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I often get asked for my opinion on style, love & life. I have always been the go-to girl for advice on all of the above. I don’t often share my opinions on posts. I have heard, most of you wouldn’t mind a little more of my opinions and advice. And since I do miss writing, I plan on bringing you a fresh perspective in 2011. Since the beginning, I have brought you popular media information in a tongue-in-cheek kind of style. If more of my opinions are what you want and in doing so will gain more readership, then I am all for it! As some of you know, I have resisted the ever expanding “blog” arena for quite Some time. In order to stand out in a sea of constant media updates, I am taking things to the next level in 2011. I am revamping the website to bring you more of what you have come to love about LuxeItUp™. It will be more modern and user friendly. It takes genius marketing skills to stand out in a world of Media Mavens. I have been working tirelessly to bring you this new site setup, and bring more of what you have come to love about LuxeItUp™for posts, about Love, Life & Style. So, come Luxe it up™in 2011. You better believe we are! As we close out the year, it is my sincerest thoughts that 2011 brings hope and healing to all who have conflict in their lives. May, we all find resolution in 2011. Change always awaits us in the coming year. And, I welcome those changes. So, embrace this past year, look back at it with a senseof joy and with a less heavy heart. May we learn from this year and go into the New Year with happy changesin mind and in spirit. The sweet anticipation for what is to come, makes the New Year all that more exciting. Have an Amazing Holiday! And a healthy successful Year! Thank you all for your ongoing support! Nicole LuxeItUp™


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