450,000. Contact Rayda Sinni, Phone: 705-321- 7398 or Email:

1973 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird 455 SD, Showroom condition, very rare 4-speed Super Duty!! Contact Rayda Sinni, Phone: 705-3217398 or Email: Rayda@



2006 Spyker C8 Spyder. Pearl Yellow/Black Leather and Yellow Quilted Stitching!! Fully Loaded! Flawless Condition and is in Showroom Condition!! This Rare Exotic has Black Leather Interior with Yellow Quilted Stitching in the Seats and Dashboard to match the exterior. Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)588-6166.

2007 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S F77 Package. Carrara White/Special Sand Beige Leather Int., Sport Chrono Kit! This car has it all! Still under Full Porsche Factory 4yr/50,000mile warranty and has only 6 Miles! Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)5886166.

2008 Mercedes CL600 Carlsson V12 Bi-Turbo! Arctic White with New for 2008, Exclusive Black Nappa Leather Interior! 15 Miles! Fully Loaded! Contact Exotic Motorcars at (561)588-6166.

2008 Mercedes S600 Carlsson V12 Bi-Turbo. New, Rare Black/Exclusive Black Nappa Leather Interior, 25 Miles, Fully Loaded, This Mercedes S600 Carlsson is the ultimate combination of hi-performance & luxury. Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)588-6166.



2003 Ferrari Enzo! Rossa Corsa Red with Black Leather Interior! Very Low miles! The Ferrari Enzo is a 12-cylinder Ferrari Super Car named after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. It was built in 2003 using Formula One technology, such as a carbonfiber body, F1-style sequential shift transmission, and carbon-ceramic brake discs. Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)588-6166.

1969 Shelby GT500 Fastback! Numbers Matching! This 1969 Shelby GT500 Fastback comes with the absolutely Flawless much desirable Grabber Yellow Paint with Black Leather Interior and Special BlackOut Hood Treatment! Only 16 were produced with this rare color! Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)588-6166.

1970 Plymouth Superbird Roadrunner. Numbers Matching. This classic comes with the absolutely Flawless much desirable Hemi Orange Paint with Black Interior and Special Black-Out Hood Treatment. Only about 545 were produced with this rare color! Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)588-6166.

2006 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged! Black with White Leather Interior! Fully Loaded! This is the ultimate combination in Luxury and Performance. This Low Mile, 2006 Range Rover Supercharged still carries the balance of the 4 year/50,000 mile Land Rover Factory Warranty and is in Great Condition!! Contact Dennis at Exotic Motorcars at (561)5886166.





2008 Lamborghini Gallardo. Verde Ithaca with Black leather with Green piping and stitching. 6-speed E-Gear semi-automatic with AWD and traction control. New Vehicle. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858454-1800.



2008 Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Silver Tempest with Beluga leather with dark-stained walnut veneer accents, 6.0-liter fuel-injected, DOHC, twin-turbocharged, 552 HP V-12 and 6-speed automatic with manual paddle overrides and AWD. New Vehicle. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858-454-1800.



2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. There is a lot of optional equipment on this Spyder: Balloon White paint, all reverse stitching, E-gear,Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Callisto Wheels, rear view video camera, and the carbon fiber package. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858-454-1800.



2006 “Casino Royale” Sunseeker XS Sport 38’. The “Casino Royale” is a limited edition of the XS Sport. This 38-foot boat is 1 of only 6 built. The Sunseeker XS Sport has a fairly long list of endurance records and world speed records in the United Kingdom . Being a limited edition on top of the performance records only enhances the value of this gorgeous boat. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858454-1800. 40




2006 Saleen S7. Red with Black interior. Allaluminum twin-turbo V-8 2V cam-in-block, 7.0-liter, forged alloy pistons, Saleen-designed high flow with merge collector incorporating dual exhaust, 6-speed short-throw manual. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858454-1800.



2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The ultimate street car. Factory-specified performance of 0-62 mph of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of over 250 mph. It is in spectacular condition, as beautiful as the day it left the factory! Don’t delay if you wish to make this one yours! Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858-4541800.



2007 Ferrari 599 GTB. Tan Leather/Red stiching. 6.0-liter, fuel-injected, 48 valve 612 HP V-12, 6-speed F1 semi-automatic with ABS and traction control, Ferrari’s ultimate touring machine with a red exterior. Doesn’t get any better than this for the ultimate Ferrari fan. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858454-1800.



2008 Porsche 997 Turbo Coupe. Black with Black leather. 3.6-liter, fuel-injected, DOHC, biturbo variable-vane turbocharged, 480 HP flat-6, 6-speed short-throw manual. This very low mileage Turbo just came into our showroom and won’t be here very long. Call Symbolic Motor Car Company at 858-454-1800. 41


better Than the best

ZR Autos: From Factory to Fantastic


ZR Auto


modified or most, the vehicles scrupulously crafted at supercar factories across the world are a pinnacle of modern technology and aesthetics. Fusions of art and mechanical engineering, their massive engines purr beckoning to automotive enthusiasts. While they are the archetypes of the industry, only a select few enjoy the privilege of taking hold of the steering wheel and pushing the beasts to their limit. Yet for some of these illustrious drivers—even a stock Ferrari or Maserati is not enough. While most would consider these supercars to be perfect, others are never satisfied with ordinary. And while it may seem shocking, a stock Ferrari is just that—ordinary. It has numerous twins, alike from the curve of exterior to the power plant under the hood, designed to

appeal to the masses. Many owners want to set themselves apart from the other supercars on the street; they want their vehicle to reflect individuality while celebrating the supercar’s rich heritage. They know that perfection is a transitory state because there will always be something that can be improved upon. These owners go to an exclusive exotic car dealership, ZR Auto, to speak with thirty year veteran Zahir Rana. Rana knows exotics. He’s driven them almost his entire life, and has turned his passion into a thriving global empire. Rana explains, “Driving an exotic car is not about showing off as many might imagine. It’s the lifestyle and comradeship it provides with fellow exotic car owners. I’ve never been inclined to drive my cars by myself—it’s always been more enjoyable with a group of owners heading out on

Rana continued, “I need my clients to enjoy the car as much as I do, to feel what I feel.” Rana’s attitude demonstrates his passion for the supercar world.

ZR Auto

the highway.” He continued, “You see the other exotics you’re driving with; you hear them; you see the look of pure pleasure on the drivers’ faces. Simply put, Rana exclaims, “We are all enjoying the same sensations at that moment and it’s wonderful.” Five years after starting up ZR Auto in western Canada, a business that combines his passion for cars with his business savvy, Rana has hit his stride. ZR Auto not only sells exotic cars, it’s also well respected for the cars they customize from the brand name exotics. Customers can not only purchase their supercar from ZR Autos, they can have it completely customized to their specifications ensuring their vehicle won’t see its mirror image on the road while out enjoying an outing with fellow enthusiasts. Exotic customization is a growing industry, but few have the extensive background ZR Autos does. From body kits to engine overhauls, the massive state-of-the-art facility at ZR Autos can accommodate almost any modification. The shop offers the automotive industry’s finest brands and unmatched expertise in every field. Fittingly, the dealership’s logo is “Factory to Fantastic,” which adeptly sums up the shop’s dedication to creating one of a kind, sophisticated automobiles. These two supercars, a captivating Maserati MC12 and vibrant Ferrari Enzo have both received the royal treatment at ZR Autos. Each vehicle has been fitted with Edo Competition’s top of line overhaul from tires to engine. The Maserati MC12, which is already quite formidable stock, saw an increase of roughly 70 horse power. To generate the extra power, ZR Auto installed new exhaust headers (like those seen on the infamous Ferrari FXX), a high flow catalytic converter, a performance stainless steel muffler with an adjustable remote-controlled butterfly valve and new exhaust tips, a modified intake system, a new carbon fiber airbox similar to the one seen on the Maserati MC12 Corsa, and high-flow air filters. Each component works together for increased airflow to the engine, which generates an efficient environment conducive to recordshattering speeds. In addition, ZR Autos gave the modified Maserati lightweight



wheels, Makrolon headlight covers, a sport suspension, an adjustable rear wing for improved air flow, and a new transmission control unit. Overall, the Edo MC12’s weight was reduced an incredible 220 pounds. ZR Auto was able to do the unthinkable. Take a stock MC12 and improve it. It is now lighter, more powerful, and stands out from its siblings with new lines and a new paint job. The Ferrari Enzo saw an equally impressive transformation, but taking a Ferrari—the undisputed giant in the supercar world—and fashioning it into a faster, stronger vehicle is quite the challenge. Again, ZR Autos did the unthinkable. The redone Enzo’s horsepower was increased to 700hp owing to its new exhaust headers, a highflow catalytic converter, a performance muffler, a modified intake with ram-air system, high-flow air filters, and ECU recalibration. In addition to receiving exhaust headers similar to the FXX, the Edo Enzo has a new transmission control unit that allows for the same shifting times as the FXX. “Each car make over is one-of-a-kind. You can imagine how my customer feels owning one of the nicest cars on the planet and knowing it’s that much better now because we made it uniquely their own. My customers are genuinely awed with what we deliver,” says Rana. After his clients get an exotic car—like the MC12 or Enzo—they suddenly feel and behave 20 years younger, he points out. “These cars give them a reason to live longer and healthier lives. They start walking and dressing with more gusto, they’ll start working out, because when they get out of their Ferrari, they want to look good because they know others tend notice them. Right away, my clients are better drivers and happier as people than they’ve been all their


lives”, he says. Rana continued, “I need my clients to enjoy the car as much as I do, to feel what I feel.” Rana’s attitude demonstrates his passion for the supercar world. ZR Auto also conducts events for his clients at Race City with professional drivers who teach them to maximize the potential of their car while keeping safety in mind. He also organizes road trips for his clients, taking them to luxurious hotels and locations across North America in their new cars. If you see a group of his vehicles cruise down the road, very few will be like the other, and that’s what makes their outings unique. Rana not only participates in these events with clients, he has them professionally videoed for clients who want to relive the excitement at home on their entertainment systems. “I take the best cars in the world and with my exclusive association with Europe’s cutting edge after-market developers; I reconsider the world’s greatest sports cars potential. Then I rebuild them, the end product being superior in performance, handling and safety, far beyond what’s practical for the original manufactures to do.   We refer to it as ‘Factory to Fantastic’. The factories that build these original exotic cars would love to be able to do what I can do. Unfortunately for them—and a blessing for me—the manufactures of these beautiful cars are constrained by policy, tradition, lineage and obligation to conformity...I have none of that to dictate what my imagination lets me build,” he explains. Many of Rana’s customers have commented that he must live in heaven. All he can do in response is agree. For more information on ZR Autos or how they can make your dreams a reality, please visit

ZR Auto

performance for the bad boys

Ferrari ENZO

Maserati MC-12R

•70 hp increase with electonics, airflow and exhaust•stainless catalytic converter with bypass switching•Headers to replace factory (FXX)•Ceramic brakes•Custom colored wheels•Pressure/temperature tire control system•Headlamp-cover hand made from makrolon•Independently adjustable damping technology - rebound and compression damping like FIA - GT MC12 •100 kg weight reduction•New racing wheels - front 10 x 19” 265/35 ZR 19 Michelin, rear 13 x 20” 335/30 ZR 20 Michelin

FOR MORE INFO - zrauto•com 403•207•0233

luxury WATCH spotlight

Time Is On Your Side By Mikael Jehanno

hile mankind has always defined itself in relation to the concepts of time and space, only astute engineering and genuine craftsmanship have allowed modern men to get the beginning of a handle on both. Perhaps it‘s no accident that men and women began driving automobiles and wearing wristwatches right around the same time, towards the end of the 19th Century. What’s a blistering lap without a perfectly accurate chronograph? Top watch manufacturers have always associated themselves to car and motorcycle racing, but none of them has shown as much passion and true reverence to the gods of motorsports as Bernard Richards Manufacture, a.k.a. B.R.M. The company based in a small town near Paris has been getting much praise lately, thanks to an impeccable line of luxury timepieces paying tribute to the world of high performance engines and other glorious racing machines.


The brainchild of French master clock Bernard Richards, B.R.M. has managed recently to raise eyebrows on a fairly conservative market dominated by Swiss major manufacturers. Success never comes easy, especially when it comes down to watch making, but Richards and his team have quickly established a reputation of utmost excellence for their brand, while seducing selective wristwatch enthusiasts and motorsports insiders with bold designs exuding a futuristic edge. One look at a B.R.M. timepiece is enough to understand why racing and GT drivers have become so fond of the new French watches: they proudly feature a myriad of components resembling what you would find under the hood of a classic sports car. From piston-shaped case pieces and clasps to pushers, lugs and ultra-light hands mimicking all the features of a racing steering wheel, everything in a B.R.M. wristwatch evokes the starting grid and aims at achieving the best performance.

B.R.M. Watches

Another facet of this close relationship with the world of motorsports comes in the shape of exclusive limited edition wristwatches custom designed for a racing team or a prestigious brand. Last year, B.R.M. created a special timepiece for the Pescarolo team taking part in the Le Mans 24 Hours legendary race. More recently, Bernard Richards and his crew came up with a gorgeous brushed titanium limited edition wristwatch matching the incredible Ecosse Titanium Series motorcycle, perhaps one of the most impressive and stylish illustration of the relation a movement creates between space and time. Speed. And the feeling that today more than ever, the real luxury is to wear, ride or drive something unique, beautiful and crafted by hand by some of the most talented engineers in the field. Today, B.R.M. is gaining even more momentum with radical and ground-breaking designs such as the R50 T with its engine-shaped movement and the much anticipated Bi-Rotor, a magnificent tour de force featuring, among other innovations, an automatic mechanism endowed with an actual differential. But the most exciting has yet to come: B.R.M. has announced the immi-

nent launch of the first tourbillon wristwatch ever conceived and made in France . A tourbillon is a watch escapement designed to counter the effect of gravity on a timepiece. It has remained to this day the ultimate challenge in watch making. We got to take a sneak peek at this one of a kind timepiece and were told its movement is entirely made of titanium. From our first impression, this could very well turn into a rare icon of the times to come, whether you favor burning rubber on the track or spending a relaxing summer day in Pebble Beach.


Gear & gadgets

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame by Riva Collection Premier champagne maker, Veuve Clicquot has collaborated with Riva, classic Italian yacht maker to create La Grande Dame by Riva Collection. The collection contains three products, which include the Cruise Collection, Cruiser Bag, and ice bucket, available in mahogany, chrome and leather. The Cruise Collection contains 4 bottles of La Grande Dame 98, 2 magnums of La Grande Dame 88, 6 champagne flutes Riedel and 6 water tumblers, plates, table mats and cutlery ($80,000, custommade to order). The Cruiser Bag contains a bottle of La Grande Dame 98 and two champagne flutes ($425, only 300 pieces will be made).

BRAVIA® Theater Micro System Sony introduces the HT-IS100 BRAVIA® Theatre Micro System as a solution to easily integrate amazing surround sound without affecting home décor. The system includes five tiny speakers about the size of a golf ball that can easily be tucked away and hidden from plain sight. The system also boasts of three 1080p HDMI™ inputs with repeater functionality and support for eight channels of uncompressed audio. A great match for any Blu-ray Disc™ players, PlayStation®3 consoles and other high-definition sources. Price: $700 at Sony Style stores.

Porsche Design The Essence The Essence is Porsche Design’s first men’s fragrance with striking cold metallic accords and warm woody tones characterized by three strong contrasting elements: “arctical”, a newly developed molecule of freshness and coolness from Porsche, spicy black pepper, and warm woody patchouli and balsam fir. The new fragrance line will include eight products: the core product is an eau de toilette which will be available in three different versions, an aftershave lotion, aftershave balm, a hair and body shampoo and two deodorants in stick and spray form. Available Fall 2008. Prices to be determined.


Audi collection Golf The creative minds at the Audi Konzept Design studios have come together to create the Audi collection Golf – a new line of golf accessories noted for its clear design and high-tech materials.

Silver. Other items in the collection include a travel cover, trolley travel case, sport bag, shoe bag, and golf umbrella. 88-456-AUDI (2834)

The Golf cart bag is very lightweight and has plenty of space with functional and convenient compartments to organize a complete set of clubs and extensive golf accessories. The bag is available in the colors Black/Light Silver and Quartz Grey/Light

Origami V-12 Four Stroke Engine This “V12 four-stroke Engine” has semi-realistic exterior and interior detail and took approximately two years to design. Each of 12 spark plugs (LEDs) is ignited accordingly to the moving cycle. Many moveable parts include a compound crankshaft, a rapid cooling fan, 12 rods and 12 pistons etc. It is made with paper entirely (except some little wood sticks, some tapes, 12 LEDs, some electrical wires, 12 switches, a resistor, a motor and a battery holder). $35.000, assembled model. $90, do-it-yourself kit.

Tag Heuer SLR Laptimer Chronograph The TAG Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph – the new permanent entry in the TAG Heuer family. Tag’s revolutionary Calibre S has been further evolved to time laps down to 1/100th of a second, provide memory and indication up to 20 laps and direct access to best lap time - the new chronograph meets the highest expectations of the true racing aficionado. The watch is available in a 5-row fine-brushed steel bracelet or black natural rubber strap with textures inspired by the lateral air intake of the SLR 722 car. Available October 2008. Price to be determined.


memorabilia 1/12 Bugatti Veyron

M. Schumacher Ferrari F2005 signed Factory photo

8” x 10” with certificate of authenticity. Canadian $175

16” long metal model with all opening parts. Canadian $725

1953 Alberto Ascari Watch This Vetta Ferrari chronograph has a cream face with two subdials & Prancing Horse. The back is inscribed A Ciccio campione in pista e nella vita con amiciria Gigi Villoresi 25 dicembre 1953. This watch was a Christmas gift from Luigi Villoresi in 1953 to his friend and team-mate Alberto “Ciccio” Ascari, who won the Championship in the 500F2. Candian $27, 000.00

“Accidente” An original giclee on canvas by Alfredo de la Maria showing Jose Froilan Gonzalez in the Maserati 4CLT, Farina & Fagioli in the Alfa Romeos, Chiron in the Maserati & Sommer in the Ferrari at Monaco. Fangio won the race! Edition of 100 (44x32” + 2” border) $1975 / $1750. Original painting available for Canadian $27,500 .00

Items provided by 52

Bugatti Veyron » Maserati MC12 » Ferrari Enzo » Saleen S7 » Porsche Carrera GT » Maybach 62 » Rolls Royce Phantom » Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder » Bentley GTC » Lamborghini Gallardo » Ford GT » Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano » Mercedes SLR » Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640


Ferrari F430 Spider » Ferrari F430 » Spyker Laviolette » Porsche GT3 RS » Bentley Flying Spur » Aston Martin DB9

tHe WoRlD’s PReMieR exotic caR cluB, luxautica allows you to indulge your passion for automotive excellence. With the ultimate Membership you can experience the world’s most sought-after cars with Quarterly Memberships starting at $38k. explore summer behind the wheel of a Bugatti or spend your fall in a saleen. this national program allows members to select up to four of the world’s most extraordinary automobiles on an annual basis with the luxury of switching cars every three months. Precision luxury delivered to your driveway begins with a call to luxautica at 1.877.666.6878 or 407.701.0113.





luxautica’s collection





n an ultra-elite business category whose members declare to offer access to the ultimate in high-end sports cars, Luxautica is distinguishing itself from the pack -- bumper-to-bumper -- with a collection of the rarest and most exceptional exotic cars in the world. The newly launched private auto club, located in Orlando, Fla., has assembled an unprecedented fleet of supercars designed to entice even the most discerning auto fanatic. Included in the show-stopping collection are multi-milliondollar supercars seldom shipped to the United States, such as the $1.8 million Bugatti Veyron and $1.5 million Maserati MC 12. Also featured are the $1.5 Million Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Mercedes Maybach 62, Lamborghini LP640, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari F430 Spider, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Ferrari F430, Bentley GTC, Spyker Laviolette, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche GT3 RS and Ford GTX1, among others. “Our goal was to take the private car club concept to the next level, thus where most other car collections end is where ours begins,” says Payam Matin, general manager of Luxautica. “Not only do the character and exclusivity of the autos distinguish the collection, but each car has been outfitted with the highest level of options available,” he added. “To have any one of these cars is exceptionally uncommon, and to have them in this caliber is almost non-existent. Quite simply, we believe this car share club collection to be unprecedented in the U.S., if not the world.”


Spotlight Valued at $15 million, with an average per-car price of $500,000, the rarefied collection is housed in a former fine art gallery that has been transformed into an ultra-luxe destination unto itself for members who not only have a passion for autos but also the finest in amenities, services and surroundings. Members of Luxautica – currently limited to 100 per year -- pay a one-time initiation fee to join the private auto club and then select either a silver, gold or platinum level annual membership to experience the thrill of driving some of the world’s most sought-after autos, all without the headaches – and angst – often associated with “supercar” ownership. “Being a member in Luxautica is a compelling alternative, offering all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of owning these types of autos,” Matin notes. “You gain access to the finest cars in the world and a variety of driving experiences without worrying about issues such as depreciation, maintenance, insurance and storage.” The membership operates on a point system, with varying point deductions for each type of car, day of the week and the length of

time the car is used. Members simply select the type of car they wish to drive and when they choose to drive it. The selection is then awaiting the member at the car gallery; alternatively, arrangements can be made for a private valet to deliver the car to a residence or place of business anywhere in the continental U.S.. The prestige of car club membership extends beyond just cars to include full access to Luxautica’s exclusive, members-only private

“Our goal was to take the private car club concept to the next level, thus where most other car collections end is where ours begins,” says Payam Matin, general manager of Luxautica.



club facilities. Suspended over the first-floor car gallery, the swanky, elegant club area features private seating, state-of-the-art audio and video electronics, meeting space, an oasis-like outdoor patio with high-definition plasma-screens and modern fireplace, and a private bar with a worldclass wine list and prized cigar collection, augmented by an executive chef formerly employed by one of the area’s most discerning private country clubs. Exclusive member VIP services also are provided, among them: club concierge service, access to exclusive club seats or tickets for Orlando events based on availability, chauffer service in the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Maybach, the opportunity to host events at the private venue and tour clients or guests through more than 20 of the world’s rarest and most expensive supercars on display in the Gallery, and private member events each month. As a complement to individual car club membership, Luxautica also offers a limited number of corporate driving memberships, individual and corporate social memberships, and the pièce de résistance for the extreme car lover: the Ultimate Driving Membership. Designed for individuals seeking continual access to Luxautica’s exotic car collection, and open to members on a national scale, the elite Ultimate Driving Membership is a custom-tailored program in which members choose which cars they want to drive, for how long, and how many miles they would like to be allocated. Luxautica annual car club membership dues begin at $38,400 while Luxautica annual social memberships dues begin at $2,400.


A gathering of the world’s finest automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and watercraft.

Image courtesy Michael Furman Photography

Saturday, October 11th

Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Reception Atlantic Aviation Sunday, October 12th

Display of exotic cars, motorcycles & watercraft The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes 352-385-9450


Ensure what you think could never happen to your family...never does.

Is simply relying on your current security system providing the true level of safety and response time your family deserves? Protecting your loved ones is critical. No other solution can duplicate our world-class, imported German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Only a Highly Trained Exclusive Companion by CPI™ can provide the caliber benefits of our unique, customized and proven training methods. Ensure your family’s safety, security and well-being. Exceptional dogs, impeccable service...CPI makes it easy. With over 25 years experience, the staff’s highly-trained too. Don’t disrupt your lifestyle...Protect it!


Highly-Trained Exclusive Companions™




FIVE The Pagani Zonda Cinque, which translates as “Zonda Five” because there will be only 5 cars built, TAKING THIS SUPERCAR TO A WHOLE ANOTHER LEVEL. .


Zonda Cinque



agani is not just a supercar manufacturer but rather a place where artistic objects take form following the renowned car tradition of Modena and the Renaissance concepts of art and science fashioned by Leonardo Da Vinci over 500 years ago. As did the iconic artist and inventor, Pagani makes no compromises when creating a new design. Back in 1999, launch year of the first Zonda, Pagani focused its resources and research on instituting the use of a new light weight material with which to build their vehicles. It paid off. The Zonda chassis, which was completely made of composite and other light and innovative materials, weighed just 1250 kilos. At that time, all of the other cars in the same segment weighed roughly 30 to 50% more. Despite its light weight, the Zonda offered excellent comfort and safety standards. In fact, the carbon fiber composites guaranteed a stronger chassis than other traditional designs. In addition, it was one of the first environmentally conscious supercars in the world—the Zonda’s fuel consumption

proved to be considerably lower than the traditional supercars and coupes of the same range. Pagani’s revolutionary Zonda was the first example of a car manufacturer employing the use of advanced composite materials in a vehicle’s structure. In order to understand the difference given to a chassis completely built in carbon fiber, just look at modern F1 cars which use this solution. The refinement of both internal and external aerodynamics enabled the Zonda to obtain a low CX and the highest CZ in its sector, improving safety and stability. This accuracy granted the Zonda outstanding performances such as the reduced braking times (100-0 km in 2.2 sec. and 200-0 in 4.4 sec.) and to set the new fastest lap for homologated cars at the Nürburgring, the most difficult and tricky circuit in the world. Further to these technical qualities, the Zonda also represents a profitable investment. For example the first C12 has increased its value roughly 100%--making the choice to purchase one of Pagani’s illustrious vehicles a no-brainer for those with

Pagani’s revolutionary Zonda was the first example of a car manufacturer employing the use of advanced composite materials in a vehicle’s structure. 62

Zonda Cinque

the means. The Zonda F Coupés and Roadsters have reached the 1 ML Euro on the second hand market. After the success of the 2008 Geneva Car Show for Zonda F and the Zonda R—a limited series which sold out before being produced—customers and fans could not accept that the production of the Zonda F had already met its conclusion before even being produced. The great success achieved by the Zonda, in all of its various forms, is recognized all over the world. The Zonda, like Da Vinci, has already become an icon and continues to provide a platform for Pagani to prove its abilities. The newest incarnation, the Zonda Cinque—or rather Zonda Five— came about to satisfy the request of a Pagani dealer in Hong Kong. Pagani will only, appropriately, create five vehicles, all of which have already been sold. This street legal demon will be the first Pagani car to be equipped with sequential gearbox with both paddles behind the steering and with the traditional gear stick on central tunnel. And access to the gearbox will be important for those five lucky drivers. This monster—which is an impressive 20 kg lighter than the F-model—has 678 hp, 780 Nm torque pushing it to the limit at 350km/h. Keeping it all in check, Pagani gives the Cinque forged monolock wheels, bolts and nuts, all of which will be done titanium and boast the Pagani logo. In addition, the body is equipped with a longer front spoiler, a newly designed rear wing, central air intake on monocoque chassis, and extra air intakes for rear brakes. New flat bottom and rear air extractors will improve the downforce up to 750 Kg at 300km—which definitely makes it easier to enjoy the beast’s massive engine. It will also

be the first Zonda to utilize Pagani’s most recent invention: carbontitanium. Carbon-titanium is a special fiber that is easily manipulated but extremely strong. It was purposely created for the Zonda Cinque, but will eventually be used on all of the new generation models. The Cinque’s interiors are refined and at the same time reveal the sporting attitude of this car. Racing leather seats developed by Toora, 4-point seatbelts and molybdenum steel roll-bars with carbon fiber coating. All of the five Cinques will feature a new color from Pagani, and although they aren’t finished, have already entered automotive history. While most of the world won’t get to experience the power, handling prowess, or comfort of the new Cinque, they can rest assured that all of the innovations and new technologies will be utilized in future lines and by other companies.



EXERCISE IN EXACTLY 4 MINUTES PER DAY Winner of the Popular Science Award for the “Best of What’s New” in Leisure Products

$14 ,615



TIME IS IT. Over 92% of people who own exercise improves bad backs and shoulders. Too good to be true? Get our free video and see equipment and 88% of people who own health club memberships do not exercise. A 4 minute complete workout for yourself. The best proof for us is that 97% of is no longer hard to believe for all the people who since 1990 rentals become sales. Please visit our website at: have bought our excellent Range of Motion machine (ROM). Over 97% of people who rent our ROM for 30 days wind up The typical ROM purchaser goes through several stages: purchasing it based upon the health benefits experienced during that 1. Total disbelief that the ROM can do all this in only 4 minutes. tryout, and the ROM performance 2. Rhetorical (and sometimes hostile) questioning and ridicule. 3. Reading the ROM literature and reluctantly understanding it. score at the end of each 4 minute 4. Taking a leap of faith and renting a ROM for 30 days. workout that tells the story of 5. Being highly impressed by the results and purchasing a ROM. health and fitness improvement. 6. Becoming a ROM enthusiast and trying to persuade friends. If you value your time at more 7. Being ignored and ridiculed by the friends who think you’ve lost your mind. than $5 an hour, the ROM machine 8. After a year of using the ROM your friends admiring your good shape. is the least expensive method of 9. You telling them (again) that you only exercise those 4 minutes per day. exercise for you. 10. Those friends reluctantly renting the ROM for a 30 day trial. The ROM 4 minute workout is for Then the above cycle repeats from point 5 on down. people from 10 to over 100 years old and highly trained athletes The more we tell people about the ROM the less they believe it. as well. The ROM adapts its From 4 minutes on the ROM you get the same results as from 20 to 45 resistance every second during the minutes aerobic exercise (jogging, running, etc.) for cardio and workout to exactly match the respiratory benefits, plus 45 minutes weight training for muscle tone and user’s ability to perform work. It strength, plus 20 minutes stretching exercise for limberness/flexibility. helps to balance blood sugar, and

Order a FREE DVD from or call (818) 787-6460 Factory Showroom: ROMFAB, 8137 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91605 Fax: (818) 301-0319 • Email:




his vehicle has been equipped with a full chassis by Modern Muscle. They call a vehicle built this way a “Super Car.� The chassis features Corvette C5 aluminum suspension at all four corners, including independent rear suspension and the C5 differential. Handling is on par with a C5 Corvette, which is light years ahead of a stock first generation Camaro. The top features a subtle chop, which is really a significant task on a convertible, since all of the top bows must be altered accordingly, and must still function for raising and lowering the top. Another interesting item on this is the electronic stack injection, which enables the classic Chevy big block to, quite literally, start with the push of a button. It starts easily on the first turn, and idles incredibly smoothly. Also note how the hood is electrically actuated and swings forward with the touch of a button on the console, or the integrated spoiler on the decklid. In short, the more you look at this Camaro, the more custom touches you discover. 66

Modern Muscle


DISC BRAKES FRONT AND REAR Manufacturer: Stainless Steel Brakes Corp Front: Force 10 - Calipers with 13” Slotted & Ventilated Rotors Rear: Tri Power 3 Piston Calipers with14” Rotors COMPLETE CHASSIS Type: C-5 Vette Front and Rear Manufacturer: Art Morrison ELECTRIC BRAKE BOOSTER Manufacturer: ABS Powerbrake BRAIDED HOSE Manufacturer: MOCAL CUSTOM ONE OFF SET OF BILLET WHEELS Manufacturer: Modern Muscle Size: 19” x 8” Front 20” x 10” Rear TIRES Manufacturer: BF Goodrich GForce TA Sizes: Front: 245/35ZR19 Rear: 285/30/20 SHOCKS Type: AFCO Coilovers CUSTOM DUAL EXHAUST SYSTEM Muffler Manufacturer: Flowmaster Finish: Ceramacoat by A-1 Ceramacoat RADIATOR Type: AFCO 4 Core Aluminum with Electric Fan & Shroud


ENGINE Specifications: Dart 565 Cast Iron Block Aluminum Heads 650 Horsepower FUEL INJECTION - HILBORN Built by: Bob Ream, Imagine Injection CAMSHAFT Manufacturer: Competition Cams TRANSMISSION Supplier: ProMotion Powertrain Type: TKO 600 SHIFTER Supplier: Hurst Type: TKO w/white ball DIFFERENTIAL Type: C-5 Corvette Z06 Manufacturer: 4.10 Gear by Rockland Standard





Visit us online to see the new m8, m9 and m10

m b z c l 5 5 0 - 2 2 x 9 f, 2 2 x 1 0 . 5 r


ONLINE Visit to see our current issue. View our Luxury Auto Showroom to find your ultimate dream car.




redefining expectations


Continental Flying Spur Speed

ollowing the highly successful introduction of the Continental GT Speed coupe in 2007, Bentley now offers the 600bhp (610PS) W12 powertrain in the new Continental Flying Spur Speed to deliver a more powerful and engaging Bentley driving experience. The Speed engine develops 15 percent more torque and nine percent more power than the standard Flying Spur, while engine efficiency is optimized by the use of lower friction, lighter-weight components and a new engine management system. The resultant performance is exceptional, with a top speed of 200mph, a zero to 60mph sprint time of just 4.5 seconds and effortless overtaking capability. The most powerful four-door Bentley ever made, the Flying Spur Speed blends understated design cues to distinguish it from the Flying Spur. Its front grille and lower air intakes are dark-tinted chrome, while at the rear wider rifled sports exhaust tailpipes hint at the potential of the Speed model. New 20-inch multi-spoke wheels, available in both bright silver or darkened tungsten, carry bespoke Pirelli PZero performance tires introduced on the GT Speed model, which provide the car with superb grip and feedback. The Speed’s sporting performance is complemented by a highly capable chassis. Taut-



handling and greater steering response with sharper turn-in and improved driver feedback is achieved through a retuned Servotronic steering system, direct-mounted front subframe and stiffer bushings. Improved agility and body control is also achieved through uprated spring and damper settings as well as thicker anti-roll bars front and rear. To aid the car’s high-speed dynamics, the Flying Spur Speed’s self-levelling air suspension sits 10mm lower. The advanced electronic stability programme (ESP), uprated to ESP 8.1 for both models, provides a greater degree of driver interaction and control. In addition, the Flying Spur Speed offers a new ‘Dynamic Mode’ that allows increased wheel slip at higher speeds. Torque is reinstated more quickly after the traction control system is triggered, giving the spirited driver a greater sense of control and the ability to exploit the full potential of the new engine. Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Member of the Board Engineering, says, “The new Flying Spur advances its Bentley performance credentials while delivering outstanding refinement and comfort through our unique application of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship.” He also adds, “With 600 bhp and a sports-tuned chassis, the Flying Spur Speed redefines customer expectations of a large, four-door luxury saloon. The performance, handling and agility set new benchmarks.”


quick specs price Na engine 6 liter W12 Aspiration twin turbochargers valvetrain Chain Driven DOHC Transmission 6 Speed horsepower 600 hp weight 5456 lbs 0-60 4.5 seconds top speed 200 mph

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In June 2007, the Tutima racing yacht successfully competed in the "HSH Nordbank blue race 2007" from Newport, Rhode Island to Hamburg, Germany. The yacht sailed nonstop for 3600 sea miles across the Atlantic. Pure titanium case, push buttons integrated in the case, non-reflective sapphire crystal, 15 minute regatta counter, Lemania self-winding caliber 5100, Ref. 751-01.

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Eternal Exploration. The KonTiki Diver Eterna has redefined the functional requirements of a diving watch from the bottom up. The result is the KonTiki Diver, with its innovative hinged mechanism. The movement is housed in a case which can be raised and lowered. When the case is raised, the diving time is set using a bezel which can be rotated in either direction. With the case in the lowered position, the bezel is protected against accidental movements, and the display of the correct diving time is guaranteed. Both the time and the power reserve are clearly legible from the well-structured dial. With its revolutionary sealing system, the KonTiki Diver dispenses with a screw-in crown, and is water-resistant to 1000 metres. A new class of diving watch.


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