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PLUS... A Winter Break on the French Riviera The Latest High Point Market Trends for 2019 Eat, Drink & Be Merry in Charleston ...and more

Kathy Ireland from Super Model to Business Mogul

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Fall in love with Cayman’s epic sunsets. Grace Byers

A Maglicocca Co.

Your new construction & re-hab concierge. 2151 Hawkins Street Suite 300 | Charlotte, NC | 980.237 980.237. 2670 |


Kristen & Rick Maglicocca

Volume 3, Issue 1 | Penthouse Renovation for Richard & Lynn Runde

Note from the editor



his is the time of year that we’re grateful (as we are throughout the year) for all the people who lift us up. The photographers, writ-


ers and editors who help create “Luxe” with passion. It is on their

Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

shoulders that I stand. We are grateful for all our old friends and


our new friends and look to the future with excitement and anticipation. Travel seems to always be on the forefront this time of year for me. I tend to be thinking of far away places and making all kinds of plans for the year. Some of which come to fruition and some of which go by the wayside. This issue takes us to the Cote d’Azure and a ski vacation in Whistler. Being from the North, its imperative to me to include a ski vacation with well appointed apres-ski fun during the winter months. A little closer to home we visit Charleston, which really is just fantastic anytime of the year. On another note, I am sure we all agree that one of life’s most rewarding experiences is to give back. We share the story of Honey in our equestrian section. What an impact a few can make. The volunteers at H.O.P.E. Acres Rescue give so much of themselves to the horses. It would be wonderful to share their story and find many who can give to these majestic animals. Already looking forward to warmer weather I share the take aways from Miami swim week that will be hot in 2019. You never know who will impact you through life’s travel. Sitting with Kathy Ireland and discussing her work and influencers was amazing. Kathy is a warm and personable person while being the epitome of a professional with boundless energy. Enjoy this issue and we look forward to all the adventures, twists, turns and special people we will have the opportunity to meet!


Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

Kim Hall

FOOD EDITOR Jessica Bentley

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Matt Fraser Adam Jacot de Boinod Claudia Ricciardone Cate Holcombe Michael Anders Debra Kennedy Alison Parker Manish Kumar Margaret Barry


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by Adam Jacot de Boinod





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5. NOTE FROM THE EDITOR It takes a tribe to create this magazine and our digital platform. Here is a look at the many talented ones who make it all happen.


by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

by Roni Fishkin


3 Days in Whistler

Golf Trends by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

60. STYLE 10 Fashion Trends for 2019 from Miami Swim Week by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

16. INSPIRE Have your best year ever with help from

Facing the Cold in Fashion


spirit! by Matt Fraser

76. FEAST Haberdish

18. INTERIOR DESIGN Step Inside a Davidson NC Dream Home

by Jessica Bentley

2019 Interior Design trends




How to Stay on Track When You Hit the Road

Honey’s Journey

River Cruising





98. DREAMY DESTINATIONS Alone with Picasso

by Adam Jacot de Boinod



by Jessica Bentley

Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant Dixie Vodka Whittaker & The Cowfish Charlotte Wine and Food

by Michael Anders



From the Inside Out by Margaret Barry

44. I DO The Big Reveal Kennedy Style by Debra Kennedy

38 Volume 3, Issue 1 |



Allison Parker has a MBA in marketing and human resources from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Always loving the written word, Allison has a knack for streaming her thoughts through to the keyboard. Her favorite part of freelance writing is meeting interesting people and discovering unique subjects to share with her audiences. Allison enjoys being a devoted mom to her 3 beautiful boys and volunteering within their schools and community. Allison embraces new adventures, loves to travel, and is always on the quest to learn more about the world around her.



Adam Jacot de Boinod is a British author, most famous for his works about unusual words. He has written three books, the first two (The Meaning of Tingo and Toujours Tingo) looking at words that have no equivalent in the English language, and his latest book (The Wonder of Whiffling) looking at unusual words in English. He worked on the first series of the television panel game QI. His research on the show involved him reading an entire Albanian language dictionary and noting down any words that he found interesting. He formed the idea that there are 27 different words for moustaches and 27 words for eyebrows in Albanian, including, “vetullan” (“very bushy eyebrows”), “vetullor” (“slightly arched eyebrows”) and “vetullosh” (“very thick eyebrows”). After leaving QI, he began to investigate other languages, examining 280 dictionaries and 140 websites. This led to the creation of his first book in 2005, The Meaning of Tingo, a book featuring words which have no equivalent in the English language, “tingo” being a word from the Pascuense language of Easter Island meaning, “to borrow things from a friend’s house, one by one, until there’s nothing left”. He then wrote up a follow-up book entitled Toujours Tingo in 2007. In 2009, de Boinod wrote The Wonder of Whiffling, a book about unusual words in English, the word “whiffling” having several meanings, including, “one who examined candidates for degrees… an officer who cleared the way for a procession, as well as being the name of the man with the whip in Morris dancing.”

Fraser (originally from Rhode Island) has been a highly sought after psychic and has performed hundreds of thousands of readings around the world-helping one person at a time. Aside from his live events, Matt has been active in aiding police departments on cold cases, and has brought comfort to families experiencing tragedy such as the relatives of victims of 9/11, those who lost children in the Sandy Hook Tragedy, and those dealing with unexplained passing’s. Heather Gersten, of Lite Rock 105 FM, stated after a recent interview with Fraser that, “Matt’s amazing! He totally reconnected me with my late Grandmother and let me know she was no longer in pain. He also revealed to me the exact conversation my husband had with his late father during a recent Father’s Day visit to his grave. Wait until you meet him...he’s going to blow you away!”Matt has always felt the need to help others, and started in his teenage years when he became an Emergency Medical Technician working in the City of Manish Kumar Arora is a renowned KP Boston. After keeping his gift a secret for years, fearingthat he Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reder & Vastu would not be accepted, Matt looked deeper into his abilities, and Consultant. He has been rendering professional Manish Kumar Arora is a renowned came to understand that being a medium was hisadvice callingtoand clients with a reasonable degree of Tarot life’s mission. And now, Matt Fraser is bringing this event to us KP Astrologer, Numerologist, success. Reader & Vastu Consultant. He all! It will be the most amazing family reunion ever experienced! He has been conferred with the title of 'Jyotishhas been rendering professional advice Varahamihir' and 'Jyotish Aryabhatt.' He has been to clients with a reasonable degree writing monthly astrological columns for many of success. He has beenmagazines. conferred with international Jess is a food writer, photographer and the title of ‘Jyotish Varahamihir’ and self-taught chef who’s cooking her way ‘Jyotish Aryabhatt.’ He has been writing monthly astrological through the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. columns for many international magazines. Take a glimpse into a slice of her kitchen, by following her on Instagram & Twitter @sliceofjess.





November 2016


Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Claudia Ricciardone is the owner and lead designer of Claudia Josephine Design, as well as a Maria Killam True Color Expert. Specializing in high-end residential design, Claudia’s helps clients create magazine worthy homes that are classic, functional, and liveable. While Claudia credits her childhood summers in Italy and Art History studies as shaping her European influenced design esthetic, she emphasizes the use of high-quality, American made furnishings that are sustainable. During her free time, you will often find Claudia painting original art, visiting museums, or enjoying Charlotte’s farm-to-table food scene with her husband and young daughter.


Cate Holcombe has nurtured and honed a life long passion for design. She shepherds clients in creating a home that is authentic, delightful, and functional and is known for beautifully balancing unlikely elements. Cate is a North Carolina native, mother to two spirited young daughters, and is inspired by travels both near and far. You may find her searching for treasures along Wrightsville Beach, strolling under the mature tree canopy in her quirky Raleigh neighborhood, or curled up with a good book. You can view her work at or follow her design musings at


Margaret Barry is a Certified T-Tapp

Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Fitness Trainer. The T-Tapp Method has changed her life and it is her passion to help women feel strong, confident and comfortable in their bodies.


Michael Anders, M.A. has been a personal trainer and transformation coach since 1998. Originally from Germany, his passion for helping people who have struggled with injuries and nutrition challenges has made him one of the most highly successful trainers in Charlotte. He enjoys writing, public speaking and helping people reach their inner potential. He has been featured in the Charlotte Observer and WCNC for carrying a friend with cerebral palsy through Spartan and Stair Races. When he is not busy helping people reach their potential, he likes to spend time with his two children, read, martial arts, running and lifting. You can follow him on Instagram: shapeupcharlottetrainer/ or check out his studio at Head Trainer Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting 4832 Park Road, Suite H, Charlotte, NC 28209


Debra is most recognized as host of “The Debra Kennedy Show” a lifestyle talk show in which she is the producer and on-air host. She is also a regular on Fox TV Good Morning Charlotte and NBC Charlotte Today as a Lifestyle and Beauty Expert. Debra is a former Mrs North Carolina United States, Mrs North Carolina America and Mrs North Carolina International. She has appeared on many national television commercials as well as MTV and the World Wide Inspiration channel. Writing is a huge passion for Debra and many of her experiences include: Beauty Editor for Supermodels International Magazine, Lifestyle Editor for Elevate Lifestyle Magazine, Contributing Writer for Southpark Magazine and Carolina Bride Magazine. Debra has graced the cover of SuperModels International Magazine as well as Elevate Lifestyle Magazine and has been interviewed and featured in countless other magazines however her greatest accomplished is her unique ability to relate to others with her spitfire personality and passionate understanding that what you “give” in life is what you get in return. Please visit her website to learn more about Debra Volume 3, Issue 1 |



10 Broadway | Asheville, NC 28801 828.258.2522 |

MAKE EVERY DAY LESS EVERYDAY Coming Soon A HAVEN CRAFTED IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN Aloft Asheville Downtown 7 Patton Avenue | Asheville, NC 28801 828.255.0303 |

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good reads THE FRENCH RIVIERA IN THE 1920s by Xavier Girard

The French Riviera was the center of creativity during the 1920s and early ’30s. Artists and writers from the far reaches of the world gathered to fashion a new way of life—among them Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gerald and Sara Murphy, Picasso, Picabia, Stravinsky, Cocteau, Diaghilev, and Anna de Noailles. A photobiography of this carefree era, The French Riviera of the 1920s revitalizes the now-legendary tale of these mythic personalities caught between a desire for creation, the quest for happiness, and the looming darkness of World War II. With extraordinary images taken from personal archives, these pages depict firsthand the lifestyles and artwork of some of the most influential artists o f the 20th century.

BE R GUEST by Rena Kirdar

The de-facto international party planner Rena Sindi has for years amazed society with her blend of extravagant, dazzling, graceful, and, above all, entertaining theme parties that she has orchestrated impeccably around the world. Finally, she is returning with an entirely new compendium of uniquely creative and inspired tips, themes, menus, costumes, and much more to help make your next gathering fabulously imaginative. Rena holds nothing back as she details everything from the minute details that make an intimate soirée pop to the careful logistics that make 100-plus person bash come together. The tasteful inventiveness that has made Rena such a celebrated name for years pours through from every page as she instructs on table settings, guest lists, invitations, décor, music, and, of course, food and drink. Wishing to impart her passion for spectacular hosting, Be R Guest will quickly become your authority for innovative party throwing—replacing the stress inherent in planning with utterly unmitigated fun! Rena Kirdar Sindi has thrown some of the most elaborate and richly imagined theme parties of the last decade for herself, for her friends, and for many organizations, such as The New York City Ballet, The Joseph Papp Public Theater, and The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. A graduate of Oxford University with a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, Rena lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

MILK AND HONEY by rupi kaur

milk and honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. About the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

HOUSE OF GOLD by Natasha Solomons

The start of a war. The end of a dynasty. Vienna, 1911. Greta Goldbaum has always dreamed of being free to choose her own life’s path, but the Goldbaum family, one of the wealthiest in the world, has different expectations. United across Europe, Goldbaum men are bankers, while Goldbaum women marry Goldbaum men to produce Goldbaum children. Jewish and perpetual outsiders, they know that though power lies in wealth, strength lies in family. So Greta moves to England to wed Albert, a distant cousin. Defiant and lonely, she longs for connection and a place to call her own. When Albert’s mother gives Greta a garden, things begin to change. Perhaps she and Albert will find a way to each other. But just as she begins to taste an unexpected happiness, war is looming and even the influential Goldaums can’t alter its course. For the first time in two hundred years, the family will find themselves on opposing sides and Greta will have to choose: the family she’s created or the one she was forced to leave behind. A sweeping family saga from a beloved and New York Times bestselling author, House of Gold is Natasha Solomons’s most dazzling and moving novel yet.

BODYFULNESS by Christine Caldwell, PhD Breathing, sensing, and moving—the ways we know our body—carry tremendous contemplative potential, and yet, we so often move through our days unaware of or in conflict with our physical selves. In Bodyfulness, renowned somatic counselor Christine Caldwell offers a practical guide for living an embodied contemplative life, embracing whatever body we are in. Each chapter offers insights and practices that help us recover our lost physical wisdom—to integrate our bodies with mindfulness, to deal with emotions, and to develop attuned relationships. Bodyfulness inspires us to reclaim a body-centered contemplative life and challenges us to harness our potential to effect social and personal transformation in this body now.

IN THE SPIRIT OF MONTE CARLO by Pamela Fiori Symbolizing luxury and old-fashioned glamour, Monte Carlo is a glorious Eden: perfectly manicured and architecturally grand. Today it is the most expensive piece of real estate on the planet—remarkable considering it was once poor, virtually uninhabitable, rather inaccessible, and facing a bleak future. From its ancient Phoenician origins to its development in the Belle Époque to its burgeoning power as a global nancial center, In the Spirit of Monte Carlo chronicles the more than 700-year-old Grimaldi dynasty, the creation of the powerful Société des Bains de Mer, the artists and socialites who rst put the Principality on the map and how Hollywood darling Grace Kelly attracted the celebrity spotlight. The book also covers the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene, and legendary Grand Prix race, and the recent controversial metamorphosis of the cityscape. Featuring interviews with Monegasques, long time residents, and frequent and famous visitors, In the Spirit of Monte Carlo includes an insider’s guide with Fiori’s selection of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, shopping, attractions, and activities in Monte Carlo and its environs.

Volume 3, Issue 1 |




With Help From Spirit! by Matt Fraser


t’s the dawn of a fresh new year, and if you’re

As a medium, I’m in touch with the Other Side on a

like me, you’re busy putting together plans,

daily basis, and regularly receive insight and guidance

lists and resolutions to ensure that 2019 is the

from loved ones who have passed. I’m also tuned into

very best it can be. To help make your dreams come

my personal spirit guides and angels who are always

true, I’d like to pass on some advice from our spirit

there to help and inspire. Here’s the good news - you


don’t need to be a medium to get help from Spirit!


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Here are a few tips for a successful year with your guides, angels and loved ones on the Other Side:


desires, yet has no personal agenda and only your best interest at heart. What would their advice be worth to you? I’m guessing it would be priceless! If you’ve paid attention to trusting your intuition and embracing the present through meditation, you will find

You were born with the precious gift of natural psychic

yourself with an increased awareness of the benevolent

abilities, and if you’re reading this article, it’s likely that

spirit beings that are around you – Spirit Guides and An-

you’re aware of that little voice inside of you – at least some

gels. They are right there, waiting for you to invite them in.

of the time. This year, make the conscious decision to let

Get to know your guides by setting your intention during

your intuition guide you more often. Resolve to pause and

meditation, and checking in with them throughout the

look inward for guidance when you’re faced with a choice

day. Ask for advice in matters large and small, being open

or opportunity. One of the main obstacles we face when

to the signs they send your way. And don’t forget – when

tapping in or using our psychic gift is doubt – but think

you benefit from their support and wisdom, be sure to

about it. How many times have you ignored your gut, then

send them a message of thanks!

looked back and regretted it?

2) CREATE YOUR OWN MEDITATION RITUAL Are you the kind of person who’s so busy worrying about getting things done that you have difficulty just “being”? Besides creating a lot of unnecessary stress for yourself, this kind of behavior makes it difficult to pick up on the helpful signs and signals the Universe is sending your way. A regular practice of meditation gets you in the habit of operating in the NOW, where your own intuition, not to mention your connection to divine guidance can flourish. It’s easier than you think. Meditation can be sitting quietly and focusing on your breath, but it can also be whatever woks for you – walking, listening to music, journaling, reading a passage in a spiritual book. Just set aside a few minutes each day for your practice, and you’ll fine yourself happier, calmer and more connected to Spirit.

3) PARTNER UP WITH YOUR GUIDES AND GUARDIAN ANGELS. Imagine you could consult with an all knowing, all seeing being who’s intimately familiar with your needs and

4) CONNECT WITH LOVED ONES IN HEAVEN. If there’s a loved one on the Other Side that you’ve been missing, don’t let your grief stand in the way of your living your best life. I’ve spoken to enough Spirits to know that their fondest wish is for you to be happy. Instead of missing them, find ways to feel closer to them. Talk to them as if they were still here (because they are!) Ask for their advice and help, and keep your eyes open for signs from them. You might even try giving them the chance to connect with you through automatic writing. Just sit quietly, with a picture of your loved one in front of you. Ask a question, then pick up a pen and imagine their hand lovingly guiding yours as you write out their answer. The results might surprise you! No matter what chances and challenges the upcoming

year presents, I know you can successfully navigate them with the help of your Guides, Angels and your own inner knowing.

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


interior design


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

STEP INSIDE a Davidson North Carolina

DREAM HOME After a vocational guidance test at Queens College (Uni-

versity) that listed Interior Design as one of her top options...Grace Godfrey Thomas started her career with an internship (in high school) with a Charlotte interior designer who was the accessory buyer and floor merchandiser at a local furniture/design shop. She continued working there as she pursued her design degree. After completing her degree, she became the accessory buyer, floor merchandiser, and sole interior designer at another Queen City furniture shop. Grace started her own design business in 1990….Grace Godfrey Thomas, LLC. She has been a professional member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) since starting the business, also adding CEUs annually to keep abreast of current trends and how to improve in every aspect of design. She has won prestigious ASID awards for both residential and commercial interiors. Working with several architects and contractors on residential and commercial projects (as well as personal homes), she’s selected finishes for boats, planes, banks, educational facilities, a children’s home, doctor’s offices, utilities offices, vacation homes, and private residences. Grace worked with the Hinsons previously, with their primary residence, coastal and mountain homes, as well as Ron Hinson’s office renovation. Having that background helped greatly in coordinating finishes for the new home with previous home furnishings/accessories/art and newly obtained furniture/fabrics/accessories/art. The owners Volume 3, Issue 1 |


and designer spent months finding the perfect finishes and furnishings to make everything blend seamlessly. “As I’m sure the architect (Harry Shrader and Associates) and builder (Kingswood Homes) would agree....this project is one of the most detailed of any personal residence I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in.”It has been a collaboration of the owner, architect, builder, and interior designer working together to achieve a “home” that reflects the owner.” “This has been a dream project working with craftsmen and artisans of this caliber. Special thanks to the trim, cabinet, and tile people (lots of people) who put in many hours to make this a reality.” “All the small details from hardwood stain, the paint color mixture, exterior stone, roof tile color ratio, stair rails ...the list goes on and on.... all are part of the end result. Ultimately, it is about good design.”


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Grace continues doing model home interiors, vacation

homes, and primary residences in North and South Carolina (and occasionally a bit further afield)

She’s married, with two sons, one daughter-in law, and the best grand dog..ever….

Volume 3, Issue 1 |



4.3x7.8Recreation RecreationofofSamarkand Samarkand 4.3x7.8 4.3x7.8 Recreation of Samarkand

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interior design

2019 Interior Design Trends By Claudia Ricciardone of Claudia Josephine Design (Charlotte, NC) and Cate Holcombe of Cate Holcombe Interiors (Raleigh, NC) trends we’d be seeing in 2019. High Point Market is a bi-annual furnishings and home decor market open to trade professionals. It’s essentially the size of a small city, with thousands of exhibitors filling over 180 buildings. I was joined by my designer bestie, Cate Holcombe of Cate Holcombe Interiors. We explored some of our favorite show rooms and observed many repeating themes. Keep reading as I cover the trends in color and texture while Cate tackles form and style.

Even though our philosophy at Claudia Josephine Design is focused on creating timeless and classic spaces, I still keep an eye on trends. Why? Because, whether we realize it or not, we are all subconsciously influenced by what’s trending. Design trends are what we’re most exposed to in print, online, and in stores; therefore, they are typically what clients request when I’m designing their home. Knowing what the trends are before they reach the mass market helps keep my designs ahead of the curve and gives them longevity. It also assists me both in helping clients choose classic pieces among the trends and in

Our day started at Hudson Valley Lighting, as I was ea-

swaying clients away from fads that will quickly date their

ger to check out Mark D. Sikes new lighting collection.

home. Additionally, it’s exciting to see how the interior de-

Luckily for us, Mark was at the showroom and graciously

sign industry keeps evolving and reinventing itself.

offered to give us a personal tour of his collection. Prom-

With that in mind, I made my yearly trek to High Point

inent in his lighting fixtures were the colors white, black,

Furniture Market (HPMKT) this past fall to discover the

and brass and I loved the juxtaposition of shiny and matte surfaces he incorporated. Most notable was his use of plas-


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

ter in pendant lighting, which he explained will develop a beautiful patina as it ages. Matte finishes were prevalent throughout HPMKT, as was the use of brass and neutral colors. We saw a large uptick in the use of neutrals, especially in contrast with Fall Market of 2017. While grey was still heavily represented, creams, beiges, and taupes dominated many showrooms. These neutrals paired easily with the organic materials, such as jute, grasscloth, sisal, rattan—even oyster shells, that were found in abundance. At Palecek, we saw a sea of neutrals and organic materials, especially rattan and bamboo. In neutral spaces, layering in texture adds dimension and richness.

Despite all these neutrals, there was plenty of color to be found. Blue, which in my opinion is always classic, was found in all hues, including dusty blue, dark teal, denim, and navy. Thibaut’s showroom paired blue with fresh greens, as well as a preppy combination of navy with white and red. Bungalow 5 partnered both blue and green with lots of white, keeping things fresh and young.

Green, which plays well with so many colors that it is sometimes considered a neutral (think green in nature), was seen in lovely shades of olive, spring, and hunter. Although blush was still hanging on strong, it appears to be morphing into more of a mauve. Since growing up in the Volume 3, Issue 1 |


80’s has left me a little mauve adverse, that was one trend

Velvet upholstered furniture was prevalent at HPMKT

I found challenging to embrace. However, it became more

and is another great way to add texture, softness, and opu-

palatable when paired with olive green.

lence to one’s decor. These textures and luxe materials are important, especially when designing a more minimalist space. They lend an air of coziness to a room that can otherwise feel cold and sterile. Claudia’s points about the necessity of watching and understanding trends are spot on. For clients of Cate Holcombe Interiors, I also prefer to design with a solid base of classic, timeless fixtures and foundation pieces. So, knowing what’s coming and going in trends allows us to choose elements from an informed perspective.

In contrast to all the cool tones we’ve been seeing the past few years, we found lots of warm caramel color, primarily in leather upholstered furniture and accessories. Small hits of caramel paired with neutrals can provide the

As far as the shape and style of seating, we saw a few

warmth that people are craving after almost a decade of

themes repeating. Most of the showrooms we visited had

grays. It looks fabulous with olive and navy too. Caramel

multiple options of exposed frame chairs. Some were very

colored leather adds richness and is associated with class

simple and clean lined wood frames, and others were more

and understated elegance—think supple seating in a luxu-

intricate and constructed of natural fibers, repeating the

ry vehicle, a hand-tooled, unstructured briefcase, or Fer-

textural theme Claudia mentioned above. These chairs

ragamo loafers.

have deep, plush cushions, meant for lounging, but the details in the arms and frames create a structured, textual contrast to fully upholstered pieces. While we did see curved furniture at Market in 2017, it had a much bigger presence this year. The curves are reminiscent of simple mid-century modern silhouettes, as we saw in the Bernhardt showroom. At Hickory Chair, curves graced more traditional pieces as well, complete with preppy pleated skirts and contrast piping. Curved (in contrast to straight) lines evoke a more welcoming, cozy feel. Combine that with the richly textured velvet, and comfort is clearly a key factor in current design.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Now, prepare for a mouthful on this next trend. In showroom after showroom we saw modular armless sectional sofas, many with integrated end tables. These deep, wide, low, and plush seating options seem to come right from the 1970s and invite you to really lounge and relax. Each of the elements in these sectionals are interchangeable, so they offer the ability to switch up the configuration on a whim. The tables are the same height and depth as the upholstered pieces, and fit in the configurations seamlessly. This would be a great option in a bonus room or casual den, but may feel too relaxed for a primary living room. As often happens with trends, we saw a big revival of some past shapes and colors, juxtaposed in new ways and in fresh combinations. No matter what the trends are, I believe that most of our biggest investments should stand the test of time. Then we can be a bit more adventurous with the trends in less permanent, less expensive decor. Choose no more than one or two trends to incorporate in a room, and you will likely love the space for a long while. When you do feel the need for change, you can easily switch up some smaller elements. Which of these, if any, will you incorporate in your home?


Volume 3, Issue 1 |



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Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Forevermark has the most show stopping diamonds you will ever see. Under the expertise of the De Beers Group of Companies lies 125 years of diamond experience. Each forevermark diamond is hand-selected for their incredible rare beauty to be showcased in your engagement ring. While diamonds are the center of every engagement ring they have also been the center of controversy for many years. Diamonds have long been involved with ethical issues including; worker exploitation and environmental devastation. When proposing marriage, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your diamond was mined under these negative circumstances.







n,ooo DIFE �.




Forevermark has the most show stopping diamonds you will ever see. Under the

expertise of the De Beers Group of

Companies lies 125 years of diamond

experience. Each forevermark diamond is hand-selected for their incredible rare

beauty to be showcased in your

engagement ring. While diamonds are the

center of every engagement ring they have

also been the center of controversy for many years. Diamonds have long been

involved with ethical issues including;

worker exploitation and environmental

devastation. When proposing marriage, the last thing you want to worry about is

Every Diamond is different. De Beers sorts diamonds into 12,000 different categories. With Forevermark you can be assured that your diamond was not involved in unethical mining practices because they are tracked

through cutting and polishing. This is to

ensure that all of their diamonds are I00%

With Forevermark you can be assured that your diamond was not involved in unethical minnatural, untreated, and responsibly sourced.

ing practices because they are tracked through cutting This isdiamonds to ensureare that all Out of and the polishing. I 1,000 categories in less than I% of these are selected of their diamonds are I 00% natural, untreated,placed and responsibly sourced. Out of the I 1,000 to become a Forevermark diamond. These

categories diamonds are placed in less than I% ofdiamonds these areare selected become Forevermark cut andto polished byathe most

experienced 15 diamondteers (diamond diamond. These diamonds are cut and polished by the most top experienced top 15 diamondteers cutters) in the world. Once a perfect

(diamond cutters) in the world. Once a perfect diamond is selected it is inscribed with an icon diamond is selected it is inscribed with an

icon individual and individual number meaning that your diamond isand truly a one ofnumber a kind. meaning You maythat even regisyour diamond is truly a one of a kind. You

ter your diamond online so no matter what it is yours forever. When you receive a Forevermark may even register your diamond online so

diamond you are getting a jewel that is perfectly no unique to what you . it matter

is yours forever. When

you receive a Forevermark diamond you


are getting a jewel that is perfectly unique

Volume 3, Issue 1 | to you.

whether your diamond was mined under

these negative circumstances.

Forevermark has always made responsible sourcing a top priority by giving back to the communities that their diamonds originate from. Each country sees a boost in their economy with diamond sales making up about 70% of the income. They have also built hospitals and schools, and created education and job programs for local women. Millions have been spent restoring wildlife that may have been damaged during mining. All of the dirt that is dug up during mining is stored and placed back in perfect order after. Responsible sourcing ensures that the communities where diamonds are mined always benefit from the sale of every Forevermark diamond.

The Black Label Collection is a line of Forevermark diamonds that have met the highest standard possible. Each diamond in the Black Label Collection was crafted with absolute precision in mind. They are available in 5 different cuts including; cushion, heart, square, oval, and round. Forevermark cuts their diamonds in perfect symmetry resulting in what they call, the Compass of Light. This is when a spectacular pattern of light emerges resulting in a brilliant diamond like no other. The Black Label Collection guarantees that you will have the most beautiful and dazzling diamond.

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%/a£@Yewfers REAL IS



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%/aÂŁ@Yewfers REAL IS



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Volume 3, Issue 1 |


health & beauty


You are sitting at the dinner table with your family and enjoying a relaxed meal before you head out to your kids’ [insert sport] practice…

writing these words and am all too familiar with the stress of balancing work, life and my own health. The struggle with food while on the go or even at the of-

You had breakfast and are on your way to the airport for an

fice is a challenge for many of us. There is a reason the local

important meeting with a new client. Lunch is already sched-

Chick-Fil-A has a line in front of it every time I am going for a

uled at a restaurant of your choice…

run whether it be in the morning or during lunchtime. What

What both of those scenarios have in common is that they

often escapes us is that driving to the drive-in and waiting

are pretty much fantasies in today’s world. I cannot remem-

in line takes us more time then it would take us preparing

ber the last time I had a family dinner without one of us being

breakfast or lunch.

late, having to go early, or skipping the sit-down and eating on the go.

I do not want to belittle the struggle that we all go through. Regardless, if your time-crunch is perceived or real, to you

My clients who struggle with a busy lifestyle and making

it is there at any given time and this article is meant to help

their well-being a priority certainly are not praising the qual-

you, the road warrior, the busy mom or dad, or the average

ity of airport food and the lunches provided during meetings.

Joe to eat healthy at any given time.

Just to be clear, I happen to be eating my breakfast as I am


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

You and your body deserve it!

First things first, we need to get away from making food good or bad. Food usually comes on a sliding scale, pun intended, some foods are healthier than others, and some foods are easier to prep and take with you than others. If we want to have a higher mobility, at times we have to make food sacrifices but we can usually stay pretty

WHAT SNACKS CAN YOU PACK WHEN YOU ARE ON THE ROAD A LOT OR SUPER BUSY Example Snack List • Canned sardines, salmon or tuna (not my own personal favorite but hey, it might be yours)

healthy overall.

• Nuts and seeds, be careful with this one, you can easily go overboard. Just 1 oz of almonds packs a


whopping 163 calories, and that is only 23 al-

A healthy meal should usually contain protein, carbs,

monds. Watch out for grazing here or you will find

veggies, and some fat. No matter where you eat, this is

out fast that any food can make you gain weight

easy to remember. As a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, I suggest an easy template to remember for each meal: Protein: Eat 1-2 palm sizes of a protein. Examples are fish, eggs, pork, beef, cottage cheese, poultry, greek yogurt, legumes in smaller amounts. Carbohydrates: Carbs should be around 1-2 cupped handfuls, not more - you will be surprised how little that can be! Examples are potatoes, whole wheat pasta, legumes (yes, fall into both protein and carbs), fruit, whole grain bread, corn, etc. Vegetables: Take in about 1-2 fist sizes per meal. Examples are broccoli, cauliflower, bell pep-pers, kale, spinach, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, etc. Fats: Consume about 1-2 thumb sizes of fat per meal. Examples are avocado, olive oil, nuts, seeds, butter, ghee etc. If you are a bigger or taller person (that is >170 lbs) you might want to stick to the higher end of the portion range, while a smaller person might go with the lower end. You can vary, depending on your needs. Regardless of amounts, try to keep your meals well balanced overall. I am sure you never thought of that yourself, call me Captain Obvious. Now that we have established a baseline for a well-balanced meal, it gets interesting,

eventually. • Edamame • Tuna in a pouch • Hard-boiled eggs • Apple slices with nut butter • Raw veggies with hummus or even better greek yogurt with salt, pepper, and some chives • Grilled and cut chicken breast or pork tenderloin • A protein bar like a Quest bar • Low sodium, quality meat jerky • Shaker cup with 1-2 scoops of your favorite whey or veggie protein • Plain Greek yogurt • Grapes or other fresh food This is a pretty good list of healthy and mobile snacks. Some you would have to prepare, others you can simply buy.

WHEN YOU HAVE TO HIT THE GAS STATION FOR FOOD Let’s just say you forgot to prepare your food and you have to stop at a gas station, a lot of gas stations offer a higher diversity of healthier foods than they used to. Even gas stations get with the times, eventually. What I introduced earlier comes into play again: making better, not perfect choices. It is easy to throw in the towel and grab the cheese nachos, claim you have fat and carbs covered and head out of the door when you try to be perfect and cannot make it work. Just go for the best available option and you will stick more to your goals than you think! Volume 3, Issue 1 |


MAKING CHOICES AT THE GAS STATION Protein Plain Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and protein pow-

If I travel for an extended period of time without having

der are better than prepared protein drinks, string

had the chance to prep properly for it, I often end up at a

cheese, beef jerky or flavored yogurt which in turn are

fast food place. I am not an angel and my food is not per-

better than hot dogs, fried chicken, burgers or slim jims.

fect but I usually figure out a way of making a crappy meal


a lot better.

Fresh fruit, fruit salads, and whole grain baked goods

A great example is getting a grilled chicken sandwich, a

are better than chips, candy bars, pas-tries, or sugar

salad, and an apple. Toss the bread and the candied nuts in

and candy

the trash and voila, you have a pretty decent meal despite Fats

Hummus, nut-butters, peanuts, sunflower seeds, guacamole beat trail mix flavored nuts or dark chocolate, while those are a lot better than candy bars and pastries. If you can get some veggies great, if not, make the best possible choices. Load up on the protein, pick some fresh carbs if you can and some fats.

YOU FLY REGULARLY Take advantage of your carry-on, if you have it, considering that airlines at times alleviate us from the burden of having a carry-on by charging extra for it. If you are a woman, your purse or personal bag can be a great replacement of the carry-on luggage solution. Aside from my electronics I usually carry a mix of fruit, some cut up veggies in a ziplock bag, a sandwich with plenty of protein, some nuts and protein bars with me. Avoid anything that is semi-fluid like yogurts, sauces, ketchup, soups, or gel-like you either have to eat it all at once and get sick, or toss it into the big gray bin labeled trash at the security check.

YOU ARE STAYING AT A HOTEL If you have any influence over where you stay, try to get a hotel with a kitchenette. A refrigerator, microwave, and sink will come in handy. Before you book the hotel, check the surrounding area for a grocery store. Stock up on the usual items that you have for breakfast and if you can take your lunch with you, stock up on protein, greens, and dressing for a great lunch salad. Friendly reminder: If you do get something in a can, like tuna, make sure to have a can opener with you or a can with an opener attached to it. I am speaking of experience here... teeth don’t work well!



Volume 3, Issue 1 |

being at some of the worst places to eat.

YOU HAVE TO DINE WITH CLIENTS AND EAT OUT Having to eat with clients and/or co-workers seems to be a common issue. When people eat out, they feel obligated to drink and eat to fit the situation and avoid making other people feel uncomfortable about their food choices. Ask the restaurant to double up on the chicken in your sandwich. Another great suggestion that works is to have the restaurant only bring out half the meal while putting the other half into a to-go-bag right away. The food never showed up on your plate. You can also ask for more of the healthy garnishes like lettuce, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, orange slices, etc. When it comes to the booze, here is a simple idea: drink 20 oz of water with each alcoholic drink. The water intake will stretch out your alcoholic beverages over the evening and your head and body will thank you the next day.

CONCLUSION A plan is only as good as its viability. I hope these suggestions help you to survive and navigate the craziness of travel, soccer practice, meetings, and hotel stays. The goal is to be a little better today than you were yesterday or whenever you traveled last. All of the suggestions I mentioned are tried and true. They work. I will admit that I am human and not a robot, I have my weak days, but overall my nutrition is great. On travel days I don’t aim for great, I am aiming for okay to good. I make a sacrifice to the Gods of Travel in the form of making small compromises. The important part of the plan is that it needs to be viable and you need to have one. Think about your most common trips, stressors, etc. What really challenges you? What can you do that helps you be just this tiny little bit better?






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Dreamy Destination to Florence, Italy



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ute Couture by Elisabetta Polignano

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2018 | www.Lu xeLifest

Volume 3, Issue 1 |



health & beauty

From the Inside Out by Margaret Barry

Many of us make “resolutions” for the New Year, and most of those are centered around self-improvement. Exercising more, eating healthier, and achieving a more trim physique are common intentions set by those of us who want to better ourselves. For many of us, it’s difficult to keep these resolutions, much less continue them longer than just a few months after the New Year. We lose motivation because we don’t see results fast enough or we feel like we just don’t have the time to exercise. But what if there was a method of exercise that rebuilds the body from the inside-out, getting you fit and energetic in as little as 15 minutes a day? T-Tapp exercise techniques are more than just a workout, it’s a method of mindful movement that can be implemented in your day-to-day life. T-Tapp exercises are an efficient and effective method for strengthening the muscles and stretching the fascia throughout the entire body. All T-Tapp workouts center on the spine, with full fiber activation of all the muscles that attach from the spine to the shoulder, as well as the muscles from the spine to the hip. This is how you can build strength and flexibility.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

MUSCLE ACTIVATION THE T-TAPP WAY In addition to facilitating body-shaping inch loss without the need to diet, T-Tapp techniques can supercharge your bodies’ ability to burn fat and increase muscle mass. The exercises systematically target 5-7 muscles at a time with equal tension from origin to insertion throughout the entire movement. This creates "Full-Fiber Fitness”, the kind of movement that builds long and lean muscles, without bulk. Although most experts in the fitness industry focus on how much calories a workout might burn, T-Tapp never does. Instead, T-Tapp workouts are designed to rebuild the body from the inside-out, increasing neuro-kinetic connection while balancing any imbalances within the body. Coordination and balance can also be improved due to simultaneous activation of the left and right side of your brain during T-Tapp exercises. It also helps your body become effective at decreasing excess blood sugar, enabling it to burn more carbohy-

drates as fuel instead of just storing them as fat. Why?

body, fat-burning workout. In addition to increasing heart

T-Tapp helps your body develop muscle density. Muscle

rate, strength, and flexibility, they also increase fascia acti-

is more metabolically active than fat tissue, which means

vation and lymphatic circulation.

the more muscle you have, the more calories and glucose it can burn at rest.


1. Stir the Pot Squat Full Body Move This body sculpting exercise involves full fiber activation of multiple muscles all over your body at the same time. While maintaining a plie squat with tailbone tucked and

Not only does T-Tapp strengthen, lengthen and “cinch

knees pushing out at all times, your upper body does a se-

in” the muscles as described above, but it also works the

ries of arm movements that also activates all muscles in

fascia. Fascia is a sensory network of fibrous tissue. From

your upper back while you "stir the pot.”

the thin and slippery tissue underneath the skin to the to

the more fibrous tissue that makes up tendons and liga-

ments, fascia is one continuous network of tissue, woven from head to toe. In addition to wrapping around each muscle in your body, anchoring it to the bone, fascia also

2. Fascia Stretching Exercise called "Turbo W-V Squats."

encases each individual muscle fiber. In fact, did you know

This move will deliver results everywhere! Due to its

that there are more nerve endings found in the fascia than

extra focus on weight distribution, muscle and fascia ac-

in your muscles? When fascia it is healthy, it "slides and

tivation, this special T-Tapp move also builds better core

glides" through movement. However, as we age, it can be-

balance and posture. It can also target trim inner and

come rigid and stiff. This hinders movement, increases in-

outer thighs, flatten the tummy, decrease back fat, budge

flammation and can cause pain. Teresa Tapp understood

armpit pudge and lift your derriere. It can help decrease

the importance of this connective tissue in her workouts

trap dominance, improve muscle imbalance between the

and focus on fascia has been woven within every T-Tapp

shoulders, and strengthen your posture!

move from the very beginning.


3. Release “Tech Neck” Fatigue plus Tighten and Tone Your Body, All while Sitting in your Chair!

The full-fiber activation of multiple muscles and fascia

This special sequence of mindful movement with an ex-

also optimizes lymphatic circulation. As the “garbage dis-

tra focus on fascia activation delivers full-body results, all

posal” of the body, the lymphatic system collects and car-

while sitting in a chair! In addition to increasing strength

ries lymphatic fluid so the toxins contained therein can be

and flexibility within your spine, this exercise also body

eliminated safely from the body. The way it is sequenced,

sculpts inches away from your waist, torso and back, as

and extra focus on body alignment allow you to engage the

well as giving great relief from “tech neck” and tight shoul-

primary lymphatic storage centers at the clavicle, armpit,

ders. Best of all? It feels so good!

thoracic duct, and groin. This not only assists in decreasing inflammation and increasing immunity, but it also boosts your body's ability to burn more fat during movement. As you can see, these moves are comprehensive, efficient, and if you tried them for yourself, much harder than

Want to try the T-Tapp Method total-body moves for

they look! The T-Tapp Method is about working smarter,

yourself? Here are some specially selected moves for you

not harder. With using just your brain and your body, you

to try right now! These 3 T-Tapp moves deliver a total

can achieve strength and flexibility from head to toe! Volume 3, Issue 1 |


i do

The Big Reveal by Debra Kennedy

Kennedy Style

Mother of the Groom Rules

“I now pronounce you Man and Wife!” Magic words

dancing to the song “Mustang Sally.” Fast forward to present day as I reflect on my Mother of the Groom duties and share all of my tips, reminders and words of wisdom.

that are timeless and eternal. As the Mother of the Groom,

Rule #1 is there are no real rules a MOG must follow.

there is no greater joy than knowing your son is marrying

Just as each bride and groom writes their own love story,

someone he loves with all his heart and someone that is a

the same happens for the parents of the Groom. Become

little like his MaMa. Austin was always a Mommy’s boy

friends with the bride and her family fast and happily, ac-

and when he was little, we would glide through the house

cept that the Bride is always in charge and remember that


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

the Rehearsal Dinner sets the tone for the entire weekend

ist. I started to question my skills as a MOG! How did

and everything else will fall into place. My only job was to

I overlook these details? Yes, the rehearsal dinner is not

interpret Austin’s vision (telepathically because Austin is a

the wedding but this is the last party that we will host for

male, need I say more), and make it exactly as he wanted

my Sweet Baby Boy, Austin! Our last chance to show him

on his last night as a single man. Mission Accomplished

how much I love him and how proud I am of the man he

with only a few obstacles along the way.

has become. Yes, we did give him a budget and he want-

The Venue

We selected the venue well ahead of schedule, a year in

ed us to fund the honeymoon to St. Lucia! Somehow my Mommy Superpower skills kicked in and I wanted to make everything perfect and I was in full “get it done right” event

fact. After visiting many contenders, 5Church Charlotte

mode! I was open to whatever the option was to make the

Restaurant checked every box we were looking for. It was

night flow perfectly. Alexa gathered her things quickly

Austin and Katie’s favorite restaurant (check), Perfect Lo-

and we followed her up the stairs at 5Chruch and through

cation as all of the wedding event festivities were in the up-

the glass doors into The Ivey Hotel and entered a fabu-

town area (check), Coolest and Best Chef in the city (check),

lous and private room called The Tulip Room. This room

amazing food, service and atmosphere (check). Yes, we

is named after J.B. Ivey’s Department Store’s popular

were on point. That was until the final details meeting

Tulip Terrace restaurant that was iconic in the Charlotte

with Alexa Anderson, Sales and Event Director took place.

Scene many years ago. She suggested we have dinner in

I could see a look of panic

The Tulip Room and then

(just a glimpse) as I whipped

the after party could be at

out my 5 page agenda on fi-

the bar in 5Church. I only

nal details such as: where will

had to ponder the idea for

the guests gather as speeches

a few seconds as I tossed

were given, where would the

the thought that truly it

guests gather to transition

would be the best of both

from dinner to the after par-

worlds. A private setting

ty? Where does the photog-

for dinner/ speeches and

rapher set up and what about

what was very important to

the videographer? Alexa in

Austin, the after party that

her very professional and

included open-bar (and

savvy manner (such a class

short ribs). There was only

act) suggested an option that

one obstacle (this is where

she encouraged would be a

the budget is blown) which

grand solution as she smiled


with great enthusiasm. She

room as it came equipped

certainly deals with pressure

with a beautiful landscape

well as I am sure she is pre-

but we would need rentals,

sented with alternatives like

florals and a magic wand.

this weekly. I am the first to

Alexa Anderson truly was

admit, I can be a bit of a Diva

our fairy godmother and

at times. Some call it Diva

“bibbide-bobbidi-boo” our

and others call it perfection-

obstacle was fixed.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |




created magic from the very beginning and ran the event like a Royal Gala. This Diva MaMa was impressed and in

Tip: Make a statement with certain pieces like the Chameleon Chairs – they are all the rage

Awe-struck by how amazing the food, service, and atmo-

The Flower Diva

sphere were. I did not lift a finger the night of the event as Alexa and her magic wand were in full action. Tip: Be ready to adapt and be flexible and most importantly, make sure you LOVE the Sales and Event Director as you will depend on them for advice and a happy ending.

CE Rentals

Florals are the most important “focus” at any event and essential at anything wedding related. Upon finding out I needed florals, I reached out to my friend and most talented floral designer in the world, Carrie Cassidy-Strubble aka The Flower Diva as she pushes the boundaries of perfection. She has been part of our family for high school

Each venue has a recommended list of vendors and CE

graduations, proms, engagement parties and weddings. I

Rentals is the rental company of choice for The Ivey Hotel

knew she would ease my mind and create a magical floral

and 5Church Charlotte Restaurant. Was it the exquisite

wonder at the Rehearsal dinner. Her play book on illumi-

Chameleon fanfare gold-toned w/black cap chairs, the

nating beauty from the head table to each individual round

black cirque sheer w/sheer linens, the gold hammered

was sheer artistic genius at it’s very best. Carrie somehow

chargers with Sahara Dinner Plates, the Martinique black

captured the art of making the room both masculine yet

salad plates, the Arezzo gold flatware and gold stemware

feminine at the same time beautifully. Yes, the Flower

that made me realize how important rentals are? I have

Diva is indeed a mastermind of creating uniqueness for

attended many corporate parties where CE Rentals were

every event she take on big and small. She captured the ti-

used and they truly are game changers in the event busi-

tle of “Queen of Everything” and is one of the most sought

ness. Kristie Smith of CE Rentals is quite amazing at in-

after wedding florists in the industry. Glad she loves the

stantly understanding your vision and making each table

Kennedy Family and she created all of the floral designs at

look like a statement piece and capturing the very essence

the wedding as well.

of the moment! For Austin and Katie it was Love at first

Tip: Suggest your floral designer reuse florals from the

glance when they entered the room. Yes, The Tulip Room

rehearsal dinner for the wedding reception. Sharing is

was transformed into all Austin and Alexis had wished for.



Volume 3, Issue 1 |

The Bestie Club

My best advice is to allow your friends to help if they ask. My Bestie Barbara is an interior designer and pulled pieces of art off her walls to get my house “out of town” guest ready. My Bestie Neighbor Maria is gifted at making her yard look like it is out of Southern Living and spruced up our entryway. My Bestie Katherine spent 30+ hours creating 60 bows. One for each “swag gift” box. She went way beyond friend duties here by about 25 hours. Bestie Kara started getting me ready 9 months prior to the big event with injections, fillers and lasers. This is not for everyone but it certainly is my cup of tea. I only wish I had listened to her advice and also had a tummy tuck! Kara is every girls secret weapon and a great bestie to me! And last but certainly not least, my dear friend and Mother of the Bride Sherri who offered the use of her kitchen the day

Happy Endings and New Beginnings The goal was to show Austin our love and appreciation and this was our last moment to honor him and welcome our new daughter and her family. Having all of our family and friends together to celebrate Austin and Katie’s new life on this night was beyond emotional. Did all of the pieces come together? Yes they did. Were there a few obstacles along the way? Yes, indeed. Was it all worth it? Absolutely! Austin is now a married man but he will always be my sweet baby boy dancing to “Mustang Sally” with his little feet nestled on top of mine, his contagious smile lighting up the room as we glide room to room. Yes indeed, a happy ending and a new beginning for Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nathaniel Kennedy.

of the rehearsal dinner as my daughter Alexis (sister of the groom) wanted to bake Austin’s groom’s cake. She is a better woman than I as the stress would have been too much for this MaMa but she was and is amazing! she is probably still finding icing in hiding spaces. Yes, it takes a village of besties to create a special event and I have quite the club with my circle of besties including those who traveled from LA, San Francisco, Virginia and West Virginia as well as my locals. Tip: Allow your friends to help


As the guests entered the Rehearsal Dinner, Memories started pouring out. Many of the guests have been friends with Austin since childhood. Austin has many great friends but Nick Barnhorst was a favorite of mine as Austin and Nick had been best friends forever. Nick was one of those kids you just loved, He was respectful, considerate and simply always a joy to be around. He was the friend you wanted your child to “hang” with. He had recently married himself and has a beautiful daughter with his wife Jessica. It seemed like just yesterday Austin and Nick were playing sports and being boys. Yes, I was torn with emotions of joy and gratitude as Austin was all grown up and leaping into adulthood. Tip: Capture the Moments and take time to reflect during the speeches Volume 3, Issue 1 |



River Cruising:

The Hottest Trend in Travel By Roni Fishkin


ost everyone is familiar with the idea of ocean cruis-

Europe and Asia. These intimate ships are designed to sail

ing: an exciting, large floating resort heading off into the deep

down the majestic Rhone, Rhine, Danube, Douro, Yangtze or

blue sea and visiting great ports of call. Service is wonderful,

Mekong Rivers. And while it may be true that river cruising

activities are aplenty, and fun is to be had by all. While the

built its popularity primarily on vacationing retirees and emp-

ocean liners of brands such as Royal Caribbean and Norwe-

ty nesters….that’s not the case anymore. What once was only a

gian Cruise Line are still enormously popular – there is also a

favorite travel choice for baby boomers is now also appealing

newer trend on the water growing by leaps and bounds: River

to families with young children or multi-generational groups.

Cruising. Travelers – both young and old – are flocking to this new way of experiencing the beauty of the smaller waterways of


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

The ports are an endless list of storybook villages, home to hilltop castles and vineyards on



and riverside temples and pagodas through the ancient civ-

Onboard you are offered an intimate experience including meals, beverages, activities, and onshore excursion packages. The service is impeccable and the accommodations are first class. The food often showcases the local specialties of the destination, and wine is paired accordingly. Culture is rich, and you can be prepared to leave more educated in local lifestyle and geography than when you arrived. Attend a Hungarian wedding, dine in a castle with a duke and dutchess, or experience a Parisian cabaret; river cruising allows for true cultural understanding. Travel by river allows you to dock right in the heart of both historic cities and quaint villages. You’ll gain a unique perspective of a land and its people. And – It’s convenient & comfortable – with no packilizations and verdant countryside of the Mekong. Travelers sip on wine while sailing into Bordeaux, or create their own masterpiece in a painting class on the way to Amsterdam. The destinations dictate the experiences, and are unparalleled to any other sailing adventure because of how close you can get to cities dotting the riverside landscape. Instead of being bused into a tourist locale from an ocean cruise port, river cruisers can often walk into town or bike to the nearby attractions. This provides more time and access to authentic and immersive experiences.

ing and unpacking, switching hotels or lugging baggage around. Think of river cruising as a relaxed vacation on a floating boutique hotel – an adventure with no fear of motion sickness on the smooth rivers. Call a Mann Travels travel advisor to learn more about the best offers with our preferred river cruise lines such as AMA Waterways, Crystal, Scenic and Emerald, Tauck, Uniworld Boutique River Cruising,

and Viking River

Cruises, Volume 3, Issue 1 |



3 Days in

Whistler by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

Photo by Tourism Whistler

As North America’s leading ski resort, it’s hardly surprising so many flock to the Canadian mountain village of Whistler each year. Boasting some of the best skiing and

Here’s our essential guide to enjoying Whistler in style this winter.

Where to Stay

snowboarding in the world, Whistler is also home to an array of wildlife, jaw dropping scenery and a host of unique

For exceptional hospitality and a sprinkling of VIP

après ski activities. For the discerning traveler, Whistler

mountain charm, stay at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

also boasts plenty of opportunity to live it up, with fine din-

or the Four Seasons Resort.

ing restaurants, luxury hotels and VIP experiences galore.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Nestled at the foot of the Blackcomb Mountain, The

Fairmont excels in both cuisine and accommodation. Enjoy ski to your door convenience, the laid-back vibes of their classic après ski lounge, and the blissful solitude of the on site spa. Choose from a number of room options, all offering space and elegance as standard, or choose to reserve a room on the Fairmont Gold floor to really indulge in the VIP hotel experience. As Canada’s only AAA Five-Diamond property, the Four Seasons Resort Whistler is another superb choice for those seeking the highest standards of hospitality. 273 modern-rustic rooms and suites provide something of a home away from home for travelers, benefiting from a personalized 24-hour service and truly breathtaking mountain views. Entertainment in the hotel includes live local music, barbecues and wine tasting events.

Where to Eat Foodies are more than well catered for in Whistler. In fact, if you’re spending only a short time in Whistler, it can be hard choosing from the abundance of award-winning restaurants in town.

Photo by Mike Crane/Tourism Whistler

Breakfast: As the most important meal of the day, a Whistler breakfast is essential to make sure you’re ready for the many adventures ahead. For a breakfast with a view, head to Aura Restaurant each day between 6.00am and 11.00am to enjoy locally sourced produce in a casual and comfortable setting. The blueberry pancakes come Photo by John Sutton

highly recommended and the spa breakfast consisting of Volume 3, Issue 1 |


two poached eggs, multigrain toast with crushed avoca-

the whole venue to enjoy an exclusive axe throwing expe-

do, tomatoes and pear salad is the ideal recovery for the

rience all to yourselves.

‘morning after the night before’.

Go Heli-Skiing: Looking to spice up your skiing or snowboarding? Heli-skiing or heli-boarding really is the

Lunch: For those with a head for heights, enjoy lunch at altitude (or at 1,850 meters/6,069 feet to be precise) at the Steeps Grill & Wine Bar on Whistler Mountain. This rather spectacular fine dining venue has it all, with stunning views complementing the impressive wine and food selection. Try the seared scallop beautifully adorned with red chowder, smoked salmon and a dill sauce, or try a luxurious take on the humble beef burger. Many of the meats, salads and vegetables served here are sourced just up the road too, in Pemberton Valley. Dinner: The Araxi Restaurant + Bar is something of a culinary cornerstone in Whistler, boasting a long held

Photo by Mike Crane/Tourism Whistler

international reputation for the quality of its food, wine

ultimate experience for strong skiers and snowboarders,

and service. The restaurant serves an après menu between

and Whistler is the perfect place to give it a try. After a

3pm and 5pm each day for those who just can’t wait til

thrilling helicopter ride to the top of the heli-ski runs, your

dinner time, and Executive Chef James Walt’s seasonal-

guides will unload the skis, poles and snowboards for you,

ly focused menus will go down a treat. When it comes to

before escorting you across some of the very best back-

small plates, indulge in the lightly seared wild BC alba-

country terrain and untouched snow. 90% of the world’s

core tuna tataki, finished off with a ponzu sauce. From the

heli-skiing happens in British Columbia and the heli-ski-

large plate menu, the incredibly succulent Yarrow Mead-

ing area around Whistler is more than 50 times the size

ows duck breast and diver caught scallops are both highly

of the Whistler Blackcomb area so this really is the VIP


alpine experience you’ve been looking for.

Where to Play Go Axe Throwing: What better way to immerse yourself in Canadian life than with a little axe throwing?! Once reserved for lumberjacks seeking entertainment in forest logging camps, this exciting timber sport is now a hugely popular group activity around the world. Forged Axe Throwing is THE place in Whistler to give this exciting activity a try and the friendly team will show you the ropes, keep you safe, and provide plenty of fun and frivolity as you hurl your way to hitting your first bullseye. Think darts but with axes, and a whole load more fun too.

Photo by TAG/Tourism Whistler

Don your finest plaid (it seems to be the trend among axe

Go Zip Lining: Ever fancied soaring through a valley,

throwing aficionados) and prepare yourself for the truly

swooping above the treetops and really immersing your-

satisfying feeling as the axe sinks into that bullseye. Group

self in nature? Why not make it a reality with zip lining in

bookings are a specialty at Forged, and you can even book

Whistler? There’s something about gliding over the Whis-


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

tler creeks and old-growth trees fastened to a high wire -

Go Dog Sledding: Another quintessential Canadian ad-

under expert supervision of course! Ziptrek is the original

venture, dog sledding has been around for some 4,000

zipline tour company, and their tour takes place over the

years and is an activity for every bucket list. Head to Whis-

Fitzsimmons Valley between the Whistler and Blackcomb

tler Dog Sledding to explore the snowy forests and trails

Mountains. Superfly Ziplines are located about a 10 min-

behind an exuberant team of Arctic snow dogs. Reaching

ute drive outside of Whistler Village in Cougar Mountain.

speeds up to 32 km/h (20 m.p.h.), you can choose to sit

Their unique system means two guests can ride side-by-

back and let your expert guide do the work or give mush-

side, perfect for nervous passengers or those wanting to

ing your own team of dogs a try! Sit back, hold on tight and

share this amazing experience with friends or loved ones.

take it all in.

Where to Relax Scandinave Spa: After all the adventure of the slopes, indulge yourself in the age-old Finnish tradition of soaking in outdoor baths at Whistler’s most unique spa destination. In addition to the hot baths, the spa offers an impressive selection of massage packages including Swedish, deep tissue, and restorative techniques. Travelling as a couple? Try the Duo Swedish Package and enjoy a 60 minute Swedish massage and Scandinavian bath access all for $378. Photo by Mike Crane/Tourism Whistler

The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge: Boasting an impressive range of sustainably sourced, organic products from ila,

Be an Olympian (for the day): As one of the host venues

The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge really is a firm favourite among

for the Vancouver Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games,

those in the know. The outdoor hot tubs, steam room and

Whistler boasts an Olympic Park and an Olympic Sliding

relaxation lounge all provide the perfect place to wind

Center giving you the chance to live like an Olympian - just

down after a day in the cold, and the range of fresh pressed

for a few hours. Give biathlon a go at the Olympic Park,

juices and spa smoothies are perfect for the health-con-

or experience the speed of sliding at the Whistler Sliding

scious. The ila Kundalini Massage is a must-try, some-

Center, where both bobsleigh and skeleton experiences are

thing of a gentle and nurturing massage that uses chakra

available on the fastest ice track in the world. For those

and sound healing to provide the ultimate body and mind

traveling in a group, the 4-person bobsled steered by an

restoration. Ahhhh.

experienced pilot is great fun.

Getting Here Most international arrivals travel to Whistler via Vancouver International Airport, from where a number of shuttle bus options are available to journey you along the Sea to Sky Highway. The trip takes around two hours and more transfer options including a meet and greet service can be found here. Don’t forget to keep your camera handy, the views along the Sea to Sky Highway are truly spectacular! For essential destination information and bookings

Photo by Mike Crane/Tourism Whistler

check out Tourism Whistler. Volume 3, Issue 1 |




lready renowned for its Southern hospitality, elegant accommodations, meeting and event venues and resort amenities, The Ballantyne is excited to debut a complete transformation in celebration of its 17th anniversary. The Ballantyne’s redesign celebrates North Carolina’s history with contemporary luxury and moments of discovery through art and decor. From the moment of arrival, guests will feel a sense of warm hospitality. The stunning lobby envelops guests in a calm, welcoming environment, featuring a neutral palette of white, gold and grey, with hand-painted gold accents inspired by North Carolina’s legacy as being the first state in the country where gold was found. Named after a unit of gold currency during James VI of Scotland’s reign, The Ryal is a vibrant gathering place with picturesque views that can be enjoyed as a lively bar in the afternoons and evenings. The hotel guest rooms resemble a carefully curated collection of global treasures. The redesign mixes antiques with new pieces, forming a refined yet warm residential ambiance. In conjunction with its new look, The Ballantyne will introduce new luxurious amenities such as Molton Brown bath products, Carolinainspired rituals to delight guests and experiential elements with Rare Tea Company and handcrafted spice blends by Chef Lior Lev Sercarz.

The Lodge at Ballantyne, a 35-room private retreat on The Ballantyne’s grounds, introduces a fresh look to its fully renovated rooms and lobby. The unique space can be rented out in its entirety by a group, from board meetings and elite retreats to family reunions and intimate weddings. Inquire at 704-248-4070. We invite you to book your stay at The Ballantyne to explore our enhanced design and curated experiences!

EXPLORE THE BALLANTYNE’S CELEBRATORY OFFERINGS $50 Resort Credit Enjoy a $50 credit per room per night toward dining, afternoon tea, spa or golf, plus internet access and valet parking.

(Epic)urean Expedition Anniversary Package Enjoy a welcome gift from the Executive Chef, one afternoon tea for two, one dinner for two in Gallery Restaurant, departure gift from Pastry Chef and a late check-out.



704-364-668 0 HENIGFURS.COM Volume 3, Issue 1 | 55

“SMOKING ” HOT! by Adam Jacot de Boinod

“Jovial companions make this dull life tolerable” is a well-known Cuban proverb and, having visited the island recently, I am now fully acquainted with its great tradition of cigar making. It’s all part of the island’s attraction along with the sun and sand, the mesmerising salsa and Havana’s fading and peeling Art Nouveau buildings. Almost cinematic. Certainly scenic. Charm and chaos in equal measure!


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Cuban cigars have long enjoyed their own mythology. Like the cowboy Marlboro man there’s a romance attached to the brandished cigars of Churchill, Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway as there is with the factory in Bizet’s Carmen in Seville, Europe’s erstwhile principal manufacturer of Cuban cigars. It’s a romance going all the way back to Colombus’s 1492 arrival on the island from where he brought back tobacco to the Old World.

Some Cubans took their expertise to the Dominican Republic and so typically brands such as Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo each really have two brands with the same name: one from Cuba, the other from elsewhere in Central America.

Cohiba is generally the most expensive and widely considered to be the best. After all it’s the only brand involving three fermentation processes, and the name chosen by Fidel Castro himself for the brand in 1966 as he himself used to smoke. Montecristo is the best seller worldwide. Other best sellers include Cohiba, of course, and Hoyo de Monterrey and Partagas, which has one of the oldest factories and strongest cigar flavours. Romeo y Julieta has a similar history, being originally produced in Cuba in 1885 and quickly becoming a top brand. As for the process from field to factory to harbour it’s long and technical. With the Caribbean heat beating down, there is great demands on the ‘zafadores’, the workers who sort the tobacco leaves into types of tobacco, size and colour. Then there are the ways they are rolled by the torcedor (cigar maker), employing a mixture of different types of tobacco in a cigar, including up to five types of filler leaves, one or two binder leaves and a ‘capa’, an outer wrapper. The ‘accordion’ method involves each leaf being folded in a wavy pattern resembling an accorWhen the communists came in 1960 the licenses were stopped. The government nationalised the cigar industry and took over all of the cigar companies both Cuban and non-Cuban. Cubatabaco was formerly the worldwide distribution company and now it’s done by Habanos S.A. the state-owned entity that owns all of Cuba’s cigar brands.

dion and tending to create cigars with a reliable draw. Then comes the ‘rolling gallery’, the area in a cigar factory where cigars are made by hand. The production is often split between cigar rollers and cigar bunchers. The latter work with filler and binder to make the bunch, while the former wrap the cigar leaf to create the cigar. And so to the ‘aging room’, where the rolled cigars are stored. Here the tobaccos harmonise and the cigars melVolume 3, Issue 1 |


The boxes themselves are made of cedar wood. The lovely artistic, often iconic, labels are all done by marketing departments in Havana where also all the ‘anillas’ (the Cuban term for cigar bands or rings) are produced. The boxes and brooches typically employ the ‘8-9-8’ way of packing cigars where 25 cigars to the box comes in three rows: eight on the bottom, nine in the middle row and eight on top with rounded sides to the box.

low. Some cigars are aged by fermenting the tobacco in bales for a year or more before being put in their box and it gives it more nuance and a softer edge. Vintage means a minimum of ten years old and fine cigars, like fine wines, often improve with age, especially those full of flavour. This is typically important with ‘ligero’, a stronger kind of tobacco. Many manufacturers also further age their cigars after rolling. This process can last from a month up to a year or more. Connoisseurs even go further with a method called box aging.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

There are 27 different brands with 20 different sizes

is the exhaling a bit of cigar smoke through your nose af-

and they come in different strengths (light, medium and

ter a puff to judge its power and flavour. If smoking is

full-bodied) and sizes: a ‘Belicoso’, for example, being the

not your thing but you like the smell then you can profit

pyramid-shaped cigar with a shorter, more rounded ta-

simply from smelling a box of cigars or an unlit cigar.

per at its head than that of a ‘pyramid’ or ‘torpedo’.

“There’s no agreement under pressure” is another lo-

As you can imagine there is a whole range of options

cal saying. So with the popularity of cigars not notice-

around the world for this specialist community of smok-

ably dented by the modern requirements for smokers to

ers with members clubs, associations, training cours-

be outdoors and with women these days smoking cigars

es. Then there’s all the paraphernalia. For aficionados

more than ever, the only thing for it is to put your feet up

there’s the chance to demonstrate their expertise with

in fellow company and light up. A five-inch long cigar,

their many accessories. There are cutters, punches and a

such as a robusto, should bring half an hour’s pleasure

range of humidors from ‘humitrunks’ and travel makes to

while a double corona, a 7 1/2-inch cigar can last an hour.

the ‘walk-in’ and desktop varieties).

The largest standard cigar size, as employed by Monte-

The cigar world even comes with its own glossary with

cristo is an “A”, a ‘gran corona’ and is 9 1/4 inches and

canoeing being a flaw in a cigar’s burn. And cigars come

could take one two hours. After all, as one cigar compa-

with other caveats beyond the usual health warnings. Im-

ny’s motto goes, “in puros amicitia”. “In cigars there is

properly cured and fermented cigars can have ammonia


flavours that bring a harsh and unpleasant smoke. Watch out also for the tobacco beetles that devour cigars. And

Adam Jacot de Boinod worked on the first series of

never light one up with a candle but use a butane-pow-

the BBC panel game QI for Stephen Fry. He is a British

ered lighter. When enjoying the aroma or ‘bouquet’, as it’s

author having written three books about unusual words

known, never inhale the cigar smoke. ’Nosing’, however,

with Penguin Press. Volume 3, Issue 1 |






SWIM WEEK by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

1. Exposed Underwire Bikinis Brand: VDM The Label (as seen with Fashion Palette) The exposed V underwire started making it's way onto the market this swim season and this sexy trend is not going about lifting and seperating.

2. Blue Jewel Tones Brands (L to Right): Aqua Blu Australia (as seen with Fashion Palette), Filthy Haanz, VDM The Label (as seen with Fashion Palette), Free Bella Swimwear Inspired by the most beautiful oceans in the world, vibrant jewel toned blue suits are all the rage on SS19 runways, and look great on almost every skintone.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

3. 80s and 90s Inspired Swimwear Brands (L to R): VDM The Label, VDM The Label, TJ Swim, TJ Swim ( All as seen with Fashion Palette) We are getting totally rad vibes with this trend. This season we saw visors, fanny packs, scrun-chies, and throwback Filas on the runway for 90s Cool Girl Realness. Also many brands includ-ed small sunglasses into their looks which is very 80s.

4. Psychedelic Prints Brand: Filthy Haanz Brand’s like edgy staple, (brand) Filthy Haanz, opted to go less obvious. Previous seasons we saw tribals and geometric shapes as a divergent from the stripes and polka dots, but funky psy-chedelic prints make a huge statement and are a trend to watch.

5. Animal Prints Brands (L to R): Aqua Blu Australia (as seen with Fashion Palette), Free Bella Swimwear, Aqu Blu Australia I am woman hear me roar, or at least make me look like a smoking hot amazonian woman in beautiful animal prints. This trend is ferocious.

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


6. Girly Pinks Brands (L to R): Lil & Emm, Aqua Blu Australia, TJ Swim (All as seen with Fashion Palette) What’s Swim Week, without a girly pale pink on a model with a gorgeous tan? I don’t want to find out, and it’s looking like this trend is here to stay.

7. Stripes Brands (L to R): Free Bella, Aqua Blu Australia (as seen with Fashion Palette), VDM The Label (as seen with Fashion Palette) A beautiful classic strip is fun, but we also like the use of multi-color stripes and zebra stripes this season.

8. Sleeves Brands (L to R): Lil & Emm , Aqua Blu Australia, TJ Swim, VDM The Label ( All as seen with Fashion Palette) It’s not just rashguards this season, Swimwear designers are going with more is more with these sleeved looks that add a extra umph (and protection) to your beach look.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

9. Ruffles Brands (L to R): VDM The Label (as seen with Fashion Palette), Aqua Blu Australia (as seen with Fashion Palette), Free Bella Swimwear Ruffles are super girly and super flirty, and we are so happy to see them this season.

10. The Almost-A-Bikini One Pieces Brands (L to R): VDM The Label (as seen with Fashion Palette), Free Bella, Filthy Haanz These sexy one-pieces are so open they give you bikini vibes in a single piece.

We are excited to hit the beach next Summer with these beautiful looks on the horizon. Volume 3, Issue 1 |




in fashion.

Texture and old-new mixes create a fashionable winter. Wrap yourself up in oversized knits.

Corduroy makes a refreshing alternative to denim. It is an essential addition to a weekend wardrobe. Corduroy makes a fresh, chic after dark choice as well, paired with heels, big earrings and an evening clutch.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Animal prints are stronger then ever. Anything this winter can be found in print, from shoes, handbags, dresses, jackets, bikini’s, skirts, pants, scarves, sneakers, whew‌.have we missed anything?

Cowboy boots and slouchy shapes are leading the new season.

Top it off with a statement jacket. A faux fur coat or double breasted power jacket you will have for years to come.

Volume 3, Issue 1 |



13 x 14.8 Circa 1920, PERSIAN SERAPI

Pineville Rug Gallery 312 Main St., Pineville NC 28134 704-889-2454

NOTEBOOK Our pick for local events, news and best new products.

GUINOT Institut Paris, a pioneering skincare brand, was founded in France more than fifty years ago by renowned chemist René Guinot. Providing a focused approach to treating skin with Hydradermie, GUINOT’s skincare products have been developed utilizing cutting-edge science and technology, aiming to offer scientifically-proven results for women’s beauty. Highly-respected for their one-on-one skincare approach via “Beauty Therapists,” developed by Jean-Daniel Mondin, GUINOT’s areas of focus span the face, eyes and body and are heavily concentrated in anti-aging treatments. GUINOT is the number one professional brand in France and is also highly ranked in the UK and Ireland. Products can be found in more than 10,000 salons in 70 countries worldwide. The new Beauty Center at The Market at Oakland in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina serves as GUINOT’s first franchise location in the United States. For more information about GUINOT and the services offered in South Carolina, please Saaya Roses uses gorgeous, 100% real Ecuadorian roses and hydrangeas in their arrangements. Thanks to a unique preservation process, these roses will look fresh and smell amazing for over a year. What’s more, they stay as gorgeous as the day they arrived without ever needing water. They just introduced their classic single rose in either a gorgeous square or circle box!



Primland and Purdey come together to host a one-of-a-kind Driven Shoot in February 2019. Don’t miss out on this exclusive experience. Space is limited!

FEBRUARY 6-9, 2019

FEB. 6-9


3 night stay in the Lodge Driven Shoot (300 marked birds) Upland Pheasant Hunt (64 birds + cleaning) Sporting clays (100 shot round) Breakfast, lunch & dinner


Call 276-222-3835 or Email

2000 Busted Rock Road, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 866-960-7746 •

Ballantyne Ball 2019 - Charlotte Don’t miss this enchanting evening developed with the local community in mind. Ballantyne Ball promises the romance of Valentine’s Day, coupled with the intrigue and fantasy of a masquerade ball. It is also an incredible initiative to give back. This annual community charitable gala, the first of its kind, involves local businesses and supports local causes with the hope of enhancing the lives of families experiencing hardship. Join us. Be enchanted. For a cause. February 23, 2019. www. Volume 3, Issue 1 |



n the 1980s & 90’s, supermodel Kathy

ture design collaboration with Michael Amini Furniture

Ireland graced the cover of dozens of fashion

was inspirational. Her beauty, her grace and her intellect

magazines. She appeared on the cover of the

leaves one feeling enlivened. Today, the runway model

Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition 3 times. And her 1989

is one of the most successful moguls in the world with

25th anniversary issue became the highest-selling Sports

her products being sold at over 50,000 retail locations

Illustrated cover of all time!

world-wide. As of 2018, Kathy Ireland had an estimated

Recently, sitting with Kathy and talking about her ca-

net worth of $450 million dollars. Kathy outsells Martha

reer, her role models, her product lines, and her furni-

Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Mattel, the NFL Players Inc, Play-


Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Super To Model Business Mogul by Colleen Guilfoile Richmond

boy and the PGA Tour. In addition she has licensed more

not to let him see me cry and to prove him wrong.” Not

product sales than The Coca-Cola Company and WWE

only did she prove him wrong by being named Carrier of

combined. Whew!

the Year for three consecutive years, but would go on to

Kathy Ireland’s drive to succeed can be traced back to

become CEO and chief designer of Kathy Ireland World-

her time spent as a newspaper carrier at the age of 11. As

wide — a $2 billion dollar empire with ties right here in

she told Investor’s Business Daily in 2017, “One man was

North Carolina.

standing in his driveway as I came up and started yelling

At age 17, Kathy Ireland was discovered by a talent agent

that it was a boy’s job and I’d never last. I was determined

and inked a deal with Elite Model Management. By the time Volume 3, Issue 1 |


she graduated high school, she was working full-time as a

ing her modeling income on frivolous purchases. Instead,

model alongside other famed models of the era including

she decided to invest her earnings. In 1993, a North Caro-

Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

lina based company approached her with an offer to mod-

During the 1980s and early 1990s, she also had credited

el their socks. As a counter, Ireland instead asked to be

roles in a number of high-profile movies and TV shows.

a creative partner and with a startup capitol of $50,000,

She appeared in the comedic films Necessary Roughness

she launched her own line of socks. The partnership would

and Loaded Weapon and had a recurring role on the hit TV

prove to be one of her most profitable partnerships with

show Melrose Place. Despite her career taking off during

over 100 million pairs of socks sold through the line over

the age of excess, Ireland made the decision to avoid wast-

the past two decades.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Kathy Ireland’s inspiration for her company, which would eventually be named Kathy Ireland Worldwide, came during a modeling shoot. Ireland saw a need in the market to offer quality and affordable fashion items. Athough she initially sold socks under her line, her offerings would expand tremendously over the years. Her best-selling products include clothing, jewelry, baby items, fitness equipment and furniture. Ireland is known as a super mogul and has ventured into other areas of business

Her charity work was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and the

including real estate, and has invested in event rental sites.

oganizations the late actress created to help the AIDS co-

Kathy shared that Elizabeth Taylor was a mentor to her

munity. Ireland is an ambassador for the Friends of She-

and they were very close. Elizabeth Taylor was a wonderful

ba Medical Center and has backed a number of non-profit

business women and her strength to forge forward with

organizations including Toys for Tots, the Make-a-Wish

what she cared about regardless of what others thought

Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the

made a lasting impression on Kathy. As Taylor was near-

Alliance for Global Education and countless others.

ing the end of her life Liz came to Kathy with a very special

Kathy Ireland’s road from model to mogul wasn’t always

request. She asked Kathy if she would take her two be-

easy, but she always held onto her belief that she should

loved Maltese, Gracie and Delilah, and care for them when

never succumb to the pressures of what others believed

she passed. And, of course Kathy and her family took the

about her capacity for success. Her advice to prospective

two babies in and went on to create a pet line named after

entrepreneurs is to be bold and have passion about your

the two sweet dogs.

business. When I asked Kathy what is next for her, she re-

Kathy Ireland understands the importance of giving back and her philanthropic efforts are well documented.

sponded with “I only feel like I have scratched the surface, there is so much more we could do.” Volume 3, Issue 1 |


N B Photography by

Jim McGuire Written by

Allison Parker

A Life’s Path Through A Dream – Reflections with Berhan Nebioglu 72

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


ntranced as a child with the elegance and

with a touch a saliva to wet the charcoal mascara before ap-

timeless beauty of such actresses Rita Hay-

plication would be the final touch to artistic application of

worth and Ava Gardner, Berhan Nebioglu

makeup. With music playing in the background, the awe-

loved to play dress up. On the evenings when

struck child would dance and whirl in the sheer fantasy

her parents would plan a night on the town,

world of the grown-ups. The music of the big band era has a

young Berhan would watch intently as her

special place in her heart. It was from her child-hood that a

mother would delicately apply lipstick and pressed powder

dream to follow in beauty’s footsteps would keep Berhan on

to her face. A tiny mascara brush that her mom would dab

a path uniquely her own. Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Being feminine and dressing beautifully seem to come nat-

ers were regulars who worked at Wachovia. I felt like my spe-

urally to Berhan. Knowing how to walk, sit, drink tea as well

cial place was their special place to find reprieve from the hec-

as champagne all their place in creating one’s quest to fulfill

tic work day to find small tokens of beauty to carry away with

dreams. “Words that come out of your mouth in conversation

them.” Not to leave customers without a link to her treasures,

tell a lot about a person’s background and education so it’s im-

Berhan now showcases her jewelry at Ruby’s Gift in the NoDa

portance to present one’s self in the best possible light. “Berhan

section of Charlotte and at Magnolia Emporium.

thoughtfully reflected, “It’s not only the clothes or the outward

Berhan’s direction was spiritual in nature, she knew just

appearance but the conversation that follows that can dictate

when to change courses. Closing her shop in December of 2017

the beauty of the total person.”

left Berhan with beautiful memories and satisfaction knowing

“Music adds life.” Berhan sees a synergy to melodies of life.

she had achieved a special dream.

Always having a flow of pleasant sounds around her encapsu-

Not one to remain idle, now at 71 and mother to two beautiful

late her thoughts and actions throughout the day. She had al-

adult children Tina and Jeremy, life’s mysterious karma placed

ways wanted to be on a stage as a model or a dancer. “My father

her with Charlotte Fashion Week. “Being asked to be a judge in

would tell me ‘Life is a stage. We enter. We perform. We exit.’

Charlotte Fashion Week opened up a whole new world – it was

From these words, I always felt compelled to live my life as a

a chance to be part of life’s stage and feel the excitement of the

journey, to be creative and curious and to not be afraid to knock

bright lights and glimmer of the fashion world. Modeling work

on doors”

is complete absorption in fantasy from the runways to the cos-

The love of music and dance has taken Berhan on many

tumes to the theatrics behind the shows. ” Berhan had wanted

different genres of involvement. She has taught disco at Spir-

to be a model at one point, but her stature was not fitting with

it Square. She dabbled in teaching jazzercize as well as trav-

the height requirements of the day. “It is refreshing to see dif-

eled throughout North and South Carolina performing in disco

ferent shapes and sizes on the runway.”

shows. Clubs such as 3637 captured the music and dance of the

Team Berhan participates in Charlotte Fashion Week in Sep-

times on Independence Blvd. in the early 2000’s. She was able

tember as well as New York Fashion Week. Berhan relishes the

to see the raw talent and exquisite energy of drag queens per-

opportunity to coach and train with aspiring young models in

forming at places such as Odyssey. With the Charlotte theater

their quest to follow their dreams.

scene still emerging, Berhan relished in the sheer talent within

Dreams do not end with childhood fancy. Berhan is living

the drag shows. “I recall a show in which an illusion of Liza Mi-

proof- to this day she is pursuing adventures from within her

nelli was so real to life, the pure star quality emanated from the

heart. Her latest work is with friend and culinary partner, Gra-

stage. “

zia Walker. The two masterminded Art-

Acceptance is such a part of following one’s dreams. Berhan

sy and 81, Grazia is known to have dashes of pink and purple

shares, “Love and acceptance is most important throughout

teased hair. There is no limit to these soulful ladies and their

life. Everyone wants to be loved. Love yourself. Don’t be so hard


on yourself. Look in the mirror and give yourself a big hug.” Berhan’s dreams ebbed and weaved through her path. In the early 1970’s, she was inspired by a store on East Blvd. called

When asked about advice to those dream seekers, “Don’t just dream, but make your dreams come true! Embrace age, age elegantly. Let your life partner lift you up on a pedestal.”

Magic Maze. It was a whimsical shop of delights with all sorts

Always listening to her heart and inner beat, Berhan is craft-

of costumes and trinkets. Inspired to have a shop of her own,

ing her own stage with partner, Michael Gallis. A favorite song

Berhan connected with the owner who had space at the Latta

for Berhan’s is “I left my heart in Portofino” (Italy). The ro-

Arcade in Uptown Charlotte. Like a genie from a bottle, Ber-

mantic duo is planning a trip to Portofino, Italy to re-create the

han created her own magic and opened her own jewelry and gift

beauty of the song and the beauty of a love met and cherished

shop. A span of 26 years of delighting customers with beautiful

for decades.

jewelry and gifts. “I started with little money, the shop rent was

Closing thoughts from Berhan are to inspire passion and em-

$250 per month and I started the set up with items from my

powerment. “You are the architect of your chapter in life. Al-

own home-lamps, tables, plants. Some of my favorite custom-

ways create and re-create your own journey.”


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Berhan's Jewelry Collection

Available at


CHARLOTTE 127 N. Tryon Street, Suite 8, Charlotte, NC 704.919.1322

CHARLOTTE 127 N. Tryon Street, Suite #D, Charlotte, NC 980.260.3227

CHARLESTON 32B N. Market Street, Charleston, SC 843.937.8666

Volume 3, Issue 1 |



by Jessica Bentley


rom their herb garden front porch to the

Located in the center of it all, Haberdish celebrates the

apothecary themed cocktail bar, this funky

roots of this district with their rustic cuisine and interi-

little eatery is bursting with undeniable

or details. From the salvaged denim seats to the recycled

southern charm. Regulars come for the

spindle bar taps, there’s a bit of history found in every ele-

brined and battered fried chicken, hand-

ment of this whimsical eatery.

spooned dumplings and unbelievable cocktail options. For

My California companions and I popped in for brunch

simple, Southern classics served the way grandma cooked

and ordered all the frills. The drink program is run by

them, head on over to one of Charlotte’s most beloved

Colleen Hughes, a self-taught mixologist who primarily

restaurants: Haberdish.

focuses on pre-Prohibition-era cocktails. Her menu is di-

Whenever I have guests staying with us from out-of-

vided into five parts, starting with lower-alcohol aperitifs

state, I make it a point to visit the neighborhood of NoDa.

that are designed to stimulate your appetite to after din-

Widely known as the art district of the Queen City, there’s

ner fusions and digestives. The other sections also include

something charismatic about its eclectic and fast-paced

aromatic refreshers and heavier spiritous blends. All are

streetscapes. What was once a flourishing textile mill

equally enchanting and leave a lasting impression on your

town, NoDa now boasts some of the city’s best breweries,

taste buds.

local shopping and restaurants.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

The food menu is simple and straight to the point. Diners can expect mouthwatering plates made with tender loving care from quality ingredients. Haberdish brines their chicken for twelve hours before it’s battered and fried in their signature in-house breading. It’s served with scratch-made habanero hot sauce, which compliments the bird with a touch of heat and vinegar. Haberdish only uses Springer Mountain Farms Chickens that are raised in Mt. Airy, Georgia. These vegetarian-fed, pesticide-free hens are never exposed to antibiotics, animal by-products, For starters, we ordered a pitcher of the Hibiscus Hon-

growth stimulates or hormones.

ey Punch with floral ice spheres to share. This refresher is prepared with Pimm’s #1 vodka, krupnikas, lemon, strawberry and hibiscus syrup mixed with soda. Uplifting and visibly stunning, it was the perfect way to awaken our palate for the feast to come.

For brunch, it’s no surprise that their most popular items include the chicken biscuit sandwich along with their fried chicken and waffle. I personally tend to gravitate towards their Leige-style waffles because they’re unlike any other in the city. These bread-like stacks are prepared with risen dough rather than a batter, giving these waffles a heartier texture. The dough is also mixed with pearl sugar, which creates sweet little crystals on the inside and a perfectly Three of this year’s winter cocktails are truly unique and

caramelized crust on the outside.

a must-try: Apple of my Rye: Rittenhouse rye, averna, apple cider chai syrup, lemon, cardamom, smoke bitters, smoked salt rim, and dried apple. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.: Brown butter-washed rum, Giffard banana liqueur, lemon, egg white, pineapple, and almond bitters. White Chai: White chocolate washed vodka, chai syrup, cardamaro, and lemon. Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Chicken Biscuit Sandwich: a de-boned fried chicken thigh, slaw, honey mustard and bread & butter pickles. Chicken & Waffle: a waffle topped with de-boned fried chicken thigh, slaw, bread & butter pickles and your choice of honey butter syrup or maple syrup.

The shareable menu makes Haberdish a fantastic joint Haberdish embraces potluck-style dining and the tradition of family-sized portions that are meant to be shared. During our visit, we also grazed on a few of these scrumptious comfort food staples. Make sure to grab a napkin, it’s about to get deliciously messy. Pimento Cheese Ball: Rolled in toasted, spiced pecans and served with fresh apples and homemade benne seed crackers. Charred Okra: Cast-iron charred okra that’s smothered with bacon jam. Biscuits & Bacon Jam: Snowflake flour, lard and butter biscuits served with house-made bacon jam. Smoked Deviled Eggs: Smoked whites, chives and paprika. Mac & Cheese: topped with spicy crispy chicken skins. Savory Corn Bread Pudding: Anson Mills corn meal, gruyere and herbs.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

for grabbing a bite to eat with friends. I’d describe their dishes as familiar food with family-recipe flavor. Brunch is served weekdays from 9am – 2pm, Tuesday – Friday, with some items available through their dinner menu on nights and weekends. So… if you’ve never had skillet-charred okra with house made bacon jam, you’re truly missing out and here’s your chance. Photos provided by Haberdish and Jessica Bentley.


The CAJUN QUEEN has been proudly serving Charlotte since 1985. Nestled in historic Elizabeth, this 100 year old house is a warm, friendly place for business and fun. With live music in our upstairs dining room and quieter dining downstairs, there is something for everyone. The fresh ďŹ sh specials that run nightly

have made our restaurant a Charlotte landmark. Serving up distinctive and delectable dinners and hot jazz seven nights a week, the Queen is the place where everyday is Mardi Gras.

1800 E 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28204 704.377.9017 | Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Savor Recipies and photos by Jessica Bently

How to Make a Killer Charcuterie Tray A



Tray should be the centerpiece of all parties. They are crazy-easy to put together and have something for every palate. This year, we are diving face first into dairy and gluten-free recipes. Here, we make a tray that appeals to everyone’s diet restrictions. WHEN MAKING APPETIZERS, I TRY NOT TO OVERTHINK THINGS. We want something sweet, something salty and a few savory options. The wonderful thing about a charcuterie tray is that it encompasses all those things in one place. MANDATORY FOR ME: A BOATLOAD OF PICKLED VEGGIES AND TARTS. This is where Earthfare’s olive bar saves the day. Seriously. In this article we have mustard-grain olives, peppadews, Castelvetrano olives, spicy okra, and a jar of pickle chips. Pucker-up and enjoy that vinegar-bliss! SO HOW CAN YOU MAKE A CHARCUTERIE TRAY THAT’S GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE? OR PERHAPS YOU’D LIKE TO DO A VEGAN VERSION? I’ve got all your oooh’s-and-ahhh’s covered with the items listed below! Simply pick and choose what works best for you. I’ve noted a (v) for vegan and (gf) for gluten-free options as well. I personally prefer to build my spread on a clean baking sheet. It’s the perfect size to move around the room and keeps everything in one place for easy clean up.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL NEED… PROTEINS: CHOOSE 4-5 ITEMS • Roasted Chickpeas (v, gf) • Baked Tofu (v, here’s a list of gluten-free tofu brands) • Sliced Salami (read labels to make sure it’s gluten-free) • Hard Salami Sticks (read labels to make sure it’s gluten-free) • Pepperoni (read labels to make sure it’s gluten-free) • Prosciutto (gf) • Smoked Salmon (gf) CARBS: CHOOSE 2-4 ITEMS • Against the Grain Baguette (may contain dairy, check labels, gf) • Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed (v, gf) • Rice or Lentil Crackers (v, gf) • Schar Table Crackers (v, gf) • Bagel or Pita Chips (v)

• Olives (v, gf) • Pickles – we’re obsessed with Kyookz (v, gf)


• Peppadews – Click here for our stuffed Peppadews recipe (v, gf)

• Miyokos’s Cheese Wheel made from Plants (v, gf)

• Cornichons (v, gf)

• Daiya Cheese Blocks – these come in cheddar, jack,

• Jarred Artichokes (v, gf)

gouda and havarti (v, gf)

• Pickled Jalapeno Peppers (v, gf)

• Kite Hill Cream Cheese Style Spreads – they offer plain, chive and jalapeño (v, gf) • FRUITS & NUTS: CHOOSE 2-3 ITEMS • Sliced Apples (v, gf) • Dried & Fresh Figs (v, gf) • Grapes (v, gf)

CONDIMENTS & CHUTNEYS: CHOOSE 1-2 ITEMS • Mustard – we’re obsessed with Maille Old Style Mustard (v, gf) • Fruit Jams – we’re obsessed with Bonne Maman Fig Jam (v, gf)

• Assorted Berries (v, gf)

• Bacon Marmalade

• Other Dried Fruits – Cranberries, Apricots, Pears

• Hot Pepper Jelly (v)

(v, gf) • Cherry Tomatoes (v, gf) • Nuts – pecans, pistachios, almonds, macadamia (v, gf) VEGGIES & OTHER OPTIONS: CHOOSE AT LEAST 3 ITEMS

• Hot Sauces – we’re obsessed with Yellowbird Sauces (v, gf) • Fresh Salsa (v, gf) • Honey (v, gf) All ingredients you see in these photos were provided in collaboration with Earthfare. Thank you for supporting

• Bell Peppers (v, gf)

the brands that help make a success. Oh,

• Cucumbers (v, gf)

and Charlotte friends! Earthfare will be opening another

• Sliced Radishes (v, gf)

store location in Steel Creek in the winter of 2019. Hooray! Volume 3, Issue 1 |



Charleston by Deja Knight


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

It’s “winter” in Charleston, South Carolina, and finally dipping into the forties…. Just chilly enough to make us realize it. Charleston is an extravagant place to visit. The countless top rated restaurants, high-end stores and grand hotels have made Charleston a luxurious city to visit. The key to your trip begins with your stay. Many hotels in Charleston have gone above and be-yond to make sure your experience is an extra-special one not to be forgotten. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when checking into The Spectator Hotel. A stately building nestled just to the side of the historic downtown market, it boasts Neo-Gothic architecture of the roaring twenties… with bold patterns, scalloping, and moldings. We’re greeted, quite warmly, by our bellhop Chuck who ushered us to our rooms. To our surprise, we’re met with the in-house mixologist who offers us decadent banana bread “shots” in a chocolate shot Volume 3, Issue 1 |


glass. The attention to detail is very noticeable – from the

Day Two. We wake early enough to see the sun rise tri-

handwritten cards with the weather forecast for our stay

umphantly over the Holy City’s steeples and the Arthur

to the deep knowledge Chuck provided us of what awaits

Ravenel Bridge. I step outside onto the balcony to take in

outside our window.

the full view only to retreat from the cold back to my cozy bed and fresh robe and slippers. Brunch is already on our minds. A quick walk to one of the most iconic streets of Charleston brings us to our brunch destination. The Establishment did not disappoint. Their seafood-focused menu is full of fresh, local catches of fish, crab and more. We grabbed our carefully curated lattes (to-go after brunch) and




Row, White Point Gardens, and zig zagged through hidden alleyways. All of that walking made nap time an easy decision. Charleston’s busy season is every season, and we wanted to squeeze in 5Church Charleston is just two blocks away and has made

as many adventures as possible before dinner. The bus-

its home inside of a historic church built in the 1910’s. Luck-

tling upper King Street district is just the place to discover

ily, we planned ahead and made reservations weeks before

new spots. Surrounded by history and old architecture, we

timing perfectly with our arrival. Stunning 40 foot ceilings

knew we had to walk through the doors and over the penny

and stained glasses windows gave us a spiritual experience

tiled floors of Vintage Lounge.

upon entering. The three months it took an artist to hand

Embodying the feel of an old English train station, this

paint the entire novel The Art of War on the ceilings proved

wine bar designed by B. Berry Interiors boasts hand sten-

worthy as we found ourselves

ciled walls, custom mohair

looking up all night; that is, until

chairs and velvet banquettes.

our entrees arrived. The Prime

It takes you on a ride back in

“60 Second” NY Strip Steak was

time…. Or to a past life where

seared to perfection, only on one

we were proper Englishmen

side, giving it a cool medium rare

catching our next ride across

center. Paired with the truffled

the countryside. The knowl-

polenta, it was enough to warm

edgeable staff knew exactly

up our insides.

what we needed to snack on

We had heard raving reviews

before our seafood focused

of 5Church Charleston’s pastry

meal later that evening. The

chef, and couldn’t pass up the

favorite of our evening at Vin-

red velvet cake (gluten-free).

tage Lounge came right from

Not only was it delicious, the

the menu. ‘The Blind” is an

presentation was like something

item on the drink menu where

out of a magazine.

its dealers choice, and the pa-


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

tron has to guess the year, grape varietal, country and region. If you get it correct, the drinks are on them. Popping back onto King Street, we head south. After a few blocks we are greeted with more penny tile at our final destination. The Darling Oyster Bar is known for sourcing local seafood‌ so you know where your food is coming from. The briny Lowcountry Cups farmed a handful of miles away were our favorites. The best part? Their open raw bar gives you a front seat to an oyster-shucking show. While it is winter, we couldn’t leave Charleston without taking a pedicab ride. We climbed aboard and whipped through traf-

fic and narrow streets with ease. Walking back into our hotel, we realize that a quick trip to the lowcountry is sometimes all you need to feel well fed, refreshed, and a little nostalgic. Volume 3, Issue 1 |


about town charleston Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant, the largest independently owned luxury department store in South Carolina, recently hosted a Charles Krypell and Windsor Jewelers Pop-up Shop. Presented in conjunction with Lexus and Lexus Charleston Fashion Week, the event provided a weekend full of shopping and pampering, and featured personal appearances by jewelry designer Charles Krypell and the President of Windsor Jewelers, Robert Simon. Guests were treated with complimentary cocktails and mini-manicures at the “Color Me Lexus Nail Bar.”


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

about town charleston Dixie Vodka

Dixie Vodka launched its most recent flavor innovation in a regional collaboration with Savannah Bee Company (SBC): Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka. Dixie’s newest product uses SBC’s Georgia Wildflower Honey infused in Dixie’s award-winning Dixie Southern Vodka, 6x distilled from non-GMO corn. The result is a delicious flavored vodka with a hint of sweetness, perfect on its own or in a variety of classic cocktails. A portion of proceeds from Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka benefit The Bee Cause Project, which works to support the health of honeybees in the Southeast by increasing the number of hives in the region and helping to educate the public on their importance.

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


about town Charlotte Whittaker and The Cowfish partnered to help provide relief to victims of Hurricane Florence. Whittaker and The Cowfish partnered to help provide relief to victims of Hurricane Florence. This was not the first time Whittaker and The Cowfish have teamed up - last year when Hurricane Harvey hit his beloved hometown, Whittaker and his wife Jasmine partnered on a fundraiser with their friends at The Cowfish benefiting victims of the storm. This year Whittaker, with some help from his friends, served guests at The Cowfish and a donation for every entrĂŠe sold went to the Hurricane Florence Response Fund, a relief fund established by Foundation For The Carolinas to support those affected by the unprecedented storm. Donations to the Hurricane Florence Response Fund will be directed to nonprofits in North and South Carolina providing relief to victims of the storm and grants will be distributed to areas of greatest need once the full impact of the hurricane is realized.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Bank of the Ozarks is now

New name, same commitment to you. A commitment to the great service you’ve come to expect. And no matter where you go, our digital experiences go with you, making life simpler, safer, and more fun. And if you’re new to Bank OZK? Well, you can count on all that, too.

Visit, where we’re building community one relationship at a time. OZK: Nasdaq Listed Member FDIC

about town charlotte (CWFW) Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend Charlotte, NC (October 3, 2018) – Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend (CWFW) Board Chairman Phil Smith announced on Monday, September 24, that the organization raised $38,000 for Charlotte-area children’s charities at Icons of Burgundy + Champagne held on Wednesday, September 19, in uptown Charlotte, NC. Proceeds from the special pop-up event will benefit the non-profit’s five charity partners: Charlotte Concerts, The Council for Children's Rights, Mitchell's Fund, Pat's Place Child Advocacy Center, and The Relatives. The two-part event included a tasting and dinner that featured 17 different wines by iconic French wineries Bouchard Père & Fils and Champagne Henriot with wine education led by special guest Gilles de Larouzière, President of Maisons & Domaines Henriot. The tasting was held with generous support from Barings in the private Sky Room atop the Barings building and the six-course wine-pairing dinner, prepared by Executive Chef Michael Rouleau, took place at La Belle Helene immediately following the tasting. Guests bid on live auction items and experiences including a priceless trip for four to stay at the Le Château de Beaune in Burgundy donated by Maisons & Domaines Henriot.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

A sister event was hosted the following evening at Linville Ridge Country Club and included a second priceless trip for four to Burgundy sold at a live auction with all proceeds going to CWFW charity partners as well as the sale of a rare Bouchard Père & Fils Grand Cru Le Corton Domaine 2003 with proceeds going hurricane relief in North Carolina. “It was an honor and privilege for us to host two iconic French wineries and we are overwhelmed by their benevolent support of our goal to increase our giving for CWFW’s 2018-2019 cycle. Thanks to our partners, Barings, La Belle Helene, Maisons & Domaines Henriot, Linville Ridge Country Club and The Wine Vault, for helping us make this momentous event a success! And we would like to especially thank Chairman Emeritus David Furr, for his service in spearheading this exciting evening as well as Board Members Brian Poplin and David Secrest for their individual contributions." said Lauren Deese, Executive Director of Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend. Save the date for CWFW’s next events including the Wells Fargo Kickoff Dinner featuring Vega Sicilia on Thursday, January 31, 2019. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available for every CWFW event, and those interested are encouraged to email or call the office at (704) 338-9463.

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


Honey’s Journey by H.O.P.E Acres Rescue

We all need


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

a little hope. Volume 3, Issue 1 |



aking a step out of our normal equestrian

of her wound. She was extremely thin, a 2 on the Henneke

articles, we thought it would be appropriate

scale, and covered in rain rot. She stood looking at us, un-

to start off the new year with a little hope.

impressed. We looked at her, overwhelmed.

Although it may be hard to learn about and

Honey’s wound had been “treated” by a woman who

sometimes difficult to read the stories we

“rescued” her from her original owner, who threatened to

want to create more awareness about this beautiful rescue

shoot her. After a YEAR of home remedies and the realiza-

facility located right here in South Carolina.

tion of the extent of her condition, Honey was turned over

The purpose of H.O.P.E. Acres Rescue is to rescue, re-

to us. Her leg was approximately ten inches in diameter

habilitate, and provide a safe haven for equines in need, to

from knee to pastern; maggots were feeding on the dead

live out a healthy, happy, and peaceful life through public

flesh. The stench from the infection and decaying flesh

education, county and state alliances, adoptions, dona-

was almost too much to bear. During the first surgery to

tions and caring volunteers. H.O.P.E is a certified 501(c)

debride the infection, it was discovered that Honey had a

(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Berkeley County, SC

large bony growth near the site of her injury. After a biopsy

providing equine rescue assistance state-wide since 2010

to rule out cancer, she endured another surgery to remove

Honey’s Journey There is no way we could have prepared ourselves for

the growth. It was during this surgery that our veterinarian, Dr. Justin Miller, owner of Charleston Equine Clinic, discovered dozens of industrial-sized rubber bands embedded in the bone of her leg. We can only speculate how they ended up there…

what we saw upon arrival the day we picked her up. We

During the MANY MONTHS of Honey’s recovery, her

had heard that the mare we were receiving had suffered a

wound needed round-the-clock care. Her bandages needed

severe injury to her leg after getting it entangled in barbed

changed and the wound treated daily. It must have been

wire, but no one could have described the sight, or smell,

extremely uncomfortable for her, but she was an absolute-


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

ly perfect patient. She stood, statuesque, and kept her leg perfectly still, for every bandage change. Her beautiful spirit, her calm and patient nature, never faltered. The surgeries, the follow-up visits, the antibiotics, the bandages and vet wrap and Betadine, all added up. When it was all said and done, the final bill reached well over $4,000. Our community outreach regarding Honey’s story provided generous monetary support toward her recovery and inspired us to establish “Honey’s Fund” This is a special fund set aside to assist horses that come in with severe medical needs. Honey’s leg continued to heal with daily wound treatment and bandaging over the next nine months; as well did her physical state. She had to learn that she could indeed pick up her leg for the farrier as well as standing flat footed. She grew stronger, more muscled, more confident. She was every volunteer’s favorite. She grew a following by our regular volunteers and community alike. Just at her two year anniversary with HOPE, Honey’s final chapter in rescue began with our receipt of an adoption application. Although our hearts will always hold her journey near, it

was now time to place her with her very own family. In late October we delivered Honey to her new Mom. We could not be happier to see this next chapter begin for her. After all, Honey’s journey is the essence of our mission. To see a once frail, battered and broken soul renewed in health and spirit with the ability to live out her life with a re-born perspective and dignity that she and many others deserve. Search @hopeacresrescue Facebook, Instagram

BLUE LINE SPECIALTY, INC Based out of the Charlotte/Fort Mill area, we are a preferred local moving and furniture delivery company. We pride ourselves on our customer service, while safely transporting home furnishings throughout the east coast. We look forward to serving you.

“Blessed are the Peace Makers” – Matthew 5:9

Brad Almond

704.737.0033 980.434.4301 Volume 3, Issue 1 |


tee time

GOLF TRENDS Cardiovascular Golf

Cardio Golf gets your heart pumping and your golf form in shape. Developed by Karen Palacio-Jansen in Morresville, N.C. Karen is a certified personal trainer, a Nike Golf Performance Specialist and Pilates instructor. Cardio Golf does a multiple of exercises designed to improve your body movement and your swing while getting your heart pumping. This is a golf specific fitness system available online at


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

GLOW-in-the-Dark Golf Balls Ready set glow. Night Golfing - One of the quirkiest trends maybe something you would think you would find at the mini golf course, rather then a professional golf course. But, glow-in-the-dark golf balls offer an alternative to early morning golf. s well as other glow in the dark accessories for the course make this move more popular. It also makes for a fun night out at clubs with mixed foursomes and mixed cocktails.

Golf Tech The Premium Japanese golf brand HONMA has launched their latest range for the 2019 season. The company has announced their latest drivers, fairway woods, iron and utility sets, complete with new technology with a focus on distance for the player. The new TWorld747 is real distance technology from HONMA Golf that allows the face and lie to be adjusted without having to rotate the spine of the high-quality shaft, this is incorporated into their two new driver options. “The new TWorld747 series is truly a world-first, which combines distance innovation and supreme craftsmanship,” said Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of HONMA Golf Europe, based in Switzerland. “We wanted to push the innovation boundaries further and provide golfers of all abili-ties with a club range that will truly improve their distances and maintain a superior

Golf Apparel

aesthetic.The non-rotating spine system in the driver is

The trend continues of bridging the gap between fash-

brand-new technology and the

ion and sport with golf apparel. One such company

distance benefits will be obvi-

who lead the golf revolution more then 20 years ago, J.

ous from the first swing.

Lindberg continues to alter the game with fashion for-

The new TWorld747 range

ward looks.

means golfers can now expe-

Some of the new looks include a modern take on retro

rience the luxury artistry and

designs, combining this with new cutting edge perfor-

premium performance that

mance fabrics and colors from the late 60’s and 70’s.

HONMA Golf has to offer.” Volume 3, Issue 1 |



Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Alone with Picasso T by Adam Jacot de Boinod

he French Riviera, or if you prefer, the Côte d’Azur, is where so many of the great-

est modern artists came for their senior days and plied their trade and nowhere (not even in Italy) are there as many collections, museums, houses or studios entirely devoted to individual artists. There are also many advantages to visiting off-season. There’s none of that deadlocked traffic notorious in August and the service in restaurants and shops is able to be far more attentive. There are no queues and tourists are a rarity. Often I was the only tourist giving me the chance to get fully immersed in the French vernacular especially as the locals were free from the constraints of the tourist trade. Down for lunch I drove to La Colle sur Loup and Alain Llorca’s eponymous restaurant (

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


“Savour the tranquillity and enjoy the passing of time” he

Small ethnic sculptures are amongst many of the artefacts

said as I sat on his panoramic terrace looking down on the

sourced locally, though the iron furniture and rugs are

vineyards below.

Moroccan and her mother made all the cushions. Le Man-

Up I went to the old town of Mougins. It’s a classic pretty hilltop town with its small spiral of narrow passageways:

oir attracts a versatile clientele and it’s perfect for as many as all four generations.

the perfect traffic-free path for the local shepherd to follow

I ate just at the nearby Les Rosées (

his gaggle of six geese nonchalantly down the street with

It only has five tables and so felt perfect in the off-season.

his staff. I ate at L’Amandier (, a won-

Picasso discovered Mougins in 1936 but it was in his last

derfully authentic restaurant where I felt the locals were

twelve years, ending in 1973, that he lived close to a chapel

able to come out and indulge in their off-season.

and amongst birdsong at le Mas Notre-Dame de Vie. Ca-

I stayed just outside Mougins at the Le Manoir de

milla suggested I visit the Friday market at nearby Val-

l’Etang ( I met Camilla the

bonne. What a beautiful town with classic yellow buildings

Swedish owner who somewhat modestly claimed that the

with celadon-coloured shutters. What we in British cities

interior lacked ultimate luxury given that there are stairs

could learn from its sandy out-of-town car park without

rather than lifts. Her passionate enterprise began in 2004.

toll or bays, relying instead on common sense.


Volume 3, Issue 1 |

Down to the sea in light traffic and in sight of the Riv-

was to stay until 1955. During his time in the town, he

iera’s stunning teal-coloured water at Antibes. I ate at La

created many sculptures and paintings including War and

Closerie (, It’s popular

Peace, one of the major artworks of the period and he also

with locals which gives it, for me, an automatic seal of ap-

developed a fascination for the techniques of ceramics that

proval. I walked to the Picasso Museum I looked out of

I had seen in earnest at Antibes.

the building and saw in an instant the inspiration behind

Off along the A8 I went, the fast and efficient motor-

his seagulls and sailing boats, his palm trees and shape-

way that comes with a péage (motorway toll) and a real

ly gourds. It’s where he was granted a temporary ‘artist

alternative to the slow, wiggly but charming bye-roads.

in residence’ after the war and it offers an eclectic range

Through the tunnels to Monaco and on to stay at the Hotel

that is an inspiration for his wider collection of ceramics,

Hermitage. This two-parted hotel is bang in the middle be-

drawings, sculptures and oil paintings. And right next door I ate at Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit (,



gourmet restaurant where I watched the food being prepared and cooked on a live-streamed television and the service was a performance as waiters appeared in pairs to serve simultaneously. In 1948 Picasso came to live back inland in Vallauris and it was where he

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


tween the casino and marina and has a circular dome built

This red and white flagged principality has Monte Carlo

by Gustave Eiffel, famous for Paris’s Tower, and while

as its claim to fame, a veritable temple to capitalism with

the iron grilles are familiar the feminine, floral, romantic

her casinos and sports cars, top branded-shops and mas-

stained glass is an exciting departure. My room was deco-

sive yachts all very much on show. It’s extraordinary how

rated with monochrome printed landscape wallpaper and

every inch is utilised often many floors up as the high-rise

the lavish lavender colour scheme blended well with the

buildings are squeezed between the mountains above and

grey and white marble bathroom. My ‘seaview balcony’

the Mediterranean below. How the other half live! Or at

was even better than it sounded as it overlooked the busi-

least lived as the real interest is in the casino and marina

est of jigsaw-box views: namely the marina, along with the

and the historic grandeur of yesteryear and the Grace Kelly

castle and the old parts of the town. The laps of the Sunday

era. The harbour really is a billionaire’s water playground

morning marathon runners seemed to overlap with the

though the fish market on its jetty has an excellent sea pool

Grand Prix course. The winter sun came round in time for

area, one of the rare expanses available to all.

a balcony breakfast outdoors. Not bad for mid December!

Monaco is unusual because the native Monegasques people are actually in the minority making up less than a fifth of the population. I was there to see a performance of Momix at the Grimaldi Forum. They are a 35 year-old American company consisting of nine contemporary dancers, under the direction of Moses Pendleton. It’s a real spectacle: magical and impressive, sensual, quirky and humorous as they make inventive use of different objects with which they grapple with brilliant virtuosity. One day perhaps the glory days may come back to the Riviera, this time in style and comfort and off-season. Adam Jacot de Boinod worked on the first series of the BBC panel game QI for Stephen Fry. He is a British author having written three books about unusual words with Penguin Press.

Classic Collection Holidays (0800 047 1064;

offers 3 nights at Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo from £795 to £1530 per person, depending on season.

Prices based on 2 adults sharing on a bed & breakfast basis and include

return flights from London Gatwick

(flights available from a further 12 UK airports) to Nice and private transfers. 102

Volume 3, Issue 1 |












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( 19 February Manishʼs Zodiac Predictions for – 20 March ) Manishʼs Zodiac SignsSigns Predictions You may well findfor yourself entering a time of contentment, when you

( 20 January – 18 February )

You will make progress towards your ambitions, however rocky the path, as long as you put in some effort. When it comes to business or education, any goals or plans are likely to reach a satisfactory conclusion - as long as you are willing to work towards them. If you are searching love, explore your emotions and dreams which can give you clues as to which is the best route and best match to future happiness. It can also be a time for bringing back old hobbies and pastimes.


Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 29 Feb 3, 8, 12, 19, 21, 26 Favourable Colors: Yellow & Green

get to savour the rewards your industriousness has brought. From a career point of view, you can hardly put a foot wrong and your employer appreciates your efforts, which could lead to promotion. You need to confront any issues that are troubling you, not in an arrogant or aggressive way, but by using reason and compassion. Romantically, things may not be wild, but couples will get to spend quality time together and realise just how seriously significant their relationship is.


Favourable Dates: Jan 1, 5, 10, 14, 22, 28 Feb 2, 8, 11, 17, 19, 20 Favourable Colors: Blue & Brown



( 21 March – 19 April )

( 20 April – 20 May )

There will be a flurry of action and you would be placed or drawn to a new You are full of new ideas and have an abundance of vision and foresight. hobby, work project or even a relationship. There’ll A successful change in profession is likely but be a surge of urgency to explore this new aspect strength and determination are necessary to and you may find it difficult to resist. You achieve success. Stiff competition will be met AroraKP is aAstrologer, renowned KP Astrologer, Manish Kumar Manish Arora isKumar a renowned will move towards expansion and letting the in business, but perseverance and courage Numerologist, & Vastu Consultant. Numerologist, Tarot Reader &Tarot VastuReader Consultant. He has been rendering professional advice to foundations of earlier hard work continue to will win out in the end. This is the time He has been rendering professional advice to clients a reasonable clients with reasonable degree oftosuccess. work for youaand grow with organically helpdegree of success. when your needs, thoughts and ideas need He has been conferred with the title of 'Jyotish Hefuel has further been conferred with later. the title 'Jyotish achievements In of committo be tested, evaluated and lived by. You will Varahamihir' and 'Jyotish Varahamihir' and 'Jyotish Aryabhatt.' He Aryabhatt.' has been He has been ted relationship, you will figure astrological out where youcolumns for many be getting be news of a birth, perhaps the writing monthly writing monthly astrological columns for many want your relationship international to head and, well, start birth of a child or of new feelings and attitudes. international magazines. magazines. heading in that direction.


Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 7, 11, 18, 25, 29 Feb 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 27 Favourable Colors: Yellow & Red

Favourable Dates: Jan 1, 8, 10, 19, 17, 25 Feb 1, 6, 9, 15, 18, 27 Favourable Colors: Blue & Brown




88 2016 | November 2016November |

( 21 May – 20 June) ( 21 June 22 July 2016 ) | –November 85 | November 2016 85 This period indicates a new dawn and the new beginning of a phase in You would be working in a very methodical and rigorous manner. Though your which your creative world must be developed and visions may not be earth-shattering, and methods are given a new lease on life. It brings you revitalcertainly not original, everything you undertake ized energy to begin somethingnew or to face will meet with nothing but success. You will your challenges. You would be fun-loving, have the patience to accomplish all tasks and vital and energetic person, able to tackle be incredibly reliable due to your sense of retasks with enthusiasm and positive energy. sponsibility and commitment. You need to be Small beginnings connected with creativity, trustworthy and reliable. You will need to folimagination and inspiration will be ready. Filow a routine to ensure that an important task or nancial interests and money issues will have a job is completed from start to finish at the standard positive outlook and will remain so for some time. expected Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 5, 11, 14, 23, 29 Feb 1, 2, 10, 11, 17, 22 Favourable Colors: Yellow & Red


Favourable Dates: Jan 5, 14, 19, 23, 25, 29 Feb 3, 8, 12, 17, 21, 26 Favourable Colors: White & Red

Volume 3, Issue 1 |


November 2016




( 23 July – 22 August )

( 23 August – 22 September )

This is a time of great energy and creative potential. Many opportunities will present themselves and with this, careful consideration and positive action must be taken. It is time to welcome some unpredictability into your life pattern. Spontaneity will bring excitement and adventure into your life and encourage you to ‘live in the moment”. You may be asked to look at unrealistic ideals and sort your priorities, casting aside those that are not worth pursuing. This progress will call for rational analysis and discernment.

It’s time to go for a fresh perspective on things. Try to open your mind and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, if only for a little while. There seems to be no room for free-thinking, just what that belief system or tradition dictates.This is a good time to consider a course or some sort of study to progress your career. You may have been working too hard, had a particularly emotionally trying time or physically your health needs some attention. A retreat to hills for few days may work wonders.

Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 27 Feb 3, 4, 12, 13, 22, 24 Favourable Colors: Brown & Blue



Favourable Dates: Jan 3, 8, 12, 17, 26, 30 Feb 2, 3, 11, 12, 21, 27 Favourable Colors: White & Red



You are exactly where you are meant to be at the moment and everything is in Divine Order. Things are turning out in your favour. You already know which choice to make or path to walk, but maybe you’re so used to taking direction from other people that you’ve forgotten to listen to your own voice. You have a voice of your own and all the inner knowledge you need. You may be signing contracts or documents, signing on a house, business or even a marriage contract. Committed relationships would get strengthened.

This is a period of success and triumph in your endeavors. You had to overcome lots of adversity and hardship, but now you have come out on top through hard work and commitment. If you have not already achieved the success you desire, you have to stay on course and do not waver despite obstacles in your life and eventually victory will be yours. You would do well to practice a bit of temperance in your love life and try to stick to a more long term relationship.

Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 3, 11, 20, 29, 30 Feb 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 25 Favourable Colors: Purple & Red

Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 29 Feb 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 24 Favourable Colors: White & Brown



November 2016

( 23 September – 22 October )

( 22 November -21 December ) This period stands for new beginnings, new experiences and new choices; the first steps along a new path. If you have been scraping along for a while, expect big changes in your favor within a few days. Be frugal with your money right now and avoid taking risks that seem too good to be true. If you feel that you are lacking information about a purchase, seek out the advice of others. You may feel invigorated with a project at hand. Favourable Dates: Jan 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 Feb 1, 4, 10, 19, 22, 28 Favourable Colors: White & Brown

( 23 October – 21 November )


( 22 December – 19 January ) www.CharlotteGirlMagaz This is not the time to be going it alone. Your best work, and by extension, your best chance of good results, will be as part of a team. If you want to reap riches or gain some goods, you need to be organized and follow instructions. It’s a time for making peace with people as well as for negotiations, compromises, contracts, and making connections. In relationship matters, you need to be sure that you are not trying to buy someone’s love, or alternatively, that someone is not attempting to purchase your affection. Favourable Dates: Jan 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 30 Feb 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 25 Favourable Colors: Purple & Black

Volume 3, Issue 1 | | November 2016 87



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