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Smart applications made in Luxembourg

Two Luxembourg companies are using Internet of Things-enabled technology to develop apps that can directly contribute to health, safety and possibly even personal finances. Telematics spinoff Motion-S has released a smartphone app that helps drivers improve their skills, while Airboxlab’s Foobot measures pollutants in indoor air and provides advice on how to combat them.

“Telematics solutions combine computer science, telecommunications, electronics and vehicular and transport technologies,” says Motion-S co-founder Dr Raphael Frank. “Our leading product is a smartphone app which helps drivers handle their cars more safely and efficiently. It’s a bit like a game – it measures your braking, speed, acceleration and so on, tells you your score and provides feedback to help you improve it.” Motion-S is one of the spin-offs set up to commercialise ideas emerging from research at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). It was the first company to receive a National Research Fund Proof of Concept grant, which it used to finance the development of the initial prototype. It was also able to take advantage of the hosting available at the non-profit business incubator lux future lab.

23 – Issue 11

FOCUS - Research & Innovation in Luxembourg - N°11/2016: Surfing the Digital Waves  

With its high-performing, secure ICT infrastructure, dynamic economy and well-developed start-up support system, Luxembourg is an attractive...

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