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By Juliet Kuehnle

It’s hard to believe that a new year is upon us as time has certainly felt like an illusion the

past couple years. More than half of the American population sets a new year’s resolution, but less than ten percent actually follow through. Despite the popularity of this custom, I largely disagree with the making of these resolutions.

A new year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person

out of life and to be attuned to our own needs to care for our-

makes a promise or sets an intention to implement an act of

selves. The more we understand what is truly important and

self-improvement. It is attractive to people at the start of a

meaningful to us, the likelier we are to stick with a goal and

new year because when we look at a clean slate, we feel more

implement sustainable self-care.

capable and driven to achieve. Often people see this time as a

It helps to be intrinsically motivated and values-aligned

chance to reinvent themselves or make a complete overhaul,

rather than externally motivated by something that soci-

but this approach tends to not be sustainable. Using goals as

ety is saying that you “should” want. For instance, there’s a

a compass rather than as a harsh standard is more effective.

multi-billion-dollar weight loss industry pushing a message

Rather than aiming for character changes, perhaps the new

that to be truly happy and valuable, you must look a certain

year can be an opportunity to consider how fully one is living

way. If you subscribe to that line of thinking, you are unlikely

and if there are choices or changes we can make to get more

to enjoy exercise, will struggle eating intuitively, and you may


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