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Art In Birmingham


An Introduction


irmingham’s art scene is both thriving and full of culture, with the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery providing classical PreRaphaelite art, whilst the Ikon Gallery exhibits

the works of outstanding contemporary artists. Birmingham city also boasts a collection of smaller art galleries such as the Three White Walls Gallery situated within the chic

and sophisticated Mailbox. Here customers can browse and purchase the most exquisite contemporary art by artists such as Helen Thorpe and Gail Troth.



The Ikon gallery contains an outstanding range of contemporary art from sculpture, painting and installation to photography, film and sound. The gallery was founded as a kiosk inside The Bullring during the 1960s and soon began to gain an exceptional reputation. Due to an outstanding demand it soon became a gallery of it’s own, which is now situated in Birmingham’s cosmopolitan Brindleyplace.


he Ikon gallery is at the creative heart of Birmingham, and not only has an outstanding collection of contemporary art, but also hosts exhibitions from influential and inspiring artists including John Salt, Robert Orchardson and currently, Bulgarian contemporary artist Nedko Solakov. This is Nedko Solakov’s first major exhibition within the United Kingdom, and it features a chronological collection of Solakov’s work, from each year since he became known as an artist during the 1980s, its title – All in Order, with Exceptions, reflecting this. Solakov’s pivotal piece of work became thrust into fame in 1990, entitled Top Secret, and is featured within the exhibition. This piece was created during the height of Bulgarian’s political unrest and contains


drawers of files and cards which depict his shameful secret – which is that he worked with the secret police of Bulgaria during his youth. The piece is almost a form of therapy for the artist, as he’s admitted and unburdened an unwanted secret. The exhibition also contains other famous work by Solakov, with his 2006 piece Toilets recreated at the Ikon, and features witty inscriptions from the artist created simply by using a black marker pen. Recognition was then given to Solakov for his work a year after he created Toilets; this was in Venice when he received an “Honourable Mention to an artist exhibited in the central international exhibition”. Not only are Nedko Solakov’s most famed pieces featured within the exhibition, but a wide range of his drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos and installations are also displayed throughout.

ARTIST PROFILE ARTIST’S NAME: Nedko Solokov AGE: 54 BACKGROUND: He emerged as an artist during the 1980s and was born in bulgaria.

FAMOUS WORK: Top Secret (1990) and Toilets (2006). Directions to the Ikon gallery

The Ikon gallery is situated within: Birmingham’s Brindleyplace, 1 Oozells square, B1 2HS. As a pedestrian going from New Street station follow the route to Chamberlain Square and then take the curved steps up to the Central Library. Carry on through the Paradise Forum and into Centenary Square, when you arrive here go left onto Broad Street, then carry on straight and turn right onto Oozells Street. All in Order, with Exceptions is now currently showing at the Ikon gallery, and continues until November the 13th 2011. An illustrated catalogue also accompanies the exhibition for the special exhibition price of £35.00 – available in person at the Ikon gallery. This catalogue will help guide you through the exhibition, and also features an interview with Nedko Solakov himself. Other up and coming exhibitions at the Ikon gallery include Stuart Whipps (a Birmingham based artist) along with an exhibition of John Myers’ photography from the early 1970s. Both will run from the 30th of November 2011 until the 5th of February 2012. To find out more information visit the Ikon gallery or discover more events online at: http://www.ikon-gallery.




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