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Lux RodrĂ­guez resume

portfolio highlights

Creation and leadership of Truequing (http://welovetruequing., coworking with brilliant Esther Gatón. Composition and edition: Alzamiento Truequing (self-published). 2012 Cofundation of collective EJAM (Young Madrilenian Artists Studio, 2011 - 2012 Cofundation of collective Gajos (Slices) (somosgajos.wordpress. com) 2011 Award for a stopmotion animation 'vaya vaya' VIII Videourbana Short Film Contest. Creation of Musiclab, with Danifausto ( 2010-11 Participation in astrophotography course taught by Pencho Markishky and Borislav Petrov; Outstanding mention which lead to the creation of artistic workshop Astrophysics and imaginativeness: from data to image. Rozhen International Astronomy Course, Bulgaria ( html) 2011

theater activity Installation En la cama/A bed to share, Fine Arts Faculty, exhibition hall, UCM Madrid, January 2012. Also performed in Miles-km, an international collaborative network showed at Bussey Building, London, April 2012. ( Ephimeral installation Pipe them off the map! , with collaborators Grace Nicholas ( and Jack Houghton, London-based artists.. Tabacalera de Madrid, April 2011. Creation of Boîte-en-valise, crafting of take-away exhibition bags and suitcases. Taken place during Fine Arts vs. Tabacalera, 2012. Curatorship at Centro Lista (, press publications and release of Lo vivo se arruga, la arruga se aviva (The living turns wrinkled, the wrinkle turns alive) and Qué pasa con los nietos (What happens with the grandsons), 2009 - 2011. Songwriting and music composition in Huevo from Inigo Guardamino, theater play yet to be released in Madrid, June 2012. Collaborations at Lista 95 Architects, (, graphic design, modelling, web advisor, photography. 2008-2011 International collaborative journalism at Outro (, polish international publication. Article writing and editing, photography, 2011

Cáscara Rota (Broken Shell) (, theater Company. Creation, scenography, direction. Release of Cómo vivir cien años / Microteatro / Nada. Shows at La Bagatela de Madrid (http://www.vivalabagatela. com), la Tabacalera de Lavapiés, Florence Summer Festival. San Casciano Val di Pesa. From 2008 to the present. Caín, theater group formed at Superior School of Architecture. Creation and direction of Almacén (Storage Room), Best Direction Award and Best Play Award at XXI Theatre Festival of Politecnic University of Madrid. 2012 Participation in Aída (Absolutamente Indispensable Disfrute del Atasco), Best Scenography Award. 2012. Courses of scenic presence, voice, dance-theatre and improvisation. 2011-2012. Cultural Events Organizer at BELLASTOCK self-construction festival. 2012

Born 10/8/1990, Madrid, Spain. Scholarship at University of California, Berkeley. 2012-2013. Complutense University of Madrid, Graduate in Fine Arts. From 2008 to the present. Proffesional Music Conservatory Arturo Soria, Proffesional Graduate in Piano. (2000-2011)

Performance direction at ARCO 2012, Art Fair. Encuentro casual. (Casual Encounter) with Bellas Artes vs. Tabacalera ( Scenographic creation with Latvian Team. Prague Quadrennial 2011.

1819 6th st, 94710 Berkeley, CA

luxrodriguez resume 2012