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APPLIANCES Data is obtainable at LUX HOME IMPROVEMENT. We are in to home remodel, kitchen and basement remodeling, as well as floor and roof reconstruction. What is an Appliance? -It is a device or a component designed to perform their different functions they do. And intentionally programmed by an expert to support our daily needs and to make our lives easier by the use of this and through technological standards and electricity.

Purpose -Aside of this component powered by electricity and technology, by the use of this you can made your life longer because appliances are not only use at home but we can also use it in the field of medicine and other healthcare activities. The main purpose on this not only to use by our personal preference and goals, but to support us by helping people to survive in this world, this is not just a technology but also it is also an invention due to the wide imagination ,capability to do and skills of the human being to made this creation.

Kinds of Appliances There are different kinds of appliances according by its function and their chosen fields, some are in the medical fields , home and industry appliances ,here are some examples about it and their chosen fields by its functions. Home Appliances .Washing machine-use for laundries .Refrigerator- use to preserve food .Television and radio – use for entertainment .Rice cooker- use to cook without using fire .Blender- use to mix and grind the food or a drink .Oven toaster-use to bake cakes and pastries


.Air conditioner and Electric fans- use for cooling and ventilating .CD/DVD/MP3 player- use for entertainment .Computer Monitor- use to intercommunicate people and to gathered data’s Medical Appliances .Diagnostic equipments-used to aid diagnosis . Therapeutic equipment-used for surgical machines . Life support equipment-used to maintain patient’s bodily functions . Medical monitors-used to monitor patient’s vital signs

Problems and Solutions By having an appliances, we could say that this components are used in our daily lives, but the question is can we use it in a right way?? That’s why there are some problems by using appliances, here are a few on it: *Using defective or over used of appliances can cause of short circuit and fire because it contains electricity that can effect of the said problem. But you can solve it by simply follow the safety measures on how to use it.. *Most of us used appliances too much, so that most of us become lazy because most of our activities will depends on appliances, that’s why we forget to balance it by ourselves, by solving it we must do it balance on our usual activities, Yes appliances will made our life easier and comfortable but too much use of this is harmful to us. *Some of the people bought a low quality appliance that’s why they suffer bad services on this at the time, but we can solve it by first make sure that you may check the quality report and labels of appliances before you buy it. And if you have a problem on your appliances, just call an expert to fix this.

Tips -If you have an appliances take care of it, use it in a right way, use it by its capability and not over used it. to prevent bad incidents. -By using any appliances you must turn it off, not just to conserve energy, but secure the quality


on it… -If you have a lot of appliances not only in home, arranged it by its function and uses to keep destructions and hassles.

When to replace -When the time comes if the appliances are not doing well or there should have a fault on its function so that’s the time to replace it. Because every appliance has an expiry date so it’s better to change it on time. Brought for readers like you by LUX Home Improvement. Offering Books, ebooks, software and {magazine subscription|subscription|magazine.

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And intentionally programmed by an expert to support our daily needs and to make our lives easier by the use of this and through technologic...

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