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DESIGNER Emily Garrett PHOTOGRAPHERS Shri Prasham | Camila Cediel | MODEL Leslie B. MANAGEMENT 10 Model Management HAIR Raeanne Conde MAKEUP Lauren Alex


Above DESIGNER Amy Inman PHOTOGRAPHER Erica Steinhouse | MODEL Liv MANAGEMENT Galatea HAIR & MAKEUP Ryna Jerrick


DESIGNER Goli Parvinian PHOTOGRAPHERS Benjamin Homburg | Viviana Calderon | MODEL Lauren Roth HAIR Megan Summers MAKEUP Benjamin Homburg



DESIGNER Alexandra Lozano PHOTOGRAPHERS Victoria Shapow | Jacob Taylor | MODEL Juliet MANAGEMENT BMG Models HAIR Carly Jannetto MAKEUP Katie Hughes


Left DESIGNER Rebecca Blanton PHOTOGRAPHER Benjamin Legue MODEL Alexandria MANAGEMENT 10 Model Management HAIR & MAKEUP Ryna Jerrick

Right, and Following Page DESIGNER Nora Faye Kiecker PHOTOGRAPHERS Diana Eunhyun Kim Jordan Frey MODEL Rebecca MANAGEMENT Galatea HAIR & MAKEUP Dana Riordan



FASHION JOURNAL 2015 Students in the Fashion Studies Department’s design program are encouraged to define their distinct aesthetic sensibility and see it through from research, conception, and drafting, to the production of a finished collection. The Senior Thesis faculty — Julie Fehler, Beata Kania, and Dieter Kirkwood — have guided the students in developing and realizing their ideas in this intensely creative process. Luxe presents selected Fashion Design BFA Senior collections by Alexandra Lozano, Nora Faye Kiecker, Goli Parvinian, Emily Garrett, Amy Inman and Rebecca Blanton. All photographs presented in this publication were produced by students enrolled in the Photography Department’s Fashion Narratives course mentored by Krista Svalbonas.

Emily Garrett

pages 2–3 My collection makes a statement on the fashionability of comfort and touch. Silks, linens handwoven textiles and hand-knitted wools provide textures you want to reach out and touch.

Amy Inman

page 4, back cover This collection is inspired by elements of different cultures, including Japanese clothing and Native American prints, with the goal of creating a versatile, wearable collection focusing on geometric lines and shapes.

Goli Parvinian


WEB INSTAGRAM @golipar EMAIL goli.parvinian

Rebecca Blanton

Nora Faye Kiecker

pages 4–5 My collection is comprised of nontraditional bridal separates inspired by the concepts “Love is Dead” and “Love is Blind.” The pieces are meant to be interchanged with each other, and integrated into the daily wardrobe of the bride.


Alexandra Lozano

pages 6–7 This collection is inspired by the architectural detail, linear silhouette, and geometric repetition of the Louvre Pyramid, mixed with contemporary embroidery and an emphasis on unusual textiles and handwork. WEB EMAIL

page 8, front cover My collection is meant to draw awareness to the issue of the inhumane use of domestic animals in the fur trade. WEB INSTAGRAM @beccablanton EMAIL

pages 9–10 This collection is intended to engage the viewer to see color and texture in a variety of ways. Silver geometric shapes juxtaposed with solid vibrant colors present eye-catching visual pairings and create a balance within the collection. WEB INSTAGRAM @norafaye EMAIL



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